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Regardless of how many times he chanted the healing spell, the blood wasn’t stopping, streaming down the man’s chest and arms. Dripping, sparkling in his hands against the twilight. The body that he enfolded was losing its life by the second. What once was the most dazzling armor, untarnished despite the wars it had seen, was now broken, scattered around them.

Holding him, a weeping angel —knelt next to the knight— was letting the blood stain his white-pink wings.

“You idiot!” In a scream, muffled to his own ears as if he was underwater, he repeated the healing spell once again, but the wounds didn’t close.

“Please To-$%ª!º09-matsu,” the voice of the man in his arms broke, like a damaged record.

No one seemed to notice.

“No! Don´t tell me to stop! Why in the world? Why am I your guardian angel if I can’t protect you? What’s the point of you protecting me?” Pulling the face of his knight towards his chest, he felt the beard against his arms´ bare skin.

“It was demonic magic… It would have killed you…”

“That’s stupid” turning his face to the people surrounding him he met the dark eyes of the only demon he had near, “please O-$^&#@-matsu, do something! I can’t heal demonic magic!” The tears were dripping down his face, relentlessly.

The summoner was next to the demon —his main warrior—, and both got a tad closer to them.

“I don’t… we don’t possess healing spells…” The demon said eyeing down the tragedy beneath him.

“It’s true. Demons are not made for healing,” weighing his words, the summoner confirmed what the angel feared the most.

“No Ch-@#$!-matsu! No! How can a demon wound be healed then? How…?”

“To-$&#-matsu…” Using the scarce force his body held, the knight placed a hand over the quivering angel. “It’s ok…”

“No! It’s not ok, don’t give up! Please… We can heal you. There should be a way to…” Impeded to finish his sentence, the grip that was connecting him to the knight was lost, suddenly disappearing like the night surrounding them. “… No…” the angel whispered, realizing what happened. “No!” He repeated, suffocating pain in his chest. “Don’t die! I wasn’t able to do anything! I didn’t even tell you… No!” Pulling the inanimate body against his, the angel’s pain flowed relentlessly through his tears. “Kar-#$?-tsu! Kara-$@!-atsu! KAR@MATSU!”




“Karamatsu…!” Thrashing in place, Todomatsu woke up, whispering the name that was echoing in his head paired by his agitated heart.

Gasping for air, he clenched the shirt he wore every time he slept —the biggest his husband possessed. Turning to the side, Todomatsu watched Karamatsu next to himself. Lightly brushing the side of his face, he felt immeasurable peace once he sensed the other´s warmth. He was ok; he was alive, just sleeping. Although Todomatsu had been having that same dream since he was a child, he didn’t want to think too much into it. It was just a dream. Nothing more.

Feeling he could not sleep anymore, Todomatsu got up. The clock next to the bed announced it was two in the morning. Too early to do anything in the house. Besides, it was still Christmas Eve, and they had been lucky the 25th fell on a Sunday and they got to rest. Therefore, he would be sure not to wake anyone up.

Todomatsu left the bedroom, and looking at the living room, he then remembered that all his brothers came to his apartment to spend the night. Jyushimatsu’s wife was with her family, and Ichimatsu’s roommate wanted the apartment for his girlfriend and him, so he kicked the fourth brother out of there. On the other hand, when Osomatsu and Choromatsu heard that most of the brothers were going to be together, the first-born probably convinced Choromatsu that everyone squeezed together, in the tiniest apartment of them all, would be a good idea. As if they didn’t have an apartment slightly bigger than his.

Still, the youngest of the Matsuno family couldn´t be happier, having all his older brothers there, it was something he treasured. Deep inside his chest, next to his unvoiced secrets.

Awake and with nothing else to do, Todomatsu decided to do what was his new obsession: check on his baby.

No matter how much Todomatsu complained before, Karamatsu insisted on looking for an apartment that had at least two bedrooms. The living room was smaller than the average, but it had enough space as far as the bedrooms were concerned. Karamatsu repeated that they needed to have their place to spend quality and special time together —which couldn´t be interpreted in any other way than to have sex regularly— while the baby had its own.

