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NSFW Alphabet

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Aftercare: Always, Nathan Likes to think he's brutal, but he's actually really nice and caring.


Body Part: Your eyes, something about the color of those warm and sweet (e/c) eyes just makes him feel comfortable. You like his stomach, maybe he's not in the best shape, but you think it's cute.


Cum: He never cums inside you. He's like to be safe, as you're not just some groupie, he doesn't want to have kids... Just yet at least, (If you have female parts.) He likes to see you swallow his cum as well.


Dirty Secret: He wants to have sex in the Amazon Rainforest, he thinks it might help him get in touch with his Yaneemango roots. Nathan's far too scared to admit this, though.


Experience: Lots. He has slept with about a million groupies, no? He does at first fail at things such as oral, But eventual gets really good at it.


Favorite Position: Doggy Style. He can be in full control, and do almost anything he wants to well you just sit there and take it (consensual, of course).


Goofy: Nathan's a bit awkward, sometimes stopping trying to decide what to do.


Hair: Some, but trimmed neatly.


Intimacy: Sorta? Most of the time he's rough, but at times, such as your anniversary, he will serve champagne and cover the place in black and red rose petals (the most brutal colors.)


Jack Off: If you're not there or in the mood, he'll often do it.


Kinks: Hair pulling, he likes to grab onto your hair while he thrusts into you from behind.


Location: His bed, red silk feel the best against his skin.


Motivation: Telling him how good he is, at anything really.


No: Anything involving bodily fluids, other than saliva. Harming his partner, he doesn't like to see you in immense pain, a small amount of pain is fine for either of you but not anything extreme.


Oral: Receiving, Nathan's pretty selfish, so if course he'd like receiving rather then giving.


Pace: Fast and Rough.


Quicky: Of course! Anywhere, anytime.


Risks: Not anything too risky, he doesn't like to hurt his partner too much. Cutting, stabbing, choking, etc, not his thing. Maybe public sex, like a public bathroom.


Stamina: At most 3 rounds, he's fairly lazy.


Toys: Uses them on you not himself, handcuffs, Vibrator, probably, but that might make him feel a little insecure, he knows it's stupid to be jealous of a toy, but you reassure him he's perfect.


Unfair: He loves teasing you, but hates being teased.


Volume: Loud "Working on your vocals are you, Nathan?" And you're pretty loud as well.


Wild Card: He likes leather lingerie, it's totally brutal and metal.


X-Ray: Average. He wears white briefs, sometimes black boxer briefs.


Yearning: Very high, He'd have sex with a new groupie every day, so being in a relationship with one person he craves sex all the time.


Zzzz: Almost instantly.

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Aftercare: Always caring and worried if you were hurt, you two Takes baths after.


Body Part: Your smile. Your smile is the prettiest thing in the world to him, even if it's not exactly a body part, (I'm cheating.) You like his eyes, they're a very pretty ice blue.


Cum: Anywhere he can, in your mouth, inside, on you, etc.


Dirty Secret: He wants to have sex In front of people, but he's afraid you'll be disgusted.


Experience: He's okay, he's not good at foreplay, he's never needed it, groupies are usually ready when they see him.


Favorite Position: Missionary, after all, he loves to hug and kiss you.


Goofy: Toki's awkward, he'll freak out if you say 'ow' if it hurts a little, sometimes joking at odd times.


Hair: He doesn't grow that much naturally, but you don't believe him.


Intimacy: Of course. Toki loves hugging and kissing


Jack Off: He'll do it anytime you're not there.. and sometimes when you are there or sometimes in front of you, you know, if you're into that.


Kinks: He's weird. S&M, he switches between dominant and submissive frequently, but is vanilla at times, maybe choking if his partner is okay with that.


Location: Anywhere really, in the living room, his room, your room, the bathroom, etc.


Motivation: Praises, begging, I love yous.


No: Stabbing or piercing his partner or himself.


Oral: It took awhile but you were able to get him comfortable with giving but, he eventually ended up liking to please his partner. So, giving.


Pace: Depends, a bad day of being made fun of and forgotten, he's fast and brutal, a good day of being loved and appreciated, he's slow, sensual, and loving.


Quicky: Not really. He prefers to take his time.


Risk: Always. Whatever his partner is into he's willing to try.


Stamina: Lasts 30 minutes to an hour.


Toys: Lots. He uses them on you and you use them on him.


Unfair: Loves it. Teasing, being teased, both are great to him.


Volume: He's petty loud. All of Mordhaus can hear you, it Keeps the band and Klokateers up at night.


Wild Card: He breaks into Norwegian in bed, it's somewhat sexy.


X-Ray: 7 inches, thicker than average, but its not painful to have it inside. He wears tidy whiteys, like most of the band members.


Yearning: Very high.


Zzzz: He doesn't fall asleep right after, you'll take a bath first.

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Aftercare: Yujiro doesn't give a fuck about you or your feelings. He'll leave you bloody and bruised if he wants too.


Body part: You and him like his back, that demon face is creepy, but somehow endering. He likes your hips, something he can grab on to, to leave bruised with his handprints.


Cum: He likes to cum on your face or inside, he finds it degrading, treating you as nothing but an object.


Dirty secret: Yujiro doesn't have any secrets in bed, he'll do anything he wants and doesn't hide or shy away from whatever it is he wants to do.


Experience: Yujiro is an S rank in experience. He's slept with so many people he can't even count. It's safe to say he has tons of experience in pleasing his partners (not that he really cares about that).


Favorite position: He doesn't have a favorite, really. Maybe doggystyle, missionary or up against the wall.


Goofy: he's completely serious during the whole ordeal. He doesn't like you joking or even talking during the act.


Hair: Yujiro shaves, making sure he looks good in any of his outfits, he loves to show his physique, so he makes sure to keep himself tidy. He expects you to at the very least trim, would prefer if you were shaved or waxed but doesn't mind a little hair.


Intimacy: Yujiro cares nothing for intimacy with you. He's brutal and degrading.


Jack off: He rarely masturbates, he has people lined up and willing for him to do anything to.


Kinks: Tying you up, hitting you, basically anything physically and mentally degrading.


Location: Anywhere. But mainly at his house in his bed or on any piece of furniture he or you own.


Motivation: He doesn't really need any, before and after a fight, before he eats, really anytime he can. He believes it makes him stronger.


No: The only thing he's against is bodily fluids (other than blood or saliva) or anything generally 'gross'.


Oral: He rarely does it for you, on occasion if it's your birthday or another holiday. Mainly has you perform it on him.


Pace: He's fast and brutal, but makes it last for hours.


Quickie: Only before fights, he prefers to take his time making sure he gets all his stress out and has fun.


Risk: He lives for the risk. He'll beat you bloody, but will stop if you tell him too, he still somewhat respects your boundaries.


Stamina: He can go for hours, even days if he really wanted to. Years of training has left him with incredible stamina.


Toys: He doesn't mind them, but prefers to be hands on. Would never let you use any one him.


Unfair: He's extremely unfair. He'll lead you to the edge of orgasm, just to rip it away at the last second.


Vocal: He's fairly quiet aside from a few groans. He doesn't care if you're loud or not.


Wild card: He's not wild in anything, he plans what he's going to do.


X-Ray: Big muscles, big dick. Thick and long. He wears black underwear, basically a speedo (the same thing he wears when we first see him in Baki).


Yearning: He has a high sex drive, every single day.


Zzz: He'll usually lay in bed smoking a cigarette while you fall asleep. He occasionally sleeps next to you if he feels you deserve it or wants some shut eye.

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Aftercare: Fu Su's gentle and caring, he's always at your side making sure your comfortable and will offer any assistance if you need it. He usually has a shower or bath with you before you two sleep or go anywhere after sex.


Body part: For you it's his face, he has such a gentle and wise expression, a caring look always in his eyes when he sees you. For him it's your eyes, you have beautiful warm (e/c) eyes.


Cum: He likes to do it inside you or a condom, it makes less of a mess.


Dirty secret: He secretly like it when your dominating him, he likes not having to be in control.


Experience: Fu Su's old (probably, let's be honest, he's basically a celestial being), but he still has only slept with a few people, people he truly felt he loved and who loved him. But that doesn't mean he's not good in bed, he still a stunner.


Favorite position: Missionary, he likes seeing the pleasure on your face as he thrusts into you while holding your hand.


Goofy: He's fairly serious and calm during the whole ordeal, but a few jokes from you is alright.


Hair: Fu Su naturally doesn't grow a lot of hair down there and doesn't mind how you keep yours. It's your body, so why should he feel the need to control it?


Intimacy: Fu Su is the most intimate and romantic man you have ever met in your life. He takes his time, always telling you how much he loves and cares for you.


Jack off: He's surprisingly never masturbated, he doesn't really feel the need or want to do it.


Kinks: Fu Su's super vanilla, maybe a little bit of dominance and submission, him as the sub.


