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I Will Endure (For You)

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“-take a dive off the roof and pray for a quirk in the next life!”

Heart in his throat and tears stinging his eyes, Izuku stands on the edge. The cruel words ring in his ears, and his ruined notebook is slowly soaking through his shirt where he clutches it to his chest. He doesn’t look down, doesn’t want to see the sheer drop. It’s just high enough. Izuku’s feet toe the edge of the rooftop, and he looks up. Looks up and wonders. Clutching his precious notebook to his chest, Izuku reaches up to the sky and steps forward.

The wind screams in his ears, and Izuku finally looks down at the ground rushing up to greet him. He distantly realizes that the grass is the same color as his mom’s eyes. Air rips at his clothes and hair as if trying to tug him into the sky.

Falling slowly, everything is so slow, Izuku can only see his mom’s eyes, tired and red-rimmed from crying. He thinks about the empty apartment, his distant father, and her solitude. Regret and sadness bubbles up in his chest.

‘Sorry, Mom. I forgot. I don’t want to leave you alone.’

Izuku wants to live, if only to be there for his mom. He wants to live! The world speeds up and Izuku grits his teeth. Wishing.

Something gold flickers in the corner of his eyes and he hits the ground.