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 A story about; 


Little Namjoon

Kim Namjoon as the cute, adorable, mushy, squishy little nyumjoon


That's it. 


Oh, wait!





The six obsessive, possessive, protective of the most incredulous handsome Bangtan Boys; Seokjin, Yoongi, Hoseok, Taehyung, Jimin, and Jungkook. 


Enough of the introduction.


Nothing to write.


Just read.






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A sob echoed through the phone. The line became silent for a few seconds before there's a loud gasped from the other side. Namjoon holds tight his phone, pressing harder to his ears until it becomes red. He bits his lower lips trying not to cry further.


"Oh, my sweet darling...are you a little right now?"


Namjoon nods his head before he realized that his mother couldn't see him through the phone. "Hmmm..." he hummed as an answer and starts to sniffle silently.


He then averted his eyes to the closed door of his room. Trying to check whether he had locked the door or not. He released a sigh after he is confident that the door had been securely locked.


"Oh, what to do? You know I can't be there right?" Mrs. Kim voice strained with worries that she can't be with her son when he needs her the most.


"Hmm...Joon...Joonie knows..." he answered with a slurred voice. Getting deeper into the little space.


"Ok, darling...take a deep breath and listen to eomma okay?" Mrs. Kim paused for a moment waiting for Namjoon to answer her. "Okay, darling? You have to answer me so that eomma knows you're okay..." she continues.




"Okay. Get your favorite blue blanket, your cute and adorable Ryan then the coloring book...where did you keep them?"


Namjoon rolled his eyes while thinking about his mother's instruction. He slowly gets up from the bed and crouched down to the floor - peeking under his bed. He grinned sheepishly when he saw his golden chest. He spread his long arm trying to grab the box.


"Joonie darling? Did you find your box?" asked Mrs. Kim when Namjoon didn't give any response.


Namjoon huffed in frustration when his long arm is not too long for him to even touch the box. He jutted his lower lips. "Eom-eomma...Joonie can...cannot touch the boxy...too far..."


Mrs. Kim chuckles at the complaint. She can imagine how her son is pouting cutely right now. "Oh, it's okay. Do it slowly okay?" she coaxed.


Namjoon sighed deeply. He then put the phone on the floor, glanced over the screen to make sure he didn't cut the line unintentionally before he went under his bed and dragged the box.


He smiles wider with full satisfaction when he managed to get the box - quickly put the phone to his ears again. "Joonie has it!" he whispers yelled on the phone with excitement.


"Okay takes everything I said to you and find your safe place to do the coloring..."


"O-otay..." Namjoon opens the box, grab his pastel blue blanket with lots of tiny Koya on it and the coloring book.


"At what page have you done it, Joonie?"


"Hmmm..." Namjoon gnawed his lips as he flipped the page, looking at a blank page that still not been colored by him. He smiles when he saw all the beautiful color he had made before. "Ah...number...number ten... it's ten eomma!"


" go to your safe place now darling..." Mrs. Kim further instructed. She can hear the footstep of Namjoon, scurried away as he squeaks happily. A smile curved on her face, feeling relieved that she was able to help Namjoon to deal with his little space even she was not there at his side.


Mrs. Kim frowned when she heard Namjoon closed a door. Didn't he in his room? Where is he going actually? Mrs. Kim never knows where is Namjoon's safe place in the BTS dorm and Namjoon himself never tells her about it. He'd been so secretive about that. Which makes her quite suspicious. And concerned, of course.


She did realize that none of the BTS members know about her son's little secret. Namjoon was not comfortable to share it with his members, feeling ashamed that as the leader everyone was looking up at him. It is not right for him to show his weak side when everyone is relying on him.


"Joonie darling? Can you tell eomma where are you now? The safe place?" asked Mrs. Kim with curiosity at the peek.


Namjoon shook his head vigorously but later once again realized that his mother can't see that. He giggled at his stupidity before he answered his mother. "''s a secwet... only big Joonie know..."


Mrs. Kim sighed. "Okay...let me know that you're okay afterwards, okay?"




The call ended instantly. Namjoon put aside his phone. He wrapped his Koya blanket around his shoulder, hugging his Ryan plushy on the left hand and the other hand starts coloring the image of Sailormoon - his most favorite cartoon.


"Wyan stay wif Joonie here otay? And...and no noise...look...Joonie makes Sailormoon pwetty!!"


Namjoon smiles as he keeps coloring. He starts to sweat because of the tiny space and the air condition won't be able to blast up to his safe place. But he will be fine for a while. But this is the place he's comfortable the most whenever he is in the little space. A place where the members won't find him if they ever came to his room.


In his closet.


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It's a fanmeeting today.


Namjoon was nervous as lately, he couldn't help himself from regressing. He was too stressed with all the works - composing songs, dance practices, tours, photoshoots etc. He was tired and in need of rest badly. All his body is sore and his muscles are feeling tight.


Namjoon can hear all the cheering from the hall. He was getting more nervous while his stylist was doing his hair. He keeps on fiddling with the hem of his sweater. His favorite yellow sweater. He smiles fondly when he thought that it is the gift from his mother.




Namjoon trance was being interrupted by Jungkook's voice. He cocked his head to the side to look at the golden maknae. Jungkook was smiling, showing his cute bunny teeth to Namjoon.


"Are you nervous?" Asked Jungkook when the stylist finished doing her job and left the two.


Namjoon was taken aback at the sudden question. "Wh-what makes you said that?" He asked nervously.


Jungkook grinned. "Well..." He pointed at Namjoon's hand that still playing with his sweater. "You only do that when you're nervous, hyung..." He continued.


Namjoon instantly loosens up his hand, trying to hide his anxiousness from the maknae. He didn't want to make him worried about him. Not when he is the hyung and he is the one that should be appeared calm and stronger for his bandmates.


"No-nothing Kookie...I'm just thinking about something..." He lied effortlessly.


Jungkook frowned. "Hyung...this is a fanmeting only. We'd done these hundreds of times. Nothing to be worried about...So stop thinking too much, okay?"


Namjoon flinched when Jungkook put his hand over his and squeezed it lightly. Namjoon stares at Jungkook's hand that laid on top of his, feeling the warmth of it - his heart turn to serene and calm. He smiles fondly at the maknae.


"You've matured enough Kookie. We shouldn't call you maknae anymore..."


Jungkook pouted at the statement. "No, hyung! I'm still the maknae in this group. Your precious maknae! Don't steal the title from me, please! Not even after I'm sixty years old!!" He whined cutely.


Namjoon giggles at the whining. "Kookie.. You're so cute..."


Jungkook jutted his lower lips. "You're the cutest hyung!"


Namjoon eyes beaming at the compliment as he stares at Jungkook sheepishly. "I am...cute? Really?" His voice becomes thinner as if he was on the verge of regressing to his little space - unconsciously.


Jungkook arched his brows when he feels something odd. He gawked over Namjoon that smiling enthusiastly and his face was glowing in excitement waiting for Jungkook to answer him. Jungkook then cupped Namjoon's face, squished his cheek until his lips nozzles like a fish in need of air. Adorably funny!


"Yes, you are the cutest baby..." Said Jungkook playfully as he moved his hand on Namjoon's chubby cheek.


"Nuuu....nuuu Kookie...don't do cheeks hurt!!" Namjoon whined at the gestures as he makes a grabby hand to remove Jungkook's firm hand over his face.


Jungkook let out a boisterous laughed, couldn't content himself at how cute and adorable Namjoon is right now. He squished the chubby cheek like he was doughing the flour for the last time before he let his hand go. He grinned when he saw how the fleshy cheeks now turn to obvious red.


Namjoon squinted his eyes towards the maknae while his lips jutted - now sulking. "It''s hurt Kookie!" He said while huffing. Obviously sulking and on the verge of regressing to little space further. Namjoon still oblivious to his state. 


Jungkook grimaced as he cooed at his hyung aegyo. It's a rare sight for Namjoon to do that, except being forced by the members during their concert or fanmeeting. Namjoon was embarrassed to show such cute gestures - keeps insisting that he didn't suit to do so, not when he is obviously tall and looks manly. He always said that it will be creepy for him to do as such.


"Okay...okay...I'm sorry..." Jungkook said even though he doesn't feel sorry at all. Not when he was able to tease the leader and Namjoon looks so freaking cute!


Namjoon huffed. "No, you not!"


"Hyung...please don't be so sulky. You sounded like a kid..." Whined Jungkook.


Namjoon breathe hitched at the remarks. He then realized that he almost falls into the little space unconsciously. He almost exposed himself! Namjoon cursed at his oblivious act, now getting more nervousthann before.


He was lucky that the manager had interrupted the conversation asking them to get ready for the fanmeeting. Despite he was able to pull out himself from his little space - Namjoon still worried. He was restless all the times and keeps on playing with the hem of his sweater.




A cute girl comes to Namjoon, giving her a genuine smile. Namjoon being happy for her presence, showing her his dimple smile and the girl squeal adorably.


"'re so cute!" She said sheepishly. Too excited that she was able to see her bias in BTS with her own eyes. It was like a dream comes true. She's finally can die in peace. Dramatically true!


Namjoon cheeks slowly turn to a tinge of a pink hue. "Thank you..." He said shyly. "Your name?" He asked when the girl shoved him her journal for Namjoon to sign.


"Jaehee. Kim Jaehee..."


"What a lovely name..." He compliments while he put his signature at the front page of the said journal. He even draws his favorite character - Koya and gives her some encouraging words. As he always did for his fan.


Namjoon was taken aback when the girl gives him a paper bag and said that it's her special gift for her favorite oppa. Namjoon peeked through the paper bag before his eyes widen while looking at it. His heart pounded and Namjoon fidgeting from his seat.


Jaehee giggles at Namjoon's reaction. "I know how much you like Ryan...that's why I give you this...Can you...can you wear this for me?" She said with a little bit hesitant. Afraid that Namjoon will feel uncomfortable at her sudden request.


"Ah...I see...well..."


Namjoon bites his lower lip. He took a deep breather before he took out the gift from the paper bag. It was a cute Ryan headband together with a Ryan wristband. Namjoon squeal in his heart looking at how cute the accessories were. His eyes beaming with excitement as he try to fight himself from regressing.


"It''s cute..." He said, almost whispering while staring at the two items.


Jaehee smiles with satisfaction. "Let me help you, oppa..."


Namjoon couldn't even have the time to decline when Jaehee took the headband and put it on Namjoon's head carefully. Then, after struggling a little bit to put the wristband over his hand, Jaehee helps him to wear it properly.


"Oppa! You look so cute...." She screamed happily when she saw her gifts on Namjoon's.


"We...we...emmm..really?" Asked Namjoon a little bit slurred with his speech. On the verge of regressed to little space.


"Of course. You're really cute and adorable a big baby boy!"


Namjoon feels contended at the compliment, giggles shyly as he covers half of his face - a habit whenever he is laughing. He then took out his phone, trying to take a selca. And when he looks at the screen, Namjoon totally forgot that he is at the fanmeeting and everyone is actually watching his antic - cooing how cute he looks right now.


"'s...pwetty!! Joonie wove it!"





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"Joonie wove it!!"


Namjoon cocked his head to the side, where Hoseok is looking at him with furrowed brows. Namjoon frowned before his eyes widen and he realized what he had done. He looks around where the fan cooing over his cute antics - which they thought he had done it for the sake of the fan.

Namjoon eyes become glassy as he stares at Hoseok - lips quiver, almost crying. "Sowie! Joonie sowie! Joonie..." He whispered as his breath starts to hitch.

Hoseok was shocked at the reaction, immediately hold his hand and glanced around to see if someone had noticed the commotion. Hoseok then rose up from his seat, slightly bow and apologize to the fan.

"Sorry, Namjoon suddenly feeling not well." He said hastily as he grabbed Namjoon's hand and dragged the poor leader to the backstage. The other members were flustered at the sudden action, looking at the two with confusion.

Namjoon who had been regressed to the little space fully starts to sobs while he follows Hoseok to the back. He couldn't stop thinking that he had done something wrong and Hoseok is mad. Hoseok looks so serious and Namjoon is afraid.

"Joonie sowie...sowie..." He keeps repeating the same words to Hoseok and he can feel how the grip on his wrist tighten. Namjoon winced in pain and he was devastated that Hoseok had kept walking - ignoring his crying and whimper.


Namjoon flinched at the cold tone of Hoseok when they reached their fitting room at the backstage. Namjoon slowly moved the couch at the center of the room. He sits and lifted his knees and pressed to his chest as he keeps on crying.

Hoseok had been watching how Namjoon is doing right now - with confusion. He frowned when he saw how Namjoon look so small while he hugged his knees and rocking his own body back and forth on the couch. His heart-stricken at the tears shed by the leader - something that Namjoon rarely did except he was extremely emotional.

"Why...wh-what is going on?" Hoseok asked with exasperation. He had lots of question as to what, why, how, and some cursing words in his head but he knew that he need to be careful right now. He was afraid that he will make the leader become more stressed than he already is.

Namjoon ignores the question, leaving it unattended. Not that he didn't want to answer, he just can't. He was too deep in the subspace and he can't think anything but feeling scared and vulnerable. He thought Hoseok despised him. Hoseok sharp glare makes him shudder that the rapper now hates him for being little.


Namjoon eyes were bloodshot due to the non-stop crying and his face was soaking wet with the tears when he rose his head to see Hoseok. He mumbles something inaudible, drowned with his sniffles and sobs.

"What is it Namjoon?" Hoseok asked.

"Jo...Joonie...wan...wan eomma..." Namjoon said between his sobs and starts to cry louder.

Hoseok eyes widen at the sudden commotion, feeling panic that he didn't know what to do. Then all the members swamp into the room, incredulously shocked to see their leader now crying out loud and Hoseok looks pale - paler than Yoongi.

"What the...what did you do Hobi??" Asked Seokjin in anger as he approached crying Namjoon. When he tried to touch the leader, Namjoon flinched out of fear and Seokjin was flabbergasted at the response. He curled back his hand and turned his body to look at Hoseok with wrath.

"I...I didn't do anything hyung...he was...he was like that when I asked him what's going on...and...and Namjoon is acting really weird!" Explained Hoseok, trying to justify himself from the ordeal.

"Then why he is crying?" Scolds Seokjin as he snarled over Hoseok.

"Did you hit him hyung?" accused Jimin as he peered over Hoseok, giving him the death stares to the said male. He really looks scary when he did that and no one in BTS even dares to go against an angry Jimin.

"Yeah Jimin! Why should I hit him??"

"Then what did you do to Joon-hyung? He was fine until you dragged him here!" Jungkook voiced out his opinion to Hoseok.

Hoseok gulped as everyone started to circle him and asking him what had happened to Namjoon. Namjoon from the couch, watching the whole situation with fear.

Why everyone is talking too loud? Did he do something wrong? Did everyone hate him now? Did everyone hate him for being little? Is Joonie a bwat?

There was a buzzing sound around his ears as he watched the six members arguing with each other. He pressed his knees to the chest further as he sobs. He was trying to muffle the sound of his crying as he thought the members hate it but it becomes worst later on.

When Namjoon let out a choked sound, everyone attention turns to him. When they saw how Namjoon's face had become red - too red actually; Seokjin immediately runs towards the younger.

"Hey.. Hey...Namjoon...calm down..."

Seokjin tries to coax the younger when Namjoon's breathing hard. His face was saline soaked with his tears. He carefully placed his hand on Namjoon's hand that been hugging his knees - afraid that the younger will react like before.


Seokjin caressed on Namjoon's hand slowly, trying to soothe him. "Slowly...take your time..."


Seokjin averted his eyed towards Yoongi. His face evidently shown with worries and concerns. Namjoon was never acted like this, neither he will nonchalantly ask for his mother. It is really weird. And the fact that he can't make the younger to stop crying had made his heart clenched with agony.

"What should we do now?" asked Seokjin, voice lower than before, trying not to scare Namjoon further. His eyes on the rest of his members, asking for a solution.

"Call Mrs. Kim!"

Everyone gasped at Yoongi's suggestion but they knew that they had no other choice. Not when Namjoon didn't seem going to stop crying until or unless he talks to his mother.

Seokjin looks around the room, searching for Namjoon phone when he notices the phone with Ryan's case laid down on the coffee table. Seokjin tapped on the screen when he realized that it has password protected. He shows the screen to the members.

"How? Do anyone knows about his password?" Asked him. And all the members shook their head. Of course, no one knows and they never go through each other phones because it is their personal space.

Seokjin took a breather as he cocked his head towards Namjoon. "Namjoon? Can you...can you tell me the password? You know...for me to call your mother?"

Namjoon looks at his phone with stoic expression - still sobbing. Later he shook his head, answering Seokjin.

"Joo...Joonie can't...wemember..." told Namjoon and continue to cry. Namjoon in little space forgot almost everything and a simple password to his phone become really difficult for him.

Seokjin sighed at the answer and he looks again at the rest of the BTS members. They have the same expression as Seokjin right now. They were stupefied and lost. They didn't know how to deal with this kind of Namjoon.

"Wait...give me your hand Namjoon..." Said Seokjin out of sudden.

Namjoon flinched at the instruction, curled his both hands as he didn't want to do as been asked by Seokjin.

"Give me your hand...Joonie? Please?" Coaxed Seokjin when he saw how Namjoon curled himself in a defensive mode.

Namjoon hearing the soft and tender voice of Seokjin slowly shoves his hand towards Seokjin as his doe eyes watch how Seokjin hold his hand gently. Seokjin then put his finger at the back of Namjoon's phone, trying to use his fingerprints to unlock the phone. It's done within a second when his pointy finger touched the pad.

Seokjin didn't wait too long and immediately called Mrs. Kim and on the second ring, Mrs. Kim already picks up the call.

"Joonie darling?"

Seokjin clears his throat at the enthusiast voice of Namjoon's voice. "Err, sorry Mrs. Kim. This is Kim...Kim Seokjin from BTS..."

"Ah, Seokjin! Mr. Worldwide handsome, " tease Mrs. Kim as she let out a soft chuckle.

Seokjin faking a cough at the teasing as his heart welled up with pride that Mrs. Kim actually acknowledges his handsomeness. But that's not the important thing that he wants to talk with Namjoon's mother. He glanced at Namjoon that still crying and Seokjin notice how his eyes become droopy - almost fell asleep. He cooed in his heart looking at how cute and adorable Namjoon is.

"Err...Mrs. Kim...the reason I called you is about Namjoon..."

The line becomes eerily quiet and Seokjin feels restless. It took another second before he can hear how Mrs. Kim inhaled her breath. Deeply.

"Is he a little right now?" She asked as if she already knew what is the reason why Seokjin been calling her from Namjoon's phone. 

Seokjin frowned at the question. Little? What is that? He steals a glance on Namjoon, trying to figure out the meaning of Mrs. Kim's word. Seokjin realized how Namjoon is been acting weird right now. And he was crying non-stop, asking for his mother. Other than that, his speech becomes incoherent like a kid. Is that what 'little' mean?

"I...I guess so? And he's crying asking for you...We...I didn't know what to do..." Seokjin said with hesitant. He looks at the rest of his members that still shocked and afraid to approach Namjoon. They were watching Namjoon from the corner of the room - restless.

Mrs. Kim groaned from the other side of the line, feeling guilty that she can't be with Namjoon at this moment. She also realized how Namjoon frequently regressed these days due to distress.

"Well...I think you need to bring him home. Get his box under his bed and take out the blue blanket. He will be okay after a nap..." She said, giving instruction to Seokjin how to deal with Namjoon's little space.

Seokjin doesn't take too long asking his fellow members to pack up their belonging. Lucky that the fan meeting had over and they can go back home immediately.

It's been really hard to convince Namjoon to get up from the couch. He was still sobbing, his body is shaking with fear when he saw the rest of the members scurried around the room. He feels intimidated with their presence. Seokjin then asked them to leave first and let him to coax Namjoon.

Seokjin smiles when Namjoon grip tightly on his sleeve while they were walking out from the place. He can hear the sniffles from the leader and how he constantly wiped off his snort with his sweater. It's gross but Seokjin didn't want to lecture the said male now. Not when he is fragile.

Namjoon was tagging along with Seokjin all the way to their van. He had another fit of cries when he saw the five members looking at him when Seokjin opened the door. Seokjin glares at them, asking them to turn their head away - which they obliged obediently.

Throughout the journey to their dorm, Namjoon was holding Seokjin's arm and hiding his face on Seokjin's wide shoulder. Feeling a little bit safe. His tears still rolling down his chubby cheek and he keeps mumbling his 'eomma', which makes the rest of the member's heart feel the pang of sorrow.

When they arrived at their dorm, Seokjin dragged Namjoon to his room followed by the members that really curious as to what is Seokjin going to do. The elder still didn't tell them what he had talked with Namjoon's mother yet.

When Namjoon sits on his bed, Seokjin peered on underneath of the rapper's bed and found out the box mentioned by Mrs. Kim. He pulled out the box and opened it carefully. His eyes widen when he saw lots of stuff in the box. Coloring books, color pencils, drawing block, soft toys, and the blue blanket. Seokjin grabbed the blanket and keep the box back to its place but makes a mental note to himself to ask about it when Namjoon is back to his old self.

Namjoon doe eyes widen when he saw his favorite blue blanket on Seokjin's hand. "Joonie sweep?" he asked innocently while pointed his finger at the blanket.

Seokjin nods with a soft smile. And he can hear how the members cooed at Namjoon from his room door. Those brats! Instead of helping just being a bystander!

Seokjin helped Namjoon to lay down and wrapped the blanket over his lanky body. "Just sleep okay. Then, we can talk about this later..." Said Seokjin tenderly, like he was talking to a kid.

Namjoon sniffs and nods while his droopy eyes staring at Seokjin. "Wyan?"

Seokjin frowned. Didn't fully grasp what the younger had said. "Wy-wyan what?"

Namjoon pouted. "Joonie can't sweep if no Wyan! He...he's Joonie fwend!"

Seokjin furrowed deeper, stirring his head towards the members - asking for an explanation. Everyone just shrugs their shoulder as they too didn't understand Namjoon's slurred speech. Seokjin mouthed 'asshole' towards them in anger.

"Can...can Joonie tell me where...where's Wyan is?" asked Seokjin. It is better to ask the younger to show him rather than battling with himself to figure it out and makes the younger further upset.

Namjoon perked up his head a little bit, eyes scanning through his room before he smiles wider when he saw his favorite Ryan lying down on the floor at the corner of the room. "There...Wyan is there..." He said while he pointed his finger.

Seokjin and the members look at where Namjoon's slender finger been pointed out and everyone goes 'oh' when they realized that 'Wyan' meant by Namjoon is his Ryan plushy. Seokjin was about to get up from the bed before Jimin moved forward and took the soft toy and bring it to Seokjin. Seokjin then gives the big Ryan plushy to Namjoon.

Namjoon squeaks in happiness and hugged the Ryan tightly. Everyone once again cooed at the leader. Despite being accustomed to Namjoon's addiction to Ryan characters but to see him squeal like a kid is another new experience for them. And Namjoon looks really adorable.

"Okay, now sleep..."

Namjoon nods his head tiredly and it just takes him not less than a minute for him to fell asleep. After hearing the soft snores of the leader, Seokjin tugged the blanket comfortably before he gets up from the bed slowly.

Now, everyone assembled at the living room with full of questions as they still confused as what had happened to their charismatic leader. No one can hide their confusion and curiosity because this is the first time they had to encounter such a situation.

"What happened to Namjoon?" asked Yoongi directly to Seokjin.

"What did his mother said to you, hyung?" Jungkook further asked.

"Why he acted like that?" Taehyung then asked.

"But he looks really cute!!" said Jimin with full of admiration.

"And why he talks like a kid?" Hoseok further asked.

Seokjin sighed at the bombarded questions, pinching the bridge of his nose as he starts to feel dizzy. He was about to say something when someone voice echoed in the living room.



Chapter Text





It feels hot. His body starts to sweat and he squirmed under the blanket. He kicked his favorite blanket unconsciously and slowly open his doe eyes. It was dark. He knew he is in his own room but it feels too spacey and spooky. His eyes start to well up with tears as he gets up from the bed.


As his eyes quiver around his room with trembling lips, he couldn't help but feel alone. He expects someone to be with him, here in the room when he wakes up. But no one is here. Not even his mother. Feeling so hot and stuffy in the room, Namjoon pulled down his jeans - leaving him with his yellow hoodie and his boxer.

With still sleepy eyes, he took his Ryan on his right hand - securely tug the plush under his arm and the other hand took his favorite blanket. He then took a step down from the bed, scurried away from the room and walked through the hallway. He was still half awake and his steps a little bit wobbling.

As he approached the living hall, he can hear a few voices which he recognized each of it. Namjoon stood in the hallway, looking at his members one by one that had some serious conversation. But he feels weird in his stomach. The churn feeling in it like he was going to pee at any time. He needs someone to help him to use the big and scary toilet.

But everyone seems oblivious of his presence. Namjoon jutted his lower lips, sulking a little bit. And he can hear everyone strained voice. But he couldn't understand any of it. He was too little to understand the adult talks. He was three after all.

"What happened to Namjoon?" asked Yoongi directly to Seokjin.

"What did his mother said to you, hyung?" Jungkook further asked.

"Why he acted like that?" Taehyung then asked.

"But he looks really cute!!" said Jimin with full of admiration.

"And why he talks like a kid?" Hoseok further asked.

Why everyone looks mad? Did Joonie had done something bad? Did Joonie being a bwat? Did they hate Joonie for being a little?

"Daddy?" His voice comes out as shaking and his eyes were glassy - on the brim of crying. He tugged his Ryan tightly to his chest and his other hand holds the blanket to his mouth slowly - and he bites the hem of the blanket nervously.

Everyone turned their head almost simultaneously at the voice. When their eyes meet with Namjoon's teary orbs they gasped out loud. A little bit exaggerated actually and it agitates the little one immediately.

Namjoon starts to sobs. "Da-daddy?"

As they tried to hold themselves from hugging Namjoon for being too cute right now, their expression changed drastically to confusion when Namjoon had been calling someone as 'daddy'. They look toward each other, didn't know to whom did the 'daddy' word being referred to.

Seokjin took the first step as always, approaching the sad little. "Hey, Namjoon. What is it? What do you want?" Seokjin asked and his voice so tender that the rest of the members firmly believes that the title of 'mother of BTS' suits him very well.

"Joonie...Joonie wan daddy..." said Namjoon while crying.

Seokjin brows furrowed. "Daddy? Who...who is your daddy Namjoon?"

Namjoon sniffs and wipes his snorts with his sleeves before he peeks through Seokjin tall body and pointed his finger at one direction. And everyone cocked their head with wide eyes except one.

"Yoongi???" Everyone shouted in unison and very loud.

Namjoon flinched at the rising voice, mistakenly thought that all of them were angry at him - breaks into a loud wailing as he slumps his body on the floor. Seokjin immediately runs towards the little and try to soothe him but failed miserably.

"Joonie wan daddy!!" Namjoon said while he wails out loud.

Seokjin then averted his eyes toward Yoongi that seems fazed about the whole commotion. Still in shocked that Namjoon had pointed over him as his 'daddy'.

"Yeah, Yoongi! What are you doing there? Come to your son!" Said Seokjin.

Yoongi choked his own saliva at Seokjin's words. "Wh-what son? He's not my son! This is absurd!" he yells at the elder.

And everyone was horrified when suddenly the living hall become eerily quiet. Namjoon had stopped crying and his wet eyes now peered over Yoongi. Namjoon sniffs and hugged his Ryan to his chest.

"No da-daddy? Daddy no wike Joonie? Joonie is bwat...Daddy hates Joonie?" his innocent voice that became so raspy after the cry now pry on Yoongi.

Everyone mouth gape at the questions by the little, now tilted their head towards Yoongi - waiting for the oldest rapper to answer Namjoon.

"Yah Namjoon! Why are you like this? are acting really weird...and...and why are me da-daddy?" retaliates Yoongi, obviously flabbergasted.

Namjoon breathe hitched at the answer as his doe eyes gawking at Yoongi. His tears roll down to his cheek, looking hurt and devastated. "Da-daddy no wan Joonie?" he asked again.

Voice almost inaudible as if he was afraid to ask and was afraid to listen to the answer. He hugs his Ryan and tightly clenched on his Koya blanket.

"Hyung... I think you shouldn't answer him like that..." Interrupt Jimin, a little bit worry of Yoongi's refusal and Namjoon's hurt expression. And when Jimin looks around to see his bandmates, most of them nod their head - agrees with Jimin, except Yoongi.

Yoongi then snarled over Jimin. "Then how should I answer him? He's been acting so weird. And that talk...he...he..." Yoongi couldn't continue his words when he realized Namjoon had silent tears over his face, looking at Yoongi with his innocent, cute and adorable eyes. Yoongi gulped bitterly.

"Daddy ha-hates Joonie?"

Yoongi was flustered as his eyes meet with Namjoon's hazel orbs - so round and beguiling that Yoongi couldn't help himself from enchanted and mesmerized.

"Answer him hyung!"

Yoongi flinched at the harsh tone of Taehyung, looking at him begrudgingly. He was upset that Yoongi had treated Namjoon like that and the fact that Namjoon had called Yoongi as 'daddy'. He was jealous!

"You hates him?" Jimin asked as he put his tiny hand to his mouth - at shocked that Yoongi hates the cute and adorable Namjoon.

"Seriously? Do you hate Namjoon? He...he look so cute and you hate him? Are you mad hyung? Everyone loves cute Namjoon!!" Shrieked Hoseok - a little bit exaggerated.

Yoongi rolls his eyes in irritation at his fellow member's reaction. "Yah! I didn't say that I hate him. I know..."

"Then, come and get your boy Yoongi! Don't let me spank your dirty ass!" Scolds Seokjin as he had been listening to the conversation all the time. He didn't have any patience left in him, not when Namjoon silently cry when Yoongi refused to admit that he is Namjoon's daddy.

