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(Close Your Eyes) Count to Ten

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While for the most part, I don’t believe most readers need such a statement, I feel like I should make it anyways.

My Omegaverse is pretty different from the typical A/B/O au.

Most a/b/o AU’s either entirely disregard the existence of women, or include women, but only as the token female representation, with little regard of how they’d genuinely fit into the universe. I tried to create a verse that not only allowed the existence of women, but validated them.Moreover, I tried to be as considerate of different gender and sexual identities. This does at all not mean that my universe is at perfect, but I tried my best to be more inclusive than the typical verse.

This is a fictional world and I’m playing around with gender norms and titles.

I don’t make these choices lightly. Jimin gender-fluid. Seokjin and Taehyung use different pronouns than were assigned at birth. In the prequel, I have ample discussion around gender and sexuality, as Jungkook tries to figure out his pronouns and how he wants to present himself.

This universe is meant to explore these topics in a fun way.

Heteronormativity being forced on gay men is undoubtedly a problem, and I call it out when I see it, but this is a fictional universe that I’ve crafted from the ground up and has no bearing on reality. Moreover, it really isn't the point of the choices I've made. No one in real life should be called by any titles but the ones they prefer. The same goes for this universe. Everyone is referred to the way they identify, and go out of their way to enforce the use of pronouns they identify with.

All this to say, if you refer to IRL Seokjin as Eomma, I will fucking gut you :)

Anyways, I hope this cleared some stuff up, but if the story or the concepts make you uncomfortable, I’d suggest not reading.

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Chapter 1: Distress

World Building Fact:

Parents can verbally communicate to their children through a mental bond. While they can clearly speak to each other, the bond can be strained with distance. This likely arose from the adaptive benefit of parents being able to assess whether their pups were nearby. 

While bonds do also exist between mates, it is significantly weaker, and usually, only very strong emotions can be sent across. 


Taehyung and Jimin ground against each other, playfully nipping at each other’s lips as their hips swiveled in half-hearted attempts to get friction. 

They were in the last stages of pre-heat, and their want was still at a low simmer, though it wouldn’t be long until it became unbearable. 

They were curled around each other on a plush couch, covered in sheer silk and lace, diamonds sparkling in their ears, and glossy lipstick shining on their lips. Their tan limbs were tangled together, making it difficult to see where one started and the other ended. 

The intoxicating smell of Caramel and Vanilla circled around each other, filling the space with want, Omega, please, please, please. 

They seemed completely immersed in each other, their world beginning and ending in dull, warm pleasure, acting like the pampered spoiled Omegas they were. They truly didn’t have anything better to do but play with each other for the rest of the afternoon, thoroughly enjoying the feeling slowly dropping into pre-heat.

However, at the sound of the front door clicking open, Taehyung fluidly slipped out of Jimin’s grasp, pulled a loaded gun out from underneath the couch cushions, and clicked off the safety, sitting straight with wary eyes within seconds. 

“It’s probably Yoongi-oppa,” Jimin whined, uncaring, tugging at Taehyung’s shoulders, “Come back.” 

Taehyung ignored the Omega squirming underneath him, waiting for the unexpected visitor to announce themselves. He was stiff, and the gun in his hand didn’t even twitch, despite Jimin’s insistent squirming underneath him.

“Yoongi is at a meeting downtown. He shouldn’t be home yet,” Taehyung whispered, tense. 

There were faint footsteps, but nothing else. The front door was too far away for Jimin or Taehyung to get a whiff of the stranger’s scent, even with their noses hyper-sensitive from pre-heat. Taehyung’s finger rested on the trigger, just waiting for the intruder to come into view. 

“Whose home?” Jimin shouted, irritated and horny, “You mute motherfucker.” 

Taehyung narrowed his eyes at the beat of silence, before relaxing at the sound of a familiar raspy voice calling out an amused, “I’ll excuse that because you’re in heat, Jimin.” 

“See?” Jimin whined, forcefully jerking Taehyung back, pressing their soft chests together. 

Taehyung groaned and carelessly threw the gun onto the floor, no longer giving a shit now that an Alpha with enough protective instincts to fight off a bear was home. Yoongi could deal with any intruders; all Tae had to worry about was swiveling his hips against Jimin’s. 

The heat coiling in his abdomen was getting stronger, becoming harder to ignore. “I wanna cum, TaeTae.”

“Do you?” Yoongi questioned cockily, walking into the living room. 

The Alpha leaned against a wall, crossing his arms. His lean body was accented by a black and white Armani suit; the slightest outline of a gun inside his suit jacket. His sharp, gunmetal eyes were looking them over, glancing at the forgotten pistol on the floor, before appreciating the view in front of him. 

He was clearly affected by the strong scent of need in the air, but no one could ever claim that Kim Yoongi didn’t have self-control. 

Jimin’s hips bucked up as the Omega nodded enthusiastically, stupidly thinking that the Alpha would give him what he wanted. 

“I could have been a stranger, Jimin,” Yoongi chided, completely ruining the atmosphere, “You completely gave Taehyung away.” 

Jimin rolled his eyes, “No one is getting past the damn army downstairs. And if you think it’s a possibility, I’d say that’s very much a you problem.” 

Tae glanced at Yoongi with a half shrug, “Jimin has a point.” 

Yoongi’s eyebrow twitched, “Fair enough. I’ve been worried the bastards downstairs have been getting sloppy. I’ll probably run a drill or two, just to check.” 

“There you go,” Jimin answered, stretching his arms above his head and arching his back, making the diamonds in his necklace wink in the light, “I sit here and look pretty, and you keep me safe. Now are you joining us or are you just going to watch?” 

The Alpha rolled his eyes, but immediately started stripping, slipping out of his suit jacket and loosening his tie. No matter how much he joked, Yoongi wasn’t going to let the Omegas suffer in discomfort while he was around. Even the thought of them simmering on the precipice of pre-heat alone all morning was enough to make his heart pang a little in sympathy. 

The pack usually dealt with Jimin’s and Taehyung’s heats together, from pre-heat to post-heat; running them warm baths before, fucking them into oblivion during, and giving them gentle massages afterwards. 

It was a tad disconcerting to return home and be slapped with their scents without any prior notice or planning.

“You’re a few days early,” Yoongi commented, unbuttoning his shirt. 

Blushing slightly, Tae mumbled, “That’s probably my fault, you know I’ve been reacting weirdly to the birth control.” 

“It’s not like it couldn’t be Jimin’s fault, Taehyungie. I wouldn’t put it past him to move your heat up by sheer neediness.”

“Hey!” Jimin whined, “Don’t be mean.”

The Alpha gave them a gummy smile, moving to press a kiss on their cheeks, “Never.” 

An hour later, Seokjin walked into the flat, sauntering past the trio lazing in the living room. 

He was just back from an exclusive banquet luncheon, having spent practically all afternoon manipulating a pharmaceutical tycoon to sell Seokjin the rights to a drug he wanted. It might have taken a while, but Seokjin had managed it in the end.

After all- Alphas were pathetically easy to bring to heel. 

He passed by the three of them, only to pause.

His nose wrinkled at the strong scent of pre-heat coming from Jimin and Taehyung. They were early. It was a disappointing, Seokjin had to admit. 

Tae and Jimin’s heats were usually the only time the entire pack spent whole days week together. 

To miss a day of pack cuddles and bonding was irritating, but Seokjin had enough sense to swallow the frustration, leaving only a soft smile in his place. They’d still have the next few days to enjoy, even if Seokjin missed getting to coo over the slow flushing of his mates’ skin.

The clicks of his heels woke up Yoongi, who blinked blearily, before smiling slightly at Seokjin. He was entangled between the dozing pair, both Omegas clinging to his sides. 

While Yoongi looked exhausted, the Omegas seemed content, with deep, even breaths and mussed hair.

They were still in pre-heat, so Seokjin doubted there had been any actual sex, but he had no doubt that the Omegas had absolutely put Yoongi through the wringer with their constant demands for pampering and cuddles.

He’d have to tell Namjoon and Hoseok to come home sooner, Seokjin thought, knowing that the moment Jimin and Taehyung slipped into genuine heat, they’d need all dicks on deck.

“You look stressed, Noona,” Yoongi commented, voice rough from sleep, “Need help?” 

Seokjin rolled his eyes, watching the Alpha’s eyes trace down the tight silhouette of the dress Seokjin was wearing. Even though Seokjin wrapped himself in conservative long-sleeves and high turtle-necks, his mates never failed to salivate over as if they were starving.

“I doubt you could keep me company, let alone properly open your eyes,” Seokjin retorted. 

Yoongi blinked, and then fell back onto the couch, “Thank god. I was hoping you’d say no. I just wanted to be polite.” 

