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A King's Bond, A Prince's Heart

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1 It is often speculated that Fíli’s and Kíli’s father died in the Battle of Azanulbizar. However, that battle happened 60 years before Fíli’s birth (65 years before Kíli’s), making it impossible for their father to have died alongside Frerin. It is possible that Dís’ first husband died in that battle; however, this is also just as unlikely, because of the loyalty of Dwarves. Thus, I have Víli (the fan-accepted name of Fíli’s and Kíli’s father) dying in a hunting accident after they lost the mountain.

Henig: My child [Elvish]


1 There are 10 Elders in Lothiualmerilin's pack. All of them were once Betas. The reason none were once Alpha is because the rank of Alpha is usually decided by a brutal fight that very rarely leaves on party relatively unscathed. These Betas were able to serve under several Alphas, and thus have a wealth of wisdom to draw from. They are very highly respected throughout the Pack, and the Pups will often ask them for stories. The Elders also get along very well with the Ents of Taurcaew. All were present at the ceremony.

Along with Calithilon, there are 2 other Betas, both males: Edwenor and Tadion. Each are responsible for maintaining the pack order when Lothiualmerilin and/or Dimaethor are indisposed. When the Alphas are around, the Betas handle training the Deltas and watching over the pack. Calithilon is the only Beta that actively stays with the Alphas. Edwenor watches over Taurcaew and the Elders that live there, and Tadion oversees the hunting parties. All were present at the ceremony.

There are 300 Deltas, each Beta having 100 that report to them directly. The Deltas handle day-to-day business, learning how to be Betas. All were present at the ceremony.

There are 250 Healers. 1 Healer travels with each Hunter party, while 25 travel with the Warrior parties, and 25 stay in Taurcaew, with 5 stationed with the Pup Watchers at all times. 25 were present at the ceremony.

There are 2,000 Hunters, ages ranging from young to full-grown adult. With a pack as large as the Northern, it is necessary to have a large number of Hunters in order to ensure everyone is fed. They travel in packs of 10. 1,000 were present at the ceremony.

There are 15 Assassins. They very rarely leave Taurcaew, but if a large hunting party leaves, 1 Assassin will trail behind the party, ready to pick off any who attempt to betray the pack. 9 were present at the ceremony.

There are 250 Scouts. 1 Scout travels with each Hunter party, while 25 travel with the Warrior parties along the borders, 20 remain on the outskirts of Taurcaew, and 5 stay with the Pup Watchers at all times. 25 were present at the ceremony.

Save for the Pups, every Gorphen in the Northern Pack is a Warrior. There are, however, 150 Gorphen that are devoted to patrolling the Pack's borders. They travel in packs of 6, not including the Healer and Scout. these are the ones that most often engage in scuffles from neighboring Hunter parties. They do try to steer away from Men, Elves, and Dwarves. 30 were present at the ceremony.

There are 70 Pup Watchers. All of them are Females, and all of them have had at least 1 litter of their own. They, along with the Pups, stay within the interior of Taurcaew. 51 were present at the ceremony.

There are 670 Pups in the Northern Pack. With each of the Pup Watchers having several Pups of their own, not to mention the several hundred adult Females within the Pack, the Northern Pack's Pup population is greater than the entire population of the Western Pack's Hunters and Scouts combined. Of the 670 Pups, only 160 are newborn to preteen age (1 year for a Gorphen is equivalent to 20 human years, making the Pups anywhere from 20 to 240 human years old). The rest are in their early to late teens (260 to 380 human years old). Once the Gorphen turn 420, the human equivalent being 21, and are able to successfully shift, the Pups then move on to whatever place they were groomed for. 510 were present at the ceremony.

Total Number: 3720

Total Number present for the ceremony: 1,963

Edwenor: Second Male [Elvish]

Tadion: Second Son [Elvish]


Kandith: Little Wolf [Khuzdul]

Mankoi naa lle sinome?: Why are you here? [Elvish]

Khila amin.: Follow me. [Elvish]

Heruamin.: My lord (reverential). [Elvish]

Creoso, mellonamin.: Hello, my friend. [Elvish]

Hîr vin?: My lord? (literally beloved lord). [Elvish]

Nae saian luume’, Lothiualmerilin.: It has been too long, Lothiualmerilin. [Elvish]

Ni lassui, Thranduil.: Thank you, Thranduil. [Elvish]

Tula sinome.: Come in. [Elvish]

Cormamin lindua ele lle, Lothiual. Amin nae dele ten' lle.: My heart sings to thee, Lothiual. I was worried about you.