Yoongi flinched in fear at Seokjin's harsh tone, knowingly that the eldest in the BTS is really angry right now. You can see it from his eyes that been ogling towards him with a red face. Yoongi then slowly moved towards the two and cautiously crouched down in front of crying Namjoon.

"Talk to him, you idiot!" urged Seokjin when Yoongi doing nothing just sit there looking at Namjoon - flustered.


Namjoon let out a small sob before he lifted his head and exchanged the gaze with Yoongi. He gnawed his lower lips. "It''s Joonie, daddy!" He said as he protested when the grumpy rapper keeps calling him Namjoon.

Yoongi was taken aback at the tantrum, scratching his neck sheepishly. "Okay...okay, I'm sorry Joonie. So, emmm... wow this is really awkward!" Mumbles Yoongi.

Yoongi yelp in pain when Seokjin smacked the back of his head for acting oblivious in front of Namjoon. But Yoongi says nothing to the eldest as he was afraid to make Seokjin angrier than he already is.

"So, Joonie... Why, why are you crying?" He asked carefully.

Namjoon puffed his chubby cheek. "Daddy, Joonie...Joonie wan-wan to pee Joonie..."

Seokjin and Yoongi eyes widen at the saying and they were in a panic mode when they see how Namjoon squirms on the floor as he clamps both of his feet trying to holding up his urine.

“Oh God! We need to go to the bathroom fast!” screamed Seokjin out loud. He looks at Yoongi as the rapper nods at him and both of them quickly stand up.

“Let’s go Joonie!” said Yoongi.

Namjoon then raised both of his hand towards Yoongi. “Up-up daddy!”

Yoongi was stupefied as he looks at Namjoon – waiting for him to pick him up in his arm. He can't imagine how his petite body will be able to hold the tall and lanky Namjoon. He will be squished to death!

Oh, God!

Chapter Text


“Up – up…daddy!”

Yoongi was dumbfounded at the request, looking at Namjoon's innocent face as he makes a grabby hand asking the oldest rapper to pick him up. Yoongi incredulously bewildered as he keeps thinking how the hell he is going to pick the tall and lanky Namjoon. Isn’t that impossible?

But – but Yoongi wasn’t going to refuse Namjoon right? His inner conscience had been battling with his logic and rational thinking. However, right now in Yoongi's eyes, Namjoon looks so tiny and cute and adorable and squishy and – and Yoongi will be cursed if he ever let the little's down; right?

So what if he is going to break his spine into two? He still going to pick little Namjoon – right? Yoongi bats his eyelashes as he is still thinking the pro and cons of his further action. 

“Daddy! Up – up daddy. Joonie…Joonie wan pee pee. Fast!” the little had been urging the elder to make a fast action before he pees himself. He doesn’t want to urinate in his pant. That will be grossed. Eww!

Yoongi took a deep breath as everyone was looking at him – didn’t know what the grumpy male will do at such a situation. As their heart beats erratically watching the crucial moment, everyone jaws dropped at one sentence uttered by Yoongi.

“Okay, let's daddy pick you up!” he finally said as he moved his hand forwards to pull Namjoon from the floor.

The little was too excited at the words, giggling as he took Yoongi hands and let the elder pull him with full force. Namjoon then quickly jumped over Yoongi, hugging the small and petite man like a koala – wrapping his long legs on Yoongi's waist and his hand on the neck.

Yoongi almost stumbles backward at the sudden weight, legs wobbling and he thought he’s going to break his spine into two – before he feels someone had helped him to stabilize his body from the back.

“Th – thanks…” he said while he grimaced in pain before he tilts his head to see the one who had held him. Hoseok.

Hoseok smiles at Yoongi. “Welcome. And you really do need a help hyung. Your face looks like that you're going to shit in your pant!”

“I never know you have a daddy kink, Yoongi!” tease Seokjin which makes everyone laughed at the jokes.

Yoongi groaned at the remarks but choose not to retaliates back when Namjoon whines that he almost peeing himself. Afraid that the male unable to hold himself any longer, Yoongi immediately scurried away to the nearest bathroom – followed by Seokjin and Hoseok.

They were in the small bathroom that can accommodate up to three people at one time – leaving Hoseok standing at the doorframe. Everyone staring at Namjoon who looks uncomfortable, playing with the hem of his sweater.

Now that he was standing in the middle of the bathroom, the three realizes Namjoon only wear his tight boxer up to the middle of his thigh. The three then suddenly can feel the heat on their face, flushed with red out of embarrassment, looking at how sexy their leader right now.

“Da – daddy…”

“Ye – yes Joonie?”

“Turn awound pwease? Joonie…Joonie wan to pee…” said Namjoon as he feels shy that the three males were staring at him.

“Oh – ow…Ah…yeah…Well sorry…”

The three was flabbergasted and notice that they were gawking at the leader’s thigh shamelessly. Despite being little right now, Namjoon still can think rationally about how he’s going to go naked in front of his bandmates. That will be too much obscene. They might be living together for years but to show the lower part of their bodies still not going to be very comfortable.

Namjoon quickly pulls off his boxer up to his knee and hesitantly sits on the big and gigantic toilet as if it’s going to suck him – but he really need to relish himself. He pouted at the thought being swallow by the toilet monster.

“Finish daddy!!” he screamed in joy, bouncing happily as the three male now turn their bodies to see Namjoon. They cooed at how cute Namjoon is acting right now.

“Uffff….” Yoongi groaned when Namjoon suddenly koala hugged him once again. Hoseok who sense the trouble suffered by Yoongi, immediately hold his back to prevent both of them to fall on the floor.

Hoseok then let out a soft chuckle and whispered to Yoongi ears. “You might have constipation if this keeps going on, hyung…” tease Hoseok while chuckling at the eldest grumpy face.

Yoongi squinted his eyes towards the rapper before he starts to walk out from the bathroom – with Namjoon hogging him, giggling that his daddy had picked him up.

Yoongi helped Namjoon to sit at the dining table, where Seokjin had ordered the rest of them to join the two. Everyone still in shocked as what is happening and staring at the leader who happily hugs his Ryan – given by Seokjin. Seokjin then wrapped the Koya blanket on Namjoon's lap, afraid the leader will get cold by wearing only boxer.

“So? What is happening to our Namjoon?” asked Taehyung when Seokjin took his seat beside Hoseok.

“Well, what Mrs. Kim had told me Namjoon is a little?” told Seokjin with vague voice, unsure of what is ‘little’ is all about. The whole thing is new to him and to all of them.

“A little?” Jimin and Hoseok let out almost a unison squeak. A little bit too loud that their voice had startled Namjoon.

“Joo – Joonie is little… you – you hate little Joonie?” he asked with his tiny voice, fiddling with his Ryan's ear – nervous that his friend couldn’t accept him being a little.

Seokjin grabs one of Namjoon’s hand that laid on the table – squeezed it lightly to soothe him. Namjoon looks at the elder and he smiles wryly when Seokjin does the same.

“Let me search about this thing first before we discuss further…” said Jungkook and took out his phone. His fingers swiftly type on the screen looking for the definition of ‘little’.

“I found it!” he screamed with excitement and start to read it out loud for the members. “Little space is where you get into the headspace of a child, entering a childlike carefree space away from the adult world. Its a way of coping from some sought of stress they may be experiencing.”

“If – if the stress had triggered the little space, doesn’t that mean that hyung had been facing it for quite sometimes? I mean all this time he had been stressing himself a lot and he says nothing to us?” 

Everyone was in silent at Taehyung's outburst – in agreement with the vocalist. Their eyes now on Namjoon who seems in his own world, playing a peek – a – boo with his Ryan. They curved into a smile looking at how relax and serene Namjoon was, rather than he is in his normal self.

They know how much works need to be done by the leader. It’s twice or triple than the rest of the members. Composing songs, meeting with the PDs, dance practices, recording songs, interviews and the list go on. It’s really a heavy responsibility being the leader of BTS – the worldwide famous kpop band.

Not that they didn’t want to share to responsibility with the leader, but some works only Namjoon can manage to do by himself – especially if it is involving with interviews in English. Jungkook had been brushing his English skills and it's getting better but still, he is not confident to answer some complicated questions.

Being the leader of BTS is really stressful. They know the fact and they tried their best to help Namjoon. Namjoon always absorbs the stress for them – from the company as well as the netizens, especially the anti-fans. They know how harsh some hates comments were and Namjoon had been dealing with it since their debut days. They didn’t know how much the leader had swallowed the hate comments – about how BTS is a failure and how Namjoon is the worst leader.

It hurts. All of them. The comments that say BTS won’t stay long enough in the industry, BTS has no magic in Korea entertainment industry, BTS was not a visual idol and all the bad and downgrading remarks on each member. They have been facing such hardship in their early years, being hated and being humiliated just because they signed with a small company – BigHit. And they still remembered how they had circulated the flyers themselves on the street for their first concert abroad.

But looks what had they achieved nowadays. They were at the top of the world. And they were going to be the top of all. They believe that their hardworks finally been paid off. Everyone was proud of them, giving them full support and they have the best fan ever. The army was there for them, through thick and thin – giving all the support, loving them at their worst and at their best. They were blessed.

And the person who had to bring them to this fame; Kim Namjoon. He is the one who had lead BTS with full efforts, hard works, and faith. When they were even thinking about disbandment because it is too hard for them, Namjoon is the one that been holding them – asking them to believe him, asking them to give BTS a chance; that they will be successful one day. Just believe.

They did. They put their trust in Namjoon, being their best leader and working so hard that they can achieve what they have today. Namjoon had brought them together as BTS and Namjoon had proven that BTS is the best and he is the best leader they could ever have. They were thankful that Namjoon had never given up with them. BTS won't be here today if it is not because of Namjoon.

“I think we never do anything for Namjoon – hyung, as much as what he had done for us. We always depend on him whenever we had a problem knowing that he can solve it for us. But we forget to do the same to ease his burden. We thought, as the leader, he can handle everything. Which he did. But he still need us, right? He still wants to depend on us when he feels down, right?”

Jimin couldn’t hold his tears as he speaks his mind. His eyes fixated at the leader, feeling his heart been clenched with pain that he couldn’t be the shoulder for Namjoon to lean as Namjoon always did for him. He was too oblivious and he feels that he had failed himself as Namjoon's dongsaeng. 

How Namjoon was there for him when he was struggling with his diet and eating disorders. How Namjoon always hugs him when he saw the negatives comment saying something bad about his chubby physics. Namjoon who always say that he is beautiful inside and outside, no matter what had the other people said about him. That Namjoon. 

Namjoon lifted his head when he heard the sobs and his eyes widen seeing Jimin is crying while Taehyung wrapped his hand over Jimin's small frame. 

“Dada? Cwying?” 


Chapter Text

𝗪𝗔𝗥𝗡𝗜𝗡𝗚 : The content of this chapter or section may seem obscene or offensive to some readers. It contains ‘strong language’, or ‘scenes' some readers may find upsetting. A mark of (⚠️) will be put before and after the paragraph, you can skip it if you want.

Read at your own risk.


“Dada? Cwying?”

Jimin perked up at the name, looking at Namjoon who had been staring at him with his round glassy eyes. Jimin's mouth gaped at the sight before he puts both of his hand on the cheek and squeals happily. Forgetting how he had been crying just now. 

“Me? Dada? Really Joonie? Omo!!! I’m Joonie's dada! I’m going to die!!!” He said dramatically before he shot up from the chair and bolted towards Namjoon – hugging the said male, almost crushing the poor little. 

Namjoon pouted at the action, scrunching his nose as Jimin been hugging him too tight that he feels his body been squished and he can hardly breathe.

“Dada, no! Joonie…Joonie can’t bwih! Lemme go, pwease!!”

Jimin let out a boisterous laughed, feeling his heart almost exploded with Namjoon cuteness. As he let go his arms, Jimin moved to palm Namjoon's face – squishing the chubby face of the leader. Up and down, round and round like he was dough-ing the flour.

“Dada!!” Namjoon scolds Jimin for his playful demeanor as his lips nozzle at the action. 

Jimin giggles. “Aigoo! My baby is so cute that dada can’t hold himself from squishing youuuuu…” said Jimin teasingly and let go of his hand. He grinned when he saw how red Namjoon's cheek was and the said male now puffing in irritation as he crossed his arm to his waist adorably. 

“Its huwt, dada! Joonie no wike that.” Told Namjoon, sulking, and eye-glared at his mochi dada. 

Jimin cooed for Namjoon cuteness, laughing his heart out in a joy that Namjoon had picked him to be his ‘dada’. He couldn’t be happier than to take care of the little. So he didn’t mind to see the sulky and pouty Namjoon because it is worth it. 

Jimin beckoned on Hoseok to move from his chair since he wants to sit beside Namjoon. Hoseok rolled his eyes before he moves his ass over Jimin's chair. Jimin grinned sheepishly and stuck his tongue out when Hoseok smacks the back of his head playfully.

“What’s this daddy and dada all about?” asked Jungkook, frowning in confusion. As he looks at the rest of the member, they have the same expression too – didn’t fully grasp yet the situation with little Namjoon. 

Jungkook sighed before he typed something on his phone once again. “Listen, guys…”

Everyone has their attention to Jungkook, waiting for him to read for them the article about the little space. 

“An adult little is often accompanied by another adult, referred to as a caregiver, who assumes responsibility during the time the adult is within the little space mindset. The caregiver may be assigned a special name, such as Daddy or Mommy, to indicate their authority over the situation and the care they are giving to the little adult.”

“So Yoongi and I the caregiver?” asked Jimin for confirmation after listening to Jungkook.

Jungkook shrugs. “Maybe. It’s been said here so I guess it’s a yes…”

“Ah, I’m glad to be Namjoon – hyung caregiver!” Said Jimin gleefully, clapping his hand in excitement. He was honored that Namjoon had picked him among the other members to be his caregiver – his ‘dada’. 

Isn’t that the best thing ever happen in your life? Being entrusted with such an important responsibility? That’s mean Namjoon has faith on him, right? Namjoon thought he is special, right? 

“What about you Yoongi?” asked Seokjin after seeing how easy Jimin being agreed to be Namjoon's caregiver. Well, of course, all this while Jimin has the soft heart at the leader. He might be like to tease or play a prank on Namjoon but he always adores the leader. 

Yoongi clears his throat, glancing over Namjoon that looks sleepy, yawning for a few times. “Well, he did call me ‘daddy’. So, I guess I had been the chosen one right?” he said nonchalantly with his stiff expression. But deep down inside his heart, he was happy that Namjoon actually thought he was able to carry out the duty as his caregiver. 

“Jungkook, did the article said anything on what we should do as a caregiver? I mean some stuff that we need to prepare?” asked Seokjin, looking directly at Jungkook stoic expression. He did realize the sullen face of the maknae, but he didn’t know the reason behind it. He will ask about it later but for now, Namjoon is more important.

Jungkook makes a huff sound of dissatisfaction at the instruction made by Seokjin, nonetheless, he still scrolling the same webpage to look for useful information. He dismissed a few frowns made by the rest of the members at his attitude. 

“Common activities that little adults engage in are coloring, watching cartoons designed for children, partaking in games like hiding and seek. Some little adults also modify or own specialty clothing for little space time and dress up, wear adult diapers, or restyle their hair.”

“Ah that’s why I saw coloring books in his box earlier…” told Seokjin, remembered the box under Namjoon's bed when he took out the blanket as told by Mrs. Kim over the phone. 

Namjoon perked up at the mention of his treasure box. “Joonie has so many books. But…but Joonie wike Sailormoon the most. Be – because she is pwetty…” he said gleefully. Face beaming and his eyes glistening with joy. He really looks like a super excited kid who is being enthusiast speaking about his stuff. 

Seokjin and the rest of the members chuckle at Namjoon cuteness, telling them how much he likes Sailormoon. And they suddenly remembered the day where Namjoon has to wear the costume and looks really adorable. He must be happy that he can be Sailormoon that day. Lol.

“Okay, little boy, what is the other thing that you like? Will you tell dada?” asked Jimin while showing his crescent moon smile. He’s really excited to be Namjoon caregiver and to know what he needs to do when Namjoon is in the little space.

Namjoon huffs at the question, jutted his lower lips as his eyes looking at the ceiling – trying to think about his favorite thing. Jimin coos at his reaction. Cute!

“Ah – ah…Joonie wike cwab too. Because Mr. Cwab is cute. And – and Joonie wike chicken nuggets, owange juice and – and banana milk…It’s dewishes…” 

“Then what about Ryan?” asked Jimin, trying to tease the little while he pats on the plushy head that securely holds by Namjoon.

Namjoon immediately tightens his arm around his Ryan, giggling before he answered happily. “Wyan is Joonie most favor…favo…wite?” he pouted when he finds its difficult for him to pronounce the word ‘favorite’. 

Jimin chuckles and starts to ruffle Namjoon brown hair. “Cutie!”

“So Joonie…”

Everyone’s eyes on Yoongi who suddenly clears his throat, wanting to ask some question at Namjoon. Yoongi rolls his eyes when he realized that the members always exaggerated whenever he started to speak with Namjoon. 

Is that really weird if he treats Namjoon like that? Come on, he and Namjoon had been friends for years, longer than the other members. Of course, they have a special bond. Right? That’s why Namjoon had chooses him to be his daddy. There's nothing odd if he had a soft heart for the rapper!

“Joonie…can you tell me…emm tell daddy, how old are you?” asked Yoongi, still couldn’t be used to call himself as ‘daddy’ when he talks to Namjoon. But he's trying his best right now eventhough it is embarrassing and his face had a tinge of red. 

“Twee…Joonie is twee daddy…” he said while he shows his finger to Yoongi. 

Everyone laughed at Namjoon as he was showing only two fingers instead of three. Yoongi then holds his hand and help Namjoon to lift his other finger. “That’s two Joonie…and this is three... “

Namjoon then plays with his own fingers excitedly, mumbling the same words between two and three while the others watching him adorably. 

“That’s mean we need to buy Namjoon’s food. We don’t have nuggets and banana milk…” suggest Seokjin further. 

“That’s right hyung. I’ll go with you.” Agreed Jimin.

“I’m going too!” interfered Taehyung, raising his hand like he was in a classroom while grinning, flashing his boxy smile. 

“I and Hoseok had to go the studio hyung. We have to finish our song's arrangement today. But it won’t take too long though…” said Yoongi, a little bit concern to leave Namjoon at the dorm unattended. 

“Well, then Jungkook will be here with Namjoon…” said Seokjin. Eyes on Jungkook.

Jungkook was taken aback when his name got picked out of sudden. “Why? I – I don’t know how to…to deal with this…” he refutes, stuttering as he didn’t know how to explain his anxiousness about Namjoon's situation. 

Seokjin gives him an eye-glared. “Don’t be childish Jungkook. You just need to watch over Joonie while we were away. It won’t be long. And…” 

Seokjin eyes averted to Namjoon that had a droopy eye, almost fallen asleep at his chair - head bopping to the side. “…and he's sleepy right now. I and Yoongi will help him to his room. Make sure you watch over him. He won’t be like to be left alone in the room. Understand?”

Jungkook cowered in his seat at Seokjin stern voice, knowing that he has no option other than agreeing on the arrangement. He should be volunteering to go to the store with Seokjin earlier! Now he is stuck with weird Namjoon!

Jungkook shoulder slumped in defeats when the main door been closed when all the members left the dorm. After huffing roughly, he scurried his feet to his room dejectedly. Before he entered the room, he glanced for a second at Namjoon's room – where he is been sleeping right now. He groaned in frustration.

To be honest, he had the difficulties to accept the whole ordeal; Namjoon being a little. Isn’t that weird? How come his favorite hyung who is well known for his charming and charismatic personality as the BTS leader, now acting like a child? This is not the image that he ever picturized about Namjoon. 

In fact, he had joined BigHit and BTS because he was attracted to Namjoon. He looks so cool when he raps and his intimidating aura really captivates his heart. So when Namjoon acted like a child, it makes Jungkook a little bit frustrated.  

Jungkook growled in anger as he entered the room and quickly grab his game console; trying to divert his attention by playing the game. As he was caught up with the game, he didn’t even realize when Namjoon is now fully awake and trying to find his daddy or dada – but the dorm was eerily quiet. 

His lips trembling, on the verge of crying while he walks through the hallway with his Ryan. “Daddy? Dada?” he tries to call his caregivers but to no avail. Namjoon starts to sobs feeling scared that he had been left alone. 

Namjoon legs halted when he heard some noise from Jungkook's room before he immediately runs forwards and happily opened the door – Jungkook was too focus on the game that he didn’t realize Namjoon is standing at the door frame. 

“Koo – Kookie?” he hesitantly called the maknae. But Jungkook seems didn’t hear his tiny voice. Namjoon then decides to approach the younger male and tapped his finger on Jungkook's shoulder, makes the maknae to flinch and scream in horror.

(CW : ⚠️)


Namjoon was shuddered at the loud curse, stumble his feet backward as his eyes quivered when he saw the red face of Jungkook; obviously mad. 

“What the fuck, hyung! You scared the hell out of me!!” He shouted unconsciously, slowly caressed his pounding heart out of shocked. 

Namjoon hugs his Ryan tightly, pressed to his chest as his eyes welled up with tears. “So – sowie… Joonie scawed, where's daddy? Dada?”

Jungkook let out a heavy breath, stroking his own hair to the back in anger that Namjoon had interrupted his game session. He glanced over the monitor when the game already ended with his character died after being shot to death. He grits his teeth and gives a murderous stare at Namjoon – forgetting the fact that Namjoon is little right now and he did not understand the consequences of his action. 

“Please hyung. Don’t act like some sick man and talk to me with this childish tone or whatsoever. It makes me sick, you know!” Jungkook let out his anger towards Namjoon, chewing the little with his disappointment and irritation. 

Namjoon flinched at the harsh tone, looking at Jungkook with tears rolling down to his cheek. “Joonie scawed… Kookie ha – hates Joonie?”

Jungkook couldn’t hold his anger, grips on Namjoon's forearm with both of his hands, making the little winced in pain and his Ryan instantly fall to the floor. Namjoon gasped at the harrowing situation but he was too scared to pick his Ryan because of Jungkook dark expression. 

Joonie's scawed!

“Stop doing this hyung. I hate it! This is not the real you. Just…just being your old self. The Kim Namjoon. Not some retarded fake kid!” snarled Jungkook as he shook the male in anger. 

“Stop…Joonie…Joonie scawed…It's huwt... Joonie's huwt... Lemme go...Kookie is meanie…” Namjoon starts to wail out loud, afraid of Jungkook odd behavior. His face becomes redden as he keeps on crying and struggling from Jungkook's hand - trying to free himself.

“Fuck Kim Namjoon! This is so stupid!”

“You…you are meanie. Joonie hates you!” screamed Namjoon and later pushed the maknae as hard as he can. Jungkook was startled when he almost falls stumble on the floor. 

(CW : ⚠️END)

“Yah Kim…” Jungkook was about to scold the little when Namjoon had run away from the room, crying his heart out leaving Jungkook flabbergasted at his own action. Damn! What had he done?

Namjoon slammed his door harshly. His whole body is shaking as his eyes quiver around his room. He cries harder when he realized that he had left his Ryan at Jungkook's room. Namjoon then grabbed his Koya's blanket and run to his walk-in closet.

Namjoon hides in his safe place, clutching his blanket until his knuckles turn to white before he slides down to the floor – heartbroken. The small space makes him start to sweat but nonetheless, he feels safe. He brought his knees to the chest, continue to sobs sorrowfully. 

“Wyan! Joonie wan Wyan! Daddy…dada where are you? Joonie wan daddy! Joonie wan dada! Koo-Kookie is meanie! Joonie no wike  Kookie. He…he is a monster!”

Chapter Text


Jungkook's shoulder slumps as Namjoon left his room crying his heart out loud. He can hear the loud thud of the door been slammed shut by the elder.

“Shit!” He cursed to himself.

Jungkook breathe hitched when he saw Ryan plushy belong to Namjoon, lying down on the floor. He frowned as he can’t remember when did the plush toy had been there. Maybe when he had scolded his hyung before that the plush fell down to the floor, unconsciously.

“What have you done Jungkook?” whispers Jungkook, regret evidently shows in his voice. He picks up the plush toy and flumps on his bed, staring at the Ryan with glassy eyes.

“Maybe…maybe I shouldn’t do that to hyung…but – but he is acting really weird, and – and it makes sense if I can’t accept this in a spur of a moment, right? Right?”

Jungkook released a heavy sighed, let out a small chuckle that sounded a little bit odd – pitying himself further for talking to the toy like a mad man. He had been reasoning to himself of his action, justifying his demeanor against Namjoon and trying to wash away the guilt for treating Namjoon as he did. But nothing seems working out. The guilts keeps on increasing in the pit of his stomach.

“I – I have a good reason to be mad, right?”

Jungkook didn’t know that he had been in trance for a quite some time, didn’t even realized that someone had unlocked the front door. He was brooding while holding Ryan in his hand, still thinking about his confrontation with Namjoon.

“Joonie – darling!!! We're home!!”

Jungkook was taken aback at the loud brisk voice, recognize it immediately that it belongs to Jimin. Jungkook rolled his eyes thinking that Jimin was too enthusiast to be Namjoon's dada. What’s so great about that? Jungkook silently groaned in irritation.

“Joonie? Where are you??”

Jungkook gets out from his room when he heard the concerned voice from Jimin, standing at the doorframe while his eyes looking at Jimin – who just get out from Namjoon's room.

“Hey Jungkook, have you seen Joonie? He’s not in the room! I can't find him anywhere also. Isn’t he sleeping before we left?” asked Jimin, frowning with confusion. Eyes looking around trying to find Namjoon.

Jungkook puckers an eyebrow at the question, glancing over at Namjoon's room. “I thought he was in the room?” he said, unsure about it himself.

Jimin squinted his small eyes towards Jungkook and had an akimbo hand over his waist. “Jungkook… it’s your duty to look after Joonie right? And why are you saying that? What did you do to him?”

Jungkook flustered at the accusation, trying to avert Jimin's deadly glare. “Wh – what do you mean? I’m not doing anything to him… I just…you know playing games with my computer… he – he was sleeping…” lied Jungkook, stuttering in his speech.

“What's the noise here?”

Jimin and Jungkook almost in unison tilted their head to the side when they heard Yoongi's voice. And Seokjin was standing behind the eldest rapper too, looking at both of the maknae. Meanwhile, Hoseok still at the studio and Taehyung went there to help his hyung.

“Joonie is missing. And Jungkook said he didn’t know where's Joonie go since he was too busy playing games!” told Jimin, whining a little bit because he can’t see little Namjoon after coming home. He had become too attached with the little in a short time.

Yoongi and Seokjin frowned. They both have their attention solely to Jungkook that seems to look uncomfortable. As if the maknae had been hiding something. Weird!

“What is it Jungkook? What happened while we were gone? Where’s Joonie?” asked Yoongi with a deep and serious tone. Obviously, he was trying to hold his anger. His eyes fixated at the youngest vocalist – waiting for a definite answer.

Jungkook was flabbergasted at Yoongi's question, his heart hammering out of fear. Jungkook can feel how his forehead had started to have cold sweat and his hand feels clammy.

“And why Ryan is in your room?”

Jungkook flinched at the mention of Namjoon's plush toy, head dangled down to the floor – afraid to see Yoongi's face.

“Where’s Joonie, Jeon Jungkook?” asked Yoongi, voice rising an octave as he grits his teeth while staring at the golden maknae. Feeling impatient at his silence, accustomed to such attitude whenever he had done something wrong.

Jungkook instantly cowered at the stern voice, his body shaken in fear and his eyes starts to well up with tears. “He – he is in the room, hyung…” he answered with a crack in his voice, a hint that he almost cry.

“Jimin said he is not in his room! Where is he then? You only have one job Jungkook! We trusted you to take care of him while we were doing some errands. It took only two damn hours and now he is missing but you didn’t know where he is? Isn’t that very oblivious?”

Jungkook breathes hitched at the outburst, tears start to roll down to his cheek as his eyes still glued on the floor. His hands play with the hem of his shirt nervously.

“Yoongi…” Seokjin pats on the rapper forearm, trying to soothe him. “Talk to him nicely. No need to get mad. Maybe Namjoon is here, playing somewhere. Let’s find him first, okay?” coaxed Seokjin.

He feels pity at the maknae and he didn’t want to totally blame him at the moment. They need to find the little first and asked him what had happened. No one really knows what had happened between the leader and the maknae in their absence.

Yoongi chided at Seokjin, let out a small growl of anger at Jungkook before he walked through the fidgeting boy – heading towards Namjoon's room. Seokjin and Jimin follow suits and Jungkook slowly marched to the room too as Jimin beckons on him to come along with his barely open eyes.

“Joonie? Where are you? Dada and Daddy are here…” said Jimin while his eyes hovering around the quiet room.

“Joonie? We're home! Don’t you want to see what had I bought for you?” said Seokjin, trying to coax the little to get out from his hiding place.

“Nam – emm Joonie? Da - daddy's here… come out please?” Yoongi was still a little bit awkward but he kind of adapts himself with his new role as Namjoon's caregiver. It’s a lie if he didn’t enjoy it for a little bit though.

“Da – daddy? Da – Dada?”

Everyone eyes widen at the small and wary voice coming out from Namjoon's walk-in closet before Yoongi instantly went to it and open the door roughly. Making the little to flinch at the loud sound.

“Namjoon!!” he shouted in shocked when he saw Namjoon was in the closet.

Everyone gasped when they saw Namjoon, crouching on the floor while hugging his knees to his chest – drenched in sweat as his face flush with red and eyes were puffy due to the crying. He looks so weak and fragile and for God sake, they didn’t even know for how long the little has been hiding in the closet.

“Da – daddy!!!” his hoarse voice wailing, calling for his daddy but he was too lethargic to even move his body to hug Yoongi. Waiting for his daddy to come to him.