The older Omega huffed a laugh, “You could have called me, and informed me they were early. I would have come home to help.” 

With a sheepish smile, the Alpha blushed, “You had the luncheon. Besides, I thought I could handle it alone. But they were even worse than normal. I think it was because they were early.” 

Seokjin rolled his eyes, “As if they need an excuse to be needy brats. Regardless, you did well. I’m proud of you. They look calm, content, and sated.” Seokjin’s words became warm at the end, emphasizing his praise to make sure Yoongi recognized it. 

In the end, Yoongi had done an admirable job trying to wrangle two Omegas for a few hours, especially Omegas that are as needy for attention as Jimin and Tae. His intentions were sweet, desiring only not to bother his other mates. 

The Alpha blushed slightly, cheeks pinkening, as he looked away. “Thank you, noona.” 

“Did they not nest?” Seokjin asked.

Yoongi shrugged, wryly, “They wanted to wait for you.”

Seokjin’s heart fluttered a little at the words.

“Well, I’m here now, so how about you go get some rest in an actual bed, and I’ll take over for you when they wake up?” Seokjin offered. 

Relief was clear on Yoongi’s face, and he made no moves to hide it. “That sounds fucking amazing. Thank you.” 

Seokjin laughed. “You’re welcome. I’ll go change and then I’ll play with Kookie until their next wave of heat hits.” 

At the sound of the pack pup’s name, Yoongi sighed softly, “Where is he? I didn’t hear the pup come in with you.” 

Seokjin blinked, long lashes flicking, “He was home. With Taehyung and Jimin.” 

Yoongi shook his head, looking at Seokjin with a frown. He slowly started pulling away from the dozing Omegas on the couch. “He wasn’t here. We thought Kookie was with you.” 

Seokjin mentally called out to the pup through their bond. 

Kookie, sweetheart? Bunny? Pup? Where are you?  

But his words never ended up reaching a destination, just echoing in an empty space, the bond too thin, stretched too far, to make it to Kookie. It was clear that his pup wasn’t in the building. 

“He’s not responding,” Seokjin said, voice rising, “Where’s our pup, Yoongi?” 

Yoongi tore himself from Jimin and Tae, quickly moving towards Seokjin, as the smell of distress filled the air. 

A dim sense of panic started to nip at Seokjin's skin.

His little Kookie. Just where was his pup?

The Omega felt nauseous, stirring the beginnings of anxiety.

He always knew where Jungkook was, always. The unfamiliar feeling of not-knowing twisted in his stomach, making his legs feel weak and his hands feel cold. 

Yoongi placed a soothing, heavy hand on Seokjin’s neck, thumbing at the Omega’s mating bite, making little bursts of protected, safe, home bloom in Seokjin’s mind. It helped a little; it numbed the panic, but it didn’t reassure him. 

Seokjin’s eyes flickered between black and crimson, making his vision go red around the edges, and almost immediately, Yoongi pulled Seokjin’s face into the crook of his neck, leading Seokjin’s nose to the Alpha’s scent gland. 

Where could he be? He had to be here, there was no reason he shouldn't be home, what if he was lost, or worse- 

Then, the overwhelming scent of smoky sandalwood, warm and heavy, circled around both of them, temporarily blinding Seokjin to anything that wasn’t Yoongi’s voice. His panic was entirely smothered by Yoongi, Alpha, safe, content, warm, family. 

Underneath all of that, was the thin note of fear, and Seokjin knew that it wasn’t for Kookie, but because of Seokjin. 

Yoongi was scared of him, of what would happen if he didn't get Seokjin under control before his fear bubbled into something far more destructive. 

 Seokjin knew that Kookie was missing, but he couldn’t feel anything but an all-encompassing fake warmth. It cleared his head and stopped him from tumbling into Omega-space- which was something everyone wanted to avoid- but it made him feel rather hollow. 

“I’m sure it’s fine, noona. You go get changed, and I’ll call Namjoon and Hoseok. They probably took Kookie. We’re probably worried for nothing,” Yoongi reassured, softly petting Seokjin’s hair, “I’ll take care of it. I promise.” 

The omega pulled away. A part of him was grateful for Yoongi stopping him from slipping, but another part, the one that would gut a man for getting his coffee order wrong, was annoyed, irritated at Yoongi’s interference. 

Either way, he was unable to do anything about it, much too docile from Yoongi’s scent to argue. Straightening to his full height, Seokjin narrowed his eyes at the Alpha. 

“You had better,” Seokjin snarled, “We both don’t want me getting involved.”

A brief flicker of fright flashed on Yoongi’s face, before it disappeared into the Alpha’s warm, confident expression. “I’ll find him, noona,” the Alpha answered, wane smile on his face. 

The Omega walked away, hoping the Alpha would fix the situation, but having the barest hint of dread that said he wouldn’t. 

Namjoon checked the sheet of paper. 500 million won short. Again. 

The head Alpha of the Kim clan was leaning against a desk, dressed casually in dark slacks and a white button-down with the sleeves rolled up. He didn’t have to do much, but stand there, intelligent eyes glowing in the dim room. 

The sharp scent of Peppermint and Strong, Alpha, Danger, Danger, Danger, Danger clouding around him was usually enough to demand obedience; the smell burned in other Alphas’ noses, making their eyes water and their lungs ache. 

It was hard to argue, when you were fighting back tears. 

But, sometimes, people didn’t heed the warnings, taking Namjoon’s soft smiles and kindness as weakness. And then, those poor souls learn exactly what that burning peppermint was foreshadowing. 

“Do you think we’re idiots?” Namjoon questioned, cocking his head. 

“W-what? Mr. Kim?” the man whispered, clearly caught off guard. 

Namjoon sighed, rather disappointed, “I let it go for a month. An entire month, I let my money drain out. I let myself bleed. I figured, maybe it was a mistake. Maybe money was tight. I’m an understanding man, you know? But this is the fifth time this has happened. Five times sounds like a pattern to me.” 

In a fluid motion, Hoseok pulled out his gun, aiming it at the drug lord’s head, clicking off the safety. 

“Pl-please,” the man begged, tears streaking down his face, though Namjoon couldn’t tell if it was from the stinging peppermint scent or if the man was just a pussy, “I can get you the money. I can give you double.” 

Hoseok rolled his eyes, before stepping forward, fisting the man’s hair and jerking his head back. “We don’t want double, silly. We just wanted to be friends. You broke our hearts, you know?” Hoseok chuckled, tracing the gun muzzle down the man’s neck. 

The man looked into Hoseok’s chronically amber eyes and whimpered. People usually responded to Hoseok’s eyes like that. It was disconcerting to say the least, to look into yellow eyes, the sign of raging Alphas, and have those Amber eyes crinkle in a casual smile. 

People just had to look into Hoseok’s eyes to feel unsettled. 

It was a reminder of Hoseok's past occupation, of the invisible blood dripping from Hoseok's hands. 

“Sunshine, Pl-please.” 

With a bit of a laugh, Hoseok pulled the pistol away from the man’s skin to twirl it in his hand, “Oh, please. You’re about to die- you can call me Hoseok.” 

Namjoon hummed, “We stopped getting our hands dirty. Our Omegas think it’s pathetic to have to this type of thing ourselves, and, well, we’re obedient Alpha’s if nothing else.” 

“But, for the man running our entire Japanese operation, well... I think they would understand us making a personal call,” Hoseok smiled. 

Barking a laugh, Namjoon shook his head, “Come on, hyung, Noona would rip the man’s throat out with his teeth if he was here.” 

Hoseok had to agree. Their eldest mate was known for being particularly ruthless, well, that and, having a tendency to take a bite out of his victims. 

“Hold that thought,” Hoseok held up a finger, before pulling out his phone, and glancing at the screen “Its Yoongi-hyung.”

Namjoon raised an eyebrow curiously, but held out his hand for his gun. 

Handing his gun off to Namjoon, Hoseok sat on top of the desk, gracefully crossing his legs, as he answered the phone. 

“Yoongi-hyung!” Hoseok greeted with a bright smile.

“Is Kookie with you?” The words were fast and clipped, and Hoseok couldn’t catch them fast enough. 


“Is. Kookie. With. You,” the words were hard, like it was paining Yoongi to say them.

“No? We’re making rounds, and Kookie thinks it’s boring. Pretty sure he’s home with Jimin and Tae.” 

Yoongi exhaled loudly. “Well, we have a problem then. Because he wasn’t with me, or noona, or at home. And he’s not with you or Namjoon, either. So, where the hell is he?” 

“Are you sure you didn’t just miss him? Maybe he’s napping in the lobby? The pup has a habit of waiting for us downstairs,” Hoseok asked, not wanting to jump to conclusions. 