He was just going to check if his son was ok. He was barely eight months and Todomatsu still feared something could happen to him while sleeping.

He sneaked next to the cradle, and he saw him there, curling his tiny chubby limbs as he rested on his back. Todomatsu gazed at the peaceful face while the tiny bushy brows knitted together, and his rosy, big cheeks deflated after every pull of air. It was a weird thing he did, but it was also gorgeous and perfect.

“Oh…” Todomatsu just noticed how he walked all the way there without any source of light. For a second, he felt proud of himself, but also, not feeling so brave anymore he turned the baby’s night light on swiftly. Breathing agitated, he noticed how close he was to dying. Ok, yes, it was an exaggeration, but every time he woke up in the middle of the night, he needed to drag Karamatsu with him. Maybe, just maybe, his son was making him a bit more grown up... or he was just too asleep to notice he passed through the dark hallway. Whatever the reason, he survived.

“Ok, just one more time,” he said to himself getting closer to the baby.

“What’s wrong my angel?”

The deep, hushed voice of his husband resounded at Todomatsu’s back. Turning, due to the light that was entering from the now illuminated hallway, Todomatsu swore he saw again the knight, watching him over with his caring eyes. Just a blink was needed to change the sight, to the everyday Karamatsu. Todomatsu was sure, though, that the pet name was resonating with something deeper, more ancient than himself or anything he knew. Or he could just be still half-asleep.

“Nothing,” Todomatsu said, honestly. “I had a nightmare and as I couldn’t sleep anymore, I came to check on Hiroaki.” [1]

“Yeah?” Inching their distance, Karamatsu hugged Todomatsu from behind. “What was your nightmare about?”

“Eh…” Delving into being honest and starting to narrate how he thought Karamatsu had died, and he was alone without him… No, he wouldn’t be honest, definitely no, that ego of his didn’t need a boost. “I don’t remember,” he lied.

“It’s ok. I woke up because you weren’t there. I needed your warmth. Lonely night.”

“Ugh…” Involuntary, Todomatsu let a disgusted expression run free.

“Oh, sorry, am I hurting you?” Putting a bit of space between them, Karamatsu rested his hands on Todomatsu’s hips thinking he might be crushing his husband.

“Um… no, no. It’s fine,” Todomatsu still didn’t know how he managed to convince Karamatsu, that every time he complained, it was for something other than his speech.

“Todomatsu, if you really can’t sleep…” Kissing all the way up from the shoulder to the ear, Karamatsu toured Todomatsu’s skin with love. “Can we?”

Feeling weak on the knees, Todomatsu liked the touch of Karamatsu’s soft, plush lips. “Our brothers are on the living room.”

“Then let’s try and not make any noise,” moving to a side the —now unkempt— hair of Todomatsu, Karamatsu kissed further, all the way to the ear. “You know? I want to give Hiroaki a brother or sister.”

The heat that Karamatsu’s touch spread through his skin was enough to drive him crazy within seconds, sending a wave of passion instantly.

“Karamatsu… please…” Unable to hold a soft moan, Todomatsu broke their hold. “No!” He whispered but loud enough to sound like a scolding. “We’re not doing this in Hiroaki’s room.”

“Sorry, seeing you wearing my shirts makes me lose control. I’m a guilty guy.”

“Ok, ok. Let’s go to the bedroom,” Todomatsu’s thoughts were in turmoil; he hated, with every molecule of his body, when Karamatsu talked nonsense, and wanted to shut him up as fast as he could. However, the only way he could think of doing such a thing was either with a kiss or directing his attention to his hips. Which meant, he was horny too. For the lousy, badly constructed phrases. “But we’re not giving Hiroaki a sibling.”

“Yes, we are. You looked so gorgeous when you were pregnant. Like a wonder itself. Magnificent, splendid pure image of love, you were everything I dreamed and more! I bathed in your beautifulness just to-!”

