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fire in the sky

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Izuku was all nerves as he walked up the front path to the luxurious house owned by the eccentric couple he’d somehow managed to meet online after moving to this side of town. Izuku had initially been reticent to join the online fetish networking site, but was relieved to find that everyone was very approachable and welcoming. From the outside, the home looked beautiful, normal. Once he stepped in, however, it was like he had entered another world.

The people meandering around the space were either dressed in finery or mostly nude, with very little in between. In the front sitting room, a striking man with a scar and split red and white hair was running a demonstration of how effectively use ice and candle wax for temperature play on a bound and blindfolded brunette. The slap of leather on flesh echoed from somewhere further in, followed by sharp cries halfway between pleasure and pain.

He was met in the entranceway by the two hosts, Might and Eraser. Might, a slightly emaciated looking blond, shook his hand enthusiastically, “Deku, my boy. So glad you could make it.” Eraser, with a length of rope draped suggestively around his neck, merely nodded in his general direction.

This wasn’t Izuku’s first time at a play party like this. Hell, this wasn’t his first time at this particular monthly get together. But tonight was different because tonight, he swore to himself, he was actually going to scene with someone.

That was easier said than done, however.

Izuku made small-talk with his hosts for a while, but people kept coming up to thank them for their hospitality, and eventually they were called away entirely to tend to a demo in the other room.

Left alone, Izuku scrambled to find something to distract himself from his nerves. Thank god for open bars. He might be too keyed up to properly talk to anyone, but at least he could loiter by the bar nursing a glass of wine, simultaneously hoping and dreading that someone might approach him. He fidgeted with his glass, fingers forming patterns in the condensation, eyes skittering around to take in his surroundings, but never landing on any person in particular.

Suddenly, a familiar, smiling face popped up at the bar. Izuku broke into a relieved smile—at least he would know one other person here. The girl bounded over to him for a hug, and Izuku noticed another familiar face behind her.

“Deku! I’m so glad you made it tonight!” The nice girl went by Uravity, and last month she and her partner Ingenium kindly allowed Izuku to follow them around all night like the anxious duckling he was. That had been his first time at this event, he had no idea what he would have done without them.

“Yes, it’s certainly good to see you again,” Ingenium said with a smile, enthusiastically shaking Izuku’s hand in greeting, grip just a little bit too tight.

Izuku scratched the back of his neck in embarrassment, grinning nervously, “I’m so happy you guys are here, I’ve been standing here all night and I have no idea what to do with myself.”

“Well, not to worry, we’re here now!” Uravity said, linking her arm with his cheerfully, “Let’s make the rounds and we can introduce you to everyone.”

She started to lead him away from the bar when, out of the corner of his eye, Izuku saw a blond man across the room. A devastatingly, dangerously handsome blond man, wearing black pants that looked almost poured on, clinging tightly to his thick, muscular thighs. His black sleeveless turtleneck had a red X across it that only served to draw attention to his well-defined chest and abs. Well, fuck. How had Izuku missed him all night?

Uravity followed his gaze and a look of understanding laced with mischief dawned across her face. “Oh, that’s Ground Zero,” Uravity whispered conspiratorially, “He’s probably the most experienced rope top here. He’s pretty abrasive, but he really knows what he’s doing.”

It was at that moment that Zero turned and locked eyes with him. Izuku found himself pinned by the intensity of that piercing gaze, unable to look away. He could feel color rising to his cheeks for no goddamn reason. He clenched his fist, nails digging into the flesh of his palm, the brief pain shaking him from his stupor. He quickly looked down with his heart racing. He could hear Uravity trying valiantly to hold back laughter and colored further. God, so embarrassing.

Still, as the night went on, Izuku kept catching himself staring at Zero. Zero doing impact play with a boy with strangely squinty eyes across the garden. Zero drinking a beer between scenes, Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallowed. Most of all, Zero tying, all strong arms and confident, quick hands. He really was just so horribly good looking. It honestly wasn’t fair.

Standing around chatting with Uravity and Ingenium over his second glass of wine, Izuku saw Uravity’s eyes widen just a moment before a large hand clamped down on his shoulder and he was abruptly spun around. Suddenly he found himself looking up into Zero’s fiery eyes up close. Too close. His posture radiated annoyance and Izuku found himself shrinking into himself slightly.

