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16 Things You Need To Know About The Newest Power Couple, Wangxian

“TBH, they’re better than Bradgelina and we all know it.”

Sam Wells - February 17, 2019


All the Latest Cdrama News - Guest Actors, Su She’s Sushi, and Wangxian, oh my!

“By now, if you aren’t a hermit living in a cave, you should have heard about Wangxian, but just in case you haven’t…”

Maria Chen - February 16, 2019


Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji Read Thirsty Tweets, Try Out the Birdbox Challenge

BuzzFeed Video - 07:32


Page name: Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji Read Thirsty Tweets, Try Out the Birdbox Challenge

Wei Wuxian (Tale of the Yiling Patriarch, Swordforge) and Lan Wangji (Moon Over the Wall, South of Shanghai) read thirsty tweets… about each other? And what’s a blindfold in the face of one very dedicated man? #wangxian

Produced by Hailey Rhoden | See the full credits | View transcript


WWX: Hello, everybody! [waves] I’m Wei Wuxian, but you probably already know me!

LWJ: Hello.

WWX: Lan Zhan, you’re supposed to introduce yourself!

LWJ: [Stands up, bows towards the camera] I am Lan Wangji, professional actor. It is a pleasure to meet you.

[Staff and camera crew laughing in the background.]

WWX: Alright, alright, you’re so formal, Lan Zhan! That’s adorable, by the way. [WWX pokes LWJ’s cheek when he sits back down. LWJ’s ears turn red.]

WWX: So today, we’re at Buzzfeed - and you have no idea how long it took to drag Lan Zhan here, by the way - we’re at Buzzfeed and we’re gonna read some thirsty tweets! Whoo!

LWJ: ...Thirsty? Are they in need of liquids?

WWX: Oh, I’m sure they’re in need of some liquids - [smirks] ah, I’m just kidding, Lan Zhan! You’ll find out soon enough.

[LWJ looks confused. WWX holds up a blue box and shakes it before pulling out a slip of paper.]

WWX: Our first thirsty tweet! Actually, I’ll be reading the ones about Lan Zhan, and he’ll be reading the ones about me. Can’t wait to hear that, honestly, it’ll be a riot.

LWJ: Should I be worried?

WWX: Haha, Lan Zhan! Who knows?

[LWJ grimaces.]

WWX: Okay, this one says [squints at paper], “I swear to god Lan Wangji is the epitome of hotness and I see him in my dreams every night.”

LWJ: What.

[WWX spends a few seconds laughing before grinning at LWJ.]

WWX: Can’t blame them, though, my Lan Zhan is the hottest. And I see him in my dreams every night anyways, so this tweet? If you’re out there, tweeter, I can relate.

LWJ: Wei Ying.

WWX: What, it’s true! Or are you trying to say I’m the hottest instead of you, because I won’t let you do that -

LWJ: Wei Ying is. The hottest.

WWX: O-oh!

[Somebody on the camera crew yells that LWJ broke his boyfriend. This snaps WWX back into action.]

WWX: A-anyways! Lan Zhan, you read the next tweet, pick it from your box - no, not mine, the one on your left -

LWJ: “The Yiling Patriarch is so hot, please… step on me daddy?”

[WWX nearly falls off his chair while he’s laughing. LWJ’s expression grows progressively more disturbed.]

WWX: I - I can’t believe people are still thirsting over the Yiling Patriarch! That was three years ago! [laughing harder] Wait till A-Cheng hears about this! Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan, what do you think?

[LWJ is biting his lip. WWX leans over and nudges his shoulder.]

WWX: Hey, Lan Zhan?

LWJ: Wei Ying is mine.

WWX: Yes, yes, you’ve tamed the fearsome Yiling Patriarch! I’m all yours.

[Camera crew tells them to stop flirting.]

WWX: Fine. [pouts] You’ve deprived me of the opportunity to flirt with Lan Zhan, are you happy now?

LWJ: I will flirt with you whenever you want, Wei Ying.

WWX: L-Lan Zhan… we’re on an interview… if you flirt with me any more my heart will give out and I’ll die in front of the cameras, I was just joking!

WWX: Onto the next tweet, before Lan Zhan makes me die of happiness! “Lan Wangji can crush my head with his arm muscles like he would a watermelon and I would thank him.”

LWJ: Shameless.

WWX: But it’s a mood. I’m telling you, Lan Zhan could definitely crush your head like a watermelon - not gonna lie, that would be hot - he could crush my head and I would worship him as my god - which I already do - so. Yeah.

[LWJ looks at a loss for words, probably because his ears are practically glowing red. He is stammering. A rare flustered LWJ has appeared.]