Location: Always in bed, it's comfortable and not likely to have someone walk in.


Motivation: To show he loves you, he of course shows his love in other ways, but it's more of a trust thing.


No: No pain play of any kind, he doesn't like to see you in pain and doesn't like being in pain either, no degrading things either.


Oral: He loves giving oral to you, he likes to hear you moan and seeing the pleasurable expressions you make gets him hard.


Pace: Slow and steady.


Quickie: No, Fu Su needs his time with you, he doesn't like things to be quick and fast, that's not very romantic, is it?


Risk: None, he doesn't take any with you, he never hurts you and never has sex out in the open for someone to catch you two.


Stamina: He can go for two rounds, that's about it.


Toys: Doesn't own any, but would give it a try if you ask. Probably doesn't like it being used on him.


Unfair: He doesn't tease, he prefers if you tease him, you like to see his patience finally break after awhile.


Vocal: Fu Su's pretty loud, it's not hard to make him moan your name and say how much he loves you.


Wild card: If you express your love by giving him gifts it turns him on, he likes knowing you love him.


X-Ray: He's about average, maybe above in thickness. He wears really nice silk apple green boxer briefs.


Yearning: He doesn't have that high of a sex drive, only when the circumstances are right does it sky rocket.


Zzz: He waits for you to fall asleep first, your calm breathing relaxes him even more than usual hearing your soft breathes.

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Aftercare: Most of the time. It's almost never needed, maybe a shower or a painkiller.


Body part: You like his stomach, it's like his body was chiseled by Michelangelo or something. He likes your chest, it's very soft and supple, he likes to grab/stroke it.


Cum: He always cums inside you, as if to mark his territory. Gotta keep the other Saiyans away.


Dirty secret: He secretly wishes you'd be more demanding and controlling, but is far too embarrassed to admit it. If word got out Bardock wanted to be even somewhat submissive, his team would laugh at him non stop for at least a few days.


Experience: Bardock's been with many people casually over the years, it's safe to say he's fairly experienced at pleasing his partner.


Favorite position: Doggystyle, it's primal instinct.


Goofy: Somewhat, a few jokes here and there if an opportunity presents itself.


Hair: He doesn't shave. "Why should I shave, I could be destroying planets instead" he doesn't care what you do with any of your body hair.


Intimacy: He's surprisingly intimate, he loves holding your hand and saying he loves you.


Jack off: Only when your not around or in the mood.


Kinks: Tying you up is one of his things, with your hands above your head you look so submissive towards him and that really gets him going. He also loves edging, he likes seeing you begging for him.


Location: Anywhere really, as long as the place isn't full of people he's willing.


Motivation: Just a high sex drive.


No: Beating you, he finds that disgusting, he doesn't see any appeal. He'll turn you down bluntly if you ask.


Oral: He loves receiving, he likes seeing you down on your knees. He doesn't mind giving but finds it tedious, but still does it, I mean you do it for him, why shouldn't he return the favor?


Pace: He's pretty fast and brutal with it, unless he wants to make it romantic, then he's slow and takes his time working you up to orgasm.


Quickie: He's always down unless something extremely important is taking place.


Risk: Having sex in public, mostly in a bathroom or a back room of sorts.


Stamina: He can go for 5-6 rounds, he's definitely got that saiyan energy.


Toys: He feels a bit inadequate if you use them often. Will never have them used on him.


Unfair: He likes to tease you constantly. Edging is a huge kink of his.


Vocal: He's not very vocal, a few grunts, maybe a moan of your name here and there.


Wild card: Whenever you assert yourself around others it turns him on. Seeing you fight and argue is another thing that makes him want to take you right then and there.


X-Ray: He's slightly above average in length, probably 7 inches, very thick though. He wears black underwear with a green waistband.


Yearning: His sex drive is extremely high, any chance he gets to have sex with you he'll take it.


Zzz: Very quickly, usually falling asleep a few minutes after. You'll be talking to him about something right after and you'll turn to see him snoring and drooling on his pillow.

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Aftercare: Goku cares a lot about you, of course he's going to care for you after. A bath, a message, or just some talking. He always cuddles after.


Body part: He likes your legs, he thinks their perfect, it's a plus if you wear thigh highs. You like his cheeks, he has very soft skin and you just want to pinch them every time you see him, even in bed.


Cum: He likes to cum on your chest or thighs, he likes seeing his favorite parts of you covered in the sticky fluid.


Dirty secret: He's upfront about whatever he wants to do, he doesn't really hide anything.


Experience: He doesn't have much, but he understands it somewhat well, it took him awhile to get comfortable.


Favorite position: Missionary, you riding him, and 69, both are intimate to him.


Goofy: He's fairly goofy during, sometimes the laughing can ruin the mood, but you both get a good laugh so it usually makes up for it.


Hair: He doesn't have much (unless Seiten Taisei form, then he's untidy down there).


Intimacy: He loves being close to you, he's usually hugging or kissing you, holding your hand and telling you how much he loves you and cares about you.


Jack off: He doesn't have much time alone to do it, sometimes at night, maybe once or twice a month when he's alone and doesn't have you.


Kinks: Praises, he didn't get much of that for most of his life, so he loves being told how good he is.


Location: Mostly in bed, it's hard to get alone time with the other around, so it's usually a hotel bad.


Motivation: Knowing you love him. He hasn't felt a lot of love, especially romantic love, so he cherishes it more then anything.


No: He won't hurt you, he might pull your hair, but he refused to hit, choke, or do anything harmful to you.


Oral: He likes receiving, he likes to soak up all the attention you give him.


Pace: It depends, if you two have time and are finally alone, it'll be slow and sensual, but more often than not, it's fast but still full of love.


Quickie: He's A-Ok with them. He'll take whatever you're willing to give him.


Risk: Sometimes you'll have sex in the room next to Sanzo, you two aren't too worried of him catching you two. You've even done it right between a sleeping Sanzo and Gojyo when the group had to sleep outside in the desert.


Stamina: He's filled with energy, but he still has his limits, 5 rounds sometimes 6.


Toys: He doesn't like using them, he needs your attention and doesn't want anything to take that way.


Unfair: He only teases you when he's jealous, maybe you spent a little to much time with Hakkai and Jeep. He hates being teased at all, he's going to whine and complain the entire time.


Vocal: He's pretty vocal if you're in a separate room from the others, he doesn't care if they hear and he'd like it if you're loud too. When close to the others you're both quiet.


Wild card: If you give him presents or cuddle him he gets turned on.


X-Ray: Average, maybe a bit below in length. He usually wears red boxer briefs.


Yearning: Average, he doesn't crave it unless you do something he likes.


Zzz: Quickly, since you mainly have sex at night both of you fall asleep a few minutes later.

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Aftercare: Baki and you usually don't do anything but sleep after. If it's in the morning you both take a shower and go about your day.


Body part: Your face, he's not gonna lie, he finds you very attractive. You like his entire body, there's not a flaw on him.


Cum: Between your thighs, thighs jobs are one of his favorite things, his cum usually ends up on the floor however.


Dirty secret: He doesn't really have one, he doesn't think about sex often and doesn't have much to hide.


Experience: His only experience is with Kozue, who he was with before you, so he doesn't have much.


Favorite position: Up against a wall with one of your legs pulled up to his shoulder (I don't think there's an actual name for this) and reverse cowgirl when he's lazy, he likes to see you riding him.


Goofy: His faces make you laugh, but he's pretty insecure about that, so you suppress that. Him himself isn't that goofy, just his expressions.


Hair: He shaves, he feels cleaned that way. He's doesn't care enough about something as miniscule as pubic hair on you or any partner.


Intimacy: He cares a lot about you and he expresses that in every way possible.


Jack off: Not often. Maybe once a month, he trains if he's horny and your not there.


Kinks: None, really. Baki is painfully vanilla.


Location: In his house, mostly on the couch, bed, or floor. Maybe in a bathroom before a fight, after all, sex makes you stronger... According to Yujiro.


Motivation: To go to the next level in a relationship, after that to get stronger, like his father suggested.


No: He wouldn't do anything involving blood, he sees enough of that on a daily basis, he doesn't want to see it in such an intimate situation.


Oral: He's somewhat adept at giving, he can't deny he prefers receiving, but who doesn't?


Pace: Fast and quick, you two can go for 3-4 rounds, which makes up for the fast pace.


Quickie: He's totally down, mostly before fights.


Risk: Since sometimes you two do it in a public bathroom (or even sometimes in a locker room) it's somewhat risky, as someone could caught you.


Stamina: As said before, 3-4 rounds, he can go days (as we saw with Kozue and him) but he still has a life to get on with, he can't spend all day having sex.


Toys: Not really, he's not into pegging (or being a bottom in general) maybe some handcuffs, but not often.


Unfair: He's not that much into teasing, if you're into it he's down.