“You just gonna stare all night or you gonna do something about it?” Zero growled, his voice low and gravelly. It shot through Izuku’s ears, past his brain, down his spine, and straight to his dick.

“I-I—I’m s-sorry?” Izuku managed to stutter out, completely failing to answer the question, blood roaring in his ears.

“You wanna get tied or what?” Zero asked bluntly, hands on his hips, somehow managing to tower over Izuku despite only having a few inches on him. Izuku had never felt a presence like this before, and god was it doing it for him.

“Yes?” Izuku blurted out. Apparently, two glasses of wine was the sweet spot for stopping his intrusive overthinking. That was probably for the best because, in all likelihood, he never would have had to courage to agree otherwise.

“I have some time later. Come find me.” Zero said, turning and stalking off without waiting for a response. Izuku gaped after him.

“What—what just happened?” Izuku wondered aloud, half-dazed. This time, Uravity couldn’t help but giggle, despite her best efforts.

Ingenium ruffled his unruly hair affectionately, “Looks like you’re going to have some fun, Deku.”

After spending some time meeting new people with Uravity and Ingenium, and trying unsuccessfully to calm down his heart, he headed over into the front room where he’d heard Zero was. As he entered, Zero answered the question in his eyes with a single nod. Great. Looked like he was next.

Izuku sat on one of the couches along the far wall to wait, almost vibrating with nervousness and anticipation. Uravity sat next to him, her hand a calming presence on his arm.

Zero was finishing a scene with a cheerful boy with spiky red hair and a bright laugh. They had been briefly introduced once before—Riot, he was pretty sure.

Riot’s legs were hoisted into the air, arms bound behind his back, shoulders just touching the floor. Another blond Izuku remembered from last month’s party was circling around him with a violet wand; every time it touched his skin, the redhead cried and writhed ineffectually, but as soon as it was taken away, he giggled. Even as solidly a bottom as Izuku was, he could definitely appreciate how adorable it was.

The scene wound down and Zero began untying Riot, carefully lowering him to the ground and whispering praise to him lowly as he worked to undo each knot. The redhead leaned on him heavily, all smiles, clearly rope drunk and loving it.

It was subtle, but Izuku could see that Zero lips were quirked up as he removed the last rope and carefully checked over Riot’s limbs for any signs of injury. Given how gruff and intimidating Zero had been all night, Izuku was admittedly a bit surprised at how attentive he was being. The anticipation boiling in Izuku’s blood started to have a shot at overpowering his nerves.

Finally, all of the ropes undone, he gathered Riot into his arms and, like it was nothing, lifted him up and carried him to the other couch where the other blond was waiting. Izuku found himself blushing, thinking a little bit too hard about what that absolutely stunning back might look like without the blond’s shirt in the way. Still, he could appreciate those wide shoulders tapering down to a narrow waist, those powerfully built arms. He may have been in real danger of someone catching him drooling.

After a successful transfer—Riot happily cuddling down into his partner’s lap before burrowing both of them under a blanket—Zero moved back to the center of the room, wiping the sweat from his brow with his forearm. Izuku was pretty sure he would like to be that sweat.

He watched as Zero methodically tidied up the loose ropes—to tie again, Izuku’s mind inserted, to tie him, and damn if that thought didn’t shoot straight down south—before drinking heavily from the cup of water their host brought over. A small stream of water escaped from the corner of his mouth and trailed down his throat until it hit the border of his shirt. Izuku followed it as it made its way down. On second thought, he’d rather be the water.

All too soon, he found Zero standing in front of him.

“What do you want to do?” Zero asked, staring down at Izuku with that intense gaze. It was almost impossible to look at him head-on, but Izuku persevered.

“I, uh, I’m not really sure. D-dealer’s choice?” Izuku tried for a smile, but he had a feeling he only got halfway there.

“Fine. You wanna go up?” Zero jerked his chin up in the direction of the reinforced tie point on the ceiling.

“Yes,” Izuku replied immediately. He had never done suspension before, but he’d always been curious. How often would he have this chance?

“Okay. Strip,” Zero said without preamble.

Izuku startled, his voice high pitched and shaky, “U-uh, what—What do you—”

Zero growled lowly, “Jeans. Off. You think I’m gonna tie you if I can’t check your circulation or whatever? You think this is fucking amateur hour?”