“We can’t call out to him through the bond. He’s anywhere near here,” Yoongi answered, “Look, please just, send off some look-out parties while you’re in the city, put a price on Kookie’s head, and then come home. We’ll regroup from here.” 

Hoseok nodded, answered a quick, “Okay, be there in fifteen,” before hanging up. 

Namjoon was looking at him curiously, “What was that about? Everything okay?” 

Anxiety was bubbling in Hoseok’s chest, and he could feel his fingers start to twitch against his thighs. The scent of concerned, distressed, angry Alpha was starting to come off of him in waves, making his bitter scent almost unbearable. 

Hoseok shook his head, distracted. “Just kill him, Namjoon. We have more important things to do.” 

Namjoon frowned, but didn’t argue. Without a second thought, Namjoon shot the drug lord in the forehead, before setting the hot gun down on his desk. The accompanying mess (both the body and the blood splatters) would be dealt with by the team of cleaners they keep on hand. 

Trying to comfort him, Namjoon pulled him into a hug, warm arms pulling Hoseok against his chest. A motion that from any other Alpha would have been confining, but from Namjoon, his little Alpha mate, it made Hoseok melt, leaning against him for comfort. 

Namjoon nosed at his scent gland, breathing in the scent of distress, ignoring the way it made his nose twitch, so that he could bring Hoseok the comfort of intimacy. 

Namjoon’s breath was warm against Hoseok’s skin, and Hoseok did his best to breathe, to center himself around the sweet, soft smell of Peppermint under his nose. 

“What’s wrong? I’m sure we can fix it,” Namjoon reassured, calmly rubbing his hands up and down his hyung’s arms, “I’ll fix it.” 

“Kookie,” he whispered. 

“What about him?” 

“He’s missing.”



The little pup squirmed in his chair. It was a hard, uncomfy chair, but his arms were tied behind his back in hand cuffs. He couldn’t move his legs either, but he couldn’t see why. 

He didn’t know where he was. It was dark and dirty. Cold, too. Not cold enough to hurt, but enough to make his nose twitch. He tried calling out to his pack through the bond. 

Mommies? Daddies? Mommy? Mama? Eomma, AppaDaddyPapa? Please? I’m scared.  

But it didn’t work. He was too far away. 

He was too far away from his parents. 

Kookie whimpered, knowing he should never be this far away. He broke a rule. He’s broken so many rules. 

Strangers were circling around him. Big, tall, nasty Alphas. He couldn’t recognize any of their scents. 

Mama always said to hide if he saw strange Alphas he saw. 

But all the Alphas were looking at him. 

Mommy always said to run away if he saw strange Alphas. 

But Kookie couldn’t move. 

Eomma always said to call his parents if he saw strange Alphas. 

But Kookie was too far away to use the bond. 

He couldn’t do any of it. His Mommies were going to be so mad at him. Kookie sniffed, feeling tears well up in his eyes. 

All he wanted was to be a strong boy for his parents, and make his mommy happy. But he got it wrong. He got it so wrong. He’s in so much trouble. 

He might not go home ever again, because he was dumb and weak and stupid. “Aw, look at the little brat, he’s crying,” one of them mocked, laughing. 

Kookie whimpered, wanting to curl away, but he couldn’t move because of the way his hands and feet were tied. 

“So much for Bangtan’s golden bullet, hm?” Another Alpha jeered. 

“This is Bangtan’s pup? Looks more like a bitch than a pup to me,” the tallest Alpha spat, walking towards Kookie. 

Kookie leaned back. He didn’t want the Alpha to get close to him. He was scary with sharp teeth. But, the Alpha kept getting closer and closer, and Kookie couldn’t run anywhere. 

The Alpha smelled nasty, like really brown bananas or squishy apples... Rotten, he smelled rotten, and it hurt his nose. 

“You’re in a lot of trouble,” the pup whispered, his voice weak and small, “My Mommies are going to be really mad.” 

The leader, the tallest Alpha, squatted down in front of Jungkook, baring teeth. Something inside Kookie cringed away, curling up and making him whine at the Alpha. 

“See, now I know you’re a dumbass. I don't know who the fuck your mothers are. It's Namjoon that's the pain in my ass." 

Tears fell down Jungkook’s cheeks. He didn’t understand what the stranger said, but he knew it was mean. 

He wanted to be home. He wanted his pack.

He wanted his Mommies. 

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Chapter 2: That Morning

World Building Fun Fact:
Pups have very sensitive noses. They recognize their parents almost entirely by scent. The scent of their parents can be very calming, and even the most minor of changes to it can be very alarming. 

The smell of strangers, especially aggressive strangers, can hurt a pup's sensitive nose. 

“Eomma. I wanna go to the park,” Kookie asked, tugging at the skirt of the Omega’s dress. 

Eomma was getting dressed, putting on a pretty, flowy dress that was so long. It reached the floor, and Jungkook would drown in it if he tried to put it on. Eomma always had the prettiest dresses. 

Eomma was very tall when he wore his heels, taller than all of the Alphas. Which was very tall. Everyone was scared of Eomma because he was so tall. 

But, Eomma was putting on earrings, which always meant that he’d be going out. So he could take Kookie to the park. 

“Can we go to the park?” the pup asked again, impatiently tugging on Eomma’s dress. Eomma always said yes to him. Always.

“Aish,” Eomma cooed, “Such a cute, little prince.” 

Eomma picked him up, settling him on his hip. Kookie wrapped his arms around Eomma, looking at the reflection in the mirror. 

Eomma was so pretty. So, so pretty. A lot of kids at school said that their Eomma’s were the prettiest, but Kookie knew they were lying. 

Eomma was the prettiest Omega in the whole world. But he’d never tell Mommy or Mama that. Eomma had the prettiest eyes and the nicest skin, and he looked those models on the pretty magazines. 

Warm hands ruffled his hair, and Kookie watched in the mirror as Eomma pressed a soft kiss to his forehead. Eomma always did that. Eomma said Kookie had a cute forehead. 

“I’m sorry, sweetheart. Eomma has a charity event. If you come with me, we can go to the park afterwards?” 

The words were soft, warm, happy, but Kookie pouted, burrowing his face into Eomma’s neck, smelling Eomma, Eomma, home, safe, safe, warm in the heavy smell of flowers. 

It wasn't fair, Eomma always said yes.

“I wanna go now,” he whined, insistently patting Eomma's shoulder. 

Eomma laughed his squeaky laugh, “You’ll have to ask someone else then, bunny, I’m sorry. Do you want to ask together?” 

Kookie shook his head.
He was a big boy. He could ask by himself. 

“Okay,” Eomma pressed another kiss to his forehead, making him feel super warm and fuzzy, before setting him on the ground,

“Try Appa. He’s going out today, too.” 


“Appa!” Kookie squealed, running into his Appa’s room. 

Appa really liked sleeping, and his other Mommies and Daddies could be a loud sometimes. So, Appa sometimes slept in his own room, instead of in the big bedroom with his other parents. 

Appa said, Kookie and Appa were both special because they both had their own rooms. No one else had their own room. 

Which was nice. 

Kookie liked being special. 

He was Eomma's Kookie, everyone had to be nice to him, because he was super special. 

It was hard to climb up on Appa’s bed, because it was so tall, but Kookie managed it. He pulled at the fluffy comforters and blankets, until he found his Appa underneath everything. 

“Kookie?” Appa said softly.
Too soft. It was hard to hear him. 

So, Kookie shouted, just to show Appa how loud he should talk. “APPA, YOU HAVE TO TALK LOUD.” 

“Yah!” Appa shouted, “Kookie! Don’t act cute this early in the morning.”
Kookie giggled. Appa was so silly. He wasn’t acting cute. He was acting smart. But Appa could be dumb in the mornings, so Kookie didn’t say anything. 

“Appa I wanna go to the park.” 

Appa blinked sleepily, staring at Kookie for a second, snuffled, and then curled back into the sheets. Appa was like a cat. Sleepy and grumpy. 

But he loved Kookie. And he’d want to take Kookie to the park. “Appa. Wake up,” Kookie whined. 

Appa quickly tugged Kookie into a big hug. Kookie squirmed, trying to get away but Appa was too strong. All of his Daddies were super strong, even if their eyes weren't yellow. 

“Appa! No! I don’t wanna sleep!” Kookie whined. 

“Shushh” Appa whispered, wrapping his arms around Kookie and pulling him underneath the warm blankets, “Let’s sleep for a little bit. I’ll take you to the park in the afternoon.” 

It was so warm. Appa smelled like candles and marshmallows, and safe, warm, warm, sleep, sleep. But then, Kookie thought of the swings in the park. He could go so high on the swings. He wanted to go to the park. 

“Appa. I don’t want to sleep.” 

“How can my pup say this to me?” Appa asked, “I didn’t raise you right.” 

