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-Sweet like Suga(r)-

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“You comfortable, Yoongi Hyung?” A voice teased as Yoongi huffed in annoyance, cracking his eyes open the slightest.


And there he was met with the cute yet irritating face of the one and only Jeon Jungkook.


“Shut it, brat, let me sleep” the elder grumbled, letting his eyes slip shut once again, however opening right after.


“What?” He asked in annoyance, his beauty sleep once again disturbed, this time by Taehyung and Jimin, who were both laughing in a mocking manner. “Can’t a guy sleep in peace?”


“Yoongi Hyung, you look so cute curled around Hoseokie hyung” Taehyung chuckled. Before he could react, Jimin called out to the others to inform them about the most ‘adorable-est moment in history that should come in the genius world records under the “worlds most cutest things” category that Jimin was planning to invent”


“Joonie hyung! Jin Hyung! Come and see this!” His soft voice called. The said two ran into the living room and cooed at the sight.


Yoongi stared at the others in confusion, what was so shocking? Curious to know what shocked them so much, he decided to ask.


“What do you guys want and why are you all here?” He moaned, curling deeper into Hoseoks lap and shutting his eyes again.


“You really do enjoy being cuddled, hyung, don’t deny it” Hoseok chuckled as he gently ran his fingers through Yoongis soft hair.


“Do not” Yoongi scowled, not shifting from his position. Seokjin raised his brows and smiled softly.


“Then why aren’t you moving?” He asked. Yoongi groaned but remained silent, knowing very well that he did indeed love being held and coddled, but never admitted to it due to embarrassment.


Deciding the leave the rapper alone, the others just scoffed jokingly before leaving to do their own things, leaving Yoongi happy and satisfied, falling asleep with a happy satisfied smile evident on his face.




Over the course of the next few days, the members began noticing Yoongis cute little habit, but chose not to say anything as they didn’t want to embarrass Yoongi (and secretly because they didn’t want Yoongi to stop cuz this was so damn cute), so they didn’t say anything when Yoongi would rest his head in Jimins shoulder and cuddle against him, or when he’d leap on Jungkook or Taehyungs back after a tiring day of practices and interviews, or when he’d lay down, head rested against Namjoons lap as the two rappers exchanged ideas or an upcoming song.


And this is where he was now, cuddled against his only hyung as the two watched a movie together before bed.


“You do love cuddles and being held, right Yoongi-chi” Seokjin randomly said as Yoongi cuddled closer, not in a teasing manner, but more of in a calm, fond way.


Yoongi groaned and began moving away, only to be pulled back by Seokjin. “Hey, there’s nothing wrong with liking to be held, it’s quite cute actually” Seokjin quickly reassured, the room filling with a comforting silence before Yoongi spoke up again.


“Fine. I do like being held...” He admitted, ears turning red from embarrassment. Seokjin squeezes his hand in encouragement to say more. “My mum used to hug and hold me all the time, when I was upset, sick or just randomly.. it’s a habit I guess”


“Ah” Seokjin hummed in understandment “is that why your always-“


“Yeah” Yoongi replied, cutting the elder off and sighing in satisfaction as Seokjin’s ran his hands through his hair.


Yoongi admired moments like these, being alone with his only hyung. The two had grown close, both having a special relationship as they were both roommates, and had built trust with each-other.


“You know, the others like it when your cuddly too” Seokjin stated as he fondly ran his fingers through Yoongis hair “and they won’t mind if you want a hug or if you want someone to cuddle, you don’t always have to be strong, Yoongs”


His reply was soft snores coming from the rappers mouth and he chuckled, gently maneuvering Yoongi into a more comfortable position and placing the laptop onto the bedside table before flicking off the lamp.


“Goodnight Yoongi-chi” He murmured against the back of Yoongis head “love you”


And Yoongi cuddled closer.




The next day, the members had an early start which meant waking up extra early- and that meant an extra whiney sleepy Yoongi.


“It’s so earlyyyy” the older rapper groaned as he plopped himself onto Taehyungs lap “I wanna sleeeep”


“Awh poor grandpa, always sleepy” Jimin joked from opposite Taehyung, earning a death glare from Yoongi. Jimin giggled cutely and placed a spoonful of cereal into Yoongis mouth. “Eat up gramps, don’t wanna be late today” he chuckled. Yoongi playfully swatted Jimin and moved off of Taehyung and sat on a chair, smiling gratefully as Jungkook placed a mug of coffee Infront of him.


“Just how you like it, hyung” Jungkook commented with a bunny smile.


