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Cómo estás,” you repeat for the third time, “means ‘how are you’?”

Josh stops writing and plops his pencil down looking even more confused than before. If he can’t master the basic sentences and questions, how would he ever memorize verbs and body parts for the exam?

“I should’ve taken French with Chris and Sam,” he muttered. “But then I wouldn’t have such a hot tutor.”

His gaze meets yours and you fight the urge to swoon.

Although he wasn’t tall, he had dark hair and was very handsome. You were smitten. It was obvious to anyone who knew you yet Josh seemed oblivious as ever.

You’d had your eye on him since freshmen orientation when you stared at him walking by and he winked at you. Now it was your senior year and you wanted to make your move before heading home for summer break.

Josh was very flirtatious with everyone, girls and boys so you didn’t want to take his comment to heart. You’d been convinced he was dating Chris until the blonde finally confessed his love to Ashley and they began dating.

“Well I can’t imagine who else I’d rather tutor.” The words slipped out before you realized exactly what you’d said. “I mean, most people don’t even try to understa-”

“No, I get it,” he interjected. “I’m an amazingly fast learner. I’ll be fluent by next week thanks to you,” he said with a mischievous smile.

At this point you honestly considered just letting him cheat off your exam if you had to. 

Sitting up a little straighter, you turned the page of your notebook and looked for the highlighted phrases you knew he struggled with most. Instead, you were faced with the sexually explicit words and sentences you’d written out while thinking about Josh during Spanish class. Staring at the back of his head while idly copying whatever was on the whiteboard was how you spent each day.

When you tried to turn the page you saw Josh’s arm reaching over from the corner of your eye to keep you from doing so.

“What the hell does all of that say,” he asked. “Fah-yar-tee?”

Follarte actually,” you whispered hurriedly. “It’s just the dirty stuff. I was practicing with Google translate, ya know, for fun.”

You avoided his gaze. You hoped your cheeks didn’t look as red hot as they felt. Without hesitation, Josh slid your notebook on to his desk and began trying to read what you’d written.

Quieres follarme (You want to fuck me)? ” His Spanish pronunciation wasn’t that bad but everything he said came out as a question that you so badly wanted to answer.

“Me siento muy córneo (I feel very horny)? Quieres besos mi labios y mi coño (You want to kiss my lips and my pussy)?

He looks at you with a perplexed expression. You’re not sure if he’s shocked that you knew sexually explicit Spanish phrases or if he wants to learn them to use on someone else.

“Wow, you must be really fluent.” He put his finger on the page and placed it towards the middle of the sheet. 

Tu eres muy hermoso.” Josh swatted your hand away as you reached for your notebook back. When he saw his own name written next to that statement, it took a second for him register it.

“Wait, you wrote this about me ?”

You had totally forgotten that you’d written his name, first and last, all over that piece of paper covered in hearts. Your secret was out. Although he couldn’t comprehend what the Spanish words meant, he wasn’t exactly too stupid to take an educated guess.

“Hey, don’t be quiet on me now,” he insisted. His hand touched your thigh sending a jolt of arousal through your skin. Aside from the occasional hallway hug or handshake you shared with him, you’d never felt Josh touch you there outside of your dreams.

He flipped to the back of the paper before pushing the notebook back to your desk.

“I think it’s time I’m honest with you about something,” his voice trailed off.

You knew he was looking at you but you refused to meet his gaze.

Shit. Fuck. Your goose was cooked. He now knew you wanted him. Now he was finally going to squash your pathetic crush on him like a tiny, annoying bug. He’d probably reveal that he’s been dating Sam this whole time and that she doesn’t want you two spending time together.

“I think I should just go, Josh. This is getting awkward enough,” you mumbled as you began to get up from your seat and gather your book-bag. His hand took yours and slightly pulled you back down. “Or not.”

He grabbed your chair and turned it to face his before taking your face into his hands, forcing you to look into his eyes.

“I’m not actually this bad in Spanish,” he admitted. “Tu eres muy hermosa (You are very beautiful),” he said never looking away from your anxious stare. “Te quiero ahora (I want you right now).”

