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I Offer My Name to You

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OIKAWA TOORU: childhood friends of Akaashi. Did not participate in Great Wars. 24 years old and a werewolf. Loud, cocky and childish but a good fighter. Pokes fun at Iwazumi often and is very protective of Akaashi even if he doesn't show it. 

  • Tōru (徹) - To Go Through
  • Oikawa (及川) - Reaching the River

IWAIZUMI HAJIME: childhood friends of Akaashi. Did not participate in Great Wars. 24 years old and a werewolf. Quiet, prideful and aggressive. Argues with Okiawa often and is protective of Akaashi, which Oikawa always make mention of.

  • Hajime (一) One
  • Iwaizumi (岩泉) - Rock (Iwa) Spring/Fountain (izumi)




“FATHER!” Akaashi scowls, slapping his father's hand away from the bowl. He hissed, as if it actually hurt, then chuckled. Yuto then grips the boy's shoulders from behind, kissing his son on the cheek.


“Honey, you know I cannot resist my son’s and husband’s cooking. It is truly a small piece of heaven.” Akaashi felt his father move from the left of him and to the right, probably to Akaashi's papa. Akaashi could hear them kiss and he gags playfully. He count 28 seconds before stirring the eggs. Akaashi stops, letting the eggs sit and cook a bit.


“Oh stop, you can’t even see us!” Touma, Akaashi’s papa says, probably red in the face since Akaashi could hear his father is cooing at him. He usually does that when papa’s being bashful.


“My ears still work don’t they?” Akaashi lifts the plate off the heating pad, feeling around the table for the large plate. His fingers grace the round curve of it and he dumps the eggs on it. A ding rings in the kitchen. He takes two steps back and a step to the left, feeling for the handle of the oven. Akaashi blindly reaches out, looking for the edge of the pan. He grips it and bit by bit pull it out, the smell of bread filling the room.


“How many times have I told you to use a hand cloth?” Father yells, grabbing his son's hand and putting the cooking cloth over it. Akaashi clicks his tongue, rolling his eyes at his father's unnecessary protectiveness, pulling the porridge all the way out as well, closing the oven. Akaashi absolutely detest porridge but his parents like it so he makes it most mornings.


“Bring this to the table won’t you?” Akaashi asks, standing with the pot in his hands. One of his parents releases the pot from his grip. Akaashi turns completely around, facing away from the oven. “Papa, which way is my cane?” he asks. Instead of him answering, Akaashi feels the cool metal of his cane in the palm of his hand. He frowns. “Papa, I am capable of walking.”


His papa kisses his forehead, his breath the scent of toothpaste. “You’re my little one, is all. Now,” he pauses and hooks his arm around his son's, the one not occupied with his stick. “Let’s eat, yeah?”


“You mean to tell me the all important Beta doesn’t have any work this early morning?” Akaashi teases. Most mornings, his papa wasn’t able to do much more than make coffee-for him and father. Tea with cream for Akaashi- Sometimes they wouldn’t see him until dinner.


“Yeah you’d think they’d have me working that much. Being that I’m much more organized. But noooo, I’m stuck training. Hmph!” His dad answers and Touma makes an indignant squawk, which starts their bantering. Akaashi smiles to himself.


Both Baba and Papa are betas of the 2nd linkage, first sector. In simpler terms, they lived within the area closest to the Kingdom and since the surrounding areas are broken into fours, they were the top, north sector or commonly known as the 1st sector. The first linkage would obviously be the Kingdom itself, called the Capital City. It takes a circle shaped and that makes the cities to take that shape wrapped around all sides of it, making it the center.


Their village is mostly made up of warriors and the best trackers. Along with a couple of persuaders. One of them, even with the protest of both his fathers, was once Akaashi. Touma does all the mapping and recording for the Alpha. Births, deaths, marriages and things of that nature was what his papa handles well. Yuto was a lot less good with numbers but makes up for it in brute strength, being the trainer of all warriors.


They aren’t Akaashi's real parents of course. But they’ve raised him as their real son.


“What’s your schedule today kiddo?” his father says with a mouthful of food. Akaashi heard a small slap, telling his papa is scowling him for it.


He touched around the table, finding the sauce and dripping it into his miso soup. “I’ve finished up the blankets. I’ve been meaning to give it to the children’s school. Shirofuku-san has also asked for those books so I must get that to her. And I think that’s about it…” he bit his lip thinking. “Oh! Oikawa-san got candles for me. They have the peach one and I must get it before it’s out!” Akaashi spoke quickly and almost to himself, clear excitement regardless of how monotone his voice sounded. Both his fathers laughs.


“Your homework is done? What did your teacher say?” Father asked, his voice tightening up a bit. No doubt his papa was eyeing him for his change in tone.


Akaashi had been removed for school, being that it was questionable whether it was beneficial for a blind boy to attend. He honestly didn’t put up a fight when the suggestion came up. But his fathers were livid. How dare you try to deny her education?  Touma had asked, but he was too busy trying to calm Yuto down. In the end, it made sense however. Akaashi couldn’t write on a straight line, he had no idea the positions of numbers in equations and he couldn’t read because he couldn’t see. It didn’t hurt any less though.


You are smart. You’ll always be smart. Papa had told him that night after he saw all the torn children books laid out in front of Akaashi. He hadn't cried since he was ten or so. Now fifteen years later at 25 here he was crying because he couldn't couldn’t read a book as simple as children’s folklore.


“I’ve finished. I had Oikawa grade the comprehension. Aced it. That’s as much as I could do though.” Akaashi mumble, stuffing more soup into his mouth.


“Alright. Go run your errands then.” His papa said. “Yuto can clean up the kitchen.”


His father let out a noise, but silenced himself. His papa probably sending him a look.


Tooooouma...” his father whines.


“If you can eat the food as fast as you did, the dishes will only take half the time. I swear to every soul in heaven all you do is…” his papa’s lecturing faded as Akaashi walked closer to the door, a small smile on his face and his bag filled with blankets.





Because their land was closest to the Kingdom, they lived a pretty good life. Domestic for lack of a better word. Other packs don't have ovens or lights and lived a more primitive life as the alpha would put it. They lived a simply more nomadic lifestyle. However, each linkage has a symbol and capabilities. Every Kingdom has linkages divided into fours; north, south, east, west. It it like one big circle, The Capital right in the middle. We are to the rest the world known as the Black Kingdom or Fukurodani with only two Linkages, the Kingdom and the 2nd Linkage for a total of four villages. Some have five, others have only their kingdom city. They lived in sector north and are known for the best meats, warriors and trackers. The closest neighbors, sector east are the best craftsmen, trading and tools. Anything once broken can easily been fixed by them. They say you can tell by how dry or rough their hands are.


Akaashi have never met another persuaders because he was the only one in his village but sometimes they had come for trading. Most however come the Red Kingdom, Nohebi. Akaashi’s sector is well mixed but the some villages don't mingle. The majority of Nohebi’s members are of persuaders, men and women alike. They are describes to be sneaky and always striking up deals. If they came to Fukurodani, they'd become hosts and escorts working in the urban inner city of the Kingdom. That's where most of the selling clubs and markets are. They usually have a temptress, sultry vibe to them. Although genetics don’t always play a part in abilities, many have bright, nearly unnatural eyes that were narrow and always seemed half closed. And then there’s Emerald Kingdom, Aobajohsai, who are known as innovators. They usually have very pessimistic or sarcastic remarks. However, they are skilled in planning battles. The Ivory or Date Tech Kingdom were known to be the best blacksmiths and had were all giants, no one shorter than 5’10 in adulthood. After The Blue Kingdom and Violet Kingdom, whose characteristics Akaashi knew nothing about, there are no sector divisions, just a more rural landscape. A lot less urbanized and “not as forward thinking” as the Alpha would say. His father just tells him they are smaller packs that don’t have a monarchy.


Of course there are outliers. We mixed and mingle. People fight to get into a certain linkage and others are mated into one. His pack has a couple of persuaders, and a few blacksmiths. Other linkages mix in as well. There are even some wolves that don’t identify with any of those four characteristics. He for example, am not a wolf. However, they have chosen Akaashi to be a persuader. Those that can leer an enemy to a vulnerable spot to have them killed. Rogues packs have filtered through, power-hungry. Wolves with packs do not mind rogues. However, when innocent lives are taken, Alphas will kill them off without trial. Akaashi has lead 42 Alpha Rogues to their death. 29 of their followers that thought they could escape and were shamed for running before death.


It’s a weird thing to know you are reason why someone is dead. You did kill by your own hand but there’s still blood on them. His fathers don’t approve. They view it as a dangerous and highly degrading job. Hundreds of years before, persuaders were simply use for childbearing or sex services. Only people of lowly status held that job. Then brothels had people making wages of it. Now, it’s a means of war, along with however else people choose to use it. And the Alpha bestowed it upon Akaashi.


Akaashi took it in stride. At least he had capability of doing something. They taught him minimal fighting skills. He had learned to lean heavy on all his other senses. To be able to register sounds and movement for a few feet away or tell who some was by their steps so he could defend himself. It didn’t matter to Akaashi who spoke ill of him. They always have.


From the moment two young betas found a silent, wide-eyed newborn in the woods, with only the wooden bowl he layed in and a brown blanket to match, they pack has always been weary of Akaashi. When the film of his eyes slowly grew thicker, worsening his vision at the tender age of three to the point where now—Akaashi only being able to see slight shadows and light—they didn’t trust him. A blind boy being able to walk straight, cook, sew without even pricking his fingers, Akaashi never belonged.


The boy is brought out of his thoughts when he hears the bell above his head ring. He had made it to the bookshop and didn't even realize it. Akaashi says a quiet good morning to the person who had exited. He clicks his cane against the door, feeling for the handle of the door before pushing it open.


“Good morning to- oh hello Akaashi-kun! How were you dear?”


He smiles in the direction of her voice, his hands fidgeting a bit. He did not need eyes to know the feeling of people looking at him. He tried to imagine the look. Some of anger, others a weary glance.


“Hello Shirofuku-san. I'm here to return those books I borrowed.” He unclasped the bag, pulling two books and holding them in front of her. The weight is taken from his hands and he could hear her shuffling about.


“Just call me Shiro boy. And thank you very much! Will you be getting any other books today? I have some recommendations I think you'll love! My little girl just finished and she thinks they are golden.” Shirofuku-san gushes and he laughed lightly at her reaction.


Shirofuku was the select few that dealt well with Akaashi. Being that her own child is lacking an arm, Akaashi believes she grew a soft spot for him that way.


“I'm a bit busy today so I'll have to decline. And father is getting a bit fatigued since I've been keeping him up so late at night to read to me.” He says, a bit embarrassed.


“Oi! Tell him he needs to buck up! Well I hold those books until you're good and ready. And that'll give the old man some resting time. Let me walk you outta here.” Before Akaashi could refuse, her gentle hand held his arm, leading towards the exit.


“Where you off to now?” Shirofuku asked


“I'm off to the school to give out these blankets.” He says as he motions to the large bags over his shoulders.


“I take one of those.” A voice from behind says while taking a bag from his hand. “And I got the other.”


He smiles softly, turning to face the boy he knows is grinning back at him. “Hello Oikawa-san. I am very capable of carrying those. You know this, right?”


“Of course. But what kind of man who I be seeing you carry such a heavy load?” Oikawa-san answers, turning Akaashi by his shoulder and pushing him to walk. He shouts a goodbye over his shoulder to Shirofuku-san, who gives a joyful goodbye back.


“And you know it's weird to add san to my name. We've been mates since we were crawling. You do know that right?” Oikawa said, his voice full of sarcasm.


“I don't always add it-” Akaashi starts.


“You do.” Oikawa says, voice deadpanned.


“I just wanna be respectful. You're just a brute so of course don't understand.”


“A brute wouldn't be this kind to carry your bags, Kaashi-chan.”


Although Akaashi has never seen his face, his papa told him that Oikawa-san was very handsome. Wipsy and full brown hair and bright brown eyes to match. Oikawa’s was pale and he had freckles on the tops of his shoulders. The girls fawn over how his dimples, they were to "die for." And although Akaashi wasn’t short himself, Oikawa stood inches above him. They have been friends since primary school. Oikawa offered to be Akaashi's guide and help him any and everywhere. 


“Ow! Whatcha have to Hit me for, Iwa-chan?” Oikawa whined as the other bag was taken out of Akaashi's hand.


“Because you're a bother, running off like that to leave me with all the hard work. Afternoon, Akaashi-san.” The shorter man greeted politely.


He was what Oikawa would call Akaashi's right. Hence why they always stood on both sides of Akaashi. Iwa looked a lot meaner and was stronger, as Oikawa described him. He kept a neutral face most of the time with a furrowed brow. He had dark eyes and matching spiky hair, his skin a warm brown.


“Goodness, how many blankets did you make? Surely there isn’t this many school children?” Oikawa complains.


“As many blankets as there are children. But you know not all the parents will accept my charity.” Akaashi answers. “Now stop complaining. You’re the one who took if off my hands aren’t you?”


Oikawa mumbles under his breath and Iwazumi elbows him in his side. “I cannot understand that. How come they wouldn’t accept something as harmless as a blanket?” Oikawa asked out loud. Akaashi shrugs his shoulders. The people here have never been honest and open with how they feel about him. But shoving him in the shoulders, supposedly running out of material or outright ignoring Akaashi gives him a good idea of how they feel. Akaashi was an outsider to them and why would they want a gift from someone they don’t trust?


They reachd the school and as the boys help Akaashi up the stairs he heard the front doors swing open. “Akaashi! Come in, come in!” The head mistress, Nana greets him. “Good to see you boys as well! Akaashi the kids have been waiting for you.” Her heels click and the boys and he follows after her. A wooden door creaks as it swings open. “Children, we have guests who’ve come with your gifts!”


A round of cheers from school children reach Akaashi's ears and he smiles. Soon enough hands around reaching for his trousers and tugging at him. “What do you got for us Miss Akaashi?” The child closest near him ask. The kids often mistaken him for a woman, calling him miss but he didn't have the heart to stop them.


“Well it’s not much but I made everyone heavy blankets for you to take home. And I brought paints and fruits as well. Who wants one?”






After an hour or so of gift-giving, Akaashi collected the now empty wool bags and folds them up. He feel a tap on his shoulder and slowly turn around. “Yes?” He asked, throwing the folded wool on his shoulder.


“Hi. I’m Mara. One of the teachers here. I just. I wanted to thank you so much. These children really do deserve such quality gifts. If was a very loving gesture.” The young-sounding woman gushes. Akaashi himself, shocked, blushed a bit at her confession. Her name sudden rings a bell in his head. Father told him how she had come here with a child. She was exile from her pack after finding out her husband was a traitor. Left to wander and become rogue, she was near death and found by this pack.


“Oh it is no problem. I give something to this school few months when I can. Actually,” his voice drifts off, turning around to the table near him. He felt around until his fingers reach the soft fabric of his blanket. Akaashi turns back and reach for her hand. He feel her flinch but she doesn't pull away. Akaashi places the blanket in her arms and smiles. “I had an extra one left over. You can have it.”


“Oh no I couldn’t. It’s a-alright-” Mara stutters but he pushs it to her chest, closing her hand around it.


“No. It’s quite alright. I have more than enough at home.” Akaashi laughs at her stutter. “Oikawa can you hand me my cane? I think we can head out and get those candles you guys got me.” Akaashi looks in her direction, knowing that Mara is still standing there. “Really it is not a problem. Please enjoy it.”


“Yes I will!” She exclaims, then after coughs, quieter this time. “Thank you again Akaashi-san.”





“Ugh, all that giving has got me tired and hungry!” Oikawa groans as he stretches. Iwa hits him, causing Oikawa to whine, which in turn causing Akaashi to roll his eyes at his antics.


“You barely did anything.” Iwa says as they take off their coats. Their shop was a lot warmer than Akaashi excepted. He taps his cane around until it hits the leg of the table. He reaches, feeling for the back of a chair. Finally his hand grasps it and he takes a seat. By the time he sits, Akaashi smells the tea boiling and smiles. Mint and hibiscus.


“So which candle do you want this time?” Iwa asks, his voice farther away. He was probably behind the counter, looking through the premade candles at hand.


“Well I would definitely enjoy the peachy, woodsy one I received the last time. It burned for quite a while and I can still smell it on my clothes. But now that the winter's coming I want something that matches that season. Something the smells… blue or white if possible.”


Akaashi never seen color in his life. If that makes sense. However Akaashi knows what white and black looks like because that’s all he sees. He knows that when he sees pure darkness when he closes his eyes, it’s black. And when Akaashi looks at something bright and light, it’s white. Colors that he learned when he looks to sun is red, showing the color of the back of his eyelids. But things like blue, pink, green, he don’t know what that is. Letters too. Akaashi knows not what letters that make up his name look like. However, his parents have told him what certain colors represent, how they can symbolize certain emotions. 


“I think I have one. It’s honey and some aloe. With a bit of pomegranate. Since that’s the fruit that grows in this season. It’s mother’s favorite.” Iwa says, places tea on the table. “Drink up, you’re getting cold.”


“Thanks Iwa.” Akaashi stands, talking the teacup in one hand and his cane in the other. “let me look at the candles on the shelf, yeah?” He asks. Although he's been in this shop a thousand time before, Akaashi still worries that he'll bump into something and everything will come crashing down.


As he opens his first jar and lifts it to his nose, commotion begins. The door swings open and voices begin to fill the silent shop. Akaashi guessed it’s the fact that he couldn't see that he's have never been to good with a large amount of noise. As a child growing up he'd cry to himself whenever it got to loud. Even now, he cannot stand it and depending on the situation he'll cry if it gets to be too much. It’s probably because one of his senses are rendered useless, Akaashi rely very heavy on the others. Over times they’ve become very sensitive.


“Oh Iwa, what special candle do you have for me today? I’d like one that reminds me of you!” The flirty voice belonging to Hana, the Alpha’s daughter. Akaashi was told that she has blonde hair—which she dyed— and dull brown eyes. She was very pretty and slender. Being a wolf with Alpha blood not only was she fierce but held grace as well. However she’s had a nasty attitude with Akaashi for as long as Akaashi could remember. He was always a freak to her. She even told many of the girls that he was a witch’s baby and constantly brought up the fact that Akaashi had no real mother or parents to be exact. But she was the Alpha’s Daughter with no one to rectify her about it.


“There are no candles that smell like me,” Iwa said, probably snatching the back of his neck, the sound loud to Akaashi's ear and a habit he does when he’s embarrassed.


“Yeah, wouldn’t want your homes smelling like meat and bodies odor anyway? I mean you do work at the meat shop.” Oikawa ask, getting giggles from the four girls and a scowl from Iwa. “Do you ladies mind lowering your voices? Akaashi is also in here.”


Although Akaashi appreciated Oikawa’s thoughtfulness, as the silence filled the room, he could feel the eyes land on his back. His face burned as he continued to bring the candles to his nose, inhaling the scents.


“Oh,” Hana says, sounding disinterested. “Well how are you Akaashi?” The sound of her shoes get closer until she rest an arm around his shoulder. He flinched but don’t move from her touch. “What are you needing candles for?” Her voice lowly and her breath is right against his cheek. “For you seances and spells?” She says, followed by an insincere laugh.


Akaashi laughed dryly, saying “I’ve told you before I don’t do that kind of stuff. You seem to know more than I do though.” He attempted to throw her arm away from but she was undoubtedly stronger. His breath hitches when he felt her extend her nails and dig them throw his thick sweater material.


“I’d been careful with how to speak to me. You know what they say; witches drown very easy. And the waters are quite cold this time of year aren’t they?” She whispers, her lip almost brushing the shell of Akaashi's ear. Sh removes herself from him and the air hits the sweat on the back of his neck. His fingers find his shoulder under the sweater, feeling her slight imprint. Touching it makes his body shiver. Akaashi was brought out of his thoughts when he heard his name being called.


“Akaashi your candles are ready.” His friends calls, missing Hana and Akaashi's tense interaction. He gets a tight grip of his cane, pressing against the shelf to guide himself to Iwa’s voice.


The rustle of paper bag sounds in front of him and he reach forward but just as his fingers brush it, it’s pulled from him. Akaashi friends, looking about cluelessly as the Oikawa snickers.


“A kiss on the cheek? Fair payment for finely made candles, yeah?” Oikawa’s asked with, no doubt, a cheeky smile. Akaashi face burns, knowing well that he is being stared at. Even if Akaashi can’t catch what the girls are saying, he'd be dumb enough to think it isn’t about him. “Earth to Kaashi-chan, I'm waiting.” Fingers snap in front of his face.


He sighs, stepping forward and clumsily and kissing Iwa's' cheek first who splutters.


“Y-you don't have to do that because of this idiot.” He offered.


“You know you liked it. Me next!” Oikawa says. Akaashi leans in to kiss him as well. However, Akaashi caught the end of Oikawa’s lip accidently, long enough to feel him smile no matter how quick Akaashi pulled away. Oikawa gasped dramatically. “Akaashi! Trying to steal my lips now?”


He huffs, snatching the bag away and turn. Footsteps back away from him and Akaashi makes his way to the door. “Idiots.” mumble under his breath. Oikawa and Iwa laugh in unison as Akaashi leave hastily.


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AKAASHI YUTO: father of Akaashi Keiji and Beta of the second sector. Did not participate in Great Wars. Werewolf/lupin and over 300 years old, appearing to be 30 or so. Lead Trainer of the village. Teases Touma a lot and reminds him that he's taller even though Touma's older Tends to be loud and bash, making quick but smart decisions. Calmer that his partner Touma when it comes to Keiji but just as protective.

  • 勇- Yuu, meaning courage, cheer up, be in high spirits, bravery, heroism
  • 斗- To, You meaning Big Dipper, sake dipper

AKAASHI TOUMA: younger father of Akaashi Keiji and Beta of the second sector werewolf/lupin. Did not participate in Great Wars. 300 years old, appearing to be 30 or so. The recorder of the village. Teases Yuto a lot and reminds him that he's stronger. More soft spoken and gentle but has a lot of dark power, more menacing of fiercely protective of Keiji.

  • 鉄- Touma meaning iron, 顛 - Touma, meaning overturn, summit, origin, 屠- Touma) meaning slaughter, butcher, slay (Has a lot of other dope meanings in parts but these were my favorite for this character)




USUALLY, Akaashi would wake right after sunrise. It's almost as if he felt the light streaming into his room, warming up his skin.


However, today he knew he had woke up much later. His room was fully lit. And even though it had snowed, it wasn't gloomy and dreary. His father would describe how pretty having the sun’s light bounce off the snow, making it glisten. The human's head was softly pounding as he throws his sheets away. Akaashi had fallen asleep with a massive headache last night. Akaashi guessed sleeping did nothing to cure it.


Akaashi headed over to the bathroom, shivering at the cool tiles once he stepped in. As he began to brush his teeth, he could hear the soft mumble of his father’s voice in kitchen.


“And where was he last night, Yuto?” Akaashi nearly bites his tongue when he hear the guttural voice pierce the silence of the home.


“Won't you quiet down? My son is sleeping.” Father hissed.


“At this hour? It is near three. Matter fact, I'd love to talk to him about-”


On purpose, Akaashi slammed the bathroom cabinets to get their attention. Both men stop talking and Akaashi took a quick breath, walking down the hall and into the kitchen.


“Good morning.” Akaashi says, slowing down as he reaches his dad. Once he grasp his father's shirt, Akaashi patted his shoulder. A small act to calm his simmering rage. The strain Akaashi felt in his body only confirms what Akaashi already know; he’s exasperated. Akaashi looked up in the direction of the other man’s whose knuckles tap against the table.


The Alpha, for as long as Akaashi could remember, has always been a big guy. Or at least he thought so. Akaashi remembered once, when he was real young, how the grown man had picked him up. It's silly to think of it now but Akaashi remembers vividly how long it took to get off the alpha's shoulders and back to the ground. That must've been back when alpha actually tolerated Akaashi.


