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It wasn’t your fault you stayed at work later than expected, again. When someone calls in you usually get roped in to staying, any other night you wouldn’t mind earning a little extra on your pay check but not tonight. Tonight of all nights you wanted to get out on time. It wasn’t for lack of effort on your part, closing the store usually took a little extra time anyway; but having to close by yourself was the problem. You had to take care of customers while also doing all your closing duties. You were meeting at you're boyfriends house to head to a party being thrown by the his bandmates. Like most nights, this one being no different you closed up, changed and ran to catch the bus, but when you got to your destination you had no idea how differently your night was about to go...


Hours later droplets of cool water began to fall in cascades around you, your hair now sticking to your head. You had no idea how long you had been walking, the time on your phone had said 11:57 but that was before you turned it off and threw it in your pack. Your blistered feet felt nice in the puddles thats started forming on the ground; the last thing you wanted was to be walking in your three inch wedges through the rain, they were the only thing you couldn’t fit in your pack; so instead they hung from your wrist which you had clutched tight against your chest. You made a note to yourself to thank your grandmother for insisting you buy a backpack made of water resistant material. You had given thought to calling her but there was no way a 78 year old woman was going to be able to see in this weather, let alone drive in it. And if you hadn’t blown the majority of your paycheck and savings on his birthday gift maybe you could have gotten an uber.

Shaking your head you tried to push out the thoughts of your boyfriend and your best friend screwing; wrong. ‘Ex boyfriend and Ex bestfriend’ Sighing you moved your hair from your face with your free hand, how could you shake thoughts of them together from your mind? They had been so engrossed in each other when you got to Eijiro’s that they hadn’t even noticed you. Not that you really gave them a chance to, you ran off when you saw them kissing on his bed. She was straddling him, topless with her hand in his bright red freshly washed hair. It had been so long since he kissed you that way, how you missed feeling wanted, needed. You just craved being touched; yet you still hadn't gone all the way with him. ‘Maybe that’s why? Plus I haven’t been around lately, he did say he was feeling down…is this my fault?’

'STOP.'  Instinctively your entire body came to a halt. Which was good, you could finally check your surroundings. You had been too flustered before to even try to find a dry spot. Up ahead of you stood a large apartment building. It looked somewhat familiar to you but you were too emotionally and physically exhausted to worry about anything else right this second. Across from the gates surrounding the building stood a bus stop with an awning. ‘Finally!’ You thought rushing past the gates and under the stop.

You had noticed that the wind had picked up and it became much cooler out than earlier. While you kept moving you didn’t really notice, you wished you hadn’t changed at work into this skimpy little black dress. The hoodie you wore over the dress to keep you dry earlier was now soaking wet, much like the rest of you. After setting down your pack and wedges; you sat and attempted removing the hoodie from your body. Having trouble pulling it from your arm you grunted and in a huff gave up crossing your arms tightly over your chest. You sighed as more tears ran down you’re wet face. It was going to be a long night.

Until you heard someone calling your name, looking up you saw Bakugou dressed in a black hoodie, drenched, and dark grey sweats, also drenched. In his left hand he held two convenience store bags. In his right he held a brown paper bag, you could assume it was alcohol as you finally noticed his face was flushed and his eyes glossy, he had been drinking a lot lately.

“Sup.” Bakugou stood in front of you, “How’d you end up on my side of town?” You could smell the alcohol on him from where you sat but you grew to expect it from him as of late.

“Got lost.” If it hadn’t been for the rain he would have noticed you had been crying, hell he probably knew. Your face usually turned bright red after a bout of tears.

Bakugou shifted his weight from one foot to the other looking at the watch on his wrist. “Damn, well I’ve got more drinking to do and its still wet out.” He held his hand out to catch some droplets in his palm that had dripped down the awning.

“Actually I’d like a drink if you're up for company…” You managed to say through chapped lips, the lip gloss had faded long ago along with any blush and mascara you had applied. You looked into Bakugou’s glossy crimson eyes as he stared down at you, confused for a moment.

“What about shitty hair? Shouldn’t you go drink with him?” Bakugou replied dryly. He must not want to step on toes, how nobel of him. He barely knew you and he had boundaries unlike certain ex-friends of yours.

“Yeah, long story short I’m pretty much single now.” You hadn’t officially told Eijirou it was over, but you had sent one very cryptic text before turning your phone off and leaving the device in your pack. You weren’t sure of what was going on in your head anymore but there was no going back from this. You stood, grabbing your backpack and securing it over your shoulder. “Besides I’m kind of stranded out here, and to be honest I forgot you lived out here. ” You also had no idea where you were until a few minutes ago when you made yourself aware of your surroundings.

Bakugou stared down at you, still towering over you after you stood. He was so out of it. The usually loud, and foul mouthed, ash-blonde with piercing crimson eyes you met over a year ago seemed to be a different person now. Eijirou asked if you would help him, Kaminari, and Sero move Bakugou into his apartment. It was when you had first started dating, only a few months in but you had become good friends with their whole group. Thinking about how you unpacked as they carried boxes and furniture in. Bakugou was irritated. Hell, he was more than irritated so much white hot anger radiated off of him that you were sure someone would die that day. You had thought it had been because of the move, knowing how stressful moving was especially with a rag tag bunch of friends like them. But you realized soon after that was just how Bakugou was.

“Well fuck, are you coming?” Bakugous voice broke you from your thoughts about the past. He had already started walking towards the gates, his head turned to you as he kept his pace slow waiting on you to catch up to him.

“Yeah, sorry!” Quickly grabbing your things you skipped and splashed until you caught up with him, following him through the gates and up the steps to the double doors. They must have updated the doors too since you were there last. The old doors had been made of oak, the new ones were metal and the locks seemed much more impressive.

“Is this a new door?” You inquired as you followed him into the lobby towards the elevator. You watched him maneuver with the bags in his hands as he pressed the up key. A loud ding and the doors spread to open. You had offered to help him with his bags but he declined.

“Break in last week, changed a lot about this place.” He kept his gaze forward. Why was he being so cooperative? This is the most conversion you've ever had with him, stuck in your thoughts you stepped into the elevator. You glanced at him out of the corner of your eye. He looked so heartbroken, possibly inconsolable. That would explain the alcohol, and why he's already drunk. You watch him as water dripped from his clothes in a puddle around him.

‘Something must be going on with him too. That could be why he hasn’t really given me a hard time.’ You looked at the floor buttons trying to focus on something else, muttering softly as you remembered seeing a lot of break ins on the news recently.

Finally the doors opened to the 5th floor and you followed Bakugou down the hall all the way to the end. He easily unlocked his doors despite his hands being full. As you entered the apartment you noticed right away he had bought new couches and television. “I see you finally got rid of those hand me down couches. These look a lot more comfortable too.” You looked up at him, slowly taking in the scene before you. There he stood, hoodie soaked and clinging to his body. You couldn’t help but look at his body through his soaked clothes, and how he must be freezing. At that you shivered still in a trance while looking at Bakugou.

“Down the hall last door on your left.” His voice monotone as he removed his hoodie and boots, continuing to watch you watch him. “Do you need an escort?” Sarcasm seeping from his words as he ushered you forward pulling his shirt over his head exposing his defined chest.

“Ahh, wait no I’m just kind of out of it.” Blood ran flush to your cheeks and you averted your eyes stumbling forward down the hall, clumsily dropping your shoes he kept his pace behind you; forcing you forward. He was right behind you pushing you into the bathroom and leaving you as he disappeared into the room across the way. Before he could come back you closed and locked the door, turning you finally got a look at yourself in the mirror. You looked away not sure what you were expecting to see when you saw yourself. Just as you expected to look; disheveled and depressed. Bringing your frozen hand to your torso you held yourself, eyes burning from all the tears you shed before.

There was a knock at the door.

“Hey I just changed into some dry clothes” he paused “Take as long as you need.” You could hear his feet on the carpet outside as he left you to it.

