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You Saved Me

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Chapter 1


On Saturday morning Sebastian sat in the back corner of the Lima Bean drinking his coffee with his ear buds in as he looked at pictures on his phone.  He was deep in thought about the previous week. It had been the first week of school and his life at Dalton Academy was going better than he had expected.  He hated that he had to spend his senior year in a new school, and practically a new country, since he had spent the last three years in Paris. However, he actually liked his roommate, Nick, and Nick’s boyfriend, Jeff. The Warblers seemed pretty great for the most part so far, and classes seemed like they were going to be fairly easy compared to the classes in France.

He was thinking about to getting up to head home to spend some time with his sister, Leah.  She was leaving the next week for freshman year of high school at Oldenberg Academy, a boarding school for girls in Indiana. He was actually going to miss his little sister.  They had become close while away in France. He worried about her being away from him. He was quite protective. He was, however, glad there were no boys at her school. She’s beautiful, and he knows he’s going to have to beat the boys away with a stick someday soon.

Sebastian's thoughts were interrupted by a group of five guys laughing and carrying on as they made their way into the coffee shop.  That’s some nice eye candy, Sebastian thought, Maybe I should stick around for a few more minutes.  He took out his ear buds as they sat several tables away from him in front of the large windows of the coffee shop.  He knew he shouldn’t eavesdrop, but this was such a hot looking group of guys, he just couldn’t help it.

Kurt, Finn, Puck, Sam, and Mike came tumbling into Lima Bean.  They were laughing and enjoying their time together - happy to be back to hanging out after summer.  Their summer had been filled with different time consuming activities for each of them… Jobs, camps, internships, etc., making it difficult to see each other often.  It made them extra grateful to be together again. Puck and Sam sat on either side of Kurt with their backs to the window, and Finn and Mike sat across from them.

Puck put his arm around Kurt, “So, Princess, are you happy to be coming back to McKinley?”  Puck had missed his friend while he was away at Dalton.

Kurt smiled as he looked at Puck with one eyebrow cocked, “Yes, Noah.  Now take your arm off of me. Unless my gaydar is completely broken, which sometimes with you I think it might be, you were totally straight when I left McKinley.”   

“Oh, but Princess, I’d make an exception for you.  That is one fine ass you have. You know you want some Puckzilla!”  Puck flexed and everyone just laughed, including Finn as he said, “Dude!  That’s my brother!”

Sam smiled fondly at Kurt, “Seriously, Kurt, we’re glad your back.  It wasn’t the same without you. We missed you. And don’t worry about Karofsky.  He transferred to Carmel High.”

“And if anyone else gives you any shit at all, you let us know.  Things won’t go back to the way they were. We won’t let it.” Finn added, as all of the guys agreed.  Kurt smiled and nodded at them gratefully.

Mike added “Now, how can we convince you to rejoin the football team? Jackson moved away, so we need a kicker.  We all know you were the best.” 

Kurt smiled sheepishly and said, “Well boys, as fine as my ass looks in those football pants,”  He turned and winked at Puck, “I don’t think football is for me. I’m actually thinking of rejoining the Cheerios.  Coach stopped me in the hallway yesterday and practically begged me to come back. It would look good on my college applications, so may take her up on it.”

Sebastian couldn’t get over what he was hearing.  This was a hot gay guy in the middle of Ohio who had four straight football players surrounding him who obviously admired and respected him. Is this guy a miracle worker?  Last Sebastian heard, Ohio wasn’t exactly the best place to be out and proud.  Not if you’re not in the city anyway. And wait… They said he played football?  And what was a Cheerio…?

Sebastian was shaken from thoughts as the group got up to leave.  “I’m going to stay and get some reading done. I’ll see you guys later.”  Kurt said as the others all got up and said their goodbyes.

This could be my shot.  Maybe I should go introduce myself , Sebastian thought. But as soon as he started to gather his things to get up to approach Kurt, he paused as he realized something was different.  Kurt was looking toward the door as someone entered a couple of minutes after his friends had left. Kurt looked…. Scared? Distressed? Worried?... Sebastian wasn’t quite sure, but he knew whatever it was, the look on Kurt’s face bothered him to his core.  

Before he could process what to do next, Kurt was out of his seat and walking toward him.  Is he going past me to the bathroom?  Is he sick? Is he approaching ME?  Sebastian wondered.  

“Kurt!”  A deep voice said quickly.  “Kurt! Stop!” Sebastian's head snapped up to look at the guy.  He was large and intrusive. The look in his eye was determined as he zeroed in on Kurt.

Sebastian looked over to Kurt instantly to see him almost freeze.  A deep fear flashed in his eyes and then for a split second he closed them, almost willing himself to keep walking.  As Kurt moved quickly between the tables toward the restrooms, he suddenly noticed Sebastian. When their eyes met, Sebastian felt a jolt to his heart.   What was THAT feeling? Kurt looked at him and almost pleading with his eyes as he approached, whispered, “Can I join you?  Please?”

Without hesitation, Sebastian sat up straight, saying, “Absolutely!  Are you okay?”

Seconds later, before Kurt could answer, the large guy was by their side.  “K-Karofsky” Kurt stuttered. Karofsky?  Karofsky as in the guy they said had transferred?  Kurt looks terrified! “What do you want?” Kurt said breathlessly.   

Karofsky looked at Sebastian with question, “Who’s this?  This your boyfriend from Dalton, Kurt?” 

Kurt looked at Sebastian with wide eyes.   God, those eyes are even more gorgeous up close!   Sebastian smiled his best smile, offered his hand for Karofsky to shake and said, “Hi I’m Sebastian. Kurt and I are just friends… for now. And who might you be?” 

“Dave Karofsky”.  Dave then turned his attention back to Kurt.  “Look Kurt, I know you don’t want to talk to me, but I NEED to talk to you.  Can we go somewhere… I don’t know… private?” 

Kurt looked at Sebastian who subtly shook his head no.  He turned back to Karofsky and said, “Anything you have to say to me, you can say in front of Sebastian, or not at all.”

Dave took a deep breath and sighed as he pulled up a chair from the table next to them.  “Okay. I guess that’s fair.” Looking at Kurt sincerely, he added, “Look, Kurt. I have had a lot of time to reflect on everything.  I just want you to know that I’m really sorry for everything I put you through. I was scared. I didn’t know how to deal with my own feelings.  I wasn’t the person I thought I was, and that was terrifying. I took it out on you, because you are out and proud… Obviously not ashamed of who you are, like I was.  It really messed with my head, even though it shouldn’t have. And it wasn’t fair to you in the slightest. I’m really, really sorry.”

Kurt glanced at Sebastian, somehow drawing strength from his presence, before looking back to Dave.  “What made you come to this realization, David? You made my life hell. So much so that I had to transfer schools.  And now? You just, what, see the light?”

Dave blushed and replied, “I don’t know, actually.  I guess not having you at school kind of made a difference.  I realized that it wasn’t just you that made me question myself.  It was ME. It was how I was feeling about my sexuality, with or without you there.  I’m not out and proud…” He pointedly looked at Sebastian trying to will him to keep his mouth shut.  Sebastian nodded that he understood. “But I’m getting there. I transferred to Carmel in hopes of a fresh start.  No one there knows anything about me. I just want to play football and then go to college next year. I don’t want to deal with anything else right now.” 

Kurt gave a small smile.  “You know, I would have never outed you, David.  I never said anything to anyone about that.” He sighed and added, “I hope everything works out for you at Carmel.  If you ever need or want to return to McKinley, I promise your secret is safe with me.” 

Dave smiled and nodded as he stood and returned his chair to his table.  “Thanks, Fancy.”

Kurt chuckled, “Give me your phone.”  Dave handed Kurt his phone with a questioning look.  “If you need to talk about it, this is my number. Don’t hesitate to call.  But just a warning… The guys in glee are ready and willing kick your ass if you even look at me the wrong way.  Not to mention Santana and the girls.”

Dave smiled.  “Understood.” He waved shyly as he walked away.

Sebastian wasn’t sure what he just witnessed.  “Did you just forgive him for putting you through hell?”

Kurt smiled shyly, and said, “Yes, well, he was going through a hell of his own, I suppose.  I forgive, but I don’t really forget….” He looked at Sebastian, really for the first time. His breath hitched when he really looked into his eyes.  He quickly looked down at coffee before looking back up. “I’m Kurt. Kurt Hummel. Thanks so much for saving me just then. I was afraid he was the Karofsky that he was a year ago.  That would not have been pretty.” 

“It was my pleasure.” Sebastian smirked.  “I’m Sebastian Smythe. It’s nice to meet you.”  Kurt smiled. “So do I understand correctly that you went to Dalton Academy?  I’m a senior there this year.”

“Yes, I did!  I transferred there last fall.  I just transferred back to McKinley High for my senior year, though. My boyfriend is a Junior there.  You just started there though, right? I think I would remember if you were there last year.”

Disappointed in the boyfriend comment, Sebastian smiled anyway at the thought that Kurt would remember him.  “Yes, my family just moved back to Ohio. My mother and sister and I lived in Paris for three years while my mother helped take care of her sister who had cancer.  My father stayed here due to his job.” Sebastian frowned, “My aunt passed away over the summer. We moved back right away to be with my father again.”

“I’m so sorry.  My mother passed away from cancer.  I understand how devastating it can be.”  Kurt reached across the table and put his hand on Sebastian's.  It sent a jolt of electric though both of their bodies. Kurt pulled his hand away immediately as he looked shyly down at his coffee.   

Sebastian cleared his throat, “Um, thanks.  I’m sorry about your mom. I can’t imagine how hard that is.”  He smiled a little at Kurt. “So, are you and your father close?” 

Kurt beamed and replied, “Oh yes!  He’s the best. He actually just became a member of Congress!” 

“Wait!  Hummel? Your father is Burt Hummel?!  Oh my god, he’s like, my hero!” Sebastian sat up all excited at the realization.  “He’s such a strong advocate for gay rights. I can’t believe he’s your dad!”

Kurt laughed at Sebastian’s reaction.  “Well, I guess I’m the reason he’s such a strong advocate.  He’s seen my struggles, and wants to help in any way possible.”  Kurt’s phone rang. He pulled it out and looked at. “Speak of the devil.  Excuse me for a second?” He looked at Sebastian apologetically. 

“Sure.”  Sebastian smiled as he watched Kurt walk a few tables away on his phone.  He couldn’t help but check out his ass. Wow, he’s right.  His ass would look good in football pants!

Kurt returned with a smile and told Sebastian he needed to head home.  He shyly added, “It was really nice meeting you. Thanks again for helping me earlier.  Good luck at Dalton. I’m sure you’ll love it.”

God he’s adorable!   “It was nice meeting you too.  Can I have your number? It’s nice to make friends here in Ohio.” 

“Sure!  Hand me your phone.”  Sebastian smiled and handed him his phone.  Once Kurt handed it back, he quickly typed a text back so that Kurt would have his number as well.  “I’ll see ya around. Bye, Sebastian.” Kurt smiled and then walked away. I’m sooo screwed…

Bye, Kurt”  Sebastian smirked.  

Before Kurt started his car to leave, he pulled out his phone to see what Sebastian had texted him.

From Sebastian:  

Don’t forget me ;)


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Chapter 2


Sebastian thought about Kurt the entire drive home from Lima Bean.  He had so many questions about Kurt. He wanted to get to know him, but mostly wondered who Kurt’s boyfriend was. Kurt only briefly mentioned having a boyfriend, and he didn’t get a chance to ask about him.  It’s really no surprise that someone as good looking as Kurt would have a boyfriend.  Since when do you care, Smythe?   

When he arrived home, Leah was in her room packing up the last of things she wanted to take with her to school.  Sebastian smiled as she threw clothes all over her bed, “You know you’ll be wearing a uniform and don’t really need all of those clothes.”   

Leah hadn’t heard him come in and nearly jumped out of her skin.  “SEB!!! You scared me! Don’t do that! And I DO need all of these clothes.  I won’t be in class all of the time. And I need to look my best.” 

“To impress other girls?  You do like boys, right?” Sebastian smirked.

“Yes, I like boys.  You’re the only one in this house who wants to march in his own Pride parade.  Anyway, what took you so long to get back? I thought you were just checking out that Lima Bean place, and then you were coming right back.  Get distracted?” Leah smirked back at him. That smirk ran in the family.

Sebastian sighed.  “Yes, actually. I got very distracted.  I met someone.”

Leah raised an eyebrow, “Well, I would say I can’t wait to meet him, but we all know how that works.  I wish you would finally stop fooling around and get a boyfriend already. You’re a great catch, ya know.” 

“Well thanks?  And I don’t sleep around like everyone thinks I do.  I flirt. I mess around. But I don’t go sticking my dick in everything that moves, like you make it sound.” Sebastian sighed as he flopped down on Leah’s bed.  “I don’t know if I’m really boyfriend material, anyway. The guy I met today could definitely convert me though.” 

Leah’s eyes popped out of her head.  “Do tell!”

Sebastian smiled and started telling his sister all of the days events.  He couldn’t control the smile on his face. Yep. He was screwed.



The following day Kurt was off to the mall to meet Jeff for some good ol’ fashioned retail therapy.  He could really use a little “Kurt&Jeff” time, since it had been awhile since they had seen each other.

“Kurtsie!”  Jeff yelled as he ran up to Kurt who was window shopping by the food court.  

“Hi Jeffie!  I’ve missed you so much!”  Kurt smiled as they embraced.   

Jeff smiled and said, “I’ve missed you too, friend.  I feel like it’s been years.” 

Kurt giggled, “It’s only been since the beginning of summer, ya know.  I was busy working over the summer. Plus it felt like every free moment I got, Blaine was wanting to hang out.”

Jeff rolled his eyes, “Yeah, I know.  I feel like he monopolizes your time. Don’t forget about the rest of us.  He’s a bit overbearing when it comes to you.”

Kurt sighed as he turned back to Jeff, “I know, Jeffie.  I swear I haven’t forgotten about you guys. I think me going back to McKinley will put much needed space between Blaine and I.   Anywaaaayyy….. How is Nicky?!” 

Jeff’s eyes shined at the mention of his boyfriend as they entered their first store.  “He’s great! He was hoping to have his dorm to himself since you moved out. You know, so we could have some ‘alone time’ whenever we wanted.” He winked as he ran his fingers over silk scarf, “But a new guy moved in just before the start of school.  He moved here from Paris… Ooh la la!” 

Kurt’s eyes widened, “Wait!  Is his name Sebastian?” 

Jeff froze, “Yeah, how did you know that?!  Are you psychic or something? Or did Blaine already tell you about him and warn you to stay away?”  Blaine was really getting Jeff’s last nerve. He never let Kurt spend much time with any of his friends since they started dating.  Fortunately, Kurt still kept in touch with as many of his Dalton friends as possible. Even if Blaine made it difficult sometimes.

Kurt sighed, “No, smartass.  I met him yesterday at the Lima Bean.  He kinda helped me out when Karofsky showed up.  He seems like a nice guy.” 

Jeff gasped, “Karofsky showed up?!  Are you okay? What happened?” 

Kurt giggled, secretly happy that his friend was so concerned about him.  “He showed up right after Finn and the guys left for football practice. I stayed to catch up on some reading for class. I kind of panicked when I saw him come in.  I knew he transferred, but I didn’t really think about running into him outside   of school.  Anyway, I started toward the bathroom, thinking I could avoid him.  But when he called my name, and I realized he had spotted me, I asked Sebastian if I could sit with him.  He agreed, and was really a perfect gentleman about it. Anyway, Karofsky just wanted to talk and apologize.  Turns out he was kind of going through hell emotionally while he was making my life hell too. It’s all good now though.  It was nice to have Sebastian there for support if I needed it. He kinda saved me.”

“Wow.”  Jeff gawked.  “You really are lucky.  With his history, I would have been terrified.”

Kurt nodded in agreement, “Yeah.  I kinda feel like a weight has been lifted now, ya know?”

“Yeah.  And now you already know Sebastian!”  Jeff smiled. “He’s our newest Warbler.  I think Blaine might have some competition for solos.  Sebastian is really good.

Kurt smiled, “Well, anyone who can give Blaine a run for his money is good in my book.  He needs to be knocked down a peg or two.” 

Jeff’s eyes widened, “Well, Kurtsie!  It sounds like there may be trouble in paradise.  Can’t say that I mind though….”




That evening back at Dalton, Jeff headed straight for Nick’s room.  When Nick answered, Jeff held out a shopping bag. “Surprise! I got you something while we were out shopping today.”

Nick smiled at his boyfriend and pulled out a beautiful new sweater.  “Wow, honey! Thank you so much! That was so sweet of you!”

“You’re welcome!”  Jeff smiled, “We thought it would look great with your eyes.  My handsome man…” Jeff leaned over and planted a kiss on Nick’s cheek.  

Sebastian was sitting up against his headboard reading, but paused to watch the exchange.

“So how is our Kurtsie?!”  Nick asked.

Sebastian raised an eyebrow.   Could they be talking about my Kurt?  Wait… Since when is he MY Kurt?!

Jeff smiled as looked over to Sebastian, “He’s good!  Seems our Sebastian here has already met our Kurtsie!” 

Nick looked over at Sebastian with a surprised look on his face.  “Really?! When did you meet Kurt?”

Sebastian grinned, “Kurt?  As in Kurt Hummel?” 

Jeff smiled wide, “The one and only!” 

“He’s a friend of yours?”  Sebastian smirked.

“One of my best friends.” Jeff smiled, “We went shopping today.  I don’t get to see him nearly enough. His stupid boyfriend is a bit of a Kurt hog.”

Nick said, “Wait.  Before we get into that… How did you meet Kurt?” 

Sebastian told them about meeting at the Lima Bean.  Jeff already knew the story, but was curious to hear what spin Sebastian would put on it.  He basically told the same story as Kurt, but Jeff could hear something else in his voice. Something told Jeff that Sebastian may be forming a bit of a crush on Kurt.  And Jeff was all for it.

“Soooo, who IS Kurt’s boyfriend.  No one has actually said his name yet.”  Sebastian said carefully.

Jeff sighed, “It’s Blaine Anderson.  He’s a Junior Warbler. Short, gelled hair, thinks he deserves all of the solos…”

“Really?  He doesn’t seem Kurt’s type.” Sebastian frowned.

“He’s not, if you ask me.”  Nick replied, “Look, Blaine is…. Well, Blaine is…”

Jeff patted Nick on the cheek.  “It’s okay, honey, I got this,” He turned to Sebastian. “Blaine is a charmer. He can be manipulative.   He finally won Kurt over last year, and they became boyfriends. However, what he didn’t count on was our Kurtsie being so smart.  And if he’s not careful, Kurt will leave him high and dry, if some of the undertones of today’s conversations tell me anything. Kurt is no fool.  Blaine says things to Kurt to make him think that nobody else would want him. Which is ridiculous. I mean, you met the guy.”  Sebastian raised his eyebrows and nodded in agreement. Jeff continued, “Kurt is one of the most kind, gentle, loving, loyal, talented people I know.  We’re lucky to have him in our lives. But he’s also fierce. His tongue can outwit most. And if wants revenge, he won’t use his fists, but he WILL get revenge.”

Sebastian suddenly felt that the room was a bit too warm.  Kurt sounded like the man of his dreams. “Wait. What kinds of things does Blaine say to Kurt that would make him feel like nobody else would want him?  I mean, even one of his straight friends - some muscle-y guy with a mohawk - was flirting with him yesterday.”

Jeff giggled, “Yeah, that’s Puck.  Nice guy, very protective of Kurt.”

Nick perked up, “Was Sam there?  Cute blonde. Big dreamy lips. He was our pizza delivery guy last year for awhile.”

Jeff smacked Nick on the arm and frowned.  Nick said, “Oh honey, you know I was just looking. You’re my one and only.”

Sebastian laughed, “Yeah he was there.  But back to what Anderson says to Kurt…”

Jeff sighed, “Well Blaine told Kurt that he wasn’t sexy last year.  He also went to Mr. Hummel and told him to talk to Kurt about sex. Kurt was furious and embarrassed all at the same time.  He also just says little things that make Kurt seem like a little kid instead of a young man. It’s infuriating to watch sometimes.”

Sebastian’s eyes widened, “You have GOT to be kidding me?!  God, Kurt is so fucking hot. So sexy! I can’t believe anyone would tell him any different.”  Sebastian was starting to get pretty pissed. He was feeling pretty protective about a guy who he only met once.   What is happening to me?  

Nick and Jeff knowingly smiled at each other.  “Well Seb, looks like you might have a thing for our Kurtsie!”

Sebastian just glared at them.  He couldn’t say anything.

Jeff smiled, “You might be just what our Kurtsie needs….”


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The following day at Warbler’s practice, Sebastian quickly figured out which Warbler was Blaine.  Of course there was the air of confidence that Blaine had, and the way he worked the room. There was a lot of standing on furniture and flirting with other boys, both straight and gay.  Maybe it was what he knew about Blaine now, or the fact that maybe he’s jealous of Blaine for having Kurt as a boyfriend, but he really did NOT like the guy. 

Blaine, on the other hand, was quite aggravated that some new kid named Sebastian wanted a solo.  AND he had the audacity to suggest they audition for any wanted solos. He never had to audition before.  He could charm the council into giving him any solo or song he wanted. Nobody had suggested such ridiculous ideas since Kurt had first arrived last year. He was beyond pissed when the council agreed to the auditions.  

Sebastian and Niff had a plan.  It was time to put it into action.   You catch more flies with honey , Sebastian thought. He approached Blaine after practice with an outstretched hand, “Blaine Anderson!”  He smirked, “I’m Sebastian Smythe. It’s nice to officially meet you. You have quite the reputation around here.  I’m not sure I stand a chance of getting any solos if I’m going up against such a talented, sexy , singer like you.”  He winked to seal the deal.

Blaine smiled bashfully.  It wasn’t often he was on the receiving end of flirtatious, handsome, guy.  He was usually the one doing the flirting. “Well, I suppose we all deserve a shot, right?  It’s nice to meet you. You’re obviously new around here, or I would definitely know you already.” And he winked back at Sebastian.   

Sebastian felt sick to his stomach, and even a little guilty for blatantly flirting with Kurt’s boyfriend.  Since when do I feel guilty for flirting?   “Well, hey, Niff and I are going out to this gay bar called Scandals in West Lima this weekend.  Would you like to join us?.... You can bring your boyfriend if you want.” 

Blaine seemed surprised, “My, uh, boyfriend?....” 

Seriously?   Sebastian keeps his cool as much as possible, smirks, and said, “Yes.  Your boyfriend .  You ARE Kurt’s boyfriend, right?  Because if not, then maybe I should…” 

“NO!  I mean, yes.  Yes, Kurt is my boyfriend. I’m sorry, I thought you were asking me out on a date.”  Blaine quietly added that last part. He was embarrassed, and kind of pissed that Sebastian knew about Kurt.  It must have been Jeff or Nick that told him about Kurt. It’s not like he could do much if Niff was going to be there anyway.  They loved Kurt. “I don’t think a gay bar is quite Kurt’s scene. You would understand if you met him. But I’d be happy to go with you .”

“Huh.”  Sebastian smirked, “I met Kurt last weekend.  Of coarse, I didn’t know he was your boyfriend.  He seems like he would be up for some fun.  Dancing, karaoke, friends. Seems right up his alley!”

Blaine huffed, “You met Kurt?!”  When? How? Did he flirt with you?  He just doesn’t know how to do anything right.  I’m going have to…” 

“Hey now!”  Sebastian frowned.  “Kurt was the perfect gentlemen.  No need to get all huffy.” 

“Yeah.  Yeah, right.”  Blaine said as he checked his watch.  “I have to go, Sebastian. I’ll see you later.”  And before Sebastian knew it, Blaine was out the door.



Later that evening, Sebastian texted Kurt,

To Kurt:

Hope you’re having a good start to your week.  I met Blaine today. He’s something else.

To Sebastian:

That he is.  How are you?

To Kurt:

I’m great, thanks!  Niff and I are going to Scandals (a gay bar) this weekend.  They have karaoke on Saturday nights. Want to come? We asked Blaine.  Did he ask you yet?

To Sebastian:

Huh.  Of course he didn’t ask me yet.  How would we be able to get into a bar?

To Kurt:

Well, uh, I have some connections for some fake I.D.’s They aren’t as good as the ones I could get in Paris, but I think they will do for Lima, lol.

To Sebastian:

I’m not even going to ask lol.  I would love to come. I could use some time with friends. 

To Kurt:


I’ll text you the details later this week.  Take care, Kurt.

To Sebastian:

You too, Sebastian.  Thanks for inviting me. See you Saturday.

To Kurt:

I look forward to it ;)


Ten minutes later, Blaine calls Kurt.  “Hi Blaine”, Kurt answers.

 “Kurt, why didn’t you tell me that you met Sebastian last weekend?  Were you flirting with him? He is way out of your league, Kurt. Again, I think you’re getting in over your head.”  Blaine huffed. 

“Well thanks for that lovely greeting.  What are you even talking about, anyway?  I was not flirting. Sebastian was very kind and helped me out when Karofsky came into the Lima Bean.  And ‘out of my league’, Blaine? Sometimes you’re an ass.” Kurt was really getting pissed.

Blaine’s angry tone wasn’t getting him anywhere, so he whined, “I was just surprised when I met him today, Kurt.  And then he said he met you, and you hadn’t told me! What was I supposed to think?!”

Kurt rolled his eyes, “Well, I don’t know.  Maybe that I have a life outside of you. I don’t have to report every little detail to you, Blaine.”

Blaine continued to whine, “You just don’t talk to me anymore, Sweetheart.  You even went shopping with Jeffie, and I didn’t know about it until he mentioned it at lunch today.  You could have been spending time with ME!”

Kurt had enough at the mention of spending time with friends.  “Blaine Anderson! I am allowed to spend time with my friends! I am allowed to meet nice people, including handsome boys who are nothing but kind.  And I don’t have to ‘report’ ANY of it to you!! And by the way, thanks for inviting me to Scandals with Sebastian and Niff. I WILL be going. With or without you.  Good night, Blaine.” And at that, Kurt hung up.




Saturday night came, and Kurt was getting excited.  He couldn’t wait to sing and dance with his friends.  He and Blaine had talked and agreed to meet at the bar.  They would all meet in the parking lot, where Sebastian would give them their I.D.’s.  

Kurt was dressed in his best black skinny jeans, black Doc Martin’s, and a tight blue patterned button up that showed off his muscles underneath, and the blue of his eyes.  He wasn’t going to add any layers, even if that was what Blaine would have wanted. His hair was perfectly styled and he looked damn good. 

He told his dad he was going to the movies with Mercedes, and didn’t know if he would be spending the night with her or not.  “Okay, kiddo. Just text or call and let me know what you decide to do.” Burt said. 

“Okay, Dad.  Love you!” Kurt kissed his Dad’s cheek before heading out the door.  

Kurt pulled up to Scandals in his Navigator a few minutes early.  All four Dalton boys had come together since they would all be heading back to Westerville at the end of the night.  They were there and already waiting for Kurt.

“Damn, Kurtsie!  You look hot!” Jeff squealed.  

Kurt laughed, “Thanks, Jeffie!” 

Sebastian had already given the other boys their I.D.’s, so he approached Kurt with his.  He leaned over and whispered in his ear, “You look amazing, Babe.” It sent shivers right down Kurt’s spine.

He smiled as he accepted the I.D. and shyly whispered, “Thank you, Sebastian.”

Blaine was annoyed, so he loudly brought the attention back to himself, “Well !  Shall we go in, Gentlemen?!  I think I need to sing a song or two!”  He was oblivious to the eye rolls that statement earned.




A couple of hours later, the boys were all having fun singing and dancing.  Kurt was impressed with Sebastian’s singing voice. He was quiet the showman up on stage as he looked people in the eye, smiled and winked.  Kurt could see how he was going to give Blaine a run for his money when it came to getting those solos. 

Kurt headed to the bar for water.  He was hot and needed a break. As he sat with his back against the bar so he could watch his friends dance, he was oblivious to the fact that a guy came up and sat next to him.  “Having a good time, Fancy?” Dave Karofsky said.

At that moment, Sebastian noticed who was talking to Kurt.  He immediately made a his way to Kurt’s side. Dave nodded to him upon his arrival.  He understood.

“David!?”  Kurt said with a hint of surprise in his voice.  “What are you doing in a gay bar? I thought you weren’t out yet.” 

Dave smiled shyly, “Well, people here seem to accept me.  It’s a nice place to come and relax, be myself, and not have to worry about anything, ya know?” 

Sebastian and Kurt both smiled at him.  “I’m happy for you, David. Everybody needs to be able to just be themselves.  I’m glad you found this place.” Kurt said. 

Sebastian smiled at Kurt, “Would you like to dance, Kurt?”

Kurt returned his smile and said, “I think I’m going to sit out a song or two.  I need to re-hydrate.”

“I understand.”  Sebastian grinned as he turned to David, “How about you?  Care to dance, David?”

David’s eyebrows shot straight up.  He looked at Kurt, who just smiled and winked at him. He looked back to Sebastian,  “Yeah, I guess!” And at that, they were off to the dance floor. Kurt couldn’t help but get a warm, fuzzy, feeling through his entire body.  




Kurt finally found Blaine on the dance floor a couple of hours later.  He seemed very drunk, and Kurt thought it would be best to get him home, since the other boys were still going strong.  He said his goodbyes to Niff and Sebastian, telling them he was going to take his drunk boyfriend home. He didn’t see David, but was sure he’d see him again another time.  He put his arm around his boyfriend, “Blaine, I think it’s time we get you home. You’ve had way too much to drink.” 

As they headed toward the door, Blaine leaning on Kurt, he starting rambling in his ear.  “I love you so much, Kurt. You are so cute.” He slurred. 

“‘Cute’.  Just what every teenage boy wants to be called.”  Kurt said as he rolled his eyes. 

They stumbled into the parking lot.  Blaine stopped, grabbed Kurt’s face between his two hands, and kissed him hard.  “Blaine!” Kurt yelled as he pulled back. “You’re drunk. Your breath stinks. And I am not in the mood…. Let’s go.” 

Once they got to the Navigator, Blaine pushed Kurt up against the side of the car and started kissing him again.  Kurt pushed back once more. “Blaine! I said NO!” 

Blaine yelled,  “You’re always saying ‘no’, Kurt!  You are such a prude. You don’t put out at all!  I’m horny! I’m a teenage boy, Kurt! I have needs!”

“What the hell, Blaine!  I’m a teenage boy too! I have to schedule make-out sessions with you, and half the time you bail on those!  YOU are the one who says there is a reason for masturbation, and that I’m not sexy! YOU never want ME! Or do you have to be drunk in order to want me?”  Kurt huffed and then opened the back door to the Navigator. “Now get in so I can get you home.” 

At that, something flashed in Blaine’s eyes.  He shoved Kurt into the back seat and crawled on top of him, pinning his hands above his head.  Kurt yelled, “Blaine! No! Let me up! Get off of me!” 

Blaine smiled what could only be described as an evil smile, and hissed, “I don’t think so, Kurt.  I think I’m tired of waiting for you. I think I’m tired of you being a bitch all the time, and I’m going to finally take what I deserve.  You. I’m going to take you.”  

Kurt was struggling to get his hands free.  Blaine was strong, and being on the bottom was a definite disadvantage for Kurt.  He kicked and yelled, but nothing was working. Finally, he pulled his head back and with as much force as he could muster, head-butted Blaine in the nose. 

Blaine jumped back, and got out of the car.  “You broke my fucking nose! You bitch!” 

Kurt got out of the car with the goal of making it back into the bar with his friends.  He only got a couple steps when Blaine grabbed him, turned him around, and pressed him up against the hood of the Navigator with his arms behind his back.  Blaine ground his hard dick against Kurt’s ass. “You know you want it, Kurt. Stop fighting it.” 

Kurt squirmed and kicked until he was able to turn back around to face Blaine who was still continued to grope his crotch and kiss his neck.  “Not like this! Stop, Blaine! No! No! Please stop!”

Blaine was tired of Kurt’s fight.  He looked him in the eye, pulled back his fist, and punched him in the face.  Kurt saw a flash of light, and then black. All black. He fell to the ground face down.  His head hit the pavement with a smack. He was out.

When he came to a minute later, he was rolled over, and Blaine was on top of him.  His shirt had been ripped open. His jeans had been undone, and Blaine was reaching down to his crotch as he tried to kiss him.  “Blaine.” Kurt said in a tired, strangled voice. “Please stop!”

“Fuck you, Kurt!”  Blaine yelled as he tried to lower Kurt’s pants.  “I’m going to fuck your ass, and you are going to like it.  Give me what I deserve, bitch.” 

It was at that moment that Sebastian had stepped outside for some fresh, cool air.  He was missing Kurt already, and was so lost in his thoughts, that he almost didn’t register what he was hearing.  He looked toward the sound and saw Kurt’s Navigator still in the lot. What is Kurt’s car still doing here? He ran over to the car, and immediately saw red. 

“Get the fuck off of him!”  Sebastian yelled as grabbed Blaine by his shirt and yanked him off of Kurt.  He punched Blaine so hard it sent him flying into the next car. He punched again, sending him stumbling to the ground.   

“It will be okay, Kurt.  I’m here.” Sebastian said gently to Kurt as he knelt as his side.  He grabbed one hand to hold and started to grab Kurt’s head to hold off of the pavement when he saw Kurt’s eyes widen as they looked past him. 

Sebastian turned to see Blaine on his feet coming toward them with his hand pulled back, ready to strike.  Sebastian quickly stood, spun around, and with all of his strength, gave one final blow. He was furious and it showed in the punch. Blaine was sent flying back into the parking lot.  He hit the ground with a thud, and didn’t get up. 

Sebastian quickly returned his attention back to Kurt.  He cradled him in his arms and gently whispered, “I’ve got you, Kurt.  I’m here. I won’t let you go. I’ve got you, Babe.” 

“Don’t let go, Bas.  Please.” Kurt pleaded as he clung to Sebastian’s shirt. 

Sebastian clung right back.  “I’m not going anywhere. I’ve got you.” He kissed the top of Kurt’s head, “I’ve got you.  I promise.” His heart broke for this boy who was quickly winning his heart. He wanted nothing more than to keep him safe, make him happy, and give him all the love he deserved.  

Without letting go with one hand, Sebastian used the other hand to dial Nick.  “Where did you go, Seb?” Nick said as he answered the phone.

“Blaine tried to rape Kurt.  We’re in the parking lot. Call 911.”  Sebastian replied in a hurried manner, and then hung up.  “I’ve got you, Kurt.” He reassured the boy in his arms.

“What the fuck!”  Nick yelled. Jeff snapped his head up and looked at his boyfriend with worried eyes.  Nick was as white as a ghost and eyes as big as Jeff had ever seen them. “Blaine tried to rape Kurt in the parking lot!”   

“What?!?!” Jeff screeched as they rushed toward the door.   

David saw the commotion and the worried look on the boy’s faces as they rushed past where he sat at the bar.  He quickly got up to follow, worried about what was wrong since he didn’t see Kurt, Blaine, or Sebastian. 

When they got outside, they saw Blaine lying unconscious on the ground behind Kurt’s Navigator.  David quickly called 911.

As they got the Navigator they turned and saw Sebastian on the ground, holding Kurt and whispering to him quietly.  Jeff gasped, throwing his hands over his mouth and his tears silently fell at the sight of friend. Nick put his arms around Jeff and turned back to Sebastian.  “Is he okay, Seb?”

“I think he will be.  Did you call 911 yet? We need two ambulances.  Plus, I think I broke my hand.” He said quietly.   

“I’m already on it.”  Dave said. “ Although if Anderson isn’t dead by the time they get here, he might be after I’m through with him.” 

“Be my guest.”  Sebastian said with a grateful look in his eyes.   




Both ambulances and police arrived fairly quickly.  The EMS crew quickly got Blaine into an ambulance and drove away.  When they tried to get Kurt into the second ambulance, he refused to leave Sebastian’s embrace. 

“I can ride in the ambulance with you, Babe.  I promise I won’t leave you. I’m right here.”  Sebastian said as he stroked Kurt's hair and looked to the EMS crew for confirmation.  They nodded their heads in agreement, and were able to get to the hospital without much argument as long Sebastian was there with Kurt.   

Nick, Jeff, and David stayed to give the police their statements. The police gave them a lecture about using fake ID's, but let it go since none of the boys had any drinks that contained alcohol.  After they finished with the police, Jeff exchanged numbers with David, and promised to call or text when they knew something.  Nick was afraid Jeff was too upset to drive, so he drove Jeff’s car to the hospital. On the way to the hospital, Jeff called Burt.  This was not going to be pretty. 

“Hello?”  Burt answered with a groggy, tired voice. “Who is this?” 

“Mr. Hummel, sir?  This is Jeff Sterling.  I’m a friend of Kurt’s. I’m afraid there’s been an incident….”

Chapter Text


“Hold the elevator!”  Burt yelled as he, Carol, Finn, and Sam rounded the corner just inside the hospital.

The man inside quickly held his hand up to keep the doors open as Burt and his family piled in.  “Thank you!” Carol replied breathlessly as she pressed the button for their desired floor.

“Congressman Hummel?”  The man in the elevator asked as he eyed the rushed state of Burt and his crew. 

“Uh… Yes?”  Burt turned toward the man.  He wasn’t sure how he was supposed to respond.  He was so focused on getting to Kurt that someone addressing him as ‘Congressman Hummel’ at 2:15 A.M. in a hospital elevator kind of threw him off.

The man offered his hand and a small knowing nod, “Robert Smythe.  State’s Attorney. I’m sorry to hear about your son.” 

Burt’s mind was fuzzy.  He wanted to get to his son.  He also didn’t want to seem too rude. “Ah, I apologize for not recognizing you, Mr. Smythe.  I’m a bit thrown off with the events of the last few hours. How do you know what happened to my son?”

Just then, the elevator doors opened and they immediately saw Jeff and Nick sitting in the waiting room.   

“Mr. Hummel!  Mr. Smythe!” Nick exclaimed.  He and Jeff both knew Burt, but only Nick had met Mr. Smythe when Sebastian moved in to his dorm room.  “Come on, I can show you to their room.”

Their room?  Is Kurt not alone?”  Burt questioned. 

“No sir.  Kurt doesn’t want to be without Sebastian right now.”  Nick said sympathetically. 

“Who is Sebastian?”  Burt asked. Turning to Robert, he added, “Is that your boy?” 

Robert nodded “Yes sir.  Sebastian is my son. According to what Jeff told my wife on the phone, Seb stopped Blaine during the attack.  Seb may have broken his hand on Blaine’s face.” Jeff had originally called Victoria Smythe. She was in Indiana visiting Leah for the weekend.  She immediately called her husband, who was out the door in the blink of an eye.

Burt nodded that he had heard what was said, but he was still so overwhelmed to say much more than he already had.   

“Mom, Sam and I will wait here with Jeff, and NIck when he returns.  Let us know if Kurt wants to see us yet. Tell him we love him.”  Finn whispered to Carol before they headed back to the room.




Kurt was alone in the room when they entered and he opened his eyes when he heard a gasp.  “Dad…” 

Burt was a jumbled ball of emotions.  He was angry, sad, frustrated, worried, unsure….Kurt looked like he was on the losing end of a fist fight. ”Hey, kiddo.” Burt greeted as he moved to the side of the bed to hug his son.  “How are you feeling?” 

“Okay.”  He answered tentatively as he looked at Robert.   

Understanding the unsure expression, Robert said, “I, uh, think I’ll wait for Sebastian in the hallway.  I’m assuming they took him x-rays or something…” He started moving toward the door. 

“Are you Mr. Smythe?”  Kurt questioned.

“Yes.  I’m Sebastian’s dad.”  He stopped and nodded. “And you must be Kurt.”

“Yes sir.  You have raised an amazing son, Mr. Smythe.  He saved me. He seems to be making it a habit.”  Kurt shyly answered. “His hand is broken. They are putting a cast on it now.”

“Well, Kurt, I’m glad he was there when you needed him.”  He grinned, “And please, call me Robert.” 

“Hey Robert!”  Sebastian teased his dad and then winked at Kurt as they wheeled him back into the room. 

Robert smirked, “Seb!  How are you feeling?”

“Better than Kurt.  I’ll be fine.” He answered as he climbed on the edge of Kurt’s bed and held his hand.  Kurt held on to him like a lifeline.

Kurt saw the questioning look on Burt’s face.  Carol seemed to understand immediately. “Dad, this is Sebastian Smythe.  He saved me tonight. Blaine didn’t get as far as he wanted to tonight, thanks to him.”  He looked up at Sebastian with a soft grin. 

“Mr. Hummel.  Mrs. Hummel. It’s very nice to meet you.  I wish it wasn’t under these circumstances.”  Sebastian said. “I would shake your hand, but, uh…”

“Yeah, a cast can kind of get in the way.”  Burt said as he clapped Sebastian on the shoulder.  “Please, call me Burt, son. Thank you for saving my boy.”

“Of course, Burt.  I just wish I could have gotten there sooner.”  Sebastian said as he looked down at his broken hand.  

Together, the boys both told their parents about the nights events.  They drew their strength from each other. Kurt didn’t mind that Robert was in the room.  He felt comfortable with him right away. Maybe it was because he reminded him so much of Sebastian. Burt, of coarse, was ready to kill Blaine.  It took everything he had in him not to hunt down what room he was in so that he could personally put him in ICU before the night ended.

They had already given the police their statements. They were lectured about using fake I.D.’s. Since neither Kurt or Sebastian had consumed any alcohol and the attack happened outside of the club in the parking lot, both boys were given a warning.  Blaine, on the other hand, wasn’t going to get off so easily. 

Kurt’s doctors came in to give an update on his condition.  He had the obvious cuts, bruises, two bumps on his head (one from the fall after being knocked out, and one from head butting Blaine), and a nasty black eye and busted lip.  He also had a concussion. Because Carol is a nurse and promised to keep an eye on him, Kurt would be allowed to head home in a couple of hours. And there lies the problem…Kurt didn’t want to stay in the hospital.  But he was also scared to death of letting go of Sebastian. At least for the little while longer. 

Sebastian wanted to stay until he knew Kurt could go home.  Robert had been very understanding, kind, and patient about that.  He had sent Nick and Jeff home after they gave a quick goodbye to Kurt and Sebastian.  Finn and Sam had gone home with Carol around the same time after saying their own goodbyes.  They were both ready to join Burt in putting Blaine in ICU after seeing the state of their brother and friend.



Kurt’s doctor came in to find the two dads nodding off on the small couch in front of the window.  Kurt and Sebastian were propped up in bed, leaning against each other, holding hands, and fast asleep. Both dads woke at the sound of the doctor coming in.   “I hate to have to wake them up. After what they’ve been through, they could use the rest...but you can take the boys home whenever you’re ready.” The doctor quietly announced. 

Burt nodded and went to the bed to wake the boys.  “Kurt, wake up buddy. Sebastian. Wake up.” He shook their shoulders.   

“Dad?  What’s the matter?”  Kurt was trying to let his eyes adjust to the lights. 

“It’s time to go home, buddy.  Are you ready?” Burt gave a gentle smile.  

A look of panic swept across Kurt’s face.  He looked at Sebastian as he was waking. He looked back to his dad, and then quickly back to Sebastian.  Burt and Robert gave each other a knowing look and nod. 

“Seb, I have a flight to DC in just a couple of hours.  And your mom will be home from helping Leah by late afternoon -” 

Burt interrupted, “So maybe, Sebastian, you would like to come home with us.   Neither of you should be left alone right now. And it looks to me like maybe you still need each other a bit longer.  That is, if it’s okay with your dad…” 

Sebastian and Kurt anxiously looked Robert.  Sebastian nodded his head to his dad while he squeezed Kurt’s hand a little tighter.  “Of course that’s okay, Burt. I’m assuming that’s okay with you, Seb?”

“Yes, please.”  Sebastian sighed in relief.  As much as Kurt needed Sebastian right now, Sebastian also needed to be there for Kurt.  He felt a deep need to protect this boy who has made his way into his heart.



Chapter Text

When they arrived home from the hospital, the first thing Kurt wanted to do was shower.  Carol walked Kurt down to his bedroom and ensuite. Once he had gathered his pajamas, Carol turned to him, gave him a warm motherly hug, and said, “Okay, Honey.  I’ll give you privacy to shower and dress, but I’m waiting right outside the bathroom door. You need to keep the door unlocked in case you get too light headed and fall.  I can call for your dad to come help you if something happens, if that’s what you prefer, but someone needs to be here to listen for you. The warm shower will feel good, but it can make you woozy after a concussion.”  Kurt nodded and Carol gave him a warm smile and added, “And Kurt, Honey… I love you.”

Kurt gave her a small smile and hugged her, “I love you too, Carol.  Thank you.” 

While Kurt and Carol were downstairs, Burt was talking to Sebastian in the living room. “Sebastian, I want you to know that you are welcome here any time.  You know I’m not pleased about you boys going to bar, but I do understand your reasoning behind it - needing a place to let loose and have fun while having the freedom to completely be yourselves.  But again, I can’t express how incredibly grateful I am that you were there for Kurt when he needed you. We would be a hell of lot worse off if you hadn’t been there.” 

“Thank you, Burt, for welcoming into your home.  And, of coarse, you’re welcome for helping Kurt… Although it feels weird saying it that way.    I’m glad I was there too.” Sebastian shifted a bit on his feet, “I… I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to get the image out of my head.  I can’t imagine how Kurt is feeling.” He cleared his throat and changed the topic, “Uh, if you could find a blanket for me, I can make a bed on the couch.”  He looked over his shoulder to the couch. 

Burt gave him a puzzled look, “Nonsense!  Kurt needs you right now. You make him feel safe, Sebastian.  You’ll be sleeping in his room tonight.”

Before Sebastian could respond, Sam came downstairs to the living room.  “Sebastian, if you want to shower, you can use our bathroom upstairs. I put a change of clothes in there for you as well as a new toothbrush.  I figured my clothes would work best since you’re bigger than Kurt, and Finn is, well, a giant.” He chuckled.

Sebastian smiled, “Thank you.  A shower sounds amazing right now.”  

Once Kurt was showered and dressed, Carol was making sure that he was all set up and comfortable.  “Where’s Bas?” Kurt yawned. 

“I’m right here.”  Seb said as he made his way down the stairs.  

“You always have a way of showing up when you’re needed, don’t you?”  Carol said as she smiled at him.

“Yes he does.”  Kurt replied.

Kurt was already laying in bed when Sebastian propped a pillow up against the headboard and sat next to Kurt under the blankets.  Kurt immediately grabbed his hand and closed his eyes.

Carol suddenly realized that she was smiling and staring at them a bit too long when Burt came down the stairs.  “Goodnight, kiddo.” Burt said.

“I think he’s already out like a light.  He’s exhausted.” Carol said, leaning up against her husband as they looked at the boys.  The both noticed how Sebastian kept his eyes on Kurt. He was looking at him lovingly, but probably didn’t realize it.   

“Your know, you don’t have to sit up all night, kid.  Lay down and get some sleep. I trust you won’t don’t anything stupid.”  Burt was sure Sebastian had to be exhausted too. Both mentally and physically.  “Goodnight, Sebastian.” 

“Goodnight.”  Sebastian was soon fast asleep next to Kurt.



The boys woke up late the next morning.  Kurt woke up first and quickly realized that he had snuggled up to Sebastian at some point during the night.  His head was resting on Seb’s chest and his arm was over his stomach. At first he was worried that he had invaded Sebastian’s space, but as he tried to roll onto his back, he realized that Sebastian had his arms wrapped protectively around him.  

Kurt sat up, and doing so woke Sebastian.  “Mmm. G’morning, Babe.” Sebastian smirked.   

Kurt blushed a bit at their closeness. “Good morning.” 

“How are you feeling?”

Kurt moaned, “...Like I got hit by a truck.  How is your hand feeling?”

“Sore, but okay, I guess.  Let’s go upstairs and get some food in you.  You shouldn’t take your pain meds on an empty stomach.”  

When the boys made it upstairs, Finn and Sam were playing video games in the living room. They paused the game and Finn asked, “Hey guys.  How are you both feeling?”

“I hurt and Bas’ hand is sore.  Did you guys eat breakfast?”

“Yeah, we just finished.”  Sam said, “Carol is making more for you two right now.  You better get in there before Finn decides he wants a third helping.” 

When the boys got to the kitchen, Carol had made a full breakfast for them.  Eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausage, fruit, and coffee were all ready and waiting on the kitchen table.  “You didn’t need to go to all this trouble, Carol. But thank you.” Kurt gave her a grateful smile.   

“I know, Honey, but I wanted to.  And you both need food on your stomachs before you take your pain medicine.”  Carol smiled. 

“You sound like Sebastian.”  Kurt chuckled a little. 

Carol gave each boy some pain medicine.  “Thank you, Carol. For all of this.” Sebastian said as he gestured toward the table full of food.   

“You’re welcome, Sweetie.  Oh, Kurt, your dad ran down to the garage quick.  Hell be back soon.” Carol smiled and then left the room.

Once the boys were alone they had an opportunity to talk.  Kurt looked at Sebastian, “Bas, thank you for saving me last night.  I… I don’t want to think about what would have happened without you there.  I have so many emotions right now, and my thoughts are jumbled, so I will want to talk again another time when my head is clear, but the only thing I can really express right now and know that I’m making sense is… just...thank you.”

Sebastian reached across the table and took Kurt’s hand in his own.  He stroked Kurt’s knuckles with his thumb. “Kurt… I don’t know what to say.  Your welcome? I mean, of course I was going to help you. I would have done anything, given anything, to get you out of that situation.  I wish I would have come outside sooner. I’m so sorry that happened to you. I’m so very sorry. And…you know, you can talk to me about it.  About anything. Your thoughts, or your feelings. Emotional pain, or physical pain. I’m here for you.”

Kurt squeezed his hand.  He pushed his plate away, “I think the thing that bothers me the most is the violent part of it - not the sexual part of it.  And maybe that’s what is confusing me about my feelings. I’m more upset that he would beat me. It’s not that I’m not upset about what he said to me, or that he tried to steal my virginity”  Kurt blushed “It’s just that… He hit me. Over and over, he...he beat me….” 

“Kurt.  You have every right to feel each and every thing that you are feeling.   Every right .  They are your feelings.  This happened to you .  You don’t need a reason or a explanation.  Your feelings are valid all on their own.” 

Kurt sighed, “You’re pretty amazing, ya know.”  

Sebastian smirked and winked, “Yeah, well….”



Later that afternoon, all four boys were in the living room and decided to watch a movie.  Sam was in a chair, Finn was spread out with pillows on the floor, and Kurt and Sebastian were sitting next to each other on the couch. As soon as they sat,  Kurt reached over without thinking and grabbed Sebastian’s hand. Sebastian held it right back, but then Kurt realized that it was kind of a ‘boyfriend’ thing to do.  So he leaned over and whispered as he gave Seb’s hand a little squeeze, “Is this okay? I mean, if it’s too weird for you-” 

Sebastian interrupted him, “Kurt it’s fine.  I promise. I told you. I won’t let go.” 

Kurt sighed in relief, “Thank you.  Just being with you makes me feel safe.  But touching you makes me feel grounded. Like I won’t get lost in my own head.” 

Sebastian just grinned at him and squeezed his hand back.   How am I supposed to respond to that, he thought.  Kurt, don’t ever let go?  I don’t want you to ever let go. I want you to hold on to me for all for eternity.  God, Seb, you just met him a week ago! What’s wrong with you? And he’s not going to be ready for a boyfriend any time soon after what happened last night.

Moments later Puck came walking into the house unannounced.  He stopped knocking years ago. He was basically a fourth son in the Hummel-Hudson-Evans household.  Well, he considered himself the third son, since he was there before Evans. He came into the living room, focusing on the movie that the boys had chosen and plopped down in one of the chairs.  Sebastian tightened his grip protectively on Kurt’s hand. But then he remembered something. Oh yeah.  This is Puck.  He’s the one Niff said was a good friend of Kurt’s and was even protective if him.  Let’s see how this goes.

When Puck turned to the boys to make a comment about the movie, he noticed Sebastian.  “Dude. Who the hell are you?” He had noticed him holding hands with Kurt. Then he glanced at Kurt.  Puck’s face turned red at the sight of Kurt’s beaten face. He stood from his seat and started yelling as he moved toward Kurt and Sebastian.  “What the fuck! Princess! What happened to you!? Did he do this!?” Sam and Finn both jumped up to hold Puck back. He looked he was out for blood.  

“Noah, no.  It was Blaine.”  Kurt said as he looked Puck in the eye.  “Blaine did this. He tried to rape me last night.” 

“What the hell?! Where is he?!  I’m gonna kill him! I never liked that little shithead.  Where is he?!” Puck yelled. 

“Puck.” Sam said in tone that was trying to calm the mood in the room.  “Puck, this is Sebastian. He’s a friend of Kurt’s. He was there last night, and saved Kurt from Blaine.  As far as we know, Blaine is still in the hospital.” He motioned for Puck to look at Sebastian’s cast. “He broke his hand on Blaine’s face.” 

Puck’s breathing started to steady and he looked back and forth between Kurt and Sebastian.  “What’s with the hand holding?” He narrowed his glare to Sebastian.

“Noah.”  Kurt calmly spoke. “ He… Sebastian makes me feel safe.  When you guys left Lima Bean last week, and I stayed, Karofsky came in.”  Puck’s eyebrows shot up, “But Bas was there and helped me out. That’s how we met.  We became friends. And a few of us went out last night to a gay bar.” Puck gave Kurt a questioning look, but Kurt continued.  “I was taking Blaine home because he was too drunk, and then… and then, it happened. Bas came out to get some fresh air and saw it.   And he saved me. I… I feel safe with him. Holding his hand makes me feel… not so lost.” 

Puck sighed and walked over to Kurt.  He stood in front him and motioned with his hands for him to stand up and give him a hug.  Kurt squeezed Seb’s hand and then let go. He stood and Puck quickly wrapped him in a big bear hug.  “I’m so sorry, Princess.” Kurt squeezed back. A tear fell silently. He felt very lucky to have such good friends.  

Without letting go all the way, Puck pointed to Sebastian.  “You. Come here.” When Sebastian stood, Puck grabbed him and pulled him in to include him in his embrace with Kurt.  “I’m just gonna say it now to get it out of the way. Thanks for saving him, but whether you’re a friend, or more, if you ever hurt my Princess, you will live to regret it.  Understood?” 

“Understood.”  Sebastian said.  “I’m happy Kurt has friends like you guys.”   




After the movie, all five boys, along with Burt and Carol, sat and discussed Kurt’s return to school and what the best way to break the news to his friends would be.  They decided that Kurt would not go to school on Monday (although Kurt argued against that, he lost). They also decided that Finn, Sam, and Puck would hold a glee club meeting to let them know what happened without divulging too much personal information.  Kurt didn’t want to return to school and have to explain his appearance over and over again. Burt planned on stopping by the school to explain the situation to Mr. Figgins, Mr. Schuester, Coach Sylvester and Mrs. Pillsbury. Figgins could let the rest of Kurt’s teacher know as saw fit.

After dinner all of the boys decided to ride together to take Sebastian back to Dalton.  He had spoken to his mother on the phone, and although she wanted to see her son before he started a new week at Dalton, she understood.  They decided to compromise and skype later that night.

They loaded into the Navigator.  Kurt wasn’t allowed to drive yet, so he sat in the back in between Sebastian and Puck.  Sam drove and Finn rode shotgun. “Why can’t I drive?”  Finn whined.  “It’s my brother’s car.”

“Mailman!”  replied Kurt, Puck, and Sam at the same time.   

“Oh.  Yeah, okay.”  Finn said as he stared out the window. 

“Do I want to know?”  Seb asked. 

“Nope!”  The other four answered in unison.

When they arrived at Dalton, Sebastian said goodbye to Finn, Sam and Puck.  All three hugged him and thanked him again for what he had done for Kurt. Kurt however, decided to walk Sebastian to his dorm.  

As they walked through the halls, Kurt got a couple of strange looks from other boys.  He had forgotten how bad his face looked after the attack. He was kind of embarrassed.  As they turned a corner, they ran into Trent and Thad. Both boys did a double take, not really registering at first that it was Kurt they were looking at.  And then they saw the Kurt and Sebastian holding hands. “Kurt?” Trent asked, “What the hell happened? What’s going on?” 

“I will tell you at Warbler rehearsal tomorrow.  Goodnight boys.” Answered Sebastian. He put his hand on the small of Kurt’s back and guided him past the two Warblers.   

When they got to Seb’s room, Nick and Jeff were snuggled in bed together watching a movie on Nick’s laptop.  “Hi!” Jeff said as they entered the room. “How are you two feeling?” 

“I’m feeling better as time passes.  Guys, thanks for being there for me last night.  I really appreciate it.” Kurt answered. 

“Of coarse, Kurtsie.”  Jeff answered. “I texted David when we left the hospital.  Do you mind if I text him another update? I think he might feel weird texting you directly.  This friendship thing with you might be too new for him to feel comfortable reaching out to you directly yet.” 

“That would be fine.  Thanks Jeff.” 

“How about you, Seb?  How’s your hand?” Nick asked.

“Oh, it’s fine.  Might be a bitch to write or type in class for a while though.”  

“The teacher’s will go easy on that, I think.  Thomas broke his hand last year in a lacrosse game.  The staff made it pretty easy for him to transition.” Nick replied.

“Kurtsie, are you going back to school tomorrow?”

“No, I’m waiting until Tuesday.  My ‘brothers’ are going to speak to my friends tomorrow, so I don’t have to worry about doing it myself.”  Kurt answered. “Speaking of ‘brothers’, they’re waiting outside. I had better get going. Bas, you need to skype your mom, too.”   

Sebastian sighed.  He didn’t want Kurt to leave.  “Yeah, I guess.” He faced Kurt and grabbed his hand, “Kurt, please call me if you need anything.  Anything at all. You can text me any time too. Whatever you need. Okay? I promise, I’ll be there.” 

“I know, Bas.”  Kurt leaned in and pressed their foreheads together.  “Thank you.” He leaned back, “Uhm, Jeffie? Can you walk me to my car?  Bas needs to skype his mom, and I don’t want to deal with anyone I know in the halls.” 

Sebastian added, “Thad and Trent saw Kurt in the hall.  They wanted to know what was going on. I told them I would tell everyone at Warbler rehearsal.  It will be best to tell everyone at once.” 

“Understood.”  Nick said.

“Okay, Kurtsie.  Let’s head out, Sweetie.”  Jeff smiled a soft smile at his friend.

And then there was the hard part.  Actually leaving each other. They hugged for a long time.  Unspoken words were exchanged through squeezes, sighs, and looks.  Kurt silently shed a tear as he turned to leave. And that broke Seb into a million pieces.  If only Kurt was still at Dalton. He just hated saying goodbye. At least his brothers will protect him , Sebastian repeated to himself over and over again.  But no matter what either boy told themselves, it was still the hardest goodbye either of them had had in long, long time.  

Chapter Text

On Monday, Sebastian, Nick, and Jeff avoided any and all questions about Kurt.  Rumors flew through the school since some boys who knew him had seen him in the dorm halls the night before with Sebastian.  When Blaine didn’t show up to classes, the rumors spread like wildfire.

Sebastian texted Kurt at lunch time.

To Kurt:

I’m heading out to the courtyard to eat my lunch.  Away from the crowds for a bit. Call me if you want to talk.


Kurt called a couple of minutes later.  “Hey, Babe. How are you feeling today?”  Sebastian said as he answered the call.

Kurt felt relief just hearing Sebastian’s voice.  “Hmm, better. My eye hurts the most, but it’s starting to get a little green around the edges, so that’s a good sign, I guess. Carol’s been babying me all day.   How is your hand?”

“It’s fine.  Doesn’t really bother me much.  It’s a pain to type or write, but someone in each of my classes has offered to share their notes, so it’s all good.  How are you emotionally?” 

“You don’t beat around the bush, do you?”  Kurt chuckled. 

“Nope.  Now spill.  How are you?” 

“I think I’m doing pretty well, considering.  It’s when I look in the mirror that I get the most upset.  It just reminds me of how he wasn’t afraid to hurt me to get what he wanted.”  Kurt sighed. 

“Maybe when the bruises fade, and the cuts heal, it will be a little easier?  You’ll never forget, Kurt. But maybe it will not be such a harsh reminder once your physically healed.” 

“I hope so….  And I don’t want to be, or sound, needy… But... I miss you.” 

“I miss you too, Babe.  It’s killing me that I have to be so far from you right now.”  They spoke for a few more minutes before Sebastian had to get to class.  Kurt agreed to call soon, and Seb reminded him that he would keep his phone on vibrate so he could text any time of day, even during school.




The room was buzzing as the Warblers waited for rehearsal to start.  When Sebastian, Nick, and Jeff walked in together, the room fell silent.  All eyes were on Sebastian. Maybe because of the cast on his hand. Maybe because of the rumors.  Maybe both. He leaned against the council table and cleared his throat as he watched the other Warblers shift expectantly in their seats.  Nick and Jeff stood on either side of him, silently supporting their friend.

“Warblers.”  Sebastian started.  “I understand that some of you saw Kurt in the dorm hallways last night, or you may have heard from others who saw him.  Kurt has given me permission to tell you the basics of what happened over the weekend, but we will not divulge any further details beyond what I’m about to tell you, so don’t bother asking any of us.  Kurt, Blaine, Nick, Jeff, and myself all went out Saturday night for some dancing and karaoke. Blaine had too much to drink, so Kurt tried to take him home.” Sebastian sighed, “Blaine tried to rape Kurt in the parking lot.” Before Sebastian could continue, the room erupted with people yelling.  Some were angry, some confused, some surprised that Blaine could do such a thing, and some looked like they were already plotting revenge. 

Nick whistled, then loudly and sternly added, “All right!  Let Sebastian finish. Please.” 

Sebastian took a deep breathe.  “In his attempt, he beat Kurt pretty badly.  Kurt suffered a concussion, black eye, and multiple lacerations.  I came outside for some fresh air, and when I saw what was happening,  I stopped it…. Hence the broken hand.”

Nick added, “We do not know yet what is happening with Blaine.  He was unconscious when the three of them were taken to the hospital.  We do not know his condition, or even if he has left the hospital yet. We do, however, know that the police are involved.  Kurt, the three of us, and another friend of Kurt’s who was there, all gave our statements to the police. We know there is an investigation, but that’s about it.  Given Dalton’s policies, I’m confident he will not be returning, no matter the results of the police investigation.” 

Jeff put his hand on Sebastian’s shoulder and addressed the room.  “We need to be supportive of Kurt, but we also need to respect his privacy.  Please extend that respect to us as well. It was not easy seeing what we saw.  Especially for Seb.” Sebastian nodded, but did not look up at the room full of Warblers.  At that, Warbler rehearsal was canceled for the day.




Burt met with Principal Figgins, Mrs. Pillsbury, Mr. Schuester, and Coach Sylvester first thing that morning.  Figgins sat and shook his head. Mrs. Pillsbury shed a silent tear. Mr.Schuester sat in utter shock. Coach Sylvester, however, was furious. How could someone do this to her Porcelain?  She stormed out of the room and knocked over anything that got in her way. Burt looked at Figgins, “Well she hasn’t changed. At least she’s on Kurt’s side.”

Glee class was right after lunch, so Finn sent out a group text telling everyone to grab their lunch and then head to the choir room for an emergency meeting.  Mr. Schuester agreed to be there in case they needed him, but he would let the boys handle it however they had chosen as a family. When everyone got there, Finn and Sam were sitting in front.  Puck sat in the back so he could observe the group like he does best. They gave everyone some time to eat, and then began to announce the heartbreaking news. 

Finn cleared his throat and shifted a bit.  He wasn’t sure how to begin. “Uh. Kurt. He, uh…” 

Sam put his hand on Finn’s shoulder, and said, “Let me?”  Finn nodded in agreement. “Okay everyone. I’m going to be blunt about this and I want you to let me finish before you say anything.  It’s not easy to talk about, so let me get all the way through in one go.” He took a deep breath and as quickly as possible said, “Kurt went out Saturday night with some guys from Dalton, including Blaine.  Blaine got drunk, so Kurt was going to drive him home. Blaine tried to rape Kurt in the parking lot, and Kurt got pretty beat up. His friend, Sebastian, came outside and saw it, so he let loose on Blaine, knocking him out, and broke his hand doing it.  All three were taken to the hospital.” He continued to tell the group about Kurt’s injuries, and as much as he knew about the police involvement. 

To all of the boys surprise, the room was silent.  Everyone was just staring at them in shock. And then… all hell broke loose.  Santana was swearing in Spanish, “Esa estúpida madre folladora! ¡Voy a arrancarle la polla y empujarla por el culo! ¡Solo dame un minuto y lo haré arrepentirse por el resto de su vida!”  (That stupid mother fucker!  I’m going to rip his dick off and shove it up his ass!  Just give me a minute and I will make him regret in for the rest of his life!)   Everyone was talking at the same time.  Some people yelling, some asking questions, some crying, some slamming their fist into their hands like they were going to kill someone.   

Puck sat and watched it all.  He was glad that Kurt had is Glee family to support him, but they needed to get their act together.  “Hey!” He boomed. “Look, I love that you all care about Princess so much. And trust me, when I found out yesterday, I had the exact same reaction.  But I think right now, we need to come up with ways to support Kurt. When he comes back to school tomorrow, he’s still going to be pretty bruised up. He might be emotional.  His friend Sebastian, the one who kicked Blaine’s ass, is his ‘safe place’. But since he’s at Dalton, we need to step up even more. Walk him to classes, stay with him at lunch, shoo people away who might ask questions.  Whatever he needs.” 

Finn agreed and then added, “And I think it’s important that we don’t ask Kurt questions.  Let him be the one to offer information. He might feel attacked if we all start asking things, or give him too much attention at once about it.”  

Mr. Schuester was impressed with the boy’s thoughtfulness.  He added, “You all know that Glee, and the choir room, is your safe haven.  Make sure it stays that way for Kurt.” 

Everyone agreed and started talking among themselves.  Puck noticed Sugar had not said a word the entire time. She just sat and cried.  Puck nudged Sam and nodded his head toward Sugar. Sam took notice, and headed her way.  “Hey, Sugar. Are you okay?” 

“He’s my best friend.  I hate that he went through that and I wasn’t there for him.  Why am I just now finding out? You guys already knew!” She cried. 

“I know it’s so hard to hear, Sugar.”  Sam said, “You have to remember that I live with Kurt.  When Burt got the call, Finn and I went with he and Carol to the hospital. And Puck just comes in house whenever he wants.  He practically lives there too. He came over unannounced yesterday. That’s how he found out. Kurt’s not keeping anything from you because he doesn’t trust you or something.  It’s not something you call someone about and say, ‘Hey, guess what happened…’ That’s why he wanted us to tell everyone today… So he wouldn’t have to explain when you all see him tomorrow.  You know he loves you, Sugar. He always says you’re his best girl.”

Sugar sniffed, “I know.  I love my Angel. But I just wish I could have been there for him.  I feel like I let him down.” 

Sam smiled at her.  “Well, his friend Sebastian was there for him all day yesterday.  He came home with us from the hospital. I think it might be the start of something.  You never know. But remember, he will always need his best friend. No matter what guy comes along.” 

Sugar gave a small smile.  “He told me about Sebastian after he met him at The Lima Bean.  Something in his voice sounded different when he talked about him.  I’m glad Sebastian was there for him a second time. Thanks for talking with me, Sam.  You’re a good guy.” 

“You’re welcome.  And yes, I am a good guy.  But it was Puck was the one who noticed you needed a friend.  He cares about you, ya know. He’s rough around the edges, but he is a good guy.” 

Sugar rolled her eyes and nudged his shoulder.  “Now you sound like Angel.”




After dinner, Sebastian called Kurt.  “Hi Bas. How did the Warblers react?”  Kurt asked as he answered the phone. 

Seb chuckled, “Now look who’s not beating around the bush.”

“Sorry, I’m just really curious if it was anything like what happened when New Directions found out.”  Kurt said. 

“What did they say?” 

Kurt smiled, “No, no.  You go first…” 

“Well, let’s just say that if hunting people down with pitchforks and torches was still a thing, Blaine would already be hanging from a tree in the backwoods of Ohio somewhere.  To say they were pissed is an understatement.” Sebastian paused and then added, “They are all ready and willing to support you, Kurt. Whatever you need.” 

“Thanks, Bas.  I’m sorry if that was uncomfortable for you guys.  It couldn’t have been easy.” 

“Kurt, don’t apologize.  Whatever you need me to do, I’ll do.”  Sebastian carefully added, “So, how did New Directions react?  Did everything go okay for your brothers?” 

“Well, it sounds like it was very similar, but a lot more crying with New Directions.  The guys and Santana were really angry. At least Santana looked angry - she was yelling in Spanish, and we can only assume it wasn’t good.  A lot of the other girls were crying. Especially Sugar.” 


“Yeah, she’s my best friend.  And yes, that’s her real name.”  Kurt gave a small chuckle, but then frowned at the thought of he being upset. “She was really upset.  Sam said she just sat there in silence crying. I feel so bad. He said she’s upset because she hasn’t been able to be there for me.  I just hope that she’s not upset that I didn’t tell her.” 

“Has she called you yet?” 

Kurt answered, “No, but my brothers told everyone not to bother me yet.  I should probably call her.” 

“Okay, I’ll talk to you tomorrow?”  Sebastian was asked hopefully. 

“Of course.” 

“Get some rest too, Kurt.  Tomorrow is going to be a long day for you.  Call or text any time if you need me, okay?” 

“Thanks, Bas.  Goodnight.” 

“Goodnight, Babe.”

Kurt hung up from his call from Sebastian and quickly called Sugar before he lost his nerve.  He loved his best friend so much. With as much as he was going through, he didn’t want her to be upset for any reason.  Especially if the reason was him. 


“Yeah, it’s me, Sugar.  Are you okay?” Kurt asked.

“You are asking me if I’m okay?  How are you ?  What can I do to help, Angel?”

“I’ll be okay.  Just…Um, tomorrow is going to be hard.  I’ll need my best girl by my side. I, umm.. I’m sorry I didn’t call you or tell you myself…” 

Sugar sighed, “Angel, no.  I’m not upset with you at all.  I understand why you didn’t tell me earlier.  I’m just upset because it happened. I’m so very sorry, Angel.  I wish I could do more to help you.” 

“Just you being there for me is more than enough.  I have to get some rest. I’ll meet you in the parking lot tomorrow morning?  I love you, Sugar.” Kurt said softly. 

“Love you too, Angel.  I’ll be there early. Goodnight.” 

Chapter Text

The next morning, everyone gathered for breakfast before heading off for school and work.  As soon as Kurt came into the kitchen, Burt asked, “How are you feeling? Are you sure you’re up for going back already?  You can stay home another day or two. Whatever you need, Bud.” 

Kurt sighed and gave his dad a small smile, “I will never be completely ready, Dad.  And if I stay home any longer, my thoughts about going back are going to do more damage than actually going back could ever do.”   

Finn added, “And we’ll be with him, Burt.  Kurt will never be alone unless he wants to be.”  Kurt gave his brother a grateful smile and nod. 

When the boys pulled into the parking lot in Kurt’s Navigator, Sugar was already there, leaning against her light pink 55’ Chevy convertible.  Kurt smiled just seeing her there. God, he loved his best girl. She was so adorable. As soon as he got out of the car, they embraced in a long hug.   

“Angel!”  She squealed.  But then when she pulled back and saw his face, she let out a small gasp.  “Oh, Angel…” And she squeezed him even tighter. 

“It looks worse that it feels at this point.  But I’m also not going to attempt to cover it up.  It is what it is.” Kurt said as he hugged her. “Let’s go.  The sooner we get started, the sooner it’s over.” 

At that, Kurt and Sugar walked hand in hand into the school with Finn and Sam right behind them.  There were lots of stares and whispers, but Kurt did his best to ignore them. Even Azimio and the jocks left him alone.   Everyone seemed to keep their distance, not knowing what happened, but knowing Kurt didn’t need any more crap from anyone. Not that anyone could get close to him with his brothers by his side. 

The Glee Club decided to have lunch in the choir room so that they could stay clear of any unwanted remarks from jocks or jerks in the cafeteria.  Most of ND was in the choir room already when Kurt walked in with Sugar and Finn. There was a collective gasp. They had tried to mentally prepare themselves for what Finn and Sam had warned, but seeing their friend like this was harder than they thought.  His normally flawless skin was… broken. 

Santana stood so fast, that her chair went flying backwards.  Her face was red with anger at Blaine for doing this to her friend.  She started toward Kurt with the intention to embrace him in a hug, but Kurt jumped and stepped back.  He looked terrified. Finn stepped in front of Kurt. “Santana. Calm. Down.” Santana just frowned and looked at Finn like he had two heads, willing him to get out of her way. 

Sugar put her arm around Kurt's waist to comfort him, while Puck spoke as he made his way toward the scene, “Santana, your anger may be toward Blaine, and your desire may be to comfort Kurt, but in all appearances, it’s hard to tell the difference.  Calm down and sit, or leave the room. You’re scaring Princess.”

Santana’s face fell, and tears started as she returned to her seat, righting the chair as she spoke. “I’m so sorry.  I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to, Kurt. I… I just want to hug you,” she said and she sat with her head down, “but I also want to kill that bastard for doing that to you…”

Kurt slowly walked over to where Santana was sitting.  “It - It’s okay. You just startled me. No sudden movements, okay?”  She nodded in agreement. He sighed, held out his arms, and wiggled his fingers, “Okay, give me a squeeze.”  Santana stood and gave Kurt the most gentle hug she could muster. He didn’t know she had it in her. 

“You know I would never hurt you, right?”  Santana said tearfully. 

“Tana,”  Kurt started, “It’s not the same anymore.  I never thought Blaine would hurt me either.  I’m hoping things go back to normal. But right now, I just don’t know.  There’s only two people I feel 100% safe with. My dad, and Sebastian. I’m sorry if that doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t make sense to me either.”

“Okay.”  Santana said.  She didn’t understand how Kurt could feel safe with a guy he barely knew.  But if that’s what he feels, then she would try to accept it.

The rest of lunch was pretty uneventful.  Everyone seemed to be keeping an eye on Kurt, but they all tried really hard to keep their conversations are normal and natural as possible.  Sectionals were coming up, so they deferred to that as a topic of conversation more than once. Rachel, of coarse, was trying to convince everyone to do Broadway, while everyone else disagreed.  Kurt kept quiet and just listened. 

During Glee class, Mr. Schuester came in and wrote the topic of the week on the board… Strength.  “Strength”. He announced. “This week you will sing a song about strength. What kind of strength is up to you.”




Sebastian worried about Kurt all day.  They texted at lunch, and Kurt said he said he was doing okay, but that did not ease Seb’s worry.  He couldn’t take it anymore. His last class of the day was study hall, so he took off his blazer and tie, skipped class, and headed to Lima.

When he arrived at McKinley classes were out but there were still several cars in the parking lot do all of the extracurricular activities.  He parked his cherry red corvette close to Kurt’s Navigator. As he got out, several cheerleaders coming out of practice tried to flirt with him. One whistled and yelled, “Hot car and hot guy!  What’s your name, handsome?” 

Sebastian smirked, “Thanks Darlin’, but I’m not interested.” 

“What’s wrong?  Hot cheerleaders aren’t your type?”  A second cheerleader commented. 

“Oh, I love cheerleaders.  But, uh, I play for the other team.”

“You go to Carmel or something?”  The third cheerleader asked.

Sebastian threw his head back and laughed.  “No Darlin’. Public school is not for me. And by ‘other team’, I mean I’m gay.”

“Figures!”, the first cheerleader said, and all three cheerleaders sighed.  

Sebastian started to to head in and then turned around and asked, “Ladies, can you point me in the direction of the choir room?”   

The girls giggle, “You’re here for Kurt, aren’t you?  Figures. He is smokin’ hot too… Although from the looks of things, someone tried to change that.  It wasn’t you, was it?”

“Of course not.  I couldn’t hurt him like that if I tried.” 

“All right, if you say so.  But I’d still stay clear of Coach Sylvester if I were you.  She’s out for blood. Go inside, take a right, left, and then another right.  Good luck, good lookin’.” The first cheerleader added. 

“Thanks, ladies.” 

Sebastian headed in, following the directions of the cheerleaders.  He could hear music as he turned the second corner. Finding the choir room, he leaned up against the frame of the door and listened to brunette powerhouse belt out the last of Whitney Houston’s I Didn’t Know My Own Strength.  He heard her sing...


I didn't know my own strength

And I crashed down, and I tumbled

But I did not crumble

I got through all the pain

I didn't know my own strength

Survived my darkest hour

My faith kept me alive

I picked myself back up

Hold my head up high

I was not built to break

I didn't know my own strength

I was not built to break

I got to know my own strength


He spotted Kurt right away.  He was seated in the middle surrounded by his brothers a cute, petite girl who he assumed was Sugar.  If that’s not Sugar, it should be.  The name suits her , he thought.  Kurt was sitting with his eyes closed, listening to the words of the song.  When he opened his eyes, he noticed Sebastian right away. Kurt’s eyes lit up.  “Bas!” Kurt squealed as he shot up out of his seat and ran toward Sebastian. Sebastian couldn’t smile any bigger if he tried.  Kurt practically jumped into Bas’ arms. “What are you doing here?!”

“I couldn’t stay away.  I came to see for myself that you’re doing okay.”  Sebastian said as they embraced. 

“I’m okay.  Better now that you’re here.”  He leaned back so he could look at Sebastian.  Lots of people stared, but no one said anything.  “It wasn’t as bad as I had imagined. My friends making a human wall around me all day, may have helped.” He said and gave a small chuckle, and turned back to look at his friends who were all silent and staring.  Finn, Sam, and Puck were grinning. Sebastian looked at Kurt’s friends and smiled, nodding to Kurt’s brothers. 

Kurt took hold of Sebastian’s hand and led him to the front of the choir room.  “Everyone, this is Sebastian.”, he said shyly. 

The Sebastian?”  Santana asked.  She wasn’t sure how she felt.  If he really did save Kurt, then she was grateful.  But she wondered why he came all the way to Lima. And what’s with the hand holding?   

“Yes, Santana.   The Sebastian.”  Kurt answered.  

Mr. Schuester was the first to speak up.  “Well, Sebastian, on behalf of the entire Glee Club, thank you for coming to Kurt’s rescue.  We are so grateful that you showed up when you did.” Mr. Schuester smiled and turned to the group, “Dismissed everybody.”

Most of the Glee Club introduced themselves or greeted Sebastian on their way out the door.  The brothers and Sugar stayed until most were gone. Kurt pulled Sugar over to where Sebastian was talking to the boys so he could introduce her.  “Bas, this is my best girl, Sugar. Sugar, this is Sebastian.” 

Sebastian gave her a warm smile and greeted, “It’s nice to meet you, Sugar.  Kurt speaks very highly of you.” He held out his hand for her to shake. 

Sugar was shyly biting her bottom lip and blushed a little at the introduction.  She was going to shake his hand, but instead jumped up and wrapped her arms around his shoulders as her feet dangled.  “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks for saving my Angel.” Sebastian handled it like a trooper, and just hugged her back for as long as she wanted to hold on.  He understood how important Kurt must be to her. Kurt stood and grinned at two of his favorite people finally meeting. 

When they let go of each other, Sugar stepped back and looked at Sebastian.  She leaned over and stage whispered to Kurt without taking her eyes off of Sebastian,  “Wow, Angel. You do realize he’s, like, really good looking, right? Like, really good looking.” 

Kurt chuckled and blushed,  “Of course I realize that, Sugar.  I’m not blind.” 

Sebastian blushed a bit, smiled, and asked Kurt, “Would you like to go for some coffee?”  He turned to the group, “ Everyone is welcome.” Sebastian really wanted to have Kurt to himself, but he also refused to be like Blaine and keep Kurt away from his friends.  He wasn’t ‘his’ anyway. 

“I’d love to.”  Kurt smiled. “Sugar you’re coming, right?” 

“Sure, Angel!  I’d like to get to know Sebastian, in case he’s around for awhile.”  She winked at Sebastian. “Plus, I need more time with my bestie.” Sugar said as she linked her arm through Kurt’s. Sebastian winked at her, but Kurt didn’t notice.

“Boys, what about you?”  Kurt asked. 

“I told Rachel I would go to Between The Sheets with her.  I was going to pick her up after I took you guys home, but if you let me drive your Navigator, I could leave from here….?  If we have time, we could meet you there?” Finn said hopefully. 

“Okay, but be careful with my baby, Finn.”  Kurt said as he handed the keys over. “Puck?  Sam?” 

Sam nodded yes, and Puck said, “Yeah, Princess, I’d love to go.  Since Finn was our ride, can we ride with you, Sugar?” 

“Sure, Puck.  Let’s go get our coffee on!”  Sugar smiled. 

When everyone was walking out, Sugar still had her arm linked with Kurt as they walked. Sebastian bit down the jealousy.  He wanted so badly to hold Kurt’s hand. It had become their thing, and he felt strange being around Kurt without touching him somehow.  He knew he shouldn’t feel this way. He knew they were just friends. And even if they weren’t, Kurt would still need some space sometimes.  But that didn’t mean that he had to like it.  Suck it up, Smythe,   He thought. He’s probably not ready for a boyfriend so soon.    

When they reached the parking lot, Sebastian notices the pink 55’ Chevy convertible.  He hadn’t noticed it before since he had parked on the other side of Kurt’s large Navigator.  He smiled and said, “Sugar, that has to be your car, right?” 

Sugar giggled, “Of course it is!” 

Sebastian smiled, “It’s totally you.”  They approached her car. “Where did you find it?”

“Daddy found it for me in Cincinnati at a car show.  It wasn’t in very good shape, but he bought it anyway and gave it to me for my 16th birthday.”

Sebastian ran his hand over the hood, “Whoever fixed it up did an amazing job.”

“Well, duh!  That’s how I met Angel!”  Sugar beamed.

Sebastian froze.  He slowly turned toward Kurt, who was standing back watching the exchange with a grin on his face.  “You did this?!” To say Sebastian was shocked was an understatement.

“Well, not all of it… I mean… a lot of it.  But not all of it.” Kurt blushed.  “My dad owns Hummel Tire and Lube, sooo…” 

“Yeah, I guess I knew that about Burt because of his campaign… I guess I just forgot.  I didn’t know you worked there.” Sebastian grinned. 

“Full time in the summer, part time during the school year.” 

Sugar stage whispered again, “He looks really hot in coveralls.”

Sebastian cleared his throat, “I bet he does.”  He could only imagine Kurt in coveralls working on a car.  It was not helping him keep his mind on just being friends with Kurt. 

Kurt blushed and then pointed toward the corvette.  “So is this yours? And do I get to go for a ride?”

“Yes and yes.  Any time you want, Babe.”  Sebastian smiled and opened the door for Kurt to get in.   “We’ll see everyone there!”




Once at Lima Bean, everyone ordered their coffee and went to sit down.  Kurt and Sebastian sat next to each other with their backs to the windows.  Kurt was a bit nervous about being in a non-school public place for the first time since the attack. He didn’t want to face the room where everyone could see his injuries, but he also felt safest where no one could sneak up behind him.  So, backs to the window won. Sugar and Puck sat across from them, and Sam sat on the end of the table, by Puck and Kurt.

“Are you okay?”  Sebastian quietly asked Kurt when they sat.

“Yeah. I’m okay.”  Kurt answered. He grabbed Sebastian’s hand under the table. 

“We can take this to go, if you want.”  Seb said. 

“No, it’s okay.  I’m fine. I don’t want to go sit at home.  Being here is good for me.” Kurt said shyly. 

Sugar quickly changed the subject.  “So Sebastian, do you have a boyfriend?  Ooorrr...Girlfriend?”

Kurt and Sebastian both blushed and choked on their coffee.  Puck and Sam just laughed. Leave it to Sugar. “I can see why you’re best friends.”  Sebastian chucked. “She doesn’t beat around the bush either. No, I do not have a boyfriend.  And I have never had, nor will I ever have, a girlfriend.”

“Hmmm”  Sugar winked at him.

“Is there more?”  Sebastian chuckled again. 

“Well, yeah.  I have a million questions.”  Sugar said. “After all, you appear out of nowhere less than a week and a half ago.  You came to Angel’s rescue...twice. You’re gay. You’re hot as hell. You drive an awesome car.  And you seem to make my Angel smile… And yet, that’s all I know. So, yeah, I have a million questions. “ 

“Sugar!”  Kurt was so embarrassed.   

“It’s okay, Babe.  Well, what would you like to know?”  Sebastian 

Sugar thought for a few seconds.  “Where are you from? What do your parents do?  Do you have any siblings?” 

Sebastian smiled.  “So the basics, huh?  I’m originally from Westerville, but when I was younger and during several summers, I spent time with my mother’s family in Paris.  I just moved back here a few weeks ago after spending 3 years in Paris helping my mom take care of my aunt. We moved back after she passed away.”  Kurt squeezed his hand. “My dad is the state’s attorney and my mother used to be in fashion, before taking time off to be with her sister. I have a sister, Leah, who is 14.  She’s a freshman at a girl’s boarding school in Indiana. She’s one of my best friends and absolutely beautiful, so I worry about her a little more than I probably should. Anything else?”  He smiled. 

“Hmmm.”  Sugar grinned.  “What’s with you calling Angel ‘Babe’?”   

Kurt blushed,  but Sebastian just stroked Kurt’s nuckles with his thumb.  “Well, I don’t know how or when I started saying it. It just feels… natural.”

“Okay!”  Sam said, trying to change the subject, but he couldn’t think of what to say. 

“No, wait.”  Sebastian said.  “I have questions too!”  The group smiled. “Where did the names Angel and Princess come from?” 

Kurt sighed.  “You all are just trying to make me blush.” 

“Red looks good on you, Babe.”   

“Well,”  Sugar smiled, “When Daddy and I took my car to the Hummel’s shop, we had just moved here from Cincinnati, and I didn’t really know anyone.  And then out walks this hottie in coveralls that were completely dirty, yet he had this beautiful clean skin and perfectly styled hair.” She giggled, “He looked like an angel walking out to greet us.  Then his voice, when he spoke… “ she sighed dreamily, “Yep. Angel! We’ve been friends ever since!” 

Best friends, Sweetie.”  Kurt smiled. “And how could I not just love her when she chose a car like that and then decided to paint it pink!?”  Everyone laughed. They really were made for each other. 

“I love it.  And what about ‘Princess’, Puck?  I’m a bit surprised that you get away with that.”  Sebastian said with a questioning look. Kurt and Puck laughed. 

“Well, once upon a time, I was the one rescuing my Princess.”  Puck grinned and looked at Kurt, who shyly looked down and played with the lid of his coffee.  “Kurt was being...bullied… and I intervened. I called him a damsel afterwards, and he just about bit my head off.”  He choked out a laugh, “So I said, ‘Calm down, Princess!’ and it just kind of stuck. I have no idea how I get away with it.”  Puck smiled at Kurt.

 “I don’t know either, Noah.”  Kurt smiled.

 “Probably just like you’re the only one who can call Puck ‘Noah’”  Sam smiled. 

“Well, it’s getting late, and it doesn’t look like Finn and Rachel are going to make it.  Do you guys want to come back to my place for dinner?”

Everyone gratefully accepted the invitation.

On the ride home, Sebastian smiled at Kurt, “I really like your friends.  Sugar is amazing.” 

Kurt smiled back,  “She really is. I’m sorry if she asked to many questions.  Or if any of the questions were too personal. She doesn’t have much of a filter.” 

“It’s was fine.  I promise. I like her a lot.  The guys too. They care about you a lot, Kurt.  You can see it in how they look at you, act around you, speak about you and to you.  You’re lucky.” Sebastian said. 

“I really am.  I went from having no one but Dad, to suddenly having a dozen close friends when I joined Glee two years ago.  They weren’t all overnight friendships, like with Sugar, but they got there eventually.” Kurt reflected some more.  “I made some friends at Dalton too. Not as close as my New Direction friends, but still… A friend is a friend, I guess.  Nick and Jeff are great. They are who I was closest to. Trent and Thad were nice too. I didn’t get to know as many of the guys as I would have liked.” 

“You were there an entire year?”  Sebastian wasn’t sure how someone like Kurt couldn’t make more friends if he was there for so long.   

“I transferred there in November.  I didn’t really realize it at the time, but Blaine didn’t like when I spent too much time with the other guys.  Even before we were together. It kind of stopped me from getting close to a lot of people.” 

Sebastian sighed, “I’m sorry, Kurt.  No one should ever keep you from the other people in your life.”  He paused, and then asked, “So, Dalton doesn’t usually take transfers mid-year.  Was the bullying that bad? Was it Karofsky?... I’m sorry. You don’t have to answer that if you don’t want.” 

“No, it’s okay.  I’m fine with all now.”  Kurt turned toward Sebastian. “Yes, it was that bad.  It had gone beyond getting slushies in the face, being thrown in dumpsters,  and being shoved into lockers. I was being thrown into lockers.  I would come home with bruises all over.  One time, Puck walked in on me as I was undressing to get in the shower.  I had just taken my shirt off, and he saw all of the bruises. He told Finn, and that’s when they started keeping more of an eye on me.  The next week was when Puck saw it happened and threatened the jock who did it. That’s when the whole ‘Princess’ thing started.” Kurt noticed that Sebastian was squeezing the steering wheel so tight that his knuckles were turning white.  “It’s okay, Bas.” 

Sebastian pulled the car over, put it in park, and turned to look at Kurt, “No, it’s not, Babe.”  He sighed in frustration. “It’s not okay that you had to go through any of that. Is that why you transferred, then?”

Kurt looked at him, unsure if he should tell him or not.  

“Babe?  Is that why?” 

Kurt closed his eyes for a few seconds.  “No, not really.” He opened his eyes and looked at Sebastian.  “Karofsky wasn’t the only one doing all of the bullying, but he was the main one.  And one day, I had had enough and stood up to him. I followed him into the locker room, yelling at him, like I do so well.  And he… kissed me.” 

Sebastian closed his eyes and shook his head.  “Babe…”

“And because of that, he freaked out, and things got worse. He wasn’t, isn’t, out.  I guess he was scared. He… He threatened to kill me.” Kurt added that last part quietly.

“God, Babe!”  Sebastian ran his hands through his hair.  “God, I am so sorry. You’ve been through hell.  I wish there’s something I could have done…” Sebastian was so frustrated he didn’t know what to do with himself or what to say.

“Sebastian. You were in another country when that happened.  We didn’t even know each other. And you were there when I needed you!  You saved me from the worst hell I could have gone through!  Don’t you see that?” Kurt needed him to understand what he had done for him. 

“It’s not enough.”  Sebastian was close to tears.  “Kurt, it’s not enough. I want to go back and make it all go away for you.  It absolutely breaks my heart. I hate the thought of you going through any of that.” 

Kurt let a tear fall, and then reached for Sebastian’s hand.  “Bas. Those horrible things that happened to me could have been worse.  But I had friends step up and make it better.”

“Not enough, Kurt.  You still had to transfer.  And then you still got hurt last weekend.  It kills me that any of that happened at all.”  He squeezed Kurt’s hand, afraid to let go.

Kurt had thought a lot about this over the last couple of days. “Bas.  If none of that happened, I would have never met you .”  Another tear fell. “They say everything happens for a reason.  I think maybe you are the reason. It’s how I ended up here. With you.”  

Sebastian let his own tear fall.  “I don’t know what to say, Kurt. I would give anything for you to have not had to go through any of that.  But at the same time, I can’t imagine my life without you. I know that sounds crazy. We only met a two weekends ago, but… but I feel like I’ve known you forever.  And at the same time, I don’t know nearly enough about you. I want to know it all. I want nothing more than to take away all of your pain, and make you happy.”

Kurt unbuckled and leaned over.  He and Sebastian embraced. They both held on to each other like they were each other’s lifeline.  “Bas, you do make me happy. Just being with you makes me happy.” Kurt wanted to tell Sebastian more.  Sebastian wanted to tell Kurt that he didn’t understand. He didn’t want to make him happy now .  He wanted to make him happy forever.

Sebastian gave him another squeeze, “We better get to your house before they send out a search party.  They probably think I kidnapped you.”

Before sitting back completely, Kurt ran his hand through Sebastian’s hair and kissed him on the cheek.  “Okay, Bas.” He took a deep breathe and willed himself not to kiss Sebastian more. “Let’s go.”

Chapter Text

Kurt texted his dad to tell him that he and Sebastian had stopped for a few minutes to talk in private, and that they would be there in just a little bit.  He knew his dad was extra worried about him this week.

To Dad:

Sam, Puck, and Sugar should be there by now.  Sebastian and I are on our way. Stopped to talk in private.  I made and froze some lasagna yesterday, so that’s what we’ll have for dinner.  Be home soon. 

To Kurt: 

Okay, Bud.  Everything okay?   

To Dad:

Yes, it’s fine.  

To Kurt:

Coach is here to see you.  Just a warning… 

To Dad:

Great.  Thanks.


Kurt sighed and said, “Well, I guess Coach Sylvester is at the house waiting for me.  This should be interesting.” Sebastian chuckled. Secretly he hoped Kurt would join the Cheerios.  He would love to see Kurt in a cheerleading uniform.

When the boys arrived at the house, they walked in holding hands.  Both looked like they had been crying, but they looked happy enough.  Burt asked softly, “You boys okay?”

Sebastian nodded yes, and Kurt softly said, “Yes, we’re okay.”

Coach saw the red eyes that now accompanied the black eye and cuts on Kurt’s face.  She saw them holding hands and was beyond pissed. She walked up to Sebastian and got uncomfortably close to him.  Looking down her nose at Sebastian, she narrowed her eyes and growled, “Who are you? And why do you feel you have any right to touch my Porceline?” 

Sebastian could feel her breath on his face.  She was intimidating, he’d give her that much.  But he appreciated the fact that she was protective of Kurt.  He smirked and opened his mouth to answer, but before any words could come out, Burt put his hand on Sue’s shoulder and and pulled her back a bit as he said, “Sue, this is Sebastian.  We spoke of him at the meeting. Remember?” Coach just grunted. He shook his head and turned to Sebastian and clapped him on the shoulder. “Welcome back, kid. It’s good to see you again.”   

“Thank you, Burt.  It’s good to see you too.” 

Coach looked at Kurt.  He continued to hold on tight to Sebastian.  “Don’t get out the fine china, Porcelain, I’m not staying for dinner.  I came to bring you your Cheerios uniform and bag. Wear it tomorrow. Nobody messes with my Cheerios.”

“Um, Coach, I haven’t even tried out…”

“No need.  You won me Nationals two years ago.  I expect it again this year. See you tomorrow… In uniform , Porcelain.”  Coach turned back to Sebastian and looked him up and down.  “You really the one who helped my Porcelain?” 

“Yes, ma’am”  Sebastian said with only a slight smirk.  He was kind of proud of himself for not smirking at her too much.  He knew how that could come across. 

“Well then…” Coach nodded her approval and was out the door.   

Sebastian looked at Kurt with a questioning look.  Kurt just said, “Yeah, she’s always like that. She cares about her Cheerios a lot.  Goes about it in a weird way sometimes, I guess. But she has a soft spot for me, I think.” 

“Well that’s understandable.”  Sebastian winked at Kurt. “And you have so many nicknames!”  Sebastian, Kurt, and Burt all laughed.

“Everyone is waiting in the living room.  Come on, boys.” Burt smiled.

Once he greeted everyone in the living room, Kurt took a minute to sneak away to the kitchen to preheat the oven and get the lasagna out of the freezer.   When he turned around from the oven, Puck was standing there. “Noah! You scared me. Don’t sneak up on me like that.” Kurt said as he held his hand to his chest.

“I wasn’t sneaking, Princess.  You must be deep in thought to have not heard me.  You okay? Want to talk about it?” 

He paused and then nodded, “Actually, yeah.  That might help.” Kurt sighed and motioned to the table for them to sit.  He grabbed a couple of waters and handed one to Puck. He spoke quietly so that no one in the living room could overhear them. Looking down at the table he said, “I...I don’t know what to do about Sebastian.”  Puck raised an eyebrow and leaned forward. “I like him. Like, a lot. But I’m afraid he doesn’t feel the same way. I’m too fragile right now to put my feelings out there and get denied. I couldn’t handle it if I told him I liked him, and he didn’t feel the same way, then suddenly he’s gone… Scared away.  I couldn’t bare him not being in my life.” Kurt ran his hand over his face and then finally looked up at Puck. 

Puck was smiling ear to ear.  “You are so ridiculous.”

Kurt looked offended.  “What?!”

“Princess, Sebastian is totally falling in love with you.  Maybe it’s your black eye keeping you from seeing it.... You know, with everything else going on.  To the rest of us, it’s clear as day. Why do you think he came to see you today?” 

“Well, uhm… He said he was worried.” 

“Yeah.  You can keep telling yourself that’s the only reason, but it’s not.  Talk to him, Princess. I have a feeling it’s going to have to be you who brings it up.” 

“Why me?” Kurt frowned.

“Because, Princess.”  Puck sighed. “Like you said, you’re kind of in a fragile state right now.  He probably doesn’t think you’re ready for a boyfriend after what just happened.  He may not know Blaine was probably close to getting kicked to the curb already before it happened.  Or maybe he thinks you’re just really grateful to him for saving you. But I bet you anything, he likes you.”

Kurt smiled at him and leaned forward.  “People sure do underestimate you, Noah Puckerman.  Now, when are you going to get your act together and ask her out?” 

Puck stood and grinned as he walked away, “I can’t hear you!”  He said in a sing-song manner. 

Sebastian passed Puck in the doorway to the kitchen and grinned at Kurt.  “Puck not taking your advice?”

Kurt looked surprised.  “How did you know I was giving him advice?” 

Sebastian smiled, “Oh, I know you were telling him to ask Sugar out.  First, it’s probably the only thing he would have that kind of reaction to. Second, you love them both and want them to be happy.”  Kurt was grinning. “And third, they are totally made for each other.” 

“RIGHT!!!?”  Kurt sat forward.  “How do they not see that?!”

“Maybe they do, but are too afraid.” 

Kurt sat back and thought about that.  He could definitely relate. He was afraid too.  He wondered if he and Sebastian were that obvious as well, since Puck saw something about Sebastian that Kurt himself didn’t quite see.  He was shaken from his thoughts when the oven beeped. He got up to put the lasagna in. Sebastian watched. He tried not to notice Kurt bend over at the task.  He inwardly cursed himself for even thinking of Kurt like that. Especially so soon after something so tramatic had happened.

When Kurt returned to the table, he brought Sebastian a water of his own.  “Are you okay?” He asked, wondering what Sebastian was thinking about. 

“Hmm?  Yeah. Yeah, I’m fine.  And you? Are you okay?” 

“Yep.  You know…. I’m glad you’re here, Sebastian.”

Sebastian reached across the table and grabbed Kurt’s hand.  “Me too.”




Finn and Carol had both made it home in time for dinner, and everyone was enjoying their meal together.  There were a lot of questions for Kurt about how his first day back had gone. But mostly, it was a bunch of teenagers having fun and laughing.  Often at each other. Burt sat back and listened and laughed. He felt so lucky that both of his son’s had such a great support system. He didn’t want to bring the mood down, but he thought it may be best to have those who loved Kurt the most there with him when he brought up Blaine. 

Once everyone was finished with their meal, Burt cleared his throat.  “Um, everyone. I have some news about Blaine.” Sebastian reached over and grabbed Kurt’s hand.  Everyone looked at the boys and then back to Burt. “He was kept in the hospital until Monday morning.  He had been knocked out, which you knew.” Kurt squeezed Sebastian’s hand, and Sebastian looked down at his lap. “He had a concussion and a broken nose.  They kept him as a precaution since it had taken him so long to wake up.” Burt cleared his throat and looked at Sebastian and Kurt. “Boys, dont even waste one second of your lives regretting that, or ever feeling bad about that.”  They both nodded and everyone agreed. 

Burt continued, “He was arrested at the hospital early Monday morning.  He was taken straight to the Juvenile Detention Center. Mr. Smythe was kind enough to get us the best lawyer he could.  We are trying to have Blaine tried as an adult, since he’s 17. Also, even if things go south in court, he will no longer be welcomed back at Dalton.  So Seb, you don’t need to worry about that.”

Both boys shook their heads that they understood.  And then Finn asked, “How much time could he get if he’s found guilty?” 

Burt answered, “Well, it depends on if he is tried as an adult or not, as well as what, if any, charges his lawyers may get the thrown out.  It all depends on so much. But maximum, if tried as an adult, he could get up to five years in prison, a fine, and be declared a sex offender for the rest of his life.” 

A tear fell from Kurt’s eyes and he squeezed Sebastian’s hand.  “May we be excused?” 

“Of course, son.”

Kurt stood and pulled Sebastian with him.  He never let go of Sebastian’s hand, and lead them to his bedroom.  Sebastian followed willingly. When they finally stopped, he turned and looked Sebastian in the eyes.  Neither boy said a word. Sebastian put his hand on Kurt’s face and wiped away a tear with his thumb, taking care not to hurt his bruises.  He wrapped his other arm around Kurt’s waist, and gently pulled him into a close embrace. Kurt rested his head on Sebastian’s shoulder, wrapped his arms around him and sighed.  Sebastian kissed the top of Kurt’s head and nuzzled against his hair. Sebastian rubbed circles on the small of Kurt’s back with his thumb, and then took a deep breath in and closed his eyes.  He wanted to memorize the feeling of having Kurt in his arms. 

