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More Than An Opening

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A sharp punch pressed against Jonathan’s chest as he gasped in pain. His flew to the grassy ground, rocks sinking into his skin as he winced, biting his lip to keep up his strong-faced façade. Dio knelt beside the Joestar, staring at him with a blank stare as he raised a fist. Jonathan glanced at the fist and then at Dio’s gaze, wincing lightly as the fist inched at him. However, rather than receiving another painful strike, Dio lowered his arm, sighing before he sat beside the Joestar. The blonde pursed his lips looking at the orange sky melt into pink and purples as the night slowly set in.

“It’s not fun anymore.”

Jonathan glanced at his step-brother, coughing as he sat up, “What do you mean, Dio?” The blonde rolled his eyes before bringing his knees close together. His brows furrowed as he thought silently to himself as the blue-haired man continued his gaze at him. Dio had enjoyed ruining the Joestar’s life at first; he would gleefully take away anything that was his and wouldn’t hesitate to start a brawl to claim dominance in the household. But soon, Jonathan had given up on fighting him. He knew the Joestar was soft—but seeing him slowly give up fighting and take whatever is thrown at him grew dull for Dio. Jonathan held what Dio was fearful of most; love. Whenever there was a speck of affection thrown his way, Dio would refuse it immediately, tossing in kicks and punches to further stray himself from those who cared for him. Except for Jonathan. He was the only one who continued to say that disgusting four letter word to him. He would take anything Dio did to him, saying that in the end Dio will always be his step-brother and that he cared for him. But what did love even mean? The blonde bit his lip, he was never sure—each day it held a new meaning and grew more complicated over time.


He blinked back into reality, noticing the curious Joestar by his side. It sickened him how Jonathan ignored the bruises and cuts on his skin, the black eye forming on his face, and the harsh words Dio spat at him every day. He didn’t understand it. He couldn’t understand how Jonathan still loved him after all the shit he put his step-brother to. Dio glared at the blue-haired boy before letting out a huff, “Why,” he clenched his fists, “Why do you care for me so damn much?” Jonathan opened his mouth slightly before closing it, thinking to himself as he fumbled with his fingers, “Dio, I love you—” He felt a sudden burn on his cheek, watching his step-brother fuming in anger as he slapped him again, “You keep saying that, you bastard! What the hell does it even mean,” Dio’s hands trembled as he attempted to shove Jonathan but only rested on his chest as he pressed his face into the Joestar’s chest, “What the hell is love, Jojo?” The blue-haired boy stared at the distraught blonde, embracing him before he gingerly stroked his hair. Jonathan was slightly shocked at seeing Dio come undone before him. He knew his step-brother had lived a harsh life as a child, but to see the stone-faced man crumble beneath him had stunned the Joestar. He softly hummed, holding Dio closer to calm him down. The blonde’s face had streaks of unwanted tears, cursing at himself for breaking in front of the man he hated the most. Or so he kept telling himself. Dio had secretly enjoyed having Jonathan’s company, they had moments of closeness before—watching the crackling fire in the fireplace on winter’s day had always been his favorite moment. The Joestar would often sit beside him, both huddled underneath a blanket as they silently watched the flames. Though he would growl and bicker at his step-brother, he easily leaned closer to the Joestar under the blanket, resting his head on the broad shoulders that belonged to Jonathan. Sometimes Dio would purposely hang around the Joestar’s room, bugging him just to talk to him.

The blonde widened his eyes and moved away from Jonathan’s embrace, staring at the soft gaze those green eyes held. Was this love? He felt a burning sensation rise in his chest, growing fiercer before he closed his eyes and pressed his lips against Jonathan’s. He was unsure why he did it, blaming it on the odd sensations he felt for his bizarre actions. He was equally surprised when he noticed Jonathan kissing him back. Though they both were not the most experienced of people when it came to such intimacies, it had felt as if they were soaring on clouds of heaven.

