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At precisely 5 AM on a lovely Saturday morning, Lan Zhan wakes up as usual, only to instantly be bombarded by a pounding headache, a parched throat, and his phone buzzing with messages. None of these things should be present in Lan Zhan’s Saturday morning, yet here he is, rubbing the sleepiness out of his eyes as he clicks on his WeChat messages to see what the fuss is all about.

Brother: A-Zhan, what did you do? Why are people messaging me on twitter?


Brother: hello? Are you still asleep?

Brother: A-Zhan, please answer as soon as possible – this is a serious situation!

Brother: You remember what you did, right?

Two minutes into his morning and Lan Zhan has already been overtaken by a state of panic as the first five messages from his brother jolt him awake from his sleep-induced stupor. The earliest messages are timestamped from 9:30 PM and the little black bar at the bottom of the screen tells him that 20 more messages are waiting to be read.

What a wonderful way to start the day, he thinks.

He didn’t do anything – or at least, he thinks he didn’t do anything. The fact that he can’t remember anything past his dinner last night is not a good sign. Racking his brain for his missing memories, Lan Zhan finally concludes that he’d poured himself a glass of wine after mistaking it for the non-alcoholic cider, as he’d put them side by side in the cabinet, and blacked out after drinking half a cup. Judging by the fact that he woke up with his clothes in their usual neat state, no bruises or scrapes or any signs of embarrassing himself on the streets, he probably stumbled to bed and tucked himself in before passing out.

But his brother’s messages tell a different story.

Does he really want to scroll down? His brother sounds… very anxious, to put it kindly, and Lan Huan does not deal with anxiety well.

Lan Zhan clicks on his Uncle’s messages instead.

Uncle: A-Zhan, are you aware of what you have done?

Uncle: According to A-Huan, you are ‘trending’ on Twitter and Weibo.

Uncle: The magazines are calling me again.

Uncle: There will most likely be repercussions for this, A-Zhan. What possessed you to tweet that?

Uncle: Call me back as soon as you are available. We need to talk.

Perhaps, Lan Zhan thinks as he massages his head and stumbles out of bed, these are even worse than his brother’s.

Tea. He needs to boil himself a cup of tea and wash up, then everything will be right with the world. Lan Zhan manages to get to the kitchen before slumping into a chair as he wonders, why does anybody drink alcohol if hangovers are this bad?

Unfortunately, his phone buzzes with an incoming video call from his brother before he can make his tea. At that moment, Lan Zhan goes through several stages of deliberation. If he doesn’t pick up, his brother will probably keep calling him incessantly, and even with the ringer muted, the buzzing will still drive him crazy. If he does pick up, he’s probably going to be subjected to five straight minutes of being lectured by his brother. Either way, he’ll be pulled further into the hell that is dealing with social media.

He picks up anyways, curiosity over what Lan Huan is talking about overriding his urge to run away and hide within his blanket fort forever.

Lan Huan’s pixelated face comes into view as the video loads. His brother looks perfect as always, something that’s only natural given his former status of “China’s Most Eligible Bachelor”, and only a tiny frown betrays his inner panic.

“A-Zhan! I saw you read my messages, why didn’t you call me?”

“I only read the first five of them…” He groans, feeling his headache flare up again as Lan Huan’s voice crackles through the speakers.

“So what’s your explanation?”

“Explanation for what?”

“You’re saying that you can’t remember sending that tweet.”

Lan Zhan feels like he’s wading into an ocean of trouble. “What tweet?”

He hears what sounds like a muffled curse on Lan Huan’s end as his brother dodges out of the camera for a second, before Lan Huan’s face reappears. He looks significantly more distressed.

“Okay. What can you remember about last night, A-Zhan?”

“I had dinner while reviewing the script for Spring Blossoms, and I accidentally drank half a glass of wine. I’m unable to recall anything after drinking the wine, though.”

Lan Huan looks 3 seconds away from giving up on life. “How do you accidentally drink half a glass of wine – no, never mind. Please, just look at your twitter feed and then call Uncle, he’s been getting calls from the gossip magazines for the last 5 hours and I don’t think he can take much more.”

Gossip magazines? What could be so controversial about my tweet that it would get reported on by the gossip magazines?

He’d rather not think about what he could have said, even though there’s only a couple of things that could cause a commotion like this. For all he knows, the drunk version of him has zero self-control, and nothing good can come out of a Lan Zhan with no self-control posting tweets. Drunk me would still have the awareness not to make a love confession on twitter, right? Perhaps I just posted some spoilers about my latest movie?

“Where’s your boyfriend?” he asks instead.

“Oh, A-Cheng’s filming in Tianjin until Monday – wait, please don’t change the subject, A-Zhan. You need to look at the tweet and figure out how to handle this situation.”

The more Lan Huan talks, the worse this is sounding. It’s almost like he professed his love to Wei Wuxian in a tweet… but Lan Huan hasn’t brought up Wei Wuxian once in this conversation, so he’s probably in the clear.

“Alright. It can’t be that bad.” He says. There’s no way he would lose all his self-control and confess over twitter, of all platforms. Drunk him would still have too much dignity to do that, right?

“Oh, A-Zhan, you have no idea.” His brother responds, poorly concealed mirth behind his concerned voice.

It can’t be that bad, he thinks. There’s no way he would have done that. The doubt still lingers, turning into full-blown anxiety as he scrolls down his twitter feed, finally arriving on his latest tweet.

Lan WangJi ✔ @lan_wangji

Some of you have never fallen in love with a boy only for him to go missing after his parents die and pine away for three years waiting for him to come back, then continue to pine when he’s back after you realize you’re too scared to confess, and it shows.

34,328 likes | 15,043 retweets

Lan Zhan’s face pales and he buries his head in his hands, letting his phone drop on the table.

This is bad.

This is very, very bad.

“A-Zhan? Hello, A-Zhan? Did you see the tweet?”

He is going to murder his brother. Lan Huan could have at least warned him about the contents of the tweet, right? Did he not anticipate Lan Zhan’s reaction?

“A-Zhan, I will personally drive Uncle over to your house if you don’t pick up the phone right now – ah.

Lan Zhan swipes the phone off the table and hits Lan Huan with his frostiest glare.

“Alright, maybe I should have warned you before reading it, but I really needed you to realize the severity of this situation. I apologize.” Lan Huan actually sounds sincere – and worried about this situation, or whatever he and Uncle Qiren are calling it.

“What is the situation?”

Lan Huan simply flips the camera to show Lan Qiren pacing around the room angrily, jabbing at his phone every few seconds and looking close to blowing a fuse.

“Is there anything else I should be notified of?”

“Obviously the media is picking up on this, due to your current status as China’s most eligible bachelor, and you should probably avoid going outside today without a disguise or bodyguards, because the paparazzi and your fans are going to maul you. I’m only exaggerating the tiniest bit.” Lan Huan’s tone turns stone-cold and scientific. This isn’t the first time that Lan Zhan has been grateful to have such an analytical brother. When it comes to dealing with the media, publicity, and balancing his private life with his public appearance, Lan Huan knows exactly how to handle everything perfectly. “You should release a statement on the tweet, or at least another tweet addressing the issue. Also, respond to everyone who sent you messages so they don’t send me worried texts about you.”

“Alright. Thank you, brother. I will call you in the afternoon. Wait, current?”

“I’m sure you’ll get Wei Wuxian soon, thanks to your tweet, so you won’t be a bachelor anymore!”

Lan Zhan feels his ears flush red at his brother’s flippant words. Is it too much to hope that Wei Ying – master of social media presence, loved by fans across the world for the constant selfies and tweets he uploads to his platforms – has somehow not seen the tweet?

“Brother, please.”

“A-Zhan, I want to see you happy. You’ve been keeping these feelings secret for almost 6 years. Please just think about it.”

Lan Zhan doesn’t want to acknowledge the fact that his brother is making a good point. He’s been pining away for 6 years, content to stay by Wei Ying’s side even if he never wants to be more than friends. And he’d rather not have his unrequited feelings create an unbridgeable chasm between them, so he’s ended up in this situation. Venting his feelings on Twitter, of all places, and still overcome with a paralyzing fear of being rejected. It would be quicker to confess and accept the pain instead of simply keeping these feelings under wraps forever.

“A-Zhan. Honestly, I’ve told you this before, but Wei Wuxian would be an idiot not to love you back.” And Lan Huan, for all his logic and intelligence, must also be an idiot, because Wei Ying does not like him back. Wei Ying is charming and bright and effervescent and just so happens to be the biggest flirt Lan Zhan has ever met. If Wei Ying really wanted Lan Zhan, he could have made his move long ago, instead of simply teasing him and flirting with him as a joke.

Which is all Lan Zhan has ever been to Wei Ying, apparently. Another friend to smile at, another normal person. He’ll never be the one that makes Wei Ying smile so happily.

“Why do you think he smiles at you, A-Zhan? You do make him happy.”

“I said that out loud? Anyways, he doesn’t… how do you know that?”

“Have some more faith in yourself.” Lan Huan says, before winking at him and ending the call abruptly.

The black screen of his phone stares back at him as Lan Zhan gives himself a minute to gather his emotions and hide his impending sense of dread as well as he can before calling Uncle Qiren.

As expected of the fearsome Lan Qiren, his uncle spends a solid five minutes ranting about the lack of restraint he showed and the bad decisions he made and how he can possibly hope to rectify this. Lan Zhan only responds with an occasional “Mn” and two “I am sorry, Uncle”s as he scrolls through his WeChat messages, noting that a fair number of people had sent him messages that were variations on, “what the hell, Lan Zhan? Call me!” and copy-pasting the same response – “Everything is fine, thank you for the message.”

He notes three outliers: Nie Huaisang, Jiang Yanli, and Wei Ying.

Nie Huaisang’s sent him one message saying, “I knew it!”, another saying, “Treat Wei Ying with kindness!!” and a third which simply says good luck.

Lan Zhan doesn’t bother responding to Nie Huaisang. He has enough of a headache as it is, trying to decipher Nie Huaisang’s cryptic messages will only make it worse.

Jiang Yanli’s message is the nicest shovel talk he’s ever seen in his life. There might be a few passive-aggressive threats, if you read in between the lines of the messages like “My brother is one of the most wonderful people you’ll ever meet, so make sure to treat him well ^-^!”

And Wei Ying’s is just, “Lan Zhan? Are you okay?”

He’s only sent one message, with a suspicious lack of kaomojis and flirting, and that doesn’t bode well for Lan Zhan. If his luck today is any indication, Wei Ying has probably already figured out that Lan Zhan’s tweet was about him, and now he’s trying to distance himself from Lan Zhan.

Somewhere in the back of his mind, he registers his uncle rattling on about publicity and deleting tweets and trying to contain the worst of the rumors.

“I will not be deleting the tweet, Uncle. Yes, I will be in contact shortly to address a way to deal with whatever rumors I have caused. Goodbye.”

“Wait, A-Zhan – ” Lan Zhan hangs up the call before he can say something stupid like, “I don’t care about the rumors other people are making.” Even if it’s true, he probably shouldn’t say it to his uncle, not when Lan Qiren already seems to be on the verge of a heart attack.

He finds himself scrolling through his twitter messages before he can blink. There’s so many tweets directed at him that he can’t possibly read them all, most of them are speculating about who he’s talking about or saying something like, “lucky guy!!”. He’s gained maybe ten thousand followers overnight – the only other time that had ever happened was when his debut movie, South of Shanghai, earned him the Hundred Flowers Best Actor Award.

Media scrutiny is a bitch.

Apparently, there’s a feature that lets you see only what your friends have tweeted at you, and Lan Zhan turns it on with a vague sense of reprieve. Surely those messages won’t be as bad –?

No. He spoke too soon. His feed now looks even more terrifying, because Lan Zhan’s friends on twitter are very prominent people like Nie Huaisang, renowned singer and model, and Jin Guangyao, the host of one of the most successful variety shows in Asia, and they’ve only stirred up the controversy more by posting terribly obvious tweets that scream, “I know who Lan Zhan is talking about and I’m giving you more hints!”

Then he reaches Wei Ying’s tweet, and his heart leaps into his mouth from seeing Wei Ying’s twitter handle alone.

Yiling Patriarch ✔ @wei_ying

@lan_wangji ??? you have a crush?? Lan zhan who is it?? Why didn’t you tell me??

And below that,

Yiling Patriarch ✔ @wei_ying

@lan_wangji cmon lan zhan! I thought we were friends!

His fingers twitch, and he’s typing out a response to Wei Ying and sending it before he can think that maybe that’s a bad idea, considering that he and his circle of friends are until intense media scrutiny now.

Lan Wangji ✔ @lan_wangji

@wei_ying We are. Figure it out yourself.

Almost instantly, a new tweet pops up in his feed, and Lan Zhan swears he has a mini heart attack when he sees Wei Ying’s name.

Yiling Patriarch ✔ @wei_ying


There’s more tweets below this, but Lan Zhan can’t take this deluge of strangely supportive subtweets from his so-called friends, and he closes Twitter.

He should probably feel a lot more panicked than he is right now, but Lan Zhan supposes that he’s still in a state of shock. He’s never touching alcohol ever again.

Have they figured it out yet?  is the matter at hand, and so Lan Zhan reluctantly logs back into Twitter to see a portion of what his followers are tweeting at him.

As it turns out, their guesses are all over the place. Half of them think that he’s talking about some childhood friend that isn’t famous, and the other half say that he must be talking about another actor, but both sides have been putting out wild guesses so far. There’s some arguing over privacy and leaving him alone, and perhaps those tweets are the shining light of hope in the scary abyss of stan twitter.

They’re getting closer, though. Narrowing down the list of candidates through their family history and, well, the list of people who ran away for three years after their parents died isn’t very big to start with, so yes. It’s only a matter of time.

Deep breaths. In and out.

First, he needs to check what the news outlets are saying. If they start to spread libel, then his brother and Uncle will definitely take action against them, so Lan Zhan doesn’t have to be worried about that.

Second, he should deal with all the people who have started messaging again, because seriously, what the hell Lan Zhan, you can’t just say everything is fine when it’s obviously not! And thank you for the message my ass!

Third, he should take the day off to fully freak out about confessing his love for Wei Ying on Twitter. Sure, he didn’t actually name anybody, and his tweet is vaguely worded enough so that people can think that the person in question isn’t somebody famous, but it’s still a confession.

Good thing Wei Ying doesn’t seem to have figured anything out yet. He knows that it’s a ticking bomb, and he can only keep this love of his secret for so long before somebody puts the pieces together. He knows that this precious friendship he has with Wei Ying will be ripped to shreds as soon as the first person outside his friend group figures out that he’s in love with Wei Ying.

It’s inevitable.

A thought comes to him then – he has a choice here: he can either be forced onto the sidelines and watch as the constant media attention tears their friendship apart, or he can confess before any headlines do it for him, in private. Both choices will hurt, of course. But here’s the thing.

Lan Zhan is listed as one of China’s most eligible bachelors. He’s won numerous prestigious acting awards and has been lauded for both his pretty face and his skill in playing most any role. Given his prominence in China’s entertainment industry and the influence he holds, he should maybe (probably, most definitely) care more about his public appearance and reputation, but the only opinions that matter to him are his family’s and Wei Ying’s. His fans can make what they will of his tweet, they can condemn him for loving a man or they can threaten him, Lan Zhan does not care.

He could care less for the rumors people spread about him. But when it comes to the people he loves, he does care very much.

And he won’t let the rumors ruin Wei Ying. He’ll take the brunt of his tweet and the repercussions that will happen when people figure it out, while simultaneously confessing to Wei Ying in private and apologizing for the tweet and all the trouble he’s about to cause Wei Ying. He won’t let anymore drag Wei Ying down with him.

His brother was right all along, anyways. He should have confessed long ago instead of being irresponsible and letting it build up like this. And now he’ll only end up hurting Wei Ying in his selfishness. But at least this way, he can prepare Wei Ying for what’s to come.

Lan Zhan scrolls down to Wei Ying’s tweets at him again, reading them over and over. He entertains the thought that Wei Ying is jealous for exactly 10 seconds, before he realizes that it’s rather unrealistic.

He’ll send a text to Wei Ying later today, after he’s smoothed things over with Uncle and talked to his brother. First, though, he needs a warm cup of tea to calm his nerves.


wei ying: Lan Zhan? Are you okay?

lan zhan: Yes. Thank you for asking.

wei ying: finally you text me back!! I was so worried!!

wei ying: Because, ya know, you seem to have this whole ‘pining fruitlessly’ thing going on? you sure?

lan zhan: I am alright. Do not worry about me.

wei ying: how can I not worry about you tho??

wei ying: youve been hiding this secret love of yours for years apparently, which seems pretty unhealthy. Just sayin.

wei ying: btw… who is it lan zhan?? Tell meeeee~

lan zhan: Think about it.

wei ying: oh look jin guangyao tweeted something

wei ying: he says “I’ll give you guys a hint, the guy’s last name is three letters and you probably know his name.”

wei ying: lan zhan…

lan zhan: Do not listen to Jin GuangYao. He knows nothing.

wei ying: is it nie huaisang?? Or jin zixun??

wei ying: i mean, both of those guys’ parents died, huaisang did go on a trip for about three years, i don’t know about jin zixun but hes a shitty person so it doesnt matter –

wei ying: wait if youre in love with him I probably shouldnt bad-mouth him then, haha…

lan zhan: No. That idea is ridiculous and completely unfounded.

lan zhan: Please do not imagine a world in which I am in love with Jin Zixun. It will never happen.

wei ying: lan zhan!! im your friend right?? Just tell meeeee

lan zhan: Wei Ying.

lan zhan: Why are you interested in my supposed love life now?

wei ying: oh. I dont,,, know?

wei ying: well i mean

wei ying: just curious. I think. I need to know who to give a shovel talk to, so anyone who tries to hurt Lan Zhan knows whats coming for them! This guy seems pretty mean in the first place, making you wait like this and be all sad ٩(◕‿◕。)۶

wei ying: after all, you are the handsome and amazing HanGuang-Jun! and I dont want you to be sad, just tell me so I can tell him to date you already :p I like seeing you happy!

lan zhan: …Do not say things that you do not mean.

wei ying: what? You are! And I do!

wei ying: lan zhan?

wei ying: it’s not like I didn’t mean it…

lan zhan: Forget about it.

lan zhan: I need to talk with you. Would you care to meet me whenever you are available?

wei ying: oWo this sounds an awful lot like youre asking me on a date!

wei ying: in which case, i would be flattered to accept, Lan Zhan ~

lan zhan: Do not joke around.

wei ying: ahh, you always take things so seriously lan zhan! alright, lets go out then!

wei ying: ive been wanting to try that restaurant in Lingzhi District down south for a while, what was it called again?

lan zhan: I believe it was called Dafan.

lan zhan: You were talking about it last week, on our video call.

wei ying: lan zhan!! You remember that? You really are amazing!ヽ(>∀<☆)ノ

wei ying: we can have dinner and Taomian Park is nearby so we can talk there?

lan zhan: I will make reservations.

wei ying: always the gentleman, lan zhan! this really seems like its turning into a date…

lan zhan: I am sorry.

wei ying: wait what why are you apologizing?? Lets confirm the time for our date already, lan zhan!

lan zhan: Do not tease me.

wei ying: im not!!

wei ying: i can do Wednesday after 5 PM, Thursday after 6:00, Friday and Saturday are free the whole day bc we’ll be taking a break from filming to move the sets to a new location

lan zhan: Wednesday at 5:30 PM

lan zhan: Should you be revealing your filming schedule to a ‘rival’ actor?

wei ying: lan zhan you know whatever rivalry the tabloids say we have isn’t real!

wei ying: HEY arent you the one teasing me here??

wei ying: anyways that works for me, see you on Wednesday!!

lan zhan: Thank you. Please have a good afternoon.

wei ying: haha so formal lan zhan (・ω<)☆


Lan XiChen ✔ @xichen

@lan_wangji Little Brother is growing up right before my eyes :( I’m proud of you, A-Zhan!


Cheng ✔ @jiang-chengg

@lan_wangji god you two are idiots


Jiang YanLi ✔ @chefyanli

This is a very interesting development! I wonder how A – oops, slip of the tongue – the mystery man will handle it?


Cheng ✔ @jiang-chengg

@chefyanli a-jie I love you but this is twitter you can’t do slip of the tongues. a-jie please.


Wangji is life @stanlwj

@lan_wangji holy shit HanGuang-Jun’s in love,,,, sound the alarms #lwjsomeofyou


I’m a detective now @southofshanghai1

I would think that my twitter name is self-explanatory. We all have one question… who the fuck stole hanguang-jun’s heart?? Im gonna beat them up if they don’t make hanguang-jun happy #lwjsomeofyou


harold they’re lesbians @rabbitlife

im quaking in my boots omg, @lan_wangji that tweet is the epitome of BDE #lwjsomeofyou #mood


why in the world is carmen @dontdoit

ah well the verdicts out, us mortals have no chance anymore  uh well not that we had a chance to begin with tho @lan_wangji #lwjsomeofyou


grayskulls @wheresmyhonor

@southofshanghai1 well, it could be either an actor or one of HanGuang-Jun’s non-famous friends. Considering that HanGuang-Jun has said that he doesn’t have very many acquaintances (and boy I wanna give him a big hug just for that) it’s very likely that it’s an actor. 1/2


grayskulls @wheresmyhonor

@southofshanghai1 So the problem is, the list of HanGuang-Jun’s acquaintances is very big. No doubt you have a lot of actors whose parents died. This is where the “ran away for three years” part really matters, because it lets you narrow down that list by a large margin. 2/2


i say vol you say voltron @keeancee

@wheresmyhonor did some research, there’s like four possible people who fit that requirement… Nie Huaisang, Jin Zixun, Wen Qiongling, and Wei Wuxian. #lwjsomeofyou #matchmakelwj


light army @hanguangjuun

@keeancee as if hanguang-jun would be in love with Jin Zixun. He hates that guy, for a good reason. Wen Qiongling – not likely. So we have Nie Huaisang and Wei Wuxian. Btw, gonna hop on that hashtag #matchmakelwj


i say vol you say voltron @keeancee

@hanguangjuun sources??


light army @hanguangjuun

@keeancee He’s publicly denounced Jin Zixun after the incident at Phoenix Awards, regards Wen Qiongling as a talented fellow entertainer but that’s about it (source: this). But he has tons of interaction with Wei Wuxian and Nie Huaisang – here, here, and also here. #lwjsomeofyou #matchmakelwj


i say vol you say voltron @keeancee

@hanguangjuun hmmm interesting.


Jin GuangYao ✔ @jinyaoyao

@lan_wangji I wonder who it could be? Should I @ him? What do you think, Mingjue?


Nie Mingjue ✔ @mingnie

@jinyaoyao leave the kid alone, he can figure out his own love life without your interference.


Jin GuangYao ✔ @jinyaoyao

@mingnie It’s still fun to give some hints… So, the guy’s last name is three letters, and you guys probably know his name! #matchmakelwj


Lan XiChen ✔ @xichen

@jinyaoyao A-Yao, please don’t be mean to A-Zhan… although, they do probably need some prodding to get together. @chefyanli @jiang-chengg would you be so kind as to help me?


grayskulls @wheresmyhonor

HOLY FUCK, @xichen @chefyanli, I have so many questions?? Is mystery man someone they know?? Am I jumping to conclusions too quick??


why in the world is carmen @dontdoit

look I really hate to say this but, maybe you guys should chill on investigating Lan Wangji’s love life a little bit? He doesn’t deserve this intrusion into his private life and if he wants the identity of the guy to remain a secret, maybe you should respect his wishes…


harold they’re lesbians @rabbitlife

@dontdoit normally id agree with you but HanGuang-Jun’s friends are actually actively trying to set them up so…


Wangji is life @stanlwj

@rabbitlife “LWJ is a hot mess and his friends are trying to help him score a date” is not the hot take I expected to hear today but it sure is the one we deserve


grayskulls @wheresmyhonor

@stanlwj the one thing we can all agree on is that HanGuang-Jun is, in fact, hot.


Cheng ✔ @jiang-chengg

@xichen im tired of seeing them fucking pining all the time, im in.


 Lan XiChen ✔ @xichen

@jiang-chengg that’s the spirit, A-Cheng!


Jiang YanLi ✔ @chefyanli

@xichen we were already on it yesterday (⌒‿⌒)


I’m a detective now @southofshanghai1

@chefyanli is too pure for this world, we don’t deserve her


Wangji is life @stanlwj

@southofshanghai1 that’s a big fat mood.


Jin GuangYao ✔ @jinyaoyao

Can’t wait to see how this plays out! #lwjsomeofyou #matchmakelwj

Chapter Text

Lan XiChen: hello, everybody!

Lan XiChen: I have made this chat for the convenience of discussing the issue at hand.

Lan XiChen: Which is: how to make Wei Wuxian realize his feelings for my little brother, and help them get together.

Jiang Cheng: a-huan we literally live together, we could just talk about on monday

Lan XiChen: But what about your sister?

Jiang Cheng: We could talk at her house

Yanli: No, it’s easier to talk this way, so we don’t have to set up a meeting :D

Lan XiChen: alright, so

Lan XiChen has changed the chat name to: Matchmakers

Jiang Cheng: really??

Yanli: well, it is what we’re trying to do!

Lan XiChen: What’s Wei Wuxian’s status?

Yanli: He is not fine…

Jiang Cheng: what a-jie means is that he literally spent 2 hours freaking out yesterday after he saw lan wangji’s tweet

Jiang Cheng: and hes still?? freaking out? right now?

Lan XiChen: Oh, is that why you had to leave our call last night?

Jiang Cheng: yeah, a-jie texted me saying it was a family emergency

Jiang Cheng: sorry

Jiang Cheng: ill make it up to you when i come back

Lan XiChen: Ah, okay!

Yanli: Focus, please!

Yanli: So, Lan Xichen, what’s your plan?

Yanli: I see you’ve already took action on twitter.

Lan XiChen: Yes, and I’ve talked to A-Zhan.

Lan XiChen: He seems pretty set on thinking that Wei Wuxian isn’t in love with him

Lan XiChen: He said, and I quote, “I’ll never be the one to make Wei Ying smile so happily.”

Jiang Cheng: you know what

Jiang Cheng: i used to think that your brother was smart and i might have admired him for a couple of years

Yanli: You still do.

Jiang Cheng: a-jie. not helping

Jiang Cheng: but anyways, i just lost all respect that i had for lan Wangji

Jiang Cheng: how. how in the world is he so oblivious

Jiang Cheng: i cant believe im saying this, but he might actually be more oblivious than wei ying

Jiang Cheng: bc at least wei ying is on track to realizing his feelings

Lan XiChen: Yes, my little brother can be quite dense sometimes when it comes to Wei Wuxian.

Lan XiChen: So what’s this about Wei Wuxian realizing his feelings?

Yanli: He came over to our house yesterday and started panicking about the tweet…

Yanli: So we held a call with A-Cheng and talked a little bit about why A-Ying is feeling so disturbed over it!

Yanli: We want him to be the one to realize that what he’s feeling is jealousy, but I still think he needs a little more pushing before he reaches that point.

Jiang Cheng: well its been a day since lan wangji posted that tweet and wei ying hasnt texted me anything about feelings or love, so its safe to assume that hes still being an oblivious bastard

Lan XiChen: Has he said anything about a date with A-Zhan?

Jiang Cheng: what

Yanli: oh, actually, yes! He’s smiling at his phone like a fool in love right now.

Jiang Cheng: wait why is wei ying still at your house

Jiang Cheng: did lan wangji say something about setting up a date with wei ying?

Jiang Cheng: i thought that they’d just

Jiang Cheng: idk, stew in their feelings forever??

Lan XiChen: No, A-Zhan texted me this afternoon, saying that he was going to tell Wei Wuxian his feelings on Wednesday after a dinner date.

Lan XiChen: I’m not sure what his impetus was, but I’m proud of him anyways!

Yanli: And now he’s freaking out again.

Yanli: “yes! I have a date with lan zhan!!”

Jiang Cheng: and it doesnt occur to him why hes so fucking happy??

Jiang Cheng: why is he like this

Lan XiChen: Jiang Yanli, I’m counting on you to help Wei Wuxian!

Yanli: On it :D

Jiang Cheng: great, now wei ying’s gonna call me and scream about his feelings again

Jiang Cheng: thanks a lot you guys

Lan XiChen: You’ll help him process his feelings for A-Zhan, right A-Cheng?

Jiang Cheng: huh? of course i will!

Lan XiChen: Well then, I’ll have to get going now, I must help Uncle with something.

Lan XiChen: Please notify us if there are any new developments in the wangxian department ^-^

Jiang Cheng: Wangxian?

Lan XiChen: Wangji and Wuxian.

Yanli: With how this is going, I think A-Ying might finally realize he’s in love!

Jiang Cheng: fucking finally.


In all honesty, this is not how Wei Ying expected his Friday night to go.

He thought he’d be relaxing at home and reviewing his script for his upcoming role in Spring Blossoms, enjoying a nice cup of Emperor’s Smile and his peaceful night in.

Not pacing around the living room of his jiejie and her peacock husband’s house, having driven over there in a frenzy, and freaking out about a truly world-changing tweet. Definitely not feeling like something within him has awoken – a monster of sorts, stirring up an unpleasant feeling within him every time he reads the tweet again. And again. And again.

”Lan Zhan tweeted a meme. A love confession and a meme. At the same time.” He whispers, if only for the sake of the sleeping Jin Ling. He’s trying very, very hard not to yell about this.

Very. Hard.

“Yes, A-Ying, we know.” Jiang Yanli says, putting a comforting hand on Wei Ying’s shoulder.

“A love confession.”

“Yes, we know.”

“What the fuck.”

“Can you stop saying that? We get it, Lan Wangji confessed his love on twitter and you’re jealous – mmmph!” Jin Zixuan exclaims, his words muffled by Jiang Yanli’s other hand on his mouth. Wei Ying hardly registers what the peacock husband is saying, in favor of reviewing the words of the tweet for the hundredth time.

“Jiejie, help meeeee!” He wails. “Why didn’t Lan Zhan tell me?? Who is it?? Ahhhhh, I need to know!!”

Jiang Yanli brings another plate of curry to the table, which Wei Ying gulps down gratefully. “Why?”

“Well, we’re friends, aren’t we? I wanna know who it is so I can set them up with Lan Zhan!”

“Are you sure that’s what you want to do?”

Wei Ying pauses in his ranting for the first time that night. Does he really want to know? Does he really want to set Lan Zhan up with somebody else?

“I’m… not sure…”

Why isn’t he sure? There’s this muddled feeling inside him, one of discomfort and unrest, that roars to life every time he sees the tweet. He’s not sure what it is, and he’s not sure he wants to know. Simply freaking out over the tweet seems like a much better option than sorting out these complicated feelings that are tying his heart in a knot.

“I’ll text A-Cheng so that you can call him, alright? You seem like you need to talk to him.” Jiang Yanli says.

Jiang Cheng is stern and severe and usually not a feelings person, though Wei Ying isn’t sure how much that’s changed since he got together with Lan Xichen. Regardless of how much of a secret romantic Wei Ying suspects his brother might be, Jiang Cheng’s sharp words and insults will help bring some clarity to his thoughts.

Which are currently in between full-out panic mode and slightly lesser crisis mode. He keeps thinking about Lan Zhan being in love – the stoic and normally emotionless HanGuang-Jun in love. He can’t imagine it – or maybe he doesn’t want to – but either way, it’s a laughable idea to Wei Ying.

How would Lan Zhan treat the guy he loves? Would he smile for him? Would he laugh?

Wei Ying doesn’t like that image.

It’s weird, he thinks, as Jiang Yanli tells him to call Jiang Cheng and he waits for Jiang Cheng to pick up the call. He’s never felt this uneasy before. He’d attribute it to mere curiosity and offense at not being told sooner – he’s one of Lan Zhan closest friends after all, right? But this can’t be the product of curiosity.

And every time he imagines Lan Zhan smiling for somebody else, showing that kind and caring side that he only shows Wei Ying to somebody else, Lan Zhan being happy because of some mystery man, he feels like throwing up and clawing those images out of his head.

He doesn’t like it. He wants this feeling to go away already.

Or… what if this is anger?

At Lan Zhan being forced to pine in silence, longing for his love to return his feelings, sad and alone. Wei Ying doesn’t like the thought of Lan Zhan being sad, so this feeling is probably justified anger.

If he gets Lan Zhan to reveal the name of the mystery guy and proceeds to beat said mystery guy up for treating Lan Zhan like this, then maybe this feeling will go away.

“A-Cheng! Did you see Lan Zhan’s tweet??” He says once Jiang Cheng picks up the call.

“I’m busy, Wei Ying! Don’t call about unimportant stuff!”

“This is super important! Spare some time for your poor suffering brother, won’t you?”

Jiang Cheng sighs in that annoyed way of his, and Wei Ying knows he’s won. “Fine, what is it?”

“Lan Zhan’s tweet! He’s in love!! Lan Zhan’s in love!”

“No shit, Sherlock. Is that all you called me for? Are you sure that’s important?”

Jiang Yanli grabs the phone from Wei Ying’s hand, and he doesn’t protest. Wei Ying slumps over the table, still pathetically muttering about Lan Zhan in love – it’s not like he can think about anything else, this issue is taking over his mind, it’s really very important!

“Don’t be mean! Think of A-Ying’s feelings!” She says.

He can practically hear Jiang Cheng’s resolve crumbling over the speakers. Neither of them can say no to their sister. “Alright, alright! Yes, I saw. What about it?”

“He’s! In! Love! With! Somebody! Argh!”

Wei Ying almost doesn’t want to admit that he doesn’t like the idea of Lan Zhan being in love. First of all, it probably means that Lan Zhan will stop tolerating Wei Ying’s teasing, and that’s no fun, because then he wouldn’t get to see Lan Zhan’s cute annoyed face. Second, it just doesn’t sit right with him, for whatever reason.

“Yeah, obviously it’s yo – shit, wait, never mind.”

“A-CHENG! Do you know who it is?? Tell me!!” Wei Ying screeches, even as he thinks, do I really want to know?

Would knowing set him at peace? He’s angry with the guy Lan Zhan’s in love with, right? So knowing should make him feel better, right?

How strange it is that he feels that knowing would only make him feel worse.

This – he can’t put a name to this. Is it apprehension? Rage? Disappointment? It feels like all of those and none of those at the same time, just like when Wei Ying had first seen the tweet and felt like a bucket of cold water had been dumped upon him at the same time his blood was boiling.

“Why do you think I know? Obviously I don’t know! I didn’t say anything that implies I have even the tiniest shred of knowledge about this!” Jiang Cheng growls. That sounds suspicious.

“You sound like you know. Ooh, did Lan Xichen tell you?”

There’s the sound of something falling on the floor, followed by a curse. “No! He didn’t! I just said I don’t know, now go freak out with somebody else!”

“A-Cheng, just hold on a little more, please.” Jiang Yanli says. It’s a miracle that Jiang Cheng doesn’t hang up the call, and Wei Ying takes advantage of that to rant for 5 minutes about his frustrations and curiosities.

By the end of that, both Jiang Cheng and Jiang Yanli are silent for a few seconds, before he hears twin sighs.

“Look, A-Ying, why do you feel so annoyed at the guy Lan Wangji’s in love with?’ Jiang Yanli asks.

“Wei Ying, you’re a fucking idiot.” Jiang Cheng says at the same time.

“Rude! And I’m not annoyed, I’m angry! He made Lan Zhan sad! And he – well. I… don’t know.” He really doesn’t know. What he had been about to say was an errant thought, something that had been buzzing at the back of his mind since he came to the conclusion that he was most definitely angry – he’s going to take Lan Zhan away from me.

“You don’t know what, A-Ying?” Jiang Yanli says. Her voice is soft and comforting and coaxing, like she’s trying to wheedle an honest answer out of Wei Ying.

What a ridiculous idea. Lan Zhan isn’t anybody’s. Wei Ying shouldn’t feel like this.

But he speaks anyways, words pouring out of him as a dam breaks. “He – I think he’s going to take Lan Zhan away from me, and I don’t like that! And I don’t even know why, and isn’t that just great? I’m so conflicted and I feel so uneasy and I can’t even put a name to these fucking feelings – ugh, I’m gonna blame everything on Lan Zhan and that stupid tweet! Stupid Lan Zhan, falling in love with stupid somebody… it’s not fair…”

He sniffs, feeling wetness roll down his cheek.

Holy shit, is he crying?

Over Lan Zhan being in love?

Is he really this upset? He shouldn’t be. This isn’t reasonable. They’re friends, right? Wei Ying should be happy for Lan Zhan.

“Oh, A-Ying, it’s okay…” Jiang Yanli whispers.

“No! I’m fine!”

Jiang Cheng snorts. “Yeah, right. Look, instead of freaking out and doing nothing, why don’t you text him and get some answers?”