The boys stood like that for a long time, until they heard a knock on the door.  Even then, they didn’t let go of each other. Burt slowly made his way down the steps.  “Are you okay, boys?” 

Sebastian rubbed Kurt’s back and looked down to him.  Kurt shook his head and said, “Yeah, it’s just a lot to think about.  A lot to take in. And, honestly, I’m tired of thinking about it. I hate that he gets my time and energy still.”

“I know, kiddo, but we have to keep fighting, until that asshole gets what’s coming to him.”   

“I know, Dad.  I want that too.” 

Sebastian said, “You’re probably a bit overwhelmed, Babe.  It’s been a long day for you. And very emotional, considering it was your first day back to school, then finding out about Blaine.  Why don’t you come upstairs with me. You can say goodnight to everyone, and we’ll get out of your hair and you can get some rest.” Sebastian still had not let go completely.   

Burt looked at Sebastian with admiration.  He could see how much Sebastian cared about Kurt.  He was already grateful to him for saving Kurt from Blaine, but he was also grateful to him for continuing to be there for his son.  He had a feeling that something beautiful was going to bloom out of this friendship. Maybe it already was.

“Good idea.”  Burt said. “Take a few minutes if you need it, Bud.  Come up soon though, okay?” 

“Alright.”  Kurt said. Burt headed back up the stairs with a grin on his face.   

Kurt sighed and turned back toward Sebastian.  “I don’t want you to leave.” He said as he averted his eyes from Sebastian’s. 

Sebastian put his hand under Kurt’s chin and turned his head to make him look him in the eye.  He rubbed his cheek with his thumb again. “I don’t want to go either, Babe. But, I’ll see you again soon, okay?  You really need the rest, and I have a long drive ahead of me. I promise to text. You can call or text me any time, okay?”  The sad look on Kurt’s face was killing Sebastian. He didn’t want to ever leave him. 

Kurt just nodded his head.  It was all he could do. If he said anything, he would probably say too much.   He tried not to cry. All he wanted was to stay there in Sebastian’s arms. It was the most perfect place he could imagine. 

After a few minutes, they both made their way upstairs. As soon as they were back in the living room, Sugar slowly approached Kurt.  She put a hand on his shoulder. “Are you okay, Angel?” 

Kurt smiled softly at her.  “Yeah, Sugar. I’m okay. I think it’s just been a long day.” 

Puck gave a lopsided smile and said, “Yeah, Princess.  You have to be tired. We’ll get out of your hair, and let you rest.”   

While everyone was saying their goodbyes, Sebastian quietly asked Sugar if he could give Puck a ride home instead of her.  “Sure. But you do know he’s straight, right?” She said with a wink. 

Sebastian smiled at her and wrinkled his nose.  “Yeah, he’s not my type, but thanks for the heads up.” He just shook his head.  Sugar just wiggled her eyebrows at him. 

As all of the house guests made their way out the door, Sebastian said, “Hey, Puck.  Mind if I give you a ride home? I’d like to talk to you.”

Puck wiggled his eyebrows and said, “Sure, but you know I’m straight, right?”  Oh my god, they are so made for each other , Sebastian thought.   

Sebastian rolled his eyes.  “Yeah, just get in.” 

The boys made sure Sugar had gotten in her car and had safely hit the road before beginning their drive.  “Man, this is a sweet ride, Dude.” 

“Thanks.”  Sebastian grinned. 

“So what’s up?”  Puck asked. 

“I need to ask you a favor. I know Kurt has Sam and Finn.  And obviously, he has you, Sugar, and the rest of Glee. I think all of you are amazing, and I am so glad he has you.”

“Mhmm… But?”  Puck prompted. 

“But you have noticed things happening to Kurt before others did.  Kurt told me about the bullying tonight. And that you were the one who saw the bruises, and confronted the bully at school.  Maybe it’s all circumstances, but I don’t think so. I think you’re perceptive about stuff like that.” 

Puck was looking out the window thinking.  “Yeah, I guess. I just consider myself an observer.  I usually sit in the back of class and watch. So I guess it’s pretty easy for me to see when something is different.”  Puck turned to Sebastian, “So what is the favor you need?” 

Sebastian paused for minute, “I guess I just need you to keep doing what you’re doing, but keep me updated?  I’m not talking about going behind Kurt’s back. I won’t betray his trust like that. I guess I trust you the most to notice if something seems off or if he needs something.  And if it’s something that you think I could help with, would you let me know? 

Puck smiled, “Sure, Man. Give me your phone and I’ll give you my info.”  

“Here…”  Sebastian handed Puck his phone,  “It’s killing me that I will be so far away.  I want to be there for him, ya know?”

Puck smirked, “Of course it bothers you.  You care about him. Probably more than you’re willing to admit.”  

 “What’s that supposed to mean?”  Sebastian asked as he pulled in front of Puck’s house.

“Dude, it just means that you and Princess are the only ones who seem to be blind around here.  It is so obvious that you two have feelings for each other.” 

Sebastian sat and stared at Puck.  “You think Kurt has feelings for me?”  He finally blinked. “As in, likes me?” 

Puck laughed, “You two are so clueless!”  He got out of the car, but then leaned back down to the window.  “I told Kurt he would probably have to be the one to bring it up.  But try to talk to him, okay?”

Sebastian smiled. “Sure, Puck. And, uhmm… If what you are saying is true, we aren’t the only ones around here who are blind.  You should ask her out. You really would be good together.”

“Not you too!” Puck whined.  He turned to head into the house and threw his hands up in the air like he just gave up.  

Sebastian just shook his head and laughed.




When Sebastian returned to Dalton, Nick and Jeff were both in the room snuggling under the blankets.  “Oh my god, you guys could at least light a candle or use air freshener. It smells like sex in here.”  Seb whined. 

“Sorry, Seb.”  Nick answered sheepishly.  “We weren’t planning on it… It just sort of happened.” 

Sebastian rolled his eyes and smirked, “Yeah, yeah.” 

“Where have you been?  We didn’t see you at dinner.”  Jeff was curious… And hopeful that he knew the answer. 

“I went to see Kurt.  I had to check and see if he was really okay.  It was his first day back to school today, so I figured he was really stressed.”

Jeff and Nick gave a knowing look.  “That was thoughtful. And how was he?  How did school go?”

Sebastian had changed into a t-shirt and and sleep pants, not caring that he was doing it in front of both boys.  He plopped down on his bed, “School went pretty well, I guess. His friends made sure nobody bothered him. I surprised him in the choir room at the end of Glee practice.  Got to meet all of his friends. They seem great.” He turned on his side and propped up his head to look at Niff. “Sugar is hilarious. She’s his best friend. She’s a little spit-fire who drives a pink 55’ Chevy.”  He chuckled. “She’s good for Kurt.” 

Nick and Jeff both chuckled.  “She sounds like a perfect match. He mentioned her some last year, but he never said much about his home life before the subject was changed.”  Jeff’s tone changed at the last comment.

Sebastian misunderstood.  “Why would he be ashamed of anything in his home life?  Everyone is pretty awesome. They all love him, and support him.”   

Nick frowned, “That’s not what Jeffie means.  He means Blaine made him change the subject or changed it for him.  We don’t even think Kurt realized it was happening.”

“Son of a bitch.  That fucking asshole strikes again.”  Sebastian rolled onto his back and ran his hands down his face in frustration.  “Burt said he was arrested. So that’s good news. He definitely won’t be coming back to Dalton. They’re trying to have him tried as an adult.  Could get up to 5 years. But, god, I just don’t think it’s enough. Not after what I saw. And I didn’t even see it all. Jesus…” He shook his head.

“Seb, how is Kurt really .”  Nick sat up and faced Sebastian.  “I mean, if just seeing it bothers you this much, I can’t imagine what he is feeling.” 

Sebastian sighed.  “Well, he’s more upset about Blaine being violent than he is about the sexual assault part.  Not that he’s not upset about that too. But he’s reminded about the violence every time he looks in the mirror.  I guess he’s a bit jumpy around some people, although I haven’t seen that. Puck said their friend Santana went to hug him, but she looked upset, and Kurt was scared.  He and Finn had to step in. I don’t know. When he found out about Blaine being arrested, and what might or might not happen, he just seemed tired.”

Nick said, “It’s got to be exhausting for him.  I can’t imagine.” 

Seb rolled back over to face them again.  “I just want to take it all away. Make it better.  I want him to be happy. I hate that he’s going through all of this.”

Jeff smiled softly at Sebastian, “You do know what all of that means, right?  I mean, you get it, don’t you?”

Sebastian rolled his eyes, “Of course I do.  I just can’t do anything about it. I can’t tell Kurt that I want more than friendship with him.  He’s just been through hell, and is already on emotional overload. It’s too soon.” 

Jeff sighed and shook his head.  “No, Sebastian. Love is like a refuge.  What you are doing now, being there for him, giving him a safe place with you... Holding his hand, hugging, talking, listening… It’s all boyfriend stuff.  You guys just haven’t labeled it yet.” Nick nodded in agreement.

“Huh.”  Seb said.  He hadn’t thought of it that way.  He still wasn’t sure it was the right time to say anything to Kurt about his feelings.  But he did know he wasn’t going anywhere.  He was in it for the long haul. No matter what kind of label it was given.

Chapter Text


Wednesday came and went pretty uneventfully.  Kurt wore his cheerleader uniform to school, and was left alone.  Most people weren’t surprised about him rejoining the squad, since they all knew he helped them win Nationals a couple of years ago.  They also knew that whatever had happened to Kurt to cause his injuries, had Coach Sylvester up in arms. New Directions were also supportive.  They did, however, make him promise not to let it interfere with Glee.

Sebastian and Kurt texted and couple of times throughout the day and spoke on the phone that evening after dinner.  Kurt invited Sebastian to family dinner Friday night, and Sebastian gladly accepted the invitation. They were both looking forward to seeing each other again.

Thursday came, and that meant Warbler rehearsal.  It went well. Sebastian was up for a solo, and felt good about his song choices that he was thinking of using to audition.  He, of course, planned on asking Kurt his opinion as soon as he called him later that evening.

Nick and Jeff were going to audition for a duet and wanted Sebastian’s opinion, but Seb had slipped out of the practice room as soon as they were dismissed.  Sebastian was rounding the corner of the dorm common room when he collided head on with someone. They both stumbled backwards and the other man dropped the box he was carrying, spilling the contents.

“Watch it!” The guy huffed.

“Sorry.  I wasn’t expecting anyone to be there.  Most guys are still in the main building.  Let me help you get that.” Sebastian said as he helped the guy load things back into the box.

Sebastian thought it was strange that the guy was older than a student, but he was carrying things that obviously belonged to a student… Uniforms, books, toiletries.  He also isn’t old enough to be a parent.  Who is this guy?  Sebastian wondered.

Nick and Jeff turned the corner and almost fell over Sebastian as he helped the guy repack the box.  “Sebastian! Oh my gosh, I almost face planted!” Nick said.

“Sebastian?”  The guy said as he looked Sebastian up and down and then looked at his cast.

“Oh my god. Cooper.”  Jeff said breathlessly.  “Sebastian, lets go.” Jeff looked worried.  “Now.”

What is going on?  Nick obviously knows who this is.  Why does Jeff want me to leave so badly?

“YOU are Sebastian?  You’re the asshole who knocked my brother out?  Gave him a concussion? Lied to the police!?”

Oh.  That’s why.  This jerk is Blaine’s brother.   He must be picking up Blaine’s things.

Sebastian tried to take the high road.  He didn’t say anything to Cooper. Nick put his hand on Sebastian’s shoulder and the group of boys tried to walk by and head to their rooms, without any further acknowledgements.  

Cooper stepped in front of Sebastian.  “I’m talking to you. Are you the same Sebastian?  You and that other little fucker, Kurt, are ruining Blaine’s life.”

Sebastian took a deep breath, trying to control his anger.  He stepped to the side, trying to get around Cooper. He was pissed, but he didn’t want to fight. Especially on school grounds.  The fact that his hand was in cast also didn’t help. It was either avoid the confrontation, or lose the confrontation.

“Look, man, I’m just trying to get back to my room.  Now, if you’ll excuse me.” Sebastian spoke as politely as he could muster.  

“I don’t think so.  I have questions, and you are going to give me answers.”  Cooper spat as he stepped up closer to Sebastian.

“Cooper, don’t.”  Nick said. He was trying to keep his cool.

“You and Jeff are no better, Nick!  You are all lying! What do you have against Blaine?  Is it that he gets too many solos?” He turned back toward Sebastian, “Or is it that you want Kurt for yourself?” 

At this point several other students, mostly Warblers, were headed back to their rooms when they saw what was going on.  Several of them gathered around. If Sebastian needed their help, they were going to be there for him. Especially after what this asshole’s brother did to Kurt.   Most of them knew Cooper, and didn’t really care for him. They weren’t going to let another Anderson mess with one of their own.

“Is there a problem here?”  Thad said as he stepped up next to Sebastian.

“No, it’s okay Thad.  There’s no problem here, is there Mr. Anderson?”  Sebastian smirked. “You see, Mr. Anderson, I’m sure you are smart enough to realize that coming onto private school property and assaulting a minor would not look good in court, now would it?  I’m sure your family has enough to deal with right now. Am I right?”

“Kiss my ass.  You’re nothing but a lying asshole.  When Blaine is found innocent, we will sue you for assault and slander.  You and his lying ex-boyfriend.”  Cooper hissed. “Now get out my way.”  

The group of boys all parted to let Cooper through.  Two boys followed him to the exit to make sure he really left.

Sebastian let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. “Thanks for having my back, gentlemen.”  Then he gave a little chuckle. “Good thing he didn’t know I’m already 18!”




Sebastian waited until after dinner to call Kurt.  He wanted to give himself time to calm down and gather his thoughts.  He thought about not telling Kurt that he had a run in with Cooper, but he wanted to always be fully honest with Kurt.  Lying by omission was still lying in his book. He didn’t want Kurt to hear about it from someone else, and then be upset with him for not telling him.  

Nick agreed to go to Jeff’s room for awhile so Sebastian could have some privacy when he called Kurt.  Sebastian sat back against the headboard, took a deep calming breath, and dialed Kurt’s number.

Kurt answered, “Hi, Bas!”

Sebastian smiled hearing Kurt’s voice.  It was so calming for him. “Hi, Babe. How was school today?  Getting easier as the week goes on?”

Kurt replied, “Yeah, I guess it is.  I still have my wall of friends around me all of the time.  They can’t do that forever. I may have them give me a little more space tomorrow.”

“Why don’t you have them wait until next week?  That way you have tomorrow and the rest of Labor Day weekend to heal.  You’ll probably be feeling more like yourself by the time next Tuesday rolls around.”

“Good idea.  So how was school for you?  Anything exciting happen?” Kurt asked.

“Well, it was interesting.”

“Yeah?  Why’s that?”  Kurt was curious.

“Well, I’m auditioning for a solo for Sectionals.  I’d like your opinion about the song choices. I thought maybe you could help me narrow it down.  But... “ Sebastian took another deep breath, “something else happened too.”

Kurt sat up.  Sebastian sounded like he was going to say something bad happened.  He tried to prepare himself. “Oh yeah? Is everything okay?”

“Yeah.  But, um, Cooper Anderson was there today.  He was picking up Blaine’s things from his dorm.  We literally ran into each other.”

“Oh my god.”  Kurt said quietly.

“It’s okay.  Everything ended fine.  I was helping him pick up the stuff that fell out of the box he was carrying when we collided.  I didn’t know who he was. Nick almost tripped over me when he and Jeff came around the corner. Nick startled and said my name as he tripped.  Cooper took one look at my cast and put two and two together.”

“What happened?”  Kurt sounded worried.

“Well, he was pretty pissed and said some things.”  Sebastian quickly added, “We tried our best to just keep walking and avoid confrontation, but he wasn’t having it.  By that time, a crowd had gathered. Mostly Warblers who knew who he was. I lied and told him that assaulting a minor on private school property wouldn’t look good in court and that his family was dealing with enough right now.”

“How was that a lie?”

“Because I’m not a minor.  I turned 18 a couple of days before I met you.”  Sebastian answered.

“Oh.  Well, Happy Belated Birthday.”  Kurt and Sebastian both laughed.

“Thanks, Babe.”




Friday night dinner was great.  Everyone got along so naturally, and Sebastian always seemed to feel welcomed and at home in the Hummel-Hudson home.  The food was amazing, and Kurt even surprised Sebastian with some ‘Happy Belated Birthday’ cupcakes.

“Oh my gosh, these are amazing.”  Sebastian sighed after his first bite.  “Is there anything you can’t do?”

“Stand up to bullies and win?”  Kurt said lightheartedly with smirk.  “Sports?” He giggled.

“First of all, you have all of us now to help with the bullies.”  Sam kindly offered. “Plus, you should taste his chocolate chip cookies, Sebastian.”

“He can totally bribe Puck into doing whatever he wants with a plate of those cookies.  Besides, Dude, you were totally the best kicker McKinley has ever had. At least while we’ve been in school.”  Finn smiled.

Sebastian already knew Kurt was a kicker, since he had eavesdropped on their conversation at the Lima Bean a couple of weeks ago, but he didn’t want them to know that.  He raised his eyebrows, “A kicker, huh?”

Kurt blushed.  “Yeah, well. Only for a little while. I guess maybe sports isn’t totally out of the question when it comes to my abilities.”

“Cheerleading is totally a sport too, Babe.”  Sebastian added. “You have to be athletic to do everything cheerleaders are required to do.”  Kurt just smiled at him.

“Do you play any sports, Sebastian?”  Burt asked.

“Yeah, you’re built like an athlete.  I’m sure not all of that muscle is from singing and dancing.”  Sam added. It made Kurt chuckle to himself.

“Yes, actually.  I play lacrosse and soccer.  I wasn’t able to join Dalton’s lacrosse team because the season had already started by the time we returned to the states.  But I do plan on joining the soccer team in the spring. I also tend to spend a lot of time in the weight room. Helps me de-stress.”

“What position do you play?”  Burt asked.

“Attacker in lacrosse.  Goalie in soccer. In lacrosse, I like to score.  In soccer, I like to keep people from scoring.” He said with a smile.

The rest of the evening was spent watching a movie and playing video games.  Kurt was kicking butt at Madden, and Sebastian wasn’t at all surprised. Not much surprised him with Kurt anymore.  I was learning to expect the unexpected.

“Hey, Sebastian, want to join us tomorrow for our gaming marathon?  Mike and Puck will be coming over. Maybe Joe and Artie too.” Finn asked, hoping Sebastian would say yes.  Finn knew that there was something between Kurt and Sebastian. He knew they were good for each other, and was trying to get them to spend as much time together as possible.

“Thanks for the invitation, but I really can’t.  My parents are in Toledo overnight tonight for a fundraising dinner, and they won’t be back until the afternoon.  So, I’m going to Indiana in the morning to pick Leah up for the long weekend. I would have done it tonight, but they had some kind of pep rally thing going on at her school.”  Sebastian turned to Kurt. “Actually, I was going to see if you wanted to go with me? It’s about 2 and half hours from here. I could use the company.”

Kurt looked at his dad, who nodded yes.  “I’d love to, Bas. I can’t wait to meet Leah.”  

Burt said, “Kurt, why don’t you swing by Sebastian’s house and pick him up?  The three of you won’t fit comfortably in his corvette.” Kurt agreed.

“Sound good to me.  Here, let me type my address in your phone.”  He took Kurt’s phone. “Is 8 too early? That should get us there at 10:30ish.  We can stop for lunch on the way back.”

“Perfect.”  Kurt grinned.

They finished up one more round of gaming, and Kurt walked Sebastian to his car.  They hugged for a long time. “It was so good to see you again.” Kurt said.

“You too, Babe.  I wish I could see you every day.”  Sebastian said as leaned back to look at Kurt.  Seb put his hand on Kurt’s cheek and rubbed his thumb over the edge of the fading bruise.  “Your healing really well. Starting to look more like yourself.”

“Starting to feel more like myself too.”  Kurt grinned.

Sebastian smiled.  “Not much would make me happier.”  

“What would make you happier?” Kurt said softly as he looked at Sebastian’s lips.  

Sebastian closed his eyes, hoping that what he was about to say did not ruin everything.  He couldn’t lose Kurt… But he also didn’t know if he could torture himself any more by not at least trying for more. He opened his eyes and looked at the boy who had won his heart.

“You, Kurt.”  Sebastian continued to gently caress Kurt’s cheek.  “Having you be mine. There’s nothing that would make me happier than that.”

Kurt’s breath hitched.  He looked Sebastian in the eyes and saw nothing but love and kindness.  He looked back at Sebastian’s lips. He put his hands on Sebastian’s waist and leaned up and gently pressed his lips to Sebastian’s.  He had never felt such a spark. It was like something you read about or see in a movie.

When he pulled away, Sebastian was smiling from ear to ear.  “So is that a ‘yes’?

Kurt smiled back, tilted his head innocently, winked and asked, “What was the question?”

Sebastian gave a small chuckle and shook his head.  “Kurt,” he paused. “Will you be my boyfriend?”

“Nothing would make me happier.”  Kurt said as leaned up and gave Sebastian a small chaste kiss on the lips.

Sebastian sighed.  “You’re going to be the death of me, Babe.  And I just can’t get enough.”

Kurt gave a little chuckle.  The boys said their final goodbyes and Kurt headed back inside.  When he reached the living room, he sang, “Guess who has a new boyfriend!”

“FINALLY!!”  Everyone answered at once.  

Kurt looked at them funny.  “Was it that obvious?”

“More than Sugar and Puck.  A lot more.” Sam answered.


“I really like him, Kurt.  A lot. I think you’re good for each other.”  Burt said.

“He’s great, Honey.  I’m really happy for you.”  Carol added.

Kurt sighed dreamily, “Yeah.”  

Everyone in the room was smiling from ear to ear.




A half and hour later when Sebastian got home, he texted his sister.


To Leah:

My boyfriend and I will be there around 10:30 to pick you up.  Be nice.

To Sebastian:

OMG finally! I can’t wait to meet him!


Sebastian smiled as he fell back into bed.  He was so happy, he felt like he was floating.  He had never felt anything like it.

Chapter Text



The next morning, Kurt woke up with a smile on his face.  He quickly showered, dressed, grabbed a bite to eat, and was out the door.  He stopped by Lima Bean and ordered himself and Sebastian a coffee. While waiting in line, a familiar voice spoke up from behind him.

“Mornin’ Fancy.”  Dave said.

“David!”  Kurt smiled.  “How are you?”  He couldn’t help but smile at the fact that he could comfortably talk to David now.  Last time they were at the Lima Bean, he tried to hide from him. A lot had changed in a short amount of time.

“Good.  You? You look like your healing pretty well.”

“I am.  What are you doing out and about so early?” Kurt asked.  

“Thought I’d get some caffeine in me before football practice.  I’m not a morning person.” He shrugged. “What about you? What’s got you out this early on a weekend?”

“I’m going with Sebastian to pick up his sister, Leah, at boarding school.  Thought we could use some caffeine for the drive.”

“So, Sebastian, huh?”  Dave smirked.

“Yeah.”  Kurt smiled.  “We’re, uh, dating.”  Kurt smiled and blushed a little.  

Dave chuckled.  “It’s about time.  I could tell how much he cares about you just seeing him look at you.  Even before Scandals.”

“Really?”  Kurt made a face.  “The only other time you would have seen us together was here…”

“Yeah.  So?”

“Oh, nothing.  I’m just surprised, that’s all.”  Kurt didn’t want to tell David that he had just met Sebastian that day.  That minute, actually. Could Sebastian really have looked at him like that even then?  He recalled the spark when they first touched hands. The feeling in his chest when he really took a minute to look in eyes.  Maybe it was true.

Kurt jumped a bit when his name was called for his coffee.  He took the cups and then said his goodbyes to David. “Take care, David.  Have fun at football. And David, thanks for being there for me last weekend.”

“No problem. Wish I could've done more. Have a safe trip, Fancy.  Concentrate on the road, not your boyfriend.”

“Easier said than done, David...”  He said as David smiled at him as he walked away, “Easier said than done.”




Kurt followed the directions on his GPS app to the Smythe home.  This was no ordinary home. This was a mansion. Old French architecture was surrounded by beautiful well manicured gardens and a circle drive with a fountain in the middle.  There were other buildings behind the main house, but Kurt wasn’t sure what those were quiet yet. He thought perhaps a pool house or a guest house.

He went to the front, but before he could ring the doorbell, Sebastian opened the door.  They hugged right away, and Sebastian kissed Kurt’s forehead. “Good Morning, Babe.”

“Good Morning.  Are you ready?”

“Almost.  Let me put my shoes on quick.”  Sebastian ushered Kurt into the foyer.  His shoes were waiting at the bottom of the steps.

“You have a beautiful home.”  Kurt said as turned in a circle to see the grand foyer.  He knew Sebastian came from money since he goes to Dalton and drives a corvette, but this was a bit of a shocker.  

“Thanks.”  Sebastian said as he looked up from lacing his shoes. “It was my grandparents house.  We moved in when they decided to stay in France full time.” Sebastian walked over to Kurt and took his hand.  “All set.”

When they got in the car, Sebastian was happy to see that Kurt had gotten him a coffee.  “Mmmm, thanks. I was going to suggest we stop. This is perfect.” He took a sip. “You remember my coffee order?”

Kurt grinned.  “Yes. I have a knack for remembering things like that.  It’ll probably come in handy next year. I’ll probably have to be a waiter or barista to help pay for school.”

Sebastian smirked, “Where do you want to go?  What do you want to be?”

Kurt sighed, “The first question is easier than the second.  I definitely want to go to New York. No question about that.  But I don’t know what school yet, which kind of leads to the second question.  I don’t know what I want to be… Other than fabulous.” He winked at Sebastian who chuckled at him.

“That doesn’t seem like it will be an issue at all.”  He smiled. “What choices have you narrowed it down to?”

“Well, either performing arts or fashion design, so I could end up NYADA, NYU, Pace… As long as I’m in New York.”  He smiled. “What about you? What do you want to do? Where do you want to go?”

Sebastian smiled, “That’s easy.  Columbia School of Medicine. I want to be a pediatrician.”

“Wow.  Really? That’s amazing.  You sound so sure.” Kurt was impressed.  He was also secretly thrilled that Sebastian wanted to be in New York as well, in case they were in this for the long haul.

“Well, helping take care of my Aunt Charlotte really opened my eyes to the importance of good medical care.  And I love children… So pediatrician it is.”

“Why Columbia?”  Kurt asked.

“It’s where both my father, and my grandfather went to school.  My father for law, my grandfather for medicine. They make me visit the campus every time we’re in New York.  I just fell in love with it. Both the college and the city.”

“Hmm.  I can’t wait.  It will be nice to be somewhere that I can just be me, and not have to worry about whether people accept me or not.  It hasn’t been easy being so ‘obviously gay’ in small town Ohio.”

Sebastian reached for his hand and gave it a squeeze.  “New York will be a nice change.”

“So, does Leah know about me?  Or is this going to be one big surprise when we get there.” He smiled.

“She knows everything, basically.  She knows how we met. She knows about Scandals.  She knows we’re together now.” Sebastian smiled and looked at Kurt.  “We’re really close. We talk or text every day.”


They spent the rest of the drive in either comfortable silence or sharing stories about their siblings.  When they were just north of Cincinnati, they passed Kings Island Amusement Park. “Look at all of those roller coasters!”  Kurt said.

“Kings Island!  I haven’t been there for a few years.  Have you ever been?” Sebastian asked.

“No, we usually head north to Cedar Fair.  It looks awesome though. We usually take 75 South to Cincinnati from Lima.  I’m not sure I’ve seen this...Ooh, a waterpark too!”

Sebastian laughed.  “We’ll have to come down some time.  They do a Halloween event, and a Christmas event.  It’s pretty nice. I’m assuming you like thrill rides.”

“Love them.  I’m an adrenaline junkie.  Do you?

“The bigger and faster the better.”  Sebastian said.

“We are still talking about roller coasters, right?”  Kurt said with a wink.

Sebastian smiled, “Maybe we should turn around.  I’m not ready for you and Leah to meet. You two are going to team up against me.”

“Never!”  Kurt laughed.




Kurt and Sebastian pulled into Visitor Parking at Oldenburg Academy just before 10:30.  Leah had texted Sebastian that she would meet them outside since boys were not allowed in the dorm rooms.  The boys got out to stretch and began walking hand in hand around a small courtyard.

“Seb!”  They heard from across the courtyard.  Both boys turned around.

“Oh my god.”  Kurt whispered.  Leah was one of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen. Definitely the most beautiful he had ever seen in real life.  As she approached them with a smile, the sun was shining in her long, wavy, light brown hair that had natural highlights.  Her big green eyes sparkled, framed by gorgeous long lashes and perfectly manicured brows. She was tall for age and had a great figure.  

Sebastian let go of Kurt’s hand and gave his sister a big bear hug, lifting her into the air.  “Hey, Sis! I’ve missed you!”

Leah kissed him on the cheek as he set her down.  “Missed you too, Seb.” She turned to Kurt. “You must be Kurt!”  She stepped over and gave him a hug. “I’m Leah.”

“It’s so nice to meet you, Leah.” Kurt said as they let go.  “No wonder Bas is so protective of you. You’re gorgeous.”

Leah smiled and looked at Sebastian, “I like him already!”  She turned back to Kurt, “Thank you. You’re not so bad yourself.”  She wiggled her eyebrows.


Sebastian drove on the way home, but Kurt suggested that since they had to drive through the outskirts of Cincinnati, that they stop at Spring Grove Cemetery.  

“A cemetery, Babe?”  Sebastian questioned.  “Why? Do you know someone buried there?”

“No, but it’s one of the largest cemeteries in the country, and it has a lot of history.  It has beautiful lakes, trees, flowers, and mausoleums. It’s really very beautiful.”

“Oooh, he likes weird stuff.  I like it. Let’s go!” Leah said.

“Alright, tell me where to go.”


Kurt was right about the cemetery.  It was beautiful. There were beautiful stone chapels with stained glass windows and flowers at the entrance.  As they drove, they spotted the lake. They got out and walked around one of the larger lakes. It had large trees of several varieties all around.  Large willow tree branches reached down and touched the lake. The sky reflected in the water, and you could see large fish swimming from one end to the other.  A series of stone arched bridges connected different sections of land, including an island in the middle.

The three of them got out and walked around the lake, taking pictures of the water, the foliage, the swans, and each other.  They eventually made their way to a historic civil war section of the cemetery, where Kurt gave stories of different battles.  They returned to the car and drove around looking at the flowers and large headstones and statues before heading back to the highway.

“I never thought I would enjoy a cemetery so much.  How did you know about that place?” Sebastian asked.

“I’m kind of a history buff. I love finding different places that are within a few hours of home.  I found out about this one when doing some research on the civil war for American History class.” Kurt answered.  

“We’re going to have to come back more often.  I bet it will be beautiful next month when the leaves begin to change.”  Leah said.

“Mom and Dad definitely need to go next time they bring you home of pick you up, Leah.  They would love it too.” He looked at Kurt, “You never cease to amaze me.”

“We should come back with good camera.  It’d be a good place for senior pictures.  Last time I was there, a wedding party was having their pictures taken.”  Kurt smiled. He looked through the pictures that he had taken with his phone.  “You two could be models.”

“Look who’s talking.”  Leah smiled. “You’re a hottie, Kurt.”

“No, I think I’ll have to photoshop my cuts and bruises out of these.  Sometimes I forget they’re there.” He tried to laugh it off.

“Don’t.”  Sebastian said.  He took Kurt’s hand.  “Let them show, Babe. They are a part of your journey.  It sucks how you got them, but they are a part of you. A part that teaches an important lesson, that forms who you are as a person.  Don’t change that.”

Kurt looked at Sebastian lovingly.  He really was amazing. Kurt wondered how he got so lucky.  He didn’t say anything in return. He just squeezed Seb’s hand a little and they continued on their way.  
Leah, however, was watching them from the back seat.  They seemed so happy, and so comfortable with each other.  She was really happy for her big brother. She had never seen him look at a boy like he looks at Kurt.  Kurt was different, and she was pretty sure he’s a keeper.

When they drove past the outlet mall at Washington Courthouse, Kurt turned toward Sebastian, giggled, and said, “I see what you did there.  You just drove right past without a word. Sneaky, sneaky.” They all laughed.

“One day, we’ll make him stop, Kurt.  Or we can leave him behind. You and I will get our shopping on!”  Leah said.

“Hey!  I can shop…”  Sebastian laughed.


They stopped for lunch just south of Columbus, and then headed back to the Smythe home.  Robert and Victoria were not home yet, so Leah headed to her room, and Sebastian took Kurt on a tour.  When they got to the mudroom by the back door, Kurt heard whining. He looked at Sebastian, who just smiled.  

“That would be Satchmo.  Do you mind dogs?”

“Satchmo?  I love dogs.  IF it’s not some vicious attack dog twice as big as me.”  Kurt grinned.

“He may lick you to death.  But he’s a good boy. Aren’t you Satch?!”  He said as he went over to a cage that was around the corner.  Out came handsome Boston Terrier who immediately went straight to Kurt and sat at his feet.  

“Oh my goodness, aren’t you the cutest!”  Kurt said as he bent down petting the dog.  “Why ‘Satchmo’?” He asked Sebastian as he continued to love on the dog.

“We named him after Louis Armstrong, because of his big eyes.  He likes you.”

“He has good taste.”

“Yes, he does.”  Sebastian answered as he reached for Kurt’s hand.  “Let’s take him outside.”


They ended up outside in the gardens that surrounded a pool.  There was a large Oak tree that had a beautiful porch swing hanging from it.  The boys sat holding hands, perfectly comfortable in silence, enjoying the nice day.  Satchmo ran around and played for about fifteen minutes, and then layed on the ground by the boy’s feet.  

“Thanks for going with me today.  And for driving. Leah seems to really like you.”  Sebastian said.

“Thanks for asking me to go.  It was nice to spend time together.  And Leah seems great. You and your parents are going to have your hands full trying to keep the boys away from her.  Good thing she goes to an all girl school.”

“Yeah, I think there was a method their madness when my parents chose her school.”  Sebastian said.

Kurt laughed, “But they sent you to an all boys school.  Huh.”

“Yeah they didn’t think that one through.”  Sebastian laughed. He turned toward Kurt and smiled,  “But there’s no reason to worry about that anymore either.  Now I have you.”

“Yes, you do.”  Kurt smiled. He leaned up and kissed Sebastian softly on the lips, and then laid his head on his shoulder.


Robert and Victoria got home while the boys were outside.  Leah came down and greeted her parents with lots of hugs and exciting tales from school.

“Did you meet Kurt yet?”  Leah asked. “He’s really great.”

Robert said, “I met him last week, but your mother hasn’t met him yet.  Where are they?”

Leah looked out the large kitchen windows and french doors.  “Come look!”

Robert and Victoria both walked over and looked out the windows.  There in the garden they could see Sebastian sitting with Kurt on the swing, holding hands, and Kurt with his head on Sebastian’s shoulder.  They looked so happy and content.

“So they finally made it official?”  Robert asked.

“Yep.”  Leah answered.

“Why do you say ‘finally’?  They’ve only known each other two weeks.”  Victoria asked.

“You’ll understand when you see them together for awhile.  It was destined to happen. Might as well be sooner than later.”  Robert responded.

“Totally.”  Leah added.


A little while later, Sebastian and Kurt came into the house, and the rest of the family were seated around the kitchen table.

“You’re home!”  Sebastian said. He pulled Kurt over toward his parents.  “Mom, this is my boyfriend, Kurt Hummel. Kurt this is my Mom, Victoria Smythe.  Dad, you remember Kurt.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Smythe.”  Kurt said as he shook Victoria’s hand.

“The pleasure is all mine, Kurt.  And please, call me Tori.”

“It’s good to see you again, Kurt.  You’re looking better. Are you feeling okay?”  Robert added, as he shook Kurt’s hand.

“Yes, thank you, Robert.   I feel much better.”

“I’m so sorry you had to go through all of that, Dear.  Please let us know if there is anything we can do throughout the trial, or through your healing process.”  Tori added. She was so glad her son was there for Kurt that night. From the looks of his injuries a week later, he must have been pretty beat up.  

“Thank you.  Luckily Bas was there and saved the day.”  Kurt said as he took Sebastian’s hand again.  

“Not soon enough though.  I’m sorry, Babe.”

“Don’t, Bas.  No one could have known.  I’m lucky that you came out when you did.  Especially because I didn’t have much fight left in me by that time.”  Kurt said, looking into Sebastian’s eyes.

Seb leaned over, kissed Kurt on the forehead, and put his arms around him.  

Robert looked at Victoria and she gave him a knowing look as he winked at her.  He was right. It was about time. You could see it in their eyes and even feel it in the air.


The rest of the afternoon was spent watching movies as a family, telling stories, playing with Satchmo, and having a nice day of togetherness. Kurt stayed for dinner, and enjoyed getting to know Sebastian’s family.  

When it was time to head home, Sebastian walked Kurt to his car.  They leaned up against the car, holding each others hands, and pressed their foreheads against each other. Neither boy wanted to say goodbye.  It was so difficult.

Kurt reached up and ran his hand through the side of Sebastian’s hair and cupping his hand at his jaw.  They took a step closer to each other and Sebastian cupped his good hand around Kurt’s face. Kurt leaned up, and kissed Sebastian softly on the lips.  Sebastian kissed back and then gently licked Kurt’s bottom lip, silently asking for permission. Kurt opened his mouth to him and their tongues collided.  Both boys moaned at the action. They deepened the kiss, and Kurt grabbed on fisted the back of Sebastian’s shirt.

When they broke the kiss, both boys were breathless.  They pressed their foreheads together and took a moment to just be in each other’s arms.  They hugged, and Sebastian kissed Kurt’s forehead again.

“I’m never going to let you go.”  Sebastian said. At that moment the words from a week ago echoed in his head.  He meant it then, and he meant it now. He felt like there was a magnetic pull to Kurt.  Like they were each other’s missing pieces. I was so happy to call Kurt his.


Chapter Text


On Sunday morning, the Smythe family was having breakfast, when Robert received a phone call from his his assistant, Mark Taylor.  “Mark, let me call you right back.” Robert said, and then excused himself to his home office. Tori and Leah both looked at Sebastian. They were fairly certain that the phone call had something to do with the Kurt’s court case.  Sebastian was too anxious to finish eating.

“Mark, do you have news about the Hummel case?”  Robert said instead of a greeting. He really liked his son’s boyfriend, and was anxious to get this case over with.  The boys deserved to have this put behind them. He had the best available people working on the case.

“Yes, Sir.  There’s been a new discovery down at the police station.”  Mark added.

“Go on.”  Robert prompted.

“It seems that Blaine Anderson did not leave his previous school due to bullying, as he stated.  He assaulted another student while intoxicated on school property. It was not, however, sexual assault, as it was with Kurt Hummel.  He had also started a secret ‘Fight Club’ at his previous school.”

Robert sighed.  “It seems violence is a part of who Anderson is.”  He paused. “Mark, off the record…”

“Yes, Sir?”  Mark asked.

“Sebastian and Kurt and boyfriends now.  Sebastian is really happy and I can understand why after just spending half a day with Kurt myself.  It’s hard not to like the kid. Make sure this case gets everyone’s full attention. I want that asshole doing as much time as possible.  I’m sure Congressman Hummel would appreciate that as well.”

“Yes, Sir.”


When Robert returned to the kitchen, everyone was finishing their food in silence, with the exception of Sebastian, who was patiently leaning back in his chair waiting for his father to return.  

“Was that about Kurt’s case?”  Sebastian asked.

“It was.”  All eyes turned to Robert.  “It seems Blaine lied about why he left his previous school.  He wasn’t bullied. He was the bully.  He assaulted another student while intoxicated.  He also started a secret ‘Fight Club’. Seems he likes to use his fists.  Especially while drinking.”

Tori and Leah shook their heads.  Sebastian rubbed his face.

“Why would Dalton let him in if he had been arrested before?  It’s against their policy. “ Seb asked.

“I’m assuming it’s because he was not arrested.  It was a complaint to the administration of the school, but never reported the police.  The previous school may have kept that under wraps just to be able to get rid of him themselves.”

“The hitting… the violence… It’s what upsets Kurt the most.  That a boy who supposedly loved him would hit him in order to get what he wanted.  You saw him after, Dad. He was so beat up. And to see him there, with his shirt ripped open, his pants tugged down to his hips.  Bloody and broken. God, I want to kill Anderson!”

Tori and Leah had tears in their eyes.  Robert put his hand on Sebastian’s shoulder, but Seb continued.  “He was on top of him, Dad. His hand was down Kurt’s pants. Kurt was struggling but you could tell he was fading.”  Tears began to fall. “I just don’t understand how someone could do that to Kurt. He’s the sweetest guy. He has so many friends, everyone loves him, unless you’re a homophobic asshole like his bullies.”

There was a moment of silence before anyone spoke again.

“What was Kurt bullied for before?  He seems so likable.” Tori asked.

Sebastian took a minute to compose himself.  “Basically he was bullied because he’s gay.”

“But you’re gay.  You don’t get bullied.”  Leah said.

“Yeah, but I go to private school.  A very accepting one, and I could pass as straight.  Kurt is pretty obvious. Some of the jocks at his school were real assholes.  Everyone in Glee Club gets a slushie thrown in their face from time to time. But Kurt got thrown in dumpsters, and got what they called ‘locker checks’.  They would shove him into the locker as they walked by. He never knew when it was coming. He said it got to the point that they threw him into the lockers.”  Sebastian shook his head.  “He had bruises all over his body all the time. One guy, a big jock, was a closet case gay.  He bullied him the worst. Kurt was trying to put him in his place one day when he had had enough, and the guy lost it and forced a kiss on him.  The guy was terrified that Kurt would out him, so he bullied him worse than before. Eventually, he threatened to kill him.”

There was a collective gasp.  

“Oh, that poor boy.  He must have been so scared.” Tori sadly remarked.

Sebastian added,  “The death threat was the final straw, and that’s when he went to Dalton.  They let him enroll in November, so it had to have been bad. And,” Sebastian took a deep breath, “That’s where he met Blaine.  Who ended up treating him worse than anyone else had. Not only did he sexually assault him, but he was manipulative too. He would try to keep Kurt from his friends, and he spoke to him in a way that slowly made Kurt feel like dirt.  He literally told Kurt he wasn’t sexy, and then turned around and did what he did last weekend.”

Everyone was stunned.  They sat there unable to move, trying to comprehend how this sweet boy could be put through so much.

“Seb, why did he go back to his old school if things were so bad there?”  Tori asked.

“One of the reasons Jeff and Nick think is that he was trying to distance himself from Blaine.  They mentioned that the first weekend I met him. The other reason is because the guy who threatened to kill him ended up transferring schools.”  Sebastian was looking tired.

“But what about the other bullies.  I mean, you said it wasn’t just this one guy, right?” Leah asked.  She had a concerned look on her face. She really lied Kurt, and didn’t want him returning to a school where he could get in trouble with bullies again.

Sebastian’s mood lightened a bit.  “Yeah, I guess they’re still there, but he shouldn’t have to worry too much about them.  He has a great support system there. His step-brother, Finn, and his friend Sam both live with him, so they are always around to look out for him….”

Robert interrupted, “His friend lives with him?”

“Yeah, I guess his family was going through a hard time and became homeless for awhile.  His dad found work in Kentucky, but he wanted to stay at McKinley, so Burt and Carol invited him to live there. They’re great people. Kurt considers Sam another brother.  Anyway, he also has Puck and Mike. The four of them are pretty big guys. They’re all on the football team. There are a few other guys in Glee too, but those four, who happen to be the jocks, look out for him the most.  They’re pretty protective actually. Puck is the one who discovered the bruises before he went to Dalton, and took care of a couple of the bullies. In fact, the first time I met him, was the day after the attack. He almost killed me because he assumed I did it at first. Sam and Finn had to hold him back.”  He kind of chuckled at that.

Leah was confused, and a little aggravated.  “I still don’t get it. If they are so protective of him, how did things get so out of hand?”

“Because Kurt didn’t tell anyone about it.  People knew some small things were happening, but they definitely didn’t know how extreme it was.”  Sebastian sighed. “Kurt can pretty stubborn, I guess.  It took Puck seeing the bruises on him when he accidentally walked in on him.”

“And I’m assuming his dad didn’t know either, or he would have been at Dalton sooner.”  Robert added.

“Yeah, he’s definitely a ‘papa bear’.  There’s no way he would have let that go on.  He didn’t know until Kurt got scared enough with the death threat.  Burt has a heart condition, so Kurt felt like he was protecting him.” Sebastian paused.  “He also has his girlfriends. They are just as protective in their own way. And, now he’s a Cheerio, so that helps.”

“A what?”  The three other Smythe’s said at the same time.  

Sebastian smiled.  “He’s a cheerleader.  The coach is super protective of all her Cheerios, but especially Kurt.  She was at his house the night we went for coffee with his friends. She insisted he rejoin.  She says it’s because he won her Nationals two years ago, but by the way she was trying to intimidate me, it’s pretty obvious she just wants to protect him.”

“You really care about him, don’t you Seb?”  Tori asked gently.

He looked at her sincerely.  “I’m totally falling in love with him, Mom.”  Seb sighed. “From the moment I saw him walk into The Lima Bean with his friends.  The way he carried himself and interacted with these four big jocks. He can hold his own with them.  You could tell the respected him, and cared about him. I have never seen anything like it. And then, to get to know him...  He’s incredible. He’s so kind. He’s smart, funny, and unbelievably talented. I don’t think there’s anything he can’t do. He even played football for awhile.”  Sebastian said smiling as he shook his head. It was almost as if he couldn’t believe Kurt was real.

“And he’s hot!”  Leah said cheerfully. Everyone laughed.

“He is definitely hot.”  Sebastian said. “It’s like… like I’m drawn to him.  I want to protect him, care for him, love him, watch him shine, make him happy… I want it all.”  He smiled, “I like myself when I’m with him. I have no desire to go chase other guys, or go to club or bar.  I just want to be with him.”

“Sounds like the real deal to me, Seb.”  Robert said. “You’re lucky to have found each other.”

Sebastian’s family was happy that he had found someone who makes him feel that way.  They worried he would continue to mess around not take anyone seriously. He was a bit of a free spirit in France, and they wanted him to see his true potential as person.  He was great in school, great with family, but everything else was never taken very seriously.

Sebastian went upstairs to take a nap.  It had been an emotionally draining morning.  He hadn’t realized that he had held so much of that inside. He had shared some thoughts with Leah via text, or with Jeff and Nick at school, but it was different sitting in the kitchen with his family, letting it all out.  He felt better, but tired.

He woke up late morning to a text from Kurt.

To Sebastian:

Dad and Carol are in DC and we decided that in honor of no school tomorrow, we are going to have some people over to celebrate.  Want to come? Bring Leah too.

To Kurt:

I’ll be there.  I’ll check with Leah, but I’m sure she would love to. What time?

To Sebastian:

7  See you then! ;)


Sebastian knocked on Leah’s door.

“Come in!”  She yelled.

When he went in, her hair was in rollers and she was putting on makeup.  

“Are you going somewhere?  Why are you getting all fancy?”  Sebastian said as he sat on Leah’s bed and watched her primp at her vanity mirror.

“No, I’m just practicing some looks I saw on YouTube.  I don’t get to do this stuff at school.”

“Well, if you want you can use that look tonight if you come with me to Kurt’s.  He and his brothers are having a few people over since there’s no school tomorrow.”  Sebastian said.

Leah’s eyes lit up, “Did Kurt ask, or are you asking?”

Sebastian smiled, “We are both asking. I’d like you to meet his friends.  Plus, I want to spend time with you, goofball.  Are you coming or not?”

“Of course I am.  Duh.” She smirked.




When Sebastian and Leah pulled up in front of the Hummel-Hudson home, Sebastian turned to Leah and said, “No flirting.”  Leah just rolled her eyes.

Kurt greeted them both with hugs and ushered them into the living room.  His brothers, Puck, and Sugar were all there already. They greeted Sebastian with a warm welcome, and Kurt introduced Leah to everyone.  The boys all smiled at her, but were careful not to be too flirty. Kurt had warned them that she was gorgeous, only fourteen, and totally off limits.

Sugar, in all of her Sugariness, walked up to her with her eyes wide and slowly asked, “Are you real?”  Everyone chuckled.

“Um, yes?”  Leah answered.  

“Wow.  You’re gorgeous.”  Sugar said.

“Thank you.”  Leah said bashfully.

“She is.”  Sebastian said and then looked directly at the boys, “And I would like to remind everyone that she is my little sister.”  He smirked.

“Seb!”  Leah was so embarrassed.

“Oh, Sweetie, I think you’re going to have to get to used to that.  Just wait until you start dating. Then you and your gentleman suitors, will have to deal with both of us.”  Kurt said as he winked at her.  “And don’t worry, Bas, I already warned them.”

“Kurt!  Not you too!”  Leah whined.

“Sorry, Sweetie.  We’re a package deal on this one.”  Kurt smiled sympathetically at her.

Leah sighed, but Sebastian leaned in, wrapped his arm around Kurt’s waist, and whispered, “Thanks, Babe.”


A little while later the rest of the Glee Club arrived, and Kurt continued introducing Leah to his friends. He was very pleased that everyone was getting along so well.  People were playing video games, talking, laughing, and of course, some were singing.

Leah was mingling among everyone and Kurt and Sebastian enjoyed their time with everyone together.  Sebastian, however, wanted to talk to Kurt alone for a little while.

“Hey, Babe, can we go outside for a bit?” Sebastian smirked.

“Sure, Bas.  Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I just want you to myself for a little while.”  Sebastian said as he grabbed Kurt’s hand and lead him through the kitchen and out the back door.  

The boys sat on the steps of the deck that lead to the back yard.  Sebastian put his arm around Kurt, and Kurt laid his head on Sebastian’s shoulder.  They sat there in silence for a little while, looking up at the moon.

“Kurt, would you like to go out to dinner next weekend? Maybe go to a movie, or museum or something?”

Kurt lifted his head, and turned to look at Sebastian.  “Of course, Bas.” He put his head back on Sebastian’s shoulder, “I’d love to.”  

“We just haven’t gone out on a real date yet.  I want to do this for real, ya know?” Sebastian couldn’t help but notice the warm feeling in his chest.  He wanted this to be good for Kurt. He knew Kurt was pretty traditional, a romantic of sorts. He had to do this right.

Kurt sat up and looked at Sebastian again.  “You’re doing everything perfectly.” He said it as if he could read Seb’s mind.  “When would you like to go? We have our first game on Friday, so that may not be good.  Saturday?”

“Saturday is perfect.  But I’d still like to come to the game, if that’s okay with you.”  Sebastian couldn’t wait to see Kurt in all of his cheer leading glory.  

“That would be great.  But no teasing me about being a cheerleader.”

“Teasing?  Are you crazy?  I can’t wait. You’re going to look hot as hell.”  Sebastian smirked, and Kurt giggled.

After another few minutes in silence, Sebastian couldn’t keep in the other thing that had been bothering him all night.  He asked Kurt, “Did you hear about Blaine?”


“Are you okay?”

“I’m not sure.  I guess so.”

Sebastian could tell that Kurt was struggling with it all internally.  His answers were vague, and he wasn’t really showing much emotion. Both were not typical of his boyfriend.  He worried, but didn’t press the matter. He just rubbed his shoulder, giving Kurt the reassurance that he was there for him.


When they made their way back inside, Leah was in the kitchen with Santana and Mercedes.  Mercedes walked over to the boys and quietly whispered, “I hear you gave the boys a warning about Leah, but you did either of you two think about saying anything to Santana ?”

“Oh no.” Kurt whispered.

“What?”  You could hear the concern in Sebastian’s voice.  

Kurt turned to Sebastian and in a very calm voice said, “Santana is gay.  And very flirty when she wants to be. She’s actually kind of with Brittany, but that doesn’t stop the flirting when she sees what she likes.  I’ll talk to her.”

Sebastian let out a low growl from the back of his throat as he looked up and saw Santana flirting with his little sister.  He knew he had to worry about the boys, but didn’t really think about having to worry about any of the girls. He really should have known better.


Kurt pulled Santana aside while Sebastian, Leah, and Mercedes headed back toward the rest of the group.

“It’s all harmless flirting, Hummel.”  Santana said.

“She’s off limits, Tana.  And she’s not gay.” Kurt said sternly.

“Everyone can be turned, Hummel. But don’t worry.  I was just flirting. You know I’m with Brit.”

“Yeah, well, harmless or not, cut it out. Plus, she’s only fourteen.”

“Okay.  Okay. Don’t get your panties in a twist.”  Santana said as she rolled her eyes.


When they went back into the living room, Rachel and Sugar were talking to Leah, Sebastian was talking with Kurt’s brothers.  Everyone else was still hanging out and having a good time.

Kurt approached Leah, “Sorry about Santana, Leah.  She doesn’t know how she comes across sometimes.”

“Oh, it’s okay.  She’s nice.” Leah smiled.  

Both Rachel and Kurt looked at each other and gave a knowing smile.  

“She can be.  Just don’t ever get on her bad side.”  Rachel said. She turned her attention to Kurt.  “I told Leah that if any of us are having a sleepover next time she comes home, she’s more than welcome to come.”

Leah looked at Kurt with some sort of curiosity written all over her face.  “So you have sleepovers with the girls?”

Kurt smiled. “Yep.  And we talk about boys.  So, you’re welcome to come, but just be forewarned, that since I AM dating your brother now…..” He winked at her.

“Oh my god, no.”  She said as they all laughed.  

“Seriously, Leah.  You’re welcome to join us any time.  I promise not to make it too uncomfortable for you.”  Kurt said, laying a hand on Leah’s shoulder.

“Yeah, and it’s always fun.  Nobody can paint nails like Kurt.  Even the professionals.” Sugar added.

“You are just full of surprises, Kurt.  I mean, you have sleepovers with all of these beautiful girls, hang out with the jocks and nerds alike… You’re amazing.  You don’t really have a category of your own to fit in, do you?” Leah truly was amazed by him.

“What fun would that be?!”  Kurt smiled


A little while later, after more than half of the Glee Club had left,  Kurt decided to take the overflowing recycling out to the recycling bin on the side of the garage.  He paused before opening the lid to the bin. He felt like someone was behind him. He slowly turned around.  No one was there.

He quickly threw the bag in, and then he walked back toward the house.  He continued to feel like there were eyes on him. He walked faster, and soon, he was in a full sprint.  He saw no one, but could feel someone’s eyes watching.  

He opened the door to the house, slammed it shut, locked the deadbolt lock, and put his back to the door as he panted heavily.  

Sebastian noticed right away.  He stopped mid-sentence as he spoke to Puck, and quickly made his way to Kurt.  “What’s the matter, Baby?  What’s wrong?” His voice was serious, and full of concern.

“I don’t know…” Kurt answered.  He went past Sebastian to the large picture window and pulled the curtains closed.  

All eyes were on him, and the room was silent, sans the music softly playing in the background.  

Sebastian followed him to the the window.  “Was someone out there?” Seb pulled the curtain slightly, and peaked outside. He glanced back toward Puck.  Puck gave a knowing nod.

“I felt... I wasn’t alone...Someone’s eyes….”  Kurt trailed off.

“We’ll check it out, Princess.” Puck said.  Puck, Sam, and Finn all went through the back door to go check the property for anyone who might be there.

Sebastian, in the meantime, cautiously put his arm around Kurt’s waist, drawing him into his hold. “I’ve got you, Babe.  It’s okay.”

Kurt seemed like he was in a daze.  Leah, Sugar, and Rachel were the only other people in the house.  The girls sat together in silence and watched the two boys embrace.  

When the boys came back in, they reported that they hadn’t seen or heard anything. For some reason, that didn’t ease Kurt or Sebastian’s mind.

Sebastian looked at Kurt and said, “I’ll be back in a couple of minutes.  I want to go see for myself.”

Kurt shook his head no, and looked like he was about to panic.  

“I’ll go with him, Princess.  It will be fine. He’s just worried.”  Puck added.

Sugar got up and walked over to Kurt.  She put her hand on his back. “Come cuddle with me, Angel.”  She lead him to the couch where he sat with the girls. Sugar had her arms around him and Leah had her hand on his leg.  

Sebastian and Puck went around the house, while Sam looked out a window in the back of the house, and Finn looked a window in the front of the house.  They wanted to see if they could catch any movement or anyone leaving when the boys were out looking around.

Outside, Sebastian went one way and Puck went the other.  Neither of them found any trace of a person being there. Before they went back in, Seb stopped Puck.  

“You still have my number, right?  You know it’s going to kill me to leave tonight.”  Seb was already dreading leaving his boyfriend there to deal with this without him.

“Yeah, man, I go it.  Give me your phone and I’ll add Finn and Sam too.”

“Good idea.”  Sebastian handed Puck his phone.  “Add Sugar too, please. Just in case.”

“Alright.  I’ll make sure they all have your number too.”

“Thanks, Puck.”

“We got this, Sebastian.  We won’t let anything happen to your boy.” Puck put his hand on Seb’s shoulder.  

When they went in, they reported that there was nothing there.

“I’m probably just being paranoid.”  Kurt said, slightly embarrassed.

“No, Angel.  Always trust your gut.”  Sugar said.

Sebastian walked over and reached a hand out to Kurt.  Kurt took it, and Seb pulled them over the the chair. He pulled Kurt into his lap, and wrapped his arms around him.  Kurt held on tight.

“Am I being silly? Paranoid? I feel so stupid.”  Kurt said quietly.

“No, Baby.  Don’t say that.  Sugar is right. Always trust your gut instincts.”  Sebastian said.

Puck added, “Kurt…”  Kurt’s eyes popped up.  Puck never called him anything but Princess.  “They are both right. Always trust your gut. If you feel like you were being watched, maybe you were.  It could have been someone peeking out a window in your direction, or an animal seeing if you were a danger…”

“It’s your bodies way of telling you to be careful, Babe.”  Sebastian rubbed Kurt’s back. “Don’t hush that voice. Trust it.”


About an hour later, Sugar and Rachel had said their goodbyes.  Puck decided to spend the night, and it was time for Sebastian and Leah to head home.  Again, this was always the hardest part for Sebastian and Kurt. Tonight was particularly hard, knowing that Kurt was not feeling comfortable.  Sebastian didn’t want Kurt to walk him to the car, so he said his goodbyes at the door. Sam walked Leah to the car while they waited on the boys.  

“Call me if you need anything at all, okay?”  Sebastian said.

“I will.  I’ll be okay, Bas.”  Kurt said. “My brothers and Noah will be here.”  

“I know.  It’s just always so hard to leave you.”

Kurt looked up and met Sebastian's eyes.  He put a hand on Sebastian’s face and sighed.  He kissed Sebastian softly on the lips, and then hugged him tight.  It was so hard to say goodbye.




Kurt lifted the lid to the recycling bin.  He could feel someone’s eyes on him. He put the bag in slowly, turned around and was face to face with Blaine.  

“It’s nice to see you again, Kurt.”  Blaine drawled.

“Blaine… what… how…”

“Awwe, what’s the matter, Kurt? Your boyfriend not here to save you?”

“You can’t be here.  You need to leave! Please!”

Kurt tried to get past Blaine, but he grabbed his wrist as he tried to pass.


Kurt was tossing and turning in bed.  He was beginning to talk in his sleep…


“Let go of me Blaine!  Let go!” He yelled.

“I don’t think so, Kurt.  I have you right where I want you!”  Blaine pushed Kurt up against the side of the garage.  He wasted no time. He began kissing Kurt, grabbing his hips, and grinding up against him.

Kurt tried with all of his might to get away.  He screamed and screamed, but nobody heard him.  

Blaine unzipped Kurt’s pants, and then his own…


Kurt was screaming in his sleep, writhing in is bed.  Sam was on his way to the kitchen for a drink, when he heard Kurt scream.  He immediately opened his door and ran down the steps to Kurt’s basement bedroom.

“Kurt!  Wake up!  You’re having a nightmare!”

Blaine ripped Kurt’s shirt open.  Kurt continued to fight, but it wasn’t working.  It was as if Blaine couldn’t even feel him hitting, kicking, scratching.  

Blaine punched him in the mouth, sending blood flying, splattering on side of the garage wall.  Kurt felt like his head was going to explode.


Sam tried again to wake Kurt up, but without success.  He ran upstairs and woke up Finn and Puck. All three boys ran downstairs to Kurt’s bedroom.  Kurt was tossing and turning in bed, yelling and screaming for Blaine to stop.

Finn walked over and sat on the bed, gently laying a hand on Kurt’s shoulder.  He shook gently. “Hey little brother. Wake up. It’s okay. Wake up, Kurt.” Nothing changed.  

Puck tried as well.  Kurt just screamed louder.  He reached up and grabbed his face, like he was in pain.  

The boys didn’t know what to do.  Puck did the only thing he could think of.  He called Sebastian.


Sebastian was asleep in bed when his phone rang.  He had been on edge ever since leaving Kurt, so when it rang, he immediately sat up.  When he saw the name on the caller ID, his heart sank.

“Puck, what happened?!”

“Man, he’s having a nightmare and we can’t wake him up!  He’s screaming and yelling something about Blaine. He’s holding his face like he’s in pain, and we’ve all tried waking him.  He just won’t wake up.”

Sebastian was putting pants on while Puck spoke.  “Puck, don’t try to wake him.”



Kurt punched Blaine, but Blaine just laughed.  “You think you can hurt me? I do the hurting here, Kurt.  You think I ever really loved you? You were nothing but a toy to me.  I like messing with your head. I never cared if you didn’t put out. I got my rocks off elsewhere, idiot.”

Blaine punched him again.


The boys heard Kurt scream again, and this time, Sebastian heard it too.  He opened the door to Leah’s room.

He shook her awake, “Leah!”

She opened her eyes slightly.  “What?”

“I’m going to back to Kurt’s.  Tell Mom and Dad in the morning.  I’ll explain later.”

And with that he was out the door.  


“Dude, are you still there!?  What are we supposed to do?” Puck asked.

“I’m here.  I had to tell Leah I was leaving.  I’m on my way. DO NOT try to wake him.  He’s having a night terror. They aren’t common in people our age, but given the circumstances...”

Sebastian was already on the road.  

“Waking him can cause him to be more disoriented than he already is.  Just let the dream play out.” Sebastian heard Puck sigh. “I know it’s hard.”

Blaine grabbed Kurt around the neck and laughed in his face.  He spat on him and slapped him when he tried again to get away.  “You think anyone cares enough to save you? You’re just a silly little GIRL, Kurt.  Be a man, Kurt. Fight back...I like it when they fight…


Sebastian made the drive in a record 20 minutes.  He didn’t knock, he just went straight to Kurt’s bedroom. When he got there, all of the boys were there watching helplessly.  Finn was sitting on the edge of Kurt’s bed, but when he saw Sebastian, he stood.

“Dude, you could have put some clothes on.”  Finn said.

Sebastian had put jeans on, but didn’t even button them.  He wasn’t wearing a shirt.

“I came as fast as I could.”  He said, without taking his eyes off of Kurt.  “Any changes?”

“Sometimes he’s screaming and saying things, and then sometimes he’s just crying.” Sam said.  “What are we supposed to do?”

“He needs to wake up as naturally and as gently as possible.  Did you try just softly talking to him?” Sebastian asked.

“Yeah, sort of.  But I think we were touching him.”  Puck said.

Sebastian crawled onto the bed and gently laid down next to Kurt.  What he heard brought tears to his eyes.


“NO!  Stop. Stop, please!”  

Blaine licked him up his cheek.  “You taste like weakness, Kurt. Such a fucking pussy.  Man up, Kurt.” He punched Kurt again. “You’re healing too fast, Kurt.  I need to leave a lasting impression.”

“Blaine, stop!  I can’t. I...Please don’t…”  Kurt cried.


Sebastian, very calmly, and without touching Kurt, said, “Baby, I’m here.  It’s okay. Wake up, Babe. I’ve got you.”

Kurt calmed slightly, but continued to cry.


“Sebastian.”  Kurt said as he looked around. “Bas?”

“No ‘Bas’ here, Kurt.  He can’t save you this time.  You’re all mine. You’re weak.  You’re nothing. That’s why you’re so easy to take.”

“No!  I’m not yours.  I’m not…” Kurt said with a little more resolve.


“That’s it, Babe.  I’m right here. Come back to me.  Wake up, Baby.” Sebastian said softly.  


Suddenly Blaine was gone.  Kurt leaned up against the garage, still bloody.  He could here Bas’ loving voice calling him, but he didn’t know how to get to him.

“Bas…. Where?  Bas...Please.” Kurt’s tears stopped.  He was determined to find his boyfriend.  


“I’m right here.  Kurt, Baby, open your eyes.  I’m here. Wake up, Babe.” Sebastian said gently.  He was watching every move Kurt made. He could tell he was searching.  

Finn, Sam, and Puck, were watching Sebastian and Kurt both.  The love was obvious.


Kurt turned toward Sebastian’s voice but did not open his eyes.

“That’s it, Babe.  I’m right here. I’ve got you.”

“Bas.”  Kurt’s eyes started to flutter.  

Sebastian smiled softly.  “Open your eyes, Babe. Please look at me.”

Kurt’s eyes slowly opened.  As soon as his eyes met Sebastian’s he started to cry again.  He quickly wrapped his arms around Sebastian. “Oh my god, Bas.”

Sebastian held on tight.  “I’ve got you, Babe. It’s okay.”

“We’ll leave you two alone.”  Puck said as he motioned for the other two to leave with him.

“Yeah, dude, you’re staying.”  Finn said.

Sam gave a dry chuckle.  “I don’t think we could make him leave if we tried.”


Sebastian and Kurt held each other tight.  Sebastian ran his hands gently through Kurt’s hair and kissed the top of head.  He wanted nothing more than to take away the pain. He needed Kurt to know that he was there and that he would do anything.  

“What do you need, Babe?  What can I do for you?” Sebastian asked.  He was desperate to help.

“Just hold me, Bas.  Don’t let go.”

“I won’t ever let go, Kurt.  I’m not going anywhere. I’m yours for as long as you want me.”  

Chapter Text

Late the next morning, Sebastian laid awake with Kurt asleep in his arms. Sebastian had been awake for awhile, but didn’t want to wake Kurt.  He knew he had to be exhausted. Besides, he was enjoying just holding his boyfriend.

Kurt began to stir, and eventually looked up at Sebastian.  “Mmm. Morning.” He smiled.

“Good morning.”  Sebastian kissed his forehead, “How are you feeling?”

“Mmm.  Rested now.”  Kurt looked up at Sebastian. “Thanks for coming back.”  Kurt looked embarrassed.

“Kurt, there’s nothing I won’t do to help you.”

“I know.  I’m just tired of needing help.”  He sighed.  “Even in that dream, Blaine was calling me weak.  He even called me a girl. Told me to be a man. And here I am, needing a big, strong, man to come to my rescue.  Again.” Kurt was looking everywhere but at Sebastian.

Sebastian laid Kurt gently on the pillow, and sat up facing him.  He took his hand, and firmly, but gently, said, “Kurt, look at me.  Please.”

Kurt didn’t at first.  But when Sebastian squeezed his hand, he gave in and looked at his boyfriend.  

“Listen to me.  I do not want you ever thinking you are anything but a strong man.  It takes a strong man to keep going day after day while bullies try to continually knock him down. It takes a strong man to forgive people who bullied him.  It takes a strong man to not lose himself when his asshole ex-boyfriend tries to manipulate him into being someone he’s not. It takes a strong man to fight someone who was trying to rape him.  It takes a strong man to report it, and take that person to court. It takes a strong man to be himself in a town that doesn’t always accept him. It takes a strong man to love his friends and family so unconditionally.”  He squeezed his hand again. “I don’t know anyone else who would have been strong enough to handle half of what you have been through. You are the strongest man I have ever met, Kurt.”  Sebastian scanned his eyes up and down Kurt’s body. “And you are ALL man.”

Kurt sat up and reached for Sebastian’s face.  He studied him as he ran his hand down his cheek, back up to his hair, down his neck, to his shoulder and arm.  He looked back up to lips, and then his eyes. “How did I get so lucky?”

Sebastian gave a questioning look.  He had just mentioned all of the horrible things Kurt had been though.  “Lucky?”

Kurt reached back up to stroke Sebastian’s face.  “Mhmm. Lucky to have you in my life. Even luckier that I get to call you mine.”

Sebastian leaned over and gave Kurt a soft kiss on the lips.  “I’m the lucky one, Babe.”


A little while later, Kurt was in the shower, and Sebastian went upstairs to borrow a shirt from Sam.

Sam went into the closet while Sebastian stood leaning up against the door frame with his hands in his pockets.  

“How’s he doing?”  Sam asked.

“He was upset, but I think he’s doing better.  Thanks for being there for him. I’m glad he has you guys.”  Sebastian answered.

“Well, we’re glad he has you .  We can see how much you care about each other.”  Sam said as he brought out a t-shirt for him.

“Thanks, Sam.”  Sebastian said as he put the shirt on.  “I care about him a lot. Sometimes, so much that it hurts.”

Sam chuckled and slapped Sebastian on the shoulder as he walked past him to go downstairs.  “That’s called ‘LOVE’, Sebastian.”


Sebastian was in the kitchen making pancakes when Kurt came up from his bedroom.  The other boys were sitting at the kitchen table, and paused their conversation when Kurt walked in.  

“You okay, little brother?”  Finn asked.

“Yeah, I’m feeling better.  Thanks for helping last night, guys.”  Kurt said, and then turned to Puck, “And thanks for calling Sebastian, Noah.”

Puck gave him a soft smile and a wink.  “Anything for my Princess.”

Sebastian smiled and shook his head as he continued to make the pancakes. Kurt walked up to him and wrapped his arms around him from behind.  They didn’t say a word. They didn’t need to.


About an hour later, Burt and Carol arrived home from DC.  The boys were all in the living room watching a movie. Carol went to put their clothes in the laundry and Burt walked in and greeted everyone as he sat and then focused on the movie.  He was tired from the trip. When Kurt paused the movie without saying anything, the room remained quiet. Burt turned and looked at the boys with a frown. “What’s the matter?”

“Well,”  Kurt sighed.  Sebastian squeezed his hand in support, “Last night, Sebastian, his sister, Leah, and the Glee Club came over.”   This was not out of the ordinary. The Hummel-Hudson home was usually the main gathering spot for the Glee kids, and Burt and Carol didn’t usually mind if they came over without them home, seeing as though they’d always been pretty responsible.

“Yeah, okay.  Did something happen?”

“Well, no, not really.  But sort of.” Kurt started.  Burt looked confused. “I went to take the recycling out, and I felt like someone was watching me.”  Burt’s eyebrows shot up. “So Sebastian, Puck, Finn, and Sam, all went out and looked around. Twice.  They didn’t see anyone or anything. But I really felt like someone was watching me.”

“Okay, kiddo, well, we’ll have to be extra careful.  Trust your gut on this. Maybe you shouldn’t go out at night by yourself for awhile, or…”

“Dad, that’s not… That’s not all.  Because I was so freaked out by it, I had a hard time sleeping.  When I did get to sleep, I had a night terror.” Kurt said.

Burt looked confused again.  “Is that different from a nightmare?”

Kurt looked at Sebastian, so Seb answered for him.  “A night terror is worse. It’s a lot more realistic, they are harder to wake up from, and usually the dreamer can remember all of the details as if they really happened.”  Sebastian added, “You also can’t wake a person up the same way you can from a nightmare. Shaking them or yelling for them to wake, can become part of the terror. Sometimes, if you speak gently, you can coerce them into waking up.”  

Kurt continued, “Sam heard me screaming.  I was dreaming about Blaine. He was out by the recycling bin, and attacked me again.”  He took a deep breath. “Sam tried to wake me but couldn’t. He went to get Finn and Puck, but they couldn’t wake me either.  They didn’t know what to do, so they called Sebastian.” Kurt looked at Sebastian and squeezed his hand. “Bas came back right away, and helped me wake up.”

Burt looked at Sebastian with a grateful look on his face and a nod of appreciation.  But then he frowned, “How come Seb could wake you, but the others couldn’t?”

Kurt smiled softly.  “Well, Sebastian knew about night terrors, and he knew what to do.  I think it also helped that it was him being him .  I could hear him calling for me gently as Blaine was hitting me.  All of the sudden Blaine was gone. It took a little bit longer, but I was able to ‘come back to him’, so to speak.”

“I see.  Well, thanks for coming back, Sebastian.  Kurt, I want you to sleep with your bedroom door open, so that if it happens again, we can hear you.”  Burt said.

“Okay, Dad.”

Burt didn’t know what to make of all this.  It worried him. Kurt was never the kind of kid to worry about being alone, or creeped out easily by things.  He knew he had been through a lot lately, but things had been going well up until this point. It just didn’t make sense. He would have to keep an extra eye on things around the house.  




Later that afternoon when Sebastian returned home, he entered the living room where his family was hanging out.  Robert looked up from his paper, “Everything okay? Leah said you had to go back to Kurt’s in the middle of the night.”

Sebastian sat down on the couch next to his mom and leaned back, with his head resting on the cushion.  “Yeah, he’s better. He was having a night terror, and Puck and his brothers couldn’t wake him up. They didn’t know what to do.  He was dreaming that Blaine was assaulting him again.”

Leah looked up.  “Do you think it’s because of what happened outside?”

Tori looked at her with furrowed brows, “What happened outside?”

Sebastian said, “He was taking the recycling out, and he felt like he was being watched.  We went out and checked around, twice, but nobody was there. It really freaked him out. I do think that’s what triggered it.  He dreamed he was out at the recycling bin and that it was Blaine who was there. Blaine began beating him again. He was screaming and crying still when I got back there.  It breaks my heart.”

Everyone sat there silently contemplating the situation for a few moments.  Then Robert said, “Do you think someone was really watching him?”

“I don’t know.  Kurt isn’t the type to be nervous outside by himself, or get too paranoid.  So maybe. That’s the last thing he needs. But we know it can’t be Blaine. He’s in juvie.  So I don’t know….” Sebastian sighed.

“Well, I wouldn’t get too worked up about it, but I also wouldn’t dismiss it, either.  Does Burt know?” Robert asked.

“Yeah.  He wasn’t there last night.  He and Carol were in DC, but we explained everything when they got home this afternoon.  He pretty much said the same thing...Not to dismiss it.”

Sebastian sighed, and closed his eyes.

Robert and Tori looked at each other and then back at Sebastian sympathetically.  “This will all work out, Seb. And Kurt is very lucky to have so many people who care about him.  But, are you okay?”  Tori asked.

Sebastian opened his eyes, turned his head and looked at her.  “I’m fine, Mom. I’m just worried about him. I just want this all to be over with so we can move on with our ‘happily ever after’.”  Sebastian smirked and winked at her as he wiggled his eyebrows. Everyone chuckled.

“Allright, you two.  Go pack up and we’ll take you back to school.  Seb, we’ll drop you off on the way.”

As Leah and Sebastian walked out of the living room, Leah was overheard saying, “Is that Sam’s shirt?  He’s so hot.”

They giggled when they heard Seb say, “Yes.  And don’t even think about it, sis.”




The rest of week was pretty uneventful.  Kurt had Cheerio practice or Glee Club after school everyday, but always made time each day to text and call Sebastian.  He hadn’t had any more feelings of being watched, and not a single nightmare or night terror. His face was healing considerably well, and he was starting to feel like things were getting back to normal.


When Friday came, Sebastian was excited all day.  He couldn’t wait to head to McKinley for the football game.  It had been years since he had been to an American football game, and tonight he got to see the guys he now considered friends play the game.  The best part was going to be watching his amazing boyfriend cheer. He couldn’t wait to see Kurt in his Cheerios uniform.

Sebastian was in his dorm picking out the perfect outfit when Nick came in.  
“Got any big plans with Kurt this weekend?”  Nick asked.

“Actually, I’m going to McKinley’s football game in a little bit.  He’s cheering, and the other guys are playing. It’s their first home game.  Then we’re going on our first official date tomorrow night.”

“Um, why didn’t you invite us to the game!?  I want to go! And you know Jeffie would love to watch Kurt cheer.”  Nick paused. “We’re going with you.”

Sebastian laughed, “Yeah, okay.  Sorry, I should have invited you.  I’m sure Kurt would love to see you guys.  You’ll have to drive if it’ll be the three of us.”

“No problem.  I’m going to go get Jeff.  He’s going to be so excited!”

“Do you guys like football?”  Sebastian asked as he put his shirt on.

“I do.  Jeff just likes boys in tight pants.”  Nick said as he winked at Seb on his way out the door.




Sebastian, Nick, and Jeff made their way into the stands and sat next to Burt and Carol.  

“Hi, Boys!”  Burt and Carol greeted the boys with hugs and handshakes.  Burt and Carol had missed seeing Nick and Jeff. They had been good friends to Kurt when he went to Dalton.  

“I haven’t been to a football game in years.”  Sebastian said to no one in particular as he sat next to Carol.  

“Yeah, well, welcome back to the states, kid.”  Burt chuckled.


When the cheerleaders came out onto the field, it took no time at all for Sebastian to spot Kurt.  

“Oh. My. God.”  Sebastian said, unable to take his eyes off of his boyfriend.  

Burt and Carol snickered, but tried not to make a big deal about it.  They were happy for Kurt, that he had found someone who cared so much about him, but also someone who was obviously attracted to him as well.  Blaine had never shown much interest in that way.

Nick and Jeff, however, were less subtle.  Nick and Jeff were staring too, but Nick took a second to slap Seb on the back.  “Breathe, Seb.” He chuckled. “Breathe.”

Jeff smiled, “Well, Nicky, we know where Sebby will be every Friday night.”

Sebastian didn’t say anything else.  He just continued to stare. Kurt’s uniform fit him like a glove.  It showed every slim, yet toned, muscle in his chest and arms, and his ass looked like perfection.


Eventually, Sebastian kind-of-sort-of-maybe-just-a-little got used to Kurt being there in his very sexy cheerleading uniform, and he started to watch the game.  It was nice watching, knowing the quarterback, and three of the other players.

When halftime rolled around, Sebastian and Niff went down to the concession stands, and ended up running into Sugar, Mercedes, and Tina.

“Hey, hot stuff!  I was looking for you earlier!”  Sugar said as she walked up behind Sebastian.

“Hey, Sugar!  It’s good to see you!” Sebastian said as he leaned down and gave Sugar a hug.  He politely hugged the other girls as well.

“Sugar, Mercedes, Tina…. This is Nick and Jeff.  Otherwise known as Niff.” Sebastian smiled as he introduced them all.  

“Oh my gosh!  Niff! I’ve heard so much about you!”  Sugar squealed.
“We’ve heard tons about you too, Sugar.  All good things from both Kurt and Sebastian.”  Jeff said. “Ladies,” He made sure to include Mercedes and Tina, “It’s so nice to meet you.”

The girls smiled sweetly and returned the greeting.

“Soooooo, Sebastian…”  Sugar drawled. “Did you, ah, see Angel in his cheerleading uniform?”  She said as she looped her arm through his and wiggled her eyebrows at him.

Nick leaned over to Jeff and whispered, “Oh my god, I love her.”  Jeff agreed.

Sebastian cleared his throat, “Why, yes, Sugar.  I did. In fact I think I missed most of the first half because of it.”  He laughed.

Tina said, “Yeah, well, if you like the way he is cheering tonight, wait until you see what they are coming up with for their first cheer competition.” Sebastian raised an eyebrow in curiosity.  “Santana, Quinn, Brittany, and Kurt were practicing part of the routine in the choir room before Glee...Oh my gosh. So sexy.”

Sebastian’s eyes were glazed over and he wasn’t blinking.

“Snap out of it.”  Mercedes said as she snapped her fingers in front of Sebastian.  Everyone giggled as he came back down from his Kurt-coma.

Nick said, “Okay, Seb.  We’re going with you to that too.  No leaving us out!”


The six of them walked around a bit and stretched their legs.  Sugar still had her arm looped through Sebastian's. It felt very natural to both of them.  Sebastian could see he and Sugar becoming very close. Since he planned on always having Kurt around, Sugar was part of that deal, and he liked it.  

Sugar felt the same way. She loved that her Angel finally had someone who seemed to treat him right.  She loved that he actually seemed worthy of Angel. He was good looking, from a nice family, smart, driven, loving, protective, and actually encouraged him to spend time with his friends.  She couldn’t imagine anyone better for her Angel.

As they walked, Sebastian started to feel a bit uneasy.  He paused and looked behind him. He didn’t know what he was looking for.  They walked a bit more, and he paused again. This time, coming to a complete stop.  

“What’s wrong?”  Sugar asked.

“Seb?”  Jeff sounded concerned.

Sebastian didn’t say anything.  He looked behind them again. He didn’t see anyone he recognized.  He looked over toward the area under the bleachers. It was full of shadows, but he still saw nothing.  

“I don’t know.”  Seb said slowly. “I just have this feeling…”

“What is it?”  Nick asked.

“I feel like we’re being watched.”  Sebastian said.

Everyone looked around.  Of course the girls recognized a ton of people there, but nothing seemed out of the ordinary.  Nick and Jeff didn’t see anyone they knew.

Sugar looked up at Sebastian without letting go.  “Do you think someone is actually watching you and Kurt?”

He looked down at her, “I don’t know.  But now I understand what Kurt felt last weekend.”  He answered.

“What are you talking about?”  Tina asked.

Tina and Mercedes had left the party before Kurt had gone outside, so they didn’t know what Sebastian was talking about.  Neither did Nick or Jeff.  Sebastian quickly gave them a very condensed version of what happened.  They all started looking around.  No one noticed anything out of the ordinary.  

“Okay.”  Sebastian said.  “No one say anything about this to Kurt.  He doesn’t need to worry and I don’t want him having another night terror.  We’ll go ahead and head back up to our seats. Girls, you need to come with us.  It’ll make me feel better if you’re not on your own. We’re sitting with Burt and Carol anyway, so I’ll be sure to mention something to Burt.”  He looked at everyone to make sure they understood.

“Let’s go.”  Nick said. He grabbed Jeff’s hand.  

Tina and Mercedes linked arms, and Sugar never let go of Sebastian.  


As they made their way up to their seats, Burt smiled when he saw Sebastian walking arm in arm with Sugar.  He loved that they got along. His face fell when he saw the look on Sebastian’s face.

“What’s the matter?”  Burt asked.

As everyone was taking a seat, Sebastian began to explain to Burt.  “I think I understand what Kurt felt like last weekend. We were all down there walking around, when I got a really strange feeling I was being watched. I didn’t see anyone I knew, or anything that seemed different.  And the girls didn’t see anything out of the ordinary either.”

Burt’s brows furrowed.  “I don’t like this. Something is going on.”  He sat for a minute and thought about it. “Don’t tell Kurt about this for now.”

“I agree.  In fact, we already discussed that.”  He motioned to the rest of the group.

“In the meantime, I don’t want any of you going anywhere by yourselves.  Understood?” Burt looked at everyone. “If you go out after the game, make sure it’s in a group.”

The group agreed, and tried to enjoy the rest of the game.  


McKinley won the game 28-14.  Sebastian, Niff, and the girls, waited for Kurt by the gate of the stadium as the football team and cheerleaders made their way to the locker rooms.  When Kurt saw Sebastian, he ran to him and gave him a hug.

“Bastian!”  Kurt squealed. “I’m so glad you came tonight.”

“I wouldn’t have missed it, Babe!  I, uh, could’t pay much attention to the game, though.”  Sebastian said as he scanned Kurt’s body up and down. “You look so hot.”  

Kurt chuckled and then looked at the girls.  “Wait till’ he sees the competition routine.”

“That’s what we told him!”  Mercedes and Tina said in unison.  

“Hi guys!”  Kurt said as he hugged Nick and Jeff.  “Thanks for coming.”

Nick said, “Yeah, well, we invited ourselves.  Sebastian was going to come without us!”

“Can you believe that?”  Jeff said as he put a hand on his hip and gave Sebastian a condemning look.  

“Sorry!  It won’t happen again.”  Sebastian said as he threw his hands up in the air and chuckled.  


“Porcelain!”  Coach Sylvester called.  “Go get changed and then get out of here.”

“Yes Coach.”  Kurt said and he ran toward the locker rooms.

Coach turned to Sebastian and quietly said as she looked around,  “Keep an eye on him tonight. Something around here smells fishy and I can’t quite put my finger on it.”

“Yes, ma’am.”  Sebastian said.  He understood. He felt it too.  


Kurt came out of the locker room with Puck and Sam.  Kurt ran up to Sebastian, grabbed his hand, and kissed him on the cheek.  Sebastian kissed him on the forehead and wrapped his arm around his waist.  They paid no attention to looks given to them from some people around them. Kurt introduced Nick and Jeff to Puck and Sam, although they both remembered Sam from his pizza delivery days.    

“Who’s up for some coffee and dessert?”  Jeff asked.
“ME!”  Sugar said.  

“Ooohh, I heard you have a sweet ride.  Can I ride with you?” Jeff asked as he bounced up and down.  

“Sure, Cutie!  You can be my date!”  She said as she winked at him.  

Puck cleared his throat and shifted on his feet.  Kurt, Sebastian, and Nick were the only ones who noticed.  

Nick said as he winked, “We can both ride with you, because Jeffie here is all mine.”  Nick knew Sugar was just teasing, but he sensed the tension with Puck.  “Seb, you can drive my car.”

“I’ll ride with you guys, if that’s okay.”  Sam said to Sebastian, “Finn was my ride, but he’s going out with Rachel.”

“Sure, Sam.”  Sebastian said.  “Mercedes? Tina?  Puck?”

“I’m going out with Mike in few minutes.  But thanks.”  Tina answered.

“I’ll go!”  Mercedes exclaimed.  

“I guess I’ll ride with you too, Sugar.”  Puck said, “If that’s okay.” He actually seemed kind of shy about it, and Kurt thought it was adorable.

“Of course, Sweetie.  You can ride with me any time.”  Sugar answered.

As they began to walk toward the parking lot,  Nick handed Sebastian the keys to his car. Seb leaned over and whispered, “Tell Puck about tonight, please.”

Nick nodded in understanding, and they were on their way.


When they arrived at the Lima Bean, everyone was good spirits.  Nick and Jeff were laughing as they got of Sugar’s car.

“Oh my gosh, Kurt, I love your friends.”  Jeff giggled as they walked into the coffee shop.  

“They are something else!”  Kurt smiled back. “I have to say, I love having my two groups of friends together and getting along so well.  It makes me happy.”

They sat enjoying their coffee, dessert, and each other’s company.  They told stories about their respective glee clubs, and about each other.  Sebastian and the McKinley kids all enjoyed hearing Nick and Jeff tell stories about when Kurt was Nick’s roommate at Dalton.  

Sebastian began getting that strange feeling of being watched again.  He noticed Kurt was fidgeting in his seat a little. He leaned over and whispered in Kurt’s ear, “Are you okay?”

Kurt just shook his head yes, but did not say anything.  

Puck noticed the change in both boys behavior and began scanning the coffee shop.  Nick had told him about what happened at the game, and he was not happy about it. He didn’t notice anything of out he ordinary, but continued to watch anyway.   

Jeff was telling a particularly funny story about how Kurt accidentally walked in on he and Nick when he suddenly he stopped and his face paled.  Everyone noticed. Sebastian started scanning the crowd, then he heard Kurt take in a deep breathe at the exact moment he saw him. It was Cooper Anderson.  

Cooper didn’t say anything.  He grabbed his coffee, scanned the group with eyes, and then he was out the door.

“Who was that?”  Puck asked in a protective tone.

“Cooper Anderson.  Blaine’s brother.” Sebastian answered as he tightened his hold on Kurt. Kurt said nothing.  

Puck got up and started toward the door.

“Noah!”  Kurt hissed.

“Don’t worry, Princess.”  Puck said as he left the coffee shop.

“Stay here.”  Nick said to Sebastian and Kurt.  Nick, Jeff, and Sam all got up and hurried outside to see where Puck had gone.  


“Anderson!”  Puck said sternly as Cooper was starting to get into his car.  Cooper froze. “Are you stalking my boy?” Puck continued as Nick, Jeff, and Sam walked up behind him.

Your boy?  Is Kurt that much of a slut now?”  Cooper spat.

Anger flashed across Puck’s face.  He lowered his voice as he got closer to Cooper.  “I wouldn’t talk about Kurt like that if I were you.  If you know what’s good for you, you’ll stay away from him and Sebastian.”

“What, are you their bodyguard, or something?”  Cooper growled.

Puck cocked his head.  “Something like that. It’s called being a friend.  It’s called caring about someone and not letting anything bad happen to them.  Something you Anderson’s seem to not understand.”

“I can do what I want, where I want.”  Cooper spat.

Puck gave a cocky grin, “Ya see.  That’s where you’re wrong. My boy, Kurt, is an amazing guy. So is his boyfriend.  Do you know what happens when you’re as amazing as them?” Puck stepped closer. “You have friends.  Lots of friends. They have half of McKinley’s football team on speed dial. The biggest of them all - Kurt’s overprotective stepbrother.  They have the entire Glee Club and Cheerios in their corner. Heard of Santana Lopez? Coach Sylvester? They’re already out for blood over what your brother did to Kurt.  The Warbler’s? Just as pissed."  Puck stepped even closer.  "So. Back. Off.” 

Cooper looked at Puck and then glanced behind him to see Nick, Jeff and Sam all standing there with their arms crossed, unwavering.  Now was not the time or place. What he wanted would have to wait.  He gave a quick nod and got in his car and drove away.


As Puck and the boys walked back into the Lima Bean, Sebastian was sitting with his arm around Kurt, holding him close.  The girls were reassuring them both that everything was going to be okay. Kurt and Sebastian both looked up as the boys approached.

“What did you do that for?!”  Kurt asked.

“I told you not to worry, Princess.”  Puck answered as he sat back in his seat next to Sugar.  She put her hand on his leg, and he looked at her and winked.

“All I have to say is, if I’m ever in trouble, I want Puck on my side!”  Jeff laughed.

Nick told them what happened, and everyone was a bit relieved.  It didn’t make Kurt or Sebastian feel better that it was probably Cooper watching them, but at least now they had an answer to ‘who’ it might be.  Now they knew who to watch for.


Chapter Text


The following morning, Sebastian was telling his parents about the events of the night before.  He and Kurt were both feeling a mixture of emotions. The were glad to know that these feelings weren’t just something they had made up in their heads, but they were uneasy that an Anderson was behind it.  Neither of them trusted anyone in the Anderson family.

Robert agreed that they should not be trusted.  He gave Sebastian a warning to trust his instincts, especially since they had been right so far.  He hoped that this didn’t go any further. As a lawyer, his mind sometime went to the worst case scenario.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t much he could do for now.




Sebastian pulled up to the Hummel-Hudson home at exactly 6:30.  He was wearing nice dark gray pants with a black belt and dress shoes. His tight deep purple dress shirt with the sleeves rolled to ¾ length showed off his muscular build.  He looked damn good.

He stepped out of his corvette with a dozen beautiful red roses in hand.  He had butterflies in his stomach as he approached the door. Why are you nervous, Smythe?  You’ve already kissed him, met his family and friends, and slept in his bed… twice.  Get a grip. He took a deep breath and knocked.

When Kurt answered the door, he was dressed in tight back dress pants, a tight deep green dress shirt that had a bit of a shimmer to it, and a black vest that was adorned with a starburst brooch.  He smiled shyly at Sebastian when their eyes met.

“Wow… Uhm, these are for you.”  Sebastian said as he handed Kurt the roses. “You look  amazing, Babe.”

“Oh.  So do you. Thanks. Nobody has ever given me flowers before.  They’re beautiful. Thank you.” Kurt blushed. “Come in. Let me go put these in some water.”

Sebastian stepped inside and greeted Burt and Carol in the living room as Kurt retreated to the kitchen.  

“Wow, you look handsome!”  Carol gushed.

“Where are you two headed tonight?”  Burt asked.

“Thank you, Carol.  Um, we have reservations at Vivace Cuisine the new French restaurant, at 7.  I was thinking maybe we could go to the planetarium after dinner, if time allows.”  Sebastian answered.

“That sounds lovely, Sweetie.”  Carol said. “Oh, what beautiful flowers!”  She said as Kurt brought the flowers, now in a vase, into the living room and set them down on an end table.  

“Aren’t they lovely?”  Kurt replied. He turned to Sebastian, “Are you ready, Bas?”

“Be home by midnight.”  Burt said. “And you two be careful.”  He had been told about the events of the night before, and he was a bit uneasy about it.  But if Kurt was safe with anyone, he felt Sebastian was it.

“Okay, Dad.”  Kurt answered.  Sebastian put his hand on his back, and led them out the door.

As soon as they were out the door, Carol turned to Burt and said, “They look so good together.  Really happy, too.”

“Yeah, he seems like a keeper.”  Burt grinned, but never took his eyes off the TV.




Sebastian and Kurt arrived at Vivace Cuisine right on time.  They were seated at small table by a side window. It was very private space, and in Kurt’s opinion, very romantic.

The waiter came by and took their drink orders, and Kurt and Sebastian began looking over the menu.  

“Oh, it’s in French.  Do you need help reading the menu?”  Sebastian said as he looked up at Kurt over his menu.  

“Nope.”  Kurt said, popping the ‘p’ at the end.  He smirked.

Sebastian’s eyes widened and he smiled.  “You...uh… speak French?” He had a warm feeling inside, and he could feel his cheeks heating up.

Without looking up from the menu, Kurt replied, “Pourquoi oui je fais. Je le parle et je le lis. Assez bien, en fait.” (Why, yes, I do.  I speak it and I read it. Quite well, actually.)

Sebastian cleared his throat and quietly said,  “Tu es vraiment parfait.” (You really are perfect.)  

Kurt looked up from his menu and smiled shyly at Sebastian.  “Parfait, non Parfait pour vous ... Peut-être.” (Perfect, no.  Perfect for you... maybe.)

Sebastian smiled, set down his menu, and reached for Kurt’s hand.  “Oui. Je pense vraiment que tu es parfait pour moi. Je n'aurais pu imaginer quelqu'un d'aussi parfait pour moi.”  (Yes. I definitely think you are perfect for me. I couldn't have imagined anyone so perfect for me.)


Kurt and Sebastian ordered their dinner in French.  Kurt was pleased with himself that he had surprised Sebastian with the fact that he could speak French so well.  In fact, a good part of the evening’s conversation spoken entirely in French. They both enjoyed having someone else fluent in the language that could keep up.  Sebastian, especially, wasn’t sure there was a bigger turn on than Kurt’s soft, sweet voice, speaking French.

After dinner they headed to Allen Planetarium.  Sebastian opened the door for Kurt as they walked inside.  The large domed building was impressive. There was a large, as in giant, telescope in the middle of the room, with a small set of stairs that lead up to the eyepiece.  

“Wow.  That’s a lot bigger than I thought it would be.”  Kurt said as they looked at the telescope.

Sebastian bit his bottom lip.  Now was not the time to make joke about the innuendo, but he really wanted to.  

“Welcome to Allen Planetarium!”  A young woman said as she entered the room. “Have you been here before?”

“No.”  Sebastian said, and Kurt shook his head.  

“Well, feel free to look around.  The telescope is set up to look at the Andromeda Galaxy.  It’s over 2.5 million light years from earth.  Too far to resolve individual stars without a powerful telescope.  So unless you’re someplace like this, you won’t see it. If you would like to point the telescope in another direction, simply turn this wheel and it will rotate at the same time as the roof.”

“As the roof?”  Kurt asked.

“Yes, the roof is made up of a series of panels that open and close, so as you turn the wheel, one panel will close and the one at the other end of the opening will open.”

“Wow.  Thank you.”  Sebastian said.

“You’re welcome.  Let me know if you have any questions.  I’ll be out front. My name is Natalie. Just yell if you need me.”  And at that, she left them on their own.

Kurt walked over and climbed the small steps.  “Okay, lets see what Andromeda looks like.” He looked through the eyepiece for a minute.  “Bas, look at this! It’s amazing. So many stars. And the colors!” Kurt exclaimed.

Sebastian smiled and climbed the stairs and to stand next to Kurt, who was still looking through the telescope.  Sebastian put his hand on Kurt’s back to let him know he was there.

Kurt pulled away and smiled at Sebastian as he took his turn to look through the eyepiece.  

“Wow.”  Sebastian took a few moments to look.  “This is amazing.  It’s like the pictures you see in science books, only real.”  

“Let’s move the roof!”  Kurt went down and turned the wheel.  It was easier than he thought it would be.

Sebastian thought it was adorable how excited he was. Once they had experimented with looking at the night sky from different angles, they decided to take a walk around the park that surrounded the main building. They held hands as they walked the pathway.  Both content in the silence. They were just happy to be together.

When they spotted a bench nestled among some flowerbeds, they decided to sit for awhile.  As they looked up at the night sky using only their bare eyes, Sebastian said, “It’s amazing that’s there’s so much out there that we can’t see.”  

Kurt replied, “Hmm.  Kind of like people.”

Sebastian turned to look at his boyfriend.  

Kurt continued, “You know.  There’s so much more to people than what you can just see on the outside.  Like Noah. Badass, mohawk wearing, rock n’ roll Noah is one of the sweetest guys I’ve ever met.”

“Mhmm.”  Sebastian nodded in agreement.

“And David.  You would never know by looking at him that he’s struggling so much internally with who he is.”

Sebastian nodded.

“And then there’s people who seem okay, but are actually closeted violent assholes.”  Kurt smiled sadly at Sebastian.

Sebastian turned to Kurt and put his hand on his face as Kurt continued.  “And then there’s people like you. Gorgeous on the outside, and even more gorgeous on the inside.”

Sebastian stroked Kurt’s face with his thumb.  He looked Kurt in the eye, and then down at his delicious looking lips.  He leaned over and softly kissed Kurt for several minutes.

When he pulled away, he looked Kurt in the eye again.  He wanted Kurt to really know who he was. Including his past.  Sebastian took a deep breath and said, “I feel like I need to tell you about Paris.”

“Hmm.  Okay. You don’t make that sound very good.”  Kurt replied.

“Well… I… I’m different now than I was then.”

“How so?  It’s been less than two months.”

“Well, I told myself that when I returned to the states, I was going to start fresh.  Be the person I wanted to be. Be someone my parents and Leah could be proud of.” Sebastian sighed.  “I wasn’t mean or anything. I was still me, only I was a bit more… wild.”

Kurt looked confused and interested at the same time.  “Wild? What kind of wild?”

Sebastian said, “Well, I went out to clubs and bars some.  Not every night or anything, but….I was a bit of…”

“Did you sleep around?”  Kurt asked bluntly, trying to save Sebastian from struggling to find the words.

Sebastian cleared his throat and paused.  He couldn’t look Kurt in eye. “Not the way some people assumed.  My behavior certainly made people assume that I was, uh, sleeping around.  I would flirt relentlessly with anyone I found attractive. I messed around...Did things.  I’m not a virgin,” He sighed again, “but I didn’t sleep with anything that moved, like some people thought.  I didn’t really correct them about that either though.”

Kurt put his hand on Sebastian’s back, and Sebastian continued.  “I never brought anyone home to meet my family. Not until you.”

Kurt gave Sebastian a warm grin.  “It’s okay, Bas. That doesn’t bother me.  None of it does. As long as you’re the same Sebastian that I met at the Lima Bean, none of that matters.”  He rubbed Sebastian's back where his hand was resting. “Sometimes people need to go through things, or even do things, to make them become who they are, or who they’re meant to be.  You’re an amazing person, Bas. All of that made you who you are right now.  I for one, wouldn’t change any of it.”

Sebastian smiled softly at his boyfriend. “You’re amazing.  And I promise, the me that you know, is the real me. I was lost then.  I was searching for something that was impossible to find in the way I was looking.  I decided that when I came back here, I was going to try hard to just be the real me.  And whatever it was I was looking for, which I didn’t even know what it was at the time, would just find me.”  He rubbed Kurt’s cheek with the back of his hand. “Turns out, it was you I was looking for.”

Kurt leaned over and kissed Sebastian.  It started out soft and sweet, but quickly became more passionate and heated.  When they pulled away, they were both a bit breathless.

“We should start headed home.”  Sebastian said. “It’s getting late.”


On the drive home, Kurt was deep in thought as he looked out the window.  “Are you okay?” Sebastian asked. He was a bit worried that Kurt was rethinking everything he said about him being okay with Sebastian’s behavior in Paris.

“Hmm?  Yeah, I’m fine.  Just thinking.” Kurt said.

“Can ask what about?”

“Well… If you don’t mind me asking….When was the last time you slept with someone?”

“Oh…”  Sebastian took a deep breath.  He hoped this wasn’t the beginning of the end. “Um, four months ago.”  He glanced at Kurt and waited for what seemed like a lifetime for his response.

