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Bakugou Fucking Katsuki ☑

@groundzero new shouto merch go buy it or sth idgaf

19:45 PM - 11 April 2XXX

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Shouto receives a notification as soon as the tweet is uploaded because, for some reason, when the message popped up back when he was setting up his account asking if he wanted to get an alert every time @groundzero posted something, he clicked yes without a second thought.


Thinking about it now, Shouto can admit to himself it probably had something (a lot) to do with the fact he had (has) some sort of feelings for Bakugou. It’s been that way ever since their third year at UA and Shouto can actually pinpoint the exact moment he started seeing Bakugou in this new light -- something he’s been told isn’t very typical.


(“With most people it’s a gradual thing, I think,” Izuku said once Shouto confided in him. “They like each other as friends first, then they realise at some point down the road those feelings have grown into something else, something more.” He blinked then, mind seemingly catching up to his mumbling, and waved his hands around so vigourously Shouto was worried they’d fall off. “Not that, not that there’s anything wrong about your situation! I’m not an expert on those things, I’ve never really even dated anyone! I definitely didn’t mean to imply you’re weird or your situation’s weird or--” At this point Shouto raised a hand and attempted to ease Izuku’s worries, assuring him that’s not how he took his words, that he wasn’t offended, etc. Privately, though, he couldn’t help but wonder if Izuku’s perceived understanding of crushes and feelings wasn’t based mainly on his own predicament; he did notice how flustered Izuku seemed to get around that one particular classmate of theirs.)


His phone lights up again with yet another notification and Shouto can feel his lips twitching. He raises his head, finally, to look at where Bakugou’s lounging on the couch across of him.


“Don’t you have your own merchandise to promote?”


Bakugou barely even looks up from his phone as he says, without missing a beat, “Freakshow said I should do some charity work.”


It gets a snort out of Shouto, though he’s quick to cover it up once he sees Bakugou’s eyes shift to him. He can’t have the man thinking Shouto finds him amusing; it’d only feed his already too big to be healthy ego, and Shouto’s not that gone on him.



“I doubt she appreciates being called that,” he says instead, tone intentionally dry to make up for his previous slip-up. He knows he’s right, though, because he can recall at least five different occasions where Bakugou’s manager’s yelled at him for not using her name. Honestly, Shouto’s just impressed she can even do her job -- managing Bakugou in any way seems incredibly vexing, if dealing with him on a daily basis is any indication.


“Guess how many fucks I give,” Bakugou says in response and this time, his eyes stay on his phone, fingers rapidly flying over the screen. He’s surprisingly active on social media, much more than Shouto himself that’s for sure; Shouto has no idea how he does it nor what appeal there is to it, but he’s not judging. Not in the slightest, considering Bakugou’s online presence is one of the highlights of Shouto’s day.


He has to stifle a wince as soon as that thought crosses his mind because honestly, at this point his crush is just sad.



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[Two screenshots of Bakugou Katsuki’s most recent tweets. One says, ‘new shouto merch go buy it or sth idgaf’ and provides a link to Todoroki Shouto’s website. The other says, ‘srsly go buy that shit it’s lit *fire emoji*’]

#bakugou katsuki #ground zero #todoroki shouto #shouto #not tagging any ships bc i don’t want to start discourse

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okay so not to be That Person but like,, Bakugou is so freaking supportive of his friends?? i mean remember when he also tweeted about Mina’s debut as a pro? and when he posted the photos of kaminari kicking that villain’s ass on his insta (i forget the villain’s name but you know which pics i mean)? and then that thread shutting down a kirishima hater and talking abt how badass kirishima is?

get yourself a friend like bakugou katsuki honestly

#bakugou katsuki #bakusquad #we stan a king

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anonymous asked:

Have you seen The Tweets???


I have seen them! And let me just say, I live for that kind of interactions. Be it as friends or more, Bakugou and Todoroki respect each other so much and that’s so heartwarming to see! Also, I like to think Bakugou already owns at least some of the merch lol!