“Shh! Karamatsu-niisan, you’re going to wake up everybody, and if you do, I won’t do anything with you for a month!”

The hallway was a minefield, the brothers shifted and murmured in their sleep.

“Ok, let’s go to the bedroom,” Karamatsu accepted, after seeing so close the possibility of not getting any action for a whole month.




Although their way to it wasn’t innocent, or chaste. Karamatsu pressed Todomatsu’s body against his, as they walked forward, and the youngest of the pair could delineate his husband´s hard on, pushed against his lower back. Even without shoes, Karamatsu was still bigger, taller. All due to his alpha nature. Nonetheless, Todomatsu was ok with it; he never cared that much about being small or frail. As long as he could have someone protecting him, he was fine.

“Karamatsu-niisan,” grabbed by surprise, Todomatsu voiced his brother´s name when the other pressed the heel of his palm against his crotch.

“Let me impregnate you,” Karamatsu whispered, just when they were reaching the bedroom.

“I’m not even in heat… what are you saying?”

“But, you don’t have to be. The chances are lower, that’s true, but, we can still try.”

Lying Todomatsu on the bed, Karamatsu placed himself between his legs, pressing their cocks together.

That fucking, smooth, bastard. Life forbid Todomatsu to be honest about how much he liked when Karamatsu was dominant with him.

How could he say “no” to him? Actually, he couldn’t say it, that's how they got in that situation in the first place. They weren’t even married when Todomatsu found out he was pregnant. They did get married, of course, after such news, there was no other option. The wedding couldn´t take place until Hiroaki was born, which, rounding it up, they had been married for about four or five months. Approximately. Todomatsu was in no condition to do the math, with Karamatsu kissing him so deep and rhythmically. He could lose all sense like that.  If it wasn’t lost already.

“Ok, ok… whatever but, just, take me.” Sinking his body further into the futon, Todomatsu slid his own hand from his thigh to his belly, lifting in the process the shirt that worked as a nightgown. “Karamatsu…” That was a cue for him. A signal the other had learned to identify.

Balancing on his calves, Karamatsu took Todomatsu´s lower body with both hands to lift it as he pleased. He licked the same path his husband´s fingers traced before. Savoring the skin, Karamatsu reached his belly button. That kink worked both ways and drove Todomatsu crazy.

“Shit… no, Karamatsu, I forgot, we´re not alone.” Unbelievable, even for himself, he did forget they shouldn’t get too carried away. “Don’t lick there, or I won’t be able to hold b-”

Shamelessly ignored, Karamatsu not only continued with his task, but he let his hands wandered under the shirt, to squeeze Todomatsu´s nipples and his still swollen chest.

“No… Karamatsu, wait, you know I’m trying to stop breastfeeding… don´t.”

“What’s the point in stopping if we´re going to have another one soon?”

“No, idiot. You don’t know that, don’t squeeze them…”

“Mmh~” Humming that tone Todomatsu hated the most when Karamatsu was actually not paying attention at all, or he faked interest.

His brother was up to something, and Todomatsu knew it wasn’t good when Karamatsu was full of himself. Prone to rejoice in the positive results his assaults towards Todomatsu caused, he knew he had his little brother at his disposal and the way to turn him clay between his fingers. Still focused on his attack towards Todomatsu´s belly button and nipples, the eldest let his hands skate down a little to get a full grip of Todomatsu´s ribs, grabbing him as the delicate being he was, Karamatsu´s hands could cover enough surface to manhandle his little brother. Never stopping the befuddled effect Todomatsu´s scent caused in his sense, Karamatsu drank from him insatiable.

The touch rose in boldness when Karamatsu´s fingers got a hold of Todomatsu´s brief hem. Holding it firmly, he pulled Todomatsu´s legs up, leaving at bare sight that beautiful movement Karamatsu loved deeply, when the soft legs of his omega fell around him, leaving his sex at reach, and ready to be abused.