Before what he said could really register, you felt his lips on yours in a passionate kiss. You’d spent many days and nights fantasizing about what this moment would feel like but nothing came close to the real thing. His lips were soft and his tongue was eager to explore your mouth. He even had the nerve to moan into the kiss. That bastard.

You couldn’t possibly get any wetter than you already were.

“Fuck, I need a minute,” you confessed as you pulled away slightly to take it all in. “So you lied about needing a tutor just to be alone with me?” It wasn't a bad strategy really. You had faked like you were fluent in Spanish just to get close to him.

He smirked, obviously proud of himself. “You’re very hard to read. I assumed you didn’t like me but I wanted to be sure.” He gave you a quick peck on the lips. “I’m glad I was wrong about that.”

You nodded and smiled as you pulled him into a hug. You were aching for more but you weren't anywhere near your respective dorms to get busy the way you wanted.

Did you really want to get fucked by Joshua Washington on a desk and risk getting caught and possibly expelled? Hell yes. Oh God yes!

“To answer your question, yes I want you to fuck me. Ahora (right now) .” Your lips attacked his neck leaving hot, quick kisses all over. “And taste me, por favor (please) .”

You both stood up and pushed the chairs back as he sat you on the desk and spread your legs open.

Shit, this was really happening. Your feelings for Josh were indeed reciprocated. He was going to fuck your brains out now. If you were dreaming you didn't want to be woken up!

“Fuck,” he whispered against your mouth when his fingers felt how wet you were. You picked a good day to not wear panties. “So ready for me, yeah?”

Siempre (always) ,” you seductively whispered back. You felt one finger rubbing up and down your slit. The sensation was foreign to you. You were a virgin after all having never even fingered yourself.

As he began rubbing your clit with his thumb, your breath hitched in your throat. “I’ve never done this before, Josh.”

“Fucking in a classroom,” he asked jokingly followed by a lighthearted chuckle.

You shook your head and pulled away. “Sex. Anything sexually.” You didn’t mean to sound so meek and unprepared. Sure you were on birth control, but you hadn’t really been taking your pill based on the assumption that you’d never get laid. 

“Shit. Wow. Sorry, I just got carried away,” he said trying to adjust his erection in his pants. “We don’t have to do anything, especially not like this.” If he was disappointed, his face didn’t show it but if he didn’t pound you as hard and deep as you wanted, you would be.

“No, we’re going to,” you exclaimed proudly. “But you might need to take it slow.”

“No problem, baby.” He dug through his pockets for a condom but came up empty handed. “I don’t have a cond-”

You pulled him into a slow kiss. “I’m on the pill, I promise.” It wasn’t really a lie but not the complete truth either. Oh well, the pull out method existed.

His mischievous grin was back.

Perfecto! Now if you’ll excuse me,” his voice trailed off as he spread your legs wider. You felt his tongue on your clit which felt slightly awkward until he began licking rapidly, taking long circular swipes in between.

Never in your wildest dreams did you ever think-

“Holy shit,” you almost screamed out. Your t-shirt was pulled up revealing your hardened nipples while your skirt was bunched up at the waist as your hands found their way into Josh’s curly hair that he usually hid with hats or beanies. The combination of wet slurping sounds combined with his gratuitous moaning drove you closer off the edge. His right hand traveled up to your breasts as you felt his fingers teasing your entrance. A finger slowly slid in and out just as he began methodically sucking your clit.

You couldn’t even speak coherently let alone do anything other than grind your pussy into his mouth and hope nobody heard the noises you were making. Even if the sex was painful and not as enjoyable as you’d hoped, at least the foreplay felt amazing.

Time ticked by so slowly as he delicately tongue fucked you and used his finger to rub your G-spot every so often.

Te gustan comer mi coño (You like eating my pussy)?,” you heard yourself ask in a quivering voice. You were getting so close but couldn’t relax and let it take over you just yet.

Another finger slid into you and you almost scooted off the desk.

He laughed against your wet cunt before using his right hand to steady you. Missing the sensation on your sensitive hard nipples, you began rubbing and pinching them yourself.