“Okay.  Well, you should get tested.”  Kurt looked at Sebastian. “I don’t plan on staying a virgin forever.”  He smiled.

Sebastian choked on air,  “Oh my god, Babe. You can’t say things like that to me while I’m driving.  I could crash.” He chuckled. “Actually, I’ve already been tested. I’m all clean.  I’ve always been safe, Kurt. But when I said I wanted a fresh start… I also wanted clean start.  It was one of the first things I did when we moved back.”

Kurt smiled.  “Good. I knew you were smart.”  He winked.

Sebastian paused for a beat, and then asked, “So have you been tested?  You said you were a virgin, but there are other things besides penetrative sex that can give you an STD.”

Kurt blushed and shyly answered, “I’m a virgin at pretty much everything, Sebastian.  Blaine never touched me below the waist until that night at Scandals. We pretty much only kissed, and there was no one before him.”  Kurt wanted to make sure Sebastian understood, so he added, “It’s not that I didn’t want to. He didn’t want to.  So, I guess we don’t have anything to worry about.”

Sebastian sighed. “Babe, I’m sorry.  The more I learn about that asshole, the more I hate him.  I don't even know I could hate someone so much. And,” he paused, “I may be selfish in thinking this way, but I’m glad that you guys basically didn’t do anything.  I would hate for you to have given any more of yourself than he deserved. Which is basically nothing.”

“Good point.”  Kurt grinned. “See… smart!  You’re always smart!”



When they arrived back at Kurt’s house, they exited the car and both immediately froze.  There it was again. That feeling. They looked at each and just knew.

Sebastian calmly said, “Let’s go inside, Babe.”

They walked to the front of the car and Sebastian wrapped his arm around Kurt. They quickly and quietly made their way to the house.  Once inside, Sebastian turned around and locked the door. He immediately went to the back door to make sure it was locked. Kurt made his way to the front window and closed the curtains.  

“What’s going on?”  Burt asked.

“We both feel it.”  Kurt answered. “Someone’s eyes.  We didn’t even need to talk about it.  We just knew.” There was a visible shiver.

Sebastian made his way back into the living room. “Did you tell him?”

“Yeah.”  Kurt answered.

“Burt, we were outside at the planetarium for at least an hour tonight, and we were fine.  Neither of us felt weird or unsafe at all. The moment we stepped out of the car here, we could feel it.”  

Kurt had walked over to Sebastian while he was talking and they held each other.

“I’m calling the police.”  Burt said.

He called the police and explained that someone had been watching his son on several different occasions.  He explained the case against the Anderson’s and the run-in with Cooper. They agreed to come to the house and check out the property.  

“Give me your phone, Seb.  I’m calling your parents.” Burt demanded.  

Sebastian wordlessly handed Burt his phone.

“Seb?”  Robert answered.  

“No, sorry, Robert.  This is Burt Hummel. Sebastian is fine, but the boys came home from their date and felt like they were being watched again.  I’m assuming you know about last night?”

“Oh my.  Yes, Burt, I do.”  Robert answered.

“Well, I’ve called the police.  They’re coming over to check things out.  But I’d like to keep Sebastian here for the night.  I don’t want him going out alone right now. I don’t feel comfortable with that.”   Burt said.

“I agree.  Thanks for watching out for him, Burt.”  Robert said. “Tell him we’ll see him tomorrow.  Please let me know if there are any more developments.”

“Will do.”  Burt answered.  He hung up and looked at the boys.  They were holding each other and both watching him.  “Well, kid, you’re staying here. Go get some clothes from Sam.  You can sleep downstairs in Kurt’s room IF you promise to behave.”

“Of course, Burt.  Thank you.” Sebastian said.  

Sebastian ran up to Sam’s room and knocked.  When Sam opened the door, he was surprised to see Sebastian.  “Hey, man. What are you doing here?”

“I’m here to raid your closet again.  I’m spending the night.”

Sam raised his eyebrows, “Really?”

Sebastian said, “Yeah, well, it’s not for a fun reason.  Kurt and I got home from our date and felt like we were being watched.”  He continued talking while Sam was getting him clothes. “Burt called the police.  They’re on their way to check it out. He doesn’t want me to leave.”

“Well that sounds like a good call.  Do you think it’s Cooper?”

“Yeah, I do.” Sebastian answered.  “But I guess we just have to wait and see.”  Sam handed him sweats and a t-shirt. “Thanks man. And, could you tell Finn?  He might freak out if he looks out the window and sees the police outside.”



Sebastian made his way back down to Kurt as quickly as possible, with clothes in hand. “Hey, Babe.  Why don’t you go downstairs and get changed. I’ll use the bathroom up here.”

Kurt shook his head.  “I’m not going anywhere by myself.  Come down with me. You can use my bathroom to change.”

“Okay.”  Sebastian answered.  He kissed Kurt’s forehead and then put his hand on his back and lead them downstairs.  


The police arrived before the boys could even finish changing. They searched the property for anything suspicious, and sent a patrol car to drive around the neighborhood.  Two of the officers knocked on the door.

“Mr. Hummel?”  The officer asked as Burt opened the door.  “I’m Officer Weston, and this is my partner, Officer Miller.  We didn’t find anything or anyone suspicious. Can you tell me the reason you suspect someone is watching your son?  I know you mentioned it on the phone, but I would like to hear it with my own ears, if you don’t mind.”

At that moment, both Kurt and Sebastian walked in and sat together on the sofa.
Finn and Sam were already seated on the floor, and Carol stood behind the chair where Burt sat.   Officer Weston nodded at them in acknowledgment and Burt continued to answer.

“My son, Kurt,”  Burt gestured toward Kurt, “was sexually assaulted.  The asshole is now in Juvenile Detention.  His boyfriend, Sebastian, saved him.  Broke his hand in the process. Ever since that incident, both boys have felt like someone has been watching them. Not all of the time, but sometimes.  Last night it happened at the Lima Bean, and it turns out the brother of the guy who did it was there. We think maybe it’s him watching them. When a friend of theirs told him to leave them alone, he said he could do what he wants, where he wants.  We don’t know what his intent is.”

Officer Miller was watching the boys.  She said, “Kurt, is that how you got the injuries on your face? They look mostly healed, but you can still see some marks.”  She smiled sadly at him.

“Yes ma’am.”  Kurt quietly answered.

Officer Weston watched as Sebastian put his arm around Kurt.  He looked at Sebastian and asked. “So you must be the boyfriend who saved him?”

“Well, we weren’t boyfriends at the time, but yes.”  Sebastian answered.

Officer Weston gave a lopsided smirk and nodded his head.  

Officer Miller asked, “What is the name of the person who is accused of the assault, and what is the name of the brother?  Did you know the person who attacked you?”

“Yes, ma’am.  It was my ex boyfriend, Blaine Anderson. His brother’s name is Cooper.” Kurt answered shyly.

Officer Weston looked up from his notes.  “Do you know what kind of car either of them drive?

Kurt nodded his head.  “Yes, sir. Blaine drives a black Jeep.  I don’t know about Cooper. He normally lives in California, so I’m not sure he even has his own car here.  I’m not sure about their parent’s cars.”

“Thank you for your cooperation, boys.  Kurt, I’m sorry you had to go through that.  Both of you, actually.” Officer Miller said.  She turned to Burt. “Unfortunately there’s not too much we can do at this point.  I will make sure we step up patrol to your neighborhood. Especially at night.”

The boys and Burt thanked the officers, and they made their way out the door.  Burt made sure to lock the door immediately after they left.

“Alright everyone.”  Burt announced. “That’s enough excitement for the night.  Wake me if you need me. Don’t go outside unless you let me know.  Let’s get some sleep.”

Everyone said their goodnights, and headed for bed.  


Kurt and Sebastian made their way to the bedroom.  Kurt was really quiet and sat down on the edge of his bed.  Sebastian sat beside him and put his hand on Kurt’s knee.

He quietly asked, “Are you okay, Babe?”

“I just feel violated again. Not in the same way, but still... I feel kind of dirty.  Like even if I showered, it still wouldn’t come off.”

“What can I do to help?  Just tell me what to do, and I’ll do it.  I’d do anything for you.” Sebastian said. He was desperate to take away Kurt’s pain or discomfort.

Kurt looked up at Sebastian with tears in his eyes.  “Please, Bas.” He said softly, “Make me feel something else.  Take it away and replace it.” He looked at Sebastian’s lips and whispered,  “Please.”

Sebastian leaned over and put his hand of Kurt’s jaw.  He kissed him soft and gentle. He turned Kurt and laid him down on the bed, and laid over him, propping himself up on his elbow.  He continued to kiss Kurt, but the kisses were slowly becoming more heated. When their tongues collided, Kurt moaned, and Sebastian thought he might cum just from hearing his boyfriend.  

Sebastian kissed Kurt along his jaw and down his neck. Kurt gripped Sebastian’s biceps and moaned some more.

“God, Baby, I love the way you sound.”  Sebastian said in a low raspy voice.

“Nnhn”  Kurt was writhing. “You feel so good, Bas.”

“Tell me what you want, Baby.” Sebastian breathed, “You need to tell me.”  With all Kurt had been through, he would not do anything without Kurts permission.

“Touch me.  Please, Bas.  Touch me.”

“Of course, Babe.  Anything you want.”

Sebastian slipped his hand under the hem of Kurt’s shirt.  Kurt let out a small gasp. Sebastian couldn’t believe how soft Kurt was.  He let out his own moan. He slid his hand up Kurt’s abdomen to his chest. He caressed Kurt’s nipples as he kissed his neck.  

“More.  Please, Bas.”

Sebastian slid his hand down and brushed his fingertips along the waistline of Kurt’s pants.  “Can I?” He asked.


Sebastian slid his hand past the waistband and grabbed Kurt’s hard erection.  He almost lost it when he realized Kurt wasn’t wearing any underwear. “God, Baby.”  He whispered. He stroked Kurt slow and gentle at first.

Kurt asked, “Can I touch you?”

Sebastian moaned.  “Of course.”

Kurt reached his hand down and caressed Sebastian through his pants.  He slowly worked his hand into Sebastian’s pants and stroked his erection.  Sebastian let out a low, deep moan. Having his boyfriend touch him was the best feeling he had ever felt.

After a few minutes, Sebastian turned Kurt on his side.  Things were harder to do with a cast on his hand, so he needed a new angle.  They laid on their sides facing each other as they continued to kiss and stroke each other.  Sebastian lined them up and grabbed both of their erections in one hand and continued to stroke.  Kurt moaned and writhed.

“Kurt, Baby...  Oh my god!”
“Bas!” Kurt was breathless.

Within seconds, Kurt was cuming, calling Sebastian’s name.  The sound of his name on his boyfriend’s lips as he came, made Sebastian cum seconds later.  

They held each other tight as they caught their breath.  “Sebastian…” Kurt kissed Seb on the lips, then the cheek, “Thank”... Kissed him on the forehead, then the other cheek, “you.”  He kissed him on the lips again.

Sebastian chuckled.  “Mmmm, no need to thank me, but I’ll take the kisses.”   Sebastian kissed Kurt back. “Let me clean us up.” He got up and cleaned himself off in the bathroom quickly before bringing back a wet, warm, washcloth.  He lovingly cleaned Kurt off, tossed the washcloth in the hamper, and crawled back in bed with his boyfriend.

Sebastian held Kurt.  He stroked his hair and kissed his forehead.  Kurt hummed softly and quickly fell asleep. He felt even more protective of Kurt now than he did before.

Chapter Text

Kurt loved waking up in Sebastian’s arms.  It had become his new favorite thing. It kind of made him sad that he couldn’t do it every day, but he was happy he had gotten so many opportunities to do so already, even if the circumstances around the opportunities weren’t so pleasant.  

When Sebastian opened his eyes, he saw Kurt staring at him.  Kurt didn’t look away shyly, like he might have in the past. Instead, he just grinned, and looked Sebastian in the eye.  He was totally falling for Seb. Scratch that… He had already fallen. Hard.

Sebastian smiled softly and brushed the hair off of Kurt’s forehead. He ran his hand down Kurt’s face, stopping at Kurt’s eye that had been blackened before.  He ran his thumb softly over his skin.

“You’re eye looks almost completely healed.”  Sebastian said. He looked up at the cuts on his forehead, and eyebrow.  “The cuts you have left are almost gone too.” He kissed his forehead. “You’re looking as beautiful as ever.”

Kurt just continued to grin at him, but did not say a word.

“Babe?”  Sebastian gave a questioning look.  “Are you okay?"

Kurt smiled.  “Wonderful.” And he gave his boyfriend a wink.

Sebastian just chuckled and held Kurt even tighter as they both sighed.


The boys headed upstairs for breakfast where the rest of the family was already gathered around the table.  Kurt poured himself and Sebastian a cup of coffee. The boys gathered breakfast from the counter and then joined the rest of the family at the table.  

“Sleep okay boys?”  Burt asked.

“Mhmm.”  Kurt answered since his mouth was full.  Sebastian nodded.

“Do you have any plans today?”  Carol asked.

“Well, I’m going to have to go home before too long so I can see my parents and pack up so I go back to Dalton.  Warblers have a council meeting tonight at 8.” Sebastian answered.

Kurt gave a questioning look.  “Are you on council?”

Sebastian grinned, “I was voted Captain on Friday.  I guess I forgot to tell you.  I get a little distracted when I'm around you.”  He chuckled.  Council consisted of three Warblers who were voted on the year prior, and then a Captain who was voted on in the current year.  Sebastian was thrilled that he had been accepted by the group so easily.

Kurt grinned, “Wow!  Congratulations!”

“Yeah, Dude.  Congrats and all… But you do know you’re sleeping with the enemy now, right?”  Finn said bluntly.

Both Kurt and Sebastian choked on their food.  Both turned red. Everyone, even Burt, was chuckling at their expense.

“What?”  Finn said sort of  innocently. “You did sleep last night.”  He turned to Sam and wiggled his eyebrows with a smirk.  Sam just shook his head at Finn’s antics.

“I guess we’re rivals.”  Sam added.

“I guess so.”  Sebastian responded with a cocky grin.

“Well, I don’t think we need to worry about that right now.  We never choose our competition songs until the the week before anyway.  I guess you could say we work best under pressure. At least I’m assuming it’s still that way.”  Kurt said as he looked at Sam and Finn.

“It is.”  Sam and Finn both answered at the same time.   Sebastian looked surprised.

“I’m not worrying about Glee right now anyway.”  Kurt added. “Cheer competition is next weekend. Coach is going to work our butts off this week.”

“Are you singing for that again this year?”  Finn asked.

“Yep.  Tana and Britt are too.”  Kurt answered.

“You sing at a Cheer competition?”  Sebastian asked.

“Yeah.  We won Nationals when I sang Celine Dion in French for 14 minutes straight.  I guess that’s why Coach wanted me back this year. She likes to do things other teams can’t, or won’t... Or just don’t even think about.”  Kurt smirked. He was loving the look on Sebastian’s face. It was mix of being surprised, turned on, and impressed.

“Wow.”  Seb whispered.

“That, and you’re really flexible.”  Sam winked.

Sebastian nearly choked.  Again, he was totally a mixture of emotions.  Turned on and possessive. How would Sam know if Kurt was flexible?  He better be talking about cheerleading only.  Sebastian thought.

“That’s my cue to leave.”  Burt chuckled. He knew the boys were trying to tease Sebastian.  But he didn’t want or need to hear any of it.

“Meee too.”  Carol added. “Have a good day boys.”  And they both left the room.

Kurt leaned back in his chair with his legs stretched out, crossed at the ankle, and coffee in his hand.  Sebastian turned back to look at him, and Kurt just winked. Sebastian was starting to think that the sassy Kurt he met the first week was coming back in full force… And he was loving it.

“So, Kurt, tell us about the Cheer routine.  Santana said it was super sexy.” Sam said.

“Nope.  If you want to know about it, you have to come to the competition.”  Kurt answered. “But I guess it is sexy. If you’re into that sort of thing.”

“What sort of thing?”  Sebastian asked.

“Not telling.  But I think you’ll like it.”  Kurt wiggled his eyebrows at him again.  “Are you coming next weekend?”

“I wouldn’t miss it.  I’m pretty sure Nick and Jeff are coming too.  They were mad I hadn’t invited them to the game, and kind of already invited themselves anyway.”  Sebastian smiled as he said it. He was happy to have made so many friends upon his return to the States.

“I think Sugar wants to go.  Do you think she could tag along with you?”  Kurt asked.

“Sure!  I’ll text her about it.”

“You have her number?”  Kurt was surprised.

“Yep.  And Sam’s, Puck’s, and Finn’s.”  Kurt gave him a questioning look. “We all exchanged numbers in case something happens.  They all have my number too. And I think Niff exchanged numbers with Sugar as well.”

“Huh.  Well, thank you all for caring so much.  I love that you all get along so well, too.”  Everyone just smiled at him. There was no need to say anything else about it.

Everyone was quiet for a few minutes until something dawned on Sebastian.  “Wait! If you won Nationals a couple of years ago, then there’s got to be YouTube video of it!”  His face brightened as he spoke.  
Kurt was still leaning back in his seat, legs crossed at the ankles, coffee mug in hand.  He just looked at his boyfriend and blushed a bit. Sebastian watched as Kurt wordlessly got up and went to the sink to rinse out his mug.  Finally he said, “There might be.” He knew where this was going. Especially with his brothers in the room.

Sam and Finn were smiling, waiting to see what Kurt’s reaction would be.  Then Sam couldn’t hold it in anymore. “Oh my god, Kurt. You know he’s going to look it up when he gets home anyway.”  He turned to Sebastian, “There’s definitely a video.   And there’s probably a video of every performance Kurt has ever done as a part of Glee Club.  Well, New Directions, anyway. There’s some of all of us, actually. Jacob Ben Israel records everything and puts it on his website, JBI.  He had an entire section just for Glee, and another just for Cheerios.”

Sebastian was beaming from ear to ear.  “Okay, Babe. You know Sam is right. I’m definitely going to watch them.  Do you want me to do it with you, or when I get back to school?”

Kurt sighed and smiled.  “Let’s go watch Nationals and then you can watch the rest on your own.”

Kurt and Sebastian sat on Kurt’s bed and watched the video together.  “Oh my god, Babe. This is incredible. You, plus the cheerleading uniform, plus French, plus singing, plus the spotlight… That is so hot.”  Sebastian leaned over and kissed Kurt.  The kiss soon became a little heated, and turned into a full on make-out session.  

“Mmmm. Babe, we better stop.”  Sebastian breathed.

Kurt kissed him again, and then pulled away with a whimper, “I know.  But I really don’t want to.”

“I don’t either.  But your family is upstairs, and I should be going soon.”  He sighed, “I don’t want to leave you.”

“And I don’t want you to go.”  Kurt said. “But I can’t keep you from your family and school.”

After a little more kissing, the boys said their goodbyes again.  It was always the worst part of when they got to see each other.




When Sebastian got home, he took a shower and packed his things to return to school.  His parents weren’t home when he got home, so he decided to wait for them.  He plopped down on the couch and found Jacob Ben Israel’s website. He clicked the New Direction’s tab and was shocked at the number of videos.  He scrolled through, looking for ones of just Kurt. He was surprised there weren’t more of Kurt with solos. He had heard him sing karaoke at Scandals, and knew he was amazing.  

He finally found one of Kurt singing Defying Gravity.  He watched in awe as his boyfriend hit incredibly high notes.  His parents had gotten home, but Sebastian hadn’t noticed. He was too into the video.  They made their way into the living room where Sebastian was lounging on the couch watching Kurt.  

“Wow, who is that singing?”  His mom asked as she walked in, not seeing the video yet.

Sebastian startled.  “Oh my gosh, I didn’t know you had gotten home.  You startled me!”

“Sorry, Seb.  What are you watching?  Who is singing that?” His mom asked as she made her way over the the couch.

“It’s Kurt.”  Sebastian beamed.  “Isn’t he incredible?”  

Robert raised his brows.  “That’s Kurt? Good lord, he can sing high.”

“Yep.  He hit a high F in this one.”  Sebastian grinned. When the song ended, he clicked another video.  It was Kurt and the rest of New Directions singing Lady Gaga’s Born This Way.  Both Robert and Victoria were standing behind the couch, watching over Sebastian’s shoulder.  When Kurt started off the song in much lower register than Defying Gravity, Robert said, “It’s hard to believe that’s the same voice!”

“His range is magnificent.  He can go even lower.” Seb replied without taking his eyes off his boyfriend.  Seeing Kurt’s Likes Boys shirt, he quietly added, “I hope he still has that shirt.”

Both of his parents giggled.  

Victoria said, “Does he want to sing for a living?”

“Mmm, he’s undecided right now.  He either wants to go to school for performing arts, or for fashion design.  But he definitely wants to be in New York.”

“Well that works in your favor, huh?”  His mom said as she bumped him on the shoulder before walking over to the chair.

Sebastian smiled wide, “Yes, it does.”  When the song was over, he clicked the video of Kurt singing A House Is Not A Home.  

“Wow,” All three Smythe’s said.  Sebastian added, “Oh my god, he’s in his Cheerio’s uniform…”

His parents just chuckled.  They knew their son had it bad.  

When the song was over, his parents asked him how the date had gone.  Sebastian beamed as he told his parents how well things had gone. They couldn’t help but notice how excited Seb was that Kurt spoke fluent French.  They themselves were impressed, as well.

“When we got to the restaurant, the menu was in French, so asked if he need me to help him read it, he said ‘no’.  So asked if he spoke French. He answered me by saying ‘“Pourquoi oui je fais. Je le parle et je le lis. Assez bien, en fait.” (Why, yes, I do.  I speak it and I read it. Quite well, actually.)’  I thought I was going to lose it!  Most of our time at the restaurant was spent speaking in French.  It was so nice.”

He continued telling his parents about the planetarium and how cute Kurt was when he got excited about something.  He told them that he was totally honest with Kurt about his past. They were impressed with their son’s maturity.

“And what happened when you took him home?”  Robert asked.

Sebastian cleared his throat and told his parents about the feeling they had both gotten. “We were outside at the planetarium for at least an hour, and nothing bothered us.  Then we get to his house, and bam, there was that feeling. I really think it’s Blaine’s brother, Cooper.”

“What would he want?”  Tori asked.

“I have no idea.”  Sebastian answered.  

They all thought about it for awhile.  Would he want revenge? If so, wouldn’t he have acted on it by now?  Would he want information? Proof of something? They just couldn’t figure it out.




Sebastian was back at Dalton and was lounging in the Warbler’s meeting room waiting on the rest of the council to arrive.  He was watching some more videos of Kurt singing when Nick walked in.

“Awe, man, I thought Kurt was back when I heard that…”  Nick said.

“I wish.”  Sebastian sighed.  

“Missing your boyfriend, are you?”  Nick chuckled.

“So much.”

“What site are you on?”  Nick asked.

“Some guy from McKinley has a website.  JBI. He records all of New Directions performances...and Cheerio’s.  Sam told me about it so I could see Kurt’s Cheerleading Nationals video.  Now I’m hooked.”

“Well, there may be a video or two of him from when he was a Warbler.  I know a couple of guys would record things on their phones last year. You’d have to check YouTube.”

Sebastian was more than intrigued.  He immediately clicked off of the JBI website and went to YouTube.  There were tons of videos, but he couldn’t find any of Kurt.

“What are some songs I should be looking for?  I can’t find any.”

“Hmm.  Try Blackbird.  Or Don’t Cry For Me Argentina.  Or Candles. Those would be just him or him in a duet.”  Nick added that last part quietly. Sebastian shot him a look.  He was pretty sure he knew who the duet was with.

A minute later, he found Blackbird. “God, he’s amazing.”  Sebastian said as he watched.

“I see that look in your eyes.”  Nick said, looking at Sebastian. “By the end of that performance, Blaine had the same look.”  Sebastian gave him a questioning look.

“Blaine said he fell for Kurt during that performance.  You can probably catch a glimpse of Blaine in the video.”

“I hope not.”

And then there Blaine was.  Looking at Kurt like he was a fascinating new toy that he just had to have.  

“Damn it.”

“Yeah.  You might want to skip the Candles video.” Nick said, patting Sebastian on the shoulder.

Nick and Sebastian were interrupted when Thad and Matthew came in for the council meeting.  Sebastian didn’t know Matthew very well. He kind of kept to himself, though he always seemed friendly enough.  Thad, and his best friend Trent, were always around Nick and Jeff, so Sebastian felt pretty comfortable with Thad by now.  

“Gentlemen.” Thad said as he entered.  Sebastian quickly shut the video off.

“I know we need to discuss song selections for Sectionals, and talk about solos.  However, and Sebastian I know you’re Captain so I hope this is okay, but I think we need to discuss Blaine.”

Sebastian leaned forward in his seat, resting his elbows on his knees.  “Of course.”

“Well, we have always said ‘once a Warbler, always a Warbler’.  However, I have done a little research, and it turns out that we do have the right to strip someone of the title.  Being at Dalton, and especially being a Warbler, comes with prestige and privileges. Council can decide to bring it to a vote with the Warblers as a whole, and we can strip Blaine of the title for good.  He would be removed from any and all lists, social media, rights, privileges, etc. What do you think?”

“I think it’s a no-brainer.  I wish there was more that we could do.”  Sebastian said. His voice and expression stone cold.  

Thad put his hand on Sebastian’s shoulder, “I know.  But at least it’s something.”

“Yeah.  Thanks, Thad.  I appreciate it.  I’m sure Kurt will too.”


The following day, it was a unanimous vote to strip Blaine of his Warbler title.  Sebastian and Kurt were both glad that they were at least taking steps toward Blaine’s punishment.




When Wednesday came around, neither of the boys could take being apart anymore, so they agreed to go to Lima Bean after cheer practice.  


From Sebastian:

I can pick you up after practice.  4:30?


From Kurt:

Yes, that would be great.  You can come to my place for dinner after.  


From Sebastian:  

Perfect.  See you then, Babe.


From Kurt:

Can’t wait!


Four thirty rolled around and Sebastian was waiting outside McKinley, leaning up against his car.  Quinn came walking out with the three cheerleaders that Sebastian had seen the first week after Scandals.  

“Hey hot stuff.  Nice to see you back.”  The first cheerleader said as she winked at Sebastian.  

He smirked and shook his head.  “Just waiting on my boyfriend, ladies.  Quinn, it’s nice to see you again.” He was such a charmer.  He hadn’t really talked to Quinn other than a couple of brief introductions and hellos, but since he knew her name, he figured he might as well use it.

“You too, Sebastian.  Kurt will be a little bit.  Coach kept him, Santana, and Brittany for a few minutes.”  

“Yeah, I heard they were doing something special, but Kurt won’t tell me what.”  Seb answered.

The girls giggled and then Quinn replied, “Yeah, I can see that.”

Sebastian raised an eyebrow, “Should I be worried?”

“Not about Kurt.  He can't be swayed.”  Quinn answered.

A second cheerleader added, “But maybe about Santana and Brittany.  They end up making out afterwards each time we practice.”

“Hmmm…”  Sebastian wasn’t sure how he felt about this.  He was a little worried. For now, he figured he would just have to suck it up.  

At that, the girls were out of there, smiling ear to ear.  


Several minutes later, Kurt, Santana, and Brittany came out.  As soon as Kurt saw Sebastian, he ran and gave him a hug. “Mmmm.  Missed you.”

“I missed you too, Baby.  So much.” Sebastian gave him a chaste kiss on the lips.

“Aren’t the dolphins cute?”  Brittany squealed.

Sebastian looked at Kurt with question.  “Dolphins are gay sharks.” Kurt answered.  


“I know.”  Kurt whispered.

“Ya know, Sebastian, your boyfriend is one sexy man.  You better keep your eye on him.” Santana said as she raised one eyebrow and looked Kurt up and down.

Kurt could almost hear Sebastian growl.  

“What is that supposed to mean?”  Seb frowned as he tightened his grip around Kurt’s waist.  

Kurt didn’t mind this possessive side of Sebastian.  He actually really liked it. It made him feel wanted and loved.  Safe and protected. He actually kind of needed that.

“Oh nothing.  You’ll see on Saturday.”  She wiggled her eyebrows.

“Tana, be nice to the dolphin.  He loves Porcelain. And Porcelain loves him.  Look at them.” Brittany whispered.

Kurt had distracted Sebastian with a passionate kiss. Neither of them heard a word the girls were saying.  

“Hot.”  Santana sighed.


Eventually, the boys parted and noticed the girls had already walked off.  They got in the car and headed to Lima Bean.


The boys chose to sit on a couch in one of the lounge areas of the Lima Bean.   They sat sipping their coffee for a few minutes, just content at looking at each other.  

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything as sexy as you sitting there in your Cheerio’s uniform sipping your coffee.”  Sebastian said quietly, unable to take his eyes off of his boyfriend.

Kurt gave him a sly smile.  “I don’t know. You in your private school uniform… in all your gorgeousness… has me beat.”

“Mmm, no.  But I bet we look odd to the outsider.  Private school brat with the public school cheerleader.”  They both laughed.

“It works.”  Kurt tilted his head and played with the lid of his cup.  He glanced up at Sebastian through his lashes. Sebastian was pretty sure he had never seen anything so beautiful in all his life.  

“You’re going to be the death of me, Kurt Hummel.”


They sat for a few more minutes and then Sebastian excused himself to the restroom.  

While Sebastian was gone, Kurt sat sipping his coffee, staring out the window, thinking of his amazing boyfriend.  He was so happy. His thoughts were interrupted when a young man came and sat across from him.

“Hi there, beautiful.”  The guy said.

Kurt snapped out of his daydream, eyes wide.  “Umm…” He looked around to make sure the guy was talking to him.  Yep, no one else nearby.

“I’m Andrew.  What’s your name?”  The guy winked at him and looked at him up and down.  When Kurt said nothing for a few seconds, Andrew added, “You look amazing in that uniform.  Very… delicious.”

Sebastian came out of the restroom and noticed the guy sitting across from Kurt.  He couldn’t hear what he was saying, but he did hear Kurt as he approached.

Kurt said, “Look, Andrew, was it?  I don’t appreciate the way you’re looking at me like I’m a piece of meat.  I would appreciate it if you stood up, and walked away.  Have a nice day.”

“Oh, come on Darlin’.  No harm in talking.” He licked his lips and was not looking Kurt in the eye.

“Everything okay, Babe?”  Sebastian said as he walked up behind the couch where Kurt was sitting.  He put his hand on Kurt’s shoulder, but did not take his eyes off of Andrew.  You know the saying… If looks could kill…

Kurt put his hand on Sebastian’s and squeezed.  “It’s fine, Bas. Andrew was just leaving.”

“Was I?  I haven’t even learned your name yet.  'Babe', was it?” Andrew smirked. Sebastian wanted to leap over the couch and kill the guy.  But, he remembered a talk with Leah where she reminded him that sometimes people (meaning her at the time) need to save themselves, and only need rescuing if they can’t get things under control.  He would try to let Kurt handle it himself without him going ballistic on the guy.

“That’s a name only my boyfriend gets to use.  Leave.” His voice and face cold.  

“Aww, Babe.  You haven’t given me a chance.  Let me show you what a real man can do for you.” Andrew drawled as he stood.

At that, Sebastian was making his way around the couch to confront the asshole, but then suddenly Kurt stood up, quickly walked over to the asshole, and stood only a couple of feet in front of him.  “He is more of a man than you’ll ever be, considering the way you speak to me. I don’t appreciate it. But the minute you insult this man, who broke his hand on the face of the last asshole who insulted me, is the minute you will live to regret if you don’t get the hell out of my face.  I don’t have a broken hand, but I’m willing to see if your face can do the job.” Kurt spat.

“Sorry, Darlin’.  I’ll be going.” The guy raised his hands as if surrendering.  He stood, backed up a couple of steps and then turned to leave.  

As soon as he was out the door, the tension in Kurt’s shoulders released, and he let out a deep breath.  Sebastian had come up behind him as he was talking to the creep. He put his hand on Kurt’s shoulder. “Kurt...Are you okay?”  He could feel Kurt shaking.

“Yes.  I think I need to sit for a few minutes.”  

Sebastian put his arm around Kurt’s shoulder and lead them to the couch, pulling him down next to him.  He had his arms around him in a warm embrace. “I’m proud of you, Baby. You handled yourself very well.”

“Yeah, well,  I don’t know if we can come here anymore.  It seems like every time we do, another asshole comes out of the woodwork.”  He gave a dry laugh.

“True.”  Sebastian paused for awhile.  He shook his head, “God, I’m not sure how to feel right now.”

Kurt pulled back and gave Sebastian a questioning look. “What’s the matter?”

“It’s just that… I worry about you when I’m not around.”  Seb sighed. “I know you have the guys in glee looking out for you.  And that does make feel better. But, I’ve become very protective of you.  Like, I wanted to jump over the couch and kill that guy.” Kurt gave small smile. “Leah told me one time, when I was trying to come to her rescue, that sometimes people need to be able to save themselves, and should only be rescued if they really need it.  I tried to let you handle it. I don’t want you to think that I think you can’t. I know you can, but I don’t like it. You shouldn’t have to.”

Kurt rubbed Sebastian’s arms that were still holding him.  “Sebastian…”

“No, Babe.  I don’t know if what I’m feeling is okay.  I want you to be able to take care of yourself.  But at the same time, I want to do it. I want to take care of you, protect you, kill anyone who looks at wrong.  Seeing Scandals, did something to me. I can’t let anything like that even come close to happening to you again. I feel like I’m getting possessive.  I’ve never really had a boyfriend, and I don’t know if I’m going too far…” Sebastian pulled away a bit to really get a good look at Kurt. He was worried he had said too much, or that he was being too overwhelming.

“Sebastian.  I like that you are protective, and maybe a little possessive.  It makes me feel wanted and safe. I also appreciate that you let me handle things when I can.  I don’t want to go through life depending on everyone else to fight my battles. But knowing you’re in my corner, if I need you… That is all I could ever hope for.   Everything you are doing is perfect.” Kurt smiled at him softly and placed his hand on Seb’s face. He leaned over and kissed Sebastian. When he pulled away, he smiled again.

Sebastian smiled back.  He was so lost in Kurt’s eyes.  He stroked the side of Kurt’s face with the back of his hand.  “Kurt… I… I love you.”

Kurt’s breath hitched.  His eyes sparkled. A smile slowly formed on his face. He grabbed Seb’s face and kissed him hard.  When he finally pulled back, he rested his forehead on Sebastian’s. “I love you too, Bas. So much.”

Both boys embraced.  They world around them faded away, and the only thing left was each other and their love.  


Chapter Text

Thursday night, Sebastian was sitting in the student commons studying.  He was trying, anyway. His thoughts kept drifting to the boy he loves. God, I love him.  I’m actually in love.  How did this even happen?  Kurt. That’s how it happened., He thought.

Jeff was sitting across from him, and looked up and chuckled.  


“You can’t concentrate.”

“And that’s funny?”  Sebastian raised an eyebrow.  

“It’s cute.  You can’t concentrate because you’re so in love.”  Jeff smiled. “I’m happy for you. And I’m especially happy for my Kurtsie.”  

“You mean my Kurt.”  Sebastian smirked.

“Yeah, well, he may be your boyfriend, but he’ll always be my Kurtsie.”  Jeff rolled his eyes.  

“Uh huh.” Sebastian said as he shook his head.


Sebastian grinned when he got a text.  


From Sugar:

Hey, Seb!  Can I tag along with you to Kurt’s cheer competition Saturday?

From Sebastian:

Absolutely!  I was going to see if you wanted to come, actually.  You beat me to it. I got distracted ;)

From Sugar:

Yeah, I heard.  I’m so happy for you both.  You make Angel so happy.

From Sebastian:

That goes both ways.  But thanks. Hey, are the guys going?

From Sugar:

Not sure…


“Who are you texting?  You’re grinning, but it’s not a Kurt-grin.” Jeff asked.

“Sugar.  She’s going with us on Saturday.”

“YAY!”  Jeff squealed.


From Sebastian:

Jeff just found out you’re going with us.  He squealed. Literally.

From Sugar:

Give him a hug from me!

From Sebastian:

Okay, but Sugar… You should talk to Puck.  Ask him if he’s going. It would give you an excuse…

From Sugar:

Seb, I’m done talking to you now…

From Sebastian:


From Sebastian:


From Sebastian:

You’re going to pay for this….


Sebastian laughed.  “She stopped texting me when I suggested she talk to Puck to see if he was going.”

“They would be so good together. Maybe we need to do a little nudging at the competition.”  Jeff said as he wiggled his eyebrows.


Sebastian texted one more time.

From Sebastian:

Okay, stubborn.  We’ll pick you up at 10 since the competition is in Van Wert.  You’re on the way.


Jeff chuckled when his phone beeped.

From Sugar:

Tell Seb to behave.

From Jeff:

Not happening, Sweets.  I’m on his side.


“She wants you to behave.”  Jeff smiled. They both laughed and returned to their studies.




Friday night found Sebastian at home hanging out with his family.  Kurt had an away game and was not going to be able to go out afterwards because of the competition the next day.  Seb’s mom had gone to pick Leah up earlier that day, so they were home by dinner time. Sebastian wished he could be with Kurt, but was also happy to have all of his family at home.  It didn’t happen that often since they had been back in the States.

As they gathered around for dinner, Leah wanted make one thing clear.  “You know I’m going with you tomorrow, right? I’m not missing Kurt’s cheer competition.”

Seb smiled, “It figures that’s why you came home.  It couldn’t have been because you missed your brother .  It had to be your brother’s boyfriend.”

Leah just shrugged and everybody chuckled.

Sebastian turned to his dad and asked, “Can I take the Range Rover tomorrow?  We’ll have five of us once we pick up Sugar.”

“Who is Sugar?  Is that her real name?”  Robert asked.

Sebastian laughed, “Sugar Motta.  Yes, it’s her real name. She’s Kurt’s best friend.”

Leah added, “And she’s awesome!  She’s so sweet… Maybe that’s why they named her Sugar.”

“Yes, taking the Range Rover would be fine.  Just be careful, especially with that many kids in the car.”  Robert said. “I wonder if she’s related to Vinny Motta?”

“I don’t know.  Who is he?” Seb asked.

“He’s a real estate investor.  Has tons of properties all over. And not just in Ohio.  Never met him, though.”

“Maybe.  I’m under the impression that they aren’t hurting for money.  She drives a sweet 55’ Chevy convertible that Kurt fixed up and restored.  It’s pink.” Sebastian smiled fondly.

Robert raised his eyebrows and Tori looked surprised.  “Kurt fixes cars?.... Kurt, your boyfriend.  The one who is always perfectly styled. Sings like he’s on Broadway...Same Kurt?”

Sebastian laughed, “Yes, Mom.  Same Kurt. He works at his dad’s garage.  He can rebuild an engine, change tires, oil...All of it. I’m telling you, there isn’t much Kurt can’t do.  That’s how he and Sugar met, actually. Her car was in bad shape, but he fixed it up. Well, I don’t think he did the paint.”

“Wow.  He is an impressive guy.  That’s for sure.” Robert smiled




The next morning Jeff and Nick showed up at the Smythe’s, and everyone loaded into the Range Rover and headed to Lima to pick up Sugar.  

Sugar’s house was very large and modern on the outskirts of Lima.  Her Chevy was parked in the driveway, so they knew they had the right house.  “God, I love that car.” Jeff and Leah said at the same time. Sebastian stepped out of the car and went to the front door.  He rang the bell, and a large Italian man answered.

“Good morning.  I’m Sebastian Smythe.  I’m here to pick Sugar up to go to Kurt’s cheer competition.”

“Are you’re her new….?”  The man said as he raised an eyebrow.

“Friend, sir.  Actually, I’m Kurt’s boyfriend.”

“Oh!  Well, young man, I heard what you did for Sugar’s Angel.”  He reached out and shook Seb’s hand. “Thank you very much.  I love that kid. He’s been so good for Sugar.”

“Well, I’d do anything for him, sir.”

“Call me Vinny.”

“Okay, Daddy, are you done messing with Seb?”  Sugar said as she came up behind him.

“I’m not messing with anyone!  You kids have fun. Be careful.”  Vinny said as Sugar and Sebastian turned to leave.

“It was nice to meet you Vinny.”  

“You too, Sebastian!”  Vinny called to him as they walked down the sidewalk to the car.


Sugar climbed in back with Nick and Jeff.  “Sweets!” Jeff squealed as Sugar climbed in.

“Hi Jeffie!”  Sugar said as she gave him a hug.

Leah turned and smiled at Sugar as Seb climbed back into the driver’s seat.  “Hey Sugar!”

“Leah!  I’m so glad you’re coming with us. I didn’t know you were coming home this weekend.  Maybe this calls for a girl’s night tonight!”

“Yes!”  Leah was so excited.

“I’ll text the girls and Kurt.”  Sugar said as she got her phone out.  “Seb can just leave you at my house and I’ll take you home tomorrow.  You can wear my clothes since you don’t have a change of clothes with you.”

“I hate to break it to you, but Kurt and I are going to dinner tonight.  If he wants to go, though, I can drop him off at your place after.” Sebastian said.

“Well, let’s make it a double date for dinner then.”  Nick added. “That way you don’t have to take us back beforehand.  Is that okay, Jeff?”

“Of course!  I’m always up for time with Kurtsie.”


They were almost to Van Wert when Sebastian asked Sugar again if the guys were coming.

“Well, Puck and Sam are coming.  Finn had something with Rachel, and Mike had something with Tina’s family.  They have football practice, but they’ll come up later. We can save them seats.”

“Sooo… You talked to Puck?”  Sebastian asked.

“I did.”  Sugar said as she looked out the window.  

“And?”  Jeff asked.

“And that’s it.  I asked if they were going, and that’s the answer I got.  The end.”

Sugar sounded frustrated, so everyone dropped it.  They were hoping that the events of today would open up some more opportunities for Puck and Sugar to talk some more.




When they got to the competition, they sat with enough space between them that when Puck and Sam got there, they could squish together and make everyone fit.  Sugar was in front of Sebastian, and Leah was in front of Nick and Jeff.

The competition had already started when Puck and Sam arrived.  They had only missed two schools, and were there with plenty of time before McKinley went on.  Puck came and sat next to Sebastian, so Sam sat next to Sugar. Everyone was a bit disappointed in where Puck chose to sit, but nobody said anything.  Everyone hugged or shook hands and they settled in to watch the competition.

During the first couple of schools performances after the arrival of Puck and Sam, Sebastian noticed a couple guys a few rows in front of them and to the right. They kept looking back at Leah and Sugar.  It got to the point that it was making Sebastian uncomfortable. He wasn’t sure if it was his overprotective brotherly instinct taking over or not. He nudged Puck with his shoulder. “Puck, do see that?” He said as he nodded toward the two guys.

“Yeah, man.  I’ve been watching.  I don’t like it.” Puck said as he glared toward the guys.

“Well, my baby sister is off limits.  They look too old for her.” Sebastian leaned over and added in a quieter tone, “But Sugar isn’t off limits. So if you don’t like when other guys check her out, shouldn’t that tell you something?”

Sebastian was pretty sure he heard Puck grunt.  Puck tapped Sam on the shoulder. “Hey, dude, switch seats with me.”

Puck and Sam switched seats.  Sugar looked up at Puck and smiled.

“Hey.”  Sugar said softly.  

“Hey.”  Puck replied and winked at her.

The next time the guys turned around to check out the girls, Puck was waiting.  All he had to do was stare at them and shake his head ‘no’. They didn’t turn around again.  Jeff nudged Seb’s shoulder and they gave each other a knowing smile.


When McKinley was announced to come on, everyone sat up straight and paid attention.  Nick got out his phone and began recording.

The lights in the gym went out as the Cheerios took the floor.  The beat started, and a spotlight hit the middle of the gym where Kurt was standing with his back to the crowd.  All of the Cheerios were gathered on either side of him. The closest to him were Brittany and Santana who were leaning their bodies up against him.  Brittany on the left, Santana on the right. Brittany had her hands on his shoulder and her knee bent up so that it rested behind his ass as she looked out at the crowd.  Santana had her left hand on the small of his back, and her other hand was wrapped around the front of his neck and thread through his hair on his opposite side. She faced Kurt with her chest against his arm.

Four other Cheerios were touching Brittany and Santana, but were lower toward the ground.  The Cheerios touching those four were lower still. The formation continued and made a triangle, with Kurt’s head being the highest point, and the Cheerios at the outer edge laying on the ground.  All of the cheerleaders had their hair teased out, and had thick black eyeliner and mascara. Kurt was wearing short cheer shorts, not his typical cheer pants.

“Oh my god.”  Sebastian said, unable to take his eyes off of his boyfriend.

Adam Lambert’s If I Had You was playing, and Kurt began to sing, rocking his hips as he did. “So I got my boots on, Got the right amount of leather, And I’m doing me up with a black color liner,” He turned toward the crowd.  His hair was also spiked up and his eyes were lined, including a bit of mascara. His blue eyes popped.

Oh my god !”  Sebastian’s eyes were huge.  Sam laughed and patted him on the back.

Kurt continued to sing as he moved forward in a slow sultry strut that was mirrored by Brittany and Santana on either side of him, “And I’m working my strut but I know it don’t matter.  All we need in this world is some love.” The other Cheerios were doing less of dance and more cheer-style choreography around the gym floor. It was still sexy in it’s own right.

Brittany and Santana joined him on the chorus, “There’s a thin line between the dark side and the light side baby tonight,  It’s a struggle gotta rumble, tryin’ to find it, But if I had you, that would be the only thing I’d ever need,” They had reached the front of the gym floor and Kurt stood with his feet shoulder width apart and his hip popped, and chin up in the air.  As they sang along, Brittany and Santana were rubbing their hands on Kurt’s chest and back. Santana remained on his side and dropped to her knees with Kurt’s leg in between hers. She rubbed her hands on his thighs before standing back up with a body roll against him.  “Yeah if I had you, then money fame and fortune never could compete, If I had you, life would be a party, it’d be ecstasy, Yeah if I had you, You y-y-y-y-y-you, y-y-y-y-y-you, Y-y-y-y-y-you, If I had you.”

The rest of the song was sung in the same manner, with the moments of the Kurt, Brittany, and Santana joining in the cheer routine and alternating with the sultry, sexy dance. Sometimes Kurt’s hands were on the girls, and sometimes their hands were on him.  When the song ended, Kurt and the rest of the Cheerios were in the same position they started in, but Kurt was facing the crowd.

Before Nick turned the camera off, he turned it to Kurt’s friends to get their reaction.  Sebastian was staring at Kurt with eyes still wide. “Fuck” is all he could mumble. Everyone else was cheering and whistling as loudly as they could.


Everyone stayed until the award ceremony.  Kurt had to stay with the rest of the Cheerios.  The crowd went wild when McKinley Cheerios were announced as Champions.  Nick got everyone’s reaction on video. He was planning on splicing it all together and sending a copy to both Kurt and Sebastian.

As the crowds exited the stands, Sebastian and the rest of Kurt’s friends made their way over to where the Cheerios were gathered with their trophy and Coach Sylvester. As soon as Kurt saw Sebastian, he ran and jumped his arms.  Sebastian spun him around and held on tight.

“Oh my god, Baby, that was so fucking hot.  I think I need a cold shower now. You were amazing.”  Sebastian said as held his boyfriend.

Kurt giggled, “I’m glad you liked it.”

“Oh, I loved it.  I don’t know about Santana and Brittany having their hands all over you.  But I’ll just imagine it was me.” Sebastian smiled.

Once Sebastian put Kurt down, everyone gave him hugs and congratulations.  “That was amazing, Kurtsie!” Jeff said as he was bouncing up and down.

“Super hot, Kurt.”  Nick said. Sebastian wacked him in the arm and everyone laughed.  

“I think you put Seb in a trance, Kurt.  That was amazing.” Leah smiled.

“I love your makeup, Angel!  So sexy.” Sugar smiled.

“I’m thinking we need to go somewhere that you can wear that eyeliner.  Or we could stay home and you could wear it.” Seb wiggled his eyebrows at him.

“Any time, Bas.” Kurt said as he wrapped his arms around him again.  He turned to everyone and thanked them for the compliments and coming to the competition.

“Hey, I thought you were mine now!”  Santana called as she walked up to the group.

“Not a chance.”  Sebastian answered before Kurt could say a word.  He leaned down slightly to reach Kurt and staked his claim with a kiss.  Hoots and hollers came from their friends, as well as giggles.

“Quit kissing my star!”  Coach Sylvester said as she walked up.  Kurt pulled away from kissing Sebastian, but didn’t let go or even blush.  Everyone stopped to see what else she was going to say. “Bus leaves in 20 minutes, Porcelain. If you’re not on it, you get left behind.”  She said as she winked and then turned and walked away.

“Well, that was her way of saying we can go with you guys if we want.  Is there enough room?” Kurt asked.

“We’re taking the bus, but we’ll see ya at Sugar’s tonight if you come.”  Santana said as she walked away.

“We can fit one more in my truck.”  Puck said.

“Great!  Sugar, you ride with Puck and Sam, and I’ll ride with Bas.”  He smiled. He knew how to work this situation.

Sugar shot him a look, and then agreed.

As they all headed out to the parking lot, Kurt leaned over to Sam and whispered, “Make Sugar sit in the middle.  If they don’t talk on their own, bring stuff up that will include both of them. Work your magic, Sam.”

“Already on it, Cupid.”  Sam grinned.


They decided to head back to Sugar’s house, since she had invited everyone.

“Daddy, we’re home.  Everyone’s here.” Sugar called as they entered the house.  

“In the living room!” Vinny called.

Everyone filed into the living room, and Sugar made all of the introductions.  Vinny had met Puck, Sam, and Kurt, of course.

“So how did the competition go, Kurt?”  Vinny asked.

“Great.  We won.”

“Of course you did.   You were singing and dancing.  Congrats!” Vinny smiled.

“Oh, Vinny.  You charm me.”  Kurt smiled. “Mind if I go use Sugar’s shower?”

“Go ahead.  Mi casa es su casa.”  

Everyone found a seat in the living room and Vinny was asking Sebastian, Nick, and Jeff about Dalton and their families.  He didn’t leave anyone out, and asked Leah about Oldenberg, and Puck and Sam about how the football team was doing this year.  Puck stayed pretty quiet. He liked Sugar. He could admit that to himself. But he wasn’t good with girls parents. He could come off as being pretty rough if they didn’t get a chance to know him.  

“Where’s Momma?”  Sugar asked.

“Visiting Grandma in Cincinnati.  She wasn’t feeling well, so she drove down a couple of hours ago.  She’ll probably stay the night.”

“Mind if the girls, and Angel, have a sleepover tonight?”

“You know I never mind. This house is always open to you and your friends.”

“Good, because I already invited them!”  Sugar giggled. Puck felt a weird feeling in his chest when she giggled.  Warm and fuzzy was surely not something he thought himself capable of feeling.  

“Of course you did.”  He shook his head. “What about you boys?  What are you doing tonight? Any fun exciting things happening around Lima?” He said with a wink.

“There’s never anything fun and exciting happening around Lima, Vinny.  You know that.” Sam said. “But Puck and I are going to a gaming marathon at Artie’s house.  He’s been down in the dumps about breaking up with Tina. Even though it’s been two months. We thought we’d cheer him up.”

“Well that’s nice of you.”  Vinny smiled. He turned his attention to the Dalton boys.  “And you boys?”

“Nick and Jeff are joining Kurt and I for a double date.  Then I’ll bring Kurt back here to join in on sleepover fun.”  Sebastian smiled.

“Well you sure seem better than that last jerk.  Sugar never got to see her Angel.” Vinny said.

“Daddy!  Really, there’s NO comparison between Sebastian and Blanderson.  Other than them going to the same school and being gay, that’s it.  So don’t bring him up again. I don’t want to poison the air with thoughts of him.”  Sugar said. Sebastian was sitting next to her, and he leaned over and gave side hug.  

“Yes, ma’am.”  Vinny said as he rolled his eyes.


Once Kurt was showered and dressed, he came downstairs to meet Sebastian.  “Ready?” He asked as he walked in the living room.

“Ready.”  Sebastian said as he stood and made his way to Kurt.  He teased, “You look great, but I kinda miss the eyeliner already.”  

All of the boys said their goodbyes.  Sebastian made sure Leah was good before he left.  Sugar promise to take good care of her, but added, “You know she’s in high school right?  Lighten up.” She smiled at him and shoved him out the door so they could be on their way to the restaurant.  



The boys were enjoying their time together at Breadsticks.  They missed hanging out together. Conversation flowed, and there was a lot of laughing.  Until Rick the Stick Nelson showed up. He started to pass the table but paused.

“Hey fairy.  Bring your fairy friends with you tonight?  Are they cheerleader fags too?” Rick spat.

Sebastian squeezed Kurt’s hand.  Nick and Jeff looked wide eyed at Kurt. They didn’t encounter much of this kind of behavior and weren’t really used to it.

“Move along, Rick.  No one here is bothering you.”  Kurt answered.

You’re bothering me.  I’m not sure I want to eat here anymore if you fags are here.”  Rick said.

“Feel free to leave.”  Kurt said in a cold tone.

“Why should I be the one to leave?”  Rick said.

Sebastian stood.  He was sitting on the end of the booth bench, so when he stood he was right in Rick’s face.  “Kurt told you to leave.”

“Bas…”  Kurt stood quickly and put his hand on Sebastian’s arm.  “Bas, please sit back down.”

“Rick!  What the hell are you doing?”  Mike said as he approached. He stood next to Sebastian.  “You think this is the best idea? These four gentlemen are having a nice dinner, and you walk up and harass them for no reason?”  While Mike was talking, Tina came up and stood next to Kurt. She grabbed his hand.

“Oh, there’s a reason.”  Rick spat.

“No.  There’s not.  And if you don’t leave now, when these four gentlemen are through with you, you’ll have to deal with me, Finn, Puck, and Sam on Monday morning.  Is that what you want?” Mike took another small step forward.

“Forget this.  Screw you all.”  Rick turned and walked out.  

Kurt let go of Tina’s hand and wrapped his arms around Sebastian’s waist from behind.  “Bas?”

Sebastian took a deep breath.  He put his hands over Kurt’s hands that were on his stomach.  “I’m okay, Baby.” He turned to Mike. “Thanks, Mike. I appreciate your support.  I also appreciate you defending Kurt at school every day. Sometimes I forget how hard it must be for him.”

“Hey, man, it’s no problem.  Rick’s an asshole. Are you guys good?”  Mike asked with concern.

“We’re fine, Mike.  Thank you.” Kurt said.  

“Yeah, well, it’s a good thing I wanted dessert after my parents left, or we wouldn't be here.”  Tina chuckled to try to lighten the mood.

Kurt introduced Mike to Nick and Jeff and then he gave Mike and Tina a hug before he returned to his seat.  Seb was soon to follow after shaking Mike’s hand and giving Tina a hug before they left.

“Wow.  Kurt, do you go through stuff like that all the time?”  Nick asked.

“Mmm, not so much anymore.  It used to be an all day everyday thing before I went to Dalton.  Now, it’s not bad at school. I have Mike, Puck, and my brothers. Wearing my Cheerios uniform is also a big help.  Coach would kill them if they did anything while I was wearing that. But every once in awhile....”

Sebastian was quiet.  

Jeff said, “Kurtsie, I’m so sorry.  I was scared to death. I don’t know how you ever deal with that.”

Sebastian was still quiet.

“It’s okay, Jeff.  I manage. I have help now.  And a year from now, I won’t be in such a backward thinking town.”  He looked at the concerned faces of his friends and boyfriend. “Really guys, I’m fine.”

Sebastian stayed quiet.

“Seb, are you okay?”  Nick ask. Kurt put his hand on Sebastian’s back.

“Yeah,  I’m fine.”  Sebastian answered.

Kurt started to rub Seb’s back.  “What’s on your mind, Bas? You’re very quiet.”

Sebastian took a deep breath.  “I’m just worried about you.”

“I promise I’m fine.”  Kurt said as he laid his head on Sebastian’s shoulder.  Sebastian tuned and kissed the top of his head.

“I think maybe you think it’s fine, you’re fine, because you are used to dealing with so much more.  Just because it’s a lot less now, doesn’t mean that things like what happened tonight aren’t awful.” Jeff added.

“I get the, Jeff.  I really do. But this is small town Ohio.  It’s going to happen, whether I like it or not.  It’s just a fact. It will get better in New York, but it won’t go away there either.  It’s not like I can hide the fact that I’m gay. You guys can. I can’t. Don’t get me wrong.  I like who I am, and I wouldn’t change it, but it comes with a cost. There’s a price to pay. You guys also live in a bubble… No offense.  Out in the real world, outside the walls of Dalton and the gates of your neighborhoods, you may encounter this too when people find out you’re gay.”  

Sebastian squeezed Kurt’s hand again, and the four of them sat in silence for a few minutes.

Suddenly Jeff spoke up.  “I thought I was totally obvious.  Am I not?”

Nick smiled sweetly at his boyfriend.  “Only when you open your mouth, Honey. Then there’s no denying it.”  They all laughed.


When they arrived back at Sugar’s house, Sebastian walked Kurt to the door.  He held his hand walking up the sidewalk and paused before Kurt stepped inside.

“I’m sorry, Kurt.”  Sebastian said.

“Why, Bas?”

“I’m sorry that happened tonight.  I’m sorry for what you go through all the time.  I’m sorry if I’m not handling it well…”

“Bas, stop. There is nothing for you to be sorry for.  I promise. Please try not to worry.”

Sebastian put his forehead against Kurt’s, “That’s a lot easier said than done.  You know, I admire you a lot. You’re strong and brave. Loyal and kind. I love you so much.”

Kurt smiled, “I love you too, Bas.”

They shared a kiss and Kurt stepped inside to the sleepover.


When Sebastian got back in the car, Nick asked, “So are you really okay?”

“I don’t know.  Sometime I just want to marry Kurt, buy a private island, and take him away forever.”  He shook his head. “But I know that’s not what he wants. I can’t fix the world for him, and that’s killing me.  He doesn’t expect me to, but I want to. It hurts that I can’t.”

Jeff smiled, “That’s called love, Sebastian.”

Chapter Text


Kurt walked into the living room and Vinny was watching TV.  

“How was the double date, Kurt?”  Vinny asked.

Kurt plopped down on the couch next to him and sighed. “It was great until an asshole from McKinley showed up and started harassing us.”

“Why?”  Vinny frowned.

“Because we’re gay.  And Sebastian and my Dalton friends don’t seem to deal with being harassed well.  Jeff and Nick are in a rich boy bubble. Private school, gated communities… They don’t experience that much.  Although they have heard about it, even from me, I don’t think they had been through it until tonight.”

“And Sebastian?”

“Well, I don’t think he’s experienced it much, but he’s been in the ‘real world’ more, living in Paris.  However, Paris is a lot more accepting than small town Ohio. And with all three of them, you wouldn’t just guess they’re gay by looking at them like you would with me, so they tend to be left alone.  And Bas is having a hard time because he wants to protect me and he can’t. I don’t know how to make him feel better about this.”

“That’s quite a predicament.  But at least he’s a good guy. At least he cares enough to be worried.  You seem really happy around him.”  Vinny smiled softly.

“I am.”  Kurt paused.  “Okay, enough drama. I’m going up to join the girls.”  

As Kurt got up and started to walk away, Vinny laughed, “You think joining the girls is going to be drama free?”

Kurt stopped and looked back at Vinny over his shoulder, “Different kind of drama, Vinny.”  He smiled and made his way up the girls.

When Kurt entered the bedroom, Sugar, Leah, Santana, Brittany, Tina, Rachel, Quinn, and Mercedes were all sitting around in their pajamas.  They were laughing about something when Kurt walked in and sat next to Sugar. He leaned on her shoulder without saying a word. She put her hand on his cheek and kissed his forehead.  “Go get changed. Pajamas are a requirement, Angel.”

Kurt didn’t say a word.  He got up, grabbed his bag, and headed to the bathroom.  Leah watched him the whole time as he retreated to the bathroom and returned.  When he came back out in pajama pants and a t-shirt, he resumed his previous position.  Rachel was talking about something or another, but Leah wasn’t paying attention at all. She knew something was bothering Kurt, and that in turn, bothered her.

Once Rachel took a breath, Leah, still looking at Kurt, said, “Okay, Kurt.  Spill.”

Kurt snapped his eyes over to Leah.  “Spill what?”

“I know something is bothering you.  What is it? Talk.” Leah gently demanded.

“Good Gaga, you are so much like Sebastian, it’s crazy.”  Kurt stalled.

“MmmHmm.  Sooo….” Leah wasn’t letting it go.  Kurt had just gotten back from a date with her brother, so if something was wrong, it had to be because of something that happened when they were out.

Kurt sighed.  “Alright,” He said as he rolled his eyes, “We were having a nice time at dinner when Rick the Dick, I mean Stick, Nelson showed up.”

“Oh no.” Several of the girls said at once.  Kurt looked at Tina and gave her a small smile before continuing to tell the girls what had happened.  They all looked concerned, but at the same time, it wasn’t necessarily out of the ordinary for them to hear.  Leah, however, looked extremely bothered.

Once Kurt was finished telling what happened, and again thanking Tina, he looked back to Leah.  “Yeah, that look is very familiar from tonight.”

“What do you mean, Kurt?  What look?” Quinn asked.

He nodded toward Leah, and said, “The horrified look.  Please don’t take offence to this okay?” She nodded and he continued, “My Dalton friends aren’t used to what I go through.  They’re having a hard time understanding it. And tonight, when they were caught up in it, I think reality, outside of the bubble they live in, kinda hit them in the face.”

“You mean they don’t get bullied?  At all?” Mercedes asked.

“Not really, no.  Dalton is a very accepting place.  There quite a few gay students there.  And they all live in very protected communities that don’t have neanderthals running around everywhere.  I know there are plenty of rich assholes who can be just as mean, but they don’t seem to know any that would treat them the way some guys here have treated me.  Plus, I’m pretty ‘obvious’. None of them are, so I can’t exactly avoid it like they could.” Kurt sat and let what he said sink in.

“That Jeff guy is pretty obvious.”  Mercedes said.

“But only if he is talking.  Even then, if he rained it in a bit, he could easily pass as straight.”  Leah added.

“Exactly.” Kurt said.  “And with Bas, he’s just so worried, and so protective.  I don’t want him to worry so much. I don’t want to cause him stress.”

“Is he too protective?”  Santana sounded worried.  Leah quickly looked back at Kurt.  She knew how her brother could be and didn’t want him to overstep.

“No, not at all.  He’s perfect, actually.”  He smiled. “He let me handle a situation last Wednesday, but was right there if I needed him.  Tonight he let me handle it too, until Rick wasn’t backing down. He doesn’t treat me like a damsel in distress, but I think he just worries too much.  I think finding me the way he did when ‘that’ happened, really messed with him. And then feelings of being watched, the guy at Lima Bean that overstepped, then another neanderthal.  I hope it’s not too much.”

“He loves you, Kurt.  I’ve never seen him like this with anyone.  Ever.” Leah said. Kurt smiled at her. “And I think he’s trying really hard to let you handle things, but it’s in his nature to be protective.  He protects what’s his, and what he loves. Like me. And now you, too.”

Kurt smiled at her again, and then patted the ground next to him.  Leah got up and went to sit next to him, and he pulled her into a hug.

“You and Sebastian are totally getting married!”  Rachel said excitedly.

“Dolphin wedding!” Brittany squealed as Santana patted her on the head.

Leah looked at Brittany, and then back to Kurt.  “Gay sharks,” he whispered to her.

“Oh.”  Leah replied.  

Kurt pulled back from the hug and looked Leah in the eye. “I love Sebastian.  And I love you, too. He’s not the only one who is going to be protective of you, so be prepared.”  He winked. “In fact, I hear he and Noah were a bit protective of you two today.” He turned to look at Sugar.

“What are you talking about, Angel?”  Sugar looked confused.

“Well there were some guys at the competition that were checking you two out.  Bas thought they were too old to be looking at you, Leah.” He smiled at her and shrugged his shoulders.  “But Noah didn’t like them looking at you at all, Sugar.”

“Is that why he switched seats with Sam?”  Sugar was surprised.

“Yep.  Bas said all Noah had to do was shake his head ‘no’ at the guys and they quit looking.”

All the girls giggled.  

“Wow.  Maybe there’s hope.”  Sugar said.

“He’s just scared because he actually has feelings for you and not just ones that are in his pants. He’s totally in love with you.”  Santana said.

Sugar just sat there in thought.

“Okay!  Manicures and facials!”  Rachel exclaimed.


The night was fun with all of the typical sleepover madness.  They watched musicals, snacked, did nails, and gave facials. There was a lot of laughing and Leah fit right in with everyone. Kurt was really happy about that.  

When it came time for sleep, Sugar, Tina, and Rachel took the bed.  The ‘unholy trinity’ and Mercedes took the floor with every extra pillow and blanket.  

Kurt and Leah ended up on Sugar’s couch that she has in her room.  Kurt was propped up on the end, and Leah leaned against him as he put his arm around her. “You know we’re family, right?”  He quietly whispered to her. “All of the kids in Glee Club, we’re family. You are part of this group now. And since I love Sebastian, and I don’t ever plan on that changing, you’re family beyond this group.  You’re my sister now, too.”

Leah wrapped her arms around him and squeezed.  “Perfect. I love you, Kurt.”

“I love you too, Leah.”



The next morning, Sugar woke up before anyone else.  She looked around at her group of friends and smiled.  Everyone was peacefully sleeping, but what caught her eye was Angel and Leah.  They were snuggled up on the couch and they were adorable. She was only a little jealous.  It was usually her that was snuggled with her Angel. But she knew that no one could replace what she and Angel had, so she smiled and snapped a quick picture before she turned to leave.  She quickly texted it to Sebastian.

Leah woke up half laying in Kurt’s arms.  She looked up at him and smiled. She could see what Seb saw in him.  He was beautiful. He made her feel comfortable and loved. She was so glad Seb found him, and was grateful that he accepted her in his life as well.  

Leah sat up, and Kurt opened his eyes.  He smiled a sleepily at her, “Morning, Beautiful.”

“Mornin’, Sunshine.”  Leah smiled.

Sugar wasn’t in the room, so Kurt assumed she was fixing breakfast.

Kurt and Leah quickly got ready.  Kurt did Leah’s hair in a fancy braid that he twisted up on top of her head, letting the natural curls at the end of the braid pile on top.  He also did her makeup. Not that she needed any. With his expertise, and her natural beauty, they were ready in no time, and looking fabulous.  They headed downstairs to find Sugar baking some muffins, and Vinny making some bacon.

“Mmm, smells good!”  Leah smiled.

“Good morning!  Wow, Leah, the Kurt Hummel Experience has been good to you.  You look fantastic!” Sugar exclaimed.

“Thanks!  He is definitely doing my hair and makeup for school dances.  Screw paying hair salons. I’ll just hold my brother hostage until Kurt agrees.”  She giggled.

“That won’t be an issue.  I love giving makeovers. Even on people like you who don’t really need them.”  Kurt smiled. “Okay, Sugar, what can I do to help?”

“Make omelets?  Thanks, Angel.”

The smell of breakfast woke up the girls who were still sleeping.  Everyone came down in their pajamas to eat. It smelled too good to wait until after they had dressed.  It was obvious that the girls were familiar with Sugar’s muffins and Kurt’s omelets.

“Oh my gosh, Sugar.  These muffins are amazing.”  Leah said.

“Thanks!  I want to open my own bakery after high school.  I even know what I want to call it... The Sugar Shack.  Maybe go to business school so I understand how to run a business, but probably not.  I just want to bake and watch people enjoy what I make.”

“Love the name!  It suits you.  You could totally open a bakery.  This rivals some bakeries I know in France.  Seriously.” Leah said. She really was impressed.

“Wow.  Thanks!”

Kurt smiled. He loved watching his best girls get along so well.


Once the other girls had gone home, Sugar took Leah home, and Kurt tagged along so he could see Sebastian again.  Leah texted Sebastian to let him know they were on their way. When they pulled up, Sugar said, “Holy crap! I thought my house was big!”

Leah laughed.  “Well, it’s a family estate.  It’s been in the family forever.”  They got out of the car, “Come on in!”

When they went inside they found Sebastian and his parents in the kitchen, drinking coffee and reading the paper.  Sebastian immediately got up and made his way toward Kurt. As he passed Leah, she sing-songed, “I slept with your boyfriend!”  Everyone laughed.

“It was scandalous!”  Kurt grinned.

Robert lowered his newspaper a little more and said, “Leah Elizabeth, the only time I ever want to hear you say something like that is when you’re referring to Kurt!”  He chuckled.

“It will be the only time I sleep with someone else’s boyfriend.”  Leah said under her breath.

Sebastian hugged Kurt and kissed him on the cheek.  “Enjoy sleeping with my sister?” He smirked.

“Yes.  Yes, I did.”  He winked.

Sebastian walked over and hugged Sugar.  “Sugar, this is my father, Robert Smythe, and my mother, Victoria Smythe.”  They smiled. “Dad, Mom, this is Sugar Motta. She’s Kurt’s best friend.”

Sugar shook their hands, “It’s nice to meet you, Mr. and Mrs. Smythe.  You have two great kids.”

“Thank you, Sugar.  Please, call us Robert and Tori.” Smiled Tori.

“Sugar, is your father Vinny Motta?”  Robert asked.

“Yes he is.”  Sugar smiled. “Have you two met?”

“No, but I’ve heard of him when dealing with investments.  I’m wondering if maybe he could me a few tips. I’m thinking of making some investments in real estate and not just stocks and bonds.”  Robert answered.

“I’m sure that would be fine.  I can leave you his number, if you’d like.”  Sugar answered.

“That would be great!  Thanks.” Robert smiled.


They all moved into the living room, which was open to the kitchen.  

“Leah, your hair and makeup look fantastic.”  Tori said.

“Thanks, Mom.  Kurt did it. And look at my nails.”  Leah held her hands out for her mom to see.  “He really is multi-talented.” Kurt just grinned and Sebastian squeezed his hand a little tighter.

“Speaking of Kurt being multi-talented.  I hear you fixed up Sugar’s car?” Robert asked.

“Yeah, most of it.  I had a little help.  I didn’t do the paint, or fix the rip in the upholstery. But I did rebuild the engine and I did the body work.” Kurt answered.

“Sugar did you drive here?”  Robert asked.

“Yes, I did!  Would you like to see her?”  Sugar answered, referring to the car.  

“I would love to!”  Robert said.

They all went out to look at her car and Kurt and Sebastian were purposely a little slower than the rest of the group.  They held hands as they walked. Kurt looked at Sebastian and asked, “Are you okay? I mean, after last night… Everything is okay, right?”

Sebastian stopped walking, turned toward Kurt, and frowned.  “Of course, Baby. Everything is fine. What makes you think it wouldn’t be?”  He wrapped his arms around Kurt’s waist.

“I’m just concerned that you worrying is going to be too stressful on you.”  Kurt said.

“It’s not.  I’m fine, I promise.  I do worry about you. But it would never get to the point that I would want to stop loving you because it’s too much.  Is that what you thought?”

“No.  I don’t know.  I didn’t think you would run for the hills, but I just don’t want you to get too frustrated with the drama, either.” Kurt said, looking anywhere but at Sebastian.

“Look at me.”  Sebastian turned Kurt’s chin toward him.  “As far as I’m concerned, I’m not going anywhere.  Ever, if I have my way. Please don’t worry about that.  And I’m not too worried.  I’m just the right amount of worried.”  He smirked. “Come on. Let’s go save Sugar from my car-obsessed dad.”


Kurt and Sugar ended up staying for lunch.  The Smythe’s had an outdoor kitchen that was everything Burt Hummel would ever want.  Kurt hoped one day his dad would be able to see it. They made hamburgers and hot dogs and enjoyed each other’s company.

“Oh Kurt, I almost forgot.  Congratulations on winning the competition yesterday!”  Tori said.

“You should have seen him, Mom.  He was so good. Seb, show her the video Nick sent you.” Leah said.  

Kurt just about choked on his drink when Leah suggested they see it.  Sebastian looked at him and grinned.

“How about you wait until I leave if you insist on showing your parents.  There was a reason I didn’t want my own parents to come.” Kurt blushed.

“It was sexy.”  Sebastian said and he smiled at the memory of Kurt incredible routine.


Kurt and Sugar said their goodbyes shortly after lunch.  Kurt was exhausted. He hadn’t been home since early the previous day.  Sugar looked over at him as she drove him home. “You okay, Angel?”

“Yeah, Sugar.  I’m just tired.” He turned and smiled at her without lifting his head.  “Hey, thanks for being so sweet to Leah. I’m glad you’re so willing to accept her into our family.”

“Leah’s great!  She really is. She fits right in.  I wish she was home more often.”

Kurt just smiled at her, and then quickly fell asleep in the car.




Later that evening Kurt was laying on his bed listening to music when he heard a knock on the door. “Come in.”  He shouted over the music and then reached to turn the volume down. To his surprise, Puck came walking in.

“Noah…Are you okay?  You don’t look like you’re okay….”

Puck tried to smirk, “Gee, thanks, Princess.”  He sat on the edge of Kurt’s bed.

“Well, are you?...Okay?  What’s up?” Kurt looked worried.

“I need to talk to you.  I need advice. I just don’t know what to do.”  Puck was rushing, starting to babble, but stopped himself.

“Sugar?”  Kurt gently questioned.  Puck shook his head ‘yes’.

“Noah.  I don’t understand what’s holding you back.  It’s obvious to everyone around you two that you like each other.  Everyone thinks you’d be great together. So why don’t you just go for it?  I know she would say yes if you asked her out on a date. We could even go on a double date if you want.”

Puck to a deep breath, trying to gather his thoughts so that he could really explain them to Kurt.

“I know Sugar likes me.  And I know I like her too.  But I like her so much that I am terrified that I will screw it all up and lose her forever.”

“Noah, I know relationships are new to you, but you need to give yourself credit.  You care about her too much to go and cheat on her…”

“I would never cheat on her!”  Puck interrupted.

“I know.  And she likes you for you.  You’re a great guy, Noah. You don’t need to be so worried.  You know, you’re kinda the straight, not-rich version of Sebastian.  He didn’t do relationships either, and look at wonderful he is at being my boyfriend.  Sometimes the right person makes all the difference.”

Puck sighed, “Yeah, I guess.”




Monday morning found Noah Puckerman leaning up against his truck that was parked in the school lot in the area where Sugar usually parked.  He was so nervous, he thought he might actually throw up. Could he do this? What if it messed up their friendship? But, what if it actually worked?
Sugar pulled into the spot behind Puck’s truck.  He thought maybe he might pass out. He had to pull himself together.  He had wooed many girls before, why was it so hard with Sugar?

“Good Morning, Puck!”  Sugar said as she got out of the car.

“Mornin’ Sugar.” He said as he slowly walked up to her.  

“Walking me to class?”  She smiled.

“I can.  But I’d like to talk to you first.”

“Sure, Hun, what’s the matter?  You look a little stressed.”

“Nothing’s the matter, Sugar.  I’m just nervous.”


“You.  You, Sugar.  You make me nervous as hell.”  Puck shook his head and smirked a bit.

“Why?  We’re friends.  No need to be nervous around me, Hun.”  Sugar put her hand on his arm and he froze.  

“That’s the thing, Sugar.  I don’t want to be ‘friends’. I want more than that with you, Sugar, and that makes me nervous.”  Puck was looking at her with worried eyes.  He had just opened up to her for the first time, and was hoping beyond all hope that he didn’t just ruin everything. “I don’t want to ruin our friendship, but at the same time, being just friends with you might just kill me.”

Sugar patiently smiled at him.  “What are you saying, Puck?”

Puck took a deep breath, “Sugar, will you be my girlfriend?”

Sugar squealed and jumped in Puck’s arms.  “Of course, Hun! It’s about damn time!”

Puck couldn’t smile any bigger if he tried.  He continued to hold onto Sugar. “Thank god.”  He pulled back and looked at her. “I promise to try my best not to screw this up.”

“I have faith in you, Puck.  Probably a lot more than you have in yourself, knowing you.  You’re a great guy. I wish you could see what I see. That’s why I’ve had such a crush on you for so long.”

Puck leaned down and kissed her forehead.  “Let’s get to class.” He grabbed her hand and started walking toward the school.  


Kurt arrived at school a few minutes later.  When he walked around the corner toward his locker, he saw Noah and Sugar holding hands as they walked down the hallway.  His eyes lit up and he started bouncing up and down. As the approached him, all three had huge smiles.

“So, I take it you’ve had a good morning?”  Kurt asked with a wink.

“The best!”  Sugar beamed.

“Yep!”  Puck beamed just as brightly.  

“Well, congratulations, you two.  I knew, well hoped, it would happen eventually.  I’m really happy for you both. Beyond happy, actually!”

They all made their way to their own classes.  As soon as Kurt sat down, he pulled out his phone and texted Sebastian, Leah, Nick, and Jeff in a group text.


From Kurt:

Guess who finally got some balls and asked Sugar out!!!!!

From Sebastian:

It’s about time!  I’m so happy for them!

From Leah:

Yay!!!  I bet she is sooo happy!

From Jeff:

Finally!  Happy for Sweets and Puck.  They are so meant for each other.

From Nick:

I see a triple date in the near future!

Chapter Text


Sebastian ended up meeting Kurt at Lima Bean on Wednesday after cheer practice.  They never could make the entire school week without seeing each other. They chose to sit in the couch by the fireplace again.  It was quickly becoming ‘their spot’.

“So Puck and Sugar, huh?”  Sebastian smiled. “How is that going?”

“Oh my gosh, they are so cute!  They’re holding hands and flirting. Noah walks her to class, and sits with her at lunch and Glee.  Adorable. I’m so glad he finally sucked it up and went for it.”

“Me too.  I think he was miserable without her.  It was hurting him.” Sebastian said.

“I agree.  We’ll have to go on a double date or something.”  Kurt smiled as he sipped his coffee.

“Oh, speaking of going out...Nick is having his annual Halloween party this weekend.  He kind of waited until the last minute this year because his parents weren’t going to take their annual anniversary trip, but changed their mind last minute.”

“Um, sure. Do his parents not know he throws this party?”  Kurt asked.

“Apparently not.  His older brother, Steven, will be there too.  He usually has a few people over as well, from what I hear.”

“Is it a costume party?”  Kurt asked. He loves dressing up, but it was awfully last minute to come up with a costume.

“I’m not sure, actually.  I’ll have to ask him.” Sebastian said.  “He’s inviting Puck and Sugar too. He said he’d call or text Sugar later.  He said you can ask your brothers if want too.”

“Sounds like fun!  I’d love to go.” Kurt smiled.


Sebastian couldn’t go back to Kurt’s house for dinner. He had a big paper due Friday, and he had been procrastinating doing it for far too long.  They said their goodbyes in the parking lot of Lima Bean. Kurt leaned up against his car and wrapped his arms around Sebastian’s neck as they shared a kiss goodbye.  

“Mmm, I’m going to miss you, Babe.”  Sebastian said as he pulled away.

“Me too, Bas.  I hate saying goodbye to you.”  Kurt laid his head on Sebastian shoulder.

“I know, me too.  But I’ll see you in two days.  I’ll come to the game Friday, and maybe we can go out for dessert after?”

“Sounds perfect.  I love you.” Kurt said as her gave Sebastian a quick kiss on the lips.

“I love you too.”  Sebastian smiled.


When Kurt pulled into his driveway, it was already dark.  He loved Autumn and Winter, but he hated that it got dark so early.  He noticed Noah’s truck in the driveway, and wasn’t the least bit surprised.  It was his second home. He paused for a minute as he sat in the driver’s seat.  He hoped one day soon that he would be seeing a little less of Noah. Not that he didn’t want to see him, but he was hopeful that he would be spending these times with Sugar.  He was so happy for them.

He stepped out of the Navigator and made his way up the driveway toward the front the door.  As soon as he got to the walkway, he froze. He felt it again. Someone was watching. He could feel their eyes on him.  But this time, he thought maybe he saw someone. It was only for a split second, but he was pretty sure he saw someone, or something, move behind the large Oak tree in his neighbor’s yard.  He was only frozen for a few seconds. He bolted toward the door, slamming it behind him when he got inside. His breathing was labored as he locked it behind him and ran into the living room.

Finn, Sam, and Puck were all playing video games when he entered the living room.  They immediately stopped. A sense of deja vu ran through them. “What’s wrong?!” Sam said as he stood and made his way toward Kurt.  Finn and Puck stood as well, ready to act.

“Someone….” Kurt tried to catch his breath, “..watching….”  He pointed toward the neighbor’s yard.

Finn took off out the front door, faster than any of the boys had ever seen run.  Puck decided quickly to take the back door, hoping to cut them off it they decided to slip into the back yards.  Sam stayed to make sure Kurt got his breathing under control.

“Breathe, Kurt.  Take a deep breath.”  Sam said calmly as he put his arm around him walked Kurt over to the couch.  “It’s okay. You’re safe inside. It’s okay.”

Once he started catching his breath, Kurt asked, “Is Dad home?”

“No, not yet.  Neither is Carol.”  

That did not calm Kurt, and he was starting to have a panic attack.  Sam quickly called Sebastian.

“Hey, Sam.” Sebastian answered.  
“Seb, someone was outside watching Kurt when he got home…”  Sam heard tires squealing, “Finn and Puck are outside looking now. Thing is, Kurt is having a panic attack.  I need you to talk him down. It’s not working when I tried. I’m putting him on now.”

Sam didn’t wait for a response.  He held the phone out and put it on speaker.  Kurt couldn’t say anything, but Sebastian could hear his labored breathing.  

“It’s okay, Baby.  I’m on my way. I hadn’t gone far, it won’t take long.  I need you to breathe. Take a deep breath for me.” He could hear Kurt trying to inhale a bit slower.  “That’s it. I need you to count to 10 in your head. Focus on the numbers. Sam is there with you. Nothing bad will happen.”

Sam was rubbing Kurt’s back as Sebastian continued, “Keep trying to take deep, slow breaths, Baby. Focus on your breathing…”


As soon as Finn was out the door, he saw him.  He was running through the yards, around trees, trying to find a good place to escape.  He was a good two front yards ahead of him.

“Puck!”  Finn yelled as he ran.

Puck heard him yell, and ran in between some houses so he could join the chase in front of the houses.  

“He’s up there!  He’s real!” Finn said.  The thought that there really was someone spying on his brother seemed to fuel him.  He thought maybe Kurt and Sebastian were just being paranoid after all they had been through.  He was pissed that someone was making Kurt feel so uncomfortable, so unsafe. Especially after all he had already been through with Blaine.  

“I see him!”  Puck yelled. He couldn’t believe how fast Finn was running.  No matter how hard he tried, Puck couldn’t catch up to Finn, much less this mystery stalker.

Finn was closing the gap pretty quickly.  Seems the asshole was losing steam. There was only one front yard between them, and then half a yard, and then he was almost within reach.  Finn gave one final push and then threw himself into the air, tackling the guy to the ground.

The large guy was face down, so Finn quickly rolled him over and punched him in the jaw before he could think, or even register who it was he was hitting.  He pulled his arm back for another swing as Puck finally caught up.

“Finn!”  Puck panted as he reached the pair.

That seemed to snap Finn out of it enough for him to register exactly what was happening, and who he was about to hit again…

“Karofsky?!”  Finn shouted. “What the fuck?!”  After everything Dave had put Kurt through before, finding out that he was the asshole who was stalking Kurt, after everything he had been through with Blaine… That set Finn off even more.  He pulled his fist back again, and before Puck could stop him, punched Dave a second time.

“How dare you!  You fucking asshole!”  Finn was grabbing him by the shirt lifting him slightly, and then slamming him back down into the ground, over and over again.  “After everything you’ve already done to him. Wasn’t that enough?”

“Finn! Stop!” Puck yelled.  “As much as I’d like to watch you pound him into the ground, you need to stop.”  Puck reached down and grabbed one of Dave’s arms and pulled him up from underneath Finn.  Dave wasn’t saying a word. Finn stood and grabbed Dave’s other arm.

“Let’s go.”  Puck said, “You have a lot of explaining to do, Karofsky.”  He paused for a minute and turned to Dave. “We’re going back to the house.  You’re going to explain yourself to Kurt, and to all of us. If you so much as look at Kurt the wrong way, what Finn just did will be a walk in the park.  And if they’ve already called Sebastian, I can’t promise anything. I will not hold him back.”


The chase had taken them at two and half blocks from the house.  By the time the three of them were a couple of houses away, they heard the tires squeal, and then saw Sebastian pull up in his corvette.

“Here we go.”  Puck said with only a slight tone of delight.  Dave looked a little worried. He may be bigger than Sebastian, but he remembered seeing Blaine knocked out on the ground.  If that was the fury that Sebastian could unleash on someone who messed with his crush, he could only imagine what he would do to someone who messed with the guy he now loved and called his own. The only thing working in his favor right now was the fact that Sebastian’s hand was still in a cast.

Sebastian got out of his car and it only took a couple of seconds to see Puck and Finn walking someone toward the house.  He scowled and marched through the yard toward them. When he saw who it was, he briefly thought maybe Dave had helped give chase, since he supposedly become a ‘good guy’.  But then he saw the state of the bruised jaw and blackening eye.
“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!  You fucking asshole!” Sebastian yelled.

Kurt heard Sebastian’s voice from inside.  He quickly got up and ran outside before Sam could stop him.  

“Kurt, wait!”  Sam yelled as Kurt was opening the door.  

“What the fuck is your problem?!”  Sebastian said as he made his way toward Dave.

Once the door was open and Kurt stepped outside, the first thing he saw was Sebastian and the anger on his face.  The pure determination. He followed Sebastian line of sight, and saw Finn and Puck holding on to a bruised Dave Karofsky.

“Karofsky?”  Kurt said. Flashes of locker checks, dumpster throws, intimidation, ‘the kiss’, and most of all, the death threat, all came rushing back to him.  Suddenly the world started to spin. Luckily, Sam had reached his side, because before anyone could do anything, Kurt fainted. Sam reached out and barely caught him on his way down.  

Sebastian had turned when he heard Kurt say Dave’s name.  He saw him go down, and ran to be by his side.

“You’re screwed now.”  Finn growled to Dave.

Sam was holding Kurt up from under his arms.  Sebastian scooped him up bridal style and took him into the house.  “I’ve got you, Baby. Wake up for me.” Seb said as he was carrying him.  He gently laid him down on the couch and kneeled by his side, running his fingers lovingly through Kurt’s hair. “Kurt, Baby, wake up.”  

Sam was standing by the couch watching when Finn and Puck walked in with Karofsky.  Dave glanced over at Kurt and his heart ached. He felt so bad for causing all of this.  The boys stopped and watched. They kept Dave on the other side of the room.

“Come on, Babe, I need you to wake up.”  Seb continued to stroke Kurt’s face and hair.  

Dave felt a tinge of jealousy.  He wished he could be the one comforting Fancy.  He wanted to be that close to him, touching his face lovingly.

Kurt started to stir.  “Bas,” he said before he even opened his eyes.

“That’s it, Baby.  Open your eyes.” Sebastian said as he kissed Kurt on the forehead.

Kurt’s eyes fluttered open. “Bas,”  Kurt said as he opened he looked at Sebastian, “what happened?”

“You fainted, Baby.  Are you feeling okay?”  Sebastian asked as he continued to stroke Kurt’s face.  

“Mmm.  I guess.”  Kurt said quietly.  He looked up at Sam, then over to where Finn and Puck had Dave.  Kurt’s eyes widened and he started to breathe heavy. He began scrambling backwards, pushing himself up and further away from Dave.  

“It’s okay, Kurt.  I’ve got you.” Sebastian said, as he quickly got up and sat next to Kurt, wrapping his arms around him.  “We will not let him hurt you.”  He glared at Dave, “Ever. Again.”

Kurt was curled up with his knees to his chest in the corner of the couch.  Sebastian continued to hold him. For the third time since meeting Sebastian, Kurt whispered, “Don’t let go, Bas.”

“Never, Baby.  I’m not going anywhere.  I’ve got you.” Seb said as he kissed Kurt’s forehead once again.

Finn and Puck dragged Dave over to a chair and shoved him into it.  They stood on either side of him and each kept a hand on one of his shoulders.  All those mob movies that they had watched seemed to be paying off.

Just as the boys were starting to question Dave, Burt and Carol came walking in.  

“Hi boys!”  Carol said as she walked in.  

Burt opened his mouth to say hello, but he immediately saw the state Kurt was in, and the dangerous look on Sebastian’s face.  Following Seb’s line of sight, he turned and saw Finn and Puck with their hands on Dave Karofsky. “Karofsky?” He looked at the other boys.  “What’s going on?” His voice was dangerously low.

“Kurt came home and felt like someone was watching him again.”  Finn said, “Only this time Kurt was sure he saw someone. Turns out, he was right.  Puck and I chased him a couple of blocks before I caught him. Sam stayed with Kurt.”

Burt could feel his face heating up.  Was Dave the one watching the boys? How could he do this?

“Burt, Honey, sit down.” Carol said. When he sat, Carol put her hand on his shoulder. She was worried about his heart.  She looked over to Kurt, “Kurt, Honey, are you okay?”

Kurt just shook his head ‘yes’.

Sebastian spoke up.  “He fainted when he saw it was Dave.”

Burt’s eyes widened for a second, and then he narrowed his glare at Dave.  “Spill it, asshole. What are you doing stalking Kurt and Sebastian?”

Dave didn’t say anything at first… Until Puck squeezed his shoulder tightly, digging his thumb into Dave’s muscle.  He looked at Sebastian and winked when he did it.

“Ah!  Okay!”  Dave said.  “I didn’t mean to scare you, Fancy.  I was watching out for you.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”  Sebastian asked.

Dave continued to speak directly to Kurt, instead of addressing anyone else.  Kurt listened, but refused to look at Dave. “After seeing you like we did at Scandals, I was really upset.  I wanted to protect you. And then Sebastian was always there.   He took you to the hospital.   He was at school when you went back.   He was taking you for coffee and out on dates.   He was at the football games, and cheer competition.   He was always there.  He even spends the night!  He came out of nowhere. I wanted to make sure he was treating you right. I couldn’t have another Dalton asshole messing with you.  I wanted to make sure you were okay.”

Sebastian turned his attention back to Kurt, who was still in his arms. “Are you okay, Baby?  You’re shaking.”

“Make him leave.”  Kurt said quietly to Sebastian. Kurt couldn’t believe Dave knew all of those things.  He must have seen a lot more than they thought. He felt violated...again.

“Sebastian, take Kurt to his room.  Stay there until I come and get you.”  Burt said.

Sebastian and Kurt got up, and without letting go of him, Seb lead them to Kurt’s room. Seb really wanted to stay and talk to Dave, but Kurt was his first priority, so they left anyway.

Dave was shifting in his chair, as if he wanted to get up and go after Kurt, or at least reach out to him. Finn squeezed his shoulder.  “Don’t even think about it, asshole.”

Burt glared at Dave.  Without taking his eyes off of him, Burt said, “Carol, go call Officer Weston.  Have him send someone out right now. You might want to call the Smythe's as well.”

“My pleasure.”  Carol answered and then left the room.

Burt cleared his throat.  “Here’s what’s going to happen, Dave.  Officer Weston, or one of his fine associates, will come and we will see what legal action can be taken.  If nothing can be done right now, they will escort you home. Kurt and Sebastian will both have a restraining order taken out against you.  And if you ever so much as look at Kurt the wrong way, I will get Elizabeth and make you pay.”

Finn leaned down and whispered, “Elizabeth is his shotgun.  She’s so special, he named her after Kurt’s mom. But you may already be dead by the time Burt finds you, if I have anything to say about it.”  

Burt continued, “You say all of these things about Sebastian, but you do realize he is Kurt’s boyfriend, right?”  Dave nodded. “Sebastian has been nothing but kind, patient, loving, and respectful to Kurt.  There is no reason for me to worry about the two of them together. Seb has proved over and over again that he will take care of my son.  But your actions have done nothing but hurt him.  You caused him to transfer schools with your bullying and threats.  And when he was a big enough of a man to forgive you, you go and betray his trust again.  He had night terrors and panic attacks because of you. You were obviously watching more than we thought since you knew so much...”

Dave didn’t know about the panic attacks (other than the one tonight) or the night terrors.  He felt bad about it, but he still didn’t feel bad for making sure his Fancy was okay.

Before Burt could continue, the doorbell rang.  Sam went to answer. When he returned, he had Officer Weston and Officer Miller with him.  Carol soon joined them as well.

Burt stood and shook their hands.  “Officers, thank you for coming so quickly.”

“Absolutely, Mr. Hummel.  Your wife said that the boys caught the person who has been watching your son and his boyfriend?”  Officer Weston asked.

“Yes.  Carol and I weren’t home yet, but from what the boys tell me, when Kurt came home from a coffee date with Sebastian, he felt like someone was watching him again.  But this time he saw him. Finn and Puck chased him and caught him while Sam stayed with Kurt. Kurt had a panic attack, so Sam called Sebastian. When Kurt saw it was Dave here, he fainted. The two of them are in Kurt’s room now, because just being in the same room as Dave was making Kurt shake.”

Officer Miller raised an eyebrow, so Carol jumped into the conversation. “This is Dave Karofsky.  He bullied Kurt so badly his sophomore year and beginning of junior year, including threatening to kill Kurt, that we had to transfer Kurt to Dalton Academy for the remainder of the year last year.”  The look on the officers faces was one of shock and disgust combined. Carol continued, “Dave apologizes to Kurt and Kurt forgave him. Dave was there the night his ex tried to rape him, and was the one who called 911.”

Puck joined in, “From what he just told us, he’s jealous of Sebastian.  He says he was just making sure Kurt was alright, but he’s really just jealous.”

Burt sighed, “I’m done having my son not be able to live his life without fear.  Soon, he’s going to have to face Blaine in court, and while waiting for that, he has to deal with this shit.  We want a restraining order. I’m sure the Smythe’s will want one too.”

Officer Weston said, “I understand completely, Mr. Hummel.  We’ll take him down to the station, but we do need to speak to Kurt and Sebastian.”  He paused, and then asked, “Sebastian is a Smythe? As in Robert Smythe’s son?” Burt smirked, knowing what the officer was thinking, and nodded his head.  Officer Weston and Officer Miller both gave a dry humorless laugh. “Well kid,” looking at Karofsky, “of all the people you decide to mess with, you chose the sons of a congressman and state’s attorney.  Smart.”

“I will speak to the boys, meanwhile, you load him into the cruiser and call his parents.”  Officer Miller said to Officer Weston.


When Robert and Victoria pulled up to the Hummel-Hudson home, there was a police officer loading someone into the back of a cruiser.  

“Shit.”  Robert said.

“That’s him?  The one who was messing with the boys?” Tori asked.  

“Seems so.  I’m glad they got him.”  Robert said as he exited the car.  

“Me too.  Let’s go see the boys.”  

When they walked past the cruiser, Officer Weston, turned and greeted them.  “Mr. and Mrs. Smythe?” He stuck out his hand.

Robert shook his hand as he said, “Yes, Officer.  Is it okay if we go on in?”

“Of course.”  Officer Weston answered.

Robert and Tori didn’t even need to knock before Sam opened the door.  He had met Robert at the hospital, so he addressed Tori. “Hi, I’m Sam. I’m Kurt’s honorary brother.”  He shook their hands. “Come on in. Carol went to get Kurt and Sebastian.” As they walked in Tori gave a questioning look to Sam’s comment, so Sam quietly added, “Kurt was having a hard time being in the same room as Karofsky.”  He nodded toward the police cruiser.

“Poor guy.”  Tori said as she continued to walk into the living room.  

Once they were in the living room, Burt stood and greeted Robert with a handshake.  Once Carol returned, Robert introduced Burt and Carol to Tori, and Burt introduced them to Officer Miller, Finn, and Puck.  

Burt gave them a quick summary of the night’s events, and soon Kurt and Sebastian appeared from Kurt’s room.  Kurt tried to give everyone a small smile before he headed straight for the couch, but Sebastian stopped to greet his parents before sitting next to Kurt and grabbing his hand.

Officer Miller gave Kurt and encouraging smile.  “Kurt, I need to ask you some questions about your relationship with Dave Karofsky, as well as the events from this evening. Would you like to do this in private?”

Kurt quickly shook his head.  “No! No. I want to do here. Everyone knows everything anyway.  I need them here.”

“That’s fine, Kurt.  Why don’t you start by telling me how you know Dave Karofsky, and what your relationship with him is like.”

Kurt cleared his throat and Sebastian put his arm around him, rubbing his back for comfort. “Well, David went to my high school, McKinley, and was on the football team my freshman and sophomore year.  We didn’t know each other at all freshman year, other than having English class together. Then something changed our sophomore year. He started bullying me.”

Officer Miller was taking notes.  “What kinds of things was he doing that you consider it bullying?”

“He would shove me into lockers, throw slushies in my face, throw me in dumpsters.  I had bruises all over…”

Tori squeezed Robert’s hand.  She hated to hear about these things.  She already knew them because of what Sebastian had told them, but hearing them from Kurt made her even more upset.  

“Was he the only one did these things?”  Officer Miller asked.

“No.  There were several other jocks who did the same thing.  But David did it the most. He was ruthless. My junior year became really bad.  Things...intensified.”

“How so?”

“He would start to throw me into lockers, not just shove.  The bruising was much worse because of that. Things happened more often than not.  One day, I confronted him. Stupidly, I did it in the locker room when we were alone.  He... forced a kiss on me.” Kurt cleared his throat again took a deep breath, “Apparently he’s also gay.  He was afraid I would tell people… out him… and that made him come after me even more. He eventually threatened to kill me if I told anyone.”

“Did you tell anyone? About him being gay?”  

“No, ma’am.  It’s not my place.  It wasn’t my secret to share.  He was kicked out of school, but soon, the school board overturned the principal's decision.   That’s when I transfered to Dalton.”

“Okay.  Why did you decide to return to McKinley?”  Officer Miller asked.

“We heard David transferred to Carmel.  Dalton is too expensive to continue paying for if I didn't have a good reason for being there.  I need that money for college. And, all of my friends were at McKinley. My brothers and friends form from Glee are really protective of me now.  They didn’t know what was happening before until it was too late. I didn’t really tell anyone. And, I only had a couple of friends at Dalton. My ex made sure to not let me have much of a social life.”

“Your step-mother said you forgave Mr. Karofsky?”

“Yes, ma’am.  One day he approached me at  Lima Bean. I was terrified.”  He looked over to Sebastian and gave him a small smile. “That’s actually how I met Sebastian.  I asked if I could sit with him when I discovered I couldn’t avoid David.” Officer Miller smiled.  “David gave me a sob story about how he was confused about his sexuality. How he thought me being in school was making him confused, but when I went to Dalton, it didn’t clear up his confusion like he thought it would.  He apologized. I felt bad for him. I know it can be hard to keep such a big part of you a secret. I even gave him my number in case he needed to talk about it.”

“Was that the last time you saw him?”

“No, ma’am.”  Kurt took a deep breath and Sebastian tightened his hold on Kurt. “He was at Scandals that night that Blaine… David was at Scandals the night we were.  We talked. He was friendly enough. Sebastian never let me be alone with him, just in case. He even danced with us some. My ex-boyfriend, who was my boyfriend at the time, was the only one of us to drink.  I was going to drive him home and walked out to the parking lot with him after saying goodbye to everyone. He tried to rape me. He beat me up pretty bad when I tried to fight him off. Sebastian came outside for some fresh air and found him on top of me.”  Kurt’s voice started to crack. “That’s how Bas broke his hand.” Kurt turned toward Sebastian and tried to smile. He had tears in his eyes. Sebastian stroked his cheek lovingly.

“You can do it, Babe.”  Sebastian whispered. “You’re doing a great job.”

Kurt took another deep breath before continuing.  “Bas knocked Blaine out. He called our friends to come outside to help and told them to call 911.  Dave saw our friends leaving, upset, and followed them out. He’s the one who called 911. I saw him again a couple of weeks later at Lima Bean again.  He was friendly enough. He actually sounded happy that Bas and I had decided to date.”

“Thank you, Kurt.  I know that was hard to have to tell me. One more question.  How many times did you feel like you were being watched?”

“Three times including tonight.”

Sebastian added, “I was there for one, and then there was another time for me when I was at the football game.  So for both of us together, it was four times. Just so we’re clear, everything he said tonight indicated he was watching a lot more that those four times.  He knew every place we had been together.”

“Okay.” Officer Miller said, “I think we have plenty.”  She turned to both sets of parents. “I’m assuming you still want the restraining order?”

“Absolutely.”  Burt said.

“Well, Sebastian is 18, so it’s up to him, but I’m assuming his answer is yes.”  Robert said.

“Without a doubt.”  Sebastian said.

“Alright, we’ll take Karofsky down to the station.  I’ll file the report and get started on those restraining orders.”  She paused, “Boys, I’m really sorry you have been through so much. I hope all of this ends soon, so you can move on with your lives.  I’ve met you two twice now, and I have to say, you both impress me very much. Not only your composure, but also your love toward each other. It’s nice to see.”

“Thank you, Officer Miller.  And thank you for all of your help.  Honestly, things could be a lot different for us right now if you had been half as homophobic as the rest of this town.”  Sebastian said.