“Karamatsu-niisan…” Quickly agitated, Todomatsu´s member was not only completely hard, but his whole body was dusted in red. The blood toured his body swiftly when the blue Matsuno dedicated his attention to pleasuring him.

“I love,” Karamatsu started, touching in soft motions, starting with the ankles. “How your knees…” he said as he closely felt the burning skin he numbered, “turns red immediately, and how your belly starts to quiver in tone with your chest,” he whispered as he jumped with his fingers all over Todomatsu. “However, what I love most, is this cute, beautiful fella.” using less than enough force only to lift Todomatsu´s lower half, Karamatsu dragged the member close to his face as he hunched too. “Mmh~, look at him, dancing in front of my eyes.”

“Stop saying that,” Todomatsu complained, in a demure intent to cover his face. “I can’t control its spasms.”

“I know.”

“Shit… you’re a fucking fool, always so full of yourself.”

“No, Totty,” Karamatsu sentenced. “The only one that’s going to be full of me, it’s you.”

“You fuck…” unable to contradict his body, Todomatsu just resorted to insults, when he couldn’t admit how much Karamatsu turned him on.

Karamatsu took the chance to lick across Todomatsu´s dick, from base to head, finishing with a loud, deep suck.

“Nnggh!” Covering his mouth, Todomatsu made every effort to keep quiet, just when Karamatsu —still with his member on his mouth— sneaked a finger inside him. “Aah!”

Awestruck, Todomatsu knew then what was going on. Karamatsu, as stupid as he could be, and so empty-headed as on a daily basis, thought an idea. Normally, he has nowhere to show his husband off — the way he would like to—, he knew the house was full, and that all other brothers were temptingly asleep on the other side of their room. What if something unexpected woke them up? Something out of Todomatsu´s hands. Like, him, shrieking in pleasure because Karamatsu was pushing all the correct buttons.

“Karamatsu… no…” He was a decent human being, and nowhere in his bucket list was a destined section to let his brothers discover how he moaned. Even less, how his older brother made him scream his name.

Deaf to any negative request —on the contrary, he seemed to be enticed by them—, Karamatsu stopped his ministrations just to remove his own clothes.

“Todomatsu.” He said, getting closer and hovering over him, kissing every part the lifted shirt allowed him as he gripped Todomatsu´s erect member and pumped it up and down with firm movements.

“Please, please… I don´t…”

Every lick on his nipples sent an electrifying shudder that toured his body thoroughly, intensified by the hand that was jerking him off.

Nothing Todomatsu could have said would have stopped Karamatsu that night. Including all efforts the youngest did for the first fifteen minutes against bawling his needs, Todomatsu reached the climax of his desperation until he finally gave in. Karamatsu was too good with his hands, too attentive in bed to fight longer than what he did. By the time Karamatsu had finished preparing his mate with his fingers, and he was ready to shove everything he had in him, Todomatsu was a teary mess, drooling and gasping for air, as his older brother took the time to make him come a few times with his mouth.

Gingerly accommodating Todomatsu, with a couple of pillows bellow his lower back, Karamatsu bent him all the way until his knees could almost touch his face.

“Ready?” Showing his fangs in a catty smile, Karamatsu probed Todomatsu´s entrance, pushing his cock softly against it, without any trace of breaking in.

“Yes!” Modesty lost a while ago, Todomatsu was speaking louder than what he was intending to.

“Should I put a condom on?” Karamatsu teased, confidently smirking, almost posing.

“No, just… c´mon” Pushing his lower half forward, Todomatsu swayed his hips, inciting his husband.

“You might get pregnant if I do-”

“Don´t care, please, get me pregnant if that’s what you want, I don´t care, please, please…”

Karamatsu wasn’t a sadist. Not entirely a sadist. The thing he hated the most was if someone made Todomatsu cry, or if someone hurt him. Not giving everything his little brother wanted was also another of his physical impediments. However, making him beg, making of him a horny mess, was one of the things Karamatsu loved the most. Convoluted as it was.