Vocal: He's loud and he's not embarrassed to admit it. Does like when you're loud, he likes the feeling of knowing he's pleasing you.


Wild card: Bunny suit all the way, plus if the one piece is latex or shiny.


X-Ray: He's average, but he knows how to use everything he's got. He wears the same red boxer shorts he's usually seen wearing, super convenient.


Yearning: He doesn't have the highest sex drive, he finds it easy to suppress the feeling.


Zzz: It depends, sometimes it wakes him up more in the morning, at night it usually takes 10-20 minutes to fall asleep depending on how long you two went at it.

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Aftercare: At the start of the relationship he wasn't too concerned about your feelings, but after a while he would check if you're okay. He's not cuddly or affectionate after, but will still asks if you're okay, he might cuddle if asked.


Body part: He likes your shoulders, a perfect place to sink his teeth in. You like his mouth, those teeth can cause a lot of damage if he bit too deep, livin' in the edge, what can I say?


Cum: Jack's not picky when it comes to cum, it doesn't matter where.


Dirty secret: What does Jack have to hide? Maybe a daddy kink (daddy issues), he'll adamantly deny this, but he's not opposed if you ask.


Experience: Jack's main focus in life has been defeating his father, meaning he doesn't have that much experience, he knows what he's doing, but he's not amazing at every aspect.


Favorite position: Cowgirl, Missionary, or up against the wall, Jack's a big guy, he has to make sure he doesn't crush your tiny (in comparison) body.


Goofy: He's completely serious and he doesn't tolerate any type of joking, it ruins the mood for him.


Hair: Jack's not too concerned with something as miniscule as pubic hair, same goes for you, he doesn't care how you keep yourself.


Intimacy: Jack's mind is never on Intimacy unless you ask, he's pretty raw and uncaring in the moment, as the relationship develops he becomes more intimate, actually trying to kiss and hold you (but that doesn't work well, after all he's 7ft, eventually 8ft, and it isn't easy).


Jack off: Jack doesn't JACK off.


Kinks: Biting, pretty expected, he likes to sink his pearly whites into your soft skin.


Location: It doesn't matter where, he has no preference for a location.


Motivation: Sex is a stress reliever for Jack, what keeps him going is your moans and begging.


No: Surprisingly, Jack's not comfortable with most pain play besides biting and maybe choking. Definitely not rape play, considering what happened to his mother. He's also not okay with being a submissive.


Oral: He's really not one for foreplay, but he knows he needs it though, he's fairly adept at giving, he doesn't mind receiving, but prefers to just cut to the chase.


Pace: Fast and brutal, Jack doesn't give you any time to adjust or care that much for slow and 'romantic' fucking.


Quickie: He's okay with them, he likes being able to go for hours and quickies don't provide that time.


Risk: Biting is risky, his bite his strong enough to bite a chunk out of a coconut and chew metal like gum, it's a pretty dangerous thing if he hits the wrong spot and you bleed out, luckily he knows most arteries.


Stamina: Jack has stamina that far surpasses top athletes who have trained their entire life. Jack knows your limits, you're not super human like him, you're still a fragile thing compared to much, but if he could he could possible go for days. So... Yeah, lots of stamina.


Toys: He's not okay with any being used on him, he may use them on you if you ask ever so nicely.


Unfair: Jack's middle name is unfair, he'll edge you for hours, he has the patience of a saint when it comes to teasing you. He's not fond of being teased, sometimes he's okay with it, it's a Wild card if he'll tolerate it that day.


Vocal: Jack's not a moaner. He couldn't give a care in the world for how loud you are and considering how he treats you in bed, it's safe to say you'll be moaning till your vocal cords give out.


Wild card: Blue lingerie turns him on, I imagine blue's his Favorite color. He enjoys when you scratch his back, it barley affects him but he enjoys the light burning sensation.


X-Ray: As I always say, big muscles big dick, maybe he's called Jack Hammer for something other than his brutal fighting. He wears blue boxer briefs, similar to the shorts he wears when fighting.


Yearning: His sex drive is triggered by stress and he has a lot of that. He's not too fond of having to ask you for sex, it makes him seem desperate and he doesn't like that feeling, you're usually the one to notice and ask.


Zzz: He's not a sound sleeper and it takes awhile for him to start getting drowsy, he'll stay in bed with you however, he feels you're the most vulnerable at this state and doesn't like the idea of leaving you alone.

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Aftercare: Kaiba's not the best at caring for you, he does care but he doesn't know how to express that very well. You'll have to explain to him how aftercare works and what it is exactly. He'll literally make you take a shower if you want to cuddle, a bit of a germophobe.


Body part: Your stomach, it doesn't matter if you're fit or not, he just likes wrapping his arms around it. You like his hands, they're literally perfect.


Cum: On your stomach, it's safer then inside and he likes that part of you.


Dirty secret: Kaiba's too prideful to admit that he wants to be dominated, it's too embarrassing to be caught thinking about that, however.… If you're a dom, he'd gladly go with it, acting like he hadn't ever thought of that.


Experience: Kaiba's a virgin, well until he met you, he barely knows anything about sex, he's not your typical horny teenager, he focused his years on card games.


Favorite position: He doesn't like any weird positions, he also doesn't know any, so he defaults to missionary, once he's more use to it, he like Eagle.


Goofy: Kaiba doesn't like joking in general, so he's not into anything like that. Sex is about intimacy and is a serious thing to Kaiba, he doesn't want the mood to be ruined by a joke.


Hair: Kaiba's well kept, he doesn't shave, just trims. He expects you to as well.


Intimacy: Kaiba wouldn't ever have a one night stand, he doesn't like the idea of sleeping around, he'd even be disappointed to find out you would or have slept around with mutable people, he's not going to shame you, he'll just be disappointed.


Jack off: He rarley masturbates, he has a business to run and can't waste much time with such things. Only if his erection won't go away and you're unavailable or unwilling will he masturbate.


Kinks: He likes bondage, practically shibari/kinbaku, he likes the aesthetics of the rope, he always uses Jute and opposes to synthetic rope. Since he's a dom he likes to be called Master, he's not opposed to a daddy kink but he'll only be into if you are. He also likes collars, he likes the idea of 'owning' you, meaning your are his one and only. He also has quite a praise kink, he's a bit narcissistic.


Location: He'll only do it in his bed, not even yours. He doesn't like unfamiliar places, not that you mind, Kaiba has an extravagant bed. He may, if he's feeling a little risky have sex in his office.


Motivation: He gets turned on when you compliment him, especially if it's about his card playing abilities. If you dress in any type of classy attire, he'll be all over you, he's high class after all. He likes light blue or white lingerie


No: He will not be pegged, he doesn't like that feeling of the idea, he also doesn't like handcuffs, any restraints that are made of metal aren't his thing, he feels it'll cause you to much pain.


Oral: He's controlling and will always prefer receiving. If you choke or gag it turns him on more.


Pace: Medium speed, I guess? He's not fast or slow, if he's teasing you he's slow.


Quickie: No, Kaiba's not into anything where he can't take time to tie you up and tease you.


Risk: He'll take full advantage of his position as CEO of Kaiba Corp. On his desk or in a meeting room. He'll also take calls well teasing you.


Stamina: Maybe 2-3 rounds, he's not really that energetic and doesn't like to go for a long time, he also doesn't like the excessive amounts of sweat that come from vigorous activity.


Toys: He'll only use them on you and he loves using them on you, it's a great way to tease you, he also likes ball gags, he thinks you look cute/sexy with one in your mouth.


Unfair: Kaiba loves leaving you aching and begging for him.


Vocal: He not too loud, but does moan, he won't moan your name unless you specifically say you want him to, he's a bit embarrassed of moaning. He likes when you suppress your moans to spite him.


Wild card: Blue eyes white dragon. Okay, okay I'm kidding. He likes when you beg for his cock and tell him how much you want him inside any part of you.


X-Ray: 7-8 inches when erect, 2 inches around, maybe even thicker then that. He wears white or blue cotton boxer briefs.


Yearning: He doesn't have the highest sex drive, sex twice a week is the usual for him, he doesn't ask or expect sex from you often.


Zzz: He waits for you to fall asleep, he doesn't get that tired after, he takes awhile to get comfortable enough to sleep.

Chapter Text

Aftercare: To be honest, Skwisgarr's not much experienced after the fact, he's use to one night stands, he might cuddle, but he'll usually just turn over and go to sleep.


Body part: Skwisgarr's favorite thing about himself is himself, he likes himself a lot. His favorite thing about you is your mouth, oh the things you can do with your mouth.


Cum: In your mouth and inside, he likes both, he doesn't like a mess, so don't spit.


Dirty secret: He kinda wants a rimjob, but he thinks it's too awkward to ask and he's afraid of what will happen if the other hand members find out.


Experience: Skwisgarr has slept with tons of women, he has a good amount of experience, the only thing he fails at is giving oral.