“Oh! You’re right!”

“You didn’t think about that?”

“Well, I did, but I didn’t like the possibility of him telling me who he likes…”

Across the room, Jin Zixuan looks close to blowing a fuse.

Jiang Cheng groans. “How the fuck are you so – you know what? Never mind. Imagine Lan Wangji saying that he likes Nie Huaisang – wow, that sentence felt so wrong to say.”

Wei Ying closes his eyes and pictures it in his mind. Texting Lan Zhan happily only to see him saying, “It’s Nie Huaisang.”

He clenches his fist. Wei Ying does not like that mental image one bit. In fact, he absolutely hates it.

“Okay, so what do you feel?”

“No. I don’t like it.” Wei Ying pouts.

“But do you still want to know who it is?”

“…Yeah, I feel like no matter who it is I’d feel like beating him up. Because he’s breaking Lan Zhan’s heart, of course, why else?”

The sound of a palm hitting a forehead comes through the phone. Jiang Yanli sighs and shakes her head.

“Just text him already and get some sleep! Maybe sleeping will help you become less of an idiot!” Jiang Cheng snaps, hanging up the call before Wei Ying can protest that he isn’t an idiot.

“There’s nothing to be scared of, A-Ying.” Jiang Yanli reassures him.

“I’m not scared!”

That… might actually be a lie, though. His hands shake as he types out his two tweets to Lan Zhan, and he spends the next five minutes obsessing over why Lan Zhan isn’t responding to him before he realizes that it’s 9 PM and the indomitable sleep schedule of the Lans must have kicked in.

Jiejie is right, there’s nothing to be scared of. Or more like, he shouldn’t be scared of receiving a response. His throat shouldn’t choke up at the mental image of Lan Zhan smiling at the guy he loves.

He proceeds to spend the next half an hour ranting about it anyways, until his throat hurts and he stops for fear of damaging it. His thoughts continue of their steam-rolling rampage, snowballing from Who is it? To Do I really wanna know? To What the everloving fuck is this feeling and why does it feel like it’s burning me up from the inside out?

Finally, Jin Zixuan snaps at him to use one of their spare rooms to sleep over, because he’s a road hazard in his current state, and Wei Ying can’t do much more than agree half-heartedly and collapse on the bed.

“Lan Zhan… why?”

As with many things today, he’s not sure what he’s asking. Maybe it’s a why did you not tell me?  Or a why are you in love with somebody?

In the end, he can’t stop himself from sending one lonely message to Lan Zhan, asking if he’s okay.

Wei Ying falls asleep wishing that Lan Zhan would confide in him, a bitter taste in his mouth.


The morning dawns bright and early, and Wei Ying wakes, still feeling as uneasy as he did last night. He’d dreamed of Lan Zhan – snippets of his memories and made-up events, a voice saying I love you, Lan Zhan’s smile directed at somebody that isn’t him.

When he comes downstairs, he’s greeted by a cheerful Jin Ling, who – still too young to speak proper words – babbles something and waves at Wei Ying.

“Awwww, A-Ling! Good morning to you too, aren’t you just the cutest little bun ever? Ah, look at how squishy your cheeks are – so cute!”

Jin Zixuan shoves Wei Ying out of the way to serve Jin Ling his baby food, and Wei Ying sticks his tongue out at him. He may be an acclaimed director, but to Wei Ying he’s still the same peacock who made his jiejie cry when they were kids.

“Good morning, A-Ying! I hope you slept well?” Jiang Yanli sets down three plates of congee on the table, one of them tinged red from spice.

“I had some weird dreams about Lan Zhan.” Wei Ying says, digging into the congee. Jiang Yanli really is a goddess in human form – this is spicy enough to wake him up, which means that it’s unbearably spicy by a normal person’s standards.

Jin Zixuan drops his spoon in the congee and glares at Wei Ying.

“There are children here – ”

Jiang Yanli cuts him off. “What kind of dreams?”

“Oh, he was in love with Nie Huaisang and I was watching them be all lovey-dovey together…” He says. He’s not quite sure why he’s divulging the contents of this dream, but he needs to get it out of his system before he’s forever tortured by those images.

“And do you feel anything when you think about those dreams?”

Wei Ying blinks. Thinks back to those images – of Lan Zhan smiling and kissing Nie Huaisang’s cheek, kindness and devotion for someone that… isn’t him. Wait, what?

Not me?

That – no, he’s not even going to indulge himself in those kind of thoughts. But another image fills his head, one where Nie Huaisang’s face is not Nie Huaisang but instead his own, and Lan Zhan looks at him like he’s the world. Smiles. Kisses his cheek.

What the fuck, he thinks.

Wei Ying feels his cheeks flushing red, and he tells himself it’s just the spice. Jiejie must have put in a lot of chili oil, because it’s suddenly very hot in here.

“I – don’t, no, uh… I don’t like seeing Nie Huaisang and Lan Zhan like that. It makes me feel… upset.”

God, he sounds like a preschooler describing his feelings to his mum. He feels like one, too, not having the correct words to say and not being able to quiet this unrest within him.

“Yeah, okay, and what is that emotion called? When you see that person with another person and you get upset? Huh, Wei Wuxian?” Jin Zixuan says. If he’s not mistaken, he hears a hint of sardonic annoyance in Jin Zixuan’s voice, which only serves to rile Wei Ying up more.

“What do you want? I already said I’m upset!”

“Use a more specific word!”

Jiang Yanli interrupts before they can start tearing at each other’s throats, picking up Jin Ling from his baby seat and handing him to Wei Ying.

“Alright, I need to talk to A-Xuan for a minute, so why don’t you stay here and take care of A-Ling for now?” His jiejie smiles brightly, and Wei Ying smirks. He knows that smile – the unsettling, threatening one which inevitably means that jiejie is ready to give you a verbal beatdown. He might not know what crime Jin Zixuan has committed, but he’s petty enough that he’s happy from seeing Jin Zixuan in trouble no matter the situation.

Once the two leave the living room, Wei Ying digs out his phone to check his twitter feed with apprehension building in him, wondering if Lan Zhan has posted anything since that tweet. What he sees is a veritable flood of tweets that are @-ing him and screaming about something that Jin Guangyao and Lan Xichen have said.

The first one he actually takes the time to read is… something else.

light army @hanguangjuun

hey @wei_ying wtf does this mean??

Below is the tweet that he assumes the twitter user is referring to, and another tweet that’s related to that one. He sees Jin Guangyao’s handle and grimaces, knowing that Jin Guangyao never has anything good up his sleeve, but reads on regardless.

Jin GuangYao ✔ @jinyaoyao

@mingnie It’s still fun to give some hints… So, the guy’s last name is three letters, and you guys probably know his name! #matchmakelwj


Lan XiChen ✔ @xichen

@jinyaoyao A-Yao, please don’t be mean to A-Zhan… although, they do probably need some prodding to get together. @chefyanli @jiang-chengg would you be so kind as to help me?

I feel betrayed, is the first thing he thinks, because holy shit Jiang Yanli and Jiang Cheng knew who the mystery guy was and they didn’t tell him? And Jin Guangyao of all people knows too?

Checking over the tweets from his fellow celebrity friends, he comes to the slow but horrible realization that everybody except him seems to know who Lan Zhan’s secret love interest is.


There’s something that strikes him as suspicious here, too – Nie Huaisang, usually one of the first people to comment on any new celebrity gossip, hasn’t said anything about the tweet.

Please, please, please don’t let this mean that Nie Huaisang is Lan Zhan’s crush.

The thought of that instantly places a damper on his cheerful Saturday morning.

And then he sees a new tweet in his feed, this one from Lan Zhan – saying that they’re friends, to figure it out himself – and the clouds clear, the birds start singing, and a smile grows on his face of his own accord.

We’re friends! He thinks, feeling oddly buoyed by that. Lan Zhan does consider them friends, but does that mean he doesn’t consider them close enough friends that he would confide in Wei Ying?

Wei Ying types a response to Lan Zhan quickly, and eagerly awaits his response, but it never comes. He waits, and waits, and waits, bouncing a sleepy Jin Ling on his knee and gulping down the rest of his porridge, but it’s all in vain.

Jiang Yanli and Jin Zixuan come back in a few minutes, Jin Zixuan looking thoroughly cowed, and Wei Ying instantly hands Jin Ling back to Jin Zixuan.

“Jiejie! You know who it is?? Don’t say you don’t, Lan Xichen’s tweet clearly shows that you do, and Jiang Cheng too! Liars…”

Off in the corner, Jin Zixuan rolls his eyes but doesn’t say anything more.

“Oh, A-Ying, we’re just speculating! That’s right, we’re, uh, thinking about who it could possibly be! Why don’t you help us speculate as well? Better yet, why don’t you wait for Lan Zhan to text you back and let us handle everything, haha?”

Wei Ying is not tricked. His sister’s always been a terrible liar. But he lets it go – obviously, they aren’t going to tell him, so he’ll just have to figure it out himself.

“Fine, I’ll wait here then! You guys can go out, I’ll take care of A-Ling.”

“Are you sure, A-Ying?”

“Oh, yeah, I’ll be fine! Don’t worry about me.”

Jiang Yanli’s face says very clearly that she’s worrying about him, but she agrees anyways. She and Jin Zixuan have a double interview today, some feature piece about being China’s foremost power couple and dealing with a Michelin-starred restaurant and red carpet awards while handling a baby. Wei Ying and Jiang Cheng might not like their sister’s marriage to Peacock Husband, but they’re forced to admit that it’s been the perfect image of a marriage so far.

30 minutes later, they’re dressed up and ready to go, leaving instructions for Wei Ying on how to feed Jin Ling and change his diapers, as if he doesn’t know how to take care of babies.

“We’ll be back by 2 PM, A-Ying!”

“Good luck on your interview, jiejie!” He says, purposely ignoring Jin Zixuan.

And then they’re gone, and it’s just him and Jin Ling. His nephew burbles and grasps for Wei Ying’s hair, and he grudgingly lets little A-Ling combs his fingers through it.

“Ah, you’re so cute… Are you trying to steal my heart, A-Ling?”

Jin Ling giggles and tugs at Wei Ying’s hair, trying to put it in his mouth. He pushes Jin Ling’s hand away as gently as he can and squishes his cheeks.

“You know, though, it already belongs to someone else! Sorry, A-Ling!”

Jin Ling hiccups.

“You’ve got it easy, don’t you. No funny feelings to sort through, you only have to look cute and sleep. Lucky.”

Eventually, Jin Ling falls asleep on him, and Wei Ying falls silent once again.

My heart belongs to someone else, huh…

He wonders if he was really just joking about that.


The instant Jiang Yanli and Jin Zixuan get home, Jin Ling snaps his head up and starts wailing incessantly, as ifhe’s aware of his mother’s presence. He grabs desperately for Jiang Yanli as Wei Ying carries the crying baby over to his jiejie and quiets down once Jiang Yanli pats his back and hums a tune under her breath.

“Ah, thank you for watching A-Ling!” Jiang Yanli smiles. She looks exhausted from the interview, and Jin Zixuan puts a protective hand on her shoulder, drawing her close to him.

“No problem!”

“A-Ying, about the tweet…”

But Jiang Yanli doesn’t get the chance to say anything more, because Wei Ying’s phone buzzes on the couch and he practically sprints over to it, flopping down on the couch as he checks who it is.

“Lan Zhan texted me back!!” He yells, feeling irrationally happy.

Jiang Yanli and Jin Zixuan share a look, and they leave the living room a moment later, though Wei Ying hardly notices this, caught up in texting Lan Zhan.

If he’s talking to Lan Zhan, he can forget all his worries and weird dreams, all his thoughts of love and anger. So maybe Lan Zhan isn’t going to tell him who the mystery guy is, but it’s still fine. Well, not that fine, since Jin Guangyao (that fucker, one day he’s gonna punch him in his slimy face) tweeted earlier that the guy’s last name is 3 letters and he’s somebody famous, and Nie Mingjue told him to fuck off, basically, which is just more evidence for Nie Huaisang being the mystery guy, but his worries still feel alleviated simply from texting Lan Zhan.

Until Lan Zhan of all people asks him why he’s interested in Lan Zhan’s ‘supposed love life’, and Wei Ying blanks on that.

He’d said that they were friends, so he wanted to see Lan Zhan be happy, but that argument doesn’t seem quite correct. He wants to know who it is, but at the same time he feels like knowing the person’s name would send him into a hysteria and make him want to beat up that person, even if it turned out to be one of his closest friends, like Nie Huaisang.

And honestly, he really doesn’t know, and when he says he’s “just curious. I think.” He really does mean it. He thinks. This bitter, burning emotion doesn’t feel anything like curiosity, but what else is he gonna call it?

But then Lan Zhan sets up their date (their date!! Wei Ying thinks, with a smile so large it feels like his face is going to crack) and he’s just so lovely and kind and considerate that Wei Ying completely forgets about the tweet for the five minutes that he’s texting Lan Zhan. And then he thinks, he must treat the guy he likes even better, and he buries his face in a pillow at the thought of that.

Wednesday at 5:30 PM, huh? That’s 4 days from now…

Wait. Only 4 days!

“Jiejie!” He screeches, leaping up from the couch.

“Huh? Shh, A-Ling is sleeping…”

“I have!! A date!! With Lan Zhan!! 4 days from now!!” Wei Ying skips around the living room as it hits him, feeling happier than he has for the past few weeks. He can just imagine it now, having a quiet dinner at Dafan (and he can’t believe Lan Zhan remembered that he wanted to go there, it was such a little thing, but here they are, and his heart is soaring with the knowledge that Lan Zhan does care), the two of them engrossed in their own little world, taking a walk in the park at night with the stars shining above them…

Wei Ying can’t stop a dreamy smile from spreading across his face as his mind keeps supplying him with more images just like that.

He flops back onto the couch once again, giggling as he thinks of Lan Zhan and him standing in a hidden clearing by the river watching the stars, or him teasing Lan Zhan and watching the other man’s reactions over dinner.

“That’s – uh, very good, A-Ying, you seem very happy!”

“Mmhm, I am! Ah, I can’t wait… I wonder what I should wear? It isn’t that fancy of a restaurant, and I think we should wear a disguise, but… hmm.”

Wei Ying continues babbling on about their date (soon, it’s so soon! He doesn’t have time to emotionally prepare himself for this!) until Jiang Yanli grabs him by the shoulders and sit him down at the table.

“A-Ying. Your… date, do you feel anything about it?”

“Huh? What do you mean? I’m really happy, of course!”

Jiang Yanli sighs and Wei Ying feels like he’s disappointing his jiejie, though he’s not sure what he’s doing wrong. “But, it’s a date.

“I’m just joking! We’re having dinner at Dafan and going for a walk at Taomian Park afterwards, he said he needs to talk to me about something, I was just teasing Lan Zhan about it sounding like a date!”

“A-Ying, that’s a little…”

“I’ve had enough!” interrupts Jin Zixuan, looking like he wants to bang his head against the table. Or punch Wei Ying in the face. Wei Ying scoots his chair away from Jin Zixuan just in case. “You’re so dense! It’s a date, what A-Li means is that only people who like each other go on dates! So how do you feel about that now, huh? You wanna date Lan Wangji? Just say it already!”

“A-Xuan!” Jiang Yanli exclaims, trying to shush her husband, but the damage is already done.

People… who like each other?

How do I feel about that?

A date. With Lan Zhan?

Do I want to date him?

Wei Ying blinks. Reviews his feelings and all his memories with Lan Zhan for the past 5 years. Thinks about the simple act of going on a date with Lan Zhan – or kissing him, that would be really nice, whispers a voice inside him.


He can’t imagine a world without Lan Zhan, or a world in which he isn’t by Lan Zhan’s side. And he wants to be with Lan Zhan forever, he loves watching Lan Zhan’s reactions and he loves being the only one that Lan Zhan pays attention to, he loves how devoted Lan Zhan is and how truly warm and kind he is, once you get to know him. Slowly, then all at once, he realizes – I’m in love with Lan Zhan.

“I think…”

I’m in love with Lan Zhan.

“Holy shit. I’m in love with him.” Wei Ying whispers.

The last puzzle piece slides into place

“I’m in love with Lan Zhan!” He cheers. It all makes sense now. He must be jealous – that’s what this uneasy emotion is called, jealousy!

“We know, A-Ying.” Says his jiejie.

“Ah, I’m in love…” he says again, treasuring those precious words. He’s flying, his heart singing as he revels in his love and adoration, laughing and smiling and unable to stop. Wei Ying wants so many things – to be a successful actor, to have a happy family, to be able to eat good food for the rest of his life – but right now, what he wants the most is to see Lan Zhan, to talk to him and touch him and hug him tight, never letting go, to say “I love you” and watch as Lan Zhan smiles back –

But that isn’t going to happen, is it?

“But Lan Zhan doesn’t love me back.”

As suddenly as it had bloomed, the happiness curls in on itself. Lan Zhan loves somebody, and that somebody probably isn’t Wei Ying. After all, Lan Zhan has never once given any indication of that – always treating Wei Ying as only a friend and nothing more. They’re long past the days where Wei Ying thought that Lan Zhan hated him, but Wei Ying is sure that Lan Zhan doesn’t care for him in that way either.

“Wait, why do you think he doesn’t?” Jiang Yanli says, sounding mildly panicked.

“Because he’s in love with Nie Huaisang!” Wei Ying wails. “Nie Huaisang hasn’t said one thing about the tweet, and usually he’s always on top of the newest gossip as soon as it comes out! Plus, Lan Zhan didn’t say anything when I asked him if the mystery guy was Nie Huaisang, but he did respond when I asked him if it was Jin Zixun, so it must be Nie Huaisang!”

Jin Zixuan grimaces when Wei Ying mentions his cousin. “I don’t even know where to start with that, your logic is so wrong.”

“It isn’t! It makes sense!”

Jiang Yanli breaks up their argument before they can start yelling at each other and nudges Wei Ying’s shoulder. “You must have faith in yourself, Wei Ying. I believe that Lan Zhan loves you back, he’s always very good towards you. You’re special to him.”

Wei Ying sighs. He wishes that he knew for sure that Jiang Yanli is right – usually, his jiejie is right, but the pessimistic side of him keeps saying that it isn’t the case this time around. If he truly is special, then why didn’t Lan Zhan just confess to him directly? If he’s special, then why is Lan Zhan leaving him hanging like this?

“I just want to stay by his side. And I want to be with him forever, I want to be the one to make him happy, I want to wake up in his arms and fall asleep in them too, I want to do so many things! Jiejie, I want to tell Lan Zhan all of my feelings, but how should I when I don’t know if he will accept them?” The more he talks, the more he realizes that he’s been head-over-heels for Lan Zhan for years now. He doesn’t know when it started, when he started wanting to be with Lan Zhan, when he started being happy from Lan Zhan’s mere presence, but it all feels so natural to him.

Jin Zixuan scoffs. “Didn’t you hear a word A-Li said?”

“I did! I just think that it isn’t very possible…”

“Are you blind or are you honestly just an idiot?”

“Look, A-Ying, don’t you have that meeting with the director soon? Why don’t you go think about Lan Zhan and your feelings a little more, and then you can come here tomorrow to talk?” Jiang Yanli says.

She’s right, he does have a meeting soon, but he doesn’t want to go. No, he wants to stay here and moan about his pitiful love life – how unlucky does he have to realize that he’s been in love with a guy who’s been pining after somebody else for years, now? But still, how lucky is he to be in love with Lan Zhan, someone who is brilliant and loyal and out-of-this world handsome, somebody who has an iron hold on Wei Ying’s heart, someone who Wei Ying would give himself entirely to?

Honestly, does Lan Zhan have any idea just what he does to Wei Ying’s poor heart?

“I’m always thinking about Lan Zhan.” He says, but he forces himself to pull on his coat and drive to the meeting place anyways, torn between feeling jealous over Lan Zhan’s mystery guy and flying high on his newfound love.

The meeting with the director drags on for two hours, as he’s asked to model the costumes and rehearse some of the scenes, and by the time he gets home, the sun is setting and he’s too exhausted to do anything but collapse on his bed.

Tomorrow, he tells himself. I’ll deal with everything tomorrow, he thinks, and promptly falls asleep.



Yanli: So that was…. Weird.

Lan XiChen: Details?

Jiang Cheng: honestly im just surprised that wei ying hasnt texted me at all today

Yanli: He had a meeting with Director Liu and I think he went straight home after that, he must be exhausted.

Yanli: But before that he did, actually, finally, realize he’s in love with Lan Wangji.

Yanli: Like, completely head-over-heels, would do anything for him, in love

Lan XiChen: There’s a catch, isn’t there.

Yanli: He thinks Lan Wangji is in love with Nie Huaisang.

Jiang Cheng: i stg when i come back im going over to that idiot’s house to beat some sense into him

Jiang Cheng: how did he even come to that conclusion

Jiang Cheng: what the fuck

Lan XiChen: That’s an interesting development.

Lan XiChen: I’ll talk to Nie Huaisang.

Jiang Cheng: sounds ominous

Jiang Cheng: i like it

Lan XiChen: *Over Twitter

Yanli: Which means indirectly confirming to all of twitter that Nie Huaisang isn’t the one Lan Wangji is in love with, right?

Lan XiChen: Basically, yes.

Yanli: I don’t think Lan Wangji will appreciate that…

Lan XiChen: It’s for my cute little brother’s happiness :>

Jiang Cheng: what about wei ying? dont tell me the idiot realized he’s in love all by himself

Yanli: A-Xuan spelled it out for him :D

Jiang Cheng: fuck, i owe the peacock husband one now

Lan XiChen: So you have a plan, right?

Yanli: A-Ying is coming over tomorrow. We’ll talk about confessing, but given the way A-Ying can’t stop talking about what he wants to do with Lan Wangji, it won’t be hard to get him to confess.

Jiang Cheng: yes please do so a-jie, i cant take any more of wei ying pining

Jiang Cheng: and now that hes realized his feelings hes going to be so fucking annoying about it

Jiang Cheng: more than humanly possible

Lan XiChen: Once they get together, I’m sure you’ll have a reprieve from it, A-Cheng!

Jiang Cheng: i sure fucking hope so

Jiang Cheng: a-jie tell wei ying to confess on wednesday, so we can get this over with already

Jiang Cheng: they’re gonna be that one nauseatingly in love couple but its better than watching them obliviously pine

Yanli: Alright ^_^! I still need to convince A-Ying that Lan Wangji isn’t in love with Nie Huaisang

Jiang Cheng: wow that sentence felt so wrong to read

Jiang Cheng: why the fuck is my brother such an idiot, im disappointed

Lan XiChen: Hm. I must talk to A-Zhan and tell him to say that it isn’t Nie Huaisang.

Lan XiChen: Although, that should be obvious to just about everyone who has seen A-Zhan and Wei Wuxian together…

Yanli: Everybody does know that Lan Wangji is also a fool in love, though.

Jiang Cheng: everybody but my dumb brother, apparently, who thinks that lan wangji’s behavior towards him is nothing special

Yanli: Yes, he seems intent on not believing that Lan Wangji could possibly be in love with him.

Lan XiChen: That is troublesome. But as long as you get him to confess on Wednesday, I believe that things will work themselves out!

Jiang Cheng: youre so optimistic

Lan XiChen: But you love that c:

Jiang Cheng: you got me there

Yanli: I’ll update you guys tomorrow on whether A-Ying is going to confess or not!

Lan XiChen: Alright, that sounds good.

Jiang Cheng: tell him that i will personally drink all of his Emperor’s Smile if he doesnt confess

Jiang Cheng: ive tolerated far too much pining bullshit for him not to


On Sunday morning, Wei Ying makes the commute over to his jiejie’s house and spends the next 15 minutes ranting about his terrible dream, in which Lan Zhan pushed him aside and replaced him with Nie Huaisang. He feels like a horrible friend for being so jealous of Nie Huaisang, but can he help it, when he sees dream-Huaisang cuddled up against Lan Zhan’s side, and Lan Zhan’s eyes glimmering with adoration and warmth?

Jin Zixuan, ever the arrogant peacock, snaps at him to stop imagining things that aren’t true, but Jiang Yanli takes pity on him.

“A-Ying, perhaps you should confess to him on your date. You look like you’re bursting at the seams with your unspoken feelings.”

“I am, jiejie! But I keep thinking about that dream and the tweet and agh, what if he secretly hates me?”

“He’s your friend, A-Ying. He doesn’t hate you and he won’t.”

“But he loves somebody else!”

“That again?” Jin Zixuan says. “Find a better excuse for being scared.”

Jiang Yanli sighs. “A-Ying, why can’t you confess?”

“Oh, I could. I want to! But… he won’t accept it, and I don’t want us to drift apart. Lan Zhan… he deserves the best, and I can’t give him that. I don’t want to burden him with a confession that he can’t return.” Wei Ying says. He knows that Lan Zhan isn’t the type of person that would abandon a friend just because of a confession, but he can’t help being scared anyways.

“How do you know he won’t return it, A-Ying?” Jiang Yanli says.

“Because he’s in love with Nie Huaisang!”

He hates this. Absolutely hates this jealousy that’s eating him from the inside out, dragging down the blissfulness of being in love and turning him against his friend. But he so wants to be the one that’s hugging Lan Zhan, and teasing him, making him blush, and from the looks of things, it’s never going to be that way.

“No, he isn’t! He’s in love with you!” Jin Zixuan growls, stalking out of the room to change Jin Ling’s diaper before Wei Ying can stop him.

“A-Ying…” Jiang Yanli says hesitantly.

“That would be nice, but it’s just not happening. He’s never once acted like he’s pining around me, it’s not possible, no matter how much I want it to be.” He murmurs.

“But you don’t know that for sure, A-Ying!” She encourages. “So confess to him and get some answers! Please, A-Ying, for your own sake.”

“What if – ”

“Besides,” Jiang Yanli continues, cutting him off, “You’ll never know until you actually try! Please, A-Ying, we don’t want to see you pine forever. It’s easier if you just get it done.”

Oh, he wants to say no. He has so much to lose if he agrees to confess, but he can’t say no to his sister.

“Alright, I’ll confess! I’ll just savor these days I have until Wednesday, I’ll enjoy this friendship we have until the confession, because I know it’ll change forever, and don’t you dare tell me that it won’t, jiejie.” Wei Ying cheers himself up with the knowledge that he can still relish in teasing and flirting with Lan Zhan, like he always has, before Wednesday comes.

He’ll make the most of this while he can.

Jiang Yanli looks like she wants to say something about Wei Ying’s decision, but in the end she just smiles and pinches Wei Ying’s cheeks. “Don’t worry so much, A-Ying! Everything will be okay, I promise you.”

How do you know? He wants to ask her, but his jiejie sweeps out of the room to help Jin Zixuan with a crying Jin Ling before he can, leaving Wei Ying to stew in his doubts all alone.

No, no, I’ve got to be optimistic! His jiejie is right, he won’t know until he tries, and it’s not like anybody has actually confirmed that Nie Huaisang is the mystery guy, yet. Plus, Lan Xichen and Jin Guangyao had been tweeting some pretty suggestive things, and stan twitter had been latching onto the gossip like it’s their only lifeline to the world.

Hmm. Looks like it’s time to start digging around twitter for some answers.


Wangji is life @stanlwj

Wow I was away for 15 hours and suddenly everybody in my feed is fighting over who mystery guy is?? thanks twitter


why in the world is carmen @dontdoit

@stanlwj we’ve narrowed it down to like, three people because SOMEONE keeps saying that wen qionglin is a possibility. Completely irrational. smh


harold they’re lesbians @rabbitlife

@dontdoit fuck you, wen qionglin is a valid choice??


hey adora @wheresmyhonor

@stanlwj personally im on Team Wei Wuxian, they’d be so cute together!


mystery guy?? @southofshanghai1

@wheresmyhonor there’s no way, hanguang-jun hates wwx. #teamnie


hey adora @wheresmyhonor

@southofshanghai1 no he doesn’t, he’s said that he enjoys working with Wei Wuxian and Wei Wuxian has said that they’re very good friends – confirmed by HanGuang-Jun himself (herehere) #teamwei


Wangji is life @stanlwj

@dontdoit so like… what team?


why in the world is carmen @dontdoit

@stanlwj WILDCATS – sorry, i had to do it. pick your choice of WQL, WWX, or NHS.


harold they’re lesbians @rabbitlife

@dontdoit unpopular opinion here, but im standing by my choice of WQL and you cant stop me


why in the world is carmen @dontdoit

@rabbitlife weird flex but ok


harold they’re lesbians @rabbitlife

@dontdoit tired: team nhs, wired: wwx, galaxy brain: wql


why in the world is carmen @dontdoit

@rabbitlife well Lan Wangji has barely any interaction with Wen Qionglin and has said much more about both NHS and WWX but go off i guess


harold they’re lesbians @rabbitlife

fuck you im gonna shoot my shot @xichen is your little bro into Wen Qionglin?? give us poor stans some answers pls


Lan XiChen ✔ @xichen

@rabbitlife Nope!


Lan WangJi ✔ @lan_wangji



Lan XiChen ✔ @xichen

@lan_wangji Am I wrong?


Lan WangJi ✔ @lan_wangji



light army @hanguangjuun

@xichen @lan_wangji absolute legends. so much power in only four tweets.


Number 2 Nie ✔ @huaisang2

@lan_wangji good luck with ur mystery guy lol


i say vol you say Voltron @keeancee

@huaisang2 what the actual FUCK does this mean, why are you always such a cryptid??


light army @hanguangjuun

why does literally everybody know who HanGuang-Jun’s mystery guy is and yet they aren’t?? telling us?? is it illegal??


Jiang YanLi ✔ @chefyanli

@lan_wangji Don’t go changing your romantic interest now (^人^)


hey adora @wheresmyhonor

@chefyanli that. that sounds like a shovel talk. a really passive-aggressive shovel talk. this is why we stan #yanli.


why in the world is carmen @dontdoit

@chefyanli *furtively files this in my Evidence that LWJ’s mystery guy is WWX folder* why else would JYL be so threatening? shes only this protective of her family!


CONFUSION ✔ @wei_ying

@lan_wangji Good, I would have had to beat up my best friend for unknowingly breaking ur heart if it was Wen Ning!


Ghost General ✔ @wening

@wei_ying Rude D:


Lan WangJi ✔ @lan_wangji

@wei_ying Best friend?


CONFUSION ✔ @wei_ying

@lan_wangji awww dont be jealous, we both know ur my bestest friend!!


Lan WangJi ✔ @lan_wangji

@wei_ying Mn.


Wangji is life @stanlwj



why in the world is carmen @dontdoit

@stanlwj “just friends” yeah right this is the final straw, theyre obviously two pining idiots in love and you cant convince me that isn’t the case. god is a ship and that ship is wangxian. #teamwei


hey adora @wheresmyhonor

Okay this new set of suspiciously flirty tweets is great but has anybody mentioned that WWX’s handle is the ultimate mood??


Nie Mingjue ✔ @mingnie

@jinyaoyao I see what you mean by giving them a helping hand, this is extremely frustrating to watch.


Jin GuangYao ✔ @jinyaoyao

Took you long enough @mingnie


Nie Mingjue ✔ @mingnie

On second thought, fuck you @jinyaoyao


Jiang YanLi ✔ @chefyanli

@wei_ying Bestest friend?


Cheng ✔ @jiang-chengg

hey quick question, what the fuck @wei_ying I thought you were past this


CONFUSION ✔ @wei_ying

@chefyanli I didn’t say anything, im just a little man in his little world who knows nothing GOODBYE GOODNIGHT


Jiang YanLi ✔ @chefyanli

@wei_ying Hmm? Is that really so?


Wangji is life @stanlwj

@chefyanli how do you manage to be so cute while threatening your brother, please teach me the tricks of your trade


i say vol you say voltron @keeancee



CONFUSION ✔ @wei_ying

@keeancee lol thanks, so who is lan zhan in love with again??


hey adora @wheresmyhonor

@wei_ying its definitely you #teamwei


light army @hanguangjuun

@wei_ying @wheresmyhonor nah, the odds are definitely in Nie Huaisang’s favor…


CONFUSION ✔ @wei_ying

@wheresmyhonor okay im getting déjà vu but I still? Have no answers? Time to do some more research ( ̄ω ̄;)


Cheng ✔ @jiang-chengg

@wei_ying cant believe my older brother is like this. im giving up on life, bye.


Lan XiChen ✔ @xichen

@jiang-chengg Don’t give up!! Wednesday is yet to come!


Lan WangJi ✔ @lan_wangji

Really, Brother?


harold they’re lesbians @rabbitlife

@lan_wangji sounds so done but like, whats with this ominous “Wednesday is yet to come” thing?? What’s happening on Wednesday, why do I feel like something big is going down


Cheng ✔ @jiang-chengg

@xichen true. You better not chicken out, @wei_ying


CONFUSION ✔ @wei_ying

@jiang-chengg wow I cant believe my little brother thinks so little of me. I’m heartbroken.


Wangji is life @stanlwj

@jiang-chengg @xichen I came here to get answers and I left feeling more confused than ever. Whats on Wednesday, why is WWX involved, why is literally everybody in LWJ’s circle subtweeting him and mystery guy?


i say vol you say voltron @keeancee

@stanlwj guess we’ll have to wait until Wednesday. I think I might die of the suspense before Wednesday actually comes…


harold they’re lesbians @rabbitlife

I have learned exactly one (1) thing from this whole twitter exchange and that is, hanguang-jun’s friends are REALLY deadset on matchmaking him.


light army @hanguangjuun

@rabbitlife and that’s the tea sis!


Ghost General ✔ @wening

I just read through my twitter feed, this seems very exciting! Rooting for you! @wei_ying


Number 2 Nie ✔ @huaisang2

Hmm. Interesting. @wening


CONFUSION ✔ @wei_ying

I have no idea what you’re talking about @wening


Wangji is life @stanlwj

@wening HOLY FUCK


light army @hanguangjuun

I don’t care about these new tweets, I’m not giving up on #teamnie!


hey adora @wheresmyhonor

@wening really out here feeding us this good gay content in the year of our lord 2019, huh.


i say vol you say voltron @keeancee



Jin GuangYao ✔ @jinyaoyao

Well, this is turning out to be quite entertaining to watch!


CONFUSION ✔ @wei_ying

Fuck you @jinyaoyao

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Ouyang Zhizhen, Ban Yue to star alongside Lan Wangji in New Television Drama

February 11th, 2019 (Gusu Daily Report via Compstar Talent Agency) – Ouyang Zhizhen (Phoenix Rising, The Other Side) and Ban Yue (Sinner's Pit, Snake Charmer) are to play Li Minghi and Chang Meihua in the recently announced drama Spring Blossoms, based on the 2015 book of the same name by…

Gusu Daily Report – 5 hrs ago


The Two Jades of Gusu – A Look at the Lan Brothers

February 10th, 2019 (China Entertainment Magazine) – Pei Ming outlines the rise to stardom of Lan Wangji and Lan Xichen, a look at their extensive portfolios, and what’s next for this dynamic duo.

CEM Online – 1 day ago


NEW Exclusive Interview with Lan Wangji…

February 11th, 2019 (Shanghai Television News) – Lan Wangji talks about his new projects, his daily life, his plans for the future, spills about that tweet, and more in the newest episode of Star Talks, hosted by Lin Ting – watch now on…

Shanghai Television News – 2 hrs ago


Page Name: NEW Exclusive Interview with Lan Wangji – Spring Blossoms, future plans, 10 questions, and Twitter drama

Description: Shanghai-based reporter Lin Ting hosts an exclusive interview with 2-time Golden Eagle award winner Lan Wangji. Filmed Monday February 11th, 2019. Copyright STN 2019.

Length: 09:03

[View transcript? Yes | No]

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[Language? English | Mandarin Chinese]

LT: Hello, everyone, and welcome to another episode of Star Talks! Today, we have a very special guest, one who’s been all over the news lately – please welcome Lan Wangji!

[The audience cheers as the camera pans to Lan Wangji, sitting opposite of Lin Ting.]

LWJ: Thank you for having me.

LT: It’s our pleasure. Now, as we all know, you’re starring in the new drama Spring Blossoms, produced by Shanghai’s very own Sun Feng and Liu Binluo at Tencent Studios. Can you tell us a little about the plot?

LWJ: Spring Blossoms focuses on two soldiers going back to their hometown after the War of Jiawu and the changes it produces within them. It’s a character-driven drama and I look forward to shooting it.

LT: Wow, that sounds exciting! You know, we at Shanghai Television News don’t actually get much news on these shows, so how long will this be, when will the first episode drop, and where are you filming?

LWJ: It will be 16 episodes long, and the first episode will be released on April 15th. [pauses] We will film at several locations around China, I have not yet received confirmation about the exact locations.