You felt yourself getting closer and closer to finishing, a feeling you’d only experienced alone in your bed with thoughts of Josh being on you and inside of you. Now that he was actually eating you out, you didn’t want it to ever end but worried if he was getting lockjaw being down there.

Almost as if he could tell you were getting lost in your own mind, Josh moaned into your cunt again as his fingers began fucking you faster and harder. His mouth sucking and licking your clit so quickly that your orgasm snuck up on you. You cried out when you felt your cunt squeezing his fingers. For a second your body felt weightless and your eyes almost rolled to the back of your head. He took his time licking up your juices, seeming to savor the taste of you despite how you tried to push him away from your sensitive clit.

Your head was still spinning when Josh came up and kissed you, letting you taste yourself.

“Mmm, muy sabrosa (very tasty) ,” you heard him whisper against your neck.

Your legs felt like jelly. You had no idea how you were supposed to have sex when you already felt freshly fucked. You had no idea if you could even cum with him inside you and no clitoral stimulation but you were eager to find out.

Quiero sabores tu verga (I want to taste your cock)." You mentally thanked Google translator for helping you memorize how to talk dirty in Spanish. It was definitely coming in handy. Speaking of coming...

Your hands went to unzip his pants to free his straining cock. Once you were stroking him lazily, you now had something new to be anxious about. He was huge. It truly didn’t look like it could even fit inside you despite how wet you were. You had never seen or touched a cock outside of your wet dreams.

You took a deep breath and lowered yourself down on your knees to at least try and return the favor.

He had to be about 8 inches erect. Praying you had no gag reflex, you began to take him into your mouth. His moaning encouraged you to try and take him in deeper. Your hands took turns stroking his shaft and caressing his balls while you slurped and licked all of the precum covering the tip of his cock.

From the way he was starting to thrust into your mouth, you assumed you were doing very a great job.

"Desnudarme (undress me)!" Josh grabbed you by the hair and pulled you up to his height. Your hands quickly scrambled to remove his flannel over-shirt and help pull his pants down further.

Niña buena (Good girl)!"  At this point he could call you a dirty slut and you wouldn't care.

He yanked your skirt down so fast that you swore the zipper busted. Your shirt was thrown behind his head never to be seen again. You sat back on the desk ready to feel him stretching out your pussy. He slowly rubbed against your soaking wet entrance causing you both to moan.

Just when he was teasing the head in, you heard a knock on the door.


“Hey, you need to wake up!” You felt yourself being jerked awake. You looked up to see Josh hovering over you, green eyes staring into your soul. “I didn’t mean to be in the bathroom that long. I thought you'd locked me out of the classroom,” he said absentmindedly.

He sat beside you and started fiddling with his pencil as he waited for you to fully come to.

You looked around in a daze wondering if you had been fucked or not. Your clothes were still on, specifically the shirt that you swore he had thrown across the room. Josh’s hair didn't look like it had been ruffled up as if you’d been grabbing at it while he tasted you either.

“Sorry, I didn’t know I was so tired,” you mumbled shaking your head in disbelief.

The dream had felt so real that you desperately wanted to experience the real thing. You needed to for your own sanity at this point.

“Well, today I figured we could go over something new that won't be on the exam.” You smirked at Josh as he stared at you slightly confused. “You ever wondered how to talk dirty in Spanish?”

Judging by his flirtatious grin you had high hopes that your dream would soon, in only a matter of minutes, become a reality.

"So let's start with 'Quiero fellarte' which means I want to fuck you."

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You had no idea what was coming over you tonight. You wanted Josh so badly that it didn’t matter if you were being an obnoxious cock slut. You wanted him to know you were ready and willing whenever he wanted. Like right this second.

You’d been secretly hooking up for a few months now but feeling him against you and inside you never got old. You felt Josh’s hands slowly sliding up your thighs, inching closer and closer to your pussy. He let out a moan that was downright sinful when he felt how eager and wet you were sans underwear. 

He pulled you in closer as his hips grinded into yours eliciting a desperate moan from you both.

