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I’ll tell you a story

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Josie wakes to her twin shaking her and yelling at her to wake up.

“WAKE UP JO! Where going to be late to give that tour dad is forcing us do!” Lizzie yells.

“Go away Lizzie!” Josie groans as she pushes Lizzie off and pulls the blanket over her head.

“Josie, I swear to god, if you don’t get up I’m going to set you on fire.”

Josie jumps up onto her feet, giving Lizzie a death stare. Lizzie returns the glare but they quickly break out in a fit of laughter. Josie throws a pillow at Lizzie and it hits her square in the face.


“You woke me up rudely, we aren’t even going to be late! It’s 7am! The tour is at 8:30! What the hell Lizzie?” Josie questions.

“Okay fine. We don’t actually have a tour today” Lizzie confesses.

“WHAT?! You’ve got to be kidding me. So I didn’t have to get up for another hour?” Josie shouts.

“Actually you did but not for the tour.”

“What for then?”

“I can’t tell you. It’s supposed to be a surprise”

“I swear to god Lizzie, if this surprise isn’t worth it I’m going to ‘Incendia’ your ass to your grave” Josie jokes.

“It will be Jo, don’t worry” she says with a wink and leaves the room, leaving Josie to get dressed. In turn also making her a little nervous for what this surprise could be.


Josie walks down the hall giving her fellow class mates a smile and a wave whilst also receiving them. As she turns the corner she bumps into MG. He catches her as she stumbles backwards.

“You alright Jo?” MG says with worry in his voice.

“I’m fine, thank you for catching me MG” she thanks nicely.

“No problem. How’d you sleep?” He inquires.

“Pretty well except from when I had a nightmare about Penelope’s plane crashing and her dying on her way back from Australia. She’s been gone 2 months and she comes back in a week. I’m so nervous MG, what if she’s got a boyfriend or girlfriend?” She starts to worry.

“Jo calm down. She messaged Hope everyday and I’ve asked Hope to tell me what’s been happening with Penny.”

Josie lets out a small breathe she didn’t realise she was holding in and gives MG a small reassuring smile.

“She’s not in a relationship, you have no need to worry.” He assured her again.

“I don’t even know why I worry so much MG? It’s not like she’ll ever go for me, she only speaks to me in class or group settings. We’ve said maybe 3 sentences to each other alone in 10 years.” She tells him.

“Breathe Jo, breathe.” MG says as he tries to calm her down.

“Come on, we’ve got to go to class. I’ll see you at lunch?” He asks.

“Definitely, meet my by the stairs?” She says, raising an eyebrow.

“Like always J” He says with a wink.

Josie walks off to her geography class her dad is making her take because she keeps telling him that her magic classes are too easy. She usually has Geography with Penelope but she won’t be back for a week so she can sit by herself and get her work done without freaking out if Penelope breathes in her direction.

“I’m so pathetic” she mutters quietly to herself.


Lunch time finally rolled around and Josie couldn’t get out of her Magic class any faster. She was starving because she forgot to eat breakfast and she just wanted to sit and eat with MG.

“JOSIE!” Someone yells and Josie whips her head around to find her twin running as she tries to hold all her school stationary with 1 hand as she waves Josie down with the other.

“Thank god I caught you! I had a session with Emma and she took forever to let me out. I was supposed to catch you at the end of your class” Lizzie explains.

“For what may I ask?” Josie questions with a somewhat sarcastic tone.

“Your surprise! Duh! I told you about it this morning. Remember?” Lizzie questions back.

“Oh that, I totally forgot.” Josie admits.

Lizzie shoves her school books into her bag then grabs Josie’s arm, dragging her along to the so called surprise.

“Where are we going Lizzie? I don’t like this” Josie struggles but Lizzie has one hell of a grip.

“Like I said, it’s a surprise” Lizzie chimes back at her.

They turn the corner to the main hall and walk out the big double doors to see Hope Mikaelson standing there with balloons and flowers.

“What the hell is going on?” Josie asks but no one answers her.

“We’d like to know as well” Someone whispers behind her. She turns around to see MG, Rafael, Landon, Kaleb and Jed all standing next to each other looking just as confused as Josie is sure she looks.

“It’s a welcome back surprise” Hope finally speaks.

“For who?” MG and Josie say in unison.

Just as Hope was about to respond, a car pulls into the small drop off space in front of the doors where everyone was standing.

Josie feels butterflies start to swirl in her stomach. She’s pretty sure she knows who it is and she can’t breathe properly. The door opens and from the other side of the car a head pops up, barely taller than the car itself.

“SUP BITCHES!? DID YOU MISS ME?!” Penelope shouts and instantly runs to give Hope a hug.

“You know I did Peez!” MG yells as Hope let’s go of Penelope to make way for the next person to hug her. Rafael was before Josie and everything went in slow motion as Penelope looked Josie directly in the eye as she let go of Raf.

“Hi Jo Jo, you look gorgeous today.” She says as she embraces Josie.

“As per usual obviously.” She says mid hug.

Josie couldn’t breathe properly but she tried to act normal by hugging Penelope back properly. Josie could tell that this hug was going way longer than any of the others, even Hope’s.

“I want to talk to you later if you’re free? It’s really important” Penelope whispers into Josie’s ear.

It sends goosebumps down Josie’s neck and it makes her accidentally hug Penelope even tighter. Penelope felt that and hugged Josie back even tighter too.

“Meet me in my room at 10 tonight Jo?” Penelope questions.

“Sure thing Penny.” Josie says as they finally let go of each other. No one other than Hope, MG and Lizzie had noticed how long the hug went on for but they pretended not to by joining in the conversation with the other boys.
Over the years Lizzie had watched her sister pine over Penelope and could never tell anyone, that is until she noticed that MG and Hope also noticed. Hope let the other two in on the secret that she’s been watching Penelope pine over Josie for just as long.

“So how was Australia? Is it as beautiful as they say it is?” Josie asks Penelope and the rest of the group hears and comes over for the answer. They all help Penelope by grabbing her luggage as she tells them about her trip. They walk up to her dorm and each take a seat somewhere in her room.

“Australia was bloody beautiful this time of year. It’s Fall there now and the leaves turn this beautiful orange and the weather is just right most days.” Penelope tells everyone.
Josie can’t concentrate properly. Penelope sat right next to her, practically on top of her and every time Josie would move Penelope would lightly put her hand on top of Josie’s.


After a few hours of everyone catching up with Penelope they all dispersed to their own dorms for the night. Josie went back to her room first, wanting to get away from the constant butterflies in her stomach for a few hours before she went to see Penelope.

After sitting on her bed on her phone for a couple hours, Josie finally got up to get changed. The weather was actually cold tonight for the first time in a while so Josie decided to pick out some comfy pants, a shirt that was probably a little too small on her now and looked more like a crop but it was her favourite and a baggy jumper over the top. She threw her hair into a two braids and grabbed her phone to check the time. It was 9:45, almost time to go talk to Penelope.

“God I wonder what she wants to talk about” Josie says to herself quietly, it’s time to go find out.