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Cliche Love Stories and Retro Songs (BNHA x Reader Oneshots)

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Beginning Prologue!

Hey there everyone! So... this is definitely gonna be my first collection of Boku No Hero Academia/My Hero Academia oneshots! Now I gotta be honest, I don't have a lot of experience in writing these stories and there might be a LITTLE bit of OOC-ness but I'll do my best to make them as in-character as possible and I make up for my lack of talent with enthusiasm XD So I hope you all enjoy the one-shots, scenarios and headcanons to come! Many will be different scenarios though. Some might not ALL be one-shots though~ :3

Fun Fact: Most of my titles will be like the show 'Mom' where it'll have two different things (Ex: Boquet of Flowers and a Crappy Rom-Com) that may or may not be related to the oneshot lol. Have you guys ever seen Mom btw? It's a pretty fun show, has the perfect balance of comedy and real-life drama. Ooh! And also be on the look-out for some song-fics or parodies cuz I will feature some of those too! :3

And watch out for some movie references, Avril Lavigne songs, some Bob's Burgers references and parodies, and lame puns lol

Most characters I mostly write: (might change over time)
-Izuku Midoriya
-Katsuki Bakugou
-Shouto Todoroki
-Eijiro Kirishima
-Denki Kaminari
-Fumikage Tokoyami
-Hitoshi Shinsou
-Shouta Aizawa
-Hizashi Yamada

I hope you guys enjoy!! :3

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God you hated tests…

You were a terrible test-taker and you were pretty sure that you had test anxiety too because you never felt prepared even after you studied or did last minute cramming. And the tests at UA with Aizawa were currently some of the worst tests you’ve had to take, unless they were physical tests that you could hold your own in.

Tests always made you feel stupid, and Aizawa’s written tests especially made you feel stupid, but your classmates made you feel even stupider, especially smart ones like Yaoyorozu or Iida. Even explosion-happy Bakugou was a genius, and that really surprised you because he was such a brute. You should have studied with Yaoyorozu, but your pride wouldn’t allow you and instead you asked for help from Midoriya because he was your friend, and much more approachable.

You weren’t a bad student per se… but definitely not above the 10’s… really you barely made the cut as the 10th highest ranking student during the written midterms. And really you just struggled on some questions more than the others did, and you had a habit of taking your time, triple-checking all your answers and then doubting yourself at the last second before you decided ‘Fuck it’ and just turned in all you had. It worked for the most part since your grades were actually decent enough for you to be happy-ish with yourself.

However, it’s been a personal belief of yours that written tests only score how well you do on tests, not so much in life. A test can’t determine how well you’ll do out in the real world. “This dumbass test isn’t going to determine how good I do outside of school! Heroes don’t need to be good at fucking algebra or know how to pass a freakin' written test cuz they're only supposed to beat the crap out of villains! My magnekinesis is a badass power that could easily destroy this fucking piece of paper! So, Mr. Aizawa, Yaoyorozu, Iida, Bakugou, you can all suck my dick! One at a time, line up bitches! Because it is great!” You internally told yourself as you started to sweat at the last question unanswered on your test.

You would do just fine in the real world!

Once you finish this goddamn test. Thankfully today Aizawa was feeling kind (lazy) enough to just tell all those who finished their tests that they could just leave since it was the last class of the day. However, it was all down to just you, Aoyama, Ashido and Kaminari. Your fellow idiots.

“Thank GOD for my fellow idiots!” You smiled to yourself, glad that you weren’t the only one who struggled, but that hope was shot down when Aoyama finished before you… now it was just you, Ashido and Kaminari. Those poor dorks.

“Ugh I knew I should have studied more… oh who am I kidding? I can barely remember what color underwear I put on this morning…” You thought, because as much as you studied, sometimes you just couldn’t remember everything. Cramming worked a little better for you, it wasn’t the most productive or healthy way of doing it, but you just weren’t a good studier.

Sighing heavily, you focused on the last question, even though you wanted to just tear up this damn paper and throw it in Aizawa’s face for making this so fucking hard. You had 10 minutes left, and you cringed when you saw a fearful Ashido standing up with a deep sigh as she slowly made her way over to Aizawa and turned in her paper.

‘Sorry…’ She mouthed the word to you once she was finished and exited the classroom, leaving only you and Kaminari in the classroom with a waiting Aizawa. Suddenly, you got even more nervous. It was all down to the two of you, with not very many minutes left to spare and a question you were STILL stuck on.

“You have 10 minutes left.” Your teacher added as a reminder, and it just served to make you all the more nervous as you started sweating a little bit. Why couldn’t you just write down the stupid answer?! You were sure it was the right one!

However, it just occurred to you that it was only you and Kaminari left. Curiously, you looked over to where he was at, poor thing looked just as stressed as you did as he stared nervously at his paper. His pencil shaking in his head as he appeared to be contemplating on what to write down, at least until he felt your eyes on him. He turned slightly to look over at you, making you perk up from your seat and look back at your paper with a nervous flush pinking your cheeks. Just then you missed the look of surprise from him, but you glanced over at him again as you realized that he was still staring at you. The blush not leaving your cheeks as you gave him a sympathetic smile, and he couldn’t help but nervously grin at you as your eyes locked in with his.

At the moment, you couldn’t help but feel a bit of a camaraderie with the electric user. Obviously, he was just as stressed about this as you were, struggling with that last question. You had observed that poor Kaminari wasn’t the best test taker, and apparently, he was the one who scored the lowest in the mid-term exams, right behind Ashido. You felt bad for him, but you didn’t want that to come off as pity. Because you knew what it was like to feel like the dumb one whenever you didn’t score too well. And right now, it literally felt like it was just the two of you staring at each other and making eye contact as you both smiled and tried not to giggle or snicker.

Your cheeks flushed cerise pink when Kaminari winked at you, as if he was trying to flirt with you without talking, it was working because you flashed him a rather coy smile. Neither of you could talk right now, but you were both thankful for each other since this was the only moment you both didn’t feel stressed out during this dumbass test. It’s like you both got lost in the moment, because you both forgot Aizawa existed until he spoke up.

“(L/N). Kaminari. Eyes on your own papers.” He gruffly said, pretty much noticing that you two were flirting, making you both perk up and look back at your papers, blushing.

However, the warmth on your cheeks didn’t leave you even as the last question was toying with you as you reluctantly and finally wrote your answer. Sighing heavily, it was time for you to quickly double-check everything as you went back to your first pages and looked at all your answers, stealing a glance at Kaminari every now and then.

It wasn’t that you had never noticed Kaminari before, of course you have, but today fate just made it so that the two of you would be the last ones together in class trying to finish your tests. You just wished you had more time though. It was the 5 minute mark now, and you had already double-checked all of your answers, mostly sure that most of them were right, down to the last one. Now it was time for your triple-check, but you looked over at Kaminari once more, who was reluctantly writing down his last answer with a very anxious look on his face.

But, you had more pride than that and you weren’t going to finish last so you were thankful when he did the same as you by double-checking his answers just as soon as you finished your triple-check. Even when the doubt came in, that’s when your ‘Fuck it’ moment came as you reluctantly stood up from your seat. With only 3 minutes to spare, as you walked you didn’t see how abandoned Kaminari looked as he watched you walk to Aizawa with your test in shaking hands.

Once he gave you the nod, you were able to walk out of the classroom and then you finally saw Kaminari’s look of defeat. Feeling bad, you waited outside for the poor guy. At least you didn’t finish the test last.

As soon as the last 3 minutes were up, you perked up once the door opened and you saw a dispirited Kaminari kind of slowly walking out, however his eyes widened and he smiled once he saw that you were still there.

“Oh hey it’s you!” His depression didn’t last long as he seemed to be back to his normal self with you there, however some of your shyness and anxiety came back to you. It was different now that you were both officially alone, though you were thankful that Aizawa couldn't see you both semi-flirtng. But you shyly smiled at the blonde, happy to see him as his casual Pikachu-self.

“Hey Kaminari…”

“So… that test huh?” He asked quickly, since that was pretty much the only thing on his mind right now after he just finished that stupid thing.

You scoffed and rolled your eyes, “I know right? It was horrible… I barely knew what the last one was, but I just decided ‘Fuck It’ I need to get out of here…” You sighed heavily, much to his amusement.

“That’s how I felt! I already kinda tanked it during midterms and the final exam so… I tried my hardest on this one…” Kaminari admitted with a sheepish looking shrug, “Heh... in fact, to be honest, I've never really been good at taking tests. Like at all." He added and grinned nervously, which made you blush and yet you felt strangely comfortable because he was being so honest.

“Dude, me neither. I normally score well enough to get by, but I still hate it… call it test anxiety I guess…” You rather candidly admitted, not feeling too bad about that since it was true. There was no way to deny it, and you were surprised that Kaminari appeared to relate to you with that.

“Ha. I hear that! I just uh… ya know, I just act like my dopey self and let people think little tests don’t get to me, but…” He kind of blushed even as he tried to smile it off. “Tests still make me a little uneasy…”

You paid attention to him as he talked, this wasn’t something you were used to since you weren’t exactly the most talkative person, but you could get used to talking to Kaminari. Especially if it meant being this close to him and getting to look at him, admire his soft looking blonde hair, his lovely sharp eyes and his fairly conventionally attractive physique. If finishing near-last meant getting to talk to Kaminari every single time, you would keep up with your habits gladly.

"I get that dude. You just want to do your best, and then there's the pressure to do well. You can study as much as you want, but then sometimes you just forget. I know what that's like. Basically the story of my school-life." You smiled sympathetically, which Kaminari did appreciate even if it made him blush since that more or less summed up how he felt during tests. He didn't want to call it an anxiety thing, but he did have those moments during tests or anything academic that required studying and paying attention. "But hey, look on the bright side! These lame-ass tests can't properly test a person's intelligence, all they do is test if you read a section in a book not many people even read. What's that gonna do for us in the future?" You asked with a shrug of your shoulder, which made Kaminari's casual grin return and brightening up his face like it always looked.

"Huh... hey you know you're right! I mean sure I still gotta score well enough but you're right! Not like I'm gonna need something like math to beat up a villain." He snickered, and it made you giggle and blush at how cute you realized he was.

"Yeah man! So you're not an idiot just because you don't pass a dumb-ass test like this. Sure people get rewarded for this shit, but fuck that, I just wanna go home and save the world later if someone's in trouble. Won't need a damn calculator or a pencil for that shit." You chuckled, and that got a laugh from Kaminari. Adorable, you thought.

"You said it!" He laughed rather happily, giving you the biggest smile you had ever seen from him, however that smile turned more sheepish as a faint pink blush adorned his lightly tanned cheeks. "Hey uh... maybe next time we have another test... you and I can uh... maybe... have a study date?" Kaminari tried to act cool, like he knew how to properly flirt and ask you out, but it came off more coy and even bashful than anything. He always pictured that he could ask someone out with total confidence, but now that he was actually doing it, a bit of anxiety creeped up on him, and now he knew how much of an idiot he really was since he thought he totally botched this. He was already expecting you to say 'no'.

"Hell YES! I'm totally down for a study date!" You suddenly exclaimed with vigor as your cheeks burned brightly once it just occurred to you that someone asked you out on a date. And Kaminari Denki, whom was pretty much one of the most attractive guys in your class, ahead of Todoroki and Bakugou. Kaminari's eyes widened, the blush not leaving his face as he looked at you with such surprise that you swore he nearly went catatonic for a minute there. "Hello?"

"O-Oh perfect! That's awesome! It's a date then! Yes!" Kaminari's cheerfulness returned, pumping a fist in the air that he actually scored a date! And you couldn't help but smile, blushing when his eyes met yours again in a stare just like they were a couple of moments ago. It felt quick, but you didn't mind Kaminari walking closely next to you as you made your way back to the dorms. But both of you were equally shocked when you found your hands locked with each other, eyes widening you both looked up at each other with flushed cheeks and surprised gazes.

"Our... hands are holding?" Kaminari asked, confusion and surprise evident in his tone and expression as he started to sweat a little bit. This was definitely the furthest he had gotten with a girl.

"Y-Yeah, I wonder how uh... that happened..." You were just as nervous, having never held anyone else's hands before that weren't your parents or your female friends. However, neither you or Kaminari found it in each other to pull away, at least until your classmates were in your visage since neither of you felt like hearing any teasing at the moment. But he did discreetly whisper to you. "Maybe you and I should go a date-date...? Tomorrow after school perhaps?" He sounded more confident, and flirtatious as you snickered a little bit with a nod. "Totally. It's a date-date." You happily agreed, earning another big smile on Kaminari's face as he gladly held your hand again now that nobody, especially Mina, was around to see.

Never in your life had you been happier to have almost finished last on a test.

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You sighed heavily as you sat on the couch of the common room, staring at the girls who were just chatting frivolously with each other as per usual. At first you thought about going over to join in on their conversation, but they talked about the most boring topics sometimes that you decided to just sit and be bored by yourself.

Kaminari was pretty much your partner-in-crime when it came to doing fun things but he was hanging with Kirishima, Sero and Bakugou. Typical boys. But the more you thought about it, the more you realized you probably should have gone with him, even though Bakugou wasn’t crazy about the fact that you were friends with ‘Deku’. Well, that was understatement, he didn’t like that at all, he never had been in fact. Truth was, you grew up alongside him and Izuku, but you met Bakugou first, only to get closer to Izuku and remained his only friend even when Bakugou picked on him and always threw smart-ass comments his way which he hated. You assumed it was jealousy, but that was just your pride talking.

However, the more you thought about Bakugou, the more Izuku started popping up in your mind. Making you sigh in content, smiling fondly at the thought of the sweet, green-haired dork. How you adored him, he was almost too pure for this world to the point where it was almost REALLY annoying because you had a mischievous streak he often fretted over.

“Oh Izuku… you make me wish I was a better person.” You said quietly as you blushed a little bit, looking around and making sure no one could hear you going into ‘lovey-dovey’ mode. So to distract yourself, you finally got up off your ass and headed into the kitchen, maybe eating something could take away some of the boredom.

But you didn’t expect to see Izuku passing by through there, and he perked up upon seeing you. “(Y/N), Hey!” He quickly greeted you with that adorable smile that easily lit up your day every time you saw it, hell it practically sent you in one of your dazes as you smiled shyly and waved. “Hey Izuku…”

“Are you okay?” He asked you, concerned when he saw how ‘out of it’ you appeared, and you blushed warmly as you tried to downplay it.

“Ah yeah! Totally… hehe, I’m just hungry so I’m gonna… get something to eat that’s uh… why I came in here!” You stammered and laughed nervously, quickly opening the refrigerator as if to emphasize your point, even though Izuku looked a little confused by your odd behavior. He smiled at you anyway though, thinking you were cute.

But he flinched when you gasped suddenly, and loudly at the refrigerator.

“Oh Sweet mother of All-Might…” You said in pure awe as you stared wide-eyed at one of the containers you found in one of the deeper parts of the fridge. Carefully picking it up, you brought it out and placed it on the table, but the old, gloppy contents with some black spots and furry looking specks that stained its corners disgusted your friend a little bit.

“Wha… what in the world is that…?” Izuku nervously asked, but at that moment he realized he probably shouldn’t have asked that.

“It’s spaghetti! Remember a month ago when Kaminari suggested that we try foreign food for dinner, so we went with Italian and we decided to save some of the leftovers because it was so good that night?” You reminded him and the memory instantly hit him once it came back to him. “Oh right! I remember that… that was a month ago…?” Izuku asked, making a face. There’s no way that spaghetti could still be good at all if it’s a month old.

Going against your better judgment, you opened it up and the pungent stank quickly hit your nose as you turned away with a small gag, seeing Izuku cover his nose once the smell got to him too. Despite your disgust, you were extremely amused too. “Ohoho WOW… we totally forgot all about this because this stinks to high-heaven… it’s beautiful…” You snickered, and Izuku saw wheels turning in your head…

“You know what we gotta do with this right?”

“Throw it away?”

“Nope~! We gotta drop this on someone outside a window! We might NEVER get another chance like this! When you have rotten spaghetti noodles, you HAVE to drop it on someone. I mean you can’t NOT use it for that kind of thing. We have an opportunity of a lifetime…!” You explained as if it were the simplest idea in the world, but such a terrible idea made Izuku tremble and look panicked. That was practically a death sentence.

“W-What?! Y-You can’t be serious…! A-Are… Are you… are you crazy?!” He asked you, whisper-yelling as he looked around very nervously to make sure that nobody was around to hear this.

“Haha I’m totally off my rocker dude… you know this… now c’mon… it’s not like we’ll get caught. As soon as it hits somebody we’ll run like hell! It’s so easy!” You giggled almost like a mad-woman at the thought, and Izuku just shook even more with a terrified whimper. It wasn’t in his nature to pull pranks like that, and he didn’t really like anyone being mad at him.

“I-I don’t know… i-it sounds like a really bad idea… I mean, for one it’s really mean… and second, if we hit the wrong person, this could lead to some seriously bad consequences… it just… it’s a bad idea… in fact, it’s a horrible idea… we can’t do that…” Izuku thought outloud, hoping that somehow he could talk you out of this. He thought about how it could all go wrong, and who they could end up hitting. Classmates like Kaminari, Kirishima, Sero, Ashido, Tsuyu and Uraraka might be a little more forgiving if they got spaghetti’d. The rest like Iida, Yaoyorozu and Tokoyami would be pissed but not hold a serious grudge, and then there was Todoroki and Bakugou. The worst people to prank…

Todoroki would definitely be pissed about it, but maybe he’d be forgiving if he explained it to him enough. Bakugou on the other hand… would never, ever forgive that.

Izuku shuddered at the mere thought.

“Izuku… I can’t pass up this opportunity… besides you dont have to worry, I’m not gonna hit anyone like TodorokI, I'm smarter than that and I like the guy I don't wanna prank him like that. If I’m lucky I’ll hit Kaminari or Iida. I’d love to see the looks on their faces.” You grinned widely and laughed somewhat wickedly as you carried the container, spinning around ever so slightly, much to Izuku’s discomfort.

He couldn’t find it in him to say no to you though. The truth was Izuku would follow you wherever you went, including to yours and his death because he was sure this was going to get you both killed somehow by the wrong classmate. Meanwhile, you were grinning happily as you were taking him up to the balcony of your room and looking downward for some potential victims, holding the container of disgusting, old food in your hands. Smiling widely, almost crazily and giggling so hard you could barely contain yourself.

“Hee-hee Izuku~. You and I are about to do something the world should have done a LONG time ago. This right here is going to make history. Just give me the signal when you see someone.” You grinned wide as you held the now open container of rotten spaghetti noodles as Izuku looked down to make sure nobody like Bakugou or Todoroki were coming.

“Uh…” His better judgment kicked in though, this was a terrible idea and it was going to happen soon as he saw a few heads coming out the door, two blondes, a brunette and one redhead. Oh no.

“Uh oh…! (Y-Y/N)!” He tried to alarm you, but apparently THAT was the signal for you to start.

“Someone’s there! Here we go!” You cheerfully poured down the container, letting the gloppy, thick red sauce and stringy, stale noodles rain down to the earth much to Izuku’s absolute horror as you both stared down, a broad smile across your face while Izuku’s was a look of horror as he shouted.

(insert slow-motion) “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!”

With a loud, squishing plop, the spaghetti noodles finally hit your victim in all it’s disgusting, stinky glory, staining his school uniform shirt with its foul, red and moldy sauce and decorating his blonde, spiky hair with a wreath of stale, wet noodles as he shouted in shock at the random onslaught.

“ARGH!!! What the fuck?!”

“Ewww dude…” Kirishima cringed and backed away slightly when his friend got splattered by old, moldy food, crinkling his nose in disgust when the smell hit him.

“Gross! What… what the hell is that…?!” That was Kaminari’s voice, and he shamelessly covered his nose as he forced himself to not snicker at his unfortunate classmate’s incident.

“Hey that’s… the spaghetti from last month…” Sero figured it out, and he looked a little nervous once he saw their friend’s look of shock quickly turn into an enraged expression as he looked upwards to see the identity of who they assumed would be his murder victim.

“K-Kacchan…!” Izuku froze up like he was hit with a paralysis quirk once he saw that it was Bakugou that you had ended up hitting. Now he was a hundred percent sure that this was going to be the end for you and him.

“Oh shit… is that Bakugou…?” You peered downwards a little bit to get a better look, but instantly regretted that once Bakugou’s seering, crimson red eyes looked upwards and made contact with your now wide, shocked (E/C) eyes as Izuku promptly freaked out and trembled like a leaf.

If looks could kill, you would definitely be dead. You could practically hear his feral growling as he clenched his fists.

“Hide. Hide. Hide! Hide! Hide!!” You and Izuku both exclaimed in alarm to each other, trying to back away as much as you could to avoid being seen by the explosive teen, but it was too late. He already saw you both.

“Deku! Shitty girl?!” Bakugou was livid, and looked ready to kill the two people he’s known since childhood and his friends could see it as they backed away a little bit. Seeing Bakugou angry wasn’t a spectacle, but after that trick. He wasn’t going to let neither of you get away.

However, as scared as you were, you couldn’t let Bakugou terrify you into submission since this was an accident. “Ohohokay… look dude… that was a total fluke on my part… that was supposed to be for Kaminari.” You attempted to reason with the pissed-off blonde, ignoring the indignant ‘Hey!’ coming from the former. “You don’t have to go all Lord Explosion Murder-y on us…” As calm as you were, you should have known better than to try to reason with Bakugou when he was this pissed. To make matters worse, you were snickering the entire time and trying to cover your mouth to quell them.

“Bullshit!! This is your way of getting back at me! And don’t fucking lie to me I'm right aren't I?!” He angrily wiped off the sauce and noodles off himself as much as possible despite how disgusting it felt on his hands and the smell was horrific. Bakugou didn’t believe a word you said. Ever since Izuku acquired One For All, and even after he found out the truth about it, him and Bakugou still weren’t exactly friend-ish yet. And with your own improvement of your telekinesis quirk getting stronger ever since you got to this school, Bakugou assumed that you and Deku were somehow in cahoots together to try and take him down a peg. He wasn’t wrong on YOUR part though.

“N-No! Kacchan we swear we would never!!” Izuku was going to make a vain attempt to reason with him, but you quickly took the floor to protect him.

“He’s right. Leave Izuku alone, besides Katsuki, if I wanted to get back at you, it would have been a LOT worse than this. Though in hindsight this is pretty brilliant. Since that’s rotten spaghetti noodles you’re covered in. I recommend taking a shower though I can smell you from up here!” You explained but didn’t make yourself sound any better as you took the moment to tease him a little bit, wafting your hand for emphasis even though it wasn’t an exaggeration. You can literally smell that rotten spaghetti from up here. And it pissed him off to no end.

“What the hell was that?!”

“Stop taunting him…!” Izuku advised you worriedly, since he knew better than to make Bakugou madder if he was already mad. You didn’t listen.

“I said take a shower because you stink Noodlehead! Get it?!” You snickered and laughed, tears in your eyes when seeing Bakugou practically turn red from such vicious rage. “H-Hey c’mon man… s-she’s just playing…” Kirishima trembled slightly when seeing how pissed his friend was, and he wanted to save you from getting killed by trying to calm down Bakugou but he just ignored him.

“Why you fucking bitch! Don’t you fucking laugh at me! Wait til I get up there I’ll kill you both!!” He declared and quickly made his way inside the building and now you and Izuku couldn’t help but panic a little bit.

“Why did you say that?!” Izuku frantically asked you, looking at you like you had to have been insane to provoke a dragon-tempered boy like Bakugou.

“It was funny!” You gave your rather weak reasoning, but that didn’t matter now that you were both pretty much doomed. At least you would die alongside Izuku, the boy you loved with all your heart. However, a sudden idea came to your head as you grabbed his hand and lead him out of your room.

“W-What are you doing?!”

“I have an idea! But we need Yaoyorozu!” You stated, quickly rushing over to the common room where you thankfully found Momo among the girls. “Momo! Momo we need your help!” Rushing over to the tall girl, you clasped your hands together in a begging manner, much to her shock and confusion.

“What’s the matter?!” She asked in worry once she heard the urgency in your voice. However, once you explained it all quickly to her, she wasn’t very amused at all by how you childishly pranked Bakugou, but she helped you both anyway with what you needed because she wanted to help you and Izuku stay alive.

Bakugou was on the prowl as he marched inside the building, resembling an animal hunting down prey with Kirishima, Kaminari and Sero meekly following behind so they could hold him back in case he really did try to kill you and Izuku.

He knew where your room was, but he assumed the two of you were going to hide somewhere like the ‘cowards’ you were as he went up the first floor. Some of his classmates, quickly backing away when seeing how pissed he was, and at how smelly he was since he couldn’t get the spaghetti stink off of him.

But he didn’t pay attention to all the damn extras, all that matter was finding you and Deku so he could kill you both for making him look like a fool and daring to prank him like that. And he was surprised when he saw you both just lounging on the couch of the common room without a care in the world as he growled like a wild animal.

“You idiots! So you both want to die huh?!” He barked aloud in the once-quiet room, aggressively grabbing yours and ‘Izuku’s’ shoulders roughly only for the bodies in front of him to suddenly collapse, revealing two headless mannequins wearing your blazers with soccer balls bouncing to the ground which acted as the heads as they adorned wigs of Izuku’s messy green hair and your (H/C) (H/S) hair.

“D-Did their heads just fall off?!” Kirishima asked, his eyes wide with horror as he began trembling, having not seen that the bodies were just dummies and not really you or Izuku.

“Y-You really killed them?!” Kaminari exclaimed in the same terror as Kirishima, since he didn’t see the dummies or the soccer-balls either.

Bewildered and wide-eyed, Bakugou picked up the soccer ball with Izuku’s hair, squeezing it hatefully until it popped as he let out an extremely irritated growl. That was the second time you made him look like a fool, he was SO going to kill you both now.

“DEKU!! SHITTY GIRL!!” He screamed so loud you swore the entire building shook. It was definitely loud enough for you and Izuku to hear from downstairs as you ran down to the bottom floor.

“AH! Kacchan figured it out!!” Izuku started to panic again as he ran with you out of the building, although you couldn’t help but snicker because you wished you could’ve seen the look on his face.

“Duh Izuku I heard him! I’m pretty sure the whole fucking country heard him too! Come on! We can’t be here, not while he’s in that mood, I know where we can hide!” You said as the two of you started to run away from Heights Alliance, passing a few of your confused classmates as they watched you run.

However, neither you or Izuku expected Bakugou to show up so soon as you both heard the door slam wide open.

“You two aren’t getting away that easy! You can run but you can’t fucking hide from me!!” Bakugou shouted, immediately chasing after you both. He instantly knew that you were both going to try and hide from him, just like you two always did when the three of you were children.

You both shouted in shock, and Izuku reluctantly turned to see Bakugou coming for you guys with bloody murder in his eyes. “He’s already caught up?! What the hell?!” You asked in shock, confident that your dummies would have distracted him for longer than that. “You dropped old spaghetti on him!” Izuku exclaimed matter-of-factly, not that surprised that Bakugou had caught up this fast.

“I know I did Izuku! But I swear my plan was fool-proof!”

“You know Kacchan is no fool! He was always the top student in every grade in elementary and middle school!”

“Well I guess that means we’re fucked huh?!” You asked while you two kept running, and you couldn’t help but feel a little bit scared that you were going to be fucked if you didn’t think of something fast. However, you and Izuku nearly perked up upon seeing someone from afar, but the red and white was all the indication you both needed to know. And as soon as you saw Todoroki up closer, you grinned and immediately called for help.

“Help us Todoroki!!”

That certainly surprised him as he stopped with a bewildered expression as you and Izuku ran past him fast enough to send wind through his hair. “Midoriya? (L/N)? What’s going on?” He was calm in spite of the fact that you and Izuku were both freaking out as you both took a moment to stop for a minute.

“W-We’re kind of running from someone…” Izuku started off, panting a little bit as you finished his sentence. “It’s Bakugou! And he’s going to kill us! Build a wall of ice or fire fast!” You kind of begged since Bakugou was getting closer.

“Don’t even think about helping them IcyHot! Or I’ll kill you too!” Todoroki paid him no mind though, he heard you call him for help and he did exactly that. In the blink of an eye, Todoroki raised his right side and created a giant wall of ice to block his volatile classmate from getting to you and Izuku. “DAMMIT!!!” Now all three of you heard Bakugou’s enraged shouts, but it didn’t take too long for you to start hearing explosions as he began carving through the wall to get to you, Izuku AND Todoroki. That was three on his hit list now.

“Thank you Todoroki! I think you saved our lives!” Izuku was extremely grateful as you couldn’t help but sigh in relief. That wall would definitely buy you three some time.

Although he was confused, Todoroki started to run with you and Izuku but he was clearly looking for an explanation. “Why is he chasing you two?”

“Oh, he’s just mad because I accidentally dropped some rotten spaghetti on his head. It was hilarious! You should’ve seen his face, I thought he was going to literally explode like a volcano..." As you snickered, Izuku quietly whined a little bit since as much as you found it funny, he wasn't crazy about the fact that yours and his already complicated childhood friend probably hated you two even more now.

"Why would you do that?" Todoroki asked you, his voice sounding somewhat incredulous since he saw no rhyme or reason to doing such a childish act. Because you were friends with Izuku, he had gotten fairly used to your presence and steadily became your friend too, but he found you very strange due to your behavior and penchant for mischief and juvenile jokes.

"Because it's funny! And besides Todoroki, life-lesson, when life gives you rotten spaghetti noodles, you dump it on someone!" You exclaimed and gave your reasoning, but of course Todoroki wasn't amused at all.

"That sounds like nonsense." He stated bluntly, but you just stuck your tongue at him. "So you're telling me that if life gave you rotten spaghetti noodles that you wouldn't dump it on your shitty dad if you had the opportunity?" You raised a brow at him, and that somewhat silenced him a bit as he thought about that. And you laughed a bit when you saw him give the smallest smile when he clearly envisioned that and started to see some of the comedy in that. Including the idea of Bakugou getting spaghetti'd, he was starting to wish he had seen that now just a little bit.

"Not you too Todoroki!!" Izuku exclaimed in slight shock, since dumping old pasta is why they were even running in the first place, and yet you and Todoroki were clearly amused by it.

"DAMN YOU YOU ICYHOT BASTARD!!" Bakugou finally broke through the wall, and you three were far enough now but he could still see you, and the three of you turned to see the same murder in his eyes.

"RUN!!" You shouted as both your friends followed you, and Todoroki seemed to tag along without complaint. He wasn't scared or anything, but he felt that he should probably stay with you and Izuku as long as Bakugou is that angry with you both. He wasn't letting up, and somehow he managed to get closer even though you three were all running as fast as you could thanks to adrenaline as shocked and confused classmates and students alike stopped and stared.

"We need to throw away dead weight!" You suddenly said to Izuku and Midoriya, who both looked at you. "WHAT?! You're not talking about one of us are you?!" Izuku asked you, wide-eyed and really hoping you wouldn't go that far.

"What are you nuts?! I ain't throwing away neither of you guys!" You said, and as soon as you saw one classmate you quickly used your quirk.

"D'AH! Why am I floating?! Have I died and gone to heaven?! Why are all the girls still wearing their uniforms?!" Mineta asked loudly, before he saw you and you smirked evilly at him as he shrieked in horror. He let out another pig-like squeal as you sent him flying right towards Bakugou whose eyes slightly widened and he quickly raised his palm to blast away that little punk into the atmosphere as you each heard a scream and a little 'ding'.

"You're bad (Y/N)..." Izuku said with a tremor of fear in his tone as you laughed happily, "I know!!" Cheerfully, you used your quirk to use anything else in your vicinity to toss and block Bakugou from getting any closer, and you did manage to succeed when some of the items, including books, trash-cans, and a few other students to slow him down as you snickered again when you heard Bakugou's enraged roars.

2 Hours Later

After 2 hours of running around and playing wild goose chase with Bakugou, you, Izuku and Todoroki finally outran him and came to the best hiding place you knew he wouldn't find you at. The comfort of your house and in your (style) room.

“(Y-Y/N)… you know that we can’t hide in your room forever right? Kacchan probably remembers that you and I would always come over here to hide from him whenever he was really mad, and not only that, but we still have school to attend even if he’s still going to be mad about what just happened. There’s just no way we can avoid him unless we-”. You stopped Izuku as he started mumbling, looking rather nonchalant as you sat on your bed and turned on Netflix.

“He’s not going to find us here… and even if he does, he can’t get in…” You said breezily, not really worrying about Bakugou at the moment as you relaxed on your bed. “Sit with me Izuku. C’mon, let’s just figure out what to watch.” Patting your bed and gesturing him to sit, Izuku blushed as he nervously made his way over and sat beside you, his face beginning to redden as you scooted closer to him with a content smirk.

Much to Todoroki’s discomfort, whom you had invited into your house on your run from Bakugou. “This feels odd... to see you and Midoriya like this..." He said very awkwardly, even though he was oblivious to how you and Midoriya felt about each other, he just knew that the atmosphere was a little awkward. Especially since he and Midoriya were in a girl’s room, and he didn't quite understand why Midoriya suddenly began to blush like that. Nor did he quite know that this what it meant to be the third wheel.

“Ah. Todoroki. C’mere. Sit with us. Plenty of room.” However, you weren’t going to leave Todoroki out. Izuku was the one for you, but you were a bit of a pervert at heart and didn’t mind a very attractive boy like Todoroki being close to you too.

Todoroki didn't expect you to offer him that, and he appeared unsure for a moment until you patted the free space for him to sit down. “C’mon. Right here it’s cool.” You gently coaxed him, and with that Todoroki slowly made his way over to sit down on your bed, next to you while Midoriya was on your other side. You looked extremely pleased and content as you sighed happily.

“You know. You two are my favorite classmates.” You admitted, which earned a bright blush from Izuku and a light flush of surprise from Todoroki.

“Y-You’re just saying that…” Izuku got rather bashful, avoiding your gaze as his face visibly turned red which you found absolutely adorable.

“Why me?” Todoroki sounded more confused, he was strangely flattered but he didn’t know why you liked him.

“Todoroki. I like you because you’re powerful, and you’re not annoying. Plus you’re a lot nicer to me now! You were a total jackass at first until Izuku got to ya.” That came out rather blunt but cheerful as Todoroki nearly expressed some guilt for his past behavior, since he didn’t treat you with much regard before befriending Midoriya. “And you’re cute so that’s a bonus. The other guys are such guys…” You added, and Todoroki looked almost more surprised when you called him cute.

“Izuku. I like you because you've been my friend since we were both really little. I might have met Bakugou first, but I liked you a lot better. I've always liked you a lot better." You admitted as Izuku began to blush even harder, his green eyes widening as his mouth formed in an 'oh' shape as you continued to speak, blushing warmly, "And not only that but you've stuck with me... even though I'm no better than Bakugou. I always drag you into crazy shit, like today, and yet you still stuck with me. I'm a loser." You chuckled and rolled your eyes in a moment of self-loathing. "But you never once said 'no' to me. You knew what you were getting into, you knew all my ideas were insane... but you stood with me the whole time... Izuku you make me wish I was a better person... that's why I like you so much... in fact... that's why I... I like-like you so much..." Your face burned red as you grinned shyly once you finally admitted your feelings for the boy you've known since childhood. Izuku's blush deepened, his look of shock not fading as Todoroki also blushed at the sincerity of your words, he wasn't good at reading feelings but based on the way you were talking to Izuku, it seemed that you liked him as more than just a friend.

"You... like-like me?" Izuku asked shakily, obviously still in shock at the mere idea that someone actually liked him as more than just a friend.

"Duh." You smirked and chuckled, thinking that your feelings were pretty obvious since your other classmates, especially Mina and Asui picked up on it fast and had actually encouraged you to tell him. And you did!

"I-I... w-wow I..." He was smiling wide, trying and failing to conceal his grin as he couldn't stop blushing, but he did look you in the eyes as you smirked and put your arm around him. "(Y/N)... I-I... I like-like you too... I kind of... always have... I kind of always thought you like-liked Kacchan though... since you were always making fun of him..." He admitted, even though part of him also knew that you didn't like Bakugou that way even if you did tease him in a manner similar to how girls taunted boys they liked.

"Nope! Hahaha! That porcupine might be fun to mess with, but I don't like-like him... not even sure I like him either though." You shrugged your shoulders as Izuku tried not to snicker, but he squeaked and blushed crimson once he felt your lips peck him on the cheek. And now Todoroki really felt like the third wheel, this was very awkward, and yet at the same time he was also kind of happy for you and Izuku.

"Do you like me?" He suddenly asked you and you and Izuku looked at him in confusion. However, Izuku wasn't jealous because he knew Todoroki didn't think of you like that. At least he seriously hoped he didn't.

But you couldn't help but smile wide at the heterochromatic boy. "Oh Todoroki of course I like you! I just don't like-like you." You affirmed and that reassured him a little bit, relieved that you liked him. "

"You're both saying 'like-like'. When you say that, does that mean when someones likes another person beyond friendship?" He asked, and you and Izuku both nodded with smiles, and Todoroki seemed to get that now.

"That's it bro. Now... Todoroki, new boyfriend, let's do a Stranger Things marathon." You grinned, putting your arm around your new boyfriend whom was smiling and still blushing, especially when you called him 'boyfriend'. Izuku couldn't believe it, he was ecstatic! Even if Bakugou was still angry and out there looking for you both, he was actually your boyfriend now, and you were his girlfriend! There was nothing that could spoil this feeling...

“(Y/N)!” Suddenly, your mom called you and you groaned in annoyance because you had to sit up from your comfortable spot.

“Yeah Ma?”

“Your old friend Katsuki is outside!” Your’s and Izuku’s eyes widened with shock, horror more evident on his face as he looked ready to freak out again, “AH! I knew it! I knew he’d remember!” He exclaimed, getting up off the bed and peeked out your window, flinching once he saw the still pissed blonde walking towards your house.

“Don’t let him in mom! MOM!!" You pleaded for your mother to NOT let Bakugou in, and although she listened to you. He wasn't going anywhere until you and Izuku came outside.

"He's not going to let this go..." Izuku muttered fearfully as Todoroki sighed at just how vindictive Bakugou could be. Obviously he himself wouldn't have been happy if he got spaghetti'd, but he wouldn't really stake someone out just to beat them bloody.

"I've got a plan..." You said deviously, bringing out your phone as Izuku and Todoroki looked at you, not knowing exactly what your 'plan' was but it was probably something underhanded.

"Don't tell me... you know someone...?" Izuku asked you with a small sigh and you smiled at him and blew him a kiss. "Izuku, I'm not letting Katsuki ruin this for us... sure it might be my fault, but still! I know how to get him to leave us alone..." You said sweetly, and Izuku decided to let you take care of it. You were his girlfriend now, and he trusted you.

"Hello Shinsou?" You smirked as soon as your call went through, and Izuku flinched at the knowledge that you knew Shinsou, and well enough to have his phone number...

"Yeah... I'm gonna need your help..."

There you go again. But Izuku adored you with all of your heart, and you adored him with all your heart too. It was all worth it, even if it was at Bakugou's expense of being spaghetti'd.

In fact, that made it all the more worth it to you. You got Izuku's heart, and you got to dump rotten pasta on Bakugou. This was pretty much the best day of your life.

Chapter Text

You were nervous as hell as you quivered in your shoes as you walked alongside your best friends Midoriya, Uraraka, Iida and Todoroki in your school’s hallways. All decorated with pink banners and heart shaped things plastered on the walls in the spirit of the holiday.

It was Valentine’s Day, which only meant one thing.

Yucky Mushy Gushy Lovey Dovey shit.

The thought alone made you cringe as you put your hand over your mouth, ALMOST tempted to vomit at the thought. Romance wasn’t something you were big on, ever since you were young it terrified you and for the longest time you just convinced yourself that the thought of being with anyone was yucky and too mushy-gushy for your liking.

And deep down, you also believed that nobody would even like you that way anyway based on how much people picked on you all those years growing up, especially Bakugou, who seemed hellbent on picking on you with Midoriya. So in return, you called THEM yucky and evil before they got a chance to call you yucky. It worked for you for years too. You avoided all sorts of romance and never pursued anyone for the sake of protecting yourself and stopped letting Bakugou's insults and everyone else's insults get to you.

Valentine's Day however, was something you couldn't really stop since it always came back every year, and somehow bigger than the year before. Just like a Taylor Swift song. And another blonde always made sure to pick on you the most during Valentine's Day when you were both kids, constantly saying 'Gross Girls like you don't get any Valentine's!'. But you were grown now, and Bakugou was the gross one! Not you!

“Oh God… look at this shit…” You mumbled a little bit, almost freezing up just staring at the pink and red adorned on the walls, however, you saw that Midoriya and Iida appeared to be blushing. “It’s Saint Valentine’s Day. I can only hope none of our classmates or schoolmates decide to engage in reckless or inappropriate behavior. The holiday is romantic, but it could enable students our age to not do suggestive things…” Iida remarked, his cheeks a light pink at the thought, albeit there was some hope in his eyes since Valentine’s Day gave his peers opportunities to feel tender emotions and possibly confess to a special someone.

“Isn’t it all so cute?! I love Valentine’s Day! It’s such a fun holiday! Getting to buy sweets and give something nice to that special someone… Don’t you guys think?” Uraraka cheerfully asked as she blushed a little bit, earning a darker blush from both Midoriya and Iida.

“R-Right! I-It is… r-really uhh… n-nice… e-especially the uh… d-decorations and… t-the idea of it…” Midoriya stammered out with an extremely nervous, wide-eyed look, his face turning bright red at the mere idea of romance and tenderness.

“I never understood the point of this holiday.” Todoroki said, his expression as stoic as ever when he looked to see all the decorations. The holiday confused him since during his time in elementary and middle school he would always get these cards and heart-shaped things, chocolates and other candies from girls, and some boys. But he never understood why those boys and girls all gave him those things. He wasn’t ‘special’, he barely even knew those boys and girls so it made no sense to him.

Naturally, this didn’t entirely surprise you, Midoriya, Uraraka or Iida. “Well you see Todoroki, many people have accused this holiday of being an invented one, but the main purpose of this holiday is to make an exchange of meaningful gifts towards a person you feel... r-romantically inclined towards.” Iida was the first to explain the basics of Valentine’s Day, even though talking about it was making him blush a brighter hue of pink.

“Yeah! Valentine’s Day is a day all about love! Any kind of love too, familiar love, platonic love but… it’s like Iida said… it tends to be about romantic love… and letting the person you like know how you feel…” Uraraka added with a shy grin, blushing harder as she did so, and you nearly gagged when she and Iida said the ‘R’ word.

“Romantic?” Todoroki stated to blush ever so slightly when Uraraka and Iida used the word, even if the concept was foreign to him, and Midoriya blushed even darker when it seemed that they would have to explain it to him.

“W-Well Todoroki it’s… r-romance is uh… it’s a feeling… o-of uh… h-happiness… I-I guess… b-but with… s-someone else… s-someone that you… l-like… a-a lot… but more than… a-as a friend… i-it’s… it’s deeper than that…” Midoriya did his best to not stutter too much as he gave a brief explanation, his face feeling hot just explaining it even though he had no real experience or knowledge about it. But his mom rather enjoyed those kinds of movies and he had seen a few with him even if it embarrassed him to see such sweet and romantic things on a screen. So he didn’t know nothing about romance…

But without warning, you clasped your hand over Midoriya’s mouth and held him close to you with a paranoid look on your face, looking at Uraraka, Iida and Todoroki with crazy-looking wide-eyes. “No, that’s all bullshit… you guys know what Valentine’s Day is REALLY about… it’s all about evil, yucky, mushy boys and girls all day Izuku!!” You exclaimed as Midoriya’s face began to redden from how close you were and how you touched him like that, and you felt him shake but you assumed it’s because he shared your fear of this yucky holiday.

“We can’t make ourselves too available guys… or else we’ll get the mushiness…” You let go of Midoriya as you whispered to the four of your friends, but that just confused them, especially Todoroki. Iida, Uraraka and Midoriya described it as a positive holiday, yet you had a completely different answer. Secretly, Todoroki has found you oddly unique, ever since he befriended Midoriya and Iida, he ended up getting close to you in return since you were always around Midoriya and company. You stood out to him with your odd mannerisms and tendency to say odd things, but he didn’t hate it at all, if anything he wished to understand you more. In fact, he kept this to himself but he sort of liked you, in a way that was different from how he liked Midoriya and Iida.

“Mushiness? Yucky?” He had asked, wondering if you were referring that he, Iida, Midoriya and Uraraka were also ‘yucky’ as you put it.

“YES! Yucky Mushy Boys and Girls all day Todoroki! THAT’S what Valentine’s Day is all about! Romance is just a trap they use to make you think you’re interested in them, but they’re actually hiding how yucky, evil and mushy they are!” You explained somewhat dramatically as you cringed at the thought and shook a bit, but it still didn’t make sense to him, although it did kind make him feel a bit skeptical now. That was the opposite of how Iida, Uraraka and Midoriya described it. So he kept looking at you for more of an explanation from your side.

“My point is Valentine’s Day IS an invented holiday AND it’s gross! That’s why I avoid it every year! I turn off as many boys and girls as much as possible! I didn’t brush my teeth this morning, you know why? Cuz neither boys OR girls like stinky breath.” That earned a look from Iida.

“(L/N)! You can’t just neglect oral hygiene out of personal disgust towards today! Neglecting even one day of brushing your teeth can affect your mouth and encourage more plague build up!” Iida somewhat scolded you, and you stuck your tongue at him.

“What if you kiss someone?! You don’t wanna have bad breath for your first kiss!” Uraraka seemed to back him up, but more for your sake than anything. She always thought you would find a very special someone even if you were aversive towards today. In her eyes, you were an attractive person and other guys and girls would be crazy to not find you cute or pretty. That nearly made Todoroki perk up, what IF someone kissed you or you kissed someone? Uraraka had the right idea, because Todoroki did secretly find you cute. Your face, your (E/C) eyes and soft looking lips… though, he had to admit, bad breath wasn’t desirable. It’s a good thing he brushed his teeth this morning.

“EWWWW! NOT happening! And I ain’t brushing my teeth today Iida! In fact, I might even pick my nose while I’m at it! You guys want some fresh boogers?! I got plenty for everyone. How do ya’ll like em?” You asked and even waved your finger towards all of them, which made Uraraka squeal a bit as Iida and Midoriya backed away. Even Todoroki couldn’t help but cringe a bit in disgust.

“(L/N) PLEASE! That is SO UNSANITARY!!” Iida backed away, to the point where he stood behind Midoriya and Todoroki, who both looked just as disgusted as he was.

“G-Gross! Please don’t lie about that again!” Midoriya quickly begged you, since one of your tactics included lying about picking your nose and offering snot in hopes to disgust boys. It worked nearly all the time because boys and girls avoided you due to such a nasty lie you made about yourself.

“See?! You’re all turned off! I’m a genius! No guy OR girl wants someone who they think eats boogers…” You smirked and crossed your arms but reassured them all by saying you DON’T eat boogers. Although they had to admit, that was really gross.

“Sorry guys, but I just can’t fall into that trap. It’s gross and just not my thing… Izuku’s not yucky, and you guys aren’t really yucky either so… I wish you guys the best of luck if someone comes over to you guys....” You said to your classmates as you entered your classroom to go and sit in your seats.

“She thinks Valentine’s Day gross… but doesn’t find not brushing her teeth and lying about eating boogers gross…?” Uraraka thought once she realized that you had some pretty odd standards there as Midoriya and Iida both shrugged in unison even if they found your standards weird too. Although Midoriya knew you pretty well, and neither he or Uraraka would press on it because they didn’t mind that you found the holiday gross. Not everyone liked Valentine’s Day after all.

Meanwhile, Todoroki thought about what you were saying, even though he was trying to not think of what you said about booger-eating. Not many things disgusted him, but that done did it. He didn’t know any girls who would ever lie about that just to keep people away from them, again, you never failed to surprise him. But he wondered, did you find HIM yucky? He hoped you didn’t, because then you probably wouldn’t want to be around him, and he didn’t want that. He liked you, even if he was worried that he might have been ‘yucky’ to you.

Todoroki sighed. This holiday was so confusing. On one hand, there was all this talk about romance, on the other hand there was talk about it being yucky and mushy. He couldn’t focus in class even when it started with Aizawa coming in and the entire class greeted him.

As Aizawa advised the class to not let this ‘illogical, invented’ holiday, as he described it, distract them, Todoroki just stared at you drawing something in your journal. Little did he know, you were writing a sign that said ‘Fuck Off’ so nobody would get near you and/or try to get close and give you the ‘yucky’.

He sighed, wondering just what he could do to avoid frightening you or making you uncomfortable. Sure, you two were on friendly terms, but lately his feelings have become something more than that, and everytime he thought about it, his face would grow hot and his heart would speed up. Especially when he got really close to you, although his face remained stoic, his blushing cheeks would often betray him.

Today seemed to make it even more awkward. With your aversion to it and his cluelessness. Even though the concept seemed to be that you try to give something to someone you really like, according to Uraraka, Iida and Midoriya.

Speaking of which, you and Midoriya had been friends since kindergarten, and by extension you were also friends with Bakugou. At least until he started bullying Midoriya and you made sure to protect him from your former friend. He would have asked Bakugou about you, but he was sure he would just get an unsavory answer laced with casual insults, so he went to Midoriya instead, whom was talking with Uraraka.

When he started talking to them both, they each looked confused, although Uraraka seemed to pick up a little faster on why Todoroki came to them. Especially when he brought you up.

“(Y/N)?” Midoriya looked somewhat confused once Todoroki mentioned your name.

“Yes. You two are childhood friends, right?” That earned him a nod from his friend. “I know she appears to dislike this holiday, but do you wonder if she would like anything given to her in particular? Would she... react badly if she were given anything today...?” Todoroki finally asked him, taking a breath once he got it out.

“Ahhh uhhh…” Midoriya stammered at Todoroki’s question, unsure how to answer that when a particular memory came to mind.


Everyone had been going crazy about Valentine’s Day, including the boys who pushed you around often. Especially that stupid Bakugou, he was the worst to you on Valentine’s Day, but he was just a yucky, mushy boy so you kept your distance and shoved him away whenever you had the chance. Today however, you felt really lucky since you got not Valentines day crap from anybody, especially after your booger-eating rumors that you spread yourself.

“We’re safe for another year Izuku…” You sighed in relief as Midoriya followed you to your shoe locker, even though he himself was more dismayed that he didn’t get any Valentine’s, except from you, which actually made him pretty happy. He was content with at least one Valentine from you, even if you called it ‘yucky’ and ‘mushy’.

“I guess we are.” Midoriya never judged you, he knew and understood your fears. So he went along, and if he was being honest. He was terrified of this holiday too, because he would have freaked out if anyone other than you gave him something for Valentine’s Day. Of course he’d have been excited, but he’d also be nervous too. Extremely nervous.

“Time to put get the shoes back on and…” You opened your locker to remove your shoes, but paused with wide eyes once you saw IT in your locker…

“I-Izuku…” You shivered and pointed at the inside of your locker, much to Midoriya’s confusion and slight panic rising as he nervously peered inside and jumped a bit with a startled yelp. Was that really in your locker?!

“I-It’s… a Valentine’s Day card!!” He exclaimed in shock, but at the same time, oddly extremely happy for you. You had an admirer! Someone gave you a Valentine’s Day card! He carefully picked up the card with a heart on it and read the insides.

‘Don’t get the wrong idea dumbass’

Midoriya quietly gasped as he analyzed the rather straightforward words because it sounded very familiar. However, he was still happy for you and when he turned to smile at you, you were too busy being horrified.

“EEEEEK! Yucky Evil Mushy Gushy Boy or Girl!!” You suddenly shrieked at the Valentine’s Day card you found in your shoe locker, backing away as you ran away from your locker, screaming and going into the bathroom to clean the ‘mushiness’ off you.

“(Y/N) is… she’s just a little shy… she might not act like it but… she just gets nervous. See… she and I got picked on a lot together… boys and girls called her mean names… said she was gross, and they made her feel really bad about herself… but it was always bad on Valentine’s Day… Kacchan was no help either... she was the girl he picked on the most, behind me… which is why she and I always spent it together. She and I always looked out for each other when other kids made us feel bad about ourselves.” He started off with a sad look on his face when he thought about it, feeling like he should have done more for you.

“Oh… Deku… poor you and (Y/N)…” Uraraka frowned in sympathy, and then looked over at you sitting at your desk and grinning at your badly drawn sign. You were all Anti-Valentine’s Day and it was because of the kids who picked on you and Midoriya.

“I see. She turns people away first. So she doesn’t feel like the way those kids made her feel.” Todoroki came to that realization once he put the pieces together. And he couldn’t help but feel sympathy for you, and anger towards those jerks who made you AND Midoriya feel bad about yourselves. Midoriya nodded in response, sighing a little bit.

“Yes. But… you can still talk to her. She might not enjoy the holiday, but she’s always comfortable around friends.” Midoriya however, pointed that out with a small smile. If there’s one thing you enjoyed about Valentine’s Day, it was spending time with people you loved, especially your friends and family.

“Yeah! I think if you approach her gently and just tell her how you feel, she won’t freak out! I think she’ll be excited in fact.” Uraraka chimed and gave Todoroki that bit of advice, though he and Midoriya both blushed a bit when she advised to ‘tell you how he felt’. How did she know that he felt something other than friendship for you?

“I-I see. Thank you. Both of you.” Hating the little stutter, Todoroki was grateful for his two friends’ helpful words. Now he felt somewhat more confident in talking to you and offering you something for today.

Todoroki wasn’t a nervous person, but even when he had opportunities to talk to you, he couldn’t do it because there were so many people around. He’d rather ask you when you and him were both alone, in hopes that several other eyes wouldn’t be peering at you both to make you nervous.

So at the end of the day, as soon as he found you alone, he saw his chance as he braced himself and started walking over to you. But then that was interrupted once you were met by Kaminari, Kirishima and an annoyed looking Bakugou.

“Hey (L/N)! Happy Valentine’s Day!” Kaminari quickly greeted you and waved at you, which made you freeze up as you missed the way the electric blonde was kind of blushing and actually looked nervous just saying it to you.

“So uh… now that classes are over, in spirit of the holiday, would ya… like to go out with me somewhere tonight?” Although he was nervous, he quickly tried to put up a smooth-talking and confident demeanor as he flirted with you, but he couldn’t quite stop himself from blushing. And for a minute there, Todoroki thought he was too late as he grunted a bit with a mildly irked expression as he felt an unfamiliar heat in his throat that made him want to just whisk you away from his dopey classmate.


“AHHHH!! YUCK! MUSHY GUSHY!!” You screeched, your legs immediately taking over as you dashed into the girl’s bathroom as fast as you could, slamming the door and leaving a bewildered Kaminari and Kirishima in your wake. Bakugou didn’t look the least bit surprised though as he growled in annoyance just having to see you freak out like that. It never ceased to piss him off every time you freaked out like that.

“So… that’s a no…?” Kaminari sighed and looked defeated as Kirishima patted him on the back to try and make him feel better.

“You can always ask another girl out…” The redhead said to soften the blow, even though he was confused as to why you reacted like that. “Though I guess (L/N) must still think boys have cooties…” He thought outloud, and he understood. For a time, he believed that silly rumor that girls had cooties, but grew out of that phase pretty quickly.

“Tch. Just don’t count on asking her again. That weirdo’s always been like that. Dumbass…” Bakugou grumbled, still annoyed with what he saw. In all the years he’s known you, he’ll never know why you freaked out over this fucking holiday. This day disgusted him too, but not to those extensions. And on top of that, even though you or Deku didn't know, he hasn't forgiven you for calling HIM 'yucky'. He’d never tell you or ANYONE else about the valentine he left you in your shoe locker last year, but he knew you thought he was gross, but he didn’t give a shit.

Absolutely not...

Scoffing, he walked away to leave you to your stupidity as Kirishima and a defeated Kaminari followed shortly after, much to Todoroki’s relief as he patiently waited for you. Thankfully it didn’t take too long for you to come out as you peeked out and you were immensely relieved to see that Bakugou, Kirishima and Kaminari were no longer there.

You gave a huge sigh of relief, your hands washed now that the imaginary yuckiness was off of you, but you didn’t expect to see Todoroki in the hall.

“Todoroki?” Giggling kind of nervously, you smiled awkwardly at him, “Hey there… what brings you out and about? Though I… guess it IS the end of the school day so you can do pretty much whatever you want…” You shrugged, already feeling kind of awkward since you and Todoroki haven’t really had moments alone like this. There was always Izuku or Uraraka to make you feel more comfortable, and you’d be lying if you said you didn’t find Todoroki ridiculously attractive. What was we doing at a school? He should be playing someone going to school, particularly the troubled loner, because that’s what he was. The sexy troubled loner with daddy issues, multi-colored hair and a nice butt to top it all off. But he was a yucky boy, so it just wasn’t going to happen.


But so you didn’t let your thoughts distract you too much, you kept your eyes on Todoroki when he seemed to struggle on what to tell you, which confused you.

“(L/N). I know you don’t seem to enjoy this holiday, but… I had been thinking about what Midoriya said, about… feelings for somebody.” He blushed a little bit when he began his sentence, making your eyes widen as your ‘yucky mushy boy’ instinct was starting to alarm in your head, telling you to run away FAST, yet your heart told you to stay put too and let Todoroki finish what he was saying. He was honest by nature, there's no way he was playing with you.

“I still don’t entirely understand the point of this holiday… even though it all leads to the concept of spending time with people you care about. And I, I care about you. As I care about Midoriya, Iida, Yaoyorozu and Uraraka, but…” This is where Todoroki grew just somewhat more nervous, since feelings weren’t something he was used to talking about.

“Yeeeeah…?” You nervously rubbed your shoulder, feeling rather sweaty all of a sudden; you could feel it in your pits, back and neck, probably a bad day to not wear deodorant. To be fair, even though the two of you were friends, you didn’t expect Shouto Todoroki to actually give you this time of day, why would he? Now you were kind of regretting not brushing your teeth.

“I know it hasn’t been very long, but the way I care about you is… different. I am unsure if… it is romantic as Iida and Midoriya had said.” He started off, beginning to realize how bad he was at trying to explain the way he felt, and yet you actually understood what he meant. “I do care about you though. And the truth is, that I like you… but… more than you would like a friend, I’m marveled by you and I have been for a while. These feelings… they confused me for a while until our friends explained it earlier… and… I wanted to tell you that.” Todoroki sort of confessed to you, only in a way that he could since this concept was still foreign to him. But you knew that he was basically saying that he liked you.

It actually made you chuckle, much to Todoroki’s mild embarrassment since he wasn’t sure if you were laughing at him, but at least you weren’t screaming and calling him ‘yucky’. “Todoroki you’re too cute for words…” You rather bluntly said, which sent a flush of light pink to his cheeks.

“Tell you what… Valentine’s Day…” You shook your head and made a face, “Not my thing… it’s still kinda yucky to me, but… you are definitely not yucky… and instead of acting like this holiday is a big deal and like we’re doing it for the sake of this holiday, how about you and I go see Happy Death Day 2 U? And we can just say that this is just another February day, because it is… as a non-Valentine’s Day date, what do you say?” There you did it, you actually asked Shouto Todoroki on a date, and on Valentine’s Day! Yet you didn’t feel yucky or mushy at all, because after all you said it would be a 'non-Valentine's Day' thing.

He blinked once, for once letting himself look surprised as if he had to register what you just said to him. “A date?” Todoroki asked, obviously he sort of knew what that meant, but he had never been on one before.

“Yeah... it's like a way of spending time with someone that you're interested in... or as you said it... marveled by, and it makes you like them a bit more than you would a friend..." You blushed just saying it outloud, but you had to admit. Todoroki was cute, and oddly sweet in his own ways such the way he would do simple but sweet things for you including opening a door for you, giving you the smallest smile whenever you told a really bad joke, glaring at people who laughed at you whenever you totally embarrassed yourself to make them stop, moving you out of the way whenever someone tried attacking you in combat training, and getting Bakugou to back off whenever he tried bothering you or Midoriya.

Oh God, you liked him too...

And you DIDN'T find him yucky or mushy at all...

You didn't want to admit it, but the more you thought about it, the more you realized that you did like Todoroki, more than you wanted to as a friend. And now you just asked him out in the worst possible way. You were way too blunt! Why were you such an idiot? (Y/N) (L/N) you are officially the dumbest person on the planet, who in the hell would even think about saying-?

"I would like that." Todoroki's quick answer suddenly shattered your stupid internal thoughts as you stiffened, staring at him wide-eyed, he was blushing a little bit and you started to blush yourself as a wide grin sported your lips, a little too wide. 'Back it down or he'll think you're a bigger loser!!' You screamed at yourself before clasping your hands together cheerfully.

"GREAT!" You practically screamed, but cleared your throat and lowered the volume, "I mean great... hee-hee... let's uh... go to our dorms REALLY quick! I need to take care of a few things before we go..." What you NEEDED to take care of was your breath, but Todoroki nodded and followed you with ease, he didn't know what you really meant but he didn't want to rush you into anything. He'd be patient with you, because he cared about you that much.

Quickly, you brushed your teeth and put on your deodorant so you didn't smell that bad, and made sure you looked good enough for your very first date. And as Todoroki waited for you to take care of your things, he was feeling a rare bit of nerves, is this how it felt to go on dates? He wasn't sure, but he would get to know you better just like he wanted, and he would be close to you too. That's what he was looking forward to the most, and he hoped that this would make you see how great you were and if he had to, he'd tell you how those nasty little shits from your childhood were idiots to mess with you and Midoriya. He didn't know why, but he wanted to make sure you never felt like that again.

“C’mon Todoroki let’s go! Happy Death Day 2 U starts at the nearest theater in 30 minutes!” Happily, you suddenly jumped besides him and grabbed his hand and somewhat pulled him towards you as he grunted slightly at the somewhat aggressive hold you put on him with slightly wide eyes at how you surprised him like that. Realistically, he could have just pulled away, and yet this warm feeling he felt in his chest when you smiled at him and held his hand like that, refused to let himself do anything that could hurt you.

“Oh... all right. We should move quickly then..." He walked with you out of Heights Alliance, ignoring the winks and thumbs-ups he was getting from some of his classmates, and the way Mina squealed in excitement.

"Way to go (Y/N)!!" She cheered you on, and for once you weren't disgusted about being seen so close with someone, this wasn't yucky at all. Maybe you could give this dumb romance thing a try if Todoroki really did like you like that. You wouldn't hate it, Todoroki was a fantastic guy. He was nice to you, treated you nice and never insulted you or called you gross.

“Let’s get seats in the back row! We can see it clearly and people like to complain about the noises I make when I’m chewing popcorn and sipping soda for some reason.” You said as soon as the two of you made it to the theater, and Todoroki tried to not chuckle at that but he couldn't help it. You were strangely endearing, which is one of the many reasons he felt captivated by you. "Very well." He calmly replied as you got a few drinks and snacks before you went to the back row like you had requested.

"So based on the commercials, Tree faces another killer, can you believe that? She already took care of the first two in the first one..." You explained and decided to talk to him a bit before the movie started since commercials were showing first.

"I remember. You showed us all that movie. I wonder who else could have a motive to kill her this time now that her roommate's dead." He thought outloud, having liked the first movie and he gladly got into the conversation with you, which became more about your favorite kind of movies, with you telling him how you would HAVE to show him some of your favorites including Mean Girls, The DUFF, Whip It and then a show that was about hamburgers? That's what he heard. He actually smiled and chuckled with you whenever you said something amusing, and he intently watched the movie with you. Every time you gasped in surprise or laughed outloud, he found himself almost mimicking your emotions. Now he was getting why you watched these movies, although he was surprised that he nearly teared up with you during an emotional moment that touched him in particular the more he watched it.

Glistening eyes met each other, but he quickly turned away to avoid looking pathetic, and you snickered a bit. "Aww..." You actually hugged his arm just to make him feel better, and you felt his left side quickly grow warm as he blushed quite madly, thankful that the dark theater served to mask it. "Hey... thanks... for coming up to me today..." Suddenly, you thanked him with a soft tone that he hadn't really heard you use.

"You're welcome." He gave you a little smile, "You're not gross." That made you perk up a bit, although you didn't let go of his arm as he continued. "Midoriya told me that children teased you when you were younger and called you gross, but they're wrong. You're not gross at all." He admitted, albeit leaving out the booger-eating lie and the fact that you told him you didn't brush your teeth this morning (until later), but even then those little things didn't tarnish his image of you. Todoroki liked you just the way you were, quirks and all.

You wanted to cry. After years of being teased and called gross, someone other than Midoriya actually thought that there wasn't anything wrong with you. With a big smile, you just hugged him tighter and leaned up to kiss him on the cheek, earning a small gasp of surprise from him as you pulled away with a rather loud yelp when his left side suddenly caught fire. Which of course earned some looks from a few other movie-goers as you and Todoroki sheepishly apologized.

"I'm sorry..." But he made sure to apologize to you as fast as possible after nearly burning you, completely by accident of course. It was hard to quell your giggles as you shook your head, "No it's okay... I'm sorry for that sudden kiss..." You apologized with rather hot cheeks, unable to believe that you actually kissed a boy. And you didn't feel yucky at all! It actually felt really good kissing a boy, even if it was just a peck on the cheek.

Todoroki shook his head, looking somewhat bashful as his cheeks were still flushed. "Don't be... I liked it..." He said in a rare, shy voice as you couldn't fight the grin rising on your lips again. Although you had to keep your eyes on the movie too since you realized that you just missed a few things going on, but you found yourself placing your head on his left shoulder, which gradually grew warm as soon Todoroki felt your touch. He didn't hate it though, not at all.

"Happy Non-Valentine's Day... Shouto..." You softly said to him as a rather gory scene suddenly showed on the screen, but Todoroki couldn't help but smile.

"Happy Non-Valentine's Day (Y/N)." He replied to you warmly. Now he understood what Midoriya, Iida and Uraraka meant.

And you finally had a good Valentine's Day! There was absolutely nothing yucky about hugging Todoroki at all, and you felt nothing but warmth towards this beautiful boy who looked at you like you were amazing. 'Best Valentine's Day of my life!!' You thought to yourself, snuggling into Todoroki's shoulder as he put his arm around you while the two of you happily watched yet another bloody scene roll by. Nothing says romance like watching a comedy-horror.

Chapter Text

You know that I'm a crazy bitch
I do what I want when I feel like it
All I wanna do is lose control (oh, oh)
But you don't really give a shit
You go with it, go with it, go with it
'Cause you're fucking crazy rock n' roll

'Smile' by Avril Lavigne

You had heard it all before.

Especially in that one song by P!nk, ‘Stupid Girls’, where the singer threw a lot of shade and talked a lot of shit about the ‘stupid girls’, which more or less reflected your attitude about some girls, especially those so-called heroines like Mt. Lady and Uwabami. It might not have sounded fair, but in your mind, those were stupid girls because they reminded you all too much of the bitches who would always pick on you for not being ‘feminine’ enough.

You were SO feminine enough. Not THEIR feminine, but your idea of feminine. And you liked things like video games, bands like MCR, Three Days Grace and Avril Lavigne, and wearing pants over skirts and flat shoes instead of those godawful high heels, yeah you also enjoyed things that most boys liked, but when did that mean you weren’t feminine for that?

It didn’t matter to you anymore. You didn’t have to be a certain kind of feminine or masculine to be a hero, but the fact that some girls and boys still believed that you had to be a certain kind of feminine or masculine annoyed you. Now that you made it into U.A, that shit didn’t matter to you that much anymore, especially since over the years you got thicker skin and just a little meaner to people.

In fact, your classmates, even your friends Uraraka, Kaminari and Kirishima, knew that you were the one girl with the second worst attitude behind Bakugou. Simply because you had no time for anyone’s crap and you let people know what you were thinking, never mincing your words and telling people off whenever they needed it, with a quirk to match since it allowed you to conjure up a sword made up of (F/C) energy that you utilized pretty well in combat since it let you slice up and cut through anything.

But at heart you weren’t a total jerk, just aloof and hesitant about who you let in.

“Good morning (Y/N)!” There was one of your friends now. Uraraka, and she was actually smiling at you like she always did. Her you liked, she was definitely not a stupid girl, and she was so nice it was impossible for you to NOT befriend her. “Ochaco. Hey… good morning.” You replied calmly, but with a smile as she happily walked alongside you to class and chatted away with her until you sat at your seats.

And when class started, you didn’t really pay attention to Aizawa today because of the MCR and Avril songs playing in your head. However, the one time you paid attention is when the class rep Iida stood up to make some announcement or something about that dumb dance that was coming up. If there’s one thing you hated it was dances because all they did was make girls and guys like you feel like shit when other girls and guys purposely singled you out and went out with people they thought were better-looking or cooler and then flaunt that in your face. So that was your cue to bring out your straw and chew up some paper.

“Which is why, even with the school dance coming up we all must-”. Iida cringed and trembled as soon as he felt something small and wet suddenly hit his cheek, much to the others’ surprise as small gasps were heard. The class rep was frozen for a moment before he locked his eyes on you, the class’ attention followed shortly after as they saw you casually chewing paper and holding up a straw.

“(L-L/N)!! How many times have I told you to cease with the spitballs?! It’s completely unsanitary and disrespectful to our classmates when you start shooting them!” Iida exclaimed, obviously very angry with your little habit that you did at least three times a week to piss some people off.

Scoffing, you rolled your eyes. “And how many times have I told you that I really don’t give a damn Iida?” You said breezily, tossing another small piece of paper in your mouth to chew up. Your classmates feeling nervous with the tension in the room, all but one.

Unlike the rest of his classmates who looked away nervously, Bakugou paid his full attention to you. You never knew it, but he found you interesting to the point where he was partially marveled by you and occasionally stole glances at you whenever you weren’t looking, and whenever you DID catch him looking at you, he would quickly avert his gaze or shout at you depending on how you looked at him. Secretly, he liked your attitude because you took shit from nobody and spoke your mind even if it cut people up just like your sword did. If he was being honest with himself, he actually found it kind of attractive.

“(L/N) don’t make me have to say it ag-”. Once again, you cut him off with a spitball, but this time you aimed for his mouth as it went flying right into the orifice and he gasped and choked for a little bit, which made the rest of your classmates shout in shock and mild horror as Iida clutched his throat before spitting it out as fast as he could. “M-My throat…!” He croaked a bit, feeling some mild disgust that something that was in YOUR mouth made way into HIS mouth.

“I-Iida! Are you all right?!” Midoriya quickly got out of his seat, concerned for his friend and fearing that he was choking, but then he exclaimed and cringed hard when the same wetness hit the back of his neck. He made the mistake of turning when he realized that you were still blowing spitballs and got him in the neck.

“GOAL!! TWO FOR TWO!!” However, you grinned and threw your fists up in the air, obviously proud of yourself for having spit-balled into the taller boy’s mouth and the green-haired boy’s neck. You had nothing against Midoriya and hell you kinda liked the boy, but you liked teasing with him because his reactions were priceless.

“That’s enough (L/N).” As soon as Aizawa spoke up, that pretty much made you stop. Even though you didn’t want to, but it’s because you respected the man enough to listen to HIS rules, even though you hated them too.

“How crass…” Yaoyorozu muttered to herself but felt kind of scared of you because of how hostile you came off sometimes to her and the rest of the girls, except for Uraraka, and Tsuyu too.

“(L/N)’s really good with that straw… it’s kinda scary! What if she were to hit us next?!” Mina squealed lightly just thinking about it, being more openly scared of you but at the same time, since you had your nice moments, she felt that she shouldn’t feel TOO afraid of you.

“O-Oh man… (L/N)’s so freaking scary… almost as scary as Bakugou…” Mineta pathetically trembled, pretty much the most terrified of you, especially because your attitude reminded him too much of Bakugou’s, who was twice as scary. And yet, it didn’t stop the little pervert from trying to peep on you or ogling you whenever you decided to wear a skirt. Which thankfully was today.

While the more vocal classmates whispered and muttered about how scary you were, Bakugou was the only one who enjoyed what he saw. He smirked the entire time, even at you as you just pointed and laughed at the distraught Iida and Midoriya. In fact, Bakugou relished the moment when you hit stupid ‘Deku’ and was more than happy to snicker at the nerd’s disgust. And then there was the way that you laughed, it was the only time you didn’t look surly or angry. Not that Bakugou thought your scowls made you look bad, but he kind of liked seeing you laugh.

And as much as it sickened him, he was starting to think he might have kind of liked you.

On the contrary, you had no idea that Bakugou might have liked you. You never would have guessed that ANYONE would have liked you. As much as you held yourself up with pride, deep down your insecurities would never let you believe that someone could like you for your personality or your looks. You knew you weren’t appealing to most people, but often you didn’t care, although sometimes you pretended not to care too.

But you especially wouldn’t let yourself believe that Bakugou might have liked you. Of the boys in your class, he was your favorite, even though you didn’t interact with him as much as you wanted to. In all honesty, you were scared of falling in love with him, because you already were. At first you didn’t really like him, but then you started to realize that he wasn’t your typical stuck-up asshole. He was different, and if you were being really honest with yourself, it totally turned you on whenever he showed off his quirk, strength and brilliance in battle.

You sighed. Almost contemplating on asking him to the dance, but then again, who would ever want to dance with you? Certainly not a guy like Bakugou. Maybe instead you should ask him if he wanted to ditch the damn dance and go do something else...

“Nice show today (L/N).” Jirou’s sarcastic remark made you snap out of your thoughts, but all you did was roll your eyes in response.

“If you liked it you should have told me Jirou, I would have been happy to make you a part of it.” You replied to her, smirking as she grunted quietly with Yaoyorozu, Mina and Hagakure glancing nervously. Being in the locker room after PE was always tense because you sometimes scared the girls, even Uraraka a little bit, but she knew that deep down you had a soft side because the two of you were good friends.

“It’s not unlike you to rebel against Iida, but today it seemed like you blew spitballs at him for a different reason since you normally like to hit him during breaks. Is it because he said something you maybe didn’t want to hear?” Tsuyu questioned outloud, her finger at her cheek in curiosity as you perked up and flinched. That’s what you appreciated about Tsuyu, you considered her smarter than the other girls here, and although you weren’t exactly close, you respected her and treated her like you treated Uraraka, as a friend. Helped that she was great to Uraraka, so that earned her even more respect from you.

“And once again Tsu you’ve proven that you’re smarter than the rest of this lot.” You muttered, unashamedly insulting the other girls who gave you subtle looks of annoyance. “But you got me… I love bothering Iida, but the minute he mentioned that fucking dance it kinda pissed me off… I hate dances, they’re dumb and made to make some girls and guys feel shitty when the prettier and/or bitchier girls and guys ask out others instead of them.” You admitted, not exactly proud that you viewed it like that, but it was just the way you saw it.

“Well, actually dances are not meant to be superficial like that. Instead, dances are supposed to give men and women the chance to be their finest selves by allowing them to show a sense of grace, dignity and elegance.” Yaoyorozu attempted to make it sound better for you, but of course to you, that was just a rich girl speaking from her privileged experiences compared to the unluckiness that you and other similar girls had to deal with. You weren’t book smart like her, but you were street-smart.

You smiled at the girl, but it made her nervous since the smile was fake. “Sweet Yaoyorozu… I appreciate the sentiment but I doubt that, see I’m not like you, I’m not graceful, dignified or elegant, nor am I rich or beautiful, you don’t know what it’s like being the odd girl out. And frankly, I don’t give a shit about any of all that stuff. Dances blow.” You replied, being brutally candid as always which put the girl at a loss for words as the other girls kept their mouths shut, the tension so thick they could cut it with a knife.

“Speaking of dances! Girls, I forgot to say keep an eye on Mineta… I heard him muttering about planning to try and peep up our skirts when we wear our dresses…!” Mina wanted to ease the tension by being her cheerful self. However, you were mostly just glad that she mentioned that the little shit Mineta was planning to try and perv on you and the other girls.

“Tch… let him try, I’ll slit his fucking throat before he gets the chance to look up between our legs.” You spat bitterly with narrowed eyes as you shut your locker room loud enough to make the girls cringe. And yet, they appreciated the idea of you looking out for them. You might not have gotten along with all of the girls, but you looked out for them. “I’m not planning on wearing a dress anytime soon though so I'm good. I'll just make sure he doesn't try sniffing out for you girls.”

“But you’d look so pretty in one!” Mina, always the sweet girl, tried to lift up your spirits. And honestly, you DID appreciate it, but you just didn’t believe that you could be pretty in a dress.

“No Mina. YOU girls would look pretty in dresses. But dresses are stupid so I’m not going to be seen in one!” You didn’t mean to make that outburst, but when your insecurities showed a bit, your first instinct was to revert to being a jerk.

“I think you would look pretty in one though. You’re already pretty you know?” Uraraka smiled at you, and you turned to look at the girl. Smiling ever so slightly as you chuckled a bit, “I don’t know about that girl… but thanks…” You said softly, using a gentler tone but you paused when you thought you sensed something, and the girls quickly picked up on it.

“(L/N), what’s the matter?” Yaoyorozu asked you politely but with some alarm once she saw your expression as you narrowed your eyes and clenched your fists.

“Nothing really… but you girls go on to the dorms… I have a grape to crush…” You growled. The girls didn’t even have to ask for more hints, they knew what that meant, and they knew WHO you meant and quickly exited before that ‘grape’ could try and sneak a peek.

“Man oh man… I can’t wait to see the girls in dresses…!” Mineta started to drool as he imagined all his female classmates’ wearing extravagant and hopefully revealing dresses. Of course, the only one he openly discussed this with was Kaminari who was smiling in agreement.

“Hey yeah me neither… wonder what kinda dresses they’ll be wearing…” He thought outloud, something of a pervert himself but nowhere near as bad as Mineta and wasn’t at all planning on peeping like his perverted friend was. He just wanted to see how pretty they would look in extravagant, flashy dresses.

“I hope they wear extra short skirts, because it has come to my conclusion that the skirts here just aren’t short enough!” He nearly exclaimed outloud, his nose nearly bleeding as he envisioned himself able to look up the skirts of either Yaoyorozu or Tsuyu. “Ohhh how I pray that they wear dresses that outline their slim, sexy figures and puts total emphasis on their boobs!”

Before he could go on and disgust some of his male classmates as they overhead him talking, the door opened wide and there you stood, surprising the guys and naturally freaking out Mineta.

“Hey… Dog Meat.” This wasn’t your angry tone, this was your furiously calm tone where you spoke lowly as you leered down at the quivering grape boy. Mineta knew he was screwed once he saw the fire in your (E/C) eyes as your palm glowed and you conjured up your energy sword, pointing it’s long, pointed end towards him.

“I heard from the girls that you were gonna try and get a peek between their legs when the dance happens?” You asked, sounding polite and yet the coldness in your tone could put Todoroki’s ice quirk to shame.

“D’AHHHH! NO NO!! PLEASE DON’T KILL ME! I swear whatever you heard it isn’t true!!” The little pervert squealed and backed into the wall, crying pathetically as you held your energy sword to his throat.

“Liar. Mina already told me what your plan was. I almost hope you plan on doing it, so that way I can kill you afterwards. I’ve already killed one pervert before.” You shared, even though that past incident was an accident as your quirk activated on its own in a moment of self-defense, but they didn’t need to know that. It worked too, as Mineta only cried and whined even louder in utter terror, believing every word you said because he thought you were about to murder him right now. As did the rest of the guys, many them appeared mildly shocked, but Midoriya, Iida, Kaminari and Kirishima looked downright terrified.

The only ones who weren’t really frightened were Todoroki and Bakugou. The former wasn’t exactly fond of your attitude, but he felt you were doing the right thing to his perverted classmate, he felt that he deserved everything you were giving to him. While Bakugou watched you threaten that little shit with a smirk on his face. There was something about the ferocity in your eyes that he really liked. Because he also liked it whenever you went around threatening people, especially whenever it was this little grape shit, Monoma or the villains that attacked them at the USJ.

“I’ve killed maybe one or two perverts in my life in fact… the truth is, I’ve actually gotten really good at killing perverts, and you know what? I think I wanna kill a pervert right now…” Gritting your teeth, you snarled an almost feral growl as you held up your sword at the tiny little pervert who was squealing like a little pig, crying endless rivers as he held his hands up in defense.

“AHHHH! No no don’t kill me! I swear I won’t do anything at the dance! I swear it on my grave!!” He immediately and pathetically begged for his life with his hands raised in hopes to convince you to spare him.

