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Fire Emblem Heroes - Special heroes (Dashing Idols)

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Fire Emblem Heroes - Special heroes (Dashing Idols)


These Muses make their debut…

Special heroes to battle!

Dancing Star

Ayase Eli, infantry green tome unit.

“From student council president to tactician… It feels the same but with… much more pressure.”


Might: 12            RNG: 2

Grants Spd+5. Foe cannot counterattack. If unit initiates combat, grants Atk+3 to adjacent allies after combat.



Swift Sparrow 2

Serious Strategist 3:
If Sing or Dance is used, inflicts Res/Def-5 to foes within two spaces of target.

G Tome Valor 3


When summoned:

“You can call me Eli. I came out of that weapon you’re holding, you say? Surprisingly enough, I have a hard time believing that…”

When home:

  1. “I think you’re mistaken. I am not a hero! I’m just an idol… I mean, not that type of idol!”
  2. “A new world… This will definitely take some time getting used to. The sweets from here might help, though, haha!”
  3. “There are many talented dancers, here… I’ll have to practice harder if I don’t want to be outshined by the others!”
  4. “Say, Summoner, would you mind studying with me? … Hehe, you got me. I noticed you’ve been slacking off, it’s your studies I’m worried about!”
  5. “Let’s work harder today!”
  6. “This used to be a simple notebook. I wonder what made it magical so suddenly…”
  7. “Ah, Summoner! I was looking for you. I’ve been practicing my strategy but there are still things I don’t understand. Could you help me out with that? Thank you! You’re such a dependable person, that’s great. Battlefields, war… it’s brand new for me… But with you by my side, I feel like I can pull my weight and truly help. You give me a lot of courage. I hope me and my friends will be able to perform for you one day, to give back to you all the strength you’ve given us.”

In the info screen:

  1. *Laughs*
  2. “Were you looking for me?”
  3. “I hope µ’s and the student council are doing well without me… Nozomi, I trust you.”
  4. “See you later!”
  5. “Hey! What do you think you’re doing? Stop that!”
  6. “From student council president to tactician… It feels the same but with… much more pressure.”
  7. “Magic is easier than I thought! Maybe it’s because I spend a lot of time with Nozomi?”
  8. “To see that our dancing and singing hold such powers in this world is heartwarming… It must convey everyone so much emotions!”

On a map:

  1. “You’re sure?”
  2. “I’ll try!”
  3. “Okay~!”

When leveling up:

  1. "Well, I didn’t expect something like that!" (5-6 stats up)
  2. "Harasho!” (3-4 stats up)
  3. "I haven’t been studying enough…" (1-2 stats up)

When learning a new skill:

  1. "Thank you! I’ll put this to good use!"

When she activates her special:

  1. “Be silent tonight for me!”
  2. “I’m a trouble buster!”
  3. “I’ll put in extra effort!”
  4. “Let’s dance!”

When defeated:


Oceanic Archer

Sonoda Umi, cavalry blue bow unit.

“I’ve been practicing with a bow for a while now; I was ready for this more than anyone I know.”

Yumi of the Sea+

Might: 12            RNG: 2

Grants Def+6. At start of turn, inflicts Atk-5 on foes within 2 spaces through their next actions. If foe initiates combat and uses sword, lance, axe, dragonstone, or beast damage, grants Def/Res+6 during combat.

Rally Spd/Def 2


Close Counter

Supersonic Pillow 3:
If unit initiates combat, grants Spd+4 during combat and Special cooldown charge +1 per attack.

Goad Cavalry 3


When summoned:

“My name is Umi Sonoda, pleased to meet you. A hero? Me? I think you’ve got the wrong person, but if I must, I will help you!”