Akaashi couldn’t see but remember how big his hands were and how wide his shoulders felt. That’s why Akaashi assumes he stands taller than even both of his fathers. Papa said he got a head full of hair that made him even bigger. His eyes were always squinted, as if he's always analyzing something. They were dark brown, adding to the intensity. Akaashi's father said the alpha was usually cleanly shaven but today he has a bit of stubble. Akaashi can tell because father doesn't have a beard and he could hear the scratching of it.


“Good morning Alpha. Would you like some tea?” Akaashi offered.


“I suppose. “ He says. Akaashi knows he's leaning back into the chair by the way it creaks.


“Would you like some help, honey?” My father asked.


“I'm alright. Seems like papa left some. I'll just warm it up. Cream and sugar Alpha?”


“A cream and three sugars.” The Alpha answers.


As Akaashi waited for the tea to boil, silence brushed over the three of them. All there was is the Alpha’s tapping and the hum of the heater.


Finally, the pot began to whistle and Akaashi took it off the stove, pouring it into three cups. A bit spilt on his fingers and Akaashi hissed quietly. My father would surely overreact, like he always does.


Akaashi walked slowly, setting one cup in front of his father and one to the Alpha. As soon as Akaashi sits down, the Alpha speaks.


“Akaashi where were you last night?” He speaks bluntly and Akaashi stop himself before he could sip his tea.


“ I told you he hasn't nothing to do with this!”


“Dad, at least let me know what's going on before we object.” Akaashi smiles, trying to act nonchalant about it. It's strange that the Alpha is here, Akaashi knew that much. Usually, he's whisked Akaashi's parents away when it’s urgent or when he had something to to say about Akaashi, relaying the message through his dads. He as much as possible, the large man refrained from interacting directly with the boy. And now he's here, talking to AkaashiHis papa has always talked badly of the alpha, it was obvious Yuto didn't want him here right now.


“Dimitri, the Gamma’s son has gone missing since last night. He is known for late night walks but is always back before training.” Akaashi's eyes widen immediately, worry bubbling inside of him. He was a good friend of Akaashi, a couple years older than the human and Iwazumi thought of him as a good fighter. Dimitri was one of the nicest men of this pack, ridiculously responsible. The idea of him wandering off and not telling anyone wasn't like him at all.


A thought spilled on his mouth before Akaashi could stop it. “Have you asked anyone else yet?”


There's a pregnant pause before the Alpha grunts out. “No one yet but -”


“So you came to me first? I wonder why.” Akaashi states, tapping his finger against his chin and fringing ignorance.


“Don't interrupt me, boy.” The Alpha voice turned stiff and Akaashi almost laughed. The alpha knew just like everyone else it was useless. As a human, that stern, little voice wouldn’t work on Akaashi.


“Sorry Alpha.” Akaashi lifted his cup to his lips, concealing his smile. Akaashi felt a hand on his thigh. He knew his father was both telling him to stop and good job.


“I was out giving blankets to the school early day. Then the twins had given me candles. I was home before seven. Right in time for dinner.”


“Is that so…” The Alpha mutters. The chairs scraped slowly against the floor and Akaashi can’t help his flinch, his hands immediately going up to his ears. He could hear the Alpha laugh lightly.


“Thanks you for the tea little Akaashi but I must getting going.” He said, not seeming sorry at all. 


“A-Always a pleasure Alpha.”


His father and Akaashi are left sitting and he could hear the Alpha putting his coat on.


“And remember, the Offering will be held a simple two nights from today.” The Alpha says, his boots slamming against the ground. Then the door opens and closes.


Akaashi have never witnessed an Offering. That reason being that it happens every time there’s a new Alpha and has to claim his mate, which could takes hundreds of years or so before the next after takes the throne properly. All he knew was every girl and Omega, must wear colors of the month the Offering falls on. It is December, month of the Tanzanite Stone. Akaashi have never seen the color of course, but it's said to be the purest stone compared to Blue Zircon and Blue Topaz.


The Offerings will be cleansed in salt water and all dressed in the selected color. At the peak of the moon, they will stand in its light. And soon, the Alpha King will come. The Beast only picks from the closest linkage, our village. It has been like that for years, a tradition. It's said that the Beast doesn't pick on his own human accord but it's possessed completely by the Beast when it chooses. The way we know the Offering is coming is when White smoke shoots from the city. The smoke then rolls in our linkage and starts a fog. It means the Beast has awoken inside the Alpha King.


However, the chosen doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the Alpha King’s mate. The Offering is purely a necessity for the Alpha. Why, Akaashi was not sure. It simply means the Chosen is deemed a belonging to the Beast. A satisfaction to the Beast’s wake.


His fathers fought tooth to not have Akaashi be an Offering. And usually the Alpha is all for Akaashi's lack of participation. But there's a tale, truth or not Akaashi did not know. But once an Offering had backed out and the Beast brought our village to blood and flames years ago.  


“I will not risk the fall of my pack simply because of some male.”


“If the Beast is smart, he won't pick him.” The Alpha had said, indifferent.


Akaashi shakes his head and squeeze his eyes close. “I am craving pie.” Akaashi says, attempting to rid himself of bad thoughts. His chest tightens as he remembered those words. “I'm off to pick some fruit.”


“The snow is not much but for some reason, it said to rain later tonight. It’s going to make a mess, I’m sure. It could ice over and it's said to become heavier throughout the night. Do you think tomorrow is best?”


“Once I get a craving, it can't be ceased by waiting. You know that.”


“Well at least wait with me till your papa gets home. I'm lonely.”


He looks over to his father, rolling his eyes.


“Hey! Do not pout at me! And if you keep rolling those eyes, they're bound to fall out of your head!”


“They're bound to roll out of your head.” Akaashi mutters under his breath.


His father takes a dramatic gasp. “And now you're mocking me!”






When Touma got home, Akaashi shot up, running over to his papa and giving him a kiss on his cheek. Not before stumbling and having his father catch Akaashi last second. His coat rustled, water running down Akaashi's arms. He was still warm though. Akaashi learned how a lupin's body heat adapts to temperature unlike humans whose stay constant.


“What have I said about running?”


“I’m sorry papa. I’m just happy to see you.”


Touma sighs as he hugs Akaashi, ruffling his hair. “It’s is good to see you too, baby boy.”


He huffed playfully, Akaashi slipping into his boots. “I’m 25 years old papa. You don't need to call me that.”


“And still tumble and pout like a baby. My baby.” He sing-songed, only adding to Akaashi's glare. “And where do you think you’re going? It’s cold out there.”


“To pick fruit. Pie is calling my name.”


“Well be careful. And I’ll help you make it when you get back. I have to get some to Victor because I lose a bet. And he’s in love with my food anyway.”


My craving. My food.” Akaashi says, throwing his bag over his shoulder.


Papa tsked. “Such a selfish child. You get it from your father.”


ehhh ?!” Yuto lets out an indignant squawk and Touma and Akaashi giggled.






The forest was in the boundary between Akaashi's village  and the Kingdom's center city. It is free to anyone in our linkage as well as city members. It is the Blessed Forest because of the fruit that never stops growing here. Even in the harshest winters, you will still find fruit that taste like it's been in the sunlight.


Akaashi actually liked it better than summer fruits. It’s as if it holds more of its flavor than usual. His hands become sticky by the time he was done because it’s full of nectar. It makes him smile just thinking about it.


Akaashi had memorized the path. His method was counting He has over the years counted his steps to 878 and he takes one exaggerated right turn. It was far out and at first his fathers were completely against it. But time and time again Akaashi proved to them he could handle himself. He knows he's there because Akaashi could hear the smallest splash of the stream that is an additional 109 steps. That also is not stopped by the winter. It still stays as warm as it would be in the spring.


Akaashi's stands up after picking his berries, dusting of his hands, moving slightly to the left by six steps. Before his last step however, his head is struck and he gasps, stepping back. Akaashi paused, collecting his breath as he set both his bag and basket full of berries down. Akaashi pull the sleeves of his shirt to his elbows and walks forward with his hands out. Akaashi touches the object and squeezes, the soft spongy texture meeting his fingers. His runs his hands all over then gasps. It was a foot. Bare and probably covered in dirt. Akaashi lifted his other hand and reach out so more and felt another foot. They slightly swung in and out of his reach. His body became deadly still beside the pounding of his heart.


Someone is hanging. Akaashi was touching someone who's hanging.


Akaashi quickly stepped back and move slightly to the left. He drops to the ground and his mind begins to spin.


A body. A dead body.  Akaashi was in front of a dead body.


He swallowed thickly, exhaling shakily and rumbles through his bag until he hands grasps it; some rope and pocket knife coiled up. The rope wasn't made of the thickest material but it was all he had. He stands back up and feels around till he touches the bark of the tree. Suddenly a strong breeze comes and his nose catches a scent.


Dead flesh, rotting and old.


Akaashi heaves instantly, hunched over and coughing out the content that once sat in his stomach. He's never been good with those kinds of things, even dealing with his own cuts made his queasy. His head spin a bit and in the moment Akaashi questions himself. His idea was to fling the rope over a branch, pull himself up and attempt to cut the rope the body was hanging from. But it sinks in that it’s almost unrealistic. Akaashi had no idea where the branch was. And even if he succeed, what was he to do with the body?


“A wolf’s body is sacred. We are born of the Earth. We come from the soil. Every wolf hopes to return to its true home.” Yuto tells his son as the tiny boy clings to him, Akaashi's arms around his father's neck, head right about his heart. “And when a wolf dies in his natural form, he will become one with the soil and flowers will bloom. Magnolia flowers.”


Akaashi gasps, looking up at his father in shock. Yuto laughs, his chest rumbling. “Amazing right? It doesn’t matter where the wolf is or who they are are per say. They will bloom. However, that flower means dignity. It the wolf dies in regret, betrayal of their pack or greed, horrid things, do you know what will bloom?”


“No daddy.” Akaashi answers back.


“A Rhododendron. It comes in many colors but this will always come in pink, it's like a horn, it’s the biggest at the end. Almost like a siren. It means beware. To tell other wolves that this person was bad and that they should not to die like this."


“What if you’re human? A lupin but you die in human form?” Akaashi asked.


Father sighed. “Well. The people of the fallen must help. We cleanse the body, whoever leads the cleanse must asked ‘Won’t thy rest in peace? Don’t thy body know what a true bed is?’ The human’s body will fade away and transform once more to a wolf. Then the flowers will bloom once the dead is buried. The body, a wolf’s body, was built to be one of the best. To sustain. To love and protect. It cannot be thrown away. It is cared for and treasured even after death.”


“And the ones that don’t get buried?” Akaashi asked quietly.


“Hmm... Their soul knows no peace. The will wonder. Till they find something to put that ease, even if that doesn’t exist.” they sat in silence for a moment. Then his father took his hand, opening Akaashi's palm. “Next time, I’ll take you to go feel the flowers so you know can tell what it is. How does that sound?”



Akaashi don’t realize that his crying till a sob racks his body. His chest heaves, the wind freezes his tears. He then stands, attempting to throw the rope up. He'd be damned to leave this person in this state. He would have never thought he'd be the one to prepare a cleansing, but he also didn't think people when around finding dead bodies in the forest either.


Surprisingly, after the third try, it hits some branch and falls to the other side, Akaashi pressed his feet against the body of the tree. It takes a few tries but Akaashi finally managed to get footing. He grunts as he pulled himself up only to slid all the way back down to the ground. He sighs loudly. This clearly isn’t working. So instead, he begins to yank hard on the branch, attempting to break it that way from the tree.


He knows he's got it when the body falls to the ground. He winced, muttering words of forgiveness. Akaashi gently stepped forward then bend to his knees. His hands are shaking as he reached out. His hands touch a nose, eyelids. They are closed. The skin is soft and slightly puffed out. The hair was short, matted and cold. Everything was cold. His hands lower. Their shirt is on. Then Akaashi's hand touches cold metal and I cry out.


Below the rope around their neck which Akaashi tore off, the metal was small. It was an orb with two beads beside it. Oikawa and Iwazumi had the same thing but on their wrists. Akaashi wears it on his neck as well. The only other person who had one was the person would made it for them,


So this is Dimitri.


Akaashi's hands fist his shirt and he's began shaking the still man. Trying to wake him knowing damn well he is passed dead.


"Come on, Dimitri." Akaashi hissed through his tears. "Wake up. Y-You're must... you must w-wake up-" He hiccuped, his tears dropping on his clenched fist that held tight to Dimtri's shirt, his body so cold and slightly bloated.


Akaashi's next steps were automatic.


He instantly picks Dimitri up. Surprisingly he wasn’t too heavy but still made Akaashi grunt as he lifted him. But it could also be the adrenaline, Akaashi's emotions going every which way which dulled some understanding and concept of the situation.


Akaashi at the river quicker than he thought and be back began to take his clothes off. He pulled Dimitri out and laid him against the wet soil, close to the water as possible. Instantly, Akaashi became wet all over. As he cleanse him the best of his abilities, Akaashi was grateful for the river. It’s as if its current and rush slowed down so Akaashi could do this as best he could.


So many questions were rushing through Akaashi's head. Why Dimitri? Did he do this to himself? He was strong and humble. He was very sincere and had an aura that acted like a cornerstone, holding everything together. His father, Gamma Haruto, was everything but that. He was harsh, Satan’s Mutt is what some called him. He was clearly abusive. Saw told Akaashi about his wife’s bruises. He had daughter, older than Dimitri, Diana was her name. She was supposed to take over as Gamma but their father was power hungry and said he’d rather die than let a female take his place. Diana got a good brunt of beatings till she ran with her mate to a different sector. Now all that fell on his mother and Dimitri to take those hits.


The Alpha said and did nothing. Oikawa-san insisted that Dimitri challenged his father so Dimitri planned to do it to after the Offering. And with how smart the man was, he was sure to bet his father by a landslide.


Subconsciously, the idea that his father killed Dimitri came to mind.


I wouldn’t put it past him.  Akaashi thought bitterly.


Akaashi's finally finished cleaning as much grim off of Dimitri, resting his hands were on the dead's bare chest and he bit his lip. Akaashi tried his best to recall what his father said to him, cleaning his mind of any other thoughts.


At first, Akaashi muttered that saying and nothing happened, he could still feel the the cold skin under his fingers. Akaashi grunted, saying it again. Tears formed again after the third time. Fourth. Fifth.


“Dammit! Dammit!” What is it? Was it because I wasn’t a lupin? Am I saying it wrong?


Akaashi sobbed as he cried out: Won’t thy rest in peace?! Don’t thy body know what a true bed is?


And almost instantly, the wind stopped, the stream silenced itself. A ripping sound tore through the air and he felt it. Akaashi almost dropped in exhaustion.


He felt the wolf’s fur. Thick and full.


Akaashi could feel a petal, throw the wolf’s fur. As he touched it, he smiled weakly. His hair was everywhere probably, his eyes were swollen and his throat felt raw.


But in Akaashi's hand a single flower; a magnolia.






It had to be night by now, well past sundown. His bag was on his back and inside was his basket of fruit. In Akaashi's hands was a wolf. He was heavy, so heavy his hands ached but he couldn’t stop.


As soon as he stepped into the village from the Forest, Akaashi could hear the gasps. It didn’t stop him.


In his time picking fruit and cleansing the body, the rain was light and slowly got heavy as the night continued. At first he was confused. Akaashi knew the wolves has a sharp sense of smell, so why couldn’t the smell the dead body? But he had realized the rain drowns out distinctive smells and mixes them all together. Even more so in a forest that filled with lush grass, animals and fruits.


Akaashi knew where Dimitri’s house was and didn’t stop until he got there. It was hard walking without tapping his cane about. He had to trust himself that he wouldn’t trip or bump the dead body. Akaashi doubted anyone would dare to stop him anyway. When he got to the door, he didn’t need to knock because it was already opening, Dimitri's mom stood, Akaashi guessed her by the lightness of her footsteps. Akaashi could feel her looking him in the face, one that was covered in rain water and probably looked a swollen mess because of how long he's been crying.


“...Y-Your son.” Is all Akaashi had said for her to sob, grabbing at her dead son's body. Akaashi bends down on his knees so she could take him from hid hands. She did so with a quickness as if it was nothing to her while his arms felt so heavy.


“Wh-Where…?” She mumbled.


“The forest. I had went to get fruits, he was there. Uh, he had been… hanging ma’am.” Another painful sound came from out her mouth and Akaashi stood, not knowing what to do. He simply bowed his head and bit his lip.


“So you cleansed him?” Akaashi is startled by Dimitri’s father’s voice. It is harsh and thick with an emotion Akaashi could not decipher.


“Yes s-sir.” he answered quietly.


“How did you figure that?”


“I was taught how to.” Akaashi answered back simply.


They then stood in front of each other in a tense silence. Dimitri's mother must’ve left because he can hear rushing within the house and her screaming out words of mourning.


“We will deal with what’s to come next. I thank you.” Dimitri's father same plainly and Akaashi bows in response, his upper body bent over in a bow as door closes in front of him. It doesn’t take much for him to know people are watching, the whispers to quick for Akaashi to make out but he knew they were about him. He sighs, turning and walking away, his footsteps unsure. He hadn't though to bring his cane so he was careful to try and not fall, weary of puddles and such.


A door creaks. “Akaashi?”


Akaashi spins, shocked by the voice calling for him. “D-Diana? You are back? Visiting I assume?”


She laughs but it filled with sorrow. “Yes. I had come baring gifts for my mother and Dimitri. But… ah well. Seems like I came at the right time.” She says, her voice shaking a bit.


"Ah, I see." Akaashi says, not knowing what else there was to say. She had just lost her younger brother. It was extremely unsuspecting and it must be a lot to process in such a short amount of time. Akaashi was barely keeping it together him. 


“I-” She paused. Akaashi knows she has bowed to him because the murmurs are even louder, shock ringing through the bystanders. Bowing is one of the ways to show the utmost respect. Besides kneeling or submitting. “Thank you! T-Thank you for c-cleansing him! T-Thank you for letting him rest.” Her speech is broken by her cries and Akaashi stepped forward, grabbing at her so she can stand straight.


“It is nothing. He was good. Too good.” Akaashi offers weakly, accepting Diana's fierce hug.


And with that, Akaashi headed home.






Akaashi bumps into Touma as he opens the door. His papa then pulls him into a bone-crushing hug before Akaashi could even speak. He can hear the older man panting in his ear. His papa collects his breath and releases it as if he’s been holding it for days. He had a cold sweat building on his forehead.


“Do you realize,” his voice was tense and heavy, “you were gone for nearly five hours?! It is way past dark! Where were you?!” Touma's voice getting louder as Akaashi quietly removed his shoes. It suddenly hits Akaashi how cold he was. He was chilled to the bone. Akaashi removes his shoes and wet coat, then opens his bag and set the basket on the table. Akaashi turns and he knows both of his dads are standing there. Waiting.


“Say something Akaashi.” Yuto says, his voice making Akaashi wince.


“I-” I gulp. “Can you smell me?” Akaashi asked, trying to test his theory.


“You- What?” Father asked.


“What do I smell like?” Akaashi asked again.


They both take deep breaths in. “Water. And fruits. Dirt too and a lot of it.” Papa says first.


Akaashi nods. He was right. No rotting flesh. The rain dulled everyone's sense of smell. I swallowed, his nails digging into his palm. “I cleansed someone today.”




“I-I was picking my f-fruit and. I was almost done and they- it was Dimitri. He was hanging and I got scared and I got him down. And I cleansed him-”


“He's dead? Did he shift?” Touma asked and Akaashi nodded.


“And I had to carry him back. To his house. His parents have him.” Akaashi finishes, heart slamming against his chest.


His parents didn’t say anything. Akaashi didn’t say anything.


Then suddenly Akaashi was pulled in. He stood in between his fathers as they hugged him.


“I am so proud of you. We're so proud.” Yuto said, his chest moved as he spoke. Akaashi nuzzled closer in his chest. Touma kissed the side of Akaashi's head repeatedly, offering him own words of encouragement. The boy was almost near tears but Akaashi didn't think he had anymore.


They broken apart and his papa cleared his throat. “We ought to go give our condolences, yeah?” He asked and Akaashi's father agrees.


They get dressed and they tell Akaashi forget about the pie and go to bed. As they walk out and as Akaashi bids the goodbye papa says this:


“Close the door and lock it. And don’t answer whoever comes and knocks. Understood?” Akaashi nods but he grips the boy's hand before he could close the door. “Understood Akaashi?”


Touma didn't want to say it. He knew they'd try to blame Akaashi for this. And Akaashi was smart but sometimes he was just to well meaning and aloof to realized himself. And Touma knew Akaashi hasn't realized what situation he's put himself in right now. Touma didn't put it past some of the villagers to try and find Akaashi, angrily coming to their home while they knew the two beta's were away. He wouldn't let them have Akaashi without a fight however.


“Yes… yes papa.”


Touma nods once more and Akaashi does exactly as he's told right after his parents leaves.


And Akaashi shivers, the tone of his papa’s voice stuck in his head till Akaashi falls asleep.


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Chapter Text

SHIROFUKU YUKIE: slender woman with reddish and hair and matching eyes, A sister-like figure to Akaashi. Did not participate in Great Wars. Owns a small book so with her mate. Is 40 years old appearing in her twenties. Childlike, likes things to be easy and fun. very protective over Akaashi. Good friends with Kaori.

SUZUMEDA KAORI: dirty blonde hair with grayish eyes. A sister-like figure to Akaashi. Did not participate in Great Wars. Is 40 years a old but appearing to be in her twenties, has a bit of a baby face. Also childlike but more calm, lighthearted. Good friends with Yukie.





THE next day was the burial.


In the morning it’s a silence for the family. They mourn and grieve in private and in front of their loved ones only. Their dead one. And everyone stays in their homes and hears them. It's a strange affair. Listening to your neighbor's sob over their dead son. Akaashi couldn't hear it himself, but the looks on his father's face tells him it wasn't pleasant.


Then everyone comes out, recites words to the family and leaves a gift for the dead one. When Akaashi go up there, his papa had told him the magnolia flowers were already budding. It made Akaashi smile. The boy takes off his necklace and asked his father to lay it in the center of the grave. When they were teens, Dimitri always made jewels and crafts such as these all the time. The same necklace Akaashi wore was similar to the ones on Iwa and Oikawa’s wrist. They all shared it as a token of their friendship. Now it was the gift they gave back to their fallen friend.


In his room though, Akaashi had is a stone. A swirl of purples and teals. Wrapped around it is a bronze wire. It’s another necklace and although he didn’t know what those colors looked like, Akaashi knew they were beautiful. It would be what Akaashi would remember Dimitri by.


After, everyone would begin to talk about Dimitri. All the good things that made him who he is. Which wasn’t hard. He truly had a heart of gold.


“I heard the witch found his body. Dragged him to his parents door and toss him to them.” Hana’s ‘whisper’ reached my ears, breaking up the human's tranquil thoughts. Akaashi's hands twitched as he could hear the girls surrounding her gasp in shock, some in disgust, others in horror.


“He was covered in dirt and rain and hardly even look affected. He’s not normal I’m telling you.” Hana’s claims and before he knew it, Akaashi stood in front of her, a scowl settled on his face. Hana’s yelps, taking a small step back.


“Do not speak ill of the dead.” He states in a low murmur, his rage bubbling inside of him, making his skin feel warm against the winter breeze. “How stupid are you really? You can’t seem to understand when to shut your mouth.” Akaashi brings his cane up, the handle butting with her chin gently but enough to spook her.


Her breath stuttered and for some reason, hearing that sound was so satisfying. Usually, Akaashi would be able to ignore her comments but today, he felt his blood boil. Dimitri was a good friend of his. He took care of him and Akaashi thought very highly of the older male. For her to think that Akaashi would mistreat his body, let alone be the reason why Dimtri's dead, disgusted him. How dare she-


Before he could say another word, someone behind Akaashi grasped my elbow. “Kaashi-chan, let’s go.” Oikawa said. “Your dad is looking for you.”


He moved his cane from Hana’s face as Oikawa pulls him back and in a different direction. “You alright?” He asked after a while. Akaashi nod stiffly. Oikawa then let go of Akaashi's arm and he was handed over to someone else.


“What did I say about letting that kind of stuff get to you?” Father asked in a gentle voice. He was probably walking Akaashi back home. Papa told them he’d be busy working with the Alpha for the rest of the day. Recordkeeping is what he’s good at.