Favorite position: He likes being on top, he doesn't mind if you ask to be on top once in awhile, he can be rather lazy, so mostly just missionary, maybe anvil or eagle, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl are fine too.


Goofy: He's more awkward than goofy.


Hair: He shaves, he'll like you to shave as well, or at least trim.


Intimacy: He doesn't care to much about it, only after a few months of being together will be actually care about kissing or holding you.


Jack off: Skwisgarr does it only when you're unavailable or unwilling.


Kinks: As we've seen, he's into gmilfs and bbw, but other than that he has a worship kink, he is a literal God after all.


Location: He doesn't care that much about it, a dressing room, his room, your room, the living room, etc.


Motivation: Brutal fashion, leather's nice too. His neck is sensitive and he likes if you kiss it.


No: He doesn't like anything that could leave you in tears, blood play, knife play, nothing like that. He's also not that much into bondage either.


Oral: He prefers receiving (like everyone else in the band) he finds giving gross and submissive, feminine even, but he'll still do it for you.


Pace: He's fairly sensual, he does like to take his time with you.


Quickie: He's down anytime, anywhere.


Risk: Public sex, as in a dressing room or behind stage, that's about as risking as it gets, since he's not into anything involving pain.


Stamina: 3-4 rounds, it can last up to 2 hours tops.


Toys: Handcuffs, that all really, he's not that experienced with stuff like that so you'd have to introduce them if you wanted to.


Unfair: He's okay with teasing sometime, usually teasing ensues after a good day, if he's not worn out he'll tease you or have you tease him, sometimes he just wants to cut to the chase.


Vocal: Skwisgarr is surprisingly loud, he's a bit embarrassed of this, he feels that moaning is a feminine thing (he's never seen men moan in porn), he's already insecure if his feminine features, but you reassure him it's not feminine or submissive to moan.


Wild card: Skwisgarr loves leaving love bites on your neck in order to show off to the band and Charles.


X-Ray: He's God, what do you think? 8 inches, 1.75 around. We've all seen his underwear, so I don't think I have to tell you.


Yearning: Skwisgarr's sex drive is the highest you've ever known, the only people who have one as high as him are the other bandmates.


Zzz: He's out like a light after, he does sometimes engage in pillow talk, but he'll usually just roll over and fall asleep.

Chapter Text

Aftercare: William isn't the best at aftercare, he's distant but he wants all the love you can give, he hasn't had much of that in his life.


Body part: On himself he doesn't like any part, he's too insecure. On you it's your entire body, you're practically a God/Goddess to him.


Cum: He'll cum anywhere on you, but is still a little insecure about doing it on you, he feels very exposed and feels you might be judging him, so he prefers inside you or a condom.


Dirty secret: He just wants love, he's too insecure to admit he wants you to say you love him every moment.


Experience: Murderface has none, other then porn, he needs guidance and time.


Favorite position: Doggystyle and missionary, there easy positions.


Goofy: He's never intentionally goofy and he doesn't like if you laugh at him if he does something unintentionally goofy, he thinks you're laughing at him.


Hair: He doesn't shave any part of his body, he'll want you to shave everything, however he'll take what he can get if you refuse.


Intimacy: He's clingy and wants affection.


Jack off: He does it a lot, all the time, anytime.


Kinks: Choking and Praise, he prefers choking you but he's okay with switching.


Location: It doesn't matter where.


Motivation: He enjoys being told how much you adore him, that he's the best member of the band, how he puts all the work and keeps the band together.


No: None, really.


Oral: He like receiving and is really bad at giving, so he needs time to learn.


Pace: Fast and sloppy, he's inexperienced and doesn't quite understand how to be romantic with you.


Quickie: Anytime, anywhere.


Risk: Choking can be risking, if he's angry it can get out of hand, he'll be disappointed and angry at himself if he hurts you.


Stamina: 1-3 rounds, he's not in the best shape.


Toys: He's okay with them, you'll have to introduce them if you're interested.


Unfair: He's not good at teasing and doesn't like doing it, he does enjoy being traded by you though.


Vocal: He's pretty loud, everyone in a miles radius can hear him, he doesn't care how loud you are, would prefer it if you were loud.


Wild card: None.


X-Ray: He's average, however he has calluses there, as we've heard.


Yearning: He has an incredibly high sex drive, even higher then the other band members, most likely do to his lack of a sex life.


Zzz: He's out like a light after.

Chapter Text

Aftercare: Ronny's not concerned with you, he will lazily cuddle and take a bath or shower with you.


Body part: Your ass and chest, he's always groping you, even in front of his men. He likes everything about himself.


Cum: He'll cum inside you or your face, he finds it hot.


Dirty secret: Ronny doesn't have anything to hide, he's upfront and doesn't care what others think.


Experience: Ronny's slept with a lot of people, he's very experienced in the art of making love, well... Not exactly "making love" but you get the point, he knows how to fuck.


Favorite position: Missionary (with your legs over his shoulders,) doggystyle (if he wants it quick and less intimate,) and you bent over a desk (I don't think it has a name or at least I don't know it.)


Goofy: Ronny's not cracking jokes in the moments a lot, maybe occasionally if the opportunity presents itself, he'll take it and make you laugh.


Hair: He's well groomed, he doesn't shave or wax, but it's not messy or anything. He'd prefer you the same.


Intimacy: The stereotype of Italians being romantic is true for him, if he's in a committed relationship he'll be as intimate as possible, if not, he doesn't really give a fuck (well I mean, technically he does.)


Jack off: He has whores for that, but if he's in an actual relationship, he'll do it when he's horny.


Kinks: Degradation, he's a total dom, anal (not really a kink, but Idc,) BDSM and edging. Power play is a huge thing of his. He occasionally will be submissive, he's in power all the time, sometimes it get boring to be in control every waking moment.


Location: He likes doing it in bed, but his "office" (whatever you want to call it) is a place he likes for being risky and quick.


Motivation: If you dress "slutty" in his opinion, he'll want to fuck you and, in his word, "put you in your place". He likes lace lingerie, black or any dark color, he likes.


No: There's not a lot he won't do, but he dislikes being teased by you in public if there's an audience, it makes him upset and frustrated, He doesn't like people thinking he's weak and let's his partner control him.


Oral: He gets off seeing you under him, the feeling off being in control is euphoric. If he's submissive, it gets him off being under you. So he likes it either way, whether it be giving or receiving.


Pace: He's fast if he just wants the job done, but generally he'll be slow if he actual feels something for you.


Quickie: He's fine with them, if he needs it done quickly, like if he has to make a deal or just wants it quick.


Risk: Having sex in public (like his "office") has the chance of someone walking in, however he won't stop even if someone walks in. As he is into BDSM it can get risky.


Stamina: 5-7 rounds, depends on the day. He's satisfied after two rounds, both of you are usually completely satisfied with that amount.


Toys: When your all tied up, he'll use them in you, he likes overstimulation. He doesn't mind having something like a cock ring used in him, but he's not into something penetrating him, unless it's you (if you have a penis.)


Unfair: Overstimulation is unfair within itself, so if course he's unfair.


Vocal: He'll moan, he's not embarrassed like some others, he loves when you moan.


Wild card: He actually likes it when you leave bites, scratches, or hickeys, he won't address them if someone comments, saying it's none of their business.


X-Ray: 6-7 inches when erect, 2 inches in width. He wears gray boxer briefs.


Yearning: Ronny has an exceptionally high sex drive, he can go multiple times a day, if you're okay with it.


Zzz: He'll fall asleep when you cuddle with him.

Chapter Text

Aftercare: Magnus will cuddle, he'll want to take a shower in the morning, if it's morning or afternoon he'll take a shower with you.


Body part: He's not going to lie, he likes your chest or ass.


Cum: He'll cum inside you or on your face, unless you request anywhere else.


Dirty secret: He totally wants a threesome, it doesn't matter the gender of a person, he's worried you'll reject this or that he himself will be jealous.


Experience: Magnus has a plethora of experience, he's good at pleasing any partner.


Favorite position: Anyway he can hit all the right spots.


Goofy: He doesn't crack jokes or anything, won't mind if you do.


Hair: He doesn't shave or trim, it's messy down there, so he doesn't mind what you do with yours.


Intimacy: He's fairly loving during, unless the situation calls for quick and unloving sex.


Jack off: He has a moderate sex drive, but is still down to have sex anytime.


Kinks: Daddy kink, leather fetish, he's a total dom too. If you have a pain kink, he'll indulge you, maybe a blood kink if you're okay with it.


Location: He's room, the kitchen, really anywhere.


Motivation: If you wear something classy like a sleek black dress.


No: He's not into ddlg, as in having it as a lifestyle, he doesn't like frilly stuff or childish things, he finds it weird.


Oral: Unlike some other metalheads (*cough* Dethklok *cough*) he doesn't find it gross to go down on anyone, he actually prefers going down on you.


Pace: He's slow and loving.


