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Forbidden Fruit

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Jotaro slammed the door behind him after entering his hotel room, head swimming with thoughts of something so dirty… so completely wrong, yet it pitched a tent in his pants. His heart drummed against his rib cage as he threw his bag down and rushed to the bathroom. He removed his hat, tossing it to the floor before turning the cold water on in the sink. After splashing his face, he stared at himself in the mirror. His face was still a light shade of pink and his underwear were still incredibly tight. He sighed, running a frustrated hand through his thick, black curls.

     Jotaro was conflicted. After coming face to face with the enemy, a fire burned in the pit of his stomach. An image of blonde hair and a pair of too-tight purple dress pants danced into the front of his mind. Why couldn’t he stop thinking about him? Why did he let him get away? Kira Yoshikage was nothing but a target… until the moment Jotaro encountered him. Fought him. Jotaro let him get away.

     “For fucks sake.” He sighed, walking towards the bed to lay down.

     After Josuke had healed Jotaro’s wounds, the older man began to think about bending Kira over the table in his hotel room and then he decided to stop thinking about that before he rushed back to his room as fast as he could so he didn’t embarrass himself. Now that he was alone with his thoughts, however, Jotaro couldn’t help but pull his pants off and rub himself through his underwear. Deciding that he couldn’t fight the thoughts off, he let his mind wander, imagining what the man’s moans sounded like. How tight would his ass be if he were to pound into it? Do the carpets match the drapes?

     “Mmm…” Jotaro hummed as he pulled his underwear down, craving skin on skin contact.

     Goosebumps rose all over his body, nipples hardening under his turtleneck. God dammit, Yoshikage.


     “God dammit!” Kira slammed his fist on the table causing the severed hand next to him to fall over.

     He called on Killer Queen to get rid of it. He didn’t want it anymore. Didn’t need it. For some reason, all he wanted was Jotaro . He sighed before walking to the bathroom to wash his face. There were bruises and cuts on his face and body from where Jotaro’s Star Platinum had hit him, but he couldn’t shake the feeling that Jotaro had been going easy on him. With a stand like that, those punches should’ve killed him, yet… he was walking just fine. Aside from being sore, he was good to go to work within the next couple days with a little cover up on his face.

     Kira sighed once more, grabbing his first aid kit and heading to his bedroom to carefully tend to his wounds. He removed his blood stained suit, opting to destroy it rather than try and get the stains out. He sat on the bed and had Killer Queen carefully clean and wrap his wounds as his mind wandered to the man who had single handedly ruined his life.

     He licked his swollen lip, wincing when he felt the split in it. He brought his mind back to Jotaro, his hands more specifically, and wondered what they’d feel like if the were around his- “Ah! Fuck!”

     He jumped as Killer Queen poked one of his bruises, scowling at his stand before calling him away. He laid down, his body void of clothes, and in need of rest. (Not, however, before he let out his pent up frustrations for Jotaro). He wrapped his hand around himself before stroking slowly, imagining his hand was Jotaro’s, pumping him.

     This was wrong. He should’ve been plotting ways to kill Jotaro and his friends but instead, he was jacking off to the thought of Jotaro. To a man’s hands. He’s pathetic! He moaned, ignoring the pain he felt when his hips bucked. He was concussed from when he hit the ground, that’s all. That’s why he was acting strange. That’s why he was feeding into these awful, silly fantasies he was having. At least… that’s what he told himself.


     Weeks passed by rather quickly, there were absolutely no signs that Kira had lost a fight with a very handsome and extremely strong man, aside from a few scars on his torso. He sighed as he stared at the dinner on the shelf in front of him. He groaned and turned around to leave, realizing he wasn’t very hungry and would much rather cook for himself than buy food. He exited the store, checking his watch. As he did, he bumped into something solid yet soft, sending him back and on his ass.

     “I apologize, I wasn’t- oh.” Kira’s eyes widened as a hand reached out to help him up.

     He followed it up to see none other than Jotaro Kujo. His heart nearly burst as he took the large hand into his own, allowing himself to be pulled up off the ground. He lingered for a moment, not wanting to let go. He examined the man’s hand, surprised when he didn’t pull away. Jotaro watched him closely, guard up. He wasn’t sure what Kira had planned but he certainly wasn’t expecting a small kiss to be placed to his scarred knuckles, especially not in broad daylight where they could both be spotted.

     Jotaro cracked a faint smile before tightening his grip on the man’s hand, “Do you wanna come back with me to my hotel room?”

     It was a sudden question that took the blonde by surprise. Jotaro wasn’t one to waste time. Kira knew the two were enemies, but he was extremely pent up and he couldn’t think straight, “Sure.”

     The younger man nodded before leading the way. It was a short walk, the two of them cut through alleys so they wouldn’t get caught. Kira felt like a teenager again, sneaking around to go have sex with someone he barely knew, heart drumming in his chest, loud in his ears. He studied the man’s large hand as they ascended in the elevator, tracing old scars and prominent veins making him lick his lips.

