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An Unexpected Fare

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Dragging his throbbing feet into the office, Kiryu threw down his cap, flopping into a chair opposite Oda.

“Tough day?” Stretching his legs out, he yawned, rubbing his eyes.

“Long. Really long. I just want to go home. I just want to sleep. So, unless there's anything else, I think that's where I'm headed.” Leaning across the table, Oda nodded.

“Actually, there is something else. We're heading out tonight. Come with us.” Tilting his head warily, Kiryu had a feeling he knew where this was heading. Damn it. I've just worked a 12 hour shift. I've been driving pretty much none stop since 5am. I really want to go home.

“Out? Where to?”

“We're going to see Kazuki and Yuya at Stardust and then head over to Debolah. It's Friday night, Kiryu. You're entitled to a bit of fun, man.” I don't want fun. I want to sleep. Smiling as he pulled out his cigarettes, Kiryu shook his head. After fumbling around in his pockets, he realised he'd left his lighter in the car. Damn it! I could of sworn I had it on me when... Shit! Throwing the box on the table, he let out a sigh of annoyance.

“I'll pass. I'm working tomorrow, remember?” Tossing him a lighter from his own pocket, Oda shook his head, grinning wide.

“Not anymore you're not. Iwasaki's covering your shift. This past month you've done nothing but work. Saturdays and Sundays too. Tachibana is making sure you take tomorrow off, which means you lucky son of a bitch, you get to come out with us tonight.” Lighting up a smoke, Kiryu chuckled.

“Thanks, Oda. But it's not necessary. I just want to go home, eat and sleep. Tell Tachibana thanks for the offer, but I'll be here for my shift tomorrow.” The door opened and Tachibana walked in, carrying a bag from Smile Burger.

“No, no you won't, Kiryu-san.”

“Huh? Tachibana?” Handing out meals to Oda and Kiryu, Tachibana sat down at the bottom of the table, unwrapping his own meal.

“Here. Eat. I assume Oda spoke to you about tonight?” Studying the food hard, Kiryu's mouth watered. He hadn't eaten since 11am. And even then it was only an apple. Trying to ignore the delicious aroma penetrating his nose, he faced Tachibana.

“Yes. Thanks, but no. I'm not really in the mood.” Speaking through a mouthful of food, Oda shrugged.

“Tough shit. You've got no choice in the matter. It's a joint effort, between me and the boss. Besides, Kazuki and Yuya are expecting us. You want to let them down?” No. But I really want to eat. I really want that burger. Stop talking and let me eat.

“Well... No, but...”

“Good. So eat up, go home, get changed and meet us at Stardust at 7pm.”

“Really, I don't...” Looking at the two smiling faces in front of him, Kiryu knew it was pointless to argue. He had been working a lot lately, that much was true. But he preferred it that way. It's not as if he had anything else worth occupying his time, and work did just that for him. Now that Nishiki had gone to stay with his sister... He didn't like sitting in that apartment by himself. So his job kept him reasonably busy. Plus, the money came in handy. But, it looked like he was fighting a losing battle tonight. Knowing he wasn't going to get out of it, he dug into the meal on the table.

After they'd all finished eating, Tachibana cleared his throat. Turning his head, Kiryu noticed he was staring at him worriedly. He didn't like the way he was looking at him... He knew there was a talk coming.

“Kiryu-san. I want to talk to you.” Thought so. Tch. I guess I've been expecting this.


“Is everything okay? Lately, you've been working none stop. If someone calls in sick, you take their shift. Your day consists of working, eating and sleeping. And it's been that way for a while now. What is going on?”

“Nothing. I just like keeping busy.” Oda butted in, sucking noisily on the straw in his cup.

“Hey, man. There's other ways to keep busy. You don't have to work all the time.”

“Heh. I thought you'd be pleased. I've gotten a decent amount of new customers for the firm, so what's wrong?”

“Kiryu-san. As well as being your boss, I am also your friend. Oda, too. Seeing you this way... It worries us.” And here comes the guilt. Okay, time to talk.

“Tachibana... Oda... There's no need to worry. If I'm honest? I'm just... I'm just a bit lost without Nishiki... We've been glued together for so long, being without him is strange. It's... It's why I like working so much. The apartment is so empty without him, I've come to hate going home. It doesn't feel like home. Heh.” Lowering his head in embarrassment, Kiryu smiled.

“Told you, boss. I knew he wouldn't go out without Nishiki. Told you.”

“Huh? Hang on, I don't need Nishiki to go out... I've been out without him before.” Haven't I? Hmm, they may have a point.

“Oda had a feeling this was the case. Kiryu-san, you must understand, this is doing you no good. I understand you miss him. But there is more to life than working. You must get out. Have fun. Have a life! Meet new people. We are your friends, too. Which is why I'm insisting you come out with us tonight. You don't know how long Nishikiyama will be staying with his sister do you?” Kiryu shook his head. “Okay. From what I understand, she is very sick. What happens if it's long term?” I... I don't know. Shit.

“I... I didn't think of it that way.”

“So, you'll come with us?”

“Heh. I don't have a choice, do I? I'm still going to take as many jobs as I can though.” Aware that Tachibana was about to protest, he pointed his finger towards him. “Hear me out. You're right. I'm going to make as much money as I can. I'm going to redecorate the apartment from top to bottom. Make it feel like home. My home. If Nishiki complains when he comes back, so be it. Heh. And I'm going to make sure I go out at least once a week. Is that good enough for you, Tachibana? Oda?”

“Kiryu-san, that is perfectly acceptable.”

“Yeah, I second that boss. Anyway, you gonna head home and get changed? Unless you want to go out in your driving gear?” Chuckling, Kiryu stood up and walked towards the door.

“Yeah, yeah. I'll see you guys at 7.”

Finally arriving home, Kiryu sat down on the couch, his eyes roaming around the room. The walls were painted a dark red colour and the carpet was plush and black. Nishiki had insisted it was stylish, so Kiryu went along with it. The whole place was slightly bare and to be honest, the dark décor looked like it belonged in a sleazy cabaret club... Not a home. Funny, when Nishiki was living with him, it didn't matter about the colour of the walls or how much stuff there was. It still felt like home. But, Kiryu had to accept this. Who's to say what would happen in the future? He doubted they'd be living together forever, assuming Nishiki would settle down with a girl. Well. At least until she got fed up of him like most seem to. Kiryu couldn't help but smile at the thought. And then there was a possibility Kiryu could meet someone. And he doubted Nishiki would be happy sharing the apartment with another man. This whole situation was a giant wake up call. Sure, it might be tough coming back to an empty place all the time, but now he had freedom. What was to stop him meeting someone? His last relationship was a long time ago and simply put, a disaster. He chalked it up to being young and stupid, but really, his fear put a stop to it. This was back when only Nishiki knew he was gay. Not so much scared, but more worried about the possibility of ridicule, Kiryu had broken it off, telling him he just wasn't ready for something serious. That was over three years ago. And now that everyone knew and happily accepted it, he felt ready. In fact, Tachibana had been a great help to him. He was more than just his boss and a friend, more like an older brother. Seeing how open he was about his relationship with Oda really put him at ease. It made him realise there was nothing to be worried or ashamed about, that this was who he was and if people didn't like it, tough shit. He would have been happier without the constant, sly taunts from Oda he got the first few months working there, but he knew it was nothing but light hearted fun. Closing his eyes, he remembered the day the he met them. Walking around Kamurocho, he'd been looking for a job for a week or so and just happened to spot a now hiring sign on the window of a small office. Heading inside he knocked on the door lightly and when there was no response, Kiryu being Kiryu walked inside, coming to stand in front of two men. Oda was sitting in a chair, whilst Tachibana sat on his knee, both laughing playfully. The look on Tachibana's face when he noticed him standing at the door was something he'd never forget. Actually, it was something he never wanted to forget. It was just too funny. Quickly bowing, he exited, getting as far as the stairs before Oda ran after him. After being persuaded to come back inside, it was all go from there. Kiryu clicked with both men instantly and was offered the job within the first ten minutes. His intentions were to stick it out for a couple of weeks, save a bit of money and then find something better, but Kiryu quickly changed his mind. He loved working for Tachibana Taxi. He'd gained two best friends, a steady job and learned to accept himself. He couldn't ask for more. But now Nishiki was gone, Kiryu felt ready for the next part of his life to begin. Starting with going out tonight.

Pulling out a cigarette, Kiryu stood outside of Stardust, waiting for Tachibana and Oda. I could go in and get a drink... Hmm. If they haven't turned up by the time I've finished this, I'll text them and tell them to meet me inside. Reaching into the pocket of his immaculate white suit for his phone, the lighter slipped out of his hand, bouncing off the ground and landing somewhere in front of him.

“Goddamn it! Tch.” Bending down, eyes focused on his phone, he grabbed what he thought was his lighter, tugging it towards him.

“Oi, man! That's me yer pullin'!”

“Huh??” Raising his gaze, Kiryu realised in horror that it wasn't his lighter he held in his hand. It was a man's finger. Letting go immediately, he stood up, face blushing a delicate pink. The man in front of him stood up too, a wide grin on his face. “I'm sorry, I didn't mean to... Uh...” Throwing back his head, he cackled with laughter, Kiryu suddenly feeling very uncomfortable. Finally he stopped giggling and studied Kiryu, his one eye glimmering in the dim light.

“Hey. Relax, man. Ain't no need ta piss yer pants. Here.” Jamming the lighter into Kiryu's hand, he pointed at the cigarettes. “Ya gonna offer me one?” Smirking slightly, he held the box out while he lit up his own cigarette. The man waved his cigarette in front of Kiryu's face. “Uh, light?” What is with this guy? Goddamn it. And what's with his outfit? I don't think I've ever seen a jacket like that before... He's got guts wearing it, I'll give him that. He certainly manages to pull it off... Moving closer, Kiryu held the lighter out, hand covering the other side to protect the flame. He stood there, perfectly still, studying the other man with great care as shadows danced over his face. I wonder what happened to his eye? Hmm. He's quite handsome, up close. Nice body... Nice- “Heh, ya gonna stare at my pretty face all night?” Shaking his head, Kiryu pulled the lighter away, stuffing it into his pocket.

“You wish.”

“Maybe. But that would be tellin', wouldn't it? Hehe!” Giggles echoing around him, Kiryu felt his heart flutter slightly. The hell? His voice is so goddamn... Ngh. This guy... I'm nervous. Tch, pathetic. Extending his hand out, he grinned wildly. “Majima Goro.”

“Oh. Uh, Kiryu Kazuma.” Shaking his hand awkwardly, Kiryu grimaced slightly. Is there any damn reason to squeeze my hand like that?

“Nice ta meet ya, Kiryu-chaaaan!” Majima held on tightly as Kiryu tried to tug his hand back, even though the other's hand was wrapped in a leather glove, he could feel warmth seeping through, his own hand tingling. Do I even ask? No, just keep cool. Talk about something. Anything, damn it.

“Are you always this weird? Anyway, I have to go. I'm meeting some friends.” Or just run away. Shit. Throwing away the cigarette, Kiryu spun around on his heels, heading inside Stardust, just hearing the man known as Majima shout after him.

“Real nice ta meet ya, Kiryu-chan!!”


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Once inside Stardust, Kiryu headed straight for the restroom. Splashing water over his face, he sighed, studying himself in the sparkling mirror. Why the hell did I walk away?? Majima Goro, huh... I haven't felt my heart beat like that in a long time. I suppose he was really, really, damn good looking. I wonder if he's coming in? I'd like to talk to him more... Which I could of done if I hadn't of walked away like a goddamn child. Tch. Why the hell am I so nervous? My last relationship... Was a long, long time ago. Just because that ended bad doesn't mean I should distance myself from people because of the fear of what if. I shouldn't- A big hand clamped down on his shoulder, tearing him away from his thoughts.

“There you are!! Are you going to spend all night in here? Come on!!”

“Oda! I... No.” Tugging Kiryu through the crowds of people in the club, they finally made it upstairs to where Tachibana, Yuya and Kazuki sat laughing.

“Look who I found!”

“Kiryu-san! I'm so glad you came!”

“Thanks, Kazuki-san.”

“Here, drink. You've gotta keep up, kid.” Again with the taunts. Damn it, Oda.

“Thanks, Oda, but I'm perfectly capable of keeping up.”

A short while later, Kiryu found himself scanning the crowds for the mysterious Majima Goro. Thanks to a few drinks, he'd loosened up considerably, enjoying the general chat with the group. Noticing Kiryu's head was snapping around five minutes, Yuya piped up.

“Are you looking for someone, Kiryu-san?”

“Hm? Oh, no. No, I was just about to go for a smoke. Does anyone want another drink? I'll get them on my way back.” Pulling him by the shoulder, Oda stood up next to him.

“Hey, you need a hand?”

“No, I'll be fine. Does everyone want the same?” A loud chorus of yeses and Kiryu was heading down the stairs, making his way to the door as quick as possible. The amount of people in the club made the air heavy and sticky, to the point where he felt too hot to breathe. Being shoved into the door hard, he was just about to turn around and ask what the hell when something caught his eye. Was that...? I could have sworn... That jacket... Craning his neck to see past the group of people, Kiryu was losing patience fast. Hands landed on his shoulders spinning him around. Face to face with a young man, Kiryu stuck his face forward, barking at him angrily.

“Huh? What the hell do you want!?” The man jerked back wide eyed.

“S- Sorry man. I bashed into you coming outside, I just wanted to make sure you were okay...”

“What!? Oh... Yeah, I'm fine. Don't worry about it.” Turning back around the street had cleared, but there was no sign of Majima. Damn it.

“Are you sure? I mean, I bumped into you pretty hard, say, why don't you let me buy you a drink huh? You know... To apologize.” The man now stood in front of him, nervously rubbing the back of his neck. Is he... Is he hitting on me?

“Really, there's no need. I'm fine.” Looking the guy up and down, Kiryu smiled. He must have been in his early twenties, short brown hair that hung messily past his ears, a nervous smile on his lips. I shouldn't have snapped at him.

“Oh. Okay. Anyway, I'm Taniguchi.”


“Kiryu-san, huh? So. Uh, you come here often?” Taniguchi rolled his eyes, flashing Kiryu a look of hopeless desperation. It was obvious this kid was out of his depth. Yeah, this guy is definitely hitting on me. I suppose one drink wouldn't hurt. I just hope he doesn't carry on with that awful small talk. Heh, it's cute in a way. Smiling warmly, Kiryu opened his mouth to speak when he felt an arm wrap around his shoulder and wet lips plant on his cheek. Trying to jerk sideways, the arm kept him firmly in place.

“Babyyyy! There ya are! Sorry I'm late, fuckin' traffic! So, ya gonna introduce me ta yer friend?” Standing slack jawed, Kiryu nodded dumbly.

“This is... This is Taniguchi-san.”

“Yo, Taniguchi!! So, ya wanna join us?” Shaking his head quickly, Taniguchi bowed.

“N- No, sorry I have to go. Goodbye, Kiryu-san.” Just as he stumbled away, Majima muttered under his breath.

“Yeah, goodbye asshole.” Finally slipping out of Majima's grip, Kiryu faced him, his brow furrowed.

“Baby? What the hell are you playing at?? I'm not your baby!!”

“Man!! That was painful ta watch! Reckon I'd come save ya, eh? So, ya gonna say thank you?”

“No. I didn't need saving. I actually wanted to have a drink with him.” Majima giggled loudly, shaking his head in disbelief.

“Haw? With that loser??”

“And how would you know he's a loser? I didn't think you knew him personally.”

“I don't. But look at him. An' then look at me. Hehe! Can't tell me I look like a loser.” Pulling open his jacket, Majima tensed his abs hard. “Whatcha think? Ain't I red hot?” Biting his lip, Kiryu tried to conceal his grin. Now he... Is definitely flirting with me. Decision time. Do I flirt back, or run away like a child again? Shrugging, Kiryu looked him up and down, trying to remain disinterested.

“Hmm. I've seen worse, I suppose.” Another loud cackle filled the air, Kiryu's confidence soaring.

“Hehehe! Feisty, ain't ya? I like it. So what happened ta yer friends?”

“They're inside. I only came out for a cigarette.” Pulling out a box from his jacket, Majima grabbed two, handing one to Kiryu.

“Here, I owe ya one from earlier.”

“Thanks. I'm glad you came along actually.” Patting his jacket for his lighter, the other pulled out his own, stepping close. His face close to Kiryu's, he flashed him a devilish grin, voice seductive and low as he spoke.

“Oh yeah? An' why's that? Wanna take me down that alleyway an' have yer wicked way with me?” He's... I can't even tell if he's joking. Heh, I've never wanted to get to know anymore more so much in my life. Rolling his eyes, Kiryu held his cigarette to the flame, watching intently as Majima slowly licked his bottom lip.

“Get real. No, I wanted to apologize.”

“Eh? What fer?”

“Earlier... When I just walked away. I didn't mean to come across so...” Pulling back, Majima quickly lit his own cigarette and patted Kiryu on the back.

“Hey, man. Ain't nothin' ta worry 'bout. Ya look real stressed out. Things okay, baby?” This is unexpected.

“Heh, knock it off. Trust me, I've already had all of this from they guys in there. I don't need a stranger pitying me now.”

“I ain't a stranger. Not anymore, anyway. Hehe. Tell ya what. Why don't we smoke these an' head inside fer a drink? Ya can tell me whatever ya want. An' I ain't gonna pity ya. Do I look the kinda guy that pities people?”

“Heh. When you put it that way, sure.” Leaning against the wall, Majima shivered, his gaze fixed on Kiryu. While he was aware he was being stared at, he tried to play it cool, casually watching the crowds go by. “Maybe if you wore some clothes, you wouldn't be so cold.”

“Hey, man. I look fuckin' good. I could be wearin' a lot less, if ya play yer cards right, hehe!! It ain't got nothin' ta do with that. It's the fact it's fuckin' freezin' tonight.” Pausing, he breathed out, watching his own breath in the air. “Ya see? That means it's cold. Duh.” Chuckling Kiryu shook his head.

“Thanks for the lesson, sir.” Clapping his hands, Majima threw back his head, excitement crackling through his cackle.

“Oooohh! Sir! I like it! Hehe! Kiryu-chaaan, ya got my heart beatin' all different kinds'a funny!!”

“Is that so? Heh. You're off the wall, you know that? Anyway, you want to head inside?”

“Thought ya'd never ask! C'mon, let's go. Say, Kiryu-chan? What does off the wall actually mean?”

“I thought you were the teacher?” Wrapping his arm around Kiryu, he pulled him close as they headed back inside Stardust together.

“Watch yer tone, kid. I might jus' give ya detention.”

Squeezing past people to get to the bar, Kiryu was tapped on the shoulder. Leaning to speak into his ear, Majima moved in close.

“I'm jus' gonna tell the guys where I am. I'll find us a seat.” Nodding okay, he carried on to the bar, a beaming grin on his face. Heh, this is going well. I'm glad I listened to Oda and Tachibana now. Shit, they're probably wondering where I am. Well, I am doing what they wanted... Standing at the bar, Kiryu's mind went blank. Shit! What the hell does he drink?? I don't want to order beer in case he thinks I'm cheap. I suppose I have been saving quite well lately, I could push the boat out just a bit. The bartender turned his attention to him, smiling warmly.

“Kiryu-san! Nice to see you! Yuya-san and Kazuki-san are upstairs.”

“I know, thanks, Harada. Uh, what whiskeys do you serve here?”

“Hmm, let's see. We have... Jack Daniels, Hibiki 30 and Yamazaki 25. I must warn you Kiryu-san... The last two are rather expensive.”

“No problem. Uh, I'll have two glasses of Yamazaki please.”

“Okay! That'll be 11,000 yen, please. Are you celebrating something?”

“Not really. Heh, thanks Harada.”

“There you are! You keep disappearing, Kiryu. Oh, hey. What's this? Someone looks happy! Something I should know about?” Stuffing some money into Oda's hand, Kiryu nodded.

“Actually, there is. I've bumped into someone... A... A friend. I'd like to catch up with him, if that's okay with everyone? There's some money, buy the guys a drink.”

“Heh, why wouldn't it be??”

“Well, you guys invited me out and I don't want to seem rude by ditching you.”

“Kiryu, we're big boys. I'm sure we'll manage to survive without you. We're leaving here at 9.30pm though, so you better be all caught up by then.”

“No problem, thanks, Oda.”

“So... Uh... This friend you'd like to catch up with...” Cringing at the way Oda emphasized the word friend, Kiryu nodded. “How long have you known him?” Here we go. There's no point trying to lie, Oda's like a dog with a bone. Tch.

“Since I got here.”

“Ohhh... So? What's he like? When do we get to meet your new boyfriend?” Breath catching in his throat, Kiryu whipped his head around.

“What!? Boyf- Oda! Shut up! It's not like that! Look, we just got talking and nothing more!! What the hell does it have to do with you anyway!?” Oda let out a chuckle. Seeing Kiryu so flustered was too funny that he just couldn't resist sticking the knife in deeper.

“Mnhm. Sure. But you like him, hm? I suppose that's who you've been looking for since we got here. Must be one hell of a guy to have you so red in the face.”

“Goddamn it, Oda! Back the hell off! Ngh...” Deciding that Kiryu had taken enough punishment, for now anyway, Oda wrapped his arm around his neck, pulling him close playfully.

“Kiryu, cool down! I'm only playing! Heh! Anyway, we'll meet you outside at 9.30pm, okay? Enjoy getting to know your... New friend.”

“You keep playing and you're going to get a black eye. I'll see you later.” Taking the glasses, Kiryu weaved his way through the crowd looking for Majima, finally spotting him at the other side of the room, sat talking to some guy. I wonder who he is. Shit, I better not spill these. 11,000 for two glasses... This better be good. Catching Kiryu out of the corner of his eye, Majima waved him over.

“Kiryu-chan! I'd like ya ta meet Nishida!” Sitting down next to Majima, Kiryu nodded towards the smiling man in front of him.

“Kiryu-san! Nice to meet you! The boss has been telling me how he had to save you earlier!” Saved me? Damn, this guy must have one hell of an ego. Stretching back in his seat, Majima flexed his arms.

“Yeah, man. Ain't one ta brag, but I was real good.” Smirking as he took a drink, Kiryu nodded.

“He was something, alright.” Turning to face Nishida, Majima waved his hand.

“Okay, scram. Get outta here, buttbrain.” Buttbrain? He talks to his staff this way...?

“Yes, boss! Nice to meet you, Kiryu-san!” Bowing, Nishida scurried off quickly.

“You talk to your staff that way?”

“Yup. But it's true, so it ain't like I'm lyin' ta him. Hehe! Nah, man. Nishida's cool. In a total knuckleheaded sorta way. Eh, who cares. He's my problem, not yers.” Taking a quick sip, Majima grinned wide. “Oooh! Yamazaki! Nice! Aw, spendin' all that money on little old me? I'm touched, Kiryu-chaaaaan!”

“I take it you're a whiskey drinker then? Heh, it's no big deal.”

“Nah, ain't no use playin' the cool guy, I know how much this stuff costs. Used ta run my own place, believe it or not... Hehe! Anyway, ain't no need ta waste yer money on this fer me anymore, okay? Next round is on me.”

“You used to have your own place? Like, a bar?”

“Nah. Cabaret club. The Cabaret Grand in Sotenbori. Hehe, feels like a lifetime ago, man. Anyway. I ain't in the club game no more. I got my own construction company now. So if ya ever need anythin' like that, ya know who ta come to! So, what about yerself? Whadda ya do, Kiryu-chan?”

“Nothing fancy. I'm a taxi driver.”

“Ooh, would'a never guessed from lookin' at ya. I'll remember that when I'm after a ride, hehe!!”

“Heh. Fine by me. Here's my card. It's got my cell phone number on, in case you...” Trailing off, Kiryu felt his face flush. In case you want to see me again. Say it. “In case you need a taxi.” Tch.

“So, this is fer business only? Hm. So, what number do I call if I jus' wanna see ya?” Grinning stupidly, Kiryu chuckled happily.

“The same one, Majima-san.”

“Okay, good. Now then. Ya gonna tell me what's got ya so stressed? I'm a real good listener. Fer the right person, anyway.”

“Heh. Am I the right person?” Leaning back in his seat, Majima shrugged, his jacket falling open wider. Trying to keep his attention on the other's face, Kiryu took another drink, trying to moisten his rapidly drying mouth. He has got a really nice chest... Damn it. It's too hot in here.

“Try me an' find out.” Wiping the beading sweat from his forehead, Kiryu nodded. Should I be telling him this? I mean he is still just a stranger really, why would he care about my problems? Heh, judging by the way he's been tonight, I'm sure if I bore him, he'll tell me.

“Okay... My friend, Nishiki... I say friend, he's more like my brother... Anyway when we were children, we... We lived at the orphanage together. And pretty much ever since then, it's been me and him. We live together, no... I mean, we lived together. A month ago, he got a call saying his sister had taken a turn for the worse, she's been unwell for quite some time, but... So Nishiki's gone to look after her. I don't know if he'll be gone for a few weeks, or... Or a few years. It sounds pathetic, but I feel... I feel so lost without him. It was always just me and him. And now he's gone... It's that bad I even dread coming home. That empty shell doesn't feel like home. Not without him. So, I've been working every chance I get. The past month, 12 hour shifts nearly everyday, Saturdays and Sundays too. Finally Tachibana and Oda spoke to me about it tonight. I eventually told them everything and I was forced to come out. Don't get me wrong, I'm... I'm really glad I did, but it made me realise that they're right. This really is doing me no good. What if it is long term Nishiki is gone? So I've come to the conclusion I'm still going to work every chance I get. But to save up a bit more money. Decorate the apartment so it feels like a home. Maybe then, even though it's empty, it won't be so bad. And I've promised I'm going to go out at least once a week. Heh. I felt so awful making them worry... I didn't know what else to do.” Majima smiled sympathetically as he sat up, placing his hand on top of Kiryu's.

“Man. Sounds like yer in a bit of a sticky spot. 12 hour shifts, 7 days a week? How the fuck are ya still standin'?? Shit. But ya got it right. Ain't no way ta live, man. I get why ya would feel that way... But the world don't stop, Kiryu-chan. Shitty things happen that we don't like, but we get through it. Tell ya what. I'm gonna help ya out. How 'bout we decorate yer place together? I can get some of the boys in, we'll have it done in no time at all! Hehe!!” Majima-san?? Decorating my place?? This is the perfect excuse to see him again!! Playing it cool, Kiryu shrugged.

“That depends on what your prices are.” Jabbing his finger in Kiryu's face, Majima giggled.

“Fer yerself? Nothin'. Hehe, call it a favour. Okay, so that's one problem solved. Problem two. I don't do this fer jus' anyone mind... In fact... Ehehe... I ain't done this before. But!! Anytime ya feel shitty an' low... Whether ya jus' wanna talk or if ya wanna hang out, fuck, anythin' at all. Ya gimme a call. An' as fer problem three? Same as before. If ya ever wanna go out, hit me up. I'm there.” Stomach somersaulting, Kiryu's hand stiffened beneath the other's. See him anytime? Is he serious? Okay, don't go jumping in. Get to it eventually.

“Really? Why? I may not know much about construction... But if you do a job for free surely that means you're losing money?”

“Ain't no big deal. Money can always be replaced man.” Okay, now go for it. Raising his head, Kiryu's eyes met Majima's one.

“And you're serious? I can call you anytime?” Majima smiled genuinely, nodding slowly.

“Yup. Man, ya better!”

“Heh. I'll hold you to that.”

“Hey, ya want another drink?”

“Sure.” Majima stood up and walked away, leaving him alone at the table. Grinning wide, he let his head fall back, just noticing Yuya, Tachibana, Oda and Kazuki all stood upstairs, leaning over the railings, laughing happily. Goddamn it, they're spying on me?? Tch. Oda gave him a quick thumbs up before they all turned around and returned to their seats. Great, now I feel like an idiot. Brow furrowed, Kiryu sat forward awkwardly in his chair, now well aware of the fact he could be being watched at any moment. Sitting back down, Majima tilted his head, a worried look stuck on his face.

“Hey, ya okay? Someone say somethin'?”

“No... Nothing like that. Well, more like what they didn't say.”

“Eh? Who?”

“The idiots upstairs I call my friends. They're enjoying the show, by the looks of things.” Trying to be as discreet as possible, Majima cast his eye upwards.

“Four of them? Brown, black, burgundy and a white suit?”

“Yeah. That's them. I assume we have an audience once again?”

“Yup. Man, s'ppose if they're expectin' a show, we best give 'em one, eh?”

“Show? What do you mean, Majima-san?”

“This. C'mere. Lean forward.”

“Huh?? O- Okay...” Doing what he was told nervously, Kiryu's breath caught in his throat as the other did the same. What... What the hell is he doing? Majima tilted his head slightly, his eye heavily lidded, lips glistening in the faint light. Oh, wow... He is so handsome... Is he... Is he going to kiss me?? I feel so awkward, knowing everyone is watching. Soft, warm lips pressed against his own as his eyes widened, Majima's hand coming up to cradle his face. The music in the club dulled to a droning, continuous hum, his heartbeat taking centre stage, thudding loudly in his ears. Allowing his eyes to flutter shut, Kiryu concentrated on the feeling on his lips. It'd been so long since he'd felt human contact this way, it was almost overwhelming. And then it was over. Majima pulled back, flashing him a nervous, toothy grin, eye looking anywhere but at him. Kiryu sat still in a state of shock, fumbling for something... Anything to say. Clearing his throat, he took a sip of the drink placed in front of him and chuckled, hoping it didn't sound as weak as it felt. “So... Uh, did our audience enjoy the show?” Another sneaky flick of his eye above and he let out a small giggle.

“I think they're hangin' onta our every move, Kiryu-chan!! Hehe!!” Shaking his head, Kiryu grinned, hoping the redness in his cheeks had begun to fade. Speaking of our audience, what time is it...? Shit, 9.20pm... I really don't want to go.

“Hey, Majima-san? We're supposed to be heading to Debolah in ten minutes... Heh, I was wondering... I was thinking if... Tch.” Wiping the sweat from the back of his neck, he cringed as Majima grinned at him, his eye burning brightly into him. “If you have nothing better to do... Maybe you'd like to come with us?” The grin slid from his face, being replaced with an annoyed frown instead.

“Man, I can't.” Heart sinking to his stomach, Kiryu nodded quickly, trying to cover up his disappointment.

“Oh. It's okay, forget it. Heh.” Majima must have been able to see how Kiryu felt and shook his hands quickly in protest.

“Nah, man, listen. I gotta be somewhere... Little bit of business. Ya got no idea how much I'd love ta... But this ain't somethin' I can call off. Tell ya what, finish yer drink an' come outside with me.” Watching as Majima slung back his drink, he did the same, following him out of the club, purposefully ignoring Oda waving at him from the railings. They're never going to let me live this down, are they. Damn it. Walking into the chilly night air, they resumed their positions against the wall, both reaching for a cigarette. “Like I was sayin', kinda an important business deal. Only time the client was free is tonight. An' I really want this job, otherwise, I would'a jus' blew it off. Ain't gonna lie, feel pretty shit man. Really do wanna spend more time with ya, Kiryu-chan. I ain't met a guy like yerself before... I mean... Eh. Hehe!” Is he... Is he nervous?? I didn't think he was the type to get nervous. “So, I was thinkin'... 'Bout that offer of decoratin' yer place. Why don't we do it this week? I mean... Ain't no point hangin' around, right?? Gotta warn ya though, Mr workaholic... Yer gonna have ta take a few days off work.”

“Take a few days off...? Why?”

“Well, first we gotta talk 'bout what ya want done. Then, we gotta do it.”

“Okay, I- huh?” Feeling fingers tapping his shoulder, Kiryu turned around, chest instantly tightening. Shit. I swear if he says anything to rile me up, friend or not, I'll kick his ass. Oda stood in front of them, an annoying smirk on his lips.

“Kiryu!! We're leaving now, are you coming?”

“Uh... Yeah, I'll catch up to you.”

“Okay... You going to uh...?” Pointing towards Majima who was looking the other way, Oda nodded, winking quickly. Leaning forwards, Kiryu whispered in his ear.

“I'll get you for this, Oda.” Clearing his throat, he spoke through gritted teeth. “Oda, this is Majima-san. Majima-san, this is Oda. He was a friend.” Chuckling loudly, Oda held out his hand.

“Was a friend? Ow, Kiryu! Right in the chest! Nice to meet you, Kiryu's new friend!” Letting out a groan of embarrassment, Kiryu whacked him in the arm, Majima grinning as he nodded.

“Same ta yerself, man. By the way? Maybe yerself an' yer buddies should get a better hobby than people watchin'. What's the matter man? Ain't got no action in yer own life?” Watching Oda's face drop, Kiryu chuckled under his breath.

“Heh, you're funny. I like you, Majima. Look after Kiryu, huh? He might look all tough and big, but really, he's a delicate little flower. Anyway, catch up quick, Kiryu!” He sauntered away while Kiryu folded his arms and shook his head, ignoring his rapidly reddening cheeks.

“Please, ignore him. He has this idea that he's funny...”

“Hehe, no problem. So, I guess ya better scoot, huh?” The disappointment in his voice was evident and Kiryu felt the same. He really didn't want to go. But they had invited him out, after all. If it wasn't for them he wouldn't have met Majima. So he owed them. Even if they were being assholes.

“Yeah... Uh, but I'll see you this week? For the job, I mean.”

“Ya got it!! Hehe...” Both men stood awkwardly, avoiding each other's gaze. Damn it, I really want to... But did he only kiss me because the guys were watching? Shit. Fidgeting nervously, Kiryu finally built up the courage. Grabbing the cigarette between Majima's lips, he tossed it to the floor and kissed him, placing his hand on his bare chest gently as he did so. What if he didn't want this? What if... Damn it!! When should I pull away? Should I wait for him to pull away? Ngh, who knew kissing could be so goddamn hard!? Breaking their kiss, Kiryu pulled back, rubbing his neck nervously.

“Uh... Sorry... I... Heh.” Majima lowered his head, his hair hanging over his face. Kiryu could just make out a light blush covering his cheeks and a bashful smirk on his lips. I guess I was right earlier. He does get embarrassed, heh. “Anyway, I have to... Uh, goodbye Majima-san!” Turning around, Kiryu jogged down the street, eyes peeled for the others. No sign of them... Well at least they didn't see me make a fool of myself just now. I wonder if he's looking at me... Taking a quick glance over his shoulder, Kiryu felt his stomach flutter. Majima was still leant against the wall, his head tipped back and an unmistakable grin on his face. Majima-san... It's been so long since I've felt like this I forgot how good it feels... How good it feels to have another person touch me... To take an interest in me... Heh. I really hope I see him again soon... Really soon.


Chapter Text

Kiryu, just call him!” Sighing heavily, Kiryu faced Oda.

And how do I do that without his number?” Grinning sheepishly, Oda scratched his head.

Oh, yeah. Heh, sorry. It's early days, it's only Thursday. From the looks of it, he was really into you.”

Okay, well, one. You didn't help with your stupid, idiotic remarks. A delicate flower? A delicate fucking flower!? Asshole!! And two, what goes on in my life- oh. Real mature of you.” Stifling a giggle, Oda tried to compose himself. Failing miserably, he guffawed loudly, tears running down his cheeks.

Oda-san. Cut Kiryu-san some slack. How is this helping him?” Tachibana spoke calmly, the voice of reason as usual. Wiping his eyes, Oda nodded towards a very pissed off Kiryu.

Okay, I get it boss. Sorry, Kiryu.” Grimacing slightly, Kiryu decided to be the bigger man. Waving his hand, he shook his head.

Tch. It's okay.”

No, I feel awful. I tell you what. I'll do something nice for you, hm? How about a nice, big bunch of flowers??” Even Tachibana couldn't stop the smirk from creeping onto his face and turned his head quickly, hissing Oda's name. Oda didn't care however, he was once again in fits of giggles. I'm not taking this. They dragged me along, spied on me and have the nerve to mock me when I do what they suggest!? Standing up, Kiryu banged his fists on the table.

You know, I don't understand you. You're supposed to be my friend. Shit, you force me to come out with you. And in return I get nothing but mocked?? Is that all I am to you? A joke?? Good one, Oda. I'm out of here.”

Kiryu-san! Wait! Please, sit back down.”

Why!? So you can mock me again?? Goddammit, Tachibana! I trusted you guys. I thought you were my friends.”

We are. Oda-san is doing his usual trick, I'm afraid. Taking a joke too far and not realising until the damage is done.” Standing up, Oda put his arm around Kiryu's shoulder, his face now deadly serious, with a hint of what Kiryu assumed was remorse.

Eh, Kiryu? I'm sorry. Really. I am your friend, you know that. Just trying to make you laugh. Cheer you up a bit. You've been pissed off all week, man. But, the boss is right. I took it too far and I'm sorry. Really.” Oda's apology was genuine and he even seemed a little bit embarrassed. Pointing at him warningly, Kiryu sat down.

One more joke at my expense and I'm gone. And I haven't been pissed off. I'm just tired. I don't see wh-” Thankfully, a loud ringing in his pocket prevented him from saying anymore. Pulling it out, he stared at the unrecognisable number, heart fluttering. Calm down. Oda will just start mocking you again. Keeping his voice level, Kiryu answered, both sets of eyes watching his every move.

Tachibana Taxi, this is Kiryu, how can I help you?” An unrecognisable voice drawled out on the other end, his heart sinking. “Right now? Yes, sir. I'll be waiting. Goodbye.” Returning the phone to his pocket, he sighed as Tachibana began to speak once more.

Kiryu-san. I know what you must be feeling. Opening up to someone and then-” Nope. Not in the mood for another heart to heart.

Tachibana, with respect. I'm really not in the mood for this. Besides, I've got a job to go to. See you.” Tugging on his cap, Kiryu made his way to Showa Street West, where he'd parked the taxi.

After sitting waiting for a good ten minutes, finally his customer turned up. Jumping in the back seat, he wore a big coat that covered the bottom of his face, a hat and sunglasses, which struck Kiryu as odd since it was miserable and freezing cold outside, but he kept his opinion to himself. What the hell is this guy wearing...? Hmm.

The taxi fare starts at ¥660. Where would you like to go?”

Kamurocho Hills.” Cocking his head, Kiryu glanced in the rear-view mirror. That voice... I'm sure I know that voice. Hm. Maybe if I make small talk I can figure out where I've heard it. Smiling, Kiryu nodded, noticing the man in the back was looking out of the window.

Very well, sir. Awful weather we're having, hm?” A grunt in response. Damn it, not the talking type, I guess. Maybe if I stay quiet, he'll talk to me. Driving in silence for what felt like forever, finally the man in the back spoke.

Busy day?”

I've had busier. So, are you heading to Kamurocho Hills on business, sir?”

Work there.” And that was the end of the conversation. Until Kiryu pulled to a stop. Passing through some money, the man got out, slamming the door behind him.

Thank you, sir.”

Hey.” Bending down in front of Kiryu's window, the man spoke. “I thought you were the smart type. I guess I got it wrong.” Staring up in confusion, he tilted his head to the side questioningly.

S- Sir?”

Ooooh! I can't fuckin' take it anymore!! Ya know what calling me sir does ta me!!” Brow furrowing, it finally all clicked into place. Stomach dropping to his feet, Kiryu's eyes widened.

Majima-san!?” Pulling off the hat and sunglasses, Majima beamed at him.

Took ya fuckin' long enough! Hehe! I knew I was good, Kiryu-chan, but, shit!! Ya made it easy!!”

What... Uh... What do you... I don't...” I want to punch him in his stupidly handsome face. I feel like an idiot. Damn it. So he doesn't call, and then he puts on a stupid disguise and gets in my taxi? The hell? Normal people would walk away from this... But honestly, he intrigues me. I've never known anyone like him before. And... I want to get to know him better. A lot better. Majima squealed at him, clasping his hands over his chest.

Hehe! Yer so cute when yer confused!! Park the car jus' through that gate.”

Park?? Majima-san, as much as I'd love to, I'm working.” Leaning down low, Majima moved close. So close his warmth breath tickled Kiryu's face. Trying to conceal a shudder, he swallowed hard.

Fuck it. If I remember correctly... Ya were tellin' me how ya never take a day off. Phone 'em up an' tell 'em yer takin' today off.” Huh? Take a day off!? What the...

The whole day? Why??”

Listen. I know yer probably wonderin' why I ain't called.” Obviously. But I don't want you knowing that. Shrugging, Kiryu mustered a friendly smile.

Not really.” Majima's eye narrowed, his lips twisting into a frown. Hold on, what if he thinks I'm really not interested... “Well, maybe.” The smile returned to Majima's face as he nodded awkwardly.

I... I wanna take ya out. C'mon, I got us a table booked. Heh... I wanna-” Not waiting for him to finish, Kiryu's eyes widened, blurting out words before he could think.

A table?? Take me out? You mean... You mean like, on a date...?” Cursing internally, he bit his lip as Majima smiled. It was a glowing, genuine, honest smile. A smile that made his heart soar.

Hehe, yup. Sounds so formal when ya say it.” Well this is not how I imagined my day going. I would love to go out with him... But Tachibana... And plus, I'm not exactly dressed to go out.

I'm in my driving clothes.”

Kiryu-chan, ain't nobody gonna care 'bout what yer wearin'. Ya comin' or not? Don't make me beg, hehe...” Trailing off, Majima grinned at him nervously. Make him beg? He really does want to go out with me... Heh, I can put up with the embarrassment and questions from Oda. Pulling out his phone, Kiryu dialled the office.

Hello, Tachibana Taxi, this is Oda. How may I help you?” Of course. Of course Oda would answer. Ngh...

Oda, put Tachibana on.”

Eh? What's wrong with me?”

You're an asshole.”

Fair enough.” There was a muffled chuckle as the phone was passed over.

Yes, hello? Kiryu-san?”

Tachibana... Look, I know this is out of the blue, but would it be okay if I take the rest of the day off?” Tachibana spoke quickly, his voice happy but tinged with worry.

Kiryu-san, of course! Is everything okay?”

Yes. Everything is fine. Someone- shit. I mean something has come up. Heh.”

I understand. Enjoy yourself, Kiryu-san.”

Yeah, heh, uh, see you later. I'll stop by the office.”

No need. Now go. Goodbye, Kiryu-san.” Turning to face Majima, he smiled warmly.

Looks like I have the day off.”

After parking the car, Kiryu took one last look at himself in the rear-view mirror. Letting out a sigh, he rubbed the dark circles under his eyes. I really need to try and sleep more. This is getting ridiculous. It wasn't like he wasn't trying to sleep, it was the fact that he just couldn't. In bed nearly the same time every night and even then he'd spend hours tossing and turning. Kiryu had figured it was because of the situation with Nishiki, chalking it up to the fact he was missing him and worrying about his sister. But ever since Friday... It was a different story. His thoughts were filled with Majima. Assuming it was because it's the first time he's been interested in someone in years, Kiryu just tried to keep cool. Majima would call when he got around to it. But the more time went by, the more prominent he became in Kiryu's mind. And he just didn't know how to process that feeling. Even now as he sat in the car, of course he was excited. But there was an underlying layer of worry and doubt that he just couldn't shift.

Climbing out of the car, he turned around to find Majima standing next to a man. Staring hard, Kiryu realised it was the same man from the other night. Nishida I think his name was... Yeah. Walking over, his heart was going into overdrive. Even walking normally felt like a challenge. Managing to stand in front of them, Kiryu watched as Majima held onto a clipboard, tracing lines with his finger as Nishida stared intently.

Nah, nah, nah. All wrong. Ya gotta take this wall from this side an' move it here. See what I mean?”

Sure, boss... But, uh... Wouldn't it make more sense to keep it where it is and have it more open? More space, you know?” Looking up from the clipboard, Majima faced Nishida, a cold look on his face as his fists tensed.

Do ya not trust my instincts... Nishida?” Snapping his head up, Nishida waved his hands quickly, fear practically dripping from his face.

It's not that!! Boss, it's not that at all! I just... No problem, boss.” This is awkward... Shit, he really looks terrified... I get the feeling Majima-san makes sure he gets his own way... And if he doesn't? It looks like Nishida knows the score. I admire that. You get nowhere in life being walked over, and Majima-san is definitely one of those people that puts up with no bullshit. Heh.

Atta boy!! Oh, hey! Kiryu-chan! Sorry, bit of a problem with unruly staff these days... So. Ready ta go?” Nishida bowed and scurried off, leaving them alone.

Uh, sure. Heh... Where are we headed?”

Told ya. Got us a table booked. Let's talk when we get there.”

Okay... Is it far?”

Nah. Jus' on Shichifuku St. East.” Hmm... The only place I can think of is Kanrai... I've never been but I've heard their prices are really steep. I really don't feel comfortable with him taking me there. It's too much.

Kanrai?” Stomping his feet on the floor, Majima crossed his arms and pouted. Goddamn... He's adorable.

Aw, maaaaaan!! Ya went an' ruined it now!!” Chuckling, Kiryu shook his head.

Majima-san... I've heard about this place. It's expensive.” Majima shrugged. He clearly didn't care.

Yup. An' it's on me. Hehe!! I'm the one takin' ya out, after all.”

No. I'm not letting you waste money on me. But if you insist we go, it's only fair I pay my way.” Rubbing his chin, he squeezed his eye shut in thought.

