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hey yo no homo but today I'm coming out the closet (wanna scream it from the mountains like a gay prophet)

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Hoseok is going to die.

He’s going to die a horrible death by choking on a croissant from his favorite bakery on the corner of the street where he shares an apartment with his boyfriend of two years, Seokjin. Then, after he’s gone, Seokjin probably won’t buy croissants from them anymore because they were the cause of his boyfriend’s death, which would be a damn shame because those croissants are to die for.

Which, ironically, Hoseok is about to do. In the literal sense of the word.

In retrospect, it’s all Hoseok’s fault; he should have known better than to check the texts he got from Jeongguk as nonchalantly as he did when he knows the younger boy had been  out drinking with Taehyung the night before. Especially when he knows Jeongguk had been out drinking with Taehyung the night before.

Seokjin is out of his seat and next to him in the blink of an eye, thumping him firmly on the back and frantically asking him what happened as he offers him a glass of water. Hoseok accepts the water with shaky hands, downs it in one gulp, and finally manages to swallow the piece of croissant stuck in his throat.

“Are you okay?” Seokjin repeats when it seems like Hoseok’s breathing again, his skin slowly returning to its normal color. Hoseok nods, wiping the tears that had almost spilled from his eyes while he choked on his food. “What happened?”

Wordlessly, he slides his phone, still opened on his chat with Jeongguk, over the table towards Seokjin. Seokjin picks it up with one hand, the other still resting between his boyfriend’s shoulder blades, face set on a frown as he reads over the conversation that almost sent Hoseok to an early grave.





i think i’m gay


sun hyung


guk for real ????





sun hyung

dude s w e e t

so you like

jsut realized or???

like did u just suddenly go: “hell fuckgng Yeah I’m gay”





not exactly

well you see i was just with a boy and i

It had been at that exact point when a cold, hard feeling had settled in the pit of Hoseok’s stomach and spread from there, something that felt a lot like dread. Hoseok quickly shoved the last piece of the croissant he had in his hand and hurried to grab his phone from the table to he could use both hands to answer.

sun hyung

I’m sorry can yuo run that by me one more time ????

what od you mean you WERE just with a boy

as in you were WITH a boy and you took a look at him and went w o w i’d bang him and have his adopted babies ???


as in iiiiii pretty much just had Sex with a boy


that was last night actually but you get what i mean

Hoseok had all but spat the food he had been chewing all over the table and Seokjin, and in his effort to not do so, had ended up choking violently on it. If it weren’t for his boyfriend, Hoseok would probably be lying dead on the floor by now. He could just see the headlines that would be published after his dead body was found. They would probably read something like “Man Chokes to Death After His Best Friend Texts Him Out of the Blue to Tell Him He’d Had Gay Sex.”

God, that would be so sad. Taehyung would love it.

Seokjin remained silent as he read on, but Hoseok could tell by the way his eyebrows kept rising higher and higher on his forehead that he was as surprised by the turn of events as Hoseok himself was.  Jeongguk had never expressed any kind of attraction towards men before, at least not explicitly and not in front of him, and Hoseok knew better than to just assume that he was straight because of that, but… just... it was a lot to take in.

Jeongguk apparently just went from not being attracted to men at all to having sex with one. Talk about going from zero to one hundred real quick.

Then again, Jeongguk has never been one to do things halfway or take things slowly or anything like that. Hoseok can picture Jeongguk perfectly in his head seeing the boy, realizing that he is not as straight as he first thought, and then deciding that, of course, the next logical step to this revelation is banging the boy’s brains out. Or having the boy bang Jeongguk’s brains out.

Jeongguk doesn’t look like a bottom to him, but then again, when Hoseok first met Taehyung, he didn’t think Taehyung could ever be a bottom, and well... Let it just be said that Hoseok wasn’t the best when it came to guessing people’s preferences in bed.

Seokjin opened his mouth, then closed it again. He lifted his hand to press his fist against his closed mouth, looking like he was at a loss for words. Hoseok could relate. He hadn’t even known that Jeongguk was very much Not Straight, and he was supposed to be his best friend.

“I just–” Seokjin tried again. “Whoa.”

Hoseok patted him sympathetically on the back. “Yep, that sums it up pretty well.”

“He still hasn’t replied to your texts.”

“I know.” Hoseok said with a sigh. “He’s probably still banging the guy."

He’d said those words without thinking much about their meaning, but when it registered in Hoseok’s brain what he had actually spoken, he almost fell right off of his chair. Oh, God, Jeongguk had to be still having sex with that boy he met if he hadn’t even looked at Hoseok’s messages, because Jeongguk always replied to him right away, no matter the circumstances. Best friend privileges and all.

“Give me that phone,” Hoseok said urgently. Seokjin handed it over without a word. “Fucking – this kid is gonna be the death of me, I swear.”

sun hyung

u M







Seokjin looked wearily at the way his boyfriend’s fingers were flying over the keypad of his phone at such speed that they were nothing more than a blur as he aggressively fired text after text to a still unresponsive Jeongguk, if all the colorful swears he was muttering under his breath were anything to go by.

Seokjin sighed, returning to his seat and picking up his toast again, going back to eating without saying a word, which. Good. Hoseok had a feeling it was going to be a long day for both of them, which meant Seokjin was going to need all the energy he could get.




In theory, Jeongguk was only supposed to take a quick nap after coming back from his 5:30pm Economics class from hell, just so his eyes and his brain could rest a little. He would wake up refreshed and ready to tackle that music theory paper he had been putting off the entire week and whose deadline loomed over his neck like the shiny, sharp razor of a guillotine.

In practice, however, Jeongguk stumbles through his shitty apartment at a quarter past seven, dead inside after having to sit through two hours of math and statistics (on a fucking Friday, no less), throws his backpack to the floor next to his couch, feeds his cat, and promptly passes out on his bed without even pulling the duvet back.

This is how Taehyung finds Jeongguk approximately three hours later, face down and ass up on the bed with his clothes still on, snoring softly and drooling all over his pillow with Mao, his cat, curled up on his back.

“I seriously can’t believe you.” Taehyung groans as he plops his ass down on Jeongguk’s mattress, startling both him and Mao. The cat hisses, jumps down to the floor, and runs to the living room at full speed. “I’ve been texting you like crazy and you’ve been asleep this whole time? At ten in the evening? On a Friday?

“What the fuck,” Jeongguk croaks out. He still has a hand clutching at this chest, feeling his heart slowly go back to beating at a normal speed after Taehyung almost gave him a heart attack. “What are you doing here? How did you even get into my house?”

Taehyung rolls his eyes as if Jeongguk is being particularly unreasonable. If Jeongguk had been more awake he would have demanded that Taehyung fight him right then and there.

“You gave me your passcode, remember?”

“I did no such thing.“

“Whatever,” Taehyung says, waving Jeongguk’s words off. He gets to his feet and claps his hands twice, quick to change the subject so Jeongguk won’t get to question him about the fact that he has the passcode to his place that he technically should not have. “I can’t believe you’re still like that. Chop, chop, Guk. Get your stinky ass in the shower. We’ve got places to be.”

Jeongguk leans back onto his hands, squinting suspiciously up at Taehyung.

That’s when he notices Taehyung’s outfit. The nice, expensive as fuck red leather jacket that Hoseok, Seokjin and Jeongguk all pitched in to buy as a gift for Taehyung’s last birthday. His artfully straightened hair falling over his eyes and the eyeliner laid on thick and nice so it makes his eyes stand out. Those ripped skinny jeans of his that must be two sizes too small and hug Taehyung’s thighs and ass in a way that is almost obscene, not that Jeongguk has ever looked or anything.

Well, okay, maybe he’s stared longer than can be considered strictly platonic one or two or seven times, but Taehyung has great thighs. They should be appreciated.

It is upon realizing that Taehyung is dressed in his usual ‘I’m chasing ass’ combo that wakes Jeongguk up completely. It’s like having a bucket of freezing water thrown over his head. Jeongguk immediately knows, without Taehyung even having to open his mouth, that wherever it is that he wants to drag Jeongguk to, rap prodigies and music producers supreme Kim Namjoon and Min Yoongi are going to be there somehow.

Jeongguk looks up, makes eye contact with Taehyung, and firmly states, “No fucking way in hell, hyung.”

Taehyung pouts.

“But – ”

“No.” There is no way Jeongguk is willingly setting himself up to be the awkward fourth wheel again.

He’s still recovering the from last time Taehyung insisted he tag along with them. They all stopped to get coffee at this really nice coffee shop that a friend of Yoongi owns and, because the universe hates Jeongguk with a burning passion, he ended up spilling his coffee all over himself when Namjoon had accidentally put his hand on Jeongguk’s thigh instead of Taehyung’s. Or maybe he had been going for going for Yoongi’s?

Either way, it was a very traumatic experience for everyone involved and Jeongguk loves himself enough to not want a repeat of that particular incident.

“You didn’t even hear me out – ”

“And I don’t need to. I already know what you’re going to say and the answer is no. I’m sorry, hyung, but neither I nor Namjoon-hyung want to go through that again.” Just thinking of all the accidental grabbing that could happen in a dark club has him shuddering.

Don’t get him wrong, though; in another universe in which Jeongguk isn’t straight and Namjoon isn’t already romantically involved with Yoongi (and in the process of including Taehyung as well), Jeongguk would maybe consider letting Namjoon “accidentally” grab any part of him he wanted.

But as it is, Jeongguk doesn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea – mainly because Taehyung is his friend and partly because he’s been told Min Yoongi packs a mean punch – so he tries to steer clear of situations where Namjoon’s awkward fumbling and Jeongguk’s general bad luck can get tangled together.

Taehyung frowns. “Dude, what did I tell you about smoking shit without me?”

Jeongguk shakes his head a little to get rid of the war flashbacks of Namjoon apologizing to him repeatedly, Taehyung doing a piss poor job of trying to hold his laughter in, and Yoongi looking exasperated yet fond at the same time, and scoffs.

“One, I’m not high. And two, if anyone deserves the privilege of me sharing my weed with them, it’s Hoseok, because he’s my best friend and because he doesn’t drag me to his dates with Seokjin and then promptly leave me to twiddle my thumbs all by myself after promising not to.”

So Jeongguk may be a little bitter. Sue him.

“Okay, ouch.” Taehyung winces. “I deserved that. But, Guk, seriously. I won’t be able to go out in peace if I know you’re here spending your Friday night in the shower jacking off enough to clog the drain.”

Jeongguk aims a blind kick at his massive asshole of a friend. He’s pleased when his foot makes contact with Taehyung’s arm and he hears a pained sound.

“I hate you, did you know that? And I wasn’t going to jack off. I have Netflix and the internet. I don’t need to go out to have fun.”

Taehyung narrows his eyes at him. In a flurry of movements, Taehyung grabs Jeongguk by the ankle and pulls, making him yelp, and starts to drag him across the bed while the he squirms uncontrollably.

“Well, that’s too bad,” Taehyung grunts, grabbing Jeongguk’s other leg too to stop him from kicking, “because you’re gonna come with me whether you like it or not. We’re gonna hang out tonight and you’re gonna have a good time.”

“Let go of me, you piece of – ” No matter how hard or how much Jeongguk twists, he can’t free himself from Taehyung’s iron grip. Goddamnit. “Why do you want me to come so bad? So I can have a front row seat to you, Namjoon-hyung, and Yoongi-hyung circle-jerking in the VIP zone?”

“I’m your hyung too, you insufferable brat. You should show me a little bit more respect.”

“Okay.” Jeongguk grins at him. “Let go of me, please, hyung, you piece of shit.

Taehyung sighs deeply, letting Jeongguk’s legs drop back down to the mattress. “You’re impossible.”

Just when Jeongguk thinks Taehyung has finally given up on trying to get him to go out and socialize with other people, he looks up to see his friend in full puppy eyes mode. His hyung knows very well that he could get Jeongguk – and anyone, for that matter – to do pretty much anything with those eyes and he uses that fact to his advantage shamelessly. Fucker.

“Hyung…” Jeongguk warns.

Taehyung only pouts harder.

“Please, Gukkie? For your favorite hyung?”

“But you’re not my favorite – ”


Jeongguk just sighs, defeated. He knows he’s going to regret giving in when he finds himself getting drunk all alone while Taehyung is off doing god knows what with Yoongi and Namjoon, but he can’t handle those puppy eyes. Goddamnit.

“God, fine, I’ll come with you.”

Taehyung all but squeals in delight, throwing himself at Jeongguk to give him a suffocating hug.

“Thank you, Guk. You’re the best friend ever.

Jeongguk grunts, patting Taehyung on the back briefly before pushing him away, and finally gets off the bed, resigning himself to his fate of not being able to spend his night watching Netflix and jerking off (Taehyung can fuck off, Jeongguk’s young and has needs).

When he walks out of the bathroom after what can be possibly considered the fastest shower ever, Taehyung is nose-deep in his closet, rummaging through it, presumably looking for something for him to wear, which totally doesn’t set off a few alarms in his mind.

As he towels off his hair and puts on a pair of clean boxers, he eyes Taehyung warily. He should have asked where they were going before agreeing to go. Fuck, he’s so stupid. He should really know better than to blindly agree to do things with Taehyung, and yet.

“Try this on,” Taehyung says, handing Jeongguk a shirt without even looking at him. He blinks, dropping the towel and taking it gingerly. It’s one of the few “nice” shirts he owns, a dark red long-sleeved one that he got for Christmas and that he hasn’t worn once.

“Hyung, where are we even going?” he asks as he puts on the shirt and is promptly hit in the face with a pair of jeans. Black, skinny, and tight, they’re probably the nicest pair of jeans he owns. Taehyung has always said that they showcase his ‘thunder thighs’ nicely. “Is it somewhere, like, fancy?”

Taehyung hums and Jeongguk narrows his eyes in distrust. “Not exactly? I wouldn’t say it is strictly fancy, more like casual chic? You know what I mean?”

The feeling deep in his gut telling him that he’s probably going to regret not putting his foot down and staying home intensifies. He sighs. Seokjin is right; for all that he’s made of pure muscle on the outside, he is a real softie on the inside. Goddamnit. His inability to say no to Taehyung always gets him in trouble.

“It’s a new club that’s opening downtown,” Taehyung continues as he struggles to put on the godforsaken skinny jeans from hell. “Apparently, it’s supposed to be super exclusive, but Yoongi-hyung and Namjoon-hyung extended an invitation to me personally.” He turns to Jeongguk and grins. “Isn’t that great?”

Only one pant leg up, he pauses his attempt to squeeze into the jeans to give Taehyung a look. “So you’re telling me you’re dragging me out of the comfort of own my loving home and into some fancy ass club because you’re somehow scared Yoongi-hyung and Namjoon-hyung are going to ditch your ass when they have personally invited you to come? C’mon, Tae-hyung, even you aren’t that dense.”

“Shut up, It’s not – it’s not like that.”

Jeongguk calmly watches Taehyung blush and splutter as he tucks his shirt inside his pants and walks over to him to look for a belt to wear.

“I just, I thought it’d be good for you to go out and have fun, you know? Socialize a little with other human beings, maybe even find a nice girl to hook up with. Or maybe even a nice boy, who knows. Whatever floats your boat.”

Now it’s Jeongguk’s turn to become a sputtering mess. He’s so flustered he doesn’t even know where to begin to address Taehyung’s statement, so Jeongguk just babbles the first thing that comes to mind and hopes it makes sense.

“A – a nice boy? But h-hyung, I’m – I’m straight? I don’t like boys?”

Taehyung smirks at him. “Are you straight? I’m not sure if you’re asking me or telling me.”

Jeongguk is still sputtering helplessly by the time Taehyung has gotten them out of the apartment and into a taxi. He knows Taehyung was just teasing him – it is one of his hyung’s favorite pastimes, after all – but Jeongguk can’t for the life of him stop tripping over it.

Is he straight? Is he really? Why the hell would Jeongguk get all flustered like that over Taehyung casually mentioning boys if he’s definitely straight?

He picks at the cuffs of the blazer Taehyung talked him into wearing before they left (he said it made Jeongguk look more classy, whatever that means) as the taxi takes them to the nicest, most expensive part of Seoul. Jeongguk gulps. He’s suddenly very, very glad for the fact that Namjoon and Yoongi’s never-ending thirst for Taehyung is getting them into the club for free because he doesn’t think his debt-riddled bank account is in any way, shape, or form ready to handle paying to enter such a high-end club.

His thoughts are confirmed when the taxi stops in front of a flashy building with a neon sign that reads “Rollin’” right on top of the entrance, where two bouncers dressed in all black stand guard. The line of people waiting to get in goes along the entire street and continues around the corner. He barely suppresses a shudder thinking about having to stand there waiting in the cold with the uncertainty that he may not be able to get in at all.

“Come on,” Taehyung says, taking his hand and practically dragging him towards the entrance, clearly excited. Jeongguk thought his hyung was going to vibrate apart with joy on the ride to the club. He’s torn between wanting to coo at Taehyung and wanting to make fake-gagging noises at how gone the man is for Namjoon and Yoongi.

A petite woman in a black sweater and dark red mini-skirt walks over to them right away when she sees them approaching. She’s got a clipboard in one hand, a pen in the other, and the thousand-watt smile on her face doesn’t look forced even though Jeongguk can tell she’s sick and tired of having to intercept people who are trying to sneak in.

“Hello! I’m Yujeong. Are you on the list? If you’re not, I’m afraid you can’t go in.” Yujeong looks up expectantly at them, pen held up in the air and ready to cross off their names. Taehyung smiles at her and rattles off their names, says to look for them under RM and Suga.

Jeongguk frowns. “Why is my name on the list too? Didn’t you say they only personally invited you?”

Taehyung puts a finger over his lips to silence him. “Be quiet, Guk-ah. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.”

“That doesn’t even make any sense – ”


He huffs and goes back to looking at Yujeong as her eyes scan quickly over the names on the list, brows furrowed slightly as she tries to locate the names of Jeon Jeongguk and Kim Taehyung. She’s pretty, Jeongguk notices, with her long, light brown hair reaching down to her chest and her shiny eyes. Taehyung's words still rattling around in his head, he tries to gauge how attracted he is to her and is surprised to find that ... he's not. Sure, he finds her beautiful, but in an objective and platonic sort of way.