“I know Father. I just… she said witch and I just snapped.” Akaashi answered back lamely.


“And what would have happened if Oikawa did not see you? Akaashi, are you alright?”


Akaashi looked up. He knew his Father’s face even if he couldn’t see him. His eyes are probably lidded with concern. Worry lines on his forehead.


Yuto has always been the one to spoiled Akaashi. He reasons that it's because Akaashi was his only kid. Whenever Akaashi would ask, Iwa and Oikawa would described to him what his parents looked like, how they were in the pack. His Father was more menacing. He was taller than most and broad. He overall darker features like his sleek black hair and dark brown eyes are a warm brown which could turn black a second later when was fussing. He’s easy to anger and acts impulsively. But he’s always been softer with Akaashi.


His papa was shorter. His hair as curly and a warm brown color. His eyes were a dull green and Iwa always said that he was easier to talk to, more level headed. “Your papa is who I fear more however.” Oikawa told Akaashi once. “He looks like nice but… He’s that calm kind of angry. He’s passive and silent. But I seen him kill someone for your dad before. He may be a little smaller and quiet but he’s deadly.”


“I… What do you mean?” Akaashi asked slowly.


“It’s just. You are very… analytical. You take your time. You’ve always been passive. Now, you’re becoming impulsive. It’s… not a bad thing per say. Just… unexpected.”


Akaashi nod, taking in his father's words. He has been anxious for a while. well, he thinks he's always been anxious but good at hiding it. His overprotective fathers tried to wrap him up and hide him over the smallest things. Akaashi tried his best not to worry them. But now that father’s said it out loud, he saw it. He could feel it. It’s like he was slipping. Going over the edge. Of what, Akaashi doesn't know.


I’d been careful. You know what they say; witches drown very easy. And the waters are quite cold this time of year aren’t they?


Hana’s previous words pop in Akaashi's head. His body gives to a slight tremble. It whispers once, twice, again and again. Like a promise.


“I’m fine Dad. Really.” Akaashi lied.





AKAASHI woke up with a start and the sound of the door banging. He tumbled out of bed, his knee hitting the floor, hot pain blooming against his skin. He hissed, blindly reaching out in front of him with haste. He grabs his cane and pulls down his nightgown. His hair unruly as he brushed it out of his face.


“What is it? Do you know what time it is?” His father asked.


“Bring your male.” The voice of the Alpha sounds.


“For what?” Youma barks. His voice, usually smooth as silk, is harsh and jagged. Akaashi could hear a bit of his Beta tone coming out, his voice a cold rage.


“The Offering is beginning. The fog is back.” The alpha explains simply


“It is much too early to begin." Yuto says slowly, his voice laced with clean confusion. "We do not wake until the moonlight is-”


“No. This is unam partem.” (single tribute). The tone of the Alpha, who Akaashi could tell had a balant smile on his face, made his stomach hurt, his skin itch.


“No. No. ” Youma roared and Akaashi slaps his hands over his ears, cringing as his papa's voice rung in his head. He stopped yelling and his voice turned to unclear whispers, harsh and face. Akaashi took in a sharp breath and began to walk forward, standing behind the wall in the hallway. It was dark though however so Akaashi didn't think anyone could see him from where he stood. Behind the Alpha, he could make out the voices of the Gamma and a couple of other men, probably older village members. Akaashi could only hear their murmurs and and quick responses made towards his parents


“You know better than anyone else that every female and omega is a part of the Offering. And I know the rule about humans, Alpha. You know what happens if the Alpha rejects a single offering. What happen about putting your pack first?” Yuto spits out, trying to remain calm for both his partner, speaking low enough to not wake his sleeping son. Unbeknownst to him, Akaashi was wide awake and very aware of what was being asked.


They wanted to get rid of him. Even if it meant dying if the Alpha rejected him. Even if it meant possible destruction on the pack.


“The females and omegas will be there, don't worry about that. But that bitch in there-”


That’s my son.” Akaashi could barely make out the guttural words his papa spoke. Youma sounded as if he swallowed a machine.


“He will become a tribute. Whether you like it or not. I have made a lot of exceptions for that demon child you brought in our pack 25 years ago. And every time, something goes wrong. Someone gets hurt. Dimitri is dead. As an Alpha, this pack is my first priority and she is destructive. She must be gone. The beast will decide if he wants her or he’ll kill her.”


And I will kill you! ” His papa screams but Akaashi could hear his father’s gentle protests. Akaashi knew his dad was holding papa back from doing anything he might regret.


“If you fight me, I will drag her out-” Youma starts and Akaashi finally has enough, gaining the courage to walk out. His legs were shaking and he could hear his heart race with every step he told. His cane was close to slipping out his hand, clicking against the ground ever so slightly.


“Well I-I’m here so there’s no need for dragging.” Akaashi fake a laugh as he step forward, hiding his fear as he walks. Akaashi cleared his voice from it breaking again.


“Akaashi, go back in-” But Akaashi interrupts his father.


“It’s okay. The Alpha is merely doing his job, is he not?” Akaashi asked sarcastically.


“Akaashi, go back right now!” His papa barks and Akaashi almost hesitant, taking a small step back. His cane is the only sound besides his papa’s heavy breathing.


“Papa. It was bound to happen. They were going to kill me anyway.” Akaashi looked up, reaching out for his papa’s face. “I know they’ve talked about it. We've all chose to ignore it but here we are.” Akaashi rubbed at his left cheek. He stands at from his bent position and sighs loudly. “I will go.”


Akaashi turned to the Alpha. “What am I to do?"




Akaashi was taken to a room where he was stripped and placed in a tub. It smelt of cinnamon and soil. Suzumeda-san rubbed his body with oils while Shirofuku-san cried as she washed his hair. Because they were mated they wouldn't be participating in the Offering, they were available to do the traditional cleaning.


Akaashi was to be cleansed and dressed in a white dress that was lightly dyed in the color of Tanzanite Stone. Whatever that looked like. After, We’d wait till the moon was just right and he'd be mounted to a post and essentially fetched by the Beast. Or, he’d kill me as if Akaashi as an Offering was offensive. Akaashi last request were that he'd pick who cares for him and that he'd get to speak to his fathers just before he am put up on a stick. The Alpha accepted them.


The room was quiet. Except my heartbeat was in Akaashi's ears. Shirofuku was still crying as her fingertips rubbed his scape. He sat up in the tub and turned her, taking her hands.


“Please Yukie would you please stop crying?” He begged quietly. Akaashi her a wobbly smile, gripping her hands. “I’m going to be just fine. Maybe this Alpha Beast will take a liking into me, yeah? I’m cute right?”


“He'd be an idiot not to. Y-You're so, so beautiful.” Shirofuku sniffles.


“Yeah you're like super pretty!” Suzumeda says and Akashi.


“Thank you Kaori. Thank you Yukie.”


“Aww man! As soon as you leave is when you decide to be on a first name basis!” Suzumeda complains and Shirofuku nods too with swollen eyes. Her hiccups kept cutting her off from speaking and she begins to laugh, becoming louder. Suzumeda joins in too. And the three of them soon are all laughing, tears in their eyes.




The great clock in front of them chimes three times. Shirofuku, Suzumeds and Akaashi all sighed in response.


They has dressed Akaashi and told him he looked beautiful. The shirt was long but stopped just at his knees. His arms and shoulders were out and he feel exposed, even if Akaashi couldn’t see it himself. His hair was as curly as ever and his feet were bare. Surprisingly, it wasn’t cold.


Both ladies took his hand and lead him out. Shirofuku stopped and rushed back to give him his cane, Akaashi thanked her.


When they got outside, everything was still. “How does everything look?” Akaashi whispered.


“Well,” Kaori starts. “At the back is everyone from the village. Oikawa and Iwa… they are with their parents. All of them are crying. Some villagers are holding candles. Then there are 96 Offerings. 84 women, nine male omegas, seven female ones. All in December’s stone color.”


“You dads are standing with the Alpha, Luna and Gamma. They are up front and of course they're look. Pissed. We’re heading that way.” Yuki added in. “There’s a post. It’s really thick and tall. And there’s a little step sticking out of it. That’s where you’ll stand. They’re gonna bound your wrists alone.”


Akaashi nods.


When they stopped moving, arms quickly wrapped around Akaashi right after. Akaashi already knew it was Father. Yuto’s body shook against his son’s. The older beta took the back of Akaashi’s head in his hand, pressing the boy’s face into his chest. Akaashi breathes in his father’s scent and finds mint and metal. Blood. Akaashi didn’t ask though.


Yuto pulls back, both his hands on Akaashi’s heeks. “Know that I love you. I love my little boy so much. ” He stressed. “And I will always love you, yeah?” He spoke with so much conviction.


Akaashi nods his head, his eyes filled with tears as he felt his throat constricted. He hasn’t cried this much in so little time since he was a teen. Akaashi smiles. “Never doubted it for a second.” He response after swallowing what felt like rocks all down his throat.


Papa came beside Akaashi and pats his head. His actions are smaller, more stiff as if he was focused on something else. He then leans down, his mouth is close to Akaashi’s ear. “If the Beast kills you,” he said, so slow and quiet Akaashi almost couldn’t hear him. “Me and your father have nothing to lose. I will kill this whole pack for you. Understand me?” The gentleness of his hands running up and down Akaashi's arms, contradict the words his father spoke. Akaashi shook a bit, either from the cold or the malice he felt spilling out of his papa.


Youma's eyes roamed Akaashi's face, nothing able to get the furrow of his brown and the deepened frown off of his face. It took everything in him, plus his husband holding him back from killing every man that step to his down, demanding that Akaashi come out. He breathes out keeping and Akaashi attempts to give the Beta a warm smile. Youma sees through that his son was scared, only making him pursed his lips more.


Akaashi nods slowly, swallowing his fear. Oikawa’s voice came into his head. “Your papa is who I fear more however.”


“I’m ready.” Akaashi said, turning to the Alpha.




Akaashi didn’t know how much time past. His hands were bound in front of him with a rope. He almost made a remark that these are just like the ropes around Dimitri's neck but he knew better, keeping quiet instead.


If he wasn’t in the middle of being sacrificed, Akaashi would say everything felt so peaceful. The whole village was quite beside their low hum of words that are recited at every Offering. His dads were quiet. The alpha was quiet. Akaashi stood on the post. The small ledge was for his feet. The post was so big he could rest his back on it comfortably without fear of slide off. The wood was cold against his skin.


Akaashi has had dreams of dying. The pack drowning him. This village setting him on fire. Hana’s claws to his throat. The Alpha’s boot crushing his neck. Since he was young, Akaashi thought he was gonna die a brutal death. And now, he was only half right. Akaashi will die a brutal death. The Beast is gonna rip out his throat. Or slice him open and disregard him. But Akaashi didn’t know them. They have no malice for him yet Akaashi would die by their hands. They won’t even know Akaashi’s name when they killed him.


Just then, Akaashi’s eyes popped open and he was pulled from his thoughts. His body jerked forward. The village chants got solid, louder.


He could feel it. It was coming closer, faster. The pounding of the Demon’s paws. His heavy breath. The huge, lean body dashing through the forest. Coming. For me.


A horn blared. A growl so loud tore through the peaceful air. His hands instinctively tried went to his ears but Akaashi’s bound hands stopped him. He cringed, the sound bringing tears to his eyes.


He’s here. He’s here. For you. A voice hummed in Akaashi’s ead.


His whole body warmed up, the sensation traveled to the very tips of his fingers and toes. And then. Finally. What had felt like forever. The Demon Beast was in front of Akaashi. Shouts and murmurs came from the village members. He could faintly hear the Alpha command everyone to bow. The post was big and tall and Akaashi he Beast had to be as well. It’s breath fanned his face, its snout was wet and rubbed against Akaashi’s kin. It made a rumble deep in its chest. The sound gave him goosebumps. Good ones. Pleasurable ones.


Akaashi’s head soon felt heavy, his face went slack. He felt unsteady.


His vision became even darker. His throat closed up.


Hana had predestined my death by tell me he’d would drown as a witch.


His death never seemed like something peaceful. Yet here’s am, as blissful as Akaashi’s has ever been.


“Thank you, Demon Beast.”


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Chapter Text

KUROO TETSUROU: alpha to the Capital of Fukurodani. Over 500 years old with the appearance of a 22 year old man. When a young man when he participated in the great Wars (the battle preceding over 500 years by then) and lead the war with his mother to put and end to it.

Current Appearance: young, messy grown out black hair (shoulder length.) 6’7 in his half phased Demon Form

Known Species: half demon, half werewolf/lupin (which technically means he’s human too, since you know, weres are half n half

Personality: mean, grumpy, sly, responsible

Other names: The Beast, King, Alpha King, Demon King


AKAASHI KEIJI: 25 year old human who has been selected as the Beast offering. Did not participate in Great Wars.

Current Appearance: young, curly tips of black hair, cheek length. About 5'10 or so. Pale, navy blue eyes. Curvy and lean. 

Known Species: Human

Personality: reserved and gentle. Observant and curious and very smart

Other names: human, Lady Akaashi, Sir Akaashi, Luna, offering







WHEN his eyes meet with the little male, Kuroo’s body demands to phase back on its own. both the wolf and demon have been sated.



The Beast has accepted the Single Offering; the first in thousands of years. Kuroo didn’t think his Wolf would accepted the Offering. When the Alpha of this pack told him they would complete a unam partem, his Beast was angered, not fond of the idea of being pushed into accepting something. Usually the Wolf would walk, sniffing and looking into the eyes of every Offering and that’s the way the Beast preferred it to be. The Demon within him was kept quiet. That blood didn’t care for matters only concerning his Wolf. It only enjoyed the idea of killing the Offering it didn’t want it. However, even if Kuroo killed the Offering, it would still result in Kuroo choosing another and settling. In his family lineage, The Beast had always settle. At least since the creation of the Capital. Every unam partem has been rejected and killed before. There is no knowledge of what’s to come when the Beast gets what it wants. Only time will tell.


Kuroo’s hand reaches out for the Offering as his body slouches away from the pole, sways for side to side as his eyes roll back. He falls over into Kuroo and instantly the alpha lights up. He flicks out his claws and easily cut through the rope that bounds the boy’s hands together. It irks Kuroo to see how his skin was bruised. The tan flesh was darker and blue around the wrist. Kuroo would have to have to remind himself to lick his wounds later.


The offering's face was full as were his lips. Kuroo knew he had been in tears earlier because of the red hue set under his eyes, the small smell of salt lingering. The color of them were shocking. Is was almost as if there was a fog trapped inside them. His hair was thick and curled cutely around his face. He was curvy yet slender and tall. At least more curved than the women Kuroo was used to. His skin was warm to the touch but what surprised Kuroo the most is the fact that he was human.


Kuroo looked away from his face and up at her village. Two small women come towards Kuroo, offering a cloth to cover himself with. Kuroo took it and thank them. Looking at the rest of them, they had lifted their heads and stared at Kuroo with anticipation. Their fear reeked and if fueled the Demon in him. He smirked.


“Who’s holds authority of this male and provides guardianship?” Kuroo asked loud enough for all to hear him


 Two men, both tall and stiff, step forward, away from their Alpha. This village has been the right hand to the Capital for as long as history allows. They had aided the Capital in battles and vice versa. However, this new Alpha that came into power 100 or so years ago has gotten on Kuroo’s nerves. It has taken everything in Kuroo’s power not to rip his tongue out. He makes up for that terrible attitude in brute strength and tactics in battle. His father was great friends with Kuroo’s parents. His last wish was for Kuroo to look after his son. Its the only reason Kuroo has yet to kill him.


When the two men reach Kuroo, their faces are grim. They’re both the same height but the thinner one gives Kuroo a look the startles him for a moment. His eyes are that of his wolf, a chilling grey. A beta , Kuroo think to himself. He steps closer to Kuroo and holds his hands out. In his palms is a stick, metal staff with a shiny handle.


“My son is blind. This is his walking stick.” His voice sounds of frustration and tiredness. Kuroo swallows his shock and take the staff.


“Take care of him.” Youma says after a moment. He was so angry, his hands balled into fist. It was his first time meeting the Kuroo Testuro, his husband having met him before when on trips to the Capital with the their Alpha. He’d probably regret what he was going to say next but this was his son. “I will come find you myself in any harm comes to him. I promise.”  Youma stops from saying anymore when the Yuto puts a hand on his shoulder.


“What is your name?” Kuroo asked instead of apologizing for his loss, his eye twitching at the threat. Youma had irked Kuroo with his blatant disrespect and Kuroo stilled himself from retaliating. Instead, Kuroo flare his nostrils at him, his eyes turning a bright and pale bronze. Youma makes no moves to bare his neck or lower his head, which surprises and pisses Kuroo off all the same.


“I am Akaashi Touma. Beta of Second Linkage, north sector. This is my alterum verum , Beta Akaashi Yuto, as you know. This is our only child, Akaashi Keiji.”


“And may I ask why this was a unam partem then? Instead of a traditional offering. I could have easily killed him and took another?”


Youma’s eyes burned an even brighter grey. Yuto’s grip on his mate’s shoulder tighten. As did his jaw as he stared at Kuroo. His breathing came heavy from his nose. Kuroo watch the pair with peaked interest then lowers his gaze down at the boy in his arms. He was very different from the two. Small and frail. Of course it had to be that fact that he was blind and human that he was not brought up like a wolf would be. But the gentle and clean aura that surrounded him made Kuroo wonder how it was like to be raised by these two.


“Ask that bastard of an Alpha.” Touma said, a bitter look on his face. I didn’t have to look Alpha Manabu to know he’s scowling.


“They call him witch, a monster all the time. I guess they finally decided to prosecute him.” Yuto spoke up for the first time. His smiling was chilling as he raised his hand to push the tendrils of hair away from his son’s face. Kuroo kept myself from reacting.


“Beta Youma! Beta Yuto!”


Two boys, holler as they rush over here. As they get closer, Kuroo felt his Beast grow weary. When they reach him, they bow.


“Alpha Demon.” They greeted.


“Raise your heads.” Kuroo asked.


 They do and they keep their eyes on the young man in Kuroo’s arms. The whites of them were bloodshot and he could smell the salt of their tears. They both held sacks in their hands, the material of aging wool. From where Kuroo stood, he can already smell fruits and cinnamon, much like the Akaashi’s scent.


“These were some of Keiji’s stuff. Candles and small things that he likes.” The one on the left with spikey, jet black hair tells Kuroo.


“He also likes his room to be very bright. Keiji understands what brightness and darkness  is. It’s best for him.” The other ones fills in. After, they begin to rambling on about him, telling me how much Akaashi can eat, his inability to stay still, etc, etc. If Kuroo wasn’t so eager and irritated to head back to the Capital, Kuroo would have found find what they were doing to be endearing. Right now however, Kuroo was holding back the urge to snap his teeth at them.


Beta Youma and Yuto laugh, interrupting the two boys as the ramble. “Come on boys. He can’t remember all of this!” Each of the beta ruffle one of the boy’s hair. They both drop their heads, hands clenched to their side.


“He was a r-really good friend. Please take care of him!” They both say as the bow. There are tears in their voice Kuroo can tell.


Kuroo knows they meant well for their friend. The human part of him could sense their sincerity. Even the wolf could hear their hearts and know they weren’t lying. But the Demon couldn’t help but be irritated about the males in his Offering’s life. It’s a selfish thought he knew but his reaction was natural.


However, he accepted their please and exclaims to the pack that their Offering has been accepted, watching them cheer back in response.







WHEN he woke up, Akaashi knew this was not his room. He was still dress in gown for the night before. It is morning since the light was brightly streaming into this room. Akaashi sat up and swung his legs off the bed. He frown then. His feet didn’t reach the floor, even with how tall he was. He slowly slid down, surprised by how high the bed was. His foot hits cold metal and Akaashi smiled, thankful they brought his cane along too.


So I survived. The Beast wanted me. He thought sourly. But somewhat grateful.


Akaashi grasped his cane and stick it out front of him. He walked until he reached a wall. He then proceeded to walk and touch the interior of the room, getting a feel of the whole room. Akaashi believe that the bed is the center. There's is a small dresser beside the left of it. If you keep waiting is the bathroom. To the left of that is the door. As he turned, there is a bigger dresser with a mirror attached. Then there's a window that’s on the right side of the bed. It’s a much larger room than his room back home. 


Home. He realized he's never been away from it. That village and that house is the only thing he knew for his 25 years of living. Most were to be married before that age and at his age, with child. Being both ‘evil' and blind, it hindered that ever happening to him.


And now I belong to the Demon Beast. And Akaashi had no idea what that meant for him.


As he fumbled to open the door, it always swings open. Akaashi lets out a small yelp, stepping away.


“Good morning Sir.” A voice, solid and light greets Akaashi.


“Morning. Uh... I was just.. My name… it’s Akaashi.” He reply.


“It is six in the morn. Would you like to caught up on more sleep?” The voice asked, stepping back to let Akaashi forward.


“No. I think I’m already. I am up this early anyway. May you please lead me to the kitchen?”


“Of course. My name is Kozume Kenma by the way. I will be at your aid. Your right hand so to speak.”


“And my eyes?” Akaashi added quietly.


Kenma didn’t answer for a moment. As Akaashi followed after him, he listened intently to the click of Kenma’s shoes, trying to size him up a way. Most heavy weight folks had a a different way of stepping compare to people would were smaller. Kenma was on the smaller size, his steps short and light. Akaashi also listened to figure how far he was ahead of Akaashi. “Of course. I have serve this family for quite some time. I am in Kuroo’s care and his order is to care for you. Your parents have informed us of your condition.”




“Excuse me. Alpha Kuroo Testurou. He is the Demon of this castle. He is the King of the Capital. You… now belong to him.”


“Hmm.” Was Akaashi’s only response.


“Here’s the kitchen. Later I will attempted to give you an official tour of the castle.”


“Are you a demon as well?” Akaashi’s asked. .


“Yes. Many here are. But we also have many wolves. The two species have merged ages ago. You probably know this being that you were in a pack full of them.” Akaashi’s nod. “I am a spectral demon. I have the ability to shift from one place to another.”


 “That is amazing.” Akaashi’s wailed, facing the direction of his voice. “What else are you able to do? I hear you have bigger forms as well.” Akaashi’s asked in awe, his excitement peaking. He had taken many trips with his fathers before, going to different villages and meeting all sorts of creatures. Akaashi would hold young dragons and they would let him touch their horns and snake-like skins. He has felt fairies and their spider-spun clothing. Most of the stories his parents read him were about the supernatural and papa would be there with, describing them in colors and words Akaashi could never think of himself.


Kenma makes a sound as if he’s shock by Akaashi’s sudden change of mood. Akaashi's stutters and moves away from him as he chuckles lightly and the human blushes, stuttering out an apology at his eager behavior. “No harm done. There will be time for that later. Now, we’ll have a maid come and start break-”


“Oh there’s no need for that. I can cook breakfast. Do you mind helping me?”


“Are you, and excuse me for this question, capable of making breakfast?” Kenna asked, his voice unsure.


“Of course. I’d like to think I do a pretty solid job. I just need a little direction since this kitchen is new to me.”


It is silence for a moment until Kenma claps his hand. “Well then. Let us start. There is going to be seven of us including you so…”






As he finish up plating the food, footsteps began to sound not far behind Akaashi. It has probably only been about two hours since Kenma had come fetched him. The demon had told him that the six at this table have breakfast away from the pack to discuss matters that are happening in the captain. Otherwise every meal happens as a pack.


“Good morning to you all!” A woman’s voice cheers as she asks Kenma for a cup of tea.


“Tea for me as well. Do you have mint?” A man asked after. His voice seemed more directed towards Akaashi. He stepped back, unprepared for anyone to speak to him.


“Um, well I think we do but-”


“It’s alright Lady Akaashi. I can finish this up.” Kenma offers.


Akaashi nods, following his hands in front, not knowing what to do next. He had asked earlier why Kenma calls him lady. He says it is not because Luna is a role only for women, but more so that it is after the Female Goddess. Akaashi’s has heard of her before but never in detail. It seemed to much of a honor to be named something that grand but Kenma waved off Akaashi’s anxiousness


“Good morning.” A deeper voice, doused in sleep sounded behind Akaashi. A hand grips his shoulder and Akaashi yelps, his cane falling out of his hand. “And who is this young man?”