Quickie: He's down for them.


Risk: If you have a pain or blood kink that's as risky as it gets.


Stamina: He can last 2-3 times.


Toys: He has some, none for himself, he's okay with you using them on him.


Unfair: He's fine with teasing, he'll tease you and you'll tease him, he likes to take his time anyway.


Vocal: A grunt here and there, you can be as loud or as quiet as you want.


Wild card: He has a leather fetish, he does enjoy it when you wear a leather jacket and leather underwear.


X-Ray: 6-7 inches when erect, he wears black boxer briefs.


Yearning: Magnus has a pretty high sex drive and can go everyday.


Zzz: He takes awhile to fall asleep, he always needs you next to him to dose off.

Chapter Text

Aftercare: Hanayama is not the best at after care. He doesn't like cuddling, he will take a shower with you however.


Body part: He likes his tattoo, it fills him with pride. He enjoys every part of you, you're beautiful all around, in his opinion.


Cum: He will cum inside you or on your face, it's a feeling of owning you and having you as purely his.


Dirty secret: He gets extremely jealous If you interact with other Yakuza, why is this a dirty secret you ask? Because he gets incredibly turned on by the thought of you getting fucked by other members, a secret cuckold if you will.


Experience: Hanayama has had many partners, he has enough experience, I'd say.


Favorite position: Anything with you under him, he's not into you riding him unless he's sitting down and doing work.


Goofy: He's not goofy at all, he wants you to only listen and focus on him, he likes being the center on your attention, so he doesn't enjoy you joking.


Hair: He's waxed, no hair there. He actually prefers a partner with hair (wether trimmed or not,) well he finds his uncomfortable, he finds it mature on his partner.


Intimacy: He's not much into intimacy at first, it'll take at the least 3 months for him to warm up to you, then he will act more intimate.


Jack off: He strictly does not masturbate, if frustrated, he fights to blow off steam.


Kinks: BDSM, Master/Slave dynamics, he'll even have you shine his shoes in front of all his men to show who exactly you belong to. Differently loves lingerie, black and red, mature and dark colors he prefers (not baby pinks or powder blues.)


Location: Anywhere really, it doesn't matter to him, but not anywhere dirty, a public bathroom is a big no no.


Motivation: Anything that shows off your figure, especially a floor length dress.


No: Daddy kink, he finds it weird, childish behavior, or anything with blood, well he's a dominant, he doesn't enjoy hurting you. He's also not into an uninterested partner.


Oral: Expect scraped knees, 'cause he loves you on your knees and only occasionally will be give oral to you.


Pace: He's fast and brutal, but makes it last long.


Quickie: He's fine with them and will do it quite often if you give him the chance.


Risk: The only risk is in a public place.


Stamina: He can go for as long as you can.


Toys: He'll only use them on you and he'll introduce them into the relationship. Defiantly will have you use them in public.


Unfair: He'll edge you for hours, even in public.


Vocal: He'll grunt and groan but isn't much of a moaner. He'll love it if you're loud, he likes to make you scream till you can't no more.


Wild card: When cheer him on during a fight, he gets so turned on.


X-Ray: 9 inches when erect, insanely thick. He wears satin purple boxers.


Yearning: He has a pretty high sex drive and will crave it 3-4 times a day.


Zzz: He doesn't usually sleep tight after, he stays up quite long.

Chapter Text

Aftercare: Since he's made of metal he can't take a bath or really cuddle, but he tries to reassure you will words and says loving things to you.


Body part: He loves his screen, since that's the only thing that differentiates him from the other Securitrons. He loves every bit of you! He doesn't see a flaw on your body.


Cum: Uh, does he have cum? Motor oil, maybe? Idk, probably wouldn't like to cum anywhere even if he did.


Dirty secret: He likes southern accents and has a cowboy fetish, what can he say, that's what he's programmed to like.


Experience: He's never been with anyone, on the account he wasn't programmed to want to be with anyone.


Favorite position: Uh, well, just watching you, he can't do much really.


Goofy: He's super goofy in the moment, when watching you he's constantly making jokes to see you smile.


Hair: He don't have anywhere that grows hair.


Intimacy: Well of course! Even if he can't be inside you he's still saying sweet things to you all the way through.


Jack off: He can't, so never.


Kinks: Cuckhold, it's the only way you can really be with someone closely and he enjoys seeing you in pleasure.


Location: In his shack and the Lucky 38, only place you two can be alone. But Mr. House totally snoops on you.


Motivation: If you want to, he doesn't have a sex drive in him (ha, get it, sex "Drive", I crack myself up.) So you'll have to ask.


No: Nothing that could hurt you, you're human and that makes you fragile in his eyes.


Oral: He can give or receive, so none, I guess?


Pace: He likes you to go slow when pleasuring yourself.


Quickie: No, since he has to watch you it's hard to go fast enough for it to be considered a "quicky".


Risk: No risks.


Stamina: Since you're the one doing all the work, it depends on your stamina.


Toys: Duh, how else is it supposed to work? You've tried almost every toy out there in the Mojave.


Unfair: He does like it if you edge yourself, it's super hot to him.


Vocal: He's constantly talking though the whole thing.


Wild card: None really.


X-Ray: Nothings there so....


Yearning: He doesn't yearn for it.


Zzz: He'll turn off when you sleep.

Chapter Text

Aftercare: Why would you need aftercare? That's his words anyway.


Body part: He doesn't hate any part of his body, he likes your chest and mouth (for obvious reasons.)


Cum: He'll cum anywhere, he doesn't mind, I mean, he's getting laid and that's all he cares about.


Dirty secret: He doesn't really have any, he's pretty upfront, maybe worn panties?


Experience: He has none.


Favorite position: Missionary, that's the only one he knows how to do right.


Goofy: He's constantly laughing and making immature jokes, it can somewhat ruin the mood.


Hair: He doesn't take care of his hair and doesn't care about yours either.


Intimacy: Not very intimate, inexperience can stop that and he's just not romantic.


Jack off: All the time.


Kinks: None really, just vanilla.


Location: Literally anywhere, it doesn't matter to him.


Motivation: Just if he finds you sexy, which is a lot. If your smoking weed, which he also finds hot.


No: Nothing is off limits for him, it just depends on what you're into.


Oral: He has no idea how to give, so he want to receive and will complain of you ask for him to give you oral.


Pace: Boi is fast, he just wants to cum.


Quickie: Yeeeee.


Risk: Not much unless you're into something risky.


Stamina: Not very much, 1-2 rounds.


Toys: Sure, if you want them.


Unfair: He doesn't like to waste time on such things as foreplay.


Vocal: He's loud and not very good at holding in moans, he doesn't care what you do.


Wild card: Literally just anything.


X-Ray: Average. He just wears briefs.


Yearning: Like every second of everyday.


Zzz: Out in like five seconds.

Chapter Text

Aftercare: Chang's easy going and caring, he'll cuddle and do anything you ask.


Body part: Chang doesn't have a favorite body part for you or him. He likes every part of himself and you.


Cum: Your mouth, face, and inside of you, those are his favorite places.


Dirty secret: Watersports, he just wants to try it as an experiment, but he's embarrassed.


Experience: Chang's had more partners than he can count, of course he has experience.


Favorite position: Cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, he loves seeing you on top of him.


Goofy: He's not one to often make jokes, but he's still carefree and enthusiastic in the moment.


Hair: He has some, but it's trimmed and he doesn't let it get out of hand. He has no preference for his partners.


Intimacy: It depends on how far along the relationship is, the longer you've been going the more loving he is.


Jack off: He doesn't have the time to do it, there's always something going on.


Kinks: Daddy kink, he likes the power dynamic. Bondage, practically with handcuffs (he was a police officer, after all.)


Location: He prefers in bed. His beach house is his favorite place to be during.


Motivation: He loves traditional Chinese clothing, it reminds him of his home, Hong Kong.


No: He's not into rapeplay. Public sex.


Oral: He loves receiving, like I said, power dynamic. But he enjoys giving as well.


Pace: Chang's slow but not too slow, sometimes a teasing pace.


Quickie: He doesn't prefer them over slow and sensual sex but is down if he doesn't have the time or stamina.


Risk: Depends on what you're into. If you're pretty vanilla, there's no risk.


Stamina: He can go 2-4 rounds but that depends on the day. if it's in the morning, he has quite a bit of stamina, but if it's night and he's back from work, he's pretty worn out.


Toys: He's not a big fan but if you're into it, he'll agree to an extent. He's fine with pegging, surprisingly.


Unfair: He loves foreplay as much as the next guy, but if he's had a long day he's only gonna spend as much time is needed.


Vocal: He moans, it's not loud or anything. He doesn't mind you moaning or not moaning.


Wild card: If you wear silk or satin clothing and/or underwear.


X-Ray: 6 inches when erect, 2 inches wide. He wears black cotton boxer briefs.