WWX: So, what’s the next one, Lan Zhan? Don’t be embarrassed, read it - I know you think these things in private but since these are things other people tweet you won’t lose face!

[The sound of a facepalm can be heard the background. Nobody points out that WWX just made LWJ lose face anyways.]

LWJ: [In a completely deadpan voice] “Have you ever see a man so beautiful you started crying, because that’s me at Wei Wuxian.”

[LWJ looks at the camera.]

LWJ: It should be ‘lan wangji' instead of 'me'.

WWX: [gasping for air] oh my god lan zhan, lan zhan, you started crying when you first saw me? no, what?

LWJ: Yes. Internally. You were... stunning.

WWX: Hey, Lan Zhan, wait, you also cried when you officially met me the first time, was it because I was too beautiful for your 15-year-old heart?

LWJ: Because you fed me chili noodles.

WWX: Little details!

[Behind the camera: “officially?”]

WWX: Oh, yeah, the first time we learned each other’s names at school! The first time we spoke to each other - wow, that was a really long time ago - I was sneaking back onto campus after going out to buy juice and Lan Zhan caught me. He ended up trying to steal the juice from me because apparently, juice is forbidden within the Cloud Recesses -

LWJ: It is forbidden to indulge in sweets.

WWX: Yeah, right, anyways, he said the exact same thing to me that he did just now, so I drank one of the juice bottles right in front of his eyes! I ended up getting punished the next day because Lan Zhan reported me, but in retrospect that was probably the moment he fell in love with me.

LWJ: [looking away from the camera] No.

WWX: But 15-year-old Lan Zhan was an old fuddy-duddy who couldn’t use his words, so instead he kept trying to fight me and telling the teachers on me because he didn’t know how to deal with his feelings!

LWJ: Wei Ying.

WWX: Meanwhile, there was 15-year-old me who, looking back at it, probably already had a crush on Lan Zhan, and kept trying to get the cold and impassive Lan Zhan to look at me and talk to me! So you have me, teasing Lan Zhan and trying to make him look at me, and Lan Zhan, who was being tortured by this smiling, pretty-faced menace.

LWJ: Not tortured, blessed.

WWX: [pauses, blushes, but continues.] And that, folks, is how I met my boyfriend. A cautionary tale about using your words and how sneaking juice into the Cloud Recesses will definitely make you meet the love of your life, coming to Netflix soon near you -

LWJ: [softly] I’m the love of your life?

WWX: Um. Of course, who else? I didn’t spend 6 days panicking over your tweet for you to doubt yourself!

[WWX kisses LWJ’s cheek and pats his head. Equal parts gagging and awws are heard from the camera crew.]

WWX: Okay, okay, now that everybody knows our origin story, it’s my turn to read a tweet! “God, making Lan Wangji: just a pinch of shyness, a cup of talent, and a ENTIRE FUCKING OIL BARREL OF HOTNESS.” Wow. That’s something.

LWJ: I do not understand.

WWX: That’s okay, darling, you don’t need to. Now where’s the tweet about me? What barrel did God put in while he was making me?

LWJ: Cuteness.

WWX: You know what, fuck this. [WWX drags LWJ into a kiss. A whoop is heard from the camera crew - what a mood. LWJ wraps his arms around WWX and WWX brings his hands up to cup LWJ’s face. Somebody yells for them to focus on the thirsty tweets.]

WWX: See, here’s the thing. No matter how many thirsty tweets I read about being thirsty for Lan Zhan, I’m the thirstiest. Is that even a word?

LWJ: [picking another piece of paper] This one says, “Wangxian is really the power couple of the century, like the sheer big… [LWJ winces] energy they have on their own isn’t enough they just had to go and combine to form the biggest… energy couple of all time.”

WWX: Damn right, we’re awesome! Lan Zhan, you know you’re allowed to curse, right?

LWJ: It is improper.

WWX: That’s not what you said when I -

[LWJ thrusts another piece of paper in WWX’s hands. His ears are, once again, red.]

LWJ: Read.

WWX: Alright, alright! “lwj is so elegant and bright but what if in his next drama he turned dark… he’s already daddy material, dark lwj would make me have a thousand heart attacks…” Hear that, Lan Zhan, people want you to be evil, isn’t that cool?

LWJ: ...Daddy material?

WWX: Don’t even ask. [shakes head] Lan Zhan, read the last tweet so we can do the second part of this video!

LWJ: Ah. “Why have either Wei Wuxian or Lan Wangji as your fav when you have two hands… go be horny for the gods of Cdrama!! Nobody can stop you!!”

WWX: What if I stop you, I’m already holding both of Lan Zhan’s hands [WWX drops the box to grab LWJ’s hands.] See - hey, OP if you’re out there, OP, you have been stopped.