“I really hope you’re not just teasing me, Y/N.”

He leaned down and caught your lips in a passionate kiss, full of tongue and yearning on your part. When you pulled away, you didn’t bother to look around to see who had been watching your public display of affection. You would have taken him deep inside you on the living room floor in a room full of people if need be.

“I only aim to please you, Josh. Only you,” you replied confidently, your voice laced with longing. You hadn’t been with anyone else since the first drunken hook up but you weren’t exactly sure he was faithful to you in this arrangement, nor did you really care if you were being honest.

He took your hand into his and led you through the obnoxious drunk crowd of dancing partiers to his bedroom in the basement. You knew the walls were sound proof because you definitely weren’t quiet when he was fucking or tasting you yet nobody ever complained about the noise.

“Y/N, you are so fucking naughty,” he whispered against your mouth before rubbing against your opening. Two fingers entered you with ease and almost made your knees buckle. “Want it that badly, huh?”

“You have no fucking idea,” you stated as he laid you on the bed.

The room was dark aside from a well lit lamp on his cluttered nightstand. It provided just enough light to see his lustful stare pinning you down.

“Please fuck me." You weren’t too proud to beg. He loved that about you. You’d probably cry at this point if he changed his mind. You were feigning for it , for him, for anything.

He removed his fingers and sucked them dry. You began playing with yourself lazily, watching him undress and enjoying the show.

Josh didn’t hesitate to remove his pants slowly to get you even more impatient and hungry for him. His cock then sprang out of his hot pink...underwear?

“Are those,” you inquired as you tilted your head to the side to ponder what you were really looking at exactly, “panties?”

Josh was wearing panties. Women’s underwear. In front of you. Specifically your underwear. Your favorite pair of panties.

You had the exact same pair at home in your panty drawer. Or at least you used to. You were almost afraid to ask if he’d stolen them for fear of sounding accusatory when you were even more turned the fuck on.

“You wear panties?” You couldn’t hide the excitement or arousal in your voice. “You’re wearing my panties?”

He slowly nodded his head, curiously searching your face for a reaction beyond bewilderment. “I used to just sniff them when I jacked off thinking about you,” he explained while stroking his cock nonchalantly. “But now I prefer wearing them.”

You’d never mentioned it to anyone, let alone to your fuck buddy, but you secretly had a thing for hot guys wearing panties- your panties. None had ever been interested and some were outright disgusted at the idea but Josh obviously wasn’t and he’d beaten you to the punch.

You pinched yourself quickly to see if you were dreaming. You weren’t.

“Oh fuck,” you exclaimed excitedly as you crawled over to taste him. “I swear this is the sexiest shit I’ve ever seen.”

You didn’t even care that he’d clearly stolen them at some point when you’d slept over at the lodge and was currently stretching them out. They were your favorite pair, sure, but you’d gladly never wear panties again if it meant Josh would keep stealing them. The thought of him wearing your frilly, laced, brightly colored underwear basically counted as foreplay. You were aching for him now.

You were eager to feel him reach the back of your throat but before you could take him in deeper, he was on top of you grinding into your pussy, combining his precum with your wetness while your hands frantically reached out to grab his panty-covered ass.

You could tell he was enjoying this too much. Even though his face was buried into your neck and hair, you knew he was sporting a Cheshire grin. He loved seeing you squirm and tonight was no different.

“Please.” Your voice was muffled against his shoulder but it didn’t hide how needy you sounded. You bit down in a failed attempt to suppress a groan when you felt the tip at your entrance. “Keep the panties on while you fuck me.”

Josh reached down and slid his (your?) panties down so that his cock was finally free. “Is that what you’re into, being fucked by a sissy?” He grabbed you by the thighs and held your legs together as he slowly began to ease deeper into you.

Gotdamn, maybe this was what you were into. You nearly had a dry orgasm hearing that word from his lips. What if he started wearing your bras too? Or playing in your makeup? You’d be into anything as long as it resulted in Josh pounding into you hard and fast, one hand on your throat and the other pinching your nipples.

