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I’ll tell you a story

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Lizzie and Hope are just sitting in Hope’s bed together whilst they are both on their phones.

“Do you wanna see if Josie and Penelope are awake?” Hope asks Lizzie.

“Sure” Lizzie says with a smile.

They both message their respective people.

L: Hey Jo, if you and Penelope are awake wanna come hang out with hope and I?

J: sure, be there in 5

H: Peez! Come hang with Lizzie and I! Please?

P: what Josie said

Hope looked a little confused.

“Penelope said “what Josie said”? What did Josie say?” She questions.

“Josie said she’ll be here in 5”

“Ahh okay cool”


Penelope and Josie walk a few inches apart. Their hands knocking every couple of seconds.

“You know, if you wanted to hold my hand you could just ask” Penelope says with pep in her voice.

“I was just about to say the same thing” Josie says with an eyebrow raise.

They link hands the rest of the way. Both with smiles from ear to ear.


Josie knocks because last time she didn’t she got an unwelcome surprise and she’d prefer not to see that again. Lizzie answers the door and ushers them both in quickly.

“Why are we being pushed?” Penelope says to Josie.

“Good question” Josie responds.

“You’re being pushed because we want you to sit down already.” Lizzie says with a hint of snark in her tone.

The girls sit together on Penelope’s bed and Lizzie retakes her seat on Hope’s bed. The four girls chat and laugh for an hour and a half. Giggling away and making fun of each other. Penelope and Josie has learned that Lizzie and Hope aren’t dating but they will eventually once they talk about it more. That’s about the time when they started kissing, which was starting to make Josie and Penelope feel like they should’ve just gone back to sleep.

“We’re gonna - um - go” Penelope says grabbing Josie’s hand with one hand and pointing at the door with the other.

Lizzie brushes them off with a quick hand wave to let the other girls know she heard them. Josie and Penelope still have their hands intertwined as they walk through the halls slowly, not in a rush to get back to the dorm anytime soon. Then an idea pops into Josie’s head.

“Wanna go to the kitchen and sneak some snacks?” Josie says in a whisper.

“That doesn’t sound so bad” Penelope says, redirecting them down the hall towards the kitchen.

As they arrive at the kitchen they check to make sure that no one else is in there. The coast is clear and they slip in quietly.

“What are you hungry for Jo Jo?” Penelope asks as she rummages through the cupboards and Josie looks in the fridge.

‘You’ she wants to say but obviously doesn’t.

“Umm I’m actually feeling like a Nutella toast sandwich and a cup of tea. What about you?” She says grabbing the milk from the fridge but pauses in case Penelope wants anything from the fridge.

“I’ll have that too, you have the same cravings as me” Penelope answers with a smirk.

“2 Nutella sandwiches and 2 teas coming up.”

They make their food and drinks and head back up to Josie’s dorm. Once they arrive they both settle back into Josie’s bed. They eat at a medium pace and talk to each other as they eat.

After they finish eating they both put their dishes on Josie’s desk and get up to brush their teeth.

“Shit!” Penelope says under her breath.


“My tooth brush is in my room but there is no way in hell I’m going back in there with those two.” Josie giggles at Penelope.

“I have a spare tooth brush that’s never been used. You can leave it here because it’s clear that you may need to have a spare one with those two “not” together.” Josie offers.

“You make a compelling case Saltzman” Penelope winks, taking the tooth brush from Josie’s hand and leaving the room for Josie to follow.

After they brush their teeth, the two girls walk back to the room but faster as if trying to race each other.

Josie pushes Penelope and gets in front.

“I win!” Josie whisper shouts as to not wake up everyone at 2:30am.

“Cheater!” Penelope says, sounding like a sore loser.

“Na ah.” Josie smiles at her.

“Let’s go to bed” Penelope gives up and climbs back into bed with Josie.

Penelope latches onto Josie the same way she did before except this time Josie is slightly turned on her side so Penelope’s face is in the area between her neck and chest.

“Goodnight Penny” Josie says as she’s stroking Penelope’s hair.

“Goodnight Jo Jo” she responds and gives Josie a kiss on the cheek before settling back into her original position.

Josie has never felt as content as she does right now and there is nothing that can break her current good mood.

They both fall asleep in each other’s arms, content, not wanting to be anywhere else.