“You’d better… or else I’ll be the one digging your grave… though… my idea of a grave for you is just tossing your body in the trash while I help myself to a cheeseburger after.” Slowly, you retracted your sword as you stared down at the shaking, pathetic mess of a boy. Though he wasn’t the only one shaking, Midoriya and Kaminari were the second and third most terrified of what they just saw.

“T-Thank you (L/N)! Thank you thank you!!”

“Shut up.” You scoffed, crossing your arms as Iida suddenly stood in front of his classmate.

“(L/N)! I understand that Mineta’s perversion is a serious nuisance, but you can’t just threaten him with murder like that! That is not only against school policy but a crime in it’s own!” He waved his arms around frantically, as much as he disapproved of Mineta’s perversion he didn’t want you to kill the guy.

“I dunno Iida, if he’s going to be peeping up girl’s skirts, which is ALSO against school policy and a crime, hell it’s a form of sexual harassment might I add, I think that warrants me threatening to make him into dog meat. Maybe lecture HIM on sexual harassment before you lecture me on attempted murder since he started this.” Immediately, you summoned your sword again, and decided to point it at Iida, who flinched and lightly exclaimed in shock once he felt the heat radiating off the glowing sword.

“Okay, you know what? I won’t cut him. Instead I’ll cut you.”

“W-What?!” He backed away slightly with fear in his eyes.

“Just kidding… but seriously… lecture him on that or else I’ll ground him up into dog meat.” You retracted the sword as Iida glared at you in disapproval, but he couldn’t deny that he WAS a little bit scared of you. He wasn’t the only one either, Mineta was still shaking in his shoes, and Midoriya, Kaminari, Sero and Kirishima looked on nervously.

“Tch. Why not just get rid of that little shit already? Aside from being a damn pervert, he’s a fucking weakling too.” Bakugou spoke on your defense, which the guys were extremely surprised by, you were especially surprised too. But pleasantly so, as you actually smiled.

“Thank you Bakugou.” You thanked him with a rare kind tone, but Bakugou nearly gave you a surprised look before scoffing and looking annoyed, “Whatever.”

That made you smirk, it’s one of the reasons why you were into the guy. “So what? Bakugou, Kirishima, Kaminari, Sero, are you guys just gonna stand there with your dicks in your hands or are we going to go out and do some training?” You asked, putting one hand on your hip, much to Bakugou’s annoyance.

"Y-Yeah! Of course! I'm always up for getting stronger." Kirishima quickly replied with a smile. He liked it whenever you hung out with his friends, even though you weren't the nicest person in the world, he still respected you and liked your assertiveness. That was 'manly' in his eyes, and your gender didn't matter.

“Tch, don’t act so cocky Pointy.” He replied curtly, having nicknamed you after the way you made your psionic swords pointy and sharp. Which amused you more than anything.
“You call me that, but the rule is to always stick ‘em with the pointy end.” You pointed out, even though you were just quoting Game of Thrones and Bakugou knew that, even though he claimed that show was ‘for nerds like Deku’. At least until you convinced him to watch maybe one or two seasons and secretly got him hooked after he saw the dragons and forced you to never tell anyone that he became a fan of Daenerys and Arya.

"So we're going or not?" You asked in amusement as he 'tch'ed' in annoyance, "Fine. Cuz I got nothing better to do." He claimed, and you just smirked as his friends followed by in quick succession.

"Out of curiosity (L/N). Why doncha hang around the other girls?" Kaminari decided to make conversation, but regretted asking that as soon you gave him a look. "Cuz I don't want to. As much as I love my girls Uraraka and Tsu, when they're with the rest of the girls, they do some of the most boring things, and talk about some of the most boring things. I wanna be where the action is! And you guys mostly do action stuff so yeah." You shrugged as you gave your answer, and the rest of the guys seemed to get that and they understood despite what you said about the rest of their female classmates.

"Oh! So you're just one of the guys?" Kaminari figured it out, but your look of annoyance just made him nervous again. "Yes doofus, I suppose you could say that." You sighed and rolled your eyes, not really minding being considered 'one of the guys', even though you still had your own kind of femininity, but whatever. You liked hanging out with the guys. "There's nothing wrong with that. I like it when you hang out with us." Sero said nicely with his trademark smile, and you actually smiled back. "Good. Cuz you guys could use some more muscle." Your smile turned into a smirk as they guys seemed amused (sans Bakugou) and gave you a laugh.

"You said it! Can't just be me and Bakugou after all." Kirishima playfully teased Kaminari and Sero, while also complimenting you as you patted him on the back. "Let's do some sparring again. See if your hardening can match against my sword." You challenged your friend and he looked more than enthusiastic. "Oh you're on! I won't lose to you this time though!" He exclaimed and you just smirked, "Sure..."

However, Bakugou made all of you stop as he held an arm out once the five of you reached the outskirts of the school's gate, which made you think that something must have been up given your classmates' sharp senses. "What's wrong man...?" Kaminari seemed oblivious however, but you figured it out, throwing your arm out and conjuring your psionic sword and making someone shriek as you heard footsteps. You guessed it was someone with an invisibility quirk, but it definitely wasn't Hagakure as the person appeared in front of you, sitting on the ground and shivering, and then a shout startled you when you saw Bakugou throw his palm out to attack an oncoming person who had insect-like wings that allowed him to fly. But he picked the wrong person to attack as he came face-to-face with Bakugou's crackling palm, blasting him instantly as he growled angrily.

"Fucking insect! " Appropriate insult, you thought. "What's the big idea?!"

"Who the hell are you guys?" Kirishima quickly asked the two strangers who just showed up out of nowhere to attack them. "They look like high school students like us..." Sero observed based on their school uniforms, only they weren't UA students. Kaminari let out a sigh, "Let me guess... you guys wanted to pick on some UA kids?" He asked, since it wasn't uncommon for them to meet some jealous high school students who had a bone to pick with UA.

"Ergo. Fresh dog meat." You concluded with narrowed eyes as the two huddled up together with their hands up in defense, shivering when they tried to speak up for themselves.

"H-Hey man... look this was only a dare... w-we didn't really wanna do this so don't... there's no need to get all testy..." The student with the invisibility quirk tried to lie as he started pleading with a terrified look on his face, whimpering when he how murderous Bakugou looked and how eerily calm you were as you retracted your psionic sword, placing your fist in your palm. Kirishima, Kaminari and Sero each knew what this meant and they looked rather nervous as they backed away to let you and Bakugou take care of these guys.

“Hey Bakugou. Pick a body part.” You said to your friend, who glanced at you with a rather feral smirk. "I've got the wings. And the face." Bakugou said as he cracked his knuckles, looking way too happy about the idea of inflicting bodily harm to these two losers as you exchanged a somewhat cat-like grin. "Throat. Balls and Stomach." You answered as the two of you loomed over the shivering losers who let out a scream as the sounds of punches and explosions filled the otherwise, quiet outside area as Kirishima, Kaminari and Sero could only watch in mild horror.

Okay, NOW Bakugou was sure that he liked you. And you were sure as hell that you liked him too, because he was the reason why you smiled.

Chapter Text

Isn't anyone tryin' to find me?
Won't somebody come take me home
It's a damn cold night
Trying to figure out this life
Won't you take me by the hand
Take me somewhere new
I don't know who you are
But I, I'm with you

'I'm With You' by Avril Lavigne

Mind-reading. What a terrible quirk.

You swear you would rather be quirkless than be stuck with the current quirk you had. You hated it, because while your friend Shinsou told you it was useful for gathering information on villains and people, it made you useless in combat and on top of that it made it near impossible for you to trust people. Since you could sense and hear their intentions, and you didn’t trust easily either so it just made everything more difficult in your life.

Countless people pretended to be nice to you and you heard it in their heads. Which is why you couldn’t believe that you let yourself fall for this so-called guy-friend of yours’ tricks. Initially you had been keen on him, but now that he pressured you into coming to this wild party you were currently at, not anymore.

“Go on… drink it…”

You should have known better, but for some reason you let the peer pressure from him and some of your other so-called girl-friends pressure you. His name was Mageru, and he was a handsome boy with a fairly strong binding quirk in your General Studies class, but those good looks meant nothing to you anymore after he brought you to this party that you just wanted to leave. As soon as he guilt-tripped you into going, you didn’t have a choice.

But now you were miserable and being forced to down drink after drink just to please some of the nastier peers who looked at you with judgmental eyes as you felt dizzy from all the alcohol in your system as you reluctantly downed another cup of whatever that was getting you drunk.

And your mind-reading quirk didn’t do anything to help you as the voices grew louder in your head, even though many of them were drunk they were still way too loud for you and giving you such a headache. After a while you couldn’t take it anymore and stumbled your way out of there, unaware that you were being followed by the jerk you had no idea why you even liked in the first place. You never should have had those drinks because now your mind was too hazy that everything in your path looked like blurred mist as you focused on your surroundings. You were close to UA, so that meant home wasn’t too far…

“Heeeey…” But then you heard an unwanted voice slur into your ear as you realized that he had yanked your body into his, with a low groan you tried to pry him off you. “I gotta go home…” You shook your head, even if you were drunk you managed to at least say that, but he wasn’t nearly as drunk as you were, and clearly willing to use your intoxication for all it was worth for him.

“Aww c’mon (Y/N)… I invited you for a reason. So you can have fun! Don’t be a goddamn prude… let me take care of ya… I know how to make a pretty girl feel comfy…” Mageru held you closer, against your will as he wrapped one of his arms around your waist, attempting to sneak his fingers under your jeans and used his binding quirk to keep you against him tightly as you groaned at the discomfort as your legs buckled while you tried to get away.

“The guys… they want to come by too…” He said softly, and you heard more footsteps approaching, and as you blinked and narrowed your eyes in an attempt to see better, at least 2 more guys showed up, and they were wearing different school uniforms, very unlike your UA uniform.

‘Heh, she’s drunk enough…’

‘We might not get another chance…’

It became clear to you what they wanted from you based on their thoughts alone.

“I wanna go… let me go…” You muttered weakly as he didn’t loosen his grip on you. He wasn’t going to. “Oh no you can’t go. Not yet… you’re here to have a good time, and we’re gonna show you a good time okay stop being such a-“

“I said… LET ME GO!!”

Suddenly you shouted as loud as you could, forcefully pulling yourself away from him and distracting him as he released you once the force surprised him. Mageru growled as you hit the cold, hard concrete ground and tried to crawl away, but someone had taken a hold of your legs. “H-Hey…!” You tried to yell again, but your mind was so unfocused that it felt like everything was so distorted and you couldn’t help yourself.

“C’mon man this is a good spot.” One of his friends said, the other one grabbing his phone as your former friend knelt beside you and the third one was getting out his phone to record what they were about to do with an insidious grin. “See? We’re having fun already.” Mageru’s smile turned into a smirk as his friend held you down and then you felt the guy unbuttoning your jeans and their thoughts started ringing in your head when they held you down.

‘Oh yeah I’ve been waiting to get all up in this…’

‘I’m showin’ this to the rest of the guys later…’

‘This is some fine stuff right here…’

“No… no stop…” You shook your head, wiggling your legs and trying to kick away, but without strength as you tried to get up but then your ex friend just pinned you down with his palm to your head, pressing you against the grass as his friend started lowering your pants to expose your panties as you felt tears spring to your eyes as you kept shaking your head.

“No… No, no…!”

“HEY! What the hell are you guys doing?!” You heard another voice, another male, except this one sounded much more indignant as the three students flinched when caught in the act as the third guy dropped his phone in alarm. “Shit…!” He exclaimed, and quickly ran away as fast as he could.

“Ehhh…? Hey bud get outta here… this is none of your business, we’re just havin’ fun...” Mageru attempted to warn the person who had come just in time, you tried to make him out, the first thing you registered what his spiky red hair, and his angry expression complete with sharp teeth he bore. You couldn’t see how disgusted he looked; he wasn’t fooled at all by Mageru.

“That’s bullshit. You get off of her. Right now.” He said in a deadly serious tone as Mageru kept his hand on your head so you would stay down. But then Mageru’s second friend suddenly tried to attack the redhead with a punch, but he reacted fast by grabbing his fist and punching him square in the jaw, effectively knocking him out as he shouted and hit the ground. Leaving Mageru alone as he slowly let go of you, nervously grinning with his hands up.

“Come on now… we came from a party… we were havin’ fun…” He claimed, even though all the redhead could see was that you were in no position to fight back or even run away from these bastards who wanted to take advantage you.

“Yeah right. I know what you fuckers were trying to do. What kind of punks just corner a drunk girl?!” His fists shook, and Mageru took that as a challenge in his drunken mind.

"Fine… comin’ in to ruin my good time?! Fuckin’ Mr. Goody Goody Two Shoes?!” He shouted and let you go as he shot forward to try and shove the guy but was instantly met with a hardened fist to the face. A loud crack was heard, and then for extra measure he delivered fierce kick to the stomach as Mageru cried out, holding his bleeding nose and likely bruised stomach as he fell to the grass and pathetically groaned in pain.

“D-Damn you…!” He shouted, you swore he was starting to cry like a little bitch as he started to try and scurry away like a little cockroach before the other guy could beat him up any further.

‘These assholes… trying to take advantage a helpless girl… they’re disgraces to men…’

You heard the redhead’s thoughts as you slowly picked yourself up after you were finally freed from those bastards’ hold on you. Clumsily, you groaned and tried to stand up, but your lack of coordination and pants around your ankles made you stumble, and before you could hit the ground, a pair of strong arms suddenly caught you, saving you from a hard fall.

“N-No…” You shook your head, unsure to trust this person because you just escaped from a pervert’s arms, but this one didn’t feel like he was a pervert, and you could tell because he wasn’t being forceful.

“Hey, hey whoa take it easy are you okay…?”

Was this the same person? His voice became much softer as you tried to get a better look at him. Red eyes that had taken a softer look compared to the fury he had earlier. “It’s okay I won’t hurt you I promise.” He spoke again, as you tilted your head slightly in confusion. God you were so drunk… but this stranger helped you, that much you could make out.

“Hi… my name’s Kirishima. I’ve seen you around maybe once or twice, aren’t you in the General Studies class?” Kirishima. So that was his name. You weren’t so sure you would remember it because you were so out of it, but you nonetheless smiled because this fella just saved you.

“Mmm… Kirishima…” Groaning tiredly, you said his name and leaned against him as he held you up, and you could hear him stuttering awkwardly as you suddenly put your arms around him for support, unable to use your legs because your brain was beginning to tell you it was time to sleep. “I’m (Y/N)… uh-huh… gen studs… tha’s me a’ight…”

“(Y/N) huh? I-It’s nice to officially meet you…” He sounded a little nervous, because you were so close to him and you giggled and pressed your cheek against your savior’s warm cheek. “You saved my life… y-you’re in the hero course right…? I see why… you’re nice…” You slurred quietly but you were close enough to Kirishima’s face to hear you as he cringed at the smell of alcohol on your breath. Although it just made him madder because he had (correctly) assumed that those fuckers forced you to drink this much since you were on the verge of passing out. It was a good thing he came outside for a nighttime stroll, because he didn’t want to imagine what could have happened if you did pass out and they had gotten to you.

“Take me with you… ‘m tired… sleepy… please? Can I come with you…? I wanna go with ya… i’s late… got class tuhmorrow… I got class…” You started to close your eyes, quietly yawning as Kirishima almost looked conflicted but there was no way he was going to leave you all alone while you were drunk like this. He had to take you home, and make sure you don’t trip, hurt yourself or choke on your own vomit.

‘Man those bastards… she’s out of it bad, ugh she stinks of booze…’

“Shuddup…!” You suddenly exclaimed in a sleepy tone since you could still hear his thoughts, much to his confusion because he wasn't aware of your quirk. “I-I didn’t say anything…”

‘I am NOT leaving her alone… I don’t want to risk letting something happen to her while she’s like this… I’m taking her with me! It’s the manly thing to do after all!’

His thoughts were loud enough for you to hear as he carefully picked you up and you laughed quietly, at this point you trusted this person because he wasn’t hurting you. “Whee…” You smiled wide and felt yourself beginning to fall asleep in this stranger’s arms. “G’night Kirishima…”

He smiled sympathetically, “I’ve got you (Y/N)… I won’t let anyone else try and hurt you tonight…” Kirishima said to you gently as he carried you while you snuggled into him, loving how warm and soft he felt in this damn cold night.

However, Kirishima was feeling a little nervous at how close you were getting to him. He didn’t dare cross his boundaries though. He was going to take you to his dorm and give you a bed to sleep on, because although he wanted to take you home he had no idea where you lived, and he wasn’t going to get an address from you anytime soon once he noticed that you fell asleep in his arms…

“It’s okay (Y/N). You’ll be okay…” He said to you softly as he carried you off to Height’s Alliance, giving brief explanations to some of his classmates who started asking him questions, at least the ones who were still awake.

Next Morning brought to you by Evanescence's 'WAKE ME UP'

Dreamland was dissipating before your eyes. At least until you realized your eyes were closed, and a sudden surge of agony began pulsing through your head as you kept your eyes shut. And then everything came back to you from the night before.

You got totally drunk no thanks to your so-called friends and Mageru tried something funny with you, at least until a boy from the Hero Course came in, but afterwards you just saw him and then afterwards everything was all black. So you assumed that was when you promptly passed out.

This wasn’t your bed. It didn’t feel like your bed, and yet it was so soft with a unique scent that you almost didn’t want to get out of it. And on top of that you didn’t really want to know where you had ended up after passing out, but an angry boy shouting in the distance was impossible to not hear.


Well that officially woke you up. Now you couldn’t go back to sleep even if you wanted to, but you instantly regretted cracking your eyes open, your vision still blurred. It hurt for you to even blink, but you knew it was time to figure out where you were at even if you didn’t want to. Slowly, you picked yourself up from the bed you were in, letting your eyes adjust to the thankful for the slightly dimmed room as you looked around to see the place.

Lot of posters that seemed to be motivational, a punching bag, well that was cool. And some merchandise of that Crimson Riot pro-hero that you had recalled when your dad mentioned him once. This was definitely a guy’s room it seemed. And your thoughts were proven correct when you saw the person from yesterday, standing up and buttoning up his school uniform’s shirt before he suddenly noticed that you were awake and looking right at him.

“Oh! You’re up! Good morning!” He said to you politely and enthusiastically with a bright smile, but you just stared and frowned in confusion. Trying to remember his name, and it came to you after you stared at his face for a little bit to recall what he had told you last night.

“Kirishima?” You asked, and his smile grew as he nodded, “Yeah! You remember! I was almost worried you wouldn’t. You were pretty out of it last night…” Kirishima didn’t mean to sound so blunt, but it was true, and you knew it. But then you looked around and you saw a blanket and pillow on the floor, and it suddenly dawned on you. This was the Height’s Alliance for the Hero course students. You didn’t belong here.

“Am I in your dorm room…?” You then asked as the redhead’s smile slowly fell upon seeing how… surly you looked. He assumed that you were either remembering everything that happened last night or completely forgot about everything that happened last night.

“Y-Yeah… I… I didn’t know where you lived, so I brought you here to let you have a place to sleep.” He replied somewhat nervously as you gave a disappointed sigh, unable to believe that you had been stupid enough to give into peer pressure and drink so much. Now here you were, in a stranger’s dorm room that you had slept in too because he was kind enough to let you have his bed while he slept on the floor. God you felt like such a burden, but you couldn’t let this person know, you weren’t in the mood to be pitied or judged by anyone. In fact, you weren’t in any mood at all.

So you got up, gasping quietly upon seeing that you were only wearing panties and a large red shirt with the word ‘Motivation’ on it. The panties were yours but the shirt definitely didn't belong to you. Your eyes beginning to widen when a few scenarios came to your head, feeling heat involuntarily creeping on your face.

“I-I called one of the girls to help put that on you!” He quickly exclaimed once he saw your expression, having called on Mina last night over to his room to come and help him take off your clothes to change you into one of his shirts, and she did so gladly to help. “I swear! I would never change a girl's clothes... I-I mean unless I had to but I didn't wanna seem like a weirdo..” You saw his cheeks starting to turn a little red, and as much as you didn’t want to believe him, there was nothing in his mind that hinted any dishonesty.

'Man I hope she doesn't think I'm a pervert or something... that's the last thing she wants to be around after last night...'

You said nothing even though he was talking and thinking, and you nearly cringed just remembering that you were nearly sexually assaulted last night by perverts. This guy however was clearly no pervert, but you were relieved to know that he at least got a girl to remove your clothes to put you in something more comfortable. But it was time for you to get out of it so you can just go to class and try to forget that this ever happened.

Without much shame, you lifted the larger shirt off yourself, exposing your (F/C) bra and (B/T) body (that you hated) to the boy in front of him as he let out a small yelp of surprise, quickly looking away with a heavy blush spread across his face, now looking quite flustered. “B-But I uh, folded your shirt and pants… I was sure you wouldn’t wanna wake up in day clothes…” He then pointed to your school uniform that was on his desk, and you quickly grabbed them to start putting them on while Kirishima politely kept his eyes averted. It was actually pretty cute.

“I gotta get out of here... don’t mention this to anyone. All right?” You almost regretted how rude you sounded, but after the night you had and the hangover that was making your brain feel like it was being squeezed like a stress-ball, you just wanted to forget everything that happened.

“O-Oh… y-yeah no problem. Got it…” He stuttered a bit but didn’t argue with you because he was sure this was a lot to process.

“It’s all right now.” You put your pants and shoes back on and affirmed to him that you were decent and Kirishima turned to face you, his cheeks and ears still a bit flushed.

“Thanks I guess. I’m going to class now.” Without another word, you neglected to properly thank him, but Kirishima didn’t expect a thanks or anything. He wasn’t the type who expected anything in return after doing things for someone, but he was still kinda worried about how you must be feeling now that you were back in your right mind.

“Oh. Okay, yeah I’m gonna get ready too… maybe I’ll see you around?” He smiled at you, which confused you as you just carelessly shrugged your shoulders and furrowed your brows as you approached the door, which suddenly opened itself as you and Kirishima were greeted two more teenage males: A blonde boy and a small boy with weird purple balls for hair that resembled large grapes.

“Dude! How’d it go with that girl last…” The blonde somewhat loudly asked but stopped right at the end of his sentence as soon as he was met with your unfamiliar face as he awkwardly looked at you.

“Kirishima! I heard you brought a girl home and she’s sleeping in your bed?! You damn lucky bastard why do all of you guys get the girls so close to you?!” Mineta angrily asked with tears in his eyes as he finally took notice of you, his eyes widening with a lust that made you wanna gouge his eyes out. He would have tried to touch you, but the fire in your eyes was enough to terrify him into silence as he and Kaminari both got out of your way.

A look of disgust overcame your already sullen features as you glared at them, looking over at an embarrassed Kirishima as he nervously glanced at you.

“I’m… I’m sorry…” He tried to apologize on behalf of his friends, but you just smiled condescendingly at him before walking past the scared grape-haired boy and electric blonde with a scowl as you tried to find the way out of this building as fast as possible with your shoes in your hand.

“Nice one you dickheads! Way to make her feel uncomfortable!” Kirishima angrily scolded his friend and classmate, although only Kaminari really had the grace to look ashamed while Mineta just looked scared that he had angered both his classmate and a pretty girl.

You got out as fast you could, trying to ignore the way some of the other Hero course students had stopped to stare and glance over at you, including that rich girl, another girl with weird ear thingies, a girl who had a frog-face, a guy with black hair, Endeavor's kid, the younger brother of the former hero Ingenium, the green-haired kid you remembered from the Sports Festival who beat Shinsou, the brunette girl with that gravity quirk and there was the winner of the Sports Festival himself. It was clear that they knew you didn't belong here, and it was so embarrassing for you because you were a hundred percent sure that you looked horrible with your disheveled hair, bloodshot eyes that adorned heavy bags under them. At least your clothes were nicely folded thanks to Kirishima.

'It's the girl Mina told me about... she doesn't look so good...'

'Wow she looks terrible...'

'Probably had too much alcohol last night.'

'Dang, what happened to her?'

'Hm. So this is the girl.'

'He broke a few rules but Kirishima did the right thing...'

'O-Oh boy. She does not look happy at all... I hope she's all right...'

'I wonder if we should help...'

'So Kirishima dragged in this extra huh?'

Their thoughts each came to you one by one, making your already aching head throb as you clutched at the side of your head with an irritated groan and glared at the ones who dared to gawk at you. "Shut the fuck up. All of you. I can't hear myself think... and no I don't need your goddamn help... I can get out of here myself..." You bitterly muttered to the Hero Course students, many of them (sans Endeavor's kid) looking a bit confused and somewhat put off by your behavior. They had held their tongue so they didn't know why you reacted like that, and you weren't going to tell them that it was just your quirk. However, the Sports Festival winner was pissed by what you said and wasn't going to tolerate that.

"HEY! What was that you wasted extra?!" He shouted, looking livid and glared at you but you kept walking with your back turned. So that was the guy who woke you up by shrieking not too long ago. As a small form of revenge, while you walked you brought your arm out and stuck your middle finger out to him, which just pissed him off even more as he tried to go after you, but you didn't see the green-haired kid and Ingenium's brother holding him back. "WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE YOU LOSER?! GET BACK OVER HERE SO I CAN KILL YOU!!"

You almost snickered at how loud that one was, and you were kinda glad that you irritated him like that. And you were kinda glad that you confused them all too when you read their thoughts and neglected telling them that you could read minds. They didn't need to know, bunch of big shots, they probably felt so proud of themselves that one of their students decided to help poor, defenseless you.

Somewhat angrily, you walked out as quickly as you could and left the building. So far, today was shitty and you REALLY didn't want to attend class today. Alas, life didn't work that way, so once you got into the school building you went into the bathroom to at least try and look good by fixing up your hair as best as you could and washed your face so you didn't look completely like shit. There was nothing you could really do to stop feeling like shit though.

After 15 minutes, you got out to go and head to your class but then a snobby voice made you pause. "Oh my gosh. Well if it isn't the sneaky little bitch herself. Rad party last night huh? Not that great but still good right?" A pretty, slim girl with lovely dark brown hair and a fair amount of make-up had asked you, Hiromi was her name. She wasn't exactly your friend, more like your frenemy because she was the snobbiest, most vapid girl in UA whose quirk allowed her to always look beautiful and make ugly things beautiful which gave her SUCH an ego. And on top of that she was SO annoying a good 90 percent of the time. "Who took you home last night? I can tell by the way you look like shit that someone was nice enough to take you home. And maybe a little something else~?" She asked with a smirk but you just chuckled and shook your head.

"God no. Nobody took me home, I mean come on look at me..." You defeated yourself a little bit, and there was no way you were going to tell her that a guy from the Hero Course had taken you to HIS dorm last night. That sweet guy from the Hero Course...

"Yeah. Actually you're right, what was I thinking?" She snickered a bit, making you give her a fake laugh just to humor her. She never had anything nice to say about you as she frequently insulted your eating habits, weight and style of dress. Why were you friends with her again? "So like, I don't know what happened, but Mageru's not here today. Apparently he needed to go to the hospital cuz of a broken nose. You should see him now it's hilarious." Hiromi started to laugh and your eyes widened a little bit. Not remembering just how much Kirishima had beaten the guy, but the more you thought about it, the more you started to smile. That prick deserved it, but now you really felt bad for not giving Kirishima more of a thanks since he did that for you.

"Anyway. Meet us at lunch, I wanna discuss how to make our class look better. Ever since that purple-haired weirdo left I'm pretty confident that our class can finally look good." She said and you rolled your eyes. Just like you, Hiromi was never nice to Shinsou, always insulting his looks, his insomnia and his tastes in music, even though the boy never paid her any mind as you tended to defend him from her, and then she insulted you a lot more because you were actually on good terms with the guy. Unlike Hiromi, you were sad when he was able to join the Hero Course. Well you were happy that he would finally get to do what he wanted, but you were also sad that you lost the only person in your class that you didn't want to punch in the throat.

And now you had to go to lunch with the rest of your so-called friends. At least Mageru wasn't going to be there. You were SO going to Principal Nezu later to tell him about how he tried to sexually assault him later today.


Time seemed to just dredge on today as thoughts filled your head as you attempted to try and block everyone's uninvited thoughts that were trying to make their way into your head. You tried to think, but at the same time you tried not to because every thought you had brought you back to what happened to you last night, when the person you thought was your friend had assaulted you and would have done worse if not for Kirishima.

But you didn't want to think about him either, he made you feel so guilty and pathetic that you tried to block him out of your mind to. You just wanted to forget, you didn't want to think about how Mageru betrayed you, violated you and wanted to take advantage of you in worse ways possible because you were so drunk because of him. So you resorted to what you always did, as soon as it was lunch you grabbed some of the most unhealthy things possible because food often made you forget about things, especially since you didn't have any breakfast this morning.

"Chocolate Milk, fried noodles, bag of cookies, chips, small water bottle, milk and a bowl of soup just to try and eat something healthy-ish." You muttered to yourself as you carried your tray over to where Hiromi and the rest of her bitches were at. Once you sat down you instantly felt all their eyes staring right at you, but you didn't dare look up at them.

'Wow, someone's looking to gain more weight.'

'She's really gonna eat all that huh? Fatso.'

'Eww... why do that to yourself?'

Why did you put yourself through this? You don't know why, but you refused to let their thoughts get to you as they remained silent until Hiromi spoke up. "(L/N), what in the world is that?" She asked you in a somewhat horrified voice. "Um, I didn't eat breakfast this morning. I kinda have to eat?" You tried to sound matter-of-factly but Hiromi was relentless. "Well maybe it's a GOOD thing you didn't have breakfast. The rest of us haven't had breakfast since we were 10 years old. And look at us, then look at you..." She said condescendingly with a look of disgust as you clenched your fists. You weren't going to put up with this, shaking your head you picked your tray to go and leave but you didn't see someone coming over to you as the two of you bumped right into each other, causing your tray and all your food to spill all over you.

Irritated and shocked, you immediately glared up at the offender. "You asshole!"

"Sorry! Sorry it was an accident!" But your eyes took a softer look once you saw that it was Kirishima who had bumped into you, "I'm really sorry (Y/N)." He looked guilty as he stared down at your uniform that was stained with chocolate milk, noodles and soup, which had gotten into your socks and shoes which felt disgusting. You were still irked about it, but you felt bad for yelling at him now.

"Wait. You guys know each other? A General Studies student and a Hero Course student? Are you hiding something from us (Y/N)?" Hiromi asked you and Kirishima, and the two of you both quickly exclaimed 'No' in unison. "I just know his name..." You said, not really lying since you and Kirishima didn't really know each other that well at all, other than each other's names. "Y-Yeah that's true..." He said in defeat, not wanting to embarrass you any further, but then you looked at him for an explanation.

"What are you doing here?" You asked somewhat curtly, and you were met with a phone. "You forgot your phone under my pillow and I knew you would need it." He sheepishly said, trying to smile to lessen your bad mood but it wasn't working. Although you did accept it when he gave it to you and you quietly thanked him as he kept his smile on, while you were trying not to blush. "What was your phone doing under HIS pillow?" Hiromi asked again, her hands on her hips as the rest of the girls gave you questioning and judgy looks.

You froze a little bit, and as the girls stared at you, "N-Nothing..." Was all you could mutter out, but Hiromi didn't believe you, "Yeah right. I smell a dirty little liar." She smirked a little bit as the girls started to snicker, and their thoughts became rampant with accusations that you could hear loud and clear.

'Ew. She probably fucked him and is trying to keep it a secret.'

'Probably to score points with the Hero Course students.'

'I bet she thinks she's better than us.'

'But why would this smoking hot guy want to sleep with her fatass?'

'She's such a loser.'

'SO Pathetic.'

'What a slut.'

Closing your eyes at how the thoughts got louder, you cringed, shaking your head as your mind told you to just walk away, right now. So without looking at anyone, you turned around and walked out of the cafeteria as quickly as you could, ignoring the way Kirishima tried calling out to you and the high-pitched laughs coming from Hiromi and the girls.

First you desperately needed to get out of these clothes so you ran to your gym locker to put your PE uniform on, you weren't going to walk around wearing a dirty uniform covered in food. Once you had that on, you left the locker room and headed outside to try and clear your head despite the fact that you were still hungover. Nothing was going right today at all, this morning was terrible and now the afternoon was terrible, how much worse could it get? You wondered as you stood outside the school, gasping when you heard loud thunder crackling and looked above to see grey clouds with a small white streak that indicated lightning as the first drops came down and dripped down your face.

There were other students outside and they noticed that the weather had taken a turn for the worse. Normally you didn't mind the rain, but as you looked up a sudden downpour washed over you and drenched your new clothes and you gasped, having to retreat into the building quick as the rest of the students outside followed shortly inside, but someone was rude enough to push you out of the way and made you fall to the ground with a loud 'OH!' of pain.

You heard some laughter as you picked yourself up, shivering from how cold and wet you had gotten thanks to the rain and got out of the crowd. Apparently rumor had spread about how you left the Height's Alliance building and now you were hearing all sorts of gossipy thoughts from every student that passed you. You tried hard to ignore them, but they were just louder and louder.

It was so overwhelming, all the loud voices that were ringing and screaming in your itching ears as you moved away from everyone, keeping your distance as you felt your stomach churn from a nerves you didn't know had settled inside you, and you couldn't stop shivering from the cold wetness that drenched your body, at least you thought it was the cold. You swallowed hard, gasping shakily as dread crawled inside your body, grabbing you by the throat and clutching your chest, making it hard for you to catch your breath as you started sweating from the strain and your eyes burned with tears because of how this feeling was strangling you. They were so loud, it was driving you insane and you could no longer hear yourself think. It made you feel so sick you thought you were going to throw up as you lowered yourself to the floor of the hallway, shutting your tearful eyes so you wouldn't have to look at anybody anymore. Desperately, you threw your hands to your ears to try and block everything and everybody as you quivered and softly cried where you sat while everyone's disgusting and false thoughts kept shrieking loudly like banshee's in your brain.

You were so shaken up that you almost didn't hear a familiar voice, "Hey! Hey! Get out of the way! Hey (Y/N)!" You noticed that was Kirishima's voice but you didn't dare open your eyes for fear that it was just your mind playing tricks on you. Kirishima heard the rumors and he was worried about you ever since you left his dorm and the cafeteria, and as soon as he saw you like that, he quickly made his way over to you, even pushing some people who were laughing at you. As soon as he got to you, he quickly crouched down to your level. "(Y/N) are you all right...?" There was that soft voice again, you remembered it from last night.

Because he was the only good thing that was happening to you right now, you found yourself able to trust enough to open your glossy (E/C) eyes, looking up at him sadly. His gentle red hues looking at you with worry. "Are you okay?" Kirishima asked you, even though he was sure you weren't, he wanted to at least try and make you feel okay.

'I can't believe these guys... (Y/N) doesn't deserve this...'

Your bottom lip quivered, remorse filling your heart because this boy was so nice to you even though you did nothing to return the favor and yet despite the horrible day you were having, he somehow showed up every time to make it just a little bit better by smiling at you. Not a single ulterior motive in his head. Before you knew it, you suddenly lunged yourself and threw your arms around the boy, making him nearly shout in shock from such a sudden move, but he didn't and wouldn't pull you away as you clutched at his shirt, squeezing your eyes and letting your tears fall. It took you a while to properly talk, but you took a large inhale before you found enough composure to say something. "I'm sorry... I-I'm so sorry Kirishima..." You apologized, hugging him a little tighter as he tried to not tear up at how miserable you sounded.

"Sorry? Why are you sorry...? You didn't do anything wrong... you've got nothing to apologize for.

"Y-You... you gave me your bed... h-helped me when I got drunk like a moron... and took care of those assholes just to protect me... t-then you brought me back my phone... you didn't have to a-any of that... but you did anyway... a-and, and I never once said 'thank you'... not like I should have... so... thank you... thank you so, SO much for all of that... God I can't even thank you enough... that's so much more than anyone has ever done for m-me..." More tears streamed down your face as your breathing started to hitch, making you hiccup as Kirishima then brought his arms around you, returning your hug and stroking your back gently to try and calm you down.

"Shhh, hey, hey now... it's okay... it's going to be okay... you're going to be okay (Y/N)..." You felt so safe, safer than you've ever been because of how gentle he was being. "I know we don't know each other, but I was happy to help out as much as I could..." Kirishima said with a little smile, and he meant every word because you didn't hear a single deceptive thought from him. As he hugged you, you found oxygen greeting your lungs again as your heartbeat slowed down and you felt as if you could just melt in his warm embrace. You loved it, you loved how kind he was to you and how he made you forget about everything that just happened. He made you forget about Mageru, about Hiromi and about all the rumors people were making about you and him, the horrors you had to suffer didn't leave you, but at least Kirishima was here to say that you were going to be okay. He was so warm and comforting that you wanted him to stay with you just a little while longer even though you knew realistically because of classes that it couldn't happen.

It took a while for you to completely calm down, but Kirishima was so patient with you and didn't let you go because you were still clutching at him and basking in the comfort of his warm body. "Thanks for this..." You mumbled in the crook of his neck, making him blush a little bit. "You're welcome... anytime okay?" He asked you, not caring that he didn't know you as well as he did others, he always wanted to help people who needed it. And after last night and today, he wanted to make sure you were okay because he was truly starting to care for you almost like a friend even if he knew you and him were just acquaintances at best.

"I want to know you." You suddenly said once you finally calmed down, and Kirishima perked up a bit and you both finally pulled away for a bit. "Oh really? Ya do?" He asked, almost excitedly as you started to blush and you tried not to look too eager but Kirishima's smile looked so adorable it was impossible for you to not smile. "Y-Yeah... I mean... you already saw my bra and let me sleep in your bed..."

Kirishima's eyes widened and now he was the one blushing when he recalled seeing you change your clothes in front of him earlier that morning, and you couldn't help but smirk a little bit. "And you actually helped me when no one else did... I think that earns you something... and I honestly hate every single person in my class... ever since Shinsou joined the Hero Course in Class 1-B I don't really have any friends that I actually like so... yeah... I wanna get to know you..." You said more seriously as your face grew warmer. You wanted to say that you were with him all the way, but it felt too soon for you to say that so you just offered him your friendship, but secretly, you hoped that it would turn into something more overtime.

Kirishima's eyes remained slightly wide as he listened to you talk, but his smile grew when you more or less said that you wanted to be friends, and how could he turn down that offer? "Oh sure! Heck yeah I wanna get to know you too! I'll be your friend!" He cheerfully exclaimed as you chuckled a little bit. "Since we're officially meeting now that I'm not drunk... my name is (Y/N) (L/N)." This time you informally introduced yourself so he knew your whole name and brought your hand out for him which he gladly took to firmly shake. "And I'm Eijirou Kirishima!" He shared his full name with you as you shyly smiled, so his first name was Eijirou. What a pretty name, you thought.

"So... you mind taking me to my class? I'll show you the way... sorry... I really can't bring myself to go back by myself..." You asked him in a somewhat embarrassed voice as he happily nodded and smiled, "No I don't mind at all! I'm always happy to help, lead the way!" He let you lead the way as you walked to your respective classes together. "So you see... sometimes just coming to school is overwhelming... I get nervous around so many people... and it doesn't help that my quirk lets me read people's minds." You admitted, deciding to let him know that as his eyes widened again and that knowledge allowed him to puzzle the pieces together, so that's why you were covering your ears. The thoughts must have been too loud for you, but then his eyes grew more wide when he realized that you could probably hear what he was thinking right now.

"You can hear what people are thinking...?" He asked you, and you tried your hardest not to snicker as you nodded. "That's right... I didn't think you were a pervert by the way. At first I didn't believe you... but I knew you didn't take advantage of me last night... you don't have a single bad thought in that sweet head of yours." Your smirk grew as Kirishima's face began to redden, but he still grinned at you bashfully.

"No way! I mean yeah no I'm not a pervert but no way... I would never take advantage of a drunk person ever! That's beyond unmanly! Anyone who does anything like that... doesn't deserve to be called a man or a person at all!" He stated, sounding a little angry at that last part because he was thinking about those assholes that were trying to do exactly that to you last night. Although you started to frown a little bit just remembering it, Kirishima's concerned look made you smile again. This guy was just too sincere, a total sweetheart all the way.

"Well... you're super manly for helping me get somewhere safe when I was drunk, and letting me have your bed... and for being nice to someone when they're all by themselves and feeling miserable... there's nothing manlier than that..." You said rather softly, smiling warmly at the redhead who was grinning at you sweetly and looking almost coy. "Aww thanks..." But what you said also made him really happy, since he always aspired to be as manly as possible, and hearing you say that just gave him that validation.

You almost wanted to hold his hand, and this time you wouldn't care what Hiromi and the others would think of you. Hiromi. That gave you an idea. "Follow me Kirishima..." You said to your new friend, who looked confused but he shrugged and respectfully obeyed as you started running towards the cafeteria that had less people than it did earlier, but you quickly made a fast order for two cups of chocolate milk and went back to Kirishima. "Chocolate milk?" He asked with more confusion evident in his tone as you smiled and nodded. "Uh-huh." He then watched you make your way over back to that girl who was so mean to you.

Hiromi was talking to the girls about how disappointing 'some people' are because of their eating habits and for being 'slutty' by sleeping with students from the hero course, but she almost widened her eyes once she saw you standing right in front of her. "Oh well if it isn't the Hero Course ho." She crossed her arms, not too happy to see you even though you were smiling, something you hadn't done in a very long time.

"First of all Hiromi. You see that boy with the sharky smile?" You pointed to a surprised looking Kirishima. "He actually helped me, something none of you fucks ever did. I like him more than I like any of you, and guess what? I'm gonna be HIS friend from now on, and I'm not hanging out with any of you anymore, I'm not giving you girls anymore hot gossip, no more secrets, no more answers to homework and tests. Nothing." You said to them, your smile becoming more of a grin as Hiromi's eyes widened a little bit at how you more or less broke off the 'friendship' that you had, but she scoffed and tried to look cool, even when the other girls were going 'no!' because they relied on your mind-reading quirk to let you help them cheat on homework and share gossip to use as blackmail against other students.

"Whatever. You're not good enough to be part of our crew anyway. You're just some fatso who drinks chocolate milk and screws with dopey, spiky-haired douchebags from the Hero course. What kind of girl needs a man to help her?" She put her hands on her hips, trying to talk you down like she always did, but today it wasn't working. Although you didn't care for how she insulted Kirishima. At all.

"I might not have the strongest quirk. But NEVER talk shit about Kirishima." You said to her lowly, yet calmly as you held the two cups of chocolate milk in your hands and then spilled both cups all over Hiromi and the rest of the girls, making them shoot up and squeal highly with horror upon being soaked with the sticky, sugary milk which caught quite a few of the remaining students' attention. You turned to see a wide-eyed Kirishima with his mouth agape as you started to laugh when Hiromi screamed. "MY HAIR!! YOU BITCH! YOU FUCKING BIIIIITCH!!" She started sobbing dramatically as she ran off, still shrieking and crying as a few other students kept on laughing and the other wet girls ran off in different directions, while some followed Hiromi.

Satisfied with what you did, you let out a cheerful laugh as you carelessly tossed the empty cups to the floor and actually skipped back to Kirishima, who was trying to not snicker at what he just saw. "Wow! That was... that was actually pretty awesome! You stood up to a jerk who tried to tear you down, now that's just... so manly!" He exclaimed and seemed almost moved by your act of bravery, looking at you somewhat admiringly as you blushed and smiled shyly.

'This girl is amazing! I'm so glad that we're friends now! I sure hope the rest of my class will like her...'

So pure. You thought, even though you kinda had to apologize to the rest of the Hero Course for being so rude this morning. "I kinda have to apologize to them first..." You chuckled a bit and he perked up, feeling kinda nervous since you implied that you knew what he was thinking. "Now that I did what I came here for... let's go back to doing what we were supposed to do..." He got what that meant, and you both left the cafeteria to go and find your classes.

However, you had asked to see his class first so you could apologize to 1-A for your behavior this morning, and you smiled and waved when you came into the room. "Hey." You greeted them pretty casually as many of them perked up, having recognized you from this morning but they weren't sure how to react to your new attitude.

'Ah! It's her!'

'But she's smiling?'

'So different from this morning...'

"So yeah... some things were said... and I regret it. I was a bitch... there I said it, but I really am sorry for how mean I was. I don't want to be enemies with anyone here, unless you wanna be my enemy that is." You apologized, and nearly all of them (except for Bakugou) accepted. "It's no problem! We apologize if we might have made you uncomfortable this morning with our staring." Ingenium's brother, Iida apologized and bowed to you as you snickered a bit, appreciating his politeness as you shrugged.

"It's okay. I've gotten worse stares." You held no grudge this time, since it was true, those weren't the worst stares you've gotten from people. "The truth is my friends suck... and you guys seem WAY cooler... Shinsou's said some mostly good things about you guys..." You added, as a few of them started to smile and their thoughts were some of the most pleasant you had heard all day. Except for that little grape-haired boy...

"So... does this mean you're gonna hang out around us more like Shinsou?" The electric blonde you remembered from this morning, Kaminari asked you somewhat hopefully, obviously thinking that you had a cute face since you could hear him thinking exactly that and you couldn't help but smirk and go over to him. "Why yes it does you naughty boy." You playfully and softly patted his butt as he jumped a bit and blushed quite madly, his eyes wide with shock (pun intended) as Jirou and Sero started snickering at how flustered he was.

"Kirishima's you guys' friend... any friend of his, is a friend of mine." You went back over to Kirishima, who was smiling widely at you, at least until one of his friends glared at you. "Well I'm sure as hell not going to be your friend you damn drunk!" Bakugou shouted at you, obviously not interested in your offer of friendship despite the fact that the rest of his classmates, especially Kirishima were accepting of it. However, you couldn't help but smile at the angry blonde.

And you giggled a little bit, which just made him even madder, which Kirishima could see. "Aww c'mon Bakugou... (Y/N)'s not bad at all once you get to know her." He tried to reassure his friend, but Bakugou wasn't having it as he scoffed and kept his angry gaze on you as you smiled at Kirishima. "And you're gonna get to know me all right." You winked at Bakugou before you turned to face Kirishima, cupping his face before you suddenly kissed him gently on the lips as the redhead made a surprised sound, his face turning almost as red as his hair when he felt how soft your lips felt on his as he closed his eyes and slowly kissed you back and put his hands on your shoulders.

An array of shocked gasps and exclamations were heard throughout the entire class, many of the students, especially Midoriya, Iida, Uraraka, Yaoyorozu, Jirou, Aoyama, Ojiro and Sero who were wide-eyed and blushing at such a sight, the rest only looked slightly less shocked, albeit some like Tsuyu, Todoroki, Tokoyami, Shoji, Satou and Koda had looked away as they blushed.

"AWWWWW!" Mina however, started to fawn all over the kiss as she saw that as a seal of a new relationship. "How romantic!" And Hagakure seconded the emotion as she and her pink friend cheered. "Ha! Way to go Kirishima!" Despite how you teased him, Kaminari was extremely happy for his friend. "Damn you Kirishima! It's not fair! It's not fair!!" Mineta cried with his fists clenched at how 'lucky' his classmate was for having scored with a pretty girl.

"G-Get a room you idiots!" Bakugou actually stuttered a bit, his cheeks a slight red hue as he averted his eyes in disgust upon seeing the person he could call his best friend kiss a girl he didn't really like at all.

But you cheerfully ignored him, even if you did eventually pull away from the wide-eyed, blushing Kirishima, your own cheeks a bright rosey pink. "I have to go... but do you want to hang out maybe after school is over?" You asked, a little shyly but excitedly as the redhead stuttered, obviously still rather surprised from how you kissed him but he snapped out of it once he registered your question.

"Oh yeah! Yeah totally! I'm down with that (Y/N)..." He finally answered, still looking flustered but excited as you giggled and reluctantly pulled away to head out the door. "I'll definitely see you around." You smiled at him, repeating what he had told you earlier this morning before you waved to him, and he happily waved back to you.

"Thanks again Kirishima... thanks for today..." You said one more time, and he just smiled that smile that you had fallen for.

"You're always welcome (Y/N)."

You were definitely with him.

Chapter Text

You and Midoriya have been friends since kindergarten, so that means the two of you naturally protected each other from bullies, or Bakugou to be more precise.

Of course, you had a little less fear than Midoriya, so you were the one who always stood up to Bakugou and protected Midoriya constantly. Midoriya’s always been amazed by you and believed you had absolutely no fear given how constantly you stood up to Kacchan.

“(Y-Y/N)-chan!” Midoriya had cried out your name as you whacked Bakugou in the back of the head with a tennis racket with a mighty shout. “HEY! YOU FUCKING BITCH!” Bakugou nearly blasted you as he set off his quirk in a fit of anger after you dared to hit him, but your teleportation quirk allowed you to get away just in time every time.

“I’ll kill you! Do you hear me?!” He would always threaten you, but you would just laugh if off and grab Midoriya by the hand to teleport him and yourself away from a very angry Bakugou. Every. Single. Time.

Those were the times that convinced Midoriya that you were fearless, even though the truth was, you had a couple of fears that normally didn’t bother you, although you did have one fear that embarrassed you the most: Your trypophobia.

Ergo, the fear of holes or clusters of holes. You had no idea why or how you developed this fear, but it was stuck with you and now you were doomed to cringe and feel nauseous every time you saw a cluster of holes or anything that looked like little holes.

Midoriya had better things to fear though, and better things to deal with though so you never told him about this dumb little fact because you were worried that this would shatter his image of his ‘fearless best friend’.

You should have known better though than to try and hide something from your dear Izuku, boy was always observant and always paid attention to his loved ones. Especially when it was you.

He had noticed your aversion to the little things such as when you cringed upon seeing a beehive, pictures of octopuses and a little piece of coral that he had showed you once on the beach.

And then there was the way you couldn’t stand seeing all of Mineta’s sticky balls whenever he threw too much of them. Well, that was a little harder to tell since Mineta disgusted you constantly but seeing all those balls in a cluster together actually triggered your trypophobia whenever you paid too much attention to them.

Midoriya of course, did his research and picked up pretty quick on this aversion, and although he was nervous he did eventually ask you. “(Y/N)-chan… are you… disgusted by clustered patterns?”

You flinched, getting extremely nervous once he asked you such a dreaded question, but you sighed because you knew that there was no hiding from Izuku. “Yes…”

Eventually, you explained why holes and clustered patterns freaked the hell out of you, and then you showed him some pictures on the internet that made him cringe at first and he had to look away a few times since they were… gross.

But after seeing one too many disturbing images including a rather vile picture of little holes on a person’s hand he was starting to freak out just a little bit, “A-Ahhh…! I-I… c-completely understand it now! P-Please close those images!!” Izuku didn’t regret asking you about your phobia, but seeing all those disgusting pictures of trypophobia triggers was starting to make him wonder if he was trypophobic too…

“I didn’t mean to hide this from you but… it’s kinda pathetic how I can whack dumb Bakugou over the head and yet a bunch of little circles are what scare me…” You shyly admitted, looking quite embarrassed and a little ashamed and yet you just saw Izuku shaking his head and smiling.

“You are NOT pathetic at all (Y/N)-chan. This is just a phobia you can’t help… honestly I don’t blame you…” He said sincerely, yet nervously. Kacchan was scary, but those holes were… disgusting…

“Nothing could make me find you pathetic at all. Especially not an understandable phobia.” His smile grew as he warmly blushed. And you blushed quite madly yourself, but from absolute joy.

“I know they’re just pictures but… I’ll make you feel better if you see anything else that just… scares you… like you always did for me.” He then added, wanting nothing other than to protect you from anything even if it was from ordinary things that happened to have disgusting patterns on them.

Somehow, you managed to blush even darker. You knew Izuku was always a sweetheart, but this… this really did it for you so much that you nearly teared up.

Overjoyed you suddenly ran into his arms to wrap him in a tight hug, which made him blush bright red as he stiffened and trembled at the closeness. “Thank you Izuku~.” Although he was still blushing, Izuku gently hugged you back.

“Of course (Y/N)-chan…but if it ever gets really bad or freaks you out, don’t hesitate to call me okay?”

Deku truly was the most understanding boyfriend ever, a true hero to you.

Chapter Text

You weren’t fearless, but you weren’t a coward either. Yet somehow, your boyfriend managed to make you feel like you were since you expressed fear more than he did.

It’s not that Bakugou liked to taunt you or belittle you whenever you got scared or expressed your fear of certain things, but he just got frustrated with how you let certain things terrify you so much. He was always like this with you since childhood though, so you weren’t completely un-used to it.

If anything, Bakugou just gave you his aggressive form of tough love so that way you would hopefully get over your fears, but the truth was, it wasn’t easy for you to simply get over phobias.

And yet, he knew this which is why he always helped you in his own gruff and tough way to get rid of whatever it was that was freaking you out even if he always looked pissy about it and never let his friends know just how much he cared about you.

But you had enough phobias as it is and you didn’t want to hear what he would have to say about one of your worst phobias, which was your trypophobia, a fear of holes. Something you never mentioned to him at all, even though the two of you grew up together, you never let him know about it.

You always imagined Bakugou giving you such an incredulous, sneering glare if he found out, and him asking, “What the fuck? You’re afraid of holes? How much more pathetic can you get (Y/N)?” And then you imagined yourself just closing your eyes and walking away so you wouldn’t have to hear anymore from him.

It wasn’t happening, you were so not telling him that mere little holes terrified and disgusted you so much. Thousands of little, gaping, disgusting holes that just stared at you every time you saw them.

However, Bakugou was far from stupid and blind, he knew that you acted weird whenever you saw things with weird patterns like a waffle of all things, and then he saw you cringing over a freaking strawberry at breakfast once.

It wasn’t the first time he noticed this too, he’s also seen you get antsy whenever you saw things like bubbles or a bunch of little circles and the way you constantly recoiled from them.

Though when he saw you giving that nervous look again and practically scratching yourself after seeing a honeycomb, that’s when he knew it was beyond just normal disgust. He was so confronting you about this.

As soon as you went back inside, he wasn’t too gentle when he grabbed your shoulder and brought you close to him.

“Hey Shitty Girl, what the hell’s been up with you and all these things like strawberries and honeycombs?” That was blunt as always, but you were even more scared now than you were of those disgusting holes he was clearly talking about.

“It’s nothing Katsuki. Nothing’s up at all… strawberries? Hee-hee… who said anything about strawberries…? That sounds more like a cereal to me...” You tried to be casual and shrug that off, but that just made your boyfriend madder. Though you didn’t know that it actually kind of hurt that you weren’t being honest with him.

“Bullshit, you always act weird whenever you see things with little holes like strawberries or anything else that has a bunch of stupid little circles.” He stated the thing he knew you couldn’t hide from, and the shocked look on your face meant that he was right. You clearly had a problem with those things.

“Whaaat…? Awww, c’mon Katsu… I DON’T act weird when I see stuff like that, I don’t know what you’re talking about…” Despite that, you just scoffed and crossed your arms but looked down, which was just more proof that you were lying and it was pissing him off.

“Stop lying! How stupid do you think I am?! You’re always looking away when you see things with a bunch of little circles, I see it, it's obvious! So what's the deal?!” He finally shouted, or at least shouted louder since being quiet was never his strong point. Bakugou wasn’t trying to be mean, or at least he was trying to not be as mean as possible, he was just concerned and wanted you to just tell him if you had a problem or something and maybe he could try and help somehow.

His tone made you cringe as you closed your eyes at how strong his volume was, you still weren’t looking at him, so he forced you to look at him as he grabbed your face with his hands so you were looking him right in his eyes. He looked angry, as always, and yet concerned too… which mildly shocked you since your boyfriend wasn’t known for his compassion at all.

Grunting slightly, you started to blush in embarrassment as you mustered up all the courage to just own up to it.

“I was hoping you would be at least stupid enough to not notice…” Sighing, you closed your eyes. “It’s called trypophobia…” You finally said it. “Yes. It’s the fear of holes and clusters and anything with weird patterns with a bunch of ‘shitty little holes’…” As you further explained it to him, you were surprised that Bakugou wasn’t laughing or giving you any looks. Other than his typical scowl, except this one looked somehow angrier than normal.

“And why the hell didn’t you mention this to me a long time ago?” For once he sounded calm, but that actually made him scarier and you could feel your heart starting to race, feeling almost a little guilty for neglecting to tell him that since you and him told each other almost everything.

“I thought you’d make fun of me. You already get on me about my fear of gross little insects like spiders and roaches, and the dark, and clowns… I didn’t want you to remark on how I can’t even hundle a bunch of little holes…a bunch of ugly, disgusting, little holes that just stare at me whenever I see them…” You reluctantly and guiltily admitted, unable to see the expression on his face.

“You probably think I’m an idiot.” You chuckled wryly, but you were shocked when he took your face in his hands again, pressing your forehead against his.

“You ARE an idiot.” Bakugou, for once didn’t say that to be an asshole, if anything, it was affectionate as he pulled away with a light pink tinge on his cheeks.

“Tch. I don’t get these weird fears of yours, but you should let me know about them… just so I can get rid of those dumb things for you so they don’t have to freak you out…” He grumbled as his blush worsened, which made you widen your eyes and blush heavily.

”Nothing’s gonna scare my girl and get away with it. I’ll kill every last one of those fuckers who puts up any shitty trypo-whatever pictures to scare you if I have to!” He somewhat loudly said, naturally implying murder to anything that dared to scare you.

Although, you couldn’t quite stop yourself from grinning widely because that was just Lord Explosion Murder’s way of saying that he’ll protect you from anything. Yet, despite the mention of murder you pulled him in a tight hug and squealed happily.

“Katsuki, you’re the best! Thank you! Thank you so much I love you, you are the best!” You suddenly exclaimed, overwhelmed with joy and relief that at least he wasn’t making fun of you despite how silly your phobia must have been to him. You giggled when you saw Bakugou blush even harder as he growled lightly.

“Damn right I am…” He muttered and looked away, putting his arm around you in a somewhat protective way. No stupid clusters of fucking little holes were going to scare you under his watch.

Clearly you had underestimated how much he cared about you and loved you. But he just reminded you why you loved him so much, he would always protect you, whether it’s from spiders, clowns or holes. Even if it meant literally killing either of those things, he would do it just to protect you.

Nothing scares his girl.

Chapter Text

You had many fears despite the fact that many assumed you were fearless. And one of your many fears was rejection, which is why you were hella shocked but extremely happy when Todoroki Shouto, the boy you crushed on at first sight had actually accepted your first date proposals.

Of course, you had no idea that the more you and Todoroki became friendly with each other, the more his own feelings for you grew as you steadily helped defrost his cold demeanor.

He didn’t quite understand them at first, but overtime he found himself gradually wanting to protect you. Especially when you began to open up about some of the things that scared you, such as disgusting insects like spiders or centipedes, or clowns like the ones in those horror movies that even he had to admit kind of unnerved him. To this day he doesn’t enjoy watching ‘It’.

But you didn’t quite tell him about your trypophobia yet, that still kind of embarrassed you since you were sure that Todoroki wouldn’t get why clusters of weird patterns and holes would be scary and disgusting.

Not only that, but very little fazed Todoroki, there’s no way he would understand that phobia, so it was just better to keep that one to yourself as much as you could.

Todoroki was still working on observing his closest friends, but once he started officially dating you he began to observe you because even the littlest quirks and flaws fascinated him and made him like you even more.

Although he was still oblivious to some things, he wasn’t whenever you got really excited or really scared, but especially when you got scared or showed even the slightest bit of disgust or apprehension.

He knew fear when he saw it, because after all he lived in fear for the first half of his life so he could understand when people were scared.

And he saw some fear every time you saw odd things like when you washed some dishes one night and stared at the little bubbles with a somewhat agitated look.

Then there was the time he took you out for breakfast and you had ordered a crumpet and once you got it, he saw the way you appeared just so uneasy staring at the seemingly harmless pastry.

At first he didn’t think much of it, but he couldn’t quite get the way you looked at those things out of his head. It was something he thought was worth asking you about, just so he could try and help you avoid looking so troubled.

But before he would decide to ask you, he went to Midoriya and Iida for their input. After telling them about the things that seemingly unnerved you, Midoriya came to the conclusion that it was the patterns that freaked you out, with Iida stating the term ‘trypophobia’ and defining it for Todoroki.

Now it all made sense to him once he let it sink in. He couldn’t just accuse you of it though, he wanted to ask you first.

So he chose to ask you right after you were finished sparring against Bakugou of all people, someone you were surprisingly not afraid of despite his crazy strength.

“(Y/N). Are you trypophobic?” His question was so point-blank that it caught you off-guard and you nearly jumped where you had sat down next to him. You practically trembled just hearing him say the word ‘trypophobic’. How did he know what that was?!

The way he stared at you wasn’t helping at all, but you knew that despite the fact that Todoroki could be socially oblivious at times that you wouldn’t be able to lie to him about this, especially if he knew what it was apparently.

“Yes…” It took you about a whole minute just to say it, but you did. You were met with silence, save for the hum of acknowledgement from Todoroki.

“You only mentioned your fear of insects and clowns.” He stated, and you sighed heavily and shook your head. “Yeah… cuz those are normal fears. I was embarrassed… I mean… holes? Really…?” You faked a smile, obviously kind of ashamed of it. “I don’t know why… I hate that I’m afraid of them but… God…” Then you shook your head when you thought too much on the holes.

“Iida says that trypophobia stems from disgust. It’s almost instinctual for people.” Todoroki sounded strangely understanding, and gentle as he had been with you.

Which surprised you as you looked at him, an involuntary flush dusting your cheeks as you slowly nodded, “H-He’s not wrong… they’re repulsive…” You shuddered a bit, reluctantly getting out your phone and typing the dreaded word in, closing your eyes as you pressed ‘images’ and showed them to your boyfriend.

Todoroki didn’t flinch, but he did pay attention to those… admittedly nauseating images as you scrolled down to show him some even more disturbing images. Such as a hand with thousands of little holes in them. He stopped you at the fourth image, deciding that those were enough.

You looked to see his expression, his stoic expression having turned into one of mild shock, he was quiet for a starting 2 minutes before he finally said something. “That’s gross.”

His sudden response made you snicker as you nodded, “Yeah… tell me about it… whoever made those should be imprisoned for life…”

“It’s in my head now.” Todoroki sighed heavily, now he couldn’t not see those disgusting pictures, but he now understood why you had such a fear.

“Hee-hee… I’m sorry Shouto…” You apologized sheepishly, but Todoroki shook his head, “You shouldn’t apologize for being afraid of something that is truly revolting.” He was very understanding, and it just made you blush even more. And God you felt so relieved now.

“But I’ll protect you from anything that frightens you (Y/N). Even if it includes things like crumpets or vile pictures of holes on the internet.” Todoroki declared to you, and you couldn’t help but giggle and pull him into a gentle hug.

“Thank you Shouto~. My knight in shining armor~.” You said playfully but sweetly as Todoroki blushed but he did gently hug you back.

Yeah, you had nothing to fear with a surprisingly great boyfriend like Shouto.

Chapter Text

You sighed as you finished watching Aggretsuko for the 10th time on your phone.

It was such a cute show even with it’s 15 minute episode runtime. That poor little adorable red panda; you wondered if you would ever end up like that someday since you were going to be a pro-hero someday, and it wasn’t exactly a glamorous job for everyone.

If there’s one thing that show taught you, it’s that music is one of the most life-saving outlets to vent out your emotions. And boy was that true, because your music was pretty much one of your sanctuaries that let you feel and express yourself whenever you sang to yourself or just let all your old nostalgia come back to you in the comfort of your room.

But it was time to pull an Aggretsuko and use the power of music to relieve the stress you had been feeling after the Joint Training and training in general. You knew being a hero would be hard work, but damn, your teacher was starting to look more like a slave-driver at this point.

Thankfully, somehow everyone had managed to catch a break since nothing was really going on… yet at least. And to salvage this break, you secluded yourself from your friends, as much as you loved them, sometimes you needed some alone time.

So, you politely declined their invite to the arcade and stood behind in the dorms. Once you were sure that most of them were gone, you set up a TV you had brought since you couldn’t live without a large-enough television and for the movie nights for weekends.

You hooked it up to your phone and grabbed a brush to act as a makeshift microphone from your room and played up an old nostalgic song from the singer who rose up yet again. It’s a good thing nobody was here, because you were really rocking out and banging your head with the guitar solo. Not that you would have cared, but you didn’t care for some of the remarks you would get, especially from that jackass Bakugou or that snarky chick Jirou.

“Try to tell me what I shouldn’t do.You should know by now, I won’t listen to you. Walk around with my hands up in the air, ‘cause I don’t care… ‘Cause I’m alright, I’m fine! Just freak out let it go!”

Dancing a little bit and raising your fist, you sang as loud as you could and really let yourself cut loose, so much that you were oblivious to someone entering the room who had taken the time to pause and stare at you as you danced.

“I’m gonna live my life, I can’t ever run and hide I won’t compromise ‘cause I’ll never know. I’m gonna close my eyes, I can’t watch the time go by. I won’t keep it inside! Freak out let it go! Just freak out let it go!”

You were flailing your arms about, flipping your (H/L) hair as much as you could, shaking your butt as you pumped your fists to get back in tune with your inner Avril. The music was so loud you couldn’t hear the very quiet snickers coming from your audience.

“Gonna freak out let it go! Gonna freak out let it go!”

Banging your head as the final riff ended you threw your arms up vigorously, “WHOO!” You shouted, turning around with a big grin that dramatically and comically fell as soon as you saw the person you had no idea had been watching you just about the whole time…

“OH GOD! H-Hitoshi!!”

Wild purple hair and all, beautiful, tired purple eyes gleaming with such amusement as his lips were lined with a smirk. He slowly brought his hands up to give you a deliberately slow clap.

“Impressive…” Shinsou finally spoke up, his tone sounding casual and low-key as possible but you knew that this was clearly extremely amusing to him as your face involuntarily grew hot.

“How much of that did you hear… and see…?” You shouldn’t have asked that, but you were curious.

“Everything from ‘Try to tell me what I shouldn’t do’.” He answered you and you sighed a bit, shrugging your shoulders with your hands up in defeat.

“I didn’t think anyone else would be here… sometimes you just need time to yourself ya know?” Sighing, you almost felt embarrassed. Shinsou wasn’t even in your class at the beginning and yet you befriended him during the Sports Festival a LOT quicker than you did your own classmates. It all started when you asked for him to be on your team, which shocked the hell out of him since he didn’t even have to brainwash you like he did Ojiro and Aoyama. And from then, you two just clicked and stood in touch.

“I know. That’s why I didn’t go with the rest of the others.” He agreed with your sentiment, which made you actually kind of happy.

Shinsou was a complete introvert, and yet you managed to get through to him due to similar interests in music, especially when you discussed how the two of you were ‘permanently stuck in your emo phases’. And then you knew about his fondness for cats, which you found extremely adorable since you had a soft spot for cats yourself.

Finally, there was your quirks, and you knew all about the prejudice he got from people simply because his Brainwashing quirk gave him the ability to control people. You had gotten somewhat similar flak for your quirk since your quirk also allowed you to control people, except you had control over their bodies and not their minds.

Emo birds of a feather gloomed and listened to MCR together.

The more you two talked, the closer you became. Which is why you were overjoyed when he started training with Aizawa and finally got into the Hero Course with you and your friends.

But the problem was… now that you were closer to him, you had fallen almost hopelessly in love with him. And now you just embarrassed yourself in front of him even though the plan was to have some time for yourself. However, because you liked Shinsou so much, it was always okay for him to be around you; you could relate to him and you never wanted him to feel like he couldn’t be around you.

“Well hey. We can be alone together… you’re one of the very few people who don’t annoy me. And EVERYONE annoys me.” You smiled at him, and he couldn’t help but smile back at you.

“I can say the exact same thing about you.” Shinsou said as he took a seat on the couch, sighing heavily as you frowned a bit and went over to him. He’d been working extra hard since Aizawa took him under his wing, you were sure that he must have been exhausted.

“Dude you need to relax…” You said, setting your brush down and placing your hands on his shoulders that made him freeze ever so slightly from the unexpected touch. But he wouldn’t ever make himself appear flustered in front of you so he kept his cool.

“It’s not easy to relax when you’re constantly working… even on break-days like these…” He muttered a bit as you started to massage his shoulders a bit.

“Yeah but you can still try! You work too hard man… Aizawa’s really been kicking your ass ever since he took you up… I mean yeah it’s awesome that you’re with us now but you need a goddamn break dude…” You said gently despite your language, digging into his shoulder blades as he grunted a bit but then sighed quietly in content with how good your fingers felt on his sore muscles. Muscles he’d been growing ever since he started training that is…

“I might just sleep or something… that’s a smart way to take a break.” He said, but you immediately shut that idea down.

“Ugh, you’re training WITH Aizawa, not training to BE Aizawa, Hitoshi. Sleeping is great, but you know what else is great? Singing~.” You sang that to get your point across but that just served to irk the purple-haired boy even as he let out a small groan when you got another sore spot that helped him ease up a little bit.

He sighed again, “I don’t sing… I’m probably not even good at it…”

“I’m not good at it but I still do it! You ain’t gotta be good at singing to do it, it’s just fun! Plus you get to vent out everything in the lyrics of awesome songs! Avril Lavigne, Evanescence, Good Charlotte, Three Days Grace, Simple Plan, My Chemical Romance!” You exclaimed and listed out some of the many singers that you enjoyed during your emo phase and STILL enjoyed.

Shinsou didn’t flinch, but hearing those names nearly made him perk up since he DID like all of those groups and singers. Especially My Chemical Romance…

“I mean those guys defined our childhood and shaped up the emo phase that we grew up with and loved because we just didn’t give a fuck about anything and just sang the loser anthems that spoke of our existences at the time… It was a time to be alive because it allowed us to say ‘I am emo and I am proud’.” You somewhat dramatically explained and Shinsou gave you a look when you stopped massaging his shoulders and started talking nonsense.

“It’s who we are Hitoshi! We have all these feelings that we need to vent out! And remind people of the times we grew up in! Say it with me! I am emo and I am proud!” You threw your fist in the air, and naturally Shinsou didn’t follow you as he just stared at you.

”Did you watch Aggretsuko again?” He knew you loved singing, but he had a feeling that one of your favorite modern cartoons had something to do with this little idea of ours.

“Yes… yes I have…” You replied to him rather nonchalantly.

“You watch way too much cartoons…” He shook his head, trying his hardest to not smile or snicker at how stupid you sounded.

“Cartoons also defined my childhood because sometimes you needed a break from your emo phase bro… but my point is… just try it. I sang my heart out to Avril and I already feel a ton better! Aggretsuko teaches that and it’s an excellent lesson!’” You threw your hands up cheerfully, but Shinsou just stared at you with his deadpan look.

“Okay, you must have me confused with someone who does embarrassing things without a care in the world.” He snarked, trying to not show that this kinda thing made him feel a little… nervous. Especially with you here. He wasn’t ready to embarrass himself in front of you, not after you had to watch him lose to Midoriya in the Sports Fest.

And he nearly jumped when you suddenly put your arm around him. “Tosh… it’s ME. You know I’d never judge you. I mean you don’t have to… but I’m sure you’d be awesome at it… you’ve sung a few of your emo phase songs to yourself with the door closed whenever you got in one of those ‘fuck the world’ moods haven’t you?” You softly reassured him, giving him a choice even as you asked him a question.

Shinsou willed himself to not blush with how close you were and how you touched him like that, instead focusing on your words as he looked somewhat defeated. “Yes…”

He gave a heavy sigh. As much as he didn’t entirely want to, he couldn’t say no to you, especially when you were trying to just help him relax. Shinsou would only EVER sing for you.

“Okay… I’ll do one. But you’re not allowed to laugh.” Shinsou finally and reluctantly complied and you practically screamed from joy.

“YES!!! Let’s get out Emo on!” You hugged him suddenly , doing a bit of a dance when you finally got your wallflower friend to try this out with you.

So you gladly grabbed your phone to start looking up a selection of songs, as Shinsou sighed again, unable to believe that he was actually doing this. Well, he trusted you, and generally had fun whenever he did things with you. And although you were more energetic than he was at times, he didn’t mind. He enjoyed that you had more zest than he did.

“All right! Here’s one! Take it Toshi!” You suddenly tossed him your hairbrush, and he quickly caught it, giving you a look afterward.

“(Y/N)…” Shinsou was beginning to feel a bit of nerves even though he shouldn’t have, but it got worse when he saw the song you chose.

This was one of his FAVORITE songs.

“No I can’t… I can’t do Gerard any justice…” He muttered a bit self-consciously, but you just shook your head.

“Yes you can! No one’s a bigger fan of Gerard than you are! Now go on! I’m with ya Toshi!” You smiled wide at him to ease him up, and you took the floor when the song immediately started up

“Long ago, just like the hearse, you die to get in again… we are so far from you…”

Deliberately, you whispered that last part to imitate how the song went, and looked right at Shinsou to cue him to go next. He appeared unsure for a bit, until he took a quick breath.

“Burning on, just like a match you strike to incinerate… the lives of everyone you know! And what’s the worst you take from every heart you break… And like a blade you stain, well, I’ve been holding on tonight…!”

You nearly jumped as soon as THAT voice came out of Shinsou’s mouth. So much energy and passion as he became MUCH more expressive as he sang the song. His singing voice a lot louder and emotional than his speaking one, and yet there was something haunting and tortured about his voice too. It was beautiful…

However, Shinsou suddenly became more adorable in your eyes as he clutched the hairbrush close to him as he sung and and waved his arm about, as if to follow the way Gerard moved and sung in the music video.

As he sung, at that moment he remembered that you were here as soon as he saw your wide (E/C) eyes and agape mouth. You saw his cheeks beginning to redden as he nearly halted in the verse but you shook your head vigorously, wanting to encourage him to keep going!

“What’s the worst that I could say?”

“Things are better if I stay! So long and goodnight, So long and goodnight~!“

You jumped in, singing the first part before bringing your hairbrush over to Shinsou, and he gladly sang the rest along with you. Although you had to whoop when Shinsou got into it, running a hand through his wild hair and following Gerard’s every move from the video.

Crazy, passionate expression and everything and making the same hand gestures and you couldn’t help but dance just as wild as the dancers did and some air guitar, following Shinsou’s rhythm.

“Came a time when every star fall brought you to tears again… we are the very hurt you sold. And what’s the worst you take from every heart you break… And like a blade you stain, well, I’ve been holding on tonight…!”

“Things are better if I stay! So long and goodnight, So long and goodnight~! Well, if you carry on this way, things are better if I stay… So long and goodnight, So long and goodnight…!”

Encouraged, by your enthusiasm, Shinsou got on his knees as he sung the chorus with the loudest voice you had ever heard from him. Although he stood back up a little dramatically when the last bridge came.

He took your hand gently, pulling you in closer as he continued to sing, in a softer, almost whispery voice.

“Can you hear me…?”

“Are you near me…?”

Shinsou looked you right in the eyes, purple eyes luring your (E/C) eyes in an almost intimate moment as your cheeks flushed pink. It felt like this was just for you, and Shinsou made sure of it as he gently pressed his forehead against yours. Silently telling you that this was for you, and that only you could see him bear his soul like this.

You quietly gasped, for a moment you nearly felt like you were in his control because of how his voice just captivated you. But feeling extremely relaxed and yet fluttery with joy as you giggled a bit. When he pulled away, you saw his own face become bashfully flushed as you grinned when he started to sing again.

“Can we pretend to leave and then…”

“We’ll meet again, when both our cars collide!”

While Shinsou sung, you followed his lead, widening your eyes dramatically and pretending to fall backwards like the girl in the video as the chorus came.

“What’s the worst that I could say? Things are better if I stay! So long and goodnight, So long and goodnight~! Well, if you carry on this way, things are better if I stay…So long and goodnight, So long and goodnight…!”

Feeling more invigorated than ever before, Shinsou sang the chorus a little louder, yet still on-key as put his hand over his heart and bore the rest of his soul out.

And when he finished the song, he promptly dropped your hairbrush and you threw both your hands up in the air. “WHOOOO!! That’s my Toshi!” You practically screamed, almost like a fangirl as you quickly threw yourself into him, hugging him tightly and jumping a little bit as Shinsou’s eyes grew slightly wide and he felt his face heating up a bit. He was confident during the song, but now his bashfulness came back.

“That was AWESOME! I didn’t even know you could sing!”

Shinsou really hated his pale skin sometimes, because now he couldn’t hide how much he was blushing from all of your praise.

“I don’t do it much… just in private… I don’t think I’m that good…” He normally wasn’t timid, but you were complimenting him so much and he wasn’t used to that kind of praise. He liked it a lot though, it just made him feel kind of nervous, and yet validated.

“Well you freakin’ ROCKED dude! You totally did Gerard justice!” You continued the compliments, adoring just how red Shinsou was turning as he rubbed the back of his neck and coyly grinned.

“You’re just saying that…” He mumbled a little bit, and for once he flinched when he felt lips pecking his already hot cheek as you giggled and blushed, shaking your head.

“Nope! I mean it… and… I mean it when I say this but… Hitoshi… I think… no… I know… I uh… I like you… not even that… I like-like you…” There you said it, you finally admitted your feelings for the guy. You were a little unsure, but that song and seeing him unleash the soul you fell in love with just brought out the rest of your feelings for him.

Shinsou was taken by surprise. Nothing fazed him that much, but for once he was taken aback, his purple eyes wide and his expression that one of surprise and disbelief. He’s NEVER had this happen to him before. No one’s ever like-liked him before.

“W-What?” He didn’t mean to stutter, but he couldn’t really help it.

“Hee-hee… I’m in love with you…” Giggling shyly, your cheeks began to darken, “Don’t make me say it again, my heart’s like, beating out of my chest…” You shyly said, and although Shinsou was still blushing, he started to smirk a little bit when he saw just how flushed you were. He knew you weren’t lying, but he was still amazed that SOMEONE actually like-liked him. And yet he was also overjoyed that someone he felt close to and actually liked, like-liked him. And if he was being honest, he like-liked you too.

“Well... I actually like-like you too... you’re the only person I think I completely trust.” He admitted, still giving you his little smile. Shinsou wasn’t lying, he’d never show anyone what a dork he could be, except for you. Because you were just as big an emo dork as he was. You were his dork, and he was your dork.

Your eyes went huge and you blushed heavily when he... reciprocated your feelings?! Was this for real? It had to be. Shinsou never lied to you, he layed jokes on you sometimes, but this wasn’t one of them...

“For real...?”

“Yes. You’re a complete dork. But... you’re my dork.” Shinsou finally admitted, it wouldn’t be a common thing, but he had to get that across to you just so you wouldn’t faint from how red you were. And he almost jumped when you screamed and hugged him again, very much like a fangirl almost.

“AHHHH! You know it! And you’re MY dork too!” You happily exclaimed, hugging him tightly as Shinsou sighed a little bit, but found it in him to hug you back with a little smile.