LT: Ah, well, I’m sure we’ll find out soon! Anyways, you’re playing one of the two leads, Gao Anping, while Xiao Xingchen is playing the other, Peng Xi, and we have a list of confirmed actors. But there’s been rumor of a secret guest actor who’s slated to appear in the show – can you confirm this?

LWJ: I have heard the rumors, but I do not know if they are true, and if they are, who the guest actor is.

LT: Hmm, interesting. I can’t wait to see who it is!

LWJ: Mn.

LT: Besides Spring Blossoms, you also have two films that you’ve been cast in, Return to Heaven and Emerald Peak, right?

LWJ: Yes. I am excited to begin the filming, as the two stories are very intriguing. I hope that you will find them enjoyable when you watch them.

[The camera pans to Lan Wangji’s face for a few seconds before moving to Lin Ting, who looks slightly miffed.]

LT: Ah, I’m sorry to trouble you with another rumor, but I’ve heard that you auditioned for the role of Ren Jinli in the upcoming show Song of the Azure Sea – which stars Wei Wuxian and Luo Qingyuan, by the way – is that true?

[Lan Wangji surprisingly shows a shred of emotion here at the mention of Song of the Azure Sea– he closes his eyes and does something that looks like a sigh.]

LWJ: No. It would be an honor to work with Wei Ying again, but the rumor was from my brother attending the audition.

LT: So is Zewu-jun auditioning for the role, then?

LWJ: No, he had some business with the director that day, and the audition happened to be occurring on the same day.

LT: There you have it, folks – no Two Jades of Lan in Song of the Azure Sea! The big names of Wei Wuxian and Luo Qingyuan will still draw a lot of people in, though, so there’s no worries about nobody watching it!

LWJ: I have confidence that Wei Ying will play his role very well.

[The camera catches his face for a second before showing the audience. Lan Wangji looks like he is smiling softly, an expression he never has, even in his movies.]

LT: Huh. So, many of us would love to know, what do you plan to do after Emerald Peak releases? Will you continue filming? It’s been a busy few years for you, so will you take a break?

LWJ: I plan to stay in the entertainment business as an actor as long as I am able to. I would also like to continue working on new projects, so I do not plan to be taking any breaks.

LT: Well then, I’ll be on the lookout for any new projects of yours, and I’m sure many of our viewers will be too!

LWJ: I look forward to your continued support.

[Lin Ting pauses for a moment to review her notes.]

LT: So, earlier this week we held a poll to determine the main question for this week’s Star Talks, and the jury’s out – the viewers want to know, what’s your daily life like, Hanguang-jun?

[Lan Wangji looks moderately surprised, though it’s hard to tell with his poker face.]

LWJ: I wake up at 5 AM and sleep at 9 PM every day. It is good to have a schedule in your everyday life.

LT: What do you do for your meals?

LWJ: Ah. I cook them myself. They must be healthy and well-balanced, in accordance to the family rules. Porridge, beef noodle soup, and rice with boiled vegetables are all good examples.

LT: Family rules? So we can assume that your brother and uncle follow these as well?

LWJ: That would be correct.

LT: What about your skincare routine? Shampoos, creams, anything – a girl needs to know so she can try to get flawless skin just like Hanguang-jun’s!


LWJ: Regular soap and water. Do not live in excess.

LT: Eh?! And you still look so good! Amazing!

LWJ: Oh. Thank you.

[Lan Wangji looks more surprised that Lin Ting has complimented him, although it truly is amazing that Lan Wangji’s skin can glow like that with only soap and water.]

LT: What do you do on your days off from filming? Do you have any places you like to visit?

LWJ: I study the script for the next day of filming or I run through the blocking. It is good to be prepared. If I am in a new city for filming, I enjoy sightseeing, and if I am at home, quiet places are nice.

LT: Wow, such dedication! What about your hobbies?

LWJ: I practice calligraphy often and I also train with the jian. If I have time, I will practice the guqin. It is a beautiful instrument.

LT: May I just say that you are a man of excellent caliber, Hanguang-jun. Such refined and elegant hobbies! I have no doubt that the guqin sounds wonderful in your hands.

LWJ: My brother plays it and the xiao as well. Traditional music is important to our family.

LT: Will we ever hear one of you play the guqin?

LWJ: Perhaps. Wei Ying plays the dizi, there are recordings online.

LT: O-oh.

[Lin Ting looks quite stupefied as Lan Wangji diverts the conversation to Wei Wuxian once again. She checks her notes.]

LT: So, as you all know, every week for Star Talks we announce our guest the week before and let our audience send in questions they want us to ask! This week, because we have Hanguang-jun on here, we got two times the amount of questions we normally get.

[Audience laughs.]

LT: We’ve narrowed it down to a set of 10 questions – though it certainly wasn’t easy – Hanguang-jun, are you ready?

LWJ: Yes.

LT: Alright, the first question is from an anonymous sender – they ask, “what’s your favorite food and drink? Movie? Song?”

LWJ: Banmian and Dragonwell green tea. For movies, Butterfly’s Touch and The Tale of the Yiling Patriarch. At the moment, my favorite song would be an instrumental song called Inquiry.

LT: The Tale of the Yiling Patriarch is that xianxia movie with Wei Wuxian and Jiang Wanyin, right? Do you like that genre, or…?

LWJ: It has a gripping plot and very good acting.

LT: True, very true! The next question is from one of our viewers, amacoffee2. “They say you can tell a lot about a person from whether they like cats or dogs, so – cats or dogs?”

LWJ: Cats.

LT: Aw, I hoped you would say dogs!

LWJ: No.

[Audience and Lin Ting laughs.]

LT: Here’s your third questions – from zuzus – “What’s your favorite movie that you’ve starred in so far? TV show?”

LWJ: I enjoyed filming Come Back With Me very much. I do not have a favorite TV show that I have acted in, however.

LT: Oh, Come Back With Me was so heartrending! I’ve always wondered if you drew upon personal experience to play your role, it felt so real!

[Lan Wangji does not answer. Lin Ting laughs awkwardly to break up the tense atmosphere here caused by Lan Wangji’s stone-cold face, though it should be obvious based on Lan Wangji’s tweet that he did in fact draw upon his personal experience with pining to play his role.]

LT: Anyways, on to the fourth one, from theclash, “Why do you keep your hair long?”

LWJ: It is traditional to do so, even though my brother does not. It is relatively easy to manage, so it is easier to keep it long.

LT: You’re very traditional. It still looks really good, too!

LWJ: Mn.

[Lin Ting looks at Lan Wangji’s hair jealously. The camera focuses on Lan Wangji’s face for a moment before going back to the two of them.]

LT: Hey, we’re halfway there! Here’s the fifth one, from lianmin, “Why don’t you star in romantic movies?? I’d love to see you in one!” Me too, lianmin, me too.

LWJ: I do not feel comfortable filming those types of movies. Although, they seem to be very popular.

LT: You’d be so good as a romantic lead, though… the “serious, stoic, cool student council president” type!

[The audience laughs. Lan Wangji looks slightly uncomfortable.]

LT: On to the sixth one – marniebythesea wants to know, “what kind of weather do you like the best?”

LWJ: Slightly cold and sunny. Not too hot.

LT: So your favorite season would be spring, then?

LWJ: Yes.

LT: How is it that with every question, you somehow become more elegant? I need all your secrets to life.

LWJ: Wei Ying says that I am too taciturn to be elegant. My brother agreed. I am not sure why.

LT: Huh? Wei Wuxian again?

[There is a slight pause. Lin Ting looks rather confused. The camera stops on Lan Wangji’s poker face for a moment.]

LT: Ah, so, anyways, the seventh question is from edelweiss, they want to know what your lock screen is!

LWJ: Oh.

[Lan Wangji pulls out his phone and the camera zooms in on it. It is a picture of a black-and-white rabbit staring at the camera. Lan Wangji hesitantly shows the phone to the audience and Lin Ting.]

LT: Awww, so cute! The eight question is from raven534 and it’s “do you have any pets”, so is that your pet? How many rabbits do you have?

LWJ: This is Jasmine. I have two more, Chrysanthemum and Sunflower.

LT: Flower names? Do they have any deeper meanings?

[Lan Wangji looks resolutely at the floor.]

LWJ: No.

LT: Well, your rabbits are simply adorable. Onto the ninth question – hitormisshuh asks, “have you ever written a story? If so, what kind?”

[A quiet ‘I guess they never miss, huh’ is heard from the audience.]

LWJ: No. I have written original compositions for the guqin, however.

LT: Wow! A composer, on top of being an actor, dancer, and musician? That’s Hanguang-jun for you! Will we ever hear these?

LWJ: No.

LT: Eh? Alright, last question – shiroganai wants to know, what’s your type? What a bold question, but I’m sure we’re all dying to know!

LWJ: I do not have one.

[The camera pans to Lan Wangji’s face. He is still refusing to look at the camera.]

LT: According to your recent tweet, it sounds like you have one…

LWJ: I do not have one.

LT: Well, if you insist… and usually, this is where we’d wrap up another episode of Star Talks, but this week we have something special planned!

[A tweet is superimposed over the screen as Lin Ting talks. It is Lan Wangji’s “some of you” tweet.]

LT: Now, as we all know, on Friday you tweeted what’s been labeled the “Some of You” tweet – some people are even using the hashtag #lwjsomeofyou! There’s been quite a bit of buzz about this mystery man, and I’m as curious as the next person – who is it and why did you tweet this?

LWJ: Oh. I did not intend to tweet that. But I accidentally got drunk and I have very low alcohol tolerance, so I ended up being irresponsible.

LT: I guess alcohol is the one thing you’re weak to! But who was the tweet addressed to? We only have a few precious clues to lead us on.

LWJ: I would prefer not to answer that.

LT: Huh? You’re just brushing mystery man aside? Why not confess now?

LWJ: I would never brush him aside. And he deserves so much more than to be confessed to over twitter or an interview.

[There is silence in the audience as the camera pans over them. They are amazed at how romantic Lan Wangji is.]

LT: A-ah, I see. Well, what about your brother and friends trying to set you up? They’ve been making some suggestive tweets lately.

[Lan Wangji frowns.]

LWJ: I must talk to my brother about that.

LT: They all seem to know who the mystery man is as well…

LWJ: That does not matter as long as they don’t tell him. I wish to tell him myself.

LT: You know, you’d really be good in romance films. You can say all the cliché lines and make them sound super-cool!

LWJ: No.

LT: Aw, what a waste of good looks. Ah, it looks like we’re reaching our time limit, so we’ll have to sign off for now!

LWJ: Thank you for having me.

LT: It’s our pleasure! Well, folks, that’ll be all for this week’s episode of Star Talks – tune in next week for a section with the hottest up-and-coming newbie actor, Song Zichen! Thanks for watching!


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User: hanguangjunlove

Yay, another interview! Hanguang-jun usually doesn’t do interviews, so this is some golden LWJ content :D He’s as handsome as always, too!! UGH and he only uses soap and water?? What kind of Lan family magic…


User: shanghainetizen001

Just read this, the transcript really is a mood… “lan wangji looks like he’s smiling softly, an expression he never has, even in his movies” YES LWJ’S SMILING FACE?? WE’VE BEEN BLESSED BY AN ANGEL?? SOFT LWJ IS BEST LWJ


User: idolatricsuWu

@jajajajaja “lwj is whipped” we been knew, have you even read his twitter?


User: jajajajaja

wow, lwj keeps talking about wwx even though this interview is about him, and that soft smile?? lwj is whipped. Also, can I take a moment to tell you about my religion, which is titled “HanGuang-Jun talking about Wei Wuxian”? It’s healthy for your soul.


User: mycatisbetterthanyours

Whoever did the transcript for this… you’re doing god’s work, thank you


User: 30centimeters

GAH im so happy that hanguang-jun will continue as an actor, remember those terrible rumors about his quitting?? i still think he should take a break, though, this many projects in only 2 years cant be good for his health :(


User: chengcheng

She’s correct about Wei Wuxian and Luo Qingyuan drawing people in – can’t wait to see my son Wei Wuxian as a jaded assassin in Song of the Azure Sea, not the type of role he normally plays but those promotional images look absolutely GORGEOUS.


User: staygoldponyboy

@noodling personally i think it could be wwx because he recently announced that he’s working on a new project


User: noodling

WHO IS THE GUEST ACTOR, I NEED ANSWERS, UGH *rattles tencent* TELL ME TELL MEEEE (okay but I would love to see NHS in another period drama, hes so good at those)


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Lan Zhan leaves the TV studio feeling rather exhausted, even though it’s only 11 AM.

It’s not like he hadn’t expected to be asked a variety of… rather invasive (at least by his standards) questions, he’d accepted the invitation to be a guest on Star Talks knowing exactly what was in store for him. He’d anticipated being asked about his love life, or why he doesn’t star in romantic movies even though he’s been asked – begged, really – numerous times by prominent directors to do so, or about his long hair.

But no matter how many times he reviewed those situations in his head, it isn’t any less stressful when it happens in real life.

Lying in front of the camera about whether his rabbits’ names had meanings? Check. Bluffing his way through the questions about the tweet? Check? Accidentally bringing up Wei Ying almost every time he answers a question? Check.

His uncle is going to have an aneurysm, again. If Lan Zhan’s tweet didn’t already give him heart problems, this interview definitely will, because Wangji, look at all the commotion your tweet has caused, and Wangji, why are you talking about other actors on an interview?

Perhaps Lan Zhan himself is on the verge of dropping dead from all the stress, too. He doesn’t even want to think about the flaming mess that twitter is right now, with all the people invading his privacy and trying to figure out who the mystery guy is, with his brother and his friends still subtweeting Wei Ying, and with Wei Ying himself nearly destroying his heart with his careless flirtations. To top it off, he has filming for episode 10 of Spring Blossoms today, he still has to review his schedule with his Uncle and deal with the media backlash from his tweet, and somehow not die before Wednesday comes.

If I’m both extremely anxious about the confession and extremely excited about seeing Wei Ying, Lan Zhan thinks, do the two cancel each other out?

The answer is no, they definitely do not, and instead they enable each other, playing an endless tug-of-war with his heart.

Lan Zhan groans, resisting the urge to slump down in his seat and pull his jacket over his head.

“Second Young Master Lan, your phone is ringing.” His driver says.

“Oh.” He hadn’t noticed the buzzing of the phone in his pocket, preoccupied with his increasingly dismal thoughts of a confession gone wrong and Wei Ying refusing to see him. “Hello?”

“Ah, Lan-xiansheng? This is Director Liu, I need to talk to you in person, will you arrive at the filming site soon?”

“Yes. In about 15 minutes.”

“Good! It’s something really important. See you soon.” Director Liu says, hanging up the call without giving Lan Zhan a chance to ask him what that was all about. Given that Director Liu has a tendency to overexaggerate the importance of small events or changes to the schedule, Lan Zhan is sure that it isn’t anything major, but one can never be sure. And one can never be too prepared, either, which is why he spends the next 10 minutes thinking of what to say should the Director tell him that he’s being fired because of his controversial tweet, or if Director Liu suddenly announces that they’re going overseas for filming.

Lan Zhan feels like he’s gotten a tad bit more cynical since Saturday morning, but that’s reasonable. Anybody in his position would be the same. Of course, confessing his undying love is a necessity. Both to protect his beloved and to get it in his head that his love will never be returned, but that doesn’t stop him from feeling extremely terrified of actually doing it. Catastrophic-scenario-imagining, toxic-butterflies-in-stomach terrified.

Apparently one person can make him feel a range of emotions as different as snow and lava, which is also quite terrifying, but in an appreciative way. Wei Ying really is amazing.

And here’s the thing – they’re both prominent actors, one of them an adopted son from a prestigious family well-known for excelling in the arts and academics, the other from a family that has a stellar track record of churning out stellar actors from the acting school it directs and of musical and acting prominence itself. It’s a given that their schedules are erratic and busy, leaving them little time to lead a semi-normal life. With all that in mind, Lan Zhan rarely had – and still rarely has – chances to meet up with friends and simply spend some quality time with them.

Yet Wei Ying had been the one to propose that they meet up every two weeks on Friday and have lunch together, just for the sake of it. He’d just come back from his three-year-long journey abroad, and they were sitting together on the edge of the trail that led to the pagoda in the middle of the Jiang family’s lake, Wei Ying having snuck out from the reunion party and Lan Zhan having followed him quietly. Lan Zhan was tired, too tired to care about hiding his obvious staring at Wei Ying, and Wei Ying was looking up at the stars, letting the wind caress his face.

“Welcome back.” Lan Zhan had said. “I missed you.” He said, because he had, wishing every day for Wei Ying to text him – call him – give him any indication that he was still alive, going through every day not knowing if Wei Ying would ever come back, alone and unsure and as fragile as the hope he sustained, and I missed you didn’t even begin to cover his feelings, but it would do for now.

“I thought you hated me.” Wei Ying murmured.

“I never hated you.” I have always loved you. And I will love you till the end of time.

Wei Ying tilted his head to peer at Lan Zhan, who met his gaze unflinchingly. His eyes were the same steely grey, his voice, his smile, everything the same, and yet – something was different. Wei Ying was different. More charming, less arrogant. Less frivolous, more captivating, definitely more good-looking than he had the right to be. “So we’re friends then? That sounds nice…”


“You know, I’ve heard maybe a hundred ‘welcome back’s tonight, but yours is the most sincere I’ve heard. It’s nice, Lan Zhan – I mean, it makes me really happy – but you’re a little too kind. I just up and left for three years! You should be yelling at me, or something.” Wei Ying ran his hand through his hair, scooted closer to Lan Zhan as if physical proximity could help him understand Lan Zhan’s emotions.

“I would never yell at Wei Ying. And I am just glad that you are finally back.” More than you could possibly think.

“Ah, Lan Zhan, you really are too kind. I’m glad to be back… and, I missed you too. A lot.” Wei Ying whispered.

He moved even closer, snuggled up to Lan Zhan’s side, laying his head on Lan Zhan’s shoulder and not daring to move away. Wei Ying was solid and warm and right in Lan Zhan’s arms, like he never left, and Lan Zhan dared to smile in that moment, his heart full of unbounded adoration and devotion for the man in his arms. He’d hoped that the darkness would cover the redness of his cheeks, the sound of the water and the wind masking the frantic pounding of his heart.

They stayed like that for a few minutes, basking in the other’s warmth, until Lan Zhan asked what had been bothering him the entire night.

“Are you planning to go back to acting, Wei Ying?”

Wei Ying’s fingers froze from where they were playing with the ends of Lan Zhan’s hair.

“Yes. I am. How’d you know?”

“Jiang Wanyin and Jiang Yanli have invited many people. They would not throw such an extravagant party and invite people that are barely familiar with you if there was not a big announcement to be made.”

“Ah, as observant as ever, Lan Zhan… Yeah, I’ll start going to auditions and making a name for myself again. After all, three years away from acting is practically a lifetime for the people behind the scenes, I’m an old man now!”

Wei Ying sounded as light and optimistic as ever, but he snuggled into Lan Zhan’s side like it was the only comfort he had left in the world, and Lan Zhan wrapped his arms around him even tighter.

“You are not. The casting directors would be fools to pass over you.”

“Lan Zhan! You can’t go around saying stuff like that with a straight face!” Wei Ying tilted his head up to grin at Lan Zhan and pinched his cheek. “Women already fall for you left and right from just a cold glance of yours, if you tease people like that the whole world will be at your mercy!”

“I am not teasing.”

“Yeah, right.”

Lan Zhan shook his head. Leave it to Wei Ying to think that Lan Zhan’s very sincere flirting was teasing, just like Wei Ying’s were. But perhaps it would be better to leave it this way, because then Lan Zhan could selfishly indulge himself in voicing these lovesick thoughts of his out loud without worries, and wasn’t it just great that he was so over his head that he stooped so low as to not correct a misunderstanding simply so that he could flirt shamelessly?

“Look, Lan Zhan, even if I don’t make it back onto the big screen, you’re still really busy.”

“Yes, when you have your comeback, we will both be extremely busy. And?”

“Well, we’re friends, aren’t we?” Wei Ying said. “I wanna see you more often! Talking to you over the phone is nice, but seeing your face is way better!”

And then he gave Lan Zhan the same dashing smile that he’d sported back when they first met – sixteen and in high school and surrounded by the whirling colors of autumn in Gusu. He’d laughed, carefree and truly happy and clear, and Lan Zhan had wanted to kiss Wei Ying more than he ever had at that moment, capture that laugh with his own mouth, push him down on the boards and ravish him until Wei Ying was disheveled and wide-eyed and panting below him –

To kiss him until Wei Ying truly understood just how much Lan Zhan had missed him, give him the taste of a feeling that Lan Zhan could never put into words. Because he had never been good with words in the first place, and a kiss would say everything Lan Zhan could not.

“O-oh. That sounds good.” He said, for lack of better words and because he would have devolved into a stuttering, flushed mess had he spoken any more.

“So, I think that we should set up a meeting time every two weeks! And a regular calling time every few days as well! Hey, don’t you think that’s a great idea?” Wei Ying’s smile only grew at his suggestion.

“Yes. Very.”

Honestly, Lan Zhan would drop all his filming and interview schedules if he could only see Wei Ying every day – three years of separation had made him a desperately lonely man – but he supposes this is fine too. As long as he knows that Wei Ying is alright, that Wei Ying isn’t going anywhere, that he’s here to stay, then he’s happy.

“Ah, I’m relieved you said yes! How about we eat lunch at a restaurant that we’ve never tried before, and when we run out of restaurants, we can cook for ourselves! And on Friday, for a pick-me-up at the end of a long, hard week. I’ll pick the restaurant one week, and you can do it the next. That sounds great, doesn’t it?”

“What time will we meet?”

“Hmm, how about 12:30 sharp?”

“I will let my uncle know about this so he will clear my schedule.” Lan Zhan said, with an overwhelming sense of victory. It isn’t everyday that one suddenly finds himself with an indefinite number of lunch dates with the light of his life every two weeks, after all. And if his uncle objected, Lan Zhan didn’t care. He’s an adult, he isn’t legally compelled to follow Lan Qiren’s directions.

“Ehh? Don’t let Qiren-laoshi know! He’ll blacklist me from every single movie for corrupting his pure nephew!” Wei Ying wailed dramatically, letting himself slump down into Lan Zhan’s lap.

Lan Zhan’s thoughts had stopped functioning right there and then. The struggle to stop his face from breaking out into a foolish smile was extremely hard, and Lan Zhan wasn’t sure if he was winning. His hand must have been possessed, because he found that it was combing through Wei Ying’s hair before he could even think about what he was doing.

“He will not.”

“Will too! He hates me! Oh, Lan Zhan, you’ll protect me from old man Qiren, right?”

Wei Ying gazed up at him, grey eyes sparkling in the light from the Jiang family house, moonlight glinting off the lake and painting the night a gentle silver, and Lan Zhan thought, I would protect you from the world if I had to. I would give all of myself to you, if only to keep this moment frozen in time forever. One tiny smile from Wei Ying, one finger curling around the white ribbon in Lan Zhan’s hair, and he knew then that his heart belonged entirely to the man in his lap.


“Pfft, Lan Zhan, you… can I stay out here with you for a few more minutes?”

Lan Zhan could never say no to Wei Ying, but – “Why?”

“I don’t want to go back in there. A-Cheng keeps glaring at me, and jiejieI know she’s forgiven me for what happened three years ago, but I can’t do the same for myself yet. This is supposed to be a welcome-back party, but I don’t feel particularly welcome – haha, sorry for pushing all this onto you, anyways. I just – I don’t know, I just feel better out here with you. I want to stay here.”

Lan Zhan pulled Wei Ying closer to him, cupping his face with his hand. “You are welcome here. I am here for you.”

He felt Wei Ying smile against his hand. “Thank you, really.”

“There is no need to thank me. I will always be here.”

Wei Ying’s eyes widened before he burst into laughter – sincere, clear, weaving through the tranquil night like a song from the heavens. “Ah, Lan Zhan, this is what I mean when I say you are too kind! You don’t even know… no, never mind. I’m just grateful that you’re here!”

Diving into the lake to cool his head seemed like a pretty good option to Lan Zhan in the dilemma of making sure that Wei Ying doesn’t see his blush and hear his heartbeat, even when everybody in the Jiang estate could probably hear it.

“Shameless.” He mutters.

“Now that’s the Lan Zhan I know!”

Lan Zhan didn’t know how long they stayed like that – Wei Ying humming a song under his breath as Lan Zhan petted his head, Lan Zhan holding Wei Ying in his arms, his heart full of the light and hope that Wei Ying brought into his life. Two years have since that day – two years for Wei Ying to rise to the forefront of the Chinese entertainment industry once more, two years for Lan Zhan to fall impossibly further in love.

“Second Young Master Lan, we have arrived.”

Oh, he thinks, looking out the window and half-expecting to see the calm waters and lotus flowers of the Jiang estate instead of the concrete entrance of the film studio. I must have drifted off.

It’s far too easy to get lost in the memories of him and Wei Ying, to let himself reminiscence on how warm and solid and here Wei Ying is in his arms, to dream of a world in which he could do that every day.

“Thank you.” He says, slipping out of the car and into the film studio before anybody on the street can take notice of his arrival. He nods towards the guard at the gate, taking the path to the greenscreen area of the studio, where they’re planning to do the shoots. Today, the scenes they’re doing require a bustling-town-in-the-early-20th-century background, and his character is apparently going to get stabbed by Xiao Xingchen’s character in the middle of the market after a drawn-out verbal conflict. No doubt Xiao Xingchen will apologize over and over after doing the necessary takes for the scene – he’s extremely polite, somebody his uncle would probably love to have a student.

No matter how many times he enters the filming area that they’ve set up for Spring Blossoms, though, he never fails to appreciate the historical accuracy and beauty of the set pieces, with a lacquered pagoda in one corner, the old-world feel of the wooden houses and design of the town, and the lush (but regrettably fake) gardens and pond in another corner. Director Liu and Assistant Director Sun might not be the most… organized of directors that Lan Zhan has worked with, but when their heart is in it, their productions go above and beyond.

Everybody else who’s been called for the filming today is already gathered in the meeting room of the main building, half of them in costume and half of them out.

“Hey, morning! Did you get the message from Director Liu?” Says Lu Yue, stealing another cookie from the bowl on the table. Zhou Jianhong promptly confiscates the bowl.

“Yes. Do you know what he wants to talk about?”

“Mmn, not sure. Haven’t seen him yet today, but yesterday at filming he looked pretty excited, so I’d wager it’s something big!”

“I really hope he doesn’t change the filming location again,” gripes Shen Yuan. “It’s such a bother!”

“Yeah, Mister Line Producer, it’s such a bother that you can’t stop him from doing that!” Says Zhou Jianhong.

“Ah, good morning, Lan-xiansheng. I hope you slept well?” Xiao Xingchen comes to stand beside Lan Zhan, the tip of his cane tapping at the floor beside them. He already has his blindfold on – Xiao Xingchen is only blind in one eye in real life, but for Spring Blossoms, his character is fully blinded.

“Yes, thank you. Will Director Liu be here soon?” Lan Zhan responds. It’s not like Director Liu to keep them all in suspense like this.

“I think so. Please, sit down. I’d like to talk with you about this one line in the script here… let me find it – oh, thank you, Lu-furen.” Lu Yue nods, having handing Xiao Xingchen’s script to him, and gets a candy from Xiao Xingchen in response. Zhou Jianhong simply shakes his head.

“Please stop giving Lu Yue more sugar, she’s already had 5 cookies in the span of 15 minutes.” He says, with all the impatience of a man who has been trying since filming began to stop Lu Yue’s sugar addiction.

“Mean. My character is super hyper, so I also need to be super hyper!”

“Gao Xueling is not hyper! There’s a difference between cheerful and hyper!”

“Pfft, like an emotionless blockhead like you would know that.”

The rest of the cast and crew members crowding the room watch on in amusement as Lu Yue and Zhou Jianhong have their daily battle of words. On camera, they have great chemistry and similar one-track minds that mold excellently to feedback, but in the break room, they’re somewhere between “rivals with weird sexual tension” and “mortal enemies”.

“So about this line, ‘You never truly tried to help me out!’, don’t you think it should be delivered with more angst than anger – I mean, Peng Xi has been put under a lot of pressure lately, so this is where he breaks, I think he’d be more choked up than angry. At least, as the actor I feel like that’s more in line with his general character.” Xiao Xingchen circles the direction below the line in the script with a pen.

Lan Zhan looks over his own script. For this scene, the show is departing from the book in terms of dialogue and character development, and he’s not sure that it is working all that well. “That makes sense. Talk to Director Liu and AD Sun about it. And Gao Anping should sound more shocked and confused than furiously betrayed in the line after that.”

“Mn, that sounds better.”

 The door to the meeting room bangs open before Lan Zhan act out the scene with Xiao Xingchen.

“Good morning, everyone! Actually, it’s 11:30 AM, so more like good afternoon – good day? Good noon? Well, anyways, hello!” Director Liu Binlou enters the room and brings a flutter of chaos with him in the form of Assistant Director Sun Feng trailing behind him with a stack of wrinkled papers in his arms, held together by one measly paper clip.

“So I’m gonna go ahead and assume that you all got my memo about the important thing I had to tell you – well, of course you did, otherwise you wouldn’t be gathered here!”

“Um, we could also be gathered here if we arrived at the filming site and you weren’t there?” Says Lin Zhixun.

“True, true, but I noticed that you all responded to my calls or read my messages, so that option’s out!”

“Oh. Okay.”

“I sincerely apologize for this sudden change of plans.” Sun Feng gently pushes Liu Binlou out of the way to address everyone, handing off the mysterious papers to the first person on the right, who happens to be Lan Zhan. “There is something important that we must announce. Those rumors about the guest actor on our show are true.”

“That makes sense.” Says Zhou Jianhong. Lu Yue nods, as does the rest of the room. They’ve been expecting that for quite some time now, ever since the rumors first started. Director Liu and AD Sun had also been suspiciously tight-lipped about how the filming and story would proceed for episodes 11 and 12. The only hint they’d been given was that the story would deviate significantly from the book, which spoke for itself.

“Sun Feng! You said you’d let me tell them!”

“Sorry,” Sun Feng says, without a hint of remorse on his face. “You were taking too long.”

“So who is it?” Lu Yue asks.

“We’ll tell you in a moment – we actually brought him here today to get him acquainted with you guys and the crew, you probably know of him already but it’s good to have some pre-filming bonding, right? Anyways, we’re letting him do the announcement to the general public over twitter, but we thought we’d brief you guys on this beforehand.”

“Mister Always-Prepared here even compiled a presentation on his role and how it’ll affect the story, and a few other things as well! One of you is gonna have to share a dressing room with him, just to let you know.” Director Liu interrupts Sun Feng’s matter-of-fact speech with a bit of news that brings far more uproar to the room than the confirmation of the rumor did.

“Liu Binluo, please do not announce something like that out of the blue. But yes, the guest actor will be sharing a room temporarily with the person who has the largest room, who happens to be Lan Wangji.” Sun Feng shakes his head and sends a sympathetic look towards Lan Zhan, while the rest of the room sighs in relief. Lan Zhan himself doesn’t particularly care about having to share a room with the mysterious guest actor, it simply means less space for his things, which only take up perhaps 1/8th of the room anyways.

“This guest actor will star in episodes 11 and 12, which will film from February 18th to March 1st. There will be no deviations from the planned filming schedule or any other assignment changes. I fully expect you to respect and help the guest actor while he is filming.” Sun Feng pauses and whispers something to Director Liu, who slips out of the room. “After we introduce him, I’ll tell you how the story will proceed and we’ll wrap up the filming for the market scenes for episode 10. Understood?”

“We’d be happy to help him, whoever he is! Not everyday you get a change of pace like this, anyways.” Lu Yue grins. The other actors nod in affirmation, muttering about who this mysterious person could be – Nie Huaisang seems to be the most popular choice, he’s perhaps best-known for starring in period dramas like this – but Lan Zhan’s attention is diverted from listening to their conversations as he hears a familiar laugh drift inside from the open door.

No way. No way. Please, let me have misheard that or something.

“Lan-xiansheng, are you feeling alright?” Xiao Xingchen whispers.

Lan Zhan shakes his head before remembering that Xiao Xingchen can’t see him, and whispers, “That depends on who it is.”

“Alright, everyone, give him a warm welcome!” Director Liu steps back into the meeting room, the guest actor trailing behind him.

The papers slip from Lan Zhan’s hands, and a strange sense of déjà vu tingles at the back of his mind. Didn’t something like this just happen on Saturday?

“Hi!” Wei Ying says, at the same time that Lu Yue and Lin Zhixun gasp. “I’m Wei Wuxian. Nice to meet you!”

“It – it’s Wei Wuxian! We’re gonna be working with the Wei Wuxian!” Lu Yue squeals.

“Oh, wow.” Whispers Zhou Jianhong in what has to be the most respectful voice Lan Zhan has ever heard him use.

Lan Zhan resists the urge to dig a hole in the ground and bury himself in it. Wei Ying even has the nerve to send him a wink and a cheerful smile.

He thinks that maybe he’s forgotten how to breathe right now. Whether it’s from the combination of Wei Ying’s high, messy ponytail and his old-fashioned robes that make him look devastatingly handsome – wearing a red silk magua over a darker changsam that Lan Zhan wants to tear off him right there and then – or from sheer shock at this terrifying turn of events, he’s not sure. It’s probably the former, because Wei Ying is inhumanely attractive enough in normal clothes, and desire curls at the edges of his thoughts just from seeing Wei Ying like this.

“The role he’s going to be playing is that of Hua Qiuyang, a wealthy, influential politician who has hidden plans for Gao Anping, due to his combat prowess and achievements. I’ve printed out a briefing on how this will affect the story, copies of it are available on the table outside the dressing room. Wei Wuxian will be watching the filming today, just so he can get a feel of how we work.” Sun Feng drones on and on about how this will affect the character relationships as well, something about showing Wei Ying around and don’t you dare bother Wei Wuxian with your celebrity crush, Lu Yue, but Lan Zhan is tuning him out in favor of staring at Wei Ying.

“Hey, Lan Zhan!” he whispers, slipping out from behind Director Liu to kneel beside Lan Zhan. “Are you surprised?”

“Oh. Yes. I… did not know you were going to be in the show.”

“Heh, it was supposed to be confidential, but I was allowed to tell A-Cheng and jiejie, at least. I was gonna tell you, too, but I wanted to see your cute surprised face!” Wei Ying grins and pokes his cheek. “Ah, that was so worth it! You looked so shocked!”

“Wei Ying.”

Wei Ying rocks back on his heels and sweeps his ponytail to one side. Lan Zhan tears his eyes away from the creamy stretch of skin that it reveals before his control can snap. “Hm? What is it?”

“You’re wearing the changsam.”

“Yeah! This was tailormade for me! The guys who made it said that it needs to look 100% authentic, so here I am, decked out in patterned silks and an uncomfortable clip-on ponytail. Lan Zhan, I look good, don’t I?” Wei Ying spins around in a circle, letting the edges of the changsam flutter.

You look more than good, he thinks. Wonderful. Spectacular. Extremely alluring, irresistible, honestly too charming, you could have the whole world at your feet with just a smile dressed like this.

“Yes. You do.” He says.

“Oh,” Wei Ying breaths, sounding quite strangled, “Thank you.”

Director Liu claps his hands to end the chatter in the room over Wei Ying’s arrival. “Alright, everyone who isn’t changed, please get into costume and prepare for filming! We meet in 15 at the entrance to the market.”

There’s a whirl of colorful clothes as everybody in the room stands up at the same time and Lu Yue takes advantage of the chaos to steal back the cookie bowl from Zhou Jianhong’s hands. There’s the usual bickering as the two exit the meeting room, followed by several harried cameramen who are comparing their notes, followed by a few other actors who send curious looks at Lan Zhan and Wei Ying. And then there’s just him and Wei Ying and Xiao Xingchen, alone in the room together, with an electric undercurrent of tension between the three of them.

“Xiao-xiansheng, I must talk with Wei Ying,” Lan Zhan finally says, because Wei Ying keeps fidgeting and sending nervous glances at Xiao Xingchen and Lan Zhan doesn’t think that he can survive much longer in this suffocating atmosphere. “Can you get to the filming area by yourself today?”

“Oh, I will be fine! Besides, Lu Yue can guide me, right?”

From outside the door, Lu Yue peeks her head in, grinning shamelessly. “Ah, you heard me listening in, huh? C’mon, Xiao-xiong, let’s give these two some privacy, eh?”

Within moments, she’s pulling Xiao Xingchen out of the room and around the corner, his weak protests about being blind right now falling on deaf ears, and then it’s just him and Wei Ying, the silence between them like ice.

“So… it’s quite busy here, isn’t it?”

Lan Zhan levels an unimpressed stare at him. “Of course. We have a large cast.”