“R-right, of course,” Izuku stammered out, shucking off his slightly translucent black shirt and quickly wiggling out of his dark wash jeans until he was standing in front of Zero in only his forest green boxer briefs.

Izuku kept his eyes locked on Zero the whole time, because if he thought too hard about how everyone in the room could see him in his underwear he was going to lose his nerve. It wasn’t that he was ashamed of his body, he knew he was well built and he took pride in staying in shape, but it was still a bit strange to be undressed in front of so many people, even if they were all as nice as Uravity.

Zero paced around him once, giving him a thorough once over. He reached over and tapped Izuku’s scarred right arm with two fingers, “There anything I need to know about this?”

Izuku felt something strangely warm glow in his chest. He hadn’t expected Zero to be so thorough. He swallowed past the feeling and turned his head to look him in the eye, “No, they’re all old, no lasting problems.”

Looking satisfied, Zero reached down and grabbed one of the lengths of rope he had prepared and circled back behind Izuku.

“Hands behind your back,” he ordered. Izuku tentatively extended his arms backward until Zero grabbed them and positioned them so his hands met his elbows. Zero held them in place with one large, strong hand and Izuku felt something skitter down his spine at how easy it was for Zero to immobilize him.

He began winding the rope around Izuku’s arms, across his chest, over his biceps. The rope was slightly prickly against his skin, causing goosebumps to break out over his flesh. He hoped no one could tell.

On one pass, Zero accidentally brushed against one nipple, causing it to peak and Izuku just barely stifled a gasp. His eyes immediately snapped shut, embarrassed, but Zero chuckled lowly in his ear all the same. The vibration flew straight to his head, where it bounced around until it became a pleasant sort of static.

The silence as Zero worked on the upper part of the harness was a little bit maddening. Did he look weird? Was he standing in the wrong place? What were all the other people in the room thinking? Was he being good enough? What sort of face was he even making? Oh god, he was getting hard and everyone was going to be able to tell—

A low growl broke through his spiraling thoughts. “I can hear you thinking from here, nerd. What, you think I don’t got you or something?”

Zero quickly yanked on the rope running from Izuku’s bound hands up his back, easily manhandling him back a few steps until his back was flush against Zero’s chest. A truly embarrassing high-pitched whine escaped the back of his throat without his permission. Oh god. He could feel himself blushing all the way to the tips of his ears, something hot and submissive curling in his stomach. He melted back into that strong grip, the static in his head growing ever louder.

“There we go,” Zero said from somewhere near his ear, voice rough and self-satisfied.

Zero pushed him back into position to tie off the current rope, pausing to make Izuku grab onto one of his fingers to make sure none of the ropes were cutting off sensation to his hands. Again, that warm feeling surfaced; he felt weirdly… precious.

Eyes still shut tight, he felt more than heard Zero hum thoughtfully, then step away. A moment later, Izuku felt something soft and smooth drop over his eyes.

“You need them closed, right?” Zero said gruffly, “This is easier.”

“T-thank you,” Izuku managed with some difficulty. His voice even to his own ears sounded a bit dreamy.

That handled, Zero resumed tying. Izuku felt a rope drape around his waist, then a foot wedged between his own to force his legs further apart. Oh, his face burned. Rough hands wove between his thighs, so close to where he found himself somewhat desperately wishing they would be, but never quite getting there.

With every pass of the rope, something strange began to happen within Izuku. His thoughts quieted and he found he didn’t have to try to keep his eyes closed, to put himself in Zero’s hands. His arousal became less sharp, more diffused, warming his body from the inside out. A pleasant buzz tingled under his skin.

Everything was okay. If he was in the wrong place, Zero would move him. Bound by Zero’s ropes, his body was exactly as it should be. Each line defined a new, truer shape of himself. It was such an incredible relief.

“You’re going under for me, aren’t you?” Zero said from all around him, Izuku couldn’t tell exactly where. He nodded once, unable to speak.

“You’re so good for me like this,” Zero said lowly, right in his ear, “So perfect.”

Pleasure burst within him, so sudden and bright it brought tears to his eyes. He was good, wasn’t he? He was being so good. It felt so amazing to be good for Zero. It was indescribable.