“I’ll tell Mommy you said that,” Kookie threatened. 

“No. No. Let’s just sleep, okay?” 

”Appa. Eomma said you were going out. I wanna go out, too. Let’s go to the park,” Kookie said, feeling like explained his points really well. 

Appa blinked, still looking sleepy, “Out? Why would I have to- Oh! Shi- zam. Shazam. Appa forgot he had to go out. Kookie you’ll have to ask someone else, okay? I’ll bring lamb skewers home for dinner. Appa has to go to the hospital. Unless if you want to come with?” 

All of a sudden, Appa looked wide awake. He was sitting up, rubbing at his eyes, and looking at the clock. 

Kookie shivered. The hospital smelled horrible. It was full of old, wrinkly, scary people, and doctor’s were very very scary when Mommies weren’t with him. He'd only go to the hospital if his Mommies were with him. 

“No, thank you.” 

Appa smiled at Kookie, a bright gummy smile, “My pup is so polite. Come here. Give Appa a hug.” 

Kookie giggled, clambering over to give Appa a hug. 

“Ask Daddy, okay? They aren’t doing much, today. And, don’t tell Eomma that I just woke up. We’ll both get in trouble.” 

Kookie’s eyes grew wide, “I don’t wanna get in trouble.” 

Appa laughed, ruffling Kookie’s hair, “You’re too cute, bun.” 


Daddy and Papa were at the dining table. Or Papa was sitting at the dining table. Daddy was sitting in Papa’s lap. 

Papa smelled so good. He smelled like oranges, like orange popsicles and orange juice and starbursts and safe, happiness, joy. 

Papa was smiling at Kookie, but that wasn’t new. Papa was always smiling and laughing. He was Kookie’s favorite Daddy to play games with. 

“Papa! I wanna sit!” Kookie squealed, wanting to sit in Papa’s lap like Daddy was. 

Almost immediately, Papa shoved Daddy off his lap. Daddy fell to the ground with a loud ‘oof’, but Papa didn’t care, making grabby hands at Kookie. 

“Come here, bunny! Of course you can sit!” Papa cooed, lifting Kookie right off the floor, and setting him firmly in his lap. 

“Wow. My mate. So kind and caring, hm?” Daddy said, slowly getting back up, brushing the dust off his pants. 

Papa rolled his eyes, “What are you talking about? You fell. Namjoon-ah, don’t blame me for your clumsiness.” 

Daddy huffed, before taking another seat at the large dining table. 

Daddy was the Alpha boss of the family, but he wasn’t scary like other pack Alphas. Daddy wasn't big, he was smart. Daddy smelled like Christmas candies and calm, warm, calm. So, Kookie didn’t really pay attention to Daddy pouting- he wasn’t scary.

Kookie just smiled, snuggling further into his Papa’s lap.

Papa was giving Kookie a pretty heart-shaped smile, as he pinched the pup’s cheeks. “Wah! You look so cute this morning! Are you sure you’re my Kookie?” Kookie frowned. 

Papa don’t act dumb,” he said, fingers fisting in Papa’s clothes, “Appa said you’ll get stuck like that.” 

From behind him, Daddy corrected him, “That’s for expressions, Kookie. Not for acting. And no matter what, you won’t actually get stuck like that. Appa just wants to scare you so you’ll stop.” 

Jungkook’s mouth dropped open, and he turned around so that he could he could look at him. “Really?” 

Daddy smiled, and nodded. “Who’s smarter? Me or your Appa?” Kookie paused.


“So then I’m right, aren’t I?” Daddy asked. 

Kookie nodded, biting his lip. That sounded right. 

“So, what are you doing running around this early, Jungkookie?” 

Oh. Right. 

“I wanna go to the park.” 

Daddy blinked. 

“Okay, bun.” 

“I wanna go right now.” 

“Okay, bun.” 

Jungkook smiled. That was easier than he thought it would be. 

“Me and Hoseok are going on rounds today, though, so if we take you to the park, you’ll have to come with us.” 

He knew it was too easy. 

Daddy rounds are so boringgggg,” Jungkook whined, “All you do is yell at people. And Papa smells angry, and no one pays any attention to me.” 

He hated rounds. He hated being stuck in the car. It was fun watching Daddy and Appa kill people. But, they didn’t kill people on rounds, only yelled. Rounds were boring.

Daddy grinned, “We’ll do a little more than yell at people this time. Someone broke a rule.” 

Kookie paused. That sounds interesting. Daddy never actually hurts anyone. Daddy was too soft. He always smelled like sweet candy canes. That was usually one of his Mommies. 

“Can you hurt Miranda?” he asked, because that was the only thing that would make all the waiting worth it. 

Papa laughed from behind him, “Sorry, bun. Daddy’s too soft to whack a five-year old. No matter how many times she asks to play with you.” 

“But... She’s so annoying. I don’t wanna play cars. They’re so ugly. Dolls are so much better. And their heads come off.” 

“Sorry, Bunny. We’ll never invite her over to a party again, promise.” “Pinky promise?” 

Daddy smiled, showing Jungkook his dimples. Jungkook smiled back, showing his matching dimples. 

The only people left were Mama and Mommy. Which was good. 

Mommy was the nicest Mommy in the whole world. He always listens to Kookie. He has pink hair and loves hugs, and smells like candy and cuddles. Mommy always gave him hugs and kisses and Mommy was so nice. 

And Mama was the funnest Mama ever. He smelled like love and forever. He liked going to the park even more than Kookie did. Mama had the nicest voice, and would always take lots of pictures of Kookie. Mama could do accents and had the coolest clothes. 

So, Kookie went to the big bedroom, where Mommy and Mama were sleeping. 

And he was just about the open the door before his nose tickled. 

He sniffed again. 

Mama and Mommy smelled bitter. Not really really bitter, but just a little. It was the kind of bitter that made his nose scrunch. 

He knows the smell. His Mommies were sick. 

Bitter always meant that his Mommies were going to start super feeling tired and extra hot soon, just like how Kookie felt when he got a fever. 

Eomma says that Kookie was really sensitive to smells, so Kookie was probably the only one that knows. 

Which was why Eomma, and Daddy, and Papa, and Appa were all leaving. Because they didn’t know. So, Mama and Mommy would have to take care of themselves all day long. 

Kookie couldn’t make Mama and Mommy take him to the park when they had a fever. He wanted to help, not give them more work.

But what could he do?

So Kookie decided: He was a brave boy, and he’d take himself to the park. 

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Chapter 3: Red Eyes

World Building Fact: 

Mated omegas can command their mates using Omega-voice. This only works on their mates, and doesn’t affect anyone else. The stronger their emotions, the harder it is for mates to disobey. Commands given in Omega-space are practically impossible to disobey. 

Unmated omegas do not have this ability. 

Seokjin walked out, wearing black slacks and a tucked-in button down. That was enough to make Yoongi feel like a failure.
Seokjin never wore pants. Ever. 

All things considered, the Omega was traditional in many ways. Looking beautiful always took priority over function. Conservative, floor length dresses were practically all the Omega wore. They visibly constricted his movement, modestly indicating that the Omega did no physical labor. Any and all physical exertion would immediately be taken care of by his Alphas. 

For Seokjin to feel like he needed to have the ability to move. Well, it was practically a slap in the face, a silent sign he didn’t trust Yoongi. 

And Seokjin knew it. 

Omega moved down the stairs. Instead of the usual clicks of stilettos, soft pats of Adidas running shoes followed Seokjin’s steps, making Yoongi feel even smaller. 

“Was he with Namjoon and Hoseok?” Seokjin asked, words clipped. 

Yoongi shook his head, “No, noona.” 

There was a flash of fear on the Omega’s face, before it faded, faded into a smooth, blank expression. The Omega’s eyes flickered between red, black, red, black, red, black, before finally resting on an ominous crimson. 


“Who took mypup, Yoongi?” Seokjin asked. His voice was hard. 

“I don’t know, noona,” the Alpha whispered, cringing slightly. 

The Omega took a step closer to Yoongi, looming over him, pressing his lips in Yoongi’s hair. Seokjin reeked of rotting flowers, of death, danger, danger, danger. And Yoongi forced himself to suppress a shiver, knowing it would only make things worse. 

“I can feel your little shivers, deark, there's no need to be scared. I won't hurt you,” Seokjin cooed, running gentle fingers down Yoongi’s arms, “We’ll get him back, won’t we? Nothing to worry about.” 

“Yes, noona.” 

“Good boy,” Seokjin praised, “Now, run down to the lobby, get the security video. And I’ll call the Superintendent, there’s a reason we pay him three billion won a year. Everything will be just fine.” 