Your hands gripped the bed sheets tightly, fighting the urge to look down and watch his cock slide in and out. That always did you in.

“Shit, I think I’m-I’m gonna cum,” you whimpered as you caught a glance of him slamming into your tight cunt.

You felt his hand tighten against your throat almost hard enough to actually choke you. Uh oh. You were in for it now.

Josh laughed and shook his head, staring down at you with a devilish grin.His thrusts slowed down and you couldn’t get him deep enough with him holding you by the throat. “I don’t think you deserve to cum,” he said matter of factly.

He spread your legs apart and leaned over you, his hand still on your throat although his grip had loosened slightly. “You should’ve told me you liked this.” His hips slammed into yours and you realized that he wasn’t even balls deep inside you until now.

The headboard was banging against the wall so loudly that you barely heard him. Between his hand on your throat, his thick cock, those fucking pink panties rubbing against your thigh as he thrust into you and his green eyes staring into your soul, you knew you wouldn’t last any longer.

Josh’s thrusts became erratic, a sure sign that his orgasm was sure to follow once you finally had your release. “Fuck me, baby. Harder!” He then raised his hips and was sliding into you at an angle that took no mercy on your g-spot.

“Josh, you’regonnamakemecum, you sissy bitch,” you spat out.

His stroke faltered before you felt him filling you up. “Shit. Damn, girl.” He let out a strangled moan followed by animalistic grunting.

You felt your legs tense up as your cunt tightened around his thick cock, your orgasm hitting you so hard your eyes were watering. You were officially and irrevocably more dickmatized. So much for no strings attached.

“Wow, that was…” Josh began but couldn’t find the words to explain. It felt like an out of body experience. He never would’ve thought you both had a thing for him cross dressing. He got up to slide the panties off, using them to clean himself up.

His eyes were focused on his cum oozing out of you, clearly proud of himself. “Fucking hot."

You slowly nodded, spreading your legs and rubbing your cum filled pussy. He had never finished inside you before but you couldn’t imagine doing it any other way from now on.

“Feels nice,” you reassured him.

You giggled a little when he started crawling towards you as if he were hunting you down like prey.

“There’s something else I’m into as well.” He slid the panties around your ankles and up to your thighs. You raised your hips to pull them up yourself.

“Keep those on.” Josh said to you hurriedly put his clothes back on, pulling out yet another pair of your panties out of his drawer. A black cotton pair with red hearts all over. He slipped them on before getting redressed.

You knew that if you got up and put your dress back on that you wouldn’t be able to keep his cum from spilling out in front of people. Even with the panties to catch the bulk of it there would be leakage as you walked, danced or sat down. But then again, you’d just had your brains fucked out and didn’t care who knew.

With one last kiss, you both walked hand in hand back upstairs as Josh’s cum trickled out of you with every step.

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You had been sitting in the passenger seat of Josh’s car talking about how you actually didn’t get laid as often as he’d assumed. How that even came up was beyond you but before you could change the subject, he claimed to get laid even less. You called bullshit on that. He was way too attractive to end up alone after every party he threw. He insisted that it was indeed true, going on about how sore his wrist was from jerking off every night for the past few weeks.

There was a forced awkward laughter followed by Josh leaning over to kiss you. The unspoken invitation to end your dry spell and his right here right now was hanging in the air. The prospect of getting busy in his car hadn’t crossed your mind but he made no moves to grab his keys and figure out where else you’d do the deed.

Your place was out of the question because your annoying roommate always had people over. Josh’s wasn’t an option because Hannah and Beth were always around even if his parents weren’t.

When he started tugging at your tank top, you pulled back to ask if he really wanted to do this in a car. You never had. His windows were tinted but you doubted the car was sound proof.

“Are you serious,” you chastised him when he took your thong off. “What if we get caught?”

He chuckled against your mouth. “We won’t, don't worry about that.” Off went his shirt and your concern for public decency decreased a little. Maybe it would make for a funny story if you got arrested for this.

“Are you the car sex expert?” You were only half joking. You knew that he was more experienced than you but he’d never gone into detail about where he had sex, only the how.  

