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Jimin used to watch him from distance, he had always considered that Kim Taehyung was a curious person. Who in spite of being tall, with a slightly tanned skin and with an attractively deep voice, his uniform always in order, always being the teacher's favorite not only for being the carrier of the most charming and sincere smile that Jimin had seen but also because his grades were always the best. However, as Jimin considered that Taehyung was the kind of person who deserved to be appreciated and pampered in any possible way there were also others who saw him as an easy target of jokes.. some that in most cases were not so innocent.

It started with some of their classmates throwing balls of paper at him, but even with it Jimin could see how those things affected him, especially when he realized that those papers were directed with insults to his little angel.

It also did not help that due to Taehyung's quiet and shy personality they used to mock of him specially because of his speech, which irritated Jimin to the core of his being, that is, who in his right mind could do that?!. It was not the child's fault to be a stutterer, he did not like to see how others took advantage of his condition or how they cornered him, making his situation worse. That is why Jimin took matters into his own hands.

He knew that it was not a good idea given the fact that due to his poor grades his teachers always had track of him, or that he often got into trouble, but when he remembered his reasons it made everything worthwhile. That is why at the end of the class one day he approached the group of boys who knew had thrown Taehyun's notes out the window and ... well, it's enough to say that he was proud of having ended up with only a broken lip.

He had tried to approach Taehyung repeatedly but the youngest always kept running away from the others. Even so, Jimin did not give up. One of the things that fascinated him was watching the other blush every time he received compliments and even more when he gave himself the opportunity to smile forming a perfect rectangle.

The next morning when he saw him a few steps in front of him before entering the school, Jimin hurried to be by his side and wrapped his arm around Taehyung shoulders, causing him to startle and tensed for a few seconds until he realized it was Jimin .

-Good morning, my little sunshine.- Including a huge smile on Jimin's face, the young man was happy to see how the other got nervous.

-G-Good morning.- Taehyung's first impulse was to get away from Jimin's embrace taking into account that most of the times the excess of physical contact with people made him feel uncomfortable, but for some reason this time It felt different. He was not sure if it was because Jimin's arm did not feel oppressive or rigid, but rather it was a delicate touch as if he was afraid of hurting him or maybe he was distracted seeing the blow that Jimin had on his face.

He was sure that yesterday the oldest had a face free of imperfections - as always - but this morning he could see a slight purple on his cheek and a broken lip. Taehyung was not stupid, he could be quiet and shy but he was not stupid and in reality he was very observant and well.. he had also heard things. Students who said they saw Jimin fighting outside of class hours and "coincidentally" used to be the people who bothered him. He knew it, he knew that Jimin was getting into trouble because of him and he felt guilty.

- ... Taehyungie?- He had not realized that the elder had asked him a question and now he could only see the expectant face of the other ... At the time, only maybe the fact that the distance between them was very small It made difficult to think clearly.

-... D-Did you say som-something? -

-I asked ... How was it possible that this morning you looked more attractive than usual? - Jimin let out a sweet laugh, he loved to see Tae's face slightly nervous when he was the cause, he decided to let go and walk beside him the rest of the road knowing that it could bother the minor. -Don't worry, it’s okay if you don’t answer, maybe you're not aware of it but, you're damn attractive Kim Taehyung, do not let anyone tell you otherwise do you understand? - While saying the latter Jimin couldn’t stop himself and squeezed one of Taehyung red and soft cheek, it was something that he died to do for weeks and thought it was time to build some courage.


Most of his days were like a routine, anyone could expect Jimin to be the knight in shining armor giving his deserved to those who dared to bother Taehyung he would slow down before acting and consider his actions before meddling with him but ... it seemed the opposite.

Even with the passing of days the situation did not change, Taehyung felt his heart heavy every time his eyes went by Jimin in the classroom, sometimes with his head lying tiredly on the table, carrying different blows, even for his posture when walking or by some of the exclamations he made when he approached him to greet him confirmed that under his clothes were more bruises on his body. He wanted to be more self-sufficient, to take care of himself but ... every time he tried to confront his classmates they did not take him seriously, which frustrated him even more by making his stutter worse.

Things only seemed to get worse when Taehyung saw Jimin appear with more and more bruises. On one occasion he arrived with a mask covering his face, making everyone believe he was sick. He had spent the rest of the morning sleeping on his desk that the teacher struck him asking him if he was sick he better go to the infirmary to take a break. Taehyung knew that his mask was not because he had a cold but had the function of hiding something. When the class of the day ended Taehyung went to the infirmary with a hasty step, Jimin had not returned during the course of the morning so he assumed that he followed the teacher's advice and stayed resting.