Yoongi bolted towards Namjoon and embraced the leader, ignoring how his sweat had been soaking wet his shirt. Namjoon nuzzled his face over Yoongi's neck, crying in silence that sounded really heartbroken.

“Oh God, Namjoon! What are you doing here??” asked Yoongi in concern, a hand caressed the back of the little that shakenly crying.

“Daddy! Daddy! Joonie…. Joo – Joonie was scawed!”

Yoongi almost stumbles on his back when Namjoon tightens his arm over Yoongi's neck, let his body to slump in Yoongi's petite frame wholly.

“Hey, it’s okay. Daddy's here, okay? Let…lets get out from here. It's kind of hot here and you need to change your shirt Joonie. If not you’re going to get sick… okay?”

Yoongi didn’t wait for the little to answer, cocked his head towards Seokjin who had tears in his eyes – beckon over the eldest member to help him to pick Namjoon up.

Namjoon whined when Seokjin tries to help but Yoongi reassured him that he won’t let him go – then the little with the help of Seokjin get up from the floor, still clinging over Yoongi, hiding his face on the crook of Yoongi’s neck.

Yoongi let out a small yelp when Namjoon’s body almost slip down from his grip as his feet wobbled due to sitting too long on the floor. Seokjin helped the small man to stabilize Namjoon's body before Namjoon jumped and locked his long legs on Yoongi's torso. Yoongi puffed his cheek for the heavy load.

It still hard for Yoongi to adapt himself with Namjoon's height and weight over his small frame, but he was glad that Seokjin was there to help him – easing himself from picking up the little. Yoongi walked carefully towards Namjoon's bed, slowly put the still crying little on the mattress.

While Yoongi handling Namjoon with the help of Seokjin, Jimin makes a fast move to the kitchen, getting a glass of water which he thinks Namjoon will need it to avoid further dehydration. On the other side, Jungkook was watching from afar, distancing himself from the group. He was shell shocked to see his precious leader at such a state.

“No! No! Wan Daddy… pwease no leave Joonie!!” begs the little when he thought Yoongi was about to leave him alone. He tugged over Yoongi's shirt, clasping it tightly while his glassy red eyes ogling at the elder with agony, lips trembling in fear. Yoongi’s body almost falls onto the mattress as Namjoon keeps tugging on his shirt down.

Yoongi took a deep breath at the view, heart squeezed with pain that Namjoon had become so frail and haggard. Yoongi then cupped the face of Namjoon, moves his head a little bit to meet with his eyes.

“No, baby. I’m not going to leave you. You need to lie down and get some rest. You see… you look tired right now. So listen to daddy okay?” coaxed Yoongi with a smooth and silky voice, while one of his hand starts to caress Namjoon's face, wiping the tears with his thumb. He then strokes the damp hair over Namjoon's forehead that being wet due to his sweat.

Namjoon scrunched his nose while he nods but his eyes were still fixed on Yoongi, afraid that the said male will leave him if he ever moved slightly. He didn’t want to take the risk even though his daddy had promised he was not going anywhere.

“Joonie, let’s change the shirt before you sleep, okay?”

Namjoon tilted his head and saw Seokjin standing at his right side. He then averted his eyes towards Seokjin's hand where he can see his favorite white shirt with Mickey Mouse printed on it.

“Emm, Joonie… Joonie wike Miki…” he said in between of his sobs, hiccupping a little bit.

Seokjin smiles fondly and approached the said male. “Okay, then you have to remove the dirty shirt first so you can wear this…”

Namjoon nods for a few times, lifting up his soaking wet shirt in a haste. Which later he whined when the shirt now stuck on his head. “Da – daddy, help Joonie!!!”

Yoongi let out a small chuckle before he helped his boy to get out from the shirt and throw it into the laundry bag nearby. Yoongi tapped on Namjoon's nose with his pointy fingers when he saw the pouting face of the little.

Then, Seokjin helped Namjoon to wear his new shirt, pats on the male head when he giggles looking at the Mickey Mouse over his shirt, touching the character playfully.

“It’s pwetty daddy!” he said gleefully, showing the shirt to Yoongi. Yoongi and Seokjin smile at the little excitement, a little bit relieved that he is no longer crying even though there are still few sobs emitted from his plump lips.

Namjoon tilted his head to the side when he feels his mattress dip down before he saw Jimin had taken the place beside him. “Dada…”

Jimin smiles at the name, slowly shove the glass of plain water. “Drink this baby…”


Namjoon shook his head refused to drink it. “No… don’t wan. Joonie wan – wan banana milk pwease…” he demanded while jutting his lower lips. He sounded like a little brat right now.

Jimin hummed in response, knowing that Namjoon is sulking and maybe a little bit bratty after having such an episode in the closet. Couldn’t blame the little anyway but Jimin urged the little to take the water. He needs it after he was sweating profusely.

“No baby, you need to drink this first. Dada doesn’t want you to get sick. I’ll give you the banana milk if you being a good boy, okay?” persuades Jimin with his tender voice.

Namjoon huffed in frustration that he couldn’t get his favorite drink. He looks at his dada and hesitantly took the glass. He sipped the plain water half of the glass before handed it back to Jimin.

“Finish it Joonie…” said Jimin with a stern look.

Namjoon whimpered at the command, feeling restless that he needs to drink the tasteless water. But afraid that his mochi dada will get mad at him, Namjoon finished the water with a sulking face.

Jimin pats on Namjoon's head when he gives the empty glass, saying some encouragement word towards the little together with an appraisal. “Good boy, Joonie…”

Namjoon giggled at the compliment, feeling happy that his dada is proud at his little action. Jimin then glanced at Yoongi and Seokjin that been standing on the bedside, squinted his eyes towards the eldest a hint for them to ask Namjoon what had happened to him while they were gone.

Seokjin took the roles when Yoongi looks hesitant. He crouched down, took Namjoon's hand and place it over Namjoon’s lap. Namjoon looks surprised at the sudden action but later smile when Seokjin slowly strokes his hand with the thumbs. Feeling at ease for small gestures.

“Well, my darling Joonie… can you tell me, Daddy and Dada, what are you doing in the closet?” he carefully asked, not to agitate the little once again.

Namjoon bites his lower lips, fidgeting with nervousness when he realized there were three pair of eyes staring at him, waiting for him to spill the tea. And Namjoon starts to tremble in fear when his eyes caught over Jungkook's silhouette standing at the corner of the room.

“Joo – Joonie scawed…” he whispered, almost inaudible but since Yoongi, Seokjin and Jimin were closed by so they can hear exactly what he had been saying.

“Why? Why did you scared? Tell us…” asked Seokjin, shocked to hear that from Namjoon – glanced for a second to Yoongi and Jimin with a concerned face.

“Daddy – Dada was not here… Joonie can’t find you. Joonie scawed. And, Kookie… Kookie… he – he…” Namjoon wasn’t able to tell everything when he broke into another fit of cry.

Jimin was surprised at the reaction, immediately hugged the male from his side. Namjoon let his dada to hold him and he continues to cry on Jimin's shoulder blade. He keeps on chanting that he was scared but none of his caregivers really understand about it. What does makes him so scared?

“What did you do to him, Jungkook?”

Jungkook who had been watching the whole ordeal jolted when Yoongi now facing him, arms crossed to his waist with a stern expression. Jungkook gulped knowing that now everyone attention is on him.

“Hyung… I’m… I’m…” Jungkook didn’t know how to explain himself, feeling everyone now cornering him to the edge that he starts to cry.

“Yah Jungkook! Why are you crying? Did you do something wrong?” interrupts Jimin, flustered to see the maknae at such state.

“Jungkook, tell us. If you had done nothing wrong we won’t be angry at you. But you also know that if you are the reason why Joonie was like that, I have to punish you right?” Said Seokjin with more subtle voice but at the same time had the weigh in it to show his prominent role as the oldest in BTS.

Jungkook let out a small sob hearing how scary that his bandmates had made clear of the consequences for his action. His head dangled down, couldn’t meet the eyes of everyone. He feels scared and vulnerable that he knew he had done something terrible. Now he had been remorsing himself over his mistakes.

“Sorry hyung… I'm really sorry. I – I didn’t mean to – to snap at him… I was just… just couldn’t accept yet how – how Namjoon being a little… that’s all… I didn’t mean to hurt him… I’m sorry hyung…”

The three gasped at Jungkook's explanation, looking at him begrudgingly.

“What the hell did you do to him Jungkook? And what do you mean that you’d hurt him?!” raged Yoongi almost swoop forward at the maknae if Seokjin didn’t stop him from doing so.

“So – sorry… sorry hyung…” Jungkook slides down to the floor, crying with guilt and fear that he never had been scolded by the eldest rapper before. Knowing the grave of his behavior towards Namjoon, Jungkook understands if his bandmates now end up hating him.

“Tell me what did you do to him Jeon Jungkook!”

“No daddy!!!”

Everyone was stupefied at the screaming, a small step running towards Jungkook. The three was dumbfounded looking at Namjoon now kneeling in front of Jungkook, both hands spread as if he was trying to protect Jungkook.

“No mad at hyungie! Joonie no wike daddy mad! Joonie wove hyungie!” exclaimed Namjoon, eyes gawking at the three with his murderous stare. Obviously mad for scolding Jungkook.



Chapter Text




“…Joonie wove hyungie!”


Four pairs of eyes on Namjoon. Apparently shocked at the new name. Three pairs staring at him incredulously, standing in front of Namjoon. Meanwhile, another pair belonged to Jungkook, looking at Namjoon's back with aw shuck.

Hyungie? What was that?

“Joonie, daddy just ask…”

“No – no… daddy was mad! You…you shouting! Joonie no wike that, daddy…” said Namjoon as he ogled at his caregiver with a murderous stare. Hands still widely spread, didn’t want his daddy to scold Jungkook further.

Yoongi sighed and averted his eyes to Seokjin. Giving a signal for him to coax the little. Apart from being the caregiver for Namjoon, Yoongi still didn’t know how to handle Namjoon emotionally. Seokjin was more affectionate and took the role as the caregiver really well. Which makes Yoongi kind of jealous of it. He wants to be a good caregiver and he may need some more time for that.

Seokjin slowly approached the little, crouching in front of him. Seokjin pulled down both of Namjoon's hand that looks a little bit shaking for hanging too long. Namjoon pouted a little bit, tilted his head to see Jungkook.

“Joonie don’t want hyungie cwy otay? Joonie will – will… hmm… pwo – pwotect hyungie! Otay? Otay? No scawed, Joonie here…” said Namjoon while he pats on his own chest, giving assurance to Jungkook.

Jungkook bats his eyelashes at the words, looking at Namjoon with a mixture of emotion. Those innocent eyes where he had said such words makes Jungkook’s heart to swell with a little bit of pride.

“Joonie, daddy just asked Kookie about what he did to Joonie… you know that he had done something wrong to you, right?” intervene Seokjin but at the same time he feels happy that Namjoon didn’t hold any grudge towards Jungkook. Well, of course, being in the little space, his mind works like an innocent child.

Namjoon turned his head to see Seokjin, still pouting. He crossed his arm to his waist. “But daddy – daddy shout at hyungie!” Namjoon protest, lips jutted in dissatisfaction.

Seokjin smile, ruffling the hair of the little. “Yes, maybe he shouted a little bit. But he didn’t mean any harm, Joonie…”

“But hyungie cwy, appa! Hyungie was scawed… like Joonie. Joonie scawed too…”

Seokjin holds his breath when the little suddenly called him ‘Appa’. He put his hand to his mouth, couldn’t contain his excitement that Namjoon finally had given him the name as the caregiver.

It’s a total lie if he didn’t feel upset when Yoongi and Jimin got the special name – be called Daddy and Dada. In fact, he thought he will be Namjoon's first daddy or dada. But then Jungkook been called as ‘hyungie’ had doubled up his disappointment. He really wants to be Namjoon's caregiver when he was in the little space.

But now ‘appa’. Seokjin can see the fireworks above his head, and his eyes beaming with joy when he looks at Namjoon - like a heart shape pop out from his orbs. He was electrified that he is now Namjoon's appa.

“Joonie no wike that. Daddy, Dada and – and appa mad at hyungie. Hyungie cwy…Joonie no wike that…” said Namjoon as his lips tremble, on the verge of crying.

Seokjin was flabbergasted at the sudden situation, immediately hugged Namjoon and slowly rubbed the back of the said male – up and down. He can feel the tears start to soak his shirt on his shoulder blade.

“No, Joonie. Okay, okay…we won't say anything to hyungie anymore. Just, don’t cry…okay? Appa doesn’t like it when my cute and adorable Joonie cry…Understand?”

Namjoon hummed as a response, nods his hand while buried himself further over Seokjin's crook of neck. Seokjin eyes averted to Jungkook who remained silent watching the whole situation. Didn’t fully comprehend and still shocked. Maybe he didn’t expect for Namjoon to defend him after what he had done to the little.

“Come, you need some sleep baby…” said Seokjin, whispered to Namjoon's ears. He let out a soft chuckle when Namjoon whined at his words and when he pushed away Namjoon's body, the little was almost fallen asleep already.

Seokjin then helped Namjoon to stand up. When the little make a grabby hand, a little bit bouncing Seokjin frowned in confusion.

“Up – up, appa…” said Namjoon. His voice almost slurred as his eyes become droopy and he was too tired to walk by himself.

Seokjin smiles fondly before he opened his arm and the little immediately jumped over Seokjin. Seokjin huffed at the weight but he had less trouble than Yoongi because of his height almost equal to Namjoon. But still, it is hard to carry a healthy young adult and it's need a full strength to do so.

Seokjin carefully brings Namjoon to the bed and Jimin helped him to lay down the little onto the mattress. Jimin pulled the blanket up to Namjoon's chest and placed his Ryan to his side. Namjoon happily hugged the plushy before he drifted to slumberland – soft snores can be heard within a minute.

“Let’s talk outside Jungkook!” whispered Yoongi, eyes glaring at the golden maknae who was still on the floor.

Jungkook gulped in fear, begin to feel nervous as Seokjin and Jimin too had joined Yoongi to the living room. Jungkook slowly gets up, glanced for a second at sleeping Namjoon with a pang of guilt.

“What was that all about, Jungkook?” asked Yoongi when four of them seated on the couch.

Jungkook fidgeting at his seat, fiddling with his fingers with edginess. His head hung low to his lap, still didn’t have the courage to look at his hyung. He can feel the sharp stares of Yoongi, Seokjin, and Jimin over him.

It’s scary to be the center of attention like that. Especially when you know that you had done something wrong. It feels like a court trial, where he was seated in the accused stand, Yoongi as the judge meanwhile Seokjin and Jimin as the prosecutor. He suddenly got a goosebump.

“Even though Namjoon had defended you, I still want to know the whole thing. You can’t escape the aftermath. You know that right?” said Yoongi in a stern voice.

Jungkook nods his head slowly. His eyes had slowly accumulated the tears. He knew he was guilty for treating the leader like that but he also wants to believe that he had good reasoning behind his action. Well, sort of.

“I'm sorry hyung. I – I didn’t know that, that Namjoon-hyung will hide in the closet…” he said, still playing with his own fingers that start to look red because of how harsh he had been rubbing the skin.

Yoongi sighed deeply. “Then what’s happen Jungkook? We trusted you to take care of Namjoon. We didn’t expect this to happen while we were gone.”

Jungkook bits his lips. “I'm – I’m not ready yet…” he said, almost inaudible.

Everyone frowned at his words. “Ready for what Jungkook?” asked Seokjin, obviously concerned.

Jungkook lifts his head, looking at his three hyung one by one. “Ready to accept Namjoon – hyung in – in that condition…” explained Jungkook, a little bit hesitant as he was afraid at how his hyungs going to react.

As Jungkook predicted, a loud gasped erupted in the living room looking at Jungkook with wide eyes – utterly shocked. They couldn’t believe their own ears after hearing the maknae’s revelation.

“I – I thought you have no problem with this Jungkook. You always adore Namjoon and look out for him. And now you’re saying you can’t accept him being a little? Isn’t that really contradict with your own feeling?” said Jimin, voice strained with disbelief.

Jungkook however feels a little bit relieved after the had spilled his opinion about Namjoon. But at the same time, he still feels guilty for treating his leader like that. But it doesn’t mean that he is fine for Namjoon to act like a child.

“It’s too sudden hyung. I didn’t ready to see the other side of him. And he was acting like a child. He is not the same hyung that I used to adore. He was different…”

Yoongi groaned in frustration at his maknae. He couldn’t believe out of everyone it is Jungkook that couldn’t accept Namjoon for he is. Jungkook always had a special feeling towards Namjoon since day one. Everyone knows how Jungkook loves Namjoon more than the other members. Tagging him along all the way, asking for his opinion on everything and even have this sparkle in his eyes whenever he looks at Namjoon.

Everyone knows how special Namjoon was in his life. The BTS and the Army itself. Jungkook has always been seen staring at Namjoon lovingly whenever he is proud of whatever Namjoon did. Namjoon is Jungkook's paragon. It is not an overstatement to say that, Namjoon was Jungkook first boy's crush.

“Don’t make me laugh Jungkook! You shouldn’t say like that about him. You know how he always loves you more than the others. And for you to hate him for being little… don’t you think it will hurt his feeling?” scolds Yoongi.

Seokjin pats over Yoongi's arm, asking the said male to tone down his voice. He was afraid that Namjoon will hear it. Yoongi clicked his tongue at the gesture but he didn’t even protest because he knew they should discuss this matter calmly.

“And now what Jungkook? You can’t avoid him though. He is our leader. You will keep seeing him and he will be regressing at any time. What will you do then?” states Seokjin.

Jungkook sighed in defeats. He didn’t know himself how he should face the leader from now on. After the incident, it must be really hard to talk and to see each other. With the fact that he is unable to deal with Namjoon's little space also makes the whole thing become harder. Jungkook was stuck.

“It’s okay Kookie…”

Everyone was surprised at the deep and raspy voice intervention before they cocked their head to see Namjoon – now standing at the hallway with a stoic expression.


“I’m not little Yoongi – hyung…” refute Namjoon, still emotionless. Eyes fixated over Jungkook, his golden maknae.

“If it had makes you uncomfortable, I will stop being little…” Namjoon further said.

Everyone gasped at his decision meanwhile Jungkook eyes widen at the statement. He stares at his leader, feeling his heart hammering at how the eyes belong to Namjoon looks so sad and devastated. Jungkook holds his breath, hands fisted until it turns to white.

“Namjoon! Don’t say that, Jungkook just…”

“It is the best for all of us, Jin – hyung. And I’m sorry for the hassle though. I – I shouldn’t show my weakness when I'm the leader. But I just couldn’t control myself then. And now, I’ll be more careful…”

Jimin was about to say something to coax the leader but Namjoon just left the four and scurried away to his room. They heard the door been closed and now their eyes back to Jungkook. Boring at the maknae with anger and disappointment.

“Get a grip of yourself Jungkook and I want you to think about this thoroughly. For what you have done and how to settle this matter. I get it if you feel uncomfortable with little Namjoon, fine! I won’t ask you to accept his condition. He had done so much for us, asking for no return whatsoever and you! You can’t even do this shit for him? Shame on you Jeon Jungkook!”

Jungkook was flustered at Yoongi's outburst but couldn’t say anything to defend himself. As he knows that he was at fault. Listening to the heart wrench confession by the leader had makes his guilt to pile up – eating his inner conscience slowly.

Yoongi left the living room in anger, didn’t say any words or wait for Jungkook to retaliate. He was so pissed off that he knew if he stays any longer he will punch the maknae's face. He really wants to avoid such thing and making the matter worst. Namjoon didn’t deserve this.

Yoongi knocked on Namjoon's room three times, giving a hint that it was him. He heard a faint voice from inside asking him to come in. Yoongi heart almost combusts with agony when he saw Namjoon now sits on the edge of his bed, holding his Ryan – staring at it blankly.

Yoongi took a sit beside Namjoon. Both of them remained silent for a moment, indulging in their own thoughts.

“How long we have known each other Joon – ah? Eight years? Nine years?” asked Yoongi, initiate the conversation first.

Namjoon let out a soft chuckle. “Around that, hyung…”

Yoongi sighed deeply. “Sorry…” he said dejectedly.

Namjoon was taken aback and quickly tilted his head to the side to see Yoongi. “What was that for hyung? You had done nothing wrong!”

Yoongi stares blankly at the wall in front of him. Knowing that Namjoon will say such a thing to him. It’s Namjoon after all. He never gets mad or holds any grudge. He always gives. Give and give that he forgets to receive. His selfless act is one of the reasons why he had to hide his little space. Yoongi feels devastated thinking about it.

“We’ve been a friend for years Namjoon but I know nothing about your little space. What kind of friend am I? What kind of hyung am I? You had been dealing with great stress and you can’t even show it to us. You should be able to lean on us when you were tired or down, Namjoon. But it seems we had failed ourselves to do that for you…” said Yoongi, his voice a little bit shaken as he tried to hold up his tears.

Namjoon shook his head at the statement. “No hyung, don’t say that. I’m the leader of BTS. It is my duty to protect all of you. It’s been my responsibility to make sure that everyone is comfortable and happy…”

Yoongi turned his head to see Namjoon. “Then what about you Joon – ah?”

Namjoon let out a half-suppressed half which makes it sounded so sad in the ears of Yoongi. “I’m fine hyung. I’m happy as long as all of you happy…”

“Joon-ah... Why you…”

“Hyung, it’s okay. I’m fine. I am. And sorry for the trouble I cause all of you. As I said, I will be more careful in the future not to regress…” said Namjoon but there is some weigh in his voice. Like he had been holding himself from crying.

Yoongi took Namjoon’s hand and squeezed it lightly. It’s a gesture that he almost never do to any of his bandmates but Yoongi knows that Namjoon really needs him right now.

“No Joon-ah. I’m happy to be your caregiver. Everyone was excited to see you being the little. That’s mean you believe in us to take care of you. You trusted us to see your weakness. We were happy Joon-ah. So let us take care of you. Okay?” said Yoongi adamantly. He didn’t want Namjoon to think that being a little had makes everyone hates him.

Namjoon curved into a small smile as his eyes glistening with tears. He looks at Yoongi hand that holding his hand tightly, feeling his heart start to warming at the kind gestures.

“Is it okay for you hyung? I don’t want to be a burden to any of you…”

“No Joonie. We love you and little Joonie. We really care for you and it will be fun to be your caregivers…let us, let us do that for you, okay?”




Yoongi laughed heartily at Namjoon’s agreement. “You should say it's okay daddy!” he said, teasing the leader, brush his shoulder playfully.

Namjoon grunts in embarrassment, hide his face with both of his hand. “Please hyung! It’s weird when I’m not in the little space…” whined Namjoon. His face had turned to crimson red.

Yoongi scoffs at Namjoon. “Daddy, huh? What a kink you have Joonie -ah…” taunts Yoongi further. He really likes to see how Namjoon flustered when he teased him about his little space.


A boisterous laughed erupted in the room. Namjoon face getting redder and Yoongi almost get a cramp at his stomach for laughing so much. Yoongi glanced at Namjoon for a second before he smirks evilly.

Namjoon let out a loud squeak when Yoongi out of sudden tackle him down to the bed. When Namjoon tried to get up, Yoongi locked his lanky body with his hand on Namjoon’s chest and his short leg over the leader's waist.

“Hy-hyung? What’re you doing?” asked Namjoon as he is appalled at Yoongi’s action.

Yoongi then pressed Namjoon's head to his chest, grinning sheepishly when Namjoon squirmed in his embrace. “Let’s cuddle Joonie -ah…”

“But – but…hy-hyung, I’m not little… and…”

“Shhh… just let go of yourself Joonie. Don’t stress too much, okay. Daddy's here…don't worry…”

Namjoon breathe hitched at the soft and tender voice whispered by Yoongi. Making himself unconsciously regressed to his little space. He feels comfortable being hugged by the oldest rapper. It is odd actually since they had a different type of body. But at some point, Yoongi feels so warm and soft and Namjoon really likes how Yoongi’s hand hugged his lanky body.

Namjoon curved into a smile, slowly moved his hand to Yoongi's waist, tugging his shirt tightly. He leaned his head over Yoongi's chest, listening to the rapid heartbeat of the eldest. It was so serene and tranquil that Namjoon slowly entered the dreamland.

“Nite –  nite daddy… Joonie wove you…” he said incoherently, slurred in his speech before immediately fell asleep.

Yoongi chuckles softly. “Goodnight Joonie. Daddy loves you too…”


Chapter Text



Namjoon flickered shut his eyes when a bright light constantly harassing his sleep. The ray of sunshine had peeked through the curtain, making his eyes to sting as he tried to adapt with the brightness – which he finally gave up doing so when the fatigues had refrained him from waking up.

He stirred but he feels something had refrained his movement. Without even trying to open his eyes, he pouted feeling uncomfortable at the weight over his chest and torso. What was that?

“Ughh!” He grunts as his chest feels heavy, having difficulties to inhale and exhale because of the foreign weight. He further squirmed and he pushed away from the thing that is all over his body as hard as he can, huffing in displeased as he managed to catch his breath.

“Ouch, Joonie!”

Namjoon instantly opens his eyes, immediately turned his head where he saw the grumpy face belong to Yoongi – yawning out loud, lazily stretching his upper body before he shot up from the bed.


Yoongi brows raised in confusion before he notices that Namjoon was not in his little space that morning. Yoongi shows his signature gummy smile, staring at the younger now slowly get up from the bed – looking at the eldest with a confused face.

“Morning baby boy…” said Yoongi sheepishly. Face evidently shows his playful demeanor. Wiggling his brows making Namjoon flush in red out of embarrassment.

“No hyung….please don’t do that. It’s weird…” whined Namjoon as he hides his face with his favorite Ryan blanket.

Yoongi laughed heartily at the response, pulled away the blanket to see Namjoon bashful expression. The younger looks really cute right now – hair messy like a bird's nest, cheek protrudes as he jutted his lower lips and eyes a little bit puffy.

Yoongi shoved his hand over Namjoon's curly hair, ruffling it fondly while the said male flinched at his gestures. “Aigoo our little Joonie….so cute!” teased Yoongi.


Another laughter erupted, making the younger to cross his arm to his waist, ogling at Yoongi with a pouty lip. Feeling annoyed that Yoongi had the tendency to tease him at the early morning. He wonders why did the elder wake up too early when he always treasured his sleeping time. Usually, Yoongi will wake up late when they didn’t have any schedule that day.

“Aish, Joon. Don’t be too salty. It’s still early. I’m the one that should be the grumpy one not you…” said Yoongi after he tones down a bit his laughter.

“It’s you who keeps on making fun at me!” sulk Namjoon, puffing his chubby cheek.

Yoongi chuckles at the complaint and at the same time his hand moves to pinch Namjoon's fleshy cheek. “Okay…okay… don’t be mad. Daddy sorry okay?”

Namjoon hitched at the name, batting his eyelashes staring at his caregivers. He was not in his little space at the moment but the way Yoongi been talking to him – so soft and gentle, makes him want to regress further. Which Namjoon refused to do so because he had something to discuss with Yoongi. And it’s urgent!

"I'm going to take shower. Let's have breakfast together Joon..."

Yoongi was about to leave when Namjoon grabbed his wrist and pulled Yoongi's small body to the bed again. Yoongi flumps on the soft mattress squinted his eyes to the younger – baffled to see the look on Namjoon's face; serious and uptight.

“About Kookie…”

Yoongi immediately clicked his tongue when he heard the name of the maknae, rolled his eyes in irritation when last night incident flashed into his mind.


Yoongi hummed lazily. “What is it?”

“Don’t – don’t be too harsh on him, hyung. He – he didn’t mean to hurt me or acted like that. He just… being overwhelmed by the whole incident. Like you and the rest of the member…”

Yoongi turned his head and stares at the male, expression clearly shown that he totally disagrees with Namjoon's statement.

“We didn’t react like he did, Namjoon. Instead of accepting the fact, he avoids it and said that he didn’t ready yet. What the hell he needs to be ready for?” fussed Yoongi, clearly infuriated when he thought about Jungkook.

Namjoon released a deep sighed at the rants. Feeling trapped in the middle, between Yoongi and Jungkook. He was trying to be fair and considerate. He had expected the mixed reaction of his members. But he didn’t want anyone to bear any burden because of his little space.

“Hyung… He’s still young. We – we should be able to assist him and gives him some advice. We shouldn’t put the weight on his shoulder more than he was able to handle. He’s our maknae hyung…” states Namjoon, voice a little bit strained with sadness. He wants Yoongi to understand Jungkook's situation.

“Joon -ah… you know how he had…”

“Hyung… he just needs the time. Like all of you…”

“Joon, we are different. Of course, we were shocked to know about the little space but we were able to comprehend the matter almost instantly. But Jungkook… he took a long time and he even did that to you…”

Namjoon shook his head at the allegation. Can’t agree with Yoongi’s reasoning. “Give him time hyung. He will come around, I believe that. As much as I believe that you and the rest will be my caregivers, I also believe Jungkook will be the same…”

Yoongi remained silent at the saying, didn’t want to argue further with Namjoon. He didn’t want to make the younger sad and his sullen expression had made his heart squeezed with agony. Yoongi hates to make Namjoon sad like that. After all, Namjoon is the leader of BTS, he is obliged to listen and to follow his lead.

“Well, I have nothing to say then. It’s up to you Joon. As long as he didn’t do the same thing again, I’m okay with that. Let’s give him some time as you said…”

“Thanks, hyung!” exclaimed Namjoon happily and curved into a wide smile, making his dimples to appear – deeply gorgeous.

Yoongi cooed at the view and his hand automatically pinched on the cheek, near his prudent dimple. “It's because you are too cute to handle…”

Namjoon giggles at the compliment, heart swell with joy and happiness. He knew Yoongi always has the soft spot for him, hardly decline any of his request which made the other members sometimes complaints at the unfair treatment.