He’d never say it to anyone, but he loved his dork.

~~~Bonus Ending~~~

"We are not alone..." You suddenly perked up where you hugged Shinsou, and he sensed that too. Somebody else was around, and probably eavesdropping on the two of you. "I think I know who." He said lowly, albeit he wasn't entirely bothered; he wasn't happy, but he wasn't bothered either since this person was your friend.

"Ohhhh..." Giggling, you figured out who it was based on that alone. "Hey! Tokoyami! Come out dude I know you're hiding back there." You blatantly called him out, but of course Tokoyami himself didn't reply from the corner.

"No we're not!" Dark Shadow replied for him, and you could hear Tokoyami's annoyed, deep sigh.

"My apologies. It wasn't my intention to eavesdrop..." The crow-headed boy slowly came out of hiding as you waved to him, while Shinsou looked mildly annoyed, having assumed that you were his only audience.

"Oh really? Heh... let me guess... did you hear the song?" You raised a brow, as much as you could at least and Tokoyami looked downwards, almost as if he were a little embarrassed even though you knew he had the same tastes in music you and Shinsou did.

"Yes... I did. It was very impressive. Like Gerard Way was reawakened from his slumber." He somewhat dramatically said as you smiled wide and giggled, patting Shinsou on the back happily. "I know right?! See Tosh! You're AWESOME! And Tokoyami here is one of us! Let's let him hang with us!" You cheerfully suggested, which just annoyed Shinsou even more. However, Tokoyami was pretty harmless and didn't seem to have a thing for you. Even if he did, it was too late because you were his now.

"Okay. I don't see the harm." Shinsou shrugged his shoulders as you happily clapped your hands. "Ahaha! Tokoyami! Hope ya don't mind singing!" That made the similarly emo boy perk up ever so slightly. He didn't plan on singing...

"I'm not a singer." Tokoyami quickly replied. Much like Shinsou, he wasn't entirely willing to show off because he doubted his abilities, but you weren't going to let him feel so insecure as you started the next song.

"You will be!" You smirked, winking at Shinsou as you immediately started to sing the first lyrics. A song you knew no true emo like Tokoyami could ever resist.

"Oh, well imagine, as I'm pacing the pews in a church corridor and I can't help but to hear. No, I can't help but to hear an exchanging of words~."

You got into it and picked your head up as soon as you sang the first part, running a hand through hair as you sang in your hairbrush, not so subtly flirting with Shinsou as he couldn't help but smirk as you gave him your brush to let him take the next part.

"What a beautiful wedding! What a beautiful wedding, says a bridesmaid to a waiter, and, yes, but what a shame, what a shame the poor groom's bride is a whore."

Shinsou gladly sung, which surprised you a little bit because he was more comfortable when it was only you. And he was, but he knew that you and Tokoyami were just friends, even if the guy liked you it was too late. You were all his now. Still, he would let the fellow emo join in since he was very like-minded and wouldn't judge you both. However, you both just made him feel a little nervous, it didn't help when you gave him the hairbrush...

But Tokoyami knew this song by heart. Every lyric, every rhythm...

He couldn't help it.

"I chime in with a 'Haven't you people ever heard of closing the goddamn door?' No, it's much better to face these kinds of things with a sense of poise and rationality!

Now you and Shinsou were shocked, both of your eyes growing wide when the ever-so-stoic, dark prince-y bird boy Tokoyami, of ALL people, actually singing with an almost uncharacteristic enthusiasm as he held onto the hairbrush you gave him and sung into it.

But you couldn't help but smile wide, glancing at Shinsou as he shrugged with a small smile. The bird was shocking pretty good too. Might as well join in.

"I chime in with a 'Haven't you people ever heard of closing the goddamn door?!' No, it's much better to face these kinds of things with a sense of poise and rationality! Again..."

Following Tokoyami's lead, you and Shinsou acted as his back-up singers by singing the chorus with him and you provided the crazy dances as the three of you vigorously rocked out.

Emo and proud.

~~~Extra Bonus Ending~~~

Meanwhile downstairs...

"Man it sounds like they're having fun up there..." Kirishima and the rest of the 'Bakusquad' had returned to Heights Alliance early, and you had pretty much put your music on full blast once you hooked it up to the TV. And didn't count on anyone coming back so quick...

"I kinda wanna go up and join em!" Kaminari was getting into the music he was hearing through the walls. "YEAH! Let's go and party with those guys!" Mina would never say no to cutting lose and dancing to awesome music.

"I'm sure (Y/N) will let us. Most of us..." Sero shrugged his shoulders with his casual smile, having known you fairly well but he wasn't so sure you would let ALL of them hang out since you and Bakugou never really entirely got along.

"Amateurs..." Bakugou muttered under his breath as he marched upstairs to go to the floor you were occupying. You were being WAY too damn loud, but at that moment he decided he'd show you how a REAL singer sings My Chemical Romance.

Chapter Text

Hey! Hey! Hey!
Can't you see I want you by the way I push you away?
Yeah! Don't judge me tomorrow by the way I'm acting today
Mix the words up with the actions
Won't you take me by the hand
Do it all for your reaction, yeah!
Hey! Hey!
Get tangled up in me.

-Tangled Up in Me Skye Sweetnam

Today was the day.

The day you would finally give your crush the gift you had specifically brought for him. Your cheeks warmed a rosey shade of red as you held the present in your hands when you walked into class, almost shyly and hesitantly approaching him.

You were actually pretty nervous about this, because you weren’t sure how he would react to what you had gotten just for him…

But it was from the heart, and Kirishima was the sweetest guy you’ve ever met, maybe he would like it. And then you saw his friends Bakugou, Kaminari and Sero alongside him with Bakugou yelling at Kaminari for probably the 5th time today. It was still you guys’ break, so this was definitely the perfect time, even with his friends there.

“Kirishima…” You actually called him, and you lit up when the redhead turned to face you, a broad smile immediately crossing his face. “Oh hey (Y/N)! What’s up?” He asked you politely yet happily as you blushed a little more, trying not to giggle like an idiot as you quickly brought out your small present for him.

“T-This is for you!” That came out a little louder than you wanted it to, and Kirishima’s eyes widened in surprise. A small blush coating his tanned cheeks as he looked at the wrapped little box that had his name on the little tag. “You got me a present…?” He asked, obviously surprised since this normally wasn’t like you, and yet he was excited too that you actually went out of your way to buy him something as he started to smile wide.

“Y-Yeah… the minute I saw it… I just immediately thought of you and I thought… maybe you would like it…” In a gentle voice you managed to confess that, and Kirishima’s cheeks further reddened, like he couldn’t believe that you had actually gotten him such a nice-looking little present.

“Lucky!” Kaminari crossed his arms, almost pouting a bit since he could clearly tell that this was like a love confession of sorts. “Heh… I knew it…” Sero muttered discreetly with a smile. He always knew you had a thing for Kirishima, even if you did tease him from time to time.

However, Bakugou just scoffed and scowled in disgust, obviously not touched by the mushy-gushiness between you and the person he could call his closest friend. He wasn’t really fond of you, and you returned the feelings, even if Bakugou was really fun to tease too.

“Wow… thanks! Thanks so much (Y/N)!! Man you’re awesome! I’m gonna SO return the favor I promise!” Kirishima cheerfully thanked you, politely and gladly accepting the little gift you had brought just for him. He knew you had a soft heart despite the front you liked putting up. And although he knew he probably should have waited, he couldn’t help himself, he quickly opened it up with a big, anticipating grin as soon as the top came off.

But then his eyes widened yet again as soon as his gaze fixed on what was in the box. The longer he stared, the quicker his smile fell as his entire face started to flush several shades of red that were darker than his hair…

A red jockstrap.

And with his name ‘Eijirou’ written on the very front…

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! April Fools you IDIOT!” You burst into raucous laughter and pointed at his flustered reaction, and even Kaminari and Sero began laughing their asses off as soon as they saw the provocative garment.

“AHAHAHAHA! S-She knows your favorite color at least!” Kaminari had tears in his eyes as you leaned against him and the two of you shared a high-five.
“And got it personalized!” Sero didn’t mean to laugh so hard, but he had to make some playful fun with his friend.

Although he hid it well, Bakugou was partially amused as he suppressed a snicker. He ALMOST felt bad for Kirishima when he saw how flushed the guy was. He knew if someone got him a gift like THAT, he without a doubt would have blown their ass into the next millennium.

“Tch. You call THAT an April Fool’s prank? Moron…’” Despite that, Bakugou of course had to chide you on your childish pranks. April Fool’s or not. Or at the very least, he was chiding you because he assumed you, the class trouble-maker, would do a better prank than that.

Kirishima eventually spoke, or rather stuttered, until he saw you pointing and laughing at him with tears in your eyes. His hot face burned even more as he tried to save his dignity by trying to laugh a little bit despite his embarrassment.

“Haha… that’s very funny (Y/N)…” He hid his disappointment. Kirishima’s always been kind of keen on you, but you were a trouble-maker and a joker at heart as you often relentlessly teased him and could even be a little mean to him sometimes. He never held it against you though, because he’s also seen your softer side. Of course, it didn’t mean that sometimes you didn’t hurt his feelings.

But you knew when you took it too far, so once again, you showed off your softer side and patted him on the shoulder, “Hee-hee~ I’m sorry bro I just couldn’t resist… I wasn’t lying though, I saw this at the store and thought of you.” You weren’t pretending to sound shy anymore as you told him the truth. But you wouldn’t tell him the truth about your feelings for him. You had a serious crush on this boy, and he had no idea, and golly it irritated you because how could he not see the way you loved him by the way you teased him?

Although you supposed that was okay because it gave you more chances to try and show him how much you loved him, and you had a ton of fun doing it because he was so fun to tease. Especially when he would blush so brightly like that, or whenever he smiled at you. God he was so cute it should have been illegal to be as cute as him, he’s the reason why you got so soft like this…

Kirishima couldn’t help but smile though when you softened up. There’s the softie he knew.

“Really?” He sounded pleasantly surprised, “Heh, well ya know what? The jokes on you! A jockstrap is a just another symbol of manliness! So thank you!” Despite his earlier embarrassment, he found a brighter side to this, and he didn’t want to give you too much satisfaction of your little trick. There was some truth to his claim though. A jockstrap was a pretty manly piece of attire.

“Oh? Well you’re welcome…” Now that really surprised you, but you wouldn’t let him get off so easily, “Glad you like my gift, you need something to protect your manhood… what little you have at least.” Smirking, you crossed your arms and snickered when Kirishima flinched and gasped a little bit.

“H-Hey!” He blushed quite madly, if there’s one thing he didn’t care for it was those kinds of jokes but especially when it came from you. It was embarrassing, and it made him feel like you thought he was some kind of loser, and not to mention those were extremely unmanly jokes since they kind of emasculated him a little bit. He knew you didn’t mean it, but it stung whenever they came from you.

And once again, you giggled and then patted him on the head, kind of ruffling that spiky, yet strangely soft beautiful hair that you loved. “I’m just playing Kiri… I brought you this because I know you’ve got manhood, and a good pair of balls given that you’re brave enough to befriend this asshole.” You gestured to Bakugou as you reassured the redhead, and you nearly broke out into giggles when Kaminari and Sero had to hold back the screaming explosion boy.

Kirishima felt oddly flattered though, although he was still blushing he smiled at you. He knew you were a softie! “Ahhh he’s not that bad… but thanks!” He might have been oblivious to your deeper feelings for him, but he knew you could be nice to him when you wanted to.

“You’re welcome…” You almost sighed as you looked at him warmly, wanting to just touch that sweet face of his and give him a bunch of kisses. But you snapped out of those thoughts and blushed as soon as you realized that Kirishima was looking at you in confusion. “Whoa are you okay? Are you blushing…?”

“N-No doofus! Why would I be blushing? I’ve got no reason to, it’s just hot! It’s humid out cuz of Springtime, duh!” You kind of snapped and startled the poor redhead, but he just nervously smiled and tried to calm you down. “O-Oh okay sorry, sorry no need to get all mad…”

You weren’t mad though. Well, you WERE mad for him. But he couldn’t know that just yet, so you just resorted to teasing him again as you made yourself smirk. “You should try that on sometime actually… I think that’s something worth seeing.” You started to blush again though as soon as your more perverted thoughts took over and you imagined Kirishima wearing that semi-risque jockstrap that you had brought for him initially as just a joke. But since he wanted to keep it… that just gave you a sexy picture to think about. You’ve seen him in gym and during hero training, he had one nice ass…

“(Y-Y/N)! That’s pervy!” Kirishima actually laughed that off, kind of flattered yet also embarrassed at the thought of you seeing him in such a little thing. And you laughed along with him, patting him on the shoulder as he put the top back over the gift box so nobody else saw what you had gotten for him…

4 HOURS LATER Brought to you by ‘Bringin’ Sexy back~’

Kirishima stood alone in his room, his door closed as he had taken off his shirt and removed his pants and his underwear as he stood naked in front of a mirror that he had gotten for himself last week. He held the red jockstrap that you had given him, blushing a little bit as he stared at his name that was on the tag. Pouting a little bit because of how that seemed to serve to toy with him a little bit.

That was just you though. You always teased him and poked at him just to get a rise out of him, but he didn’t hate you for that. He actually liked your energy and the fact that you liked to play with him more than the others did. He knew that had to have meant that you must have enjoyed him.

The thought of you laughing made him snicker and grin, thinking that there was something actually really cute about you despite all the razzing and jokes. So, he took the jockstrap and carefully put it on himself, just like he would put on any pair of underwear.

The pouch was surprisingly comfortable, and he was amazed how the straps fit his waist. This wasn’t his first time wearing a jockstrap, but this one was definitely the nicest and the softest one he’s worn so far. It was comfortable on his body, and he couldn’t deny that it was his favorite color. He looked himself in the mirror and how he looked with the jockstrap on, blushing a little bit at how he was pretty much half-naked if not for the jock. His ass was on full display too since jockstraps did nothing to cover up the rear.

Curiously, he looked back to observe his bare posterior, almost relieved to see that he hadn’t gotten fatter in the gluteal area. He grinned just a little bit proudly, rather liking how toned and firm his butt was. Kirishima wasn’t cocky (no pun intended) about his appearance, but at that moment he almost admired himself for a little bit.


“Hey Kiri, we’re gonna go out for ice-“

You casually opened your crush’s door, not at all expecting to see what was going on behind his door. As soon as you opened the door your eyes widened, your jaw dropped and your cheeks flushed as soon as you saw Kirishima standing in front of his mirror, wearing that jockstrap you brought him, and his perfectly toned ass…

It was only supposed to be a prank, and yet he looked SO sexy in it, and you realized that you were more or less staring at Kirishima’s legs and ass. As well as the rest of what the jockstrap was holding up, and like the pervert you were you couldn’t help but admire how physically fit he was at least til your wide (E/C) eyes met his horrified red ones and you both screamed in shock.

“(Y/N)!!” Kirishima shrieked very femininely, his face flushed a beetroot shade of red as he quickly threw his hands down to cover himself and turned away so you couldn’t see just how naked he mostly was. A weight of extreme mortification beginning to tighten his chest as he involuntarily trembled a little bit.

“I’m sorry!!” You instantly apologized, your face having heated up as red as his and you averted your eyes because you were feeling bad now for staring like a pervert.

“Why wouldn’t you knock?!” He shouted at you, but purely out of embarrassment and not anger. “W-Well why wouldn’t you lock the door?!” Despite that, you made a point that Kirishima hated to admit was true, but he was so embarrassed that he didn’t really care.

“G-Get out! Don’t look!” He exclaimed, his voice involuntarily going an octave higher as you hurriedly shut the door. Your eyes still wide as you panted a bit, trying to fan yourself from how hot you felt now. And it wasn’t humidity making you hot..

Now you were the one at a loss for words, trying to speak but it only came out as shaking stutters, “I-I’m so sorry Kiri… I-I had no idea you were… yeah but hey I-I didn’t see too much! Don't worry!” You tried to make him feel better, but it wasn’t really working.

“Yeah you did…” The poor thing sounded so defeated and humiliated that you instantly felt horrible.

‘Oh Kirishima… there’s no need to feel so embarrassed… you’re the most beautiful boy I’ve ever met! There’s no other manly man that can make me as soft as you can and I just simply adore you for that!’

Was what you wanted to say but you felt way too embarrassed to even try to say that. Didn’t mean you wouldn’t try to help him though. “Okay I did… but it was just me bro! And… hey wow... if it uh means anything... you actually look REALLY good in that thing… Like... really good...” You chuckled rather shyly, scratching the back of your head even if he couldn’t see it.

You perked up however when his door opened, his cheeks still cherry red but he had his shirt and pants on now. “You… you think so?” Kirishima bashfully asked you, and you actually smiled at him despite your own red cheeks. “I legitimately mean that. This is no April Fool’s joke. You’re like… crazy attractive… and you do look good… you look really good…” You giggled and actually got shy as you looked away, blushing even darker.

But you actually boosted his confidence, and his ego a little bit as Kirishima cheerfully stepped out of his room, putting his arm around you in an affectionate manner, and you tried your best to not just melt right on the spot as you grinned widely.

“Awww thanks (Y/N)! I uh… I thought so too not to brag…” He kind of humble-bragged, scratching under his chin just a little bit, which made you snicker.

“Take it easy doofus, don’t want your head to get as big as your hair there… now… I was going to say, the rest of the squad… we’re gonna go out for ice-cream, and you should come. It’s no squad without you.” You smiled, and it grew when you saw that grin on Kirishima. The one you adored…

“Oh hell yeah! Yeah I’m coming! Let’s go!” He said cheerfully, already ready to go as the two of you walked together to go downstairs to find the rest of the Baku-squad.

But as you walked, you suddenly remembered something…

“Wait… are you still wearing that thing?” As you recalled, Kirishima had all his clothes on once he got out of his room…

And the blush beginning to redden over his face gave you away. “I-It’s comfortable! You… picked out a good one…” He somewhat nervously laughed, and that just made you smirk.

“Hee~… well you know how good I am when it comes to clothes… and by the way… nice ass.” You blatantly flirted, loving just how red Kirishima’s face turned; even redder than his hair.


But you just laughed happily as you put your arm around him even as he pouted. He didn’t know it yet, but he was tangled up in you and you were tangled up in him.

Chapter Text

You finally did it.

You won the influence of one of the strongest yakuza families in Japan that everyone knew as the Kyosei-gumi. A rather infamous group of people that worked frequently underground and everyone knew them by their signature Kabuki masks that they wore for the sake of letting people knew who they were.

Initially you were extremely reluctant, but since you and the rest of the pro-heroes were on the brink of a war with the League of Villains, everyone was starting desperate and you needed a higher count of special forces. And after much convincing, hospitality and compassion that you had shown, including by saving the boss’s men (including his two young daughters) during a villain attack, you finally got through to the aggressive lord as he gladly accepted your proposition and swore to aid you in whatever way.

Now here you were, at a spring festival being upheld for you and your closest friends, your fiancé and your father at the boss’ large traditional mansion as a celebration for this moment that would hopefully help you and Midoriya, Bakugou and Todoroki finally end the war between the New Heroes and The League of Villains.

And for once, you got both your fiancé AND your father to dress nicely for a change. Everyone looked sharp tonight, like royalty almost. You were kind of sad that neither Midoriya, Bakugou or Todoroki couldn’t be here to join you tonight, but you would send them the good news when you and your family would leave.

At least you had Kaminari, Mina, Sero, Jirou, Tetsutetsu and Kendo to join the celebration.

There was nothing that could destroy your happiness as you held the hand of your very handsome fiancé, who still looked a little bit bashful as he smiled at you. You had been best friends since before UA in elementary school, and only got closer once you attended the same classes. Thanks to your father Aizawa’s training and taking him under his wing, Shinsou became the pro-hero he always wanted to be, even with some people still biased about his quirk. After graduation and gaining his hero license, he was finally the hero you knew he would be, and the best part is you were by his side the whole time. You had gotten your hero license at the same time he did and became a pro alongside with him.
“I never doubted you for a moment (Y/N).” Shinsou said, smiling at you with adoration in his eyes. A look he had reserved for you, and only you. You were the person he loved the most in the world, and he was the one you loved the most in the world.

“Hee-hee… aww thank you Hitoshi… I couldn’t have done it without your endless support… and brutal honesty.” You giggled and made him chuckle a little bit. “Maybe… but you should give more credit to your faith in humanity…” That’s one of the many things he loved about you, the fact that you believed in many people, even when they seemed like the absolute worst. If you could see good traits in your old schoolmate Bakugou, you could see the good in anyone.

“Hey! How’s the Happily Married couple doing tonight~?” A cheerful voice suddenly got in between you and Shinsou as the two of you looked to see Kaminari, grinning happily at the two of you as you giggled a bit.

“Denki we’re not married YET…” You shook your head, blushing when you thought about it. Even though you wanted to marry Hitoshi NOW, you knew that it had to wait until the villains were all put away forever.

“True, but you might as well be already! When we were in school, I always saw Shinsou here lookin’ all gloom and doom, but every time he looked at you… his eyes ALWAYS lit up!” The electric hero exclaimed with a snicker as Shinsou nudged him in annoyance with a sigh.

“Remind me again why I chose you to be my best man.” Shinsou muttered, but he didn’t really mean that. Kaminari had surprisingly become his good friend when he got into the Hero Course and remained in touch. In fact, he even helped Shinsou ask you out for the first time, and that made Shinsou gradually grow his confidence with you and it led to the two of you becoming lovers. And now here you were, engaged to one another.

“Cuz I’m your best friend AND wing-man to the end.” Kaminari joked a little bit but that just made you and Shinsou smile.

“And IIIIII’M your Maid of Honor!” Suddenly, Mina popped up right beside you, and you grinned up at the pink girl.

“You know it!” You and Mina quickly shared a hug, clearly ecstatic over everything that was happening as your lover, friends and father were finally able to share a moment of liveliness and fun as you saw your older friends Sero and Jirou having a rather pleasant conversation with Kendo and Tetsutetsu. “I mean you were my best girl-friend in UA, it’s like the unspoken rule to make your best friend the maid of honor.” As Mina squealed just from being reminded that she would get to be your maid of honor, you both hugged each other again happily, which amused the two men beside you.

It’s been only 6 months since you and Shinsou had gotten engaged, and despite the busy hero work you both had, you couldn’t have been happier. Somehow Shinsou just knew how to make up for all his busy hours and did everything you loved, and you always made him feel secure and loved whenever work got too stressful. Neither of you could wait to get married.

While the two of you were busy with the ongoing war with the League of Villains, it didn’t mean you both couldn’t find some time together, and you and Shinsou even chose the two people you were both closest to for the ceremony. Kaminari was chosen as Shinsou’s best man, and Mina was your maid of honor, and the two were more than honored to be given such jobs.

Of course, the best part was that Shinsou had gotten Aizawa’s blessing since your years in UA, in fact, Shinsou was the only boy Aizawa entrusted with his little girl; the boy was almost like a son to him in fact. Although it did somewhat break his heart to give his daughter away to another man, he trusted Shinsou and knew you were in good hands with a man who would treat you with respect and shower you with all the love you deserved.

Aizawa gave a small smile as he looked over at you and Shinsou, unable to believe how much time as passed. His child was going to get married, thankfully to a young man he trusted and even grew to love almost like a son of his own. He was so proud of you and all of your accomplishments as one of the more philanthropic pro-heroes. And he was proud of how you managed to get through to such a powerful lord and his men. The pro-heroes certainly needed the extra forces with how the League of Villains had tripled in size over the years, so for once he was optimistic that these new allies would secure the Heroes’ side in taking down the League of Villains once and for all.

He turned to see you kissing Shinsou, no longer cringing because he saw how in love you were with him. For once, Aizawa could say that he was happy with how everything was going.

At least until he saw one of the yakuza underlings closing the door, and that made him begin to look over at the rest of the underlings in mild suspicion.

Even when he heard the sounds of soft, almost ominous music being played on the violin as he turned to face the player, losing faith in the atmosphere as the chimes of silverware hitting a glass cup signaled everyone’s attention and the violinist stopped playing.

“(H/N)”. Sagi, the yakuza lord suddenly called your name and that gave you the cue to stand up from your seat as you and Shinsou exchanged glances before you politely stood up before the lord as he sat at the very front with his teenage son right beside him.

“I hope you’ve enjoyed the festivities we’ve had tonight thus far, even though the night is still young, I feel I haven’t been courteous enough to you and your family. Which is why… I want to help pay for your wedding! In the summertime, you can expect the most beautiful, expensive and glamourous wedding this country could ever see!” The Lord said with a grin, and you audibly gasped with wide eyes of awe, that was far too generous, and even Shinsou looked rather surprised. He wasn’t the showiest guy when it came to his emotions, but he thought that you deserved the best wedding after everything you’ve done for him, so he was just as happy as you were as you squealed and hugged him tightly.

“My Lord! This is much too generous I cannot thank you enough! That’s one less thing for my father to worry about!” You joked a little bit, earning some uproarious laughter from the rest of the underlings as Aizawa chuckled a little bit and shook his head. But of course, it wasn’t a genuine one because his rising suspicion wasn’t allowing him to take things lightly, especially with the way the violinist was just smiling at him.

“Yes! You will both have plenty of wedding gifts from all of us! I would regret to not repay you with the compassion you have shown for my family and all the good deeds you have done for us.” He said rather politely as he smiled down at you kindly and softly. Which delighted you even though you didn’t miss the door being closed, and you were curious as to why they did that.

Your fiancé on the other hand, was beginning to feel suspicious like your father was as he carefully and subtly scanned the room for anything that seemed off. Although Sagi’s expression was concerning him, because Shinsou knew fake emotions and fake smiles when he saw them.

That smile was hiding something.

Like Shinsou, Aizawa was well aware that something was wrong, but then he received a tap on the shoulder from an underling who was wearing one of the Kabuki masks. A fox one to be exact. Slowly, Aizawa looked at the underling with a stern glare, immediately he knew not to trust this person even when he pointed to the violinist.

“Although, I must be truthful to you. There is a wedding gift that I do want to surprise you with tonight, simply because I cannot wait… I think it is especially suited for the happy, powerful hero pairs well-known throughout Japan!”

As you paid your attention to Sagi, Aizawa reluctantly looked at the violinist, whose face slowly started melting and revealed giddy, golden eyes and a simpering, giggle that belonged to no one other than Toga Himiko.

Eyes slowly widening, Aizawa turned to face the underling, who had lowered his mask to reveal his own cold, blue eyes, scarred, stitched face and devilish smirk.


With a quiet gasp, Aizawa realized what this whole party truly was, and he swiftly threw a hard punch to the stitched villain’s face, making him scurry off for reasons Aizawa feared were about to come true as he heard the cocking sounds of guns.

“(Y/N)!!” Your father quickly shouted for you, catching your attention as you and Shinsou looked over your shoulders to face him in confusion. But by then it was too late.

Shinsou got the cue though as he quickly stood up from his seat, but while you and him were distracted, one of the guards approached Shinsou from behind and took the opportunity to grab his hair and quickly he stabbed him deep in the stomach three times, twisting the weapon on the final stab and forcefully yanked the bloody weapon out. With a cry of agony, Shinsou’s hands involuntarily shot to his bleeding, opened stomach in response, clutching at the wound as he could feel the pain quickly eclipsing his body.

As soon as he screamed, you immediately turned to face him, horror etching over yours, Kaminari’s and Mina’s expressions.



Shinsou didn’t even hear the cries as he held his throbbing wound, his breaths having become shallow as he looked wide-eyed with terror at the dark red rivulets rapidly streaming out of his stomach and ebbing through his fingers as bloody droplets trickled to the ground. He cringed and shut his eyes at how the pain was taking over him as he attempted to go over to you, as you quickly rushed to try and get over to him before you paused and saw all the masked underlings just getting up to shoot at the rest of your team of pro-heroes.

Sero and Jirou were quick to react, but neither of them could have predicted the guns shooting them from behind, “WATCH OUT!” Tetsutetsu moved quickly enough to shield the two and Kendo as he activated his quirk, but the underlings kept shooting and shooting as the Iron pro-hero shouted from the numerous impacts slowly breaking his steel.
“Tetsutetsu!” Kendo attempted to try and help her ally, but their opponents were playing dirty as they instantly shot at her as the woman screamed and fell to the floor slowly becoming stained with blood.

One by one, numerous of your allies just fell, but Sero and Jirou faught back and attacked some of the goons that dared to bring harm to their friends. However, their luck was short-lived when more yakuza underlings came out of hiding and quickly outnumbered them as the two were shot, sliced and attacked from behind by the endless bullets, daggers and arrows. Your allies didn’t have that luxury, because this event was supposed to be a formal one…

“Hanta! Kyouka!” You and Kaminari screamed their names when you watched them fall.

Neither you or Aizawa could believe it. You had been betrayed and stabbed in the back during a party, when you were all out of costume as a ploy to strike them when you were all at your most unsuspecting and vulnerable.

Anger and adrenaline coursed through Aizawa’s veins as his first instinct was to rush over to get you and the rest of his old, uninjured students out of the way. However, before Aizawa could even move to you and Shinsou, he shouted once he was taken by surprise when a sudden barrage of sharpness from arrows pierced through his back and made him fall to his knees on the hard ground.

“Dad? DAD?!!” Before you could even go to your wounded fiancé, you screamed for your father as you looked around to see where he went. But then…


You could hear the loud sounds of guns that run in your ears and you immediately shouted once you felt three, sudden impacts struck right through your body, numbing your body with an overwhelming sense of pain that brought you down to the floor.

“(Y/N)!!” Mina and Kaminari cried out your name, urging them to immediately jump into action. Or at least they attempted to until the sounds of guns went off, and the two pro-heroes felt themselves get struck and shot with the flying bullets that flew throughout the room so fast that they couldn’t even see any.

“(Y-Y/N)…!” Shinsou groaned out, keeping his hands to his wound and grunted with a sharp, pained cry when he tried to move as his shaking knees brought him to the floor. He had to be careful now, and everywhere he looked there were masked men bringing out knives, guns and arrows and beginning to shoot them everywhere.

Pro-heroes that remained unscathed immediately scuffled up to attack and fight back, but many were taken by surprise because of the hidden onslaught of sneak-attacks and bullets that tore through their bodies.

“Shinsou I’m coming!” Kaminari tried to go and save his friend, activating his quirk (that he had gotten full control over) and quickly electrocuted several underlings that tried to approach him, at least until more bullets started flying and made the blonde shout once they got his back and his legs.


Shinsou saw you on the floor, even though his vision was starting to blur as he looked at his bloody hands and abdomen. Unable to fight a cough, he tasted a sickening, metallic flavor in his mouth and his eyes widened yet again when he saw the blood continuously streaming out of his opened wound as he narrowed his tired eyes to try and call you, but his voice came out hoarse and raspy.

“(Y/N)… (Y/N)…!” Shinsou didn’t feel right. It felt very wrong as he could taste the rest of the blood in his mouth as he coughed again. Blood rapidly filling his lungs as the wound slowly numbing as he started losing the ability to hear clearly. Desperately he tried to focus his vision as he kept his eyes on you, slowly raising his trembling arm out to you.
He just wanted to hold you right now...

But you couldn’t hear your beloved’s voice as the sounds of screaming were echoing in your ears as you couldn’t find the strength to get up off the floor yet, not with the agony holding you down and blood slowly cascading from your wounds.

‘Denki… Mina…’

Your eyes burned with tears when you heard them scream and you tried desperately to see where they were at, but all you could see through your hazy vision was the bedlam and the bloodshed. There was nothing you could hear other than fear, the splattering of blood and choking that you were glad you couldn’t see.

The rest of your allies and old classmates were entrapped while the traitorous lord just watched his men kill the pro-heroes with his soft smile that now unveiled his true colors as he looked on with an almost sadistic glimmer of entertainment and took a glass of his sake. Even when he saw a wounded Kaminari crawling on the floor with five, bleeding holes in his legs and back. Although he was in critical condition, the injured hero glared up at him with a hateful snarl as blood ran down his lips.

Wanting to avenge his allies, he tried to aim a shaking arm towards the lord and shoot just one electric shock at him, but the cocking sound of a gun made him slowly and reluctantly peer up to see a masked man with a gun aimed towards his neck and his eyes widened in dread as he let out a silent ‘no’...

The gun went off with just one shot, and Kaminari’s arm fell limp to the bloody floor as he gave a soft breath and closed his eyes for the last time.

“Denki…!!” Mina witnessed the entire thing, tears flooding her eyes and streaming down her face as she couldn’t move from her spot, and her eyes widened in terror as more tears escaped when a masked underling came pointed the gun to her. She gasped in horror as the gun was cocked and the villain made the shot, instantly killing her as your tears rapidly ran down your cheeks and you sobbed out their names.

“M-Mina…! Denki…!”

How you hated him, you wanted to destroy the villain who dared to betray you and kill your beloved friends. You were going to get revenge, somehow, someway… even if your body wasn’t cooperating, you couldn’t let him get away with this.

Pain seared throughout your body, as the bullet wounds in your shoulder, chest and lower stomach ached viciously. Causing endless streams of blood to escape your body, making you gradually dizzy as you struggled to register everything around you as you struggled to sit up from the cold, hard floor. All you could tell was that your allies were slowly being slaughtered and that two of your dear friends were gone. You would avenge them, you would make these monsters pay somehow… but you needed to find survivors. Trying not to cry anymore, you blinked your drooping eyes, unable to find your father in all of this bloody chaos as you kept looking around slowly yet frantically.

Aizawa was nowhere for you to see, and it made you tremble in terror when you started to assume the worst. But he was your father, you knew that nothing could take him down so easily…

You needed help, you desperately needed help and you shakily struggled to get your phone out, immediately dialing up the strongest pro-hero you knew…

“B-Bakugou… we need help… now… it was an… ambush…” You sent him the message, your voice weak and strained from the immense pain you were in, almost tempted to pass out from it all.

But then your eyes slowly widened as soon as you saw him and you phone slipped out of your hands in shock…


Your beloved Hitoshi, lying on the floor with one hand still over his wound and his other arm still stretched out, his body limp under a puddle of crimson as your own, weakening body nearly went limp just seeing the man you loved like that, the pain having taken him away.

Desperately you crawled over to him, picking up his torso into your lap and cradling the body. His eyes, they were always so tired-looking yet full of a hidden passion that you adored, but now they were empty and listless. No light. No nothing.

“Nooooo…! No! No, no, no, no…” Your Hitoshi was gone, lost to the wound in his stomach as you held him close, choking on your sobs and ignoring the blood leaving you. The pain in your body was nothing compared the pain you were feeling in your heart as your last remnants of hope were destroyed as you carried Hitoshi in your arms, hugging him and kissing his cheeks, in a naïve, desperate attempt to wake him up. But he wasn’t going to wake up from this and you knew it.

Hitoshi wasn’t going to wake up, and neither were Denki, Mina, Kyouka, Hanta, Tetsutetsu or Itsuka.

And it hurt you more than the bullets in your body and all the blood filling your organs slowly but surely as you sobbed and didn’t cease cradling the corpse in your arms, and you trembled when you picked up his hand to see the beautiful, golden ring he had worn to symbolize his engagement to you, now stained and soaked with his cold blood. Quivering, you then looked at the ring he had given you, stained and tarnished with your own blood. What was once a wonderful symbol of the upcoming chapter of you and him starting a life together in matrimony was now a symbol of a lost dream butchered and defiled in death and blood.

“Ohhhhh GOD!!! Hitoshi… Hitoshi…” Sobbing quietly, you clung to his cold body as you tried in vain to block out the screams and blood splattering on the floor. Praying that this was all some sort of nightmare and that your father would wake you up from it like he always did when you were in too deep a sleep to wake up.


Aizawa propped himself up off the floor, grunting with effort as he ignored the pain throbbing in his back and panted a little bit. His expression a mix of horror and anger when he saw some of his students lying on the floor, butchered and murdered. He failed to protect them. He failed to expect an outcome and now it led to this…

But he couldn’t let himself succumb to any emotions now, not when you could still be alive. And a sense of relief came over him when he saw you, obviously injured but still alive. He could still save you, but you were so far away.

But Sagi’s son was still close. Aizawa was a hero, but he was running out of options to save you, and there was almost no chance for survival unless he acts. Even if it meant he would have to do something cruel.

With a reluctant surge or remaining adrenaline, he leered at the boss and used whatever speed he had left in him and swiftly took a hold of Sagi’s son as the boy shouted in horror as Aizawa grabbed his hair and held him up.

“SAGI! Enough of this!!” Aizawa held the knife dangerously close to the boy’s throat and glaring hatefully at the lord who betrayed him and his family.
“Stop this all right now Sagi!”

“Ah Eraser. Always playing the hero… even when your students are all grown. Yet you believed that your daughter could convince me to play the good guy?” The old man chuckled and shook his head, taking a drink of sake, not seeming to care that his son was being held by the pro-hero.

Aizawa was quietly seething. Heroes don’t negotiate with villains, but he was running out of options to rescue you somehow because there were far too many other villains, including Dabi and Toga who were armed to the teeth with guns and knives that they could use anytime. And he was wounded, so he could only move so much… he had no choice…

He didn’t want to threaten the boy, but he couldn’t let his daughter die.

“End this right now, and I swear neither (Y/N) or I will attempt any form of vengeance, nor will we search for you and none of the other pro-heroes will know about this night.”

“Why should I? I was given quite a pretty deal already to ensure that (H/N)’s team of pro-heroes was taken out.”

“Then... take me as a prisoner." Aizawa quickly gave him an offer, trying to remain calm despite what was at stake. "I don't want to have to harm your son, be logical about this and let (Y/N) go and I swear to you that this will go overlooked... (Y/N)! Escape while you can. Just get up and run out do you hear me? Hurry up!” Aizawa suddenly urged you desperately, something he had never been before up until now in his life. Even though his some of his students were dead, and his dear would-be son-in-law was dead, his daughter, his only child and only family was all he had left and he just couldn’t let you die.

He could not let you die.

And yet you weren’t even moving from your spot. His cries fell on deaf ears as you stood on the ground, holding the dead Shinsou in your arms as you ignored the chuckling coming from Sagi.

“There’s no way out of this Eraser… (H/N) isn’t going anywhere… except maybe the grave. I have no reason to spare her life. And to be frank... I don't care what you do to my son. I have more sons after all. I can easily make more too...” He calmly shrugged as he venomously peered down at Aizawa as his eyes slowly widened.

“(Y/N)! What the hell are you doing?! Get out of here now! This is your chance to escape! Run away! Run away right now! Please!” He was shouting now, tears involuntarily coming to his bloodshot eyes as he realized that his pleas weren’t reaching you as you just sat there holding your dead fiancé.

“Please!!” Aizawa never begged for anything in his life, but he was begging you right now to just get up and run away as fast as you could so these villains wouldn’t hurt you. He couldn’t let you die, he just couldn’t, even if it would get himself killed. He refused to let you get killed by these villains…

However, you were too broken and lost in your own grief for your fallen allies and your beloved dead fiancé to listen. Your chest would also wouldn’t allow you to move quick enough, but as your father shed his tears and called out for you, it brought a spark to your eyes as you picked your head up to meet his eyes. You gently put down the body of your lost Hitoshi as you slowly stood up on weak, trembling legs.


Aizawa stared at you, for once you saw nothing but emotion and desperation in his tearful, red eyes as he looked at you with one last loving, yet terrified gaze. Tears streamed down your face, as you took a single step in a desperate attempt to go to your father, but then you finally recognized Dabi suddenly appearing in front of you, blocking you and holding a sharp dagger.

“Hey… just wanted to say congratulations on the engagement… Shigaraki couldn’t be here, but he wanted me to tell you that he sends his regards.” The scarred man smirked and muttered to you, igniting the blade in his blue flames before sinking the burning sharpness into your chest until it penetrated through your body and your back as you automatically grunted from the searing, scorching impact and barely missed the quiet gasp from Aizawa.

Your heart was already destroyed, but that fiery dagger demolished the rest of it as blood spurted out of you, causing you to heave and cough up a gush of blood from your mouth as you fell down to your knees. Staring at your shivering, broken-hearted father the entire time so you could at least die seeing someone you love as your body fell to the side and the last breath left your blood-filled lungs. Keeping your gaze on Aizawa, you slowly closed your eyes and let the reaper take you away so you could hopefully join your Hitoshi in the afterlife.

Aizawa froze as he watched you fall, almost staring in disbelief through his tear-filled eyes before he registered that his daughter was dead, and there was nothing he could do about it. He gasped when it hit him, he outlived some of his students, his personal favorite student that was like a son to him, and worst of all, he outlived own child and he couldn’t do anything to save any of you. Nearly choking on a suppressed sob, he looked at your bleeding corpse and felt sick to his stomach as all his emotions that he always locked away engulfed his entire being.

In anguish, he let out a raw, guttural wail of sorrow as he quickly slit the teenager’s throat in his arms letting the body fall as he dropped the knife. Everything he cared about just disappeared right before his eyes as the blood of his loved ones stained the earth, reflecting what he just lost and couldn’t save.

As he cried, Aizawa stared emptily into nothing, not moving, nor flinching, all rational thoughts and purpose for living gone. He was already dead to the world as he stood there listlessly and more tired-looking than ever before, willingly inviting his last endless nap as he allowed the giggling Toga skip over to approach him and she quickly and cheerfully cut his throat with her sharp blade. Crimson gushing out to join the rest of the blood-stained floor as his eyes gently closed shut and his hollow body slowly came down and hit the ground.


Chapter Text

Quirk: Descensum

You can astral project and travel deep into spiritual planes and cross into the afterlife, but not returning to your physical body in 15 minutes will result in death.

You sighed as you retreated back into the comfort of your neighborhood, shaking your head at another failed attempt to talk to him. Bakugou was so difficult sometimes, even though you loved him. You knew you did, most people said it was only a ‘crush’, but you knew that you loved that jerk with all your heart. No matter how many times he hurt your feelings.

But while your heart longed for him, your brain was also telling you (like many of your other friends) that you deserved better than how he was treating you.

“You know if you need anyone… a listening ear or anything at all Katsuki, I’m here. I’m always here…” You had said to him, but all he did was scowl at you, almost looking insulted that you had offered him such a thing.

“Tch, shut up… I don’t need your help, or anyone else’s. Besides, why the hell are you offering help? You can’t do shit… not with your useless quirk, or in general.” His words were scathing and cutting you slowly, but you endured them for the sake of your friendship. Especially after everything that had happened to his class from the Summer Camp incident, the kidnapping, the Culture Festival and everything else that was currently going on.

Sure you were just a student from the General Studies due to your passive quirk, but it didn’t mean you didn’t want to help. Your friend Shinsou was able to rise above the ranks after all and his quirk was passive like yours. You wanted to help out in any way too, even if you were still in the General Studies.

“I might not have the most practical quirk, but that’s not important… I mean it, I’m not just saying stuff, look I know it hasn’t been an easy time for you and your class and I want to try and-“ He quickly cut you off before you could keep talking.

“You want to try and what? To feel important?” Bakugou scoffed at you as you almost timidly looked away from the ferocity in his eyes. “No that’s not…”

“Don’t bullshit me. It’s always been that… all you’ve done is follow me and that damn nerd your entire life because of how weak you are.” He said, not seeming to care that you were visibly hurting from every word he was saying.

“Your quirk is useless in battle. And you can’t even use it without a time limit holding you back… when’s the last time you’ve heard of a hero who saved people with astral projection? You’re better off quirkless.”

It surprised you to hear him say that, since you swore he almost sounded concerned as his hardened features softened ever so slightly, at least until he just glared at you again. “So don’t go offering something you can’t give.” Bakugou said one last time before he turned his back to you and left you alone outside the Heights Alliance.

Which is what led you to where you were at now, on your way back home where you would wallow in your room for the rest of the day. Maybe you would get lucky another time.

On the weekends you made sure to try and hang out with Izuku and Bakugou as much as possible, even though they were often busy with their schoolwork since they had much different work than you did. However, you still made sure to at least say ‘hi’ or even offer to hang out with them.

Today you got lucky thanks to the sweet Kirishima and Mina inviting you on their trip to the mall that they had to drag Bakugou to. Which amused you as you snickered at how Sero and Kaminari literally pulled him along.

You did try to talk to him again though, just to try and ease his bad mood. “Hee~… since you’re finally having a break from all your work, do you wanna come over to my house and watch Friends?” You offered with a smile, but Bakugou wasn’t even giving you a smirk.

“No.” His reply was quick. “That show is overrated. I don’t get it.” He added, which kind of disappointed you since he knew you liked that show, but you knew he just wasn’t big on it. Though, you remembered when he would watch it with you during your middle school years.

You really missed those days. Bakugou wasn’t exactly sweet back then either, but lately he’s just been all stick and no sugar. At least some days he would humor and reluctantly watch a ‘stupid show’ with you just so you would stop bothering him.

But you didn’t want to fight so you shrugged your shoulders, “Well it ain’t for everyone.” You said passively, wanting to just avoid any kind of confrontation, “Do you maybe want to go stop someplace for ice cream maybe?”

“No.” Another quick reply, and you could tell he was getting annoyed with your offers. Instead of getting upset though, you just pouted.

Bakugou didn’t miss your disappointment though, he was aware that his answers were putting you down. It’s not that he didn’t care about your feelings, but he couldn’t waste his time just fooling around when he had his training to focus on. Admittedly, he did kind of miss just hanging out with you a little bit, but you would never know that because he wasn’t going to drop his priorities for you. He didn’t like to acknowledge his weaknesses, even though he was coming to terms that he still had a lot of work to do.

And after much denial, he eventually told himself that you were one of those weaknesses, and he hated it. He hated you for it too; he hated that he actually gave a shit about you and at times did worry about you. You would never know though, he would never let you know.

Which is why he was so annoyed with your constant offers to hang out, and how ignorant you were to how he felt. Why were you so attached to him?

He growled lightly when he saw you trying to come up with something else. You were so oblivious it was pissing him off.

“Ooh, well hey how about maybe next week we go and see the new Avengers? We can even cut in front of everyone and be the first ones in.” You suggested with a big grin, because you had been going on and on to your friends about how excited you were for that movie. Especially Izuku and Shinsou, your two closest friends besides Bakugou.

Now you were positive that Bakugou would accept this offer, but all he did was give you that same glare. “Like I’ve been saying only a hundred fucking times, No! Instead of focusing on fake heroes in those damn TV shows and movies, maybe you should focus on your own work, stupid.”

Okay, that hurt.

“Okay… jeez… you know you don’t always have to be such an asshole.” You crossed your arms and pouted, but Bakugou didn’t yield. “Whatever.” He muttered, feeling like arguing with you would be a waste of time he walked ahead of you to leave you again.

You watched him walk away, your pout turning more into a frown as you sighed heavily and started walking into another direction.

“I just wanna go home in bed, eat cookie dough ice cream and watch Friends for the rest of my life…” You muttered to yourself as you peered inside a furniture store that had everything from mattresses, wide flat-screen TV’s and sofas. The perfect environment to wallow in misery.

Who the hell did Katsuki think he was? You wondered as you walked into the store and sat down on one of the mattresses. It was nice and soft, and you wondered in amusement if Shinsou’s mentor Mr. Aizawa would like this bed.

To get a better feel of the material, you lied down and rather enjoyed the billowy cushion. It helped that your quirk required to lie down so you could let your soul project from your body freely. Your quirk wasn’t useless, it was cool. In fact, you felt like Eleven from Stranger Things.

As you closed your eyes, you decided to experiment with your quirk that required you to chant the magic words.

“Spiritu duce, in me est. Deduce me in tenebris vita ad extremum, ut salutaret inferi… Descensum!”

You felt yourself almost sink rather quickly as your soul left your body and transported you to the other plane. As you opened your eyes, you saw your body lying on the bed, without a soul as you turned to see other people just walking about in the mall.

Giggling a bit, you momentarily walked around the small store and when someone walked right past you, they cringed and shuddered. Clearly, they could feel your presence but just couldn’t explain it as you tried not to laugh.

Feeling adventurous you opened your arms out and jumped up to float about among the spiritual plane, looking around the mall in awe as it looked much smaller in mid-air. And as you floated around, you saw Kaminari with Sero, and Mina with Jiro! And you tried not to snicker when you saw Bakugou yelling at a sheepish looking Kirishima.

You wondered what they were all talking about…

However, you couldn’t have too much fun because spiritual planes were all fun and games until you got yourself stuck in another part of the netherworlds and couldn’t find your way back without some otherworldly forces interfering and keeping you from going back to your body.

So you flew back to the store, but before you could return to your body you noticed that you weren’t alone when you noticed a pair of yellow eyes staring right at you.

It was a man, or at least it appeared to be a man. He was tall and strange-looking with a white face smeared in black and white skeletal make-up along with a black suit and tie and a rather nice top black hat. The man smiled at you, almost politely as you blinked slowly. It became clear to you that he must have had a similar quirk of sorts, but this was kind of making you uncomfortable, so you quickly made your way back into your body.

You took a deep breath as you opened your eyes. One thing about your quirk is that every time you came back, it felt like coming alive just shortly after dying since your body was empty without your soul to occupy it. Which was somewhat dangerous since anything and anybody could do things with your body as long as your soul wasn’t in it.

But the scariest part was that you would supposedly die if you didn’t return to your body in 15 minutes according to your mother, whose mother had the same quirk and had died from herself. You wondered if that’s why Bakugou was such an ass to you when it came to your quirk. Maybe he worried about you. Since your mother had explained to you that your quirk, called ‘Descensum’, was a hereditary one that supposedly came a bloodline of witches from Salem.

Thankfully you had gotten pretty good with coming back to your body at a record of 5 minutes each time you descended. But after seeing that person you just wanted to go back to the Bakusquad and then go home to watch Friends and eat ice cream like you had planned.

However, as soon as you exited the store the same man you saw startled you by appearing right beside you.

“Your quirk is quite fascinating young one.” The man said in the smoothest tone you had ever heard from anyone. For some reason he reminded you of that villain you heard of from Shigaraki’s gang of goons. Mr. Compress you think was the name.

But it kind of alarmed you that this person knew and witnessed your quirk at work (Hey that rhymed). And you couldn’t be so trusting since Izuku had an ordeal of his own with Shigaraki here at this mall. Who’s to say that this person wasn’t a villain in disguise?

“Thank you. Not many people seem to think so… honestly sometimes I don’t think so either.” You shyly mumbled, smiling just a little bit for the sake of being polite despite your discomfort, and this stranger seemed to know it.

“You are welcome. Do not let their words convince you that your quirk has no use.”

“I try… but… you’d be amazed at how some words can hurt…”

“Especially when those words are from the young spitfire Katsuki Bakugou. Correct?” You gasped and widened your eyes a bit. How did he know about Bakugou?

“H-How did you know…?”

“I know many a great deal about the people I set my eyes upon. It comes with my own little gift.” He smiled almost sweetly, keeping his luminous amber eyes on you the whole time and unsettling your very skin. Was he looking into your soul? Was that his quirk?

You didn’t want to be rude, but you couldn’t help but ask. “Um… who are you exactly?” You asked as politely as possible, and he gave a rather jaunty chuckle.

“I like to call myself ‘Shinigami’.” He answered, and that made you wonder if he had some kind of death-related quirk given his appearance and namesake. Although you didn’t want to be quick to judge since some of the other kids in Class 1-A were quite strange in appearance such as that raven boy Tokoyami, or the multi-armed boy Shoji, but you heard from Izuku that they were some of the nicest guys in the class.

And this man was treating you kindly enough, but the secrecy in his gentlemanly smile and demeanor didn’t make you feel at ease at all.

“There was fear you know? For all his bravado there was fear during the time when he was kidnapped. Thoughts going through his head… wondering… would he ever see his classmates again? His friends? His parents? Would he ever see you again?” Shinigami began saying these things that didn’t make sense, at least until you pieced them together and your eyes widened ever so slightly as your mouth dropped a little bit. Did he mean that Bakugou was actually afraid when he was kidnapped by the League of Villains. You always assumed that he was, but he never admitted it or really even talked about it with you. And it shocked you when this person said that Bakugou actually thought about you during that time in his life…

Did he really think about you in that traumatic moment?

However, instead of dwelling on that too much, you were becoming extremely creeped out by just how much this person knew about your friend, and possibly your other friends if what he said about his quirk implied anything. “I-I don’t think…”

“It was one of the most terrible times in his life. Behind that machismo lies a little boy who was frightened by the big scary men and women who were able to take him away and render him powerless just for a moment… and to have his childhood idol risk everything for him after?” Shinigami’s smile turned ominous, even if it wasn’t you he was talking about. It didn’t mean you weren’t freaked out, but you were glad Bakugou wasn’t here. You didn’t want to imagine how he would have reacted if he heard this stranger delving far too much into his personal life and picking at old wounds.

“Truly… it impacted him greatly… it is something the boy can never truly forget… but he will never let you know it… his care for you is genuine… but he is much more interested in pushing you away…” He finally stopped his creepy talk, but as soon as it became more about you, it made you gasp a bit.

But the worst part is it all made perfect sense. Bakugou never confided in you about anything, even though you tried to tell him that you were always there for him, but all he did was push you away.

Just thinking about it brought tears to your eyes, even though you wondered why did you let him treat you like that? Why did you stay even though he was mean to you? Why were you so attached to him?

“You love him.” Shinigami seemed to read your emotions and answered all the questions you were asking yourself. The man sounded like he was touched, but you couldn’t tell if it was genuine. You blushed heavily at the accusation, but you were finding it difficult to argue, “I-I don’t… I… no that’s not it…” You weren’t fooling anyone, not even yourself.

“You love him, but he does not love you the way you love him. He thinks you are weak. A distraction. Why do you think he does not confide in you? It would be a waste of his time…”

Shinigami’s words almost sounded slower as he talked, but it didn’t mean you didn’t hear what he was saying. They seemed to slow down just so you would be forced to hear and let the reality sink in.

Bakugou didn’t love you the way you loved him. He thought you were weak. A distraction for him. A waste of his time.

As the words rung in your head, singing the song that was crumbling your heart and bringing you a special kind of pain that felt hellish. You remembered your other friends. Like Izuku and Shinsou, two guys who you knew were in your corner. They had your back. Izuku was always there for you, and Shinsou grew a soft spot for you since you both bonded over your quirks during his time in the General Studies.

“Why waste your own time on a man who does not love you?” Shinigami then asked you, and once you slowly got over the pain of reality, you looked at him, and you shook your head.

“I do love him. I don’t think giving him the time of day is a waste of time though. Katsuki’s an asshole but he’s my friend. But I think I’ll have to kick his ass to make him never forget that… or at least tell him to stop being so mean to me all the damn time…” You came to that conclusion. As much as you loved Katsuki, you didn’t want to put up with his bullshit anymore, but you didn’t want to break off the friendship either.

And you were positive that you could try and get him to ease up just a little bit and see that you weren’t any of the things he called you. You weren’t weak or a distraction. You would be a hero just like him and just as strong as him.

You could do it.

Shinigami almost looked disappointed with what you said, however he said nothing for a while. “Young love.” He finally said, sounding like he understood but it’s clear he wasn’t happy with what he was hearing from you.

You weren’t aware of it though, but you did see his smile grow when he saw somebody over your shoulder. Turning, you saw a somewhat confused Bakugou a couple of feet away, and you blushed heavily when you thought that he might have heard everything…

Shinigami flashed the boy a smile, tipping his hat off to him but Bakugou didn’t take his politeness well as he growled at the man and quickly made his way over to you. “Who the hell are you?” He roughly asked the strange man and stood in front of you, and if you didn’t know any better, you would say that Bakugou was trying to protect you from this person.

“Just a friend. (Y/N) has a very interesting quirk you know? I find it quite fascinating.” Shinigami replied and looked him right in the eye, and you gasped a little bit as soon as he said your name, and Bakugou heard how surprised you sounded.

“Yeah right, get lost you fucking creep before I make you…” Bakugou didn’t hesitate to threaten him as his palm crackled a little bit just to give this weirdo the message. He would have yelled but he couldn’t be so sure if this person was a villain or just some freak and causing a scene would just send the entire mall into a panic. If it were a couple of months ago, he probably would have done that, but he’d been learning to at least try and assess a situation before acting. And on top of that you were right there, he wouldn’t risk you getting hurt with a potential villain so close with an unknown quirk that would probably harm you.

Thankfully Shinigami didn’t seem very put off by his behavior as he only smiled, “Very well then. Farewell children. I think we will see each other again quite soon…”

Even as the man walked away, only then did you feel genuinely scared, “Katsuki… I never told him my name…” You admitted, and even though Shinigami did imply that his quirk let him know many things without a person telling him, it still freaked you out.

“Well maybe don’t talk to strangers next time dumbass!” He somewhat harshly scolded you, grabbing your hand and taking you as far away as possible from this place. Like hell he was going to leave you alone after this.

You tried not to smile, but you couldn’t really help it. You knew he cared!

After a while, you thought about telling the police about that strange man who had talked to you and made you uncomfortable. But you ultimately decided not to as Bakugou walked you home, and once again turned down your offer to watch at least one episode of Friends with you.

Sighing you sat on your sofa, all by yourself since your parents were still at work. They were usually at work which somewhat bothered you, but they loved you so it wasn’t too bad. You just wish someone was here with you.

You couldn’t rely on Bakugou though, and you didn’t want to interrupt any of his friends since they were likely with him. And as much as you didn’t want to bother your other friends, the loneliness was getting a little bit too much so…

You pulled out your phone and started texting your two other best friends. Izuku and Shinsou.

‘Hey Izuku. Srry 4 sudden text. But if u’re not busy. Feel free 2 come over 2 my house. Gonna watch Friends.’

God you felt dumb and pathetic just for texting your friend, and immediately you expected him to say no. And so you decided to text Shinsou too.

‘Hi Toshi. Gonna watch Friends. Wanna watch with a friend? AKA Me?’

You kind of snickered at your terrible pun as you instantly got a text back from him.

‘That is your worst pun yet.’

‘But Sure.’

You nearly jumped up from your sofa, grinning widely when your friend ACTUALLY took up your offer and was going to come to your place. And your joy didn’t cease when Izuku texted back shortly afterward.

‘Hi (Y/N)! Sure thing. I’m not busy so sure I would love to watch Friends with you.’

Izuku really was a sweetheart. You were sure he probably could have said no if he wanted to but he seemed to actually like spending time with you so that just made you happy.

‘AWESOME! THANK U SM!! Invite the rest of the Dekusquad if u want, I’m lonely.’

You somewhat bluntly texted and added a smiley and sadface emoji. For a moment you regretted texting that last bit, but deep down you knew Izuku understood.

And so when they did show up, you were beyond overjoyed as you grinned and giggled, “Izuku~!” You quickly flustered your friend by hugging him rather tightly, “A-Ah! H-H-Hey (Y/N)… i-it’s g-good to see you too…” He stuttered as he blushed quite madly from how you hugged him in front of his friends. Even though he was used to your hugs and he liked them, the fact that you and him weren’t children anymore, and the fact that physically you were all grown-up, made him feel rather… awkward and shy when it came to such close, physical contact.

You almost missed how Uraraka, Iida and Tsuyu were blushing as you just smiled widely to see your company. Much like with the Bakusquad, you were pretty chummy with the Dekusquad as they seemed to enjoy you and you sure enjoyed them. “Hey ya’ll~. Welcome to House (L/N).” You somewhat dramatically invited them all in.

“Hi (Y/N)! Thanks for inviting us!” Uraraka sweetly thanked you, and you smiled and bowed to the girl. She was such a sweetheart to you and Izuku and you adored her.

“Yeah, that was nice of you.” And there was Tsuyu, who just seemed to rub you the right way because you loved the girl. She was nice.

“I will never say ‘no’ to a Friends marathon~. Thank you kindly for thinking of me (Y/N)~.” Aoyama seemed to be flirting with you, at least that’s what you were getting as you smiled awkwardly but happily.

“Please forgive our intrusion (L/N)!” Before Iida could go on and on about thanking you for your hospitality you quickly waved him off, “No, no Iida there ain’t nothin’ to forgive, I’m so excited ya’ll are here. I’m ‘bout to watch a Friends Marathon~. And don’t worry, I got plenty of food for this exact thing.” You politely said to the much taller boy as you let your classmates make themselves at home and you turned on the TV.

However, you got nervous as soon as you saw Todoroki. He seemed confused, albeit partially interested in his surroundings. It was hard to pinpoint, but you considered him a friend and vice-versa because he was nice to Izuku and he found you interesting and tolerable enough to be around.

“I wasn’t sure what Midoriya meant when you said a ‘Friends’ marathon.” The heterochromatic boy admitted, and you gasped somewhat loudly. It didn’t necessarily startle Todoroki, but he was confused by your reaction. “Friends is only one of the greatest shows of all time dude! It’s about a group of friends of course, but that’s just it… you see them struggle together and get through the hard times together and it just… it’s funny, it makes you feel good, and on top of that you get the musical delights from Phoebe Buffet.” You explained it to Todoroki, and he still didn’t seem to understand, but the look in his eyes implied that he did want to know a little bit more.

“I see.” He replied neutrally, but you just smiled and led him to your couch, “Put your butt here, and just watch, you’ll see what I mean.” You advised and Todoroki did comply even though he was still confused.

But you immediately got up as soon as you heard your doorbell, and cheerfully ran over because you knew who that was.

“Hitoshi~!” You ended up hugging him as soon as you opened the door, and unlike Izuku, Shinsou appeared somewhat more annoyed. But he didn’t push you away, and instead took the time to notice Izuku and the rest of his friends.

“Shinsou! Hi there.” Izuku was clearly happy to see him, but Shinsou didn’t exactly return the feelings.

“What are they doing here?” He asked somewhat curtly. Despite being on better terms with them than he was during the Sports festival, he still didn’t entirely like them that much.

“It’s a Friends Marathon ‘Tosh, that means I gotta watch it with Friends.” You clarified with your own bizarre logic, but Shinsou just sighed in annoyance. “That doesn’t make any sense…” He muttered and shook his head.

But he made the mistake of looking at your not-so-subtle puppy dog eyes, “C’mon~… they’re not that bad~. They’re here to watch Friends too after all… anyone who watches that show has to be good right? I’ll let ya sit next to me~.” You tried to convince him to stay even if he wasn’t that into Izuku’s friend group, but he couldn’t say no to you. Well, he could, but he didn’t want to…

He liked you too much to just crush you like that.

“Fine. I have nothing better to do.” Shinsou shrugged his shoulders, his words sounded cold but they lacked the coldness to them as he did sit next to you on the couch as you happily cheered. “YAY~!!”


You were thankful for Izuku, Shinsou and the rest of the Dekusquad for last weekend. You were sure you would have died of loneliness and boredom if they didn’t show up to watch Friends with you. It was times like this that made you feel so lucky to have such awesome friends like them, especially Izuku and Shinsou. Although, you did wish that Bakugou could have been there…

Even if he probably would have complained and insulted you the whole time. And Izuku for that matter…

However, deep down you knew that he cared. He certainly proved it plenty of times…

And you wanted to see if maybe he was in the mood for talking today. Secretly you doubted it, but it didn’t hurt to try right? At least you would get to see Izuku and Shinsou. But before you could even try to go and see Class 1-A during lunch break, the alarm suddenly made you stop in your tracks.

You could already hear some of the students becoming frazzled and shouting, many wondering if it was a repeat of the USJ incident. But instead of freaking out like they had done, Iida stood up to let everyone evacuate in an orderly fashion. Unlike last time, it wasn’t the media that had trespassed onto the campus, as Nezu’s voice alarmed the students when he made the announcement that a mysterious figure had been spotted on the campus.

With that, everyone had promptly been told to exit the school safe and sound with the pro-heroes accompanying them closely as they each went home. Whereas All-Might and Mr. Aizawa led Class 1-A back to Heights Alliance.

But instead of going home with the rest of the General Studies, you had snuck out and followed Class 1-A. You had your own plans…

“(Y/N)? What are you doing here…? You should have gone home with the others.” Shinsou was the first to notice that you had somehow gotten in here, even though he shouldn’t have been surprised. You had a knack for being sneaky.

“Easy. I snuck in. And apparently so did some weirdo… but… I have a plan.” You said, smirking almost confidently.

Shinsou looked at you like you had to have been crazy, or stupid. “The pro-heroes advised our class to stay inside the building and for the other students to go home. We can’t do anything especially since we don’t even know what this person’s quirk could be.”

You nodded, obviously you weren’t stupid, but you had a good feeling about this, “I know that.” You said and started walking to the hall where you were sure the others were at, “But! This is where my quirk will come in handy. I’m not Hagakure but if I’m out and about in the spiritual plane I can try and find this person and tell Mr. Aizawa where they’re at.” It sounded like a good plan when you said it outloud, and although Shinsou couldn’t find a lot of flaws in that plan, he wasn’t so sure how the others would take that.

He thought about it for a moment, knowing your quirk almost better than you did as he sighed, “You can’t spend too much time in the spiritual plane.” Shinsou’s tone was as stoic and low as ever, but you could hear the subtle hint of worry in there. You smiled at your friend.

“I know. But I always come back.” You said with a wink as you started waving as soon as you saw Izuku, Bakugou and Todoroki with Uraraka, Tsuyu, Aoyama, Kirishima and Iida. “You guys~!” You sounded way too cheerful despite the situation and many of them were surprised to see you here. Especially Izuku and Bakugou.


“What the hell are you doing here idiot?!”

Of course you expected to hear that from Izuku and Bakugou respectively. “Um I don’t know, saving the day, coming to help?”

“(L/N)! You should not be here! You should have gone home with the others in your class! Though… I suppose you can’t leave now. It wouldn’t be wise to leave now with a suspect on the loose…” Iida didn’t even listen to you, he just scolded you for going against what the pro-heroes told you to do.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah… I know I should have gone home, but I was just tellin’ Toshi here that I think I can find this villain for the teachers. After all… my quirk means that I can basically just wander about freely in the other planes.” You stated with a smile, and you managed to convince Uraraka and Kirishima.

“Oh! I get it! Because they can’t see you when you leave your body! Like a ghost! A villain can’t see a ghost.” Kirishima understood your plan, and so far was the only one who had even a bit of hope in you. “That’s right! Souls are like spirits… they shouldn’t be able to see you! And you can check every area in the school.” Uraraka also got the gist of your plan. So far that was two people that thought you could really help.

Now it was time for the skeptics. “(L/N)’s quirk could be useful. But we don’t know what this potential villain’s quirk is. If their quirk somehow counters yours, you could be in danger.” Todoroki saw the flaw in your plan, but he wasn’t saying to be rude, just realistic, and you understood that.

“H-He’s right. I think you should just stay here with us. You’ll be safe (Y/N).” Izuku agreed with Todoroki, but he was more worried than anything. It wasn’t that he wasn’t confident in you, he just didn’t want you to take such a big risk.

“And you can’t just take action! That’s the teacher’s job! It’s wise to just let them do their jobs and not get involved. They specifically told the students to stay out of the situation.” Iida was thinking mainly about your safety, but you didn’t really listen to him.

“It’s not taking action, it’s offering help. If we sit here and do nothing, how can we call ourselves heroes? How can I call myself a hero? I might not be in the Hero Course, but I came to this school to try and become a hero. I have to try…” You explained to your friends, and as much as they were worried about you, that little speech of yours had them speechless for a moment.

Bakugou wouldn’t admit it, but for once he agreed with Deku and Iida. Albeit, mostly with telling you to just stay put, he wanted to go after that damn villain himself, but at this point he knew better than to just rush in blindly. And ironically, he was about to scold you for attempting to do just that, “It’s not like your quirk will actually help. It’s useless… even if you just find the bastard, then what?” But he just had to shoot you down. But it was only because he wouldn’t ever let you know that your descending scared him though and so he never sugar-coated anything to you, nor did he act all nice to you and shit, because he wouldn’t let anyone see that he was soft on you. Not even you.

“Well that’s the point now isn’t it? I can’t be the most useless one in UA all the time.” You shrugged your shoulders, pretending to pop the joints in your fingers, but your joke didn’t amuse Bakugou in the slightest.

“Tch. Don’t even try it stupid. It’s a fucking suicide mission. You can’t even fight back to save yourself.” He muttered, not seeming entirely worried since he knew you always came back. But he really hated your quirk, even if you always returned from those spirit worlds or whatever. It was kind of unsettling.

You rolled your eyes and nodded, “I won’t HAVE to fight back and I SO could fight back if I had to… and when I come back you’ll see that I’m not as useless or pathetic as I seem Katsuki.” Not wanting to lose what little pride you had, you pointed at him with a determined tone before you lied down on the floor and he just stared down at you as you did so. As he always did…

“And when I come back under 5 minutes, yooooou… have to take me to see Endgame~. I already got you a ticket~.” You sang-songed and showed off the tickets you brought in advance, waving them up in his face, much to Bakugou’s immense annoyance. “Forget it Shitty Girl!”

“Too late, bet’s made~.” You sang again with a giggle as Bakugou glared and growled at you angrily, but you thought it was hilarious.

“Wait! (Y/N)… are you sure about this?” Izuku no longer attempted to argue with you, but he had to ask, because he was much more openly afraid whenever you left the physical plane. He knew the consequences of your quirk, and he was worried about the villain possibly seeing you. Even though he knew that you might as well have been a ghost when you crossed into the spiritual plane and no one could see you. He was still worried…

The rest of his class had experience with villains, and you didn’t.

“I’m positive Izuku. I’m coming back. I always do. I can’t always be yours and Katsuki’s standing-on-the-sidelines friend. My quirk is just as useful as you guys’ and I’m going to prove it. I’ll find the person and tell Mr. Aizawa where they’re at. They won’t find me either, I’m feeling pretty confident about that!” You claimed with a rather enthusiastic tone, but you only convinced Uraraka, Tsuyu, Iida, Kirishima and Aoyama.

“W-Well…” Izuku wanted to try and argue, but Bakugou quickly shut him up, “Don’t coddle her all the damn time Deku. It’s probably why she’s so weak.” He said snidely to his childhood friends, much to Izuku’s displeasure and you could only roll your eyes.

“Dude come on… why you gotta be so mean?” Kirishima actually kind of scolded his friend, which just earned him Bakugou’s trademark glare. But Kirishima liked you, he thought you were cool and as much as he liked the guy, he certainly did not like the way he treated you often.

“I am NOT weak! I’m coming back and I’m finding that son of a bitch. I can’t wait to see the look on your face when I come back. So suck my dick~.” You smirked a bit just to see that annoyed scowl on his face one last time before you set the timer on your phone for 15 minutes.

“Please be careful (Y/N)…” Izuku said to you as he nervously glanced at you on the floor.

You smiled sweetly up at him, happy that at least one of your childhood friends was showing concern. “I will Izuku. I’ll be back by the time you know it. In the meantime… take care of my body.” You said rather confidently as your friends (sans Bakugou) smiled at you and wished you luck as you closed your eyes.

To recite the spell, you placed your arms outward and began to chant the incantation from your mother.

“Spiritu duce, in me est. Deduce me in tenebris vita ad extremum, ut salutaret inferi… Descensum!”

With a zooming rush, you felt yourself descending into an abyss of dreadful familiarity that felt a little darker and hollower than before. And as soon as you opened your eyes, you found yourself in the spiritual plane. Everything looked the same, you could see Katsuki, Izuku, Uraraka, Tsuyu, Todoroki, Kirishima, Aoyama and Iida each looking down at your now soulless body in concern and anticipation.

But this was good, now that you were in the spiritual plane you could just float about and focus on the suspect that had been spotted around the campus. You got up to leave Heights Alliance but made sure to search around the building in case the suspect was around the area, but you found nothing.

So you flew through the air, looking in every direction as you scanned the Ground Beta, the Gymnasium and the entire campus closely. In mid-air you saw nothing, nobody except maybe the teachers who were also searching for the culprit. They couldn’t see anyone either, nor did they have any luck in finding anyone suspicious.

It was quite strange. Because you weren’t seeing anyone hiding, unless they had a quirk like Hagakure’s, but you didn’t count on that given that Principal Nezu said that this suspect had been spotted.

For a moment you wondered if it was just a prank from some other rival school trying to scare the students. You didn’t want to give up just yet, but you couldn’t be in this plane too long.

Now all that was left was to get back to your body. You flew as fast as you could back to the familiar building, smiling as soon as you approached the door and got on your feet to run back to where your body and friends were at.

However, as soon as you reached the hallway you didn’t see your body, or your friends anywhere. Did they leave and take you to another room? You wondered…

The atmosphere looked darker, and an uncomfortable shiver ran down your spine as you looked around and got a feeling of the air around you. It made you feel almost sick when darkness started creeping around the corners. A gasp escaped you as your eyes widened in horror. This wasn’t Heights Alliance, it was some upside-down, dark version of it. As soon as you took the first step inside, everything felt wrong. You could feel it in the stale air as you slowly walked. Something in your mind told you to just escape because this was a trap, but you weren’t sure if you would even be able to do that…

And you paused as soon as your shoe hit what felt like a puddle…

Looking down you saw your reflection in a crimson pool, your eyebrows shooting up in horror as you gasped quietly and felt your heartbeat speeding up as you reluctantly looked forward. There were bodies all over the floor.

Jirou. Mina. Yaoyorozu. Sero. Kaminari. Tokoyami. Shoji. Hagakure. All of them…

“O-Oh my God… Oh my God…!! Mina! Momo! Denki?! H-Hanta?! Guys?! Please… oh please tell me you guys are still alive…” You got down to try and move the body that belonged to ‘Yaoyorozu’, trying in vain to wake her up but the body was limp and cold to the touch. “Momo wake up! Momo wake up…” Your voice broke as you tried to shake her awake, but you saw blood on the corner of her mouth and a deep gash staining her stomach…

Your eyes widened in horror as you looked closer and reluctantly at the rest of your friends. They all had similar wounds to the stomach, the back of their heads, and there were some broken bones…

What happened to them while you were gone? Was it the villain? Where were they now...?

“I told you you couldn’t help… Shitty Girl…” You gasped loudly and turned sharply to see Bakugou, battered and beaten with streams of blood gushing from his mouth, nose and the top of his head, tresses of his blonde hair caked in scarlet.

“Katsuki…” It wasn't just him, you also saw them.

Izuku, Shinsou, Uraraka, Tsuyu, Todoroki, Kirishima, Iida and Aoyama...

All of them, fallen and beaten bloody as they lied in puddles of their blood. Some barely moving and only half-alive as Shinsou slowly peered up at you, wanting to speak but no sound came from his lips.

"(Y-Y/N)... you have to go..." You heard Izuku croak where he lied, and you shook your head in horror. "I-I'm not leaving ya'll..." You refused to leave, but you were beyond confused and scared as hell. This felt so real and yet so artificial that it was shaking your very core and terrifying you as you held your arms, hyperventilating as you failed to calm yourself down as the image of your bloodied friends was becoming too much for you to handle.

Unbeknownst to you, 10 minutes had passed and Bakugou audibly growled as he began pacing back and forth irritably while the rest of his classmates just kept watching you with worry in their eyes. They've seen your quirk work before, and you almost always came back in 5 minutes or less, sometimes you took 7 minutes, but this was so far the longest you have taken and it was starting to concern them. Izuku, Uraraka and Iida looked the most worried as Izuku ran his shaking fingers through his hair while Aoyama and Uraraka tried to comfort him by placing her hand on his shoulder.

“Calm down Midoriya… I am confident in (L/N)’s abilities. She’s a clever girl.” Iida tried to reassure his friend, even though it was clear that he was becoming increasingly concerned too.

“I’ve always seen her come back.” Shinsou, while not as close to Izuku as the others, tried to calm him down since he’s always seen you come back and was always there every time you did return to the physical plane. Even during close calls Shinsou was there every time to see you come back with at least 5 minutes on the clock. But once it was down to 4 minutes…

Now he was starting to worry.

Even the less than emotive Todoroki and Tsuyu were beginning to look worried when your phone went down to 4 minutes.

“She has 4 minutes left…” Todoroki muttered quietly, his eyebrows furrowing ever so slightly. Would you really die if you didn’t come back by then?

While Izuku’s friends barely contained their anxiety, Kirishima concealed his growing concern by trying to calm down Bakugou even though he was on the verge of freaking out himself. “Relax now man…”

“How the hell can I fucking relax?! What the hell’s taking her so long?! She always comes back by 5 minutes! 5 MINUTES!”

“She probably found the suspect." Tsuyu deducted, keeping her cool even though she was getting more worried with each passing second, "If she's taking this long it means that she definitely found something and is probably trying to figure something out wherever she's at." She tried to think of why you might have been taking so long, but neglected to say the very real possibility that either you found something, or something found you. Because she's learned from her consequences of speaking her mind too much, and stating that possibility would just make everyone, including herself, freak out if it were said out loud.

But even if Tsuyu didn't say it, Bakugou wasn't comforted or reassured because Tsuyu had to have been right. You definitely found something because you never took this long. Never...

“Oh my God… no stop it… whoever’s doin’ this just stop it…” You didn’t believe that this was your Katsuki. He might have looked and sounded just like him, but you refused to believe that this was your Katsuki. And part of you wanted to hope that these people weren't you classmates either, they were just illusions...

But why did they look so real?

"You did this yourself you fucking idiot... I told you to just stay put... it's your own fucking fault..." 'Katsuki' said to you coldly, with a hateful glare in his drooping eyes as he suddenly choked when a sharp, squelching slash pierced right through his stomach and you gasped with wide eyes full of terror as you felt the red drops splatter on your cheeks. Your eyes quivered as you watched the dagger rip your beloved upwards and made the rest of his blood spill to the ground as he coughed and slowly collapsed to the ground as you suddenly gasped and let out a horrified wail.


It was taking too long.

You were taking too long and the clock was ticking, which did nothing to ease the nerves of your classmates as Izuku started to pant from anxiety. You always came back by this time…

“(Y-Y/N)’s taking a long time… she never takes this long…” He shakily said to his friends, who were no longer hiding their worry but still trying to remain calm.

“She’ll come back! She always does! Just shut up Deku!” Bakugou instantly shouted at his childhood friend, not wanting to hear that you WERE taking a long time because all that did was make the tightening anxiety in his chest crush him from the inside.


You continued to scream as the rest of your friends were slowly butchered right before your eyes by a dark figure you couldn't make out. All you could focus on was your friends being sliced up and slowly murdered right before your eyes and you couldn't do a thing to help. Even though every semblance of your being was screaming at you to move, something kept you rooted to the spot. Something that wasn't a part of you, it was some kind of force that you couldn't make out, and it forced you to stay where you were at as your friends kept screaming for you.

Again and again, you heard Izuku scream for you, and Katsuki shout when the blade stabbed him again.


"I told you you couldn't help..."

"O-Oh God..."



"Y-You have to go..."

"O-Oh God no... no please stop..."

"You did this yourself you fucking idiot..."



"It's your own fucking fault..."

"No stop it, whoever's doin' this just stop it please..."



Every single time you saw them die and every time you heard Katsuki's words, you would wail and scream even louder as tears freely flowed down your face. Choking on a sob you sunk to your knees, nearly vomiting as soon as you looked at your dear friends’ bodies yet again.

Your precious Katsuki, Izuku and Shinsou…

And again.

And again.

And again…


It never ended. Even the least of the worst filled you with a despair that just made you want to just cease from existence if it meant being free of this suffering. As you feel down to your knees oncemore, you slowly peered up to see him…


He stood there, watching you with his piercing, taunting gold eyes. His grin peering into your damned soul as he cackled wickedly at your torment as he forced you to stand back up as you blinked for a little bit.

The epiphany hit you as soon as you let out another scream when warm, scarlet droplets that belonged to no one other that your Katsuki, splattered on your face yet again as your tears continued to fall and mix with the redness.


And This was your hell. And it was your prison that you realized you were going to relive on a constant loop.

Over and over again.

“HEY! Come back already you fucking idiot! I know you can hear me! Stop wasting your damn time you little shit!” Bakugou had come down to his knees and started to aggressively shake your shoulders in an attempt to wake you up. Hating how limp and flaccid your body felt as he glowered at you. You looked so lifeless, as if you were dead and although he didn’t and wouldn’t say it, it was so terrifying to him. You might as well have been dead everytime you used you descended into another plane.

It’s been way too long. He stared anxiously at your phone, and there was only 2 minutes left for you to come back to your body. “She’s stuck. She’s fucking stuck…” He came to that conclusion and he didn’t have to look at his classmates to see them all panicking.

“We have to help her.” Izuku quickly suggested, but he knew that there was very little time left and he honestly didn’t know how they could help you. He was so scared that he could hear his heart beat in his chest, and he was sure his classmates all felt the same fear as they looked at you with alarmed, worried glances.

“We should get Mr. Aizawa! His quirk should cancel hers out and force her to go back to her body… right…?” Kirishima thought outloud, it was wishful thinking at best, but he didn’t want to imagine worst-case scenario. And if the others were being honest, they were hoping for that…

Shinsou didn’t want to show his fear, and he wouldn’t despite his trembling hands, “Mr. Aizawa’s quirk won’t work… she has to come back on her own…” He said, albeit reluctantly as he stared at your body, secretly begging any deity that existed to help you come back…

You had to come back…

But there was only one minute left, and your body showed no signs of life or movement whatsoever.

“Follow my voice… dammit follow my voice you idiot…” Bakugou carefully picked your body up into his arms and held you close to his chest as he whispered to you, “I know you can hear me… hurry the fuck up and just follow my voice… you’re scaring the shit out of everybody…” There was no anger in his tone, only worry as he put his arms around you. He remembered the way you used to hug him every time you saw him when you were both kids.

But as the two of you got older, you stopped hugging him because you knew that he would always push you away and he scared you with his harsh attitude until you stopped. And right now, Bakugou started asking himself why? Why did he push you away?

He loved the way you hugged him. How warm you felt against his body, and now he didn’t feel anything from your body at all.

“We’re all waiting for you…” Izuku’s voice broke as tears streamed down his face that he quickly wiped away. He would not cry, he couldn’t; he knew you would come back, you had to. You just had to…

“(Y/N)…” Shinsou knew it was pointless to say your name because you couldn’t hear anyone, but he couldn’t stop the terror settling in his skin as he shook when he saw only 20 seconds left. The rest of his classmates widening their eyes and beginning to sweat as they focused on Bakugou clinging to your limp body as he shut his eyes and quietly hyperventilated.

“Come back already… Come back…! (Y/N) Come back!!” He shouted desperately as he held onto your body, cradling and rocking you. His hold tightening into a hug you couldn’t feel as warm droplets hit your cold skin.