Yearning: He has an Average sex drive.


Zzz: He stays awake until he's confident you're comfortable and feels you're safe.

Chapter Text

Aftercare: He doesn't really think you need it.


Body part: He likes his dick, I mean, why wouldn't he. He likes your ass.


Cum: He'll cum literally anywhere in you.


Dirty secret: None.


Experience: He hasn't slept with anyone besides you, his only 'experience' is porn.


Favorite position: Doesn't matter to him, could be any.


Goofy: He'll be laughing at any attempt at dirty talk from you.


Hair: He doesn't shave.


Intimacy: He's not intimate at all.


Jack off: All the time.


Kinks: Anything you're into, besides that, he's vanilla.


Location: It doesn't matter at all to him.


Motivation: If you're wearing any tight clothing.


No: Nothing, he'll try anything once.


Oral: He obviously prefers receiving and isn't any good at giving, it'll take time to teach him, he's not a fast learner.


Pace: He's fast and sloppy.


Quickie: Totally down. Anytime, anywhere.


Risk: Depends on what you're into.


Stamina: 1-3 rounds.


Toys: Like I said, he'll try anything once.


Unfair: He doesn't like teasing, it takes far to long.


Vocal: He's a moaner and loud.


Wild card: He's horny all the time, it doesn't really matter.


X-Ray: Average, wears gray-blue boxer briefs.


Yearning: All the time.


Zzz: Out super quick, not even 5 minutes.

Chapter Text

Aftercare: Violence Jack (or just Jack) is caring, despite his rough and violent nature. He'll want to cuddle, he's not at all concerned with washing before or after, it's not like there's most places to bathe anyway.


Body part: Jack likes his Fangs, once of the scarier aspects of him, well... He's scary all around. He's a sweet man and he loves your face, every time you smile, he gets all fuzzy inside.


Cum: Inside, always inside. The feeling of being blessed enough to cum inside, but also the feeling of owning you, marking you inside.


Dirty secret: He doesn't have any. Jack doesn't hide anything from you, his sexual taste have developed with you.


Experience: Jack is inexperienced, you'll have to guide him though the first experience, but he's a fast learner.


Favorite position: Riding, Missionary, and Doggystyle, it depends on the day. Riding makes sure he can see you face, missionary is easy but he's so tall he can't see your face, and with doggystyle he's primal and controlling.


Goofy: He's not goofy, but he doesn't mind you joking, he enjoys a good laugh.


Hair: Jack has never once shaved in his life, it's a rat's nest. He doesn't give a single fuck what you do with yours.


Intimacy: He's always intimate with the one he loves. In fact, The first time he gave to permission to have sex with him was there months into the actual relationship, not counting the additional year you two were friends.


Jack off: He doesn't, unless you're into that.


Kinks: He has a knife kink, he likes cutting you, only with his Jack Knife. He can be a dom or a sub, but prefers dom. He'll have sex in front of people, to show them who you belong to, the only person who can claim you.


Location: It doesn't matter, after all, it's not like he has a home.


Motivation: If you want to have sex. He enjoys sex but doesn't really crave it.


No: Hurting you to an extreme, choking is one of the things he's afraid to do, purely because of the harm he could cause you, he's incredibly strong, superhumanly, he could crush you windpipe and kill you in an instant.


Oral: He's indifferent, he doesn't prefer giving or receiving.


Pace: He doesn't have a set speed, fast and rough or slow and sensual are both great in his opinion.


Quickie: He's down, he has to help people, so he can't always take his sweet time with you.


Risk: Cutting is about it, and he never goes too deep, only enough to bleed.


Stamina: He could go for days, compared to someone like you, who could only go for 7 hours at most (and that's pushing it) he has godlike stamina.


Toys: He doesn't really like them, he finds them useless.


Unfair: Jack can tease you forever, the look on your face when he does makes it irresistible.


Vocal: He's not much of a moaner, mostly grunts and groans, but an occasional moan is heard.


Wild card: He enjoys a nice bath with you, not really sexually (which is kinda the point of this one, but this is my writing.) He just enjoys the warm feeling surrounding the two of you.


X-Ray: He is packing, we all know this. He wears black underwear.


Yearning: He barely has a sex drive, he usually isn't even turned on by the sight of a naked person, the only time he is, is with you. He just go along when ever you want it. So it just depends on your sex drive.


Zzz: He doesn't really need sleep, most of the time he'll just watch you sleep, making sure you're safe from the scum walking around on earth.

Chapter Text

Aftercare: Eliza will expect you to care for her, you will get her a drink, you will wash her, and you will take care of her in any way she wants.


Body part: She loves her legs and breasts, her best assets besides her beautiful face.


Cum: She's a squirter and loves it, she's not embarrassed in the slightest.


Dirty secret: Eliza's up front, but she refuses to admit that she enjoys her hair being pulled, it makes her feel submissive, which she hates.


Experience: She has so much experience, she's an excellent lover.


Favorite position: Anything that has her on top.


Goofy: She'll make a few jokes of the time comes for one. She doesn't mind you joking a bit during or before.


Hair: She's completely waxed, and would like a partner who is too, she finds oral easier that way.


Intimacy: She surprisingly love intimacy, BDSM requires trust and love (remember, Safe Sane and Consensual or SSC.)


Jack off: She'll use her hands rather than a vibrator or dildo, but if you're watching a d request she uses a toy, she will.


Kinks: Bandage bondage, she'll tie you up all mummy like. Fem dom, she love a strap-on. Breathplay, but only a small bit of air is cut of, where you can still breath but get the simulation that you're being choked.


Location: Preferably her giant bed, much more comfortable than any other area.


Motivation: Flirt with her a little bit and she'll get insanely turned on, wanting to put you in your place.


No: She will not be a submissive, it's not in her nature.


Oral: She prefers receiving, the image of you under her is a wonderful sight! She's an expert at giving, however.


Pace: She's takes her time, not too fast, not too slow.


Quickie: She's always down, it's something she'll ask you, a little fun on the run is great!


Risk: Though, breathplay is never fully used when brought into bed, only slight pressure to cut of a little bit of air, but still risky non the less.


Stamina: She can go for a millennia, but 5-6 rounds are fine too.


Toys: She's all for toys! Vibrators, strap on, etc. She'll always try to introduce them during.


Unfair: Eliza's a complete dom and will edge you for hours of you let her.


Vocal: She moans loudly and dirty talk too.I


Wild card: She loves crossdressing, whether it be you or her.


X-Ray: Eliza's labia are brownish rose colored a d symmetrical (somehow). She wears a black Lace thong or sometimes a bandage styles thong.


Yearning: She's got a high sex drive, wanting to do it 5 times a day if you're up for it.


Zzz: She'll stay awake even after you fall asleep and play with your hair, admiring you.

Chapter Text

Aftercare: Spike puts the care into aftercare. He cares a lot for you, he'll be at your beck and call. He'll smoke in the afterglow.


Body part: He favors his chest, it's just a normal chest, but boy is it attractive. He likes your legs, the legs always draw his eyes.


Cum: In your hand is a safe way, he doesn't have to worry about anything, your mouths find too.


Dirty secret: Daddy kink, he feels he's too young for that, if he hit his 30s he'd tell you about it.


Experience: Spike has had many partners though those 27 years of life. He's pretty experienced.


Favorite Position: He doesn't have one, he's all over the place.


Goofy: He's not very serious, but he's not cracking jokes every five minutes.


Hair: Spike doesn't shave or trim much, only if there's to much for his taste. He doesn't have a preference for his partners hair.


Intimacy: Spike cares about you, well sometimes between days he's less intimate and just wants to get off, most of the time he's more caring and takes time for you.


Jack off: He does a few times a month, he doesn't do it more often as last time Fey walked in and that got... Very very awkward.


Kinks: Gun kink, he'll actually stick that thing inside you, unloaded, of course. (Have fun with that.) He's also a switch between dom and sub.


Location: In his bed or yours, basically any bed that's around, he prefers the comfort of a soft mattress.


Motivation: If you two are on a break.


No: He's not into BDSM, he's not much of a sadist or masochist, he's not against being dominant or submissive, but being hurt or hurting his partner isn't his thing.


Oral: He's prefers going down on you, it's nice to see you in pleasure and knowing he's the one making you feel so good.


Pace: Normal, he's not fast or slow, just somewhere inbetween.


Quickie: Mostly in the morning, if he woke up with morning wood, a quickie than is good.


Risk: None, he's not into having public sex and he's not into hurting or being hurt.


Stamina: 2-3 rounds, one round usually average 25-30 minutes.


Toys: He's not too into them, unless you count the gun as a toy. Okay with being pegged.


Unfair: Not much, he's okay with it but doesn't like it to last long.


Vocal: He's a groaner, with an occasional moan.


Wild card: He's okay with being penetrated, but he usually prefers penetrating.


X-Ray: Average in length and width. Wears light yellow or dark green boxers or boxer briefs, he'll wear either.