Pushing forward —despite the urgency in Todomatsu´s supplicate—, Karamatsu made sure his whole member fit inside, slowly, trying not to hurt him in the process. 

“Todomatsu,” frowning, Karamatsu sighed the name, without any pretentious utterance.

Sometimes, Todomatsu forgot that Karamatsu was a “normal” human being. It was only on those rare displays of sincerity, when all his masked front fell apart, leaving only the loving and insecure second eldest of the family, Todomatsu remembered how both of them were a pair of crybabies when they were little. How neither of the two could endure in the darkness longer than the one they were holding its hand. Together with the fact that he had to man up to get a job and support him and their child. Karamatsu wasn´t less lazy than Osomatsu, but the eldest was more cynical to let everyone know he didn’t like to do any type of effort.

“Karamatsu,” overwhelmed by the plenary feeling invading him, both physically and emotionally, Todomatsu extended his arms, calling his husband.

“Yes?” Accommodating, Karamatsu managed to lean on top of Todomatsu, allowing this one to cling onto him and pull him into an embrace.

“I love you,” Todomatsu whispered. Not without feeling Karamatsu´s member twitching inside.

“Eh…” It was true that Todomatsu wasn´t someone who said those type of things enough, that’s why Karamatsu appreciated deeply whenever he did. “I love you too. You know that.”  Without any exaggerated poses nor cliché phrases, he spoke to the soft, warm form he had beneath him. Natural and honest as he could be. A sight Todomatsu was entirely sure was only for him.

The vulnerable being on top of him was beautiful, and Todomatsu didn’t want to let it go.

“Can you do it like this?” Todomatsu asked, still looping arms and legs around him.

“Heh,” asking if he could do something difficult or impossible was Karamatsu´s main trigger for his own belief that he was a cool brother. “Whatever you ask for, I´ll do it. The fastest star, the rarest pearl on the bottom of the sea, the-”

“I swear, Karamatsu, you could just ruin everything if you keep talking, so wh-” Todomatsu´s phrase was cut off, in a suffocated scream.

Lifting his eyebrows, Karamatsu pushed strong inside Todomatsu, pulling back and then thrusting forward again.

“I’m not the only one talking,” he said.

“I wasn’t ready.” He moaned.

“Yes, you were,” repeating the motion, Karamatsu established a steady pace, bending Todomatsu further to pierce into him with force and precision.

The words ended as fast as they started. The only things that could be heard were their strangled moans and the loud slap of their damped skin against the other.

After a while, Karamatsu was starting to tense, he wanted to make Todomatsu came one more time before his own culmination, so he kissed him, wet and deep, the way the youngest liked.

“I’m coming,” Todomatsu managed to mutter between their dancing tongues. “I´m coming.”

“Me too…” he grunted, furrowing his brows.

“Yes. Come inside me.”

Speeding up the pace, Karamatsu had to endure just a bit longer. Todomatsu´s phrases were throwing him off and hitting his inner kinks.

“Even if you get pregnant?” He asked to rile himself up.

“I want to. Please get me pregnant. Come inside me. Knot in me.”

“Shit…” Hardly breathing anymore, Karamatsu felt Todomatsu´s hole clenching around him as he came. Karamatsu was starting to feel his knot swelling outside Todomatsu, and just for a second, he doubted, but seeing his beautiful husband disheveled and wanting him, left all questions aside.

Applying one last ounce of effort, Karamatsu pushed his engorged knot inside Todomatsu, locking him in, to release his seed freely. “Todomatsu.”

One last throttled cry, and Todomatsu was coming all over his own stomach, reaching between the two of them, he started to stroke himself, just when Karamatsu´s thrusts stopped, imprisoned inside him.

Karamatsu knew Todomatsu loved to be restricted in movements, or the mere idea of having nowhere to go. Following this knowledge, he rose up to his knees, pulled his hips back, to sit in his heels, while he dragged Todomatsu with him, using almost only the tumid base of his cock, and just a tiny help of his hand on Todomatsu´s hips.