The ice shatters with Wei Ying’s laughter. “Pfft, Lan Zhan, your face! You should see your face! Haha – ‘we have a large cast’, you answered my question seriously!”

“Was I not supposed to?” He asks, resisting the urge to brush back the bangs that are falling into Wei Ying’s sparkling eyes. Lan Zhan loves seeing Wei Ying laugh sincerely like this – with a carefree smile and a vivacious blush upon his cheeks. To call it his favorite sight in the world wouldn’t be an exaggeration.

“No, Lan Zhan, I was just trying to strike up a conversation!” Wei Ying grabs Lan Zhan’s arm and tugs him out the door. “You’ve gotta go get changed, though, so lead the way to our dressing room!”

If Wei Ying noticed that Lan Zhan was smiling softly as he laughed, he doesn’t bring it up.


“Picture is up! Quiet, everyone!”

A hush falls over the set as they take their places, waiting for the call to start moving.

“Roll camera.”



The clapperboard snaps shut.

“Action!” Director Liu commands.

The murmur of the extras – playing the vendors, the shoppers, and bystanders – fills the set with the sound of clothes rustling and money being exchanged. There’re calls of the vendors advertising their newest products, the creaking of the wooden stalls, the rumble of carts passing through the main road, and the squeaking of the camera as the operator wheels it through the crowd, towards Lan Zhan and Xiao Xingchen.

Standing outside the set beside Director Liu and Sun Feng, Wei Ying looks at the filming process with great interest, even though he’s done these a million times before. For Wei Ying, the joy of acting never gets old, and he’s always curious about how different directors go about filming, another thing that Lan Zhan adores.

On the other hand, Wei Ying’s presence is throwing him off balance. Because he can’t tear his eyes away from the sheer brightness of Wei Ying and his energy, the way he carries himself and his infectious enthusiasm. Because showing off is definitely against his family’s rules – and the jealousy at the way Zhou Jianhong is openly staring at Wei Ying with clear admiration is definitely unbecoming of him – but god if he doesn’t want to channel the spirit of the greatest actors of all time and seduce Wei Ying with his acting.

Because usually, he’d be single-mindedly focused on his lines and doing the acting and emotions perfectly, but his thoughts are equal parts oh no, Wei Ying is a guest actor, and oh yes, Wei Ying is a guest actor and that odd combination of anxiety and excitement is stirring in his heart again.

“Oh! Fancy seeing you here, Peng-ge!” Lu Yue arrives on the scene with a rustle of silk brocade and the snap of a fan, and Lan Zhan forcibly rids his thoughts of anything and everything Wei Ying. Which is hard, considering that he’s standing right there.

“Is that you, Gao Xueling?” Xiao Xingchen questions, tilting his head and letting the camera capture the flutter of his blindfold.

“Yes! Good guess. Are you here alone? Can I accompany you?”

“Gao-xiong is also here with me. He’s… helping me out with the groceries.”

Lu Yue slings her arm through Xiao Xingchen’s. “Great! I gotta talk with him. Where is he?”

Xiao Xingchen shakes his head. Even without his eyes – even without using his voice – he manages to evoke a sense of helpless melancholy and frustration. “He said he was going to barter with the cabbage man, and to stay here until he comes back.”

“Huh?” Lu Yue pouts. “That’s no good. Let’s go see him.”

She proceeds to pull Xiao Xingchen to the cabbage stall despite his soft protests, the camera following steadily behind them, and Lan Zhan breathes in. He pulls on the mask of Gao Anping’s character, detaches himself from his own emotions and thoughts, concentrates until he is Gao Anping.

“An-gege!” Calls Lu Yue. “Hello!”

Lan Zhan turns – feels Wei Ying’s gaze upon him – forces himself to act as he always does – and nods his head in acknowledgement.

“Good day, Xue-mei.”

“Ever since you joined the army, you’re so formal! I’m your sister! Call me meimei.

“What brings you here today?”

“Hmm, I have a few errands to run. Anyways, look who I ran into! You’re so cruel, An-gege, leaving your best friend all alone in the middle of the market like that.” Lu Yue shoves Xiao Xingchen forward none-too-gently, and he stumbles.

Focus, Lan Zhan.

“Peng-xiong? I thought you were waiting by the porcelain stall… You just let Xue-mei drag you off like that? It is dangerous.” As he’s done so many times in the past, Lan Zhan lets himself imagine the person he’s talking to is Wei Ying, conjuring up memories of the times Wei Ying had done dangerous stunts by himself or carried out a stupid dare from Jiang Wanyin to convey the proper emotions.

“I told you, I’m fine. I can take care of myself.” Xiao Xingchen snaps.

“Peng-xiong, I am simply trying to help you.”

“You… you always say that!” Yells Xiao Xingchen. Lan Zhan flinches. Director Liu hasn’t yelled ‘cut!’ yet, so he’ll assume that everything is going according to plan. “You always say you’re trying to help!” His arm sweeps out, sending the props on the table to the left of him clattering to the ground. They’re made of plastic – the special effects will be added in later.

“You always say you’re trying to help me…” Xiao Xingchen whispers, his shoulders shaking as he hangs his head. “But you’ve never truly tried to help me out! You’ve only taken pity on poor, weak me, being bullied and blinded… did you ever think that I could stand on my own? That I could learn to survive by myself without your ministrations?!”

Lan Zhan takes a step back, letting a crack show in Gao Anping’s mask, baring his own vulnerabilities to the world. “I – I’m sorry, Peng-xiong, I never meant to make you feel this way – I truly do care about you! I always have, that’s why I worried over you…” The words leave a bitter taste in his mouth.

“But if you feel that way, then I will – ” Lan Zhan lets his voice quaver slightly, staring intently at one of the props rolling on the floor. “Then I will stop. I only did it because I care for you, but if my heartfelt worrying makes you feel this way, then I will stop doing it.”

“CUT!” Director Liu shouts. “Lan Wangji! Say that more like the manipulative asshole that Gao Anping is! Emphasize the ’heartfelt worrying’ part, you’re guilt-tripping him!”


Lu Yue snickers. “That is so not Lan Wangji, though. I can’t imagine Hanguang-Jun acting like any kind of asshole.”

“Xiao Xingchen, act more agonized when you start to yell at Lan Wangji. Lu Yue – please keep your facial expressions in check, you need to look worried and apprehensive, not smirking like the fight is fresh hot gossip.”

“Alright!” The two respond.

The rest of the filming session goes on in this fashion – during the fight scene, several retakes of a few seconds each are needed, because Xiao Xingchen keeps wincing every time he tries to stab Lan Zhan, and when Lan Zhan’s character finally gets stabbed and the scene ends without a hitch, everybody on set cheers.

Lin Zhixun and Lan Zhan speed through the infirmary scene, taking care not to mess up the special makeup that has been applied to Lan Zhan to mimic the effects of the injury. Then he’s relegated to the sidelines for the next scene, as Lu Yue confronts Xiao Xingchen and films the final scene for today’s schedule, a tearful conversation with him and Lu Yue. Between the two of them, they go through maybe 5 bottles of artificial tears just for a 2-minute scene, and an annoyingly high number of retakes because Lu Yue can’t stop laughing at one single line.

By the time they wrap up filming for the day, it’s 4:30 PM and they collectively breath a sigh of relief as the equipment is wheeled away, Director Liu dismisses them after handing out the finalized filming schedules for the next two weeks, and they trudge back to their dressing rooms.

“Lan Zhan!!” Wei Ying says, once they’re back inside the dressing room. “You were so good! It felt so real, I’m sure it’ll look even better once it’s on screen!”

Lan Zhan hums in response, feeling a wave of pride swell within him at Wei Ying’s compliment. That should not make him as happy as he is right now, but the words and Wei Ying’s presence wash away the exhaustion of a long day of filming, leaving calmness and comfort in its wake.

“Still, though, I haven’t filmed with you since we did The Puppeteer’s Apprentice together – haha, remember that one? That fucker Jin Zixun kept trying to mess up your lines. Gah, I feel angry just thinking about it!” Wei Ying tosses his changsam onto the counter and digs out his normal clothes. Lan Zhan studiously averts his eyes, which is honestly the culmination of 20 years of his uncle’s preachings of self-restraint.

“That was a good movie. I very much enjoyed it.”

“It was fun! You were so uptight back then, thought, and you still were really good. And – argh, you’re an even better actor now!” Wei Ying pulls on his sweater and jeans, and Lan Zhan nearly slumps forward in relief. “How do you do even do that with this statue-like face?”

“Wei Ying is better.”

Which is true, Wei Ying is a much better actor than he is. More alluring, more charismatic, he’s someone who draws you in and doesn’t let you go, with his devilish charm and extensive range of emotions. Wei Ying isn’t just a one-trick pony, like some misguided individuals on the internet might believe. He’s unbelievable good at anything involving the arts, able to stand out in genres from horror to romcoms, adaptable and quick on the uptake. Lan Zhan thinks it’s simply amazing, how Wei Ying can so perfectly slide into any role he’s given. But then again, he’s always been entranced by how Wei Ying breaks through all the barriers placed around him.

Lan Zhan grows within those confines. Wei Ying utterly destroys them – it’s gloriously beautiful, and Lan Zhan is a weak man for it.

“Ehh? No way! I still have a long way to go before I’m at your level!”

“Do not put yourself down.”

“Yeah, well, tell that to the people doing the awards.” Wei Ying smooths out the wrinkles on his changsam, but his voice hitches.

“Their opinion does not matter. I think you are amazing.” His gaze bores into Wei Ying’s, daring him to contradict or protest, and finally, Wei Ying flops into an empty chair, letting the changsam drop to the floor.

“Ah, I can’t win if you look at me like that, Lan Zhan! It’s no fair…”

Lan Zhan lets himself hope, if only for a brief second. He lets himself think that maybe, just maybe, Wei Ying does share his feelings.

And he lets those hopes go, because Wei Ying is only teasing him. That’s all it ever is and ever will be. Wei Ying’s flirtatious tone, the helplessness in it, the undercurrent of attraction that sparks when Wei Ying looks up and meets Lan Zhan’s eyes – no, none of it could possibly be real, even though there’s a nagging voice that tells him to think twice, because this feels different than usual. It’s just another way to push his buttons.

“Still, though, I’m really excited to be filming with you again. And to think we even get to share a dressing room! Lan Zhan, do you know what this means?”


“Twitter! Shenanigans! We can upload stupid videos of us doing stupid stuff in the dressing room, we can take lots of selfies together – in and out of costume – and we can totally make A-Cheng jealous that he isn’t on Spring Blossoms with us!” And just to hammer the nail in, Wei Ying whips out his phone and takes a candid shot of Lan Zhan before he has time to react.

“See? We can post photos of you and you can post photos of me, everybody will love it – ”

Lan Zhan reaches out to clap a hand over Wei Ying’s mouth. “No.”

He would normally never pass up the chance to get more photos of Wei Ying on his phone, but at this point, it’s probably a better plan to distance himself from Wei Ying.

Because when Wednesday comes, he’s going to confess, and it’s going to make everything extremely awkward between them. Lan Zhan toys with the idea of simply not confessing, before he circles back to the conclusion that if he doesn’t confess, twitter is going to do it for him, and Wei Ying will feel even more betrayed. Of course he doesn’t want to do this, not when they’re suddenly sharing a dressing room, not when he finally has a chance to see Wei Ying every day for the next two weeks of filming.

But the other option would be to hope that the tweet fades into obscurity and nobody ever figures out that it’s Wei Ying that he’s in love with, and the way things are going, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. No, they’re going to figure it out, there’s going to be another media storm, and Wei Ying will be hurt by it once again, just like three years ago.

He has to protect Wei Ying. So maybe he’s too cautious, too paranoid, caught up in his memories of how Wei Ying’s reputation shattered five years ago and how painful it had been to be able to do nothing more than sit by and watch as the media tore him to pieces. But does that really matter? Five years ago, he couldn’t take the fall for Wei Ying, no matter how hard he tried, so this time around, he will. Five years ago, he failed to protect the one he loves the most, but this time around, he has the chance, and he will succeed. Even if it means breaking his own heart in the process.


Wei Ying takes another photo of Lan Zhan off-guard.

“Pfft, Lan Zhan, what are you thinking about? What’s with this jade-like pensive face?”

But maybe… I can pretend that everything is alright, just until Wednesday. Without thinking, he answers sincerely. “Wei Ying.”

“Hm? Yes?”

“Never mind. I was just… thinking. About the reunion party, two years ago.”

Which isn’t exactly a lie, he had been thinking about it. And how the terms of their agreement would change, once Lan Zhan confessed, because surely Wei Ying wouldn’t want to speak with him that much anymore after learning that Lan Zhan pushed these feelings onto him and pushed him into the spotlight with no concern whatsoever for Wei Ying’s own feelings. Surely Wei Ying would at least find an excuse not to meet up anymore, because Lan Zhan would only continue to hurt Wei Ying more.

Surely –

“Oh, that? We promised to meet up every other Friday that night. And you know, Lan Zhan, now that I think about it – no matter what happens, promise never to break that promise, alright? No matter what happens, I don’t want to stop seeing you.” Wei Ying sounds unusually unconfident, not daring to look at Lan Zhan and fiddling with the keychain on his phone.

Wei Ying, don’t make promises you can’t keep. You won’t feel like that after I confess.

But Lan Zhan hears how Wei Ying’s voice shakes, how he seems so dejected that Lan Zhan isn’t promising, how unsure he looks. He takes one look at this deflated version of Wei Ying and that is what sends him over the edge.

Lan Zhan stands up from his chair and drags Wei Ying into a protective hug in one smooth movement. The tickle of Wei Ying’s hair against his neck, the way Wei Ying instantly hugs him back, the warmth of holding Wei Ying in his arms – Lan Zhan notices a thousand and one things about this moment, but the one that stands out the most is that he’s truly happy right now. Nothing around them matters, because all he needs is Wei Ying.

“Is that a yes, Lan Zhan?” Wei Ying sighs, his voice muffled as he snuggles his head into the crook of Lan Zhan’s neck.

“Yes. I promise.”

Wei Ying lets out a tiny, relieved laugh, and hugs Lan Zhan closer, so close that he’s scared that Wei Ying can hear how frantic his heartbeat is, but that doesn’t really matter either, because Wei Ying is here and now and he’s so, so happy. Lan Zhan is endlessly grateful that someone like Wei Ying is in his life, that Wei Ying lets him stay by his side, for the hope that Wei Ying brings to him and the unbridled happiness too.

“…Thank you.”

“Geez, Lan Zhan! Like you said, there’s no need to thank me. I’ll always be here for you, alright?”

Then there’s all the more reason to thank you, Lan Zhan thinks, smiling like an idiot all the while. There’s a lump in his throat that won’t let any more words get past, so instead he pulls Wei Ying closer to him, letting his head drop onto Wei Ying’s shoulder, giving himself entirely to the man in his arms. His heart soars, riding the waves of adoration and devotion that overwhelm him, singing a song meant only for the wonderful man in his arms.

For you, I’d wait a lifetime.

For you, I will always stand beside you.

For you, who I have loved always, I will shelter you from the storms.

For you, my comfort, my stability, my hope, my life, I’d give all this and heaven too.

If Wei Ying is here with him, if he can bask in this moment a little longer, then he can forget about everything that comes. For now, it’s just him and Wei Ying, alone in their little world, melting into each other’s embrace, and that is more than enough for Lan Zhan.



Lan XiChen: So my brother just called me in a panic, saying that he has filming with Wei Wuxian for the next two weeks?

Yanli: Oh, right! A-Ying got a role on Spring Blossoms ^-^

Jiang Cheng: i would have told you but wei ying insisted that I keep it a secret

Lan XiChen: Why?

Jiang Cheng: he wanted to see, and i fucking quote, ‘lan zhan’s cute surprised face’.

Jiang Cheng: keep in mind that this was way before he even realized he was in love with lan wangji

Jiang Cheng: every time im close to forgetting how fucking oblivious he was, it turns around and smacks me in the face.

Lan XiChen: Oh, I see! Well, A-Zhan certainly seems… surprised. A little distressed, but also rather happy – did something happen between him and Wei Wuxian?

Yanli: A-Ying just texted me a bunch of exclamation marks – hold on a second, let me call him and see what happened!

Jiang Cheng: do i even want to know

Lan XiChen: At least A-Zhan isn’t backing down from confessing. He’s saying that he wants to protect Wei Wuxian, so he’ll confess so that Wei Wuxian will be able to protect himself from the ‘certain media backlash’ – should I tell him that the media backlash is actually really positive and supportive of him?

Jiang Cheng: youd think that he would know that already but no. apparently he does not.

Lan XiChen: I told him. He doesn’t seem to believe me, but if he goes on twitter, he can see it with his own two eyes.

Jiang Cheng: i will personally go over to his house to fight him if he doesnt fucking believe it. im not letting your little brother back away from confessing just because he thinks this is going to go the same way as it did five years ago

Lan XiChen: A-Zhan is still going to confess, though.

Jiang Cheng: i know, its just that both lan wangji and wei ying have been affected by that before, and i dont want that to get in the way of their happiness

Jiang Cheng: they. deserve so much more than that. also i will murder anybody who says one bad word about them, so there.

Lan XiChen: You’re really cute, you know that, right?

Jiang Cheng: then kiss me you coward, we’re literally in the same room

Lan XiChen: I will :D

Yanli: I’m back! I hope you two are still in the chat?

Jiang Cheng: yes im here

Lan XiChen: So what did Wei Wuxian say?

Yanli: I’m not exactly sure… it was a minute of rather incomprehensible screaming about a hug and Lan Wangji and he kept sighing about being in love and never having felt this way about anybody before.

Jiang Cheng: hes so far gone, what the fuck

Jiang Cheng: if wei ying is such a sappy pining idiot and lan wangji is two times as romantic, pining, and idiotic, then what does that mean when they get together

Jiang Cheng: theyre gonna be an ABSOLUTE MESS of a couple. fuck.

Lan XiChen: …There was a hug? That must be why A-Zhan seems so happy.

Yanli: Oh, yes, A-Ying also said that they’re sharing a dressing room and that Lan Wangji is ‘undeniably hot’ in old-fashioned robes.

Lan XiChen: Funny, A-Zhan just said the same thing.

Jiang Cheng: great, now we can all be in agreement that wei ying and lan wangji share one braincell and yet cant seem to comprehend that they like each other

Yanli: Don’t be mean to A-Ying :(

Lan XiChen: Yes, don’t be mean to A-Zhan :(

Jiang Cheng: its just so FRUSTRATING watching them

Lan XiChen: Wednesday is only two days away! Then we’ll finally be able to watch them be happy and not pining over each other!

Jiang Cheng: did you mean: then we’ll finally be able to watch them be disgustingly in love.

Jiang Cheng: not that i have any objections to that

Yanli: Lan Wangji’s interview is really cute, by the way! He keeps talking about A-Ying…

Jiang Cheng: oh god

Lan XiChen: Huh. Could you two, by any chance, try to convince Wei Wuxian that A-Zhan does, in fact, love him using that interview?

Yanli: We’ll try!

Jiang Cheng: …fine

Lan XiChen: good luck!

Jiang Cheng: because we sure as fuck are gonna need it.


Shanghai Television News ✔ @stnofficial

Watch now! Our newest episode of Star Talks features Lan Wangji, talking about his future plans, a little about his daily life and pets, and his thoughts on his tweet!


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FIRST: LWJ is so handsome!! And I cant wait for Spring Blossoms to release, and that rumor of a guest actor? Sounds interesting! Lets talk about that SMILE, though. We’ve been blessed. #lwjinterview


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and i mean. Hanguang-jun rarely smiles, and he smiled when talking about wwx… catch my drift yet? Btw, that smile while hanguang-jun was talking about wwx was one of the many instances where he diverted his OWN INTERVIEW to the topic of wwx. #lwjinterview


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me too, lin ting, me too. The transcript is a fucking mood, “it truly is amazing that Lan Wangji’s skin can glow like that with only soap and water.” But can we just. Talk about. “wei ying plays the dizi, there are recordings online”. let me just die real quick – #lwjinterview


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can i just say that lwj is the true supportive bf, honestly, and theres so much more to talk about but Lin Ting saying “Huh? Wei Wuxian again?” after lwj brings up wwx during his own q&a session is gold. i love me some good wangxian content. #lwjinterview


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and lwj looks SO FUCKING SOFT whenever he talks about wwx, whoever thinks that he isn’t WHIPPED for wwx must be blind. He sounded like he was dodging the question about the flower names, too – can anybody research what they mean? #lwjinterview


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@wheresmyhonor why are all your tweets a big mood. i mean, the whole interview was just lwj being socially awkward and wanting to talk about his amazing bf, so i can relate, but still!


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@wheresmyhonor Jasmines mean unconditional and eternal love, chrysanthemum means “I love, precious one” and sunflower means pure thoughts, loyalty, adoration :)


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so my lwj/wql ship got crushed but that interview??? Really is the cutest??


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evidence that mystery man is wwx: JC threatening to break lwj’s legs. Jiang siblings threatening lwj in general, they wouldn’t do that if mystery man was nhs. bro all the evidence is right there  are u guys blind, or -


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I’m not giving up on #teamnie no matter what! At this point it feels like a losing battle but I’m not giving up!


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@hanguangjuun mood.  biiiiiiiiiiig mood.


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Filming was great today! We had a special visitor ;0 he seemed very attached to our dear Lan Wangji, hmm…


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@lan_wangji INTERVIEW (btw you’ll find out the reason for my new handle soon enough :3)


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@wei_ying is the physical manifestation of chaotic bisexual energy thank u wwx for giving us the representation we deserve


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[image attached]


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@lan_wangji true, I do play the dizi, but lan zhan is so much better than me with the guqin!! It sounds so exquisite when he plays it!!


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@lan_wangji oWo your fav movie is the Tale of the Yiling Patriarch? That’s meeeee! ehehehe also cats are obviously better than dogs, lan zhan knows this and that’s why I like him better than you @jiang-chengg FITE ME


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HQY ✔ @wei_ying

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And that rumor about the guest actor? It’s true! I’ll be playing a character named Hua Qiuyang on the TV drama Spring Blossoms – I’m super excited to film it!


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Somebody PLEASE edit the butterfly man meme to have wwx holding the butterfly captioned “calling the most eligible bachelor in china ‘awkward and cute’” and saying “is this flirting?” bc I NEED THAT


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Chapter Text


Lan XiChen: Good morning everybody!

Lan XiChen: How’s the interview-convincement attempt going?

Yanli: It’s frustrating! It’s been a day and A-Ying still won’t listen! But it’s fine, I’ll get there!

Jiang Cheng: A-jie you know you can curse right

Yanli: I love A-Ying too much to curse at him

Yanli: But I don’t know how much more i can take of this! I’m starting to understand why A-Xuan was yelling at A-Ying on Saturday when he got a date and didn’t realize what that implied…

Jiang Cheng: i dont want to say this but peacock husband did a good job. fuck him tho he made you cry

Yanli: A-Cheng, that was over a decade ago! He’s very good to me now :D

Jiang Cheng: hmmmm i still dont like him

Jiang Cheng: oh yes, your darling brother also made wei ying cry, a-huan

Jiang Cheng: the idiot got so upset over lan wangji being in love that he started crying and thinking that the mystery guy would take lan wangji away from him

Lan XiChen: Oh :(

Jiang Cheng: no its fine! Im more angry with wei ying because he literally. Cried. Over lan wangji being in love. And he didnt FUCKING REALIZE HE WAS JEALOUS

Yanli: I’m having some problems on my end, too… A-Ying can be very stubborn when it comes to his love life.

Lan XiChen: What does that mean?

Yanli: It’s just that A-Ying is convinced that Lan Wangji is in love with Nie Huaisang… I’m not sure how he came to that conclusion, but it might have something to do with the fact that we tried to get him to realize he was jealous by making him imagine Lan Wangji in love with Nie Huaisang…

Yanli: Wait a minute, I’ll text Nie Mingjue and ask him to ask Nie Huaisang to talk to A-Ying today!

Jiang Cheng: please dont

Jiang Cheng: i dont think wei ying would fancy talking to the guy he’s jealous of

Lan XiChen: no, I think that if Nie Huaisang sets things straight and tells Wei Wuxian that A-Zhan isn’t in love with him, then everything will be fine! Although, whether Nie Huaisang would actually do that is another question…

Jiang Cheng: yeah have you seen his tweets? hes loving this whole controversy and he keeps tweeting really fucking questionable shit about lan wangji

Yanli: Oh, is that so? I might have more to discuss with Nie Huaisang today, then.

Lan XiChen: Does that oddly ominous tone that your sister is using mean she’s going to threaten him?

Jiang Cheng: yes

Jiang Cheng: which is good. ill find him and break his legs if Nie Huaisang keeps letting his friend think that he’s the mystery guy

Lan XiChen: Well, as long as Mingjue doesn’t hear about that, then it’s fine! I wonder if I can get A-Zhan to say something about that, he doesn’t seem to be aware of Wei Wuxian’s assumption.

Yanli: Would you mind if I added Nie Huaisang to this chat, then? It would make everything so much easier!

Jiang Cheng: im not deleting my text about breaking his legs. he can look upon that and tremble in the face of my fury.

Lan XiChen: That’s weirdly hot

Jiang Cheng: fuck u ppl on set are giving me weird looks because im smiling like an idiot now

Jiang Cheng: also dont tell lan wangji, no offense but your brother is an oblivious mess and im 90 percent certain that he will freak out over that information and somehow come to the conclusion that wei ying is trying to set him and nie huaisang up

Lan XiChen: Well, you aren’t wrong…

Yanli: Hello?

Lan XiChen: Ah, sorry! Yes, please do add Nie Huaisang then, I have some things to discuss with him!

Jiang Cheng: hhhngh that’s hotter

Yanli: If A-Cheng doesn’t scare Nie Huaisang away with his threats, then your flirting will.

Jiang Cheng: sorry a-jie!

Jiang Cheng: anyways yeah go ahead add the fan bastard

Yanli: A-Cheng!

Lan XiChen: Like I said, he isn’t wrong…

Jiang Cheng: yeah im not sorry for that

User: Yanli has added User: Saaang to the chat

Yanli: hello!

Saaang: wow I’m offended

Saaang: I haven’t even done anything, why are you badmouthing me

Saaang: And elder brother’s sworn brother takes part in this conspiracy against me?

Jiang Cheng: oh im sorry should i have called you a shady bastard instead

Jiang Cheng: you know exactly what youve done

Saaang: oh worm?

Saaang: don’t break my legs a-cheng, I need to be able to act

Jiang Cheng: just because we went to school together doesnt mean you get to call me that

Jiang Cheng: ill break your legs before your brother can just for calling me that

Lan XiChen: :)

Jiang Cheng: Run.

Yanli: Welcome to the chat! As you can see, our sole purpose is to help A-Ying and Lan Wangji get together!

Yanli: Since you scrolled up, you must have read that A-Ying thinks that Lan Wangji is in love with you

Saaang: god no that’s so wrong

Saaang: everybody knows that Lan Wangji is disgustingly in love with Wei Wuxian

Jiang Cheng: and yet you let everybody on twitter think that

Yanli: Not only that, you also exacerbated the rumors! And now A-Ying is dead-set in thinking that you two are an item!

Lan XiChen: And A-Zhan won’t say anything about it himself.

Saaang: …so you’re trying to get me to stand in for Lan Wangji and tell Wei Wuxian that he’s got the wrong idea?

Saaang: …

Jiang Cheng: why can i see you snapping one of your stupid fans open and making a tactical retreat

Yanli: You must help us here, you are A-Ying’s friend, are you not? It makes perfect sense to help him attain happiness! Especially because he deserves that happiness, after everything that has happened to him :)

Lan XiChen: A-Zhan also deserves that happiness. Riding the waves of this controversy and therefore creating more misunderstandings between him and Wei Wuxian isn’t righteous.

Saaang: when have I ever been a particularly righteous person?

Yanli: When it comes to your friends.

Jiang Cheng: you might be a shady bastard but you arent a disloyal bastard

Saaang: you got me there

Lan XiChen: Don’t think I’ll be nicer to you just because you’re Mingjue’s brother, either. Shall I bring up that “A-Cheng”?

Saaang: are you threatening me

Saaang: I feel very threatened right now

Lan XiChen: Yes.

Jiang Cheng: thats the point. i know you evade to survive but can you stop doing that for one second

Jiang Cheng: i also know that you care very much for wei ying, so if you want his heart to remain unbroken then i suggest that you help us here

Saaang: what would my brother say to you if I showed him the screenshots of this chat?

Lan XiChen: “Help the kid out, A-Sang, Jiang Wanyin is right.”

Yanli: “Stop waving your fan at all your problems and grow a spine for once.”

Jiang Cheng: “And take responsibility for your actions!”

Saaang: Wrong he said “fucking do it already”

Jiang Cheng: so basically a very nie mingjue way of what we all just said

Saaang: what did I do to deserve this treatment

Jiang Cheng: you were a fucking real-life cryptid on twitter, thats what you did

Saaang: …it’s my natural environment?

Lan XiChen: Help us.

Yanli: Yes, please do.

Saaang: Ah, well, how can I say no to Elder Brother’s sworn brother, my dear classmate, and one of the best cooks in China?

Jiang Cheng: did you mean: how can I say no to my elder brother’s threats

Saaang: I’ll have you know that I was going to do it out of the goodwill of my heart anyways!

Jiang Cheng: likely fucking story

Yanli: Now, now!

Yanli: The important thing is that we have one very important ally now! Nie Huaisang, your job is to convince A-Ying that Lan Wangji isn’t in love with you!

Saaang: What else is there to say aside from “he clearly only has eyes for you”? I mean

Saaang: It’s so glaringly obvious that I’m surprised that somebody as smart as Wei Wuxian hasn’t realized it yet

Lan XiChen: Wei Wuxian may be intelligent, but he is rather slow on the uptake when it comes to his own emotions, especially in the department of love.

Jiang Cheng: you have no idea how long weve been trying to get Wei Wuxian to realize his own feelings

Yanli: Yes, but it paid off! He realized them on Saturday!

Saaang: Wait so you’re telling me that Wei Wuxian has been flirting with Lan Wangji for the past,,, 8 years?? And didn’t realize his feelings

Saaang: hey what the FUCK

Jiang Cheng: welcome to the club

Saaang: By any chance, could I simply impersonate Lan Wangji and confess to Wei Wuxian?

Saaang: Isn’t this just a case where they both have feelings for each other but they’re both too scared to confess?

Lan XiChen: No, they both plan to confess on their date on tomorrow

Yanli: And no impersonating Lan Wangji!

Saaang: So what will talking to Wei Wuxian about this accomplish if he already plans to confess??

Jiang Cheng: reassurance

Yanli: A-Ying… it’s not that he thinks that Lan Wangji is in love with someone else, but more that he thinks that he isn’t a worthy person for Lan Wangji and therefore Lan Wangji would not fall for him.

Yanli: When you talk to A-Ying, make sure to give him some confidence, alright?

Lan XiChen: But don’t tell Wei Wuxian that A-Zhan is in love with him, you’ll ruin A-Zhan’s very special confession.

Saaang: That seems unnecessarily complicated

Saaang: I like it

Saaang: Then I’ll talk to Wei Wuxian today and update you guys after I’m done, then.

Yanli: Thank you! ヽ(o^▽^o)ノ

Lan XiChen: Good! I’m sure that Mingjue will be proud!

Jiang Cheng: the amount of work we do to ensure that our little brothers’ love lives dont crash and burn is way too much

Jiang Cheng: its a shame that we cant trust them not to fuck everything up when left to their own devices

Yanli: It’ll all be over soon, and then we can sit back and relax!

Saaang: Actually, would it be too much trouble to ask you to help set my brother and Jin Guangyao up?

Saaang: It would be a really good source of entertainment!

Jiang Cheng: no fuck you

Yanli: I don’t think that would work…

Lan XiChen: Unlike Wei Wuxian and A-Zhan, they are functioning adults and they can figure things out themselves.

Lan XiChen: Plus, Mingjue wouldn’t appreciate that.

Saaang: boo, you guys are al1k209cssef;2jdowi

Saaang: Sorry about that, this is Nie Mingjue, thanks for forcing my little brother into this

Saaang: Xichen is right, I wouldn’t appreciate you guys butting into my business. I can handle things myself. Good luck with wei wuxian and lan wangji.

Yanli: Nice to talk to you again! Thank you!

Saaang: it’s Huaisang again, I’m sorry my brother interrupted like that, don’t believe him!

Saaang: He’s the type of person who tries to flirt by insulting the other person, he definitely can’t handle things himself!

Lan XiChen: Do I need to talk to Mingjue about this?

Saaang: …Alright, I surrender

Jiang Cheng: fuck I gotta get back to filming

Jiang Cheng: Nie Huaisang if you fuck this up I will personally expose your secret erotic-novel-writing side gig to the entire world

Jiang Cheng: and don’t even try to tell me you don’t do that

Jiang Cheng: I have evidence.

Jiang Cheng: Bye

Lan XiChen: Not that it was a very well-kept secret in the first place.

Yanli: And I will pretend that I saw none of this, unless something goes wrong.

Saaang: Wow I’m in this for the long haul aren’t I

Yanli: Yes, good luck! Don’t think about what will happen if you say one wrong word!

Lan XiChen: Make your brother and us proud!

Saaang: Yikes you guys are scary

Saaang: Don’t worry, everything will be fine!

Yanli: I do hope it will be ^-^


Wei Ying is good at many things. Singing, dancing, drawing, seducing people with his charm and flirtatious ways (or so he likes to think, at least, if Lan Zhan is immune to that then what’s the point?).

This is not one of them.

Namely, convincing himself that everything will be alright.

Usually, he’s good at this. Superb, even, the grandmaster of hoodwinking negative emotions. As long as he can bounce back with a smile on his face and a witty joke ready to go, everything will be fine, and he can convince both himself and almost everyone around him that there’s nothing wrong. That his life is perfect, he wakes up to sunshine and birds chirping outside, and has blueberry pancakes and a nice cup of expresso for breakfast every morning.

Here’s the counterargument: if his life were perfect, would he be going to Jiang Cheng of all people for advice?

Everybody knows you don’t go to Jiang Cheng for advice, unless the advice you want to get is how to murder somebody or how to get your sweet revenge, or unless you’re a masochist who wants to be insulted. Wei Ying remembers this one glorious incident when they were in acting school and one of their acquaintances had gotten on his knees and begged Jiang Cheng for romantic advice, because apparently the prickly boy had lots of secret admirers and the acquaintance wanted to know how to exude the same cool and spicy aura, and Jiang Cheng had said – mind you, with a completely straight face –

“You’re too lame to be cool and spicy. And who are you calling cool and spicy, you fucker!”

Wei Ying got sent to the principal’s office for laughing too hard.

And yet here he is, pacing the floor of the living room in Jiang Cheng and Lan Xichen’s house and ranting his heart out as Jiang Cheng lounges on the chaise that Lan Xichen obviously bought, because Jiang Cheng has shit taste.

“Wei Ying, get your shit together.” Says Jiang Cheng.

Wei Ying likes to think that he does, in fact, have his shit together. But add Lan Zhan, the prospect of tomorrow’s confession, and 5 years’ worth of pent-up feelings and that line of thought becomes little more than a fantasy.

“For your information, I do have my shit together!” he says anyways. “I’m just a little… off my game!”

“A little, my ass! You’ve been freaking out for what, 4 days already?”

“Confessing isn’t easy!”

“What’s there to be scared of?” Jiang Cheng snorts. “Just say ‘I’m madly in love with you’ or some shit like that and get it over with! Tell him I’ll break his legs if he hurts you! That’s all.”

“Bold words coming from the guy who agonized over confessing to Lan Xichen for 3 months before he beat you to the chase.”

Jiang Cheng throws an embroidered pillow at Wei Ying. “Shut the fuck up! That’s different and you know it, I had no way of knowing if A-Huan actually liked me or not.”

“Huh? What’s that supposed to mean?” Wei Ying downs another cup of the delicious ginger ale that he found in the fridge. He’ll have to ask Lan Xichen where he got it later.

“Well, obviously Lan Wangji is also madly in love with you.” Jiang Cheng says this as if it’s the most normal thing in the world, and Wei Ying wonders if his brother has ever had such a good sense of humor.

“That’s a good one, A-Cheng! If it wasn’t so implausible, I’d think you were telling the truth!”

Wei Ying laughs to cover up the bitter tone of his voice. It’s what he’s always been doing. Laughing as if he wasn’t hurt at all, pulling funny faces and grinning in the face of fear and anxiety. Maybe it got him labeled uncaring and cold-hearted a few times in the past, but what else could he do? It was pure instinct, born from his years spent in the orphanage before Jiang Fengmian adopted him and from years of living with Madam Yu’s whip-sharp tongue.