After a a hot shower you changed into the black shirt and shorts pajamas you kept in your bag. After digging around your bag for socks and a sweater, you threw the wet hoodie over the shower bar to drip dry and threw the little black dress in the trash bin next to the sink. It wasn’t something you were ever going to wear again and it just seemed like bad juju to hold on to since she picked it out for you. After pulling on your socks you ran a hand through your hair before unlocking the door and heading back toward the living room. You didn’t bother turning on your phone. Nothing could be done until tomorrow anyway. Tonight you needed to relax, calm yourself before the inevitable shit show. Tears threatened to fall down your cheeks, but instead you blinked them away. You found Bakugou sitting on his balcony; drink in hand, staring off into the distance. He seemed to be deep in thought, and you didn’t want to disturb him so you slipped into the kitchen in search of something to drink for yourself.
Upon finding a glass and pouring yourself a good helping from the bottle on the counter. Your body had warmed up but you still felt out of place, and you weren’t sure what really went down before you had entered Eijiro’s room. You couldn’t think, all you could do was back out of his house before kicking off of your wedges just to grab them and run. Holding the glass up to your parted lips you inhaled deeply and sighed. But before you can take a sip you hear the balcony door open and close.

He looked around for you before deciding to call out for you, after taking a big gulp from his cup. His face even more flushed than before. “Are you going to tell me what happened or not?” Katsuki’s words slurring as he shuffled his feet across his carpeted floors and plopping down onto the plush grey sofa. Not spilling a drop and downing the last of what was in his glass.

As you peered around the corner you watched as he finished his drink, thinking he might want more you grabbed the bottle by the neck and brought it with you. You set the bottle down and finally sat one seat away from Bakugou. “Whoa these are soft.” You mumble barely above a whisper. You look up to see that he's already poured himself another glass and he's looking over it at you as he take a sip.
“Well?” Bakugou asked somewhat impatiently, his brows furrowed as he waited for you to say something.

“Um, well-“ You looked down at your glass, still untouched. You took a deep breath before closing your eyes, bringing the glass to your mouth and gulping the liquid quickly; some spilling down your bottom lip and down your chin. You ignored the burn in your throat and kept swallowing until your glass was empty. “Ahh, gross.” You used your sleeve to wipe away any excess spillage. Without looking up at him you poured yourself some more alcohol this time you would sip it. You could feel the buzz coming as you leaned back further into the couch.
“I’m going to break up with Eijirou and I’m going to move back in with my grandmother.”

Bakugou took another gulp from his glass; “I asked what happened.” He rolled his crimson eyes as he watched you fidget. This intriged him as he smirked, then moved closer to you on the couch so he was sitting halfway into the seat next to you. Still giving you some space.

“I walked in on him and my best friend, Michiko...about to,” You paused and took a sip of your drink. “I didn’t stay long enough but he's been acting strangely since I've been working later. It wasn’t on purpose, after all I just moved out a few months ago. I've got more bills to pay, I started saying yes to be able to buy him his birthday present. The music shop down the street from school had this beautfil bass for sale but I’m not old enough to apply for their in-store credit card so I saved up. And now I have this stupid gift to give him and he's fucking my best friend.” Your voice became softer and shakier as tears began to well in your eyes again. You adored him, or rather you did. He was your first serious relationship. He made you feel wanted…but that was all in the past now, the pain evident in your voice. “I just wanted him to know he should play on a new bass, not some hand me down he got at a garage sale…” You took a gulp from your glass. “But I’m going to take the high road. I’m going to break up with him. I’ll just tell him I’m not feeling us anymore. Fake it until you make it right?” You finally looked up at Bakugou. He was looking at his glass. Something on his face, guilt? “Bakugou…did you know about this…?” You stared him down, how could he sit there and ask you what was wrong. You rubbed your face with your sleeve, tears still brimming at the edge ready to fall any second.

Bakugou shifted uncomfortably, he slammed the rest of his drink. “Shit, no. But I’m not as oblivious as people think. He's my band mate, tsk. Former band mate.” He scoffed setting his glass down and moving closer to you on you end of the couch. He didn’t hesitate as he put his hand on your head, softly patting your hair. He felt you lean into his touch and he slowly dropped his hand again, going for his glass, pouring himself more and topping off your glass. “Sorry this shits happening to you.” His own voice broke a little, he shook his head before taking a drink. He made no attempt to move away from you as you both sat there silently.

Wiping your fresh tears away and flinching at the sting, you reached out to him, he let you hold his hand. “Katsuki?” You were feeling the liquor now, confidence started to fill you. You knew your face was red, from crying, from liquor, from the pure emotions your held. As you watched him, his face looked slightly pained. He was lost in thought again, this worried you a little. What could he be so sad about? He didn’t seem all that sad when he got kicked out of Super Riot. No it wouldn’t be something so trivial, I hate to ask but I feel like I need to know. You placed your free hand on his right cheek bringing him back to reality. “Is it okay if I call you Katsuki?” You finally noticed the tears in his eyes, his usual fierce stare had been replaced with a helplessness. “Oh baby tell me what’s wrong, please?” The pet name had slipped out from all the times you had comforted Eijiro, this concerned you. His drinking was due to something he couldn't control and you just wanted to take all his pain away. Your own problems took the back burner for now. A broken relationship falling apart compared to what Katsuki was dealing with, you had no idea but if it had Katsuki this down you were determined to help him feel better and in turn you could keep your mind off your own silly issues. ‘God if only it were that simple.’ Katsuki sat with his drink in both hands, shoulders slumped forward, his gaze turned down as tears fell much like the rain had done earlier. You removed his glass from his hand setting it on the coffee table next to the couch. You took his now empty hands in yours and placed them behind, then wrapped your arms around his shoulders so he could cry into you. And he did, for a good while; Katsuki cried in your arms while you whispered softly that you were there and you wouldn't let go until he was ready. After that he pulled away from you but kept a hold of your hand rubbing his thumb over it softly. The familiar feeling of the callouses that came from playing a string instrument, much like Eijiro but Katsuki’s touch was so much softer you couldn’t believe it. You squeezed his hand lightly, and he squeezed yours back. You both had things going on, but in this moment you both seemed slightly more at ease.

Finally Katsuki spoke up, bringing you out of your tipsy thoughts. “You can call me Katsuki, if you'll spend the night in my bed.” This earned a shocked look from you, but he quickly clarified. “Dammit no, not like that!” He seemed a little bit panicked for a moment until he saw that the shock had left your face and was replaced with a very cute but concerned look. Causing Katsuki to stumble over his words, luckily his current state made his cheeks pink already otherwise you would have noticed it more. “Please just don’t leave…can we just hold each other” As he said this his voice grew quiet and he kept his gaze from you.
He reached for his glass and slammed the rest. “I just- your touch is so comforting and I-“ He couldn’t find the right words but you understood.
“Katsuki, lets get some sleep.” You smiled softly at him, standing but still holding his hand. He stood and used you a little bit for balance though your own legs were quite wobbly. You walked together down the hall using the wall for extra support. Once you made it to his room he lead the way in the dark to his bed, pulling up the covers allowing you to crawl in, letting go of his hand for just a moment until he snuggled up next to you and found your hand again. So there you were laying in bed with a boy your barely knew but you both in that moment needed each other. You snuggled into his side as he lay on his back, getting comfortable and breathing him in. Despite his not showering he didn’t smell bad at all. Just like rain, alcohol and his own natural musk which was putting you to sleep.
“Goodnight Katsuki.” Came your whisper before you drifted into sleep, still holding his hand in yours. He looked down at you wondering how much he would remember in the morning but now he didn’t care. It felt nice to feel needed, and you felt nice and warm against him causing him to drift into sleep himself, he tightened his grip on you, kissing your forehead. You smiled in your sleep and he smirked slightly, this was the first time in a while he had felt anything other than extreme sadness. He was going to enjoy it but soon he fell asleep just as you had before but not before quietly wishing you a goodnight.

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Before you knew it the weekend was over and it was Monday again. Time to face Eijirou and Michiko for the first time since you had broken up with him over the phone and simultaneously moved yourself back into your grandmothers, but this time she let you move your things into the basement. And Grams was really your rock during this whole fiasco, she had some good advice to offer as well. Michiko called and texted non-stop when she realized you had just taken all your things and left without a word before she got home from work one day. She didn’t deserve an explanation in your opinion.