“Manners you, barbarian! He’s Kuroo’s! You scared the soul out of him.” The woman from before giggles. Akaashi’s cane is picked off the floor and placed back in his hand.


“I do have a name beside belonging to Kuroo-san... Good morning.” Akaashi’s answers lowly.


Akaashi could hear a snicker in their voice. “You are absolutely right. I apologize Lady. Excuse my abrupt behavior. I am Tsukishima, Beta of the Capital.” His hand finds Akaashi's and they boy shakes it. He kept Akaashi’s small fingers in a firm grip.


“I-I am Akaashi. From the 2nd linkage, north sector. Son of Beta Youma and Beta Yuto.”


“Oh a proper one! They taught you well didn’t they?” The women says and Akaashi blushes, face on fire.


“Oh hush it Tendou. Must you speak so much and so loud this earlier in the morning?” The man scowls Tendou and she squawks. A banter ensues between the two as Tendou begins to smack the man. They easily remind me of Akaashi’s papa and father. It brings both a smile to his face and a pang to his heart.


“Well,” Kenma claps. “Let’s all get seated and wait for the King.”


At the mention of him, Akaashi’s heart races.


“He won’t be joining us today. Something grabbed his attention and he’ll be tending to it until lunch.”


Tsukishima informing us of the Demon- Kuroo’s absence makes Akaashi’s feel disappointed for some reason. He felt his shoulders sag as he sits.  


“Why don’t we start with introductions?” Tendou offers. “I am the Beta Female of this pack, Satori Tendou. And my mate is Ushijima, the Wolf of Arms .”


“What does that mean? Wolf of Arms?” Akaashi asked.


“The moon has gifted me with strength like no other wolf. Even in human form. I guide both wolves and demons of this pack in fighting.” Ushijima answers. Akaashi nods, looking in their direction in awe.


“That’s so… incredible.” Akaashi’s offer for lack of a better word. Tendou laughs in amusement and Ushijima lip twitches upward.


“I am Tsukishima as you know. The Beta to the King.” His voice is warm but stiff. He gives off a very proper aura to Akaashi. “You can come to me if you are in need of any information.”


“After the tour, I could give you some books. This pack is like nothing you’ve ever learned so I can show you if you’d like?” Kenma offers.


Akaashi shrinks instantly, stabbing the food on his plate. “Is there someone who, uh, can read to me?” His voice was barely above a whisper but these were all demons and wolves at the table with him. They could hear him instantly.


“You are blind, boy?” Tsukishima asked. His voice wasn’t mean or rude, but full with curiosity. Akaashi nods.


“Well damn. I simply thought you had a wicked eye color! It’s still stunning though!” Tendou puts in. Akaashi smile nervously.


“Thank you.” The human mumbles before biting into his food.


“I apologize for my error. I could easily read them to you.”  Kenma takes Akaashi’s hand and he could tell that Kenma has bowed to him when Akaashi’s feels his forehead on the top of his hand. It was an apology for elders and high members of society, a true act of vulnerability.


Akaashi blushed at his apology, stuttering that there was no need for it. The rest of the table laughs at him as he scrambled for words.







After breakfast, Ushijima and Tsukishima went to go and train with fighting pack members. Tendou told Akaashi she works inside of the nursery with all the newborn babies.


Kenma had so far taken Akaashi to the gardens, the stable with cows and horses, and the backyard. He then took him to the library, the dance hall and additional dining area where the whole pack ate. Each time they moved to a different room, he’d give Akaashi time to place his hands on the wall and move around the room. For the most part, Akaashi could grasp what the room looked like by doing this.


“Let’s go upstairs. It’s were people like Tsukishima, Ushijima and Tendou have rooms. Along with you of course. The pack members’ rooms around buildings that are attached to the Main House." Kenma spoke as he took Akaashi’s hand and led him upstairs.


“The Demon K- Kuroo-san lays here as well?” He says, correcting himself. Alpha or Demon king was the name Akaashi heard throughout the village. It took some getting use to calling the Alpha Kuroo.




“Will… will I have to lay with him?” Akaashi felt his heart pick up, his face flushing deeply.


Kenma was silent. Then he sighed. “The Master has told me nothing of your relationship. Last night, he simply laid you down and licked your wounds.”


Akaashi’s eyes bugged out. “L-Lick my wounds? Why?”


“A Demon’s saliva can act as a repellent or acid. A wolf’s saliva is a healing aid or antiseptic of sorts. Together, they both clean and heal wounds, while making the skin stronger.” Kenma says, also directing Akaashi that his room is the third on down on the right from the stairs and Akaashi tries his best to remember that repeating it in his head.


“It is an hour or so till lunch. What would you like to do Lady?”


“Akaashi is just fine. And… I’d like for you to read to me. If that’s alright?”


“Of course Lady Akaashi.” Kenma says, chuckling when Akaashi rolls his eyes at him.


Akaashi had laid down on the sofa inside the library while Kenma read scrolls of the history in the Capital. Kenma tells him about how it was first built, over tens of thousands years ago. Kenma reads off about many species of the supernaturals. From vampires to goblins, they all live in different parts of the Region, which is the plane of all inhabited dimensions.


“What else can you do Kenma?” Akaashi asked Kenma, sitting his head on his hands.


“Well, I am also a vampire. A hybrid who manage to survive after my turning. I don’t have the many great powers that purebreds do but they do come in handy. Also because I'm a demon, my urge for blood has lessen. I barely ever feed.”


“How come?”


“I…” Akaashi could hear the discomfort in his tone and it makes him regretful that he even asked.


“Forget I mentioned anything.” Akaashi smiled in kenma’s direction, hearing Kenma's hesitation. “We can-”


Kenma clears his throat. “Excuse my hesitation, Lady Akaashi. It’s… very hard to revisit. You should know that King Kuroo’s pack isn’t anything ordinary. Many of the wolves are made up of rejects, war torn families and… slaves.”


“Slaves? As in slaves from... from the Great Wars?”


“Yes, when Crawlers had gone to war. The Great Wars as you know them. Then bigger demons got involved and they used lesser demons, ones like me, for many things. Entertainment, target practice, you name it we did it.” 


“The start of the Great Wars was over... over a thousand years ago. You mean to tell me you're that old?” Akaashi wasn’t dumb. Akaashi couldn’t see him but Kenma’s gentle voice told him Kenma was easily older than Akaashi. His fathers were both around 300 years old or so but a thousand? Akaashi felt faint just thinking about it.


Kenma chuckles. “Yes. I’ll be… 1,021 years old at the end of winter. I was actually 21 when in began… Lady, close your mouth.” Kenma laughs at Akaashi’s dumbstruck face. “But yes… many of my brothen was captured. Sometimes, we’d go into an arena and fight to the death. Other times…” His voice faded off. “I’ll save you the gory details. But Kuroo, although he can be very menacing, he is fair. Five hundred years ago, he was 30 or so, his mother very old and they came into the fight. He saved many of us. From famine, from war. As long as you pledge your allegiance to him, you could stay. I own my life to him. And another.” Kenma added on vaguely. Akaashi didn’t push.


Instead, Akaashi smiled, reaching his hands out for the demon. That’s beautiful, Kenma.” Akaashi could feel Kenma’s cold hands link with his.


“When will I get to meet him? What exactly does he want me to do?”


“Well you are the Lady of the Capital now. The Luna to Wolves-”


“But I am not a queen. And does Kuroo-san go by Alpha or King?”


Kenma sighs. “He has technically been King for a long time. He relinquished that title a long time ago. Some call him Alpha Demon. The Beast. But those close to him will call him King and he gets very annoyed.” Kenma chuckles. Then, his hand tenses, shaking in Akaashi's hand and Akaashi squeezed in response.


“Someone is calling me. I will be back for you so we may go to lunch.” And with that, he vanishes between Akaashi’s fingers. The human gasped, forgetting that he was able to do such a thing.


It doesn’t take long for Akaashi’s leg to start bouncing. He was in a room full of books but he couldn’t read. Usually he’d be sewing as one of his dads read aloud. With nothing for his hands to do, He felt jittery. He never liked being alone for too long. Without any noise or people talking around him, Akaashi’s awareness of time and where he was weakened and it make him feel confused and lost.


Akaashi stood to his feet, sticking his cane and heading down the hallway. As he walked, He tried to recall the directions Kenma gave him before on how to get back to his room. Akaashi, confident that he have reached his door, stuck his hand out. But instead of the velvet soft door from before, his fingers were caressing m what seemed like a painting, running over the rough edges of the frame.


He turned around, heading down the way he came, Akaashi feeling very lost.


Akaashi swore under his breath once his nose went running into something


“Oh my. Who are you?” The light, airy voice asked. The accent was posh, something of royalty.


Akaashi blushed of embarrassment, bowing his head and holding tight to his cane. “H-Hello. I am…” He stopped himself, reminding himself of the new title Kenma told him about. “... I am Akaashi. Lady of the Capital. Please to-”


The man’s hand comes under to his chin, pulling Akaashi upward. This halts his speech, a gasp tumbling out of his mouth at the stranger’s sudden movement and touch.


“The Lady is just as beautiful as I’d imagine. If not, more that I could have ever imagine. My name is Haiba Lev. The pleasure is all mine.” There’s a smile in his voice Akaashi could tell. He took the human’s hand, facing the back of it to his mouth. Lev-sama cold lips pressed into his skin, wet and slow. If possible, Akaashi blushed harder. The stinger, Lev, gives a laugh, probably seeing Akaashi’s face.


“How is it that the Lady is all by here lonesome. Are you lost?” Akaashi nods meekly. “Well that’s alright. Let’s go have lunch, ya?”




As Lev walked Akaashi around, Lev’s arm linked with his, he told Akaash tales of the Capital. The dragons that used to fly over the city before they began to decline in numbers. Stories of how he fenced with Kuroo or the parties the Royal Vampires who host. Along with making Akaashi blush when he promised to take the human to one of Lev’s own parties.


“Do you know where Kenma would be? I am supposed to be getting lunch with him as well.” Akaashi asked when Lev finally took a break from his stories.


“You’ve met my mate before?” Lev asked.


“Kenma is your mate? He didn’t mention having a mate.”  Akaashi asked back, his tone surprised.


Lev chuckles but it sounds hollow. “Of course not. He’s not the most flashiest person. And he is so indulged into his work. You know when I first recognized him as my Familiar, he told me I’d have to wait because he was working. And after that told me he doesn’t have much time for romantics.”


“How harsh! He doesn’t seem like the type to say that.”


“Believe it. He’s much more serious than myself but... I don’t mind. I’ll let him be until he’s ready. Or until I had enough. You could say I like playing with my food before I eat.”


Akaashi blush as he towards Lev and the latter laughs as they reach the kitchen. There, Kenma was already instructing a maid on how the table she be set. His face was probably scrunched up by how harsh as he wrote, the tears the piece of paper he’s writing on, crumbling it up in his palm Akaashi could tell the demon was frustrated.


“You shouldn’t write on your skin if you don’t want to get ink poisoning. You could’ve ask for another paper.” Lev chimed, clicking his tongue. He pulled out a chair, pulling Akaashi down to sit. Akaashi thanks him, pulling up his pant legs a bit so it wouldn’t drag on the floor. Kenma yelped slightly as he turns to face then then growls at Lev. Kenma after greets Akaashi gently and Akaashi chuckles at his quick mood change.


“Lady. I’m glad you managed to get here without my assis-”


“Well of course he’d get here safely. I was with him!” Lev interjected.


“That’s what worried me.” Kenma mutters and Lev squeaked.


Akaashi then stood back up from my chair, heading over to the stove. “I’m preparing tea, would you like some?” He asked the two males.


“Yes, there’s some herbs on the counter beside your left hand. Will you roll that bread on your further left and put it in the oven. It’ll all be done by time everyone reaches.” Kenma directs him.


“You’re going to let a blind boy-?” Lev starts, sounding incredulous that Kenma would do such a thing.


“He cooked breakfast for the whole table today with minimum help. I think he can handle some bread.” Kenma says casually and it makes Akaashi’s heart swell a bit. As he made tea, adding tiny drops of vanilla, Lev questioned Akaashi on what he was and wasn’t capable of doing as a blind boy. Akaashi answers honestly, laughing when he could hear the amazement in Lev’s voice.


Soon after Akaashi could hear footsteps enter in the kitchen, the scraping of chairs as they are pulled. Lev got Akaashi mittens to pull out the hot tray of bread as he place the kettle of tea on the set table. He again led Akaashi back to his chair, sitting beside the human to his right.


“Lev! It’s so nice of you to join us!” Akaashi heads Tendou’s loud voice as she comes over to Lev, probably hugging him.


Queenie, you’re looking as youthful as ever.” Lev said. Lev had mentioned before that the meaning Ece, which is a nickname Lev gave Tendou, meant Queen.


“I thought you were on a business trip?” She questioned.


“Yeah. A business trip. You should go back. Now.” Kenma said, his voice blunt.


 “My love, you wound me. As you said, I was on a trip but the contract isn’t getting signed as quick as I’d like it to so I took my leave. My partners know to call me if the status of the situation changes.”



“Sounds more like you’re too lazy to bother doing your job.” Ushijima chimes in, taking a loud sip of his coffee.



“I have you know I take my job very seriously and I do it with pride! Hmph!” He pouts and Akaashi smiles imagining his face.



“Lev-sama, what exactly do you do?” Akaashi asked.



“You can simply call me Lev dear. And I work for the King in settling disputes and situations with our domain. Pack territory, rivals, etcetera, etcetera. It’s hardly any fun but it’s what I do well at.”



“It’s a very honest job. Thank you for all you do.” Akaashi bowed a bit and smile small towards him. Akaashi cannot see but he feel an arm around his shoulder.



“See! Someone here understand the weight of my job. Thank you for validating me. I’ve been blessed by the Sir himself!” He jokes and Akaashi stampers for him to stop with his dramatics.


“And you will be cursed by the King all in the same day if you don’t stop yelling.” A man says, his voice somewhat far away. It sounded beautiful though. Very rich and solid. Akaashi immediately sat up straighter in his seat. Chairs scraped again and he realized that everyone was standing. Akaashi does as well, bowing a bit.



“Good afternoon Alpha.” Every member at the table says in unison. The power of it makes Akaashi hiver.



“You may be seated. Enjoy your meals.” He says and everyone does as told.


At that, Kenma engages in conversation with Ushijima, which Tendou butts into. Tsukishima and Lev, who sit on either side of Akaashi, asked him questions about his hometown and his fathers. Akaashi sometimes caught himself straining to listen to Kuroo’s voice, which was as smooth as silk.



“Tsukishima, may I ask you a question?”



“You just did.” He said and Akaashi scowls. Tsukishima laughs in response. “Go ahead.”



“In my pack, the Alpha sits at the top with his mate. Then the children on each side, Then the betas and gammas. What is it like here?”



“Well. You are sitting directly across the Alpha. The leaders are at each end. It signifies that you are what holds the rest of us together. Then you only need one beta or gamma at one side of you. In this case, I sit beside you while the Wolf of Arms sits beside the Alpha. If this was a pack meal, then members who sit to the sides.” Tsukishima explained and Akaashi listened, completely entranced. He never got to seat at those dinners because they were special occasion at his pack and Akaashi wasn’t needed. But Oikawa told Akaashi it was a thing of beauty.



“Who made the tea today?” Kuroo sudden asked. His voice held no emotion to it, just a simple question. But for some reason it made Akaashi tense up.



“The Lady made it. He’s quite handy in the kitchen. He made all of breakfast today as well.” Lev-sama said, boasting like a proud parent. It made Akaashi giggle a bit.



“Is that so…” He said as Akaashi heard him take another sip. “Never thought I’d see a blind boy in the kitchen.” There is a laugh in his tone, as if he’s mocking Akaashi. He can feel Kuroo looking at him, as if daring Akaashi to say something.



Before Akaashi could answer, another voice speaks. “Good morning! Any why wasn’t I woken up for breakfast?” Another woman comes and asked. “Kuroo?”



“Because you sleep like a dead weight. I attempted to wake you but you refused. Also it’s lunch. Good afternoon.”



“Oops. Well try harder next time.” She demanded with a giggle.



“And who is that little boy at the end of my table?” She asked. Something in Akaashi grimace when she said little boy. It was extra words in her sentence that she didn’t need but used them anyway. “I am Fiona.” The woman’s sultry voice reaches Akaashi’s ears. She was smiling at him Akaashi I could tell. But it gave him no good feeling. “I am Kuroo’s.”



Something about the way she said that made me snapped. Akaashi wasn’t upset per say, more confused than anything. All day Akaashi have heard that he was Kuroo’s and now this woman claims to be too? If she is, then why am Akaashi here? Before he realized it, Akaashi cocked his head to the side and said, “No you’re not.” He looked up the direction of her voice.



“What was that?” The shift in her tone turned her voice to ice. Seconds late, Akaashi realized what he just said. Who was he, just to have just arrived and speaking out against someone he didn’t know? No one at the table response after her. It felt like they were waiting for Akaashi response.



He simply shake his head, faking innocence. “Excuse my poor response. My name is Akaashi.”



“She is the Lady of the Capit-” Lev-sama attempts to declare but the table sudden jolt, producing a hiss from Lev-sama and a mutter from Kenma Akaashi couldn’t figure out.



“Lady of what?” Kuroo rumbles. He tsk, the sound of drumming fingers against the table sounds. “One day here and you’re already making trouble and names for yourself. Hmm.” He hummed, and the constant drumming of his fingers had Akaashi anxious for his next words. “ I have declared you no title, so you will continue to dwell here with none until further notice.” His comment is harsh and leaves Akaashi’s throat dry and closing. Akaashi’s cheeks flush with embarrassment.



There was an odd silence after that. There was only scraping of forks after. Then, Kuroo and Tsukishima began talking about plans of today while Kenma talked to Ushijima about the groupings for training today. Every once in awhile Tendou would attempt to talk to Akaashi, asking him questions about himself. He give her one word replies in return. Akaashi couldn’t focus on the food in front of him or make sense of the conversations around him. His palms were sweating, his head was spinning.



Akaashi stood up from his chair, the chair scraping against the ground and his fork clinking against the plate. Akaashi pants quietly out of his mouth and although he can’t see anyone but he knew  they’re staring at him.



“Lady Akaashi are you-?”



“Please l-leave your plates on the table. I will attend to them l-later. If you’ll excuse me.” He then curtsy, spinning around and stumbling a bit. Akaashi blushes, wishing he had something to shield everyone from seeing his embarrassed face.


“Here you are my little lady.” Akaashi hears Lev beside him, placing Akaashi’s cane in his left hand. The human thanked the vampire quietly, trying to leave as quick as possible.


Lunch was a disaster.


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Chapter Text


TSUKISHIMA KEI: beta to the Capital of Fukurodani. Over 300 hundred years old with appearance of a 22 year old man. Did not participate in Great Wars.

Current Appearance: short blonde hair, sometimes has glasses on, being a were helps with sight. Face the neutral or annoyed expression most times. Taller than Kuroo in human form at 6’4.

Known Species: Lupin

Personality:  Tends to be more stoic, laid back and not easy to anger. Very loyal to Kuroo and the Moon Goddess. Because of his family’s pack with the Goddess, it makes me very protective Akaashi who to him is a product of the Goddess. When angered, it is massive and full cycle. Best to avoid it

Other Names: Beta. Knight of Fukurodani. Demon’s bitch / Goddess’s bitch


KENMA KOUME: Kingdom Aid for Fukurodani. Over 1,000 years old and looks about 28 years old. Participated in the Great Wars by being on of the races held capture, abused and used as a means of domination. But still, he looks pretty young. The familiar of Lev

Current Appearance: short and smaller. Not taller than 5’5 or so. Sharp golden eyes, thin and wide-eyed. Hair was once dyed by now is natural black color. His demon phase is pale blue skin, veins more prominent, eyes turn silver. He’s quicker in the form too

Known Species: a demon, more specifically spectral demon. Their powers are great but were used a lowly demons and supernatural in the Great Wars

Personality:  quiet and very observant. Silence can be quite intimidating. His anger is something to be wary of as well.

Other Names: Kenma-kun, pup, puppet


HAIBA LEV: Trader of numerous kingdoms but Loyal to Fukurodani, therefore to Kuroo. Participated in the Great Wars but not heavily. Only fully became involved when Kuroo's mother instructed him to.

Current Appearance: silver hair and bright green eyes. Over 3,000 years old and he’s stop counting. One of the original vampires and pure as well (has not killed from the vein). When primal (angered stage of vampires) whites of eyes blacken. For pure vampires, iris is blackened as well. Familiar of Kenma

Known Species: Pure Vampire

Personality:  Cheerful and playful. Sometimes is overbearing and has no filter. Doesn't hide his emotions because what's the point? Gets bored very easily. Isn’t quick to real anger but gets fussy and annoyed often. Likes giving people pet names.

Other Names: Butcher, Headful horsemen






Kuroo watched Akaashi go, his blushing cheeks against tan skin, the sound of his heartbeat. That little body wrapped up in the pale blue toga, the navy blue pants flaring around his slim figure. They were still in winter yet he didn’t look the least bit fazed to wear something so light.


“Such a cutie! Oh how I wish I was that young again!” Tendou comments, eyes bright as she looks in the direction of where Akaashi left.


“She looks like a newborn fawn. Blindly stumbling about. Which is more than accurate.” Tsukishima mumbles behind his cup and Kuroo cut his eyes at his beta. Tsukishima has always been this way. Pessimistic. Dark humor. And with no filter. Which makes him the most honest person Kuroo knew. He doesn’t care nor has time to spare feelings.


The woman beside Kuroo, Fiona rolls her eyes but keeps quiet, looking at her plate. She was to become Luna if Kuroo was not pleased who he found in the Offering. And because Kuroo made the assumption that it wouldn’t be his true mate, she was clearly in the winning. In history, an Offering was for two things: sex companionship and child bearing. Every female and Omega in that village was gifted with the ability to endure Lupin childbirth for the King. Along with that, only true mates can naturally endure births from the King. However, they don’t exist that much nowadays for any wolf.


Lupins in the King's lineage have more… harsh desire, more primal than any other supernatural being. However, Kuroo have demon blood from his mother. Which was even worse in terms of cravings. Demons are brutal, demand more bloodlust. And for many, their literally bodies couldn’t handle it. Even Fiona, who claims she is alright, whines and breaks at his pressure when they have sex. It’s a curse that has fell on the kings of this kingdom since the very beginning.


Those that are chosen has the ability to bear and endure the stamina that strong Lycans have. Along with the guarantee that they will survive childbirth. However Offerings only came when needed, when the Goddess declares the King needs one. His mother became Alpha and not long after his father, her true mate, came visiting from a far away land and not long after fell for her charm. So there was no Offering held that year. The Alpha before his mother hadn’t found a mate, choosing an Offering to bare child but never mated her. The King before that chose and Offering and mated her. Only when the fog rolls into the Capital do we know that an Offering is to be held. Never has a true mate also been an Offering.


Kuroo now can’t even think to lay his hands on Fiona now. She was a beautiful woman for sure. Porcelain pale skin. Slender fingers, legs and a lean body. Her eyes were like ice and her lips were blooming pink lady slippers. She has a river of black hair than never lost its shine. She was the embodiment of elegance and grace.


But she wasn’t Kuroo’s mate.


“Alpha, Beta, my I have a moment of your time? In your office preferably?” Lev says from his end of the table. He has his hand together, laced fingers, a knowing smile on his lips and Kuroo pressed his in a thin line. The vampire was always skimming something. The alpha nods, standing from his chair.


“Let’s go then. And don’t leave your plates. That isn’t your maid. Thank Akaashi when he returns.” Kuroo says, turning his back to them, knowing his Beta and Lev will follow. Before Kuroo could go, Fiona holds his shirt sleeve, looking up at him with a shy smile.