Hmm. Nope!! Kiryu-chan, please. Jus' stop twistin', man. This is my treat. I wanted ta take ya somewheres special 'cause... 'Cause yer a special guy... Hehe!!” I'm a special...??

I'm what...? Majima-san, I... You... I really don't feel com- Hngh!” Body trembling violently, Kiryu's words melted away into Majima's mouth as he kissed him. Reaching his hands up, he held Kiryu's face in his hands gently, pulling him closer as his tongue snaked his way inside his mouth. Pushing down his nervousness, Kiryu wrapped his hands around his waist, holding tightly as he playfully fought with Majima's tongue. Every so often, he'd let out what sounded like small, muffled groans. And it drove Kiryu crazy to the point where he wanted to pull him closer forcefully, kiss him harder and let his hands grab and feel every inch of Majima's smooth, tight body. It had been too long... Far too long. Pulling back, Majima gave one last peck on the lips before turning away, pushing his hair out of his eye.

Heh... I'm... Sorry 'bout that. Been dyin' ta do that fer days. Hehe...” Standing still, Kiryu tried to catch his breath, his legs wobbling slightly.

Don't... Don't apologize. I'm glad you did.” Giggling loudly, Majima wrapped his arm around Kiryu's shoulder pulling him forwards. “C'mon. I'm hungry! Kissin' ya sure built up an appetite!!” Shaking his head, Kiryu chuckled, stumbling forward on shaky legs. I really don't know what to make of him. I don't hear from him in days and then he hijacks my taxi pretty much? Heh, never knowing what to expect is kind of... Worrying. Yet, I like it.

Walking into Kanrai, Kiryu nervously handed the waiter his jacket, jaw dropping as Majima did the same. His snakeskin jacket and leather pants had gone, instead being replaced with a sharp black suit, crisp white shirt and a perfectly straight black tie. Mind blank, he followed the waiter to the table and sat down, still slack jawed. Pulling himself close to the table, Majima looked up at Kiryu noticing the look on his face.

Uh... Kiryu-chan? Everythin' okay?” Not really, Majima-san. I look like shit and you... You look like... Wow... Shaking his head, Kiryu smiled.

Yes. I... Yes. Fine.”

Ya say yeah, but yer shakin' yer head no... Uh, okay. Hehe! You-” Eyes glazed over, Kiryu murmured quietly.

Majima-san... You look so handsome... Really, really handsome.”

Ehehehe... No need ta sound so surprised, man. I told ya, I know how ta look good!” Even though he tried to play cool, Kiryu still managed to catch the slight blush that crept onto his face. “Anyway, what 'bout yerself? Didn't know it was possible fer a uniform ta be so fuckin' hot! Damn! Might have ta start gettin' a taxi everywhere.”

Heh. Fine by me. Speaking of clothes... Do you make a habit of dressing up?”

Only fer the right person! Hehe, nah. I ain't done it before. Gotta be honest, man. When I think of you... I get all kinds of ideas!” Feeling his chest tighten, Kiryu bit his lip hard. Is he serious? He looks serious... I... Damn it.

You mean dressing up ideas...?” Nodding happily, Majima giggled excitedly.

Ehehe... Yup!” Swallowing the lump in his throat, he tried to keep himself calm. He had no idea if Majima was just playing with him or if he was deadly serious, but either way, all nervousness aside... Kiryu was loving every minute of being with Majima.

You've been thinking of me?” The smile left Majima's face as he met Kiryu's eyes with his own.

None stop. Ain't been able ta get ya off my mind. Heh.”

I've... Same. I thought... When I didn't hear from you I thought you had changed your mind.” Jerking back from the table, Majima scowled hard.

Haaaww!? Ya fuckin' mad!? 'Course not! Jus' had a lot of shit goin' on. Rival companies that keep tryin' ta fuck my shit up. I ain't gonna lie ta ya, Kiryu-chan. The business I'm in... Hehe! It means I gotta watch my back a lot. An' kick ass a lot. Lucky fer me, I'm real damn good at both. But I jus' didn't want ya around when this shit was goin' on. Things seem ta have calmed down now an' so the first thing I did was call ya. Frankly, the whole disguise thing... Hehe! Jus' wanted ta see ya smile again. An' maybe keep ya on yer toes a bit.” Kick ass a lot? Watch his back? I didn't realise construction companies could be so dangerous. Unless there's something else going on that he hasn't told me. Hmm. I still wish he had of just called though.

I understand. Well, if you ever need a hand... I'm here. I don't want to sound modest, but I consider myself to be quite a good fighter, too. Heh. I appreciate that, Majima-san. But honestly? I couldn't care. I don't care what was or is happening. As long as I could see you.” Leaning over to grab his hand, Majima grinned at him. Lowering his head Kiryu tried to control his breathing as his heart swelled in his chest. If Oda was here right now he'd be tearing me a new one. I don't care, if I'm honest. Seeing him smile is just too damn good. An unknown, male voice pulled him from his thoughts. Snapping his head up, Kiryu's face reddened. Standing there smiling with a notepad was a waiter. Trying to pull his hand back, he failed miserably, Majima keeping it held tight.

Are you ready to order?”

Yup!! We'll take two of yer Grade A Kalbi, please.”

Thank you. That'll be ¥5,000.” Digging around in his pocket, Majima pulled out a wad of money, handing some to the waiter. “Thank you, sir. Your food won't be long. Is there anything else?”

Nope. Thanks.” Bowing politely, the waiter left to Kiryu's relief.

Majima-san, please. Let me pay half. I feel awful-”

Kiryu-chan. I mean this in the nicest way. But shut the fuck up will ya? I told ya. My treat. Yer turn can be next, hehe. Now that ya got my number, I'm serious. Ya better put it ta good use, ya hear?”

Okay. I'll hold you to it. Majima-san... Can I ask you something? Why... Why were you outside that night? Why did you come back to save me, as you put it?”

Hehe, this confession time? I was outside 'cause I was lookin' fer ya. I headed inside the club after ya but I couldn't see ya anywhere. Figured if I hung 'round outside long enough, ya would come out fer another smoke. Hehe, pretty fuckin' clever, huh? An' I saved ya 'cause I wanted ta be yer Majima in shinin' armour hehe!! Nah. I saved ya 'cause ya might of went inside with him. I didn't want ya goin' with him. Was gonna put my moves on ya when we first met but ya ran off. I wasn't gonna miss my chance again. Gotta admit, I had my eye on ya before I picked yer lighter up. Saw ya standin' outside of the place like ya were lost. Everyone jus' went past in a blur... But you? Ya stood out ta me... Ya jus' seemed so different ta everyone else. The serious, brooding, mysterious type. Not ta mention hot as fuckin' fuck, man. Knew I had ta talk ta ya. Like I said, I wasn't gonna let that little prick beat me ta it. Oh, thanks.” Nodding to the waiter as he set down plates in front of them, Majima lifted his hand from Kiryu's and pointed at him. “No fuckin' protestin' bullshit. Eat or I'll make ya. Now, I know that sounds real fun, but seriously. I wanted ta do somethin' nice, man. I dunno... Don't take this the wrong way, but I don't think yer used ta this. So, I tell ya what. Think of it as an apology fer takin' so long ta call ya. Hehe!!” Digging into his plate of food, Majima managed a smile as Kiryu spoke.

Fine. I suppose I can live with that... Wait. What do you mean, you don't think I'm used to this? Used to what?”

Ehehe... Like I said, don't take it wrong... But this. Goin' on dates. Goin' ta clubs. Havin' someone treatin' ya real good. From what ya said on Friday. It's been jus' yerself an' yer pal fer a long, long time. So I assume ya ain't had a relationship in a little while. Sorry fer assumin' but hey man, I get it. An' now he's gone, ya jus' been workin' yer ass off. Huh?” Majima paused, leaning closer as Kiryu chewed slowly. “Did ya say somethin'?” Nodding, Kiryu kept his eyes locked onto his plate.

Three years ago. That's when my last relationship was. Ended badly, so I tried to distance myself from getting... Getting too close to anyone. I was scared. I... I told him I wasn't ready for anything serious. When really... I wasn't ready to face people about who I really was. What I really was. The only person that knew was Nishiki. And then when I met Tachibana and Oda... Everything changed. They're a couple, and as well as them being my boss and work colleague, they're also two of my closest friends... Well. When Oda's not being an asshole... Which is pretty much every second of the day. But, they made me realise if people didn't like who I am, that's their problem. I shouldn't be scared or ashamed about an opinion someone may or may not have about me. They accepted me with open arms. But I was just so used to hanging out with Nishiki. I didn't realise what I was missing. So, you're completely right. Tachibana said something to me the other day. He asked me, what happens if Nishiki living with his sister is permanent? And honestly, it was nothing but a shock to the system. He's right. I've put myself on hold for far too long. It's time to move on.”

Fair enough. So, not ta sound like, way too forward or nothin'... But... Can ya see yerself movin' on with someone like me?” Putting the fork down, Kiryu coughed loudly, choking on the food that was now wedged in his throat. A few more coughs and he took a deep breath, tears forming in his eyes while Majima grabbed his arm. “Hey, man! Ya okay? Shit, I didn't think I was that bad...” Eyes widening, Kiryu shook his head desperately, still trying to catch his breath.

No! Maj- Majima-san, no! It's not that! You aren't bad. Not remotely close! You just caught me by surprise. Heh. I didn't take you for the serious type and with this being our first... First date, I just didn't expect it.”

Two things ya need ta know 'bout me. One, I don't beat 'round the bush. An' two. I deal in nothin' but honesty. Man, I just appreciate honest people. They ain't fakin' it fer someone else's sake.”

Heh. I can see that.” Still clutching his arm, Majima shrugged, a nervous smile on his lips as he played with his fork.

So? Whatcha think?” Shit, what do I think...? Tch, goddamn it! This is exactly what I've been hoping for!! And now it's here... What, am I just going to turn my back in fear once again? Not get too close in case things don't work out between us? I don't... I only met him on Friday and already I can't stop thinking about him! I would love... For us to get closer. And I'm not going to run away from this anymore. Everything I could possibly want is staring at me right in the face. If it doesn't work, that's life isn't it. But what if it does and I don't know because once again, I've pushed someone away... No. I'm not doing that again. I'm going to be honest, and just go with it.

Well, I don't know what to expect with you. You're just so... I don't know. But I do know that ever since I met you... You've been on my mind. Heh... So yes. I could see that happening. I mean who knows what the future holds, right?” Flashing him a thumbs up, Majima threw his head back, gleeful giggling bubbling from his lips.

Hehe!! I'll take it!! So, ya done eatin'?”

Hm? Yes, why?”

Well, whadda ya say we blow this joint an' head ta our next place on my list?”

Next place?”

Ohhhh, Kiryu-chaaaaan! Ya really didn't think I was jus' gonna take ya out fer somethin' ta eat an' then escort ya home, eh? Hehe! Nope! C'mon.” Nodding uncertainly, Kiryu stood up and followed Majima to collect their jackets. Where could we be going next...? It's probably best I don't ask... Heh.


Chapter Text

Okay!! Here we are!” Looking up in uncertainty, Kiryu shook his head.

M- Majima-san?”

Hehe!! Okay. C'mon.” Walking into Club Sega, Majima dashed towards the UFO Catcher. “Pick one!!”

Hm? Pick one?”

Pick a prize!! An' I'm gonna win it fer ya!”

Huh? Majima-san, you don't need to-”

Oi!! Pick one!” Sighing, Kiryu moved close to the glass, studying the prizes carefully. Birds... Monkeys... Egg type looking things... Squirrels... Or... Huh!? What the hell are those things? Turning to face Majima, Kiryu was just about to suggest they head somewhere else when his eyes landed on him. Jumping up and down in front of the glass excitedly, Majima was mumbling to himself. He's like a big kid, heh. It's cute. Remember Kiryu, go with it. Okay, so which one do I want...

Hmm. That one. The baby monkey.” Tossing coins into the machine rapidly, Majima pressed his face against the glass. Pressing the buttons hard, he whispered as he did so, Kiryu just making it out.

C'mon, little monkey... Time ta come out now... C'mon... Majima wants ya... So ya better fuckin' get yer ass out!!” Chuckling quietly, Kiryu watched as the crane hovered over the toy, slowly lowering down and gripping onto it's head. Rising with the toy, the crane wobbled and Majima let out an almighty curse as the toy fell from its grasp. “Fuckin' fuck man! Shitty little fuckin' prick! Moron, fuckin' moron!! Ain't nothin'. Still got two more goes. An' ya best believe ya comin' outta there, ya little fuck!!” Placing a hand up to his face to stifle a giggle, Kiryu took a quick look around to make sure nobody was watching. A few glances here and there but nothing to worry about. He'd normally be extremely self conscious about what was happening, to the point where he would have just walked out, but the way Majima was going on just made it too damn funny. Plus, it was Majima. This was the first time in a long time that Kiryu had laughed so hard. Majima was unaware however, but that's what made it so cute. “Aiii! Fuck! Ya were so fuckin' close ya damn idiot!! The hell ya playin' at?? Get yer hairy fuckin' ass outta that damn machine!! Now!!” I guess that was his second turn. One turn left. Heh, he's a damn fool. I... Standing here watching him really makes me realise how much I want to kiss him again... I don't want him to think I'm clingy though. It's a first date, I don't want to push it. Heh, date. That still sounds weird. “C'mon, c'mon, c'mon!! Yeah... Keep goin'... Don't ya fuckin' dare drop... Nah, don't even think 'bout it... Jus' a bit... YAAAAA!! KIRYU-CHAAAAN!!” Kiryu's face went a deep red instantly as everyone in the arcade turned around to look at them. Majima didn't care however and continued bouncing up and down, proudly brandishing the monkey. “Told ya! I told ya I'd get it fer ya! Tooooold ya! Haw? Say, what's everyone starin' at? Get back ta whatever ya doin', didn't yer mamas ever tell ya it's rude ta stare, huh? Sheeesh! Anyway! Look, Kiryu-chan!!” Tilting his head to the side, Majima beamed at him stupidly, stretching his arms out in front of him. Opening his cupped hands, there sat the little monkey. Stomach flopping heavily, Kiryu grabbed the toy, flashing Majima an awkward, embarrassed grin.

Heh, thank you, Majima-san. It's cute.”

Hehe! Jus' like yerself! Maaaaan, ya better treasure that forever, ya hear??”

Of course. Heh. So, are you going to let me win one for you?”

Haw!? Nah, ya ain't gotta do that! Hehe! I jus' wanted this ta be a date ya remember. A good one, y'know? Even if kinda stupid!”

No. It's not stupid. Nothing about this is stupid. I've never done anything like this with anyone before. Heh, I'm enjoying myself, Majima-san.” Majima looked at him with a confused look, doubt painted on his face.

R- Really? Ya mean it? I ain't fucked it up by bein' a buttbrain?” Huh? Fucked it up? He acts all confident and brash... But deep down? He's got the same worries and doubts as me... Except he's better at hiding them. I wonder if a past relationship has anything to do with this? Hmm...

What!? Don't be so damn foolish. Really, I wouldn't lie to you Majima-san. My jaw hurts from smiling and laughing so much. Honestly. Heh, so... What prize do you want?” Nodding happily, Majima spun around, studying the prizes once more. Jabbing the glass excitedly with his finger, Majima reached behind him blindly, grabbing onto Kiryu's jacket and pulling him next to him.


Woo what!?”

There!! Woo-kun!! The blue one!” Allowing his gaze to follow where Majima was pointing, Kiryu spotted a blue, weird looking creature with purplish spikes coming out at either side of its head sitting directly in the middle of the shelf.

Oh, you mean this thing?” Majima nodded quickly as Kiryu chuckled one last time and stuffed some money into the machine. Okay, just because you've never done this before doesn't mean you're going to be terrible at it. But if you do, you'll look like a fool in front of him... Ngh.

Oi? Ya ever played one of these before?” Shaking his head slowly, Kiryu laughed it off.

No, but I'll manage. I mean, how hard can it be?” Chuckling softly, Majima stepped behind Kiryu, wrapping his arms around his waist. Hugging him for a moment, he pulled back, placing his hands on top of Kiryu's. Breath hitching in his throat, Kiryu couldn't help but stare. The bright light from the UFO Catcher illuminated Majima's face beautifully, he looked almost magical standing there, his eye glittering, a wide grin on his face showing all of his perfect, white teeth. He knew words just wouldn't describe it, so he didn't. Instead he stared at Majima with his mouth open, the butterflies in his stomach fluttering uncontrollably.

Hey man, ain't nothin' ta it. Lemme show ya. Press an' hold this button here when ya want it ta go forward. Let go when ya want it ta stop.” Pushing down ever so slightly on Kiryu's hand, the crane moved forwards. “An' this button here, ya push an' hold it when ya wanna go along, see? Haw? K- Kiryu-chan? Ya ain't been watchin'?” Turning his head to face Kiryu, Majima tilted his head. “Ya okay?” No. Yes. I don't know. My heart feels like it's going to explode. I want to kiss you, Majima-san. I want to kiss you so bad.

Oh, heh, sure.”

Okay. Anyway, now ya know what ta do, yeah? Sorry, kinda wasted a turn there. Hehe...” Turning to face the glass, Kiryu took a deep breath. Okay, concentrate. I can do this. Pressing the left button, the crane jerked forwards. I didn't think it'd move so fast. Damn. Okay, I can still get it. Pressing the right button, the crane launched right. Removing his hand as it got close, the crane stopped dead above Woo-kun. Majima tried to lean over his shoulder a bit too aggressively and ended up pushing him into the glass. “Shit, Kiryu-chan, ya okay? I'm real... Haaaw!? Kiryu-chaaaan!! Uwaaaa, ya did it!!! On yer first go too! Well fuckin' done!!” Wrapping his arms around Kiryu's waist tightly, Majima held him close.

Majima-san, uh, don't you want Woo-thing?” Spinning him around, he giggled playfully in his face. Damn it, that giggle of his...

Kiryu-chan, it's Woo-kun! An' yeah, I want it. But I want this more.” Leaning forward, he pressed his lips against Kiryu's ever so softly. Pulling back, he smiled warmly. “Thank you, Kiryu-chan.” Bending over, he tugged his prize out of the machine, giggling excitedly as he patted it gently. What a goof ball. Heh. He pulled away to soon, damn it... Watching him... He said to me earlier that he didn't think anyone had done this for me before... Judging by his reactions and the way he's behaving... I don't think anyone's ever done this for him either. I've told him about myself... But yet, he hasn't mentioned anything about himself. Apart from his job... Hmm. “Kiryu-chan! We got some time ta kill before out next activity! So, ya wanna stay here an' mess around or head fer a drink or somethin'?”

Why don't we go for a drink? I'd like to go somewhere quieter. As fun as this is, I could do without the kid screaming.” Pointing to his left to a young girl of about nine or ten, Majima turned around as she let out an ear piercing scream.

But mommy!! I want it! You said you would win it for me!!”

No, sweetie. I said I'd try my best. I've tried six times, I think it's time we try something else.” Shaking her head, the girl threw her bag on the floor, screaming bloody murder, stomping her little feet as hard as she could while her poor mother looked on in sheer horror.

Man, ya gotta point. Let's get outta here.” Kiryu turned to leave, but Majima remained still, watching as the girl began whacking the machine with her clenched fists as hard as she could. Turning back around, Kiryu watched as Majima shook his head.

M- Majima-san?”

Sorry, Kiryu-chan. One sec. That poor lady needs a hand. Oi, kid!” The girl stopped mid yell and stared at Majima hard.

Huh? You look like a pirate mister... Where's your other eye? Ew, what's wrong with you? Normal people have two eyes, mister! You're gross!” Jaw dropping, Kiryu looked at her mother who was as equally horrified. What a damn brat! She looks old enough to know how to behave. Surely her mother should be telling her off!? Bending down, Majima chuckled.

Yer right, kid. I am a pirate. I'm the nastiest one of 'em all. Ya know why?” The girl shook her head, taking a small step back. “'Cause I eat naughty kids. Hehe!! That's how I lost my eye. One of 'em took a whack at me... An' then pop!” Throwing his head left hard, Majima stuck his finger in his mouth and pulled it out quick, making a loud popping noise as the girl stared at him in terror. “Knocked it straight outta my head. So now, before I eat a naughty little kiddie... I like ta have a look at their eyes... I ain't found one I like yet. But yer eyes are real nice, little girl... Hey, guess what? I'm really, really hungry.” The girl let out a gasp and shook her head hard.

You're lying. You're trying to scare me!!” Grinning wide, Majima grabbed his eyepatch, tugging it up slightly.

Ya don't believe me? That's okay. Makes it more fun!! Say... Ya wanna see what it looks like?” Letting out a small cry, the girl ran to her mother, hiding behind her legs as Majima giggled. Leaving her daughter alone for a moment, the mother came over, bowing immediately.

Thank you!! I couldn't get her to stop screaming... I'm so sorry about that, sir.”

Hey, man. Ain't nothin'. Jus' tell her if she don't behave, I'll be there.” Letting out a small giggle, the woman nodded and said thanks once more before walking away. Turning to face Kiryu, Majima grinned. “I ain't been called a pirate before. Little shit. Hehe!! C'mon, I'm thirsty! Let's get outta here.” I never took him for the type to stop and help troubled people. He never ceases to amaze me...

Leaving the arcade, Kiryu couldn't help but notice the way Majima clung onto Woo-kun tightly. It's just a cheap, little toy. Yet he's holding it like it's the most important thing in the world... Maybe I was wrong earlier. Maybe he isn't this way because of a past relationship. Maybe he's being this way because he's never been treated this way himself... I don't want to pry, but I want to try to get to know more. Maybe a few drinks will loosen him up. Glancing down at the toy in his own hand, Kiryu chuckled. Everytime I look at this... I'll remember the moment he won it for me. I'll remember how excited he was... How happy I was watching him... Heh.

C'mon, Kiryu-chan!! In here!” Snapping out of his daze, Kiryu looked at the sign on the door. “Uh, this place okay? Everytime I go in, it's usually pretty quiet, so thought it'd be a good place ta talk.”

Bantam... I've never been in here, so I'll take your word for it. I'm sure it's great, Majima-san.” Nodding happily, Majima walked inside, heading to the bar as Kiryu took a seat at a corner table. Wow, he wasn't kidding about it being quiet. I know it's a small place, but there's only three other people in here including the bartender. Sitting opposite him, Majima placed a glass in front of him.

Here, drink. Hibiki 30.” Taking a drink, Kiryu held the glass in his hand.

Majima-san, what did I say about spending money?”

Yeah an' I didn't listen. Heh. Nice an' quiet in here, huh? Good ta get away from that brat. Don't think she'll be misbehavin' anytime soon, hehe!!”

Heh. It was nice of you to help that woman out.”

I'm jus' an all round nice guy! Nah, in all seriousness, that kid was a fuckin' brat. Like I said, ain't been called a pirate before, so I guess that was kinda cool.”

You're just full of surprises, aren't you? Heh. Say, Majima-san? If you don't mind me asking... What did happen to your eye?” Touching his eyepatch, Majima frowned hard, his grip tightening around Woo-kun. Shit, why didn't I just keep my mouth shut!? I could have just waited for him to be comfortable enough to tell me. Goddammit!

To be honest, Kiryu-chan... I'm surprised it took ya this long ta ask. Hehe, I don't mind. When I was younger... Used ta be in with a bad crowd... Real bad crowd, like these fuckers were the scum of the earth man! But, I was young, stupid an' reckless. I guess nothin' much has changed except I'm a bit older now... Anyway, we used ta do some pretty shady deals 'round town. Probably best ya don't know what we were doin'. I thought... Nah. I knew I was gettin' fucked. Everyone else got more money from the jobs we did. Even guys that were newer than me were gettin' more. An' I didn't think that was fair. I was pullin' my weight, in fact, nah, I was pullin' my weight an' theirs on top. But I still got the short stick. So... I started skimmin' money off the top. Takin' what I thought I was rightfully owed. Went on fer a good few months until they caught me. Jumped me so I didn't stand a fuckin' chance. Cracked me on the back of my head with a metal pipe an' went at it. I know I'm good, but one guy against at least thirty shitheels? Shit, man. So. They tied me up, beat me until I was almost dead, let me rest fer a while an' then went at it again. This went on fer a couple of weeks. An' then when they got bored, they took my eye as a final partin' gift. Stuck a knife straight in there. I ain't never felt a pain like that in all my fuckin' life, man...” Majima clutched Woo-kun to his chest tightly, his eye glazing over. “Jus' this blindin', red hot, fire in my head. It hurt so much I couldn't even cry out... Jus' remember thinkin' I was gonna die. An' then my brain jus' went static. The only thing I could make out was that it fuckin' hurt. Don't know what they did ta me after that. Musta blacked out. Woke up in hospital. Doctor said it would have been worse if I had of had my eye shut. Hehe, said there was no damage to my eyelid... But my eye was fucked. Jus' mush, man. Eh, coulda been worse, s'ppose they coulda killed me.” Moving his face closer, his eye shone brightly, almost like a fire had ignited inside of him, a twisted grin spreading across his lips. Kiryu studied Majima's face hard, trying desperately to conceal the shudder he felt running down his spine. “Bet they wish they had of... When I was all better, I got 'em back, got 'em back real fuckin' good. I won't go inta details... But I know they fuckin' curse the day they decided ta fuck with me.” Fuck. I didn't expect anything like that... That poor guy... I thought maybe a childhood accident or something. By the sounds of it, Majima has a dark side... Can't say I blame him after what he went through... Ngh. This is wrong... This is so damn wrong. But the look on his face... The way he's talking... Shit, it's really... Really turning me on. Placing his hand gently on top of Majima's, Kiryu tried to keep his voice as soft as possible.

I'm... I'm sorry, Majima-san.” Smiling warmly, Majima shook his head.

Eh? What fer? Uh, ya okay? Yer sweatin'.”

Hm? Oh. Heh, yeah. Absolutely.”

Shit, I ain't scared ya off or anythin', have I? Fuck, this is what I thought would happen. I ain't involved in anythin' like that no more, Kiryu-chan, I promise ya.”

No, I believe you. It's not... It's not that. Heh, you didn't scare me off. It's nothing, really.” Please... Please god, just drop it Majima-san. I really don't think I can lie to you and I really don't want to tell you that while you're telling me about one of the worst moments of your life, I'm getting off on the sadistic look on your face... The way you're practically growling your words... Shit, please, drop it!

Ah. Good. Hehe! So, what's up? Yer grippin' my hand pretty tight, not that I'm complain'. But the look on yer face... Ya look scared, man. Real panicked. Ya gonna tell me what's up? Why don't ya tell Woo-kun, eh? Or if ya like I can force it outta ya! Hehe!!” Biting his lip hard, Kiryu pulled his chair closer to the table. Majima-san, you're really making this hard. And if you keep going, it'll be me you're making... Tch. Get a grip, Kiryu! I guess it has been three years since I last had sex... But that's no reason to get excited at nothing. It's a first goddamn date!! Calm it down. Change the subject and finish your drink.

That sounds fun, but honestly, it's nothing. Thank you though.”

Eh? Why?”

For telling me. I know it mustn't be easy to talk about.”

Hehe, it's weird. It kinda is. With yerself anyway. I feel like I could talk ta ya 'bout anythin'. So! Anythin' else ya wanna ask 'bout? If so, jus' shoot!” Sitting back in his chair, Kiryu nodded. Now's my chance.

Actually... If you're sure you don't mind... There is. How long ago was your last relationship, Majima-san?” Puffing out his cheeks, Majima counted on his fingers.

Ehhhh... Gotta be jus' over a year now. Hehe. Feels like forever ago now, mind.”

What happened? If you don't mind me asking.”

Nah, 'course not! Lemme see... I first met him when I was 21... Man. He was wild. Totally fuckin' crazy. I looked up ta him. He might have been fuckin' nuts, but he got shit done. Heh, the first time we met, we actually fought. Can't remember what it was 'bout... But that's how we clicked. We both had a passion fer fightin'... Damn good fighter he was too. Anyway, we became good friends. I never thought of him as anythin' more. Until one night when we were drinkin' an' actin' stupid which happened pretty damn regularly... But this time it was different. The next mornin' I woke up an' he was in my bed.” Shifting in his seat, Kiryu nodded, pushing down the jealousy that rose rapidly within him. “An' from then on, I guess we were together. Not much changed between us, only instead of hangin' out an' fightin' an' shit, we were livin' together an' fuckin' too. It was complicated. I guess I jus' saw us as bein' a couple, an' he saw us as pals who fucked regularly. I don't care if I sound like a moron, but sex don't make a relationship, y'know? There's gotta be more than jus' physical attraction an' sex, there's gotta be a real connection... Like the one me an' you... Eheh... I mean, he never said exactly what we were, but every time I tried ta talk ta him 'bout us, he'd jus' laugh or talk 'bout nonsensical shit. He wasn't too good at bein' serious. I know I'm one ta talk, but man. I know how ta be serious when I need ta. He didn't. An' I found out how serious he took me when I came home one day an' he was with a chick in our bed. Hehe. Man, I didn't even know he was inta chicks. An' that was that. Ain't wanted anythin' ta do with anyone after that. Well, until I got my eye on ya. Hehe...” I didn't expect him to be so deep. I feel that connection too... So it's not just me... Damn it. He's so comfortable talking to me and I feel the same. I want to be able to tell him anything, but there's something blocking me from speaking. Worry? Nervousness? Tch.

I see. You sound like you had a lucky escape, Majima-san.”

Yup. Nishitani ain't nothin' but a memory now. One I'd rather forget, if I'm honest with ya. Hehe, ya know... I probably sound like a right fuckin' ass fer sayin' this. But, sometimes when I was in bed, I'd find myself thinkin' 'bout me an' him. What would of happened if I hadn't of caught him, or if I had of stayed with him... If I made the right choice an' shit. An' as soon as I met you... I knew I had. I jus' kinda forgot 'bout him. An' I never thought that would happen. That guy left a mark on me. A mark I thought I'd never be rid of. But y'know? It's gone. An' now, instead of lyin' there thinkin' 'bout the past an' 'bout him... Ever since I met ya, it's been you. Fuck, it ain't jus' even then either. Daytime... Night time... Anytime!! There ya are, in my head. Hehe! Sorry if that sounds dumb as fuckin' fuck... But hey, like I said, I'm honest. Maybe ya can trust me enough ta tell me what was wrong before? I ain't got anythin' I can't tell ya. If ya wanna know anythin' at all, jus' ask. Hehe!! Uwaaaaa, Kiryu-chaaaan, ya got no idea what that smile does ta me!!” Clutching his chest, Majima draped over the table, dramatically sighing as he did so. Shaking his head, Kiryu chuckled.

Majima-san, I do trust you. It's just hard to explain. I feel the same. Like I can tell you anything. But when I go to say it... It just won't come out. Damn it. You know what? Fuck it.” Honest... He's been nothing but honest with me. He doesn't care if whatever he says sounds ridiculous. He just says what he's feeling. And I need to do the same. Lifting his head, the grin slid from his face as he saw the serious look planted on Kiryu's face. He's looking at you. Talk to him. Speak. Damn it, this is ridiculous! Everyone gets feelings like this... Everyone has urges... Tch. You feel comfortable with him, and it took him a lot to tell you about his past. So, suck it up and be a man. “About before. When you asked what was wrong. And I said nothing?”

Yeah...? Heh, I knew there was somethin' wrong.” Straightening up, Majima finished his drink, clasping his hands tightly. “Okay, hit me with it. I can take it.” Realising he was expecting something bad, Kiryu shook his head quickly.

No! No, it's nothing bad. It's just... When you were talking about what you did to those guys that did that to your eye... You got a look on your face... I've never seen a look like that before... The way you spoke... You practically growled at me, Majima-san...”

An' I scared ya? Shit, I'm real-”

No. The opposite, actually. If you... If you get what I'm saying.” Looking up slowly, desperation covered Kiryu's face. Please don't make me say it. I think this is going to be as far as I get for now, anyway. Please, Majima-san, understand!! Shaking his head in confusion, Majima furrowed his brow.

Kiryu-chan... I- I don't get what ya sayin'.”

Tch. Work it out. I'll get us another drink.” Heading to the bar, Kiryu let out a shaky breath. Damn it, I'm a grown man. Majima can read me like a book... He told me about his eye... That bastard of an ex... With ease. He could tell me anything, he said. And I feel the same. So why won't it come out!? Ngh!! Standing deep in thought, he jerked slightly as fingers snapped in front of his face.

Are you okay, sir? Can I get you anything?”

What? Oh. Yes, I'm fine. Two glasses of Hibiki 30, please.” Placing money on the counter, he picked up the glasses and walked back to an empty table. Huh? Where the hell has he gone? Shit... Don't say he's figured it out and walked out... No, no, no... Around five minutes later, there was still no sign of the other. Gulping down the rest of his drink, Kiryu was just about to stand when Majima appeared from the restroom, a wave of relief hitting him instantly. The restroom. Of course. This is ridiculous, I need to stop overthinking. Sitting down, he took a drink before smiling. Stomach twisting, Kiryu tilted his head. He'd never seen Majima smile like that before. It was a smile of utter glee. Even bigger than the one he was wearing when Kiryu won Woo-kun for him. “What are you smiling at me like that for?”

Hehe!! Have I got it right?”

Hm? Got what right?”

That ya got excited over little old me?” Lowering his head, Kiryu nodded, well aware of the heat rushing to his cheeks.

Ngh. Yes.” Throwing his head backwards, Majima let out a loud squeal, effectively enhancing the redness on Kiryu's face.

Kiryu-chaaaaan!! Maaaaan!! Why ya all embarrassed!? Ya know how fuckin' happy I am!? Huh!? Hehe!!”

Hm? Really? You're... You're happy about it?” Shaking his head in disbelief, Majima grabbed Kiryu's hand tightly, tugging it towards him as he leant closer.

Are ya fer fuckin' real!? Why the fuck wouldn't I be!? Shit, man. Ya do realise how fuckin' hot ya are, right? Ta know ya got turned on 'cause of me? Ehehehe! I can't take it!! Why'd ya think I headed ta the restroom?” His face returning to it's normal colour, Kiryu raised his head and chuckled. Majima had such a way of filling him with confidence. I was worried for nothing. I feel like a damn fool.

Heh, you really are such a damn goof ball. Hm? Oh, uh, well the same reason most people go to the restroom?” Banging his head on the table, Majima sighed.

Aiiii. Sometimes, ya can be a right knucklehead, Kiryu-chan! Maybe I got a little excited myself... Maybe I needed a splash of cold water ta calm myself down, eh? Hehe!” No way... He can't be serious... Is he!? Staring at him hard, Majima's face turned serious, his eye glimmering mysteriously. “Hey, uh... Kiryu-chan? The rest of what I had planned can wait fer later. Since ya got the whole day off, I'm afraid yer spendin' it with me. So, uh, ya wanna head back ta yer place fer a bit? We can... Ehehe... We can talk 'bout what ya want done. Decoratin' wise, a'course.” Shit... Is he suggesting what I think he is...? No, he can't be. Not on a first date. I can't deny the spark between us and I know he feels it too. Add on top how attracted I am to him and how attracted he says he is to me... This is all going so fast... Tch. Maybe I'm just overthinking things, as usual. Maybe he genuinely does just want to talk about decorating. But maybe not... Damn it. I've never technically been on a date before, but I'm sure a lot of people sleep together on a first one... Okay. I did say I was just going to go with things and not worry. So, whatever is going to happen, will happen. And I am going to go with it. And I'm not going to worry. Heh, it's easy to think that way. Besides, I'd be lying if I said I didn't want this... So why the hell should I be scared about this? Grow up, Kiryu. Hmm. I guess I've made my mind up. Studying him with a touch of worry on his face, Majima smiled. “So, whatcha think? Or, or we could jus' head ta the next place on my list!! Hehe! Probably best we jus' do that, actually. Heh, ignore my stupid ideas, Kiryu-chaaaan!!” The way Majima drew out his name made his chest ache. It was obvious he felt embarrassed. Kiryu had to overthink things as usual and took too long to answer. But he wasn't going to change his mind now. Grinning at Majima, he nodded, speaking as confidently as he could.

Okay. Let's go.” Standing up, they walked outside, Kiryu stopping when he felt a tug on his arm.

So... Where we headin'?” Pulling him close, Kiryu took Majima by surprise, kissing him slowly. Stepping back, he chuckled at the way Majima swallowed hard, lips moving uncertainly, trying to speak but failing, making nothing but gasping noises instead.

You're so damn adorable. Come on. Let's head to my place.” Tugging him along, Kiryu smiled as Majima nodded dumbly, squeezing his hand tightly. I sure hope I know what I'm doing.


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Pulling out his key, Kiryu unlocked the door, slipping out of his shoes as he stepped inside, Majima in tow whistling while he looked around slowly.

“Oh. Wowwy, wowwy, wow. Uh... Nice... Nice place.” Snorting, Kiryu pulled off his jacket and hung it up, holding his hand out for Majima's.

“Don't give me that bullshit. It's hideous and you know it. Nishiki said it looked good, so I went along with it. Decorating isn't my forte.” Majima let out a giggle, handing Kiryu his jacket.

“Thanks. Okay, so maybe it is kinda... Dark?”

“Yeah, that's one word for it. Heh. Anyway, I'm going to get changed, the kitchen is through there. Help yourself to a drink or something.” Closing the bedroom door behind him, Kiryu let out a loud sigh. His heart was beating so fast he could hear it humming in his ears. Okay. Majima-san is here. Actually here in your apartment. Now. Right now. Damn. To think this morning, I had no idea if I'd even see him again and now... Smiling, Kiryu reached into the wardrobe and pulled out a pair of comfortable grey sweatpants with a matching sweatshirt. He assumed they'd be staying here a little while so he didn't see the need to dress in anything fancy. Taking off his clothes, he sat on the bed in his underwear, placing his feet into his pants when the door opened. Strolling inside casually, Majima gazed around the room.

“So, is it jus' the two rooms ya...” Spotting Kiryu sat on the bed, the words died in his throat. “Oh, eh... Sorry, man. I thought ya woulda been done by now. Ehehe...” Rubbing the back of his neck, Majima lowered his head and turned around to leave. “Don't take too long, eh Kiryu-chan? Hehe.”

“Majima-san? Come here.” Turning around slightly, Majima kept his gaze locked on Kiryu's face.

“H- Haw? Wh- What gives?” Patting the bed next to him, Kiryu licked his bottom lip slowly.

“Come here.”

“Hehe, sure, Kiryu-chan.” Damn it, what the hell am I playing at?? Sitting down awkwardly, Majima looked around the room. “So... Uh, this yer room? Kinda plain, ain't it? Still, I s'ppose it's better than the last one I saw. Hehe, what's with all the red? Eh? Kiryu-chan? Ya listenin'?” Facing Kiryu, Majima let out a small giggle. “Uh... Whatcha starin' at?” I said I'd go with it. Not be the one that starts it. Yet, I can't stop myself. What if I really am pushing things? What if it's too much too soon? What if he doesn't want this... No. Stop this bullshit. Heh. Do I really think he's the type to go along with something he doesn't want to do?

“You. Majima-san. I want... I really want...” Leaning forward slightly, Majima's eye darted from Kiryu's eyes to his lips. His voice was almost a whisper. It was obvious he wanted something, hell, anything to happen. Maybe more than Kiryu did.

“Yeah? Ya want what?”

“You... I know it's early days and I don't want you to think this is all I want with you, but... Fuck it.”

“Haw? Whatcha mean, Kiryu-ch- Mnfgh!!” Not able to hold back anymore, Kiryu grabbed Majima's face tightly. Pulling him close, he kissed him hard, his tongue unrelenting as his hands made his way to Majima's shirt. Feeling fingers clawing at the band of his underwear, Kiryu groaned in frustration. Giving up trying to undo the buttons, he tore it open instead, several ping noises echoing around the room as buttons went flying. Grinning, Majima pulled back, giggling excitedly. “Oi, man! This was a good shirt!” Once again, worrying about nothing. Smirking while he tugged the shirt off him completely, Kiryu shrugged.

“Yeah, but you look better without it. Much better, actually... Shit.” Eyes taking in every bit of Majima's exposed upper half, he sighed gently. Seeing him fully shirtless for the first time was weirdly thrilling. He'd seen his chest before on the night they first met, but now he had a clear view of his lean, muscular frame. The vivid tattoo that stood out on his pale chest and decorated his arms. Arms that Kiryu wanted to feel around him once more.

“Is that so. Huh. So, what 'bout these...?” Majima bit his lip hard, pointing at his trousers.

“I think you should lose them.” Standing up, he removed his belt, letting it drop to the floor. Facing away from Kiryu, he bent over, wiggling his hips slightly as he pulled his trousers down painfully slowly. Fixated on the tight ass in front of him, Kiryu inhaled sharply. Too long. Taking too damn long. Fuck, seeing him like this... I want him. Now. I'm tired of waiting. He knew what Majima was doing and wanted nothing more to enjoy the show that was being put on for him. But he couldn't wait anymore. No more teasing. He needed Majima now.

“Ya like whatcha see? Eh, Kiryu-chan?” Chirping happily, Majima stepped out of the trousers, yelping as Kiryu launched forwards, growling. Wrapping his arms around his waist, he pulled him backwards, so he was sitting on his knee with his legs spread. Allowing his back to rest on Kiryu's chest, Majima tilted his head so it laid on his left shoulder. “Not messin' about, are ya?” Running his hand up his heaving chest, Kiryu brushed against his nipples before twisting one gently, slowly moving onto the other, shuddering at the lewd groan Majima released. Nudging backwards, he pressed his head into the other's shoulder hard. “Shit, Kiryu-chan... I'm guessin' that ain't yer hand diggin' inta my back, eh?” Letting out a deep chuckle into Majima's ear, Kiryu ignored the shiver and whine from him and tilted his head towards him instead, mashing their lips together. He's trembling... Heh, seems like he's enjoying this so far. And we haven't even started yet. Stroking his face softly, Kiryu grinned mid kiss as Majima tried desperately to snake his hand behind his back. Eventually giving up, he sunk his teeth in Kiryu's bottom lip ever so slightly instead, tugging it towards him hard but yet not hard enough to really hurt him. A strained curse filled the room as he let go and giggled proudly. That's funny? Let's see if this is funny. Shit, I really want to throw him onto the bed and go at it as hard as I can... But I want to remember this. I want to remember every damn moment. It's been too long... So I want to take my time and make the most of this. Scraping his nails up to Majima's neck, his fingers wrapped around his throat. Leaning into his ear, Kiryu whispered softly.

“Majima-san... I want to fuck you. That tight, little ass of yours... Mmm... I want you to feel really good for me okay? I want you to cum for me while I fuck you, Majima-san. I want to feel you cum when I'm inside of you. Do you understand?” Feeling Majima immediately stiffen beneath him, he stuck out his tongue, tracing the other's ear, lapping as slowly as he could while his underwear continued to strain harder. Small, shallow gasps filled the room as Majima trembled, gripping onto Kiryu's thighs hard, nails biting into his flesh. Dragging his tongue down Majima's neck, Kiryu pulled him closer, sinking his teeth into his neck and sucking hard. Once again pressing his head hard into the other's shoulder, he let out a squeal that melted away into a small whimper.

“K- Kiryu-chan... Ya drivin' me crazy man, fuck... C'mon. Lemme go, lemme turn 'round. I can't do nothin' like this.” Smirking, Kiryu purred into his ear while removing his hand from his throat. Continuing to scrape his nails up and down Majima's chest instead, he made sure to purposefully get closer and closer to the band of his underwear each time.

“You're quite worked up already. Panting pretty hard don't you think? Heh... Let you turn around? Hm. Why, what do you want to do, Majima-san...?”

“Fuckin' shit, man... Didn't think ya would be such a fuckin' tease...”

“If I was teasing you, you'd know about it. I want to take my time, that's all.”

“Man, why? Kiryu-chan, I fuckin' want it bad... I need you bad... Don't make me wait, jus' c'mon an' gimme it. Please... Jus' fuck me already!!”

“Because it's been three long goddamn years, Majima-san. And you are definitely worth waiting for.” Majima let out a small whimper as Kiryu's fingers gently traced the bulge in his underwear. “So, what do we have here, hm?” Throwing his head back onto Kiryu's shoulder, Majima moaned breathily.

“'Kay... Now... Now ya definitely teasin' me. Kiryu-chan, please, let me turn 'round.”


“'Cause I wanna... I wanna touch ya so fuckin' bad, man. Shit, I wanna taste ya so bad, I can't even fuckin' think straight.”

“Taste me, hm? Well, that does sound fun. Still though, time for all of that soon.” Slipping his hand under the band of Majima's underwear, Kiryu tugged it down, chuckling as Majima sprung free. Goddamn it... He's on fire. Shit, I don't know how much longer I can keep this up. All this teasing is fun, but... Taking a deep breath, he ran his hand up and down his length slowly, sighing as it throbbed against his touch.

“Shit, Kiryu-chan!!” Bringing his hand up, Kiryu examined his slick fingers.

“What's this?” Majima craned his neck, chest heaving as he studied Kiryu, watching intently as he brought his fingers to his mouth.

“Haw? Whatcha... Whatcha doin'?” Looking at Majima out of the corner of his eye, Kiryu gave last smirk before sticking his tongue out, licking slightly at first and then inserting both fingers into his mouth, sucking noisily. Once they were clean, he removed them, groaning slightly as he did so. Pressing his dick into Majima's back harder, he leant forward, whispering into his ear as low as he could.