Zero was doing something else now, but Izuku wasn’t concerned at all. He stood there being good, not minding whatever it was happening behind his back. He started to feel tension on the back of the harness. It felt like he was becoming lighter and lighter... Somehow, only his toes were on the floor now, but that was okay. Everything was still pleasantly warm.

Distantly, he felt Zero adjusting the rope on his right hip. Shortly after that, he fell.

Well, he didn’t fall far, but it still caused him to squeak in surprise and dismay before he could stop himself. Zero pushed him to the left and he tipped over, cradled by the ropes leashed to the tie point. Now only the toes on his left foot brushed the floor.

It was strange. It wasn’t exactly that Izuku felt weightless—rather, he felt his weight very keenly on the parts of the rig supporting his weight: his left shoulder, and hip, the inside of his right thigh. It was hard. But he knew that even though it was hard, he could still be good, and then maybe Zero would praise him again. He really liked it when Zero praised him.

It got easier as he endured. Zero continued tying, folding his right leg and incorporating it into the tie, better distributing his weight. He pulled Izuku’s left foot back, finally off the floor, and tied it back into the harness across his back.

Izuku was airborne. He was flying.

It was hard, but he was so good. He could feel Zero circling around him, almost predatory, but that was fine. He felt warm and perfect and fit to be devoured. It was at that moment that Izuku realized he was still almost painfully hard, but he was being so very good, so surely that was okay, too.

“Jesus, you’re so far gone,” he heard Zero say under his breath. Izuku smiled freely in what he hoped was the right general direction; Zero cursed heatedly under his breath.

“Grab, beautiful,” Zero gruffly ordered as his fingers pressed into Izuku’s palms. Izuku did so easily, happily, suffused with an unbearable lightness that could probably be seen from space. “Perfect. Now move your toes for me,” Zero continued as he lightly ran his fingers along each of Izuku’s feet, so Izuku did that too. He was being so good.

“Good boy,” Zero said, voice like smoked glass, shivery and delicious on the back of Izuku’s neck. “You’re amazing like this.” The words exploded like fireworks inside his chest. Ah, that was what he had been missing all this time.

Izuku thought he might die, either from pleasure or arousal. He whined, high and needy, not sure what he was even asking for. Zero cursed again. “You’re impossible, you know that?”

He heard Zero’s voice turn away, “Who even is this guy?” It was good that it didn’t seem like it was directed at him, because there was no way he would be able to answer.

Uravity’s lilting laughter reached his ears. Ah, that was who Zero was talking to. “He goes by Deku here,” she replied helpfully. “Isn’t he just something?”

“He’s something, all right.” Izuku heard Zero grumble, more to himself than anyone else, before moving to face Izuku directly. Even blindfolded he felt like he could feel Zero anywhere, like a phantom limb.

“It’s time to go back down, princess.” Izuku must have made a face, because Zero chuckled. Izuku could almost feel it against his lips. He wondered what it would taste like. “There’s a time limit, y’know. You gotta get down now.”

Slowly, Zero took Izuku through the suspension process in reverse. Left toes to the floor, right leg unwound, both feet on the ground. Thankfully, Zero had enough presence of mind or experience that rather than letting Izuku try to stand, he continued to lower him until he was sitting on the floor neatly encapsulated between Zero’s thighs.

Light. He was so light. Izuku had never felt lighter, warmer, safer. His usual self-consciousness was muted to a dull roar, which was a miracle in itself. Zero’s chest was broad and sturdy, and his smoky, masculine scent was everywhere. Izuku melted into it.

Somehow the untying was almost more sensual than the tying—each knot undone brought a slither of rope across his body, over his thighs, skimming his sides. It was maddening.

Once or twice it flicked across a nipple, or across the hardness in his briefs, and Izuku couldn’t tell if it was genuinely incidental or if Zero did it just to feel Izuku shiver against him. He also wasn’t sure which option was better. Either way, he was a mess.

The rise and fall of his chest became more erratic, the pulsing want inside of him becoming sharper and more insistent by the second. The blindfold heightened every sensation, keeping him on a razor’s edge of desire. Zero’s breath ghosted against his right ear as he leaned in to remove the final rope around the bottom half of the harness. Izuku bit his tongue, hard, to stop himself from moaning. Now only the bindings around his chest and arms were left.