“No goodbye for me?” She hums, her eyes bright and wide. Before, Kuroo had promised her he’d try. He had saved her from a burning village. She had been the only survivor. The mate that she’d marry was probably in that pack. So Kuroo had promise to be the best mate possible. To be as affectionate as possible. It was something that out of his nature but it wasn’t hard with face like hers.


But now as Kuroo leans into her lips, his face flashes in front of Kuroo instead. To dark blue eyes. To tanner skin. To thicker blacker hair. Kuroo nearly flinched and his head tilts to her cheek instead, leaving a chaste peck there. “I will see you later, Fi.”


And Kuroo walks away, his jaw clenched. He knew the Moon was sneering at him, a smile on her face. She knew what she was doing. Years and years Kuroo bedded whoever he wanted. Or worked like a lonesome Alpha with no one to share this throne with. And Kuroo said nothing as he’s dealt with it. Now Kuroo put a queen on his agenda and She offers one to him instead? A growls scrambles out of his throat.


Well fuck you Destiny. I will no fold to your command. I am Alpha to this Capital.


I am a Demon and this is my land.


“Wow Alpha. I’m sure you could’ve gave Fiona a better kiss if you tired. You seemed awfully distracted.” Lev says innocently as they walked to his office. Kuroo doesn’t respond, not wanting to let him know he was right. Kuroo was distracted. By a little boy named Akaashi.


“What do you have to tell us, vampire?” Tsukishima says as soon as they step into the room. He’s favorite spot was the wall, leaning against it and crossing his arms. And today is no different.


Lev's face suddenly when grim, growing more serious. “He is your true mate, am I wrong?” He asked, looking at the alpha as Kuroo open a tin of cigars. He lit one, leaning back into his chair. Tsukishima looked at Kuroo as well, a small but evident amount of surprise on his face.


“Yes, but he’s still an Offering-” The sound of Lev’s smacking his lips making Kuroo pause, cutting his eyes at the vampire. “-He is no Lady of anything. You are to call him Akaashi and that’s that.”


“Where have you learned to put an Offering before a mate?” Tsukishima asked, curious.


“There’s nothing telling me I should proceed any different than anything other king has.” Kuroo simply state.


“But what good will that do in this case? For one, the consummation almost always happens right after finding your mate. Does celibacy matter to you all of a sudden?” Lev questions, one hand on his hip and Kuroo growls.


“What if I don’t want-?”


“Alpha, I could care less about who you are having sex with, but I know it isn’t Fiona. At least, not for a while. Since before the Offering. Her body is quite literally not made to handle the Alpha of your lineage. Let alone a demon. That’s why the Offering comes to you when the Goddess deems you ready to bring forth children-“


“I don’t know if you’ve notice but Akaashi is a human . Human male I might add. What makes you think he could handle me?” Kuroo stresses.


“I very well see that Alpha, but mates are meant to lift emotional burdens, provide support. This isn’t just a relationship of utility. You should be thanking the Goddess. She made it even easier being that it is your mat-”


“Don’t bring the Goddess into this.” Kuroo says. “I could care less about the Goddess. She does no good for me and She isn’t going to force me to do anything.


Lev’s expressions softens slightly and he sighs. “You’re mother-”


“Don’t-”  Kuroo growls.


“She was, is a honorable woman the Goddess loved-”


Kuroo snorts, inhaling the smoke deeply, blowing it out through his nose. “Oh really, if She was so great, how come my mother is crystallized, my father’s dead and I’m half demon mutt, huh? The Goddess is a joke-”


“Alpha.” Tsukishima spoke up, his jaw taut. Kuroo glances his way through the rings of smoke, clicking his tongue. Tsukishima comes from a long line of servants and Betas that have only worked to serve the Alpha. He was next in line to become Beta. He called it his destiny by the Goddess. His father referred to his family as workers and bodies of the Moon, Her People. It always ensured that the last person Kuroo had to worry about was Tsukishima but it irked him to his core what blind dedication the Beta had for a being he’s never seen. The only times they really bumped heads when Tuskishun would asked Kuroo to stop slandering the Goddess. His devotion and respect for Her was unnerving.


Kuroo brought his attention back to Lev, stubbing the little left of his cigar. “Akaashi will be treated well, you have my word on that. But he is no more important that a pack member. We will inaugurate him on the next crescent moon and tonight you can bring him to my room. He is only an Offering-”


“He is your mate. True mate. I do not think you understanding how lucky you are.” Lev mutters at the end but Kuroo heard him. “What about him then? Will you not give him the opportunity to experience what a mate is?” Lev asked.


“I have nothing to give him.” Kyroi grits out, already at his wits end.


Lev sighs, muttering something Kuroo couldn’t caught this time. He simply bows, his features returning to his normal state: mischief. “As you wish my king!”


“For the upeeth time, stop calling me king.”


“Sure.” He agrees and Kuroo rolls his eyes, knowing he’d heard it again soon . “And you’d like the Little Lamb in your room tonight? What of Fiona?” He asked.


“What of her? Simply tell her the Offering has arrived. She knows more than anyone else. Bring her that soap she adores if she makes fuss.” Kuroo responses. Lev and Tsukishima snort at the same time and Kuroo frowns. “What?


“Oh Alpha, how I wish I thought as simply as you.” Lev bows, hand on the door. Lev was a friend his mother had introduced to Kuroo and she made Lev swear he protected him till Lev’s last dying breath. “ This boy here? He is my whole world. All the seas, mountains, the whole sky. Protect my son for me will, ya?” His mother was so vulgar and had a sharp tongue. She was always moving and very unconventional. But Kuroo loved her and she loved him all the same.


As Lev stepped out the door, Kuroo cleared his throat and watched as he turned gracefully on his feet. “Yes Alpha?”


Kuroo at him, his silver hair the moved like a wave above his shoulders. He had bright green eyes and pale white skin. His smile was gentle and he stood tall and lean. Although he may not look like it, Kuroo knew this passive, aloof aura was just fluff, a facade. Kuroo has seen him dark and menacing before, nearly unrecognizable.


“I do remember telling you to call him Akaashi. His name isn’t Little Lamb.”


Lev’ eyes lower, the shade darkening slightly as he smiles. “ Of course, Alpha.”








Akaashi finds himself moving slowly, gently towards the sounds of grunting and skin on skin contact. He had rushed out the door, realizing that he only had socks on. They were completely cold and soaked and now were held in his free hand as his left held onto his cane. It wasn’t too cold outside, the wind barely there and the snow thin and soft. Akaashi’s toes were protesting a bit but it wasn’t anything he couldn’t handle.


Akaashi had remembered the way to the garden Kenma had showed him before. But even the feeling of bubs and petals against Akaashi’s fingertips couldn’t lift the heavy feeling on his heart.


He was missing his parents more than ever before, the bickering between the Oikawa and Iwazumi , the familiarity in his small town. Akaashi knew he’d never leave that place happily. But if felt like too much all at once. And now he was here for a man who doesn’t think much of him anyway.


“Little Lamb! Just the maiden I was looking for!” Akaashi is startled at the hand which came down on his shoulder, immediately stilling himself and getting a firm grip on his staff. Akaashi could feel the person, Lev, back away from him and the human let’s out of a sharp breath.


“Did I frighten, my Lady?” He asked, his voice dripping with concern. Akaashi grits his teeth, turning to him and smiling. If this was back home, Akaashi would have heard that person's coming behind him by at least a couple of feet. Akaashi have memorized the feeling of his fathers and their hands, their weight and texture like their were his own. But here, all Akaashi senses he has strengthened fell all out of order.


“I am alright.” Akaashi spoke once he steadied his breath. “Please… for next time please do tell me if you are going to touch me.” Akaashi smiles, try to calm his body from the slight quiver.


“Of course, Little Lamb. And where were you heading? And with no shoes, may I asked?” Lev asked after linking their arms together.


“I… I am trying to feel the floor. All the cracks and whatnot. Just to get used to a new place.” Akaashi says, knowing his cheeks were redden. Lev-sama laughs lightly.


“Well that’s an interesting way to do it. However, I mustn’t let you get frostbite so may I put on shoes for you?” Akaashi nods towards him, ducking his head in embarrassment. He then feels the vampire’s soft and cold fingers grip his ankles gently, sliding socks on just before the boots. They were furry feeling and hugged Akaashi’s feet and instantly warming them up. Akaashi didn’t even notice how cold they were before this.


“Boots made for a prince. And the right size too.” Lev-sama says after feeling him tie the strings tightly and tucking them in so the human didn’t trip. They weren’t perfect, actually a bit too big. But they felt good. “They’re made with elk fur. Now, may I know where it is that you are going?”


“I can hear people in front of me. I’m wondering if they were training? I’d like to practice for a moment with them!” Akaashi smiles, looking up in Lev-sama general direction. He could hear the sounds more clearly. The panting and slamming of what may be punching sacks.


“I don’t think… that’s the best idea. What fighting have you’ve done in your village?”


Akaashi shrugged,  blushing a bit. “Well, nothing too intense but-“


Lev-sama gives a belly laugh, shaking Akaashi little bit. “Little lamb, you may not know this but this pack isn’t no ordinary group. This pack is feel with ex warriors, slum boys and thieving children. All the rejects that no one wants. If they’re not fighting for their Alpha, they’re fighting for their pride, for revenge, for a home. And a little sheltered boy thinks he-”


“Lev-sama.” Akaashi says,  pulling a bit roughly at his arm to get the taller man to listen. Akaashi could hear his very slight intake, Lev was looking at him shocked. “I’m only asking if I’m allowed. Not whether or not you think I’m capable. Please lead me over there otherwise I can find my own way.”


Akaashi wasn’t completely lying. He did want to see— hear how these folks practice. But Akaashi definitely wanted to prove a point. To who or for what he wasn’t completely sure. But Akaashi wanted to let everyone know he is capable. He's lived to 25 just fine and through it have continuously made things adaptable for hismelf.


“Very well then Miss Akaashi! A lovely surprise I’d say. What a mouth you’ve got!” Lev says after a moment and Akaashi blushed, waving his hands in front of him.


“I’m- I apologize. That was terrible rude. Please forgive-”


“Little Lamb, I’m not offended in the slightest. You are very entertaining. It’ll be fun to see how much your presence will be bringing.”  He says, patting Akaashi’s head. He does not comment.


“Ushijima! I have a gift for you!” Lev-sama hollers and Akaashi could feel the people they were walking past, their eyes all over him. Heavier footsteps head directly towards them and Akaashi could tell by the sound it was Ushijima.


“Akaashi! It is a pleasure. And I wanted to personally thank you for the meal you cooked today.” He, just like Kenma earlier, bows and presses his forehead to my hand and Akaashi blushed fiercely. “What can I do for the Lady?”


“I came here wondering if you are practicing and if I could join you?”


“I… That probably isn’t-”


“Save it Arms, she will not be moved.” Lev laughs and explains to Ushijima what Akaashi had said earlier. And in response Ushijima does something that seems out of his character. He laughs, full and loud while clapping Akaashi on the back. He coughs a bit a the force but smile all the same.


“Well then. We have a newly crowned warrior, Tanaka. He’s a bit of a hothead so watch out. Tanaka!” Ushijima yells, making Akaashi flinched at the man‘a sheer volume. “Come on out I got someone for ya!”


Again, fainter and gentle footsteps approach the three of them. “Yes, Arms?” A deep voice asked. By the sound, he was Akaashi’s age at best, maybe younger.


“This is Akaashi. He is new here and from the second sector. He’ll be fighting you to start your rounds.”


“You blind?” He asked, his question directed towards Akaashi. His voice sounded sharp and bored. Akaashi stops himself from reeling back at the boy’s harshness.


“Yes. What of it?”


He smacks his lips, clearly displeased. “Arms, you aren’t serious-”


“But I am. Because he is. And hasn’t the Alpha told you before? You don’t doubt anyone. Now go, show him the circle.”


No one moves for a moment until a hand, neither Ushijima nor Lev-sama’s grabs Akaashi’s wrist. He hissed a bit, both at the abruptness and the force. Another hand holds them both back not long after.


“Do not just grab him as you please. Or I will spare with you instead.” Ushijima interjects and Akaashi give the man a look as a thank you.


The boy, Tanaka mumbles something along an apology before he takes Akaashi to the circle and he asked Tanaka to walk around it with him for a moment. Tanaka sighs but do as he was told. After Akaashi is satisfied with learning how big and wide it was by feeling it, the human looks at Tanaka.


“May I touch you?” Akaashi suddenly ask.


“What.” Tanaka says, his voice shocked.


Akaashi smiles a bit. “I simply need to touch you. For my own understanding. It’s yes or no."


“Do what you want.” Tanaka decides and Akaashi roll my eyes.


“That was neither yes or no. What are you, twelve years old?”


“Keeping talking and I’ll hit you before we start.”


Akaashi don't respond, placing his hands on Tanaka’s shoulders. He tenses up, holding his breath slightly.


“What? Am I that pretty that I startled you? You ever been touched before?” Akaashi teases, batting is eyes at the taller male.


He sputtering out of a response. “W-wha-? I-I don’t know how a little boy can tell me that. This is odd.” He mumbles towards the end


Akaashi shrugs. “not that odd for me. And Tanaka, I’m 25 years old. I’m older than you by five or six years, I’m I wrong?” Akaashi smirks, his hands running down to his arms. He was taut, arms full of muscles and veins. Shaven hair and a sharp jaw. But he wasn’t as big as Akaashi’s father. He was much more lean. But very tall.


Four years. I turn 21 next spring.”


“Well, I wasn’t that far off.” Akaashi’s pulls Tanaka’s hips into his, giggling when he hears Tanaka gasps. “ Kidding. Turn around for me.” He does as told and just as Akaashi thought, his back was lean and bones jutted outward sharply. Akaashi’s hands run through his hair, buzz cut running by his fingers.


“Okay. Let’s start!” Akaashi says, clapping his hands. He stands back a few feet. “Hey Ushijima, Lev-sama, we’re ready!” He yells to get their attention.


“Okay. You may begin at the start of the whistle. You’ll be fighting for ten mins. If no one is pinned down or surrenders by time, there will be a draw. If there is blood I will call it as well. No phasing to your wolf form, Tanaka.”


The boy snorts, the sound of his knuckles cracking reaches Akaashi’s ears. “That won’t be a problem.” Akaashi fakes a pout his way and Tanaka tells Akaashi to stop.


“Well then. Begin!” Lev-sama shouts and blows a whistle. Before either of them move, Akaashi could hear some of the pack members whispering, some asking Lev-sama what was going on. Akaashi knew they were watching. It made him nervous and his palms sweating. Some were cheering for Tanaka, others questioned who Akaashi was and what he was doing. Ushijima and Lev-sama didn’t answer their questions however. From what Akaashi could gather, Tanaka was new but he was a good fighter.


Suddenly, Akaashi’s ears twitched as he heard feet speed his way. He dives out of the way, rolling safely on his knees. He felt Tanaka loom over him, his hand reaching for Akaashi’s neck. He dodge the werewolf but his other hand followed Akaashi’s head. Akaashi’s hand reaches on and grabs tanaka’s wrist, twisting it. Tanaka’s tries to pull away and Akaashi’s used this as a chance to get off his knee and stand. Tanaka makes a sound of annoyance and Akaashi smiles his way.


For a few minutes, most of Akaashi’s moves were dodging Tanaka’s attacks. Akaashi knew by his response Tanaka wasn’t gonna take him seriously. The wold was doing easy, fast but vague attacks. He wasn't putting all of his strength into the fight, Akaashi could tell.


“Five minutes till draw!” Ushijima calls out and the shouting gets louder.


“Oh come on Tanaka! Ya gonna let the lil’ lad beat ya!” A person calls out and shouts agree with him.


That was almost like switch for Tanaka. He came at Akaashi quicker than before. It was so fast Akaashi couldn’t even dodge it by just moving out of the way. Akaashi lifted his arm, his fist went slamming into the human’s forearm. By the crowd’s reaction, it probably looked like a pretty bad hit. But this was a skill he had built up so Akaashi’s arm took all the pain, which felt like a dull ache, maybe less.


“Oh now Tanaka is getting serious?” Akaashi asked pleasantly


“Shut up.” He responses, going for Akaashi again. Akaashi had to stop himself from rolling his eyes. Tanaka was upset, which made this easy because he was getting sloppy but he had a lot of brute strength, which isn’t a good mix.


Just before Tanaka’s hands could connect with him, Akaashi’s foot slide between Tanaka’s. Akaashi presses his toes to onto front of Tanaka’s foot, then kicking the back of his leg with his heel. Like Akaashi thought, he went crumbling down. He swears as Akaashi gets down, slamming his fist into Tanaka’s thigh. He croaks and Akaashi jumps back, waiting. The punch wasn’t much. Akaashi’s hits didn’t have enough practice to hold weight so he knew he couldn’t do the most damage. But Akaashi hit Tanaka his inner thigh, the sensitive area tender and filled with nerves. It would slow him down for a bit.


“Two more minutes!” Lev-sama calls out and Akaashi wipes his forehead with the back of his hand. Akaashi smiles, bouncing happily on his feet to keep his body moving. It felt so good to be really sparring with someone. Akaashi’s parents taught him just enough to keep him safe and the Alpha of his pack wouldn’t let Akaashi participate in training. And when Akaashi would asked Oikawa or Iwazumi, they were to worried about hurting him. Akaashi had to settle for simply punching their palms instead. But right now, feeling the sweat on his brow and his heart pounding, Akaashi felt accomplished.


As soon as Akaashi heard Tanaka come to his feet, slamming his foot into the ground and how the cement split, Akaashi knew he was angry. Akaashi imagined Tanaka thought this would go a lot faster than it was going right now. Akaashi wasn't doing much fighting per say, but he was playing around and dodging all the moves that were practiced, solid hits. And these people watching, some of them maybe Tanaka’s friends, it was frustrating.


He takes a couple swings at Akaashi, one with the way Akaashi heard the wind pushed against it, were hard and heavy. Akaashi moved back and circle around him slowly.


But then Akaashi wasn’t on his feet anymore. A large mass slammed into him, knocking the human on his back. Tanaka had shifted to his wolf, his snout against Akaashi’s face and the growling right in front of him. Akaashi laid there, still as he looked up to Tanaka. A small fear brew up inside Akaashi but he tried to remain focused on his breathing.


Noise ensues beyond them. Ushijima is yelling at Tanaka, his voice getting stronger and stronger as he reached the two. It’s only a few seconds until the large weight is off on Akaashi with the werewolf’s paw are off his chest and he sat up, coughing roughly.


“What the hell happened to not shifting, Tanaka?” A slap resonances and Akaashi knew Ushijima had hit him. The human stands to his feet, slightly trembling as he makes his way over.


“Ushijima please. He didn’t do anything wrong. I was the one who did ask to fight-“


“Lady, please. Tanaka is in need of control. There is no need to justify his ill behavior.”


“And just what was that?” Ushijima stops speaking at the sound of Kuroo’s voice. Akaashi turns fully towards it, his hands gripping his shirt. “Just what the hell happened to him?” Kuroo asked, referring to Akaashi.


Akaashi must’ve been a sight. His shirt was probably a bit torn and covered in dirt his hair was curled all around my forehead and cheeks from rolling around in the ring. Akaashi had no shoes on and they lost feeling a while ago.


“A blind boy attempting to fight a wolf. Does that sound right to any of you?” Now he stood in front of Akaashi, his voice thick and loud. Akaashi’s face was directly at his chest. He could feel Kuroo’s massive body, the heat radiating off of him.


“No Alpha.” Many people responded back.


“The Offering is fighting a wolf! Does that sound right to any of you?!” He repeats in a louder voice and there were sounds of wonder coming from the group. Their hesitancy and tense behavior was evident. In the shuffling of their feet, the panting and small gasps Akaashi could hear from behind him. He couldn't tell whether this was fear or respect for the man in front of Akaashi


Their alpha.


“Then why the hell is Akaashi in the court?!”


Akaashi snapped out of his own thoughts, looking up in Kuroo’s direction. “Please ask me instead. I am the one who demanded I be trained with.” Akaashi spoke up before anyone else could.


“Okay then.” Kuroo responded. Akaashi’s could feel the alpha right in front of his face, Kuroo bending to Akaashi’s height. “Why the hell are you in my court?” He said, nearly yelling at Akaashi.


“I was simply practicing on sharpening some skills. Ushijima and Lev-sama warned me but I did not heed to it. If you have problem-“


“Oh I’ve got a problem.” His voice dropped and if possible, he got closer. “You’re my goods. I don’t need you damaging yourself before I’ve had my way with you, go it?”


They way he spoke made Akaashi’s lip curl of a bit.


“Your goods?” The human mumbled, but with how close Kuroo was, Akaashi knew he heard.


“Yes and if you know what’s good for you, you’ll know your place.” He straightened himself out again, probably towards the fighters. Kuroo began talking but Akaashi couldn’t hear him. Blood was rushing in Akaashi’s ears, it was also like his heartbeat was pounding in them. His fists were balled up as he barely registered Kuroo brushing past him.


“He is useless! That little boy will never amount to much as a human in a lupin village, let alone a blind one!” The village Alpha roared at Akaashi’s fathers, his face so red in angry. Akaashi was hidden, behind the wall listening to everything.


“I’m not asking you all of that! I’m asking whether or not you will mark my son as a pack member! He’s eight and likes to explore. I need people to know what pack he’s from.” Akaashi’s father yelled, his usually cheery voice hoarse and blunt.


Alpha sighed. “I’m trying to help you. Get rid of him. See if he’ll sell for goods. Auction him to the Capital-”


“Over my dead body! He is mine and I will keep him!” My papa gritted out.


The Alpha smacked his lips in return. “Well over my dead body will he ever been a member of this pack. Keep him if you want but if he gets in my way, I’ll end him myself.”


“Akaashi? Are you alright dear?” The boy is startled, gasping and stepping away from the hands that gripped his shoulders. It was Lev, probably looking at Akaashi with eyes filled with concern.


“Uh- yeah uh- yes, yes I’m fine.” Akaashi brings his hand up to wipe his face and realized he’s been crying, his face stained with tears. “I’m fine.” He mumble again, his eyes casted in the direction of his hands


“Oh sweetheart.” Let’s get you a warm bath and some tea.”


Akaashi nods numbly, feeling his hands throb with how hard they were previously clenched.


“M-May I have my cane, please?” He mumbles, fingers squeezing and releasing over on themselves until Lev-sama places Akaashi’s ane in his hands.


Once Kuroo stops speaking, Akaashi moves away from Lev despite his small protest.


“Hello again.” Akaashi says, twirling his staff nervously. He could feel all their eyes on him again; taking in my muddy outfit and swollen eyes. He bows, his stream of tears overflowing again.


“Idiot. Foolish boy.”


“Thank you. T-thank for your time. Thank you Arms. Thank you Tanaka for sparring with me.” Akaashi's bottom lip trembled as he stood and turned, extending his hand towards Lev to bring him back into the house.


Useless boy.


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Chapter Text



Three Levels:


Pure Ones: Technically watch you would call a dhampir, since the are not turned, they are borned or created. A little unclear about where these motherfuckers came from… whelp (maybe we will find out!!! muhaaha!) In quicker terms, immortal beings sustained by blood. Ones that have never drunk from the vein (so the FIRST vampire(s)) or never killed from the vein. They are seen as nobles, not many of them. Most pure vampire’s eyes are green or blue, sometimes grey.  Very Strong and if they gain enough power, can phase (travel from one place to another. Not their specialty though). Their blood is a darker red and thicker than a human’s.


Quick facts: They can’t enter any home with an invitation, sunlight or high light exposure can be used a punishment. Iron and miasma are fatal in large doses. Manipulation is the strong suit of all vampires. Strong vampires can manipulate large groups or even other vampires. The purer the vampire, the stronger and more verse the compulsion is.


Mediums: Turned vampires that have drunk but haven’t killed from the veil. The mediums are usually used reinforcements/army in wars. They are slightly stronger than those turned depending. They aren’t fallen but closer to a fallen/forsaken vampire just because they weren’t turned naturally. Their eyes are permanently red. Their blood is like a Pure One.