As your timer ran out, Bakugou’s hold on you suddenly loosened as he gasped sharply when he suddenly felt nothing but a shroud of dust suddenly powder his arms and fingers as he watched your body disintegrate into nothing…

He didn’t hear his classmates all shout when your body just… disintegrated. Leaving nothing but a pile of ash that dissipated quickly as they all looked wide-eyed with horror. The room was dead silent for a while, but that silence was immediately replaced with gasps that quickly turned into cries…

“(Y/N)!!!” Izuku fell to his knees as he wailed your name. He stared at the dust, a mix of horror, disbelief and confusion crossing his features as he let the realization sink in that his dear friend was gone and began to sob loudly and shamelessly. It was all too much for the rest of his friends as Uraraka followed shortly as she let her own tears fall, “Oh (Y/N)… (Y/N)!” Uraraka held onto Izuku to try and comfort him even though she was crying for you too.

Aoyama was horrified, and almost in disbelief. That didn’t really happen did it? He didn’t want to believe it, but the more he heard Midoriya and Uraraka cry, the more it became apparent that you did die. For once he had nothing to say as he held back a sob and hugged Izuku along with Uraraka as his tears fell and quietly cried with them.

“M-Midoriya… Uraraka… A-Aoyama, d-don’t… d-don’t cry…” Iida tried to remain firm and look strong for his distraught classmates, but the more he looked at the ashes that used to be you, the more tears fell from his glossy eyes as he choked on a sob, able to do nothing other than lower to the ground to hug his three friends after the loss of their friend.

Todoroki couldn’t believe what he saw. Did you really just die?

He saw Midoriya, Uraraka, Aoyama and Iida crying and holding each other, and then he saw Kirishima staring in horror and grief as he looked at the remains of your body.

“(Y/N)!!” He didn’t want to cry, but the grief was way too much for him to hold in as he openly sobbed, and Tsuyu attempted to console him even though she couldn’t stop her own tears from falling. In his grief, the two shared a hug as they both cried for you.

Seeing everyone cry, only reminded Todoroki of his own past pains. He has had his loved ones taken from him before, but they never truly left him. And only then did the weight of your apparent death hit him as he stared at the dust with a gentle, but saddened look as a silent tear fell to the ground.

You were his friend…

“She was... my friend…” Shinsou thought to himself as he distanced himself from the group, covering his mouth with his hand as he held back the burning tears in his eyes but they betrayed him and ebbed down his face as he let out a strained sob.

Bakugou was silent and in a near catatonic state as he stared at the dust, his vision nearly blurring when he looked in horror when he saw some of the powder on his hands. The powder that used to be you…

And his breathing turned shallow, rapid and quiet when he remembered everything he had told you before this.

He called you weak…

A distraction.


And then he saw the tickets that were left behind among the ashes. You said you would come back, and yet you broke that promise by not coming back at all and left him with nothing. Nothing but tickets to a movie you said he would have to take you to the next week, but he wasn't going to anymore. He wouldn't take you anywhere anymore.

When the reality settled in, he felt his whole being tremble as his breath stuttered when he tried breathing, letting out a choked sob as his tears cascaded down his face as he crumbled where he sat. There was nothing that could steal this unbearable pain in his chest as all Bakugou could do was sob and let the tears rain and trickle to the ashes that were once you. Every breath felt like he was suffocating as he couldn't fight the guilt that was at war with his fragile pride in his mind as he cried for you.

All he wanted was for you to hug him again, so he could tell you that he was sorry for all the shitty things he said to you and how he had treated you and take you to see that movie and any damn episode of Friends you wanted. But there was nothing there of you anymore, and he couldn't even hold you anymore.

Chapter Text

He really screwed the pooch this time.

You were furious, and frankly, Izuku and Bakugou were lucky All Might and Aizawa got to them before you did. Those two had another fight, you should have known but you thought, or at least seriously hoped that Bakugou would have been damn grateful that your boyfriend risked his fucking LIFE to save his ass.

They didn’t kill each other this time, but you didn’t care. You were tired of Bakugou picking fights with your boyfriend, and you were tired of Izuku keeping things like this from you, AND most of all you were tired of him acting like everything was hunky-dory even though this was almost always after a moment where he could have died.

Needless to say, you wanted to have a little talk with your green-haired boyfriend. Or rather, you wanted to give him a piece of your mind for making you worry for the 100th time. If it wasn’t for All-Might… you didn’t even want to think about what could have happened if not the hero getting in between to fight to talk to them.

And not only that but you were also tired of being third wheel compared to All-Might and Bakugou. It’s been about 2 months since the two of you actually went out, or even got close together without some stupid villain either getting in the way, or with Izuku reluctantly telling you that he had training to take care of even during breaks.

You paced a little bit in the first floor where you wanted to talk, until you saw a very scared looking Izuku making his way to you, slowly because he knew you were upset. “Goddamn it Izuku…” You shook your head, expression calm but Izuku knew that you were pissed off to hell, and he shook in dread at the fury in your eyes. He knew how scary you were when provoked, yet he managed to do that to you whenever he acted recklessly, and he had a habit of being somewhat reckless…

“I can’t believe you, you’re lucky Bakugou didn’t kill you because damn, dammit you could have been killed AGAIN! That’s like what… the 10th time you’ve almost died and barely escaped with your life?” You asked him sternly, crossing your arms and he saw that you were more hurt and scared than genuinely angry, although the anger was still very present in your tone and face.

“(Y-Y/N), please… look I wasn’t going to die, Kacchan and I… we were just… look, he had things on his mind and we just had to fight it out and-“ Izuku tried to explain himself, but you weren’t having it, you were tired of excuses.

“Last time I checked, friends don’t fight things out. Otherwise they wouldn’t be friends. God… this rivalry or whatever is completely fucked up… I mean I get that he’s strong and has SOME admirable traits but God Izuku… he could seriously hurt you, you’re still recovering from the attack at the Summer Camp! You shouldn’t even have been fighting with him! You should have just turned it down, you could have got fucked up beyond repair if you used your quirk again!” You finally raised your voice a bit, Izuku flinching slightly when you did since you didn’t do that often.

“No, I couldn’t have, I can’t just do that. I’m not the same cowardly, defenseless Deku anymore, I won’t turn down a fight anymore because I won’t have a choice when the next one comes.” He reasoned with you as best as he could, and honestly, the assertiveness amazed you but at the same time it was frustrating that he wasn’t backing down even though you were just worried about him, and it hurt so damn much seeing him injured almost all the time now… worse than in middle school.

“Right, you’re just being Stupid-ass Deku now.” You kind of glared at him, and he gasped lightly obviously surprised at hurt that you used that name ‘Deku’ for him, albeit in the derogatory way that Bakugou labeled him with rather than the heroic moniker he chose for himself. “And jerk-Deku… because you’ve been SO preoccupied with everything else whether it’s getting injured or training too much that whatever plans we make can’t happen…I wanted us to remember every moment we would share together... I wanted to remember every moment we both got stronger here at UA...” You said a little lower, and Izuku sighed… it HAS been a while since he last took you out on a date.

“You can’t do that… you can’t make me worry like that, and you can’t turn down dates for the 5th time by pretending that your serious injuries aren’t hurting… I can excuse you turning down a date, I can even excuse a petty argument with Bakugou, and I can excuse turning down dates a third time, but not the fifth… and I especially can’t excuse you downplaying your injuries and still fighting on when you're supposed to be resting…” Shaking your head you looked down, forcing yourself to NOT tear up just thinking about the awful injuries your boyfriend had endured since school started.

“(Y/N)… You worry too much, and you can’t do that either, this is just… this is our life now, I know it’s getting harder… I know I haven’t been able to make plans… even though I want to, and we will! But right now… you can’t worry too much… you shouldn’t have to worry so much about me, it won’t do you any good, and I don’t want you to worry so much...” Izuku said to you gently, obviously trying to comfort and reassure you because he felt that he almost didn’t deserve to be worried for by you, but his attempts weren’t working…

“How the hell am I supposed to not worry about my boyfriend when he seems so drawn to danger? It’s one thing to jump in to save the day, but Izuku… the injuries… I can’t even look at you sometimes when you’re so hurt… God, it looks like you’re in so much pain sometimes… and then I feel pain everytime I see you in pain that you're clearly trying to swallow down for the sake of others…” Your voice nearly broke when you thought about and vividly imagined some of his awful broken bones, how much they repulsed and worried you.

“I’m NOT drawn to danger. I know the injuries are painful… because they are, they still hurt so much but I’ve gotten stronger… I can endure them more.”

“You shouldn’t endure injuries that can potentially destroy you! You’re no good a hero if your body’s destroyed or if you DIE because your body's busted beyond repair and you can't fight, idiot! It’s the same as being defenseless! Don't you get that?!” You weren’t going to stop arguing until he owned up to the fact that you had a point, but Izuku wasn’t budging, if anything he was starting to get a little upset with what you were saying.

“You know… you’re starting to sound like my mom…” He said lowly, getting rather frustrated himself at how much you were arguing and not listening to him, almost like his mother had done when she initially considered not letting him continue attending UA.

“I’m not trying to sound like your mom, even though she had a huge point…” You grumbled, which made Izuku flinch as a spark of anger shone in his normally soft, green eyes. That was a stressful time when his mom nearly made him stop attending school at UA, and it was still a sore thing for him to think about.

“(Y/N)… what makes you think you can just lecture me about how to live my life? You don’t know anything!” He somewhat raised his tone now, and you were taken aback since Izuku never spoke to you like this unless it was a dire situation with villains.

“I only know that you’re setting yourself up for disappointment if all you do is get yourself hurt by either Bakugou or the villains! It's one thing to fight against your rival, but how can you expect to fight if you're just going to keep hurting yourself?! I might not know much but I know that at least!” Despite your initial shock, you kept trying to assert yourself, not for the sake of winning a petty argument, but for the sake of trying to keep your boyfriend from constantly harming himself.

“No you don’t! I don’t need you to tell me how to run my life! And I don’t need you to help me to get stronger because you can’t, just like you can’t even do that for yourself. Ever since we got accepted into UA you haven’t progressed because you’re too busy worrying about me! Well, I don’t need you worrying about me! And I don’t want you to worry about me!”

It hit you like an arrow to your chest, the pain coming more from the truth than anything. You blinked slowly, expressionless once the words sunk into your skin as you let out a small sigh you didn’t know you were holding, bringing your arms over your chest as you gave a small nod once your boyfriend’s honesty sunk in. The worst part is, he was right. Compared to the others, you had been useless in nearly every single incident aside from the USJ.

However, you completely ignored the shocked look on his face, as if he realized that he seriously crossed the line and actually hurt you once he saw how shocked and speechless you were. Everything went silent for an uncomfortable minute until he started stammering an apology.

“(Y-Y/N)… I-I’m so sorry I-I didn’t…” You shook your head with an ‘Mm-mm’, turning around to go to your dorm as Izuku quickly followed you.

“I’m sorry! W-Wait, wait (Y/N), n-no don’t go, don’t go! I’m sorry I-I didn’t mean that! I’m so sorry! P-Please I-!”

“No. I don’t want to hear another word. Just... leave me alone… you’re good at that anyway...” You said that last part sadly once you made your way to your room, shutting the door on Izuku as he stood there, looking desperate and horrified with what he just did, what he just said. He had hurt you, worse than a villain could have. Shaking slightly, he remained at the front of your door as he forced himself not to tear up even though his eyes were betraying him as a tear ran down his face. Giving you space seemed like the plausible thing to do, even though all he wanted to do was give you a million apologies.

Sorry wouldn’t cut it this time though.


The next day was completely awkward, and you deliberately avoided Izuku, even waking up earlier than he did so you could get to class as fast as you could. Every time he tried to talk to you, you refused to listen, telling him that you didn’t want to talk at the moment. And it broke his heart a little more every time you pushed him away.

However, eventually you DID talk to him, at lunch. Sort of.

“(Y/N)… please… please I want to talk to you…” He immediately came over to you after class once it was time to go down to lunch, and for the first time that day, you did look him in the eyes. But he saw no energy or glimmer of exuberance that your eyes normally had, all he saw was pain and melancholy, and it was all his fault. He did that to you.

“You’re right. We DO have to talk. But it has to be at night… I need some time alone…” You answered him, and it wasn’t what he wanted to hear but he understood nonetheless as the two of you sadly parted ways. He wasn’t surprised when he saw you sit with other friends at lunch or at least until you got up suddenly to head elsewhere. Everyone could tell there was trouble in paradise, because it was extremely awkward to talk to either you or Izuku.

Uraraka, Iida, Todoroki, Tsuyu and even Aoyama had tried talking to Izuku, but he didn’t budge. Even when it was about you, it just brought all his guilt back from last night after he told them what you were both fighting about and what he said.

Of course, they agreed with you in how that was out of line (esp. Tsuyu), especially for him, but they each reassured him by telling him to apologize, let out his truest feelings and even do a romantic gesture to show how sorry he is. That was Aoyama’s suggestion, but Izuku was willing to try anything.

Little did he know though, that nothing he could do would change your mind about the decision you just made for yourself.


It was hard to look at your dorm-room as you took your most important things and would send for the rest of your things later. You didn’t want to imagine how your friends would react to find you gone the next morning.

As soon as you stepped out of your room, you headed downstairs and you there stood your boyfriend, looking extremely anxious and still guilty from everything from last night and before.

“(Y-Y/N)… h-hi…” He perked up once he saw you, his body visibly trembling because he wasn’t looking forward to this talk. It didn’t sound good based on the tone you had used earlier this afternoon. However, this was his chance to apologize and take back every single horrible thing he said to you last night and own up to how neglectful a boyfriend he had been. He’d follow Aoyama’s advice and take you somewhere nice, buy you flowers and whatever sweets you craved, hug you more and kiss you until you forgave him.

“Hi Izuku.” You waved to him with a sad smile, poor thing had no idea what you were going to say. And you weren’t sure how to announce it, other than just being honest with him. “I’m glad you made it here.” That was a lie, even if you knew that you had to break this to him face-to-face, even if it would hurt him and you deeply.

“I think a serious talk is long overdue… last night… wasn’t the right way to do that though… I overreacted.” You talked first, but Izuku shook his head.

“N-No… y-you didn’t… you were right… everything you said was right… but… I said some things last night that I’ve been regretting ever since I said them…” He quickly affirmed, his eyes quivering just thinking about how he had said those hurtful things to you. His dear, sweet, beautiful girlfriend.

Sighing, you crossed your arms. Everything he told you had kept replaying in your head the entire day. “(Y/N) I’m sorry… I’m so, so, so sorry… I can’t tell you just… h-how sorry I am…” Closing your eyes, you heard Izuku’s voice crack ever so slightly, it was killing you.

“I didn’t mean anything I said. I’m serious… I-I don’t know what was going through my head but… I-I really didn’t… I know I can’t take it all back but… I w-want to try and make it up to you… I haven’t been good to you… but I… I want to do better. I can make time… even with our schedules, I can s-still try to make time for you too… it’s not fair… what I’ve been doing to you… making you worry… I know I can’t always help it… but it’s still not fair… and you just worry because you care about me that much… I-I never should have told you that I don’t want you to worry about me… of course I don’t want you to worry yourself sick but… s-still…” Izuku said with a trembling voice, meaning every single word as you paid full attention to him, even though your decision was long made up.

“I know you are… I know you didn’t mean those things you said…so I forgive you Izuku… I forgive you…” Softly, you approached him and put your hand on his shoulder to try and calm him down so he wouldn’t panic or get too anxious as you gave him a little smile, and tilted his chin up to look at you as he looked at you sadly, partially relieved that you had forgiven him for the horrible things he said.

“But I also meant what I said last night Izuku, not the meaner things I said, but... about how I wanted to remember every moment here at UA... but... not like this... almost nothing has gone right here...”

Trialing off, you looked away slightly which made Izuku look at you, a hint of confusion crossing his features. “In fact... that's what I've been thinking about a lot and I made a decision... and I need you to know it...” That got him nervous again, he didn’t know what to expect at this point.

“W-What is it…?”

You gave a deep sigh, trying to regain your composure and not look at him for his remorseful, upset and glossy green eyes hurt you. How you adored his eyes, and his sweet, sincere and practically pure personality is why you loved him so much… but this was enough. You weren’t helping him progress, apparently his friends were doing that for him… why? You’ll never understand, but that’s why you have to go…

“Izuku…” You sighed again, hating the way he almost looked right into your eyes as you called him again, but you knew that this would only crush him. “Listen…”

I gotta say what's on my mind
Something about us doesn't seem right these days
Life keeps getting in the way
Whenever we try, somehow the plan
Is always rearranged
It's so hard to say
But I've gotta do what's best for me
You'll be okay

“Remember when we both got into UA?” Giggling slightly, Izuku smiled just a little bit as he nodded at how long ago that felt when it was only at least a couple of months ago. “Y-Yeah… hard to believe it’s been that long… walking in this school, still feels like the very first time…” He said softly as you smiled and nodded, sharing his sentiment.

“It was awesome… the look on Bakugou’s face when he WASN’T the only one from our school to get in? Priceless… that was one of the best days of my life, not just cuz of that but because you and I did it together, yet with our own strengths…” A fond sigh left you, your smile not leaving even though it was becoming more forlorn and Izuku could see it.

“But… things have been… different between us… ever since the whole thing at the USJ. You’ve been really focused on your hero studies, which is… so great, you’re doing SO great…” You said smiling, and full of praise for your dear Izuku but that was just it… what have you been doing? Other than dragging him down? And vice-versa. You let him distract you from your own training and your own well-being. It was time to go your way, instead of his.

“And the Sports Fest was fun…” Another giggle escaped you, and he tried to keep his smile even though he knew that this conversation was still serious. “You got through to Todoroki… and you impressed a few other pro-heroes… but then you fought off the Hero Killer… totally freaked me out… and then to make matters worse, the final exams with All-Might and Bakugou… I don’t know how you got him to work with you, but you did… of course I’m sure it’s not like he did it for you… he never does…” You muttered bitterly, making Izuku cringe ever so slightly, because you always argued with him about Bakugou, he assumed this was about him…

He thought.

“And for God’s sake… again, Izuku you really fucked your arms up really bad at the camp, yet all you could think about was Bakugou? Not even about how I felt about what happened to you? Or the rest of your classmates?” You kind of chuckled when you thought about it again. Izuku had the grace to look ashamed, because in that moment he realized that he really didn’t think about how it made you feel… he tried so hard to reassure you those times, even though he saw how scared you were for him. Yet still, he insisted he was okay when it wasn’t okay.

“You’ve got priorities. Even though… I don’t think what All-Might’s doing is right… putting pressure on you, Bakugou pushing you around… I don’t think any of it is right… but your goal is. Your goals are right Izuku, but… another thing that isn’t right is us.” His eyes widened as he shakily gasped, this was what he was afraid of. He knew he messed up but this couldn’t be happening…

I've got to move on and be who I am
I just don't belong here
I hope you understand
We might find our place in this world someday
But at least for now
I gotta go my own way

“Our relationship hasn’t been exactly steady. You have your things, I have mine… I think too much about you, I worry too much about you… and you seem to do less of those things. And you were right, there are things I don’t understand, about you, All-Might and Bakugou… but there are things you don’t seem to understand about me either… which is why… I’m dropping out of the hero course… let another more deserving hero-in-training take it up. Preferably that Shinsou boy… He’ll be better at it than me anyway. He actually wants to be a hero for himself, I wanted to be a hero with you, but that’s not working out…” You finally breathed once you admitted your plan, squeezing your shoulder nervously and closing your eyes when you could practically hear Izuku’s heart shatter right then and there as the panic settled in his bones.

“W-What?! N-No… no y-you can’t… Y-You’re not serious…?” He asked you, extremely reluctant because you looked and sounded way too serious to be joking.

And your nod was further indication that just tore him apart. “I am Izuku… I’ve made my decision, it’s already done and I spoke to Principal Nezu today during lunch. Mr. Aizawa will find out about it tomorrow…” You said, cringing when you could hear the sound of Izuku’s breathing speeding up to the point where the poor boy was hyperventilating.

“B-But (Y-Y/N) you can’t quit! You’re one the strongest girls I’ve ever met! You’re already stronger than you have been before!” The words came out fast. This couldn’t be happening, you couldn’t quit, not when you had the potential to be an amazing hero, and not after you’ve been with him for so long.

“I remember when we were little you said you wanted to be a hero more than anything! And you’re going to be a great hero one day! Y-You amaze me, and you amaze our classmates! I-I mean… you’re one of the reasons I even go to school sometimes… because you’ve always… supported me… even when no one else did… those are… all the qualities of a great hero… it isn’t just your quirk, it’s the way you look out for people… the way you looked out for me… a-all those years when no one else did… I-I can never forget anything you’ve done for me... it’s one of the reasons why I admire you so much...’” Izuku stammered as he spoke of his admiration for you, anxious and trying desperately to tell you how much you DID inspire him, but after everything that’s happened, and after the fight from yesterday, you couldn’t be so sure. Deep down you knew he was telling the truth, but enough was enough.

“Funny, that’s not what you said last night…” You grumbled a bit which made Izuku cringe once he remembered that, and of course the guilt just hit him harder. "Besides, you haven’t even made me feel like that… I’m not one of your heroes Izuku… you already have two.” You sounded somewhat bitter, but mostly sad as you grabbed your backpack and put your shoes on. “And you’re going to be one too… I will be too, cuz I’m going my own way now… my dad’s going to be here any minute now.” Quickly, you moved as fast as you could, using your quirk to create a portal that would lead you outside.

“(Y-Y/N)!” You stepped into it fast so it disappeared and wouldn’t allow Izuku to follow you. You couldn’t let him follow you, it’d make this a lot harder than it needs to be.

“Wait! No, please wait!”

Don't wanna leave it all behind
But I get my hopes up
And I watch them fall every time
Another color turns to grey
And it's just too hard to watch it all
Slowly fade away
I'm leaving today cause I gotta do what's best for me
You'll be okay

Warm tears slowly ran down your face, but you wiped them away fast, rubbing your cheeks irritably at how worked up you were getting. You hated it. You hated that you loved Izuku so much, but you couldn’t be with him like this, you had to take care of yourself too. Even though it was breaking your heart to get away from him and follow your own path, away from him and your classmates.

No matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t catch up to your classmates, especially not Izuku, Bakugou or Todoroki. And you wanted too, and you wanted to show Izuku that you could be as strong, courageous and inspiring as him. But you weren’t Izuku, and you weren’t Bakugou or Todoroki either, and you never would be. You had to be who you were and hopefully become just as amazing as they were, if not better.

All you wanted was to graduate and become a pro-hero with Izuku, and show him that you could be powerful too. However, with classes slowly getting harder and with all the villains distracting you and your classmates, everything you wanted was falling apart. Making dates became nonexistent with Izuku being either preoccupied with his training with All-Might or worrying about the villains. And then you spent a lot of your time worrying about Izuku which only got worse after he encountered Shigaraki at the mall.
Izuku was the love of your life, but it was clear that he could take care of himself fine. He said it himself, he didn’t need you. Just like that, your dream of being a pro-hero at Izuku’s side slowly disappeared with every incident, every moment spent fearing for his life. A colorful dream turned grey and dull.

I've got to move on and be who I am
I just don't belong here
I hope you understand
We might find our place in this world someday
But at least for now
I gotta go my own way

You sniffled as you took a bit of a detour and made your way into the dark school, knowing that Aizawa and any other teacher would be on your ass if they found you out of bed and on school grounds at this hour, but you had to give it all one last look before leaving.

A small, weak smile tugged at your lips when you saw the inside of your class, remembering the first time you stood foot into it. Your shoulders shook with snickers when you saw the exact spot Aizawa had been lying in when you and the rest of your classmates first met him. Hard to believe it had been so long ago since that day. There was no other happier couple than you and Izuku, you were so ecstatic when he got in with you, even if he did save Uraraka…

Shame filled you when you thought enviously of the girl, she liked Izuku a little TOO much. And you hated it… sometimes you wanted to push her, but deep down, you knew she didn’t deserve it. At least she would get what she wanted once you left, because after the first day at UA, things spiraled downhill for you and Izuku as he paid more attention to his classmates than you, pondering about their quirks, their strengths and weaknesses. Because he knew all about you, it felt as if you were no longer important enough for him to pay attention to.

It just wasn’t working for you here, it was time for something new for you. You told yourself this as you exited the school’s entrance and took one last glance at the large school. “Sorry…” For some reason, you apologized to the school as you closed your eyes with a heavy sigh.


You gasped in shock when you heard someone call your name, thinking it was a classmate or teacher trying to stop you, until you turned around to see Izuku closing in from the distance.

“Izuku…” Shaking and in near-tears from anxiety, your eyes widened when he followed you and started running towards where you were at. Why did he follow you? He was making this twice as hard, and it was killing you on the inside.

What about us?
What about everything we've been through?
What about trust?
You know I never wanted to hurt you
And what about me?
What am I supposed to do?

“Please… just wait… y-you… you’re not really leaving right...? W-what… I mean… what about us? W-We’ve been through so much together… ever since middle school… w-what about all of that… t-that we’ve been through?” He shamelessly started crying, his tears shining in the moonlight and dripping down on the sidewalk. His voice sounding pained and full of grief and most of all, remorse.

“I know we have… and I thought that it meant trust between us…” You didn’t give in, no matter how much this was hurting you too.

He knew it. He messed up big time and nothing he could say would fix it. Izuku had unknowingly neglected you, he wanted to make you not worry but instead he ended up downplaying everything and it ended up pushing you away… and he really did it when he said that you weren’t making him stronger, even though the truth was is that you did… even more than All-Might and Bakugou… he adored you.

It was his fault you were leaving, and he knew he deserved everything he was getting right now.

Yet, he couldn’t bear to see you go.

“I’m so sorry (Y/N)… I’m so, so sorry… the last thing I ever wanted to do was hurt you like this… I-I never, y-you know I never wanted to hurt you…” Izuku apologized as he sniffled and wiped some of his tears away even though they kept falling, sounding the most sincere you had ever heard him, and he was always sincere. But this came from his very soul, it was agonizing.

He looked so hurt it was killing making you crumble from the inside out, however you just kept reminding yourself of how many times you both tried to spend time together, only to be interrupted by either villains or his priorities with his training.

“What about me?” You clenched your fists, trying hard not to cry yourself but you refused to give into him when you knew this was for the best…

You guessed…

Izuku knew your mind was made up, but it didn’t stop him from pleading because he loved you too much, he just… didn’t want you to leave. “I-I know… I know I hurt you… I wish I never did… B-But… if you go… w-what am I supposed to do? W-Without you…?” He shut his eyes and trembled, hating how pathetic he sounded in front of you, even though he couldn’t help how he felt.

I gotta leave but, I'll miss you…

“Oh… Izuku… my dear Izuku…” How your heart swelled with such remorse and pity for your poor, sweet Izuku, despite your decision you found it in your hurting heart to cup his cheeks and wipe some of his tears away, “I’m sorry…” You whispered before kissing his lips gently one last time, which steadied his labored breathing as he stopped shaking with every ounce of affection you gave him, caressing his warm cheek gently as you felt his body become more steady. Once the love of your life was calmed down, you slowly, and reluctantly pulled away.

“I’m so sorry… I gotta leave, but I’ll miss you.” You whispered one last time as you turned and began to run off into the opposite direction, heading to the entrance of the school.


So I've got to move on and be who I am
(Why do you have to go?)
I just don't belong here
I hope you understand
(I'm trying to understand)
We might find our place in this world someday
But at least for now
(I want you to stay)
I gotta go my own way

You panted and briefly stopped to catch your breath after running off from Izuku just, so you wouldn’t try to fall back into his arms again. This had to be done, you had to go your own way and let Izuku keep going his way. It was the best for both of you.

As you forced your tears to stay at bay, you perked up ever so slightly when you saw a car approaching and you saw your concerned father looking out and searching for you as you waved to him, getting ready to head over to him.

“(Y/N)!” Izuku ran faster than he had ever done before over to you, a sparkling stream of his tears flying in the air as you looked over your shoulder to see him, (E/C) eyes widening in shock and surprise at just how much desperation and adoration shone in his tearful green eyes.

“I-Izuku!” It nearly made you crumble on the spot as you quickly shut your eyes and turned away, fearing that your heart would ruin everything if you looked too long. However, his footsteps paused, and all you could hear was his crestfallen sobbing, “Please… I-I… I want you to stay!” Izuku cried out to you desperately and honestly, hugging his arms as he closed his eyes and didn’t move from his spot in an attempt to calm himself down. He had seen your father’s car, obviously he knew that his pleas weren’t going to get to you, but if this was over he wanted to at least tell you every ounce of love that he felt for you.

“I-I..." You sniffled, hating the fresh tears pooling in your eyes just seeing and hearing Izuku's pleas, but you wouldn't let yourself ignore this decision you made that was best for you. "I know..."

So, I've got to move on and be who I am
(What about us?)
I just don't belong here
I hope you understand
(I'm trying to understand)
We might find our place in this world someday
But at least for now
I gotta go my own way

Izuku tried, but he couldn't stop the tears or the cries leaving him, and he couldn't bring himself to look at you walk away even if he knew your mind was made up. He was trying to understand, and deep down he did, but his heart was breaking and making him fall apart. However, because you still loved him dearly, you went over to him oncemore in a rush, bringing your arms around him to hold him tightly.

"Shhh..." You gently hushed him, not wanting to see him break down anymore to spare both you and him some more pain as Izuku forced himself to stop crying just for a little bit, and embrace the last warm, loving hug he would get from you for a long time until you decided to come back. He hoped you would, he really hoped you would. He gladly hugged you back, holding you close and tightly as he sniffled, savoring every part of your warm arms, your sweet scent and your everything. And you did the same, hugging him a little tighter, reluctant to leave his soft, comforting embrace but you had to go.

It took a while, but you eventually pulled away from Izuku. Tears still streamed down his face, but he appeared calmer at the moment as you slowly walked away from him and approached your father's car. You looked over your shoulder to see Izuku one last time, green eyes meeting (E/C) eyes. Izuku was heartbroken, but he still found enough energy in him to pick up his hand and give you a wave, wishing you the very best of luck. Sadly, you picked up your hand to wave back to him even as you got in your father's car, wanting nothing but the best for him too. You knew he would do well though, you loved Izuku Midoriya more than anything in the world, but you had to go your own way and let him go his.

He watched your father drive you away, and once you were gone, more tears gathered in his eyes as his face scrunched up and he fell down to his knees, quietly sobbing to himself and muttering your name in despair. Even though Izuku understood your decision, he was going to miss you every single day, every single hour and every single minute. The only thing that brought him comfort, was your memory and his confidence in you that you were going to do just fine going your own way.

I gotta go my own way
I gotta go my own way

Chapter Text

Cause I’m a warrior, I fight for my life
Like a soldier, all through the night
And I won’t give up, I will survive I’m a warrior
And I’m stronger, that’s why I’m alive
I will conquer, time after time
I’ll never falter, I will survive I’m a warrior

-’Warrior’ Avril Lavigne

A week passed by ever since UA lost one of its students so suddenly and unexpectedly.

All-Might, Aizawa and the rest of the pro-heroes were beyond shocked and confused when the students of Class 1-A reluctantly and tearfully admitted that their friend from the General Studies was no longer with them as they proved this by showing nothing but the ashes that used to be yours.

Of course, the news got out to the media and UA was currently under fire yet again. It was bad when a student had been kidnapped by villains, but now they were in bigger trouble now that a student was presumably killed by the suspect that had been spotted on the campus.

However, after many painful interviews with the media, the students were allowed to still attend school. But the security had been doubled and the students were given somewhat less freedom, earlier curfews and escorts to lead them out of school for fear that a villain just might be lurking around the shadows.

Despite all that was going on, it almost didn’t matter to the students of Class 1-A and the General Studies students. To them, all that mattered was that they lost one of their friends. And they had spent the entire week grieving for you, and even attended the funeral that was held for you by your distraught parents.

Tears were shed, especially from your childhood friend Izuku as he spent the entire week in melancholy, regretting that he didn’t help you as much as he should have the second you used your quirk to try and help them find that villain. Uraraka and Aoyama did their best though to comfort the boy, even if they were grieving for you too.

Shinsou didn’t dare show his tears, not until he was in the privacy of his room where he did cry for you. Even if it was only a couple of months, you and he had gotten close in the General Studies as your attitude slowly won him over because you actually liked his quirk and thought he was ‘cool’. You were one of the only people he could say he genuinely liked, so losing you was like having a kitten that you realized you adored and wanted to keep forever, only to have someone take that little cutie away from you to never see again.

He missed you. He actually missed you and wished you were here because he felt more alone than ever without his friend here to watch this episode of Friends he was watching. The show used to make him feel good, but now he couldn’t even find it in him to smile because you weren’t there to watch it with him.

And finally, there was your second childhood friend Bakugou. After you disappeared and died in front of him, he broke down hard and couldn’t be consoled by any of his friends, not even his parents could offer him any comfort without him screaming at them to just fuck off and leave him alone. And as the week passed, he realized just how much you had meant to him. As soon as you slipped away, only then did he realize that he didn’t treat you as well as he should have. He wouldn’t ever tell anyone else, but he took back everything he ever said about you.

Now that you were gone and never coming back, he was overwhelmed with this weight in his chest that stirred up so much emotions that made him vibrate with such anger and remorse that it almost terrified him. Without you, it felt so damn miserable and he couldn’t believe just how painful it felt without you there with him. Even though he constantly turned down all of your offers to hang out, he still knew that you were at least there for him to think about. He thought about you a lot, and at times felt regret for being such a dick to you, but now there was nothing but remorse in his chest because the last thing he did was call you weak and useless in what ended up being your final moments.

Bakugou rarely ever felt guilty for being callous to people and very seldom did he apologize for such, but if he could find some way to turn back time, the first thing he would do is tell you how sorry he was for everything.

He knew he couldn’t though because you were gone. And that knowledge just made it all the more painful as he sat on his bed, clutching at his hair as he failed once again to hold back the river as his breath hitched as a sob left his throat. It was very late, as he had been going to bed even later for the past week because he couldn’t sleep without you on his mind. God, there was no way to even begin to describe this emptiness he was feeling, and there was no way to get him out of this pit he had dug himself inside.

He was missing you like crazy. And he couldn’t shake it off, because he wanted you here. But you were gone, and you weren’t coming back…


Meanwhile, Shinsou lied in his bed. His insomnia would be the death of him, but he hasn’t slept in the past 4 days because he was too busy grieving and missing you and binge-watching Friends, which did nothing to comfort him because all it did was remind him of you.

He couldn’t sleep, no matter how much he was trying to since Aizawa had been nagging him to get some sleep lately, but it was hard. However, tonight he would try because he was starting to dream during the day which wasn’t a good sign.

Reluctantly, Shinsou closed his eyes to try and let the exhaustion in his body slowly take him into dream world. For a moment, he swore he was asleep as the bed felt very comfortable and he felt soothed by the mild ambience he could hear…

“Oh my God…”

Shinsou’s eyes slowly opened when he thought he heard a voice, your voice. He sat up from his bed and looked at his door. For a minute it felt like he was dreaming again, but he held his tongue in case he heard it again.

“No stop it… please whoever’s doin’ this just stop it…”

“(Y/N)?” Shinsou knew that was definitely your voice, and it was alarming for him to hear after a week without you. He wondered if you were around, but he could hear the terror in your tone, why were you so scared? Were you in trouble?

He had to know…

Carefully, he opened his door and saw nothing but the darkness that blackened the hallways of the 4th floor. There was nobody around, but he knew what he heard…


Shinsou gasped when he heard you screaming and as soon as he looked over his shoulder, he saw a figure standing in the middle of the hall.

It was you!

“(Y/N)!” He almost felt overwhelmed as soon as he saw you, in one piece. And yet, he couldn’t be so sure if it was really you as he speed-walked over to you. You were sobbing and falling to your knees.

It broke his heart to see you like that, and the first thing he did was get down to your level. Hesitatingly, he carefully put his hand on your shoulder.

“(Y/N)…” He quietly said your name, and you gasped and looked up to see his purple hues looking into your (E/C) eyes full of tears. There were specks of blood on your face, and he wondered just what in the world happened to you…

“Hitoshi…?” Tears rapidly fell down your face as you gasped a shaky breath of relief, bringing your shaking arms out desperately for a hug. “Oh Hitoshi… thank God for you… thank God for you… thank God you came…” You sobbed as Shinsou slowly hugged you, but it felt so right. This was you, your actual body… at least it felt just like your actual body.

“It’s all right… it’s okay… but what happened? Where are you…?” He asked, because he wasn’t sure if he was dreaming or if somehow he woke up on another side that you were on. This looked like the dorms, but darker and colder.

“I-I don’t have long… I-I shouldn’t even have tried but if you see someone that ain’t me… leave, and don’t come back… it’s not safe… I-I… I-It’s Hell… it’s Hell here Hitoshi… I found myself in a dark place and now I just see you and Izuku, Katsuki and everyone else dying… over… and over again… and I can’t get out of it…” Your voice broke as you started to cry again, “And they don’t even serve no food in Hell… that’s what really made me realize that this is truly Hell…”

He would have scolded you for such a stupid remark, but just hearing you say that it was HELL that you were in shocked and confused him him. “What…? How in the world did find yourself in Hell…?”

You shivered and hyperventilated, sniffling a little bit. “I-I don’t know… b-but the man… t-the man from the mall… it’s him… he was the one who was spotted on campus… he’s in charge here…” As soon as you mentioned the ‘man from the mall’, Shinsou’s eyes widened a little bit, having remembered you telling him about that encounter you had with that strange man while you were out with Bakugou.

And it all made sense. He encountered you, and then a couple of days later you just happen to disappear.

“You have to stay away from him he knows all of your worst fears just by lookin’ at you… he’ll use those fears to create your own version of Hell… y-you have to leave right now… h-he’ll find you and try and drag you to Hell too… Hitoshi please just protect everyone, tell Katsuki I’m sorry I didn’t come back, please…” You trembled as you spoke quickly, begging your friend as his expression took on a concerned one as he kept his eyes on you the whole time.

“I’m not leaving you.” Shinsou shook his head, refusing to lose you again as you started to sob, “Hitoshi… Hitoshi I love you but please you have to… he’s going to come back… you have to go now… there’s no way for me to leave, but I ain’t lettin’ him leave either… I have to concentrate, I can only keep him stuck with me here for so long, but don’t try fightin’ him if he gets out…”

“But (Y/N)…”

“Hitoshi…” Before you could say anything else, you shrieked as an invisible force suddenly pried you away from Shinsou and dragged you back into the blackness.


Shinsou awoke with a gasp, his eyes shooting wide open as he sat up from his bed, feeling sweat misting his forehead and neck as he tried to remember everything that just happened. He realized that he was back in his room and wondered if that was only a dream.

There was no way it had to have just been a dream though...

He refused to believe it was a dream. Not when you looked way too frantic and desperate in that moment, so he got up from bed and put on some clothes. It might have been extremely late, but he had to do something. If it was really Hell you were trapped in, he wasn’t going to just sleep on that. How could he?

As soon as he stepped outside his dorm, he was surprised to see Bakugou out and about, and he looked horrible. He seemed a little bit paler, and it showed in the darkness and he got a little bit thinner, and sported light but visible bags under his eyes. No doubt from a lack of sleep and proper nutrition over the week due to still processing his grief.

However, despite how tired and miserable he looked; it didn’t stop him from leering at Shinsou.

“Eye-Bags? What the fuck are you doing up so damn late?” He asked him angrily, and hypocritically given how he was still awake himself, but for a completely different reason. And he had assumed because this freak had insomnia based on those bags under his eyes that he appropriately nicknamed him.

“Oh that’s rich coming from you. It’s 3 in the morning. What are you doing up?” Shinsou asked him, ignoring the way the blonde glared at him, “I’m the one asking YOU that you bastard!” Bakugou would have yelled louder, but he knew that would wake his classmates up. No he didn’t care if he woke them up, but he didn’t want them to wake up because then they would either bother him or scold him for being awake at this hour.

“I’m looking for (Y/N).” Shinsou then replied rather casually, which made Bakugou’s eyes widen a little bit, but he quickly narrowed them and clenched his fists and quietly growled. For a moment he was starting to think that this idiot was either hallucinating or trying to fuck with him. And the last thing he needed was to be reminded of the fact that you weren’t there, and there’s no way that you could have been here. He saw you disappear, he felt you disappear from his arms.

If Shinsou wasn’t your friend, Bakugou probably would have beaten the living tar out of him right here and then just for mentioning you.

“Don’t fucking play games with me Eye-Bags… She’s NOT here! You saw what happened! She’s GONE! And there’s no way she could possible come back! So don’t say stupid shit like that!!”

Despite Bakugou’s shouting and the ferocity in his reddened eyes, Shinsou didn’t yield nor did he flinch. “I saw her.” He remarked with slightly narrowed eyes, but all that did was make the explosive teen even madder.

“I swear to God you get out of this hall RIGHT now before I lose my shit. I’m not even kidding… GET out of here…” Bakugou was practically seething at the purple-haired boy as he his palms crackled to threaten him before he said anything else that would piss him off.

Shinsou wasn’t intimidated. He could have easily brain-washed him right then and there if he wanted to, and he still could. But he wouldn’t. Not right now at least. “I heard her. I saw her in a dream. I closed my eyes, and when I opened them, I was in the dorms, and I saw her right out here…” He explained, and that surprised Bakugou enough for his eyes to slightly widen and hold his fire.

That was a very specific dream, and as much as he didn’t want to believe it, he knew that this freak didn’t have any reason to lie to him. Shinsou was your friend after all, and Bakugou didn’t like him at all, and some of that stemmed from jealousy because of how close you both got after only a couple of months at best.

What did this guy do that he couldn’t?

Oh right. Treat you with respect and actually spend time with you. Bakugou remembered that bitterly, and he hated himself a little bit more just thinking about every moment where he treated you like garbage.

However, before he could get miserable again, he reluctantly listened to what this brainwashing bastard had to say.

“I think she’s in trouble.” All he had to do was say that, and that suddenly put Bakugou on edge as he gasped quietly and widened his eyes, “What the hell do you mean by that? What did you see in your dream? Tell me!”

“I saw her right out here. She stood right here in this spot, but she said she couldn’t get out of the place she found herself in.” Shinsou said, scanning around this hallway as he listened carefully but didn’t hear anything but snoring from other closed rooms. As he spoke, Bakugou scowled at him but he paid attention. There’s no way that was just a coincidence, and on top of that, even if your physical form wasn’t here, what did that mean about your spiritual form?

“(Y/N)’s quirk lets her go into the netherworlds or some shit like that. Her soul can travel wherever she wants, but nobody can see her soul when she’s in those different planes. And she never came back, because she got stuck somewhere.” The ash-blonde finally said after a moment of silence and concentration. The more Bakugou thought about it, the more he realized that there was a very strong possibility that you weren’t actually gone, and Shinsou believed that possibility.

Because something wasn’t right. He knew it wasn’t.

For a second, Shinsou thought that perhaps he was just in the denial stage in the stages of grief, but he couldn’t ignore this feeling he had or what he saw in that dream. There’s no way that you were just dead, you didn’t return to your body for a reason.

It’s like Bakugou had said, you got stuck. And Shinsou was starting to think that you were probably still stuck wherever you were at. He almost had hope that perhaps he could find someway to get you out. It felt like an impossible idea, but he had to try.

He wanted to be a hero for this exact reason, to protect and rescue people, especially people he cared about. And you were one of those people. Shinsou knew how much you loved Bakugou, and he didn’t understand it, but it wouldn’t stop him from trying to save you.

“The things I do for love.” He muttered to himself as he turned his back to his irritable classmate, “Hey! Where the hell are you going?!”

“To (Y/N)’s house. She’s in trouble and I know it. She said that man from the mall is the one who trapped her, but she’s keeping him trapped too so he can’t take anyone else. I’m not telling the teachers because I doubt they’ll be any real help… and they won’t help quick enough.” Shinsou explained his plan, albeit with the intention of doing this all on his own because he understood your quirk well since he had helped you train with it whenever you descended and returned from the netherworlds.

But as soon as Bakugou heard him mention that freak from the mall, his eyes widened, and he pieced it altogether. That bastard was the reason why you never came back. He creeped on you at the mall because he wanted you, and as soon as he had his opportunity, he took you. Why else did the person who that man crept on at the mall just suddenly disappear?

He felt his fists clenching as he grit his teeth, growling as angry tears welled in his fierce eyes. That person was as good as dead once he got his hands on them. You must have been terrified and exhausted having to keep that freak in the netherworlds with you…

“Hey Eye-Bags, don’t even think about doing this alone, I’M going to find (Y/N) and get her out of wherever the hell she is and kill that fucker!” He declared and already started following him, but Shinsou wasn’t at all pleased.

“Now he wants to actually do something for her.” He said, earning a snarl from the explosive teen. “What the fuck is that supposed to mean?!”

Shinsou almost chuckled, “You know what I mean. All (Y/N) wanted was to spend time with you and make you happy, and you repaid the favor by treating her like shit. She knew it too, but it didn’t stop her from trying anyway.” He revealed some truth to him, and Bakugou wasn’t surprised but hearing it from Shinsou just really… made him feel like the worst shit ever.

“If that’s not love I don’t know what is…” However, Shinsou sounded a little bit bitter, even though he had long accepted that you loved Bakugou.

His eyes nearly widened and involuntarily felt his cheeks heating up once he said ‘love’, there’s no way your feelings towards him ran deeper than just friendship. But Bakugou knew better than that, he knew that you cared about him more than you probably should have. He didn’t know why because of how badly he treated you, but if he got you back, he wasn’t going to treat you like that ever again…

“Tch… why don’t you just shut up? I know I fucked up. I was a shitty friend to her, but I’m getting her back. End of story. And I’m coming with you whether you like it or not you brainwashing bastard.” He roughly said to him, obviously not backing down and looking absolutely livid yet determined. Shinsou knew there was no stopping this guy, and as much as he didn’t like him, if it meant getting you back quicker then he wouldn’t stop him.

Shinsou gave a heavy sigh. “Fine.” He said as he exited the building with the ash-blonde, “So why the hell are you going to her place?”

“We trained together often. She showed me some old books from her mother and grandmother. The books detailed her family history and their quirks, along with other spells and incantations. She has some relatives that have similar quirks.” He somewhat briefly explained what he knew and had a hunch that delving further into your family tree might bring them closer to getting you back somehow.

This wasn’t new to Bakugou, he knew that you had weird family that you weren’t close to, but he didn’t know much about their quirks since he regrettably ignored some of the things you had told him while explaining and showing him one of the large books you kept. “And you think calling up some old relative is going to help?” It wasn’t Bakugou’s ideal plan. What he wanted was to find the asshole who took you and beat him bloody and force him to bring you back from wherever it is that he trapped you.

Shinsou sighed in annoyance. He should have just brainwashed him to go back to bed so he could do this alone, but that wouldn’t have felt right because he knew that they both cared about you and loved you. “Yes.” He replied simply, “We can’t do anything. That man can jump into planes like (Y/N) can. We can’t… (Y/N) was warning me in my dream… I think I had that dream because she was trying to send out the signal to warn someone, anyone about him.” He thought and analyzed how he had that dream. Of course, he hadn’t slept in 4 days and was basically half asleep and half awake in that duration, and he was starting to wonder if that was how you managed to get to him and warn him.

Bakugou wanted to argue, and he would have, if they weren’t sneaking out of the school because that would just alert the staff that students were out of bed and leaving the school.

He wasn’t planning on getting caught, not when you were in trouble. He was going to get you back. One way or another.


Shinsou felt somewhat guilty once he arrived at your house, and had to explain to your distraught parents why they were here at 4 in the morning but because they trusted Shinsou, they allowed him to come inside to do what he needed to do. Bakugou was familiar with your parents though, but your dad didn’t seem very happy to let him in. There was no time to argue though, as Shinsou immediately went to your empty room.

It wasn’t the first time he’s been in your room before, and usually it was full of lazy energy and goofy smiles from you. But now this room felt even emptier without you in it, and Bakugou felt the exact same way. He had been in here plenty of times, often reluctantly, but it felt painful now to be in your room without you in it.

He just had to bring you back home, and then he would watch a damn episode of Friends that you love so much in here.

“Here it is.” Shinsou went over to your shelf and pulled out the largest book there, and opened it to look through and find some of your younger relatives that had similar quirks, much to Bakugou’s annoyance because he was taking way too long for his liking.

“How hard is it to find someone with a fucking similar quirk?” He asked, almost tempted to yank it from the purple-haired teen to find one himself, “I can’t just choose a random relative.” Shinsou quickly snapped back with a somewhat irritated tone, and started reading up on the details of your quirk, “Besides… if we want to get her back for sure, we need to have a better understanding of her quirk. It’s called ‘Decensum’.”

“I know what her quirk is called!!” Bakugou shouted, now he was really getting annoyed. He should have just gone out to find the bastard himself, “Dammit! We’re wasting time reading a damn book when we should be finding the freak who took her!”

“The ‘freak’ took her to Hell.” Shinsou quickly stated, and Bakugou for once stopped and shut himself up the second he heard ‘Hell’…


“We both know that Decensum allows her to travel into the netherworlds. And it says here that Hell is one of them, but it’s different compared to what most people believe. Instead of a fiery pit, Hell is an afterlife designed for the souls of the damned to suffer their worst fears for all eternity on an endless loop to add to the suffering.” He read outloud what was in your book, complete with various pictures of people suffering unique fears including a woman surrounded by strangers and lost in a crowd, and a man being humiliated in public or a child being forced in a dirty pit full of worms. But Bakugou was too in shock to really pay a whole lot of attention, although he could still hear him.

“Sometimes Hell can even take the form of a person’s worst memories from terrible times in their lives where they suffered. (Y/N)… she said she was watching us die… and all of her friends…” Shinsou almost cringed when he thought about just how much you were suffering, he recalled the misery in your eyes when you appeared in that dream.

Bakugou blinked slowly, a look of horror and fear crossing his features, two feelings he wasn’t familiar with. But he couldn’t believe it. “What is she doing in Hell…? She doesn’t belong there…” He shook his head, almost refusing to believe it but he knew Shinsou wasn’t lying.

Shinsou wished he was though, “She wanted me to tell you that she’s sorry for not coming back… even though… we both know it’s not her fault…” He did what you wanted him to and told Bakugou what you had wanted to tell him, and the ash-blonde’s heart broke for the 100th time that week as a new surge of anger coursed through his veins.

He was going to kill that bastard, slowly and painfully. “Tch… of course it isn’t… that idiot…” He muttered, refusing to cry again even though his eyes started to burn with the ghosts of tears threatening to form.

Shinsou almost felt sorry for him in that moment, because he was angry and sad too. “She also said that the man’s quirk has to do with manipulating Hell. That’s why she got stuck, he’s dragged her into her version of Hell…” He figured it all out now as soon as he had all the pieces.

And it fueled him and Bakugou even more to try and rescue you, but going to Hell sounded extremely dangerous and difficult. This is definitely where one of your relatives would come in handy.

“Good news. Decensum can lead to death if the person doesn’t return to their physical bodies in 15 minutes, but their souls can still be released from Hell and restored when they’re brought back to the physical plane.” Shinsou’s eyes slightly widened as soon as soon as he read that on another page and Bakugou perked up. If what he was reading was true, then there was still a chance to get all of you back…

“So who the hell are we supposed to call in that?” He asked with narrowed eyes, not looking forward to meeting one of your weird relatives since you weren’t close to many of them for a reason. But he’d force them to come over here if it meant getting you back.

Shinsou was quiet for a moment as he started flipping pages to find some potential candidates to call up, but many of their quirks weren’t that helpful or entirely similar to yours, and a good lot of them were quirkless too. However, he paused as soon as he saw one strange looking relative.

Michael Langdon. Who this book claimed was your second cousin once removed. He was a very handsome, blonde young man with striking blue eyes, but where it said ‘quirk’ it read ‘unknown’. Which made Shinsou a little suspicious, especially when he read up on the details of his history.

His mother died in childbirth with a twin brother that died in infancy, and his father committed suicide while the grandmother raised him for a time until she committed suicide too. And he was currently being raised by a group of woman from a school said to be for ‘exceptional young girls’. Shinsou wasn’t sure what to think of this person, because he had a very checkered past, especially in the beginning of his life. And on top of that, there was only so much information provided about him. No wonder you weren’t close to any of your more distant cousins.

But as much as Michael’s past and lack of a named quirk was unsettling him, there was a longer written part about him that stated that he could perform many feats such as telekinesis, scrying, weather manipulation, pyrokinesis, teleportation, mind control and astral projection…

Mind control was Shinsou’s quirk, and astral projection was your quirk…

Did he have more than one quirk like Midoriya? Or did his quirk grant him more than one power like Todoroki? What in the world was this person?

“What’s taking so long?! Have you found someone or not?!” Bakugou’s impatience interrupted his thoughts though, and Shinsou didn’t hide his annoyance. “I found someone… but I don’t think you’re going to like him.” He said as a warning, because he wasn’t so sure he was going to like him that much either.

“I don’t like a lot of people…” Bakugou stated simply, because it was the truth, but that was one thing he and Shinsou had in common…

But this person seemed very shady. Yet, they were going to do whatever it took to get you back somehow. Including calling a stranger that was somehow related to you on a distant level.


Michael Langdon didn’t expect to receive a call. Especially not from all the way around the world in Japan, and he was almost pleasantly surprised to hear about a cousin he had no idea even existed until today.

“(Y/N) (L/N)?” He asked as he held his phone, almost curious to know about this cousin. “Yeah…” Shinsou didn’t feel comfortable when he spoke to this stranger, but right now Michael seemed like his only hope of getting you back.

So Michael paid close attention, smiling the entire time as his eyes darkened a little bit. He never got a chance to know his cousin, not after his grandmother abandoned him and neglected to tell him everything else about his family history. So he almost felt like it would be the right thing to do.

After the women from New Orleans took him into their school, he steadily got a handle on his own powers and slowly started learning right from wrong. Despite the fact that he was the son of Satan.

“I’d be happy to help.” Michael said politely, but didn’t expect a second voice to speak to him, “And hurry the hell up! Or else I’ll go down wherever and drag you by the feet if I have to!” Bakugou was much less polite than Shinsou, and growing much more impatient by the second as he clung to the hope that you were still alive and that you could still be saved. He knew he shouldn’t have set his hopes up so high, but he just wanted you back and he hated that so far there didn’t seem to be any other way to get you back other than place his faith into a stranger he had never met before.

Michael was taken aback by this new person, and felt offended by how rude he was being, almost tempted to just set his soul on fire the minute he sees him, “Very well…” He muttered as he hung up, and after speaking with his teachers, he promptly set flight for Japan.

It wasn’t hard for him to book the quickest flight to Japan, because his abilities allowed him to control the people in charge and he easily got on the plane without having to pay a cent. He wasn’t sure if he would even get to know you well, but for some reason the human side of him told him that helping a family member was the right thing to do. Especially if you were in trouble on another level above the physical realm.

He wasn’t so sure about the people who called him though. One sounded distrusting and unenthusiastic to speak to him, the other was loud, rude and rough and even threatened him. He considered harming them, but if they called him to help you, they must have been close to you.

Was this what it was like to do the ‘right’ thing? He hoped it’d be worth it.



You gasped in hitched sobs as you shut your eyes to avoid looking at the visions of your dear friends and beloved Katsuki dying right in front of you for the millionth time.

This truly was your Hell, because you were utterly powerless to stop any of your friends from dying, even if you knew that they were visions, the knowledge did nothing to quell your fear, misery and grief every single time you saw them die. Somehow, the knowledge actually made the suffering worse.

Yet, you didn’t bow, even though every moment you felt as if you were going to, and if you were being honest, you wanted to. But you couldn’t let this person win, no matter how many times he broke you over and over again.

When the warm blood splattered on your face, you held back your scream even as the tears and wails left your throat.

“I’ll be there for you… when the rain starts to pour, I’ll be there for you… Like I’ve been there before…” To distract yourself, you would sing your favorite songs just to remind yourself that this was Hell and that you couldn’t let these visions shatter everything about you, no matter how many times they broke you.

“Stop fighting it…” Shinigami growled when you looked away yet again from ‘Katsuki’, but you knew that wasn’t your Katsuki.

“No…” You shook your head, cracking one eye open to glare up at him, “You can trap people in Hell… but their emotions can interfere with your power… if they’re suffering… good on you… that just means your quirk is working… but the more aware they are… the less power you have over em…” You muttered what you had realized over the endless time you had been suffering. Shinigami glared at you as soon as he realized that you had figured out the limitations of his Hell Imprisonment quirk.

It was new to you, but as long as you were tied and trapped in this afterlife, you made sure that this man wouldn’t escape. It required all of your concentration to keep him bound to this afterlife with you, but if it meant keeping him from getting to your friends. You would suffer.

“You’ll suffer for a man who doesn’t love you…?” He asked and looked at you like you were stupid, and you just snickered and shook your head with a grin. “No…”

“I’ll suffer for all of my loved ones, including the one who doesn’t love me… I’ll suffer these visions again and again, and never eat again and never watch an episode of Friends ever again and suffer all of this pain for all of eternity if it means protecting them…” You affirmed for him, almost thinking fondly of Bakugou despite the fact that he didn’t love you. Yet here you were in Hell, and keeping this person in Hell just to protect him.

“The things I do for love.”



When Shinsou and Bakugou returned to UA the following morning, they were met by an irritated and secretly worried Aizawa and a more openly worried All-Might. Neither men were happy at all that they left the school grounds in the dead of night, and Aizawa especially wasn’t happy about the fact that Shinsou managed to evade the security by brainwashing anyone who spotted them.

“Do you have any idea what could have happened if you were caught by security?” All-Might was more gentle with the scolding, but Aizawa had to play bad-cop.

“Are you both more careless than I thought? I’m not surprised by you Bakugou, but Shinsou? I didn’t expect such rash acting on your part…”

Shinsou almost felt like a child getting scolded by a parent, but Aizawa was a rational man, he hoped he would at least listen to him. “I saw (Y/N). She warned me in a dream.”

“What…? What did she tell you?” Aizawa cut off All-Might before he could ask anymore questions, but wouldn’t necessarily shut down Shinsou just yet.

“(L/N) doesn’t have a dream-related quirk. How could she have contacted you while you were sleeping?”

“No, but her quirk is an astral projection quirk. If she can travel on a spiritual plane then she can reach out to people on the physical realm like a ghost. I saw her, she spoke to me, it wasn’t just a dream… she told me that she was trapped where she was with the villain who was spotted on campus last week.” Shinsou explained himself and what he knew to All-Might, which of course shocked both him and the underground hero, but it didn’t lessen his anger and disappointment.

“So you just acted on your own instead of letting us or another teacher know?”

“Neither one of you could have helped…” Bakugou was furious, but he had to speak calmly while he was in his teacher’s presence and especially All-Might, albeit just to spare getting in anymore trouble and wasting anymore time that he needed to be spending trying to wait for that idiot to hurry up so he could bring you back.

“Young Bakugou. I was told that (Y/N) was a special friend to you and Young Midoriya. And you too Young Shinsou for that matter. I know how much you both cared about her… and as touching as your intentions were, you both still broke a number of rules.” He knew he had to be gentle about this, but both boys already began to blush.

On any other normal day, All-Might probably would have indulged in some very light and playful teasing, but knew to remain sensitive since he sensed that there was definitely some love going on between the three of them. And based on what he’s heard, it was unrequited love and complicated love.

He gave a heavy sigh, “I suppose love makes us do crazy things…” All-Might concluded, but all he did was fluster Bakugou as he growled, “Love?! Yeah right! It’s not like that at all!” He exclaimed as he furiously blushed, as Shinsou just scoffed and averted everyone’s gaze despite his flushed cheeks giving him away.

“(Y/N)’s my friend.” He muttered, not owning up to it despite the fact that he didn’t exactly deny that he had feelings for you, but All-Might was right. Love did make people do crazy things, and Shinsou knew it.

“I understand that you both care about (L/N), but you both let your personal feelings cloud your judgment and took matters into your own hands, instead of leaving it to the pro-heroes.” As much as Aizawa understood why his two students acted on their own accord, he couldn’t let them off the hook, and he didn’t plan on it.

However, before he could have given out their punishments he was interrupted by a door opening all on it’s own, and there stood Michael, dressed sharp in a black suit and tie with dress shoes and all, smiling an enigmatic smile.

“Hello.” He bowed to them politely, and Shinsou and Bakugou instantly figured out that it was the person they called. “I was told to arrive at UA. Hard to miss with the giant letters, but I can’t call that subtle or humble.” The blonde-boy stated with an amused tone, but as far as Aizawa was concerned, this person was trespassing, and he wondered just how in the world did he get past all the security.

But Bakugou…

“So you’re the cousin?” He asked him right off the bat, already angry but that stemmed from his ever-limiting patience, “If you mean (Y/N)’s cousin then yes. Her second-cousin apparently…” Michael’s tone made it clear that this was new to him, but Bakugou could care less.

“Bring her back. Eye-Bags said you can astral project like she can.” He said, and Michael made a face, wondering how these two knew so much about him, “I can…” Michael nodded somewhat skeptically, which neither Shinsou nor Bakugou liked.

“How in the world did you get past our security?” But that’s what Aizawa was concerned about, and he would have scolded Shinsou and Bakugou for their sheer lack of judgement since neither of them had a clue just what this person could have been capable of. “I asked them politely to let me in.” Michael claimed, which wasn’t partially true, more like he used his mind control to get them to let him in…

So, Aizawa and All-Might were suspicious and uncertain about this student, even if he was supposedly related to you, “I don’t mean no harm. I came all the way from America just to save my cousin. I’ve never met her you see… but I was excited to know that I do have extended family… especially after my first family all died…” He sounded sad when he thought about how he lost his family, but the sadness quickly turned into a smile. “So let me help you please… I promise that I can rescue (Y/N). She’s my cousin.” He used the polite tone again, a soft, silky voice that Shinsou and Aizawa weren’t find comfortable or reassuring.

Who was this guy? Why did he make them feel uneasy?

Bakugou didn’t like him at all either, but if it meant you would be back soon, then they had to just suck it up and tell this guy to fuck off afterwards.

“Yeah, yeah just hurry up and get to it already!” He demanded, not willing to wait any longer to bring you back as he ignored how some of his classmates had attempted to try and sneak in on what Aizawa was scolding their classmates about. “You’re not being sneaky…” Their teacher knew they were there though, and already had plans to punish them later in class as they each flinched before reluctantly coming out of hiding.

“Hello there. My name is Michael Langdon. I hear that you’re all classmates with my cousin (Y/N).” Michael however, was intrigued by the amount of students that were present, and he could feel their powers radiating from them. “Y-You’re (Y/N)’s cousin?!” Izuku was shocked and surprised, although he did know that you had some relatives that you weren’t close to, but he never thought he would see the day where one of them actually came down to visit.

Michael stared at Izuku, the smile almost turning into a pensive, rapt look as soon as he looked into the power he could sense that had been bestowed in this young boy, and walked closer to him, which was making Izuku rather uncomfortable and a little alarmed. “Your power is boundless…” Michael suddenly said to the boy, making him gasp a little bit, which confused the classmates in proximity, Uraraka, Iida, Aoyama, Tsuyu and Todoroki.

“W-What do you mean…?” Izuku nervously asked, starting to wonder if that was this person’s quirk and if he should even be trusted, and Aizawa didn’t hesitate to keep a close eye on Michael in case he decided to activate his quirk. But Michael did look at Izuku right in the eye, trying to stare deeply into his soul and making him increasingly uncomfortable as he trembled a little bit. There was some sort of power in Michael too, and he hadn’t felt this way since he met All For One…

“I have a feeling we might see each other again someday…” Michael wondered outloud and blinked to break their eye contact as he gave the green-haired boy another smile that the others felt was shady, as Izuku backed away slightly and his friends didn’t hesitate to move closer to him.

“Where did you find this guy…?” Kirishima went over to Bakugou and whispered to him, because so far this person was giving him the creeps.

“He’s (Y/N)’s cousin, a total freak…” Despite his lack of patience, Bakugou managed to somewhat politely enough (at least by his standards) answer his friend.

And once Michael was done creeping out Izuku, he walked around the dorms a little bit, scanning the halls as if he were trying to scope out what he could sense. “You guys are definitely not alone here… there’s more than one presence in this building.” He said, but just succeeded in unsettling the students.

“T-There’s a ghost in here?!” Kirishima kept his composure, but couldn’t really help but tremble slightly at the mere thought of there being something else in this building with everyone else.

“I think he meant (Y/N)…” Tsuyu clarified, despite her own uncertainty about this person and what he was claiming.

And Michael nodded at this, “That’s right. (Y/N) is in this building. Right now. But she’s not alone…” He pointed out, almost tempted to smirk when he heard a few gasps of shock from your wide-eyed classmates, “Well what are you waiting for?! Hurry the hell up and get her out!” Bakugou’s eyebrow twitched as he shouted for your damn cousin to stop with the pointless medium, Ghostbuster shit and just go and get you out.

Michael growled a little bit when he was yelled at, if you didn’t know this boy he would have destroyed his soul right on the spot. “Fine… at least where I’ll go it’ll be quieter. I’ll find her.” The young man snarked at the growling Bakugou as he got down on the floor to lie down, bringing his arms out as he recited the incantation.

“Spiritu duce, in me est. Deduce me in tenebris vita ad extremum, ut salutaret inferi… Descensum!”

He descended fast into the netherworlds, but for him he ended up in a different place as he searched around Hell and found a door that he knew led to where you were at.

Without hesitating, he opened the door to find himself back in the Heights Alliance, only it was darker, colder and splattered with blood as bodies littered the floors as he heard crying. Curiously, he tilted his head and moved closer to the noise.

“Don’t you dare…” You muttered as Shinigami perked up and saw an opening for him once he realized that there was somebody else with them. “NO!!” You screamed again, but it was out of frustration when the man slipped right through you and dissipated from your Hell.

“(Y/N)?” Michael looked right at your bloody face as you gasped and widened your eyes in shock and confusion, having never seen this person before, but he looked very familiar. “What the…?” However, you were still in shock because of the fear you were running on ever since you got trapped in this Hell. “Who are you…? Why do you look so familiar…?”

Michael actually smiled and looked a little giddy, “I’m your second cousin.” He replied to you fast, and your eyes widened even more and your mouth opened in shock, but then you realized that it started to make sense given that he somehow got into this place, and you didn’t have to try and contact him. “My name is Michael Langdon. Your friends called me to help you get out of here…” He then gave you a brief explanation of how he got there, and why he was there.

“They did all that for me…?” You wondered as you couldn’t help but crack a little smile despite all the horrors you had been witnessing for God knows how long in here…

Michael gave you a nod, not entirely understanding the whole thing about love, but he just knew that they definitely did it for you. However, before he could take you back, he saw a look of fear crossing your features. “Oh no… Hitoshi, Katsuki…” You realized as you glared at the direction where Shinigami had left, “Michael… we need to stop that man… he can’t go near my friends…”

Shinigami inhaled deeply once he emerged from the walls of the hallway and stepped out of the opening from the netherworlds, but paused as soon he was greeted by the shocked looks and gasps from the students who immediately turned to see the villain in what was supposed to be a protected sanctuary for them…

“Stay back!” Aizawa acted fast as he and All-Might quickly stood in front of the students, the former activating his quirk to prevent the villain from trying to use his quirk. However, even without his quirk, Shinigami could still sense what the man feared as he chuckled darkly. “Even if you can erase my quirk… doesn’t mean you can stop me.” He said with a smirk, at least until he met the enraged eyes from Bakugou.

“Hey you bastard…” He tried to charge over to him, but Kirishima and Izuku held him back, “Let me go you idiots! I’ll kill him!” Bakugou writhed and harshly pulled away from the two even as they protested, but Aizawa held his arm out to keep him from attempting to go after the villain. “Stand aside Bakugou.”

“I suggest you listen to your teacher… all of you…” Shinigami smiled at the rest of the students, his eerie gold eyes making them all freeze, as if they were hit with a quirk that froze them, but that was just a murderous intent. Even Aizawa and All-Might felt deeply unsettled by this man, his eyes didn’t just look at them, they pierced right into their souls. “But you know … we can make a deal… if you really want your precious (Y/N) back… you can always… take her place… she’s in her Hell… I can always bring her back and instead put you in your Hell…” The man offered, grinning ear-to-ear as his voice deepened and he brought his hand out for Bakugou to take, much to his, Izuku and Kirishima’s shock and horror.

“Don’t listen to him Kacchan!” Izuku immediately stood in front of him, “Over our dead bodies!” Kirishima was right beside him, but even if they were trying to keep him away from this guy, Bakugou still felt patronized, “Don’t treat me like some damsel in distress idiots!”

Shinigami was very amused by it all though, “I didn’t say I was giving him a choice did I…?” He asked but took a step back as soon as Aizawa and All-Might prepared to go on the offensive, “None of these students are going anywhere.” Shinigami continued to back off towards the wall as soon as Aizawa started to move towards him, but before he could make the first move, the villain suddenly paused and grunted when he felt something grab him.

“What…?” He asked as soon as he saw your (S/C) hand clutching at his arm and digging your fingernails into his flesh as hard as you could, “No…” Shinigami for once looked shocked as he began grunting with strain as soon as your other hand took a hold of him and began to pull him into the wall that he started phasing into which made the teachers and students all pause as they watched in confusion and awe, “No! NOOOOOOO!! What are you doing?!” He screamed as he tried to fight against the hold, but his eyes widened as soon as he saw your (E/C) eyes as you aggressively held onto him. You would have looked at your friends, but all they could see was Shinigami being forced into the wall by some invisible force.

“I’m not letting you take anyone else to Hell! You made me a prisoner, so now I’m making YOU a prisoner! And you can go to Hell!” You shouted and pulled him back into the netherworlds with all your might as Shinigami screamed a loud ‘NOOOOOO!!’ as soon as he faded into the wall, which did nothing to ease the shock and confusion from the others.

“What… what just happened?!” Uraraka shouted what they were all thinking, unsure what they should do now. “If that person can travel into spiritual planes like (Y/N) can… then I think Michael might have found her…” Tsuyu began to wonder as she referred back to the unconscious young man that remained on the floor.

This earned a gasp from both Shinsou and Bakugou, a small glimmer of hope shining in their eyes, “Then why’s he taking so damn long?! What the hell is going on wherever they’re at?”

“I think we’re going to find out soon…” Shinsou answered that question despite how uneasy he was feeling, since this was a battle nobody could see or even predict was happening…

You shouted with effort as you lunged Shinigami back into your Hell, forcing him to the ground as you panted heavily, “I ain’t All-Might… but I’ll fight you again and again if I have to…” Wiping the sweat off your forehead, you kept your narrowed eyes on the man as he growled and glared at you with a hate in his eyes you hadn’t seen before.

“You… You just might belong here with me…” He said in a deep voice as he got up with his hands out in an attempt to strangle you, but he paused and grunted as you heard a familiar ‘SLASH’ sound as your eyes traveled down to his stomach to see a bloody knife being wedged into the flesh and making the redness ooze and spill to the ground as Shinigami let out a pained, pathetic whimper.

Michael stood right behind him, holding the weapon and pulled the knife upwards to give him the finishing, fatal attack as Shinigami fell to his knees and started to choke on blood rising to his throat as he coughed out the crimson liquid.

You looked at your imprisoner with a mix of shock, horror and relief for a while until you stared up at Michael. He looked at you with a serious expression, and his eyes looked cold but you couldn’t really read the rest of what his face was saying. It was almost as if he felt nothing when he killed that man.

“T-Thanks for that…” You finally stuttered out, almost feeling nervous when Michael’s lips curved into a smile, “You’re my cousin.” He stated simply, and despite the anxiety, you were grateful that he helped you and rescued you.

“Are you going to take me back…?” You then asked, and his smile didn’t fade or change as he gave you a nod. “Wait! Y-You can’t… you can’t leave me here… no… please don’t… don’t leave me in this place…” Gasping, you backed away as soon as you saw Shinigami reaching out to you, his eyes begging you to stay or take him back with you so he wouldn’t be stuck in Hell.

But after what he did to you, and what he attempted to do to Bakugou. You didn’t plan on offering any mercy.

“Rot in Hell.” You bitterly spat at him before you brought your hand out for Michael to take as he led you out of this place as Shinigami screamed for you to come back, begging for you or someone, anyone to kill him.

However, Hell didn’t offer any mercy to the suffering, and Michael would make sure of that for him.

Michael awoke with a heavy gasp as his eyes opened and he sat up with wide eyes of shock as he met the suspicious and dubious looks of your classmates. Izuku and Uraraka looked concerned for the man, but Bakugou couldn’t care less. All that mattered is that you weren’t there with Michael.

“Well? Where’s (Y/N)?” Bakugou immediately asked, growling and already getting pissed when he didn’t see you come back. Even though this person said he would bring you back.

“I found her…” He said calmly, but he didn’t know who he was talking to, “Then why isn’t she here?!” He grabbed the taller man by the neck of his suit, ignoring the look of fear in his eyes.

“You said you’d bring her back and she’s not here! Dammit!! I don’t care if you get stuck in Hell, you go back and get her out of there!!” Furious tears pricked his eyes as he looked ready to blast him when he held his palm out towards the other blonde but paused as soon as he saw a cloud of dust suddenly taking a shape. And piece by piece the ashes formed and reshaped into your (B/T) figure until you were whole oncemore as your classmates each gasped as soon as they saw you again in the flesh, lying unconscious on the floor in front of them.

And Bakugou shakily gasped in shock the second he saw your body, a sense of relief, joy and adoration overwhelming him as he nearly crumbled on the spot.

“(Y/N)…” Shinsou’s eyes widened, and he gasped a little bit when he realized that you were back, or at least he desperately hoped that you were back as he quickly went over to you. Or at least he tried to, but Bakugou moved faster than he did.

“(Y/N)!” Izuku immediately teared up as soon as he saw you, but before he could even attempt to go over to you, Bakugou pushed him aside and quickly went over to you and came down to his knees, placing a trembling hand over your cheek. It was warm, thankfully as Bakugou stared at you, a rare shimmer of worry flashing in his glossy, red eyes as he held your face gently.

“(Y/N)… (Y/N)… you’d better be back now you idiot… dammit just wake up already… wake up… you’d better be back or else I’ll find someway to go to Hell and drag your ass out of there myself… just… wake up…” He quietly said to you, forcing back the tears even though they betrayed him and snuck out and dripped onto your forehead.

As you lied, a puff of consciousness slowly awoke you slowly came to, but the little drop of wetness made you cringe slightly as you stirred. You heard a gasp as your eyes slowly fluttered open, and you nearly flinched once you felt warm palms on your shoulders and you focused your vision to see Bakugou looking right at you with a mix of emotions you had never seen in him before.


Your own eyes slowly widened, and you couldn’t fight the smile rising on your lips when you saw that this Bakugou appeared to be uninjured and well, albeit you wondered what could have possibly made him of all people, cry.

Was he really crying? You wanted to hug him even more now, but you weren’t sure if this was just another vision to torment you or if this really was your Bakugou…

“A-Am I…? Am I really…? Is this… this isn’t Hell…?” You had to ask, your tone becoming gradually excited as you took in the rest of your surroundings. There was light again, no blood or foreboding sense of death anywhere. However, before you could ask anything else, Bakugou suddenly threw his arms around you and held you in the tightest hug you had ever felt.

And you grunted lightly from the tightness and felt surprise and joy heating your face, but you almost jumped in shock when you felt more tears wetting your shoulder. This was your Bakugou all right. However, it hit you when you realized that this was the first time in a very long time that you and Bakugou have actually hugged, so you happily hugged him back with tears beginning to form in your eyes.

“Hey Katsuki.” You greeted him as you savored everything you felt from him because you weren’t sure you would get another one of these hugs for a while. You took it all in, how warm his arms felt around you, how soft his hair felt and how you felt like you could stay in this forever…

Minus the BO…

“You could really use a shower…” You whispered to him, and right on cue he growled and deliberately tightened his hold on you as you grunted in pain, “You shut your mouth, shithead!” He shouted as you coughed a little bit, “Agh! Nevermind… sorry…” Your voice was more strained, but at least he didn’t pull away or blow you up.

Although, he did eventually pull away just to glare at you, “You… idiot! You scared the shit out of everyone for a whole damn week, are you happy?!” He sounded and looked angry, and he was a little bit, but he actually looked more worried and scared than anything. You could tell too, which is why you couldn’t stop smiling.

“Hehe… I’m sorry… I didn’t expect… that to… happen…” However, when you apologized, your smile slowly turned into a frown as you shook unpleasantly when all the horrors you saw came back to you. And Bakugou could tell as he pulled you in for yet another hug, “Well whatever… all that matters is that you’re back…” He muttered lowly as he started to blush but hid it from you and the rest of his classmates.

“Yeah… I missed you SO much… the real you… I saw another version of you in my Hell… but it wasn’t you… that wasn’t my Katsuki.” Despite all the terror that you weren’t going to get over for a while, Bakugou’s hug was enough to bring you comfort as you hugged him tightly and he blushed even harder. He wasn’t going to pull away though, while he knew he was a jerk by nature, he wasn’t going to treat you the way he did before all of this.

“There’s only one of me.” He said somewhat cockily with a small smirk, and you couldn’t help but giggle as you slowly pulled away, “Nah… and I knew that…” You smiled wide, ecstatic to finally be back to the physical plane, but your eyes widened when you finally saw the rest of your classmates.

It annoyed Bakugou, but he moved away reluctantly just to let you reunite with the rest of his classmates.

“Izuku!” You saw your teary-eyed childhood friend, and the first thing you both did was rush over to hug each other tightly. “(Y/N)!” Izuku cried as he actually hugged you, his shyness and nerves that came with being touched forgotten as both yours and his tears streamed down your faces. “Oh Izuku it’s you… you’re okay… oh thank God you’re okay…” He smelt a lot better than Bakugou, and he was in one piece and not bloody.

“I-I missed you… I missed you so much you have no idea… I-I’m so glad you’re okay…” He sniffled as he held you, beyond happy that you really were here. He knew how your hugs felt, and this was proof that this was the real you. “I’m here Izuku… I’m okay… I’m not going anywhere for a long time… I promise.” You said softly before you placed a chaste kiss on his forehead, earning a surprised little squeak of embarrassment from your friend as his whole face turned red. This did not go unnoticed by Bakugou or Shinsou…

It took all of Bakugou’s willpower to not blast Deku right then and there, whilst Shinsou just leered at the green-haired boy, who was still blushing heavily even as you pulled away and patted him gently on the head with a sweet smile before you greeted the rest of your friends.

“Uraraka… Tsuyu! Aoyama, Iida, Todoroki…” You headed for the Dekusquad, each of them looking at you with wide eyes to see you in the flesh after a week of your supposed death.

Uraraka, Tsuyu, Aoyama and Iida’s eyes each welled with tears as they stared at you in awe before they each burst into somewhat dramatic tears, “(Y/N)!!” The group suddenly brought you into a group hug, it felt tight as hell, but you didn’t care as you made sure to hold your arms out to hug each and every one of them.

“We missed you!”

“Oh (Y/N)!”

“Ribbit! It felt so wrong without you!”

“I cannot even begin to describe how saddened and miserable we were without you!”

They each exclaimed while they hugged you tightly, and you chuckled a little bit between your tears, “Guys… oh God I missed you all so much you won’t even…” You wanted to speak more, but you were surprised to see even Todoroki with what looked like misty tears in his eyes as he smiled at you with a relieved expression. And Uraraka, Tsuyu, Aoyama and Iida pulled away briefly to let you hug the heterochromatic boy.

“Todoroki~! Did you miss me?” You had to ask, feeling rather surprised when Todoroki actually hugged you and put his arms around you, “Of course. You are my friend. I was afraid that we lost you, I was afraid that I lost you.” He admitted softly, and you smiled and blushed a little bit, almost feeling honored that Todoroki Shouto thought of YOU as a friend, much to Bakugou’s immense annoyance.

“Aww… like I said… I ain’t goin’ nowhere for a while.” You said somewhat cheerfully as you pulled away, but you screamed as soon as you felt someone pick you up and carry you into a very tight hug.

“(Y/N)!!” It was Kirishima, and he was openly crying as carried you, “You’re okay! Oh Thank God you’re okay! I missed you like crazy, I’m not even kidding!!” He cried as you giggled and happily hugged him, “Oh Kiri… God I missed you too… it truly was Hell because I saw something that wasn’t you…” You almost tearfully said as he gently put you down, but didn’t stop hugging you.

