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Chelly: One Shots

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Accidentally in Love - this is mainly dialogue because I'm rubbish at the rest but please let me know what you think!

Chloe's eyes looked slowly upwards to view Elly stood in the doorway of the Brennan's house. She hadn't been expecting her, nor the solemn yet excited expression that Elly's face held.

“I just did it," Elly said abruptly as she breathed heavily. Chloe hadn't got much of a chance to give the other woman a greeting before she'd started speaking. A confused expression flashed up on Chloe's features, the darker haired woman could have been talking about anything for all she knew.

“Um...okay. What did you do?” Chloe let out a small laugh. For a moment she was concerned Elly might be drunk but it was the middle of the day and she seemed perfectly sturdy on her feet. 

“I told him.” Chloe narrowed her eyes at her friend. She could feel the nerves creeping up her spine, creating goosebumps on her arms. Had Elly told Mark about Chloe's feelings for her?

“Elly, who did you tell what? You’re really starting to freak me out.”

“I-I told Mark I can’t marry him.”

“WHAT?! Why?! You were so looking forward to the wedding." She paused and looked downwards for a short second. "Where is he?”

“He’s at work.” The older woman paused and looked to the ground, removing her gaze from Chloe. “I-I just- I realised something. I was never Mark’s first choice and I guess I got used to that. But when I saw you and your ex together-“

“Elly, no..." Chloe warned, not wanting to know where this was going. She didn't want her hopes to be built up only for Elly to change her mind and go back to her brother. A gasp had escaped her mouth but all that was left now was a sigh and a shake of her head.

“Will you let me finish?”


Thank you.” She paused, clasping her hands together nervously. “When I saw you and your ex together I realised I’ve never felt that jealous of anyone. Ever. I realised I didn't feel that when Mark chose Paige and I had to stand there...watching them. Chloe, I don’t want to be somebody’s second choice-"

“No Elly, Mark’s moved on from Paige. He loves you now. He’s your one true love, you can't deny it because you said it yourself. It's in your wedding vows.”

“Yeah...and maybe I thought that at the time. But even so, I was looking at you when I read them out for the first time. I was thinking about-." She trailed off, forcing herself to look Chloe in the eye again. "I guess what I’m trying to say is somewhere along the line - and I don’t know when or where- but somewhere I accidentally caught those feelings too.”

“No, this isn’t right. This is a dream. Chloe, wake up you’re dreaming about fantasies again.” The younger woman started giving herself multiple taps on the head, acting humorous as she always did in difficult situations. 

“Chloe, no. I mean it. Will you take me seriously for one minute?!”

“Elly, you don’t know what you’re doing.”

“I’m a grown woman of course I know what I’m doing.”

“No! No you don’t. Because you've just thrown your long and perfect fairytale life away for someone who’s...someone who's not only your fiance's sister but who can’t share all of that future with you!”

“I don’t care. I totally respect Mark still, but Chloe, the time I get with you will be better than a lifetime with him.” Chloe exhaled. She wanted it and she couldn’t stop herself anymore. She felt her lips attempt to wander in Elly’s direction before suddenly stopping herself.

“You should leave. We can’t do this, you deserve better than me.”

“Chloe, please-“

“I need you to go. This isn't fair on Mark and he's my brother.”

The lighter haired girl swivelled around on her feet, only hearing the sound of the front door bang shut behind her. She could feel the tears trying to turn her eyes all red and puffy. Chloe forced herself to take breaths, trying her best to calm herself down. But for a second she paused and it felt like life had halted, her heart included. That was when her feet moved again, turning to face the door and suddenly speeding out of it before she could catch her breath. The rain outside trickled down her body as she ran, trying not to trip over into the puddles. 

“Elly, wait. I can’t.." she breathed out when she was just metres behind the brunette woman. Elly slowly turned around, eyes smudged with mascara, her makeup a mess. "I-I can’t stop myself, not after all this time. I'm selfish but I-" Chloe's eyes looked directly into hers. Her feet tiptoed closed until she'd tilted her head upwards and locked her lips onto Elly's and then came the kiss. There was no hesitance, there was no hovers, only lips colliding in one sudden movement - as much passion from either side. 