After waking up early, instead of laying in bed you got up to shower. Once dry you dug through one of the many garbage bags you had stuffed your clothes into, looking for something to wear. You sighed happily when you fished out a pair of skinny jeans, a black V neck T-shirt, and a buffalo plaid flannel. Since throwing on your clothes and your sneakers, you attempted to do something with your hair, deciding on your usual style seemed like a good choice. Nothing fancy, just another normal day. ‘Yeah right…’


You headed up the stairs to the kitchen and grabbed a piece of fruit from the bowl on the counter. You weren’t hungry but you knew Grams would ask you if you ate something this morning when you got home from school. She’s taken care of you for as long as you can remember. You and your older sister; Mai, who moved to a city about two hours away. You had never been really close since she was much older than you and you had different fathers. Both who probably had no idea you even existed. Your mom gave up on raising you two when you were only 4, so you didn’t remember much about her. It was 13 years ago when she left you and sis with Grams. Usually that fact didn’t bother you, but you were feeling pretty down already with everything going on in your life. But now was not the time to feel sorry for yourself, you need to walk into school with your head held high.


Around 7:15 you grabbed your phone and headed out the door and off to school, you hoped a walk would clear your mind before you had to deal with the aftermath of your break up. You hadn’t even given him a real reason for it just that things were drifting for a while, and yada yada. But in reality you still held so much love for him, you were hurting but you refused to show it. ‘Not that it matters anyway, all my friends are actually HIS friends and they will probably take his side since I’m the one who ended things…’  You held your head in your hands and for a moment you thought about how Katsuki had basically been banished by his friends. After he started drinking his attendance to band practice was almost non-existent. After that they basically stopped trying to get him to go anywhere. Even though you associate yourself with his old friends, he comforted you when you needed it, you were glad for it. Besides he was only one who knew the truth and it was just easy to talk to him. You really should find a way to thank him. Feeling at a loss you sighed heavily, shaking your head as you made your way to school.



When you got to school you glanced around quickly, not seeing anyone you were hiding from right away. Then you could hear Michiko calling out for you from across the school yard, but you pretended not to hear her as you pushed past a group of students. You sped up the pace and took off toward your locker so you could get your things. You saw Kaminari who waved to you from his locker. You almost waved back but he got distracted after a girl with dark hair and bangs with big headphones around her neck walked up to him. ‘Maybe no one knows yet?’ 


While you weren’t paying attention Michiko had finally caught up with you.

“Ugh, you bitch I ran all the way after you! Didn’t you hear me? WHAT is going ON with you???” She huffed holding her chest with one hand and the other against the lockers to steady herself. “Did you lose your phone again? Did your grandma make you come home? What? Come on you can tell me anything.” Her breathing returned to normal and she straightened out her dress.

You looked her dead in the eyes with the meanest look you could muster.

“Bahahaha, what is with you! You trying to be all badass now that you dumped your boyfriend? Yeah he told me because you weren’t answering his calls either!” Your mean look was replaced with shock, but only for a second, because she was laughing at you. She’s still acting like things are normal, like you didn’t know what she was just doing with your now ex-boyfriend. And they talk about you as well, great. You rolled your eyes and slammed your locker closed.

“Michiko I thought after I ignored all your calls and texts and moved out that you might take the hint.” Your tone could not be more clear. Turning after from her, you began to walk in the direction of your classroom, but this girl had a lot of nerve to KEEP following you.

“I don’t know, maybe I deserve an explanation as to why my roommate and best friend suddenly moved out without telling me? Watch your tone seriously, what is your problem?” She fired back, causing heads to turn. But she wont’t let up, she wants this. She lives for this kind of thing. You should have known. You chose to ignore her and just kept walking until you reached your classroom. You finally turned around to face her since she had been following you the entire time, you were inches from her face when you snapped. “I don’t want to fucking talk to you, you are dead to me.” And with that you walked into your classroom and to your seat without looking back. That was it, you told her off without backing down.

And that should have be the end of it. But in your gut, you knew just how Michiko could be when you pissed her off, conniving and malicious. You had never been on the receiving end of it though, which terrified you. You could hear people whispering about you two but you weren’t about to entertain any of it. You didn’t have the energy. Soon after you all the murmurs died down, class started and you could focus on something else entirely.


Around lunchtime you finally ran into Eijirou, who asked if you could speak after school. You agreed, but let him know that nothing would change your mind about the break up, unfortunately. As much as you loved him you knew for sure that you deserved better. You couldn’t stay with him knowing he could betray your trust again at any moment. He looked pretty upset, and you were going to hear him out but you didn’t think anything he said would be enough to dissuade you.



As school came to an end you packed your bag with your books and homework and went to meet Eijirou by his car. You’re entire body tensed up as you rounded the corner of the building knowing you would soon be face to face with him. You glanced around the front yard scanning for Eijirou but when you saw him you felt a pit form in your stomach and your mouth went dry. There he was, talking to Michiko. Of all the people he could be talking to, and he chooses her…this was not about to happen. Immediately you backpedaled and took off towards home. Seeing them together just made your heart break. Too many emotions were bubbling up and ready to spill over the edge. ‘Run.’ You kept telling yourself, run as far away from the situation as possible. You could feel your phone vibrating non-stop in your pocket but you ignored it and kept moving until you were home. Finally reaching your house you snuck around back and slipped in through the side door. Just a few more paces and you were almost there. Almost to your room where you could cry and let all out. You closed and locked the door behind you. You could finally catch your breath. Grams wasn’t home yet, or if she was she probably didn’t hear you come in. You really should start carrying your key with you, after all those break ins on the news, leaving a door unlocked was just asking for them to come into your house. After some time you pushed yourself off the door, finally heading down the stairs you flung yourself face first on your bed in and cried into your pillows.


Taking a few deep breaths, to calm yourself you finally sat up and pulled out your phone.

4 Missed Calls

1 Voicemail

19 Unread Messages

Three of those calls you deleted right away. Two being Eijirou and the third being Michiko, but the last call was a number you didn’t recognize. They had left a voicemail.

“Who the fuck?” You thought aloud wiping your face with the back of your sleeve, you hit the speaker button and listened.

“…who the fuck are you trying to sound professional for on your voicemail for?”


You were in shock, how did he even get your number? His message went on making fun of the way you sound saying your full name. You rolled your eyes.

“-anyway you're probably wondering how I got your number. I called my phone with yours before you got up. I figured since you were all depressed and whatever you’d probably want to drink some more. And…”

The phone got quiet but the voicemail was still going, you leaned in closer so you could hear better.

“I guess, it was nice not drinking by myself. Not that I need anyone of course but if you need another drink I can get us alcohol…or not. I don’t give a shit…”

And that was the end of the voicemail.

“Katsuki, what the actual fuck?” First you saved his contact in your phone. Then you listened to the voicemail again. He was actually, sorta kinda inviting you to hang out, because he knew you would be sad? What the heck is going on with Bakugou Katsuki?

You shook your head trying to figure out what to do. You could go drink with him, but if people saw you they might think…

‘Who cares what they think?’ You thought about how you didn’t want to face the shit show you started. And how incredibly at ease you felt the last time you were with him. The drinks helped too. Sure drowning your problems in alcohol won't solve them but it did take away some of the stress. At this point he was the only friend you had, and you assumed you were his only option. Maybe he’s been lonely since he hasn’t had much contact with anyone else since they decided to replace him in the band. Even at this point if he was using you to feel better, could you really blame him? After all it is nice to feel needed.

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You called Katsuki back and left him an equally silly voicemail, telling him to just text you when he’s off work and you could make plans to hang out. He ended up texting you while you were at work yourself, so before you made plans you checked your schedule. You had a four hour shift on Saturday and you were off on Thursday and Sunday. You texted him on your break asking if Saturday afternoon was good for him. He sent a thumbs up emoji. So you left it at that. The rest of the night went by pretty quickly, in between customers you had time to do some homework and study for a quiz. You surprisingly didn’t have to stay and close up, which meant you could get back home and work on more homework before you eventually passed out.

