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with a little help (from my friends)

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“Nice job distracting me, Shaun, but you can’t keep it up forever,” Lea said, getting back down to the floor, then wrapping her hand around his hard-on – she’d had to angle her hand strangely – and giving it a few gentle strokes.

“No, I can’t – keep it up – forever – I think I’ll – have to come – eventually,” he replied, the sentence broken up by staccato gasps of delight as Lea worked a little faster with her hands.

She waited for Shaun to tell her it was okay to take his underwear off now, but he didn’t speak. Well, he’s probably enjoying himself too much to think about it, she considered.

“You’ll get more out of this if you let me take these off,” she suggested quietly, snapping the waistband of his underwear. “Are you okay with that?” 

“I think so,” Shaun mumbled.

“I’d like to untie your hands now, too. I want you to put your hand over mine and show me how you prefer to be touched. Ready?”

“Not yet. What you’re doing right now feels good to me. Ask me again later, and my answer may change.”

“Absolutely. I can do that,” Lea agreed, pulling down Shaun’s underwear, then laying it neatly on top of the khakis already folded beside him.

“Scoot forward a bit,” she prompted him next, and he shuffled nearer to her until she told him: “That’s good. Hard to reach if you don’t get a little closer.”

“Are you going to do something else to me now?” Shaun asked her.

“Yes. Quick check-in: everything still okay back there? Are you comfortable? Anything you’d rather I wasn’t doing? Anything you’d like me to do that I’m not currently doing?”

“I am uncomfortable,” Shaun stated truthfully, and Lea tried hard not to feel offended. She’d pushed him for honesty, after all.

“But...” he added, catching Lea off guard. His declaration of discomfort had sounded like the end of the sentence.

Apparently it wasn’t.

“But what...?” Lea prodded him impulsively, then immediately wished she hadn’t.

“I don’t always want to be comfortable,” he went on. “Being uncomfortable is not the same thing as being afraid.” 

“Maybe sometimes it is,” Lea put in. 

“I’m not afraid of you, Lea,” Shaun assured her. “You’re very overwhelming, but you’re not something I’m scared of. Being overwhelmed by you is something I’ve generally come to like,” he clarified, then added wryly, “... although not always at first.” 

“Okay,” Lea said, then rearing up high on her knees, she brought her lips close to his ear and asked in a low voice: “Do you want me to make you come?”

Shaun gave an emphatic nod. “Yes.” 

“Awesome. Next question: do you want to watch me while I do it?”

He shook his head. “I’m not ready to see that.” 

“That’s cool. Do you mind if I look at your face, though?”

“Without the blindfold?” Shaun queried, the anxiety creeping into his voice again.

“Well, I can take it off and you just keep your eyes shut, but it’s totally fine if you’d prefer to keep it on, too,” Lea assured him.

“I wish I could take it off, but I — ” Shaun added, apologetically.

“For the record, Murphy, you are devastatingly sexy with or without it,” Lea announced. “I’m good on mechanics for the most part. What I need to see in your face are the changes in expression, depending on where and how I touch you. And verbal feedback is, of course, always appreciated.”

“I’m not good at explaining my feelings — ” Shaun protested. 

“That’s okay. This isn’t about that. I’m better at reading you than I used to be, anyway. Like right now, you’re nervous.”

“How can you tell?” Shaun queried, confused.

“Because looking at you is one of my favourite activities,” Lea murmured. “I’ve picked up on a few things.”

Settling back down towards the floor, she curled her hand around his hard-on again, sliding it up and down, occasionally looking up to assess Shaun’s facial expression for continued signs of enjoyment and ease – or any sort of panic.

Seeing no immediate cause for concern, she reached just underneath him and pressed on something that would almost certainly elicit a... strong reaction. She made sure to keep jacking him off at the same time, hiding her evil grin – not that Shaun could see her expression, anyway – waiting for...

“Fuck!” Shaun cursed, jerking as though Lea had jabbed him with their fireplace poker.

Ah, so that does do something for you, Lea thought, filing the information away in her head for future use. She had never heard Shaun swear so loudly before.

“My, my, haven’t we developed a potty mouth?” she chided him playfully, pressing her fingers down again and taking stock of his physical responses as she did so. “And judging by how you just about ascended to the astral plane there, you liked that a lot. Can’t you reach down here by yourself?”

“Yes, I can. But you are – at a different angle – than when I – do this – to myself,” Shaun managed to retort in between gasps for breath.

“Oh. Well, happy to help!” Lea said cheerfully, now stroking his shaft, his balls, and his perineum, all at once.

Her hands were very full indeed, and the noise Shaun made in the back of his throat as Lea did all of this was almost animalistic – closer to a growl.

Good God, that is hot, she thought, hoping she’d get to hear it again sometime.

Then his voice went softer, almost pleading: “Be – very – careful.”