Not that they were uneasy at the differences but it was more to playfully teasing him and Yoongi. They're aware the special bond they shared, befriended years before BTS debuted. That is why sometimes they always pushed Namjoon to say or to ask something to Yoongi because they know Yoongi won’t refuse or get mad at Namjoon.



“Joonie? Darling? Baby? Where are you going?”

Namjoon’s long leg immediately halted at all the sweet names before he turned his body to face Seokjin. And then he realized how everyone was at the dining table for breakfast – including Jungkook. None were eating and Namjoon heart sunk to his stomach when he knew that everyone actually waiting for him to join them.

Namjoon rubs the back of his neck in guilt before he answered. “Well, you know – actually Bang PD just called me and want to see me. So – so I need to go to the company…”

Seokjin groaned at the information, both hands now on the side of his hips – clearly dissatisfied with the situation. “It’s our off day Joonie. Why he wants to see you out of sudden?” he asks, voice gruff.

“I don’t know hyung. Maybe – maybe because of yesterday's fan meeting…”

It turns to awkwardly quiet while the rest of the members staring at Namjoon. Knowing that Namjoon was in trouble now when he had left the hall because accidentally regressed to his little space. Everyone gives him a concerned look and Namjoon feels edgy at the absolute attention towards him.

“Don’t worry. I’m – I'm okay…” he said as he wanted to assure his bandmates that everything is fine and he has controlled over it. No need to worry for no reason.

Seokjin sighed before he nods weakly. “Ok fine, but – but if you feel that you’re regressing out of sudden, just called us okay. I’m on number 2 of your speed dial…”

Namjoon just silently nods at Seokjin before he left the dorm.

“He didn’t even eat his breakfast!” grunts Seokjin when he saw the untouched kimbab on Namjoon's plate. He kind of upset that he let the younger to leave the dorm without eating anything.

“He’ll be fine hyung…”

Seokjin huffed in disappointment at Jimin's word. Knowing that Namjoon was not in his little space, he tried to be more positive that he will eat something before the meeting or later. Hopefully.



Namjoon fidgeting on his seat, looking around at the spacious room – feeling restless being alone with Bang Shin Hyuk. He always feels the tense whenever Bang PD want to meet him, especially if there was something happen like yesterday. Namjoon knows the reason for this sudden meeting, can’t help from shaking his legs out of nervousness.


Namjoon devours his own saliva as his throat feels dry at the tautness in the voice belong to Bang PD. Eyes quivering at all places but Bang PD. He was too scared to see the expression.

“What happen?” asked Bang PD with unrelenting voice. His eyes stare at the leader of BTS who looks so edgy on the seat.

Namjoon plays with both of his thumbs, brushing it together until it turns to red – but keeps quiet as he didn’t know how to answer. He can’t tell Bang PD about his little space neither he could come out with some white lies.

“You know how the fans keep asking what had happened to you yesterday, right? Don’t you think you have the responsibility to explain to me, Kim Namjoon?”

Namjoon flinched at the harsh tone, feeling suffocated that Bang PD sounded disappointed at him. He knew he had makes the old man angry. Yet he has no valid reason to defend himself right now.

“As the leader of BTS, you have to be more responsible in your acts. You can’t just leave the event like that with no valid excuse…” continues Bang PD when Namjoon remained silent. He lowered his voice as he sees how Namjoon looks nervous.

Namjoon slowly lifts his head and meet with Bang PD's sharp eyes – heart dropped to his stomach at the view. The anger and disappointment can be seen clearly on his eyes and Namjoon feels his stomach churn at that. His stomach feels empty because he had skipped the breakfast this morning but the nauseous he had right now – he wants to puke everything he had ate last night and relished himself from the cramp all over his stomach.

“I – I am sorry… I just… feel sick out of sudden and – and…”

“But it doesn’t mean that you can leave the event without saying anything to the manager Namjoon. And the members too had gone home with you without prior notice. It’s totally wrong to do that!”

Namjoon breathe hitched at the rising voice and his eyes brimmed with tears when he saw the red face of Bang PD – clearly mad at him right now.

“So – sorry… it – it’s my mistake. They – they were worried about me that – that they didn’t have the time to tell anything to the manager… I apologized on their behalf, please PD – nim don’t get mad at them…”

Bang PD stares at Namjoon as he pleads for his bandmates. Despite being angry for what had happened at the fan meeting, his heart swells with pride when he saw how Namjoon defending his teammates.

Namjoon has always been known for his selfless act, absorbing all the negatives for the members and let all the positivity’s reached the rest of them. He was the bridge between the company and the members – a heavy burden he needs to bear as the leader of BTS.


Namjoon holds his breath at his name, palms and forehead start to fickle with sweats.

“Sukhoon didn’t happy how you and the members treat him yesterday. He’s your manager but all of you left him at the event without a word. He almost resigned from his post and I need to coax him for him to stay…”

“PD – nim… I – I didn’t know that…” Namjoon apparently shocked at the sudden news, voice shaken as he feels guilty how the things had turned to worst.

“He's the new manager and had been working for all of you about one month only. I know it’s hard for you to get used to each other. But at least don’t treat him like he has no value at all…”

Namjoon eyes widen at the accusation, vigorously shook his head to deny as such. “No, no PD – nim. We – we never did that to him. Sukhoon – hyung is our manager and of course, we respect him. No one ever dares to be rude or acted wrongly towards him. No… it’s not true…”

Bang PD sighed as Namjoon try to explain himself and defending his bandmates. “Sukhoon said that all of you ignores him and makes him run behind the van yesterday…”

“That – that’s not true! We will notice him if he was chasing us or…” rebut Namjoon instantly, voice rising as he was shocked at the accusation.

“So you were saying he lied to me?” intervene Bang PD with an accusatory tone. Eyes on Namjoon - murderously.

Namjoon’s shoulder immediately slumps before he shook his head. “No, that’s not what I meant…”

“This is final warning Namjoon. Tell your bandmates too. I won’t tolerate if any of you misbehave towards any BigHit staff. And Sukhoon is your manager, you have to respect him…”

Namjoon feels so wrong. To say that he was angry won’t be a total lie. What had Sukhoon said to Bang PD that makes the old man become so mad about yesterday? And why did Sukhoon said everyone is rude against him? As far as Namjoon concern, no one ever acted like that. They had respected Sukhoon the same as they did to Sejin.

Namjoon massaged his temple, feeling the headache started to become more prominent. He feels trapped and discomfort. When Bang PD said he can leave the room, Namjoon quietly gets up from the chair and bid a silent goodbye to the said male.

Namjoon feels the fatigue starts to engulf him and the urge to regress like a ticking bomb. He wants to go home and cuddles with his caregivers. He didn’t care either it’s Yoongi or Seokjin or even Jimin. He just wants to get away from here.

However, when he stepped out from the room Namjoon was appalled to see Sukhoon – leaning on the wall in front of Bang PD's room, hand crossed to the waist. And Namjoon frowned when he saw the smirk on Sukhoon face. What was that?


(CW : ⚠️)

“I guess Bang PD had told you right?” he said snobbishly.

Namjoon arched further his brows, notice the difference in Sukhoon's tone. And Namjoon didn’t feel good about it. “Why did you told PD-nim that we left you at the scene? You know that we never do that right? Yesterday, we were…”

“I saw you Namjoon,” interrupts Sukhoon, ignoring Namjoon question completely.

Namjoon was flabbergasted. “Saw what?”

Sukhoon let out a soft chuckle before he moved forwards, making the distance between him and Namjoon become closer. He can see how Namjoon's body tensed and he smiles evilly. “I saw how you’re acting weird… you know…”

Namjoon took a deep breath while his eyes stare at Sukhoon – obviously shocked. He starts to shake a little bit when he saw the dark expression of their new manager. Namjoon let out a small yelp when Sukhoon suddenly grabbed both of his forearms, burying his nail on the flesh. Namjoon winced in pain at the violent act.

“I know how you were acting like a child, Namjoon. I saw how you’re crying yesterday. Oh, and what we called it? Little space? Isn’t that right?” whispered Sukhoon.

“Wh – what are you…”

“You are being too careless Namjoon. A dirty secret like that shouldn’t be shown in public. But you… you as the leader of BTS acted like a child… isn’t that interesting? How do you think the Army will think about you? Disgusting? Retarded? Shameful?”

Namjoon gritted his teeth at the statement, looking at Sukhoon with his glassy eyes. He tried so hard not to show to the male that he had slowly regressed to his headspace, fisting both of his hand until the knuckles turn to white.

“What – what do you want Sukhoon?” asked Namjoon stammering as he tried not to sound like a little kid in fear. Which he failed to do so.

Sukhoon scoffs at the audacity but he did notice the changes in Namjoon's voice. He hovered his eyes up and down like he was scanning Namjoon' s whole body. He smugly smiles when he can see how the body is now trembling.

“Well… I’m not going to tell anyone about your secret… but you need to listen to me. Understand?”

“If - if I don’t?” refute Namjoon.

Sukhoon laughed at the answer. “You won’t like that Namjoon. You have no idea of what I am capable to do. To you...and to your friends. You didn’t want me to do something bad to your friends right?” threatens Sukhoon. Purposely used the word ‘friends’ to provoke Namjoon, knowing how Namjoon always been protective towards his bandmates.

Namjoon eyes widen in horror. “No! Don’t – don’t touch them. I won’t let you harm any of my friends!”

Sukhoon let go of his grip over Namjoon's forearm, raised his hand to his cheek before he pats on it a few times. “Then you need to listen to me baby boy. Okay?”

(CW : ⚠️END)


Namjoon feels his body weaken at the gesture and he almost collapses on the floor after Sukhoon left him alone on the corridor - going into Bang PD's room. Namjoon clenched on his clothed chest, feeling the escalated heartbeat due to the harrowing situation. His tears slowly rolling down to his cheek as he crouched down and leaned his body to the wall.

This is too much to handle. Namjoon thought to himself. He couldn’t breathe properly, he tries to look for someone nearby but no one was there. He can see his shaking hand when he took out his phone. When he tapped on the screen, Namjoon brows curved in confusion.

There’s a password need to be filled in. As his vision blurry because of his accumulated tears, he tries a few times but failed. He can’t remember the password. Namjoon let out a small sob, whining when he failed to open it. He needs to call Seokjin!

Namjoon gets up from the floor, looking so lost that the hallway seems too wide and far and quiet. And why did the light seems off?

“Daddy?” his voice sounded so small as he walked through the corridor – legs wobbled on each step.

“Dada?” Namjoon starts to sobs when he can’t find any of his caregivers. The building looks so strange and he didn’t even know where he is right now. His mind totally slipped into the little space.

“Ap – appa? Where are you? Joonie… scawed!”

There’s no one there as he kept walking around. Namjoon didn’t like how quiet the floor was, feeling scared that someone or something might come out and takes him somewhere. He wants his Daddy right now!

Namjoon almost screamed when someone had grabbed his forearm and forcefully swirled his body to face the culprit.  Eyes widen in fear and his heart hammering out loud, like it's going to burst.

“Why are you crying? What happened?”

Namjoon let out a choking sound when he saw that person, immediately swoop his body forward and embraced the said male in a tight hug. He hides his face on the nape of the male, let out his tears and starts to cry.

“Uff!!” the said male groaned at the sudden impact and both almost fall on the ground if the male didn’t manage to catch his lanky body and instantly leans on the wall.




Chapter Text





Jungkook was appalled when Namjoon suddenly hugged him, making him to stumble a few steps backward. Despite the unexpected action he managed to hold himself from falling and leaned on the wall. 

“Wha – what happened hyung?” He asked. But Jungkook eyes widen when Namjoon sobs turn to a loud crying as he keeps nuzzle his face on Jungkook’s neck. Without hesitation, his hand moved to rub up and down on Namjoon's back and his other hand cupped the back of his head tenderly. 

“Hyungie! Joo – joonie scawed…” sobs Namjoon, voice muffled but still audible.

Jungkook frowned at the saying, wonder what had happened for the leader to feel scared. He remembered that this morning he had a meeting with Bang PD about the incident at the fan meeting.

Did Bang PD get mad at Namjoon? But it will be too ridiculous since everyone knows how much Bang PD adores Namjoon like his own son.

“Calm down hyung…just breathe and tell me what’s happen…” Jungkook tries to coax the leader. His voice sounded awkward since Namjoon was in the little space and Jungkook still couldn’t grasp on how to deal with little Namjoon. Unlikely Yoongi and Seokjin. But he tried. 

Namjoon shook his head, refused to tell Jungkook. He tightens his grip on Jungkook's, buried his face further on the shoulder blade as he continues to cry. He just want the maknae to hold him, make him to feel safe and to assure him that everything will be fine. 

“What’s happening here?”

Jungkook was taken aback at the foreign voice before he realized that it's Bang PD. Jungkook starts to feel nervous with the presence of the said male, afraid that he will notice the differences in Namjoon. He obviously can see how he is frowning when he saw how Namjoon had been hugging him.

“What happen to Namjoon?” Bang PD asks with curiosity. 

Jungkook devours in nervousness. He looks straight into Bang PD's eyes and he is aware that Sukhoon was standing behind Bang PD, also waiting for him to explain about Namjoon. Shit! 

“Ah – actually – actually Namjoon-hyung didn’t feel well. He – he feels dizzy and I’m just trying to hold him…” Jungkook lies, slightly stammering that he just couldn’t muster up the excuse efficiently.

Bang PD frowned and look at the two suspiciously. But then he remembered how Namjoon had told him before that he didn’t feel good since yesterday at the fan meeting. 

“So I guess he's really sick. You two should go back to the dorm, then. And don’t forget to bring Namjoon to the doctor…” says the old man. 

Jungkook nods wildly at the suggestion. “Yes – yes I will…”

“Sorry that I can't send you both. I and Sukhoon has an important meeting and we need to go…” explained Bang PD, a little bit guilty that he couldn't give a hand to help Namjoon and Jungkook. 

Jungkook shook his head. “It's okay PD-nim, I’ll handle this…just go to the meeting…fast!” Jungkook knows he sounds too desperate for Bang PD to leave right now and how bad his acting was but he just need to do it. 

Bang PD nods before he pats on Namjoon's back. “Get well soon, son…” he says in fatherly voice, worry evidently shows on his face. Namjoon squirmed, hummed as a response as he refuses to show his crying face to Bang PD. 

“You should take care of your health Namjoon. The tour is coming and you need to be fit for that…” Sukhoon raised his concern – faking it effortlessly in front of Jungkook. 

“We will hyung. Don’t worry…” Jungkook answered on behalf of Namjoon. His brows shoot up when Namjoon pressed his body closer and he makes a whimpering sound hearing Sukhoon's voice and how his body stiffen at the presence of the new manager. 

Sukhoon smiles to Jungkook which he failed to notice that it was actually an evil smirk. He then slowly put his hand over Namjoon's forearm, moves slowly up and down caressing the leader. 

“Be careful Namjoon. Don’t get sick because you know how much I – well, the boys need you…” he says with a soft and tender voice, almost whispering. 

Namjoon’s flinched at the reminder, had goosebumps out of fear and his tears rolled down to his cheek like a river. He hides his face further on the crook of Jungkook's neck – refused to see Sukhoon. The touch by the latter male feels like fire and he squirmed further – he hates that filthy hand touching his body.

Jungkook bows his head slightly when Sukhoon dismissed himself and leave the two alone. Sukhoon let out a slow chortle, feeling amused to see how Namjoon looks scared just now.

The time will come when you will be in my hand, Kim Namjoon!


“No! Joonie scawed. Hyungie… Joo – joonie scawed…”

When Namjoon starts to wheeze and let out a choking sound, Jungkook immediately knows that the leader was on the verge of a panic attack.  Jungkook looks around and relieved that no one nearby and he needs to make sure Namjoon is subtle enough before he can bring him back home. They shouldn’t stir any attention that will jeopardize their image. 

Without breaking the hug; because Namjoon won’t let him – Jungkook slowly moves forward, heading towards the restroom at the end of the floor. It was a hassle to walk when someone as big as Namjoon was clinging to him and Jungkook walked like a robot.  

The cry now had turned into a pitiful sob when both of them entered the restroom. Namjoon keeps on clinging onto Jungkook, won’t let go of his hand. Jungkook huffed at the situation. Not that he got irritated but more on to the restricted movement. 

“Ok hyung…let go now. I have to see your face… okay?” Jungkook says while he pats on Namjoon's back. 

“No…!!” Namjoon whined, shook his head wildly. 

Jungkook took a deep breath, trying to compose himself dealing with the stubborn Namjoon. “Come on, hyung…” he said as he tries to push Namjoon's body from his. “Don’t be a brat and listen to me…” he continues. 

Namjoon breathe hitched at the mention of ‘brat’, slowly pulled away from Jungkook, sniffles in sadness and head dangled down to the floor – still crying. 

Jungkook’s heart sunk at the sight, how puffy the eyes and it had turned to bright red because of the non-stop crying by the elder. He approached Namjoon slowly before he placed both of his hand on Namjoon's waist. 

“Let me put you on the counter, okay?” Jungkook carefully told Namjoon, waiting for him to say yes or anything equivalent to it. He flashed a small smile when Namjoon nods his head. Jungkook then lift Namjoon in one attempt, makes sure Namjoon sits on the counter safely. His long leg dangling down. 

He then tapped on the faucet, wetting his hand before he helped Namjoon washed his face – clearing the remaining tears and snot on his face so that Namjoon will feel fresh again. Namjoon just let the maknae do whatever he thinks right and watched how attentive Jungkook been treating him. 

“Did – did you hate me because I’m a bwat?”

Jungkook halted in whatever he is doing, immediately cocked his head towards the elder – who had been fidgeting in nervousness, swaying his feet back and forth. He looks really edgy and in the brimmed of tears. Looking at Jungkook with his round doe eyes. 

Jungkook bits his lips before he clears his throat as it feels suddenly dry and scratchy. “Hyung, I never – don’t, you know… I was…”

“You don’t want to be Joonie hyungie?” 

Jungkook almost choked on his own saliva, looking at Namjoon with a mix of emotion. His lips parted, trying to say something to deny the allegation but Namjoon had beaten him first. 

“You hate little Joonie?” 

Jungkook wasn’t able to give any reason or excuse when Namjoon broke down into another crying fit, reverberated in the empty restroom. They were lucky there’s no one in there. 

Oh shit! Jungkook cursed to himself before he swoops his body and embraced Namjoon into another hug. He caressed the back of the elder as he starts to hiccup, shushing the male to stop crying. 

“No, hyu – Joonie… no, hyungie don’t hate you. Hyungie is sorry that hyungie being really bad. Hyungie just – just need time. Okay. Don’t cry… Hyungie like Joonie, so please stop crying…”

Jungkook runs his fingers through Namjoon's smooth silky hair as he keeps pats the back of the little. “Don’t cry little one. Hyungie doesn’t hate Joonie…” he continues to cajole the little. 

Jungkook twitched into a smile when he realized how Namjoon's tense body start to loosen up a little bit and his crying dissipated into a small sob, hiccupping a little bit but at least he had become calmer than before. 

Jungkook slowly distancing himself, bend his head a little bit and peeked to see Namjoon's flushed face. A drop of clear salty liquid secreted from glands in his eye was clearly seen on his face. Jungkook feels guilty that he was the reason for such tears been shed by the elder – partly. 

Jungkook wipes those priceless tears with his thumbs and cupped the face of the elder gently. “I’m sorry okay?” he says in a soothing voice as if he was dealing with something fragile – afraid he will break Namjoon. 

Namjoon cocked his head to the side adorably. “Sowie? Why hyungie sowie?” he asked in a slurred voice. 

Jungkook chuckles before he pressed his head on Namjoon's forehead. Continue to emit a peal of slow laughter when Namjoon puffing his cheek – didn’t understand as to why the maknae was laughing. 

“Sorry for everything. I’ll treat you better. I promise I’ll be a good hyungie to Joonie…”

Namjoon eyes glistening at the statement, looking at Jungkook with joy that he wants to be Namjoon's caregiver.

“Weally? Hyungie wan – wan to be Joonie hyungie? Pway wif Joonie? Sweep wif Joonie? And – and hewp Joonie color – color sailor moon?”

Jungkook let out a breathily laughter at the saying before he nods his head – agrees to do all the thing list down by Namjoon. “Hyungie promise!” 

“Pinkie pwomise?” Namjoon shoved his pinky finger in front of Jungkook’s face with hopeful eyes. 

Jungkook smiles before he locks his pinky finger with Namjoon's together, sealing the promise with Namjoon, to signify that once made can never be broken. 

Namjoon giggles happily as he shook their entangled fingers together. “Pinky – pinky bow bell. Whoever tells a lie, will sink down to - to the bad place, and - and never rise up again,” he sing-song the chants gleefully. 

Jungkook laughs at the cute pinky swear song, ruffling the little's hair fondly. Looking at how calm Namjoon was now, Jungkook stares at the male before he asked the question. 

“So, Joonie…can you tell me what had happened earlier? Why are you crying?”

Namjoon flinched at the sudden question, didn’t expect that his caregiver was going to ask him about it. He thought it was long forgotten and he himself already concealed himself from the memory. 

Namjoon fiddling with his fingers, feeling the edginess overpowering his conscience – slowly his eyes welled up in tears. The image of Sukhoon flashed to his mind and his threats make his breathing hitched in fear. 

“Hey… don’t be scared. Hyungie is here for you. I’ll protect you so don’t you worry and just tell me…” coax Jungkook when he saw Namjoon’s body shaking a little bit. 

Namjoon sniffles and his lips were trembling. “Joonie – joonie no wan to talk. Joonie scawed…”

“But Joonie…”

“Joonie wanna go home!” wailed Namjoon, feeling suffocated being interrogate like that. He didn’t like the feeling when someone trying to force him to do something he didn’t like. 

Jungkook was flabbergasted at the reaction, quickly hugged Namjoon. “Okay…okay… hyungie sorry. Let’s – let’s go home baby…”


Jungkook groaned at the heavyweight as he carries Namjoon who had clinging to him like a koala. The said male had fallen asleep in the car and Jungkook has to carry him to the dorm. Thanks to the gym classes and the consistent exercise he had been doing that he managed to lift Namjoon much easier. It still caused some problem but he was able to manage it. Better than Yoongi.

Jungkook rang the bell since it's hard for him to move his finger to punch the passcode on the door – both were holding Namjoon's thigh, preventing the male from slipping down. 

He heard a loud gasped when the main door is being open and when he averted his eyes he saw Seokjin’s shocked face. 

“What happen??!!” he whispers yelled at Jungkook when he realized Namjoon was sleeping soundly. 

Jungkook let out a soft grunt, didn’t answer the question of the eldest before he entered the dorm. A few steps scurried around the living hall can be heard and everyone swamp at Jungkook and Namjoon with the same expression as Seokjin.

“Give him to me…” says Yoongi. Not that he hates Jungkook but he notices his frown while he had been carrying Namjoon. 

Yoongi was trying to take Namjoon from Jungkook when Namjoon whimpers and whined at the touch – tighten his arms on Jungkook’s neck. 

“No! Wan hyungie!!”

“It’s okay hyung… I got him…” 

Yoongi raised his brows in confusion at the situation, giving a glance at Seokjin who had been staring at him with questioning looks too. 

Jungkook brings Namjoon to the couch, carefully slumps his ass on the couch where he carefully moves Namjoon to his lap. Namjoon buried his face on Jungkook's shoulder blade while his hand on the male’s neck and waist. He didn’t even open his eyes – a hint that he is still sleepy. 

“What happen?” asked Seokjin as everyone settled down at the living room – gawking at Jungkook. 

“I – I don’t know. I found him in front of Bang PD's office and he was crying. He said he was scared of something. But when I asked him about what he just keeps crying. So I brought him home…” explained Jungkook. 

Everyone gasped at the explanation. Namjoon whined at the noise, nuzzle his face further to Jungkook's chest.  Jungkook can sense the discomfort immediately pats on his thigh slowly, lulled Namjoon back to his sleep.

Seokjin and Yoongi realized the changes between Jungkook and Namjoon before both of them exchanging their gaze meaningfully. Seokjin flashed a soft smile which been reciprocated by the oldest rapper – contended that Jungkook finally was able to accept Namjoon as a little. 

“Maybe he had regressed to the little space after the meeting with PD-nim. It doesn’t look good to me…” told Jungkook, concern evidently shows in his voice. 

Seokjin sighed at the statement. “We shouldn’t let him go alone. Since we already know about his little space and how he will regress when he is stressed, we need to go with him next time. At least someone needs to accompany him.” 

Everyone nods in agreement. They were worried that Namjoon might accidentally slip into little space like this again in the future. And without his caregivers around it will be too dangerous. Someone might saw Namjoon and will take advantage of it. 

“We’re lucky that I’m the one who had found him there…” tell Jungkook a little bit relieved. He was thankful that he decided to go to the company to do some errands this morning.

At first, he feels so stuffy in the dorm where Yoongi had been giving him a cold stare. He didn’t mean to meet Namjoon there though. It's just a coincidence that he was on the same floor before he saw Namjoon's crouching down on the floor – looking so lost and haggard. 

“You did a good job Kookie!” compliments Seokjin, giving the maknae a proud smile. 

“Thanks, hyung. And – and I’m sorry for being a brat. I know I shouldn’t react like that and I have no excuse to say that I have a good reason to do that. It's my fault and I will do my best to be Namjoon hyung caregiver...”

Everyone looks at their golden maknae with a smile as no one ever had a grudge towards him. They were relieved that Jungkook didn’t take too long to accept his role as the caregiver. 

“I’m sorry too for getting mad at you. We should discuss this peacefully but instead, I just snapped…” Yoongi apologized to the maknae. Realized how he had been exaggerated for scolding Jungkook. He should give him the time to grasp on everything as Namjoon said. He just being impatient. 

Jungkook shook his head. “No hyung. You have the reason to get mad. I should be more understanding. Sorry for the problem I caused to all of you…”

Seokjin clapped his hand to break the uptight conversation. “Okay let’s end this sentimental talks and decides what’s to eat for dinner…” he said chirpily trying to lift up the mood. 

“I want a fried chicken hyung!” says Taehyung. 

“I think we need to eat something healthy. I’m sure Namjoon didn’t eat yet today…” suggest Yoongi as his eyes drifted to the sleeping Namjoon on Jungkook's lap. 

Seokjin nods. “I’ll cook then. And all of you need to help me except Jungkook…” he says while he pointed his finger on each member. 

The members whined at the words before they clasped their hand over the mouth when Namjoon once again whimpers at the noise. 

“Shh… hyungie here…just sleep, baby…” Jungkook caressed Namjoon's hair gently. 

Everyone cooed at how attentive Jungkook was right now. The golden maknae’s face flushed in red when all eyes on him with a playful smile plastered on their face. 


Everyone flinched at the sudden whisper yelled by Taehyung, looking at him with confusion. 

Taehyung let out a heavy breath, pouted his lips before he speaks his mind. “Why Jungkook is the hyung? I want a nickname too! Only me has no specific name as the caregiver!” he complains, both hand now crossed to his waist with dissatisfaction. 

“Don’t forget me…” intervenes Hoseok with a dejected voice – feeling sad that Namjoon didn’t give him a name yet. His sullen expression was an obvious statement that he is sad too. 

The other four rolled their eyes at the demeanor of the two. 

“Let’s ask him when he is awake,” Seokjin says.  Hoseok seems to agree with that and he can’t wait to know what will Namjoon called him. He needs to think a better name and suggested it to Namjoon.

Maybe Papa or Dad? Which one is better?

“Well, can I ask him to call me oppa then?”




Chapter Text


This chapter is a pure fluff 🙊


Taehyung: “Well, can I ask him to call me oppa then?”  


Namjoon eyes widen when he saw his favorite chicken nugget in front of him. He woke up still in his little space as Jungkook brings him to the dining table. After helping the little to sit properly, Jungkook took the seat beside Yoongi.

Namjoon squirmed on his chair, a little bit too excited to start eating dinner. Meanwhile, his other members were swooning over his cuteness. Namjoon was about to take one of the nugget before Seokjin smacked his hand – not too soft but not too harsh either.

Namjoon pouted, looking at Seokjin a little bit angry. “Why appa? Joo-Joonie hungwy!” he whined.

Seokjin moves his pointing finger left and right while he clicked his tongue. “No, baby. No nugget until you finish your rice…” he says firmly.

Namjoon gnawed his lips – obviously sulking. He shifted his gaze over his bowl full of rice, making a face of dislike. “No-no…no wice…Joonie no wike wice, appa…” he pleads with his doe eyes, jiggling his head wildly.

Seokjin peered his eyes towards the little. Frowning at his refusal to eat the rice. He always knows how Namjoon really loves food. He ate a lot and have no concern over his diet. He basically eats everything except seafood. He never says no to food and gobbled everything as much as he can. He always fascinated by how much Namjoon can stuff the food into his flat stomach.

Ignoring the little, Seokjin pushed the rice bowl closer to Namjoon, making him let out a long whine. “Eat this then you can get the nugget, Joonie. Okay?” coaxed Seokjin again.

Namjoon puffed his cheek, shaking his head while his eyes prick with tears. “No! Joonie wan nugget!” he protested.

Seokjin averted his eyes towards the other members that were watching the whole drama – asking for help to persuade the little to eat his rice. Seokjin rolled his eyes when everyone nozzle out their lips towards Yoongi.

Yoongi squinted his eyes with irritation at his members' antics before he looks at Seokjin. “Do you think I'm the right person to coax him, Jin-hyung?” he asked nonchalantly, showing his emotionless face.

“At least try ‘daddy’…” Seokjin notes, purposely emphasize the words ‘daddy’ while he glared at the oldest rapper.

Yoongi groaned at the statement before he turned to face the sulking Namjoon. “Hey, Joonie…just eat the rice and you can have the nugget later…”

Namjoon shook his head, jutted his lips further. “Joonie wan nugget daddy! No wice pwease…” begged him as the droplet of tears flows from the damp of his eyes.