Each day that passed was much like the last. You would wake up to a text from Eijirou, delete it. You’d avoid him at school, go to work, talk to Katsuki a little bit, homework, then sleep. Thursday you woke up to a text from Katsuki asking you what kind of food you wanted for Saturday. You avoided thinking about your ex and took advantage of your day off. After school you cleaned up your room and got yourself settled in finally. You were still adjusting being back, but it was much better than the alternative.


Friday started out no different than the last few days except you had woken up to zero texts from anyone. You walked into school and people were whispering as you passed them. You ignored it thinking everyone knew about your break up and that was why, but boy were you wrong.

You got to your locker and got your books out like normal, but when you felt a tap on your shoulder you jumped and turned your face towards Katsuki. “Jeez dude! You scared me. What bring’s you to my locker this morning?” You smiled up at him, but you immediately knew something was up, the look on his face said it all. “What? What is it?” Your smile disappeared, you set your books back down and turned all the way to face him.

“Damn idiot, I had a feeling you didn't know yet. But that bitch is all over Kirishima, holding hands and shit. She had some things to say about you two growing apart and your break up. I did tell a few people to fuck off or I’d kill them, but you might just want to go home.” He put his hands in his pockets and glanced behind him at some underclassmen who were whispering. His scowl must have scared them because they took off without another word.

You stood there, dumbfounded. ‘REALLY? We’ve barely been broken up for a week. He just stopped texting asking if we could talk things out.’ Your chest felt tight, and you read was spinning. Your dropped your head as you closed your locker and calmly made your way to the courtyard. You had to see this for yourself. The audacity of this bitch. 

Katsuki followed behind you, his backpack still hung on his shoulder. He wasn’t sure what you were thinking but he knew this would not end well, but he had to let you do you. That didn’t mean you had to do it alone.

And there it was, right where everyone could see them. You could hear Michiko faintly talking to a few people and you walked up behind her you could hear a few of the things she had to say.

“I felt so bad for Kiri, this poor guy but I was there for him. And honestly you know what they say, the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else!” She giggled and tightened her grip on him as you came into her view. Around her were a a handful of students, including Sero, Kaminari, and the girl you saw him with on Monday. She greeted you like nothing. You stood there, speechless. You looked directly at Eijirou who looked nervous and uncomfortable. His last text finally made sense, he was still very hurt by your break up but was this his way of getting you back? This wasn’t the guy you knew and loved, had you missed something while you were still together? You felt a hand pat you on your shoulder, Katsuki had to let you know you weren’t alone. He was behind you, one hundred percent.  You kept eye contact with Eijirou though, you wanted some sort of explanation. His usually spiked hair was down around his face, you loved when he would wear it down, this was really taking a toll on you, though your thoughts were interrupted 

“Are you just going to stand there or do you have something to say?” Michiko interjected smugly.

That was it. You walked up to her; smiled real big, reeled your head back and head butted her right in the face. So hard she stumbled back, pulling Eijirou with her. Damn your head hurt but that was so satisfying. You smiled down at them again, “I think that about covers it.” And with that you walked yourself back inside.

“Whoa man, she knocked you both down.” Kaminari stared at them on the ground. Sero helped them up one at a time.

“Holy shit…” Katsuki muttered but smirked and turned to walk with you. He could tell everyone else that saw was just as shocked.

“Michiko you’re bleeding!” He heard Kirishima say before he was out of earshot.


“Wait up, kid.” Katsuki said but you kept walking. It only took him a few strides to get in front of you. “Hey, I’m fuckin’ talkin’ to you. Is your face okay? I’m gonna need to teach you how to headbutt but nice work. Bitch definitely deserved it, you got a lot of courage to walk away after that. I would have beat some ass.” He looked at your forehead. “Shit. You’re gonna have an ugly bruise.”

You had tears in your eyes but you started laughing and holding your head. “I can’t believe I just did that! HAHAHA.” The tears began to fall down your face and you tried desperately to make them stop and kept rubbing your face. “I can’t…I can’t..” You couldn’t hold it in any longer.

“Ah, don’t cry I’m not fucking equipped for this…can you walk?” He looked visibly uncomfortable not knowing how to comfort you without making things worse. You just kept sobbing.

“Come on, we’re not staying.” He started walking towards the side door 

of the school and held the door open to wait for you. He walked you home and went on his way, neither of you talked as you walked. You said your goodbyes at the door, you felt awkward having had cried silently most of the way, you didn’t make eye contact. He mentioned shooting you a text sometime later, but you didn’t want to think anymore. You just wanted to vanish.


You decided to just go home and sleep before your shift, hopefully you would wake up feeling better. You knew it was a lot to hope for but you could still hope. You couldn’t help but feel worthless, like everyone would leave you eventually and who were you kidding. More often than not, people wold leave you. Feeling like you didn’t belong anywhere or with anyone. You had no real friends to look forward to seeing. You knew eventually you wouldn’t have your Grams, and you hardly ever spoke to your sister. Things just felt like they were falling apart all around you and you could do nothing but watch as the pieces fell. Should you even keep going? Part of you was telling you to reach out, but the other part doesn’t believe anyone cares enough about you to even bother. You patiently awaited the next day in hopes that being around Katsuki would cheer you up.




“FUCK! WHAT ARE YOU DOING THAT’S FUCKING CHEATING!” Katsuki shoved your hand off of his controller. You tried causing him to crash.

“It’s not cheating if it doesn’t help me! AND YOU DID IT TO ME FIRST! Paybacks a bitch! HAH.” You laughed while putting your hand back in Katsuki’s face trying and failing at keeping him from winning.

“HEY. I SAID. KNOCK IT OFF!” He yelled and grabbed your wrist, he wasn’t expecting the next thing to come out of your mouth.

“Sometimes I feel like I want to die.” You said avoiding eye contact as he held your arm in his hand still. You had caught him off guard, for sure. “I feel like it wouldn’t even matter if I just stopped existing.” You tried to pull your arm from him but he held on. His head was downturned and you couldn’t see his eyes.

“Damn it, I wish you wouldn’t say that.” His voice was low you could barely hear him. You leaned in closer, he still had your wrist but his grip had loosened.

“It’s how I feel.” With that he yanked his hand away from you. You had pissed him off.

“You have no fucking idea what its like to watch someone you care about die, do you?” His voice became sharp, much like the Katsuki you were used to.

“I’m used to people leaving, the only constant in my life is my grandmother. And she won’t be around for long.” You tried looking into his eyes.

“That isn’t the same! You can go on living, some people have no choice! Life hands them a fucking death sentence and they just have to accept it! God DAMNIT! You idiot, you have you’re whole life to live!” He grabbed his drink and downed it, getting up to go pour himself another.

“Katsuki, I…” You didn’t know what to say, part of you felt ashamed. Obviously something else was going on in Katsuki’s life that he hadn’t even trusted his closest friends with. He returned with the bottle setting it down on the coffee table and sitting on the seat across from you.

“My mom has stage IV breast cancer. She beat it when I was young, but back then it was only stage II and she’s gone through a fuck ton just to stay alive. They call it a recurrence…” He shook his head, he looked defeated. “don’t say that shit again.”

“Katsuki, is that why..?” Your eyes landed on the glass in his hand. He nodded.

“Tsk, life fuckin’ sucks doesn’t it.” Katsuki took a gulp of his drink. “Her old doctor didn’t think she could beat it this time, that dickwad. But her new doc has her on all these new meds, a chemo treatment more aggressive than I am, and she’s trying to stay strong for me and dad but…she’s so tired all the time. I plan on moving back in once this lease is up. Hell, I almost don’t care if they evict me at this point. Not a fuckin’ problem for me, the sooner I can get back home the better.” Katsuki rubbed his temple, his body was tense.

You took a big gulp from your own glass, feeling like you put your foot in your mouth. But how could you have known this was what he kept from everyone.

“She always spouting off about how I should live a full life, heh. She’s sacrificed a lot for me, dad has too. I want to help them through this a much as possible.”