The words grow louder. . A nice boy. Whatever floats his boat.

Yujeong makes a happy noise when she finds that their names are, indeed, on the list and crosses them off. She makes a gesture with her hand to one of the bouncers and the man promptly moves to lift the red cord blocking the entrance.

“Welcome to Rollin’,” Yujeong says, giving them another blinding smile. “Hope you have a great time!”

“Oh, we will. Thank you,” Taehyung tells her earnestly and Jeongguk doesn’t even have time to snort a “someone’s eager” under his breath before Taehyung is pulling him forward by the hand, out of the cold and right into the welcoming warmth of the club. The envious stares of the people still waiting in line for a chance to be granted access follow them inside.

The first thought that crosses Jeongguk’s mind once they’ve finally gotten into Rollin’ is holy shit.

It’s pretty dark, but Jeongguk can make out expensive black leather seats and round tables scattered all over the place, a huge dance floor packed full with sweaty bodies moving along to the intoxicating beat of the music, and a bar set up to the side, the bartenders behind the sleek, black countertop quickly and efficiently pouring drink after drink. He can’t help but be impressed.

“Hyung, holy shit.”

Taehyung laughs. “Right? Aren’t you glad you didn’t stay home?”

He kind of is, but he knows the feeling won’t last because as soon as Taehyung catches sight of Yoongi and Namjoon, he’s going to be left to twiddle his thumbs and curse Taehyung’s name to high heavens.

Which reminds him…

“How in the everloving hell are you planning on finding Namjoon-hyung and Yoongi-hyung in here?” he asks, warily eyeing the throng of people moving around them. There’s no way they’re going to be able to find someone in this crowd.

“Hold on,” Taehyung says, frowning and reaching down to retrieve his phone from one of the pockets of his too-tight jeans. Someone bumps into him, making him curse and almost drop his phone. Jeongguk quickly steers them away to the side.

“I’ll text them. I talked to them earlier and they told me they were already here.”

Jeongguk nods. He lets his gaze wander while he waits and his eyes catch on something, on someone, that makes his breath catch in his throat.

It’s a boy, and the way he’s whipping his body to the beat on the dance floor has Jeongguk enraptured. He moves with a grace and a coordination that could only belong to a dancer. Jeongguk can easily recognize one of his own when he sees them. He’s just the same; he moves just like that, like he’s one with the rhythm and there’s nowhere else he’d rather be in that moment. When you lose yourself to the music, nothing else matters.

The boy is in all black: his blazer, his shirt, his jeans, even his hair. For someone who is supposedly straight, Jeongguk probably shouldn’t be so attracted to him, but he is. God help him, he is, and even though he is aware it’s probably bordering on rude how long he’s been staring at him by now, he can’t look away, can’t take his eyes off of the boy and the enticing way sweat is dripping down his neck, around the choker hugging his neck tightly.

Jeongguk never would have guessed he’d ever be sexually attracted to a choker, but it seems like tonight is just full of surprises.

Jeongguk watches as the stranger throws his head back and runs a hand through his hair, easing his body into the smoothest body roll Jeongguk has seen in his entire life. In the spirit of getting a better grasp on his sexuality, he imagines what it would be like to slide in behind him, pull him closer to Jeongguk’s own body by the hips and have him throw his head back against Jeongguk’s shoulder like that, nose his way up to his ear and whisper filthy things just to make him gasp and –

The boy’s eyes snap open, as if somehow feeling his gaze, and looks right at him. He gulps, feeling like a deer caught in headlights.

The boy licks his lips slowly, deliberately, and winks at him.

He swears he sees a hint of silver on the boy’s tongue but, for his own sake, he would rather not think about that.

“ – guk? Jeongguk?”

A waving hand invades Jeongguk’s line of vision and he blinks, breaking out of the daze he’d fallen into. The hand belongs to Taehyung, of course. When Jeongguk looks at him, he sees that his hyung has a slightly irritated expression on his face, most likely because it’s not the first time he’s called Jeongguk’s name. His eyebrows are high up on his forehead, like he’s silently asking, “Dude, what was that?”

Jeongguk shrugs and shakes his head. Dude, I wish I knew.

He doesn’t think he’s ever experienced lust that intense before. And it was lust, no matter what Jeongguk may want to tell himself. He was looking at that boy like he wanted to eat him alive, or be eaten alive by him. Honestly, he didn’t really have a preference and – God, what’s happening to him today?

Taehyung narrows his eyes, but chooses not to comment on it further. Jeongguk is grateful for that, because even if his hyung decided to prod him about what just happened, he’s not sure he could give him a proper explanation.

“Come on,” Taehyung says instead, a glint in his eyes that says that they are definitely talking about it later. Jeongguk groans internally. “Joonie told me they’re by the end of the bar.”

“Oh, Joonie told you that, huh?” Jeongguk teases, making kissy faces at Taehyung until the other boy threatens to punch him if he doesn’t shut his mouth. He shuts up immediately. A part of him is pretty sure Taehyung wouldn’t really punch him, but another, bigger part of him tells him that he shouldn’t risk it. He has seen what Taehyung is capable of. It may not look like it, but his hyung’s got a mean right hook. He doesn’t want to get in the way of that.

Namjoon and Yoongi are, thankfully, right where they said they would be, perched by the end of the bar, drinks in hand and completely absorbed in one another.

When Jeongguk looks at them, really looks at them, it truly baffles him how anyone could think, “Oh, they’re such good friends. I wish I could be as close with my friends as they are to each other.” Yes, of course, they’re good friends, but how anyone can look at the casually possessive hand Namjoon has currently splayed over Yoongi’s ass and think of it as a platonic gesture between really close friends is beyond Jeongguk.

Yoongi has got his back to them, so he doesn’t notice Jeongguk and Taehyung approaching. Namjoon looks up and Taehyung’s eyes light up with mischief as he brings a finger to his lips and then points to an unsuspecting Yoongi. Namjoon raises his eyebrows but dutifully stays quiet, coughing on the sleeve of his jacket to hide a snort as Taehyung makes a show of tiptoeing his way to where Yoongi is standing to surprise him.

Yoongi looks ready to turn around and punch whoever dared to slide their arms around his waist for about three seconds before he realizes it’s just Taehyung and automatically relaxes. He gives the younger boy one of his famous gummy smiles and lets it happen when Taehyung tips his head up with a finger to his chin so he can kiss him Spiderman-style while Namjoon whines about it not being fair.

“I saw Taehyung first, so technically I should have been the first one to get a kiss.”

Jeongguk takes that as his cue to make himself scarce. He knows it’s probably rude of him to just disappear like that, but he loves himself enough to not make himself stand there waiting for his hyungs stop sucking face and finally remember he exists.

He expertly steps away from them and decides that, what the hell, he is already here, so he might as well just take advantage of it and get blackout drunk.

With that in mind, he snatches himself a stool on a rather secluded spot at the bar where he feels like he can comfortably drink himself into a coma. He raises a hand and when one of the bartenders comes his way, he orders a round of three shots all for himself and pointedly ignores the concerned glance the bartender throws his way.

He is reaching for his third shot when he feels someone slide into the seat next to his. He pauses for a second with the shot glass halfway to his mouth, trying to decide if he should turn around to face them or just continue drinking like nothing is happening.

The decision is quickly made for him when he catches sight of all black through the corner of his eye and realizes with a start that the person next to him is none other than the boy from the dance floor. He can literally hear his thought process screeching to a halt as his brain crashes like a Windows Vista with far too many programs opened.

The stranger is even more gorgeous up close, if that’s even possible. There’s a light sheen of sweat on his face and down his neck and when he runs a hand through his hair and licks his lips, Jeongguk’s mouth goes dry, like he hasn’t drunk a single drop of liquid in hours. He turns back around hurriedly, heart in his throat. Fuck.

He downs his remaining shots in quick succession, slamming the last one down on the counter with perhaps more force than necessary and, without missing a beat, lifting his hand up to ask the bartender for a glass of whiskey. Jeongguk is going to need all the liquid courage he can get if he wants to even attempt to say something to the boy.

“Rough day, huh?”

Jeongguk almost drops his glass. Swallowing, he turns around slowly, coming face to face with the beautiful stranger. The boy is turned on his seat and now facing Jeongguk, tracing the rim of his own glass with a finger. He’s probably drinking something fruity, given the pink color of the liquid swirling in the glass. Jeongguk briefly wonders if he’d taste of strawberries if Jeongguk were to kiss him, lick into his mouth, suck on his tongue.

“Huh?” Jeongguk parrots like the fucking idiot he is. He can somehow feel Hoseok judging him all the way across the city. I raised you better than this, his hyung would say. You’re a suave fucker, Jeongguk. Go charm the pants off of this boy.

But Hoseok sometimes forgets that Jeongguk suffers from an extremely rare disease called I turn into a mumbling idiot whenever an attractive person tries to talk to me, which renders him completely useless in front of people like this. He can only gape wordlessly at the boy as he prays for the sweet release of death to come to him soon.

The black-haired boy chuckles and tilts his head towards Jeongguk’s drink and all the empty shot glasses surrounding it. “You downed all those shots like someone was going to come over and steal them from you and then you ordered a glass of whiskey, so I assumed you hadn’t had the best of days.”

“You – You were looking at me?” Jeongguk blurts out, hating himself more and more with each second that ticks by. His brain is just running around in his head, smashing pots with a broom and yelling, ‘Fuck you!’ while he begs for it to please focus. He should have said, ”Yes, you’re right. I’ve had a rough day and an even rougher week, but maybe if you buy me a drink, I’ll feel better.” He should have struck up a conversation with him like normal people do, but God forbid he gets a break from constant suffering.

He half-expects Pretty Boy to make a face and walk away from him after deciding that he’s just not worth it. It would be fair. He is sure this boy can do much better than an idiot that can’t seem to get his shit together.

But not only does Pretty Boy not leave Jeongguk’s ass to get drunk by himself, he leans a little closer, like he finds Jeongguk’s mumbling endearing instead of annoying.

“Mhmm, I was. I’ve spent the last twenty minutes staring at your thighs while trying to work up the courage to talk to you.”

Jeongguk breathes in deep and catches a whiff of Pretty Boy’s cologne. It smells intoxicatingly good, crisp and sharp with something underneath that Jeongguk can’t quite seem to put his finger on. He can physically feel the very last traces of his heterosexuality fading away as he realizes the stranger smells like Armani.

Fucking Armani. Now he understands Taehyung’s pain back when he told Jeongguk he had struggled to keep his ass in his pants when Namjoon and Yoongi were wearing Armani for a meeting with the CEO of their record label. Jeongguk makes a mental note to apologize to his hyung the next time he sees him. He gets it now. His thirst for Pretty Boy has doubled now that he’s come to the knowledge that he can afford Armani cologne. Shit, now that he thinks about it, his clothes are probably Armani too, or from a brand that’s equally as expensive.

Attractive as sin and fucking loaded. Jeongguk is suddenly struggling to remember what a heterosexuality is and how that is a concept that could possibly apply to him.

“Well, I’ve been looking at yours too,” Jeongguk replies slowly, feeling bold, “and thinking about how they would feel wrapped around my head.”

Pretty Boy inhales sharply. Jeongguk hears it more than he sees it because he busies himself with gulping half his drink in one go as soon as the words are out of his mouth. His cheeks are blazing and he’s too afraid to look back and see the stranger’s reaction. The worst and most surprising of it all is that Jeongguk had one-hundred percent meant it; he wants those gorgeous thighs squeezing his head as he fucks this man with his tongue.

“Oh, yeah?” Pretty Boy says, and the predatory glint in the curve of his smirk has Jeongguk squeezing his thighs together. “You don’t even know my name and you’re already thinking about eating me out? Bold. I like it.”

Jeongguk’s flush deepens. He’s never eaten a boy out before, but he loves giving oral sex and he learns fast. He would do about anything to please the boy in front of him. “Well, you could tell me?”

So Jeongguk knows what he’s going to be screaming that night.

He blinks, startled by his own thoughts. Holy shit. He hasn’t had a case of thirst this bad since Jihyun. He feels like somewhere, somehow, Hoseok is proud of him.

“I’m Jimin.” the boy says, placing an elbow on the counter and resting his cheek on the palm of his hand, looking up at Jeongguk through his lashes. “What about you, hm?"

“I’m – ‘m Jeongguk.”

“A pretty name for an even prettier boy,” Pretty Boy – no, Jimin – says, smiling at him. He’s much closer now, both having started to lean towards each other subconsciously as they talked. They’re almost nose to nose. Jeongguk struggles greatly to not let his eyes drop to Jimin’s mouth and fails miserably.

Jimin doesn’t seem to mind one bit. He smirks, letting the tip of his tongue peek out to wet his lips and there’s that flash of silver inside his mouth again.

“Is that – Do you have a tongue piercing?” Jeongguk blurts out because he’s flustered and an idiot, apparently. He kind of wants Jimin to say that no, he actually doesn’t have his tongue pierced. Jeongguk just doesn’t think he has enough mental stability left to be able to deal with this kind of knowledge.

Jimin looks amused. He chuckles, and hums affirmatively. “I do. I have two, actually.”

Jeongguk gulps. “Two?” Two?

Jimin nods and, before Jeongguk has time to react, opens his mouth and sticks his tongue out to show them off. There are two silver bars vertically piercing Jimin’s tongue and Jeongguk can physically feel the very last his still working neurons fizzling out and dying. He can’t think of anything beyond how hot that is and he wonders how it would be to suck on the piercings in Jimin’s tongue, how they would feel scraping the back of his teeth, rubbing along the roof of his mouth.

He is determined to find out. Consider him a man on a mission to have Jimin’s tongue so far down his throat that he can feel those piercings in his esophagus.

He almost whimpers when Jimin tucks his tongue back into his mouth, smirking at him like he knows exactly what he’s doing. Jeongguk takes a deep breath, deciding that he’s going to redirect the conversation to a topic that’s… safer. And less harsh on his poor mental health.

That was his original plan, at least. However, when he opens his big, gay mouth, what comes out instead is,“Do you have any more piercings?”

Jimin’s smirk gets bigger. Jeongguk’s racking his brain to try and figure out where could he possibly have more piercings that aren’t his tongue or his ears, and all the possibilities he comes up with have him sweating profusely. He should have just kept his mouth shut. Goddamnit.

“I do,” Jimin practically purrs, “but I’m afraid I can’t show them to you in here.”

“Why not? Do you have your nipples pierced or something?” Jeongguk blurts out. He lets out a nervous laugh afterwards when Jimin doesn’t immediately rush to assure him that no, of course I don’t have my nipples pierced. Beads of sweat are beginning to collect on Jeongguk’s temple. His eyes drop down to Jimin’s chest on reflex, and that is when he notices It.

Jimin’s nipple piercings are showing through his tight, tight shirt. Jeongguk suddenly regrets having finished his drink already. Not that the alcohol would have done much to quench the thirst that overcomes him so suddenly.

Jeongguk closes his eyes, breathes in shakily, and mutters a very heartfelt, “Fuck,” under his breath. Jimin wasn’t meant to hear it, but given the expression on his face, Jeongguk is pretty sure he has anyway. He looks like he knows exactly what kind of effect he’s having on Jeongguk and is enjoying it greatly. Jeongguk would be lying if he said he’s not enjoying it too.

“Dance with me,” Jimin whispers, sliding impossibly closer to him, his pretty plush lips stretched out into a wicked smile, brushing against Jeongguk’s mouth as he speaks. Jeongguk digs his nails into his own palms to avoid closing the short distance between them and kissing Jimin square on the mouth.

“Yes. I’d – I’d like that,” Jeongguk says, powerless to do anything but say yes to him. He would likely agree to anything Jimin suggested at this point.

But he’ll question that some other time.




“So, uh, I thought your friend Jeongguk was straight?”

Taehyung, busy as he is playing tonsil-tennis with Yoongi, doesn’t even register Namjoon’s words at first, or his arrival with the drinks they ordered, for that matter. Once the words click in his lust-addled brain, he startles so bad that his teeth knock against Yoongi’s, making them both groan in pain. He whirls around on his barstool to find Namjoon staring at their drinks like they’re holding the answers to all of his drunk, 4am, philosophical questions.

He feels like something big is about to happen. A ripple in the fabric of the universe. Someone about to shed their so called “straightness” that didn’t really exist to begin with to become a full-fledged, certified Gay with the help of Park Jimin.

Taehyung swallows. Namjoon surely doesn’t mean – “Well, yes. That’s – that’s what I thought too?”

Taehyung has to admit that Jeongguk confused him greatly when he first met him. Taehyung is never one to assume someone is automatically straight after two seconds of meeting them, but Jeongguk, well. He looked and acted like your typical straight boy, so Taehyung figured that Jeongguk was just that. A straight boy. Nothing wrong with that, even though Taehyung’s spidey gay senses were telling him otherwise – unlike the shitty, free version of the gaydar that straight people claim to have, Taehyung’s version is the premium, upgraded one. He’s never been wrong. Ever.

His theory about Jeongguk not being That straight was further confirmed when Jeongguk would do things like zero in on Minho’s ass as he walked past them on their way to class or stare at Taehyung’s thighs like he wanted him to crush Jeongguk’s skull with them (and yes, Taehyung did notice that; Jeongguk is about as subtle as a bull in a china shop).

But Jeongguk never brought it up and all he talked about was girls to the point of it seeming excessive and Taehyung was really confused. Having a shirtless picture of BIGBANG’S Taeyang as your phone background doesn’t seem that straight to him, but maybe waxing poetics about the coffee shop barista’s new, fiery red hair was. Probably. Taehyung wouldn’t know. Being straight? Taehyung can’t relate.

“Maybe he’s bisexual? Or pansexual?” Minjae, one of their many mutual friends, suggested one time when they all got together to get drunk and marathon bad horror movies, a quick hushed conversation had while Jeongguk was in the bathroom. Taehyung made a thoughtful sound at that. He hadn’t thought about it, but now that Minjae mentioned it, it could be possible.