Dio slowly pulled away, immediately missing the warmth of Jonathan’s soft lips. The blonde looked at his step-brother, glazing his sight over the soft facial features. The Joestar had his mouth slightly hung, taken aback by the sudden kiss. His face soon flushed a bright red as he licked his lips absent-mindedly, “D-Dio…” His step-brother blinked slowly, returning the same blushed face his way, “I…I think I discovered what love means,” He embraced the blue-haired boy tightly, “it’s you, Jojo—it means being with you, that’s what love is.” Jonathan felt a smile curl on his face before he pecked the blonde’s cheek, “I love you, Dio.” His step-brother hummed at him before leaning in for another kiss. Jonathan pursed his lips eagerly, hearing a chuckle from the blonde before their lips locked again. It had felt just as amazing as the first instance, and as Dio felt fireworks bubble within his heart, he pushed the kiss further, licking around Jojo’s lip before entering his mouth. Their tongues danced around with each other in awkward motions, often having one of them back away a moment for a quick breath before their tongues danced together once more. Dio’s hands trailed to Jonathan’s hair, tugging it gently before pressing their faces together. God, kissing felt amazing. Jonathan began to smile through his kiss, letting out a giggle as he moved away from Dio’s lips, pecking at the blonde’s face and neck hungerly. It was Dio’s turn to let out a roar of laughter as he grinned at the blue-haired Joestar. Jonathan let out a chuckle as well, both smiling at each other silently before holding each other in a tight embrace.

“I love you, Jojo.”

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Could it have been the heavy rainstorm that made Jonathan weep alongside it? He was unsure as he stared upwards at the sky, ignoring the pellets of water hitting his face. He had, at first, hated Dio with a passion—but soon saw him as his own loving brother whom he wished to keep by his side. If it weren’t for that mask. Jonathan bit his lip as he closed his eyes, moving his head down from the rain. His eyes soon opened to hold a blank, sunken stare as the ground beneath him blurred from the dark puddles of water to the once-grassy plains him and Dio used to hang around at. The blonde would always start a scene, coaxing Jonathan into a “Gentleman’s Battle” before they rolled down the hill in a flurry of punches only to land on the ground with a stunned silence and letting out a roar of laughter. He missed the days where he and Dio sat by the fireplace, watching it crackle as they sat in silence. Jonathan chuckled sadly, sometimes Dio would tell the most bizarre stories while they sat there; tales of large beasts on a journey to an exquisite café had always been his favorite to hear. But Dio had disappeared with the stone mask, swearing to kill him; and as each day pressed on Jonathan could only lie to himself, holding onto a façade reality he created to avoid the fact that his beloved step-brother had turned into a monster. Jonathan would sit upon the grassy plains, staring at the clouds before punching himself and rolling down the ground where he and Dio would usually end up at. He would sit alone by the fireplace as he murmured the stories Dio had told him to himself. Jonathan had even begun to leave more bruises on himself, hitting harder as if each punch would send him into a space where he and Dio were still close siblings. But he knew Dio wouldn’t return. He was gone from his life until he decides to return and end the Joestar’s life.

The rain began to pour more aggressively, causing Jonathan to blink back into reality. His clothes were soaked to the brim and his bruised face stained with tears. However, Jonathan soon realized that despite the harsh downpour, he was not getting pelted. He glanced upwards to see an umbrella, quickly turning around to find Speedwagon smiling gently.

“You’ll catch a cold.”

Jonathan stared at the tall man, quivering his lips before jumping into a tight embrace. Speedwagon flinched lightly at the sudden movement before he brought an arm over to Jonathan, gingerly rubbing his hand on the soaked boy’s back. The tall man knew of Jonathan’s distraught, attempting many times to stop the Joestar from hurting himself—only to see the boy lash out on himself, crying in a rage as he yelled out for Dio. Speedwagon knew he couldn’t do much beyond giving the Joestar a shoulder to cry on and hope for the best. “Let’s get you home,” the blonde grinned, “I made dinner—from scratch, mind you, and you don’t want to miss trying it out!” Jonathan pressed his face into Speedwagon’s chest, inhaling his scent before letting out a weary chuckle, “Mhm,” he closed his eyes tiredly, “Mr.Speedwagon…” The man in the hat glanced at the boy beneath him as he continued, “Thank you,” Jonathan looked upwards, his green eyes making contact with Speedwagon’s, “Thank you for staying by my side…I-I just don’t know how to handle all of this.” The blonde hums quietly, letting a soft smile etch onto his face, “Jonathan, I should be thanking you,” he wiped away the stray tear on Jonathan’s face before continuing, “you gave my life purpose and helped me leave that cursed hellhole I once lived in.” Jonathan stared at the tall man, his mouth slightly agape as he processed Speedwagon’s words. His lips soon cracked a small, genuine smile.