“You did so well for me, Deku,” Zero spoke quietly, Izuku felt the low rumble of it more than he heard it. “You were perfect.” He wasn’t sure, but it sounded like Zero was smiling. Izuku whimpered as the praise shot through him, mindlessly canting his hips up in search of friction that just wasn’t there.

“You like it when I tell you you’re good, don’t you?” The two brain cells that Izuku had left that were capable of feeling shame were mortified, but the rest of him, eager to please, nodded desperately.

“Christ.” Zero’s voice sounded tight, affected. Izuku was living for it. When Zero moved to start untying the remaining ropes, Izuku instinctively wriggled back into Zero’s chest before he could stop himself, whining in protest. Oh god, what was he even doing? Everything was still so muddled, but some deep animal part of his brain was sure that if all the ropes were gone he might shake apart somehow.

Zero stilled, arms loosely encircling Izuku until he relaxed, melting once more, feeling secure for the moment. Zero slowly brought his hands up and, after roughly murmuring a warning, lifted the blindfold from Izuku’s eyes.

Red shone behind his eyelids, shocking bright despite the dimly lit room. Zero placed two fingers under Izuku’s chin and tilted his head up and to the side so they were face to face.

“I need you to look at me, beautiful.” Something lurked in Zero’s voice that Izuku couldn’t identify, but he obeyed easily, gladly. God, he was weak, so weak to that voice. Slowly, he opened his eyes and blinked owlishly at Zero. He was so close, so much closer than before. Izuku wanted to be even closer. Izuku wanted to crawl deep inside of him and never leave. Could he do that?

“You wanna take this somewhere else?” Zero’s eyes burned as they scanned across Izuku’s face, looking for something Izuku was somehow sure he’d find. Izuku’s breath caught in his chest as that gaze seared straight through him. That was what it was in his voice. Desire. Zero wanted him. And fuck if Izuku was going to waste that chance.

“Please,” he ground out, needy, pleading. God, anywhere; right at that moment he would follow Zero anywhere.

Zero turned around to levy a significant look at Eraser, who Izuku only then remembered was still there watching. Along with everyone else in the room, who until now had been masked from Izuku’s awareness by Zero’s blindfold and sheer magnetic presence.

Instead of self-consciousness, Izuku flared with pride, face burning with it. He had been so good, and everyone saw it. What was there to be embarrassed about? Zero said he was perfect.

Something passed between Zero and Eraser during the span of that look, and before Izuku could try to decipher what it was, he found himself roughly hoisted up and over Zero’s shoulder as he strode away from the living room and toward the private back area of the house. Izuku whined, high and needy, at just how easy Zero was able to throw his weight around. That earned him a nice slap on the ass as they moved away from the common area.

Behind him, he heard the tinkling sound of Uravity’s laugh again.

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Izuku wasn’t sure how far they went before they found an unoccupied guest bedroom, but he couldn’t fault the view on the way there. Up close, Zero’s ass in those jeans was something to behold, even upside down. Once they were inside, Zero kicked the door closed and locked it with whichever hand didn’t currently have a pretty commanding palmful of Izuku’s ass; honestly, he’d lost track of right versus left at some point.

Izuku’s world flipped right side up again as he was unceremoniously dropped onto the bed. He wound up sitting on his heels on the comforter; thankfully, Zero caught him by the shoulders before he could fall back onto his still-bound arms. He leaned down to look Izuku straight in the eye with that intense, crimson gaze. Izuku could feel fire catching in his blood, in his bones.

“You want this?” Zero asked, straight to the point.

Izuku was sure he was bright pink, either from nerves or the fireman carry, but he nodded quickly, still not entirely trusting his voice enough to speak. Things were a little fuzzy around the edges, but he was pretty sure he’d never needed anything quite as badly as he needed Zero to keep looking at him with those eyes, to keep touching him like he was something precious and covetable.

He followed Izuku onto the bed on his knees, those piercing crimson eyes boring into him, wrapping one strong arm around Izuku’s lower back and burying his other hand in Izuku’s hair. “What do you say if you want to stop?” He wove his fingers into it, then pulled. Izuku keened.

“R-red,” Izuku forced out. Zero seemed satisfied, nodding once, before absolutely attacking Izuku’s mouth with his own. It was a brutal, domineering kiss, all teeth and heady force. Zero’s hand found its way to his ass, groping harshly, and Izuku almost lost it. It was good that Zero was functionally holding him up because his legs almost certainly weren’t working anymore.