[Behind the camera: “Alright, break it up, get ready for the second part!”]

WWX: [laughing] Lan Zhan, have I explained to you what the second part will be? No? Okay, c’mon, get off the chair and I’ll tell you…

[Video goes dark for a second, and when it resumes, it’s following WWX and LWJ down a corridor. They come out onto an obstacle course. WWX ties a blindfold around his head.]

WWX: So if you’ve watched the movie Birdbox, which Lan Zhan hasn’t because he’s stuffy and doesn’t keep up with popular culture, you know that there’s a Birdbox challenge where you tie a blindfold around your head and try to survive with it!

LWJ: I have not gotten around to watching it yet.

WWX: Don’t worry, I’ll watch it with you so the big scary demons can’t get you - [he accidentally walks into the wall]

LWJ: Please be careful, Wei Ying.

WWX: Ouch, yeah, I’m fine! Anyways, I’m going to try to make it through this obstacle course blindfolded, because somebody on the camera crew told me I couldn’t do it, and Lan Zhan’s gonna guide me through!

LWJ: I am?

WWX: Yup! Now get over to the end of the obstacle course and tell me when you’re there, I can’t see your beautiful face so I won’t know until you tell me!

[LWJ walks to the end of the obstacle course with a concerned look on his face. WWX turns around to grin at the camera.]

LWJ: I am ready, Wei Ying.

WWX: Oh, and they said I get a reward for finishing the course without running into anything! So keep that in mind!

[WWX shoots finger guns at LWJ. Somebody behind the camera laughs.]

LWJ: Walk five steps forwards then turn left, and walk another five steps.

WWX: I’m trusting you with my life here, Lan Zhan! I want my reward!

LWJ: There is a pointy boulder in front of you. Turn right now and walk in a straight line for… six steps.

WWX: This is the only straight thing I’ve done, ever.

[LWJ shakes his head.]

LWJ: Now turn 90 degrees to your right and walk another seven steps. After that, swerve around an obstacle, turn 45 degrees to your left and walk eleven steps.

[WWX chuckles as he walks.]

WWX: Did you get serious just because I said I want a reward? Lan Er-gege, you’re so predictable!

LWJ: Ridiculous.

WWX: Okay, what now?

LWJ: Turn another 45 degrees to the left, walk five steps, turn back 45 degrees, and walk twelve steps.

WWX: Am I out yet?

[WWX is, in fact, out of the obstacle course, but LWJ gestures for the camera crew to remain silent. LWJ walks towards WWX, catches him by the waist and dips him into a kiss before WWX can react. The camera zooms in towards them just as LWJ tilts his head and WWX’s arms slip around LWJ. When they break apart, they are panting.]

WWX: I - is that my reward? Am I out of the obstacle course?

LWJ: Yes.

WWX: Huh, I bet you love seeing me blindfolded like this, eh, Hanguang-Jun? What are you thinking right now?

[With a frown, LWJ unties the blindfold. The moment WWX sees LWJ, he drags LWJ into another kiss. Somebody on the camera crew whistles.]

WWX: A-anyways! Thanks to the lovely Buzzfeed crew for hosting us today, it was a pleasure!

LWJ: I still do not know what thirsty tweets mean.

WWX: Yeah, yeah, you can thirst all you want but Lan Zhan is mine! [WWX smirks] Just kidding, we both appreciate the boost of confidence the thirsty tweets give us!
LWJ: No?

WWX: Oh, so Lan Er-gege just wants to hear it coming from my mouth, I see how it is -

LWJ: Wei Ying.

WWX: Haha, nothing! The first episode of Spring Blossoms drops April 15th on the Tencent website, everybody, just a reminder to watch it to see me and Lan Zhan kick some ass!

LWJ: Cursing is forbidden. [LWJ pauses] But yes, thank you in advance for your support.

WWX: See you later, viewers!


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User: lina20493

No offense but...lwj IS daddy material and i will fight anybody who says otherwise…


User: shimmiesinyourface

We stan the power couple of the century!! They’re,,, so cute,,, i’ve gone through 10 boxes of tissues this week alone bc of them and im not even sorry anymore


User: meowulf



User: astrophillll

When lwj just. Paused. And skipped over “dick”. I felt that.


User: swordforge4ever

The flirting I WANT TO SIMULTANEOUSLY GOUGE MY EYES OUT AND STARE MORE they’re the cutest couple ever and on one hand it’s making me feel forever alone but on the other hand i feel so happy for Them….


User: wangxianislovewangxianislife

Perfect, amazing, brilliant, groundbreaking, cute cute CUTE i will never get over wangxian and it SHOWS.


User: sobbingoverwangxian