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Forest Fire

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At age four Midoriya's life would be turned upside down by a doctor's visit. It was a routine checkup to see if he had a quirk that was just hiding itself. He'd had his blood drawn for tests earlier in the month, and now that the results were in, he and his mother went to the doctor's office to learn what his quirk was. The doctor quickly informed them that Midoriya Izuku, despite having a quirk factor in his blood, would not be developing a quirk as it would not react to any stimulus. Midoriya's mind slowly began to process the information while his mother started crying for the loss of her sons dream. Steeling himself as best that a four year old can while crying, he turns and asks his mother, "Mama, do you think I can still be a hero?"

Crying slightly harder now, Midoriya Inko replied, "I don't know Izu-chan, but if anyone can, it's you."

While his mother had resolved to be supportive, his friends and peers at school turned out to be the opposite. They began to tease and ostracize Midoriya, stating that he was less than them because he was quirkless. Of these bullies, not hurt worse or hit harder, than Midoriya's former best friend Bakugou Katsuki, affectionately nicknamed "Kacchan". The young Bakugou had taken to beating Midoriya daily, and using his quirk in as many ways as he could think of to cause the other boy pain and fear. His quirk explosions, also began to take its toll on Midoriya Izuku's hearing, although the constant ringing in his head made it hard to tell. But of all the things that Bakugou would do, the name calling struck Midoriya the hardest, even more so with two nicknames. The first of those names was "Deku", which spawned from Bakugou's belief that the boy was too useless to be able to use his quirk, and that he was useless because he didn't have a quirk. The other insult that Bakugou would throw at Midoriya had a much different effect.

Midoriya had been called this many times by their classmates, but one day he started thinking more about it. Kacchan had called them a girl, and they know they're not a girl. So why, was Midoriya thinking that being called a girl suited them better than being called a boy. Midoriya doesn't even believe that they're allowed to think of themselves as a girl as everyone says they're a boy. These thoughts continue in the child's mind until they spill out into the world in the form of mumbling. Midoriya Inko, does her best to listen to the mumbling to see whats bother her child, but she can barely tell what they're saying. Wanting the best for her child and wanting to do the best to help them, the young mother asks her child what's on their mind. Izuku pauses, and then replies, "Kacchan called me something today, and I really think it applies to me."

"Izu-chan, you know only you get to decide what you are right? No matter how much Bakugou might say something, you are who you say you are."

"Even if I say something I'm not allowed to be?"

Thinking that her child is referring to being able to be a hero, Inko replies, "Of course Izu-chan. Would you like to say what you think you're not allowed to be?"

"I'm a girl like you mom, not a boy like everyone says."

Now it was Inko's turn to pause as that was not what she was expecting. But she remembers what one of her friends wished that their parents had said to them, and decides to do things right for her child. Smiling down towards the crying child in her lap, she says, "Well then, my beautiful daughter, what would you like to be called? There are a lot of people who think Izuku is a boy's name, but you don't have to keep it Izu-chan."

The younger Midoriya thinks for a moment before saying, "I want a girl's name to match me, but I also like it when you call me Izu-chan. Are there any girl names that have "Izu" in them?"

"How does Izumi sound?"

Midoriya Izumi makes a smile so bright it lights up the room before saying, "It's perfect Mommy" and giving her mother the largest hug she could muster.

The newly realized mother and daughter pair spent the rest of the day figuring out how to have Izumi transition, while also keeping her safe. They eventually decided on a three month period for Izumi to get used to her name and being treated like a girl before she would come out to her class in school. Part of those three months was Inko preparing the documents to get her daughter’s change of gender recognized by the school, a process she figured would take that long. As the time drew nearer and nearer, Inko’s nervousness grew, and Izumi’s courage swelled.

When the designated time came, Inko decided to ask her daughter one last time if she wanted to go through with this. Putting a smile on her face like her favorite hero, All Might, Izumi tells her mother that she will be fine. With that out of the way, Inko takes her daughter to school, stopping by the attendance office to remind them of Izumi’s new name. Izumi’s teacher takes care of the announcement, and before the class can erupt into chaos, a certain Bakugou Katsuki says, “Of course she’s a girl. She was too girly to be a boy anyways.” His comments naturally sets off some of the girls, while the rest of the class just nods in agreement. While she’s surprised that Kacchan stood up for her, Izumi is glad that the class accepted her.

Naturally, an announcement like that was something unheard of to most of the kids in that class, and it became the dinnertime conversation for many of their families. While some of the families were upset at Inko for what they believed was her forcing her son to be her daughter, the majority of them were amazed at Izumi’s courage to come out but otherwise indifferent. One family that was not indifferent however had their dinner abruptly interrupted by the father leaving to go to a bar.

This bar was more than just a standard restaurant, however, and as Kurogiri let the newcomer in, the villains inside shifted to provide him his usual spot. Then as Kurogiri took up his role as barkeeper, a job he’d done for years to forge connections in the underworld, he asked the newcomer his usual question, “Tsubasa, what would you like to drink?”
“Kurogiri, I’m going to need something strong enough to let me handle the Dragon’s anger.”

A hush falls over the bar as the villain in questions downs his drink, and glares at the mention of his name. “What did you do Tsubasa, that I need to hurt you for?”

“Oh it’s not what I’ve done, I’ve been keeping tabs on your son just like you asked. I only found out today that he’s been wearing girl’s clothes like some kind of degenerate.”

“What. Did. You. Just. Say?” Midoriya Hisashi asks, fire punctuating every word.

“You heard me. My son said he was also asking to be called a girl and that his name was Izumu or something like that now. Disgraceful.”

“You’re right. It is disgraceful. Kurogiri, I’ll be heading out. Do you remember my address?”

“Of course Dragon. What’s your plan?”

“I’ll be paying my sorry excuse of a family one final visit.”

A voice pipes up from a nearby tv set. Its warped and altered, but still intimidating. “I look forward to the results of your efforts Dragon. And Tsubasa, before you go?”

“Yes sir?” Tsubasa responds stiffly, his body straightening to match.

“How would like to have the power to kill All Might?”

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Ingenium was go pick up his brother from school when he got a call to respond to an apartment on fire. The fire department had stated that the fire had developed too quickly to not be caused by a quirk and the Turbo Hero was going to be the fastest response. The Team Idaten tech support patches him through to the firefighters on the scene as they begin the debrief. Iida Tensei’s job is to take point and search for survivors and the potential villain, while the firefighters take care of the fire and provide safe exit routes. Once the building is clear of people, the firefighters have a quirk that will allow them to completely smother the building, so Ingenium’s priority is to remove everyone as fast as possible. With that in mind, Tensei decides to activate his Recipro Burst skill to maximize his speed, despite the fact that that puts him on a time limit. Rushing in, Iida Tensei can’t help but wonder what started the fire.


A couple moments before the fire started, a young girl would come home from school to her loving mother. What the mother-daughter didn’t know, is that the girl’s father, Midoriya Hisashi, had been following her the moment that she left the school. When he invited himself into the Midoriya residence, Inko quickly sent the daughter to her room to start her homework. Subtly dialing 110, Inko then confronts Hisashi about his breach of his restraining order. Snarling, Hisashi responds, “I would’ve stayed away if Izuku wasn’t an abomination.”

Horrified, Inko begins to use her quirk to levitate every sharp object in her kitchen. Noticing this, Hisashi breathes fire at Inko’s hand, causing her to both drop her phone and the knives. Midoriya Hisashi then picks up Inko’s phone and decides to taunt the operator on the line before destroying the phone. “Everyone in this building will be dead before help can arrive, so don’t bother sending anyone.”

“You’d murder your own family because you don’t like transgender people?” Inko gasps.

“You stopped being family the moment you decided to go against nature.” The Dragon then takes a deep breath in, and then breathes out blue flames, torching everything thing in front of him, and burning Inko to death. When Inko’s screams finally die out, the Dragon then approaches the room with an All Might name card on it. The name card has “Izuku” crossed out and replaced with “Izumi”. Pausing to burn the part of the name card that says “Izumi”, Midoriya Hisashi opens the door to see his disowned child opening their window to escape. The Dragon then burns Izumi’s arms to halt her progress and begins to torture her. Izumi was known for crying often, but she had never cried as hard as she was then. When Hisashi pauses to catch his breath, Izumi begins to speak through her tears. “Why are you hurting me dad? Why are you acting like a monster?”