“Isn’t the real joke how you know a fancy word like implausible? Because you’re honestly the biggest idiot alive, and Jin Guangshan is still alive.”

“Are you insinuating that I’m dumber than that bastard? Aw, I thought you were my brother, A-Cheng! How can you be so mean to me?” Wei Ying drapes himself over the back of the chaise and Jiang Cheng makes a feeble attempt to shove him off.

“If I disown you for sheer stupidity then you can’t use that excuse anymore!”

“You would never! Anyways, Lan Wangji can’t be in love with me, he’s in love with Nie Huaisang. Everybody on twitter says so! And he’s too good to be in love with somebody like me, too.”

“I’ll have you know that the portion of twitter users that ship Lan Wangji and Nie Huaisang are very much in the minority.” Jiang Cheng mutters.

Wei Ying leans over the back of the chaise to smirk at Jiang Cheng. “What, dear brother, are you saying that you’re avidly watching this controversy unfold? I never pegged you for the gossipy type!”

He gets a pillow straight to the face as punishment, and when he bursts out into laughter, Jiang Cheng flips the bird at him. “Fuck you!”

“You didn’t deny it!”

“Fine, fuck you and your stupid twitter controversy and your stupid lockscreen!”

Wei Ying lets out a scandalized screech, clutching his phone closer to his chest. “MY LOCKSCREEN IS NOT STUPID! How dare you call Lan Wangji’s beautiful face stupid! Screw you – oh wait, that’s Lan Xichen’s job!”

Jiang Cheng turns an interesting shade of red and immediately starts threatening Wei Ying with all manners of physically improbable torture.

“Should I be worried for Wei Wuxian’s safety?” Lan Xichen’s smooth voice interrupts their exchange of curses and insults, and Wei Ying snickers at the way Jiang Cheng’s bristly demeanor instantly deflates. It’s like watching a stray cat being offered a delicious plate of fish.

“A-Huan, save me from Wei Ying’s obliviousness. I’m being suffocated by it.” Jiang Cheng leaps up from the chaise before Wei Ying can stop him and presses a kiss to Lan Xichen’s cheek.

“Aiya, have patience with Wei Wuxian.”

Lan Xichen doesn’t even bother looking at him when he says that, instead choosing to walk over to the kitchen and pour himself and Jiang Cheng two glasses of iced tea.

“Hey, what’s that supposed to mean?

Neither of them answer.

“You know, I’m having a crisis here!”

“Hmm? What is it, Wei Wuxian?” Lan Xichen puts down his glass of iced tea and smiles at Wei Ying, an invitation to start ranting again.

God bless Lan Xichen’s kindness, Wei Ying thinks. How did my grouchy brother land such a saintly guy?

“You guys know I’m a guest actor on Spring Blossoms by now, right? Well, I’m sharing a dressing room with Lan Zhan, and – please don’t tell Lan Zhan this, but I’m planning to confess to him tomorrow on our dinner date and it’s going to make things so awkward when filming starts because he’ll have to share a room with a guy who’s in love with him and my confession will mess everything up!”

“Oh, don’t worry, I won’t say a word of this to A-Zhan. But have you considered the possibility that A-Zhan also has feelings for you?” Lan Xichen taps his fingers on the glass.  

The afternoon sun catches on the rim, and the translucent liquid sloshes. Pillows lay on the floor in disarray from when Jiang Cheng was throwing them at Wei Ying. The AC whirls softly.

And Wei Ying laughs everything off, all his hopes and fantasies, all of Lan Xichen and Jiang Cheng’s suggestions and encouraging words.

“That’s not possible. He couldn’t love somebody like me.”

Jiang Cheng flinches – whether it is intentional or out of reflex, Wei Ying doesn’t know – and before he can blink, the glass of tea is slammed onto the marble counter and Jiang Cheng stalks over to stand in front of Wei Ying. He is taller than Jiang Cheng by a centimeter, and yet at that moment Jiang Cheng seems to tower over him, his face clouded with irritation and anger and something else that Wei Ying hopes isn’t sadness.

“Somebody like me, you say?” He scoffs. “So you pay no mind to the fact that you’ve beaten me in nearly everything since we were kids? So you pay no mind to the fact that everybody in China thinks that you’re one of the best actors of your generation?”

Wei Ying’s hands tremble. He wants to reach out to Jiang Cheng, but it looks like Jiang Cheng might make good on his threats to Wei Ying at this rate.

“I – I thought you – I’m sorry.” He finishes lamely.

“Tch, I told you I’m over that! Don’t beat yourself up over something you can’t control. The thing I’m mad about is that you don’t think that ‘somebody like you’ is worthy of Lan Wangji!”

 One weight is smashed to bits by Jiang Cheng’s words, only to be replaced by a heavy load of confusion.

“But I’m not… despite everything that happened, I was still the one who drove your family apart, and I did run away for three years, I won’t deny it. And I’m ridiculous and loud and chaotic and Lan Zhan deserves somebody much more elegant than me.” Wei Ying shakes his head as he talks, the words tumbling out of his mouth before he can rein them in. It’s nothing new, he thought that even when they first became friends, he thought that even when Lan Zhan confirmed that he didn’t hate Wei Ying. But now they sting even more than before, because it’s been combined with the fragility of an unrequited love.

“I thought you were just dense, but perhaps you’re an idiot too! Wei Ying, I may have thought different before, but it. Wasn’t. Your. Fault! Father and Mother should have tried harder, you were just a child in need of a home and family! I don’t blame you anymore, and I regret ever blaming you!” Jiang Cheng pokes at Wei Ying’s chest with a terrifying glare, but there’s no real vitriol behind it. Only righteous indignance and a stubborn confidence in his words. Lan Xichen nods wisely as he watches the scene unfold.

“A-Cheng – ”

“And if you ask me, Lan Wangji is the one who isn’t worthy of you! For somebody who talks big, you have no confidence! You’re kind – bordering on stupidly selfless – and witty and talented and enthusiastic about everything you do, and you have the nerve to put yourself down like this?” Jiang Cheng takes a step back from Wei Ying and runs his hands through his hair, giving him a distinctive appearance of an angry cat. “I – ugh, get over your head already, or I’m going to explode if I have to watch you two dance around each other any more!”

Wei Ying blinks back the tears that threaten to fall. Feels a flower blossom inside his chest at Jiang Cheng’s words, possibly the kindest he’s ever said to Wei Ying. He knows that Jiang Cheng does love him, does care for him, thinks highly of him and tried hard to make their relationship the same brotherly one it had been all those years ago, but it’s never been voiced aloud quite like this. To hear it straight from Jiang Cheng’s mouth means more than any gesture Jiang Cheng makes.

Because it means that he still has a family who loves him and people who will catch him when he falls.

Because it means that – maybe he and Jiang Cheng will never have what they had before, but there’s the hope of a better relationship in the future, one that isn’t any less good than before.

He swallows down the sentimental lump in his throat. “Ah, I love you too, A-Cheng! But really, even if you think that I am worthy of Lan Zhan, that doesn’t change the fact that he’s in love with Nie Huaisang.”

Wei Ying would very much like to ignore the sudden killing intent he feels emanating from the kitchen. The tight smile of Lan Xichen’s face is too terrifying a monster for a mere mortal like him to face. On the opposite side, Jiang Cheng’s face goes scarily blank, and he wobbles as he walks back to Lan Xichen before collapsing in a seat and burying his face in his arms.

“A-Huan, let me just – fucking hell this is a complete shitpile of misunderstandings and I’ve tolerated this fucking much already, but noooo, this illiterate dipshit coathanger of a brother just can’t get it through his thick fucking skull, heaven grant me mercy and courage and grant Wei Ying some brains – ” Jiang Cheng’s barrage of insults turns into little more than frustrated whining.

Lan Xichen (and Wei Ying rescinds all the silent compliments he’s given the elder Lan) has the nerve to pat Jiang Cheng’s shoulder and smile lovingly at him, telling him everything will be alright and patience is also a virtue.

Betrayal, this is a complete and utter betrayal!

“Look, can we focus on the issue at hand, which is that the confession will totally mess up our relationship, even more so now that we share a dressing room? Lan Zhan won’t want to share a room with somebody who’s in love with him!”

God, Wei Ying had been looking forward to filming Spring Blossoms. He loves working with Lan Zhan – apparently they have superb chemistry on and off screen, and Wei Ying had never understood why that made him inordinately happy until a few days ago – and it would mean so many more opportunities to simply spend some time with Lan Zhan.

But now he can’t stomach the thought of Lan Zhan rejecting him, of a dressing room filled with awkward silence and the last vestiges of a broken friendship, of losing a relationship that is embedded so deeply within his heart.

“Wei Wuxian, do you really believe that A-Zhan is the type of person to push his friend away because of a simple love confession?” Lan Xichen speaks up suddenly, and he doesn’t sound like the gracious and kind Zewu-Jun so much as he does a fiercely protective brother with a threatening smile.

Wei Ying gets the impression that if he answers this question wrong, he’ll forever be shunned by Lan Xichen and by extension, the rest of the Lan family.

“No. I don’t. I know that Lan Zhan is too good and amazing of a person to ever do that. I’m just scared, alright? It’s hard to put your feelings out there, even for somebody as shameless as me.” He pauses for a second and sighs in relief as Lan Xichen’s smile returns to normal. “There’s always the lingering fear of being rejected and pushed away, even though it’s super irrational to think so.”

Lan Xichen hums and downs the rest of his iced tea. “Hmmm, well, as his older brother I can say that A-Zhan definitely is too good a person to do that to his best friend.”

Jiang Cheng grins at Lan Xichen, the sunny, teasing expression looking rather out of place on a face that usually wears a scowl. “You know I’ll break all his bones if he breaks my brother’s heart, right?”

“Wait, did you say ‘best friend’? He considers me his best friend?” Wei Ying can’t tamper down the bright smile that spreads across his face, and he thinks that maybe he won’t have the face to look at Lan Xichen for the next few days, because Lan Xichen looks much too happy about Wei Ying acting like a lovesick fool.

“Oh, definitely! He used to talk a lot about you – still does, actually, you have no idea how much he’s been talking about your Wednesday date for the past few days. Did you think that you weren’t that close? And A-Cheng, so creative, you usually only threaten to break his legs!”

“Pfft, you wish, I’ll break his legs two times over then!” Jiang Cheng retorts, but Wei Ying is a little too busy having what he will vehemently deny is a freak-out in the middle of Jiang Cheng’s living room.

“Ahhhhhhh,” he screams. But no, he isn’t screaming, he’s speaking very calmly, alright? He is not trembling with the knowledge that Lan Zhan talks about him (!!!! Lan Zhan talks! About! Him!) and his heart is not overflowing with happiness so tangible he can feel it thrumming in his blood. “He talks about me.” He whispers.

Jiang Cheng rolls his eyes. “Now do you see why I can’t have patience with these two?”

“Yes, but you’ve done a good job waiting so long, A-Cheng! Also, you honestly are very cute when you’re frustrated, so it’s paid off.”

“I can’t believe my boyfriend likes watching me suffer. A-Huan is such a sadist.”

“Ah, then what does that make you, A-Cheng?”

“Shameless, you two are shameless! My poor ears can’t bear hearing you two flirt like this any more!” Wei Ying intervenes before this situation can go south – namely, Lan Xichen looks like he’s about to push Jiang Cheng on the table and ravish him right there and then, and Jiang Cheng (very, very terrifyingly) looks like he’d willingly let Lan Xichen do that, but Wei Ying would like to keep his sanity intact, thank you very much.

“That’s Lan Wangji’s line!” Jiang Cheng growls, a hundred times more irritated now that he doesn’t get to make out with Lan Xichen.

“No, it isn’t! He’s the one who hugged me out of nowhere yesterday!” At the mere mention of the hug, Wei Ying can feel himself blushing like a virgin maiden. But can you blame him? Hearing Lan Zhan’s low, husky voice saying ‘Yes. I promise’ (almost like a marriage vow, a treacherous part of his brain whispers) right in his ear, losing himself in the smell of sandalwood and the stabilizing warmth of Lan Zhan’s arms, feeling Lan Zhan smile into his neck and knowing that he’s the one who made Lan Zhan’s cold façade break –

“Oh?” Says Lan Xichen, not sounding particularly surprised, and Wei Ying wonders if Lan Zhan told him about that too. That would be great – more than great, spectacular, awesome, wonderful, if Lan Zhan did, but that’s probably just Lan Xichen’s unshakable demeanor coming into play. “How do you feel about that?”

“Ah, I… it made me really happy. Lan Zhan makes me really happy, you know, I like him – I like him so much it should be illegal, I can’t stop smiling whenever I’m around him, and he’s so caring and handsome and wonderful that I don’t know how anybody can avoid falling in love with him – my poor heart can’t take it, anyways, and during the hug he – ” Wei Ying cuts himself off before he can reveal that Lan Zhan smiled, feeling foolishly protective of that fact. His hand is clenched in his shirt, right over where his heart is, and he realizes belatedly that he just gushed about Lan Zhan in front of Lan Zhan’s brother.

Lan Zhan’s brother who looks like he wants to smash a chopping board over Wei Ying’s head, and Jiang Cheng who looks like he’s plotting a murder.

“Um. Did I say something wrong?” He makes a tactical retreat to hide behind the chaise.

Lan Xichen mutters something that sounds a lot like, “Oblivious fucking idiots!”

“I’m sorry, I must have heard wrong, did you just curse?”

The stormy clouds clear from Lan Xichen’s face and he pulls up his bright smile once again, though it falters as he grins at Wei Ying. Jiang Cheng does not take such mercy on Wei Ying, and Wei Ying puts all his faith in Lan Xichen to stop his little brother from attempting to murder him.

“Yes, you must have misheard me, Wei Wuxian. Please, pay no mind to that. But do pay mind to the fact that A-Zhan doesn’t like physical contact with other people, and yet he went out of his way to hug you.”

It would be so easy to let himself be swayed by Lan Xichen’s words. The rational part of Wei Ying says to listen to the guy who can read his brother like an open book, that if Lan Xichen is saying that this matter is of great significance than it must worth thinking twice about. The other parts of him… well, they’re so quagmired in his doubt that he’s not sure he would be able to take Lan Xichen’s advice even if he tried.

“That’s true… but like I said, he’s probably in love with Nie Huaisang.” Before he can be suffocated by the murderous auras of Lan Xichen and Jiang Cheng, he continues, “I have evidence, Nie Huaisang’s parents died and he did go on a trip around Europe for three years, they’ve filmed plenty of stuff together and twitter says so too!”

“Like twitter is a valid fucking source!” Jiang Cheng’s phone dings with a notification before he can leap over the table and strangle Wei Ying, and a second later, he brandishes it at Wei Ying. “Look, Nie Huaisang needs to talk to you anyways, so why don’t you talk to him about Lan Zhan if you’re so hung up on this?”

“Wait – ”

Lan Xichen leans over the counter and smiles at Wei Ying. “You aren’t busy, are you, Wei Wuxian? Surely you have time to meet with Nie Huaisang?”

“Well, my schedule’s clear today, but – ”

“He’ll be here in 20 minutes, take this opportunity to clear the air! God knows you need it.” Jiang Cheng grumbles.

Feeling vaguely threatened, Wei Ying looks at Lan Xichen, who is examining the empty glass of tea with great interest, and at Jiang Cheng, who’s poking at stuff on his phone. “You guys… you set this up! I can’t believe it, betrayed by my own brother and his boyfriend!” He flops back onto the chaise and buries his face in one of the many pillows there, refusing to get up even when Jiang Cheng yells at him to pick up the pillows that he shoved off the chaise and make himself look halfway decent before Nie Huaisang comes.

Jiang Cheng shakes his head. “How can you figure that out, but not the most obvious thing in the world? What kind of fuck-all contradiction is your sense of logic?”

“Excuse you, my sense of logic is great!”

“Your sense of logic is shoved so far up your ass that it can’t see anything but shit!”

Lan Xichen does nothing whatsoever to restrain his raging boyfriend, instead choosing to watch the scene with an amused smile.

Betrayal, Wei Ying thinks again.


25 minutes, two glasses of ginger ale and one of sweet iced tea, and a cold war of staring between Nie Huaisang and Lan Xichen (Lan Xichen wins, if only for how scary he manages to make his frosty smile look) later, Wei Ying and Nie Huaisang are shoved unceremoniously out onto the balcony.

“Sort out your fucking love lives and we’ll let you come back inside!” Jiang Cheng calls.

The balcony door locks and Jiang Cheng goes gallivanting off to who-knows-where with his boyfriend (those traitors, Wei Ying thought they were good and kind people but nooo, it turns out they want to see him suffer).

At least today is a sunny day for once, with rays of light breaking through the fluffy clouds and a nice breeze that isn’t too chilly. At least Lan Xichen has common sense and bought a table and lounge chairs for the balcony – although the potted plants hanging from the ceiling in a wrought iron basket and the decorative detailing on the railings might be a little too overkill. Not that Jiang Cheng would have done it any better.

At least he has somebody for company out here, even if said somebody was the object of Lan Zhan’s affections and therefore subjected to the intense force of Wei Ying’s jealousy.

Nie Huaisang snaps a fan open and hides his face behind it. Wei Ying gets the impression that he’s smirking at him, though you never know with Nie Huaisang.

“Nice to see you again, Wei-xiong. Your friends are really very protective of you.”

“Huh? Where’d you get that impression, did you see how rude A-Cheng was to me just now?”

“I see what they meant about obliviousness…”

Wei Ying grabs the hand that’s holding the paper fan and forcibly closes the fan. For a second, he can see Nie Huaisang’s calculated mask of quietness and meekness slip to reveal his surprise. “You and I both know what we have to talk about, so stop acting already. You aren’t being watched by cameras every second of the day.”

To his own surprise, Nie Huaisang acquiesces easily. “Ah, Wei-xiong, you’re very perceptive when it comes to matters not of the heart. Alright, then, let’s talk about Lan Wangji. But first, have a seat, won’t you? Pacing around won’t do you any good.”

Wei Ying refuses to sit down for a few more seconds, just to be petty.

“A guy could get used to this kind of luxury! A nice view, a comfy chair, and a fan – that’s all I need in life. Don’t you agree?” Nie Huaisang doesn’t bother looking at Wei Ying when he speaks, and Wei Ying has known Nie Huaisang long enough to know when he’s trying to evade and when he’s truly being lazy.

Today, it’s the former.

“I’d rather have Lan Zhan.” He says.

Possessiveness curls at the edges of his words, and Nie Huaisang snickers.

“And I’d rather have a nice drink! Did you honestly think I was gonna take your Lan Zhan away from you?”

“M-my Lan Zhan?” Wei Ying stammers. He’ll never admit he likes the sound of that (after all, in the game of claim and be claimed, he’d much rather be claimed by Lan Zhan) but it makes him blush regardless. “You – I – ”

“Wei-xiong, you flirted with Lan Wangji so much over the past two years that it isn’t a far stretch to assume you guys are dating! And I must say that you make a cute couple regardless.”

Wei Ying swears the temperature outside drops by 5 degrees as Nie Huaisang laughs at his own nonexistent joke and pays no attention to Wei Ying’s growing state of turmoil. He knows he flirted with Lan Zhan at first just to elicit a reaction from the stoic man, and then because he knew it would get a reaction from Lan Zhan and he loved seeing him lose his composure ever so slightly, but it’s the latter sentence that gets to him.

“Wait, what? I thought you and Lan Zhan were,” he shudders to say this straight to the face of Nie Huaisang, because he knows that Nie Huaisang will be able to see every jealous thought and bitter taste behind his words, “in love, why are you saying this? Oh right, congratulations on that, by the way.”

He instantly feels guilty for being so cold towards Nie Huaisang, who has been part of his friend group since day 1 of acting school, who has put up with his rants and pranks every step of the way, but then a part of Wei Ying reminds him that Nie Huaisang is the lucky one who gets all of Lan Zhan’s small yet devoted actions and kisses and touches.

(Guilt and jealousy don’t make for very good companions, and yet, Wei Ying can’t rid himself of either one of them.)

(If Lan Zhan were here, he’d probably look at Wei Ying with something like disgust in his gaze. Another reason why there’s no way Lan Zhan could be in love with him. Even if somebody as heavenly as Lan Zhan experiences jealousy, he wouldn’t show a hint of it, not like Wei Ying does. ‘Jealousy is unbecoming’, is what he’d say, and scoff at Wei Ying.)

But Nie Huaisang does a double take that doesn’t seem at all faked, and stares at Wei Ying with abject horror. “Me? Date Lan Wangji? He’d kill me with his cold gaze before I could even try!” Nie Huaisang whimpers dramatically. “Also, I’m not interested in him.”

“What? How can anybody avoid falling in love with Lan Zhan? And isn’t he interested in you, at least?”

“Just because you’re really gay for Lan Wangji doesn’t mean the rest of us are.” Nie Huaisang snaps his fan open once more as the sun comes out from behind the clouds. “And god no, why would Lan Wangji be interested in me? That’s so wrong.”

“Um.” Wei Ying didn’t think that was the answer he’d get from Nie Huaisang, of all people. “How do you know that?”

“He doesn’t treat me like he treats you.” Nie Huaisang states, as if he’s listing the ingredients for a recipe instead of throwing his friend into a romantic turmoil. “If he was in love with me, he wouldn’t look like the personification of ice whenever he has to talk to me, and he wouldn’t look like he’s seen the most beautiful sunrise of his life whenever he has to talk to you.”

“Well, that’s some very flowery language, looks like all your writing of smut paid off.” Is the only thing that Wei Ying can say. He’s pretty sure that his brain has stopped functioning. Nie Huaisang – the guy that he thought Lan Zhan was going to date – has just straight-out noped all of his theories, his worries, and his conclusions, and is now implying that Lan Zhan is in love with him.

Under any other conditions, Wei Ying wouldn’t be able to stop himself from smiling and laughing with joy.

But it’s February, the wind has gotten extremely cold, he’s wearing nothing more than a t-shirt and jeans, and he’s gotten what may have been the biggest surprise of his life. Past lives included.

Instead of a laugh, Wei Ying shivers, the kind of shiver that chills you to the bone and clacks your teeth. Nie Huaisang, always one to be dressed fashionably and weather-appropriate, throws him a concerned look.

“I’d give you my overcoat, but Lan Wangji would probably murder me, and you brought up my secret side gig, so you’ve just lost all brownie points you have with me.” Nie Huaisang winks, but it’s obvious that he just wants to stay warm.

“N-nice try. Everybody knows you write softcore porn, it isn’t a secret. Even my sweet jiejie knows, you’ve tainted her with your porn, come here so I can beat you up – ” Wei Ying breaks into a round of sneezes before he can get up from the chair and grab Nie Huaisang’s coat.

“Wei-xiong, don’t go getting sick before your Wednesday date with Lan Wangji. And your ‘sweet jiejie’ has a baby, I’m not the one who tainted her.” Nie Huaisang says with the smirk of a man who knows exactly what he’s getting into. Wei Ying only shoots him an incensed glare before he makes a mad leap for Nie Huaisang’s coat, only missing it by a few inches.

“Take that back, don’t remind me of that peacock fucker! I don’t want to hear any more of this!”

“But you know anyways!” Nie Huaisang sings.

“Shame upon you, shame upon your porn books, shame upon – wait.” Wei Ying pauses as he chases Nie Huaisang around the balcony, the shorter man dancing just out of reach. “How did you know I have a Wednesday date with Lan Zhan?”

Nie Huaisang very audibly gulps. “I, uh, I don’t know! I don’t know anything! No comment!”

“Liar! And you keep making really suspicious tweets too!”

“No, I don’t! I’m just trying to get in on the publicity – oh fuck, I shouldn’t have said that – ”

Wei Ying corners Nie Huaisang against the rail of the balcony. “Oh, you’re just cashing in on this? You think my suffering is fun? You probably use this to write your porn too! Gimme your coat, you traitor!”

“I came here to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now. Somebody as mean as you doesn’t get my exclusive Tommy Hilfiger coat.” Nie Huaisang deadpans. With a flick of his wrist, he hits Wei Ying in the nose with his fan and flops back down on the lounge chair.

“Mean? Me? Oh, so you forgot about the innumerable times in high school when I had to listen to you moan on and on about how perfect and handsome and what an ideal specimen of man A-Cheng was? Do you know how traumatizing it is to hear your friend talking about wanting to fuck your brother? Even now I can hear you saying ‘I want him to step on me’ in my dreams!” Wei Ying is well aware of what he’s doing, thank you very much, and he might feel guilty later about teasing Nie Huaisang so much, but right now it’s worth it as he sees Nie Huaisang’s face turn steadily redder and his shoulders tremble.

“We. Do not. Talk about. That time!” He screeches, losing the last bits of his dainty composure. “Jiang Wanyin is right inside, do you want him to know I had an embarrassing crush on him half a decade ago?”

“Serves you right for being so gossipy!” Wei Ying retorts.

“Maybe if you and Lan Wangji just fucked already I wouldn’t be perpetuating a rumor on twitter, but here we are!”

Wei Ying is the one to turn red this time around, with the sheer influx of mental images that Nie Huaisang’s words inspires in him, it’s hard to even formulate a proper response to Nie Huaisang that doesn’t consist of stammering.

“Why is everybody trying to set us up?” He finally gasps out, in between bouts of scandalized coughing. “I keep saying, he wouldn’t fall in love with somebody like me anyways! And I, for one, think that Lan Zhan deserves somebody much better than me!”

Nie Huaisang blinks. “So that’s why Jiang Wanyin looked so aggravated, earlier. You were spouting that kind of bullshit to him, weren’t you?”

“No – well, yes, but he yelled at me and basically said I had no logic, which is not true. I have logic, which is why I’m saying that. Don’t you agree?” Wei Ying turns, only to be met by 172 centimeters of frustrated, bemused Nie Huaisang.

“Who would agree with that logic? Me? No way. I mean, what’s with the ‘somebody like me’ thing? And the ‘Lan Zhan deserves somebody who isn’t a human mess!’ thing? I’m pretty sure that’s up to him to decide and not anybody else, but go off I guess?”

Wei Ying almost doesn’t want to admit that Nie Huaisang’s words are painfully true. In the end, Lan Zhan is the one who decides whether he wants to be with him or not. In the end, he’ll be the one laying his soul bare for Lan Zhan to judge. In the end, he – messy and unable to sit still and talking a mile per minute, forgetful and brash – will never be able to grasp somebody as imperfectly perfect as Lan Zhan. Sweet, studious Lan Zhan, with a terrible sense of humor and a wacky biological clock, with his strange preference for old-fashioned ornaments and adorable stubbornness and an inability to hold his liquor, with all these ‘bad’ points that make him ever the more charming.

“…He deserves the world. I’m only one person.” He deigns to voice the deluge of thoughts that had washed over him with Nie Huaisang’s words, but from the arch of Nie Huaisang’s eyebrow and the irritated way he taps his fan on the edge of the chair, they both know what he isn’t saying.

“But what does he want?” Nie Huaisang asks, after a moment of silence.

“What does he want?” Wei Ying echoes. “I don’t know. Me, hopefully.”

“There exists a difference between what one’s heart wants and what others believe that heart deserves, and you must learn which one is more important for the one you love.” Nie Huaisang says.

“You’ve resorted to quoting lines from your previous roles because you can’t give any good advice? That’s so lazy, Huaisang!”

He snorts. “I delivered that line with the elegance and wisdom required of that role, excuse you. You should focus more on what Lan Wangji wants than what you think he deserves if you truly want to make him happy, though. And look, you have a perfect opportunity to ask him tomorrow!”

“What, so we just sit down and I ask him ‘hey Lan Zhan, what do you want?’? He’s going to answer ‘Perhaps this mushroom soup for an appetizer and this steak loin for the main course’ and not what person he wants!”

“Then become the steak loin! Become the juiciest, best cooked, highest quality steak loin he’s ever seen!” Nie Huaisang seems very enthusiastic about his proposal, and there’s a calculating glimmer in his eyes that Wei Ying does not like.

“Please tell me you aren’t plotting to use this in your next porn book.”

“You couldn’t stop me even if you tried.”

“I could sue you!”

Nie Huaisang puts his hands up in surrender, hiding his face behind his fan. “I’m just joking, I swear! Don’t sue me! Anyways, what do you want?”

“Lan Zhan.” He answers without a second of delay.

Nie Huaisang chokes on nothing.

“Not like what you’re thinking, Huaisang, get those thoughts out of your head. No, I just… I never knew it’s possible to want to be with somebody so much – just to be with them every day, to make them smile, to be the sun in their life, to wake up in their arms and be able to snuggle into them and share everything with them – I want Lan Zhan so much, it’s crazy.”

“Wow, okay, that’s – a lot to take in, and seeing as I haven’t heard heads or tails of your crush on Lan Wangji until now, it’s safe to assume that you literally went from friends to being hopelessly in love and skipped over the puppy love stage, which is honestly what I should have expected, so why am I surprised?” He shakes his head like he’s disappointed in himself, and Wei Ying nearly says that he, upon further reflection, had probably been in love with Lan Zhan as long as they’ve been friends.

But – “You aren’t going to spill this to anybody but our friends – no talking about this on social media, right?” He has to ask.

“I’m so offended that you think I’d betray your trust like this, Wei-xiong!”

“That time jiejie and peacock husband got engaged?”

“That was one time! I was excited and my hand slipped! You can’t blame me for tweeting a simple congrats tweet for my friends, even if it was a day before the planned press announcement.”

“That time you accidentally convinced half the press that your brother and Lan Xichen were dating?”

“Okay, two times, and I was drunk and not thinking clearly – ” At a smug look from Wei Ying, he deflates. “So maybe I gossip a little too much on social media, that’s fine, everybody does that from time to time! Don’t worry, I won’t tweet about this until you tell me it’s fine, alright? Although it does pain me not to be able to…”

The last part of the sentence seems pretty worrisome to Wei Ying, but it’s probably alright if Nie Huaisang is complaining about not being able to gossip. His friend could wear a hundred different masks but it wouldn’t change the fact that Nie Huaisang doesn’t break his sincere promises.

“Aww, thanks! C’mon, let’s go pound on the door until A-Cheng and Lan Xichen let us come back inside, I’m freezing!” Wei Ying jumps up and saunters over to the glass sliding door.

“Finally! Ah, I can’t wait to go back inside, with the comforts of modern life and technology…”

Wei Ying cuffs the back of Nie Huaisang’s head. “Shut up, you have a brand-name down coat, while I only have this measly t-shirt!”

“I’m still cold!”

They bicker as they wait for Jiang Cheng to come and unlock the door, which he will definitely do if they keep knocking hard enough, before Nie Huaisang pauses.

“You know, Wei-xiong, you shouldn’t think of yourself too lowly either. You’re a pretty cool person, even if you’re too melodramatic for my tastes, okay?”

Wei Ying’s hand stills. Sometimes, it’s hard for him to remember that there are people who do care about him, friends and family who’re there for him when he falls. Today might have been one of those days. He doesn’t make an effort to conceal the quaver in his voice as he responds – his own little way of showing how much those words mean to him.

“Ah, thank you, Huaisang! But really, too melodramatic for your tastes? Out of the two of us, who’s the one who took that optional third-year course in stage acting and carries a completely unnecessary fan around at all times?”

“Don’t insult the fan!” Nie Huaisang huffs, nearly falling face-first into the hardwood floor of the living room as Jiang Cheng slides the door back open.

“A-Cheng!” Wei Ying shouts.

“Give a guy some warning before you do that, eh?” Nie Huaisang grumbles as he scrambles for balance.

Jiang Cheng spares them a glance before threatening to slide the door closed. “You guys better have sorted everything out!”

“Yes, yes, we’ve got everything sorted out, everything’s fine! I swear!” Wei Ying and Nie Huaisang stumble over each other’s words as they try to stop Jiang Cheng from locking them out in the bitter February cold once again.

At least he sounds a little less skeptical when he says, “Everything’s okay?”

“Yeah, yeah, everything’s okay.” Wei Ying says. He glances at Nie Huaisang, breathless from his near-fall and cheeks red from the cold, and gives him a grin. “We’re okay.”

Nie Huaisang grins back at him. “That’s right, we’re okay! Now let us back inside!”

“Ugh, fine!” They can hear Jiang Cheng’s complaints about Nie Huaisang being a bastard and something about teenagers these days as he stomps off, to which Lan Xichen points out that they’re all basically the same age and also very much adults, but the door is left wide open for them.

“We’re okay, right?” Nie Huaisang asks. It’s a rare moment of vulnerability from him.

Wei Ying nods, feeling lighter than he has in the past few days. Perhaps it’s because talking to Nie Huaisang – dramatic as he is – was damn near therapeutic in relieving his jealousy, or because the ginger ale is so delicious it belongs in heaven. Whatever it is, he doesn’t think twice as he responds, “Yeah. Yeah, we are.”

This time, he’s not convincing himself that it’s okay.

Because this time around, maybe – probably – hopefully – everything will be okay.



Yanli: So how’d the meeting go?

Saaang: Your brother is the sappiest, most romantic person I’ve ever met,

Saaang: and I’ve met quite a few of those.

Yanli: Yes, he’s adorable, isn’t he?

Saaang: Not quite what I was getting at, he’s more disgustingly in love with Lan Wangji than anything else

Lan Xichen: At least we know Wei Wuxian is extremely devoted and has much faith in A-Zhan.

Lan Xichen: Good thing he answered correctly.

Yanli: Is there something I’m missing here?

Jiang Cheng: a-huan asked wei ying if he had so little faith in his brother that he thinks lan wangji would reject him cruelly

Jiang Cheng: wei ying usually has the preservation instinct of a sea slug so it’s a good thing he took the hint and answered honestly

Yanli: Oh, I see! So the correct answer is something like “No, I do have faith in Lan Wangji’s goodness”, right?

Saaang: Wait we’re getting off topic

Lan Xichen: As expected, Wei Wuxian went above and beyond in answering, I was quite surprised! But then again, this is the man my brother is in love with.

Jiang Cheng: yeah thats wei ying for you

Jiang Cheng: doesnt realize his feelings for five years and becomes a total fucking sap as soon as he does

Jiang Cheng: will i ever get over this? no i will not.

Saaang: guys can we talk about the meeting please I am begging you

Saaang: Wei Wuxian is so whipped for Lan Wangji I’m not even going to start because yall know that already but

Saaang: Anyways, he seemed a little more upbeat when I left, so I’m going to assume the meeting went well

Saaang: because I’ll admit I was just winging it half of the time

Jiang Cheng: what the fuck nie huaisang

Yanli: Oh, that’s still good! As long as A-Ying is happy :D

Lan Xichen: At least you managed to convince Wei Wuxian that A-Zhan isn’t in love with you, right?

Saaang: wait shit

Saaang: I, uh, didn’t actually get the chance to confirm that?

Saaang: okay before you yell at me I did try to convince him, but he didn’t tell me whether he listened or not

Yanli: We just have to wait until Wednesday! This is alright!

Jiang Cheng: a-jie you have the patience of a saint and i love you but im also so fucking Done with this shitty situation where wei ying wont listen to anybody again

Jiang Cheng: misunderstandings occur too easily like this

Jiang Cheng: just at least promise me that Wednesday will go fine, right?

Lan Xichen: A-Cheng, it’ll be fine, people grow and change. Wei Wuxian has learned from his mistakes, he isn’t running away any more. It’ll be fine.

Jiang Cheng: i hope it will.

Saaang: yes, it’ll be fine! Wei wuxian is still going to confess, everything’s fine!

Yanli: I hope you’re telling the truth!

Saaang: I AM! You people doubt me at every step of the way but I speak the truth and nothing but the truth

Jiang Cheng: yeah right

Lan Xichen: I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see, then.

Yanli: In the meanwhile, if you’re not busy, would you mind coming over for dinner tonight? I’m making lotus and pork rib soup! I already asked A-Ying and he said he’d come, too!

Jiang Cheng: you know id never pass up that offer

Saaang: Ahhhhh that sounds good

Yanli: Of course you can come too, Nie Huaisang!

Jiang Cheng: tch why are you inviting him he’s gonna be a bad influence on a-ling

Saaang: no I won’t! I just want some good food, why am I being attacked once again T-T

Yanli: Don’t be so grumpy, A-Cheng!

Jiang Cheng: fine.

Lan Xichen: If it’s fine with you and Jin Zixuan, then – we’re happy to accept the invitation!

Saaang: yeS FREE FOOD


i say vol you say voltron @keeancee

hey is anybody else finding @huaisang2’s silence a bit weird? It might a reach but maybe he and hanguang-jun are sorting things out themselves?? Anybody??


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@keeancee yeah not to mention whatever’s happening on Wednesday… maybe a relationship announcement??


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@keeancee not a reach, look at this. photos of nie huaisang visiting the lan/jiang residence? Hmmm a shovel talk with the brother??