Fallen or Forsaken: Vampires that have killed from the veil. Driven with bloodlust, pushing them to insanity. Sometimes a fallen can be redeemed but is weaker than a Medium. And if it doesn’t happen right after the kill, it’s useless to save them. Fallen/Forsaken are usually used as test dummies or minions. Treated poorly. Their blood is a dark purple and whites of their eyes are blackened and eyes are permanently red but irises are much smaller. This is a sin for murder of draining someone to death.


DEATH: Beheading, complete heart removal or total blood loss. Again, iron and miasma in big ass doses. Don’t do the cross and garlic shit because it will piss them off and they will kill you. Stake to heart? No sweetheart. Also, pure ones are really hard to kill so usually someone of higher power (Demons, Mystics or THE Goddess herself) can kill them


Fated Mates: yes, known as their familiar. Recognized by sight.



Three Levels:


King’s blood: For thousands of years, the Goddess has had kings rule over wolves. There were nations, six of them in total: Aboajosai, Date Tech, Fukurodani, Karasuno, Nekoma and Shiratorizawa. With every king is a passing of power given by the Goddess herself. While some believe heavily in the Goddess, others do not, so practices differ from kingdom to kingdom. The Goddess has a particular reason that all kings find a mate via Offering. And although Kuroo’s mother took the throne by force, technically not in relation to the kingdom in any form, the Goddess as very fought of her strength, blessing her as well.


Servant’s blood: Tsukishima and Ushijima are two examples of servant’s blood. Not every beta is a servant of the Goddess and not every pack has a Wolf of Arms. Oracles would be another example of servants to the Goddess. They act as Her arms, legs, eyes in the human wolf. They have strength that could rival a King and usually are very loyal to the Goddess.


Werewolves: humans that usually are packed together, sharing a soul bond with their wolf. The bond happens in their teens, where they shift for the first time, gaining strong senses, speed and power. Extremely territorial, like the ability to be free but also very family orientated, never straying to far from pack. Pack can be by blood or loyalty, it is all the same to a wolf. They bow to the moon who is an alive deity. They grown weaker in an eclipse, strongest in the winter solstice since it’s the longest night of the year. Peak in the blood moon. Hierarchy is the Alpha, which isn’t always king. There are packs the govern without king’s blood or in Fukurodani, Kuroo is alpha with king’s blood but Akaashi have an alpha the ran his small villages, and his fathers were betas of the village. So it’s Alpha, Luna, Beta (one or more), Gamma (not common, usually just high position soldier) and omegas (omegas are declared by their lack of strength and or new members of the pack that were taken in)


DEATH: Killed by beheading, complete blood loss and fatal hit to the jugular. Iron and miasma is also toxic for regular wolves. It’s really hard to kill of wolf of King’s or servant’s blood. You could possible kill a young wolf if you snap their neck.


Fated Mates: Yes. instantly recognized in wolf form, or by eye sight. Rarely however in recent years. A alterum verum, latin for true mate, is something a wolf wants to protect at all cost.






AGAIN, Kuroo finds himself watching Akaashi leave, Lev wrapping a robe over his frame as he led Akaashi inside, not forgetting to throw the alpha a heated glare from over his shoulders.


Kuroo grits his teeth, turning back to pack members in front of him. The group of abandoned, orphaned rogues seemed to grow everytime he blink. First it was the eldest group of seven, who had been there since before Kuroo became Alpha. Wanderers from the east who risk saving him and his mother. As soon as Kuroo took over he had invited them (without a real choice) to join his pack.


The newest pair was Tanaka Ryunosuke and his older sister Saeko. She was only slightly more well mannered than the former, otherwise she was exactly the same as Ryu. While she eagerly wanted to join the pack to make herself useful, Tanaka was bitterly hesitant, anxious and resentful. He liked to pick fights and should that he was top dog, which came to kick him in the ass.


Kuroo understood it though. The had loss their mother on their march over here, two wandering children forced to wander aimlessly, farther and farther from their small home of Miyagi. Their village and its people reduced to ruin. The came to Kuroo and he saw their potential. Sharp eyes, natural skill. They loss something and they were damn sure not trying to lose anything like that again. Which made them a force to be reckoned with.


And although Tanka acted tough; Kuroo could see, even with his arms cross and eyebrows knitted, Ryu’s eyes soften as he watched Akaashi retreat.


“Think all that show was necessary?” Ushijima says from beside Kuroo. The Beast looked at the other wolves who have resume training, sparring as if they were truly battling. Apart of Kuroo enjoyed watching them more. Kuroo had them train separately from the Pack born within the Capital because although they fight well, they don’t fight dirty, not as honest as Kuroo liked to put it. A paradox yes but it’s true. They practiced and build muscles sure, but these wolves are more in tune with their beast. They let it lead them and trust their instinct more than a pampered wolf would.


“What of it?” Kuroo asked, his eyes finding Tanaka once more. A hybrid him and his sister were. A lupin dad and human mother. Kuroo found them, laying beside their mother's dead body and soot all over them, wild eyes.


Tanaka now stood with sure shoulders, and passive looking in his eyes as he dodge all the moves of his opponent before taking his own shot.


“He wasn’t gonna get hurt. Akaashi’s a smart b-”


“Who wants a death wish. And you made him spare with a hot-blooded pup like Tanaka?” Kuroo had to stop his snicker when he saw Tanaka flinch at the mention of his name


“Can’t say why I did it. He asked if he could spare and I felt that Tanaka was right. Think he felt more bad than I did bout it.” Ushijima shrugged. Although he was a massive man, his short brown hair, strong jaw clean of any facial hair, broad shoulders and chest, he was very gentle and pliant. Never leaning too much in one direction.


Which made him hard to read or knowing what he’s thinking. And it drove Kuroo mad. “What should I do about it then? Grovel at him feet? Make him your assistant?” Kuroo snapped, barking at a young wolf to straighten up his stance.


“You’ve got a mouth like your mother. It’s annoying and nostalgic all the same.” Ushijima said straightforwardly. It was the closest thing he ever got to amused.


“Answer me, Arms.” Kuroo demanded.


Ushijima sighs, eyes sobering up a bit. “Akaashi deserves an apology. I know, that must be one of your hardest task imaginable-” Kuroo rowl at the gab and Ushijima snorts, “-but you didn’t need to embarrass him like that, yes? Wolves are build on pride but humans may have us beat. And something bout that boy… he’s… his heart is very heavy. I hear it in his footsteps. It must’ve been hard growing up in the village she did.”


With that, Kuroo is reminded of the distaste that village Alpha had for Akaashi nd the select few that mourned his taking. Kuroo nodded along. Sometimes Ushijima spoke in metaphors Kuroo didn’t always understand, but he got the detainment in the man's statement this time.


“Now go. Play nice and I’ll train these guys.”


“Don’t tell me what to do.”


“Yes, my Lord, your highness, Monarch, King of K-”


“I’m gonna break your arms one day.”


Ushijima barks out a laugh loud enough to make the group of boys flinch. He stands, careless and gleaming, which only makes Kuroo want to fight him all the more. He opps for turning on hid feet quietly, waiting till Kuroo got a good distance away to groan. Ushijima was not the time to underestimate any of his opponents and sized them up all the same, giving his all with every fighter. But the Ushijima was no baseless in his strength and only every acted confident when he knew he could win. He didn't say it flat out, but Kuroo knew Ushijima felt like he could best him. And it made the Alpha livid.


And with Akaashi... No one has ever flat out said no to Kuroo like that, defied me like that. And has remained unharmed after the fact. It was the calm, soft spoken demeanor that infuriated him ever more. Kuroo groans, running his hand through his hair.  I guess Akaashi ill not be in my room tonight. He thought as Kuroo made his way to his Offering.


Something in Kuroo’s chest however, at the thought of that word, doesn’t agree.







THREE knocks sound at the door, this time more frantic. “Lady Akaashi, you must eat. I beg you.” Akaashi hears for the fifth time outside his door.


“Yes, Little Lamb! We have those delicious cinnamon rolls for dessert that you adore so!” Lev-sama chimed in and it almost brought a smile to the human’s face.


“I told you two, I am not hungry. Thank you-” At that, Akaashi’s stomach grumbles and he holds it, his weak attempt to suppress the sound. And being that those two are supernatural, they most likely heard it through the door.


“Please excuse my interruption Akaashi but you have not eaten for three days. You have only consumed the fruits, nuts and water that were already available in your room. You must be hungry. And Alpha Kuroo isn’t pleased-” Kenma’s voice is suddenly muffled but it was too late, for Akaashi has already heard it.


“So you are simply feeding me to satisfy the arrogant Alpha?” Akaashi asked, crossing his hands over his chest. He might be acting a little childish but he wasn’t willing to admit it just yet.


Kenma suddenly flashes before him, the wind slightly shifting when he appears, telling Akaashi he’s turn corporal to get inside. He bows just as he did the first time they met, which his forehead pressed against the back of Akaashi’s hand, probably down to one knee. Lev-sama let’s out and indignant hey! And Kenma huffs. Kenma stands to his full height, his silted eyes turning back to their normal size, unknown to Akaashi.


I’d love you to eat. Yes my Alpha asked if you have been fed but I am worried as well.” Kenma moves away, walking backwards to the door, unlocking it to let a sulky Lev in, which Akaashi grins at when he he’s the vampire’s pouts.


“There’s that pretty smile.” Lev says, joining Akaashi on the bed.


He sighs, thankful for the two of them. They have been at Akaashi’s side since he’s arrived, which has only been five days. Akaashi knows he should be a little stronger, but it feels like he’s has been gone for a while. His heartache, for both his parents and his friends felt unbearable with all the tension he felt around here.


“What is bothering you, lamb?” Lev starts, his fingers soothing the knots Akaashi felt on his back.


“I do not know what I am doing wrong. I know… I am not like the other offerings. I am not a wolf. I can not see. I've never- countship was not really..." Akaashi takes in a deep breath in and out. "I don't know what I've done wrong but I am-" Lev pressed firmly into the small of Akaashi's back, comforting rubs of his cool hands. 


"You have nothing to apologize for. Kuroo is just being a pig headed brat that needs- what my darling?! Am I not correct?" Lev says, suddenly addressing Kenma, who was probably giving him a bored look, maybe a glare.


"You have your own qualms with Kuroo. Don't drag Keiji into this." Kenma mutters. It warmed Akaashi to hear Kenma to call him by his name, reminding him of home. Actually, hearing the two in front of him banter was similar to Iwa and Oikawa, his parents... it was all bitter sweet.


"It's also the fact that. I wasn’t taught… taught on how to please an Alpha or a mate like the others omegas and girls are told to.” Akaashi mumbles, feeling his cheeks redden like mad.


“Your pack, it is a bit old fashion, is it not? I haven’t heard of those sorts of classes in years.” Kenma says, and Akaashi could hear a frown in his voice.


“I suppose. But it is all that I know. And I would hear them talk about what they’ve learn to do. I can only cook, and sew. I am not that smart because I do not read-”


"You aren't supposed to be act Kuroo's beck and call. He is capable. He has legs." Kenma grumbles and Akaashi lets out a bout of surprised laughter. 


“And am thoroughly impressed that what you are capable of doing without your eyes. Imagine what you could do with them. And think about what others can’t do with their eyes. Do not beat yourself down, lamb. You are an extremely capable young man. And Kuroo needs to get it through his thick skull that he should be grateful.” Lev dragged out and Akaashi ducks his head under the praise, 


Akaashi suddenly feels Kenma tense, his hands taut in the human's, making Akaashi looks up in his direction. “Kenma.” The demon stays silent for a moment, eyes gazing over slightly  until he relaxes again.


“If you are comfortable Lady, Tendou will be preparing you to lay with your Alpha.”


“Now? Like right now?” Akaashi said, with wide eyes.


“Yes, if you are willing. Only if you’re willing. I had a feeling it was coming soon though.” Kenma mumbled.


“Okay, lamb! I’m going to give you a quick history class!” Lev clapped his hands together. “When Kuroo mother died, a witch, whether she is good or not is debatable but she put Kuroo’s mother into a crystal. And while she’s not dead, she isn’t really alive either. And because of this, Kuroo isn’t a full demon, the power not properly passed onto him. This changed not only his appearance and but also his power. Although he is quick stronger now, he can get stronger. Things like addiction, sex and rage amplify his abilities. He can be a bit unstable with his urges and such. And temperamental as you can see. The Offering has been happening for years and is used for the purpose of childbearing but also balancing out those energies that alphas are producing. However, thanks to Kuroo's mother, demons have been added to The Fukurodani Kings line. Every Alpha, except Kuroo’s mother since she beared the child herself, has had children with the Offerings, to continue the line.”


“How did Kuroo’s mother come into power?” Akaashi asked.


“She…” Lev gives a soft chuckle. “The Alpha before her, many years ago in the midst of the Great Wars, was a dictator. And caught Kuroo’s mother walking through from out of town. And everyone at the time is supposed to bow in the presence of the king. And with her being an outsider, she didn’t know of this practice so she did not bow. He, too eager and prideful, decided to challenging her right and there. The fight lasted meer minutes, with a new king. The capital rejoices, finding them out of oppression. That’s where I come in, helping his mother in all her financial, foreign aid and trade. She was full of passion and extremely reckless and impulsive as she knew nothing about running a kingdom. But we began to build a new Capital. Years later, she finds Kuroo’s dad wandering through and mates him. Years after, we have big headed Kuroo.” Akaashi could hear how fondly Lev spoke of him and it made him grin too.


“I tell you this so you know more about him. It’s nerve wracking, this; not knowing much about the man you’re going to lay with, hmm?" Akaashi shyly agrees. "However, it is important that you are consenting this. Yes, you do have a role as an Offering but one, I can assure you Kuroo doesn’t want children now. And it also doesn’t seem like you are alone to produce in terms of biology.” Lev makes a point by poking Akaashi’s belly, while Kenma slaps his hand away and Lev fakes hurt.


“Kuroo doesn’t want his way with anyone who does not want to have sex.” Lev says, his voice different from his playful tone.


Akaashi folds his hand in his lap. It was something Akaashi’s has been thinking about since he’s got here. It makes Akaashi feel a bit shameful but the question: when will he touch me? Has been running through his mind, followed with a tingling feeling in Akaashi’s gut.


“We were going to do a public ceremony for your entrance in the pack but Kuroo opposed not too. If you’re too uncomfortable we can still push for the public ceremony to give you time.” Kenma offers but Akaashi shakes his head


“I’d like to go to his room.” Akaashi decided.




Hours later, Akaashi is placed in a different room, presumably Kuroo’s. He was fed and cleansed and dressed by Tendou, the smell of the vanilla soap still on Akaashi’s skin. It was probably the loveliest bath he’s ever took. He was dressed in a simple silk gown, the color lilac Tendou described.


Akaashi can’t say how long he waited. Apparently, when the moon was just right, is when Kuroo would come in and ravish you as Lev-sama puts it. Akaashi blushed madly at the thought.


Akaashi don’t know what made him say yes. Well. Except his own want of course. Akaashi didn’t know how this man look. Hell! Akaashi really only knew his name be Tetsurou Kuroo. A strong, solid name, just like his presence, his voice. Just thinking about him has Akaashi pressing his legs together.


Akaashi sat on his knees, feeling the smooth fabric of the sheets on his legs. He felt torn. Kuroo was such a big headed Alpha. Rude and blunt and honestly not a nice guy at all. But it felt very different being in his presence. A part of Akaashi wanted Kuroo to like him, really favor Akaashi. Or at least think of Akaashi as much as he was thinking of Kuroo.


Kuroo is also someone Akaashi have strongest urge to feel. Because Akaashi cannot see, he usually asked if he was able to touch, get familiar with people using his hands. Feeling the curves of their face, their arms, made him comfortable. And with this, he could hear when some was smiling, know the forming of their face when they created certain expressions. But the want to run his hands all over Kuroo was unnerving and shocking, different from just want to learn more about him.


Suddenly, the door open and Akaashi sat up a little taller, looking towards the creak of the door. Akaashi could hear Kuroo coming in, how the floorboards squealed under his weight. Kuroo’s breathing even and the only other sound besides Akaashi’s panting from his mother.


“H-hello Alpha.” Akaashi decided to greet.







KUROO is a speechless at the sight of Akaashi.


His jaw clenched as he took Akaashi in. The slow and soft drawl of his voice was soothing. The human sat up on his folded knees, hands on the top of his thighs, the slip just over his knees. The low dip right at valley of his chest. Akaashi smelled of himself; home-like, much like candles or fresh bread. Kuroo could smell the vanilla however for the first time. It was soap that Tendou would mix and make herself all the time, helping the young girls sell them in the markets on Saturday mornings. All of Akaashi; his presence, scent was covering the bed, becoming one with Kuroo's room.


“Akaashi.” Kuroo says, walking towards the front of the bed. “Come.” Kuroo asked.


Akaashi presses his palms into the sheets, crawling towards Kuroo on his hands and knees, slow and cautious and Kuroo has to hold back a groan at the sight of the human. Akaashi prowled as if he were cautious prey, delicate and alert. Into the mouth of his predator.


When he reaches Kuroo, he doesn’t sit back on his legs like before but sort of stands on them, nearly eye to eye with Kuroo. For a moment it’s silent, Akaashi is flexing his hands, as if he wanted to reach out for Kuroo and the alpha was drinking all of him in. The tawny skin, those foggy sheen eyes of his. “Tonight, you will be apart of my pack, and paired to me.” Kuroo say.


“Is there-” Akaashi roaks, then stops to clear his throat. “Is there a difference from paired and bonded? Lev was using the word… the word bond all night so…” Akaashi looked down to his fingers, fidgeting. Kuroo silently cursed the vampire in his head. Lev knew Kuroo would have to explain himself, explain to Akaashi about mates.


“Well. Usually, Alphas of my lineage are paired with Offerings, the purpose childbirth and skinship only. However, you are not just my Offering.” Akaashi’s breath caught a bit when Kuroo’s hand brushed against his cheek. “You are my mate as well, Akaashi.”


“Mate?” He repeated softly, his foggy eyes bright and wide it almost made Kuroo smile. “Like my parents? Like Lev and Kenma?” He asked, her tone one of wonder.


“Lev and Kenma are bit different but yes, we are soulmates, true mates, my alterum verum.” Kuroo says softly, his mouth very close to Akaashi’s face. And for the first time, Akaashi’s smiles large, so brightly and innocent.  And honestly, Kuroo doesn’t know what possessed him to say that. Akaashi didn’t need to know that. Maybe it’s the fact that Kuroo could smell him even before he even entered: Akaashi’s fear and arousal stirring Kuroo’s stomach. Or how Akaashi smiled just now, genuine and voided of the fear he carried when he walked.


“That is what my papa calls my father.”


“Indeed. However, I will not bond with you like a mate tonight. We have no need for it. What I will do, is with my nail is spill a bit of your blood, connecting you to the pack and more importantly, me. And tonight, we will pair, everyone will know you are mine.”


Akaashi’s smile slipped away from his face with every word and Kuroo felt the urge to desperately bring it back. “Shall we start?” Kuroo asked before he dwelled too much on Akaashi’s reaction. The less time Kuroo gave Akaashi to rebut his words, the better.


Akaashi nods, holding out his wrist as Tendou must’ve taught him.


Kuroo says a few words, declared that Akaashi repeat them, offering his loyalty to the Goddess, the Capital and his Alpha. Akaashi complies and winces when Kuroo’s fingernail pierces his skin. Akaashi gasps a bit, his left hand going to his chest.


“That is the power so to speak, weight for lack of better word, of the pack and myself. We are connected now.” Kuroo lifts Akaashi’s wrist, mouth opening to lap at the blood Kuroo has drawn. The human gasps quietly but the alpha caught it, lovely the warm of embarrassment Akaashi was radiating.


“Do… do you want me, Alpha?” Akaashi asked, his question catching Kuroo by surprise. Akaashi squirmed when the alpha let silence take place of his answer. Then Kuroo snickered knowingly, realizing Lev must’ve put Akaashi up to say that. Kuroo pulls away, watching the wound close, slightly darker skin taking its place. He then takes Akaashi’s hand in his, beginning to kiss his fingers.


“More than it comes off, darling. I desire you. Since I saw you, glistening and in that beautiful blue as you stood on the post. You didn’t even look fearful of the situation you were in.”


“I didn’t think the Alpha of the Capital would accept a broken Offering. I was ready to die that night.” Akaashi stated, voice thick and Kuroo looked at him in slight shock, this the first time Akaashi spoke clearly with shyness.


“Well you are here, in my bed, not broken and I’d be a fool to reject want is mine.” Akaashi’s mouth flew open when Kuroo’s mouth pressed right in the center of his chest. The alpha gently pushing the human back on the bed. Kuroo takes his shirt off, throwing it off to the side.


“Akaashi Keiji, will you let me have you?” Kuroo asked, his eyes roaming over Akaashi’s small form. Her hair fell in his face, covering the pillow as he laying breathing gently. His face was full and glowing. Akaashi sits up a bit, pulling at the bottom of his dress and bringing it over his head. It takes all the man in Kuroo to wait, kneeling in front of Akaashi and not pouncing.


“You can touch me.” Akaashi says, his voice airy. Kuroo does not wait. The alpha’s hands go for Akaashi’s shoulders, rubbing as he nosed his skin, scenting him. Akaashi lets out a sigh as if relieved Kuroo accepted him. He runs his fingers down Akaashi’s spine, loving the tremble of his limbs against his. Akaashi, although more hesitate, raises his hands to Kuroo’s chest, his dainty fingers running over the alpha’s warm skin. Akaashi gasps quietly, drawing his hand back to his chest.


“You have not answer me yet, boy. May I have you?” Kuroo muttered, his mouth at Akaashi’s earlobe.


“I… you should know I have been… been touched before.” Akaashi lowers his voice again but Kuroo caught it, and let a out a growl in return.


“By whom?” Kuroo can’t help but growl on, his words pushing together. He had to stop himself when he felt Akaashi flinch in his arms. “Someone has had sex with you? You know that all Offerings are virgins for a-”


“No!” Akaashi says, then lowers his voice. “No, I do not mean, mean- not like full- not that. Once, a man courted me and I went to his home. He had touched me, orgasmed… onto me.” Akaashi mumbled, his face flushed so brightly and small tears ushered at the corner of his eyes. The sight made Kuroo growl. Those are not the tears he wanted to bring forth tonight.


“Did you not want that? What happened after?”


“I did not, no. After, my papa... he killed him. He was some beta of a visiting village. It caused them to close off trade with us. We were out of fabrics for months.” Akaashi’s fingers were beginning to fidget in his lap again so Kuroo took them, tightening his hold. Kuroo thinks back to the beta male, the intensity in his eyes as he threatened the Alpha.


Kuroo hummed, trying to find the right words as his fingertips skim over Akaashi’s shoulders. He vaguely remembers how Akaashi’s old alpha gave report on the incident and Kuroo even attended that burial. Kuroo couldn't remember the beta's name though Kuroo does remember not caring much for that pack to begin with however. It was always in battles they couldn’t win and late on paying taxes. It disgusted Kuroo more that they would lay hands on someone unconsenting, a blind man at that. It was better his father killed him than Kuroo.


“Thank you for telling me, dove. But none of that means anything if you did not enjoy nor want it. And tonight, I will rewrite whatever that man has done, alright?” Kuroo asked, looking directly at Akaashi. He must’ve felt Kuroo’s eyes on him because Akaashi turns, nodding.


“Then… yes.”


“Yes what, dove?”


“Dove? Where did that come from?” Akaashi asked, a coy smile on his face.


“You came dress in white tonight, like a dove. Stop dodging my questions, yes what?”


“It’s actually lilac-“ Akaashi rebuts


“Yes what, Keiji?” And Kuroo’s grin is razor sharp when he watches Akaashi’s flush crimson at his name.


“You may have me alpha.”


And with that, Kuroo drapes himself over Akaashi, catching his lips on Akaashi’s. At first the human was still but soon after, he begins to move against Kuroo, unsure and clumsy. I guess I shouldn't assume he's an experienced kisser. 


“Your skin…” Akaashi mumbles, still close to Kuroo’s lips. “It is soft and warm but so… firm.” He says, pressing his mouth to Kuroo’s once more as he grabs at the alpha’s arms for support.