“Mr.Speedwagon,” he moved away from the embrace slowly, “I’m ready—t-to go home, I mean…” The blonde man giggled at the Joestar’s shyness before stroking the boy’s blue hair, causing them both to smile as they headed to the Joestar manor.

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“Oi! Back off, spaghetti boy!”

“Spaghetti boy? You’re one to talk, meat head!”

“What did you say, bastard!?” Joseph growled at Caesar, charging at him with a Hamon punch. Caesar started to form his bubble Hamon, gritting his teeth in anger as he did so. Anger swirled around the top of the oil tower; the two men preparing for their fifth battle that day. They had loathed each other ever since they had met and despite their training, they had gotten further apart rather than closer. Lisa Lisa had hoped they would see their foolishness overtime, but with so few days left before the battle between the Pillar Men, she finally decided it was enough.

“Joseph Joestar! Caesar Zeppeli!”

The two men paused their actions, half-way in striking each other. They could feel a chill running down their back as their master approached them with glaring eyes. She stood in front of them, pondering to herself silently as the two Hamon users gulped in fear. Lisa Lisa sighed, “I’ve had it with you two fighting,” she pointed at them, “you both have to learn to get along—and to do that,” Lisa Lisa turned around, crossing her arms with a devious smirk, “you two will be chained together and locked in a room!” Joseph and Caesar gasped loudly, unanimously yelling “What?!” only to have their mentor to glare at them. They wished they fought in their rooms or some other place where Lisa Lisa couldn’t have intervened. With two hot-blooded Hamon users at each other’s throats—that is only spelling out certain death!

“W-Wait, Lisa Lisa—you…you can’t be serious right?” Joseph let out an awkward laugh, hoping it was just a rouse to get them to stop fighting, “We won’t hurt each other anymore—p-promise!” Lisa Lisa held a steady glare that bore into Joseph’s soul, “You know full and well that what you said is a blatant lie, Joseph Joestar,” she pulled out cuffs from her coat as she swiftly linked their wrists together, “Do not even try to take these off, unless you want to deal with me.” Caesar shook his head desperately, sweat pooling from his face in the thought of battling against his mentor. Joseph, however, continued to whine and banter as Lisa Lisa led them to a secluded home that held one bedroom and one toilet. The home was quaint and held only the bare necessities for the two men to live in. “Make yourselves at home.” Lisa Lisa smirked as she tossed the boys inside, quickly locking the door’s fiftieth lock before leaving.

“Sh-She was fucking serious,” Joseph sunk to the ground, causing Caesar to bend down awkwardly, “Fuck, Caesar…This sucks...” The blonde groaned as he sat beside Joseph, “This is all your fault, Jojo—if you hadn’t called me spaghetti boy, we wouldn’t be in this stupid mess!” Joseph glared at Caesar before pulling at the blonde’s ear, “Huh!? Well maybe if you didn’t toss oil in my face then I wouldn’t have called you spaghetti boy!” Caesar grabbed at Joseph’s ear as well as they growled angerly at each other, “I hate you, you stupid Joestar!” Joseph laughed, “I should say that to you!”

Their bickering lasted a few hours until a loud rumble came from their stomachs. They both grew quiet, realizing they hadn’t eaten all day. Of course, they didn’t want to act like a wimp and confess their hunger. And so, they both stared at each other awkwardly, waiting for one of them to break as their stomachs gurgled louder and louder.