#answered #todoroki shouto #bakugou katsuki #todobaku #i’d love to see them do some more stuff together #whether to team up for something or just hang out or post something together

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“So,” Izuku starts after taking a sip of his iced tea. “How’s Kacchan?”


It’s an innocent question and yet it makes Shouto frown at what it implies. He knows perfectly well that Izuku and Bakugou are on much better terms now than they’ve ever been, and while they still clash every now and then, it’s not that much of a stretch to assume they’re keeping tabs on each other. Which, of course, means Izuku isn’t really asking how Bakugou is. No, he’s subtly hinting at Shouto’s feelings, to which Shouto honestly has no idea how to respond.


“He’s fine,” is what he says finally. In the back of his mind, he wishes he hadn’t already finished his drink so that he could have something to distract himself with, but alas, he and Izuku scheduled to meet right after his workout and so he was quick to finish both his meal and his drink.


Izuku seems to find his answer unsatisfactory because he frowns too, expression matching Shouto’s, except when Midoriya Izuku frowns, it’s like looking at a wounded puppy. “Nothing’s changed between you two?”


“I… don’t see why it would.” After all, Shouto is reasonably sure none of his actions have been betraying his feelings and he has no intention of changing that.


Izuku shakes his head, energetically, of course, the way he does everything. “You’ve been spending a lot of time together! And Kacchan always talks about you, doesn’t he? In interviews and on his accounts; I really think there’s something there!”


Shouto raises an eyebrow, dubious. He’s never got that feeling from the way Bakugou acts around him. Yes, they’ve become friends now, he supposes, but something more? It’s honestly never crossed his mind Bakugou could see him in such a light.


“I believe he’s only being,” friendly, he goes to say but then remembers it’s Bakugou he’s talking about and his lips twitch, “civil.”


“I don’t know about that,” Izuku says, thoughtful, and there’s a glint in his eye that reminds Shouto of when he’s taking notes on various Quirks. He stifles a sigh; he really hopes Izuku doesn’t go to overanalyse his relationship with Bakugou. That would just make everything even more confusing and tiring than it already is.


A Comprehensive List of All (Known Public) Shouto and Ground Zero Interactions

  • Ground Zero and Shouto debut as Pro-Heroes on the same day. Ground Zero subtweets about Shouto and seems to be challenging him while at the same time congratulating him.
  • Ground Zero does an interview in which he mentions Shouto as one of his biggest rivals. (2:47) (Also, the question is about which heroes he respects the most so Ground Zero doesn’t mean rivals in a negative way.)
  • Red Riot uploads a picture of Ground Zero’s 21st birthday celebration which seems to consist of a small circle of close friends (nicknamed by the general public as ‘the Bakusquad’) and, perhaps most notably, Shouto.
  • Ground Zero is asked by a reporter if his friends influence his speech patterns (in regards to recent rumours swirling around at the time that he might be dating fellow hero, Utsushimi Camie, who is known for using ‘slang’ words which also make frequent appearances in Ground Zero’s tweets.) He answers, “Fuck no. It’d be funny, though, if it worked like that. Imagine Icy Hot cursing. I’d pay to see that.” EDIT: Here’s a link. A huge thank you to @todobaku for sending me that clip!

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As two of the relatively youngest (and, Shouto feels no shame to admit mostly because it doesn’t matter, the most popular) heroes on the scene, it makes sense UA would ask Shouto and Bakugou to talk to some classes, offer them useful advice and maybe even help them with their development.


As Shouto and Bakugou, however, Shouto is inclined to wonder what the principal even expects would happen. After all, he’s aware he’s not one of the most expressive heroes out there; that’s not to say he lacks passion, despite what many might believe, but instead that he shows it in a different way. His whole life, his determination and conviction have been silent, focused, not expressed through shouted words and loud proclamations.


He doesn’t know how to inspire those kids in a way they’d understand him.


Then there’s Bakugou, who Shouto knows will tip the scales in the other direction. He gets fired up over the smallest of things and while sometimes helpful in a fight, Shouto understands his attitude can also be overwhelming for someone who’s not used to his ways.