Kuroo paused for a moment, each of his legs rubbing against Akaashi’s creamy, soft thighs. “I wasn’t always in this form. I am half phrased into a demon and will be like this until I’m completely demon. This is why my appearance is so.” Kuroo answers. It was good that he couldn’t see Kuroo in this form. Kuroo knew that the supernatural did not mind it but it took a while for even Fiona to look at Kuroo, let alone stare while Kuroo fucked her. Akaashi was human and would surely be terrified of Kuroo’s appearance.


Kuroo moved his lips down to Akaashi’s chest. He pressed against the exposed nipple, ready for when Akaashi’s back arched, moving more of Akaashi in his wanton mouth. As Kuroo began to suck, he studied Akaashi’s reactions, the frequently spasm of his legs, how his hand always went to grip Kuroo’s arms first. Although Akaashi cannot see him, he keeps his eyes on Kuroo, not realizing they were holding eye contact.


Kuroo moves lower, kisses at the human’s belly and thighs, spreading his legs. Akaashi finally looks away, an embarrassed sound coming out of his mouth. “You don’t have to do-”


“But I will because I want to." Kuroo growls back. "I want to taste you, dove.” He says after, softer.


Akaashi’s legs remain stiff and tight however, the embarrassed look down not fade away.


“I want to see you come undone for me, Akaashi. Will you allow me that?” His lean body was already so close to the edge, by its tremble and sweat. Kuroo loved how it didn’t take much to get Akaashi going, to have him react.


Akaashi looks away, turning his head and pulling the pillow into his face. It’s interesting to see; someone who can not see still diverting eye contact. Kuroo takes that meek nod and open Akaashi’s legs, his opening already bright and slick. For me.


Kuroo is not slow and dives in immediately, catching Akaashi by the hips when his immediate reaction is squirming away from the alpha’s touch. Kuroo hold him in place, his tongue licking at the bright pink ring to nipping at his inner thighs. Akaashi’s legs come crashing down on Kuroo’s neck. Hearing his gentle swears and his breath picking up only spurs Kuroo on more, bringing Akaashi’s hips closer to his face.


Akaashi’s orgasm is silent and sudden, a dangerous arch in his back has him rising from the bed and crushing Kuroo’s head down into him even more. Moments later it’s the opposite, Akaashi’s own mouth releasing no sound as he attempts to push Kuroo’s head away. But Kuroo does not stop, wanting to get one more out of him with his tongue. Kuroo moves up, latching in to the top of Akaashi’s dick, sucking the tip intensely. The human falls back into the bed, panting as he stares in Kuroo’s direction. Kuroo takes this moment to slide on finger inside, gentle with his intrusion.


Again, open mouth and wide eyed, Akaashi’s gushes, this time lot more than the first and the alpha accept it, Kuroo’s chest glistening with his come. Kuroo sits up on his knees and watch the rapid rise and fall of Akaashi’s chest, the baby hairs the stick wildly to his forehead. Akaashi’s eyes, the usually sharp and attentive fog are now unfocus and hazy. Kuroo smirks, Akaashi’s reaction hardening him further. But Kuroo’s current state is the last thing on his mind.


“Do you have any requests, Akaashi?” Kuroo asked causally, pulling an oil from his drawer.


Akaashi swallows, eyes to the ceiling, looking overly satisfied. “Anything you want, Alpha.”


Kuroo growls in satisfaction, finding his place between Akaashi’s legs once again. “Although I do love when you call me that, in this bed you call me by my name.”


Akaashi sighs, as if relieved by Kuroo's demand. “Do whatever you’d like to me, Kuroo. ” He said, sly smile on his face.


Kuroo presses two fingers into him however, watching that smile turn to an look of pleasure. Kuroo did move and watched as Akaashi bucked frantically over his digits, creating his own friction. Akaashi stilled when Kuroo entered another finger. “Come love, fuck yourself, pleasure yourself in front me. I want to see how you make yourself feel good.”


The alpha’s words spurred Akaashi on and with one hand on Kuroo’s wrist Akaashi pulls, pushing Kuroo’s fingers in and out of him, deeper as  small pants and squeals release from his redden lips every once in a while. Akaashi didn’t make to much noise Kuroo noticed. Either the sound caught in his throat, leaving Akaashi’s mouth open or his teeth always bite down on his lips, intentionally silencing himself.


“Come, Akaashi. Open your mouth and say my name.”


And obediently, Akaashi did. Kuroo’s name came out like a glass of liquor, hard and burning.


Kuroo’s fingers slowed down as he held open Akaashi’s twitching thighs, watched as his sheets became soaked with oil and bodily fluids. Hmm, he squirts. Kuroo thinks to himself as Kuroo pulled his fingers out, licking Akaashi off of him as he wants the tiny squirts Akaashi’s dick continued to make.


Akaashi gasps, his blush deepening. “Did you…? Did you just lick your fingers, Alpha?” He asked, the horror on his face making Kuroo laugh aloud.


“Yes I did. Got a problem with that, Akaashi? And what did I say about calling me Alpha?” Kuroo asked, capturing Akaashi’s mouth with his. He again grips Kuroo’s arm, running over the alpha’s flesh as he pushed his tongue into Akaashi’s gasping mouth. Akaashi was so sensitive and reactive. Responsive to Kuroo’s touch and his alone. It drove Kuroo mad and made him incredibly hard.


Kuroo wanted to see him come three more times before he was even inside him.


“Kuroo.” Akaashi moaned, gripping Kuroo’s forearm and getting his attention.


“Yes, dove?”


“I want you. I really want you, please.” Akaashi lifted his bottom off the bed, his crotch pressed up tightly against Kuroo's. The alpha growled, slamming his hips back down to Akaashi’s, eating up the the boy’s cries as Kuroo’s mouth slide against Akaashi’s.


“I could listen to you beg for me for days, dove.” Kuroo groans, pulling down his trousers and tossing them away from the bed. Kuroo goes back for the oil, spilling some on his three fingers before plunging them inside of Akaashi. The human coos as the gentle push, grabbing at Kuroo to pull the alpha down closer. Akaashi’s panting in Kuroo’s ear, hands tumbling through Kuroo’s jet black hair. It was the most gentle Kuroo have bothered to be in bed but the most gentle, sincere someone has been with him. It made Kuroo’s wolf keen and his chest swell with a foreign feeling.


“You want me, little one? You want to filling you up?” Kuroo whispered, his teeth gnawing at Akaashi’s lobe. If possible, Akaashi’s resounds by pressing even closer to Kuroo, his hard nipples rubbing against Kuroo’s heaving chest.


“Yes, please Kuroo. Please…” Akaashi trails off, his blush and next words napping the last bit of control Kuroo have. “... please fuck me Tetsurou.”


Kuroo is on his knees and press against Akaashi’s sex in an instant, the wide crown rubbing against the rose pink ring. Akaashi hisses instantly, fists gripping the sheets, whitening his knuckles. Akaashi’s smiling however, eyes in the direction of Kuroo’s chest. The human mumbles a string of swears and please s and Kuroo does, sliding all of him in with one thrust.


For a moment, it is silent. Akaashi makes a choked up sound and Kuroo looks at her, pulling away from the crook of Akaashi’s neck. He’s is crying, a quiet hiccup coming out every few seconds. It worries Kuroo at first, thinking he must’ve hurt Akaashi , not preparing him nearly as much Kuroo needed to.


“Should I pull out, Akaashi?” Kuroo asks, gently, rubbing his hips soothingly.


“Hell no.” Akaashi grits out, his voice laced with tears. “Please k-keep going, Kuroo.” And so Kuroo does as told, pulling his hips back and snapping them forward, taking one of Akaashi’s leg and raising one up to his shoulder, the other hand still gripping his hip. Every thrust is slow and deep, getting a sound out of Akaashi with each movement.


Akaashi comes in minutes, tightening up so much Kuroo has to pull out and catch his breath. Akaashi doesn’t give Kuroo a moment more however, for he begins to crawl on Kuroo’s lap, taking Kuroo’s length into his hands. Kuroo could have came right then and there, seeing Akaashi’s hooded eyes as he pumped Kuroo's sex slowly but with intention.


“Take me,” Kuroo growled. “Put me back inside you.”


Akaashi grins small, making Kuroo want to lay him on his back and take him but Kuroo stills and watches instead. Watched Akaashi rise up with so much grace and poise, even while he was sweating and panting. Akaashi slides down slowly, pulling a groan out of the both of them. Kuroo has his hands on Akaashi’s ips, nibbling at his shoulders as Akaashi places his lips against Kuroo’s neck.


“Why are you crying again, little one?” Kuroo asked when he felt tears dribble over his neck. Akaashi chokes a sob and Kuroo pulls back, looking over Akaashi’s face. Akaashi is a pretty crier, Kuroo supposed. Or maybe Kuroo thought Akaashi was beautiful even with his red eyes and dripping nose. Kuroo wipes them away, pushing some of Akaashi’s fallen hair back as well. “Talk to me.”


“I-I… I am very happy at the moment.” Akaashi states, giving a small chuckle. “I never thought, I feel- someone could make me feel so wanted.” Akaashi said, his cries stopping him from speaking. Kuroo gripped his thighs harder at his words.


“Kuroo.” Akaashi says, in the warm, heavy drawl of his. “You just got b-bigger.” He says, a teasing smile on his face which makes Kuroo grin too. “Do my tears turn you on, possibly?” Akaashi asked.


Kuroo growls playfully, bringing Akaashi’s hands to Kuroo’s mouth to kiss them.  “Possibly.” Kuroo says simply.






“Fiend.” Akaashi called back.


Mine.” Kuroo hummed, hands lifting Akaashi up and down on his member, loving the way Akaashi would gasp in return. Akaashi placed his hands on Kuroo’s shoulders, his blunt nails finding purchase and Kuroo hissed at the feeling. Akaashi’s presence was everywhere on him. “You like that, my love? My dick inside of you? My hands holding you down?” Akaashi nods, open mouth as his fourth orgasm can rushing through, arching his back and pressed against his nipple to Kuroo, which gladly take in his mouth.


“You’re orgasming for me next.” Akaashi mumbled, his hips already working over Kuroo after the human caught his breath, making Kuroo throw his head back.


“Am I now?” Kuroo asked in a tight voice, grin on his face at the challenge. Is eyes are lowered and dark, watching Akaashi work. He was clumsy, sure. His hips unsteady and jerky. But the look on his face, of pleasure and focus gave Kuroo pleasure in return.


“Y-Yes. Now kiss me.” Akaashi’s leaned back, his hands holding hunself up as he fucked herself on Kuroo’s cock. The alpha leaned in, his hands holding Akaashi’s back, fingers finding small dimples as Kuroo kissed him.


“You gonna come for me now? Please. I wanna make you feel good, too. You’re mine too.” Akaashi whispered, face lost in both pleasure and determination “Lay me down and let go.”


And so Kuroo did. He finds himself back between Akaashi’s egs, his feet holding Kuroo there as his heels dig into the bottom of Kuroo’s back but he don’t mind. Kuroo begins to chase his orgasm, groaning as Akaashi impossibly tightens up around him and Kuroo holds himself from biting down on Akaashi’s shoulder, claiming his true mate. Kuroo stills and growl when he feels Akaashi teeth bite into his chest, sending Kuroo over the edge. The alpha press down into Akaashi, plusing and breathless.


And Akaashi's eyes were blissed out but pressing his lips against Kuroo’s, making no move to actually kiss and neither does Kuroo. They enjoy the feel of each other’s lips alone. Akaashi twitches in Kuroo’s hands and his head falls back into he pillow.


Kuroo pulls out of Akaashi when he begins to get uncomfortable and watch with enjoyment as Akaashi keens against the loss. Kuroo quietly head to the bathroom, grabbing and dampening a cloth and wiping himself off. He wets another and head back to Akaashi, who looks over to Kuroo with hazy eyes.


“Hello there, fiend.” Akaashi mumbles and Kuroo laughs aloud, wiping him down from his chest to his sex.


“Hello to you as well, dove.”


“That was good.” Akaashi says after a moment.


“Just good?”


“Great. Amazing. Mystifying. I was seeing… ah, stars as they say. Thank you, Kuroo.” Akaashi slurs, looking over blissed out.


“Go to bed, little one. I’ll be here in the morning.” Kuroo says softly, his voice filled with a emotion foreign to his body. His chest tight and stomach spilling as he watching Akaashi’s eyes slowly close.


And without a fight, Akaashi is down, his soft snores filling the room, that warm feeling lingering in Kuroo’s chest.


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Chapter Text

USHIJIMA WAKATOSHI: Kingdom’s General and Wolf of Arms, title given by the Moon Goddess. Currently mated to Tendou. Was present during the last of the Great Wars, founded by Lev and Kuroo's mother

Current Appearance: Tall and muscular. Tan skin and green eyes. Age undetermined but he’s younger than Kuroo, Lev and Kenma but older that Tsukishima and Tendou.

Known Species: Werewolf, lupin with servant’s blood

Personality: Very intimidating with his stoic expression but is indifferent as long as it doesn’t concern his pack or mate. Doesn’t sugarcoat anything and often is deemed as tactless (mostly by Tendou). Likes challenges and proving his superiority. Demands respect and is ruthless

Other Names: Arms, Goddess’s Knight, Sliver Moon.


TENDOU SATORI: Head Woman of the Kingdom and mate of Ushijima. Was born after the Great Wars.

Current Appearance: tall and slender with poor posture and pale skin. Fiery red hair and eyes to match. Under 400 years old

Known Species: Werewolf

Personality: cheerful, laid back but somewhat sardonic, often teasing the other party annoyance. However, she knows how to be tender and helpful when she needs to be. Tendou is not quick to anger but when she gets there, it’s quite literally murderous

Other Names: Guess Monster, Yokai of Shiratorizawa






WHEN Akaashi woke up the next day he was alone, covered in pillows.


The sun’s light was weak coming through the window. It has snowed throughout the night and now the it glistened freshly on top of the ground.


“Go to sleep, little one. I’ll be with you in the morning.”


Liar , Akaashi thought as he threw the blankets away, his body finally caught up to his mind. The room was ridiculous warm, the floor heated and unlike the ones back in Akaashi’s room in the village.


Akaashi sits up in the middle of the bed, attempting to get his bearings right. He had mentally memorized the room first given to him at the beginning of his stay, every morning and night Akaashi would practice running his hands all over the room. Now that he could move around with ease in there, there was longer worry of bumping into furniture.


But this room was much larger and foreign to Akaashi. He could tell its size by how the draft moved through it, sounding more hollowed out. Akaashi also preferred his bed closer to the ground and against a wall. But as he slide off the sheets, having to jump off the bed to land on the floor, Akaashi knew it was not the case here.


As Akaashi’s feet hit the floor, his legs began to buckle, all his weight falling to the floor. Akaashi yelped, grabbing his knees to will the shaking to stop. His legs felt like mush as he grab the bed legs, pressing himself up.


Akaashi blushed fiercely, knowing exactly why his legs were so. After Akaashi had sleep for a while, he woke up a bit after to Kuroo upright in the bed. At first, Akaashi had thought Kuroo wasn’t able to fall asleep but Akaashi could hear his groans and moaning, Kuroo’s hands assumably working his sex, the movements slow and strong. The windows were drawn, the cool air coming in. Kuroo must’ve been a sight to see, Akaashi wondered vaguely, thinking of how Kuroo would look under the moon’s light. Knowing Kuroo was doing that, because of Akaashi, made the human want the alpha even more. And so they fucked again, succeeding in making one another orgasm several more times.


It took longer than Akaashi would have liked to find the bathroom but he finally reached the door connected to the large bedroom, only stumbling once. Akaashi is quick to take a shower, holding to the small rail as his legs begin to regain their strength. After, he manages to find skin cream, loving that it smelled just like Kuroo. He fixed a silk robe closer to his body, wishing it was a little longer, or at least past his knees. But it would have to do. Because of... certain activities last night, Akaashi was incredibly famish.


Akaashi realized as soon as he stepped out of the room that he had no idea where he was going. He didn’t know where his room was from here being it was his first time over here. Tendou had told Akaashi that Kuroo was in a different wing from him but wasn’t specific as to which one it was. The first set of stairs Akaashi found he decided to set forth, hoping he was going in the right direction.


Akaashi praised himself soon after when he heard the sounds of pots and pans. It took him nearly 300 hundreds steps to reach the kitchen compared to the 156 it took from his own room. Beyond that was the sound of chirping of blackbirds and robins. Hmm, the morning birds are out. They’re are wildly noisy so it must be close to noon.


“My lady! My oh my may I say you surely are glowing!” Tendou is her beaming self as usual, her loud voice right in front of Akaashi’s face, the sly tone unmistakable. The boy blushes, putting his hand in the one she offered to him as she led the way to what Akaashi assumed to be the table. “and I have your walking stick as well if you’d like it have it?” She asked and Akaashi nods, thanking her.


“Sir Akaashi. I’ll be having you sit here today.” Lev-sama’s voice comes to Akaashi’s right ear and he is lifted up from the chair he barely got to sit in.


“Don’t go making trouble-“ Akaashi could hear Tsukishima’s grumble of a voice begin to speak but Lev’ laughs loudly to cut him off.


“I would never, my Beta. Have a little more faith in me. Akaashi, I only have you on my side! So fair! So just! What nerve you have to stand by my side-!“


“Oh shut it. It’s barely noon and you are talking this much?” Kenma questions Lev-sama. As usually, Akaashi knows it’s him by his warm greeting to the human and his harsh voice to his familiar, which makes Akaashi grin without fail every time. He places his forehead against the top of Akaashi’s hand. “Morning Lady Akaashi.”


“It’s is a very good morning, indeed. With you here of course.” Akaashi offers the compliment pleasantly and hears Kenma chuckle in return. Akaashi was in a very good mood. His body was warm all over, and according to Tendou he was glowly.


It was times like these were Akaashi does wish he could see. See all of their faces, see the color of his skin or even how the food looked. Lev helped into him into a new seat and Tsukishima quietly greeted him, places a cup of bancha tea in front of Akaashi.


“How dare you?!” A shrill voice yells, and the echo runs into the kitchen, silenting the group completely. Akaashi hadn’t completely grasped the cup Tsukishima’s handed to him, causing it to drop harshly against the table when Akaashi had retract his hands to cover his ears, spilling a bit of it slightly. He grits his teeth as the heat of the tea lands on his skin.


“My apologies.” Tsukishima says but Akaashi shakes his head.


“It is my fault. Hand me a cloth?” Akaashi asked and wait for one to be placed into his hand.


Footsteps get louder as Akaasshi wipes down his robe and the wooden table. Kuroo’s voice sounds as he steps into the kitchen. “Fiona, for the last time, this isn’t the time nor place to speak on this-”


“So when? When? Will you continue to dismiss me until you are ready to speak to me? Or better yet, you’ve moved me out of our room, you’ll move me out of this house, then what? You’ll move me out of the Capital then?” Fiona asked, the fury in her voice unlike anything Akaashi has heard before. It was almost as if a wolf was growling at the back in her throat.


“You are being ridiculous-”


“What's ridiculous is how a blinded, reject human can be in my place and now some bed warmer-” As the words left Fiona’s mouth, silverware clattered against plates and Akaashi could only feel Tsukishima stand up beside him, but Akaashi assumed everyone was now focused on the conversation. It was very clear who the bed warmer was. And Akaashi was more embarrassed about it than he was upset, his face heating up heavily.


“Watch your mouth Akagi.” Tsukishima hissed out Fiona’s last name. “You know what she is.”


“Oh I know, Tsukishima. A dull sacrifice who’s ass Kuroo can’t pull his head out of. His infatuation in childish-”


“She is a product of the Moon Goddess, I’d watch my tongue if I were you.” Tsukishima says in this dangerous voice that has Akaashi squeaking in protest, the tension in the room nearly suffocating. No one pays any attention to Akaashi’s discomfort however.


Fiona chuckles. “Oh my, how could I forget? The Moon Goddess. ” She says with a clear distaste. “I forgot about Her, and how much of a loyal dog you two are.” She says, confusing Akaashi on who else she was talking about beside Tsukishima. “By all means then, follow the Moon Goddess all you want and I will quiet my-”


“No Fiona. Please continue.” Kuroo says easily. He sips from his cup loudly, as if he himself wasn’t apart of the argument.


“Alpha…” Ushijima says but Kuroo pays him no mind.


“No please, what more do you have to say about my Offering? She’s a useless human? Broken, you say? I mean you are not wrong.” He puts simply and Akaashi couldn’t hold back the gasp in his mouth.


“Alpha!” Lev says, shock and fury in his tone.


“What?” Kuroo demands.


“Do not engage Fiona, Alpha.” Kenma butts in, his voice voided of any clear emotions.


“What?” Kuroo repeats. “Are you all blind like Akaashi? Let’s be honest here. Fiona is not wrong.”


Akaashi bets everyone was sporting a look of confusion. “Then why must-?” Fiona begins to question.


“But he is mine to do as I pleased with and you are in no place to question me. And no one under the stars can tell me otherwise. And Fiona-” He pauses, his voice a hoarse anger. “The Moon Goddess has nothing to with you leaving my room and me choosing to sex with Akaashi. Multiple times as a matter of fact. So don’t you dare try to insinuate the Moon Goddess has some mindless control over me.” His voice rings through the kitchen, his tone filled with finality.


Akaashi stands from his chair, cane in hand and unwanted tears streaming down his face. His face was hot and the heat reaching his neck and chest with embarrassment. Akaashi couldn’t breathe, his short breaths coming louder from my mouth.


“My Lady-” Lev says so soft and sad Akaashi almost didn’t hear him. Lev’s hands near him but Akaashi’s jerk so quick and hard that he nearly almost stumble over the chair behind him. Akaashi can tell Kenma has caught him, his hands much smaller. But Akasshi veers out of his touch as well.


“Don’t touch me. N-None of you. Please.” Akaashi tries to speak as steadily as possible. These people must’ve all thought like him, that Akaashi was just Kuroo’s property. They all work under him, all support him. He was so... so evil, he didn’t even seem willing to defend Akaashi, but more willing to drag him through the dirt.


Akaashi, in a burst of anger, picks a plate and throw it in the direction of Kuroo’s voice. He couldn’t tell if if actually hit him, so Akaashi kept going, throwing two more plates until Kenma again took his right hand free of his cane, pulling Akaashi back before the human could grab anything else.


But last night, feeling Kuroo’s hands all over Akaashi, hearing Kuroo call him his mate- his alterum verum. Everything was so clear, so full of passion and purpose. Kuroo was the softest he’s been since he took Akaashi off the stake. It was the same feeling Akaashi got when standing on the post, leaving everything to the wind. That peace was everything last night and more.


The memory made his eyes water now. Now his gut was swelling, twisting and Akaashi wanted to gag. “How could you?” Akaashi wanted to yell but his voice barely came out, falling to a raspy whisper. Akaashi pushed past the chairs, gritting at the slight strain in his hips. He could hear the others chairs scraping against the floor and he says over his shoulder, “no one follow me.” And dash frantically out of the kitchen, pushing against the heavy wooden door.


Akaashi rushed down the hallway, stumbling over his feet by the speed in which he walked. Akaashi didn’t stop until he felt the cold breeze of December wind. He slowed, turning to find a chair on the patio. Akaashi sat, shivering against the wind but he had completely tired himself out. Akaashi’s hips were aching and he could feel pounding beginning in the temples of his forehead. Akaashi’s tears sticking to his face felt like ice now. But he didn’t care. Akaashi wanted to run home. He wanted his garden back. He wanted to make blankets and light candles. He wanted to see Kaori and Yukie. He wanted Dimitri back. He wanted to see Tooru and Hajime.


Akaashi wanted his father and papa right here with him.






LIKE before, Kuroo watched Akaashi rush out of the kitchen, face stricken with sadness and embarrassment. Kuroo watched as the human struggles against the weight of the door before slipping tightly between, the door swinging close with a loud bang. The silence that wash over the rest of them was tense, most of the anger directed towards Fiona and Kuroo, yet for seperate reasons.


“How desperate can you be, you third rate wrench?!” Lev starts, his eyes a blazing red. He doesn’t get angry often but when he does, it always comes at a slight surprise to Kuroo. And in this case, his angry is towards Fiona for Akaashi. “I ought have kill you when you walked your filthy ass in here the first time you!”