Suddenly, Zero spun him around, still-clothed cock digging into the soft flesh of Izuku’s ass, one arm around his middle and the other resting just along his neck. Not pushing, not choking, just… there. Self-assured. Possessive. Izuku’s throat tightened, a strangled whine escaping. The casualness of the gesture, the firm pressure in such a vulnerable area… Izuku was going to lose his mind.

The blissful static in his head was back, just as loud as before. All Izuku ever wanted to do was give, and finally, he found someone willing to aggressively, perfectly take. It was even better than he’d dared to hope. Izuku’s blood was on fire, curling, and flickering in his belly, taking on a life of its own. Izuku could feel those breathtaking abs against his forearms. He really needed to find out how they tasted.

Zero bit at the juncture of his neck and shoulder, Izuku shuddered. “God, I’m gonna fucking destroy you,” Zero grit out. Without preamble, he pushed Izuku down, bending him in half.

Izuku’s face burned where it was shoved into the linens, his ass in the air. What a sight he must make. Hair a complete wreck, mostly naked and desperately hard, presenting his ass to Zero like a bitch in heat. God, this was so humiliating.

Behind him, he could hear Zero growl appreciatively at the view. Izuku was sure his blush went all the way down his chest, but along with the shame burning bright on his face came a dark satisfaction. He felt Zero move behind him and suddenly there were warm, rough hands on his thighs, skimming up the curve of his hips, movements smooth and confident.

“Look at you, laid out for me like a fuckin’ feast,” Zero purred, breath suddenly hot against the thin fabric covering his ass. “You look so good like this.”

Fingers snuck under the waistband of his briefs and slowly pulled them down to his knees, loosely binding them together. Izuku whimpered, squirming reflexively in embarrassment, suddenly desperate to hide himself. Tears pricked at his eyes. This was too much, too hard. He burned with shame. Had he ever felt so terribly, deliciously exposed?

Zero laughed, and god, how did he make something borderline mocking sound so sexy? “You think you can get away? Good fuckin’ luck, nerd, I don’t fuck around when I tie.”

He felt Zero lean over him, pressing on his bound arms and forcing Izuku’s red face further into the bed as if to prove his point. “Now be a good boy and settle, you’re exactly where I want you to be,” he continued, voice low and rough right in Izuku’s ear. He could feel the hardness in Zero’s jeans against the bare curve of his ass and that combined with the feeling of Zero on top of him had him moaning around a mouthful of a tasteful gray, patterned comforter.

He could be good. He would show Zero just how good he could be. Zero moved off of him and Izuku relaxed into the position as well as he could, spine arching beautifully, presenting himself even further.

“Fuck, you’re so beautiful for me,” Zero bit out, again running his hands over Izuku’s ass like he owned it. Which, as far as Izuku was concerned, he currently did.

That was the only warning he got before those strong hands spread him open and a hot, wet tongue swiped broad and slow across his entrance. Izuku jolted and keened, a warbling high-pitched noise escaping his throat without his permission. Shivers wracked his body, his eyes watered. He could feel his cock dripping onto the bed, angry red and achingly hard.

Zero ate ass like he kissed: fiercely, thoroughly, and without reservation. Every swirling lick and harsh suck sent sparks of heat rushing through Izuku’s body until he was in a feverish haze, the blazing arousal in his gut razing his thoughts to the ground. Izuku canted his hips back mindlessly, desperately. Izuku could feel Zero’s answering pleased hum where they were so intimately connected. God, that was distractingly hot. His hands grasped at nothing, wrists flexing reflexively, useless.

Zero was going to burn him up alive and Izuku couldn’t do a damn thing about it.

Slowly, patient despite the urgency of Izuku’s need, Zero worked him open with his tongue, catching deliciously on his rim and deftly delving inside. It was absolutely filthy, sinful. Izuku had never experienced anything like it. Zero’s hands wandered, grabbing Izuku’s ample ass and thighs, reveling in the feeling of velvet skin over thick, corded muscle. He worked Izuku over until he was reduced to a crying wreck, face blotchy and wet with tears and drool.

After a second, or an eternity; Izuku couldn’t tell, he felt Zero back off. Izuku cried out, bereft, and he heard Zero chuckle lowly. “Good boys are patient,” he chided, no real heat behind his words. Izuku could feel himself flush even further. God, the sight he must make.