“Speaking of taste... Damn... You taste so fucking good, Majima-san. Mmmm...”

“Fuuuckk, man!! Fuck! I can't take it, I can't take it anymore!! Kiryu-chan... K- Kiryu-chan, please!!” Arching as he moaned, Majima gripped onto Kiryu tighter, his eye remaining locked onto his face. Wrapping his hand around Majima's dick, Kiryu stroked him slowly, twisting his hand around the head slightly, shivering as he oozed into his hand. Writhing desperately, sweat beading on his forehead, Majima couldn't take anymore. Kiryu wasn't listening to his pleas so he had to take matters into his own hands. Managing to finally pull away from Kiryu, he swivelled around, wrapping his legs around Kiryu's back. Within seconds his lips were on Kiryu's face and neck, well, anywhere he could reach really. Clawing the other's back as hard as he could, Majima repeated Kiryu's action and sunk his teeth into his neck, evidently much harder as a loud gasp echoed around them, followed by a few groaning curses.

“Fuck! Fuck, Majima-san, shit!!”

“Nah, this is what ya get when ya fuckin' tease me like ya did. Taste damn good ya said. Here. Show me.”

“Hm? Show you what? Maj- Ngh!” Pushing him down to the bed hard, Majima yanked his underwear off completely, before moving onto Kiryu's. Gripping the band with trembling hands, he took a deep breath. By the protruding shape in his underwear, he knew he was big. Finally pulling them down, his eye widened as his jaw dropped. He wasn't big, he was damn huge. Not just in length, but in thickness too. Gazing in astonishment, Majima let out a shaky breath.

“Fuckin' shit man... Kiryu-chan... Ya gotta be fuckin' kiddin' me!!” Lifting his head from the bed, Kiryu shrugged.

“What? What's wrong?”

“Ain't nothin' wrong man... I'm jus' pissed ya been hidin' this fer so long.” Damn it. He said to show him how good he tastes, yet he won't shut up? Ngh. If I have to pin him down just to suck his dick... He's going to be sorry. Heh, I get the feeling he'd like it.

“Majima-san, I haven't been hiding anything. I just didn't see you. Are we just going to talk? Or are you going to come here?” Running his hands up Kiryu's thighs, Majima shook his head. Clearly his plans had changed.

“Nah. I wanna play with this first. I wanna-”

“If I have to hold you down, I'll do it. Come here now. I won't tell you again.” Ignoring his own shudder, Majima began to protest once more.

“Nah, Kiryu-chan, please let me-” Grabbing him by the shoulders, Kiryu pulled him up on top of him with ease. Adjusting his position, he was now straddling Kiryu's chest, still trying to turn around. That changed however, when his attention was drawn to the warm, wetness on his dick. Looking down, he couldn't help trying to buck into Kiryu's mouth as he studied the face below him. He didn't think it was possible for someone who looked so innocent to look this perverse, but Kiryu suited it nicely. Seeing him this way made Majima throb harder, his heart pound faster. Knowing that he was practically the first to see this side of Kiryu excited him. In fact, he'd never been this hard before, even during what he had considered to be pretty good sex. But this was different. They hadn't even begun properly and already the thought of getting his mouth around Kiryu's dick was turning him on to the point where waiting was driving him crazy. It was a feeling of crazy he happened to enjoy, however. And from the looks of things, Kiryu was enjoying himself too. Lying under him, he ran his tongue around the head of Majima's dick, slowly taking him inside. Watching his every move, Majima bit his lip hard, unable to muffle his moan completely. Kiryu brought his fingers to his mouth, coating them thoroughly with saliva. Wrapping his arms around Majima's back, hands wandering around his perfectly smooth, tight ass, he slipped a finger inside, groaning as Majima arched his back hard. Leaning back, he finally managed to reach Kiryu's dick, giving him a few awkward strokes. “Kiryu-chan, one sec.” Pulling out from Kiryu's mouth, Majima spun around, scooting backwards. “Man, would ya look at this thing?” No sooner had the words left his mouth and Kiryu was deep inside his throat. A torrent of pleasure hit him hard as Majima swallowed around him. Two can play it this way, Majima-san. Heh. Gripping Majima's ass hard he shoved him down, guiding his dick into his eagerly awaiting mouth, lifting his head from the bed as far as he could to take him fully inside. Massaging his ass cheeks gently, Kiryu pulled his hand back and slapped him hard, digging his nails in when Majima let out a choked yell. Maybe he slapped harder than he should have, but the way Majima was acting made it hard for him to behave. Plus the feeling of being buried in his throat while having his own throat filled was something completely new to him. All he knew was he was loving every minute of it. He felt dirty, perverted, even wicked almost. But it added to the excitement. He had a lot of making up to do after all. A few quick fumbles those years ago was nothing. This was his first proper encounter as a man. And with someone as handsome as Majima? He knew he didn't stand a chance in behaving.

Bobbing his head faster, Kiryu returned his fingers inside Majima, fucking him as slowly as he could. Backing into his hand hard, Majima matched his thrusts perfectly, his breathing getting heavier, noises becoming more whiny. Taking that as a signal to go faster, Kiryu added a third finger and began sawing in and out faster, going harder when he felt him clench around his fingers. Feeling him throb harder in his throat, he tried to focus as Majima mumbled desperately, groaning and panting as best as he could, shaking his head quickly. Tapping Kiryu's leg furiously, Majima tried to pull back, grunting loudly while he jerked. Faced with the decision of letting him go or holding him in place, Kiryu thought quickly, his mind trying to make sense of the situation. He's trying to move because he doesn't want to cum yet... But I have to make him... I need taste him. I need to feel him... Shit, it's all I can think about. Pulling his head back, Kiryu snarled at him, whacking him once more on the ass.

“Majima, you better stop squirming. Keep goddamn still and fill my fucking mouth.” His body trembled violently as Kiryu placed the tip of Majima's dick inside his mouth, pushing his tongue ever so gently into the slit. One last muffled yelp and Majima stiffened, sucking on Kiryu harder and faster. The first shot caught him in the back of the throat, his mouth quickly filling as Majima pumped shot after shot inside. Choking slightly, Kiryu turned his head to the side when he had finished, coughing while trying to swallow as much as he could. Hopping off him quickly, Majima tugged him up hard, quickly pulling him to the edge of the bed and getting on his knees between his legs.

“Ya got any idea how damn sexy ya look right now? All red faced an' sweaty... Cum an' drool hangin' from yer mouth... Fuuuuck, man!! Yer turn now. C'mon, Kiryu-chaan! Cover me. Cum all over my pretty face...”

“M- Majima-san... Ngh... Majima!!” Placing his hands on his head, Kiryu gasped out as Majima's skilful tongue snaked around his balls, gently dragging his tongue around a few times before taking them into his mouth. Sucking gently, he moaned as Kiryu tugged on his hair. Feeling his orgasm approaching fast, Kiryu pulled Majima's head back and held it in place, using his other hand to jerk himself quickly. Staring at the face in front of him, Kiryu couldn't hold back anymore. It was too much for him, Majima on his knees, an expression on his face that could only be described as perverted. Mouth hanging open as he let out a series of small moans, his sweat covered face shining in the light. Calling out his name one last time, Kiryu tugged Majima's hair hard, grunting as he began to cum. Squealing happily as the first splash landed on his face, Majima tried to tug away from the iron grip in his hair. Sticking his tongue out, he continued tugging forwards, desperately trying to reach Kiryu's dick as more cum squirted onto his face. Hand shaking, Kiryu finally loosened his grip enough so Majima could dive forward, swallowing him down as quick as he could. Stroking his face gently, Kiryu threw his head back, gasping out the other's name over and over, legs trembling like jelly. Chest heaving, he tilted his face forward, using his finger to scrape the cum from Majima's face. Managing to get most of it from his cheek and around his nose and mouth, Kiryu nodded towards Majima as he stared up at him with a wide eye. “Open.” Holding it to his mouth, Majima was eager to oblige, quickly taking it into his mouth and swirling his tongue around the finger thoroughly until it was clean. Uttering a weak curse, Kiryu let himself fall back onto the bed, grinning as Majima clambered up next to him.

“Well, that didn't go ta plan, but hey. I ain't complainin'!! Hehe!! Maaaan!! Who'd of thought ya would be so commandin' an' fuckin' dirty!? Shiiitttt, Kiryu-chaaaaaaan!! We ain't even fucked yet an' already I'm in love!!” Turning his head to the side, Kiryu concentrated on the grinning face in front of him, speaking between pants.

“What do you mean, go to plan?” Grin sliding from his face, Majima stopped writhing around and shrugged casually.

“Oh. Uh... Ain't nothin' fer ya ta worry 'bout, Kiryu-chaaaan!!” That devious bastard. He came into my room knowing... Goddamn it. I fell for it too. He was testing the water. Studying my reaction. And I fell for it. Heh...

“You bastard! This is what you wanted when you suggested coming back here, wasn't it? That's why you came into my room, wasn't it? Damn it, Majima-san! Stop laughing and answer me!” Giggling himself, Kiryu knocked Majima's arm.

“Shit, are ya... Are ya gigglin'? Fuck! I actually made ya giggle? Hehe!! Ya can't be mad at me now, Kiryu-chan!! Actually? Nah. I wanted ya ta fuck me. But like I said, I ain't complain' man!! We got all night!! I could... I could stay over if ya want? We could have a real nice night together, eh? Maybe watch a movie or somethin' an' get a pizza? Heh, real couple shit, hm? Shit... Ain't ya at work tomorrow?” Stay over?? I would really like that... It'd be nice to have some company, and company as fun as Majima-san would make for a really interesting night. But he's right about work. Hmm. I could phone Tachibana and ask for a half day? I'm sure he wouldn't mind as long as this isn't a regular thing. Plus it's been ages since I actually took some time of for myself. Shit, I'm excited. I feel like a damn child. Tch. Wait... Real couple shit? Is he fucking with me? He's giggling... But he's nearly always giggling.

“That does sound really good. So, I guess it looks like I'm taking a half day tomorrow. You aren't going anywhere. I'll get you back for this, Majima-san. I just have one question.”

“Awwwww. Only half day? Maaaaan, can't ya jus' take the full day off, eh? Oooooohh!! Can't wait ta see ya try, Kiryu-chaaaan!! Hehe! A question? Shoot.” Clearing his throat, Kiryu nodded, locking his eyes onto Majima as he spoke as seriously as he could. He wanted Majima to see, all joking aside, that he was serious. And he wanted to know if Majima was indeed being serious too or just messing about in typical Majima style.

“What uh... What do you mean by real couple shit?” Muttering slightly, a confused look crossed his face.

“Haw? Oh... Well, eh... I jus' assumed since we been gettin' ta know a lot 'bout each other an' what jus' happened... Hehe, yeesh. Way ta go Majima, ya fuckin' moron. Fuck, man.” Sitting up, Majima quickly tugged on his underwear and walked to the window, looking onto the street below. Leaving Kiryu lying on the bed in a state of bewilderment, he watched the people pass, chuckling quietly. “That's the first time since Nishitani I've... With anyone... Hehe. I'm real sorry if I've scared ya off, Kiryu-chan. I know it's been three years fer ya an' I don't wanna go rushin' inta anythin' ya might not be comfortable with. I know how serious ya are. In fact, that was one of the first things I noticed 'bout ya. The quiet, serious, sexy as fuckin' fuck type. Hehe... That's why I love it when ya smile. Fuck, yer smile, Kiryu-chan... But hearin' ya giggle? I mean like, actually fuckin' giggle? Man, ain't never got chills from someone gigglin' before...” What the hell is he talking about? How the hell has he not had sex in over a year?? He's not shy like I am and plus he's damn gorgeous... Wait, why is he talking about my smile and laugh...? What is he saying? I don't understand. Shaking his head in confusion, Kiryu sat up as Majima continued to face the other way.

“Hm? Scared me... Majima-san, I have no idea-”

“I could hear it in ya voice. Hey, I get it, man. I'm movin' way too quick, I get it, really. Ya ain't ready fer this an' it's cool. Believe me! Gah. I'm jus' bein' a buttball. 'Sides. It's only my second time seein' ya an' already I'm tryin' ta stay the night an' label us as... As an item. I jus'... I really like ya Kiryu-chan. I ain't ever met anyone like yerself before. An' I ain't been able ta stop thinkin' 'bout ya. I jus'... I mean-” His voice trailed off as he continued to stare out of the window, hugging himself tightly. Finally Kiryu realised what he meant. What the? Moving too quick, yet we just... Wait. Hear it in my voice? Shit. I understand. He thinks I don't want this?? Damn idiot, I was trying to be serious in case he thought... Tch. Standing up from the bed, Kiryu walked over to Majima, not bothering to put on his own underwear. Stopping behind him, he wrapped his arms around his waist, resting his head on Majima's right shoulder. It should have worried him, since everything else seemed to. He wasn't used to being like this. Being so... Soft? Vulnerable? He wasn't sure of the words to use, but either way, it's not something that ever came easy to him. Until now. Instead of being worried, scared, or even awkward about his actions... It just felt so right. “Haw? Kiryu... Kiryu-chan? Whatcha doin'?” Smiling, Kiryu held him tighter, swaying slightly whilst he planted a gentle kiss on his neck.

“I was being serious because I wanted to see if you meant it. Heh. I didn't know if you were fucking with me. Hey. Didn't I tell you the same thing? Truth is, this past week, in fact ever since I left you that night, all I've wanted was to hear from you again. To see you again... So much that I've been kind of... No, not kind of. Really pissed off. Even Oda noticed. Well, noticed and then rode my ass about it all week. Everytime a call came through... I'd... My stomach would... And I'd... Tch. Majima-san, you aren't going too fast. I want to see you as much as possible. After three years of being... Being alone... I'm ready for this. I'm ready for whatever you want to give me. I promise you. So. If you still want to... Why don't you spend the night and we can do some real couple shit, hm?” Turning around, Majima giggled loudly, practically shrieking into Kiryu's face as he locked his arms around his neck, kissing him sloppily.

“Nah, I wasn't fuckin' with ya. Not yet anyway! Hehe!! Let's do it, Kiryu-chaaaaan!!”


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Sitting on the couch, Kiryu allowed his head to fall back. His jaw ached from smiling, but he just couldn't stop himself. To think that a few hours ago he was pissed off, moping around his daily business and now he was getting ready to spend the night with his boyfriend? It was almost unreal, hell, it felt unreal. Like he was in the middle of a good dream he really didn't want to wake up from. Luckily, that wasn't the case. I wonder where he's gone? He did mention needing to pick a few things up... Hmm. Speaking of things, I better check to see if I've got some drinks and stuff in for tonight. Stuff... What kind of stuff will I need? Damn it, I have no idea what I'm supposed to... Ngh. Standing up he made his way to the kitchen, stopping in front of the fridge. Pictures adorned the white, shiny surface. Most were of Kiryu and Nishiki throughout the years. Smiling warmly, he pulled one from the fridge, chuckling slightly as he studied it. Nishiki with his goofy smile, arm wrapped around Kiryu, his own face serious as usual. I wonder how Nishiki is... I haven't heard from him since he left. It's been just over a month now. I hope Yuka is okay. I want to call him... I want to tell him about Majima. But, I'm worried. I'm worried in case he isn't happy with the idea of me spending so much time with someone else. I mean, it's been just me and him for so long... And on top of things, if Majima is around here a lot... Damn, I hope he is... But how will Nishiki react to that? Ngh.

Shaking his head, Kiryu put back the picture and opened the fridge. Two beers stared at him and not a lot else. This meant he had to make a quick trip to Don Quijote. As quick as he could he threw on his shoes and grabbed his keys, checking his watch before he left. Let's see... 5pm. If I'm quick, I can be back by half past. He didn't have a clue how long Majima would be, so he knew he had to do this as quick as possible. Jogging down to Nakamichi street, he entered the store, nodding hello to the clerk behind the counter. After ten minutes of browsing, he'd finally settled on a couple of bottles of Gold Champagne, it was a special occasion after all. Exiting the store, he lit up a cigarette, pondering what else he could buy. Mind flashing back to the sweet, little confection gift boxes at M Store, he knew that's where he was headed next. Turning around, he was just about to walk away when a voice called after him.

“Yo! Kiryu! Wait up!” No... No, please no. Anyone but him. Standing still as an arm wrapped around his shoulder, Kiryu clenched his teeth.

“Oda. What are you doing here?”

“I just popped out to get some lunch. What are you doing here? I thought you took the rest of the day off? Kiryu, what the hell are you wearing...?” Looking at him up and down, Oda tugged at his sweatshirt. Shit, I forgot to get changed. As if he has room to talk in that cheap suit.

“I only had to pick a few things up, I didn't have time to change not that it has anything to do with you.” Nodding slowly, Oda shrugged.

“Say, what you got there?” Shaking his head, Kiryu tried to hide the bag behind his back, failing as Oda launched forwards, quicker than he anticipated. Pawing open the bag, he grinned when he saw the champagne. “So, what's all this??”

“None of your business.”

“Kiryu, come on. I'm your friend! I'm not going to give you any shit. But I didn't think you were the type to take the day off to sit on your ass and drink champagne.”

“It's not like that!! If you must know... Ngh. Majima... Is spending the night. I just wanted something special, you know? Something... Huh?? You're... You're not laughing at me?” Studying Oda hard, Kiryu's eyebrow rose. He was completely silent. No taunts, no titters... Nothing but a warm smile.

“Hey, I know I joke around with you a lot... But that's all it is. Jokes. Hehe, Kiryu it's about fucking time. It's awesome to see you like this, kind of sickeningly sweet as you really didn't seem the type, but awesome none the less. So I'm guessing that's who you've been with today?”

“Yes. The customer that called when I was in the office... It was him. Heh, it was all a set up to surprise me. He... He took me on a date.” Standing rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly, Kiryu felt extremely uncomfortable. Sure, it was nice not having Oda taking the piss, but it wasn't natural. Oda being nice wasn't natural. It was kind of creepy.

“Man, that is great. So where is he?”

“I don't know. He said he had to pick a few things up. I wonder... I wonder if it was to get a new shirt since the-” Catching himself before he said anymore, he cursed as Oda grinned wide. I knew it wouldn't last long. Tch, here it comes.

“Oh yeah? What happened to his shirt? Spill something on it, did he? Or was it torn off in mind blowing passion?” Raising his hand to his head, Oda let out a dramatic sigh. Yep, there it is. Time to go.

“Okay, I'm going now.”

“Hey, I was joking! Where you off to now?”

“M Store.”

“Want me to tag along?”


“Kiryu, I was joking!! Wait a moment... If Majima is staying over... That means you'll be wanting tomorrow off?” Shit... I forgot, I was going to see Tachibana. I doubt I'll have time... Damn it!!

“Oh... Yeah, actually. I was going to stop by the office...”

“Relax. I'll sort it for you.”

“Huh? Really?”

“Yup. You'll be at work Saturday though, yeah?”

“Yes! Definitely! Thanks, Oda.”

“No problem. Tell Majima I said hi. Now go on. Go and have fun. Let's arrange something together soon. The four of us. I know Tachibana is intrigued to meet Majima.”

“Uh... Isn't it... Isn't it kind of early to talk about double dates?”

“No. From what I saw last Friday, the guy was really into you. And now he's taking you on surprise dates and staying over? He your boyfriend now, is he?”

“I... Yes.”

“Shit, our little Kiryu is growing up.”

“Ngh, knock it off, Oda.”

“Hehe, sorry. Anyway, I better go. Have a good night. I wanna hear all about how it goes and this date you had today on Saturday, okay?”

“So you can mock me?”

“Hmm, maybe a little. Hehe! See you later, Kiryu!” Wiping the sweat from his brow, Kiryu let out a sigh. Well... That went better than expected. Okay, what time is it... Shit!! 5.45!? How the... Damn it Oda! Taking off full speed towards Shichifuku Street West, he weaved his way through the crowds that littered the street. Luckily there wasn't many people in M Store, so he was able to pick up a few boxes of candy. By 6pm, Kiryu was almost at his apartment, freezing when he noticed a figure sitting on the steps.

“Majima-san? Is that you?” His head popped up, white teeth glittering in the sunlight as he beamed excitedly.

“Kiryu-chan! Thought ya changed ya mind an' ditched me!”

“Huh? No, of course not. I just had to go out and get a few things. I bumped into Oda...” Jumping up, Majima flew down the stairs, stopping in front of Kiryu with a scowl on his face.

“Yeah? He give ya shit?”

“No actually. The opposite. I have tomorrow off thanks to him.”

“Hawww? Ya mean it! Uwaaaa, Kiryu-chaaaaan! C'mere!!” Pulling him close, Majima smushed his lips against Kiryu's hard. Stepping back, Kiryu chuckled at the confused expression on Majima's face.

“Why are you looking at me like that? Don't you want to go inside?”

“Huh? Oh, yeah! Hehe! C'mon, whatcha waitin' fer? C'mon, Kiryu-chaaaaan, c'mon!!” Shaking his head, he allowed Majima to pass. Running up the stairs two at a time, he turned around, impatiently tapping his foot. “Maaaaan, yer so slow! What's the hold up?” Okay, so he's eager. That's good... I think?

Entering the apartment, Kiryu couldn't help but notice the rucksack Majima dumped in the corner.

“What's in there?”

“Haw? Oh, hehe! Jus' some stuff fer later. Don't be so nosy!”

“I didn't... Heh. Sorry.” Throwing himself on the couch, Majima giggled, patting the seat next to him.

“Jokin', man. Here, come sit down next ta me.”

“In a minute. Do you want a drink?” Not waiting for an answer, Kiryu headed into the kitchen, pulling out two glasses from the cupboard. Reaching into the bag, he popped open the champagne, filling the glasses quickly. Allowing his hands to rest on the counter, he took a deep breath, trying to compose himself as best as he could. Heart beating faster than should have been possible, his nerves were shredded. Even though what had happened with Majima earlier had happened, he was still nervous. And that pissed him off. Why the hell was he still nervous? Perhaps it was because he knew what lay ahead. Not just the sex... Okay, maybe the sex. The first time in three years was something to be nervous about. But it was also about what came after. Being together. Experiencing things as a couple. Doing real couple shit as Majima had so eloquently put it. Everything was happening so fast it was making his head spin. It was exhilarating, but terrifying in the same breath. After being alone for so long, and this being so new to him... He wasn't sure how to react. Put him in a room with 50 men, each with a weapon and he wouldn't even break a sweat. But the thought of saying or doing the wrong thing to Majima scared him in a way he loathed.

“Oi. Everything okay?”

“Shit! Majima-san! Y- Yes. Everything's fine.” Cursing internally, Kiryu tensed as Majima's arms wrapped around his waist.

“Man. When ya gonna stop bein' so nervous 'round me? Kiryu-chan, it's only me.”

“I know. I know, I'm sorry. I'm trying, really I am. Tch. Here. Have a drink.”

“Haw? Champagne? Special occasion?” Of course it is. The most handsomest man I've ever seen is in my apartment, with his arms around my waist. So man up and tell him how you feel. Stop being a baby.

“Yes. The most handsomest man I've ever seen is standing in front of me, with his arms around me.”

“Hehe!! Kiryu-chaaaaaan!! Ya gonna make me blush!! Uwaaa, yer so fuckin' cute!!” Turning around, Kiryu reached into the bag, pulling out a box of the candy.

“Here... Uh, it's not much... But... I got this for you.” Studying the box closely, Majima smiled warmly, his voice quiet and throaty.

“Ya... Ya got this fer me?”

“Mnhm. Like I said... I'm sorry it's not much, but-” Looking up from the box with a red face, Majima nodded slowly, clutching the box the his chest.

“Kiryu-chan... Thank you. Hehe, ya gonna share with me? C'mon, let's go sit down.” Following him to the couch, Kiryu watched as Majima flopped down, grabbing the TV remote from the table. Heh, he certainly makes himself at home. Surely that means he's comfortable here? I sure hope so... I'd really like for this to be a regular thing. To think of us sitting here, watching TV together, cuddled into each other. Maybe one day... We'll be doing this and he won't leave. Maybe he'll be... Home. Tch, here I go again, thinking way too far ahead. I mean, it's only been a goddamn day, and already I'm- A hand waving in front of his face pulled him from his thoughts. “Eh... So, which one?”

“Oh. Uh... Hm?”

“Kiryu-chan, ya ain't been listenin' ta me? I hope ya ain't gonna be this far away all night. Hehe, I brought some movies. Man, I got so many, I almost couldn't decide!! But, I got us a real funny one, an action packed, ass kicking one, and a good ol' scary one. So. Which one ya wanna watch?” Studying the back of the DVD boxes, Kiryu's interest was peaked with the horror movie. A naïve looking group of people ghost hunting in an abandoned asylum. How scary could it be? Plus if it was scary, maybe that would mean Majima would look to Kiryu for protection. Maybe he'd end up snuggled into him nicely. But then again, was Majima the type to get scared? He certainly didn't look it.

“Hmm. That scary one looks good. Grave Encounters... Have you seen it before?”

“Only like a million times! But it's awesome! Real spooky. Don't worry. I'll protect ya if ya get scared!! Hehe!!” Damn it. I want to be the one to protect you, idiot.

“Heh, get real. It's only a movie. How scary could it be...?” After he'd started the DVD, he shuffled closer to Kiryu, lifting his arm and wrapping it around him as he hit the play button.

“Oh boy, ya ain't got no idea what ya got yerself inta.” Yes! I was hoping this would happen! Heh, then again he is my... My boyfriend. If I want to hold him... I should just goddamn hold him. Hmm. Not sure I like the way he said that. Majima-san doesn't seem like the kind of person to get scared easily.

An hour later, they both sat together on the couch. The sun had set, so they sat in the glow of the TV screen. Now onto the second bottle of champagne and second box of candy, Kiryu had relaxed considerably. Around Majima anyway, the movie however was another story. Tensing his body as hard as he could, he sat still, trying desperately not to flinch when a scary part came up. Unfortunately, there were a lot of scary parts. But that old woman... When she turned around and her mouth... Goddamn. He knew it was just computer graphics that made her mouth stretch that way and he didn't consider himself to be someone who scared easily. But, goddamn... Majima however was another story. The moment that woman had turned around, he'd let out a howl of terror, holding his jacket up to his face, giggling manically a few seconds later. Kiryu would have chuckled if he wasn't shitting his pants. How could something so obviously fake be so scary? He could do nothing but stay tense and hope it finished soon. That was until Majima scooted even closer.

“Are you okay, Majima-san?”

“Mnhm. Ain't wanna ruin anythin' fer ya... But this bit... It's a real- YAAAAAA!!” Burying his head into Kiryu's chest, Majima let out an almighty yell, shaking violently as he giggled.

“The hell!?” Kiryu gripped him tightly, wrapping his arms around him as he shuddered. Taking a quick glance at the TV, he winced as several black, shadowy hands appeared through the walls, grabbing at the group of terrified people. A searing pain in his hand tore his attention back to the giggling body next to him, nails continuing to scrape into the flesh of his hand. “Majima-san, what the... Are you sure you're okay!?” Looking up at him with a wide eye, Majima giggled, nodding happily.

“Yup! Hehe! Man, no matter how many times I seen this movie, still scares the shit outta me! I love bein' scared! The rush man... Fuck!! Hehe, sorry if I panicked ya!!” Kiryu could do nothing but stare into the big brown eye boring into him. It burned with excitement, adrenaline and something else Kiryu couldn't quite put his finger on. Reaching his hand up, he stroked Majima's cheek lightly, whispering as he did so. “Haw? What's that?” Lost in thought, Kiryu murmured gently, repeating what he'd just said.

“So fucking adorable... Damn it, Majima-san...” Grinning wickedly, Majima threw back his head, speaking in that innocent, sweet, sing song voice of his that he did so well.

“Oh, yeah? That so? Hmmm. So. Whatcha wanna do 'bout it?”

“Huh? W-What uh... What do you mean, Majima-san?” The credits began to roll on the TV, shadows flickering over his face. Clearly he'd lost interest in watching TV, his focus entirely on Kiryu now. Shrugging off his jacket, he straddled Kiryu's knee, planting a hand at either side of his head as he pushed his face close. His hair hung down covering half of his face as he spoke, voice low and serious. The beaming grin had disappeared from his face, now being replaced with a look of pure carnal hunger. And somehow, Kiryu guessed it wasn't for the pizza they were supposed to be ordering.

“Man, yer so fuckin' hot, Kiryu-chan. An' yer all mine. Hehe! I dunno... Somethin' 'bout bein' scared turns me on. Big time. An' you... Shit. Ya ain't fuckin' helpin'.”

“W- What? I... I'm not doing anything!”

“Ya don't have ta. Sittin' there lookin' hot as fuck is enough. Walkin' around with a constant fuckin' hard on 'cause of ya. Shit. So. Ya said I'm adorable? Is it makin' ya feel like ya wanna do anythin'?” Constant... Is he serious? He looks serious. Damn it, he's making me... Ngh. Nodding to the TV screen, Kiryu swallowed hard.

“Majima-san... We missed the end of the movie... Do... Do you want to order pizza now?”

“Man. Fuck the movie an' fuck the pizza. Why don't ya take me inta yer bedroom an' fuck me instead, eh?”

“Ngh... Majima-san... Are you... Are you sure you want this so soon?”

“Oi. I'm yer fuckin' boyfriend. Ain't no such thing as too soon. Whenever ya want me, ya got me. Same goes fer me don't it? Shit. Feel this. What's it tell ya?” Snatching Kiryu's hand, he shoved it down to his crotch, groaning slightly as Kiryu gave a few quick squeezes. He's hard... He's so damn hard... Shit. I guess it's show time. What's it going to be? Put it off until later and order food first? Or take him into that bedroom and fuck him so hard he can't walk properly... Shit what the hell am I saying... Majima-san... What the hell are you doing to me!?


Chapter Text

“Well? What's it tellin' ya?”


“Lemme help ya. It's tellin' ya, I need my boyfriend ta fuck me. Get it? Kiryu... Fuck, don't make me wait. Yeah, I know it's early an' shit, but fuuuuuck man. I can't help it. Yer jus' so fuckin' sexy. I can't describe it. It's like... I feel like I'm gonna explode... I need ya ta fuck me... I need ya ta seal the deal.”

“Seal the deal?”

“Yeah. Don't laugh... But this... This still don't feel real. It's like it's too good ta be true. I need ya ta make me yers. Claim me. Fuckin' brand me. C'moooon. Take me in that room an' fuckin' own me.”

“Prove to you that you are mine... By fucking you?”

“Fuuuck, yeah!! I need it. I need you. I really, really fuckin' need you. Ever since I saw ya... I had ta have ya. I fuckin' knew I had ta make ya mine. An' now that yer mine? Fuck. I need yer dick. I need ta feel ya inside me. Can't ya tell? Feel how hard I am? 'Cause of you. An' it's all fer you an' only you, baby.” Fingers scraping lightly down Kiryu's crotch, he let his hand settle on the lump in Kiryu's trousers. “An' from the feel of this... Yer hard 'cause of me, too. Ya wanna make me yers... Ya want me... Don't ya, Kiryu-chan?”

“I... Fuck. Yes, I do. I want you, Majima-san.”

“Cause this... Mmmm, fuck. This is mine.” Gasping as Majima gripped his length hard, Kiryu stared slack jawed at the serious face in front of him. Goddammit, this is hot. He... He wants me just as much as I want him. He said he needs me... Does he mean he needs me to fuck him? Or he just needs me? Or does he mean both? “Kiryu. Say it.” His voice... It's so low, so deep... Ngh...

“Say... Say what?”

“Tell me who this belongs ta. Tell me who you belong ta. Say it. Fuckin' say it, Kiryu.” Squeezing the tip of his dick with slightly more pressure, Majima leant forward, longing to hear the words come from Kiryu's lips.

“Fuck!! It belongs to you. I... I belong to you, Majima.”

“That's fuckin' right. So whatcha gonna do 'bout it, haw?”

“Shit... Majima...”

“Yeah...? Wah!!” Launching forwards, Kiryu grabbed Majima's body tightly, holding him pressed against his chest as he picked him up with ease. Walking into the bedroom, he kicked the door shut behind them, waiting until he was close to the bed to throw Majima down. Within seconds his body was on top of him, weighing him down with the pressure he so craved. Hands clawing at his sweatshirt like a crazed animal, Majima grabbed the front of it, tugging him down and kissing him with a ferocity that made Kiryu's chest tighten. Managing to pull away from him, he got onto his knees, tearing his sweatshirt off, tossing it to the side, grinning at the sharp inhale from Majima.

“Now this is what I'm talkin' 'bout... Fuck... C'mon Kiryu... Fuck me up.”

“Hmm. Are you sure you don't want to order pizza first? I'm pretty hungry.”

“Kiryu... Ya best be jokin'.”

“And if I'm not?”

“Yer in fer an ass kickin'.”

“Heh. I'd like to see you try. Majima? Your trousers are still on.”

“Shit. Hold on. One sec.” Hopping off the bed, Majima darted out of the room. A few rustling noises later and he returned, rucksack in hand.

“Uh... What's with the bag?”

“That can wait.” Dumping the bag next to the bed, he pulled his trousers and underwear down in one swift motion, jumping on the bed quickly, bouncing in excitement. He's raring to go... I wonder what's in the bag though... Hmm. “Kiryu-chan? Ya okay there?” Staring at him hard, Kiryu nodded, licking his lips slowly as he pushed his hair back.

“Mnhm. Just admiring the view.”

“Hehe! Like whatcha see?” Grinning coyly, Majima got on his hands and knees and turned around, spreading his legs wide. Reaching behind him, he gripped his left ass cheek tightly, claw marks appearing through the tattoo that covered his ass.

“Fuck...” That was all Kiryu could take. No time for worrying whether things were moving too fast. No time for being nervous. The only thing he could think of was burying himself into Majima's tight, little ass.

Yanking his own trousers and underwear down, he climbed onto the bed, spinning Majima around, resuming his position on top of him. Kissing him as deep and hard as he could, he groaned when Majima began writhing under him, hips thrusting upwards to meet Kiryu's crotch. Yanking his head to the side, Kiryu sunk his teeth into his neck, licking and kissing every inch of it as he laid beneath him, groaning continuously. Majima wanted Kiryu to brand him? Then that's what he was going to do. Placing his hand on his neck, he dug his nails in, scraping down until he reached his hipbone. Yowling loudly, Majima's back arched hard, his gasping moans filling Kiryu's ears.

“Do you like that?”

“Fuck Kiryu-chan! Shit, it fucking stings! Again!! Harder!”

“Quite the little sadist, aren't we. Heh.” Fulfilling Majima's wish, he bit down on his bottom lip, repeating the action once more, beginning to panick slightly when wetness coated his fingers. Blood... Too hard, he's bleeding... I- huh?? Nails dug into his own back as Majima cursed, a twisted smile on his face. He was really getting off on this to Kiryu's surprise. But then again, should he be surprised? This was someone who disguised himself to surprise him, someone who got off on being scared. When it came to Majima, he had to learn to expect the unexpected.

“Kiryu-chaaan...” A small, whimpering whine pulled him from his thoughts as he pulled back, studying the face below him. “More... More, please. I'm beggin' ya. I want more.”

“More what?”

“Hurt me... More. I want ya ta hurt me real good. I want ya ta fuck me up... Please, baby... Please...” Trailing off, Majima gripped Kiryu's hand tightly, nodding slowly. He said before he wants me to own him. Brand him. Claim him. Earlier when we were in here... He seemed to really get off when I was... How do I describe it? Domineering? Commanding? Does he... Does he want me to dominate him and... And hurt him while doing it? I've never... I've never done this before... I don't know how to... I'm not going to lie, the thought of it is really turning me on. If it's what he wants... Scrunching his brow as he bit his lip, Kiryu finally nodded, giving Majima a quick kiss.

“You got it.” Letting his hand snake up to Majima's hair, he tugged it hard, snapping his head left. Using his other hand, he held two fingers to Majima's mouth. “Open and suck.”

“Wha-” A harder tug on his hair, Majima gasping in pain, quickly changing to a small whimpering moan.

“Open and suck. Make sure they're nice and wet. Now.” Opening his mouth, he gagged slightly as Kiryu shoved his fingers inside roughly, having to bite his own tongue to stop himself from moaning. He wasn't going to give Majima the satisfaction of knowing he was turning him on just yet. After a few moments, he began to slide them in and out slowly, but forcefully, automatically biting his lip at the sight below him. Majima on his back, head thrown back, eye clamped shut. Dozes of deep claw marks lead down from his neck to his hips, oozing blood ever so slightly. “Are you enjoying this, Majima-san? Or would you rather it was my dick in your mouth, hm?” Watching in awe as he began to rub his dick slowly, Kiryu grinned wickedly, removing his fingers and using them to tug Majima's hand away.


“You said that's mine. I didn't say you could touch it.”

“Yer jokin'... Right?”

“No. Move your hand.” Looking at him in confusion, Majima ignored him and carried on, smiling lopsidedly. He must have thought Kiryu was messing with him, not expecting him to get into the whole dominant, rough frame of mind this quickly. But he was about to find out just how wrong he was...

Grabbing his wrist tightly, he pinned it next to his head, doing the same with the other one. Lowering his head, he stared into Majima's wide eye. The look on his face was so unbelievably sexy. So confused, aroused and was that a little bit of nervousness? He wasn't sure. But either way, it was damn hot. “I said, move your fucking hand.” Taking note of the way Majima quivered, Kiryu's confidence was rising quickly. Okay, pretty sure he likes me talking like this. I still feel kind of weird doing it... But if he likes it...

“Shit... Mmm... Or... Or what, Kiryu-ch-” A loud slap filled the room, Majima's head jolting left. “Ow! The fuck!! Ah! Shit!!” Pulling him close by the hair, Kiryu bared his teeth, internally groaning as Majima panted heavily, an angry red handprint appearing on his face. Grabbing his jaw hard, he tilted it to the side and studied the mark, smirking to hide the worry he was feeling.

“Don't talk back to me. Do you understand?” Writhing under his body, Majima nodded slowly, a perverse grin spreading over his face.

“Mmmm, ye- yes.” Slipping his hand free, he wrapped it around his dick once more, running it up and down slowly. “Gotta say Kiryu-chan, shit, man... I ain't ever felt this hot 'fore... Yer makin' me so fuckin' hot... This is gettin' me off... I mean, fuuuuck, this is really fuckin' gettin' me off.” Ignoring his twitching dick, Kiryu kept his face serious, desperately trying to hide the happy glee he was feeling inside. I wonder if he means it... He wouldn't say it if he didn't... Majima wouldn't lie to me. The way he's behaving is a big give away too... If he hasn't felt this hot before as he put it... That means I'm doing better than that asshole... What was his name? Nishitani? Heh, now I know you're liking this, I'm getting pretty into it myself. I have to turn it up a notch.

“Did I say you could touch your dick again?”

“Haw? Uh... Uh, no, but I mean, c'mon!! Ya can't expect me ta lie here an' do fuck all while yer bein' so fuckin' irresistibly hot, Kiryu-chan!!” Shaking his head, he let out a disappointed tut.

“Clearly you can't be trusted. But don't worry. I know just the thing.” Sliding off the bed, Kiryu walked over to his wardrobe, pulling out an old shirt he didn't wear anymore. Keeping his back to Majima, he tore the shirt in half with ease. A quick deep breath and he turned around, scowling hard.


“Shhh. It's okay. Stand up.” Nodding uncertainly, Majima hopped off the bed, standing in front of Kiryu, his whole body shaking in anticipation. Grabbing him by the shoulders, he spun him around, pushing him into the wall. A loud bang rang out as Majima's skull connected hard with the wall, hands coming up seconds too late. But instead of a yelp of pain, Kiryu was sure he heard a small moan come from beneath him. Fuck, that was his head... But he didn't sound... He moaned. He actually moaned. Damn...

Grabbing both of Majima's hands, he yanked them behind his back hard, tying them tightly together with the torn shirt. Satisfied he wouldn't be able to slip out of it, he leant forward, pressing his length into his back. Throwing back his head, a shaky groan escaped his lips as he rested his head on Kiryu's shoulder.

“Fuck, Kiryu-chan...” Placing his hand on Majima's chest, he stifled a groan of his own, hand rising up and down as his chest heaved. To feel him quivering against him, practically using him to keep himself upright... Majima's reactions made him know he was doing okay so far. But that's what was worrying Kiryu. He didn't want to just do okay. Casting his mind back to his first encounter all those years ago, his eyes clamped shut. He was nervous then, maybe more than he was now. But the difference between then and now was a worlds apart. The guy he was with was nothing like Majima. Kiryu had even insisted the lights had to be off before anything happened. And then even though he was ashamed of it at the time, it was over in minutes. He could have held on longer, but truth was he just wanted it over and done with. That wasn't the case now. He wanted it to last as long as it could. He wanted to drag it out, take in every last bit of Majima's movements, his moans and curses, the way his body trembled under Kiryu's touch. To see him this way and know it was because of him? It made the fire inside of his body burn more intensely. To the point where he had to make sure Majima wouldn't forget this. And judging the way his knees were shaking, Kiryu was doing pretty damn good so far.

Opening his eyes, Kiryu realised his hand had wandered down to Majima's dick, rotating around the head slowly, fingers instantly becoming sticky and well coated. Dragging his nails over the wounds on his chest, he held his fingers to Majima's mouth, clenching his teeth as he sucked on them greedily. Growling into his ear, Kiryu stopped jabbing his dick into his back and hoisted his ass up instead, spreading his cheeks and running it up and down painfully slowly.

“Look at you. Standing there, tasting yourself on my fingers. Do you like it? Do you like how you taste Majima? Did you see how much was covering my fingers?” Pulling them out of his mouth, Kiryu licked his ear gently, hissing his name as he held him close. “Fuuck, Majimaa. You're so dirty. Do you like it when I run my dick up and down your ass? Can you feel how hard my dick is for you? Shit, you want it, don't you. You want me to pin you down and ride you hard, don't you. Heh, look at you shake. Cute.”

“Ya gotta be fuckin' kiddin' me... Fuck, Kiryu-chan!! Yer gonna m-make me cum already if ya keep talkin' ta me li-like that.” Whimpering between pants, Majima nodded hard and turned his head, kissing the side of Kiryu's mouth in desperation. Pulling back, Kiryu's eyes widened, a metallic taste coating his tongue. Blood... Shit, his lip is bust! I know he's liking this but... Ngh. Is there such a thing as too rough with him...? I get the feeling I could slam him to the floor repeatedly, jab my knee into his back and smash his head against the floor... And he'd still enjoy every minute of it. Fucking and fighting... That's what he said he did with his ex. That fighting brought them together. I don't want to come second best to some asshole. I know what he said before, but I want to be sure. And to be sure, I have to keep going. This isn't enough. If he wants it rough... I'll give him rough. “Kiryu-Kiryu-chan!! M-my bag... Lube. Fuck me. Now!!” Swallowing hard, Kiryu grabbed a fistful of his hair and slammed him into the wall hard, pressing himself against him tightly so Majima was pinned between himself and the wall. Once again, a moan followed the crashing noise of his body hitting wall. Snapping his head back, Kiryu bared his teeth, snarling into Majima's face.

“Didn't you learn before? You don't make-” Pausing to slam him against the wall once more, Kiryu tugged him back, holding him close as he tried to ignore the blood streaking his once immaculate wall. “The fucking rules!! Don't you understand? You don't tell me what to do. Right now, you're mine. And I have got you right where I fucking want you. You're going to do what I say. When I say. So, here's the thing Majima.” He could do nothing but whimper quietly, bottom lip trembling as he stared up at Kiryu with a wide eye. Goddamn it, I never thought I'd be into this sort of... Kinky shit, but fuck. This is... This is hot. Sneering at him, Kiryu kept his voice low and even, his deep, powerful voice rumbling through Majima, making him tremble uncontrollably, his eye rolling back into his head as he chewed his lip, fresh blood trickling down his chin. “I love having control over you. I love seeing you whine and cry and beg for more. When I'm ready, you're going to bend the hell over and fucking take what I have to give you. Understand?” Majima nodded, but that wasn't good enough for Kiryu. Wrapping his hand around his throat tightly, he chuckled as he gasped beneath him, trying in vain to tug his hands free. “Say, yes Kiryu.”

“Fuck!! Mmm! Yes!! Y-Yes Kiryu!! Ah, fuuck!”

“Good boy. Sorry, but I'm not quite ready to fuck you yet. Turn around, get on your knees and suck my dick.” Shuddering as he groaned, Majima turned slowly and sank to his knees. Looking up at Kiryu as bloody saliva dribbled down his chin, his eye burned intensely while he mumbled quietly.

“Too good... This is too fuckin' good.” Trying to play dumb, Kiryu bent down, gripping his chin tightly.

“What was that?” When he received no answer he cradled his face, breath hitching in his chest as Majima rubbed his face against his hand. Even though they were in the middle of some pretty messed up shit, to see Majima being so loving, it pushed Kiryu's confidence higher. Majima really was loving every second of this. “I thought so. Open your mouth.” Giving him a few swift slaps of encouragement, Kiryu sighed as Majima winced before letting his mouth dropped open. “You want this?” An eager nod in response. “I can't hear you. You'll get nothing from me if you don't fucking speak.” Shuffling forward on his knees quickly, Majima gazed at Kiryu's dick bobbing up and down in front of his face before trying to launch forward. Casting his eye upwards as Kiryu held him back, he watched him wag his finger, tutting while he shook his head. “I won't tell you again.” Swallowing hard, Majima spoke in a breathy whisper.