When home:

  1. “Eeeeh! Some heroes wanted to play a card game with me, but I can’t bluff!”
  2. “Even though I’m far from my group and my parents, I will keep exercising for all my usual activities. I wouldn’t want to be out of breath on the battlefield.”
  3. “Is there a teacher with who I could study, in this castle? I met one earlier today but she kept saying that I had no talent for what she had to teach me…”
  4. “Everyone was so noisy last night… They’d better stay calm this time…”
  5. “My father is a martial-arts trainer and my mother gives lessons on traditional Japanese dance. I’ve learned so much from the two of them!”
  6. “Excuse me, Summoner, have you seen Azura? I would like to ask her if we could write a song together. She has such a wonderful voice.”
  7. “Summoner? Oh, thank you for checking up on me! I’m doing well. Unknowingly, it’s as if I had been training my whole life to help you! I mean… not… not only you, but this kingdom and the other heroes as well! When I think about it, the battlefield is not that different from performing live with µ’s. It’s harder and scarier, of course, but it’s still all about everyone’s efforts. We can’t win alone; we all have to work hard if we want to protect this kingdom... I trust you, Summoner, I know you will use our strength wisely, for the good of everyone.”

In the info screen:

  1. *Laughs*
  2. “Hi, Summoner, do you need me to do anything?”
  3. “Seeing everyone improve around me… It encourages me to do the same!”
  4. “I suppose I’ll see you later!”
  5. “P-Please don’t do that again!”
  6. “I’ve been practicing with a bow for a while now; I was ready for this more than anyone I know.”
  7. “Are those flowers white lilies? It makes me happy to see some here...”
  8. “… Why did you wake me up?..”

On a map:

  1. “Fine!”
  2. “Perfect.”
  3. “I’m ready!”

When leveling up:

  1. "My parents would be proud.” (5-6 stats up)
  2. "I can do better.” (3-4 stats up)
  3. "I’ll do better next time, I promise!" (1-2 stats up)

When learning a new skill:

  1. "There are so many interesting things to learn here, it’s impressive. Thank you!"

When she activates her special:

  1. “NO NO NO NO NO!”
  2. “Start! Dash!”
  3. “1,2 Jump!”
  4. “Supersonic pillow!”

When defeated:

“Oh… No…”

N°1 Idol

Yazawa Nico, infantry red dagger unit.

“Everyone… I’m so glad I’ve got to meet you all, let’s work together ag- hey wait, come back here and listen to me!”

Mischievous Fan+

Might: 12            RNG: 2

Grants Res+5. If foe uses magic, grants Atk+5 during combat. If unit initiates combat, deals 10 damage to foe after combat. After combat, deals 4 damage to unit.



Atk/Res Solo 3

Nico Nico Nii 3:
If Sing or Dance is used, grants Atk/Spd+3 to all allies.

Odd Res Wave 3


When summoned:

“Nico Nico N- wait where am I? Why are you pointing a gun at me?! Stand back or I’ll whack you with this fan!”

When home:

  1. “Hey! I’m actually a good fighter; I should do it more often.”
  2. “Wait, I’m good against people using magic? Hehe, Nozomi, the time you could threaten me is over!”
  3. “Summoner, I have something to confess… I can’t hide my feel- What? You won’t take care of me more on the battlefield if I do that? Well, at least I tried.”
  4. “Hey, does this woman really think we can’t recognize her because she wears a different outfit and a transparent mask? I’ll teach her how to go somewhere incognito.”
  5. “I’m looking forward to getting home; I need to tell my siblings I’m not only the number one idol but also the savior of a kingdom!”
  6. “You’d better not give up. I’m tired of people who can’t handle pressure or hard work.”
  7. “I’ve heard you were looking for me, Summoner? I can’t blame you! Who wouldn’t? What? Why are you thanking me? Well, it’s just... I’m doing what I was told to do, that’s all. I just think that if you decide to do something, you should do your best… And I’ve decided to help you. Plus, it makes for a good story to tell my siblings. I want them to be proud of me, so if you are that’s already a sign that I’m getting closer to that goal.”