“Well, Sebastian, my girlfriend and I would agree with you on that one.”  She winked at him.

Sebastian and Kurt both smiled a genuine smile for the first time since parting at Lima Bean earlier that night.  The rest of the room matched their expression.

“I also have to say,”  She said, looking at the rest of the people in the room, “You two have a great support system.  You’re both very lucky.”

“That we are.”  Kurt said.

Both sets of parents walked Officer Miller to the door.  Before exiting, she had one last thing to say. “Off the record, I’m going to ignore the black eye and bruised jaw that I saw on Dave.  However, I can’t promise his parents will. Just a word of warning.”

“I understand.  Thank you, again, Officer Miller.  We appreciate your help.” Burt said.

“I’m glad to be of service.  Have a nice evening.” She said as she made her way to the cruiser.  

Burt turned to the Smythe’s, “Anyone up for pizza?  I’m sure no one is up for cooking, and I’m sure the boys are all starving.”

“Sounds great.”  Tori answered.


The rest of the evening was spent with pizza and friends.  Everyone was trying their best to take Kurt’s mind off the evening’s events.  Kurt and Sebastian were sitting together, cuddling, on the couch. Tori got up and went into the kitchen with a few empty glasses.  Carol was there already, putting things away.

“Can I help you with anything, Carol?”  Tori asked.

“Oh, no thank you.  Pizza nights are always so easy to clean up.”  She smiled.

Tori sat down at a stool by the island.  “Carol, thank you for accepting Sebastian into your family so easily.”

“Well, thank you for doing the same for Kurt.”  She turned and leaned on the other side of the island. “He loves Sebastian.  We love Sebastian.  He’s been so good for Kurt.”

Tori smiled, “That goes both ways.  Sebastian is finally himself, thanks to Kurt.  He was a bit lost when we lived in Paris. He loves Kurt so much, and so do we.  I have a feeling you and I are going to be in each other’s lives for a long, long time.”

“My guess is, the rest of our lives.”  Carol winked. Both moms were smiling a huge, knowing smile.

Chapter Text

Sebastian was exhausted by the time he got back to Dalton.  When he got back to his dorm room, Nick was nowhere in sight.  Sebastian took a minute to sit and think about all of tonight's events.  He took a deep breath, and then texted Nick.


From Sebastian:

Hey,  I need to talk with you.  Coming back soon? Bring Jeff.

From Nick :

Yeah, we were just hanging out with Trent.  Be right there.


A few minutes later, Nick and Jeff had made their way back.  Sebastian was already changed for bed and was leaning back against his headboard.

“Hi, Seb. Everything okay?”  Nick said as he and Jeff walked into the room.

“Yes and no.”  Sebastian said, sitting up and turning toward Nick’s bed where Nick and Jeff had were taking a seat.

“What happened?  You didn’t break up with Kurt, did you?”  Jeff looked worried.

“No, Jeff.  I’m not crazy.  I don’t plan on ever breaking up with Kurt. If things go bad, he will have to be the one to do it. I’m in this for the long haul.”  Sebastian smirked.

“Good.  I was scared.  I like you, Seb.  I didn’t want to have to hurt you.”  Jeff smiled.

Sebastian smiled.  “Okay, Jeff. Whatever you say.”

“Okay, so if it’s not Kurt, what is it?”  Nick asked.

“Well, it does have to do with Kurt.  Remember when Kurt and I were feeling like we were being watched? Like at the football game you guys came to?”  Both Nick and Jeff shook their heads and both looked equally worried. “It happened to Kurt again tonight when he got home from our coffee date.  But this time, he saw someone.” Jeff gasped. “He went inside right away. Finn and Puck chased the guy, and Sam stayed with Kurt who was having a panic attack at that point.”  Jeff covered his mouth with his hand, and Nick put his arm around his boyfriend. “Sam called me. I was on my way back here, so I turned around. I tried to calm Kurt down over the phone.  By the time I got there, Finn and Puck had caught the guy.” Seb cleared his throat, and both Nick and Jeff were hanging on every word. “I turns out, it was Dave Karofsky.”

“What the hell!”  Nick yelled.

“No. Way.”  Jeff said. “I thought he was a good guy now!  He apologized! He seemed okay!” Jeff was standing, pacing back and forth.  “He was there the night Blaine tried to rape Kurt.  He saw him just like we did! He knows he’s been through hell!  How could he do this!?”

Nick walked over and put his arm around Jeff and walked him back to the bed where they had been sitting.  “Jeffie, calm down. Let Seb tell us what happened.”

Jeff inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly. “Okay.  Okay, I’m good. Sorry. It just upsets me so much.  Kurt has been through so much, and Karofsky was a big part of that already.  Now he had to go and add to it again?”

“Yeah, well, the way Dave tells it, he was just making sure Kurt was safe with me.”  Nick and Jeff both made a face like Seb was crazy. They knew there was no one who Kurt could be safer with than Sebastian.  Sebastian would do anything for Kurt, and anyone who saw them together, or separate for that matter, could see that. “He was apparently watching a lot more than we thought.  He knew everywhere we had been together.” Sebastian paused and then added, “Dave seemed to be upset with me. He was upset that I get to date Kurt.. .I was there to comfort him, and be with him.  I don’t know if he’s more upset with me, or if he’s upset with Kurt for choosing me and not him.”  

“That’s messed up.”  Nick said.

“I know.  So, when Kurt’s parents got home soon after,  Burt had Carol call the police and my parents.  Kurt had to retell the police everything - from the bullying, to the night at Scandals, to the feeling of being watched.  It was really hard on him.” Sebastian sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. “We are both getting a restraining order against him.”

“Good.  How was Kurt after?”  Nick asked.

“He was pretty exhausted.  It’s all really worn him out.  He was shaking like a leaf when Dave was talking.  And before that, when he first saw that is was Karofsky, he actually fainted.”  Seb had his head in his hands in frustration.

“Oh my god.  Poor Kurtsie.  He’s been through so much.”  Jeff said.

“And he still has more to go through with the trial coming up.”  Nick said.

“Yeah.”  Seb sighed. “I know this goes without saying at this point, but if Karofsky contacts you, do not reply or answer his calls.  Also, make sure you tell me about it. I’d rather you not say anything to Kurt about it though.”

“Of course, Seb.  Whatever you need us to do, just let us know.”    Nick said.

“How about for now, we just make sure Kurt has fun at your party on Saturday.”  Seb said.

“Done!”  Jeff said.  




The next day at school, Kurt was walking to his locker when he got a text from Sebastian.

From Sebastian:

Have a good day, Baby.  I love you.

From Kurt:

You first.  I love you too.  Thanks again for last night.  You really are amazing.

From Sebastian:

It’s easy to do, when it’s you I’m doing it for.


Kurt was immediately greeted by Sugar.  

“Angel, are you okay?  Puck told me.” She asked as she gave a Kurt a big hug.  

“Yeah, I’m okay.  I’m kinda glad we know who it is now.  Although, I never would have guessed it was him.”  He stopped and looked at Sugar and winked as he said,  “You’re boyfriend was awesome.”

Sugar just beamed.  “I’m glad he was there for you, Angel.”

“He always is.”  Kurt smiled.


Lunch time came and Finn and Puck sat on either side of Kurt.  He smiled sheepishly and said, “I know what you’re doing, and you don’t need to.”

“What?  We aren’t doing anything.”  Finn said with a smirk.

“He’s not here.  I’m fine, guys. I promise.  You were amazing last night, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart… But I’m fine.”  Kurt said.

Puck leaned over and quietly said, “Look, Princess… I know he’s not here, but some of his best friends are.  I doubt they do, or ever will, know anything about it, since that might out him. But just in case, let us feel better by sticking by your side a bit longer.”

Kurt sighed and put down his water bottle.  “Alright.” He paused and then remembered the party.  “Hey! Did Nick text you guys about his party?”

“Yeah, man.  Sounds like fun.  Can I bring Rachel?” Finn asked.

“I’m sure it’s fine.”

Puck smiled.  “You know Sugar and I will be there.  She would never miss out on something like that.  Plus any opportunity for her to see Jeff, she’s there.”  

They were all laughing at that when Sugar walked up. “What’s so funny?”

“Oh, just the fact that you wouldn’t miss Nick’s party since Jeffie will be there.”  Kurt smiled.

“Oh course I wouldn’t miss it!  Jeffie is like my long lost… brother?  Friend? Cousin? I don’t know… I just like him.”

“He’s hard not to like.”  Kurt giggled. “Oh, Bas said it’s a costume party.  What are you guys going to go as? It’s kind of last minute, and I won’t have time to make anything good.”

“How about a punk rocker?”  Puck said. “That would be easy for me!”

Kurt’s face lit up.  “We could all dress as punk rockers like we’re in a band!  It would give me a chance to wear eyeliner again. Bas liked that.”  He wiggled his eyebrows.

“Then it’s settled!”  Sugar said. “Big hair, here I come!”


After school, Sebastian texted Kurt again before Warbler rehearsal.

From Sebastian:

How did school go? Anyone say anything?

From Kurt:

It was fine.  No one said anything.  Did you put Noah and Finn up to being my secret service today?

From Sebastian:

Nope, wasn’t me.  But I’m glad they were there for you today.  Makes me feel better.

From Kurt :

They were very protective, but I didn’t mind.  Go get your paper done. It’s going to take you all night.  I’ll see you tomorrow night at the game. Love you.

From Sebastian:

Love you too, Babe.




On Friday night, Sebastian headed to Sugar’s house so she could go to the game with him.  When he rang the bell, Vinny answered with a big smile.

“Well, Sebastian!  It’s nice to see you again.”

“You too, Vinny.  Is Sugar ready?”

“I’m sure she will be in a-”

“Ready!”  Sugar said from behind her dad.  She leaned up and kissed him on the cheek.  “Bye, Daddy. Puck will be bringing me home.  I’ll call if we’re going to be late.”

“Puck, huh?”  Vinny raised an eyebrow.  He turned to Sebastian, “What do you think of that Sebastian?”  Vinny actually liked Puck just fine, but he wanted to be extra sure that his baby girl was dating someone worthy.  He trusted Sebastian, since he had heard of all he had done for Kurt.

“Puck is fantastic, Vinny.  I would have no problem with Leah dating him if she were older.  He’s very protective of the people he cares about, and he obviously cares about Sugar a great deal.”

Vinny clapped Sebastian on the shoulder, “Good to know.  I liked him, but he’s always so quiet around me.”

“I think he was probably nervous.  It took him a long time to ask Sugar out because he was so nervous about it.  He doesn’t want to screw this up. He really is head over heels for her. He’s a good guy.”

Sugar was standing there looking at her dad with big puppy dog eyes.  “Feel better, Daddy?”

“Much.”  Vinny winked at them.  “Alright, get out of here!”

“Thanks, Daddy!”  Sugar said as she grabbed Sebastian’s arm and headed out the door.

When they got in the car, Sugar turned to Sebastian and said, “Thanks for saying all those things about Puck, Seb.”

“I didn’t say anything that wasn’t true, Sugar.  He’s a great guy, and he really does care about you a lot.”

Sugar paused and then go all excited, “Let’s take a selfie!  We’ll commemorate the occasion.”

She got her phone and leaned over.  They took the selfie and she quickly texted the pic to Kurt and Puck with the text, ‘On our way to see our boyfriends!’

Sebastian and Sugar enjoyed watching the game. They ended up sitting with all of the non-football playing Glee members.  Sebastian was pleased that they accepted him so easily, and he fit in just fine. A few of them were a bit annoying, but others made up for that. Sebastian was actually impressed with Sugar’s football knowledge.  She occasionally had to fill Sebastian in on what was happening in the game, because he was too distracted watching Kurt cheer.

After the game, Sebastian and Sugar waited for their boyfriends by the locker room doors.  Sugar filled Sebastian in on what they had all discussed for a costume idea.

“You mean I get to see Kurt with eyeliner again?!”  Sebastian said as he wiggled his eyebrows.

Sugar laughed, “Yep!  Angel did look really hot, didn’t he?”

“Oh my god, I am going to have to summon every bit of self control I have.” Sebastian smiled and they both laughed.  


Later that evening Sebastian and Kurt were eating dessert at Desserted Love.  Sebastian was smirking to himself.

Kurt grabbed Sebastian’s hand across the table.  “I’m so glad you finally got your cast off. That was a nice surprise.”

“I’m glad too.  It feels good.” Sebastian smirked as he stretched his hand across Kurt’s hand and over his wrist.  He looked like he was thinking about something, but it wasn’t his hand.

“You know, you have quite an obvious ‘I’m-up-to-no-good’ look on your face.  What are you up to?” Kurt asked with a flirty tone.

“Hmm?  Nothing.”  Sebastian said as innocently as possible, though he wasn’t quite selling it.  

“Yeah, I’m not buyin’ it.”  Kurt smiled.

Sebastian smiled back.  He put down his fork and leaned forward.  “So about these costumes you and your friends want us all to wear…”

“You mean our friends.  And what about them?”  Kurt squinted his eyes and raised an eyebrow.

“Does that mean I get to see you with eyeliner and messy hair again?”  Sebastian wiggled his eyebrows.
Kurt giggled, “Of course that’s what you’re thinking.”  He leaned forward as well and in a low, sexy voice, said, “Yes.  But that also means I get to see you in eyeliner and messy hair.  And I can’t wait.”

Sebastian was frozen for a few seconds, staring at Kurt.  He cleared his throat and his mind, “Oh god, Baby, you’re killin’ me.”

Kurt just grinned.  Knowing what that look did for Sebastian was a huge motivation.  He couldn’t wait for the party.




“Kurt, I cannot do eyeliner!”  Finn exclaimed.

“You can, and you will.  Now hold still.” Kurt said.

“Dude, it will look awesome.  Look hot I look!” Puck said, gesturing to himself.  He was wearing a sleeveless shirt that showed off his muscles, and ripped up jeans.  He had a plaid shirt wrapped around his waist, and his mohawk was spiked. He wore a couple of leather cuffs on his wrist, and had on black combat boots.  

Finn and Sam were dressed similarly.  Finn wore one of Puck’s leather biker jackets over a t-shirt, and both boys had messy hair.  Sam had chains hanging from his front pockets to his back pockets, and shirt was just short enough to occasionally ride up and show off his abs.

Kurt laughed.  “You do look hot, Noah.  Sugar is going to be so excited… In more than one way.”  He turned and winked at Puck.

Just then, Sugar and Rachel walked in.  Their hair was teased out in wild curls, with sections of bright red.  Their eyes were smokey and heavily lined. They had on dark lipstick and small star stickers around their eyes.  

Sugar wore a small, black, leather mini-skirt, a cropped t-shirt that was white with black and red graphics, and a cropped army green jacket with studs.  Her black, heeled boots went up past her knees. She had on several bangle bracelets, and large hoop earrings.

“Oh fuck.”  Puck whispered.  Everyone giggled, including Sugar.  

“Like it?”  She asked, looking up at Puck through her lashes.  

“Um…”  Puck couldn’t form any more words.  He just shook his head ‘yes’.

“Damn, Rach.  You look hot.”  Finn said, looking at her over Kurt’s shoulder. She was wearing black leather pants instead of a skirt.  Her crop top was solid red, with ripped sections that revealed a black lace cami underneath. She wore similar jewelry, and her boots had heels that gave her several inches over her norm.

Kurt finished up lining Finn’s eyes, and turned to the girls.  “You two look so hot. Not hot enough to turn me straight, but close.”


“Angel, your man is not going to be able to keep his hands off of you tonight.”  

“That was kind of my goal.”  Kurt winked at her with a grin.  He had on a tight dark grey t-shirt with hints of blue in the graphics.  It showed off his nicely toned arms and chest. He wore black leather pants, with boots to his knees.  His hair was messy with blue streaks in it. His eyes were lined and he had a hint of mascara on. He wore a blue leather jacket that had several zippers going in all different directions.  

Kurt looked around at the group and smiled.  They did look hot. “Ready to rock n’ roll? We need to get to Bas’ early so I can do his makeup.”

“Let’s do it!”  Puck said.


When they got to Sebastian’s house, there was a collective gasp from everyone but Sugar, since she had already seen it.  “Yeah, I know.” Kurt said.

They rang the doorbell , with Kurt in front.  They all stuck a pose to surprise Sebastian when he opened the door.

Seconds later, the door opened, and Sebastian’s jaw dropped.  “Wow,” he breathed. He stepped out, wrapped his arms around Kurt’s waist, “Baby, you look… so…”  He pressed his hands possessively on the small of Kurt’s back and he leaned down and kissed Kurt. It started out gentle, but soon became a little more heated.

Finn cleared his throat.  “O-kay. That’s enough of that.  Seb, he is my little brother.”

Sebastian and Kurt pulled out of the kiss, and without taking his eyes off of Sebastian, Kurt said, “I’m older than you Finn.” as he winked at Seb.

Sebastian was wearing a tight black sleeveless t-shirt with graphics in silver. It showed off his arms perfectly.  His jeans were tight, and they had holes in them in all the right places. He had a leather cuff on his wrist, and two belts, one black, and one black and silver, that around his waist that hung slightly on his hips.  He had a chunky ring on his right hand.

Sebastian snapped out of the trance Kurt had him under and lead the way inside.  Once the group was in the living room, he said, “Kurt and I will be right back. Make yourselves at home.”  Satchmo came up behind him and whined. “Oh! This is Satchmo. He’s an attention hog, so if you start giving him lovin’, he won’t want you to stop.”  Finn was immediately on the floor playing with Satchmo. It was love at first sight.

Once they got upstairs, Sebastian closed the door to his room and kissed Kurt again.  “So fucking hot.” he said.

“Mmm, I’m glad you like it.  Now let’s get you ready so we can go.”  He began getting his hair and makeup stuff out. “Dad left for DC this morning, so he said I could stay here, if that’s still okay.”

“Of course.  You’re always welcome here.”

“I swear he trusts you more than anyone else.  It’s like he thinks of you as my bodyguard or something.”  Kurt smirked.

“Well, I take that as a compliment.  And of course I would protect you no matter what.  I love you.” Seb placed both hands on Kurt’s face.  He was happy he could do that now that his cast was off.  He leaned down and kissed Kurt again.

“I love you too, Bas.  So much.” Kurt smiled and kissed Sebastian on the cheek.  Kurt pulled Seb over to the chair at his desk. “Sit, please.”  He motioned to the chair.

Sebastian sat, and Kurt quickly worked his magic on Seb’s hair.  “Hot.” Kurt said as he stood back and looked at his work. “Now, time for make-up.”  Without saying another word, Kurt grabbed the eyeliner, and then straddled Sebastian’s lap.

Seb let out a low throaty growl, almost as a warning.  “Baby…” He placed his hands on Kurt’s hips.

Kurt gave a flirty grin, “Hold still.”

Once Kurt was finished with Sebastian’s eye makeup, he paused again to look at his work.  Sebastian looked so hot, Kurt couldn’t help it. He rolled his hips against Sebastian’s and whispered, “So. Sexy,” before quickly making his way off of Sebastian’s lap.  If he stayed even seconds more, they might not make it back downstairs to their friends.

Sebastian let out a big sigh, “You really are going to be the death of me.  I don’t know how I’m going to keep my hands to myself all night.”

Kurt cocked his head innocently, smirked, and said, “Then don’t.”

The boys joined the rest of the group downstairs.  “Damn, we look good!” Puck said.

“I agree.  We need a picture.”  Rachel said.

“Lets have Nick or Jeff take one once we’re there.  Thant way we can all be in the picture.” Seb said. At that, they were off.  Everyone piled into the Navigator except for Sebastian and Kurt, who took Seb’s corvette.  Sam drove the Navigator and followed Sebastian.


When they got to Nick’s house, the entire group inside the Navigator was making comments on the size of the house, and how kids from Dalton just live a different lifestyle.  When they got to the front door they pulled the same pose that they had for Sebastian. Nick’s eyebrows shot straight to his hairline. “Holy shit! You guys look amazing!” Nick was a zombie, with the rotting flesh to match.  

Suddenly there was a squeal from behind him.  “Oh my god!! You guys! You look SO HOT! Okay, this needs a photo, for sure!”  Jeff said. He was also a zombie. Nick and Jeff looked great together.

The group came in and posed for a few pictures with several peoples phones.

The party was well underway.  The Warblers were all there, as well as few other people from Dalton and their girlfriends.  There were a few friends of Steven’s, Nick’s brother, who mostly stuck to the kitchen and back patio by a fire they had going in the outdoor fireplace.  The living room had a karaoke machine going, and several Warblers were singing together. People were dancing and having a good time. There was a bit of alcohol, but nobody was full on drunk… Yet.

Kurt and Sebastian were holding hands as they walked into the living room, and their friends were close behind them.  As soon as the Warblers who were singing saw Kurt, they stopped singing. Everyone stopped and looked in the direction that the now silent singers were looking.  Most of the Warblers had not seen Kurt in a long time, and most had certainly not seen him since he was assaulted. One of them said, “Kurt.” They didn’t know what to say or what to do.

Sebastian sighed, and tightened his grip on Kurt’s hand.  “Guys…”

“It’s okay, Bas.”  Kurt looked up at him and smiled a small shy smile.  “Hi everyone. It’s nice to see you all. Look, I’m fine.  I don’t want anyone treating me any differently than you would have a couple of months ago.  Okay?” Several people grinned back and shook their heads. “While I have your attention, let me introduce you to ‘my band’.”  He chuckled. He introduced everyone from the New Directions. “Okay! Who’s singing next?” The crowd quickly went back to normal.


Everyone was having a good time dancing and singing.  At one point, Kurt was sitting in Sebastian’s lap on the couch when Rachel and Sugar decided to do a duet.  The boys were all gathered around watching when suddenly Jeff came into the room, looking worried. He tried his best to look casual, and wondered over toward the couch.  He stood behind it, and lightly tapped Sebastian on the shoulder. He immediately put a finger to his lips, so that when Sebastian turned, he would not say anything. Once Sebastian looked up at him, Jeff nodded toward the hallway, then looked toward Kurt and shook his head ‘no’.   What is going on?  Sebastian wondered.

Sebastian patted Kurt on the thigh and said, “Hop up, Babe.  I’ll be right back.” Kurt got up and sat back down in Sebastian’s spot.

Sebastian went into the hallway, and Jeff quickly followed.  Seb looked at Jeff, and could see the worry in his face. “What’s wrong, Jeff?”

Jeff paused for a second to calm his nerves. “Cooper is here. Apparently he and Steven are friends.”

“Shit.”  Sebastian sighed.  “Where is he?”

“Outside on the patio.”  Jeff said. “What do you want to do?”

“I don’t want to have to leave.  Kurt is having such a good time, and he needs this.  Maybe we can just avoid him. Now that we know he’s not the stalker, maybe it won’t be so bad.  Have Steven tell Cooper to stay outside. Or at least for him to stay out of the living room. I’ll try to keep Kurt in there so he doesn’t roam around too much.  I’ll give the guys a heads up too, so they can keep an eye out.”

“Okay, I can do that.”  Jeff said. He was a little relieved, but he still worried that Kurt would want to head outside or go to the kitchen.

Sebastian went back in and pulled Sam aside, since he was closest.  “Sam, Cooper is here. He’s friends with Nick’s brother. He’s outside.”

“Oh no. Do you want to leave?”

“No, I don’t want to do that to Kurt.  He needs this right now. Just tell Finn and Puck without Kurt hearing.  Jeff is going to see if they can keep Cooper from coming into the living room.  Maybe we can avoid each other all together.”

“Alright.  But if he says anything…”

“I know, Sam.  Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.”


Ten minutes later, Steven was outside with his friends.  “Okay, everyone. I have been asked to keep my friends separate from my brother’s friends.  Don’t ask me why. It’s probably some weird teenage reason. So let’s keep our party out here, and in the kitchen.”  Steven rolled his eyes as if he thought it was ridiculous. Steven knew exactly why they needed to keep the two groups separate.  Nick had explained the whole thing. He had been away at college when everything happened, so he had no idea what Kurt had been through and how Blaine was involved.  Otherwise, he would have never invited Cooper.

Everything was going great.  More dancing, singing, and partying continued for another hour. Whenever Kurt wanted something, someone was there to get it for him, or they would simply bring him something without him asking.  He didn’t even notice they were doing that.

Cooper, on the other hand, had been drinking.  He walked into the kitchen and heard the commotion coming from the living room.  He peaked his head in and saw Thad and Finn having a song battle. Everyone was cheering and carrying on.  Cooper staggered in and announced rather loudly, “So this is why we can’t come in here? Because your too busy si….”  He noticed Kurt and stopped speaking.

Thad and Finn had stopped singing.  All eyes, quickly went to Kurt, and then right back to Cooper.  Kurt had been standing behind the couch at a small table, talking to Trent.  All he could do was stare at Cooper. Sebastian had been sitting on the floor with Sugar, Puck, and a Warbler named Cameron.  Everyone knew who Cooper was, and everyone in the room stood up, essentially putting themselves between Cooper and Kurt. Sebastian quickly made his way to his boyfriend’s side, and grabbed his hand.  He stood with one shoulder in front of Kurt.

“I think you need to leave, Cooper.”  Nick said sternly. Jeff ran outside to get Steven.

“Why?”  Cooper said with a slight slur.  

“You were told to stay out of the living room.  And for good reason. You are not welcome here.”  Nick continued.

“Why not?  Because that little whore over there lied about my brother?”  He stepped forward, but so did Nick, Puck, Sam, and Finn. Rachel and Sugar made their way over to be next to Kurt.

“Watch your mouth, Anderson.”  Sebastian growled.

“Or what?  Think you can knock me out too?”  Cooper sneered and took another step forward.

Puck stepped in front of him.  He didn’t say a word. But he was not going to let him pass.  

“I know I could.  And would. But also, Puck there in front of you, could also do it.  Or Kurt’s brothers, Finn and Sam,” Finn and Sam stepped forward, “Or any of the other thirty plus friends we have in the room.”  Sebastian squeezed Kurt’s hand, let go, and stepped around the couch. He didn’t get in Cooper’s face, but he did make his physical presence known.  “Why don’t you come to the trial, Cooper. That way you can see the photos, and the evidence against your precious brother. Until then, don’t make assumptions or accusations.  You need to leave.”

You are making assumptions and accusations!” Cooper yelled.

“We were there, Cooper.  I saw with my own eyes what that asshole was doing to Kurt.”  He stepped closer. “And until the trial, I will do everything in my power to keep that night as far away from Kurt’s thoughts as possible.  And that starts with you getting the fuck out!”

As if on cue, everyone stepped forward toward Cooper.  For the first time, he looked around and saw every set of angry eyes looking at him. “Fine.”  He growled.

He turned around, and Steven was standing there.  “I called you an Uber, Coop. You’re leaving.”

Cooper threw his hand in the air in a dismissive manner and stormed out of the living room toward the front door.  Steven followed him to make sure he actually left.

Sebastian turned to make his way back to Kurt, only to realize that Kurt had already made his way to him.  Kurt threw himself into Sebastian's arms. Everyone was watching.

“I love you, Bas.”  Kurt said softly.

Sebastian kissed Kurt’s temple.  “I love you too, Baby.” He pulled back.  “Are you okay?”

“I’m wonderful.”  Kurt grinned.

Sebastian raised his eyebrows in surprize.  “You are?”

“Yep.”  Kurt turned to look at everyone.  All eyes were still on them, and the room was silent.  “You see, a couple of years ago, I had no one. And now… I have an amazing boyfriend,”  He ran a hand down Seb’s cheek, “two great brothers,” He looked to Finn and Sam, “and the best friends in the world.  A whole room full of them!” His smile grew. “Thank you everyone. You were here for me when I needed you. Some of you, more than once or twice.”  He looked at Puck and Sebastian. “I am one lucky guy.”

Sebastian smiled and leaned down and kissed him.  After a few hoots and hollers, things started to get back to normal.  

Nick approached Kurt.  “Sorry, Kurt. I didn’t know he would be here, and Steven didn’t know what had happened since he was out of town, or he would have never invited him.”

Kurt put his hand on Nick’s shoulder, and smiled softly.  “No need to apologize. I’m fine.”


When the evening was coming to an end, Kurt received more hugs than ever remembered getting.  When he hugged Sam and Finn goodnight, he reminded them that he was staying with Sebastian.

“Yeah, be good.”  Finn replied.

“What’s the fun in that?”  Kurt smiled.


“You know I’ll be fine.  No worries.”

Kurt turned and gave Sugar and Puck a hug goodbye.  “Thanks again, guys. You really are the best.”

“Of course, Princess.”  Puck grinned.

“Love you, Angel.”  Sugar smiled. “Have fun tonight!”  She said as she wiggled her eyebrows.


Sebastian walked up to Kurt and put his hand on Kurt’s back.  Kurt loved how Sebastian’s hand felt large and possessive where it rested.  

“Ready to go, Babe?”

“All set.”  Kurt said.


When they got back to Sebastian’s house, Kurt realized that Sebastian’s parents still didn’t seem to be home.

“Are your parents still out?”

“Yeah, they’re in DC at the same event as Burt.”  Sebastian answered. He thought Kurt knew that. “I’m sure your dad knew that.  It’s kind of a big deal event. I thought that’s why he wanted us to stay together.”

“Oh, I’m sure he did realize.  I just didn’t. That’s… convenient.”

Sebastian walked back over to where Kurt was standing and put his hand on his shoulder.  “If you aren’t comfortable with this, I can take you home. Or you could stay in a guest room, if that makes you feel better.”

“No, Bas, I’m not uncomfortable at all.  I just didn’t realize. It’s a nice surprise.”  He smiled.
“I like that I’ll have you all to myself.”

“Good.  Let’s go upstairs.”

Kurt couldn’t wait to get upstairs.  A shower and his boyfriends arms, sounded perfect.

Chapter Text


Once upstairs in the bedroom, Sebastian closed the door and turned around only to find Kurt inches in front of his face.  Kurt tossed his bag aside and pushed Sebastian up against the door. Sebastian felt his heart was going to beat out his chest.   Fuck, that’s hot, he thought.  Surely he’s not...

Before Sebastian could even finish that thought, Kurt said, “I need you to understand something, Bas.”  He leaned up and kissed Sebastian. When he pulled away, he continued whispering in Sebastian’s ear, “I am not a fragile flower.  I’m not made of glass.” He kissed Seb again, only deeper, running his hand up through Seb’s hair. Sebastian moaned into the kiss.  Kurt pulled away again, and kissed Sebastian’s neck, “I know you’re holding back, and I know why.” Kurt pressed his body against Sebastian’s, “But you don’t need to.” Kurt rolled his hips against Sebastian.

Sebastian let out a low growl as Kurt continued to give open mouth kisses on his neck.  “Baby…”

Kurt pulled back and looked Sebastian in the eyes.  “I don’t feel broken when I’m with you, like if you touch me the wrong way, or say the wrong thing, I might crumble.  So don’t treat me that way.” He ran his hands through Seb’s hair and then to his face. “I know you love me. You show me in everything you do.  And I love you.” He leaned up and took Sebastian’s bottom lip between his teeth for a few seconds and then sucked it. “Nnn, I also know you want me.” He rolled his hips again.  “And I want you too, Bas.”

Sebastian put his hand on the small of Kurt’s back and pulled him in even closer.  “I do want you. So fucking much. But,” he kissed Kurt’s neck, “I need you to tell me what you want, Baby.”  He had one hand thread through Kurt’s hair, and the other was fisting the back of Kurt’s shirt. He continued to kiss Kurt’s neck for a bit, and Kurt couldn’t even form words.  “I need to hear it, Kurt.”

The heat was building inside Kurt unlike anything he had ever imagined.  He needed Sebastian. Now. And he needed him to take control.

“Bas, please.”  Kurt breathed. He continued to thrust his hips forward while Sebastian was kissing his neck, searching for friction as he spoke. “I’m tired of thinking.  I’m tired of trying to control things in my life. This needs to be different. I need you. I trust you. Take control, Bas. Make me yours.”

“Fuck.”  That was all Sebastian needed to hear before taking control.  He spun Kurt around so that he was the one against the door. “I want your cock in my mouth.”  He whispered in his ear as was grinding against him. “And when I’m finished, you’re going to do the same for me.”  Kurt moaned at the words and the demand in his boyfriend’s tone.

Sebastian pulled Kurt’s shirt off over his head, and then kissed him hard.  When he pulled away, he began on his neck, and then worked his way down Kurt’s chest until he was on his knees in front of him.  He made quick work of undoing Kurt’s pants, and then lowered them down past his hips.

He wrapped his long fingers around Kurt’s cock and stroked a few times as he looked up into Kurt’s eyes.  He winked at him and then took the head of dick into his mouth and sucked. Kurt let out whimper, and then threaded his fingers into Sebastian’s hair.  “Fuck!”

Sebastian lowered his head and took Kurt into his mouth as far as he could.  He worked his tongue over the slit, and moaned as he took Kurt all the way again.  He was good at this, and he knew it. His head bobbed up and down as he sucked. He continued to use his hand at the base of Kurt’s cock, and then cupped his balls and massaged.

After a few minutes, Kurt was seeing stars.  A warm feeling was building, and he knew it wouldn’t be long.  “Bas…”

Sebastian pulled away and stoked as he said, “Cum for me, Baby.”  He circled his tongue around the head of Kurt’s dick and then took his length over and over.  Kurt gripped Sebastian’s hair, “Ahhh! Bas!” and came hard down his throat.

Sebastian moaned as he swallowed Kurt down.  He licked him clean as Kurt came back to Earth.  Sebastian stood and kissed Kurt hard. He thrust his tongue in his mouth grabbed Kurt’s ass.  He turned them around so that he had his back against the door once again.

“On your knees, Baby.”  Kurt immediately dropped to his knees.  He loved how Sebastian was taking control, commanding him.

Sebastian undid his own pants and lowered them.  He grabbed hold of his own cock and rubbed Kurt’s lips with the head of his dick.  “Open.”

Kurt opened his mouth and took Sebastian’s head in and sucked.  He took Sebastian’s length all the way, over and over. There was no gagging or choking.  Fuck!   Of course he has no gag reflex.  He really is perfect, Sebastian thought.  He ran his hands through Kurt’s hair as he continued to bob his head up and down.  Sebastian moaned when Kurt looked up at him through his lashes, his blue eyes still heavily lined.  “Fuck, you’re gorgeous.” Kurt moaned in response.

Sebastian grabbed Kurt under his chin and lifted his head to the right angle to gently fuck his mouth.  Kurt reached around and grabbed Sebastian’s ass, pulling him in, over and over, until his cock was hitting the back of his throat.  After a few minutes Sebastian came down Kurt’s throat, and Kurt didn’t even blink and eye. Fuck .

Once Kurt had licked him clean and composed himself a bit, Sebastian dropped to his knees, joining Kurt.  He kissed him deep and passionately, tasting his own cum in his boyfriend's mouth. He took Kurt’s face between his hands and said,  “You’re amazing, Baby. Go shower and dry your hair. I’m going to use the guest bathroom. When I get back, I want you in my bed, naked, and waiting for me.”

“Yes, Sebastian.”  Kurt stood and made his way to the bathroom.  He wondered why he answered him like that. It wasn’t like him. He rarely called his boyfriend ‘Sebastian’. But he loved the way his boyfriend was taking control.  It made him feel loved, wanted, needed, and owned. ‘Owned’ was not something he would have said he would ever want to feel. But now he did. He knew this was not typical of his personality, but not only did he want it, he needed it.  And he never felt better.


Sebastian came back into the bedroom wearing only a towel around his waist.  He stopped only a few feet into the room. He breath hitched when he saw Kurt, laying naked in his bed just like he told him to.  He was gorgeous. He couldn’t believe that this beautiful boy was his. “God, you’re beautiful,” Sebastian said as he blatantly stared at his boyfriend.  
Kurt smiled, only slightly embarrassed. He was already half hard, just thinking of Sebastian.  He looked at his boyfriend’s nearly naked body and couldn’t believe how lucky he was. This gorgeous, loving boy, was all his.  He wanted to give himself to Sebastian completely.

Walking over toward the bed, Sebastian took the towel off and tossed in a nearby hamper.  He crawled into bed, where he hovered over top Kurt and leaned down and passionately kissed him.  Kurt ran his fingers through Seb’s hair and moaned. Sebastian stopped, looked into Kurt’s eyes, and said, “I’m going to top you.  If you want, you can top me later, but right now, I want to be deep inside of you.”

Kurt was breathing heavy with anticipation and shook his head 'yes'.  He looked at Sebastian’s lips, then his eyes.  He wrapped his arms around Seb’s neck and pulled him down into a deep kiss.  

Sebastian broke away from the kiss for a minute and reached over and opened his nightstand drawer, pulling out a condom and a bottle of lube.

Kurt put his hand on Sebastian’s, “No, Bas.”  Sebastian looked at him confused for a second, and then Kurt added, “I’m clean.  You’re clean. I want to feel you. All you.  No condom.”

Sebastian tossed the condom aside.  As he crawled back to Kurt, he spread Kurt’s legs and knelt between them.  Putting his hands under Kurt’s legs and bent them up, he leaned over Kurt once more, kissed him, and whispered, “I love you.”

Kurt caressed Sebastian’s face, “I love you, too.”

Sebastian lubed his fingers, making sure it was warm, and then reached down to find Kurt’s entrance.  He pressed one finger slightly inside, making sure to watch Kurt’s facial expressions for any signs of too much discomfort.  He wanted this to be a completely enjoyable experience, with little to no pain.

He pushed his finger in to the second knuckle, giving Kurt time to adjust.  He saw no signs of distress, so he pushed in all the way. “Are you okay, Baby?”

Kurt simply nodded ‘yes’.

Sebastian began pumping his finger in and out slowly.  After a few minutes, he notices Kurt moving his hips, so he picked up the speed.  He gently added a second finger and began scissoring Kurt’s tight ring.

When he found Kurt’s prostate, Kurt nearly screamed, “Oh my god!”.  

Sebastian smiled, “Feel good, Babe?”

Kurt smiled slightly in his daze of pleasure, “More!”

Sebastian chuckled to himself and then hit the spot again.  He loved watching Kurt’s face. He hit the spot a couple more times before adding a bit more lube, and then a third finger.  

Once he felt Kurt was ready, he lubed his cock and lined up with Kurt’s entrance.  He looked Kurt in the eye, then leaned down to kiss him. He pulled back up, so he could see Kurt’s face as he slid inside of him.  

He started slow, pausing to make sure Kurt could adjust.  Once he was half way in, he paused simply because it felt so damn good, he was afraid he would lose it.  He had never had sex without a condom. It felt so good. To top that off, he was inside the boy he loved.  He wasn’t sure he could keep going without pausing to regain control of himself.

Once he bottomed out, he paused again to make sure Kurt was okay.  “Oh my god, Bas.” Kurt sighed. “You feel so good.”

“You do too, Baby.  So fucking good.” Sebastian said as he began thrusting in and out of Kurt slowly.  

He leaned down and kissed Kurt again.  He moved to his neck and ear as he continued to thrust faster.  Kurt was writhing underneath him. They couldn’t get enough of each other.  

Several minutes later, Sebastian sat up a little and grabbed Kurt’s legs, hoisting them over his shoulders.  It gave him the perfect angle to hit Kurt’s prostate.

Kurt was moaning and making the most beautiful noises.  Sebastian was in heaven. He could get off on Kurt’s voice alone. They were both so close.

“Bas!”  Kurt breathed.

Sebastian reached down and grabbed Kurt’s cock and began stroking him.  “Cum, Kurt. Now!”

Kurt instantly came harder than he ever had.  Only seconds later, Sebastian came, calling Kurt’s name.

Kurt’s legs fell back to either side of Sebastian, and Sebastian collapsed on top of Kurt.  Kurt wrapped his arms around Seb’s shoulders, and Seb ran his fingers lovingly through Kurt’s hair.  

Sebastian suddenly felt Kurt’s breathing changed and immediately pulled back to look at his boyfriend.  “Baby, what’s wrong? Are you hurt? Why are you crying?” He felt he was going to panic any second. He didn’t want this to be a bad experience for Kurt. Especially after all he had been through.  He deserved to have his first time be perfect.

“No, Bas.  I’m great, I promise.   I just… It’s all so perfect.  I’m so happy, and I love you so much.  I’m just a little overwhelmed by how amazing it all is.  How amazing you are.”

“Awe, Baby.  I feel the same way.  I can’t imagine my life without you.  I love you so much.” He kissed Kurt on the lips, then the cheek, and then the forehead.

After a few more minutes, Sebastian got up and got a warm towel, and cleaned Kurt up.  He crawled into bed and snuggled with Kurt until they both fell asleep.




The next morning, Kurt and Sebastian woke up from the best night of sleep they had ever had.  They snuggled in bed for awhile, but snuggles and hugs soon turned into kisses, making out, and eventually, Kurt taking Sebastian from behind while Seb was on all fours.  They hadn’t even eaten breakfast before they ended up taking a nap.




The second time the boys woke up was because Sebastian had to use the restroom.  He was only gone a minute, but when he returned, Kurt was gone. He wondered downstairs, only to find Kurt getting things out of the pantry to make omelets.  

“Work up an appetite?”  Sebastian said as he winked at Kurt.  He walked over and wrapped his arms around Kurt from behind.

“Absolutely.  I’m starving.”  

“How are you feeling?  Sore?”

“I’m actually pretty okay.  Not as sore as I thought I’d be, anyway.”  He turned and kissed Sebastian on the cheek.  “How are you feeling?”

“Good.”  Sebastian kissed his neck, and then went to turn on the coffee machine, and then fed Satchmo before letting him out into the back yard.

They prepared their breakfast and coffee in comfortable silence.  Once they sat to eat, the topic of conversation revolved around the friends they had seen the night before.  They laughed and told stories and the conversation easily flowed.

When breakfast was finished, Kurt took the dishes and loaded them into the dishwasher.  He turned to find Sebastian right behind him. He wrapped his arms around Seb’s shoulders and sighed.  “Thank you, Bas.”

Bas furrowed his brow, “For what?”

“For loving me.  And… so much more…”

Sebastian sighed. “First of all, loving you is the easiest thing I have ever done.  There’s no need to thank me for that.” He grinned at Kurt and then kissed his forehead.  “And second, I think there is a lot you need to tell me that you’re afraid to.”

Kurt smirked, “How do you even know these things?”  Kurt seriously wondered how Sebastian could read him like an open book.

“I know you.  I can tell when you’re holding back, just like you could tell I was holding back last night.”

Kurt took a deep breath, “About last night…”

Sebastian knew that Kurt didn’t regret anything they did the night before.  He had a feeling he knew what this was about, but he held his breath anyway.

“Umm…”  Kurt didn’t know how to start this awkward conversation.  

“Kurt, you can tell me anything.  Say anything. I won’t judge you.”

“Let’s go sit in the living room…. But first I have to pee.”  Kurt said as he turned to walk to the bathroom.

Sebastian called out to him, “How do you hold it so long?”

“Years of being afraid of school bathrooms gave me a large bladder!”  Kurt yelled back as he walked down the hall.

Sebastian let Satchmo back in, and then made himself comfortable on the couch.  When Kurt came back in, he kissed Seb on the cheek and then sat next to him. He reached over and grabbed Seb’s hand. “I umm…”  He sighed, “I recently discovered that I, umm, may want, or rather, need , something different than you may be used to.”  Kurt could feel his cheeks heating and knew he was blushing.  

Satchmo jumped up on the couch and laid his head on Kurt’s lap.  Kurt smiled at him and stroked his head, taking comfort in his new friend.

Sebastian smiled softly and stroked Kurt’s knuckles as he held his hand tighter.  “And what is that you need?”

“Bas,”  Kurt paused for a few seconds, “I have tried to control every aspect of my life, to the point of exhaustion at times.”  Kurt looked down at their hands, “I have been in charge of the cooking and cleaning since my mom died ten years ago. Even with Carol in our lives for the last year, I still cook half the time.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind. I enjoy cooking. On top of running the household, I’ve always earned top grades, taken piano lessons, Glee, cheer, and other ‘normal’ things high school kids do.  But then you add the things I’ve been through and the stress that brings...I can very easily become mentally exhausted. And sometime physically, too. I honestly have no idea how I would have survived these last couple of months without you.”  He looked up into Sebastian’s eyes and smiled softly.

Sebastian smiled a sad smile back.  He ran a hand down Kurt’s cheek. His heart ached for Kurt.  He knew he had a lot on his plate, and he had to be exhausted.

Kurt continued, “From the moment I really looked into your eyes, I knew we had a connection.  I can’t stop thinking of you. I want you all the time. When it comes to us, though, I don’t feel like I have to control anything.  But when situations come up that…” Kurt didn’t know how to say what he wanted and needed. “I just…”

Sebastian squeezed Kurt’s hand. “Kurt, do you need me to take control?”

Kurt sighed in relief.  “God, yes .  See, you just did.  Sometimes I just can’t.  I know I can come across as bitchy, and headstrong.  And believe me, I can be. There will be times you may try to control something, and I just won’t accept it, but most of the time… I need you to do it. Like you did last night.  And sometime, maybe even... more.”

Sebastian nodded his head, “Okay.  I’m already a pretty dominant pretty much all aspects of my life.  But, Kurt, I need to know how far you want to take this. I can’t - won’t - cross the line with you.  Are we talking about sex, or are we talking about more than that?”

“Mostly sex.  I think everything else has been pretty perfect.  Not that I don’t think last night,” Kurt smiled, “and this morning, were perfect.  But I may need even more than that.”

“Okay.  I can’t tell you I will do more than that unless I know what ‘more’ is.  I do have boundaries.” Sebastian chuckled.

Kurt smiled.  “I’m not talking whips and chains.  I’m talking more… words.” Kurt looked down and blushed again. “Maybe… commands?”

Sebastian felt a tingle go through him, right to his crotch.  “Damn, Kurt, that just made me horny as hell.”

Kurt chuckled.

“I can do that, Baby.” Sebastian put his hand under Kurt’s chin and made him tilt his head to look at him.  “And I don’t think any less of you because of this. This does not make you week, or less of a man. I know that’s what you’re thinking.”

Kurt closed his eyes, trying not to cry.  “That’s exactly what I was thinking.”

“I know.  But don’t.  I will never think less of you for speaking the truth about your thoughts and feelings.  I love you, Kurt.” He leaned over and kissed Kurt softly on the lips.

“I love you too, Bas.  So much.”


The boys spent the rest of the day watching movies, walking Satchmo through the gardens, and talking as they snuggled on the couch.  

As they laid tangled in each other’s arms, Sebastian said, “So guess what’s in two weeks?”

Kurt smiled, “Sectionals.  Good thing we aren’t competing against each other. Yet. Guess what’s in one month.”

Sebastian frowned, “I have no idea.  What?”

“My 18th birthday.”  Kurt smiled, and so did  Sebastian.

Chapter Text

On Monday morning, Kurt walked through the halls of McKinley with a bit of pep in his step.  He couldn’t be happier, and it showed. When Sugar and Puck saw him at his locker before classes started, Puck grinned and said, “Princess, you totally got lucky!”

Sugar was smiling, but Kurt’s mouth hung open and his eyes widened.  “Noah!” He looked around to make sure nobody was listening. “I… Would you keep your voice down?”

“So it’s true!”  Sugar giggled, “You didn’t deny it, Angel!”

Kurt sighed in defeat.  He could try to deny it, but his two best friends knew him too well.  There was no use. “Okay, okay. Yes.” He couldn’t help the grin that crept up in the corners of his mouth.  

“I knew it!”  Puck said.

“You’re totally glowing, Angel.”

“Yeah, well….”  Kurt smiled.

“So, you’re totally going to leave us hanging, aren’t you.  No juicy details?” Puck wiggled his eyebrows. Sugar whacked him on the arm.  “Hey!”

“No, Noah.  No juicy details.”  Kurt blushed.

“Well, I’m happy for you, Angel.”

“Me too, Sugar.  Me too.”




Sebastian was eating lunch with Nick, Jeff, Trent, and Thad on Monday.  They were discussing Sectionals and having their normal debates. Once the debates settled down, Sebastian wanted everyone’s opinion about something else.  

“So, yesterday I learned that Kurt’s 18th birthday is in about a month.  I want to do something special for him. What do you think? Anyone have any ideas?”  

“Hmm… How big of a ‘something special’ are we talking?” Jeff asked.

“Mm, doesn’t really matter.  I have the means for whatever.  It just needs to be something special.  I have a few ideas, but I’m not sure what direction to go with yet.”  Sebastian answered.

“Let us think about it, and we’ll get back to you.”  Nick said, and Trent and Thad agreed.

Jeff kept looking at Sebastian.  Like, really looking at him.  Then suddenly he blurted out, in true Jeff fashion, “You slept with Kurtsie!”

Everyone froze and looked Sebastian.

Sebastian’s eyes widened, and he looked around at everyone.  He gave himself a second to compose himself. “I’ve slept with Kurt a few times now.  You know that.”

“No, no.  I mean you had sex with Kurt.”

“What makes you think that?” He said as tried to play it cool.  

“You look different.”  Jeff smirked.

“How do I look different?”

“Hmm.... You’re kind of glowing.  You look happier, if that’s even possible.”  Jeff grinned.

“Well, I….” Sebastian sighed.  “I don’t think that’s a topic that’s up for discussion.”

“Okay.  We don’t have to discuss it,”  Jeff giggled, “but you totally just admitted to it.”

Sebastian just blushed and shook his head, smiling ear to ear… Just like everyone else sitting at the table.

Later that evening Kurt called Sebastian.

“Hey Babe.”

“Hi.  How was your day?”

“Fine, but, uh, apparently I’m glowing, so I think the cat’s out of the bag.”  Sebastian and Kurt both laughed.

“Yeah, apparently I have the same glow.  I didn’t even get to my first class before Noah and Sugar called me out on it.”

“Wow.  At least I made it to lunch!”  They both chuckled.




Wednesday had become the boy’s mid-week coffee date norm, and this Wednesday was no different.  Sebastian picked Kurt up from Cheerio practice, and they headed to Lima Bean. Sitting in ‘their’ spot on the couch, Sebastian stared at Kurt as Kurt was looking at the fire in the fireplace, sipping his coffee.  He pulled out his phone and snapped a quick picture.

“What was that?  Did you take a picture?”  Kurt asked.

“Yep.  It’s becoming a Wednesday tradition for us to be here, and my view is unbeatable.  I’m sure the image of you sitting there looking amazing in your Cheerio’s uniform, sipping your coffee, will forever be ingrained in my memory.  But, just in case I forget when we’re old and senile, I want photographic evidence.” Sebastian grinned and took a sip of his coffee.

Kurt smiled and shook his head.  “You’re ridiculous. But I love you.”

“I love you, too.”  Sebastian said as he laid his hand on Kurt’s knee.


Kurt’s phone rang a little while later.  “Huh, it’s Dad. That’s odd.” Burt knew where Kurt was, so if must be something important, and that made Kurt worry.  “Dad? Is everything okay?” Kurt answered.

“Hey, bud.  I’m sorry to interrupt your coffee date with Sebastian, but I just got a phone call from the lawyer’s office.  I’d like both of you to come home. Seb can stay for dinner.”

“Okay.  We’ll be there soon.”

“Alright, see ya soon.”  Burt said before hanging up.

Kurt looked at Sebastian, who had been watching carefully, and said, “The lawyers called.  Dad wants us both to come home. You can stay for dinner if you have time.”

“Sure.”  He grabbed Kurt’s hand.  “We can do this, Kurt. It’s all going to be okay.”  He knew Kurt would be worrying already.

“Okay.”  Kurt took a deep breath and they made their way home.


When they got back to the Hummel-Hudson home, Burt was in the living room with Carol, Finn, and Sam.  They had left enough space on the couch for Kurt and Sebastian, so they made themselves comfortable as soon as they came in.  Kurt grabbed Sebastian’s hand and took another deep breath.

Burt cleared his throat and said, “Well boys, our lawyer says the court date has been set.  November 18 is what they are counting on. I know that’s the Monday after Sectionals, so I hope that doesn’t cause too much of an issue.   They don’t think it will take more than a full day, so you’ll both probably need to take the entire day off school, since you’ll both be testifying.  There will likely be another day for the jury to deliberate, and then there could be a separate day for sentencing if Blaine is found guilty. Hopefully it’s the next day.  Kurt, if you need to take off school for any of those days, that’s fine. I know it will be hard to concentrate.”

Everyone was just sitting there listening.  Kurt and Sebastian both sat there taking it all in until Burt stopped talking.  Once Burt finished, Sebastian wrapped his arm around Kurt and rubbed his back.

Sebastian asked, “Will Blaine be tried as an adult?”

“He will.”  Burt said with a slight grin.  Sebastian shook his head in relief.

“Okay.  Well, I guess that means this will all be over soon.  Hopefully.” Kurt sighed.

“Yeah, and so you both know, we’re here for both of you.  Whatever you need.” Finn said.

Kurt smiled softly at Finn and Sebastian said, “Thanks, Finn.”

“Is there anything we can do for you until then?  Anything to help ease your stress?” Carol asked.

“No.  Thank you.”  Kurt said quietly.

Sebastian looked at Burt and Burt nodded his head in understanding.  “Come on, Babe.” Sebastian said as he stood and extended a hand to Kurt.  

Kurt said nothing, but grabbed Seb’s hand and let him pull him along to his bedroom.

Once the boys were out of the room, Sam sighed and put his head in hands.  “God, I wish there was more we could do. I hate this.” Finn nodded in agreement.

“I know, Bud, but really, you guys have been great to Kurt.  He’s very lucky to have you both. Just keep doing what you’ve been doing.”  He sighed, “I’m not sure how he’s going to take this. If the stress is anything like when his mom died, we’re going to need to give him space when he needs it, but be there when he wants us.  We also need to keep an eye on his eating habits. I swear it took me weeks to get him to eat a proper meal after Elizabeth died.”

“Well then I better get started on dinner.  He’s skinny enough as it is, I won’t have him melting away on my watch.”  Carol said as she went into the kitchen.


Downstairs in Kurt’s bedroom, the boys laid snuggled together in Kurt’s bed.  Nothing was said for several minutes. Sebastian just tried to comfort Kurt by rubbing his back and placing kisses on his head.  Kurt would sigh or take a deep breath, and Sebastian would give him a little squeeze.

“Do you want to talk about it?”  Sebastian asked softly.

“Mmm…”  Kurt paused for a minute, and then finally said, “I’m just thinking of all the bullying and everything I went through.  There was never a consequence for any of them. Every one of them got away with it. Even when David threatened to kill me and was expelled, they let him right back in.”  Kurt sighed, “I just don’t want this to be the same way. I want Blaine to pay.”

Sebastian held on tight to Kurt, kissed his forehead, and said, “He will pay, Kurt.  You have the best lawyers and the evidence is strong. And even if he’s not found guilty, he’ll pay.”

Kurt made a face, “What do you mean by that?”

“Nothing, Babe.  It will be okay, one way or another.  I promise.” Sebastian leaned down and kissed Kurt softly on the lips.  One way or another, he would make sure Blaine regretted his actions for the rest of his life.


When the boys were called for dinner, they went upstairs to find that Carol had made one of Kurt’s favorite pasta dishes.  They all sat around the table which was a little more quiet than usual, considering there were four teenage boys at the table.

A few minutes into the meal, Sebastian noticed that Kurt wasn’t eating much.  He put down his fork and stopped eating his own food, pushed Kurt’s plate a little closer to him, and in a low voice, simply said, “Eat.”

Kurt’s eyes snapped up to Sebastian. He knew that tone.

Burt was carefully watching the exchange.

Kurt just looked at Sebastian.  Sebastian looked right back at him, unwavering.  He looked down and gestured to the plate of food, and back up to meet Kurt’s eyes again.  “Eat, Kurt.”

Kurt let out a small sigh and slowly began to eat a little.  Sebastian waited until Kurt was eating before returning to his own food.  

Burt was impressed that Sebastian noticed Kurt’s lack of eating, as well as the fact the Sebastian got Kurt to eat anything at all.  


At the end of the evening when Kurt walked Sebastian to his car, Sebastian grabbed both of Kurt’s hands in his own.  
“Kurt, you have to promise me something.”

“What?”  Kurt had still been pretty quiet the rest of the evening.  Sebastian was worried, but he understood that all of this could be overwhelming.

“I need you to eat,”  Sebastian said as he pulled Kurt closer and wrapped his arms around him.  “I’m assuming you don’t eat when you get upset or stressed?  Is that what that was all about at dinner?”

Kurt shook his head ‘yes’, but could only look down, not meeting Sebastian’s eyes.

“Look at me, Babe.”  Sebastian said. Kurt took a deep breath in and looked up to look Sebastian in the eyes.  “I understand, but it’s not okay.” He caressed Kurt’s face, “You have to eat to remain healthy.  He already tried to control you and your body once. If you let the stress of him keep you from being healthy,  it will be like you letting him control you again. Please tell me you’ll eat.”

Kurt looked away from Sebastian and didn’t say anything.  His eyes began to tear.

“Kurt, look at me,” Sebastian said. He patiently waited the several seconds it took Kurt to look at him again.  “I already worry about you so much. I don’t want to worry about if you are shriveling away to nothing.”  A tear ran down Kurt’s face.  Sebastian wiped it away. “I love you, and I love your body. I want you healthy, Baby. Please.”

Kurt shook his head ‘yes’.  “Okay,” he replied in a small, quiet voice.

Sebastian kissed Kurt softly on the lips, “Thank you.”


When Sebastian got back to Dalton, he texted Finn and Sam.

From Sebastian:

Can you guys make sure Kurt eats?  I have a feeling that is going to be an issue.

From Sam:

Yeah, Burt said he was like that when he's stressed or upset.  We'll keep an eye on him.




Friday night in the locker room before the game, Sam went up to Kurt and handed him a power bar.

“What is this?”  Kurt asked.

“It’s a power bar.  Eat it.” Sam said.

“I’m not hungry, Sam.  Thank you.”  Kurt tried to hand it back, but Sam wouldn't take it.

“I didn’t ask if you were hungry.”  Sam said as he looked at Kurt. He refused to look away.

Kurt rolled his eyes.  “Did Sebastian tell you to give this to me?”

Sam refused to look away.  “Eat it.”

“I ate already.”

“Liar.  I live with you, Dude.  You didn’t eat at home, you didn’t go out, and you haven’t eaten since we got here.  And you barely ate breakfast or lunch. You are going to need the energy for tonight.  Now eat.”

Finn and Puck walked up behind Sam and stood and watched.

“What, I have to eat while you guys all watch me?  I don’t need babysitters!” Kurt snapped.

“We care about you, Princess.  We wouldn’t have to stand here and make sure you ate if you actually did it yourself.”  Puck crossed his arms and glared at Kurt.

“Come on, Dude.”  Finn begged.

Kurt slammed his locker shut and stormed out of the locker room, only to find one aggravated boyfriend crossing his arms as he was leaning up against the wall in the hallway.  Kurt paused when he saw him. Sebastian kicked himself up off the wall and walked over to Kurt.

“You didn’t eat much yesterday or today.”

“How do you know?  Are you spying on me now?”  Kurt snapped.

“Listen to yourself, Kurt.  You never talk to me like that.  You’re tired and frustrated because of the lack of eating.  You need fuel for your body.”

Kurt looked down, slightly ashamed, but still extremely frustrated that they wouldn’t leave him alone.  “I’m sorry, but you are all acting like I can’t take of myself!”

“Maybe you can’t!”  Sebastian was losing his patience.  “Nobody expects you to, Kurt. You have done an amazing job of taking care of yourself and your dad for years.  But sometimes, when things get tough, you have to surrender to the fact that maybe you do need some help. You promised me you would eat.  And if you aren’t going to keep that promise, then the rest of us are going to be a pain in the ass until you do!”

Both boys were too focused on each other and getting their points across to realize that Coach Sylvester had entered the hallway.  She had seen most of the exchange. She cleared her throat, “Porcelain. Do I understand correctly that you have not been eating?”

Kurt snapped up, eyes wide, and looked Coach.  He didn’t answer her.

She walked up to him and got right in his face.  “You are not to come out onto that field until you have eaten something.  No Cheerio of mine is going to pass out and make a fool out me in front of everyone.”  She turned on her heels and marched down an adjoining hallway.

Sebastian looked at Kurt, grabbed his hand, and pulled him down the hall toward nook that would give them some privacy.  Using a low voice, Sebastian looked Kurt in the eye, and enunciate every syllable as he said, “Eat the bar, Kurt.”

Kurt looked down.  There was that tone again.  “Yes, Sebastian.”

Kurt sat on the floor and ate the bar, while Sebastian went down the hall to vending machine to get Kurt a bottle of water. When he returned, he handed the water to him as he sat without saying a word.  After a few minutes, Sebastian said, “Thank you for eating, Kurt.”

Kurt just nodded, and looked down at his lap.  Having Sebastian appreciate that he was eating made him feel good. After he finished the bar and a good deal of water, he looked at Sebastian.  “I’m sorry.” Sebastian turned to look at him. “I’m sorry that I didn’t keep my promise.” He sighed and added, “And I’m sorry that I...I’m just...sorry.”

Sebastian pulled him over into his lap and hugged him.  “I know, Babe. I just need you to try harder. We are all here for you.  Whether you like it or not.”

“I know.  I appreciate it.  I’m just… It’s hard.”  Kurt said as he laid his head on Seb’s shoulder.

“I know.”  Sebastian said as he rubbed Kurt’s back.


Kurt and Sebastian walked out into the football stadium together.  Kurt entered the gate to the field. Coach looked at Sebastian and he nodded to her.  She grinned and nodded back.  I think I may actually have her approval now, Seb thought.  

He walked up and joined Sugar in the student section.  “Did he eat, Seb?”

“He fought it, but yes.  He ate.”

Sugar rubbed Sebastian’s back and whispered, “He needs you, Seb.  You’re doing a great job.”

Sebastian gave a small sad smile, “I hope so, Sugar.”




The next week brought much of the normal routine, with the exception of a lot of extra practices for Sectionals for both New Directions and the Warblers.  The boys still managed to see each other as often as possible. Kurt was doing better with his eating. Not great, but better.

The Saturday of Sectionals came and Kurt was nervous.  He had a solo, and it was going to be very emotional, as were the other songs they were singing.  They were not competing against the Warblers, but the Warblers competition was in the same building later that day.  Many Warblers came with Sebastian to cheer Kurt and his friend on. Sebastian’s parents sat with Kurt’s parents, and Leah sat with Sebastian and his friends in front of them.   Sebastian sent Kurt a quick text while Kurt was in the green room.

From Sebastian:

You’ve got this, Babe.  Good luck! I love you!

From Kurt:

Thanks, Bas.  Our first song is for you.  I love you too!


When the MC announced New Directions, the Warblers cheered the loudest.  Sebastian immediately froze and stared at his boyfriend as he was in the spotlight as he took the lead.   He was born to be in the spotlight, he thought.  When Kurt began to sing ‘Flashlight’ by Jessie J, Sebastian got chills.  


When tomorrow comes

I'll be on my own

Feeling frightened of

The things that I don't know

When tomorrow comes

Tomorrow comes

Tomorrow comes

And though the road is long

I look up to the sky

And in the dark I found,

I lost hope that I won't fly

And I sing along, I sing along

And I sing along

I got all I need when I got you and I

I look around me, and see a sweet life

I'm stuck in the dark but you're my flashlight

You're getting me, getting me through the night

Kickstart my heart when you shine it in my eyes

Can't lie, it's a sweet life

I'm stuck in the dark but you're my flashlight

You're getting me, getting me through the night

'Cause you're my flashlight (flashlight)

You're my flashlight (flashlight)

You're my flashlight

I see the shadows long beneath the mountain top

I'm not afraid when the rain won't stop

'Cause you light the way

You light the way, you light the way

I got all I need when I got you and I

I look around me, and see a sweet life

I'm stuck in the dark but you're my flashlight

You're getting me, getting me through the night

Kickstart my heart when you shine it in my eyes

I can't lie, it's a sweet life

I'm stuck in the dark but you're my flashlight

You're getting me, getting me through the night

(Light light light you're my flashlight, light, light)

Light light you're my flashlight

Light light light light light, oh

(Light light light you're my flashlight, light, light)

You're my flash, oh

I got all I need when I got you and I

I look around me, and see a sweet life

I'm stuck in the dark but you're my flashlight

You're getting me, getting me through the night

Can't stop my heart when you shinin' in my eyes

I can't lie, it's a sweet life

I'm stuck in the dark but you're my flashlight

(You're my flashlight)

You're getting me, getting me through the night

'Cause you're my flashlight

'Cause you're my flashlight

You're my flashlight

You're my flashlight

Light light

You're my flashlight

Light light ye-yeah

You're my flashlight


Leah grabbed Sebastian's hand squeezed it.  She winked at him, knowing that was for him.  Sebastian wiped away a tear or two.

Burt sat behind him and smiled.  He was so happy that Kurt had someone who stuck with him through all of this.  Someone who truly loved him. Someone deserving of his boy.


The next song ND performed was ‘ Rise’ by Katy Perry.  Kurt, Santana, and Rachel took turns singing different lines from the song.  They were all at different sections of the stage and the rest of the New Directions were on the risers doing a more subtle dance as Brittany and Mike did a dramatic dance in the front of the stage.  It was truly breathtaking.

The final song they performed was ‘Fighter ’ by Christina Aguilera, with Mercedes and Santana on leads. They knocked it out of the park.

When the performance was over, all of New Directions gathered around Kurt and gave him hugs and praise for a job well done.  But there was more than just congratulations on a good performance. They all knew the meaning of those songs. They were meant to give Kurt strength for the next few days that he was about to face.  He could feel their love and support, and he was so grateful for it.

New Directions were announced the winners, and the Warblers went crazy in the audience.  Kurt just beamed as he watched his friends cheer him on.

In the lobby, Sebastian found Kurt immediately and swept him up in a huge hug as he twirled him around.  “You were amazing, Babe! Congratulations!”

Kurt giggled, “Thanks, Bas!”  He kissed Sebastian on the cheek as he set him down.

Burt pulled Kurt into a hug and congratulated him, and then did the same to Finn and Sam.  Sebastian’s family congratulated Kurt as well.

“Thank you so much for coming.  I didn’t realize you would be here early enough to see me perform.”

“Of course, Dear.  I wouldn’t miss getting to hear you sing in person.  You were fantastic!” Tori gushed.

Kurt blushed, “Thank you.”

“Really, Kurt.  That was amazing.  You’ve got quite a set of pipes on you.”

“Thanks, Robert.”  Kurt smiled.

Leah came running up and gave Kurt a huge hug.  “You were amazing… Just like I knew you would be!”

Kurt and Sebastian both laughed.  “Thanks, Leah.” Kurt smiled and hugged her back.  

Mr. Schuester walked up and clapped Kurt on the shoulder then pulled him into a hug.  “You were amazing, Kurt. I’m so proud of you. I wish I would have given you a solo long ago.”

“Thanks, Mr. Schue.”  He smiled. “At least I finally got one.”  Kurt winked at him.

“Yeah, well, I doubt it will be your last.”  Mr. Schuester smiled.

Once the Warblers gave their congratulations as well, everyone decided to go grab some lunch before most of them returned to the school for then next round of performances that included the Warblers.  

Sebastian was very pleased with how well Kurt ate. Kurt looked over at Sebastian who was staring at him.  “What?”

Sebastian smirked, “I’m just glad you’re eating.  It makes me happy.” He reached over squeezed Kurt’s hand.  Kurt smiled back.


When they returned to the school, the Warblers said a temporary goodbye to Kurt and his friends before heading back to the green room.  Sebastian gave Kurt a long hug and kiss. He put his hands on Kurt’s cheeks, looked into his eyes, and said, “Our entire set list is for you, Babe.  I hope you can feel the love in it. Draw strength from it. I love you so much.”

Kurt had tears in his eyes, “Bas…”  He kissed him again and a tear fell.  

“Just watch and enjoy, Babe.”  Sebastian smiled. He kissed him on the cheek quick and jogged off to catch up with the rest of the Warblers.  

When Kurt turned around, he saw everyone watching.  He blushed a bit. Carol, Tori, Leah, and Sugar all had heart eyes.  The men were all grinning. Everyone could feel the love between the boys.  


The Warblers were already in place on stage when they were announced, and they opened their set list with ‘ Keep Holding On’ by Avril Lavigne.  Trent, Nick, and Jeff did the main vocals.  Kurt was so touched, and he sat and let the tears silently fall.  He was sitting in between Sugar and Leah, and both held one of his hands.  

The second song of their set list was ‘ It’s Not Over Yet ’ by King and Country.  Sebastian shared the main vocals with Thad on this one.  Kurt had never heard this song before, but he loved it, and thought it was a beautifully appropriate.

The final song of the set list was ‘The Comeback’ by Danny Gokey.  This was a solo for Sebastian, with the Warblers harmonizing in the background.  Kurt hung on every word.


After a season of night falls and push backs

After the heartache of wrong turns and sidetracks

Just when they think they've got you game set match

Here comes the comeback

Just cause you lay low got up slow unsteady

Don't mean you blacked out or bought out you're ready

Just when they think there's nothing left running on empty

Here comes the comeback

This is your time your moment

The fire the fight your golden

You've come so far keep going

Oh here comes the comeback

You feel the lightning the thunder you're soul shakes

Under the roar of the heaven the tide breaks

And from the ashes you will take your place

Here comes the comeback

This is your time your moment

The fire the fight you're golden

You've come so far keep going

Oh here comes the comeback

There is no mountain you can't face

There is no giant you can't take

All of your tears were not a waste

Your one step away

Just when they think they've got you game set match

Oh here comes the comeback

This is your time your moment

The fire the fight or golden

You've come so far keep going

Oh here comes the comeback

Your comeback

Your comeback

Oh oh

Your comeback

Your comeback

Oh oh oh

Here comes the comeback


Everyone was on their feet and cheering at the end of the set list.  Sebastian found Kurt in the audience and winked at him. Kurt and Sebastian’s parents were beaming with pride, both because of the boy’s performances, as well as their obvious love and devotion to each other.  

The Warblers announced the winners and everyone was beyond thrilled.  Out in the lobby, the Warblers gathered around Kurt, and gave him their love.  They told him they would be thinking about him, and praying for him. He didn’t really believe in God, but he would take what he could get.  He thanked them all before they left.

The Hummel-Hudson family and the Smythe family decided to head to dinner.  They enjoyed their time together, and the boy's appreciated that their families were getting to know each other.  Burt and Robert were at the opposite end of the table from Sebastian and Kurt. 

Robert leaned over and quietly whispered, "If there is anything we can do during the trial, please let us know.  We will be there, but just shout if you need something.  Kurt is part of our family now, and we'll do anything he needs."

Burt was truly touched.  "I appreciate that, Robert.  We feel the same way about Sebastian.  I honestly could not have imagined someone more perfect for Kurt.  Kurt is lucky to have him.  He's a great guy."

Robert smiled.  "I think our wives were right.  We'll probably be in each other's lives forever.  I don't see this being anything but end-game for them."

Burt smiled.  He knew Robert was right.  Sometimes you could just tell.  

Burt looked back at Robert.  "There is one thing, Robert.  I'd like Sebastian to spend the night tomorrow night.  He can get Kurt to eat better than any of us, and I have a feeling Kurt could use the comfort of his boyfriend.  They could probably use each other's comfort.  It will be hard on Seb too."

"Absolutely.  As long it's what the boy's want, I'm all for it."

Chapter Text


After dinner Sunday night, Kurt and Sebastian made their way down to Kurt’s bedroom.  Kurt sat on the edge of the bed in silence, looking at the ground. Sebastian put his bag on the chair in the corner, and went to sit next to Kurt.

“Thank you for eating tonight, Kurt.  I could tell you didn’t want to.”

“No, I didn’t.  I’m afraid I might throw it up, I’m so nervous.”  Kurt said quietly.

Sebastian rubbed his back, but did not say anything in return for a few minutes.  He crawled on the bed behind Kurt, and began giving him a shoulder massage.

“Mmm, that feels good.”  Kurt breathed.

Sebastian bent down and kissed him on the cheek.  “Why don’t you go take a shower, and I’ll give you a massage to help you fall asleep.”

Kurt turned and kissed Sebastian softly on the lips.  “I’m so glad you’re here tonight. I think we have the best parents in the world, ya know?  They’ve been very accepting and understanding. If they hadn’t let you stay here tonight, I would probably go insane.”  Kurt stood and turned toward Sebastian who was still kneeling on the bed. He wrapped his arms around Seb’s shoulders and kissed him again.  “I love you.”

“I love you too, Babe.” Sebastian grinned, grabbing onto Kurt’s waist.  “More than anything in the world.”

Kurt smiled a small smile back at him, and then turned to go to the shower.  

“I’m going to shower upstairs.  I’ll be back in a bit.” Sebastian said to Kurt through the door.


When Sebastian came back downstairs, Kurt was laying in bed on his stomach, only wearing a pair of boxer briefs.  He had to pause for a second and take in the beauty of his boyfriend. He really was stunning.

“God, Babe, you are so gorgeous.”  Sebastian said as walked over put his hand on Kurt’s back as he sat next to him.  

He was pretty sure he heard a muffled “Thank you.” come from Kurt’s direction.  He chuckled to himself.

He reached for the lotion on Kurt’s vanity.  “Is it okay if I use this lotion on your back?”

Kurt peeked up to see what lotion he had and then nodded his head ‘yes’.

“Okay, then just relax.”  Sebastian straddled Kurt’s waist and added lotion to his hands.  He began rubbing and massaging Kurt’s shoulders, trying his best to work out the knots that he found.  He worked his way down Kurt’s back. He loved how soft Kurt's skin always was. He felt like Heaven.

When he was finished, Kurt was very groggy.  Sebastian rubbed the remainder of the lotion into his hands and crawled next to Kurt, covering them both with the blankets.  He laid on his side, and gently stroked Kurt’s back.

Kurt turned his head toward Sebastian and whispered, “Can you sing to me?  Please?”

“Of course.  Any special requests?”  Sebastian asked.

Kurt shook his head ‘no’ as he rolled onto his side, so that Sebastian could spoon him.  Sebastian scooted up as close as he could to Kurt, pressing his bare chest against Kurt’s back.  He softly began to sing ‘ You’re Gonna To Be Okay ’ by Jen Johnson as he rubbed Kurt’s arm.

I know it's all you've got to just be strong

And it's a fight just to keep it together

I know you think that you are too far gone

But hope is never lost

Hope is never lost

Hold on, don't let go, Sebastian ran his hand down Kurt’s arm and entangled their fingers together.

Hold on, don't let go

Just take one step closer

Put one foot in front of the other

You'll get through this

Just follow the light in the darkness

You're gonna be ok

I know your heart is heavy from those nights

But just remember that you are a fighter

You never know just what tomorrow holds

And you're stronger than you know

You're stronger than you know

Hold on, don't let go

Hold on, don't let go

Just take one step closer

Put one foot in front of the other

You'll get through this

Just follow the light in the darkness

You're gonna be ok

Just take one step closer

Put one foot in front of the other

You'll get through this

Just follow the light in the darkness

You're gonna be ok

And when the night is closing in

Don't give up and don't give in

This won't last, it's not the end

It's not the end

You're gonna be ok.

Sebastian kissed Kurt on the head, but neither boy said anything else.  They just held on to each other until they eventually fell asleep at some point in the middle of the night.  


Monday morning Kurt and Sebastian were getting ready to go.  Both boys wore nice dress pants, belts, and dress shirts. They wanted to look presentable, but not too dressed up.  Sebastian walked over to Kurt as he was buttoning his shirt in silence, and said, “Babe, I need you to eat something this morning, okay?  It doesn’t have to be a lot. But you need something on your stomach. We won’t know how long it will be until we get a chance to eat again.”  He put his hand on Kurt’s shoulder.

“Okay.”  Kurt nodded.

“Thank you, Baby.”  Sebastian said before kissing Kurt on the temple.  


Once they arrived at the courthouse, Kurt and Sebastian took a few minutes to be alone before entering the courtroom.  Everyone else had already entered. Sebastian rubbed Kurt’s back as Kurt laid his head on Sebastian's shoulder.
“I don’t know if I can do this.  I don’t want to see him again. I can tell people what happened.  I can let them see the pictures. But I don’t want to see him again.”  A tear fell from Kurt’s cheek.

“I know, Babe.  I know you don’t want to.  But it’s the price we pay for making him pay for what he’s done.  You are the strongest man I’ve ever known, Kurt.  I know you can do this. I will be there with you the whole time.  So will the rest of your family.”

Kurt took a deep breath trying to find any strength he had left, and said, “Okay.  Let’s do this.”

They turned and walked hand in hand into the courtroom.  The plaintiff’s side was filled with everyone Kurt considered family.  His dad was seated next to their lawyer, Mr. Edwards, at the table. In the first row, sat Carol, Finn, and Sam.  Next to them were Robert and Tori, with space for Sebastian. Although Leah wanted to be there, her parents insisted that she stay at school, and promised to update her as often as they could.

Behind them in the second row were Nick and Jeff, who were also testifying.  To Kurt and Sebastian’s surprise, Puck and Sugar were there as well. Vinny thought it was important that Sugar be there to support Kurt if he needed it.  And of course, Puck wouldn’t let his girl, or his best friend, go through this without him. He didn’t need permission to skip school… He’s Puck.

Seated behind Puck and Sugar, were Mr. Schuester and Coach Sylvester.  They had taken personal days off work to be there. This surprised Kurt and Sebastian the most, but it was not an unwelcome surprise.  They were glad to have the support of other adults besides their parents.

When Sebastian realized that Kurt would have to walk next to Blaine and his family, he quickly switched sides with Kurt as they walked so that he would be between them.  The gesture did not go unnoticed by those in the room. Especially Burt.

The defendant’s side of the room consisted of fewer people.  Blaine, Mr. Anderson, and their lawyer, Mr. Lewis sat at the table.  Seated behind them were Mrs. Anderson and Cooper Anderson.

Kurt tried not to look.  He really did. But somehow, his eyes found Blaine, who was sitting with his back to them as they walked down the aisle.  His hair was not gelled, and he sat slumped over in a suit. Within seconds of seeing him, Kurt began to shake. Sebastian gripped him a little tighter.  Kurt began to walk slower, and tears filled his eyes.

“I’ve got you, Kurt.  You can do this.” Sebastian whispered in his ear.  “Try not to look at him. Focus on your family. They’re all here because they love and support you.”

Kurt nodded his head and tried to keep walking.  Burt stood up and grabbed Kurt when they got to the end of the aisle.  Kurt wouldn’t let go of Sebastian.

“I’ll be right behind you the whole time, Kurt.  I promise.” Sebastian leaned over and kissed Kurt on the cheek.  

Burt had wrapped his arm around Kurt to try to support him.  Kurt let go of Sebastian and quickly grabbed on to his dad. “I’ve got you, Kiddo.  Let’s sit down.”

Blaine was watching the whole exchange with a glare.  He hated that Kurt and Sebastian were now a couple. Cooper had told him all about it.  He was furious. Kurt was supposed to be his. He also hated that Kurt had so many people there with him.   

Puck watched Blaine like a hawk.  He hated the way he was looking at Kurt and Sebastian.  If he wouldn’t get in trouble, he’d be jumping over that half wall and beating the hobbit into a dust.  Puck looked in front of him and notices Finn and Sam must be feeling the same way, since they weren’t taking their eyes off Blaine.  Puck figured if he was found innocent, he would still have to pay.

Soon, the jury filed in.  They sat and looked at both Kurt and Blaine. Kurt wanted to shrink into his seat.  He was already feeling judged. Burt put his hand on Kurt’s shoulder and gave a squeeze of support.  Kurt took a deep breath in, willing himself to regain control of his emotions.

Judge Rosen walked in and everyone stood.  She was a middle aged woman with red hair. She had a no nonsense air about her, and Kurt was instantly intimidated.  Mr. Edwards turned and gave a quick grin to Robert. Having Judge Rosen on the case was a good thing. She was known to be no nonsense, but she also did not take kindly to sexual assault and was known as a big supporter of LGBTQ rights. Sebastian noticed the grin exchange and was relieved.  

The trial was underway and Kurt was called to the stand.  He stood and walked to the stand, trying his best not to throw up from nerves, pass out, or just plain turn and run away.   He took the oath, and then Mr. Edwards began to ask him questions.

“Kurt, can you tell us how you met Blaine Anderson?”

“I met Blaine on my first day at Dalton Academy.  I was lost, and asked him for directions to my first class.”  Blaine smirked at the memory, but Kurt refused to look at him.

“Tell us about your relationship with Blaine, all the way up until the night at Scandals.”

“Umm, we became friends after he showed me to class.  We started eating lunch together that week, and he told me about the Dalton Warblers.  I sing, so I auditioned and got in. He was also a Warbler, so we saw each other pretty often at that point.  After a couple of months, Blaine asked me to be his boyfriend and I agreed. I liked Blaine. I had never had a boyfriend.  I was the only out gay kid at my old school.

But soon, he didn’t like when I would spend time with other friends that I had made.  In fact the two friends that I’m closest to from Dalton today, are only my friends because one of them was my roommate, and the other was his boyfriend.  That’s the only reason I was able to spend time with them.”

“Did Blaine tell you that you couldn’t spend time with anyone?”

“Not in those words, no.  But he would throw a fit if he found out I was spending time with other guys, whether they were gay or not. At first he didn’t mind when I would spend time with my girl friends, but eventually, even that would send him over the edge.”

“What do you mean by ‘over the edge’?”

“It depended on the situation.  Sometimes he would whine and tell me that I was supposed to spend my free time with him, and only him, since we were boyfriends.  He would continue until I agreed. Sometimes, he would yell, and tell me that I was a bad boyfriend for neglecting him.”

“All because you spent time with friends?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Can you give us an example?”

“My girl friends from McKinley and I would have sleepovers.  I went to my friend Sugar’s house one weekend for a sleepover, and when I returned to Dalton the next Monday, Blaine wouldn’t talk to me.  When he did talk to me, he accused me of being bisexual and having an affair.”

“Are you bisexual, Kurt?”

“No, sir.  I’m gay.”

Sugar was shocked at this.  She had no idea any of that had happened.  That explained why she saw less and less of her Angel.  Puck reached over and squeezed her hand, then put his arm around her.  

“Did you stop going to the sleepovers after that?”

“Not completely.  But I did try to make sure if I went to any, they would be on a weekend that Blaine already had plans.”

“Do you still attend Dalton Academy?”

“No, sir.  I transferred back to McKinley.”

“Why is that?”

“Mostly because I missed my friends.  I needed space away from Blaine. I told him it was because it was too expensive, which it is expensive, but that wasn’t the main motivation.  I had also had a bully when I was at McKinley before, who had transferred to another school, so I felt safe returning.”

“I see. I know this may be uncomfortable for you, but can you tell us about your sexual relationship with Blaine?”

Kurt shifted in his seat and took a deep breath.  “We kissed.”

“You kissed.  Is that it?”

“Yes, sir.”

“And how long were you and Blaine together as boyfriends?”

“Nine months, sir.”

“And you only kissed?  Is there a reason for that?”

“Well, sir, I didn’t think Blaine found me attractive.  He told me that I had the sex appeal of a baby penguin, and that there was a reason for masturbation.”  Kurt blushed.

“So, Kurt, was the night at Scandals that first time that Blaine ever tried anything other than kissing?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Can you walk us through what exactly happened that night?  I want you to give as much detail as you can.”

Kurt began to shake.  He took a deep breath, and nodded his head ‘yes’.  

“Some of us decided to go to a gay bar called Scandals.  It’s nice to go somewhere where you feel like you can be yourself.  Especially in small town Ohio. They have karaoke on Saturday nights, and all of us sing, so we thought we would go and sing and dance and have some fun.”

Mr. Edwards interrupted, “Can you tell us who ‘we’ is that you are referring to?”

“Oh, yes, sorry.  It was myself, Sebastian, Nick, Jeff, and Blaine.”  Everyone noticed how Kurt listed himself and Blaine furthest apart, and Sebastian right after himself.  “We met there at Scandals. We all took turns singing and dancing. We were having a good time. None of us drank, except for Blaine.  I don’t know how many beers he had, but he was drunk, and acting pretty sloppy. So I decided that I would leave the other guys there, and take Blaine home.  We said our goodbyes, and headed toward the door.

I remember he called me ‘cute’ and told me that he loved me.  When we got outside, he stopped, grabbed my face with both hands, pretty hard, and kissed me even harder.  I remember him smelling awful. I told him that he smelled, and was drunk, and that I wasn’t in the mood because of that. I was really aggravated with him and  I didn’t like how rough he had gotten all the sudden. I had my arm around his waist, supporting him as we walked to my Navigator.

When we got to my car, he pushed me up against the door and started kissing me very forcefully.  I kept trying to get out of his grip, but he would just shove me back against the car and kiss me even harder.  I told him ‘no’ or ‘stop’ over and over. I even yelled it.

That’s when he got mad and started yelling at me.  He told me I was a prude and was always saying ‘no’, which isn’t true, because we never did anything for me to say ‘no’ to.  He told me he was a teenage boy and had needs. I told him I am a teenage boy too, and that he must only want me when he’s drunk.  I opened the door to the back seat and told him to get in so we could get him home.

He… he got this look on his face.  He was angry. He shoved me in the back seat and climbed on top of me and pinned my hands above my head.”

Sebastian was trying with every ounce of strength he had to not pummel Blaine.  Every person on the Kurt’s side of the room felt the same way. Tori was watching Seb.  She knew how hard this must be for him to hear. She rubbed his back, trying to comfort him.  

Sugar was already crying.  Puck was holding her, trying to make her feel better, while also trying not to attack Blaine right along side of Sebastian.  Finn and Sam were in the same boat. Nick was torn between killing Blaine and comforting Jeff.

Burt and Carol both had tears running down their cheeks.  Burt hated that his baby boy had to go through any of this, and what was worse, was that he knew the story was just getting started.

Kurt continued, “I yelled ‘no’ and told him to stop and let me up.  He… He actually smiled at me, and told me he was tired of waiting on me, and tired of me being a bitch all the time.  He told me he was going to take what he deserved.”

Kurt started to cry, and Sebastian wanted to run to him and hold him.  Most of Kurt’s family were in tears. Coach was ready for blood, and Mr. Schuester had to put his hand on her leg to keep her from standing up and storming toward Blaine.  She regained control better than Mr. Schue expected.

“You’re doing a good job, Kurt.”  Mr. Edwards said. “Please, try to continue.”

Kurt dried his eyes, and took a deep breath, “I kept yelling ‘no’ and for him to stop and get off of me, but he wouldn’t.   He was grinding up against me and trying to kiss me. I was kicking and squirming, trying to get free. Finally, I head-butted him as hard as I could.  I broke his nose, apparently. He got off of me and got out of the car. He was yelling at me for doing that, but I didn’t care.

I tried to run past him, so I could go back inside to my friends, but he grabbed my arm and yanked me back against the car.  He had me pinned with my front against the car, and my arms being held behind my back. He kept grinding up against me. I kept telling him to stop, but he just said, ‘You know you want it.  Stop fighting it.’

He kept grabbing my crotch and kissing my neck.  Somehow I managed to turn around, but he didn’t stop.  I kept telling him ‘no’.” More tears fell as Kurt continued his story. “And… And then…. Then he punched me.  I don’t know how many times. I blacked out, and fell to the ground. They think that’s how I got my concussion.  

When I woke up, I was on my back on the ground.  Blaine was on top of me. My shirt was ripped open, and my pants were unbuttoned and unzipped. Blaine… Blaine had his hand down my pants, grabbing my crotch. He kept trying to kiss me. I was so tired and weak.  I tried to get away, but everything was spinning. I was so dizzy. I told him to stop again and again. He got mad and starting yelling.  He said he was going to fuck my ass, and I was going to like it. He said he deserved it.”

Sebastian was having a hard time.  He bent over and put his head in his hands and then ran his fingers through his hair.  His mom rubbed his back, and then suddenly Sugar was there, and pulled him into a side hug.  He wrapped his arm around her as well and they held each other.

Kurt continued, “He was pulling my pants down, and then all the sudden he was gone.”  Kurt continued to let the tears fall. He looked at Sebastian. Sebastian gave him a small smile and nodded his head for him to continue.  “He wasn’t on me anymore. Once he was off of me, I couldn’t focus on where he had gone, or what was happening. I just remember feeling relief for a minute.  Sebastian had found us and gotten Blaine off of me. Sebastian was starting to pick me up when I saw Blaine come after him from behind. Apparently Sebastian saw the look on my face, and turned to see Blaine. Luckily, Sebastian was fast enough, and he punch Blaine.  He knocked him out… And he broke his hand doing it.

The next thing I know, Sebastian was holding me.  I remember was our friends Nick and Jeff came out, as well as another guy, David.  Then the ambulances and the police. Then the hospital. Sebastian stayed with me the whole time.”

“Thank you, Kurt.  That is all from me for now.”  Mr. Edwards said.

Kurt shook his head and then looked over at his dad and Sebastian.  He needed their strength. He knew he would have to do what he just did, but he wasn’t sure what the DA would be asking.  

Mr. Lewis stood up and walked toward Kurt as he buttoned his suit jacket.  Kurt swallowed down his fears and straightened himself in his seat.

Mr. Lewis started, “Kurt, you made it sound like you were not happy in your relationship with Blaine.  If you were so unhappy with Blaine, why did you stay with him for nine months?”

Kurt took a deep breath, “Well, it wasn’t nine months of bad.  There were okay times. But it got worse as time went on. I thought going back to McKinley would solve a lot of our issues.  Going back would have given me time with my friends, and then I could see him during non-school hours.”

“I see.  When you were at Scandals, were you a virgin?”

Kurt didn’t even blink, “Yes, sir.  As I said, we had only kissed, and Blaine was my first boyfriend.”

“Uh-huh, well, you don’t have to have a boyfriend to lose your virginity.  Are you a virgin now?”

Kurt blushed and he had a surprised look on his face.  And then it was as if the room became a slow motion film.

As Mr. Edwards was yelling “Objection!”, Blaine seemed to notice the blush on Kurt’s face, and knew what that meant.  He was pissed. How could Kurt give himself to someone else? He slammed his hand down on the table and started to stand.  He was glaring daggers at Kurt, and Kurt had a flashback to the night at Scandals. He was terrified.

Sebastian, Burt, Puck, Sam and Finn were on their feet.  As soon as Mr. Anderson grabbed Blaine and pulled him back down, the rest of Kurt’s family followed, and took their seats.  

“Sustained.”  Judge Rosen said.  “Watch yourself, Mr. Lewis.”  she looked at Blaine, “And you sir, had better watch it as well. I only have one bailiff, and there are an awful lot of people over there, who look like they would be more than happy to stop whatever shenanigans you try to pull.”

Blaine’s face was beet red.  He was furious.

Kurt, on the other hand, was still terrified and starting to have a panic attack.  His breathing was strained, and his eyes were watering.

Judge Rosen called for a recess so that Kurt could calm down.  The bailiff helped Kurt over toward his seat, and Burt met him halfway and took hold of him.  Sebastian was already on his feet, starting toward Kurt.

“Bas…”  Kurt whispered.

“He’s coming, Kiddo.  Breathe for me.” Burt said.

When Sebastian got closer, he looked at Burt, and Burt nodded.  Burt knew that Seb was who Kurt needed, but Sebastian didn’t want to overstep and get in the way of father and son.  It was another thing Burt greatly respected about Sebastian.

Sebastian wrapped his arms around Kurt, “I’ve got you, Baby.  I’ve got you. It’s okay.” He stroked Kurt’s back and arms. “I need you to take a deep breath.  Breathe, Kurt.”

Kurt started to breathe a little easier.  Just being with Sebastian calmed him.

“You’re doing a great job, Kurt. I’m so proud of you.”  Sebastian kissed his temple.

“He… He had that look again.”  Kurt said quietly. Sebastian had walked Kurt over to sit in one of the rows by Nick and Jeff, away from Blaine.  

“I know, Babe.  But I promise there is nothing he can do in here.”  Sebastian continued to hold him.

Everyone was squirming.  Puck was ready to pounce, and Sugar had to go calm him down.  Carol was consoling Burt, and Tori was trying to ease Finn and Sam back to calm.  Mr. Schuester was surprised at calm Coach Sylvester was. It kind of worried him. Secretly, she was plotting revenge.

When the recess was over, Kurt had to return to the stand and was reminded that he was still under oath.  

Mr. Lewis continued, “Kurt, is it true that you danced with other people besides your boyfriend while at Scandals?”

“Yes, just as he did.”

“Just ‘yes’ or ‘no’ please, Kurt.”


“Is it true that you had agreed to go to Scandals with or without your boyfriend?”


“No further questions.”

When Kurt returned to his seat, he leaned over and asked Mr. Edwards, “Why did they ask me those questions?  What does that matter?”

“They’re trying to show a couple of things.  That you would do things without Blaine, and you may not be so faithful, if you were dancing with others.  Look, Kurt, it’s a long shot. It’s all they have. Don’t take it personally. We all know the truth.”

Kurt shook his head and said, “Yeah, okay.”


Sebastian was next to take the stand.

Mr. Edwards began, "Sebastian, tell us how you know Blaine Anderson."

"He went to Dalton Academy and was in the Warblers with me.  I'm new there this year, so I only knew him for about a week."

"And how do you know Kurt Hummel?"

Sebastian smiled, "I met Kurt at Lima Bean.  He needed my help when his former bully came into the shop.  He sat with me, and once the guy was gone, we talked for a bit.  I found out later that he was friends with my roommate Nick, and his boyfriend, Jeff.  They told me he was Blaine's boyfriend, so we decided to all go out together for a night of fun.  A couple of weeks after the night at Scandals, Kurt and I became boyfriends."

“Sebastian tell us about the night you and your friends went to Scandals.”

“Well, myself, Nick, Jeff, and Blaine all rode together since we were coming from Westerville area.  We met Kurt there at 8 o’clock in the parking lot. We all sang and danced for hours together. We ran into someone Kurt knows, David, and he joined us for a bit.  Blaine had too much to drink, so Kurt decided he should take him home. They said goodbye to us and left.”

Sebastian took a deep breath and continued, “Several minutes later, I decided to head outside for some fresh air.  At first when I went out, I didn’t notice anything, but then I heard yelling.”

“Who was it that you heard yelling?”

“I didn’t recognize the voice at first, but it turned out to be Blaine.  When I looked toward the sound, I noticed Kurt’s Navigator was still there, which I found odd.  That, combined with the yelling had me concerned, so I ran toward the car. When I looked between his Navigator and the car parked next to him, I saw them.  Kurt was laying on the ground, in front of his car and the one next to him. Blaine was on top of him. Kurt’s shirt was torn open and his pants were open and had been pulled down around his hips.  Blaine… had his hand down Kurt’s pants, and was grabbing his crotch. Kurt was saying something, but it was quiet and seemed to be drifting in and out of consciousness, or was super dizzy, I’m not sure which.  Blaine was yelling at him. I heard him say ‘Give me what I deserve, bitch.’”

Sebastian cleared his throat and shifted in his seat.  “I yelled at him to get off and grabbed him by the shirt and yanked him up.  He struggled to get back to Kurt, so I punched him. He fell against the car next to us, and then went after him again.  I punched him a second time, and he fell to the ground. He didn’t get up, so I thought he would stop. I went to Kurt. I knelt by his side, and started to lift his head off the ground, when Kurt’s eyes widened, looking behind me. I turned and saw Blaine, with his fist drawn back.  I spun around and punched him as hard as I could. I knocked him out. Broke my hand.”

Sebastian sighed, “I returned to Kurt.  He was so beaten. He was exhausted from fighting off Blaine, and from the concussion.  His eye was quickly turning black and blue. He had a cut on his eyebrow, his lip, and the top of his forehead.  He had bruises on his chest, ribs, and some scratches. I told him I was there, that it would be okay.” A tear rolled down Seb’s cheek.  Kurt was crying as well. “I just held him, trying to reassure him that I was there for him. He held on to me… He was so scared.” Seb took another deep breath. “I called Nick and told him that Blaine tried to rape Kurt in the parking lot and told him to call 911.  Nick, Jeff, and David, were outside in what seemed like seconds. David called 911 and asked for two ambulances. The police and ambulance came. The guys stayed back and gave statements to police there. The first ambulance took Blaine. The second ambulance took Kurt and I.  We gave the police our statements at the hospital.”

“Thank you, Sebastian.”

Mr. Lewis stood, and approached Sebastian.  “Sebastian, what is your relationship with Kurt Hummel?”

“Kurt is my boyfriend.”

“I see.  And what was your relationship with Kurt that night at Scandals?”

“We were friends.”

“Did you want to be more than friends?”

“You’ve met Kurt, right?  Of course I did.” Kurt smirked at that.  Burt and Puck full on grinned like a shark.

Mr. Lewis sternly said, “Yes or no answers only.”

Sebastian leaned forward, raised an eyebrow, and pointedly looked at Mr. Lewis. “Yes.”

“Thank you.”


Nick took the stand next.  

Mr. Edwards began, “Nick what is your relationship with Blaine Anderson?”

“We were kind of friends.  He was a student at Dalton Academy and a fellow Warbler.”

“What is your relationship with Kurt Hummel?”

“We’re friends.  He became my roommate when he transferred mid-year.  He was a fellow Warbler, too. Kurt and my boyfriend, Jeff, were good friends, so we saw each other a lot in the beginning.”

“What do you mean by ‘in the beginning’?”  

“Well, once Kurt started dating Blaine, he sort of distanced himself from everyone.  Blaine didn’t like for him to see other people, even as friends. We slowly started seeing less and less of Kurt at things all of were doing.  I was lucky enough to get to see him a bit more since we were roommates.”

“Would you say Blaine was controlling?”

“I think he tried to be.  I think he underestimated Kurt’s spunk.  He never got as much control over Kurt as I think he tried to.”

“Tell us about the night at Scandals.”

“It was basically exactly like both Kurt and Sebastian said.  We met there, sang songs, danced. No one drank but Blaine. Kurt decided to take Blaine home when he had too much to drink.  Kurt said goodbye to us and then left. I wasn’t sure where Sebastian went. Then he called and said Blaine tried to rape Kurt in the parking lot and to call 911.  I grabbed Jeff and we ran outside. We were out there within seconds. We saw Blaine sticking out from between Kurt’s Navigator and the car next to it. He was unconscious.  We ran over. David was already on the phone with 911.”

Nick looked down at his hands and sighed.  “When we got to the car, and turned toward and looked to the front of it, Sebastian was sitting on the ground with Kurt laying in his arms.  Kurt was holding on to Sebastian like his life depended on it. Sebastian was whispering something to Kurt. Kurt was beat up. Black eye, cuts, bruises.  The police and ambulances came. We stayed to give a statement, and then headed to the hospital. Jeff called Mr. Hummel and Mrs. Smythe on the way.”

“Thank you, Nick.”

“No questions.”   Mr. Lewis said.


When Jeff took the stand, he was already tearing up.  

“Jeff, what is your relationship with Blaine Anderson?”  Mr. Edwards asked.

“We went to school together and were in the Warblers together.”

“Were you friends?”

“Mmm, sort of. I thought he was okay before Kurt came along.  We got along, but I don’t know if I would say we were friends.  Once Kurt started at Dalton, Blaine started acting different. He didn’t like when Kurt spent time with others.  It was like Kurt was a shiny new toy that he didn’t want to share. I don’t think many people, including Kurt, saw that.   It got worse when they started dating. He didn’t like when Kurt and I would go shopping or hang out after classes.”

“What is your relationship with Kurt Hummel?”

Jeff smiled, “He’s one of my best friends.  He became Nick’s roommate, and Nick is my boyfriend, so I saw him quite a bit.  We became fast friends. We like a lot of the same things, and same activities.”

“Can you tell us about what happened at Scandals?”

Jeff began to tear up again, “It was just as the others said.  We met there, danced, sang, had fun. Blaine drank too much, so Kurt wanted to take him home.  We said goodbye, and then later, Sebastian called Nick. I knew something was wrong when I saw Nick’s face.”  Jeff let some tears fall, “Nick’s eyes became huge, and he was as white as a ghost. He said….He said that Blaine tried to rape Kurt and we ran outside right away.  When we got outside, we saw Blaine on the ground. Then when we got the car…” Jeff put his hand over his mouth. Kurt and Sugar both had tears running down their cheeks as he watched his friend struggle to tell the story. “We saw Sebastian on the ground holding Kurt.  Kurt’s shirt was open, as were his pants. His pants were pulled down his hips. He had a black eye and cuts on his face. He had bruises on his chest and ribs.”

Jeff took a deep, shaky breath, “I just cried. He looked so broken.  The ambulance and police came. We gave out statements and the ambulance took Kurt, Seb, and Blaine away.  Nick drove my car to the hospital, and I called Mr. Hummel and Mrs. Smythe. Those were the hardest phone calls I’ve ever had to make.”

“Thank you, Jeff.”

“No questions.”  Mr. Lewis said.


Mr. Edwards said, “We do have another witness, but both Kurt and Sebastian have a restraining order out against him, Your Honor.  How would you like to handle that?”

Blaine’s eyebrows raised.   What are they talking about?  Why a restraining order?

Judge Rosen said, “We will let Kurt and Sebastian take a break while the witness testifies.  You can text the boys when it’s time to come back in.”