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It was a warm Spring weekend. Flowers had started to bloom and the bright, blue sky was hanging around longer each night. Elly stood looking out at the placid, blue lake with astonishment in her eyes. The way the water captured the reflection of the sky made her heart feel at peace for the first time in ages. Those bright, green trees that mirrored in the water and the little boat that sat drifting on the lake. After her busy life had torn her into all kinds of directions, this was exactly what she needed. The woman fell further and further into a daydream as her hands pushed over her red dress, keeping it still from the breeze.

“Elly? Are you coming?” Amy urged, gesturing towards the small lake house that they’d parked up next to just minutes earlier.

“Yeah. If you think we’re gonna unpack for you then you’re wrong,” shouted Kyle with a laugh as he walked into the building. Naturally, Kyle was attempting to wheel along everybody’s suitcases at the same time. It didn’t help that Chloe’s was big enough for a full month, never mind a single weekend.

“Yeah, one second,” Elly replied eventually.

After taking in a deep breath full of fresh air, the young woman turned around and strolled in behind her three friends. A weekend away from the dramas of Ramsay Street was what everybody needed every once in a while.

Chloe had asked to bring Pierce on the trip to begin with but it didn’t take much from Elly to convince her otherwise. The older woman could only hope she wouldn’t have to listen to Chloe speaking of how much she was missing him. She expected there to be a lot of that.

“Wow! This is gorgeous, it looks like something out of an American film,” Elly could hear Chloe beam as she stepped into the lounge area. She gazed around herself. There was a modern-charm about it; fairy lights throughout with wooden floors and cream-coloured walls.

“It’s very nice,” agreed Elly with a shy nod. She watched as Chloe shot a large smile in her direction.


The two women looked at each other when they heard Amy shout his name from another room. Laughing in sync, they walked quickly to see what had happened. There he stood with embarrassment on his features and hands wriggling awkwardly on his pockets.

“Are you going to tell them or shall I?” Amy questioned sternly. Elly caught eye-contact with Chloe again, this time narrowing her eyes with more confusion, maybe even a little concern. Their friends then looked them both in turn. “He didn’t book a three bed lake house like he told us he did. He booked a two bed lake house. You can’t trust a man to do anything right.”

“Well...what does that mean?” Elly thought to herself out-loud, not catching up very quickly.

“It’s fine. I’ll just...take the couch.”

“! You can’t sleep on that thing all weekend, you’ll get a bad back.” Elly wasn’t going to let her ex girlfriend sleep uncomfortably. If anything, she’d have preferred to take the sofa. I

“Both beds are doubles if that helps. I didn’t totally mess up,” Kyle mentioned with a shrug as his cheeks went back to a more normal shade. Chloe sighed and walked from the bedroom they were stood at, to the other. More hesitantly, Elly followed.

“Well we can always just share,” the teacher suggested. “It’ll be just like one of those old sleepovers we used to have. It’s no big deal.”

“Elly! It’s not the same! I slept on the floor when we had those,” Chloe replied in her usual rapid-paced and slightly awkward tone.

“Chloe,” Elly sighed. “I saw you sneak in, in the middle of the night.”

“Oh.” She paused. “Sorry.” Chloe pushed her teeth together awkwardly and quickly looked down to the ground. She’d never known Elly was aware. Now her mind was suddenly going all over the place trying to figure out why Elly would be okay with it even though Chloe had a clear crush on the woman at the time. But no, she had to quickly snap out of her stupid, intense thoughts and fixate her attention back on the current situation. “But we can’t just share a bed now after...well, you know. After dating. I mean, what about Pierce? What would he think? We’re getting married in a few weeks.”

“Fine, I’ll take the sofa then.”

“Elly! No!”

“It’s fine, I really don’t mind.”


“If you don’t feel comfortable sharing then it’s the only option.”

“It’s not that I don’t feel comfortable, Elly. It’s just…well, it’s not the right thing to do. Is it?” Whilst Amy remained quiet, Kyle couldn’t keep his thoughts to himself. He poked his head around the door to look at the two ex’s.

“It’s better than either of you two sleeping on the floor or on an uncomfortable sofa, don’t you think? I mean, I wouldn’t sleep there. That thing looks like a brick.” Amy hit him on his arm and whispered for him to stay out of it.

“Okay! Okay,” Chloe breathed out, defeated. It was two against one. Usually she wouldn’t think twice about it anyway but her wedding was so close and she still found herself having dreams at night about the other woman. Chloe didn’t know what they meant exactly, but she knew that everybody had them from time to time. That was what she’d told Elly when their roles were reversed. She just didn’t want to accidentally whisper Elly’s name in the middle of the night. She couldn’t think of anything more embarrassing.