Simply put, he doesn’t hold out much hope for this to end up as a successful class.


“Morning,” Bakugou grumbles as he enters the teachers’ room, hands inside his pockets, less than five minutes before they’re supposed to go meet the kids. He takes a long look around before letting out a snort. “Huh. Not as shitty as I expected.”


Shouto is about to reply, dry comment already on the tip of his tongue, when a voice beats him to it.


“Thank you for the outstanding review,” Aizawa says from the doorway, face and voice as blank as ever. “Would you like to inspect the rest of the staff’s rooms or are you ready to go?”


Bakugou crosses his arms, face twisting, and Shouto is horrified to discover he even finds his scowl attractive in a way. “You still teaching, old man? Sure you can keep up?”


Shouto rolls his eyes and doesn’t bother hiding it. He knows for a fact that Bakugou keeps in touch with Aizawa, and he remembers the father-son relationship they’d grown to have sometime during second year; it’s just like Bakugou, though, to show affection through borderline insults.


“Save some of your attitude for the students,” he mutters as he passes him by on the way out. Aizawa’s already turned around, headed towards the training ground they’re supposed to meet the kids on, and Shouto stifles a smile as he hears Bakugou complain (loudly and violently, as one does) about being ignored.


His smile melts into a more resigned expression, however, once Bakugou pushes past him and Aizawa and greets the students with, “So you little shits want to be heroes, huh?”



Only yesterday young heroes Todoroki Shouto (23), also known by his hero name ‘Shouto’, and Bakugou Katsuki (24), a.k.a. Ground Zero, visited UA’s grounds to join class 1-A for a special training session. Todoroki and Bakugou, both former students of the Academy, have been big names on the hero scene even before their respective debuts ( which happened coincidentally on the same day! ) so it should come as no surprise the school’s turned to them to offer some advice to the young heroes-in-training.


Take a look at our photo gallery to see exclusive pictures from the event!


The two heroes showed up at the Academy early in the morning, ready to get some training done with the young students of Class 1-A. The class representative, Hattori Eka, kindly agreed to tell us more about the experience, saying that “[Ground Zero] was very intense. He engaged with the entire class from the moment he saw us. Shouto let him take the lead, mostly, but he was also very helpful! It’s easy to see why those two are such amazing heroes,”


During the past year, Shouto and Ground Zero’s names have become more intertwined, with the two of them frequently teaming up and actively talking about one another online. ( Click here to see tumblr user symbol-of--peace-all-might’s neatly compiled list of all their known interactions. ) It’s certainly not a friendship we expected but perhaps it’s the one we’ve needed all along.



zerouravity: lol ‘they’re such good friends :) just dudes being bros :) bros being dudes :)’

                  lilacsong: It’s… because they are?

                  zerouravity: nah man they bonin for sure

                  allienquen: lol wut? take off ur shipping glasses pls ur embarrassing


dekuuunumberone: This has to be the fourth person I see describing Ground Zero as “intense”. The hell’s that even mean?

                  itmayoritmaynot: dude’s an asshole, that’s what


todobae: Ughhh never have I ever wished more I went to UA instead. Luckyyy

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Speaking to Momo usually leaves Shouto feeling relaxed and peaceful. She has a quality about her, one that simply makes him feel at ease when she’s around.


Since they teamed up in first year, they’ve only been growing closer, to the point where Shouto now feels more than comfortable placing his full trust in her. And he finds there’s something very liberating about knowing you can rely on someone like that.


So, yes, conversation with Momo or even simply being in her presence usually puts Shouto at ease. Tonight seems to be a slight exception, and due to no fault at Momo, of course. No, she simply does what every good friend would do and admits she’s been worried about him.


“You don’t seem happy,” she says, hesitant, unsure, as if Shouto could get mad at her for voicing her thoughts. “I mean, you do seem content. And I know things have been good lately, quieter and safer, but I can’t help but get the feeling you’re waiting for something to happen.” She waves a hand, nothing like Izuku’s energetic gestures; when Momo moves, she moves with calculated grace, somehow able to make every motion seem elegant. “That doesn’t make much sense, forgive me.”