“Ah! Ngh… Karamatsu-niisan… wait.” Trying to recover his previous position, Todomatsu dropped both his legs to one side, and Karamatsu took this chance to make his little brother rest on his stomach as he pulled again from the knot —without breaking the union—, separating his thighs. “Aah… fuck.” He muffled the curse against his arm, while his ass rose up together with Karamatsu´s middle section.

“Totty,” Karamatsu´s voice was loaded with grunts and low moans, as he relentlessly came inside his mate.

The younger´s body answered in resonance to the eldest. At first was scary, that as long as his alpha was coming, he would be too, but now, he let himself be taken by the feeling of bottomless pleasure. It was always around fifteen or twenty minutes for Karamatsu to finish. They both changed positions a couple of times more, but at Todomatsu´s request, they finished their time alone, and the final round of climax by riding his husband until the knot vanished. It was a sight Karamatsu ardently appreciated. Because he could see Todomatsu´s beautiful hips rocking back and forth, as he leaked endlessly on Karamatsu´s belly.

Finally free, Todomatsu removed himself parsimoniously, unable to avoid the leak of jizz all the way down his thighs and all over Karamatsu´s middle section too.

“… ugh… Sorry,” Todomatsu said, more tired than what he thought he could be.

“No problem at all, my beautiful angel,” lifting his body, Karamatsu got closer to kiss Todomatsu all over. “Let’s clean each other.”

Assenting with a soft sound of his closed mouth, Todomatsu allowed Karamatsu to carry him to the bathroom.

Midway, Karamatsu stopped on the hallway, looking at the living room.

“What is it?” Todomatsu whispered, “Did someone wake up?”

“No, no. It´s not that, let´s go.”

It took them only a few minutes to clean themselves. Without time or energy for a shower, they had to do with just wet towels. The same ones that Todomatsu swore he wouldn’t clean, so Karamatsu would be in charge of doing the laundry that week.

With their whole bodies aching, and their limbs heavy, Karamatsu and Todomatsu didn’t last long before falling asleep after they came back to their bedroom. Secured between Karamatsu´s arms, Todomatsu wished not to have the same nightmare again. Therefore, he inhaled his husband´s calm scent. An alpha´s aroma after mating was the best; it was calming, comforting and it was his.

Just like that, they both drifted to sleep. 




The morning rose, early and bright as it could be. Todomatsu heard Hiroaki´s cries and he knew it was time to wake up, feed him something, and maybe make breakfast. On the other hand, he could just let Karamatsu do all of those things, as in the end, he let his older brother “impregnate” him in the middle of the night.

“Whatever.” He complained as he got up and put on some pants.

Automatic as all his mornings were, he didn’t notice the rustle in the kitchen, not until he entered there with his baby in arms.

“Eh-Morning. What are you doing?” Impressed at the view, Todomatsu didn´t know how to act.

Osomatsu and Choromatsu were awake, dressed and making breakfast. Maybe it did help Osomatsu to live with the third born and his strict agenda.

“Morning Totty,” Choromatsu said.

“Morning. What does it look like?” Osomatsu answered, wearing Todomatsu´s pink apron.

“We thought that intruding in your house wasn’t really nice on our side, so we went to buy groceries and make breakfast,” Choromatsu said as he placed the sixth plate of rice on the small table, while Osomatsu put the fourth of eggs and bacon.

“We paid for it,” Osomatsu answered quickly, after seeing the suspicious look on his brother.

“Thanks… but it´s too early.” Said Todomatsu as he picked a cherry tomato from the salad at the table´s center.

“I mean, we couldn’t sleep after that,” Osomatsu said, snickering.

“Eh?” A shiver toured Todomatsu´s chest.

“Osomatsu-niisan,” Choromatsu scolded him, but Todomatsu knew something was off, as he was lifting the corner of his lips. “Leave Totty alone. Don’t you see that he might be pregnant now?”