“I don’t think he’s sexually attracted to women at all,” Hyuna said, tapping one of her fingers against her glass absent-mindedly. “I just – haven’t you noticed that he looks a bit uncomfortable every time he talks about how hot girls are? I mean, ultimately, it is none of our business what he is or he isn’t and he isn’t in any obligation whatsoever to explain shit to us, but I can’t help but to think that all that talk about girls and boobs and stuff is him trying to overcompensate for something. I don’t know.”

Minjae furrowed his brows, looking deep in thought. Taehyung stared at the bottom of his glass like it was going to tell him how to help Jeongguk feel better.

They quietly sipped their drinks after that. Taehyung decided that Hyuna was right. It wasn’t their business what Jeongguk identified or didn’t identify as or what he liked or what he didn’t like. Taehyung sent reassuring vibes towards Jeongguk whenever he was with him just in case, silently and telepathically letting Jeongguk know that Taehyung would be always there for him if he ever wanted to talk about it.

And now this happens. Taehyung has a hunch, a feeling, about what Namjoon is about to say next. He’s seen it happen countless of times.

“Well,” Namjoon starts, licking his lips, and Taehyung leans forward in his seat a little in anticipation, “I just saw your friend, Jimin, leading him by the hand towards the dance floor and he had that look on his face, you know? The one that lets you know that he’s mentally calculating the exact angle he’s going to bend him over to hit his prostate dead-on when he’s balls deep in him?”

Yoongi, having chosen the worst possible moment to take a sip of his drink, chokes on it and starts coughing violently. Taehyung hurries to pat Yoongi on the back and nods at Namjoon because he was expecting it. Of course it had to be him.

Park Jimin. Taehyung’s platonic soulmate, an excellent dancer, and an even better friend. Drop dead gorgeous, rich as hell, and very, very, very gay. He also happens to be a ‘confused straight guy’ magnet, except that after they’ve had Jimin, they’re not confused anymore, nor they are one hundred percent straight.

There once was this friend of Namjoon’s, a rapper like him. His name was Bobby. He was the epitome of straightness to the point that if you looked up the word “straight” in the dictionary, a picture of him would appear under it. Loved sports, drank Monster energy drinks like they were water, liked to wear baggy sweats low enough for his underwear to be seen, and enjoyed sending unsolicited dick pics to girls.

Fast forward to one of Jackson Wang’s legendary parties. Bobby is already there with his crew by the time Jimin arrives, looking fine as hell in a pair of latex pants and a sequin crop top, all smoky eyes and red, red lips. They start to talk. Bobby doesn’t seem at all bothered by Jimin’s blatant flirting. In fact, he seems pretty into it, so Jimin doesn’t stop. They dance, drink, and laugh together. That night, Bobby goes home with Jimin. The morning after, Bobby is a changed man.

“I cried, Tae,” Bobby would later tell him, after they became friends when Taehyung started to hang out more with Namjoon and Yoongi. “He got me in a position most people only say they know and rammed into me so hard that he got the headboard slamming against the wall with such force I was surprised the neighbors didn’t come knocking on his door to complain about the noise. Before that night, I didn’t think I would ever be able to touch a dick and now I can’t live without them.”

The thing about Jimin is that most people assume he is a docile, little submissive and, though he can be one if he wants to, the truth is that Jimin is naturally a dominant. Taehyung made that same mistake too when they first met, looked at Jimin’s pouty lips and small hands and height and fat ass and thought, He must be such a sub. He doesn’t have a dominant bone in his body.

That was until Jimin had Taehyung on his hands and knees, ass up with an anal hook on, spanking him with a black, long paddle until his cheeks were bordering on purple, occasionally hitting the hook and making stars explode behind his eyelids. Jimin didn’t let him have his cock that first night, no matter how much Taehyung cried and begged him for it, said that if Taehyung dared to come before he did, he would make sure Taehyung would regret it. Jimin fucked his throat and blew his load all over his face, then used a cock sleeve to edge and tease him until he was coming so hard that he passed out right after.

That was the last time Taehyung ever questioned Jimin’s ability to dominate anyone.

Namjoon asked him once (in what was a poorly veiled attempt at getting to know if there was something going on between him and Jimin and if Taehyung was single, according to Jeongguk’s unnecessary opinion that no one asked for) how they could still be friends after everything that happened between them.

“It was never like that between us,” Taehyung had answered with a shrug. “We weren’t interested in each other romantically. I wanted to know more about all the kinky stuff he was into and he was more than happy to show me the ropes. Our sexcapades were solely for educational purposes.”

Jeongguk had snorted into his noodles. Taehyung glared at him. He mimicked zipping up his lips and continued to stuff his face.

Currently, Taehyung kind of wants to stand up a little and frantically scan his eyes over the crowd of people gathered on the dance floor until he spots them, maybe even get up and go tell Jeongguk that Jimin may be a tad too intense for a Baby Gay™ like him, but instead he takes a deep breath and forces himself to relax. He trusts Jimin and knows that he won’t force Jeongguk to do anything he doesn’t want or isn’t ready for. And besides, Jeongguk is a grown ass man even if it may seem otherwise; he can make his own decisions. If he wants to sleep with Jimin, then who’s Taehyung to stop him?

“I’d like to make a toast,” Taehyung says, reaching for his drink.

Yoongi just. Blinks. “A toast?”

Taehyung nods solemnly, holding his glass up. “To Jeongguk’s realization that life lived as a straight man is a life wasted and to the gross marks they’re sure to leave on each other that will give me the opportunity to tease him mercilessly and make him blush. Cheers.”

Yoongi snorts, but dutifully clinks his glass against Taehyung’s. “Amen. May Jeongguk’s first gay adventure be fulfilling.”

Namjoon ends up spilling half of his drink on himself when he tries to do the same, which gives Taehyung the perfect opportunity to shamelessly grope him while he claims that he just wants to “help him get cleaned up.”




Jimin buys him a drink before they head for the dance floor.

Jeongguk has to admit, he was starting to feel a little out of his depth while Jimin was asking him to dance. He asked himself if it was such a good idea, after all, letting it go this far. The flirting was fun, and Jimin is the most beautiful human being he has had the fortune of laying his eyes upon, but maybe he is not… what Jimin is expecting. What if Jimin thinks Jeongguk is an Experienced Gay™ and is thus disappointed when he learns that Jeongguk has just started to take his first Gay steps?

“You’re thinking so loud that I can even hear you over the music,” Jimin comments, giving him a small smile and successfully interrupting his mini breakdown. “Having second thoughts?”

Jimin’s tone of voice, facial expression, and overall body language suggest that it would be alright if he was indeed having second thoughts, but that is literally the opposite of what is happening to him. He supposes he is sort of having second thoughts, but not about being with Jimin. He wants that, and he’s sure of it. He is more worried about… not being good enough. What if he’s got a piss poor stroke game and Jimin doesn’t call him ever again?

(A tiny voice in the back of his mind that sounds suspiciously similar to that demon he calls Taehyung says that there’s no way he can have a bad stroke game with the amount of time he’s spent jerking it in his twenty years. He thinks the voice should mind its own business)

He bites his lip in thought, not missing the way Jimin’s eyes track the gesture. This would be a fantastic opportunity to tell Jimin that he is… inexperienced. Yes, he really should do that, that way Jimin won’t waste his time and Jeongguk won’t get even more attached only to have his hopes crushed in the end.

Living without anxiety? He can’t relate.

“I – I have never done this before?” Jeongguk coughs, looking down at the floor to avoid looking at Jimin’s reaction. He seems to understand immediately what Jeongguk means, because he hums in thought. Jeongguk wrings his hands together, anxiously waiting for Jimin’s response. He’s gonna turn him down, Jeongguk knows. He’s gonna call him a filthy liar and –

A soft touch to his chin makes Jeongguk slip right out of his downward spiral of anxiety and doom. Jimin is looking at him with gentle eyes and a small smile that has Jeongguk’s heart stuttering in his chest. Jimin is just so… earth-shattering, drop-dead gorgeous. “Do you want to stop? If you’re not comfortable with continuing… this, I’ll back off, yeah? No hard feelings.”

Jeongguk almost bites his own tongue in his urge to let Jimin know that stopping is definitely not what he wants. “No, I don’t… I don’t want to stop, I just – “

Jimin leans back against the bar, waiting patiently for Jeongguk to collect his thoughts.

Jeongguk takes a deep breath. “I don’t want to stop, but I feel like – I’ve never been, uh, never been with a guy before, so I just – I don’t have any experience in, you know, being with guys, so I just… don’t want you to waste your time with my inexperienced ass? When you could be with someone, uh, more experienced? That sounded better in my head, wait – “

Jimin interrupts his impending mental breakdown with a chuckle, reaching for one of his hands and pulling him close. “Jeongguk, it’s fine, okay? This is not a job application. You don’t have to train for this. I can teach you.”

Jeongguk blinks. Jimin is right; he can… learn. Somehow, in his state of fretful panic, he hadn’t thought about that. “Yeah?”

Jimin laughs, hopelessly endeared. “Yes, really.”

“But I – are you sure?”

“That I want you?” Jimin asks, lifting a hand to stroke his cheek. “Very.”

He flushes, leaning a little on Jimin’s touch. Jimin is looking at him so tenderly that it almost looks out of place in a club like this one. But now he knows what he wants.

“I – I want you too,” he manages to stutter out and Jimin’s smile widens.

“I’m glad to hear you say that.” Jimin’s eyes curve into crescents, creating the perfect, all-kill eye smile. Jeongguk melts into a metaphorical puddle of goo.

“Now, let me buy you a drink, yeah?”

Jeongguk nods, settling against Jimin’s side as he orders them shots. Jeongguk downs his fast, hoping the alcohol will help to settle his nerves.

“Whoa, easy,” Jimin says, hands hovering over him as if he’s going to grab Jeongguk’s arm to hold him steady when he slams his last shot glass on the counter and wobbles a little on his feet.  

Jeongguk really shouldn’t have downed those shots so fast. He blinks a few times, trying to get his vision to focus. “I feel… dizzy.”

Jimin chuckles fondly. “I’ll bet. Come on, sit down so you can – “

He tries to wave Jimin off, tell him he’s fine, but in his eagerness to not seem as drunk as he is, he trips over a barstool and he would have surely fallen flat on his ass if Jimin hadn’t been quick to grab him.

Embarrassing himself in front of such a pretty boy would have made Sober Jeongguk self-combust on the spot, but Tipsy on His Way to Being Drunk Jeongguk finds it hilarious. He starts to laugh, tipping forward to lean against Jimin’s chest when the laughter becomes too much, getting a lungful of Jimin’s cologne for his efforts. If Jimin notices the way Jeongguk is sniffling him, trying to as much of that intoxicating scent into his lungs as he can, he doesn’t say anything.

Smooth, Guk.

“Dance with me?” Jeongguk says, his cheek resting against Jimin’s shoulder. Jimin looks down at him and raises an eyebrow.

“You want to dance? Are you sure?”

Jeongguk straightens himself up, says, “Yes, come on,” and, in a show of boldness, grabs Jimin’s hand and laces their fingers together, pulling him towards the packed dance floor. He is hyperaware of every single centimeter of his skin that’s touching Jimin’s, of the coldness of the rings Jimin is wearing as he squeezes Jeongguk’s hand in his a little tighter. Jeongguk manages to find them a spot that’s not excessively crowded and then he turns around, walking backwards and pulling Jimin close by the grip he’s got on his hand.

Jimin’s smirking at him and he bites his lip in response. The air around them is heavy with anticipation and desire. Jimin puts his hands on Jeongguk’s hips and pulls him flush against him; Jeongguk gasps, squeezing his eyes shut and holding onto Jimin’s shoulders as he grinds their hips together. Jimin’s lips are on his neck, pressing wet, open-mouthed kisses against his flushed skin, moving up up up until he reaches the underside of Jeongguk’s jaw.

Jeongguk whimpers when he feels Jimin’s teeth against his pulse point. Jimin sucks a mark there, and then another one at the sensitive area just under his ear. He pants, sliding his hands up to Jimin’s hair to pull him off before he makes Jeongguk come in his now too-tight pants like a teenager.

Jimin’s pupils are blown wide when Jeongguk opens his eyes and looks at him. There’s a flash of silver as Jimin’s tongue comes out to wet his lips and Jeongguk doesn’t think twice; he surges forward, presses one, two, three kisses to Jimin’s bottom lip before he bites at it, soothing the sting with his tongue, asking Jimin to let him in. Jimin hisses and obliges, parting his lips so Jeongguk can slip his tongue inside his mouth.

Jeongguk curls his tongue around Jimin’s, rubs the flat of it against his tongue piercings and moans. Nothing could have prepared him for how it feels to kiss Jimin, the way he tastes, like candy and something creamy, or the way he kisses, like he wants to leave an imprint on Jeongguk, ruin him for anyone else.

Well, if that’s his intention, Jeongguk can’t help but think he’s succeeding.

“I saw you,” Jimin pants, when they eventually have to pull away to breathe. His hair is a mess from having Jeongguk run his hair through it, he’s sporting a couple of lovebites of his own after Jeongguk went to town on his neck. Jeongguk feels oddly proud; he made Jimin like that. “When you came in, with your friend. I saw you watching me.”

Jeongguk gulps. He had mostly managed to bury the memory of him staring at Jimin like a creep on the back of his mind. “You did?”

“Mhmm. I wanted you to look at me. I wanted to put on a show for you. ”

Jeongguk’s very soul might have just left his body. He would have never imagined, not even in his wildest, wettest dreams, that he would ever get to experience this, the hottest boy in the club admitting to wanting Jeongguk’s eyes on him.

“You’re just so,” Jimin continues, slipping a thigh between his legs and pressing it right up against his crotch, mouth curving up when he squeaks and latches onto Jimin’s shoulders for dear life, “attractive. I wanna ruin you.”

Yes, Jeongguk’s brain chants incessantly. Yes, yes, yes. He nods enthusiastically and Jimin chuckles.

“You’re going to have to use your words, baby.”


“Yes,” Jeongguk breathes out. He didn’t even think it would be possible to want someone this badly. “Yes, please.”

Jimin hums and they’re kissing again. Jeongguk moans into his mouth, shivering when he feels Jimin start to grind against his thigh. He rakes his nails down Jimin’s shirt and over his nipples, relishing in the way Jimin growls and pushes harder against him.

He tugs impatiently at the bottom of Jimin’s shirt that’s tucked into his pants, releasing a satisfied little sigh when it finally comes out and he can slide his hands under it to touch Jimin’s skin. He scratches his nails over the ridges of Jimin’s abdominals, whimpering when Jimin bites down on his pulse point in retaliation. One of Jeongguk’s hands comes up instinctively to play with one of Jimin’s pierced nipples, flicking the barbell and rubbing it with the flat of his thumb experimentally.

Jimin hisses and pulls off his neck to claim his mouth in a bruising kiss that has his toes curling in his shoes. He can feel Jimin’s erection rubbing against his thigh when he moves, and he is sure that a bigger part of him would be freaking out about having a dude’s hard bulge rubbing against him if he hadn’t been literally rendered speechless by how big said bulge feels. That’s a dick. A semi-hard, probably above average in size, dick.

Jimin laughs abruptly in his ear, startling him.

Oh. Did he really say that out loud?

“Yes, Jeonggukie, that is indeed a hard dick.”

Oh crap. He did.

He wonders if it’s possible to self-combust out of pure embarrassment and tries to hide his face in Jimin’s chest, but Jimin grips his wrists gently and makes Jeongguk face him again. Jeongguk still refuses to meet his eyes, face flaming, until Jimin presses himself against Jeongguk again, letting Jeongguk feel all of him and eliciting a gasp.

“Okay?” he asks and, just by the way his voice sounds, Jeongguk can tell he’s smirking.

Jeongguk nods, eyes glazed. “Yeah. I’m – I’m very okay. Holy shit you’re just so –” clamps his mouth shut.

Jimin laughs again and he wishes, not for the first time, that the ground would open up and swallow him whole. He is trying very hard to ignore how hard his own dick is. It’s not working very well.

Jimin licks his lips as he watches as a bead of sweat rolls from under Jeongguk’s jaw, down his neck.

“Jeongguk,” he says, leaning forward to press a kiss to his neck. “How do you feel about body shots?”

Jeongguk’s hectic thoughts screech to a halt. How does he feel about bodyshots? He has the vague memory of having done one (1) bodyshot off of Taehyung’s navel on his birthday last year, but he could be wrong since it left him so incredibly flustered that his brain has physically blocked the memory, probably to spare him the emotional distress that being so close his hyung’s dick – a boy’s dick – had caused him.

He hadn’t understood why it had affected him so much back then. Or maybe it was more like he didn’t want to understand, but he thinks he does now. “Uh…”

“If you don’t want to, that’s alright,” Jimin hurries to say, when it’s been several seconds and he still hasn’t answered. “I’m not gonna force you to do anything you don’t want to do.”

“No, but I – I do want to,” he says quickly. “I just – I don’t quite know how to?”

Jimin smiles at that, lifting a hand to stroke his cheek. “Don’t worry, yeah? I’ll guide you through it.”

He nods shyly and accepts the hand that Jimin is offering him.

The moment they step into the side of the club where people are gathered doing body shots he can feel everyone’s eyes on them, the envious stares. Jimin has got an arm wrapped around his waist and is guiding him along while people stare at Jeongguk like they want to be him, like they want to be hanging off the arm of such a pretty boy like he is.

Jimin instructs him to hop on the bar counter and take off his shirt while he orders the shots. He obeys with a gulp, a voice that sounds like Steve Carrell’s going off in his mind about how it’s happening, this is fucking happening, holy shit. The way Jimin’s eyes rake over him once his blazer and shirt are off makes the caveman in him bang his chest with pride. Suddenly, all the hours he’s spent slaving away in the gym are worth it.

Jimin had suggested going first so that Jeongguk could pay attention to what he was doing and then copy it. Jeongguk had been too overwhelmed by the sudden mental image of Jimin licking salt off of his skin to do anything but nod dumbly.

“Ready, Jeonggukie?”

Jimin’s low voice has him shivering. He nods, not trusting his voice to not fail him right now. His grin is sharp when he says, "Good."