Josh shrugged before sliding his pants down and tossing his shirt behind his head. You could see that he was really hard. For you. In his car. In a public parking lot. You were screaming internally.

“Everyone’s had car sex at least once.” He kissed you again, taking time to suck on your bottom lip. "Except you."

When his lips were busy on your neck, you heard yourself breathlessly whisper, “What can I say, I like comfy beds.”

You hated to admit that you were quite vanilla. Missionary in bed with the lights off and an obnoxiously fake orgasm was all you knew. Until now. From the way Josh described his one night stands and past relationships, you knew he would try anything once and claimed to get off when his partner did.

“I was starting to think 80% of your sexcapades were made up anyway.” He shook his head laughing to himself while removing your bra.

He was kind of right. You had embellished most of your stories, but you only did it to sound cool by comparison. When your best friend is a guy, a smoking hot guy at that, bragging about getting it in with other women you kinda want to make him jealous and one up him.

Once you were both completely naked, you sat awkwardly waiting for him to do something. Were you supposed to crawl to the back seat first or wait for him to do so and get situated?

“Well,” he remarked impatiently stroking his cock while maintaining eye contact. “Are you gonna come over here or not?”

You raised an eyebrow to non-verbally ask him where the hell you were supposed to come over to. He pointed at you then to his lap, specifically his dick. He then let his seat back until he was lying flat on his back.

OH! Duh, of course. You’re supposed to be on top. He wanted you to ride him. You on top. Riding Josh. His eyes watching you, his hands around your waist, his hips rising up to pound into you. Jesus Christ.

You took a deep breath before leaning over and resting one knee by the driver’s side door with the other near the emergency brake. His cock perfectly lined up with your pussy at this angle. He began to tease the head in slowly causing you to bite your lip in anticipation. You were more than wet enough for him to fill you up in one thrust. You tried to gyrate your hips a little bit but he grabbed your waist firmly to keep you still.

“Shit, I need a minute.” Josh was getting flush from just one stroke. He sounded overwhelmed already.

Despite his tight grip, you managed to raise your hips and slide back down onto his thick cock. He was panting as his eyes watched you eagerly taking every inch of him. When he started caressing your breasts, bringing you closer to him so he could give your hardened nipples some oral attention, you grabbed the seat headrest to balance yourself.

“I’ve wanted you for so long.” Josh moaned resting his head back giving you the chance to lick and kiss on his neck. You were both working up to sweat as his hips met you halfway. “Thought about fucking you every night since we met,” he confessed.

You were in ecstasy, rolling your hips every time he pulled out before slamming back inside of you. “God, this feels so good, Josh.”

You didn’t care if the windows fogged up and people were standing around trying to peek inside. You couldn’t help but close your eyes and try to savor this moment. Usually sex was uncomfortable and even downright frustrating at times when you were left high and dry with no release. Josh showed no signs of stopping until you came first and hard.

“Y/N, you’re so tight, babe. Your pussy’s so wet for me.”  

He was fucking you mercilessly now. The sound of his balls slapping against you almost drowned out the radio. You weren’t sure how much more of this you could take. You felt your stomach tightening as you got closer and closer to getting your release. Every thrust felt like a surge of electricity spreading throughout you from the tips of your toes to the rest of your body.

“You look beautiful taking my cock like this.” Josh was staring at you while you tried and failed to muffle your moans to not give away how close you were. “Fuck, I want you to cum for me, Y/N.”

His hands held your hips in place as he pounded into you harder and harder, your free hand rubbing your clit at a rapid pace until-

Your orgasm ripped through you in a breathless litany of “Oh, Josh, baby, fuck yes, I’m cumming!” Feeling his hard cock still thrusting into you as your pussy clenched around it had you seeing flashes of white light whenever you blinked, your vision becoming temporarily blurred.

You leaned your back against the steering wheel desperately trying to catch your breath and steady yourself. Josh pulled out and shot his hot cum on your stomach and trembling thighs. Your pussy felt thoroughly fucked and satisfied for once. Touching your clit made you feel overstimulated. Your heart was beating so loudly that the world was silent for a while. Josh was looking up at you adoringly with his hands idly rubbing up and down your back as he brought you closer to his chest to lay on him.