In the info screen:

  1. *Laughs*
  2. “I’m ready for the next fight, let’s go!”
  3. “Everyone… I’m so glad I’ve got to meet you all, let’s work together ag- hey wait, come back here and listen to me!”
  4. “Yeah, that woman has a nice voice but she doesn’t have the cute personality to go with it!”
  5. “Hey! Don’t touch me like that!”
  6. “Nico Yazawa, live on every battlefield in the kingdom of Askr!”
  7. “Maki, Eli… I’ll make sure you won’t steal the spotlight this time!”
  8. “I didn’t know I could set a fan on fire. I mean, I knew I could set the stage on fire, but that’s a totally different thing.”

On a map:

  1. “Okay!”
  2. “I’m on it!”
  3. “Easy.”

When leveling up:

  1. "Is that surprising to anyone?” (5-6 stats up)
  2. "That’s more than enough to make me good.” (3-4 stats up)
  3. "I’m just already too good to improve, that’s all!" (1-2 stats up)

When learning a new skill:

  1. "The idol Nico thanks you for putting your trust in her!"

When she activates her special:

  1. “Psychic fire!”
  2. “Now, tea break!”
  3. “Listen to my heart!”
  4. “YEAH! Nico Nico!”

When defeated:

“I… can’t give up like that…”

A-Rising Princess

Yuki Anju, flying colorless staff unit.

“I’m not really a princess, you know, you don’t have to go easy on me.”

Snowy Scepter+

Might: 12            RNG: 2

Grants atk+8. After combat, inflicts Spd-5 to foes within 2 spaces of target. If foe initiates combat, grants Def/Res+2.


Swift-Winds Balms 3

Spd/Def 2

Dazzling Staff

Fair Fight
If unit initiates combat, if foe has a higher base Atk/Res, it turns into unit's base Atk/Res during combat. If, on the contrary, unit has a higher base Atk/Res, it turns into foe's base Atk/Res during combat.


When summoned:

“Pleased to meet you, you can call me Anju! Uh… Where am I?.. I was doing a photoshoot and… What you’re holding in your hands clearly doesn’t look like a camera…”

When home:

  1. “People keep thinking I’m a princess. It’s embarrassing. That’s just my nickname! I have nothing to do with royalty!”
  2. “I used to do some horse riding when I was a child. I just need to get used to the horse having wings… And that it’s not a horse, but a dragon…”
  3. “I don’t especially like winning. I just like it when everyone had fun!”
  4. “That woman… Celica… Her hair is so pretty!”
  5. “I feel so out of place with my school uniform… It feels like I’m from a completely other time than everybody else. At least people seem to like it so far!..”
  6. “Don’t forget to relax, from time to time, Summoner… But don’t forget to train either!”
  7. “Hi Summoner. Say, have you met any of the girls from µ’s? I like to think that the popularity of A-RISE stems from the low number of members. If you like one of us in particular, you’ll be sure to hear her in every song, something that’s not as certain in groups where there are a lot of singers… Which is why I believe they are amazing rivals! Regardless of how many of them there are, they are still so popular! It’s their passion and the joy they have when performing that shines through and spreads to everyone in the public. Don’t get me wrong, my friends and I feel the same way about what we do, which is why we’re also worthy rivals, hehe! Being an idol makes me so happy.”

In the info screen:

  1. *Laughs*
  2. “It sometimes makes me sad that we have to fight but then I think of all the people we’re protecting and keeping happy and it gives me the strength to go on!”
  3. “I’m not really a princess, you know, you don’t have to go easy on me.”
  4. “I wonder how everyone is doing, back home…”
  5. “Uh… Could you please… not?”
  6. “A-RISE made me who I am today and I believe my arrival in this world is also thanks to that group.”
  7. “Oh I’ve got a wonderful idea for matching costumes for our next mission!”
  8. “What you wear is very important. Your style is a part of who you are. Let’s show our foes we’re not here to joke around thanks to a great new outfit, Hihi!”

On a map:

  1. “Very well!”
  2. “Fine!”
  3. “I see!”