“I don’t need that from a vampire-”


“Says the bastard child mutt!” He all but hisses, hitting her where he knew it hurts. Fiona was a child of an Alpha and mistress, that ultimately being the downfall of her pack. And seeing her reaction, it clearly still affected her. And because Lev was of the purest blood, he was quick to wrinkle his nose to those who weren’t.


Tsukishima picks up two cups, balancing a smaller plate of bread and jam between his two fingers and heads for the door. “Bickering will not solve anything. But Fiona,” He turns to her, with those dark eyes of his and Kuroo can feel everyone in the kitchen stand on edge. Tsukishima’s anger, when it came to Goddess was truly... not good. There wasn't any other description for it. And when it came, it was overwhelming and could rage on for nights. It didn’t happen often and they as a group have actively worked to make sure of that. “Speak ill of the Goddess once more and I will sacrifice your tongue to Her. Alpha, keep Her out of your mouth if you have nothing good to say.” And like wind, he was gone. There is was. That reckless devotion to the Goddess. Kuroo huffed at Tsukishima’s exit, eyes returning to his plate of food.


“I don’t need this slander.” Fiona declares, her face red with embarrassment but her chin held high with pride. She huffs, turning on her heel, her burnt orange hairs glows, following after her like a wave.


“Anyone else want to take leave before we eat?” Kuroo asked, talking his seat at the end of the table. He takes a plate and sips leisurely at his up of coffee.


“My Lord, that outburst was uncalled for.” Ushijima speaks for the first time through this whole ordeal.


“And him throwing plates at me, poorly I might add, wasn’t?” Kuroo asked, chewing his food but he unable to taste it much.


“With good reason! I should have picked some up myself now that I think about it!” Tendou— who was someone also not moved to anger often— engages. She was honestly too much of a happy-go-lucky to be upset. Honestly the only hot headed ones of the group were Lev and Kuroo, her short red hair cupping her usually scheming face, now twisted in pure disbelief.


“I second that.” Lev added and Kuroo places his silverware down.


Kuroo sighs loudly, gripping the side of his head. His annoyance was rising by the minute. “You two specifically were here during the king’s lead, Lev you were here with the king before my mother. Nearly eight hundred years ago and I don’t think you’ve forgotten your roles-”


“I only served your mother-” Lev begins but Kuroo bares his teeth.


“But you’ve worked your hand in trade for the kingdom years before my mother halfheartedly came by, and miraculously became king-”


“Don’t speak ill of her-” Lev raged.


“This isn’t about her to start with. You have prepared an Offering before. You know how what Offerings are here for; in place for mates unfound. Offerings received no special treatment until they are carrying. He can’t even carry. This is no different. I am not gonna spare the poor boy’s feelings. Akaashi is blind, frail and human. He isn’t even close to a good Offering-”


“So why don’t I kill him then?” Ushijima says and Tendou gasps, her hand swinging towards his chest. Ushijima grabs her wrist gently before it came in contact, his eyes unmoving from Kuroo’s. “Why don’t we give Akaashi back to the Goddess then? Matter a fact, why didn’t you kill him-?”


“Don’t.” Kuroo says behind the rim of his cup. He felt the veins in the side of his neck throb at Ushijima’s suggestion. How dare he-?


“You know the feeling that we all don’t. The control The Beast in your body has. You know how it feels when it’s taking over you, wanting an Offering to take home. The Beast made a mistake. Why don’t you, the man in you, correct it? I know your ways of trantry. I’ve seen it before. The demon has no remorse, he would have offed Akaashi by now.”


“Shut your mouth, Ushijima.”


“Kill her, King.”


Kuroo was up in an instant, hand on Ushijima’s neck, the other hand had Kuroo’s claws out, near the larger man’s jugular.


“My solution is simple and makes the most sense. And it is the slap in the face to destiny and its creator, the Goddess Herself. So what do you have to lose?” Ushijima’s pulse didn’t even rise at the face of death, his voice unchanging even as Kuroo shook in anger in front of him.


The Wolf of Arms takes Kuroo’s wrist, pulling the alpha’s hand from his neck. Ushijima stood slightly taller than Kuroo, and with eyes that said you know why you can’t. A silent checkmate that made Kuroo growl and Ushijima show a shadow of a smile with knowing eyes. He passes Kuroo by, pulling Tendow with him and exiting soon after.


And then there was three. Kenma has chosen to pick up the food, having another maid come in to throw away the scraps, which wasn’t much since the food was barely eaten. He told them to pack and saved what they could. Lev’s angry was clear but he chose to kiss Kenma’s cheek and leave in silence then engage a conversation with Kuroo again.


And so Kuroo sat and ate and Kenma cleaned in silence. He don’t feel as bad as he used to when looking at Kenma. When Kuroo first found him, he was a shell, tiny and easy to break. His skin was ghostly pale, hair they made him shave bald. He was bruised, mistreated during the Great Wars. Everyone who worked under Kuroo now had been a friend or someone founded by his mother: from Lev who was his mother’s longest companion to Ushijima, a man Lev and his mother found that at the time was so mentally deranged at the time that he couldn’t even fazed back into his human form. But Kenma was an ally he made all his own, a friend Kuroo cared so dearly for, and someone who won’t leave him.


Kuroo remembered training him, yelling harsh words at him, telling him to get stronger, faster. Kuroo remembered how he’d cry for what felt like hours. And now seeing Kenma standing without a hunch, face full of color made Kuroo proud. He was still short but had meat on his bones. And after meeting Lev, he never looked happier.


But now, he face was the darkest Kuroo had seen it been in a while. His red lips were pressed in a firm line and although he always seemed to have a red color to his face, he was definitely colored crimson in anger.


“You are usually never this unreasonable.” Kenma mentions. He begins to clean up the broken plates that littered the floor. “It makes you look wildly foolish.” He adds casually, making Kuroo growl. He chuckles weakly in return, unfazed by Kuroo’s aggression.


“I don’t know what the commotion is-”


“When were you gonna tell me Akaashi was your true mate?” He asked and Kuroo closed his mouth. “I had to find out through Lev, who assumed I had knowledge-”


“It isn’t important-”


Kenma slammed his fist, creating and imprint into the wall. “Like hell it isn’t!” He fumed, his voice unusually loud. “I don’t think you quite understand but this is truly a force not your Beast, nor man, nor Demon can push against. This is a man who has no part in any of this but has took it in stride. Do not run Akaashi into the ground because you are choosing to be a child about this. Especially when you need one.” It was both the quickest and fiercest Kuroo has heard Kenma speak.


“And what do I need that boy for?”


Kenma chuckles, gripping the back of the chair closest to him. He sighs. “Must I say it? Is it because no one has screamed at the horror that is the way you in so long that you yourself have forgotten?” He chuckles but there’s no humor behind it. “I can’t even remember a time your were attractive! Was it just after your mother died? Or was it because you try the witch and she turned your like this. Do you remember her words or are you just dumb?” Kenma spits. “Akaashi is the only way you will ever return to looking like your normal self, the only way you will become a true demon so I suggest you get your almighty head out of your ass and work.” Kenma dumped the broken class into bag and left with a loud slam, leaving Kuroo alone to his barely touched food and cold coffee.






AKAASHI finds himself cold but unable to move back inside. The wood the patio was freezing against his toes and the snow was falling gently. His nose kept running and Akaashi used the sleeve of his robe to wipe it every time


“I must say you handle the cold just as well as a wolf does.” A voice says from behind Akaashi, Tsukishima. “Put out your hands, I’ve brought tea.”


“Is it-”


“Three creams, no sugar and a two tablespoons of honey.” Tsukishima answers and Akaashi blushed at the accuracy. “You make breakfast every morning. I know what you drink.”


“Thank you, Tsukishima.” The human answers after a while. He could feel Tsukishima sit on his left on the cushioned bench, hearing it creaked. “We have not got the chance to get to know one another.” Akaashi mentioned after a while, curling into the blanket the Tsukishima laid over his shoulders.


“It is not necessary, I’d say.” Tsukishima offers, pulling the ends of blanket so it draped over Akaashi’s legs as well.


“How come? You are the Beta-”


“I am simply a vessel, my lady. I serve the king and the Goddess.”


“That quite the proclamation.” Akaashi replied, moved by his straightforwardness. “Sometimes, I too wish I had something I was that passion about. Something that moved me.”


“You do not? Nothing you like to do?” He asked.


“Well I like many things. I like making desserts and feeding people. I like knitting, making clothes. I like singing but I don’t know if I am ever in tune-” Akaashi stops when he hears Tsukishima snort, the closest thing Akaashi has ever heard to him laugh. It made Akaashi giggle proudly. “I love poking fun at my father, his reaction every time is golden. I like reading to the school children when I’m allowed. There are many things I like. But none move me.” Akaashi finished, draining the last of the milky drink.


“I supposed that's understandable. I was born into this role. I live my life, every decision around being a beta for this kingdom. I was built and shape to serve. I just happen to enjoy it as well. I didn’t choose it but I don’t hate it.”


“I didn’t have much of a role in my village. I’m not the blood child of either of my parents so I couldn’t become beta. And well, they do not take to me well, if you get what I mean.”


“Is it your eyes? They believe you're a suspersition?”


Akaashi laughs gently. “Suspersition is too nice a word. A witch, the devil’s spawn, not one born under the Goddess’s light. They say it and spit on my shoes or say it behind my back. My parents try but the Alpha is traditional and his word is law. But I am no longer in the village so it isn’t so bad, right?” Akaashi paused, looking up in his direction. Akaashi couldn’t see him of course but he knew Tsukishima was looking at Akaashi as well. “Or so I assumed. Seems as though it isn’t much different. You wolves must just know trouble by the sight of it.” Akaashi set his empty cup in the space between them, closing the blanket around him.


“You must prove them wrong then. I used to think my future was unchangeable and yes, there were matters that couldn’t bend and fold how I’d like. But I took hold of what I could. Kind of like how one reigns in a wild horse, it’s how you sit, how tight your fists can coil, how much do you want to sooth that horse into stillness. Any of those factors are moveable. It is more so will you move it ? that’s in question.” Tsukishima finishes, the coughs. “Or something of sort. I don’t want to tell you what you must do.” He mumbles and a laugh trickles out of Akaashi’s mouth before he could stop it.


“Did I say something humorous?” He asked genuinely.


“Nothing of the sort. I… you’re more poetic than you let on.”


“Really? What do I seem like to you, Lady?” he said smoothly, a wispy voice and that had Akaashi’s blushing. Nearly everyone here except for the cheekiness of Tendou and calmness of Kenma made Akaashi stand on his toes.


“A bit of a brute if I’m honest.” Akaashi says bluntly and Tsukishima sputtered a bit, probably spilling some coffee out of his mouth.


“I’ll have you know I’m the most levelheaded of the group-”


“Lies. I may not be able to see but I say it’s Ushijima.”


The Man of Arms?!” Tsukishima asked incredulously, he voice the loudest Akaashi heard since he’s met Tsukishima. “He was built to be a brute!”


“I said what I said and I only speak the truth. Are you calling the me a liar?” Akaashi asked playfully, hearing his unwilling grumbling.


“I am not, my Lady. I simply do not thing you’re telling the truth.” He offers in a roundabout way and Akaashi playfully rolls his eyes.


“Yeah, yeah, sure.” Akaashi says, nothing bothering to fight. “Ah, Tsukishima. Why do you insist on calling me Lady. Or Sir, still. I don’t uh… think it sits well with Kuroo…” Akaashi says, cracking his fingers waiting for Tsukishkma’s response


“There are times where the Alpha’s wants and needs do not matter. And that is before the Goddess. There is the story of the first Luna. And when she was created, a man simply sneered at her and he was burned to death. The luna is the most powerful creation, before an alpha, beta or omega. The Goddess made it so and every wolf is supposed to be such. It doesn’t matter if that man says no, his inner alpha and Goddess speak the truth of heart.”


“So you are only good to me because of your Goddess?” Akaashi asked. Tsukishima is silent for a moment and Akaashi sighs in understanding. It wouldn’t make sense for him to care about who Akaashi was after only being here for three or so weeks.


“Luna, how do you know when someone is being honest?” Tsukishima suddenly asked.


“Well… uh…” Akaashi’s starts, a little startled by his sudden question. “Well for example, just listening to their voice. I known when someone is being very honestly to neutral to lying because of inflation and mannerisms in speech. So my Father gets quieter in volume when he lies and my Papa repeats himself. I’ve also like… touch their faces. Felt their faces when they smile, when they’re upset. So when they lie, I’ve remember how their mouth and cheeks form, so i can spot it in that manner. But it took a lot of time, and as your know, I can just go about touching everyone’s face.”


“You can touch mine. So you can learn and determine if I am lying.” Tsukishima offers and Akaashi blush brightly, squeaking and moving back.


“W-Well I don’t… know you that well so it… might not work-“ but Tsukishima was hearing none of it. He grabs Akaashi’s hand however and places it on his face. His face is so warm, as if he haven’t been sitting outside for nearly 20 minutes. His skin was tough but not terribly so. The first thing Akaashi’s middle finger felt was a scar, under what felt like his left eye. It ran horizontally and cupped right under the eye. It was old however, Akaashi could tell my the texture and that face that cuts healed quick but scars stayed on wolves just like humans. Akaashi tentatively raised his other hand, cupping the other side of Tsukishima’s face. He had a narrow nose, the curled a bit at the tip. His lips were full and moist. He tried to nip Akaashi’s fingers and the human yelped as the wolf snickers at him.


He eyes were round and hooded, the image of a scary brute popped in Akaashi’s mind and he bit his lip from laughing. “Smile for me.” Akaashi mumbles.




“Ehh? Why not? You said-”


“I don’t smile."


“Yes you do. Smile.” Akaashi insists and for a moment he doesn’t do anything for a moment. Until he feels the unsure rise of Tsukishima’s cheeks, his smile wombling as the human ran fingers over his skin. “Now frown. You can do that well right?” Tsukishima growls but does as he’s told. “Now like you’re gonna yell.” It went like this for a while; Akaashi asking him to make a certain expression, letting his hands work to memorize the face in question. Akaashi made he speak,  feeling how Tsukishima’s face formed when he spoke. Akaashi finally dropped his hands, flexing them in front of his own face. Tsukishima’s skin literally warmed Akaashi’s hands in mere minutes. Akaashi clenched his fist, suddenly taken with emotion.


“What’s the matter, Akaashi?” Tsukishima asked, once again pulling the blanket before it fell off the small male’s shoulders. “Are you cold?” The Beta asked but when Akaashi bitz down on his lip harshly to stop from crying, Tsukishima grips his arms. “You should uh, let it out. Holding back emotion… It’ll do you no good.”


Akaashi nods, letting out a shuddering breath. “I wonder when it will stop feeling as though I am intruding nto someone’s space. It does not feel like home here and… I can not see my family a-anymore.” The tears flow freely on Akaashi’s eyes and he’s too choked up to continue. The air is still, all is quiet except Akaashi’s cries and Tsukishima’s occasional sigh.






LIKE always, it seemed like Kuroo was the odd man out. The week moved slowly, waking up to only do the piles of paperwork that lay at his desk. Lev did not come by, Kenma informing Kuroo that he doesn’t want to see your shitty face for a while before taking off to do trade in another kingdom. The alpha was not surprised. Also old as Lev was, his worst flaw as a pure vampire was Lev’s lack of control over his emotions. He was an open book, and when he disliked something, he did it strongly. When he was happy, you’d could tell clearly.


As for Tsukishima and Kenma, they spoke to Kuroo only out of utility and practicality, doing their jobs as a Beta and Kingdom Aid and nothing more. Which got on Kuroo’s nerves but not enough to point it out or command them to do otherwise.


Tendou, much like Lev, completely ignored Kuroo but Ushijima’s behavior is what got to Kuroo the most. The overwhelming feeling of triumph he had over Kuroo as if nothing happened and that the matter at breakfast was completely forgotten. But Kuroo knew what Ushijima was thinking about, Kuroo’s inability to kill Akaashi even if Kuroo spoke so ill of him and his encieffency.


It isn’t that Kuroo couldn’t kill Akaashi. But they’re we’re legends that said murdering your mate only killed you in the process.


Kuroo thought back to Kenma’s words: Akaashi is the only way you will ever return to looking like your normal self, the only way you will become a true demon. That was at least the theory. The curse put on Kuroo after the war—stay in his half phased demon form— can only broken by the sharing of hearts, as poetically put by the caster. And the witch declared that since Kuroo had no compassion for anyone, that his curse would never be lifted.


But Kuroo thought it was bullshit. His mother was crystallized, not dead and only through death could Kuroo inherit all of her power. So even if he “shares heart” with Akaashi, he’d only change in appearance, which meant little to him.


However, it was known that every year in the Ensorcel Forest, which sits majestically right outside the Kingdom and runs for miles is the Path of Sins. The Sins are a collection of people who have earn the name of each sin and put on a competition each year. They come to make one requirement that all competitors have to obtain to qualify. It could be an item to a characteristic and without you cannot participate. Then competitors are tested in ways unknown to the outside world by each sin. If they complete all seven, they will receive one thing their heart desires. If they lose, they fall prey to one of the sins and die.


The oracle however, promised that it can not be completed by Kuroo.


“Listen child. This task of sin bares no weight on your shoulders. I see a wall that you yourself cannot get over, but not because it is impossible for your man, wolf or demon to conquer.”


“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Lev mutters under his breath but Ushijima shushes him, his eyes still on the oracle. Oracles come from the Aifric People. They have always been peaceful and bare ancient powers, such as premonition and strength. Ushijima comes from that people, although a different branch. The majority of his people were murdered, he had an unwavering protectiveness over the ones that weren’t kill.


“I see others, taking the form of dolls around you, that are chained as well. They are not allowed to fight this battle for you. They will not be puppets dancing for you, They will try to pull their weight and pay back what they own you but cannot.” She is quiet, ringing her fingers, her hands thick with rings and boney.


“And so what can I do?”


“Well, The premonition detailed a pair of teeth. New wolves teeth. You know what that means.” She said and Kuroo swallows thickly. New teeth was a gamble of good and bad. In a more primitive time, teeth symbolized authority and power, the longer and more stronger they were. Now, it was a symbol for a new leader emerging, or a leader detrowned.


“I think however, you are not the one with new teeth nor the one toothless. There is someone who will come to you baring new teeth. They are giving you new teeth to own!”


“That isn’t heard of. Are you sure they aren’t coming to fight him for the thorn?” Ushijima asked but the oracle shakes her head.


“They will know things they aren’t meant to. Do not doubt their knowledge, it will not be becoming of you. They would spill their own blood if it meant them getting the rose for you. They are selfless.”


Those teeth must come from someone else. The requirement this year is simple; obtaining Neko’s blood. Kuroo could simply ask Lev to retrieve it for him on one of his trade. But who would go in Kuroo’s name is up for question.


Kuroo is brought out his thoughts when he heard the quiet ring of the telephone from what seems to be the library.


“Papa!” Akaashi voices comes to Kuroo in a gentle shout, followed but the crisp laugh on the other end. Thus starting his excited rambling. Akaashi surprisingly has great descriptions of his surroundings, from the garden Kenma showed him to the kitchen and the meals were prepped. Akaashi dad, Youma hums every once and in a while, helping Akaashi to explain when he stumbles over his words.


“Hey! Is that my son?” Another voice, slightly farther away sounds. Akaashi squeals, and extremely out of character, kissing the bottom of the phone.


“Baba.” Akaashi says after he’s calms down. He bites his lip, hands shaking a bit. Kuroo smells the salt water before he sees it, watching as they spill over his cheeks. Akaashi released a sob but slaps a hand over his mouth.


“Darling, what’s the matter?” His papa asked and suddenly a chill runs through Kuroo, remembering those eyes. Although he wouldn’t win in against Kuroo, he’d put of a deadly fight. His mother once said that the heart shrouded in hatred holds the devil’s power. And Kuroo knows that man would lay down the lives of others and himself for Akaashi. Including Kuroo’s.


The alpha watches, ready for Akaashi to spill his guts about his time here, his unwillingness and the hurt. Kuroo nearly rolls his eyes thinking about it.


But Akaashi smiles instead, his chin wobbly. “No papa. I’m fine. I-I just really miss you.” He says, wiping away the fallen tears.


“Nothing bad is going on over there?” Her father asked.


“No. They treat m-me very well. There’s a man, they call him the Wolf of Arms, Ushijima. He’s huge but really friendly and funny. I made good friends with the Kingdom Aid Kenma and Tendou. She is Ushijima’s wife and is very loud.” Akaashi giggles and her fathers laugh along with him. “And Tsukishima, he is a very quiet Beta. And does good work. Unlike two people I know.” He laughs out loud to their noises and outburst. His face crinkles up and he smiles the biggest Kuroo’s seen here.


“And the alpha…” Akaashi says after he sobers up. “He is rough around the edges but he is a good leader. Very strong.” Akaashi says, very seriously and filled with an emotion Kuroo couldn’t place. He hears his heart and knows the human isn’t lying by the sounds of it.


Kuroo steps closer and the floors creak. It was a quiet noise but he watched Akaashi’s head snap quickly. Kuroo remembered him mentioning how sharp his other senses were due to his blindness. It was impressive that Akaashi was able to identify someone standing there.


“I have to go but I wanted to call. Hear your voices.” Akaashi says, a sad smile on his face as Kuroo completely enter the space. He instantly tenses up more, his heartbeat jumping and his fingers cracking. “I love you too. Dearly.” Akaashi says almost desperately.


“And we love you, beloved.” His papa answers back. The call drops and he sits, staring at the phone or a while. All is quiet until Akaashi picks his cane and sighs.


“Yes Alpha?” Akaashi asked, standing up and dusting of his shirt. He wore a sheer blouse tucked into a fitted trousers and a long, thick shall to go with it. Kuroo could see the glisten of his collarbone, throat, and nipples pressed against the fabric.


“How did you know it was me?” Kuroo asked.


“Before the wood turned to carpet, I could hear the weight of your steps. Also, when you begin to walk, you take to shorter steps before starting your usually stride.” Akaashi offer the explanation offhandedly. “Is that all?”


“No it isn’t. Tonight you will sleep in my room-”


“Must I?” Akaashi asked quick and quiet, eyes away from Kuroo. No matter how quietly he spoke, Kuroo could hear him. But something told the alpha, with the hardness of his  eyes, Akaashi wanted him to hear that. Although his focus was unclear, his gaze was hard and on Kuroo as he looked up. Kuroo's eyes widen, pulling back his lip to growl. Akaashi is unfazed in the slightest however, not even batter an eye or twitching a limb. He holds the alpha's gaze, the white fog mocking Kuroo.


Although the alpha could care less for the Goddess, Kuroo couldn’t help but think She purposely gave Kuroo a blind mate. He looked like a monster. A half phased demon. He has turned like this because of a certain wench witch, and even if no one mentioned it Kuroo knew his pack pitied him


The witch already knew Kuroo couldn’t become a full Demon because of his mother’s condition and she bonded him to this appearance out of spite and entertainment. But once Kuroo got his wish from the Seven Sins—to be able to phase between his Demon, human and wolf freely— he won’t have to worry about her silly curse. And he definitely wouldn’t need to be worried about Akaashi. But for now, the sex wasn’t bad.


“What’s the matter? Are you still upset with me?” Kuroo asked coyly, tracing his fingers gently around Akaashi’s chin, feeling the human shiver against him. Akaashi tightens his jaw, moving his eyes away from Kuroo.

“I must a joke to you, right?” Akaashi asked. “If I am so useless and broken, you do not need me in your room. I just a decoration, an Offering. When you’re ready to fully   accepts me, invite me into your room. Until then.” Akaashi goes to leave and Kuroo watched, gritting his teeth.


“Humorous how I didn’t ask, Akaashi.” Akaashi stops by the doorway, one had on the threshold and the other holding his cane.


“So I do not have a choice. Unsurprising." He mutters to himself. "Well, humorous how I didn't ask either.” Akaashi states, turning back around and leaving Kuroo alone in the library, feeling brushed off and irritable.


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