If you had known sex was supposed to feel this good you would’ve jumped on his dick ages ago. There were so many new things, positions and places to try.

"I take it that was the first time a guy made you cum," you heard him ask with a hint of arrogance in his voice. You didn't even have to confirm or deny, he knew you so well.

“Trust me, it definitely won't be the last."

Chapter Text

After yet another date night of Netflix and not chilling, Josh had asked you flat out if he could taste you. You were so shocked that your mind didn’t register the question at first. Once you did, the first thing that came to your mind was: “As if you can make me cum from that.”

In response, Josh simply spread your legs apart and rubbed your clit through your panties. Your hips jerked into his touch craving more.

Despite dating for a few months, you’d yet to have sex or do anything but heavy petting and making out with Josh. You wanted more and knew that he did too but neither of you had made the first move yet. He was a total gentleman and seemed to be waiting for you to initiate but patience was a virtue he didn’t possess tonight.

“You seem pretty wet for someone who doubts my ability,” he muttered mockingly. There was a hint of mischief in his eyes, a sure sign that he was up to no good. “I bet you taste delicious.”

You couldn’t help but moan when you felt his fingers rubbing your wetness. He had slipped your panties off so quickly you didn’t notice. You opened your mouth to explain that you were only teasing but Josh’s tongue on your clit silenced you.

Shit , it felt great. Better than great actually. It felt fucking amazing. His tongue lightly flicked your clit before dipping into your folds. He moaned into you clearly enjoying how you tasted.

“Josh, fuck,” you screamed out. You were grinding into his mouth now, arching your back trying to get more purchase. “Yes, eat my pussy, baby.”

Josh abruptly pulled away from you. His mouth, which was covered in your wetness, had a mischievous grin. “Hmm, someone’s demanding.” He was rubbing your clit with his thumb to keep you on edge, watching you with his predatory gaze.

“I was just joking.” You were flustered and aching for his mouth. Trying to scoot closer to him only made him lean away. “I’m sorry, please just keep doing that.”

His eyes lit up at the word “Please.” Josh’s devilish grin got even wider. “Keep doing what?” He stared at you waiting for the obvious answer. His tongue was lightly pressed against your clit but not moving.

“Josh,” you whined. “Eat me out, please.”

He looked at you as if he was actually pondering whether you deserved it or not. “Maybe if you beg for it I’ll let you cum.” He slowly lowered his head until you could feel his breath against your thighs. “Your pretty pussy tastes so fucking good.” He took a slow long lick against your folds. “Tell me to make you cum, Y/N.”

Josh began sucking your clit and slowly licking it in circles. He could tell you were getting close with how you were grinding into his mouth, hips jerking with no rhythm. You had a sneaking suspicion that he was never going to let you live this down but you stopped caring about how pathetic you sounded when you felt a finger sliding into you.

Josh was making such obscene sounds as he tasted you. Another finger to stretch you out and you were not too proud to beg anymore.

Shit! Please make me cum, Josh.” You were so close it was borderline painful. His mouth was all over you, kissing and tasting you in places you'd never even touched.

The vibrations from his moaning only intensified the electricity you felt in the pit of your stomach. Your eyes were starting to water now. You were gripping the couch cushion so hard that your hand was starting to feel numb.

“God, baby, feels so good,” you breathlessly whispered. “Josh, I’m gonna cum in your mouth, fuck! Please, please, please !”

Your legs were spread wider than you thought was possible. Josh was slurping you up and hitting your g-spot at just the right angle that your thighs trembled. You looked down to watch him eating you so ravenously that you wished you could record this moment so you could relive it forever.

His piercing green eyes met yours. Josh’s voice was raspy yet stern when you heard him say, “Feed me your cum, Y/N.”

You cried out almost immediately as your orgasm hit you, your legs shaking as your cunt squeezed around Josh’s fingers. You were screaming his name over and over as his mouth licked and sucked at your pussy eager to taste every drop of your cum. You were so sensitive and overstimulated but Josh looked so proud of himself that you let him have at it.