Midoriya Hisashi then picks up Izumi by her throat and growls, “I’m not your father anymore, and the only monster in this room is you, Izuku.” The Dragon then burns all of his hostage’s legs before dropping her, Izumi crumpling when her legs can’t support her weight. Izumi’s tear begin to flow harder than before, and Hisashi takes a deep breath knowing that he’s running out of time to make his escape. As he opens his mouth to set fire to all of his surroundings, darkness overtakes him briefly and he sets fire to the fireproof room at Kurogiri’s bar. When he exits the room, a teenage boy begins to laugh at him. The teenage boy then makes eye contact with the Dragon before saying, “Kurogiri was just telling me how he regrets having to pull you out early. I don’t. I like that I get to break out the failure assignments and give them to you.”

“Shut up Tomura and let me murder Kurogiri”

A voice comes from the bar, “Bold of you to assume you can kill me. Almost as bold as committing murder in the path of a speed based hero and taking your sweet time with it.”

At that response, Midoriya Hisashi resigns himself to his fate.


Ingenium is bursting through doors at a breakneck pace, grabbing civilians and relocating them to a safe area. The fire department is working on opening a safe route into what they believe is the origin of the fire, while also trying to control the fire as best as they can. When Ingenium clears the rest of the building of its inhabitants, he heads to the apartment the firefighters are making a path into. Helping the firefighters with the rubble, he spots a badly charred body and quickly rushes out of the building to bring her to the ambulance on standby. Upon getting the body into the ambulance, Tensei’s comms go off with the cries of “The villain is still in the origin! All personnel need to retreat to a safe distance.” Taking that as his cue, Ingenium runs back into the building searching the source apartment for any signs of the villain. Iida Tensei then hears a child crying and rushes towards that sound only to see what he recognizes as the Villain Dragon disappear into a shadow leaving only a crying girl in the room. Grabbing the girl, Ingenium rushes out of the building telling the girl that it’s alright and that she’s safe now. Ingenium gets the girl to the ambulances, and runs back into the building to see if there are any other villains. Following his sweep of the building, Ingenium gives the all clear to the firefighters, and uses his suit’s rocket boost to propel himself out of the building. Upon seeing Ingenium leave the building, the firefighters use their quirks to smother the building putting out the rest of the fire.

With his engines stalled and overheated, Ingenium decides to end his patrol, making a call to the local police force. When the hero liaison answers, Iida briefs him on the situation, and agrees to meet up with the detective in charge of the Dragon investigation at the hospital.


Izumi Midoriya opens her eyes to white walls and soft beeping. Tilting her head to one side she notices the hero Ingenium sitting in on a chair near her. Then suddenly the memories of what just happened flood in, and Izumi can’t help but start crying. At the sound of tears Iida Tensei approaches the hospital bed and begins to try to calm Izumi down. When Izumi calms down, Tensei decides to break the ice by asking her what her name is.
“Midoriya …” Izumi begins to say before Iida’s phone begins to ring. Fumbling to turn off the phone, Tensei turns and says, “Sorry about that Midoriya, that was my younger brother. He’s about your age by the way. Do you mind if I bring him up here as one of my sidekicks just dropped him off for me?”

“Not at all Ingenium-san, I’m sorry if I prevented you from picking him up” Izumi states formally.

“Wow, I’m surprised you recognized me in my civilian clothes, and if it makes you feel better you are not what kept me from picking up my brother Tenya. This is unfortunately a frequent thing for me, given my chosen profession. However he is going to have to wait a bit as we need to have a talk with the nurses about your injuries.”

As if on cue, a nurse opens the door to speak with them. After he takes Midoriya’s vitals, he then goes into detail about the injuries she sustained. She has varying degrees of burn scars all over her body, most notably on her forearms, her legs, and her right ear. The scarring in her right ear left her deaf in that ear, in part due to some signs of earlier damage to the eardrum. Her arms suffered second degree burns, and she will have to some physical therapy to regain her usual range of motion. Her legs were more severely burned, and she will have to go through a lot more physical therapy to regain full function of them, on top of being confined to a wheelchair for some time. Her throat also suffered some damage, which will make it harder for her to talk loudly and will cause her pain if she talks for long periods of time. All of this was a lot to take in for the seven year old, who started crying. Through the tears Izumi just had one question for the nurse, “Is my mom ok? He got to her first and I stopped hearing her voice.”

A solemn “no” from the nurse was all it took for Izumi’s world to shatter.

After Izumi’s tears die down, a knock is heard at the door. Tensei opens the door to reveal a detective from the police force. The detective introduces himself as Detective Naomasa, and asks Midoriya if they are willing to answer questions about what happened to them. When Izumi nods a yes, the detective turns to Ingenium and says, “Your brother is distraught in the hallway, you may want to go comfort him.”

Ingenium asks Izumi if she’s comfortable with him leaving, and he doesn’t waste a second getting to his brother when she says yes. The detective then asks what Midoriya remembers of the incident. Midoriya responds that she remembers that her mother stopped screaming before her dad came into her room. Then she remember her father burning her as her house caught on fire. Putting pieces together in the moment, Izumi asks the detective if anyone else in the apartment complex got hurt. Easing her concerns swiftly, the detective explains how Ingenium evacuated all of the other inhabitants before they got injured. This seemed to calm Izumi down, and detective Naomasa took the opportunity to ask the questions that he thinks will lead him to the best chance of an answer.

“I need to ask a couple of questions just to confirm some information with you about what happened.”

A short nod from Izumi indicates that he can continue.

“Your father was responsible for the fire?”

“Yes” (Truth), Detective Naomasa’s quirk tells him.

“Do you know his name and quirk?”

“Midoriya Hisashi and his quirk is fire breathing” (Truth)

“Are you ok with me showing a picture of your father to confirm his identity?”

“Yes” (Unsure)

“I can tell you’re nervous about it, so please tell me if I need to stop.”

“I will” (Truth)

Showing her a picture of the Dragon, he asks her if this is her father.

“Yes,” Midoriya says tears welling up, “Thats my father” (Truth)

Quickly taking the phone away, Naomasa then asks, “Do you know why he was there?”

“No” (Lie)

“Now is the point where I should inform you that my quirk lets me tell truths from lies. Did you lie because you don’t want to talk about it?”

“No, I lied because I’m the reason he killed mom” (Truth)

At that confession, both Naomasa’s and a listening in Tensei’s hearts shiver.

“Listen to me Midoriya. The only one to blame for your mother’s death is the man that murdered her. Whatever reason he used to make you feel the blame is not legitimate. You did not take action to kill your mother, he did. You are at no fault and I am certain your mother would say the same.” At Naomasa’s words, it seems a small burden lifts off of Midoriya’s shoulders, but only barely.

“Are you ok with telling me what he said that made you think it was your fault?”

“He said I was a monster, and then he called me Izuku instead of Izumi. I think he’s one of those people who think my mom was hurting me by letting me be a girl.” (Truth)

Momentarily stunned by the kid’s awareness, Naomasa turns to Midoriya and says “You’ve been very helpful Midoriya, I’m so sorry something like this had to happen to a kid like you. I need to talk to Ingenium alone about some things, but can I make a request? Ingenium’s younger brother was just outside, can he come in here and talk to you?”

“Only if I can talk to him about his brother as well.”

Chuckling, Naomasa responds, “Oh you two are going to get along just fine then” before he opens the door and explains the situation to the Iidas. Closing the door on the two children, Naomasa relays the information about the case to Ingenium. Since the Dragon is involved in the case that is All Might’s top priority, Izumi will need protective custody. At this, Tensei volunteers his hero family, as they can provide a family to Izumi, while also keeping her safe. Naomasa chuckles before asking if they were ready for something like this. Blushing, Tensei reveals that he’s been working through the process of adopting a child, so this doesn’t really change much. “Depending on how far you are in the system, we may be able to streamline this process.”

“Oh that’s good, but before I do this, I should ask Tenya and Izumi if they’re ok with this.”

“That’s probably for the best,” Naomasa responds while opening the door to Izumi’s hospital room.