The bar counter is cold against Jeongguk's back when he lies down on it, arms by his side. He can't see what Jimin is doing from his new position, and the butterflies in his stomach can't seem to decide between calming down or working themselves into a frenzy. His heart pounds erratically against his chest as Jimin places himself between Jeongguk's spread legs and leans foward.

Jeongguk was expecting Jimin to lick the skin of his neck to place the salt there, and that in itself had him weak at the knees. Jeongguk wasn't at all ready to have Jimin forego his neck altogether and go for his collarbones instead. Jeongguk can feel Jimin's smirk against his skin when he whimpers as Jimin begins licking along his collarbones, stopping to suck a small mark over his left one. Jeongguk flexes his hands, itching to put one on the back of Jimin's head to keep him there until his chest is covered entirely by reds, blues and purples.

Jeongguk is breathless by the time Jimin pulls back. The salt tickles him when Jimin spreads it over his chest, it takes every ounce of what little strength Jeongguk has left in him to not buck his hips up when Jimin carefully dips the tequila in the first glass in his navel and promptly straightens up to place a lime wedge between Jeongguk's teeth.


Jeongguk takes a deep breath, nods.

Jimin sucks the alcohol off Jeongguk's navel with his hands behind his back so effortlessly that it leaves Jeongguk impressed. He presses wet, open-mouthed along Jeongguk's stomach until he reaches his collarbones, eagerly licking the salt off Jeongguk's skin. Meanwhile, Jeongguk's brain cells have frizzled out for good, leaving Jeongguk dumb to anything that it's not the blissful feeling of having Jimin's mouth on his skin. Jeongguk is so dazed he barely registers Jimin taking the lime wedge from his mouth or the slight pain on his jaw from having bitten into it slightly harder than he should.

"You good?" Jimin sounds amused, probably because the look on Jeongguk's face reflects how shocked he is on the inside.

And because Jeongguk clearly lacks a sense of self-preservation he breathes out and says, "God. Ten out of ten would do it again.”

Jimin laughs. "Yeah? Well, that can be arranged."

As if Jeongguk's traitorous brain needed more ammo in the form of Jimin between his legs so it can use them to construct hyper-realistic images of Jimin lying between Jeongguk's legs giving him head.

Then Jeongguk’s inner Taehyung voice whispers to him that there is a ninety-nine percent possibility of him getting head from Jimin with the way his night is going, but Jeongguk mostly ignores that thought lest he nuts right then and there.

Jimin does a second shot off him before stepping back and announcing that it’s Jeongguk’s turn.

Jeongguk sits back up in a daze, mind still reeling from the way Jimin had licked his way up Jeongguk’s chest until he reached the line of salt he had made between Jeongguk’s pectorals. Jimin had made eye contact with him the entire time, grinning up at him like the massive tease he was. Jeongguk had gripped the edge of the counter with all his might, trying to get himself to stop from reaching out and pull at Jimin’s hair to pull him up and kiss him stupid.

Jeongguk stands on wobbly legs as he watches Jimin get rid of his jacket and shirt, leaving them besides Jeongguk’s on the counter and he would have found cute the fact that Jimin’s legs don’t touch the floor after he has hoisted himself up on the counter if his brain didn’t have other priorities, like zeroing in on Jimin’s nipple piercings and slowly moving down to Jimin’s sculpted stomach. Jeongguk swallows. His own abs quiver in fear in the presence of Jimin’s, the superior abs. Jimin’s stomach literally looks like someone carved it with a chisel. Jeongguk wants to put his head in his hands and weep.

“Jeonggukie, come on.” Jimin sing-songs, smiling brightly, taunting, as if he knows exactly the internal turmoil Jeongguk is going through right now. He probably does. Jeongguk bets he’s not the first boy to be rendered stupid by Jimin’s beauty. “Anywhere you want, yeah?”

“I – yeah, okay.”

Anywhere he wants. It’s like Christmas just came early.

Still, Jeongguk settles for mouthing sweetly at Jimin’s neck, relishing in the way Jimin sighs and tilts his head to the side to give him more room. He sprinkles the salt over the spot he just licked, places a lime wedge between Jimin’s plump lips and carefully places the shot glass carefully over Jimin’s navel, not trusting himself to not spill the tequila all over Jimin’s expensive as fuck pants with Jeongguk’s shaking hands and general inexperience when it comes to taking shots.

Jeongguk grips Jimin’s hips as he knocks the shot back, quickly crawling up Jimin’s body to get the salt on his neck, and when Jeongguk reaches for the lime wedge between Jimin’s teeth he spits it out and catches Jeongguk’s lips in a kiss.

Jeongguk groans deep in his chest, licking eagerly into Jimin’s mouth to chase the leftover taste of lime in it, which he could really use right now, but Jeongguk is not going to complain when Jimin’s kissing him like he’s starving for it. They probable make quite an obscene picture: Jeongguk with his knees on either side of Jimin’s hips and each of his hands next to Jimin’s head, making out shirtless on top of the bar counter.

Jimin pulls back, panting, and makes to sit up. Jeongguk moves to let him, his wobbly legs almost giving in the short period of time it takes Jimin to scoot closer to the edge of the counter and pull Jeongguk closer by his beltloops and then pull him down so he can kiss him again.

“Hyung – “ Jeongguk pants, eyes closed in bliss as Jimin sucks on his neck. Jimin hadn’t explicitly said that Jeongguk could call him hyung, but considering how far down each other’s throats their tongues haven been he supposed it’ll be fine. “Ah, hyung, people are – people are staring.”

Jeongguk feels like he should be at least a little bit bothered by that thought, but when he searches deep into himself for an answer all he finds is that it turns him on immensely. Tonight’s just full of surprises, it seems.

“It’s because you’re hot as fuck,” Jimin moans against Jeongguk’s lips, sneaking his arms around his waist to grope at his ass. Jeongguk whines, latches into the spot behind Jimin’s ear where he’s come to know Jimin is extremely sensitive to hear more of those delicious high-pitched little whimpers he makes. “We’re, ah, Jeongguk – “ Jimin’s voice cracks on a moan. “Hot as fuck.”

Jeongguk shivers when Jimin reaches up to bite at one of earlobes. “Will you come home with me, hm, Jeongukie?.”

And Jeongguk doesn’t even have to think twice about it. He’s so hard he can barely see straight; Jeongguk wants nothing more than to go home with him and let Jimin have his way with him. “Yes. Yes I will. Hyung please – “

Jimin grins at him, eyes shining with something that Jeongguk can’t quite put his finger on but that makes his spine tingle with wonderful want. “Yeah?”

Jeongguk nods eagerly, and Jimin’s grin gets bigger. Jeongguk throws on his shirt hastily, grimacing when it sticks to his skin, grabs his jacket and the hand that Jimin offers him and happily follows him towards the nearest exit.




The cold wind whips at Jeongguk as soon as they step outside, making Jeongguk regret not putting on his jacket almost instantly. Jimin is quick to flag them down a taxi, and they huddle together in the backseat, eager to get warm.

Jimin rattles off his address as Jeongguk slides closer to him, snuggling up to him and intertwining their fingers together. The mood shifts to something slower, more intimate; the desire is still there, bubbling under his skin as Jimin leans down to trail kisses up and down Jeongguk’s neck. Jeongguk’s lips part in a inaudible gasp when Jimin uses his free hand squeeze Jeongguk’s thigh, scratching his nails along the seam of his pants, never quite touching Jeongguk right where he needs him the most.

“Tease.” Jeongguk breathes out.

Jimin’s chuckle is muffled by the skin of Jeongguk’s neck. “Oh baby, you don’t even now the half of it yet.”

Now, Jeongguk will admit that he is not very well acquainted with the concept of being able to afford most things or having money in general. He remembers almost having a stroke when he stepped a foot into Yoongi and Namjoon’s home for the first time: a fancy as fuck penthouse suite smackbang in one of the finest areas of Seoul. Prior to that Jeongguk’s definition of luxury had been Hoseok and Seokjin’s apartment because it had two rooms, a bathroom and well-equipped kitchen and it was in a relatively decent part of the city.

So it’s only natural that Jeongguk’s jaw metaphorically and almost physically hits the ground as soon as Jeongguk gets out of the taxi pouting after Jimin had waved him off when he had tried to pay half of the taxi fee and takes a good look at where Jimin lives.

Jeongguk has to crane his neck to be able to see the building properly. It’s one of those expensive as fuck buildings located smack in the center of Seoul. No wonder Jeongguk hadn’t been able to recognize his surroundings through the window of the taxi. He hasn’t stepped a foot in this neighborhood in his life.

“Are you okay?” Jimin asks, amused, as he comes to a stop right in front of him, taking in Jeongguk’s bewildered expression.

“Do you really live here?” Is Jeongguk’s smooth reply. Honestly, he doesn’t even know why he’s so surprised. One look at Jimin is enough to come to the knowledge that the possibilities of him living in a shitty apartment with creaky floors and heater that barely works like Jeongguk does are slim to none, but still.

Jimin looks like he’s trying very hard not to laugh and failing miserably at it. “Yes, I do. Let’s get in, yeah? It’s cold out here.”

The doorman greets Jimin with a slight inclination of his head and a “Good night, Mr. Park” when they get inside the building. Jeongguk can only suppose that the doorman greeted him too, because his mind had gone straight to the gutter as soon as he’d heard the words “Mr. Park” leave the man’s mouth.

Jeongguk wants to refer to Jimin as Mr. Park too. Preferably in a scenario where they’re engaging in strenuous sexual activities.

By the look in Jimin’s face as they step into the elevator and Jimin presses the button to his floor, he’s caught on Jeongguk’s line of thoughts. The Jeongguk from a few hours ago would have felt extremely embarrassed about this, but the Jeongguk now is way too horny to care. He just wants to reach Jimin’s floor as soon as possible so Jimin can finally have his way with him.

They’re on each other as soon as the elevator doors close behind them. Jimin backs him up against the elevator wall, sliding a leg between Jeongguk’s own ones while Jeongguk rakes his hands through Jimin’s hair and pulls. Jimin moans, kissing him harder, and Jeongguk truly can’t get enough of how his tongue piercings feel against Jeongguk’s own tongue, when get too enthusiastic and they clack against Jeongguk’s teeth.

Jimin presses his thigh further up against Jeongguk’s crotch, grinding Jeongguk against it. Jeongguk squeezes his eyes shut, getting lost in the wonderful sensation of Jimin getting him off against his wonderfully thick thigh. Jeongguk runs his hands down from Jimin’s to his biceps, and squeezes. God, Jimin is so strong. Bet he could grab Jeongguk and throw him over his shoulder without barely breaking a sweat or hold him up against the wall while he pounds Jeongguk to within an inch of his life.

Jeongguk shudders. That’s one too many kinks he’s discovered in one night.

With great difficulty, they pull away from each other when they elevator pings and the doors slide open, signaling their successful arrival at their destination. Jeongguk holds on to Jimin’s hand as they cross a small hallway that ends on a wooden door with shiny, golden numbers engraved on it.

The door alone looks like it costs more than everything Jeongguk owns put together. He doesn’t think he’s ready to see the inside of the apartment.

A chorus of meows resonate somewhere deep in the apartment when Jimin opens the door and lets them both in, but as Jeongguk struggles with his shoes and before he has the chance to pull a Captain Obvious and ask Jimin if he maybe happens to own one cat or two and if he doesn’t well, he does now, the fattest, most precious calico cat comes hobbling in the living room, meowing insistently at Jimin before coming to a stop in front of him and rubbing his little furry head against Jimin’s legs.

Jeongguk can physically feel his boner dying down as all previous thoughts about how impossibly turned on he was evaporate from his mind, being replaced by the overwhelming need to coo at Jimin and his cat.

“His name is Dooman.” Jimin says, bending down to scratch him behind his little furry ears. Dooman closes his eyes and starts purring up a storm in response.

Jeongguk crouches down and extends a hand towards Dooman, holding his breath as the absolute unit of a cat sniffles his hand thoroughly before licking it twice and getting up immediately after to trail after Jimin, still meowing insistently like he’ll die right in that instant if Jimin doesn’t feed him right now in that instant.

Jeongguk discreetely wipes his hand on the back of his jeans as he stands up and says, “Maybe he’s hungry?”

“That’s what he wants you to think.” Jimin says as he walks into the kitchen. “That’s exactly how he got so round. I’m… out of home often so I got a couple of friends who drop by and feed the cats when I can’t, and as it turns out, Tony was getting all of us to feed him by walking right up to us and meowing like he hadn’t been fed all day. We’ve implemented a feeding system with which he will hopefully slim down a bit.”

Jimin taps his knuckle against a sheet pinned to his fridge with a penis-shaped magnet. On the top it reads “HAS THE BASTARD BEEN FED TODAY?” in bold letters with a picture of a disgruntled looking Dooman right and a little handmade calendar full of checks. Jeongguk notices today has been already checked, as he tries and fails to stifle down his laughter. The picture is just so fucking funny, and the dick-shaped magnet is just such a nice… touch. Classy.

Dooman, finally realizing that he’s not going to get more food from Jimin any time soon, lets out one final displeased meow and makes his way to the biggest cat tree Jeongguk has ever seen in his life, placed right next to fake fire place in Jimin’s living room.

Shaking his head, Jimin directs his attention back to Jeongguk. “God, I’m such a terrible host. Can I get you anything to drink? Water? Juice? More tequila?”

He gives Jeongguk a look when he mentions that last word, and Jeongguk blushes. The memory of them doing bodyshots off each other has Jeongguk’s dick twitching in his pants, his horniness returning full-force.

“Water is fine, thank you.” Jeongguk replies, struggling to tame down the urge to word-vomit on Jimin that he’s an excellent host and that he hasn’t done anything wrong in his life, ever.

Feeling more than a little hot under the collar, Jeongguk takes off his jacket and gingerly places it over the back of one of Jimin’s leather couches, afraid that he’s somehow going to stain the fabric by touching it with his cheap college student fingers, and walks over to the kitchen where Jimin is pouring him a glass of water. Jimin has shredded his blazer too; it’s currently hanged on one of the barstools that are situated in front of the massive kitchen island. It looks like it’s made from granite. The barstools are stainless steel and leather. The fridge is twice the size of the one Jeongguk has in his apartment and it probably runs smoothly unlike Jeongguk’s, which is a breath away from permanently clocking out of its shift.

Jeongguk’s eyes travel down to Jimin’s biceps, the short sleeves of his shirt stretching obscenely around them. Jeongguk licks his lips. Yep, he’s turned on again.

Jeongguk downs his glass of water in one go, thirsty in more than just one sense. He licks his lips when he’s done and doesn’t miss the way Jimin’s eyes trace the movement of Jeongguk’s tongue as he does so.

Unable to resist it anymore, Jeongguk closes the small distance that separates them and kisses him.

It starts off slow, the kiss, and builds up progressively until they’re pulling at each other’s clothes, desperate to get as close as they can. Jeongguk is quick to wrap his legs around Jimin’s waist when he grabs the back of his thighs and hauls him up. That blatant display of strength has Jeongguk moaning as Jimin carries him toward what he assumes is Jimin’s bedroom. They share hungry kisses as they go; Jimin holds Jeongguk up with one hand while he gropes blindly for the door handle with the other. Jeongguk shivers with arousal.

“We’re wearing too many clothes, fuck.” Jeongguk pants after Jimin has laid him down on his bed and climbed on top of him, tugging insistently at the bottom of Jimin’s shirt. “Get this off.”

Jimin laughs but obliges, pulling away to get his shirt off and throw it to the floor. Jeongguk sits up so Jimin can get rid of his shirt as well. His pants are next, and Jeongguk claws at Jimin’s belt buckle and zipper until he undoes them, and he can shove Jimin’s pants down past his ass.

Jimin smirks as he slides his pants down the rest of the way and throws them away. “Someone’s eager.”

Jeongguk’s eyes zero in on the impressive bulge in Jimin’s underwear. He swallows. Jeongguk never thought that seeing someone’s hard dick through their underwear would make him salivate, but he’s past the point of questioning himself. All he knows is that he wants Jimin to pull his underwear down so Jeongguk can suck his dick. He’s never done it before, but he really, really wants to.

“Yeah,” Jeongguk breathes out, not even bothering to deny it. His eyes are on Jimin’s pierced nipples, and his mouth is watering again as he thinks about sucking on them. “I wanna touch you, hyung.”

“Then do it.”  Jimin answers, eyes dark, and that’s all the reassurance Jeongguk needs. He puts his hands on Jimin’s hips to tug him closer, leans down and sucks one of his nipples into his mouth.

Jimin curses under his breath, a soft “fuck, Jeongguk”. Jeongguk hums while he tongues at the piercing, scraping his teeth over it and sucking harshly on it. He lifts his other hand so he can tweak Jimin’s other nipple, spurred on by Jimin’s moans and little curses. Jimin has a hand on the back of Jeongguk’s head, keeping his mouth against his chest. He repeats the same process with the other nipple, until they’re both hard and shiny with spit.

“Gonna suck my dick, beautiful?” Jimin asks, stroking the little hairs at the back of Jeongguk’s neck as Jeongguk presses kisses down Jimin’s chest and stomach until he reaches the waistband of his boxers. Jeongguk pauses, looks up at Jimin through his lashes.

“Yeah.” Jeongguk says, nervous all of a sudden. “I, uh, I’ve never done this before.”

Jimin smiles down at him, stroking Jeongguk’s cheek. “Don’t worry about that, yeah? I’ll guide you through it.”

Jeongguk nods, nerves momentarily forgotten. He decides to just go for it. He hooks two of his fingers in the waistband of Jimin’s underwear and pushes it down to his thighs, letting Jimin’s cock spring free. It slaps against his stomach with a wet sound, already hard and leaking. But that’s not what has Jeongguk’s mouth metaphorically dropping open in shock.

First it’s the size of it. Jeongguk was expecting Jimin to be bigger than average already, but it stills takes him by surprise. And it’s not only big, but pretty thick as well. Second it’s the piercing. There’s a metal barbell passing vertically through the head of Jimin’s dick, and Jeongguk is both intimidated and turned on. The caveman in him wants to run for the hills, but the bigger, more rational, thirstier part of Jeongguk says they’re not going anywhere because they’ve hit the motherfucking jackpot of dicks.