“I want it. I want ta suck yer dick, Kiryu. I want ya ta fuck my throat. Please.” The look on his face made it hard for Kiryu to contain himself. Majima's jaw still hung open, shuddering, panting breaths escaping from his body in bursts. A sheen of sweat covered his skin, mixing with the bloody drool that coated his mouth and lips. His entire body trembled in desperation, continuously trying to free his hands from behind his back. He was a sight to behold and Kiryu made sure to take in every last bit of it.

Deciding he had waited long enough, Kiryu smirked at him, purposefully ignoring the fact he was trying to discreetly inch even closer. Inserting two fingers from each hand into Majima's mouth, he pulled his mouth open wider, stopping when he let out a choked groan of pain. Stepping forward, Kiryu jammed himself down Majima's throat in one hard thrust, holding in his own moan as he swallowed instinctively, his nose bashing against Kiryu's abs. Keeping still while he swallowed repeatedly, Kiryu threw back his head and released an elongated groan. Majima's tongue circled him slowly, scraping across every throbbing vein in his shaft as Kiryu withdrew. His eye was tightly scrunched, breathing heavier as he alternated between sucking and licking the head of his dick.

“Look at me.” Majima remained focused on what he was doing, his brow furrowed in concentration. Can he even hear me? He's so into what he's doing... The look on his face... Damn. How can someone look so beautiful doing something so perverse. Heh. No, no, stop thinking like this. He wants it rough remember? Tch. Stop with the soft shit. Okay, let's go. Pulling out completely, Kiryu bent down, cracking his hand across Majima's face with such force his entire body slumped to the left. A pained howl rang out, quickly fading into a long, low, guttural groan. Shit, I hope that wasn't too hard. Why... Why is he still moaning? Hmm. Keeping his head down, his arms moved quicker, trying to tug his hands free harder. “Majima! What the fuck do you think you're playing at!?” Placing two fingers under his chin, he lifted his face up, inhaling sharply when Majima's eye met his own. He looked dazed, head wobbling, his eye completely glazed over. But his mouth... He was smiling. Wide. It was almost like a smile of ecstasy as he panted hard through clenched teeth. And when Kiryu looked down at his crotch, he saw why. “Oh, no. Majima... We can't have this. I didn't say you were allowed to do this. Didn't you listen to a word I said?” Majima's dick glistened, a few more drops of cum trickling down his length, reaching the shining puddle on the floor. I... I don't... He came? He came already? Shit, I knew he was into how I was acting but... What to do now? Ngh... Do I stop? Do I... Do I continue this another time? Or do I carry on and make him cum again?

Still in disbelief, Kiryu shook his head, Majima still grinning up at him, his body swaying, sweat running down his forehead. Leaning down, he held his face in his hands, kissing him hard.

“You aren't getting out of it that fucking easily. We aren't done here. Not by a long fucking shot. Open your mouth again. Now.” A happy shriek pierced the air as Kiryu growled at him, however he instantly noticed it was weaker than his usual excited noises. I hope he's not too worn out... Heh, not that it matters. I'll hold him up if I have to. No sooner had Majima opened his mouth and he was shoving his dick back inside, thrusting down his throat as hard as he could. “Look at me.” Scowling at him hard, Kiryu held his head still, waiting for him to open his eye. When he did, he continued, hissing at him through clenched teeth as he fucked his mouth as hard as he could. “You have to pay for that, Majima. I'm disappointed in you. You came without my permission. Pretty pathetic, if you ask me. Getting off on someone slapping you about and degrading you. Look at you. You're sitting in a puddle of your own fucking cum, hands behind your back, blood smeared over your face as I fuck your throat. And you're still hard. You're fucking twisted, Majima. Warped. Perverted.” Shuddering at the choked whimpers coming from below him, Kiryu chuckled, pressing Majima's nose against his stomach. “Lucky for you, I fucking love that. Okay, get the fuck off me. I'm done here. Mmm, good job, Majima. Really good job. Fuck, you're so good at sucking my dick, do you know that?” Pushing Majima back, he tussled his hair gently before gripping a handful and pulling him up. Standing on unsteady feet in front of him, Majima bit his lip, stepping closer to Kiryu cautiously. “What do you want?”

“I want... I want ta kiss ya, Kiryu-chan.” Pretending to think about it for a moment, Kiryu pulled him close, wrapping his arms around his back as he kissed him hard. Majima managed to keep up, stopping occasionally to tug on Kiryu's bottom lip. Okay, I think I've kept him waiting long enough. Besides, I can't wait anymore.

Breaking their kiss, Kiryu spun him around, slamming him into the wall once more. Pressing him against it, he leant down and growled into his ear.

“Don't you dare fucking move.” Scanning the room for the bag, he strode over, tugging it open. A wide variety of things filled the bag, but that would have to wait for now. Eyes landing on the bottle he needed, he was back behind Majima in a flash. It was his turn to shake now, nerves beginning to take hold of him. Swallowing hard, he pushed every last worry out of his mind, focusing entirely on Majima, who was still propped up against the wall, despite his legs wobbling like jellly. He had came this far, he couldn't back out now. Not that he wanted to. But still, he wished the images of all those years ago would stop popping up in his mind, creating stupid, unnecessary doubt. All he had to do was look at Majima. His body told him everything he needed to know. Taking in a deep breath, Kiryu squirted some of the liquid onto his fingers, rubbing up and down Majima's ass slowly, revelling in the gasp he released. Slipping two fingers inside, he sawed in and out slowly, using his other hand to massage his right ass cheek.

“K-Kiryu... Fuck, man! Will ya...” Continuing while Majima whimpered, Kiryu went even slower, the feeling of his ass clench around his own fingers driving him crazy. In a few moments... He's going to be clenching around my... Shit.

“Yes? Will I what?”

“Another finger.” Removing his fingers completely, he quickly poured some of the liquid onto his pulsating dick. He was throbbing so hard he felt almost ready to blow. Almost.

“No. You can have this instead.”

“H-Haw? Have w-what? Kiryu-ch-” Majima's words turned into an incoherent holler as Kiryu gripped his cheeks tightly, spreading them as wide as he could. In one swift, fluid movement, he slid inside, not stopping until Majima was wedged tightly between the wall and himself. Knees buckling, he headbutted the wall hard, yelling out a string of loud curses.

“What's wrong Majima? Don't tell me you were talking shit before. What's wrong, can't you handle being fucked? You don't like my dick in your ass?”

“Fuck!! Too big!! Too fuckin' big!! Shit, Kiryu-chaaaan! Nah. I-I don't like yer dick in my ass. Nrgh, I fuckin' love it!!” Chuckling into his ear, Kiryu snaked his hands around Majima's stomach, giving his dick a few slow strokes.

“Good boy. Mmm, Majima. Maaajimaaaa. You feel so fucking good around me...” Grinning when he felt Majima's knees buckle once more, he knew he had to start. If he kept this up, he'd end up finishing before he even got to fuck him. Pulling out completely, he continued jerking Majima's dick, waiting for the moment his voice would pipe up. Thankfully, he didn't have to wait long.

“Uh... Kir-Kiryu-chan? Everythin' okay back th- gah!! Mmmfgh!! Shit!! Kiryu!! Kiryu!! Nrgh, Kiryu!!!” Loud grunts filled the room as Kiryu slammed into him hard, his head bashing into the wall with every thrust, pushing his pleasure higher.

“You-You like this? Hmm? You like me... Fucking you? Do you like it when I fuck you hard, Majima? Goddamn, Maaajimaaaa. Your ass feels so fucking good, so damn fucking good. Fuck, look at you. You're dr-dripping into my hand Majima. Do you want to cum again, hm? Do you- do you want to cum while I fuck you?” Whining loudly, Majima nodded his head as best as he could, still trying to tug his hands free. Giving up, he stretched his fingers out instead, desperately trying to reach Kiryu.

“Yes!! Y-Yes, Kiryu!! I fuckin' love it when ya fuck me hard!! Fuck! I wanna cum... I wanna cum so b-bad... But... I... Hngh... I want ya ta cum in- inside me. I want ya ta... Shit!! I want ya ta blow yer load in my ass!!” His voice was higher now, yelling out between curses and grunts. Bucking into him faster, Kiryu clenched his teeth, moving his hands from Majima's ass to his hips instead. Lifting him higher, he tightened his grip, nails breaking the skin as he drilled into him harder. He knew he was moments away from giving Majima what he wanted.

“Fuck, you got it. Y-You fucking got it, Majima!! I'm going to pump everything I have inside you!! Every la-last fucking bit inside!! Oh, shit!! I'm going to cum, Majima!! Can you fucking hear me? I'm going to cum!! Majima!” Shrieking beneath him, Majima's body spasmed hard, Kiryu's words pushing him to the brink. A loud cracking noise could barely be heard as Kiryu pounded into him one last time, the weight of his body sending Majima crashing into the wall for the last time as his dick finally pumped blast after blast of cum into his eagerly awaiting ass. He could do nothing but cry out weakly, his entire body going limp. Luckily Kiryu was still holding him up by the hips. They remained still, chests heaving, heavy pants filling the silence around them until finally Majima spoke.

“K-Kiryu-chan... Help me ta the bed, will ya?” Huh? Help him? Oh, shit, I must have really hurt him... Goddamn it!! Worry plastered over his face, Kiryu nodded, bending down slightly. Hooking an arm under Majima's legs, he picked him up gingerly, carrying him to the bed. After placing him down, he undid the makeshift binding around his wrists and sat down next to him, searching for the right words to say. Majima flopped back, mumbling quietly.

“What? I can't understand you. Are you... Are you okay, Majima-san?”

“Shit... Can't... Fuckin'...”

“Majima-san...? You're worrying me now.”

“Kiryu-chan... C'mere.” Lying down next to him, Kiryu felt relief wash over him as Majima lifted his arm, pushing himself as close to him as he possibly could. Resting his head on Kiryu's sweaty chest, he stared up at him, his eye wider than ever. “That... That was fuckin'.... That was... Uwaaaaaa!!! Kiryu-chaaaaaan!! That was amazin'!!”

“Hm? It... It was? No, I mean... It was?” Looking at him in disbelief, Kiryu studied his face hard. His hair clung to his forehead and cheek, dried blood still covering most of his mouth. But he was beaming. He looked absolutely ecstatic. Feeling his own stomach somersault, Kiryu chuckled softly, stroking his face gently.

“Uhhh, yeah!! Shit!! I... I don't even know what ta say! I ain't never been speechless before but fuuuck!! Man! Best fuckin' of my life, hot fuckin' damn!!”

“Really? I... I wasn't too rough?”

“Ain't no such fuckin' thing, baby!! Hehe!! Shit, I didn't know ya were inta that sorta stuff, Kiryu-chaaan!!”

“I... Neither did I. Heh. I really, really enjoyed it though, Majima-san. So, is that your favourite kind of sex?”

“I don't really have a favourite type. Depends what mood I'm in. Don't get me wrong, It's fun havin' rough, hurt me as much as ya can sex. But I love it slow an' gentle too. Damn, any fuckin' we do is gonna be amazin'!! Hehe! But man, I just couldn't help myself. I told ya. I needed ya ta own me, Kiryu-chan. And fuck, ya didn't disappoint. I can't stop grinnin'!! I feel like... I feel... I fuckin' love it! I ain't ever came like that before. Ya made me cum jus' from knockin' me about, hehe!! An' then again when ya were fuckin' me... Shit. Another thing I ain't done before. Came twice in one session. Fuuuck, what ya doin' ta me Kiryu-chan!!” Giggling with glee, Majima clawed up Kiryu's chest, smushing his their lips together, kissing him excitedly. Pulling back, he tilted his head as Kiryu smiled at him softly. “Whatcha smilin' at?” Ignoring his heart thumping faster, Kiryu continued to stare at him hard, running his fingers through Majima's damp hair.

“You. Just you. You're amazing, Majima-san. You're really-” Trailing off as his eyes wandered behind him, Kiryu's body launched forward so he was sitting up. Staring with wide eyes, his mouth dropped open. Groaning as he sat up, Majima scratched his head in confusion, wincing slightly at the pain that coursed through his body.

“Kiryu-chan? Everythin' okay?” Pointing in front of him, Kiryu shook his head.

“M... Majima-san. Your head... Your head went through my fucking wall!!”

“Shit... Uhhh... I can... I can fix that fer ya, Kiryu-chan!!”


Chapter Text

Standing in front of the head shaped hole now on his wall, Kiryu scowled hard. He could see directly into the bathroom. For once he actually found himself relieved that Nishiki wasn't here. His head went through my damn wall. His head. And he's sitting on the bed. Giggling. He's laughing his damn ass off. How the hell is he not in pain? Shit, I'm really starting to worry about him. Before when we were... And now. I mean... How the-

“K-Kiryu-chan? I'm, uh... Hehe, I'm real sorry 'bout that.” Trying to compose himself while he spoke, Majima sniffled. He was clearly struggling to keep it together. Kiryu turned around and glared at him, leading him to collapse once more into a fit of giggles.

“This isn't funny, Majima-san!!”

“Haw? How the fuck not? Yer wall really that important ta ya?”

“Huh? The wall? No!! Tch, idiot! It's you I'm worried about!!”

“Me? Kiryu-chan, whatcha mean?”

“What do I... Are you serious right now? Your head. Went through. A wall.” Shrugging casually, Majima smiled warmly, nodding slowly.

“Yeah, but it was only a thin one. No biggie.”

“No big... Majim-”

“C'mere.” Sighing heavily, Kiryu finally tore his eyes away from the hole and sat down on the bed next to Majima. Still his chest tightened, feeling like he was caught in a vice when Majima lifted his arm around him, looking up at him with a wide, shining eye. “I really am sorry 'bout that Kiryu-chan. But I'm fine, honestly. Ain't really a good wall anyway, thin an' cheap like. Hey, we were gonna decorate this place anyway, right? Hehe! Ain't no big deal, won't take long ta fix!”

“I don't give a shit about the wall. As long as you're alright, that's all I care about.”

“Well, now that ya mention it... I'm gettin' real hangry here. Ya certainly made me work up one helluva appetite, Kiryu-chaaaan hehe!!”

“Heh, okay. How about we order food now, hm? Before we do, come with me.”

“Haw? Where we goin'?” Pulling him up by the hand, Kiryu lead him to the bathroom, smirking slightly as he passed the hole in the wall. No biggie he says. Heh... Making sure the lid was down, he sat Majima on the toilet before rummaging around in the medicine cabinet above the sink. Hmm, I'm sure I had some cotton balls in here... Finally finding what he was looking for, he filled the sink with warm water, Majima watching his every move. “Whatcha doin' Kiryu-chan?” Squatting between his legs, Kiryu held his face close, dabbing at the wounds on his lip with the wet cotton balls. “Hey, man... Ya ain't gotta do this ya know, I told ya I'm f-”

“Shut up. Let me do this. I like... Ngh. Never mind.”

“Nah, c'mon. Tell me. Kiryu-chan, ya like what?”

“I like... I like the idea of me looking after you. I know, that probably sounds ridiculous but I just want... I want to protect you. I want to take care of you. I want to- mmfgh!!” Majima launched forwards, knocking Kiryu flat onto the bathroom floor as he straddled him, lips mashing against his own. Pulling back from Majima's iron grip, Kiryu gasped for breath.“Ma-Majima-san, the hell??” Squishing his cheeks together, Majima threw back his head, squealing excitedly.

“Kiryu-chaan, man, that's so cute!! Hehe!! Ain't ever had anyone wantin' ta take care of me before.” It's cute? I can live with that. Feeling his cheeks flush, Kiryu smiled and sat up, pushing Majima back to a seated position.

“If you say so. Now stop talking for a minute and let me do this. Then we can order food. Okay?”

“Hehe!! Hell yeah, Kiryu-chan!!”

Not too long later, both men were sat on the couch, chatting idly while they waited for their food. Gazing around the room once more, Majima pointed to the wall.

“So, what colour ya thinkin' 'bout doin' this room?”

“Uhh... I... I don't know. I'm not good at this sort of stuff.”

“No prob. First thing we gotta do is get rid of all'a this red. How 'bout a classy feel, eh? I don't think loud an' in yer face is yer kinda style.” Classy? I doubt this place could look classy, heh. I just hope Nishiki's okay with it...

“Heh, that's true. Sounds good, Majima-san. Why don't... Why don't I leave it up to you, hm? I mean you'll be here a lot so... No. I mean, I hope you'll be here a lot. Ngh. Sorry.” Turning away, Kiryu rubbed his hand nervously.

“Eh? What fer?”

“Assuming. And being so... Brash?”

“'Kay. So yer apologizin' fer bein' honest? Hehe, ain't make no damn sense. Ya got it right though.”

“I... I did?”

“Yup. I'm gonna be here a lot. Yer here. So 'course I'm gonna be here. Jus' do me a favour, will ya? Stop fuckin' worryin' 'bout everythin'. Kiryu-chan... I wanna see ya every chance I can. Ya ain't listened ta a word I said?”

“I did, but...”

“Then there's no buts. Get it?”

“Well, when you put it like that...” A loud knocking at the door stopped him from saying anymore. Standing up, Kiryu went to the door and collected the food, thanking the man and paying him quickly. By the time he returned to the living room, Majima had started up another movie and was talking quietly on his phone, staring intently at the screen while he did so. Not wanting to eavesdrop but at the same time not able to stop himself, Kiryu stood behind the wall, cocking his head. Majima was talking low, but he could just make out his side of the conversation.

“Yeah, I know that... But this is more important... Because I fuckin' said so, ya dick!! Ya really wanna say no ta me? ...Thought not. I want it done an' finished by Saturday afternoon. I know that don't give us a lot of time, but if it ain't, ya best believe yer gonna be real fuckin' sorry. Hehe, I knew ya would see it my way. Good boy. I'll talk ta ya 'bout it tomorrow when I stop by. Did ya get the pictures I sent ya? Good. Have it all figured out by tomorrow. Okay. Laters.” What's more important? Finished by Saturday afternoon? Not a lot of time? Hmm... I wonder what's going on. It must be really important if he's threatening people over it. I can't exactly walk in and ask him... No. It's none of my business anyway. “Kiryu-chan? What's takin' so long?” Shit! Okay, act normal. Remember it's none of your business. Walking into the living room as normally as he could, Kiryu placed the boxes down on the table in front of him, sliding one to Majima. Picking it up eagerly, he held a hand to his stomach. “Maaaaaan!! This smells soooo fuckin' good!! I'm starvin' here!!” Chuckling softly, Kiryu shook his head, picking up his own box, the smell of freshly cooked pizza wafting into his nostrils. Majima was right. It did smell really good.

“It wasn't that long ago we ate. Plus all that candy...” Glancing to his right, Kiryu noticed Majima was already onto his second slice. Goddamn he's quick. I wonder if he's even tasting it. Heh.

“Yeah, but then we worked it all off by fuckin'!! Hehe!! Hey... Maybe... Maybe after eatin' we'll have ta do it again... Ya know... Ta burn this off.” He wants to go again? Not that I'm complaining... But does this mean I'm going to end up with another hole in my wall? Broken bed, maybe? Wait, did he say to burn the pizza off? Tch. Like I believe that's the only reason. Sneaky bastard. Putting down the slice of pizza, Kiryu faced him, face serious. Trying to look as hurt as possible, he spoke slowly, as if pondering Majima's words.

“So... You only want to have sex with me to burn off the junk food?” Piercing giggling rang out, Majima's head tipped back. Kiryu couldn't help but chuckle along. That laugh of his was really something else...

“Would ya believe me if I said yeah?”

“Nope.” Majima shrugged, speaking through a mouth full of food.

“Shit. Okay, so ya got me. Hehe!!”

After they'd finished eating and were suitably stuffed, they watched the end of the movie. It was slightly cliché, but a good way to spend a night in. After the hero had rescued the kidnapped woman and kissed her, the happy ending followed suit.

“Well, that wasn't bad. Did you say that there was a second one made after this? Huh? Majima...?” Turning to his left, Kiryu smiled gently. Majima had fallen asleep, head lolled over his right shoulder, his breathing deep and even. Feeling his face practically glowing, Kiryu reached out, placing his hand over Majima's carefully. He could actually feel his heart swell in his chest as he continued to stare at him. He just looked so... Content. So warm and unbelievably cute. I don't want to wake him... But I don't want him staying here... I want him in bed... With me. Ngh, I didn't take him for the type to crash so easily. Then again, he did say I tired him out earlier. Heh. Making up his mind, Kiryu shook his arm gently. “Majima-san? Hey, Majima-san?”

“Hmm? Wha? Kiryu-chan? I wasn't sleepin'. Jus'...” Pausing to yawn, Majima rubbed his eye, smiling warily. He looked so out of it and his voice was so soft and confused. It was too damn adorable.

“Heh. Shit, do you have any idea how damn cute you look?” Smirking sleepily, Majima shuffled closer to Kiryu, rubbing his thighs clumsily. So cute... He can barely keep his eye open.

“Oh yeah? Whatcha gonna do 'bout it?”

“I know what I'd like to do. But that can wait. You need sleep. Come on. Let's go to bed.”

“Nawww. I'm fine. I ain't even...” Kiryu rolled his eyes as Majima paused, once again yawning. “I ain't even tired.”

“Sure you aren't. Come on, you can just lie with me then instead.”

“Mmm... Okay. That does sound good. Hehe, gonna try an' have yer way with me again, eh, Kiryu-chan?”


“Maaaaaaaaaan. Nah. I don't want this night ta end.” Neither do I, Majima. Heh. A few more protests later and Kiryu finally had managed to get him to the bedroom.

“Majima-san. Are you getting into bed?”

“Make me.”

“Tch. You're impossible.”

“So why ya grinnin'? Hehe! Ya fuckin' love it! Okay, okay.” Pulling down his underwear, Majima slid onto the bed, draping the covers over him. Staring at Kiryu, he beckoned him to come close, eyelid heavy. Slinking his other hand under the blanket, he threw his head back, purring at Kiryu as sexily as he could. “Kiryu-chaaaaan, c'mooooon. I'm waitin' fer ya...” The blanket began to lift up and down over his crotch. Is he... Is he doing what I think he's doing!? Eyes widening, Kiryu swallowed hard, his breath hitching in his throat.

“Majima... Majima-san... What are you... Ngh... What are you doing?”

“What's it look like? I'm playin' with my dick. Jus' can't help myself. Yer too damn hot. Oh. Hey, Kiryu-chan. Guess what?” Feeling a twinge in his underwear, Kiryu's voice came out in a whisper.


“I ain't tired anymore.”


“Eh? What's the matter, Kiryu-chaaaan? Yer undies are lookin' a little tight there... Think we should play with some of the stuff in my bag, eh? That sound like fun?” His bag... Shit, I forgot about that. Ngh... I've never used any of those things before... I'm not going to lie, I can't say I'm not intrigued. And if he's not tired anymore...

“What... Uh, what did you have in mind?” Noticing the blanket was now fully tenting over Majima's crotch, Kiryu strode over to the corner, retrieving the bag for the second time that night.

“Hehe! Eager, eh? Jus' the way I like it. Gimme the bag an' get yer pants off. Here, come sit next ta me.” As quick as he could, Kiryu slipped down his underwear and joined Majima on the bed, his body shaking in anticipation as he handed him the bag. “Ready ta get started?”

Opening the bag, Majima grinned wide, tipping it upside down while Kiryu looked on wide eyed.

“Ya ever played with any toys before?”

“Yes, when I was a kid I guess...” Head snapping to face him, Majima gasped in horror.

“Haw!? The fuck!? Kiryu... Oh!! Hehe! Naw, ya fuckin' buttbrain!! I mean these kinda things!! Sex toys, ya dummy!” Lowering his head, Kiryu felt his cheeks radiating heat.

“Oh, I thought... Heh. Uh... No.”

“Hey man, ain't nothin' ta worry 'bout. Anythin' take yer fancy?” Gazing in wonder at the pile of unknown objects between them on the bed, Kiryu's brow furrowed. I... I don't know what half of these are for. Ngh, I don't want him thinking I'm stupid, but some of these look really painful. And what the hell are those black strip things??

“Uh... I don't...”

“Oh. Right. Hehe, lemme show ya.” Pointing to three dildos of varying length and thickness, Majima spoke softly, his voice filled with understanding. It really made Kiryu at ease, although it was hard for him to take him seriously as he was still rubbing himself under the blanket. “Okay, these three here are jus' rubber ones. They ain't do nothin' but fill ya up.” Moving to a couple of similar looking ones to the right, he picked one up, holding it to Kiryu. “These two here vibrate. This one only goes one speed. But this one here... It's got a whole bunch of different vibration patterns. So it can go like this...” Pausing, Majima picked it up and pressed a button on the bottom. Immediately it began to buzz softly. "Or this." Pressing it again, it buzzed louder, and a third press made it vibrate so hard it sounded like a mini chainsaw was in the room with them. A fourth press and it buzzed twice, stopping for a second before buzzing another two times. “There's more, but I think ya get the gist of it. Right, this one here is a special one. It's kinda like the one I jus' showed ya, but it don't vibrate.”

“So, what does it do?” Giggling excitedly, Majima held it up to Kiryu and pressed the button which was on the side near the bottom. Kiryu watched in wonder as the toy began jerking back and forwards quickly.

“It thrusts! Got a few different settings so ya can pick the speed an' force of the thrust. It's waterproof an' even got a strong suction cup so ya can use it in the shower! Hehe! Ooh, then we got a few little butt plugs. They don't do nothin', but they can be fun if ya use 'em right! Especially the biggest one! So these things here with the chain on them, are nipple clamps. Kinda self explanatory. 'Cept it's more fun if the chain goes in yer mouth, so ya can pull on it if ya want it harder. Plus it looks real sexy like. This funny lookin' thing here is a gag. Think the proper name is a spider gag... It keeps yer mouth open nice an' wide. Plus ya can change the size of the ring in the middle in case ya wanna put somethin' through it... Hehe! An' finally, these black things are restraints. Ya can either use 'em ta tie yer arms an' legs together or, ya can use 'em ta tie each limb ta an object. Like the bed fer example. So. Ya got it?” Nodding slowly, Kiryu's head spun. It was so much to take in, he'd never even heard of half of this stuff. Nipple clamps? Spider gag? He guessed from earlier Majima was into some pretty fucked up shit, but he didn't expect this. It should have worried him. Scared him. Maybe even horrified him a little. But in all honesty? It excited him. He knew that he wanted to see Majima tied to his bed, helpless as Kiryu made his way through the various toys he'd brought with him. But right now? He wanted something different.

Remaining silent as he studied the toys, Majima let out a nervous giggle.

“Hey, we ain't have ta use any of this stuff if ya don't wanna. It's totally cool!! I dunno why I even brought this shit, stupid idea. Hehe... I'm sorry if I made ya uncomfortable, Kiryu-chan. Uh, Kiryu-chan?” Holding one of the dildos up, Kiryu turned his head.

“You've used all of these?”

“Mnhm. I mean, don't worry, they're all clean!”

“No. That's not what I meant. I meant... Have you used all of these... Wi-With...”

“Oh! Ya mean with someone? Hehe! Nope. I used them all by myself, on myself. Guys got needs, ya know? I get it though, so don't worry. Jus' 'cause it's somethin' I like, don't mean it's somethin' yer gonna like.”

“Majima-san?” Turning his body, Kiryu faced him and grabbed his free hand, excitement filled eyes burning into him. I can't... I can't believe I'm going to say this.


“Can we... Can we go shopping together?”

“Haw!? Ya mean... Fer sex toys??” Nodding eagerly, Kiryu licked his lips. “Sure!! Man, I dunno what I was expectin' but this certainly ain't it!! Shit, Kiryu-chan! Yer fuckin' amazin'...” Majima trailed off as he watched Kiryu in wonder. He rubbed his chin slightly before pointing to some of the toys.

“These... And these... And this...” Placing the clamps, gag and restraints to one side, Kiryu picked up the biggest butt plug, studying it slightly before holding it towards Majima. “And I want you to use this. On you.” Nodding uncertainly, Majima took it from him, a confused look on his face.

“Eh? Kir... Kiryu-chan. How am I s'pposed ta use this if yer gonna be fuckin' me?”

“Hm? You're mistaken, Majima-san. I'm not fucking you. You're going to fuck me.”

“Ah, gotcha. Hehe, didn't know what ya meant the- haw!? Wait, what!?” Grabbing his hand, Kiryu placed it on his thigh, shuddering when Majima automatically began to stroke it softly.

“I want you. To fuck me. While that's inside of you. And I want to wear these while you do.”

“Holy fuckin' fuck... Kiryu-chan... Ya sure ya want me ta?”

“Shhh, Majima-san. I don't want to wait anymore... Look, I'm ready.” Following where Kiryu was pointing, Majima inhaled sharply. Kiryu was rock hard and dripping. Biting his lip, he moved his hand from Kiryu's thigh, gripping his dick instead. Scraping his thumb around the head, he leant close, whispering into the other's ear.

“Fuck, this really excitin' ya, ain't it?”

“Because it's with you... Come on, Majima. Fuck me. Please.” Hesitation obvious in his voice, Majima's hand stopped.

“Eh... Kiryu-chan? Ya... Ya have done this before ain't ya? I mean... Ya been fucked before, yeah?” Speaking slowly, Kiryu's voice was quieter.

“Yes. Once. But that doesn't matter. What matters is I want you to fuck me now Majima.” Trying to coax him to continue, Kiryu covered Majima's hand with his own, groaning when he began stroking once more.

“If at any time... Anytime at all this gets too much or too weird fer ya... Tell me an' we'll stop. Okay? Kiryu, I mean it. I-” Placing a finger to his lips, Kiryu smirked.

“If you don't stop talking, I'm not going to let you fuck me, Majima. I'll go to sleep instead.” Clamming up instantly, Majima nodded, letting Kiryu push him backwards.

Sighing contently as he felt Kiryu's weight pressing him down, he grinned, desperately seeking his mouth with his own. Kiryu matched his efforts, plunging his tongue into Majima's eagerly awaiting mouth. Moaning as he writhed under him, Majima pulled back, pushing Kiryu off him. As quick as he could he pinned him to the bed, straddling him with ease, grinding down onto Kiryu's crotch. Giggling quietly, he began rocking back and forwards, running his hands over Kiryu's muscular chest.

“So... Whatcha want me ta do first...?” Trying to form words, Kiryu shook his head.

“I... I thought you were in charge this time, Majim-Majima-san.” Looking up at him with scrunched up eyes, Kiryu let out a shaky breath. He was still trying to wrap his head around everything. Meeting Majima again... And then going on a date with him... Blow jobs... Violent sex, a broken wall, pizza, a lesson on sex toys and now kinky sex? They hadn't even been together for a day and already Majima had shown him a whole new world. Kiryu knew had been missing out, but he never could have imagined this would happen. That he'd be lying on the bed, waiting to be tied up and fucked. It was surreal. But amazingly exhilarating. To the point where he was already looking forward to seeing Majima again.

Grabbing the gag behind him, Majima nodded, grinning wickedly. His eye was ablaze as he licked his lips slowly, taking in the sight of Kiryu below him.

“I'm in charge eh? Oh, Kiryu baby... I'm gonna really enjoy this. Ya jus' lie there an' relax. Let Majima take real good care of ya, hm? Yer burnin', shit... Fuck, yer chest is so fuckin' hard.” Bouncing up and down slightly, gleeful giggling bubbled from Majima's lips. “Bit like somethin' else, eh? Hehe! Okay. Lift yer head up an' open yer mouth, Kiryu-chan.” It was as if all the blood had drained from Kiryu's head, rushing to his crotch instead. He was on fire, his whole body throbbing hard. He couldn't think. He could barely speak, jumbled, incoherent words spewing out from his lips. All he could think about was what Majima was going to do to him. “Eh... Kiryu-chan? Ya okay there? Lift yer head.” Blinking slowly in confusion, Kiryu looked up at Majima, lips moving but not a single sound could be heard. Slender fingers gripped his chin hard, tugging him close to Majima's own face. “Oh I get it. Too excited at the thought of bein' tied up an' used eh? It's okay! I'm gonna make that happen fer ya! Don't worry. I'll be gentle. Maybe. But I believe I said...” Raking his fingers up Kiryu's cheek gently, Majima giggled before intertwining his fingers into sweaty hair. Playing with it gingerly, he cooed gently, grinding down slower now but with more force. Letting out a guttural growl, he balled his fist, tugging Kiryu's head up hard. Kiryu hissed, but didn't resist. “Lift yer fuckin' head up and open yer damn mouth. Wide.” Doing as he was told, he watched as Majima grabbed the gag once more. Feeling metal touch his lips, Kiryu opened his mouth wider, wincing as the metal ring clinked against his teeth before popping into place. Leaning over him, Majima buckled it at the back. It was strange. And tight. Kiryu should have felt ridiculous. But the fact was, he felt perverted. Perverted and because of Majima's reaction, real damn sexy. “Fuuuck! That is fuckin' hot!! Stick yer tongue out fer me...” Watching intently as Kiryu's tongue poked out and rested on the bottom part of the metal circle, Majima groaned, nails stabbing into Kiryu's chest unintentionally. His rocking had increased now as well as the speed of his breathing. From the looks of things, this was really turning Majima on. And Kiryu couldn't have been happier.

Kissing him on the cheek gently, Majima leant down to whisper into his ear.

“Ya got any fuckin' idea how hot ya look right now? Yer drivin' me crazy... Yer drivin' me fuckin' crazy, Kiryu-chaaaan... Mmm...” Kiryu could do nothing but tremble at his words while the restraints were grabbed next, his arms pinned above his head and tied quickly to the bed. Hopping off him quickly, Kiryu's feet was next. Pulling them as far apart as he could, he tied them to each corner of the bed. “Too tight?” Mumbled words rang out, Kiryu's head nodding hard. “Good. Fuck, I can't wait anymore. Whatcha think, baby? Wanna try it out now? Ya wanna suck my dick, eh?” Once again, he nodded. That wasn't good enough for Majima. “Nope. Ya gotta say it if ya want it. C'mon. Lemme know whatcha want. Nice an' loud now.” Shit... My mouth is too wide... It's making my jaw is ache already... The restraints are too damn tight... He said he was going to be gentle!! Tch. But... It all feels so fucking good. Ngh. Still not used to the gag, Kiryu groaned, drool running down his chin as he attempted to speak. Managing to spit out the words Majima was longing to hear, albeit they were slightly mispronounced, Kiryu tugged his wrists hard. Writhing as the material rubbed against his skin, friction burning his flesh, pushing his need for Majima higher. Looking up at him, his eyes were filled with need and desperation, Majima loving every second of it. “Oooh, I think ya really like this, hm? Shit, I wish ya could fuckin' see how hot ya look. Fuuuck, Kiryu. Since ya bein' so good fer me, I'm gonna fuck yer mouth now, okay?” Scooting further up Kiryu's chest, he sat down gently, gripping the bed frame with one hand tightly. Using the other, he stroked his cheek gently, flashing him a wide grin. Letting his hand settle tangled in Kiryu's hair, Majima moved forward, easing himself through the ring and into Kiryu's waiting mouth. This feels weird... I don't know if... Hngh... Inhaling sharply, he tried not to buck forward straight away, hissing through clenched teeth while Kiryu desperately tried to get more of his dick inside his mouth.

“Ngh... Ngh...!!” Remaining still, Majima looked down, the urge to fuck Kiryu's throat as hard as he could quickly getting stronger. Instead, he played it dumb, enjoying every moment of Kiryu's frustration.

“Haw? What's that? Can't really understand ya...” Pulling his head back so Majima's dick slipped out of his mouth, he desperately tried to explain he wanted more.

“Ye... Nuuh... Ye!” I can't even speak properly, this is annoying. Really damn annoying!! Tch.

“Ohhh! Ya want me ta stop? Is that it?”

“Na! Na!! Gao!”

“Hmmm... Go? Is that what yer tryin' ta say?” Giggling as Kiryu looked up in desperation, Majima watched the sweat run down his face. He knew Kiryu was quickly losing his temper, but he just couldn't help himself. Teasing Kiryu was turning out to be way too much fun. He'd only ever really seen him nervous, other than that, he was pretty level headed. But to see him lying under him, writhing anxiously, getting pissed off? As fun as it was when Kiryu was faking anger while he was slamming Majima to the wall, this was different. To have power over someone as big and muscly as Kiryu? Someone who he got the feeling was used to being seen as a dominant force? It was something Majima was really beginning to love.

“L... Lease...” Kiryu's voice brought him back from his thoughts. Allowing his eye to focus, Majima gasped.

“Lease... Hm. Oh! Please? I getcha now! Hehe!! No prob, Kiryu-chan! Ya ready? Here I come!” Gripping the bed frame tighter, Majima bucked forward hard, shoving his entire length down Kiryu's throat, choking noises immediately filling the room. “Ahhh, shit... K-Kiryu-chan... Boy oh fuckin' boy... Yer throat is so damn tight...” Tears welled up in his eyes, Majima remaining wedged deep in his throat as he swallowed rapidly. The gag was making it so much harder. “Hey, jus' relax. Jus' let yer throat relax an' it'll be a lot easier fer ya. Jus' lie there an' let me use ya mouth, eh?” Kiryu did as Majima said, keeping still while his throat was slowly fucked. The fact that he couldn't use his arms or close his mouth properly was seriously beginning to piss him off. He wanted nothing more than to take off the stupid gag, dig his nails into Majima's ass and thrust him forwards until his nose was pressed up against his hard abs. I guess this is the point of it. To make me feel helpless. It's certainly doing that. Ngh. I think... I think Majima is enjoying seeing me so frustrated though. So I'll go along with it for a little longer.

Upping the pace, Majima's breathing began to get heavier. The feeling of metal around his dick as well as Kiryu's soft, warm mouth was cranking his desire to fuck him even higher, if that was possible. Add that to how excited Kiryu was to use the toys and how sexy and pissed off he looked now? It wasn't going to go on for much longer. The bed frame rattled violently, Kiryu's head slamming against it with every thrust Majima made. It didn't look very sturdy, but if the bed broke, that was a chance he was willing to take.

“K-Kiryu-chan... Kiryu-chan, fuck. Ya want me ta keep goin'? Or-Or do ya want me ta... Rgh... Do ya want me ta fuck ya?” Eager muffled noises floated up towards him, Kiryu's hands rattling above him against the metal frame hard. Every jerk of his hands caused sharp, stinging pain across his wrists. The strange part was... It felt good. It hurt... But in a good way. It was something Kiryu could happily put up with, even though he would much rather be able to use his hands. Majima gave one last thrust and he pulled back completely, sitting atop Kiryu's chest as his own heaved hard. Staring up at him while drool dripped from his chin, Kiryu's stomach tightened. Sexy... He's... So damn sexy. Hair sticking to his red, sweaty face... Grinning proudly, panting hard... I can't take much more of not being able to use my hands... Ngh... “I'm gonna take the gag off now. We can have more fun with that later, hehe! Don't wanna fuck ya an' not be able ta hear yer yells.” Yells?What does he mean yells? He said... He said he'd be gentle... Snapping his head forwards, he felt hands fumbling for a few seconds before the gag was finally pulled away. Stretching his aching mouth, he licked his lips a few times, eyebrow cocking when he heard giggling.

“What's so funny, Majima-san?”

“Shoulda probably warned ya, takes a bit of gettin' used ta. Whatcha think? Wanna carry on, eh?”

“Yes. But...”


“Please... Take these things off my hands. I hate being not able to touch you.”

“Awww. See, the thing is Kiryu-chan...” Flopping down onto Kiryu's chest, Majima held his chin close, grinning as Kiryu trembled beneath him. “I jus' don't fuckin' wanna. Seein' ya all held in place... Knowin' it's drivin' ya crazy that ya can't move... Man. It's too fuckin' good!! So fuckin' hot... Mmmm... All wrapped up fer me, eh? Wrapped up... That's it!!”

“Huh??” Eyes widening as Majima hopped off the bed, Kiryu could again do nothing but watch.

A few moments later, the restrains around his ankles were removed.

“What are you doing, Majima-san?”

“Shhh. One sec.” Holding them in his hands, he clambered back onto the bed, sitting between Kiryu's legs. The look on his face made Kiryu nervous. He looked like a child in a candy store. A child that had just been told they could have anything that they wanted.

“Why did you take them of- ow!! Shit, what the hell? Why did you bite...” Pain throbbed up his thigh as Majima pulled back, his face serious. Studying him, Kiryu stopped speaking and swallowed hard, his dick jerking when Majima growled at him.

“I told ya ta shh. Ya didn't. Ya had ta be taught a lesson. Next time I ain't gonna be so fuckin' nice.” There's no giggles... His voice... He doesn't sound like himself. So rough and... I don't... I can't... Shit. I hope he's going to fuck me now. The way he's acting... Hngh. I can't wait. “Eh? What's the matter, Kiryu? Shakin' pretty hard there... Think I owe ya a bit of payback fer slammin' me inta that wall. An' I'm gonna fuckin' enjoy it.” Tilting his head to the side, Kiryu did the same, expecting to feel lips press against his own. Instead, teeth sank into his lip, tugging at it hard. Hissing loudly, he flinched when Majima let go, moving closer to his ear instead. “Bit too rough fer ya? Yer such a baby...” Warmth lingered on his ear as the other's tongue lapped at it slowly, tracing the shape gently.

“I'm...” Sticking his face in front of Kiryu's once more, Majima cocked his head, an amused smirk on his face.

“What was that?”

“I'm not a baby, Majima.” Chuckling softly, he nodded in thought for a moment, Kiryu tensing. He hadn't seen Majima this way before so he didn't know what to expect. All he knew for certain, was that it was exciting him. So much so he just wanted Majima to get on with it and fuck him already. Luckily, he wasn't going to have to wait much longer.

Majima's fingers raked along his chin, his gentle touch making him quiver.

“Maj- ngh!!” Grunting in pain as his head was slammed against the bed frame, Kiryu scrunched his eyes shut, groaning quietly while he was held tightly in place. What the hell... Getting off on pain is his thing... Not mine. So why the hell did it feel so good? The restrains hurting my arm... When he bit me... And now banging my head against the metal? As much as I hate to admit it... I like this. I really like this. Shit. I draw the line at letting him put my head through the wall though, that's for sure.

“Yer whatever the fuck I say ya are. Got it? Was that a groan I heard there, Kiryu-chan? Hehe, mmm. Like it when it gets a little rough, do ya? Fuckin' perverted deviant.” Kiryu's cheeks immediately flushed, his voice filled with panic as he protested.

“Huh!? But... But you liked it too! I'm... I'm not!!”

“Yeah ya are. Same as me. Only I ain't all shy like. I don't hide it. But yerself? Jus' means I need ta dig it outta ya. Fuck, Kiryu-chaaaan. First thing I wanted ta do when I saw ya was take ya down that alleyway outside the club. Wanted to grind yer pretty little face against the wall as I fucked ya as hard as I could. Hehe, ya like the sound of that?”

“Shit... Yes.”

“Mmm. I reckon ya like me talkin' ta ya like this, eh? Now. Tell me whatcha want right now.”

“I want you.”

“Ya want me ta what?”

“To let my arms go. I want to touch you, Majima-san.”

“Ain't gonna happen.”

“O-Okay. Then... Then I was you to fuck me. I don't know how much longer I can wait, Majima... I need to feel you inside of me. Sucking your dick before... It-It wasn't enough. I need more.”

“Huh. Is that so. Why should I? I could jus' fuck around a bit more. Like thiiiiis.” Leaning backwards, Majima wrapped his fingers around Kiryu's dick, quivering slightly as he throbbed in his hand. Within seconds of running his hand up and down, his fingers were covered. Bringing them to his lips, he sucked on them noisily, grinding down and groaning at the same time while Kiryu whimpered out a curse beneath him.

“Fuck... Majima please... I can't take any more.”

“Ya ain't got a choice but ta lie there an' take it. But, it's okay. I'm gonna fuck ya. First... Gonna give ya a bit of a treat.” Scooting back, Majima hovered above Kiryu's dick, letting the tip press against his hole gently. Sliding down a few centimetres, he grinned as Kiryu tensed, moaning out his name softly. Before Kiryu could get too into it, he moved away completely, grabbing the bottle of lube from the floor. The dildo Kiryu had shown an interest in was quickly picked up and covered thoroughly. What the hell is he doing? His feet were planted on the bed whilst he placed a hand on one of the other's legs to steady himself. Squatting down, Majima placed the toy beneath him, flashing Kiryu a wide grin as he lowered down, just enough so the tip was fully inside. Ignoring the begging pleads coming from Kiryu, he fumbled for the switch, gasping when the toy started to forcefully thrust into him. Kiryu watched on in a mix of arousal, annoyance and jealousy, trying to tug his hands free harder. It was useless, Majima had made sure he couldn't get out of them.

Using his other hand to jerk himself slowly, Majima giggled breathlessly.

“Whatcha think? Ya... Fuck... Ya like w-watchin' me, eh? Mmm, Kiryu...Kiryu-chan...”

“Majima... Majima I can't... Please!! Stop tormenting me!” Speaking between thrusts, Majima dug his nails deep into Kiryu's thigh, scraping up and down his flesh hard.

