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Like Coming Home

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 You who dare to think you've found some peace in death, you who challenge my very nature in your arrogance? You of my opposite?


Let your wretched spark find this world of turmoil and pain again.

You, do not deserve rest.


I'm proud of you, you know.

Life hurt you, so much and for so long.

Yes, you hurt.... many.

That's a mar I can't fully heal.

But you are strong, your spark is strong, and I'd like nothing more than to give you a second chance.

And closure.

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When he awoke, his very first emotion was one of awe.

 The awe was deep and all encompassing and suffused his very being for the joy it brought and in some heady realization he found this was his first sensation and emotion.

Awe and joy.

Above him, in the vast darkness, twinkled millions of tiny lights down on him, and he realized he felt loved.

And love in turn? He didn't know, it was still too soon, he felt so new.

The crown jewel of the lights was one that was round and large, and so much closer than the others. The shining metal surface teemed with life and it brought him awe once more, for in that moment he had assurance that he was not alone.

Slowly, he became aware of his body. The essence of who he was thrummed in his middle, but it was the optics in his head that allowed him sight. He felt so... soft still, but a knowledge that he'd only be such for a short while comforted him.

Sitting up was.... A struggle.

His softness also meant a degree of roundness, and that meant that being upright to try and look around was nearly impossible.

But, he discovered that he was tenacious and that tenacity brought him just far enough away from his birthing spot by scooching and rolling that he was able to prop himself up on a protrusion from the ground.

This was apparently the correct thing to do, as doing so let him see just over the next tiny ridge, to where more like him were coming out of the ground.

Something? Someone big spotted him, and it was in short order that this person was approaching at speed.

A burst of excitement lit though his spark, excitement and a deep affection that could be nothing else even for the lack of his knowledge of such things.

"Well, look at you here, sitting here off from the others. "

The person crouched momentarily and a face came into view. Green face looked stern, but kind, with a thing on his face that would he reach out and grab if he could.

"Its a good thing I saw you, sparkling." He said definitively, picking him up to cradle him next to his chest plating.

The little one cuddled in close, staring from his vantage point at the ground as it moved under them. Something shifted in his mind and his frame, and green face looked back down at him as he started to wiggle and adjust.

"Ahh, look at that, already growing legs."

The sparkling could only chirp in agreement.




He awoke somewhere dark, and his first feeling was one of constriction.

Something shifted above him in a slow grinding burr and it sent a cascade of painful errors over his neural net.

Running on pure instinct and his first experience ending in pain, despair rocketed through his spark as fear overtook him.

A distant rattling-keening sound came from far off. Too late and only abstractly - he realized it was from him.

Moments after he'd come to life, his world went dark.


For a long time, there was darkness and only darkness. What sensation he could feel was muffled in some ethereal sense outside himself until finally-

His optics clicked on, and he found himself again in a dark place.

Fear rippled through his spark once more, and on some self-preservation protocol that had no business being engaged, he sat up.

It, like everything else so far, hurt, but more than that he felt wrong. He felt small and weak beyond the hurts, and looking at his hands brought some shock to see them soft and silvery-white.  

Spurred on by his spark, his processors searched for memories that they couldn't grasp, for the simple read-error fact that they weren't there to begin with.

He was new, and that fact returned the bolt of distress from his birth, for somewhere deep inside that ran as especially wrong.

His spark directed him to stand, and that brought another bout of fear as he fell off the raised platform and on to the ground.

A loud, discordant note followed his fall, and it was in short order that that ground under him shook, and a veritable giant strode into the room.

On instinct, he curled in on himself to make himself smaller- but it was to no avail, as the giant's path seemed to end at him.

His first experience of some kind of soft feeling came then, when the giant gathered him into their hands and slowly lifted him back to the surface he'd previously been on. One of those massive hands took to petting his helm and he couldn't help but lean and melt into the kind touch.

The giant cooed at him and in a manner most mortifying, he found himself crying; optics sparking where his small frame hadn't yet developed ducts for optical cleanser. The giant hesitated just a moment before picking him back up again to bring him carefully flush against a wide expanse of plating, behind which a spark thrummed away strong and sure- the perfect lullaby to his already weary soul.