You listened to him go on about how much his parents went without for him to have private guitar lessons, material arts training, along with a few cooking classes he swore he didn’t actually mean to sign up for.

“Value your life, you only get one.” Katsuki’s face was slightly pink, yours was as well. You realized you’d both finished the bottle while he was talking. It was nice just listening to him talk about his childhood and his family. Something you only knew a bit about. 

“I don’t think you would tell anyone but keep it to yourself or I’ll kill you.” He stated, then realized his hypocrisy and finished his drink.

You looked down at his empty glass and your own which was almost gone. 

“I guess it’s on to bottle number two huh?” You smiled at him and held up the empty bottle.

“Shit, I’ve been talking this whole time.” He stood up and stretched his arms above his head before going to grab a second bottle.

“Oh, I don’t mind. I feel like I’m getting to know you better. And I’m sorry about earlier. Haha typical teenage girl drama am I right?” You held out your glass when he returned.

“Nah, you’ve been through it. I understand that, I just got…in my feelings.” He poured you and himself another full glass each. “I’m gonna put on Netflix, do you mind?”

“Oh not at all, anything in particular?”

“Oh uh, I did find this baking competition show that I wanted to watch.” He admitted grabbing his controller and clicking the app.

“A baking show? Maybe you did sign up for those classes on purpose.” You raised an eyebrow at him and smirked.

“Shut up, never mind. I’m putting on Sons of Anarchy then.” He rolled his eyes at you and started season one.

“Katsuki! Come on! I wanna see this baking show you want to watch!” You reached for the controller, which he held above his head while taking a sip of his drink effortlessly.

“Nope. Not happening, sit down, shut up and watch this master piece.” He put the controller down on the coffee table and looked at you. “No touchy.”

“BAHAHAHA, what are you? 12?” You laughed and reached for it, ignoring his warning.

“HEY!” Katsuki used his free hand to grab yours and he held it between you two on the couch.

“You know, if you wanted to hold my hand you could have just asked…” You snickered and took another sip from your drink before setting it on the end table closest to you.

He just smirked and kept watching tv, he did notice however; that you were still looking at him. “You’re gonna miss all the good shit if you don’t pay attention.”

“Who says I’m not looking at the good stuff?” You hadn’t thought anything of your comment.

“Oh yeah?” With that Katsuki pulled you into his lap, earning a squeal from you. His face was inches from yours. “How about a better look?”

Your face turned red hot as you were now sitting on him. “I, uh, I was just um.”

“Don’t start something you’re not prepared to finish, kid.” He chuckled and set down his drink, holding your upper back.

You furrowed your brow, pouting but looked him in his crimson eyes. “Quit calling me kid! I’m 17!”

“Technically you’re a kid. I’m the adult here.” He stated, causing you to push off him and stand.

With you hands on your hips you leaned forward and asked “Well, well…if I’m a kid how come you're hanging out with me? Huh??” 

He shrugged. “Everyone needs a young sidekick. I guess I chose you.”

“A SIDEKICK?!” You felt flustered. “Is that all I am?”

“No.” He replied turning his attention back to the tv. He didn’t seem to entertain any of your shenanigans.

“We’re done having this conversation aren’t we…” You plopped back down next to him, this time closer. “I guess I’ll just have to deal with it tonight. I don’t feel like arguing anymore.”

“And that’s why I’m the adult.” The smug look on your face got you even more riled up than before.

You pounced on him, grabbing at his neck jokingly. “JERK.” You struggled against his arms as he held you far enough away.

“What kind of attack was that? Not a very good one.” He acted unfazed, mocking you holding you back at arms length.

“Oh thats it!” You used your legs, wrapping them tightly around his torso. Katsuki’s mischievous smirk had you regretting what you had just done, as he stood with you around his body. He held your wrists with one hand while he tried to unwrap your legs from him which proved to be harder than he thought.

“Damn it you monkey, let the fuck go! I’m not a tree you can climb!” Katsuki kept trying to release your hold around him.

“NEVER! MUAHAHAHA!” You were enjoying this far too much to let it end that easily. You broke one of your hands free and grabbed onto his hair, messing with his do. It distracted you for a second when you realized just how soft his hair was.

“Whoa there young lady!” He tried but failed to get your hand out of his hair. And at that exact moment you leaned backward. You could feel yourself falling and pulling him down with you. 

Eyes closed you expected to hit the ground hard but when you opened your eyes you saw that Katsuki had managed to catch you both between the couch and the coffee table in front of it. You still had your legs wrapped around Katsuki, you also had your one hand in his hair and your other around his neck holding him tightly.

“You seem to have found yourself between a rock and a hard place.” You could hear the smirk in his voice as he spoke.

When you realized just how close you were in this position, you thought of letting go, but in your drunken state you were feeling cheeky.

“How h-“ before you could finish your sentence he stood up with you again causing you to lose your grip on him, he plopped you down onto the couch again.

“Not today kid. Don’t start this.”

There he goes calling you kid again, it was beginning to frustrate you that you couldn’t embarrass him like he had you, but you had nothing at the moment so you inevitably gave up on it and let him sit back down. He took a few sips from his drink and watched you out of the corner of his eye.

“Fine! Let’s play a drinking game then. SOA drinking game! I’m sure there’s one online I can find.” You quickly grabbed your phone and searched.

“Ahha! Found one!” You read over the rules and Katsuki said he would beat you since he wasn’t a light weight. Which meant, game on.



After you blacked out you woke up to your head pounding, you felt like someone took a sledge hammer to your brain and then made them into a scramble. ‘Great, a hangover. A least I’m off today.’ You sighed happily when you saw that is was a little after 3 a.m. You tried to turn over but Katsuki’s arms were tight around you. You looked down at his arms and realized you were both still in your clothes from the day before. You had no idea how you ended up in his bed but you assumed he had something to do with it and you were thankful for it. You tried to go back to sleep but you kept thinking about everything Katsuki told you the night before. You teared up thinking about how your problems were so trivial compared to his, yet he still took the time to make sure you were okay. Did you even deserve his sympathy when he was going through something much heavier. You wiped away the tears that had escaped and wiggled until you were facing Katsuki. He was sound asleep. As he took a deep breath a small smile appeared on his lips, and he pulled you closer to him. You could smell his cologne and a bit of sweat, but it didn’t bother you, it was peaceful. At some point you started to feel sleepy again. You felt if you had Katsuki by your side you could get through anything. 

But little did you know, that headbutt you gave your ex best friend was only the beginning of a long battle ahead.

Chapter Text

You rubbed your head after sitting up, waking up from the knocking you heard coming from the door at the top of the stairs.

“Is it alright if I come down dear?” You heard your grandmother’s voice from the stairway.

“Mhm, I’m just waking up.” You rolled over facing the wall and your many fluffy pillows. It’s probably time to wake up.

Grams came in with some tea, she set it down next to you on your nightstand. After she did, she sat on the edge of your bed and held her hands together. The way she did when you were little and did something bad. ‘Oh no.’

“Is there something you want to tell me.” She was looking at you with her concerned face. It wasn’t that you weren’t going to tell her, you were just avoiding it for a while. Wrong move on your part. You rolled back and sat up, and looked in her eyes. You should have told her before she had to find out.

“Michiko deserved it! She was holding his hand in front of everyone! I felt so foolish and betrayed…” You started tearing up, you didn’t lie you were just ashamed of resorting to violence after running from your problem.

“Oh my dear, don’t cry I just wish you would have knocked that little bitch around a little. You’ve been suspended for three days. The principal called me about twenty minutes ago to make sure you knew since you skipped school.” She put her arm around your shoulder and smiled down at your shocked face. She not only swore but she said you should have hit her more.

“So you’re…not mad then?” You hoped she would let you off easy.

“Ah yes and no. Though I never liked that one, she gave off a bad vibe, and that creepy little smile. You’ve kicked her to the curb and your better for it.” She paused and looked proud for a moment. You smiled through your tears, you were emotionally drained by everything lately. It made you happy you weren’t

“But you did skip school and several of your classmates saw you headbutt that girl. Is that was this is?” She held your head in her hands to look closer at the bruise still forming on your forehead. “That’s what you have been hiding from me?”