When leveling up:

  1. "Oh, I wasn’t expecting something like this!” (5-6 stats up)
  2. "Amazing!” (3-4 stats up)
  3. “Oh no I can’t keep going on like that, I need to train harder!” (1-2 stats up)

When learning a new skill:

  1. "That’s very nice of you, thank you!"

When she activates her special:

  1. “Non-stop my dancing!”
  2. “I do “Private Wars”!”
  3. “Let me do!”
  4. “I know “Dangerous Wars”!”

When defeated:

“Ah… I’m sorry…”

Chapter Text

Eli felt like she was in a completely unfamiliar place. She wasn’t feeling this way only because she was in a new world, but also because at that precise moment, she was standing near a battlefield for the very first time. She had been in Askr for a few days now; they had taken time for her to get used to it and to have everything explained to her. She had spent some time with a woman who had long green hair, named Cecilia, who taught her about wind magic, the one she had been brought there with. Indeed, the notebook she used to take notes of µ’s next choreography transformed into a slightly bigger and heavier green tome with a lot of beautiful golden decorations on the cover. Her clothes completely changed too, with her pink dancing slippers growing ribbons that reached up to her knees partially covering her white stockings. Her romantic tutu grew longer in the back with a slightly shiny light blue layer, adding some colors to the skirt. Her bare arms, just like her legs, were covered with ribbons from her ankles up to her biceps. Finally, her simple white top exposed her shoulders.

Eli tried to change before going to this fight explaining that this didn’t look like an appropriate attire to go on a battlefield, but her new friends answered that it didn’t really matter.

Indeed, in the castle she saw people leaving for war in much worse armors. How could these towels stay on during combats?


Anyway, the dancer needed to focus on the fight ahead. Sharena had put a hand on her shoulder, smiling. They were about to enter a portal to… another version of her own world? What she knew was that there was a possibility she could come face to face with herself and she couldn’t decide to stay in this world because that was not where she belonged.

Sharena, Eli, Tibarn and Leo entered the open portal and were immediately transported to an enormous classroom. On the opposite side of the classroom were standing Nico Yazawa, in a red kimono, sitting on a desk and Umi Sonoda, in a blue and orange armor, pacing back and forth. Another woman was also in the room, in a  black armor and a green axe in hand, waiting in the right corner next to the door. A ninja was also waiting, hidden behind a flipped desk. As soon as they noticed people entering through the portal Umi jumped on a brown alpaca’s back, nocking an arrow onto her bowstring while Nico just reluctantly got up on her feet, fanning herself.

“Nico? Umi?” said Eli, looking at one then the other. “Wait, Umi… is that one of the school’s alpacas?..”

Eli heard the prince Leo snickering at her comment, followed by a “how ridiculous”. Apparently Umi heard it too since her cheeks grew red before she answered...

“I… I... The contract that has been made with us requires me to be a cavalier and there wasn’t any horse around! I had to! Kotori said… I… I just…” Before Umi had the time to explain herself, Nico interrupted her and raised an eyebrow at her blonde friend.

“Hey! Aren’t you supposed to be in the auditorium? And on our side?!” She pointed her fan at Sharena. “What are you doing with them?”

The princess answered with an embarrassed smile.

“Well, she’s not really your friend. She’s the Eli from another world, and we’re here to free you from your contract!”

Tibarn let out a hearty laugh at that answer before flying towards Sharena and putting his hand on her shoulder.

“What she doesn’t tell you is that our friend Anna also asked us to have you perform for the heroes in our world when we’ve freed you from your contracts.”

Nico rolled her eyes and looked away. Eli had a hard time containing a chuckle. It seemed way out of character for her friend to react like that but it was clear that she wasn’t happy about their current situation and that she was in a really bad mood.

“Great. We get to go from one contract to the other. Ugh, let’s just get this over with…” she paused for a few seconds before looking sideways at Tibarn and asking: “How many heroes are there, where you come from?”