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[photos attached] Dinner with the wonderful @chefyanli! Food is best home cooked :D


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@wheresmyhonor ahaha thank you! But have you considered: [photo attached]


why in the world is carmen @dontdoit



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@wei_ying god has blessed us with this image today and we are but mere mortals unworthy of the brilliance of hanguang-jun,,,


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*more screaming* liked, retweeted, screenshotted, im sobbing hanguang-jun in a turtleneck singlehandedly saved my life


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i dont watch chinese dramas but after seeing these latest tweets I think lan wangji and that wei wuxian would be really cute together


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@byunnies wow this is so big that people outside the fandom are rooting for them, thats the true power of #wangxian


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okay the wangxianers can say all they want but no offense… but wei wuxian is straight, so wangxian technically has a lesser chance of happening than jisang. just sayin. Wei wuxian wouldn’t be in love with hanguang-jun.


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@dontdoit that seems like a bit of a reach no?


why in the world is carmen @dondoit

@hanguangjuun says the one who looks at every single interaction lwj and nhs have had for proof that they’re in love


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@dontdoit @hanguangjuun GUYS look can we just all agree that LWJ in a turtleneck is something we need but honestly don’t deserve?? Because its been like two hours and I cant stop thinking about it


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Wangji is life @stanlwj

@wheresmyhonor I think… he just did…. #wangxian


why in the world is carmen @dontdoit



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why in the world is carmen @dontdoit


Chapter Text

Anonymous asked:


Hey! So I was wondering, with all the news lately, what’s up with Lan Wangji and that controversial tweet? I’m still pretty new to the fandom, so I also wanted to ask why they all have two (or three, because there’s Lan Zhan, Lan Wangji, and Hanguang-jun) names? It’s a bit confusing honestly…


everythingctd answered:


First off – welcome to the fandom!!! Always nice to see new people dropping in :3 now onto the ask – I’ll answer the name question first, since it’s quicker. Most of these actors have a stage name they chose for themselves, and a real name. For example, with Jiang Wanyin, Wanyin is his stage name while Jiang Cheng is his real name. There’s a notable exception for the Lan brothers, they actually use their courtesy names (which literally nobody gives their kids except the Lans because they’re old-fashioned) as their stage names. Lan Wangji and a few others (like his brother Lan Xichen and well-known TV host Jin Guangyao) have titles that have been bestowed upon them by the fandom and have come into popular use by the media – Lan Wangji’s is Hanguang-Jun, which basically translates to “bearer of light”, and -jun is a suffix that shows respect.

(In case you’re wondering, Lan Xichen’s is Zewu-jun and Jin Guangyao’s is Lianfang-zun.) 

Now, onto the fun part: on Friday evening, Lan Wangji (you might know him from the dramas Moon Over the Wall and Swordforge, or from the movie South of Shanghai) tweeted what’s basically a love confession (and a meme, which is honestly hilarious but nobody is paying attention to that). This is big, because Lan Wangji has never shown interest in anybody before, and he also usually has a pretty stoic and composed image, so he really broke character with his tweet. Because Lan Wangji is really popular both in China and internationally, his tweet got real big real fast and now everybody is trying to figure out who he’s in love with. Just take a look at this Buzzfeed article.

“So OP, who’s he in love with?” You might ask. Well, we don’t know for sure yet, but according to twitter (links here, here, and here) the biggest contenders are Wei Wuxian and Nie Huaisang. The fact that his tweet was uber-specific about the guy (parents died, went on a trip for three years) helps narrow down the list of candidates. Personally, I’m conflicted between wanted to respect Lan Wangji’s privacy and personal life and jumping on the wangxian ship.

(but seriously have you seen them? CUTE.)

Your best guess would probably be to pay super-close attention to the tweets coming from Lan Wangji’s friends, especially his brother Lan Xichen, Jiang Cheng and his sister Jiang Yanli, Jin Guangyao, and Wei Wuxian himself. It seems like his friends are trying to set him up with the mystery guy, and they’ve dropped hints on Twitter. Still, though, we won’t have any certain confirmation until Lan Wangji or the mystery guy says it himself.

We do know that something big’s going down on Wednesday, thanks to a lot of tweets from Lan Wangji’s friends. I guess you’ll just have to keep your eyes peeled! Thanks for the ask anon!

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I love Lan Wangji just as much as everybody else but he and his mystery guy deserve some privacy, how do you think they feel being called out like this and having their love lives speculated about? I can see yall writing fanfic about them already, this qualifies as an invasion of privacy and in this essay i will

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*detective conan voice* this case is mine! Evidence shows that suspect: Wei Wuxian is the most likely possibility for being the mystery guy – this twitter thread where he openly admitted to flirting with Lan Wangji, and also implied that they’ll be meeting tomorrow, this interview where Lan Wangji couldn’t stop talking about Wei Wuxian, this collection of best wangxian moments (yes, somebody made the video) over the years, and many more all offer evidence. Any objections will be denied, thanks for coming to my ted talk.

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wei ying: hey lan zhan what time will u be at Dafan?

lan zhan: I can pick you up.

wei ying: WHAT NO

lan zhan: Oh. I am sorry.

wei ying: NO i mean i couldnt inconvenience you like that!!

wei ying: what did you think i meant?

lan zhan: It would not be an inconvenience.

wei ying: Eh? Really?

lan zhan: You have never been an inconvenience to me, and you never will be. For you, it is alright. 

wei ying: god u cant say stuff like that so sincerely!! i stg i’ll physically combust if you do this any more (ノД`)

lan zhan: Please do not die.

wei ying: im just joking lan zhan!!

wei ying: seriously tho i wouldnt want to bother you with picking me up

lan zhan: It would not be a bother.

lan zhan: On the contrary, it would be very nice. I wish to spend more time with you.

wei ying: LAN ZHAN

wei ying: ahhhhhhhh i just said you cant say stuff like that without giving me a warning! My poor heart cant take it ;(

lan zhan: Did I say something wrong? If so, I sincerely apologize.

wei ying: no no keep doing what youre doing

wei ying: i like it

lan zhan: What time should I pick you up?

wei ying: wow ur really insistent on this huh

lan zhan: Unless you have another mode of transport?

wei ying: oh i was just gonna take the bus because my car is at the mechanic’s

wei ying: but!! Before you say anything, yes ofc i’ll accept your offer if it isn’t a bother to you!!

lan zhan: That is a relief.

wei ying: what you really thought id pass up the chance to hang out with u??

lan zhan: Then I will pick you up at 4:45 PM.

wei ying: okay that’s cool! Great!!

wei ying: btw do we have to wear fancy stuff to Dafan i didnt check the dress code

lan zhan: Yes, it is a moderately upscale restaurant so you are probably expected to wear formal clothing.

wei ying: o shit

wei ying: dont tell anyone but i dont have a suit

lan zhan: Don’t you wear suits when you appear on television?

wei ying: i have one (1) suit and it is at the drycleaner.  ye a h

lan zhan: I suppose slacks and an Oxford shirt would be alright as well.

wei ying: oh okay then everything is fine!!

wei ying: see you soon lan zhan!!

lan zhan: Alright. I will text you when I arrive.

wei ying: a gentleman as always lan zhan ( ˙꒳˙ )


Everything is decidedly not fine.

Lan Zhan doesn’t know how Wei Ying can be so optimistic all the time. Especially for a date like this – expect it’s probably just another regular lunch-turned-dinner date for Wei Ying, isn’t it?

That doesn’t stop Lan Zhan from quietly freaking out, and by quietly, he means ransacking his entire room for that one shirt that is meant to go with these shoes, and he swears he put it with the rest of the outfit on the upper left side of his closet but it’s not there –

Sweeping his gaze around the piles of clothes scattered on the floor once more, he realizes that he’d tossed it to the side while he was rummaging through his closet for that other shirt 5 minutes ago.

Dafan doesn’t have a strict dress code, per se, but it’s always better to play it safe. Besides, even though they’re going to wear disguises like always, he still has an image to maintain in case somebody recognizes him. The probability of which is rather high, considering not a lot of men in this city have hair as long as his, and Wei Ying has this manner of carrying himself which draws eyes towards them.

“A-Zhan, both shirts look good on you, pick whichever one you prefer.” His brother’s voice issues from the phone propped up on the dresser. Although Lan Huan is regretfully unavailable in person, a video call is better than nothing.

“Which one looks better with the shoes?”

“Mmh, wait, let me see – I think it would depend on which jacket you wore?”

Lan Zhan sighs. This is going nowhere. Ten minutes of debating what to wear and all they’ve decided on are the black slacks and the dress shoes. Perhaps on another day, Lan Zhan wouldn’t have to spend so long on his outfit, but today his anxiety regarding the confession decided to flare up and send him into a panic over his suit.

“A-Zhan, just pick one! You know Wei Ying won’t care what you’re wearing in the end, he’ll think you look good in anything.”


“Don’t tell me that’s not what you’re thinking. Wear whichever you like and don’t stress too much about this, alright? Everything will be fine.”

Lan Zhan shakes his head. It seems that his brother is just as much as an optimist as Wei Ying is. What if he wears the blue shirt instead of the white one and he spills his soup on it and their date has to be cut short? What if he wears the white one to prevent that, but during dessert he gets it dirty? What if it suddenly starts raining and he gives his jacket to Wei Ying but the jacket gets soaked through and Wei Ying catches a cold and they can’t film Spring Blossoms? What if, what if, what if –

“A-Zhan, you’re pacing again.” His brother says.

Oh. He is.

Even though he’s not looking at the video, he can practically see his brother silently judging him as he continues, “There’s a higher probability of anything going wrong if you think about it too much. Just treat this like a regular outing with Wei Ying.”

“But this is not a regular outing.”

“And? Just let yourself relax and have fun with Wei Ying. He’ll notice if you’re too stiff, anyways.”

He wishes he could just relax and have fun. To, just for one night, be not the revered Hanguang-jun or acclaimed actor Lan Wangji, but simply Lan Zhan. To forget about everything else and let Wei Ying’s excited conversation calm the waves of anxiety in his mind. To let Wei Ying’s warmth wash away all his worries, and live in their own little bubble filled with light and bliss.

Well, it’s not that he can’t. He knows that as soon as he says hello to Wei Ying and they fall into their usual groove, he’ll be able to forget and bask in the happiness that Wei Ying’s presence brings him.

No, it’s more that all his worried thoughts that any other person would have during the dinner have all been transferred to this pre-dinner period, and now he’s drowning in this deluge of anxiety and this is decidedly not a good way to prepare for a date that will change his entire life.

“Why do you think he will notice?”

“Because he watches you, A-Zhan, a lot. More than I’d like to say. Like I said, have some more faith in yourself.”

Lan Zhan likes the sound of that, but he reminds his brother that lying is forbidden anyways. It’s hard to have faith in your feelings being accepted when the person you’re in love with has done nothing but tease you mercilessly over the past years.

“I’m not lying – hey, A-Cheng, what’re you doing – mmph!”

The video goes dark with a muffled thump, before Jiang Wanyin’s irate face comes into view. “Lan Wangji, I swear to god that if you don’t confess to my brother I will break your legs with my own hands! Now stop moping around and get changed! You’re not going to go on a date with Wei Ying looking like that!”

“A-Cheng…” Lan Huan murmurs in the background, but he does nothing to stop his boyfriend from taking charge of the situation.

“Hold up the two shirts – hmm, yes, you should wear the white one if you’re going to wear the black jacket, now hold up the jackets – yup, definitely the black jacket, now just pick out a snappy dark blue tie and you’re done!” Jiang Wanyin orders.

Lan Zhan is unable to do anything but obey, because it seems like Jiang Wanyin might actually make good on his threats this time around. He’s not sure exactly why he’s letting the brother of the love of his life dress him up like a doll for a date with said love, but he isn’t questioning this. At least Jiang Wanyin sounds like he knows what he’s doing.

Three minutes and a quick trip to the bathroom to get changed and smooth down his hair later, he’s standing in front of the phone again.

“Hmm.” Says Jiang Wanyin.

“Ah.” Says Lan Huan. “Something – something’s missing.”

“Oh, I got it! Lan Wangji, leave your jacket open. You look too stiff and formal, I’m not letting you go on a date with my brother looking like a dumb bodyguard of some mafia boss.”

“Eh? He doesn’t look that bad… Anyways, please do leave your jacket open, Lan Wangji, if A-Cheng says it’ll look better then it’ll look better.”

“But what if – ”

“No buts or what ifs!” Jiang Wanyin snaps. “Do as I fucking say so you can confess to my idiot brother properly! A-Huan, once I finish with Lan Wangji you’ll go over dating etiquette with him, okay?”

“I think A-Zhan can go to dinner with Wei Wuxian without having to act like it’s a date… Wait, it isn’t a date in the first place.”

“It’s a date, he’s going to confess, they’ve practically been dating for these last two years already – ”

“I think I will be fine.” Lan Wangji interrupts. He certainly does not need any more pressure on him about this.

“Ugh, alright, if you won’t fuck up the confession than I’ll let it go. Now open your jacket and part your hair more to the side, so you won’t look like your usual self. While you’re at it, grab a pair of sunglasses, you’ll look like a pretentious asshole but it’ll reduce your chances of getting recognized…”

As Jiang Wanyin goes on and on about the importance of a good disguise while he’s with Wei Ying, sprinkling some threats in there for good measure, Lan Zhan fights the urge to hang up and deal with his anxiety himself.

Help me, brother.

In the background, Lan Huan shrugs helplessly, as if he’s saying, what can I do?

Lan Zhan is a dead man.

He does as Jiang Wanyin demands for now, and swears to himself that he will put his hair back in order after he can extricate himself from this call. Lying is forbidden, at least by their family’s rules, but when Jiang Wanyin makes him promise to keep his hair this way, he doesn’t specify a time limit, so it’s up for interpretation.

But he’s greatly underestimated how… delightfully enthusiastic Jiang Wanyin is about making sure he looks good for their dinner date. From things like buttoning his shirt up properly (“No, open one button – wait, that looks weird on you.”) to which pair of sunglasses he’s going to wear for his disguise (“those ones make you look like a fucking cut-and-paste alien from some cheap movie, throw them away!”) it’s a full 15 minutes before Jiang Wanyin seems half satisfied with the way Lan Zhan looks.

Wei Ying’s house is about 20 minutes away from his, add on a generous estimate of 7 minutes for traffic, and that means he has to leave at about 4:15, and it’s 4:10.  

“Jiang Wanyin, I must leave.” He says firmly.

“Why? Your dinner isn’t until 5:30.”

“I am picking Wei Ying up at 4:45. I must leave.” He says again, leaving no room for debate.

Jiang Wanyin does a full-body huh? “What do you mean, you’re picking Wei Ying up? Why haven’t I heard anything about this? What the fuck, what is my idiot brother doing?”

“Now, now, A-Cheng, Wei Wuxian is probably too busy doing other things to text you.”

“I swear to god I will replace his shoelaces with fully cooked spaghetti – ”

Jiang Wanyin stomps out of the frame in a huff, threatening to do all manners of creative things to Wei Ying.

“Should I be worried for Wei Ying?” Lan Zhan asks. One never knows if Jiang Wanyin, being the unpredictably temperamental man he is, will go through with his threats that don’t involve physical violence.

“No, A-Cheng doesn’t actually mean it – he’s just a little frustrated with watching you two. I can sympathize with him.” Lan Huan grimaces.

“What does that mean?”

The camera shakes for a moment as Lan Huan sighs. “See, that’s exactly what I’m talking about. Never mind me, you have to go, right?”

“Oh. I will hang up now.” Lan Zhan makes one last attempt to push his burgeoning tsunami of nerves out of the way as he grabs his wallet from the dresser and steps out of his room.

“Wait, A-Zhan, before you go – you’ll be okay. You trust Wei Wuxian, right? Then stop worrying and go. I know for sure that everything will be fine.”

What does trusting Wei Ying have to do with this?  he wants to ask, but seeing his brother’s sincerity in his kind smile makes him think twice.

“Thank you, Brother.” He says instead. “Goodbye.”

If Lan Huan notices that his brother doesn’t take the words to heart, he doesn’t call Lan Zhan out on it.


Lan Zhan completely forgets to smooth down his hair when he picks up Wei Ying. By the time Wei Ying bounces out of his house and pokes his head inside the car, it’s already too late to do anything with it, and he’s forced to sit there in humiliating silence as Wei Ying valiantly tries to hold back his laughter.

He draws the line when Wei Ying tries to snap a picture of him.

“Stop. Go lock your front door.”

“Oh, you’re right! I forgot to do that! Lan Zhan, you’re a lifesaver!”

Lan Zhan is not. He’s just trying to save his own dignity before Wei Ying can accumulate more embarrassing photos of him on his phone. He already has the ones where Lan Zhan is letting the rabbits sleep all over him, the ones where Lan Zhan showed up to the premier of their first movie together wearing a suit when they specifically agreed on wearing their costumes, and the ones where Lan Zhan tripped over his own feet and faceplanted into a pile of clothes on set (because he was looking at Wei Ying).

Well. He should be much less pleased that Wei Ying still has those old photos of him in his camera roll, but here he is.

Lan Zhan manages to get his hair into a semi-presentable state before Wei Ying comes back, but Wei Ying still takes a picture of him before sliding into the car.

“Why did you take a picture?”

“Hm? You look good, why can’t I? I can delete it if you didn’t want it…”

“No. Keep it.” He can feel his ears burning with Wei Ying’s words.

 Wei Ying laughs and leans over the armrest to bump his shoulder against Lan Zhan’s. He doesn’t pull away immediately, letting his head brush against Lan Zhan’s neck. “Pfft, okay! I might actually have more pictures of you on my phone than of A-Ling – speaking of which, have I shown you my latest photos of A-Ling? No? Okay, look!”

He does. There’s maybe a dozen of little Jin Ling dozing off in his crib in a sunflower yellow jumper, and then another dozen of Jin Ling smiling in the arms of Jiang Yanli and grabbing somebody – probably Jin Zixuan’s – finger, and one video of Jin Ling laughing.

Wei Ying coos at the photos, smiling at them as if Jin Ling is the best thing to ever grace this world. “Ah, that’s my nephew for you! The cutest baby in the world! Hey, Lan Zhan, isn’t A-Ling simply adorable?”

Wei Ying’s head is still on his shoulder. Lan Zhan can’t do much more than nod, because if he speaks, his words would surely come out as a flustered croak.

You’re cuter, he thinks.

Which, objectively speaking, is true – Wei Ying is right behind him in the list of most eligible bachelors, and he’s wearing a mahogany red v-necked sweater with a loose white shirt underneath, and a pair of black slacks that complete the nerdy-professor-with-a-coffee-addiction look. Lan Zhan has seen Wei Ying in formal suits, in fancy robes, in plastic armor with a sword, and in disguise, but he thinks that this casual, relaxed version of Wei Ying is the best.

Objectively speaking. Anybody would agree with him, he isn’t biased simply because he’s head over heels for Wei Ying.

“We should get going.” He says instead.

“Lan Zhan, don’t you think A-Ling is the cutest?” Wei Ying finally leans back into his seat and pauses as if he’s thought of some genius idea. “Oh, but you’re still the most beautiful, don’t worry!”

He’s just teasing you. He’s just teasing you, he’s just – Lan Zhan shakes his head. He can’t let Wei Ying’s meaningless flirting get to him, not now of all times.

“What, why don’t you think so? I’ll have you know, you’re really very handsome, Lan Zhan!”

He’s just teasing you. Lan Zhan can’t help it if his heart feels like it’s about to explode from Wei Ying’s sudden compliment, he can’t help it if he nearly smiles from being called handsome – something he should be used to by now – by Wei Ying. “…Ridiculous.”

“Ah, your ears are red!” Wei Ying laughs in delight. “You’re always cute, but you’re cutest when you’re blushing, Lan Zhan!”

“Shameless.” He spits out, refusing to look at Wei Ying. 

“Eh? But you are! Aw, don’t look away, look at me – look at me, Lan er-gege~” He cajoles, sounding so sincere that if Lan Zhan didn’t know any better, he would think that Wei Ying actually meant it.

He settles for a frustrating warning of, “Wei Ying.”

“Yes, yes, I’m ‘ridiculous’, but it’s the truth! I think you’re wonderful, Lan Zhan,” He says, tilting his head to peer at Lan Zhan, “you’re so good and kind to me – mmph!” Lan Zhan clamps a hand over his mouth before he can do anything irrational like confess to Wei Ying on the spot.

“Do not distract the driver. It is unsafe.”

Wei Ying mumbles something that sounds a lot like, “But you aren’t even driving!”

So he reaches over Wei Ying, who goes suspiciously quiet, to buckle his seatbelt and starts driving.

A few minutes later, at a stoplight, a rather subdued Wei Ying asks, “So I distracted you, huh?”


“Lan Zhan, you’re so funny! You just said ‘don’t distract me’ while looking all embarrassed, did I really distract you that much? Were my words that disruptive?”


What he doesn’t tell Wei Ying is that sometimes, he’d imagine kissing Wei Ying, slowly guiding them to the bed, letting his mouth and body convey everything his words could not, running his hands through Wei Ying’s hair and along his sides and the insides of his thighs and biting at his hip as Wei Ying whimpers, and Wei Ying would arch under him and gasp – Lan Zhan, Lan er-gege, you’re so good, so good, ahh, Lan er-gege! – so yes, it was very distracting.

He would prefer to get to Dafan with their car in one piece, thank you very much. It’s a good thing their uncle instilled a strong sense of self-control in him and his brother since they were very young. If Lan Zhan crashed his car while thinking back to his improper fantasies of Wei Ying, he would die a horny and ashamed man.

“Riiiight. Well, if you aren’t busy sometime next week I’ll ask jiejie if you can go over to her house and visit A-Ling with me, is that fine?”

“Mn.” Lan Zhan does not comment on how a joint visit from the two of them would make them seem like a couple. Perhaps he’s reaching a bit too much to arrive at that conclusion, but it inspires mental images of Wei Ying holding Jin Ling while Lan Zhan hovers at his side exactly like a protective father, and of Wei Ying pulling faces at Jin Ling, and of a far-off vision of their own family –

Lan Zhan shuts down that line of thought very quickly, lest he serve into the oncoming traffic while he’s indulging himself in his domestic fantasies.

“Great! I wonder if A-Ling likes you or me more – he’s only met you once before, but he really likes grabbing your long hair, does that bother you?”

“No.” He thinks it’s adorable.

“If I told anybody about the ice-cold Hanguang-jun being super good with children, they wouldn’t believe me! Too bad for them, though, only I get to see you like that. Nobody else.”

He’s going to die before he can even get the chance to confess if Wei Ying keeps making these offhanded comments. Does he even know what he does to me?

Judging by how Wei Ying grins at him, oblivious and cheerful, he doesn’t know.

“Hmm, well, I hope A-Ling doesn’t grow up to be a mini peacock husband, but he already looks like a copy of peacock husband. Maybe your influence will save him!”

“How would that work?”

“Oh, I don’t know… you could play the guqin for him?” Wei Ying taps his fingers on the dashboard in thought. “You could, like… stare at him and transfer some of your virtuousness to him? You could read Cao Yu to him?”


“Lan Zhan, what does that even mean? You’re so weird. Oh, but that’s cute too.”

Lan Zhan can’t respond after that, because he’s too busy trying not to crash the car. Wei Ying is a driving hazard, both behind the wheel and as a passenger, and Lan Zhan doesn’t even know how he’ll survive the ride back. It’ll be awkward and stifling and filled with stilted conversation because he’ll have confessed his feelings and Wei Ying will have rejected him and he really didn’t think this through before he offered to drive Wei Ying.

But that’s a problem for later.

Wei Ying doesn’t stop talking about Jin Ling for the rest of the car ride, asking Lan Zhan about everything from what color the hat he’s planning to gift Jin Ling should be, to how utterly cute Jin Ling’s laugh is, to what Jin Ling’s future profession might be.

Lan Zhan almost doesn’t want to interrupt Wei Ying’s train of thoughts when they pull into a parking spot outside Dafan, because he’s practically glowing with pride and love as he goes on and on about his beloved nephew, and Lan Zhan’s heart melts as he watches Wei Ying’s smile.

“Wei Ying. We are here.” He says, after Wei Ying finishes his rant about how Jin Ling is already crawling and how he’s definitely going to be there the first time he walks – you should be there too, Lan Zhan! He’d said, and Lan Zhan had nearly lost it and kissed him right there and then.

“Oh! Already? Gah, I must have talked your ear off with how much I was talking about A-Ling – sorry about that…”

“Do not worry. Your enthusiasm about Jin Ling is also cute.”

Wei Ying turns a very satisfying shade of red and, for once, fails to get a word out as he stammers. Lan Zhan steps out of the car and slips around to the other side to open Wei Ying’s door for him, and he’s still blushing. He takes Lan Zhan’s offered hand without a word.

“You’re going to make me have a heart attack one of these days,” Wei Ying grumbles as they walk up to the double doors of Dafan. Lan Zhan grasps the wrought iron handle.

“Do not die.”

“Then don’t say things like that without giving me a warning! You’re so unfair, Lan Zhan…” But he doesn’t sound unhappy about it, per say, so if they will keep eliciting these kind of reactions from Wei Ying, he will keep saying them. At least until their dinner is over.

“Welcome to Dafan!” The receptionist chirps.

“We have reservations at 5:30 PM.” Lan Zhan says, ignoring how Wei Ying is grinning up at him mischievously.

“Name, please?”

“Lan Wangji.”

“You didn’t use your personal name?” Wei Ying asks, as the receptionist nods and gestures for them to follow him, grabbing two menus from the carved ivory podium.

“Wanted privacy.” He explains.

And to that length, he had made sure to tell them to reserve a table in the corner for them, and to make the staff swear to secrecy. If this was to be the last time he goes out with Wei Ying to eat, he reasoned, he would make it as comfortable as possible. 

“Eh, Lan Zhan, your family would dispel any rumors as soon as they appeared anyways!”

“For you.” He elaborates. His family would only protect him, and it’s up to him to protect Wei Ying.

“For – for me? Ahaha, Lan Zhan, you didn’t have to… but thanks!”

If Lan Zhan had looked back at Wei Ying, he would have noticed the fond smile on his face. “Of course.”

Once they’re seated, the receptionist looks between the two of them expectantly, and his eyes widen as he realizes just who Wei Ying is. “I assume that you two will be ordering from our prix fixe prestige menu?”

“Yes, thank you.” Lan Zhan says.

Wei Ying, noticing the receptionist’s reaction, raises his finger to his lips in a playful shh before looking around the restaurant in admiration. Dafan may not be as ostentatious or gilded as some of the other world-class restaurants they’ve been to, but with its white hanging lights, plush carpeted floor, soft-backed chairs, and curtained windows overlooking the street, it has a gentle and peaceful atmosphere that puts both of them at ease.

The receptionist puts the menus down on the table and bows. “Your server will be with you shortly,” he tells them, before departing.

They chose a good time to come – it’s pretty early on a Wednesday, so all the families that would be here on the weekends are absent, and aside from a few other lone patrons, the restaurant is blissfully quiet. Lan Zhan doesn’t dare to go so far as to call it romantic, even though there are flickering candles in glass holders and a flower for adornment on every table, but his mind is screaming that this is a date anyways.

Silence. Giving in to your assumptions is unproper conduct. He tells himself.

But you’re going to confess, and you’re practically alone in a French restaurant with roses and candles and wrought-iron windows, and you keep opening doors for Wei Ying, says his rebellious thoughts. Does following your family’s rules really matter today?

Have fun, A-Zhan, says a voice that sounds suspiciously like his brother’s.

Wei Ying grins at him over the table and holds up his phone to take a picture, and Lan Zhan throws his caution to the wind, bad outcomes and broken rules be damned.

If this is the last day he gets with Wei Ying, he’s going to enjoy it to the fullest.

So he leans across the table to take a selfie with Wei Ying, digs out his own phone to take another one, lets himself be caught up in Wei Ying’s stream of jokes and laughter and musings about the menu, and when the server comes and introduces herself as Huang Zhifen, he nearly forgets to greet her because he’s too busy watching Wei Ying.

“Can I get any drinks for you two today? We have a wine menu as well.”

“Ah, I’ll get an Orangina, if you have any?”

“And you, sir?” 

“Sparkling water.” He says. He really should have looked at the menu beforehand, but he’d unfortunately used up the 5 days he had to panic about confessing to Wei Ying and sharing a dressing room with him.

“We have Badoit and Perrier – Badoit is known for being good for health, and we also have flavored Perrier, if you would prefer that.”

“Badoit, please.”

“Yes, right away.”

When he looks back at Wei Ying, he’s caught off guard by his smile.

“What?” He says, feeling defensive.

“Nothing, it’s just that I thought you would have asked me why I wasn’t getting wine.”


“Thank you for asking!” Wei Ying winks. “It’s because I looked at the menu and I saw they have Orangina, which is apparently this super good orange drink imported from France, so I wanted to try it.”

“Oh.” Lan Zhan goes back to perusing the menu. It’s a four-course meal priced at a reasonable 570 yuan per person, which he will of course pay for both of them, and he assumes that the dessert menu will be brought to them after they finish their main course.

“Lan Zhan, you can try some too when they bring us the drinks!”

“Mn.” He says, quite distracted by the option of an open-faced croque madame sandwich for the main course – how would one even eat that? – and is again caught off guard when the drinks come, and Wei Ying hands him a glass full of Orangina.

“Here, try it!”

He does, and proceeds to thank the stars for his self-control as the fizzy citrus flavor hits his taste buds. It’s… stronger than he expected, and he hands the glass back to a giggling Wei Ying as gracefully as he can.

“Lan Zhan! You should see your face, you look like you swallowed a bug or something – pfft, it can’t be that bad, right?” And Wei Ying proceeds to drink from the glass like Lan Zhan hadn’t just touched it with his lips or done anything.

This cannot be good for his health. One day, in the future, he’ll go to the doctor and the doctor will tell him he has heart problems because the love of his life flirted with him one too many times.

At least he’ll die happy.

“Are you two ready to order?” Huang Zhifen says. Lan Zhan hadn’t even noticed that she had walked up to their table.

“Oh, yes! Lan Zhan, are you ready?”

He shakes the mini crisis he was having over the probable indirect kiss (Wei Ying turned the glass, right? Did he actually drink from the part Lan Zhan touched? Did that count as a kiss? Had this turned into a date without him knowing?) and calms himself as best as he can. “Mn.”

“Alright, then, I’ll have the truffle cream soup, the bouchée à la reine, and the open-faced croque madame for the main course!”

“I will have the bœuf bourguignon soup, the quiche Lorraine, and the roasted duck, please.”

“Certainly.” And then she’s gone.

Lan Zhan pours himself a glass of Badoit to distract himself from his increasingly deviant thoughts. Wei Ying had jokingly called it a date on Saturday, when they had arranged it, but he definitely didn’t think of it that way. For Wei Ying, this is nothing more than an outing between friends, and as much as Lan Zhan pretends that it’s a pseudo-date, it won’t change.

“Lan Zhan.”


“Lan Zhaaaan. What’re you thinking about?”

“…Things.” Which technically isn’t a lie.

Wei Ying rests his head on his hand, one elbow on the table, stretching languidly over it like a cat. Lan Zhan is torn between wanting to tell him to sit properly and wanting nothing more than to stare and stare and stare.

“What things?”

“Important things.” Like how good you look in that sweater.

“Like Spring Blossoms?”

Lan Zhan just takes another sip of Badoit.

“Anyways, I have a question! Why do Lu Yue and Zhou Jianhong look like they’re about to kill each other 50 percent of the time and like they’re going to go elope the other 50 percent?”

“They are rivals.” He explains. It’s what everyone who he had asked the same question had answered.

“Okay, they’re rivals – that doesn’t explain it at all! What kind of rivals have that weird sexual tension? And don’t even get me started on how freakishly polite Xiao Xingchen is – he might be more polite than you, and that’s a really high bar.”

“Xiao-xiansheng is a good man.”

“See, you even refer to him as Xiao-xiansheng when he’s not around – and he called me Wei-daren on Monday because I’m playing the role of an official and I guess he wants to stay in character, but it sounds so weird!”

“Talking behind people’s backs is prohibited.” Lan Zhan says, more out of instinct than anything else. He’s sure his brother has broken that rule numerous times, anyways.

“Even if we’re saying good things? Jeez, your family’s rules are so strict. Why don’t you take the chance to enlighten me, a newbie, on who everybody in the cast is? That counts as teaching and not as talking behind people’s backs.”

Wei Ying isn’t wrong, it is his job as one of the main actors and the closest person to Wei Ying to familiarize him with the cast and the crew. He’s sure Wei Ying could do it himself, and make fast friends with everybody in the process, but he can’t say no to Wei Ying.

“Who do you want to know?”

“Hmm, I can look up the main cast on Baidu, but I don’t know the people behind the scenes. Who’re the camera operators? The director of photography and any important PAs I should know?”

“We have three operators. Jun Wu is the main operator and he also doubles as the director of photography. Ling Wen is the first assistant, and Ye Xiu is the second assistant.” Wei Ying nods once, pauses as if he’s committing the names to memory, and gestures for Lan Zhan to continue. “Shen Yuan and Luo Binghe help Director Liu with his paperwork and communications, and Shang Qinghua is the assistant of AD Sun.”

“Got it. Do you know their birthdays? Their likes and dislikes? Favorite colors, foods, anything?”

No matter how many years pass, Wei Ying never changes. He’s always exuberant, confident, wild and happy, and he’s always that person who befriends everybody on set, the one who gives them birthday presents despite having known them for 5 days, the one who has connections everywhere not because he’s a scheming politician or someone trying to climb their way up the ranks of the entertainment industry, but because he’s just so kind.

(Along the way, of course, he’s made many people have at least a temporary crush on him, if not fall in love. Lan Zhan struggles between being jealous of that and being lovestruck by how good and warm a person Wei Ying is.)

So here, this is the recipe for an accidental confession – Wei Ying grinning at him across a table, being so kind that Lan Zhan can’t help but think, I love you so much, and him being caught off guard by Wei Ying. He nearly does just blurt that out, until he wrestles the words back inside him. Wei Ying deserves better than a messy, un-thought-out, abrupt confession.

(Wei Ying deserves the world, and Lan Zhan would give it to him without asking.)

“You can ask them.” He says, pushing down the wave of feelings that threatens to wash him away.

“Pfft, so you don’t know! Lan Zhan, you never talk with any of the other actors, do you even know Xiao Xingchen’s birthday?”

“Mn. March 15th.” He leaves out the fact that he only knows because Lu Yue and Zhou Jianhong dragged him into a plot to set up a surprise party for Xiao Xingchen. It isn’t like he doesn’t try to talk with his costars, per say, it’s more that they’re blinded by his reputation and he doesn’t know how to work past that and in the end he can’t make any friends because he’s too awkward and outwardly cold, no matter how hard he tries.

“Haha, but you don’t know anybody else’s? Poor Lan Zhan, have you been all alone on your sets all this time? I’ll help you make friends with everybody on set if it’s the last thing I do! Leave it to me!”

“No.” He says. Lan Zhan is not going to burden Wei Ying with more of his troubles.

Wei Ying shakes his head in mock pity. “So awkward, Lan Zhan, you really are cute! Guess I’ll just keep you all to myself, then.”

Lan Zhan is spared from internal combustion by the arrival of their first course. Wei Ying raises his glass in a mock toast, and Lan Zhan has enough sense to meet the toast, but he gulps down a piping-hot mouthful of bœuf bourguignon to distract himself from Wei Ying’s words. At the rate this is going, his ears will turn permanently red before this dinner is over.

“Ah! This is good, Lan Zhan, you should try some!”

He nods without thinking, and ascends to the heavens for the second time that day when he looks up from his soup and sees Wei Ying holding a spoon with a smile and saying, “Open up, Lan Zhan!”

Lan Zhan can’t do much more than follow Wei Ying’s command. He’s always been at Wei Ying’s mercy, but it’s times like these where he realizes just how much Wei Ying has him ensnared.

The soup is good, creamy and flavorful with just the right amount of zest, although it might be a little too heavy for his tastes. At least Wei Ying had the presence of mind to use Lan Zhan’s spoon to feed him (Wei Ying spoon-fed me, now I can die happy, this is all I’ve ever wanted from life.) and not his own.

“Hey, let me try some of yours too!” Wei Ying digs a chunk of beef out of Lan Zhan’s bowl before he can protest, but when Wei Ying’s eyes flutter shut and he makes a low, satisfied noise after eating it, it’s definitely worth the loss and more.

“Wei Ying.” He says, thoroughly defeated by Wei Ying’s attractiveness.

“Yes, Lan Zhan? Can I steal your soup? Can we exchange soups, maybe? Please?”

“Talking is forbidden when eating.”