The Zeppeli furrowed his brow, giving the brown-haired man a glare before he stood up, causing Joseph to get dragged onto the ground from the sudden movement. Caesar continued to the kitchen as Joseph struggled to get his footing, shouting obscenities at the blonde man until he finally managed to stand up. He rubbed his cuffed wrist, wincing at the indent the cuff had made from him getting dragged. Caesar continued to ignore the Joestar as he fished out a prepackaged meal from the fridge. Joseph raised a brow, pointing at the small container, “Oi, that’s only big enough for one of us to eat, get another one!” Caesar looked at him grimly, “This was the only thing in the fridge, you dimwit!” The brown-haired man gasped, leaning closer to the container as he saw the contents; a handful of rice and a smidge of beans. He felt as if he could faint right then and there, “Oh my god!” There was no way this could be happening to them. There was no way in hell they would share that small bit of food with each other—especially when they had built up quite an appetite from fighting previously. He gulped as he watched the Zeppeli heat up the food, sweat dripping down his face as he thought of what to do. Well if he’s lucky, Caesar would split the portion in half for them—ah no way that would happen. Joseph could feel drool beginning to form, w-well I could just take the whole container and shove the food down before Caesar could do anything. A clank on the counter brought Joseph back from his thoughts as he exchanged a glance with the blonde. He hadn’t noticed before, but with them being close together, Joseph noticed the eyebags forming under Caesar’s eyes. Joseph’s eyes widened, had Caesar been training all night again? He knew the Zeppeli was a workaholic but staying up continuously for a week—Joseph sighed and closed his eyes.

“You can have it,” he looked at the ground, “the food, I mean…I-I don’t want any.”

Caesar looked at him puzzled, Joseph would always be greedy when it came to food, always lashing out to anyone near him if he didn’t get a plate of food in front of him when it came time to eat. The blonde blinked, mildly stunned at his words as he repeated them in his head, “What?” Joseph repeated what he had said again, making the Zeppeli open his mouth slightly before closing it. He silently nodded at Joseph as he took the container and walked along with the Joestar to a couch. Caesar had expected an argument, he planned on eating the food greedily in front of Joseph to see his snarky face hold disappointment—but with Joseph suddenly acting kind to him, it made his gut wretch. He stared at the food, then at Joseph, and back to the food again. He didn’t know what to do. “I can’t,” Caesar sighed, “it feels gross to eat in front of a starving person.” Joseph quietly stared at Caesar before he took the spoon within the container, filling it with a hefty portion of rice and beans. Caesar cocked a brow, mildly curious and annoyed—was this all some trick for Caesar to feel sympathetic towards him so that he could sneak in a bite? However, as he felt the spoon press against his lips, he let out a yelp. Wh-What? Caesar watched Joseph attempt to feed him.

“What the hell are you doing, Jojo?” Joseph placed the spoon down, giving the Zeppeli a stern look, “You need to eat more than I do,” he closed his eyes in distraught, “You work harder than me to strengthen your Hamon—all I do is lounge around,” Joseph let out a weary chuckle, “I guess I really am a dick, huh?” Caesar blinked repeatedly, was this some weird dream? Sadly, the Zeppeli found that he was wide awake in this predicament. He pressed a hand to his face, lightly touching his eyebags. He would have never guessed Joseph would be so considerate—perhaps being cuffed together isn’t so bad. Caesar felt the spoon press against his lips again, but instead of ignoring it, he opened his mouth. He could feel a blush rise from embarrassment, causing him to look away as Joseph steadily fed him the food. It felt comforting. Caesar’s eyes began to sting a bit, realizing he was tearing up. The Zeppeli had always masked his insecurities through deception; toying with women to gain a false sense of happiness—doing anything he could for a quick smile, anything to feel less alone. But having Joseph by his side, doing something as trivial as feeding him had meant the world to him. He let out a sniffle, causing both men to freeze up. F-Fuck. Joseph turned his face to meet the Zeppeli’s. He was shocked to see Caesar’s face streaked with tears as he chewed on his food. It would have seemed funny if they were having their usual bicker session—but this, this felt completely different.