But when Jeongguk opens his big gay mouth to talk what comes out of it is, “I – Is that even going to fit?”

Jimin breaks out in a fit of giggles while Jeongguk blushes up to the roots of his hair. “Of course it’s going to fit, baby.”

“And – you have a piercing. On your dick.”

Jimin chuckles. “That I do. It’s called an apadravya, do you like it?”

“Yeah.” Jeongguk says, tentatively wrapping his fingers around the base of Jimin’s cock and stroking upwards, squeezing the head on his way down. Jeongguk has never touched any dick that wasn’t his own, but he guesses it can’t be that much different. Jimin seems to be into the way Jeongguk is getting him off with the sounds he’s making, so he supposes he must be doing something right. He collects the precome that was collecting on Jimin’s tip and spreads it along his dick so the slide of his hand is less rough, more pleasurable.

Jeongguk uses his thumb to flick the piercing on Jimin’s dick, and the gasp he receives in return has his own dick twitching in his underwear.

“You’re such a tease.” Jimin grunts out when Jeongguk does it again. Jeongguk battes his lashes at him, holding his dick firmly by the base and leaning forward to shyly kitten-lick the tip.

“That’s it, sweetheart.” Jimin coos at him and Jeongguk whines, eager to please him. “Wrap you lips around it and – shit, just like that.”

Jeongguk sucks the tip into his mouth, sucking softly and flicking Jimin’s piercing with his tongue, moaning when a dribble of precome lands on his tongue. The skin of Jimin’s dick is soft and warm against Jeongguk’s tongue and he loves it, his own cock twitching in his underwear as he pulls back to slap Jimin’s dick against his tongue, reveling in the way Jimin curses and threads a hand through his hair, more of an encouragement than anything else.

“Fuck, are you sure you’ve never done this before?” Jimin hisses out, rubbing the tip of his dick on Jeongguk’s slick lips. Jeongguk nods before taking Jimin back into his mouth, moaning at the taste and the way Jimin's cock fills his mouth. He tries sucking more of Jimin and gags, but he likes how it feels, so he does it again And again.

"You're so fucking nasty." Jimin growls, pulling Jeongguk off his dick by his hair. "You like that, huh? Do you like choking on my dick?"

Jeongguk whines, nodding. God, of course Jimin would be a talker. Jeongguk is torn between considering it a blessing or a curse.

Jimin's grip on Jeongguk's hair tightens. "I asked you a question."

Jeongguk shudders. Fuck. "N-no, I haven't."

"You haven't what, hm? Why don't you call me what we both know you want to call me?"

Jeongguk's mind flashes to their arrival at Jimin's building and "Mr. Park". He squirms, and Jimin flashes him a dark grin.

"I saw your face when the doorman called me Mr. Park. Is that what you want, huh? Do you want to call me Mr. Park too, have me order you around?"

Jeongguk's cock throbs. God yes, he wants that, He wants it so badly.


Another warning tug to his hair. "Please what?"

"P-please, sir."

Jimin grins, pleased, and releases his hair. He moves over to the edge of the bed and starts to rummage through a drawer on his bedside table. "That's better. Have you ever had anything up your ass?"

"Well, uh, I - I finger myself sometimes?" Jeongguk says, not really sure why he's phrasing it as a question. Jeongguk does finger himself quite often, even though he hasn’t gotten the chance to do it lately due to university-related copious amounts of stress.

The first time he attempted to do it was, of course, because of Taehyung. His hyung was completely shameless when it came to his sexual life, always more than ready to provide his friends with unnecessarily well-detailed stories about it. And well, Taehyung mentioned assplay and how good it was around him so much that one day something in Jeongguk just snapped and he decided that he was going to try it and see for himself if it was really that good.

In retrospect, Jeongguk should’ve realized that trying to shove a couple of fingers up his ass to pleasure himself was not exactly the straightest thing he could do. Jeongguk masterfully brushed off they gay vibes fingering one’s asshole for pleasure gave off and told himself that he was merely just expanding his sexual horizons.

Sure, Jeongguk. “Expanding your sexual horizons”. Of course.

The first time Jeongguk tried to finger himself, he didn’t like it. He didn’t know about the wonders of lube back then, or anything that was outside jerking it hard and quick on the shower before going to bed. He figured that his saliva would do just fine.

Grave mistake. Jeongguk only got up to half a finger before he gave up, huffing dejectedly. Taehyung had made it sound so wonderful, so earth-shattering amazing, and all Jeongguk had done was hurting himself.

But Jeongguk wasn’t anything if not perseverant. One bright, sunny afternoon when he was supposed to be practicing for his upcoming summer showcase he sat himself down with his laptop in his room and googled assplay, because Jeongguk figured that googling it would be far less embarrassing than asking any of his friends. The search linked him immediately to an overwhelming amount of porn videos. Taking a deep breath to ready himself, Jeongguk clicked on the first link.

One hour and a half later and 23 videos later, Jeongguk had a pretty solid idea of how it went. And a massive boner.

The second time was so drastically different. Armed with a brand-new bottle of strawberry flavored lube, Jeongguk went to town. First one finger, then a second, then a third. Then he curled then, looking for his prostate and boy, did he find it. Half an hour later he was coming hard like he hadn’t come in his life, all over his stomach. When he was done, Jeongguk rolled over into his back and stared at the ceiling, not believing himself and all that he had been missing out on.

Jimin pauses for a moment, lube and condoms in hand, to stare at Jeongguk.

“You finger yourself?”

Jeongguk can’t help but blush at the intense look Jimin is giving him. “I – Yeah, I do.”

"Fuck, that's so hot." Jimin says, climbing back up on the bed and pressing a quick kiss to Jeongguk’s lips, lube and condoms in hand. "Hands and knees, baby. And take your underwear off.”

Jeongguk is quick to obey, sighing in relief when he at last gets to take his tight brief boxers off. Jimin positions himself behind Jeongguk and runs his hands over Jeongguk’s ass; Jeongguk squeaks, the sound dissolving into a moan when Jimin grabs a handful of his asscheeks on each hand and gives them a hard squeeze.

“You’ve got such a great ass.” Jimin groans, spreading his asscheeks so Jeongguk’s hole is exposed. Jeongguk flushes. His ass may be good but Jimin’s is still the superior ass. So thick and perky. Jeongguk had never felt such a strong urge to eat someone’s ass before and yet Jimin has him ready to tie him up facedown to a table and loudly declare that dinner is served.

“I want to eat you out so bad,” Jimin continues, pouting. “But I don’t suppose you’re cleaned up and I’m not about that life. Maybe next time.”

Maybe next time. The thought of Jimin wanting to see him again alone has Jeongguk about to nut all over himself like he’s fifteen all over again and he’s just seen his first pair of boobs. He may have turned out to be gayer than previously anticipated, but Jeongguk can still appreciate a nice pair of boobs when he sees them.

“Are you?” Jeongguk blurts out before he can reign his thirst in. Jimin raises an eyebrow at him.

“Am I what?”

The look on Jimin’s face lets Jeongguk know that Jimin knows exactly what he’s talking about. Jeongguk squeezes his eyes shut in embarrassment, his blush deepening, not being able to believe that Jimin is really going to make him say it.

“Uh, you know… Clean. Are you clean?”

Jimin’s smirks gets impossibly wider. “As a matter of fact, I am, Jeonggukie. I always like to be prepared when I go out. Why are you asking?”

Come on, Jeongguk. You can do it. You’re on your hand and knees butt ass naked waiting to be fingered and fucked in the ass. You can tell Jimin you want to eat his ass.

“Because I want to eat your ass.” Jeongguk whines. Jimin’s eyes glint.

“See? Was that so bad?” Jeongguk wants to kiss Jimin’s shit-eating grin off his face. “I’ll sit on your face later, yeah? I’m gonna finger you open first, get you ready for my cock.”

Jeongguk chokes a little, like he’ll hopefully do as well when Jimin suffocates him with his gorgeous ass. "Okay."

Jimin uncaps the lube and pours some on his fingers, rubbing it between them to warm it up before pressing a finger to Jeongguk’s rim, circling it gently before pushing it inside. Jeongguk sighs, spreading his legs further apart instinctively. Jimin pumps his finger in and out gently, curling it but avoiding Jeongguk’s prostate. Jeongguk squirms. It’s not enough. He wants more.

“Want another.” Jeongguk whines. “S-sir, please. Want more.”

Jimin chuckles, taking his finger out and coming back with two. Jeongguk closes his eyes and moans, enjoying the delicious burn of being stretched by Jimin’s fingers. Jeongguk still haves a hard time admitting it to himself, that he likes it when it hurts a little.

“Shit, baby,” Jimin grunts, pumping his fingers in faster. “You’re so tight. You ready for another one?”

Jeongguk curls his hands into fists on the sheets and nods. He cries out when Jimin pushes three fingers into him, mercilessly hitting his prostate with deft curls of his fingers. Jeongguk’s head hangs low between his shoulders, whimpering as he eagerly fucks himself back on Jimin’s fingers.

“Look at you. You’re so filthy.”  Jimin sneers, wiggling a fourth finger inside Jeongguk. Jeongguk gasps, falling to his elbows. He chokes on a sob. Jeongguk has never felt so full before. “Your greedy hole looks good stretched around my fingers, but I bet it’ll look better when I have it wrapped around my cock.”

“Please.” Jeongguk chokes out, eyes rolling to the back of his head a little when Jimin starts to fuck him with four of his fingers inside him. “Please, sir, I’m ready.”

“Are you sure?” Jimin asks, softer. Jeongguk nods, desperate, feeling like he’s going to go insane if Jimin doesn’t get his dick in him right about now.

Jeongguk makes a lost little sound when Jimin pulls his fingers out of him, his hole clenching and unclenching around nothing, waiting to be filled up. Jimin reaches for the box of condoms, grabs one and rips the package open, rolling it over his dick. He hisses as he coats his cock with lube; Jimin’s been hard for so long it has started to hurt.

Jimin rubs the head of his dick along the Jeongguk’s asscrack and over his hole slowly, teasing him. Jeongguk whines impatiently, pushing back against Jimin’s touch.

So impatient.” Jimin tuts, but dutifully stops teasing. He curls a hand around Jeongguk’s hip for leverage, holding the base of his dick with the other and lines up.

Jeongguk’s mouth drops open in a silent moan as Jimin pushes the tip of his dick inside him and pauses, giving Jeongguk time to adjust to the size before he slides completely inside him. Jeongguk chokes on a whimper. The burn of Jimin’s fingers stretching him open could never compare to the feel of Jimin’s thick dick inside him. Jimin pushes in a little more and Jeongguk gasps, his own dick dribbling precome into the sheets as Jimin slowly fills him up to the brim.

Ah, ah, Jimin –  sorry, I mean, sir, shit – “ Jeongguk buries his face in the mattress and moans brokenly, not being sure if what he’s saying makes sense at all and being unable to care, not when he can feel Jimin so deep.

Jimin lets out a strained laugh, his grip on Jeongguk’s hip tightening until it borders on painful. It’s taking him every ounce of his strength not to just start thrusting into Jeongguk’s deliciously tight hole, but he knows he has to be patient. He doesn’t want to hurt Jeongguk.

Jeongguk is panting harshly, his knuckles white where he’s got his fingers curled on the sheets. A few tears slide down his cheeks and into the bed. God, it hurts so much, too much, more pain than pleasure. Jimin frowns, stilling immediately.

“Jeongguk, baby, are you okay?” he asks, concerned. “Do you want me to pull out?”

Jeongguk nods, an almost imperceptible “please” falling from his lips. Jimin pulls out without a second thought, holding the condom with two fingers against his dick so it won’t get stuck inside Jeongguk, who slumps on the bed the moment Jimin has fully pulled out of him. Jimin is on him immediately, gently rubbing his back and thighs and pressing kisses to the back of his neck.

“Hey, Jeongguk, talk to me.” Jimin presses on, sounding distressed. Jeongguk makes an unintelligible sound as he picks up his head from where its resting on the mattress.

“I’m – I’m fine. Just – holy shit, you’re so big. I thought you said it was going to fit?”

Jeongguk attempts a lame joke to try and get rid of the frown on Jimin’s face, but it doesn’t quite work. Jimin huffs out a laugh, but the furrow of his brows doesn’t leave his face.

“I should have prepped you more.” Jimin murmurs, chastising himself. “Do you – do you still want to continue? We can stop now if you’re not feeling up for it – “

“I want to.” Jeongguk doesn’t even let Jimin finish his sentence. He wants more of that wonderful feeling of being full, before the pain became unbearable and he had to ask Jimin to pull out. “I want to continue, please.”

Jimin purses his lips, but nods. He sits next to Jeongguk, and reaches for the discarded bottle of lube, patting his thigh with his free hand.

“Come here, baby. Gonna finger you again.”

Jeongguk crawls over to Jimin on his hands and knees, laying himself down on his lap. Jimin fingers him for so long and so slowly by the time Jimin has got four fingers inside him again Jeongguk is in tears, eagerly fucking himself back on Jimin’s fingers.

“I’m ready.” Jeongguk whines, squirming. He’s back to full hardness too, and he’s shamelessly rutting against Jimin’s thigh, seeking relief. “I’m ready, please Jimin, sir –“

Jimin pulls out his fingers. “Are you absolutely sure? I don’t wanna hurt you again.”

“I swear to all that is holy if you do not get that big dick of yours inside me right now, sir –“

Jimin chuckles, hopelessly endeared by Jeongguk. “Alright, alright. Get up then. I want you to ride me.”

Jeongguk scrambles up fast. Jimin scoots back on the bed and leans back against the pillows, waiting for Jeongguk to straddle him, putting his hands on Jeongguk has soon as he’s close enough to touch. Jeongguk reaches behind him to grip the base of Jimin’s dick to hold it steady while Jimin runs his hands up and down Jeongguk’s thighs and ass soothingly.

Jeongguk finds that he likes it much better when he’s on top like this, because it allows him to see Jimin’s face and the expression he makes; the way his eyebrows scrunch up and his mouth falls open when Jeongguk sinks down partially on his cock.

“Fuck, babe.” Jimin’s hands settle on his hips, holding on tight. Jeongguk hopes he leaves bruises. “You’re so tight.”

“Holy – “ Jeongguk gasps. It feels much better now that he’s been stretched out to within an inch of his life, the slide is easier. He sinks a little deeper, and the barbells of Jimin’s piercing press against something that has Jeongguk seeing stars. “Oh, Jesus.”

Jimin huffs out a strained laugh. “Just Jimin is fine, no need to call me – “

Jeongguk narrow his eyes at him, and before Jimin can finish his smartass comment Jeongguk sinks on his cock all the way, relishing in how Jimin chokes halfway through his sentence and moans. It’s definitely worth the twinge of discomfort that shoots up Jeongguk’s spine from sitting on Jimin’s dick so suddenly. Jeongguk pants, overwhelmed. He squirms, raising his hips a little and dropping back down experimentally.

Jeongguk whimpers shakily, head thrown back, eyes closed. He braces his hands on Jimin’s shoulders and does it again, slowly picking up speed, spurred on by Jimin’s breathy moans and the sound of his ass smacking with Jimin’s hips. Jimin’s hands stay on his hips, guiding him.

“Fuck, fuck.” Jeongguk pants, running his hands up and down Jimin’s chest and stomach, feeling restless. He scratches his nails down Jimin’s stomach just to have Jimin buck his hips up into him. “God, feel so deep– “

Jimin moves one of his hands towards Jeongguk’s stomach and presses down, grinning devilishly. “Yeah? Feel me here, cutie?”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Jeongguk grits out, leaning back and bracing his hands on Jimin’s thighs for better leverage. The new angle has Jimin’s dick hitting something in him that has Jeongguk sobbing out moan after moan, having given up in trying to keep quiet. The sensation of white hot pleasure is doubled by Jimin’s piercing, which adds a delicious extra to the mind-numbing pressure it makes against his prostate.

Jimin pinches one of Jeongguk’s nipples between his thumb and forefinger, rolling it gently between his fingers, his other hand slipping down to curl around Jeongguk’s dick. Jeongguk pitches forward with a cry, bucking his hips up into Jimin’s hand and then back onto his cock, establishing a brutal pace that has both of them panting out curses and little moans until they’re out of breath.

“I’m not gonna last.” Jeongguk grits out, eyes wet. He belatedly realizes that he’s crying. He’s never cried before during sex, certainly not from pleasure, but it seems that today is a day for first times for him. “Fuck, sir, I’m gonna – “

“Come on, then.” Jimin grunts. He squeezes the head of Jeongguk’s head with his pointer finger and thumb on the upstroke, making Jeongguk let out a sound that’s very close to a scream. “Come for me, baby.”

Jeongguk shudders at Jimin’s words. He’s almost there, he just needs a little push to topple over the edge. Jimin seems to sense this too, because he grabs Jeongguk by the hips and plants his feet on the bed, holding Jeongguk up as he pounds into him. Jeongguk does scream then, a high-pitched and desperate sound that has Jimin fucking him even harder. Jeongguk’s head lolls back, little hiccupping sounds coming out of his mouth because they are literally the only sound he’s able to makes as Jimin fucks the living daylights out of him. Jeongguk’s fist flies over his dick as Jimin bounces him on his lap, just a little more–

Jeongguk truly wasn’t ready. He comes like he hasn’t come in his twenty-one years of existence, screaming out Jimin’s name in a way that would make him feel bad for Jimin’s neighbors if he was coherent enough to care, coming all over Jimin’s stomach and chest. Jeongguk is impressed with himself. He didn’t even know he could come that much, or that long.

He recovers a little of his senses after the mind-blowing orgasm Jimin just gave him enough to realize that Jimin hasn’t come yet.

“Wanna blow you.” Jeongguk whines, holding himself up on his wobbly knees to slowly let Jimin’s dick slip out of him so he can slide down his body to get between his legs. “Let me blow you, please.”