He felt Zero’s fingers on his palms again, causing him to grab reflexively. “No numbness?” Zero asked, and Izuku managed to shake his head. His shoulders were aching in a dull, distant way, mostly because his posture usually wasn’t anywhere near this good, but nothing really hurt. “Good,” Zero responded, taking a moment to check the tightness of some of the ropes before moving off the bed somewhere behind Izuku.

Alone, Izuku drifted, waiting, nothing feeling quite real or grounded in time. He could feel his dick hanging heavy between his legs, desperate to be touched, his rim spit-slick and cooling in the room air. Somewhere nearby he heard a drawer opening, something rustling, the drawer closing again. The flip of a cap. A steadying hand gripping his hip bone, grounding him.

That mouth was back on him, hot and demanding, but this time a slick finger slid in alongside that talented tongue, suddenly plunging inside of him. The noise he made was barely human.

Zero prepared him slowly—so slowly that Izuku was in real danger of losing the last, fraying remains of his sanity. Once he adjusted to the first finger, Zero worked him up to two, slowly scissoring and twisting them inside of Izuku until he found the spot that made Izuku let out a choked, wet gasp as a bolt of pleasure shot up his spine.

“There we are,” Zero said, self-satisfied, against the curve of Izuku’s ass before biting it harshly. Izuku made a sound halfway between a moan and a sob. That was going to leave a mark and, god, that was going to be amazing.

Having located what he was after, Zero focused on thoroughly abusing Izuku’s prostate with glancing blows from clever fingers, while littering bites along his ass and thighs. Izuku knew he was babbling, incomprehensible pleading dripping from his mouth like the tears slowly soaking into the bedspread, but he couldn’t help it.

With the fingers of his right hand still moving deftly inside of Izuku, slowly destroying him from the inside out, Zero’s face swam into his vision. Those sharp eyes looked at him appraisingly, but Izuku noted with some pride that he looked decently wrecked, too, face flushed and pupils blown wide.

“You cry so pretty for me,” he said, gently stroking Izuku’s face through the tears with his other hand. “Color?” He asked.

Asking him that while rubbing mercilessly at his prostate wasn’t a very fair thing to do, but Izuku also couldn’t bear the thought of him stopping, so he managed to sob out, “Green, p-please, please, I’m ready—”

Izuku saw Zero smirk before he disappeared from view again along with those clever fingers. Izuku cried out, clenching around nothing, desperate for something to impale himself on. There was the sound of foil ripping, the telltale pop of the cap again, and then the slow, filthy grind of Zero’s slick cock against the cleft of his ass. So close, so close. Izuku whimpered, biting down on the comforter to try and muffle his frustrations.

A loud crack as Zero smacked him on the ass. It didn’t hurt terribly badly, but Izuku cried out, startled. “None of that shit, now.” Zero paused, dragging his nails lightly over rosy flesh. Izuku let out a shuddering breath. “I want to hear every fuckin’ desperate noise you make, understand?”

Izuku dropped his jaw open immediately, moaning loudly where his face pressed into the bed. That was right, he had to be good for Zero. He was exactly where Zero said he should be, he was perfect, he was going to be so good.

“Better,” Zero growled and Izuku could hear the smirk in his voice. Zero rubbed the head of his cock teasingly against Izuku’s rim, causing Izuku to cant his hips back and whimper wantonly. God, Zero was driving him out of his mind. There was nothing in him anymore except sharp, roaring need.

Zero pressed forward, impaling him in a single, hot slide of flesh against flesh. Despite the preparation, Zero was big; the sensation was overwhelming. Izuku could feel fresh tears soaking into the coverlet as he panted, eyes wide and unseeing.

“Fuck, you’re so fuckin’ tight, Deku,” Zero ground out, voice strangled as he bottomed out. Izuku couldn’t help moaning wetly at how well Zero filled him. This was everything he had been craving his whole goddamn life. He wanted to stay like this forever, but he also desperately needed Zero to move, now.

Zero must have understood, because he drew back, his grip on Izuku’s hips deliciously bruising, before fucking back into him harshly. Izuku had never understood exactly how powerless he’d feel like this: restrained, Zero still mostly-clothed above him, completely unable to do anything except take what he was given. God, that was hot.