“Right, right. Let´s be considerate. Having Karamatsu as a partner must be tough for your body.” Unable to hide the joke in his tone, Osomatsu did his best to keep quiet.

 “And his ears.” The chain of jokes was just too tempting to let it go, Choromatsu knew he would —probably— regret it later.

“That’s a lot coming from someone that uses other´s people bathroom to defile it with their sinful actions.” Karamatsu appeared behind Todomatsu and looped an arm around his waist.

“W-what do you mean?” Choromatsu asked.

“Do you think I didn’t notice? How you sneaked to the bathroom to have some “privacy”. Tragedy.”

“We were subtle enough, not like you two, screaming: “get me pregnant Karamatsu-niisan”. That’s gross.” Using his finger as if it were a defensive weapon. Osomatsu pointed at them.

“You! Shut up, don’t say those things in front of Hiroaki.” Todomatsu covered his son’s ears.

“I did it in the living room!” Jyushimatsu´s voice echoed on the room connected to the kitchen. He was doing a gesture, letting all the other brothers know how he did it the previous day. “It was alone!”

“Jyushimatsu-niisan!” Todomatsu pressed Hiroaki against his chest.

“Jyushimaaaatsu!” Karamatsu screamed, in his usual overdone voice.

“Alone? What about Ichimatsu?” Choromatsu asked.

Walking through the hallway, Ichimatsu was yawning, showing a disheveled figure, even more so than usual. “I usually jerk off when my roommate is doing it with his girlfriend in the other room. Yesterday I couldn´t, so I hide in the bathroom to try and hear these two,” Pointing at Karamatsu and Todomatsu, Ichimatsu widened his smile. “Who would guess that I would have the chance to do it with these two.” He now pointed at Osomatsu and Choromatsu.

“Are you fucking kidding me!?” Offended, Osomatsu got closer to Ichimatsu. “Are you saying that you get to hear Choro´s cute moans!? Those are mine!”

“That’s what you get angry about?” Throwing the first object at hand, Choromatsu, unconsciously paired with Ichimatsu.

Todomatsu took his child away from the war zone. Giving just a glance back, the whole picture changed for a second. The same beings that were witnesses to the knight’s death in his dream were there, fighting in that same way, joking and laughing.

A feeling of plenitude filled his heart abruptly. Somehow, in the back of his head, Todomatsu could almost swear, that all of them have been going through different obstacles to be together. That they finally were able to be happy.

Tittering, Todomatsu got his son closer, resting his brown hair on the crook of his neck. “I´m such a fool, I started to sound like Karamatsu.”

“Then I’ll get Choromatsu pregnant!” Osomatsu screamed.

“No, you won´t! Get off me.”

“I don’t know how the conversation got in that direction.” After going through the hallway, Todomatsu closed Hiroaki´s door behind him, to sit on the chair Karamatsu bought for him to feed his baby. “Maybe Karamatsu is right. What’s the point of stopping if we’re trying to give you a sibling?”

“Totty?” Peeking inside, Karamatsu opened the door. “Is everything alright?”

“Yeah, I just wanted a calm place to feed Hiro.” Pondering in his own thoughts, Todomatsu dared to ask. “Karamatsu, do you believe in destiny? Like, honestly, not the romantic idea of it.”

“Mmh…” Incredibly, Karamatsu thought about the question, not jumping into poetic answers as he normally did. Sitting next to Todomatsu, he secured his husband and child in his arms. “I do, but, like this.”

“Like this?”

“I know it couldn´t be anything but destiny that you and I are together now. I´m not that lucky.”

“You’re such a dummy.”

“Am I?” Karamatsu softly chuckled as he caressed the baby´s unkempt hair.

Yeah. Todomatsu thought. Maybe destiny really existed.




1 - 広明 – This is how the name “Hiroaki” is written. That is 広い (hiroi) means large, broad. And 明るい (akarui) means bright, enlightened.