“No,” Shouto speaks up, throat dry. He has no idea how to react to her words but not because she’s overstepping, as Momo surely believes she is. It’s because what she said hits too close to home, and before she brought it to his attention, Shouto never even noticed.


Now, however, he can’t ignore the truth of her words. Lately, he has been drifting, both in life and even in his work. As Momo said, things have been much quieter, with not as many villain attacks and a notable decrease in petty crimes too; for someone who grew up surrounded by tragedy and villains waiting at every corner, Shouto finds himself perhaps unsurprisingly unused to a life of relative peace.


His days, he realises, consist of the same routine, going over the motions over and over again, and yes, Momo’s right on that count as well -- he isn’t happy. If he has to be perfectly honest, Shouto feels rather useless, really.


The world doesn’t need him so desperately at the moment and it suddenly hits Shouto that he doesn’t quite know what to do with himself when he’s not needed.


You’re waiting for something to happen , Momo said. And he is.


When UA invited him to that teaching session, he was glad. Excited even. He didn’t have high expectations, yes, but still he looked forward to going. Even yesterday, when Momo contacted him with the suggestion to get dinner together, he found himself checking the time every now and then, counting the hours until their little outing.


It’s… a lot to realise in a minute.


“No,” he repeats and shakes his head. “You’re right. I… I hadn’t thought about it like that but you’re right. As always,” he adds with a small smile. It quickly slips away as he sighs. “I simply don’t know what to do with myself,” he confesses and a part of him feels bad about complaining essentially about being bored but he’s so very tired, suddenly. So he allows himself to let go of guilt, just for a brief moment.


Momo’s smile is encouraging. “There are plenty of things you can do! You can pick up a new hobby, meet up with friends, maybe even travel. In fact, I think a change of scenery is exactly what you need.” She keeps talking, a steady flow of different suggestions leaving her lips, and Shouto smiles.


At last, the feeling of calm is back.

Bakugou K.

Hello, Bakugou.


I was wondering if you had any

plans tonight?

im a busy dude icy hot

whaddya want


I happen to have two tickets to

the play ‘The Dancing Dragons’

and I was wondering if you’d

perhaps like to accompany me.


lol laaaame

You don’t want to, then?

fuck off i didnt say that

ill b there

That’s good.

fucking fantastic

K. Mai @valentiness

I’m seeing some dumb play and I’m pretty sure Shouto and Ground Zero are sitting right behind me.


K. Mai @valentiness

I stg there better not be a villain attack. I came to enjoy my night and I know those boys’ luck. #nightruined


Kamidamn @kkstyle

Replying to @valentiness

omg is it really them?? are you sure?? that’s so exciting!


Ash @thatbinch

Replying to @valentiness @kkstyle

Don’t be so quick to believe everything you read online. Also, ‘dumb play’=’enjoy my night’? Next time make your story more consistent, at least.


K. Mai @valentiness

Replying to @valentiness @kkstyle @thatbinch

We all have hobbies. Mine is making fun of dumb plays. Yours is being a killjoy on the Internet. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

[Attached: One slightly blurry image of Todoroki Shouto and Bakugou Katsuki sitting at a theatre, talking. In the corner of the picture, the upper half of a blonde woman’s face can be seen.]

“So,” Bakugou begins, arms crossed, but despite his confrontational tone and furrowed eyebrows, Shouto thinks he seems genuinely curious. “Why’d you call me here?”


“I asked,” he clarifies, a slight frown appearing on his face. “You’re making it sound as if I made you come.”


Predictably, Bakugou lets out a snort and once again, Shouto finds himself utterly charmed, despite better judgement. “You can’t ‘ make me ’ do anything, Icy Hot,” Bakugou says, meeting his eye, and there’s something there that sends a rush of electricity over Shouto’s skin. It’s not like the feeling he gets whenever he uses his Quirk and Shouto, while not the most experienced when it comes to romance, isn’t stupid. He’s just stupidly attracted to Bakugou, has been for quite a while, and it excites him as well as worries him.