When the two adults enter the room, Tenya quickly runs over to his brother telling him about how smart and nice Izumi is. A flustered Izumi quickly states that “Ten-kun” is also very smart and kind and very respectful. After a quick tease to his younger brother about the nickname, Tensei then explains that Midoriya will need protective custody, and then Tenya quickly volunteers his family with the exact same words that Tensei used with Naomasa. At this, Tensei reveals that that was his plan before asking Izumi if she would like to be a part of their family. While Izumi is hesitant, her fears are quickly dispelled when Tenya explains that the heroes in his family will be able to fend for themselves, and Tensei explains when he reveals that he was planning on adopting a child soon. With that settled, Naomasa leaves to sort everything out giving the family some time alone with their newest member.

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Upon moving into the Iida household, Izumi’s life changed a lot. For starters, she was pulled out of school to make it easier for her to go to physical therapy, but she would continue her education through a private tutor. Her lessons were catered to follow Tenya’s schoolwork, mainly so that they could do homework together, but with Izumi’s hearing in mind, the entire Iida family was present for the sign language lessons. Since the physical therapy was at the local hospital, Izumi needed at least one member of the Idaten agency to come with her, although generally that ended in the more soft hearted members crying while seeing Izumi struggle to support her own weight. With these two processes becoming the standard for Izumi’s life, the rest of the Iida household quickly adapted to her addition. But without school, Izumi ended up with a lot of free time on her hands. With nothing else to do Izumi developed a penchant for helping around the house, with her favorites being cooking and gardening. Fortunately for Izumi, the rest of the Iida family would also takes steps to fill her free time.




In Tenya’s case, he would bring his friends over to the house more often. The first time he did this though, his friends opened up by talking about their quirks, which Izumi enjoyed, up until they asked her what her quirk was. At this Izumi withdrew into herself, before deciding to bite the bullet and say that she’s quirkless. Tenya then goes into full detail explaining that Izumi has a latent quirk, but Izumi cuts him off saying, “If you wouldn’t like me being quirkless, don’t pretend to like me. I’m not going to deal with people like that again.”


This leads Tenya and some of the other kids to gasp in shock before one of them quietly says, “My cousin is quirkless too, if any of you think Izumi’s not friendship material because of this, you can stop counting me as a friend as well.”


At this, Izumi explained that her previous school had enabled her bullies, most predominantly her childhood friend Kacchan, into bullying her because she was deemed useless by them. She stated that she often could not wait to get home to get away from their tortures, and she does not want to feel unsafe at her home.


This emboldened Tenya to defend his pseudo-sister and say, “I will provide rides home to those who think like that. I think friendships should be based off of the character of the person, not what kind of quirk they have.”


Two of the ten people there left, as they let the others know that they agreed that quirkless people were useless, and while this was more than Tenya was expecting, as this was his first experience with quirk discrimination, it was way less than Izumi was expecting, and she started crying tears of joy. At the tears, the two girls in the group gave Izumi a big hug, before pulling the rest of the group into the hug.




Tensei’s friends also decided to visit when they heard there was a new addition to the family. They also got a surprise when Izumi recognized them as being Present Mic, Midnight, and Manual, despite them all being rather new heroes. Izumi instantly had bombarded them with questions about their quirks, asking if Mic can go into ranges that humans can’t hear, if Midnight can store the pheromones she creates for later to make sleep grenades or to use a lot of her pheromones all at onces, and if there’s a limit to how much water Manual can control. This led to Midnight claiming Izumi as her new favorite child, and asking Tensei if she can take over the protective custody from him. Izumi got upset at the possibility of being removed from her new family, and Tensei told her that it isn’t happening, but Midnight is welcome to babysit if she’s ever available. Izumi then signed at Tensei if she could leave to go to the restroom, and when she leaves to do so, Present Mic looks at him and says, “Two questions. Since when do you know sign language?”


Tensei then explains that Izumi has had some hearing loss recently and that the whole Iida family has been learning sign language in case she loses all of her hearing. Yamada Hizashi also takes this as que to be extra careful with his quirk before then saying, “Second question. Tenya-chan never called you big brother, how did Izumi-chan start doing that?”


Tensei pauses for just a second, but that second is all it takes for the teasing to start.




Another part of being a member of the Iida family is that Izumi began to be taken to hero events. While initially excited at the chance to see many pro heroes, Izumi did not like how loud and crowded these events were. Knowing her discomfort, Iida took her over to the quiet area where the other kids her age met up. Izumi quickly got along with the other girl in that group, Yaoyorozu Momo, quickly nicknamed Yaomomo by Izumi, prompting the other girl to follow suit and call her Izu-chan. When Izumi started tearing up at the nickname, Momo asked if she should not call her by that, to which Izumi stated that its ok, just that the last person to call her that died horribly, but hearing the nickname again made her feel happy. This led Iida to try his hand at calling Izumi, Izu-chan, but his insistence to speak formally led him to call her Izu-chan-kun, which made everyone in that group laugh. Iida then asked if he should not, which led to Izumi saying that its cute because it’s his own unique twist to it, and Momo saying that he could call her Yaomomo-kun.


Izumi’s drive to be a hero would actually be reignited by Momo at a future event. Izumi was out of her wheelchair and while she still had a cane to support her weight, she was doing better each day. This prompted Yaomomo to ask what Izumi planned to do when she had her full range of motion back. Izumi responded that she was planning on studying martial arts so that she could become a hero. Yaoyorozu then asks Izumi if she can train with her as her quirk will really only suit a hero that knows how to fight, calling it similar to Izumi’s future support gear. Izumi breaks into her trademark tears as this is the first time someone has actually thought she could be a hero. Momo doesn’t know quite why Izumi burst into tears and decides to try to comfort her while figuring out what made her cry.


“What did you say that made my sister cry?” Iida’s voice snaps from behind her. Momo begins to panic because she doesn’t know either.


“Ten-kun, it’s ok,” Izumi says between sobs, “She’s just the first person to think I’ll actually be able to be a hero in the future.”


“Wait Izu-chan-kun, you want to be a hero too? Wonderful! I think you will be an amazing hero. Brother is always complaining about the heroes who rely too much on their quirk, what better way to fix that than a hero without a quirk.”


Izumi looks at her two friends with a mixture of hope and determination before pulling them into a hug and whispering gratitude into their ears.




The other part of being a member of the Iida family was the Idaten agency. As a member of the family, Izumi would spend a lot of time there, as it owned by the family and it was responsible for her protection. Sometimes she would be there while waiting for one of the adults, other times she was there to bring the workers there food from home that she had helped cook, and more often than not, she was there because a hero wasn’t able to babysit her. None of this bothered her, and the Idaten agency was one of her favorite places to be anyways. Even living with heroes did nothing to quell Midoriya’s love for heroics and quirks and she could often be found talking to one of the sidekicks working there about their quirk and how they use it. The sidekicks there had no problems with humoring the young girl, often excited to have a fan to talk to as Izumi was more often than not of their first. Finding Izumi at the quirk training room became a running joke in the agency, since whoever Izumi ended up talking to ended up wanting to show off their quirk. And as the years went by, Izumi became more familiar with all the quirks at the Idaten agency, to the point where she started asking if the heroes working there could use their quirks in the same way as other heroes.


A wind hero, whose quirk let them generate gusts of wind in a wide area around them was asked whether or not they could use that to make protective walls like Cementoss.


A hero with metal bird wings was asked if they could use their wings a mirrors to provide light in darker areas like the mirror hero.


Present Mic, while not a member of Idaten, was asked whether or not he could create pressure waves with his voice like All Might.


An electric sidekick was asked if they could keep their hands charged to make their opponents less likely to try to block hits, similar to a hero whose quirk let them turn their hands into knives.


Manual, who was there to get documents from a teamup, was asked if he could control water in tiny streams the way that Edgeshot controls his body.


Eventually, it became common knowledge that if Izumi had a question for you, its because she saw a hero whose quirk reminded her of yours and she’s curious. It also became a unwritten rule to go along with it, as while most of the time it didn’t work the way she thought, the times it did led to incredibly useful moves such as the wind shields, which that hero would become known for.




Izumi’s quirk would make itself manifest the same way latent quirks usually manifest themselves, when the user is scared and panicking. No one however, could’ve predicted that she would’ve been surrounded by heroes when that happened.