“Shit, yes, let me just –“ Jimin takes off the condom and reaches over to throw it on a wastebasket conveniently placed right next to Jimin’s king-size bed. Jeongguk is on him in a heartbeat, positioning himself between Jimin’s legs and pressing wet kisses up Jimin’s shaft, sucking hungrily on the tip.

“Shit, you really love this, don’t you?” Jimin says, voice strained as Jeongguk tongues his piercing and rubs the tip of his tongue under the head of Jimin’s dick where he’s discovered Jimin is especially sensitive. Jimin's dick twitches, dibbling precome on Jeongguk's tongue. it's tangy, but the taste is not unpleasant. Jeongguk moans as he swallows.

Jeongguk hums affirmatively, trying to take as much of Jimin as he can inside his mouth, choking himself a little as he goes down because he knows it drives Jimin wild. This is probably not the best blowjob Jimin has ever gotten, but Jeongguk hopes his enthusiasm makes up for his lack of experience. If the way Jimin's moans are turning more frantic and high-pitched with each bob of Jeongguk's head are anything to go by, it probably does.

"Oh my God, Jeongguk - " Jimin gasps, his toes curling when Jeongguk ducks down to gently suck at his balls while he continues to stroke him with his hand. He looks up at Jimin with smugness oozing from his every pore. Jimin scrunches up his eyebrows like he’s about to say something mean, but then Jeongguk sucks him back into his mouth, using his both hands to work what's not on his mouth and Jimin's sentence doesn't make it past his teeth before he's throwing his head back into the pillows and moaning definitely loud enough for his neighbors to hear.

His poor, poor neighbors.

Jimin hiccups a sound that's a cross between a sob and a whimper and it goes straight to Jeongguk's dick. He's not at all surprised to find he's half-hard. Jeongguk has always had a relatively short refractory period, and he's found that if he's turned on enough he can stay partially hard after coming, ready for the second round, and well. Jimin is so hot Jeongguk wouldn't be surprised if his dick hadn't gone down at all after Jimin made him come.

Whining, Jeongguk reaches down with a hand to wrap it around his dick.

"Are you really hard again? Just from giving me head?" Of course Jimin would notice. Jeongguk whines again, stroking himself faster. Jimin tuts. "You're so nasty,"

Jeongguk's skin prickles with shame, but he can't say that he doesn't like it when Jimin talks to him like that. There should a limit as to how many potential kinks one can discover he has in one day.

Jimin slides a hand through his hair, letting it rest on the nape of Jeongguks neck. Reassuring, but not demanding.  "I'm so close, baby. Wanna come on your face, is that okay?"

Jeongguk pulls off, a thick trail of saliva that connecting his lips to the head of Jimin’s dick. Jimin sees it and swears, pulling Jeongguk up so he can kiss him. Jimin licks into his mouth with enthusiasm, moaning as he tastes himself on Jeongguk's tongue.

Jimin gives him one final peck on the lips, then pushes him down so he's on his knees and fists his cock. Jeongguk open his mouth obediently, sticking his tongue out and looking up at Jimin from under his lashes.

"Nasty, nasty ,nasty." Jimin spits, positioning himself right above Jeongguk's face and stroking himself faster. "Close - Close your eyes, I'm gonna come all over your pretty little face, fuck."

Barely a few seconds after Jeongguk has closed his eyes Jimin comes with a cry of Jeongguk's name. His come lands mostly on Jeongguk's tongue, but also on his lips, cheeks and eyelids. Jimin's whole body sags as he comes down from his high, and although he has literally just come one look at the way Jeongguk looks with his face covered in his come has his dick twitching in a valiant effort at getting hard again.

"God." Jimin sighs "I wish I could snap a picture of you right now. You look sinful like this."

"You can." Jeongguk says slowly, eyes still closed. "You know, if you really want to."

Jimin blinks, positively stunned into silence. "You mean it?"


Jimin groans, and Jeongguk grins.

"You're really something else, you know that?"

"Yep, my hyungs tell me that at least twice a day."

Jimin is quick to get up and grab his phone, which was in his pants' pocket which in turn were somehow hanging from the doorknob of Jimin's door. Jeongguk stays still patiently while Jimin snaps a picture of his cum-covered face, but his breath hitches a little in his chest when Jimin leans forward to wipe his cum off using his own fingers.

Jeongguk’s eyes flutter open just to see Jimin pressing his cum-covered fingers to Jeongguk’s bottom lip.

“Open up, baby.”

Jeongguk parts his lips obediently, letting Jimin slide his fingers inside his mouth. Jeongguk suckles on them without breaking eye contact with Jimin, enjoying the bitter tang of Jimin’s cum and the way Jimin rubs the pads of his fingers on his tongue.

Jimin pulls his fingers out with a wet pop. “You’re so obscene.”

Jeongguk grins at him. “Thank you.”

Jimin tries to give him an annoyed look, but it just comes out as fond instead. He pulls at Jeongguk until they’re both lying down and kisses him, running his hands down Jeongguk’s sides and ass, squeezing. Jeongguk sighs contently, shifting one leg up so he can wrap it around Jimin’s hip.

As soon as they’re completely pressed against each other, Jimin just. Pauses. Pulls away from Jeongguk and ignores the way he whines in protest, because he was not ready to stop kissing Jimin just yet. Jimin looks down at their bodies, specifically, at Jeongguk’s semi that just poked him in the thigh.

“Seriously?” He asks, looking back up at Jeongguk, who goes red in the face because his dick never knows when to quit. “Already?”

Jeongguk splutters, trying to come up with something other than ‘you’re literally so hot you have me in a perpetual state of hardness.’ “I, uh - if I’m turned on enough I can stay partially hard after coming.”

Nice save, Jeongguk.

“God, I don’t even know what I did to get so lucky.” Jimin groans, and Jeongguk’s cheeks get even redder, but for different reasons this time. Jeongguk wants to say that, in any case, he’s the lucky one, but then Jimin continues speaking. “Do you think you’d be up for eating me out while I blow you?”

As if there’s a possibility Jeongguk would say no to that. “Do I think I’d be up for – God yes. I have been up for that since the moment I saw you.”

Jimin giggles sweetly and leans forward to peck him on the lips before moving to get into position: reverse-straddling Jeongguk’s face with one knee on each side of Jeongguk’s head and what a fucking view that is, Jimin’s thick thighs framing Jeongguk’s face with his fat ass hovering inches away from his face. Jeongguk runs hands over Jimin’s supple thighs and ass in awe, enjoying the smoothness of Jimin’s skin and the way he gasps when Jeongguk gives his ass a particularly hard squeeze.

Jeongguk spreads Jimin’s asscheeks to reveal his hole, hairless, like the rest of him. Jeongguk finds the fact that Jimin shaves incredibly sexy, which is a pretty weird thing to find sexy when he stops to think about it. He attributes it to heteronormativity and how it tells them that having a hairless body is a desirable trait when it comes to finding a potential mate.

Jeongguk stares at Jimin’s twitching hole and realizes he has no clue how to proceed. Sure, Taehyung has given him grossly, unnecessary details involving ass eating and himself in the past, but Jeongguk hadn’t paid attention to any of it, mostly because he didn’t think he needed to know exactly the exact angle in which Taehyung’s latest fling had bent his tongue to hit Taehyung’s prostate with it. Now, though, he wishes he could go back in time and take notes, ask for pointers and that kind of shit.

Jimin says something to him then, but Jeongguk can’t hear anything over his mind-numbing, soulless panicked inner screaming.

“ – guk? Jeongguk?”


Jimin turns his head to the side so he can look at Jeongguk. “Are you okay down there? You’ve been staring at my asshole for like five minutes.”

Jeongguk wishes spontaneous combustion was a thing. “Yeah, I’m – I’m fine I’m just, you know. Preparing.”

Jimin’s eyes soften.  “Do you need help?”

Jeongguk physically sags into the mattress with relief. God bless Park Jimin and his kind, patient soul.


“Alright,” Jimin starts. “You can start with licking along the crack, from my balls to my tailbone a couple of times, then you can move on to trace my asshole with the tip of your tongue, yeah?”

Jeongguk nods. He can do that. He moves his hands up to Jimin’s waist and lowers him down on his face, pressing a kiss to his hole that has Jimin sighing before licking Jimin’s crack from his balls up to his tailbone just like he told him. Jimin moans softly, so Jeongguk does it again, experimentally licking Jimin with the flat of his tongue to see how he reacts. Jimin lets out a breathy “ah, Jeonggukkie”, pushes back against Jeongguk’s tongue and Jeongguk’s head is swimming with arousal and the need to please Jimin, get him to make more of those pretty sounds.

Jimin’s thighs shake when Jeongguk circles the tip of his tongue along his rim, moaning deep in his throat. He’s not really thinking when he sucks on Jimin’s rim, wanting to get more of Jimin’s addictive taste on his mouth, not being able to get enough of it. Jimin gasps and falls forward, which makes Jeongguk pull back, startled.

“Are you okay?” Jeongguk asks, alarmed. Jimin laughs, out of breath.

“Yes, God, of course I’m okay. That felt really good, please do it again.”


Jeongguk sucks on Jimin’s rim as hard as he can. Jimin gasps a “shit, just like that” that single-handedly brings Jeongguk back to full hardness. In an act of boldness Jeongguk uses his thumbs to keep Jimin spread open as he pushes his tongue inside.

“Gonna fuck me good with your tongue, baby?” Jimin asks and damn right Jeongguk’s gonna. He licks into Jimin like he’s starving, loving how tight and hot he feels around Jeongguk’s tongue. Jimin does fall forward then, catching himself with his hands on Jeongguk’s calves. “You’re so good at this, fuck. Gonna have you eat me out all the time.”

Jeongguk’s fine with that. Jeongguk would enthusiastically eat Jimin’s ass like this every day if Jimin gave him the chance. He’s about to pull off to say just so when Jimin straightens himself up a little bit and swallows Jeongguk’s cock down in one go.

Jeongguk chokes on his own spit as Jimin wraps a hand around the base and begins to bob his head, swirling his tongue around the head of Jeongguk’s dick with the dexterity and confidence of someone who’s done this quite a few times. Jeongguk’s hips buck when Jimin rubs his piercings on the sensitive underside of the head of his dick, accidentally choking Jimin.

Jeongguk manages a stuttered “sorry” through the lust-addled fog in his brain. Jimin tells him not to worry about it, but drapes an arm across Jeongguk’s hips to avoid getting accidentally choked again.

Which is a good thing, because it’s the first thing Jeongguk tries to do when Jimin takes him down his throat and swallows around him.

“Hnnng, Jimin.” Jeongguk tries to squirm, but Jimin’s arm keeps him firmly in place. God, if this is how he dies, he’ll be damn happy. “Fuck, hn, I’m gonna – I’m gonna come.”

“That’s it, fuck,” Jimin grits out, pulling off to stroke him nice and quick, just like Jeongguk likes it. “Want you to come in my mouth, wanna taste you so bad.”

Jeongguk’s dick twitches at that. Jimin smiles and gives the head a lick where it’s resting against his cheek before wrapping his lips around it and suckling softly. Jeongguk keens, and pulls Jimin down back onto his mouth, determined to bring Jimin with him over the edge. He reaches around to wrap his fingers around Jimin’s cock, jerks him off at the same time that Jeongguk licks hungrily into him. Jimin moans around Jeongguk, and the vibrations around his cock almost send him toppling over the edge.

But what does it for Jeongguk is Jimin taking him down his throat until his nose is pressed against the soft skin of Jeongguk’s balls and staying like that, swallowing repeatedly around him. Jeongguk grips Jimin’s hips in warning, but Jimin doesn’t let up until Jeongguk is coming down his throat, babbling incoherently and moaning Jimin’s name.

Jimin is quick to turn around, mouth closed, and straddle Jeongguk. Jeongguk frowns, confused, when Jimin cups his face with both hands and presses his thumbs against Jeongguk’s jaw, like he wants him to open his mouth. Jeongguk obeys reluctantly, sticking his tongue out too as an afterthought.

Jimin gives him a pleased look. Then he leans forward, still holding Jeongguk’s face, purses his lips and lets Jeongguk’s cum slowly dribble into his tongue before leaning in to slip his tongue inside Jeongguk’s mouth. Jeongguk’s resulting frantic moaning is muffled by Jimin’s mouth against him as they kiss and swap Jeongguk’s cum lazily.

Jeongguk is so turned on by this it’s almost ridiculous.

“You’re still hard.” Jeongguk whines when they pull apart, trailing a hand down Jimin’s abdomen to wrap it around Jimin’s hard cock. Jimin exhales softly, closing his eyes as Jeongguk strokes him slowly. Jimin looks like a mess and something in Jeongguk preens at this, feeling proud that Jimin is like that because of him, he’s the one that got Jimin so hard and so wrecked.

Jimin opens his eyes to look at Jeongguk. The dark glint in his eyes alone sends Jeongguk on his merry way to be rock hard again. “Wanna use your ass, baby. Will you let me have it?”

“Yes, sir.” Jeongguk breathes out, the words coming from his very soul. “Yes, yes, God, please fuck me again.”

Jimin promptly reaches for another condom and the discarded bottle of lube, rolling it on his dick and lubing himself up afterwards quickly.

“On your stomach, sweetheart.”

Jeongguk scrambles to obey, turning around with a sigh. Jimin kneels behind him and leans forward to run his hands over Jeongguk’s calves and thick thighs, squeezing his asscheeks together and then spreading them apart. Jeongguk whines and squirms impatiently, wishing Jimin would just hurry up and get in him.

Jimin slides two lubed up fingers in him real quick to make sure he’s still sufficiently stretched, scissoring them until Jeongguk has both hands clenched on the sheets and his eyes are brimming with tears of frustration, the goddamned tease.

“Shh, don’t worry. I got you.” Jimin assures him, after Jeongguk has buried his face on the mattress and cried a little. He pulls his fingers out, wipes them on the sheets distractedly and bracing himself with a hand on Jeongguk’s hip to finally, finally slide his cock inside him.

Oversensitivity hits Jeongguk full force as soon as Jimin bottoms out, but as he urges Jimin to move, he finds out that he quite likes it the sight burn of pain as Jimin fucks him into the mattress, but Jeongguk still wants more, wants more of the exquisite drag of Jimin’s cock inside, him, more of Jimin.

“H-Harder, Ji – Jimin - s-sir, please.”

Jeongguk tries to lift himself up into his knees, tries to push back to meet Jimin’s thrusts, but Jimin doesn’t let him. He shifts to place his thighs over Jeongguk’s, bending his legs so his ankles are on top of Jeongguk’s, trapping him into place. Jeongguk moans brokenly into the sheets as Jimin pulls off until only the tip is inside and then slamming back inside, establishing a harsh rhythm that has Jeongguk moving up the bed.

“Is this hard enough, hm?” Jimin pants into his ear, grinding into him. The way his piercing is pressing into Jeongguk’s abused prostate has him choking on his own sobs, feeling himself slowly getting hard again and wishing he could rut against the mattress for some very much needed friction but all Jeongguk can do instead is lie there and take what Jimin gives him.

Jeongguk feels hazy; each of Jimin’s heavy pants, every hit of Jimin’s hip bones against his ass push Jeongguk deeper into that foggy space in his mind where all he can feel is Jimin, on him, above him, in him.

Jimin hisses a “I’m gonna come, shit, gonna come all over your ass”, then he pulls out and Jeongguk makes a sad little sound, feeling so unbearably empty. Jimin shushes him, stroking his side comfortingly before he gets rid of the condom and positions himself between Jeongguk’s spread legs, jerking himself off with quick and hard strokes until he’s coming all over Jeongguk’s asscheeks and the small of his back. Jeongguk gasps as he feels Jimin’s hot cum hit his flushed skin.

Jeongguk squirms, grounding down against the mattress weakly as Jimin lowers his mouth to Jeongguk’s ass and licks up the cum that landed there.  Jimin bites down on his left asscheek hard enough to leave a mark and Jeongguk keens, his cock twitching roughly where it’s trapped between Jeongguk’s stomach and the mattress.

“On your back, baby, c’mon.” Jimin murmurs against Jeongguk’s skin. Jeongguk does so, whining as soon as he’s turned around and the cold air has hit his sensitive cock. Jeongguk didn’t think it would be possible for him to get hard again after his last orgasm almost made him black out, but as evidence shows, he was wrong. Jeongguk’s so hard he’s having trouble seeing straight. He just wants Jimin to touch him.

“Jimin, please.” Jeongguk whines, canting his hips up into the air as if that’s going to give him the friction he craves. He just needs something, anything.

Jimin chuckles, scratching his nails down Jeongguk’s thighs just to hear him gasp and moan helplessly. He’s probably caught on already on the fact that Jeongguk likes pain a little bit too much.

“You know, I thought I had told you call me sir. “ Jimin says, trailing a hand down to Jeongguk’s puffy, reddened hole. He rubs him there with the pads of his fingers and Jeongguk sobs, torn between shying away from it or pushing back against Jimin’s fingers.

“I’m – I’m sorry – s-sir I didn’t mean –“

“It’s okay, sweetheart.” Jimin assures him, slipping a finger inside him. He’s so loose Jimin sinks his finger in right up to the second knuckle without meeting any resistance. It hurts a little as Jimin starts to pump his finger in and out. Jeongguk loves it, loves the slight twinge of pain mixed in with the pleasure. “Since it’s your first time doing this with me and we’re not doing a scene nor we haven’t set any kind of rules previously, you don’t have to worry about it, yeah?”

Jeongguk’s conscience breaks through the lust-addled fog in his mind to latch onto that train of thought like it’s a lifeline. He moans as Jimin pushes in a second finger, scissoring them and curling them against his prostate in a way that has Jeongguk’s toes curling. Jimin is so good with his hands, fuck. Undeterred, his brain continues to wonder what it’d be like to submit to Jimin properly, to have him take complete control over Jeongguk.

And God, if that isn’t a beautiful train of thought.

“What – what would you do?” Jeongguk stutters out. He’s pretty sure he already knows the answer, but he wants to hear it from Jimin, wants to hear him say it in that lilting accent of his so Jeongguk can maybe finally come. “If we were… doing a scene and I didn’t refer to you as ‘sir’ and called you by your name?”