Yoongi took a breather, glancing at Seokjin that obviously started to stress himself for Namjoon's bratty attitude. Actually, no one ever expects for Namjoon to act like that in a little space. It is natural for the leader to be understanding and being responsible for everything. He never complaints unless he really needs to do so. But basically, it was rarely done by the leader.

Dealing with this new personality really had testing their patience. Everyone visibly on the edge and maybe someone might explode if Namjoon keeps on refusing to take his dinner. Who knows who.

“Joonie, it's not good for your tummy if you only eat nugget. You need decent food first. And listen to your appa and daddy, please…”

Namjoon lips tremble as he starts to sobs when he heard the stern voice of his daddy, looking at him with a displeased expression. He knows his appa on the verge of losing his patience. However, being a little, he couldn’t comprehend properly the consequences if he keeps on being stubborn.

It is natural for a three years old kid to throw a tantrum when they didn’t get what they want. And this also happens to our Joonie. He just acted out of his gut, pursuing his innocent demand to have his nugget instead of rice. He thought he was doing something right.

Namjoon pushed away the bowl and maybe a little bit harsher. The bowl tilted and slowly rolling on the table before it fell onto the floor - breaking the precious bowl belongs to Seokjin into pieces.

The situation was eerily quite and you can’t even hear anyone taking a breath at the commotion. Yoongi was taken aback at the rebellious act, Seokjin face reddened to see his favorite bowl on the floor and the rest was apparently shocked – watching the three with wide eyes and mouth agape.

Namjoon stares at the broken bowl as his heart sunk to his stomach and hammering out loud. His hand was shaking when he averted his eyes and meet with his appa's murderous gaze.

“Joo-Joonie sowie appa…” he said with apologetic shaken voice before he broke into a crying fit, chanting the words sorry repeatedly. "Joonie sowie!!!"

Seokjin was cut off from his trance, flabbergasted when Namjoon crying out loud. He instantly crouching in front of Namjoon and took his shaking hand into his. He gawked over at the little face now soaking wet with tears and how his face flushed with red due to the crying. 

“It’s okay, darling. Don’t cry… it's okay… no need to be sad about it, okay?” he coaxed the little, squeezing his hands as an assurance that he didn't mad at him.

To say he didn’t feel sad when he saw the bowl on the floor, it will be a total lie. It was one of his collection and now had one deficit. It will bug him forever and he might be upset that the set is now incomplete.  He wants to scold at the leader and ranting over how difficult to have the same pattern again –  since it’s a special edition.

But looking at how sad and apologetic the look of the little, Seokjin's heart melted right away. Who can get mad at cute and adorable Namjoon? Not when he said he was sorry in a cute tiny voice. It's okay if the set had lack one bowl, as long as Namjoon didn’t cry. It makes his heart ached terribly when he saw the tears.

Maybe, this is what a real parent actually feel when their precious children were crying. They give out their heart immediately. Ignores all the wrong and mistakes, brace their weakness with love. Because the parent will do anything for the sake of their children's happiness. That's what their heart was made for.

Namjoon looks at his appa through his wet eyelashes and glanced at the broken bowl. “Joonie…Joonie sowie appa. The bowl… the bowl…”

Seokjin hugged the little, rubbing his back up and down as Namjoon keeps on crying on his shoulder's blade. He can feel the tears over his t-shirt and Seokjin feels even more sorry that he had shown his angry face towards the younger.

“It's okay. Appa not angry at Joonie…” he said before he loosens up his embrace and stares at Namjoon. Seokjin sighed in agony, wiping the tears on Namjoon's face with his palm.

“Appa will clean this first. Don’t move and stay still. I don’t want you to get hurt…”

Namjoon nods while hiccupping, watching his caregiver get up and took the broom and start to sweep away the broken glass. He makes sure that none of the shattered pieces been left out before he came back to the dining table with a new bowl full of rice. This time it's plastic. Better be safe than sorry!

“Now eat this and no more acting up…” said Seokjin with a serious tone. Everyone at the dining table was watching the elder in nervousness, afraid that Namjoon will throw another tantrum.

Up to their relieves, Namjoon took the spoon and feed the rice to his mouth, without breaking the eye contact with Seokjin.

“Joo-Joonie eats appa…” he said, still let out a few hiccups. He has no gut to cause any trouble again after the bowl incident.

Seokjin smiles and ruffled the hair of the little fondly. “Good boy!” he says before he dragged the chair and sit. He glanced at his other members with a glare. “Eat!” he said sternly.

Everyone was flustered at the command, instantly took their bowl and eat quietly. An angry Seokjin was scarier than grumpy Yoongi. They won’t bet on their head to mess with the eldest. Not when he just lost his precious bowl.

“I think Joonie should call you eomma rather than appa, hyung. You look like those typical mothers when you were handling Joonie's attitude…”

Everyone gasped at the comment made by Taehyung, looking at him incredulously. Couldn’t believe he was able to pull himself to say such thing at the crucial moment.

“Ow! Why are you kicking me Jungkook?!” squeaked Taehyung when Jungkook kicks his calves, a little bit too hard.

Jungkook rolled his eyes at his absentminded. Everyone was giving him the look but Taehyung just shrugs and dismissed the reaction.

Seokjin scoffs at Taehyung weird antics. However he didn’t feel hurt at his comment, already knows about his odd personality. “I’m not a woman for him to call me eomma, Tae…” noted Seokjin.

Seokjin always emphasized his chagrin over the nickname given by some of the army. How he didn’t like to be called as ‘eomma’. It is understandable that some of them may picturize Seokjin role as the mother of BTS because of his caring personality. But it doesn’t mean that it is appropriate to call him ‘eomma’ because of that.

“I don’t think Joonie had considered Jin-hyung as eomma too. If not he won’t be calling him as appa in his little space…” said Jimin, justifying the situation.

“Yeah, I know that. I know Jin-hyung hates when someone calls him eomma…” agrees Taehyung while he munched his food deliciously.

Seokjin then let out a boisterous laugh, making everyone frowning at his odd response. Seokjin wipes his happy tears before he starts to speak. “It will be funny if he called me eomma, you know! That's mean I’m married to Yoongi…” he says in between of his laughter.

Yoongi let out a small grunt at the joke before he laughed together with everyone. The tension at the dining table earlier slowly dissipated and their stiffen body loosen up comfortably.

“Why appa laugh?”

Seokjin tilted his head towards the confuse little before he shook his head. “Nothing Joonie. It’s just an adult talk…”

Namjoon pouted, feeling been left out by his caregivers because he didn’t understand why are they laughing. He puts his spoon to the side, tugged on Seokjin's sleeves.

“Yes, Joonie?”

“Nugget pwease…”

Seokjin changed his gaze to his bowl, already half eaten before he spares his eyes at the little hopeful face. “Well since you eat your rice, appa will give you the nugget…”

Namjoon grinned happily, bouncing on his seat while he waits for Seokjin to put the nugget into his plate. A plastic plate of course. He claps his hand gleefully when he saw the chicken nugget and hastily take a bite. Eyes sparkles as the taste of the chicken nugget fill in his mouth.

“It-it's dewishes appa!!” he squealed.

Seokjin and his other caregivers laughed at his cute reaction and swooning at how he looks so happy eating his nugget.

“Eat slowly Joonie…” Seokjin reminded when he saw how his cheek bulged as he eats the nugget hastily. Namjoon grinned showing his mouth full of nugget before he swallows his food carefully.


Everyone was scattered around on the living hall for movie time after dinner. Yoongi, Seokjin, and Hoseok took the long couch meanwhile the maknae line sit on the floor. Namjoon were lying in front of them, coloring his favorite Sailormoon.

“Can we watch Annabelle?” asked Jungkook, wiggling his brows playfully.

Everyone gasped at the suggestion, narrowed down their eyes towards the maknae. They were begrudgingly staring at the maknae, didn’t understand why he needs to choose a horror film to spend their movie time together.

“You did aware that we have a little kid here right?” says Seokjin as he pointed at Namjoon who was too engulfed in his coloring activity.

Jungkook whined. “But hyung, I want to watch it…”

“Let's choose another film Kook-ah. A safer one since Namjoon is a little right now. You don’t want him to pee himself right?” Hoseok mentioned. Either it is for Namjoon or himself, Hoseok didn’t prefer to watch a horror movie. It was not his cup of tea. Never.

“I think it is you that will pee in your pant hyung!” teased Taehyung as the other laughed. They already know how easily Hoseok got scared.

Hoseok snarled at the younger. “Yah! Respect your hyung!”

Taehyung stuck out his tongue playfully and Hoseok smacks the back of his head. Yoongi shook his head watching his members goofing around.

“No horror movie. Joonie’s here…” he said with an assertive tone, looking at Jungkook with a stoic expression.

Jungkook huffed in disappointment before he clicks on the movie list to see any other interesting film to watch. He didn’t realize how Namjoon had been moved closer to him to see what he is doing.

Namjoon eyes lock on the screen, trailing over the movie's poster shown on the television. “Joonie wike that!!” he shouted excitedly pointed at the television.

Jungkook stops pressing the remote and everyone mouth gaped looking at the poster shown in the screen. Jungkook slowly turned his head towards the rest of the member to see their expression.

“Minion…Hyungie its minion! Joonie wan Minion!” he exclaimed as his eyes fixated on the screen – too happy to see the poster of The Despicable Me. One of his favorite movie.

Jungkook bites his lips. “What now?” he whispers at his members.

Seokjin rolled his eyes before he beckons on the younger to select the movie as requested by Namjoon. They won’t be able to decline his request though. Especially when he already crawled over and let himself squished in between Taehyung and Jimin on the floor.

Jimin and Taehyung were glad to have Namjoon closed to them, giving him the space needed. Taehyung took the koya blanket given by Seokjin and put on Namjoon's lap. Namjoon grinned sheepishly as he hugged his Ryan firmly to his chest.

It was almost twelve midnight when the movie ended and Namjoon already has fallen asleep – rested his head onto Taehyung's shoulder. They move quietly, didn’t want to wake up the little and start to put aside all the pillows they have to watch the movie earlier.

“He’s sleeping hyung…” said Taehyung, still didn’t move from his place, peeking on Namjoon's sleeping face. A soft snores emitted by the male as his lips parted slightly. Cutie!

“Well, someone needs to pick him up then…” Seokjin said.

Jungkook volunteered himself, agreed by the rest since he is the most capable of doing so without any hassle. He slowly crouched in front of the little, trying to put his arm under Namjoon's leg when he whined sleepily.

“Hey baby, let’s hyungie bring you to the room okay?” Jungkook says in a soothing voice.

Namjoon squeezed shut his eyes, shake his head before he wrapped his arm over Taehyung torso, snuggling further on the male's neck.

Jungkook chuckles slowly. “Come on Joonie. Everyone is going to sleep now. You didn’t want to sleep here, right?” he coaxed further.

Namjoon opened the lid of his eyes, rubbing on it sleepily and start looking around where everyone already standing up while watching him.

“Minion?” he asked groggily didn’t realize that he had missed almost the entire movie – fallen asleep after half an hour watching it. His body feels lethargic after the meeting with Bang PD and the sudden confrontation with Sukhoon. His body had shut down immediately when he feels comfortable, lying his head on Taehyung's shoulder.

“No more minion Joonie. We'll watch it later okay?” said Taehyung as he caressed the hair of the little fondly.

Namjoon pouted realizing his mistake for fallen asleep too early. However, he didn’t have any intention to let his arm go, tighten his embrace over Taehyung's waist.

Taehyung softly chuckles and hold Namjoon’s arm on his torso. “Do you want oppa to pick you up baby?” he says mischievously.

“Yah, Tae!!”

Everyone sneered at the male at his demeanor, and Yoongi smacked his head for the second time that night.

Taehyung hissed in pain, rubbing the back of his head. “What? I want him to call me oppa! Is that wrong?” Taehyung start to sulk, pouting his lips.

“You can’t decide that for him Tae. Let it happen naturally. And what with this oppa thing? You’re a weirdo!” scolds Hoseok.

“All the good names had been taken away! I want a nickname too!!” Taehyung exasperatedly complaining.

“Joonie calling you oppa is really weird Tae!” states Seokjin. He couldn’t apprehend as to why Taehyung was adamant for Namjoon to call him oppa. It wasn’t appropriate for a man to call another man ‘oppa’ instead of ‘hyung’.

“But you were okay when Namjoon called Jungkook ‘hyungie'! He’s the maknae for God sake!” retaliated Taehyung as he flared his eyes at Jungkook.

Jungkook makes a funny face at the allegation, playfully teasing the male. Everyone was shocked when Namjoon called him ‘hyungie’ despite him being the youngest in BTS. Of course, Jungkook was flabbergasted too but later his heart swells with pride and joy. Namjoon has been calling him as ‘hyungie’ sounded so perfect and heavenly.

Namjoon tugged on Taehyung's shirt when he feels annoyed at the chattering sound around him. Taehyung looks down at the little and gives him his boxy smile.

“Sorry, Joonie. Are you sleepy? Let me bring you to the room. Is it okay?” he asked the little, asking for his confirmation before he can move. Namjoon was a little bit clingy when he was asleep. They learned that within these two days.

Namjoon nods his head lazily. He yawned and make a grabby hand towards Taehyung, asking the male to pick him up.

“Up – up oppa!” he says.






Chapter Text


“Up – up oppa!” he says.

Taehyung jumps in excitement hearing Namjoon calling him as oppa – the dream has come true. While the others were looking at him begrudgingly, he stuck out his tongue playfully before he picked up the little with pure happiness.

Taehyung pecked on Namjoon's cheek, leaving the little to fluster for a second before he giggling looking at his ‘oppa'.

“Oppa going to treat you better Joonie!” Says Taehyung and leave the rest of his members eyes wide open with jaws almost drop to the floor.

Seokjin facepalmed himself. “He’s going to ruin that poor boy! Taehyung is a mess!”

Yoongi scoffs. “Tell me something that I didn’t know…”

Everyone let out a deep sighed as they fully agreed with Seokjin and Yoongi. The fact that Taehyung was Namjoon's roommate didn’t help themselves to feel at ease to leave the little alone with Taehyung.

Taehyung carefully put Namjoon on the bed, standing in front of the little with both of his hand to his hips. “Don’t you need to bath before you going to sleep Joonie?” he asked.

Namjoon looks at his caregiver, pouting his plump lips before he shook his head wildly. “No! Joonie wan sweep. No baf pwease…” he begged and slowly laid his head to the pillow – getting ready to sleep with his t-shirt and jeans.

Taehyung clicked his tongue in disagreement. “Uh, no Joonie. If you don’t want to take a bath at least you need to change your clothes…”

Namjoon whined and hide his face unto the pillow and curled himself like a ball. “Joonie wan sweep, oppa!” he refused. He can’t even open up his tired eyes. Slowly drifted into the slumberland on each second.

Taehyung huffed looking at how Namjoon sleepily pulled out his jeans and kick it off from his bed – wearing his only boxer and t-shirt. He then covered his body with his favorite Koya's blanket, wrapping himself like a burrito. Within a second a soft snore emitted from his plump lips.

Taehyung shook his head at the leader's antics but he didn’t have any intention to wake him up. Namjoon seems really tired and he didn’t want to bother him further. Taehyung changed into his pajamas before he laid down to his bed.

“Op-oppa…? Sweep – sweep  wif Joonie?”

Taehyung shot up from his bed, looking at sleepy Namjoon now staring at him with his droopy eyes. Namjoon pats on the side of his bed, beckon on the younger to sleep with him. Taehyung devours in nervousness but doesn’t take too long before his body automatically moves forward.

Taehyung slowly laid himself beside Namjoon, lying on the bed with a straight position awkwardly. He can hear a soft giggle from Namjoon before Taehyung gasped when Namjoon suddenly snaked his arm around Taehyung's waist and make his chest as the little's pillow.


“Swe-sweep Taetae…”

Taehyung static body starts to loosen up a bit when he heard the little snores. He took a deep breath, flicker shut his eyes as he feels odd when the leader cuddling over him. It is rare for the leader to sort for skinship from the members.

When Jimin and Jungkook were more open and free in showing their feeling towards the other members, Namjoon almost a reserved person. He was a little bit shy and not too keen for touching someone else effortlessly of even asking to be touched. It wasn’t Namjoon's forte.

But seeing how he was comfortable to initiates and to shows some skinship when he is in a little space – a new experience for Taehyung and the rest of the members too. Namjoon was too cute and adorable and they just fall over the head of the leader.

Taehyung curved into a smile when Namjoon tightens his arms around his torso, snuggle closer to him. Taehyung moved his hand slowly and grasped on his shoulder while the other hand pats over Namjoon's arm that been comfortably laid down on Taehyung's stomach.

“Goodnight Joonie…” he says as he closed his eyes with his boxy smile – remained on his face until he fell asleep that night.

“You sure we can trust him right?”

Seokjin looked at the maknae and the rest of his members as they stand awkwardly in front of the closed door – Namjoon and Taehyung shared the bedroom.

“I know he is weird sometimes but Tae will never hurt or do something bad to Namjoon. You know how he always respects and loves Namjoon…” justify Seokjin, giving assurance to his members.

The rest halted for a second, processing Seokjin's words before they bob their head; almost simultaneously. Later they scurried away to their own bedrooms to get some rest with an ease heart.


Taehyung grunts in his sleep when something had been bothering his periods of sleep. He waved his hand tries to chase away whatever the thing was and continue to sleep. However, he had been disturbed once again when something had been poking his nose and cheek continuously.

“Ugh!!” he groaned with a gruff voice – feeling annoyed. He heard a faint sound of someone laughing and Taehyung immediately opened his eyes.

Taehyung was still in his hazy state, staring blankly at the ceiling for a few seconds or a minute before another poke on his cheek cut through his short trance.

“Wakie wakie wakie! Joonie is hungwy!”

Taehyung let out a low and short guttural sound while he rolled his body to the opposite side, facing backward and ignores the rants by the little. He was too sleepy and today is their free-day so he wanted to sleep as long as he can.

Namjoon jutted his lower lips when Taehyung didn’t have any intention to wake up. He puffed his chubby cheeks, get up from the bed before he pulled Taehyung's body to lie on his back forcefully. Namjoon giggles before he climbed onto Taehyung's torso and slumps his whole weight on it.

“Wakie oppa! Wakie wakie wakie!” he shouted.

Taehyung coughed at the sudden weight, immediately opened his eyes wide to see Namjoon that had been cozily sitting on him. He slammed his own head onto the pillow with a low whimper. He squeezed shut his eyes, feeling attack by the bright light stinging his orbs.

“Joonie! I’m sleepy…” he whined as he rubs his face lazily.

“Joo-Joonie hungwy, oppa!” exclaimed Namjoon, hugging his Ryan plushy to his chest and eyes gawking at his caregiver - demanding.

“Ugh! What-what time is it?” he asked, too lazy to turn his head to see the clock by himself. Taehyung rests his forearm over his eyes, still feeling sluggish.

Namjoon quickly glanced at the clock on the nightstand, frowning when he can’t read the number except his eyes fixated on the clock looking how it moves on each second,  fascinated at how the clock moved its gear. 

“Umm...umm…umm, it-it's four…” mentioned Namjoon, guessing the time recklessly.

“What???” Taehyung eyes widen and almost shot up his body when he realized Namjoon still on him. He used his elbows to hold his upper body before he glanced at the clock – squinted towards it before his mouth agape.

“Joonie…” Taehyung turns his head towards the little that been playing with Ryan’s ear. “You makes me almost got a heart attack. It's 9.20 a.m darling!” he whined before he flumps his body to the bed again.

Namjoon giggles sheepishly. “Joonie can’t wead time, oppa! Silly oppa!”

“Hey! Don’t say that!”

“Oops… sowie…” Namjoon hides his small mouth with his palm, giggling cutely at his mistake while Taehyung let out a soft chuckle looking at how cute Namjoon was.

Namjoon then poked on Taehyung soft cheek once again, “Hungwy!” he says.

Taehyung hummed knowing it is a cue for him to get up. He didn’t want Namjoon to starve himself just because he was too tired and wanted to sleep more.

“Give me a kiss first then, ” teased Taehyung while he pointed at his cheek with his pointy finger.

Namjoon gasped. “Kissie?” He asked as he tilted his head to the side adorably.

Taehyung nods. “Yes, a kissie before we eat!”

Namjoon played with his Ryan, humming in hesitant at Taehyung sudden request. He stares at Taehyung that been smiling widely at him, waiting for him to kiss him a good morning.

“It's just a morning kiss, Joonie!” urged Taehyung, chuckles joyfully looking at Namjoon that been fidgeting thinking about the kiss.

Namjoon sighed before he shook his head. “No mowning kissie! Joonie is hungwy!” he declined.

Taehyung looks at Namjoon mischievously, eyes trailed over his lanky body sitting on his torso – looking a little bit too sensual when the leader just wearing a t-shirt and a boxer. He moves his hand slowly, oblivious to Namjoon before he grabbed Namjoon's waist abruptly.

Namjoon yelp at the touch, a little bit ticklish as Taehyung's fingers fixated at his waist. “No…”

“Give me a morning kiss Joonie. If not I’m going to tickle you…” threaten Taehyung evilly as he knows how ticklish the leader was.

Namjoon bits his lower lip as his hand clutched on Ryan tightly. He huffed in irritation as he stares at Taehyung who had been grinning waiting for his morning kiss.

“Umm…but-but Joonie…” he was hesitating and his cheek turn to pink hue, playing with his Ryan. It was embarrassing to do, either in a little space or not. He might be three but he understands a little bit what is a ‘kiss’.

Taehyung chuckles at the sight before he squeezed his hand over Namjoon's hip making the little to squeak out loud. Taehyung didn’t wait too long as he starts tickling the leader resulting the male to squirm while laughing out loud.

Taehyung rolled their bodies where their early position changed – Taehyung now on top of Namjoon; still playfully teasing the little. Namjoon couldn’t help from feeling funny all over his waist, continue to laugh while trying to escape himself from being tackle down by Taehyung.

They were too engulfed with their own happy world when the door been slammed from the outside and a loud gasped erupted in the room.

“Wake and eat…yah! Kim Taehyung! What are you doing to our Joonie??? You rascal!!”

Taehyung and Namjoon shuddered at the yelling, stop moving instantly while their eyes on Seokjin. Taehyung blinks at Seokjin, now standing at the doorframe with an obviously angry expression meanwhile the rest of the members were standing behind the elder – gawking at him with a murderous stare.

Taehyung heart dropped to his stomach when he realized how he and Namjoon looked likes right now. Basically, Taehyung still sits on Namjoon, both of his hand pinning down the little's hand to the bed tightly. They were all wrong in all angle and it doesn’t look good at all. Everything was wrong and it is the worst situation for Taehyung.

“No-nothing hyung. We-we were about to go out just now…” defends Taehyung as he stammering in his speech. He was too afraid even to move for an inch, keeps his body as it is – on Namjoon's torso oddly.

“That's not what I saw Tae!” alleged Seokjin with an accusatory tone. Eyes were red, ogling at the two suspiciously.

Taehyung gulped and getting more nervous when the members swamp into the bedroom with a darken expression.

“Appa…Tae-oppa wan Joonie to-to give him a mowning kissie!” said Namjoon cheerfully as he didn’t fully understand what is happening right now. He didn’t know that his members were metaphorically murdering Taehyung with their sharp eyes.

Everyone gasped in horror, looking at Taehyung with disbelief before Jimin bolted towards Namjoon and shoved Taehyung’s body away from Namjoon. He then dragged the little to his side – distancing Namjoon from the kissing monster. Namjoon whined at the harsh gestures, making a grabby hand when his Ryan fell on the floor at the abrupt gestures.

“Hyu-hyung listen to me…”

“You are not allowed to sleep with Joonie again. Not when he is a little!” states Seokjin firmly. Finger pointed at Taehyung's face begrudgingly.

Taehyung let out a dissatisfaction cry. “No…!! You misunderstood us, hyung. I was playing with Namjoon. And you can’t do that! We are roommates hyung!” protest Taehyung. Didn’t agree with such instruction since he and Namjoon basically stay in one room together.

“And no one here can sleep with Joonie alone when he is in a little space! I can’t trust any of you to be with him. You pervert kids!!” notes Seokjin as his eyes land on every member of BTS.

A few disapprove noises echoed in the room as everyone trying to protest Seokjin's decision. Seokjin eye glared at his members, knowingly that they all have this ill-intention to sleep with Namjoon – alone. Horny bastard!

“Joonie wants mowning kissie appa!!” says Namjoon, startling everyone in the room. “Mowning kissie pwease!!” he repeats himself with excitement, still couldn’t grasp the harrowing situation they were in.

All the BTS members basically froze from where they were standing, staring at bouncing Namjoon who looks so eager to give morning kisses. They devour anxiously, glanced at Seokjin for a second to see his expression. Anticipating at what will the eldest says about it. Now that Namjoon had offered himself to give a morning kiss, of course, no one will ever refuse as such.

“Mor-morning kissie who?” stutters Seokjin, now gawking at the excited little who had been hugging his Ryan.

Namjoon grinned sheepishly, looking at everyone one by one. “Umm…” he tapped his finger to his chin before he speaks. “Umm mowning kissie to oppa, appa, daddy, dada, hyungie and – and papa?”

Hoseok almost falls to the floor when Namjoon had been calling him ‘papa’, looking at the little incredulously. He whispered to himself the word ‘papa’ before his face beaming like a burst of sunshine. Too bright that he might be blinded the rest of his members – delighted that finally, he got himself a caregiver's name.

“Yes! Yes! Oh God Joonie! I’m so happy. Papa is happy. Papa loves you…” Hoseok dance happily, ignoring all the weird looks given by the rest of his members. They should be grateful that Hoseok didn’t do a breakdance in the room for being too happy!

Everyone peered over Hoseok who was overwhelmed with his own happiness – well too overwhelmed actually. They know how Hoseok had been sullen for the last few days because he’s the only one left with no nickname. But to celebrate it with such exaggerated movement was a little bit too much. Not when he rolled his hips sensually.

“So…should we get in line to get the morning kiss from Joonie?”


“What? Don’t tell me that you didn’t want Joonie to kiss you?” says Yoongi nonchalantly, looking at the rest of his members with his emotionless face.

“I want to be the first!”

“Jimin, you too?”

Seokjin grunts at the ridiculous behavior of his members, shook his head while looking at Jimin who had raised his hand, volunteering himself enthusiastic.

“I’m number two please!” gushes Jungkook with his wrinkled smile – doesn’t feel ashamed at all at his demeanor.

“I’m on!” shouted Hoseok.

“Faster! Faster! Joonie is hungwy!” The little interrupted as he feels bored when everyone was busy discussing something he didn’t understand.

“So?” urged Yoongi while his eyes on Seokjin.

“I-I can’t believe all of you were…were like this…” Seokjin mentioned with a defeated voice.

“Appa? No wan mowning kissie fom Joonie?” Namjoon asked innocently as he notices the uptight muscles of Seokjin's face.

“Hyung…come on!” everyone was whining over Seokjin’s attitude, feeling impatience at his refusal for Namjoon's morning kiss.

Seokjin looks at his members begrudgingly before he let out a heavy sighed.

“Well, let’s start with the eldest first!” he noted, at last, curving into a wicked smile and playfully wink at his dongsaeng.



and here a cute Namjoon for you lol


Chapter Text



Basically, everyone got the morning kisses from the little as he was enthusiastically pecked on everyone cheeks one by one - together with a funny smooch sound. After that Namjoon didn't wait any longer and dashed out from the room heading towards the kitchen while giggling happily.

"Eat! Eat!” He screamed while running leaving all his members flabbergasted at his cheerful attitude.

Hoseok wiped off his wet cheek, resulted from the kiss, looking at his teammates incredulously. “Well, I should be feeling gross at this but since it's our precious Joonie so I’ll ignore it…” he says, making some funny face as he looks at his hand.

Everyone laughed and nods in agreement but never once regretted asking for a kiss from Namjoon. It was too precious and they won’t be disgusted by that. But they had set in their mind that, later they will teach the little how to give a decent kiss. Well, of course, everyone had this kind of expression – evilly smiling. All of them.

They strolled towards the kitchen when Namjoon been calling their names non-stop. They cooed wholeheartedly when they saw Namjoon was already seated at the table and waiting for the food to be served impatiently.

“Appa…hungwy! Joonie wan nugget!”

Seokjin face palmed himself, sighing in defeats at the request. “We’re going to go through this like – every single day, right?” he whinges to himself but obviously audible to his bandmates. He didn't know why Namjoon was too obsessed with nuggets.

“What do you expect from a three years old kid, Jin-hyung?” says Yoongi blatantly.

Seokjin bawled his eyes at the remarks before he joined everyone at the dining table. As everyone was drooling looking at how delicious the kimchi fried rice cooked by Seokjin, Namjoon, however, had another thought.

The little gnawed his lips when he can’t see his favorite nugget on the table. He stares at all the dishes in front of him – kimchi fried rice, eggroll, kimbab, and vegetable soup. But there’s no nugget. None of the foods was enticing his taste bud like his favorite chicken nugget.

He then turned his head towards his caregiver. “Appa? No nugget?” he asked innocently.

Everyone cooed at his adorable act but at the same time was a little bit anxious when they saw Seokjin's straight face. The last night incident was still fresh in their mind and honestly, they were afraid that Seokjin will lose his sane mind dealing with little Namjoon.

Seokjin took a deep breath to calm himself before he grabs Namjoon's hand and squeezed it lightly. “Honey, let’s eat this okay? You can’t eat nugget all the time…” he coaxed subtly.

Namjoon pouted. “But – but nugget is Joonie's favowite!” he exclaimed as his voice rising a little bit, looking at Seokjin with his sharp eyes.

“Appa knows baby, but you need to eat a healthy meal. Eat the rice so you won't feel hungry later. And I can’t let you eat nugget every day. It is unhealthy and not good for your stomach. Understand?” explained Seokjin with his soft and tender voice – trying to brief the little the importance to take the right meal.