“Hey Chlo, come and look outside,” Elly said excitedly, running to pull Chloe up from the couch. The friends had put the fire on in the living room, just because it looked pretty. The sun had gone down now and the group had been playing some board games to enjoy the evening. With alcohol, of course. Elly had insisted on it but nobody was too drunk yet. The brunette’s eyes gazed down for a second or two. Their hands had collided; fingers perfectly placed between one another’s. How could one swift moment that meant nothing bring back so many intense yet beautiful memories? Forcing her thoughts back out of her mind, Elly led Chloe out of the door and pointed up at the sky.

“A full moon,” Chloe giggled. “It’s so bright.” She wasn’t sure she’d seen one so bright or orange in all of her twenty-nine years.

“Pretty, isn’t it?” Elly loosened their interwind hands and instead took hold of Chloe’s arm, snuggling into it. “I know it’s just about Spring but it’s definitely too cold still to be wearing a dress.”

“Yeah but Elly without a dress is like Elly without wine or me without my spice hair.” The younger woman took a step to the side and looked Elly up and down. Her eyes locked onto the dress and her smile faded, just slightly. Her heartbeat had rapidly sped up in just a few seconds and she was starting to feel the palms of her hands sweat. “That’s the dress you were wearing when we…” The blonde gulped and looked to moon, pulling away from her friend. Instead, she awkwardly brushed her hands down her denim jeans.

“You have a good memory.” Elly’s eyes lit up.

“You know me, always remembering the little things, but forgetting the big, important…” Her words faded out again before she could finish. Spending the night with Elly was one of the big, important things. Taking that dress off of her that night was the best feeling she could remember ever feeling. That rush of joy and love and elation, finally being able to do the one thing she’d wanted to do for months before. “Thanks for showing me. It’s cool, huh? And all those stars…” The younger woman wasn’t certain of what she was saying, she was just trying to get something out to distract her from her thoughts.

“Yeah. You’re right, it’s really beautiful. Just like you.” Elly flashed Chloe a cheeky smile. “I think I’m going to head in and get warm.”

“Okay cool. Yeah, I’ll be there in a sec.” With another smile into Chloe’s direction, Elly walked back inside. She’d felt a little awkward tension during their talk. Perhaps it wasn’t even awkward tension, maybe another kind of tension all together. She let out a sigh of relief to be back indoors again.



Sharing a bed the first night had been fine. Elly had dropped off to sleep before Chloe had returned. Chloe had taken a long walk around the lake to clear her mind and it had successfully done the job. No odd dreams either, as far as she could remember. The following day was made creating happy memories from pushing Kyle in the lake to spending some time sunbathing. In the evening the friends had sat around a fire and melted some marshmallows on sticks.

“Chlo, you have some on your chin,” laughed Elly. If Pierce was there he’d have kissed it off, but Elly reached over and wiped it softly with her finger. Physical contact with Chloe was the most natural thing in the world for the teacher. She never thought about her actions because it felt so right.

“Right, we’re off,” Kyle announced, getting up from his seat.

“Off where??? We still have all these marshmallows to get through,” Chloe whimpered like a toddler, lifting the bag into the air.

“To bed. Obviously. I mean, not to sleep but-”

“Oh ew. Kyleeee!”

“Well you asked. And I didn’t even give details so, it’s your own fault.” Elly and Amy laughed at the other two’s interactions. They had the same child-like humour.

“Goodnight,” said Amy, sounding more grown up than Kyle and Chloe put together. Chloe waved off Amy and stuck her tongue out at Kyle. Silence feel for a while as Chloe looked across the water and began to yawn.

“If you’re tired, we can head to bed too,” Elly suggested. “Not…Not like they are. O-Obviously,” she stuttered, ending her sentence in a small laugh. With a sleepy look in her eyes, Chloe extended her arm into the air for Elly to take it and pull her up. The brunette did as she was silently instructed and led Chloe through the door and into the living room, from behind this time. She kept her hand softly on the back of Chloe’s shoulder, just using enough pressure to steer her in the right direction. Her thumb accidentally rubbed across it when they were halted, but Elly tried to stop herself from doing it multiple times.