“Man… I missed you but I won’t hog you, c’mon guys!” He called the rest of the Bakusquad as Kaminari, Mina, Sero and Jiro each rushed in to give you a warm group hug, “(Y/N)!!”

“(Y/N)! Oh Thank God you’re okay!!”

“You’re really back!! You’re back, you’re back!!”

“Are you okay?!”

“(Y/N)… t-thank God…”

This was probably the most hugs you’ve ever received in your life, but you didn’t hate it at all, it just made you hug them even tighter, “I’m okay Hanta… and I’m so glad you all are too… I missed you guys…” You said with a somewhat giggly tone, but prepared yourself for the rest of the hugs you would be getting.

“I’ll hug you more later… but the others missed you too…” Kaminari chuckled as his friends slowly let you go to hug the rest of Class 1-A…

Except Mineta…

You had enough hell for one lifetime.

Hugging everyone felt great, even if they weren’t your classmates from the General Studies, you became close with them and missed them all so much as you embraced every one of them, even if some of them weren’t known for being huggers, but you wouldn’t let them NOT hug you after being gone for too long and presumed dead.

But once you were done hugging them, “Hitoshi…” You stopped for a moment, finally seeing Shinsou who was looking at you with a hint of shyness and mostly relief in his expression. And you couldn’t help the tears cascading down your face as you ran right into him and threw your arms around him and hugged him so tightly as you cried. Shinsou held back the tears burning in his eyes as he slowly but tightly hugged you back. “Oh Hitoshi… you got the message…”

“Y-Yeah… it was hard to ignore… especially when I tried to get some sleep…” You tried not to laugh at this but you couldn’t help it, “I’m sorry… but I had to tell someone… and you were the only one half-asleep and half-awake enough for me to contact…”You smiled fondly, amazed but relieved that Shinsou managed to get your message and more or less was the reason you got out of Hell. “I’m never forgetting this you know? Thank you… I owe you my life.” Pulling away for a bit, you gave your friend a touched smile as he willed himself to not blush, but he was very happy. Happy that you were back, happy that he was able to help you come back, and happy that he did what he always wanted to do. Be a hero for people.

“You’re welcome.” Shinsou said softly, giving you a small smile, “But give yourself credit too. You kept that creep at bay just so nobody else would get trapped too… you proved what you wanted to… you really aren’t weak. I knew you weren’t.” He said, kind of praising you a little bit as you couldn’t help but blush, grinning a bit as you hugged him again, which he shyly returned. “Hee… thank you~.”

Bakugou heard what Eye-Bags said though, and the guilt came back as his jealously fueled him to march over to you and the purple-haired teen. Thinking he hugged you long enough, “Hey, (Y/N).” Your eyes widened ever so slightly, it’s been a long time since Bakugou’s called you by your real name instead of ‘Shitty Girl’, ‘Shithead’ or ‘Idiot/Dumbass’. And when you looked over at your childhood friend he looked so calm it almost startled you, but you could see in his eyes that there was something on his mind.

“Katsuki?” You would have teased him, but you held your tongue as soon as he somewhat awkwardly started talking. “You… You’re not weak…” He muttered, obviously having a hard time admitting that he was wrong, but he was owning up to it at least. After all of this, and the fact that were pretty much fighting and suffering in Hell the entire time he thought you were dead made him see you in a whole new light. Especially after he himself just spent that week missing and moping over you and regretting how much of a shitty friend he had been to you.

“You fought back… I don’t want to imagine just what the hell that bastard put you through in those netherworlds or whatever but… you fought back. You’re not useless or pathetic…” He hated the heat creeping on his cheeks when he said it, but it was the truth. It was bad when he was kidnapped by the League of Villains, but he couldn’t imagine how he would have been in Hell…

You weren’t weak. And part of you knew that, but you still smiled at your friend, stepping over to him fast as you practically jumped into his arms to hug him and you were admittedly shocked when he actually didn’t fight and hugged you back. “Told ya…” You chuckled a bit, and for once Bakugou was amused as you heard a small little snort from him.

You remembered what you said when you couldn’t wait to see the look on his face when you came back, and you meant it. Seeing Bakugou like that reminded you that he was a good guy despite his attitude. You knew he loved you.

“I fucking missed you…” He whispered into your ear, his arms tightening around you and taking everything in. Your smell, your soft (S/C) skin and arms, everything, just to make sure this really was you and he wasn’t dreaming. And the little giggle he felt from you was proof enough for him that you were all back in one piece. “And I missed you too Katsuki. I missed you so much.” You said that already, but you really did miss him. The real Katsuki you knew and loved.

“But if you tell anyone else that I’ll kick your ass.” Bakugou made sure however, to threaten you so you don’t ever tell anyone just how bad he missed you, even if everyone else could see it, and you nervously smiled, “Hee~. Oh I won’t… I promise ya that…” You happily said, and hummed in content as you nuzzled the annoyed, blushing boy. He was such a tsundere you adored it.

But good things didn’t always last.

“Where’s the villain?” Aizawa asked as soon as it seemed like most of the reunions were over and done with. You couldn’t help but smile, “Rotting in Hell, sir.” You replied simply, much to the shock of your friends and classmates.

“What exactly do you mean by that Young (Y/N)?” All-Might politely and gently asked you, and Michael answered that for you. “That person had the power to manipulate and imprison people in Hell, or rather a version of Hell suited for the people he traps. But at a cost… (Y/ N) was aware that she was trapped in her Hell, and so it took away some of the power he had against her. She suffered, but she knew it was all a vision, which limited the hold he had on her, and therefore she gained a hold on him. The whole week she was trapped, so was he. As soon as I got in, he found a way out… til she dragged him back with her… and then I…” He explained and casually brought out a bloody dagger, which alarmed your classmates as they shouted a bit and backed away.

“Finished the job. You won’t have to worry about him anymore… I’ll make sure of that.” Michael politely reassured the two pro-heroes, even if his smile just made them unsettled.

But to pretend that they weren’t uncomfortable, they thanked him for his services, “Thank you Young Langdon. Thank you for rescuing our young student here… we certainly owe you in the future.” All-Might thanked the young man, whose smile became a bit brighter.

“There’s no need. Although… I do look forward to seeing all of you again in the future.” He said sweetly, even if he could tell that he was just making them all nervous, but he sensed the gratefulness. “(Y/N). I was happy to meet you, and I hope we see each other again sometime soon.” Your second-cousin said, as you smiled a little bit. Michael did help you out, and you felt a lot of gratitude towards him, warts and all.

“Me too. Thank you again Michael… see you around.” You waved to him, but Bakugou just glared at him. Even if he was happy that you were back, he didn’t like Michael at all. There was something off about him.

However, Michael politely waved to you and took his leave, making the door close behind him with his powers as the entire hallway was silent for a moment. They weren’t really going to miss him.

But you had enough silence after spending a week in Hell, so you clapped your hands, “Well! I know what to do now! All-Might! Mr. Aizawa! You can tell everyone I’m not dead! I’m gonna tell my parents I’m not dead, and everyone… Friends Marathon tonight! With lots of ice cream!” You suddenly and loudly announced for everyone, much to their confusion and amusement. However, after spending a week without you and thinking that they had lost you, nobody turned that down.

“That sounds awesome!”

“Yes! I’m down for watching Friends! I love that show!”

Uraraka and Kirishima sounded the most enthusiastic, but you could see that the rest of your classmates weren’t complaining, and some seemed a bit happier than the others, the stoic ones didn’t show it, but they liked the sound of your idea. Izuku especially, this just meant that you were here to stay.

Bakugou grunted in annoyance, but he was never going to turn down another one of your offers ever again. As much as he hated the thought, this whole ordeal just made him realize that he didn’t know what could happen, and he had so much regrets during the time where he seriously thought you died. It honestly scared him, and he didn’t want to ever treat you like that ever again.

“You and that damn show…” He muttered, letting out an irritated sigh, “Fine… I’ll watch a stupid Friends marathon with you (Y/N)…” Bakugou almost sounded reluctant, but it’s been too long since he actually spent time with you, and he was going to spend a lot more time with you after realizing what an ass he’d been to you. He almost didn’t care that he was going to get that stupid song stuck in his head for a month.

The minute he agreed, you swore that you must have gone to your personal Heaven now, it’s been so long since Katsuki actually said ‘yes’ to spending time with you that you were ecstatic. A bit too ecstatic.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH~!!” You screamed a little bit too loud, and Bakugou (of all people) cringed at the sheer volume as he growled at you. “YAY~!! This is the best day of my life!!” You shouted, jumping up and down cheerfully, which Shinsou, and secretly Bakugou found endearing. Annoying, but endearing.


“(L/N). You used your quirk to find a suspect who ended up being a villain… without permission and you put yourself in grave danger.” Aizawa just had to ruin the mood by pointing out the fact that you broke a rule, but you weren’t the only one who broke some rules, “Shinsou. Bakugou. You also went against rules by leaving the school, evading security and contacting someone without using proper judgment. Even if (L/N) has returned and is well, don’t think this means either of you are off the hook.” He was ready to give each of you punishment, which Shinsou and Bakugou had been dreading. Even though you weren’t his student, he still had the authority to tell your teacher in the General Studies to punish you.

“Mr. Aizawa… with all due respect sir… I literally JUST came back from Hell, I suffered… there was no food, no sense of time, and I watched all of my friends die in horrible ways repeatedly on an endless loop… kinda cold-hearted to be giving out punishments after all that… just saying.” You had to point all of that out, trying to sound as polite as possible, albeit also trying to guilt-trip the teacher a little bit even if it meant using the new ‘Hell card’. And you just succeeded in irritating the teacher, but thankfully All-Might stepped in before he could dish out a punishment.

“Mr. Aizawa… Young (L/N) did break the rules… but, I’m sure she has suffered enough. And the same goes for Young Bakugou and Young Shinsou here, and the rest of your students. They’ve each been spending the week grieving over their friend… while I don’t condone what these three did, they did stop a villain, and go beyond to rescue a friend… Surely, you can find it in your heart to spare them punishment just this once.” All-Might tried to reason with his colleague, and despite Aizawa’s annoyance and unwillingness to yield, he gave an annoyed sigh.

He knew he shouldn’t have, but for some reason he probably he would have felt guilty about it later given everything you’ve been through.

Aizawa would have shown his annoyance, but he was too tired to really care anymore to think of a punshiment, “Just this once…” He repeated All-Might’s words, and you promptly jumped up again with a triumphant cheer, “YES!! This really is the best day of my life!!” You shouted once again, and you heard Aizawa mutter something under his breath about needing a nap.

While Shinsou and Bakugou were partially relieved that they wouldn’t be punished for all of this, but they each made a noise of mild shock when you practically lunged yourself into them into a very tight hug, but they sneered at each other when they were forced so close together.
“We’re off the hook~! Now we can watch Friends! With cookie dough ice cream~.” You sang and grabbed your friends by the arms to try and drag them with you to the second floor where the best TV was at.

“C’mon ya’ll, it’s happening now!” You called the rest of your amused classmates, and you heard many of them talking and making noises of agreement as they did follow you. And as you walked you were cheerfully oblivious to the intense glare-down between Bakugou and Shinsou since you had them so close together with you in between them.

“Oh by the way Katsuki… Happy Birthday.” You remembered as you smiled and blushed at your childhood friend, earning a look of surprise from the ash-blonde until it hit him. His birthday passed a couple of days ago. He was aware of it, but he cancelled any plans that he or his friends might have made because he was mourning you.

Yet, the fact that you remembered that actually made him smile at you in amusement, “You seriously remembered even though you had worse shit going on?”

“Of course! I wasn’t sure how long I had been in there but I knew it had to have been a long time… and all I could think was ‘Well this is just fucking great, first I get stuck in Hell and now I have to miss Katsuki’s birthday’.” You said, and Bakugou almost laughed. Wow, he really missed your dumb sense of humor and weirdness. “Idiot…”

But, he remembered something else, “A deal’s a deal… you came back after all… so… I’ll take you to see that movie you want to see so badly…” He brought out the tickets that he had kept in his pockets, in hopes that Michael would be able to bring you back. His wish thankfully came true, and despite what he said last week, he would fulfill that ‘bet’ you made and take you out to see the new Avengers.

Your eyes widened and your jaw dropped, and you looked at Shinsou for a split second, and wondered if you heard right, ignoring Bakugou’s increasing annoyance as you grinned wide, barely suppressing a squeal as you inhaled deeply before the explosive teen put a finger to your lips. “But if you scream again, I’m not taking you.” He knew you were going to scream, and he wasn’t having that. So all you could do is pout, before smirking.

“We’re gonna see the Avengers~.” Instead, you settled for singing despite the little skip in your step and the hint of sadness in Shinsou’s eyes as he looked at you. But, he still smiled. He was happy for you, and happy that he had you back. Although, he didn’t plan on losing to Bakugou just yet.

And somehow Bakugou knew that based on the look of determination on Eye-Bag’s face as he gave a low growl even as you more or less brought them down on the couch once you reached the second floor and turned on the TV first thing. You hummed cheerfully as you sat down to put on Friends while Bakugou and Shinsou just exchanged glares and stink-faces.

“Hey Hitoshi… thanks for watching Friends with me… I know that you’re not a fan of being around a lot of people… but thanks for doing that with me… thanks for being there for me.” You thanked Shinsou, not just for this but for always actually spending some time with you. Shinsou was surprised as he rubbed the back of his neck, something he did often when he felt nervous. “It’s no problem…” He said quietly, but gave you a small smile that he reserved for you as you grinned and you hugged his arm, and now he was starting to hate his pale skin as he felt his face redden, even when you pulled away he was still blushing, much to Bakugou’s extreme annoyance.

“And Katsuki… I know you’re not gonna care for this, but thanks for agreeing to watch Friends with me…” You suddenly said, sounding a little bit shy when you did. And Bakugou hated the blush heating his face as he scoffed, not one for mushy-gushy crap. “Tch… whatever Shitty Girl… you were in Hell… it’s the least I could do…” He grumbled, and blushed even harder when it was his turn to be hugged, but you really surprised him when you kissed him on the cheek, and his face turned even redder than Kirishima’s hair.

“W-What the fuck was that for?!” Of course he shouted at you, feeling extremely flustered as you started to blush quite madly yourself as you covered your mouth with your hands to quell your laughter, “I just sorta felt like it…” You shrugged as your laughs drowned out Bakugou’s screaming towards you, which you ignored and laughed off while you turned on the first episode of Friends.

As flustered as he was, Bakugou found himself feeling somewhat proud and gave Shinsou a shit-eating grin as soon as he saw indignance in the taller boy’s eyes since he got a kiss, while the latter got a hug. If there was one thing they had in common, it was their love for you.

You couldn’t be more oblivious as you just turned on the show and grinned when the rest of your friends showed up. This must have been heaven, because you were right beside your two favorite guys, Bakugou and Shinsou.

Bakugou wouldn’t tell you just yet, but after everything that’s happened, he was going to be there for you more, because you were always there for him too.

Chapter Text

12:40 am

It’s not that you were an insomniac, you were just KIND OF an insomniac. At least that’s what you told yourself to convince yourself that you didn’t have a problem.

Which is why you often relied on fanfictions, Youtube videos, Netflix and movies to watch and read during the late hours of the night until you dozed off for a good 5 hours and sometimes if you were lucky, you’d get 6 hours of sleep.

No, it most definitely wasn’t a good habit of yours and you were aware of it, but alas, saying you have a problem is a lot easier than trying to fix that problem. However, it was a habit that your boyfriend was extremely irritated with. Bakugou Katsuki wasn’t known for being empathetic, but he did care about you, hell he fucking loved you more than anything. Which is why he was hard on you when it came to your worst habits as a means to get you to break them.

Helping you get some damn sleep was a little bit hard though.

You were in your dorm-room again and watching Stranger Things for the 11th time in a row and sniffling with happy tears when seeing Mike finally dance with Eleven, but you jumped a bit when your door slammed wide open.

But you didn’t even have to turn to see that it was no one other than Bakugou. Only he ever rudely opened your door like that.

“Damn you Katsuki! You freaked me out… and during the best part…!” You wiped your eyes to get rid of the tears, not really seeing the annoyed look on Bakugou’s face. Obviously, he wasn’t happy that you were still awake at 12 in the morning. He shouldn’t have even been awake but… he knew you were, which is why he was up, because you shouldn’t have been awake either.

“Shut up! I don’t give a shit, it’s fucking late and almost 1! Go the hell to bed already or you’ll get bags under your eyes like that weird brainwashing guy.” He didn’t hesitate to scold you, “Besides you’ve already seen that dumb show like 10 times already and made me watch it with you 3 times…”

Smiling coyly, you shook your head, “Joke’s on you Katsu, I already HAVE bags under my eyes… AAAAND actually this is my 11th time because her name is ‘Eleven.’” You giggled a little bit, and if he didn’t love you and your laugh so much he would have yelled at you some more. “Get it?” You asked, but all that did was annoy him.

He grunted in annoyance, calmly closing your laptop and ignoring your pout. This is why you loved him so much, he always looked out for you even if he could be a total jerk about it. But that was just proof that he loved you. “Just go to bed already. It’s too damn late and you’ll mess up your body if you keep this habit up.” Bakugou for once, used a softer tone as he looked over at you, and you blushed and couldn’t help but smile widely at how much care he was showing for you right now.

You tried not to giggle, but you didn’t try that hard. “Aww Katsuki…” Under all those swear words was the care of your concerned boyfriend, and he hated that you just had to fawn over it as he growled and blushed pink. “Just go to bed!” He had to raise his voice, just so you would stop with that swooning. Even if it was true, he was concerned.

And you sighed happily, “Okay… okay… it’s late I know…” You put your laptop away, deciding to follow your boyfriend’s wishes, but not without giving him a surprise hug, which made him grunt in surprise as he couldn’t fight the blush heating his face. But he didn’t fight it since nobody else was around to see and he put his arms around you as he gave you a ‘goodnight kiss’ on your forehead, which made you giggle as you kissed him on his warm cheek.

“Goodnight Katsuki~.” You said to him sweetly as he moved to go back to his dorm, before he looked at you softly and muttered a ‘good night’ and left you to get some sleep.


Once he left, you closed your door and you DID try to go to bed as you lied there with your eyes closed…

For about 30 minutes and you weren’t tired at all. No matter how many times you tried to think of something to lull you to sleep, nothing worked. You sighed in annoyance; you had no idea how your poor friend Shinsou dealt with his insomnia, and you were worried that maybe you WERE insomniac.

You almost felt bad for going against your boyfriend’s wishes, but you couldn’t sleep even though you were trying your hardest. Giving up, you got your laptop and your earphones as you decided to maybe just watch ONE movie that will hopefully make you drowsy enough to fall asleep until morning.

It was kinda hard to choose even though you had no plans on paying attention, but eventually you settled on an interesting movie you recalled once.

The Descent.

You haven’t seen that movie since you were like in the 3rd grade. And you were a little too young to remember every single thing about it, all you remembered was that it was creepy and scary. You chuckled a bit, wondering just how bad it could have been now that you were all grown up now.

The Descent it was.


Why the HELL did you watch that?

Is what you were asking yourself as you stared at your screen with wide eyes as you trembled in your bed as you watched this poor girl getting eaten alive. Turns out you couldn’t not pay attention if you tried once you remembered more about the movie from when you were a child.

At first you thought it was bad enough that the women got trapped, and then when the girl broke her leg, but now these ugly fucking things were chasing them in the dark?! This was a fucking horror show! And yet you were dumb enough to watch it when you should have listened to Bakugou…

Well you knew one thing now; you were NEVER going spelunking or stepping foot into a cave in your life. You were NEVER visiting the Appalachian Mountains in your life, and you were NOT going to sleep tonight. As soon as the movie ended with that terrifying scream, you recognized how horribly dark your room was now.

But there were no such things as cave monsters right? They would have been killed a long time ago. Curiosity was one of your many, many flaws though, and you trembled as you opened your door just a crack. Nothing but darkness and shadows draping along the walls due to the dim moonlight provided by the windows in the hall, but that did nothing to comfort you for you could only see blackness. At least you hoped that it was all you could see, but you couldn’t be so certain because the dark played tricks on you.

Tricks that were too easy for you to fall for as your eyes made you believe that the darkness was taking forms that you felt were coming to life, and you swore you heard very, very quiet creaks and something else that made your body shake as you quickly closed your door and locked it. Terror grasped you as you hurriedly turned all your lights on and you went back to lie in your bed.

Although you hated lying down with light shining in your eyes, the last thing you wanted to be around was darkness. Darkness was bad, and darkness hid monsters that would eat you if you let your guard down.

The only thing left to do was to stay awake until the morning…


You lied in bed, staring straight up at the ceiling with bloodshot eyes as the alarm on your phone went off and signaled that it was time to get ready for class. Like a robot accustomed to your schedule, you got up out of bed to brush your teeth, your eyes still wide and red with heavier bags under them as you threw off your pajamas after leaving the bathroom and got into your uniform.

How in the world were you going to function today? Your body was a lot more tired than it’s been in a while, and you were aware of just how sluggish and weak you felt without a proper amount of sleep. And on top of that, you were still shaken up from that damn movie from last night…

You didn’t stop thinking about it, and you were honestly worried that those things were hiding in the dark because you didn’t know what lurked in the dark. That’s why the dark was the dark, because it hid things and played tricks on people.

But you couldn’t let anyone know that, and you especially couldn’t let Bakugou know that either. In fact, other than telling you to go to bed earlier he’s also told you countless times to not watch horror movies alone at the dead of night because of how crazy you got after doing exactly that because the horror movies often freaked you out afterwards and made you act like more of a weirdo than normal. Now you were paying the price AGAIN for doing that…

However, you didn’t plan on letting him figure it out, so you took a deep breath as you put your shoes on and carefully left your room with your things. You thought that maybe if you load up on sugar and (F/D) that you could stay awake and hide the fact that you definitely got zero sleep last night from everyone.

For some reason it felt like no one was up, or maybe you were just late for the breakfast or something. But then something felt off, like there was someone or something approaching behind you fast as you turned…

“AH!” You jumped and gasped heavily with a shocked look from being startled, but your racing heartbeat start to slow down slightly as soon as you realized that it was only Shinsou, and he almost jumped from just how surprised you were. Nothing startled him much, but your reaction did it since he didn’t expect that from you.

He really was like a cat because he literally just snuck up on you and boy you did NOT care for it.

“H-Hitoshi…! Golly you need to put a bell on or something, you totally surprised me…” You kind of pouted as he had enough grace to look amused, even if your reaction was a bit… odd.

“Good morning to you too.” He said somewhat sarcastically with a small smirk, “You’re clearly out of it.” He wasn’t blind, obviously you were on edge about something, but you just laughed it off.

“Nothing… I just didn’t get AS much sleep as I should have… I need some (F/D)…” You stated as casually as possible and you were relieved when Shinsou kind of bought it. Or at least he bought it enough as he shrugged, “Not a bad idea… I didn’t get that much sleep either… that’s just my curse though…” Shinsou sighed, and you decided to walk with him to the kitchen so the two of you could load up on sugar and/or caffeine to wake up.

“Oh I totally get that… you ain’t alone in that struggle my friend…” You and Shinsou both exchanged smiles as you chuckled a little once you got into the kitchen you sighed heavily in relief when you saw the rest of your precious classmates like sweet Izuku, Uraraka, Todoroki, Aoyama, Tsuyu and Iida. “They’re alive…” You mumbled a little bit, relieved that those monsters didn’t get them as you got a large enough cup of (F/D) and ignored the looks of concern you were getting from some of your classmates.

“Good morning (Y/N)-chan…” Izuku greeted you politely, but the way you were drinking that much (F/D) was a bit confusing, and then you stared at him with wide eyes was… concerning. “Hi Izuku! Morning to you too! God I love morning… it’s an underrated time! The sun’s out! Thank goodness!” You probably shouldn’t have acted so crazy, but you were disoriented from a lack of sleep, so you’d use that as an excuse.

And you were dumb enough to forget just how smart Izuku was, how could you forget? You practically grew up with him and Bakugou. Izuku knew whenever you were acting crazy…

“Are… you okay (Y/N)?” Uraraka was just as concerned as Izuku was, and she could tell something was wrong, but you were going to hide it better. “YEAH! I’m fantastic Ochaco! Never felt better! Just happy that it’s morning! I’ve always been a morning person!” You claimed, but Shinsou suppressed a chuckle and shook his head. “No you’re not…” He muttered quietly, he’s SEEN you in the morning before and you were about as much a morning person as he was.

Naturally though, you weren’t fooling people as good as you hoped, even though Uraraka and Izuku were planning to leave you be, despite their concern, “If you say so…” Uraraka smiled nervously.

Todoroki might not have been as observant as the others when it came to people, but even he knew something was up, “You’re energetic this morning.” He pointed out, even though he was getting the feeling that it was a façade.

At least he hoped it was…

“A lot more than normal, because you’re normally pretty groggy and half-asleep in the mornings.” Tsuyu knew better just like Shinsou did.

“She is correct. You simply lack that sparkle in your eyes upon waking up every morning because you are not accustomed to it.” Aoyama pointed out, albeit flamboyantly but even he knew that you weren’t really convincing anyone given your erratic behavior.

Dammit, why did you think being around the Dekusquad was a good idea? They were all too observant and smart for their own good! You should have gone with the Bakusquad!
“Did you get a good night’s sleep (L/N)? I’m aware that you have some difficulty sleeping, remember that a proper 7 or 8 hours is necessary to maintain a rested body to perform your tasks in class especially for a Hero course student.” Iida sort of lectured you, and that KINDA made you snap just a little bit.

YOU’RE A PROPER REST IIDA! AND YOU’RE A HERO COURSE STUDENT! WHY DON’T YOU GET A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP?!” You suddenly shouted at the top of your lungs with a borderline insane look in your eye, freaking out Iida, Izuku, Uraraka and Aoyama and surprising Todoroki, Tsuyu and Shinsou…


“I’m sorry Iida…” You went from 10 to 3 fast with a softer look, but Iida was still clearly shocked by your random outburst. “I’m sorry to all you guys… here lemme get you guys somethin’ to drink…” You said, going over to the refrigerator and opening it, but you were so out of it you weren’t even paying attention to what was in the fridge.

“Hey… Aoyama… would you mind helping me decorate my room sometime…? My room could use more sparkles and lights… a-and you’re the expert on anything bright…” Just like that you changed the subject, and yet Aoyama couldn’t help but feel flattered.

“Oh? Of course~, I don’t mind helping a friend with décor… I promise to give your room the proper make-over so that your room will shine brightly~.” He said and you couldn’t help but grin, that’s exactly what you wanted. Zero darkness, and nothing but bright lights.

“Great! Thank you! I mean I love lights and sparkles and shiny things.” You said with a slightly twitching eye, forgetting what you were doing as you then stared at the refrigerator light, “That’s why this fridge is great, the little light is always on… even when you close it… it’s still on. The refrigerator light is simple, yet beautiful… you see?” You opened it, and closed it.. and opened it…

“Hello light.” You ‘greeted’ the light, and your friends were both confused and slightly creeped out but mostly concerned when you didn’t stop opening and closing the refrigerator.

“Hello light.”

“(L/N). I must request that you please stop doing that, the refrigerator cannot work if you keep opening and closing it.” Iida had politely asked you to stop what you were doing, but you weren’t going to. You were enthralled…

“Hello Light.” Once again you opened it again and didn’t hear the sigh coming from Shinsou nor did you see the concerned looks from Uraraka, Todoroki, Tsuyu and Aoyama.

“Hello Light.”

There was only one person who could help now…

“K-Kacchan…?” Izuku was a bit scared to approach Bakugou, but right now he thought that going to Bakugou would be the best option since it was his girlfriend over here acting cuckoo and perhaps the explosive teen could help snap you out of this. And he DID manage to go over to his childhood friend while he was talking to Kirishima, “Kacchan…?”

“What the fuck do you want nerd?” Bakugou instantly got annoyed just seeing Izuku’s face, but the latter immediately pointed for the direction he wanted him to go, “(Y-Y/N)’s…” But the mention of your name got his attention. “What about her?”

“S-She’s uh… I think she’s… not feeling so good…” Was the best Izuku could describe it since your strange behavior was hard for him to explain. “Uh oh… let’s go see then.” Kirishima didn’t have to tell Bakugou twice as the ash-blonde grunted in annoyance, wondering what the hell was wrong with you this time.

As he and Kirishima paused with baffled looks once they saw you there, opening the refrigerator with the dumbest grin on your face, “Hello light.” And then you closed it, and opened it again.

“Hello light.”

Bakugou swore his girlfriend went crazy, but once he saw how wide-eyes and frazzled you looked, it didn’t long for him to piece it all together as he growled somewhat angrily, “Helllllo light~.” Just seeing you going crazy and being so stupid nearly sent him off the handle as he roughly patted your shoulder to snap you out of your daze.

“Hey idiot! Cut that shit out! What the hell are you even doing?!” He shouted loud enough to get your attention, but you immediately shrieked and jumped from being startled and backed away. Your heart practically beating out of your chest as you shook like a leaf as you stared at Bakugou’s indignant glare.

You calmed down ever so slightly, but you could still hear and feel your heart beating in your ears and practically pounding through your body.

“Oh… Katsuki… it’s just you…” You took a deep sigh of relief in spite of your trembling figure, which Bakugou didn’t fail to notice. Which is why he was SO pissed right now, “No duh, it’s me, what the hell’s the matter with you?” It wasn’t so much a question as it was a demand, since apparently it was bad enough that Deku had to fetch him.

You started to sweat, knowing that Bakugou wouldn’t be happy to know what you did, but facing his wrath was better than being in the dark with those monsters. Or was it? You wondered who was scarier… your boyfriend, or ugly cave monsters…?


Cave Monsters?

Which was the lesser of two evils?

You made your choice.

“Nothing is wrong… except… that I’m in desperate need of a nightlight, I haven’t had one of those in forever, but you know, they’re surprisingly useful.” You dodged the question with a fake nod and smile, as you instead made a claim that just made your boyfriend even madder. “What the fuck are you talking about?! Don’t beat around the bush! Out with it already!”

His tone made you cringe, and you thought of trying to say another dumb remark, but unfortunately Bakugou wasn’t stupid. And he knew why you were acting so crazy…

“What did you watch last night? Tell me.” His eyebrow twitched a bit as he tried to be calm, even though he TOLD you to go to bed last night.

And you sighed heavily in defeat, looking guilty as you looked away somewhat shamefully, “A movie about claustrophobia and ladies going into a cave… spoiler alert… they’re not alone in there…” You admitted finally, and you didn’t have to look up to see his irritated expression.

“I told you to go to bed last night.” Despite that, he managed to sound calm as you nodded, “I know… but I couldn’t… I tried, I really did… I think I’ve got a problem with sleeping…” For once you said it out loud, since that was something you often pondered to yourself and never actually said to anyone, even though quite a few were concerned that you did.

“No shit Sherlock. You’re just like Eye-Bags…” Bakugou didn’t sugarcoat it at all, but you had learned to take his honesty long ago. And it’s not like he always meant the insults he said, “And now you saw a damn horror movie on top of that… at night… by yourself…” You could tell he was getting angrier, and you prepared yourself for it, it’s a good thing you didn’t brush your hair because you swore sometimes, he yelled with such force he could blow your hair.

“You go batshit every time you do that… forget about going to sleep…” He sighed and grumbled in annoyance and brought you closer to him. You could see some fury in his eyes, but you also saw a lot of care and a hint of gentleness as he brought his fingers to your face and lightly felt the bags under your eyes. His scowl turned more into a grimace that hid his worry; it was clear that you got no sleep at all last night.

However, the low growl made you a little scared, “All of you beat it. Now!” He quickly demanded the rest of his classmates to leave the two of you alone, and of course Izuku was the first to obey, followed by Kirishima, and the others didn’t really want to pick a fight with him, so they just calmly left. Although, the cheekier ones like Uraraka and Shinsou were more than aware that it was to share a moment as Uraraka stifled her grin before she walked beside Tsuyu.

That surprised you, and you were almost worried that he was going to scold you in private. And he kind of was… “Are you gonna knock me out so I can go to sleep?” You asked, since he had often suggested that and you always turned that down since Bakugou never pulled his punches. Not even on you.

“Tch…” He scoffed though, despite those suggestions, he would never actually do that to you, except in sparring. “No… you can’t sleep… but after seeing that movie, now you really can’t sleep… and now you’re going to start seeing shit that’s not really there…” Bakugou muttered, he sounded extremely annoyed, but it’s because he’s seen this from you before… especially when the two of you were little.

Hell he remembered a time when you, him and Deku were like 7 or 8 and had a sleepover at his house, and had convinced (forced) you both to watch ‘The Ring’ and of course you and Deku were the only ones freaked out by it and screaming each time something even remotely scary showed up on screen. And even if some of the creepier scenes did kinda scare Bakugou a little bit, he never showed it or ever let you both know it.


‘L-Let’s sleep with the lights on tonight you guys…’ You mumbled in terror and turned the lights on in Bakugou’s room, glad to see that Izuku was vigorously nodding in agreement, “Uh-huh! That’s a good idea… I-I don’t mind having the lights on…” You and Izuku had come to a quick, mutual agreement because you were both scared out your wits after seeing that scary movie, but Bakugou wasn’t having it.

“No way! Forget it! I can’t sleep if the stupid lights are on!” He pushed you aside (somewhat gently) and turned the lights off, and you instantly shrieked and ran over to an equally terrified Izuku and the two of you jumped under the latter’s All-Might covers and you turned on your flashlight to light up the darkness. “W-We’ll be safe if we keep my flashlight on Izuku…” You said somewhat confidently to your friend, “ O-Okay (Y-Y-Y/N)-chan… A-And maybe… if S-Samara… s-sees All-Might on my blanket… s-she’ll go away…” Izuku clung to that belief in hopes that his blanket will protect you and him from any terrifying ghosts or monsters that were hiding in the dark.

“Yeah! All-Might can scare any monster! It’ll work!” You felt almost safe at that thought, and you and Izuku shared a shaky but certain smile, “O-Okay! M-My blanket will protect us!” Izuku clearly got more scared than you did when it came to horror movies, but it didn’t stop him from trying to look brave in front of you.

However, Kacchan was much braver, and much less tolerant of the way you were both acting as he yanked the blanket off you two, “AH!” You gasped and held your flashlight to your chest and trembled while Izuku yelped and fearfully clung to you as you put your arms around him to comfort him.

“You two are such babies! A stupid blanket won’t protect you!” He chastised you both and would have insulted Deku for being such a coward, but he didn’t want to hear you rant to him (again) about being ‘mean’ to him. It was so annoying seeing you both whimper and hug each other like the little babies you were…

Bakugou knew he was braver than both of you and he was so proud of that, and you and Deku being such scaredy-cats only fueled his ever-growing ego. “Tch… if there was a ghost girl, I’d kill her right on the spot!” He claimed with a smirk, even holding his fists out to emphasize that he wasn’t afraid of anything and believed that too.

Even if you were still kind of scared, you and Izuku couldn’t help but smile. As long as Kacchan was with you and Izuku, there was very little to fear. “Kacchan ain’t ‘fraid of no ghost!” You giggled and pointed out, since you had seen Ghostbusters and despite his annoyance with your reference, he still smirked. “DUH! No stupid ghost scares me. I’m stronger than any ghost!” He had to pat himself on the back more, which you and Izuku didn’t get tired of hearing.

“Wow… Kacchan is so brave… I think we’ll be just fine as long as he’s here.” Izuku said smiling, and even though Bakugou was beginning to like the little nerd less and less, he didn’t hate the compliments. “YEAH!” You agreed with your friend as you jumped into Bakugou’s bed.

“Hey! What are you doing Shitty Girl?! That’s MY bed!” He asked you somewhat angrily, ignoring the way you and Izuku gasped at his language that was slowly getting worse with each passing week.

“You said a bad word!” You pointed out and giggled, “I don’t give a shit! Get off my bed!”

“But I’m still scared…!” Bakugou might have been a meanie at times, but everytime you gave him your puppy-dog eyes he did what you wanted. Most of the time. “That ghost was so scary… and ugly! I can’t stop thinking about it… and it’s dark… but if I sleep in your bed with you, I don’t think she’ll get me…” You argued, your child mind having convinced you that Samara was out there to snatch up and kill any unsuspecting victim, but Bakugou was brave and strong. He would protect you, you believed he would.

It annoyed him as Bakugou hated how his face started getting hot when he saw you giving him those stupid puppy eyes again. But he liked you, a lot more than Deku that was for sure. And strong heroes always scared off the villains and protected the girl. At first, he didn’t really care about that, but then he met you and that changed his priorities a bit.
He growled, not exactly enjoying the thought of sharing his bed since he hated sharing in general, but he wouldn’t say ‘no’ to you. Tonight.

“Fine! But you’d better go to bed! I can’t stay up late! I have to get enough sleep so I can get stronger!” He exclaimed and reluctantly let you sleep in his bed as he got in and you couldn’t help but grin, “YAY!” You threw your hands up and happily lied down next to him, oblivious to how red Bakugou’s face was turning.

But already you felt a lot safer as you hugged your friend’s arm as he hid his face away from you. “(Y-Y/N) you’re such a scardey-cat…” He grumbled, his tone sounding shyer and he hated it. He didn’t hate you like he was starting to hate Deku, but he hated how you made him feel all mushy and icky in his chest.

“I like cats…” You mumbled sleepily, not having a problem being called that as you perked up when a nervous Izuku crawled into bed right behind you, still keeping his All-Might blanket with him, “I’m too scared to sleep by myself tonight! Can I please sleep with you both?” The poor thing was practically begging you and Bakugou and even hugged you out of terror, which you didn’t mind at all as you giggled and patted him on the head. “Deku! Get the hell of my bed! Who said you could get on?!” Bakugou would have blasted this little crybaby off, but he didn’t want to wake his mother, and you weren’t going to let him.

“Kacchan… don’t be so mean to Izuku… let him sleep with us. Just tonight… please?” There you go again, defending the weakling. As much as Bakugou wanted to kick Deku off his bed and maybe smack him for even daring to get near his things, he was honestly feeling too tired to fight and hated arguing with you whenever it came to the little nerd. “Just tonight… and you’d better not say a word of this to anyone Deku, or I’ll kill you…” He grumbled a little threat as he closed his eyes.

“I won’t Kacchan…” Izuku was already falling asleep as he cuddled up to you, but he kept that promise as he felt a lot safer with you and Bakugou. And you couldn’t help but giggle and smile as you began to close your eyes and drift off to sleep, “Thanks Kacchan…” You mumbled a sleepy thanks to your friend, ignoring the annoyed little noise he made once he started going to sleep.

That night you weren’t scared to go to bed, because you were so close to Bakugou and no ghost girl came to take you. Bakugou always made sure you were safe, and because of him you didn’t have any nightmares and you were able to finally get some sleep that night.


“I told you to go to bed…” Bakugou repeated what he had said with a sigh of annoyance and you swallowed your pride to allow yourself to appear ashamed and averted his eyes. Or at least you tried to as he cupped your face, just to look at those bags under your eyes once more, which made you blush in embarrassment as you became a little more self-conscious about it now. “I’m sorry…” You mumbled.

You should have listened to him, and you knew it. Yet you couldn’t help yourself, even though you really did try. But before you could do anymore apologizing, Bakugou scoffed, as if he was hating what he was going to do, even though you knew he never hated doing anything that included you despite what he claimed.

“You’re sleeping in my bed tonight. End of story. You’re gonna get some damn sleep, so you’d better not complain.” He decided, since he knew that you wouldn’t be able to sleep by yourself after that movie, and you NEEDED sleep. Of course, Bakugou was smart enough to know that this wouldn’t instantly cure your insomnia, but this would be a stepping stone for you and give you some much-needed sleep. And whether you liked it or not, he was going to help you with your insomnia and ensure that you get more sleep.

Naturally, you didn’t expect that as your tired eyes widened at the thought as your cheeks started to darken and a grin sported across your face. As much as you despised going to sleep early, you knew you needed it, and on top of that you’d be sleeping with your Katsuki! There was little to complain about that.

“Hee~. I ain’t gonna!” You chirped, sounding much more energetic despite the fatigue in your body as you hugged your angry boyfriend’s arm. “Good…” Despite how annoyed he looked and sounded, he didn’t push you away even when you were both leaving the kitchen to go and get to class. However, you had enough consideration to let him go once your friends were all in sight, because you knew how much Bakugou disliked PDA. At least unless, he was the one initiating it to let the other guys back off, or if he felt particularly show-offy.

As you walked though, Shinsou didn’t let Bakugou’s scowl stop him from walking beside you to ask you something. “So, what was the name of that movie you saw last night?” He asked you curiously, knowing your bad habits as you perked up a bit with a nervous look.

“Hitoshi… you don’t get enough sleep as is… if you watch this movie you are NEVER going to sleep again…” You felt like you were exaggerating a little bit, but you didn’t want Shinsou to suffer like you were right now as you gave him a crazy, wide-eyed look that he found too hilarious to take seriously. “Exactly. I’m not going to be bothered either way.” He claimed, even though you were still worried.

“Okay… it’s called The Descent… but it’s like legit scary in more than one way…” You didn’t want to turn him off a genuinely good movie, but you weren’t lying about the scariness in The Descent.

“So is Bakugou, and yet it doesn’t stop me from approaching him.” He snarked in reply, and you NEARLY laughed but you couldn’t because you had to act quick and hold back a VERY angry Bakugou once he heard that remark. “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN YOU FUCKING FREAK?!” You whined as you tried to hold back your explosive boyfriend, who was somehow only at a 9, and you didn’t want to see him go to 12.

“Don’t do it Katsuki! He didn’t mean it he was just playing!” It took all your minimal strength to hold back Bakugou as you begged for Shinsou’s life on his behalf…

You were in for a long day, and night…


Like a zombie, you slowly walked into the hallway in your pajamas and as reluctant as you were, it was time to go bed. Well… Katsuki’s time to go to bed, which was like 9:30pm, a whole 4-5 hour difference from your ‘bed-time’. But you were sleeping with him tonight, so you couldn’t complain, and your body needed it anyway.

And he followed you close behind, putting his hand on your back as his own gentle way of leading you, of course he knew that you knew where his room was, but he was honestly worried that you would pass out. Given how many times you dozed off and fell asleep in class today.

You nearly fell on his bed as soon as you got into his room, and yet you weren’t prepared to go to sleep yet. Your insomnia wouldn’t let you pass out yet, “I was tired… and now… I’m wide awake.” You muttered a little bit, hating how your body had adjusted to your subpar sleeping habits and how it kept you awake even when you were physically exhausted. And despite the way he scoffed, Bakugou understood, even if he wasn’t always gentle.

“Well if you don’t fall asleep, then I’ll just knock you out or something.” He claimed, even though you knew that wasn’t going to happen, but he would find a (surprisingly) non-violent way to lull you to sleep somehow.

You wryly chuckled as you got under his covers and awaited him. However, your half-lidded eyes widened as soon as you saw him take off his clothes til he was only clad in his black tank-top and he changed into his baggy pajama pants. You might have been exhausted, but certainly not enough to watch him undress. “Pervert.” He smirked a little bit, obviously having caught you ogling him as you blushed furiously and averted your eyes, even as he got into his bed right beside you.

As soon as you felt his warm body, the first thing you did was cuddle up to him and hug his arm, burying your face into his shoulder as he tensed ever so slightly. Although you were both together, every now and then Bakugou still found himself a little bit flustered whenever you touched him. “Katsuki… there’s nothing in your closet right…?” It sounded so childish, but you had to ask.

“Nothing other than clothes, moron.” He rolled his eyes at how scared you were, but he wouldn’t be too mean, at least, as much as he could help it. By then now though, you had learned to not take his harshness so seriously as you chuckled a little bit, “I should have watched that movie with you… it totally freaked me out… no horror movie scares you…” You said almost sleepily as you felt your eyes starting to droop.

Bakugou sighed, almost feeling bad for being his usual abrasive self when you were clearly scared and having trouble sleeping on top of all of it. “Just don’t watch a damn horror movie when it’s 1 in the morning… otherwise you wouldn’t be here, besides, there’s no such thing as monsters… closest thing we have to a monster is that little grape shit…”

“Yeeeeah… he’s a little monster that’s easy to crush… but when you think about it… I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t watch that movie… next to you… in your bed… I like it…” You smiled, unable to keep your eyes closed which Bakugou was thankful for because of how red his face was getting. Dammit, that was true, and he liked being this close to you too. Maybe he would have to start bringing you to his bed every now and then, for your health, and for closeness. “Don’t say such mushy crap like that…” He nearly stuttered and hated how hot his face felt now.

Even though you were starting to get drowsier, you still giggled a little bit, “Mmm… Katsuki… I love you… thanks for this… you’re the best…” As you closed your eyes, you cuddled up to him and even though you couldn’t see it, you knew that he was blushing warmly and barely suppressing a smile.

“Yeah, yeah…” He muttered quietly, “I love you too idiot…” You kept yourself awake long enough just to hear him say that before you slowly drifted off to sleep now that your boyfriend’s warm body protecting you had calmed you down enough to let your dreams take you to their land.

Finally sleep slowly came, but the darkness followed you shortly and you could hear the screeches of those godawful things. For a moment you were ready to scream as you shut your eyes, but as soon as you opened them there was only light and you were back at UA, and a familiar hand holding yours. Relief flooded your anxious heart when you saw your Katsuki in your dreams.

He really did always protect you, in the real world, and in the dream world.


When morning came and prompted you and Bakugou to get up and get ready for the day, you were amazed at how more awake you felt. Well, you were still tired, as it would take more than one night of enough sleep to develop better sleeping habits and help your insomnia. But the point was, is that you felt better now that you had gotten enough rest to function a lot better today.

“Mmm… damn Katsuki… you were right. I feel a lot more awake now…” You mumbled somewhat tiredly despite what you claimed, but Bakugou knew that you got the right amount of sleep to at least go about with the day.

“Of course I was right. Since when have I been wrong?” He said somewhat proudly, and you smiled and shook your head a little bit.

“Uh… (Y/N)-chan…?” Izuku had shyly walked to you, as you stretched your arms out with a yawn, “Hm? Izuku? Morning~.” You smiled sleepily at your friend, as he nervously smiled and waved, “G-Good morning… um… t-there’s something you need to see…” He made sure to be polite, but afterwards he quickly told you that you were needed, much to Bakugou’s annoyance and your concern.

“Huh?” You put your shoes on as you followed your friend as he was leading you to the kitchen? It was definitely the kitchen and your eyes widened once you saw what Izuku was talking about.

“Oh no…”

“Hello Light.”

There Shinsou was, ‘greeting’ the little light in the refrigerator as he closed it, and opened it again, “Hello Light.” He somehow looked even more tired than normal as his eyes were wide and the bags under his eyes were darker, as if someone used his own quirk on him. While you were extremely concerned, Bakugou was extremely annoyed, and kind of amused.

“I told him not to watch it alone in the dead of night…” You shook your head, but Bakugou scoffed, “You can’t talk shit… that’s exactly what you did last night dumbass…” He pointed out your hypocrisy as you stuck your tongue at him. “Exactly! Cuz I’m dumb Katsuki! And I learned my lesson…” You muttered with a small blush on your cheeks as you made your way over to Shinsou, gently pulling him away from the refrigerator door.

“Hitoshi… no more saying hello to the little light.” You said softly, trying to snap your friend out of his daze and literally snapped his fingers to see if he was even aware that you were there. And he blinked a little bit until he finally recognized you standing right in front of him with a worried look. “I warned you dude…”

He sighed heavily, “I am never going to sleep again…” Shinsou mumbled with a hint of shame in his low voice as he walked with you to pour a full cup of coffee in the largest cup he could find. He’s seen his share of generic scary movies, but that one wasn’t one of them. As much as you wanted to say ‘I told you so’, that didn’t feel like the best thing to say.
“Well you have to get some sleep… I learned that the hard way… Mr. Aizawa needs you to be awake enough to train… and you can’t tell him that a horror movie kept you awake, trust me… you don’t wanna hear what he has to say about that…” You muttered nervously, since you already got the scolding from him yesterday after falling asleep repeatedly in class yesterday. The man sympathized with you, but you knew Shinsou wouldn’t want to hear the same scolding.

He shook his head; he really didn’t want to hear that scolding at all, his mentor was relentless in training. A good teacher, but relentless. “How about I knock HIM out? That’ll put him to sleep.” This time Bakugou meant that. He never really liked Shinsou, so he wouldn’t mind knocking him out.

But you weren’t going to let that happen, “No! No, no… Hitoshi don’t deserve that…” You quickly told your boyfriend ‘no’, much to Shinsou’s relief. He wasn’t THAT desperate for sleep yet, but he was exhausted. More so than usual, he probably shouldn’t have watched that movie at 2 in the morning. That was his least intelligent move yet, but in his defense, he didn’t think the movie you saw would be that legitimately terrifying.

“Oh! I slept with Katsuki, worked like a charm for me! How about you try that?” You cheerfully suggested, but the two boys despised each other and were NOT up for it. They could barely stand to be in the same room with each other, let alone next to each other.

“No!” They both shouted in unison, and you held your hands up in defense with a nervous giggle.

“Okay, okay, how about we ALL sleep in the same bed huh? The more the merrier, and it’s a lot safer since there’s power in three people with quirks!” Then came your second suggestion, and only Bakugou shouted ‘no’ because there was no way he was going to let this freak step foot in his room. But Shinsou didn’t say ‘no’ to that, because as much as he hated Bakugou, he didn’t hate you at all.

“That’s not a completely horrible idea.” He almost smirked, especially when he saw Bakugou looking near ready to blow up while you were just smiling and clapping your hands. “Yeah! Let’s do it tonight!” You shook your fists happily, ignoring just how PISSED your boyfriend looked.

“Dammit, NO!” He shouted again, his palms crackling as he glared at the smug-looking purple-haired teen who stood behind you for safety.

Bakugou almost wished that movie was real, just so he could feed this brainwashing bastard to those cave monsters and take you out of the cave to safety. But at least he could dream about that tonight, while you would just dream about Katsuki, and Shinsou would dream about you, and kittens.

Chapter Text


As you sat on the couch in the common room you rested your chin on your palm, sighing for the 10th time this afternoon. You were beyond bored. It was one of the few break-days and yet nothing interesting was happening, you stared at your classmates, some of them were just chatting, conversations about training, the cooler heroes or about how much stronger they had gotten. Although you only heard ‘blah blah blah’ every time one of them opened their mouths.

“Hey (Y/N)!” However, you heard one person, and just hearing his voice made you smile as you perked up from your palm with a rosey red blush blossoming on your face.

“Hee… oh Kirishima, hey there dude.” You greeted him, adoring the way he grinned at you with those shark-like teeth of his. Which you actually found really endearing, and when he began talking to you, you felt yourself getting lost in his eyes as his words trailed off as you got distracted by his cherry red orbs. They might have been red, but they were some of the prettiest, sweetest pairs of eyes you had ever seen. Kirishima was an enthusiastic and energetic guy, and yet he was so gentle too, each trait was only some of the million reasons why you loved him.

“You know Kirishima… now that I get a good look at you… I rather like your pointy teeth. I always have in fact…” You suddenly said, pointing right at his mouth as he blinked a bit and nervously grinned, feeling oddly flattered as a smidge of pink tinted his cheeks.

“Oh ya do huh? Thanks! I’ve always been a little unsure about em ya know? Not everyone finds sharp teeth very approachable.” He admitted, since despite his personality, some people have found him a little intimidating once they got a look at his teeth. However, you weren’t put off by his teeth at all. If anything, you found them cool.

“Yeah… I wish I had your teeth.” He started to blush at how much you were complimenting him, he’d never really heard this much positivity about his teeth before. “I mean, if a villain were to show up, I’d just bare those pointy things and growl at them. And when I REALLY have to play dirty, I’ll sink em into their jugulars and tear a piece of their flesh off!” You suddenly exclaimed with a slightly crazed look in your eye that made Kirishima perk up and flinch a bit, now feeling slightly dejected since you wanted teeth like his for such brutal reasons.

“Ha… you know I never even considered using my teeth as a weapon before.” He pondered, even though he wasn’t the type to play dirty at all. It wasn’t really something he considered ‘manly’, although he wouldn’t judge you for that, and in a strange way, he considered you fairly manly in your own way and he respected the hell out of you for that. Even if you kinda scared him sometimes.

“You should. If it were me, I’d go ‘Brienne of Tarth’ on a villains’ ass and tear their fucking ear off!” You added, giving Kirishima a very vivid idea of what you meant as he nervously smiled. You reminded him of Bakugou in many ways, except you were a little bit nicer and not so angry like he was.

“Wow (Y/N) I definitely never want to get on your bad side.” He said nicely, and that’s what you loved about Kirishima. He never judged you, always said something nice about you even though you were weird and just a little bit of a trouble-maker most of the time. And he never avoided your or pushed you away no matter how many times you would tease him.

“You could never get on my bad side Kiri…” You said in a softer tone, contrasting with your energetic one you used seconds ago as you blushed upon admitting that and when you saw Kirishima’s contagious smile as his blush deepened. “Awww…”

Why couldn’t this boy see that you absolutely adored him? You wondered. You were sure that the teasing and the jockstrap you gave him should have made him wonder or think that maybe you had a thing for him despite the way you played around with him. It made you pout a little bit because you really wanted to get closer to Kirishima, hug him, kiss him and hug him again til he couldn’t breathe. And maybe slap him a little bit after because he made you feel this way and it was eating you up like some sort of disgusting lovey-dovey parasite. Every time he smiled at you; you would melt a little bit every single time.

You were a human infected with this parasite people call ‘love’, it felt so gross yet so wonderful, he was so wonderful…

It was driving you mad!

But you were so mad for him…

How you hated it!

And how you loved him…

A part of you wished that this could all just be some movie, where Kirishima would be the right guy for you, and you would be the best friend and then he would fall in love with you in the end. The two of you be happily ever after or however those crappy rom-coms ended, but if it meant finally being with Kirishima you would gladly let that all happen and just be with him for the rest of your life with that lovey-dovey song playing at the end credits.

Damn you had it bad…

But at that moment it hit you. All this talk about pointy teeth combined with your raging flurry of feelings for Kirishima and thinking about movies gave you a brilliant and somewhat evil idea just to get your beloved redhead closer to you and to get back at him too for giving you this crush. A devious smile spreading across your lips that Kirishima didn’t seem to think much of. Poor sweet boy, you thought.

“Hey you know what we should do? We should watch a movie together. All together as a class.” You suddenly proposed, which kind of surprised him but just the thought of spending time with the whole class made him grin wide.

“All together? That actually WOULD be a great idea! Yeah… it’s been so busy lately, I think we could use the break. I’m up for it (Y/N)!” He gave you an energetic thumbs-up, looking like he was pretty amped for the idea. Kirishima was always one for palling around with his classmates.

“Great! Cuz I had a GREAT idea for a movie…” You smiled happily when he agreed to the idea, clapping your hands excitedly, but then you made your claps nice and loud to catch everyone’s attention.

“Everyone~! Everyone! I have an announcement and a proposal!”

“(L/N)! As the class rep making announcements is my job.” Iida reminded you, but you paid him no mind.

“Shut up Iida!” You suddenly screeched at him, ignoring the shocked, indignant look on his face as well as some of the other shocked looks from your other classmates because of how loud you could be. Iida attempted to scold you, but you didn’t let him get a word in. “We’re too busy! I say we all take a break since we got the day off, and instead of training, let’s all watch a movie together!” You quickly took on a cheerful tone, which made only the smarter ones a little wary.

“And NO! You can’t back away from this, spend some time with us! Cuz if you don’t I’m gonna kick your butt!” You then declared somewhat angrily, and of course, only Bakugou challenged you.

“Tch, forget it you pathetic excuse for a glowstick!”

“You’re just jealous cuz my light shines brighter than yo’ weak-ass explosions.” You brushed that off, and you laughed and pointed when Kirishima and Kaminari held him back from trying to attack you for the 4th time today.

“Anyhoo… I’d better see you at movie night biatch~.” You smiled smugly at the growling teen, who WANTED to just blow you up but he knew Kirishima had a thing for you. This would be the only nice thing he’d do for him for a while…

Speaking of which, Kirishima looked pretty damn happy about the idea of a movie night with the class, “So (Y/N)… what kinda movie did ya have in plan?” He asked politely, the same question everyone else had been wondering since it was your idea.

However, the others noticed your smile quickly turning into a smirk. “Let’s watch a good old-fashioned horror flick tonight… I have this one REALLY good one that I’ve been meaning to bust out to show my best friends so… yeah…” That little suggestion made a few heads turn, and a few eyes widened which made your smirk widen, especially when you saw Kirishima’s nervous look.

“A horror movie…?”

“Yeah! Nothing says togetherness like watching a movie so scary you might piss yourself and cry your fucking eyes out…” You clasped your hands together, your smirk turning darker as most of your other classmates looked hesitant, save a few who looked interested.

“That could be fun! I love scary movies! They’re so exciting don’t you guys think?!” Hagakure, your partner-in-crime had excitedly agreed with you and backed up your decision. And if she was being honest, these movies were fun for her because her invisibility allowed her to indulge in a little fun when she would prank some people when they were scared out of their wits.

“I enjoy those kind of movies. They tend to have some interesting story-lines, so I’m okay with watching a horror movie.” Tsuyu said, despite her blank expression she was up for it.

“I agree. I would watch one of those.” Tokoyami was quick to agree with her since he was very much an avid horror movie fan, befitting how much of a goth he was. “You may or may not have seen the movie I have in mind before.” You pointed out, since if there’s one thing you and Tokoyami got along with it was your fondness for horror movies.

“Surprise me.” He almost challenged you, which just made your grin grow, especially when you saw the other looks on your classmates’ faces, especially poor sweet Izuku and your dear Kirishima…

“I’m in! I ain’t afraid of no scary movie!” Kaminari claimed, since scary movies didn’t exactly bother him as much as it did for others, but not many of his classmates looked like they believed him. “Me neither!” However, he started a bit of a trend when Mina shared his sentiments, and now many of them started to feel the need to prove their bravery, and to just see how ‘scary’ this movie was…

“H-Hey now! Look if anyone’s not a fan of scary movies then maybe… you guys don’t have to watch it.” Kirishima wanted to be nice though, and make sure no one felt pressured to watch the movie, even though you could just tell what his ulterior motive was: He didn’t like scary movies.

“Heh… let em watch it Kirishima, it’ll give them a lesson in bravery… I mean… what are you really playing at bro? Are you chicken?” You smirked and crossed your arms, satisfied when Kirishima flinched at such a very ‘unmanly’ accusation.

“No! I’m no chicken! I’m just giving them a choice that’s all!”

“It’s okay if you’re chicken, I mean Tokoyami’s the bird here but I guess we just didn’t notice you wearing your chicken hat until now. Though I guess your hair looks chicken-esque enough.” You said, sadistically smirking at the poor guy, whose face was turning as red as his hair.

“H-Hey! Don’t call my hair chicken! This is peer pressure! Come on that’s such an unmanly thing to do!”

“You’re just saying that cuz you’re a big, FAT, chicken!”

“(Y/N)! This is so not cool! Stop saying that!” Kirishima’s blush darkened as you didn’t stop your taunting.

“Chicken~.” You sang-songed, poking him on the forehead to add to your teasing, even when he backed away, “Stop it!”

“Chicken!” You didn’t stop, you were loving how embarrassed he was getting when you started to poke at his hair and even pull a strand out purely for the hell of it.

“OW! I’m NOT a chicken!!” He cringed as soon as he felt that little strand plucked out as he gave you a rare look of mild annoyance which looked beautiful with his flushed cheeks. You almost felt guilty for being so mean to him, but the tsundere in you was telling you that he deserved it for making you love him so much.

But the guilt was winning as you took it down a notch, “Okay Kiri… I believe you…” Your voice softened a bit, and Kirishima wasn’t sure whether to feel comfortable or nervous since he’s learned to predict how unpredictable you could be. It didn’t help when you put your hand on his shoulder, “I suppose you’re only a chicken if you can’t fight against villains like you have… so… okay… you’re not a chicken… and you don’t HAVE to watch the movie if you don’t want to… and I’ll just make fun of you in private to the girls in the locker room.” You sounded a little bit gentle, and you smiled when you saw Kirishima perk up a bit when you took back the ‘chicken’ insult, but instantly he pouted at the last thing you said.

You always did this. But it’s not like he hated it, he actually liked the attention you gave him and you were nice to him at times, which he really liked because it proved what he thought about you. That you were actually pretty cool and that you had a heart underneath all the jokes. But, he couldn’t quite let you win, or get away with calling him chicken.

“Heh. There won’t be any need for that, I’ll prove that I’m no chicken! Scary movies are nothing! I mean… a real man isn’t afraid of a little movie… I’m man enough to watch this!” He was up for this challenge, well… not really, but he’d prove that he could be manly and take a scary movie! It was just a movie! Nothing in them were real… and he knew it!

But you couldn’t help but smirk when he was finally on board, and disregarded the fact that a few of your other classmates… particularly Izuku, Uraraka, Kouda, Jirou and Mineta weren’t really on board. And Sero and Kaminari finally succeeded in getting Bakugou to very reluctantly agree just so they would stop bugging him.

“Perfection…” You resisted the urge to do a ‘villain laugh’ as soon as it was all set in stone for tonight…

4 HOURS LATER at 7 pm…

“Okay…” You were getting the movie ready as you clicked on the remote, “I’m telling you guys right now. That this movie inspired me to pretty much NEVER go anywhere where there’s mountains in my life… after this, you’ll understand why I’m never going anywhere that’s too dark again.” You were kind of exaggerating, but at the same time you kind of meant what you were saying since… the movie kinda traumatized you when you were younger.

Only a few of your classmates took your warning seriously, but Bakugou thought you were being stupid as he scoffed. However, Kirishima sat beside him and he was already looking very nervous and appeared to believe every word you were saying…

What in the world was in this movie to make you stay away from dark places and mountains…?

“There can be revelry in the dark you know?” Tokoyami asked you, but you just chuckled a little bit, “Maybe for you… because the dark is your advantage but… I ain’t never stepping foot into a pitch black place again… not after this movie…” You gave your cryptic explanation, which did nothing to ease your more nervous friends.

“I-It’s that bad…?” Uraraka sounded concerned, and she was just as scared as Izuku and Kirishima was. While horror movies didn’t freak her out that bad, some of them still scared her. And you nodded as you turned the lights off, “Oh… it’s bad…”

Kirishima put his brave face on, even though everything you said wasn’t making him feel any less nervous, “I’m sure it’s not that bad… we can handle anything! Nothing’s too scary for heroes!” He declared optimistically, and you couldn’t help but smile, he was so sweet it was perfect that you chose this movie to scare the Mr. Bojangles out of him…

“Yeah, yeah just start the fucking thing already!” Bakugou was getting impatient though, and demanded that you start the damn thing as you scoffed and just started the movie, “All right already! Keep your panties on…” You muttered under your breath, but that didn’t escape Bakugou’s surprisingly sharp hearing.


You had to cover your mouth to quell your snickers as Kirishima managed to calm down the blonde to get him to shut up when the movie started…


The claustrophobic setting was enough to unnerve your classmates as they watched rather intently and felt nervous for the women in the film.

Mineta at first was excited because there was mostly women in the movie, but as soon as thing were getting intense he was shaking like a leaf, and he practically fainted as soon as Holly broke her leg in a rather graphic manner.

But Aoyama actually fainted as soon as he saw Holly’s leg bone sticking out after falling and breaking it, which urged a rather frantic Iida to quickly to lie the boy down with his head on a pillow until he woke up. Similarly, Jirou had to look away as the graphic sight alone made her feel nauseous, and neither Sero or Ojiro fared much better as Sero covered his mouth and averted his gaze from the scene, and Ojiro nearly gagged the more he focused on the bone and blood…

Much to your immense amusement, even if you did feel bad for Aoyama. You certainly didn’t expect anyone to faint. Sick at best, but not enough to faint…

“Oh that’s nasty…” Kaminari didn’t feel as sick as Jirou or Ojiro did but it was clear he couldn’t look at it either, “Eek!” Mina had squealed and closed her eyes once that part came on and practically held a disgusted and mildly frightened Yaoyorozu, “I-It’s okay Ashido… it’s not real…” She tried to comfort the girl, and kind of felt really horrible for Holly even if she was just a fictional character. The injury looked horrible…

Izuku, shockingly wasn’t the most horrified since he’s suffered injuries not unlike that before, but seeing it on someone else was still alarming and frightening to look at. And Uraraka gasped and involuntarily hid her face in Izuku’s shoulder. But then they both gasped heavily at the sudden close contact and pulled away, averting each other’s gazes and blushing darkly. Beside them Todoroki didn’t seem disinterested, if anything he seemed pretty focused on the movie even if that injury was a little bit hard to look at.

“That’s inaccurate. You’re supposed to set the bone once before you splint it in place.” He stated what he knew about injuries based on his own training and what his shitty old man had taught him. “You’re never ever try to reinsert a protruding bone from an open fracture like that.” Yaoyorozu backed up his claim, which made you kinda giggle at how much these two knew.

“Heh… the least movies can do is use correct medical knowledge eh?” You wondered after listening to them, but you were distracted when you saw Kirishima shivering as he tried to not focus so much on how graphic that injury as he gulped hard and resisted any part of him that felt nauseous or sick after seeing… bone… blood… and Holly screaming when they tried to reset the bone…

He swallowed whatever was in his throat and tried rising back up, gagging quietly as you tried your hardest not to snicker at the poor thing. He was so freaked out…

And this wasn’t even the best part.

You heard a sharp gasp though from Kirishima as soon as Sarah saw some kind of creature in the cave, and he was trembling all over again. He knew what that meant, and he wasn’t looking forward to what was happening next, he knew a jump scare was coming soon.

“Y-You all saw that right…?” He asked nervously as many of his classmates made little mumbles of acknowledgement, “Who couldn’t have seen that idiot?” Bakugou rolled his eyes at how clearly scared his friend was, even if he wouldn’t admit that this movie was… surprisingly hardcore, the injury looked pretty real, so real it actually made him cringe the first time he saw it…

“Hehe… don’t worry Kirishima…” You smiled and placed your hand on the redhead’s shoulder, scooting closer to him even when he tried to stop shaking so badly and gulped hard. Was this your plan? To scare him? He was starting to wonder. He wanted to avoid watching any of the more unnerving parts, but he couldn’t since you were right next to him, and making sure he WAS watching it…

And you resisted the urge to snicker like a maniac when you saw that Kirishima wasn’t the only one trying to not watch the movie. Shoji averted his eyes every now and then whenever something disturbing showed up, he didn’t dare look at Holly’s broken leg and Satou was too frightened to eat the sweets he had in preparation for this movie. While Kouda was covering his ears and had his eyes closed as he trembled where he sat next to a rather calm, collected Tokoyami, who was clearly enthralled by the movie.

“How have I never seen this movie? The dark, suffocating atmosphere is frighteningly realistic in that setting…” He thought outloud, obviously approving of your movie choice as you giggled a little bit, “It’s different from other horror movies I’ve seen, but in a good way. It’s not cliché at all.” Tsuyu agreed with Tokoyami and looked just as interested as she did, and you couldn’t help but smile proudly. “Told ya it was good. And this ain’t even the best part.” That piqued some of your classmates interest and dread.

“W-What’s the best part…?” Kirishima asked you nervously, his form quivering as you gave him that insidious grin you were infamous for. “If I told you it’d take away from it Kiri…” You used a cutesy voice even though Kirishima knew better, especially at this moment where he figured out your evil plan…

He shouldn’t have been watching, he should have actually just said ‘no’ to this movie instead of pretending to not be scared. Even though he thought ‘what kind of man is too scared to watch a movie?’. It was conflicting and embarrassing, especially now that you were seeing him all freaked out over a little movie…

You almost felt bad when you saw how scared he was getting, but after 5 more minutes in you noticed just how dark the room was, thanks to the sun setting and making the room nearly black and only the light on the TV allowed you to see most of your classmates getting nervous as they focused on the scene involving the dead animal bones…

A wide grin found its way on your lips as the ‘best part’ came up…

At least 10 of your classmates let out shrieks of terror as soon as the ugly cave monster showed up, and a few had jumped out of their seats from fear.









You laughed outloud as your classmates all shouted almost as if they were in the movie and as if the women could actually hear them, and identified Mina and Kirishima as the loudest screamers when you saw Mina practically hiding behind the couch and Kirishima was shaking in his seat and you swore you saw tears in his eyes. The poor thing did not exactly have what you would call a manly scream and you were loving it. Sadistic as it was, you felt successful in ‘getting back at him’ for making you love him, and at the same time you felt kind of horrible…

“Are you okay…?” This time, you didn’t sound like you were teasing him, you were concerned since he looked pretty scared.

“I-I… I think I peed a little bit…” He said in a somewhat shaky voice, and you tried your hardest to not snicker in amusement as you tried to soothe his nerves and rub his back gently, “Don’t worry buddy it’s all a movie…” As much as you loved how this turned out, you were starting to feel a little worse by the moment.

“I nearly wet my pants…” Sero then spoke up as he trembled where he sat, and Kaminari promptly scooted away from him. “I guess… I wouldn’t blame you…” However, he was just as terrified as his friend was. If he were in that situation, he would have freaked out just like the women did.

But before anyone could relax, the creature showed up yet again and everyone was on edge yet again now that the monsters were there to make the movie all the more horrifying.
Aoyama finally came to from where he lied, sitting up and rubbing his head with a low groan, “W-What did I miss…?” He asked, and as soon as he saw the screen featuring Holly getting her throat torn and ripped apart, he fainted yet again much to Iida’s distress as he jumped a little bit at the scene himself.

Wow, it was that scary to everyone?

Well, Tsuyu, Tokoyami and Bakugou still looked pretty entertained. In fact, the latter was smirking and legitimately entertained as soon as Juno began fighting that ugly fucker.

Of course you expected those three to be comfortable watching a horror movie, but everyone else, especially Izuku, Uraraka and Kirishima looked like they weren’t going to get any sleep tonight. And it got worse as soon as Sarah was forced to watch the monsters eat Holly’s corpse in all it’s gory glory complete with the sickening sounds of flesh being torn and stripped by the creature’s sharp teeth.

Uraraka and Izuku practically squealed in unison as they trembled and turned away with their eyes shut, wondering why did they actually stay and watch this with everyone. Kirishima held back the scream creeping in his throat, at least until he thought bile was rising up and he gagged a little bit. You should have been amused but you weren’t…

‘Aww man… I can’t be happy when he’s like this…’

You thought guiltily as you sighed and put your hand on the redhead’s shoulder, which made him gasp sharply due to that sudden touch startling him, “(Y-Y/N)…?”

“Dude… if it’s too much you don’t have to watch… I promise not to mock you behind your back if you do…” You weren’t playing or anything, and Kirishima could tell, “What…? Hehe… I-I’m all right really… it’s like you said it’s just a movie…” He nervously forced a small laugh and crooked grin, “I’m not a chicken after all…”

Kirishima claimed and tried to look brave… for about 5 seconds until he saw Sam and Rebecca get ambushed by one of the monsters in a jump scare that made him jump in his seat and let out a scream, “O-Okay fine I’m a chicken!” This time, he did turn away with his eyes downcast and looking miserable as he started mentally beating himself up and calling himself a coward for letting a little movie scare him.

He was such a loser. This was so unmanly in every way possible, and on top of that you were there to see him act like such a wuss. Kirishima always knew he was a bit of a wuss when it came to these kind of things, but he thought he could brave it, he really did…

‘What have I done?! Oh Kirishima… no matter what I do I can’t shake these feelings off, and now I feel horrible!’


Kirishima perked up as soon as he heard you say his name, and your heart was beating at what you were about to do next, but you couldn’t stand to see him like this. “C’mere you doofus…” Quietly and discreetly you placed your lips on his forehead which made him perk up and freeze, his cheeks turning as red as his hair as he stared at you wide-eyed in extreme surprise.

“W-Wha… w-wha-what… w-was…?” He didn’t mean to stutter, but he definitely did not expect you to do that as you pouted and blushed heavily. “I’m sorry okay? I didn’t think this movie would freak you out that much…” You muttered and he blushed even more, looking away in shame as you put your hand on his face to make him look at you.

“Admitting you’re chicken is manly though… don’t feel so bad just because you find it scary. I’m still afraid of the freaking dark because of this movie… the only reason I’m not scared is because I’m so close to you…” That sounded kinda sappy, but you meant what you said as you tried not to smile when you saw Kirishima’s look of surprise.

He was touched though, and felt a beam of happiness beginning to blossom in his heart as he smiled wide, “You… you mean that?” He asked somewhat bashfully, and you rolled your eyes a little bit.

“Yes you mook… I really do. And the truth is… argh… dammit… I like you stupid…!” You whispered to him as your whole face burned, and your heart beating out of your chest now that you finally admitted it. Kirishima somehow looked even more surprised, part of him always thought that maybe you had a thing for him, but now this was confirmation that you definitely did…

And he couldn’t help the grin rising on his lips as he pulled you in for a hug, smiling that smile that you fell in love with, “Hahaha! Hey… I like you too (Y/N)! I think you’re pretty awesome…. And seriously manly… to be able to watch a movie like this… and for other reasons too but… yeah I… I like you too…” He blushed and sounded a little shyer when he said the ‘L’ word to you, as he truly did return your feelings and you were just… so happy…

You almost completely forgot about the movie as you smiled warmly and hugged him back. “Good… that is exactly how I feel about you too… you’re the manliest guy I’ve ever met you know that?” Deciding to go soft, you smiled when you saw his smile brightening, but before he could squeeze you affectionately, he made the mistake of looking at the movie when a loud monster screech startled him and made him and his classmates nearly all scream and he did squeeze you… out of terror and he practically clung to you like a sloth to a tree.

At first you were shocked, but then you quickly snickered at his reaction and loved how his arms felt around you as you patted him on the head, kinda stroking the spikes a little bit. “(Y/N)’s got you…” A little condescendingly you spoke to him a soft tone, which made him kinda pout as he made sure to avoid watching the scarier parts while everyone was trembling in terror.

“A-Are you okay Ashido…?” Yaoyorozu asked Mina, who nodded despite her fear, “Y-Yeah… why…?”

“W-We heard you scream just now…” Jirou replied shortly afterwards, but was surprised at Mina’s confused look, “That wasn’t me…” Mina, for once didn’t scream at that last part since she had gotten used to the atmosphere. But everyone knew what Jirou was saying, because after seeing the jump scare featuring Rebecca getting her stomach torn and eaten alive by the monsters they heard someone shriek…

Very femininely and high-pitched…

“Huh? Then who screamed? Uraraka?” Kaminari looked to see x98the girls, but all of them were shaking their heads because they had held their tongues to avoid embarrassing themselves. “It was very girly sounding…” Despite not getting an answer, Kaminari just snickered a bit and everyone didn’t see Todoroki staring down at his lap and silently blushing as he made sure to avoid seeing anymore of the movie.

You saw. Because it was your job to make sure everyone was watching the movie, and you didn’t expect Todoroki Shouto to scream like a little girl, or Kirishima, the love of your life to hold you so tightly as his grip on you didn’t loosen in the slightest as you held him close.

Boy this night was turning out better than you thought…


The ending credits came on and you were a mix of amused, ecstatic and enamored as you didn’t let go of Kirishima, just in love with how soft yet firm he felt thanks to all those muscles on him that you found ridiculously attractive and tempting to just touch, and now you were feeling them up so close. It was like a muscular teddy bear you just wanted to sleep with in bed and never let go. And you had seen what he looked like under the clothes

However, his grip on you slowly loosened now that the movie was over but he still looked a little unnerved after everything he had to see.

“Soooooo… what did you guys think?!” You excitedly asked your friends and classmates, but many of them were rather… shell-shocked, with only Tokoyami, Tsuyu and Bakugou appearing the most entertained.

“That actually wasn’t a shitty movie after all.” Bakugou looked surprisingly calm as he approved of your movie choice, and you actually smiled. “Yeah I liked it a lot. It was one of the better horror movies I’ve seen in a while.” Tsuyu was next to say how much she enjoyed the movie and Tokoyami nodded besides her. “That was brilliant. I enjoyed every moment of it. I agree with Asui, it’s a lot better compared to the more modern horror movies.”

Their approval made you start to smile a little more smugly than you wanted to, “Hehe… why thanks~.” You giggled a little bit, but everyone else…

“T-That… t-hat… w-w-a-was… horrifying…” Izuku barely managed to get his words out as he and Uraraka were still trembling on the couch they were on. “I don’t want to go visit the mountains anymore…”

“I-It’s only a movie! It’s fictitious and there is no such thing as cave monsters!” Iida tried to make his friends feel better, but you just smiled at him.

“You don’t know that Iida… I mean not all caves are explored… who knows what’s in there?” You asked him and added to the fear as many of the others started to tremble.

“She has a point…” Todoroki didn’t want to believe it, but this movie was… surprisingly and legitimately frightening. He didn’t want to imagine getting stuck in a mountain and suffocating from the lack of oxygen while something is potentially lurking in the dark.

“I-I’m sleeping with my lights on tonight…” Aoyama said what the rest of the Dekusquad was thinking, now that they had the wits scared out of them.

“Momo… can you please make me a night light…?” Mina asked Yaoyorozu because that movie seriously freaked her out, “M-Me too…?” Kaminari quickly asked right after Mina did, but the sweet Yaoyorozu did agree to make them some lights for tonight…

You didn’t know whether to be amused or kinda guilty. “Um… you don’t think this movie’s gonna scar anyone for life do you…?” You asked a shaky Kirishima, “I… I don’t think so…” He didn’t sound confident at all as you nervously smiled…


Kirishima suddenly screamed and many of his classmates followed short when they heard him, and he jumped fearfully. But you had no idea who did that… at least until you heard your friend laughing.

“Hee-hee-hee! Sorry! I couldn’t really resist…” Hagakure was giggling, but nobody could see her so that definitely means she had stripped to be completely invisible. “Ahahaha! Nice one…” You approved of her little joke even when a few of your classmates were shouting at you for starting them, and Kirishima was trembling where he stood.

Smiling, you went over to him and held his hand to take him to his dorm-room, “C’mon…”

Kirishima let you lead him because he was honestly really scared now that he saw everything from that movie and some of the images and scenes weren’t going to leave his head for a while. He couldn’t stop thinking about it now… the blood, the cave-in, the monsters, the women screaming…

Even when it was time for him to go to bed he couldn’t really get them out of his head, and you knew this. So that’s why you were staying with him even when he got in his pajamas and lied in his bed, unwilling to turn the lights off and he almost freaked out when you were about to.
“Don’t!” He suddenly yelled, and you were honestly surprised…

Was he that scared?

Now you really felt bad. “Oh Eiji… I’m sorry… I’m so sorry…” You smiled a little sadly, turning off the light as he gasped and tried his hardest not to look so alarmed as you made your way over to him on his bed. “I’m sorry for calling you chicken…” You patted him gently on the back, and he blushed a little bit at how close you were but your comfort was making him feel a little bit better.

“Nah… it’s okay… you weren’t wrong, I should have just owned up to being a chicken…” Kirishima admitted to that, and felt bad for lying about since lying was not a manly thing to do at all. “You’re the cutest chicken ever. And besides… you’re not chicken at all where it counts.” You kissed him on the cheek, reminding him of the villains he’s fought against, and his bravery when he and Izuku went to go rescue Bakugou.

And Kirishima couldn’t help but grin shyly with a pink blush on his cheeks, “Awww… thanks!” He beamed as he actually kissed you on the forehead in return, which made you freeze and blush heavily as you let out a rather dorky, giddy little giggle…

“Uh… this might sound kinda lame but… do you mind… staying the night?” Kirishima then sounded shy upon asking you that, and you were still in a bit of shock from the kiss, but you nonetheless grinned and happily nodded. “I don’t mind at all~!” You said happily as the two of you exchanged big smiles and an equally big hug.

It took a while for him to actually go to sleep, but you were next to him in bed and the dark felt a little less scary.

You on the other hand, weren’t scared at all. You succeeded in getting the boy you loved close to you. Sure, you might have had to scare the pants off of him, but he was all yours now.


“Good morning cla-…”

Aizawa didn’t expect to walk into his classroom to see almost all of his students asleep on their desks. The ones who were awake looked a mix of exhausted and terrified with their eyes wide, droopy and bloodshot. And the only ones who were awake at all were you, Kirishima, Tokoyami, Tsuyu and Bakugou.