He looks away and instead turns his eyes to the stage. It doesn’t lessen his attraction but it does make it easier to pretend it’s not there. “Of course not,” he agrees, attempting to stifle his smile as, out of the corner of his eye, he notices Bakugou watching him with something akin to suspicion. “You’re much too thickheaded for that.”


“Bastard,” Bakugou grumbles and punches him in the bicep, much too lightly to do any damage; it’s basically a caress by Bakugou standards, he thinks, amused. “What’s this dumb play even about?”


“Dragons,” Shouto says, tone dry. “That dance.”

K. Mai

Not to feed into rumours and shit but that Shouto kid is a smartass and I respect that. Also, GZ is kind of an asshole (which I respect too) but you already knew that.


K. Mai @valentiness

To all of you asking me for details, gee, chill out. The dudes are just hanging out (or are on a date, don’t know, don’t care), I’m not about to snoop on their conversations and live tweet it like it’s a fucking event. (1/3)


K. Mai @valentiness

I happened to overhear something funny, I mentioned it, end of story. Damn, can’t post anything on this website without some of you going batshit crazy over dumb shit. Let the boys live and most importantly, let ME live. (2/3)


K. Mai @valentiness

Srsly, if one more person starts blowing up my DMs asking for more pictures or gossip etc, I’m gonna lose my shit. Now let me chill on my night off you crazies. (I’d call you harpies but harpies are too cool for some of you shitheads.) (3/3)

Bakugou Fucking Katsuki ☑



i’ll be the best


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Don’t mess with me, hon 💄💋

Shouto raises an eyebrow, amused, as his phone chimes in with yet another Twitter notification, as it has been doing for the past few minutes. “Are you getting into fights on the Internet again?” he asks Bakugou who finally puts his phone down.


“Shut up,” he says but his tone lacks heat. He pokes around his food, unusually hesitant, before his abrasive attitude wins over and he lets out an annoyed breath. “Some woman saw us at the theatre. And then numbskulls started asking her for pictures and shit.”


Shouto blinks, for some reason slow to take Bakugou’s words in. He tries to think back on something particularly incriminating this woman might’ve captured but quite frankly, he draws blank; he imagines they must’ve seemed pretty boring to an outsider, even if Shouto considers the night anything but.


“Alright,” he says, unsure of what else there is to say. However Bakugou’s still staring at him, expectant, so Shouto tries to come up with more. “How many pictures?”


It’s a stupid thing to ask, Shouto realises that as soon as the words leave his mouth, but he’s committed to his temporary, Bakugou-induced stupidity. So he meets Bakugou’s eye, waiting, and tries not to wince at the dumbfounded look he gets.


“The fuck you mean, she shot them down.” A grin appears on the man’s lips. “It was pretty fucking funny, actually, I even followed her after that shit.”


Shouto, once again, blinks. There are no pictures, then. If that’s the case, he has to admit he’s at a loss as to why Bakugou was so upset a few moments ago.


“Okay. I’m… glad?” It always amazes him how he seems to lose any semblance of eloquence around Bakugou and, not for the first time this evening, Shouto has to hold back a wince.


“I thought you were supposed to be smart, Half and Half,” Bakugou huffs. (How after all these years of knowing each other he can’t come up with a nickname that doesn’t sound like something a first grader would say is beyond Shouto.) “I’m used to that kind of shit and I don’t give a fuck. But you like privacy and shit, I guess. And it’s not like it’s my fucking fault some people are dumb fucks that don’t know what ‘privacy’ means in the first place; it’s just fun to curse them out.”


It takes Shouto a moment to process everything because, as previously established, his brain tends to malfunction around Bakugou. Once he does, however, it’s really damn hard to contain the smile that threatens to grow on his lips.


Because, in the end, Bakugou’s little speech boils down to the fact he feels bad Shouto’s privacy has been breached (or close to being breached? Shouto still isn’t entirely clear on the details of the story). And those Twitter rants he posted, he did it because of Shouto. (Terrible as far as marketing moves go; Shouto expects Bakugou will hear from his manager very soon.)