Yoongi paused. Seokjin seemed rather under control. This wasn't nearly as bad as Yoongi thought it’d be. Maybe there had been no reason to be so wary. Seokjin, while ruthless, was also an extremely logical Omega, perhaps Yoongi had underestimated him. 

However, as much as Yoongi wanted to follow Seokjin's instruction, he paused. While, yes, his protective instincts were demanding he go out and find Kookie, just as strong was the pull to protect his vulnerable Omega mates. 

Relaxing his shoulders, Yoongi answered, “Noona, I can’t go down to the lobby. Jimin and Tae are going to go into heat. They need to be taken care up or they’ll overheat.” 

One moment Seokjin was calm. The next- 

The Omega snarled, fangs flashing less than an inch away from Yoongi’s face, the stench of rot growing even stronger. 

“Overheat? They can burn to a fucking crisp for all I care. My priority is my damn baby. So, you’re going to go down stairs, you’re going to talk to the brutes you keep downstairs, and you’re going to figure out what happened. Am I clear?” Seokjin ordered, voice sharp as a knife, with Omega-voice underlying his words. 

Fuck fuck fuck. 

Yoongi felt his mind cloud over at Seokjin’s voice. 

The Omega’s nails were digging into Yoongi’s arms. Even if he wanted to, he wouldn’t be able to get out of the hold. As an Alpha, he was biologically wired to keep his Omega happy. He was physically unable to disobey his mate’s Omega-voice. 

And if that meant leaving Tae and Jimin to go downstairs, that’s what he’d do. 


“Yes, noona,” Yoongi answered, wondering just how the fuck. 

“Good boy,” Seokjin smiled, fangs flashing, “Off you go.” 


The car ride was jerky. 

Their driver was swerving through traffic, weaving their Rolls Royce SUV through the lunch hour rush, understanding that the quicker he got his bosses home, the more likely he was to live. 

The Alphas were sitting side by side; shoulders, hips and thighs flush together.

“Who could have taken him?” Namjoon mumbled, running through lower-level crime families in his head. 

“The better question is how,” Hoseok retorted, looking at him with Amber eyes, “Yoongi practically has an army downstairs. There’s no way they’d be able to drag a screaming Kookie out of the lobby.” 

“So if Kookie wasn’t making a fuss...” 

“What could keep Kookie calm?” Hoseok led, doing his best to help spark an idea. 

“Someone we fucking know,” Namjoon growled, “Someone he likes. Someone he trusts.” 

God. Namjoon was just so fucking angry. His vision flickered yellow, as his thoughts started to go fuzzy. His hands twitched, aching to just wring a motherfucking neck. Fuck. 

Someone they trust has betrayed them. Someone was going to burn. 

“Calm down, Namjoon,” Hoseok demanded, a firm hand pressing down on Namjoon’s mating bite, “We aren’t going to find him if you’re busy breaking things.” 

Hoseok’s warm hand against Namjoon’s mating mark did well to calm the Alpha down, soft bubbles of warm, love, safe floating in his stomach. 

He didn’t even notice the car had stopped until Hoseok snapped his fingers. 

“Bambi,” the Alpha called, his tone cold despite the soft nickname, a strong grip on Namjoon’s shoulders, “You have to focus, okay? Focus. Can you do that for me?” 

His mate’s voice cleared Namjoon’s mind, stern and sharp. 

Namjoon blinked several times before nodding. 

Hoseok smiled softly. Reaching out to cup Namjoon’s cheek, the Alpha purred, a low rumble that immediately had the tension melting from Namjoon’s shoulders. It was a specific tone meant only for pups, a gentle, calming sound. 

“You’ll figure it out, Namjoon,” Hoseok told him, amber eyes warm with pride, “You're my perfect little Alpha, I know you will. Just keep your head on straight.” 

“Okay, hyung,” Namjoon whispered, feeling safe and reassured at the same time. 

While Namjoon was pack Alpha, Hoseok was definitely the most dominant Alpha in the pack. Hoseok was always so good at making Namjoon feel supported and safe, without making him feel small. 

“Good boy. You go inside,” Hoseok’s voice fell from warm to malicious within a second, “I’ll take the car, and give some of our friends a visit.” 

“Okay, be safe, hyung” Namjoon said, not so much worried about Hoseok, as much as whoever Hoseok was going to visit. 

Hoseok reached out and pressed a firm kiss to Namjoon’s lips, warm and reassuring, and Namjoon let out a soft whine. The Alpha had barely opened his eyes when Hoseok practically shoved the Alpha out of the car. 

“I will. Now, go.” 


Namjoon passed by Yoongi as he walked into the lobby. 

It seemed to take physical effort for Yoongi to stop in front of Namjoon. “Get. Noona. Under. Control,” he gritted, “He’s fucking mad as shit.” 

Namjoon blinked and then he realized, “Noona commanded you?” 

“Calm him down before he orders you around, too. Jimin and Tae are in heat, we can’t ignore them either,” Yoongi said quickly, seeming as if he was pushing the words out of his mouth, before he quickly walked away, forced to go do whatever Seokjin had asked him to do. 

Namjoon shivered, knowing it was no use to chase after Yoongi. Yoongi had to do whatever Seokjin commanded him to do, and he'd fight Namjoon if he tried to get in way. 

Shaking his head, Namjoon jogged to the elevators, pressing the button for the top floor. 

He didn’t remember the last time Seokjin had genuinely Omega-commanded them. Even years ago, when their relationship was at its rockiest, Seokjin never took advantage of the power he had over his Alphas.

Seokjin didn’t need his Omega-voice in order to be terrifying.

And, it wasn’t as if they were upset because Seokjin was bossing them around. Seokjin did that regularly. Namjoon took pride in doing what Seokjin wanted. It was his job to lay supple at Seokjin's feet and submit. 

Their Omega mate could step on their faces, and the Alphas would say thank you. 

The issue was that the Alphas would willingly offer their faces as a walkway for Seokjin’s stiletto heels.

It hurt that Seokjin would betray their trust like this, that he’d tug his Alpha mates around like puppets. The Kim clan was a team, a pack, a family, they didn’t a lot of horrific things, but they didn’t mistreat each other like that. 

But, then again, Namjoon couldn’t entirely blame him. Seokjin was a mother, neck deep in Omega- space, who just wanted his pup back home. 

And that was part of the issue. 

When they were angry, his Omega mates were like sadistic beasts. No thought for collateral damage. They left bloody, ashy heaps in their wake. The only thing the Alphas could do was hold them back, try their best to keep them leashed. 

And Seokjin, the scariest Omega in Seoul? Seokjin was known for being damn near apocalyptic. 

Last year, when they were trying to find a police informant, Seokjin had tried to get his hands on nuclear launch codes, as if that was the best way to deal with the problem. 

As the elevator doors opened, the smell of rotten flowers and danger, danger, danger hit Namjoon like a freight train. 


“Noona,” Namjoon called with fake confidence, “Any updates?” 

The penthouse looked normal, pristine as usual. Jimin and Tae were curled up around each other on the couch, nude but partially covered by a thin blanket. They had frowns on their faces, which was probably a subconscious response to Seokjin’s scent. 

“Here. Namjoonie," Seokjin called, standing up from another couch. 

Namjoon blinked. 

 Seokjin was wearing pants. And running shoes. Namjoon didn’t even know Seokjin owned pants.

The sight immediately had him feeling shame. He failed in protecting his family, and now Seokjin, his Omega mate, felt the need to step in and do Namjoon’s job for him.

Namjoon had proven himself weak, and Seokjin was no longer confident Namjoon could take care of him.

That quickly became a side note however, as Namjoon saw the sharp expression on Seokjin’s face. Intelligent crimson eyes looked at him with just a bit of malice. 

Fuck. Right get noona under control. 

“I’ll call you back,” Seokjin said into his phone before ending the call. “I’m so happy to have you home, Namjoonie. I’m just so worried. I’ve talked to the police superintendent, the director of the NIS, the head of security for the building, and I’m on call with the mayor.” 

“Did anyone have anything to say?” Namjoon asked, walking closer. Trying to keep his posture strong, an imitation of a confident, protective Alpha that could bring Seokjin some comfort. 

Seokjin shook his head, running a hand through his hair. He didn’t seem frantic, but he also didn’t seem quite present. Namjoon wouldn’t be surprised if Seokjin started swaying. “No one knows. Yoongi’s running over the footage downstairs, but no one has anything. Honestly, if they don’t have anything to say now, then what’s the point of them having tongues at all? Can’t you make a really nice dish with Cow tongue? Maybe it’ll be the same with human tongue...” 

“What about Kookie’s tracking bracelet?” Namjoon changed the subject, suppressing a shiver. It was for the best to nudge Seokjin away from the idea of cannibalism before he really started craving it. 