“Well, disobeying me would make you a bad boy.” Jimin answers, a dangerous edge to his smirk. “Do you know what happens to bad little boys who don’t listen, hm, Jeongguk?”

Jeongguk swallows. Oh fuck, this was such a bad idea. He should have just kept his mouth shut. “I – I don’t. sir.”

Jimin’s smirk gets bigger. “They get punished, Jeongguk.”

Jeongguk’s traitorous cock twitches at the thought. Before Jeongguk’s brain can get the chance to make Jeongguk think about Jimin taking him over his knee and spanking him, Jimin pushes in a third finger, leans down to take Jeongguk’s cock into his mouth and his mind goes blissfully blank. All Jeongguk can register is Jimin’s hot mouth on him, his fingers hitting his prostate relentlessly, and that he’s not going to last much longer.

“Oh God Jimin your- your mouth is so good – “ Jeongguk is not entirely sure he’s making sense, but Jimin’s mouth on him and his insistent fingers are making him dizzy and he can’t focus very well on what he’s saying. “Please, I need to – “

“Need to what, hm?” Jimin taunts, stroking Jeongguk with his free hand. “Need to come again, baby?”

“Yes.” Jeongguk breathes out. His cock twitches and leaks in Jimin’s fist as he continues to finger him within an inch of his life. Jeongguk is so close he can practically taste it, he just needs a little more –

Jimin sucks him back into his mouth, swallowing and humming around him while he presses his fingers against his prostate, and Jeongguk’s done. He barely has time to croak out a warning to Jimin before he’s coming down his throat with a stuttered moan of his name. Jimin takes it all in stride, swallowing it all and continuing to suckle at his head until Jeongguk whines pitifully and pushes at his head to get him to stop.

Jimin lets Jeongguk’s now limp cock slip from his lips as he pulls his fingers out of Jeongguk, and Jeongguk would’ve found the way it lands on his stomach with a soft wet smack mildly hot if Jimin hadn’t fucked the capacity to rationalize right out of him. Jeongguk doesn’t think his soul is ever gonna return to his body.

He lays there for a few moments, panting, as he attempts to get his bearings. Jimin settles next to Jeongguk and gathers him into his arms, gently running his hands through Jeongguk’s sweaty hair. Jeongguk leans unconsciously into his touch, slowly coming back into himself.

“Guk?” Jimin asks softly. “You with me? Are you okay?”

“Hhhhh.” is Jeongguk’s reply. “I’m broken. You broke me. But like, this is best kind of broken, so like. I’m great. Never felt better actually.”

Jeongguk opens his eyes at the sound of Jimin chuckling, which proves to be a great decision on his part because it grants him a glorious close view of Jimin’s gorgeous face. His bangs are sticking to his forehead with sweat, his lips looking red and raw from Jeongguk’s mouth biting and sucking on them earlier and it stirs something in Jeongguk’s gut again, thinking that he did that, he’s the one that made Jimin look like that.

Jeongguk wants to kiss him very much, so he threads his fingers through Jimin’s hair to pull him down and does just that.

They share sweet little close-mouthed kisses until the feeling of drying cum on their skin becomes much too uncomfortable to ignore. Jimin gives him a final kiss on the nose and pulls back so he can get up and walk to the en suite bathroom in search for something to clean them up with. Jeongguk watches him go with his eyes glued to Jimin’s bubble butt and the way it bounces slightly when he walks has Jeongguk feeling some kind of way. He’s forced to take his eyes off it and think of dead puppies and Taehyung’s sweaty feet after dance practice to keep his dick under control.

Jimin comes back with a wet washcloth that he uses to gently clean Jeongguk up. Jeongguk tries his very best to keep his eyes above Jimin’s shoulder level as he gently pats down his stomach and between his legs, and when that doesn’t work, he stares straight ahead at the admittedly stunning views of the city Jimin’s floor to ceiling windows offer.

“All done.” Jimin says, dropping the washcloth on the floor and getting up so switch on the lamp of his bedside table on. “Let me just draw the curtains real quick and then we can sleep, yeah? It's so annoying cause sometimes I forget to close them and get waken up at the asscrack of dawn with the entirety of the sun shining through the windows and into the room.”

This time when Jimin makes his way over to the windows so he can start to close the four impressively long floor to ceiling curtains; there’s two on each end of the windows and other two in the middle. Jeongguk can’t even focus on Jimin’s ass this time as he makes his way across the room, butt ass naked without a care in the world. He’s far too busy panicking.

Jimin said they were going to sleep right after he was done with the curtains, which makes Jeongguk think about how he just went and assumed that he was staying over at Jimin’s and then go back home in the morning. Does Jimin actually want him to stay the night? What if he doesn’t, but he’s too nice to kick Jeongguk out? Jeongguk has never hooked up with anyone before, is he infringing some sort of hookup code by not leaving immediately after they’re done having sex? Is he –

“I could hear you thinking all the way across the room.” Jimin says, finally sliding next to Jeongguk on the bed. He’s frowning, and Jeongguk’s stomach plummets straight down to the floor at the sight of Jimin’s furrowed brows. “What’s up? Are you… Having second thoughts? About this?”

“NO,” Jeongguk half-screeches. It resonates in the silence enveloping them, but Jeongguk can’t be fucked to control his volume in his haste to dissipate any possible ideas Jimin can have about Jeongguk regretting what they did, because he doesn’t. He needs to tell him as much. “Oh my God, no. Of course I don’t regret it. It was perfect and I’m extremely glad my first time having sex with another man was with you, you treated me so well and made me feel so good and I – “

Jimin takes mercy on him then and chooses that moment to interrupt his anxiety induced word-vomit. He’s not frowning anymore, which eases greatly the anxiety twisting knots on Jeongguk’s stomach, but he looks like he’s trying very hard not to laugh when he says, “Jeongguk, it’s okay, I get it and I’m very happy that you feel that way, but there’s still something bothering you, isn’t it?”

Jeongguk gulps. This is it. “I just, uh, thinking – are you sure it’s alright for me to stay? I wouldn’t want to impose – “

Jimin’s eyes go wide as saucers. Not for the first time during the night, Jeongguk regrets opening his big gay mouth.

“I’m sorry, what?”

“I – I can leave if you want?” Jeongguk says, unsure. Jimin is still looking at him like he just grew a second head and it started to speak in French. “I just – I realized I never asked you if I could stay or anything and I don’t want you to feel obligated to because – “

“Jeongguk, I do want you to stay.” Jimin says, effectively cutting him off. Small mercies. “If I didn’t want you to stay I can assure you you would have noticed, trust me.”

It’s like a weight has been lifted off Jeongguk’s shoulders. “… Really?”

“Of course.” Jimin leans forward to press a kiss to his nose. “Now let’s sleep, yeah?”

Jeongguk nods. Jimin gives him one last eyesmile before he reaches over to turn off the lamp on his bedside table. Jeongguk lies in the dark staring at the ceiling for about five minutes before deciding that what the hell, he’s already made it this far, might as well go for some cuddling. He turns on his side and scoots towards the center of the bed, blindly reaching for Jimin in his unnecessarily massive big until his hand closes around Jimin’s. The sheets rustle as they arrange and re-arrange their limbs until they find the position that’s most comfortable for them; Jeongguk’s back to Jimin’s front, one of Jimin’s arms around his waist and one of his legs between Jeongguk’s.

It makes Jeongguk feel protected, being held like that. Safe.

Before sleep overtakes him completely, Jeongguk slurs out, “G’night, Minie.”

Jimin’s lips brush gently against his skin when he wishes him a good night back.




Jeongguk wakes up to an empty bed and a dull ache between his legs that confirms that last night wasn’t just an elaborate dream.

He stretches, then yawns. Jimin’s mattress is so comfortable it’s not a wonder he fell asleep the moment his head touched the pillow last night; his own mattress back in his apartment is sunken in from so many years of use so it’s not the most comfortable thing to sleep in.

For a while, Jeongguk remains cocooned in the warmth of Jimin’s bed covers, thinking. Last night was a thing that happened. He went home with a man, had the best sex of his life with him then spent the night cuddled up in his arms and enjoyed every second of it. A part of him feels like he should be more freaked out about how little he’s freaking out about sleeping with a man and liking it so much, but a bigger part of him is chill. It feels like it was a long time coming for him, somehow.

He may not exactly know which label fits him best yet, but what he does know is that he likes how he feels when he’s with Jimin.

He untangles himself form the mess of sheets he had wrapped himself in and stands up. The room is still completely dark since Jimin didn’t open the curtains when got out of bed so Jeongguk does it for him, squinting at the bright morning light that smacks him in the face when he’s done.

Jeongguk finds his phone on the back pocket of his pants which were, for some reason, hanging on the doorknob. He’s relieved to see it’s not dead, but he’s less relieved when he sees that he has a cryptid text message from Taehyung. It was sent at around six in the morning and it reads “I hope your night was as fun as mine ;)”. Jeongguk can’t help but blush a little when he thinks that yes, his night was probably as fun as Taehyung’s, if not more. He replies with a “FUWU (FAT UWU)”, and then clicks on his chat with Hoseok.

Jeongguk takes a deep breath and starts typing. He knows Hoseok won’t judge him, not only because he likes men himself, but because he’s his hyung and his best friend in the world.

He starts the conversation by just telling Hoseok that he thinks he’s gay, after starting typing up a sentence then deleting it and then starting to type it again. He figures it’s best to get to the point, right? Hoseok seems a bit confused but generally supportive, just like Jeongguk figured he would be, which puts him at ease.

Then Jungkook tells him that the reason why he thinks he’s gay is because he literally had sex with a dude the night before, and fifteen minutes later Hoseok still hasn’t replied. Jeongguk is about to go into panic mode and take the whole thing back when the sound of a shower starting somewhere in the apartment makes him whip his head up.

Jeongguk glances back at his phone screen, and when he sees that he still doesn’t have a reply from Hoseok, he decides that joining Jimin in the shower is a much more productive way to spend his time than sit there waiting for Hoseok to finally say something with his heart in his throat.

Leaving his phone on the nightstand, Jeongguk pokes his head out of the room. there’s a dark hallway that leads to the living room and on its left there’s a door that’s been left ajar, maybe on purpose, maybe so Jeongguk would know where to find him.

A blast of humid air hits Jeongguk when he walks into the bathroom. much like the rest of Jimin’s apartment, it’s spacious and drips with wealth; Jeongguk is pretty sure Jimin’s shower could comfortably fit an entire football team, but that’s not what makes him pause and stare. it’s the sight of Jimin’s body dripping with water as he runs his hands through his hair where he stands under the shower spray that has Jeongguk’s eyes widening as his dick twitches.

And it’s – it’s ridiculous. It should not affect him this much, considering he’s already seen Jimin naked but. Jimin is stunning in a way that knocks the breath that right out of you every single time you look at him.

“Are you gonna join me or are you just gonna continue standing there with your mouth hanging open?”

The sound of Jimin’s voice snaps Jeongguk of out his daze. He looks up to find Jimin resting with his hands on the partially open shower screen, smiling at him fondly. Jeongguk is about to open his mouth so say… something, anything, when Jimin reaches out and pulls Jeongguk into the shower with him. Jeongguk goes willingly, meets him halfway.

He shivers a little when the warm water hits his chilled skin, then does it again but for an entirely different reason; Jimin is pressing kisses down his jaw, stopping to suck a mark on the delicate spot right behind his ear. Jeongguk sighs and tilts his head to the side to give him better access as he wraps his arms around Jimin’s waist, holding him close.

“Good morning, baby.” Jimin’s lips brush gently against Jeongguk’s skin as he speaks. “Did you sleep well?”

Jeongguk opens his mouth to answer, gasps instead when Jimin starts to suck another mark right on his pulse point. Jeongguk grips him tighter in response, and Jimin smiles.

But two can play that game.

“Mhm. I did.” Jeongguk slides his hands down to Jimin’s ass and squeezes, pulls Jimin flush against him by his ass, greatly enjoying the way Jimin moans quietly in response. “I missed you next to when I woke up, though.”

“Oh, is that so?” Jeongguk whimpers when Jimin rakes his nails down his stomach, curls a hand around both their half-hard cocks and starts jerking them off. There’s a dangerous edge to Jimin’s smile, now, that has anticipation curling tight in the pit of Jeongguk’s stomach.  “You looked so peaceful sleeping all tangled up in my sheets, I couldn’t bear to wake you up.”

Jeongguk throws his head back and moans as Jimin strokes both of them to full hardness. He removes his hands from their previous position on Jimin’s ass and uses them to cup his face and pull him in for a proper kiss. Jeongguk bites on Jimin’s lower lip and slips his tongue inside his mouth when Jimin opens it to moan; he plays with Jimin’s piercings and sucks on his tongue, bucking his hips up with a whine when Jimin speeds up his hand in retaliation.

Jimin laughs, a little breathy sound that has Jeongguk’s dick twitching and leaking around Jimin’s fingers.

“Does that feel good, hm?”

Ah – Jimin, please –“

“Please, what? What do you want?”

Jeongguk chokes on a whimper. He’s so close. “You – want you – Please I’m  – “

Then, to Jeongguk’s horror, Jimin stops. He lets go of them and pulls back, completely ignoring Jeongguk’s despaired whining. Jimin shushes him gently, thumbs at his wet cheeks soothingly while Jeongguk squirms as the heat in the pit of his stomach slowly ebbs away.

“How about this,” Jimin says, his smile taunting. “If you’re good for me while we wash up, I’ll give you a reward. What do you say, hm? Will you be a good boy for me?”

“Yes.” Jeongguk says, without missing a beat. At this point he’d be willing to do anything Jimin asked of him. “Yes, hyung, I’ll be good.”

Jimin says, “then, do my back?” with a devious little smile and what is Jeongguk gonna do? Say no?

Jeongguk pours a bit of Jimin’s body-wash into his palm, rubs it between both of them to warm it up. He starts with Jimin’s shoulders, and the way Jimin sighs and closes his eyes as Jeongguk gives him a little massage has him thinking that he wanted to be good, really wanted to be good, but Jeongguk just can’t pass up this newfound opportunity to tease Jimin back.

As Jeongguk lets his hands wander farther down Jimin’s back, he presses up against him, slotting his dick in between Jimin’s asscheeks with a little exhale of pleasure.

Jimin’s eyes snap open. “Jeongguk – “

“Yes, hyung?” Jeongguk says, smilling innocently when Jimin turns his head to give him a look. “Is there something wrong?”

“I thought you said  – “ Jeongguk starts thrusting his hips, soapy hands gripping Jimin’s waist tight. “ – you were, ah, were gonna be good?”

“Oh, but I am being good.” Jeongguk replies, eyes fixed on the way his cock slides in between Jimin’s fat asscheeks. The water is making the slide all nice and wet; it feels so deliciously good. “I’m doing what you told me.”

“I told you to wash my back,” Jimin says, trying to sound annoyed but just ending up sounding terribly fond instead. “not to press your dick against my ass.”

“But I’m washing your back too.” Jeongguk says, dropping a few kisses to Jimin’s nape. “Isn’t that what you asked me to do? I’m just being a good boy for you.”

Jimin swats at him playfully. “I wouldn’t call your dick being practically in my ass being a ‘good boy’. Take a step back, you little shit. I won’t reward you if you don’t behave.”

Jeongguk lets his hips come to a rest with a breathy little moan. He stays like that for a moment, watching the wet head of his dick peeking out from in between Jimin’s cheeks before pulling away entirely. Jimin turns around to face him then, a dangerous glint in his eyes as he presses his tongue against the inside of his cheek.

"I let you touch me, and your way of thanking me is being bad and teasing me?" Jimin tsks. He moves until he's standing right in front of Jeongguk, holds his face between his hands so Jeongguk can't look away from his eyes as he speaks. "Do you remember what I told you last night, honey? About what happens to bad little boys who disobey?”

Jeongguk gulps. He's equal parts terrified and aroused. "Y-yes. I do. You said - You said that bad boys get punished."

Jimin smiles at him, sharp and full of intention. His hands slide down from Jeongguk's face down his neck to his shoulders. Jeongguk lets it happen when Jimin pushes him down to his knees, moaning when Jimin rakes his hand through his hair and pushes his head back. Jeongguk looks up at him immediately, mouth open and tongue out in anticipation for what he knows is coming.

"Look at you, already gagging for it." Jimin chuckles, mocking, when he realizes what Jeongguk is doing. "I won't punish you this time, but I think you need to make it up to me. What do you say, hm?"

Jeongguk whines. God, he'd do anything if it means getting to have Jimin's dick in his mouth. "Please. I'll be good I'll - I'll make it up to you."

"Oh, I know you will, baby." Jimin wraps a hand around his dick, strokes himself a couple of times. Jeongguk squirms impatiently, wanting to get his mouth on Jimin already.

Jimin notices, of course he does, and makes it like he's going to feed Jeongguk his cock, only to pull him back at the last second by the grip he's got on Jeongguk's hair before he can wrap his lips around the head. Jeongguk lets out a desperate whine, pouting up at Jimin.

Jimin raises an eyebrow at him. "What's the matter, Gukkie? You don't like it when I tease you?"

"Please." Jeongguk begs. If he doesn't get to suck Jimin's dick in the next five minutes he's going to die. "Please, I want your cock, give me your cock, please -"

"Well, since you asked so nicely..." Jimin says, loosening his tight grip on Jeongguk's hair. "Go ahead honey, it's all yours."

Jeongguk curls his fingers around the base of Jimin's dick to hold it steady before he leans forward to wrap his lips around the head, suckling softly around it. He tongues the slit gently, licking it clean of precome, before he looks up to Jimin, so he can see the expression on his face as Jeongguk circles his tongue around the head of his dick, playing with his piercing. Jimin hisses in pleasure, teeth on his lower lip as Jeongguk bobs his head up and down his dick, taking as much of him as he can without gagging too much.

"Fuck, look at you. You look so good like this, on your knees with a dick down your throat. " Jimin grunts. "You're really enjoying yourself, aren't you?"

Jiimin is blocking the shower spray with his body, so the water can't wash away the threads of precum and spit sticks to Jeongguk's lips as he pulls back with a wet cough.