“Thank you, Your Honor.”  Mr. Edwards turned and whispered to Kurt.  

Kurt stood up, and left with Sebastian, hand in hand.  They found a quiet hallway with a bench and sat in silence holding each other.  After several minutes, Sebastian began softly singing the words from the song he had sang the night before.  Kurt closed his eyes, trying to get lost in the loving words his boyfriend’s beautiful voice was singing to him.  


David Karofsky walked in to the courtroom with his father and an assistant from Mr. Edwards’ office.  He immediately took the stand and was sworn in.

Blaine was surprised to see who it was.  He wondered what happened to make both Kurt and Sebastian have a restraining order taken out against Dave.

“David, how do you know Blaine Anderson?”

“I don’t really.  I met him that night at Scandals when I found out he was Fancy’s… Kurt’s, boyfriend.  Kurt introduced us on the dance floor. Never really talked to the guy.”

“And how do you know Kurt Hummel?”

“We went to McKinley together until he transferred our Junior year.”

“Can you tell us what happened at Scandals?”

“Yeah, well, I saw Kurt there with his friends.  He went to get a water at the bar and take a break from dancing, so I went and sat next to him.  We talked for a few minutes. Sebastian was there too. I ended up dancing with Sebastian and their friends for a bit.  Then later that night, I saw two of Kurt’s friends, Nick and Jeff, looking upset and running out of the bar. I didn’t see Kurt, Blaine, or Sebastian, so I was afraid something happened.  I followed them outside. When we got out there, we saw Blaine on the ground. I called 911. We ran over while I was on the phone and saw Kurt and Sebastian.”

“And what did you see when you saw them?”

Dave took a deep breath. “Sebastian was on the ground holding Kurt.  Kurt was beat up bad. I wanted to kill Blaine. Once the police and ambulances got there, I gave my statement and then left.”

“I see.  Thank you, David.”

“No questions.”  Mr. Lewis said.

Mr. Edwards’ assistant escorted David and his father out to the parking lot.  No one even looked at him when he passed them...Except Coach Sylvester, who stared death daggers at him.  He was already on her shit list, but not he was at the top, just under Blaine Anderson.


Once given the all clear, Kurt and Sebastian returned to the courtroom.  Sebastian again walked Kurt up so that he was between the Anderson’s and Kurt.  Burt met them at the end of the aisle again, and wrapped his arm protectively around Kurt and guided him to his seat.  

“We would like to call Dr. Johnson from Lima Memorial to the stands, Your Honor.”  

Dr. Johnson had arrived just before Kurt had returned to the courtroom.  Both boys remembered him. He brought with him some enlarged photos of Kurt’s injuries.  He handed them to Mr. Edwards, and then took the stand and got sworn in.

“Thank you for being here Dr. Johnson.  Can you tell us about what you found in Kurt Hummel’s injuries?”  As he spoke, he placed a large photo of Kurt’s face on an easel.

Up until this moment, everything else had just been words to Cooper Anderson.  He believed Blaine when he said everyone was blowing this whole thing out of proportion.  He thought that Kurt and his friends were exaggerating. He figured Sebastian was trying to get rid of Blaine so that he could have Kurt to himself.

But then there was a photo of Kurt Hummel, staring right at him.  His eye was black and blue, nearly swollen shut. He had a huge cut on his eyebrow, the top of his forehead, and his lip was busted open.  He had a huge bump on his head. And this was just the first picture. He felt sick to his stomach. Could Blaine have done this? Cooper ran his hands through his hair and bent over with his head in his hands.  

Blaine’s parents had similar reactions.  Mrs. Anderson actually shed a few tears.

Dr. Johnson went on the describe Kurt’s injuries.  With each photo, there more descriptions, and more people squirming in their seats. Some from being sad, some angry, some just upset. That included the Anderson’s, and it especially included Blaine.  

Blaine had not seen Kurt’s injuries. He didn’t realize he had done so much damage.  He actually sat and cried. However, no one felt sorry for him.

Chapter Text

Blaine knew that he had hit Kurt.  He knew he had taken things too far.  But sitting there looking at the photos of Kurt made him realize just how much.  There were not only photos of Kurt’s black eye, busted lip, and lacerations, but also bruises on his chest, ribs, back, and multiple scraps across his torso.  Was his temper that bad? Was he so drunk that he didn’t realize how violent he had gotten? Not that it mattered at this point. He had done the damage, and now he was going to have to pay the price.  

Blaine was called to the stand, and sworn in under oath.  Blaine looked over to Kurt, but Kurt refused to look his way.  Everyone else was glaring at him so much that he was a little fidgety and shifting in his seat.  

Mr. Edwards began,  “Blaine, how many high schools have you attended?”


“What was the reason you left the high school you attended before Dalton Academy?”

“I was being bullied.”  He said with sad puppy dog eyes.

“Blaine, let me remind you that you are under oath.”

Blaine cleared his throat and shifted in his seat  His facial expression morphing.  “I was unofficially expelled.”

“And why is that?”

“I… I punched someone.”

“Was there a reason you punched this person?”

“I just lost my temper, that’s all.”  He shrugged.

“‘That’s all.’  Huh. Blaine, tell us about the Fight Club you started at your old school.”

Blaine was a bit shocked.  His family all looked at each other in confusion.  They had no idea what Mr. Edwards was talking about.  

“Umm, well… I like to box.  So I started a club that would allow myself and fellow boxers to have matches.  It’s a secret club, so nobody gets in trouble.”

“So, with a ring, and gloves, and rules?”

“No, sir.  No ring, we just used the boiler room so we didn’t get caught.  No gloves.”

“And rules, Blaine?  Do you have any rules for this club you started?”

Blaine cleared his throat and hung his head.  “The only rule is, no hitting in the face. We can’t get caught if marks and bruises are below the neck, hidden by our uniforms.  We fought until someone gives up or gets knocked out.”

“I see.  Blaine how many drinks did you have when you were at Scandals that night?”

“I’m not sure exactly. Possibly three or four.”

“In how many hours?”

“Umm, maybe four?”

“Blaine, the police report says that your alcohol level was a .03.  Do understand what that means?”

Puck started shifting in his seat.  He knew exactly what that meant, and it made him even angrier than he was before.  

Kurt looked at his dad.  He had no idea where this was going.  His dad just held up a finger, signaling for Kurt to give it a second.

“Blaine, that means that you had enough alcohol in your system to maybe give you a warm buzz. It is not enough to make you lose control of your actions.”

Kurt thought he was going to throw up.  He was so upset that Blaine could do this in the first place, but now to know he could do this and practically be sober?  How could he?

Sebastian bent over and put his elbows on his knees.  He lowered his head and ran his fingers through his hair.  His mom began to rub his back, trying to soothe him. He really wanted to kill Anderson.  

Cooper was bright red.  He was both embarrassed and pissed off.  He couldn’t believe that this was his little brother.  What had gone wrong? What happened to the sweet little Blainers that he played with growing up?  He was now a monster. He was embarrassed that he had defended him.


Mr. Edwards shot Kurt and apologetic look before his next question.  “Blaine, earlier this morning when Mr. Lewis asked Kurt if he was still a virgin, you seemed to get upset.  Why is that?”

Blaine mumbled something that was too low for anyone to hear.  

“I’m sorry, Blaine, you’re going to have to speak up.”

Blaine’s face turned red and his face contorted as he slammed his hands down and the banister in front of him and screamed,  “Because I know he’s not a virgin anymore! I could tell by the way he blushed! He shouldn’t be with Sebastian, and he shouldn’t be acting like such a fucking whore!  He should still be with me!”  

Kurt’s face was red and his eyes were wide.  Burt put his arm around Kurt’s shoulder, trying to comfort him.  

Sebastian’s knuckles were white as he made fists.  Puck reached forward and put a hand on Sebastian’s shoulder and gave a squeeze.  He patted him on the back, trying to settle him down. He knew Sebastian was ready to attack.  Tori put her hand on his knee, hoping to soothe him some more.

Everyone in the jury just stared at Blaine, momentarily shocked at this outburst. It dawned on everyone, in case there was any doubt, that Blaine’s temper and his violent side didn’t need much provoking.  

“No further questions.”  Mr. Edwards said, trying to hide his grin.  He was pleased his tactics worked. Robert was pleased with the lawyers tactics as well.  He had made a good recommendation with Mr. Edwards.

Mr. Lewis sat back in his seat and shook his head.  “No questions.”

“Alright, then let’s break for lunch. Blaine, the bailiff will be taking you back to holding.  Everyone else, you have one hour.” Judge Rosen said.

Kurt breathed a sigh of relief.  He immediately stood and turned around.  Sebastian was right there waiting, and they leaned over the banister and embraced.  

“You okay, Babe?”  Sebastian whispered in his ear.

“Yeah, I actually think I am.”  Kurt gave a small smile.

They let go, and Burt put his hand on Kurt’s shoulder as the two of them walked to go around the banister.  Kurt looked up to his dad and whispered, “So are we going to have to ‘talk’ now?”  He was afraid that his dad would want to talk about Kurt losing his virginity, and he really did't want that to happen.

Burt chuckled and stopped walking, not letting go of Kurt’s shoulder.  He quietly said, “Look, Bud. You two are in love. Sebastian is crazy about you.  He’s good to you, and for you. As long as you’re happy, and he continues to treat the way he does, I have nothing negative to say about any of it.  Beside, give it two weeks and I legally have no say anyway.”

Kurt just looked at him and smiled,  “Thanks, Dad.”

“Let’s go eat.  This emotional roller coaster had me work up an appetite.”  Burt grinned.

Kurt chuckled, “Okay, Dad.”  

Before Kurt could blink, Sebastian was there holding his hand.  Carol came and gave him a hug. “Do you want to eat somewhere alone?  Do you need some time?”

Kurt smiled softly at her.  He loved her so much, and was so glad she always had his best interest at heart, “No, actually,”  He looked up at everyone. They were all waiting on an answer from him. “I’d like us to all eat together.”  

With lots of relieved smiles, everyone headed downstairs to the cafe in the courthouse.  They were able to gather enough tables for everyone to fit. Once settled, Kurt asked for everyone’s attention.  “I just want to thank you all for coming and supporting me today. Even though I had my back to you for much of the morning, I could feel you there with me.  I could feel your love and support. You have all been so amazing. Thank you.”

Everyone nodded and mumbled different things like ‘your welcome’, ‘my pleasure’, ‘of course’, and then Finn asked, “So, are you okay?  You seem in a much better mood than I thought you would be.”

Kurt chuckled and said, “Ya know, I’m in a much better mood than I thought I would be too.  But, when Blaine lost his temper in there, it...changed things.  I guess, I’m just kind of relieved that everyone saw part of what I saw.  It showed his true colors, ya know? It gives me hope that this will go my way.  I’m also relieved that now his family knows the real Blaine, and when he’s done serving whatever sentence he gets, maybe they can get him some more help.”

Sebastian watched Kurt closely during lunch.  He only had a salad, but he ate all of it. Burt saw him watching Kurt’s food intake, and grinned to himself.  

Sebastian put his hand on Kurt’s back and rubbed small circles with his thumb. Kurt turned to him and grinned.  Puck was watching, like he always does, and smiled at how Kurt and Sebastian were so loving. He was so relieved that Kurt finally had that after everything he had been through.


Once they were all back in the courtroom, the police officer who had originally interviewed all of the boys gave his testimony.  They would have liked for him to have been there before lunch recess was called, but there was a conflict in scheduling. After his testimony, the jury went off to deliberate.  That’s when Kurt started getting nervous again.

“So that’s all there is?  Now we just wait?” Kurt asked Mr. Edwards as his leg bounced up and down.

“That’s it.  We just wait.  If the jury can’t come to a decision today, then we come back tomorrow.”  Mr. Edwards said. “I have a good feeling about this, Kurt. Don’t worry.”

Everyone got up and meandered around in the lobby area downstairs.  They didn’t want to go far, in case they were called back soon.  Sugar and Puck watched Sebastian rub Kurt’s back as Kurt looked more and more worried.  

“Hey, Princess, you doing okay?”  Puck asked.

“I think nerves are starting to kick in.” Sebastian answered after Kurt didn’t really reply.

“Angel, it’s going to be fine.  You’ll see.” Sugar gave Kurt a small smile and he reached out for her, pulling her into a hug, but not letting go of Sebastian.  It made it so that the three of them were all hugging.

Puck crossed his arms and frowned, “What?  I don’t get in on this action?”

Kurt smirked as he summoned Puck with his fingers.  Puck joined in the hug.

Jeff walked up with Nick closely following, “Uh-uh… No way is there going to be a group hug without me.  Not happening!” He wrapped himself around the back of Kurt and Sebastian.

Nick followed suit, “Where Jeffie goes, I go!”

Finn leaned over to Sam and stage whispered, “You would think the brothers would get first dibs, but noooo….They just totally leave us hanging.”  Sam nodded his head as if he totally agreed with him.

Sugar and Jeff both held out their arms, welcoming Finn and Sam into the embrace.  Kurt closed his eyes and soaked up the love.

The parents,  Mr. Schuester, and Coach Sylvester, were all watching this beautiful event unfold.  Mr. Edwards turned to look at what the adults were looking at. He grinned, “Man, Kurt is one lucky guy.  Having this many people be in his corner. It’s quite amazing.”

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement.  Burt added, “And there’s even more friends who couldn’t be here with him today.  It really is amazing, considering a couple of years ago he basically had nobody but me.”

Tori smiled, “Well now he has two whole families who love him, plus his friends-family.  He deserves all of it. He really is an amazing guy.”

Carol quickly took out her phone and snapped a quick picture.  She thought it might be something Kurt might like to have later.  

Everyone’s thoughts were interrupted when Mr. Edwards phone dinged.  He looked down at the text. “Well, that was fast.” It had only been about 45 minutes since the jury left to deliberate.  “Looks like they’re ready for us.”

Everyone started to move and Kurt almost shouted as he said, “No!”  Everyone froze and he took a deep breath, “Don’t let go yet. Just give me a minute… Like this.  Just a minute more.” He never even opened his eyes. He just wanted to soak up the love and positive energy his family was giving him.

I minute later, Puck leaned over and kissed Kurt on the forehead, saying, “Okay, Princess, let’s go get this over with.”  

“Oh my god.”  Kurt mumbled.

“Hey!  Don’t you kiss my man.”  Sebastian faked a frown. “I might have to swoop in and steal your lady.”  He winked at Sugar and wiggled his eyebrows.

Sugar rolled her eyes and shook her head, “How about you and Puck can have each other and Kurt and I will ride off into the sunset all on our own?”

Everyone was giggling at this point.  Kurt couldn’t help it. They were being so ridiculous.  “Alright, I’ll choose which one of you I want later. Let’s go.”  He grinned.

As they made their way back to the courtroom, Sebastian leaned over and whispered, “You’d choose me, right Babe?”  He smirked at Kurt.

Kurt stopped walking and turned toward Sebastian.  “Always.” he said and then kissed his boyfriend.


Once everyone was seated, the bailiff brought Blaine back out.  He stared at Kurt the whole way to his seat, but Kurt refused to acknowledge him.  Once he was seated, he leaned forward so he could look around Mr. Lewis, trying to get a look at Kurt.  Kurt was seated in the spot furthest away from Blaine. When Burt noticed what Blaine was doing, he glared at him and moved himself forward to block Blaine’s view.  Sebastian noticed, and it made him grin.

When the jury came back in, Kurt was trying to look at their faces to see if he could get a feel for what they had decided.  He heart was pounding. He knew there was a ton of evidence against Blaine, but he also knew that this town had not been too kind to him when it came to accepting his sexuality.  He wondered if the fact that he’s gay was going to give Blaine more leeway or not.

Everyone stood once Judge Rosen returned.  She definitely had that intimidating air about her still, but there was something else this time. Kurt seemed to feel like maybe she already had her mind made up. Hopefully it would work in his favor.

Blaine and his lawyer stood, ready to receive Blaine’s fate.

“Members of the Jury, have you reached a verdict?”  Judge Rosen asked.

The Jury Spokesperson stood and said, “We have, Your Honor.”

“Members of the Jury, in the case of Kurt Hummel vs. Blaine Anderson, what say you?”  

“Your Honor, Members of the Jury find the defendant GUILTY.”

Blaine hung his head and his knees gave out.  Being in Juvenile Detention had been hard. Now he was tried as an adult, which meant a real prison was in order.  He couldn’t believe it. How could Kurt do this to him? All he wanted was to have sex with his boyfriend. And now he had to go to jail because of it.

Mr. Lewis and Mr. Anderson grabbed Blaine, helping him stand.  

Kurt was immediately engulfed in a hug by Burt.  “You did it, Kiddo. That son of a bitch is going to pay.”  Kurt cried tears of joy.

As soon as his dad let go, Kurt turned and he and Sebastian embraced over the banister that separated them.  “I love you, Baby. You did it. I’m so proud of you.” Sebastian said as he kissed Kurt all over his face.

“I love you, too, Bas.  Thank you for supporting me through all of this.”

Everyone else there with Kurt was ecstatic. They were so happy things were finally going Kurt’s way.  

Judge Rosen banged her gavel and everyone returned to their seats.  “I will not be taking a recess or make you wait for the sentencing. You’ve waited long enough.”  She looked at Kurt when she said that, not Blaine.

Kurt grabbed Burt’s hand and Burt squeezed.  

Judge Rosen looked at Blaine, “Blaine Anderson, what you did was despicable.  I am sentencing you to the maximum sentence of five years in prison.  Your name will be added to the Sex Offender list, where it will remain for the rest of your life.”  She turned to the jury, “Members of the Jury, you are dismissed. The Court thanks you for your time of service.”

The Jury and Judge Rosen all stood to leave.  The bailiff grabbed Blaine and walked him out through a side door.  

Everyone there with Kurt was thrilled that Blaine got the maximum.  It was finally over and they were so relieved… Until they saw Kurt.

Kurt was laying his head in arms, sobbing.  Sebastian had made his way to him already and was kneeling by his side, rubbing his back and talking to him quietly.

“Baby, tell me what’s wrong.”  Sebastian said.

Kurt tried to take a deep breath and calm his crying.  It took a few tries, but he was finally able to talk. “I’m just so relieved, Bas.  I’m so exhausted. And so relieved.” Kurt turned toward Sebastian and leaned into his arms.  

Over his shoulder Sebastian looked up Burt and the rest of the group.  He nodded to let them know he was okay.

“I know, Babe.  It’s been a lot.  I’m so proud of you, though.  You were so brave, and so strong.  And it worked. It’s over, Babe. He’s gone, Dave is gone, and now we can move on with our lives.” Sebastian kissed his temple and pulled back.  “Let’s get out of here.”

They started to walk around the banister and down the aisle, when Cooper stepped out in front of the them.  Sebastian tightened his grip on Kurt and Puck and Kurt’s brothers immediately surrounded them.

Cooper put his hands up like he surrendered, “I mean no harm,” he said as looked at the guys surrounding him, “I just want to apologize.” He looked back at Kurt and Sebastian. “I am sorry. To both of you. I’m sorry I had been so rude, and Kurt, I’m especially sorry for what Blaine did.  I had no idea he was capable of anything like that.”

Kurt answered, “None of us knew, Cooper.  Thank you for the apology. Now if you’ll excuse us…”  

Sebastian tightened his hold on Kurt and they made their way past Cooper.  

Once they were in the lobby, everyone was gathered around and giving Kurt their congratulations.  Finn piped up and said, “Okay, Kurt, the texts from the New Directions are already coming in. They want to know what happened.  Do you want me to text them back, or is it time for an impromptu announcement celebration?”

Kurt smiled and looked at Carol.  She nodded that it was fine, so he said, “Party it is!”

Back at the house, Finn and Sam gathered the Glee Club in the living room while Kurt and Sebastian waited in the kitchen with their parents.  Once everyone was there, Kurt and Sebastian came out holding hands. You could hear a pin drop and all eyes were on Kurt. Their parents waited and watched from the doorway.

“Well….”  Kurt couldn’t help it, the smile crept onto his face and eyebrows began to raise in anticipation.  “He was found guilty!”

Cheers erupted and everyone was jumping up and down and hugging.  

“Wait!  There’s more!” Mr. Schuester announced.  Everyone paused and looked back at Kurt.

He smiled, “He got the maximum sentence.  5 years, plus he will be labeled as a sex offender for the rest of his life.”  Everyone was so relieved. They hugged Kurt and Sebastian both. The room was full of pure joy.  Kurt had to laugh when Santana whispered something about having to wait 5 years to do something with Blaine's balls that involved a hammer.

Everyone was enjoying the party.  The kids were all in the living room carrying on and the adults had gathered in the kitchen and were talking.  Sebastian walked into the kitchen to get a drink and Burt stopped him. He didn’t pull Sebastian aside and say this quietly.  He said what he wanted to say so that everyone could hear him.

“Hey, Kid.  Come here for a second.”  Sebastian grinned and walked over to Burt where he was leaning against the counter.  Burt put his arm around Sebastian’s shoulder. “Look, I just wanted to thank you. Thank you for helping Kurt with Karofsky, from the day you met him until they day he was caught.  Thank you for saving Kurt from that asshole, Blaine. I can’t imagine what would have happened if you hadn’t been there.”

“Burt, you’ve already thanked me.  There’s no -”

Burt cut him off, “No, there’s more.  You have done so much since that night.  From helping him when he had a night terror, to making sure he eats.  You’ve held him when he’s upset, loved him through the good times and bad… The entire roller coaster he’s been on since that night, you’ve been there for him.  You, and you’re family,” Burt looked at Tori and Robert, “have been amazing. So thank you.”

Sebastian was blushing.  “Well, I know Kurt has been through hell.  But I love him, so being there for him has been easy to do.”

Burt said, “He’s lucky to have you, Sebastian.  We all are.”

Kurt, unnoticed, had been leaning against the kitchen door frame.  He had heard most of what had been said. Everyone turned to look at him when he said, “That’s true, Bas.  We’re all lucky to have you.” Kurt walked over to Sebastian and they hugged.

Tori and Carol had tears in their eyes.  Robert and Burt were grinning at them. Coach finally piped up, “Okay!  Okay! I approve. You’ve proven yourself worthy.” She grinned at Sebastian.

“Wow, that didn’t take much at all.”  Sebastian said as he rolled his eyes. Everyone chuckled.



Later that evening, Nick drove Jeff and Sebastian back to Dalton.  On the way, Sebastian texted the Warblers in a group text.

From Sebastian:

Warbler meeting tonight at 9 in the rehearsal room. We'll make it quick.


When Sebastian, Nick, and Jeff entered the rehearsal room, everyone became silent.  It instantly reminded Seb of the time they had a meeting to tell the Warblers about the night at Scandals and what had happened to Kurt.  He was happy to be delivering much better news this time.

“Good Evening, Gentlemen.”  Sebastian began. “We just wanted to let everyone know the trial went today.  We’re grateful that it is all over in one day. So,” Everyone was waiting anxiously, “Blaine was found guilty.  Because he’s 17, they were able to have him tried as an adult, and he was sentenced to five years in prison. He will also be considered a sex offender for the rest of his life.”

There was a collective sigh of relief.  Everyone was mumbling and talking about the sentence, when Trent asked, “So how is Kurt?  Did he make through everything okay?”

Sebastian smiled.  “He’s great, actually.  He’s relieved it’s over, and he’s thrilled that Blaine got the maximum sentence. It was really hard on him to give his testimony.  It was hard on all of us. But, between the testimonies and the photographs, there wasn’t much denying what happened. Blaine kind of put the final nail in his own coffin when he had a little outburst.”

“I’d say ‘little outburst’ was an understatement.”  Jeff said as he made a face.

“Why, what did he do?”  Trent asked.

Nick looked at Sebastian, who nodded back for him to tell them.  “Let’s just say there was a question that made Kurt blush. That made Blaine realize that Kurt and Sebastian are… intimate.  He slammed his hand down on the desk and started to stand up like was going to -”

Jeff interrupted, “You should have seen it.  Not only were Sebastian and Mr. Hummel on their feet, ready to save the day, but so were Kurt’s brother’s and Puck.  The judge even made a comment to Blaine about it.”

Nick continued, “But then later, when Blaine was testifying, Kurt’s lawyer asked Blaine why he had that reaction.  Blaine lost his shit. He slammed his hands down and started yelling that Kurt and Sebastian shouldn’t be together, that Kurt is a fucking whore...”  He looked at Sebastian, “His words, not mine….And that Kurt belonged with him.”

Sebastian finished, “The jury really got to see how Blaine could lose his cool.  Turns out, he wasn’t really drunk that night. He had also been unofficially kicked out of his last school for punching someone.  He had started an underground fight club there too. His reaction scared Kurt for a minute, but then it was like...I don’t know, like a light bulb went off, or something.  He realized that the jury caught it, Blaine’s family now knew. It just kind of put him at ease. He even ate all of his lunch, which lately, is a big deal.”

The boys spent a few more minutes answering questions, and then decided to head to bed.  When Sebastian and Nick were back in their dorm room, Sebastian turned to Nick, “Hey Nick, thanks for today.  For being there for Kurt and I. You and Jeff have been good friends.”

“It was our pleasure, Seb.  I’m glad it all worked out.”  Nick grinned as he stared at the ceiling.  

Sebastian rolled over and sighed into a smile, “Me too.”

Back at the Hummel-Hudson home, Kurt was fast asleep by the time 9 o’clock came around.  It was the best night’s sleep he had had in years.


Chapter Text

Lima Bean was getting busier and busier with the colder weather’s arrival.  The boys lucked out and got their normal spot on the couch. As they sat chatting about school, Sebastian’s eyes lit up when he glanced outside.  Kurt looked to see what he was looking at.

“It’s snowing!”  Sebastian exclaimed.  

Kurt chuckled, “Sure is!  I take it you like the snow?”

“Love it.  It’s so beautiful.  It makes me feel like I’m in a snow globe.”  He smiled.

Kurt smiled back.  “One more thing I love about you,”  he said quietly.

They sat watching the snowfall for a bit and then Kurt said, “Oh yeah.  Did I tell you Leah texted me yesterday? She’s so sweet. She was just checking to see if I’m okay.  She said she’s coming home this weekend for fall break? They’re lucky they get the whole week off.”

“Yeah, do you not have the whole week off?  Dalton does.” Sebastian answered.

“No, we have to go to school on Monday and Tuesday.  Now I’m jealous.” He winked.

Sebastian chuckled. “Leah’s coming home Friday, and then has a sleepover at  a friend’s house Saturday, but maybe we can do something with her on Sunday? I know she’s dying to see you again.”

Kurt smiled, “I’d love that.”  He paused for a few minutes. “Sebastian, I want you to spend time with your friends.”

Sebastian was taking a drink of his coffee when Kurt said that, and he froze.  He lowered his cup, “What? I see my friends all the time. I live with them all through the week.  I see them more that I see you.”

Kurt said, “That’s true. I just don’t want it to become a problem.  I don’t want to keep you from friends outside of school time.”

Sebastian smiled softly, “I know what you’re saying.  I promise that you aren’t. My friends and I go out to dinner, hang out in the lounges.  We have movie nights in the commons. I see them all week long. If something comes up on the weekend that I want to be a part of, I promise to let you know.  And, of course, you should always do the same. I will never keep you from spending time with your friends. Never.”

Kurt put his hand on Sebastian’s face, leaned over and kissed him.  “I know. Thank you.”

Sebastian smirked and wiggled his eyebrows, “Besides, I already have plans for you this weekend.”

Kurt had his coffee in one hand, and with the other he reached over and ran Sebastian’s Dalton tie through his fingers. He smiled slyly, “Oh you do, do you?”

“Mmm, yes.  But we need to have another talk before that happens.”  Sebastian said.

Kurt frowned, “Okay,”  he paused, “About what exactly?”  He asked quietly. He looked kind of worried.

Sebastian smiled softly.  “No need to worry. We just need to make some more things...clear.”

Kurt looked around to make sure they wouldn’t be overheard.  “Okay, what needs to be made clear?”

“Well, I want you to do a little research on what we discussed before.  I can even send you some links to good sites that I found. I did learn a few things, although a lot of things you and I already do naturally.”  Sebastian turned more towards Kurt and rested his arm on the back of the couch. He ran his fingertips gently through Kurt’s hair above his ear. “When we talked before, you mentioned the word ‘control’ a couple of times.”

“Mhmm.”  Kurt said, looking up at Sebastian through his eyelashes.

“I’m not sure giving up ‘control’ is what you mean or want.”

Kurt frowned again, “I don’t understand.”

Sebastian said, “I think maybe it’s less about you not having to control things, and more about you trusting me.  Letting us, or lead us. If you say I have all the control, then that means you have none, and that’s not healthy.”  Kurt was looking at him thoughtfully, trying to process everything. Sebastian continued, “You will always have a say in what we do, Kurt.  Especially if it’s something you don’t really want. This is more about you trusting me to lead, than it is about power or control. Does that make sense?”

Kurt continued to think about it for a few seconds.  “Yes, it does. Maybe control was the wrong word to use.  But I still want what we talked about.” Kurt blushed slightly, grabbed Sebastian’s tie to continue playing with it, and then continued to whisper, “I want you to tell me what to do. I want to do what you say, without even thinking about it.”  Kurt pulled Sebastian’s tie, bringing Sebastian closer to him. He looked Seb in the eye, then to his lips, then back to his eyes, “I want you to use that tone with me, then I want to answer ‘Yes, Sebastian’, and do it without thinking. I trust you.”

Sebastian growled, “Baby, you’re killing me.”  He leaned over and kissed Kurt. The kiss only lasted a few seconds, but it had both boys on fire.

Kurt just gave him a small grin and batted his eyelashes at him.

Later that night Kurt was reading some of the websites that Sebastian had sent him links to.  Some of it was too much, but he was surprised that he found himself getting turned on by more than he thought he would.  He texted Sebastian.


To Sebastian:

I read the articles.  I know what I want. Let’s talk about it after the game Friday.  

To Kurt:

Well, that was fast lol. I’m bringing Leah to the game, though.  Turns out Mom and Dad have another fundraiser thing. This time in Cleveland.  So instead of Friday, we can talk tomorrow? I’ll call you.

To Sebastian:
Sounds good.  Goodnight, Bas.  I love you.

To Kurt:

Love you, too, Babe.  Goodnight.




The next night Kurt and Sebastian had a long talk about what they each wanted when it came to their sex life, and whether or not they wanted any of it to spill out into their dating life.  They discussed safe words, D/s roles, and even things they were willing to try or not even attempt. They were both pretty surprised by the other’s wishes. It was a good talk, and they were both glad they had it before the weekend.



Friday afternoon, Leah was in her bedroom when Sebastian knocked on her door.  

“Come in!”

“Welcome home, sis.”  Sebastian said as he walked over to where she was sitting at her vanity.  He leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.

“Thanks, Seb.  What time are we leaving?”  

“I figured we could leave when Mom and Dad leave, around 5:30.  We can pick Sugar up and grab a bite to eat, then head to the game.  We’ll probably go to Desserted Love after. I think Kurt loves their cheesecake more than he loves me.”

Leah rolled her eyes, “I doubt that.”

Sebastian smiled as he walked out of the room, “Dress warm.  It’s supposed to get really cold tonight.”


Sebastian and Leah picked Sugar up in the Range Rover and headed to Tom & Chee.  Warm soup and sandwiches was just what they were going to need for the cold night ahead.  

“So, Leah, how is school?”  Sugar asked as they ate.

“It’s fine, I guess.  I’ve made some nice friends.  One lives not far from here, so that will be nice to be able to see her on holidays and summer break.  I’m actually going to her house tomorrow night.”

“That’s good.  I never thought about your school being so far away that your friends would live far from here.  It makes sense, I just didn’t think about it because we see Dalton boys so much.” She winked at Sebastian.

“With good reason.”  Sebastian said. He turned to Leah, “So tell me about this friend.  I want to meet her before I leave you there tomorrow night.”

Leah rolled her eyes, “I swear, it’s like I have 3 parents.”

“Four.”  Sebastian smiled.

“True.  Kurt is just as bad.”  Leah sighed and Sugar giggled at them.  “Her name is Amanda Jones. She goes by Mandy.  Her dad is a contractor who works out of town a lot, and her mom works as a secretary for some corporation that I forget the name of.  She has an older brother, Paul, but he’s in college at OSU. I don’t think he’ll be home yet.”

“Hmm.  Okay, but I still want to meet her.  And her parents.”

Leah just rolled her eyes again and changed the subject.  “So, Sugar, how are things going with Puck?”

Sugar smiled, “It’s so good.  He is so sweet.”

Sebastian smiled at her. “I’m so glad you two finally got together.”

Sugar sighed, “Me too.”


The three of them huddled together at the game.  It was so cold, and that made them glad it was the last game of the season.

There were a lot of people staring at them all night.  It was driving Sebastian crazy. Of course they were staring.  Most people knew who he was by now. They may not know his name, but they knew he was Kurt’s boyfriend.  And they knew Sugar. They could put two and two together with that one. Of course the two of them would be there together.  The boyfriend of a cheerleader, and the girlfriend of the wide receiver. The four of them were very close.

But now, Sebastian and Sugar show up with Leah.  Beautiful, gorgeous, Leah. Sebastian sighed. If only he could keep those eyes off of his sister.  The girls were looking at her with envy, and the boys were drooling.

At one point, a senior named Mack came up to talk to Sugar.  Mack was about Sebastian’s height, with a similar build. He had dark brown hair and eyes.  He was dressed like a hipster and had a cocky grin that Seb could relate to. It’s probably why he didn’t like him.  He reminded him of the guy he was in Paris. Maybe even worse.

“Hey, Sugar, how are you?”  Mack turned toward Sebastian before Sugar could even answer him and held out his hand to shake, “You’re Kurt’s boyfriend, right?”

Sebastian eyed him, shook his hand, and said, “Yes.  Sebastian Smythe. You are?”

“Mack Robinson.  I’m a friend of Sugar’s and Kurt’s.”  He turned to Leah, “And who are you?”

Sugar may come across as ditzy, but she wasn’t stupid.  She interrupted, “She’s dangerous. Why? Because half the football team would rip you apart if you mess with her, and that’s only if Sebastian and Kurt and I don’t get to you first.  We aren’t friend, Mack. Beat it.”

Sebastian smirked and Mack was dumbstruck.  He frowned, “We may not be close, Sugar, but I would call us friends.”  He looked at Leah, “And do you have a name… Besides ‘dangerous’?”

Before Sebastian could say anything, Leah said, “Of course I do.  But you see, it’s pretty obvious that you can’t take a hint, so learning my name is out of the question.  So if you don’t mind, I’d like to get back to watching my friends play and cheer.” She looked past him, back to the game.

Sugar was shaking her head ‘no’, and Sebastian glared at him.  Mack just stood there looking at her until finally Seb said, “I’m waiting on you to leave.  Are you going to make me wait longer?”

“No, no.  I’m going.”  He turned around and went back to his group of friends who were all asking questions.  

Sebastian looked at Sugar, “I take it you don’t like him?”

Sugar shook her head, “Nope.  He’s got quite the reputation.  Plus he’s a senior. Too old for Leah.”

Leah just shook her head.  She figured she’d have to wait until Sebastian, Kurt, and all of their friends were off to college before she could date.  


At half time, the three of them went and got a hot chocolate.  Once Kurt was back on the sidelines, Sebastian went to the fence and gave him some hot chocolate to warm him up.

“So was that Mack I saw approaching you guys earlier?  I’m assuming he wanted Leah’s number?” Kurt asked.

“Yep.  He didn’t even get her name.  Sugar put him in his place pretty quickly.”  Sebastian smiled.

“That’s my girl!”  Kurt beamed.


Sugar, Puck, Sebastian, Kurt, Leah and Sam all went to Desserted Love after the game.  Everyone was enjoying their dessert and chatting when Mack walked in with two of his friends.  Sebastian sat straight up and tensed. He really didn’t like this guy. Kurt noticed the change in Sebastian before he noticed why.  

Sugar put her hand on Puck’s leg.  She leaned over and said, “Puck, Mack just walked in.  He was hitting on Leah earlier and wouldn’t take a hint.  Just a heads up. Sebastian looks a bit tense.”

Puck leaned back and put his arm around Sugar.  “Got it.”

Sam was watching Mack and his friends walk in, and then saw how Sugar and Sebastian were acting, and Leah was getting a bit fidgety.  No one said what happened earlier, but he knew what Mack was like, so it didn’t take genius to figure it out. He was sitting next to Leah, and to the outsider, it probably looked like they were together.  

Mack noticed the group and walked over to them.  As he approached, Sam leaned back and put his arm around the back of Leah’s chair, possessively.  Sebastian noticed. If this went where he thought it might go, he was going to play along. He hoped Leah would too.  

Mack smirked, “So, fancy meeting you here.”  He looked at Sam, narrowing his eyes, and then back to Leah, “Is he why I can’t even know your name?”

“I’m exactly why, Mack.  I’d appreciate it if you’d leave us be.”  Sam said.

“Hmm,”  He looked at Leah, “You know, Sweetheart, you can do better.”  He motioned to himself and his friends laughed.

“I think you need to move along now, Mack.”  Kurt said with his best bitch face on.

Mack looked him up and down as if he was disgusting.  Sebastian growled at that, and so did Puck.

“I’m not interested.”  Leah said as she shooed him away with her hand.  

“A feisty one.  I like it.” Mack said as he raised his eyebrows.

“She’s taken, Mack.  Move. Along.” Sam said.  He moved his arm from the chair to her shoulder, lightly rubbing small circles with his fingertips.  She leaned in to the embrace. Mack kept watching, so Leah put her hand on Sam’s leg. It didn’t really do anything to persuade him to leave, so Sam took his free hand and laced his fingers together with the hand Leah had put on his leg.  He knew he shouldn’t be he felt a jolt of electricity go through him, but he did. Judging by the grin on Leah’s face, she probably did too.

Puck was watching with a huge grin on his face.  Not only was he proud Sam caught on so quickly without being told, but he could tell Sam was enjoying it.

Sebastian thought it was odd that he didn’t feel over protective of Leah when Sam was touching her.

“Huh.  Well, maybe next time, Sweetheart.” Mack said as he eyed her hand on Sam’s leg. He and his friends left the bakery without ordering.

Sebastian breathed a sigh of relief.  “Thanks, Sam.”

Sam winked at Leah, “My pleasure,”  he squeezed her hand before letting go and he moved his arm.

Leah smiled and blushed a little.  Kurt and Sugar thought it was adorable.  

Leah looked at Sebastian, “I know that guy was a loser, but I am going to start dating sooner or later. You’re going to have to drop this overly protective crap.”  She looked around at them, “All of you. I’m in high school, for Pete’s sake!”

“You needed protection from that creep.  He probably has more diseases than the brochure counter at a free clinic.”  Kurt said.

Puck, Sugar, Leah, and Sam all cracked up laughing.  Sebastian was too deep in thought about his sister dating.  He sat back and put his hand on Kurt’s leg and said, “Protecting and taking care what, and who, I love is in my nature, Leah.  And any guy I know that is good enough for you, is too old for you. Or they’re taken. Or gay.”

“What’s too old for me?  I’ll be 15 next month. Come on.”  She asked, raising an eyebrow.

“A senior is definitely too old.”  Sebastian said.

Kurt and their friends all looked at each other and giggled.  Sam was smiling, shaking his head with the knowledge of what he knew was coming.

“What?”  Leah and Sebastian both asked, wondering what was so funny.

Sam looked at Leah and smiled, “I’m not a senior.”  She smiled ear to ear.

“You’re not?”  Sebastian asked.  He was shocked.

“Nope.  I’m 16. I don’t turn 17 until April.  I’m a junior.”

“Huh,”  Sebastian said as he leaned back in his seat, crossing his arms and smiling.  

Leah took that as a good sign.  They could drop it for now, but she knew Seb knew she had a crush on Sam.  Sam was just glad that there was a sliver of hope.




Saturday night Sebastian took Leah to Mandy’s house.  He walked her to the door and met Mandy and Mandy’s mom, Debbie.  They seemed nice enough, so he headed to Kurt’s to pick him up. Burt and Carol had only two more trips to DC before Christmas.  This one was more for social reasons, but they needed to be seen among the right people, so off they went. Kurt packed and overnight bag, said goodbye to his brothers, and headed to the Smythe home with Sebastian.  

When they got back to the house, Sebastian began making dinner and Kurt sat at the large island counter and watched.

“I’m not used to just sitting and watching.  Are you sure you don’t need any help?”

“I’ve got it, Babe.  You can make a dessert if you want.  I’m not sure what we have though. You’re welcome to take a look.”

Kurt made his way to the pantry and walked inside.  “Oooo! Let me check the fridge. I think you have everything I need to make chocolate chip cookies.  Good thing you have a double oven. Can you preheat it for me? 375 degrees please.”  

Sebastian smiled.  Kurt was bent over in the fridge, and Sebastian couldn’t help himself.  He walked over and ran his hand down Kurt’s spine all the way to his ass. “Mmm.”

Kurt got chills, and stood and turned around.  “It’s not time for dessert yet .”  He winked.

Kurt started making the cookies while dinner was in the oven.  It was Sebastian’s turn to sit and watch his boyfriend work. “I hear you can bribe Puck to do anything with these cookies.”

Kurt smiled, “Once upon a time, I probably could.  But now he has Sugar, and nothing compares to her baking.”

Sebastian smiled, “Leah said her muffins were as good as ones we would have in Paris.  That’s a pretty high bar to reach.”

Kurt answered, “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe Puck hasn’t gained 20 pounds already.  She wants to open a bakery… The Sugar Shack.” He smiled.

“That’s what Leah said.  It’s the perfect name.”

“Right?  God, I love her.  She wants to come to New York too, but she doesn’t know if she wants to open the shop right away, or she wants to go to school first for business.  I’m not sure she’ll like school. It’s not really her thing. If she could get someone to run the business end while she does everything else, at least until she learns how herself, that would be perfect.”

“Hmm.  Can she afford to open a business in New York right after high school?  That’s really expensive.”

“I’m pretty sure Vinny has been preparing for this for a while.  It’s always been her dream, and she’s good at it. I think he’s looking at some property as investments there too.”

“Think Puck would go with her?”

“I think Puck would follow her to the ends of the Earth.  I don’t know what he’s going to do for a career though. He’s smart, and gets pretty good grades, although most people would never think that.”


After dinner and a couple of cookies, the boys cuddled together on the couch with Satchmo as they watched a movie.  Kurt was snuggled into Sebastian’s side, with his knees tucked up under himself. Sebastian was mindlessly running his hand up and down Kurt’s side with the hand that was draped around his back.

After the movie, Kurt wordless slid down to the floor and knelt at Sebastian’s feet. He looked up at Sebastian through his lashes, and Sebastian ran his hands through Kurt’s hair, looking at him lovingly.  “Go upstairs, shower, and then I want you on your knees at the foot of the bed.”

A shiver went through Kurt’s body, starting at his neck and working his way down his spine. “Yes, Sebastian.”  He immediately got up and went upstairs with a small smile creeping up in the corners of his mouth..

Sebastian quickly put Satchmo to bed and then showered in one of the guest bathrooms.  

When he entered his bedroom wearing only a towel, he paused at the beauty before him.  Kurt was completely nude, kneeling on the floor at the foot of the bed with his knees shoulder width apart, sitting back on his feet.  His head was bowed and his hands were behind his back.

Sebastian walked over to Kurt, reached his hand down as he circled him, running his fingers through Kurt’s hair.  “Thank you, Kurt. You are absolutely gorgeous.”

At that, Kurt felt warmth inside his chest.  He sighed in contentment.

Sebastian said, “I want your mouth, Babe.  Keep your hands behind your back.” Seb dropped the towel to the ground.

Kurt straightened himself, looked up at Sebastian through his lashes, and said, “Yes, Sebastian.”  His own cock twitching.

Kurt took Sebastian in his mouth and sucked.  As Seb fucked his mouth, he moaned, “God, Baby, your mouth is so perfect.”  

Before Sebastian came, he pulled away.  He leaned down and kissed Kurt passionately, “On your back in the middle of the bed.”

“Yes, Sebastian.”  

For the next several hours, with Sebastian’s guidance, they enjoyed each other’s bodies.  After each of them had orgasmed twice, Sebastian got a warm washcloth and cleaned Kurt up.  He kissed him from head to toe. “Thank you, Baby. You’re amazing.” Kurt smiled. Sebastian crawled into bed and covered them both up.  He pulled Kurt onto his chest and ran his fingers through his hair. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.  So much.  Thank you, Bas.”  He felt so content.




Monday’s Glee Club after school practice was almost over when Sebastian and Leah walked into McKinley High.  Mr. Schuester had to leave early, but the club was perfectly capable of practicing on their own. Sebastian and Leah turned the corner to go to the choir room when they were confronted by none other that Mack Robinson.  

“Fancy meeting you here.  I thought you two were prep schoolers.  What brings you to McKinley? Come to see me?”  Mack smirked.

Sebastian leaned over and quietly said to Leah, “Turn right at the next hall.  Follow the music. Go now.”

She quickly scooted past Mack.  Mack turned and watcher her go down the hall. Sebastian said, “We’re just here to see our boyfriends, Mack.  Now if you’ll excuse me.” He started to step around Mack, but Mack stepped in front of him.

“What’s your problem with me?  I never did anything to you.” He crossed his arms over his chest.

“My problem is that I am very protective of my little sister.  I also trust my friends. If they even hint that you aren’t welcome around her, then I’m going to believe them.”  Sebastian was glaring at Mack. He could see right through his act.


Leah ran once she was around the corner.  She didn’t want to leave Seb alone with Mack.  She knew Seb could lose his patience pretty quickly.  Especially when he was in a protective mode. She heard the singing and ran into the room.  Everyone stopped and Kurt and Sam stood right away, sensing something was wrong.

“Where’s Bas?!”  Kurt asked in a hurry.

“Mack!”  She said as she pointed down the hall.  

Kurt and Sam took off out the door first, with the rest of the guys closely behind them.  The girls all followed out next. Sugar grabbed Leah by the hand as they left.

“Yeah, well, around here, I tend to do what I want, and who I want.  You and your friends have no say in the matter.” Mack spat.

“You will not lay a finger on my sister.  Do you understand me?” Sebastian stepped closer to Mack.

“Oh, it will be more than a finger.”  Mack glared. He was extremely frustrated that he wasn’t getting what he wanted.  The girl was gorgeous, and he wanted her more than anyone he’s ever went after.

Sebastian growled and stepped closer.  

Kurt and Sam came running around the corner. “Bas!”  Kurt called. When he reached Sebastian, he grabbed his arm and pulled him back.  

Sam stepped up to Mack.  “You need to leave, Mack.  Leave my girlfriend and her brother alone.”

“Still won’t say her name, huh?”  Mack sneered.

“Go.”  Sam growled.  At this point the rest of the Glee Club came running up behind them.  Finn, Puck, and Mike hovered right behind Sam. Kurt pulled Sebastian back even further, and Leah grabbed his other arm, assisting Kurt.  

Mack looked past Sam at the other guys. “Alright.  I can take a hint. But I won’t promise anything for the next time I see you.”  Mack backed up and then turned to walk away.

Sam didn’t even blink, and turned to Sebastian.  “You okay?”

“If he touches her…”  Sebastian had still not calmed down.  There was something in the nasty tone of Mack’s snide remarks.  He didn’t trust him. Maybe it was being overprotective. But then again, his gut was right about Blaine and Andrew.  He was afraid Leah wouldn’t be able to protect herself as much as Kurt could. Even with Kurt being strong, his situation proved that sometimes that just isn’t enough.

“He won’t.”  Kurt said, and he Leah pulled Sebastian back into the choir room, and soon the rest of the group followed.  

Kurt grabbed Sebastian’s face, “You cannot fight him.  Or anyone else for that matter. You’re 18! You’d be arrested, and then there goes med school!”

Sebastian sighed, “I know, but you should have seen the way he looked at her.  Like she’s a piece of meat. And the way he talks about her…”

“If we’re around, you don’t need to worry about Leah.”  Sam said.

Sebastian looked at Sam and nodded, “I know, Sam.  And thank you for stepping up.” He went over and gave a Sam a quick hug.  Leah smiled at the two of them.

Once everyone was talking, Leah went to Sam.  “Thanks for helping Seb out, Sam. And for helping me the other night after the game.  I really appreciate it.”

Sam smiled.  “I’ll pretend to be your boyfriend any time, Leah.”  He winked at her, and she blushed a bit. They both really wished they didn’t have to pretend.




Thanksgiving Break came for everyone by Wednesday.  Kurt and Sebastian spent time with each other and their families for the rest of the week.  Kurt enjoyed Black Friday shopping with Sugar and Leah. Leah loved shopping with them. They both found the best deals and Kurt really knew what would look best on Leah without her even having to try anything on.  They ended up getting a lot of new clothes for themselves, as well as a large amount of Christmas shopping finished.

On Saturday, everyone went their separate directions.  Leah returned to Mandy’s house for another sleepover. Kurt and Sebastian went on a date in Westerville.  Sugar and Puck went on a date in Lima. Sam was just getting home from his trip to see his family in Kentucky for the holiday.  

When Sam got home, he was surprised to see Finn in the living room playing video games and pigging out on potato chips.  

“What is going on?  I figured you’d be out with Rachel.”  

“Man, we got in a fight.”  Finn said as he shoved another handful of chips in his mouth.

“Sorry, dude.  What happened?”

Finn paused the game and sighed, “I don’t even know.  Apparently I said something wrong, but I don’t even know what.”

Sam chuckled.  “Well man, I’ll join in the game.  We can hang out here all night.”

“Yeah, dude.  Thanks.”


Leah was hanging out with Mandy in Mandy’s bedroom.  They were listening to music and Leah was fixing Mandy’s hair like Kurt had fixed hers at the sleepover.  

“You are going to love your hair like this, Mandy.  I hope I can do it the same way Kurt did mine.”

“Kurt is a friend of yours?  You haven’t talked about him much.”  Mandy said.

Leah paused and frowned.  “I haven’t? That’s weird.  Seb and I are really close. I can’t believe I haven’t told you about him.”

Mandy grinned, “You’ve told me you have a brother, Sebastian, who goes to Dalton Academy, but that’s about it.”

“Huh.  I guess we really haven’t talked about our families much, have we?  I don’t even know anything about Paul. We need to talk about us more.  I guess we’ve been caught up in the gossip of school and the things we like.”  Leah shrugged.

Mandy said, “So tell me about Sebastian.”

Leah smiled, “Well, we’re really close. Sebastian is a senior.  He’s amazing. He’s handsome, talented, fun. He wants to be a doctor, and will likely go to Columbia next year.  He’s very protective of me. So is Kurt. Oh, Seb’s gay, and his boyfriend, Kurt, is amazing.”

Mandy raised an eyebrow.  “Your family is okay with that?  Him being gay?”

Leah made a face, “Of course.  We all accept Seb exactly the way he is.  And Kurt is part of our family now. We expect him to be for a very long time.  Actually, I think they are end-game. They’re perfect for each other.”

Mandy grinned, “So what is Kurt like?”

Leah paused, “Kurt is harder to describe.  He doesn’t fit into any category. He’s handsome, talented, and fun too, like Seb.  His best guy friends are all the stars of McKinley’s football team, which he used to play on, but he’s also a cheerleader and friends with them.  He sings, and has an amazing voice that can go higher than I’ve ever heard a guy go, and then low too. He has sleepovers with his girl friends, and can do hair, nails, and makeup like a professional.  His fashion sense is amazing. He’s a sweetheart. I’m so lucky he’s in my life. So is Seb, obviously. And Seb is head over heels.” Leah smiled. “So tell me about Paul.”

Mandy said, “Well Paul and I aren’t really close.  He’s okay, I guess. He goes to OSU, and is majoring in business.  He’ll probably switch majors. He doesn’t have much direction. He’s been home most of the week, and I’ve barely seen him or talked to him.”

Leah frowned, “Really?  Wow. I’ve spent tons of time with Seb, Kurt, and their friends.  Actually, now they all consider me their friend too. It’s been great for Seb and I.  Especially since we didn’t really know anyone here, since we were in France for so long.  Sebastian and Kurt met like two weeks after we moved back, and Kurt came with a ton of friends.”  She giggled. “His best friend, Sugar, and I have actually become good friends.”

Mandy sighed, “I’m jealous.”


Kurt and Sebastian were enjoying a nice meal at Northstar Cafe in Uptown Westerville. The atmosphere was nice, and it had a lot of college students from Otterbein University hanging around.  It felt young and hip, and it made Kurt anxious for New York.

Sebastian grinned, “What are you thinking about?  You look like your daydreaming.”

Kurt snapped out of it, “Oh, sorry.  I was, kind of. I just really like the feeling here. It makes me hopeful of New York next year.  This place is so different than Lima, and we aren’t that far away.”

“I think it’s just because we’re in Uptown.  College town feel, ya know?” Sebastian paused for a minute.  “Do you have any idea what you want next year? For us?” The question made him nervous for some reason.

“What do you mean?”  Kurt didn’t understand where Sebastian was going with this.

“Do you think things will change?  You finally get to get out of Lima, and into the big city.  Will you still” Sebastian looked shy and nervous.  Completely unlike the Sebastian Kurt was used to.

Kurt frowned and leaned forward, grabbing Sebastian’s hand, “Bas, I will always want us.  Nothing will ever change that. I love you. Not just for our senior year, not just for now.  I can’t imagine my life without you. I want to go to New York together. You and me.”

Sebastian sighed in relief.  “I love you too, Babe. I want that too.  I want us to live together in New York. Is that something you would want?”

“I’d love that, Bas.  We’re going to have very busy schedules.  I think living together will help keep us close.  Otherwise, I think finding time to go out, or come to each other’s apartments or dorms, would just add to the stress.”

“Perfect.” Sebastian smiled.


Leah and Mandy went downstairs to the kitchen to get some snacks to take back to Mandy’s room.  Paul came bursting through the front door with some of his friends. They were laughing and carrying on. The girls didn’t really pay much attention.  Paul came up to Mandy and asked, “Where’s Mom. I need to borrow some money. We’re going out.”

“She left a little bit ago.  I don’t know where she went or what time she’ll be back.  She just said, ‘in a little bit’” Mandy answered.

“Shit.  And dad’s out of town.”  Paul sighed. “Do you have any money I can use?  I’ll get Mom to pay you back.”

Mandy rolled her eyes.  “I think I have, like, twenty bucks.  Hold on, I’ll go get it.” She left to go upstairs to her room.

Paul looked at Leah for the first time.  He raised his eyebrows at the sight of her. “Hi. I’m Paul. Mandy’s brother.” He stuck out his hand for her to shake.

Leah gave him a polite smile, “I’m Leah.”

“Well, well, well… She does have a name.  Leah…” A voice from behind Paul said.

Leah got chills.  Shit. What was she going to do?  Hopefully Paul was nice, and wouldn’t let Mack cross the line.  

“You two know each other?”  Paul asked.

“Yes,”  Leah said quickly, “He goes to my boyfriend’s school.”  She looked at him with her best bitch face.

Someone yelled for Paul from the other room.  “Just a minute!” Paul yelled. He looked at the two of them and then turned to leave.  

Mack grinned like a villain from a cartoon show.  “So. Alone at last.”

“You will be alone.  As soon as I leave.” Leah turned to go back upstairs, but Mack grabbed her arm.

“Where do you think you’re going?”  Mack drawled. Leah could smell alcohol on his breath.  

“Let go of me!”  She yelled.

Another friend came in and before he could say anything, Mack turned to him and said, “Tell Paul we’re staying in for the night.”  The friend sighed and retreated to the other room again.

“I think we need to get to know each other a little better...Leah Smythe.”  Mack sneered.

“I don’t think so.  Get. Off.” Leah pulled her arm away and ran toward the stairs.  She ran right into Mandy.

“Where are you going?”  Mandy asked.

“We need to stay upstairs.  They’ve been drinking.” Leah answered.  

“Alright.  Let me give this money to Paul.”  Mandy walked out of the kitchen to find her brother.

“I’ll join you upstairs if you want, Leah Smythe.”  Mack smiled as he wiggled his eyebrows.

“No,”  was all Leah could get out.  She turned and ran upstairs, shutting and locking Mandy’s bedroom door.  She stayed up there for at least thirty minutes, and Mandy never came back.  

Leah wasn’t sure what to do.  What if they were messing with Mandy?  She unlocked the door and quietly walked down the steps, peaking around the door of the kitchen.  There Mandy was, in the middle of Paul and his friends, drinking. She had obviously had several drinks, and wasn’t standing straight.  Leah was debating whether she should go back upstairs and call for someone to pick her up, or is she should go and grab Mandy, who obviously wasn’t thinking clearly, and go back upstairs with her and lock the bedroom door.

Before she made up her mind, Mack quietly walked up behind her and put his hands on her hips.  “Want to join the party, Leah Smythe?” he slurred.

Leah jerked back.  She started to run upstairs, but Mack grabbed her wrist.  “Come on, Leah. You’ll like me if you give me a chance.”

“Doubt it.  Let go.” She pulled her arm away and ran upstairs.  Mack followed her, but tripped on the stairs in his drunken state.  

She reached Mandy’s room and slammed the door.  She locked it, and then put a chair under the doorknob.

Mack started banging on the door and wiggling the knob.  “Come on, Leah! I just want to talk! I promise!” Mack yelled, and then he chuckled.  

The sound of that chuckle made Leah want to throw up.

She grabbed her phone and then went into the closet and closed the door.  She dialed Sebastian.


Sebastian was paying the bill when his phone rang. He picked it up and frowned when he saw it was Leah.  She was at Mandy’s and she knew he was on a date with Kurt. Why would she be calling? Kurt didn’t like the concerned look on Sebastian’s face.

“Leah?  Are you okay?”

“No Seb.  I need you to come get me.”

Sebastian threw money on top of the bill as he asked, “What’s wrong?”  He and Kurt quickly stood and rushed out of the restaurant.

“Mack is friends with Paul, Mandy’s brother.  They’re here and they’ve been drinking. Now Mandy is drinking too, and went to get her, but Mack grabbed me.”

“Fuck.  Did he hurt you?”  Sebastian started the corvette, and peeled out of the parking lot.  Kurt was worried sick. He couldn’t hear what was happening.

“No, but he won’t leave me alone.  I locked myself in her room, and now I’m in the closet.  Her mom isn’t here!”

“Stay on the phone with me.  We’re on our way.” He turned to Kurt.  “Baby, Mack is at Mandy’s. He’s been drinking and won’t leave her alone.  Leah locked herself in the bedroom. Call the guys. They’re closer.”

Kurt’s eyes were huge.  “Shit!” He quickly dialed Sam.

“Hey Kurt!”  Sam answered.

“Sam, Leah’s in trouble.  She’s at her friend’s house and Mack showed up drunk.  You guys are closer, we’re in Westerville.”

“Shit!  Where is she?!”  Sam was immediately up and putting on his shoes.  He grabbed the keys and yelled for Finn to come with him.

Kurt gave him the address quickly and then hung up to call Puck.  

Puck answered on the second ring.  “What’s up, Princess?”

“Puck, we need your help!”  Kurt explained the situation and gave him the address.  

“We’re on our way.  Is Finn with Sam?  If the brother has friends with him, it may be harder to get her out than we might think.”

“Yes, he is.  Thanks, Puck.”

“Anything for family.”  Puck answered. Puck didn’t have much of a family, just him and a mostly absent mom, so his friends really were his family.


Sam and Finn got to Mandy’s house first.  They didn’t knock, they walked right in and saw two boys and a girl they assumed was Mandy, drinking and laughing in the living room.  They didn’t see Mack or Leah, and Sam’s stomach dropped.

The group in the living room stopped when they saw these strange guys in the living room.

“Who the hell are you?”  Paul asked.

“We’re here to pick Leah up.”  Finn said. Sam didn’t say anything.  He continued walking around, opening doors until he found where he needed to go.

He walked through the kitchen and found the stairs. “Finn!”  He called, so Finn would know where to go.

Sam leaped up the stairs, and called out for Leah.  “Leah! Where are you?”

Leah thought she heard her name, but wasn’t sure.  She opened the closet door and went into the bedroom to listen.  

“Leah!”  Sam called.

“Sam?!”  Leah yelled.

Mack stood up from sitting outside the bedroom door when he saw Sam.  “So. Leah Smythe’s boyfriend.”

“That’s right, asshole.  Move over. Leah, stay in there for a minute!”  Sam yelled to her.

“Oh, I’m not going anywhere.”  Mack said.

Finn had found them and stood behind Sam.  Mack sighed.

“Mack, go downstairs to your friends.  I’m getting Leah and we’re leaving.” Sam said sternly.

Mack laughed, “No.”

“Sam, please, get me out of here.”  Leah said through the door.


Downstairs, Paul and his friends barely remembered that Sam and Finn had been there.

Puck and Sugar arrived next.  They didn’t knock either. Puck went running through the house, and Sugar went straight to Mandy.

“Mandy?  I’m Sugar.  You need to come with me, okay, Honey?”

“Sugar?  Leah has a friend named Sugar.  Hey, where’s Leah?” Mandy looked around like she had lost a pencil in class, not a person.

“Yes, I’m Leah’s friend. The guys are going to get her.  You and I are going to wait in the car. Come on, Honey.”  She put her arm around Mandy and started to lead her out.

Paul realized what was going on.  “Hey! You can’t take my sister!”

Sugar stopped and turned around, “I can, and I will.  You shouldn’t be letting her drink! She’s safer with me than she is with you.”

Upstairs Sam and Finn were standing their ground against Mack.  

“Move over before I force you to move, Mack!”  Sam yelled.

Mack stepped forward and said, “Try it.”

Sam punched Mack square in the jaw.  He fell back and hit the door, making Leah jump on the other side.  

Finn grabbed Mack and held him against the wall with his forearm pressed against his neck.  “Don’t. Move.” Finn spat.

Puck ran up the stairs, “Everything okay?”  Finn shook his head ‘yes’, so Puck ran back to Sugar.

“Leah, open the door.”  Sam said.

Leah grabbed her bag, moved the chair and opened the door.  She looked up at Sam with tears in her eyes, and jumped into his arms.  “Thank god.” She said.

Sam held her tight for a few seconds before wrapping his arm around her and turning to walk away.  “Let’s get out of here.”


Downstairs, Sugar was trying to get Mandy away from the two boys.  Puck ran into the room.

He grabbed Sugar’s hand.  “Let’s go, Sugar.”

“We’re bringing Mandy with us.  I can’t leave her here.” She said.  

“Of course.”  Puck looked at the two boys, “Is there a problem with that?”

Paul’s friend looked at Puck, then at his muscles, and shook his head ‘no’ as he went to sit down.

Paul frowned, “Why should I let you take my sister?”

“Because you’re drunk.  And you shouldn’t be stupid enough to let her drink.  She’s safer with us. We’ll sober her up and bring her back tomorrow.  I’ll even leave a note for your mom.” Puck said calmly.

“Yeah, whatever.”  Paul said, taking a swig of his beer.


Sam and Leah came down the stairs.  Finn followed closely, holding Mack by the shirt collar.  Puck, Sugar, and Mandy came into the kitchen as they reached the bottom of the stairs.

Puck asked Leah, “You okay?”  She nodded ‘yes’. “Do you know where there’s paper?  We need to leave Mandy’s mom a note. She’s going with us.”

“I think on the fridge.”  Leah said quietly. She refused the let go of Sam, who had a tight grip on her.

Puck found the paper and pen attached to the fridge and left the mom a note.


Dear Mandy’s Mom,

While you left your daughter and her friend at home, you’re asshole son came home drunk with his friends.  One harassed Leah and we had to come rescue her. Your son got your daughter drunk, so we took her with us instead of leaving her here with 3 assholes.  We’ll return her sober tomorrow.


“Let’s go.”  Puck said when he was finished.  He helped Sugar hold Mandy up.

Finn walked Mack to the couch and shoved him down into it.  “If you get up from that spot, I’ll make sure the next time you try to stand, it’s on crutches.”  Mack nodded that he understood.


Sam and Leah were out the door first.  As soon as the rest were following, Sebastian and Kurt came flying into the driveway.

“Oh, thank gaga.”  Kurt said when he saw the group.

Sebastian said nothing, but jumped out of the car and ran to his sister.  She let go of Sam and reached for Seb and started crying. He held her tight.  “Are you okay? Did he hurt you?”

“No.  He didn’t hurt me.  I was just so scared.”

“It’s okay.  It’s okay.” He held her and stroked her hair.

Kurt looked at Mandy, “Are you okay?”  Mandy didn’t answer.

“She’s drunk, Angel.  Really drunk. She was drinking with her brother and his friend when we got there.  I couldn’t leave her.” Sugar answered.

"It was the right thing to do, Sugar.  We'll sober her up."  Kurt sighed.  He looked at Sam, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, man.  I’m good.” Sam answered.  

Leah turned to look at him.  She let go of Sebastian and went to him.  She didn’t say anything at first. She just wrapped her arms around him and cried into his shoulder.  “Thank you, Sam,” she said after a few minutes. “I was so relieved when I heard your voice.”

Sam didn’t say anything in return.  He just held on tight.

“We better go, guys.”  Finn said.

Kurt grabbed Sebastian’s hand, “Let’s have a sleepover at the Hummel-Hudson-Evans casa.  We’ll sober Mandy up, and relax. I think we could all use it.”


Back at Kurt’s house, Burt and Carol had just gotten home from dinner when the whole gang come walking in.  

“What’s going on?”  Burt said.

Kurt quickly explained the situation to Burt and Carol.  “So,” he said as he finished, “I’d like everyone to stay.  We’ll take Mandy home in the morning.”

“That’s fine, Honey.”  Carol said. “Is there anything I can get anyone?”

“Maybe some water for Mandy.  And some Aspirin.” Sugar said.  


Finn changed the sheets on his bed and let the Leah and Mandy sleep in his room, while he took the couch in the living room.  He gave them both a t-shirt that they basically wore as a nightgown. Kurt and Sebastian set up an air mattress in Kurt’s room for Sugar and Puck.  

Everyone met back in the living room to watch a movie so they could relax a little before going to bed.  Mandy hadn’t said a word all night, but sat in a chair with Leah in the chair next to her. Sam sat on the floor in front of Leah and Finn laid in the floor in front of the coffee table.  Sugar and Puck cuddled on the couch, and Sebastian sat on the other end next to Sugar.

Kurt decided that instead of squeezing into the space between his boyfriend and his best friend, he would sit on the floor at Sebastian’s feet.  He knelt down facing Sebastian. Seb ran his fingers through Kurt’s hair and then down his face as he looked lovingly into his eyes. This was not a sexual gesture, like it sometime could be.  He knew how upset Sebastian had been. They didn’t need to talk about it for Kurt to know. Kneeling for him was a way for Kurt to say he was there if he needed him, and he would do whatever Sebastian needed.   Kurt rubbed his hand over Seb’s knee, and then turned to watch the movie.


After the movie, everyone made their way to bed.  Sebastian went to Sam’s room and knocked.

“Come in.”  Sam said. He was sitting on the edge of his bed.

“You okay?”  Sebastian asked.

“Yeah, man.  I think I’ve settled down.”  Sam said.

“What happened?”

“When we got there, we went in the house without knocking and I was yelling for Leah.  Leah had locked herself in Mandy’s room. She even put a chair up against the door under the doorknob.  I made my way upstairs and Mack was outside Mandy’s door, trying to get her to open it. I tried to talk to him, get him to move, but he wouldn’t.  Leah heard me. She asked me to get her out. She sounded so scared.” Sam took a deep breath. “So when he wouldn’t move, I punched him. Finn pinned him up against the wall, and I had Leah open the door.  We came downstairs and Sugar had Mandy. We left a note saying we were taking the girls and left. That’s when you got there.”

Sebastian sat down on Sam’s bed next to him, “Sam, thank you for helping her tonight.  I’m glad you were able to get there so soon. She trusts you. She actually has a bit of a crush on you, and has for awhile now.”  Sam blushed. “I have a feeling you like her too.”

“Yeah, I do.  But I know how protective you are of her.  And I don’t want to mess with our friendship or anything.”

“Well I’m not sure how I feel about her dating at all.  I’d like her to wait till she’s 30,” he chuckled, “And I don’t know how a relationship would work with you guys being so far away from each other.  But I will say… I won’t stand in the way. If you two decide to give a try, I’d be happy if she chose you.”

Sam smiled, “Seriously?”  Sebastian nodded. “Wow, man.  Thanks. That means a lot coming from you.  Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.  Now can I borrow some clothes again?”


Sebastian went to check on Leah and Mandy in Finn’s room.  

“Are you okay?”

“I’m good, Seb.  Thank you.” Leah said as she hugged her brother.  

“You’re welcome.  We’re lucky to have these guys in our corner.”

“Yes, we are.”

Sebastian looked at Mandy, “Are you okay, Mandy?  Need anything?”

“I’m okay.  Thank you. And… I’m sorry.”

Sebastian nodded and then headed downstairs to Kurt.  When he got there, Puck and Sugar were already in bed.  Puck was wearing Finn’s clothes, and Sugar was wearing Kurt’s.  Kurt was already under the covers, and Sebastian crawled in.

“Is everything okay, Bas?”

“Yeah, Babe, it’s fine.  Thanks for tonight.” He kissed Kurt on the forehead.  “I love you.”

“Love you too.”

“No sex while we’re in the room!”  Puck said from his bed. They all giggled and drifted off to sleep.

Chapter Text

The next morning, Sebastian woke up with Kurt in his arms. It was his favorite way to wake up. Remembering his conversation with Kurt from the night before made him smile. He couldn’t wait to live with Kurt in New York. Waking up with him in his arms every day...That would be amazing. He began stroking Kurt’s back, mindlessly as he daydreamed about New York. Kurt stirred, pulling Sebastian from his daydream. He looked down at him and kissed his forehead.
“Mmm, morning, Bas.”
“Good morning, Baby.”
Sebastian looked down onto the air mattress and saw Puck fast asleep with Sugar in his arms. He nudged Kurt and gestured toward Puck and Sugar.
Kurt put a finger to his mouth, letting Sebastian know to stay quiet, and then grabbed his phone and snapped a picture. He’d text it Sugar later after everyone woke up.
“I’m going to go shower quick and then start breakfast.” Kurt kissed Seb on the cheek and then got up.
“Okay, Babe. I think I’ll see if anyone is in the shower upstairs.”

Puck woke up while Kurt was in the shower. He looked down at Sugar in his arms and smiled. He loved her so much. He hadn’t said it yet, but he did. He thought about last night. If that had been Sugar in Leah’s position, or god forbid, if she had been in Kurt’s position from the night at Scandals, he would literally kill someone. He tightened his grip protectively on her sleeping body and kissed the top of her head.
Sugar stirred, “Good morning, Puck.”
“Mmm, good morning, Sugar.” He rubbed her back.
Sugar looked up at him and kissed him just as Kurt walked out in his towel.
“Aaahh,” Kurt teased, “Let me get dressed and leave before you do anything else!”
They giggled.

Kurt was in the kitchen starting the pancakes when Sugar came in. She had washed up and gotten ready. She wore the pants she had on the night before, and one of Kurt’s shirts tied up so it fit her better. Her hair was in a messy bun, and she had used Kurt’s Cheerios makeup to at least have her eyes done.
Kurt looked at her and smiled. “Only you could wear my old clothes and make it work. You’re adorable.” She walked over to him and he hugged her. He held her in his arms for awhile and kissed her forehead. “I love you.”
“Love you too, Angel.” She smiled.
“Uhh, are we interrupting something? Should I be worried?” Puck said as he and Sebastian walked in on them.
“You know if I was straight, you wouldn’t even stand a chance, Noah.” Kurt winked.
“Well thank god you aren’t straight.” Sebastian smirked.
Puck playfully hit Sebastian in the arm, “Lucky you, and lucky me.” He smiled, “Of course, if I were gay, you wouldn’t stand a chance, Seb.”
Sebastian smiled, “I’d fight for him, trust me.”
Kurt smiled and looked down at Sugar, who was still in his arms. “Help me make breakfast?”
“Of course, Angel.”

Once the smell of breakfast wafted through the house, everyone began to wake, and slowly made their way downstairs. Puck and Sebastian were setting the table in the dining room when Burt walked in.
“Mornin’ boys.”
“Good morning, Burt.” They both responded in unison. Burt just smiled and shook his head.
Everyone started filing into the dinning room and Kurt and Sugar began bringing in trays of food. Sebastian and Puck went into the kitchen to help them carry out the rest.
They had made pancakes, scrambled eggs, muffins, bacon, and sausage.
“Smells so good, Babe.” Sebastian said as he passed Kurt, kissing him on temple as he did.
“Make sure you save room for one of Sugar’s muffins.” He winked.
Kurt went to get some Aspirin and handed it to Mandy as she walked in. “Thanks” she whispered.
“You’re welcome, Sweetie.” Kurt smiled softly at her.
Everyone was sitting around, passing the food. Once things were settled, Leah spoke up.
“I just wanted to thank everyone for coming to get me last night. You have all been amazing to both Seb and I. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for everything you’ve done. We are so lucky to have you in our lives.” She looked at Sam when she said that last part. He smiled at her and winked. She felt butterflies.
“Well, now you understand what I meant when I told you that you were part of our family, right?” Kurt said and Leah nodded. “As a family, we’re here for each other, no matter what. And that includes you.” He smiled at her.
Puck piped up, “I’ve never really had a ‘real’ family. My mom is only around occasionally. Dad left years ago, and I don’t know of any siblings, but knowing what I know about my dad, I’m sure there are some. This,” he gestured to the group around the table, “is my family. I can’t imagine blood families being much closer. So just know, Kurt isn’t kidding. We do anything for each other.” Puck was not ashamed of any of what he said. He owned it.
Finn chuckled, “We’re kinda like the MOB, but without the bad stuff.” Everyone laughed.
After a few minutes of watching everyone interact, Mandy finally spoke up, “I’m really sorry, everyone. I felt really pressured when my brother wanted me to drink. I felt like we were finally getting along when I said ‘yes’ to it. I wanted to feel close to him, like Leah says she is to Sebastian,” Seb looked at her and smiled sadly at her. “And I should have never done it with Leah there. I’m so sorry.” She looked at Sugar, “Thank you, Sugar, for making sure I was safe.”
“You’re welcome, Honey.” Sugar said as she shrugged. It was as if she would do it for anyone. And really, she probably would.
Carol replied, “They don’t come any better than this bunch,” she gestured to the group, “And none of them would have left you there if they felt you were in danger. But I hope you did learn a lesson. What you did was pretty careless.”
“Yes, ma’am.” Mandy said.
“And what about this Mack kid? Is he going to be an issue for you guys at school?” Burt asked.
“I don’t think so. I’m hoping he gave up on Leah last night. Hopefully he moves on.” Sam said.
“Well, I think in this case, it’s probably a good thing you go to school pretty far away, Leah.” Burt said.
“I still don’t trust him. I get the same feeling about him that did about Blaine and Andrew.” Sebastian said.
“Who is Andrew?” Burt frowned.
Kurt looked at Seb and rolled his eyes. Sebastian sighed, hoping he hadn’t just said too much, “He’s a guy that was hitting on Kurt at Lima Bean. He was talking to Kurt when I came out of the restroom. He wasn’t backing down when Kurt told him to leave him alone. At least for awhile.” He turned to look at Kurt.
Kurt added, “When he insulted Bas, it crossed the line, so I got in his face. He left.” He shrugged and tried to make it sound as simple as he could.
Burt sighed in frustration, “Don’t get in anyone’s face! You know what that lead to with Karofsky.”
Sebastian quickly added, “I was right there with him, and Kurt handled himself really well.”
“I won’t ever do that when I’m alone with someone, Dad. Not again, I promise.” Kurt added.
“I know, Kiddo. I just worry about all of you. You’ve been through hell with two guys, and now this Andrew character showed up. And Leah has an issue with Mack. What is wrong with these people?”
“I’ve never seen Andrew again. It was a one-time thing.” Kurt said.
“That’s why it’s important that we’re all here for each other.” Sam said.
“Nothing will happen to Kurt when he’s at school with us there.” Finn added. “And Mack doesn’t know where Leah goes to school.”
Something dawned on Sam. “But he does know her name now.” He looked at Sebastian.
“He kept calling me by my full name last night...Like he was taunting me with it.” Leah said.
Kurt looked at Sebastian. What could they do? There wasn’t enough against Mack for a restraining order. They didn’t go to the same school, where they could look out for her.
“Hopefully with you’re school being so far away, that will deter him. And maybe he’s given up already. And I hate to break it to you, but you won’t be going back to Mandy’s house.” He looked at Mandy, “No offense, Mandy.”
“None taken.” She answered.
“Well, definitely let your parents know too, okay Leah?” Carol said. Leah nodded in response since she had her mouth full.
The rest of breakfast was eaten in relative silence. Everyone was deep in thought.

Everyone was almost finished with breakfast when Sebastian was eating his muffin. He looked over to Sugar, “Sugar, I wonder if you could sell these at Dalton. They really are incredible. I’d say better than most we had in Paris.”
Sugar lit up. “Thanks, Seb! I’d love to sell them. It would help me save up some money.”
“I’ll look into whether or not it’s allowed. I know they would be a huge hit.”
Kurt looked at his boyfriend and best friend, and then around the room at everyone. He really did love them all.


Monday at school, Kurt was still wearing his Cheerio uniform. Football season may be over, but cheer wasn’t. They still had a couple of competitions left if they made it to Nationals. He was on his way to his third class of the day when it happened. His entire right side hit the locker, including his head. He was so stunned that he couldn’t focus. His entire body slid down the lockers and crumpled on the floor.
Although he couldn’t focus, he did hear some people talking. He heard things about ‘dead’, and ‘coach’, and ‘boyfriend’, and ‘Puck’, and ‘Finn’ from people who knew he was off limits.
Suddenly, someone was grabbing him, helping him up. “Oh my gosh, Kurt, are you okay?” Mercedes’ voice felt like velvet to his ears.
“No. I don’t know. Who was that?”
“I don’t know. I didn’t see it happen. Locker check?”
He nodded in response.
“I just saw you when I turned the corner. I’m surprised it happened since you’re in uniform. Do you need to go to the nurse?” Mercedes asked.
“Yeah, I think I do. My head.” Kurt said as he squeezed his eyes shut.
Mercedes reached up to touch Kurt on the side of the head. When she pulled her hand away, there was blood. “Come on, Kurt. I’ll walk you to the nurse. Your bleeding.”

At lunch, Kurt sat with an ice pack on his head, and he wasn’t eating.
Puck sat down next to him, joined by Sugar. Sam sat across from him with Finn.
“Got a headache, Princess?” Puck asked.
“You could say that.” Kurt said and didn’t look up.
“Hmm. Nope. Something else is wrong.” Sam said. “Plus, you need to eat.”
“Here, Angel. At least eat this.” Sugar handed him a yogurt. He really didn’t want to, but he knew Sebastian would be upset if he didn’t. He accepted the yogurt and began to eat.
“I got a locker check.” Kurt mumbled. “A hard one.”
Puck frowned, his face turning red. He lifted the sleeve of Kurt’s uniform, and there were bruises. “What the fuck! Who did this?”
“I don’t know, but I have a guess.” Kurt said quietly. Sam, Puck, and Finn all looked at each other in anger. “Please don’t tell Sebastian,” Kurt added. “He’s already so stressed about Leah. He’s been so focused on me the last couple of months, now Leah, and he doesn’t need any more stress. He needs to focus on his work. He needs good grades to get into Med School.”
“Sorry, Princess. Not happening. I’ll give you till the end of the day to tell him, but if you don’t, I will. If something happened to Sugar, and nobody told me, I’d be pissed.” Puck said. Sugar leaned into her boyfriend, and he wrapped his arm around her and kissed the top of her head.
“He’s right, Angel. Seb needs to know.”
“What’s this I hear about a locker check?” Santana growled as she walked up. “Who do I need to castrate?”
“We don’t know, but we have a good idea.” Finn answered. “Mack.”
Santana stomped off. Nobody knew where she went, but they were pretty sure she was looking for Mack.

Kurt was on his way to the fifth class of the day when Coach Sylvester stepped out in front of him.
“Hi, Coach.”
“As soon as you find out who it was, you tell me,” she growled as she walked away.
“Yes, Coach.” Kurt said to nobody, since she had already walked away.

That evening, Sebastian called Kurt. He answered on the third ring.
“Hi, Bas.”
“You sound tired, Baby. Are you okay?” Sebastian asked softly.
“I’m fine.” Kurt seemed to lack any emotion in his voice.
“Mmm. Then why did Puck text me and ask if I had spoken to you yet? I thought it was strange that I hadn’t heard from you. I texted you after school, but didn’t hear back. Talk to me, Kurt.”
Kurt sighed. “I want to, Bas. But you’re already stressed, and I don’t need to add to that. You need to focus on your school work.”
“I can’t focus if I’m constantly wondering if there’s something my boyfriend is keeping from me.”
Kurt took a deep breath. “Yeah, okay.” He calms his nerves. Well, he tried to calm his nerves. “I got a locker check today. A hard one.”
“Oh my god, Babe. Are you okay?” Seb stood from his bed, sounding worried. There was pause, and Kurt didn’t answer. “Babe…?”
Kurt let out a shaky breath, “Not really. I have bruises on my shoulder, arm, and hip. I cut my head.” Tears started to well in his eyes, and Sebastian could hear it in his voice.
“Shit. Was it Mack?” Sebastian was pacing the floor of his dorm.
“I don’t know. I didn’t see who it was. And I could barely focus afterward.” He paused, “It’s been so long. I forgot how much they hurt. This one was extra hard, though.” He let a tear fall, both for the pain, and for the memories.
“I’m so sorry, Kurt. What do you need me to do, Babe?”
“Honestly? I need you to focus on school.”
“Babe, I have all A’s right now. School isn’t really hard for me. I will always have time for you.”
“But I come with more baggage than the normal boyfriend.” Kurt said, as tears continued to flow.
“Baby, listen to me.” His tone was low and  serious. “I love you. I would do anything for you. I don’t care how many issues come along with loving you. I will do whatever it takes to make you happy. My happiness, comes from your happiness. Do you understand?”
“Yes, Sebastian.”
“Good. Have you been eating?” Sebastian asked.
“Yes. Some. Sugar made me eat her yogurt at lunch, and I had a little bit of dinner. You can thank Sam for that.” Sebastian could practically hear Kurt’s eyes roll. He had to smirk, he couldn’t help it.

When he was off the phone with Kurt, Sebastian texted Puck.
To Puck:
Just talked to Kurt. Keep an extra eye on him for me. I’m sure it’s Mack. Thanks for the heads up.
To Sebastian:
You’re welcome. And we’re already on it.


The next couple days, Kurt had his wall of friends around him again. Coach Sylvester also made her presence known in the hallways. Mack could feel everyone’s eyes on him. There wasn’t a class or corner of the school where he didn’t have a Glee Club member or a Cheerio watching him.

On Wednesday, Sebastian went to pick Kurt up for their normal coffee date, but instead of waiting by the car, he headed into the gym to watch the end of practice. Really, he wanted to make sure Kurt was left alone on his way out. He couldn’t be there all of the time for Kurt, but when he was, he was going to BE there.
Coach Sylvester spotted him in the bleachers and went up and sat beside him.
“You know, we’re all keeping an eye on him. And if I find out who did it, they will pay.” Coach said as she watched her squad, not bothering to look at Sebastian. He was taken back by the normalcy of how she was saying it.
“Thank you. I have a good idea of who it is.”
Coach raised an eyebrow. “Who?”
“Mack Robinson. He’s been hitting on my sister and not taking ‘no’ for an answer. We had to go pick her up from a friend’s house the other night when he showed up drunk and wouldn’t leave her alone. I think he wants revenge. Sam ended up punching him to be able to get Leah out of the room she had locked herself in. I think he knows he can’t take Sam, so he’s going after Kurt.”
“Well, he won’t get revenge. Not if I have anything to say about it. I’ll keep an eye out.”
“Thanks, Coach.”

Thirty minutes later, Sebastian and Kurt were sitting in Lima Bean, holding hands and drinking their coffee. It was nice bit of normalcy that both boys greatly needed.


Monday morning was not Kurt’s favorite part of the week. It was hard getting back in the swing of school, especially when he had spent most of the weekend with his boyfriend, and knew it would be a couple of days before he could see him again.
“How was your weekend, Angel?” Sugar asked as she walked up to Kurt at his locker.
“Good. Relaxing. Bas and I spent time together, saw a movie Saturday. How was yours?”
“Great. Puck and I went out. Kissed a lot.” Sugar said as she wiggled her eyebrows. They both giggled.
“Where is Noah?” Kurt asked. He was almost always with Sugar at the beginning of the day.
“Football team was called to the locker room for some kind of meeting.”
“Huh. That’s odd, since the season is over. Maybe they’re celebrating or something.” Kurt said as he gave Sugar a quick hug, “See you at lunch?”
“Of course. Bye, Angel.”
Kurt made his way to first bell, and noticed how weird it was not having a sea of red and white varsity jackets sprinkled among the students in the hallway. He rounded the corner, then found himself flying into a wall, his head smacking hard. A second later, a fist was in his stomach.
“Fucking fag!” The guys voice snarled. “You better learn to mind your own fucking business!”
One of the Cheerios, Avery, saw what happened and ran to the boys locker room. She didn’t knock or hesitate. She ran in and the football team was hanging around, wondering why they had been told to meet there. “Kurt’s in trouble!” she yelled.
Finn, Puck, Sam, and Mike took off out of the room first, following Avery back to Kurt.. A few others followed close behind.
While the team was on their way, the guy hit Kurt one more time in the gut, and ran. Kurt slumped down to the ground, unable to catch his breath.
When Finn and the guys got there, they saw Kurt on the ground, with a few students around him, trying to help him get his breathing under control.
Puck was on the ground with Kurt in a flash. “Princess, what happened?!”
Kurt couldn’t answer him. He was hyperventilating, gasping for air.
Sam was next to try to talk to him. “Try to breathe slow, Kurt.” He continued to to to help him breathe as the other boys began asking questions.
Puck stood up, “Who saw who it was?!” He yelled as he looked at the crowd that had gathered.
A small blonde girl came up and raised her hand.
Puck raised an eyebrow. “Who?” He growled.
“I didn’t recognize him. I’ve never seen him before...which is strange.”
Finn asked, “What did he look like?”
The girls said, “Kind of nondescript. Light brown hair. Brown eyes. Jeans, t-shirt. Nothing special.” she shrugged.
Coach came around the corner with Avery, who went to get her right after she brought the boys to Kurt.
“What the hell!” Coach crouched down next to Kurt, “Porcelain, breathe. Take a deep breath in, and hold it. Count to ten, and then release.” Coach was trying to remain calm. She was beyond pissed.
Kurt tried to follow her instructions, but it wasn’t working well.
“Where were you guys!” Coach snapped at Finn, Puck, Sam, and Mike.
Coach Beiste ran up. “Hey Pumpkin, cup your hands over your mouth and breathe in deep using your diaphragm.”
“We were in the football meeting!” Finn answered.
Coach Beiste frowned, “What football meeting?”
Puck punched a locker, yelling, “Son of a bitch!” He sneered, “It was a fucking set up!” Puck didn’t even think twice about cussing in front of either coach. They understood, and didn’t say anything about it.
Kurt tried catching his breath again. He was slowly breathing a little better.
“Who did this Porcelain?” Coach snarled.
“I d-d-don’t kn-know.” Kurt stammered. “Didn’t rec-recognize him.” He was holding his stomach, and tears were welling up in eyes. “B-Bas.” Kurt was desperate for his boyfriend. Coach looked up to Puck.
“I’ll call him now, Princess.”
“Let’s get you to the nurse.” Coach Beiste said. She and Coach Sylvester grabbed Kurt under the arms and helped him down the hall.


Sebastian was in French class with Nick and Trent when his phone buzzed. His heart immediately sank. This couldn’t be good. When he saw it was Puck, he stood. He looked up to the teacher, “Sorry! It’s an emergency!” and ran out of the room as he answered the phone. He was already on his way to the parking lot when he said, “Puck! What’s wrong?!”
“Man, someone got him again in the hallway. I don’t know what happened, but when we got there, he was on the floor hyperventilating. We’re on the way to the nurse now.”
“FUCK!” Sebastian was nearly at his car. “Do you know who it was?”
Kurt, and everyone else who was with them, could hear Sebastian yell through the phone.
“No. Kurt didn’t recognize him, and neither did a couple of girls who saw it happen. I’m sorry, man. The football team had been called into the locker room for a meeting, so nobody was with him. Turns out, the meeting was a ruse. This is all being planned by someone.”
“Jesus. What are we going to do?” Sebastian asked no one in particular.
“I don’t know, man. But I’m beyond pissed. I’ll call you if we leave school. I don’t know if he’ll have to go to the doctor or not.”
“Thanks, Puck. I’ll be there in 20 minutes.” Sebastian hung up and was already pulling out of Dalton’s parking lot. He wanted to kill whoever did this to his boyfriend.

When Sebastian got to McKinley and ran up the front steps, Coach Sylvester was waiting for him at the door so that he wouldn’t have to bother being buzzed in or have trouble finding the nurse’s office.
“He was asking for you,” was the first thing she said.
“Where is he?” Sebastian said in rushed state. He needed to get to Kurt as soon as possible.
“In the clinic. This way.” Coach put her hand on his shoulder to lead the way. He thought maybe she was trying to be comforting, since he had never seen her touch anyone. Not nicely, anyway.
“Did you call Burt?” Sebastian asked.
“Yes, but they are still in DC. He wasn’t happy, that’s for sure. But we told him that you were on your way, and that made him feel a little better. You know, so Kurt has more than Finn at home,” she paused and then added, “You must be something special if Burt Hummel is relieved that his boy will be with you at home without him there.”
Sebastian just nodded. Coach wasn’t even sure if he heard anything she said.

When they entered the clinic, Finn, Puck, Mike and Sam had gone back to class, but only because Coach made them. Kurt was curled up on his side with his arms wrapped around his waist. His eyes were closed, but his face was anything but peaceful.
Coach nodded to the nurse, showing her approval of Sebastian being there. He slowly walked up to Kurt, and before laying his hand on Kurt’s shoulder, he quietly said, “Baby, I’m here.”
Kurt opened his eyes and looked at Sebastian with such relief that it made his heart melt and ache all at the same time.
“Bas…” Kurt breathed. His eyes began welling with unshed tears.
“What happened?” Sebastian asked softly, helping Kurt sit up and then pulling him into a hug.
“I don’t know. I mean, I was walking to class and when I turned the corner, I was shoved into the wall. I hit my head. Hard.” His voice became shaky as he reached for the lump on his head as he pulled away from the hug slightly, “And then he was punching me in the stomach a couple of times.” A tear fell, “And I couldn’t breathe. He called me a ‘fag’ and then told me to mind my own business. I don’t know…” Kurt shook his head.
Sebastian was stroking his face as he spoke, with eyes soft and loving. But if you looked closely, you would see a protective, possessive boyfriend who was out for revenge.
The nurse spoke up, “He has some bruising on his abdomen. A large bump on his head, but no concussion. He was hyperventilating, but we got his breathing under control after a few minutes.”
Sebastian nodded to her and then turned his attention back to Kurt. “Babe, let me see your stomach.”
Old Kurt would have fussed and refused. He would never expose his midsection to his boyfriend in the presence of others, and definitely not where a teacher or coach could see. But new Kurt couldn’t care less. Sebastian had made him feel more confident about his body. Besides, if his boyfriend asked him to do it, he knew it was safe. It was part of their ‘thing’.
Kurt stood and pulled up his shirt. Sebastian sucked in a quick breath. His stomach had blue and purple bruises on it already.
Sebastian took two deep breaths, trying to calm himself, but is wasn’t working. “I’m gonna hurt him,” is all Sebastian could mutter. How dare someone touch his boyfriend.
Kurt reached out and grabbed his hand. “Bas. I just want to go home. Please.”
Sebastian shook himself back to the where he needed to be. “Whatever you want, Baby.” Seb said, in a much calmer manner. Kurt’s touch could do that to him.
“I already talked to Mr. Hummel. He said it was fine for you to take Kurt home,” the nurse said to Sebastian. “Kurt just needs to sign out in the front office. I already called them and told them that you have permission.”
“Thank you.” Sebastian said as grabbed Kurt’s hand to go.
“I need to stop at my locker.” Kurt said quietly.
“Okay. I’m going with you.” Sebastian could see Kurt sigh in relief.
Together they walked hand in hand to get Kurt’s things.

Once they got back to Kurt’s house, Kurt immediately went straight to his bedroom, and began stripping off his uniform in total silence. Sebastian followed him and watched from the doorway, where he leaned with his arms crossed. “Kurt.”
Kurt continued to undress, but looked up when Sebastian said his name. At this point, it was easy to get Kurt’s attention by using his actual name instead of ‘babe’ or ‘baby’. Kurt loved when Sebastian called him those names, so hearing him say ‘Kurt’ seemed to wake him out of his daze rather quickly.
“Are you okay? I want you to talk to me. You haven’t said a word since the nurses’ office.” Sebastian uncrossed his arms and made his way over to Kurt.
“Yeah. I’m just kind of… my head.” Kurt winced when he bent at the waist to lower his pants. His stomach was very sensitive with the bruising.
Sebastian knew what he needed. He needed someone else to take care of him, to tell him what he needed to do, and to make him feel safe. He walked over to Kurt and said, “Let me.” as he lowered Kurt’s pants. Kurt stepped out of them, now only in his boxer briefs. He stood with his head hanging down as Sebastian stood back up. Seb folded the pants and laid them on top of where Kurt had placed his shirt. He went to the closet and found a t-shirt and sweatpants. He brought them back out to Kurt, who was still in the exact position he was a minute ago.
“Let’s put these on, Babe.” Sebastian helped Kurt step into his pants, and then helped him with his t-shirt.
Kurt raised his eyes to look at Sebastian. Seb grabbed his chin so that Kurt was fulling looking him in the eye. “We are going to figure this out. Now that we know a little more about what we’re dealing with, we’ll make sure you’re safe. I will do everything I can to make sure of it.”
Kurt sighed, but didn’t say anything. He wrapped his arms around his boyfriend. They held each other for several long minutes, completely needing each other. Kurt needed the safety of Sebastian, and Sebastian needed to have Kurt safe in his arms.
Sebastian kissed Kurt’s forehead and whispered, “Do you want to sleep, or do you want to watch a movie?”
“Okay. I’ll go get some more comfortable clothes from Sam’s room. Be right back.” He leaned down and kissed Kurt’s head before leaving the room.
When Sebastian returned, Kurt was kneeling at the end of the bed, hands behind his back, with tears rolling down his cheeks.
“Babe.” Sebastian wanted to sigh, but stopped himself. He knew Kurt needed this. He walked over, and as always, ran his hands through Kurt’s hair. “You are so beautiful.” He ran his hand down Kurt’s face, and paused to run his thumb across those beautiful cheekbones. “Go downstairs and wait on the couch for me. We’re going to ice the lump on your head. I’ll take care of getting what we need. You wait.”
“Yes, Sebastian.”
Normally Kurt would instantly be on his feet, but with his stomach in pain, it took a bit more effort. Sebastian reached down and helped him up. “I’ll be down in a minute.”
After Sebastian changed, he walked through the living room, seeing Kurt sitting on the edge of the couch waiting, gave him a warmth inside that was hard to explain. He continued to the kitchen to get an ice pack out of the freezer.
He returned to Kurt with the ice pack. “This is for your head. Leave it on for 15 minutes.”
“Yes, Sebastian.” Kurt was feeling a deep sense of calm. Having Sebastian lead, even with these little things, and when not in the bedroom, felt calming and reassuring..
Seb turned the tv on and they decided to watch a Netflix movie. After awhile, he had Kurt lay on his side, with his head in Seb’s lap so he could hold the ice pack on and off every 15 minutes.

Later that afternoon, Puck came threw the front door with a look of determination. He was so aggravated with himself for not being with Kurt like he usually is at the beginning of the day. “Princess?,” he called. He came around the corner into the living room to Sebastian shushing him. Kurt was asleep in his lap, curled up under a blanket..
“Oh. Sorry.” Puck quieted down and turned back around to shush Finn and Sam who were following close behind.
Once the boys were in the living room, they all sat in silence, watching Sebastian run his hands through Kurt’s hair.
“You know he’s gotta love you. He lets you touch his hair.” Finn said. “One time I tried to ruffle his hair when I was joking with him, and I thought he was going to kill me.”
Sebastian smirked. Touching Kurt’s hair was part of their…’thing’, when Kurt is submitting to him. His chest warmed at the knowledge of it being something only the two of them shared.
“Man, I can see the wheels turning in that head of yours.” Puck said.
Sebastian didn’t even look up. He kept his eyes on Kurt, thinking of how much he loved him, and how much he would do anything for him, and wondering how he was going to protect him while the were in different schools. “Yeah.”
He shook himself of his thoughts and looked at Sam. “Sorry, Sam. I borrowed your clothes again.”
“Any time, Seb. My closet is your closet. It’s no problem.” Sam smiled.
“Sooo…” Finn said, “Who do you think it is?” Everyone sat there thinking for what was probably only seconds, but felt like forever.
“I think Mack is behind it, but is having someone do the dirty work.” Seb said.
Finn nodded, “I think so too. There is someone from Glee or Cheerios in every one of his classes. I don’t know about the locker check before, but today’s deal was not him.”
They were quiet for a minute, and the Sam asked, “So how is he?”
“Swelling on his head is down a lot. But he was punched in the stomach a couple of times, and there’s some bruising. It hurts him to bend sometimes.” Sebastian still wasn’t taking his eyes off of Kurt. That is, until the room fell silent again. He looked to see three of his friends look like they were going to hunt someone down and kill them.
“I’m gonna kill him!” Puck muttered and then left.
“Where’s he going?” Seb asked.
“Sometimes he just needs to cool off. He’s pretty pissed. Normally he’s with Kurt before school and walks with him to class. That fake meeting made it so he wasn’t there to protect him.” Sam said.
“Which is part of the issue. This was planned. This wasn’t an ‘opportunity’ that popped up. It was planned in advance.” Sebastian said.
The boys spent a few minutes discussing it until Kurt woke up. Finn gave him his homework that Mike had gathered for him. Mike was in most of Kurt’s AP classes, so it worked out well.
Nick and Jeff stopped by with Sebastians homework, as well as some of Seb’s clothes. Jeff spent about an hour snuggling Kurt on the couch. He missed his friend, and felt horrible that Kurt was going through this again. He remembered stories Kurt shared of his time with Karofsky. He was miserable, and Jeff couldn’t imagine him going through that again.
Sebastian ordered everyone pizza for dinner, and everyone tried their hardest to make it a normal night, for Kurt’s sake.
After Puck, Nick, and Jeff had gone for the night, the boys settled down on Kurt’s bed and did their homework. Kurt finished earliest, not having that much in the first place. He closed his books and then laid back, taking a deep breath.
“You okay, Babe?”
“Mmhmm.” Kurt answered.
“Really?” Sebastian raised an eyebrow.
“I just... I don’t know what to think.”
Sebastian rubbed Kurt’s leg, “I know, Babe. I’m sorry. But tomorrow, the guys will be by your side all day. You’ll be okay. We’ll figure this out.” Kurt was silent for a few minutes, so Sebastian lowered his tone and added, “Go shower and get ready for bed.”
“Yes, Sebastian.” Kurt answered. It wasn’t anything big. Not a huge command. It was simple. Something he would have ended up doing anyway, eventually. But having Sebastian guide him right now, even with the littlest thing, felt great. It wouldn’t be something that Seb did constantly. But when Kurt felt stuck, like he did tonight, it was perfect.

Chapter Text

Tuesday afternoon found Dave Karofsky in the weight room at Carmel High.  He was lifting mindlessly, when suddenly the mention of McKinley High caught his attention.  He didn’t really know the guy talking, but he knew his name was Rob.

“...Yeah, so Mack was pissed.  They were totally cockblocking him and not letting him anywhere near her.  He had the perfect opportunity when she happened to be at Paul’s place. I guess she’s friends with his little sister.  Apparently, she’s gorgeous, and Mack is obsessed. Anyway, she was a fucking pussy and called her brother to come and get her.”

“So he didn’t get any at all?”  The friend asked.

“Nah, man, I guess the brother called this girl's boyfriend, and he and his friends showed up and took her with them.  But not before the boyfriend clocked Mack. And to make it all worse, the girl’s brother is a fucking fag. He and his boyfriend show up too, but Mack didn’t get a chance to mess with them.  They had too many friends there.”

“So this girl goes to McKinley?”

“Nope, she and her brother both go to boarding schools.  Not sure where she goes, but he goes to Dalton. Mack wanted to get some revenge on this faggy brother who keeps getting in the way.  We can’t get into Dalton with their security, so we decided to go for the dude’s boyfriend. The other guys, like the chick’s boyfriend, are pretty buff.  The fag has muscles, but not football player muscles.”

Dave is fuming.  He knows they have to be talking about Fancy and Sebastian.  There aren’t any other gay kids out at McKinley, and definitely not any that have buff friends, like Fancy.    He better not mess with him.  I’ll fucking kill him.  Dave thought.

“So what did you do?”