Seokjin exhaled loudly, easily forgetting about the whole ‘cannibalism’ thing. “He left it in the lobby. Which is concerning. I don’t know who could convince him to leave it without a fuss. He knows how important it is.” 

“I think it’s someone we know,” Namjoon said, explaining what he and Hoseok talked about in the car, “There’s no other reason Kookie would leave without a fuss.” 

Seokjin blinked, face growing even colder, “You think it was an ally?” Ashes. Seokjin smelled like ash.

The last time Seokjin smelled this horrible, it was right after the incident. 

“I think it could be. I sent hyung out to speak to other clans and look-out parties searching for anything about a stolen pup. And I thought we could speak to our subordinates, until the police contacts us again,” the Alpha explained, with a soft voice, trying to appear as submissive as possible. The last thing he needed was for Seokjin to see him as a threat. 

“I refuse to sit and wait. We’ll go out, too. Everyone around us is fucking pathetic. God knows how long my baby has been gone. I’m ready to start taking heads, Namjoonie,” Seokjin growled. It was a low, threatening rumble that immediately had Namjoon on edge. 


“I know, Noona,” Namjoon soothed, “We’ll make a pile of heads. Set them up really nice and pretty, and show them to Kookie when he comes home. You know he likes popping the heads of his dolls right? I’m sure he’d love to watch it on a real person.”

The growl tapered off. Seokjin smiled, wistful, “That’s a nice thought.” 

Namjoon was so close, less than a foot away from Seokjin, one more step, and he could reach out and- 

 Seokjin took a quick step back, sneering, “Don’t even fucking think about it, Namjoon. Or your head will be the first of the pile.” 

“Sorry, noona.” 

Seokjin gave him a smile with far too many teeth, “It’s okay. I know it’s only because you’re worried. But that’s why Noona’s in charge. Okay? So, how about you go get noona a gun? And then, we’ll go out, too.” 

Namjoon blinked. He definitely didn’t want to get a gun for the person that had been talking of eating peoples tongues less than a minute ago. And he definitely didn’t want to let Seokjin leave the house. And he certainly, couldn’t leave Jimin and Tae here alone, in pre-heat, for Christ’s sake. 

“What about Jimin and Tae? Your flowers are in heat, Noona,c” Namjoon asked, hoping to appeal to Seokjin’s sympathy. Jimin and Tae were Seokjin's flowers; his beautiful little mates. There was nothing Seokjin wouldn't do for his omega mates. 

 Seokjin waved his words off; the omega’s expression remained merciless. “They’ll be fine. Let’s focus on getting Kookie.” 

“How will we even find him? There’s no point in walking around Seoul with a gun, Seokjin! Be reasonable for Christ’s sake,” Namjoon yelled, frustrated, wishing not for the first time that Alpha- voice would work on mates, as he dropped the honorific on Seokjin’s name.

Seokjin snarled, “Don’t you dare, disrespect me. You understand Kim Namjoon? I can force you to rip out your own tongue, sauté it, and fucking feed it to me. I’ll make you do it. Don’t fucking test me.” 

“What’s going on?” Tae asked. 

The unexpected voice jerked both of them out of their conversation. 

Namjoon’s yelling seemed to have finally been the thing that woke up Jimin and Taehyung, who had miraculously been sleeping through this entire situation. They slowly sat up, flashing long expanses of skin as the blanket fell into their laps. Jimin sleepily yawned, arching his body like a cat, but Tae was alert immediately, eyes flashing between Seokjin and Namjoon. 

As they awoke, their scents shifted to again release that unbearably sweet pleasure, heat, heat. Their eyes were red, flashing that color from their need, instead of anger, like Seokjin. 

Namjoon’s skin prickled; he felt an inexplicable urge to walk over and protectively lay on top of them. 

“Nice of you to wake up,” Seokjin sneered, not showing any hint of sympathy.

Jimin sniffed, before practically doubling over with a pained whine from the smell of death and ash in the air. 

Namjoon quickly walked over to rub Jimin’s back, cooing softly and leading Jimin’s nose to his own scent gland. The Alpha probably didn’t smell as soothing as he would have liked, but there was no way he smelled worse than Seokjin, who reeked of ash and death right now. 

Jimin whimpered a little louder and climbed into Namjoon’s lap, needing comfort from his racketing anxiety. 

Tae, while still affected by Seokjin’s scent, was always far more verbal during their heats, “W-what’s going on, Oppa?” 

“Kookie’s been kidnapped, and I’m trying to keep Noona under control,” Namjoon said, hoping that Jimin and Tae would be able to wrangle Seokjin back to somewhere sensible. 

How wrong he was. 

“Kookie’s been... kidnapped,” Tae repeated, much slower. His reaction time was obviously delayed, and Namjoon would have found it cute, if he wasn’t so concerned about worrying an omega in heat. 

Jimin whimpered, too far in heat to speak. Which was to be expected. Jimin was entirely non-verbal during heats, and watching him distressed and unable to express himself was breaking Namjoon’s heart.

Namjoon nodded, gently cupping Jimin’s head, “We don’t know who, but we think it’s someone Kookie trusts. But, Yoongi’s downstairs with security. Hoseok’s out doing rounds. Seokjin and I are waiting for calls from law enforcement.” 

“Right,” Tae said lowly. The Omega was rubbing a soothing hand on his stomach, probably trying to quell a cramp. 

“So, if you could please explain to your mate, that we’re doing everything we can. And that walking around Seoul with a gun and a plan for mass murder is idiotic,” Namjoon pleaded, exasperated. 

Jimin pulled his face out of Namjoon’s neck, eyes flicking a deeper shade of crimson, under control and aware. “Unnie... I a-agree with u-unnie.” 

The Omega was clearly struggling and Namjoon softly stroked a thumb over Jimin’s collarbones, reassuring the Omega that he could stop, fall back into heat. 

“It’s okay, Jiminie. Just sink back down, Alpha has you. Don’t hurt yourself, darling,” Namjoon cooed. 

Namjoon’s heart was aching at the sight in front of him. Jimin should be smiling and cooing, crimson eyes twinkling, wriggling in a little nest of his own making, whining for his mates to fill him up with a pout and an entitled expression. Not struggling to speak when he was clearly unable to. 

But, Jimin shook his head, slipping away from Namjoon’s lap, frowning. The curvy Omega hugged himself tightly, clearly still suffering from cramps. His voice, however, was firm, “No. I agree with Unnie. He’s the only one doing anything.” 

“Well. I agree, the gun idea is idiotic, Oppa,” Tae said, claiming Namjoon’s attention again. “Thank you-“ 

With a smooth movement, Taehyung stood up from the couch, blanket falling away and leaving him bare. He gracefully stretched his arms above his head, popping his back and shoulders, entirely unconcerned with being nude. 

“We should take bombs. Check a building, and if Kookie isn’t there, blow it up. That way we know where we’ve checked and where we haven’t,” the Omega grinned, giving Namjoon a boxy smile. 

The smell of arousal and slick faded slightly, replaced by adrenaline, anger, anger, danger. 

Heats were just a week where Omegas were very sensitive to arousal and experienced harsh cramping that only eased up from orgasms and sex. But, the actual mindset of heat came from slipping into Omega-space, which was entirely a mental thing.

And, though the mix of hormones Jimin and Taehyung had in their bodies right now was very insistent that the Omega’s slip into Omega space, it wasn’t unheard of for an Omega to slip out of the instinctual mindset.

Namjoon remembered reading the extremely rare medical article about it a few years ago.

But this wasn’t a medical condition. No, his Omegas had slipped out of heat by sheer will power, and a tendency towards sadism and mass murder. 

But it was mostly willpower. 

Namjoon wasn’t sure whether to be in awe or terrified.

Seoul was so fucked. Namjoon was so fucked.

So much for calming them down. 

“A bullet is too quick anyway,” Jimin said, slipping on a stray robe, “Slowly. I want to pour acid in their veins and watch it slowly ruin them from the inside out. Give them bruises, make them flush, make them feel that acid slowly burn right below their skin, until they scratch through their skin themselves.” 

“Oooh,” Seokjin breathed, “That’s good, flower. I like that.” 

“They took Kookie,” Jimin huffed, “I want to destroy them. 

Namjoon’s heart started racing. 

 Seokjin looked at Namjoon. “Namjoon,” the Omega said with a smile, omega-voice tainting his words, “Let’s get Noona that gun, okay?” 

Chapter Text

Chapter 4: Jimin 

World Building Fact: 

Heats last about a week, during which Omegas experience painful cramps in the absence of intercourse.  They also have extremely sensitive skin, are constantly aroused, and easily fall deeply into Omega-space.