Joseph placed down the container and spoon, cupping Caesar’s face gingerly as he watched the Zeppeli swallow his food. “Caesar,” the Joestar frowned, “what’s wrong?” The blonde shook his head lightly, sniffling as he refused to meet eye contact with Joseph. It felt embarrassing, breaking down in front of the person you hated. Wait—Hated? The feeling of anger he had towards Joseph seemed to have slipped away at that very moment, his heart and body growing to tired to back away from the Joestar. Normally he would have attacked the cocky brit—but Joseph’s hands felt warm against his face and his scent was alluring and—Caesar linked his cuffed hand with Joseph’s, rubbing his cheek with the back of Joseph’s hand before placing a chaste kiss on it. It was the Joestar’s turn to be stunned at the odd action, but he remained silent, watching Caesar’s whimpers fade away.

“I’m sorry…” The Zeppeli sighed, removing Joseph’s hands from his face as he held them tightly, “I just never felt this way before.” Joseph sat quietly as Caesar continued, “You were the first person who ever noticed my eyebags—I know it may sound silly,” he bit his lip, pausing briefly to glance at Joseph’s concerned face, “but no one has ever cared about me before…it would always be lies after lies—but you, Joseph, you did.” The Joestar smiled softly, rubbing his thumb on the back of Caesar’s hand, “Geez, all that gushy talk is gonna make me sick,” he chuckled lightly before he leaned towards the Zeppeli, “You know, thinking back on it—fighting each other made us more close in a way,” he pointed upwards with his unchained hand, “we knew all our strengths and weakness—and body odor.” Caesar let out a chuckle at the joke, causing Joseph to crinkle his eyes with a goofy grin, “I guess we were wrong about each other, huh?” Caesar nodded, “Who knew we needed to be chained up to each other to figure that out?” Joseph winked, “Kinky.” They both stared at each other before bursting into a roar of laughter. Caesar unconsciously flexed his hand, making them both pause their laughter, realizing they were both still holding each other’s hands.

“A-Ah sorry—I forgot I was—” Caesar gasped as Joseph leaned over him, causing the blonde to sink against the sofa, “Shh,” the Joestar grinned, “It’s alright.” The Zeppeli could feel his face turn red as the brown-haired man inched closer to him face. “J-Joseph, what are you doing?” He was unsure of what expression to hold on his face, leaving it to be a mixture of anger, embarrassment, and nervousness. Joseph winked before moving even closer to Caesar’s face, “About to kiss you~” The Zeppeli could barely utter a gasp before his lips were locked with Joseph’s. His lips were slightly chapped but felt amazing regardless. Caesar unintentionally rolled his eyes upward letting out a small moan. Suddenly their kissing halted, causing Caesar to internally freak out as he realized he moaned. Joseph cackled out loud, “Ah man, you’re too cute!” The Zeppeli quickly went in for another kiss to avoid dealing with the brit’s coy responses. Joseph willingly fell into the kiss again, eagerly running his uncuffed hand through the blonde’s hair as his other hand tightly held onto the other man’s hand. Their kisses were sloppy and a mess but they loved it so damn much. The contact, the touch, the scent—everything they did together at that moment reached its highest sensitivity and when they could bare no more, they tossed their heads back, gasping for air.

Joseph could tell Caesar wanted more than just kisses at that point, his lips plump and coated with their saliva as he panted seductively. Sadly, with their hands cuffed, there was only so much to do—and hand jobs were not going to cut it. “Caesar,” Joseph placed chaste kisses on the man’s neck, “once we get these cuffs off, I’ll fuck you so hard.” The Zeppeli moaned at the thought, “Mmh, Jojo, I want you so fucking bad.” Joseph smirked, “I know that much,” he sighed, “but hell, Lisa Lisa could’ve at least put a key around somewhere.” Caesar groaned, grabbing Joseph’s hair as he pulled him to his face, kissing him hungrily, “Don’t mention her—I only want to think about you right now.” Joseph chuckled in the kiss, “My bad, my bad~”