“No nugget? Joonie can’t eat nugget?” he asked Seokjin with his doe eyes. His lips tremble as he was on the verge of crying. He didn't fully understand what had been explained by his appa. The only thing that caught his attention at this moment is he can't eat the nugget.

Seokjin nods slowly, feeling disheartened that he needs to say no to the little. Namjoon needs to learn that he can't get everything he wants. “No nugget for today, okay?”

Namjoon’s head dangled down to the table. “But-but Joonie wan nugget…” he said, whispering.

Seokjin let out a deep and long sighed when he saw the tears on Namjoon’s face. “Joonie…”

“I think we need to set up rules for him, hyung…”

Seokjin head snapped towards the golden maknae, Jungkook. He then realized that everyone was watching his and Namjoon confrontation, listening to their talks with anticipation. 

“Rules?” Seokjin asked with a frown on his handsome face.

Jungkook nods. “I read in the website that as the caregiver it is important to make the rules for the little. The dos and don’ts as well as the punishment if the little did something wrong. A guideline for the little as well as the caregiver…” he explained.

Jungkook had taken a few hours last night to make some research about the little space on the various website - mostly studying the roles of the caregiver. He wanted to understand the little space better so that he and his hyung knows how to deal with Namjoon when he is in a little space. He reads a lot and was about to share the information with his hyung today.

“Punishment? Isn’t it going to be so cruel to punish him Jungkook?” interfered Jimin as he glanced at Namjoon for a second. The little still sulking, playing with the hem of his shirt silently.

Jungkook shook his head in disagreement. “No, hyung. It's actually to educate the little about discipline and to let him know that whenever he did something wrong he can’t get away with that. It is the same principle with how we treat the real kids… it’s a basic parenting skill, hyung…”

Everyone was fascinated by Jungkook’s explanation. They didn’t know that the maknae had makes some effort about Namjoon's little space. Well, after all the ruckus caused by him before, Jungkook seems genuinely remorseful and try to redeem himself by doing the research. 

Hoseok shoved his hand to Jungkook's head and ruffled his hair till it gets messy. “That’s great Kook-ah. Thanks for the information, you did a good job…”

Jungkook grinned sheepishly as his face turns to crimson red. It's still embarrassing for him to get the praise from his hyung but at the same time, his heart swells with pride. He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly while Hoseok smile at his cute reaction.

“Well, I guess he needs it since… well, you know how he has been picky about his food and his attitude when he can't get it…” agreed Seokjin as the others nod their head in agreement.

“Let’s do that when he wasn’t in little space. He needs to fully understand the rules and regulation. We can discuss this with him, especially on the punishment part,” said Yoongi.

" Yeah, it will be more comfortable to do that when he is not a little..." said Jimin meanwhile the others nod their head - unanimously agree with the decision.

“You have to eat what I had made for you, Joonie…”

Everyone attention back to the little one when Seokjin's strained voice erupted at the dining table once again. He had been dealing with Namjoon's stubbornness as the little jiggle his head – still refuse to take his food.

Seokjin ignores the protest by Namjoon and gets up from the chair without saying anything.  Namjoon makes a small whimper at Seokjin's abrupt action and later let out a small sob as he thought his appa was mad at him. Namjoon startled when someone had grabbed his hand.

“It's okay baby…”

Namjoon jutted his lips at Jimin’s word but says nothing as his eyes trailed over Seokjin that been busy searching for something in the kitchen cabinet.

Namjoon eyes widen when Seokjin returned back to the dining table, holding in both of his hand, a small plastic bowl with Ryan's printed on it and a sippy cup with the same character.

“Wyan! It's Wyan dada!” he shouted joyfully as he pointed at the two items on Seokjin's hand.

Everyone was laughing at his antics, cooing at Namjoon as he bounced happily on his chair when Seokjin set the bowl and the cup in front of him. Seokjin had a wide smile on his face as he was relieved to see Namjoon's cheerful expression. He had expected that the little will love it when he bought it a few days ago.

“Appa will let you eat in this if you want to eat the rice…” notes Seokjin as he bargains with the little.

Namjoon holds his breath as his eyes fixated at the cute bowl and cup, fidgeting on the chair. He can see how Ryan was dancing and been calling him imaginatively. He gulped and averted his eyes towards Seokjin before he nods wildly as the answer.

“Otay! Joonie wan this and this pwease!” said Namjoon eagerly while he pointed his finger at the fried rice and eggrolls in front of him. 

Seokjin smiles wider and scooped the rice into Namjoon's new rice bowl. The little was giggling seeing how the food was in his Ryan bowl, impatiently put his plastic spoon and feeding himself the rice.

“Dewishes appa!” he said with a mouthful of rice.

"Eat properly baby, " cooed Seokjin and his hand reached over Namjoon's chin, softly wipe away the remnant of the fried rice.

Everyone smiles in relieved before they start to dig out their own food too.

“Sippy sippy sippy…Joonie wan sippy cup wif banana milk!” Namjoon sings randomly as he sips the milk while bobbing his head adorably. 

“Cutie!” Everyone almost unison said the same thing while their eyes on the excited little – looking extremely cute enjoying his food and drink.

“Let's play hide and seek Joonie!” suggest Taehyung when they almost finish eating the breakfast.

Namjoon's eyes automatically beamed at the words. “Pway time!!” he shouted.

Taehyung, Jungkook, and Jimin immediately shot up from their chair, bolted towards the little with a boisterous laugh. Jimin grabbed the little’s hand, forcing him to run together with the others through the hallway.

“Don’t run in my house! You’ll make Joonie fall!” Seokjin shouted as he saw how the four little devils running like a supersonic leaving the kitchen to play.

“Don’t worry, they’ll take care of him, ” said Yoongi and continue to sip his coffee comfortably.

Seokjin rolled his eyes. “That’s what really concerns me Yoongi. Do you think they were able to play safely? We are talking about our maknae line here…and of course, our clumsy Joonie!”

Hoseok chuckles listening to the fact given by the eldest. “Well, Jin-hyung got the point there…”

Yoongi scoffs at the two. “Don’t worry too much. You sounded like those typical mothers, Jin-hyung…”

Seokjin squinted his eyes towards the rapper. “And you were acting like those typical fathers, Yoongi!” he retaliates.

Hoseok let out a loud laugh at the bickering. “You two were like those typical husband and wife talking about their naughty kids!”

“Hoseok!!” both Seokjin and Yoongi shouted at Hoseok, making him flinch on his seat.

Hoseok clicked his tongue and give a smothered laugh while bawling his eyes at the exaggerated response.

"Geez, no need to be triggered! It's just a joke!" uttered Hoseok, mocking at Seokjin and Hoseok. 



“Joonie…where are you?”

Taehyung had been searching for the little everywhere possible. He had looked around their shared bedroom but there’s no one there. Jimin and Jungkook had been found within the first fifteen seconds as they both suck playing hide and seek. Now both were waiting for him at the hallway while he continues his search on Namjoon.

Taehyung entered the laundry room, eyes hovered around before he can see Namjoon’s feet protruding behind the curtain. The curtain wasn't long enough to cover his feet and Taehyung let out a soft chuckle looking how Namjoon's toes curling in excitement.

“Joonie…where are you?” Taehyung playfully teases the little, faking that he didn’t see Namjoon in his hideout.

Taehyung were standing in the middle of the room, once a while glancing at Namjoon from the corner of his eyes where he notices how the little was fidgeting behind the see-through curtain.

“Hmm, I don’t think Joonie's here. I wonder where he had been hiding? What a clever boy!” he said to himself but with a loud audible voice. Purposely wanted the little to hear his talk.

Namjoon giggling behind the curtain, stomach churns funnily as he thought no one can see him behind the white curtain. He put his hand to his mouth, trying to muffle his laughter. His heart was hammering with fear that Taehyung might hear his voice just now.

Taehyung tried his best not to laugh hearing the little's giggling at his rant. He walked closer to the curtain but remained the distance and acted like he didn’t saw Namjoon.

“Hmm… maybe Joonie's not here…” he said mischievously.

Namjoon giggles while he shook his head and hummed slowly – answering to Taehyung's guess just now. He scrunched his nose and his feet were shaking feeling how the zing pumped up the adrenaline into his body.

“Hey Tae, did you find Joonie?”

Taehyung turned his body when he heard Jimin's voice. Jimin and Jungkook now standing at the door with a confused look when Taehyung smile at them meaningfully. Taehyung pressed his finger to his mouth, make a signal for the two to remain silent before he beckons at Namjoon's hideout with his eyes.

Jimin and Jungkook averted their eyes at the said place before they mouthed an ‘o’ and silently laughed. The two approached Taehyung slowly as now the three gathers together – try to make a pact in teasing the little.

“I think Joonie might be hiding somewhere. I can’t find him here…” said Taehyung to the two.

Jimin smiles. “Yeah maybe. Do you think he becomes invisible hyung?” he said suggestively.

“Maybe he had the superpower to make himself disappear and no one can see him. Don’t you think so?” add on Jungkook.

The three were trying not to laugh as Namjoon slide the curtain a little bit as his head peeking through to look at the three. The maknae line acted that they didn’t see Namjoon when the little slowly come out from his hideout. Namjoon had believed that he had become invincible and now he wanted to test his superpower towards his caregivers.

“Ah, I think Joonie might be watching us right now. But we can’t see him at all…” said Taehyung a little bit exaggerating in his acting as the other two bawled their eyes in irritation.

Namjoon unaware of the whole situation walked slowly like a thief in action, afraid that the three will hear his footstep. Namjoon stands near the three and waves his hand in front of Taehyung's face.

Namjoon gasped when Taehyung didn’t react to his hand before he does the same thing towards Jimin and Jungkook. And he further shocked when their expression was similar to Taehyung. He let out a chuckle feeling funny seeing his caregivers couldn’t see him at all.


Jimin fakes a loud gasp, looking around the room bewilderedly but Namjoon. “Hey I think I hear Joonie's voice just now!” he said.

Jungkook and Taehyung then turned around doing the same thing and purposely didn't saw Namjoon – same as Jimin before. Both widen their eyes in shocked, staring at Jimin with disbelief.

“But there's no Joonie here, hyung…” told Jungkook.

Namjoon was in a giggling mess when his caregivers look so silly trying to look for him when the fact that he was there standing nearby - being invincible.

Taehyung smirk at the two before he moved backward slowly – unnoticeable by Namjoon that being too engulfed in his own world; laughing at his bandmates.

Namjoon squeaked out loud when Taehyung suddenly grabs his waist from his back, hoisted up his body while he scuffled wildly to loosen up from the grip.

“No! No! Down down down oppa. Joonie scawed!” he screamed as Taehyung lifted him too high that his feet dangled down, couldn’t feel the cold tiles.

Jungkook and Jimin were laughing heartily looking at the two. Taehyung put down the little after he won’t stop screaming out of fear.

Namjoon heaved, feeling tired after struggling with Taehyung just now - chest up and down. He peered over Taehyung with anger as he puffed his cheek. His arms now crossed to his body, didn’t feel amused at his caregiver demeanor.

“Not fair! You twick Joonie!” he said after his brain manages to process the whole ordeal just now. He can see how the three playfully grinned at him.

“Aww don’t get mad Joonie. It's just a game!” pursuit Jimin, realizing the red face of the little.

Namjoon jiggles his head wildly. “No! Joonie doesn’t want to pway anymore. Dada, Hyungie, and Oppa are meanie!” he gushes. His lips jutted further as he stares at the three.

Jungkook put his hand on Namjoon's shoulder but the little swatted his hand harshly.

“Hyungie sorry okay. Let’s play again…” he try to coax the sulking little.

Namjoon shook his head. “Uh-uh, don’t wan! Joonie wan to tell daddy that -that you twick Joonie!” he said.

The three eyes widen at the mention of ‘daddy’ which they clearly know that the little referred to Yoongi. When Namjoon already bolted out, wanted to complain about the three, the maknae line immediately chases the little in horror.

Yoongi will surely beat their ass for tricking the little!

The other fact is, being a tall grown-up male – Namjoon was a little bit clumsy. Everyone knows that. Well, that was an understatement. He was super clumsy. He managed to hurt himself just by sitting down. Don’t ask how, it just happens.

So when he is in a little space, his clumsiness was harrowing. He was running through the hallway, laughing as he heard the footstep behind him, realizing that his three caregivers were running after him.

It happened in a millisecond when he stumbles on his own feet and instantly fell on the floor with a loud thud. A really loud thud that everyone was shocked by hearing the sound alone.

Jimin, Jungkook, and Taehyung were shocked when he saw Namjoon curled to himself like a fetus on the floor. Meanwhile, the hyung line run towards the four with hammering heart and mouth agape to see their little now lying on the floor. All of them were frowning at the situation because it is really odd that Namjoon didn't let out any voice or even crying.

Namjoon feels his whole body aching at the impact – especially on his waist and chest. He feels a strong pain particularly on his left ribs and it's hurt when he tried to breathe. He didn’t move at all as his brain still frozen at what just happen to his body. It's still processing the information from the moment he fell until now.

“What did I said about running in the house?!” Seokjin yelled at the maknae line, looking at the three with a murderous stare.

Namjoon flinched at the brisk voice, slowly lifted his head to see his appa, daddy, and papa standing in front of him. His lips immediately quiver and suddenly he was wailing out loud – startling everyone.

“Daddy!!!!! It huwts!”

It was Yoongi that took the first step to approach the little, helping him to sit when Namjoon just keeps crying until his face turned to red. Namjoon's arms wrapped around his waist, trying to soothe the pain on it.

“Huwts! Joonie's huwt!” he continues to wail.

Everyone swamp at the little, trying to see if there’s injury visible on his body but there were none. Yoongi hinted at Seokjin to take a look of the little while he pulled Namjoon’s head to lie on his shoulder.

Seokjin crouched down in front of the little and pulled out Namjoon's hand from his chest.  “Tell me where does it hurt Joonie?”

“Here…appa…it huwts…” he said while pointed at his left ribs, frowning at the inflicted pain even with a slight move.

Seokjin lifted his shirt to see Namjoon's rib and was flabbergasted to see the dark purple bruise around it. “Yoongi! Look at this…” he said with concern.

Yoongi peeked through the shirt to see the purple bruise. He immediately turned his head to Seokjin. “I hope he didn’t fracture his ribs!” he notes.

“We need to go to the hospital to check on that Yoongi…”

Everyone felt aghast listening to the conversation and the maknae line was feeling extremely guilty for making the little to run in the house.

“Okay baby…appa will try to pick you up…we're going to see a doctor…” said Seokjin.

Namjoon was still crying, chanting the words ‘hurt' but nonetheless nods his head as he understands what had been told by Seokjin. He makes a whimpering sound when Seokjin lifted his body carefully.

Namjoon wrapped his arm around Seokjin's neck, continue to cry on his shoulder blade, still immersed in the pain. He let out a dry cough but later crying louder than before saying it hurts badly.

Seokjin was in tears as the little keeps saying how much it hurts, and a little contact with his ribs makes Namjoon wince in pain. Seokjin couldn’t help himself from thinking that the leader might have broken his ribs. But they need to make sure of it by way of an X-ray.

To think that the leader injured himself was horrendous. Any injury before their tour will affect the whole team. They can’t afford to suffer any injury at this crucial moment.

“You three stay at home!” said Seokjin sternly as they were following the hyung at the main door – getting ready to go with Seokjin, Yoongi, and Hoseok. Their managers Sejin and Sukhoon had been waiting for them in the car.

“But hyung…” Jimin was trying to protest but stopped immediately when he saw the sharp glare from Seokjin.

“We know that you are worried about him but it is the best if we didn’t go to the hospital in a group. We didn’t want to attract any unnecessary attention from other people…” said Hoseok as he can read the worried face of the maknaes.

The three released a deep sighed before they nodded dejectedly. Even though they were itching to go with the other to the hospital, they can’t deny Hoseok's statement. Any glimpse of media or fan seeing them at the hospital will create some chaos.

“I’ll call you to inform about Joonie…don’t worry…” Hoseok told the three before they leave the dorm.

No one among the three moves from the door as they were too engulfed with their own thoughts and sickly worried about their precious leader. Hearing those cry and whimper they know that it’s quite serious. They were afraid to know how it will affect the whole team.

“What should we do now?” asked Jungkook, the first one to break the silence.

Taehyung looks at the two, clearly sad with what had happened to Namjoon. They admit that it was their fault for tricking the little and didn’t do their job as the caregivers diligently.

“Just wait and see. Let’s pray it’s not something serious...” says Taehyung however he can’t hide the concern lies in his voice.

“Yeah, just wait until Hobi-hyung calls us…” Jimin speaks.

As for now, that was the only thing they can do.



Chapter Text



Seokjin wrapped his long arm to Namjoon's shoulder, helping him to walk as the latter male wobbling – feeling weak to walk and his ribs were awfully painful. He can’t even touch his waist and any small fraction to his rib had caused it to throb in pain.

When they arrived at the basement, Sejin was looking at the four with worried expression – especially Namjoon who just could barely walk.

“What happened?” He asked with obvious concern.

“He fell and hurt his ribs. I don’t know whether it's broken or not. We need to make a full checkup…” told Seokjin.

Sejin nods before he slides open the door and watched how Seokjin and Yoongi were helping Namjoon to get into the van. Sejin drove the car to the hospital meanwhile Sukhoon sits beside him on the passenger seat.

In the van, Namjoon sits in the middle, in between of Seokjin and Yoongi and Hoseok at the last row. Namjoon didn’t say a word, resting his head on Seokjin's shoulder as his right hand pressed softly on his ribs. Yoongi had been holding his left hand, intertwined their fingers together.

Seokjin glanced at Yoongi, a little bit nervous since Namjoon was still in his little space when the incident happen. Yoongi gives him a meaningful look, nod his head slightly as to assure the eldest that everything will be fine.

Namjoon squeezed shut his eyes as his ribs throbbed with strong pain each time the vehicle makes a sharp turn or on a rocky road. When he opened his eyes, he notices how Sukhoon had been looking at him with a smirk.

Namjoon breathe hitched when he saw the evil smile, clutching his hand with Yoongi tightly. He was barely out from his little space. Seokjin and Yoongi had mentioned earlier that Sejin and Sukhoon will drive them to the hospital.

Namjoon immediately knows that he needs to be careful and forcing himself out from the little space. It’s hard to do so when he was in distress but he can’t jeopardize himself to be caught by Sejin.

“Is it painful Namjoon-ssi?”

Namjoon trance immediately stopped at the question. His droopy eyes now on Sukhoon who had shown his concern while asking the question. But Namjoon knows it is a mere façade by the male. It’s sickening that the male was really good at hiding his devilish personality.

Namjoon ignores the question, snuggle closer to Seokjin and hides his face on the crook of the elder's neck. Seokjin heard the whimper made by Namjoon and pats on his head softly. Yoongi massages his hand to soothe the pain realizing the distress.

“It must be painful for him, Sukhoon-hyung…” Seokjin answered on behalf of Namjoon, failure to notice the awkwardness between the leader and the new manager.

Sukhoon faking a smile as he nods his head. “Maybe. Don’t worry, we’ll arrive in any minutes…”

Namjoon shut his eyes, hated the sound of Sukhoon's fake voice. His ribs were aching so much and Sukhoon presence doesn’t help to ease his pain at all. He had added the mental torture to Namjoon. Pathetically.

When they arrived at the hospital, all of them had to wear a full mask on the face to hide their identity. Two staff of the hospital had been waiting for them, escorting them through the safe passage to the treatment room. A common procedure for the idols in order to avoid the public and media.

Seokjin, Yoongi, and Hoseok were waiting in the room together with Namjoon and a doctor. Namjoon requested them to be with him and the three was adamant to stay with the leader. Afraid that he will regress to little space out of sudden.

Seokjin gasped when Namjoon took off his shirt and lied down on the bed. The bruise looks so dark and Namjoon screamed in pain when the doctor slightly touches at the injury. He curled to himself, eyes got watery because of the unbearable pain.

Yoongi hugged Seokjin's shoulder when he saw how the male was shaking while watching Namjoon. Seokjin glanced at the rapper, eyes got teary and his lips tremble – on the verge of crying. Hoseok had the same expression as the rest; worried.

“He’ll be fine… don’t worry…” says Yoongi.

Seokjin nod slowly even though he himself didn’t feel confident at the saying. Later a nurse came with a wheelchair, asking Namjoon to sit on it. She will wheel the leader to the x-ray room.

Namjoon looks at his hyung with fear obviously on his face. Seokjin immediately crouched down in front of the male and took both of his hand – caressing it tenderly.

“Don’t worry Joon-ah… we will be here when you’re done. Okay?” coax Seokjin.

Namjoon lips tremble as his eyes pricked with tears. “Ap - Jin-hyung… wait – wait for me okay?” he whispered, almost slipped the words ‘appa’. He was on the thin line between headspace and little space.

Seokjin heart fills with agony when he realized how Namjoon been holding himself from regressed to little space. He wishes Namjoon can be at ease and being a little but they can’t do that here. They just need to surpass the whole medical procedure without any hassle.

It was almost thirty minutes when Namjoon came back with the nurse. He was wearing the hospital gown, looking pale and lethargic on the wheelchair. Seokjin took Namjoon's cold hand when he was seated beside him and Yoongi on the other side. Hoseok stands behind Namjoon, both hands on Namjoon's shoulder, giving a small massage to the tense body.

The doctor came five minutes later, together with the x-ray film. Then their managers entered the room after been called by the nurse, now standing behind Seokjin and Yoongi.

“Well, he was lucky that he didn’t break his ribs…” said the doctor with a smile.

Everyone let out a relieved sigh, looking at each other in joy. Namjoon had his first smile too after the harsh fall.

“He had a bruised ribs and suffered the immersed pain because of the hard impact on the floor. Due to that, you will feel a strong pain in your chest area, particularly when you breathe in. That's why you had the swelling around the affected ribs, ” explains the doctor.

“How long will it takes for him to heal, doctor?” asked Seokjin.

“It is around three to six weeks, with full rest and no strained activities at least for two weeks…”

Namjoon gasped at the diagnosis. “Th-that’s mean I can’t – can't dance for our new album?” he asked in horror.

“Sadly to say Mr. Kim, it is not advisable for you to dance. As far as I’m concern, BTS choreograph are pretty hard and energetic so it will worsen the pain and slow down the healing process…”

Namjoon clenched his fist so tight that his knuckles turn to white. He looks downwards to his lap in disappointment and rage. It was frustrated that they were in the middle of their comeback with the new album Love Yourself. They need to practice the dance routine for their song; Fake Love and Idol.

What’s going to happen now? He’ll slow down the members. Now, they can’t do anything without him. What should he do? This is all his fault. He shouldn’t be running in the dorm. He should listen to Seokjin. Now everything was ruined because of him!

“Hey, Joon…”

Namjoon lifts his head and turns to Seokjin. His eyes were glassy and his vision turns to blur. He can’t see Seokjin's face clearly so he didn’t know whether the elder was angry or not for making the group’s comeback into a halt.

“Hey, don’t worry Joon-ah…” Seokjin says in his most soft and subtle voice, wiping the tears streak on Namjoon's face. He was worried when the leader turns to silent mode after the doctor's explanation.

Knowing the male for years, Seokjin had the intuition that Namjoon will blame himself for the whole incident. He will take into this personally, thinking it his fault that he was injured. Indeed, they were in the midst of preparing their comeback. They have a lot of things to do. It’s getting busier day by day. It was a crucial hour for them.

But no one can ever blame Namjoon if they have to postpone it. Namjoon is important. They will take the time needed until he is fully healthy and they will resume back everything. As for now, Namjoon just needs to rest.

“Ow, that's a bad news doctor. BTS was preparing for their comeback next month. They still didn’t perfect their dance for the new song. Do you think it is possible for him to do a simple choreography?”

Everyone was taken aback at Sukhoon’s question, especially Namjoon. He can taste the venom lies in his voice. He flickered shut his eyes, agonizing the manager's attitude. He personally launches his attack on Namjoon.

“As I said before he can’t do any strenuous activity. It will worsen the pain and he can get a lung infection. He needs to be really careful. The worst thing that could happen if he is pressuring the lung, it will cause him to cough blood. That will be life-threatening …” explained the doctor further.

To say that everyone was shocked is an understatement. They were really worried about listening to the doctor's diagnosis. At this stage, Namjoon needs to listen to the doctor. The members have to make sure that he will have a good rest at the dorm.

“What a shame…” said Sukhoon while he smirks at Namjoon.

“Don’t say like that Sukhoon-ssi. Namjoon will be fine and the comeback will be on schedule…” interfered Sejin, disliking the attitude shown by the new manager. He notices how he was intentionally picking up on Namjoon.

Namjoon says nothing until they were in the van and remained silent throughout the journey. Seokjin, Yoongi, and Hoseok were on the edge looking at their leader. However, they choose not to talk about it until they reached the house.

“Don’t worry Namjoon. I’ll discuss this with Bang PD tomorrow. Just rest, okay?” told Sejin when they had arrived at the basement parking. Hoseok had gone up first, saying that he wants to make sure the maknaes had cleaned up Namjoon's bed for him to rest.

Namjoon has been avoiding Sejin's gaze, just nods his head weakly. Sejin pats on his shoulder to ease the leader's stress. He was about to say something when his phone ringing. He moves to the side to answer the call and Sukhoon took the chance to approach the leader.


(CW : ⚠️)

“Isn’t it a shame for a leader to cause a major problem to his group?” whispered Sukhoon venomously.

Namjoon grits his teeth at the words as he leaned his body on the car. Seokjin and Yoongi were talking to Sejin about something after he ended his call just now – leaving Namjoon to deal with Sukhoon alone.

“Do you think you are good enough to be BTS leader Namjoon-ssi?” asked Sukhoon further. Having fun to tease the said male. He loves to see Namjoon's tight expression. An expression he rarely showed to the world.

“Why – why are you doing this?” Namjoon asked, stammering in his speech as he glare at the male in wrath.

Sukhoon sniggered at Namjoon. “Nothing though. It’s just fun to see you suffering like this…” he said nonchalantly.

Namjoon clenched his fist, eyes boring deeper into Sukhoon's face as if he wanted to throw a punch on his annoying face. “I don’t understand! You must be planning something. What is it? What is it Sukhoon?” whisper yelled Namjoon, snarled at the male. His voice turns to blade-sharp.

Sukhoon mouth agape at Namjoon's audacity to question him. His lips curved into a smirk intrigued by the leader's personality.

“This is what I like about you Namjoon. You look so strong but at the same time fragile inside. However, you never took your weaknesses as your disadvantage. You used it and makes yourself stronger…” praised Sukhoon.

Namjoon frowned at the sudden commend made by Sukhoon. Is he having a dual personality?

“Who are you?” Namjoon asked feebly. He was confused at Sukhoon’s demeanor. He keeps changing his attitude and makes Namjoon wandering whether the said male was in his sane mind or not.

Sukhoon scoffs at the question. “Someone who will ruin your life, Namjoon!” he snickered.

Namjoon was flabbergasted at the statement, looking bewildered at the manager. “Ru-ruin my life? What's for? Don't you afraid that I'll tell Bang PD about you? You'll lose your job in a second!"

Namjoon flinched when Sukhoon moves a step forward making their distance only a few inches parted. Namjoon holds his breath at the sudden proximity and his heart hammering at the darken expression of Sukhoon.

Sukhoon can read the nerve-racking, seeing how the leader's body tensed when he was closer to him. Sukhoon smile with a smug face. 

“You won’t dare to do that Namjoon. You know that I will hunt you down and I won’t hesitate to do anything to implicate your bandmates too…” threatened Sukhoon.

Namjoon was about to retaliate when Sukhoon suddenly poked on his injured ribs. Namjoon let out a scream of pain at the contact, stumble backward as he bends down holding his ribs.

(CW : ⚠️END)



Namjoon tilted his head to the side where he can see Seokjin and Yoongi almost running towards him. He glanced at Sukhoon now looking at him with an evil smile.

“Are you okay? What happened?" Yoongi asked as he was shocked to hear the scream.

"He was trying to walk by himself..." lied Sukhoon.

Seokjin sighed and hold Namjoon's forearm on the side and Yoongi was on the other side.

"Come on, you need to rest!”

The three entered the building, heading towards the elevator carefully. When they were in the elevator, Namjoon averted his eyes to the outside. He can see Sukhoon murderous stare, gawking at him until the elevator fully closed. Namjoon's heart immediately drops to the pit of his stomach.

What is Sukhoon up to? Why he did that to him? Namjoon can feel the cold sweat on his forehead when he remembers the threat. He can’t let the members get involved in this. He needs to find the truth behind Sukhoon's act. Soon.


Namjoon was startled when he had been greeted with a loud screaming as he entered the dorm. A few steps can be heard running towards him.

“Stop!! Don’t you dare to move closer. You'll hurt Joonie!”

Jimin pouted at the command, looking at Seokjin with a bitter face. Jungkook and Taehyung had the sullen expression to as they can’t be closer to Namjoon.

Namjoon smiles fondly to see his dongsaeng cute face. “I’m fine…don’t worry…” he says.

The three maknae apparently were surprised that Namjoon had not been in his little space. They share a glare at Seokjin before the elder rolled his eyes. But he already knows that the maknae line surely understands as to why Namjoon was not a little.

As Seokjin helped Namjoon to go to his room, the others follow suit from behind. Namjoon was uncomfortable been swamped by the rest but at the same time understand their concern.

Namjoon lied on the bed carefully, winced in pain once a while. Seokjin put a soft pillow to the left side, to make sure Namjoon didn't pressure his ribs too much.

Namjoon feels overwhelmed at the kindness of the elder and how his other member was looking at him with concern. The sad feeling he had before at the hospital came back to him, making his eyes become glassy.

“I’m sorry hyung…” he said with a strained voice.