His suspicions were confirmed when he found the elder lying on one of the beds in the infirmary, he had removed the mask to sleep and Taehyung’s heart troubled when he saw him. The older had probably engaged in another fight the previous day, and the stitches in his face proved it, he could not forgive himself if he learned that Jimin now attached a broken nose to his injury history.

He did not want to interrupt the older man's sleep so he approached a chair that was next to the bed as quietly as possible. Maybe until that moment he could think deeply watching Jimin so close and without having to feel nervous because he looked back at him but, Jimin was really attractive. He could see how the girls turned to see him when he walked down the corridors, he was sure that he had received confessions from his classmates, and that his personality often attracted several friends, making him often wonder why he was so interested in Taehyung? That is to say, he was the opposite and he considered that there was nothing attractive for the other, but Jimin continued to approach him all the time to ask about his day, to sit with him at lunch, to worry about the treatment sometimes he received from others. While he only felt guilty because it seemed that Jimin was more damaged than himself.

He did not notice the moment his body moved by itself and found himself running his hand through the older man's hair. He had always thought that it had been brave on his part to have challenged the authorities and the rules of the school by dyeing his hair a silvery color, as well as having pierced his ears. He could still remember the day when the director personally caught his attention and escorted to his office. Everyone knew that Park Jimin would be punished and his style would change again but surprised everyone once more even the teachers - by disobeying the authorities and keep his dye and earrings.

Jimin had always been very good at sports, maybe his academic performance was not the best and he needed a little help but he knew that the elder could easily master any type of sport, especially football. Taehyung considered that maybe that's why even the teachers had a little consideration of him, Taehyung had seen him in some of the practices and had to admit that Jimin knew what he was doing, had even managed to lead the school team to many competitions always returning with trophies and victorys.

-Did you fall in love with me? - The child was startled to hear that sleepy voice, had been so absorbed in his thoughts that he had not noticed the moment when Jimin had woken up and watched him carefully. When Taehyung tried to answer him but his brain did not seem to collaborate in formulating something consistent he gave up and just shook his head, losing the sad smile on the older man's face.

- The teacher sent you for me?- The child denied again with his head while Jimin was sitting up on the bed. Seeing that Taehyung kept his eyes on the ground, the older man bowed so that he could see his eyes. - So you were worried about me? - The sight of the child blushing was enough for him and he just laughed a little.

-I-I’m really so-sorry-

-What did you said? -

-... I-I’m sorry that you are h-hurt b-because of me.-.

- You have nothing to apologize for Taehyungie. I don't even know what you're talking about.-

- I know what you've done ... th-the fights. - The moment he said that Jimin instantly thought of his nose, had forgotten that he had removed the mask. I did not know for how long it is that Taehyung knew about it but he thought he had been subtle. Jimin always waited for the younger to leave the school campus before going to look for the fools who used to bother him.

-Y-you don’t have to do it. I don-don’t like fi-fights, seeing someone else h-hurt because of m-me. I tried to-to face them by m-myself but ... I’m sure I o-only cause you mo-more trouble.- It frustrated him the fact of not being able to express himself well with others of how difficult it was for him something as simple as talking and thinking a lot about it only made things worse. Jimin put a hand over Taehyung's, taking them in his and trying to calm him down. It seemed a funny image, Jimin's hands were very small compared to Taehyung's, however he tried to be of comfort and support.

- I should apologize, for not being able to take care of you as I should. - He was not aware of his words until he saw how the child looked up with his eyes wide open. Jimin has always spent his time making comments like that but for some reason at that time the younger felt they had a different feeling. They were not accompanied by Jimin's mischievous smiles, or with playful caresses, but on the contrary he only met with a sad and ... honest look. Taehyung turned his gaze to their intertwined hands thinking how someone so small could have a big heart.

Without saying more, he got up from his chair and even before Jimin could protest, he watched as the child approached the medicine cabinet that was in a desk, took it and returned to his seat. Still without saying a word, he started looking for some gauze and disinfectant, took one of Jimin's hands and began to treat them. The older one had forgotten that his knuckles were a little hurt because of the exchange of blows he had with the mediocre the day before. His mother had been scandalized when he saw him arrive at the house and hurried to take him to the hospital but they only focused on checking if his nose was broken, which for his fortune was not but that did not prevent him from hurting like hell. That is why he had been prescribed a large amount of painkillers that had made him feel a little lethargic and tired the next day. His mother had insisted he stay at home resting but Jimin as stubborn he was, he did not obey.

He stopped thinking about it when he felt a burning pain in his hand causing him to gasp, the younger apologized and promised to be as gentle as he could. Taehyung concentrated on his task and set out to try to help him this time and whatever was necessary to let him know that he was grateful, he was not very good with words so it was the least he could do, while Jimin inside thanked heavens above for having the opportunity to spend more time with the other.



