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I’ll tell you a story

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It’s getting closer to 10pm as Josie walks down the halls of The Salvatore School. Josie’s phone chimes and as she sees who it’s from. It’s from Penelope.

P: Hey Jo Jo! Sooo... I know I asked you to come meet me in my room to talk but instead would you like to come to a welcome back party at the mill with me? It’s a small casual one so no need to dress all fancy or anything. I would really love you to be there???? Pllleeeaaassseee Jo Jo?!

Josie was excited and a little disappointed at the same time. She really wanted to be alone with Penelope but this party could have some good benefits, couldn’t it?

J: Sure! I was already on my way to your dorm. Are you already at the party or do you want me to come past yours to get you?

P: I’m already here but if you could, can you please find Hope. She’s not here and she’s not answering my texts. Oh and bring Lizzie! We need someone to pick on ;)

Josie smiles at the use of the winking face and turns around on her heal to walk towards her and Lizzie’s room. She walks up to the door and goes to knock but remembers Lizzie said she’ll be studying so it’s not like she’s interrupting anything.

Josie opens the door and instantly sees someone in Lizzie’s lap.

“Oh my god! OH MY GOD! HOPE?!” Josie screams. She really wishes she knocked now.

“Oh Josie.. Heyyyyy!” Hope says awkwardly as she climbs off of Lizzie.

“Knock much!” Lizzie says sarcastically whilst adjusting her hair and putting her shirt back on.

“When the hell did this happen?!” Josie inquires, still not able to get the image out of her head.

“About a week ago. It just happened and we can’t stop.” Hope says whilst giving Lizzie a high five.

“Why are you here anyway? Weren’t you supposed to go talk to Penelope like..” Lizzie checks the clock on her wall.
“5 minutes ago?”

“She messaged me on my way there and asked me to find you both and bring you to the welcome back party that’s going on right now” Josie finally tells them.

“I’m usually pissed if I find out I’m missing a party but this time I had a pretty good excuse” Lizzie says with a wink to Hope, who blushes and winks back.

“Okay please stop. Can we go now please?” Josie begs.

“Yes I guess so” Hope says grabbing Lizzie’s hand with one hand and her phone with the other.


Penelope is talking to come girls she’s sort of friends with. They’re asking her about her trip and she’s giving them the abridged version. Every now and again Penelope will look towards the entrance to see if Josie has arrived yet. It’s been 15 minutes and still no sign of her.

The girls walk away from Penelope and she walks towards the battered down door frame of the mill and leans against it. She takes a long sip of her drink whilst scanning the area for Josie, Hope and Lizzie.

“She’s not here yet I’m guessing?” Kaleb says from behind her, scaring her in the process.

Penelope spits her drink back into the cup and she slaps Kaleb.

“Asshole! Don’t scare me like that.” Penelope grunts at him, annoyed.

“Sorry, I thought Penelope Park doesn’t get scared?” He jokes.

“Well I’ve been drinking so my inhibitions okay? Plus what kind of idiot sneaks up behind a witch?”

“A big idiot, that’s who.” Jed adds to the conversation.

“Shut up!” Kaleb yells at Jed sarcastically and they start to tackle each other.

Penelope rolls her eyes at the boys and throws her cup in the bin. She’ll get another one eventually. Just at that moment Penelope spots the three girls coming through the woods. Josie is just in front of the other two who are holding hands.

Penelope raises her eyebrows. The two girls see how close they are to the party and seemingly pretend that they hate each other by quickly letting go and pushing each other. Josie rolls her eyes and Penelope giggles to herself at how cute Josie is.

Lizzie and Hope breaks off to go talk to other people and Josie spots the keg and table full of drinks. She walks over to it and instantly starts pouring vodka into a cup.

“Woooahh!” Penelope says and Josie looks up at her from across the table.

“I need a drink” Josie says softly.

“I can’t tell. Is it because of what I just witnessed between Tweedledee and Tweedledum?”

“Aha yeah. You saw that? Try walking in on them making out with your sister topless.”Josie says and cringes at the thought of it again.

“I’m not a prude or anything but I just really didn’t want to see... THAT!” Josie explains.

“Oh I get it don’t worry” Penelope reassures.

“Wanna go for a walk?”

“I do actually” Penelope says and grabs a bottle of vodka that hasn’t been opened. “Why settle for a cup when we can steal the whole thing?”

Josie laughs and the both of them speed walk off with the stolen goods.


The girls walked a far distance away from the party, just enough that they could slightly still hear the music.

“So, what did you want to talk to me about?” Josie asks after a minute of silence.

“I wanted to catch up with you alone to see how you’re doing? I heard you and Lizzie had to take the magic from your biological mum?”

“Oh, how’d you hear about that?” Josie asks.

“Hope. She tells me about everything that’s goes on whilst I’m away.” Penelope answers.


“So? Are you okay?”

“I think so? It still hurts sometimes but I think I’m okay now.”

“Well if you ever need anyone to talk to, I’m always available. Especially for you Jo Jo.”

“Thank you. You know, I just realised this is probably the only time we’ve really had a conversation.” Josie says taking a sip of the vodka, then handing Penelope the bottle.

“Huh. It is too” Penelope says then also takes a sip.

“You’re really pretty Josie Saltzman” Penelope says looking Josie straight at her, switching between her eyes and her lips.

Penelope leans in and so does Josie but just as they were getting closer, Penelope leans forward over her knees and pukes. Penelope wipes her mouth with her sleeve and looks back at Josie with a dopey smile. She goes to take another sip of the alcohol but Josie snatches it out of her hand.

“Oh my god! Penny, are you okay?”

“I’m tot-ally fine” she answers with a hiccup.

“No you’re not. I’m taking you back to your dorm. You’re definitely drunk. How much did you have before I got here?”

“Like maybe.. ummm... 10 cups and 20 shots?”


“Umm.. vodka and shots of jäger”

“Jesus Penelope! Are you trying to get alcohol poisoning?”

“NOO but I was nervous!” She answers in a sad tone.

“Nervous for what?” Josie asks.

“To see you. You’re so pretty! I can barely talk to you!” Penelope practically yells at her but starts sobbing half way through.

“Okay! I am going to tell Hope and Lizzie that I’m taking you home and then we are going. Okay?” She questions.

“Whatever you want Jo Jo. You’re so gorgeous I’ll do anything you want me to do!”

“Okay Penelope, whatever you say” Josie smirks at her.

J: Liz! Penelope is super drunk and threw up everywhere so I’m going to take her back to her and Hope’s room okay?

L: Hey, can you take her back to our room? Hope and I are going back to theirs after the party.

J: Fine, let Hope know Penny is with me so she’s not worried.

L: Will do. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do ;)

J: Whatever weirdo :D