The hero ranking ceremony was the talk of the year, and everyone was looking forward to it. While the results were never given out beforehand, heroes were informed roughly of their position in the ceremony so they would know when to stop their patrol. Ingenium received a letter stating that he made it to the top 50 that year, which puts him in the final bracket. Naturally, this got Izumi excited since that would mean she would get to see her brother ascend the rankings, and her favorite hero outside of her family, All Might, get crowned the number one hero in person.


Izumi was bouncing for joy nonstop while she and Tenya went to look for their friend Momo. Momo’s family was also invited to the final awards bracket, and they were all very excited to see each other again. Momo ended up noticing the two pseudo-siblings first, in part thanks to Izumi’s constant movement, and ran over to hug Izumi. Noticing Momo running towards them, Izumi leaps toward her, having regained her full strength. As this was Yaoyorozu’s first time seeing Izumi upon her completing physical therapy there was a bit of shock, but that shock quickly turned to joy for her friend’s recovery. The friends quickly moved to a place where they could see better, just in time for the awards to start. Izumi names the quirk of each hero as they come onto the stage, which impresses the two near her, despite them being used to it. Eventually Ingenium takes his place as the 28th highest in the country, prompting cheers from Izumi, Iida, and Momo. The awards ceremony takes an intermission after they name the 26th highest, a hero with red wings and the only one Izumi didn’t recognize yet.


The trio of friends go to make their way back to their family but stop when Izumi notices a boy with red and white hair slightly limping. Izumi stops them and they make their way over to help the boy, who Yaoyorozu recognizes as Todoroki Shouto, the son of the hero Endeavor. Tenya first tells the boy that he shouldn’t walk around with that limp untreated, and offers to help support his weight until they can find someone to help him. Todoroki initially refuses the help, but as soon as he stumbles Tenya grabs him and lifts Todoroki’s arm around his shoulder. The two girls ask if they can look at his leg to see if there is anything that needs to be done immediately, and Todoroki refuses more profusely, shifting his weight uncomfortably. Sensing his discomfort, and noticing the burn on his face, Izumi tries to gain his trust by showing him the burns hidden under her sleeve. This shocks Todoroki into stopping his protest, not having seen burns this bad, even on himself. Izumi reaches to lift up Todoroki’s pant leg when a hand lands on her back, and a threatening voice asks her what’s she doing.


Izumi jumps in fright and turns around to only see fire. Suddenly memories of the day her father burned her flood to her head and all she can think is that she wants is the fire to go away. It does, but she doesn’t notice and continues panicking. To everyone else looking on, they would see a young girl curled up in a ball in front of Endeavor while the flames that make up his costume fly away from him. Endeavor, embarrassed about his appearance starts shaking the girl in front of him, which only worsens her panic and causes her limbs to burst into green flames. Endeavor backs off at that, finally noticing that he is making the situation worse, and the other kids at the scene start calling out to Izumi saying that he’s gone now. A different hero, one clad in black stares at Izumi and when his hair begins to float, the flames around her stop, and Endeavor’s flames go back to normal. With the fire stopped, Momo and Tenya rush in to hug Izumi, and the physical contact is enough to ground her back to reality. When Izumi’s breathing returns to normal, the man in black blinks and his hair falls down. He applies eyedrops before approaching the girl to tell her to get her quirk under better control in the future. Izumi’s looks at him like he’s insane before asking, “But I don’t have a quirk, it’s supposed to be latent, but it hasn’t manifested yet.”


“Wow, you must have been really panicking to miss your own quirk manifesting. But I suppose I can’t really fault you for not being in control of a quirk you just got.” Saying that, the man turns back to the crowd to split up the people watching. Izumi turns to her friends and asks, “What just happened?”


“Exactly what the man said,” Tenya explains, “Your quirk let you control and push away Endeavor’s flames, and then you burst into flames.”


“I have a quirk,” Izumi states in disbelief, tearing up.


“You have a quirk,” Momo says, hugging the still frightened girl. All of a sudden, Izumi snaps back to normal, looking around. When she asks where Todoroki went, Momo states that his father took him with him when he left the scene. Izumi looks a bit defeated before saying, “His leg was freshly burnt.”


The other two children gasp, and out of nowhere, Iida Tensei slides into the area they’re in. He states that one of his high school friends told him what happened, and stated that both him and mama Iida think that they should just head home. Izumi, still frightened, agrees without any complaint.

Chapter Text

Three years later, Izumi and Tenya head to UA to take the entrance exam. They both know that Momo made it into the hero program through recommendations, and they made a promise to join it with her. Izumi's quirk, Pryokinesis, has been trained to the point where it's hard to tell that she got her quirk only three years prior, and Tenya's quirk is starting to surpass his brother's in terms of potential. With their quirks, some martial arts training in Northern Shaolin Kung Fu and Taekwondo for Izumi and Iida respectively, and a lot of studying courtesy of Yaoyorozu, the two feel prepared to take the entrance exam. They’ve already taken the written exam and while they're certain they passed that, they still have to pass the practical exam. Arriving ahead of schedule, the pair find seats close to the front, despite the staff's warning not to sit too close. As soon as Izumi notices Present Mic walk on stage, she takes out her hearing aids and grabs Tenya's silencing headphones. Iida is appalled by what he describes as Izumi's disrespect for the presenter, only to regret his words as soon as Present Mic opens his mouth.


Present Mic explains the exam, and that they have have to take down various robots in a mock city battle. Each of the robots is worth either 1, 2, or 3 points, and the top 36 scorers will be accepted into the hero program. Iida's hand goes straight up after Mic begins the next section, and Present Mic, desperate for any audience participation lets him ask his question right them.


“Sir, you mentioned only three types of robots, and yet there are four types of robots listed on the pamphlet. It seems unlike U.A. to make a printing error, or are these pamphlets reused from a year when there were 4 robots?” Iida shouts, standing perfectly straight.


“Ah, I forgot about the Zero Pointer, good catch! The fourth robot is worth zero points and is only meant to be an obstacle in your path. You will gain no points for defeating one of these, so don't worry about them!”


Present Mic carries on with his presentation after this, ending with telling everyone where to find out which testing center to go to. Iida and Midoriya are unsurprised by having different testing centers, and make their way towards the buses. When they get outside, Izumi trips, and instead of falling just floats there.


“Sorry about using my quirk without warning you, but it would be bad luck if you fell. Well, good luck on your exam!” a brown haired girl says, “My name is Uraraka Ochako, what's yours?”


“Midoriya Izumi, but you can call me Izumi if you want. Thank you catching my fall Uraraka-chan,” Izumi replies cheerfully. A cough from Iida gets the two girls moving again and they get on the buses to the various zones. All of the students get out of the bus and start stretching and preparing for the practical. Then with no warning at all, Present Mic's voice cuts across the silence yelling “START!” and all of the gates open simultaneously. When no one moves, Present Mic shouts “There are no countdowns in real life! Get moving little listeners!”


Everyone takes that as their cue to scramble past the gates and into the fray. Izumi looks around for whatever robots she can see. At some point, she settles into a strategy, utilizing her fire in different ways for each robot type. The one pointers are easily dispatch by melting their tires and using the remaining flames to create tiny streams that melt their circuitry. The two pointers are harder to deal with as they have shields, but Izumi gets around this by sending her fire up and then bringing it down on top of the robots. The three pointers are the most resilient, still a challenge even after their rear tires are melted. Izumi manages to take out a few of these by manipulating the fire they create into blowing up the robot when it tries to shoot her. This strategy carries her through the exam, but she also takes the time to help out the other examinees, giving them a boost if they're in a tough place by melting some part of the robot or destroying the robot herself if it looks like the other examinee won't be able to destroy it. Eventually the test gets close to the end, and Izumi has taken out eleven one pointers, eight two-pointers, and four three pointers, giving her a combined score of 39 points. Present Mic calls ten minutes remaining, and the buildings near Izumi collapse. Out of the center of the wreckage, a massive robot with a giant zero painted on emerges and begins to move towards the fleeing examinees.


Izumi turns to run away as well, and as she does so, she notices the girl from before, Uraraka Ochako stuck under rubble in the path of the giant robot. Izumi runs over to help her, trying to move the rubble so she doesn't get hurt. When the robot gets closer and Izumi still can't get the rubble off of Uraraka, she steps back and unleashes as much fire as she can at the robot. Izumi's thoughts run haywire, and she begins to realize that the robot isn't that affected by her fire.