“Hehe! See... See what happens when ya don't p-play by the rules? Ya were... Ya were quick ta tell me I didn't make 'em... But... But I do now. An' ya gotta... Ya gotta pay the price when ya don't follow 'em.” I can't... Damn it, this is too much. I need to goddamn fuck me!! I could... Hm.

“I'm... I'm sorry?”


“I'm sorry.” Reaching down to turn off the toy, Majima nodded.

“S'all ya had ta say. Okay. Don't fuckin' move.” Once the toy was removed, Majima grabbed the clamps, quickly latching them onto Kiryu's nipples. Yelping as he gave the chain a quick tug, Kiryu panted harder.

“It hurts...”

“Good. Shut the fuck up fer a minute.” Biting his lip, Kiryu tried to muffle his moans, twisting his wrists just to feel the burning sting once more. This is so good... The way he's talking... The sensations of everything melting together... Fuck!! Not realising when Majima lifted one of his legs up, Kiryu tugged his hands harder, twisting his wrists faster. “Oi! Enjoyin' yerself there, eh? Knock it off.” Holding his leg higher, Majima clawed his cheek hard, resisting the urge to plunge his fingers inside Kiryu. Once he began whimpering louder, he finally continued with his plan.

Holding Kiryu's right ankle up, he tied the restraint tightly to the one wrapped around his wrist. Repeating the action with his left ankle, Majima sat back and admired his work. The restraints only stretched so far, which meant Kiryu's knees were at either side of his head, feet dangling above his stomach.

“Shit, would ya look at this... All tied up like yer nothin' but a piece of fuckin' meat... Jus' waitin' fer me ta use ya however I please...” Temper reaching breaking point, Kiryu whipped his head up, barking out frustration filled words at Majima.

“Then goddamn do it already!! Come on, Majima! Fuck me!!”

“The hell did ya jus' say ta me??” Hooking his finger under the chain resting on Kiryu's chest, Majima lifted it up, tugging slightly. At the same time he pulled his other hand back, whacking his ass hard, a deep, red handprint forming on his skin nicely. The bed frame rattled hard, Kiryu writhing in a mix of pain and utter frustration. The pleasure tinged pain felt good. Really fucking good.. But it wasn't good enough. He needed to be filled and fucked. His common sense was absent, the only thing he could feel was a carnal desire for Majima.

“Majima, I need you...” Face softening just for a moment, Majima nodded, shrieking with laughter.

“S'ppose I've made ya wait long enough!” Within seconds he'd covered his length with the contents from the bottle and now sat on his knees between Kiryu's dangling feet. Just before he could press himself against Kiryu's ass, a quiet voice mumbled out beneath him.

“Put the plug in, Majima.” Grasping blindly behind him, Majima felt around, grabbing the biggest one. Leaning forwards, he was just about to insert it when Kiryu spoke again.

“No. Not like that. Get on your feet and turn around. Let me see you put it inside.” Throwing back his head, he released a sighing groan.

“I thought ya said I was in charge?! Hmph. Ah well. Plenty more fuckin' ta come, hehe!! Fuuck... If it's whatcha want... Fuckin' pervert.” Giggling, he expected Kiryu to protest once more. That wasn't the case. He looked Majima square in the eye and nodded slowly.

“Yes. I am.” A jolt of electricity ran through his whole body. He didn't know if Kiryu was doing it on purpose or if he was just embracing the twisted side within him. Either way, it was fucking hot.

Squatting down as he faced the other way, Majima stuck his ass in the air, making sure Kiryu had a good view.

“This good enough fer ya?”

“Put it in.” Holding onto the bed frame, he inserted it slowly, gasping when the cold metal slid inside.

“Shit... It's good. But I'd rather have ya dick inside me, Kiryu-chan.” Twisting his head around over his right shoulder, Majima grinned wide. He knew Kiryu couldn't take anymore. It was time to fuck him. Resuming his place between Kiryu's feet, he gave himself a few quick strokes and pressed the head of his dick against Kiryu's hole. “I'm gonna slide my dick inside ya now. Okay? Kiryu... Fuck... Fuck maaan!” Immediately clenching his teeth, Majima held his breath, heart hammering loudly in his ears. Kiryu lay perfectly still, mouth agape, eyes locked onto Majima. “Ya... Ya okay down there? Ya so tight... So fuckin' tight!! Ain't gonna... Ain't gonna lie ta ya. Could happily blow my load right now.” Tensing his arms, Kiryu yanked his wrists hard, cursing in pain before he bellowed out to Majima.

“No!! Not yet!” Stopping in his tracks, he looked up at Kiryu's face, smiling softly. Truth was, he was beginning to feel a little guilty for teasing him so much. He'd forgotten that Kiryu had only done this once before and to make it worse it was years ago. He supposed it didn't matter. If he got his way, they'd be doing this daily at least. But for now? He was going to make it up to him.

“Hey man... Relax. I'm jus' sayin' how fuckin' good ya feel, ya dummy.” Now fully inside, Majima craned his neck forwards, running his tongue along Kiryu's lips. Jolting his head forward, Kiryu opened his mouth, locking his lips around Majima's tongue and sucking on it hard. Pulling his hips back a few inches, Majima thrust in gently, fire coursing through his veins. If this was how he was feeling, god knows how bad Kiryu wanted it. Kiryu made sure he knew however when he bit down hard on his tongue. Yelping, Majima jerked backwards, baring his teeth as he growled in Kiryu's face. Cursing quietly, Kiryu smirked, trying to tug his wrists free once more.

“Are you going to stop this and fuck me properly now?” Swallowing the blood that was seeping from his tongue, Majima snarled angrily.

“Ya wanna be fucked properly, eh? Ya got it. Fuckin' bastard!” Groaning loudly, Kiryu grinned wide. If he had of known all he had to do was get Majima annoyed, he would of done it a long time ago. But now he knew what to do, he planned on pushing his luck as far as he could.

“So? What are you waiting for, Majima? Do you need some instructions?” Studying him hard, Majima leant down, snorting softly.

“Cute. Keep goin' an' I'm gonna have ta make ya suffer fe-”

“Yeah, yeah. Suffer. Got it.” Shaking his head as he chuckled, Majima pressed his lips against Kiryu's. Jamming his tongue between his lips, he ran his hands through his hair, yanking on it hard while he explored every part of Kiryu's mouth. Leaving Kiryu panting hard, Majima nodded, his eye glittering brightly.

“I'm gonna make ya beg me ta stop.” Before he could retaliate with a sarcastic response, Kiryu's body was forced backwards as Majima rammed into him hard. The bed let out an almighty creak, but that didn't worry any of them. Searing pain shot through his body, head banging against metal, restraints biting into his flesh, Majima splitting him open... Well. That's what it felt like. It was overwhelming to say the least. He couldn't understand it. How could so much pain feel so damn good? One part of him wanted to cry out, tell Majima not to go so hard. But the other part... Wanted him to go harder. The way he was positioned... He didn't know it was possible to be fucked so deep. Yet another thing Majima had taught him.

“Deep... So deep. Majima!”

“Awww! What's up baby? Can't take it?”


“Haw??” Completely oblivious to the level of his voice, Kiryu jerked his head forwards, almost headbutting Majima in the process as he yelled at him.

“Harder! More! Again! Fuck me! Are you goddamn deaf? Again Majima! Now!!” Eye completely wide, Majima could do nothing but nod and oblige. He really expected Kiryu to want it slower, more gentle. But, he wasn't going to disappoint him. He needed to make this good. The first time he'd been fucked in three years? He knew he had to make it one to remember.

Remaining dumbstruck for only a matter of seconds, Majima leant backwards, continuing to buck into Kiryu as hard as he could. Trying to focus on his next move, he tried hard to ignore the obscene hollers, curses and shouts coming from Kiryu.

“Yer gonna... Yer gonna cum fer me now Kiryu.” Yelling out something Majima couldn't make out, Kiryu let out a ragged grunt feeling Majima's hands run up and down his dick. Using one hand to cup his balls, Majima ran his thumb over them softly, gently massaging them in the palm of his hand while his other continued to work on the shaft. Letting his fingers dance over the head, he made sure to purposefully scrape the slit, shuddering violently due to the perverse moans flowing from Kiryu's lips. Fucking into him as hard as he could, Majima wrapped his hand around Kiryu's dick fully, giggling as precum ran down his wrist. Jerking faster, he hissed while Kiryu writhed desperately beneath him. “Fuckin' pourin' outta ya... Shit! Fuck, Kiryu, ya got such a sweet fuckin' ass! Ya likin' this eh? Tell me. Fuckin' tell me!!” Face scrunched up tight, Kiryu tried to shake the sweat that was dripping into his eyes. No... Not yet... I need him to stop otherwise... I don't want it to finish so soon!!

“Majim... Majima... Slo-Slow down! I don't... I don't want to cum yet! Not... Ngh! Not yet! Fuck! Majima! Fuck!” Bucking into him harder still, Majima tightened the grip around Kiryu's dick, grinning when he gasped loudly.

“Tell me!!”

“I like it! Majima! I fucking love it! You... Hngh! Your dick... In me... So good... So... Damn... Good, Majima!! Please! Please! Slow... Slow down!! Majima! Majimaaaa!”

“C'mon!! Fuckin' c'mon, Kiryu!! Cum fer me! Cum in my hand, c'mon! Shoot yer hot fuckin' load already!! Cum while I slam my dick inta yer tight fuckin' ass!!” Shouting out Majima's name, Kiryu tensed hard, his dick pulsating while he did what Majima asked. Covering his hand in shot after shot of cum, he babbled incoherently, all the while Majima still pounding his ass as hard and fast as he could. Letting out a gleeful shriek, Majima held his hand up, studying the mess Kiryu had made. “Kiryu-chaaaaan.... Fuuuuuck! Look at thiiiis! Fuckin' look at this!” Struggling to lift his head, Kiryu's eyes widened as he focused on Majima.

“Majima... Ngh... Majima... Fuck, what are you... Mnfg... What are you d-doing?” Speaking between grunts, Majima grinned wide.

“Cleanin'... Cleanin' up yer mess! Such... Such a dirty fuckin' boy!!” Slurping on his fingers, Majima made sure to get every last drop from his fingers, pausing his thrusts to scoop the remaining cum that had splashed onto Kiryu's abs. Inhaling sharply, he could do nothing but watch, his dick still rock hard.

“Majima... Damn it... That's really sexy... Ngh. I didn't... I didn't want to finish so soon.” Tossing his head back, Majima dragged his fingers out of his mouth slowly, groaning as he did so.

“Mmmm... Man, ya taste so fuckin' good Kiryu... So fuckin' thick an' hot... But who said ya were finished? Hehe!! Ya gonna gimme some more?”

“W-What!?” Giving him a quick peck on the lips, Majima picked up the chain attached to the clamps.

“Ya heard me. Time I repaid the favour. Yer gonna cum again fer me. I wanna swallow another load, ya hear me? Hm?” Trembling as he moaned, Kiryu spoke, his voice sounding weak.

“Majima... No... Please.”

“Haw? Ya don't wanna cum again? Ya don't wanna gimme anymore?”

“I can't take anymore. It's too much. It feels too damn good. I'm on fire. I want my arms and legs down. Majima...” Eyes widening, Kiryu could do nothing but wince and groan in pain as Majima shook his head, slamming his body forwards once more.

“Huh. Didn't... Didn't take ya fer a... Fer a quitter!! It's a good thing... Fuck!! It's a good thing I ain't gonna... Gonna listen ta ya!! Plus, look at y-yer dick! I think ya really... Really want more!!” Maniac giggles echoed around them as Kiryu begged for him to stop.

“No... No, ngh! Majima! It hurts, it fucking... It fucking hurts! Majima please! What... Hrng... What are you doing with that... No... Please!! Maji-” Yelping loudly in pain, Kiryu dug his head into the pillow, continuing to plead with Majima, who just wasn't listening. Instead, he slipped the chain between his teeth and yanked his head up slightly, groaning loudly when Kiryu cried out. He's going to pull my fucking nipples off!! Ngh... It hurts so much!! But it still... It still feels so damn good! Earlier when I fucked him and now... These are the most intense orgasms I've ever had... I don't think I could handle another one. I don't know what the hell he's doing to me... But I can feel it building again already. Shit...

Feeling his balls beginning to tighten, Majima angled himself slightly, hoping he would be able to hit Kiryu's sweet spot in doing so. Keeping the chain between his teeth, he grabbed a handful of Kiryu's hair and tugged at it hard. Slipping his other hand underneath his body, he gripped onto Kiryu's dick once more, not bothering to start slowly. Instead, he jerked as fast as he could, continuous, muffled moaning trickling from his mouth.

“Majima! Shit, Majima! Again! Oh, fuck!! Fuck me there again! Yes! Right there! Ngh! Majima!! I'm going to cum, Majima! Fuck, I'm going to fucking cum!” Grinning as he yanked the chain hard one last time, Majima let it fall from his mouth, his entire body shaking violently. Mashing his lips against Kiryu's, Majima panted into his mouth, bucking into him rapidly.

“Me too... Me fuckin'... Too! Mmm, fuck, fuck, fuuuuck, Kiryu-chaaaaan... I'm cummin' inside yer tight ass... I'm fillin' ya... I'm fuckin' fillin' ya up. I wanna... I wanna see it trickle out yer... Out yer ass...” Murmuring unsteadily beneath him, Kiryu gasped, feeling warmth begin to flood his ass. Still fucking into him as cum spurted rapidly from his dick, Majima grinned as Kiryu gushed into his hand for the second time that night, repeating his name and several curse words over and over again. When he was satisfied he had pumped everything he had into Kiryu, Majima pulled out, quickly holding his fingers to Kiryu's asshole.

“What... What are you doing, Majima?”

“We're nearly done. Ah, here we go. Fuck, Kiryu-chan! I wish ya could see this.” Not having the energy to lift his head, Kiryu kept still instead, closing his eyes as he tried to catch his breath and calm down. He felt light headed and distant, his entire body weak and heavy, arms and ankles aching painfully. “Oi. Open.” Groaning while he struggled to lift his head, Kiryu opened his mouth. “Well? Whatcha waitin' fer? Ya want it? Tell me.” Trying to keep his head up, Kiryu nodded.

“Please, Majima. Let me clean your fingers. I want to swallow your cum please, Majima.” Inserting his fingers into Kiryu's mouth, Majima sighed contentedly when he sucked on them hard, licking everywhere he could reach.

“Mmmm. Real fuckin' nice, baby. Real hot. Say. Ya wanna be untied now?” Chuckling weakly, Kiryu nodded.

“Please.” Lifting up slightly as he removed the plug from his ass, Majima tossed it to the side.

“I'll clean 'em all soon. Anyway, let's getcha down.” Leaning over Kiryu, he undid the restraints around his ankles first, lowering his legs gently to the bed. Finally getting to the ones around his wrists, Majima loosened them, gasping when they slid down his hands. “Shit... K-Kiryu-chan, I'm sorry. I had no fuckin' idea... Fuck!” Holding his wrists to his face, Kiryu studied the blood smeared over them before smiling.

“Don't apologize. I... Ngh. I actually really liked it.” Throwing all the toys and miscellaneous items to the floor, Majima's head whipped around.

“Ya did?”

“Mnhm. Say, Majima-san?”


“Can we...” Pausing to yawn, Kiryu chuckled sleepily, trying to focus on Majima who was still clearing the bed. “Can we talk about this in the morning? I'm really tired. I'm sorry, but I just can't... I can't keep my eyes open...”

“Heh. No prob, Kiryu-chan. As long as ya had fun...” Turning around, a wide grin spread across his face. Kiryu was sound asleep. “That's all that matters. Fuck. Yer really fuckin' somethin' special, y'know that? Yer the most amazin' person I've ever met in my whole life. An'... An' I hope I get ta be with ya fer a real long time, Kiryu-chan. Hehe...” Pulling the covers up from the floor, Majima snuggled down next to Kiryu, kissing him gently on the lips before covering them both with the blanket. “In fact... Forever would do me jus' fine.” Kiryu muttered something as he rolled onto his side, jamming one hand under a pillow. The other reached out, feeling around the blanket. When he felt Majima, he pulled him closer, wrapping his big, muscular arm around him. Feeling his face flush, Majima couldn't help but giggle with utter happiness. Within minutes, he was asleep, nestled happily against Kiryu's chest.


Chapter Text

Opening his eyes slowly, Kiryu winced as he tried to move his body. Grinning happily as it all came flooding back, he cast his eyes downward to Majima, who was snuggled into his chest tightly. Now this... Is damn adorable. Heh. This is something I can definitely get used to. I really don't want to move, but I need to use the bathroom. Ngh. Slipping his arm out from under Majima's body as gently as he could, Kiryu shifted his weight and rolled over, sighing as his arm began to tingle. Ignoring the pins and needles racing up and down his arm, he crept to the bathroom, chuckling quietly when his eyes landed on the hole in the wall. I wonder how Oda would react if I told him about this... My life wouldn't be worth living. I'm already dreading going into work tomorrow. I know he's just joking, but does he have to be such a dick? I don't ride him about Tachibana so why- huh? Ringing?

Returning from the bathroom, Kiryu cocked his head. The ringing was coming from Majima's trousers which were lying crumpled on the floor. Shit. I don't want it to wake him... But I don't want to step out of place by answering it. Maybe- ah. Never mind it's stopped. I guess they will call back la- ngh. Right now. I'm sure Majima won't mind. Digging the phone out of his pocket, Kiryu stepped outside of the room and tried to figure out how to answer. He'd never seen this make or model of phone before, but it looked expensive. Kiryu and technology didn't mix too well together. Finally realising he had to swipe to answer, he stifled a chuckle. The caller's name flashing up on the screen was Buttbrain. It wasn't surprising, but still it amused Kiryu. Holding the phone to his ear, he cleared his throat.

Boss? We have a problem! Before you say anything... It wasn't my fault! I swear!! So please! Don't hit me!!” Hit him? Damn, Majima...

Uh, problem? Can I help?”

Huh? Um... Who... W-Who is this? Why do you have the boss's phone??”

Is this Nishida?”

...Just who are you??”

Heh, it's Kiryu. We met at the club? And then again-”

Kiryu-san, of course! I must apologize for the way I spoke to you. Please forgive me.”

It's no problem. Not to pry, but you said there was a problem? Is there anything I can help with?”

Oh, hmm. Is... Is the boss there?”

No. Well, yes. He's in the bedro- uh, he's still asleep at the moment.”

Oh eheh. I-I see. Well! This isn't good. I don't know what to do!! When he finds out... He's going to kill me!!”

Uh... Kill you? I'm sure he would never do that. Just calm down and tell me what the problem is.”

I was asked to order in some supplies. For an emergency job. However, the truck that was delivering them... There was a problem. You see, we tend to have a lot of trouble with our rivals. Long story short, the truck has sort of been hijacked. And when the boss finds out... He's um... He's not going to be very happy.”

Shit. Okay. Just tell me what to do. I'll help in anyway I can, okay?”

Haw? Help with what?” Jumping in fright, Kiryu spun around, eyes wide.



Uh, hold on a second Nishida.”

Haw? Nishida? Awww, man. What's that bonehead want?” Realising he was staring, Kiryu's face reddened. Majima stood naked in front of him, rubbing his eye sleepily. His hair was a mess, but somehow he pulled it off. He looked absolutely adorable.

Majima-san... I'm so sorry for answering. It's just it was ringing and I didn't want it to wake you. I didn't know-” Waving his hand in front of his face, Majima stepped closer, pecking him on the lips gently.

No worries. Hehe, thanks Kiryu-chan. I s'ppose I better see what's goin' on.”

Nishida, I'll put Majima on. It was nice talking to you.” Handing the phone to Majima, Kiryu nodded. “Yeah... Uh, I'll just go...” Trailing off as Majima's face dropped, Kiryu thought it was probably best to leave him to it. Besides, he was starving.

Sitting down at kitchen table, Kiryu began to tuck into his breakfast. Finally, Majima appeared at the door.

There you are. Heh, your food is getting cold, Maji-” Noticing he was fully dressed, Kiryu felt his stomach sink. Standing up, he planted a smile on his face, hoping Majima wouldn't see through it. I guess he has to leave. Ngh. This is ridiculous. Our first night together and already pouting like a child. Tch, control yourself, Kiryu. Keep it tog-

Kiryu-chan, I'm real sorry. But I gotta go. I dunno if Nishida told ya, but there's a problem.”

He mentioned something about an urgent job and a hijacked truck.”

Yup. Fuckin' typical, eh. I'm sorry, real sorry 'bout this. I don't... Ehehe. I don't wanna go if I'm honest.”

I feel the same. If you want, I could come with you? I don't mind helping you out.”

Nah, ain't gettin' ya involved in this.”

Majima-san, like I said, I don't mind he-”

An' I said no. I'm sorry. But I ain't gettin' ya involved in shit ya don't need ta be stuck in. So, chances are, I'm gonna be unavailable all fuckin' day. But I'll give ya a call, yeah?”


Thanks fer last night. I really, really had fun. Hehe!! Don't miss me too much, eh?” Grinning stupidly, Majima leant over the table. Kiryu didn't smile, however. He couldn't hide the disappointment he was feeling. Studying him closely, Majima's smile faded as he swallowed hard.

I... I can't promise anything.” Tch. Stupid thing to say.

Hm. Well, here's somethin' ta keep ya goin'. Baby, c'mere...” Pulling him in close, Majima wrapped his arms around his waist, squeezing his ass as hard as he could, smirking when Kiryu gasped. Pressing their lips together, Majima wasted no time in sliding his tongue into Kiryu's mouth. When he pulled back, Kiryu stood still, his eyes still closed, slick lips glistening. “Man, ya ain't makin' it easy are ya?”

“Hm? Making... Making what easy?”

Nothin'. Hehe, s'ppose I'd better get my ass in gear. 'Kay, I'll see ya real soon, Kiryu-chaaaan!!” Staring after him as he left the apartment, Kiryu left the plates of food on the table and walked to the living room, throwing himself on the couch dejectedly. What am I not making easy...? Not able to remove Majima from his mind, he closed his eyes, replaying everything from the moment he met Majima. Shortly after that, Kiryu's mood had improved drastically. So much so that once he was dressed, he figured since Majima was busy, he may as well head into work. I can't believe in a week things have changed so damn much... I just can't believe... Shit. I need to calm down before I get to the office otherwise Oda will... Who am I kidding? I'm already in for it from Oda. Tch. He can't piss me off today, I'm just too happy. Heh, I'm actually happy. Strange... It's not a happiness like I'd feel when me and Nishiki would head on a night out or something... But more like... Ngh. I don't know. Heh. Shit, I hope Nishiki is okay though...

Standing outside of the office, Kiryu swallowed hard. What the hell am I supposed to say...? Here goes nothing... Before he could move, his phone buzzed in his pocket. Lifting it to his face, his heart skipped a beat. Majima... Hmm, let's see. I'm real sorry I had ta bail. Assrats thinkin' they can mess with me! I don't think I can wait ta see ya again much longer. How 'bout tomorrow? I've got somethin' in mind ta make it up ta ya! Hehe! ♡ Grinning from ear to ear, Kiryu typed a text back, his fingers shaking as he did so. I hope everything is okay now? I can't wait to see you again too, heh. You don't have to make anything up to me, these things happen. But I would love to see you again. Jamming the phone back into his pocket, he sighed. He really wanted to send a smily face along with a heart... But he didn't know how. Tachibana might know how... Anyway. I better move. Heading up the stairs, he knocked quietly, holding his breath when he heard Tachibana speak. Entering cautiously, a relieved smile spread across his face as he saw Oda was nowhere to be seen. Making sure the door was closed, Kiryu walked over to Tachibana, humming cheerfully.

“Kiryu-san? What are you doing here? I thought you took the day off today? Um... Are you... Are you humming?”

“Oh, uh... Yeah. Yeah, I guess I am heh. And I did, but... Well, unforeseen circumstances.”


“So. I thought I may as well head here and work instead. I only came in to tell you. And to thank you for letting me take yesterday off. So if you'll excuse me...”

“Kiryu-san. Sit down.” Looking at him in worry, Tachibana sighed as Kiryu nervously fidgeted in the chair. “You're not in any trouble, are you?”

“Huh? No! Nothing like that!! Why would you say that!?”

“You never ask for time off. And looking at you... Before you were humming. I've... I've never heard you hum before. And now? You're worried about something. What's going on Kiryu-san?”

“Nothing is wrong. Nothing at all, Tachibana. Heh. It's just... You know I hate asking for time off.”

“You never take time off.”

“Exactly. I feel guilty about yesterday. I felt like I let you down.” It's sort of true, I guess. So please, just leave it at that.

“May I ask why? Why you took yesterday off? And why you wanted today off? You don't appear to be sick.”

“No, I'm not. Oda... Oda didn't say anything?”

“He simply said he'd saw you and you had asked for today off. I didn't like to pry.” Holy shit. Oda said nothing? What the hell!? I don't like this. Normally Oda doesn't miss a chance to wind me up. Hmm.

“The call that I got yesterday... While I was here...” Pausing, Kiryu looked over his shoulder. He really didn't feel comfortable having a serious talk with Tachibana if Oda was floating around. Even if he did seem to be behaving at the moment. “Tachibana, where is Oda?”

“He's gone out on some errands and won't be back for sometime. Would you like me to call him for you?”

“No!! Definitely not. I'm glad he's not here, it makes this easier.”

“Makes what easier? Kiryu-san, you're worrying me.”

“As I was saying. The call that came through? It was Majima-san.”

“I see! Why didn't you say?”

“I didn't know it was him. He got someone else to put the call in. But even if I did know, I wouldn't have said anything. Oda... He's unbearable when it comes to this sort of stuff. Anyway. The reason why I wanted yesterday off was because... Well. I went on a date.” Placing a hand on his shoulder, Tachibana smiled warmly.

“Kiryu-san!! That's great news!! But as for Oda. He means well. He likes joking with you, because you make it so very easy for him. There's nothing malicious meant by it.”

“I know. It just pisses me off when he's constantly... On. You know what I mean?”

“Unfortunately, I do. As I've told you before, his mouth is ahead of his brain. So. I believe you were about to tell me why you wanted today off?” Avoiding Tachibana's questioning gaze, Kiryu tapped his fingers on the table. He felt ridiculous having to explain himself. It wasn't so bad telling him about the date... But to tell him Majima had spent the night? Kiryu hated the very thought.

“Ngh. Do I have to? I'm here now, so does it matter? Can't we just say I tried to take a sick day but didn't need it?”

“No. I am your boss after all Kiryu-san.”

“Yes, but you're using that to your advantage. You're spending too much time with Oda, Tachibana. Since I'm not going to get out of this... Majima-san... Stayed over last night. Because he's helping me redecorate my place and obviously we needed to talk about stuff and go through... Uh... Samples? And stuff...? That's all, really.” Keeping his head down, Kiryu cringed as Tachibana chuckled softly.

“I agree with you. It's a good thing Oda is not here. Do you understand what I mean, Kiryu-san? You make it too easy. Please. You do not have to come up with excuses. One, it is none of my business what you get up to. Two, whoever you choose to do it with is again, none of my business. And three, like I keep repeating. I'm not just your boss. I'm your friend. Why make excuses, Kiryu-san? I am honestly, truly, so happy for you. I just wanted to make sure that you were not in any kind of trouble. I have no problem at all with you taking the odd day off. The only thing I ask is that you try and give me more notice in the future. But it's no problem. So, when do I get to meet Majima-san?”

“Huh!? Uhhh... Why?”

“Friday night. I saw him. But I did not get to speak to him. Besides, I'd like to meet your new boyfriend, Kiryu-san. Oda mentioned you were quite taken with him. I must say... If you are willing to take almost two days off for him, he really must be quite something.”

“Heh... Actually. There's something I want to ask you. How good are you at stuff to do with cellphones?”

“I'm afraid Oda is the one to ask about that. Hold on, Kiryu-san. If Majima-san spent the night with you, why are you here? Did something bad happen?”

“No!! No, it was amazing!! I mean... Ngh. He just had to go that's all. Something came up.”

“Is that why you're worried?”

“Mnhm. He's got his own business. A construction company. Apparently, he has some pretty fierce competition. The kind of competition that means he has to watch his back. Anyway, one of his workers ordered some supplies for an urgent job he's got lined up. The truck that was supposed to be delivering them has been hijacked. So Majima's had to go and deal with it.”

“I see. That isn't good.”

“I'm sure he'll be fine... I just... I didn't want him to go so soon.”

“Oh. Now I understand.” Giving him a knowing smirk, Tachibana nodded.

“And what does that mean??”

“It means, oh. Now I understand.” Chuckling together, they both spun around when the door opened.

“I couldn't get- oh! Kiryu! What're you doin' here?” Flashing him a warm smile, Kiryu nodded hello.

“Hi Oda. Change of plans.”

“Oh. Okay.”

“Huh? That's is??”

“What do you mean?”

“No comments? No questions? No taunts?” Smiling genuinely, Oda shook his head, sitting down next to them at the table.

“Nope.” Kiryu cocked an eyebrow at Tachibana, who shrugged discreetly. Oda saw however and chuckled. “I've come to think you were right. Maybe I do tease you too much. For the first time since I've met you... Kiryu, this is the first time I've seen you this happy. Genuinely happy. And I don't want to be the dick that ruins it for you by messing around too much. I know I've said and done a lot of shit to you. But it's only because I see you as... Well. A little brother. Sort of. Heh.” Clamming up, he glanced at Tachibana who stared at him wide eyed. I... Oda sees me... I don't know what to say.

“Oda... I...” Trailing off, Kiryu furrowed his brow. He'd never heard Oda talk this way before. Not to him anyway. Tachibana, sure. But never to him. It was nice in a way, even if slightly creepy. It made him seem... Human, instead of a walking dick.

“Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to stop taking the piss out of you completely.” Yes, that's more like it. Nice to know he's still Oda. Heh.

“Heh. Just try and keep most of it bottled up.” Oda's eyes widened, a wide grin covering his face.

“Speaking of bottles... How did that champagne go down, huh?”

“Champagne, Kiryu-san?” Ignoring Tachibana's question, Kiryu stood up and turned to leave.

“And, I'm gone. I'll see you guys later.”

“Kiryu-san, wait! Oda. Kiryu-san has a question for you.”

“I-I do?”

“Your cellphone problem?” No. Shit. It's not worth it. I'll figure it out myself. Shaking his head, Kiryu protested quickly.

“Oh. Uh. Ngh. I... It doesn't matter.”

“Eh? Havin' some trouble with your phone? Here, let me see it.”

“No, really, I-”

“Kiryu, what's wrong with it? Give me it.” Tutting in frustration, Kiryu held up his phone so Oda could see.

“Nothing is wrong. I just... I want to know how to send things.” Cocking an eyebrow, Oda tried to hide the smirk on his face.

“Oh yeah? Just what kind of things are we talkin' about here, Kiryu? I'm not showing you how to send anything risqué if that's what you mean.”

“Tch. Idiot. No!! I-I mean... Like... Those little face things people put in their messages and such...”

“Oh! No problem. I can show you.” Taking the phone, Oda held it up to Kiryu. “You see this button here? Press it. See? All sorts of faces and stuff you can send. I didn't think you'd be the type to-” A loud buzz stopped him mid sentence. Kiryu's heart stopped as Oda's eyes darted back and forth, quickly reading the message that had popped up on his phone. Oh no... Oh, no, no, no!! Please don't let it be anythi- “Woaaahh, shit!! Hehe!! Kiryu!! You dirty dog!!” Damn. Trying to play innocent, Kiryu snatched his phone back.

“What are you talking about, Oda?” Grinning wide, Oda sat down next to Tachibana and began to whisper in his ear, Kiryu's face turning a deep shade of red as Tachibana's eyes widened.

“I'll see you guys later, I have to get to work.” Darting out the door, Kiryu could just make out Oda's voice floating after him.

“Hope you get your wall fixed soon, Kiryu!!”

Standing outside of the taxi, Kiryu pulled out a cigarette. Once he'd lit up, he finally worked up the courage to read the message that Majima had sent. The message that Oda had read. Things ain't too good at the minute, but will be real soon. 'Course I need ta make it up ta ya! Not jus' fer bailin' but fer puttin' that hole in yer wall too! Hehe!! Ya can't say it wasn't fun though, eh? ;) Fuck, last night was the best fuckin' I've ever had!! I hope ya enjoyed yerself? Hehe!! Shit, only gotta think 'bout ya an' I get hard... ;) So, ya gotta lemme make it up ta ya. Please? I'll get on my knees an' beg if ya really want me ta... I can be real persuasive... ♡ Chewing his lip, Kiryu sighed. Oda saw that!? Ngh. I don't think I need to tell Majima. Let's see. What should I say? Hm. I'm always here if you need a hand. Before you say anything, I'm offering. It wasn't your fault you had to go Majima, don't worry about it. It was kind of my fault about the wall anyway, heh. I feel the same. Definitely the most fun I've ever had. Easily. :) Hm, is that so? Like I said, you know where I am, if you need a hand or... Or more. And like I've told you there's no need. But if you insist, I can't wait to see what you have in mind. How would you persuade me then, Majima? ♡ Hitting send, Kiryu cringed slightly. I can't believe I'm sending those stupid face things... Not to mention actually sending... Well. As Oda would describe it, slightly risqué messages. Heh.

Later that night, Kiryu was laying in bed staring at his phone. Majima's torn shirt was next to him on the pillow. He felt calmer having it so close. After he'd sent him that message when he left the office, he hadn't heard anything more. He wanted to call him and ask if everything was okay, but figured Majima was busy. He'd call when he got around to it. Especially if he was having deal with the whole truck situation. Pressing it to his nose, Kiryu sighed, the strong smell of Majima's cologne filling his nostrils.Rolling onto his side, his eyes landed on the small monkey toy that sat on the drawers next to his bed. Majima... I really hope you're okay. I can't believe how much I miss you already.


Chapter Text

The next day after Kiryu had finished his shift, he headed back to the office, Majima still weighing heavily on his mind. Trudging into the office, he nodded to Tachibana, throwing himself into the chair opposite.

“Hello, Kiryu-san. How was your shift?”


“Heh, I eh... I bet you'll be glad to be finished, eh Kiryu?”

“Mnhm.” Giving each other sideways glances, Tachibana and Oda remained silent. Clearly Kiryu wasn't in the mood to talk. Realising there was now an atmosphere, once again because of himself, Kiryu piped up, trying to sound as normal as possible. “Oh, uh, sorry. I'm just pretty tired.”

“You haven't heard from him have you, Kiryu-san. You're worried.”

“Maybe a bit. Anyway, I'm heading home now if that's all?”

“Nope. It's Saturday night, you're coming out with us. You promised.”

“No thanks. I really am tired.”

Kiryu, remember what happened last time when you tried to say no to us? You did say you were going to come out with us more often. Heh, come on man.” Maybe a few drinks would help me relax. It's not fair I keep being a moody bastard towards them. I'll buy them a drink, make up for my behaviour. They are worried about me after all.

“You know what? Fuck it. Sure, I'll come out with you guys. Are you heading out to see Kazuki and Yuya again?”

“Atta boy!! Yup, sure are! You ready to go?”

“Well, not really. I'm still in my uniform... Again, fuck it. Yes. Let's go.”

A few hours later, Kiryu was regretting his decision to come out. A barrage of questions from all four men about Majima wasn't fun. Everytime he tried to change the subject, somehow or another, it always led back to him. And it was pissing him off. He knew that they were just curious, but it was a bit difficult when he didn't know what the hell was going on with Majima. But still. He tried his best to let it slide and loosen up.

“Well, Kiryu-san?” Knocking back his drink, he sighed, answering Kazuki's question.

“I've told you, I don't know. The last I heard from him was yesterday morning.”

“Call him. Invite him over. We all really want to meet him. What did you think of him Oda?” Shrugging slightly, Oda snorted loudly, placing his glass on the table.

“Sarcastic. Cocky. Confident, little shit.” Noticing Kiryu was glaring at him, he chuckled, brushing the hair out of his eyes. “But if I'm honest, I didn't get a chance to talk to him much. He seems pretty cool though. Easy on the eyes too.” Tachibana lowered the glass from his lips, spluttering slightly, while everyone else's eyes widened in surprise. Glancing at the shocked faces in front of him, Oda stammered weakly.

“W-What's everyone starin' at?” Nobody dared answer. They sat awkwardly in silence, waiting to see who was going to have the courage to speak next.

“Oh, really? Is that so, Oda?” Tachibana tilted his head to the side, Oda letting out an awkward laugh as his face began to redden.

“Well, yeah. If you go for that type I suppose. I was just trying to say that Kiryu's done good. Ehehe...”

“Hmph.” Kazuki, Yuya and Kiryu gave each other questioning looks before bursting into fits of laughter, giggles echoing around them. Wiping his eyes, Yuya pointed towards Tachibana.

“I didn't think you were the type to get jealous!” Straightening his collar, Tachibana smiled coolly.

“I'm not jealous, Yuya-san. I'm just enjoying watching Oda try to dig himself out of this.”

“Ehh!?” More bursts of laughter rang out around the table. “Well Kiryu. I'm glad you've cheered up. Even if it is at my expense.” Shrugging, Kiryu nodded.

“Well, it makes a change from it being at mine, Oda.”

After it hit midnight, Kiryu decided to call it a night. Leaving his friends behind, he made his way back to his apartment, stumbling slightly through the crowded streets. It was always busy on Saturday nights. Salarymen crawled the streets, drinking away the weeks troubles. Girls in skimpy outfits wandered around in groups, giggling as they took photos of each other. Punks roamed around in abundance, looking for their next victims. You just never knew what to expect in Kamurocho. Trying to clear his head, Kiryu placed his hand on the steps leading up to his apartment. I... I wonder if I should call him. Why does he keep... I don't get him. One minute he's all over me... And... And the next, he... I need to call him. I think. Shit, I'm... I'm drunk. Drunk dialling is not a good idea. Or is it? Hmm. I need... I need another drink. To help me decide. Yeah. Bumbling up the stairs, he fumbled for his keys. Once he finally got them from his pocket, it took him a good three tries to get the key in the slot. However when he tried to turn it, it just wouldn't budge.

“What... What the hell?? Ngh... My key is... My key doesn't work. My key is broken?” Rolling his eyes, Kiryu couldn't help but chuckle. He had definitely had way too much to drink. But it was just what he needed. Once all of the questions were out of the way, it was actually a pretty good night. A night filled with booze and laughter. What made it better was that for once, it wasn't at his expense. It was fun to watch Oda squirm so much. Chuckling at the memory, Kiryu placed his hand on the door handle, pondering what to do when he stumbled forwards. To his surprise, the door swung open. “Hm? My door... The door is open? Did I... Did I leave it open? I must have. Because why else would my door... Be open? Heh. I really need another drink. And food. Hungry...”

Heading inside, Kiryu made his way straight to the kitchen, rummaging through the cupboards for the bottle of whiskey he kept for emergencies. Pouring himself a glass, he was about to take a sip when his phone began to ring.

“Yes? Hello? It's late... Who... Hello?”


“Hm? Oda... What do you want?”

“Kiryu!! Hey, man! You missing us yet?”

“Ngh. Oda. You're drunk.”

“Maybe, yeah. So are you!”

“Definitely. Is there something... Something you need?”

“Yes. There is... But I forgot... Huh? Oh, okay. Tachibana's here.”

“Kiryu-san? I've just remembered. You aren't working tomorrow.”

“Hm? I'm... I'm not? How?”

“Iwasaki-san has requested tomorrows shift. I thought you could do with the day off. Before you protest, I think taking weekends off would be good for you. In fact, I insist.”

“It... It would? Huh.”

“Yes, well... I'll speak to you when you are sober. I hope you had a good time tonight Kiryu-san.”

“Heh. I did, thanks, Tachibana.”

“Oh, and Kiryu-san? This whole situation with Majima-san? It'll all work out. I promise you. You're a good man, Kiryu-san. Goodbye.” Hanging up the phone, Kiryu smiled.

“So are you, Tachibana. Even if you are stuck... With an asshole. Named Oda. Heh.”

Grabbing the glass from the table, Kiryu headed into the living room and flicked on the light, jumping about ten feet in the air when he noticed a person sitting on the couch.

“M-Majima-san!? The hell!? I don't... What are you... Huh!?” Throwing his arms up, Majima shrieked excitedly.


“Surprise? I don't... Hm? M-Majima...?”

“Uh... Ya okay, Kiryu-chan?”

“I don't... You... Majima?” Cocking an eyebrow, Majima stood up and walked over, cradling Kiryu's face worriedly. He recoiled slightly when he let out a deep breath.

“Woah, okay. Now I get it. Hehe, ya been on the booze, eh?”

“Tachibana... Oda... Kazuki and Yuya. Stardust. What are you... You doing here? My couch... In the dark?” Stifling a giggle, Majima shook his head.

“Fuck, yer outta it. Ya mean ya ain't even noticed?”

“Noticed? Hm? Uh, what?”

“Hehe, what the hell ya been drinkin', Kiryu-chan?” Rubbing his chin, Kiryu's eyebrows furrowed. Finally he shrugged, placing his glass on the table.

“Uhhh... Lots of drinking.”

“No shit, Sherlock. Kiryu-chan... Take a look around!” Pulling him closer, Kiryu swayed slightly, gripping Majima's jacket tightly.

“I'd rather... I'd rather look at you, Majima...” Throwing back his head, Majima let out an exasperated sigh. As fun as it was to see Kiryu completely out of his mind drunk, he wished he was sober. He was excited for Kiryu to see what he'd done.

“Kiryu-chaaaan. You're wasted.”

“That may be the case... No, it's definitely the case. Heh. But I know... I do know what I want. And I want you. You, Majima.” Getting the feeling he was fighting a losing battle, Majima led Kiryu to the bedroom. He managed to get his clothes off, despite Kiryu's hands all over his body. “Majima, stop moving. Why won't you keep... Damn. Still. Stop... You're... Ngh. You're making this hard. Come on... Come here.” Sighing heavily, Majima turned around, hanging the clothes over the chair in the corner. By the time he turned around, Kiryu was out cold.

“Hehe, guess it can wait until tomorrow, eh Kiryu-chan? Might as well crash here. Don't think yer gonna mind.” Undressing himself, Majima crawled in next to Kiryu, giggling quietly as he snored. “Shit. Didn't take ya fer a lightweight.”

Opening his eyes slowly, Kiryu winced, his head thumping hard. Oh, shit... What the... What the hell was I drinking last night?? Ngh, my head feels like it's going to explode... Shit, what time is it!? I better not be late for work!! Damn... I've got the most awful taste in my mo- huh?? Feeling a heaviness over his legs, Kiryu turned his head as carefully as possible to the side, gasping quietly when he saw Majima sprawled out next to him. Majima!? When did he get here?? What the... What the hell!? Sitting up slowly, he shifted to the edge of the bed, swinging his legs around gently. Something's not right... Something is different. Huh?? The hole... The hole is gone. Wait, the walls... Everything's different... How the-

“Ya like it?” Jerking his head around a little too quickly, Kiryu groaned. “Hey, ya okay?”

“Majima-san... What... What are you doing here? What happened to the wall?” Raising his head from the pillow, Majima grinned lopsidedly. Even in his hungover state, Kiryu couldn't help the way his chest tightened.

Ya still ain't got it, have ya. Well, I knew ya were at work yesterday. So I thought, what better way to surprise ya than havin' yer place done up fer when ya got back? Only ya didn't come back. Hehe, sat waitin' on ya since 4pm. Couldn't call ya 'cause I didn't wanna ruin the surprise!” So that's why he didn't reply. Wait, he was waiting since 4pm...? I didn't get back until about 1.30am... Shit. He waited all that time...?

“No, I headed out with the guys. Majima-san... You waited for nine and a half hours...?” Smiling gently, Majima nodded.

“Yup, sure did. Hehe, couldn't wait ta see the look on yer face! But when ya got back... Ya weren't really in the mood ta talk. Ya never even noticed anythin' different.” Guilt setting heavily in his stomach, Kiryu shook his head.

“Majima-san, I'm so sorry. It was just a rough day so I thought I'd head out for a drink... If I'm honest, I was trying to clear my head. Stop myself from worrying...”

“Eh? 'Bout what?”

“You... I hadn't heard from you, so I was worried... Stupid I know, but- ngh!” Scooting forwards, Majima grabbed his face, pressing his lips to Kiryu's. Pulling back quickly, his nose wrinkled slightly.

“It ain't stupid. It's fuckin' adorable. But uh... Ya think ya could brush yer teeth or somethin'? Then I can show ya what we did yesterday!!”

“Oh, sorry. Heh, sure.”

Standing in front of the bathroom mirror, Kiryu studied himself hard as he brushed his teeth. Deep, black bags sat under his eyes, a proud reminder of the previous nights antics. Shit, I look awful. That's the last time I drink that much. I can't believe Majima waited so long... I feel... I feel so guilty. Ngh... I'll have to apologize again. Bending down to spit, he noticed Majima in the mirror, standing behind him. He said nothing. Just stood there, staring at him. Hmm... This is weird. Why isn't he saying anything...?

“Uh, are you okay, Majima-san?” Jerking slightly, Majima quickly smiled.