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Kars and Wamuu sat in quietude over the looming night, both taken aback by the loss of their friend, Esidisi. Kars had especially taken the loss harshly as he and Esidisi were the first to start their revolution for power. The blonde pillar-man slanted his lips, he wished he could have done something—unleashed the Joestar’s poison or something—Agh, but that was not in his warrior nature. Wamuu slammed a fist on his knee, his warrior-tactics were both admirable and a pain in the ass. He could have saved Esidisi if he were not so selfish. Pride held more to his heart in the end and unleashing the poison would only admit defeat in the end, calling out to the Joestar that he had to use his final weapon to save them. It was pathetic, and that was why Wamuu had ended up abandoning the fellow pillar-man. He would miss the oddities the white-haired man brought, with his snarky remarks and sudden outbursts. Wamuu let out a sigh before glancing at Kars, he must be in shock. It has been over two-thousand years, and to suddenly have such a strong man taken down by a stupid, disgusting, filthy—


The blonde pillar-man blinked, turning his full attention to the tall man, “Yes, Lord Kars?” The buff pillar-men, waved his hand, motioning for Wamuu to move in closer to him. He did as told, soon feeling the long purple locks of hair drape around his shoulder as Kars leaned to rest his head on the younger’s shoulder. “Was it fate that led to Esidisi’s defeat,” the older pillar man frowned, “Do you think it was a sign that our time of living has come to an end?” Wamuu gasped loudly, his eyes widening in the strange words forming from the older pillar-man’s lips, “K-Kars—Of course not,” Wammu slammed a fist to the ground, “Esidisi was a martyr for us! We must avenge his and gain ultimate power!” Kars hummed for a moment, his eyes drooping in thought, “Is it truly worth it—to gain power? For what benefit?” the purple-haired pillar-man bit his lip, “It gets tiring, constantly forced into a fight—can we not have peace?” The younger man inhaled uneasily, he was unsure of how to respond. Thinking back on what had occurred in their lives, it had been nothing but battles after battles. Though the victories had tasted sweet, the flavor only soured over time. It was redundant. Wamuu huffed, the world had lived in its own bliss as the pillar-men scavenged for meals, hiding away in the night—it had all become too stressful, hadn’t it? Perhaps, the blonde pillar man twirled a finger into the deep purple locks, perhaps Kars had a point.

“It is too late for peace, is it not?” Wamuu sighed sadly, “We will forever be chased by our past-history and actions. Fighting is all we have left.” Kars gazed at the sky, repeating Wamuu’s words in his head as past-memories of war trickled into the clouds. He pursed his lips slowly, lightly biting his lip in thought as the younger pillar-man sat silently, continuing to play with Kars’s hair. “You are wrong, Wamuu,” Kars moved his head away from the blonde man’s shoulder, cupping his confused face as he leaned in, “Even though we may have that Joestar after us, there are moments like these,” Kars stroked his thumb along Wamuu’s cheek, “these subtle bits of tranquility…Can we not indulge in these moments?” The younger pillar-man felt his face brim with a flushed heat. Though he had known Kars for decades, they had never been this close before. Occasionally they would cuddle—hold hands, even—but never this. Wamuu gulped before he parted his lips as Kars smirked before pressing a gentle kiss on the side of the blonde’s lips, “Let us enjoy this peace, for once.” Wamuu moaned quietly in response, resting his hands over Kars’s shoulders as he pressed chaste kisses along the older pillar-man’s jaw before pressing his lips harshly against Karz lips, moaning deeply. Karz grabbed the blonde’s hair, pulling at it roughly, causing Wamuu to gasp. The purple-haired man took advantage of this as he pushed his tongue into Wamuu’s mouth, greedily exploring ever bit of his mouth as saliva pooled from their lips. Their tongues intertwined, tickling the roof of each other’s mouths before sucking on the tip of their tongues. Kars chin smeared across the wet saliva layering Wamuu’s as he plumbed his mouth as if he could find the entrance to his soul deep within. The fact is, he did. Wamuu was his. He knew it and the younger pillar man knew it. 

Wamuu curled his arms around Kars neck as the older pillar-man pulled the younger’s torso flush with his, their tongues dancing above, their painfully erect tools dancing below.