“Well, Mack did a locker check on him first.  He said it was a pretty good one. Made him bleed.”  Dave could feel his face heating up and heart rate soar. “But then Mack said he wanted more, but everyone was too tight around him.  This fag is a cheerleader, and apparently McKinley’s cheer coach is a nutcase, who’s super protective of him. So Mack said he’d get me a bunch of good weed if I went into McKinley.  This kid’s boyfriend is super protective of him too, and so are his football player friends.” He paused a beat, “ I don’t get why football player dudes would be friends with a fag cheerleader, but anyway… Mack set it up that there was a fake football meeting in the locker room, so this kid wouldn’t be protected.  He wasn’t hard to miss since he was in a fucking cheerleader uniform. I got him good, man. I didn’t stick around after, but he hit the wall hard, and I got a few good punches to the gut. Might have even knocked some of the gay right out of him.” He laughed.

He’s fucking laughing at that!   Dave thought.   Who does he think he is?  How dare he hurt Fancy. Fancy never did anything to either of them!

Dave was too mad to stay.  He knew if he stayed, he would get into a fight, and he didn’t want to get in trouble with the school.  He couldn’t return to McKinley, or even go to Dalton, due to the restraining order, so he couldn’t risk getting kicked out of Carmel.   He silently stormed out of the  weight room and headed for his car.

Once he was in his car, he took a few deep breaths trying to calm his temper.  He had to get revenge. He had really messed things up with Fancy. Again. He didn’t mean to.  He knew his jealousy of Sebastian had played a little part in it, but really he just felt like he was looking out for the guy he liked.  Making sure he was okay, since he had been through so much, both because of himself, and because of Blaine. So he went about it the wrong way, but his intentions were good.  Right?

So he sat and pondered what his options were.  He could tell someone, but would that do any good?  The school didn’t have much of an anti-bullying policy, and was there even enough proof that it was them?  Maybe it would just be considered hearsay. He could tell Coach Sylvester. Or Puck and Finn. Or maybe even Santana. Of course, there was always Burt and his shotgun.


Sebastian and Trent were headed out to the mall with Jeff and Nick early Tuesday evening.  They wanted to get a little shopping done for Kurt’s birthday, even though Sebastian already had Kurt’s gift, he was going along for the ride. When the boys got to the parking lot, Sebastian noticed a note under his windshield wipers.

“What is that?”  Trent asked.

“No idea.”  Sebastian said, as he grabbed the note to read it.  As Sebastian read, his eyes widened. “Oh my god,” he whispered.

“What’s wrong?”  Nick said as he headed toward Sebastian.

“It’s a note from Dave Karofsky.  It’s only signed ‘D’, but I know it’s him.  It has to be.” Sebastian answered.

“Oh my god.”  Jeff whispered as he threw a hand over his mouth.  Nick rubbed his boyfriend’s back to try to comfort him.

“No, no,” Sebastian said, “This might be a good thing, if what he says is true.”  

“Read it out loud.”  Nick said with frustration.

“Sorry...  Sorry. I was lost in thought.”  Sebastian cleared his throat and read..’ I know who did it.  I’ll make sure the situation is taken care of.  I’m sorry for my behavior before. ~ D ’”

“What the hell does that mean?!”  Jeff squeaked. Sebastian couldn’t help but think that’s exactly how Kurt would have reacted, and he smiled to himself.

“I’m not sure.  But let’s not say anything to Kurt just yet.  Let’s see how this plays out.” Sebastian folded up the note and put it in his pocket.  

“I don’t know, Seb.  Doesn’t he have the right to know?” Jeff asked.  He was really skeptical.

“Yes, but I don’t want him any more stressed than he is.”

“But didn’t he try to do the same thing to you?  Not tell you when he was hurt because he didn’t want you to worry, or neglect your school work?  
And you didn’t like it, did you?”  Jeff said as he put his hand on his hip.

“I know, Jeff, but I don’t stop eating when I’m stressed or worried.  If I tell Kurt that Dave is in the picture again, in any way, he’s going to stop eating and make himself sick.”  Sebastian sighed in frustration.

“Maybe that’s a risk you need to take.  He has a right to know, Sebastian.” Trent added.

Sebastian looked at Nick, silently asking his opinion.  

“I think you’re going to have to tell him, Seb.  He would be really pissed if something happened and he was out of the loop.  When it comes to his eating,” He sighed, “I think you’re just going to have to make sure his friends are there to make sure he takes care of himself.”  Nick could tell that was not the answer Sebastian was looking for, so he added, “Look, Seb, I know that’s not what you wanted to hear, but think about if the roles were reversed.  If Kurt got a note from Karofsky and didn’t tell you about it, wouldn’t you be mad?”

Sebastian sighed and ran his fingers through his hair.  “Yes. I’d be pissed.” He leaned against his car and thought for a minute.  The other boys looked at each other, wondering what they could do or say to make it better.  After a couple of minutes, Sebastian said, “You guys go on without me. I’m going to head to Kurt’s house and talk to him about it.”  

Nick clapped him on the shoulder, “Good luck, man.”

Jeff gave him a hug, “You made the right choice, Sebastian.”

“I sure hope so.”  


When Sebastian made it to Kurt’s house the family was already eating dinner.  When the doorbell rang, they all kind of looked at each other, wondering who it could be.

“I guess I’ll get it.”  Burt said, since nobody was making a move to get up.

Burt opened the door and found Sebastian standing there looking very anxious. “Sebastian!  You okay, kiddo?”

“Yeah, Burt.  When did you get back?”

“This afternoon.”  Burt knew something was up, but he wasn’t sure what. “Look, Seb, if it’s about this weekend, I already told you it was fine.”

Sebastian smiled, “Good.  But, no, something happened.  I’d like to talk to everyone, if that’s okay?”

“Sure.  We’re eating dinner.  Have you eaten yet?” Burt asked as he put his hand on Sebastian’s shoulder to coax him into the house.  

“No.  Dinner would be great.”

When Sebastian walked in, Kurt froze for a second.  He took the anxious look on Sebastian’s face and got worried.  He quickly stood and went to his boyfriend, “Are you okay? What’s wrong?,” he asked as he hugged him.

Sebastian chuckled, “I’m okay, Babe.”

“Can I fix you a plate, Honey?”  Carol asked.

“Yes, please, Carol.  That would be great. Thank you.”  Sebastian smiled as he took a seat next to Kurt. There was a minute of silence, where everyone was trying to figure out what Sebastian was feeling.  He was acting a

“Dude, you sure you’re okay?”  Finn asked.

“Well,”  he paused and thanked Carol again for the dinner she set in front of him, “I came to tell you all that there was a note on my car this afford aternoon,”  He put a hand on Kurt’s leg, “and I’m pretty sure it’s from Dave Karofsky.”

Kurt paled instantly. “F-from David?  But…”

“Yeah.  I’m pretty sure.”  Sebastian took the note out and read it to everyone.  

“I agree.  I think it’s him.  Sounds like he’s pretty pissed that someone has been messing with you, Kurt.”  Burt said.

“Yeah, because they took over a job that he thought was his?!”  Kurt snapped.

“I don’t know, Babe.  Maybe he really is sorry.  He’s left us alone until this happened to you.  Maybe he really is mad that you got hurt. He likes you.”

“Sure had a funny way of showing it.”  Kurt said as he pushed his plate away. Sebastian noticed, but it looked like Kurt was mostly finished with his food, so he let it drop.  However it immediately sent up flags. He would definitely need their friends help to make sure Kurt continued to eat while at school.

Sebastian squeezed his leg, “I know.”  He paused, “I wonder what he meant by ‘making sure the situation is taken care of’.”


Dave sat in car for twenty minutes after leaving the weight room, lost in his thoughts, and making plans.  He saw Rob come out, and paid close attention to what make and model his car was. He figured it may come in as handy info to know later.  He followed Rob, but it seemed he just went straight home, and Dave knew he couldn’t do anything there. He needed neutral ground.

Instead of sticking around in Rob’s neighborhood, Dave headed to Dalton.  He quickly found Sebastian’s shiny red corvette in the parking lot. He grabbed some paper from his backpack, and scribbled out a note, leaving under the windshield wiper of Sebastian’s car.  He hoped the note would convey the right message. He needed Sebastian to know that he knew who was harassing Fancy, and that would make them pay, but also that he was sorry for going about things the wrong way before.  He didn't want to sign his name. He didn’t want this to bite him in the butt later if something went wrong.

After leaving the note, Dave returned to Lima.  He got a coffee from Lima Bean and sat in his car, checking his social media accounts, hoping one of his ideas would pay off.  He checked Facebook to see if Rob or Mack had an account that wasn’t set to private. Today must have been his lucky day. He checked Mack’s first and saw that he had checked in at the mall.   Hmmm, I think I need to a bit of shopping, Dave smirked.


Dave drove straight to the mall and headed to all of the popular stores first.  He didn’t see any sign of Mack. The next thought was that maybe he was in the food court.  I was dinner time, after all. Sure enough. There was Mack, hitting on a couple of girls that Dave was pretty sure went to McKinley, although they looked pretty young.  Dave grabbed a slice of pizza and a drink from Sbarro, and sat to watch.

Mack was flirting, but was taking it further than other guys normally would.  Dave watched as Mack turned his attention to a petite brunette. He put his hand on the small of her back and started rubbing.  The girl shifted, and the she grabbed Mack's arm and removed it. Good for her, Dave thought.

When Mack didn’t seem to be getting anywhere with her, he turned his attention to her friend.  He leaned over and whispered something in her ear. He looked way too close, almost as if he was going to nibble on her ear or kiss her neck.  She looked uncomfortable, and whatever he said to her made her blush, and her eyes widen. She looked at her friend and grabbed her hand. They both stood to leave.  Mack stood in front of them, trying block their way.

What an asshole , Dave thought. No wonder Sebastian doesn’t want this dick near his sister.  And no wonder they had to go rescue her. He doesn’t seem to take a hint easily.

Dave watched the girls walk around Mack and start walking away in the direction of the stores.  Mack turned and started after them. Dave had had enough. He stood quickly, throwing away his garbage on his way, and headed toward the girls as well.  Just before he reached them, Mack grabbed one of the girls by the arm and turned her around to face him.

Dave jogged up to them.  Dave’s a big guy, and he was using that against Mack the best he could.  He puffed out his chest and stood close to Mack. “Seems to me these ladies don’t want the attention you keep giving them.  Can’t take a hint? I hear that’s a problem for you, Mack,” Dave snarled.

“Well, well, well.  If it isn’t Dave Karofsky.”  Mack half smiled. His voice took on a challenging tone.

“I think you better let go of her, Mack.”  Dave moved in closer, looking down at Mack.

Mack released his grip on the girl’s arm.  Dave turned his head slightly to look at her, “Go.”

The girls didn’t think twice.  They were both jogging away, and out of sight in seconds.

 “What the hell is your problem?,”  Mack glared.

“You’re my problem.  Because you’re causing trouble for some people who don’t deserve it.  Those girls. Sebastian and his sister.  Kurt. ”  

“I never touched any of them.”  Mack said, playing innocent. “Besides, what would it matter to you?”

“It matters to me that people who want nothing to do with you, can’t seem to get rid of you.  If those girls, or Sebastian’s sister, tell you ‘no’, then you better fucking listen. And I know you are fucking with Kurt, because I heard all about it today at school.”  Dave stepped even closer. He was literally chest to chest with Mack and growling at him. “The last asshole who fucked with Kurt is now doing five years in prison.  Maybe you need to be six...feet under.”

Mack paled.  He didn’t know anything about that.  “You don’t know what you’re talking about, Karofsky.”

Dave grabbed him by the shirt collar, “Touch Kurt again, and I will make sure you suffer.  Tell someone else to touch him, and you will both pay.  I’m already going to make sure all the right people know what I found out today.  Sebastian. Puck. Finn. Sam. Mike. Santana. Coach Sylvester. Sebastian’s father, a state’s attorney, by the way.  Oh, and last, but certainly not least, Congressman Hummel, the proud owner of a shotgun that he’s more than happy to use.”  Dave tightened his grip, “Don’t. Fuck. With. Kurt.” He let go of Mack with a shove.

Mack tumbled backwards a bit, and then turned and took off, looking a bit more pale than when he had arrived at the mall.

Dave turned to walk out of the mall, but noticed someone hiding behind a planter.  He quickly walked over and found Jacob Ben Israel crouched down with his phone out, recording everything.  Dave grabbed the phone from JBI’s grasp. “You tell no one about this.  Understand?”

Jacob nodded his head quickly, “Y-yes.  But can I have my phone back?”

“Hmm..,”  Dave glared at him.  “I’m texting myself a copy, and then erasing it.”  He performed the task as fast as he could. He shoved the phone into JBI’s chest. “Remember.  Tell no one .”

“Sure.  Sure, you have my word.”  JBI said as he took off down the mall.

Dave immediately took out his phone and texted the only person he could think of that would be able to help him.  Santana.


To Santana:

Can you meet me at the mall?  I know who is messing with Kurt.  I have proof.

To Dave:

Why should I trust you?  You fucked with Kurt too.

To Santana:

Please.  You’re just going to have to come see for yourself.

To Dave:

Meet me in the food court in 20


Twenty minutes later, Santana entered the food court and found Dave sitting anxiously at one of the booths that was the furthest away from the crowd.  She wasted no time as she slid into the booth across from him, “Who is and what is the proof?”

“Why, it’s nice to see you too, Santana.”  Dave rolled his eyes.

“I’m not here for the small talk, dumb ass.  I need to know how to protect Kurt like everyone else.  I’ve been trying to get to the bottom of this, but have had no luck.  Neither has Sebastian or the boys. So spill.” She glared.

“Alright, so after school today I was in the weight room and overheard this asshole talking all about it.  Apparently he’s friends with Mack Robinson.”

“I knew it was him!”  Santana growled.

“Well, it was, the first time.  He did the locker check last week.  But yesterday’s thing was all the kid who I overheard today.  His name is Rob. I don’t know his last name, but I can find out.”

“So he doesn’t even go to McKinley?  Shit.”

“Nope.  Mack told him he’d get him some good weed if he went in and did it.  Mack called the fake football meeting so none of the guys would be protecting Kurt.”

“So why Kurt? Is he homophobic or something?”  Santana grimaced.

“No.  He was pissed that nobody would let him get to Sebastian’s sister.  I guess he figured he wanted revenge, and the best way to do it was to mess with Kurt.  He knew it would piss everyone off. Especially Sebastian.”

“Leah.  Sebastian’s sister is Leah.  So if you hear anything about her, let me know.  I’ll give the guys a heads up. They’re all pretty protective of her too.”  Santana paused for a minute, “Why should I believe you? What’s your proof? You could be making all of this up to get close to Kurt again.”

Dave shook his head, “No.  I’m not making it up. And I’m not trying to get close to Kurt.  I know he’s happy, and I’m not going to mess that up.” He sighed, “Besides, it’s too painful for me to be around him now anyway.”  

Santana did feel a little bad for Dave, but not enough to let him know that.  “So the proof?”

Dave didn’t say anything.  He just opened up his text messages, and played the video for her.  As she watched, her eyes got bigger and bigger.

“Shit.”  She sighed.

“Yeah.”  Dave sat bouncing his leg nervously.  “So what now?”

“Text me a copy of the video.”  She began to smirk, “I’ll make sure only the right people see it.”

Santana stood to leave, “You take care of this Rob guy.  Make sure he doesn’t come back to McKinley. Let me know how things work out,”  She winked, “And, Dave… Thanks.” She put a hand on his shoulder and then walked away.  




On Wednesday morning, Kurt went out to the car and found Sam leaning up against the driver side door holding a coffee and a bagel.  “I’ll drive. You eat.” He smiled and held out the breakfast for Kurt to take.

Kurt sighed and rolled his eyes, “I’ll take the coffee.  Thanks.” He reached for the coffee, but Sam pulled it away.  

“Nope.  Gotta eat the bagel if you want the coffee,”  Sam said. Finn smiled at him, and he knew it had to take the deal.

Kurt grunted and took both before heading around to the passenger side door.  He ate about half, but Sam and Finn were both happy with that. It was better than nothing.


Once they made it to school, Puck and Sugar were waiting for them in the parking lot.

“Good morning, Angel!”  Sugar said as she hugged her best friend.

“Mornin’ Sugar.”

“Doing okay, Princess?”  Puck asked.

“Yeah.  Just sore.  I’m skipping Cheerio practice today.  Hope Coach doesn’t mind.”

“I’m sure she’ll be fine with it,”  Puck answered. “Moving a little slow?”  

Kurt wasn’t moving at his normal pace.  His stomach still hurt pretty bad when he moved to fast or bent to much.  “Yeah. Hopefully not for long.”

The five of them went into school together and didn’t leave Kurt’s side until he made it to his first class.  Kurt also noticed Coach Sylvester and Coach Beiste in the hallway nearby, where there were normally no teachers.  He was still wary of being here. Anywhere, really. He missed Sebastian, and couldn’t wait until the afternoon for their coffee date.


At lunch, Kurt sat and listened to his friends talk.  Finally, Finn said, “Okay, little brother. You have fifteen minutes left of lunch time.  Eat before it’s too late.”

Kurt had his fork in one hand, and his head resting in the other.  He rolled his eyes, “I am eating.”

“No, you’re moving the food around.  It hasn’t entered your mouth yet.” Tina said.

“Kurt.”  Puck said.  Kurt looked up at him.  It was almost the same tone Sebastian uses on him… And he called him ‘Kurt’...again. He didn’t say anything in return, so Puck continued, “You have to eat.  You have to. There is no choice. We have Glee after lunch, so if you don’t eat, I’ll make sure the only thing we do is sit in our chairs surrounding you and your salad until you eat all of it.”

Kurt looked around at everyone at the table.  Everyone was sitting there, not eating, staring at him.  He hated it.

“I know you hate that we’re all staring at you like this.  I can read your mind, Angel. But this isn’t going to change until you eat.  Every. Day. We will do this every day, every meal, until we know you are fueling that beautiful body of yours.”  Sugar put her hand on his, “Please.”

Kurt put his fork down and buried his face in his hands.  Sam put his hand on Kurt’s back and rubbed.

Sugar slid her yogurt in front of him.  “At least eat the yogurt? Please, Angel.”

When Kurt pulled his hands away, the others could tell he had been crying.  “I can’t,” he whispered.

“You can,”  Puck said.

As if on cue, Sebastian called.  Before Kurt could grab the phone, it was in Puck’s hands.

“Hey, it’s Puck.”  He said.

“Hey, Puck.  Let me guess.  He isn’t eating.”  Sebastian sighed.

“You guessed it.”  Puck wasn’t taking his eyes off of Kurt.  Kurt just continued to let silent tears fall, with his head hung.

“Alright.  Let me talk to him.”

Puck handed the phone to Kurt.  Kurt leaned an elbow on the table and rested his forehead against it.  “Hi,” is all he whispered.

“Hi, Baby.  Why aren’t you eating?”

Kurt whispered, “I can’t.”  He heard Sebastian sigh on the other end of the phone, and it broke his heart that he was causing his boyfriend more stress.  “It makes want to vomit...the thought of food right now.”

“I understand, but you have to push though that thought and do it anyway. You can’t not eat.  What do you have in front of you?”

“A salad,” He said quietly. Sugar nudged the yogurt in front of him some more.  “And some yogurt.”

Sebastian used the tone of his voice to make sure that Kurt understood.  “Kurt, eat the yogurt. If that settles okay, add the salad.” Kurt sat up straighter, but his head remained bowed.

“Yes, Sebastian.”  Kurt whispered as another tear fell.

Puck noticed the change in posture and the odd way Kurt responded, but didn’t say anything.

“Thank you, Kurt.  I love you.”

“I love you, too.”  

Once Kurt hung up, everyone returned to their own meals, but continued to watch Kurt on the sly.  He ate the yogurt, and two bites of his salad. They all felt a bit more relieved.


After school, Kurt headed to Cheerio’s practice to see if Coach would let him leave early, or at least sit this one out.  

“Coach…”  Kurt began.  
“No time for chit-chat, Porcelain.  You’re needed in the choir room.” She turned to Santana, Brittany, and Quinn, “You too, girls.”  

“Okaaay?”  Kurt frowned and left with the girls.

When they got to the choir room, the entire Glee Club was there.  Kurt went in and sat next to Sugar.

He leaned over, “What’s going on?”

“You’ll see.”  She nodded to the door.

Kurt looked up and saw Sebastian coming in.  He smiled for the first time that day. He stood and met Sebastian in the middle of the room.  They didn’t say anything at first. They just held each other for awhile, lost in the warmth and love they felt for each other.

When they pulled apart, Kurt said, “You’re early.”  and winked.

“Yeah, well, Puck texted me and asked me to come early and meet you all here.”  Sebastian kissed Kurt on the forehead, “I have no idea why.”

“Well, you two love birds, we have something for you.”  Rachel said in a sing-song voice. “Let’s take this party to the auditorium.”

When they arrived in the auditorium, the jazz band was set up on stage, and all the members of New Directions made their way to the stage while Kurt and Sebastian took a seat.

Finn stepped forward, “Kurt, we know you have been through hell this year.  We also know that it was all made so much better for you with you two finding each other.  We love you both, and we know things haven’t been easy lately. We wanted to sing you a little something to let you both know that we’re here for you, and we love you.”

Kurt already had tears in his eyes.  Sebastian smiled and put his arm around Kurt, pulling him in closer.  He kissed him on the temple as the Glee Club began to sing Brother by NEEDTOBREATHE.


“Ramblers in the wilderness we can’t find what we need

We get a little restless from the searching

Get a little worn down in between

Like a bull chasing the matador is the man left to his own schemes

Everybody needs someone beside em’ shining like a lighthouse from the sea

Brother let me be your shelter

Never leave you all alone

I can be the one you call

When you’re low

Brother let me be your fortress

When the night winds are driving on

Be the one to light the way

Bring you home

Face down in the desert now there’s a cage locked around my heart

I found a way to drop the keys where my failures were

Now my hands can’t reach that far

I ain’t made for a rivalry, I could never take the world alone

I know that in my weakness I am stronger

It’s your love that brings me home

Brother let me be your shelter

I’ll never leave you all alone

I can be the one you call

When you’re low

Brother let me be your fortress

When the night winds are driving on

Be the one to light the way

Bring you home

Brother let me be your shelter

Never leave you all alone

I can be the one you call

When you’re low

Brother let me be your fortress

When the night winds are driving on

Be the one to light the way

Bring you home

Brother let me be your shelter

Never leave you all alone

I can be the one you call

When you’re feeling low

Brother let me be your fortress

When the night winds are driving on

Be the one to light the way

Bring you home

Brother let me be your shelter

Never leave you all alone

I can be the one you call

When you’re low

Brother let me be your fortress

When the night winds are driving on

Be the one to light the way

Bring you home

Brother let me be your shelter

Brother let me be your shelter

Brother let me be your shelter”


When the song finished, Kurt and Sebastian made their way to the stage and gave hugs of appreciation to everyone.

“Thank you all so much.  I don’t know what I would have done this year without you all.  I love you all so much.” Kurt said as he hugged them all.

“Really, you have all been so amazing.  You’ve been there for Kurt, and for me. I can’t thank you all enough for all of the love and support you’ve shown both of us.  We’re so lucky to have you all.” Sebastian was truly touched.

“Well I have one more gift to give you both.”  Santana said. “Let’s go back to the choir room.”

Once back, everyone sat around and Santana pulled out her phone. “Last night I got a text from someone who had proof of who was messing with you, Kurt.”  Kurt raised his eyebrows, and Sebastian squeezed his hand. “I don’t want you to get upset. Just...Just hear me out, and watch the video I have to show you, okay?”

“Okay.”  Kurt said with a bit of skepticism in his voice.

“Dave Karofsky texted me last night.”  She paused, giving it a second to sink in, “He said he knew who was messing with you, so I met him at the mall and we had a heart to heart.”  Sebastian put his arm around Kurt and rubbed his shoulder slowly, trying to comfort him through this new news. “He overheard someone talking about it in the weight room.  He said the guy's name is Rob. He’s finding out today what his last name is. Rob was telling some other dipshit all about what was happening. Bragging about it. He said Mack was pissed that you guys were cockblocking him because he wanted Leah.  Since he couldn’t get into Dalton to get to you, Sebastian, he figured he’d hurt what meant the most to you...Kurt.” Sebastian ran his free hand through his hair. Kurt put a hand on Sebastian’s thigh and squeezed a bit, to let him know it was okay. “Mack is the one who gave you the locker check, but when the guys basically built a wall around you, he set up the fake football meeting and paid Rob in weed to come in and hurt you.  That way it looked like he was innocent.”

“How do you know any of this is true?”  Puck asked.

“Karofsky checked Mack’s public Facebook and saw that he was at the mall.  He found them there, hitting on some girls that didn’t want his attention at all.  Dave watched for a bit, but when Mack started following them and grabbed one girl, he intervened.  Then he confronted him about you, Kurt. JBI was there. He hid and got it all on video. When Dave found out, he took Jacob’s phone, sent himself the video via text, and then deleted it.  I have a copy of it now.” Santana held her phone out to Sebastian.

Sebastian played the video and everyone gathered around the best they could to watch it.  By the time it was over, Kurt had wrapped his arms around Sebastian’s biceps and put his head on against Sebastian’s shoulder.  

Santana added, “I know he doesn't come right out and say that he did it, but it really seems implied.”

“Yeah, and Dave basically threatened to kill him too.”  Kurt scoffed.  

“Look, I get that he’s trying, in his own way, to protect Kurt.  But this doesn’t prove anything except that Mack is an asshole who definitely better stay away from Kurt and Leah both.  However, Dave saying he overheard Rob, is more valid than anything he says in the video. The video is just threats.” Sebastian added.  

“So what now?”  Finn asked.

“Now just leave everything to me.”  Santana winked.

“Tana, don’t do anything stupid.”  Kurt warned.

“I would never.” She smirked.


Sebastian and Kurt walked into Lima Bean about thirty minutes later.  The barista at the counter smiled and asked, “The usual, boys?”

Sebastian smiled, “Yes.  Thank you, Shannon.”

Once the boys were seated comfortably with their coffee, Sebastian asked, “Are you okay, Babe?”

“Mmm.  I guess.”  Kurt answered quietly.

“Mmhmm.  Talk to me, Kurt.”

“I’m ready for it to all go away.  I appreciate that David was being protective of me, but I don’t want him in my life at all.  I forgave him once, and look where that got me.”

“I get that.  What about Mack and Rob?  What are you thinking about all of that?”  Sebastian asked.

“I feel better knowing who it is.  But that doesn’t mean they won’t try it again.”  Kurt said.

“I don’t think our family will let that happen.”  Sebastian smiled softly and put his hand on Kurt’s face and stroked his cheek with his thumb.

Kurt smiled and shook his head.  “They really are family.”

“They really are.”


By the end of the week, Rob had four flat tires.  One each day. He was also suddenly locker checked each morning.  Dave had made a few friends at his new school who didn’t mind helping out.  They didn’t even ask why.

Mack on the other hand, was suddenly the talk of McKinley.  Every cheerleader, besides Kurt, of course, was talking to everyone they knew about how small Mack’s dick was.  Apparently, he also had a bad case of herpes. Poor Mack couldn’t get any girl to talk to him. Talk about cockblocking….

Chapter Text

Chapter 26


“Are you ready to go?”  Burt asked Kurt as he walked into his bedroom.

“Yeah, Dad.   Are you sure you’re okay with having Friday night dinner at the Smythe’s?  I know it’s kind of ‘our’ thing.” Kurt was putting the last of his things in an overnight bag.  Burt told him he would be staying the night because Sebastian had plans for them the next day.

“I think it’s great, kiddo.  They think of you as part of their family, so it’s still a ‘family dinner’.  They wanted to have a special dinner since today is your birthday.” Burt turned toward the door to leave and then added, “Oh, bring a nice suit.”

“What!?  Why do I need a suit?”  Kurt was frozen in his spot.

Burt smirked, “Seb has big plans for tomorrow.”

“Well what else do I need? I’m totally unprepared now!”  Kurt was already rummaging through his closet.

Burt chuckled, “You need clothes for tomorrow, a suit, clothes for the next day, and definitely pajamas.  No sleeping naked.”

Kurt furrowed his brows.  “Two days worth of clothes?”  He ignored the naked comment.

“Yes, kiddo.  Just go with it.  That boyfriend of yours has a very special weekend planned.”

“The whole weekend?  Why didn’t he say anything?”  Kurt put his hands on his hips.

Burt laughed again, “Probably because he knew you would ask a million questions.  Besides, he wants what you’re doing to be a surprize. Don’t even try to ask me what it is.  He asked, I said yes, and I won’t say another word.”

“Hmm...Okay.”  Kurt returned to his closet to get more clothes.  


Kurt and his family arrived at the Smythe home right on time.  Sebastian opened the door and wrapped his arms around Kurt without even greeting anyone else.  They all just smiled.

“Happy Birthday, Babe!”

“Thanks, Bas!”  Kurt hugged back, and then leaned back a bit.  “You have a lot of explaining to do.”

Sebastian looked at Burt and smiled, “Packing?”

Burt chuckled, “You got it.”

“I’ll explain later.  Right now, let's get you guys out of the cold.  Come on in. Everyone’s in the living room.” Sebastian ushered everyone in with handshakes and hugs, but held Kurt back at the door.  He leaned down and kissed him for a few minutes. “I love you.”

Kurt smiled, “I love you too, Bas.  So much.”

Sebastian grabbed Kurt’s hand, “Alright, lets go.  Leah is dying to see the birthday boy.”

Kurt smiled and followed along, holding Sebastian’s hand.

When they turned the corner, all Kurt could comprehend was a huge, “SURPRIZE!!!!”  

All of the Hummels, Smythes, New Directions, and Warblers were in the living room for Kurt’s surprize party.  The room was full of balloons, banners, streamers, food, friends, and family. Nick was recording all of it. Everything, and everyone, that Kurt loved was in that room.

“Oh my gosh!”  Kurt squealed as he threw a hand over his mouth.  He was utterly shocked. Tears welled in his eyes, and he turned to look at his boyfriend.  “You are sooo sneaky!” Sebastian just rubbed his back, smiled at him, and shrugged. He bend down and kissed Kurt on the temple.

“Wait...Where are everyone's cars?”  Kurt asked.

“Jeff’s family lives down the street.  They are all parked there. Everyone was shuttled over by Jeff and his family, which includes Nick.”

“Wow.”  Kurt looked around at everyone, “Thank you all so much for coming to celebrate my birthday!  You guys are amazing.”

Everyone made sure to give Kurt lots of ‘Happy Birthdays’ and hugs.  The party was very entertaining with stories being told by both McKinley kids and Dalton kids.  Most of the stories revolved around Kurt, and caused a lot of blushing. The two groups got along great, and the parents loved hearing the stories and watching the interactions.  

Everyone gathered around to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Kurt. Once Kurt made a wish and blew out his candles, Robert commented that the two singing groups had made that the prettiest version of the song that he had ever heard.  All of the parents agreed.

Sugar had made three dozen cupcakes, that everyone raved over.  

“Sugar, these are incredible!”  Tori said, “The kids tell me you want to open your own bakery.  Now I understand why.”

“Thanks.  I put a lot of love into these particular cupcakes.  Kurt deserves the best.”

“That he does.”  Tori smiled.

Several of the Warblers agreed with Sebastian that they were going to beg, and maybe even bribe, the Headmaster into letting the coffee shop or cafeteria sell Sugar’s cupcakes, muffins, and breads.  She was blushing with all of the compliments. She had recently been worried that she wasn’t good enough to open her own bakery. She was getting cold feet. Puck just beamed at the compliments everyone was giving her.  He leaned over and whispered, “These guys can afford anything, and they are begging for your baked goods, Sugar.  That should be proof enough that you can do this.”  She kissed him on the cheek and then leaned into him as he put his arm around her.  

Kurt received several gifts.  He was kind of embarrassed receiving so many things.  He loved every single thing. Nick and Jeff got him a sweater that he had been eyeing the last time he and Jeff had gone to the mall.  Several Warblers bought him designer apparel or gave him gift cards. The McKinley kids got together and bought him a huge New York themed gift basket.  It had a New York t-shirt, New York style cheesecake, snacks made in New York, Broadway CD’s, and New York skyline Christmas ornament.


Puck, Sam, and Joe brought out their guitars and everyone gathered around the living room and dining room.  Sebastian sat on the floor against the couch and spread his legs so that Kurt could sit in between. His stomach was still sore, so it took him a beat longer to get down to the floor.  “Still sore?” Sebastian asked.

“Just a little.”  Kurt answered.

Kurt leaned into Sebastian’s chest and Sebastian wrapped his arm around him.  Kurt laid his head back and Sebastian kissed his temple.

“Are you having a good time?”  He whispered in Kurt’s ear.

“Wonderful,”  He bent his head so he look up at Sebastian, “Thank you so much, Bas.”

“You’re welcome, Babe.  You deserve all of this and more.  The more comes tomorrow.” He winked.

Kurt just smiled at him and then turned back to look at all his favorite people who were gathered around singing.  He felt such joy and peace. He really needed a night like this.

After a few songs, Leah came up to where Kurt and Sebastian were sitting.  She looked down at Kurt and gestured to his legs. “Spread em’.”

He chuckled, but went ahead and spread his legs so that she could sit between them.  She sat and snuggled up against him, like he was snuggled up against Sebastian. Tori, who considered herself the event’s photographer, made sure to snap a picture before any of the three could complain.  


After a few more songs, Leah declared, “Pajama Time!”

“Wait, everyone is spending the night?”  Kurt asked.

“Yep.  Well, not everyone can, but most.”  Sebastian answered.

Tori added, “Eventually, the girls will sleep in Leah’s room, and the boys can sleep in Seb’s room and a guest room.  There are too many boys here for just one room.”

Sugar asked, “Can I bake some muffins tonight, so they’re ready for the morning?”

“Sure, Sugar.  What do you need?”  Tori asked.

“Oh, I brought everything with me.  I just need the oven. Thanks!”

Sugar got up to go start the muffins, and Kurt got up to help her.  They silently began working around each other like it was second nature. Sebastian moved to sit on the couch, and just watched with a small smile.  Puck came up and sat next to him. He didn’t say a word, but watched the two in the kitchen as well.  Carol noticed the two boys and chuckled to herself. She elbowed Burt and nodded toward the boys.  

“Look at them.”  She smiled, “They’ve got it so bad.”

Burt chuckled, “They sure do.  All four of them are lucky kids.  I’m not sure I’ve seen two couples that are so right for each other that are still so young.”

“I agree.  But remember, they aren’t that young.  All of the boys are 18 now, and Sugar will be soon.  I mean, they’re young, but they definitely not babies anymore.”


Kurt and Sugar were almost finished mixing the muffins when Puck finally leaned over to Sebastian and quietly said, “Can you believe how lucky we are?”

“No, honestly.  Sometimes it’s really hard to believe that he’s real.  That you’re all real,” Sebastian said without taking his eyes off of Kurt.

Puck looked at Sebastian and frowned slightly, “What do you mean?”

Sebastian laid his head on the back of the couch and turned to look at Puck.  “I was pretty wild in Paris,” He looked back towards Kurt, but continued, “Clubs, bars, parties, and everything that came along with that... Drinking, the occasional hookup.  I couldn't imagine my life like this, even though it was what I was secretly longing for. Even searching for, in a weird, fucked up way. It was something other people got to have, not me.  When we found out that my aunt wasn’t likely going to make it, and that we would be coming home to Dad, I decided that I wanted to change. It was like a fresh start. I made sure I was clean.  No one knew me here, so there was no reputation. I wanted to give myself the chance to have what I really wanted. I never in a million years would have thought that I would have found it so soon.”

Puck nodded and looked back to Kurt, “That’s why you’re so protective of him.”

Sebastian said, “Yeah.  Well, that and it’s kind of my nature, just like it’s yours too.  When I saw you guys come into the Lima Bean the day I met Kurt, it was like...I don’t know, something inside of me changed.  I was actually getting ready to leave, but when I saw you guys, I stayed a bit longer. I’m sure glad I did. Being with Kurt is amazing.  He’s amazing.  And with Kurt, comes all of you.  And now I have the friends and family that I always wanted.”

Puck patted him on the leg, “He deserves someone like you.”

“He deserves who I am now, and more. But not who I used to be.  He changed that. Everyone says I saved him, but really, he saved me too.”


The party started to settle down, and everyone was in their pajamas. Burt and Carol said their goodbyes to everyone, and thanked the Smythes.  They made sure to wish Kurt a ‘Happy Birthday’, and give him a big hug.

“Thanks for my gift.  I promise to put it to good use.”  Kurt smiled.

“Your welcome, Sweetie.”  Carol said.

“See ya later, kiddo.  Have a good time this weekend.”  

“I will, Dad.  Well, I’m assuming I will, since I don’t have any idea what we’re doing.”  Kurt chuckled.


Robert and Tori headed for bed, but not before Kurt could give them both big hugs and lots of ‘thank you’s’.  The kids decided to go the media room and watch a movie. The media room had three tiers, and several couches.  Those who didn’t fit on couches chose the floor in the front with pillows and blankets. Kurt and Sebastian shared a couch with Puck and Sugar.  Limbs overlapped, and bodies touched without anyone ever thinking twice about it. They chose a Netflix movie that was a new release, so no one had watched it yet.

Before the movie was over, Kurt slid down and knelt in front of Sebastian.  Sebastian grinned at him and ran his fingers through his hair and then stroked his cheek with his thumb.  He leaned down and whispered, “You’ll have to wait, Baby.”

“Yes, Sebastian,”  Kurt whispered and then turned to kiss Seb on the cheek.  He turned back toward the movie, but stayed on his knees. Sebastian continued to run his fingers through Kurt’s hair.  Kurt would close his eyes and sigh with contentment.

Although Puck couldn’t hear what they were saying, he saw the interaction.  It made him curious, but he wasn’t ready to bring it up. It was just small things that he was noticing.  He would have to file each one away and then have the information ready if he needed, or wanted, to bring it up later.  Kurt looked happy, and that was all he really cared about.


Most of the group headed up stairs to set up the sleeping arrangements when the movie was over.   Half of the Warblers had gone home, but Kurt’s friends he was closer with from the group had stayed.  All of the New Directions stayed. Sam and Finn carried Artie up the steps and Puck carried his chair.  Half of the boys fit in Sebastian’s room, the other half in a guest room. Sebastian and Kurt slept in the bed, while the rest of the boys made do with the love seat and floor. They lounged around, joked, and talked.  

The girls all made themselves comfortable in Leah’s room.  Leah had bought some beauty masks for them, and they turned it into a traditional sleepover.  There were lots of giggles, and a little bit of gossip.

“We’ll be right back.”  Sebastian said to the guys as he grabbed Kurt’s hand and pulled him toward the door.  There were a few wolf whistles as they left, but most of the guys just grinned.

“Where are we going?”  Kurt asked once they were in the hallway.

“Shhh… Secret mission.”  Sebastian smiled.

Kurt just smiled and rolled his eyes lovingly.  

Sebastian and Kurt snuck downstairs and into the garage.  “Are we going somewhere?” Kurt asked.

“No.”  Sebastian pushed Kurt up against his corvette and kissed him passionately.  He moved his way to Kurt’s jaw and then his neck.

“Mmm, Bas,”  Kurt breathed, “We...Mmm...we should go back upstairs.”

“No.”  Sebastian continued to place open mouth kisses on Kurt’s neck and reached around and grabbed his ass.  Kurt gasped. He reached for Kurt’s pants. “Birthday blowjob first. I’ve been dying to touch you all night.”

“Mmm… Well, I can’t argue with that, now can I?”

“Uh-uh.”  Sebastian said as he kissed his way down Kurt’s chest and pulled down his pajama pants at the same time.  He grabbed Kurt’s erection and began to stroke and then licked on stripe up his shaft. He worked his way back up to Kurt’s neck and then whispered low in his ear, “Don’t cum until I tell you to.”

“Yes, Sebastian.”

“Good.”  Sebastian kissed his way back down, and took Kurt into his mouth.

Ten minutes later, Kurt was having a really hard time not falling to pieces. Sebastian pulled back and looked up at Kurt through his lashes, “Cum now, Kurt,” and he took Kurt back into his mouth.  

Two seconds later, Kurt was coming down Sebastian’s throat as Seb swallowed around him.  Kurt grabbed Sebastian's hair, his eyes rolled back into his head, and he moaned the most glorious moan that Sebastian had ever heard.  Before he fully came back to Earth, he began to collapse. Sebastian reached up and braced Kurt with his hands, insuring he wouldn’t fall.  

Sebastian stood back up, pulling Kurt’s pants up as he went, and wrapped his arms around Kurt.  Kurt held on tight, and laid his head on Sebastian’s shoulder. “Happy Birthday, Baby,” He said as he stroked Kurt’s back.

“Thank you, Bas.  You spoil me.”

“Mmm, the weekend has just begun, Babe.”  He pulled back and winked at Kurt, “Let’s get back upstairs before the guys decide to sneak out and try to find us.”


When the boys returned upstairs, Puck was the first one to speak up. He grinned, “Enjoy your little escapade?”  

Sebastian tried to hide his smirk, and then he was shocked when Kurt didn’t even blush.  Kurt simply answered, “Tremendously,” and the boys laughed.

As if a light bulb just turned on, Trent asked, “Oh my god, did you guys just go have sex?”

Sebastian laughed, and Kurt said, “No, Trent.”

Sebastian added with a grin, “I’m totally insulted that you think that for my boyfriend’s birthday, I would only last 10 minutes.”

“Well then why is Kurt glowing?”  Artie asked as he chuckled.

“Oh my god, you guys.”  Kurt shook his head.

“Come on.  Snuggle time.”  Sebastian reached for Kurt’s hand and pulled him into bed.

“No fair.  You two get snuggle time.”  Puck whined.

Nick and Jeff both laughed.  They were already snuggling.
“Shut up, Niff.”  Puck pouted.




The next morning, everyone ate breakfast and then said their goodbyes to Kurt and the Smythe’s.  Kurt thanked everyone as they left with lots of hugs and promises to see them soon. It really had been a great birthday.


“Okay, Babe.  Go shower and get dressed.  You’ll need to bring your suit and an overnight bag.  We need to get on the road soon.” Sebastian leaned over to where Kurt was sitting at the kitchen island, and kissed his cheek.

“We’re not staying here tonight?”

“Nope.  Now no more questions.”  Sebastian winked, “Just trust me.”

“I do trust you.  I’m just sooo curious!,”  Kurt said as he walked out of the room.

“He’s going to have so much fun.”  Leah said.

“That’s my goal.  I know he’s still hurting a bit.  He’s been a little slow getting up and down.  Hopefully this takes his mind off of that, too.”  Sebastian said as he put away some of the dishes.

“Yeah.”  Leah sighed.  She hated that Kurt was still being hurt by people, and she felt a bit guilty that it related to her in any way.  

“So, I saw you and Sam talking last night…”

“Uh-huh,”  Leah deadpanned.

“That doesn’t sound happy.”  Sebastian frowned.

“It’s just that... I really like Sam.  But I think it would be hard to have a relationship with me so far away.  It’s not like I come home every weekend. I’m trying to kind of talk myself out of it.”  She helped Sebastian with the last of the dishes. “So you approve of him, though?”

“Yeah.  I think Sam is a great guy.  I see where you’re coming from with the distance thing, though.  It wouldn’t be easy. Plus, I know he’s only a junior, but if things got serious, it wouldn’t be too long before he’s off to college.  You’ll still have two years of high school left.”

Leah sighed, “I know.”

Sebastian gave her a hug and kissed her forehead.  “Just let things play out. As long as you aren’t rushing anything, it’ll be fine.”

She hugged back, but didn’t say anything.


Sebastian and Kurt were on the road, stopping for coffee first, within an hour or so.  “So. We’re headed south.” Kurt said.

Sebastian chuckled, “Yes.”

Kurt just looked at Sebastian and stared until he said something else.  “Okay. We’re going to Cincinnati. I have two days worth of things planned.  It’s your birthday gift. That’s all I’m saying.”

“Okay.”  Kurt smiled with a hint of victory.


The first stop on of the day was at the Cincinnati Art Museum.  When they pulled into the parking lot, there was a giant statue of Pinocchio.  “Pinocchio!” Kurt said excitedly, “I love Pinocchio! You have to take my picture in front of him.”

Sebastian smiled, “Okay.  I figured you liked Disney.  You seem to have all the animated movies in your DVD collection.”

“Oh, I love Disney.  I’m a huge Disney nerd.”  

“Have you ever been to Walt Disney World?”

“Only in my dreams,” Kurt sighed.  “Have you?”

“Yes.  I know you would love it.” Sebastian smiled at him as he parked the car.  He was filing this information away for future use.


“Someday.”  Sebastian echoed.


After taking Kurt’s picture in front of Pinocchio, the boys entered the museum and headed to the tables where they could print out their own personal scavenger hunt.  

“We can do our own scavenger hunt?”  Kurt asked.

“Yep.  Just answer the questions and select the pictures, then we print it out at the information desk behind us.”

Kurt smiled, “Wow, you really have done your research.”

Sebastian just winked at him.  

They printed out their scavenger hunt booklet, and set off on their way.  They were impressed with the architecture of the building, and the artwork inside was amazing.  They spent the longest amount of time on the second floor looking at artist they were familiar with, like Monet, Matisse, Hopper, Warhol, Nevelson, Chagall, van Gogh, Picasso and more.  

“I’m really impressed with this museum.  They have so many pieces from artist that I actually know.  Who would have thought that you could see these in Ohio.” Kurt said as he stared at Modigliani painting.

“It is really impressive here.  I mean, it’s not the Louvre, but for a city in the midwest, it really is impressive.”  Sebastian put his hand on Kurt’s back, “And not every town in Ohio is as backward as Lima.”

“I know.  It’s just hard to remember that when you get the crap beat out of you for being different.”  

He kissed Kurt’s temple, “I know, Babe. It won’t be long, and we’ll be in the big city for good.”

Kurt smiled softly, “I can’t wait.”


They found all of the artwork on their scavenger hunt and then made their way down to the cafe on the first floor.  Outside the cafe was a Miro mural and a Calder mobile. Kurt stopped and stared at the mobile. He loved the way it moved slowly with the air flow.  It was almost hypnotizing.

They ate lunch as they looked out the window at the gardens and discussed what they had seen so far.

Sebastian asked, “What’s your favorite piece so far?”

“Hmm, well, I was thinking it was the van Gogh painting.  I’ve always been fascinated with his story, and his art. Did you know he only sold one painting is whole life?”


“Yep.  His brother basically supported him.  Sent him money to buy food, but he usually spent it on paint.  I love how he put it on the canvas so thick. I really want to touch it.”  Kurt smirked. “But now, as much as I love Vincent, that Alexander Calder mobile out there had me in a trance.  The balance and movement are very soothing,” He paused for a beat, “What’s your favorite?”

“Definitely the Chihuly sculpture hanging in the lobby.  Glass blowing fascinates me, and I love his work. I’m drawn to the 3D sculptural pieces.  I really liked the Rookwood Pottery gallery as well.”

“I liked it too.  I didn’t know it had such a connection to Cincinnati.  So what’s your least favorite pieces in the museum?”

Sebastian thought about.  “I guess I don’t have anything specific that I don’t like.  Even if the piece isn’t ‘beautiful’ or thought provoking, I still love the history behind it.  But if I had to choose, the Matisse painting was probably my biggest disappointment. It kind of looks unfinished.”

“It really did,” Kurt shrugged, “Maybe it was.”

“What was your least favorite?”

“Can my answer be my ‘weirdest’ instead of least favorite?” Kurt asked.

“Sure,”  Seb smirked.

“I don’t even know what to call them, but the pictures made out of human hair.  They were beautiful and intricate, and I get the history behind it, but it’s still weird.”  Kurt made a face.

Sebastian chuckled and agreed with him.

On the way out of the museum, the boys stopped in the gift shop.  They bought a magnet, planning to buy a magnet in every trip they went on, so they could put them on their refrigerator in New York.  It would be a great reminder of all of their adventures together.


The next stop was the boy's hotel.  It was too early for check-in, but they could park the car and drop of their bags.  Sebastian pulled up to the 21c Museum Hotel in the heart of downtown Cincinnati. He had the car parked by the valet after getting their bags out.  

They dropped their bags at the front desk, and boarded the streetcar and headed to Findlay Market.  The market was like stepping back in time, but was progressive all at the same time. They sampled food along the way, but decided to have some gelato and sit inside and people watch.   

They rode the streetcar around the city, taking in the dozens of murals that adorned the city buildings along the way.  They passed Cincinnati Music Hall and Washington Park, then headed down to The Banks on the riverfront. The view of Kentucky was nice, but they enjoyed having their backs to the river and looking at the Cincinnati skyline the best.  They rode the giant Ferris wheel that had enclosed compartments. It gave them great views, but a little privacy too. Kurt was holding Sebastian’s hand, and then leaned over and kissed him. “Thank you, Bas. I’m having a really good time.”

“You’re welcome, Babe.  But we haven’t even gotten to the good stuff yet.”  

They rode Carol Ann’s Carousel quick before leaving The Banks and heading back to the hotel to check in and change.   

Once they got back to the 21c Museum Hotel, Kurt really took a minute to take in his surroundings.  The hotel was modern, and it was as if the whole hotel was the museum.  There was artwork everywhere, even the elevator.  The room was modern and sleek, with original artwork as well.  

“This place is amazing, Bas.”

“I’m glad you like it,”  Sebastian kissed him softly.  “We’re going to eat a late dinner.  Is that okay, or do you need something to eat sooner?”

“No, late is fine.  I’m not hungry yet.”
“We have about an hour before I’d like to leave.  Why don’t you go ahead and shower.”

Kurt shook his head, “Nope.  I think we need to shower.  Shower with me?”

“Mmm, I like the sound of that,”  He kissed him as he wrapped his arms around Kurt’s waist, “It would be my pleasure.”

The shower took a little longer than normal since they both got a little...distracted...but they still managed to get ready in time for Sebastian’s plans to come to fruition.  Kurt walked out of the bathroom wearing his suit and Sebastian was already in his, standing in the room waiting. When the saw each other, they paused and stared.

“Wow, Babe.  You look amazing.”  

Kurt was a little breathless.  Kurt felt like he was looking at a model off the pages of Vogue, “You do too,”  He quietly added as he walked to his boyfriend, “How did I get so lucky?”

Sebastian wrapped his arms around Kurt again and kissed him.  “I’m the lucky one, Kurt. I love you so much.”

“I love you, too, Bas.”  


The boys headed out and hopped on the streetcar. When they got off, Kurt looked around.  “Where are we going?”

“You’ll see. We just have to walk a block, and then we’ll be there.”  Sebastian grabbed Kurt’s hand as they walked.

They turned the corner and Sebastian looked at Kurt to see if any of it had dawned on him yet.  They were standing right in front of The Aronoff Center, and the marque was lit up with signs for the off Broadway production of RENT .

Kurt looked up, and his eyes widened.  He looked at Sebastian with the same wide eyes.  Sebastian couldn’t have smiled bigger if he tried.  “Let’s go,” Sebastian said as he pulled Kurt toward the door.

When they got inside, Sebastian went to will call. “Hi, I’m Sebastian Smythe.  I’m here to see Mrs. Dietch.”

“Oh, yes.  She’s expecting you.  Just a moment, Mr. Smythe.”  

Sebastian turned to Kurt, who looked thoroughly confused.  Sebastian just winked at him.

A middle aged woman with shoulder length brown hair and a plump figure came out from around the corner.  “Mr. Smythe?”

“Yes.  Please, call me Sebastian.”  He shook her hand.

“Well, it’s nice to meet you, Sebastian.  I’m Carrie Dietch. Call me Carrie. ” She said.

“Thank you, Carrie. This is my boyfriend, Kurt Hummel.”  Sebastian gestured to Kurt.

Kurt shook her hand, “It’s nice to meet you.”

“Oh, you too.  You look a little confused,”  She grinned at Kurt and he shook his head ‘yes’.  “Well, don’t you worry. This boyfriend of yours has something very special planned for you.”   Both boys smiled.

Carrie took the boys through several sets of doors and hallways, and eventually came to a room at the end of a hall.  She knocked a couple of times, and then opened the door. There was a group of fifteen or so people sitting around eating Chinese takeout.  She cleared her throat and said, “Everyone, this is Sebastian Smythe, and his boyfriend, Kurt Hummel. They are the ones we told you were coming.”

Kurt looked to Sebastian, whose hand he was still holding, with a questioning eyes.

Everyone smiled and said some ‘hellos’ and then one man spoke up with a grin, “He didn’t tell you a thing, did he?”

“No, I’m afraid not.  I have a very sneaky boyfriend.”  Kurt smiled.

A girl giggled, and said, “Well, we’re some of the cast and crew from RENT,”   she said, “And you, my dear, are here to entertain us.”

Sebastian laughed, and Kurt just looked even more confused.  He said, “Well, I can be pretty entertaining.” Sebastian laughed harder.  Kurt just looked at him.

Sebastian smiled and rolled his eyes playfully, “Okay, okay.  I’ll talk,” The cast and crew all chuckled, “I made a few phone calls and sent a few emails.  And, I kind of told them how amazing you are… How much you have been through, how strong you are to get through it all.  I told them how amazing your voice is, and how it’s your dream to sing on the big stage. Aaaand, I must have been pretty convincing.”  He shrugged.

Kurt was still just looking at him.  

Another cast member spoke up, “So what he’s getting at is that you are going to go out there on that stage right now, and sing us a song or two. We get to be the audience tonight.  Then after that, we get to entertain you, and a few hundred other people, with our production of RENT .”

Kurt’s eyes were wide, and his mouth was slightly open, with his eyebrows raised, “Are you serious?”  They all just nodded their heads ‘yes’. “Well okay then!” Kurt smiled, and everyone chuckled.

They all gathered up their garbage and tossed it in the trash on the way out the door.  They lead Kurt and Sebastian to the backstage area. One of the cast members looked at Kurt as they looked around the corner of the curtains into the seats, and asked, “How does it feel?”

Kurt smiled and looked at him, “Like home.”

They smiled and patted him on the back.  He motioned to the orchestra who was warming up.  “They know every song imaginable, especially a Broadway number.  What would you like them to play first?”

Kurt looked at Sebastian and Sebastian said, “Defying Gravity?  I know it’s one of your favorites.”

The cast all looked at each other.  They were impressed that he could possibly pull that off.  They all smiled, ready to be entertained. “Well, entertain us!,”  One cast member said, as they put a mic on Kurt. They all made their way down to the audience with Sebastian and sat, ready for Kurt to sing.

Kurt walked over and put in his request with the orchestra.  The lights dimmed, and a soft spotlight lit him up like the star he was.  Sebastian pulled out his phone so he could record it, taking a few pictures first.  Kurt began singing, and you could hear a few gasps from the cast. Kurt owned the stage.  He hit every note flawlessly, and completely captivated those watching.  A few crew members came to the sides of the stage by the curtains to watch.  

When the song was over, everyone, including the orchestra, stood and gave him a round of applause.  “That was unbelievable!,” said one of the cast.

“Thank you.”  Kurt smiled.

“One more?  Please?” Another cast member requested.

“What would you like to hear?”  Kurt asked.

Sebastian stood, “I’ll Cover You… As a duet.”

Kurt beamed, “It would be my pleasure.”  

The cast and crew all cheered and whistled. Sebastian handed his phone over for someone to record it, and he made his way to the stage and joined Kurt.  A crew member came and put a mic on Sebastian. Sebastian grabbed Kurt’s hand, and they turned to the audience as the orchestra started to play.

Kurt looked at Sebastian and began, “Live in my house, I'll be your shelter, just pay me back with one thousand kisses. Be my lover, I'll cover you.”

Sebastian looked into Kurt’s eyes and began the next line, “Open your door, I'll be your tenant.  Don't got much baggage, to lay at your feet. But sweet kisses, I've got to spare, I'll be there and I'll cover you.”

Together they swung each other around and sang, “I think they meant it, When they said you can't buy love. Now I know you can rent it, A new lease you are my love. On life, be my life. Just slip me on, I'll be your blanket.  Wherever, whatever I'll be your coat.”

Kurt sang, “You'll be my king, and I'll be your castle.”

Sebastian smiled, “No, you be my queen, and I'll be your moat.”

They continued the song through to the end.  Everyone was on their feet again, yelling and cheering.  The cast member holding Sebastian’s phone, who happened to play Angel in the production, panned to the audience to get their reaction, and then turned it on himself and said, “Well, that wasn’t good job security for me!  Holy cow!”

From behind the curtain, a man walked out on stage.  The cast and crew quieted down, still smiling, and Kurt and Sebastian noticed and turned to see what everyone was looking at.  He walked up to the boys and shook their hands, “I’m Tom Warren, the producer of the show.” Kurt and Sebastian shook his hand and introduced themselves.  He looked at Kurt, “I have to say, I wasn’t going to come out and listen. Honestly, I thought you’d be another high school kid with big dreams and a decent voice,”  He shrugged, but then smiled as big as he could, “But you, young man, are the real deal. That was incredible. Do you have any training?”

Kurt smiled, “Thank you, sir.  No, I do not have any training.  Only singing with my Glee Club in Lima.”

Tom chuckled, “Well, shit.  I can’t imagine what you’d be like with training.  You’re going to go far, kid. And when you’re ready, look me up.  I’ll remember you, that’s for sure.” He turned to Sebastian who was beaming, “And you weren’t too bad yourself,” he said as he hit him in the arm.  He looked back to Kurt as he nodded to Sebastian, “This one is a keeper.”

Kurt smiled, “Don’t I know it.  Thank you, sir. It was so nice to meet you.”

“Call me Tom, Kurt.  The pleasure was all mine.”  He walked off stage and wasn’t seen again for the rest of the night.

The cast and crew all came on stage and gave hugs and congratulations on a job well done.  They handed Sebastian back his phone. One of the cast invited the boys to go out to eat with the cast after the show.  Sebastian looked at Kurt, who looked like a deer in the headlights, and Sebastian accepted the offer. They brought out two RENT t-shirts and two Playbills.  They all signed them, then made arrangements for where to meet the boys after the performance.

Kurt and Sebastian made their way back to the lobby, and rested on a bench as they waited for the doors to officially open.  Sebastian went to get the tickets from will call, and returned to Kurt, who was staring off in space. “You okay, Babe?”

Kurt looked at Sebastian, “Bas, that was the most amazing thing that I’ve ever gotten to do.  Thank you so much.”

Sebastian sat next to him and put his hand on his face, “Your welcome, Babe.  You deserve that spotlight. You are amazing. I can’t wait to come to opening night of your first big show.”

Kurt smiled and stole a quick kiss.  “I love you.”

“I love you too.”


When the time came, they took their seats and watched the show.  It was so amazing, and Kurt was in a trance watching. At intermission, Kurt said, “You know, this is the first time I’ve been to a big show.”

Sebastian looked surprised, “Really?  You never went to Columbus or Toledo, or anywhere?”

“Nope.  Talk about going in with guns blazing!”  They laughed.

When the second half of the show was over, they stood and cheered, just like everyone else.  They made their way to the side door, where the cast told them to meet them. They took their time, knowing that the cast would be awhile.  When the cast showed up, they asked a crew member to take a picture of everyone together. They headed across the street to Nicholson’s, where they had made a reservation for a large group.   

“You were all amazing!”  Kurt exclaimed, and Sebastian agreed.  

“Thanks, Kurt.  I have a feeling it won’t be long until you may be joining us on stage.  Or with a voice like that, you may just head straight to Broadway.”

Kurt blushed, “Thank you.  I hope that’s how it all works out.”

One of the women from the show asked, “So, I’m assuming that’s what you’ll do next year?  Go to New York?”

“Yeah, that’s our plan.”  He grabbed Sebastian’s hand, “I’m applying to NYADA, Parsons, FIT, and a few more.”


“Yeah, I love fashion and making my own clothes too.  But I really, really love the stage. I’m applying to all of them, and seeing where it takes me.”

The guy who played Colin spoke up, “You could always do both.  NYADA has a costume design program too. Or go to Parsons and then audition your butt off.”  Kurt nodded, deep in thought.

Someone else turned to Sebastian, “What about you?”

“I’m hoping for Columbia Med School.”  He answered.

“He’ll get in.  He’s got straight A’s at a prestigious boarding school.”  Kurt bragged, and Sebastian smiled softly at him.

Someone else asked, “So how long have you two been together?”

Sebastian answered, “Going on four months.”

“Really?  The way you two are together, I would have thought a lot longer.”

“Yeah, well, we’ve been through a lot in those few months.  And we were almost an instant thing. We hit it off from the beginning.”  Kurt said, looking at Sebastian.

“We know a little bit about your history.  I’m sorry you had to go through that.”

“Thanks.  I hate that it happened, but it did bring us together,”  He looked at Sebastian and smiled a soft smile, “and we’ve been through a lot since.  Bas has been my rock. I know he told you about what happened, but he probably left out the fact that he saved me.  He knocked the guy out.”

One of the girls said, “Wow.  Wait, you’ve been through even more since the email?”

“Yeah,”  Sebastian answered.  “Kurt is actually still recovering from another incident.  He’s tough though.”

“Only because you help me be.”  Kurt said to Sebastian.

“We are very lucky.”  Sebastian said without taking his eyes off of Kurt.  

They ate their meals, and everyone enjoyed sharing their stories with Kurt and Sebastian about their experiences on the road, or roles that had in New York, and other big cities.  They all wished them well at the end of the night, and even exchanged Twitter handles. The guy who played Angel made sure to get a chance to speak to Kurt before they walked off.

“Hun, I want you to know that Tom, the producer, does not hand out compliments to just anyone.  You must have really impressed him. Just like you impressed all of us. It really was a pleasure meeting you.  I hope to see you in New York next year.”

Kurt hugged and him, “Thank you so much.  This night has been like a dream.” They smiled at each other and then went their separate ways.  

Kurt and Sebastian decided to walk back to their hotel.  They made sure to walk through Fountain Square. There was a large Christmas tree and skating rink where they took a couple of selfies.  

Once they made it to the hotel room, Kurt plopped down on the bed.  “Bas that was amazing.” He looked up at him, “Thank you.”

“It was my pleasure.  I’m so glad you enjoyed yourself.  They seemed really impressed with you, Babe.  Did it help you make a decision?”

“Well, I have no doubt that I’ll apply to NYADA now.  I was kind of on the fence.”

“You were born for the stage, Babe.  You were incredible.”

Kurt smiled at him, and leaned up to kiss him.

Sebastian asked, “Are you tired?”  Kurt nodded ‘yes’.

Sebastian asked, “Do you want to go to sleep?”  Kurt smiled and shook his head ‘no’.

Sebastian smiled in response.  They made love twice before passing out from exhaustion.




The next morning they slept in just a little bit.  After showers, they headed to the Over The Rhine neighborhood and had breakfast at Taste Of Belgium.  

“Oh my gosh, these waffles are amazing.”  Sebastian said.

“Mine too.  I could easily become addicted.”  

“So.  What was your favorite part of the evening yesterday?’  Sebastian asked.

Kurt smiled and batted his eyelashes.  Sebastian chuckled and added, “While we were out.”

“Oh.  Well, then in that case, it was singing on stage.  Especially singing with you.”

Sebastian smiled.  “As much as I enjoyed that, my favorite part was watching you sing Defying Gravity.  It was like watching the future or something. It was perfection.”

Kurt smiled and blushed a little.  


After breakfast, they took the streetcar back to the hotel to check out.  
“Where to now?  Home?” Kurt asked.

“Nope.”  They drove to Krohn Conservatory and spent an hour looking at all of the beautiful plants.  They had a large holiday display that Kurt especially liked.


Once they were in the car, Kurt asked again, “Where to this time?  Home?”

Sebastian smiled, “Nope.  We’re going to a special type of store.”

Kurt’s eyes widened, “It’s not the Hustler store is it?  Because I’m more of a ‘order-it-online’ kind of guy.”

Sebastian laughed, “No, Babe.  You’ll enjoy it, I promise.”

They drove about thirty minutes outside of Cincinnati to a grocery store called Jungle Jim’s.  

“What kind of store is this?  Are those fake elephants in that fountain?”  Kurt was really curious about this place.

Sebastian smiled, “It’s a grocery store.  And yes, those are elephants. And maybe those,”  He pointed, “are Ohio’s only live palm trees?”

“Wow.  This will be interesting.”

They went inside, and they both stood there as still as could be and tried to take it all in.  “This place is HUGE.” Kurt whispered. “And weird!.... I like it! Let’s get a cart!”

Sebastian laughed.  “Alright. Lead the way.”

Kurt smiled, “Oh look.  They have maps of the store.  That has to help. You can’t even see any of the other three walls.  This place has to be huge.” He grabbed the map and then returned to the cart.

They headed to the international section first, roaming up and down the aisles and discussing the things they found.  

“Oh my gosh, there has to be a hundred different kinds of hot sauce here.  This one is even in a special childproof container.” Kurt was examining all of the different kinds.

“Your dad would like the bacon section behind you,”  Sebastian laughed.

Kurt turned and looked, “Bacon flavored cotton candy? Yuck.  I should get it for Dad. It’ll make a good stocking stuffer.”

When they got to the France section, Sebastian lit up.  He was like a kid in a candy store, putting all sorts of things in the cart and telling Kurt about different items.  “I’m getting stuff for Mom and Leah, for sure. And some stuff for us to try.”

Kurt grinned, “You miss it, don’t you?  Living in France…”

Sebastian stopped and looked at Kurt.  He took a couple of steps closer to him and put his hand on Kurt’s waist, “I miss the city.  I miss my grandparents. But I don’t miss the other people I knew.” He kissed Kurt’s forehead, “And, some day, I’ll take you there.”

Kurt smiled, “I would like that very much.”


As they continued down the aisle, they came across a two row movie theater playing the history of ‘Jungle Jim’.  They watched and then made their way to the candy section. They couldn’t believe the number of Pez dispensers and the large variety of candies.  

“I need to use the restroom.  I’ll be right back.” Sebastian said.

“Okay, I won’t leave the bakery.  It’s right there.”

Sebastian made his way around the corner where the signs all directed to go.  He froze and furrowed his brow. An outhouse in the middle of the store?   He thought.  And just as he was about to turn away and look for a different restroom, two men walked out.   What in the world?

He slowly opened the outhouse door, and inside, it opened up into a large, highly themed restroom with several stalls.  He chuckled to himself and then went about his business.

When Sebastian returned to find Kurt, he had finished in the candy section and ventured into the neighboring bakery.  He walked up and behind him and placed his hand on his lower back. “Find anything good?”

“Mmm, I don’t know.  It all looks good, but I can’t imagine that it’s better than Sugar’s.”

“I agree.  Let’s go over to the meats, and I’ll tell you all about my restroom adventure,” Sebastian grinned.

Kurt looked at him like he had two heads, “Okaaay…”.  Sebastian told him about it and Kurt cracked up. He had to make sure he saw it before they left.  

“Oh my gosh… Cow tongue?  Yuck.” Kurt made a face.

“Yeah, and rattlesnake, kangaroo, and chicken feet.  The list goes on and on,” Sebastian added, “Let’s move out of the meat section.”

They continued on and found animated characters like you would find in Chuck E. Cheese, a boat and even an airplane in the store.  

They went ahead and checked out.  Kurt made Sebastian let him pay for the items he was buying as parts of Christmas gifts.  Otherwise, Sebastian hadn’t let him even take out his wallet.

Once they were in the car, Kurt asked, “That was the weirdest, coolest, store I have ever been in!  What was your favorite part?”

Sebastian smiled, “Is it weird that it was the bathroom?”

Kurt laughed, “Yeah, it kind of is.  Okay, let’s rephrase that. What was your favorite item that you saw today?”

Sebastian thought about it, “Mmm, I think my favorite was the Balisto candy bars.  Leah and I loved those. She’ll be so excited to have one again. How about you?”

Kurt said, “Well, I think my favorite thing were the props used in each section.  I mean, bumper cars turned into candy displays? Jungle Jim is an artistic genius,”  he chuckled, “but I don’t think I can pick just one favorite item.”

“Well, next time we come, I’m bringing a cooler so we can buy some of that French cheese. It was making my mouth water,”  Sebastian smiled.

Kurt was looking at the map from the store, “Oh, they offer tours on weekdays.  Maybe we can do that this summer. Or spring break,” He paused, “Do we have the same spring break?”  

“I hope so.  Can you look it up?”

Kurt got his phone out and looked up the calendars of both McKinley and Dalton.  “We do! Yay. We’ll have to think of some things to do.”

Sebastian already knew what he wanted to do.  He just had to make it happen. “Don’t go too crazy planning.  I have somewhere I really want to take you. I’m hoping I can make it work.”

“And where would that be?,”  Kurt asked with a flirtatious flair.  

Sebastian smiled, “I promise not to keep you in the dark about it completely, but I don’t want to say anything until I’m pretty sure I can make it work.”

Kurt smiled, “Okay, I can handle that.”  Sebastian smiled.


They drove for a little while longer, and Kurt decided to check his social media pages.  He was shocked when he got the notification for his Twitter account.

“Oh my god, Bas,”  Kurt said quietly, and as calmly as he could, “Chris Radcliffe, they guy who plays Colin, posted two videos from last night!  One of each song… The first one is of Defying Gravity and he captioned it, ‘Introducing Kurt Hummel. Keep an eye out for him. He’ll be making it big when he gets to New York next year.’”  He looked at Sebastian who was just beaming with pride. “The second one says, ‘Could these love birds sing any better together? Mine and @BenSanders job security is at risk.’”

“Wow!  That’s quite the compliment!”  Sebastian was beaming.

“Is this all a dream?,”  Kurt whispered.

“No, Babe.  All real. Real talent deserves real recognition.  You were amazing last night, just like every time you perform.”  Sebastian grabbed Kurt’s hand and kissed his knuckles.

The boys stopped at a small cafe and ate dinner before getting  back on the road to head home. Once they were back in Lima, Kurt groaned, “Uugh.  Lima.”

Sebastian chuckled, “I know, Babe.  It won’t be long, and we’ll be out of here.  Off to New York so we can live out our dreams.”  

Kurt smiled dreamily looking out the window, “Yeah.”  Sebastian reached over and put his hand on Kurt’s leg.  Kurt placed his hand over Sebastian’s and squeezed.


When they got to Kurt’s house, they entered the living room where everyone was gathered and watching a movie.  They paused the movie when the boys walked in.

“How was your weekend?”  Burt asked.

“It was amazing!,”  Kurt said. He continued to tell everyone about their weekend and all of the amazing things they got to do.  He was beaming, and so was Sebastian, just from watching Kurt talk about it. Everyone was smiling, and loving seeing Kurt so happy.  He had had a tough go of things and really deserved to be happy like he so obviously was at the moment.

They showed everyone the pictures and the videos of them singing, and everyone was over the moon excited to see it.  

“Dude, that’s amazing!”  Finn said. Everyone was singing Kurt’s praise, and he just glowed.


When Sebastian left to go home, Kurt walked him to the car. “Bas, I can’t thank you enough for such a wonderful weekend. The party, and everything we did in Cincinnati...  I’ve never had so much fun in my life.”

Sebastian smiled, “Seeing you so happy is thanks enough, Babe.  Happy Birthday.” Sebastian wrapped his arms around Kurt and kissed him.  “I love you.”

Kurt sighed the most content sigh and whispered, “I love you, too.”

They held each other for several minutes, not wanting to let go.  


Sebastian stopped at home quick to drop off his bags and pick up his laundry before headed back to Dalton.  Tori and Robert were at the kitchen island when he walked in.

“Hey, Seb!  How did it go?  Everything happen the way you wanted?”  Robert asked.

“Better!  We had the best time for the entire trip.  But when we got to the Aronoff Center, things went even better than planned.  We went back and met the cast and some of the crew. Kurt was clueless as to what was going on.  We finally told him that he got to sing, and he lit up. He owned that stage.  So much so that the cast asked him to sing a second song, and the producer came out and introduced himself, telling Kurt to look him up when he was in New York and ready to audition for things. He exchanged Twitter handles with some of them, and one even ‘introduced him to the world’ this morning, posting his own video.   I have a couple of videos and lots of pictures.” Sebastian walked over and stepped in between his parents to show them the pictures and videos.

“Oh my gosh, he looks like he belongs on that stage.”  Tori said.

“He really does.  It was like seeing the future.”  Sebastian smiled.

“He really is amazing!”  Robert added.

They watched the next video of the duet and Tori became teary.  “Mom, are you crying?”

“Yes.  It’s all just so beautiful.  And you two look so in love and you sound so good together.”

“Well we are in love.”  Sebastian smiled as he put his hand on her shoulder.

She smiled through her tears, “I know.  I’m going to start planning the wedding now.”

Sebastian laughed and Robert smiled as he said, “Not that I wouldn’t love to have Kurt as my son-in-law, but they are a bit young, Honey.”

“Well, it won’t be next week, but it will happen eventually.”  She said.

“Eventually,”  Sebastian smiled.  “I want to see how things go in New York, but I’m not waiting forever, either. I’m not big on waiting until I graduate med school.  That’s too long of a wait.”

Robert and Tori smiled at each other.  They were so happy that their son had turned things around, and that he had found the love of his life.  They knew he was young. They knew it was too soon for a wedding. But they were so happy for their son, that they couldn’t help but dream about it.  



Chapter Text


The next week and a half were great.  Kurt was riding high from his birthday weekend, and he and Sebastian saw each other as often as possible. The Cheerios competition that would determine if they went to Nationals was coming up, and Kurt was nervous and excited at the same time.  If he could just get through that, it would be time for Winter Break, and he could relax a little.

On Wednesday, Sebastian was sitting in the bleachers of the gym watching Coach Sylvester push the Cheerios to perfection, keeping them past the normal end time.  He watched Kurt strut and sing, and couldn’t help but smile. It was different song from the last competition. This time they were doing ‘ NO ’ by Meghan Trainor.  The routine was sexy, and Kurt worked it perfectly.

Once practice was over, Kurt ran up the bleachers to Sebastian.  “Hey, Bas,” He leaned over and gave him a quick kiss, “Do you mind if I go shower quick?  I’m extra sweaty today, and I don’t think I can stand to go out like this.”

“Sure, Babe.  Is the locker room unlocked this time?”

“It will be.  Coach said she’d unlock it for me.  I promise I’ll be fast.”

“Alright.”  Sebastian got up and followed Kurt down the bleachers.  Coach was waiting for Kurt at the doors to the gym, and when she saw Sebastian following him, she looked at him with a raised eyebrow, wondering what he thought he was doing.

Sebastian gave her a look and said, “Do you really think I’m going to let him go in there by himself?  I’ll wait outside if you want, but I’m not going to just sit in here and let him go. Not with all the jackasses this school has.”

Kurt shrugged his shoulders at Coach, silently challenging her to question or challenge Sebastian.  She didn’t say anything. She just nodded and walked them to the locker room. Sebastian waited in the hallway, just to make Coach feel better.  


Once Kurt came out, they headed to Lima Bean.  As they sat and had their coffee, Sebastian brought up college.

“Have you sent in any of your applications for colleges yet?”

“Yeah, I’ve applied to all of the ones on my list that do not require a portfolio, video, or vocal audio file.  I still need to record the vocals, but I’m almost finished getting my fashion portfolios together.”

Sebastian put his hand on Kurt’s leg and mindlessly rubbed with his thumb, “I’d like to see your portfolio.”

Kurt smiled softly, “Alright.  Maybe this weekend. Have you applied anywhere yet?”

Sebastian nodded and answered, “Yeah.  I have all of my applications in.”

“Where did you apply besides Columbia?”

“Well, I went for schools in New York first - NYU School of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medicine, but I also applied to Yale and Harvard.”  

Kurt made a face, “Would you go there?”  He was a little worried. He did NOT want to be away from Sebastian.

Sebastian smiled, “Don’t worry, Babe.  If I can’t get into the New York schools, there’s no way I can get into Yale or Harvard.  Besides, I kind of just wanted to see if they would accept me. Boost my ego a little.” They both chuckled.

“Are Jeff and Nick coming to the competition on Saturday?  I meant to text Jeff, and I got side tracked.” Kurt hoped to see his friends again soon.

“Yeah, I think so.  Last time I checked, they were.  Is anyone else coming?”

“Just Puck and Sugar are.  Dad and Carol will be in DC for the last time until mid-January, so they won’t be going.  Sam is going home for the first week of break, and Finn is going with Rachel and her Dads to her aunt’s Hanukkah celebration.”

“If it’s okay with you, my parents would like to see you perform.  They wouldn’t be able to stay for the whole day, but at least for you guys, and maybe one or two other schools.  Leah will stay with me.”

“Sure.  That would be nice.  It’s not as sexy as the last one, so I won’t be too embarrassed.”  Kurt winked at Sebastian with a smirk.

Sebastian smiled at his boyfriend, then kissed his forehead.  “I’m sure they’ll love it.”




On Saturday morning, McKinley’s bus rolled into the Nutter Center at Wright State University.  The parking was already half full and there were buses full of cheerleaders from all over the state emptying into the building.  

Once inside, Coach Sylvester was giving the group a directions and pep talks.  She worked them through warm ups and an additional practice that took place in one of the large back rooms that they shared with another squad.  Once she gave them a break, Kurt headed out to the nearest drinking fountain to refill his water bottle. As he waited he heard a guy’s voice from right behind him.

“Hi there.”

Kurt turned and gave a small smile.  “Hi,” and then he turned back around.

“I’m Chris.  I cheer with Urbana.  What’s your name?”

“Kurt.  I cheer with William McKinley.”  He smiled politely and then turned back to move forward in the line at the fountain.

“So, are you a base or a spotter?,”  Chris asked.

Kurt turned to look at Chris, “No.  The girls do the lifting and spotting. I’m more of the, uh, musical talent…?”

Chris’ face lit up, “Oh, your the group our coach is scared of!” and he laughed.

Kurt smiled, “Well, I’m glad we have a reputation.”

“Oh, you do.  I hope I get to see the performance.”  Chris smiled.

Kurt turned to take his turn filling his water bottle.  When he turned back to leave he smiled and said, “It was nice to meet you, Chris.”

“You too, Kurt,”  Kurt started to walk away and then Chris called back, “Kurt!”

Kurt stopped and turned toward Chris, “Can I get your number?”

Kurt gave him a small smile, “Sorry, Chris.  I don’t think that’s a good idea. Take care.”  He turned and walked away.


Kurt was back in the room where they had been practicing.  He was talking with a couple of girls when someone from the competition came in and wanted to talk to the two squads about what to expect, where to go, and what to do immediately following their performance.  

The two groups gathered and sat on the floor.  Kurt was sitting next to Santana and Brittany when Chris came and sat behind him.  

Chris leaned forward and whispered, “I won’t bother you after this, but will just tell me if me not getting your number is because of me , or are you taken?”

Kurt leaned back and turned his head slightly, whispering, “You seem like a nice guy, Chris.  But I am very taken.”

Santana turned to him and glared, “ Very taken”.  Kurt playfully smacked her on the arm with the back of his hand and rolled his eyes.

“Okay, okay,” is all Chris said in response as he put his hands up as if surrendering.  


Kurt’s family arrived at the Nutter Center about an hour before McKinley was set to perform. They took their seats, with Nick and Jeff sitting with Robert and Tori, and Sebastian, Leah, Sugar and Puck sitting behind them.  They watched a few squads perform, and then Tori leaned over to Jeff, “Jeff, is this what Kurt’s squad performs like? This doesn’t seem like what Sebastian described.”

Jeff smiled, “No.  McKinley is different.  Especially if it’s anything like the last competition.  And anything Kurt does, is above and beyond.” Tori smiled.


When McKinley was announced to perform and everyone straightened in their seats, cheering for the squad before they even began.  The lights were lowered and the spotlights came up.


All of the cheerleaders were in crouched positions in a circle surrounding Kurt, who struck a pose, frozen in position.  When the music came on, only Kurt moved, slowly swing his hips and moving his hands down his torso as he sang, “I think it’s cute and I think it’s sweet, How you let your friends encourage you to try to talk to me, But let me stop you there, oh, before you speak…”

The beat picked up and Kurt began to strut to the front as the Cheerios began to get up and begin their dance routine.  Kurt joined in for the routine, and Santana, Brittany, and Quinn sang backup, with Santana being the one who would lead the soulful parts of the backing vocals.

When the song ended, the crowd went wild, and no one more so than Kurt’s family.  They cheered and whistled, and yelled. They were so proud.

Tori turned around to Sebastian once the cheering died down, “That was incredible!”

Sebastian beamed, “Yes it was.  He’s amazing.”

Robert turned and added, “I know he loves fashion, but I just can’t imagine him not doing some sort of performing as a career.”

“Even if he does fashion design, I’m sure he’ll always find a way to perform in one way or another,”  Sebastian grinned.

Robert and Tori said their goodbyes to the group soon and headed out.  The rest of the group stayed for the other performances and the rewards.  

When the cheer squads all came out and took their seats on the floor, Sebastian noticed a guy on another squad who seemed to be making his way closer and closer to Kurt.  He smiled though when Santana moved from her spot and sat between Kurt and the guy who was now just a few feet away. He’d have to remember to thank her later.

Puck leaned over, “She’s got you covered,”  and winked at Sebastian.

Sebastian laughed and answered, “Apparently.”


McKinley was once again declared the winners, and everyone was jumping up and down with excitement.  Sebastian and their family made their way down to Kurt as quickly as they could. When Kurt saw Sebastian he ran and jumped into his arms.  Seb swung him around and kissed him. Chris was watching from where his team was sitting.

“You did it, Babe!  Congratulations! Nationals!”

Kurt smiled and then kissed Sebastian as he put him down, “Thanks, Bas!  I’m so excited!” and then kissed him a second time.

Everyone was singing Kurt’s praises, giving hugs and congratulating him when Chris walked up.  Kurt went right back into Sebastian’s embrace.

“So was that song just a coincidence?  I feel like you were singing to me,” He winked at Kurt.  Sebastian had his arm around Kurt’s waist and he tightened his grip.

Kurt gave a small smile, “Yes, Chris.  Just a coincidence. But like I said,” he looked at Sebastian, “I’m very taken.” Sebastian smiled down at him.

“Fair enough,”  Chris said as he nodded, smiled, and walked away.

Sebastian asked Kurt, “Everything okay?”

Kurt nodded and smiled, “Yeah.  Everything is fine.”


Coach Sylvester let Kurt leave with Sebastian, so they all decided to head to dinner in Dayton before making their way back home.

“Ugh.  I didn’t pack any other clothes.”  Kurt said as they walked out of the building.  “I didn’t know we’d be doing this.”

“Good thing you have a smart boyfriend then,”  Puck said as they stepped out into the parking lot.  Kurt just looked at him questioning what he was talking about.  Puck grinned, “He had me stop and get you some clothes before we came.”

Kurt looked at Sebastian who was smirking at him wordlessly.  “I guess I do have a smart boyfriend!” But then it dawned on him that Noah picked out his clothes, “Oh god, what did you pick out for me to wear?” Everyone chuckled.

“I’m insulted, Princess!”

“Don’t worry, Angel.  He picked me up first and I picked out your clothes.  You’ll approve,” Sugar smiled.

Kurt wrapped his arm around her shoulder and whispered, “Thank god,” and then kissed her on the temple.  She smiled at him and wrapped her arm around his waist and squeezed.

Sebastian looked at Puck and joked, “I think we’re losing them… to each other.”

Kurt and Sugar just grabbed on to each other tighter and smiled.

When they reached the cars, Puck grabbed a bag out of his truck and handed it to Kurt.

“Thanks, Noah,”  Kurt said as he leaned up and gave Puck a kiss on the cheek.  

“Anything for my Princess.”  Sebastian and Sugar smiled. “So where are we going to eat?”

Everyone just looked at each other for a minute, and then Nick said, “I’ve been to a place down here called Lily’s Bistro.  It was good. How about we go there? I don’t want a chain restaurant.”

Everyone agreed, so Puck said he would follow them to the restaurant and Nick would tell Sebastian how to get there.

Once they were in the car, Kurt said, “We need to get the car warmed up asap. I need to change. Cold + naked Kurt = Bad.”

Nick asked, “Why don’t you just wait until we get there?  Change in the bathroom.”

Jeff looked at Nick like he had two heads, “Do you even remember those several months when Kurt was your roommate?  First, he wouldn’t walk into a restaurant wearing one thing, and leave wearing another. And second, he would never take a chance on his things touching a bathroom floor.”

Nick answered as he nodded toward Kurt who was taking his shirt off, “Yeah, but the Kurt I knew would have never undressed in front of a car full of four other people.  It took him at least two months to change his shirt in front of me.”

Kurt said, “That’s true, but things change, Nicky.  Bas has seen my naked, and you guys saw pictures in court of everything I’m about to show now,”  He turned to Leah, “I’m not getting completely naked. And, Leah, I just figure you’ll look away if you don’t want to see.”  Kurt chuckled.

“Doesn’t bother me any, if it doesn’t bother you.”  Leah answered.

“Damn, Kurt. cheerleading has made you toned.  You look great,” Jeff said.

Sebastian turned to Kurt with a smirk and a wink, “Maybe this was a bad idea.”  They all laughed.

“Thanks, Jeffie.”


They were almost at the restaurant when Jeff couldn’t take it anymore, “Okay, Leah.  You have barely said anything all day. What’s wrong?”

Sebastian glanced at her in the rear view mirror. He knew what was wrong.

Leah sighed, “I’m just thinking.”

“About…?”  Nick prompted.

“Sam?”  Jeff asked gently.

“Yeah,”  Leah said quietly as she looked out the window at the world that was passing them by.  

Kurt looked at Sebastian who put his hand on Kurt’s knee.  Kurt turned and looked at Leah before saying, “He likes you too, ya know.”

“I know,”  Leah sighed.  “But it wouldn’t be fair to him if we starting seeing each other.”

“Why not?”  Jeff asked.

“Because.  We’d only get to see each other a couple times a month.  For me, that’s kind of normal, since I go to an all girls boarding school.  But for him, that isn’t fair. He could have any girl he wanted at McKinley, and he’d be able to see them every day.  I don’t want to do that to him.”

“If you both like each other, and you would be on board with being his girlfriend, why don’t you let him decide if that’s what he wants?”  Nick asked.

“Because if he decides I’m not worth the risk of him being without his girlfriend all the time, it’ll be my heart that he crushes.” Leah said without turning to look at anyone.

Kurt said, “Sometimes, taking that risk is totally worth it.”  He squeezed Sebastian’s hand.


Once they got a table at the restaurant and could comfortably have an uninterrupted conversation, Kurt asked everyone if they were ready for the holidays.  Most said yes, although everyone still had some shopping to do. Kurt, Sebastian, Leah, Puck, and Sugar, all made arrangements to go to the mall in the morning to finish up last minute shopping.  

During the discussion of the holidays, Kurt was shocked to find out that the Smythe’s had not put up their Christmas tree yet.  

“What!?  You guys have four and half days left!  You have to get that done!” Kurt said.

Leah and Sebastian just chuckled.

“Seriously.  Are your parents going to be home tonight?  You have to decorate,” Kurt insisted.

“Yes, actually, they will be home.  Would you like to help decorate?” Sebastian asked.

“Mmm, that’s a family thing, isn’t it?”  Kurt asked.

“You know as well as the rest of us that you ARE family.  You all are. Let's make it a party!” Leah said. It was the first time all day that she seemed to have some life back in her personality.  Everyone noticed and smiled at her reaction. There was no denying her the joy of it, so they all agreed.

“Okay, but we have to stop at the store and buy everything we need for baking Christmas cookies.  You can’t decorate the tree without baking.” Sugar said.

“Can we make one Hanukkah cookie, just for me?”  Puck asked.

Sugar chuckled and put a hand on his cheek, “Anything for you, Puck.”  She leaned over and kissed his cheek.

“You can all spend the night if you want.  You guys can borrow my clothes tomorrow if you need to.  Sugar, you can borrow Leah’s clothes. You’ll probably have to stay in Leah’s room.”  Sebastian said.

Puck frowned, “Again.  Everyone snuggles but me.  Just like two weeks ago.”

Sebastian laughed, “Sorry, Puck.  But if snuggles lead to more, our partners can’t get pregnant.  I think our parents realize that.” Everyone chuckled, including Puck.

“Yeah, okay.  Not that I don’t want babies, but now wouldn't be good.”  He smiled at Sugar, who winked at him.

“I’ll text Mom our plans.”  Leah said, still smiling. Then she paused, “Um, Seb...We’re going to have to stop and buy a tree!”  

Kurt was smiling, looking at Sebastian.  “Okay,” He smiled at his sister’s enthusiasm.  They hadn’t done this kind of thing in a few years.  Their grandparents in France didn’t decorate themselves.  They always hired someone to do it. They had put up a few holiday decorations for their aunt while they stayed there, but nothing major.  Just some stockings, and candles. Sebastian’s parents always hired people to decorate the outside of the house, but the tree and small indoor decor was up to them.


They found an open tree lot in Westerville, and set out to find the perfect tree.  Each couple took a different aisle, with Leah sticking with Nick and Jeff. Kurt would stop and smell a tree, and Sebastian would just smile at him.  Kurt turned to look at Sebastian, and then his grin widened ten-fold when a snowflake floated down in between them.

Sebastian’s face lit up, “Snow!”  Kurt giggled, and then leaned up to give Sebastian a quick kiss on the lips.  

Leah came running up to them, smiling ear to ear, “It’s snowing!  AND, I found the perfect tree!” All Kurt could think at that moment was how much he loved them both.  


When they got back to the Smythe home, Robert and Tori were waiting for everyone in the living room.  They had a fire in the fireplace and had the box of Christmas ornaments ready, as well as a couple of boxes of candles, stockings, and random Christmas decorations.  

“Let’s get decorating!”  Leah exclaimed as she walked in.  Trailing behind her were Kurt and Sugar who were carrying grocery bags full of baking supplies, and then Puck and Sebastian carrying the tree.  Robert and Tori were smiling at the bunch as they made their way inside.

“Look at you guys!  You even brought stuff to make cookies?!” Tori asked as he grabbed some bags from Sugar and helped carry them to the kitchen.

“Yep!  Can’t have holiday decorating without the smells of holiday baking,”  She smiled, “and candles that smell like cookies don’t count.”

“Oh, I forgot the tree stand.  I’ll go get it,” Robert added.  “Where are Nick and Jeff?”

“They went to get some clothes from Jeff’s house.  They’ll be right back,” Kurt said.

Sugar preheated the oven, “I love baking in your kitchen.  It’s so big and well laid out. It flows so nicely.”

“Our kitchen loves having you bake in it,” Sebastian smiled, “Feel free to do any time, as long as I get to eat some of it.”  He looked at Puck, “How are you not fat by now?”

“She taught me this thing called ‘portion control’.  Who knew?!” Puck grinned. Kurt chuckled and Sugar rolled her eyes lovingly. “Plus, I try to spend a bit of time in the weight room now that football is over.  Since I won’t be playing next year, I have to make sure I keep it up on my own.”

“You look great, as always, Puck.”  Sugar said as she leaned up and kissed him on the cheek.

“Thanks, Sugar.”  Puck smiled down at her and wrapped his arm around her.

Robert came back with the tree stand about the same time that Jeff and Nick returned.  Sebastian grabbed a pitcher of water and put it in the stand. Robert helped him put the tree in.  They both stepped back to look at it to make sure it wasn’t crooked. Robert patted Sebastian on the shoulder and said, “First try!  We’re good!” Sebastian smiled at him.

Puck grabbed the strands of lights, “Okay.  Who can put the lights on with the least amount of cussing?”

Leah raised her hand, “That would be me.  Mom, will you help?”

“Sure, Honey.”

Jeff had joined Kurt and Sugar at the kitchen counter.  “Can I help do anything? I want to be able to say I helped Sugar make her famous cookies.”

Sugar smiled but raised her eyebrow, “How do you know their ‘famous’, Jeffie?”

“Um, because they’re yours.  They may not technically be famous yet, but they will be.  All the Warblers still talk about your muffins.” She smiled.

“Oh!  I cannot believe I forgot to tell you!,”  Sebastian exclaimed, “I talked to the headmaster about you selling muffins at Dalton.  He actually laughed when I asked him about it, because he had already heard several students saying how they wanted Dalton to sell them.  Anyway, he said he’s willing to give a trial run. Maybe one or two days a week, for a couple of weeks. After that, he’ll see if sales are enough to make it worth it.”  Everyone was smiling and Sugar looked like she was a bit in shock, “Anyway, he wanted to meet with you about it. He said he’d check his email over break, so he could catch any communication from you.”

“Oh my gosh.  For real?” Sugar said without blinking.  

Kurt smiled at her, “Sugar, that’s amazing.  You have to email him.”

Puck came over to her and wrapped his arms around her, “What’s the matter, Sugar?”

“I just… People were talking about my muffins?”

Sebastian smiled, “Yeah.  You’re an amazing baker, Sugar.”

“They really are.  The guys who didn’t spend the night were jealous that we got muffins, but they also loved your cupcakes.”

Sugar slowly woke from her daze, “Okay...Okay!  Yeah, I can email him.”


Tori put on some instrumental Christmas music, and everyone began tackling different decorating jobs. Everyone began to sing almost instantly.  There was no denying the common bond they all had. It was beautiful.

Once the cookies were in the oven, Kurt and Sebastian moved on the the box of decorations that were on the couch, while everyone else was working on garland and ornaments.  Kurt grabbed the stocking hangers and stockings, and hung them on the mantel. He stepped back and looked at it. It was beautiful in front of the fire.

Sebastian grabbed some candle holders and candles, placing them on either end of the mantle.  He grabbed a couple of framed family Christmas photos, and put them on the mantel and on some of the end tables.  

Kurt reached into a new box and removed the paper packaging that was protecting what was underneath.  He froze. He stood there staring at a nativity set. It was beautiful, ornate, and obviously very expensive.  It dawned him that religious beliefs isn’t really something that he and Sebastian had discussed. Would he really be accepted by Sebastian’s family if they knew Kurt didn’t believe in God?  Would it cause arguments? He was deep in thought about all of this when Sebastian noticed that he hadn’t moved.

Sebastian walked up behind him and wrapped his arms around him, “What’s the matter?  You seem lost in space all of the sudden.” He kissed Kurt on the neck.

Kurt closed his eyes, “Nothing.”  He paused, “Um, where do you want to put this?”

Sebastian leaned over to look at what was in the box.  “Oh, maybe on the sofa table over there? It’s the only place so far that doesn’t have any decorations.”

Kurt nodded his head that he heard what Sebastian said, but didn’t say anything in return.

“Kurt,”  Sebastian said as he rubbed Kurt’s arms.

“I’m fine, Bas.”  Kurt said quietly. “Why don’t you go ahead and put this where you want it.  I’m going to put in another batch of cookies.”

Sebastian kissed him on the cheek, “Okay.  But I know something is bothering you. I want you to tell me what it is later.”

“Yes, Sebastian.”

Kurt put another tray of cookies in the oven, and Sebastian set up the nativity scene.  Everyone finished putting the lights and ornaments on the tree. They all gathered around the tree and stood back to look at it.  It was beautiful. Tori called everyone over and they took a couple of pictures in front of the tree and the fireplace.

“Thank you all so much for helping us decorate.  It looks beautiful. It’s so nice to be home for Christmas.”  Tori said.

Everyone agreed and began sitting around the living room.  Sugar went over and checked on the cookies.

“Are they done yet?!”  Jeff asked.

“No, Jeffie.  One more batch to bake, and then we let them cool. THEN we decorate the sugar cookies.  You can have some of the snicker doodles in a few minutes, though.”

“I say we all change into our pajamas and then come back and help Sugar with the cookie decorating.”  Leah said.

“Sounds like a plan!”  Sugar said.

“I’ll get you some clothes, Puck.  You can change in the my bathroom,”  Sebastian said.

Everyone headed upstairs to change, except for Robert and Tori, who headed to the master suite.  Sebastian held Kurt back for a minute, “We’ll let everyone change once we’re up there, then we’ll stay there and talk.  I want to know what is going on in that head of yours.”

“Yes, Sebastian.”

“You don’t have to say that for this, Babe.”  Sebastian put his hand on Kurt’s waist and pulled him closer.

“Yes, I do.”  Kurt answered, without looking up at Sebastian.

Sebastian took a deep breath in, “Okay.  Let’s go.” He grabbed Kurt’s hand and guided him to the bedroom.

Nick and Jeff were already in the guest bedroom changing when Sebastian and Kurt got upstairs.  Puck was sitting on the loveseat, leaning back with his eyes clothed. “Sleeping already?” Sebastian asked.  

“Nah, just resting my eyes.”

Sebastian got out a pair of pajama pants and a t-shirt and handed them to Puck, who changed in the bathroom quick.  When he came out, Kurt was changing.

“Woah, Princess.  Since when do you not care who sees you change?”  
Kurt didn’t even look up. “Since the trial.  You all saw the photos. Plus you’ve probably seen me in a swimsuit.  Same difference.”

Puck looked at Sebastian, who just shrugged.

“You okay, Princess?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.”  Kurt answered quietly, still not looking up.

Sebastian looked at Puck and nodded to the door.  Puck didn’t say anything. He simply nodded back, and headed out.  Sebastian locked the door behind him.

He walked over to Kurt.  “Talk to me.” He ran his hands up and down Kurt’s arms.

Kurt paused for a minute, trying to gather his thoughts, but couldn’t come up with anything that made sense in his head.  It was all a jumbled mess.

Sebastian tried to prompt him.  “Okay. Did someone say something that upset you?”  Kurt shook his head ‘no’.

“Okay.  Well, you were fine when you were putting up the stockings.  And when….Oh.” He grabbed Kurt’s chin and tilted it up. “Look at me, Kurt.”  Kurt hesitated, but then looked into Sebastian’s eyes. He was already beginning to cry.  “Is this about the nativity set?” Kurt nodded ‘yes’.

“Is this about religion?”  Sebastian asked.

Kurt took a deep breath as the tears rolled down his cheek, “It’s about what you and I believe in… Or don’t believe in.”

“Okay.  Try to tell me what you’re thinking, okay?  Is this about you being an Atheist?”

“Yeah. We’ve never really talked about it,”  Kurt wiped his face, “I don’t believe in God.  And for some reason, I’ve never asked you what you believe.  We’ve never talked about it,” He paused again, “And then when I saw the nativity set…”

Sebastian interrupted him, “Are you worried that religious beliefs, or lack thereof, is going to be an issue between us?”

Kurt nodded, “These things start wars between countries, so why wouldn’t I think that it could be possible to cause issues between us?”

“Because I love you.  Okay. Sit down.” Sebastian guided Kurt to the bed and grabbed his hand, “I do believe in God.  My family is non-denominational Christian. However, I don’t have a problem with you being an Atheist.”

Kurt looked at him, “But your religion says that I will go to Hell since I don’t believe.  How can that be okay with you?”

Sebastian sighed. “And some people say that I’ll go to Hell for being gay, whether I believe in God or not.  Look, Babe… I don’t have any of this religion stuff figured out. But I tend to believe that God loves all of His children.  Especially those who are kind, loving, good people, like you. I don’t know if I’m right or wrong. But I do know that I love you, and whether you believe or not, is not going to change my mind.”

Kurt looked down at his lap, “What about your family?  What will they think?”

“My family loves you.  They accept both of us.  Every part of us. My belief in God is not going to change our belief in us .”  He put his hands on either side of Kurt’s face and kissed him.

Kurt pulled back, “I don’t want to get in the way of things you believe in.”

“Babe, there a lots of couples who believe differently.  Take Puck and Sugar, or Finn and Rachel. They aren’t the same religion.  We are no different than them. I promise that it isn’t a problem for me. Is it a problem for you...That I believe?”

“Well, no.  Not unless you try to force your beliefs on me.”  Kurt looked down.

“No, Babe.  I won’t do that.  I promise.” Sebastian rubbed his thumb across Kurt’s knuckles and paused for a few seconds.  “Are you ready to go downstairs and frost some cookies?” Sebastian was hoping that they could move past this quickly.  It really wasn’t an issue for him, and he didn’t want Kurt to dwell on it.

Kurt looked up at him and nodded, but he still seemed hesitant.  

“Kurt,”  Sebastian said, “you need to stop worrying about this.  Please. Lets go enjoy spending this beautiful evening with our family.” 


Kurt and Sebastian entered the living room holding hands.  Everyone was in their pajamas, sitting around the living room, enjoying each other’s company.  When Sugar saw Kurt, she said, “Ready to frost the cookies, Angel?” She knew he had been crying, but didn’t say anything in front of anyone.  

“Yeah, let’s get started,”  He said as he let go of Sebastian’s hand and headed for the kitchen island.

Sebastian said, “I’ll take these empty storage boxes to the basement,” as he stacked a couple inside one another.  

“I’ll help.”  Robert said.

When Sebastian and Robert went downstairs with the boxes, Robert took the opportunity to talk to Seb, “Is everything okay with Kurt? He looked like something was bothering him all the sudden.”

“Yeah.  When he opened the box and saw the nativity set, it kind of hit him that we are Christian.  He’s an Atheist. He was worried that it would put a divide between us. He’s worried about what you guys will think.”