“H-Haw? Yeah! Fer sure. C'mon.” Nodding uncertainly, Kiryu followed him dumbly, eyes roaming around every inch of his apartment. It was surreal. Even though it was only the walls and floors that had changed, the entire apartment looked so fresh and new. Like one of those show homes Kiryu had seen on TV. The hallway was now bright and airy. The living room was unrecognisable. The dark red walls had been replaced with cream wallpaper, the skirting boards painted black. The black carpet had gone, in its place was light, wooden flooring. It flowed into the kitchen beautifully. The whole place felt warm and inviting. Like a home. Nishiki's bedroom had also been decorated, the bright, classy look transforming it completely. It didn't seem like Nishiki's style, but it was pretty stylish so he shouldn't complain. “So? Ya... Ya like it?” Shaking his head, Kiryu stuttered in disbelief.

“I... I can't believe this. Majima-san... This is amazing. It looks... It feels like a home. My home. You did this all for me?”

“Hehe! Yuuup! Well, me and the boys.”

“Hold on... How did you get in?”

“Uh... My foot? Kinda kicked in yer door... But ya needed a new one anyway, Kiryu-chan. That cheap, piece'a shit door wouldn't do fuck all if ya ever got broken inta.”

“I guess I kind of did yesterday, heh. Wait... The urgent job...” Majima beamed happily as it finally clicked into place for Kiryu.

“Mnhm!! It was worth it, jus' ta see the look on that real handsome face of yers, hehe!! 'Sides. I did promise ya! So! Wanna head out an' celebrate??”

“Ngh... I-I can't. I really don't want to... But I'm going to have to get ready for work.”

“Haw? But... It's Sunday. Oh well... Hehe, no prob Kiryu-chan!! Some other time, eh?” Pulling him close, Kiryu ignored the fake smile plastered on Majima's face. He stared at him hard, eyes burning into him, his expression serious. A simple thank you isn't enough. I need to do something special for him. I need to show how grateful I am. Hmm.

“Majima-san... Thank you. Really. I'm going to make this up to you.” Shuddering slightly at the tone of Kiryu's voice, Majima shook his head.

“H-Haw? Nah! Ain't no need, baby!”

“Shut up. I'm making this up to you.”

“K-Kiryu-chan... Ya know what talkin' like that does ta me... Find it hard enough ta keep my hands off ya as it is...” Pressing his body harder into Majima's, Kiryu shrugged, arms still wrapped tightly around his waist.

“Then don't.”


“Thursday night. Can you remember what you said to me?” Struggling to form words, Majima shuddered when Kiryu's hands gripped his ass tightly. Rubbing it firmly, he smirked as a muffled curse could just be heard. “You told me whenever I want you, I've got you. The same goes for you. And well... I want you now.”

“Mmm... I th-thought ya had ta head inta work?”

“I do. But I can be a little late. I'm going to make sure to thank you properly. But that's going to have to wait. For now? How about I... Give you a little taste, hm?”

“A t-taste?”

“Mnhm. I want to be your favourite toy, Majima-san. I want you to play with me, whenever you want to.”

“Fuuck, K-Kiryu-chan...” Gripping a handful of hair, Kiryu jammed his tongue into his mouth and stuck his other hand down Majima's underwear, squeezing his ass hard. Yelping into his mouth, Majima, groaned, desperately clawing Kiryu's underwear down as fast as he could. I really love it when he's eager like this... Shit. Wrapping his hand around Kiryu's dick, he groaned softly, stroking him up and down gently. “Reckon we've got time fer a quick fuck?”

“Heh, we'll make time. Majima-san, on your knees, quick. Make sure I'm nice and ready.” Not having to be told twice, Majima sank to his knees, shuddering as he licked down Kiryu's throbbing shaft. Raking his nails up the other's abs, he looked up, biting his lip hard. “Hm? What's wrong Majima? I know that look. You're thinking of me pinning you down and fucking you until you're nothing but a whimpering mess, right?” A whiny moan escaped his lips, his head nodding quickly. “Shit, I wish we had more time. Come on, what are you waiting for? Suck it.” Sliding him down his throat, Majima swallowed him down quickly, making sure to keep his tongue stuck out. Using his hand to lift Kiryu's balls higher, he ran his tongue over them as much as he could, whimpering when Kiryu choked out a strained curse. “M-Majima, keep your mouth open wide, okay? Fuck!” Holding his head tightly, Kiryu tugged his head back, quickly yanking it forward so his nose was once again pressed against muscle. Keeping the pace for a few minutes, he finally let go, grinning wide as Majima gasped for breath, saliva hanging from his chin.

“Where... Where ya want me, Kiryu-chan?” Not responding, Kiryu grabbed his wrists tightly, yanking him up before pushing him onto his back on the couch. When Majima tried to get onto his knees, Kiryu tutted, pushing him back down.

“Don't fucking move. Spread your legs as wide as you can.” Digging his head into the cushion, Majima did as Kiryu commanded, whimpering when he felt slick fingers slide inside of his ass.

“K-Kiryu, yer dick, c'mon!” Placing a hand under Majima's head, Kiryu used his other to guide himself inside, immediately growling as Majima automatically tightened around him.

“Wrap your legs around my back and hold on.” Nodding quickly, Majima dug his heels into Kiryu's ass, nails straight away piercing the flesh on his back. Pushing his face close, Kiryu kissed him softly, his eyes meeting Majima's one. “Tell me... Tell me who you belong to, Majima.” Pulling back his hips, he thrust into Majima hard, hissing when he arched his back, crying out loudly between pants.

“Kiryu! You!! I... Nrgh... Belong... Ta... You!! Mm! K-Kiryu! Kiryu!” Keeping his speed slow, Kiryu chuckled, leaning down to Majima's ear.

“Damn fucking right. Hngh... Fuck... Look at y-you... Lying there... Taking what I'm gi-giving you...” Pulling back his lips, he sunk his teeth into Majima's neck, biting, sucking and kissing his entire throat, eliciting a barrage of squealing curses from the body below him. When it was thoroughly covered in angry looking marks, he moved away, pushing Majima's thighs back so they were against his chest. Bucking into him faster, he groaned feeling Majima clench even tighter around him.

“So... So f-fuckin' deep! Shiiiiit, Kiryu-chaaaan! C-Can ya... Mmm...”

“Huh? Can I... Can I what?”

“S-Slower... Ho-Hold me t-tight...” Cocking his head, Kiryu stopped thrusting, staring at Majima hard as he panted. Slower? Hold him tight...? Fuck, hearing him talk this way... I'm not going to last.

Hooking his arms under Majima's back, Kiryu lifted him up, so he was sitting on top of his knees, legs crossed around his back. Cradling his ass with his hands, his stomach tightened as Majima wrapped his arms around his neck, kissing the side of his face gently. It was a big difference to the way they had fucked previously. But he wasn't complaining. Thrusting into him forcefully, Kiryu resisted the urge to go faster, the slow speed he was using driving him crazy. Fingers tugging at his hair, he breathed out shakily, breathy whispering filling his ear.

“Ahhh, K-Kiryu.... Like this, yeah, jus'... Jus' like this... F-Fuuuuck, maaaan! So... Ngh... So fuckin' good!! Yer so fuckin' big... So thick an' hard. Shit... Yer doin' it... Yer really fuckin' givin' me... Fuuuckk!! Yeah... Yeah, keep it like this... Mngh, jus' like this, ah, fuck...” Shallow breaths and quiet grunts filled the silence around them. Somehow, things felt different. The first time he'd fucked Majima was amazing. Crazy, violent and rough. But now... It was hard to explain. It was so different, yet so wondrous. Kiryu's whole body was tingling and on fire. His head was fuzzy, stomach in a million knots. It was like fireworks were exploding in his chest. The whole thing felt more... Intimate? More intense? The way Majima was panting into his ear, whispering between moans... The closeness as they held each other tight. He couldn't understand it, but he'd never felt this close to Majima before.


“Mmm... I... Ya... Kiryu-chaan... Kiryuuu-chaaan... So... So good... Ah, so fuckin'... I don't know... K-Kiryu... Keep fuckin' me l-like this... Ngh... S-Shit...” Trailing off, Majima began kissing his neck once more, soft, gentle kisses being planted on his skin.

“Majima... The fuck...” Squeezing his legs tighter around Kiryu, Majima began to tremble slightly, wheezy groans flooding into his ear.

“Kiryu... Mm, I feel like I'm gonna burst... Shiiit, Kiryu, ya... Y-ya makin' me cum... I'm gonna cum...” Pulling his head back, Majima rested his forehead against Kiryu's, clenching his jaw hard while he stared into his eyes. Kissing him quickly, Kiryu scraped his tongue against Majima's, feeling his own body begin to stiffen. Majima realised he was close and pulled back, holding his face tightly, so close their noses were almost touching. What is he doing...? What the... Eye fluttering as his mouth dropped open, Majima released a low, deep groan. It was different to any moan Kiryu had ever heard from him before. A moan that sent a torrent of shivers down his spine. Pushing his confusion to the side, Kiryu felt warmth spray onto his stomach and grunted softly, gripping Majima's ass tighter as he began to cum, his own orgasm tearing through his entire body. They held each other close, maintaining eye contact as they trembled and shook together, pleasure filled gasps filling the silence between them. It was strange. Gentle, intimate sex. Yet such an intense orgasm. Maybe even stronger than the first time he fucked him. Longer too. It seemed to go on for ages, shot after shot being spurted into Majima. He could do nothing but hold onto him tightly and let it take over. By the way Majima was trembling... Grinding down onto him harder, digging his nails deeper... He felt the same.

Senses finally returning, Kiryu sighed, letting his head fall forwards, resting gently against Majima's. That was the most he could do. He felt completely and utterly spent. What just happened... I've never... I didn't think... I can't understand... I ju-

“K-Kiryu-chan... That was amazin'... That was jus'... That was amazin'.”

“What... Majima... What the hell just happened...?”

“I-I... I dunno. I jus'... I dunno. I ain't never came like that 'fore. I ain't never felt like that 'fore. Ya were so deep... So slow an'... Kiryu... I...” Studying him hard, Kiryu tried to get his breathing under control. He... He felt the same thing as me. Ngh, what the hell... Kiryu heard a voice speak out, finally realising that it was his own.

“Majima... I don't... I don't want to let you go.” Majima spoke quietly, his voice serious and firm.

“Ya can't. I ain't gonna letcha. I ain't, Kiryu.”


Chapter Text

Pulling his uniform on slowly, Kiryu sighed heavily. Majima was in the living room getting dressed, so he was alone with his thoughts for now. What the hell just happened... I can't even describe it. Whenever I think about it... Ngh. My stomach clenches like I'm going to throw up. My chest feels like there's a 200lb weight on it. I wonder if Tachibana could help me. I did want to speak to him anyway about my idea... But then again... Maybe it's not a good idea now. Ngh, I just feel... Fucked up? Damn. I guess I better get a move on. Exiting his bedroom, he took a deep breath before walking to stand outside of the living room door. It was strange. He felt more nervous now than he ever had. And he couldn't understand why. They had only had sex. Something they'd done twice before now. So what the hell made it so different this time? So... Completely bizarre? He was sure Majima felt it too. But how was he going to act? After they'd finished, Kiryu had waited until he'd moved, mumbled that he had to get ready and left the room as quick as he could. And now he had to face him. He couldn't just hide behind the door all day like a nervous child. He had to go in.

Sitting with his hands clasped under his chin, Majima stared at Kiryu as he shuffled in slowly. He stood perfectly still, eyes completely glassy, like he was a million miles away.

“K-Kiryu-chan? What's... Eh, what's up? Yer zonin' out on me.”

“Hm? I... Uh... Nothing. Heh. I think I'm still feeling the effects of last night.”

“Hehe, gotcha. So. Uh... 'Bout before...” Looking at him with hope filled eyes, Kiryu nodded. Maybe Majima could help him make sense of what happened.


“I... Eh. Don't matter. So!” Lowering his eye, Majima rubbed the back of neck awkwardly, swallowing noisily. “Guess ya better scoot. Ya gonna gimme a call?”

“S-Sure. Majima-san?”

“Yeah?” I... I don't feel right.

“Nothing. Heh.” Majima stood up, standing in front of Kiryu, an unsure expression sat heavily on his face.

“Okay... If ya sure? C'mere.” Pulling him close, Majima gazed into his eyes, smiling gently. Running his finger along Kiryu's jawline, a soft sigh escaped his lips. “Don't eh... Don't keep me waitin' too long, eh?” Studying him as he leant forward and pressed his lips to his own, Kiryu felt his stomach clench, his heart hammering against his ribcage almost painfully. He kissed back slowly, clumsily, so much so that Majima pulled back, eyebrow raised. “Well, uh... I best leave ya ta get goin'. I'll see ya real soon though...” Kiryu remained silent, still staring at him hard. “Yeah?” Blinking rapidly, he nodded awkwardly.

“Hm? Oh! Yes. Definitely. Heh... Yes.”

“O-Okay... See ya, Kiryu-chan...” Turning around, Majima shook his head and exited, leaving Kiryu standing alone in his living room.

“What the hell is going on... I don't... I can't... Ugh.”

Walking into the office, Kiryu didn't bother looking up. He'd hoped the walk to work would clear his head. That wasn't the case however. It just gave him more time alone with his thoughts. More time to wonder what the hell was going on. So rather than give Tachibana his usual friendly nod, he sat down instead, hands clasped tightly on the table in front of him, mumbling quietly.

“Sorry I'm late. I... Sorry.” Giving him a questioning look, Tachibana turned his chair to face Kiryu and spoke, his quiet voice filled with worry.

“Kiryu-san? What are you doing here?”

“Hm? What do you mean? I'm here for work.”

“You don't remember our phone call last night?”

“Phone call? What?”

“Kiryu-san. Oda called you after you left. He wasn't making sense, so I spoke to you instead. I told you that Iwasaki-san had requested your shift today. I also told you that from now on, you will no longer be working weekends.”

“You... You did?”

“Yes. Kiryu-san, forgive me for intruding, but-” Not able to hold back anymore, Kiryu faced Tachibana, hands shaking hard as he clasped them.

“Tachibana... I need your help.”

“Hm? Of course. What seems to be the problem?” Exasperation set heavily on his face, Kiryu shrugged.

“I... I don't know.”

“You... Don't know?”

“No.” Furrowing his brow, Tachibana nodded slowly, placing a comforting hand on Kiryu's shoulder.

“I see. Well, could you perhaps elaborate?”

“Tachibana... We're close right?” Glancing down, Tachibana nodded.

“Oh, shall I move along?”

“What? Ngh. No! I meant, I can talk to you. About anything. Like you can with me.”

“Oh, I see. Of course.”

“I think something is wrong.”


“Majima. Tachibana... I don't feel comfortable discussing this... But I need help. So I'm going to try my best to talk freely.”

“As you have just said. You can talk to me about anything.”

“Okay. I don't... Tch. I don't even know where to begin. But here goes.” Laying his hands flat on the table, Kiryu took a deep breath. He wasn't sure how to start, but he knew he needed help. Tachibana was always so logical, so reasonable. He was pretty sure he'd have an explanation. But Kiryu wasn't used to this. He couldn't talk freely about sex, it embarrassed him. Even with someone as close to him as Tachibana. Sex was something that was private, strictly between the participants. To him, anyway. When it came to talking about it, he struggled, often blushing and stammering a lot. It was a personal thing, after all. But he knew Tachibana wouldn't judge. Just... Understand.


“Oh. Right. So. When... When Majima took me on a date. Ngh. We went back to my place and s-something... Sexual happened. Not actual sex, but... Well. I think you get what I'm saying?”

“Oral sex, Kiryu-san?” Immediately cringing, Kiryu lowered his eyes, heat radiating from his cheeks.

“Damn. Y-Yes.” Trying his best to coax him to continue, Tachibana smiled warmly, nodding gently towards him.

“Well, surely that is a good thing?”

“It was! It's just... How do I... It felt normal. And then later that night, we... Tch. We had sex. T-Twice. The first time was... It was rough to put it lightly. But you know, it again felt normal. Like, good. Like... The way sex is supposed to feel. Does that make sense? The second time wasn't rough but we... We experimented? But it felt right. It felt again, the way sex should. But... Ngh.”

“Yes, Kiryu-san?”

“I woke up this morning and Majima was there. He'd been waiting on me... For nine and a half hours.”

“Whatever for?”

“Remember how I told you he was going to help me redecorate? Well, the reason I hadn't heard from him, is because he arranged to have it done yesterday when I was at work. As a... Surprise.”

“Kiryu-san, that was very nice of him.”

“Yeah... That reminds me, I need to ask you something else too. But it can wait. Anyway. I... We... Before I came here... We uh... We had sex again. But...”


“But it was different. There was something... Different.”

“Different? How so, Kiryu-san?” Facing Tachibana, Kiryu shook his head. His hands were shaking, his eyes filled with worry, sadness and general confusion. It wasn't nice to see, but Tachibana knew how hard it would have been for Kiryu to tell him that. Kiryu was a very private person, after all.

“That's just it, Tachibana. I don't know.”

“Did Majima-san do something different? Something you didn't like, perhaps?”

“No!! No, nothing like that. Tch. He... He asked me to go slow and hold him tight. So I did. But... It was... It was so gentle... So... Ngh. I can't describe it. I felt so close to him... Not just physically... And... And it was like I couldn't breathe. I felt like my chest was going to explode. It was so... Intense. We just stared at each other... Holding each other tightly... My head... I couldn't think... I just... It crashed over me like a massive wave... And it took over me.”

“What did?”

“I-I don't know. He felt the same... I know he did. He... I started talking to him. I didn't even realise what the hell I was saying. But I told him I didn't want to let him go. He told me that I couldn't, because he wasn't going to let me. And then afterwards... I felt... The way I feel now. I feel jumbled... Mixed up... Completely fucked up. Why? That's just it. I don't know. I'm nervous, Tachibana. I'm scared. And I don't goddamn know why! What's... What's wrong with me?”

“Kiryu-san. Was Majima-san acting normal?”

“Hm? No... He went to say something about what happened, but changed his mind.” Placing his hands under his chin, Tachibana sat quietly for a few minutes. Talk. Say something. Anything! Damn it! If he doesn't know... Shit, this is worse than I thought. This is... Ngh. This is bad.

Finally after what felt like hours, he turned back to face Kiryu.

“I see. Well. If I may be honest with you, Kiryu-san. Majima-san certainly sounds like a very special person t-” The door swung open, interrupting his sentence.

“Oh, yeah! I'm certainly fuckin' somethin' alright! Hehe!!” Head snapping around to the door, Kiryu gasped, his stomach somersaulting, heart in his throat as Majima bounded inside happily.

“M-Majima-san!? The hell are you doing here?”

“Heyyy baby. Ya miss me?” Bending over, he pulled his face towards him, kissing him excitedly. He seems to be acting normal again... Do I? Leaning over the table towards Tachibana, he held his hand out as Kiryu blushed scarlet. “Majima Goro. Nice ta meet ya!”

“Tachibana Tetsu. Pleasure.” Noticing Majima was grinning wide, Kiryu could sense he was about to say something unnecessary.

“Funny that's jus' what I was givin'-” Yanking him back hard, Kiryu cleared his throat. “Ow! Awwww!! Gah. Okay. I'll behave.” Throwing himself down in the seat next to Kiryu, Majima placed his feet on the table. Shit, he can't do that... Kiryu gave Tachibana a worried glance, but he received an affirmative nod and smile in return. “Oh, right! Hehe forgot ta give ya these.” Digging around in his pocket, Majima pulled out a set of keys, dangling them in front of Kiryu's face. “Yer new keys. So. What's goin' on here then? Kiryu-chaaan, are ya slackin' off? Naughty naughty! Hehe! Oh, hey! Where's the asshole?” Body stiffening as Majima scanned the room, Kiryu nodded uncomfortably towards Tachibana.

“Majima-san... You remember I was telling you about how Oda and Tachibana are together...?”

“Oh... Shit, yeah. Hehe!! Whoops. Sorry, man. Ain't mean nothin' bad by it.” Majima rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly while Tachibana smiled and waved his hand.

“It's perfectly understandable, Majima-san.” Cocking his eyebrow, Majima leant forwards, studying Tachibana hard.

“Hey, man... What's with ya? Why ya so formal? Shit, man!”

“My apologies, Majima-san. It is just the way I am.”

“Nah, ain't nothin' ta be sorry fer. Jus' wonderin', that's all. Well. S'ppose I better move. Don't wanna getcha inta trouble Kiryu-chaaan!” Smiling as Kiryu lowered his head, Tachibana nodded towards Majima.

“Majima-san. I have a suggestion.”

“Eh? Suggestion?”

“Why don't you wait here until Oda gets back? He shouldn't be too long. And then, perhaps we can all head out together? I already told Kiryu-san on the phone last night, from now on, he isn't working weekends. Unfortunately, he was rather intoxicated at the time. Hence why he turned up today. We have plenty of drivers working, so we would be free to step out for the day. It would be nice to get to know more about you, Majima-san.” Ngh. No, this isn't a good idea. After what happened before and now he's... He's trying to act normal again, but who knows when the charade could end? I know for a fact I'm struggling... Shit. Oda. Add him to the mix... No. Shaking his head, Kiryu began to protest.

“Uh... Thank you, but... No, you see because I have-”

“Hehe!! Sure thing, man!!” Shooting Majima a puzzled look, Kiryu felt his stomach sink as the door opened.

“Guess who I...” Lifting his gaze to land on Kiryu and Majima, Oda grinned wide. “Oh. What's going on here then? What have I missed?”

“Hey! Asshole! Nice ta see ya again!” Kiryu bit his lip hard, studying Oda, trying to read his expression. He's going to flip out... I can't believe he said that... Shit. The smile fell from Oda's face as he glared at Majima.

“Asshole...?” Shit, shit, shit!! Majima-san... Flashing each other a nervous look, Kiryu and Tachibana remained silent as Oda stood in front of Majima who was still grinning inanely. Nodding happily, he giggled.

“Yuuup!” Oda stepped forwards, giving him the once over as he clenched his jaw hard. After what felt like an hour of tension you could cut easily with a knife, Oda shook his head.

“Shit. I should really want to thump you one. But I got to say, I really do like this guy.” Letting out a quiet sigh of relief, Kiryu felt himself relax. Luckily Oda seemed to be in a good mood today, otherwise that could of really turned sour.

“Man, ya wind my Kiryu-chan up, ya got me on yer ass now. An' not in the good way!” Oda stammered weakly, scratching his head awkwardly. Huh, Oda nervous. Shit. He... He does, doesn't he? He thinks Majima-san is hot. Tachibana chuckled softly leading Majima to whip his head around and stare at him in surprise. “Haw? Now there's a fuckin' shocker. I didn't think ya could laugh man... Shit, ya don't seem the type.” All four men were laughing now. I can't... I don't understand what the hell is going on. But, this seems to be going okay. Maybe it would be a good idea to head out together. Maybe I could finish my chat with Tachibana. I still need to ask him something. Breaking the laughter, Oda sat down next to Tachibana, giving him a quick peck on the cheek as he wrapped his arm around his shoulder.

“So. What have I missed then?”

“We're goin' out!! An' I think since ya been such a dickwad ta my beloved here... The drinks're on you!” Beloved? Holding his hands up, Oda sighed heavily.

“Okay, okay. I guess that's fair. Where are we headin'? Stardust to drop in on Kazuki and Yuya?”

“No... No, I'd like to go somewhere quiet. Somewhere we could talk. How about Vincent?”

“We jus' gonna sit here an' talk 'bout it all day?”

“Actually, I have a few things to take care of first. Majima-san, Kiryu-san. We shall be along shortly.”

“Man, anythin' ta avoid gettin' yer wallet out, eh Oda?” Raising his eyebrows, Oda shook his head, throwing his hands up in a questioning motion.

“Huh!? I never even suggested staying behind!!” Rolling his eye, Majima nodded.

“Yeah, yeah. I get it. Ya gotta keep all yer money fer more of them sparkly little bits of plastic in yer ear. I understand.” Majima managed to keep a straight face as Oda's voice changed in pitch, becoming drastically louder at the same time.

“Plastic? Plastic!? This is nothing but diamond! Plastic!? Shit, get that eye tested.”

“Really? Oh, my bad. Either way... Looks pretty cheap ta me. Real tacky like. Hehe!! C'mon, Kiryu-chan! See ya soon Tachibana. Laters, Sparkles.” Yanking Kiryu from his seat, Majima gave a quick salute as Oda pointed at him warningly.

“Sparkles? You better drop that shit real quick, Majima.”

“Yeah, that ain't happenin'. Don't keep us waitin' too long, eh?”

Leaving the office with a wide grin on his face, Kiryu chuckled while Majima locked his fingers between his own. It was peculiar. Things felt normal in the office, all four men laughing and joking. Perhaps it was because Kiryu was focused on other things and the uneasiness has simply been pushed to the back of his mind. He wasn't sure, but either way, he still couldn't make head nor tails of the situation. Swinging their hands back and forwards as they walked along the street, Majima squeezed his hand harder.

“Hey. What's so funny?” Staring at his feet, Kiryu stopped laughing and shook his head, a warm smile on his face.

“You. That was amazing, Majima-san. I've never seen Oda so flustered before.”

“Hehe, what can I say! He's got no chance when it comes ta me. I've been through enough chumps like him ta know how ta rile 'em up. Physical appearance is one thing. But ta mock his actual image? Gets 'em every fuckin' time. Maybe he'll think twice before he tries ta fuck with ya, hm?”

“Heh, maybe. But really though. Thank you. You didn't have to. Can I ask you something? Why did you agree to going out with them?” Majima shrugged happily, tugging him slightly closer.

“I know. I wanted ta. An' well they're yer friends ain't they. Figured I gotta make an effort ta get along with them. Part of the job, ain't it?” He's trying to be friends with them... For me? The heavy lump that had been sitting in his stomach since this morning returned, once again a feeling over something unknown enveloping him. Ngh. It's back. I feel... Shit. Wait. What does he mean, job?


“Yeah. Y'know? Bein' yer Majima in shinin' armour?” Face reddening instantly, Kiryu turned his head, desperately trying to hide the fact that he was once again blushing. Majima was good at making him do that, not that he minded of course, but it made him feel... Not pathetic... But immature? He wasn't sure how to describe it, but he knew he didn't like the feeling.

“Majima-san...” Rolling his eye, Majima sighed.

“Okay, okay. Bein' yer boyfriend. Plus ain't gonna lie. Was pretty fun ta see him squirm like that.”

“I agree. Do you want a smoke before we head inside?” Not waiting for an answer, Kiryu pulled the box of cigarettes from his jacket, automatically handing him one. Allowing his head to rest against the wall, Kiryu closed his eyes, exhaling a cloud of smoke. His head was buzzing, a mix of his painful hangover and utter unease. What the hell was going on with Majima? With himself? Before they were all laughing and joking. The feeling was obviously still there, but less apparent. And now they were alone again, it was back, full force. If he had of been able to talk to Tachibana properly, maybe he'd feel better. But hopefully, he could sneak a quick word with him inside Vincent.

Getting the feeling he was being watched, Kiryu lowered his head, eyes scanning the area around him. The streets of Kamurocho were busy as usual. People walked past, going about their daily business. But standing out from the crowd like a sore thumb, Majima stood still. He hadn't even smoked any of the cigarette in his hand. He just stood there, staring at Kiryu, a hard scowl on his face. Raising his eye slowly, he jerked slightly, aware Kiryu was now looking at him. A quick, sheepish grin and he turned away quickly, tossing the cigarette to the ground. That was weird. Why was he staring at me like that? He's still feeling what happened earlier too, I knew it. He's still trying to act normal. Shit, what the hell has happened between us? Trying to shake off the uncomfortable feeling, Kiryu stepped up behind him, placing his hand gently on his shoulder. Flinching at the contact, Majima spun around, straight faced for once.

“Oh. Ya ready ta go in? Hehe, c'mon.” Leaving Kiryu behind, he stormed inside, heading straight for the bar. I don't know how much longer I can hold my tongue... Throwing himself onto the couch around the corner from the bar, Kiryu examined Majima hard. He stood there with his elbows propped on the bar, chin resting on top of his hands, lost in thought. So much so that he jumped when the bartender placed the drinks in front of him. Handing over the money, he remained there for a few moments, chewing his lip nervously, before finally picking them up and heading over to the couch.

“Uh... Majima-san? Is... Is everything okay?”

“Hm? Oh, sure!” Bullshit. No. I can't hold back anymore.

“I deal in nothing but honesty. Isn't that what you said?”

“Hehe. Yeah, guess I did. It ain't that I'm not bein' honest. I jus' don't wanna say the wrong... I mean... Everythin' is totally fine. It's jus'...” Now we're getting somewhere. Swallowing hard, Kiryu nodded, urging him to continue.

“Go on.” Lowering his head, Majima twiddled his thumbs as he spoke.

“Are ya embarrassed of me?”


“On the way here... When I was bein' a fuckin' moron as usual... Ya went all red an' turned away.”

“Being a moron? I... I don't recall you-”

“Majima in shinin' armour?”

“Huh? Oh! Heh, embarrassed? No!! Definitely not!! Majima-san, not a chance, it's just... It's hard to explain. It's like in the office when you were joking with Oda and called me your beloved. I... Tch. I hate the fact that I blush like a child. It has nothing to do with me being embarrassed of you. I love how you are. Heh. I just feel so stupid blushing when you say or call me cute things.”

“Ya... Ya think Majima in shinin' armour was cute?”

“Of course I do. You said it. Heh. No way in hell would I ever be embarrassed of you.”

“Really? ...Like, really?”

“Tch, fool. Come here.” Shaking his head, Kiryu pulled him close.

“Haw? Whatcha-” Gripping his face tightly in his hands, Kiryu's brow furrowed, his face deadly serious as he stared into Majima's eye.

“No way in hell.” Brushing the hair out of his eye as he inched his own face closer, Kiryu slid his tongue inside Majima's mouth, sighing as he felt him instantly relax. Pulling back, he gave him a nervous look. “Majima-san. I... Ngh. About... About earlier.”

“Kiryu-chan. I know. It's okay, I promise. Jus'... Later. Okay? Shit, c'mere.” Returning his tongue inside Kiryu's mouth, Majima cradled the back of his head, running his fingers through his hair. Fuck, the way he's kissing me. I know something is wrong. I know something is off. He knows it too. But I can't help myself. I want him. I want him now. I need to feel it again... He's so damn addictive. He's so...

Pushing him back, Kiryu flashed him a wicked grin.

“Hey. Why don't we ditch those two and head back to my place, hm? Pick up from where we left earlier... How's that sound?” Taking a deep breath in, Majima grinned wide.

“Ya serious? Hehe!! I say fuck yeah!!” Kissing him one more time, he was just about to pull back and stand up when a voice yelled out, running straight through him.

“Fuck, Kiryu! Put him down, let the guy breathe!” As if on cue, Oda waltzed forward, grinning wide. For now it looks like they'd have to wait. Kiryu scooted back, clenching his jaw as Majima smiled softly.

“Hey, I got this. Hehe, gives us somethin' ta look forward ta, eh? Now. Allow me.” Turning around, Majima stood up, throwing his arms above his head. “Sparkles! Man, I missed ya!” Oda's face turned crimson as multiple heads whipped around to stare at him. Gritting his teeth, he pointed at Majima quickly.

“I'm damn serious. You better drop that cute little nickname, Majima.” Tilting his head to the side, Majima squinted at him.

“Or whaaaat?”

“I'll wedge my foot up your ass.”

“Hehe!! I'd like ta see ya try, man! But hmm... Naaaaaah. Think I'll keep it fer now! C'mon Sparkles, siddown!”

“Damn it.” Shaking his head, Tachibana emerged from behind Oda, chuckling lightly.

“Fuck, twice in one day?! Careful, Tachibana. Ya might hurt yerself. I bet ya got Sparkles worried.”

“Majima, stop that. I'm serious. Don't make me kick your ass. Kiryu you better wipe that smirk off your face.” Shrugging, Kiryu chuckled, shaking his head. He wasn't about to stop Majima. After all the shit Oda had pulled with him? He was owed a little taste of his own medicine. Not a chance in hell. Payback time, Oda. And damn, do you deserve it.

“Come an' play me at pool.”

“Eh? Why?” Majima licked his bottom lip, his eye ablaze with excitement. Kiryu couldn't help but shudder slightly. He knew that look. It meant he had a plan.

“I wanna play some damn pool. Tell ya what. I'll make a bet with ya. If ya can beat me? I'll stop with the name. If ya lose? It sticks.” Chewing his lip thoughtfully, Oda finally broke into a smile as he walked over to the pool table, motioning for Majima to follow him. “Hehe! Won't be too long, Kiryu-chan! Watch me beat his ass real good like! Okay, Sparkles! I'm breakin'! Hope ya ready! Yer 'bout ta witness the power of Goro Break an' Run Majima!” Fixated on the way Majima strutted over, arrogance in his every step, Kiryu had the feeling Oda didn't have a clue what he'd let himself in for, but hey. That was his problem.

“I think Oda may have finally met his match.”

“Heh, yeah. Majima doesn't take any shit, that's for sure. Tachibana... Can I ask you something?”

“Of course.”

“Oda... The way he's been looking at... The way he's been acting around... Ngh. Does it... Does it bother you?”

“Does it bother me that he is attracted to Majima-san?” Nodding slowly, Kiryu discreetly turned his head, noticing Oda was once again staring at Majima as he hung over the table. It shouldn't have bothered him. He was only looking after all. But he didn't like it. In fact, he hated it. Despite the fact that Oda was pretty much an asshole 99 percent of the time, he was still one of his best friends. And Majima was his boyfriend. To have Oda staring at his property the way only Kiryu should? It really pissed him off.

Glaring at him, Kiryu jerked slightly when Tachibana placed a hand on his knee.

“Should it bother me? It's simple, human nature, Kiryu-san. Oda unfortunately just doesn't happen to be very good at being... Discreet, shall we say? Besides. There is no harm in looking. Does it bother you?”

“No! Not at all!” Tachibana flashed him a knowing look. “Okay, maybe a little bit. Heh.” Head whipping around when a loud giggle shrieked out, Kiryu smiled. Majima was flexing his muscles, cheering for himself as Oda stood scratching his head. He looked absolutely bamboozled. Smiling warmly, Tachibana chuckled and spoke softly. So softly Kiryu almost didn't hear. Tearing his gaze away from Majima, he faced Tachibana. “Hm? Sorry, did you say something?”

“You're staring at him.”

“Oh, uh, heh. Sorry. So, uh...” Taking one last glance at Majima, he watched as he leant over the table, concentration dripping from his face, tongue poking out as he lined up his shot. Pocketing the ball easily, he threw back his head, shrieking with glee. I knew you would kick his ass, Majima-san. Fuck, he really is just... Amazing. Wait. What the hell am I doing? I could be talking to Tachibana right now about what is going on, yet I'm staring at Majima-san like a love sick school girl? Shit, get a grip, Kiryu!! Heh. Trying to hide his grin, Kiryu faced Tachibana.

“Please, Kiryu-san. Do not apologize. I've never seen you this way before. It's refreshing. To see you so happy, it makes me happy. And although Oda will not say it often... He's happy for you, too.”

“Heh, thanks Tachibana. I am happy. Well. I was. No, I am. I... It's just... Tch.”

“Yes? You can talk to me, Kiryu-san.” I know I can. I just don't know how to begin. Taking a deep breath in, Kiryu bowed his head, leaning close to Tachibana.

“I'm... I'm scared, Tachibana. What we were talking about before? I... I just...”


“I met him last Friday... Damn it. I can't make sense of this. I... I feel like I'm way over my head. Like I'm... Like I'm drowning. I feel like I'm feeling way too much way too soon.” Smiling sympathetically, Tachibana placed his hand on Kiryu's knee, giving him a reassuring squeeze.

“Kiryu-san. I must assure you, we cannot control how much we feel or when we feel it. That's the wondrous thing about human emotions. Your last relationship... Was not good. You've been alone for a long time. It's natural for you to be scared, a little reserved maybe. But from what I've seen, you are worrying about nothing. I've seen the way he looks at you. The way he kissed you when he came to the office. The look of utter joy and excitement when he saw you? If I was a betting man, I'd say he feels the same way about you. Majima-san seems like a very intense man. You are too. So if I am honest... I'd like to say, the feeling is definitely mutual. In fact, maybe more so on his part.”

“You think? I'm... I'm worrying over nothing again? I mean... He... About earlier? How do you explain that? Tachibana... What's wrong with me?”

“Nothing. In my opinion... What you and Majima-san shared earlier was something special. Something most people dream about. From what you have described... You are connecting with him deeply. Not just physically but emotionally too. Allow me to elaborate. I believe that when people have sex, mostly it is the release that they crave. That is the goal after all. But you and Majima-san. I feel release is only a small part. In my opinion you have a bond with him, deeper than I have ever seen. How that is possible after such a short time, I am not sure. Kindred spirits, I believe the term is. But I feel the situation can only be good. And earlier. I think that is what hit you, and made you feel the way you do now. You've realised this in your subconscious. When you said you feel like you are feeling too much too soon? You are aware of what is happening. And you are scared. You are scared because of the quickness and the intensity. You are scared... That something is going to go wrong, Kiryu-san.”

“I... I am?”

“In my opinion, yes. Unless what you have with Majima-san... Is not what you wanted?”

“It is! More than anything! I haven't even told Nishiki... I mean... Tch. It's just so... So sudden. What if I'm getting this wrong? What if...”

“What if it does not work out?” Lowering his head, Kiryu nodded, his voice seeming so small.


“Then you move on with your life, Kiryu-san. Just like everyone else does. Your relationship has blossomed very quickly. But surely, that is a good thing?”

“Hm? It's a good thing?”

“As I have said. I feel what you have is something most people can only dream of. Also, I am not stupid. I myself can see the immense spark between you and Majima-san. From what we have been discussing... It is clearly more than just simple lust or the excitement of being in a new relationship. He keeps looking at you. Look. See for yourself.” Raising his head, Kiryu glanced over. Tachibana was right. Majima was focused solely on him, his brow furrowed, face serious. “Do you see? This doesn't look good. We are huddled up and whispering. He is worried about you, Kiryu-san. Look at his face. Rather different from earlier. If I may say so... In the office, he couldn't keep his eye off you. Like he was taking in every detail of you. He smiled the whole time. The way he was staring at you, it was almost like he couldn't believe you were there. Like he is besotted with you.” Watching as Oda jabbed him with the cue, Kiryu turned his attention towards Tachibana.

“He... He was?”

“Yes. And as for Nishikiyama-san. He is like us. He is one of your best friends. He will be happy for you. You are creating issues that are not there. You are intentionally trying to cause problems to sabotage your happiness and relationship. Hmm. Let me ask you this, Kiryu-san. You are so worried in case what you have with Majima-san does not work out. But what happens if it does?”

“He... I...” Their conversation was cut short as Oda stormed over. His body was shaking as he fumed. Throwing himself down next to Tachibana, he crossed his arms over his chest, huffing loudly.

“You had to have fucking cheated!! There's no way in hell you could have beaten me!!” Sauntering around the table to sit down next to Kiryu, Majima shrugged casually.

“C'mon, Sparkles. Don't be gettin' all pissy. I won fair an' square. Ain't my fault ya ain't no good.” Tensing his fists, Oda leant forwards, freezing when Tachibana leant to whisper into his ear. Whatever he said did the trick as he flopped back against the couch, chuckling loudly.

“Okay, okay. You got me. So pool ain't my thing. Kiryu! You're quiet today man! Everything okay?”

“Hm? Yes. If you'll just excuse me a moment.” Making his way to the restroom, Kiryu caught a glimpse of Majima as he exited the bar. The worry in his face made his chest ache, but he had to get away. The talk with Tachibana was intense as expected. Once again he'd calmed him down, set him at ease massively. What he said made sense. But he really wanted to finish their talk. Oda had once again picked the most inopportune time to butt in. This was twice they'd been interrupted and it was really pissing him off. So for now, he had to get away and just breathe. A splash of water over his face was what he needed.

Sighing as cold water trickled down his face, Kiryu studied his reflection in the mirror. What the hell is wrong with me? Tachibana understands. I can always count on him to be the calm voice of reason. But what I said still stands. I'm scared. I'm a grown fucking man... And I'm scared. I've never felt anything so intense before. I've never felt like... He just... We get each other. I thought because I'd been alone for so long, that's why I couldn't stop thinking about him. But I'm wrong. Tachibana is right... I don't just want sex with him... I crave being with him. The feeling of him. Our bodies, together. Entwined. I crave his presence... His touch... Him... I feel connected to him. Blossomed quickly... Kindred spirits, he said... Ngh. It is good. But terrifying. And then there is Nishiki... Shit, Nishiki!! What do I tell him!? Okay, relax. It's early days. I don't really have to tell him anything yet, do I? Tch. But... Nishiki... Ngh... Am I really causing problems that aren't even there? Am I really trying to mess things up? Why... Why would I... Unless, I'm scared to be happy? Or... I'd rather mess it up myself to save myself from getting hurt further down the line? Goddammit!! What the hell is wrong with me?? I don't know what to-

“Kiryu-chan? There ya are! Uh, ya okay? Ya been in here fer nearly 20 minutes.”

“What? I... I have??”

“Yup. Hehe...” Coming to stand behind him, Majima wrapped his arms around his waist, resting his chin on Kiryu's right shoulder. Staring at his reflection for what seemed like forever, he reached up to stroke his face, his voice soft and gentle in Kiryu's ear, sending a barrage of shivers down his spine. “Fuck man... Yer so fuckin' handsome... How the fuck did an asshole like me get you... Fuck...”

“What? M- Majima-san? Look... Before when me and Tachibana were... I... I need to talk to you. I have to explain. I-” Pressing a finger to his lips, Majima shook his head, cooing him gently.

“Shhhh. Ya got some good pals in there, Kiryu-chan. Fair enough one of 'em is a douchebag an' the other talks creepy... But they're good guys. And they care 'bout ya. Even Sparkles. Shocker, huh? So. No more worryin'. Jus' go with it. I jus' fuckin' got my hands on ya! Ya think I'm gonna let ya go? Ain't nothin' that can make me do that. I ain't goin' anywhere.”

“No. I have to say this. Majima-san... But this morning... What I said to Tachibana-” A loud ringing echoed around them, silencing him. Pulling his phone out of his pocket, Kiryu stared as it vibrated and chirped in his hand.

“Ain't ya gonna answer that?”

“Majima-san... It's Nishiki...”


Chapter Text

Leaving Majima alone in the bathroom, Kiryu clicked answer and darted outside, ignoring Oda shouting after him.


“Bro!! Man, it's good to hear your voice!!”

“You too... Nishiki.”

“You okay, Kiryu? You sound off.”

“I'm fine. How are you, Nishiki? How is Yuko?”

“I'm okay. Missing you though, man! Yuko is... She's pretty much the same. I wish I could say otherwise... But! She's stable at least, up and about too! It takes a lot out of her though, so she needs me to do a lot for her, not that I mind. I'm just happy I can be here for her. She's asking after you, Kiryu.”

“Well that's good to hear. I'm sure she's happy having her brother back. I'll try to get up and see her sometime. I've just been so busy with work and... Yeah. I miss you too, heh. It's weird here without you, the apartment feels so empty. So... Do you have any idea how long you're going to be there?”

“Honestly, no. I can't leave her, Kiryu. I have to say though, as much as I love seeing my sis, I can't wait to be back home!” The only way I'm going to feel better about this is if I tell him...

“No, I'm not suggesting that! Not at all!! I just thought I should warn you. Ngh. I've uh... I've redecorated the place.”

“Huh? Why...? What's brought this on? Bro, are you going to tell me what's going on?”

“I just thought it could do with looking more like a home?”

“Kiryu, you don't decorate. Man, however you did it? Good for you. If it's what you wanted, I don't give a shit. As long as it's still in the same place when I get back, I don't care what you do.”

“Really? Okay. Heh. And yeah, no... I know. I uh... I had a... A friend helping me.”

“A friend?”

“Yeah. M-Majima.” Do... Do I tell him now?

“Majima? Who?” Holding the phone tightly to his ear, Kiryu took a deep breath.

“My... My boyfriend.”

“Your what!? Kiryu!? I haven't been gone two minutes and you've moved someone else in?” I knew this would happen! Damn it! I knew it was a bad idea! Why couldn't I just keep my damn mouth shut?? Ngh!

“No!! I never said that!!” The phone trembled in his hand as he strained his ears. Finally, loud giggling rang out, making him jerk back quickly.

“Hehe, Kiryu, relax! I'm joking!! Man, that's awesome!”

“H-Huh? Asshole!! Nishiki, that was... Asshole!” Chuckling happily, Kiryu shook his head, relief washing over him.

“Sorry, bro! You're just too easy!! I can't wait to meet him!”

“R-Really? You don't mind if he's over? Maybe quite... Often?”

“Why the hell would I mind? The amount of times I've had chicks over. ...Huh? Oh! Kiryu's got a boyfriend, Yuko!! ...Yeah, for real! Well. Yuko's over the moon for you!”

“She is? I can't wait to see her. You'll tell her that, won't you?”

“Of course I will! So, what's he like? How did you guys meet?”

“I got dragged to Stardust and bumped into him outside. He's... Well. He's Majima. Heh, he's amazing, Nishiki. You should see him with Oda, even Tachibana said he's met his match. I suppose it doesn't help that Oda has the hots for him...”