“I am being careful,” Lea promised him. “Does it feel good?”

“Yes,” he whispered in reply.

For his part, Shaun was trying very hard to trust the woman who quite literally had him by the balls, and who – if he were honest with himself – pretty much always had.

‘Here goes nothing,’ Lea said to herself, leaning forward and darting her tongue out experimentally. She thought she heard Shaun stop breathing, and she was about to abort the mission when she noticed he was fidgeting with the bindings on his wrists. She paused in what she was doing just in case he needed help, but he found his own way out of the restraints quickly.

“Hey, is there something you want to do with your hands?” Lea asked teasingly.

“I know girls don’t like having their hair pulled — ” Shaun began uncertainly.

“Girls... usually don’t. Women... might,” Lea responded.

“I want to pull your hair,” he said in a slightly more confident voice, the ‘may I?’ implied.

“Try it,” she encouraged him, and she felt his fingers rake through her hair over and over, the action becoming less timid and more assertive on every pass, yanking harder every time she murmured, “Shaun, please...”

“Can you do the same to me? I want to know if it hurts when you do it,” Shaun requested after a little while.

“Yeah, sure,” Lea agreed, getting up from her position on the floor and wobbling slightly on coltish legs. She tried to fall back onto the couch with some semblance of finesse.

“How graceful,” she chuckled self-deprecatingly, taking a moment to get her bearings before settling into Shaun’s lap once again.

Recognising that he was now sitting quite a bit forward, and that Lea might tip backwards, Shaun acted quickly to steady her, circling an arm around her waist.

Lea reached out and slid her fingers into his dark hair. She hadn’t touched it since she’d washed it for him in the hospital, and the texture was completely different. It was so soft. She almost felt bad about the fact she was going to tug on it.


She pulled his hair lightly at first, then when she heard him murmur his approval, she increased the amount of force incrementally. As his breathing grew shallower, and the hand around Lea’s waist tightened its grip, she kept stepping up the intensity. Her other hand crept down between them to lightly stroke him, while her tugs on his hair became even rougher.

“That’s – too – much,” Shaun choked out desperately, and Lea immediately withdrew from him.

“Okay, I’ve stopped. Was it the hair or the — ” Lea started.

“Both of them together. Too intense,” Shaun explained. “It felt good... until it didn’t.”

“Why don’t we leave the hair-pulling for another day?” Lea suggested gently.

“Okay,” Shaun agreed, voice quiet and shy again.

“Ready for something else?” she asked him, and he nodded.

Letting herself back down from the sofa, and finding a comfortable position on the throw cushion, Lea then decided to give Shaun the first blow job he’d ever had in his life.

When he fully realised what was happening to him now, Shaun was very glad of Lea’s earlier, brilliant idea to blindfold him, because he didn’t think he had the courage to make eye contact with her while she was up close and personal with his cock.

In time, however, he felt more comfortable with laying his hands over hers, gently guiding her to the places that always felt best to him, and showing her exactly how firm her grip ought to be.

“Oh! Hi, there,” she giggled, adjusting her grip to accomodate his hand over hers. “How’s that?”

“You’re going to make me come — ” he managed to get out, before abruptly falling silent as Lea took him slightly deeper into her mouth. Then he felt her gently pushing his own hands aside, signifying that she’d absorbed the lesson and she felt confident taking over from him.

He couldn’t quite work out exactly where she was at that moment, either, and he figured the disorientation was probably due to being unable to see. It felt like Lea was in several places at once: that was her tongue swirling all over his cock; those were her fingers delicately cupping his balls; that was her humming against his skin, whispering his name.

He leaned back, trying to quiet his mind and just luxuriate in absolutely everything his girlfriend was doing to him, in awe of it – in awe of her.

He was doing well at it. That is, until he was suddenly asking himself questions, and then it occurred to him that he should probably be asking these questions of Lea instead.

She said she doesn’t like facials. I can’t assume she wants to swallow, either.

“Please stop!” he exclaimed, panicked. True to her word, Lea immediately withdrew.

“You’re close, huh?” she guessed, and Shaun nodded shakily.

“Do you want me to stop, or are you just not sure where to...?” Lea asked him gently, and her reassuring tone calmed him down. “I’m sorry, we didn’t talk about where — ”

“The second one,” he cut in. “You don’t like facials.”

“I’ll finish you with my hands, then. Just let go when you feel it,” she said, once more paying attention to his hard-on – it needed a little bit of reviving first – and a short while later, he came.

“Thank you,” he finally managed after a painfully long silence, feeling awkward, not knowing what else to say, before going on: “Do you want me to reciprocate?”

“I think that’s a question for another time, Shaunie,” was Lea’s quiet reply.

“Are you saying ‘no’?” Shaun persisted anxiously.