Yearning: He has an average sex drive, not too high, not too low.


Zzz: It doesn't take him long to fall asleep after a session of love making, maybe 10 minutes. He'll lazily cuddle with you, laying on his back and wrapping an arm around you.

Chapter Text

Aftercare: There's never much aftercare needed, Yusei's not into harmful act.


Body part: Yusei likes his arms, he's pretty toned and he knows you enjoy them. He likes your ears, he likes biting them.


Cum: He cums inside of you, but in a condom. He's not risking anything.


Dirty secret: Used lace panties (on any gender.) He doesn't want to admit it.


Experience: Yusei has no experience. He'll be taught all of the moves and such.


Favorite position: You riding him or him riding you.


Goofy: He's less purposely goofy and more inexperienced goofy. He'll make some mistakes which can be funny, you try not to laugh but sometimes you can't help it.


Hair: He has some, but it's trimmed down slightly, not unmanageable. He actually does like a small amount of hair on his partner.


Intimacy: That's all he wants, he doesn't want an emotionless rough a crude sex, he want loving sex.


Jack off: He's only been doing it since you two started dating, his sex drive went up as soon as the two of you got together.


Kinks: Praise kink, he just wants to feel loved, he want your compliments and enjoys complimenting you.


Location: His house, he's okay with doing it on counters or in the shower, but he prefers the couch or bed.


Motivation: He has no specific motivation. If he's horny is his Motivation.


No: Hurting or being hurt, he's vanilla and is only into (almost) risk free sex.


Oral: He's indifferent, he's not very good at giving but is willing and wanting to learn.


Pace: He sets a fast pace, he's almost desperate and inexperienced, you'll have to tell him to slow down and take his time.


Quickie: He likes them, they're fast and easy.


Risk: None, Yusei doesn't like to take risks, whether it be simply cumming inside without a condom, public, or some kind of pain, he's not into that.


Stamina: He'll only last 1 or 2 rounds, he's still getting use to multiple orgasms and can't always get it up after cumming three times.


Toys: He's not into them, they're not really his thing. He will be okay with being pegged, but only if his partner is completely dominant during.


Unfair: He's okay with edging, you or him. He's not often into that however, it will have to be brought up by one of you before he really wants to edge of be edged.


Vocal: He's a moaner and his moans are soft and somewhat cute sounding.


Wild card: He's loves seeing you riding his not or you winning a duel, it gets him in the mood.


X-Ray: 5 inches in length, slightly above average in girth. He has more than ten pairs of the same boxer briefs, they're navy blue with an orange waistband.


Yearning: He has a somewhat high sex drive, he'll be up for it 2-3 times a day.


Zzz: He'll fall asleep cuddling you, he enjoys the warmth and will fall asleep before you most of the time.

Chapter Text

Aftercare: She usually doesn't need it, but likes a shower after.


Cum: She squirts, just not often.


Dirty secret: She wishes she was more dominating sometimes.


Experience: She has a fair amount of experience.


Favorite position: Missionary, it's just the easiest. But she doesn't mind other positions and is willing to experiment.


Goofy: She's not against a goofy partner during but she's herself isn't very goofy on her own.


Hair: She waxes and wants a partner who does the same.


Intimacy: She likes being intimate with her long term partner but one night stands don't require much intimacy.


Jack off: She doesn't do it much, occasionally but, like I said, not much.


Kinks: Nothing really, she can be a dom or sub depending what her partners into.


Location: Preferably a bed, but shower sex is a big turn on as well.


Motivation: Just wanting sex.


No: BDSM, ddlg, any thing painful to her or her partner.

Oral: She prefers receiving and won't date a person who won't go down on her.


Pace: She prefers to go fast but it's okay to sometimes go slower.


Quickie: She loves them and is down for them.


Risk: There's never much.


Stamina: She can go for 3-5 rounds depending on the day.


Toys: She likes them, she'll mostly prefer them being used on her.


Unfair: She likes edging occasionally, but you'll have to ask her first.


Vocal: She's pretty loud and mainly moans, she doesn't mind a partner who moans or not.


Wild card: She likes a more masculine partner but isn't against a feminine one.


X-Ray: Her inner labia are are more brownish in color and asymmetrical. She wear low rise bikini styled panties, they're usually black.


Yearning: She has an average sex drive.


Zzz: She falls asleep pretty quick after and will cuddle with you.

Chapter Text

Aftercare: Mondo is, well, not very good at it. The only thing he knows how to do is ask if you're okay. He'll cuddle, but he has a tight grip.


Cum: On your face, chest, or ass, those areas are all his favorite places on a person.


Dirty secret: Mondo doesn't have one, he's a little too open about what he wants from you, it's embarrassing for you.


Experience: He's slept with a wide variety of people, in other words, he's not bad, but he's not great. He has experience, but he sometimes forgets how to use it correctly to please his partner and not just himself.


Favorite position: Missionary and doggystyle, he's in control in both those positions and he enjoys that feeling of control.


Goofy: He'll make jokes, mostly directed at you.


Hair: He doesn't shave, and doesn't want you to shave either.


Intimacy: It depends, if you're close to him, he'll be moderately intimate, if you're not, he'll be pretty cold towards you.


Jack off: He'll do it, most of the time he's not alone so it makes it hard. Not that he hasn't done it in front of someone, prisons one hell of a place.


Kinks: What kink doesn't he have? He's a dom and though he prefers to dom, with the right person, he's willing to sub, only once a month. Bondage, all the cuffs are leather, and he has a lovely leather blindfold for you. If his partner is male, he's into crossdressing. Leather corsets, panties, garterbelts, stockings, and boots on his partners are a big turn on for him. And that's only the tip of the iceberg, I could honestly go on for hours.


Location: Really just anywhere, it doesn't matter to him, he'll let you choose.


Motivation: If you act out in his opinion, he doesn't like you trying to take control of situations against his orders and will 'punish' you.


No: Only anything you're not into.


Oral: He has you on your knees anytime he asks, he may, if he's feeling generous, perform oral on you.


Pace: He's quick and brutal most of the time, if you request for him to go slow, he will.


Quickie: That's his thing, he'll be down almost always.


Risk: Many a risk having sex with him is. He has a pain kink and it can occasionally get extreme, if he causes you too much pain, well obviously it can hurt you badly.


Stamina: He can go for 7-8 rounds, by that time you're both so overstimulated you cum from the slightest touch.


Toys: Where in hell could you find sex toys in the barren wasteland that's Kantou? He's not much into them anyway.


Unfair: Mondo's a huge tease, and loves edging you. However, he acts as though he despises when you tease and edge him, but I'm reality he loves it.


Vocal: He loves to make you moan and he'll moan himself, you'll tease him about this as he's embarrassed of how his moans sound.


Wild card: Mondo's like a cat, he'll scratch the fuck outta ya.


X-Ray: He's about 7 inches in length and slightly above average in thickness. He wears white briefs or boxer briefs, just depends.


Yearning: Mondo does have high sex drive, he wants it at least 2 times a day, he'd prefer if you put out 4-5 times a day, however.


Zzz: Mondo falls asleep incredibly quick, usually he grabs onto you and snuggles you well holding you incredibly tight.

Chapter Text

Aftercare: There's never much aftercare needed. But when there is, he's at your side as much as you are at his.


Cum: Retsu has no specific place he likes to cum, maybe inside, but (for vagina readers) only if you're on birth control or have a iud, otherwise he'll use a condom.


Dirty secret: He hates to admit it, but he wants you to dominant him.


Experience: Retsu doesn't have that much experience, he's lived most of his life training and nothing else. He's a fast learner but you'll have to teach him a lot of things.


Favorite position: Just missionary, he doesn't know a lot of positions and even when you show him more, he still prefers missionary.


Goofy: He strictly forbids joking, it ruins the mood.


Hair: He waxes, it's just easier for him, he has no real preference for his partner.


Intimacy: He's very intimate, he takes his time and will constantly tells you he loves you, he'll always hold your hand.


Jack off: He's never actually done it, he'll try it if you want to watch him, but will be slightly uncomfortable and will need guidance from you.


Kinks: He doesn't have many, but he doesn't mind a small amount of bondage, silk ribbon to tie around your wrists, maybe a blindfold.


Location: Only when you're completely alone, and it doesn't matter where, though he prefers you to choose.


Motivation: He doesn't need one.


No: Hurting his partner or being hurt.


Oral: He has no true preference for oral, whether it be receiving or giving, he equally enjoys both.


Pace: He's slow, he's still figuring things out and needs time.


Quickie: He doesn't like them.


Risk: None, really.


Stamina: He can go for 5-7 rounds usually, but after he's done training he can only go for 2-4 rounds.


Toys: He dislikes them and won't use them.


Unfair: He's really not into being teased or teasing, he doesn't like to waste his time with edging.