“Seriously? Shit, I can't wait to shake that guys hand! Wait, Oda has the hots for... Does Tachibana know?”

“Yes. You know what Tachibana is like though. He seems unbothered as usual.”

“I wouldn't have expected anything else. Shit, Kiryu. Look at you being an adult.”

“Ngh, I've already had this from the guys.”

“Okay, okay. Can't risk having the amazing Majima on my back, can I? Shit, if he can take on Oda and come out swinging, I've got no chance! I only got one rule. If you two get serious and you wanna move him in, I... I uh, I don't want you guys walking around in the buff. Okay? ..Huh? Oh! One second Yuko! Sorry, bro. I gotta go. I'll call you soon okay.”

“Yeah, give Yuko my regards. And Nishiki, it was really good hearing from you. Thanks.”

“Same here, man. Say hi to the guys for me, yeah? Enjoy having the place all to yourself with Majimaaaa, huh? Hehe! Talk to you soon bro!” The line went dead as Kiryu stared at the screen in front of him, a wide grin on his face. And now there's nothing stopping me. Thinking back to what Tachibana said... And then Majima in the restroom... Shit! Majima! I just walked out!!

Jogging back into Vincent, Kiryu spotted Majima huddled together with Tachibana and Oda. Their heads were low as they whispered, Tachibana's hand on Majima's knee. What's going on here? Are they... Are they talking about me?? Taking a deep breath, Kiryu began to walk over. The thought of all of them talking about him behind his back didn't sit well with him. Especially after the conversation he'd had with Tachibana earlier. Oda's head snapped up, instantly hushing the other two men.

“Shut up, he's here!! Kiryu! There you are! Everything okay? You ran out of here like you were on fire!”

“Hm? Oh. Oh, yeah. That was Nishiki on the phone.” Grinning happily, Kiryu noticed the scowl on Majima's face. His brow was furrowed, face twisted heavily with... Was that jealousy? It shouldn't have made him happy, but the thought of Majima getting jealous was too cute for him to bear.

“How is Nishikiyama-san?”

“He's good, Tachibana! He told me to say hi to you guys.”

“So. Did you tell him about Admiral Asshole here?” Brandishing his middle finger to Oda, Majima blew him a kiss.

“Admiral... Shit, that's lame! Even fer you! Hehe, suck it, Sparkles.”

“I... I did.” Majima's eye widened, head snapping around to face Kiryu.

“Ya told him already?”

“Huh? Yeah, uh... Is that okay?”

“Course it is! Hehe!! I jus'... I jus' thought ya would have been nervous 'bout tellin' him. That's all. I understand how... How close ya are.” Ngh, Majima, please. Stop with the jealousy. I can't take it! All I want to do is take you back to my place and show you how happy I really am. Keep it together, Kiryu!

“I was, if I'm honest.”

“So? Uh... What... What'd he say?” Fidgeting nervously on the couch, Majima finally shifted his gaze to meet Kiryu's. Flashing him the widest grin he could, he grabbed his hand and squeezed tightly.

“He can't wait to meet you. He's happy for me. He already thinks you're awesome for giving Oda here the business.”

“No shit...”

“Admiral Asshole givin' me... Shit. Well, that's a crock.” Turning his head to face Kiryu, Tachibana gave him a quick wink.

“That's amusing, Oda. Weren't you saying just last night how Majima-san is easy on the eyes?” Damn, sometimes I forget how awesome you are Tachibana... Heh, this should be good! Turning a bright shade of pink, Oda shook his head, stammering quickly.

“Ehhhhh? No!! Well, yeah, I guess! But, I meant for Kiryu! I meant he'd done good! For... For him! Y'know?” Puffing his cheeks out, Majima spoke, mock surprise and innocence rife in his voice.

“Haaaaw? Eeeesh... So, that's why ya been lookin' at my ass so damn much, eh, Sparkles? Ya gots yerself a crush on lil ol' me, eh?”

“Looking at your... Crush?? In your damn dreams!! No! I... Definitely not! Never!!” Kiryu and Tachibana were both laughing hard at this point. They could see the anger rising in Oda, but it was just too funny. Majima was playing it perfectly and Oda was biting at every bit of bait that was being thrown at him.

“Sorry, man. That cheap bit'a glass in yer ear, the old guy suit... Ain't doin' nothin' fer me. Besides, got everythin' I could ever want an' more with my Kiryu-chaaaaaan!!” Glaring at him hard, Oda let out a deep, shaky breath.

“Glass? Old guy suit? Shit, keep pissing me off and I'll have you on your ass.”

“Ooooohhh! I betcha'd love that, wouldn't ya? Hehe!!”

“Oda, we are simply kidding. Isn't that what you tell Kiryu-san?”

“Well, yeah, but...” Patting his knee reassuringly, Tachibana turned to face Kiryu.

“Now you have nothing to worry about, Kiryu-san.”

“Tachibana, I spoke to you in confidence. I didn't intend for you-” Majima interrupted, shuffling closer to an extremely uncomfortable looking Kiryu.

“Oi. Don't blame him. I forced it outta him. He might look like a stuck up suit, eh, no offence man, but turns out he's real damn smart. Look, I know this is new ta ya. Fuck, it's new ta me too. I ain't... I ain't felt this happy before! Hehe!! An' I know ya worried 'bout all sorta things, but Kiryu-chan... Kiryu. Look at me.” Feeling his face redden, Kiryu met his gaze, trying to remain calm as he felt Tachibana and Oda's eyes burning a hole through him. “I don't know what the fuck is goin' on either. I ain't... I can't explain it. I know things seem ta be gettin' real intense real quick, but... Shit, I love it! Anyway, let's talk 'bout this later, 'cause I think ol' Sparkles is gettin' jealous.”

“Ehhh? Maj-”

“Relax, man. Jokin'. Kiryu. C'mere.” Leaning forwards, Kiryu was surprised when Majima kissed his cheek softly, whispering into his ear as he did so. “You an' me, Kiryu-chan. You an' me.” Head spinning, Kiryu sat dumbstruck. Just what the hell had Tachibana said to him? It must have been pretty good if he'd happily said all of that with an audience.

“Fuck, are we goin' to have to watch you two all over each other all day?” Pulling back, Majima cocked his head, smiling at Oda.

“Maaan, ya jus' wanna taste my fist, don'tcha?”

“Careful, Majima-san. I think you're getting Oda excited.”

“Ehhhh? Tachi-”

“Simply kidding.”

All four men sat chatting and laughing, the hours passing by like minutes. And Kiryu couldn't have been happier. Majima seemed to really hit it off with both men. And it was pretty damn funny to watch Oda squirm so much. The thought of him constantly having to be on his toes was an added bonus. He wasn't just getting teased by Majima, he was getting it just as bad from Tachibana too. Whether that was because he had let his little crush slip out, Kiryu didn't know, but either way it was funny. Although he couldn't help but wonder about Majima. Tachibana was right, Oda was only looking. So why did it bother him so much?

“Oda, why don't you get us some more drinks?” I need to know what he said to him...

“Majima-san? You should go with him. Help him carry them, yes?”

“Oh, sure. C'mon, Sparkles. An' oi! No fuckin' lookin' at my ass!”

“You wish. Shut up and tell me what your drinking.” Chuckling as they argued their way to the bar, Kiryu turned to face Tachibana.

“Tachibana... What... What did you tell him??”

“Kiryu-san. Please, you are worrying over nothing. Let it go for now and discuss this later with Majima-san. It's all okay, I promise you.”

“Hngh. Okay... Actually, I did want to ask you something. You said I'm no longer working weekends?”

“That is correct.”

“Would it be possible to take this Friday off? I could work a Saturday or Sunday to make up for it?”

“Kiryu-san, as I have said. The odd day off here and there is no trouble. May I ask why?”

“Heh. I knew you were going to say that. I want to make it up to Majima-san. For doing my apartment up. I... I have an idea. But I need help. Say I wanted to take him away for the weekend. How do I... How do I get him to pack for it, without him actually knowing? Nrgh, this is harder than I thought it would be.” Smiling warmly, Tachibana shrugged.

“How so, Kiryu-san? Simply ask him if he wants to spend the weekend at your apartment. Surely he will bring spare clothes. You could pack enough essentials for two, he really doesn't need to be any the wiser. Quite simple really, hm?” Tachibana was once again right. Nothing ever bothered him. He was always so logical. To him, there was no point panicking or worrying about anything because it only exacerbated the situation. There was always an answer, always a way around it. And even though it sometimes pissed Kiryu off, he was grateful to have him as a friend.

“Hmm...” Rubbing his chin thoughtfully, Kiryu grinned excitedly. “Yes... Yes!! Heh! Thanks, Tachibana!”

“Not at all. So, where are you thinking of taking him, if I may ask?”

“Well, if I'm honest, it's not somewhere I'd usually go. But when Majima-san was at mine, he told me he loves being scared right? So, I thought we could-shit! We'll talk about this later.” Scooting back as Majima sauntered over alone, Kiryu cocked his head towards Oda. Annoyingly, he was still checking Majima out. Rather blatantly in fact, eyes lingering on his ass as he bent over, placing drinks in front of Kiryu and Tachibana. I know he's only looking. But damn. This is really beginning to piss me off.

“Maaan! Yer boyfriend is such a fuckin' cheapskate!”

“Hm? Majima-san?” Throwing himself down, Majima giggled. Oda sat next to Tachibana, shaking his head in annoyance.

“What are you babblin' about now? I bought them in the end, didn't I?”

“Wanna go? Take me on, haw?”

“Eh? What the fuck are you on about, Majima?”

“Wanna try yer luck? C'moooon. Gimme yer best shot, Sparkles!”

“Majima-san. I think Oda is hoping you mean it in a different way.” Knocking his knee against Tachibana's, Oda sighed.

“Tachibana, I don't-” Smirking coyly, Tachibana shrugged.


“Anyway! What say we get some grub? I'm fuckin' starvin'!”

“Are you payin' Majima?” Giving Kiryu a knowing look, Tachibana nodded discreetly. Hm? Why is he looking at me like that??

“Actually, we can't, I'm afraid. Some other time?”

“Oh? Yeah, man! Definitely!” Pointing his thumb out towards Majima, Oda sighed.

“Aww, shit. You mean I gotta see this asshole again?”

“Oi! That's Admiral fuckin' Asshole. At least get yer pathetic insult right! Hehe! So. Ya gonna miss me, Sparkles? Haw? Are ya? Huh? Huh? Are yaaa?” Tachibana leant over to Kiryu as Majima continued to rile Oda up.

“Now is the perfect time for you to mention your plan, Kiryu-san.”

“Oh, I see! Are you sure? I could just ask him later?”

“No, it's fine. Good luck. And remember, although I am always here to offer advice and support to you... There is someone who would be able to help you more efficiently.”

“There is?”

“Yes. Majima-san. I know you may feel slightly, awkward at times. But nothing could be better than simply being honest with him. He is your partner, after all. You do trust me, don't you?”

“I know... It's just... Heh. Yes. Of course I do.”

“Good. I want to hear all about it tomorrow. Goodbye for now, Kiryu-san. Come along, Oda. We must be going.”

“I'll see you guys at work tomorrow. Heh, come on, Majima-san.”

“'Kay. See ya, Tachibana. Missin' ya already, Sparkles baby!!”

Dragging Majima outside, Kiryu tugged him down the street. Majima couldn't help but feel a little nervous. First everything that had happened this morning. And then there was all the whispering he'd been doing with Tachibana. The look on his face after he'd spoken to Nishiki... And now? Sauntering down the street, smiling his ass off? As cute as it was to see, Majima was worried. He couldn't help but feel there was something Kiryu wasn't telling him.

“Majima-san, are you listening to me?”

“Hm? Oh, yeah.”

“What did I just say?”


“I asked you where you wanted to eat.”

“Oh. Oh! Hehe, uh, here'll do. This okay?” Nodding quickly, Kiryu headed into Wild Jackson, making his way to order as Majima sat down, hands under his chin. A few moments later, he returned, two Wild Chicken Sandwiches now in front of them. Majima didn't move however. He just sat there, studying Kiryu hard.

“Did I order the wrong thing for you?”

“No. It's fine.” Has something happened? Did Tachibana or Oda say something? Narrowing his eyes at Majima's short answer and blunt tone, Kiryu leant forwards.

“Uh, is everything okay?” Shrugging, Majima clasped his hands on the table in front of him. He looked seriously pissed off.

“You tell me. Kiryu, what's goin' on. Ya been so happy, man. Ever since...”

“Ever since?”

“Ya spoke ta ya bro.” Putting his sandwich down, Kiryu stuck his hand out, intending to stroke Majima's face.

“Majima-san, are you jealous? That's adorable.” Slapping his hand away, Majima clenched his jaw.

“Knock it off. Yeah, I am. An' I don't fuckin' like it.” I knew he was jealous earlier, but damn... Not here, Kiryu. Get a grip of yourself. Ngh... Grabbing his hand, Kiryu slammed it down on the table, holding it down as Majima tried to pull it back.

“Hey. Listen to me. Just... Stop! Stop trying to pull away and goddamn listen to me, will you?? Majima-san... It's not just because of that. I'm just... I'm happy things are okay between us. I'm happy Nishiki and Yuko are okay. And if I'm honest? The reason I'm so damn happy? Well, I'm... I wanted to ask you something. But that can wait. Eat, Majima-san.”

“No. Not until ya tell me what the fuck is goin' on.”

“Fine, if that's how you feel. I just won't tell you.”

“Shit. Stubborn son of a bitch.” Kiryu watched in amazement as Majima picked up the sandwich, tearing into it quickly. It was gone in three bites. Speaking through the mouthful of food he now held, Majima nodded. “'Kay. Now talk.”

“I-I didn't mean for you to choke yourself! Tch.”

“Whatever. Talk.”

“Fine. I was wondering... If you had plans this weekend, Majima-san.” Jerking back slightly, Majima struggled to swallow the massive amount of food now lodged in his throat. This clearly wasn't what he was expecting Kiryu to say.

“H-Haw? Plans? Uh... Nah. Was kinda hopin' we could do somethin'. Why?”

“Well, I want to make it up to you. For what you did to my apartment. So... I was thinking of...” Shit!! What the hell do I say? Stammering quickly, Kiryu smiled nervously. “Cooking? Yeah. Cooking. And then hopefully spending the weekend together. If you wanted to. No pressure, of course. Heh.” Cooking?? Ngh, way to go Kiryu. Like he's going to believe th-

“Cookin'? Fer me? The... The whole weekend? Fuck, count me the hell in, Kiryu-chan! Wait... That's what ya been so excited 'bout?”

“Great. Heh, yes. I've already arranged taking Friday off with Tachibana.” Shoulders dropping instantly, Majima tipped his head back, excited giggling gushing from his open mouth.

“Fuuuuck, man! Ain't gonna lie, I was fuckin' worried! Saw ya whisperin' an awful lot with him.”

“Yeah, about that. It wasn't just about the weekend. It was about us. This morning... But. I think I understand it now.” Smiling softly, Majima nodded.

“Kindred spirits?”

“Heh. I see Tachibana had the same talk with you.”

“Yuuup. I had to find out what the fuck was goin' on with ya. I ain't gonna lie, I felt it too this mornin'. I jus'... I agree with everythin' he said, Kiryu-chan. I think... I think what we got don't come 'round too often. I dunno. I jus' feel like I've known ya forever. We jus'... We jus' click. We get each other. I-I feel like I wanna... Hehe. Look. Let's talk 'bout this later, yeah? Nice ta get a moment alone with ya if I'm honest. Serious stuff can come laters!”

“Sure. Let's just enjoy the food-oh. You shovelled yours down, didn't you?”

“Hehe! Ain't no biggie! Was gonna get more anyway, one ain't enough ta fill me! Ya want anythin' else, Kiryu-chaan?” Shaking his head, Kiryu watched as Majima bounded away happily. It looked like he'd gotten away with it. Majima didn't suspect a thing. Well, he hoped. Closing his eyes, he grinned wide. I think what we've got doesn't come around too often... Known me forever... Heh, he feels the same as I do. I think today has gone pretty damn well all things considering. Except from getting interrupted. And... Oda. I don't know how much longer I can bite my tongue if he keeps leering at Majima. I know it's stupid... But I can't help but think... The way Majima was acting. Was he just excited because he was winding Oda up? Or... Ngh. Or was it the thought of Oda finding him attractive...?

Plopping down in front of him, Majima grinned, placing the tray on the table. Kiryu did nothing but shake his head in disbelief. An assortment of burgers and fried chicken covered every inch of the plastic.

“You can't be serious. You can't eat all of this!”

“Watch me.”

“Damn... Where the hell do you put it, Majima-san??” Leaning forward, Majima licked his lips, a devious smirk on his face.

“Hehe! Actually... Was kinda hopin' ya could help me burn it off? Sure ya could think'a somethin', eh?”

“I'd be more than happy to. However, it looks like I have a bit of competition now.”

“Haw?” Clenching his jaw, Kiryu plastered a fake smile on his face, hoping that Majima couldn't see through it.

“Oda appears to be quite taken with you.”

“Shit, I am more than happy ta say the feelin' definitely ain't' mutual. I dunno, jus' so fun ta piss him off! Plus, he's gotta learn what happens when he fucks with my Kiryu-chan!”

“Heh. I know. I just... Never mind. Eat, Majima-san.”

“Okay, if ya sure? So. Ya bro's cool with us then?”

“Definitely. I even told him how you'd redecorated. He's genuinely happy for us. He did say if you move in though, no walking around naked.” Lowering the piece of fried chicken from his mouth, Majima cocked his head.

“Move in?” Oh, shit... I shouldn't have said that. Why the hell did I say that?

“H-Hm? Oh, yeah. I think... I think he was just joking. Heh. Think of him as a much less annoying, nicer version of Oda.” Tensing slightly, Kiryu held his breath, trying to read Majima's reaction. Finally after what felt like an hour, Majima pushed the now empty tray to the side and nodded slowly.

“Hey man, that's fair. I can live with that. Only one I want ta see me naked is you anyway, Kiryu-chaaan! Hope he don't expect us ta be quiet when we fuck though.” He can... Is he serious!? Calm down, idiot. Still though... The look on his face... Ngh. I can't wait any more. You brought this on yourself, Majima. I wonder if the restroom is empty? Heh, I feel like doing a little teasing myself. Leaning back in his chair, Kiryu crossed his arms, a mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

“Say, I think I need to use the restroom. Why don't you uh... Why don't you come with me, Majima-san?”

“H-Haw?” Standing up from his chair, Kiryu bent down, lifting Majima's face upwards.

“Get the fuck up and come with me.” Nodding slowly, Majima shuddered hard. Kiryu's eyes were like two bright pools of excitement, his teeth sinking into his bottom lip hard. He knew he couldn't say no to him. Not that he wanted to anyway, but Kiryu was just impossible to resist.

Heading into the restroom, Kiryu took a quick look around. Luckily it was empty. Wasting no time, he quickly locked the door behind them, tore Majima's jacket off and slammed him against it, snorting softly when he let out a quiet moan.

“Kiryu-chan... W-Whatcha playin' at?”

“Hm? I'm not playing. Not yet anyway.” Jamming his hand down Majima's pants, Kiryu stroked his dick gently, smirking when he felt he was already slightly hard. “Now I'm playing.”

“S-Shit... Kiryu-chan... We... We can't do this here... What if someone needs ta use the restroom? We shouldn't... Why don't we jus' head back ta yers? Kiryu... Fuck! Are ya listenin'? W-We can't do this... Not here... Not i-hngh!!” Grabbing him by the throat, Kiryu moved him over to the sink area. Tightening his grip, he leant forward to growl into Majima's face.

“You want to fucking repeat that, hm? Read my lips. I want you. Right now. I've sat back and watched as Oda had his eyes all over you. Over every inch of your body, Majima. Your ass... Your dick. Fuck. And I didn't like it. You hear me? He was looking at my property. The way only I should. You're not the only one who gets jealous. And now, I think I'd like to reaffirm that you're mine.” Groaning when Kiryu began stroking him faster, Majima stammered weakly.

“K-Kiryu... Ya gotta stop with that shit.”

“What the fuck are you talking about? Get your pants down, Majima.”

“This! Shit! Whenever ya talk ta me like this... Whenever ya like this.. Fuck. I start ta shake. My dick gets hard straight away... I can't control myself... Kiryu...” I knew he enjoyed me acting this way, but shit... Heh, let's turn it up a bit, hm, Majima? At least here your head won't go through the wall. Hopefully...

“Good. That's just what I want to hear. Don't control yourself. Be naughty. Come on, Majima. Misbehave a little bit, hm?”

“F-Fuck... Kiryu.”

“I won't tell you again. Get your damn pants down. Now.” Whimpering quietly, Majima nodded, tugging his pants and underwear down to his thighs.

“K-Kiryu... I dunno how much longer I can keep sayin' no.”

“So stop. You want me to fuck you, don't you?”

“Yeah... More than anythin'.”

“Good. Because I'm going to drill you. And I'm not going to stop until I cum inside you, Majima. But first, I want your dick down my throat.” Pushing him back against the sink, Majima let out a yelp as his tail bone connected hard with the porcelain.

“Ow! Kiryu, watch it! Fuck!” Yanking his face close by his hair, Kiryu leant in close, baring his teeth as he spat angrily.

“What the fuck did you just say to me? I don't know who the hell you think you are, talking to me this way. Try it again, if you dare.”

“I'm... I'm sorry, fuck, I'm sorry!!” Chuckling as Majima shuddered under his touch, Kiryu quickly squatted down, swallowing Majima's dick down greedily. Bobbing his head quickly, he fucked his own face violently, rubbing himself hard through his trousers. Majima could do nothing but cry out, knees buckling, knuckles turning white as he gripped onto the sink. “K-Kiryu!! What the! F-Fuck, Kiryu! Sl-Slow down!! Mmn! Shit!!”

Standing up straight, Kiryu wiped the drool from his chin, a devious grin on his face. Unbuckling his belt, he quickly pulled his trousers down and wrapped his fingers around the back of Majima's neck, slamming their bodies together. Grinding slowly against him, he mashed their lips together, gasping for breath whenever possible. He didn't know what the hell was going on, but he couldn't stop himself. The only thing he could think about was making Majima feel as good as possible. And when Majima pulled back, it looked like he was doing a good job so far. His chest heaved, fingers clawing at Kiryu's underwear impatiently. It looked like he'd finally decided to join in, pleasing Kiryu to no end.

“Majima, turn around.”

“Kiryu... Lemme suck yer dick.”

“No time. Turn the fuck around.” Scraping his fingers along the lump in Kiryu's underwear, Majima shook his head.

“Nah. Surely I got time fer one little taste? I mean-ah!” Yanking him forward, Kiryu gripped his jaw tightly, scowling as Majima winced. “Shit! The fuck?? Kiryu, ya hurtin' me!!”

“Getting quite an attitude, aren't you? I think I need to fuck that out of you. Hmm. I wonder if knowing Oda has the hots for you is what's making you so goddamn arrogant?”

“E-Eh?? Kiryu... I couldn't give a shit what he thinks'a me.”

“Bullshit. I saw the way you acted with him. Fucking dirty, little slut. Did you enjoy the attention from him, Majima?” W-What the hell am I saying!?

“W-What?” Spinning him around, Kiryu slammed his face against the mirror above the sink, holding tightly onto his hair. “Ai! Kiryu!! Hurts!!” Using his hand to tug Majima's face towards him, Kiryu wrapped the fingers of his other around his dick, stroking him slowly.

“At least your head can't go through the wall here. That mirror though... What do you think? Shall we try and break it? Heh. Look. Majima, look at me.” Raising his eye to meet Kiryu's, Majima inhaled sharply. Kiryu's eyes were completely glazed over, the soft tone of his voice washing over him in waves as he stroked Majima's hair out of his face gently. “You might have enjoyed Oda leering over you, but... Do you think he could fuck you, like I can, hm? Could he make you crave him...” Pausing, Kiryu leant close, tracing Majima's lips with his tongue. Stifling a chuckle when Majima whimpered, he continued, lowering his voice to a whisper. “Like you crave me...? Fuuuck, Majimaaa... Answer me...”

“No. N-No fuckin' way. Nobody. Only... Only you... Kiryu.” Running his nails down the tattoo that covered Majima's back, Kiryu slapped his ass hard before gripping it tightly, spreading his cheeks wide. Majima jolted forwards, cursing as his head connected with the cold glass once more. I can't hold back any more... I need to bury myself inside of him... I need to be inside. Running his dick up and down Majima's crack, Kiryu nodded, ignoring the quiet whimpers from Majima.

“That's right. Such a good boy when you want to be, aren't you? But you aren't off the hook just yet. I want to hurt you, Majima. I want you to fucking suffer. You need to learn your lesson for defying me. For saying no to me. And for being a little slut. I have to make you see, nobody can compare to me. Nobody can make you feel the way I can. You see, you're mine, Majima. You are...” Hoisting Majima's ass up, Kiryu slid inside slowly, throwing back his head as he hissed through his teeth. Mouth hanging open, Majima clenched around him, instantly clamping his eye shut. “Mine. Fuck... Majima... Open your eye.” Lost in the sensation of being filled, Majima remained still, pressed up against the glass, panting hard, his entire body shaking violently. Oh, Majima. Either you're really into this... Or you're doing this on purpose. Do you want me to get rough with you, is that it? Well, if you insist...

Bashing his head into the glass, Kiryu held his face to the mirror, quickly withdrawing his dick and bucking into him hard.

“Ignoring me again?? Open your fucking eye! Look at yourself! L-Look at the state you're in! Watch... Ngh!! Watch yourself, Majima!!” Majima yelped loudly, grasping behind him to dig his fingers into Kiryu's arms. Finally opening his eye, he watched himself bounce back and forwards as Kiryu fucked him unrelentingly, faster and harder with every stroke.

“K-Kiryu... What... What the fuck? Yer... Yer really hurtin' me! S-Shit! Nrgh!! Kiryu! Kiryu-chaaan!! Fuuuck!!” He's too loud... People are going to hear us... Locking his hand around Majima's throat, Kiryu clamped his other hand over his mouth. Eye widening, he tried to pull away immediately freezing when Kiryu barked at him.

“I wouldn't! If I were you... Y-You're being too loud... Majima... L-Look at you... Squeal... Squealing like an animal... Fuck... Watching yourself... As you're being fucked over a sink... Pretty pathetic... Don't you think? D-Damn, what a... What a fucking slut... Aren't you? If I had of known you were such a... Such a whore, I would have left... The door unlocked... So people could see you... Ngh... For what you really are... S-Shit... That would be hot... Wouldn't it?” Arching his back harder, Majima urged Kiryu to go deeper, muffled moans of desperation filling Kiryu's hand.

“Mmmmmfg... Mmmff!!”

“So good... Such a tight, little slut... So fucking tight... Hnrgh... You... You love this don't you? Getting off on being degraded... Mmm... F-Fuck, Majima!! C-Could Oda do this, huh? Could he make you his little bitch, like I have?? Hmm? Oh, shit, Majima... Look at me...” Focusing on his reflection, Majima couldn't move. His body was on fire, head spinning. Pulling back his hand from around his throat, Kiryu cracked him across the side of his head hard, chuckling gruffly when he cried out, trembling hard. “You better fucking look at me!!” Raising his eye to meet Kiryu's gaze, Majima stiffened, whining quietly. The sight of Kiryu was just too much. Sweat trickled down his face, his eyes fixated on Majima, grinning and groaning as he slammed into him repeatedly.

“Mmnf!! Mmmmgh!!” Giving him a condescending sneer, Kiryu shook his head.

“Oh, what's wrong, Majima? Are you... Are you going to cum?” Nodding hard, Majima backed into Kiryu more purposefully, inhaling sharply. “Go on then, you little bastard. Cum for me, slut. I'm telling you to do something, so you better fucking do it! Cum, Majima! Cum while you get fucked like the worthless, dirty, little slut you are.” Lowering his hand, Kiryu gripped Majima's dick tightly, pumping him quickly. Within seconds Majima's body tensed as he began to cum, blasting shot after shot into Kiryu's hand. It was too much for him. The way Kiryu was talking, the force he was using to fuck him... He couldn't help it. His jaw clenched, biting hard into the flesh of the hand covering his mouth. Instantly blood seeped into his mouth. Knowing he'd fucked up, he stared up at Kiryu, shaking hard in anticipation, waiting for his reaction. He didn't have to wait long. Rasping angrily, he balled his fist tightly, blood running down his wrist. “Bastard!! Fucking bastard! Nrgh!!”

Pulling out quickly, Kiryu spun him around and lifted him up so he was perched on top of the sink awkwardly, legs spread wide. A hard backhand to the jaw and he thrust back inside, groaning when Majima howled. Noticing the many streaks of cum painting Majima's stomach, Kiryu dug his nails into his hips, pounding harder, ignoring the sink wobbling violently beneath them. If it happened to break, well, that was tough shit.

“L-Look at that... What the fuck are you waiting for, Majima?? S-Shit, clean that up!! Fuck...” Obliging happily, Majima scooped up the cum from his stomach, scraping it into his mouth as he continued to bounce against the wall behind him. Collecting the last of it, he tentatively held his fingers to Kiryu's mouth, gasping when he sucked on them noisily.

“Kiryu... Yer... F-Fuck, man!! Sh... Ah, ya... Nrgh!!” Holding onto the sink awkwardly for dear life, Majima studied Kiryu hard. If he was honest, the way he was behaving now was scaring him a little bit. All this shit about Oda? As cute as it was to see Kiryu jealous, it was scary. Scary but damn hot. If this was what happened when Kiryu was jealous... Shit. He couldn't help but hope this happened again.

“Mmm... S-So fucking dirty, Majima... You taste so good... Eating your own cum while you get fucked. Goddamn slut... H-Heh... Kiryu-chan's little slut. Has... Fuck... Has a nice ring to it... Doesn't it?”

“Sh... Fuuuuuuck, K-Kiryu-ch-” A loud rapping on the door snapped both heads to the right.

“Hello? Is anyone in there?” All of the colour drained from Majima's face as he mumbled in panic, desperately trying to push Kiryu away.

“Ki-Kiryu! Shit! Move!! We... We gotta-” Returning his fingers around Majima's throat, Kiryu glared at him, instantly making him clam up. Turning his head towards the door, he tried to make his voice sound as normal as possible.

“Sorry, I won't be much longer.”

“Kir-ah! Ow! Yer... Ya... Kiryu!! S-Shit! Hurts!! H-Hu-” Grabbing a fistful of hair, Kiryu slammed his face repeatedly into the mirror between grunts.

“Talking to me... Like that... Again?? Fuck, you just... You just don't fucking learn... Do you!?” Letting go of his head, Kiryu snorted as Majima slumped backwards. He looked completely dazed as his body continued to crash off the wall. “Nobody is going anywhere. N-Not yet... I'm... Fuck! I'm almost there, Majima... Ngh... What are you...?” Biting his lip hard, Majima gripped the sink tighter. He knew exactly what Kiryu wanted to hear. However, he was toying with the dangerous idea of teasing him. This was just too much fun. He wanted to see how far he could push his luck, just how violent Kiryu would be willing to get with him. But sadly, he knew there just wasn't time.

“Mmm... I-I'm Kiryu-chan's little slut.” Throwing his head back, a low, husky growl escaped Kiryu's lips.

“That's right... Fuck, that's-”

“I'm... Shiiiiit, so f-fuckin' deep!” Majima wasn't done yet. A determined look on his face, he interrupted, lifting his legs higher. Kiryu didn't miss his chance, angling himself so his dick slammed in deeper every time, biting his lip when Majima gasped.

“I'm Kiryu-chan's dirty, little, pathetic slut. An' I want him ta fill my ass with his cum... I... I want him slap me about as much... Mnfg... As much as he wants... I want him to smash me inta this mirror here... R-Real good like. 'Cause ain't nobody that can own me like he can... F-Fuck! Mmn... I need ya ta shoot yer load inside me, Ki-Kiryu... Please. I want ya... I want ya ta cum inside me... Right fuckin' now... Mmm...” Plastering his hand over Majima's face, Kiryu sent him crashing into the glass one more time, panting out a hoarse groan. He was completely oblivious to the crack now in the mirror in front of him. Majima sat still, chest heaving, mouth agape as Kiryu came inside him forcefully. He could feel every squirt Kiryu unloaded inside of him.

“Hey? It's been long enough!! You need to get out now!” Slamming into Majima one last time, Kiryu turned his head, roaring angrily at the voice behind the door.

“Give me a fucking minute!! Fuck!!” Now thoroughly pissed off, he leant forwards, pecking Majima quickly on the lips before pulling out and yanking his trousers up. Interrupted once again... Fuck!!

Taking one last lingering look, Kiryu's jaw clenched automatically. Majima was still sitting on top of the sink, chest heaving, legs spread wide, cum trickling from his hole slowly.

“Clean yourself up.” Cocking an eyebrow at Kiryu's tone, Majima hopped down, grabbed his jacket from the floor and quickly hobbled into a cubicle. Just managing to close the door behind him, he peeked through the gap in the door, holding a hand over his mouth and watched as Kiryu unlock the door. A youngish looking man burst in, hollering angrily.

“Finally! What the hell?? Other people need to use the rest-huh? Woah, hey man!!” Grabbing him by the shirt, Kiryu slammed him against the wall with ease. Pressing his face close, he spoke calmly, however his voice was filled with something Majima couldn't quite put his finger on. All he knew was it made his knees tremble.

“Now you listen to me. I don't know who the hell you think you are, but if I ever see you again... You're going to be fucking sorry.” Letting him slide to the floor, Kiryu spun around and stormed out, leaving the man whimpering on the floor. Pressing a tissue to his temple, Majima fell back, sitting on the toilet in utter confusion.

“W-What the fuck, Kiryu-chan?”


Chapter Text

Standing outside of Wild Jackson, Kiryu took a deep drag of his smoke. He was pissed off to say the least. First this morning, with Majima... Fair enough, everything was sorted now, but still. Trying to talk to Tachibana... And then being intimate with Majima... Okay, so it probably wasn't a good idea to fuck him in a fast food joint, but he just couldn't wait. It seemed like everything he tried to do today got interrupted one way or another. And then there was the whole situation with Oda. Kiryu hadn't even realised what the hell he was saying, but the more he thought about it, the more it pissed him off. He knew it was stupid. He knew Majima would never be interested in him. He had just confirmed that in the restroom. But as much as it pissed him off... It made him feel weirdly good. Kiryu had never had anyone important enough to get jealous over in his life before. Until now.

“Hey... Ya... Ya okay, Kiryu-chan?” Lowering his head slowly, Kiryu nodded, freezing when his eyes landed on Majima.

“Sh-Shit! Majima-san!! I... Fuck! I'm so sorry!!”

“Haw? What? Oh! Hehe! Ya mean these? Ain't no biggie!” Grimacing at the bright red handprints decorating Majima's face, Kiryu couldn't help but notice the way he held his hand to the left side of his head, desperately trying to hold his hair in place.

“Majima-san... What are you hiding?” Reaching up, Kiryu delicately brushed away the sticky hair covering Majima's forehead, gasping in horror when he noticed an oozing gash on his left temple. “What the... How the...” Throwing back his head, Majima cackled with glee.

“The mirror! Ya mean ya didn't realise ya cracked it?”

“No... I... No.”

“Kiryu-chan... What's goin' on? Tell ya what.” Checking his watch, Majima linked his fingers between Kiryu's, tugging him down the street. “Let's go back ta yers. We can talk there. C'mon.”

A short, awkward walk later and they were there. Kiryu had remained silent, so Majima thought best not to push him. Not yet anyway. Heading to the kitchen, he watched momantairily as Kiryu flopped down on the couch, sighing heavily. Moments later Majima returned, two cups in hand.

“Here. Get that down ya.”

“Majima-san, I shouldn't be drinking any more. I have work in the morning.”

“Me too. Hehe, ya tryin'a say I got a problem with the booze, Kiryu-chan? It's jus' plain ol' coffee.” Smiling warily, Kiryu nodded thanks and took the cup, sipping slowly. “Right. What's up?”

“Honestly? I'm just tired. It's been a long day.” It was kind of true. Even though it was only 8pm, Kiryu was exhausted. Tachibana said to be honest. I... Okay. “I'm just frustrated. No matter what I've tried to do today, I've been interrupted. And then that asshole in the restroom... Ngh.”

“So, 'bout what happened before? Kiryu... What was all that shit 'bout Sparkles?”

“Heh... I uh... I didn't even know what I was saying to be honest. But... I'll tell you the truth. It bothers me how he acts around you. I couldn't help but wonder if you were behaving that way in the bar because you were enjoying winding Oda up... Or... Or because the thought of him finding you attractive... Excited you.”

“Ki... Are ya shittin' me?? So that's why ya fucked me the way ya did?”

“Yes. I wanted you to see what I could do for you. What I could give you.”

“Look at me. I don't give a flyin' fuck 'bout that asshole. I jus' wanna mess around with him as much as possible fer fuckin' with ya so much! Why the hell would I care 'bout what he thinks of me? Look at him... An' then look at you!! Fuck, he don't... Ya don't... Why the fuck would I... Kiryu, yer the hottest guy I ever fuckin' seen! An' yer mine! Shit, ya don't get it, do ya??”

“Get what?”

“What I was sayin' earlier. What Tachibana said... Fuck. I ain't never been with anyone the way I've been with you. I ain't never felt... What I have with you. Shit, I think 'bout ya fuckin' constantly. I... I jus' wanna be with ya every damn second of every day. An' I can't understand it. All I know is... Yer my Kiryu-chan. An' I ain't lettin' anyone or anythin' come between us. No matter how how many bits'a glass they got in their ear!” Kiryu chuckled softly, staring at his cup. He felt ridiculous about the whole Oda situation. But to hear Majima say all of that... “Oi. Look at me. I meant what I said earlier. Me an' you.”

“Me and you, Majima-san.” Nodding happily, Majima put his cup down, biting his lip as he shuffled closer to Kiryu.

“Gotta admit, though. I'm disappointed.”


“Ya only fucked me like that 'cause ya were pissed off.”

“Majima-san... I'm sorry if I was too-”

“Oi. Stop with that shit. I know fer a fact if I had of told ya it was gettin' too much then ya would'a stopped straight away. But believe me, when it comes ta me, fuck, ain't no such thing baby! But I know you'd stop, Kiryu-chan. I know that. Why the fuck ya sayin' sorry fer anyway? Fuuuuck, man! The way ya whacked me an' slammed me against that mirror... Jus' thinkin' 'bout it...”

“You really enjoyed it?”

“Uh, fuck yeah!! Hehe! Still can't hear shit outta my left ear!!”

“Your ear?”

“Eh? What was that?”

“I said, your... Oh. Very funny.” Letting slip a small giggle, Kiryu pulled Majima close, wrapping his arm around him. Snuggling into him happily, Majima beamed. Kiryu was feeling better. Because of him. And he felt so damn good because of it.

“Yeah, when ya cracked me across the head, ain't been able ta hear fuck all since then. Say, how's yer hand?”

“Oh, it's fine. Why'd you bite me, anyway?”

“Accident. Everythin' jus' felt too fuckin' good an' I couldn't take it any more. Thinkin' back... I'm pretty sure we broke the sink as well as the mirror... Fuck, we gonna break shit every time we fuck, eh, Kiryu-chaaaaan? Ah, who gives a shit. Too much fun!”

“Well, if that's how you feel... Anywhere and anytime you want it like that, you just let me know.”

“Ya mean it? Fuuuuck yeah!” Snorting softly, Kiryu shook his head, planting a gentle kiss on the top of Majima's head.

“You're so damn cute, you know that?”

“'Course I do. But I loooove hearin' ya say it though! Say, Kiryu-chan? Should I uh... Should I jus' crash here tonight?”

“Definitely. I...”


“Ngh. This is probably going to sound ridiculous, but I sleep better with you next to me.”

“It don't sound ridiculous. When I'm at my place, I jus' toss an' turn... Think 'bout you. Think 'bout what ya might be doin'... If ya... If ya thinkin'a me. Hehe... But shit... Ain't nothin' better than bein' in yer arms. 'Specially when yer asleep. Yer so peaceful an' calm... I love puttin' my head on ya chest, risin' up an' down slowly with ya... Listenin' ta ya heartbeat. The way ya pull me closer, hold me tighter... The little grunts ya make...”

“You uh... You watch me sleep?”

“Haw? Eh, hehe! K-Kiryu-chan. I know yer tired, but c'mere.” Pulling Kiryu from the couch, Majima unbuttoned his vest and shirt, slowly sliding them off.

“M-Majima-san? What are-”

“Shhhh. Wanna pay ya back fer showin' me such a good time earlier. An' remind ya that what I said is true. Yer mine. You fucked me ta show me what ya could do fer me... Lemme show ya what I can do fer you... Kiryu-chaaan...” Shuddering at the way Majima purred his name, Kiryu sighed when he clambered on top of him, running his tongue up his neck. Kissing his way up to his chin, Majima giggled. Kiryu's head was thrown back, his eyes scrunched shut as his breathing got heavier. “Oi... Eyes on me. Shit, ain't even done anythin' yet an' check this out...” Running his hand over the lump in Kiryu's trousers, Majima groaned loudly when Kiryu lowered his head. “Fuckin' looove knowin' ya hard 'cause of me.” Placing a hand on either side of the other's face, Kiryu studied him hard, a serious expression on his face that sent chills down Majima's spine.

“I... I just can't help myself, Majima-san. You're just too damn hot. So damn beautiful.”

“Mmm, Kiryu-chaan...” Tilting his head to the side, Majima sighed when his lips met Kiryu's, sliding his tongue through his soft lips. Moaning quietly as their tongues scraped together playfully, Majima ran his fingers up Kiryu's chest, circling his nipples slowly. Taking them between his fingers, he rolled them gently, shuddering when Kiryu groaned into his mouth. Pushing him back to rest on the couch, Majima flashed him a wide grin, leaning close to nibble on his ear, gasping when Kiryu's hand wandered to his crotch, squeezing his dick firmly. “Fuuck... Guess what?” The hairs on the back of Kiryu's neck stood on end as Majima whispered softly into his ear. Swallowing hard, he placed a hand on Majima's ass, rubbing forcefully.


“Kiryu-chan's little slut wants a mouthful of cum.”

“S-Shit... You... You really liked me calling you that, didn't you?”

“Fuuuuck... The way ya were talkin' Kiryu... So fuckin' hot. Definitely a name that I want ta stick.”

“So what the fuck are you waiting for? Get my dick out, slut.” Throwing back his head, Majima's body quivered. A high pitched squeal erupted from his throat.

“Mmmm, Kiryu-chaaaaan!!”

Sliding off Kiryu's lap, Majima sank to his knees, running his hands up Kiryu's thighs.

“Take your jacket off.” Nodding quickly, he shrugged the jacket off and stared up at Kiryu with a lust filled eye.

“'Kay, jus' relax an' lemme take real good care'o ya.” Reaching up to stroke Majima's face, Kiryu's hands were slapped away.

"Hm? Why-"

"Hands by yer side. Don't move. Told ya, this is all me baby."

"I don't know if I can stand not touching you."

"Ya do an' I stop. So sit there an' jus' enjoy." When he was happy Kiryu had got the message, he quickly undid the belt around his waist, swiftly moving onto his own. Revelling in the strained groan Kiryu released when his own dick was free, he smiled slightly. "What's wrong?"

"I want to touch you, Majima-san. I want to touch your dick so damn bad."

"Jus' touch it?"

"No. I want to suck it. F-Fuck... I want it inside me... I want you to fuck me, Majima-san."

"Nopee. Not this time. Yer gonna sit there an' watch me fuck my throat with yer dick, while I jerk myself off. 'Kay?" Grinning at the beads of sweat beginning to form on Kiryu's forehead, Majima pulled the band of his underwear down and ran his fingers up the shaft lightly, giving him a few teasing strokes.


"Shhhhh. Ya like this, huh? Bet ya dyin' fer me ta swallow this down, ain't cha? Mmmm, Kiryu-chan, ya ain't got no idea how fuckin' good this feels. Yer thick, big dick squeezed down my dirty, tight throat. Shit..." Pointing his dick towards his face, Majima breathed out softly, shuddering when Kiryu's hips bucked slightly. Tracing the veins running through his shaft with his tongue, he sighed happily. No matter how many times he tasted Kiryu, it always overwhelmed him. The small groans he made, the way his dick bounced and throbbed against his touch. Not to mention the amount of precum he leaked always shocked Majima but of course he was more than happy to lap it up. Balling his fists tight, Kiryu was using every ounce of strength in his body to stop himself from grabbing Majima's head and forcing him down. He hated not being able to touch him. But if this is what Majima wanted, he could at least play along. So he tried to remain still, flinching slightly when a soft, warm tongue flicked the head of his dick gently. Majima planted a sloppy kiss on it before pulling back and pursing his lips. Kiryu watched in awe as a long string of saliva dripped from his mouth, landing on the head of his dick. Wheezing out a shaky breath as it ran down his shaft, Kiryu tried his best to grunt out a question.

"W-What are you doing? Mm... Shit, Majima..." Flashing him a quick grin, Majima licked his lips and lowered his head, taking the head into his mouth. Swirling his tongue around it slowly a few times, he lowered down further, letting out a muffled groan when the tip of Kiryu's dick stabbed the back of his throat. The silence around them was shattered as he bobbed his head a few times, obscene slurping sounds filling the room mixed in with Kiryu's strained moans. He was really beginning to struggle to keep his hands by his sides.