His eyebrow twitched ever so slightly in irritation when he picked up on what could have happened, “That’s it… no more horror movies on a school night…”

Little did you know, Aizawa planned on finding that movie of yours and confiscating it, as to spare his students from being traumatized any further…

Chapter Text

It hasn’t been long since you and Todoroki had become an item. Of course, it took forever for two awkward people like yourselves to actually realize your feelings for each other before you realized that you both definitely like-liked each other.

Todoroki adored you, and everything about you. Your smile, your (H/C) hair, your (E/C) eyes, the way you joke around (even if he didn’t get them all the time), the way your hand felt in his, and especially the way you laughed. He didn’t laugh much, which is why he enjoyed seeing you laugh, it was quite an interesting sound, but very pleasant to his ears because of the happiness that would radiate from you every time you giggled, laughed or even chuckled.

Which is why it annoyed him so much every time you read one of the letters you had gotten from a ‘pen pal’ as you had claimed it was. He had no idea who this person was, but he didn’t like how a person who just wrote things to you made you smile and laugh more than he could apparently.

Who could this person be that could make you laugh like that? Sometimes you would giggle when you read the letters, and then sometimes you would just burst into such loud, unabashed laughter; the laughs he would hear from you after reading one of the letters were the loudest he’s ever heard you laugh. He loved to hear your mirth, but he didn’t love the fact that he couldn’t make you laugh like that, and he had certainly tried, but you only smiled at him awkwardly at best every time he attempted.

He did make you, Midoriya and Iida laugh that one time in Hosu after fighting Stain, but he didn’t even make a joke…

Afterwards every attempt to make you laugh always ended in failure.

He had never felt this feeling before, but it was so infuriating knowing that this person he didn’t know could succeed in making you laugh so hard that you would cry.

Of course, he talked to Midoriya about his little conundrum, and he had explained to him that he was just feeling jealous, which was an emotion that Todoroki wasn’t familiar with.

But thankfully the green-haired boy also gave him his own advice by simply asking you about this friend of yours so he could see and make sure that this person wasn’t anyone trying to flirt with you.

And that he did. As soon as you received your letter and gift from your pen-pal, Todoroki appeared right behind you.

“Who is this person?”

You almost jumped out of your skin as soon as you heard Todoroki’s low voice. “AH! Shoto! Don’t scare me like that!” Pouting a bit, you didn’t recognize how oddly serious he looked, because to be fair he kind of always looked like that.

“I apologize.” He apologized, but he wasn’t going to get off topic. “You’ve been getting a lot of letters.” You almost felt like you were getting caught for cheating, even though you would rather eat your own tongue than ever cheat on Shoto. But he was certainly talking to you like you were.

“Hee-hee… yes I have. He’s quite the talkative guy.” You realized you probably shouldn’t have said ‘he’, because now Todoroki was even more suspicious. “It’s another male?”

“Yes but it’s not what you think, seriously…” You shook your head with a nervous giggle but the room was getting colder and Todoroki’s serious demeanor wasn’t going away.

“Does he know that you’re in a relationship?”

“No Shoto because I just go around talking to guys and neglect telling them I’m taken, of course he knows, I’ve told him and he completely understands and he doesn’t even flirt with me at all, I swear he’s really nobody you should be worried about…” You said sincerely, a little scared though because Todoroki was not happy, and if you knew any better, you would say that he was actually jealous.

You never expected him to ever be jealous since he didn’t mind your friendships with other boys like Midoriya, Iida, Kirishima, Kaminari and Sero. Usually you were the jealous one, albeit you made sure to not be so over-the-top for the most part.

And yet it kind of excited you too, but just thinking and seeing that yes, your normally emotionless Shoto was actually jealous. It made you giggle a little bit because you could just imagine the look on your boyfriend’s face as soon as he actually sees your pen-pal…

“He knows how to make you laugh.” He remarked, sounding a little bit bitter especially when you started giggling just thinking about that person. What the hell was this guy’s secret?

“Oh Shoto…” Despite how visibly unhappy Todoroki was, you put your hand on his shoulder to try and reassure him. “He might know how to make me laugh to tears… but you know how to make me laugh too… sometimes…” You mumbled that last part not quietly at all as Todoroki’s right side started growing colder in mild annoyance.

“But you know how to make me do more than that! You make me smile more than anyone else can, and you make my heart beat so fast I swear I feel like I’m gonna faint sometimes or throw up but that’s a good thing!” Quickly, you tried to make him feel better, and that did settle down Todoroki’s coldness a little bit as he looked at you with a softened look. “And… you… you make me love you…” Blushing, you somewhat shyly looked down because you could feel your heartbeat speeding up and a fluttering in your stomach, “You make me feel butterflies… no one else can do that… only you. No one else. Only you Shoto…” You did look up at him, and you could see that he was starting to blush too.

Todoroki was starting to feel a little guilty now. He should have known that you would never be unfaithful, and he trusted you. He really was just jealous as Midoriya had said. But he heard what he needed to hear from you, and he gave a sigh of relief.

“I’m sorry if I seemed irritated.” He looked and sounded guilty, but you just got on your tip-toes to kiss him on the cheek, hugging his arm as he blushed warmly. “No it’s okay… it is a little weird I suppose to be friendly with a guy you don’t know… I just thought it was okay because… well… when you see this guy you’ll understand…” You chuckled a little bit, resisting the urge to laugh again but Todoroki looked a little more understanding, and curious to who this person was? Was he really that funny?

He kind of wanted to know now just who this person was.

“Look…” So, to ease your boyfriend’s jealousy, you gently pulled away and opened the gift that your penpal brought you. And Todoroki blinked as soon as he saw what was inside…

A piece of toast and a small box of some brown, meaty stuff…?

“Is that… toast?” He asked, completely bewildered despite his stoic voice as you snickered and nearly burst into giggles again.

“Yeah! Hahaha! Well…” You wiped your eyes to avoid crying again, even though you were shaking with suppressed laughs. “It’s technically buttered toast, and this… is gravy. Buttered toast and gravy.” You clarified, holding back the giggles as much as you can especially when you saw just how… confused Todoroki looked.

“Buttered toast. And gravy.” He was in total disbelief, and slightly annoyed. What was so funny about that? It didn’t even sound appetizing either… people ate that?

“YEAH!” You suddenly laughed again, carefully setting the ‘gift’ down aside as you shook your head, the laughs uncontrollably leaving your throat.

“Why did he give you that?” Todoroki asked you, sounding a little more curious because those two things, aside from buttered toast, weren’t something you would ask for as a gift.

“Cuz… he loves buttered toast and gravy, and sometimes he likes buttered toast WITH gravy. He was just being nice and sharing something he loves with me… lovable oaf.” You said fondly, obviously failing to keep more snickers and giggles at bay, much to Todoroki’s annoyance.

“Exactly who is he?” Despite that, Todoroki would try and be the bigger person by remaining calm and instead try and take an interest in this pen-pal of yours, even though he sounded like an imbecile.

“Well, he’s from Canada. He’s… well… a big doofus… but he’s really, really nice if somewhat obsessed with monster movies, comics and gravy… and I’m not kidding, he has buttered toast for a brain. Legit NOT kidding… his brain is literal buttered toast…” You explained somewhat briefly, but all that did was just confuse your poor boyfriend.

“He sounds… strange.” That was all Todoroki had to say about this individual, and you started nervously giggling.

“Yeah… you’ll see… turns out. He’s here in Japan now.” You suddenly announced, which thankfully only mildly surprised Todoroki. “He is?”

“Yes. His friends are here… and trying out this thing that I’m positive is going to fail…” You mumbled awkwardly, since your pen-pal said that one of his friends had a penchant for being a total scam artist. Wait til this idiot tries scamming the Class 1-A kids…

However, Todoroki was somewhat interested in meeting this person, if just so he could see exactly what he does and how he makes you laugh and smile the way you had been every time you read one of his letters.


“Don’t tell Mr. Aizawa… not sure how he’ll react to this person…” You whispered to Todoroki when you approached the entrance door to let your friend in…

Only for the door to fall open right on top of you, “(Y/N)!” Of course, Todoroki quickly acted and stopped the door before it could crush you. He held it up and used his free hand to take yours and help you up as you smiled and giggled, as if you were expecting that. However, Todoroki didn’t hesitate to shoot a glare at the person who practically dropped a door on his partner, but he paused once he got a good look at this person…

“HI (Y/N)!!” He exclaimed, grinning from ear-to-ear and waving at you cheerfully. He was about his height, only with a very strange appearance, a unibrow and a foul odor that Todoroki could smell from where he stood.

But despite all of that, you still giggled and waved at your friend, “Hey there Ed… it’s so good to see you.” You said politely as Ed somewhat roughly shook your hand, still smiling widely, “I loved you in the festival! It was just like Zorba the Two-Headed Mutant vs. the cursed monsters of Evil Tim!” Ed happily exclaimed as you smiled and giggled, while your boyfriend just… stared at him…

What the hell was he talking about?

He heard the festival, and assumed he was talking about the Sports Festival. But the rest? He had no earthly idea…

“Ed, this is my boyfriend. Todoroki Shoto. Shoto, this is Ed.” You introduced Todoroki to Ed, but only Ed seemed excited, and Todoroki was just so confused.

The first thing Ed did though, was take the dual-haired boy’s hand and roughly shook it just as much as he did to yours early, “Hiya Takiyaki! I am Ed!” Ed bubbly greeted your poor boyfriend, who grunted a bit at how… deceptively strong this guy was. He didn’t want to be rude though.

“Todoroki…” He corrected him politely, and he could clearly see you trying your hardest to not laugh your ass off right then and there as Ed just smiled wide with his tongue slipped out. And once he was done with introductions, Ed looked around in enthusiastic curiosity as he laughed his trademark ‘Ahahaha’ laugh.

You thought it was actually kind of cute, because you thought there was never enough laughter in the world, including this school of yours. It was nice to hear a hearty cackle, but you could clearly see that Todoroki was trying to process who this person was…

“What kind of person is he…?” Todoroki asked you, looking shockingly exasperated with the sheer stupidity of your… friend. And you just nervously giggled as you twiddled with your fingers.

“One of a kind…” You nervously smiled at your boyfriend, since even you were baffled initially by Ed’s antics, but they quickly grew on you because he was such a lovable doofus. However, not even you could quite pinpoint what kind of guy he was, other than a sweet oaf who loved monster movies, buttered toast, gravy, and had a serious aversion to soap even though he desperately needed some…


You flinched, immediately turning as soon as you saw Ed charging after what he perceived was a ‘chicken’ and you heard one of your friends’ startled shout.

“Pet the chicken, pet the chicken!” There Ed was, holding your dear friend Tokoyami in his tight, suffocating hug and not-too-gently petting his feathers. The poor boy was confused and wide-eyed, a stark contrast to his usual stoicism as he tried and struggled to get out of the taller, smellier boy’s grasp but it was like iron.

“Dark Shadow…!”

“I’m not going out there! This guy smells!”

He couldn’t believe it. Dark Shadow wasn’t willing to help him when he really needed it, but he wasn’t kidding, this person smelt like rotten food and some other rancid things he couldn’t even identify. Almost desperately, Tokoyami looked over at you and Todoroki and was almost relieved and silently pleading for you both to help him since his quirk more or less refused. He probably looked the most pitiful you had ever seen him.

“Ed! Tokoyami is not a chicken! He’s a raven. Well… he looks like a raven.” You quickly made your way over to your friends, lightly scolding Ed despite how amused you were. “Put him down, he doesn’t like to be pet like that.” Ed gave you his trademark blank, fish-eyed stare, before breaking out into a wide grin as he promptly dropped Tokoyami, “Okey-dokey!”

The crow-headed boy quickly got away from the big lug, and sort of retreated behind you and Todoroki. “Who is this person…?”

“Tokoyami, this is Ed. He’s my friend from Canada.”

“Aww… can I play with him (Y/N)?”

“No!” Tokoyami quickly answered for you, “Hee-hee maybe not today Ed…” But you said it gentler despite your friends’ protests.

“I love chickens (Y/N)!” Ed exclaimed cheerfully, something that you were well aware of, since Ed was very vocal about his fondness for chickens, much to the confusion of Todoroki and Tokoyami. Based on how odd he was, he was a pretty simple creature…

And a really stupid one…

But you just giggled, shaking your head as you nodded, “Oh yes I know Ed… I do too. They’re cute.” You humored him though, because Ed was too sweet and strangely endearing for his own good. “How come he looks just like a chicken?” However, Ed surprised you with a question, which annoyed your ‘chicken’ classmate as you couldn’t help but smile. Todoroki knew that smile though. He might not have been great with most social cues, but he’s learned how to tell from your normal smile, to your mischievous one.

“Well Ed… remember when I said that everyone in this school has powers? It’s because… I never told you that… everyone here has been experimented on and turned into mutants!” You suddenly came up with that right on the spot, trying your hardest not to giggle when Ed’s awed, wide-eyed expression made it clear that he was eating all of this up.

While your boyfriend and classmate just stood there, leering at you a little bit because of just how much you were lying to this extremely gullible, and extremely stupid guy. “Look outside… see all of them? Like that boy with the many arms…? He was given all of his extra arms to be extra strong. And then there’s my friends Tsuyu and Mina. Tsuyu has been transformed into a frog, and then Mina got turned into a pink alien from Outer Space!”

Ed looked positively amazed as he grinned widely, “IT’S A MUTANT SCHOOL!!” He exclaimed, grinning from ear to ear, as you covered your mouth as much as you could. “Must join mutant school!!”

Todoroki was dumbfounded. He’s never seen anyone like this… in his entire life. His father gave him little time to meet people since he said most people were not worth his time, but this person was… extremely weird.

“(Y/N)! If this school turns people into mutants, can I be turned into a salamander? Or a rooster?” Ed started to ask you, even though you knew that it couldn’t happen since nobody had a quirk to turn people into things, but you played along with Ed. That’s why you liked him; he was so much fun.

“Of course you can Ed. I think you would make a fantastic rooster… or salamander.” There was some truth in your words though. Ed… had a lot of weird powers despite being a human… you wondered if maybe he had a quirk.

“YAY!” He threw his hands up, his grin so wide you had to laugh and smile. His happiness was contagious, but your classmates were just too puzzled by how weird he was.

“This person is an enigma of absurdity…” Tokoyami muttered exactly what Todoroki was thinking, and you heard that. But you couldn’t disagree, Ed was… pretty stupid, but he was also pretty fun too, if completely weird and ludicrous. He never ceased to make you laugh your ass off as you held your sides when Ed started moving around like a rooster.

“Cockle-doodle-doo! Cockle-doodle-doo!”


You were guffawing, clapping your hands cheerfully because of how hilarious the guy was as he kept at his little rooster act. But Todoroki finally understood why and how this guy could make you laugh so much.

He was an idiot.

An even bigger idiot than Kaminari for that matter. This guy was a new level of stupid and extremely outgoing with a complete lack of shame or inhibitions, but even if he was stupid, he was making you laugh. Hell, he was making you so laugh you were crying. Todoroki told himself he wouldn’t get jealous, but ever since Ed got here, all he’s done is make you smile and laugh, a lot more than you have ever since you and him got together…


In a poor attempt to compete for your laughter, Todoroki tried to do what Ed was doing and he imitated the sound of an animal he knew well. Which was a little puppy, since you once took him to a shelter and showed him an adorable puppy that he thought fondly of as soon as the memory came to mind. It was the only thing he could think of, and that certainly caught your attention as you wiped your tearful eyes and stared at your boyfriend, befuddled…

“… what…?” Well you finally laughed at something he did, and Todoroki felt more embarrassed than happy to hear that and started to blush a scarlet shade of red and averted his eyes from your gaze. But he perked up as soon as you hugged him tightly, his face reddening even more as his left side involuntarily heated up.

“Oh Shoto you are just too cute~.” You cooed a little bit, loving just how red he was getting but you pulled away with an ‘Ow!’ when his left side was getting a little too burny for you…

“I-I’m sorry…” He quickly apologized, but you shook your head and smiled wide at him. And seeing that smile made him feel a little bit better. Once he had cooled down a bit, you happily hugged him again, “Hee~. Don’t be cutie…” You called him cute again, and made him blush heavily again. But at least he got a good reaction from you, Ed might have made you laugh, but Todoroki got you to call him cute and smile like that.


Todoroki’s worries dissipated the more you hugged him but the moment didn’t last when the two of you heard explosions and shouting. It sounded like Izuku and Bakugou were at it again…

And there Ed stood looking out the window with wide eyes, “IT’S A MUTANT FIGHT (Y/N)!!” He shouted cheerfully, bouncing up and down with glee now that he would witness a ‘mutant fight’ for the first time in his life. You smiled nervously as Todoroki sighed, he couldn’t imagine what life would be like if this guy stood here…

But he saw you smile again…

“Ed! You have to help!” You suddenly cried out, and Todoroki and Tokoyami knew that you were up t something and only Ed would ever be dumb enough to fall for it. “That boy! Izuku he has green hair! He’s not a mutant! He’s under attack by Bakugou! He’s SO mean!” You explained briefly to a confused but nervous Ed.

“Look at him! Look at that face! He’s been possessed by the curse of Evil Tim! And he’s going to hurt Izuku!” You lied through your teeth and pointed at the angry ash-blonde outside, and Ed stared at him and then pulled out a comic that he had told you about.

“What are you doing (Y/N)…?” Todoroki asked you somewhat sternly as you nervously smiled, “Let me have this Shouto!” You whispered not too quietly to your boyfriend, but Ed didn’t think anything of it as the four of you walked outside and Ed was watching Bakugou in the distance fearfully.

“IT IS THE CURSE OF EVIL TIM!!” He declared rather loudly and caught the attention of other classmates who were around you, such as Uraraka, Iida, Kirishima, Kaminari, Sero, Yaoyorozu, Tsuyu, Mina and Shoji. They saw the strange boy they’ve never seen before, and they wondered who he was and what he was talking about while you were just trembling from your snickering.

“Uhh… what are you talking about dude?” Kirishima tried to sound nice to this person though, even if he never met him and his odd statement confused the hell out of him.

“Guys… hee-hee… this is my friend Ed… and he’s actually here to help us with Izuku and Bakugou!” You announced rather insincerely, which your classmates instantly figured out but they couldn’t even predict what you were up to.

“Yup! It’s me all right…” Ed said with a goofy smile as he waved at the confused students, “I guess this is that penpal (Y/N) talked about… oh boy.” Tsuyu knew all about Ed as you had told her all about him, but if he was as gullible as you said he was, then he would believe every single outlandish thing you would tell him…

“How is he supposed to help?” Kaminari wondered outloud, since Ed didn’t look like he was the sharpest crayon in the box, and that was coming from him.

But all you did was smile at Kaminari before gasping in faux horror and pointed over at Bakugou who chasing a frantic Izuku and trying to blast him for God knows why, “Ed! Look! He’s going to hurt Izuku! Evil Tim is going to take over Bakugou’s soul!”

Ed brought everything as he heard Izuku shouting and Bakugou roaring with anger as he went after him, prepared to try and blow him up.

“CRUSH THE MONSTER!!!” Ed wasted no time in getting the largest tree he could find in the area as he went after the two of them in a speed you had no idea he was capable.

“W-Who in the world is that?!” Izuku however, was wide-eyed and baffled by the stranger carrying a freakishly large tree…

But he couldn’t even warn Bakugou as the ash-blonde grabbed him by the collar of the shirt, “I’ve got you now Deku! You think you can get away with trying to patronize me?! I’ll kill you!” Bakugou grinned almost maniacally as he held up his sparkling palm, “K-Kacchan! Look out there’s-“


Izuku was cut off as Ed promptly dropped the tree RIGHT on top of the two boys, much to the shock and horror of your classmates. “The curse has passed! You are safe!” Ed stated as you recorded the whole thing on your phone. As soon you got it all you grinned widely, tears falling as you held your sides and laughed your ass off. There was nothing that could help the mirth inside you as you doubled over and fell to your knees punching the ground in laughter.

“W-What the hell was that?! What did you do?!” Kirishima asked what everyone was thinking as they just stared at the weirdo like he was some kind of crazy idiot…

“W-Who cares?!” Kaminari however, was actually kind of amused by it all as he started to laugh with you, as did Mineta and Mina. As bad as they felt for Izuku, seeing Bakugou have a tree dropped on him was… kind of hilarious…

“(Y/N) what have you done…?” Todoroki asked you in complete disbelief, thinking that this person was hazard to anyone based on his stupidity and gullibility alone as you got up, leaning on his shoulder and wiping the tears from your eyes.

“I’m sorry… but… I just had to… did you see what he did to Bakugou?!” You laughed again, and although Todoroki felt only a twinge of amusement when he saw the comedy in watching this idiot drop a tree on Bakugou of all people, he was pretty concerned for Izuku.

“Yes… and Midoriya for that matter.” He finally reminded you, and your eyes widened in horror when you let that sink in…

What HAVE you done?

“IZUKU!!!” You instantly ran towards the scene of the crime, and used all your strength to try and pull out a dazed, injured Izuku out from under the tree. “Izuku! Izuku?! Please don’t be dead! I’m so sorry please be okay!” You almost cried as you shook your friend who was conscious but dizzy from the impact of the tree.

“(Y/N)… are you okay…? W-Where did that person go…?” The poor thing was more concerned for you than he was for himself and it made you feel horrible. “I’m okay, and that’s… that’s just Ed… he’s my penpal…” You said to your dear friend, and he widened his eyes a little bit. “HE’S your penpal…?” Izuku asked incredulously. THAT was the person Todoroki was jealous of?

“Are you with us Isuzu?!” Ed mispronounced Izuku’s name but the concern was genuine. However, Izuku was a little alarmed with this guy being so close. “I-I’m okay I swear!” He shook his hands and head, not wanting this guy to do anything else to him or for him. Even if he had some questions about him, he didn’t know anyone else strong enough to lift a tree out of it’s root…

Only All-Might had that kind of strength…

“Hey…” A low, seething and furious voice made it’s presence known to you and Izuku as the two of you perked up fearfully as Bakugou picked himself up out of the branches and leaves from the tree. You and Izuku trembled as you saw the fury burning in the explosive teen’s eyes, but you hugged Izuku close to protect him from Bakugou’s wrath.

“What the hell was that…?” He sounded calm; that was never a good sign as Ed seemed to look triumphant when he saw Bakugou emerge from the damage. “THE CURSE HAS BEEN LIFTED!” He shouted, honestly believing that Bakugou was freed from Evil Tim’s curse, and the blonde looked over at Ed with a ‘WTF’ look on his face. However, he quickly picked up that it had to have been Ed who dropped that tree on him…

“You…” His palms were both crackling and that urged you to use all the strength you had to pick up Izuku and run off fast when Bakugou while Bakugou was distracted and made your way over to the safety of Todoroki.

“I’M GOING TO KILL YOU FOR THAT YOU FUCKING IDIOT!!” Bakugou quickly changed his course and went after Ed instead.

“RUN ED RUN!!” You shouted for your friend, who seemed to finally pick up on the fact that he was going to get chased and possibly destroyed, but he just smiled and started running off laughing.



You were worried for Ed, but you knew that he was basically indestructible and not even Bakugou’s ire could get rid of Ed since the latter had a variety of weird powers you didn’t know were possible.

“Your friend doesn’t seem to realize that he’s in danger.” Todoroki remarked as you couldn’t help but chuckle a little bit.

“No… not really… but he’s fine… trust me… Ed is impervious to any form of pain. Nothing can destroy him…” You said snickering, which almost amazed Izuku and Todoroki, even if they thought your friend was a complete and total oddball. “D-Does that have to do with his quirk?” The green-haired boy asked somewhat nervously.

“Boy, Ed don’t need a quirk, he IS a quirk… a walking, talking medley of so many quirks before quirks were even quirks.” You almost laughed at how many times you said ‘quirk’ and did nothing to ease the confusion of your two friends.

However, Todoroki actually smiled a little bit and almost chuckled. He was definitely no longer jealous of that guy though, after all he could still make you laugh in his own way. And that actually made him feel pretty happy.

Somehow, you seemed to pick up on Todoroki’s happiness as you held his hand and the two of you smiled at each other while the two of you listened to Ed’s laughing and Bakugou’s enraged screaming.

Chapter Text

You're never gonna be alone!
From this moment on, if you ever feel like letting go,
I won't let you fall,
You're never gonna be alone!
I'll hold you 'till the hurt is gone.

-”Never Gonna Be Alone” by Nickelback

“*You… have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have a right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you. Do you understand the rights I have read to you?*”

In English class with your favorite teacher, you had recited the Miranda rights in often stated in America from police when they arrested villains and criminals during the lesson of differences in hero laws in Japan and America. English had gotten easier for you, and you liked to think you were slightly better at it than most of your classmates were.

“YES! Perfection (L/N)! Always the first one to answer right on the dot!” Yamada made sure to loudly praise you in front of the class, because while he didn’t want to play favorites like your homeroom teacher did, he felt that it was necessary since you looked like you needed a little support lately.

“T-Thank you, Mr. Yamada.” You somewhat shyly thanked your English teacher after receiving such praise, not entirely oblivious to some looks your classmates were giving to Yamada. They weren’t jealous or anything, but the loud pro-hero certainly made it a point to make you sound like the best student in this class.

Needless to say, it kind of made you happy since you had been struggling lately in your other classes. Especially with Aizawa.

Speaking of which…

You were distracted and feeling kinda groggy the entire time in the Hero course, sighing as you tiredly stared off into space and barely registering anything Aizawa, or was it Iida talking? Whoever it was, you weren’t really listening, you were thinking of something else and trying to not think about how bad you were doing in class.

After seeing everyone improve on their quirks and overcoming their own issues, just… really made you feel like you were doing the opposite. And you hated it…

Everyday you tried your hardest, pushed yourself even if it made your muscles ache and your bones hurt the next day. You worked with your quirk as much as you could, even trying to carry a larger portion of water to try and control it as much as you could. Your parents worried that you were going overboard and trying to go beyond your limits, but you really just wanted to get better like everyone else. Not just to feel proud of yourself, but to make everyone around you proud. Even if it meant working yourself tired, and even if it meant forcing yourself to keep everything inside so you could focus on what mattered.


For a while you had really been pretending to be okay until class ended and lunch break had started. Before you could get up to leave to the cafeteria, Aizawa stopped you.


You sighed to yourself, closing your eyes and preparing yourself to reluctantly go over to your teacher. What did you do this time? “Yes?” Despite your mood, you made sure to sound polite.

“I need your parents to sign this.” Aizawa gave you a report with a few marks on it, which was detailing a list of things you apparently needed to work on. “Let them know that you’re failing.” The words hit you like a school bus as you inhaled deeply.

“Failing?” You asked incredulously, even though you believed it based on your gradually worsening performances and lack of focus in class lately. He nodded, but it almost seemed as if he didn’t want to tell you this.

“That’s right. I’ve been seeing you regress during physical training. Your supermove also needs more work and thought put into. You barely managed to get your hero license because you had your classmates help you out. I don’t know what’s been distracting you, but you need to work on that because it’s getting in the way of your progress.” Every critique he gave you felt like arrows to your back as you kept your composure.

“I see that you’re struggling, but that’s why I’m telling you what you need to work on, because I know you have potential, but lately you haven’t been living up to it. You don’t want to waste it by letting your vulnerabilities show.” Aizawa wasn’t exactly trying to sound harsh, but he was being honest with you to let you know what he was seeing from you.

“How would you know what vulnerabilities are?”

You steadied your breathing while your teacher talked, resisting the urge to storm out and ignore him like you had been the past couple of months.

“I can help you. You’re here to become a hero, and it’s my job to make sure that you become one. And you can’t be a hero if you’re not trying to catch up to the others. But I know you’re stronger and smarter than this, so I’m going to give you more study sessions and training sessions to help you improve.” He offered you help, but all you heard was him accuse you of not trying to catch up.

“I understand. Thank you, sir, I needed to hear that.” You smiled politely albeit a little sadly. That was a complete lie, you were aware that you were struggling and the way he said all of that just made you feel like shit.

But you still smiled despite the emotions that were brewing inside you but you’ve been pretending to be okay for a good portion of your life so you knew how to keep the tears at bay. And you were NOT going to cry in front of your teacher, especially not the one you felt was bringing you down.

Aizawa looked at you pensively, as if he almost sensed that you weren’t being a hundred percent honest, so he asked you.

“Are you all right (L/N)?” Maybe he was a little harsh with his words, and he could tell that something was a little bit wrong, because he knew that your smile wasn’t real.

“No. No I’m good, I totally get it and I promise I will push myself hard, I know what I gotta do now. I just needed that little push.” You nodded, forcing yourself to sound more chipper as your fake smile grew. And you were thankful that you were good at acting since Aizawa seemed to believe your lies as he sighed a bit.

“Well good. I know you can do it. That’s why I’m pushing you.”

You almost missed the good intentions in his words, because you were too mad to even believe him. “Thank you again Mr. Aizawa. And if there’s anything else I can do to improve, just let me know and I will do it.”

As you smiled, you didn’t notice that your classmate Aoyama was there to eat lunch by himself and he saw right through you. He knew you weren’t being honest and that you most certainly weren’t happy after hearing everything yours and his teacher had told you.

“I will.” Aizawa said to you before you left the classroom in a bit of a huff…


“I HATE HIM!” You stormed off to scream in the bathroom, but you made sure that you were alone because you knew that ranting about this to the other girls wouldn’t allow you to vent. They would tell you a bunch of bullshit about how Aizawa was ‘trying to help’.

Why? Because they told you that the last time you tried venting about your troubles in class and didn’t help you at all. You loved those girls, but you wanted to slap them silly for dismissing how angry you were that day. So it was just better to vent to yourself, by yourself…

It’s not like they would understand anyway, they all seemed pretty pleased with themselves.

“He’s failing me on purpose I swear to God… that… that fucking jerk… why is it always me? Why am I always being the one singled out…? It’s not like I’m the dumbest and the weakest one in class…” You muttered and asked yourself when you thought about your other classmates who weren’t doing too good either, but they weren’t being called out for it.

Kaminari and Ashido were much at test-taking than you were, and Mineta had a weak-ass quirk while yours could actually pack a serious punch, so why weren’t those three getting read like you were?

You have potential, but lately you haven’t been living up to it?

Did that mean you were losing your potential?

Wasting it and letting your vulnerabilities show?

Weren’t you a human first and a hero second?

Can’t be a hero if you’re not trying to catch up?

But weren’t you trying your damn hardest every goddamn day?

Who does Mr. Aizawa think he is? You wondered as you retreated from the mirror and locked yourself in one of the bathrooms stalls to sit down with your hands in your head, unable to stop a flood of tears from streaming down your face as you began wondering if you were overreacting.

At least, until the rest of your intrusive thoughts came to haunt you.

‘He’s right you know. You’re only mad because he’s right! And do you see Midoriya, Bakugou and Todoroki? They’re doing things you could never do! Congratulations, you’re going to fail and never become a hero cuz the only things you’ve succeeded in this class at all is being weak, slow AND stupid. Your teacher sees it and your classmates can see it!’

The saboteur in your head taunted you as you cried quietly to yourself and trembled where you sat. God what were your parents going to think when you tell them you’re failing?

And on top of that, there was no way you were going back to class looking like this. You refused.

It’s not like anyone was going to worry or even notice that you weren’t in class because clearly, you were the weakest link in class. You felt that it was better if everyone just did their things without you. You were useless right now, and you were being completely honest, you didn’t want to see any of your classmates right now.

How could they relate to you? They were all doing so much better than you anyway, and they were all stronger, smarter and more talented than you were.

There was no way they could understand…


You didn’t want to leave the bathroom, not when it was the only place of privacy where you could hide. Honestly, you were considering just staying in there for the rest of the day, and somehow sneak into your dorm-room and then stay in there for the rest of the night. No one would bother you, and most importantly, you wouldn’t bother anyone either with your pathetic problems.

However, realistically, you knew that couldn’t happen and you were getting kind of bored being all alone in this smelly room and with your phone on low. As much as you didn’t want to, it was time to get out for just a little bit and keep skipping class and fake an illness like mono if you have to; you weren’t going back to class, you absolutely refused.

Sighing, you slowly opened the door and stepped out of the bathroom with a heaviness in your chest that was begging you to go find someplace to sleep in an attempt to make this shitty day go away by closing your eyes. It was already close to the last class of the day, but you had no plans on showing up. Sure you’d get in trouble for it later, but at this point you barely cared anymore. All you wanted to do was stick to your plan and sneak back to your dorm-room so you could be miserable in peace.


Your favorite teacher’s voice made you freeze in your tracks and gasp audibly in shock. Just like that your body reacted on its own as you started shaking nervously but kept your back turned even though Yamada’s enthusiastic and loud voice was impossible for you to ignore.

“There you are! Eraser’s been looking for you for a while! Said your classmates didn’t know where you were at! In fact, I think they’re all looking for you!”

Aizawa was worried about you? You honestly couldn’t imagine why, and you didn’t believe it. But just thinking about that was making you quiver more, fists clenching as your lips trembled and tears built up in your eyes, spilling down because there were too much for your eyes to hold back. There was nothing you could do, you wanted to just walk away or even run but how could you do that to Yamada? When he was the only teacher that you felt gave you the most praise when you clearly sucked at everything.

“Haha I can’t wait to see his face when he sees that I found you! And he was worried… but I knew you had to be around campus somewhere~. After all you’re not the type who would skip class, though to be honest you haven’t really been-”

Before he had a chance to finish his sentence you finally turned to face him with your lip quivering and tears running down your face as you sniffled. He quickly shut himself up as the smile on his face immediately fell and contorted into an uncharacteristically concerned frown. Looking directly at him, you saw what looked like worry in his eyes through his glasses. Yamada was usually such a loud man who was almost always smiling that seeing him so quiet and frowning was almost unnatural to you.

“Hey… (Y/N)… what’s wrong?” He asked you in a rare, soft and very concerned tone. Something not many had the opportunity to hear from the loud-mouthed, carefree pro-hero.

As hard as you tried to keep it all in, everything just poured out of you. Word vomit at its best.

“I… I’m failing the hero course… and I-I’m… I’m trying SO hard… but it’s not enough… I-I haven’t been improving a-and… t-the more I think about it… the more I think t-that I… I should have tried harder… I should have studied harder… worked harder… but… it’s just so hard…” You shut your eyes as tears fell to the ground, unable to hold back the sob that crept out of your throat and made your shoulders shake up and down from the remaining cries that you apparently weren’t finished getting rid of yet. Apparently, you weren’t finished crying yet, and now the concern Mr. Yamada showed you was enough to trigger the overwhelming disappointment with yourself into making you cry in self-pity.

You hated it.

Frankly, Yamada was alarmed by the sight of a student crying, but there was no way he was going to leave you alone. He knew what you were talking about too, he had noticed that you hadn’t been as energetic lately, nor did you seem happy at all. Sure, you paid attention in HIS class, but he knew that’s because you were confident in there. However, based on what Aizawa had been telling him about you and the rest of his students and from what he’s seen in your overall demeanor, he knew you had fallen into a slump and this was a result of bottling up all your stress. Now it was all pouring out and it practically broke his heart seeing you like this.

“M-M…M-Mr. Aizawa… h-he… he knows I’m weak a-and s-stupid… he’s not saying it outright, but I know he knows it… and he’s right… n-n-nno matter what I try, nnnnn-nothing works… I’m guh-getting worse… e-eh-ev-everyone’s getting better… e-e-everyone… b-but me…” You choked out tearfully in between sobs, barely able to even talk as you opened up what had been eating you up from the inside out.

“What? No! That’s not true! Trust me, Eraser and I talk all the time, and he does NOT think you’re weak… and if everyone’s getting better, then you are too! You’re a part of their class after all, they’re just improving in their own ways, and you are too!” Yamada has seen students break down before, but not quite like this where he was face-to-face with one, so he wasn’t entirely sure how to make you feel better. He wouldn’t give up though, not on his student.

“B-But… but it’s true… I-I… I’m not improving… I-I’ve… I’m regressing… i-in the tests, t-the combat… I-I keep losing… f-for me and m-my partners I’m p-paired with… a-and t-the gym… God the fucking gym… I-I can’t… I’m getting slower… I can’t run fast… e-even though I push myself as hard as I can I just c-can’t… l-look at me, I’m pathetic and weak, I’m weak, s-slow and stupid… I-I can’t ru-run fast Mr. Yamada, I-I c-can’t fight back, I can’t buh-b-be a hero, I-I’m the weakest link in my class, I-I’m ridiculous and sss-sllow…”

Dramatically and breaking down almost completely, you started running in place as if to emphasize your weakness in running as you continued to cry and unload the same intrusive thoughts that tormented you. You almost didn’t notice Yamada awkwardly walking closer towards you even if what he was seeing right now was hard to watch. An upset, anxious student overwhelmed by anxiety and self-doubt who was falling apart before his eyes.

“Stop it… S-Stop saying those things! Come on now… you can’t say that to yourself… you can’t treat yourself like that… come here…”

He shook his head at what you were saying about yourself, opening his arms out as you found yourself gladly letting yourself into your teacher’s hold as he gently put his arms around you in a soft hug while you clung to him and unabashedly cried your heart out. Yamada was an affectionate and hands-on kind of man in general, but as a teacher he didn’t want to cross his boundaries with a student. However, he cared about you very much, and you looked so upset that he couldn’t just let you cry and suffer all by yourself like this. As a teacher AND a hero, he felt like it was his job to comfort a distraught student who was clearly under a lot of stress. You might have been Aizawa’s student, but you were just as much one of his students as you were Aizawa’s!

“It… I-It’s s-ssso huh-hard… I-It’s just so… fucking… hard… I… I… I-I’m s-ss-sso tired of tuh-trying so hard a-and not d-doing anything right M-Mr. Yamada… n-nothing I-I do is… m-making me better… I-I… I-I’m g-getting w-w-worse…”

You’ve really done it this time. Crying like a child in front of your favorite teacher. And yet, hugging him felt so nice. So warm and comforting.

“I know… I know it’s hard… hey, hey it’s okay… I’ve got you… don’t hurt yourself sweetie, take deep breaths for me now, okay? Breathe…” He said in the softest voice you had ever heard him use as he held you while you clutched his costume, and he didn’t mind. Rocking you gently, he kept hushing you as you cried, your shoulders still trembling as he made sure to speak softly and gently to soothe your frazzled nerves as you followed his advice, trying to steady your rapid breathing by taking a few deep inhales and shaky exhales through gritted teeth. Inhaling sharply in an attempt to try and breathe again as you focused on the warmth coming from your teacher’s arms, slowly it was working.

“Good, that’s it… very good, shhhhh…” He praised you once he felt you slowing yourself down, knowing that you were in serious need of emotional support right now, and everything he was doing so far was working for you. You felt very safe at the moment, and not judged at all. Yamada was very patient with you too, he let you slow down so you could catch your breath and breathe properly, and he only spoke when you had eventually stopped shaking as you kept taking deep, steady breaths until you were calm enough and stopped hyperventilating.

“You’re trying very hard. Being a hero ain’t easy… but you’re not alone ya know? Ya see, while you might not think so, you’re trying just as hard, if not, harder than anyone else is! I’ve seen your effort, and your passion… Eraser’s a bit too much sometimes BUT! I’m sure he can tell you’re trying your best…”

“Mr. Aizawa doesn’t care about me, or how hard I try… he never has… all he cares about are the strong ones in our class… He only cares about Shinsou, Midoriya, Bakugou, Tsuyu, Yaoyorozu and Todoroki… all my friends… but not me… cuz I’m the weakest one… I’m sure he’s just ready to expel me anytime he wants…” Your tone was bitter, yet still fresh with sadness and your lack of self-esteem and distorted view was talking for you. Even though at times you felt as if Aizawa didn’t care about you, and it wouldn’t surprise you if he didn’t.

“Ha! He gives off that impression, doesn’t he?” He laughed a little bit, trying to lighten up your mood a little bit as you were calm enough to pay attention to him, blinking slightly as it pushed some stray tears down your face. “Eraser’s good at pretending he doesn’t care about his students… the thing is though he’s a total pusher, he pushes people, just like that teacher in Mean Girls. And he especially pushes his students BECAUSE he cares about them and he knows that they have a LOT of potential! And he definitely cares about you! I know he does! He definitely doesn’t think you’re weak!” That didn’t really do much to make you feel better since you already heard that from Aizawa. But surprisingly Yamada could tell that it wasn’t doing much to convince you.

“He just forgets that he can come off as a total hardass sometimes and that you kids are still kids who are gonna react differently compared to others. But don’t let that make you feel as if you’re not improving, because you are! You’re one of my best students! And I’ve seen the way you use your quirk. You’re really strong! You’re just in a little bit of a slump that’s all, nothing wrong with that though because every hero goes through slumps. I sure have! Every teacher in this school has! Including Eraser and even All-Might!” Yamada used his normal tone this time, enthusiastically saying oddly sweet and gentle words of encouragement to you.

At first you were surprised once you registered all of that, but you understood what he was saying. Basically, that none of the heroes were perfect, and that there wasn’t anything wrong with that. You yourself were far from perfect and prone to making a lot of mistakes and you struggled with things differently than your classmates might have, including anxiety, self-hatred and self-doubt.

Yet, Yamada still didn’t judge you, and he wasn’t judging you for being upset over this, if anything, his words just made you realize that while you weren’t perfect; there was nothing wrong with being imperfect because it happens to everyone, and that regardless of the slump you were definitely in, it didn’t make you weak.

“Look it’s perfectly normal to go through these slumps. We might be heroes, and we might be humans with quirks, but under the costumes and the hero titles we’re still just humans, the quirks are just bonuses, and they don’t change the fact that we’re humans at our core. Even if we chose to be heroes, we can’t forget or ignore our humanity AND our wellbeing, now can we? Our humanity is the basis of our heroism, don’t you think?” He asked you, raising a brow as you looked up at him almost adoringly. Sometimes you swore everyone forgot how smart Yamada was, but you didn’t, you thought he was wonderful.

In fact, you thought he was the most brilliant hero in the school, and you were absolutely marveled by him, especially right now. He told you everything you wanted and needed to hear. So, you nodded your head at his question, making him smile again.

“Don’t ever feel bad for being human. You know your limits and what your own personal issues are, it doesn’t mean you’re weak. And I know you get anxious and doubt yourself sometimes, but those don’t make you weak either. You are NOT weak and it’s OKAY to not feel okay sometimes, it does NOT make you weak. In fact, I believe you’re going to be one of the stronger heroes when you graduate and you’re going to be one of the most fantastic pro-heroes of your age! So, don’t think you’re weak or pathetic (L/N). Don’t you think that for one minute, okay?” He spoke gently again, and sounded slightly firm for a moment there, but it was still gentle and comforting as he grinned at you until a smile finally found its way onto your lips.

It was like a validation you never knew you needed, and just hearing him reassure you like this just made you tear up again as they freely fell down your face.

Sniffling, you whimpered and hugged him again in gratitude. Yamada was rather surprised at the sudden hug, but he quickly and gladly returned it with a big smile on his face, tearing up just a little bit himself; he was beyond happy that you seemed better now and that he was able to help you when you needed it.

“Okay… I won’t… I promise I won’t sir… thank you… but, you know… you actually gave me something else I didn’t know was what I really wanted…”

“Oh? What was that?”

“A hug…” You admitted somewhat shyly, since for a while you’d been desperately wanting a hug and couldn’t find it in you to ask some of your friends that because it felt so awkward. But thankfully, Yamada had given you what you had been wanting and needing. And admittedly, you’d be lying to yourself if you said you didn’t have a bit of a crush on this man, even though you knew that it wouldn’t be possible because of the age gap, yet a part of you dreamed nonetheless for when you became of age.

As for Yamada, he was surprised by this and yet he still smiled while he hugged you. It was times like these that made him remember that this is why he became a teacher aside from a being a hero.

“I was happy to help (Y/N). And if you ever need to talk to someone about this or if you’re ever having another bad day, intrusive thoughts or anything else, you can always come to me okay?” He asked you softly, and you nodded in his hug with a warm smile, loving every minute of this and prayed that this could last just for a little while longer…

Sadly you didn’t get that wish.

“What’s going on here?” Aizawa’s voice startled you and Yamada as you both yelped and jumped a little bit in your hug, and slowly you pulled away to rather awkwardly turn to face the other pro-hero, whose eyes slightly widened upon seeing you.

“(L/N)?” Your own eyes widened, but you quickly looked away with a nervous look once you felt Aizawa’s eyes on you, staring at the ground as anxiety started creeping up on you again.

“Where have you been? You didn’t show up to class since lunch.” He asked you in a rare tone that almost sounded gentle. And worried? That really surprised you, but you weren’t exactly comfortable enough to answer him yet.

“Eraser! Perfect timing! I found (L/N)! And she’s okay!” Yamada cheerfully said and looked over at you. “You are aren’t you (L/N)?” However, he had to ask you that just to make sure that you were okay. And because it was Yamada speaking to you, you looked away from the ground to meet his eyes and you found yourself able to smile again at him.

“Y-Yeah… it’s been a while… but for once I can say that I am legitimately okay. Thanks to you Mr. Yamada.” You said, a bit bashfully but sincerely, not taking your eyes off your English teacher as he grinned happily, much to Aizawa’s subtle annoyance. Of course, he was relieved that you were okay, but he clearly saw that you weren’t looking at him.

“It was no problem! Anytime okay?” Yamada said to you sweetly, he was very genuine with you. And yet, he couldn’t help but kind of rub this in his friend’s face a little bit. Aizawa wouldn’t admit it, but it was working only a little bit, especially since his own student was being more open with his friend than him.

“(L/N) Are you all right?” Your teacher asked you, seeing your reddened eyes and the remnants of tears on your cheeks; at that moment he realized that you had been crying. You couldn’t tell that he had become rather concerned now since he had never seen you cry before.

However, as mad as you were at your homeroom teacher, you did eventually look at him before you wiped the dried tears from your face. “I’m sorry Mr. Aizawa… I skipped class… on purpose… I know I shouldn’t have … but, I… I wasn’t feeling well, and I wasn’t in a good place enough to come back....”

For once, you did see the care and concern in Aizawa’s now soft-looking eyes. “Why didn’t you tell me? I’m your teacher. I know you’ve been struggling. I would have helped you if you told me that you needed it concerning your well-being.” He sounded like he was scolding you, and he was a little bit but now it was clear that he was more worried than upset with you.

You ALMOST wanted to cry again, but you didn’t now that you had gotten everything out with Yamada and felt better about yourself a little bit. Although you were feeling kind of guilty now for hiding everything else from Aizawa, it was time to get everything out with him too.

“That’s just it… I got in my head. I couldn’t bring myself to talk to you about this, with how bad I’ve been doing… I didn’t want to seem like I desperately needed help because I thought I could deal with this on my own.” You averted your eyes again, biting your bottom lip a little bit.

“And I have to be honest, I was hurt… I was hurt by your words today before lunch, it felt more like I was being judged than being given constructive criticism, like I was being told I wasn’t good enough, and that I wasn’t trying when I was trying my absolute hardest… when I’ve had plenty of people tell me that before… the minute you said that, I… I hated you in that moment… I wanted to punch you in the face… You were the last person I wanted to talk to about what was bothering me…” Almost shamefully, you covered your eyes with your fingers, unable to see the look of very subtle shock on your teacher’s face, as Yamada tried his hardest to not snicker, and it wasn’t working.

“I’m really sorry sir but I was just so hurt and angry that I could not bear the thought of asking you for help because I felt like I was just going to get judged again… but hiding wasn’t the right way to do it either… so I’m sorry… I never should have worried you.” You grabbed your arm nervously, guilt etched over your features even though you were finally being honest with Aizawa, just as you had been with Yamada.

Although you didn’t see it, Aizawa had the grace to look guilty. This wasn’t the first time he’s hurt one of his student’s feelings, and yet it never ceased to make him feel awful about it. Especially if it was enough to make one just avoid class altogether and cry by themselves. Worst of all, you refused to ask for his help because he hurt your feelings that badly.

“I appreciate your honesty (L/N). But you know that it’s never my intention to judge my students right? My purpose is to help you and your classmates improve and learn. I suppose I was too hard on you, and for that I’m sorry. I never meant to hurt your feelings.” He looked and sounded guilty, and for once you actually smiled at your homeroom teacher. Now you could register his words after clearing your head a little bit.

“I know… I’m sorry I took it so personally.” You felt bad though, even if you knew that your feelings were valid.

“Don’t be. I wasn’t really gentle with what I told you. I should have approached you better.” Aizawa owned up to not really being that nice in what he said to you, and you nodded in agreement, glad that he was taking responsibility for having hurt your feelings.

“Yeah your approach kinda sucked.” Despite that you gave a small chuckle and it surprised to see your own teacher give a low chuckle. Albeit, it was mostly because he was glad to see that you looked happier than you had been in months. He might not have been gentle about your struggles, but he knew you were struggling and it concerned him; he just didn’t know how to approach you about it the right way.

“You know that you’re going to still have to make up for all the classes you missed though, right?” But Aizawa still had to be your teacher, and this time, you weren’t sad to hear that from him as you nervously smiled.

“Of course… I saw that coming… I feel a little bit better to do that.” You said softly, even though you might not have been one hundred percent yet, you felt so much better after confiding in Mr. Yamada. And actually pretty inspired after he helped you and talked to you about taking care of your own mental health. “In fact, I’ve made a major decision after today.”

That however, surprised both Aizawa and Yamada, but they let you talk anyway to hear what you had to say.

“I’ve decided that I definitely want to work harder with my studies. The kind of hero I’ll be… will be one who looks out for people. Pick them up when they’re down. After all… it’s super important. Mental health is overlooked. I want to be that kind of hero for people who struggle like me.” You suddenly came to that conclusion after your talk with Yamada. It didn’t make all your issues go away, but his care for you during your breakdown gave you enough strength to get back up again and inspired you to think more about that.

“I’m going to fix all my mistakes, work on my super-move and rely less on my classmates. And I won’t let you down next time Mr. Aizawa. Because whoever you pair me up against, I’m going to kick their ass.” A smirk made its way to your lips, looking more confident and happier than earlier. Which pleased your teacher as he gave you a small smile, obviously happy himself that you finally looked more certain about yourself than you had been in months.

“I know you will.” Aizawa felt confident in you now after seeing the energy return to your eyes as you actually smiled wide at your teacher.

“I’ll see you both tomorrow. Mr. Aizawa. Mr. Yamada. And thank you again… thank you Mr. Yamada. I won’t forget this ever.” You bowed to them both, and Yamada couldn’t help but look very proud of himself when you gave him a second thank you, much to Aizawa’s annoyance.

“Of course (L/N)! I was happy to help!” Yamada’s enthusiastic tone bordered on a brag when he saw how peeved his friend looked, especially when their student smiled happily and politely left the two of them with a soft ‘good-bye’ after being dismissed.

“She’s got more spirit now.” Aizawa saw that in you again as he watched you walk away. “I knew she would find it again.” He always saw your potential; you just needed a little bit of a push. It worked too because now you were more than motivated now. He just wished he could have been the one to help you when that put you in a slump instead. And he wished that he didn’t make you cry…

“And I helped!” Yamada had to say that though, just to rub some salt in the wound. And Aizawa hated that it was irritating him this much. “But you’re right… she looks very determined now.” He snickered a bit.

“What’s so funny?” Aizawa asked him very curtly as he tried to not look as annoyed as he was feeling.

“With that fire in her… I bet whoever she fights tomorrow… she’s probably going to pretend that they’re you and punch them in the face.” Yamada smirked somewhat deviously at him, but then he shrieked when the other pro-hero glared at him with those angry, red eyes of his. Because deep down, he hoped that wasn’t true.

And unfortunately, it was.

Because the next day you were paired up against Kirishima. You were so full of a new-found energy and motivation that you were ready for this, and the first thing you did was punch him in the face before fighting, and you quickly won the match once you used your water quirk to its max level now that you had the fire back in you.

“Anybody else want some?!”

You shouted after successfully pinning Kirishima down and you were announced victorious. Quite a few of your classmates were startled, and some (especially Mineta) were terrified, even Bakugou looked mildly shocked by the spark you had shown them all. But you almost didn’t notice their reactions, but you were feeling amazing now; like you could do anything.

Although you DID quickly apologize to poor Kirishima afterwards, a lot in fact and you immediately felt guilty for beating him. But the sweet redhead just smiled and shrugged it off and happily congratulated you on your win. Even he could tell that you got a fire back in your stomach and he was happy for you.

“That felt good.” You smiled widely as you approached your closest friends Midoriya, Uraraka, Iida and Todoroki.

“Wow! (Y/N) I knew your quirk was strong but you… you really showed off even more power today…” Midoriya looked positively awed, his green eyes wide and practically sparkling in marvel.

“A most excellent performance (Y/N)! I think it was your best one yet! I’m proud of you!” Iida somewhat dramatically praised you, but he was clearly happy when he saw that you had a spark back in you.

“Oui. The sparkle in your eyes is back~.” You were hella surprised when Aoyama had remarked on your energy, but you still appreciated it. Even if you had no idea that he was aware of your struggles as you smiled at the blonde boy.

“Yeah! Are you kidding? You were more than good! You really showed everyone that you’re not to be messed with!” Uraraka then cheerfully praised you with a big grin, almost like she was amazed by you as you couldn’t help but hug the girl. “Aww! Guys thank you so much!!”

“No. Not good. Brilliant.” Todoroki gave you one of his rare smiles that he had reserved for you, which made you giggle and blush at all the compliments and praise your friends were giving you as you thanked each and every one of them personally. And your smile grew when you fondly thought about Mr. Yamada. You owed this to him after the way he helped you. And you would never forget it.

However, you couldn’t help but notice that after your battle with Kirishima that Mr. Aizawa was awfully silent and a little sulky afterward…

Chapter Text

I wasn't even goin' out tonight
But, boy, I need to get you off of my mind
I know exactly what I have to do
I don't wanna be alone tonight, alone tonight, alone tonight

Look what you made me do, I'm with somebody new
Ooh, baby, baby, I'm dancing with a stranger
Look what you made me do, I'm with somebody new
Ooh, baby, baby, I'm dancing with a stranger

-Dancing With a Stranger by Sam Smith ft. Normani

Dances are another form of torture for people.

At least that’s what you always thought. Since dances put pressure on all students in a school and it was a pure double-edged sword. If you don’t go to a dance, you’re a loser who has no friends and supposedly doesn’t want to socialize, but if you do go then you’re just like everyone else and all you’ll do is blend in and not stand out at all.

And the more you thought about it, the more you started to ask yourself.

What the hell am I even doing here?

Hearing that UA was even having a dance was still surprising to you, and you initially didn’t think about going, but since you were in Class 1-A, it was more or less expected of you to go even if they weren’t your thing. The girls were so excited, even though you didn’t understand why.


They were pretty. All of them, even froggy-looking Tsuyu, pink, alien-esque Mina and the invisible Hagakure. Unlike you, your female classmates were beautiful and you kind of hated them for it, but you never said it. You felt bad that you resented them for that, but you couldn’t help it.

So many guys were asking them to dance, all but you as you just watched them all get asked with bitterness in your (E/C) eyes. You did so much to yourself, even brushed your hair and got (reluctantly) got Mina to style it for you, and you chose a rather beautiful dress from the store. At least, you thought it was really beautiful because it was just your style, it was your favorite color (F/C) and rather comfortable as it defined some of your assets such as your (B/T) waist and bust. Hell, you even wore fucking make-up, eye-liner, lipstick to make yourself look a little bit prettier for tonight. All the work you did on your appearance and this is what you got, but you should have known better than to expect anyone to notice.

At least you could sit around and watch everyone else dance. You told yourself that in a poor attempt to comfort yourself as you sat at a table, like a few others who were either bored, uninterested or too anxious to dance. And you were oblivious to the fact that you had some guys actually looking at you, including one of your classmates.

But you were extremely surprised when a boy did approach you, he was a shy-looking fellow and you were confused because you were all alone at the table. What made him approach you?

“Say, uh… what are you doing by yourself? Not feeling up for dancing?” He asked you politely, and you blinked in confusion. You were pretty sure it was obvious why you weren’t dancing, but for some reason a semblance of hope was making you look at this person curiously.

“I’m… not much a dancer…” You admitted with a small smile and shook your head, and you tried not to smile more when this cute person grinned shyly and chuckled, “Ah me neither, but you know… you’re really pretty…” He said to you with a sweet-looking smile, making you blush and widen your eyes slightly.

Did a boy really call you pretty? This couldn’t have been real. You felt like it couldn’t have been real when one of the guy’s friends came over to him, “Hey, so you did find a girl to dance with huh?” He asked cheekily, looking at you and smirking, “Oh… a pretty one… dude…” The guy playfully punched him in the shoulder, seeming impressed and amused at his friend.

You let yourself feel flattered for a minute, did this guy also think you were pretty? “Don’t fight over her you two! Or else I’ll take her from you both!” A third guy showed up and winked at you as you blushed even more and couldn’t conceal your grin.

Unbelievable, you were actually being complimented by boys and for once you felt happy, and confident that you had garnered some attention from the opposite sex. You were so happy that you almost didn’t see their own grins as they stared at you.

“T-Thank you… all of you… I-I can… try to dance though… if you want, I really don’t mind…” You nervously said with a bashful grin, looking at them with joy in your eyes. However, you focused on their expressions as you saw one of them starting to snicker and the second boy seemed to be barely holding in his chuckles. And then you noticed some other girls, who weren’t your classmates, starting to snicker in your direction, which confused and disheartened you a little bit.

“Oh… no thank you… we’re good… we don’t really dance…” The first boy who approached you said, which fueled your confusion. At least until his second friend jumped right in, “We dance… but… mostly with cute girls like your classmates. Frumpy girls aren’t our type…” Your smile slowly started to fade, didn’t they call you pretty? You heard them, but then their laughter combined with the laughs of the other girls made your heartbeat speed up once you had figured it out.

They were just playing with you.

Yet, it still hurt you as disappointment started swelling in your chest and it suddenly became hard to swallow as it crept up your throat and your eyes became misty with furious, humiliated tears that you refused to let show. All you could do was breathe heavily through your nose, seething quietly and not saying a word.

They continued to snicker and laugh with each other, many of them grinning at you and one boy even pointed at you. “She’s so pretty isn’t she?” The one who approached you smiled at you, but it was out of pure amusement. He wasn’t shy at all, he did that to embarrass you.

“Too pretty to dance with…”

“The Cutie Hero.”

The boys and the girls all laughed at the jokes they made, not meaning a word they said when they called you ‘pretty’ because they were all laughing at you. “Ha! Yeah right… Yaoyorozu maybe, but not this one… you gotta be thin and sexy for that. And you need to have the face to be a cute hero.” The third and nastiest boy said, and you clenched your fists tightly as your face started to turn red in embarrassment and anger.

“Look how red she’s turning...!” A girl laughed as you inhaled and exhaled deeply, trying to avoid using your quirk on these assholes. But there was only one thing that kept you from smacking them silly, and it was a bitter truth that you had known for a while only to have it thrown in your face tonight.

You were the ugliest person in the whole school.

Nobody would ever find you desirable or ever want to be seen with you because you lacked the good looks that your female classmates had. And you knew it because they were all dancing with guys that had asked them to dance and looked happy to, while you were left behind and had these assholes bother you and remind you of how ugly you were.

This was a big mistake, and you couldn’t stand seeing everyone else dancing without a care in the world while you just sat on the sidelines, willing your glossy eyes to not let any tears fall. Rejection hurt you worse than any attack from villains. This pain lingered and just tore what little else you had left of your self-esteem, self-image and overall look at yourself.

So you turned away sharply from the snickering, grinning boys and girls, and you kept your head down and immediately headed for the exit. And you ignored some of the glances you were getting from your classmates, but before you could get out as quickly and discreetly as you could, you grunted a little bit once you bumped into someone.

Gasping, you widened your tearful eyes and you were beyond surprised to see Aoyama of all people, and yet he was smiling at you even though you bumped into him. But the truth was that he deliberately got in front of you to keep you from leaving. He had been sitting at a table alone like you had been, and he had noticed how you dressed up tonight and showed off the beauty he saw in you, which is why it broke his heart when he saw what those boys had done to you. It made him sad, and it made him mad that they toyed with you like that, and after that he decided that he wasn’t going to let you run off in tears and feel miserable over those jerks.

“S-Sorry Aoyama…! I-I didn’t see you… I-I’m so sorry…” You mumbled nervously, averting your eyes and hating the moisture that had snuck out and you had to wipe it away quickly to avoid crying in front of a classmate. And to avoid smudging your make-up, even though you just wanted to wipe it all away and never use it again after tonight…

“Do not apologize. Although… I am surprised you did not see me, because I am wearing my best suit for tonight, and it sparkles beautifully non~?” He didn’t seem mad or annoyed with you at all, and instead kind of bragged about his admittedly shiny and well-tailored suit. It was so glittery, and yet it was really nice you had to admit that to yourself.

He was always an odd one to you, but not a bad person at all. Aoyama seemed pretty decent, a bit proud and vain, but nothing compared to Bakugou. Aoyama was nice, and fairly pleasant in many of your interactions and brief conversations with him. Which is why you felt bad now that you didn’t notice him…

“Y-Yeah… you look really good… w-wow that is… a glittery tux… I like it though…” Despite how sad you were, you smiled at him and complimented him, unaware of how bad he felt for you. He knew a fake smile when he saw it and understood hidden sadness and masked insecurities all too well.

He chuckled a little bit, “Merci mon ami… but what about yourself? Your dress is lovely, and your hair too.” Aoyama made sure to compliment you, especially after what those jerks said to you. But he could tell it didn’t seem to do much for you as you kept your fake smile on. While you knew Aoyama wasn’t a liar at all, you couldn’t be so sure if it was pity or honesty he was giving you. “Thanks… I’m not really too sure about that… the other girls are much prettier… I just… didn’t want to look too much like a troll tonight since this is a dance...” Now he frowned, and you were surprised since Aoyama didn’t frown often.

But he smiled shortly afterwards, shaking his head, “Troll? No, no, no… do not compare yourself to such a thing. It is true… our other female classmates and male classmates are appealing in their own ways. But… don’t let their sparkle outshine your own~. Because you have a sparkle that shines every day, I can see it, like I see it tonight.” Aoyama said to you sincerely, but before you could even react, the princey-looking boy then offered his hand out to you, “Two sparkling people such as us should dance together, don’t you think?” He asked you politely as you widened your eyes slightly…

Was he asking you to dance? Oh God…

You didn’t think he was faking it though like the other boys, Aoyama wasn’t like that, but it didn’t make you any less nervous because you were worried that you would screw it up with your godawful dancing skills. And you were also kind of worried about what the other boys nd girls would think, and what they might say if they saw you dancing with someone else. What if they decided to torment Aoyama too? You couldn’t live with yourself knowing that they would make fun of one of your friends because of you.

But you didn’t want to rudely turn Aoyama’s kind offer down, so you reacted without thinking and shakily brought your hand out, which he gently took and placed his other hand over your shoulder.

“B-But I… I can’t dance…” You stammered and trembled ever so slightly, extremely nervous now that your hand was over his. This was perhaps the first time you’ve ever touched someone else and it sent little tremors throughout your body from the unfamiliar but not unpleasant touch.

Aoyama’s smile turned softer though, “Don’t worry, just follow my feet, and don’t worry about how you move. Dancing is dancing, your rhythm is your own. Let your body move the way it wants~.” He said to you in a tone that sounded so dulcet and sweet in your mind, because no one has ever spoken to you like that before.

As he started to dance with you, you looked down at his feet to follow his lead and nervously at him, feeling your cheeks darken and heat up with nervousness and bashfulness. His hand felt a little cold, but warmer now that he was touching yours, which sent rapid beats to your heart as you trembled slightly even as you managed to follow his lead and didn’t even realize that you were dancing.

He smiled with a little chuckle, but it wasn’t at your expense. He was happy that you had gotten the hang of it as you found yourself smiling. Aoyama wasn’t making fun of you or faking his smiles, not tonight at least. Sometimes you knew he was faking his smiles to conceal something heavier on his mind, it was something you had been familiar with, so you knew when someone was hiding sadness by smiling.

With every step, you followed him, and the music allowed you find the rhythm. It was a little bit clumsy on your part, but Aoyama didn’t seem to mind, because it was your rhythm and he thought it was endearing and just you.

“There! You’ve got it now~.” He sang-songed as he gave you a little twirl, making you giggle and grin a little bit when you were pulled back in. Somehow, you didn’t even need his hand to lure you back into him, and it felt so strange, but you couldn’t deny that you felt happy, almost secure and not alone in this moment with Aoyama.

It was true, he was still something of a stranger to you since unfortunately, you two didn’t know each other that well, but you were still on good terms. Maybe you were both somewhat strangers to each other, yet here you both were, dancing with each other without a care in the world to the catchy music. Neither of you saw your other classmates pausing to see you dancing with Aoyama. It was quite a spectacle to them, since you weren’t known for your bright smile nor was Aoyama known for being so openly sweet and on the spot. After all, his classmates didn’t notice him often, but they were seeing him now, dancing with you and looking the happiest he had been in weeks, along with you. They had never seen you like that.

“Look…! Ahhhhhh!” Mina practically squealed while the rest of the girls had to smile and grin warmly when they saw just how… happy and bright you looked. “That’s SO romantic!” The pink girl swooned with her hands clasped together, kind of proud that the blondie she defeated in the Sports Festival had found somebody to dance with and get close to.

“(L/N)… she looks so happy. So does Aoyama…” Among the boys, Midoriya appeared the happiest when he saw his good friend dancing with his other friend. He knew you fairly well, and you didn’t seem like the most cheerful person in the world, so he was a little ecstatic to see you smile like that. And Aoyama, whom he also knew pretty well, he knew that he was good at hiding his feelings and started learning when his smiles were either real or fake. The one he had the entire time he danced with you was all too real.

And it was beautiful.

For once, you were happy, but this felt like it was real, and not fake like earlier. No, you were actually happy where you were. Dancing with a classmate you didn’t know as well as you were hoping now, but it was so wonderful.

You couldn’t help but give a small laugh of glee when you were spun around and underneath the bright lights. The two of you outstretched your arms before coming back into each other with bright smiles and flushed cheeks as you both shared little giggles. So, this is what it felt like to sparkle…

However, when the two of you started to slowly dance, Aoyama leaned in closely to whisper to you, “Those boys and girls who said those things are dull imbeciles. Ignorant to what real beauty is and unimportant. Don’t listen to them, people like that do not deserve to be listened to. Anyone who does what they have done do not deserve to be listened to.” Despite his somewhat offended tone, his voice was laced with gentleness as you widened your eyes ever slightly. Dancing with Aoyama made you forget all about those guys, and the sadness crept into your heart again, which your partner noticed as he placed a hand on your shoulder.

“You look beautiful. Not just tonight, every other day.” He smiled at you again, and the sadness slowly started to escape when Aoyama’s sincerity scared it away and was replaced with hope as you looked surprised and extremely touched with every meaningful word coming from this… beautiful boy. These weren’t sweet nothings; these were words from the heart.

Happiness mended your heart that had been broken tonight, and it was thanks to Aoyama. Even though, the insecure part of you was still doubting, “Aoyama I… thanks but… are you sure about that…? I mean… I’m not really fair… or skinny… or rich… or as successful as others are…” You listed many of your flaws, and insecurity started sneaking up on you again, until Aoyama shook his head with a chuckle, “I am sure… because you are not the ‘others’. You are you. And you are perfect as you are. Make-up, no make-up, rich or poor, dress, no dress… you are still (Y/N). Sparkling and beautiful (Y/N)~.” You swore you saw him blushing a little bit and even kinda of shyly looking away when he started talking about how beautiful you were.

Your eyes were wide and your cheeks became rosy pink, you knew there was no way he was lying. And then you felt your heart starting to beat as you gulped quietly. Somehow the disappointment you felt in your heart completely disappeared, and was replaced with an overwhelming sense of euphoria, anxiety and excitement? Whatever these feelings were, it was because of Aoyama…

Before you could even speak, you stared him deep in the eyes and reacted out of pure impulse as you suddenly lurched forward to his lips… only for you to completely miss and bump your nose right into his cheek…

“Oooooh…” Mina cringed along with Midoriya and Uraraka when they watched your epic fail of a kiss…

“OH!!” You both pulled away and threw your hands to your nose in pain, “Ohh God…” You groaned deeply and you could hear Aoyama’s own pained little moan, “Oh my GOD I am SO sorry… I-I don’t… I don’t…” However, your entire face started turning red from embarrassment which got worse when Aoyama chuckled rather nervously.

“N-Non, non! I-It’s okay… I uh… didn’t expect that but… in the same token… I’m actually, extremely flattered that you were going to kiss me~.” Despite the pain in his cheek, Aoyama still sounded flirtatious as he winked at you, and your blush only darkened. Yet, you didn’t feel so embarrassed knowing that he was flattered.

“Hee-hee… golly… I like, totally ruined the Cinderella moment…” You shyly giggled that off, almost unaware of the snickers coming from the same assholes who had made fun of you earlier. But they shut up when Aoyama gave them a look, and then turned to smile at you. “No… not ruined…” He said gently, and this time he leaned forward and slowly to give you a soft but sweet kiss on your lips as you felt yourself getting flushed with joy and butterflies fluttered in your stomach at the feeling of someone else’s lips upon yours for the first time. But it felt so right that you didn’t flinch or turn away as you held his face as you kissed him back.

Those boys couldn’t say a word anymore, and you could hear Mina and the girls squealing happily for you as you felt truly at bliss in the arms of your Aoyama. Who was once a stranger to you, was now your new Prince in Sparkling Armor and you didn’t feel so alone anymore.

Chapter Text


The entirety of Class 1-A shouted as soon as Aizawa said that you have “officially left UA.”

The only ones who didn’t shout were Izuku, Bakugou and Todoroki, but the two latters were just as surprised/shocked as the rest of their classmates.

Especially Bakugou. He’s known you since childhood; you weren’t a quitter and you had wanted to get in this school just as much as him and Deku did. And as much as you annoyed the hell of out him, he always knew you were stubborn and no-nonsense and didn’t let anything bring you down and would never just get up and leave the ones you cared about.

For all that Bakugou couldn’t stand you half the time, he didn’t doubt that you loved stupid Deku with all your heart. Which was one of the many reasons he hated him so much; Bakugou never did understand why you loved the damn nerd so much, especially when you actually met him before Deku, but there was nothing he could do about that, he just knew that you loved him. And so, he assumed (correctly) that you left because Deku did something to make you leave.

Izuku on the other hand, was in complete melancholy as he sulked in his seat, staring hollowly at nothing with listless eyes as he slowly turned his head to look at your empty seat. Just last night you got up and left because of the horrible things he said to you and the way he had treated you throughout the durance of yours and his relationship. And now he was absolutely miserable without you here with him, but it was his own fault. You were gone and it was all because of him.

“(L/N) said that she had to leave for ‘personal reasons’ according to Principal Nezu. He mentioned that she told him her reasons in confidence, so there’s nothing else we can do about that. So… she’s gone.” Aizawa bluntly explained the situation of why you left, as much as he knew at least, but even he was sad that you were gone now. And you didn’t even tell him anything, not even a goodbye nor did you confide in him. He could have helped you…

Even as his class started talking, he decided to let them have their small-talk and let them process this. And then stop them if they got too overwhelmed, he couldn’t let this distract them after all.

“She just… got up and left…? Oh man (Y/N), why…?” Kirishima looked very dismayed, as he had been good friends with you despite his friendship with Bakugou. “I didn’t even get to say good bye…” The redhead muttered, his red eyes downcast as he gave a small sigh. Come to think of it, yesterday was pretty awkward since he and the rest of the class were well aware that you and Izuku weren’t exactly talking to each other…

“None of us did… but I wish she could have at least stuck around so we could have…” Yaoyorozu said, not hiding how sad she was because she was also a fairly good friend of yours as she helped you study, and you helped her whenever Mineta was being a damn pervert.

“But… why would she just get up and leave so suddenly without warning…?” Uraraka sadly wondered, despite the fact that she was always a little jealous of you because of your relationship with Izuku, it didn’t stop her from being your supportive friend.

“Mr. Aizawa said she had personal reasons… yet I wish I knew, maybe we could have helped her…” Iida thought, his sad look giving him away because he had liked you and thought you were an upstanding student and a good friend.

“Midoriya, she’s your girlfriend… did she tell you why she left or why she wanted to leave?” Todoroki asked politely, even though he had no idea that you definitely DID tell Izuku why you left and why you wanted to leave, and it just made him sulk even more as his closest friends all cringed at how miserable the normally upbeat green-haired boy was. Which made Todoroki kind of nervous.

“I… I didn’t mean to…” Todoroki tried to apologize but Izuku shook his head. “No… it’s okay Todoroki… it’s my fault…” Was all he had to say, but that just confused most of his classmates.

But Izuku didn’t feel like talking or discussing the details with anyone because he was still grieving over you leaving and everything you had said to him last night. He didn’t really get any sleep last night because he was too busy thinking about the way you looked at him, and the last time you hugged him. And now you were gone… he wouldn’t see you smile in the morning anymore, he wouldn’t feel you hug him anymore or hear your sweet voice whenever you spoke to him or told him a silly joke…

“I think I might know what Midoriya’s talking about…” Tsuyu said lowly, looking just as sad as the others despite her blank stare and she looked over to see the sulking Izuku. But because she didn’t want to see her friend anymore miserable than he already was, she made sure to speak as quietly as possible.

“Maybe if we text her! I mean… she can’t just be like… gone-gone right?! We should check to see if she’s okay at least!” Mina exclaimed, sounding actually pretty worried since it wasn’t like you to hide things or to just leave without a good-bye. Almost everyone seemed to agree with that, but Bakugou was getting fed up with everyone’s fretting.

Even if it was true. You wouldn’t just leave like that and clearly you had your reasons, but since everyone was starting to get frantic, it was time to shut them all up so they don’t get so distracted.

“Will you all just shut up? She’s gone. Get over it. Saying you could have helped her isn’t going to bring her back and she’s not going to want to text you idiots after she just left, so just shut up about it.” He rather harshly said to his anxious classmates, and for once many of them were shocked at how callous he was coming off as. It was no surprise to them, but it still stung.

“Damn… have a least a little bit of a heart dude… she was your friend too wasn’t she?” Sero was the one to kind of reprimand Bakugou for his comment, but all the latter did was scoff. “No! We couldn’t stand each other! Now just shut the hell up and get over it! If she left, it was probably for something stupid! Because she’s always been stupid like that…” He barked back in return, and didn’t see Izuku actually snap out of his misery for a moment as soon as he heard that, and actually stood up out of his seat for a little bit…

“Don’t ever, EVER… call (Y/N) stupid…” Izuku’s voice was low, and almost like he was warning his childhood friend to NOT try saying anything else. Bakugou was surprised that his rival actually talked back to him like that, but at the same time it seriously pissed him off.

“Or what?! What’s the matter Deku? Upset because your girlfriend dumped your dumbass? All your moping is pathetic…” He didn’t know what kind of fire he was playing with, even with Izuku starting to seethe a little bit and all the very disapproving looks he was getting from his classmates, even Kirishima as he tried to stop him from upsetting the already miserable Izuku.

“Hey c’mon man stop that… don’t kick him while he’s already down…” However, Kirishima’s words fell on deaf ears from both of his friends. “Kacchan…” Izuku was going to warn him again, but Bakugou was relentless. It’s not like he enjoyed saying this, he didn’t necessarily want to HURT Izuku, but the drama was getting on his nerves.

“I’m right aren’t I? I don’t like Warp-Girl, but it’s clear she left because of you, and you know what? I don’t blame her, you sucked at being her boyfriend…” Bakugou was one to talk, since love wasn’t something he cared about at all but he paid attention to your’s and Deku’s relationship. He knew how Izuku didn’t really return what you gave…

But that was enough to drive Izuku mad as he lunged at the blonde, and threw the first punch right in Bakugou’s face with a rare look of pure anger. “Shut up Kacchan!” It wasn’t the first time Izuku’s stood his ground against Bakugou since coming to UA, but now… the latter was playing with fire just by mentioning your name and badmouthing her.

Needless to say that sudden blow shocked the explosive teen, but it completely set him off all at the same time, “Why… you… SHITTY NERD!!”

The two boys threw down in a full-on brawl, prepared to outright injure each other as they activated their respective quirks… at least until Aizawa stopped them both with his scarf and giving them both a very stern, pissed glare that erased their quirks.

“That’s enough. Both of you.” He didn’t need to raise his voice to get them to shut up, even if Bakugou was trying to resist, and Aizawa was surprised to see Izuku still looking angry, but mostly hurt…

“I know you’re all still clearly upset about (L/N)’s sudden leave, but we can’t let that distract us, not when we still have work to do. So that’s enough, get back in your seats and be quiet.” Despite his personal feelings, he got down to it and reminded his class to focus on the now, and deal with their feelings later as to avoid getting distracted during training or testing.

Class 1-A reluctantly understood and obeyed their teacher as they all settled down and stopped talking, but Aizawa knew that even with his advice, that you were all they could think about. Especially Izuku…


Aizawa was more than aware of the relationship between you and Izuku, and of course he knew there was nothing stopping young love at all. So he didn’t mind the fact that two of his students were dating, so long as neither of you let that get in the way of hero work. However, now that you were broken up, he was left with a heartbroken Midoriya…

All-Might knew the kid more than anyone else here, so he let him try and comfort the distraught student while he goes to speak with another student about his new opportunity now that there was an empty spot in his class…

Toshinori Yagi was the Number 1 Hero and Symbol of Peace, or at least he was until he retired. But everyone still knew him as the Symbol of Peace because he was their ideal hero who could save everyone with a smile on his face.

But if there’s one thing the for Number 1 Hero was unprepared for. It was his protégé’s broken heart after his girlfriend broke up with him and left for another school. And All-Might felt so awkward when he entered the Heights Alliance, and the other Class 1-A students could tell as they remained silent when he passed by. They obviously all knew that he was here for Izuku.

All-Might was a bit unsettled by how quiet the dorms were, since he often heard that it was pretty lively here but after your departure it was like time had stopped for the students now that a fellow classmate just got up and left. And then it didn’t help that their other classmate that they adored was clearly depressed and therefore, many of them were feeling depressed as well.

He did find Izuku though, but he was sitting at the sofa and just looking out the window, and All-Might couldn’t see the boy’s face.

“Young Midoriya.”

All-Might gently called his student’s name, surprised by the silence as Izuku slowly turned to face his hero, but the woeful look on his face was completely foreign to All-Might. Unhappiness evident in his entire expression, his eyes moist with sadness as his reddened cheeks were streaked with tears he had been crying for quite some time, but he didn’t regard the concerned look on the Number 1 Hero’s face as he returned his gaze out the window, as if he were waiting for you to come back.

It made All-Might extremely nervous, as many times as he’s seen Izuku cry, this time he was crying was for a different reason. Every time he cried it was hard to watch, but Izuku’s broken heart was just painful to witness as he heavily sighed. He was worried that he wouldn’t know how to comfort him…

“I was told that you weren’t feeling well.” He started off slow, not wanting to trigger or upset him any further. And when Izuku didn’t respond, he had to poke just a little bit just so he could try and get some words across to him. “How are you feeling right now? I know that Young (L/N) meant a lot to you…” Mentally he scolded himself for mentioning you, but he knew that he couldn’t walk around on eggshells if he was going to try and help his protégé.

“I should have paid more attention to her…” He finally responded as soon as All-Might mentioned you. “Kacchan was right… I was a terrible boyfriend… s-she left because of me…” All-Might panicked as soon as he heard the familiar crack in his voice as he let out a small sob.

But as soon as he cried, the fatherly instincts All-Might had been growing for this boy emerged, and the first thing he did was get up to sit down next to him to try and comfort him by putting his hand on his shoulder. “I-I put my training first b-but… I-I forgot to be there for her… I-I turned d-d-down s-s-so many… d-d-dates… a-and h-h-hurt… I hurt her…” Izuku openly cried, barely coherent as he covered his eyes as tears poured down his face. All-Might was ready to hug the sobbing teenager, but as soon as he tried…

“And it’s because I listened to you!” Izuku suddenly raised his voice, tears still streaming down his cheeks, his expression suddenly angrier despite his tears. The pro-hero didn’t say a word, but he was shocked and his eyes went wide by the sudden outburst.

“(Y/N)… she always said that I was working too hard… chasing after Kacchan… and following in your footsteps to be like you… a-and letting you put all this pressure on me… a-and she was right… I didn’t… I didn’t even listen to her those times because I was too focused on myself… o-on t-trying to be like you… and now because of all… a-all of that… she’s gone… she’s gone! She’s gone and you probably don’t even care!” When All-Might tried to put his hand on his shoulder, Izuku for once smacked the hand away, a rare act of hostility from the normally friendly boy.