“Are you capable of holding a conversation without cursing? I thought you were supposed to be smart,” he echoes Bakugou’s own words back at him, as if his heart isn’t pounding in his chest. He knows, though, that Bakugou still isn’t the best at accepting gratitude, so he wagers that’s a safer bet than outright saying ‘thank you’.


And, true to Shouto’s expectations, Bakugou leans back in his chair, relaxing. “Bastard,” he says and for a brief moment, Shouto can swear his eyes go soft.


It’s a good night.


to: undisclosed recipients

subject: Class Reunion 2XXX


Dear former classmates,

As your former class representative, I have taken it upon myself to organise a class reunion to celebrate five years since graduation. I ask you forgive my forwardness and I most fervently hope you will all attend!

In the file attached to this e-mail, I have included all the necessary details surrounding this gathering.

I encourage you all to RSVP.


Iida Tenya,

Former representative of Class A

“You goin’?” is the first thing Bakugou says as soon as Shouto answers his call.


“Good morning to you as well. I slept well, thank you, and yourself?”


“Very funny, Icy Hot. So. You going or what?”


“I am. I see no reason not to.”


Bakugou hums but doesn’t say anything.


“Are you?” Shouto tries.


“...Yeah, Kirishima’s been nagging me about it ever since we got the e-mail; he’s annoying.”


It’s Shouto’s turn to let out a noncommittal hum and a semi-awkward silence falls upon them.


“Well,” he says at last. “If that was all you wanted--”


“Wait,” Bakugou cuts him off and Shouto waits. He hears a slow exhale on the other end. “I…,” Bakugou trails off and Shouto’s pretty sure the rate at which his heart is beating can’t be healthy. “I’ll kick your ass.”


What. “What?”


“You heard me,” Bakugou says and his tone is a mixture of anger and embarrassment. “So… get ready. To lose. When I beat you.”


And he ends the call.


Shouto can’t remember the last time he was this confused.

[A picture of the former class A, sans Mineta Mineru, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances during first year, and featuring Shinsou Hitoshi who joined the class the following year.]

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dekuofficial Class A reunited! #loveyouguys

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[A short clip showing Class A sitting on the floor, playing Villain. Bakugou is yelling from behind the camera, saying “If I was the fucking Villain I’d have killed you all already!” to which someone replies, “Dude, that’s not how the game’s played!” Bakugou yells back “Whatever, fucking extra, I’m not the fucking Villain!” and the clip ends.]


groundzero as if i’d be dumb enough to kill deku first

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halfhothalfnot so who was it in the end?

|groundzero fuckin uraraka

After the game, once the main group splits up, Shouto finds himself sat on the couch next to Bakugou. They’re supposed to be watching some sort of film but Shouto has a hard time focusing on anything other than the man beside him.


They haven’t exactly spoken since The Phone Call (yes, it’s become a capitals-worthy event in Shouto’s mind, that’s how bad he has it) though they haven’t officially fallen out either. At least Shouto doesn’t think so.


He hopes not.


The screams and explosions coming from the TV are loud and obnoxious but somehow it’s all background noise for Shouto. In fact, he’s keenly aware of the silence between himself and Bakugou, and it feels louder than the world around them; it makes no sense even in his head, but it also kind of does. Only a little bit.


He shakes his head and has to wonder if he’s not more of a lightweight than he originally thought.


“You okay, Icy Hot?”


The question is unexpected and Shouto has to turn his head to look at Bakugou to make sure he didn’t simply imagine it. When he does, however, he finds Bakugou staring straight ahead at the TV, the only sign he’s not really paying attention being the furrow of his brows and his clenched jaw.


“Of course.”


Bakugou snorts but doesn’t say anything else which of course means it’s up to Shouto to continue (revive?) the conversation. Except he’s tired, both of those feelings he’s been keeping under wraps for years and of the disappointment that always follows getting his hopes up for nothing. So he lets out a small sigh and gets up to leave.


