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These violent delights

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Claire held her breath as she heard several feet rush past her through the tunnel she had been following.

They were running towards the direction she had come from and she hoped this meant that she was on the right track.

It wasn't like she could rely on her memory of the place nor her magical gifts...

Debating for a short moment she decided to try again. She couldn't hear anything, so it was safe to assume that no one would surprisingly attack her.

She felt for the collar around her neck, then took a look at the shakle on her left wrist. It was hard to see the pale crystal in the dark but she knew that she needed to get rid of them.

Fleeing this hole would be so much easier if she could break them off...

She inhaled deeply, then put both her hands to the collar at her neck, concentrating before she pushed her energy to the tips of her fingers.

Her hope that it might be just a tiny bit easier was disappointed. It felt just as straining as before, as she could feel the energy forming in her chest and slowly, arduously creeping through her limbs with agonising slowness. The amount of concentration it took would make her head swim, she knew and when her hands and jar started to shake she gave up. Panting, she suppressed an angry groan.

It was too hard. She had used too much energy already to break out of her cell.

But she still needed to get them off... It was highly unlikely that she would otherwise make it out of here.

So she grabbed the shakle on her right wrist and tried again. This time, with the energy reaching both her right wrist and her left hand, gripping the stone, actual cracks formed on the surface.

Claire gritted her teeth. She was doing it!

And that's when she heard a voice...

"Search the whole tunnel! She must be here somewhere!"

Just. Freaking. Great.

She gripped the stone even harder at the sound of the footfalls nearing her hiding spot and smiled when it finally fell free from her hand.

The clueless sap, right around the corner from her just got out "What was that?" Right before she blasted his sorry ass into the opposing wall behind him.

Then she shot another huge blow of energy towards the incoming group of the masked persecutors in military uniforms and ran into the other direction.

She panted heavily as she ducked, almost loosing her balance and knocked a magically enhanced fist into another one's mug as he emerged from another tunnel on her right, trying to grab her.

When she saw a heavy lead door right up in front of her she prayed to all her lucky stars that she found an exit and used her energy to fly towards it, stopping only before she smashed into the door. Claire readied herself to blast the door open but just as she was about to fire several nozzles started to spray some sort of mist into the tunnel and she immediately knew what would happen.

'Fudgeknuckle' was the last thing the witch thought when the energy surrounding her fist fizzled out harmlessly, as her hands went limp and the world around her disappeared in black nothingness.

When she came to, she was back.

Groaning and rubbing the side of her head as she sat up, she held her middle protectively. The feeling of nausea was back full force and she noticed the little dispenser on her nightstand. Claire growled at the sight, took the little porcelain troll figure and threw it against the dimly glowing bars.

This time though, she heard a faint sizzling sound as the thing cracked against them.

Curious she stepped towards them and reached out, then quickly pulled back her hand with an "Ouch!"

"You left us no choice, you know?"

She rolled her eyes with an disgusted expression and looked through the bars, trying to see the man speaking to her.

"After that little stunt this morning, we needed to take higher safety measures. You know you should really be a little more careful, considering your condition."

She crossed her arms and snapped at the dark figure "Oh I should be careful!? That's rich, coming from the crazyhead who imprisoned me in some magic-proof cell!"

She went back to her bed an sat down "You'll never get through with this, you know? I mean... you talk about being careful, but what do you expect to happen in a few months from now, huh?"

"Oh don't worry." the pale, middleaged man with watery blue eyes said, "we've got that covered." Unlike his cronies, he wore no military uniform but an ill-fitted grey suit. He hadn't aged well from the last time she'd seen him. Ten years ago he still had a full head of hair.

He made a short commanding move with his hand and she heard someone else stepping into the room, but when that person stepped in front of her cell, Claire's face fell.

"YOU!" she exclaimed, her face contorted in a snarl. She grabbed the water bottle on her night stand to throw against the bars where it shattered with loud bang, the electric current running along the crystals surface crackled aloud as it heated up the water.