"I am, very much. " Jeongguk replies, voice rough. "But I think I'd enjoy myself a lot more if you fucked my face."

Jimin throws his head back and laughs. "Someone's getting brave. Again."

"Maybe so." Jeongguk answers, giving Jimin his most angelical smile. "Does that mean you're not gonna do it?"

"I didn't say that." Jimin lets out a sigh, a terribly fond 'what am i gonna do with you' little sound. Jeongguk smiles even bigger, knowing he's gonna get his way. The corners of Jimin's mouth twitch, as if he's trying not to smile back. "If you need me to stop pinch my thigh real hard, okay?"

Jeongguk nods.

"Open up then, cutie."

Jimin starts off slowly, letting Jeongguk adjust to it first, before he speeds up his thrusts until Jeongguk is gagging with each one. The wet, little choking sounds coming from the back of his throat as Jimin fucks it are making Jeongguk lose his mind. His dick is so hard it's starting to hurt, feeling overwhelmed by need to come, the low heat eating away at his belly like the worst type of itch that you can't scratch.

Jeongguk reaches down for his cock, aching to get a hand around himself but just as he's wrapping his fingers around the base of his dick, Jimin pulls him back by his hair and holds him there, unable to lean forward again. Jeongguk coughs, greedily gulping air as few tears slip down from the corner of his eyes down his cheeks, mixing with the mess of spit and pre-come around his mouth and chin.

"I don't remember saying you could touch yourself, sweetheart." Jimin tells him, sounding disappointed. Jeongguk whimpers, curling his hands into fists on top of his thighs to try and resist the urge to reach for himself again. He wants - he really wants to be good, but he's just so close.

Jeongguk hiccups. "I'm - I'm sorry, I'm just so -  I need to come so bad, please -"

"Can't even make me come first before you start whining about wanting to come too. " Jimin sighs. "I thought you said you were gonna be good?"

Jeongguk nods quickly. "And I am! I wanna be good, good for you. I wanna make you come, please let make you come."

"I'll give you one more chance. " Jimin says. "But if you try to touch yourself again you won't get to come at all, understood?"

"Understood." Jeongguk confirms, eager to get back to sucking Jimin's dick. "Now, please just - "

Jimin pulls him down on his cock by his hair without a warning, this time. Jeongguk chokes but he takes it all, loving how Jimin tastes and feels all heavy on his tongue and the way it's making his jaw ache as much as his knees do. Jeongguk can tell Jimin is getting there so he doubles over his efforts to push him over the edge uses one of his hands to stroke what he can't fit in his mouth and uses the other to play with his balls. Jimin gasps and grunts between gritted teeth that he's close.

Jeongguk is trying his best to ignore his own cock, hard and heavy between his legs, but it's not working very well, because he knows he could come like this, with a hard cock halfway down his throat and a hand on his hair as Jimin mercilessly fucks his face. He whimpers, bucking his hips up into the air uselessly as his cock continues to leak all over his abdomen. Jimin is not gonna be happy if he comes without permission, but Jeongguk is not confident he's going to be able to -

"Hold it." Jimin groans. He pulls back a little, pushes back in until only the tip remains inside, pushing it against Jeongguk's cheek until it bulges. Jeongguk looks up at him helplessly, big brown eyes wet with tears. "I mean that, Jeongguk. You better not come until I say so.”

Jeongguk looks up at him, eyes brimming with tears, moaning helplessly as he burns with the need to come. He tries his best to hollow his cheeks and swallow around Jimin as he speeds up his thrusts, hoping his enthusiasm can make up for his lack of experience as he works to bring Jimin to orgasm with his mouth. 

Jimin thrusts three more times into the tight, wet heat of Jeongguk's mouth before he pulls back with a groan.

"Open your mouth, sweetheart," Jimin grits out, his hand flying up and down his cock. "Open - open your mouth and stick your tongue out, come on - "

Jeongguk obeys quickly.Jimin position the head of his dick right over his tongue and strokes himself hard and fast until he's coming all over Jeongguk's tongue and lips with a satisfied little exhale of pleasure. Jeongguk moans as the streaks of cum hit his skin, and doesn't waste time in swallowing it all once Jimin has finished cumming, and then using his tongue to lick off the cum that had landed on his lips all the while staring Jimin dead in the eyes.

"God, you're gonna kill me." Jimin groans. "For someone who had no previous experience sucking dick before last night, you sure are good at it."

Jeongguk grins. Figures his ability to do well on anything he puts his mind to on his first try would apply to sucking dick as well.

His legs wobble when Jimin drags him up for a kiss after he has been on his knees for so long, so he wraps his arms around Jimin's shoulders and holds on tight as Jimin sucks on his tongue and whimpers as his hard dick rubs against Jimin's abdomen.

Jeongguk is about to pull back and ask Jimin if he's allowed to come now, since he's been so good and made him come first, but. Jimin drops to his knees with absolutely no warning and knocks the breath right out of him.

"I wasn't totally convinced you deserved it at first, " Jimin says, dragging the tip of his finger up and down Jeongguk's dick, from the base to the reddened head. Jeongguk whimpers, his hips   involuntarily jumping up in response. "But you've been such a good boy for me, sucked me off so well... So I've decided I'm going to give you my mouth and let you come in it, what do you say, Gukkie?"

As if Jeongguk would ever say no to that. "Oh God, please. Please I'm so - 'm so hard, I need to come so bad, please - "

Jimin doesn't waste time after that. He swallows Jeongguk down in one go, bobbing his head with his mouth suction-tight around Jeongguks dick. Jeongguk's eyes roll back into his head a little when Jimin digs his tongue gently into his slit, his mouth all warm and wet around him, and Jeongguk doesn't even have time to warm Jimin before he's coming down his throat with choked out moan of Jimin's name. Jimin swallows it all down, keeps on sucking him until Jeongguk has nothing left to give and the oversensitivity is making him squirm.

"Holy shit." Jeongguk says, his heart beating wildly in his chest from the almost-fall and his close proximity to Jimin's face. "I think you broke me. Again."

"I seem to do that a lot, huh?" Jimin laughs. "How about I was your hair now? You deserve it, especially after I was so rough with you."

"Well, I like it when you're rough with me." Jeongguk says, the blush on his cheeks deepening when Jimin smirks at him. "But I - I think I'd like that."

Jimin asks Jeongguk to pass him the shampoo with a smile and a quick peck on the lips. Jeongguk hands it to him, and because he can't resist it, barely able to contain his smile he says:

"Hey, Jimin-hyung?"

Distracted popping shampoo cap open and pouring some on his hand, Jimin hums. "Yes, Jeonggukkie?"

"... Are you even going to be able to reach my hair? Do you need me to lean down a little?"

"Hey!" Jimin exclaims, sounding utterly outraged as Jeongguk doubles over laughing. "See if I ever get let you near my dick again!”

"I'm - I'm sorry, hyung," Jeongguk, still laughing, trying to wrap his arms around Jimin to pull him closer but Jimin's resisting, pouting all the while. "I'm really sorry but I just - I had to. You're just so... Tiny. 's cute. I love it."

"Get out of here, I hate you," Jimin says, while making no attempt to push Jeongguk away as he leans in to kiss Jimin's neck. "Your kisses mean nothing to me."

"Oh really?" Jeongguk asks, playfully biting down on Jimin's earlobe and sucking gently, smiling when Jimin sighs in response. "But I recall you said you were gonna wash my hair, and I really, really want you to wash my hair. Please?"

Jimin pretends to be mad at him for about five more seconds before he gives in with a "Fine, but you're on thin fucking ice. Another height joke and I'm kicking you out into the streets, naked and all".

Jeongguk presses a final kiss to Jimin's cheek and steps back. He doesn't doubt for one second that Jimin is absolutely capable of kicking him to the curb in such a vulnerable state if he had pissed him off enough. Talk about being naked and afraid.

As it turns out, Jimin is perfectly capable of reaching Jeongguk's hair, as Jimin reminds him with a comment under his breath as he slides his soapy fingers in his hair and starts to gently massage Jeonggul's scalp. They don't really talk while Jimin works on washing Jeongguk's hair, but the silence is far from awkward. Jeongguk is sure he would've dozed off if it weren't for the aggressive butterflies wreaking havoc on his stomach.

He goes easily when Jimin asks him to switch positions with him so he can rinse his hair, letting out a satisfied little sigh once he's under the shower spray and the wonderfully warm water runs down his skin as Jimin works to wash all the suds off his hair.

"Tip your head back, just a little - just like that." Jimin instructs, trying not to smile when Jeongguk complies with nothing more than a pleased hum, too relaxed to take any further digs at Jimin's height. "You're so docile. Like a puppy."

"I'm not a puppy," Jeongguk slurs, feeling a little drowsy. " 'm a bunny."

Jimin giggles, says "yeah?", and it's the loveliest sound Jeongguk has ever heard. Suddenly he's not that sleepy anymore.

Jeongguk squeezes his eyes shut, trying to will his heart eyes away. "Y-yeah. My friends say I look like a bunny."

"Alright, bunny." Jimin giggles again. Jeongguk can physically feel it as all of Cupid's arrows hit the bullseye on his heart at once. "Let's get out of here, shall we?"

Jimin immediately walks over to the sink and bends down to get a couple of towels for them to dry their body and hair, which gives Jeongguk an excellent view of his ass. He doesn't have it in him to pretend that he wasn't looking when Jimin hands the towels to him, and Jimin's little smug smile before he leans in for a peck tells Jeongguk that the way Jimim pushed his ass out as he was bending over to get the towels was completely intentional.

"Do you want me to lend you some clean clothes?" Jimin's voice carries off as he walks out of the bathroom and into his walk-in closet once they've finished drying off. Jeongguk follows closely behind, in complete awe. It really is as big as Jeongguk's whole living room. "You can return them to me next time we see each other."

"Oh," Jeongguk says, trying to remain cool and collected on the outiside even though the prospect of Jimin wanting to see him again has him giddy with joy. "Sure. I'd like that. Thank you, hyung."

"You're more than welcome, Guk," Jimin replies with a smile, walking in deeper into the closet. "I have to have something in here that fits you..."

Fifteen minutes later find Jeongguk collecting the clothes he wore last night from various surfaces of Jimin's apartment while he wears a pair of washed out jeans and a yellow sweater that put together cost about the same as Jeongguk's tuition.

"You know, this sweater is one of my favorites..." Jimin had said right after they were both fully dressed, tracing little circles with the tip of his finger on Jeongguk's chest as he looked up at him from beneath his lashes, playing coy. "I'm going to need that you give me your number, so I can make sure I get it back."

Jimin not-so-subtly expressing his desire to see him again had sent Jeongguk's brain into a gay panicked state that left him unable to form a single coherent sentence. He opened and then closed his mouth a few times until he was able to get out a half-surprised, half-panicked "o-oh?". It made Jimin laugh, which in turn made Jeongguk gay panic even more.

Jimin, bless him, waited patiently until Jeongguk got his shit together long enough to agree to it with a stuttered "o-of course, hyung. i wouldn't even dream of keeping you favorite sweater!". Jeongguk had a feeling that Jimin knew exactly how flustered he was making him and that he was enjoying every second of it.

They exchange numbers over a rolled egg omelette and leftover rice with red and black beans and radish kimchi. Upon hearing Jeongguk's stomach rumbling, Jimin insisted in making him something to eat before they left. Jeongguk tried to tell him that it wasn't necessary and that he would eat something when he got home, to no avail. Then Jeongguk tried to at least help Jimin cook but he shooed him away, so Jeongguk had very carefully lowered himself down onto a stool (his ass kind of... hurt) and waited for Jimin to be done.

It's when Jimin hands him his phone back after putting his number on it that Jeongguk notices the little kakaotalk symbol on the top left side of his screen, meaning that Hoseok has finally texted him back. Jeongguk gulps, decides that that's a problem for future Jeongguk and slips his phone into the back-pocket of his borrowed pants so he can go back to enjoying the little time he has left with Jimin and his delicious food.

Jeongguk doesn't dare look at his phone again until he's sitting on the passenger seat of Jimin's car on his way home. He blanches when he sees the white number inside the little red circle that reads 46 on Hoseok's chat alone.

sun hyung















jeongguk ogbmy GOD

whatisngoing ON

alright i'm done waiting whats the deal What Is The Tea whats goinf on is2g jeongguk

why r u doing this to ur poor hyung

did u fuck ur phone into nonexistence

did u tumble headfirst into a black hole of homosexuality

and if u did can i join u


oh my god jeongguk




its been HOURS


jeongguk holy shit seriously where did you GO

you cant just sAy that and the disappear ?????

By the time Jeongguk gets to the last text Hoseok sent him his shoulders are shaking his laughter. Jimin eyes him curiously, but doesn't ask him what he's laughing about, which makes him feel very relieved. He wouldn't even know where to start if he had to explain this to him


f-forty six texts... u-uwu

The reply, just like he expected, is instantaneous.

sun hyung





I was still... I was still with him

sun hyung









sun hyung

hes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, driving you home?

and ur laughing now cause i was right you were still banging him


yes and what about it?


a black hole of homosexuality?


sun hyung


dick has changed u,,, u never used to be this shameless...

did u at least use protection ??? u gotta practice safe gay sex too !!


.................................. yes hyung we used protection omg

and u r so RIGHT

jimin blew my back out and it made me a better, gayer person

sun hyung


but for real guk

im !!! glad youre safe

happy gay awakening !!!!

come over this afternoon so jinnie and i can tell u how much we love u and smooch u accordingly


Jeongguk's cheeks hurt from smiling so much. He didn't doubt for one second that Hoseok, along with Seokjin, would do anything other than support him unconditionally, but it still makes him feel relieved and happy to hear it explicitly from him.


The sound of Jimin's amused voice makes him look up.

"We've arrived."

"Oh." Jeongguk ducks his head, cheeks reddening in embarrassment. He was so wrapped up in texting Hoseok that he hadn't even noticed that the car had stopped moving. "Sorry. I was letting my friend know I'm okay and that I already have a ride home. You probably have things to do and I'm holding you back. "

Jimin waves him off. Jeongguk can tell his eyes are smiling even though Jimin is wearing sunglasses. "It's really nothing. Your place is on my way to work anyway so it's not like you're terribly inconveniencing me."

"Thank you for giving me a ride when you didn't have to, anyway." Jeongguk says, unbuckling his seatbelt. He knows that it's time for them to part ways, and Jeongguk wants to ask Jimin if they can see each other again for more than just him giving Jimin back his sweater but he doesn't know what to say. Should he go for a kiss and a petition of a repeat performance of Jimin's impeccable stroke game?

Jimin decides for him, in the end. Jeongguk is about to turn around and open the car door after giving Jimin the most awkward of close-mouthed smiles, something that will haunt him for the next two weeks or so, beating himself up about being such a coward, when Jimin turns his head towards him with two fingers on Jeonggul's jaw a plants a toe-curling kiss on him.

"Don't be a stranger, okay?" Jimin whispers against Jeongguk's mouth when they pull away. Jeongguk can only nod dumbly, still reeling from the feeling of Jimin's plump, soft lips and his playful pierced tongue on his.

Jeongguk stumbles out of the car, dazed. Once he's inside his building where Jimin can't see him, he pulls out his phone and taps on Jimin's brand new contact. With a deep breath, Jeongguk begins typing.

He really isn’t expecting a quick reply, or a reply at all for that matter. So he punches in the passcode to his apartment, takes off his shoes and puts them on the shoe rack, goes to his clothes from last night into the hamper of dirty clothes in the bathroom and greets Mao, who’s waiting for him by the door.

And Kim Taehyung, who’s sitting on his couch eating his food like owns the place. Again.

“Morning, Gukkie.” Taehyung says, shoveling another spoonful of cereal into his mouth. “Nice sweater. Is it new?”

Jeongguk blushes. He makes a mental note to change the passcode of his apartment as soon as possible. “No, it’s not – it’s not new. The guy I – it doesn’t matter. Why are you here? Again, may I add?”

Taehyung looks over at him then. He puts the spoon into the bowl with the hand he’s not using to hold it and raises it to his chest, mock hurt.

“You wound me, Jeonggukkie. Can’t a bro just drop by his bro’s house to pay them a visit?”

When Jeongguk just gives him a Look, Taehyung sighs. “Namjoon and Yoongi had to go to work, you live closer to them than I do.”

“So you decided to break into my home and eat my food instead?”

“You know,” Taehyung says, hoping to change the subject. “I thought you would be in a better mood considering the good dicking you got last night.”

It works. Jeongguk groans, letting himself flop down on the couch next to Taehyung, wincing when his ass twinges with pain. “Oh God, I know. I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on the wonders of dick all this time.”

Taehyung raises his eyebrows. “That good, huh?”

“You don’t even know the half of it.” Jeongguk says, trying not to recall the memories of his night with Jimin too vividly least he gets a hard on. “He was just so – I’ve had sex with a couple of girls before and it didn’t even feel half as good as it did with Jimin. I’m a truly changed man.”

Taehyung goes back to eating his cereal, a conspirational little smile on his face. “So what now? Are you gonna see him again?”

“I’d love to. I have to give him back the clothes he lent me, anyway.” Jeongguk says, pulling out his phone. He’s not gonna act like a lovesick teenager and check his phone every five seconds waiting to see if Jimin has replied, but maybe just looking this one time it won’t hurt.

He has a notification from kakaotalk. It’s Jimin.

“Holy shit.” Jeongguk exclaims, startling Taehyung into almost dropping his bowl of cereal. “Holy shit, hyung, he texted me back. He texted me back!”



hey bro not to be gay but

can i suck you cock with full homo intentions and fuck you then make you breakfast when you wake up in the morning and we can sit and drink our coffee and eat our breakfast while we talk and stare at each other then we both give out a signal and just make out aggressively on the kitchen counter top then fuck again

but no homo remember that


that sounds like an amazing plan bro

how about i take you out sometime next week for dinner and a movie and afterwards i can get your tight little mouth around me again and i make you come until you cry and then the morning after we can put your amazing bro plan into action

no homo though


Damn. There goes not getting hard in front of Taehyung