This time Eli couldn’t keep the laughter in. That was the Nico she knew! Some things never changed, even if you end up against your friends on a battlefield... and in a different world. Hopefully, she didn’t have to kill her friends… but from what she knew about their contracts, it might not be the same for them… The student council president almost asked them what their contracts said about what they had to do about their foes but the ninja came out from behind the desk and threw his dagger at Sharena who thankfully got pushed away by Tibarn and the weapon was deflected by a gust of wind he produced with his wings. Unfortunately, the ninja was quicker and had already thrown a second dagger that landed right into Tibarn’s shoulder. The hawk king only let out a short groan of pain before turning into his bird form, grabbing the ninja by the shoulders with his claws and finally throwing him against a wall.


Eli wanted to turn to take a look, worried about the enemy’s life but didn’t have the time to do so since Umi was dashing towards her on her alpaca, ready to shoot her arrow. The dancer saw on her friend’s face that she wasn’t enjoying any of this, but her frown, her pressed lips, the spark in her orange eyes; the archer was showing resolution and would do anything she could to honor the contract she had been forced into. Fortunately, Sharena was quick enough to push Eli behind herself and raised her shield to protect them both from the arrow.

“Don’t worry, Umi, I got you!” said Nico, the same glimmer in her eyes.

However, as soon as she approached Umi, her serious face turned into a cute smile as she winked. Raising her both hands next to her face, she exclaimed:

“Nico Nico Nii!”

Her two last teammates were visibly annoyed by her little trick, especially the axe-wielding woman who sighed, adding:

“Let’s get this over with as quickly as possible…”

Umi Nodded and started looking for ways to circumvent the two desks that were on each side of Sharena and that prevented her from reaching Eli. Her eyes widened as she looked at her blonde friend before going around the desk to her left, thinking out loud about what she should do next. Obviously, her goal was to remove the threat that was the green tome user. Not only was she a threat because of her dancing ability but also because she was her friend and she probably thought the fight would go a lot easier if she got rid of the target that would be the most difficult to eliminate.

Eli was quicker. She ran up to her, close enough to use her magic like she had learned. She closed her eyes and started listening to the wind spirit inside her tome, that sweet, airy voice that guided her moves. Eli started spinning, standing on her left foot’s toes as she was stretching her right leg before bending it over and over again in a fouette. Doing this dance step had never been easier, it was as if the wind itself was pushing her, forcing her to turn over and over again, her tutu transforming into veils helping her to keep up this endless movement. She did one spin. And another. And another. And again, again, she spun countless times. Suddenly, she stopped her movement. At the command of the sweet whisper of the tome, she raised her left leg and her arms to stabilize herself in an arabesque. The green book slowly left her right hand and started hovering above it. The windows slammed open and the wind flipped through the pages. Eli opened an eye to see what was happening. She had been taught how to use magic in theory, it was her very first time putting this into practice. A multitude of windy figures came out of the book, imitating the dancer’s previous movements and these figures threw themselves at Umi, slapping her in the arabesque position, gracefully hitting her with the fouettes. The strength of the wind associated with the violence of the dancing figures ended up throwing the archer off of her mount’s back which, left without a cavalier, ran away down the hallway.

“Umi!” Shouted Nico, running towards her friend who had passed out. She was about to throw her fan at Sharena but the princess pushed her arm with her shield and made her drop the weapon before pushing her to the ground with another hit of her shield.

It looked quite painful but it also was for Eli and she was rather glad the princess hadn’t used her lance. While all this was happening, the horse carrying the woman with the green axe ran towards Sharena and the axe went clashing against the golden shield a first time, followed by the sound of it cracking before getting completely broken in two by the second hit. Sharena lost a bit of balance after the shock and took a few steps behind. Eli heard Leo’s horse galloping to her side as the prince shouted:

“Help Sharena!”


Following Nico’s example, Eli approached Sharena and started dancing for her, she spun and ended with a knee on the floor, accompanied by the large arm gestures of a reverence. As she was dancing, she noticed holes in her opponent’s armor, a hole that went from the front of her shoulders to – most probably – the back.