“I can't increase the amount of fire out of my arms as they're hurting too much to not be at their limit. The scars on my legs aren't hurting as much so I should be able to get a good boost of them, but the head’s to far away for me to do any fine control. Unless I can get up to the head,” Izumi mumbles before stopping all her fire suddenly. Just as suddenly as the fire stopped, it starts up in her legs again, a massive tornado of green fire propelling the young girl skywards. When she gets to the robot's head, she grabs on to it, and plants her feet before unleashing the cone of fire again, turning the armored head into an oven for the electric circuits inside, melting the interior. When nothing controls the robots movement, it lurches and Midoriya Izumi loses her grip and goes flying off the robot, this time without any control. Midoriya twists in midair and prepares to do a final burst of fire, before her fall is interrupted by a slap from Uraraka, who managed to free herself from the rubble.


Uraraka lets the two of them down, and they both face the side effects of overusing their quirks, with Uraraka throwing up, and Izumi passing out from the pain she's feeling. Uraraka watches over Izumi and it doesn't take long for Present Mic to shout “Time's Up!” and end the exam. When Uraraka notices Recovery Girl making the rounds, she waves her over. Recovery Girl patches the two of them up and Izumi flutters back in consciousness. The elderly hero then scolds the two about overusing their quirks and then gives them gummies before telling them to take it easy getting home. The two girls walk back together and take the time to chat.


“So how exactly does your quirk work?” Izumi asks

“Oh, I can make any object I touch with my fingers float. However, the more I lift, or if I lift myself, I get really nauseous and throw up. I had to throw up after catching your fall, so I know at least that I've extended my limit a little bit.”


“It has to be your fingers, that explains why you couldn't do anything for the rubble pinning your arms in place.”


“Yeah, once you got my arms free, I could save myself so thank you for that,” Uraraka punctuates her gratitude with a blinding smile, “Now it's your turn. How does your quirk work and is passing out like that normal for you?”


“I can create, manipulate, and dispel fire. I can only create fire from, um, certain parts of my body, like my arms and legs, but it also causes me pain the more fire I produce. I think I just passed out from the pain, which I haven't done in a year.” If Uraraka noticed Izumi's hesitation before saying “certain parts”, she didn't say anything.


“Don't fire quirk users have immunity to burns though? Why do your legs and arms look like they have burn scars?”


Izumi panickes at this because she didn't realize she burned through the clothes covering her arms and legs. Hiding her arms behind her back, Izumi replies “These are from before I got my quirk, I was kind of a late bloomer.”


“That's alright then, I couldn't imagine what you had to go through to get those, but you have my sympathy. You also seem a bit uncomfortable having them visible, would you like to borrow my jacket until we get back?”


“Thank you for that. I've had them for a long time but I really don't like people looking at them. But the scars are the certain places I mentioned when I was talking about my quirk so I may have to get used to the stares.”


The two girls swap jackets before heading back to the buses and grabbing the rest of their stuff. Once they've changed into their normal outfits, they hand each other their respective jackets before saying goodbye. Iida meets up with Izumi outside of the changing rooms and the two head to where Tensei said he was going to wait for the two of them. The two quickly pile into the car and talk about the test with Tensei. Tenya says that he got 55 points, and Izumi says that she only got 39 points. Tensei then asks the pair if either of them helped anyone else, and while Tenya says he helped a few people while he was looking for robots, Izumi says she helped everyone she could, and she took down the zero pointer to prevent a girl from getting run over by it. Tensei's head whips back so fast it give Izumi whiplash.


“You took down the Zero Pointer?!” Tensei shouts


“Eyes on the road!” Tenya shouts at his brother.


When Tensei's focus returns to the road, Izumi reveals that she took down the zero pointer, but at the cost of passing out when she landed. Tensei doesn't have any words for Izumi, but he unlocks his phone and hands it to her. Izumi looks at the screen and it shows two messages.


Presentation Micheal: One Of The Examinees Managed To Take Down The Zero Pointer! You've Gotta Watch The Footage With Me!


Human Disaster (Midnight edition): I call dibs on your sister


“Wait is Midnight a teacher? Is that why she's calling dibs? She thinks I can get in?” Izumi asks upon reading the messages.


“Definitely kiddo. It sounds like she thinks you're in, but I know she's not actually in the selection process. We'll have to wait and see when the letters come in next week, but I think you both did a fantastic job, regardless of whether or not you made it.”


The week of waiting proves to be more stressful than the two thought, and when the letters finally come Midoriya jumps for joy and Tenya sighs in relief. The two agree to have Izumi go first, and she opens her envelope to reveal a projector. She presses play on the device and squeaks when it opens up to an image of All Might.


“I am Here! in the form of a projection!” All Might says, “Midoriya Izumi, you scored 93% on the written exam and you got 39 villain points in the practical exam. While your written exam scores were high enough to consider your practical scores, 39 villain points was not enough to place you into the hero program.”


At that revelation from All Might, Izumi starts crying, and All Might speaks again.


“However, the practical exam does not only offer you villain points. You can also gain rescue points for helping out your fellow examinees, as decided by our panel of judges. You, Midoriya Izumi, earned a perfect rescue score for helping 24 other students with the point robots and for protecting a fellow examinee from the zero pointer by stopping it! Those actions earned you an additional 60 points to your score, which not only gets you into the hero course, it also means you placed first in the entrance exam!” All Might steps aside to reveal the scoreboard and Izumi notices her name at the top, and Tenya's name at 7th place.


“You made it as well Ten-Kun!” Izumi shouts at her brother


“As expe-” Tenya starts, before All Might cuts him off.


“So Midoriya Izumi, you will be joining me this year at UA. It will be your first year of high school and my first year teaching there. Together we will work towards a more peaceful future! Plus Ultra!”


“Plus Ultra!” The two kids shout back at the recording. They also watched Tenya's video, which revealed that his true score was 65 points. The teens then shared their results with their family, and later on with Yaoyorozu.


Hero Hopefuls


Screw the Rules: Me and Tenya made it into UA


Yaomomo: Congrats! I look forward to classes with you!


Iida Tenya: Yaoyorozu-kun. Do you know what class you are in? Me and Izu-chan-kun are in Class 1-A.


Yaomomo: Wonderful! I am also in Class 1-A. We should try to sit together


Screw the Rules: happydance.gif


Screw the Rules: Well, I will be sitting in the front right seat so I can hear properly. Though that won't matter for Present Mic's class, if he teaches first years


Yaomomo: I will be arriving early, so I will take the seat next to you, and keep other people from taking your seat so you don't have to kick anyone out


Screw the Rules: Thank you, Yaomomo, you're a goddess. See you at UA soon


Yaomomo: It's no problem Izu-chan, I'm happy to help!


Iida Tenya: Well then, it is late, and we need to get our sleeping schedules ready for school. Have a good night's sleep you too.

Chapter Text

The first thing on Midoriya’s and Iida’s minds was that UA has very large doors. From the gargantuan front doors, to the ten foot tall doors that led into class 1-A. It was obvious that they were used to incredibly tall people, but it was still intimidating for the 5’2” girl to see doors quite literally twice her height. Beyond the massive doors, was a familiar face. Yaoyorozu Momo was sitting in the second seat from the right, and she quickly perked up upon seeing her friend enter the classroom. The three kids began to chat, and the rest of the class trickled in in the minutes before the bell rang. A couple of familiar faces began to appear amongst the 17 other students.


The first of these faces was Todoroki Shouto. Iida tried to talk to the bicolored teen, only to be met with a cold glare. Yaoyorozu then explained that he was like that at the recommendation exam, but she didn’t know why he didn’t want to talk to anyone. Midoriya decided to take things into her own hands and just left a note on his desk asking if his leg was ok. The only indication that he read the note was the room temperature decreasing and the tightening of the scowl that Todoroki wears.


The next familiar face was Bakugou Katsuki. While Midoriya recognized her elementary school tormentor, he did not appear to recognize her. When he put his feet up on the desk, Iida left his desk to scold Bakugou, and Yaoyorozu turned to Midoriya to ask why she was muttering “Please don’t recognize me.”


“That was Kacchan,” Midoriya explained, “He used to bully me because my quirk didn’t come in when I was four. Hopefully he’s changed Yaomomo, but I don’t know yet if he has.”