This is the only way he can ensure that he won’t burst into flames before the dinner ends. Wei Ying seems intent on flirting with him as much as humanly possible today, which is quite possibly the worst decision he’s ever made.

“Only for your family, I’m not a Lan so the rules don’t apply to me!”

If you married me then you’d be a Lan.

“See, you can’t say anything in the face of my flawless logic – you know what A-Cheng said to me the other day? He said my sense of logic is shit! Hey, Lan Zhan, don’t you think he’s wrong?”

“No. That sounds like Jiang Wanyin.” Although Wei Ying does, in his opinion, have a solid sense of logic, it fails spectacularly when it comes to noticing romance.

Wei Ying gasps. “’No’?! My best friend doesn’t believe in my infallible sense of logic? Oh, I am betrayed, utterly ruined, devastated – ” Wei Ying stops in the middle of his dramatic rant. “But if you admit that my logic is better than A-Cheng’s at least, then I’ll forgive you…”

He chooses to latch on to the ‘best friend’ part instead of being the sole judge of another one of Wei Ying and Jiang Wanyin’s contests. “I am your best friend?”

“Yeah, of course!” Wei Ying says, like it’s a given. “What, who did you think was my best friend if not you?”

“Jiang Wanyin. Nie Huaisang. Wen Qionglin.” All reasonable choices.

“Sure, they’re also best friends, but you’re my bestest friend! Is that a word? Haha, I don’t think it is – but you know what I mean, right? You’re the most important to me.”

Lan Zhan lets out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. That answer was more than he had bargained for, and it provides a cathartic release for his worries, a reassurance that maybe things won’t be so bad after all. He resists the urge to smile at Wei Ying the same way Wei Ying is smiling at him – do not be too happy, his uncle had said countless times, for it distracts you from your duties, but he thinks that maybe it’s impossible not to be happy hearing Wei Ying say such a thing.

“And you, to me.” He manages to murmur, words breaking through the elation and love that chokes his voice.

“O-oh. That’s nice.” Wei Ying squeaks, and proceeds to shovel the rest of his soup into his mouth as fast as he can. Lan Zhan has the sneaking suspicion that the redness of his cheeks isn’t due to how hot the soup is, and he lets the tendrils of hope take root within him. Maybe, just maybe, a future with Wei Ying isn’t too implausible.

Thankfully, Wei Ying doesn’t try to flirt with him through the rest of the dinner, though he does insist on feeding Lan Zhan a bite of his appetizer – the bouchée à la reine, an elegantly glazed puff pastry with a chicken and cream filling, garnished with a sprig of green parsley – and of his main dish, an open-faced croque madame. The egg on top is cooked to perfection, and the yellow yolk inside melts over the bread when cut open. Lan Zhan returns the favor with poorly concealed enthusiasm, cutting a slice of his quiche Lorraine and of his roasted duck for Wei Ying.

At this point, any sane person watching them without knowing who they were would think that this is a date. Lan Zhan should be more worried about that, but he’s been floating on a cloud for this entire dinner, and he doesn’t want to come down. Simply spending time with Wei Ying, listening patiently as he talks about his new costars and his workload and the planning for his next charity event, sampling bites of each other’s food – it’s a dream fully realized.

“Ack, why’d they put chanterelle mushrooms in here?” Wei Ying groans. “Portabellas are way better.”

“Chanterelles compliment the taste.”

“Lan Zhan! You must be crazy! I’m so disappointed, your taste sucks – ” But Wei Ying takes the liberty of stealing another bite of Lan Zhan’s duck, going so far as to dip it in the sweet cider sauce. “Chanterelles are too savory for duck! As Gordon Ramsay says, tastes must not override each other!”

“I do not think Gordon Ramsay says that.”

Huang Zhifen appears just as Wei Ying is preparing a retort. “Are you two ready for dessert?”

“Yeah – Lan Zhan, are you done?” At his nod, Huang Zhifen hands them two dessert menus and takes their plates from the table, leaving them to themselves once again.

Wei Ying scans it eagerly – this is probably what he’s been looking forwards to the most, when Wei Ying isn’t busy having superhumanly spicy dishes, he has a terrible sweet tooth. That day at the premiere of their first movie together where they had served chocolate mousse with chili essence, Wei Ying had proclaimed that he’d ascended to immortality just from a taste of it.

“Hmm, this looks good, but that looks good too – Lan Zhan, what are you gonna order?”

“The raspberry crème brulee.”

“Ah, then I’ll get either the teurgoule or the clafoutis – argh, which one should I choose? And the raspberry crème brulee sounds so good too…”

Seize the moment! Says the voice that sounds like Lan Huan, and Lan Zhan says, “You can try some of mine.”

“Really? You’d let me? Great, then… the teurgoule it is! Thanks, Lan Zhan!”

“Mn.” He says, flustered by his own boldness.

They place their order when Huang Zhifen comes back around, and Wei Ying leans across the table to stare at Lan Zhan.

“I didn’t know you liked sweet things,” he says, “let alone crème brulee. Am I seeing a new, special side of Lan Zhan? Like, a best-friends-only VIP bonus?”

“I do not know what a clafoutis or a teurgoule is.” Lan Zhan admits.

Wei Ying quirks an eyebrow. “Sorry, I must have misheard you, did you just say you don’t know what a clafoutis is?”

“Is it common knowledge?”

“Well, no, probably not, I just know a lot about cooking since jiejie is a chef – still, do you actually know anything about French cuisine, Lan Zhan?”

He frowns. “Yes, I do.”

“But you don’t know what a clafoutis or a teurgoule is? Then I, Wei Wuxian, will be your humble teacher! A clafoutis is a type of fruit pie that has batter on top and traditionally uses black cherries, but for this restaurant they’re using blackberries instead, I think jiejie made a clafoutis once when we were younger…”

Wei Ying rambles on about the different desserts of French cuisine and manages to bring up Jiang Yanli 5 separate times in the 10 minutes it takes for their desserts to arrive. He’s still talking about the apparent difference between a single caramel profiterole and a croquembouche when Huang Zhifen places a lacquered blue terrine in front of him, and a similar blue ramekin in front of Lan Zhan.

“Enjoy your desserts, sirs.” She says, handing a silver spoon to both of them before taking her leave.

Wei Ying cracks the caramelized surface of his dessert with the spoon to reveal a creamy white inside, sending a tantalizing scent of milk and cinnamon through the air. Lan Zhan’s own crème brulee breaks under the pressure of his spoon, and he savors the taste of the sweet raspberry melting with the chocolate and vanilla, the delectable crunch of the sugar crust only adding to the experience.

“Sooo, can I take some of that? It looks so fancy – wait, shit, I forgot to take photos of the dishes! Now how can I brag to A-Cheng?”

While Wei Ying is busy lamenting the loss of his bragging rights, Lan Zhan scoops out a bit of his crème brulee, depositing it in Wei Ying’s bowl while taking some of the teurgoule. If it made Wei Ying make that unfairly alluring face of delight at the first bite, it must be good.

As it turns out, it’s better than good – it’s one of the best things Lan Zhan has tasted all year. Mildly spiced without overwhelming the senses, melt-in-your-mouth creamy, warming you up from the inside like a crackling fireplace on a cold winter’s day. He can’t help the noise of satisfaction he makes.

“Hey! Lan Zhan, you took some of my dessert – well, I guess it’s fine, if you like it that much…” Wei Ying busies himself with scarfing down the rest of his teurgoule, and he calls for the check just as Lan Zhan is scooping up the last bits of his crème brulee.

Lan Zhan puts down his credit card before Wei Ying can attempt to pay it all himself, and five minutes later they’re walking out of the restaurant, stuffed with good food and nearly fighting over who should have paid.

“Lan Zhan, I was the one who picked the restaurant so I should have paid! You’re too much of a gentleman!”

“Mn. But I was the one who invited you out. It is only right that I should pay.”

“But I was the one who made you make room in your busy schedule for me!”

“Wei Ying.” He says as they wait at the stoplight, walking to Taomian Park. “I will always have time for you.”

“Still! I don’t – “ Wei Ying goes quiet as Lan Zhan slips his hand into Wei Ying’s and squeezes it once, a soft reassurance, his own quiet pre-declaration of love.

“Wei Ying, do not worry. I would want to pay for you regardless of the situation.” He threads his fingers between Wei Ying’s, trying not to smile as he notes how well their hands fit together, how warm Wei Ying’s hand is, how natural it feels. “The light is green.”

“A-ah.” Wei Ying stutters. “Um. Okay. You really are too kind, how can anybody avoid falling…”

The rest of what Wei Ying says is too soft for Lan Zhan to hear, but his curiosity is piqued from the blush on Wei Ying’s cheeks. And he expected Wei Ying to pull his hand from Lan Zhan’s grasp as they crossed the road, but it remains very firmly in his own, and it stays that way even as they enter the park and stroll across the bridge.

Across the lake, there are a few people, jogging or walking their dogs, boys playing catch with each other, the laughter floating through the air. The sun glows low on the horizon, rays of orange and pink shooting through the sky. 

His heart pounds in his chest from the combined influence of knowing he must confess soon, before the sun goes down, and from the heat of his hand in Wei Ying’s. It’s not like physical touch is unusual for them, but this – this is pretty unmistakably date-like, unmistakably romantic, and Lan Zhan is having trouble keeping his placid, calm demeanor in place.

Wei Ying’s thumb caresses up and down his hand, soft and feather-like, driving Lan Zhan out of his mind. He’s about to drag Wei Ying to someplace quiet and confess his feelings right there and then, because he’s not sure how much longer his self-restraint will hold up under Wei Ying’s ministrations, when – 

“Lan Zhan, hey. I have to tell you something.”

Lan Zhan stills at the tiny tremble in Wei Ying’s voice.


Wei Ying squeezes his hand tighter and smiles nervously up at Lan Zhan.

“Let’s go talk over there, okay?” He tugs Lan Zhan into the shade of an old oak tree that overlooks the park, situated on the bank of the river, just off one of the paved paths, hidden within a hedge of branches and leaves. Secretive, peaceful, and quiet.

The old oak tree which looks like a perfect place to confess to Wei Ying, but it looks like Wei Ying can’t hold back his words any longer, so he’ll let Wei Ying go first. He’s not sure what Wei Ying has to tell him, or why it’s making him so unusually nervous, but Wei Ying is fiddling with the edge of his shirt with his free hand, eyes darting about anxiously, and Lan Zhan realizes that whatever it is, he needs his steady support right now.

“So, I’ve been thinking the past few days, and I realized some things. Um, I think they’re pretty important, so would you hear me out until the end no matter what?”

“Of course.” He responds automatically. Like he’d ever up and abandon Wei Ying in the middle of something, especially when Wei Ying seems so insecure about it.

“Ah, that’s good.”

Wei Ying stands in silence for a few moments, staring at the meandering path of the river, before he takes a deep breath and turns to Lan Zhan. There’s a shaky smile on his face.

“Lan Zhan, you probably don’t know this, but… I, I really – ”

The trees rustle as the wind blows through them and Wei Ying’s breath hitches as a dog barks. The sound of a collar jingling and an owner calling a name reaches Lan Zhan’s ears.

Of course, Lan Zhan thinks. Where there’s a park, there will be people walking their dogs. He hadn’t given much thought to the ones he’d spotted earlier, since it was all the way across the lake, but he’d let his guard down. Wei Ying is trembling, his hands grasping to clutch at his chest as if holding his arms in front of him will protect him, his breaths coming in short, erratic pants.

Lan Zhan doesn’t know much of Wei Ying’s childhood before being adopted by the Jiang family, but what he does know is that he gained a debilitating fear of dogs and the ability to always have a smile on his face no matter the situation from it. Wei Ying had told him personally – the children at the orphanage he was picked up by used to bully him whenever they went out to play, by taming the street dogs and making them attack him. The culmination of those events was when a dog had bitten Wei Ying’s arm so hard the scar is there to this day, and even now, Wei Ying can’t be around dogs without being paralyzed by fear.

“Baebae!” The dog’s owner shouts once again. She jogs up to the base of the hill, loose leash in her hand, and catches her dog before it can dash off. Evidently, the leash had detached from the collar and the dog had ran away from the owner. “You can’t run off like that, Baebae!” She chastises.

Said dog barks happily.

Behind him, Wei Ying whimpers. Sometime in the span of the 10 seconds that had passed, he’d crossed the few feet between them to latch onto Lan Zhan’s arm like it was the last thing in the world. Lan Zhan feels Wei Ying’s head pressing into his back, feels the fingers digging into his arm and how Wei Ying is shaking. He can’t help but pull Wei Ying into a protective embrace, with one arm around his waist and the other gently prying his fingers off his arm.

Lan Zhan,” he whispers, “th – the dog, please, make it go away… protect me…”

There’s a quaver in his voice that absolutely breaks Lan Zhan’s heart.

At the same time, the dog’s owner looks up and notices them with a gasp of surprise. “Oh, I’m sorry if my dog surprised you two! He’s usually very well-behaved, but he goes crazy every time he sees a chipmunk…”

Well, at least she doesn’t seem to have recognized them yet. But Wei Ying is now gripping onto his hand so hard, it might be cutting off his blood circulation, and he’s still gasping for breath, and Lan Zhan feels the irrational urge to glare at the dog for making Wei Ying so scared. He hates seeing Wei Ying unhappy.

“Please keep a better eye on your dog. Have a good evening.” He says, as clipped as he can make his tone without coming off as overtly rude, while making it clear that there’s no room for further conversation.

“Um, is your… friend alright?” 

“He is scared of dogs.”

“Oh, I see. I’m really sorry about that! Goodbye!” The owner bows in apology before forcibly tugging her dog away, and Lan Zhan finally relaxes.

Wei Ying is still burying his face in Lan Zhan’s chest and gripping Lan Zhan’s arm with all his strength, but aware of it or not, he seems to recognize the dog’s absence, and his breaths calm down. He pulls them into the privacy of the trunk, so that nobody else can intrude. Lan Zhan stands there like that for an indefinite amount of time, listening to the calming flow of the river and the muted hums of the city surrounding them, waiting for Wei Ying to regain his senses.

When he finally does, it’s with a dry sob and a collapse into Lan Zhan’s steady arms. Lan Zhan’s hand automatically comes up to pet Wei Ying’s head, the only comfort that Lan Zhan can provide.

“Lan Zhan, I’m sorry for that – it’s been a long time since I freaked out like that, sorry for making you handle it – ”

Lan Zhan cuts him off with a sigh. “Wei Ying. Do not apologize for things you cannot control. And I will protect you always, it is not a trouble or a burden like you may think.” Wei Ying only hugs him tighter, and he adds, “You are not a trouble. It is much the opposite.”

“Really?” Wei Ying whispers.

“Of course.”

“…Thank you.”

“There is no need to thank me. That is a given.”

It’ll always be a given, with Wei Ying, no matter what.

Wei Ying pulls away after another minute, and Lan Zhan fights the urge to pull Wei Ying back into his embrace. If he notices how a pretty blush is dusted across Wei Ying’s cheeks, well, he’ll chalk it up to the glimmering light of the sunset.

“What did you want to tell me?” Lan Zhan asks.

“That – you promise you won’t run away?”

“Wei Ying.” He says, exasperated. “I won’t run away. Did I not just say that I will protect you?”

Oh.” Wei Ying breaths.

“I – I like this.” He blurts out a second later. “I like it when you protect me – when you touch me, when you say my name, when you look at me. I like how warm you are, how kind you always are, how you always keep your promises and how you’re always here to catch me. I like your voice and your hands and your eyes and everything about you, it makes me absolutely crazy – no, I adore you – I think you’re great, amazing, spectacular, and oh, I’m rambling again aren’t I?”

Like? Adore me?  Lan Zhan thinks his brain might have stopped processing Wei Ying’s words after the first “I like this”, but he tries to speak nonetheless.

“Wei Ying – ”

But Wei Ying puts one hand on Lan Zhan’s chest, raises his head to meet his eyes, and they’re sparkling with so much warmth and excitement and – he hesitates to call it love, but what else could it be? Lan Zhan might have lost the ability to speak, too, his heart beating faster with every word from Wei Ying.

“I like everything about you, there’s so many things that I couldn’t list them all even if I tried – and I want to do everything with you, too! I want to wake up in your arms and I want to be by your side, I want to smile with you and go everywhere with you, and I can imagine us living in a nice house with our rabbits and maybe even a kid or two, that’s how much I like you – and I’m not joking, I would never joke about this!”

Wei Ying slides his hand down Lan Zhan’s arm, twines his fingers between Lan Zhan’s, pausing for a second to simply revel in the warmth.

And then he brings his hand up to his lips and kisses it with such gentle reverence that Lan Zhan’s legs nearly give out. As it is, the feeling of Wei Ying’s lips on his skin and the tickle of his breath is enough to make him breathless and flushed. 

“This – this is my promise to you, Lan Zhan, that no matter what I won’t leave your side. I can’t leave your side, I never want to!”

Wei Ying doesn’t release his hand even when he draws back, and Lan Zhan thinks that if Wei Ying lets go, he would collapse right there and then. He tries to speak, to respond to Wei Ying’s confession, but the words get jumbled in his throat. He can’t think of anything but the warmth of Wei Ying’s hand and the blush on Wei Ying’s cheeks and how his hair is perfectly messy.

How close Wei Ying is, and how Lan Zhan finally, finally has everything he’s always wanted within his reach.

“Wei Ying, I – ”

He steps back as Wei Ying steps forward, steadily pushing him until Lan Zhan is pressed against the trunk of the old oak tree. Their hands are still joined. Wei Ying’s stare bores into his, heated and unwavering, and Lan Zhan’s world falls away until all he can see is Wei Ying and only Wei Ying.

“Look at me, Lan Zhan.”

He is. He can’t look away, he’s captivated by every smile Wei Ying sends his way, by the curve of his face and the flutter of his eye lashes.

“I love you, Lan Zhan. I always have and always will, so – Lan Zhan, Lan Wangji, Hanguang-jun, if you’ll have me, I want to be yours.”

Lan Zhan ascends to the heavens right there and then. I love you, I love you, I love you – how long has he waited to hear those words? How many times has he thought them as he looked at Wei Ying, laughing and living and smiling, and how many times have the words gotten stuck as he tried to spit them out?

Tears prick the back of his eyes when he pulls Wei Ying into a hug, reveling in how he can do this now, in how Wei Ying laughs breathlessly and hugs back, in how everything he’s ever wanted is right here in his arms.

Wei Ying,” he whispers.

“That’s me, Lan Zhan. I’m here.”

Wei Ying is here, and he won’t ever leave again. The thrill of happiness that knowledge sends through Lan Zhan is enough to make the tears fall, and for a second Lan Zhan thinks that Wei Ying will pull away after feeling the tears, but instead Wei Ying inhales sharply and hugs him even tighter. A reassurance, that he won’t let go. A message that he’ll always be here.

“I – you, yes – yes, and I – ”

And I love you too, he wants to say, but he can’t get the words out.

Wei Ying shakes his head. “You don’t need to say it, Lan Zhan. I already know.”

Lan Zhan pulls away. He does, in fact, need to say this, because he wants to let Wei Ying know that his feelings are returned tenfold, and the fact that Wei Ying knows isn’t enough. He needs to put it into words, he needs to spit it out already no matter how jumbled his words get, he needs to convey his feelings properly for once in his life.

“No, no, I – I need to say this, because I – for you, to you, I – ” And the words aren’t coming out, but he pushes on regardless, “Always, always, Wei Ying, I love you – all of you, everything you do and say, every part of you – I like you, I love you, I want you – ”

He’s cut off by a hand on his mouth.

“Lan Zhan!” Wei Ying screeches, his cheeks flaming red. He looks properly flustered by Lan Zhan’s words, and there’s an unstoppable grin tugging at the edges of his lips, and Lan Zhan has never been prouder of himself. “You – you can’t just say things like that straight to my face, what did I tell you, my poor heart can’t take it! It’s gonna explode and I’m gonna die and it’ll all be your fault, ahhhh!”

Wei Ying buries his face in his other hand in a futile attempt to cover his blush.

And Lan Zhan’s feeling brave today.

“Then what about not speaking?” He murmurs, sliding his hand up to twine his fingers between Wei Ying’s and uncovering his face. At the same moment, Lan Zhan flips their positions in one fluid movement, cornering Wei Ying between the trunk of the tree and his body. Wei Ying gapes up at him, nothing but stutters escaping his mouth, and Lan Zhan’s heart is racing in his chest.

Maybe he’s the one who’s going to die, because Wei Ying is too cute when he’s blushing and he’s also apparently in love with him and Lan Zhan was not prepared for this scenario at all.

“Lan Zhan, what – ”

“Wei Ying,” he breathes, brushing away a strand of hair that threatens to fall in Wei Ying’s eyes. Wei Ying stills at his touch. “I want to kiss you.”

“Yes – yes, Lan Zhan, do you even have to ask?” Wei Ying gasps, before he meets Lan Zhan’s lips halfway and everything else falls away.

It’s only Wei Ying, his lips against Lan Zhan’s, his hands making their way into Lan Zhan’s hair, the desperate need for more.

Wei Ying sighs into the kiss, teeth scraping on Lan Zhan’s bottom lip, and Lan Zhan can’t hold back his soft gasp as Wei Ying tilts his head and his tongue finds its way inside his mouth.

God, he’s drowning in Wei Ying, in his taste and the press of his hands combing through his hair, in the heat of his mouth and the tiniest movements of his body, in the whimpers that fall from Wei Ying’s mouth as Lan Zhan deepens the kiss –

And then Wei Ying moans as he tugs Lan Zhan closer to him and they’re pressed flush against each other, and that is what makes Lan Zhan pull away.

For a moment, they stare at each other, pants filling the silence. It’s the single most shameless thing Lan Zhan has ever done in public, but that thought sends a thrill through him. Perhaps Wei Ying has more influence over him than he previously thought.

Which is to say – Wei Ying is flushed and trembling under him, his lips darkened and kiss-bitten and alluring, his hair mussed. Lan Zhan has never wanted Wei Ying more than this moment, he wants to see how far he can take this, how Wei Ying will fall apart under his hands, how his kisses and bites and touches will make Wei Ying look the same way as he does now.

“Oh,” Wei Ying gasps, “that’s new.”

Lan Zhan laughs. He can’t help it, really, he can’t – it’s the adrenaline coursing through him from that one kiss and how endearing Wei Ying looks right now and the culmination of almost a decade of pining with a kiss under the old oak tree.

“You laughed, Lan Zhan!” Wei Ying exclaims. His hands are still in Lan Zhan’s hair. “Do it again, do it again! I wanna see you smile, it’s really too handsome!”


“Pfft, you’re so cute, Lan Zhan! Your ears are red, was our kiss that good?”

“Mn.” He can’t look Wei Ying in the eye right now. If he does, the precious few wisps of self-control he has would be utterly destroyed.

“Lan Zhan, don’t look away – look at me,” Wei Ying whispers, leaning forward to nip at Lan Zhan’s ear, “Look at me, Lan er-gege.”

The feeling of Wei Ying’s lips on his ear, of all places, the sultry tone of Wei Ying’s teasing voice, the way his hands not-so-subtly tug at the ends of Lan Zhan’s hair – even without looking at Wei Ying, it’s enough to make Lan Zhan dizzy with desire.


They don’t have much time to look at each other after that, because they’ve found more important matters to attend to. Like lips on skin and hands in hair, clenching at jackets and slipping under shirts, like teeth and tongue and breathes eliciting moans and gasps and names on lips like prayers –

And by the time Lan Zhan is able to extricate himself from Wei Ying, it’s sunset already and purpled lovebites are blooming like flowers along Wei Ying’s delicate collarbone. If Lan Zhan has a few himself, made from the intoxicating touch of Wei Ying’s tongue swirling along his neck, he’s not complaining. Neither of them can leave the privacy afforded by the oak tree right now, even if they cover up the hickies – Lan Zhan’s hair is completely out of place, Wei Ying’s lips are reddened and swollen, one look at either of them and even the most oblivious of people could figure out what they’d been doing.

He indulges himself in a minute of just staring wantonly at Wei Ying, memorizing this new side of him that’s been brought out by their kisses, before making an attempt to smooth down his hair. Judging by Wei Ying’s barely-held-back snickers, it didn’t work.

“I do.” He says, recalling what Wei Ying had said earlier.


“I do. Have to ask. I did not wish to kiss you if you were not willing to let me.”

“Lan ZHAN!” He screeches. “You’re so – ugh, how am I gonna live if you keep being so good to me? I’ll die one morning of a heart attack in our kitchen and our children will find their father lying dead and they’ll be traumatized forever! You’ll be a widower because your poor wife will be dead, all because of you!”

Actually, if Wei Ying keeps saying things like that, Lan Zhan might be the one who dies of a heart attack. He feels so utterly happy right now – it’s so amazing, how one person can make him feel like this, but Wei Ying has always been amazing.

“Our children?”

“Oh, that was – well, just something I was thinking about, it would be nice…”

“You’re the wife?” He continues, more than a little amused as Wei Ying blushes once more.

That was, um. I really don’t know, like I said, it would be nice, more than nice, I think I might die of happiness sooner than I would of a heart attack if we actually did that. What – what do you think, Lan Zhan?”

Lan Zhan thinks it’s absolutely perfect. He thinks that having a nice house with their rabbits and two adorable children and waking up to Wei Ying in his arms and a wedding ring on their fingers every day would be the best thing that’s ever happened to him, a far-off dream he’s always had that doesn’t seem so unattainable right now.


“What does ‘mn’ even mean?” Wei Ying laughs and wraps his arms around Lan Zhan’s neck to drag him down into a quick kiss. Lan Zhan has to swallow down another round of tears as he realizes that he’s allowed to do this now, that he can kiss Wei Ying without worrying and show all his affection without fear. Finally. “Ah, well, we still have time to think about it. Right, Lan Zhan?”


“’Mn’ again! Is that your favorite word? Tell the truth, Lan Zhan!”


“Eh? Then what is it?”

“Wei Ying.”

“Oh? Oh!  Wait, Lan Zhan, that’s not a word, it’s a name!” Wei Ying can’t stop laughing for the next three minutes, because he apparently never pegged Lan Zhan for the romantic type and god that line was so cheesy Lan Zhan, and what kind of books have you been reading

“We should probably get going now, you have filming tomorrow morning…” He says, once he manages to get his laughter under control. 

“Come watch.”

“What? I can watch? Great!”

Wei Ying chatters on about how well-designed the sets and the costumes are, and how aggravating Lu Yue and Zhou Jianhong’s bickering is, and pulls them off the path to take selfies of him and Lan Zhan and the sunset for 5 minutes until he takes one that’s acceptable, and Lan Zhan has never felt more contented than he does in this moment.

We still have time to think about it.

They do. They have all the time in the world – tomorrow, and next week, and the next months too, next year, because no matter what, they won’t leave each other’s side.

And maybe, one day, he’ll dream of this day and wake up to a sleepy Wei Ying in their very own bed, wedding rings glinting in the light, and he’ll smile to himself. 

Right now, though, he’s here with Wei Ying, their hands joined and swinging back and forth, and that’s all he needs.

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Didn’t you promise not to gossip about this? You did, didn’t you? Hmm? What do you have to say for yourself, you bastard?


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Oh, I’m simply talking about something that was captured on video! I didn’t break the terms of the promise or reveal anything :3


mystery guy?? @southofshanghai1

oh well, I tried. RIP jisang, I don’t even have the bitterness to be mad because that confession added 10 years onto my life…


Jiang YanLi ✔ @chefyanli

Ah, yes, @stanlwj – we’ll leave it up to A-Ying and Lan Wangji to decide whether to sue you. that does count as an invasion of privacy, and I’m sure you’re aware of it :)


Lu Yue ✔ @lunayue

oh god filming is gonna suck next week they’re gonna be all over each other. @zhoulhong save meeee


Lianhong ✔ @zhoulhong



harold they’re lesbians @rabbitlife

that confession revived my shriveled dead heart. i want to die, they’re so romantic ARGH #wangxian


hey adora @wheresmyhonor

This is the only thing I’ll be tweeting about for the next few weeks, unfollow if you don’t want to hear me scream constantly about wangxian, because im still shaking from how fucking pure that confession was. im still too shook to scream but trust me, tomorrow i WILL be. #wangxian


light army @hanguangjuun

god theyre so CUTE i. I cant even. fuck, yall know I shipped jisang but how can jisang compare to this wangxian cuteness?? And where can I find myself a healthy happy relationship like this?? #wangxian #ripmylovelife


harold they’re lesbians @rabbitlife

its been 40 minutes and I think I’ve finally processed the fact that the #wangxian ship has sailed!!! bless 20biteen this is the good gay content i need to see!!


Jiang YanLi ✔ @chefyanli

Ah, I’m so happy for you guys!! Congratulations on your first kiss @wei_ying!!


Cheng ✔ @jiang-chengg

wow what a cruel way to expose what a sad innocent virgin wei ying is, @chefyanli


Jin GuangYao ✔ @jinyaoyao

See? Everything turned out fine in the end @mingnie (*^‿^*)


Nie Mingjue ✔ @mingnie

No thanks to you @jinyaoyao ( ̄▽ ̄)¬


Ghost General ✔ @wening

I heard you have a boyfriend @wei_ying congratulations!! I thought you two were dating before this but I guess I was wrong? Well you two are cute together so !! #wangxian


hey adora @wheresmyhonor

@wening absolutely iconic tweet!! God I love wen qionglin so much


why in the world is carmen @dontdoit

okay all these congrats are great and stuff but where??? Is the power couple, #wangxian themselves?? GIVE US CLOSURE PLEASE WE ARE STARVING


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yes come back to your twitter brethren @wei_ying unless you’re too busy doing stuff? ( ͡• ͜ʖ ͡• )


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why are you like this @huaisang2 what the fuck


i say vol you say voltron @keeancee

@huaisang2 you are my new favorite person (or should i say cryptid??)


Lan WangJi ✔ @lan_wangji

Some of you have never gotten drunk and tweeted a love confession before having your friends successfully set you up with the guy you’re in love with and it shows.


why in the world is carmen @dontdoit



Cheng ✔ @jiang-chengg

i stg i WILL break your legs if you ever harm so much as a HAIR on wei ying’s head. you’re on thin fucking ice. @lan_wangji


hey adora @wheresmyhonor

i might die of the suspense????? @wei_ying where are you?


my bf is better than yours ✔ @wei_ying

Some of you have never read a love confession tweet from your boyfriend, realized you’re jealous and in love with him while thinking he’s talking about someone else, before a date corrects ur misunderstanding and it shows ( ̄ω ̄)


harold they’re lesbians @rabbitlife

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS????!! i am DECEASED @wei_ying @lan_wangji


hey adora @wheresmyhonor

AHHHHHHHH???!!!!??? im so,,, happy??? Alexa play despacito alsfdjhlkjhlkjhsdf;;ahuh3q #wangxian


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I’M FULL OUT CRYING at how pure and cute these two are, my thoughts are nothing but one long drawn-out scream, #wangxian owns my ass now,,, I would die a hundred deaths for them!!


why in the world is carmen @dontdoit



hey adora @wheresmyhonor

if the police find a desiccated body just know, that is me after crying my eyes out over #wangxian I JUST LOVE THEM. SO MUCh. OKAY???? I LOVE THEM


why in the world is carmen @dontdoit

WANGXIAN!! IS!! CANON!! Unfollow me now this is the only thing Im gonna be tweeting about for weeks I’ve wanted this forever HOLY SHITTTTTTTTTTTTT


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my heart belongs to these funky gays T-T they’re?? so good?? i think they might have broken me with that confession/reveal, i cnat even type propelry asldjfhlkjhan;dljfaklwhkjef


Number 6 Wangxian Shipper ✔ @huaisang2

All in a day’s work! @wei_ying @lan_wangji


Cheng ✔ @jiang-chengg

you didnt do shit @huaisang2


my bf is better than yours ✔ @wei_ying

btw, @lan_wangji is talking about me! #wangxian


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That I am @wei_ying. #wangxian


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Two weeks later


Yanli: Good job everybody! Operation wangxian has succeeded!

Lan XiChen: My brother is the happiest he’s been in years – so yes, this is a job well done!

Saaang: uhhhhh lan wangji’s face is as expressionless as ever but okay??

Jiang Cheng: so now that operation wangxian is successful, we can get rid of this chat, right?

Lan XiChen: I suppose so, we won’t be needing it anymore.

Yanli: Yes, that makes sense! Thanks for your cooperation and help, everybody!


Saaang: don’t delete the chat just yet!! I need your guys’ help with something!!

Jiang Cheng: o god no

Yanli: Hm? What is it?

Saaang: we need to set my brother up with jin guangyao!

Lan XiChen: Didn’t Mingjue say not to interfere?

Saaang: yes but you cant deny that he’s doing a terrible job at trying to get jin guangyao!!

Saaang: he tried to flirt with kaomoji!! he keeps making vague threats at jin guangyao and from what I can see, jin guangyao totally thinks he actually means them but I KNOW he doesn’t!

Saaang: you might think that my brother is good at romance but the truth is, he’s absolutely terrible at it and he’ll never find happiness this way!

Yanli: Oh my, that sounds like a dilemma…

Jiang Cheng: knowing you, you could just throw them in a dark room until they sort out their problems

Jiang Cheng: I know you want to do that

Saaang: gosh you know me so well jiang wanyin! But I couldn’t do that, neither of them would get anywhere.

Saaang: which is why I need you to help jin guangyao realize that my brother doesn’t mean his threats and that ming-gege is actually really gay for him, just like lan wangji is for wei wuxian!

Lan XiChen: Hmm, I suppose if Mingjue really can’t handle things by himself like he said, then it wouldn’t be that much trouble to help him…

Jiang Cheng: what the fuck

Jiang Cheng: betrayal

Jiang Cheng: why do i keep getting roped up into these matchmaking schemes

Yanli: But you secretly like them, don’t you?

Jiang Cheng: A-jie I don’t know what you’re talking about. obviously I hate it.

Lan XiChen: How are you planning to set them up though? I think that they both will notice any obvious attempts to set them up, unlike Wei Wuxian.

Saaang: oh, don’t worry

Saaang: i have plans :)

Yanli: What if Nie Mingjue does notice? He would be very angry.

Saaang: like i said, don’t worry

Saaang: This is for the good of my brother, who hasn’t had a proper relationship since middle school! He’ll understand that im doing it for a good cause!

Jiang Cheng: somehow i severely doubt that

Jiang Cheng: but fine ill do it, if only to stop them from doing that weird flirty insulting-each-other thing every time I see them together

Saaang: i knew youd come around!

Jiang Cheng: what was that?

Saaang: …Thank you very much for assisting this person’s simple plans, oh great and powerful Jiang Wanyin

Yanli: I see what you mean. A-Xuan was talking about how Jin Guangyao had been acting a bit weird lately, especially whenever somebody mentions Nie Mingjue.

Yanli: But what if Jin Guangyao doesn’t like Nie Mingjue back?

Lan XiChen: Ah, um, that shouldn’t be a problem. Guangyao used to talk about how he wanted to make Nie Mingjue acknowledge him, for Guangyao that’s basically an admission that Nie Mingjue is… special to him.

Jiang Cheng: that.

Jiang Cheng: somehow I cant see jin guangyao actually liking anybody but ill take your word for it

Saaang: look nevermind all that are yall on board with my plan or not? please help me, I cant tolerate any more of this!

Jiang Cheng: yes fine i already said i’ll go along with your stupid matchmaking plans

Yanli: If it will make Nie Mingjue and Jin Guangyao happy, then I’ll do it!

Lan XiChen: I suppose I will also participate, if you believe that they aren’t going to get anywhere by themselves.

Saaang: \( ̄▽ ̄)/

Saaang: Now, the next time that Ming-gege and Jin Guangyao are going to interact is tomorrow at the dinner that Jiang Yanli is hosting

Jiang Cheng: that is supposed to be for officially celebrating wei ying’s relationship with lan wangji

Jiang Cheng: dont you go interrupting that

Saaang: oh no, i would never! Just, if they somehow got shoved together in a room somewhere, or if I could talk to them alone…

Yanli: I see where you’re going with this! I’ll think of something, then!

Lan XiChen: I understand. Will we be telling Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji about it?

Jiang Cheng: just a warning, if you tell wei ying he can and will tell everybody whos gonna be at the dinner

Yanli: Do you mind if I tell A-Xuan, by the way?

Saaang: as long as they’re sworn to secrecy its okay! First priority is making sure my brother and jin guangyao DO NOT find out about this.

Jiang Cheng: what if i tell them

Saaang: please don’t I am begging you Jiang Wanyin

Jiang Cheng: hm.

Saaang: jiang wanyin have mercy on me I am groveling at your feet :(

Yanli: So should we add them to the chat then?

Saaang: yeah sure go ahead

User: Yanli has added User: xianxian and User: Wangji to the chat

xianxian: oWo whats this??