The dancer heard the detail she had noticed being shared to her team through new windy figures who, with a reverence, whispered the newfound secret weakness to the teammates.

Sharena avoided another swing of the woman’s axe, grabbing Eli by the hand and taking her with her and right at that moment, Leo’s horse came to block the woman’s path. The prince extended his hand towards his enemy, remembering the detail Eli noticed and as his tome opened itself, a shiny tree sprung from behind the woman, its branches growing right into the back of the woman’s unprotected shoulders until they came out on the other side. Eli closed her eyes and didn’t see the branches coming back from where they came from.


“Nico, let’s retreat!” shouted Umi as she went through the door at the back of the classroom.

“Already on that!” she said back from behind the horse as she grabbed her fan from below a desk and ran away. Leo tried to stop her with his magic as she was leaving but Nico avoided the tree that appeared from runes on the ground right on time.


The fight didn’t really take long. Tibarn was even still tending to his wound from the dagger.

Leo said that they still had time to catch their foes before they joined the others, to which Eli answered they weren’t exactly doing well either.

“No, don’t worry! I can fight without my shield! Leo’s right,” said Sharena with a smile.

“And don’t worry about me either. These tiny beorc weapons won’t take me down so easily!” added Tibarn, smiling.

“Don’t be mistaken, you might have found the enemy’s weakness but that doesn’t mean you’re the team’s tactician. You still have a really long way to go,” added Leo coldly while looking directly into Eli’s eyes. On the back of his horse, the prince looked impressive and intimidating which went well with the high and mighty behavior he was showing. She couldn’t help but look away in shame. Obviously he knew better than her.

“Hey, we don’t have time for that. Let’s go, we might still catch them before it’s too late! Eli, they talked about an auditorium. Do you know where it might be?”

The dancer nodded and they started running in the hallways. While they were running, Sharena approached Eli.

“Don’t take this personally. Leo is… Leo.” The princess had an embarrassed smile on her face again.

“I’m not. He’s right. You all know the battlefield better than me,” Eli gave a genuine smile to her friend and continued, “I will overcome my lack of knowledge in this field eventually!”

The group finally arrived at the doors of the auditorium. It was already too late, they could hear the gallop of the alpaca and the voice of Umi warning others inside that their foes from Askr were arriving.

Eli nodded at Sharena and she opened the door.


They entered just in time to see Yuki Anju, in her school uniform, on the stage, getting on her wyvern. She was sidesaddling. The beast roared when it noticed the enemies entering. Nico was standing at one side of the room in front of the stage while Umi was standing at the opposite side of the stage. Finally, one last person was waiting at the center of the stage.

“What…  me?” asked the Eli representing Embla, wearing the exact same outfit as the other Eli.

“Yes we… didn’t really have the time to warn you about that,” said Umi quietly.

“Could you please hurry with the explanations?” shouted Leo at them.

“Well, let’s just skip them entirely! You’ll explain everything after the fight, Umi, alright?” finally said Anju. “Now, let’s go… Slowly…”

As soon as she said that softly, the beast took off and slammed the first row.

“Slowly, I said! Please!”

The Embran Eli danced for Anju and her wyvern which made the wyvern take off precipitately once again and stopped near Nico, who did her ‘Nico Nico Nii’ which seemed to particularly anger the beast.

While all of this was happening, Sharena was running towards the other side of the auditorium to reach Umi. Eli decided to help her reach her more quickly and danced for her to get there sooner.

Tibarn flew right into the wyvern rider’s path.


“You okay there?”

“Yes, uh… I… The Emblian Empire gave me this wyvern for my safety but I have never even seen one before…” The girl shook her head. “But that’s not what we’re here for! I have the obligation to defeat you, I’m sorry. Are you ready?”

A smile grew on the side of Tibarn’s face.

“Yes, ready.”

How could he hurt someone who was so nice about fighting? Someone who was completely unprepared to, too? This girl was not a fighter. Even though he was looking for a real fight, he decided to go easy on her. He took the decision to fight in this form instead of the hawk one and dashed towards Anju ready to attack with his fingers as if they were his claws.