“I’m sorry. I know I should have told you.” You leaned in to hug her, she hugged you back and kissed you just above your forehead softly.

“It’s alright, just try to do something productive with your time while you are home during the day please. The house could use a good cleaning, and absolutely no more skipping class.” She gave you one more kiss on your head.

“I promise!” You smiled at her before she headed up the stairs and off to do her errands for the day.

You texted Katsuki about your suspension, and how you’d be cleaning the house as punishment.

Katsuki: Yeah you really should have kicked her ass. Three days for damn near nothing.

You: that’s what my Grams said.

Kastuki: Heh, she’s not wrong.

Katsuki: You don't have to see those idiots another couple of days now.

You: yeah but i won’t see you today either :/

You: text me later?

You: did I say something wrong?


You hadn’t said anything wrong. On Katsuki’s end he was just confused about your text. You wanted to see him. He noticed his heart beating a bit faster. He wasn’t sure about anything anymore. It seemed like every time something good happened something would go wrong. Like the day he found out about his mothers condition. He started his emotions, his depression and anxiety he treated with alcohol just to further suppress any sensations. He still had a hard time opening up about anything personal. He wrote music to express himself but he was going through so much at once it was becoming frustrating; but he worked hard on his guitar playing and it had really been paying off until…

His face held a blank expression as he finished getting ready, but as he thought about your text a smirk started to appear on his face. You wanted to see him. And he felt good about that. He had something to look forward to again.

He looked in the corner of his room where his guitar used to sit. He sighed grabbing his flask he kept hidden, he leaned down to grab his bag. Then his keys, phone, and locked his place up, the place he soon would be letting evict him. He just couldn't afford to keep it without the band money he made on the side. On his way out he texted you back.

Katsuki: No woman, just had to finish getting ready. I guess could swing by you when I get out of class if you really miss me that much.

You: oh, well yeah. if you wanted to i wouldn’t mind. i’m just gonna be cleaning for eternity!!!!! :’(

Katsuki smirked down at his phone, it may be too soon for him to try to be anything more but he could settle for having someone there with him. Someone who cared about him.




It was about three in the afternoon when you finally stopped cleaning. Exhausted you were in desperate need of a break and some food. You headed to the kitchen and removed your cleaning gloves. You kept your headphones in still jamming out to your cleaning playlist you took out the garbage you had collected around the house. It was heavy so you hurried and brought it to the trash cans silently reminding yourself they needed washing after trash was collected later in the week.

When you got back inside you washed up to make yourself something to eat. You were sillily dancing around the kitchen in a old long sleeve and a pair of sweats that were too small to wear anymore. It didn’t bother you since this would be an entire day of cleaning. Noodles and some fruit was the choice for this afternoon. You ate some blueberries while you put noodles in microwave safe coffee cup for a single serving of mac and cheese. You gathered the milk cheese and some salt, you knew the microwave would beep at any moment so you pulled a headphone out of your ear. At that exact moment you finally heard someone screaming.

“HEY YOU IDIOT YOU KNOW THERE HAVE BEEN BREAK INS IN YOUR AREA?! WHY THE FUCK DIDN’T YOU LOCK THE DOOR?!” Katsuki towered over you with a scowl on his face, but somehow his eyes looked different to you.

Instead of screaming back you reached up around his neck to hug him. Which caught him off guard but he wrapped his arms around your torso tightly, feeling less tense than before and shifting the mood to a more appropriate one.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t thinking I’ll be more careful, I promise!” He actually cared about what happened to you. At least it felt that way for you, did you want it to feel that way? No, its not okay to do this, you're still healing from your previous relationship that wouldn’t be fair to him at all. But a friendship you could handle. Along with the occasional Netflix snuggle fest while you both drank away any feelings that you had. Just enjoying each others company and the feel of another human being next to you. But were there other things he did, that kind of confused you a little. He would kiss your forehead anytime you looked lost or sad. It was all a bit confusing to you, no one ever really showed you that much attention. But then again you were afraid to really open up to anyone, the two people you thought you could trust…well they are no longer a part of your life.


“I don’t want you to forget to lock your doors anymore. I’m serious. Haven’t you heard what happened to that college girl? I guess she left her window unlocked, came home and, it’s not good, she's still in the hospital as far as anyone knows.  don’t want that to be you.” Katsuki pulled away slightly then ruffled your hair. “I can’t lose my sidekick now.” His usual smirk now appeared on his face.

“You’re just lucky I didn’t deck you for just walking into my house.” You rolled your eyes pushing away from him fully. His smirk faded a bit but he brushed it off.

Katsuki watched you as you finished getting yourself food. You offered to make him something but he opted for a glass of water instead. While you ate he sipped his water.

“Are you drunk right now?” You asked him bluntly, you weren’t sure how else to find out.

“Yeah a little. I mean it takes a lot now.” Katsuki pulled his flask from his pocket. “I pretty much keep some near me at all times. And since I don’t want to risk drinking at school now I have to wait until school is out to even get buzzed. It kind of sucks.”

“You kind of sound like an alcoholic.” You pointed out.

“You kind of sound like you should eat a dick.” He responded quickly. “Don’t judge my drinking, I don’t judge you for still stalking your ex on instagram and twitter.”

“I wasn’t judging more so making a statement. A very accurate one to be precise.” You got up to clean your mess but Katsuki was in the way. So you pushed him but he didn’t budge. “God you are so weird sometimes, please move”

“Now was that so hard?” He half smirked down at you. Its almost like he grew a while foot over the last summer. You almost couldn’t reach the top of his head, almost.

At that moment you dumped whatever was left of your water on Katsuki’s head causing him to shriek and reach for you. But you were quick to respond, pulling away from him just in time. But he did have reach, you needed to get away from him and use long range attacks with him. Jeez he really got in your head with all that defending yourself crap he was always spouting off. You had been trying to catch him off guard and now was a perfect time.

“You know it really isn’t fair to douse someone with water and then run off.” He turned to face you now on the other side of the counter cackling madly. 

“Katsuki, time out let me put these dishes away. You turned to work on your dishes quickly. Katsuki made no attempt to get you back while you finished up your chore. However when you turned around you weren't looking up into those gorgeous crimson eyes of his and when you realized he took his shirt off to dry it got so steamy in there you could almost melt.


“Katsuki…” You trailed off following the curves of his toned body, before you could snap yourself out of it you felt water splash down on your head.

“You sneaky bitch…” You brushed the wet hair from your face, and looked up. Katsuki was staring at you, but it wasn’t because of the water dripping down your face, you couldn’t figure it out. It was like he was reading into your soul. 

‘Oh how bad would I be if I just leaned up and pressed myself against his body and kissed him with all this pent up excitement from those nights when he traced circles in my skin lightly with his finger, or snuggled really close to me, this shouldn’t happen should it? Fuck it, life is short.” You thought smiling up at him, he leaned down as if knowing what you were thinking.


Just then there was a knock on the door, pulling you both back into reality. Katsuki seemed to be a bit annoyed as he took a quick sip from his bottle and put it back before you got to the door. When you looked through the peep hole you were surprised to see that it was just a package being delivered. Guess fate had other plans for now.

“Huh, I didn’t order anything? But its addressed to me?” You held the package up and Katsuki didn’t look amused.

“If you didn’t buy anything maybe you shouldn’t open it.” He leaned lazily against the wall near the door. “Especially since you pissed off a bunch of people the other day. Those guys aren’t as friendly as they once were.” He looked away, somewhat saddened by his own words.

You held it up to your ear gently afraid to jostle the package. “Well I’m worried about whatever it is…maybe we should open it outside?” Looking up at Katsuki you caught the sadness in his eyes just before he turned to face you with a blank face.

“If you insist on opening it, yeah that’s probably a good idea.” Katsuki shrugged as you headed out back to figure out what was in the package.


And that was just the start of a very shitty few weeks…

Chapter Text

After getting out to the backyard, and Katsuki digging out another shirt from his bag, you set the box down carefully in the grass. You have no idea what was in the box but this was definitely not something anyone ordered. You walked back and sat next to Katsuki, he looked over at you lazily.