Jiang Cheng: can i please kick him out

Lan XiChen: Hello, Wei Wuxian and A-Zhan! As you can see, this chat is for the express purpose of matchmaking Mingjue and Guangyao.

Yanli: We’ve added you so that you’ll help us in our plans! If you scroll up, you can see what we’ll do tomorrow at dinner :D

Wangji: Hello, Brother.

xianxian: hmmmm nie mingjue and jin guangyao?? unlikely pair but ok

Saaang: it might not be believable but i swear it’s true

xianxian: so

xianxian: i see that yall were trying to matchmake me and lan zhan before this??

xianxian: i am offended, why do you think im that big of an idiot

xianxian: my feelings are hurt.


Wangji: You thought I was in love with Nie Huaisang.


Jiang Cheng: yes we’re well aware that you have 0 brain cells

Jiang Cheng: now can we get on with this stupid matchmaking thing

xianxian: oh sure! What do we have to do?

Wangji: This does not seem like a good idea.

Wangji: But if Wei Ying is doing it, then I will do it too.

Saaang: you only need to leave Ming-gege and Jin Guangyao alone tomorrow, don’t say anything suspicious, don’t act suspicious, and pass this message on to whoever you’re telling

Lan XiChen: Although, it would be best if you didn’t tell anybody except the people who will be at the dinner.

Lan XiChen: For confidentiality reasons :D

Wangji: Hm. Alright.

xianxian: k that makes sense, ill pass the message on to wen ning and wen qing

Jiang Cheng: remind me again why theyre coming to this dinner?

Yanli: Don’t be so grumpy, A-Cheng! A-Ying can invite whoever he wants, consider it moral support!

xianxian: its called having friends

xianxian: you should try it sometime, a-cheng!

Saaang: wrow

Jiang Cheng: maybe i’ll just fucking uninvite you then

xianxian: you cant do that, thats illegal :(

Yanli: Anyways! We’re all clear on our new mission – Operation Mingyao?

Saaang: yes but can i just say that Operation Nieyao sounds better

Lan XiChen: ^^ All clear!

xianxian: operation nieyao is def better, sorry jiejie

Wangji: Mn.

Jiang Cheng: yeah whatever

Yanli: No worries, I do agree – just wish I had thought of that too!

Saaang: Alright, then Operation Nieyao is a go!


Lan Zhan’s hands are shaking when he tries to button up his jacket.

That’s really not a good sign, because if Lan Zhan is this nervous now, when they’re alone and getting ready, then how nervous will he be during the actual dinner?

Of course, if Wei Ying was the new boyfriend who’s going over to his boyfriend’s house for an official meet-the-family dinner, and said family consists of Jiang Yanli, who can and will kill you if you hurt her brother, and Jiang Cheng, who is all bark and also mostly bite, then he would be nervous too. It’s understandable.

Except Lan Zhan has known Jiang Yanli and Jiang Cheng for as long as he’s known Wei Ying, and Lan Zhan’s brother is Jiang Cheng’s boyfriend, so they’re all very familiar with each other. There should be no reason to be nervous if you look at it that way.

Wei Ying tells Lan Zhan as much.

“I know.” Is what Lan Zhan says.

He ties his tie lopsided anyways.

“Hey, Lan Zhan, it’ll be fine! If A-Cheng or jiejie try to do anything to you, I’ll protect you!” Wei Ying presses a quick kiss to Lan Zhan’s lips and fixes his tie. “Besides, this isn’t so much a meet-the-family dinner as it is a reunion dinner.”


“You’re still nervous.”


“Riiight. Lan Zhan, your hair is messy!”

Lan Zhan’s hands fly up to double-check his hair, which has been thoroughly styled and slicked down by Wei Ying.

“Just kidding!”

Lan Zhan sends a half-hearted glare at Wei Ying and turns away to re-do his tie. He’s not sure why Lan Zhan insisted on wearing a formal suit to an informal dinner – he bets that everybody else will be wearing casual clothing – but he isn’t complaining, not when Lan Zhan looks devilishly handsome in his suit.

Wei Ying drapes himself over Lan Zhan’s back, his hands sliding up his chest and fiddling with the edges of the jacket. “Ah, Lan Zhan, but you really look too good like this. I feel so underdressed compared to you!”

Lan Zhan shakes his head. “Wei Ying is perfect.”

Wei Ying buries his face in Lan Zhan’s shoulder with an embarrassed squawk, as if that would help hide the burning blush that spreads to his ears. Two weeks of dating, and he still hasn’t gotten used to Lan Zhan saying these cheesy things out of nowhere. He’s not sure if he’ll ever get used to it, and that might not be a good thing, because he wants to drag Lan Zhan down into a kiss every time Lan Zhan does that, and then they’ll get sidetracked making out, and then they’ll never get anything done that way.

It doesn’t help that Lan Zhan says them with a perfectly straight face, like he absolutely means them. Well – he does mean them, and that’s the root of the problem, because Wei Ying experiences a system malfunction whenever Lan Zhan looks at him with those sincere, shining eyes, and says lines from a C-list romcom with that soft, silky voice.

“What did I say about doing that, Lan Zhan?” he complains.

“Give you a warning.”

“Did you give me a warning?”


When Wei Ying looks up, he’s greeted by a pleased expression from Lan Zhan, who looks delighted to have caused his boyfriend’s heart to stop for the fifth time that day.

This is cruelty, he thinks. This level of devoted affection from Lan Zhan is too much for his poor heart to handle.

He clambers into Lan Zhan’s lap, huffs a laugh when Lan Zhan’s hands automatically wind themselves around his waist and pull him closer, and kisses Lan Zhan before he can think better of it.

Lan Zhan keeps the kiss soft and gentle, even as Wei Ying tries to turn it into something more, and he’s just doomed to lose in this game of love, isn’t he?

But, well.

This isn’t all that bad.

Finally – finally! – Lan Zhan relents under Wei Ying’s ministrations, and he eagerly deepens the kiss, hands fisting in the lapels of the jacket as he feels the now-familiar sparks of passion that Lan Zhan’s touch sends through his body. In between the maddening way Lan Zhan’s lips skim over his neck and the desire for more of Lan Zhan, for more kisses and touches and bites, he nearly forgets that they have someplace to be.

“Lan Zhan!” He gasps when Lan Zhan works his way down Wei Ying’s neck, brushing his shirt aside to pepper delicate kisses along his shoulder. He’s taking his sweet time, and it drives Wei Ying absolutely crazy, and if this goes on any longer he’s not sure they’ll even end up leaving Lan Zhan’s house. “We – ah, Lan Zhan, we have to go soon…”

“Mn. Soon.” Lan Zhan murmurs, and promptly pulls Wei Ying into a kiss so overwhelming and passionate that it leaves Wei Ying trembling, wondering if his limbs work properly anymore.

“This is not soon!” He huffs. He will not give in to Lan Zhan’s kicked-puppy face, he will not, he will not –

“Fine, fine, you can do whatever you want with me after we come back, okay? You just have to make it through dinner, and then I’m all yours.” Wei Ying promises with one final kiss, before sliding off of Lan Zhan’s lap and fixing his hair in the mirror.

Lan Zhan looks as unruffled as ever. There’s nothing that needs fixing with his outfit, even Lan Qiren on his worst days wouldn’t find anything to complain about. Which seems completely unfair, when they just spent 5 minutes making out and Wei Ying’s shirt is all rumpled up, but it is what it is. And on the plus side, he’s successfully distracted Lan Zhan from his anxiety.

They check the street for paparazzi in disguise before heading out, a precaution of sorts that they’ve gotten used to doing these past two weeks. Ever since they broke the news of their relationship, the media have insisted on relentlessly shadowing them for the tiniest hint of a scoop, but Wei Ying likes to think that they’re just shaken up by Lan Zhan losing his place on the top of the Most Eligible Bachelors list. At least the tabloids haven’t published any defamatory articles yet, Wei Ying thinks that Lan Qiren would destroy them legally and financially if they even so much as thought about it.

Although, Lan Qiren would probably also destroy Wei Ying legally, financially, and physically if he ever hurt a hair on his nephew’s head. The only reasons why he hasn’t (yet) are because he makes Lan Zhan happy and because the reaction to their relationship has been overwhelmingly positive, Lan Qiren had made that very clear when he had called Wei Ying to discuss it.

Very, very clear.

(When he had told Lan Zhan this, his traitorous boyfriend had said that his uncle was doing it all for his sake. Wei Ying disagrees, it’s obviously a slight against him because Lan Qiren is still bitter over the Goatee Incident. Lan Zhan hesitates to agree.)

(But then again, this is the same boyfriend that thinks that Lu Yue is perfectly harmless, when in reality she’s a gremlin who loves spying on everybody on set and placing bets on them, so his sense of logic might not be all that great.)

(Also. Boyfriend. He can never get enough of calling Lan Zhan that, the only thing that would make it better would be if Lan Zhan was his husband – )

Wei Ying’s thoughts screech to a halt as he reaches for the door of the car.

Lan Zhan, my husband? Us, married?

He can picture it in his mind. Them, wearing scarlet red robes embroidered with delicate gold, the hems trailing on the ground of the temple, performing reverent bows, their family and friends there to celebrate. Two ceremonies, traditional and modern. Lan Zhan smiling at him as he slips a golden ring on Wei Ying’s finger, matching suits and white slices of wedding cake, blue and red flowers and slow waltzes and a home together.

Oh my god, Lan Zhan has turned me into a domestic, romantic bastard.

And yet he finds that he doesn’t really mind, not in the slightest, because how can he resist Lan Zhan?

The answer is, he can’t, and he feels his face heat up as more and more images of a wedding – a home – a family – flood his mind. Fuck, he is so done for.

“Wei Ying?” Lan Zhan asks, his voice soft and mellow and right in Wei Ying’s ear.

“Ah!” He jumps back when he realizes that Lan Zhan has made his way over to his side and is standing right next to him.

Lan Zhan opens the car door for him and ushers Wei Ying inside before he can say a single word. When he walks back around and slides into the car, he brushes his hand against Wei Ying’s cheek, an affectionate caress that short-circuits Wei Ying’s mind.

“It will be alright, Wei Ying.”

The car purrs as it backs through the driveway. “Argh, Lan Zhan, I’m the one who’s supposed to be saying that! Unfair, this is unfair, how am I going to survive if you insist on spoiling me like this?”

“I love you.” Lan Zhan says.

“See, this is what I’m talking about – hey, you aren’t listening to me, are you? Lan Zhan!”

The corners of Lan Zhan’s mouth quirk up, and Wei Ying realizes that Lan Zhan takes great pleasure in teasing his boyfriend with relentless adoration. Which would be lovely any other situation, he’s sure, but it hurts his ego to realize that their positions have been reversed, with Lan Zhan the tormenter and Wei Ying the poor, defenseless victim.

Wei Ying spends the rest of the car ride to jiejie’s house sulking in silence and looking straight ahead. It’s only when Lan Zhan opens the door for him, offering his hand out for Wei Ying to take, that he breaks under the force of Lan Zhan’s (really very adorable) chivalry and gives him a smile.

It looks like they’re the last ones to arrive, judging from the cars parked on the curb. When they get inside, they’re greeting by the raucous sounds of laughter and dishes clattering, and a shout from Nie Huaisang, who’s holding a glass of champagne in his hand.

“Well, if it isn’t the couple of the hour!” He sidles up to them and gives Lan Zhan a surreptitious thumbs-up. “You finally got your man, eh? Good job!”

Wei Ying slides his shoes into the cupboard in the entrance hall, as does Lan Zhan. The tiles underneath their feet are cold as Nie Huaisang throws an arm around each of them and drags them towards the living room, and Wei Ying can smell the alcohol on his breath – which is to say, there’s barely a trace of it. Nie Huaisang is just being dramatic, as usual.

“Stop acting drunk, Huaisang, and let go of me!”

“Boo.” He pouts. “You’re no fun, Wei-xiong! Neither are you, with your poker face, Lan-xiong, which is why you’re a perfect match!”

“Wow, I feel offended. Me, no fun? And I’ll have you know that Lan Zhan is lots of fun!”

Nie Huaisang smirks, raising his champagne glass in a mock toast. “Oh, you don’t say? Lots of fun, like he’ll put up with your antics… or in bed?”

Wei Ying screeches and nearly throws his coat at Nie Huaisang, who retreats to the entrance of the living room. Beside him, Lan Zhan is the perfect image of a marble statue from the late 16th century, except for the fact that his ears are practically glowing with embarrassment. “You – you can’t just say things like that!”

“What, are you scared? Tell me, Wei-xiong, how good is Lan Zhan?” As if his words aren’t enough, Nie Huaisang waggles his eyebrows with the expression that drunk men trying to hit on girls in an alleyway club wear.

“I will murder you and the law will be on my side.”

“Oooh, so scary – yikes!” Nie Huaisang barely dodges Wei Ying’s coat, and it falls instead upon Jin Guangyao’s face. Wei Ying snickers at how Jin Guangyao fumbles for the coat like an idiot before Nie Mingjue appears behind him and removes the coat easily.

“What’s going on here?” Nie Mingjue grumbles.

Jin Guangyao beams up at him. “Thank you, Da-ge!”

Wei Ying sees Nie Huaisang watching their interaction with the type of enthusiasm he normally reserves for fawning over a new fan, remembers the conversation they’d had in the group chat yesterday, and gasps before he can stop himself. “Wait, you two –”

He’s stopped by Nie Huaisang shooting a murderous glare at him and Lan Zhan’s hand on the small of his back.

“What is it, Wei Wuxian?” Jin Guangyao asks.

“None of your business.”

Wei Ying earns a protective growl from Nie Mingjue in response. Scary! Nie Mingjue is scary, and now I can’t diss Jin Guangyao anymore, argh! “I mean, nothing! Nevermind! I was just, uh, thinking about something, yeah – Lan Zhan, let’s go say hi to jiejie and A-Cheng, okay?”

He tugs Lan Zhan through the living room and into the kitchen, not daring to look back at the Nie brothers and Jin Guangyao. He’d forgotten what a formidable team the brothers could be, even when they aren’t aware they’re working together.

“Jiejie! A-Ling! Oh, and A-Cheng!” He waves at them, barging into the kitchen to the outraged cry of Jin Zixuan, who had previously banned him stepping foot inside their kitchen due to not wanting Jin Ling to die from his spicy congee.

“Huh? What’s with that ‘Oh, and A-Cheng’? Am I just a fu – uh, crappy extra?” Jiang Cheng scowls at him before shooting a glance at Jiang Yanli, holding Jin Ling.

All of Wei Ying’s meager self-control melts the moment Jin Ling reaches out for him and babbles happily, and he’s by Jiang Yanli’s side in an instant. When he pokes Jin Ling’s chubby cheek with one finger, Jin Ling grabs onto it and refuses to let go.

“Here, A-Ying, hold A-Ling for a moment, okay? I need to go finish making the soup.” Jiang Yanli hands Jin Ling to him and pushes him towards Lan Zhan.

“Get that madman out of our kitchen!” Jin Zixuan hisses from where he’s setting up the table, but nobody’s listening to him.

Especially not Wei Ying. “Awww, A-Ling, don’t listen to your peacock dad, I’m not a madman – I’m your awesome jiujiu! And look, this is Lan Zhan – he’s very pretty, isn’t he?”

“Stop badmouthing me to my own son!”

Wei Ying sticks his tongue out in response.

Jin Ling goes quiet as he stares up at Lan Zhan, before breaking into a dazzling smile and reaching for the ends of Lan Zhan’s hair.

“Mama?” He giggles.

“No, no, that isn’t your mama, that’s Lan Zhan – can you say hi, A-Ling? Say hi to Lan Zhan!”


No, A-Ling –“ But Jin Ling wriggles in Wei Ying’s arms and somehow manages to grab onto Lan Zhan’s hair, and Wei Ying is forced to let Jin Ling crawl into Lan Zhan’s arms.

Fortunately, Jin Ling looks absolutely enamored with Lan Zhan – or Lan Zhan’s hair, which he’s trying to chew on – and even Jin Zixuan can’t find anything to complain about, as he should. The image of his Lan Zhan with an adorable baby in his arms is too perfect for this world.

“See? I told you he likes you, Lan Zhan. Or maybe he just like your gorgeous hair, but honestly, who wouldn’t?”

Lan Zhan looks down at Jin Ling with wonder glimmering in his eyes, one hesitant hand reaching up to pat at Jin Ling’s head. “Mn.”

And Wei Ying feels a wave of protectiveness and pride swell within him as he looks upon the scene. He feels his heart beat steadily and his smile grow sappy, and he lays his head on Lan Zhan’s shoulder before anybody can comment on it.

“Don’t you think he’s the cutest?”

“Mn.” Wei Ying gets the feeling that Lan Zhan isn’t looking at Jin Ling when he says that.

Wei Ying sucks in a breath and entangles his hand with Lan Zhan’s, so that they’re both holding Jin Ling. “Lan Zhan, maybe, one day, we could have –“

He’s saved from blurting out any of his embarrassing thoughts by Jiang Cheng stomping up to them and grabbing A-Ling before they can react.

“Lan Wangji! I swear upon my life, my ancestors, and my honor that if you so much as hurt one hair, metaphorical or literal, upon my dear brother’s head, then I will subject you to a slow, torturous death by dismemberment! The full wrath of the Jiang family will be unleashed upon you! I’m watching you.” He growls. In his arms, Jin Ling laughs, unaware of the impending doom that Jiang Cheng is threatening Lan Zhan with.

Jin Zixuan snorts. “Don’t listen to him, he gave me the same speech when I started dating A-Li.”

“No, I didn’t!”

“Oh, right, what did you threaten me with? It was death by decapitation, wasn't it?”

“Fu – screw you!”

Jiang Yanli pours the soup into the bowls and sets them onto the counter for Jin Zixuan to take. “Now, now, A-Cheng only means the best! He won’t actually dismember Lan Wangji, but keep it in mind if you do hurt A-Ying…”

“Okay, no more being mean to my boyfriend! C’mon, Lan Zhan, let’s go greet the others properly.”

He drags Lan Zhan out of the kitchen and back into the living room before Jiang Cheng attempts to fight Lan Zhan and Jiang Yanli makes any more veiled threats. A protective Nie Mingjue and passive-aggressive Nie Huaisang awaits them in the living room, but he’d much rather face them then face his jiejie’s threats.

“Ah, Wei-xiong, Lan-xiong!” Wen Ning calls, waving them over to where he’s sitting with Wen Qing.

“Hi, Wen Ning, Wen Qing! Long time no see!”

“Oh, it’s you again.” Wen Qing scowls.

“Wow, way to greet your dear friend whom you haven’t seen in a month. I’m hurt!”

Lan Zhan bows towards Wen Ning and Wen Qing and greets them just as formally.

“If this idiot gives you any trouble, just call me, okay?” She says.

“Don’t call Lan Zhan an idiot!”

“I wasn’t talking to you.

Wei Ying gasps in mock offense as Wen Qing smirks, and he’s about to retort when Lan Zhan draws him close, an arm around his waist.

“Wei Ying… cannot trouble me.” He says. “He makes me very happy.”

He will never admit that he made an embarrassed squeak at Lan Zhan’s words. Never.

Wen Qing just rolls her eyes. “If you say so. Congrats on your future marriage.”

Wen Qing!”

Wen Ning looks between the two of them like he isn’t sure which side to root for. Beside him, Lan Zhan is as stiff as a board. Wei Ying isn’t sure if his boyfriend is even breathing, but eventually Lan Zhan unfreezes and his brain reboots.

“Future… marriage…” Lan Zhan starts.

“Ahh! Is that dinner I smell?” Wei Ying dashes off to the dining room with Lan Zhan in tow before the subject can be pushed further, leaving Wen Qing shaking with laughter behind him. I swear I’m gonna get her back one of these days –

“Oh, you’re just in time, A-Ying! Lan Wangji, why don’t you call over everybody else while A-Ying helps us bring the dishes out?” Jiang Yanli hands a bowl full of steaming noodles and glistening strips of beef to Wei Ying.


Jin Ling is already strapped into his booster seat, with Jin Zixuan scooping out baby food into his little bowl. Wei Ying does not get diverted from his task for a full minute and play peek-a-boo with Jin Ling, he does not.

And if he looks at Lan Zhan awkwardly socializing with the guests in the living room and sees, just for a moment, the image of Lan Zhan with their own child in his arms, well. He’s keeping that to himself.

Their dinner is as delicious as always, thanks to his jiejie’s otherworldly cooking, and when Wei Ying takes some bao for both of them and splits them in two to serve to Lan Zhan, Wen Qing has the tact not to tease him about it. He thanks the heavens above that Lan Xichen is busy with filming and couldn’t make it, because now he can flirt with Lan Zhan unabashedly over the dinner table while simultaneously shoving the fact that he has a boyfriend and Jin Guangyao doesn’t in his face.

Just because he’s suddenly saddled with the role of a matchmaker, doesn’t mean he can’t be passive-aggressive while doing it.

After dinner, Jiang Yanli sends Nie Mingjue and Jin Guangyao upstairs to look for an old cookbook of hers that probably doesn’t exist anymore under the pretense that everybody else is too busy to do so, and Wei Ying entertains the thought of sneaking upstairs and locking the two in a dark room before Nie Huaisang glares at him across the room and shakes his head.

“Honestly, those two.” Nie Huaisang sighs a minute later, having made his way to where Wei Ying and Lan Zhan are standing. “I don’t want to insult my older brother, but I fear that they won’t make any progress if somebody else doesn’t do it for them!”

“Then why’d you stop me from going upstairs?”

“Because that’s going too far! Matchmaking is a delicate skill learned through watching, oh young one, and this is your first time doing it. Listen to the masters!”

“I’m older than you!”

Nie Huaisang chuckles and saunters over to chat with Jiang Yanli and coo at Jin Ling before Wei Ying can do anything, and he’s left fuming in silence.

A tug on his sleeve from Lan Zhan diverts his attention from the unfairness of Nie Huaisang’s judgement, and he turns. “What is it?”

Lan Zhan stares down at him with something indecipherable in his golden eyes. “Made it through dinner.”

“What? Oh, wait – Lan Zhan, that’s not what I meant! We still have time to chat with jiejie and A-Cheng before leaving, right? And I wanna see what happens with Nie Mingjue and Jin Guangyao”

“Mn.” He doesn’t seem happy about it, and Wei Ying giggles at seeing the petulant expression on his face before he gives Lan Zhan a quick kiss.

“You’re so impatient, Lan er-gege! Honestly, what am I going to do with you?”

Lan Zhan doesn’t bother with a response.

Nie Mingjue and Jin Guangyao do come down soon after that, empty-handed as Wei Ying had predicted, but looking much the same as they had a few minutes ago. He can feel the disappointment radiating off of Nie Huaisang, and curses his luck. Knowing Nie Huaisang, he’s going to drag them into another scheme of his sooner or later.

He makes it through exactly 7 minutes of talking with jiejie and Jiang Cheng before he bends under the force of Lan Zhan’s stare and takes his hasty leave, and Lan Zhan drags him into a kiss as soon as they get into the car, which earns him a poke on the cheek from Wei Ying.

“Isn’t patience supposed to be a virtue?” He teases.

Lan Zhan’s ears flush a satisfying pink.

“Take me home, Lan Zhan, just wait a little longer.”

And as he says that, he realizes that ‘home’ isn’t so much Lan Zhan’s house as it is wherever Lan Zhan is. Perhaps Lan Zhan realizes that, too, because he gives Wei Ying the hint of a smile and drives them back.

They stumble inside with kisses and touches and little sighs that drive Wei Ying out of his mind, and Wei Ying thinks as Lan Zhan guides them to his bedroom, marry me.

Maybe it’s Wen Qing’s influence. Maybe it’s his own wishes, or maybe it’s both. All he knows is that he loves Lan Zhan so much, that this is all he wants and needs, that he never wants to stop kissing Lan Zhan and that he never wants Lan Zhan to stop touching him.

Marry me.

He laughs when Lan Zhan nuzzles at his neck and when his hands, cold from the outside air and the car, slip under his shirt.

I love you, marry me.

Wei Ying smiles to himself and kisses Lan Zhan over and over again.

Maybe tomorrow he’ll ask, maybe next week – but Wei Ying is happy as long as he has Lan Zhan.

I want you to be mine, so marry me.

Right now, though, he’s with Lan Zhan in their own world and he couldn’t ask for anything more.

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“TBH, they’re better than Bradgelina and we all know it.”

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Wei Wuxian (Tale of the Yiling Patriarch, Swordforge) and Lan Wangji (Moon Over the Wall, South of Shanghai) read thirsty tweets… about each other? And what’s a blindfold in the face of one very dedicated man? #wangxian

Produced by Hailey Rhoden | See the full credits | View transcript


WWX: Hello, everybody! [waves] I’m Wei Wuxian, but you probably already know me!

LWJ: Hello.

WWX: Lan Zhan, you’re supposed to introduce yourself!

LWJ: [Stands up, bows towards the camera] I am Lan Wangji, professional actor. It is a pleasure to meet you.

[Staff and camera crew laughing in the background.]

WWX: Alright, alright, you’re so formal, Lan Zhan! That’s adorable, by the way. [WWX pokes LWJ’s cheek when he sits back down. LWJ’s ears turn red.]

WWX: So today, we’re at Buzzfeed - and you have no idea how long it took to drag Lan Zhan here, by the way - we’re at Buzzfeed and we’re gonna read some thirsty tweets! Whoo!

LWJ: ...Thirsty? Are they in need of liquids?

WWX: Oh, I’m sure they’re in need of some liquids - [smirks] ah, I’m just kidding, Lan Zhan! You’ll find out soon enough.

[LWJ looks confused. WWX holds up a blue box and shakes it before pulling out a slip of paper.]

WWX: Our first thirsty tweet! Actually, I’ll be reading the ones about Lan Zhan, and he’ll be reading the ones about me. Can’t wait to hear that, honestly, it’ll be a riot.

LWJ: Should I be worried?

WWX: Haha, Lan Zhan! Who knows?

[LWJ grimaces.]

WWX: Okay, this one says [squints at paper], “I swear to god Lan Wangji is the epitome of hotness and I see him in my dreams every night.”

LWJ: What.

[WWX spends a few seconds laughing before grinning at LWJ.]

WWX: Can’t blame them, though, my Lan Zhan is the hottest. And I see him in my dreams every night anyways, so this tweet? If you’re out there, tweeter, I can relate.

LWJ: Wei Ying.

WWX: What, it’s true! Or are you trying to say I’m the hottest instead of you, because I won’t let you do that -

LWJ: Wei Ying is. The hottest.

WWX: O-oh!

[Somebody on the camera crew yells that LWJ broke his boyfriend. This snaps WWX back into action.]

WWX: A-anyways! Lan Zhan, you read the next tweet, pick it from your box - no, not mine, the one on your left -

LWJ: “The Yiling Patriarch is so hot, please… step on me daddy?”

[WWX nearly falls off his chair while he’s laughing. LWJ’s expression grows progressively more disturbed.]

WWX: I - I can’t believe people are still thirsting over the Yiling Patriarch! That was three years ago! [laughing harder] Wait till A-Cheng hears about this! Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan, what do you think?

[LWJ is biting his lip. WWX leans over and nudges his shoulder.]

WWX: Hey, Lan Zhan?

LWJ: Wei Ying is mine.

WWX: Yes, yes, you’ve tamed the fearsome Yiling Patriarch! I’m all yours.

[Camera crew tells them to stop flirting.]

WWX: Fine. [pouts] You’ve deprived me of the opportunity to flirt with Lan Zhan, are you happy now?

LWJ: I will flirt with you whenever you want, Wei Ying.

WWX: L-Lan Zhan… we’re on an interview… if you flirt with me any more my heart will give out and I’ll die in front of the cameras, I was just joking!

WWX: Onto the next tweet, before Lan Zhan makes me die of happiness! “Lan Wangji can crush my head with his arm muscles like he would a watermelon and I would thank him.”

LWJ: Shameless.

WWX: But it’s a mood. I’m telling you, Lan Zhan could definitely crush your head like a watermelon - not gonna lie, that would be hot - he could crush my head and I would worship him as my god - which I already do - so. Yeah.

[LWJ looks at a loss for words, probably because his ears are practically glowing red. He is stammering. A rare flustered LWJ has appeared.]

WWX: So, what’s the next one, Lan Zhan? Don’t be embarrassed, read it - I know you think these things in private but since these are things other people tweet you won’t lose face!

[The sound of a facepalm can be heard the background. Nobody points out that WWX just made LWJ lose face anyways.]

LWJ: [In a completely deadpan voice] “Have you ever see a man so beautiful you started crying, because that’s me at Wei Wuxian.”

[LWJ looks at the camera.]

LWJ: It should be ‘lan wangji' instead of 'me'.

WWX: [gasping for air] oh my god lan zhan, lan zhan, you started crying when you first saw me? no, what?

LWJ: Yes. Internally. You were... stunning.

WWX: Hey, Lan Zhan, wait, you also cried when you officially met me the first time, was it because I was too beautiful for your 15-year-old heart?

LWJ: Because you fed me chili noodles.

WWX: Little details!

[Behind the camera: “officially?”]

WWX: Oh, yeah, the first time we learned each other’s names at school! The first time we spoke to each other - wow, that was a really long time ago - I was sneaking back onto campus after going out to buy juice and Lan Zhan caught me. He ended up trying to steal the juice from me because apparently, juice is forbidden within the Cloud Recesses -

LWJ: It is forbidden to indulge in sweets.

WWX: Yeah, right, anyways, he said the exact same thing to me that he did just now, so I drank one of the juice bottles right in front of his eyes! I ended up getting punished the next day because Lan Zhan reported me, but in retrospect that was probably the moment he fell in love with me.

LWJ: [looking away from the camera] No.

WWX: But 15-year-old Lan Zhan was an old fuddy-duddy who couldn’t use his words, so instead he kept trying to fight me and telling the teachers on me because he didn’t know how to deal with his feelings!

LWJ: Wei Ying.

WWX: Meanwhile, there was 15-year-old me who, looking back at it, probably already had a crush on Lan Zhan, and kept trying to get the cold and impassive Lan Zhan to look at me and talk to me! So you have me, teasing Lan Zhan and trying to make him look at me, and Lan Zhan, who was being tortured by this smiling, pretty-faced menace.

LWJ: Not tortured, blessed.

WWX: [pauses, blushes, but continues.] And that, folks, is how I met my boyfriend. A cautionary tale about using your words and how sneaking juice into the Cloud Recesses will definitely make you meet the love of your life, coming to Netflix soon near you -

LWJ: [softly] I’m the love of your life?

WWX: Um. Of course, who else? I didn’t spend 6 days panicking over your tweet for you to doubt yourself!

[WWX kisses LWJ’s cheek and pats his head. Equal parts gagging and awws are heard from the camera crew.]

WWX: Okay, okay, now that everybody knows our origin story, it’s my turn to read a tweet! “God, making Lan Wangji: just a pinch of shyness, a cup of talent, and a ENTIRE FUCKING OIL BARREL OF HOTNESS.” Wow. That’s something.

LWJ: I do not understand.

WWX: That’s okay, darling, you don’t need to. Now where’s the tweet about me? What barrel did God put in while he was making me?

LWJ: Cuteness.

WWX: You know what, fuck this. [WWX drags LWJ into a kiss. A whoop is heard from the camera crew - what a mood. LWJ wraps his arms around WWX and WWX brings his hands up to cup LWJ’s face. Somebody yells for them to focus on the thirsty tweets.]

WWX: See, here’s the thing. No matter how many thirsty tweets I read about being thirsty for Lan Zhan, I’m the thirstiest. Is that even a word?

LWJ: [picking another piece of paper] This one says, “Wangxian is really the power couple of the century, like the sheer big… [LWJ winces] energy they have on their own isn’t enough they just had to go and combine to form the biggest… energy couple of all time.”

WWX: Damn right, we’re awesome! Lan Zhan, you know you’re allowed to curse, right?

LWJ: It is improper.

WWX: That’s not what you said when I -

[LWJ thrusts another piece of paper in WWX’s hands. His ears are, once again, red.]

LWJ: Read.

WWX: Alright, alright! “lwj is so elegant and bright but what if in his next drama he turned dark… he’s already daddy material, dark lwj would make me have a thousand heart attacks…” Hear that, Lan Zhan, people want you to be evil, isn’t that cool?

LWJ: ...Daddy material?

WWX: Don’t even ask. [shakes head] Lan Zhan, read the last tweet so we can do the second part of this video!

LWJ: Ah. “Why have either Wei Wuxian or Lan Wangji as your fav when you have two hands… go be horny for the gods of Cdrama!! Nobody can stop you!!”

WWX: What if I stop you, I’m already holding both of Lan Zhan’s hands [WWX drops the box to grab LWJ’s hands.] See - hey, OP if you’re out there, OP, you have been stopped.

[Behind the camera: “Alright, break it up, get ready for the second part!”]

WWX: [laughing] Lan Zhan, have I explained to you what the second part will be? No? Okay, c’mon, get off the chair and I’ll tell you…

[Video goes dark for a second, and when it resumes, it’s following WWX and LWJ down a corridor. They come out onto an obstacle course. WWX ties a blindfold around his head.]

WWX: So if you’ve watched the movie Birdbox, which Lan Zhan hasn’t because he’s stuffy and doesn’t keep up with popular culture, you know that there’s a Birdbox challenge where you tie a blindfold around your head and try to survive with it!

LWJ: I have not gotten around to watching it yet.

WWX: Don’t worry, I’ll watch it with you so the big scary demons can’t get you - [he accidentally walks into the wall]

LWJ: Please be careful, Wei Ying.

WWX: Ouch, yeah, I’m fine! Anyways, I’m going to try to make it through this obstacle course blindfolded, because somebody on the camera crew told me I couldn’t do it, and Lan Zhan’s gonna guide me through!

LWJ: I am?

WWX: Yup! Now get over to the end of the obstacle course and tell me when you’re there, I can’t see your beautiful face so I won’t know until you tell me!

[LWJ walks to the end of the obstacle course with a concerned look on his face. WWX turns around to grin at the camera.]

LWJ: I am ready, Wei Ying.

WWX: Oh, and they said I get a reward for finishing the course without running into anything! So keep that in mind!

[WWX shoots finger guns at LWJ. Somebody behind the camera laughs.]

LWJ: Walk five steps forwards then turn left, and walk another five steps.

WWX: I’m trusting you with my life here, Lan Zhan! I want my reward!

LWJ: There is a pointy boulder in front of you. Turn right now and walk in a straight line for… six steps.

WWX: This is the only straight thing I’ve done, ever.

[LWJ shakes his head.]

LWJ: Now turn 90 degrees to your right and walk another seven steps. After that, swerve around an obstacle, turn 45 degrees to your left and walk eleven steps.

[WWX chuckles as he walks.]

WWX: Did you get serious just because I said I want a reward? Lan Er-gege, you’re so predictable!

LWJ: Ridiculous.

WWX: Okay, what now?

LWJ: Turn another 45 degrees to the left, walk five steps, turn back 45 degrees, and walk twelve steps.

WWX: Am I out yet?

[WWX is, in fact, out of the obstacle course, but LWJ gestures for the camera crew to remain silent. LWJ walks towards WWX, catches him by the waist and dips him into a kiss before WWX can react. The camera zooms in towards them just as LWJ tilts his head and WWX’s arms slip around LWJ. When they break apart, they are panting.]

WWX: I - is that my reward? Am I out of the obstacle course?

LWJ: Yes.

WWX: Huh, I bet you love seeing me blindfolded like this, eh, Hanguang-Jun? What are you thinking right now?

[With a frown, LWJ unties the blindfold. The moment WWX sees LWJ, he drags LWJ into another kiss. Somebody on the camera crew whistles.]

WWX: A-anyways! Thanks to the lovely Buzzfeed crew for hosting us today, it was a pleasure!

LWJ: I still do not know what thirsty tweets mean.

WWX: Yeah, yeah, you can thirst all you want but Lan Zhan is mine! [WWX smirks] Just kidding, we both appreciate the boost of confidence the thirsty tweets give us!
LWJ: No?

WWX: Oh, so Lan Er-gege just wants to hear it coming from my mouth, I see how it is -

LWJ: Wei Ying.

WWX: Haha, nothing! The first episode of Spring Blossoms drops April 15th on the Tencent website, everybody, just a reminder to watch it to see me and Lan Zhan kick some ass!

LWJ: Cursing is forbidden. [LWJ pauses] But yes, thank you in advance for your support.

WWX: See you later, viewers!


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No offense but...lwj IS daddy material and i will fight anybody who says otherwise…


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We stan the power couple of the century!! They’re,,, so cute,,, i’ve gone through 10 boxes of tissues this week alone bc of them and im not even sorry anymore


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When lwj just. Paused. And skipped over “dick”. I felt that.


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