“Oh, well, he’s a good person.  That’s all that matters to me. I’m sure your mom and sister feel the same way.”

“That’s what I told him.  Hopefully it won’t be something that he dwells on, ya know?”  Sebastian put the last box on the shelf, and then he and his dad went back upstairs.  


In the kitchen, Puck walked up behind Kurt and Sugar and quietly whispered, “You okay, Princess?”

Kurt turned around and hugged Puck.  It kind of took him by surprise. Puck whispered in his ear, “You would tell me if something was really wrong, right?”

Kurt nodded.

“Princess.  Now I feel like you’re lying to me.  Let’s go.” He pulled back from the hug and took Kurt over to the love seat that was the furthest away from the group.  “Spill it, Kurt.”

Kurt’s eyes snapped up at Puck using his first name again.  And that tone was so close to Sebastian’s dom tone, that he just couldn’t not say anything.  He sighed. He looked over at the nativity set. Puck followed his line of sight and Kurt said, “I didn’t know Bas was a Christian.  It never came up.”

Puck furrowed his brow, “So.  Most of your friends are Christian.  Rachel and I are the only Jews you are friends with it.  Why is it a surprise? And why would that matter?”

“It’s not a surprise that he’s Christian.  It’s a surprise that I didn’t think to ask.  And it’s a surprise that I’m terrified that me being an Atheist is going to become an issue.  If not for Bas, then for his family.” Kurt rested his head on the back of the couch. He was getting really tired.  It had been a long day.

Sebastian came back into the room and saw Kurt talking to Puck, so he headed to the kitchen island to give them space to talk.  

Tori came back from changing and was walking past the couches, when Puck said, “Mrs. S, can I ask you something?”

Kurt’s eyes widened and he hissed, “Noah.  NO.”

Puck ignored him.

Tori said, “Sure, Puck, but please, call me Tori.”

Sebastian looked over and Kurt looked like he was shaking.  He headed over to him right away. Kurt reached for him and Sebastian lifted him up and slid under him in one quick motion, so Kurt was sitting in his lap.  He wrapped his arms around him and whispered, “It’s okay.”

Puck smiled a lopsided smile, “Okay, Tori.  Kurt is an Atheist. Is that going to be a problem?”

Kurt wanted to crawl under the couch.  Or into the fire. Or run from the house screaming.  He knew he was as red as some of the tree ornaments.

“A problem?”  Tori asked.

“Mom, Kurt is worried that because we’re Christian, and he’s an Atheist, it will cause an issue.  He doesn’t want religion to be a problem in our relationship, or his relationship with you guys.” Sebastian rubbed Kurt’s back.

“Oh, Kurt, Honey.  No. As long as you’re a good person, which you obviously are, you are always welcome in this family.  We don’t care if you aren’t Christian. We care if you treat Sebastian well. If you love him, and are respectful of him.”

“Okay.”  Kurt said quietly.  Tori walked over and kissed him on the forehead.  Sebastian squeezed him a little tighter. Once Tori walked away, Kurt turned and glared at Puck.

“What!?  You could have let it bother you all night, or all week, or all year….Or you could cut to the chase and ask directly.  One uncomfortable moment means you can now be at ease the rest of your relationship.”

Sebastian chuckled, and Kurt turned his glare on Sebastian.  “Don’t you dare agree with him.”

Sebastian shrugged, “Well, it worked.”

Puck winked at them and then returned to the kitchen island.  He called out, “Let’s go, Princess!”

Kurt moaned and buried his head into Sebastian’s shoulder.  “I’m sorry, Bas.”

“No, Babe.  No need to be sorry.  Let’s decorate the cookies, then we can relax and watch a movie.  Sound good?” He patted Kurt on the hip, silently asking him to get up.

“Yeah.”  Kurt stood and went over to the kitchen island, followed by Sebastian.


Once the cookies were decorated, everyone was happily taste testing them.  

“Now you have to sell stuff at Dalton, Sweets.  I’ve become addicted to everything you bake.” Jeff smiled.

“Me too.  I can’t wait,”  Nick added, “And I think we need to get first dibs.”

“Thanks, guys.  I hope it all works out.”

“It will, Sugar.”  Puck hugged her from behind.  

“Who’s up for watching ELF in the media room?  We’ll have space to spread out this time.” Sebastian asked.  

Everyone agreed, so after packing up the cookies into containers, and saying goodnight to Robert and Tori, everyone made themselves comfortable on the couches in the media room.  

Sebastian noticed that Kurt was extra fidgety.  He didn’t seem to be able to get comfortable.

“Do you need to lay down, Babe?” Sebastian whispered.  Kurt shook his head ‘no’. Sebastian could tell there was something wrong.  He was really hoping Kurt wasn’t dwelling on the whole religion issue. He didn’t feel like there was much he could do to fix that issue, other than offer reassuring words.

They were about a half an hour into the movie when Sebastian felt Kurt tremble.  He reached for a throw blanket and covered him up. “Is that better?,” He asked.  

Kurt let a single tear fall, but Sebastian couldn’t see it in the dark room.  He continued to tremble. His doubts and his worries were getting the better of him and he needed it fixed.  He kept the blanket and wrapped it around his shoulders as he slid down onto his knees in front of Sebastian.  

It felt just like the birthday party to Sebastian.  But to Kurt, there was a greater need.

Sebastian leaned forward, “Baby, you’re going to have to wait.”  He ran his hand threw Kurt’s hair and kissed his cheek.

Kurt leaned in to the touch and closed his eyes.  “Please, Sebastian.” Kurt whispered with a strained to his voice. He was trying not to cry.  “I...I...Please, Sir.” He put his hands behind his back and lowered his head.

Sebastian’s breath hitched and he breathed out, “Fuck, Baby.”  The hand that was gently running through Kurt’s hair was suddenly gripping it tightly.  Hearing Kurt call him ‘Sir’ was not what he expected. He didn’t expected to hear it ever.  He expected not to like it if he ever did, but now his near instant erection was telling him differently.  “Kneel for me in my bedroom. I want you naked. I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

“Yes, Sir,”  Kurt whispered, and he quickly and quietly got up to go to Sebastian’s bedroom.  He instantly felt calmer, but was still shaking. Once he was in the bedroom, he stripped down, and knelt at the foot of the bed.  He lowered his head and put his hands behind his back. He couldn’t wait for Sebastian to get there.

Sebastian waited a few minutes and then quietly went up to his room.  When he opened the door, he saw Kurt waiting for him on his knees, and all he could think of was how much he loved his boyfriend, and how he wanted whatever was bothering Kurt to simply go away.  He locked the door and walked over to Kurt, ran his fingers through his hair and then cupped his jaw, making him tilt his head up.

“Good.”  He crouched down, not letting go of Kurt’s jaw, “Now tell me, Gorgeous, what do you need?”

“I need to be reminded that I’m yours, Sir,” Kurt answered.

Sebastian knelt as closely to Kurt as he could.  He had his right leg in between Kurt’s, and he grabbed Kurt’s face with his hands.  “Thank you for telling me. You are mine, Kurt,”  He stroked Kurt’s cheeks with his thumbs. Sebastian leaned in and whispered in his ear, “This is mine,”  he placed a hand over Kurt’s heart. “This is mine,” he stroked Kurt’s erection. Kurt moaned and closed his eyes. “This is mine,”  he reached around and grabbed Kurt’s ass, ghosting over his hole and pulling him as close as possible. He leaned in and kissed him passionately.  “Every inch of you is mine. No one else’s.” He bucked his hips toward Kurt, and the friction made them both moan. “And, Kurt, I am yours. Every inch of me.”  He put his hand back on Kurt’s face and ran his thumb across Kurt’s bottom lip, watching the pull of the delicate skin. “Now,” he looked Kurt in the eye, “I want your amazing mouth.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Sebastian stood, lowered his pajama pants a bit, and then brushed his erection against Kurt’s lips.  “Open.”

Kurt opened his mouth and sucked the head of Sebastian’s cock.  Sebastian moaned and grabbed Kurt’s hair. He thrust in and out of Kurt’s mouth.  Kurt’s lack of gag reflex was an amazing gift.

After a couple of minutes, he pulled out, “Who’s are you, Kurt?”

“Yours, Sir,”  Kurt said, looking Sebastian in the eye.

“Good.  Open.”

Kurt began sucking for a few minutes again.  He moaned as Sebastian fisted his hair.

Sebastian pulled out again, tilting Kurt’s head back to make him look into his eyes, “Who’s am I , Kurt?”

“Mine, Sir.”  Kurt had tears in his eyes.

“Good.  Open for me, Baby.”

Kurt continued to suck, using his tongue and lips, but no hands.  They were still behind his back.

“What do you want, Kurt?”  Sebastian pulled out again.

“I want you to cum, Sir.”

“Good.”  Sebastian continued to fuck Kurt’s mouth for a couple of minutes, and then quickly came down his throat.  He moaned and his eyes rolled back. Kurt watched, proud that he did that to his boyfriend.

“Thank you, Baby.”  Sebastian bent down and kissed Kurt.  “Stand.”

“Yes, Sir.”  Kurt stood.

“Lay down on the bed.”

“Yes, Sir.”  Kurt walked over and laid on the bed.  

Sebastian opened the nightstand drawer and pumped a small amount of lube in his hand.  He crawled over to Kurt and grabbed his erection and began stroking. He leaned over and kissed Kurt.  When he pulled back, he said, “Don’t cum until I tell you to.”

“Yes, Sir,”  Kurt panted.

Sebastian stroked fast, twisting his hand as he went.  He kissed Kurt’s neck, making his way back up to his mouth. They kissed with so much passion, Kurt thought that he might explode with the amount of love he felt for Sebastian.

“Who is the only one who can kiss you?’

“You, Sir,” Kurt moaned.

“Who is the only one lucky enough to be allowed to touch this beautiful cock?”  Sebastian asked as he stroked Kurt.

“You, Sir.”  Kurt was writhing under Sebastian’s touch.

“Who is the only one allowed to fuck you, Kurt?”

“You, Sir!”  Kurt was so close.

“Who is the only one who can fuck me , Kurt?”  Sebastian continued to kiss Kurt on the neck.

“Me, Sir!.... Please…. May I cum?!”

“Yes, Baby.  Cum for me now.”

Kurt came so hard that he saw white, the world disappearing for a minute.  

“Good.”  Sebastian continued to kiss him until he came back to Earth.  He got up and got a warm washcloth to clean Kurt up. He threw the cloth in the hamper and laid next to Kurt. He ran a hand down Kurt’s face, “I love you, Baby.”

Kurt looked Sebastian in the eye, “I love you too, Bas.  Thank you.”

“I was my pleasure.  Do you feel better?”

Kurt smiled a small smile, “Yes, Sir.”

Sebastian smiled, “I didn’t think that would be my ‘thing’, but I do now.  That was hot,” He leaned over and kissed Kurt softly on the lips. “Wash up and get dressed.  Stay here. The movie is probably close to being over and the guys will be up soon after you’re in bed.”

Kurt winked at him as he got up, “Yes, Sir.”

Sebastian moaned and smacked Kurt on the ass as he walked past him.  


Sebastian headed downstairs to the media room and quietly took a seat on the couch that he and Kurt had occupied earlier.  Puck was eyeing him the entire time. He wondered where Kurt was. He had been upset earlier, and Puck had seen Kurt kneel earlier and it gave him an unsettling feeling. It was the third time he noticed something like this, he wasn’t sure what he should do. Was Kurt being forced to do this? Was it his business? He figured if Princess was getting hurt or if something was wrong, he was going to  make it his business. He liked Sebastian a lot, and considered him a friend, but he was on Kurt’s side, no matter what.

Once the movie was over, everyone headed upstairs toward the bedrooms.  The door to Sebastian’s bedroom was open, and both Leah and Sugar ran into the room, jumping into the bed where Kurt laid.  

“Angel!”  Both girls snuggled up to him.  The boys followed in behind them, chuckling at the girl’s behavior.  Puck was watching closely to see if he thought Kurt was acting funny.

“I love you, girls.”  Kurt said as he wrapped his arms around them, kissing them both on the forehead.  

“We love you, too, Angel.”  

“Yep.”  Leah said as she squeezed him tight.  

“Alright you two.  Let go of my man.” Sebastian came over and sat on the edge of the bed.  

“You’re no fun,” Leah said.  Both she and Sugar climbed out of bed after kissing Kurt on the cheek.  They said their ‘goodnights’ to all of the boys before headed to Leah’s room.  Sugar made sure to kiss Puck extra long before leaving.

The boys all settled into their spots they chose to sleep in.  They were chatting about different things, but Puck remained quiet, not participating in conversations.

Finally Kurt asked, “Noah, are you okay?  You’re awfully quiet.”

“Hmm?”  Puck seemed to have been deep in thought.  

“I asked if you are okay?  What’s on your mind?”

Puck looked at Kurt and then to Sebastian.  “Nothing, Princess.”

Kurt sat up, “Noah Puckerman, do not lie to me. You’re one of my best friends.  I know when something is wrong.”

“Yeah, I know the feeling.  That’s what’s bothering me, okay?  I know something is up with you. I want you to be okay.”

“Are you talking about the religion stuff?  I’m moving past that. Trying to, anyway.”

Puck sighed, “No.  Not the religion stuff.”  He looked around the room.  Of course, everyone was in on this conversation, even if they weren’t saying anything.  

Kurt saw Noah looking around the room, and then looked around himself.  “Noah, tell me what’s on your mind. If you want privacy for your sake, we can go somewhere else in the house.  But if it’s for my sake, I have nothing to hide from any of you.” Kurt spoke softly, trying to encourage Puck to get whatever was on his mind out in the open.  


Chapter Text

“You’ve been acting weird, Princess.” Kurt glanced at Sebastian and sat up in bed a little.  He looked back to Noah and he only blushed a little, surprisingly. Puck continued, “I’m not clueless about what I’ve been seeing, but it surprises me, coming from you.  I want to know that you are choosing to do this, and not being forced.”

Kurt and Sebastian’s eyes both widened.  “Oh, god, Noah. No. I mean, yes, it is my choice.  Sebastian would never force me.” Sebastian ran his hand through his hair and took a deep breath.  He couldn’t believe Puck would think that he would force Kurt to do anything. Kurt put his hand on Sebastian’s shoulder, trying to calm him.  

“Puck,“  Sebastian said.

“No, I get it,”  Puck interrupted, putting his hand up to stop Sebastian,  “I wouldn’t normally think you would do anything to hurt him.  I know you love him. But the Princess I know would have been the last person on Earth that I would have thought would be into that.”  He looked at Kurt and continued, “I want to know that this is your choice and that you aren’t being pressured into anything, Princess. Because as much as I like the dude, I’ll kick his ass if he’s pressuring you.”

That made both Kurt and Sebastian grin.  Kurt said, “No. I’m not being pressured.”

“It was his idea, actually.”  Sebastian added.

“What?”  Puck asked.  

“Okay, I am totally lost!”  Jeff announced.

“Me too, Jeffie.  No. Clue.” Nick leaned into his boyfriend.

Sebastian and Kurt looked at each other, wondering what, if anything, to share.  Seb leaned into Kurt and whispered in his ear, “The ball is in your court, Babe. I don’t mind what we tell them.  Puck is more observant than most, but that doesn’t mean others won’t notice. He’s always keeping an eye on you, so he’s going to see things.  Nick is my roommate, so he may notice some things too. It has spilled into other areas of our lives, not just the bedroom. It’s up to you.”

“What are we even talking about?,”  Jeff asked.

“Just listen, Jeffie.”  Nick whispered.

“Princess, you like to control everything.  You’re a take charge kind of guy. Not one to be told what to do.”  Puck said, looking at both of them.

“And that’s why I need this, Noah.  I get overwhelmed with everything sometimes… I need someone else to take over at least something in my life. It was getting to the point where I couldn’t think straight.  When I’m stressed, or overwhelmed, Bas knows what to do. It started out as a sexual thing, but now it’s becoming more.  And Bas kind of naturally take on this roll anyway, so it’s not really that crazy of an idea.”

“Can someone please clue us in?,”  Jeff asked.

“Okay.  I’m just going to spell it out for you all,”  Kurt grabbed Seb’s hand, and Seb rubbed his thumb over Kurt’s knuckles.  “Bas and I have a D/s relationship. Bas is my Dom, as in Dominant. I am his sub, as in submissive.  He takes the lead. He uses a certain tone in his voice and gives commands, or orders, and I follow them.  If I don’t want to do something, I can always use our safe word, but that hasn’t happened yet, and may never happen.  It’s about communication, and trust, and has a lot to do with love.”

Sebastian continued, “This is growing along with our relationship.  We started out very small, and have gradually added things. It’s come into other parts of our lives, not just the bedroom.  It calms him. It’s comforting for him.”

Everyone was sitting there trying to let everything Kurt and Sebastian were talking about sink in.  Jeff looked a little confused. Puck and Nick looked like they had questions.

“Can you give us an example?”  Nick asked. He was curious. He had heard of this, but he was pretty sure he was thinking of the slave/master stuff that there was no way Kurt would do.

“Well, a non-sexual example would be how Bas can get me to eat when I’m stressed.”

“Like the power bar at the game, and the yogurt at lunch.  You said, ‘Yes, Sebastian’ on the phone, and then ate.” Puck replied.

“Exactly.”  Seb said.

“So he has to address you a certain way?,”  Nick asked Seb.

“When I’m being his Dom, yes.  He never calls me Sebastian unless it’s a Dom/sub thing.  He answers ‘Yes, Sebastian’ when he understands and agrees to whatever I have asked.  But not if we aren’t in that zone. He knows when I say something as his Dom by the tone of my voice.  It could be at any time if I need it to be. But I don’t just use it for everyday things. For example, if I say, ‘Hey Babe, do you want to see a movie?’, I don’t use my Dom voice, and he doesn’t respond ‘Yes, Sebastian’.”  Sebastian was hoping they were all coming to understand.

“We have had several long talks, done lots of research, and come to an agreement for both of our roles in this kind of a relationship using lists that state what we agree to. You have to have a strong bond and a lot of trust for something like this to work.  Like we said, things are evolving. For example, tonight I was saying ‘Yes, Sir’ instead of ‘Yes, Sebastian’. He didn’t tell me to. It just felt natural, and now we’ve both agreed that it’s fine if I choose to do that. It wasn’t something we wanted before, but it has evolved to that.  As things evolve, we continue to discuss our wants and needs, and make changes as we see fit.”

Jeff looked surprised, “Wait. Tonight?”

Nick turned to Puck, “You saw something, didn’t you, Puck?”  

“Yeah.”  Puck said, “I’ve seen it a few times.”

“What?!  Have I totally been missing something?” Jeff asked.

Sebastian cleared his throat and looked at Kurt.  Kurt nodded, indicating it was okay. “I’m assuming what Puck has seen is Kurt kneeling for me.”  Jeff furrowed his brows. He wasn’t sure he liked the sound of this.

Kurt noticed Jeff’s reaction and tried to explain, “Kneeling isn’t a bad thing.  For us, it’s a good thing. I will kneel in front of him when I need something...more.  I will also kneel for him if I am offering more for him. Or I kneel for him if he asks me to.  For example, I knelt for him the night we had to go rescue Leah. He was stressed and upset, and kneeling for him is my way of telling him silently that whatever he needs, I’m there for him. Nothing came of it, other than him knowing I was there for him. Tonight I was stressed about the whole religion thing, afraid that it was going to divide us and drive us apart. I was really upset, and my mind was racing.  I needed to know that he still wanted me just the way I am. So during the movie, I knelt for him. It lets him know that I need something. Tonight, it was reassurance. Sometimes it’s sexual. Sometimes it’s not. Sometimes it starts out as not being sexual, but turns into that.”

“As a sub, he does what I’ve asked, but he also gets praise and comfort, which is another big need for anyone who chooses to be a sub.  As his Dom, it’s my job to protect him, keep his safe, take care of him. Praise him when he does a good job, clean him up when he needs it… The list goes on...It’s kind of my personality anyway.  I like to lead, and I take care of what is important to me. And nothing is more important to me than him.” Sebastian looked at Kurt and Kurt leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. He rested his head on his shoulder.

“What about punishments?”  Puck asked with a very serious tone and expression.  So far, he was okay with what the boys were saying. But he might draw the line when it came to punishments.  Kurt had been punished enough by people who didn’t even know him, and for things he didn’t deserve. There was no way he was going to let someone who says he loves him, hurt him.

“We’ve agreed that we are not ready for that yet.  If there comes a day when either of us think that it’s something our relationship needs, then we will revisit it.  Just remember that everything involved in a healthy D/s relationship is agreed upon by both partners. And a D/s relationship is different for every couple who chooses to do it.  So if you research it, keep that in mind,” Sebastian answered.

“So, everyone understands?  At least a little?” Kurt asked.

“Yeah, I think so.  I’m going to do a little research on it too.”  Jeff answered.

“And remember, this is not something you should share with anyone else.”  Sebastian said.

“We understand.  It sounds like it works for you both, and that’s what’s important.”  Nick answered.

Sebastian had been rubbing Kurt’s back.  He stopped, looked at Puck, and asked, “So, we’re all good?”

“Yeah, man.  As long as Princess is happy, we’re good.”  Puck looked at Kurt.

“I couldn’t be happier, Noah.  Thank you for being concerned though.  I appreciate that even when it comes to Bas, you aren’t afraid to make sure I’m okay.  I love you.” Kurt smiled softly.

Puck smiled a lopsided smile, “Love you too, Princess.”

Sebastian smiled at both of them.  As much as it took him by surprise that Puck had a sliver of doubt about how he treats Kurt, he was happy that Puck would be bold enough to voice his concerns.  That was the ultimate show of friendship.



The next morning, everyone was enjoying breakfast, which included Christmas cookies this time.  The house felt so warm with the tree up, the stockings hung, and friends and family enjoying each other’s company.  Everyone seemed so happy and content.

“Jeff, Nick, are you sure you don’t want to go shopping with us today?”  Leah asked.

“I’m sure.  I love shopping, but not this close to Christmas.  Now the post-holiday sales, count me in.” Jeff smiled.  

“I don’t love shopping, ever.”  Nick said, “It’s one thing that Jeffie loves, that I don’t.  I tolerate the mall, but only if I have to.” Jeff rolled his eyes and Kurt chuckled.  

“Well, you guys have fun.  I shopped online this year.”  Robert said.

“You’re only adding to the collapse of the retail store, Robert.  If everyone shopped online, then all of the those stores close, and all the employees are out of work.”  Tori said. She turned to the kids and winked, “Luckily, I made up for it.” Everyone chuckled.


Once they said their goodbyes and got in the car to head to the mall, Kurt was forming a game plan in his head.  “Okay who needs to shop for who?”

“I’m finished.  I’m just along for the ride.”  Puck said.

“Me too.”  Sebastian agreed.

“I need something for my mom still,”  Sugar said.

“I need to get something for Carol too.”  Kurt added.

“I don’t have an opportunity to shop - ever - so I need Mom, Dad, and Seb.  I think Mom and Dad took care of Grandma and Grandpa’s gift this year. It’ll be weird not going to see them,”  Leah said as she looked out the window.

Kurt looked at Sebastian, “I never thought about that.  Why aren’t you guys going over there for Christmas?”

“Probably because we had been away so long.  Dad can’t get away right now, and we want to spend the holidays with him, since we missed three in a row.  Mom said our grandparents may be coming over here for the summer, though. It’ll be nice to see them again.”  Sebastian turned and looked at Kurt quickly and smiled. Kurt smiled back and squeezed his hand.

Puck frowned, “Hey, why doesn’t Tori have an accent?”

Leah answered, “She was raised here.  She grew up in the house we live in now.  Our grandparents are both French, accents and all, but lived here most of their adult lives.  They would take Mom and her sister back to France for the summer and holidays, much like our parents have done with us.  They have an estate in Paris, and here, where we live now, so they just come and go as they please.”

Sebastian added, “Our aunt spent most of her adult life in Paris.  That’s why our grandparents went back when she got sick. They decided to stay.  For now anyway.” Seb looked at Kurt, “I’ll take you there someday. You’ll love it.”

Kurt smiled, “I’m sure I will.”


At the mall, everyone stuck together for the most part.  They hit up a few specialty stores for the moms gifts, but only Sugar found something her mom would like.  They headed to Macy’s, and Kurt found a nice sweater and scarf for Carol. Leah found things for both Tori and Robert.  

“Okay, Seb.  Time for you to hit the road.  Your the last person on my list, and you can’t be here when I find the perfect gift.”  Leah smiled.

“Alright.  How about Kurt and I head down the mall and we’ll meet you guys for lunch in an hour.  Sound good?”

Everyone agreed, so Leah, Sugar, and Puck headed one way and Sebastian and Kurt headed the other.

“Where to now?”  Kurt asked.

“Hmm.  Let’s just walk and see what looks interesting.”  Sebastian held out his hand and Kurt instantly took it.

“Sounds good.”


They were making their way down the mall when they heard someone say, “Kurt?”

They both stopped and turned around.  It took a second for Kurt to recognize him since he was out of uniform, “Chris?”  Chris was about Sebastian’s height, fairly muscular build, dark hair and dark eyes.  He was handsome, and when he smiled, his whole face lit up.

“Yeah, hi.  I almost didn’t recognize you out of uniform.”  Chris said.

“Yeah, same here.”  Kurt gave a small smile.  He continued, “Chris, this is my boyfriend, Sebastian.  Sebastian, this is Chris. He cheers for Urbana. We met yesterday at the competition.”

Sebastian smirked and let go of Kurt’s hand and extended his hand for Chris to shake, “Right, the guy who thought maybe that song was for him.  It’s nice to meet you, Chris.”

Chris shook his hand and chuckled, “Yeah, well, whether he meant it for me or not, it applied.  Can’t blame a guy for trying, though.”

Sebastian put his arm around Kurt’s waist and nodded to Chris, but did not respond otherwise.  Sometimes Seb wanted to ask Kurt to marry him now, so that Kurt would be wearing a ring and all the other guys would leave him alone.

Kurt tried to break the tension, “So, you waited until the last minute to finish your holiday shopping too?”

“Yeah, I suppose I did.”  Chris answered.

Suddenly, Sebastian felt Kurt tense up.  He immediately tightened his grip, voice dripping with concern, “What’s wrong, Babe?”

Chris frowned.  Kurt was looking past him, and his whole demeanor changed.  All the color drained from Kurt’s face, and Chris had no idea what was going on.  

“K-Karofsky,”  Kurt whispered.

Sebastian looked up and saw Dave Karofsky making his way down the mall toward them.  Dave was window shopping, and hadn’t noticed them at all.

“It’s okay, Babe.  Let’s go in the store.  Excuse us, Chris.” Sebastian put his hand on the small of Kurt’s back and guided him into the store they had been standing next to.

Chris followed them inside.  “Are you okay, Kurt?”

Kurt nodded his head ‘yes’, but didn’t say anything.  

“He’ll be okay.  There’s just someone out there that we’d like to avoid.”  Sebastian was rubbing Kurt’s back.

At that moment Dave walked into the store.  He still hadn’t noticed the boys.

“Shit,”  Sebastian said under his breath.

Kurt saw him and his breathing started to quicken, and he started to have a panic attack.  Chris watched as Sebastian turned Kurt so that he wouldn’t be looking at Dave. He put his hands on either side of Kurt’s face and firmly, yet gently, spoke, “Kurt, listen to me. I need you to breath.” He put Kurt’s hand on his own chest, “Match me, Baby. In and out. Nice and steady.” Hearing and feeling Sebastian was already calming him.

Chris looked toward the front of the store.  There were several people there, so he wasn’t 100% sure who was freaking Kurt out.  He took an educated guess that it was the big guy. “So, is it the tall bear cub?”

Sebastian nodded, but didn’t take his eyes off of Kurt.  

Chris asked, “Is he gay?  Aah, hell, never mind. It doesn’t matter. I’ll distract him, you guys sneak by and leave.”

Before Sebastian could even respond, Chris was making his way toward Dave.  Chris went up and started looking at the same rack of clothes where Dave was looking.  

Chris eyed Dave, “Well, hi there, handsome.”

Dave raised an eyebrow and looked around to see if anyone was watching the exchange.  He didn’t see anyone looking, so he shyly said, “Hey.”

While Chris continued to flirt with Dave, Sebastian wrapped his arm around Kurt’s waist, putting himself in between Kurt, and Dave and Chris.  Chris stepped to the side a bit, so that Dave would be facing the other way.

Once Sebastian and Kurt were out of the store, they quickly made their way to the food court where they were supposed to meet Leah, Puck, and Sugar.  They were very early, but they didn’t mind sitting and waiting. They sat next to each other, facing out toward the mall so they could see who was approaching.   

“Are you okay, Babe.  Feeling better?” Sebastian rubbed Kurt’s back.  

“Yeah.  I’m okay now.  He may not have meant me any harm, but he terrifies me now.  I don’t trust the way I used to, I guess.” Kurt looked down at his lap.

“Kurt, that is totally valid.  There’s a reason we have restraining orders against him.  I wouldn’t want you anywhere near him alone. He’s given you plenty of reasons to be scared around him.  But listen to me,” Kurt looked up at Sebastian, “You don’t need to be afraid when I’m around. I won’t let anything happen.”

“I know, Bas.   But what do I do if I have a panic attack and you aren’t around?  What would happen if I was at the mall by myself and I ran into him?”  Kurt felt like he would never be able to be alone anywhere in Ohio. It gave him all the more reason to look forward to New York.  

“I know that’s hard.  Maybe we should come up with a game plan if you feel like you need it.  That way you’re a little more prepared. Just in case.”

Kurt nodded.  


Ten minutes later, Chris approached them again.  “Hi. I’m glad I found you. Everything okay?”

“Yeah,”  Kurt answered shyly.  

“Hey, thanks for helping us out back there.  That was nice of you.” Sebastian was totally sincere.

“No problem.  So turns out Dave the bear cub is gay.  I got his number.” Chris smiled as he sat across from them.

“Don’t use it.”  Kurt and Sebastian both said in unison.

Chris raised his eyebrows, “Wow.  Well, I wasn’t planning on it. I figured there was a good reason not to, since just his presence seemed to freak you out.”

“We both have restraining orders against him.  He’s not stable. Please don’t call him.” Kurt looked concerned.  

“I promise I won’t,”  Chris said, “Ohio may not be the best place to pick up guys when you aren’t old enough for bars and clubs, but I’m not desperate enough to mess with someone who’s proven himself to be unstable.”

Kurt glanced at Sebastian and tensed a little, but then seemed to relax a little bit, knowing that Chris wouldn’t call Dave.  He didn’t know Chris, but Dave wasn’t proving himself to be the stable boyfriend type. He wouldn’t want anyone to get mixed up in that.   

After seeing Kurt relax, Chris asked, “So how long have you two been together?  How did you meet? Please, tell me the location so I can go see if they have any extra good looking guys hanging around that I can snag,”  He grinned.

Kurt and Sebastian smiled back. Sebastian answered, “Well, we’ve been together for a few months now.  Since the beginning of the school year. We met at Lima Bean. It’s a coffee shop.”

Kurt gave a dry laugh, “It’s actually because of Dave that we met,”  Kurt squeezed Seb’s hand and looked at Sebastian with nothing but adoration, “Bas has a habit of saving me.”

Chris smiled at the love he was seeing, but then became serious, “There must be quiet the history there with Dave.  I’m sorry that it’s still bothering you.”

“Oh, there’s a ton of history there,”  Kurt sighed. “And Bas and I have been through a lot together in the few months we’ve been together.  More than most couples probably ever have to face. But we’re trying to move on now.”

Chris changed the subject, “So, Kurt, I know you go to McKinley in Lima.  Sebastian, do you also go to school there?”

Sebastian smirked, “No, I go to Dalton Academy.”

Chris’ eyes widened, “Ooohh, every gay guy’s paradise.”  He chuckled.

Kurt and Sebastian both smiled, and Seb added, “I guess if you’re single.  I was only there a week before Kurt stole my heart.” He looked at Kurt and smiled.  Kurt looked back lovingly and then kissed him on the cheek.

“That’s sweet.  You two are very lucky.”

“We know,”  Kurt said, “We really do.”

“So are there any cute, available, gay guys at Dalton you can fix me up with, Sebastian?” Chris asked, wiggling his eyebrows.  

“Honestly, I don’t know who’s gay and who’s not.  Well, except for my roommate and his boyfriend,” Sebastian shrugged, “Sorry.”

“Well, it was worth a shot.  There are only two of us out at my school, and we aren’t exactly a match made in Heaven, if you know what I mean.”

“I understand.  I’m the only guy out at my school.  We have a couple of girls out, but no other guys.  It’s not easy.” Kurt gave a knowing smile.

Puck, Sugar, and Leah came walking up behind Chris, and Chris saw the smile on Kurt’s face.  He liked that reaction to people a lot better than one he saw earlier.

“Hey, Princess, make a new friend?”  Puck said as he sat in a chair next to Chris.  Sugar sat next to Puck, and Leah sat next to Sebastian.  

“Hi, I’m Chris,”  He stuck out his hand for Puck to shake.  

Puck shook it, “Puck.  This is my girlfriend, Sugar, and our friend, Leah. She’s also Seb’s sister.”  Puck motioned to the girls. They waved sweetly, but didn’t say anything. Puck furrowed his brows, “You look familiar.”

Kurt quickly added, “Chris was at the cheer competition yesterday.  He cheers for Urbana.”

“Oh, yeah.  You’re the dude who said something about the song to Princess.”  Puck looked at him, unsure of his motives. He remembered exactly who he was.
“It’s all good, Puck,”  Sebastian said and winked at him.  Puck just grunted.

“Princess?”  Chris looked at Kurt.

Kurt smirked and shrugged his shoulders, “He’s the only one who can get away with it.”

Chris looked at Sebastian, “So is it ‘Sebastian’, ‘Seb’, or ‘Bas’?”

Sebastian smirked, “You can call me ‘Sebastian’, or ‘Seb’, but only Kurt calls me ‘Bas’.”  Kurt squeezed his hand.

“Got it.”  

Chris looked at Puck, and then around the table at everyone.  They seemed to be sizing him up and down, wondering what he was up to. He got the sense that these people were very protective of Kurt.  

“You’re right,”  Sebastian said to Chris.

Chris frowned, “Excuse me?”

Kurt chuckled, “It’s creepy sometimes, but Bas can read people pretty well.  He’s saying that whatever you’re thinking- you’re right.” Kurt and all of his friends were grinning.

Chris raised his eyebrows, “Oh?  And what am I thinking?”

Sebastian continued to smirk, “You’re thinking that we’re very protective of Kurt, and very weary of new people. You’re right.”

Puck added, “Look.  We’re a family. We’re all protective of each other. But Kurt has been through more shit than any person should have to go through.  So yeah, we’re extra protective of him.”

Kurt smiled softly at Chris, “Sorry, Chris.  My step-brother, Finn, said it best. We’re kind of like the MOB,” he chuckled, “and this,” he motioned to the group, “is only part of our family.”  The boys grinned and the girls giggled.  

Chris nodded and smiled a little, “So, do I pass the friendship inspection?  I really would like to be friends.”

Sebastian said, “Well, you did help us out with Karofsky.”

“What!? What the hell?”  Puck was turning red.

“What happened, Angel?”  Sugar asked.

Kurt wasn’t saying anything, so Sebastian said, “Karofsky was, or is, here.  He never saw us. Chris distracted him, and we were able to sneak past.” He looked at Kurt and squeezed his hand.

“You okay, Princess?”

Kurt nodded, “Yeah.  I started to have a panic attack, but Bas helped calm me.”

“Got it.  I’m glad you’re okay.  We stick together until we leave though.”  Puck said.

“Agreed.”  Sebastian said.

“Is the bear cub dangerous or something?,”  Chris asked.

Puck leaned back in his seat, “With the shit he’s done, anything is possible.  He’s either hot or cold, and you never know what you’re going to get.”

Kurt sighed, “Let’s put it this way - I had to transfer to Dalton Academy for a year because of him.  And like I said before, we both now have restraining orders against him. So, yeah.”

“The history.  I get it.” He paused for a beat, “So, back to my question… Do I pass the friend test?”  Chris was hoping they said yes. He had never seen a group of friends like this, and this group of friends intrigued him.  He had some friends of his own, but nobody really close. He was actually jealous of this group. He figured he wouldn’t ever truly be a big part of it, but even if he could be a small part, he’d be happy.

Sebastian looked at Kurt, who winked at him.  He looked back to Chris and smiled, “Yeah, you pass,”  he became serious, “but seeing as though this all started with you flirting with Kurt, you have to understand that he is off limits.”

“I understand.  I am a flirt. But I’ll try to tone it down.”  Chris smiled, “So now can I get some phone numbers?”

Sebastian smirked, “How about we start with my number and Puck’s number, and we’ll see how it goes.”

Chris nodded and grinned, “You guys really are like the MOB,”  He looked at Leah, “Is he this protective of you too?”

Leah smiled, “Yep.  Has been my whole life.”

Kurt added, “And now we all are.”

Chris raised an eyebrow and looked at Kurt as he gestured to the group, “You do realize that this is not normal, right?”

Kurt just chuckled, “Do I look like I do ‘normal’?”  Everyone smiled.

“I guess not.”

Chapter Text

Sugar decided that for her birthday, she wanted to go to Winterfest at Kings Island.  So, the day after Christmas, they bundled up and headed south on 71. Puck drove Sugar, Finn, Rachel, Sam, and Leah in Kurt’s Navigator.  Sebastian, Kurt, Nick, and Jeff, drove the Smythe’s Range Rover.

As soon as they pulled into the parking lot, Kurt’s eyes lit up, “Look at the Eiffel Tower!  It’s a Christmas tree! Look at it’s lights change!” Sebastian smiled ear to ear. He loved when Kurt got excited about new things.  

“Looks like it’s going to be fun!”  Jeff said.

The two carfuls of teens stumbled out of the cars and entered the park with big smiles.  It had been awhile since any of them had been to an amusement park. Although not all of the rides were open during Winterfest, a few were, and the atmosphere was magical.  There were areas of fake snow, winter characters wondering around, millions of lights… It was a great way to enjoy the holidays and spend time with friends.

The first thing they did before the crowds got too crazy was go ice skating on the large fountain that graced the main area of the park.  Finn looked like a large Bambi on ice, and everyone got a good laugh out of it. Kurt was a little worried for Rachel’s safety. She was so little next to Finn that if he fell on her, surely she would be crushed.  To everyone surprize but Nick’s, Jeff was skating like a professional. Not just a good skater, but the grace and ease of a professional. There was no room for tricks and showing off, but if he had room, Kurt and Sebastian were pretty sure he could do some amazing things.

After ice skating, they headed to the little makeshift shops tucked under the Eiffel Tower, and then walked through the candyland area.  There were tons of photo opportunities that they all took full advantage of. Their favorite was the giant blow up snow globe that they could get inside of and have their photos taken.  Their were winter characters like sugarplum fairies and Jack Frost walking around, and the Kurt took a great picture of Sam and Finn posing with two sugarplum fairies who dusted them pixie dust.  

They headed for some rides next, going on Mystic Timbers roller coaster first.  It was super fast and Kurt and Sebastian loved every minute of it. Sugar screamed so much that she had a sore throat.  Puck thought maybe he would lose some hearing in the ear that was next to her.

Their next stop was the carnival section.  They rode the Scrambler, Monster, and the Dodgem Cars.  Kurt was ruthless in the cars, and no one got out of there without getting crashed into by him.  

“I want to play the ring toss!”  Jeff exclaimed.

“Jeff, look at the prize.  It’s a gorilla the height of Sugar and the diameter of four Finns.  Where would you even put something like that?” Nick asked.

“Yeah, okay.  Maybe we could go play that basketball game?”

“That looks more reasonable,”  Nick said. He turned to Kurt and Sebastian, “We’ll be back in a few minutes.”

The rest of the gang rode the Scrambler a second time.  

“This might be my favorite ride.”  Kurt whispered to Sebastian.

“Really?  It’s not the roller coaster?”

“Nope.  I like this one. When it whips us around, it makes me push up against my gorgeous boyfriend,”  He kissed Sebastian on the cheek, “It’s definitely this one.” Sebastian smiled at him and squeezed his hand.  

When they got off the ride, Nick and Jeff were waiting at the exit.  Jeff was grinning, holding a tie-dyed stuffed frog.

“You won!”  Sugar squealed.

“Yep!  Did you doubt my basketball abilities?”  Jeff smirked.

“Never.”  Sugar smiled.  Nick just rolled his eyes lovingly.

They stopped for hot chocolate before heading to the carousel.  It was just what they needed to warm up. The carousel was magical as the lights of the decorated park passed them by.  Going up and down on the horse he chose, Kurt looked next to him at Sebastian who was rising and falling opposite of him.  They smiled at each other and reached for each other’s hand. Kurt looked behind him and saw Puck and Sugar doing the same.  Behind Puck and Sugar, Sam and Leah were giggling about something as the rode around in circles. In front of him were Nick and Jeff, and then Finn and Rachel.  Even though he was cold, he felt warm inside at the thought of these amazing friends. He was so happy they all had each other.

On the way home, Sebastian asked, “What was everyone’s favorite thing about Winterfest?”

Nick said, “Definitely Mystic Timbers.  So fun.”

Jeff smiled, “Definitely showing Nicky that I actually AM good at shooting baskets.”  Everyone laughed and Nick rolled his eyes.

“I never doubted you, Jeffie.”  Nick said.

“Uh-huh.”  Jeff smirked, but leaned over and kissed Nick on the cheek.  He sat back, “What about you Kurtsie?”

“I just enjoyed the lights and the atmosphere.  I loved watching my family enjoy themselves together.”  Kurt smiled.

Sebastian smiled at him, “That was my favorite part too.”  Kurt reached over and took Sebastian’s hand.

After driving in comfortable silence for awhile, Jeff asked, “So, what are you guys doing for New Year’s Eve?”

Kurt looked at Sebastian.  They hadn’t really discussed it.  

Sebastian said, “Well, I don’t know.  I would like to go dancing. Is that something you’d be up for, Babe?”  They hadn’t been out dancing since the night at Scandals, and Sebastian wasn’t sure if Kurt was ready for that type of scene again.  

Kurt smiled a slightly, “I think it could be fun...As long as I’m never left alone.  I don’t think I could handle that yet.”

“Are you sure?  We could have a party at my house instead.  It’s not a big deal.” Sebastian wanted to make sure Kurt really wanted to go out.

“No, I really would like to go out.  I have to do eventually. I mean, I’m not planning on staying at home the rest of my life.  Especially not in New York.” Kurt hoped everyone understood that he did want to go, but would need some support.  “I’m not going to let Blaine stop me from having fun at a club.”

Sebastian squeezed his hand, “As long as you’re sure.”  He glanced in the rear view mirror, “What about you guys?  Do you have plans, or do you want to go with us somewhere?”

“I would love to go out.”  Jeff looked at Nick.

Nick agreed, “Yeah, I think we could use a night out on the town.  Now it’s just a matter of where to go.”

“I’m sure Columbus has some more accepting clubs.  Don’t you think?” Jeff asked.
“Let’s look.”  Nick pulled out his phone and looked up some LQGBT friendly clubs.

“Make sure it’s for 18 years old and up.  No fake ID’s this time.” Sebastian said. He still had a pang of guilt about that.  

Nick nodded and continued to look.  “Looks like Axis Nightclub is having a New Year’s party.  It says it’s a dance club/gay bar. 18+ too.”

“Does it have a good rating?  I don’t want to go to a dive.”  Kurt had a worried look on his face.

“Yeah, it does.  Four out of five stars.”  Nick answered.

“Why don’t we see if Puck and Sugar want to go?”  Kurt asked.

“What about Finn and Rachel?”  Jeff asked.

“Clubs aren’t exactly Finn’s scene, but we can ask.”  Kurt said.

“We could see if Chris wants to go.  He’s texted a couple of times, seeing if we wanted to do something soon.”  Sebastian glanced away from the road for a second to look at Kurt.

“I think that would be really nice.  I think he needs it.” Kurt said.

“Wait.  Who is Chris?”  Jeff asked.

“He’s the cheerleader from Urbana who was flirting with Kurt at the last competition.”  Sebastian said and smiled. Kurt turned to Nick and Jeff and rolled his eyes.

“I remember that guy.  He asked about the song.  You’ve been texting him, Seb?  How did this all happen?” Nick was curious.  He couldn’t imagine Sebastian being okay with this.

“Well, we ran into him the day we went Christmas shopping.  Karofsky was there and Chris distracted him as we snuck by unnoticed.  We sat and talked for awhile after. He’s a nice guy. A flirt… But he knows Kurt is off limits.  I think he’ll be respectful of that. I think he could use some friends, actually. He has my number, and Puck’s too, so he’s been texting.”

“Well, that would be nice, then,”  Jeff smiled.

“He wanted Bas to fix him up with a Dalton boy.” Kurt giggled.

“I told him I didn’t know who was gay, besides you guys.”  Seb replied.

“Well, there are a few guys.  I’ll have to think about who would be a good fit after I meet him.”  Jeff replied.

“Let’s invite Santana and Brittany too.  They would appreciate going somewhere they could be together and not have to hide it.”

“Sure, Babe.  Whoever you want, as long as they’re 18.”




After some planning, the group going to Axis Nightclub was Kurt, Sebastian, Nick, Jeff, Puck, Sugar, Santana, Brittany, and Chris.   Everyone met at the Smythe’s house. They would be spending the night there when they returned from the club.

Chris was super excited to go with the group. He was floored when he pulled into the Smythe’s driveway.  He had never been to house so big. He suddenly got a little nervous. He rang the doorbell, took a deep breathe, and waited.  

Sebastian opened the door with a smile, “Hey, Chris!  You look nice.”

Chris blushed a little, “Thanks.”  He was wearing tight black skinny jeans, and a deep orange button up shirt that complimented his skin tone nicely.  “You do too.”

“Thanks.  Come on in.  Everyone is in the living room.  I’ll introduce you to everyone you haven’t met yet.”

Chris stepped inside and his eyes widened, “Wow, Sebastian.  Your home is beautiful.”

Seb smiled, “Thanks. It’s been in the family for years.”

They walked into the living room where everyone was gathered on the couches and floor. Kurt looked up, seeing Chris come in with Sebastian, and he smiled.

“Everyone, this is our new friend, Chris,”  Sebastian began gesturing to everyone, “Over in the kitchen are my parents, Robert and Tori Smythe.”  They waved and smiled to Chris.

“Welcome, Chris.” Tori called as she smiled.  Robert said, “It’s nice to meet you, Chris. Make yourself at home whenever you’re here.”

“Thank you.”  Chris smiled. It was nice to know that Sebastian’s parents were so accepting.

“You’ve met Puck and Sugar.”  Sugar said hello and Puck nodded.

“Hey.”  Chris grinned.  

Sebastian pointed to Nick and Jeff, “This is my roommate, Nick.  Next to him is his boyfriend, Jeff. Sometimes we call them Niff.  They’re pretty inseparable.” Sebastian chuckled.

“It’s nice to meet you.”  Chris smiled, hoping he was doing okay at meeting Kurt and Sebastian’s family.  Nick and Jeff greeted him in return.

“These lovely ladies are Santana and Brittany.  I believe you may have met. Sort of. They are on the Cheerios with Kurt.”

“What’s up, hot stuff.”  Santana said with a wicked grin.  

“Is he a dolphin too?”  Brittany asked, not so quietly.  Robert and Tori tried really hard not to laugh.  Chris smiled and waved, but then looked at Kurt, questioning what Brittany said.  

Kurt got up and gave Chris a quick hug and whispered, “Dolphins are gay sharks.  Just go with it.” In a normal voice, he added, “It’s good to see you again. You look great.”

Chris nodded, “Thanks, Kurt.  So do you.”

Everyone looked great.  Kurt and Sugar wore the same outfits that they had worn on Halloween, but Sugar went without the big hair.  Sebastian wore black skinny jeans and a tight green short sleeve button up shirt. Puck was wearing ass hugging jeans and a tight deep red v-neck t-shirt that showed off his muscles nicely.  Nick and Jeff were both wearing Skinny jeans and button up shirts. Brittany was wearing a short black mini-skirt with a blue crop top. Santana wore an off the shoulder tight, short, dress in red.  Red really was her color.

Sebastian looked at Chris, “Have you eaten?  Mom and Dad are insisting on feeding us before we go.”

“Um, I ate a little.  I can always eat, though.”  

“Dinner’s ready.  Just come in, grab a plate, and make your way down the line,”  Tori announced.

Everyone got up and headed to the kitchen, and then made their way to the table.  Chris sat in between Puck and Brittany.

He looked over at Nick and Jeff, who were sitting across from him, “So how long have you two been together?”

Nick smiled, “Three years.  But we’ve been friends a lot longer.”  

Chris raised his eyebrows, “Wow, that’s a long time for people in high school.”

“It is.  But it was meant to be.”  Jeff said with a smile and a shrug of his shoulders.

“So you met everyone here because you’re Sebastian’s roommate?”  he asked, looking at Nick.

“No, actually, I met Kurt when he went to Dalton last school year.  He was my roommate then, and he and Jeff and I were all in the Warblers together.  I met Sebastian when he became my roommate this year, since Kurt went back to McKinley.  And then we met everyone else through Kurt.” Nick smiled at the thoughtful look on Chris’ face.

“I have so many questions….”  Chris said, and everyone chuckled.  

“Go ahead and ask,”  Kurt smiled.

“First, what’s a ‘warbler’?”

Jeff answered, “It’s an a capella singing group at Dalton Academy.  Nick, Seb, and I are in it now, and Kurt was in it when he was with us last year.”

“We all sing.  I’m in the Glee Club at McKinley, and so are Puck, Sugar, Brittany, and Santana,”  Kurt smiled.

Chris said, “I knew the three of you could sing, but I didn’t know about the Glee Club and Warblers.  I can’t sing…”

“That’s alright.  But if you come to the next competition, you have to choose who you’re going to cheer for, since we’re likely going to compete against each other,”  Sebastian winked.

Chris laughed, “Too much pressure.”  Everyone chuckled. Chris looked at Kurt, “Okay, so it was just a coincidence that you and Sebastian met?  I mean, you both knew Nick and Jeff, but you said you met at the coffee shop.”

Kurt looked at Sebastian and grinned, and then back to Chris, “Yep. I didn’t know he was Nick’s roommate until the next day when Jeff and I went shopping.  Jeff was telling me that Nick had a new roommate that moved from Paris, and I put two and two together since Bas and I had already learned the basics about each other.”

Chris looked at Sebastian, “Paris?  As in France?”

Sebastian nodded, “Yeah, Mom’s family is from there.  Mom and Leah and I lived there for three years while Mom took care of her sister who was sick.”

Chris nodded, “Wow.”  He knew not to ask about the aunt, but that reminded him about Leah, “Speaking of Leah, where is she tonight?”

Sebastian answered, “She’s in Lima.  She’s going to a party and spending the night at Rachel’s house.  Rachel is also in Glee, and she’s Kurt’s step-brother’s girlfriend.  A bunch of them either didn’t want to go out, or they weren’t old enough, so Rachel is having them all over to her place.”

“So this ‘family’ thing wasn’t just made up, huh?  I mean, you’re little sister is friends with all of Kurt’s friends too?”

“We all accept each other and support each other.  That includes the people we care about, like friends and family.  Leah is our friend, just as much as Sebastian. We just see Sebastian more because he lives closer and he’s Kurt’s boyfriend, and Leah goes to school in Indiana.  It’s no longer ‘Kurt’s friends’ or ‘Seb’s friends’. We are all friends with each other. No limits.” Puck answered.

Robert and Tori and were sitting at the kitchen island, hearing everything the kids were saying.  It warmed their hearts to hear. They were so grateful for this group of kids.


After dinner, Kurt said, “Give me five minutes, I want to put my face on.”

“Alright, Babe.  Take your time,” Sebastian said as he leaned down and gave Kurt a kiss on the cheek.  

Everyone was gathered around in the living room again.  As soon as Kurt was out of the room and up the stairs, Sebastian turned to Chris, “So here’s the deal, Chris.  We told you before that Kurt has been through hell, we just didn’t tell you what kind. I won’t go into detail without Kurt’s permission, but I will tell you that something really bad happened the last time some of us went out dancing at the beginning of the school year.  This is the first time he’s been out dancing since then. If you think we’re protective of him at a mall, you haven’t seen anything yet. He’s nervous about it. And honestly, I am too. So we’re all going to keep an eye on him, while still letting him have his freedom and fun.  Are you in?” Robert watched and listened from his seat and grinned from ear to ear.

Chris didn’t hesitate, “Of course.”

“Okay, good.  No one touches him but us,” Sebastian said, gesturing to the room.  “I told you he was off limits, but if he wants to dance with you, or anyone else in this room tonight, that’s fine.  But strangers are a firm NO. If he initiates it, then we’ll see, but I doubt he will. He’s too nervous.”

“I understand,”  Chris said. He was a little intimidated.

Kurt came back down with his hair perfectly messed and his eyes perfectly lined.  Sebastian was pretty sure he heard Chris say ‘wow’ under his breath at the sight of him.  He couldn’t agree more. Kurt looked so hot like that.

“Mmm, Baby, you look hot,”  Sebastian said, making his way to Kurt and then kissed him.

“Thanks, Bas.  Is everyone ready?”

“I think we need to go over a few things first,”  Puck said.

Kurt made a questioning face, and then sat, “Okay.”

Puck addressed the entire group, “We stick together as much as possible.  No one leaves the building without one of us with you, but really no one should leave the building until it’s time to come home.  No one goes to the bathroom alone, including the guys. And no one leaves a drink unattended,” Puck paused and looked at Sebastian, “Did I forget anything?”

Sebastian answered, “Since no one is drinking alcohol, I think you covered it.  Just keep an eye on each other. Everyone ready?”

Everyone nodded and headed outside to the cars after saying thank you and ‘Happy New Year’ to Robert and Tori.  As soon as they left, Robert turned to Tori, “God, I love those kids. Can you imagine Seb’s ‘friends’ in Paris having a talk like that?”

“No I can’t.  I don’t think any of them would have even stayed for dinner, much less spent the night.  Seb has real friends now. Ones that most people long for their entire lives. He and Leah are very lucky.  And it’s all because of Kurt… My future son-in-law.” She winked at Robert. She knew how he wanted the boys to wait several years to get engaged and married, so she liked to bring it up whenever she could, just aggravate him.

Robert just rolled his eyes lovingly at her. “He’s my future son-in-law too.  But not for a long while.”

“Uh-huh”  is all she would say.


They parked in a lot down the street from Axis Nightclub.  When they were walking down the street, Sebastian could feel Kurt tense.  He wrapped his arm around him, “I’ve got you, Babe. It will be fun.”

“I know, Bas.  Thank you.”

They passed the bouncer at the door on the way to the end of the line.

“Hey!”  The bouncer called.

Puck turned around, “Us?”

“Yeah.  You all together?”

“Yeah, we are,”  Puck answered as the group stopped to see what was going on.

“Come on in.  Skip the line.”

“Thanks, man,”  Puck said.

They all turned to walk in the club.  There were a few grumbles from people standing in line, but most understood.  It was typical for a group of good looking people to be able to skip the line.  The better looking the crowd, the more people want to come back later.

The club was already getting crowded, and the dance floor was thumping with the bass of the music and bodies of all genders, shapes, and ages.  There was a lounge area with some couches, booths, and tables. Two bars flanked the dance floor. It was nothing like Scandals, and although Kurt didn’t have a problem with Scandals itself, the difference did bring him a bit of comfort.

“Let’s go!,”  Santana yelled, throwing her arms up in the air as she strut to dance floor with Brittany in tow.  Santana immediately began dancing up against Brittany.

“Oh,”  Chris said, watching them for a minute.

“Yeah.  They’re together,”  Sebastian said, clapping Chris on the back.  “Let’s join them!”

Sebastian, not letting go of Kurt’s hand, began making his way through the crowd.  Kurt quickly turned and grabbed Chris’ hand, pulling him with them.

Their group took up their own little section of the dance floor, and they all enjoyed dancing the rhythms of the songs being played.  No one couple stuck together too closely. Everyone danced with each other, making the night truly about being with friends.

It didn’t take long for their group to attract attention from outsiders.  Santana glared daggers at anyone who approached her or Brittany. At one point, she even had to glare down a woman who had her sights set on Sugar.  Everyone in their group was approached within the first hour or so.

A large muscled man was watching Kurt for a few minutes as he danced near Puck.  He strode over without taking his eyes off Kurt and began dancing, inching his way toward the back of Kurt.  Puck reached around Kurt’s waist, tugged him as close as humanly possible and whipped him around so that he was in between Kurt and the imposer.  He held him close and continued to dance.

Kurt giggled and whispered in his ear, “Noah.  I thought you were straight. What will Sugar think?”

Puck smiled, “Honestly, she’d probably want to join us.”  Kurt laughed, throwing his head back.

Sebastian had been dancing with Brittany, and watched the entire event unfold.  He couldn’t help but smile. Puck was keeping Kurt safe, and Kurt was enjoying himself.  It was just what they needed.

After a couple of hours of dancing, they headed to the bar for some drinks.  Chris set his down on the bar and then turned to talk to a guy who had tapped him on the shoulder.  After a few minutes, Chris turned back around and grabbed his drink. It was almost to his lips when Sebastian grabbed it.

“Nope.  I’ll buy you another one,”  Sebastian said over the music.

Chris was frowning at him, “Why?”  He chuckled, “Are you stealing my drink?”

Sebastian shook his head, “Nah, but you weren’t paying attention.  You set this down and turned your back. And don’t look now, but there are a couple of guys who used to be standing next to you, but are now at the end of the bar watching us. I wouldn’t be surprised if they put something in this.”  Seb reached and put it as far away as he could. He waved the bartender over, “Another Coke for my friend. I would pitch this one.”  He gestured toward the abandoned drink and the bartender nodded as he got Chris another Coke.

“Thanks, Seb,”  Chris said quietly.  He was kind of embarrassed.  They had even discussed this, and he still made the mistake.

Sebastian clapped him on the back, “No problem, man.  I told you, we look out for each other.”

“Yeah, you do.”  Chris smiled.

“Let’s get back to the group.”  Sebastian winked.


When they got back to the group, their friends had actually found and couch and a large chair.  Everyone was sitting on each other or the arms of the furniture. Sebastian went to Kurt, who stood so he could sit on Sebastian’s lap.  Sebastian sat and wrapped his arms around Kurt and whispered in his ear. “Maybe this is bad idea, since every gay man in this place seems to want to get their hands on you.  You are so fucking sexy, Baby. The way you move those hips should be illegal.”

“Mmm, I’m not the only one they seem to want.  There have been quite a few guys after you too.  And the other guys for that matter.” Kurt kissed Sebastian on the cheek.  

“I only have eyes for you, Babe.”

“I love you, Bas.”

“Love you too, Baby.  So much.” He squeezed Kurt around the waist and pulled him close. Kurt rested his head on Sebastian’s shoulder while Seb ran his hands up and down Kurt’s arm.


After some time resting, they decided to head to the dance floor.  They only had about a half an hour before the clock struck midnight, sending them into the new year.  Kurt was cracking up at Santana and Brittany who seemed to love making a Sebastian sandwich. Sebastian was being a good sport and dancing right along with them.  

Kurt and Chris were dancing together when Kurt said he needed to use the restroom.  Chris said he would go with him, and they made their way through the crowd, with Chris in the lead.  It was a tight squeeze, so Chris turned and grabbed Kurt’s hand. They finally reached the restroom and went inside.  

Back on the dance floor, Sebastian turned and didn’t see Kurt.  “Where is Kurt?” he asked Brittany, who was dancing in front of him.

“Don’t know, Sebby,”  She said.

Sebastian stepped out from between the girls and went to Nick and Jeff, “Have you seen Kurt?”

Jeff smiled, “No worries.  He’s with Chris. They went that way,”  He pointed past the bar, “Probably to the restroom.”

Sebastian nodded and headed that way.  Puck saw him headed off by himself and took Sugar to Santana and Brittany so he could go with Sebastian.  He caught up quickly.

“Where are you going by yourself?”  Puck asked.

Sebastian rolled his eyes, “I’m going to find Kurt.”

“Isn’t he with Chris?”

“Yeah,”  Sebastian said.

They practically ran into Kurt and Chris when they got to the restroom.  Chris was holding Kurt’s hand and walking toward the crowd.

“There you are, Babe.”  Sebastian said.

“I’m fine, Bas.  I just needed to use the restroom.  Chris went with me.”

Chris let go of Kurt’s hand and grinned.  Sebastian wrapped his arm around Kurt’s waist.  “Alright, Babe. I’m just checking on you.”

Kurt kissed his cheek, “You worry too much, Bas.”

He smiled, “Nope.  I worry just the right amount.”

“Mmh Hmm.”  Kurt winked at him.

Chris thought it was sweet, but at the same time he was a bit hurt that Sebastian didn’t trust that he could make sure Kurt stayed safe.  

Sebastian nodded to Chris, “Thanks, Chris.”  

That made Chris feel better, but Sebastian still felt the need to come looking for Kurt.  Did he really not trust him? Chris simply nodded and grinned in return. As they walked back to the dance floor, Puck clapped Chris on the shoulder and shrugged, trying to communicate to just let it go.


Soon, the deejay announced five minutes until midnight.  There was an employee passing out hats, headbands, and horns.  Everyone chose one and put them on. Kurt pulled out his phone and took a group selfie.  He suddenly wished he had taken more pictures throughout the night.

When the countdown at one minute began, everyone gathered in closely, so they didn’t lose each other.  

Sebastian held Kurt closely and whispered in his ear, “I’m so happy this year brought me you.  I can’t wait to see what the new year brings us.”

Kurt smiled, “Me too, Bas.  I am so lucky to have you in my life.  This year is going to one big adventure for both of us.  I’m so glad I get to share it with you. I love you.”

Sebastian kissed him softly, “I love you, too, Baby.”  He placed his hand on Kurt’s cheek and stroked him with his thumb.  He felt so lucky.

Everyone began yelling, “10! 9! 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1!  Happy New Year!!!!”

Sebastian and Kurt wrapped their arms around each other and kissed so passionately that the world around them faded away.  Sebastian was was holding Kurt’s jaw with his fingers thread through his hair behind his ears. Kurt’s hands were rubbing up Sebastian’s back, pulling him closer, even though that was impossible.

Puck and Sugar hold each other close and kissed as the clock struck midnight.  Puck leaned back after the kiss, ran his fingers down Sugar’s face, looked her in the eye and said, “I love you, Sugar.”

Sugar sucked in a breath and her eyes widened slightly for a split second before the smile on her face grew impossibly huge.  She jumped in his arms, “I love you, too, Puck!! SO much!”

Puck smiled ear to ear.  He had never told a girl he loved them before.  He knew the moment she said it back that he would do anything to keep her forever.  

Nick and Jeff kissed, but when they pulled away, the both leaned over and kissed Chris on the cheek.  Chris smiled and thanked them. Santana and Brittany were practically making out on the dance floor. Once everyone had kissed their significant other, they all hugged and kissed each other, wishing each other a ‘Happy New Year’.  

Sugar pulled Kurt further onto the dance floor and wrapped her arms around him.  They danced like that for a couple of songs, and then she leaned in and said, “Puck told me he loves me.”

Kurt’s eyebrows shot straight up and his face lit up, “Oh my god, it’s about time!”  He hugged her tight.

“Right?  I am so happy, Angel. And you’re happy, and Nick and Jeffie are happy, and Brittany and Santana are happy, and Finn and Rachel, and -”

“I get it, Sugar!  Everyone is happy.”  Kurt laughed.

“Yeah, but you don’t get it.  Last year, you weren’t happy. And now you are.  Me too. This is big, Angel.”

“I know, Sugar,”  Kurt smiled and leaned down and kissed her on the cheek, “And I love you, too, ya know.”

She smiled, “I love you, Angel.  It’s going to be a great year.”

“Yes it is.”


Kurt and Sebastian were on the dance floor in each other arms.  Kurt looked out into the throng of people and saw the back of a shorter man with black gelled hair pass through the crowd.  Suddenly Kurt sucked in a breath and stiffened. Sebastian leaned back to look at Kurt, “What’s wrong, Babe?”

“B-Blaine,”  Kurt whispered.  He was frozen in his spot.

“What?  Did you say ‘Blaine’?  Babe, that’s not possible.  It’s just someone who looks like him,”  Sebastian said as he ran his hands up and down Kurt’s arms.  He couldn’t see who Kurt was talking about, but he knew it was impossible that it would be Anderson.

Kurt continued to scan the room and shook his head, “Yeah,”  he whispered, “Yeah, you’re right.”

“Hey.  Are you ready to head home?”

Kurt looked up at Sebastian and nodded his head, “Is that okay?”

“Sure.  We can let everyone know that we’re going.  They can stay if they aren’t ready to go home yet.”  Sebastian wrapped his arm around Kurt, and they went over to the rest of the group.

Sebastian grabbed Puck’s arm, “Hey, we’re going to head out.  If you guys want to stay, just text me when you get to the house, and I’ll come let you in.”

Puck glanced at Kurt.  He was stiff and holding on to Seb’s arm like his life depended on it.  “I’ll check with everyone else, but I’m ready,” he looked at Kurt again, “You okay, Princess?”  Kurt just nodded, but his eyes continued to roam the room.

Nick came over, “Hey guys, what’s up?”

“We’re headed home.  You can stay if you want,”  Sebastian said.

Nick and Puck asked around, and everyone was ready to head out.

“Hells yeah, my feet are killing me!”  Santana said. She saw the look on Kurt’s face.

They made sure they had everyone and headed outside to the street.  They made their way down the street, but Kurt became slower and slower, until finally he stopped.

“Babe, you’re shaking.  What’s the matter?” Sebastian asked softly as he wrapped his arms around Kurt, “Are you cold?”

Kurt was looking at the parking lot with wide eyes, that were sweeping over the street and the parking lot.  Sebastian understood. “Do you want me to go get the car? You can stay here with Puck and the guys?” Kurt nodded ‘yes’.  

“Puck!”  Sebastian called.  Puck quickly came over to where they were standing.  “Stay with Kurt. I’m going to get the car.”

“Absolutely.  Come here, Princess.”  Puck grabbed Kurt and held him close.  Everyone else gathered close. “It’s okay, Kurt.  Seb is getting the car. He’ll be right back.”

Kurt continued to shake and a tear fell silently down his cheek.  He still hadn’t said a word.

“You’re shaking, Princess.  I’ve got you. Nothing bad is going to happen.  I promise.” Puck had wrapped his arms around Kurt and was rubbing his back.  

Sugar put her hand on his shoulder, “Seb is pulling out of the lot now, Angel.”

Chris was watching everything.  He stuck close to Nick and Jeff.  He didn’t know what Kurt had been through, but it must have been bad.  Kurt’s reaction was scaring him. He was so worried.

Sebastian pulled up at the curb.  

“Here you go, Princess.”  Puck walked him over the the car.  Nick opened the door to the corvette, and Kurt didn’t let go of Puck until he was sitting in the car.  Puck reached over and grabbed the seat belt, buckling Kurt in.

Sebastian reached over and held Kurt the best he could.  “We’re headed home, Baby. It’s okay.”


One the way back to the house the group was very quiet.  Finally, Chris said, “Can someone please tell me what is going on?  What happened to Kurt?”

Jeff looked around, “I think it would be okay with Kurt if Chris knew.  We should tell him.”

“I agree.”  Sugar said.

Nick began, “Alright.  Where do I even start?”

“Karofsky.  He knows a little about him,”  Puck answered.

“Okay,”  Nick continued, “So, Kurt was bullied at McKinley by a bunch of jocks.  Mostly lead by Dave Karofsky. We’re talking locker shoves, dumpster tosses, slushies to the face.  He was covered in bruises. He confronted Dave one day, but unfortunately, they were alone. Dave turned out to be a closeted gay.  He forced a kiss on Kurt.” Chis sighed. Little did he know where this was headed. Nick continued, “So Dave freaked out. The physical bullying got worse, and he ended up threatening to kill Kurt.”

“Oh my God.”  Chris said.

“Just wait, hot stuff.  It gets worse,” Santana deadpanned.

“Puck accidently walked in on Kurt when he was undressing for the shower one day and saw all of the bruises.  That’s when Puck and Kurt’s brothers, Finn and Sam started keeping an eye on Kurt at school. They took care of some of the bullying, but Dave didn’t ease up, and Kurt was terrified.  His dad found out, and sent him to Dalton.

At Dalton, he met Blaine.  Blaine seemed perfect at first.  But things slowly started to get worse.  Blaine didn’t expect Kurt to be suck a spitfire, and it caused friction when Kurt didn’t do what Blaine wanted.  He tried to manipulate Kurt a lot. They weren’t doing well relationship wise when Kurt met Sebastian.”

“At the coffee shop because of Karofsky?”  Chris asked.

“Yeah,”  Nick said, “Karofsky came in after Puck, Mike, and Kurt’s brothers left for football.  Kurt stayed to read, and he was alone. He had decided to go back to McKinley for a few reasons.  To put space between he and Blaine, to spend time with friends, since that was an issue with Blaine, to not have to wear a uniform,”  everyone chuckled, “and because Karofsky had transferred schools. So when he saw him at Lima Bean, he freaked out. He started to go to the bathroom to avoid him when Dave spotted him.  Seb was sitting there and Kurt asked if he could join him, which of course, Seb agreed to. Dave apologized and Kurt forgave him.”


“He forgives too easily,”  Santana said.

“Yeah, so, the next day when Kurt pieced it all together that Sebastian is my roommate, we all decided to go out dancing.  Sebastian got us fake IDs... which he still feels guilty about, so don’t bring it up… and we went to a little gay bar called Scandals.  It was Jeff and I, Sebastian, and Blaine and Kurt. We had a good time. We sang karaoke, danced… But Blaine drank… Or at least we thought he did.  He was acting drunk, so Kurt went to take him home….” Nick paused, trying to control his emotions.

Puck took over, “The fucker tried to rape Princess, right there in the parking lot.  Beat the shit out of him. Knocked him unconscious at one point, gave him a concussion.  Seb went outside to take a break, get some air, and he heard Blaine yelling at Kurt. He ran over and the fucker was on top of him and he was awake, but struggling big time.  Blaine had him pinned, with his hand down his pants. It was bad. Well, Seb lost his shit, thankfully, and knocked Blaine out. Broke his hand on his face.”

Jeff said, “Seb called us from the parking lot, told us to call 911.  We ran outside and found Seb on the ground holding Kurt. Blaine was laying there unconscious.  It was horrible. Kurt was almost unrecognizable. He was so beat up. Clothes ripped open.”

“Oh my god.”  Chris whispered.  He and Brittany both had tears running down their cheeks.  How could someone do something like that to someone as sweet as Kurt?

“It actually gets worse,”  Sugar said, sadly. “Dave was there at the bar.  They talked and were friendly. He followed Nick and Jeff out and saw everything.  He’s actually the one who called 911. The good thing that came of it all was that Seb and Angel got together.  They’ve been inseparable since that night. Really, we all knew from the day they met. They’re ‘it’, ya know?” Chris shook his head that he understood.  He could see it too. Sugar continued, “Anyway, Dave became jealous of Seb. He apparently had a crush on Angel. He started spying on them both. Stalked them.  They got freaked out by it. Kurt even had a night terror one night because of feeling like he was being watched. Well, one night, after a coffee date with Seb, Angel came home actually saw someone watching from the neighbors yard.  He ran inside. Sam stayed with him and Finn and Puck chased the guy. It was Dave. They caught him and Finn punched him pretty good and brought him back to the house. Seb had come back right way, just in time to see Angel faint, seeing that it was Dave and all. He had flashbacks of what Dave put him through, and couldn’t take it. They police were called, and the boys got restraining orders against him.”

“So, what happened to Blaine?”

Nick answered, “Well, Seb’s dad a state's attorney, and Kurt’s dad is a congressman.  Needless to say, they had a good lawyer. But with the photographs of Kurt’s injuries and testimonies, he didn’t stand much of a chance, regardless.  The trial was painful, but Blaine lost his temper in court and showed his true colors. He was tried as an adult and got five years in prison.”

“Thank God,”  Chris said. “I understand why you are all so protective of him.”

“We’re protective of everyone in our family,”  Puck said. “We had to rescue Leah from an asshole awhile ago too.  Luckily, he didn’t get anywhere with her but scaring her a few times. He and his buddy roughed Kurt up though.  Since they couldn’t get to Leah or Seb, they thought they’d mess with the person Seb loves the most. Fuckers are still paying for that one.”  

“What do you mean?”

Santana answered, “Oh, the Cheerios and I made sure the one guy never got any pussy again.  He suddenly had a small dick and herpes, if you know what I mean. He trips a lot in school.  Falls into lockers too. I don’t know what his deal is.” She grinned an evil smile that strangely made Chris smirk.

“Just like his buddy, apparently.  Something must be wrong with his car, though, because it is constantly getting flat tires.  Like, constantly,” Santana grinned, “And oddly enough, Dave is the one who figured it all out.  One of the guys goes to his school and was bragging about it.”

“Shit, you really are like the MOB.  I know I’ve said it before, but really…” Chris said.  “I mean, it’s nice. Scary, but nice.”

“It’s only scary if you’re on the wrong side of things,”  Puck said.

“True,”  Chris agreed.  He was silent for a few minutes then asked, “So why did Sebastian not trust me taking Kurt to the restroom?  Am I too new?”

“Look,”  Jeff said, “It’s not that he doesn’t like you.  If he didn’t, you wouldn’t be here. But you have to remember that all the hell Kurt has been through has been by the hands of people who knew him.  Some even claimed to love him.  He trusts us with him, but honestly, when it comes to a place like a club, the only person he would probably feel safe letting take Kurt off somewhere would be Puck.  Puck is as fiercely protective of Kurt, and Seb knows it, and trusts it. Plus he can hold his own in a fight. Don’t take it personally.”

Chapter Text


Kurt had been fine at the club.  They danced and had a good time. Everything was fun until Kurt saw the man in the crowd that looked like Blaine.  He couldn’t see his face, so his mind went straight to thinking that it was him, even if that wasn’t rational. Approaching the parking lot after seeing the man who reminded him of his ex was a bit too much.  The night of the assault came rushing back to him. The fear. The pain. The struggle.

They had only been driving for about 10 minutes when Seb couldn’t take it anymore.  Kurt had been shaking, wouldn’t talk, wouldn’t open his eyes, and he looked like he was lost in his head.  He had been holding Kurt’s hand, rubbing his leg, but nothing was soothing Kurt at all. He called Puck.

“Puck, we’re getting off the highway.  Nick and Jeff can take my car, we’re riding with you.  I need to get closer to him, and I can’t while I’m driving.”  

“You got it,”  Puck answered.

Puck hung up the phone and without taking his eyes off the road, he said, “Nick, you’re driving Seb’s car with Jeff.  They’re riding with us.”

“Not the reason I was hoping I’d be able to drive his corvette, but okay.  Whatever they need,” Nick answered.

“Angel’s not getting better?” Sugar asked as she put her hand on Puck’s leg.  

“No, he’s not,”  Puck sighed.

They pulled off the highway and into an empty parking lot.  Nick and Jeff hopped out of the car at the same time as Sebastian.  Sebastian made his way around to the passenger side door and opened it.  He leaned in and unbuckled Kurt, who was sitting with his eyes closed, still shaking.  

Sebastian crouched down next to Kurt and put one hand on Kurt’s shoulder and the other on his leg, “Look at me, Babe.”

Kurt didn’t open eyes.  He still seemed to be lost in his head, back at the horrible night.

Sebastian lowered his tone, “Look at me, Kurt.”  Nick and Jeff looked at each other. They knew what Seb was doing, and they hoped it worked.

Kurt’s eyes snapped open.  He slowly moved just his eyes to look at Sebastian.  Sebastian’s heart broke. Kurt’s blue eyes had turned grey-blue, and all Sebastian could see was how lost and  scared his boyfriend was.

Sebastian reached up and put his hands on either side of Kurt’s face, stroking his cheeks with his thumbs, “I’ve got you, Baby.”  Kurt let out a shaky breath. “We’re going to go to your car now. Puck is going to drive us back to my house. Nick and Jeff will take my car.  I need you to get out of the car now, Babe.”


While Sebastian was trying to get Kurt out of the car, Puck looked behind him to Chris, “Chris, I need you to switch seats with Sugar.  Princess is going to need someone more familiar next to him. Sugar’s his best friend.”

“Sure,”  Chris said.  He got out of the car and came around to open the door for Sugar.  

Sugar hopped out, “Thanks, hun.  I hope this doesn’t offend you. You know, it’s not that we don’t want Kurt near you, it’s just he’s going to need someone he feels most safe with.  Nobody better than his boyfriend and best friend. Especially since I’m a girl. No girl has ever hurt him.”

“I understand.  It’s fine. Really.  I just want what’s best for him too.  I hope soon, he will know that about me, like he does about all of you.”  Chris smiled a small, soft smile.

Sugar returned the smile, leaned in and kissed Chris on the cheek.  “I hope so too.”


“Kurt, I need you to get out of the car,”  Sebastian repeated, once again lowering his tone.

Kurt looked at Sebastian, tears in his eyes, “S-Sir…” he quietly whispered, “I…I...”

Sebastian didn’t hesitate, “Okay, Baby.  I’ve got you.” Sebastian grabbed Kurt’s arm and wrapped it around his shoulder, “Hold on to me, Babe.”

“Y-Yes, Sir,”  Kurt whispered so softly that Sebastian barely heard him.  

Sebastian picked Kurt up bridal style and carried him over to the Navigator. “You’re doing a good job for me, Babe.”  Kurt had his head buried in Sebastian’s neck, and his eyes closed. Chris saw them coming and jumped out to open the door for them.  Sebastian nodded to him.

“I’m going to set you down next to Sugar, Babe.  I’m getting in right behind you.” Sebastian leaned into the car as much as he could to get Kurt into the middle of the seat.  Kurt let go of his neck just enough to allow him to climb in behind him. Once he was in, Chris shut the door behind him, and climbed back into the front seat.  Sebastian picked Kurt up and set him in his lap, holding him close. Without saying a word, Puck began driving and Nick and Jeff followed behind.

Sebastian was stroking Kurt’s hair and holding him close.

Kurt whispered, “Sing to me, Sir?”

“Of course,”  Sebastian said.  He began singing ‘You’re Gonna Be Okay’ by Jen Johnson, just like he had the night before the trial.  

Chris sat and listened to the words of the song.  He couldn’t help but think that Kurt was very lucky to have such a caring boyfriend and friends.  He longed for something similar in his own life, although he didn’t want to get it in the same terrible way that Kurt had.  


Once they pulled into the driveway of the Smythe home, Sebastian rubbed Kurt’s back, “We’re home, Babe.  Do you think you can get out on your own?” Kurt nodded. Puck parked, with Nick parking next to them. Before they knew it, Nick was opening the back door of the Navigator.  He offered his hand to help Kurt climb off of Sebastian’s lap and out of the car. Kurt sat still for a few seconds, but when Sebastian whispered, “Go ahead,” Kurt accepted Nick’s hand and climbed out of the Navigator.  Sebastian wasn’t sure if that was because Kurt needed his Dom, was too scared, or if it was because Kurt was still a bit spaced out.

When Seb was out of the car, he wrapped his arm around Kurt’s waist and lead everyone to the front door.  Once inside and in the living room, Sebastian said, “I can show everyone to their rooms in a minute.”

Kurt squeezed his hand, so Seb turned to look at him.  Kurt whispered, “Please, Sir. I need them close.”

“First, we take care of you.  Then, they can join us if that is what you still want,” Sebastian said quietly.  He turned back to everyone, “I’m going to go take care of getting Kurt settled, then I’ll be back to get everyone else situated.”  He looked to Puck, Nick, and Jeff, hoping they understood what he meant so that they could ease any other concerns while he was with Kurt.  Puck nodded and they all went to rest on the couches.

Sebastian took Kurt by the hand and lead him upstairs to his bedroom.  “Go get in the shower. When you are out, dry off, get dressed for bed, and then I want you kneeling  and waiting for me.”

“Yes, Sir,”  Kurt said. He paused and then squeezed Seb’s hand, “Thank you, Sir.”

Sebastian pressed his forehead to Kurt’s, “Anything for you, Babe.  Now go.”

Kurt turned and went into Sebastian’s bathroom.  As soon as Seb heard the water running, he returned to the living room.  Everyone turned to look at him, “Kurt’s in the shower now. He wants everyone close to him, if that’s okay with you all.  It will mean most of you will be sleeping on the floor.”

“That’s fine with us,”  Santana said.

“Whatever he needs,”  Chris added.

“Okay.  So all of the rooms upstairs are bedrooms with a bathroom.  Mine is the one at the end of the hall. If you plan on showering tonight instead of the morning, just pick a room other than mine.  Towels are under the sinks in all the bathrooms. All of the bathrooms have the basic necessities, but if you need something more, you’ll probably find it in Leah’s bathroom.  She won’t mind. Kurt and I are going to need a few minutes after he gets out of the shower. If the door is open, come on in. If it’s closed, please wait.”

“You got it.  Go take care of Kurt.  We’ll figure things out if we need to,”  Puck said.

“Thanks,”  Sebastian responded on his way out of the room.  “Feel free to raid the fridge too!”


Sebastian showered in one of the guest rooms upstairs as quickly as he could.  Once he was out and dressed, he went into his bedroom. Kurt was already out of the shower, dressed in pajama pants and one of Sebastian’s Dalton t-shirts that he ‘borrowed’.  He was kneeling at the end of the bed, head down, hands behind his back. Kurt couldn’t help but think that kneeling for Sebastian like he had been was exactly what he needed. Even if kneeling was all he did.

“Thank you, Kurt,”  Sebastian said as approached his beautiful boyfriend.  He ran his fingers through Kurt’s hair. Kurt leaned into the touch.  “Stand.”

“Yes, Sir.”  Kurt stood. Head still bowed and hands behind his back.  

Sebastian ran his hand down Kurt’s face, neck, shoulders and arms.  “Tell me what you need.”

There was a long pause, “I don’t know, Sir.”  Tears filled Kurt’s eyes. “I need to forget, but I can’t.  It’s impossible, Sir. I don’t know. I’m lost….again.” A tear fell as Kurt spoke, and it broke  Sebastian’s heart.

“You’re right.  It is impossible.  It hasn’t been that long, Kurt.  It has only been a little over a month since the trial.  Nobody expects you to forget, and nobody expects you to be over it.  You’ve been doing an amazing so far, Babe.” Sebastian wiped away a tear from Kurt’s cheek and paused for a minute, “I want you to see a counselor of some sort.”  

Kurt nodded, “Yes, Sir.”  He knew that was probably going to be what was for the best.  

“Are you ready for everyone to come in?  Is that what you still want?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Okay.  Go ahead and get in bed.  I’ll open the door so everyone knows that they can come in.”

“Yes, Sir,”  Kurt looked up at Sebastian, “Thank you.”

Sebastian put his hands on Kurt’s face, “I love you, Kurt.  I will always be here to help you.  Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.  I love you, too.  More than anything.”  Sebastian kissed him gently.  They held each other for a few minutes before Kurt climbed into bed, and Sebastian opened his door.  


A little while later, Sugar, Puck, and Chris came into the bedroom.  “Feeling better, Angel?”

Kurt nodded, “Yeah.”  He held out his arms, and Sugar climbed into bed and cuddled with Kurt.  Puck climbed in behind her and snuggled up too. He reached around her and put his hand on Kurt’s arm, “Glad you’re feeling better, Princess.”

“Thanks, Noah,”  Kurt whispered, “And thanks for helping tonight.  I love you both.”

“We love you too, Princess.  And you know, I would do anything you need.”

“I know.”

Chris made himself comfortable on Sebastian’s loveseat, as Nick, Jeff, Santana, and Brittany came into the bedroom.

“Are you okay, Porcelain?” Santana asked.  

“Yeah, Tana,” He addressed everyone, “Sorry if I ruined New Years Eve. I had fun most of the night,”  Kurt gave a small smile.

“Don’t sweat it.  My feet were killing me anyway.”

“You didn’t ruin anything, Kurtsie.  We all had a good time. We also know that things will be challenging for you for awhile.  We’re all here for you,” Nick smiled. Kurt returned the smile, trying not to cry.

Sebastian came into the room with lots of pillows and blankets, throwing them on the end of the bed.  “Again, I leave for a couple of minutes, and you two are in bed with my man!,” Sebastian smiled.

Kurt grinned, “You know you’re my one and only, Bas.”

Sebastian leaned over and kissed Kurt quickly, “Yeah, Baby.”

“Now I’m jealous,”  Puck said.

“You’re jealous?!  I’m the only single one here,”  Chris said, “Seriously, we need to find me a boyfriend.”

Everyone chuckled, and Jeff said, “We’ll work on that.”  

“Thank God.  There aren’t many choices in Urbana.”  He winked, “Maybe I should transfer to Dalton.”

“Or you could save tens of thousands and just let us see what we can do for you at Dalton,”  Nick smiled.

“Alright.  But make it fast,”  Chris smiled.

While they were talking, Sebastian got everyone situated with pillows and blankets.  “If it’s okay with Kurt, I don’t care if you two sleep there,” Sebastian said to Puck and Sugar.

“Please?”  Kurt said quietly.

“Sure, Angel.  You know I love sleeping with you,” Sugar smiled.  Sebastian smiled at them and then climbed in behind Kurt, kissing him on the forehead.  

Kurt turned toward everyone, “Thank you all for being there for me, and helping me tonight.  I thought I was doing so much better. I umm...saw someone who looked like Blaine from behind, and I uh...I guess it messed with my head.  Sorry.”

Nick was the first one to speak, “There is no need to apologize, Kurt.  We understand. When we all told you we’d be there for you, it wasn’t for just for that night, or just for the trial.  It was always.”

Jeff added, “Kurtsie, it hasn’t been that long.  No one expects you to be over it all of the sudden.”

“Plus, you’ve dealt with more shit after that.  That probably delayed your mental healing too,” Puck said.  

Kurt looked at Chris, suddenly remembering that he’s new to the group.  

Jeff saw and quickly said, “Umm, I hope it’s okay, but we filled him in on the way here.”  

Chris looked a little worried, “I was a bit confused, but I understand now.”

“It’s fine. I don’t mind.  I’m glad you understand now why everyone is a little extra protective of me.” Chris nodded.  He didn’t know what to say. Kurt continued and smiled, “Can you guys sing a song to me?”

Brittany squealed, “There it is!”

“There what is, Britt?”  Santana asked.

“Porcelain’s awnry smile!,”  Everyone chuckled.

“Okay, before you all sing, because I won’t be joining in on that… I just want to know exactly how many nicknames you have, Kurt.  So far, I know of five. That’s crazy!” Chris smiled.

Sebastian laughed, “I asked the same thing after a couple of weeks.”

“So, let me guess...You know Porcelain, Angel, Princess, Kurtsie, and, of course, Babe or Baby,”  Puck smiled.

“Yeah.  Are there more?” Chris wondered.

“I call him Porcelain, but sometimes Dolphin,”  Brittany grinned.


“Gay sharks!”  Everyone said in unison.  Chris was cracking up.

“Finn and Sam call me Dude most of the time.  Dad calls me Bud or Kiddo. Dave called me Fancy.  Most of the other names people call me aren’t so nice.  I answer to many names,” Kurt answered, and Chris smiled at him.  

Puck looked at Sebastian, “Got your guitar?”  

“Yeah.  It’s in the closet.”

Puck went over and went in the closet, “No closet jokes!”  Everyone laughed. “Any special request, Princess?”

“Hmm.  Something Disney.  Disney makes me happy,”  Kurt eyed Puck to see if he would have a smartass responce to that.  Surprisingly, he didn’t.

“How’s ‘I See The Light’ from Tangled.  It’s your favorite Princess movie, right Princess?”

Kurt raised his eyebrows, “How did you know that?!”

“I know you very well,”  Puck smiled.

“Yeah, I know.  But usually when I mention Disney, you tune me out.”

“Mmm, not as much as you might think.”  Puck began strumming the guitar. The girls and Kurt began singing first, and then the guys and Kurt continued.  Chris just listened. He was amazed at how they harmonized so well. They sounded great. When the song was over, Puck put the guitar away and climbed back in bed.  

“Thanks everyone.  That was perfect,” Kurt smiled and snuggled into Sebastian.  

Sebastian said, “Okay, time for sleep.  Good night everyone. Happy New Year.” Everyone returned the well wishes and settled into sleep.  

When the room was quiet, Sebastian kissed Kurt on the forehead and said, “I love you, Babe.”

“Love you too, Bas.”




Chris woke up the next morning, and it took a few seconds for him to register where he was.  He looked around at his new friends and smiled. Each couple was cuddled together, sound asleep. He sat up and looked over at the bed.  Sebastian was wrapped protectively around Kurt, and as much as he thought it was wonderful, he again felt that jealous ping in his chest.  He longed for something like that. Maybe this was his year.

He got up and made his way to the bathroom, and then down to the kitchen to get a drink.  As he made his way down the hall, Satchmo came bounding toward him. He giggled and bent down to pet him, “Why hello there.  What’s your name? Awww, you’re a cutie!” He continued down to the kitchen and found Robert and Tori sitting at the kitchen island.  Robert was reading the paper and Tori was looking at her phone. “Oh! Good morning,” Chris said sort of shyly.

“Good morning, Chris!”  Robert said.

“Good morning.  Can we get you something?”  Tori asked.

“Um, I would love some water.  Can you point me toward the glasses?”

“Sure, hun,”  Tori pointed to the cabinet behind Chris.  He reached and got a glass, and as he was getting his water from the fridge, Tori said, “I can fix you something, but honestly, I think Sugar and Kurt are planning on fixing breakfast. You won’t want to fill up before that.  They work some serious magic in the kitchen.”

Chris smiled, “Is there anything this group can’t do?”

Robert chuckled, “Not really.  They’re pretty amazing. Especially together.”

“Yeah,”  Chris grinned, “I got that impression.  I’m lucky they invited me last night.”

Tori sipped her coffee and then said, “They are a great group.  You must have made a good impression. They’re pretty tight. You’re the first newbie since Seb.”

“Well, they have good reason to be tight and not let just anyone in,”  Chris grimaced.

“They told you about that?”  Robert was kind of surprised.  

“Yeah. They kind of had to.  But, uh, I’ll let them tell you about that, if that’s okay.”

“Sure, hun,”  Tori said.

Satchmo sat at Chris’ feet and whined.  Robert and Tori chuckled. “Seems Satchmo has taken a liking to you,”  Tori said as Chris bent down and pet the dog.

“Satchmo, huh?  Is that your name?”  He scratched him behind the ears.  


Kurt, Sebastian, Puck, and Sugar all came into the kitchen a couple of minutes later.  Kurt and Sebastian both hugged and kissed Tori and Robert, wishing them a Happy New Year.  

The four of them set to making breakfast right away.  Puck and Sugar worked seamlessly around each other, just like Kurt and Sugar always had.  Watching the two of them made Kurt smile. Sebastian began the coffee right away, and before they knew it, everything was on platters and ready to be served. The smell of breakfast woke up Santana, Brittany, Jeff, and Nick.  They were downstairs before anything had a chance to cool down.

Everyone gathered around the dining room table while Robert and Tori stayed in their spots.  It only took a minute for Chris’ eyes to widen, “Oh. My. Gosh. This is SO good. You should sell this stuff!”

Sugar giggled, “Thank you.  That’s the plan,” she looked at the boys, “I emailed the Headmaster at Dalton.  I have an appointment next Tuesday to meet with him!”

“Sugar that’s amazing!”  Sebastian said.

“I can’t wait.  We get first dibs though,”  Nick said and Jeff agreed.

“Paying customers get first dibs,”  Kurt grinned.

“What are you talking about?”  Chris asked.

“Oh, sorry, Sweetie,”  She smiled apologetically, “I’ll hopefully be selling some muffins and breads at Dalton.  Maybe cupcakes too. I want to open my own bakery after school. The Sugar Shack!”

Chris chuckled, “That’s so perfect.  I can’t imagine something this good not selling out within minutes.  So. Good.”

“Thanks, Hun,”  Sugar smiled. Puck grinned and rubbed her back.  He knew she could do it, and he would be right there with her the whole time.  


After breakfast, Sebastian and Kurt were putting the dishes in the dishwasher while their friends were upstairs getting dressed.  Tori carefully asked, “Kurt, Honey, are you okay. Chris alluded to something happening last night.”

Kurt leaned his front up against the other side of the island and Sebastian wrapped his arms around him from behind, “Yeah.  We had a great time. Around 1 this morning, I saw a shorter guy with gelled hair on the dance floor. I couldn’t see his face, so my mind went straight to thinking that it was Blaine.  I was upset, but doing okay, until we approached the parking lot. Then I started having flashbacks. It got pretty bad,” Kurt put his hands over Sebastian’s where they rested on his stomach, “Luckily, Bas helped pull me out of it.  I don’t know what I’d do without him.” He turned and kissed Sebastian on the cheek.

“Oh, Honey.  I’m so sorry.”  Tori gave him a sympathetic look.  “That isn’t surprising, if you think about it.  What you went through was very traumatic. There will be things that trigger that from time to time, I would think.”

Sebastian added, “I want him to see someone about it.  A counselor or psychiatrist or psychologist. I think it would help.”

“You’re probably right.  I’m sure it may be PTSD. A professional will be able to help you deal with it,”  Robert added.

“Yeah, I told Bas that I would.  I’ll make a call this week.”

“Good, Honey.  I’m glad Bas helped last night,”  Tori smiled softly at Kurt.

“Me too.”


A couple of hours later, the group was sitting around the living room.  Puck and Sebastian were taking turns playing guitar and the group was singing different songs.  The front door opened and Leah, Sam, Finn, and Rachel came in smiling. Everyone greeted each other excitedly.  

Sebastian said, “Chris, you met Leah,”  Chris smiled and waved to her and she smiled back, “and these are Kurt’s brothers, Finn and Sam.  And this is our friend, and Finn’s girlfriend, Rachel.”

“It’s nice to meet you.  I hear wonderful things about you all,”  Chris smiled and shook everyone’s hand.

“Yeah, you too, man,”  Sam smiled.

Rachel smiled and shook his hand, “Chris, it’s so nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you, Chris,”  Finn said as he shook his hand, “Did you guys have fun last night?”

“Yes, we did,”  Kurt said quickly.  “How was the party, Rachel?”  Sebastian rubbed his back. Everyone who went to the club notice the quick diversion.

“Good!  Everyone left a couple of hours ago.  We danced, sang, and played games. You know, our typical Glee Club gathering, just with the ball drop added in.  Turns out Leah has a pretty good voice!”

Leah blushed, “Well, I sing in the choir at school, but we don’t have a Glee Club.  I had fun singing with you guys though.”

“So, tell us about the club!  Was it awesome dancing? Was there karaoke?”  Finn asked.

Santana was quick to jump in, “It was great.  There was no karaoke, but it was nice for us all to dance with each other and nobody even batted an eye.”  Everyone agreed, and then there was an awkward silence for a few seconds.

Sebastian said, “So do you guys want something to drink?”  He was trying to fill the silence with anything he could think of.  

“So, what happened?”  Sam asked. He raised an eyebrow and looked at Kurt, “You okay?”

Sebastian couldn’t help but grin and shake his head.  Kurt sighed, “God, sometimes I hate that we can all read each other so well,”  He rolled his eyes, “I had a bit of a setback last night. I thought I saw Blaine, and it messed with my head.  I panicked as we approached the parking lot. I was having flashbacks. It was a mess,” Kurt shook his head.

Sebastian pulled him into his lap, “It’s okay, Babe.”

“Sorry, little brother,”  Finn said.

“Are you okay now?”  Rachel asked.

Kurt nodded.  

Leah saw that Kurt didn’t want to talk about it anymore, so she changed the subject, “So, who wants to sing something now that we’re back?”

Sebastian and Kurt gave her a grateful smile.  “That sounds like a great idea. What should we sing?” Kurt asked.

“Mmm, how about ‘Sexy Back’, now that we’re here,” Sam smiled.  Everyone chuckled and they began singing.

Once they were finished singing, Puck looked at Chris, “Sorry, man.  I know you don’t sing, so this must be boring for you.”

“Not at all!”  Chris said, “It’s like having a live show.  I love it!” Everyone smiled and they chose their next song.

Kurt slid off Sebastian’s lap and kneeled at his feet, facing away, just to the right of his legs.  Sebastian ran his hands through Kurt’s hair, and Kurt sighed, leaning into Seb’s touch.  He found so much comfort this way. Kurt didn’t need anything other than a little comfort right now, so they sat like this for a few songs.  

What they didn’t know, was that Santana, like Puck, knew all about what was going on.  At least she thought she did. She just knew stuff like this. She had started noticing things a little at time.  She silently kept an eye on Kurt since the attack, so noticing wasn’t hard to do. It was at Kurt’s birthday party that she noticed the most.  Last night, though, she heard for herself. She heard Kurt call Sebastian ‘Sir’. She had also seen how Sebastian took care of Kurt, and how much Kurt needed Sebastian.  She just needed to make sure Sebastian knew what he was doing.

After the next song, Santana said, “Hey Sebastian, can I talk to you for a minute?”

Sebastian raised his eyebrows, surprised, “Sure, Santana.  Lets go to the office.” He kissed Kurt’s temple, “I’ll be back, Baby.”

Seb lead the way to the office and when Santana was in, he closed the door.  “Is everything okay?”

“I hope so,”  She said. “I know what’s going on.”

Sebastian frowned, “What’s going on?”  He really didn’t know what she was referring to.  

“I know that you are Kurt’s Dom.”  She kept her eyes focused on his, trying to notice if he made any signs of… well… she wasn’t sure what.  But she was watching for whatever it was.

Sebastian’s eyebrows shot straight up, “What makes you think that?”

“I’ve been watching for awhile now.  I keep an eye on Kurt. I want to make sure he’s okay, ya know?  I’ve noticed things. And then last night, everything was confirmed when I heard him call you ‘Sir’.  Look, Seb, I know you take care of him. I know you love him. But I need to know that you know what you’re doing with this.”

“I do, Santana.  And you are correct about everything.  Puck, Nick, and Jeff already know.”

Santana was surprised, “Seriously?  And Puck is okay with this?”

“He is.  We all had a long talk one night when Puck called us out on it. He had noticed Kurt kneeling for me.  Would you like me to go get Kurt? Maybe Puck too? We can all make sure everything is cleared up.”

“Yeah.  That might be good.”

Sebastian went out to the living room by himself.  Everyone was singing, so he quietly went over to Kurt, who was still kneeling, and whispered in his ear, “I need you to join Santana and I in the office, Babe.”

Kurt just nodded as he got up to follow Sebastian. Sebastian looked to Puck and gestured for him to come with them.  Puck kissed Sugar on the cheek and got up to follow Seb and Kurt. They went into the hallway, where Puck asked, “Is something wrong?”

Sebastian looked at Puck, and then to Kurt, “Santana knows that I’m your Dom,”  Kurt’s eyes widened and Puck cussed under his breath. Seb continued, “She figured it out, just like Puck.  And then last night it was confirmed when she heard you call me ‘Sir’. I’m assuming it was in the car.” Kurt didn’t say anything.  “I told her she was right. There was no sense in denying it. I told her that Puck and Niff know. I asked her if she wanted to talk to the three of us, so we could answer any of her questions.  She seems okay with it, but she’s just worried. I’m leaving it up to you about how much we tell her. It’s also up to you whether or not Puck stays or goes back to the group.” Sebastian had grabbed Kurt’s hand and was stroking his knuckles with his thumb.

Puck nodded and looked at Kurt, not sure how he was going to handle this.  

“Okay.  Let’s go talk to her.  Puck stays. He’s a good buffer when it comes to Tana.”

The three of them entered the office together, and Santana’s eyes were instantly on Kurt.  Kurt looked at her and smiled sheepishly. “Hey, Tana.”

“Porcelain.  Are you okay?”  She stepped toward him and put her hand on his arm.

“It depends on what you’re talking about.  If you’re talking about last night, I’m getting there.  If you’re talking about Bas and I, I’m fantastic.” He grabbed her hand and pulled her toward the leather couch.  

They sat and she said, “So did Seb tell you what I know?”

Kurt gave her a small smile, “He did.  I should have known that I couldn’t get anything past you or Noah.”

She chuckled, “No you can’t.  Are you sure this is what you want?  You’ve been hurt enough.”

All three boys eyes widened, and Sebastian quickly said, “No!  It’s not like that! I do not hurt him. Ever.”

She furrowed her brows, “So, no punishments?”

“No, Santana,”  Kurt said quietly.

“Then what do you do?  I mean, I get what it is, but if you’re leaving that out, I guess I don’t quite understand.”

Kurt sighed and leaned back, “Do you mind if Bas tells you?  I’m so tired.”

“Are you okay, Babe?”  Sebastian asked as he made his way to Kurt.  He squeezed into the space between Kurt and arm of the couch.  

Kurt turned slightly and laid his head on Sebastian’s chest, curling into his side,  “Yeah, I’m just tired. Being lost in my head is exhausting.”