“She’s gone! She’s gone! And it’s all my fault! It’s all my fault!” Clutching at his hair, Izuku’s body racked with sobs as he shut his tearful eyes. He knew getting mad at Bakugou and All-Might was unfair and that he shouldn’t have taken it out on them, but he was just so upset, and also starting to feel really guilty for getting mad at them.

Sighing, All-Might persisted as he tried to hug the emotional boy, even if he kept trying to fight and push him away, but at the same time he was desperate for comfort so he gave up trying to resist as he sobbed into his hero’s chest, clinging to him as he let the tears fall.

All-Might felt horrible and he could feel himself dying a little inside the more he listened to Izuku’s heartbroken cries. Maybe he did put too much pressure on the boy and made him focus too hard on training. He almost forgot that the boy was still young and still had to be a teenager before he becomes a hero. And All-Might liked you, he thought you and Izuku were just the cutest couple and loved to tease the shy boy about you. He thought you were the perfect person for Izuku, always encouraging him, looking after him and bringing him out of his shell by taking him out to places and sharing your energy with him.

He had no idea that you didn’t entirely approve of his training methods with him though, but now that he heard Izuku mention them. You had a point… his training and advice to Izuku made him forget that he had other people in his life that he still needed to pay attention to. But he couldn’t let the boy blame himself for you leaving.

“It’s not your fault.” He said after Izuku’s cries quieted down a little bit, “Young (Y/N) wasn’t wrong when she said you worked too hard, and that I put pressure on you… I wasn’t aware that I was… or aware that you were training harder than anyone thought. But that does not mean it’s your fault.” All-Might was partially relieved when Izuku stopped crying for a little bit to listen to him talk.

“You’re still a child. It’s true that time is moving faster and your goals are approaching closer, and making you take initiative to keep getting stronger so you can be a hero… but (Y/N)… she had that youthful spirit to her…” All-Might smiled when he thought about you, and Izuku’s bottom lip quivered as he nodded in agreement just thinking about you, “It’s that kind of attitude that makes you remember that even if there’s work to do, there’s also time to have some fun and happiness everyday… be with the people you love…
they remind you of your reasons to become a hero in the first place… but at the same time, they also remind you that you still have to enjoy time with them. So… from now on… we’ll ease up on the training every now and then…” He finally came to the conclusion, wanting his sad protégé to take it easy now that he was still recovering from this fresh break-up.

Izuku’s eyes slightly widened when his hero gave him that kind of wisdom that he didn’t know he needed to hear, even though it made him tear up again as he wished he had said that earlier before you left. “(Y/N) loved you with all her heart… I don’t think she’s gone for good… the two of you need your space though… I recommend giving her space and giving yourself some space so you can process everything…” All-Might gently stroked his hair and offered him the best advice he could give about this situation, while also expressing some positivity that you would come back to him someday.

Although Izuku heard what he needed to hear, his heart was still hurting after being broken in half. “Y-You’re right… I think she’ll come back… s-someday…” It was Izuku’s turn to be positive, but when he tried to smile it broke his mentor’s heart. The smile was broken, obviously he was trying to reassure All-Might that he was supposedly okay right now.
But All-Might knew better, he wasn’t okay.

And Bakugou knew better too as he leaned behind the corner of the hall, crossing his arms with an annoyed, yet soft look on his face, having overheard everything his personal hero and his rival had said to each other.

Both of them knew that the boy would be okay eventually, but right now, Izuku wasn’t okay.


Shiketsu High. So, this was your new life from now on. God you were nervous as hell, you didn’t know anyone here, not really at least, because you only met them briefly when you got your hero license not too long ago.

It felt weird and heartbreaking to not be close to the friends you made. No Izuku, no Kirishima, no Tsuyu, no Yaoyorozu, no Iida, no Mina, no Kaminari, no Todoroki… hell, even no Bakugou. He wasn’t really your friend, at least not since you were 7 years old, but you got used to seeing him…

A sigh left your lips as you nervously stepped foot through the gate, anxiously glancing at the buildings and trying to ignore some confused looks from the students in their admittedly fabulous uniforms as you looked around to see if you could find the classrooms. However, you didn’t expect to see this guy again…

“I remember you!”

Yoarashi Inasa.

Instantly his over-enthusiasm startled you a little bit, and yet his stance and demeanor were still laced with politeness, “You’re the girl with the warping quirk! From UA! I am extremely honored to be in your presence!” He might have been shouting, but his loudness reminded you of your dear classmates.

“Thanks.” You smiled at him nervously yet politely. “I don’t know if we even officially got to meet back then… I’m (L/N). (L/N) (Y/N). It’s nice to meet you Yoarashi.” You finally gave him your name, and you swore you have never met anyone who was gleaming with as much energy and happiness as he was.

“It is very nice to meet you (L/N)! Please! Forgive my rudeness by not introducing myself first!” He bowed forehead first onto the hard ground which made you jump a little bit… especially when he drew blood again…

“But wait!” He got up real fast, not bothered at all by the self-inflicted injury, “What brings you here to Shiketsu?! Are you not attending UA?” Yoarashi was still a bit at 10, but he sounded only slightly calmer at the last question.

“I… I was…” You started off nervously, “But…” Sighing, you felt ashamed to just admit this but you wouldn’t lie to him, he seemed like a nice guy. “It’s kinda embarrassing, but I’ll be honest I… left UA because… my… boyfriend… see… we got in together and my dream was to become a hero with him… but when we got together…. I don’t know… things just started falling apart… I wanted to remember everything with him and do everything with him, but he… wanted to do things on his own… dates were cancelled… everytime I worried about him when he got hurt, he would say to not worry and I guess I… worried too much to follow that wish… because I don’t think he worried about me the way I worried about him…” You sadly explained and you were surprised to see that Yoarashi was listening to you intently, his exuberant expression turning into one of concern and he shut up for once.

“I loved him. But I don’t think he was ready for a relationship, and apparently, I don’t think I was either… I loved him so much too… I didn’t want to leave him, but I wasn’t becoming the hero I wanted to be with him in our unsteady relationship… so I’m here now, I’m going my own way so I can be the hero I want to be. I still want that, and I can’t let him distract me.” You sounded a bit more determined, even if you were clearly still sad about what happened.

Yoarashi understood what you were saying though. All of it. He knew exactly what it was like to stray away from UA because someone turned you away from it, and you shrieked a bit when he suddenly placed his larger palm on your shoulder.

“Your story has moved me! I understand everything you are going through!” He was shouting, but there was still sympathy in his voice and you perked up a little bit. Staring up at him, you were surprised to see a somewhat soft look on his face, “We can’t help it when something we love is tarnished even a little bit by someone we once looked up to. BUT! That does not mean our passion fizzles away gently! We can still be the best heroes we can be!” Yoarashi was very optimistic as he spoke to you, still shouting and yet it was his words that touched you.

Of course, Yoarashi knew exactly what you were going through, and he had been in your situation before with Endeavor and Todoroki. You loved Todoroki but that was a real dick move on his part… at least he had gotten a lot better though.

“You’re right… you’re absolutely right!” You nodded, more energy and will in your demeanor as you put your hands on your hips, which Yoarashi loved as soon as he saw the passion in your eyes. “I’ll get stronger here. Work more on myself so that way I can be my own hero! I’ll do whatever it takes to become the hero I want to be!” You suddenly exclaimed, Yoarashi’s energy having rubbed off on you a little bit, and that just seemed to excite the already excitable guy.

“THAT’S THE SPIRIT!! JUST AS EXPECTED FROM A UA STUDENT!!” He shouted even louder than you had ever heard yet, and he enthusiastically grabbed your hand and took off running, “Come on new classmate! We have classes to attend and training to do! I hope you’re ready! It’s about to get intense!!” Yoarashi was impossible for you to not here as you shouted in shock as he took you on a ride all the way into your new classes.


Despite how fast everything was going, and how over-enthusiastic Yoarashi was, you were ready for this. You were ready to become stronger so you can be the hero you want to be.


I’m not gonna stop
Not gonna stop ‘til I get my shot
That’s who I am, that is my plan
Will I end up on top?
You can bet on it, bet on it
Bet on it, bet on it
You can bet on it, bet on it

Your songlist played in your earbuds while you huffed and panted heavily after a rather vigorous training session with the new friends you made. Yoarashi was relentless in his training, but he was so encouraging too and never once tried to put you down. And because of that, you were pretty positive that you got much better with your quirk. Your speed grew, you closed your portals quicker once someone stepped through them and you could hold them open a little while longer for yourself or for someone else to run through.

“You’ve gotten quicker.” Your new ally, that guy Seiji Shishikura gave you some praise for your improved speed, “But you still slack off from time to time. You let your feelings and your music get in the way.” Pouting a bit at the way he looked at you sternly you stuck your tongue out.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah…”

Suddenly you threw a portal right in front of the blue-haired boy before he could even attempt to sneak-attack you, and those nasty fingers of him instead went right through it and out the new portal you opened a meter away. Your distance of where you can open portals had increased as he appeared stunned at how you managed to outsmart him.

“You’re still overconfident.” Smirking a bit, you walked right past him as he retracted his fingers from the portal with a low grunt of annoyance and you closed it up.
To turn my life around, today is the day

Am I the type of guy who means what I say?
Bet on it, bet on it
Bet on it, bet on it
You can bet on me.

Turning off your music, you put your hands on your hips, nodding in approval at yourself for the newer and improved skills you had manifested since you’ve been at this school.
“YOU ARE A.MA.ZING!!” Yoarashi once again had praised you for probably the 100th time since you’ve been here. And frankly you enjoyed it, because it made you feel like you were getting better, and as much as you loved your old friends, often times it was Bakugou, Todoroki or even Izuku getting praised…

God you missed Izuku…

You missed your friends and even though you did keep in touch with some of your friends, at the same time your new schedule had made you busier and you got a few visits from friends like Yaoyorozu, Tsuyu, Iida and Aoyama.

But you missed having fun with them, hanging out with them and just talking to them. “Thank you Yoarashi…” You smiled at him, and he exchanged a big, happy grin with you. “No problem (Y/N)! Keep up the good work! We will repeat all of this tomorrow! But harder! More intense! MORE PASSION!” He exclaimed cheerfully, as if he were looking forward to it as you smiled nervously…

Yoarashi became a good friend to you though. Encouraging, sweet, loud, but helpful and even in just this month you picked up some new skills that you couldn’t wait to show off in combat someday…

Still, you missed having a good time with your friends. Maybe you could take these guys out somewhere, just to take a break. “Hey… you know what? It’s Saturday. And I’m going on break. Come on, let’s go out. The three of us. I have a bake sale to do tomorrow, I wanna have some fun before I go back home to work.” You suggested, but didn’t really give much of a choice since these two worked too hard. Everyone at Shiketsu did in fact…

“We’re going to be heroes yeah, but if we wanna be heroes we gotta take care of ourselves and have a little fun right?” You thought outloud, knowing Yoarashi would understand. He was a passionate guy, but he liked to kick back every now and then, especially if it meant doing something fast-paced.

“YEAH! I agree! We have to replenish our energy and our passion! A hero can’t be a hero without passion and energy!” Yoarashi was your opposite in terms of energy, but he understood what you were trying to say. Fun and happiness were necessary to one’s well-being, and to him, happiness and drive was passion. You had drive, and you liked to have fun, and he loved that.

“Yeah! You’ve got it dude!” You gave him a thumbs up as you flushed with joy, really glad that you and him ended up becoming great friends. He had kind of taken care of you the whole time here at Shiketsu.

But Shishikura wasn’t having any of it. “Why waste time? There’s nothing productive in fooling around like children.”

“We ARE children Shishikura. We might be children training to be heroes, which might not sound right to most people, but we are children anyway. And we should have a little bit of fun everyday somehow, even if it’s just a little bit, so as to not lose ourselves in all the work.” You explained when Shishikura once again tried to use his logic and sense of superiority against you. And it was a shame, you respected the guy, especially after what he did to Bakugou during the Provisional Hero License thing. Plus he was cool, not the nicest person on the planet, but he had helped you with your training too.

However, he wasn’t really fun to argue with. “Don’t put me in that category. I’m not going to waste my time doing nothing. I have work to do.” Shishikura stated rather stubbornly as you pouted in annoyance.

You didn’t want to fight though so you just threw your hands up in the air, “Fine. Yoarashi and I can just go have fun by ourselves, and you can leave your uptight butt here all by yourself.” Still you gave him an amused, somewhat smug smile when he flinched at how you insulted him.

“I am not uptight! Don’t talk about my butt!” He exclaimed, looking very annoyed and somewhat embarrassed for some reason.

“Buddy, I’ll never talk about your butt…” You snickered a little bit, surprised when you saw pink tinting his pale cheeks. “I’m just saying, if you want to stay then by all means go ahead, every group of friends needs their ‘square friend’ who acts all boring and tells the fun people to not have fun.” You said, thinking fondly of Iida though since he was your square friend…

“Don’t call me that!” Shishikura found you extremely annoying at times, or at least that’s what he always said. You thought he was weird about it sometimes, but you just assumed that was just how he was.

“Okay. I’ll just call you the boring friend instead.” And your words annoyed him further when you called him ‘boring’ as you already started to walk. “C’mon Yoarashi! Let’s go out to the mall, maybe play some Dance Dance Revolution and show off to everyone or sing an old song from High School, Musical, Camp Rock or one of those things!” You suggested cheerfully to Yoarashi, and he happily went along with you with his fist pumped, “YES! Dancing is high-energy! I love high-energy!”

It annoyed Shishikura when you and Yoarashi were going out, again. And now he had no choice but to go with you both to spare himself from being labeled ‘boring’, AGAIN. “Damn…” He muttered under his breath and reluctantly followed you both.

“But I refuse to dance.” You smiled when he actually came with you guys again, “You ain’t got to~. I’m perfectly fine to let someone see my bad dancing~.” You sang-songed, bumping hips with Yoarashi. “There’s no such thing as bad dancing!” Yoarashi said cheerfully as you laughed, annoying Shishikura…

But you were still missing Izuku, and you missed him too much to notice the fact Shishikura secretly spent his time staring at you whenever you didn’t notice. Which was very often.

Because you still loved Izuku. You wondered how he was doing, and you really wished he was here with you. He went dancing with you a few times… or at least, he danced with you when it was only the two of you at home…

You at least had Yoarashi to dance with at the mall with other cool people. But your heart was still longing for your dear Izuku. You still loved him, and you were still missing him, even if you had become stronger, you still missed him.


Although Izuku had eventually accepted that you were gone, it didn’t mean that he was over you. At all.

In that month without you, even with a bunch of new crazy things happening that kept him occupied you were always on his mind. And with this overwhelming melancholy clouding his mind his grades had slowly started dropping and barely even registered the fact that Shinsou had become their new classmate. Which became a problem during the first month when a bubbling pit of anger enabled Izuku to outright forbid Shinsou from sitting in your old seat, and managed to startle the irritated brainwasher and it forced him to sit somewhere else.

They didn’t fight or nothing, but Izuku didn’t take the news of Shinsou arriving in their class as their newest classmate well, to him it felt like Aizawa had some audacity to replace you. He was polite to Shinsou, but didn’t go out of his way to make him feel welcome, not while he was still missing you and wishing you could be back here in class.

Aizawa and Iida probably should have told Izuku to get a grip, but they were honestly a little worried about how he would react since he had acted a lot moodier and a little more unreasonable, a far cry from the mild-mannered, level-headed and sweet boy they knew.

Even when Aizawa talked to him about this, Izuku didn’t really press on the details of the heartache that had consumed most of him because it was painful just trying to talk about it. And Aizawa wasn’t good with talking about that teenage drama, he was getting too old for that shit…

Which is why he relied on Iida and the rest of the class to try and make the boy feel better, so to save him from failing the Hero Course. And here they were now, all in the same common room and although they were each minding their own business, they all had their ears out to listen to some of Izuku’s closest friends to try and talk to him.

Even his new classmate Shinsou was concerned since this was certainly not the Midoriya he met at the Sports Fest. His new classmates gave him all the information about you and how you left UA, and Shinsou did sympathize with the poor guy, but comforting wasn’t something he considered himself good at. It didn’t mean he wouldn’t try though.

“Midoriya. I understand that you are still in pain after (L/N) left… but we are here for you.” Iida took the first initiative and tried to comfort his miserable friend, who was just slumping on the couch in the common room, practically limp as he stared at the floor.

“Deku…” Uraraka frowned as she looked at the very sad boy that she had a crush on. As much as it hurt her heart, she knew that Izuku was in love with you, and you were her friend. She wanted you both to be happy, and right now, she felt the need to do something to make Izuku feel better.

It wasn’t just her. It was nearly the entirety of the class, especially Iida, Todoroki, Tsuyu and Aoyama, his closest friends. That’s not to say his other good friends Kirishima and the others weren’t concerned, they especially wanted to help too. Because Izuku was turning into a shell of his former self as he just wallowed there in his misery.

“It’s a nice day outside! How about the five of us all go out on a nice walk together?” It was small, but Uraraka smiled in hopes to lift Izuku’s spirits and get him outside for a little bit instead of sulking indoors like he had been for the past month.

“(Y/N) liked going on walks…” Izuku muttered, his dull eyes somehow looking even more hollow when he thought about it. And his friends all could see it. Even Todoroki. It made them all nervous as they each frowned in concern.

“Perhaps you should do something productive. We can train together if you want.” Todoroki suggested, not enjoying at all seeing just how sad his friend looked. He’s seen Izuku sad before, particularly when Bakugou had gotten kidnapped by the villains, but during that time he was forcefully taken. This was an entirely new kind of sad because you left on your own free will.

It was difficult since Todoroki wasn’t exactly good with comforting people, but he knew what it was like to love someone so much and to be separated from them. He wondered if training would take some of Izuku’s mind off of the heartache since he knew how much the boy strived to train as hard as he could to be as strong as All-Might.

“(Y/N) liked training together… I should have trained with her more… why didn’t I train with her more…?” Izuku repeated, which did nothing to make his friends, and even Todoroki feel better as the latter sighed. It seemed that no matter what they suggested it would always go back to you.

“Midoriya… buddy, instead of training, we should maybe all go out and do something fun instead. What do you think?” Kirishima chimed in with a bashful grin in hopes that it would make Izuku perk up just a little bit, “He’s right! Do you want to go to a karaoke bar?” Mina quickly suggested rather cheerfully since everyone (sans Bakugou) was focused on trying to cheer up their broken-hearted classmate.

It wasn’t working.

“(Y/N) always wanted to go to a karaoke bar… and I never even bothered to try and take her out to one…” He mumbled, almost oblivious that the rest of his friends were even here since all he could think about was how he didn’t do enough of those things with you and it was his fault. Because now he was starting to remember how you would ask him if he wanted to go on a simple walk together or train together. And then there were the times where you asked if he would like to go see Captain Marvel, go out for ice cream or check out the karaoke bar together. Three of those were some of the five dates he had turned down…

No wonder you left him…

“This is serious…” Sero worriedly muttered, thinking that their classmate was beginning to shut down in front of them because Izuku wasn’t even giving them a reaction of any sort, other than sadness and he only talked about you.

“I think he’s broken guys…” Kaminari nervously said outloud, since no one was getting through to him, and many of his classmates were beginning to think exactly that as they each frowned and nervously glanced at each other. As if quietly asking one another to come up with something, anything to make Izuku feel slightly better.

“I’m gonna go check (Y/N)’s room! Maybe she left behind her bra or a pair of her panties! That should rejuvenate him!” Mineta enthusiastically suggested as he panted like the lustful little creature he was. He quickly and perversely headed towards your dorm room despite the protests coming from his classmates, but he squealed and froze when a sudden speed of light outran him.

No one other than Izuku, sparkling with One-For-All that allowed him to move probably faster than ever before as he stood in front of your door and shielding it to prevent the little pervert from DARING to try and step foot in the room that belonged to you. No one was getting in here.

Mineta trembled when seeing the shadow loom over his usually mild-mannered classmate’s face. Until Izuku stared down at him with wide, frenzied eyes as he gave his classmate a rare, almost threatening and seething glare that was beginning to alarm and even scare some of the rest of his classmates. It shocked many of them, even Bakugou was unnerved as he looked at his old childhood friend in shock. He’s seen brave looks from Deku before ever since they got to this school, including the look he gave him last month after her badmouthed you. But the damn nerd looked like he really wanted to outright murder that little shit. He has never seen Deku give anyone a look like that…

Izuku didn’t say a word as Mineta shook in terror, backing away with his hands up as he got the non-verbal message and quickly ran off to cower behind his larger classmates who were all glaring at him. Once Mineta was away from your sacred space, Izuku’s glare quickly softened into his heartbroken look. He forgot about the rest of his classmates at the moment as he looked at your room, and went inside, locking the door so no one would talk to him.

Even if you were gone, and almost all of your things were gone since you had sent some people for them, he still wanted to try and engulf himself in the room that was yours simply because it reminded him of you. He looked at the space where your small TV was, now vacant but not without memories of the times when he would spend time in here with you. The times you would happily chat away with him and try to get him to watch Stranger Things, Friends and The Office with you and the way you shared your hidden stash of candy with him. How he wished he just paid more attention to you and savored those sweet moments more…

Although, he remembered that one time you were watching The Office, and how you adorably got emotional that one episode and how he held you the whole time when you hugged him during Michael’s sadness.

The song in that show came to him as he almost unknowingly turned on the song on his phone since that heartbreaking song had been stuck in his head the first time he had heard it. Now was the perfect time because it reminded him of you.

Goodbye my lover
Goodbye my friend
You have been the one
You have been the one for me…

“Goodbye my lover… G-Goodbye my friend…”

Izuku reenacted the moment from the show, his voice breaking as he sung the lyrics while his tears spilled down his face. Sniffling, he tried desperately to not cry again but the pain in his heart combined with the crushing lyrics made him break as he threw himself into your old bed, sobbing.

And yet even when the song ended, he played it again…

And again… and again for his classmates to hear once again as it became common for Izuku to stay in your room listening to James Blunt’s song on a loop.

But now that he was preoccupied, it gave them the chance to talk to each other about him.

“You really are the worst Mineta…” Tsuyu was the first to reprimand their perverted classmate for that horrible suggestion. Even if it did get a reaction out of Izuku, it was the last thing he needed to hear.

“No kidding. Way to go you little skeeze.” Sero crossed his arms as the little grape-boy cringed at how all his classmates glared at him.

“I-I was only trying to help!” He pathetically claimed, but nobody was buying it. “Yeah right. Now he probably feels worse…” Kirishima sighed, really feeling for his friend as he started tearing up because he could hear that song playing from the room. And now Izuku was playing it on a loop for his concerned classmates to hear.

“Dammit Midoriya… you’re gonna make me cry now… that song is one of the saddest songs ever…” The redhead clenched his fists as he held back his tears. Because he missed you too, and Izuku’s heartache was really painful to watch. The song he was playing on full-blast did nothing to help…

“It’s the hymn of the broken-hearted…” Tokoyami sighed heavily, but couldn’t quite quell Dark Shadow from suddenly popping out.

“IT’S JUST SO HEART-WRENCHING!!” He practically wailed, much to his hosts’ slight aggravation but he did agree with his shadow. Tokoyami felt horrible for his classmate, and it truly did hurt to see him and hear him so heartbroken.

“I can’t take it! My heart! It’s breaking for poor Midoriya!!” Mina cried out, getting a bit teary-eyed herself as she wiped her eyes when tears started to fall.

“I… can’t stand seeing Midoriya so upset…” Since Mina was crying a little bit, Aoyama expressed his own sadness as he teared up when he had to watch his dear friend be so unhappy and missing you, and he missed you too. You were nice to him.

“I wish (Y/N) was here…” Uraraka couldn’t help herself as she felt herself tearing up over her crush’s sadness and the fact that she couldn’t do anything about it. “It’s okay Ochaco… it’ll… it’ll be okay… Midoriya will be okay… and (Y/N)… maybe she’ll come back…” Tsuyu comforted the girl by holding her hand, but soon the two girls hugged each other with tears in their eyes.

It felt strange for Todoroki to see some of his classmates beginning to cry, but his best friend was so upset, and then you were gone too. He had missed you too, he knew you through Izuku as he spoke very highly of you and Todoroki had grown fond of you. So seeing everyone so sad and not having you there, was making him feel really sad too as his eyes were downcast as he resisted any urge to join his classmates in getting emotional.

“I miss (Y/N)…” Yaoyorozu admitted as soon as she heard your name, starting to get emotional herself as she covered her mouth when she could feel the tears threatening to spill. “I miss her too…” Jirou admitted shortly afterwards with a sad look on her face as she hugged Yaoyorozu to try and comfort her, and she looked over her shoulder to glance over at some of her other classmates, many whom looked like they were going to cry too.

“So do I!” Kirishima didn’t want to cry, but the more he listened to the songs lyrics and the more he thought about how he missed you combined with Izuku’s sadness made him burst into tears as Mina quickly followed and openly started crying with him, “I miss her so much!” She exclaimed as the two hugged each other and sobbed somewhat dramatically, which urged Sero and Kaminari to go over and try and comfort the two as they sniffled and quietly cried with them.

When you weren’t worrying about Izuku, you were the class dork, or at least that’s what you called yourself, and you prioritized fun and happiness and sought out to make sure everyone was safe and happy by telling them really lame puns, cartoon and movie references and bad dancing. That’s why many of them missed you, your friends have grown to adore you.

“Classmates! Please… do not cry! (L/N) was a dear friend of ours, but we can’t get overwhelmed or make ourselves upset, not when Midoriya is…” Iida tried to get his classmates and friends to hopefully stop crying, but Kirishima, Mina, Sero, Kaminari and Uraraka drowned out the room with their loud, almost comical sobbing, which just enabled some of the others to cry a little bit louder too.

It was too much for Iida to handle, he couldn’t lecture them now not when his eyes were welling with tears as he choked on a sob and started crying himself after focusing too much on his crying classmates.

Little did they know that all their crying was really starting to piss off their friend they named their squad after. Bakugou growled when the sounds of his classmates crying and that stupid song rung rather loudly in his ears as he vibrated with rage and discomfort. He normally hated seeing people cry because he viewed it as weakness, but he actually secretly LIKED some of these morons, especially Kirishima… so hearing him cry was both pissing him off and making him feel kind of bad. And on top of that it’s because you were gone… it’s not like he missed you or anything, but you were his friend at one point…

Til you decided to hang out with Deku more than him.

“Midoriya.” Before Bakugou could think more about you, Shinsou suddenly knocked on your door. He wasn’t close to many of the Class 1-A kids, but he didn’t like seeing them cry at all. “The song’s a bit much don’t you think? You’re just bringing everyone down…”

“I’m not coming out.” Was all Izuku said from behind the door, having shut down at the moment as he lied in your bed, much to Shinsou’s annoyance as he gave a heavy sigh. Maybe it was better to just give him his space since he clearly didn’t want to talk or do anything other than mope…

However, Izuku was almost completely oblivious to the rest of the world and his crying classmates. And his very, VERY irritated rival…

“DAMMIT DEKU! Get the fuck out of there already and man the hell up! It’s fucking creepy moping in Warp-Girl’s old room! Get over it already! You can’t stay in there forever!!” Bakugou then pushed Shinsou aside and harshly banged on the door, if his soft classmates weren’t going to slap him silly for being such a crybaby, then he was.

“Yes I can.” But despite Bakugou’s tone, Izuku still ignored him and stood inside the room. And if Bakugou could, and he certainly wanted to. He would have blasted this fucking door down…

“Fine! Well go ahead and go back to the way you were! A fucking crybaby! Where’s the Deku who can suddenly fight huh?! Where is he?!” Bakugou was never good at things like this, and he still didn’t really care much for Izuku, but he was getting tired of seeing the determined boy turn into such a zombie…

“The Deku who started coming to this fucking school wouldn’t just give up and mope like a damn loser…” He muttered harshly, unaware that Izuku did perk up ever so slightly when he did hear what Bakugou was saying…

But Bakugou couldn’t take all the crying anymore as he shouted in frustration and started marching out of this fucking place and ignored the calls coming from Kirishima and Iida when they realized that he was leaving…

And as soon as Izuku opened the door, he was surprised and shocked to hear from his classmates that Bakugou had left the dorms to go to God knows where…


Chapter Text


“Oh you know, you know, you know, you know… I’m bad at love~…

That song came to your head for some reason as started baking some desserts for the upcoming bake sale that you had taken part of as a means to raise money for the little guys.

And you were in just the right mood after coming back from Yoarashi’s super-passionate training and a little fun-time of dancing at the arcade with him and Shishikura. Yoarashi was very proud of you for having joined this little event and was more than willing to help you with it.

Shiketsu was different from UA, they weren’t super intense or high-tech as UA, and the little charity events you had been joining in the past month thanks to Shiketsu’s sponsors weren’t big, scary hero work but at least you would be actually trying to do something and help people out there by raising money for them. To Yoarashi, going out of your way to help the little guys was passion on your part since you were helping people, and in his eyes, that’s what made a hero, a hero. And you thought the same.

After spending time with yourself and some of your new friends, you felt you had grown a real lot already. You became a lot more versatile with your quirk, stronger and more confident as you proved to be a brilliant asset for your friends in helping them get to places faster, or escape quicker, and keeping villains at bay with your warping.

Yet… you were still missing your friends very much. You had kept in touch with some of them, but at the same time it was really painful doing that. Of course, you didn’t want to face them after just leaving the way you did, and you especially couldn’t see your dear Izuku after that. You didn’t text nor call him because you feared that you’d make a bad decision again and you didn’t want to risk getting hurt again.

Nor did you want to risk hurting him again…

Even with all the new training, you still missed that boy with all your heart. You still loved him…

However, a loud, rough barrage of knocks at your door interrupted your thoughts. Yoarashi was a passionate young man, but you knew that couldn’t possibly be him because he was never rude like that. Yoarashi’s knocks were vigorous but never rough or aggressive. There’s only one person who has a violent knock like that too.

“Hey! Warp-Girl! Open this damn door!”

What the hell was he doing here? Rolling your eyes and scoffing, you kept at your work, you didn’t have time to mess with him.

“I know you’re in there! I’m not going anywhere until you open this door! Open it before I break it down!” Bakugou point-blank demanded because this wasn’t something he was unfamiliar with. You always pretended to not be home whenever he came over and he never left you alone until you let him in, even threatening to break the door down. Needless to say, you banned him from your house years ago, but he never listened to you.

Of all your classmates why did it have to be him coming over for an uninvited visit?

You sighed in annoyance, knowing that he was true to his claims and wasn’t going to leave unless you talked to him, even though you had no idea what he even wanted. So, you reluctantly opened your door, looking indifferent and openly irritated to the even more irritated blonde.

“What do you want Bakugou? I’m busy. Can’t you go torment someone else?” You curtly remarked as he growled and clenched his fists, quickly he shouted.

“Shut up! Deku’s a zombie because you had to just get up and leave like a quitter! All he does is sulk every damn day in your old room listening to that shitty song from that shitty show you idiots watch on a goddamn loop all the time and now he’s even more fucking annoying than normal!”

Now that made you widen your eyes ever so slightly, and you felt the guilt creeping in when you processed and envisioned everything your childhood friend was saying, but you didn’t dare show it. You missed Izuku so much even though things had been better for you ever since you broke up and left. You knew you made the right decision as you allowed yourself to grow beyond him, even though you still missed him. But was he really that broken up about it? Bakugou wasn’t a liar, he never lied, he might have indulged in sarcasm every now and then, but he wasn’t a liar. Obviously, he was telling the truth, but just imagining all of that… concerned you, and made you feel sad for your beloved Izuku.

However, you couldn’t give in…

“That’s… that’s not my problem… Izuku’s a big boy. He can handle things like this himself.” Remaining stoic, you tried to close your door but Bakugou gripped the door knob and firmly held it open, making you flinch as he let himself in, glaring at you angrily.

“Well he’s not! You two need to talk or something and get your shit together because everyone’s too busy crying about you and his dumbass, and it’s pissing me off! And I have that stupid fucking song stuck in my head now!” He said, not mincing his words at all as you leered at him and crossed your arms. Even though that last part amused you, you weren’t going to back down. You never backed down against Bakugou, even if he was stronger than you.

“I’m not obligated to come back Katsuki. We already talked, and I left because it was my choice that I made freely. I’m sorry, but I’m not coming back. I made up my mind, I’m attending a new school now and I’ve gotten better since then. I’m more confident and surer of myself than I’ve been in a very long time. I can’t just go back because he’s not taking it well. And I won’t. If that’s what you came here for, to tell me to come back just to make him feel better. I won’t.” You shook your head, turning your back to go back to what you were doing. For once Bakugou calmed down in your presence, but you didn’t even see it.

He wanted to force you to just come back, to kiss and make-up with the damn nerd, but for some reason that would make him feel SLIGHTLY guilty later. As much as he wanted to lose his temper and just scream at you until you complied, he knew that wasn’t going to convince you to come back. He hated admitting it to himself, but that was why he had some respect for you. You were always tougher than Deku, and harder to push around because you never put up with his nonsense.

“Tch. I still never took you for a quitter.” He muttered, sounding calm for a change as you grunted in annoyance. Breaking an egg audibly as the yolk ran down your fingers, and you started to wonder if he really came over here just to piss you off.

“Bakugou. I’m serious. I’m not in the mood.”

“I don’t care if you’re not in the mood! You wanna break up with Deku? Fine! But that’s no fucking reason to just quit the school you worked your ass off to get into! And being sad about it is no fucking excuse to not even say a damn goodbye to all the stupid extras you bothered to get close to!” He quickly yelled, which made you cringe when you realized that Bakugou wasn’t being an asshole for once. Well, he kind of was, but he wasn’t saying this to be a dick.

“All our idiot classmates won’t stop bitching and moaning about how you just got up and left without saying good bye. And now they’re dealing with all the bullshit you left behind.” He said, leering at you and you finally turned to see him. It was shocking, but Bakugou wasn’t giving you his typical glare. You couldn’t believe it, but Bakugou was trying to… help you? In a weird, completely abrasive way?

“I really don’t care about what happened between you and that damn nerd, but at least take all that bullshit with you, and don’t let everyone else deal with it.” The more he spoke, the more you actually listened. And you realized that this is probably the first real conversation you actually had with your old friend in such a long time, “And on top of that, quitting UA over Deku? Really? You’re even dumber than I thought…”

Growling quietly, you narrowed your eyes and glared at him, “Why throw that away? Is he really worth it?” He asked you calmly, expecting an honest answer, and it did make you stop to think once his words sunk in. And about how you left the situation rather than properly deal with it. Maybe you should have done more than just get up and leave without warning.

A heavy sigh left you when it was silent between you and Bakugou for a good minute. “Katsuki… I know you don’t care for me saying this, but I loved him… I still love him… I still think about him everyday…” Your voice started to break as you willed yourself to not get emotional, keeping your tears at bay as you didn’t see Bakugou almost cringe when he thought you were about to start crying. He really hoped you weren’t, he wasn’t good with crying people at all and he already had to deal with his classmates when they all cried today…

“I guess I just… thought that if I broke things off and stood there… it’d be too painful… and… well… I just thought I wasn’t getting anywhere focusing on just him… I know he apologized… but when he told me that I wasn’t progressing, and that he didn’t need me… it hurt. Still hurts thinking about it…” You averted your eyes even though you were finally being honest; something about Bakugou made you feel comfortable with opening up since he was the most candid person you knew.

It shocked you to see him paying attention, even if he didn’t really soften up or anything. That you knew of at least, and you had no idea that he actually felt bad for you. It’s not like he had a soft spot for you or whatever, if he did he’d never ever let you know…

And Bakugou scoffed when he thought about what Izuku of all people said to you, even if it gave him some satisfaction knowing that he was right all along in that you left because of him. “He really is a fucking idiot if he said that bullshit…” He muttered a little bit, and for a moment you weren’t sure if you heard him right. “I don’t think that damn nerd is even aware of some of the stupid shit he does and says…”

Despite what he was calling your beloved ex, you still looked at him in surprise and wiped away the tears in your eyes. You DID hear him right…

“I still don’t care if you get back together with him or not. But the least you could do is get your shit together rather than leave the mess you made the way it is.” He finally gave you some advice, hoping you would take it since he was tired of all the unnecessary drama and tired of seeing all the idiots he grew to care for all upset. Including you AND Izuku…

You didn’t expect Bakugou to actually give a shit though. And it honestly touched you, despite your past issues with him and the way you always argued with him about Izuku. He was still an old friend, and so far the only old friend who told you the truth and what you NEEDED to hear as opposed to what you wanted to hear. Heartfelt, you looked at him with tearful eyes, which made Bakugou uncomfortable when he realized you were staring at him.

And he flinched and shouted angrily as soon as you suddenly hugged him, “W-What the fuck?! Get the hell off! I’m not a damn hugger like Deku’s stupid friends are!” Bakugou tried to push you off of him, hating how warm his cheeks were getting.

“Tough shit!” You exclaimed, not letting go until you felt like letting go of your old friend as he reluctantly let you hug him as he growled and used all his willpower to not blow you up right then and there.

“So, are you gonna do it?” He asked you with a small scowl, and you nodded with a smile, knowing what he meant. It was time you went back to clear everything and hopefully… make up with Izuku…

“Yeah…” You giggled a little bit, which just annoyed Bakugou even more, “What the hell is so funny?!”

“It’s just that… hee… it’s been a while since we’ve actually had a civil conversation Katsuki… and you know what? I actually like you… and I finally get why Izuku and Kirishima like you so much, because you’re such an asshole and such a nice guy at the same time.” You grinned and covered your mouth to quell your giggles when you saw Bakugou turning red from anger, or at least you thought it was anger.

“HEY! Shut the hell up shithead!” He shouted at you while you just laughed a little bit, and for once you were happy that your old friend had talked to you. He really opened your mind, and now you were getting an idea…

And as soon as it popped in your mind, you ran to get your phone. “What the hell are you doing?” Bakugou didn’t leave your house yet since you decided it was okay if he stood for a bit. “Getting my shit together. I have a plan and it requires me to call quite a few people… and then I’ll see YOU sooner than you think… but you’re not gonna like it.” You warned him and that smile on your face was proof enough…

He groaned as soon as he had an idea of what you were planning, “How stupid can you get…?”

“I watch a LOT of old movies, old musicals, and ultimately lack creativity because I love calling back to my childhood nostalgia.” You stated your somewhat poor reasoning as Bakugou growled at you in annoyance…

“This shit better be good…” He muttered in annoyance as you tried your hardest to not laugh as soon as you reached Yoarashi on the phone. You had a feeling it’d be good…


“Really?! Yes! That sounds wonderful! We will all be there! All of us! I’d be more than happy to help you and see you again!” Yaoyorozu chirped as she spoke to you on the phone, stars in her eyes upon hearing your familiar voice again. She missed you terribly, obviously not to the extent that Izuku did but she missed you…

And she was beyond ecstatic over the news you had just given her! She couldn’t wait to tell her classmates, and as much as she didn’t want to hang up so quickly, she was still excited for what was going to happen soon.

“Everyone! Good news! Very good news!” She cheerfully made her way to her somewhat glum classmates, who were all still a little bit down since Izuku was still in your room playing up that James Blunt song. But Yaoyorozu’s mood had snapped them out of it a little bit.

“Yes Yaoyorozu?” Iida was the first to ask since she was the vice president to his class rep roll. “All together, come on in~.” She was giddy even when she had everyone huddle up in a big group. As she explained what was going to go on, every one of her classmates faces lit up at the news…

However, they couldn’t tell Izuku about it, because the plan was to surprise him…

And they knew Bakugou must have known since you had told Yaoyorozu that he was with you. But everyone was aware of the plan, and they were all hoping that this little event planned would help Izuku. And potentially get you and him back together…


It took some permission from Aizawa and Principal Nezu, but since Class 1-A had time on their hands for now, their teacher and their principal allowed them to attend the charity event being held at the Musutafu Country Club by Shiketsu High and hosted by the Yaoyorozu family.

Not everyone was happy to dress nice for the occasion, but they had classmates to try and convince them to wear their best clothes, even if they refused to wear a tie.
As for Izuku…

“Come now Young Midoriya.” All-Might had to be the one to convince Izuku to come out of the bus, but he was trembling where he sat. He was aware that you attended to Shiketsu high now, but after what happened between you and him, he wasn’t sure he even deserved to see you again. And it’s been a month since he last saw you, and after so long it felt terrifying to think about you seeing him again…

“I… I can’t… I-I don’t think… I-I don’t think I can… (Y-Y/N)… s-she’s… s-she might be…” He felt his breathing speed up, almost like he was having a panic attack as he couldn’t stop shaking, and All-Might could tell as he sat beside his protégé and rubbed his back gently. “Breathe… remember to breathe…” He said rather softly as the boy slowed down ever so slightly to take deep breaths as he focused on All-Might to try and regain his composure.

“(Y/N) could be there… and if she is… I’m sure she will be excited to see you again.” All-Might didn’t want to get the kid’s hopes up too high. Or at least that’s what he wanted Izuku to believe, because he knew what the other students were up to…

“The two of you have had your space. It’s okay to see each other after that much time away from each other… and frankly… it’s about time you get up out of the dorms…” He said somewhat bluntly and Izuku had the grace to look ashamed. Even when he was moping in your room, he felt guilty for bringing his classmates down, but felt too ashamed to try and apologize because he felt that he didn’t deserve their forgiveness. Not from them, and not from you either.

All-Might could see the look on his face though, so he had to encourage him to leave the bus as he walked him out and took him inside the lavish building so he could join his friends.

Izuku was finally speaking to his friends, and was thankful that they were talking about this event rather than anything else he had been focusing too much on. But at the same time, he was frantically and nervously looking around to see if you were there. There were other students from Shiketsu, but he didn’t see you around at all, which really disheartened him as he sighed and almost felt ready to sulk again. At least until he reminded himself that he was at an event with his classmates, he couldn’t break down here in front of so many people…

So he had no choice but to grin and bear with it, but all his classmates frowned in sympathy when they saw Izuku’s broken smile. And they thought that it sure was a good thing that they were all here at this calculated event…

“Hey Deku!” Uraraka’s cheerful voice caught his attention though, “I heard that this event is actually a musical fundraiser and that there’s going to be a big musical number! How exciting is that?!” She happily exclaimed to the somewhat stunned boy as he gave her a small smile. “O-Oh. Really? W-Wow that does sound… interesting and… unique…” But Izuku started to wonder just who made up this event…

“I’m not much of a singer, but I’ve always wanted to… maybe one of these days all of us can go do karaoke together. I bet that would be just so fun… we could all just sing together without judgment. Just have fun.” She wondered outloud, and Izuku didn’t know it, but when she said ‘all of us’ she meant her, him, Iida, Tsuyu, Aoyama, Todoroki AND you. But when she said that, Izuku’s smile looked even more forlorn.

Still, he couldn’t bring himself to brush off his dear friend when she was trying to help him, “Y-Yeah… I think that would be a great idea…” Although, Izuku wanted you to be there, he wouldn’t go without you because he knew how much you loved singing and doing karaoke. And Uraraka could tell that he was thinking about you.

“I’m sure you’d be a good singer. You’re good at a lot of things Deku.” She said, blushing with a sweet smile which made Izuku blush a little bit, unable to help but smile bashfully, “I… I don’t know about that…” He mumbled rather shyly, remembering how you often tried to get him to sing. You said he sang great, but he honestly didn’t think so…

“Don’t doubt yourself! Especially for tonight! Come on, let’s go outside!” She excitedly lead the confused boy outside where everyone else was, and he couldn’t argue as he stuttered out an ‘okay’ as he followed her out. And once he was outside, he started looking around for you again even though he knew you couldn’t be here…

It was stupid of him to even try. Why would you be here? Why would you want to see him again after everything that’s happened?

He sighed sadly as he looked down at his feet, looking deep in thought and not even hearing what everyone else was saying. Not his classmates, not Yaoyorozu’s father talking in the loud microphone, not All-Might, and not even when his name was suddenly called.

At least until his classmates all started calling him and was only snapped out of it by a smack from Bakugou. “Pay attention you damn nerd!!”

Izuku yelped a little bit once he was hit, blinking in confusion as he took the time to remember where he was at, but had no idea what was happening right now, “W-What…? W-What’s happening…?” He asked rather nervously, but all his closest friends did was just smile at him.

“We told Mr. Yaoyorozu that you would sing on stage! The person who had this event in mind said that the UA students singing would encourage even more people to donate! And we chose you!” Uraraka didn’t miss how nervous and flushed Izuku had gotten the minute she said that HE would be singing, but she still had to keep up the smile so he WOULD do it…

“W-What?! N-No! N-No I can’t… I-I can’t… I-I can’t sing I… n-no I…” He blushed quite terribly, breaking out in a sweat as his heart started to race at the thought of singing in front of ALL these people. The crowd was large and many of them were wealthy people, some from Shiketsu too and his classmates…

“You can handle the Sports festival but you can’t handle a little singing?” Shinsou pointed out, not being mean per se, just somewhat amused that Izuku could handle the even larger crows from the Sports Festival, yet this crowd had him frozen like a deer in headlights. Although he was one to talk, he would never ever sing in front of people… it was embarrassing…

“T-That was completely different!” Izuku anxiously exclaimed, since trying to show off your hero skillsets was vastly different from singing. He wasn’t a performer like Mamoru Miyano or Justin Timberlake…

“You can do it Midoriya.” Todoroki gave his friend some encouragement, aware of how nervous he seemed and having learned to be a bit more supportive when a friend got anxious. Izuku was only somewhat reassured, but he still felt very hesitant to actually get up and sing in front of people. “Shinsou has a point. If you can handle a really big crowd from the Sports festival, then a smaller one like this one shouldn’t be too bad for you.” Tsuyu was as candid as ever, but not at all mean or unsympathetic.

“Exactly, so stop being such a goddamn pussy and get up there!” Unlike his nicer friends, Bakugou literally shoved Izuku ahead to make the nerd just hurry up and get it over with. His classmates didn’t approve, but at the same time… it was for Izuku’s own good.

Gasping sharply from being pushed, Izuku didn’t glare at his childhood friend even though he was freaking out. Even when he saw Yaoyorozu’s familiar, friendly face up on stage and at the piano to play it. He trembled like a leaf as soon as he got up on stage, breathing rapidly as he felt the hundreds of eyes staring at him as he felt uncomfortably damp from how much he was sweating.

Izuku could only hear his heartbeat ringing in his ears even when Mr. Yaoyorozu gave him his microphone and told the crowd to give it up. And he jumped with a nervous whimper when he heard the rich man say ‘Midoriya Izuku!’ and the crowd started clapping and awaited the performance. But as soon as Yaoyorozu started playing the piano, Izuku swore he had heard that song somewhere before…

He looked over at her, and there was nothing suspicious about her as she just looked at him, giving him a soft smile and mouthing ‘you can do it, I’m here’ to encourage him to not be afraid. For some comfort he moved a little closer to the girl, since she was his only source of reassurance so he didn’t have a panic attack or anything.

He knew the song, but his nerves outweighed the confusion as he reluctantly and shakily started to sing the first lyrics he memorized from that movie you and him watched in middle school…

“Once in a lifetime, means there’s no second chance… so I believe that you and me should grab it while we can…”

Izuku had no idea why he was doing this, it felt almost wrong to be doing something he swore he would sing with you one day. And now you weren’t even here to do it with him. All he wanted was for you to be here with him, because he was still nervous and barely able to even sing that out without his voice tremoring.

“Make it last forever and never give it back…”

Someone suddenly sang right after him which made him quietly gasp because he swore, he’s heard that voice before. Izuku began looking around frantically but he couldn’t find the source and turned to Yaoyorozu for an explanation, and she only smiled knowingly at him as she continued playing the piano. But now he suddenly felt a little less anxious as his gut told him to just keep singing, and maybe he would hear it again.

“It’s our turn, and I’m lovin’ where we’re at…”

As he sang, the spotlight suddenly shined down on you, revealing where you stood among the rest of your former classmates as you held a microphone, and you smiled at your friends Uraraka, Iida, Todoroki, Tsuyu, Aoyama, Kirishima and even Bakugou.

Widening green eyes met bashful (E/C) eyes as you blushed and grinned at your ex-boyfriend shyly as he gasped, becoming overwhelmed with shock and absolute bliss as your face brought so many feelings he hadn’t felt since you left. And he looked to see his classmates all smiling at you and him, Iida, Uraraka and Tsuyu smiling wide and waving to him as the latter cheerfully squealed beside you, with Tsuyu giving you and him a thumbs-up and Aoyama flashing the two of you a wink while Todoroki gave you both a small smile and nod.

Bakugou was the only one not smiling back but he was somewhat glad now that you AND the damn nerd were finally happy as he made sure you both caught his glare. Yet despite that, all you did was giggle and smile at your abrasive childhood friend, making him scoff and turn away.

Izuku did his best to not tear up as you both sang while you started walking towards the stage to him with a big smile on your face.

“Because this moment’s really all we have…”

“Everyday of our lives…”

“Wanna find you there, wanna hold on tight.”

“Gonna run while we’re young and keep the faith…”

“Everyday, from right now, gonna use our voices and scream out loud…”

The two of you began to sing with each other as neither one of you broke eye contact for a second. It felt like you were both communicating with each other just by looking into each other’s eyes as you both sung.

Izuku wanted so badly to tell you more apologies, and you wanted to just tell him how much you loved him, but somehow you both already knew what you were telling each other just by singing together as you both grinned at each other while the two of you sung and moved closer to each other.

“Take my hand, Together we will celebrate… (Celebrate)… Oh, everyday!”

You reached out for Izuku, tears in your eyes as the shaky boy quickly went over to you, nervously taking your hand to help you get upstage with him. Finally, your hands interlocked as you and Izuku pulled each other in closer in a soft, warm hug after a month away from each other as you smiled adoringly at each other.

However, you and Izuku instantly blushed as soon as you heard a lot of loud ‘Awww’s’ from the crowd, and especially your classmates who were cheering rather loudly the minute you and Izuku stood with for the first time in what felt like forever. Mina, Kirishima, Kaminari, Sero and Uraraka were clearly the most excited as you watched them all bounce with joy, and Izuku could hear them all cheering ‘Way to go Midoriya!!’, which made him blush even darker.

They always cheered for him just for having a girlfriend, and he didn’t want to get his hopes too high since he wasn’t sure if you were trying to get back with him, but he didn’t focus on that. All that he focused on was the fact that you were here, singing with him for the first time.

Now he felt more comforted with you here and he could forget about all the people staring at him as you gave him one of your bright smiles that he had missed so much.

“They say that you should follow, and chase down what you dream. But if you get lost and lose yourself, what does is really mean?”

You saw how nervous Izuku was, so you started to walk around rhythmically while you sung, and Izuku felt a new rush he’d never felt before as he followed your lead and sung with you and actually danced with you, a flash of confidence in his eyes that you had never seen before as you and him smiled at each other.

“Oh, no matter where we’re going”

“Ooh yeah, it starts from where we are”

“There’s more to life when we listen to our hearts”

“And because of you, I’ve got the strength to start”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah!”

Your voices matched up with each other almost perfectly as you followed each other’s leads. Izuku had passion, but you could hear it more when he sang with you, his smile never leaving.

Both of you could tell that it had been an extremely emotional month without each other, and yet the two of you learned a lot about yourselves during this stressful time. You discovered your own strengths and weaknesses and that your beliefs about fun and happiness were relative, but also learned that you still loved Izuku and that you could go back and forgive him and that you had new loved ones to also be with and have fun with. And Izuku learned to not be as hyper focused on his training, and to embrace the fun times he had with his friends and loved ones, but he also learned that he couldn’t live without you at all and that he loved you more than anything.

Now you were both singing your feelings with each other as you gladly took Izuku’s hand when he caressed your arm and held your hand for a moment. Grinning, you playfully booped the giddy boy on the nose before you both pulled each other in closer.

The two of you looking happier than you’ve ever been, and the crowd was eating it up and many were recording it. But neither you or Izuku paid much attention, because you were both too busy loving and singing with each other.

“Everyday of our lives, wanna find you there, wanna hold on tight.”

“Gonna run while we’re young and keep the faith…”

“Oh, everyday from right now, gonna use our voices and scream out loud!”

“Take my hand, together we… will celebrate~ Oh, everyday!”

Holding hands tightly, you and Izuku skipped over cheerfully to Yaoyorozu, who was smiling as wide as you were. As she played the piano, she couldn’t help but sing the lyrics with you and Izuku while you both kept your fingers interlocked with your arms outstretched over your friend.

Pulling away, you skipped around the piano and happily made your way back to your beloved Izuku, who took your hand and twirled you around as you spun to the middle of the stage, and you widened your eyes when Izuku spun along with you.

He was like a completely different person on stage with you there as he danced theatrically with you. This was everything you wanted to do with him, and you were loving every bit of it as you held each other’s hands yet again, but then pretended to pull away as you and Izuku skipped to the opposite sides of the stage to sing to the rest of the audience once you both remembered that there WAS an audience.

Whom were all entertained and even singing with you both. Izuku threw his fist in the air victoriously as he sung, hearing the rather loud cheers coming from his friends Kirishima, Sero and Kaminari, and of course the Dekusquad, especially Uraraka, Iida and Aoyama had cheered rather loud, and they were all dancing to the song rather enthusiastically and singing along.

You shook your hips as you raised your hand, waving at your cheering friends, even the low-key ones like Todoroki, Tokoyami, Tsuyu and Shinsou? They didn’t need to dance or anything, you could see the smiles on their faces which was enough for you to know that they were happy.

And you saw Bakugou too, he might have been scowling at how loud the song was and the fact that it’s from a movie he thought was dumb, but you knew he was happy too, and probably shocked to see Izuku become so outgoing with you up there. But all in all, Lord Explosion Murder was happy for you and the damn nerd.

Because finally you, and said damn nerd were as happy as can be as you both walked right back to each other.

“We’re taking it back. We’re doing it here together!”

“It’s better like that. And stronger now than ever!”

“We’re not gonna lose, cause we get to choose!”

“That’s how it’s gonna be!”

With more energy, you and Izuku gave each other determined looks as you slowly moved closer. The lyrics saying exactly what you wanted to tell each other about what you wanted to do as aspiring heroes together, as you expressed your feelings through dancing.

And you moved a little more sensually, giving him a wink and mentally grinning at how you saw him blushing even while he was still singing.

Yet, Izuku’s adrenaline rush from the singing pumped him with confidence to touch your arm and lock his fingers in with yours again.

“Everyday of our lives… Wanna find you there, wanna hold on tight…”

“Gonna run while we’re young… and keep the faith…”

For a moment, you and Izuku closed in on each other, eyes locked in a stare as if you were the only two people here and this was yours and his song for the world to listen to.

Smiling, you put your head on his shoulder as he warmly blushed and smiled as he squeezed your hand lovingly, never wanting to let you go ever again. And he let the world know as he looked to the crowd and sang, before he looked back at you to sing with him.

You met his beautiful green eyes, the two of you moving in closer in a near kiss as you both sang a little louder, more passionately, never once separating. Never again did you want to separate from each other…

“Keep the faith!”


“Everyday! Of our lives!”

“Wanna find you there, wanna hold on tight!”

“Gonna run while we’re young!”

“And keep the faith!”

You and Izuku turned in surprise to see Mina suddenly command the rest of your classmates, and they each (sans Bakugou) joined in with the song as quite a few of them rather enthusiastically singing along and started coming up to the stage to dance beside you both. Well, Kirishima and Sero had to grab Bakugou to get him to join them, and he did reluctantly and angrily comply. While Kaminari had to drag an even more reluctant Shinsou to join in on stage until he finally complied…

Which you and Izuku were all too happy to accept as you both giggled and shrugged. You skipped over to your friends, grabbing an enthusiastic Aoyama’s hand to invite him upstage with Iida, Uraraka and Tsuyu happily following with your encouragement. Izuku then brought an awkward Todoroki up on stage beside him as the rest of the class all huddled up together and held each other’s hands, singing loudly with you and Izuku leading them.

Never in his months with his Class 1-A did Aizawa expect these students to actually sing together like some sort of weird High School Musical thing, and yet here they were now. And even if singing and dancing wasn’t his thing, he couldn’t help but feel extremely proud of his class for this…

“Gonna run (Gonna Run!)”

“While we’re young!”

“And keep the faith!”

“(Woah, yeah, yeah) Everyday (everyday)!”

“From right now (right now)!”

“Gonna use our voices and scream out loud!!”

“Take my hand (take my hand)!”

“Together we will celebrate!”


Together, Class 1-A all sung along and danced with each other in a circle, and it felt just like gospel. Although you did see a grumpy Bakugou just moving his lips and a flustered Todoroki trying to follow everyone and doing his best to sing along with them since it was his first time ever doing anything like this. You could tell he kinda liked it though…

But you smirked when you saw Mineta attempting to go over to Yaoyorozu and crawl under the piano in an attempt to see her panties while she stood up, dancing as she played the piano. You sure didn’t miss him, but you missed having a punching bag and beating the shit out of him for peeping on your friends.

And quickly to protect your friend, you threw a ball of energy that opened a portal and he fell right in with a terrified screech. Yaoyorozu kept playing and singing, but she gave you a grateful smile as you happily winked at her.

To no one else’s knowledge but your own, he landed further out in the dumpster full of trash (where he belonged) and he could only hear the music from a distance…

“Live everyday! (Oh-oh, everyday)”

“Love everyday! (Woah, woah) (Oh, everyday)”

“Live everyday! (Now, now, everyday)”

“Love everyday! (Oh, yeah, yeah)”

“I’m singing everyday! (Everyday!)”

“Everyday! (Everyday!)”

“Everyday! (Everyday!)”

“Everyday! (Everyday!)”

“Everyday! (Everyday!)”


Class 1-A was the Hero Course united with you back as you and Izuku brought everyone together, many of them dancing and singing loud for everyone to hear. It was the happiest All-Might had seen them all, everyone was smiling and having the time of their lives.

He clapped his hands with the biggest, proudest smile on his face when he saw Izuku and you together. After seeing Izuku so miserable for a month, he felt his heart swell with bliss and rejuvenation when he saw him smile like that. The boy was beyond happy up there with you by his side and among his beloved friends as everyone sung and danced and looked so happy, even the ones who didn’t smile much. It was clear that they were happy too.



You and Izuku both giggled shyly as the song concluded and your classmates all clasped their hands together, raising them to the crowd as you all took a class bow and the crowd roared with cheers and applause. Before you could turn to look at Izuku, both of you pulled away from your hands when Yaoyorozu came over to the two of you and pulled you both in a tight hug that you and Izuku happily returned.

And you rather tightly hugged your friend when it was just you and her, but she pulled away to clap for your performance as you grinned and immediately you practically jumped into Izuku’s arms, giving him the biggest hug. Almost desperately he wrapped his arms around you tightly, tears of joy in his eyes as he couldn’t help but spin you around a little bit as you promptly squealed in delight.

In the crowd, many of the pro-heroes there, along with some teachers were clapping and gave your class a standing ovation. Aizawa even stood up to clap for his class with a small, proud smile on his face, as did All-Might, but his claps were much more vigorously and fast. “That’s my Young Midoriya!! I knew he had it in him!” He exclaimed before suddenly coughing up a lot of blood, much to Aizawa’s annoyance and slight concern.

“BRAVO!! BRILLIANT!! SO MUCH PASSION ALL IN ONE PERFORMANCE!!!” Inasa probably shouted the most in the crowd, running up on stage to somehow lift you and Izuku both with his great strength, startling you both as you both let out little yelps.

“It’s him again…” Todoroki muttered as soon as he saw him, a little bit of annoyance crossing his features, but he was too happy for you and Izuku to be annoyed with him. At least Inasa was being nice to you and Izuku.

Of course, you and Izuku were both pretty flustered with how much the crowd was cheering and at how small they all seemed thanks to Yoarashi carrying you both. But you still couldn’t helpbut giggle a little bit, still having your microphone in your hand.

“Everyone… you have just witnessed Class 1-A of UA: The Musical.” You said playfully into the microphone as the crowd laughed a little bit in amusement, “They’re my classmates… my beloved classmates… I recently transferred to Shiketsu… and I met just as amazing classmates… you guys know who you are…” Smiling you looked at a grinning Yoarashi, and then at Shishikura in the crowd, and if you didn’t know any better, you would say that he was tearing up a bit.

“I learned a lot from Shiketsu… including how to be more socially aware… that’s why I kinda gave some people this whole idea for this thing… I did it for charity and for my friends, to hopefully send out the message of happiness, kindness and love.” You said, looking over at your classmates, especially Izuku, Yaoyorozu, Aoyama, Iida, Todoroki, Tsuyu, Uraraka and at Bakugou and Kirishima.

“But… being at Shiketsu… further reminded me of why I wanted to become a hero in the first place… And… my friends reminded me of why I wanted to become a hero in the first place, and I why I went to UA in the first place too…” You fondly looked at Bakugou, who just scoffed and blushed ever so slightly as he looked away. “Because I believe in love, and I want to fight for love… for the people I love.” Then you looked at Izuku, who’s eyes widened a little bit as he blushed quite madly at how you smiled at him. The same smile you gave him when you asked him for the very time to go out with you…

“And that’s why… I’m going back to UA.” You then finally announced, earning a ton of gasps, shocked looks and then a rather large round of applause as your friends, particularly Yaoyorozu, Mina, Kirishima, Kaminari and Uraraka all started to cheer and whoop in glee at the news. And Izuku gasped, his eyes somehow widening even more as he felt the tears coming back in his eyes, was this really happening…?

However, you didn’t notice him walking away from the stage momentarily as you let the crowd cheer for the rest of your classmates until you let Mr. Yaoyorozu take the floor. As soon as you saw Izuku get off the stage, you quickly ran over to him but you gasped in shock when he fell to his knees on the grass. You figured that he must have gotten emotional, but it still broke your heart when you heard him sobbing…

“I-Izuku…” You were quick to kneel down to his level, putting your hand on his back as you were oblivious to the concerned looks from Iida, Uraraka, Todoroki, Aoyama and Tsuyu as they had followed you to check on their friend.

Izuku did eventually look at you though, still crying as if he still felt horrible for everything that happened, “(Y-Y/N)… a-are you… are you really…?” His voice was desperate, pleading almost as he kept his tearful eyes on you, and you smiled and nodded, “Yes… I’m here. And yes… I’m coming back to UA. I already called Principal Nezu… he said he was waiting for me to come back whenever I was ready…” You explained to reassure your very happy, very emotional Izuku as he then sobbed with joy, but there was still guilt in his expression as he looked down with a sad look.

“I-I… I’m so sorry… I-I never… m-meant… a-anything t-that… I’m so sorry (Y/N)… f-for everything I did f-for being… a-a terrible boyfriend… I-I didn’t… I-I didn’t deserve you…” He choked out an apology, looking ashamed as he turned away, feeling like he didn’t deserve you here with him at all even thought it was all he had been wanting.

It was so heartbreaking you teared up and pulled him in for a tight hug, “Shhh… it’s all okay… I forgave you a long time for all that… you weren’t terrible… just… bit inattentive but… that’s okay… it’s all okay now Izuku… we’re okay…” You gently hushed him as you hugged him tightly, letting him know how much you loved him as he clung to you, having missed your warmth and finally he felt true happiness again as he embraced you.

“I never stopped thinking about you ya know? I missed you SO freaking much… God Izuku I missed you so much you’ll never know just how much I missed you…” You let a few tears fall; you truly did miss your dear Izuku regardless of everything that happened. And you could tell that he missed you just as badly, if not worse.

“I-I… missed you so much… I missed you too… It was painful… I missed you so much it hurt every single day… I just… wanted to tell you how sorry I was… without you it felt… I-I felt… so miserable…” His tears didn’t stop, but he was just so happy and yet still so guilty about the break-up, even though it was all too true that he missed you more than you’ll ever know and that he fell into a depression when you were gone…

“You don’t have to be anymore…” You couldn’t let Izuku beat himself up though, and you pulled away to grin at him and kiss his cheeks affectionately as Izuku gasped and perked up, both his freckled cheeks instantly turning bright red just from feeling your lips again. He’ll never not get flustered by your affection as you giggled and blushed. “There’s my Izuku…”

Before you could kiss him a little somewhere else other than his cheeks, your friends had all gathered up to see you and hug you. Yaoyorozu was the first one as you got up to run over to her and let her pull you into a warm hug, “(Y/N)!” She sounded beyond excited as you tightly hugged her, having missed her so much. “Momo! I missed you! Oh my God I missed you so much girl…” You said softly and warmly as you squeezed her a little bit.

“I missed you too! And I’m just so excited that you’re coming back! Our class was missing something… and everyday I thought to myself, ‘It’s (Y/N) we’re missing…’” She teared up a bit when she thought about it, and of course you could feel your own tears resurfacing at how much your friend loved you.

“We all did (L/N)… every one of us missed you every day.” Iida followed shortly after Yaoyorozu’s sentiment, sharing at as you saw your elevated friends smiling at you. However, now you were feeling guilty as you gasped shakily when all the feelings started to overwhelm you. You felt so guilty for leaving all of them, not just Izuku, everyone else…

“I-I’m so sorry… I’m sorry everyone… I… shouldn’t have left things the way they were… I should have said something to you guys first… I… I don’t regret making the new friends I made but… I could not, I literally could not stop thinking about you guys and missing you guys every single day… I’ve been a real boob… do you think you guys could forgive me…?” You unloaded all of your guilt as you apologized to your entire class, almost not expecting forgiveness, until suddenly Kirishima surprised you and tackled you with a big hug.

“Of course we forgive you!” He held you tightly, lifting you off your feet as you couldn’t help but laugh, letting some tears slip as you hugged him back just as tightly. “We’re just so glad you’re back! It wasn’t the same without you! We missed you!”

“We all did! Everyone thought about you everyday.” Uraraka’s cheerful voice surprised you, but you still actually smiled at the girl, and Kirishima gently put you down to let you hug the girl. “Ribbit.” Tsuyu then followed shortly to join in your hug. “I can’t tell you how happy I am knowing you’re coming back…”

“Tsu… Uraraka…” You were touched as you hugged the girls tightly, but then you squealed when Yaoyorozu, Jirou, Mina and Hagakure all showed up to hug you. “Everyone has to hug (Y/N)!!” Mina announced, much to your delight as you made sure to hug all of the girls each.

“Hee~.” As bad as you felt for leaving, getting all this love made you feel really good as you hugged Yaoyorozu again before she let you go and hug everyone else. “Iida~.” You waved to your bespectacled friend.

“(L-L/N) I know I make a fuss about physical contact, but like everyone else, I did miss you very much and…” He seemed a little flustered since he wasn’t much for hugging, but you shut him up by hugging him with a grin, “I missed you too you square…” Giggling a bit, Iida did hug you back despite your little playful joke.

“It’s great to have you back…” He said to you softly as you smiled wide, “I can’t wait to go back~.” You beamed before waving to the rest of the guys like Kaminari and Sero, and quickly you went over to the guys, hugging each and every one of them even if they tried to act all cool.

But Todoroki really surprised you when he didn’t seem uncomfortable when you hugged him, and actually hugged you back. “I missed you.” Your eyes widened a bit, and you knew he was being honest, that was just Todoroki for you, but you didn’t expect such affection from the half-hot, half-cold boy. Still, you smiled widely with an excited giggle. “I missed you too.”

“But I have to ask…” Todoroki surprised you again with a sudden question and you wondered what was going through that mind of his, you hoped it wasn’t about Izuku…

“Why Yoarashi?”

You blinked a little bit, trying not to snicker but ultimately failed as you laughed heartily, even doubling over as you saw Todoroki’s confused expression. “Well Todoroki… he was nice to me from the beginning… yes he’s loud, a little extra but… he was nice…” You explained, and Todoroki seemed satisfied with your answer, because you were right. Despite his past issue with that guy, Yoarashi was nice…

And then you perked up a bit when you saw a somewhat familiar face, it was Shinsou from General Studies, or at least he was from General Studies. If he was here with your class that meant he had gotten in! He looked a little nervous though when you put your eyes on him as he scratched the back of his neck awkwardly.

“It’ll be good to have you back. They spoke very highly of you.” He muttered a little bit, not really looking at you as you giggled a bit, “Yeah… they’re a wild bunch… you learn to love them. And you’ll love them hard…” You chuckled a little bit, somewhat able to tell that he had some concerns.

“Don’t worry by the way… I might be coming back, but you’re not going anywhere. I’m just gonna be there to even out the pack. I’m glad they finally let someone in that actually deserves a spot.” You said to reassure the brainwasher, and upon hearing that he then looked you in the eyes, giving a small smile. “I guess this means we’re classmates now huh?” Shinsou asked you in slightly amusement as you grinned widely and nodded.

“That’s right~!” You sang-songed, suddenly hugging him as he flinched and grunted in surprise, his eyes rather wide as his body froze at the contact. “W-What… w-what are you…?”

“Hee~. If we’re gonna be classmates Shinsou, you gotta know that I’m a hugger.” You said somewhat playfully before you pulled away with a big grin, giggling at how flushed he had gotten. “G-Good to know…” Shinsou said, still a bit flustered from such physical contact as he let you go with the rest of yours and his classmates…

So that’s why they all liked you so much.

And speaking of like…

You saw Bakugou with his typical scowl as he watched you hug Deku, Todoroki, Shinsou and all the other ‘extras’, and you smiled the entire time which just annoyed him even more as you made you way over to him.

“I take it you enjoyed yourself?” You asked him with a cheerful voice, and he wondered if you were trying to annoy him on purpose. “No. And that is the LAST time I ever do anything that fucking stupid and humiliating for you EVER again…”

Bakugou knew you had set this entire thing up on purpose and had the rest of your class’s consent to all get up on stage together, but it didn’t mean he liked it. Much…

“Oh come on… I know you’re not a theatre dude but I heard you singing with everyone too~.” You played with him a little bit, and of course he started to yell at your accusation.

“NO I WASN’T! I HATE THAT SHITTY MOVIE! ALL OF THEM! None of them make sense!” Bakugou almost started ranting as you just laughed, “It’s okay if you did… singing is good for the soul… and besides how can you not sing when everyone else is?” You wondered out loud as the ash-blonde scoffed.

“And I finally got my shit together… I look forward to seeing you again in class Katsuki… I don’t think I’d be here if not for you…” You had to admit, you owed it to Bakugou for even being here since his words got through to you after you had been avoiding all your problems for the past month.

“Yeah? Well that’s also the last time I bail you and Deku out…” He grumbled in annoyance, and you quickly hugged him, “Dammit! (Y/N)!! No more damn hugs!” Bakugou shouted and tried shoving you off, but you kept your grip on him.

“C’mon bring it in you bastard! I love ya!” You exclaimed playfully despite his annoyance as he growled angrily and reluctantly let you hug him, hating how hot his face was getting with all the mushiness…

Bakugou made sure to glare at you even when you pulled away and grinned, “Now if you’ll excuse me~.” You started to skip off, and Bakugou knew exactly who you were going to…

Izuku had watched you hug all of his classmates, and he couldn’t imagine how much you had missed them since he knew you were close to a majority of them. And he was relieved when you went over to all of them so he could recollect his thoughts and breathe…

Although he did wonder what you were talking to Bakugou about, and he felt a little uncomfortable little twinge of envy when he saw you hug his rival. But that dissipated as soon as he saw you coming over to him, his cheeks suddenly flushing bright red as your smile made his heart start to race.

He smiled at you shyly as you grinned and brought your hand out for him to take, and despite how nervous he felt he shakily held your hand as you started leading him to the grassier fields. “Guys! Come on! There’s gonna be fireworks!” You announced to the rest of your classmates, and that excited them as they rushed over cheerfully and awaited the fireworks.

You and Izuku walked together to stare up at the starry sky together, and you and him gasped loudly along with your class when a bright star suddenly shot through the dark.

Silently you made your wish as you closed your eyes, and you cracked one open to see Izuku with his eyes closed as he made his own wish. You wondered what it was, but you weren’t going to ask as he opened those lovely eyes of his and smiled bashfully at you as he then looked to see all of his friends laughing and smiling together under the stars.

“I missed the hell out of everyone… I’m so glad I’m coming back to ya’ll…” You spoke your thoughts outloud, your smile never leaving your lips.

“M-Me too… I’m… r-really happy that you’re coming back… UA needs a hero like you…” He said to you softly with a warm expression, squeezing your hand a little bit as you blushed and you felt yourself become a little coyer.

“Well… here’s to the future Izuku.” You said happily at your beloved as you both took another gaze up at the stars, but Izuku looked at you thoughtfully as his soft expression made an anxious glee start pumping into your chest.

“Not the future (Y/N)… here’s to right now… to everyone… to us.”

A loud whistle shot up into the dark sky, a beam of light signaling all the fireworks as popping, flashes of brightly colored sparks of red, orange, yellow, blue and green shined down on you both, illuminating the fields just for you and Izuku was unable to look away from you, and your cheeks lit up a bright pink when he leaned into you carefully. Closing your eyes, you met his lips as he gently kissed you, feeling a pulsating excitement throughout his trembling body, his face automatically turning bright red and he pulled away slightly, feeling self-conscious for a moment and looked at you nervously.

But you smiled at him with a sugary kindness that made his nerves start rolling off his shoulders as you draped your arms around him and covered his mouth with another saccharine, passionate kiss as he pulled you in for a hug, eagerly returning the kiss as his eyes closed in pleasure.

Neither of you noticed how your classmates all gasped and blushed heavily at the sight, while a few such as Mina, Kaminari, Sero and Kirishima started to cheer and whoop victoriously, and they all knew that this meant that you and Izuku were FINALLY back together.

Bakugou scoffed at his squad’s antics though, looking disgusted when seeing his two childhood friends sucking face like that. But deep down he was just glad that you and the damn nerd finally got your shit together and had your stupid smiles back on your face again…

It felt like it was only you and Izuku in the whole world alone together as you didn’t part from his mouth, at least until someone suddenly popped in right in between you both. “YOUR LOVE STORY IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!” Yoarashi’s loud voice made you both pull away as he startled you both for the second time.

“Y-Yoarashi!” Izuku trembled as he blushed even darker upon realizing that he and everyone else had been watching you both kiss.

“I’M SO GLAD THAT YOU ARE BOTH BACK TOGETHER!! THE PASSION, THE PINING!! YOUR LOVE IS TRUE LOVE!!” There were waterfalls of tears running down his face, but his enthusiastic expression was the same and his yells were sincere and sweet. Yoarashi had actually supported your decision to return because he loved how passionate you and Izuku were for each other.

“Thank you Yoarashi…” You giggled shyly, unable to make your flushed cheeks cool down as Todoroki approached the taller boy.

“Stop ruining moments…” He muttered to the loudmouth, and instead of arguing with Todoroki, Yoarashi just smiled.

“Todoroki! It’s good to see you again!” He greeted him cheerfully, before looking at you and Izuku again. “I AM VERY SORRY FOR INTERRUPTING YOUR MOMENT!!” Once again, Yoarashi apologized to you both in his strange but zealous way by bowing his face into the ground and making himself bleed yet again. And you were relieved when Todoroki tried to give you and Izuku your moment back by pulling Yoarashi away from you both.

As you watched your friends give you both your space, you and Izuku couldn’t help but giggle happily with each other and neither one of you could take your eyes off of each other. Izuku’s gleaming eyes drew you back in, his arms seizing you into his embrace as you took in everything you missed about him as you sank your face into his warm chest, snuggling him close as you put your arms around him. Holding each other close, the two of you smiled upon seeing your classmates all laughing and smiling together.

Both of you finally at peace and looking forward to the rest of your upcoming school years, but enjoying everything right now, and every other day you would spend together as you and Izuku would both become heroes together.

You are the music in me…

Chapter Text

Summer break was coming up once again, and you were pretty ecstatic. Not today though, today was actually pretty boring.

At least until the ladies had decided that it would be nice to use the school pool, and the guys had similar ideas. However, thankfully you and the girls had remembered to always keep covered up when in the presence of a certain little pervert, and you all gladly denied that stupid Mineta the opportunity to see you all dressed in your swimsuits by wearing the school swimsuits instead. Kaminari looked so innocent, but you couldn’t give the cute ones too much privilege.

“Hey (Y/N)! C’mon and play with us!” Mina cheerfully suggested but you chuckled a little bit and gave her a crooked smile.

“Oh sure… I’ll come to you gals in a minute… right now I’m just chilling… and checking our guys out…” You very quietly mumbled that last part to yourself.

As much as you hated Mineta, in a way you weren’t exactly innocent yourself since while the girls were busy playing around you kept low in the water with only the top of your head and eyes visible, paying close attention to the guys on the other side. Of course, you respected the hell out of them, they were each powerful and amazing individuals, but you had to appreciate how pretty they were too.

Each of them were built in several different ways that you really liked, and it helped that the past year of training had helped them gain a little more muscle and tone their bodies. Especially Kirishima, Bakugou and Kaminari, three of the most attractive boys in your class in your opinion.

Kirishima had a nearly perfect body complete with a sweet nature and endearingly sharp teeth that any lucky girl or guy would adore. Kaminari might have been a flirt, but damn he was one attractive blonde and had a magnetic (pun intended) personality that would lure anyone in. And as much of a jerk Bakugou was, damn he was like a male version of Regina George. Had a great physique, beautiful blonde hair complete with his army of skanks that consisted of Kirishima, Kaminari and Sero, except they weren’t skanks.

But that’s besides the point, the point was that physically, Bakugou was nearly perfect, and then there was his personality, you couldn’t lie, his confidence and badassery were very attractive traits that shined through his overall appearance.

And you couldn’t deny that Sero and Shouji both looked fantastic too. Who said Sero was plain? He was super cute and really fit-looking and his permanent smile just made him even cuter, and Shouji was ridiculously attractive to you, sure he might have had more arms than the average person, but each of them were muscular to match his athletic physique and then his gentle nature despite his appearance just made him even more endearing in your eyes.

However, another one of your classmates caught your eye: The Prince of Darkness himself, Fumikage Tokoyami. He was perhaps the most interesting student in your class, close to Todoroki in your opinion. Whereas you could read subtle hints about Todoroki, Tokoyami was more of an enigma. A strangely alluring enigma.

Sure, he might have had a crow’s head, feathers, beak and all, but the rest was all human, he himself was a human, he just happened to look like a crow, but it was only the head even though you thought a pair of wings would have looked awesome for him.

His body was definitely human as you couldn’t help but analyze how well he was built despite being rather thin and small compared to the rest of the boys. If anything, his thin, short stature was really endearing to you. Damn, where did those muscles come from? His training with Hawks you assumed, but the more you stared the more enamored you were starting to feel. Part of you wished that you could touch those arms of his, his body was beautiful…

It help that you thought crows and ravens were some of the most beautiful birds because of their unique elegance, which Tokoyami brought with him every time you would look at him, yet the times you interacted with him made you realize that he was a bit of a dork despite the aloof and mysterious allure surrounding him. But that just made him cuter in your eyes. He was more than just a guy who looked like a crow, he was an interesting human being and oddly a very captivating one.

Closely, you looked right at him to check him out and size him up. There was something about the raven that fascinated you. Not just his appearance but his quirk too, personally you thought it was an incredible and useful quirk that you envied somewhat.

Given that your quirk only let you generate and manipulate aspects of light, which was a total contrast to Tokoyami’s Dark Shadow, which was a manifestation of elegant darkness and was fueled by darkness itself. He was your opposite in many ways, and yet he didn’t cease to enrapture you with his mysterious personality.

“Wow… Tokoyami looks even more awesome than normal…” You thought to yourself as you enjoyed the boys doing their little pissing contests, and especially Tokoyami just chilling out and subtly hanging out with the quieter boys Shoji and Kouda.

Meanwhile, Tokoyami was only mildly amused by his classmates’ antics and enjoying the company of his closest allies Kouda and Shouji, and yet he couldn’t help but feel like he was being watched somewhat.

“PSST! Hey Tokoyami! Check it out! (L/N)’s staring at you!” Dark Shadow spoke to him via telepathically, much to his annoyance. At least until he registered just what his quirk was telling him. “What are you talking about?”

“Turn around!”