Vocal: He moans rather loudly and he doesn't mind a loud or quiet partner.


Wild card: He likes when you dirty talk to him, he's not use to hearing such dirty words from your pretty mouth.


X-Ray: He's an average 5 inches in length, slightly above average in girth. He wears green boxer briefs, they're better for moving around in.


Yearning: Retsu has a very low sex drive, he rarely yearns for it, but when he does, you're gonna go through a long ride.


Zzz: He has a scheduled bedtime (though he doesn't like that term.) So he'll fall asleep around 8:30pm with you.

Chapter Text

Aftercare: With Katsumi there's never much need for it, it's not rough or anything, the only thing you might need is a bath or shower.


Cum: He'll usually cum in a condom, since he doesn't want to get you pregnant. But if you have some form of birth control, he'll want to cum inside you.


Dirty secret: He doesn't mind the idea of having sex in his dojo, but he knows that's unethical.


Experience: Katsumi has experience, but not much, he knows the basics but still struggles with a few things.


Favorite position: Mostly just missionary, but he's willing to try anything.


Goofy: Knowing Katsumi, he's goofy. He'll crack a joke of he gets the chance and will usually start off with a joke beforehand.


Hair: He trims, though it's very dark black, making it stand out against his skin. He doesn't mind a partner with or without pubic hair.


Intimacy: Katsumi loves being intimate with you, he'll tell you he loves you and he'll kiss your neck all throughout the act.


Jack off: He doesn't do this often, he mainly has his mind preoccupied by training and such. When he does its because you don't want to or you're away.


Kinks: He doesn't really have any. Maybe a praise kink once in awhile.


Location: Mostly only on his or your bed.


Motivation: Coming home from work is a good motivator.


No: He's not into anything involving pain, it's not his thing. No daddy/mommy kinks.


Oral: He pretty into giving you oral, but that doesn't mean he doesn't like receiving it, in the contrary, he enjoys it thorough, but prefers giving as he says he needs practice.


Pace: He's fast and eager, he can go slow but it's not much to his taste.


Quickie: He loves 'em!


Risk: There's never much risk involved.


Stamina: He'll last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hpur. He can go for 3-5 rounds, but one is usually enough for you.

Toys: He doesn't necessarily dislike or like them, he finds it odd to want to use them in bed.


Unfair: He's okay with edging, mostly when it's you who's being edged.


Vocal: He moans but not very loud and he likes his partner to moan.


Wild card: Katsumi likes to see you in a karate uniform, slightly opened around the chest.


X-Ray: Katsumi is average in length, 5 inches. He wears white boxer briefs.


Yearning: He doesn't have a practically high sex drive, but it's above average, may be three or four times a week.


Zzz: He doesn't take too long to fall asleep if you're next to him, but if you're not, he takes a good while.

Chapter Text

Aftercare: Joey doesn't mind caring for you after, but you both take care of each other after the fact.


Cum: Joey is safe when it comes to cumming inside, so even if he wants to, he's still wary. But besides that, he likes to cum on your chests.


Dirty secret: Joey likes your used underwear, but he doesn't say this, he might steal them for a little while, but he'll always return them before you notice.


Experience: Joey doesn't have much, but you're not his first.


Favorite position: He just likes missionary, well he's willing to explore he still prefers it over all the ones you've tried.


Goofy: He'll joke but not often.


Hair: He doesn't shave, so it's pretty messy. He prefers a partner unshaved but doesn't care in the long run.


Intimacy: He's fairly intimate, but he has had less intimate one night stands. With you however, he likes being intimate, he's not super romantic during but he's still intimate, he'll kiss you and hold your hand throughout.


Jack off: He does it frequently when you're not around or consenting.


Kinks: He doesn't have many, he's okay with being dominant or submissive.


Location: anywhere not public.


Motivation: He doesn't need one, seeing you battle another card playing is a slight turn on.


No: No daddy/Mommy kink or bondage. He just doesn't like it.


Oral: He's fine with either one.


Pace: He's fast, not too fast as to hurt you, but fast enough to satisfy you both.


Quickie: He's down with them. He loves just going at it.


Risk: He doesn't like risk, so he's not going to far in anything.


Stamina: He can last 2-3 rounds. Each round is about 5-20 minutes.


Toys: He's okay with them, but doesn't prefer them over vanilla sex. He's okay with them being used on him and/or you.


Unfair: He doesn't like teasing, he obviously includes foreplay in your usual sex acts, but he doesn't see that as teasing.


Vocal: He moans, not too loud or to quiet.


Wild card: He's slightly turned on when you play card games together, when he wins he feels dominant over you and when he loses he feel submissive towards you.


X-Ray: Joey an average 5 inches and 5cm. He wears mainly green boxer briefs.


Yearning: Joey's sex drive is higher than average but not through the roof.


Zzz: He's out pretty quickly after, but he likes to cuddle with you after.

Chapter Text

Aftercare: Lobo's no good at taking care after, he can heal from any wound so he doesn't think much about you being hurt. You have to remind him you're human and not Czarnian. Once he's reminded of this, he'll try but won't put that much effort into it.


Cum: He'll cum anywhere on you, no preference.


Dirty secret: He doesn't have one, he's the most open guy in the galaxy, it seems.


Experience: Lobo has slept with so many people, is it even a question?


Favorite position: He doesn't have one, he'll fuck you every way possible.


Goofy: He's extremely goofy, joke after joke during.


Hair: He doesn't shave or really keep his body hair in check. He doesn't care about his partners body hair.


Intimacy: Lobo's.... He's both intimate and not at the same time. It's hard to explain. He tries but he's not very good at it. You'll have to say something and be direct and blunt with him about what you want.


Jack off: He does, maybe three times every week.


Kinks: BDSM (mainly bondage), edging, begging, leather, and he's open to any kinks you have or want to try.


Location: Anywhere, he has no preference or decency.


Motivation: He doesn't need any, well he does get turned on by somethings, he mainly does it simply because he wants too.


No: Anything you're not comfortable with, he doesn't like to cross boundaries if you can't take it.


Oral: He prefers receiving, he'll complain if you ask him to give you head.


Pace: He's fast, but he still cares about how you feel.


Quickie: He likes them, if he has a job or you're both just busy it's easy and quick.


Risk: There's only risk when it gets extreme, he can't die, so no matter how horribly he gets injured, it won't affect him, but when it comes to you, a mortal, he and you have to be careful.


Stamina: He could possibly go for days, or so he says.


Toys: He's into them. Any type of sex toy is usually welcome, as long as you're comfortable with them.


Unfair: As said before, he likes edging. He prefers to do it to you but is not opposed to you edging him, he can go for hours.


Vocal: He moans and he's definitely not ashamed of it. He'll be happy if you moan.


Wild card: If you take control over a situation it will occasionally turn the main man on.


X-Ray: He's above average, about 7 inches. He wears black boxers or boxer briefs.


Yearning: Lobo has a high sex drive, but he can ignore it. If he has the chance to have sex (which is a lot) he'll go for it.


Zzz: Lobo has to modes afterwards, either out like a light or talkative and enthusiastic. It can be annoying depending on your mood.

Chapter Text

Aftercare: Anders cares a lot about you and your health, if you're ever hurt during, he'll be fussing over you all day. With his fear of what Justice could make him do, he could never leave you


Cum: He pulls out, he doesn't exactly want kid just yet.


Dirty secret: He wants to be dominant but is afraid of what could happen if he was.


Experience: Anders has a good amount of experience, you won't have to hold his hand.


Favorite position: Missionary, he likes to see your face, it relieves him to see if you're not in pain.


Goofy: He's not cracking jokes often.


Hair: He doesn't shave, if his face is any indicator. He doesn't mind hair or no hair.


Intimacy: He wants to be intimate and won't just sleep with anyone, he may hold your hand and likes caress you.


Jack off: He does it if he can't get with you.


Kinks: No major ones, he's not afraid of experimenting and is open to your kinks.


Location: He prefers your bed over his clinic, for obvious reasons.


Motivation: He doesn't need any, if you or him is in the mood.


No: He won't hurt you, such as facial abuse or bdsm.


Oral: He prefers giving as he worries about choking you.


Pace: He's slow and sensual.


Quickie: He's down for one.


Risk: He won't take any risks of hurting you, he's afraid of what could possibly happen.


Stamina: He can go for awhile but he still has his limits. 2-4 25 minutes rounds normally.


Toys: He doesn't like using them but may experiment one you if you bring up the topic.


Unfair: He'll tease you and doesn't mind being teased himself.


Vocal: He moans and will appreciate it if you moan, he likes the feeling of knowing you're enjoying him.


Wild card: Orialson dresses/suits may be a turn on, he likes the fancy look on you.


X-Ray: He's above average, 6 inches. He wears basic boxer brief styled underwear.


Yearning: He has an average sex drive.


Zzz: He falls asleep in at least 5 minutes, with you in his arms.