“So whats the plan then? Just leave it there until it magically opens?” His sarcasm wasn’t helping your anxiousness. 

“Dude, could you maybe like be a little supportive. I mean you're the one that said I should be worried.” You stared between him and the box.

“No, I said you shouldn’t open it. You don’t know the sender, you’ve pissed off a psycho bitch, it could be one of those confetti flingers, or shit. I heard you can send people animal shit as a practical joke. Besides my-“ He paused briefly “those guys are pretty good at coming up with plans together.” 

You hugged your knees to your chest looking over at the box in question. It really could be any number of those things but you were still curious if nothing else, but would they help her like he said.

“I don't know that they would get involved,” He noticed you looked slightly worried. He finished his statement with a little more positivity. “But if you insist on opening it I’ll stay with you.” He leaned against the half wall separating the patio from the yard.

“Fine.” You stood up quickly and calmly, walked over to the box deciding enough was enough. If you’re going to open it it’s now or never. Kneeling down pulling at the tape you ripped open the box and looked inside.


It was some burnt article of clothing and a note. The clothing you quickly recognized as one of the first gifts you ever gave Eijiro; a shirt you had made of his first ever band logo design. This couldn’t have been his idea, could it? No way, he wasn’t like that. The note was written in awfully familiar handwriting, it was clear this was from your ex best friend.

“Well, what does it say?” Katsuki asked from his seat, taking another swig.

“It just say’s ‘Apologize or it’s game on bitch’ she’s going to take this to the extreme…she doesn’t know when to stop, she will keep this petty shit up. Jeez you had me worried for nothing. Honestly I don’t even care. She only knows how to be petty when she pissed and I’m already over it.” You walked over to the trash can throwing everything into it without a second look before returning next to Katsuki. You sat next to him and leaned your head on his shoulder.

“Oh hey, I got someone to send me this pic of Michiko, so you can see your handiwork.” Katsuki held out his phone to you. You sat your head up slightly to get a better look. On the screen you could see a slightly blurry but black and blue faced Michiko. She looked displeased with her appearance, specifically the bandages on her broken nose.

This made you feel a little bad but at the same time it was hilarious. You laughed looking at the picture for a few more seconds before snuggling back into the crook of Katsuki’s neck.

 “You definitely hit her harder than I thought. Like damn kid, good job. She was pissed when I saw her and laughed in her face.” He swept your hair you had covering your bruised forehead He took his phone back from you. You both laughed until things became quiet. Katsuki spoke up.

“Do you want to hang out at my place one more weekend before I move the last of my shit to storage? We can drink, cause shenanigans there together one last time. Chill on the pouch with music.” He looked down at you hoping you wouldn’t think he was being weird. But at this point did it even matter? You hadn’t turned away so far… “Or we could spend the night sober -ish and whatever I just don’t wanna spend my last couple of nights there alone I guess…” He admitted.

“Of course! One last hoorah before we say goodbye to your place? I’m definitely down.” You smiled up at him sweetly. He really was kind of sensitive and sentimental, you liked that about him. He may hide the real Katsuki from the world but you were happy you got to see a side of him many others didn’t even know existed. “I should probably get ready for my shift. Thanks for coming by to see me.” You stretched moving your head from his shoulder.

His smirk returned and he stood up, getting ready to leave. “Sure, do you want me to come by tomorrow before work?” He asked you after patting you on the head.

“Yeah, if you're up for it.” You walked him up to the front of your home and said your goodbyes so you could get ready to go to work.


The next couple of days you cleaned, organized, and went to work.  Your Grams seemed pretty happy with a clean house. Nothing else came in the mail so you assumed things would probably die down for now. You didn’t have the time. Michiko also had some space from you to cool off. So you figured out a way to avoid her as much as possible. When you returned to school some people avoided you, some approached you asking what happened with you; people who just wanted in on the drama. You avoided saying much, and managed to get through your first day back without anything crazy happening. You felt relief when you got home and had the night off from work. You caught up on a bunch of homework before you ended up passing out in your books on your bed.

With nothing eventful happening for the next week, you assumed Michiko was probably feeling foolish and decided to end things there. As far as you were concerned it wasn’t a right now issue. She hadn’t said anything to you since the arrival of the package. You brushed it off and went about your business the rest of the day, and heading into work right after school. Some classmates you recognized came in and kept messing with isles you had just fixed. When you finally decided to say something they decided to complain about you to your manager. You were brought in to the office and scolded for not handing the situation better. But you tried not to let it dampen your mood, tonight was your last hoorah with Katsuki. So you kept your focus on that while you finished your shift.



It seemed that more bad news would find its way into your night. There was another break in down the street from Katsuki’s building, and so you both decided it was safer not to stay in his building and invited you to his parents for the night instead. He packed what little he had left in his apartment and met you in front of your house.


“Do you want some help with any of those bags? I only have this one, oh and you're sure your parents are okay with me staying the night and with us drinking?” You kept rambling as you both walked. But Katsuki just let you as he answered all your questions with huffs for of course, and grunts for no. He wasn’t in a talking mood from what you could tell. As you walked you thought about when he had shown up at your place. You asked him if he wanted to meet your Grams but looked like he hadn’t had a drink yet so you didn’t push the issue when he didn’t respond right away. He probably had a lot on his mind, he seemed to be off in a whole other world. You walked for a few blocks when he grabbed your hand and walked you across the street to a small shop. As you got closer you noticed the girl at the counter looked familiar but you couldn’t put a name to her face. The florescent light didn’t matters either. Her shoulder length hair matched her eyes. You hadn’t seen her around school since your first year in. But she didn’t seem like the type of person who would drop out of school, but what did you know? You pushed the wondering thoughts back and noticed the black polo she wore had a name tag on it but the damn light was reflecting too much for you to see her name fully as you both entered, she took care of a customer who needed cigarettes, and another who bought some lottery tickets. Katsuki let your hand go and disappeared by the fridge in the back while you looked at some chocolate on the rack next to the register counter. You looked up to sneak a peek at her name tag but she was looking at you with a small smile on her face. It caught you off guard and you let out a soft yelp.

“Katsuki! Is this the girl you've been hanging out with!” She seemed super exited to find out Katsuki was hanging around anyone it seemed. But she was also on a first name basis with him. Your face flushed and you looked down at the chocolate again. 

“Is this?! You’re adorable, oh my gosh why you didn’t mention that Katsuki!” She kept up the conversation with Katsuki who was still in the back of the shop taking his sweet time. But you didn’t want to rush him, he looked like he was having a rough enough day as it was. So this was where he was getting his alcohol without a problem. She just gushed about how happy she was to know he wouldn’t be spending tonight by himself, which caught your attention once again. Is there something special about tonight? The sound of bottles being put into a plastic bag pulled you from your thoughts as you watched them interact. As their eyes met they shared a similar face, that held a lot of emotion. Not like a past relationship but more that they shared a similar pain. You finally got a look at her name tag. Uraraka…you racked your brain trying to remember why her name sounded so familiar to you. 


As he paid they exchanged a few more looks, this time not even trying to hide the sadness. The shop was empty, except for the three of you. Katsuki looked like he was ready to cry as did she. They blinked and the tears disappeared and Uraraka’s smile returned. 

“Well, I hope you both have a good night. And it was good to see you, Ka-chan.” The sorrow in her eyes didn’t match the smile she wore, Katsuki hesitated at the nickname. He gained his composer again blinking away any leftover tears nodding and grabbing his bag. You paused and turned to smile back at her before following him out of the shop. 


When you caught up Katsuki was debating on saying something you could see it in his face and you had no idea if you should even say anything to him but he started talking so suddenly you were startled.