“Right. Well, have a good night,” he mutters to Bakugou as he passes him by because he’s a boy with an unrequited crush, yes, but that doesn’t erase years of etiquette lessons.


Bakugou says nothing.




[Images: Both pictures are cropped from the Class A picture Midoriya Izuku posted on his Instagram. One is of Bakugou Katsuki and the other of Todoroki Shouto.]

fUCKIN SCREAMIN look at todobaku staring at each other Like That™ ughhh kill me rn

#todobaku #todoroki shouto #bakugou katsuki #TELL ME THAT’S A PLATONIC LOOK I DARE YOU

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Holy shit Bakugou’s going off I stan

EDIT: Here’s what I mean, for those who asked.

#bakugou katsuki #todobaku #? #bitch idk but this shit is wild

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Endeavor ☑


‘Being number one comes with more responsibilities than the public realises.’ Read Endeavor’s full interview at

17:19 PM - 31 August 2XXX

4.91M Retweets   10.5M Likes


Bakugou Fucking Katsuki ☑ @groundzero

know what rly pisses me off? when shitty parents act like they own their children


Bakugou Fucking Katsuki ☑ @groundzero

u bastards think i’m subtweetin bc i’m scared? tHINK FUCKING AGAIN


Bakugou Fucking Katsuki ☑ @groundzero

. @endeavorofficialaccount ur son isn’t ur property so stop fuckin talkin abt him as if he is


Bakugou Fucking Katsuki ☑ @groundzero

. @endeavorofficialaccount u don’t have the right to demand/expect anything from him


Bakugou Fucking Katsuki ☑ @groundzero

. @endeavorofficialaccount he’s a fucking adult he can make his own decisions


B+ @fiiiyah

Replying to@groundzero @endeavorofficialaccount 

Get screenshotting y’all i can feel tweets getting deleted later and the drama channels will need receipts


Bakugou Fucking Katsuki ☑ @groundzero

Replying to @groundzero @endeavorofficialaccount @fiiiyah

nothing’s gettin deleted. i’m fuckin right and everyone with half a brain knows it


yes my kid’s the exploding shithead @bakugoumitsuki

Replying to @groundzero @endeavorofficialaccount @fiiiyah

you tell him brat #parentingdonefuckingright

By the time Shouto gets the call from Izuku to check out the tweets, he’s already seen them. (Again, he gets a notification every time Bakugou posts something; it’s a good way to stay up to date, if anything.)


“Are you going to talk to him?”


Shouto lets out a breath. “Because he challenged my father on social media? Yes, I suppose I should, shouldn’t I.”


Izuku is quiet for a moment and Shouto’s just about to check if he didn’t disconnect by mistake when he finally speaks up. “Not only because of that, though. I think… I think it’s about time you two cleared some things up.”


It is but that doesn’t mean Shouto’s looking forward to it.

                                                                                     POLL: Is Ground Zero dead?

                                                                                     Yes, Endeavor’s killed him and covered it up | 48%

                                                                                     No, he’s just taking some time off social meadia | 52%

They end up meeting at Bakugou’s flat, as if a home-made meal will make this conversation easier. Surprisingly, it does, to a point, until they end up at the dining table, plates empty, with not one word exchanged since Shouto got here.


It’s stupid, he thinks and sighs. Might as well get it over with.


“You tweeted my father,” he says and dear lord, that doesn’t sound any less stupid out loud. Still, Shouto persists. “Why?”


Bakugou scowls, crosses his arms, and by all indications, Shouto doesn’t expect him to reply. But then he tilts his head, just the tiniest bit, just so that he can look Shouto in the eye, and says, “‘Cause he was being a fucking asshole, that’s why.”


Shouto, decidedly, does not roll his eyes because that’s progress. Kind of. “Okay. But how does that concern you?” His words come out not quite as he intended them to but it’s fine, Bakugou seems to understand he doesn’t mean to sound rude.


Still, he stays quiet this time around.