You could barely smile against Josh’s mouth when he came back up to kiss you letting you taste yourself. Mmm, he was right- you did taste good.

“So, is there anything else you doubt I can do,” he asked tauntingly, pressing his erection against you. “I bet I can make you cum that hard again.”

You let out a weak laugh and rolled your eyes at him playing into his game. “As if!”

Chapter Text

You had known Josh for quite some time. He was a friend of a friend. You’d never hung out together in private but whenever there was a party, he was there. He was always obnoxiously flirting but never making a real move to show that he actually liked you, so you never took it personally.

Today was no different. You woke up from your nap to a text from Josh asking to come over. You thought nothing of it until you checked the time. It was 4:20 on 4/20.

When he walked into your apartment you could tell that he was a little high. His eyes were kind of red and he was more giggly than usual. Whatever. You didn’t want to partake but you did have another idea for what you could indulge in together.

“Hey, you ever had a liquid marijuana?”

It was an innocent question. You weren’t into getting high but you loved a good cocktail and you figured it was rather fitting for the occasion. After insisting that no, it did not have any actual cannabis in it but it was still delicious, you fixed up drinks for you and Josh.

That was how it all started. That was how you ended up stark naked with Josh’s hands caressing your body and his mouth sucking on your clit, getting you closer and closer to your release.

You’d always found him attractive and sure, you fantasized about what it would be like to have him taste you but to have it actually happening while the room was spinning felt like nothing you had ever imagined.

“Josh, oh fuck,” you were gripping his hair and grinding into his mouth desperately. You weren’t sure if you were going to come or pass out but it felt so good.

He had been eating you out for what felt like forever but you weren’t complaining. Time ticked by so slowly as he lapped at your clit, licking and sucking you like you were the best meal he’d ever had.

After you had taken a few gulps of your cocktail, he made an offhand comment about how sweet it tasted. Your quick wit had you responding with, “If you think that’s sweet, you can’t handle me.” It was supposed to be a joke, really. You didn’t seriously think he’d want to compare and yet-

“Oh yeah, babe, I’m so close!”

Josh was full of surprises. You’d always known that about him. He was down for whatever, whenever. It was something that made him very attractive to you. So, when he stared you up and down for a bit after your remark, you felt a little anxious. What could he possibly be thinking about, you wondered.

His hands reached out to caress your back side. You were wearing a rather thin t-shirt dress sans underwear to lounge around in. You couldn’t believe how turned on you were which became obvious once he put one hand between your legs.

He smiled at you, a crooked shit-eating grin, before he pulled you in closer for a kiss. Josh was proving to be more intoxicating than the alcohol you had consumed. His mouth was eager and pliant against yours. His tongue was dancing against yours and you were now willing to do whatever he wanted right then and there.

“I am kind of hungry actually,” he whispered against your mouth once you were both on the bed, hands frantically feeling each other up and down to make sure this was real. “I’ve always had a sweet tooth.”

You grind into his mouth, so desperate for your release. He was teasing you, getting you close before slightly pulling away and kissing your thighs as you calmed down only to get you worked back again. You made a mental note to pay him back for that later if you even survived this.

Occasionally you’d sneak a glance at him while he licked at you. He looked so focused and greedy, like the only thing in the world that mattered was eating your pussy until you came into his mouth. The mental image alone was enough to take you there when you were alone at night but now that you had the real actuality of it? It was like nothing you had ever experienced. It was intense, sensual and unbearably erotic.

You felt Josh’s hands on your hips holding you in place. Your moans were high pitched and desperate, downright begging him to make you cum with every lick and nibble. He moaned into you as he sucked your clit fast and flicked his tongue rapidly.

“Oh, fuck, oh shit,” you cried out.

He groaned into your soaking wet pussy as you finally came, your body going limp. Your breathing was coming out in rapid bursts as you tried to come back to reality. He was smiling against you, his hunger now satisfied as you idly twirled a few of his curls with your fingers.

Well, you thought, he wasn’t kidding about having the munchies.