Taehyung knew it could be worse, he wanted to finish his tasks and run through the corridors until he found him, but he was too cowardly to take the initiative. The teacher had asked him to help with the review of the tests they had done a few days ago and being the charming and well-read student he was, he said yes, but he did not expect that the next day his classmates would fill their locker with water bombs spoiling all the books that were in there, it had been a luck that he carried with him the essays that he had to present in his classes as well as the rest of his homework for the day.

However that same morning Jimin had accompanied him on his way to school insisting on accompanying him to his locker, it is not as if it bothered him in reality it could be said that he liked the idea of being able to call him his friend. Even if his instincts shouted at him that he did not trust anyone, he could not help it, just by observing the honesty in the older man's eyes made him forget his worries. He likes having him close, in the past few days they had spent time together, It had become a routine for Jimin to accompany him to his house when school was over, he was still looking for him to share time in the breaks and Taehyung tried to do his best to reward him -and even if Jimin insisted that the other's smile was enough, Taehyung did not feel comfortable- that is why during recesses he tried to help him with his injuries and scratches that he knew he was receiving because of him. He had also offered to help the older one with his studies, he had invited him to his house and his mother had been ecstatic to finally meet Taehyung’s friend .

That is why that morning when Taehyung's locker exploded in a sea of water Jimin had had enough. The culprits were at the end of the hall laughing at the misfortunes of the child, if it had not been for the sound of the bell indicating the start of classes and the teachers walking to the halls Jimin would have kicked their butts in that same place.

Taehyung spent all day nervous, he knew that Jimin would look for those boys after classes and he knew that if he tried to stop him the older one would ignore his requests. He felt that the morning passed too quickly and when the bell rang the teacher called Taehyung to help him so he tried to do his job as fast as possible, constantly looking at the clock. When he finally finished he ran as fast as his legs allowed him, he ran looking for the exit and looking for Jimin .

He had not been wrong, the older was in the back of the school hitting a group of students, two of them were getting off the ground to run while the other was in a dispute with the older. Taehyung did not hear what they were saying but when he saw how Jimin threw himself on the other favoring a punch in the face and how he took advantage of a surprise hit, Jimin knocked him down and sat on the abdomen of the other giving more punches. The boy did not want things to get any more complicated either because they had come too far, so he ran to Jimin's side and stopped him. He grabbed him by the arm and started pushing him back to distance him from the fight. The elder tried to free himself from the grip but Taehyung was stronger than he looked.

They managed to get out of there before any teachers found them, if they found out that Jimin was involved in a fight like that he could be suspended or in the worst case scenario he could get himself expelled from school and... Taehyung could not even consider that idea.

Taehyung parents were still out, which is why he chose dragging an annoyed Jimin on his way to his house. Both without directing any word on the road but without letting go of their hands, on the contrary they seemed to hold each time with more force. Jimin's displeasure did not last long, it was impossible for him to maintain that kind of feeling when he was in Taehyung's presence.

- ...Y-you promised t-to not get in t-trouble.- Taehyung was the first to break the ice while he forced Jimin to sit on his bed and he was focused on finding the first aid kit in his house.

- And you promised to talk to the teachers about it.-

-T-they don-don’t need t-to-

-Of course they should know Taehyung! - Seeing how Taehyung denied with his head, he felt a little annoyed again. -Dammit! I don’t understand why haven't you talked about it with your parents either, they could have done something! -

- ..They can’t k-know.

-Why not? They deserve to be punished Tae! If you do not let me do it, at least talk to the teachers, I'm sure they would believe you, you know what? I bet that some of them already have their suspicions.

- N-no.-

-Dammit! Why not?!-

- They would force me to leave! ... I n-no. I don’t want ch-change s-school.-

For some reason Jimin had not considered that possible scenario in the situation they were in, he had known Taehyung's parents and he was sure that they shared his thoughts, they just wanted Taehyung to be happy, to feel comfortable in the environment he was.

-Maybe ... maybe that's for the best.-

-No! No ... I-I do not want to-that they... separate us.- Jimin did not know whether to cry of happiness or sadness when listening as Taehyung's voice broke and tried to contain the tears.

-Don't be a fool, I would not let that happen either. - He wiped one of the tears that escaped from the eyes of the other and Taehyung could see how the only expression of Jimin's eyes was adoration and affection. -I'll follow you to the last corner ... to make sure you get the treatment you deserve, to be able to take care of any danger, to be able to take care of you and keep you happy. Besides, do you think it would ruin our time together after the effort it took me to get close to you? Think twice Tae.-

He knew that the other would try to refuse again but the only thing that Jimin wanted was to clean all traces of sadness from Taehyung's face, to be able to make him smile and that his tears were of laugh too much without any negative thoughts hanging around his head . He took Taehyung's face in his hands and came close enough to brush his lips with his. Jimin would always remember his first kiss as a feeling of euphoria and happiness.