As the blonde sucked on Kars's moist fleshy tongue, confusion crept in. Not sexual - Wamuu was all in and more in his lust for Kars and every bit of him. This was emotional, something he wasn't expecting. Wamuu felt himself falling for the older pillar-man. He'd never even fallen for a woman this quickly. Caught up in the heat between them, Wamuu brushed the thought aside, certain that it was just a by-product of the unknown territory into which he had launched himself. The blonde had thought that homosexuality was going to be only about the cock, not about romance. He thought he was just in love with the taboo. However, something about the way Kars held him showed the blonde how much more there could be. The way Kars’s cheek brushed his, the way his hands clutched him, meeting at the small of his back, which was somehow more sensual than if the purple-haired man had cupped his ass. Kars held Wamuu like an affectionate lover; affection Wamuu had never truly felt before until this very moment.

Kars soon pulled his head back slightly, planting a quick closed mouth peck on the younger’s lips, “If only we could enjoy this peace forever.” Their lips both fell into a sunken smile, bittersweet in its moment. Wamuu could sense the regret in the older’s voice, knowing full and well Kars wished he had moved on past his history and to start anew. The blonde pressed his forehead against the other’s, inhaling deeply with his eyes tightly closed, “Soon,” Wamuu moved away, breaking his usual stoic expression as a tear descended from his eye, “Soon that peace will come.” Kars had known what the younger had meant, both accepting their fate of upcoming death as they fell into each other’s arms, kissing underneath the moonlit night.

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Kakyoin blinked, the blurred figure that sat beside him soon gained its sharpness. The red-haired man smiled softly as the image became clear; Jotaro Kujo. He had missed his dear friend, and after getting attacked by Neb, he could only hope when his eye sight would return to him. Thank god for the Speedwagon foundation. Kakyoin soon felt a warm hand press against his cheek, he moved his face in closer to the warmth before placing a hand over the Kujo’s. “I missed you, Jotaro.” The delinquent snorted lightly, brushing his thumb gingerly against his friend’s face, “Shouldn’t I say that to you?” Kakyoin giggled before nestling into Jotaro’s chest, though it was an awkward position with him still being tucked in the hospital bed, but he didn’t mind; he had Jotaro by his side, and that’s all that mattered to him. “I,” Kakyoin bit his lip, “I was scared that you wouldn’t return.” The Kujo rose a brow as his friend continued, “I thought you got hurt or died...” Kakyoin let out a choked sob, moving out of his bed in a hurry as he held onto Jotaro tightly, “I was so scared, so damn scared.” The delinquent let out a breath, giving out his rare smirk as he stroked the red-head’s hair, “Good Grief, Norayaki. I’m here,” he pressed a chaste kiss on his friend’s forehead, “and I’ll never leave you.”

“Jotaro…” Kakyoin lifted his head as his gaze met with Jotaro’s, they gazed at each other briefly, sensing their aching hearts. Though Jotaro was usually a stone-faced man, witnessing his beloved friend nearly dying had not been his favorite moment in the trip. Each day he wished to see the red-head’s face, his witty remarks—even his weird cherry licking. Jotaro chuckled to himself before pressing his lips against Kakyoin’s; and he really missed this.

He placed a hand behind his lover’s neck as the Kujo deepened the kiss. Kakyoin moaned in reponse, moving onto Jotaro’s lap as he wrapped his arm’s around the deliquent’s neck. Their heated kiss soon came to an abrupt halt as Kakyoin pulled away, leaving a thin strip of saliva connected their lips together. The red-head then pecked the Kujo’s lips before getting down on his knees in front of Jotaro and took a deep breath gathering up his courage. It had been quite some time since Kakyoin sucked a dick and his lover’s looked absolutely delicious as it tented in his pants. Norayaki gulped before unzipping Jotaro’s pants, watching his dick spring up. Of course, Jotaro went commando. He felt a little hesitant as reality and his penis stared at Kakyoin in the face. The red-head ran his hands up and down the deliquent’s hairy thighs, then over his balls and up his shaft, teasing him a little before he lifted his cock and leaned in to lick his balls. Jotaro must have just showered because they tasted and smelled fresh.

 He moaned softly as Kakyoin kissed and played with his testicles, flicking his tongue as he sucked them between his lips. The red-head’s mouth played with them for a while before he began to lick the area between Jotar’s testicles and ass then working his way back to his lover’s balls. His cock had grown a little harder from the tongue bath Kakyoin was giving his balls. He wanted to tease the Kujo a bit and didn't want him to cum too soon either. He selfishly wanted to enjoy this moment himself.