Sebastian kissed his forehead and wrapped his arm around Kurt’s back, “I know, Baby.  I’ve got this.” He looked at Santana, “Every D/s relationship is different. Ours is more than just sexual.  It brings comfort and relief to both of us when we need it. He does kneel for me if I ask him to. Often he kneels on his own if he needs comfort or is offering comfort to me.  I do give him commands, which he always has the right to say no to. He has a safe word, and is in no way a slave to me. This is not a 24/7 thing. As we told Puck, everything we do has been agreed upon.  We have agreed not to include punishments for now. Neither of us are comfortable with that, nor do we feel it’s necessary. If we decide to add punishments one day, it will be agreed to by both of us.”

Puck looked at Santana, “Kurt asked for this.  It was his idea. I’ve seen it work for him. It’s something he needs, and Sebastian does not abuse it.  I’ve already threatened to kick Seb’s ass if he does.” They all smiled.

Sebastian said to Puck, “And I love you for that.”

“Okay,”  Santana looked at Kurt,, “So, if it’s not 24/7, how do you know when he’s being your Dom, and when he’s not?

“His voice,”  Kurt said. He added, “He is nothing but loving toward me, Tana.  I need this. Last night...I would have been lost without this.”

She nodded, thinking it all over in her head.  

Puck added, “They don’t want everyone to know.  Can you imagine Finn trying to comprehend this?”  They all chuckled again.

“Yeah, okay. As long as you’re happy and safe.”

“I am, Tana.  I promise,” Kurt smiled softly at her.  

“Alright, well, if we’re all good, we better back to the group.  They’re going to start wondering where we snuck off to.” Sebastian stood, offering his hand to Kurt.  

They all moved out of the office and headed back to the group, hearing them singing ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ as they entered the room.  This time, Chris was actually singing along.

Chapter Text

Everyone ended up staying at the Smythe’s home until after dinner.  They had a great New Year’s Day of singing, movies, talking, and of course, eating.  Sebastian was proud of Kurt for eating every meal, and told him so. He had been worried at breakfast that it would be an issue, given the events of the night before, but soon found that it wasn’t.  

Kurt ended up spending the night again after everyone else went home.  He and Sebastian were lounging in the media room. They had just finished the latest Marvel movie when Sebastian brought up Spring Break.  

“So, I know what I would like to do for Spring Break.  Hopefully you agree. Remember when I said I would look into it?,”  Sebastian grinned as he turned toward Kurt.

Kurt raised his eyebrows and perked up, “Yeah.  Where do you want to go?”

Sebastian said, “I’ll be right back.”  He returned just a minute later with a gift bag and handed it to Kurt.  Kurt looked confused, but opened it, pulling out a Mickey Mouse t-shirt.  He looked at Sebastian, questioning what it was all about. Sebastian smiled, “I want to take you to Walt Disney World!”

Kurt sat there staring wide eyed at Sebastian.  He didn’t say a word.

Sebastian raised his eyebrows and smiled, “Babe?”

Kurt narrowed his eyes at Seb, “Don’t mess with me, Bas.  You can’t joke about stuff like that.”

Sebastian chuckled, “I’m not joking.  I want to take you to Disney World.”

Kurt’s expression softened, “Are you serious?”

Sebastian huffed out a laugh, “I would never joke about Disney with you.”

Kurt’s face lit up, and then suddenly fell.  Sebastian frowned, “What’s wrong? Don’t you want to go?”

“Of course I do.  But it’s so expensive.  I need to save for collage.  I’ve been picking up extra shifts at the shop and everything.  I can’t spend that on a vacation. It’s irresponsible.”

Sebastian grinned, “Kurt, you wouldn’t have to pay.  It’s my treat!”

Kurt frowned and shook his head, “Do you know how expensive Walt Disney World is?  Super expensive. I can’t let you do that.”

Sebastian playfully rolled his eyes, “You can and will.  First of all, my family are DVC members, and-”

Kurt interrupted, “They’re what?”

“DVC.  It stands for Disney Vacation Club.  It’s like having a timeshare based on a points system, only it’s exclusively for Disney properties.  We went to a Disney park or resort at least once a year while I was growing up. We went to Disney Paris once while we were in France, but we haven’t used it in two years, so we have lots of points built up.  So all you need to do is decide where you want to stay. I can show you a list of our options.”

Sebastian pulled out his phone to show Kurt the resort choices, but Kurt put his hand over the phone and slowly pushed it down.  Sebastian looked at him and Kurt frowned, “Bas, even without worrying about the hotel, the park passes, food, flight...All expensive.”

Sebastian gave him a soft smile and placed his hand on Kurt’s leg, “Let’s go to my room.  We need to have a chat.” Kurt looked worried all of the sudden. Seb quickly added, “Nothing to worry about, Babe.  It’s nothing bad. I just want to get more comfortable, and then we’ll use my computer to look stuff up.” Kurt was visibly relieved.  

They made their way to Seb’s bedroom, where they quickly showered and got ready for bed.  Once they were settled, Sebastian took his laptop and set it on the nightstand so it would be ready when they needed it.  “Okay, Babe. We need to talk about money.”

Kurt gave a questioning look, “Okaaayy.  What about it?”

Sebastian said, “Well, I have lots of it.”  They both laughed, and then Sebastian continued, “Really though, I don’t think you understand how much money we have.”  

Kurt shifted in the bed.  He wasn’t exactly comfortable talking about this. “Bas, it’s none of my business how much money your family has.”

“Well, I’m not talking numbers with you right now.  But you do need to understand some of it, because it will have an effect on our future, and I plan on having you in my future for as long as you’ll have me.”  Sebastian reached for Kurt and grabbed his hand.

“I can’t imagine not wanting you in my life, Bas.  You are the most wonderful thing to have ever happened to me.”

Sebastian smiled, “I feel the same way about you, Babe.  I love you so much.” He leaned forward and kissed Kurt softly.

When they pulled apart Kurt whispered, “I love you, too.”

“So,”  Sebastian said, gathering his thoughts again, “about the money.  Both sides of the family are considered ‘old money’. You know this is a family estate on the Laurent side.  It’s been in the family a long time. My parents don’t have a mortgage payment… On any of the family residences.”  Kurt made a face like he was confused at the plural form of the word residence. How many homes did they own? “My grandparents, my parents, Leah and I, our children… None of us would have to work, ever.  But, that’s not how the Smythe’s or the Laurent’s do things, therefore all the earnings from high paying jobs simply get added to the total. Soooo...If I want to spoil my boyfriend with a trip to Disney World…”  Sebastian smiled.

“I don’t know, Bas.  I feel like I’m taking advantage.” Kurt was fidgeting.  

“And the fact that you aren’t automatically wanting to take advantage of our finances, is exactly why I want to spoil you even more.  You deserve all the happiness in the world, Babe. You’ve had quite a year. I want to take you to the happiest place on Earth, have fun, enjoy each other’s company.  Once we start college, we won’t know how easy it will be to do. Please, Babe.”

Kurt  bit his bottom lip and thought about it for a minute.  Looking at Sebastian and the hopeful, excited, look on his face was too adorable, and too hard to resist.  Kurt smiled, “Okay! I’m so excited!”

Sebastian smiled ear to ear, “Good!  I can’t wait!” He hugged Kurt and then kissed his boyfriend on the cheek, “There’s more.”

Kurt raised an eyebrow, “More?  How can there be more?”

“Yes more. Do you want to talk about it now, or do you want to choose a Disney resort?  We have to choose soon, so we can get out Fast Passes and Dining reservations taken care of before there’s nothing left available to choose from.”

“Well, I guess it depends on what the more is about…”

“New York.”

Kurt was intrigued, “Okay.  I guess let’s talk about the ‘more’ then.  What about New York?”

Sebastian shifted, hoping Kurt would be receptive to what he was about to say, “You said you wanted to live together in New York.  You still do, don’t you?”

Kurt nodded, “Yes, of course.  I’m really looking forward to it!”  They both smiled.

“Good.  Well… About one of the ‘other’ residences that the Smythes own.  One of them is a penthouse in Manhattan,” Kurt’s eyes widened, and Sebastian continued, “It’s ours to use if we want.”  

Kurt was speechless for a minute.  He finally said, “A penthouse. In Manhattan.  Living there. As freshmen in college…”

Sebastian didn’t know how to take that reaction.  He finally said, “Yes. Is that too much? We can look for other places.”

“I...I… I don’t know.  I mean, that’s….that’s just….Umm”  Kurt shook his head trying to clear his thoughts. “This is all so new to me.  I mean, I knew you had money. You go to Dalton and drive a corvette. Then I came here, and it was made abundantly clear.  Then you always paying for our dates, our weekend away. But now...Disney...And a penthouse?” Kurt looked like he was trying to comprehend it all, and Sebastian looked worried.  He wasn’t sure if Kurt thought this was good or bad.

“Babe, I’m having a hard time reading you.  Are you thinking this is good, or bad?” Seb questioned.

“Umm… I don’t know.  I mean, I guess it’s good that you have enough money that if anything happened, you’d be taken care of.  I love that we get to go to Disney World. But, I guess,” Kurt paused, trying to comprehend all of this, “when I pictured living in New York, I pictured either a dorm or a little shoebox studio apartment.  I guess I just need to get used to the idea? Maybe?”

Sebastian nodded, “I understand that.  How about we take a weekend soon and go to New York.  I can show you the penthouse, some of my favorite spots… Have you ever been?”

“No, but I would love that,”  Kurt smiled softly at Sebastian.  He looked at Seb’s lips and then leaned forward and kissed him softly.  “You know, you’re pretty amazing.”

“Yeah, well,”  Sebastian smiled, “Are you ready to look at resorts?”

“Yeah!.”  Kurt perked up and got really excited.  

Sebastian smiled and pulled his laptop onto his lap and pulled up the DVC site in one tab, and the Walt Disney World site in another.  “We are going to book a deluxe resort. You just need to decide which one you like best.” They looked at the options.

Kurt asked, “Do you have one you like best?  I mean, there’s so many to choose from. I don’t know where they’re located or anything. Are there pros or cons?”

“Well, I think since it’s your first time, one that’s on the monorail would be best.  It’s easier to get to the parks. What park are you most looking forward to? That might help us narrow it down.”

“Mmm, Magic Kingdom, I think.”  

“Okay, well, that would mean the best options would be, Polynesian, Grand Floridian, or Bay Lake Towers at the Contemporary.  But if there’s a different one that catches your eye, the deluxe resorts are all located close. Maybe with the exception being Animal Kingdom Lodge.”

Kurt thought about it.  They looked at pictures of each resort and watched some videos as well.  They finally decided on staying at the Polynesian. Kurt was so excited. “I can’t wait, Bas.”  He turned and looked at Sebastian, “Thank you for doing this for me.”

Sebastian stroked Kurt’s cheek with his hand, “You’re welcome, Babe.  You know, I’d do anything for you. I love you.” They kissed soft and sweet for a few minutes, before settling into bed, and finally falling asleep in each other’s arms.  




Sebastian returned to school on Monday night, with his classes starting the following day.  Kurt didn’t have to go back until Wednesday, so he planned on going to Dalton with Sugar for her meeting with Headmaster Larson.  She was excited about the possibility of selling her baked goods, but terrified at the same time. Having Kurt there would hopefully put her mind at ease.  It also helped that Kurt knew his way around Dalton.

Sugar picked Kurt up on Tuesday morning with coffee ready and waiting.  “Mmm, thanks, Sugar,” Kurt sighed as he took his first sip.

“You’re welcome, Angel.  Thanks for going with me.  I’m so nervous.”

“Don’t be.  Headmaster Larson is a very nice man, and your baked goods are out of this world, so there’s no reason to worry.”  Kurt paused, “Why didn’t Noah come? I’m surprised he isn’t getting all possessive with you going into an all boys school.”  He chuckled at the thought.

Sugar smiled, “I don’t think he’s too worried since you’ll be there with me.  Plus since we know several people there, that helps. I honestly think he’s worried that his appearance would be an issue.”

Kurt frowned, “What do you mean?”

Sugar shrugged, “You know, the mohawk rocker look in a private school…”

“Oh,”  Kurt thought about it for a minute, “I don’t think that would have made too much of a difference, but I can see where he would be self conscious about it.  That makes me sad, though.”

“Me too.  I love him just the way he is.  But I understand where he’s coming from.”

“So things are going well with you two?  I feel like we haven’t been able to talk in awhile, just the two of us.”  Kurt turned in the seat to face Sugar better.

“They’re great!,”  Sugar beamed. “He’s really wonderful.  He’s sweet, loving, protective. A lot like he is with you, but I get all the good ‘extras’.”  She wiggled her eyebrows.

Kurt laughed, “Well, at least you said the ‘extras’ are good.”

Sugar laughed in return, “Oh, trust me.  They are more than good.”

“I’m happy for you both, Sugar.  You’re both two of my favorite people.”

“Thanks, Angel.  Are things still great with you and Sebastian?”

“Wonderful,”  Kurt sighed wistfully.

Sugar giggled, “And the ‘extras’ are all good?”

“More than good,”  Kurt smiled. His smile faded a bit when it dawned on him that his best friend didn’t know everything, and Noah, Niff, and Santana did.  

Sugar noticed the change.  “Angel?”

“Hmm?”  Kurt snapped out of it.

“Where did you go?”

“Um, I was just thinking...I...I need to tell you something, Sugar.  It’s really personal, and private, but a few other people know, and I feel bad that my bestie doesn’t.”

“Angel, you don’t have to tell me just because other people know.”

“It will make me feel better,”  Kurt said and Angel nodded, “I’m just going to graze over it, if you don’t mind.  Noah can explain more. He knows already.”

“Okay, Angel.”

“Well, Bas and I have a different kind of relationship.  He’s my Dom, Sugar.” He looked at Sugar to see if she was comprehending.  She was just looking straight ahead with her eyes on the road, so he continued, “I don’t know how much you know about D/s relationships, but they are all different.  I just want you to know that he is loving, kind, and all types of amazing. It’s something I need, and he’s happy to provide.” He hadn’t taken his eyes off of Sugar, and she wasn’t having much of a reaction. “Sugar?”

“Okay, Angel.”  She turned and glanced at Kurt before returning he eyes to the road, “I don’t know much about D/s relationships.  What I DO know is that I think Sebastian is perfect for you. He’s so good to you, and for you. If it were bad, then Puck would be having a fit.  If this makes you happy, then I’m all for it. But, I can’t promise that I’m not going to ask Puck a million questions,” She chuckled.

“Deal.”  Kurt smiled.


Kurt directed Sugar to the guest parking lot, and then helped her carry the boxes of samples that she brought for Headmaster Larson to try.  They climbed the stairs to the main entrance. Sugar took a deep breath and then let it out slowly, trying to calm her nerves.

“You’ll be great, Sugar.  Just be yourself. You’re hard not to love.”  Kurt put his hand on the small of her back and lead her into the building.

“This place is very intimidating,”  Sugar sighed.

“I know it is.  The building is grand, but the people are just people.  I promise it will be fine.”

As they entered the building and headed to the office, they were immediately be greeted by Mrs. Scott, the secretary, “Oh, Kurt!  It’s good to see you!” She stood and made her way around her desk. Mrs. Scott was in her 60s with short grey hair, and a warm smile.

Kurt smiled and as she hugged him, “Hi, Mrs. Scott!  How are you?”

“I’m great, dear.  How are you? Everything okay at school this year?,”  

“It’s fine.  I have a great support system now.”

She turned to Sugar, “You must be Miss Motta.”  She extended her hand.

Sugar shook her hand, “Yes, ma’am.  Please, call me Sugar.”

“Well, Sugar, Headmaster Larson is ready to see you.  Just head on in,” She smiled.

“Thank you, Mrs. Scott.  Can Kurt join me?”

“Whatever you want, dear.”

Sugar knocked on the Headmaster’s door and then opened it. She and Kurt entered to find a middle aged man with kind eyes and slightly greying brown hair.  He smiled at her and shook her hand, “Miss Motta! I’m Headmaster Larson, it’s so nice to meet you.”

“You too, sir.  Please, call me Sugar.”

“Mr. Hummel!,”  He shook Kurt’s hand, “It’s good to see you.  I hope you’re doing well.”

“Yes, sir.  Thank you.”

“Well, I was saddened to hear of the events that transpired at the beginning of the year.  If you need anything, please, let me know.”

“Thank you, sir.  Letting Bas, Nick, and Jeff out of school for the trial was enough.  I’m doing better now.”

“Good,”  He turned back to Sugar, “I see you come bearing samples?”  He smiled and raised an eyebrow.

“Yes, sir,”  She and Kurt set the boxes down on his desk and she opened the lids, “I brought muffins, breads, and cupcakes.  You are welcome to try whatever you like. Even save some for later maybe.”

“Oh my,”  He took a deep breath in through his nose, “They smell divine.”  He reached in and grabbed a banana nut muffin, and Sugar handed him a napkin.  He took a bite and his eyes widened, eyebrows shot to his hairline. He moaned, and Kurt winked at Sugar with a knowing smirk on his lips.  She bit her lip in anticipation. “Miss Motta, I have to say, this the best muffin I have ever eaten. When the Sebastian and the other dozen Warblers told me how good they are, I thought they were exaggerating, or maybe just trying to do you a favor.  I was wrong. This is fantastic!”

Sugar beamed, “Thank you, sir!”

“If I understand correctly, you want to open your own bakery in New York?”

“Yes, sir.  It’s my dream.”  She and Kurt were both smiling ear to ear.

“Well, I have no doubt with the right business plan, you’ll be successful.  There’s no way people won’t snatch these up. I’ll tell you what… You can sell whatever baked goods you’d like in both the cafeteria and the coffee shop here.  If you keep it hush-hush, I will let you keep all of the profits, with no commission. However, maybe once a week, I get a free muffin?” He smiled at her.

“Oh my goodness!  Thank you so much, Headmaster Larson!”

“My pleasure.  Literally,” He chuckled, “How about we start off with two or three days a week.  Would that be too much?”

“No, sir.  That would be fine.  I bake every night. I could have things here Monday, Wednesdays, and Friday’s.”

“Great!”  He turned to Kurt, “Why don’t you take her to the cafeteria and the coffee shop to let her see what she’s going to need.  Maybe talk to the cooks and barista’s. I figured you’d want to stick around to see Sebastian anyway.” He winked.
Kurt blushed a bit, “Yes, that would be lovely.  Thank you, sir.”

“Just ask Mrs. Scott of a day pass.  You can go wherever you like, except the dorm buildings.  Having a girl in the building might cause a stir, so stay away from classrooms during class time.  We need these boys concentrating.” He chuckled.

“No problem,”  Sugar smiled.

Headmaster Larson opened the door, “Mrs. Scott, why don’t you come choose a pastry and then write the two of them a day pass.”

“Of course, thank you.”  She chose a blueberry muffin and set it on her desk and then wrote them a pass.  

“Kurt, maybe you could take the rest of these to the teacher’s lounge.  I guess my waistline would appreciate if I shared the wealth.”

“Sure.”  Kurt and Sugar grabbed the two boxes and shook hands with both Headmaster Larson and Mrs. Scott.  After saying their ‘thank you’s’, they headed for the teacher’s lounge. As soon a they were around the corner, Sugar started bouncing up and down with muffled squeals.

“You did it, Sugar!  I’m so happy for you!”

“Oh my gosh, Angel.  I’m so excited. Let’s drop these off and then we can send a quick text to our men.”  They were both beaming, walking arm in arm down the empty halls of Dalton.


To Puck:

I did it!  He loved the banana nut muffin and is letting me sell in both the cafe and coffee shop… with NO commission!!!

To Sugar:

I knew you could do it!  I’m so proud of you, Sugar.  When you get home, we can celebrate ;)

To Puck:

Can’t wait.  I love you.

To Sugar:

I love you too.


To Bas:

We’re here for the day.  Meet us in the student commons after class?

To Kurt:

Great!  Can’t wait to see you. Headmaster Larson liked the samples, right?

To Bas:

My lips are sealed….


Kurt and Sugar headed to the cafeteria first.  They spoke with the head cook, Sandy. She remembered Kurt, and was very sweet about helping Sugar.  She showed them the area that she thought would be best for the placement of the baked goods, and made suggestions for displays, offering any display pieces they had available.  Sugar told her she would get back to her by the end of the day to let her know what she thought she would need.

Their next stop was the coffee shop.  The barista, Jane, was impressed that Sugar was being allowed to sell things there.  They worked out where things would be placed, giving Sugar an idea of how many of each product would fit.  

Once they were finished they went back to Mrs. Scott to borrow some paper and a pen before heading to the student commons.  Back at the commons, they chose a table and set out to choose a menu, as well as calculate quantity needed. They decided on muffins, breads, and cupcakes for the cafeteria, and just muffins for the coffee shop.  She would have blueberry and banana nut muffins every week, but would rotate in some different flavors of the other products to keep things fresh, and customers coming back for more.


When the lunch hour came, students were filling in from everywhere.  All eyes were on Sugar. The whispers started, and word spread fast. Kurt leaned over, “Are you doing okay?  It must feel weird having everyone’s eyes on you.”

“Um, yeah, Angel.  I’m suddenly glad that Puck didn’t come.  I don’t think he would have liked this very much.”

Kurt chuckled, “I think you’re right.”

A few students recognized Kurt and waved or said hello.  A group of a few students seemed to be suspiciously hanging around doing nothing but staring for way too long.  Sugar was starting to get uncomfortable, until Cameron and Thad walked up. She was relieved to see people she knew.

“Hey guys!”, Thad said.  “Did you have a meeting with Headmaster Larson today?,” he asked as he gave both Kurt and Sugar a quick hug.  Cameron shook Kurt’s hand and smiled.

“We did!  I’ll have some treats available in the cafeteria and coffee shop starting next week!”

“That’s great!  Congratulations, Sugar.  I’m looking forward to it,” Thad said.

“Thanks, Thad.”  Sugar smiled.

“So, uh, you’re dating Puck, right?”  Cameron asked.

“Yes, I am.”  

“I bet not being single makes you even more uncomfortable having all these eyes on you.  Do you want us to walk you somewhere?”

Kurt smiled, “That’s really thoughtful, Cameron, but Bas is meeting us here in a few minutes.”

“Alright, well, we’ll stick around until then.”  

“That’s nice of you.  I’m sure Puck would appreciate it.  Do you guys want to join us for lunch?,”  Sugar asked.

“Sure!” Cameron smiled.

Nick and Jeff came walking through the doors of the commons.  Jeff squealed, “Sweets!” and ran to Sugar, picking her up and spinning her around.  

“Jeffie!”  Sugar squealed back.  

“What did he say?!  What did he say?!” Jeff was bouncing up and down.  Nick, Kurt, Thad, and Cameron were cracking up.

“He said ‘YES’!  I start selling stuff here next week!”

“Congratulations!”  Jeff and Nick said at the same time.

Kurt smiled and looked around, “Where’s Bas?”

“He was talking to someone in the hall a few minutes ago,”  Trent said as he walked up to the group.

“Huh.  I’m going to go look for him,”  he turned to Nick and added, “Keep an eye on Sugar.  The sharks have been circling.”

“You got it!”  Nick smiled.


Kurt walked out into the hallway and immediately heard Sebastian’s voice coming from around the corner.

“Look, l told you, I’m not interested.”

“Why not?”  A second voice asked.

Kurt froze in his spot.  This didn’t sound good. He heard footsteps.

“Excuse me, I’m on my way to meet my boyfriend ,”  Sebastian stressed.

“I’ve never seen you with any specific guy before.  He must not be that special.”

Sebastian practically growled, “He’s extremely special.  You wouldn’t have seen him with me because he doesn’t go to school here.”  Kurt could hear feet shuffling, “Look, if you step in front of me one more time, I’m-”

Kurt came around the corner, “There you are, Bas.  What’s taking so long?” He walked up to Sebastian and wrapped his arms around his waist, and then leaned up to kiss him on the cheek.

“Hi, Baby.”  Sebastian practically melted into Kurt’s embrace.  He leaned down and kissed him.

The guy cleared his throat.  When Kurt turned around, the guy had been checking out his ass with an eyebrow raised.

“Shawn, this is my boyfriend, Kurt.  Kurt, this is Shawn.”

Kurt put on his best smile and offered his hand to shake as Sebastian wrapped his arms around him from behind and gently squeezed. “It’s nice to meet you, Shawn.”

Shawn shook his hand firmly and said, “You were here last year.”

“I was,”  Kurt answered.  “Did we have a class together?”

Shawn said, “No, but I remember you were with Anderson.  You were pretty off limits.” Shawn looked Kurt up and down, and Sebastian could feel Kurt tense in his arms.

“He’s still is off limits.  So am I,” Sebastian growled.  He rubbed Kurt’s back, “Let’s go, Babe.  I’m sure Sugar is waiting.”

Kurt didn’t say anything.  Sebastian placed his hand on the small of Kurt’s back and lead him around Shawn.  As they reached the student commons, Sebastian asked, “Are you okay, Babe?”

Kurt nodded, “Are you?  What was his deal?”

“I’m fine.  I just met Shawn this morning at a soccer meeting.  He’s been coming on to me pretty strong all day. I’m glad you are here today, so he actually believes me when I say have a boyfriend.”

“Is he someone I should be worried about?  I really didn’t get a good vibe about him.”  Kurt looked at Seb and nervously bit his bottom lip.

Sebastian stopped and hugged Kurt, “You never have to worry about me with other guys, Babe.  I love you, and only you. As far as Shawn goes, I think he’s just mouthy. I’ll be fine.” He kissed Kurt on the forehead.  

They walked into the commons, and Sugar was there with Nick, Jeff, Thad, and Cameron.  She smiled when she saw Sebastian, and got up to give him a big hug, “He said ‘yes’, Seb!  Thank you so much for arranging all of this!”

“That’s great news!  Congratulations, Sugar!”
“Let’s go eat, while we still have time.  Some of the guys are saving us seats,” Nick said as he ushered everyone toward the cafeteria.  

“Where were you guys?”  Jeff asked as they walked.

Sebastian sighed, “Shawn stopped me in the hallway.”

“Shawn Dunigan?”  Thad asked. “He’s bad news.  I’d stay clear of him.”

Kurt stiffened, and tightened his grip on Sebastian’s hand.  “I just met him this morning. Why is he bad news?” Sebastian asked.

“We dated Sophomore year.  He’s just handsy, mouthy, and arrogant.  I don’t think he’s dangerous or anything.  He’s just an ass. We only dated for like a month.  He wanted way more than I wanted at the time,” Thad said as they got in line at the cafeteria.

“He didn’t push you, did he?”  Kurt asked.

“No, no.  Nothing like that.  I don’t know. He was just...a bit much for me.”  

“I didn’t know you’re gay.”  Kurt spoke softly to Thad.

“Well, I’m bi.  But I swing a little more to the gay side, I suppose.  I’ve never actually dated a girl.”

“Hmm…”  Kurt was deep in thought.

“Hmm?”  Thad gave Kurt a questioning look.  

“Well, are you single at the moment?  And if so, are you looking for a boyfriend, not just a date or two?”  

Thad elbowed him, “Gee, Kurt.  Sebastian’s crazy about you. Are you sure you want to see other people?”  He was laughing by the time he finished the question.

“Very funny,”  Kurt smiled, “We just have a friend who is single and looking.  He’s really nice, sweet, and totally adorable. Just ask Niff and Bas!  And Sugar!”

“Ask Niff what?,”  Jeff asked as he walked up behind them.

“Ask you about how adorable Chris is!”  Kurt bounced with excitement.

Jeff’s eyes lit up, “Oh my gosh!  You two would be so cute together!  And yes, he IS adorable. So sweet too.”

They all headed toward the group of Warblers who had saved them seats.  Sugar and Kurt were greeted warmly by everyone, and Sugar was congratulated over and over.  

“So, about this Chris guy…”  Thad said.

Sebastian was just now catching up on the conversation, now that they were seated. He looked at Kurt who was excited with the possibility of fixing up their friend.  “Show him a picture, Babe.”

“Oh yeah!  I have pictures from New Year’s Eve!”  Kurt got out his phone and scrolled through, finding a nice picture of the group.  He turned the phone toward Thad, “Look, this is him. You know everyone else.”

Thad’s eyes lit up and Kurt, Seb, Sugar, and Niff all smiled.  Thad cleared his throat, “Yeah… I don’t think ‘adorable’ is the word I would use to describe him.  He’s hot !”  They all laughed.

“So, are you looking for a relationship?  I don’t think he’d be interested if you weren’t.  Do you want us to fix you two up? We could arrange something for just the two of you, or we could do a group thing, if you’re more comfortable with that.”  Kurt was so excited.

“Yeah, I would love to meet him.  I think a group thing might be good?”

“Sure!  We’ll come up with something and let you know.”  Kurt smiled, and Sugar was practically bouncing in her seat.  

Sebastian leaned over and whispered in Kurt’s ear, “Eat, Baby.  You haven’t touched a thing.”

Kurt didn’t say anything, he just opened his yogurt and began eating.  He ended up eating his yogurt, a small salad, and a banana. “Thank you,”  Sebastian whispered as he rubbed Kurt’s back.


As they left the cafeteria Sebastian had Kurt on one arm, and Sugar on the other.  Again, all eyes were on them, especially Sugar. “I think maybe the entire school is jealous of me.  Both gay guys and straight guys.” The three of them laughed. “Are you guys headed home?”

“We have a few more things to tie up here first,”  Sugar smiled. “Then I thought maybe we could go pick up the things we need for the display cases and bring them back.  That way I’m all set for Monday.”

“Good idea, Sugar.  It will mean less stress for you Sunday night.”  Kurt was also excited that it meant he’d be around a little longer.

“Great.  Then maybe you guys can come to Warbler practice?”

“Bas, I don’t think the Warblers would appreciate the competition sitting in on their practice.”

Sebastian smiled, “Actually, Thad found out this morning that we aren’t competing against each other. We’re competing against Troy and Hilliard.  I bet you guys are competing with groups from further North. Mr. Schuester will probably tell you who tomorrow.”

Kurt bounced, “That’s great!  That means we could both be going to Nationals!”


Later that afternoon, Kurt and Sugar had bought everything Sugar would need for the displays.  They delivered everything to the cafeteria and coffee shop, and gave their final requests to Sandy and Jane.  They returned the borrowed supplies to Mrs. Scott, and then headed to the student commons to hang out for little bit before the end of school.  

They were leaning back against the couch when someone came up and sat across from them.  

“Hey, Thad!”  Kurt smiled.

“Hey.  So, I can’t stop thinking about Chris now. Tell me about him.”  Thad looked like a puppy who was told he was going to the park.

Kurt and Sugar giggled before Kurt said, “Well, we met a cheerleading competition, and-”
Thad interrupted with wide eyes, “He’s a cheerleader?!”

Kurt laughed again, “Yes.  But for most squads, cheer is over.  He’s a base and spotter, so he’s strong.  He’s also a senior, so I don’t know if you’ll ever get the privilege to see him in all of his cheer glory.”  Thad looked a bit disappointed about not seeing him cheer, but Kurt continued anyway, “He’s really nice, sweet, and funny.  He goes to Urbana, where he’s only one of two out gay guys in his school. He asked us to keep an eye out for hot single guys….Soooo...”

Sugar added, “He’s been really supportive of Kurt’s situation too.  He had a good heart. He helped with Karofsky when Seb and Angel saw him at the mall.  Chris was protective of Kurt at the club, and he was helpful and understanding when Kurt ended up having a flashback on New Year’s Eve.”

Kurt was nodding, and then added, “Chris fits in with our group really well.  His only flaw is that he doesn’t sing.” They all chuckled.

“Well, I would love to meet him.  He sounds great.”

“I’ll make sure it happens soon!”  Kurt smiled.


Kurt and Sugar headed into the Warbler rehearsal room with Thad.  Sebastian came in a few minutes later, smiling at Kurt. “Hey, Baby,”  he smiled as he leaned down to kiss his boyfriend.

“Hey Bas.  Can I have Chris’ phone number?  I want to text him about meeting Thad.”

“Sure, Babe.  Here,” he handed Kurt his phone, “just look him up.  I have to get ready to sing.”

Kurt looked up Chris’ number and entered it in his own phone.  He sent off a quick text to Chris before sitting back to watch his boyfriend and friends perform.


To Chris:

Hi Chris, this is Kurt.  I think I may have found you the perfect guy!



Chapter Text

To Kurt:

Awe, I’m honored that I get your number now ;)  I thought there were no other out gay guys at McKinley?

To Chris:

Actually, he’s a friend of ours from the Warblers at Dalton.  I just didn’t know he was gay until today. He’s actually bisexual, but has never gone out with a girl and likes boys more. He hasn’t dated anyone in the time I’ve known him, so I didn’t know.  BTW, Sugar will be selling her baked goods at Dalton!

To Kurt:

You’re full of good news today!  Tell her I said ‘Congrats’. So tell me more about this guy.

To Chris:

His name is Thad.  He’s a senior at Dalton, and is on the council of the Warblers.  Super nice and very cute. I showed him a picture of you from New Year’s and he thinks you’re ‘hot’.  So, are you game for us fixing you up?!

To Kurt:

Hmm, let’s see… You think he’s nice and cute….He thinks I’m hot...OF COURSE I’M GAME!!!  Just tell me when and where.

To Chris:

Lol, I was thinking we could do a group thing to introduce you two.  One of us will text you when we get something planned. Talk to you soon!

To Kurt:

Sounds good.  Thanks, Kurt!


Sugar and Kurt enjoyed watching Warbler rehearsal.  Kurt could never get enough of watching Sebastian sing and dance.  After watching them practice, he was glad they weren’t competing against them.  He wasn’t sure they could win against the Warblers. Sugar agreed, although neither of them let any of the Dalton boys know that.  


After rehearsal, Sebastian took Kurt and Sugar out to dinner to celebrate Sugar’s deal with Dalton.  Puck met them at the restaurant, where he showered Sugar with hugs, kisses, and flowers. After discussing Sugar’s deal with Dalton,  they discussed different ways they could set up Thad and Chris, and decided that a group of them could go bowling together. That way Chris and Thad could talk, but also interact with others if things got too awkward.  After a few texts to Chris, Thad, Niff, Santana, and Brittany, the date was set for the following Saturday.

Kurt squealed with excitement, “Yay!  I hope they really like each other. They are both so sweet and deserve to be happy.”

Sebastian smiled and kissed Kurt on the cheek, “You just want everyone to be as happy as the four of us.”

“Of course!  Well, at least the people I like anyway,”  he chuckled.




The rest of the week went really quickly.  Cheerios practice started back up, along with Glee Club practice.  Kurt had a feeling that January was going to be a crazy busy month.  But, he figured the busier he was, the faster time went, and that meant that spending spring break with Sebastian in Disney World was just around the corner.  

Saturday morning, Burt came into the kitchen where Kurt was fixing coffee, “Hey, kiddo.  You’ve got mail.” He handed Kurt an envelope from NYADA.

Kurt’s eyes widened and he gasped.  Burt chuckled, “Are ya gonna open it?”

“Umm…”  Kurt hadn’t taken his eyes off of the envelope.  

Burt smiled and shook his head, “Are you going to open it?  Do you want to wait for Sebastian?” Kurt still said nothing and was staring at the envelope, so Burt continued, “You can open it at his house if it want, kid.  As long as you call me right away, I don’t mind.”

A few seconds later, Kurt snapped out of it, “Huh?  Uh, I want to open it with Bas. Are you sure that’s okay?  Maybe he can come here.”

“Whatever you want to do, Kurt.”

Kurt nodded, and then left the room.  He called Sebastian right away.


“Hey, Babe.  Excited about tonight?”

“Hmm?  Oh. Yeah, I am.  But, uh, my letter came, Bas.  The one from NYADA.” Kurt took a deep calming breath.

Sebastian perked up even more, “Really?!  What does it say?”

“Um, I haven’t opened it yet.  I’m nervous… And I want to open it with you.  Do you think you could come over? I also want to open it with Dad too.”

“Sure, Babe.  When would like me?  We can always go to the bowling alley straight from your house.”

“How about you come over for lunch.  Is that okay?” Kurt sounded so nervous.

“Of course, Babe. You know, it’s going to be okay no matter what the letter says.  One way or another, you’re getting out of Lima, and headed to New York this Fall.”

Kurt sighed, and then said, “You’re right.  If they don’t want me to audition, I have other options.  We’re going to New York no matter what.”

“Right.  Okay, I’ll see around noon, okay Babe?”  Sebastian was glad Kurt was starting to sound a little more sure of himself.  

“Okay, Bas.  I love you.”

“I love you, too.”


Knowing how anxious Kurt was, Sebastian made sure to be a few minutes early to lunch.  Once he got there, everyone gathered in the living room. Kurt was pacing the floor.

“What are you going to do with all of those nerves when you receive your letter telling you if you got in or not?”  Finn asked. Kurt just glared at him.

“Okay, Babe.  Come sit with me.  Waiting isn’t going to change what it says on the inside. Open it.”  Sebastian was trying to be reassuring and nudge him to open it without using his Dom tone.  He was hoping it would work.

Kurt took a deep breath, nodded his head, and then joined Sebastian on the couch.  He carefully opened the envelope while everyone watched, and then began reading. He eyes grew big, and his smile grew bigger, “They want me audition!”

Everyone cheered, and Sebastian said, “Of course they do!  I’m so proud of you, Babe.” Sebastian grabbed him and pulled him into a big hug.

Burt and Carol smiled at the boys.  Burt was confident that Kurt would get in.  He suddenly realized that he wasn’t nearly as worried about Kurt being in New York as he once had been, and that had everything to do with Sebastian.  Kurt would have someone there who loved him, protected him, and someone who happy with Kurt’s successes.

Kurt and Sebastian settled back into the couch.  Kurt looked over at his dad and raised an eyebrow, “What is that look for, Dad?”

Burt grinned, “I’m happy for you, kiddo.  I’m also just realizing that with the two of you going to New York together, which means I might be able to escape a second heart attack.”

Sebastian smiled at that and then he and Kurt looked at each other, wondering if now was a good time to bring up the penthouse.  “No time like the present,” Sebastian whispered.

Kurt nodded and then looked at his dad, “Um, Dad… About New York…”  Burt looked at him like he was about to get horrible news, so Kurt continued quickly, “The Smythe’s…”  He looked at Sebastian trying to find the best way to word it.

Sebastian rubbed his back and whispered, “Just say it like it is, Babe.”

Kurt looked at his dad and then said, “The Smythe family owns a penthouse in Manhattan.  Robert and Tori have offered to let Sebastian and I live there.”

Burt and Carol’s eyebrows shot up, and Finn and Sam both said, “Woah,” at the same time.  

Sebastian said, “Kurt isn’t sure how he feels about it, since it isn’t exactly how he pictured his life in New York.  At least, not his first few years. I’d like to take him to New York for a weekend. We could stay in the penthouse, see the neighborhood, explore the campuses and the city...I want to live with Kurt whether he wants to live in the penthouse or not.  I’ll find us another place if he wants.”

“I’m assuming the penthouse has security?”  Burt asked.

“It does.  That’s my main motivation for wanting us to stay there.”  Sebastian and Burt were looking at each other, speaking without words.

Kurt looked at them both, “Why is that so important?  I’m not fragile flower!” He was aggravated by that.

Finn piped up, “Dude, I hate to break it to you, but New York is not the safest city in the world.”

Kurt glared at him, and Sebastian added, “It’s not that we don’t think you can take care of yourself, Babe. But what would a little extra security hurt?  Besides, in a few years, it will definitely make you feel better.” Nobody in the room needed to verbalize that Sebastian was alluding to when Blaine got out of prison.  The face Kurt made was one of realization. Sebastian was right.

“I guess I see what you mean,”  Kurt said quietly.

Sam added, “And by then, you’ll have lived there for a long time, meaning you’ll be comfortable with the building, the neighborhood, the people.”

“I think it’s a great idea.  How many people get this opportunity, Kurt?”  Carol asked.

“I agree.  You and Sebastian living together makes me feel better about this whole New York thing, but living in a nice neighborhood in a place that has security is even better,”  Burt said.

“And it would save you money,”  Sebastian added, looking at Kurt. “The penthouse sits empty nearly all the time now.  It would still be sitting empty if you want us the live somewhere else. And there’s room for our families to stay when they come visit.”

Kurt smiled a small smile, “Okay.  I’d still like to see it, but I feel a bit better about it now.”

“Okay, I’m going to get lunch on the table.  Give me five minutes. Wash up everyone!” Carol smiled.


“So what are your plans today?”  Burt asked the boys as they sat eating lunch.

Kurt lit up, “We’re playing Cupid!”  Sebastian smiled at how adorable is boyfriend was when he got this excited.

“What?  With who?”  Sam asked.  It seemed like he was their only single friend, so he was curious.

“We’re fixing Chris up with Thad!”  Kurt was practically bouncing in his seat.

“Thad’s a nice guy.  Are you going on a double date?”  Finn asked.

“No, we’re going bowling as a group.  Do you guys want to go? The more the merrier.”  Kurt looked to Finn and Sam. “You can bring Rach, if you want, Finn.”  

“I’ll ask her.  She seemed to like Chris.  I’m sure she’ll say ‘yes’.”

“How about you, Sam?”  Sebastian asked.

“Sure, I’d love to.  I need to do something fun.”  Sam smiled.


Later that evening, everyone began arriving at the bowling alley, and Chris was so nervous that he felt like he was going to throw up.  

“Chris, you’ll be fine.  You look great, and Thad is super nice.  Even if you don’t hit it off as a couple, you’ll at least be leaving here with a new friend,”  Kurt smiled at Chris, trying to reassure him.

Chris nodded, “Yeah, okay.”  

Sebastian clapped him on the back and smiled, “He’s right, Chris.  You’ll know everyone here except Thad. There’s plenty of people to talk to if you’re not feeling like you and Thad are a good match.”

Chris nodded, “Okay,” he sighed, “I’m going to run to the restroom quick.”  

Chris went to the restroom, looked at his reflection in the mirror and sighed.   You can do this , he thought.  As he left the restroom, his focus was on the floor, putting one foot in front of the other, when he suddenly ran right into someone, sending them both stumbling backwards a step or two.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry,”  Chris said apologetically.

“No problem,”  Thad said before even looking up.  A second later, he looked up and instantly recognized Chris from the picture Kurt had shown him.  He chuckled, “Chris?”

Chris’ eyes widened, “Oh,” he chuckled too, “Probably not the best first impression, huh?”  He smiled despite himself.

Thad smiled, and Chris thought his heart would melt right there in the middle of the bowling alley.  “Well, I can think of worse ways to meet a handsome guy,” Thad said, chucking again.

Chris blushed and offered his hand to shake, “Chris Carnes.  It’s nice to meet you.”

Thad shook his hand, “Thad Meyer.  It’s nice to meet you too.”


Kurt had seen the entire event unfold and was smiling eat to ear.  He leaned over to Sebastian, “Well, they met,” He laughed.

“That’s one way to do it,”  Sebastian smiled.


Everyone was bowling in two lanes, side by side.  Kurt was up next and Sebastian couldn’t take his eyes off of him.

“You’re drooling, Seb,”  Sugar whispered in Sebastian’s ear.

“Mmm,”  Sebastian groaned, “I can’t help it.  Look at him…” Sugar giggled and Puck smiled and shook his head.  “Watch. He does this little wiggle with his ass before he bowls.”  As if on cue, Kurt did a little wiggle, “Mmm,” Seb groaned again, and the three of them laughed quietly. Kurt got a strike, and did a little celebration before returning to the group.  He came back and sat on Sebastian’s lap, and Seb wrapped his arms around his boyfriend. “How are you so good at this, Babe?”

“Mr. Howard, the guy who owns this place, is friends with Dad.  When I was younger, they used to be on a league together, and since there was nobody at home to watch me, I came along.  Mr. Howard would open a lane for me to play while the adults played their games. That’s actually how I met Artie. His dad was in the league too.  We used to bowl together.”

“I shouldn’t be surprised.  It’s just one more thing you’re good at.  Was Artie in a wheelchair then?”

“No.  Well, not the first couple of years.  He and his dad were in a car accident.  They were hit by a drunk driver.”

“Oh, wow.  That’s so sad.  Was his dad okay?”

“Physically, yes.  Their car was hit on Artie’s side.  But I think he still struggles with it mentally to this day.”  Sebastian nodded that he understood.

Kurt turned and kissed Sebastian on the cheek before sitting down next to him.  Sebastian whined at the loss of his boyfriend from his lap. “Why?” Sebastian playfully whined.

“Because we’re still in Lima, technically.  And we’re already getting looks from that group down there.”  Kurt answered quietly.

Sebastian looked down at the group, “The looks don’t bother me, Babe.  Not being able to be close to you does.”

“You’re turn, Seb,”  Puck said as he walked back to the group.

Sebastian turned back toward Kurt and kissed him passionately.  He cupped his face, looked him in the eye, and said, “If someone doesn’t like the way I love my boyfriend, or the way my boyfriend loves me, they can kiss my ass.”

Kurt grinned and nodded.


Chris and Thad had been in a steady flow of conversation since they met.  Thad was loving Chris’ sense of humor, and Chris was loving Thad’s dimples that showed every time he laughed.  The flirting was relentless between the two, and there wasn’t a single person in the group that thought this wasn’t a good match.  

Sebastian went to get some drinks and Thad soon joined him.

“How’s it going?”  Sebastian asked.

“Great!  He’s hot as hell, and hilarious.  Thanks for arranging this.” Thad was all smiles.

“Thank Kurt.  This was all him.”  Sebastian turned around and looked back at the group, leaning on the counter behind him.   

“You really love him, don’t you...”  It was more of a statement than a question.

“More than anything.  I love this entire group.  I never thought I’d have anything like this. I certainly never thought I’d have anyone like him.”

“He’s good for you.  I mean, I don’t know what you were like before him, but I can tell, he’s good for you.”

“You have no idea,”  Sebastian grinned.


While Sebastian and Thad were getting drinks, Jeff asked Chris, “So are things going okay?”

Chris smiled, “Yeah, I really think they are.  He’s really sweet. And hot.” Chris, Jeff, and Nick all smiled.

“He’s a great guy.  A great leader. A great friend.  I’m glad you two are getting along.”  Nick grinned.

“Me too.”


Everyone was gathered around some tables at the bowling alley that they had pushed together.  They had ordered a few pizzas and more drinks. Everyone was enjoying each others company and having a good time.  

Finn said from across the table, “Kurt, tell everyone your news!”

Kurt choked on his drink a bit and blushed.  “Finn!”

“Whatever, Porcelain.  You know we’ll all find out eventually.  You might as well tell us all at once,” Santana smirked.  She had such a way with words.

Kurt rolled his eyes, “So true.  I can’t keep anything from you guys.  Even when I try.” He cleared his throat, “Well, NYADA wants me to live audition!” Cheers erupted at the news with lots of words of encouragement.  

Rachel got up and went over to Kurt and practically jumped into his arms.  She pulled back and looked at him with tears in her eyes, “ME TOO!” Another round of cheers and congratulations came for Rachel.  

“Rach, why didn’t you say something earlier?!”  Kurt asked.

“Same reason as you?  And I didn’t know if you got a letter or anything.  I didn’t even tell Finn. As he just proved, he can’t keep his mouth shut.”  They both giggled.

“Well, congratulations, Rach.”  They hugged.

Rachel pulled him aside so they could speak in private, “This time next year, we could be in New York!  We should live together!” Rachel was too excited.

“Rachel, I’m going to be living with Bas.  I’m going to New York no matter what. Apparently Finn just forgot, because he already knows,”  he looked at her apologetically and tried to lighten the blow.

“We could all live together!  It will lower the rent.  New York is so expensive.”  Rachel looked with pleading eyes.

“We kind of already have something lined up for the two of us.  Sorry, Rachel.”


“Well, Bas’ family already owns a place there.  We’re most likely going to stay there. We’re going to fly in for a weekend after Cheer Nationals so I can see it.”  Kurt smiled softly at her.

She smiled back, “Okay.  Well, just so you know, I’m really happy for you, Kurt.  You deserve this. And you deserve someone like Sebastian too.”

Kurt hugged her one more time, “Thanks, Rachel.  That means a lot.”


They were all cleaning up their plates and cups when Kurt heard a familiar voice, “Kurt Hummel?  Is that you?”

Kurt turned and smiled, “Mr. Howard!  How are you!?” He hugged the large, burly, man.  He looked like he could be Burt’s long lost brother.

“I’m fine, kid.  How are you? And how is your dear ol’ dad?”

“We’re both great,”  Kurt smiled and then turned toward Sebastian, “Bas!” he motioned for him to come over.  When Sebastian reached him, Kurt took his hand, “Mr. Howard, this is my boyfriend, Sebastian Smythe.  Bas, this is Mr. Howard.”

Sebastian shook his hand and smiled, “It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Howard.  From what I hear, it’s thanks to you that Kurt kicked my butt, well, everyone’s butt, during the last game.”

Mr. Howard laughed, “He’s a natural.  Don’t let him fool you with stories of long nights with lots of practice.”  He looked back to Kurt, “I saw that group down there giving you all the stink eye.  If they give you any trouble, let me know. I have no problem kicking them out.”

Kurt smiled, “Thanks, Mr. Howard.  We’re used to the looks, I guess. I’ll let you know if anything else happens.”  

“Alright, well, it was good to see ya, Kurt.  You tell your dad I said hello, and not to be a stranger.  He can bring that pretty wife of his in and we could catch up.”

“I’ll let him know, Mr. Howard.”

“See ya around, kid,”  Mr. Howard said as he made his way behind the concessions counter.  

Sebastian turned to Kurt, “He reminds me so much of Burt, it’s crazy.”

“Yeah, they’re cut from the same cloth.”  

Sebastian spoke quietly, “Hey, was everything okay with Rachel?”

“Yeah.  She wants us all to live together in New York.  Apparently, Finn actually kept his mouth shut, so she had no idea.  I told your family already owns a place there, and we would likely be moving in there, just you and I.  She took it okay, I guess.” Kurt shrugged.

“Are you sure that’s what you want?  I don’t want to keep you from moving in with your friends, and living the life you always pictured in New York.”  Sebastian grabbed Kurt’s hand and ran his thumbs over his knuckles.

Kurt didn’t like that it sounded like Sebastian was questioning if he was sincere. He needed to comfort and reassure his boyfriend. “Fuck,”  he breathed as he closed his eyes and fidgeted a bit.

Sebastian ran his hand down Kurt’s cheek.  Kurt leaned into Sebastian and rested his forehead on his chest.  Sebastian ran his fingers through the back of Kurt’s hair at the nape of his neck.  “Talk to me, Baby.”

Kurt took a deep breath and whispered, “I’m trying to control myself.  All I want to do right now is kneel for you. I want it so bad, Sir.”

Sebastian took Kurt by the hand and lead him to a part of the bowling alley that didn’t have anyone in it.  They could still be seen, but not heard. He used his Dom tone, “Stay standing. Feet shoulder width apart, hands behind your back, and head bowed.  Now.”

“Yes, Sir,” Kurt answered immediately as he did what he was told.  He took a cleansing breath and let the calm wash over him. He still wished he could kneel, but this was the next best thing.  

“Thank you, Baby.  You are always so good for me.”  Sebastian ran his fingers through the sides of Kurt’s hair down to the the back.  “Tell me what you need, Beautiful.”

“I need you to know, Sir.  I need you to know that you are who I want.  Not my friends. Not an apartment, dorm, or penthouse.   You , Sir.  I would give everything I have, and everything I am, just for you, Sir.  Always.” A tear ran down Kurt’s cheek.

“So beautiful,”  Sebastian whispered with a voice dripping with affection as he cupped Kurt’s face, “Always so perfect for me.”  He kissed Kurt slowly, full of love and passion. “I love you so much, Baby. All I want is for you to be happy.”’

You make me happy, Sir,”  Kurt said with nothing but love in his eyes.

“I would never want you to give up anything .  Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Okay.  You and I are moving into the penthouse this Fall.  I want to keep you safe, and that’s our best option.  It’s also the smartest decision, financially speaking.  I will still take you to see the penthouse and the neighborhood.  I think you’ll like it, but if you absolutely hate it, I will get us another place.”

“Yes, Sir.”  Kurt felt so loved.  This beautiful man standing in front of him loved him.  Adored him. He only wanted his happiness and safety, and was willing to do whatever it took to get that.

“Baby, why are crying?”  Sebastian had a small sliver of doubt that this wasn’t what Kurt wanted.  Kurt’s happiness was so important to him, and he didn’t want Kurt agreeing just because he felt it was what his Dom wanted.

“I just love you so much.  Sometimes I feel like you are part of some elaborate dream, and I’m going to wake up any minute.”

Sebastian wrapped his arms around Kurt, and Kurt let himself hug back.  “I love you too, Baby. More than anything.”


Both Puck and Nick had noticed when the boys went off to talk.  They knew exactly what was happening because of the way Kurt was standing.  

“I hope everything is okay,”  Nick said.

“I’m sure it is.  It probably started with Rachel.  She can be a bit overwhelming sometimes,” Puck answered.  

They were silent for a minute, and then Nick sighed as he looked back at them, “Sometimes I’m jealous of them.”

Puck frowned, “Really?  You and Jeff seem perfect for each other.”

“Oh, we are.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Jeffie more than anything. But the whole D/s thing is hot as fuck.”  He chuckled and Puck smiled.

“Yeah, I know what you mean.  Would Jeff go for that?”

“I doubt it.   Maybe in the bedroom a little.  But not like what they have.”  He paused, “Would Sugar? I mean, you seem kind of like a natural Dom, like Sebastian is.”  

Puck smirked, “I don’t know.  Seb and I are a lot alike.  Princess has even mentioned that. And he and Sugar are a lot alike too, but I’m not sure she would go for that.  I don’t think she needs it, like Princess does.  Honestly, before Anderson, I’m not sure he would have even considered this.  I could be wrong, I don’t know. And I definitely don’t think he would consider it with anyone but Sebastian.  It’s all just the right combination to make it work.”

Nick nodded, “Yeah, I think you’re right.  They’re very lucky.”

“They are.”


Sam was talking with Brittany when he heard someone come up behind him.

“So did your girlfriend dump you, or is she off slumming it with someone else?”  Mack sneered.

Brittany instantly went to go get Santana and Finn, who were talking with Rachel.  Sam turned around and said, “Not that it’s any of your business, but, YES we’re still together.  Slumming it or not, she’s happy. So. Back. Off.”

Mack had gotten in Sam’s face, and the rest of the group had noticed, including Sebastian and Kurt, who quickly made their way back to the group.  Sebastian looked at Chris, who was looking at him for a sense of what was going on, and motioned to Kurt. Chris nodded that he understood. In a weird way, he felt honored.

Sebastian, Puck, and Finn all gathered next to Sam. Everyone else stayed right behind them.  Chris and Jeff made sure to keep Kurt further back. Jeff knew what Mack had done to Kurt, and was not going to let him anywhere near him. He made sure Chris knew who it was that was messing with Sam and why.  Sugar stood next to Jeff, holding onto his arm.

“Dude, you really are stupid,” Finn growled.  He motioned to everyone around them, “Kind of outnumbered.”  Mack was only there with a couple of friends. He just shrugged.

“Haven’t you learned your lesson yet?”  Puck asked.

“Hmm.  Well, all I know is that since you all have made it so hard for me to get what I used to get so freely,”  He looked over to Kurt and Sugar, “Maybe I just need to start taking what I want.”

Sebastian got in Mack’s face, “If you touch him, or anyone else that I love, again… I swear to God you will live to regret it.”

As soon as Kurt saw Sebastian move toward Mack, he started to run over to him, only to be pulled back by Chris.  Chris wrapped his arms around Kurt’s waist and held him tight to his side, “Let them handle it, Kurt.”

Kurt shook his head and Jeff grabbed his hand, trying to anchor him.  

Mack had the nerve to smirk in Sebastian’s face, and it took Finn and Puck both to hold Seb back.  “We’ll see,” Mack hissed, and then turned with his friends and walked out.

“Fuck!”  Sebastian ran his hands through his hair.  

“We’ll take care of him, Seb,”  Sam said, trying to reassure him that Kurt would be okay.  “We won’t let him out of our sight.”

Sebastian took a deep breath and nodded, “I know.  It’s not just him I’m worried about.” He looked at Puck.  “Keep an extra eye on Sugar too. All the girls for that matter.”

“He’d better be more bark than bite, because I’ll rip his dick off if he touches her,”  Puck growled.

As soon as Mack was out the door, Sebastian and Kurt went to each other, and Puck and Sugar did the same.  They held on like their lives depended on it.

“God, if he fucking touches you…” Sebastian whispered.  He wanted to so badly to take Kurt away somewhere and never return.

Kurt didn’t say anything in return, he just tightened his grip.  

They all sat back down, trying to comprehend what happened.  They had no idea what Mack would do, but he certainly didn’t seem like he was going to leave them alone any time soon.

“What did he say to you, Sam?”  Sebastian asked.

Sam looked at Sebastian and sighed as he looked down at his lap, “He wanted to know if Leah dumped me or if she was slumming it with someone else.  I told him we’re still together.”

“You know that’s total bullshit right?  The whole ‘slumming it’ thing?” Sebastian was pissed.

Sam shrugged his shoulders, “I guess.  I mean, I was homeless. You guys live in a mansion.  She’s way out of my league.”

Sebastian shook his head, “You know we aren’t like that.  As far as my family is concerned, there are two leagues. Worthy...or not worthy.  I already told you what league I think you’re in.”

Sam was looking at his lap and smirked as he raised his eyes to Sebastian, “Good.  Because I kissed your sister on New Year’s.”

Everyone chuckled, and Kurt nearly spit out his drink.  Sebastian leaned back and crossed his arms, with a smirk of his own spreading across his face.

Chapter Text

Monday was hard on Sebastian.  He was worried about Kurt, Sugar, and his New Direction friends.  He met Sugar in the cafe to help her with her first delivery of her yummy treats.  

“This will be a huge hit, Sugar.  Just wait and see,” he told her.

“I hope so.  Thanks for helping on my first day.  I’m so nervous.” She sighed and paused what she was doing.

He smiled at her reassuring her.  “You shouldn’t be. I think the Warblers alone could buy you out.”  They both chuckled. After a couple of minutes, he got serious, “Sugar, promise to be careful at school today, okay?  I’m worried about Mack. That look in his eyes Saturday...”

She smiled softly at him, “We’ll be fine, Seb.  We’re all pretty used to it, unfortunately.”

“That doesn’t make me feel better, Sugar.”

“Sorry.  You know the guys are going to be watching out for us.  It will be okay. I have to go, or I’ll be late.” She leaned up and kissed him on the cheek.  He hugged her tight before she got in her car and left.

He knew that Mack was dangerous after the threat at the bowling alley. The look he had in his eyes when he looked at Kurt and Sugar really ate at Sebastian.  Apparently, the rumors the Cheerio’s started about him and the locker checks weren’t enough. He was hoping that the worst of it had been when he was drunk that night at Mandy’s house, but the way he looked at Kurt and Sugar was just too much.  

He  couldn’t take it anymore and texted Kurt in the middle of the morning classes.  

To Babe:

Is Mack leaving everyone alone?  I’m worried about you.

To Bas:

Everything is fine.  All of the girls have a guy staying with them all day, and Sam has assigned himself to me (Insert eyeroll here).

To Babe:

I know that it bothers you sometimes, but it’s for your own good.  Please just let him stick by you. I love you, and don’t want anything to happen to you.

To Bas:

I love you too.  I promise to be good.


After the bell rang, Kurt was waiting outside the classroom for Sam to show up so he could walk him to class.  He was looking down the hallway to see if he could see Sam, but he spotted Sugar, and she was by herself, turning to go down a different hall.  He didn’t see Sam anywhere, so he rushed up to be with Sugar. He didn’t want her being alone.

“Sugar, why are you alone?  I thought we agreed that all the girls would be walking with one of the guys today?”

“Because, Angel, my class is right down the hall, and I didn’t want to wait on anyone.  I’ll be fine. Besides, you’re supposed to have someone with you, too.” Sugar looked at him as if to challenge him.

“Alright, alright.  I was waiting on Sam when I saw you alone.”

Sugar sighed, “Fine.  Well, my classroom is right there, so you get to class, pronto, before you’re late.”

“Okay.  Love you, Sugar,”  Kurt sing-songed and then kissed her on the cheek.

“Love you too, Angel,”  she smiled.

Kurt turned around to walk back to class.  He was nearly at the end of the hall when he heard something that bothered him.  He couldn’t quite place it, but it made him freeze in his tracks. He stayed put and listened for it again.


Just before Sugar had gotten to her classroom, she was yanked into a nook where the janitor’s closet was.  She was slammed against the door as Mack’s hand wrapped around her throat. He whispered in her ear, “Don’t make a sound.  Remember how I said I was going to have to take what I want? Lucky for the fag, I don’t swing that way. But you on the other hand…”  he licked the shell of her ear, “You’ve got a nice little ass on you.” He ran his hand up the back of her thigh and under her miniskirt, groping her ass.  She squealed, starting to scream, when he put his hand over her mouth and slammed her head against the door again, “I said be quiet!”

He opened the door to the small closet and shoved her inside, where her back hit a shelving unit, making bottles of cleaner fall to the floor.  “No! Stop!” She yelled as she tried her best to hit and kick him enough to get away.


Kurt heard a yell, so he dropped his books and ran towards Sugar’s classroom.  The bell had rung, so she should be there. When he got to the class, Sugar wasn’t anywhere to be seen.  He went back into the hallway and looked around, trying to hear anything he could. There was another rustling sound coming from the closet.  When he opened the door, he saw Mack holding Sugar’s arms behind her back with one hand, pressing her against the wall. The other hand was covering her mouth as he was grinding up against her backside.  “Get off of her!” he yelled as he grabbed Mack by the shoulders, pulling Mack backwards.

Mack drew his hand back like he was ready to punch him, but Kurt was faster.  He punched Mack in the jaw, sending him back into the wall. Sugar grabbed Kurt and pulled him out of the closet, but Mack followed, even more pissed off than before.

Mack punched Kurt, sending him to the ground.  He covered his eye in pain. Sugar ran to Kurt to help him up, but Mack shoved her, sending her against the wall, where she hit with a thud, her head slamming into the wall, and then she slid down to the ground.  

Kurt got to his feet.  He wasn’t sure how, but he assumed it was adrenaline.  He couldn’t stand Mack, and seeing him assault his best friend had pushed him past his limit.  He charged at Mack, and in quick succession, slugged him in the eye, “Don’t,” then the jaw, “fucking,”  and finally the stomach, “touch her!”

Kurt turned around to help Sugar who was still slumped on the floor.  Suddenly he was pressed with his chest against the wall. Mack spat in his ear, “I touch what I want.  I won’t let your boyfriend forget that.” He was pulled Kurt’s head back, and slammed it into the wall.  Everything went black. His phone laid on the ground next to him with two new text alerts.

From Sam:

Where were you?  Teacher wanted to talk for a minute, and when I got there you were gone.  Are you okay?

From Noah:

Someone said Sugar isn’t in class.  Have you heard from her?


Sebastian was in Calculus bouncing his leg up and down as he tapped his pencil.  He had his phone out on his desk, and kept checking it every minute to see if he missed a text.  

“Sebastian, chill out.  You’re so anxious, you’re making ME anxious,”  Thad huffed.

“Sorry.  I just don’t have a good feeling.  I’m nervous that asshole is causing trouble.”

“It’ll be okay.  The guys are helping out, I’m sure,”  Cameron tried to reassure him. Thad had told him all about what happened Saturday at the bowling alley.

“Yeah,”  Seb answered, completely unconvincingly.  


At the end of class, the three guys were headed out into the hall when Sebastian’s phone rang.  It was Finn. Sebastian looked at the caller ID and he visibly paled.

“Sebastian?”  Thad asked, concerned.

“Finn?  What happened?”  Sebastian asked as he answered the phone.

“Kurt.  And Sugar.  Meet us at Lima Memorial.”  Finn was crying, and couldn’t say anything else before he hung up.  Sebastian swayed, nearly passing out. Thad and Cameron grabbed him, holding him steady.  The only thing keeping him from losing it, was knowing that Kurt needed him.

“What happened?”  Thad asked, his voice dripping with concern.

Jeff and Nick walked up, and Jeff asked, “Do you guys want to… Seb?”

“Kurt and Sugar.  Take me to Lima Memorial.  Fast.” Sebastian was white as a ghost.

“Fuck!  Let’s go, I’ll drive you,”  Nick said.

Sebastian, Nick, and Jeff all left without asking or notifying anyone.  Thad said he would take care of that. In the car, Sebastian called his Dad.

“Seb?”  Robert answered.

“Dad, Kurt and Sugar are in the hospital.  Niff and I are on our way now. Lima Memorial.”

“Oh my God, Seb.  We’ll meet you there.”


Seb, Nick, and Jeff ran into the hospital ER waiting room, where they saw Puck pacing the floor, and Finn sitting leaned over with his head in his hands.  Sam was sitting, leaning back, gripping the armrests tightly, and bouncing his leg up and down.

“What the fuck happened?”  Sebastian yelled.

Puck couldn’t answer.  He just continued to pace the floor as he looked at Seb and shook his head with tears in his eyes.  Finn looked up, and they could see that he had been crying.

Sam stood to answer them, “Nobody had heard from them.  Kurt wasn’t there when I went to walk him to class. Sugar never showed up in her class.  When Puck didn’t hear from Sugar, he left class and went looking for her. He found them both laying in the hallway.  Kurt was unconscious. Sugar was nearly unconscious. All she said was ‘Mack’. He’s nowhere to be found.”

Sebastian’s legs gave out from beneath him.  He slumped over on his knees and cried. Nick and Jeff helped him up and took him over to sit in a chair.  Sam came over to sit with him, so Jeff moved to the other side of Nick.

Sam wrapped his arm around Sebastian’s shoulder, “He’s going to be okay, Seb.  He’s a fighter. He’s strong.”

Sebastian leaned and put his elbows on his knees and had his head in his hands.  He shoulders shook as he sobbed. Sam rubbed is back, trying to comfort him. “I need to see him,”  Sebastian cried. “I need him. I need to see him.”

“Only Mom and Burt are allowed back right now.  Sorry, man. I know it’s hard,” Finn said, looking at Sebastian apologetically.  Sebastian started sobbing again. He needed to touch Kurt. He needed to feel his heart beat.  He need him.  


A couple of minutes later Coach Sylvester stormed into the waiting room like a hurricane.  “Who was it?!”

“Mack.”  Several of the boys answered at one time.  

She said nothing in return, but stormed out in a fury.  She took her phone out and got into the school online records, looking up Mack’s address.  She headed to his house. There were no cars in the driveway or on the street. She headed to Lima Bean, the mall, the pool hall… Everywhere she thought she might be able to find the bastard.  No luck.


Sebastian had been there about ten minutes when his parents showed up.  He got up and hugged his mom right away. “He’ll be okay, honey. He will,”  Tori tried to reassure him.

“Any word from the doctors yet?”  Robert asked.

“No one has come out.  We don’t know anything.”  Sebastian said as the tears began to flow again.  He choked out, “Puck found them in the hallway. Kurt was unconscious and Sugar nearly was, as well.”  Tori silently shed a tear or two, trying to stay strong for Sebastian and the other boys.

A couple of minutes later, a nurse came into the waiting room.  “Are one of you ‘Sebastian Smythe’?”

Sebastian stood quickly, “I am.”

“Mr. Hummel would like you to come back to see Kurt.”  She smiled at him softly, trying to put him at ease. “Kurt is still unconscious, but Mr. Hummel thought it would be good for both of you if you could be with him.”  Sebastian was so relieved, even though he was terrified at what he might see.

The nurse looked at a post it note she had in her hand, “I will be back for a…’Puck’ in a moment.”  Puck looked visibly relieved.

She lead Sebastian back to Kurt’s room, and he made his way inside.  His heart broke at the sight of Kurt laying there. “Oh God,” he whispered as tears silently flowed down his cheeks again.

Burt went over to him and wrapped him a big bear hug.  “He’ll need to know you’re here, Seb. Talk to him.”

When Burt let go, Sebastian went to Kurt’s bedside.  He got a good look at him. He had a black eye, and a huge lump on his head.  His knuckles were bruised and cut, so at least Sebastian knew he put up a fight.

He gently ran his hands through Kurt’s hair, “I’m here, Baby.  I’ve got you. You’re going to be okay. We’re going to get through this.”  He kissed him on the cheek gently, “I love you so much, Kurt.” He placed his hand on Kurt’s chest.  Feeling Kurt’s heartbeat calmed him a bit, but not enough.

Burt cried a fresh set of tears seeing this act of love.  He needed his baby boy to wake up. He needed him to move to New York with Sebastian.  He needed him to go to the school of his dreams. He needed him to live happily ever after there with Sebastian.  He needed him to get out of Lima… No matter how much it would kill him to not have him close anymore.

Carol took a chair and put it behind Sebastian, “Sit, Sweetie.”  

Sebastian sat and held Kurt’s left hand.  He gently kissed his hand and rubbed his knuckles,  grateful that he had a hand that was uninjured, so he could hold it.  

Burt sat in a chair on the other side of Kurt’s bed.  He held on to his wrist.

“I’m so sorry,”  Sebastian croaked.

Burt looked at him and frowned, “What are you sorry for?  This isn’t your fault.”

“It is.  It was my fault we went to Scandals.  Blaine. It’s my fault Mack was out for revenge.  It’s all my fault. All of Kurt’s pain.” Tears streamed down his face.  

“You are the cause of one thing, Sebastian,”  Carol said and she walked behind him and placed her hand on his shoulder, “You are the cause of his joy.”

“You listen to me, Sebastian.  You are not the cause of any of the bad things that have happened to Kurt.  Blaine, Mack… They are mentally fucked up assholes who would be that way whether you were here of not.  Normal people don’t react like that. Normal people take ‘no’ as ‘no’, and don’t go ape shit crazy when they don’t get laid.”  He paused for a few seconds, “I have never seen Kurt as happy as he is with you. His face lights up at the mention of your name.  He’s more himself than he has ever been able to be. He loves you more than anything. You bring him happiness, love, joy...Everything a parent could ever wish for for their child.”

They were all silent.  Sebastian held Kurt’s hand and would kiss his knuckles.  He never took his eyes off of Kurt. A few minutes later, Sebastian spoke, “I love him more than anything in this world.  I know it’s too soon right now, but when the time is right, do I have your permission to ask Kurt to marry me?” He looked over to Burt for the first time since they had hugged.  

“There are no two people on Earth more right for each other than you two.  Not that you need it, but of course you have my permission.” The corners of Burt’s mouth turned up slightly, “As for when, with you two, I’m not sure there is a wrong time.”

Chapter Text


Tori made her way over to Puck, “Puck, honey, come here.”  She pulled him into a big hug. “Sugar is going to be okay.  I just know it. They both are. They are such tough kids.”

“I should have been there.”  Puck said quietly. “I should have made her wait for me, and been there to walk her to class.  It was right down the hall, but I should have made her wait.”

Tori pulled back from the hug a bit, “You and Sebastian are cut from the same cloth.  You can’t physically be there for the people you love 24/7. Even if you could, they would start to resent you for it.  Like you said, it was right down the hall. No one could have known, Puck.”

“I knew.  Sebastian knew.  We saw the look in his eyes.  We heard the threat with our ears.  It was just a matter of time.”

Tori sighed, “You can’t live life like that, Puck.  This was not your fault. Mack is the only one to blame.”

The nurse came out into the waiting room, “Um, Puck?  Noah Puckerman?”

Puck let go of Tori, “Yes, that’s me.”

The nurse gave him a small smile, “Sugar is asking for you.  Come with me, hun.”

Puck, as well as everyone else in the waiting room, looked relieved to know that Sugar was coherent enough to ask for Puck.  That was a good sign.


When he entered Sugar’s room, he nearly burst into tears at the sight of her.  She was so small in the hospital bed. She looked exhausted. As he got closer, he saw bruises around her throat.  His blood boiled with anger. He wanted to kill Mack with his bare hands, choking him in the way he did Sugar. Only Puck wanted to see it through to the end.  Mack’s end.

“Puck,”  Sugar whispered as she held out her arms for him.  Tears welled in her eyes. She was a mix of emotions...She hurt, both physically and mentally, and she was relieved to see Puck.  He always made her feel safe. She needed him there. She also felt bad for him. She knew he was upset and angry at the entire situation.

“Sugar.” Puck said softly as he wrapped his arms around her.  He was very gentle with her, not knowing the extent of her injuries.  “Sugar, are you okay?” He knew it was a stupid question.

She shrugged and nodded ‘yes’ at the same time.  A tear fell down her cheek, and Puck immediately wiped it away.  

She whispered, “I want to see Angel.”

“He hasn’t woken up yet.  Let’s take care of you for now.”  Puck ran his hand through her hair.  

The nurse came in with two Police officers.  Puck was relieved to see it was Officer Miller and Officer Weston.  

“Sugar Motta?”  Officer Miller asked.  

Sugar whispered, “Yes.”  It hurt her throat to speak at normal level.  

Officer Miller looked at Vinny and Cindy Motta, “I’m assuming you are Sugar’s parents?”

“Yes, ma’am.”  Cindy answered.  

“Puck, it’s nice to see you again, but I wish it wasn’t under these circumstances.” Officer Miller patted him on the shoulder.

“Me too,” he said sadly.  “I thought you two were on the evening shift?”

“We are,”  Officer Weston answered, “But there’s a bit of a, uh - understanding - that Officer Miller and I get any case that may be labeled as a hate crime, or even have anything to do with any kind of prejudice.  Because Kurt is involved again, we were called in, and gladly accepted the case. We want justice served with no preconceived notions getting in the way.”

Puck said, “Well, I’m glad it’s you two.”  He looked at Vinny and Cindy, “Officers Weston and Miller came to the Hummel’s the night we caught Karofsky stalking Kurt.  They treated both Kurt and Sebastian like they would have any other person going through the same thing.”

“Oh, I see.  Well, I’m glad too, then.”  Vinny said.

Officer Miller asked Sugar, “Is it okay if everyone stays while we ask you questions, or would you like it to be just us?”

Sugar grabbed Puck’s hand, “Stay, please.”

“Okay, Sugar.  The nurse told me that you have a concussion, and your voice is weak due to your injuries.  Take you time answering, okay?” Officer Miller was speaking gently and reassuringly. Puck thought she was the perfect person to ask these tough questions.  Being a woman, speaking gently, and being empathetic was all a benefit.

“First, do you know who attacked you?”

Sugar nodded, “Yes.  Mack Robinson.”

“Okay,”  Officer Miller nodded to Officer Weston, who stepped out into the hall so he call in a warrant for Mack’s arrest.  “Can you tell me what happened?”

“Angel saw me walking to class by myself,”  Sugar paused, “Angel is Kurt. We weren’t supposed to be by ourselves.”  She looked at Puck apologetically. He squeezed her hand to let her know it was okay.

“What do you mean by that, Sugar?”

Sugar looked at Puck like she was asking for help, so he answered, “There’s a bunch of history with Mack and our group of friends.  I’d like to tell you, since Sugar needs to rest her voice.” Office Miller nodded, so Puck continued, “Mack has been coming on to Leah Smythe, Sebastian’s sister, since he saw her in the Fall.  Leah is beautiful, and Mack really wants her. He’s quite a womanizer. Sam pretends to be her boyfriend whenever she’s around, hoping it will keep Mack at bay, since his advances are unwanted. One night, Leah was at a friend’s house.  Turns out this friend’s older brother is friends with Mack, and they had been drinking. He scared Leah so much that she locked herself in her friend’s bedroom and she called Sebastian to come get her. Her parents were out of town at political event.  So, Seb and Kurt were on a date in Westerville, and wanted her out of there asap, so they called Sam and us to go get her, since we’d be able to get to her first. Sam ended up having to punch Mack just to be able to get to the bedroom door. We ended up getting her out.  Mack was pissed, though. He couldn’t take it out on Sebastian, with Dalton Academy’s security, and he didn’t know where Leah went to school - a boarding school in Indiana- so he took it out on the person Sebastian loves most. Kurt.”

“What did he do?”  Officer Miller asked.

“He shoved him into a locker so hard that it made his head bleed.”  Puck cleared his throat, “We started staying with Princes, I mean, Kurt, every minute at school. We weren’t going to let him hurt Kurt like that. Since we were watching him like a hawk, he had one of friends sneak into McKinley and rough Kurt up.  Shoved him into a wall, HARD, and then punched him in the stomach a few times. He had called a fake football meeting, so we would all be out of the way. Karofsky saw him at the mall, being forceful with two girls. He stepped in. He’s the one who found out it was Mack and his friend.  Kurt hadn’t seen who did the first locker check. We all just assumed it was him. And there had been witnesses the second time, but nobody recognized him since he wasn’t from McKinley. Before that, we didn’t know who was doing it. Anyway, Mack is super into Leah. She’s not interested in him, and it pisses him off.  So, a bunch of us were bowling Saturday night. Leah wasn’t home last weekend, so she wasn’t there. Mack came into the bowling alley and went up to Sam, and asked him if Leah dumped him, or if she was slumming it with someone else. Sam’s family was homeless for awhile, so that one hurt. Mack got in Sam’s face so we all went to be with Sam.  He said since we made it hard for him to get laid, he was going to take what he wanted. Sebastian told him that if he hurt someone he loved again, he would regret it.” Puck paused and looked at Sugar. He looked down and cleared his throat again, “He… He looked at Kurt and Sugar both. He just said ‘We’ll see’, but the way he said it… There was a threat in his voice, and in his eyes.  So we all agreed that all of the girls and Kurt would have someone with them at all times today. Power in numbers, ya know?” He looked at Sugar. “But somehow…”

Sugar said, “I didn’t listen.  I only had to go down the hall.  Angel saw me alone, and left his place where he was waiting on Sam.  He didn’t want me to be alone.” She cried, “It’s my fault that he’s hurt again.”

“It’s that asshole’s fault, Sugar.  Don’t you dare blame yourself,” Vinny boomed.  “He’s the one who is wrong!”

“Your father is right.  What happened, Sugar?” Officer Miller asked.  

“We were maybe 15 feet from my classroom and I told Angel to go to class before he was late.  When he walked away, Mack came out of nowhere and grabbed me. He threw me into the custodian’s closet door.  It’s in a nook, where people can’t see from down the hall. He started choking me, telling me to be quiet. Said he would take what he wanted.  He said that he didn’t ‘swing that way’, referring to Angel, but… He said I had a nice little ass. He ran his hand up my thigh and under my skirt.  He grabbed my ass, and slid his fingers…” Puck’s free hand was in a fist, knuckles turning white. Sugar was struggling to say it, “His fingers, um, went into my panties some.  I guess I made some noise, because he put his hand over my mouth and slammed my head against the door. Next thing I knew, we were in the closet. He shoved me hard. He flipped me around, pinning me with my chest to the wall.  I was fighting, so he pinned my arms behind my back. He started to… rub my private area under my skirt. I screamed, so he stopped and put his hand over my mouth. He was rubbing his erection against my backside, grinding against me.”

She was crying, and Puck held her hand and kissed her cheek.  “You can do this, Sugar. You’re doing a great job.” He wiped away the tears.  Vinny was holding Cindy, both had tears freely flowing.

“Angel must have heard me.  He opened the door and yelled for him to get off pulling him back.  I thought Mack was going to hit him, but Angel punched him first. I grabbed Angel and pulled him into the hallway so we could get away.  Mack followed us too quickly. He was pissed. Probably didn’t like that a gay cheerleader clocked him. He punched Angel hard. Sent him to the ground.  I went to help him up and Mack shoved me. I hit the wall really, really hard. I guess that’s when I got the concussion. I was on the ground when I saw Angel get up.  I’ve never seen him so mad. He hates violence...but he...he went after Mack. Punched him three or four times, I think. Each time he emphasized a word as he said, ‘Don’t fucking touch her.’”  She looked at Vinny, “Sorry, Daddy.”

“Sugar, you can cuss all you want today.”  He responded.

Officer Miller smiled a small smile, “You get a free pass from me too, Sugar.  What happened next?”

Sugar took a deep breath, “Angel came to help me.  Before he could help me up, Mack slammed him against the wall, chest first.  He said something about touching what he wants. And then something about Sebastian.  I was pretty out of it then. I tried to pay attention, but…”

“It’s okay, Sugar.”  Puck said as he ran his fingers through her hair.  

“He… He took Angel’s head, pulled it back… and slammed it against the wall. It was so hard.  Angel fell to the ground. He wasn’t moving. I tried to get to him. I think I was passing out and waking back up?  I don’t know. The next thing I knew, Mack was gone and I was in Puck’s arms. Then I was out again. Then I was in an ambulance.”

“Thank you, Sugar.  I just have one question.  Are you 100% sure that it was Mack Robinson that attacked you and Kurt?”  Officer Miller kept her cool, but deep down, she was seeing red. She knew everything Kurt had been through, and was disgusted that he had to go through anything again.  

“110% sure of two things.  It was Mack Robinson who tried to rape me, and it was Kurt Hummel who saved me.”  Sugar whispered. Her throat was hurting bad. She placed a hand on it, instinctually protecting it.

Puck squeezed the hand he was holding, and kissed her on the cheek.  He was so grateful to Kurt for rescuing his girl. He doesn’t know what he would have done if Mack had been able to rape Sugar.  It was bad enough that she had been sexually assaulted. He really hoped Kurt would wake up soon, so he could thank him properly.

“Puck, can you tell what happened on your end?”  Officer Miller asked.

“When I didn’t see Sugar outside her class, I assumed someone walked her to class.  When I hadn’t heard from her, I texted a football buddy who was in her next class.  He said she hadn’t shown up. So I left the class I was in to go look for her. As soon as I turned the corner of that hallway, I saw them.  Kurt was laying on his side, unconscious, and Sugar was on her stomach. It looked like she had tried crawling over to him, and couldn’t make it.  I went to her first, and she was barely conscious. She got tears in her eyes when she saw me. She whispered Mack’s name. I went over to Kurt and checked his pulse.  He was alive, but unresponsive. I went back and held Sugar. She kept fading in and out. I called 911, then Finn. Finn notified his teacher, who called the office. Then he called Burt and Sam while he made his way to me.  He held Kurt until the ambulance came.”

“Okay,”  Officer Miller looked at Sugar and Puck, then to Vinny and Cindy.  “We’ve put out an warrant for his arrest. I will let you know as soon as I hear anything.”

“Thank you, Officer,”  Vinny said as he shook her hand.  

The first thing Sugar said when the officers left was, “Can I go see Angel now?”


Once Officer Miller left Sugar’s room, she and Officer Weston headed straight for Kurt’s room.  They knocked and then entered. Burt was still in his spot, holding Kurt’s wrist, since his knuckles were busted.  Carol was sitting on a love seat under the window, but it was Sebastian that caught her attention the most. He was a wreck.  His eyes were puffy and red, and he looked miserable. He was leaning on top of the bed as much as he could, holding Kurt’s hand which he had pulled to his chest, cradling his arm.  She felt so bad for him.
“Sorry to bother you,”  Officer Miller said, “but we just wanted to check and see how Kurt was doing.  We also wanted to let you know that we have been assigned to the case. We’ve spoken with Sugar and Puck, and we’ve put out a warrant for Mack Robinson’s arrest.”

The room was oddly quiet.  Finally, Burt spoke, “Thank you.  As for how he’s doing, there’s been no change.  Still hasn’t woken up.”

Sebastian looked up at them from where he was resting his head with Kurt’s hand in his.  He kissed Kurt’s hand and then looked at the officers, “How’s Sugar?”

“She’s awake and talking.  She keeps asking to see Kurt.” Officer Weston gave as sympathetic smile.  Sebastian nodded his head.

“Sebastian, we do have a couple of questions for you about Saturday night, as well as about your sister.  Would you like to step outside?”

Sebastian’s eyes widened and he shook his head, “No. Please. I don’t want to leave him.”

“Okay, that’s fine, Sebastian.  Puck said that Mack confronted you guys at the bowling alley.”

“Yeah.  He came up to Sam and asked him if Leah, my sister, dumped him or if she was slumming it with someone else.  Sam used to be homeless, so that really hurt his feelings, I think.” Burt shook his head at the cruelty that this asshole constantly seemed to display. “Kurt and I were off talking, but we saw him confront Sam, so we hurried over.  I had our friend Chris make sure Kurt stayed back, because Mack has attacked him, or had someone attack him twice already, so I didn’t want Kurt near him. Mack got in Sam’s face. He said because we had made it hard for him to get what he had always gotten ‘so freely’, he would have to take it.  I felt like he was threatening Leah, so I told him if he hurt anyone I love again, he’d regret it. He looked at Kurt and Sugar with this...this threatening look in his eyes. He just said, ‘We’ll see’. He left right after, but we all felt the threat, so we made a plan for all the girls and Kurt to be with someone else all day.”

Officer Miller nodded, “Yes, that’s what Puck told us as well.  From what Puck says, he seems almost obsessed with your sister, Leah.  Can you tell us about that?”

Sebastian nodded and said, “Yeah.  Leah, Sugar and I went to a football game at McKinley last Fall.  Kurt cheers, and Puck is the wide receiver. Lots of people were staring at us.  Everyone knew Sugar, and most knew who I was by then, but Leah was a new addition.  She’s gorgeous, and seemed to attract a lot of attention. She just turned 15, and I’m pretty protective of her. Mack came up and introduced himself as one of Sugar’s friends.”  Sebastian smirked the tiniest bit, “Sugar put him in his place with that one. She wasn’t going to let him use her.  Told him they weren’t friends and to leave. He showed up at Desserted Love after the game. Sam put his arm around Leah, and told Mack they were together.  He left after a while, but it took some convincing. We didn’t even let him know Leah’s name for a long time. He threatened us again when Leah and I went to McKinley one day after school.  Then the night at Leah’s friend Mandy’s house…” Sebastian recalled the night exactly like Puck had.

“So,”  Officer Weston spoke, “You think all of this is because he can’t have Leah?”

“Basically, yes.  It’s his revenge.”  Sebastian was looking at Kurt.  He pulled his hand up and kissed it again. “He takes it out on Kurt, because he can’t get to me at Dalton, and he doesn’t think he can take on Sam.  He knows hurting Kurt will hurt me.”

Officer Miller cleared her throat, “Well, it seems this time, he was after Sugar.  According to Sugar, he tried to rape her, and Kurt saved her.”

“He loves her so much,”  Sebastian said, looking at Kurt still.

“That’s why his knuckles are busted,”  Burt huffed. “God, he hates violence… But he loves Sugar more.”

Sebastian’s eyes widened, and he paled, “Do you think he’ll go after Leah now?”

Officer Weston asked, “Does he know where she goes to school?  Puck said it was a school in Indiana?”

“Oldenburg Academy in Oldenburg, Indiana.  About 45 minutes from Cincinnati. I know we have never told him.”  Sebastian sat straight up, “But, Mandy! Her friend that she was staying with when we had to rescue her.  She goes to school there too! He could easily find out! Please. My parents are in the waiting room…”

“Okay, Sebastian, take a deep breath.  We’ll go talk to them, and we’ll make sure Leah is safe,”  Officer Weston tried to reassure him. “You can come out with us, if you’d like.”

“No.  I’m not leaving Kurt.  Please, just talk to my parents.”

“They can come back here, if the nurses will allow it.”  Burt said.

“I’ll go out with you, and we’ll see what works best,”  Carol said as she stood.

Burt shook their hands, but Sebastian made no attempt to move.  He just continued to watch Kurt, not letting go.


When Carol and Officers Weston and Miller entered the waiting room, they noticed how it had quickly filled up.  Most of the New Directions were there, about half of the Warblers, and Chris. The room fell silent when they saw Carol.  She sighed, “You all are so sweet for being here. There hasn’t been any changes yet. Kurt still hasn’t woken up. Why don’t you go home, get some rest, and we’ll start making some phone calls as soon as we know anything.”

Nobody moved.  Nobody said a word.  

Finally, Santana spoke.  She looked at Officer Miller, “Any word on Mack?  Trust me, I’ve looked for him and haven’t found him.”

“No,”  Officer Miller said, “And I strongly advise you do NOT go looking for him.”  Santana just grunted in response and leaned back, crossing her arms.

Thad stood up and walked to Carol. “Can you take these clothes to Seb?  I’m sure he’ll be more comfortable in them. I also packed him a toiletry bag.  I know he won’t want to leave Kurt’s side.”

Carol gave him a kind smile, “Thank you, Thad.  That was very thoughtful of you. I’ll make sure he gets them.”  Thad returned to his seat and sighed. Chris reached across the armrest and held his hand.  

Thad looked at Chris and quietly said, “He knew.  He knew this was going to happen Saturday night. But he also knew something had happened to Kurt, even before he got the phone call from Finn.  You should have seen his face, Chris. We had to catch him. He almost passed out…”

Chris squeezed his hand, “They have a strong connection.  A great love. I’m sure that love will help Kurt pull through this.”

Carol, the Smythe’s, and both officers had stepped aside to talk.  Meanwhile, Santana texted Karofsky. She wasn’t beating around the bush.


To Dave:

Mack tried to rape Sugar.  Kurt stopped it, but paid the price.  Both Kurt and Sugar are in the hospital.  Kurt hasn’t woken up yet. Get Rob to tell you where Mack is.  We can’t find him.

To Santana:

This better not be a joke.  Is Fancy okay?

To Dave:

No joke, dipshit.  We’re all at the hospital now.  Find out…

To Santana:

On it.  But I ain’t promising that I’ll tell you where he is before I get to him.

To Dave:



Just Sebastian and Burt were in the room when the doctor came in.  

“We’re going to go ahead and move Kurt to a regular room.  There’s been no change in any of his vitals. His brain is going to need time to heal, so even if he does wake up soon, we’d like to keep him for a least a night or two.”

Burt nodded and then paused before saying, “If Sugar has to stay as well, can they room together?”

“Sir, that’s highly unusual.  We don’t usually put men and women together.  Especially teens.” The doctor frowned.

“They’re best friends.  They spend the night together all the time.  Sleep in the same bed too. Plus he’s gay, and taken.” Sebastian turned to look at the doctor, challenging him to question it. “And I won’t be leaving his side.  They’re going to need each other.”

The doctor nodded, “I’ll see what I can do.”  He left the room quickly.

Burt just smirked.  It was the first time he had anything resembling a smile since they got there. “Thank you, Seb.”

Sebastian frowned and looked at Burt, “For what?”

“For loving him so fiercely.  For fighting for him, loving him, supporting him, standing up against anyone for him.  He’s lucky to have you.”

Sebastian shook his head, but said nothing.  He looked back to Kurt.

“You had better not be blaming yourself still, Seb.  This is not your fault.” Sebastian still said nothing.  He just stared at Kurt. Burt continued after a minute, “You know, I used to be terrified all the time.  I worried about him constantly. The bullying at school. The idiots in this town. God, the thought of him going off to New York by himself gave me an ulcer.  I know bad things have happened to him since you’ve known him. But they haven’t happened because of you. Your response to these things, though… God, most adults don’t have it in them to react the way you do.  Now, I still worry. Until the world changes its views on homosexuality, I’ll always worry. But now, not as much. Now that he has you.”

Sebastian held Kurt’s hand with his left hand and stroked his hair with his right.  “I’d do anything for him.”

“I know you would.”


Carol came back in and gave Sebastian his clothes and toiletries.  “I think nearly all of both glee clubs are out there. I told them to go home, that we would call, but they won’t budge.  Thad brought you the clothes, Sweetie.”

“That was nice of him,”  Sebastian said. “I’ll change once we get to the new room.”

“He’s being admitted now?”  Carol asked.

Burt answered, “Yes.  We requested that Sugar be his roommate if she has to stay.”

“Will they allow it?  They don’t typically.”

Burt smirked, “If Sebastian has his way, they will.”

Ten minutes later, Kurt was being moved to his new room.  Once there, Sebastian ignored the sign on the bathroom that said ‘patients only’, and changed into the Dalton sweats, t-shirt, and sweat jacket that Thad brought for him.  He had never changed so fast. He didn’t want to be away from Kurt for long.

Carol had gone to the ER waiting room and told everyone what room number Kurt would be in.  She told them that it was possible that Sugar would be rooming with him, and they would need some alone time.  She encouraged everyone to go home and come back the next day after school. They would only allow family back for the rest of the evening.  

Finn and Sam came into the room very hesitantly.  Finn had been a mess after seeing Kurt laying in the hallway like he had.  Sam wasn’t much better off. He felt guilty for not being there when he was supposed to be.  Both boys kissed Kurt on the forehead, whispering words of love and encouragement. They headed home not long after, but only after Burt and Carol promised to call right away if their were any changes.  

Sebastian’s parents were the next to come in.  Tori went straight to Sebastian, hugging his shoulders from behind.  “Can I get you anything, Seb? Dinner?” Sebastian shook his head. She looked at Burt and Carol, “How about you two?  Can we bring you dinner? Get you anything from home?”

“That’s very thoughtful of you.  I think once we know if Sugar will be in here, and get her settled, I’ll head home and make sure the boys are taken care of.  I’ll bring Burt some fresh clothes.”

“Okay, I’ll go grab some food that will keep, and you two can keep it here for when you need it.”  She looked at Sebastian, “Don’t neglect your own health, Seb. Kurt needs you healthy.”

Sebastian nodded, “I know.  What about Leah? Did you talk to the officers about her?  Is she safe?”

Robert answered, “She’s safe.  I spoke to her a bit ago. She sends her love to all of you.”  

Sebastian said, “But we don’t know where he is.  Will she stay safe tonight? What if he goes down there?”

“Lima Police Dept. have spoken with Oldenburg Police Dept. and they are stepping up security around the campus.  Leah has agreed not to go off campus, or out of her dorm building tonight.”

“And tomorrow?  And the next day?  That’s not enough, Dad.”

“I know you’re worried, Sebastian.  I understand that.”


They were interrupted when Sugar was wheeled into the room with Puck and her parents following closely behind. She gasped when she saw Kurt again.

“Angel…”  She cried quietly.  

Burt stood, and let Sugar be wheeled up to Kurt’s bed.  She took his hand gently, careful to not touching his bruises or cuts.  She cried looking at him. “Angel… Angel, please wake up,” her weak voice cried.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

Chapter Text

Sugar cried as she held Kurt’s hand.  Sebastian had tears running down his face as looked at Kurt.  He was hoping that hearing Sugar’s voice would wake Kurt, but it didn’t.  Sebastian finally took his eyes off Kurt long enough to really look at Sugar.  “Oh my god, Sugar.” He saw the bruising around her throat. He gave her a sympathetic look, “I’m so sorry.”  He looked up to Puck, who was standing behind Sugar’s wheelchair, “I’m sorry. I didn’t want it to go this far.”

“Stop!”  Vinny said.  “Enough with you kids blaming yourselves.  I have heard all three of you do it. It is not your fault.  None of you. You should be able to walk down the fucking hallway of your own school, and not be attacked.  Not locker checked, not verbally assaulted, and definitely not sexually assaulted! You should be able to turn a guy down, and not have to live your life wondering when and where he will attack you or the people you love.  It was MACK’s fault. Just like it was Blaine’s. No more self blame.”

“He’s right,”  Robert said, “Burt, Vinny, if it’s okay with you, I’m going to go call Mr. Edwards.  I’m sure he would be happy to take on this case.”

“That would be great.  Thanks Robert.” Burt said. Vinny agreed.

Sebastian looked at Sugar, “Are you going to be okay?”

She shrugged.  In her quiet, strained voice, she answered, “I have a concussion.  He choked me, so that’s the bruising. It hurts to talk too much.”

“We still don’t know what happened,”  Seb looked at Puck, “Maybe you can fill us in?  Maybe once Sugar goes back, you can stay for a couple of minutes?”

Puck looked at Sugar, and she nodded that that would be okay.  “Sure, man. You should know what happened too.”

The nurse who had Sugar told her they should be getting back so they were there when the doctor came back.  “Hopefully he’ll allow you to stay here tonight, okay?”

Sugar agreed reluctantly.  She squeezed Kurt’s arm gently, “You wake up for me, Angel.  Your dad and Seb are here waiting for you. I love you.” The nurse pulled her away a bit.  She stopped her and turned to Sebastian, “I love you, too, Seb.”

“I love you, too, Sugar.  I’m glad you’re going to be okay.”  She smiled weakly at him as the nurse turned her chair and wheeled her away with Vinny and Cindy following.

Carol and Tori were on the love seat, and Robert was leaning against the wall next to Tori’s seat.  Burt pulled up a chair from the other half of the room, so Puck could sit too.

Puck sat opposite Sebastian and told them everything that he knew, including the details Sugar had given them.  “I want to kill him for touching her...hurting her,” he said as he finished.

Sebastian watched Kurt, kissing his hand.  “I know the feeling.”

Tori wiped away a tear and sighed, “I’m going to go get you guys some food.  Any special requests?”

“Anything is fine, Mom.  Thanks,” Sebastian responded as he stroked Kurt’s hair.  

“I’m going to head back to Sugar.  Hopefully we’ll see you guys again soon if she ends up having to stay.”  Puck looked down at Kurt for a minute as tears formed in his eyes. He leaned over and kissed Kurt on the forehead, “Thanks for saving Sugar, Princess.  Love you.”

Once they left, and the room was once again silent, Sebastian sat and prayed for the first time in a long time.  



Dave waited outside the weight room where he knew Rob would be finishing up his nightly workout.  When he came out into the hall, Dave slammed him into the wall, “Okay, asshole, tell me where Mack is.  Your little buddy is due for a special visit from me.”

Rob rushed to answer, “I don’t know, man.  I’m not friends with him anymore, I swear.”

“Why should I believe you!?”

“Because, dude, ever since he had me rough up that fag-”

Pop!   David punched him in the mouth. “Don’t. Call. Him. That.”

Rob held his mouth in pain, “Okay, okay.  Sorry. Ever since he had me rough up that guy, my life had been hell.  My tires are always getting slashed.  My parents won’t even let me buy more.  I have to go without a car now. I’m still getting random locker checks.  The rumors about Mack have started to spread to me. Girls think I have some kind of STD now.  I quit hanging out with him a long time ago.”

Dave narrowed his eyes and tightened the grip he had on Rob’s shirt, “Let’s say I believe you.  Where would you go looking for him if he wasn’t at home or at school?”

“I don’t know.  The mall or the pool hall, I guess.”

Dave shoved him back against the wall, and walked away.  

He went to the pool hall first, then spent time walking the mall.  There was no sign of Mack.


To Santana:

No luck.

To Dave:


To Santana:

How’s Fancy?

To Dave:

Still hasn’t woken up.  




“Think of all things we have to look forward to, Baby.  In a few weeks, we’ll be in New York, checking out the penthouse and the city, planning our future there.  I need you to wake up for that, Kurt. Please wake up, Baby.”




Coach Sylvester had sat outside Mack’s house for hours.  There was no sign of him at all. She was almost ready to leave when she saw a truck parked down the street.  She slowly drove by, and saw that it was Dave Karofsky. She knew why Dave was there. She knew all about his feelings for Porcelain, and the reasons behind his bullying.  They made eye contact as she drove by and nodded to each other. No words needed to be spoken.




“Kurt, Baby, I need you to wake up.  Please, wake up for me.” Sebastian sat, holding Kurt’s hand, stroking his face and hair.   




Robert and Tori had left to go to the grocery store for some dinner and snacks for themselves, the Hummels, and Sebastian.  While Tori was in the store, Robert called Mr. Edwards. He explained to Mr. Edwards the threats that Mack had made and why. He explained that Kurt and Sugar were in the hospital.  Mr. Edwards was so upset that Kurt was hurt again, “What more can the poor kid take?”

“I know.  Kurt still hasn’t woken up.  Sebastian is a wreck. They love each other so much.”

“That was very apparent in court last Fall.  I can only imagine how upset he is.” Mr. Edwards sighed.  
Robert added, “I’m sure you remember Kurt’s best friend, Sugar? Mack tried to rape her at school, and Kurt intervened.  He got in some punches too, but Mack slammed his head into the wall, knocking him out. He hasn’t woken up yet. Mack ran, apparently.  They can’t find him. I just want to give you heads up that we would like your help with this case when it’s time.”

“Absolutely, Sir.  You can count on me.”




“We still need to finish planning our trip to Walt Disney World.  Where do you want to eat? What rides do you want Fast Passes for?  What parks do you want to go to twice? I need you to wake up and tell me these things, Babe.  Please, wake up, Kurt. Please…”




Leah sat in the window seat of her dorm room looking out into the darkened courtyard as she clutched her phone to her chest.  She had texted Sebastian, but he didn’t answer. She assumed that he didn’t have his phone on him. She had already spoken to her parents, and they had given her all the details they knew.  She texted her mom a couple more times, but Tori just confirmed that there was nothing to update her on. She was so anxious about how everyone was doing, and wanted to be at the hospital with them so badly that it hurt.  

A tear rolled down her cheek as she pictured Kurt laying in the hospital bed, broken and bruised.  She pictured Sebastian sitting, holding his hand. She imagined the bruises on Sugar’s neck, and the anger in Puck’s eyes that someone hurt his girl.  She imagined the torment that their family must be going through as they waited in the waiting room. She wondered which was worse...actually being there, or her imagination.

Leah’s roommate, Claire