The girl, a bit surprised quickly came back to her senses and held out her staff in front of her to ward him off. The hawk king grabbed the staff and evaluated the girl’s strength. She was stronger than he thought but he just needed to put a little more strength and he would be able to push her off her mount… Except that he wasn’t quick enough and it was too late when he noticed the steel staff getting colder in his hands and the top of it glowing. The cold on his hands quickly created ice burns on his skin and a strong freezing wind pushed him away from her. He could feel his wings getting numb and was about to fall… But Anju quickly stopped the spell she was doing.

“Oh no, I’m sorry! Are you okay? I didn’t know my staff could do that… I was just… about to randomly whack you with it…”

Tibarn had underestimated her and she apparently did too. Tibarn turned into a hawk and perched on one of the seats, waiting for his opponent to come down and fight him.


While this was happening, Umi decided to take advantage of the lack of shield in Sharena’s hand. She shot an arrow that she avoided before dropping her weapon after the second one grazed her arm. Eli ran to her aid and as soon as Sharena had grabbed her lance back, the dancer used her ability again to give her some more strength and the same windy figures gave her friends advice on how to defeat Umi.

Sharena’s gaze immediately went to the archer’s bare stomach and the lack of armor on her chest. The princess ran towards Umi and hit her in the stomach with the handle of her lance, not hard enough for her to fall off her horse, though. The cavalier immediately prepared another arrow and shot it at her foe on a very short distance but Sharena avoided that as well and hit her another time in the stomach which made her let out a groan.

Umi’s horse took a few steps back and the archer took a deep breath. She was clearly tired, but of what? Of being hurt? Of the contract? Both? Eli couldn’t tell.

As she nocked an arrow on her bow, four others that appeared to be made of water appeared next to her, pointing towards Sharena.

“1,2 Jump!”

Umi sang that line and shot the arrow which fired the four other ones that went flying directly towards the Askrian. It was impossible to avoid the five of them and most of them went right through her body. She fell on the floor between two rows of seats and wouldn’t get up.

“Sharena!” shouted Eli. She took a deep breath and started her dancing, looking at Umi, full of determination.


Leo was on his horse, rushing to corner Umi but his path got blocked by Nico throwing her fan at him and slicing him in the face before it went right back into her hand. He immediately retaliated with his spell. The tree pierced through the girl’s legs which made her scream. She threw her fan at him once again which bounced off of his chest armor and came back to her. Immediately after getting her fan back, her brows furrowed even more and she bit her lower lip.

“Don’t you ever dare hurt me again!” she shouted at him before her fan caught fire. He used his spell again but this time she cut through the branches right away with her blazing fan before throwing it again at him.

“Psychic Fire!”

More than just cutting through his armor, the fire on the fan spread quickly on the prince’s clothes. He started panicking immediately, trying to put it off with his hand. While this was happening Anju and her wyvern landed right next to Nico to heal her. Some snowflakes appeared near Nico’s wounds on her legs, covering them. Quickly, they had completely disappeared, just like the pain. She turned to the healer, thankful, and said:

“Thank you, Anju! Let’s keep going! Nico Nic-“

Nico started shrieking. Tibarn had grabbed her by the shoulders before she had the time to finish her sentence, flew high in the auditorium and whispered to her, as she dropped her fan.

“Try to do anything, and you’re going to follow your weapon.”

Anju’s arms and her wyvern were already covered in branches because of Brynhildr, Leo’s tome, who had been able to magically stop the fire… not without a few burns though. The beast roared violently, trying to free itself from the tree that grew on top of it. Anju still tried to use her magic but the pressure of the branch around her hand holding the staff got stronger and she dropped it in pain. Leo, not focusing on his spell anymore approached Nico’s fan on the floor and broke it in half with his hands.

“Not so confident anymore, uh?”