Zero pounded into him, hard and fast, just like he needed. Izuku could feel the desire roaring through his veins start to condense embarrassingly fast.

Zero threaded a hand into Izuku’s hair as he thrust into him and pulled, using the leverage to angle right into Izuku’s prostate. Izuku screamed, hands working uselessly behind his back as Zero slammed home over and over again.

He was going to come like this: desperate, crying, untouched. A nonsensical litany of pleas fell from his lips one after another, “More, yes, god, please—”

“Not until I say, understand? Good boys know how to wait,” Zero snarled at him, the hand in Izuku’s hair tightening and causing his scalp to light up with bright, sparking pinpricks of pain. Fresh tears, fat drops rolling down his panting face onto the wet spot on the comforter. He must really be a mess now.

“Please, Zero, Zero, please, can I—” a particularly harsh thrust sent Izuku keening, “please can I—”

“Christ, you beg so pretty for me,” Zero bit out, his movements becoming rougher, rhythm faltering. “Keep going, beautiful, tell me what you want.”

“I want—I want—” Izuku started, wavering, before pushing ahead. Maybe Zero wouldn’t like it, but Izuku was so weak to that voice. “I want you to come i-inside,” he sobbed. “Fill me up, Zero.”

Zero swore colorfully under his breath. His hips began to stutter, his left hand gripping Izuku’s hip so hard he knew he’d have marks in the morning.

“You ready to go when I tell you?” Izuku tried to nod, but Zero’s right hand was still firmly anchored in his hair, so he let nonsense words of agreement pour from his lips. He could tell Zero was getting close, and the curling bright pleasure in his gut was getting closer and closer to snapping.

Two more brutal thrusts, a third, and Zero was coming with a low, animalistic groan.

“Fuck, you’re so good, Deku. Come for me,” he panted. That was all it took and then Izuku was coming, wailing, riding wave after wave of almost violent pleasure, spilling all over that nice couple’s comforter. His vision whited out. The last thing he remembered before darkness took him was a bright, delicious, “Good boy.”

Izuku slowly blinked back into himself. Had he actually come so hard he passed out? That was new.

Still loose with pleasure, he lazily took stock of the situation. He was on his side now, arms still bound behind him with his left shoulder vaguely protesting the change in positioning. There was a large hand gently stroking through his hair, lips murmuring sweet and low against the back of his neck, an arm wrapped around his waist, the long stretch of Zero’s body pressed warm and close against his back.

“You back with me?” Zero asked, voice a little hoarse. The growl of it sent tiny shivers down his spine, even now.

“Mm,” he responded with a smile floating to his lips, sated.

“You really are something,” Zero said, sending a pleased flush across Izuku’s face. “I didn’t take the ropes off while you were out because I didn’t want to spook you or whatever, but you think we can do it now?”

Izuku thought about it, but that scary feeling that he would shake apart was gone. He hummed in agreement, rolling slightly onto his chest to give Zero better access. Zero sat up to work and in a matter of minutes of soft rope whispering against his over-sensitive skin, he found his arms free.

“You were amazing, so good for me,” Zero murmured. Even now, the praise went straight to Izuku’s head, singing through his blood.

Zero was gentle as he worked to undo Izuku’s harness, methodical, and best of all, he never stopped touching Izuku for a second; warm hands massaged into his arms, his wrists, his shoulders, checking carefully for any pain or numbness. But there was none of that, only a languid, satisfied lassitude, a bone-deep satisfaction.

Once he was done, Zero laid back down beside Izuku, turning him and gathering him to rest on his chest. Izuku snuggled down gratefully, head blissfully quiet and still. Zero’s hands, so warm, so unexpectedly soft, brushed up and down his arms, reached up to card through his hair, trailed softly down the curve of his back. Izuku couldn’t remember a time he felt more relaxed.

They lay there together for some time before Zero spoke. “So,” he began, then paused. Izuku looked up at that dangerously handsome face. “You gonna be here next month?” Zero finished, not meeting Izuku’s eyes and sounding almost… bashful? How unexpectedly cute.

Izuku smiled and nodded, wondering if it would be too forward to ask Zero for his number. Is it still forward to ask for someone’s number after their tongue has been in your ass? Izuku wasn’t entirely sure on the etiquette, but he was definitely hoping for a repeat performance.