As it is Omega-space however, Omegas are capable of snapping out of the mind set. However, as the physical symptoms of heat are extremely uncomfortable without the haze of Omega-space, this is less of a skill and more of a medical disease.


Warm, warm, warm,

full of pups, full of Alpha’s pups warm, mates, warm 

protected, warm, warm worried, warm

bitter, worried, warm bitter, worry, tension tension, scared, scared scared, scared, scared, danger, not safe, not safe

danger, danger, danger 

Jimin’s eyes opened, his Alpha’s angry voice slowly filtered into his mind. 

“...d him? There’s no point in walking around Seoul with a gun, Seokjin! Be reasonable for Christ’s sake.” 

His Alpha sounded angry. Namjoon never sounded angry. Jimin whimpered softly. 

But, that was all Jimin could think off before his heat slapped him in the face. His skin felt prickly and hot. His eyes felt blurry, vision tinted red; all he wanted was to close his eyes and rely on his mates to take care of him. 

His lower body clenched under the onset of cramps. Heavy cramps from his uterus contracting caused an ache in his abdomen, demanding Jimin get fucked. 

More than anything, though it was a overwhelming sense of need. Jimin felt vulnerable. He wanted- needed to be pinned down and protected. His Alpha mate was next to him and he wasn’t showing Jimin any attention. That wasn’t right. Jimin needed attention. 

He wanted to be bred full and warm. That was all he could think of. 

Need pups. Need pups. I need to be full with Alpha’s pups. Need. Need. Want to be bred. Need to be bred. Want to be stuffed. 

Jimin took a deep breath, and choked-

Ashes, death, death, ashes, unnie, unnie hates me, wants to steal my pups, danger, alpha, alpha, 


Jimin whined, curling into himself terrified. Where were his Alphas? Did they not love him? Did they not care? He wanted his- 

Warm. Strong, warm hands were touching him, touching his face, and then peppermint. Sweet, peppermint, Safe, alpha, safe, safe, safe, safe, safe, fear, stress, stress, safe, safe, safe, safe, safe, safe, safe, fear, safe, safe, safe. 

He still felt cold. His back wasn’t protected, and Jimin moved closer, into his Alpha’s lap. Alpha would protect him. Protect his pups. 

Alpha held him close. Kept Jimin safe with his strong arms. Jimin curled up closer, resting his head into Alpha’s neck. Safe. 

Out of the corner of his eye, Jimin saw an omega-mate. Tae-Tae. Mate, omega mate, mine. Jimin watched silently, dumbly, as TaeTae sat up and asked something of Unnie and Oppa. 

Jimin was jealous. Just a little. Tae could ask questions. Tae could be smart and capable and needy and full all at the same time. 

Jimin wanted to speak too, wanted to listen.

But more than that he needed pups. He needed, needed, needed pups. It didn’t matter whether or not he could listen.

Want pups, want to be warm, want, want, want, want. Alpha. Want Alpha.

Namjoon was mad though, there had to be a reason. Present, whine, make Alpha happy, need 

Alpha, want Alpha’s pups. Want to be worthy of Alpha.

There was a low voice. Namjoon’s. Jimin knew. Alpha, my mate, mine. Namjoon answered Tae’s question. Jimin couldn’t hear it. Really. Felt it in Alpha’s throat more than anything else. 

Alpha’s throat. Mating mark. Mine. Pups? Pups. Want. Hurts 

Another cramp struck Jimin’s tummy and he suppressed a whimper. He couldn’t worry about pups right now. His mates were angry, and Jimin needed to know why. 

 Seokjin smelled like ash. Namjoon was yelling. Jimin needed to pay attention, even though it hurt and he wanted pups. 

TaeTae opened his mouth to speak, and Jimin listened. 

“Kookie’s been... kidnapped.” 

No. My pup. Mine. Where. Where’s my pup. Mine. Need. Need my pup. Need. Need pup safe. Need pup safe. Jimin whimpered, feeling scared. 

Need pup safe. 

Need pup safe. 

Need pup safe. 

Need pup safe. 

Need pup safe. 

A warm hand- No, Namjoon’s hand was softly, soothingly petting Jimin’s hair. It was helpful. Jimin appreciated it. 

“We don’t know who, but we think it’s someone Kookie trusts. But, Yoongi’s downstairs with security. Hoseok’s out doing rounds. Seokjin and I are waiting for calls from law enforcement,” Namjoon said. 

Everyone else was helping.

Jimin wasn’t helping.

Need to help. Need to get Jungkook back. Mother. I’m a mother. I’m Mommy. Need my baby. 

“Right,” Tae said. 

Tae said. Tae was helping. Jimin had to help, too. Jimin was Kookie’s mommy, too. Jimin was Kookie’s mommy. Jimin was pathetic. Jimin couldn’t keep his pup safe. Jimin couldn’t talk. Jimin has to talk. Has to keep pup safe. 

“So, if you could please explain to your mate, that we’re doing everything we can. And that walking around Seoul with a gun and a plan for mass murder is idiotic,” Namjoon said. 

Gun. Mass murder. Yes. Need to find my baby. Need to keep my baby safe. This is good. I like this idea. No one hurts my baby. 

He had to tell his Alpha that. Jimin had to tell Alpha- no, Namjoon, that he wanted mass murder. 

His fingers twitched, and he pulled himself away from Namjoon’s neck, leaving the only safe spot in the world, even though he wasn’t safe, not safe, go back, go back- 

No. Jimin was a mother first. He had a baby to keep safe. 

His tongue felt like lead, but it moved, slowly, painfully, “ Unnie... I a-agree with u-unnie.” 

It felt wrong. Jimin rarely spoke during heat, preferring to use non-verbal cues, but that didn’t matter. Kookie was missing, and Jimin would do anything for his pup. 

Namjoon traced gentle fingers across Jimin’s collarbones, and Jimin didn’t like it. It made him feel warm, and Jimin needed to feel cold. Needed to be angry. Jimin had to find his pup. 

“It’s okay, Jiminie. Just sink back down, Alpha has you. Don’t hurt yourself, darling,” Namjoon cooed. 

No. No. 

Fuck no. Jimin was furious. Kookie was missing, and come hell or high water, he was going to fucking find his pup. He was going to fucking find his goddamn baby. And lord help whoever took him. 

Jimin pulled away from Namjoon, realizing that Namjoon wasn’t going to help him. Namjoon wasn’t even going after Kookie. Namjoon wasn’t doing anything, and so Jimin would have to do it himself. 

Another cramp wracked through his body, and Jimin wrapped his arms around himself, but couldn’t bring himself to give a fuck. 

I want blood. I want someone to bleed. Blood. Blood. Protect. I’m going to kill everyone in my way. 

Namjoon was still looking at him with soft eyes, so Jimin repeated, clearly, firmly, “No. I agree with Unnie. He’s the only one doing anything.” 

Jimin didn’t give a fuck whether he’d die in the process, if his body would over heat. He’d fucking find his baby. Jimin would get his pup back. 

Blood, blood, blood was going to spill. Protect my pup. I will protect my pup. 


I'm coming. 

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Chapter 5: The Park

World Building Fact 

Alpha-voice is an ability that all Alphas, mated or unmated have. It works on all Alphas, and unmated Betas and Omegas. It can vary in strength and effectiveness depending on the dominance of the Alpha. 

Alpha-voice can affect mated Betas and Omegas, when their own Alpha-mate is less dominant than the one commanding them. 

Thus, the stronger the Alpha mate, the less likely betas and omegas are to be taken advantage of by a strange Alpha. 


Namjoon’s body stiffened; the Alpha’s instincts were ready to take over and follow his Omega mate’s desires. 

He’d get his noona that gun. He’d get noona whatever he wanted. Anything for his mates. Anything- 


Seokjin half-heartedly glanced at Namjoon, offering a quick, “Wait a moment,” command before answering. 

“Yoongi?” Seokjin answered, putting the call on speakerphone. 

“Well, the guys downstairs didn’t even see Kookie leave, which I’ll be dealing with later,” the Alpha growled ominously, before sighing and continuing, “We ran over footage, the pup went down to the lobby, waited until the guards shifted posts, and then ran out. The guards thought he just went back upstairs.” 

Seokjin blinked. “That doesn’t sound right...” he trailed, a frown on his face. 

“Sounds like he didn’t want to be caught,” Namjoon asked, “Why would he want to leave in secret?” 

“Wait,” Tae huffed, “usually we plan Kookie’s day out in the morning, but we all thought the pup was with someone else. Why?” 

Jimin sneered, “What does that have to do with anything- 

“Wait,” Namjoon interrupted, and suddenly he had the full attention of three red-eyed Omegas. 

It would be hot, if he wasn’t terrified. 