The next familiar face came right before the bell. Uraraka Ochako slid into class and settled into the chair next to Iida and behind Yaoyorozu. She thanked Midoriya again for saving her from the zero point robot, which caused Yaoyorozu to gasp suddenly, and Uraraka began to elaborate for the shocked girl. Ochako was cut off by what could only be described as a yellow caterpillar saying, “If you’re here to socialize, leave the premises, otherwise, quiet down.”


When the mad scramble to their seats ended, the yellow caterpillar exited his cocoon, and instead of a butterfly, a homeless looking man in a scarf emerged. Without so much as flinching the man said, “I am Aizawa Shouta, your homeroom teacher, put these on and meet me outside,” while pointing to a stack of gym uniforms. All of the girls grabbed their respective uniforms and walked to the locker room together. Midoriya ducked off to change in a different area than the rest of the girls, only to hear a shocked gasp from behind her when she took off her uniform top. Turning around, she sees a girl with long green hair tied in a bow, making eye contact with her. The girl quickly recovers and says, “Sorry for staring, I was looking for a private place to change, and I walked in on you and I saw your scars, are you ok?”


“Yeah, I’m ok, the scars are from a long time ago, and I’ve since moved to a safe place. If you don’t mind just me, you can change here as well. I won’t pry or look and we can change back to back.”


The girl took up Midoriya on her offer and introduced herself as Asui Tsuyu, asking to be called Tsu-chan. Midoriya then asked her new friend to call her Izu-chan in return. The two girls left the locker room together, and when everyone was outside, Aizawa explained why they were outside and not at the entrance ceremony.


“At UA, I can teach however I want. So instead of listening to some ceremony, we are getting straight to work. You all have probably done physical fitness tests where you have been told not to use your quirks. Today, we are going to do one with your quirks so I can understand where you are physically when you are able to use them.”


“Ooo, sounds fun!” A voice in the back called out.


“Fun?” Aizawa asks menacingly, “Fun is not the purpose of today's test. In fact, now that I seem to understand that some of you are here for fun, let me change the terms of the test. Whoever comes in last place will be expelled.”


A hush falls over the students, and Aizawa uses the silence to start the exercise. He calls up Bakugou Katsuki, the student with the most villain points and has him demonstrate his shot put throw. The explosive boy lets out a rather large explosion from his palms, and the ball goes flying. A couple students begin to wonder how they'll know how far it's gone, but their train of thought is interrupted by a beep from Aizawa's phone.


“705 meters is a far cry better from anything you did in middle school, now it's time for all of you to put your quirks to the test and find your true limits,” the teacher states, “Let's begin, Plus Ultra.”


The tests continue from there with some clear outstanding results. Iida takes first place in both of the running tests, to no one's surprise. Yaoyorozu creates a scooter to last the endurance events, to the envy of the rest of the class. The rest of the class does the ball throw, and while Midoriya and Yaoyorozu get close to Bakugou's score with their respective firepower, no one can beat Uraraka, who sends the ball into orbit with her quirk, giving her the first infinity score. The long jump has a couple students creating infinity scores by proving they can fly. However when Midoriya Izumi does it, her quirk cuts out midway and she tumbles into the sand. Izumi picks herself up, confused as to her lost control, before she noticed the death glare her teacher had trained on her.


“I've removed your quirk,” the instructor says, “I know you can fly, I've seen the footage of your practical exam. But I've also seen your file, and I know you would've collapsed afterwards due to the pain that causes you. Are you going to insist on adding yourself to the list of people your fellow heroes would need to save, or are you going to make yourself useful at all times? You have your quirk back, use it wisely this time around. I need you conscious to finish the tests.”


Izumi's mind races with different ways for her to use her quirk, before inspiration comes to her in the form of one of her classmates. She jumps up off the board, and instead of propelling heeself in one giant blaze like she did at the entrance exam, Izumi opts for short bursts of fire, propelling her over the line, and earning her an infinity score for the exercise. The tests wrap up shortly after that, and Aizawa reveals how everyone ranked in the tests. At number one is Yaoyorozu, which prompts a congratulatory hug from Midoriya. Aizawa dismisses everyone back to class, and everyone heads back except for Midoriya, Iida, and Bakugou, the latter two staying back at the request of Midoriya.


“Aizawa-sensei, since this test is for you to get a grasp on the physical limits of our quirks, I have one more aspect of my quirk I couldn't show you in those tests. I can boost the power of quirks that use fire, such as Bakugou's and Iida's. Can we have them take a test again, but with me boosting their power?”


“And here I thought everyone planned for themselves. Go on, Bakugou, you will do the ball throw again, and Iida will redo the mile run.”


Bakugou throws again and gets a score of 1408 meters before he mentions that he didn't feel any of his quirks usual kickbacks. Bakugou is dismissed back to class after he says something about “being able to kill more efficiently”, and Iida steps up to the starting line. Iida's initial score on the mile run was 2 minutes and 47 seconds, and his boosted score ended up being 1 minute 33 seconds. Iida chalked it up to Midoriya letting him switch between gears faster at the beginning, as well as turning his exhaust into thrust. Aizawa dismisses the two students back to class, before calling out to the figure in the shadows.


“Did you really think I wouldn't notice you? Even this skeletal form of yours stands out of a crowd.”


“I could give you the same disbelief. You expelled your entire class last year, and this year went back on that threat with the phrase 'logical ruse’. What changed your mind?”


“Potential, All Might, potential. You see, unlike you, I don't see recklessness as the hallmark of a hero, but a failing point. And yet the most reckless scorer on the exam, showed me she doesn't just have potential, she has the most potential of her entire class. I'm not expelling anyone yet, although Mineta has a strike for sexual harassment he thinks I didn't notice. I'd like to quell that before he gets expelled because otherwise he's going to be a problem for other people.”


“Aizawa-senpai, I must apologise. I judged you to be heartless, and it seems you have the biggest heart on the staff here.”


“I am not paid enough to deal with anything you just said ever again. I don't have a heart, and there's something terrifying about a man twice my age calling me senpai.”

Chapter Text

The second day of UA is was a series of new classes, such as English being taught by Present Mic, who Midoriya instantly revealed her connection to by calling him uncle Mic. Somehow the class didn’t realize that Midoriya and Iida were related when Iida also called him uncle Mic. The disaster of English class led into a different kind of disaster when All Might came in and announced that he would be teaching them heroics. All Might quickly gave them all their hero costumes and told them to get dressed and head to one of the training grounds. The excitement of All Might’s presence combined with the excitement of their hero costumes kept most of the teens from noticing that their teacher, the Symbol of Peace, was fumbling his words.


Izumi’s costume wasn’t much to look at, as she had spent more time thinking of the requirements of the fabric than how she wanted the clothes to be cut. Tensei and Tenya helped her design a rather simple jumpsuit that highlighted her green hair. The green jumpsuit was made out of a composite material that would allow her to be protected and not bother her scars, but also not get burned up whenever her quirk activates. The jumpsuit was highlighted by a hood and face mask for the purpose of hiding or protecting her face, and well as specially designed elbow guards and boots to augment her quirk. The armor was styled after the Ingenium armor style, but they also had mechanisms in them to allow Izumi to mimic both Tensei’s and Tenya’s quirk, and she felt it was a nice homage to the family that saved her.


Izumi and Tsuyu wasted no time on complimented their shared choice of green colorings, and walked outside to see what everyone else had for their costumes. Izumi already knew Tenya’s costume was going to be a rehash of Tensei’s costume, but she wasn’t expecting it to be nearly identical. Tsuyu made a comment about how Izumi’s armor matched Tenya’s and Izumi began to explain, only for Uraraka to pop in. Uraraka had some complaints about her costume being skin tight, which the other two girls nodded in solidarity at. Uraraka mentioned that she wished she had a parka like Yaoyorozu, which made Izumi excited because that was her idea for Momo’s costume. Looking around, Izumi spotted her friend chatting to a red haired boy in a black top with red shoulder guards. She walked up to the two of them talking about clothes inhibiting certain quirks, and preened a little when Momo and the red haired boy praised the cloak for the reasons she had suggested it.