Seokjin and the others didn’t expect for the leader to apology out of sudden. Seokjin can see how the hazel orbs belong to Namjoon starts to accumulate the tears. Seokjin caressed Namjoon's hair softly.

“Don’t apologize Joonie. It’s not your fault. Accident happen and we can’t avoid it…” said Seokjin.

“But-but I shouldn’t run. If not I will not fall and hurt myself. Now, we need to postpone the comeback…” Namjoon laments, his words ejecting forth in spurts as if an aching tightness has gripped his throats.  He lowered his eyes, feeling guilty towards his members.

Seokjin shook his head and he cupped the leader's face, forcing the male to look at him. “No, baby. It’s not your fault, remember that. Don’t be sad and don’t blame yourself, baby…”

Namjoon lips tremble as his tears been cascading through the corner of his eyes. He let out a soft sob when he can no longer hold his sadness and guilt. And Seokjin been calling him ‘baby’, making his heart tormented at the kindness.

It was within a second before he succumbs into the pit of sorrow and wailed out loud. “Joonie sowie… appa – appa…Joonie sowie…”

Seokjin eyes widen when he realized Namjoon had fully regressed to the little space out of stress. Seokjin immediately hugged the male and Namjoon continue to cry on his shoulder. 

“Sowie appa!” he wailed continuously, hiding his face on the crook of Seokjin's neck. His tears soaking wet Seokjin's shirt.

Everyone who had been watching was shocked, quickly climbed the bed and stay closer to the little. Jimin took Namjoon's hand and caressed it softly meanwhile Jungkook and Taehyung stays on his feet, patting on it tenderly.

Hoseok and Yoongi stand behind Seokjin as both strokes the hair of the little slowly. Everyone was trying to coax the little, feeling the pang of sadness in their heart to see the leader's breakdown.

“Don’t cry Joonie. No one is mad at you. Don’t say sorry baby...  We are all here for you, okay?” Seokjin spoke to the crying little.

“We all love you Joonie. Don’t be sad baby…” Jimin tries to coax Namjoon too.

“Bu – but Joonie…”

Jimin immediately interrupted the little rant. “Shhh, it's okay. Joonie is a good boy. Don’t be sad… just rest okay.” Jimin strokes to the back the damp hair on Namjoon's forehead.

Namjoon eyes become droopy as he keeps on crying until he was fallen asleep on Seokjin’s shoulder. Everyone sighed in relieved that finally, the leader had stopped crying. But they were still sad to see the tears on his face and how tired he was.

Seokjin slowly laid down his body to the bed, being careful not to touch his injured ribs. He pulled the Koya blanket up to Namjoon's chest. Yoongi took the Ryan plushy and put it in between of Namjoon's right arm.

“He – he will be fine, right?” asked Jimin timidly as his eyes fixated at Namjoon’s sleeping face.

Seokjin breath heavily. “He will. And we are going to make sure that he will be fine…”





Chapter Text


Namjoon groaned when his ribs touched the soft mattress, feeling the pain over the affected areas as he rolls his body. He squeezed shut his eyes for few times before he was able to open it widely. His orbs hovered around the room, not too dark not too bright also.

Namjoon plopped his upper body using his elbow slowly. He winced in pain for the umpteenth time and the day just started for him like five minutes only. Namjoon pressed his hand over his ribs tenderly, being careful not to put any pressure on it.


Namjoon tilted his head and smile when he saw Jimin at the door frame. “Morning Jimin, ” he says with his hoarse voice.

Jimin lips parted slightly. “Ow, hyung. Morning…” He couldn’t hide his disappointment when he realized that Namjoon woke up not being a little.

“How're your ribs?” he asked while he approached the leader. Namjoon still looks in a daze. Jimin crouched in front of Namjoon and notice the messy hair and his pale face.

Namjoon flashed a weak smile. “Hurts but I’m fine… better than yesterday, I guess…”

Jimin smiles at the answer. Jimin wrapped his arm around Namjoon's waist when Namjoon a little bit wobbling when he got up from the bed. Namjoon mouthed a silent thank you and walked slowly with Jimin's help.

It is awkward when someone been watching you in the bathroom. Everything seems odd even to brush your teeth. Namjoon glanced at Jimin through the mirror, seeing how Jimin attentively stares at him while he brushes his teeth and washed his face.

“I can do this alone you know?” said Namjoon while he wipes his wet face.

Jimin grinned sheepishly and took the towel from Namjoon's hand. “I know but I just want to do it for you…”

Namjoon let out a soft chuckle as his face feels warm at the special treatment by the young vocalist. It still weird for Namjoon to be taken care of by the members, especially after his little space secret was exposed.

“Thank you, Jimin. I appreciate it, ” Namjoon notes. He ruffles the male blonde hair.

Jimin flushed a little bit at the gestures before he helps Namjoon heading to the dining table. Namjoon says a cheerful good morning when he saw the rest of his bandmates already seated at the dining table for breakfast.

“I’ll let you eat nugget just for today, Joonie!” exclaimed Seokjin while he put the plate full with dinosaurs shape of nuggets. He was still wearing his pink apron and smiling widely, looking at the leader.

Namjoon frowned as he stares at the nuggets before he averted his eyes towards Seokjin. “But hyung, who eats nugget for breakfast?” he said, whining a little bit.

Seokjin dramatically gasped meanwhile the other members murmuring around the table – surprised that Namjoon is not little this morning. They expected the leader to wake up as little Joonie after his breakdown last night.

Jimin giggles looking at his members. He then notices how Namjoon was pouting looking at everyone and his nuggets incredulously.

“Hyung, don’t you remember? You were obsessed with the nuggets and even break one of Jin-hyung favorite bowl…” told Jimin with amusement.

Namjoon eyes widen at the mentioned of Seokjin's bowl. “Wh-what? Really?” he was shocked and he tilted his head to Seokjin. The said male now looking at him with both hands on his waist. “Oh God! Really hyung? I’m – I’m sorry! I should – I should buy you another one…”

Seokjin let out a whimsical laughed hearing the rambling by the younger before he pats on Namjoon's hair softly. “Hey don’t worry. It’s nothing. Joonie just wants his nugget and appa was too stubborn to give…”

Namjoon grunts as his face turn to crimson red. He hides his face with his hand, feeling embarrassed at his own demeanor as a little. He can hear his members were laughing at him.

“Sorry hyung. I should warn you that sometimes it is hard to handle me being a little. My mother used to complain about it a lot afterward…” said Namjoon.

Seokjin chuckles and dragged the chair diagonal with Namjoon. He then took the leader's hand and squeezed it lightly. “Don’t worry. All of us are still adapting to the whole situation. We didn’t know how and what to do when you’re being a little, so accident are inevitable….”

“All of us have the same difficulties and we were trying our best to be your caregivers…” says Yoongi, trying to soothe Namjoon's inner guilt.

Namjoon sighed deeply as he lifts his eyes and stares at his members one by one. They were looking at him with a smile that makes Namjoon's heart escalated. The genuine smile and the glistening eyes of his members make him feel at ease. He knows he can trust his members to be his caregivers. In fact, he believes they will be a great one.

“But you still want to drink the milk in the sippy cup, right?” asked Seokjin as he shoved the Ryan cup to Namjoon's face, eyes beaming with hopes.

Namjoon holds his breath when he saw the cup and Seokjin ridiculous face. He keeps shoving the cup to Namjoon, forcing the male to take it. Namjoon puffed his chubby cheek, groaned in irritation at Seokjin's childish antics.

“Hyung, you’re really weird!” he gushes.

Seokjin laughed and put the cup to the table. “Just wanna see if you’re going to regress if I show you the cup…” Seokjin shrugs.

Everyone laughed together with Seokjin and Namjoon face was red like a grilled shrimp.


Namjoon attention now on Yoongi and he immediately frowned when he saw the serious face of the rapper. His heart suddenly pounding and he was nervous. He knows that there’s something serious if Yoongi suddenly makes that face.

“Wh-what is it hyung?” Namjoon stutters, couldn’t hide the anxious built in the pit of his stomach.

“Jungkook had made some research about the little space. And he said that it is important if we set some rules when you were little. After what had happened yesterday, I think it is needed…”

Namjoon took a deep breath at the saying, eyes then drifted to each of his members. They had the same expression as himself. Worried and concerned.

“Hyung, it doesn’t mean that we didn’t like you being a little. But it’s just a guideline for us and for you too…” Jungkook intercepts after Namjoon remained silence.

Jungkook was afraid that Namjoon feels uncomfortable because they had proposed that to him out of sudden. He didn’t want Namjoon to feel that they were doing this because he was a burden as a little. He just wants to be a better caregiver, the others too.

It is harrowing to see how Namjoon had hurt himself yesterday. Despite Namjoon being clumsy running around the house, Jungkook and the other two were equally guilty for being the reason of the unforeseen incident.

“We want to discuss this when you’re not little so that you can understand everything…” Yoongi says further.

Namjoon let out a small sighed before he nods slowly. “Yeah, I know… I understand. Well, of course, my mother had her rules too when I’m in a little space. So I guess, all of you need to set the rules too…”


Namjoon eyes sparkle looking at the drawing where he and the rest of the members wrote the rules for little Joonie. The drawing by Jungkook was beautiful. Namjoon lips twitched into smile looking at the bear, the baby, the pacifier and all the little toys.

Jungkook knows how to make it look so fun and enchanting for little Namjoon. Having said that, Namjoon feels funny in his stomach as he keeps looking at the paper.  He didn't realize that he was unconsciously regressing to little space slowly. 

“So is this all? Are you okay with this, Joon?” asked Yoongi with concern. He needs to make sure that Namjoon was comfortable with all the rules set down by them. All of them were hanging around together at the living room, discussing the rules for little Namjoon.

Namjoon trance was cut through before he read the rules once again. A few second later he nodded his head. “I’m okay with it hyung…”

“The punishment? This spanking thing…”

Namjoon cocked his head to Hoseok who seems had something to say.

“Is it okay with you? We won’t do anything that you didn’t feel comfortable with…” Hoseok mentioned. He was quiet worried that the punishment seems too harsh on Namjoon.

Everyone knows that being a little, Namjoon was behaving like a kid. But still, he was a normal adult and to punish a normal adult with the same measure could be embarrassing and humiliating. As such they need to make sure that Namjoon will be okay with that.

Namjoon shook his head. “No, hyung. I mean, my mother had the same rules for me too. She used to spank me when I’m a brat…” tell Namjoon, chuckling in embarrassment and at the same time trying not to regress.

“It is a common thing for the parent to do that Joon. But for us…it was quite… emm you know, to spank you on your…”

Namjoon grunts as the other members laughing at Hoseok's words as he pointed his finger to Namjoon's lower region. They know it will be really weird for them to hit Namjoon on his butt for punishment. But being a caregiver it is equal to being a real parent. They have the same roles in educating and disciplining the little.

“For some reason, I think that was a weird kink shit!”

“Yah Taehyung! Why you have to say that out loud??” squeal Seokjin as he eye-glared at the male.

“Isn’t it enough for you to ask a morning kiss from Joonie?” spat Jimin.

“Don’t put the blame on me okay. All of you were as horny as I am. You get the same kiss too brat!” retaliated Taehyung.

“It started when your ass was on Namjoon! We can’t even trust you to sleep with him anymore!” Seokjin added to the argument.

“Oh come on! You just read the situation wrong. We were joking around. It just that you burst in at the wrong time!” Taehyung defended himself. He rolled his eyes with irritation as Seokjin keep on accusing him molesting Namjoon.

“I’m glad that I came at the right time. If not, only God knows what will you do to our Joonie!” refute Seokjin more.

Namjoon listening to the bickering with disbelief, the face was red as a tomato. They were basically arguing about yesterday incident. And to be honest the memory of it was still vague for Namjoon. It is a common thing for him not to have a clear memory whenever he regressed.

For them to say that Taehyung had done something to him and how he had given morning kisses to his members makes him dumbfounded. He still trying to have a clear view of the whole ordeal and hearing them ranting over it is embarrassing.

Namjoon wanted to interrupt the argument, asking the members about the incident but he feels himself floating. Like he was running in a field of cotton cloud – happy and free.

“Ap – appa? Dada?” he slurred with a whispering voice, calling his caregiver that seems too engulfed in their bickering.

“You horny piece of sh….”

Namjoon frowned when suddenly he can’t hear anything. He realized that someone had put a headphone to his ears and a piece of music blasting on his eardrum.

Namjoon turned his head to the side and he saw Jungkook was smiling to him – meaningfully. Namjoon frowned and when he tried to take off the headphone, Jungkook holds his hand and shook his head.

“Don’t curse in front of Joonie!” shouted Jungkook.

Instantly, the living room becomes silence and their eyes now on Jungkook and Namjoon. Their eyes widen when they saw how Namjoon looks at them with sparkling eyes and sucking his thumb.

“Oh God! Did he regressed when we were arguing??” asked Seokjin bewildered.

Jungkook rolled his eyes. “I notice he was acting weird when he looks at my drawing. You guys seriously need to be more focus about him instead of arguing over something trivial, ” he notes affirmatively.

Jimin took the first move, crawled at the little and kneeled in front of Namjoon. He pulled Namjoon's hand, preventing him from sucking his own thumb. Namjoon whined at the loss and looks at his dada with a pouty lip.

“No, baby. You can’t do that. It is not hygienic…” he says with a tender voice.

“Do you think he needs a pacifier?” asked Hoseok while looking at the little.

Seokjin suddenly jumped from his seat, making everyone to flinch at his abrupt action. Seokjin ignored the protest made by his dongsaeng and almost running to the kitchen. He took less than a minute to join back his members at the living room with a wide smile.

“Joonie!!! Looks what appa has for you!!” he drags his voice and jiggles the tiny blue thing with two of his fingers.

Namjoon eyes widen when he saw the item, eyes beaming with enthusiast. “Wyan! Joonie wan appa! It – it’s pwetty!” he squeals in excitement.

“Isn’t that a pacifier?” asked Yoongi incredulously. The others also look a little bit surprised to see the object and how Namjoon was extremely happy to see it.

Seokjin laughed heartily before he approached the little. “Say ah…”

Namjoon opened up his mouth slowly, making a long and loud sound of ‘ah’. Now the blue Ryan pacifier stuck in between of his plump lips and Namjoon bouncing in his seat happily.

“Oh baby, you are so cute!!!!” Jimin screamed and he squished Namjoon's chubby cheek as the little busy sucking his pacifier.

Namjoon giggles at his dada's excitement and the others were swooning over Namjoon's cuteness.

“He really looks like a baby now…” said Taehyung and everyone nods in agreement with him.

They help Namjoon to sit on the floor and Seokjin put some toys in the table for Namjoon to play – various type of wheels. Namjoon was so happy to see it and continue to play while listening to the music. Meanwhile, the others having fun watching some series on Netflix.

“What song did you play for Joonie?” asked Yoongi when he saw how Namjoon is bobbing his head gleefully playing with his toys.

“Linkin Park, ” Jungkook said nonchalantly.

“A what?? Yah how could you…”

“Hyung, calm down, please. It’s a nursery rhyme. I downloaded it last night for Joonie, ” cuts Jungkook as he grinned sheepishly. Feeling amused that he manages to tease the elder.

Yoongi begrudgingly stares at the maknae before he smacked his head. Jungkook hissed in pain and the other was laughing looking at the two.

“Wook – wook… Joonie haf a bus!” the little squeak while the pacifier between his lips. He shows the red bus to his caregivers. His caregivers stare at the little with adoration.

“A bus song!! Joonie wove this song!” the little shouted happily as he moved his head to the left and right, playing with the red bus on the table.

“Bus song?” Jimin questioned and the others were frowning too.

“The wheel on the bus go wound and wound…wound and wound all twu the town…!” Namjoon starts singing the nursery rhymes gleefully. He almost drops the pacifier before he quickly secured it back to his lips.

“Ah, that song!” Jungkook suddenly remembered and start to play it on the tv. He took off the headphone from Namjoon's head making the little to whimper.

“Joo – joonie song!” he says as his lips quiver.

Jungkook was flustered. “Sorry – sorry Joonie. I’ll play it here so we can sing together, okay?” he coaxed the little.

Namjoon cocked his head to the tv and he was smiling up to his ears when he saw the same song played on the tv. This time together with the video. He clapped his hand happily. The others cooed at the little.

“The wheel on the bus go wound and wound, wound and wound…the wheel on the bus go wound and wound…all twu the town….” He sings joyfully while the other's eyes stuck on the TV, reading the lyrics display and humming the tunes.

It took them only a few seconds to get familiar with the song before they started singing together with Namjoon while the little was giggling at his caregivers excitedly.

“The wiper on the bus go…” the member's song gleefully.

“Swish swish swish…” Namjoon sings through his pacifier. Making his speech slurred. The members were chuckling looking at the happy little.

They continue to sing with Namjoon on the nursery rhymes, making it like their mini concert and they were having fun with little Namjoon.

“Voom voom voom, voom voom voom…” Namjoon sang out loud, holding his bus higher and make it move back and forth.

And then the others in unison sang, “All through the town!!!”



Chapter Text



Namjoon stares at all his members as they stand in the middle of the studio – getting ready to start practicing the dance of their new song; Fake Love. He pouted as he feels disappointed that he couldn’t join the practice because of his swollen ribs.

After a week of resting at the dorm, the dark bruise slowly disappeared but the throbbing pain was still there if he tries to make an aggressive movement. Thus, the physician had asked him to rest for another one week before he can start dancing again.

Much to his dismay, he reluctantly agreed and the rest of the members also very adamant for him to take a good rest.

Namjoon was willing to argue with Seokjin and Yoongi when they asked him to just sit and watched the practice. But when Hoseok gives him the murderous stare, piercing directly to his heart, Namjoon cowered immediately.

Everyone knows how serious Hoseok will be when it comes to dancing. He will not compromise with any mistakes and everyone will get tense each time he leads the choreography. In which, Namjoon won’t take any risk to makes the dancer angry.

Namjoon watched how smooth and swift the movement of his members while dancing. His lips slightly parted in amazement to see how synchronized they were on each step. Deep down inside his heart, he feels jealous that he was still lacking in his dancing skill compared to others.

He always heard about k-Netz keeps on pestering about his jelly legs, how he’s so stiff while dancing and how he looks awkward with his tall and lanky limbs. Of course, he had a lot of progress since their debut days, but it wasn’t enough.

Namjoon wished he can moves like Jimin, so beautiful and so smooth like the silk. He wanted to dance like Hoseok, with so much power and charisma. He was zealously practicing for years but his legs and hands wasn’t co operate that much.

For an odd reason, Namjoon really hates that he has lacked so much to be compared with his other member. The only talent he has was composing songs. However, sometimes it hits him really hard when some of the fans didn’t like his song – criticizing the lyrics and the music arrangement, up to not their liking and taste.

He wonders, did he really has the right to be in BTS? He remembers the day when one of the fans had shouted at him at the airport that he has no talent at all except for being the leader of BTS. Which he complies with such statement and replied ‘I know' with disheartened.


Namjoon startled a little bit before he lifted his head to see the owner of the voice. Hoseok had been staring at him intensely, while he tries to catch up his breath, sweating profusely after the strenuous dance.


Hoseok crouched down in front of the leader, noticing the pouty lips of the said male when he glanced at Namjoon through the mirror while dancing for a while ago. He seems so deep in thought and distraught.

“Are you okay? Do you need to lie down? Does it hurt sitting too long?” Hoseok asked with concern.

Namjoon furrowed at the rapid questions, looking at Hoseok amusingly. “Hobi, you worried too much. I’m fine…” he answered truthfully.

The ribs still had the bruise but the color already faded away. The pain barely there without any pressure on it. He’s getting better day by day.

“Then what’s this kind of expression you have all day long?” Hoseok mentioned while his hand patted on Namjoon's side of head gently.

Namjoon sheepishly smiles, scratching the back of his neck – a little bit embarrassed that Hoseok had caught him moping around when the other was busy practicing. “Nothing… I just… emm… bored?”

Hoseok brows arched together at the answer, looking at Namjoon incredulously. “Bored?”

Namjoon nods, gnawing his lower lips. He didn’t realize how Hoseok has been swooning over his cute face when he did that subconsciously whenever he is nervous.

“I should be practicing with all of you…but now I’m here just sitting down doing nothing. I feel… useless…” Namjoon gushes as he played with his fingers – feeling edgy after he let out his own sentiment.

Hoseok sighed hearing Namjoon's elucidation of his struggling openly. It is a rare occasion for the members to hear such thing from the leader. He was really introvert, extremely reticent about his personal feeling. When most of the members like to talk and share about their thought and feeling, Namjoon almost reserved to himself.

Hoseok flumps his fine ass to the dance floor, while the rest of the members take a rest from practicing – assembled at the corner of the room, without any intention to interrupt the two. They were taken aback when they heard the leader's word just now, feeling despair that Namjoon had such thought about himself.

Didn’t he know that he is the most amazing person they ever know? That he is the best leader they ever have? That he is the most beautiful person; in and out?

“Joonie…why? Why did you think like that?” pose Hoseok, wanted to know the reason behind the negativity.

Namjoon bites his lips as he keeps fiddling with his fingers, head downwards – afraid to see Hoseok's hurt expression. He didn’t have any intention to say it out loud, and now he had made his bandmates worried about him for something trivial.

“No – nothing…” he try to deny and averted his eyes towards Hoseok for a second before he continues to stare at his fingers again. “I’m just… I’m just blabbering hyung, nothing important. No need to take it seriously, you know…”

“Joonie – ah…” Hoseok put his hand on Namjoon's, making the younger to flinch at the abrupt gestures. However, he still afraid to look at Hoseok directly, eyes quiver around the room nervously except Hoseok and his bandmates.

“Whatever you feel is important to me, and to all of us. It’s okay if you feel a little bit down but at the same time, you can share it with us. We wanted to be there for you too. The same thing that you always do when any of us need the help, ” Hoseok notes with a serious tone.

Namjoon let out a nervous laugh, stroking his hair to the back before he leaned on the wall – eyes now directly on Hoseok; teary. Namjoon didn’t know why he feels so weak and how he couldn’t handle his emotional breakdown like before. He didn’t like to show this weak side of him to the members. He didn’t want any of them to think that he had failed to be a strong leader.

“This injury… I had caused trouble for all of you. I'm the reason we need to push back our comeback. I should be more careful and avoid any accident that can affect BTS. But – but being a clumsy dork... I’m…”

Namjoon didn’t know how to express his sadness further, feeling at lost of his words. His voice shaking and he was on the verge of crying. Something he has rarely done except he was emotionally exasperated.

Maybe the members had said to him that it is fine for them. The members never blame him for getting injured when the comeback just around the corner. The members never got mad at him when he couldn’t join the dance practice when the fact that he still didn’t perfect the move like the others.

But being the leader, Namjoon blamed himself for his negligent act. He feels guilty that he had dragged down the team. He might have regressed to little space as a defense mechanism, a way to hide his guilt but now or later he still needs to confront the consequences.

“You are allowed to be sick and get a good rest, hyung!”

Namjoon startled at the brisk voice before he raised his head to see Jungkook. The other members had approached the leader and Hoseok, swamp the two and sits on the floor – circling Namjoon.

“You just a human being Namjoon. You can feel sad, sick and even tired as much as you wanted. You are not bound to be perfect. Everyone will understand if you feel down sometimes. Each of us had gone through the same thing too, ” Jimin speaks as he caressed on the leader's knee softly.

Namjoon hummed, looking at his bandmates with teary eyes. He flashed a weak smile, feeling happy that his bandmates being so supportive and so understanding. He couldn’t ask for more. He was blessed that he had the best friends to go through all the hardship.

“We love you Joonie. As much as you always accommodate our feeling and our need, we want to do the same to you too. Remember how you had been there for us when I and Tae had the argument during our last concert? How you professionally settled the problem without causing any hassle?” told Seokjin.

Namjoon smile and nods, reminiscing the last tour concert. How Taehyung had been crying before they go on stage after the miscommunication with Seokjin. He was relieved that the two doesn’t get into a fight that day.

“You had been there when I collapsed during the concert too, hyung. How much I had pushed myself that I feel so sick and lethargic that day…” continues Jungkook as he grabbed Namjoon's hand and squeezed it lightly.

Namjoon couldn’t hold his tears anymore when he remembered the day when Jungkook need medical attention after he collapsed out of fatigue on the backstage. He didn’t feel ashamed when he shed those fat tears. He just being emotional and the memory of Jungkook passed out really horrendous and terrifying.

“I – I was scared Kookie…” he said with a shaken voice and he can feel Jungkook grips tightened on his hand. “Seeing you like that, I feel scared. I didn’t know what should I do. You were the maknae and you had been working more than you should.”

“Everyone works harder, hyung…” Jungkook rectifies Namjoon's statement.

Namjoon hummed. “I’m might be a leader, but – but I’m still a kid. The responsibility to lead this group is harrowing. Sometimes, I might not know how to deal with the problem. I might make the wrong decision. I’m afraid that I will bring this group down for my incompetence…”

“Yah Kim Namjoon! Don’t you dare to say that again about yourself!!”

Namjoon jolted at the shouting, darted his eyes to Yoongi. His heart hammering out loud to see the darken expression of the oldest rapper of BTS. He swallowed harder as fear started to engulf him when the rapper staring at him with his deadly eyes.

“Hy – hyung… I – I…”

Yoongi lips parted slightly, trying to say something before someone had smacked the back of his head. Yoongi screamed out of pain, cocking his head to the side to see the culprit.

“Don’t yell at Joonie, you jerk!” snarled Seokjin, the one who had hits the rapper.

Yoongi rubs his head as he bawled his eyes in irritation. The others were looking at the two with disbelief and a little bit nervous. Afraid that they will start a fist fight in the dance studio.

“Do you need to smack me? You almost cause me to have a concussion!” said Yoongi exaggeratedly.

“Don’t say something stupid in front of our dongsaeng, Yoongi!” Seokjin ridiculed the rapper.

Yoongi was about to retaliate back when a soft giggle erupted. Everyone attention was drawn back to the leader where he was looking at Yoongi and Seokjin while giggling, hand over his mouth; adorable.

Everyone was swooning over the leader, feeling at ease that Namjoon's mood had enlightened a little bit.

“You two – look like a married couple arguing over something, ” Namjoon made a remark between his laugh.

“Don’t say that Namjoon. I heard enough of it! It’s disgusting!” refute Yoongi.

Seokjin smacked Yoongi once again, this time on his forearm. “Yah! What do you mean by that? Do you think I’m enjoying myself to be paired with you? A grumpy grandpa like you? Eww…” he spurts exasperatedly. Almost exaggerating like always.

“Grand – pa what?? That – that’s too much hyung. And what are you? Some old aunty that like to gossip around with another aunty?” mocked Yoongi.

Seokjin and Yoongi keep exchanging their derision remarks, ignoring the youngers around them – watching the oldest in the group bickering like teenagers.

“These two really…just get married please!” Hoseok said with annoyance evidently shows on his face.

“But I thought they were the imaginary parent in this group hyung. They already married, right?” said Taehyung.

Jimin clicked his tongue at the statement. “You and your weird thoughts Tae!”

“We really had a bunch of weirdos in this group!” said Jungkook as he crawled to Namjoon's side and let out a burst of soft laughter at his hyungs.

Jungkook glanced for a second to see Namjoon’s cheerful face as he keeps watching the others enthusiastically.

“I guess we are the one that being normal here, hyung…” notes Jungkook. He slowly took Namjoon’s hand and intertwined their fingers together.

Namjoon was taken aback at the sudden gestures, tilted his head to see the golden maknae. “Kookie?” his brows furrowed in confusion.

Jungkook smiles fondly at his precious leader. “Despite us being so chaotic and weird, you know that we really love you hyung, right?” Jungkook speaks with a pure voice. Eyes fixated on the shocked face of the leader.

“And you are the best leader in this world!” continues the maknae with an affirmative tone.

Jungkook wanted to show that he really meant what he said and the others will agree with him too. In fact, no one can deny that Namjoon is the best leader for BTS and no one can take his place. Not even the other members themselves.

It took Namjoon for a few seconds to process Jungkook's words before he nodded slowly in agreement. His lips twitched into a small smile and he tightened the grips over Jungkook's hand.

“I know… and I love all of you too…” he says genuinely.

“We love you too!!” the others scream almost in unison.

Namjoon laughed at the shout out and every one carefully pounced over the leader, not to pressure his ribs and gives him the hug he deserved.

Kim Namjoon, the best leader of BTS. No doubt to it. Not even Namjoon can doubt it himself.


Chapter Text


After the emotional talk, the six members resume their dance practice while Namjoon stays at the back watching their swift and smooth dance with a fond smile. Still a little bit sentimental about his inability to join the rest but it is much better than before.

However, the peaceful enjoyed by Namjoon didn't last too long.

Namjoon's breath hitched at an instant when he saw Sukhoon entered the studio with Sejin behind him. He can see the piercing gaze given by the new manager when their eyes met. Namjoon starts to feel a little bit edgy with his unwanted presence.

Sejin approached the leader with a big smile and Namjoon trying his best not to show how he is nearly unhinged when Sukhoon stands behind Sejin with his smug face. He really hates that man!

“How do you feel Namjoon?” asked Sejin when Namjoon slowly stand and bow at him with respect.

“I’m good, hyung. It’s getting better…”

Sejin smile as he pats on Namjoon’s shoulder fondly. “Good to hear that. PD-nim is quite worried about the injury and had asked you to rest well. We don’t want to stress our great leader too much before the comeback.”

“Thanks, hyung. I’m sorry for the trouble though. Should be more careful but you know how clumsy I am…” says Namjoon while he scratched the back of his neck with a nervous laugh – feeling guilty.

“We won’t call you God of Destruction for nothing, Namjoon-ssi, ” interrupt Sukhoon as he smirked at Namjoon.

Namjoon was startled at the derision remark. And he can hear how Sejin instantly clicked his tongue at Sukhoon, obviously disapproved at his rudeness.