“We both lost someone two years ago. He died of alcohol poisoning at a party, and Uraraka, well he was her boyfriend, and my…well I can’t exactly say childhood friend but we kinda grew up together. She wasn’t with him, she had some thing going on at home, and Super Riot was only there promoting. Back when they were still playing shitty basement gigs. And I should just fucking tell you up front, I lost my…we had sex. We were both really messed up about losing him, we were talking and getting sappy. It just happened one night. We stopped hanging around each other after that. She started homeschool, I was busy with the band. For weeks people made comments, and stared. A few would say some really fucked up shit. At school she didn’t want to be known for being the girl who’s boyfriend died at some party. Now we just…well you saw how we are around each other. Occasionally I send her a text but thats it, she’s more of an acquaintance now, it’s not anything to worry about.” He finished shuffling the bags in his hands to give himself a better grip. He looked at you out of the corner of his eye. The pain and grief he felt normally was almost doubled as you tried to get a better look at his face he kept talking. He was definitely on the verge of breaking down right there, but he kept on moving.

“He wouldn’t have been at that party if he wasn’t always following me around…it really should have made me hate alcohol or something, but I can’t blame it all on the alcohol. I wasn’t the nicest guy to him, but he was always there… Anyway as you can see, I still drink, to a point, I never overdo it.”

You listened taking in all the information and finally realizing why you remembered Uraraka’s name. Michiko had been at that party with her then boyfriend. She wouldn’t have been if she wasn't dating that creep, and when he graduated she dumped him anyway. You heard anyone who was there when the ambulance was called had to go through three weeks of mandatory therapy. You didn't know Katsuki was there, let alone he knew him like that. You were starting to understand why his drinking was so bad, his past and present are hitting him from all sides constantly. And with what his family going through now, he was able to help them pay their bills. You understood why he let himself be evicted, he put all his money into helping his family and his feeding his addiction…

“Well, that’s about it. And this is our stop.” You had stopped in front of a ranch style house with a decent sized backyard.

“Are you ready to meet my parents? They’re kind of, well I guess you’ll see.”  He lead the way, still looking unfazed holding all his bags.

You nodded reassuring him. “Of course. If were gonna be hanging around here I might as well meet them sooner rather than later.” You smiled but didn’t dare admit that behind it you were nervous.

“Heh, well shit. I have more drinking to do, you need to get started.” He held up the bag with his purchases from earlier. 


As you entered, the house looked normal enough, pictures of little Katsuki hung on the walls, but the thing you noticed the most was a woman’s voice coming from the other side of the house. “It’s my body! I will do with it what I want!”

“That’s mom.” He said after latching and locking up the front door. “Her and dad must be talking about her eating habits again. She has a bit of a sweet tooth when she actually does want to eat. Right now she's in-between rounds of chemo so when she wants to eat she’ll go big or go home.” Katsuki set his bags down on the counter and a few on the floor. The voice started getting closer, and louder as you heard footsteps approaching you sat down where Katsuki set a glass of whatever he poured for you. You didn’t really care, but it would be nice to know what it was you were drinking. 

Finally the voice’s owner entered the kitchen. Kastuki looked so much like her, her face filled with wrinkles and laugh lines. She was rather thin but she still looked pretty good for a woman fighting cancer. Then you saw the man behind her holding a plate of broccoli and chicken. You assumed it was his father.

“Honestly Masaru if I want to eat twelve cookies in a row I will.”

“We all do. I’m just asking that you eat a vegetable once in a while. It really cant be cookies, junk and whatever else you ingest when you can get someone to pick something up for you.. You’ve got to keep your strength up for the next round. It starts in 2 weeks. I just want you at you're best Mitsuki.”

“Like I said, if I die this time around I’m going out with a BOOM!” She shouted and finally noticed you standing in the kitchen while Katsuki put his items away.

“Holy fuck,” She jumped slightly. “Katsuki! Why didn’t you tell me you had company!” Leaning into Masaru and knocking the plate out of his hands. He seemed more exasperated but he sighed shaking off the feeling, before he excused himself to begin cleaning up the mess.

Katsuki looked as though he couldn't wait to get out of there already. He looked at your expression and mouthed, ‘I fucking told you.’ while Mitsuki straightened the wig she was wearing and adjusted her sweater making herself “presentable”.

“Mom, I know you're meds make you forgetful but I also reminded you when I stopped at the store, I told you I had a friend coming over. Obviously you missed my text ya old woman. Can you not hear the ringer or somethin’? Oh, and you guys couldn’t wait to show her the real you for 10 minutes. I don’t want her to run outta here on me.” Katsuki smirked over at you while he said the last part.

“Asshole.” You heard an echo, Mitsuki had said it the exact same time you did.

“I like her.” She jerked her thumb over at you while smiling at Masaru. “What’s your name? Since my son has neglected to introduce you.” She gave Katsuki a sour look but smiled back at you walking to the other side of the counter.

You told her your name and that you were a friend from school, when her face lit up you knew it had been a while since they had seen Katsuki with friends. So you introduced yourself and explained you were in the grade below Katsuki. She kept asking little questions, like if you had a job, or a hobby. But as you went to answer another question Katsuki chimed in.

“Mom don’t start asking a fuck ton of questions, we’re here because there was another break in. And it was my last week there anyway. We just want to chill out and watch some tv. Have a couple drinks. You know.”

“Well son, it is MY house and I have every right to know who you're bringing into it!” She snapped back at Katsuki before turning back to you smiling. “Oh don’t worry, if you're hanging around with this Negative Nancy you must be able to tolerate quite a lot of his bullshit. And that’s all I need to know.” She winked at you, before going back to insulting your friend. You laughed a little but as you watched their exchange you noticed Mitsuki seemed thinner from the picture you saw hanging in their dining room. You looked away awkwardly as they fought in front of you. She hid it pretty well if she was feeling sick. She just kept asking you questions, nothing you didn’t feel uncomfortable answering.

Once she felt she had grilled you enough she laughed. “Well I’m glad he's hanging out with someone, but don’t let this one corrupt you.” Rustling Katsuki’s hair. “Have fun then, and remember the condoms are in your bathroom above the shaving cream.” 

You almost choked when she said that, you picked the wrong moment to take a sip from your glass. Katsuki who turned his bright red face away from you shouted for his father.

“Please get your damn wife.” He grabbed his alcohol out of the brown bag and put the other in the fridge, then headed towards the hallway. “Why am I always waiting on you?” Katsuki stared in your direction, giving you the impression he was entirely done with this whole thing. You stood and walked over to him 

Masaru who was doing miscellaneous tasks around the house to cool off returned from folding a basket of laundry.

“Hey don’t leave your bags here.” Masaru then focused on Mitsuki who was looking guilty, possibly for the things she said before.

“And you need to eat. Once you do I will bring the peanut butter cookies to you.”

“Eight please!” 

You could hear  them go back and fourth as you followed Katsuki down the hall to  the room that was going to be his. She finally agreed to two now and one before her show. 


“That was fucking strange and I can’t believe you were here to see that. God damn that was a train wreck.” He said as you both entered and walked the path to his bed. Everything else was in boxes and totes, he had a lot even after he put two thirds of it into storage.

“Hey thats okay. I don’t exactly have a normal family either.” 

He nodded finishing his glass he topped your off when you leaned it towards him before he filled his glass up again.

You both sat there drinking and just enjoying each others company, making jokes and talking shit. But then you wondered about what happened to his guitar, so you decided to ask.

“Hey Katsuki?” You looked down at the glass in your hand. Still half full, but you could probably down it and it wouldn’t calm your nerves.

“Sup kid?” He took a sip from his glass and looked over at you, glossy eyed and pink in the face, he was kind of adorable. 

“Do you mind if I ask about your guitar? What happened to it?” You managed to say as a whisper, you could feel him staring at you.

“Oh.” He hesitated and looked down at his glass. “If I tell you, I need you to promise you wont tell anyone else. Only a handful of people know what happened that night.” He paused. “Are you sure you want to hear what happened? Once you know, you might think differently of me.” He shrugged like he didn’t care but you could tell, he did.

“Nothing you've done in the past could make me think any differently of you, honestly you're the only real friend I have. I’m not going anywhere.” You smiled at him, gently placing your hand on his giving it a soft squeeze before turning all the way on the bed so you could face him better.

Katsuki sighed. “To explain I need to go back to the end of school last year.”