All Might then interrupted all of the conversations by stating that he was proud of the way the next generation looked before explaining the exercise. Everyone would be split into teams of two, and then two teams would be pitted against each other, with one defending a bomb, and the other trying to take it. Iida asked about the merits of randomly selecting the teams, and Midoriya explained that sometimes heroes don’t get to choose who they work with before All Might could say anything. With that said All Might went on to explain that even though everyone here is a hero in training, in the combat exercise the opposing team is your villain and you should treat them like it. He went on to add that villains are people too and if there is anything you are unwilling to do to a comrade, you shouldn’t do it to a villain unless absolutely necessary. With his statement made, All Might let the students draw lots, and the first battle pair was Midoriya Izumi and Uraraka Ochako on offense vs Iida Tenya and Katsuki Bakugou on defense.


Iida and Bakugou both agreed that the bomb should be on the middle floor of the building as Uraraka’s quirk could lift the others to the top and make their job as defenders harder. While they were planning what to do about the attackers, Iida told Bakugou that he knew all of Izumi’s moves ever since she started living with his family eight years ago. Bakugou’s curiosity was piqued, and Iida explained that Izumi was attacked by a villain while living in Mustafu, and the villain killed her mother, which required that Izumi be put in protective custody which Ingenium volunteered for.


“So that bastard really is Deku, I should’ve known that quirkless useless Deku was hiding his quirk from me. Still doesn’t explain why he’s a girl now. If he thought that would be enough to hide his quirk from me, he’s got another thing coming!” Bakugou shouts as he runs towards the bottom floor.


All Might was not prepared for the revelations that occured on his end, he had thought it would be a good idea to let his students listen in on what the combatants were saying, but he wasn’t expecting a trans student to potentially get outed because of that. Yaoyorozu quickly jumped to Izumi’s defense, “Izu-chan told me that a lot of people thought she was a boy when she was younger. Bakugou was her neighbor until she was seven, so I’m guessing he’s one of those.”


All eyes and ears were turned to the camera with Uraraka and Midoriya, curious about what the pair plans to do. Midoriya quickly explained to Uraraka that she’s got a history with Bakugou, and while she’s unsure if he recognizes her, she’s pretty certain he’s going to be on his own and she can hold him off while Uraraka finds the bomb. Uraraka then asks about Iida, and Izumi explains that she knows her brother like the back of her hand. Izumi says Iida will be guarding the bomb, but is most likely clearing the room of anything the pair can use against him, if not the floor. The two girls quickly find some rocks Uraraka can use as weapons while they wait for the exercise to start.


The timer buzzes and the two girls rush the building, with Uraraka taking herself to the top, and Midoriya covering the bottom. They both search through the first and fifth floors of the building with relative ease, but Bakugou comes barreling at Midoriya when she gets halfway through the second floor screaming “DEKU!”


Midoriya dodges Bakugou’s flight path and calmly speaks into her mic, “I’ve got Bakugou, and he was looking for me, which means he doesn’t care where you are. Proceed as planned.” Izumi then turns to Bakugou and taunts the explosive boy. Bakugou then proceeds to attack Midoriya, leading with a right hook that the girl immediately counters. “What’s the matter Kacchan? We haven’t fought since we were seven, and you’re still leading with a right hook? Have you not changed since I last saw you?” Midoriya asks after Bakugou hits the floor.


“I’ve gotten stronger Deku, and you stopped hiding your quirk. Your shitty quirk doesn’t even come close to mine!” the red eyed boy ended that statement by letting loose a few explosions, only to be thrown off by his own power. The boy quickly recovered and figured out what had happened. “Stop boosting my quirk, I can kill you with my own power! I don’t need some useless Deku giving me any power boosts!”


The childhood friends then fought each other, with Izumi using fire, martial arts, and boosting Bakugou’s explosions. Bakugou’s power boost gives him the upper hand in the fight, and he overpowers Izumi, only to not be able to use an explosion for his final blow. Izumi takes advantage of his shock to break out of his hold and step away. Izumi then hears a voice in her ear say, “I found the bomb, it’s in the middle of the third floor, and you were right, Iida is on guard and the room is empty except for the bomb.”


“Alright,” Izumi replies, “Wait for the signal and then go after the bomb. I can disable Ten-Kun’s quirk.”


Uraraka instantly makes a sound of “Awwww!” at the nickname, there’s a pause and Izumi feels Iida’s engines start up and then Izumi hears her shout “Your cute nickname made me give up my position and Iida stole my rocks!”


Midoriya then runs towards where she feels Iida’s engines the strongest, with Bakugou in close pursuit. Midoriya shifts her focus from Bakugou to Iida, giving her brother a speed boost, but also building up heat in his legs. Bakugou approaches the center floor of the room and Midoriya takes up a fighting stance. “What are you going to do without your quirk, Bakugou? I’m still burning off the sweat on your hands, and Iida’s got less than a minute until his engines stall.”


“You think I’m not prepared for shit like this?” Bakugou screams, “These gauntlets have been storing my sweat in them. Maybe if you dodge you won’t die.” Bakugou aims a gauntlet at Izumi and Izumi shifts into a defensive stance and draws a deep breath.




The murderous screech comes with the pulling of the pin. The massive explosion races towards Izumi, before it hits an invisible wall. No longer able to go forward, the explosion expands against the wall, destroying the floor and the ceiling. The explosion’s intensity builds, rushing past Izumi’s barrier. The boy who started the explosion and the girl who stopped it get thrown back into the walls behind them. Above the fiery duo, Uraraka’s instincts kick in. She sends and many pieces of rubble as she can towards Iida’s direction, while sending herself towards the bomb. Iida attempts to move the bomb, only to learn that his engines stalled only letting him move the bomb a little bit. Uraraka manages to latch herself onto the bomb, ending the match with a victory for the two girls.


All Might calls the student back towards the observation room, and the medical bots administer first aid to Bakugou and Midoriya. With the whole class in one room, All Might asks the class who the MVP of that fight was. Yaoyorozu steps up and replies “While Iida had the foresight to rid the bomb area of any advantages for his opponents, and successfully defended the bomb from Uraraka, Midoriya was the MVP for disabling both Iida’s and Bakugou’s quirks and defending herself and the building against Bakugou’s last stand. Uraraka may have been the one to take advantage of the rubble, but she gave up her position, and Bakugou went off alone and nearly destroying the building, had Midoriya not dampen the explosion.”


“Better than I could say it myself, young Yaoyorozu,” All Might boasts, “But before we continue with the exercises, I need to speak to all of you and specifically young Bakugou. Young man, that explosion, if it were not for young Midoriya’s fire manipulation, could have killed a student. You, and any classmates with similarly deadly moves, are forbidden from using something like that against another person, unless it is heavily supervised and agreed upon by both parties.”


All Might finished discussing the fight, and preparations began for the next fight. While they were waiting for the next group of students to fight, Izumi took the opportunity to catch up with Bakugou.


“Hey Kacchan, the recording stated that you thought I was hiding my quirk from you? I want to let you that isn’t the case, I look up to you too much to do that. My quirk relies on the burn scars on my body, which I didn’t have until the fire that killed my mom.”


“Stop your motormouth now Deku. Even if that’s the case, that still doesn’t explain why you’re pretending to be a girl.” Heads turn towards the two at that remark, with Tsuyu and the red haired boy, Kirishima, jerking as if out of fear.


“Do you not remember Kacchan, I told you I was a girl a week before the fire and you said, ‘Of course she’s a girl. She was too girly to be a boy anyways’ in class.”


“Of course I remember,” Bakugou snaps, “but why did Auntie Inko dress you as a boy before that?”


“Oh that’s because the two of us only figured out I was a girl three months earlier. I actually have you to thank for that discovery.”


Tsuyu and Kirishima both turn towards Izumi at her confession, and a purple haired student starts to make inappropriate comments about this revelation before he is stopped by All Might. Izumi then realizes people were listening to her conversation and blushes bright red before asking to be excused. All Might lets her, and Kirishima runs after her as well stating that he’s going to try to calm her down.


Kirishima sits down next to Izumi and immediately opens up with, “I’m trans too. Everyone thought I was a girl, and it just wasn’t right for me. I only figured it out last year. This top has a binder in it, but I’m worried it’ll get shredded and someone will find out and accuse me of not being a man. It’s pretty damn manly, I mean brave, of you to just open yourself up to Bakugou like that. I’m sorry everyone else heard, but if anyone gives you a hard time over it, you’ve got an ally in me, and I think All Might’s on your side too. I know the school’s got our back too, so whatever happens, we can handle it. But for now, I’ve got your back, and I’ll wait here until All Might calls me back.”