Tokoyami sighed in annoyance, wondering if his shadow was just messing with him as he did turn around to humor him, but he saw your (E/C) eyes peering right at him. His expression didn’t change but he was slightly surprised to see you of all people looking at him, except he noticed that you weren’t really gawking at him. Your eyes told a story, as if you appeared almost interested in what you were seeing from him. Secretly, he hoped that was the case…

And you gasped as soon as his sharp, scarlet eyes met with your eyes. Nervously, you tried to glance away but Tokoyami wasn’t deterred by this action as he looked at you curiously, and wondered what you were playing at. Being stared at was something he was used to, but part of him was still hoping that maybe you didn’t mean to stare…

You contemplated on sinking in the water as you prayed that he looked away and lost interest, but you looked over at him again and came into contact with his red eyes yet again. There was nothing you could do to look away this time now that he caught you staring like some sort of weirdo…

Except he didn’t look put off. Confused and uncertain maybe, and yet for some reason he couldn’t quite pull away from the stare that yours and his eyes were locked in.

“She’s totally checking you out!” Dark Shadow made it worse by putting that thought into his head, and at first Tokoyami didn’t believe him. At least until he did notice that you were kind of looking at his physique, and not just his not-so-human features. He almost felt a little self-conscious, and a little tempted to turn away in an attempt to cover up somehow when he realized that you were definitely looking more at his physique rather than just his head.

That was strange. Mostly people just noticed the head and not the body, and he didn’t know how to feel about that…

You were totally caught staring, and the water did nothing to cool down your blushing cheeks that grew hot with every second spent with Tokoyami’s eyes on you. However, a sudden impact hitting the side of your head tore you free from the stare as you grunted in shock before turning to see what had hit you. And it was the volleyball your friends had been playing with.

“Oops! Sorry (Y/N).” Jirou’s voice broke you out of your daze as she sheepishly apologized with a guilty look on her face for having hit you. But you weren’t angry at all, in fact, you couldn’t be more thankful that she distracted you from Tokoyami and saved you from your super awkward stare-down.

“N-No problem girl! Ahahaha… it ain’t your fault! I shoulda been paying attention! Now c’mon! I’m ready now let’s play!” You suddenly exclaimed with reddening cheeks complete with an awkwardly wide grin that confused your fellow girls, but they decided to just let you be as they happily played with you once you spiked the ball for them.

While Tokoyami blinked a little bit, secretly glad himself that neither you and him were just staring awkwardly at each other anymore. Although he still wondered, what had compelled you to look at him like that? There’s no way you were ‘checking him out’ as Dark Shadow had accused, maybe you were looking at something else and he just happened to be in the way of it. No one ever checked him out, not while he looked like a bird. He might have had a human body, but he was still sure that no one would check him out like that…

He somewhat hoped that you were, but his insecurities wouldn’t let him believe that.

No matter how interested you might have looked…


“(Y/N)~! You perv~!”

You made the mistake of confiding in Mina after you all got out of the pool, and she couldn’t help but play around with you a little bit as you shouted lightly in frustration, face red with embarrassment as you put your hands on your hot cheeks. “I know! I’m a pervert… a total peeping tom… I’m no better than that little fucker Mineta… come to think of it… why ain’t he outta here yet? Shinsou’s in the course now shouldn’t Mineta like… I dunno be out of here by now since the former is like… SO much more deserving.”

The truth was you were attempting to change the subject, but surprisingly, Mina knew better, “Well Shinsou makes the class even now but you can’t distract me that easy~!” She giggled, and your face darkened even more as you groaned a bit, “I was just kidding~. It’s not like we can help when we think a guy or a girl is hot… the difference is that you were admiring him, not objectifying him like certain people.”

Wow, Mina was smarter than she let on, and she was your best female friend so she knew exactly what to say to you. “Yeah… I never want to objectify Tokoyami… he’s… my friend… at least… I hope we are… we’ve certainly talked… at times… but… I would like to get to know him better…” You mumbled softly. There was nothing you could do as your face might as well have caught flames by now. “And then some…”

“Oooh la la~. Somebody’s got a cruuuuush~!” Mina sang cheerfully as you glared at her a little bit, sticking your tongue out. “Tch… okay so I like the guy… not like he’ll like me back after he caught me staring…”

“Well it’s not like you were watching a bird documentary! Everything else is all a human body!” Mina reassured you though when she thought you sounded insecure and you were a bit… but then you thought about how good he looked…

“That’s not just body… that’s body-ody girl…” You nodded a bit more suggestively the more you thought about how strangely hot and attractive your raven classmate was. But your embarrassment resurfaced when Mina started to squeal, “EEEEE! And that’s why you have to talk to him! Just try it! I’m sure he’ll be flattered! He really don’t look like he gets a lotta attention like that…” That wasn’t the nicest way to put it, but Mina had a point. Not everyone found humans with a bird’s head attractive…

Did that mean maybe you had a chance? You hoped so…

Ultimately you knew that Mina was right, so you sighed and said that you would go talk to him, but the first thing you wanted to do was at least apologize to him for being a weirdo as you left the girl’s locker room. Hair still damp but you were sure that you didn’t completely look like shit.

Or so you thought until you saw Tokoyami in the hall with his things, obviously getting ready to go to the dorms. You were positive that neither of you would interact in the dorms after such awkwardness. So, you had no choice but to go to him first.

“Tokoyami.” It took all of your courage just to approach your classmate, since you were pretty sure he thought you were a weirdo or a pervert after he caught you gawking at him at the pool.

Tokoyami stopped momentarily in his tracks as he turned to face you, obviously not having forgotten that you were definitely staring at him not too long ago. “Good evening (L/N).” His tone was polite yet monotonous. He still wasn’t sure how to feel about it but he wasn’t going to confront you about it; it wasn’t anything he wasn’t used to.

“I’ve come to apologize.” You then said rather quickly, which just further surprised your crow-headed classmate, but his stoic expression didn’t make it obvious. Tokoyami wasn’t going to hold this against you since it wasn’t the first time someone’s stared at him, although the way you looked at him was a little different compared to how others have stared at him. But he couldn’t give himself high hopes that you were looking at him in an almost admirable way.

“You don’t need to.” He replied to you calmly, not expecting anything else from you as he prepared himself to keep walking.

“I hope I didn’t freak you out or anything.” But you spoke again, and because he didn’t want to be rude, Tokoyami stood to hear you out. “You didn’t.” He said to affirm that you didn’t exactly unnerve him or creep him out.

After that there was just silence, and it was feeling super awkward too. Of course, that was to be expected since Tokoyami wasn’t much of a talker, but you were still kind of worried that you didn’t get all of your feelings across… including some new feelings you were starting to become slowly more aware of the more you glanced at how cool and strangely beautiful he was.

“You know…” You started off, which made him glance your way so that way you knew he was listening to you. “Today I realized something… these days we’ve spent together in class… like at the Sports Fest and during our study sessions… we don’t really know each other that well… do we?” You wondered out loud, since although you respected Tokoyami, you knew that you hadn’t truly gotten to really know him as well as you wanted to. Especially with all these new… feelings you were starting to experience more and more for the aloof raven.

“I suppose we don’t.” He agreed with you as he began to think about that. For all that he’s known you as a classmate, he didn’t truly know you as much as he probably would have wanted to. Tokoyami respected you despite the sheer differences you both shared regarding quirks and personality, and he thought you were much more tolerable compared to some of his crazier classmates. Yet you were still fun, you seemed like a fun person, something he didn’t really consider himself to be...

“Yet they’ve been a hell of a ride. The USJ thing, and the whole Summer Camp thing that happened a while back? Who knows what else is in store for us?” You wondered outloud, feeling a rather warm, cerise blush heating your face when you prepared yourself to say this next thing. “But I hope… that gives you and I a chance to… get to know each other even more ya know? I’m… not saying that for any calculated reason or anything though. I’m not that smart… I… would actually like to get to know you more… you’re one of my cooler, nicer classmates…” Chuckling a bit, you smiled sheepishly at the boy who seemed to pay more attention to you as he turned his head slightly to look at you better.

He saw your expression, not a glimpse of deceit, maybe a secret but it wasn’t anything that made him feel suspicious. Tokoyami didn’t get conversations like this a lot though, this was completely new to him. “I believe you.” He finally said after a pregnant pause between the two of you passed.

“You’re not manipulative or deceptive. I trust you (L/N). You are… a classmate I feel I can rely on and feel more… comfortable with. Even though we haven’t gotten enough chances to get to know each other… I would like it if we did.” Tokoyami almost felt nervous saying these words to you, as they came from how he actually felt about you, and catching you looking at him admiringly seemed to trigger more nerves and newer emotions he hadn’t really felt before. Sure, he was initially shocked by what happened at the poor just recently, and yet for some reason…

He was happy? That you were looking at him like that…?

And you blushed quite madly when hearing him say that he actually trusted you, a giddy glee building in your chest that made you force back any big grins or squeals that wanted to escape your throat. “Hee~… I trust you too… and… wow that’s… awesome…” Still you couldn’t help but giggle, feeling so much more relieved that he wasn’t put off by your staring, and you swore you saw him smile at you just a little bit.

“Ah… but… still…. I’m sure it was weird to just have me staring at you like that, like some weirdo so… I’m sorry for that Tokoyami. I’m sorry for… gawking… instead of talking first.” You let out a sigh as you started blushing, keeping your eyes low as Tokoyami looked at you with slight awe.

“That’s all right.”

He was so thankful that his feathers could hide any blush he could feel on his cheeks, “I’m… I’m glad… I’m glad that you saw me (L/N).” Tokoyami finally admitted when he accepted that you were looking at him with interest. And it actually made him really happy…

Your eyes widened slightly as your cheeks turned red again, shocked but relieved and yet you were just as happy and ecstatic that you had to NOT squeal again. “M-Me too…!” You beamed with the most cheerful tone that made Tokoyami’s heart flutter a little bit the more he looked at it. Such light his guarded heart had never seen or felt before…

“Would you… like to walk to the dorms together?” Tokoyami was amazed at how difficult it became to just ask such a simple question, and how he could practically hear his heart drumming when your smile seemed to grow. “Yeah! Totally~! I can also tell you about this new horror movie I feel like seeing, I’m sure you’ve heard about it too the commercials are blowing up on TV… and I ain’t talkin’ about Toy Story… which is a bit scary in it’s own right when you think about it…”

But Tokoyami was thankful that you started talking about something he enjoyed, and knew exactly what you were talking about. “That’s right. I want to see that one too. More demons and ghosts. And a doll that also comes to life… in a much more different manner than Toy Story…” He almost sounded enthusiastic when you talked about the new Annabelle movie…

However… even though he tried to talk to you… his shadow was starting to snicker, ‘I told ya! She likes you~!’

‘Dark Shadow!!’

At least he was still able to talk to you, and you were so happy that you finally got to talk to him more, even if it was after staring at him. Maybe you would finally get to know him better, and become something more.

Chapter Text

Shinsou wasn’t the type people would assume would be spoken for, but to everyone and his own shock, he had managed to get a girlfriend. It wasn’t a big shock to some people though, particularly your best friends Izuku, Uraraka, Tsuyu and Mina. They’ve known about your crush on him for months now, because you were surprisingly pretty open about it.

It took Uraraka and Mina’s encouragement to get you to muster up some balls to tell him your feelings, and you did! After all, he sang My Chemical Romance to you in such an intimate and sweet way that day that it was impossible for you to not confess your feelings to him. From then on, you became his dork and he was your dork too, maybe that’s why you both worked out so well: You were both dorks in your own way.

But Shinsou was so much more than just your ‘dork’.

Come come Kitty Kitty
You’re so pretty pretty
Don’t go Kitty Kitty
Stay with me
Come come Kitty Kitty
You’re so silly silly
Don’t go Kitty Kitty
Play with me

Every text, every call he gave you and your phone would ring ‘Hello Kitty’ by Avril Lavigne. That was your given song to your boyfriend, because he was your kitty, and you had called him that to annoy him on purpose at times because he was cute whenever he got flustered for a change.

At first Shinsou was flattered because he personally loved that song, but it was different when that song would play out loud where yours and his classmates would hear it and know that it was him texting you.

“You should be flattered dude. You got a girl who loves you so much~.” Kaminari took great joy in teasing Shinsou about this, as it annoyed the hell out of the brainwasher.
“I know she does.” He muttered in response, he WAS flattered, but it was just kind of embarrassing. He was trying to present himself as a serious and focused hero-in-training and having ‘Hello Kitty’ as his leitmotif by his girlfriend wasn’t exactly the best way to make himself seem tough or formidable.

Shinsou should have known better though, that’s just how you were.

You were his dork.

He was your kitty.


He sighed heavily walking into the dorms, thinking about how sore he would be tomorrow morning. Aizawa was a brilliant mentor, but it felt like his lessons were getting harder and harder, which kind of added to the stress he was constantly under, and you knew it.

You often made him feel better in your own weird ways, whether it was taking him to go pet cats at a café, baking him something loaded with either sugar or chocolate, massaging his shoulders, showing him old cartoons you used to watch or getting him to sing punk and classic rock with you.

But you weren’t here, and he had guessed that you probably went out with Uraraka or Tsuyu. Everyone seemed to be out as a matter of fact, not that he minded, Shinsou had learned how to value his solitude from an early age and became an introvert ever since.

Yet, he missed you. You were the only one who really got him, and he was feeling a lot of stress today for some reason. However, he wasn’t going to be needy and would just wait until you got back so he could maybe suggest an old horror movie or something.

It wasn’t long ago when you and him had confessed to ‘like-liking’ each other, and just thinking about it made him smile and blush a little bit. You were singing your favorite songs, and some of his too. Especially My Chemical Romance, while you were singing Avril Lavigne, another one of his favorite singers.

Even if she did sing that song that seemed to be embarrassing him a little bit. But it was one catchy song…

Shinsou especially liked the idea of the song being about cute cats, but he couldn’t help but blush every time you sang ‘come, come kitty kitty’ to him because you were referring to him as ‘kitty’. In a way that became your other song for him, and he had to admit, deep down, he liked it. And it had been stuck in his head for quite some time…

Perhaps it was time to break out the hairbrush again…

Nobody else but him was here, and he felt like singing something might get some of the stress off his mind. So he did take your hairbrush (before leaving a ‘will return’ note on the space) and went to the same TV to hook his phone up to it.

He made extra sure that nobody was around once he saw his playlist, and started the song. His song.

“Mina sako arigato, k-k-kawaii.

With the music video playing, he held the hairbrush as his makeshift microphone and started to sing in a rare, upbeat voice in tune with the fast rhythm. Mimicking the moves as he stared intently at Avril and imagining that you were here with him so he could sing this song for you.

And he made sure to follow her moves, which were so energetic, a contrast to his low-key self as he followed her moves, becoming more authentic and animated as he started to dance a little bit as much as his body would let him.

“Mom’s not home tonight
So we can roll around, have a pillow fight
Like a major rager OMFG!
Let’s all slumber party
Like a fat kid on a pack of Smarties
Someone chuck a cupcake at me~”

Shinsou wasn’t shameless, at all, even when he let music take him away for a bit. He knew he’d probably never get this crazy and stupid around you, since after all, he just started dating you and that made things even more awkward somewhat. He was still an introvert, and that’s why you loved him, but he opened up to you a bit.

It’s just that, he couldn’t get as silly as you, or at least, he couldn’t do it without feeling so embarrassed and fearing that he would make himself look so stupid that it would turn you off…

You had no fear though, you weren’t afraid to be your most silly and authentic self around him, and he secretly admired you for that…

“It’s time for spin the bottle
Not gonna talk about it tomorrow
Keep it just between you and me~.
Let’s play truth or dare now
We can roll around in our underwear how
Every silly kitty should be~.”

Even when he was singing, he could feel his face growing hot because he couldn’t even believe the words he was saying and how he was moving. And the thought of you seeing and hearing him like this. He couldn’t imagine the look on your face…


Of course he knew you’d probably just squeal and say he was the most adorable thing ever, but it still made him blush heavily just thinking about it.

“Come come Kitty Kitty
You’re so pretty pretty
Don’t go Kitty Kitty
Stay with me
Come come Kitty Kitty
You’re so silly silly
Don’t go Kitty Kitty
Play with me~.”

You thought you heard music in the second floor, and it was your favorite song at the moment, “Come come kitty kitty you’re so silly silly, don’t go kitty kitty play with… me…” So you sung the lyrics, at least until you got closer and saw your dear Shinsou at the same place you were those months ago, singing his sweet heart out.

Quickly you hid behind the corner, thankful that your boyfriend didn’t seem to notice and seemed really into the song and music video he was watching and mimicking.

Hello Kitty, hello Kitty
Hello Kitty, you’re so pretty
Hello Kitty, hello Kitty
Hello Kitty, you’re so silly~”

Shinsou was completely oblivious to the fact that someone, or rather YOU, were watching him sing and dance like a dork. The music was too loud for him to really notice anyone else that might have been in the same room, or maybe he was singing too loud.

Either way… he had no idea that you were there. And he proceeded to sing the ridiculously catchy chorus with more vigor, using his feet and following the thankfully easy dance moves on the TV.

“Wake up, got a secret
Pinky swear that you’re gonna keep it
I’ve got something you need to see
Let’s be friends forever
I wanna do everything with you together
Come and play with Kitty and me~.”

You bit your bottom lip, your cheeks flushing bright cerise at how adorable your boyfriend was. He was always adorable, but this took it a whole different level. Especially with the cute song he was singing, and how he was dancing rather awkwardly in an attempt to follow what was in front of him. It was too adorable to ignore, so you got out your phone and started to record everything that was going on, just so you could watch it all to yourself another day when you needed a cute video to smile at…

You were going to pay dearly for it but it was just too ADORABLE to pass up…

“Come come Kitty Kitty
You’re so pretty pretty
Don’t go Kitty Kitty
Stay with me
Come come Kitty Kitty
You’re so silly silly
Don’t go Kitty Kitty
Play with me~.”

Shinsou sung his favorite lyrics, jumping slightly just like Avril, pretending to gesture a kitten over to him when he sang ‘Come come Kitty Kitty~’ and was smiling more than he realized. Truth was, he was thinking about you when he sang those lyrics. This was his song, the one you gave to him, it might have been embarrassing but you chose this for him because he knew you found him adorable.

Which touched him because ‘adorable’ was the last word he’d use to describe himself.

Hello Kitty, hello Kitty
Hello Kitty, you’re so pretty
Hello Kitty, hello Kitty
Hello Kitty, you’re so silly
Mina sako arigato! K-K-Kawaii!
Mina sako arigato! K-K-Kawaii!

Your eyes widened when Shinsou almost got a little more provocative with his dancing, even pretending to scratch like a cat with his trademark smug smile that he gave to no one he could see. Your cheeks starting to burn as your heart race sped up, feeling a rush of giddy excitement running through you as you resisted the urge to squeal out loud and kept your phone as still as possible to keep recording…

“Hello Kitty, hello Kitty
Hello Kitty, you’re so pretty
Hello Kitty, hello Kitty
Hello Kitty, you’re so silly~.”

Shinsou held the hairbrush, singing and dancing around in an almost free manner now that the music took it’s hold on him. Now he got why you gave him this song, it was so catchy and he could shake his hips to it, and dare he say he could even give his rear a little shake since nobody was around. It was liberating even though he wouldn’t dare do this in front of anyone without making a fool of himself as he nodded his head at the last chorus.

“Come come Kitty Kitty
You’re so pretty pretty
Don’t go Kitty Kitty
Stay with me
Come come Kitty Kitty
You’re so silly silly
Don’t go Kitty Kitty
Play with me~.”

Just like he did with the last song he sang, Shinsou dramatically dropped the mic for no one else to see, visibly out of breath and sweating a little bit since that was a fast song. He wiped some of the sweat off his breath, panting ever so slightly now that the song ended. He hoped you would be here soon though…

Unfortunately, he realized that his wish had come true…

Because the second he looked away from the TV, he met your (E/C) eyes staring right at him, wide and startled, and with your phone directed right at him. His purple eyes started to widen ever so slightly as a quiet gasp left him once he realized what you were doing, and that you apparently had been there longer than he thought…

You grinned rather nervously with rose-pink cheeks as you pushed stop on your phone, but all you saw was Shinsou’s face gradually turn red as his brows furrowed into a VERY un-amused glare.

“Delete that.” His reply was fast and demanding, but you perked up when he started walking to you, and before you could say anything at all, you remembered his quirk and smirked, shaking your head and he gasped slightly when he caught onto your little scheme. “(Y/N), Delete that!” He repeated as you ran off screaming when he started chasing you down the hall.

Your scream turned into a laugh as you made your way down the stairs, still having the relentless Shinsou on your tail, he couldn’t brainwash you because you refused to say anything to him because you knew better by now. “(Y/N) I’m serious…” He said to you somewhat sharply when you ran a little faster, and made your way to your own room and shut the door on him.

He tried to open it but you already locked it. “(Y/N)… don’t you dare show anyone that…” Shinsou’s face was flushed from both embarrassment and from running so fast as he panted a little bit, just waiting for you to reply so he could make you do what he asked. He’d feel bad about it later but he just lost all of his dignity…

“But you’re adorable Toshi!! Besides I’m not going to show anyone I swear!” You finally replied, but Shinsou didn’t actually try to brainwash you since he had enough kindness to hear you out, “Hehe… that was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen…” You said sweetly, using your telekinesis to open the door but his head was down and his eyes were staring at his feet as his cheeks were burning scarlet red.

He tried to scoff, but it just came out as an embarrassed mumble, “S’t up…”

“I mean it! You’re adorable!!” You got up, hugging him rather tightly, worsening his already dark blush as his cheeks burned hotter and turned more beetroot. “I’m… not… cute…” Shinsou was somewhat self-deprecating by nature, as his history kind of enabled him to be fairly humble and although appearance didn’t matter to him, he still never considered him attractive. So the fact that you found him cute or handsome at all, truly did make him happy.

He just didn’t know how… and was still trying to accept that.

“Yes. You. Are.” You cupped his warm cheeks, smiling at him and kissing him on the forehead, “I’ll delete the video… but I mean it… you really are cute. My cute little kitty~. My dear Hitoshi…” You said the sweetest, most sincere words he had ever heard as his purple hues widened a bit, his whole face lighting up as he tried and failed to avert his gaze. “(Y/N)…” His voice turned shy, but he couldn’t stop himself from giving you a coy smile as he rubbed the back of his neck, “You’re so mushy gushy…”

Mushy gushy or not though, he kind of liked it. Shinsou didn’t think he would ever be one for romance, but it felt nice having someone give him this kind of affection. He liked hearing you call him ‘your kitty’, in private, but still. And you giggled happily when he returned the favor by giving you a sweet little peck on the cheek.

“You don’t have to delete the video.” He almost sounded reluctant telling you that, but you were his girlfriend and he loved you, “But don’t EVER show that to ANYONE… EVER.” But Shinsou did give you a very stern, serious warning with a firm little glare as you giggled rather nervously but nodded, “I promise~.”

You meant that, because that video was for you. Only you could see your kitty be that adorable, “OH! That reminds me… Happy Birthday!” Suddenly you recalled why you had to come back, you had gone out with your girl-friends for some advice on how you should spend your beloved Shinsou’s birthday.

However, even Shinsou was surprised, “Oh… right, it’s my birthday.” He sounded very casual about it, not exactly huge on birthdays even if it was a big deal since it meant that he existed. Maybe that’s why he was so stressed today, because of the unwanted age that came with it…

“Thank you (Y/N).” Shinsou thanked you though, knowing that you were pretty serious about this. “Of course! Now c’mon! Let’s go downstairs to the kitchen! I’m gonna make you a cake and I have a gift for you in my room!” And he was proven right when you grabbed his hand and started to kind of pull him in your direction to lead him to the kitchen. Shinsou was the low-key one so that naturally meant that he had to follow you since you were the more energetic one.

But he smiled and chuckled quietly, following you with ease despite how forceful you could be. That was just you being his dork. “Okay you dork…” He said to you fondly as you playfully smiled at him.

“Thank you kitty~.”

You swore you’d never seen a boy blush so red that fast, but you truly did adore your kitty.

Chapter Text

You were a hundred percent sure that not many people can say that they escaped from Hell and lived to tell the tale. Yet here you were, telling the tale to your teachers, your classmates in the General Studies, Principal Nezu and unfortunately to some of the media to let the world know that you’re not dead.

And here you were now, returning to your house to your parents after watching a LOT of Friends with all of your friends that you thankfully reunited with, especially Bakugou and Shinsou. They walked you home since it was late and despite the fact that Aizawa was still pissed at them, he did let them go with you to take you home and let your parents know that you were alive.

You inhaled and exhaled deeply when you knocked on the door, a little bit nervous to see your parents after being gone for a week. And your world practically stopped as soon as your mother and father opened the door, their eyes going wide in disbelief when they looked at you. They were shocked, and yet overwhelmed with emotions as your mother teared up and started to sob, instantly engulfing you in a tight hug as your father quickly joined in. You realized how much you had missed them though when they hugged you so tightly and you closed your eyes and quietly cried as you hugged them both back. Bakugou and Shinsou could only watch the scene before them, neither boys would say it outloud, but seeing the reunion that they mostly made possible felt… really nice…

This is what heroes did. They rescued people and created moments like this for civilians and the free. And it meant even more since they saved someone that they both loved and cared for dearly.

Which is why your father had to reluctantly thank them. Well… he reluctantly thanked Bakugou, he kinda liked Shinsou but didn’t care for your childhood friend that much. But he owed it to the ash-blonde for bringing his child back home.

“I can’t ever thank you enough Katsuki… I knew that you and Shinsou would be able to save my (Y/N)… you… you saved my baby…” Your mother was more trusting of Bakugou, as she remembered the happier times when you and him were closer, even if his attitude started changing when you both started growing up. However, after nearly losing you and realizing just how much he truly did care for you, Bakugou planned on trying to rebuild that friendship you and he had in the past.

“What are friends for…?” Bakugou spoke softly, which shocked the hell out of you since he wasn’t the type to talk so soft. But he WAS in front of your parents after all…

“I always knew that you and (Y/N) had a special friendship~. I never doubted you for a minute.” And of course your mother had to point that out and making you and Bakugou blush rather horribly. “Mooooom!! I JUST came back from the dead! Don’t embarrass me!!” You whined and tried to hush your giggling mother. She always did think that some day you would eventually fess up to Bakugou and get with him. To put it simply, she sensed that perhaps you and Bakugou would have that beautiful childhood friend romance because of your quirky attitude and Bakugou overall having a soft spot for you. She thought it was adorable.

“Tch! That’s why I saved her!” Bakugou was quick to exclaim, still blushing heavily as he scowled and grunted, “Because we’re friends…” He added as fast as he could, hating just how red his cheeks felt and not seeing how annoyed your father and Shinsou looked.

“And I will forever be grateful to you Bakugou…” Your father on the other hand, was a lot sterner with your childhood friend and not as fond of him as your mother was. He wasn’t aware of how Bakugou treated you, but he did think he was a bad influence and didn’t like his attitude.

“You too Hitoshi. You brought my daughter back to me… that’s something I will never forget…” He favored Shinsou, and as much as he didn’t like the idea of his child getting into a relationship with someone yet, he would hope that you ended up with someone a little kinder and more respectful like Shinsou. Him, he liked and thought he was a good lad, and didn’t discriminate against him for his quirk at all, finding it actually very useful for a hero.

Shinsou seemed to know that though, and he couldn’t fight the blush warming his face as he rubbed the back of his neck, “It was no problem… (Y/N) is… also my friend.” He said rather calmly, and you couldn’t help but smile and pat him on the back, “Hee~. Yes ya’ll sure are~.”

Of course, you were none the wiser, and just happy to be back with your family and your best friends. And you had no idea what your parents were really discussing when you had gone upstairs and let both boys follow you.

“Isn’t it romantic…? Katsuki is a softie for her… I can’t wait til she winds up with him… ever since they were little, I knew there was something between them…” Your mom had fawned a little bit, even though it was visibly annoying your dad.

“Sure… but Hitoshi’s a good kid. He and (Y/N) get along well, and they were in the same class together. He’s helped her study and focus on her studies.” Your dad was almost smirking when he thought about how well you got along with Shinsou, and at how your mom looked a bit annoyed now.

“Hitoshi is a very good kid, and an excellent friend to (Y/N)… but she’s had a crush on Katsuki since they were both 6…” She retorted, but your dad just chuckled, “She’s grown up since then though… and obviously she likes Hitoshi’s company…” He added, which actually made your mom smile and giggle a little bit. It was clear whose team they were on, but they knew that in the end things would work out somehow. Since both these boys did care for you and love you, warts and all.

All that mattered though was that their child was back home, safe and sound.


Things went mostly back to normal for you, and your classmates asked you a shit-ton of questions that you quickly answered. The attention was nice at first until people wouldn’t leave you alone and so you waved them off and just went back to your thing…

Some of the nastier students called you names like ‘Hell Girl’ or ‘Zombie Girl’, but since those sounded really cool, it didn’t really bother you. You cared more about what you were going to watch at home rather than what your lame classmates thought of you…

“I have to catch up with SO. MUCH. Things you guys…” You had complained to Midoriya, Uraraka and Iida as you met up with them in the hallway and chatted with them a bit.

“Whaaat? Surely they have to let you off the hook after what you’ve been through!” Uraraka instantly gave you her sympathy, “She’s right! After such an ordeal, you deserve some recovery.” Iida might have been a stickler for the rules, but you came back from hell. Even he thought that warranted a little bit of a break…

“I know right…? I was already in Hell, it feels like they’re trying to make this a new Hell for me to live in…” You chuckled and made a joke about your ordeal, but didn’t really see that it made your friends a little bit uncomfortable and concerned for you.

“If you want… I can help you with most of it (Y/N). You shouldn’t be doing homework after everything you’ve been through.” Izuku was so sweet to offer to do your work for you, but you chuckled and shook your head. “Izuku… god you’re a sweetheart and I love you but… I can’t make you do that… I’m just going to milk this for all it’s worth and just relax… as I always do.” You reassured your friend, and even though he was concerned, he still smiled at you.

And the four of you chatted away as you all entered the dorms. You might not have had a room here or even lived here but Class 1-A treated you like an honorary member since you got along with a good majority of them.

“Hey Shitty Girl.”

Bakugou surprised you by greeting you the minute he saw you enter the common room and even approached you and he growled at Izuku to back off, obviously not wanting your other childhood friend near you. Izuku got the message though and nervously giggled as he backed away, knowing that something definitely changed in Bakugou after you came back from the dead.

But you were hella surprised, since it’s been such a long time since Bakugou came to you. You were the one who had to go to him first. “Ohhhhh, Katsuki hey~.” You smiled widely at him though, more than happy to see him again as you brought your arms out to hug him. And adding to your surprise he LET you hug him and even softly hugged you back as soon as Izuku, Uraraka and Iida had left you both to yourselves.

Hugging you made him realize how much he had missed your hugs, so he held onto you even if the hug was just friendly, taking in the warmth of your body now that he knew that you were back, alive and well. He swore to himself that he wouldn’t treat you like garbage anymore; he’d still be his normal self but he wasn’t going to be as awful as he had been. You had no idea what was going through his mind, but he felt so nice and warm, and he smelt fresh of soap after finally having a shower.

Today was going better than you thought…

You even managed to talk to him, and he actually talked with you. Bakugou saw how much you were smiling, and it was both annoying and endearing, obviously he was aware that you were surprised by how much he started talking to you. He wouldn’t admit it, but he felt kind of guilty for that…

“I was just talkin’ to Izuku about the extra homework I gotta do… and I’m thinking ‘I was already in Hell, should I really be doing homework after that…?” You had asked with a little chuckle and Bakugou scoffed, “Are you just gonna use that fucking excuse for the rest of your life?” He asked you in his casual tone, no malice in it though and you could tell as you laughed.

“YES! Because who else do you know has actually been in Hell and came back dude?”

Even though you were so cheerful and nonchalant as always, Bakugou wasn’t comfortable at all with how you casually talked about coming back from the dead and escaping Hell. It was terrifying enough to have been taken and held hostage by the villains, but thinking that you were dead for even a second with no hopes of you returning, and realizing that you were trapped in hell had scared the wits out of him. He couldn’t talk any shit though, since he never talked about how he felt during his own ordeal with the League of Villains and brushed it off whenever someone asked him about it.

And yet he hated that you were doing exactly that…

Maybe he had gotten somehow even more protective of you, but at this point he didn’t really care. There’s no way anything like that was ever going to happen to you again.
“Tch… let me see your damn homework later… it’s probably not even hard…” He muttered to you, and you couldn’t help but clap your hands cheerfully. That was more or less his way of saying that he’ll help you with it…


“They’re SOOOOOO cute together~! Bakugou LOVES her so much~!” Mina had started gushing to her other girl friends and the rest of the Bakusquad over you and Bakugou when she saw you both walking together. “Yup… if that’s not a crush I don’t know what is…” Jirou gave a little smile and agreed.

“Bakugou’s always liked her… even when he said he didn’t. I mean, I didn’t like how mean he could be to her at times, but I knew that it’s cuz he just sucks at showing how much he cares about her.” Kirishima actually knew Bakugou pretty well and how the guy functioned. He was well aware that Bakugou cared a lot about you, and how much he sucked at showing it…

“But Bakugou just sucks at anything involving feelings.” Kaminari kind of snickered though. He had flirted with you a little bit, and Bakugou always made him back off by threatening to blow his face off, so that was proof enough for the electric blonde that he might have had a thing for you. “I wouldn’t be surprised if they started dating soon…” Sero remarked with a smile. He had gotten along with you pretty well, and you talked with him the most of the Bakusquad and he knew that you definitely had a crush on his volatile classmate.

In short, the Bakusquad was feeling pretty positive about their leader’s chances with you.

At least until they saw you go into the kitchen…

And before Bakugou could attempt to follow you, he saw Shinsou…

The purple-haired teen stopped when he realized that he was being stared at. For a moment their eyes met and their stare turned into hostile glares… before they both quickened their pace to go and try and get into the kitchen with you first.

Mina, being the snoop that she was, had followed the two and hid behind the corner along with Kirishima, Kaminari and Sero. “Seriously…?” Jirou shook her head though at their antics, being the sanest member thus far…

You had no idea you were being followed though, all you wanted was to steal the Oreos (that you brought for everyone) and take them with you to a room to watch a movie at. But since you were sure that you must have been alone, you decided to try something dumb…

And so you bent over backwards a bit and placed an Oreo on your forehead, making sure that it was balanced. Focusing your eyes and balance as much as you could, “C’mon… c’mon… c’mon, c’mon, c’mon…” You held your tongue open, carefully moving forward to let the cookie fall at hopefully the right place, but instead of landing in your mouth the oreo slid down your nose and instead fell to the ground…

Your eyes widened as you felt a twinge of despair and disappointment upon seeing the poor cookie and all it’s crumbly remains on the ground. “Argh… dammit!” You exclaimed in frustration, mourning the Oreo somewhat childishly but perked up as soon as you saw Shinsou coming in.

“Wow… you look really busy…” He knew the weirder, sillier things you often did, and trying to catch oreos was one he was all too familiar with.

“Hitoshi~!” You had no idea that you were being watched by a few others as you quickly went over to hug the brainwashing teen. Mina, Kirishima and Sero were kind of shocked, but Kaminari was actually looking quite proud of Shinsou… he always knew that he had a crush on you. Despite how distant Shinsou was to him, Kaminari eventually got through to him and they became friend-ish with each other.

“Hey.” Shinsou replied to you casually with a little smile as he hugged you back. Hugging you felt right to him, especially since he was so much taller than you so it was like you were a perfect little fit. You were so soft and warm, akin to a kitten. And you kind of liked how tall he was, it was a safe feeling to hug your dear friend and you hummed contently when you nuzzled him a bit. You didn’t see his smile turning into one of his trademark smirks when he saw how PISSED Bakugou looked the second he walked into the kitchen. “What the hell are you doing here Eye-Bags?” He asked him roughly as the two of you pulled away.

“Katsuki~.” Of course, you knew that he was annoyed, but you nonetheless smiled just seeing him. Even though you sensed that an argument or some form of bickering was probably going to happen.

“You’re one to talk… you came in here too. And I don’t think I need permission to grab a snack. We’re not in elementary school anymore are we?” He asked Bakugou somewhat snidely, earning even more annoyance from the latter. Ever since you became friends with Shinsou, Bakugou’s had nothing nice to say about him and became twice as hostile towards him. You knew that these two didn’t like each other, so you tried to be as calm as possible. “Hey now… have an Oreo you two. They make everyone happy… they’re like so bad for you but dammit they’re so fucking good…” You held up an Oreo and kinda offered it to whoever took it first. Bakugou wasn’t one for sweets though…

“No shit… you eat way too much of those fucking things…” He wasn’t criticizing you or anything, but he was slightly annoyed by your… less than ideal snacking habits. It didn’t help that Shinsou did take the Oreo you had out.

“They’re very bad for you… and yet they make you feel as if they are good for you.” He said, and actually did eat the cookie you gave him, and you grinned and gave him a thumbs up, “You said it brother!”

Shinsou didn’t smile much but seeing you again and having you back was arguably his biggest reason to smile. Somehow you always got a little smile out of him, “Are you just going to steal them all again?” He asked you in amusement, knowing how fond you were of these snacks.

“Well I DID buy them ‘Tosh… and you know me, I’m a bit ‘cookie’ for these cookies.” You pointed at him with a grin, laughing at your latest pun which just irritated Bakugou and amused Shinsou.

“Oh my fucking god just stop it!” Bakugou quickly shouted at you for such a lame pun, as he often did. Your sense of humor was so corny it was stupid… almost stupid-funny.
Okay… THAT’S your worst pun to date…” Shinsou then remarked, even though the truth was he thought your dumb jokes were funny…

“You love them… both of you do!” You pointed at them both cheerfully with a big laugh, not exactly seeing how these two exchanged brief little glares. “But to answer your question ‘yes’, I’m going to steal these cuz I’m still celebrating my resurrection… after spending a week in a suffocating, dark, cold and bloody place that was my own Hell, I’m trying to take it easy…” You sounded like you were a little troubled, and the truth was you were and both your friends could tell as a flicker of concern blinked in their eyes. They really didn’t like thinking about how you suffered in that Hell, and so they both wanted to make sure that you were safe and felt comfortable… and yet it lead them to competing and trying to be there for you first.

“And so after re-watching all of Friends for the 10th, today I’m just gonna make the big decision of whether I should just binge-watch a Netflix show or watch a horror movie before Endgame~.” And yet you suddenly went from troubled to excitable when you told the guys your plans.

“You idiot…” Bakugou shook his head, clearly amused by what your idea of celebrating was, as was Shinsou. If there’s one thing they could agree on at all, it’s that they both found you endearing in your own… odd way. Not that there was anything wrong with you being odd, that was simply you.

However, neither one of you could tell that you were being listened to and partially spied on. Not just by the Bakusquad, but the Dekusquad too as Izuku, Uraraka and Iida refrained from going into the kitchen when they heard you, Bakugou and Shinsou talking…


“They’re going to see a movie together!”

After seeing you and Bakugou talking together again, Mina went straight back to gushing about you and Bakugou to the rest of the Bakusquad, as well as Yaoyorozu and the other girls, including Uraraka and Tsuyu.

It wasn’t like 1-A to indulge in gossip, but it was comforting to talk about their classmates especially after the latest ordeal they had to go through with losing you for a moment. “Guess Bakugou’s got a date.” Kirishima smiled wide just thinking about it, obviously happy for his friend as were Kaminari and Sero.

But not everyone was happy for Bakugou…

“That damn Bakugou… he’s the scariest one and yet he’s the one going out with a girl!” Mineta cried and bemoaned how the most violent and aggressive one in his class had managed to go out with someone. “It’s not fair… it’s so not freaking fair…!”

“Well Mineta, Kacchan and I have known (Y/N) since we were kids… she’s always kinda liked him…” But Izuku felt sorry for Mineta, so he attempted to justify the possibility of you going out with Bakugou, however neither him or the others expected some of his classmates to put their two cents in.

“I don’t know Midoriya, I mean it’s obvious that she has feelings for Bakugou but… to be honest… Mineta almost has a point… Bakugou isn’t really approachable, nor does he put any effort into such, not even with (Y/N), or you for that matter.” Tsuyu pointed out a very clear truth that surprised her friends and classmates, especially Mina and Kirishima.

“She’s right! I’ve seen how he’s treated her before this, he was so mean to her!” Uraraka supported Tsuyu’s statement by adding what she’s witnessed between you and Bakugou.

“She’s told me about him too… honestly, some of the things he’s said are just uncalled for…” You and Uraraka were pretty good friends, so you tended to vent to her and Tsuyu about things that frustrated you, whether it was school or Bakugou…

“They’re not wrong. (L/N) and Bakugou’s relationship is like Ross and Rachel’s. Constantly on and off and somewhat dysfunctional, which isn’t really a good thing.” Todoroki agreed with both Uraraka and Tsuyu, even if he referred to Friends to describe your relationship with Bakugou. But hearing Todoroki of all people allude to Friends is what really shocked everyone…

It was official, you had successfully converted Todoroki to Friends.

“Well… okay yeah he’s not a saint, at all… but I saw the way he looked at her when she came back… and when he took her back home last night… I’ve never seen him look at anyone else the way he did her. I think he’s gonna try and be nicer to her from now on.” But Kirishima had to defend his friend somehow, even if he didn’t condone how Bakugou treated you before the ordeal.

“Maybe, but it took an ordeal like this to make him appreciate her more.” Tsuyu quickly stated after Kirishima’s heartwarming outlook on his buddy, “That’s correct~. And not only that… but compared to Bakugou… one other person was there for her every time she returned to our plane…” Aoyama really surprised Tsuyu by also supporting her side, and they all knew who he was talking about. “Shinsou Hitoshi. And it is especially because he has feelings for her… and deep down… I can see that there are some feelings for him that she may have~.”

Now that surprised everyone… except for Uraraka and Tsuyu, they had a hunch that Shinsou might have had a thing for you, and that you might have had some subconscious feelings for him too.

“Yeah! I don’t know Shinsou well, but I’ve seen him talk to her a lot! And she’s told me a lot about him too, how he’s a lot nicer than he acts. To her maybe, but still!” Uraraka was certain that she found out who’s team was on…

“Oui… their chemistry is undeniable… I knew it as soon as I heard them singing Brendan Urie’s songs together.” Aoyama definitely knew whose team he was on though, being a romantic at heart he thought that Shinsou would be a better match for you.

“Well…! That might be true, but she likes Bakugou! And he likes her too! I just know that those two are gonna wind up together somehow! He’ll be like the scary badass who defeats all those who dare try and harm her! And he’ll whisk her away into the sunset!” Mina was definitely for you ending up with Bakugou, and so was Kirishima.

“That’s right! Bakugou’s growing up and improving himself for her… like a true man!” It was no surprise that Kirishima was Team Bakugou, but Uraraka and Aoyama weren’t going down without a fight.

“Well maybe (Y/N) doesn’t need a badass who can threaten to beat up all of her enemies for her. Maybe (Y/N) would like to have someone to watch movies with and sing songs with and someone who will wait patiently for her when she comes back from a spiritual realm.” Uraraka’s feisty side was showing, which was kind of scaring Izuku.


“Bakugou waited for her too!” Mina made sure to remind her that Bakugou waited for you to return, but Aoyama had a rebuttal, “Maybe. But before the ordeal, Shinsou never discouraged her from using her quirk and instead made sure she always returned safely.”

“He just wanted her to be safe! Her quirk is… it’s scary man you saw what happened! It’s more dangerous than I thought… I can’t excuse the way he acted before, but he knew her quirk had its drawbacks… and he wanted her to just be safe…” Kirishima wasn’t trying to necessarily defend Bakugou’s actions, but he understood why his friend wasn’t comfortable whenever you descended into the spirit realm.

However, bringing up that traumatizing moment did shut everyone up for a minute. Kirishima honestly had a point, but Bakugou shouldn’t have been so hard on you about it. Still, the memory of watching you just disappear like that haunted them as Izuku, Uraraka and Kirishima started trembling just remembering it…

Everyone was now a little bit calmer after hearing that, “I understand… but… I’ve seen how happy she is whenever she talks about Shinsou and every time they hang out. So… I’m sorry Kirishima, but I’m on Team Shinsou.” Uraraka didn’t go back on what she felt, but she was a little bit calmer now.

“And I’m on Team Bakugou!” But Mina thankfully brought the energy back to the room as she crossed her arms determinedly, “So am I.” Kirishima was on her side, and his friend’s side, he knew Bakugou would treat you better now. He had nothing against Shinsou, but he knew how you felt about Bakugou…

“I am also on Team Shinsou~.” Uraraka was relieved and thankful that Aoyama was on her side, even if it was over just a little bit of a shipping thing.

But this just made the others, especially Izuku extremely worried. Now he definitely couldn’t pick sides because Bakugou was his childhood friend and he liked Shinsou a lot. He would rather you just decide whoever you wanted and whoever you felt would make you happy. He wasn’t comfortable seeing his good friends just looking at each other like this was something worth challenging each other though…

“I respect your opinions you guys, but… it’s too bad (Y/N) and Shinsou are already watching a movie together~.” Although they came to a civil conclusion, Uraraka had to giggle and reveal what you and Shinsou were doing together.

“What?!” Mina perked up with wide eyes, seeing that as an opportunity to do some good old-fashioned meddling, “Not for long…!” She declared with vigor and pointed at the girl before she promptly took off running out the common room, “Hey! Wait up!” Kirishima followed her, wanting to somehow help her in getting his friend to get a moment with you.

“Hey! Ohhh… those two!” Uraraka huffed and squealed indignantly, but Aoyama put his hand on her shoulder, “Do not worry… I have a feeling that this will all work itself out~. (Y/N) will choose who she loves the most in time…” He said softly and optimistically to reassure the girl, and really surprised Uraraka.

Aoyama was so much more insightful than he let on wasn’t he…?



It’s like his classmates liked irritating him as the ash-blonde growled just hearing the loud screech coming from no one other than Mina, “What the hell are screaming for Raccoon Eyes?!”

“Uh… well dude… I don’t wanna tattle-tale but…” Kirishima felt a little bit bad, and couldn’t really say It, but Mina could, “Shinsou’s getting comfortable with your girl!!” She exclaimed rather loudly, making both Kirishima and Bakugou flinch, the latter because he heard Shinsou’s name…

“What?!” He shouted even louder than earlier, and the first thing he did was march over to wherever the hell Eye-Bags’ room was. “Go get her!!” Mina practically cheered him on, but the very angry explosive teen was too pissed to even care, “Shut up you! And she’s not my girl!!” He didn’t turn to face her because he started blushing…

You weren’t his girl! But that didn’t mean he wanted Shinsou with you at all…

No fucking way!

To be continued…

Chapter Text

Meanwhile, you were in the comfort of Shinsou’s room, sitting in his bed with the lights all turned off except for the TV’s light showing you a rather intense scene. You were feeling nostalgic, so you and Shinsou both decided to watch the 2009 movie ‘Drag Me To Hell’ ironically. At first Shinsou wasn’t sure about this movie given that the movie more or less described your ordeal, but you told him that it was okay and that you were still into it.

You slowly munched on an Oreo as the whole bag sat between you and your friend. Both of your eyes glued to the scene as he reached for once without even looking. “Yeesh… that is one ugly woman…” You remarked, amazed at how ugly a woman can go when she looks so haunted, angry and vicious when she attacked poor Christine in one of the earlier parts.

“Tell me about it… this movie is more disgusting than I remember…” Shinsou remarked, cringing slightly at how the fly went up Christine’s nose, and wondered how he and you managed to even eat the snacks you had placed in front of you.

“How the hell were we not scared back then?” You wondered out loud, not having to see the shrug from Shinsou as you both were intent on the jump scare coming up. You knew it was coming, you both did and yet you didn’t see nor did you know that THIS was coming.


The door opened wide as soon as the old woman screeched in Christine’s face, but the surprise and sound of your door, and seeing Bakugou’s irritated face startled both you and Shinsou as you both literally jumped out of his bed, “AHHHHH!” Together, you ended up dropping all of the snacks to the floor as you and him let out little yelps and quickly you clung to your taller friend, which only irritated Bakugou even more.

“Stop shouting you idiots!”

That was very ironic, and finally you registered that Bakugou was here and not Mrs. Ganush. “Oh! Hey Katsuki~.” You smiled and waved cheerfully, which had now annoyed Shinsou. “Get out.” He said bluntly and fast, but Bakugou was the wrong person to give demands to.

“Don’t tell me what to do you bastard!”

“This is my room.”

“I don’t give a shit!”

“I do.”

It was amusing match between loud and monotone, and you couldn’t help but snicker seeing them go at it like that. Bakugou and Shinsou never did get along with each other, in fact you were pretty sure that they despised one another because they didn’t enjoy each other’s company and were complete opposites, so they naturally butted heads. But with them both being close to things, it only made things worse…

You weren’t complete unaware that they didn’t like each other though. “Hey… c’mon you two… instead of fighting… why don’t we just watch the rest of Drag Me To Hell together?” You had passively suggested, making them both shut up for a bit, but Bakugou gave you an annoyed look the second he heard which movie you were watching.

“Isn’t that too soon moron?” Why in the world were you watching a movie about a woman being dragged off to hell, when you just came back from hell?

But all you did was smile and shrug your shoulders, “Not really. I haven’t seen it in years, and I guess my little ordeal inspired me to check it out after so long.” You replied casually, almost cheerfully and it drove Bakugou insane. He almost wanted to slap you silly for being so blasé and nonchalant about the shit you’ve been through. However, instead of being an ass and yelling about it, he scoffed and decided to watch the stupid movie with you and Eye Bags.

“Whatever.” He muttered and invited himself in, sitting right next to you, much to Shinsou’s immense chagrin.

“Don’t scorch my sheets.” Shinsou warned him with an annoyed mutter. He couldn’t just tell him to leave, well, he could have, but he knew that you liked the bastard for some reason, and he understood Bakugou a little bit. He was mildly shocked at your lack of reaction despite the trauma you likely suffered from that experience, but he didn’t press on it because he was sure you probably didn’t want to talk about it, and overall didn’t wish to start an argument with Bakugou for fear of upsetting you. So as annoying as it was, Shinsou let the jerk stay and watch the movie with you and him.


Admittedly, watching Christine get dragged to hell kind of brought back some unpleasant memories, but you shoved it down deep so you didn’t unnerve your best friends. You heard them out, but the truth was you didn’t want to be babied, or treated like you’re vulnerable even though you knew that you weren’t really okay after everything that happened. Everything you had to endure for that entire week of being stuck in your Hell.

So you just chuckled and shook your head when the movie ended, “Wow… let this be a lesson guys, always check to make sure you have the right thing on you…” You stated in amusement, but only Shinsou looked amused. “No shit…”

Bakugou on the other hand, wasn’t as entertained as you were due to the movie’s corny effects and over-the-top visuals. “Tch… I can’t believe you still watch this crap…” He muttered in annoyance, and you could actually laugh since he wasn’t being mean about it, just exasperated. “Hee-hee… what can I say? I like that corny horror… back in it’s prime… it was actually even more scary… but I can still appreciate it in modern times…” You thought outloud with a smile, lying on the bed you sat on.

“Well! That sure was fun… thank you boys~. You guys fucking rock… that would NOT have been as entertaining with you guys.” You chuckled, smiling brightly at both the boys who you swore were blushing just a little bit.

“Yeah… sure…”

“Mm-hmm… you’re welcome.”

They were acting oddly awkward, which was a little bit unusual to you since both Bakugou and Shinsou were both so blunt and unapproachable most of the time that they didn’t seem the types to be awkward nor act like it.

However, you still smiled and gave them both big hugs, missing how they glared at each other when they hugged you back. This was supposed to be Shinsou’s time spent with you, but the jerk just had to come in and intrude on you and him. So Shinsou was NOT happy with the ash-blonde at all right now, even when you took the last of the Oreos he made sure to let Bakugou know that he wasn’t happy. But when you got up to leave his room, Bakugou discreetly flipped off the brainwasher as soon as your back was turned.

For the most part, they fought without you there to witness. Neither of them were willing to lose to each other when it came to getting close to you.

And you couldn’t have been more oblivious. You loved Bakugou with all your heart, but dammit, you’d be lying if you said that Shinsou didn’t have a place in your heart…
Was it possible to be in love with more than one person at the same time?


“I told you you couldn’t help… Shitty Girl…”

“(Y-Y/N)… you have to go…”

“You did this yourself you fucking idiot… I told you to just stay put… it’s your own fucking fault…”



Your eyes shot open as you gasped in horror and quickly you shot up from where you lied and looked around your room frantically as your whole form quivered, wracked with fear. Panting and whimpering as you stared at your hands and then went to your mirror to make sure there wasn’t any blood on your face. Quickly, you got up on shaking knees and ignored how gravity seemed to weigh down on you as you stumbled out of your bed and to your door, opening it to make sure there was no blood and no bodies…

With a gasp you continued to walk, eyes wide and wild with fear as you looked in every direction, stumbling the entire time until you walked into the empty common room.

Nothing but darkness and moonlight shining through the windows, and no blood or bodies in sight. And then you realized that this was your house and you weren’t at the dorms anymore, you were home with your parents…

Once more you stared at your hands, not seeing a speck of blood on them and you gave a big sigh of relief as you told yourself that this wasn’t Hell, you were still on the physical plane. Yet, your body was still trembling even when you tried to make yourself calm down. In and out you took deep breaths, but nothing was working at the moment…

God, you couldn’t get those images out of your head. Even when you tried to tell everyone that you were okay, deep down you know, and they knew that you weren’t okay. Those visions still haunted you, every time you closed your eyes all you could see was your bloodied, deceased friends…

Shinsou being injured and slashed apart, and Izuku’s pained screaming, and Bakugou…

Being killed right before your very eyes, blaming you and telling you that it was all your fault…

Even when you tried to regulate your breathing it wasn’t working, you couldn’t stop those images replaying in your head over and over again after that’s what you were forced to watch, over and over again. It was like a nightmare come true, even if it was over, it didn’t feel like it at all. Unseen little demons were crawling in your skin and making you shake as you shakily inhaled and exhaled in an attempt to regulate your breathing, but it felt useless. However, that little part of your brain that told you to ‘chill the F out’ was nagging at you to try and relax despite how difficult it was.

Oh how you wanted to call one of your dearest friends. Izuku, Iida, Shinsou, Bakugou, anyone. How you just wanted to tell them that you were freaking out and not feeling well at all to go back to sleep. But you weren’t sure how they would react, you didn’t want to bother any of them either especially since you knew they couldn’t. They couldn’t leave the dorms especially at such an ungodly hour. So instead of being a nuisance like you thought you would be, you went back to your room to get your phone, small blanket and headphones.

There was always one other person you could rely on for times of comfort.

Stevie Nicks.

So I’m back to the velvet underground
Back to the floor that I love
To a room with some lace and paper flowers
Back to the gypsy that I was
To the gypsy that I was…

Aside from Friends and other things, you adored the singer Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac, they were an awesome band that you frequently listened to. Izuku and Bakugou were well aware of your tastes in music, since you often played Stevie’s music or would go on and on about how good she was. Izuku in particular found it endearing, but Bakugou was much more annoyed and didn’t get it. No he didn’t dislike the band, but you simply just did not shut up about them. He listened to classic rock too though, and he never really admitted to you that he liked some of their songs…

Like ‘The Edge of Seventeen’ and ‘The Chain’. Hell, Bakugou even enjoyed ‘Landslide’ even if it was a soft, somewhat sad song. He appreciated the singer’s emotions behind it all right?!

Shinsou however, did enjoy the band and the singer and was more open about it, being into classic rock and pop punk like you. He never minded whenever you went on about how much you loved the group and even at times would smile and hum the lyrics when you would just sing your heart out to them.

Tonight though you didn’t sing, because everyone was asleep and you did NOT want to wake your mom or your dad up. Instead, you kept your headphones in, mouthing the lyrics with your blanket around your shoulders and pretended that it was a shawl so you could do the spin just like Stevie.

And it all comes down to you
Well, you know that it does, well
Lightning strikes maybe once, maybe twice
Oh and it lights up the night
And you see your gypsy
You see your gypsy…

You were spinning around, mouthing and quietly singing the song, pretending that you were Stevie on stage and trying to forget about everything you had been through. As the song played, it worked for a little bit as the music took you away for a little bit and for once that night you could giggle. “And it all comes down to you~.” You even did a little air guitar for the awesome ending solo that you loved so much.

But when the song ended, you were a little bit tired from all that spinning. For a moment you thought that you could go back to bed, but fear took a hold of you and made you go back to your room to keep listening to your music and let it lull you to sleep. What if this was all a trick? What if you were still trapped in Hell? You almost believed that possibility as you closed your eyes, letting the next song play to just distract you…

For the rest of the night you listened to Stevie sing her lullabies as your eyes eventually closed…


Of course, you got very little sleep last night after the nightmares just kept haunting you and replaying everything from your Hell over and over again. It was hurting your soul, even though you were so happy to have been back, the images plaguing your mind weren’t making this as wonderful as you wanted.

At least your homework was all done thanks to Izuku and Bakugou. God, you couldn’t see either of them today. You were worried that they might ask you things like ‘Are you okay?’ and you weren’t going to tell them about your feelings. They were already concerned for you due to the nonchalant façade you were putting up, and you didn’t plan on letting that break anytime soon. You were plenty a burden already, and you never should have tried to show off with your quirk…

Maybe if you hadn’t been so hung-up on trying to prove something stupid to Bakugou that you wouldn’t be riddled with these hellish scenes in your head. You wouldn’t blame him though, it was your own fault. And that’s what you couldn’t see him or Shinsou.

So you stood in class, not getting up to go greet anyone from 1-A, nor did you answer any texts you were getting from Izuku, Shinsou and Bakugou the entire school day. When the day was over you retreated out of the class as quick as you could and made sure to avoid any direction that the 1-A students would go to, as to spare being greeted by any of the students and have them ask question. You wondered how they were doing, but you didn’t want to go and spy on them because then they would find you. Maybe you could use your quirk…

It felt like a bad idea, but Shinigami was gone. Michael killed him and now he was suffering in Hell, but you weren’t going to talk to anyone strange ever again in the spiritual planes. So, you decided to not use Decensum.

You didn’t feel safe using it for quite a while, not after what happened to you. Thankfully, before you could brood about what happened to you, your phone went off for what felt like the 100th time today as you looked to see some worried and angry messages from your friends, particularly from Shinsou and Bakugou.

‘(Y/N). Are you all right?’

‘What the fuck Shithead? Where the hell are you?’



‘Did something happen?!’

‘Where are you?!’

‘Dammit answer me soon you idiot!!’

Now you felt bad. It was clear that they were probably both kind of freaking out or at least panicking internally after you ghosted them the entire day. Should you go see them? Or should you just go back home and tell them your phone died? No, they won’t buy that…

Eventually, you did answer back as you started to walk away from the school and went your own direction.

‘I’m okay.’

‘I was distracted.’

‘I’m going home soon now.’

Your texts weren’t really as cheerful, nor did you make a joke in any of them. And you had no idea that that was enough proof for Bakugou and Shinsou to know that you were NOT okay. In their own ways, they were extremely concerned and didn’t even really acknowledge their peers once they went to their rooms really quick.

“Hey, Bakugou? Where ya goin’?” Kirishima quickly sensed that Bakugou was a little on edge though, “None of your business Shitty Hair!” He replied pretty fast as he started to angrily march out of the place, stopping as soon as he saw Shinsou walking away from a concerned Kaminari. He had an idea of where he was going…

They stared at each other for a while or glared at each other. “Don’t even think about it…” Bakugou made the first warning to the brainwasher, who just scoffed. “You can’t stop me.” Shinsou was defiant though, and it made Kirishima and Kaminari nervous.

It looked like they were getting ready for a fight, but surprisingly Shoji had shown up to make them stop. “(Y/N) wouldn’t want you two to fight.” He softly reprimanded them, but succeeded in angering the already riled Bakugou.

“Beat it Octopus!” He shouted at him, but Shoji wasn’t deterred, nor did he seem insulted. “She’s not at her house.” Shoji’s reply was calm, even though that made Bakugou and Shinsou’s eyes go slightly wide.

“And how do you know that?” Shinsou asked him a BIT more politely, but somewhat curtly with a dubious look.

“I heard her on the first floor. She said she wanted to stay for a bit before she headed back home.” He finally gave them the information they wanted, but neither of them really thanked their tall classmate as they both kind of raced downstairs to try and find where you were at. “Dammit! Get lost already Eye-Bags!” Bakugou tried to threaten Shinsou, but the latter wasn’t willing to leave.


Just the simple word was enough to push Bakugou’s sensitive buttons, and he took the first step with crackling palms to just go after him but he stopped the second he thought he heard your voice.

“I took my love, I took it down
Climbed a mountain and I turned around
And I saw my reflection in the snow covered hills
‘Til the landslide brought me down…”

Shinsou paused the moment he heard Stevie Nicks’ song and your voice. That was definitely you, and Shoji was right. “(Y/N)?” He quietly called you, much to Bakugou’s annoyance as he growled a little bit and looked around angrily for you, wherever the hell you were in this damn floor.

“Shithead! Where are you?!”

Not the gentlest way to call you, but Bakugou wasn’t the best at doing that. But he WAS concerned and wondering what the hell you were doing. Ignoring your friends and not seeing them or sending a message or dumb pun at least once in a day was unlike you. It had to have been because of what happened.

Bakugou never talked about his own ordeal with the League of Villains, he hated talking about his feelings period. He knew you weren’t okay, and he knew that it was because of what happened with Shinigami. And he had no doubt that you were doing what he had been done: trying to just forget that horrible time and fail when all the horrors come back and haunt you.

“Oh, mirror in the sky, what is love?
Can the child within my heart rise above?
Can I sail through the changin’ ocean tides?
Can I handle the seasons of my life?

Shinsou followed your voice, going a little further towards the entrance as he slowly walked when your voice got a little bit louder. But he didn’t call you, just in case you got startled.

He knew what happened when you got like this. Sure, you often used Friends and other shows and movies to escape unpleasant feelings, but when you used music to escape and isolate yourself, that’s when Shinsou knew it was something bad. Somehow, you managed to open up his heart by letting him into your weird world and let him be weird with you.

So Shinsou picked up on your habits and idiosyncrasies, and he knew when you were upset and trying to hide that you were upset or feeling something more. Stevie Nicks was your favorite singer, and you always turned to her music when you were really happy or really sad. Right now, Shinsou knew that you were probably really sad, or overwhelmed, and he knew it was because of the ordeal…

“Well, I’ve been 'fraid of changin’
'Cause I’ve built my life around you
But time makes you bolder
Even children get older
And I’m gettin’ older, too…”


Shinsou and Bakugou for once didn’t glare at each other or try to push one another once they heard your voice more clearly, and there you were, sitting right at the stairs that led to the inside of the place. Their reactions were very different, but they were relieved to see that you seemed okay, on the outside.

“Hey idiot.” Bakugou called you first, but he didn’t yell or anything. Still it shocked you as you jumped a little bit, putting the song on pause and took your headphones out of your ears once you realized that you weren’t alone anymore. Anxiously, you turned and it was as you dreaded…

The guys you had been seriously contemplating your feelings towards, “Are you ok?” Shinsou was the first to ask you if you were okay, even though he felt like he knew the answer. “What the hell are you doing?” Bakugou’s question wasn’t as soft or gentle, but the concern was still there.

“Heeeeey guys~!” You put the act up, smiling nervously that they could see right through. “Ah I was… I dunno I just… didn’t wanna go home too soon after all… so I just decided to hang out… enjoy the view here. It’s pretty…” Wow, you sucked at hiding your feelings. Even you wouldn’t have believed you and mentally, you started scolding yourself since even you knew that they didn’t buy it.

“Don’t lie to me.” Bakugou scowled at you, but for once it wasn’t one out of anger. He was worried about you, and obviously you were hella surprised, which kinda hurt him a little bit. But in your defense, Bakugou hadn’t really treated you that well until yesterday so it was going to take some time to get used to.

“You don’t normally isolate yourself. If anything you resort to begging a friend to come by so you’re not alone” Shinsou stated rather bluntly, and you did kind of glare at him a little bit for his observation skills, “And you listen to Stevie Nicks when you feel overwhelmed.” He added, and you almost grunted in annoyance. It wasn’t just you, Bakugou was extremely annoyed too at how much this bastard knew about you. Who the hell did he think he was?

You hated that they were right. You WERE lying, and you WERE isolating yourself and your smile had fallen away once the guys effortlessly broke through the thin wall you put up. “I’m sorry guys…” The first thing you did was apologize, putting your head in your hands. “I guess I still… have that stupid guy on my mind… everything that I just escaped…”

There it was. It didn’t surprise the two boys, but they did look a bit more concerned now that you were finally talking about it, and that prompted them to move in closer so they could both sit next to you.“I never should have used my quirk to try and find him… it was stupid…” You admitted more somberly, unwilling to let your eyes water as you forced back the emotions that desperately wanted to crawl out of your throat and pour out of you.

“Now all I see is… everyone… dead… and because I was… useless, and trying to do something just to feel important…”

Bakugou almost cringed when he remembered telling you those things, and accusing you of things that weren’t true. Now he felt really bad, “I can’t… stop seeing it…” Damn your human emotions, now you couldn’t keep the tears at bay or the nerves beginning to shake you, “E-Everything… I close my eyes and the Hell… is still there… I-I don’t even… I’m even wondering if I’m really here or… i-if I’m still in Hell… are you guys even… really Katsuki? And Hitoshi…? I know I see you both but… I can’t get it out of my head… a-and it’s all my fault… I’m so… weak…” You shook your head as droplets fell, and you didn’t see their faces…

“Don’t say that.” Shinsou spoke first, even though comforting wasn’t his forte at all, he wanted to try for your sake. “You wanted to help… You are NOT weak (Y/N).” His replies were short, but oddly gentle.


“No buts Shitty Girl.” Bakugou said a bit harshly, much like Shinsou, he sucked at comforting people because he never did it. It was a different story though, it was you who needed it. It was uncomfortable as hell, but he had to do something…

“I said stupid shit, but I was just mad… I didn’t really mean that…” He muttered a bit, starting to blush a little bit even though he was trying to make you feel better and not tell you that he liked you or anything. “You shouldn’t have used your quirk… I fucking hate your quirk… and yet… you were able to beat that bastard anyway… you… you’re not weak at all…” Bakugou agreed that you really shouldn’t have used your quirk, but didn’t forget about the fact that despite what happened, you still stopped a villain from getting to anyone else.

Yet, it didn’t make the scars go away. Was that what heroes do? You had no idea how All-Might or even Aizawa could endure all of that…

“He’s right. It never should have gone like that… but you were able to return home.” Shinsou knew that even with the good you were able to do, that you were still in shock. “Yeah… thanks to you guys…” You inhaled and exhaled deeply, not wanting to suffer a major breakdown despite the tears that had streamed down your face.

“I can never thank you guys enough… Katsuki… Hitoshi…” You looked at both the boys, and they both had their concerned eyes on you. “Look… I’ve been going through some… weird feelings that I… wish I wasn’t feeling but… I can’t help it…” Your voice cracked as you sniffled and wiped the tears away as much as you could. “God… I love you guys… so… SO much…” There was a hitch in your breath as you felt Bakugou’s warm hand on your shoulder, an awkward attempt to try and give you some physical comfort as he awkwardly looked at you.

“I don’t… want to ask you guys this but… turns out that I… can’t handle everything by myself because I just… hate… HATE being alone… more than anything and I… I love… being with you guys… both of you… you guys take away that loneliness that I just… hate more than anything…” Your tears, it was almost painful for Bakugou and Shinsou to see and hear. Bakugou hated anything even remotely emotional, and he hated his damn soft spot for you because you were crumbling in front of him…

He just wanted to protect the hell out of you, and never leave you alone again…

Shinsou didn’t like Bakugou, and Bakugou didn’t like him. But Shinsou liked you, hell… maybe it was more than that. He blushed heavily just thinking about it, but it was real, and he hated seeing you so sad because despite how you acted, Shinsou knew your deepest fears as you confided in him the most. He knew how much you hated being alone, and even though he enjoyed his solitude, he spent time with you.

And he liked spending time with you, because deep down, he knew that you were the one person that made him feel like he didn’t want to be alone anymore…

“So… can you guys… just… promise me that… no matter what happens… you guys… won’t leave or forget me…?” There you finally asked them that, and they were both a little surprised and even glanced at each other. For once, there was no competitiveness or anger even though the envy was still there, but if there’s one thing they both agreed on, it’s that they both cared about you and wanted to protect you.

You perked up when you felt two pairs of strong arms around you, “You really are an idiot…” Bakugou muttered and blushed at how close you were to him again, “You’re always trying to bug me… how can I forget?” He asked you with his usual annoyed tone, and you couldn’t help but smile and laugh a little bit.

“I promise.” But his next response made you gasp quietly, your glossy (E/C) eyes widening as your cheeks started to burn when the boy you’ve had a crush on since childhood promised to actually stay with you and never forget you…

“I really hate to say this but Bakugou has a point…” Shinsou said with a small smirk when Bakugou grunted in annoyance, “You bug me too… but I don’t hate it… and I don’t hate you.” He added, and your smile grew as you giggled a bit, since you knew Shinsou very rarely liked anyone, and was he blushing? “I promise too.” Shinsou almost sounded shy as he kept his arm around you and ignored the feeling of Bakugou’s own warmth contrasting with his slightly colder temperature.

Your blush deepened as you looked at your other dear friend. It shocked you to your core, but you had a special place in your heart for Shinsou, after everything he’s done for you it was impossible to just not have him on your mind most of the time. You liked him too…

And you weren’t so sure what this meant now, but Bakugou and Shinsou didn’t glare at each other this time and they kept you sandwiched in between them both. Your whole face heated up when you realized that you were more or less close to the two boys you were pretty much in love with. Okay, now you were really starting to wonder if you just went to Heaven instead of Hell…

This had to be Heaven…


There was that giggle, Bakugou and Shinsou knew it very well as they saw you grinning, a warm flush coating their cheeks at how your stupid face could make their hearts flutter. “I really love you guys… I love you guys so much~.” You put your arms around them both and brought them closer to you and happily you kissed them both on their cheeks, and you heard them both gasp in surprise at the sudden affection.

“D-Don’t just kiss me so suddenly dumbass!!” Bakugou’s whole face lit up as he practically shrieked at you for such boldness on your part, even though he was secretly and internally bragging that he had gotten his second kiss from you while the brainwashing bastard only had one.

“(Y/N)…” Shinsou averted his eyes from you timidly, his scarlet blush dashed horribly across his cheeks and tinting his ears. He finally got a kiss though! And it felt incredible as Shinsou’s heart was racing so fast he thought he was going to keel over for a second had you not held onto him.

“Ahahaha~.” You blushed with a happy little giggle as you hummed in content, and the two boys blushed even darker as they tried to not glare at each other because despite their extremely polar opposite attitudes, Bakugou and Shinsou wanted to try and make this work with you, and they would always be there for you, the way you had been there for them too.

And maybe, just maybe, there was a slim but very real possibility that they might end up not completely hating each other in the end.

I’ll be there for you~

Chapter Text

The second Izuku opened his eyes he felt disoriented and beyond confused as he looked around with wide eyes full of quivering shock. “W-Where… where am I…?” He said to himself, even though part of him already knew where he was and what he was doing as he felt at least a million eyes on him and he saw nothing but rubble and destruction where he was standing.

Then it hit him. He had become the new Number 1 Hero, fighting against the world’s most evil villain: Tomura Shigaraki. This was all too familiar as he remembered All-Might’s tragic, epic fight against All For One. Except this was way worse, Izuku gasped when he saw how much damage had been done, all the buildings destroyed, fires blazing and crackling as the stink of smoke suffocated him.

And then he saw it. Blood, so much blood and several bodies of the fallen that didn’t survive some of the mayhem born from his fight with Shigaraki. All the lives he didn’t save…


He thought in horror as tears welled in his itching eyes but then they widened the moment he focused his vision on Shigaraki. But Shigaraki wasn’t alone as he held a hostage by their throat and pressed his disgusting body against their back with his arm wrapped around their waist. Green eyes dilating as dread held his heart when he realized his worst nightmare come true.

It was you.

“N-No, no…”

It was you, and Izuku was way too far to even try to go over to you in time to save you as Shigaraki held you close in his clutches. His deep chuckling felt disgustingly warm on your neck as he sneered at your boyfriend. “You’re just like All-Might… you can’t really save everyone after all. Not even your beautiful girlfriend…” Shigaraki’s twisted smile shook Izuku to his core as he looked at your terrified figure, and all the sounds of screaming and crying out for help were ringing loudly in his ears.




Izuku was hyperventilating as sweat trickled down his neck and forehead, feeling a wave of dizziness overwhelm his senses as he heard the cries, and saw the blood that almost made him want to vomit before he heard you yelp out in fear. He gasped when he saw your tearful (E/C) eyes when Shigaraki’s arms tightened around you.

“You’d let thousands of others die for one…? Some hero you are…”

He continued to taunt him as Izuku, for a moment let those words strike him as he stood there, frozen in terror. Until he saw Shigaraki licking your neck as you groaned and whimpered as you tried to pull away, “I-Izuku… please…” Your tears streamed down your face as you looked at your boyfriend, praying and hoping for him to hurry before Shigaraki did anything worse. He couldn’t let Shigaraki hurt you, he swore he would protect you, just like he had sworn to protect everyone…

But he couldn’t let you die…

You were the only person who believed in him when no one else did, and the love of his life. He HAD to save you.

“(Y/N)! I’m coming!!”

He took the first step, running faster than he ever had in his entire life, his senses fueled by adrenaline and fear as he headed towards you. But why did he feel like he was moving so slow? Why couldn’t he reach you?


You cried and reached your arm out for him when you thought Izuku had made it, his own arm stretched out to try and take your hand. Except your fingers started to turn into dust as Izuku’s eyes grew wide as he watched your face contort into one of horror and betrayal…

“You… said… you would… protect me…”

The words left your lips before your body fell apart and disintegrated as he saw Shigaraki’s fingers had dug into your throat and your hip. There was nothing left except a puff of dust that used to be you as Izuku stopped dead in his tracks and fell to the ground, unable to stop the tears dripping from his horrified eyes…


He clutched the dusted remains of you as the particles sunk into his fingernails as he wailed for you, his tears raining into the ashes beneath him. The sounds of the civilians screaming and Shigaraki’s cackling overwhelming him as he sobbed even louder and shut his eyes and covered his ears in hopes to block it all out.

This wasn’t real… this wasn’t real…

And the minute he opened his eyes again, he saw your body back in one piece but still being held by Shigaraki. He could still save you…

“(Y/N)! I’m coming!!”


But he couldn’t save you. He kept running and running towards you, reaching as far as he could and trying to take your hand, but Shigaraki kept pulling you away from him. His fingers sinking into your flesh and decaying your body again and again for Izuku to rewatch on a loop…

“You… said…”


“You’d let thousands of others die for one…?”

“I’m coming!!”


“Y-You would…”



“Some hero you are…”

“P-Protect me…”


Shigaraki always held onto you, his wicked grin torturing him as those awful fingers killed you over and over again before Izuku’s eyes.

Your ashes clouded his face as he screamed and cried even harder and louder in horror and mourn as he fell back to his knees into the ashes, distraught and wracked with fear as bile rushed up to his throat as he retched and spewed out the contents of his stomach…

Hyperventilating and helplessly sobbing as he kept his eyes shut. It’s not real… it’s just a villain’s quirk…


Izuku’s eyes snapped open as he shot up from the bed he was lying on with a loud inhale of oxygen, before he gasped in horror when all of the sickening visions and dreadful suffering sunk back into him after he woke up. Tears automatically flooding his eyes as he whimpered and started to hyperventilate as he stared down at his lap, and barely registered an array of voices calling his name and warm arms coming around him.



“Izuku! Izuku you’re awake! Are you all right?!”

It was you, and you were in one piece and Izuku’s head shot up frantically as he looked around and saw the worried faces of Uraraka, Iida, Todoroki and Aoyama.
You were still there… you were here, safe, secure and he could feel you again but he was so scared and shook up that he could barely even move as you held onto him even tighter when he started crying. “Midoriya! Are you all right?” Todoroki was the first to ask him, concern etched over his features when he saw how terrified his friend looked.

“You were hit by a villain’s quirk. Mr. Aizawa caught them before they could escape but everyone is worried.” Iida gave him the intel and despite his fear, Izuku heard his friend and it all made sense to him and now he knew why he had woken up here in the nurse’s office.

“It was quite an attack…” Aoyama was visibly worried because he had seen the whole thing and as soon as the villain touched Izuku’s forehead, the boy had gone down and appeared to be passed out and had to be carried off. He didn’t suffer any internal injuries, but it was like he was in a coma, even though it had only been 15 minutes.

“Deku… what happened?” Uraraka was beyond worried because she has never seen Izuku look so scared as he remained silent for a moment, save for his little whimpers and sniffles.

“Izuku…” You pulled away and cupped his damp cheeks and looked at him with worried tears in your eyes, “Izuku… sweetheart are you okay…? W-What happened…?” You asked your beloved as gently as possible, but the poor thing looked ready to burst into tears again when he thought about that… that Hell…

“I-I was fighting… f-f-fighting… S-Shigaraki… j-just like A-All-Might f-fought All For One… b-b-but…” His voice cracked as he struggled to talk and more tears welled into his eyes and dripped into his clothes, “H-He… t-there were s-so many bodies I-I… I couldn’t… s-save them… a-and y-you… h-heeee h-h-held you hostage b-but… I-I couldn’t save you…” Izuku started sobbing through his barely coherent sentences, closing his eyes tightly in a poor attempt to stop the tears, but he couldn’t, “I-I-I… o-o-on… a-a lllloop… I-I-I t-tried… b-but I-I c-couldn’t reach you…!! (Y/N)! I couldn’t save you! I couldn’t save anyone! I’m sorry!! I-I tried! I broke my promise!! I-I’m so, so sorry (Y/N)!! I’m so sorry!!’” He wailed loudly and your first instinct was to engulf him into the biggest hug as he buried his face into your neck, sobbing his heart out while you rubbed his back in soothing circles, not caring about how wet your clothes were getting.

“I-I’m so sorry… I’m sorry… I-I’m sorry…!”

“Shhhh… no… no, no Izuku… d-don’t… cry… please don’t cry baby you’re okay… it wasn’t real… it wasn’t real… I’m here… I’m here I promise… don’t be sorry… there’s nothing to be sorry for…” Your own voice started breaking as you gently hushed your very upset and scared boyfriend, rocking him a little bit as you kept whispering ‘it’s okay’ to him as many times as needed.

“You’re the greatest hero in the world Izuku… you’ve saved so many people… you’ve saved me so many times… Shigaraki can’t get me… I’d never let him… and I’d never let him get near you either…” It hurt remembering the ordeal at the mall where Izuku barely escaped with his life because of that degenerate. You wished over and over again that you could have gotten to him sooner, even though thankfully Uraraka showed up to make him leave, you didn’t want to imagine what would have happened to your dear Izuku if not for her…

“I’m right here… I swear I’m right here… and you didn’t break any promise… you’re okay… I’m okay… we’re all okay…” You didn’t dare let him go, kissing the top of his head as you smiled a bit when Izuku’s cries quieted down and he wasn’t trembling as bad once he felt your warm arms holding him and your soft voice reminding him that he was back to reality.

Neither of you saw how much Iida, Todoroki and Aoyama were blushing as they each looked away rather awkwardly at such a tender moment between you too. Uraraka on the other hand, appeared more somber, yet touched and relieved that Izuku was okay…

“Take a deep breath for me ‘Zuku…” You whispered softly as Izuku shakily complied, his breaths still a bit shallow but with your encouragement he was able to slowly calm down as he focused entirely on your voice and your arms around him.

He was here… you were here…

“I’m… I’m so glad…” Izuku sniffled and was able to speak more clearly again after calming down a little bit, even though he let out a small sob of relief as he hugged you rather tightly. His breathing shaky as he felt your body against his, taking in your smell and your warmth and nuzzling into your shoulder as you hummed stroked his soft hair.

You loved this boy so much it broke your heart seeing him break down like that, but no villain was ever going to frighten him like that again. “Me too… oh Izuku… Izuku I love you… don’t let any villain’s quirk make you doubt that okay…?” Blushing, you pulled away to gently peck him on the lips as the boy perked up and his cheeks flushed a bright red and his expression turned bashful.

“I…I won’t…” He stuttered rather shyly as you giggled a bit, now you knew your boyfriend was definitely mostly okay again. But you hugged him again, tightly and lovingly and Izuku didn’t fight it as he put his arms around you, holding you in the biggest hug.

He might have promised to always protect you, but even heroes like him needed you to save him too.