“What do you want me to say, you bastard,” Bakugou very nearly growls and Shouto’s eyebrows shoot up. He’s mostly just surprised Bakugou’s indulging him at all, if how stubborn the guy is can be of any indication of how their usual interactions go; now he seems to be on a roll. “We’re fucking friends, aren’t we? Why the hell would I stand by and watch that piece of shit Endeavor treat you like crap? Is that the kind of person you think I am?”


“...We’re friends?” To be fair, Shouto reasons inside his own mind, it’s the first time he hears Bakugou confirm it out loud; it’s normal to focus on that particular statement.


“You really are a dumbass,” is all Bakugou says which Shouto translates to ‘ yes, of course we are ’. He’s become rather fluent at Bakugou-speak.


“And… a couple of weeks ago,” he pushes still, “when you said you’d ‘kick my ass’...”


He trails off, partly because it’s the first time he sees Bakugou looking even close to abashed, partly because he has no idea how to continue his train of thought. Did you mean it the way you meant it back in first year? Do you still only see me as a stepping stone to becoming number one? If you do beat me, does that mean you’ll stop paying attention to me?


He supposes those sound rather overdramatic, especially since Bakugou just admitted they were in fact friends, but he can’t help it. If there’s one thing in his life he’s most insecure about, it’s got to be his relationships; he feels completely out of depth here.


“Stop thinking whatever the fuck you’re thinking,” Bakugou barks suddenly from where he’s sat across of Shouto; his arms have yet to uncross and his whole body is coiled tight. “I guarantee you it’s not whatever bullshit you think it is.”


Shouto’s eyes narrow in confusion.


“I was going to fucking ask you out,” Bakugou says, resolutely looking anywhere but at him, which… is okay, Shouto supposes, because he’s not really sure what’s going on.


“Ask… me out?”


Absentmindedly, somewhere in the back of his mind, Shouto thinks that clenching his jaw so incredibly hard can’t be good for Bakugou’s teeth.


“Yes,” he grits out and Shouto blinks at him.


“Why didn’t you?”


That makes Bakugou’s eyes snap to his once again and for a moment, they just stare at one another, each slowly putting all the pieces together.


“You’re fucking with me,” Bakugou groans and bangs his head on the table. “You’re seriously fucking telling me you’re into me and I could’ve just asked you the fuck out?”


“Well,” Shouto says once he feels he’s regained some of his composure. “It would seem we’re both not as smart as previously believed.”


Bakugou raises his head, chin still propped on the table, and laughs.


Shouto doesn’t try to stifle his smile.

Bakugou Fucking Katsuki ☑


you really thought i’d get offed so easily??? well think again bastards i’m here to stay

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Ground Zero has new merch available. Do check it out at

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bakugou katsuki aka ground zero saying ‘fuck endeavor’ and kissing todoroki shouto 1 hour version

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Bakugou Fucking Katsuki ☑


yes icy hot and i are dating. that’s all you vultures are getting. merry fucking christmas.

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New Power Couple on The Hero Scene?? Ground Zero Confirms Relationship With Shouto in a Tweet!


After Bakugou Katsuki (24) and Todoroki Shouto (23) shared a passionate kiss on national television (and right after Bakugou saying, “F!@# Endeavor!” too), multiple debates on the topic sparked all over the Internet. Some believed the kiss was a spur of the moment decision, fueled by Bakugou’s annoyance with Todoroki Enji (54) a.k.a. the Flame Hero, Endeavor, while others firmly refused to believe the kiss was anything less than genuine.


Well, congratulations to you, TodoBaku shippers out there! Bakugou confirmed their relationship the very next day, in this short and maybe-a-little-sweet tweet:


[Attached: Bakugou’s tweet confirming the relationship.]


You heard the man, folks! The Explosion Hero and the Hot and Cold Hero are officially dating! While we don’t have any confirmation on when their relationship started (come on, Bakugou, give us at least that!), we can only assume it’s been a couple of months, considering that just last August, things seemed strained between the two .


Whatever the case, we wish them all the best!



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