“Not that he purposely injured himself, Sukhoon, ” detest Sejin with his stern voice. His eyes glanced at the new manager, uneasy with his boldness while he talks to Namjoon.

Sukhoon fakes his laugh at the comment. “Maybe Namjoon was too excited playing at the dorm like a kid and tripped himself. Right?” he notes as his hawk eyes on Namjoon, voice turned to a sharp blade.

Namjoon holds his breath as he heard the allegation, looking at Sukhoon anxiously. He knows what was the manager trying to indicates. He feels uncomfortable out of sudden, his whole body stiffen on the thought that Sukhoon might spill his secret to Sejin - purposely. Namjoon can see the mala fide behind his words perspicuously. 

Sejin frowned as he stares at Sukhoon. He always felt a little bit off about Sukhoon. Something is wrong with the new manager but he can't figure out what was that. He doesn’t want to be paranoid but sometimes Sukhoon was acting really weird – especially towards Namjoon. He does realize how Sukhoon always said something unkind to Namjoon this lately.

Sejin turned his head towards Namjoon when he can see the discomfort on Namjoon's expression. “Don’t worry too much Namjoon. PD-nim understands the situation and the comeback was still on schedule. I hope you don’t strain yourself within that time.”

Namjoon nods his head weakly. “Yeah, I – I really appreciate that Sejin-hyung…” he answered with glum thinking about the comeback.

Feeling a little bit suffocating with Sukhoon continuous teasing eyes, Namjoon dismissed himself to go the restroom, leaving the two hurriedly without looking or waits for the answer. He didn’t want the rest of his members to get suspicious about his discomfort.

Namjoon stares his reflection in the big mirror. He can see clearly the malaise and fatigue on his face. He barely had the sleep after the incident because of the immersed pain each time he moves violently on the bed.

He constantly makes used of the sleepless nights to write a few songs through his laptop. Of course, the members had forbidden him to go to the studio alone since he injured himself. Knowing exactly that he will be there till morning without any supervision. He always forgot about the time whenever he was so immersed with his music in the studio.

The members had made it clear to him that he was allowed to work within a specific hour. And in the bedroom only. No studio, no RKive. Which he reluctantly agreed because the members keep checking on him every fifteen minutes. It makes him annoyed sometimes with the overflows and unnecessary attention but still, he is grateful that the members were concerned about his well being.

Namjoon splashed the running water through the faucet to his face – feeling refresh after the cold water had touched his skin. He took the tissue on the side of the counter, wipe dry his face and he smiles to his own image in the mirror. Feeling much better than before.

Namjoon was about to leave the bathroom when someone came in. His eyes widen when he saw it is Sukhoon. Namjoon's heart pounding when Sukhoon maliciously locked the door. He almost forgot to breath when he notices the evil expression.

What the?

Namjoon distanced himself from Sukhoon when the male marched toward him slowly. Namjoon moves a few steps backward. “Wh – what do you want?” he asked, stuttering in fear.

Sukhoon smirk as he clearly sees how Namjoon's body start to tremble. He likes the feel how the leader becomes so small in front of him, shaking like a leaf. Sukhoon enjoy the power he had over the male. It's beguiling. 

“Namjoon… Namjoon… Namjoon…” he chanted the name with a soft chuckle.

Namjoon arched his brows at the annoying laughs. He didn’t feel good at all. He can see the changes in Sukhoon’s face. How it is different and creepier than before.

“What do you want from me?" Namjoon asked devastated.

Sukhoon ignores the question, let out a sniggering to further irritates Namjoon. He really likes to tease the male. It is so much fun!

"Just tell me damn it!” Namjoon yelled at the said male after being provoked by the eerie silence and playful demeanor. He really hates it when Sukhoon did that to him.

Sukhoon let out another half-suppressed laugh, eyes murderously stare at the male for his audacity. He moved forward trying to intimidate the male and Namjoon backs up with fear.

Namjoon gasped when his back hits the wall. He hold his breath when Sukhoon became closer to him, towering him with his big and tall built. The fact that Sukhoon is taller than him is definitely harrowing.

And then a loud smacked echoed in the bathroom. Namjoon eyes widen in shocked with lips slightly parted.  His cheek feels the sting sensation when he slowly touched it with his bare hand after being slapped by Sukhoon.

“Don’t you dare to talk like that to me Namjoon!” sneered Sukhoon with a sharp stare. He grabbed Namjoon's cheek, making the said male to grimace at the violent grips.

“You should be lucky that I didn’t torture you more than this Namjoon. You can't imagine the pain if I cut open your skin with the blade! That will be a great pleasure to see how well will you endure the pain and how beautiful the red blood flow from it. Don't you think so, Kim Namjoon?"

Danger has its own smell, it’s own distinctive set of signals. Namjoon was being shadowed by a profound, merciless, gut-shaking fear – fueled by the dim lights, the small space, and the silence surroundings – which tramps beside him like an uninvited, hungry dog.

Namjoon can feel his knees buckle with such threats and the harsh grip over his face. He can smell the danger from Sukhoon’s voice. It was full of hatred and vengeance. The threats to cause grievous harm towards him is really serious and horrendous. Namjoon body was shaking in terror.

Sukhoon scoffs looking how frailed Namjoon was in front of him. He let go of his hand, shoves Namjoon's face to the side with anger. Namjoon let out a low yelp out of pain.

“Why – why are you doing this to me?” Namjoon asked with a shaken voice, almost having a breakdown. He couldn't stop himself from asking such a question. He stares at the male with his teary eyes, hoping that Sukhoon will give him a definite answer.

Namjoon was confused. What kind of enmity been abhorred by Sukhoon against him? Namjoon couldn’t find any clue or he can't recall if he ever makes him or someone mad before. Why Sukhoon hates him so much? Why did he want to torture Namjoon? Namjoon didn’t understand at all.

Sukhoon scowls at the question, looking at Namjoon intensely. Like he was ready to pounce over the male and killed him on the sight. However, he shook his head, trying to calm himself down. This is not the right time to do that. He still eager to see Namjoon suffer more than this. He wanted to torment the said male until he is satisfied. Even though it's mean he needs to kill Namjoon.

Sukhoon curved into an evil smirk before he answered Namjoon's question. “Well, you’ll know the reason one day. I’m still not satisfied playing with you Kim Namjoon-ssi. This is the retribution that you need to pay for all my misery!”

Namjoon frowned at the statement. “Retribution? Misery? What do you mean by that?” he asked warily.

Another slap inflicted on Namjoon's cheek, making the used to be red cheek become redder. His fingerprint visibly printed on the second slap. Namjoon hissed in pain at the unexpected attack.

“I said don’t you dare to talk back to me like that! I hate it when you try to act so innocent in front of me. That makes me sick!” he shouted in wrath.

Sukhoon stroke his hair to the back begrudgingly, glancing at Namjoon now had shed his tears of agony. Sukhoon chided at the view, feeling amused that a leader of a worldwide well-known BTS was crying over a trivial matter.

“You looks pathetic Namjoon-ssi. I didn't know how you have been chosen as the leader. There are other people more qualified to be in your place. You didn't deserve it at all. A weak and selfish person like you are not fit to be the leader!" he spats his venomous words effortlessly.

Namjoon said nothing to the statement, head dangled down staring blankly on the tile floor. He had been listening to the same words for years. Since his debut days till today. He had become immune to hear such nasty comments throughout the years. He worked so hard to prove them wrong. But still, it was never enough.

"Pathetic loser!" Sukhoon cuss before he left the restroom and slammed the door harshly.

Namjoon flinched and remained in his position for a while before his senses come back to him. The overwhelming feeling he had with Sukhoon started to give effect slowly. Namjoon slides down from the wall and slumps onto the dirty tile floor. He wouldn't care so much about that.

Namjoon grits his teeth in anger, folded his knees to the chest as he let his ugly tears cascade through the damp. He clenched his fist until the knuckles turn to white. He feels so mad that he wanted to let out his frustration with a loud screaming.

But he can't do that in here. Everyone will hear his voice. Namjoon didn't want to attract any unnecessary attention. Namjoon feels stuck and the unbearable weight of the emotion on his heart starts to engulf him. He fisted his chest, trying to chase the pain away but he knows it is useless. Namjoon closed his eyes as the tears flow like a river.

What he had done to Sukhoon for him to hates him like this? What kind of misery had he given to the male? What retribution? Why is Sukhoon doing all this to him? Why? Why?

The same question keeps on playing in his mind. Lots of questions but there's no answer to it. He feels so helpless and useless.

Namjoon rests his head on the knees, sobbing sorrowfully. He had always felt insecure about himself, feeling inadequate as the leader because of his lack of talent compared with the other members. He still blames himself after he had dragged down his teammates because of his injury. And now Sukhoon had added another misery in his life.

Namjoon didn’t know for how long he had been in the restroom moping and crying silently. Yoongi was looking for him when he was flabbergasted to see the leader crying on the floor. When Namjoon saw the rapper at the doorframe, looking at him bemused - Namjoon instantly wailing calling for his daddy, now fully regressed to little space out of distress.

Yoongi automatically runs towards the little, almost trip his own foot before he kneeled in front of Namjoon. “Namjoon? Joon? Joonie? Baby? What’s wrong? Why are you sitting on the floor? Did you hurt yourself?” Yoongi was panicking.

Namjoon shook his head vigorously, continue to cry in grief. “Daddy!”

Yoongi gasped when he saw the swollen cheek. He cupped the face softly, looking at the injury thoroughly. “Wh-what happen? What happen Joonie-ah???”

“Daddy! Daddy! Home… home!!!” Namjoon wailed, refused to answer the question. He just wanted to go home and lying on his bed hugging his precious Ryan. He didn't want to be here anymore. He feels suffocated. Emotionally.

Yoongi can hear how his heart shattered into pieces listening to Namjoon’s broken voice. He pulled the little in a tight embrace where Namjoon continues to cry on his chest. Yoongi squeezed shut his eyes as he took a deep breath. He then took out his phone, send the message to all his members in the group chat about what had happened.

Namjoon was clinging to Yoongi, hooking his hand to Yoongi's neck tightly. Even the slightest move made by the elder had made him whimpering. Yoongi sat on the floor with Namjoon on his lap, holding the sobbing little until the rest of the members swamp into the restroom  - panting heavily. Basically, all of them were running as fast as they can after they received the message.

“What happened?” shrieked Seokjin when all of them now approaching the little and the small rapper. They were shocked to see both of them sitting on the floor and how Yoongi was cuddling their precious leader.

Namjoon nuzzled his face further, hiding his face onto Yoongi's chest when he heard Seokjin's brisk voice. His almost dried tears start to roll again and his body was shaking.

Yoongi makes an ‘shhh’ sound when he feels how the little squirmed with discomfort. Seokjin clammed his lips together in guilt. He continues to ask in silence ‘what happen’ to Yoongi.

Yoongi shook his head. “I don’t know hyung. I found him crying on the floor…” whispered Yoongi exasperatedly. He rocks the little's body trying to console him.

Seokjin and the others frowning with quizzical looks as they peered over the little in Yoongi's embrace.

“And his cheek was swollen…” continues Yoongi with a strained voice. He hates the fact that Namjoon injured himself once again and no one knows what had happened to him.

To think that he was alone had made his heart clenched with anger and wrath. They had made the rules and regulation that Namjoon won’t be going anywhere alone but everyone seems to forget the main rules. But Yoongi can’t blame anyone for this because he himself was at wrong too. No one ever realized that Namjoon was gone to the restroom until they had finished the practice just now.

“What??” all of them whisper yelled almost simultaneously.

Namjoon whimpered, feeling agitates even at the slightest noise made by the members. When Seokjin tried to move his body to see his cheek, Namjoon starts to cry harder and his hand tugging over Yoongi's shirt tightly.

Seokjin sighed at the refusal. “Is it bad? Did he injured himself again?” he asked in concern.

Yoongi shrugs. “I don’t know. He just keeps on crying when I asked him…”

“Da – daddy… home… home… pwease…” Namjoon silently pleads, pulling the shirt down for a few times. “Pwease…”

Yoongi gave a sad gaze towards Seokjin and he notices the rest was looking with worries evidently shows on their handsome faces too.

“Do you think we were able to get out from here without any suspicion? He is a little now. And everyone was here. They might be wondering what is happening…” said Jimin.

Everyone nods in agreement. It wasn’t safe for them to just go out there without creating any scene. Especially in a broad daylight. Everyone will see them and most of the fans were waiting for them in front of the BigHit building. Namjoon is in the little space and basically still in a crying mess.

“Should we tell Sejin-hyung about this?” proposed Jungkook out of blue.

It was pure silence in the restroom as they were thinking about Jungkook's suggestion. If they were going to ask for Sejin's help, that’s mean they need to tell the manager about Namjoon's little space. The main question is, will Namjoon agree to share about it with other people than the BTS?

“Is it appropriate to do that?” Taehyung voice out his concern while he looks at his members one by one.

“But we need someone to secure our situation. And I think Sejin-hyung is the right person to do that, ” Hoseok then explained. In agreement with Jungkook. Jimin nods his head, in consensus with Hoseok and Jungkook.

Yoongi and Seokjin exchanged gazes for a few moments, in deep thought as to whether it was the right time to do. But they need to get out from here. Namjoon won’t stop crying and to walk with him in his condition will stir speculation among the fan and the worst of all – media.

They need to avoid any scandal before their comeback. It won’t do good for their image. Namjoon himself wouldn’t like to expose himself to the public. They need to think fast in this situation.

“Daddy… I – I wanna go home…” Namjoon mewl feebly when Yoongi keeps ignoring his request. Yoongi tightens his grip on Namjoon’s shoulder, gawking at Seokjin helplessly.

Seokjin then took a deep breather, turned his head towards Hoseok before he firmly said, “Call Sejin-hyung!”



Chapter Text



Sukhoon walked in the hallway in high dudgeon, cursing to himself after the encounter with Namjoon. He couldn't contain his anger any longer, need to let it out as soon as possible. He was on the verge of punching the concrete wall if he wasn't in the BigHit building.

"Stupid Kim Namjoon! I'll make sure he will pay for all this misery. That pathetic asshole!!" He spats in hatred and grudge.


Sukhoon almost jumped out at the sudden interruption, flabbergasted when he almost collided with Sejin as his attention was distracted earlier.

"I heard you were cursing someone..." said Sejin as he gawks at the manager with a quizzical look. He notices the reddened face of the manager.

Sukhoon anxiously swallowed his own saliva, crossing his finger that Sejin didn't fully hear to his rants just now. He grinned nervously, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Ah, Sejin-ssi. I was mumbling to myself..." he lied effortlessly.

Sejin puckers his eyebrows. "Don't say that you were cursing yourself Sukhoon. That will be weird though..." he alleged conspicuously.

Sukhoon clears his throat, let out an awkwardly. "Yeah, I was just mad at myself for being forgetful. I left my phone at home today..." he speaks another lie like it was his daily food.

Sejin hummed but still couldn't brush away his suspicious over Sukhoon's odd behavior. It's getting oblivious day by day. He was about to say another thing when his phone ringing. Sejin took out his phone, furrowed his brows when he saw Taehyung's name been displayed on the screen.

"Yes, Tae...what? Ok, I'm on my way!"

Sukhoon stares at Sejin, feeling the urgency to know behind his worried tone talking to Taehyung. What is it? Is it about Namjoon? Did they found him in the restroom?

"We'll talk later. I need to go now!" says Sejin hurriedly.

"What's wrong Sejin? Is there something happen to the boys? Can I come with you?" Sukhoon faking his concerned.

Sejin immediately shook his head. "No need. It's something you can't handle..."

Sukhoon grits his teeth in anger at the statement. "What do you mean? I'm their manager too. I have the right to know about the boys too..." he refuted furiously.

Sejin looks at Sukhoon with disbelief, frowning in confusion at his demeanor. It was so peculiar to see how he acted so carelessly unhinged.

"You're the new manager, been appointed to assist me if I couldn't manage their schedules alone. Not that you are going to take over my place, Sukhoon-ssi!" notes Sejin in a stern voice.

Sukhoon was taken aback at the saying, looking at Sejin bewildered. He wanted to rebuke the statement but Sukhoon was holding himself not to show his wrath in front of Sejin.

This is not the right time to do so. Sukhoon knows he needs to be more careful with Sejin. Sejin is not easy to deal with. He might expose himself in front of the manager if he continues to argue with the male.

"Ah, I'm sorry Sejin-ssi. I didn't mean that way. I'm sorry if you feel that way!" said Sukhoon, showing his apologetic expression - which is a mere façade.

Sejin let out a small grunt at the oblivious act, disliking the latter's attitude. But he didn't have time to lecture the male right now. He has something important to attend to.

"Nevermind. We'll discuss this later. See you tomorrow!" said Sejin before he left the new manager alone.

Sukhoon squinted his eyes, looking at Sejin's silhouette almost running heading to somewhere. And Sukhoon believes that Sejin was going to meet with the BTS - to see what had happened to Namjoon.

Sukhoon clicked his tongue before he slowly curved into an evil smirk. He had the gut feeling that Namjoon might be slipped into a little space after their encounter earlier. His bandmates will need help to make sure the leader's secret didn't get exposed. To do that, of course, they need Sejin.

Sejin always does the dirty things for BTS. Poor guy being used for something pathetic like Namjoon.

"It's getting more excited right now. I want to see for how long will you able to keep your dirty secret, Namjoon. I'll make sure you'll pay for everything you had done. You had messed up with the wrong person. I'm going to make your life miserable!"



"Joonie... Sejin-hyung will come and help us to get out from here. Is it okay for you if - if he knows about you?"

Namjoon fisted his hand on Yoongi's shirt, making it crumpled with the tightness. He hides his face further, still sobbing in the embrace of the rapper.

"Sejin-hyung is a nice man. He comes to help us. Okay?" coaxed Seokjin as he caressed the little's damp hair.

Namjoon whined at the touch but later nods his head. He didn't fully understand the consequences of his situation right now. But he managed to grasp that Sejin will know about his little space.

The thought of it makes Namjoon wanted to cower himself in a defense mechanism - hiding anywhere, everywhere from being embarrassingly exposed in front of the manager.

"We will briefly tell Sejin about this. And we wanted you yourself to explain everything to Sejin about the whole situation, okay?" continue Seokjin.

They were not running away from responsibility. No. Don't get them wrong. Only Namjoon has the right to tell about his little space to Sejin or to someone else. The members only can assist and helping him to confront the harrowing situation. Being there for him as the biggest supporter.

"Big Joonie needs to tell Sejin-hyung about little Joonie himself, okay?" add Yoongi while he caressed Namjoon's hair. He can feel how Namjoon weakly nods his head while he sniffed sadly.

Yoongi averted his eyes towards Seokjin, giving him a meaningful smile but at the same time, his face evidently shows how much concerned he was about exposing Namjoon to Sejin while he 's still in the little space.

Seokjin exhaled deeply and puts his hand to Yoongi's shoulder, mouthing 'everything will be fine' to the rapper as an assurance. Despite that, he himself feels a little bit worried about what's coming up.

He wonder how Sejin will react to the revelation? Will he be subtle like him or will he be a little bit overwhelmed like Jungkook?

Everyone attention drifted to the now widely open door where they can see Sejin entered the restroom with a frown face. Sejin, of course, feeling confused as to why the BTS hanging out in the restroom.

When his eyes moved to Yoongi and Namjoon sitting on the floor where Yoongi were hugging the leader on his lap, Sejin furrowed with further confusion.

Why Namjoon sits on Yoongi's lap? Isn't that really weird? And since when did Yoongi being so cuddly and attentive like that?

Seokjin gets up and approached the manager, feeling anxious as his eyes quiver around his bandmates - standing nearby the counter. Everyone was nervous. It is obvious.


Sejin eyes on Seokjin for a second before he once again stares at Yoongi and Namjoon. "What happens? And why Yoongi and Namjoon..."

Seokjin grabs Sejin's forearm as he heard Namjoon whimpered at the questions. Sejin looks at Seokjin with an unsolved mystery, asking the said male to explain to him the whole ordeal.

"Actually it is a long story and I'm afraid that it is hard for us to explain. But we need your help right now, hyung, " said Seokjin with a pleading voice. He hopes Sejin will understand their situation.

Sejin frowned deeper. "What do you mean by that? Is there something happen to Namjoon?" he asked with concerns.

"Well about that, actually Namjoon didn't feel good right now..." brief Seokjin.

Sejin darted his gaze over the leader of BTS, still wondering what had happened to the charismatic leader as he tightly hugged Yoongi. And Sejin notices the streak of tears on Namjoon's face. His heart almost clenched at the view, knowing exactly that Namjoon hardly cries except if there's something serious going on.

But what is it?

"Did he hurt himself again?" asked Sejin. That was the first thing came to his mind. The most logical reason.

Seokjin weakly nods. "We didn't know exactly about that. We found him crying on the floor. And his cheek was swollen..."

Sejin remained silence for a moment, trying to process the information given by Seokjin. How many times per day that Namjoon had injured himself? He knows that Namjoon was clumsy but for him to be super clumsy was kind of absurd.

And how did he injured his own face? He can't accidentally hit the wall out of nowhere.

"Daddy...scawed!" Namjoon said to Yoongi, whispering to his ears. He glanced at Sejin, gasping in fear when his eyes meet with Sejin sharp glares, instantly tilted his head and buried his face to Yoongi's nape.

"Why Joonie? What makes you scared?" Yoongi asked while Sejin and the rest watching and listening to their small talks.

Namjoon gnawed his lower lips, trembling a little bit. "That - that ahjussi...he no wike Joonie!"

Yoongi was taken aback at the statement, averted his eyes to Sejin and his bandmates. Yoongi realized how Sejin looks really confused right now.

"No Joonie. That ahjussi is a nice man, " gushes Yoongi.

Namjoon shook his head wildly. "No daddy. He - he hates Joonie. Ahjussi hates Joonie!" whined Namjoon as his eyes started to well up with tears again.

Sejin brows almost meet watching the commotion. He gave a confused look to each of BTS members before he moved his legs - approaching Yoongi and Namjoon.

Namjoon feels intimidated at the gestures, squirmed on Yoongi's lap and start to hugs the elder tightly, trying to hide from Sejin. His sobs erupted as he buried his face on Yoongi's shoulder blade, refused to look at Sejin.

Sejin carefully crouching in front of the two, giving Yoongi an intense stare as the rapper feels anxious as to what will the manager said to Namjoon. His hand securely wrapped Namjoon's tiny waist as the little almost climb over him - afraid of Sejin.

"Hey, Namjoon..."

Yoongi tried to loosen up Namjoon's grip over his neck but the little whimpered at the action, crying silently as he keeps saying he was scared.

"No, daddy! Joonie scawed! No!!"

Yoongi sighed and gives a sad eye to Sejin, hoping that Sejin will understand.

"Hey don't be scared. I'm - I'm not a bad person. I just - want to have a talk with you. Is it okay?" Sejin says in a soothing voice.

Namjoon shook his head. "No - no... Joonie scawed... no wanna talk...Joonie wanna go home, daddy pwease!" he said, voice muffled as he keeps his face hidden.

Yoongi pats on the back of Namjoon's head, feeling constricted that the little was crying and refused to talk to Sejin. Everyone seems worried and concerned right now.

"But then I'm unable to help if you didn't want to talk to me..." coaxed Sejin. He then searching for something in his pocket before he smiles when he found what he had been looking for.

"Well look what I have for you..." says Sejin with a cheerful voice.

Namjoon sniffs before he slowly turned his head, peeking over to see the thing. His doe eyes widen when he saw the thing on Sejin's hand.

"It's a lollipop. Do you want it? It's orange flavor and really tasty..." mentioned Sejin as he shoved the lollipop to Namjoon.

Namjoon eyes sparkle when he saw the orange lollipop closed up. "Ow - owange? Joo - joonie wike owange!"

Sejin smiles fondly and beckons over Namjoon to take the lollipop from his hand. Namjoon was hesitant, looking at the candy with his mouth slightly parted - almost drooling as he wanted to taste it.

Namjoon then moved a little bit, looking at his daddy. "Daddy, can - can Joonie eat? It's owange and Joo - joonie hungwy..." he asked Yoongi timidly.

He had been thought by his mother not to take anything from a stranger without permission. As to that, he was asking Yoongi first before he can take the candy from Sejin. If his daddy says no then he can't take it.

Yoongi smiles as he cupped Namjoon's face. "Yes darling, you can have the candy..."

Namjoon giggles happily before he put his hand forwards. "Ahjussi, Joonie wan lollipop pwease!"

Sejin let out a soft chuckle, swooning over Namjoon's cute gestures. Sejin placed the lollipop into Namjoon's hand.

Namjoon was enthusiast to have the lollipop, hastily trying unwrapped it before Yoongi helped him as he almost cries when he was unable to tear it by himself.

Namjoon puts the lollipop into his mouth, eyes sparkle as the zesty taste filled in his mouth. "Daddy its dewishes!" he exclaimed happily.

Namjoon looks at Sejin who had been staring at him. "Tank chu ahjussi...its dewishes..." he said shyly with his tiny cute voice, almost forgot to thanks the said male for the candy.

Sejin smiles before it died down when he saw the swollen cheek. And Sejin frowned when he noticed the marks on it, similar to a fingerprint.

"So Namjoon..."

"Ahjussi can call me Joonie. Ahjussi is a nice man and - and gives Joonie this..." Namjoon said chirpily.

Sejin mouthed a silent 'oh' before he clears his throat, a little bit abashed to call Namjoon with his new nickname. "So Joonie...can you tell me what happen to your face?"

Namjoon holds his breath at the sudden question before he shook his head. "No - no can't talk..."

Everyone frowned at the answer, looking at each other with confusion obviously shown on their face.

"Why?" Sejin asked.

Namjoon shook his head again. His eyes brimmed with tears as his lips quiver. "Scawed...! Joonie scawed."

"But Joonie..."

Namjoon wildly jiggle his head and start to cry harder. "No! No talk pwease! Joonie wanna go home! Daddy! Appa!"

As the little was crying again, everyone was flustered. Sejin sighed before he gets up and asking the boys to get ready and he will wait at the back door of the building. He will drive the van and waits for them.

Sejin was about to leave the restroom before Seokjin grabbed his arm. "Hyung, about Namjoon..."

Sejin pats on Seokjin's hand over his. "I understand. Let settle this first and we can have a talk later..."

Everyone released a deep breath after Sejin left the restroom. They were relieved that Sejin had been so understanding about their harsh situation. They were afraid at first thinking of how the manager will react seeing little Namjoon.

Less they know, Sejin was really good in dealing with the revelation. Much better than themselves actually.

"Baby, you can walk by yourself right?"

Everyone turned their head when Yoongi asked the question to their precious leader. Namjoon slowly becomes calm and stop his crying. Yoongi wipes the remaining tears on his face, carefully not to touch the swollen cheek.

Namjoon sniffs and put back the lollipop into his mouth. Everyone chuckles at the cuteness and at the same time glad that Namjoon wasn't crying anymore.

"Baby...did you hear what daddy asked you?" Seokjin interrupted while pulling Namjoon's hand. Stopping the little to keep sucking the candy. 

Namjoon whined at the loss of the tangy flavor, looking at his caregivers with a pouty lip.

"Appa...Joonie wanna eat..."

Seokjin clicked his tongue and jiggle his head slowly. "I know but you have to listen to daddy first. Remember the rules? Listen to the caregivers and behave?" Said Seokjin softly but with a serious note.

Namjoon sighed and nods his head. "Sowwy appa, sowwy daddy..."

Yoongi smiled and ruffles the hair of the little. "It's okay darling. Daddy just want to know whether you're okay to walk? We are going home..."

Namjoon looks at his daddy with his bambi eyes, nodding his head as the answer. "Yes, Joonie walk..." he confirmed with words before he put the lollipop back into his mouth.

Namjoon then used his unoccupied hand to intertwine his fingers with Yoongi, making the oldest rapper to grimace with happiness; left the restroom together with the other members.

"I don't think he injured himself, hyung!" Jimin whispered as his eyes fixated at Namjoon in front of him. He was happily walking with Yoongi, swaying their entangled hand back and forth with the lollipop in his mouth.

Hoseok hummed as he glanced at Jimin on his side. He can hear the same agreement came from Taehyung as the three walked together in a line. Meanwhile, Jungkook and Seokjin were behind the three - listening to the conversation with anticipation.

"Did you see the print on his cheek? Looks like someone had slapped him..." alleged Taehyung.

The rest nodded as they realized about it too.

"Do you think someone did that to Namjoon? Who? Why?" query Jungkook as his voice rising a little bit - contained with anger and wrath.

Seokjin sighed heavily. "As much as I hate when he injured himself, I hope it is better like that rather than someone did that to him, " he says dejectedly.

Jungkook grits his teeth at the thought that someone might inflict the injury to his beloved leader. "I'm going to kill that person if I know who did that! I swear to God, Jin-hyung!!"

"Count me in, Kookie!" notes Jimin who harbored the same rage with Jungkook.

Taehyung growled listening to the maknaes rant. "It's not enough guys. I want him to suffer first before we killed him..." he added as he fisted his hand on the air.

Hoseok shook his head at the evil plan but won't say anything to it because he basically agreed with the three. Anyone who dares to hurt Namjoon will face the consequences from them.

They just need to find out who was the asshole!

"I hope Namjoon will tell the truth to us though..."

Everyone falls into a deep silence at Seokjin's words. Eyes now looking at Namjoon with stricken heart, realizing that Namjoon might keep it as a secret to them.

"He won't tell us right?" uttered Jimin, voice a little bit shaking as he tries to hold his sad tears.

"Nope, he won't."

Their eyes got teary with Hoseok's affirmation, feeling a pang of pain in their heart looking at their leader to carry the heavy burden by himself. They wished that Namjoon will share with them to ease his suffering but as far as they have known Namjoon - he won't let anyone hurt and willing to bear everything for their sakes.

Their selfless leader, Kim Namjoon.