“I’m not actually that tired, I just wanted you to touch my back. It feels good.” Chloe was a little more drunk than her older friend, which was an unusual occurrence. Still not drunk enough to not be aware of what she was doing though. Just blissfully enjoying herself. “I really hope these walls are thick, I don’t really want to be hearing those two you know…doing their thing,” she chuckled as they walked through the corridor to their shared room. It wasn’t a big room. It was very white with a large bed in the middle, a bedside table either side.

Taking it in turns, the women went to the bathroom to get changed. Neither communicated why, but they both knew it wouldn’t be fair on each other to change into their pyjamas in the room. Maybe both knew they wouldn’t be able to keep their hands to themselves.

When they had both returned they pulled the covers over. Elly was assuming they’d both go straight to sleep again but instead they’d somehow both turned to look at each other.

“Can you do that thing on my shoulder again?” Chloe said energetically, suddenly sounding a lot more awake than she had moments earlier.

“What thing, Chlo?”

“I don’t know. Like…when you had your hand on it. Your fingers.” She paused and shrugged. “I don’t know,” Chloe repeated. Elly wasn’t certain she knew what her friend meant, but she reached over to the woman’s shoulder nonetheless. With a soft touch, she drifted up and down in circles feeling Chloe’s smooth skin against the tips of her fingers. “Mmm yeah, that. Just your fingers on my shoulder, it feels insanely good.” Chloe didn’t do things like this with Pierce. It wouldn’t even feel good if she did. His fingers were so much rougher and harder. He couldn’t do anything gently. He’d put too much pressure on and make it hurt, but Elly did it just perfectly.

“I’ve missed this.” A short sentence that Elly spoke to Chloe all too often.

“Missed what?”

“Just…being close to you.” Not only were Elly’s fingertips now tracing Chloe’s bones but her toes had found Chloe’s foot too. Without realising, the blonde had wrapped her foot around Elly’s in return.

“We’ll always be close,” stated Chloe, without any thought. Her eyes slowly lifted to look into Elly’s. Their noses were almost touching and the younger woman could just about feel Elly’s warm breaths on her skin. “It’s just how we are. I mean…we’re Chloe and Elly. We’re meant to be close, we’re not meant to be avoiding each other or giving each other space all the time.” She beamed the words excitedly, with a gentle laugh at the end. “We’re happiest when we’re close and we need to learn to accept that.” Neither girl had defined what they meant by ‘close’, but Elly hoped they were both on the same page.

“You know what? You are so right, Chlo. There is no point in us staying apart because we will always find our way back to one another again.” The brunette moved her hand over and courteously pushed Chloe’s hair away from her face. There was silence for some time until their eyes collided once again, both enjoying their own thoughts about one another. Chloe couldn’t stop wishing Pierce would act this loving with her and Elly just longed to understand how she had lost such a beautiful human being. “You’re beautiful, Chloe. I know I’ve said it before but…” Elly took a deep breath as Chloe looked back at her with the most genuine smile anybody had seen on the younger woman’s lips in some time. “That dazzling smile. Pierce is so lucky to wake up to that each morning.”

Chloe had vowed to herself that she would never kiss Elly again, yet here she as staring at her with the brightest of smiles and a heart that felt like it might explode – in a good way. Elly could feel the strong tension, but this time she knew for sure what kind of tension it was. The chemistry was forcing them together and if Chloe made a move she just knew she wouldn’t be able to stop herself from reciprocating.

It was rare that Elly had ever seen the blonde so quiet. The music from the room next door was nothing but background noise as she focused on Chloe’s breaths echoing in her ears.. In the shadows, their noses pushed closer until they were touching. The younger girl had been the one to move forwards and it was only seconds later that her mouth had tilted too. Elly could feel her heartbeat growing faster, a feeling that felt so unknown, her body craving to push closer to Chloe’s. Chloe’s heart raced too, but her body did reach in to fill the gap between them.

The younger woman roped her legs around Elly’s further. She tilted her upper leg until it was on top, with her second leg falling between Elly’s. Then the lips moved again, only it wasn’t just Chloe’s this time. Both, at the very same time moved in until they clashed softly in the middle.

There were no thoughts in Chloe’s mind, it was as caught up in the moment as her legs were. The blonde’s hand drifted to Elly’s face, pressing against her cheek at the same time as her tongue sunk into the other woman’s mouth. The older woman’s mind was equally as blurred, withdrawn entirely from her own mind. Her lips escaped Chloe’s but only for a second as she gasped for air. Before she knew it they were locked onto one another again, a domino force pushing them onto one another’s. And so it continued.