Kakyoin started to work his lips and tongue up the deliquent’s shaft. He made sure my pace was nice and slow; making sure he didn't miss a spot. Jotaro’s dick was getting harder now as Kakyoin mouthed and licked the shaft on his way up to the head. He loved the feeling of a hardening cock on his lips, tongue and in hand. The red-head flicked his tongue all around the head spending time to lick the drops of precum leaking from the tip. Kakyoin would look up at his friend at times to steal a glance of his face and he was rewarded with the look of pleasure; staring at him, Jotaro gave him a small smile and nod of approval. He was watching the red-head work teasingly on his penis with soft moans coming from his mouth. Kakyoin then took just the head of his friend’s now hard cock between his lips, sucking on it while swirling his tongue over it. Jotaro finally spoke, "Oh, that feels so good, babe. I have a big load waiting for you. That's it. Keep sucking my dick just like that."

With those encouraging words, Kakyoin worked on the head for a while before he began to bob his head taking more of Jotaro into his mouth. It felt and tasted so good to have a dick in his mouth again after all this time. His friend’s hands found their way to the back of the red-head’s hair, pressing gently, encouraging him to take his cock deeper. Kakyoin was out of practice, so he had to go slow, taking him deeper with each thrust, gradually working his way down to the base of Jotaro’s cock; sucking and using his tongue to apply pressure to the underside then wrapping it around the hard member in his mouth as it withdrew only to repeat the process as it re-entered his throat. Sucking a cock is like riding a bike; you never forget how to do it. Kakyoin’s instincts came back to him as the Kujo’s penis slid between his lips. Kakyoin a proud person and wanted to give him a good blow job. The red-head wanted him to enjoy the blow job Jotaro was receiving from him as much as Kakyoin was enjoying giving it to him. The red-head started to moan from the pleasure he was getting and he was sure Jotaro appreciated his enthusiasm. The Kujo started thrusting his cock into Kakyoin’s mouth in rhythm with his head bobbing. Kakyoin didn't want him to cum too soon so he took Jotaro out of his mouth and began to lick his shaft and balls again before beginning to suck him again. Kakyoin was enjoying this too much and didn't want it to end. The red-head was concentrating on his cock sucking efforts when Jotaro began to moan louder.

"Are you ready for a big load? I haven't cum in a while, so I hope you enjoy the taste of cum."

Kakyoin responded by taking his entire length deep into his throat and sucking him faster. Kakyoin’s head was bobbing quickly but he stopped long enough to focus on the head when Jotaro lunged forward, forcing his cock deep into Kakyoin’s throat. Jotaro fucked his lover’s mouth furiously for several minutes. He held Kakyoin’s head tight as he drove his dick between his friend’s soft, wet lips and into his throat. The red-head gagged a couple of times and he would slow down before picking up the speed of his thrusts once again. Kakyoin bobbed his head trying to keep pace with him fucking his mouth. Kakyoin’s tongue worked on the cock in his mouth. He heard the Kujo’s breathing get heavier and his grunts got louder before he lunged forward, temporarily stopping his thrusts, holding Kakyoin’s head tighter as the first rope of cum shot into his mouth followed quickly by two more. Jotaro was shoving his member into his lover’s mouth with short, slow strokes as he continued to shoot cum into Kakyoin’s mouth. Jotaro wasn't exaggerating when he said he had a big load waiting. Kakyoin tried to swallow all of his cum, but he kept shooting more. The red-head kept working his mouth and lips over the shooting cock in his mouth. It seemed like Jotaro would never stop cumming but Kakyoin wanted to drain his balls. Some of his cum dripped out of his mouth, down his chin and down Jotaro’s dick to his balls. The Kujo shot a few more ropes of cum into the red-head’s mouth before his balls ran dry. The red-head slowed down the pace of his sucking as Jotaro’s cock softened a bit. His dick kept pulsing but only drops were coming out now. When he was done, Kakyoin looked up at him, seeing Jotaro’s rare grin.

“Good grief, I really missed you.”