“Thank you Kookie-ah”


Minutes later, Hoseok entered, followed by a half asleep Namjoon.


“Morning fellow band mates” Hoseok greeted brightly, a little too cheerfully according to Yoongi, who groaned.


“It’s 6 is the freaking morning” he whined “how are you so energetic”


“It’s called ‘positive energy’ hyung” Hoseok told him, hugging the elder rapper. Yoongi melted into the hug, softly whining when Hoseok pulled away to eat.


A few minutes of comfortable silence filled the kitchen as the members all ate their breakfast- Namjoon breaking the silence only minutes later.


“Kim Namjoon how many time have I told you not to carry plates around the kitchen like a professional waiter at a restaurant because you aren’t a professional waiter at a restaurant your a clumsy dork who breaks things!” Seokjik scolded, grabbing the dustpan and brush to pick up the pieces of the broken plates.


Namjoon smiled sheepishly, murmuring a small “Oops” before continuing to eat.


The kitchen was then again filled with a comforting silence.




Before they knew it, they were all perched on the dance floor, panting with their hearts beating million miles per hour.


“Wow, 5 hours go by fast when your practicing” Hoseok nodded as he took a swig of water from his half empty water bottle “you guys did well today”


“Well always go well with you pushing us hyung.. you’re one tough lead dancer” Taehyung joked as he stood up “we going home now?”


The others nodded and began standing up, ready to leave except Yoongi, who remained laying in the floor.


“I’m tired” he whined, making grabby hands In hope that someone would come along and help him up. Fortunately, luck was on his side, and Taehyung skipped over, helped Yoongi up and let him climb onto his back.


“You big baby” Taehyung teased. Yoongi pouted but made no move to jump off, signaling Taehyung to walk on and into the van.


Once in the van, Yoongi had somehow managed to rest his head on Namjoons lap and legs of Jimins thighs, the feeling or tiredness and sleepiness making him extra clingy and cute.


“Hyungs so cute~” Jimin cooed. Hoseok turned around and smiled at the sight.


“He really is” the dance leader commented, smiling fondly at Yoongi, who was minutes from sleeping.


“I’mnotcute” Yoongi mumbled, turning over with a pout, making the others chuckle.


“Sure your not” Jungkook laughed.


The rest of the journey went by in silence, some members sleeping and others just listening to music.


Finally they arrived back home, and one by one began slowly leaving the van, the idea of Seokjin’s home made chocolate and a movie motivating them to walk towards the dorms and take a shower.


“Carry me, hyung” Yoongi asked shamefully. Seokjin obliged with a smile, and let Yoongi climb on to his back, chuckling when he heard what Namjoon had muttered.


“not cute my ass”




“He’s so cute”


“Who wouldve thought he’s AgustD”


“The fans are right, lil meow meow”


“Alright guys, let the poor man breath” Seokjin said, ushering the other members away “he’s clearly exhausted, I should keep an eye out for him more often... hey, Joon-ah, help me carry him to bed”


Namjoon nodded his head and carried the sleeping Yoongi bridal style all the way into Seokjin and Yoongis shared bedroom where he plopped the older rapper down. Seokjin also lay down besides Yoongi, looking at the other members with raised eyebrows.


“Yes? You guys aren’t heading to bed yet?”


“Umm well...” Jimin started


“It kinda gets lonely.. uh in my room” Taehyung continued


“Maybe we can.. like...” Jungkook added, only to be cut off by Hoseok.


“Basically hyung, we wanted to ask if we can sleep here tonight.. you know, Bangtan bonding time.. haha”


Seokjin looked at the others with a mocking smile.


“Bangtan bonding time huh?”


“Y-Yeah hyung.. you know, so we can uhh... bond more as a .. um group” Namjoon stuttered.


Seokjin sighed before looking up with a smile.


“Basically, you guys can’t get over how cute Yoongi is and are jealous of me cuz I share a room with him”


The members all looked at Seokjin with shocked impressions.


“Um.. no.. I uhh”


“Get over here you dorks” Seokjin said with a laugh.


Within minutes, the beds where pushed together and all 7 members where squashed between two beds. Although it was a tight fit, they all felt comfortable, safe and secure.


They really should have more ‘Bangtan Bonding’ time in the future.

But for now, they shall just sleep, warm, cozy and peaceful with the presense of eachother.

Little did anyone know, Yoongi was awake the whole time, and felt his heart swell with love and warmness.

He sighed as he snuggled deeper into the cuddle pile.

Yoongi loved hugs and cuddles.
And he adored his bandmates/brothers just as much.