“Thanks Kirishima?”




“Thanks Kirishima, it means a lot to me. I’m actually ready to go back in now, your speech really helped. But before we go, can we swap number so we can talk about stuff like this?”




The two head back and the rest of the day goes by without a hitch. In the locker rooms, Tsuyu approaches the area where the two change together and explains to Midoriya that the reason she likes to change in privacy is because she’s trans as well. The two girls promise to look out for each other and exchange numbers. On the way home, Tsuyu mentions that they should make a group chat for the trans people at UA, and Izumi quickly sends a message to Kirishima asking if he would be ok with that. Kirishima replies instantly with “heck yes” and Izumi quickly makes the chat.


UA LGBT Students


Midoriya Izumi has added Kirishima Eijirou and Asui Tsuyu to the chat


Midoriya Izumi has changed her name to Izu-Chan


Izu-chan: For introduction’s sake, I prefer Izumi or Izu-chan and she/her pronouns


Asui Tsuyu has changed her name to Tsu-chan


Tsu-chan: Call me Tsu. She/her pronouns as well.


Tsu-chan: Also, when I suggested this idea, I had no idea you knew another classmate was trans already.


Kirishima Eijirou has changed their name to Manly Riot


Manly Riot: Kirishima Eijirou, he/him pronouns. I can’t say I was expecting something like this to happen today either.


Manly Riot: Tsu, I’m going to make the same offer I made to Izumi. If people give you grief, I’ll help you out.


Tsu-chan: Right back at you


Tsu-chan: Also with the name, are we going to be adding other people who are LGBT or are we sticking with just trans.


Izu-chan: I wanted to ask you guys that, but if we aren’t I’ve got another person I can add.


Tsu-chan: I’m ok with it, I’m just surprised three people came out to you today, kero.


Manly Riot: Send them in, the more the merrier.


Izu-chan has added Iida Tenya to the chat


Iida Tenya: Izumi what is this?


Iida Tenya: This is a good idea. I’m Iida Tenya, he/him pronouns. I’m asexual.


Tsu-chan: Makes sense if it's her brother, kero

Chapter Text

Aizawa got to give his remarks on the training exercises the next day at class.


“Bakugou, Todoroki, you both have strong quirks, but if you insist on doing things alone you will not become a hero. Bakugou, you in particular need to work on holding back. If you cannot detain a villain without resorting to killing them, I will personally end your career. Uraraka, your stealth needs work, as does your fighting. Do not let a victory go to your head. Midoriya, while it was a smart tactic to stop your opponent from using their quirk, you need to find a way to do so that doesn’t involve boosting the fighting capacity of your opponent. Giving your opponent an advantage will rarely work in your favor. Iida, Yaoyorozu, always be ready for your plans to fall apart. If you can only succeed when your plan is followed to the letter, you will fail more often than not. Kaminari, your quirk is powerful when you give an indiscriminate shock, but at a high cost. You should only use that if you will still be able to win if you’re incapacitated and it misses.”


Aizawa went down the line of students until he came to the last student. “Mineta, this is your second warning about sexual harassment. If any of the teachers hear about this from you again, you will be expelled. This behavior will not be tolerated and your classmates are being told about this for two reasons. The first is to make sure no one else tries anything similar, and the second is so they know it is safe to report this behavior. UA’s policy is clear and we will not tolerate behavior like this among our students.”


A hush falls over the class as Aizawa’s threat sinks in. With his piece said, Aizawa zips up his sleeping bag before adding a final note. “I hate to do this without advance notice, but you all need to choose a class representative. I don’t care how you do it, just have it done before the end of the day.” Aizawa punctuates the end of his speech by laying down and falling asleep.


The whole class erupts in cheers over the semblance of normality. The chaos leads into each class member trying to stake their claim on the class rep position. Eventually Iida states that they should do a vote to see who gets the position. The whole class agrees and Yaoyorozu makes a ballot box while Iida collects the votes. The two of them go through the numbers and the final votes have Midoriya in first with three votes, and Yaoyorozu and Iida tying for second with two votes each. The class declares Midoriya the winner, and then Yaoyorozu hands the deputy rep position to Iida, stating that she didn’t feel like she’s the best fit for the job. Her wording confuses Izumi, and she decides to talk to Yaoyorozu at lunch.


Fortunately for Izumi’s anxiety, the people at her lunch table immediately start talking about the elections. It turns out most of the people at the table voted for someone else, as Tsuyu, Izumi, Kirishima, Yaoyorozu, Iida, and Uraraka all admitted to voting for someone else. Kirishima, Iida, and Tsuyu all admit to voting for Izumi, and Uraraka and Yaoyorozu state that they voted for Iida. Tsuyu points out that the numbers mean that Izumi didn’t vote for herself, which means she most likely voted for Yaoyorozu.


“Tsu-chan, your powers of observation scare me, but yeah I voted for Yaomomo.”


“Why me,” Yaoyorozu asks, her voice barely loud enough for Izumi to hear.


“Because you always have a plan and you’re always willing to help me with my studies. You’re the best student I know, and I thought you would be the best to represent the class because of that.”


“But my plan didn’t work right in the battle training yesterday, and I almost lost because of that.”


“That doesn’t change anything I just said, and I still think you are an amazing person. Evidently someone else also agrees with me, because you had two votes.”


Yaoyorozu began to speak, only to be cut off by the school alarm blaring. The entire cafeteria rushes out towards the nearest exit, jostling everybody and shoving them together. When Midoriya, Iida, Uraraka, and Yaoyorozu make it into the hallway, Yaoyorozu notices that the press are on campus when they aren’t supposed to be, and realizes that that’s the reason for the sirens. She informs the people close to her, and states that they’ve got to get this information to the front of the crowd so that everyone calms down. Uraraka states that she could levitate a person above the crowd, and then they could pull themselves forward. Yaoyorozu nominates Iida for this as he is the only one of the four wearing pants, and he agrees with her logic. Uraraka floats Iida up and he propels himself to the emergency exit sign. Iida then explains to everyone that the situation is just the press breaching the boundary of the school. With that information spreading through the crowd, everyone calms down and proceeds in an orderly fashion, until the PA system tells everyone to head to class.


Back at class, Midoriya reveals that she doesn’t really want the position of class rep, believing that its better suited to the likes of Iida and Yaoyorozu, and she steps down. The class agrees with Iida’s nomination, with most of them having seen him calm down the stampeding students, but almost begin a second vote for deputy rep. Iida and Uraraka quickly stop this by explaining that Yaoyorozu was tied with Iida already, and she was the one who noticed the press and made the plan to stop the stampede. This gets the class to agree on the reps and Aizawa states that he’s done letting them make changes because he’s getting a headache. With that said, Aizawa also dismisses them so they can get home and explain to their parents that they are ok.


UA LGBT Students


Tsu-chan: I noticed that only Iida-kun mentioned their orientation the other day. I think boys are cute


Manly Riot: I like guys too. I just think they’re neat


Izu-chan: Iida knows this, but I’m a lesbian.


Tsu-chan: I thought you might be. Your crush is fairly obvious


Izu-chan: Tsu-chan please don’t spill the tea


Iida Tenya: Tsu-chan-kun please spill the tea


Izu-chan: Traitor :(


Tsu-chan: I won’t actually reveal your crush without your permission


Izu-chan: Thank you, but I really don’t care that much.


Izu-chan: It’s Yaomomo, she’s my best friend, but that’s all she will be.


Manly Riot: Wait, I listened to you gush about your crush, to her face, and I still didn’t put two and two together?


Iida Tenya: Don’t feel too bad about it, I’m pretty certain only Tsuyu caught on.


Izu-chan: Thank god only Tsu-chan has terrifying observational abilities.


Tsu-chan: They aren’t that good, I thought Kirishima had a crush on Mina with the way he kept looking at her.


Manly Riot: Hey, I can think someone is amazing and recognize them from middle school without crushing on them.


Tsu-chan: I know that, that’s why you were the example of me being wrong. But just acting like I know something leads people to confirm things, like Izu-chan just did.


Iida Tenya: I have never seen her turn red so fast.


Manly Riot: Congrats Tsu-chan, you broke her.


Izu-chan: akdsjfls