     Jotaro watched as the older man pressed them to the tips of his fingers, eyes flicking up to meet his and heating both of their cheeks. Jotaro bit his lip, leaning in to kiss Kira but being interrupted when the elevator doors opened. The two exited and headed to Jotaro’s suite, the larger man fishing his key out of his pocket and opening the door, practically dragging Kira inside with him.

     He kissed the blonde painfully hard, pinning him against the wood as he bit the man’s lip. Kira moaned sending shivers down Jotaro’s spine as his tongue was sucked on hungrily. It was so wrong but Jotaro’s dick didn’t know any better. He unbuckled his belts as he was pushed back towards the large bed. His knees hit the edge and he sat down, the blonde climbing on top of him and kissing down his neck. Jotaro hummed bringing a hand around Kira’s lower back, slipping it into the tight dress pants and pressing a long finger between his ass through his underwear.

     Kira gasped, biting down right above Jotaro’s turtleneck, finally forcing a moan from the man’s lips. He committed the sound to memory, remembering the vibrations he felt on his lips as he kissed up the younger man’s throat, the way his Adam’s apple bobbed when he swallowed thickly. Beautiful.

     In a blur, both of them undressed and Jotaro’s face was between Kira’s thighs. Kira flushed as a tongue teased his tight hole and a large hand stroked his cock. He watched the man’s hand, biting his knuckle in a futile attempt to hold back his whines. Jotaro kissed up the man’s body, reaching into the bedside table for the condoms and lube he had yet to use since he came to Morioh. To think he’d be using them on the enemy.

     Jotaro coated his fingers, closing the bottle before teasing the man’s hole. Kira hummed, bucking his hips up in attempts to get Jotaro to hurry up with prepping. A smirk cracked on Jotaro’s lips before he pressed his finger in up to the knuckle, stopping to rub his walls before fitting the whole finger. The younger man pumped his finger in and out, curling it before adding another.

     By the time Jotaro had fit four of his thick fingers into Kira’s ass, the older man was begging for his cock. Precum leaked from the head of his dick, dripping onto his stomach and pooling in his bellybutton. Jotaro bit his lip, removing his fingers as he cleaned up the man’s stomach with his tongue. He sucked a few purple marks onto his toned body as he slid a condom on, further lubricating it to ensure comfort.

     Kira gasped as Jotaro slowly sheathed himself into the blonde, shaky breaths blowing past plump lips as he engulfed Jotaro’s cock. The dark haired man bit his lip as he gave Kira time to adjust to his size. Kira nodded, letting the man know he could move. The younger man moved his hips back before snapping them back, hitting the older’s prostate, and forcing a loud moan to leave his lips.

     Jotaro groaned as he thrusted, fingers digging into the man’s hips as he picked up the pace, pounding into him quickly. Kira gripped the sheets and wrapped his legs around Jotaro’s waist. Sweat coated the younger man’s forehead, black curls sticking to it as beads rolled down his face. Kira took one of the man’s hands into his, bringing the long fingers to his mouth and sucking on them.

     The two flipped over, Kira now grinding his hips and riding the younger, moaning around Jotaro’s thumb and guiding the man’s other hand to one of his nipples. Jotaro rolled the nub between his fingers, licking his lips as he watched the man fuck himself on his dick. Kira flushed bright red from the tips of his ears down his chest, guiding the man’s hand once again, this time to wrap around his pulsing cock.

     Kira let out a loud moan, not caring if anyone heard them. He looked down at Jotaro’s hand as it pumped, the older man still sucking on the long digits of Jotaro’s right hand. Jotaro brought the man down to eye level with him before removing his fingers and kissing him. Tongue entering the warmth of Kira’s mouth. Kira sucked on it roughly, eliciting a moan from the man below him as he tugged on the blonde locks on the man’s head.

     Kira panted, resting his head on Jotaro’s shoulder as the younger thrusted up into him impossibly fast, edging him closer and closer until… Kira cried out, arching his back as he released onto Jotaro’s stomach. The younger man bit his lip as Kira clenched around him, closing his eyes before thrusting a few more times and releasing into the condom. The blonde whimpered as Jotaro slowly slid out of him, panting and waiting for the man to calm down so he could kindly tell him to leave.

     The blonde swallowed thickly before climbing off of Jotaro and walking to the bathroom to get cleaned up. He knew he couldn’t stay here no matter how bad he wanted to. The younger man did the best he could cleaning up, disposing of the condom as the older walked out of the bathroom fully clothed. Jotaro and the man nodded, Kira leaving one last kiss to Jotaro’s lips before he made his exit.

     Jotaro entered the bathroom to shower, staring at himself in the mirror to examine the purple marks he didn’t remember receiving. He sighed, shaking his head and running a hand through his disheveled hair. What a fucking mess.