Lea’s first instinct was to shake her head, until she remembered he still couldn’t see. “I’m saying that I don’t expect you to do it tonight, sweetheart. You don’t always have to do the absolute most,” she amended. “Anyway, I, um, I should wash my hands, they’re pretty sticky — ”

“Sorry,” Shaun apologised automatically.

“Don’t be,” Lea insisted, as she went to go and wash her hands in the bathroom. She held a washcloth under the running water, wrung it out, then closed the taps.

When she came back into the living room, she was somewhat amused to find Shaun exactly where she’d left him, sitting bolt upright with his hands clasped in his lap, his eyes still concealed by the blindfold.

He looked for all the world like he was patiently waiting for someone to take his order at a restaurant.

... If the restaurant was a cafe attached to a sex dungeon, Lea noted, considering his current presentation.

“What’ll it be tonight, sir?” she asked jokingly, taking a brief trip back to her days waitressing, putting herself through college. “Coffee, tea... or me?”

Even without seeing his eyes, she could instantly tell that Shaun was confused by her quip.

“Fine, I guess I’ll surprise you!” she said, then remembered she had the cloth in her hand. “Actually, I brought you a washcloth. Here,” she went on, handing it to him. He took it and cleaned himself up, then gave it back to her. She tossed it on the pile of her discarded clothes.

“Brace yourself, I’m climbing back in your lap,” Lea informed him next, and at Shaun’s nod of assent, she did so, slinging her legs either side of him again. 

“I want you to take my shirt off. I’m ready for that,” Shaun pronounced as soon as Lea had settled into a comfortable position.

“Blindfold — ?” Lea started.

“ — Not yet. But... feelings change,” Shaun replied, reaching out blindly for Lea, finding her face under his hands, pulling her in for a kiss that set her on fire.

“Shaun, I haven’t brushed my teeth, I – sorry, I forgot, I’ll go — ” Lea reminded him, breaking the kiss abruptly, and moving to get out of his lap, but he held on to her, his grip firm and assured.

“Love... you...” he hummed into her mouth as he drew her in for another kiss, pulling her even deeper into his lap. She felt him go hard again, and she couldn’t resist rubbing up against him, enjoying hearing him groan with desire.

“Don’t be shy,” she urged him in between kisses. “Touch me, and I’ll touch you. I feel like this is the part where things get a lot more mutual again. What do you think? C’mon, what have you got for me?”

“More than I know what to do with,” Shaun answered honestly. “Help me take my shirt off.”

Aren’t you going to say ‘please’? Lea thought, before she realised that to Shaun, this was how to be rough. To his mind, ordering her around like this was all part of the foreplay. So she moved to push his shirt off his shoulders, then watched with glazed eyes as he did the rest. He held the garment out to Lea as though he expected her to fold it.

Instead of folding it, though, Lea took it and put it on herself, leaving it unbuttoned, waiting for his curious hands to discover the next surprise for themselves.

She heard his strangled ‘Oh!’ as he realised he wasn’t touching Lea’s bare skin, but the cotton of his own shirt, the material still warm from his body.

Then she listened harder, hearing his breath hitch as his hands travelled further towards the open front of the shirt, soon to learn that not all of Lea was clothed again.

This fact seemed to tip Shaun over some sort of invisible precipice, and his hands frantically roamed her body. She didn’t know what they were searching for, and she found herself simultaneously hoping that he would find what he was looking for, and also hoping that he would never find it, if it meant that he kept touching her like this.

“I’m wondering how hypocritical it would be if I said I want to bite you, w-when you know that I don’t want you to bite me at all,” he said, self-consciously.

“Oh, babe, incredibly hypocritical. Do it anyway,” Lea commanded him, her fingers curled around his cock, moving up and down the shaft, and a couple of the fingers of her other hand were fighting a couple of Shaun’s for dominance. They gradually established a collaborative little rhythm.

Lea looked down at the red marks he was leaving all over her with his other hand. Shaun had never before been rough with her like this, and it left her panting and breathless.

Well, that... and everything else.

Then, to top it off, Shaun chose that precise moment to untie the blindfold.

Lea watched it fall between them as it fluttered weightlessly to the floor. Shaun gazed at her; upon noticing he was doing so, Lea deliberately chose to focus on a spot past his right shoulder, so he could come to terms with the removal of this last artificial barrier between them.

And, you know, check her out in relative peace and quiet.

“Everything okay?” she asked him eventually, her voice soft. She was relieved when Shaun nodded... then quite confused when he, rather unceremoniously, tossed Lea off his lap and stood up quickly from the couch.

She didn’t have time to ask any follow-up questions, either, because Shaun yanked the sofa cushions out from behind Lea, throwing them away from the couch as though they had somehow pissed him off.

Lea’s eyes lit up when she figured it out at last, and she guessed out loud: “We’re screwing on this couch, aren’t we?”