Right as the metallic sound of the staff falling to the ground was heard, Eli’s spell was over and the windy figures from earlier came through the auditorium’s doors and knocked Umi’s off of her horse again. One of them grabbed the archer’s bow and brought it back to the dancer. She looked at Umi breathing on the ground before turning to look at Sharena right on time to see the water arrows in her chest disappearing, but the regular arrow was still in her stomach. Eli immediately dropped the bow and ran towards her but right before she reached her unconscious friend, she was hit several times in the face and in the chest. She almost fell but was able to stay up thanks to one of the seats.

“Well… This is embarrassing. I’m sorry for hurting you…  For hurting me? I need to honor the contract… for my friends. I don’t want to hurt anyone but if I don’t, my friends will suffer from it.” Explained the Eli from this world who was standing right in front of the doors of the auditorium. She must have left through the backstage when no one was paying attention and decided to go for a sneak attack.

“Don’t worry… I get that… I’m doing the exact same thing. I’m not here to hurt anyone; I just want to free you from this contract.” Answered the Askrian Eli who had been trying to stand up on her own again. “I’m doing this for you… and for Askr.”

Barely even able to stand up, she still started to dance. This time, not only the windy figures started appearing sooner but a myriad of lights started enveloping the auditorium, blinding everyone inside. The lights fused with the dancing figures, creating nine new dancers, floating above the stage, their bodies full of stars. They weren’t all based on Eli anymore but every one of them distinctly looked like a member of µ’s. Their voices started echoing all throughout the room as the melody of “START:DASH!”, the first song they ever performed together at that exact spot, could be heard.

“Hey! Hey! Hey! START:DASH!”

“Let’s dance!” said Eli as she opened her eyes right on time to see the nine performers on stage reuniting to create a wind blast that went straight towards her last opponent, sending her out of the auditorium and slamming against the wall outside.


After that, the figures disappeared from the stage and the caster fell on her knees, panting.

“So that’s what it looks like when you use Glimmer…” said Leo, quietly.

“Does that mean… You’ve defeated us? Are we free from this contract?” asked Anju.

“Most certainly, you’re all incapacitated, right? You can’t fight anymore,” he answered.

Umi who had gotten back up since then ran towards her previous foe, Eli, her eyes teary.

“Eli… Are you okay?.. This… this was wonderful!”

“Yes… I’m fine… There’s someone else you should be worrying about…” she answered, smiling.

Umi nodded, got back up again and ran outside the auditorium.

Nico, who had just been safely dropped by Tibarn ran towards the panting Eli and immediately hugged her without saying anything. Her shoulders were shaking and to comfort her, Eli just hugged her back, patting her in the back, chuckling. Nico eventually got up and ran outside the auditorium too.

Anju, finally free of the branches jumped off of her wyvern and was handed her staff back by Leo who still glanced at her not fully trusting that she wasn’t going to fight back again. However, the girl proved trustworthy as she calmly approached Sharena. Holding her staff in the right hand, she put her left one on Sharena’s shoulder and both her hands and her staff starting glowing. Soon, snowflakes started falling onto Sharena’s wounds and the healing process was greatly sped up.

Anju smiled to Eli who whispered “thanks” before shaking her head and finally headed outside too.


“Hey… Did I miss something?” The voice of Sharena was finally heard again, although she was weaker than usual.

“Haha… I’m glad you’re okay.” Answered Eli.

“So, now that we’re done here, should we go get the others for their special performance for Anna?” Tibarn approached, a big smile on his face.

“Let’s give them some time. They’ll do eventually, when they’ll join us in Askr. Anna’s plan can wait.” Smiled Eli. “Let’s get Sharena home for now.”

Tibarn helped put Sharena, who was still a bit weak, on Leo’s horse even though the wound of the dagger on his shoulder was hurting him a little bit. The group said goodbye to the girls who had previously been their foes and then left this world by the same portal they had entered.

Once again, the Order of Heroes had stopped Embla but as much as they wanted to enjoy this victory, the fight had ended in great fear and the first experience on the battlefield for a lot of the people involved would leave a mark on their mind for a very long time.