Inhaling sharply through his nose, Majima swallowed and lowered further, allowing Kiryu to slide down his throat, not stopping until his nose was pressed against solid, sweat covered muscle.

"Goddamn it!! Ma-Majima... Ngh..." Letting his dick slip out of his mouth, Majima wrapped his fingers around the shaft, jerking him slowly.

"That's right baby, tell me how much ya like it." Tugging Kiryu forwards slightly, he giggled when he let out a disappointed groan. "Don't worry, ain't stoppin'. Scoot forward, jus' a bit more." When his ass was only just resting on the couch, Majima nodded proudly. Sucking on two of his fingers until they were covered with saliva, he lowered his hand, inserting them slowly into Kiryu. Using the thumb of the same hand, he massaged his balls softly, groaning softly when Kiryu let out a shuddering gasp. "How's this fer ya, eh? Lucky boy, Kiryu-chan. Ya can either watch me suck yer dick or watch me play with my own. Gettin' myself off while I'm fuckin' my face with yer dick. Fuck, bet I look real pretty, eh? Hehe, Kiryu-chan's pretty, little slut." Taking a deep breath, he turned his body sideways slightly, spreading his legs wide so Kiryu could see what he was doing.

"S-Shit... Majima... You're such a damn pervert."

"Mnhm. Ya love it though, right? Anyway, stop talkin'. Lemme make ya feel real good." Moaning breathily, Kiryu squirmed when Majima returned his dick to his eager mouth. Pumping his fingers in and out quicker now, he massaged his balls quicker with his thumb.

"M... Majima... Please... Play with yourself now. Jerk yourself off while you suck my dick... Sat on the... On the floor with yout legs open... My dick down your throat... S-Shit... You love being... Being my slut, don't you? Ngh... Majima... I want to see my slut cum..." Lowering his other hand, he grabbed his own dick and began jerking quickly. To hear Kiryu talking dirty to him while his dick was so deep in his throat, watching his every move was making him feel sexier. Hotter. But he certainly wasn't done yet.

Hollowing his cheeks, Majima pulled back, circling the head a few times. A few gentle laps at the slit and he lowered quickly, relaxing his throat and fucking his own face as fast as he could.

"M-Majima!! Fu... Majima! Ngh.... You're going to... F-Fuck!! Ma... I'm close! I'm so fucking close!!" Sliding another finger inside Kiryu, Majima fucked him harder, jerking himself quicker. The sound of knuckles pounding against the soft flesh of Kiryu's ass filled his ears. It was as if all the blood in his body had rushed to his head, he felt dizzy and light headed, completely lost in the sensation of Kiryu filling his throat. It was too much, he could feel his own orgasm approaching rapidly. Hooking his fingers slightly, he knew he'd found the spot he was looking for when Kiryu's back arched hard. One last breathless string of curses and he balled his fists tighter, knuckles turning white. "I'm... Majima... Maj... You goddamn slut!! Ngh... I'm going to cum... Fuck, are you... Hnrgh... Are you ready?" Cupping his hand around the head of his own dick, Majima pulled back and withdrew his fingers, wrapping them around Kiryu's dick instead. Aiming it towards his mouth, he grinned wide, managing to speak between pants.

"I'm ready, fuuuuck, I'm ready! C'mon, whatcha waitin' fer? Mmm... Ya... Ya promised yer little slut... A real big mouthful of cum... Mm... Shit... I'm waitin' fer it... Fill my mouth, Kiryu-chaaan... Nrgh... Fill yer little slut's mouth." Clenching his teeth, a thick, guttural howl of pure pleasure spluttered from his lips as his orgasm crashed through him, so intense he could only claw blindly at the couch. When the first shot spurted onto his tongue, Majima felt his own body tremble. Crying out in gratification, he opened his mouth wider, cupping the head of his own dick tighter as he began to cum.

When he was sure Kiryu was finished, Majima raised his hand carefully to his mouth, scraping his own cum inside gently as Kiryu watched in fascination. Shifting on to his knees slowly, he tipped Kiryu's head back and opened his mouth using a finger. Opening his own mouth, he allowed the thick, sticky mixture to drip into Kiryu's mouth, squirming slightly when he gurgled out a wet sounding groan. Allowing himself a moment to gaze at the mess seeping from Kiryu's lips, Majima kissed him softly, groaning slightly as their tongues met, a mix of saliva and both men's cum swishing between them. A few minutes of noisy, sloppy kissing and he pulled back, grinning at the sticky mess on Kiryu's chin. Lifting his chin up, he licked purposefully, making sure to get every last bit while savouring the small groans Kiryu made.

"So. Still feel frustrated?" Grinning at Majima's confident tone, Kiryu shook his head.

"Hm. Not really. You're a real wonder, Majima-san."

"Hey, I gotta live up ta my name, ain't I? All part'a the deal of bein' my Kiryu-chan's little slut, hehe!! Anyway, c'mon. Let's go ta bed. I'm pretty tired myself."

"Heh, sounds good, Majima-san." Lifting him from couch easily, Kiryu chuckled when Majima squealed, burying himself into his sweat covered neck. "Hey! Stop licking me!"

"Mmmm, make me!"

"Tch. Why do I get the feeling I'm not going to get much sleep tonight." Giggling excitedly, Majima wrapped his arms around Kiryu's neck tightly, speaking as innocently as he could.

"Why indeed, ehhhhhh, Kiryu-chan?"

The next morning, Majima had already left when Kiryu finally woke up. Grimacing at the pain he felt on his neck, he sighed, eyes landing on the bedside table. A folded up piece of paper caught his attention. Opening it up, he read aloud, grinning at the many hearts scribbled on the paper.

"Kiryu-chan, I really didn't wanna leave ya, but I had ta make tracks. How 'bout we get together later after work fer somethin' ta eat? I'll call ya 'round lunchtime. Missin' ya already, baby! Oh, shit. I'm real sorry 'bout yer neck too, hehe!!" Following the message was about twenty hearts scribbled hastily. You never fail to make me smile. Such a goof ball. Heh... Wait. What about my neck?? Heading to the bathroom, Kiryu tilted his chin, frowning at the many dark, purple marks decorating his skin. After I got into bed next to him... He straddled me and attacked my neck like an animal... Shit, did you have to mark me so much?? Tch. I'll have to remember to get him back for this, heh. Shaking off the memories of the night before, he began to get ready for work, Majima once again prominently on his mind.

The week passed slowly, each day dragging slower than the last. Every job seemed to take twice as long. Every sleepless night crawled by at a snails pace. But finally it was Thursday night and Kiryu was on his way back to the office. He'd just dropped his last customer off and was happily finished his shift. His feet throbbed and he was tired, but he could barely contain his excitement. He'd managed to meet with Majima a few times during the week for coffee and lunch, drinks after work and had just about managed to keep his mouth shut. Majima didn't seem to let on he suspected anything, so Kiryu just went with it. Now if he could just manage to keep his cool with Oda, everything would be fine. Every morning when he headed into work, there was a barrage of questions from him. Tachibana just laughed it off, but it was seriously beginning to piss Kiryu off. He wouldn't mind if it was usual questions... Have you seen Majima? How is he? But when he was getting questions like, so did you guys fuck last night? Who's more dominant? Does he like it rough? Yeah, it was getting rather annoying. But Kiryu ignored him with a smile. In fact, even though he would ask the questions in a mocking tone, he got the feeling he wasn't even trying to piss him off. It felt like a facade, just so he could find out what Majima was like in bed. And he'd be damned if he gave Oda the satisfaction of knowing that it pissed him off. Although Kiryu had started to take Majima's advice. When he told him about it, Majima suggested he rile him up as much as possible, tease him. And while he hadn't done it as much as Majima would have, he couldn't deny the joy he felt watching Oda squirm.

“There he is! All excited for the big weekend, eh Kiryu?”

“Oda, please-”

“Relax! I'm just asking!” You're not going to piss me off today.

“Heh, it's okay, Tachibana. Yes, I am actually, Oda.”

“So, what time you guys leaving tomorrow?”

“About lunchtime.”

“Ahhh. Leavin' time for a quick fumble before you go, eh?” Narrowing his eyes at Oda, Tachibana sighed.

“Oda-” Kiryu interrupted however, a sly smirk on his face. Remember what Majima-san said. Rile him up.

“It's fine, Tachibana. Why do I have to make time for a quick fumble? I have three whole days with him. There's going to be nothing quick about it. Heh, you never know. We just might not bother leaving the hotel room.”

“Ehhh? Kiryu who'd of thought you were such a pervert?”

“Well, Majima loves it so why not, right? Maybe you and Tachibana should go away for the weekend too.”

“We should? Why?”

“Well, since you're so interested in my life, I'm guessing you're lacking some excitement in your own?” Eyes widening, Oda shook his head, the grin melting from his face.

“Fuck, now you're even startin' to sound like that asshole.” Chuckling along with Tachibana, Kiryu checked his watch.

“As fun as this is, Oda. I have to go. I still have a few things left to sort out, so if you'll excuse me.”

“See you on Monday, Kiryu-san. I do hope you and Majima-san have a great time.”

“I'm sure we will. Goodbye, Tachibana. Oda.” Leaving the office, Kiryu couldn't help but laugh. He got the feeling Majima would be quite proud of the way he acted with Oda. Well if he wants to keep butting his nose into my business, I'm more than happy to keep giving as good as I've got. Okay. Head home, check I've got everything and then dump the cases in the car. Majima-san did say he'd be coming over tomorrow at 12pm so I've definitely got plenty of time.

After double checking the cases no less than five times, Kiryu was sat on the couch, checking his watch. It had just gone 9am. The whole week had dragged but it was nothing compared to last night. No matter what he tried to do, time just seemed to go slower. He cooked, ate, watched T.V, read, showered and even tidied up the apartment out of sheer boredom. And by the time he'd finished, it was still only 9pm. Trying to sleep was a whole other story. Tossing and turning all night, it was ridiculous. He felt excited, like a child at Christmas time. But as happy as he was to be excited, he just wanted to sleep. At least if he slept, the hours would pass by quicker. Majima had called and text a few times but Kiryu just pretended he was tired. While it wasn't technically a lie, he knew the more he spoke or messaged Majima the more chance he'd have of blabbing. Especially with it being so close. So he switched his phone off and eventually at around 3am drifted off, only to be awake again at 6am. Rather than staying in bed sighing repeatedly in frustration, he'd chosen to get up, once again counting down the minutes.

Waking with a start, Kiryu rubbed his eyes. What the... Did I... Did I fall asleep? Ngh, I have a pounding headache. Shit, what time is it? 11.30am... Half an hour before Majima-san gets here. Wait, what woke me- A loud, impatient rapping made him jump once more. By the sounds of it, someone was knocking rather aggressively on his door, but at least he now knew what had woke him up. He'd barely managed to unlocked the front door when Majima burst in and wrapped his arms around his neck, squeaking excitedly.

“M-Majima-san? The hell?”

“Kiryu-chaaaan, ya kept me waitin' at the door fer soooo long! Wait... Were ya sleepin'? Not like yerself ta sleep this late...”

“I-I did? I'm sorry... Yeah... I didn't sleep too well last night, but I'm fine. Anyway, you're early, is everything okay?”

“Sure is! Jus' couldn't wait! Three days with ya all ta myself!! Maaaan, c'mere!!” Bashing his lips against Kiryu's, Majima kissed him hard. When Kiryu pulled back, he pouted. “Ehhh? Why'd ya move already?”

“Come in, Majima-san. Unless you want to stand outside all day?” After a few seconds of thought, the silence was pierced with a shrieking giggle.

“S'ppose not! Say. I was thinkin'. Ya wanna head out tomorrow? Tonight, I ain't lettin' ya outta my sight! Hehe!!” Chuckling softly, Kiryu shook his head. Majima was bouncing about, a wide grin on his face, excitement radiating from his body.

“Tomorrow? Heh, sit down, Majima-san. Do you want a coffee or something before...” Shit!! Maybe he won't say anythi-

“Eh? Before what?”

“Before we... Discuss our plans?”

“Oh... Hehe, sure thing!” Making his way to the kitchen while Majima stretched out on the couch, Kiryu scowled. He hadn't actually planned this next part yet. What do I do now? Do I tell him? Or do I try to get him in the car... No because he'll ask why I'm taking his bag to the car... Ngh. Hopefully it'll all come to me when I'm sat in front of him. I can't wait to see the look on his face, heh. I hope he's happy with the idea... I could always cancel I guess, if he's not... I mean it does seem like his- “Kiryu-chan!! Ya okay in there?” Walking into the living room, Kiryu handed Majima a cup and sat down next to him nervously. He really didn't know where to begin.


“So! Ya eaten? How 'bout I take ya out fer lunch? I hope ya gonna let me help ya tonight!”


“Yup. What ya cookin'? Or am I not allowed ta know? Hehe!!”

“Oh. Uh, heh... I'm... I'm not cooking.”

“H-Haw? Change of plans? Ain't no prob!”

“Actually... I never was going to cook.”

“Kiryu-chan... Ya lost me.”

“I... I wanted to make it up to you for what you did to this place... So... I-I lied to you. I'm sorry.” Giggling nervously, Majima put down his cup, staring at Kiryu who sat with a proud smile on his face. The whole thing was unusual. He couldn't understand why Kiryu would be so happy about lying to him.

“Kiryu-chan, ya really lost me now.”

“Finish your coffee. And then get your bag and come with me to the car.”

“E-Eh? Where we goin'?”

“Well... I thought I'd take you to spend the weekend here. Everything is arranged.” Reaching into his pocket, Kiryu pulled out the information leaflet and handed it to Majima who studied it hard.

“Tokyo... Tokyo Disneyland...? Yer... Yer takin' me ta Tokyo Disneyland? Fer the weekend? K-Kiryu-chan... I can't...”

“Hm? Is something wrong?” Majima remained silent and shook his head slowly, still studying the leaflet. What's wrong with him? Has he already been? Or did I choose somewhere he doesn't like? Maybe I... Maybe I got it wrong? I wish he would say something... “Majima-san? It's okay, we don't have to go. Heh, it was a stupid idea anyway. Let's just hea-” Launching forward from the couch, Majima nuzzled into Kiryu's neck, squeezing him tightly. Stroking his hair gently, Kiryu chuckled. “Does this mean you want to go?” Majima spoke softly, his voice sounding strangely throaty.

“Why?” S-Shit... Is he... Is he upset??

“Hm? Majima-san, are you okay?”

“Why, Kiryu-chan? I've seen this place on T.V... It ain't cheap...”

“Majima-san, that doesn't matter. I remembered you saying how you love being scared, so I thought this would be perfect for you. It was awful keeping it from you, but... Heh. I think I covered it up quite well.”

“I... I had no idea. I didn't... I can't...” Shit, Majima-san speechless... This is something else. I think this is a good thing? Hmm. Let's try this.

“Now you listen to me. You did this entire place up for me as a surprise. You waited for nearly ten hours for me. This is nothing more than a simple way of showing my gratitude. And because I want to take you there. And because I want you to myself for the weekend. And because I want to rub Oda's smug face in it. And because... Well. Because I want to see you... I want you to be happy and excited. And if I can experience that with you? Then it was all worth it, Majima-san.”

“Fuck. How the fuck am I s'pposed ta argue with that?”

“Simple. You don't. So, give me a kiss, finish your coffee and let's get going.”


Chapter Text

After loading Majima's bag in the car next to the others, Kiryu placed his hands on the trunk sighing heavily. Majima had hardly spoken since he'd been told about where they were headed. He just sat there, sipping his coffee slowly, answering Kiryu with nods or shakes of his head. The same expression sat heavily on his face. Kiryu couldn't describe it simply because he'd never seen him look that way before. Indifferent with a hint of sadness? Thoughtfulness mixed with uncertainty? It was hard to read. But Kiryu was beginning to get the feeling he'd went too far. He didn't want any thanks from Majima, but damn... A positive reaction would have been nice. ¥451,800 was a lot of cash to pull out for one weekend. And even then that was only for the hotel and park tickets. Add the extra cash he was bringing as spending money and it almost doubled the amount. Luckily thanks to taking every job he could since Nishiki had left, it didn't even make a dent in Kiryu's savings. But still... Casting his mind back to their first date, he chewed his lip, brow furrowed heavily. I deal in nothing but honesty. That's what he said. So why won't he tell me what's wrong? I'd rather know if he didn't want to go. I'd... Damn. I just want to know what the hell is running through his mind. Ngh. This is what happens when I try to surprise someone. I remember Nishiki's surprise birthday party all those years ago... Ngh. Why didn't I learn my lesson then? Things like this always backfire on me.

Climbing into the car awkwardly, Kiryu shook his head. Majima was facing the window, his eye glazed over, a totally blank expression on his face as he stared outside. He didn't want to force him into talking but they couldn't go on like this. Even though it was only an hours drive away, he didn't want it to be this uncomfortable. The whole situation was perplexing. Kiryu had expected Majima to be bouncing around in the seat, barely able to contain himself as he smothered him with excited kisses. Instead, it was like there was invisible wall between them. Fumbling for the right words to say, Kiryu cleared his throat as Majima remained in a world of his own.

“Are you going to tell me what's going on?” Placing a hand on his thigh, Kiryu sighed as Majima jumped. His entire body was rigid. “Majima-san... What the hell is going on?”

“Haw? Oh. Hehe, nothin'.”

“That's not going to wash. You know... People who deal in nothing but honesty shouldn't hide things from their boyfriend.” Turning his head to face Kiryu, Majima sighed.

“K-Kiryu-chan...” Moving his hand from his thigh, Kiryu grabbed his hand and smiled gently, speaking as softly as he could. Hopefully he could coax him into opening up. It was strange. Majima was usually an open book. He had told him about what happened to his eye without hesitation. Even about a past relationship. But yet, he was still trying to hide what the problem was. And Kiryu just didn't understand why. After everything he'd said to him lately, regarding what Tachibana said to both of them... It just didn't make any damn sense.

“Hey. Talk to me.”

“I... I jus' dunno what ta say. I ain't ever had anyone do anythin' like this fer me. Ever.” So... That's all it is? Tch. He's just not used to this sort of thing?

“Heh. Surely that's a good thing? What can I say, you're a good influence on me. I didn't know I could feel so happy, until I met you. And-” Letting out a frustrated sigh, Majima pulled his hand away, shaking his head. After a few seconds of silence, he raised his hands to his temples, snapping angrily.

“Naw! Shit!! Ya ain't fuckin' hearin' what the hell I'm sayin'!” Jerking back slightly, Kiryu's chest tightened. Majima had never spoken to him like that before. He looked on the verge of tears, his bottom lip was quivering, hands trembling as he lowered and clasped them.


“Jus'... Jus' listen ta me, will ya? I mean, really listen. Even though I ain't had anyone act the way ya do with me, it ain't jus' that. I'm tryin' ta... Kiryu-chan... Nishitani... He was... That was my first serious relationship. Well ta me, anyway. Ya already know what he thought of me. We lived together, fought an' fucked. Sure, we went out drinkin' together. That was our life as a couple. But that was it. I thought that's what a relationship was s'pposed ta be. Until I met you. My point is... That day I ordered a taxi an' I took ya out? Shit. That was my first real date too. I... Fuck, man. What a fuckin' knucklehead. Listen. I ain't... I ain't had anyone do anythin' fer me before. An' I... I don't know how the fuck I'm s'pposed ta act. I-I dunno how ta process it. It's like that mornin' we fucked... Ya weren't the only one freakin' out afterwards. I... I ain't ever felt anythin' like that before. Not even close. It jus'... It hit me like a tonne of bricks. Heh, ya know somethin'? When I left ya that day... I cried. Cried my fuckin' eye out like a damn punk kid. An' I didn't even know why the fuck I was cryin'. Jus' sat there an' sobbed. Everythin' jus'... Hit me.” Pausing, Majima chewed his lip, shrugging slightly as Kiryu studied him sadly, heart in his throat. He looks so damn... Majima...

“Ma-” Not hearing Kiryu's voice, Majima began once more, clasping his hands tighter together.

“I mean this week? Fuck, it ain't been nothin' but torture. I ain't even fuckin' slept. Too excited. Three whole damn days with ya. Even before that though... At night, I lie awake an' I... I think 'bout ya. I count down the minutes until the next time I get ta see ya. It's... It's gettin' harder an' harder fer me ta walk away from. The whole lot. Fuckin'... Sleepin' next ta ya as ya hold me close... Eatin' with ya... Goin' out with ya... Watchin' TV with ya... Damn, man. We could be sittin' together starin' at a blank fuckin' wall... An' I'd still be the happiest guy around. Shit, it happens every fuckin' time I stay over. Every time I even fuckin' see ya. It's that bad, I dread... I mean I fuckin' loathe leavin' ya... An' the moment I leave ya... I'm always jus' countin' down the minutes until I get ta see ya again... It ain't nothin' but a never endin' cycle. The fuckin' fuck is goin' on with me, man! I know what Tachibana said an' I still agree with it. Every last goddamn fuckin' word. I jus'... Y-Yer makin' me feel things that I didn't even know existed. An'... I don't know... I don't... Kiryu-chan...”

It was at that precise moment Kiryu understood. It all made sense. Finally clicked into place. Majima... The confidence, the arrogance, the cockiness... It was nothing but an act. A facade. A simple defence mechanism to deal with the aftermath of a heartbreaking relationship. Thinking back, the whole thing all added up. That day in the arcade when Kiryu said how much he was enjoying himself... Majima was sure he'd fucked it up by being, as he so eloquently put it, a buttbrain. Then in Vincent, when he asked if Kiryu was embarrassed of him. Majima was like this because he'd been hurt in the past. He'd been hurt so bad, that this was his way of dealing with things. To act as if nothing got him down. Nothing worried him. Nothing affected him. Shit, it was all he knew. But deep down... That wasn't the case at all. If something bothered him, he'd face it with a sarcastic comment followed by a grin and a giggle. Hey, it was Majima after all. But now, he'd finally let the mask slip, baring all to Kiryu. And while he hadn't necessarily been through anything like that himself, it broke his heart to see.

“Hey. Hey, look at me. Majima-san... Please. Just look at me.” Smiling softly when Majima raised his head, Kiryu cradled his face as carefully as he could. He knew exactly what he wanted to say. However, he just didn't have a damn clue how he was supposed to say it. “Shit, what the hell am I going to do with you, hm? Majima-san, damn it. It's the same for me.”

“It... It is?”

“Are you serious right now?? Of course it is!! Why'd you think me and Tachibana were whispering so much on Sunday? I'm not good at talking about what I'm feeling. It... It makes me uncomfortable. But Tachibana... He got it straight away. He could see that I was terrified. Terrified of losing you. I told him I didn't understand how things were so intense so quickly. He gave me the whole kindred spirits speech. Heh. Majima-san, you don't get it, do you? Hnrgh. I can't put it in words... But I'm going to try my best.” Majima remained silent, staring at Kiryu with a quizzical expression on his face. Okay, here goes nothing. Tch, I'm shaking like a damn idiot. But I want to tell him this. I want him to know how he makes me feel. I need him to see... Letting out an awkward chuckle, Kiryu took a deep breath, raising his eyes to meet Majima's. The eye contact made his stomach lurch in nothing but sheer nervousness, but he had to make Majima see, he was deadly serious. “I-I... Tch. I'm really trying. Majima-san... You're the weirdest, most wonderful person I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. You make me smile, just by... Just by being you. Fuck, you're so damn beautiful. You're just... Ngh. You're just so damn amazing. I love every damn thing about you. Everything about you drives me crazy... The way your eye crinkles and your face lights up when you smile. The hysterical giggles. The way you wrap your arms around me tightly... Heh, now there's a place I could stay forever. When your body is against mine, it makes it hard to breathe properly... I-It... Because I-I... Goddamn it! I'm just not saying this right!” Lowering his head, Kiryu tutted in annoyance. This was a lot harder than he thought it was going to be. But he had to continue. This is ridiculous! Why won't the words come out!! Ngh. Why can't I just say what I need to?? It's all there! It just won't come out!!

“K-Kiryu-chan?” A weak voice pulled him from his thoughts. He didn't even sound like Majima any more. His brash, confident tone was gone. Replaced with one of utter uncertainty. It was strange. Soft and wispy. Sorrowful and so very delicate.

“You... You're on my mind every second of the day and like you, when I'm not with you... I miss you... I miss you so damn much. I just want to be with you. I think... I think I understand what you're saying now. But Majima-san... I'm not him. Fuck, I'm nothing like him. My intention isn't to hurt you or mess you around. I... I want to build with you. Grow with you. Ngh. It kind of sounds stupid when I say it out loud... No, it definitely sounds stupid when I say it. But this weekend? I don't expect anything back in return. I don't want any thanks. I just... Damn. I just want to see you happy. I want to show the whole goddamn world that you're mine. I want everyone to see how amazing you really are. I want them to see you, like I see you. The mask may have slipped now, but goddamn it, you're even more beautiful than I could have ever realised. Listen to me carefully. The scars you bear are mine to heal. To help fade away until they're nothing. I know... I know this may sound ridiculously selfish... But... I want to be the reason you're happy, Majima-san. I want to be the reason you smile and giggle. Because you're my reason for being happy, Majima. You. Just wonderfully, amazing, perfect... You.” Steadying his shaking hands, Kiryu once again let out an awkward chuckle. He could feel his entire face burning brightly, but he didn't care. He'd done it. He'd finally told Majima everything he'd been bottling up inside. And now there was only two things left to do.

Reaching up to Majima's eyepatch, he placed the thin piece of material between his fingers, pausing when he stiffened beneath him. Cooing him softly as he uttered a surprised cry, he tugged it off gently, sighing when Majima turned his head quickly, fear washing over his face. It was too much, he just couldn't do it. He couldn't bring himself to face Kiryu.

“K-Kiryu-chan, no. I... I don't want ya ta see this.” Ignoring his protests, Kiryu pulled his face forwards, brushing his fingertips as gently as he could around Majima's scarred eyelid.

“As I have said. The mask may have slipped, but it only makes me want you more. This here...” Pausing to pull him closer, Kiryu studied his eye hard while Majima could only remain silent, trembling ever so slightly. He didn't know what to expect. Not that he thought Kiryu would recoil in horror... But to see him sitting there, his eyes completely glazed over in concentration as he stroked his face softly... He couldn't understand it. Part of him wanted to push him away, stop him from seeing what he though was a disgusting, hideous disfigurement. But the other part wanted Kiryu to wrap him up in his arms and just never let him go. Fighting internally with himself, he jerked slightly when Kiryu continued. “Look at me. Majima, look at me. Please.” Waiting until Majima finally met his gaze, he chuckled as softly as he could. “This is a part of your past. And I want to be your future. Goddamn it, Majima-san... Every damn inch of you... Is beautiful. Every damn inch of you... Is mine. And I want it to be that way. Forever. Do you understand what I'm saying?” When Majima nodded clumsily, Kiryu smiled wide. “Good. Now get that gorgeous face of yours closer. Don't make me tell you again.” Feeling relief wash over him when Majima let out a small giggle, he pulled him close, placing a hand on his cheek and the other cradling the back of his head, kissing him softer than he ever had before. As their tongues met, Kiryu massaged Majima's gently, playfully but slowly. Dragging his lips across his cheek, he paused at his ear, speaking as low and serious as he could. “Don't you forget what I've said. Don't you ever fucking forget it, Majima-san.”

Feeling arms wrap around his neck as Majima clung to him tightly, Kiryu couldn't help but breathe a quiet sigh of relief. Hopefully, Majima understood now. Hopefully he could see how much he meant to Kiryu. Even if he had been awkward and clumsy whilst telling him. I think this went well. I hope he knows I'm serious. I hope he- Just able to hear his shaky voice, Kiryu pulled back slowly.

“Kiryu-chan... I'm... I'm sorry. I-”

“Hm? Why are you apologizing? Stop with this silliness now. You know, Majima-san... I've read this place has quite a few roller coasters... Really high and really fast. Could be pretty scary... Don't you think?” Eye widening as he replaced his eye patch, Majima nodded quickly.

“Yeah... Yeah!! Hehe! So what we waitin' fer!?” Giggling excitedly, he wrapped a hand around the back of Kiryu's neck, tugging him close. Attacking his skin with kisses, he squeaked repeatedly until Kiryu was giggling along with him. Bingo. This is exactly what I was hoping for!

“Damn, now this... This is what I was hoping would happen.” Beaming happily, Majima tugged him close, his eye heavily lidded.

“Oi... Why don't we head back inside quickly an' I can show ya how excited I really am, eh?”

“You've got no idea how much I want to take you up on that offer, Majima-san. But I think we should make a move. I can't wait to see your face when we get there.”

Setting off, they managed to get a few miles down the road before they got stuck in heavy traffic. Staring at the long row of cars in front of them, Kiryu let out a heavy sigh.

"Maybe we should have left earlier. I didn't take the lunchtime rush into account. Tch. I suppose-"

"Heeeey, Kiryu-chaaan? Look at this here." Waving the map in front of Kiryu's face, Majima shook it excitedly.

"What the? Majima-san, I can't see! If we crash it's going to be your-"

"Look at it!! Kiryu-chaaaaan, looooook!!"

"Tch." Tugging the map from Majima's hand, Kiryu studied where he'd been pointing. The entire car was rocking due to Majima's giddy bouncing. "Keep still a moment, I can't see..."

"Can we go on this first, huh? Ooooh! An' then this?? What 'bout this!?" Glancing at all the spots Majima was pointing at excitedly, Kiryu chuckled softly.

"Majima-san. How about this. We can go on whatever you want in any order you want, okay? But if you don't let me drive, we aren't going to get there."

"Gotcha!" After managing to get through the nightmarish traffic, they finally managed to get there and park the car. Stretching his legs, Kiryu turned to face Majima who was gazing in wonder towards the grand looking gate.

“So. Are you ready to do this?”

“Ready fer the best weekend of my damn life? Hell fuckin' yeah!! Let's go, Kiryu-chan!!” Now this is more like it. I think he's pretty excited. So am I, if I'm honest. Heh, let's get this started!


Chapter Text

A short walk later and they arrived at the hotel, quickly dumping their bags. Sitting down on the bed while Majima checked out the room, Kiryu pulled out two brand new Magic Bands. This should be what we need to access the attractions etc. How the hell do you set these up? Studying the instructions, he began to fiddle with them as Majima bounced around in front of the window. Before much longer, he was getting impatient, excitement clearly getting the better of him. Eventually tutting in annoyance, Kiryu shook his head. It had taken him a good half an hour to link his band to his phone, only succeeding when Majima got bored of waiting and did it for him instead, linking his own in a matter of minutes.

"Maaaan, ya ain't even checked out the view!! Kiryu-chan, we ready ta go yet!?"

"Uh... Yeah. Right, do you have your Magic Band? Have you linked it to your account? I... I think that's what you have to do. Why must they make things so hard. Ngh."

"Mnhm!! Already done!! Some of us are real smart when it comes ta technology, Kiryu-chaaaan!!”

“Hmph.” Folding his arms, Kiryu's face scrunched up. He knew Majima was riling him up and after driving through the nightmare traffic and trying to work out the easy to follow instructions (apparently), he was slightly annoyed. That was until Majima stepped in front of him and grinned wide, pulling him close, kissing him softly.

“Relax, man. Only jokin'. Oooh! Can we take loads of pictures? Huh? Can we!? Hehe, I... I feel like I'm gonna burst!! Oh. Can... Can I ask ya somethin'?” Raising an eyebrow, Kiryu nodded slowly. Majima's voice had became quieter, he seemed quite hesitant. I have a bad feeling about this. Hmm. What could he want to ask me? “Before we go on anythin'... Can we head here?" Looking to where Majima was pointing, Kiryu squinted to read the small writing.

"Grand Emporium? The largest selection of merchandise in the park. You want to buy merchandise first?”

“Yeah. Well. You'll understand when we get there. So, what're we waitin' fer? C'mon, Kiryu-chan!! C'mon, c'mon, c'mooonnnnn!!” Before Kiryu could ponder what he had said, his sleeve was grabbed and Majima yanked him towards the door, his whole body shaking in excitement.

“Maji-Majima! Slow down!!” Sighing heavily, Kiryu knew it was useless to protest. Majima was just too excited. Not that he minded of course, but he couldn't help but think this weekend was going to be an exhausting one.

Walking through the main gate, Majima squealed excitedly while Kiryu frowned. The park was busier than he ever could have expected, people everywhere, littering the streets. Children with painted faces laughed and giggled as they ran around, chasing balloons. Young couples seemed to be everywhere, taking pictures together. Add to that the many adults dressed up in ridiculous headwear and clothes, it really was something you had to see to believe. Turning to face Majima, Kiryu snorted.

“I wonder if they realise just how stupid they look wearing-” Eyes landing on him, the words died in his throat. Majima had a wide grin on his face, his eye wide and glimmering as it roamed around the area. He stared in fascination, taking in every inch of his surroundings as Kiryu studied him in wonder. Here I am thinking people look stupid... And Majima-san... He's so excited. If I continue to behave this way... He's not going to enjoy it as much as I want him to. That means... Ngh. I'm going to have to throw myself into the whole experience, no matter how uncomfortable I am. No matter how stupid I feel. For him. Jerking slightly when Majima spoke, Kiryu realised his hand was being gripped tightly, a rather sweaty palm clasped against his own.

“Kiryu-chan, ya okay? I said whatcha starin' at?” I need to remember this moment. I need to...

“Majima-san. Stand next to the gate. I want to take your photo.” Looking behind him towards the gate, Majima cocked his head.

“H-Haw? By myself? Can't we take one together?”

“Yes. But I want one of you, first. Please?” Nodding uncertainly, Majima stood in front of the gate. As Kiryu raised his phone, he grinned happily, throwing up a peace sign towards the camera. Pressing capture, Kiryu found his heart beating faster. He looks... He looks so damn happy. So cute. What a fool, heh. Such a stupid pose... But yet... I can't stop looking at him. Tch, what the hell is wrong with me? I feel... I feel nervous. Hmm. I wonder-

“Oi!! I said, are ya finished yet? We ain't gonna have time ta play if ya take all day, Kiryu-chaan!!” Lowering his phone, Kiryu nodded, smiling. He didn't have a chance to speak as Majima once again began tugging him forwards, charging towards the Grand Emporium.

Luckily Kiryu was only dragged a few steps down the street as the store was quite close to the gate. They walked inside together, Majima's eye once again glazed over as he browsed all of the merchandise. Kiryu was amazed to say the least. You name it, they had it. Foam hands, toys, stationary, key chains, homeware, etc. The selection was so extensive, it was rather overwhelming.

“Okay. So how 'bout we leave gettin' all our goodies ta take home until jus' before we leave? Then we ain't gotta drag it back ta the hotel?"

"Sure, that sounds like a good idea. So... Why did you want to come in here then, Majima-san? Are you listening to me? Majima-sa-"

"Kiryu-chaaaan!! Here they are!! Kiryu-chan, c'mon!!" I guess I'm about to find out. Following Majima to a big, wooden shelving unit, Kiryu's stomach dropped to his knees. No. Please, no. He can't be serious. "Okay! Pick yer favourite! An' we're gonna wear 'em the whole time we're here!!" Shit. I guess he is. Ngh. Do I really want to look like a fool?? Turning to face him, Kiryu found himself nodding. To see Majima so happy... He couldn't take it away from him. He had to go along with it. No matter how stupid he felt.

Studying the large selection of hairbands and hats in front of him, Kiryu finally settled on a black baseball cap, a Mickey Mouse Club logo on it, along with two big mouse ears. He still wasn't thrilled about the idea, but it was the plainest one they had. I'm going to feel like such a damn fool wearing this. I shouldn't be surprised he wanted to do this. But still.

"Whatcha think? Does it suit me?" Turning to face Majima, Kiryu felt his annoyance subside as he chuckled softly. Majima was wearing a red and yellow cap that also had black ears, with a large Mickey Mouse face on the front. Pride beaming on his face, he posed stupidly, giggling loudly. Taking out his phone, Kiryu once again snapped a photo. "Another one of me? When're we gonna take some together? Here, lemme get one of you. But wearin' this!!" Handing him a pink, sequin covered hairband with ears, Majima giggled harder, waving it around until Kiryu grabbed it. A conflicted look appeared on Kiryu's face, quickly disappearing as he placed it on his head. I said I would do this for him. He's going to pay for this though, that's for damn sure. Squealing with delight, Majima swiftly took a few pictures before placing the same style of hairband on his head, only this one was red in colour. "Let's do one together! Kiryu-chan, ya gonna look so serious in all our pictures? Yer at Disneyland! This is the magic of Disneyland!! Crack a fuckin' smile!!" Chuckling softly, Kiryu leant forward, whispering into Majima's ear.

"I'll crack my damn hand across your ass later, that's for sure." Snorting proudly as Majima jolted violently, he pulled back and mimicked Majima's earlier pose, throwing up a peace sign with a wide grin. Majima didn't move. He stood perfectly still, biting his lip when Kiryu spoke again, his voice rife with sarcasm. "Come onnnn, Majima-san. Take our picture." Licking his lips quickly, Majima nodded, whimpering slightly when Kiryu pulled him in close, squeezing him tightly. A few pictures later and he tried to pull away, biting his lip harder when he was tugged closer.

"K-Kiryu-chan... Not here. C'mon, don't do this." Speaking as innocently as possible, Kiryu shrugged, his eyes darting from Majima's eye to his lips.

"Hm? Do what?"

"Y'know what I'm talkin' 'bout. We ain't gonna have time ta explore if ya keep actin' this way, 'cause all I wanna do is take ya back ta the hotel room an' get ya ta fuck the shit outta me." Giving him a quick peck on the lips, Kiryu flashed him a wicked grin.

"You just wait until later, Majima-san. Just wait." Taking the caps from Majima's hand, Kiryu sauntered away towards the counter, leaving Majima trembling as he stared after him.

Once he'd paid for the items, Kiryu exited the store, followed by an unusually quiet Majima. He's gone silent. Have I done something wrong?

"Majima-san, are you okay?"

"Naw! I ain't! Fuckin' dick move, Kiryu-chan!!"

"W-What? What did I do wrong?" Pulling him close, Majima kissed him hard, stopping occasionally to tug on Kiryu's bottom lip. Finally able to pull back, Kiryu spoke through gasps. "Majima-san? What's... What's this about? We shouldn't be doing this, there are kids here! Wh-"

"Fuck 'em. Y'know what talkin' like that does ta me, Kiryu-chan. Wasn't nice ta make me get hard in there." Shit... He... He got hard? Damn, maybe I should stop teasing him. Otherwise we really will get nothing done. But then again, it's just too much fun. Heh.

"How about I make it up to you later then, hm? But for now? Let's get started. So, do you want to eat first or head on some of the rides?"

"That better be a fuckin' promise, Kiryu-chaaan! Hmmmmm. Say, I'm fuckin' starvin' actually! Let's eat!!" Pulling out his phone, Majima studied the screen hard. "Okay, so ya got anywhere in mind? Lookin' at this, we got an ice cream place, a cafe, a waffle place, another cafe, looks real romantic like, a coffee house, a hot dog place or a restaurant."

"How about we head to the restaurant? If you're starving, I don't think junk food is going help." Nodding in agreement, Majima grabbed the cap from Kiryu's hand and placed it on his head, waiting for him to do the same. Linking their fingers together once more, they made their way down the street, hands swinging back and forth.

After following the street and turning right, they had made it. Surprisingly, it didn't seem too busy so getting a table without a reservation should be easy enough.

"Restaurant Hokusai... Pretty classy joint, eh?" Nodding in agreement, Kiryu stepped inside, tugging on his suit as he did so. He hadn't taken the weather into account. This is ridiculous. I'm too hot in this suit. Majima seems fine, but then again, he's only wearing a jacket. I wonder if we could stop somewhere and buy some more comfortable clothes? I'll wait until after we've eaten. I'm pretty hungry myself actually."Oi! Kiryu-chan, ya okay?" Realising Majima was now being led away by a friendly looking waitress, Kiryu quickly followed, taking in the art work decorating the walls. Sitting them down at a table next to the wall, she quickly took their order, gave a polite bow and headed off into the back.

"The art work really is stunning. They certainly haven't spared any expense on the whole park from what I've seen so far. Hm? Why are you staring at me, Majima-san?"

"Heh. Ya really ain't comfortable here, are ya? Ya keep tuggin' on ya suit."

"Oh. I'm just really warm. I was thinking maybe when we get a few moments, we could head into a store and maybe buy some more appropriate clothing? I don't fancy walking around all weekend sweating-" Eye wide, Majima grabbed Kiryu's hand tightly, squeaking excitedly.

"Matchin' outfits!!"


"Matchin' outfits! We gotta get matchin' outfits! Kiryu-chaaaaan, we're gonna look so fuckin' awesome!!" I know I said I would jump into this for him. But matching outfits? Really!? Tch.

"Ngh... Yeah. If you say so." Throwing back his head, Majima let out an excited giggle and before much longer, Kiryu was chuckling along with him. "You really are so damn adorable, Majima-san."

"H-Haw? Yeah... Yeah! I know it!! Hehe!!" Grinning at the way Majima rubbed his cheek in what looked like embarrassment, Kiryu nodded thanks as a plate of food was placed in front of him.

"I'm serious. This is what I was hoping to see. You. So natural and beautiful."

"Kiryu-chan... C-Cut it out!! Eat yer steak."

"Make me." Studying Kiryu hard, Majima chewed slowly. The way he was sitting grinning wickedly with his eyes glittering brightly was making it really hard for him to behave himself. Kiryu certainly wasn't making this easy, that was for sure.

Half an hour later after they'd finished their food and had dessert, they were now standing in Town Center Fashions, browsing through the wide variety of clothes. Holding up a pair of shorts, Kiryu frowned.

"Does everything have to be Disney themed? I mean, I know where we are, but really? Tch."

"Kiryu-chan! Jus' stop bein' so serious! Most people can only dream of comin' here!! Hey, how 'bout these?" Handing him a t-shirt and pair of shorts, Majima quickly placed a pair of shoes on top and spun Kiryu around, pushing him through the crowds of people in the store.

"W-What? Majima-san, where are we going??"

"Ahh! Knew they'd have 'em!!" Standing in front of a bunch of dressing rooms, Majima took a quick look around. After making sure the coast was clear, he shoved Kiryu inside and followed, swiftly closing the curtain behind them. Kiryu did nothing but watch as Majima scoured the ceiling, finally grinning wide. "Jus' gotta make an adjustment... An' there we go!" Tipping the security camera to face the wall, Majima let out a long sigh of relief.

"What's going on? Why did you-mmfgh!!" Midway through his sentence, Kiryu was slammed into the wall hard, Majima's body pressed against his own. When he pulled back, Kiryu knew he was in trouble. The look on Majima's face was telling him all he needed to know. As much as I want this... This can't happen here.

"Been waitin' too long fer this. After all yer fuckin' teasin' today, fuck... Jus' can't wait."

"N-No. This is a bad idea. We could get caught any moment. There's only a thin curtain separating us from out there, Majima-san. Come on, let's just-" Placing his hand over his mouth, Majima snorted.

"Ya weren't sayin' this in the restroom of Wild Jackson, were ya? So ya get ta pick an' choose where ya wanna fuck me, but I can't do the same? Nah. Ain't work that way." Yes, but there was a lock on the door. Maybe if I change tactics, I can change his mind. Damn, I don't know how long I can keep this up... The way he's acting is really hot. Ngh...

"But... B-But what about the rides? Don't you want to make a move, Majima-san?"

"Naw. Not jus' yet. Feel like ridin' you instead. That's better than any fuckin' ride they got here, baby."

"Ngh... Maji... Majima-san." Scraping his hand down to Kiryu's crotch, Majima giggled quietly. He knew Kiryu was trying hard to resist. And he knew it was only a matter of time before he got what he wanted.

Stifling a groan when he felt soft fingers slip under the band of his underwear, Kiryu shook his head desperately in protest. He really couldn't allow this to happen here. Anyone could just walk in at any moment. Not to mention what would happen if security realised the camera had been moved. This was a really dangerous game Majima was deciding to play. But then again, he should have expected this. Did he really think he could tease Majima so much and get away with it?

"Whatcha think, eh? The thrill of maybe gettin' caught is a real fuckin' turn on, ain't it? Shit, find it hard enough ta keep my hands off ya an' now I ain't got no chance." Nodding slowly, Kiryu bit his lip hard. I can't deny it... He's right. Do I really want to risk it...? Unzipping his own trousers, Majima tugged them down along with his underwear quickly. Stroking his dick slowly, he watched Kiryu with a devious twinkle in his eye. "So. Whaddya wanna do?" Mouth agape, Kiryu stared as he began stroking quicker, lust beginning to take over. "Want me ta stick this in yer ass, hm? How 'bout ya lemme fuck yer face a little first, eh? Wanna see that pretty face of yers all red an' sweaty like." Letting slip a muffled moan, Kiryu sat down on the small seat behind him. He's not messing around is he... I can't take it when he's like this. He knows it drives me damn crazy... He has to pay for that. He needs to learn his lesson... Now.

"I really don't know if we should be doing this..."

"We can either waste time talkin' 'bout it. Or we can get real fuckin' busy an' ya can suck my dick. Then I can fuck ya nice an' hard until ya cum fer me. Hehe!! What's it gonna be??"