“Kookie wanted to go to the park this morning,” Namjoon said, having a bit of dread that he was right, “he didn’t want to come with me and Hoseok-hyung, so I sent him over to Jimin and Tae.” 

“Well, I sent him to you,” Yoongi said over the phone. 

“And I sent him to Yoongi,” Seokjin said. 

“Well, he didn’t even talk to us,” Jimin said, “By the time, Tae and I woke up, the house was empty.” 

Everyone paused. 

“There’s no way,” Tae whispered, “That the pup would be stupid enough to sneak outside just to go to the park.” 

“I don’t know about stupid, but he’s definitely stubborn enough,” Yoongi retorted, relief in his voice, “I’ll run over to the park, hope to God he’s still there.” 

“We’re coming, too,” Jimin and Tae rushed at the same time. 

The Omegas literally ran out the door, pausing only a moment, to wrap large trench coats over their nude bodies, and slipping on a random pair of ballet flats. They were out within seconds, completely uncaring to the fact that they’d been needy bundles of arousal less than an hour ago or that they still reeked of needy, fertile heat.

Seokjin glanced at Namjoon, a flicker of worry on his face, reminding Namjoon that no matter how cruel and cold the Omega seemed at the moment: in the end, he was still just Seokjin, a soft, sensitive worrier that needed support. He was still the Omega that lived for his child. 

“I think...,” Seokjin lagged, “Namjoon and I will stay here... Just in case.” 

The words Just in case he isn’t there hovered in the space, unspoken. 

“I’ll get him back for you, noona,” Yoongi said, sounding determined, “Put your faith in us. Your Alphas will get him back. 

Seokjin hummed noncommittally before ending the call, looking at Namjoon, cold features resembling glass more than iron. 

“Noona...” Namjoon said, taking tentative steps toward the Omega. 

This would be the perfect time for him to calm Seokin down. In the relief, Seokjin wasn’t likely to kill him for the disrespect. And, no matter what, Namjoon was physically stronger than the Omega; he could pin Seokjin down if he had to. 

Seokjin, noticing Namjoon’s movement, snarled in Omega-voice, Don’t. I don’t enjoy commanding you, Namjoon, stop forcing my hand. Learn to listen to your betters.” 

Namjoon stopped moving, and as his body froze, he realized something. 

This was the same Seokjin that had sat unmoving for weeks after the incident, practically comatose. That Seokjin, in no way, would be able to function with his pup in danger. 

Omega-space was the only thing keeping Seokjin from crashing. At the moment, Seokjin, the real Seokjin, was frozen in fear, and this was his best coping mechanism. 

And Namjoon, whose job it was to protect his Omega from everything, including sadness and fear, was not going to ruin that for him. 

Seokjin was going to stay in Omega-space, dammit. If acting like a manic sadist would prevent even just one more tear from falling down Seokjin’s cheek. Then, fuck, everyone else can suffer. 

Alphas protect and this is just Namjoon’s way of doing it. 


Jimin, Tae, Yoongi, and three bodyguards searched. They searched and searched and searched. 

The Omegas tripped around the park, frantically running around, half-heartedly trying to maintain their modesty as they shouted out their pup’s name. 

On the inside, they knew Kookie wasn’t here. 

He wasn’t responding to any of their calls through the bond. It was still stretched too tight, too thin, Kookie was still far away. 

But that didn’t stop Jimin and Tae from thoroughly searching through the park, tears stinging their eyes. 

Being in heat wasn’t as debilitating for Taehyung the way it was for Jimin. He could still speak, still think thoughts. So, now, even with heat-sensitive skin and a harshly cramping abdomen that was demanding he be fucked, he was fairly clear-headed, refusing to let himself slip back into Omega-space. 

So, he knew his behavior was illogical, but he couldn’t help but do it anyway, just another side-effect of his defective hormones. But that didn’t stop Taehyung from searching the park up and down, despite thoroughly sure Jungkook wasn’t here.

It was torture.

It was torture to see rich house-omegas playing with their children, cooing at chubby cheeks and excited squeals. 

It was horrible seeing happy children, knowing that Kookie was potentially hurting. 

Tae was clenching and unclenching his fists, trying his best to restrain himself from walking over and ripping into that happy mother, because his Kookie was missing, and no mother should get to be happy when his pup, the most important pup, was missing. 

There was instinctual agony that clawed at his stomach. Something that felt a bit like a black hole slowly growing in his chest, a numbness from the worry and panic and pain that was growing stronger by the moment. 

He loved his baby. He loved him so much. He just wanted him safe and happy and cared for. Taehyung wasn’t going to be able to live with himself if something happened to his child. 

He wasn’t going to live at all, for that matter. 

Well, none of the Omegas would. 

Omegas bonded to their children. Wholly and irrevocably. With Kookie being their only pup, well, none of their bodies would see much of a point in living on. Omegas were mothers. If they weren’t that, then, well, no point in being alive. 

Slow but eventual organ failure always resulted in grieving Omegean mothers. Tae had to agree with his body’s logic.
Swallowing the lump in his throat, he looked around for one last time, hopelessly. 

He and a bodyguard jogged back to Yoongi and Jimin, who were accompanied by Jimin’s bodyguard. 

Yeontan and Mickey, Taehyung and Jimin’s bodyguards respectively, stood at attention, hands behind their backs, waiting for an order from their Mistresses.

“He’s not here.” The words were clipped, icy with anger and heavy with disappointment. Yoongi nodded, softly reaching out to pull Tae into a hug, “I know. I called Namjoon, twenty minutes ago. They’re going to the police station.” 

The Alpha’s voice was calming, soft, lacking the fear that had been there before. Tae nuzzled his nose into Yoongi’s neck, flooding his senses with Yoongi’s smoky scent of support, love, protect, protect.  With his skin sensitive from being in heat, the contact sent a harsh shiver down Taehyung’s spine, but he didn’t move away, needing the emotional comfort far more than physical comfort.

Tae wasn’t sure just what happened over that call with Namjoon, but he appreciated the warmth Yoongi was purposely trying to project. Even if all that it did was make him feel dizzy with fake, saccharine-sweet emotions. 

“What’s... what’s next?” 

“Well, we know that he was taken. For sure this time. We should start calling nearby hospitals, and then... the people we know would take children,” Yoongi explained, softly running his hands up and down Tae’s back, trying not to touch Taehyung’s heat-sensitive skin.

Jimin scoffed, running a hand through his hair, “Let’s try Sooyun first. Fucking nasty ass motherfucker.” 

Tae shuddered, any sort of comfort Yoongi’s scent had given him melted away as fury dripped into his veins. 

Pedophile, pedophile, he’s a pedophile, and he could have Kookie, oh my fucking, oh my fucking- 

“He better fucking not have Kookie,” Tae snapped, “How many times have I told you to kill him? I swear to God, Jimin, if fucking Sooyun has touched a hair on Kookie’s head, I’m killing you. I’m going to rip out the womb you don’t deserve, and make you watch the damn thing rot. 

Yoongi tried to calm Taehyung down again, but the Omega ripped himself out of the Alpha’s grasp. 

Jimin glared, crimson eyes flickering with blood lust. “I was there for him first. I accepted him first. How dare you-“ 

“Excuse me?” a soft, feminine voice interrupted, “Look, I’m not sure what’s going on, but I have to ask you to leave. Your scent is scaring the children.” 

She was a wealthy Omega, two shallow mating bites layered on top of each other. A pretty white blouse tucked into a full navy skirt that fell just past her knees. Her hair was up in an intricate bun and her make-up was flawless. Perfect. Happy. Shallow. She was clearly preening, the weak demand to submit barely noticeable underneath her nasty Apple-cider scent. 

Tae could barely smell it. 


“We don’t have time for this,” Taehyung told her, clipped and stern. 

“Excuse me?” she asked, incredulous, “Do you know who I am? I'm Lee Yeerin, daughter of Lee Seungmin.” 

Tae suppressed a laugh. Lee Seungmin was a budding CEO. A CEO that paid the Kims to protect his shipments. 

Jimin flashed a set of pearly white fangs in a sneer, “Walk away, cunt.” 

A bodyguard walked up to the woman, wrapping a hand around her forearm, waiting for an order to drag her off. The Omega seemed to be unaffected by the bodyguard restraining her, continuing to glare at the three in front of her. 

“Cunt? At least I’m not flashing mine,” she gave a pointed look to the Jimin and Tae’s trench coats, “I really don’t need my pup knowing what a hooker in broad daylight looks like. And in heat, too, do you have no shame?” 

And that was all Yoongi needed to snap, taking an aggressive step forward, “The fuck did you say?” The Alpha’s protectiveness was always feather-light trigger. 

The posh Omega smiled sharply at the Alpha, seemingly confident in her pack’s rank and influence, “I know with Omega mates like that you haven't received proper education, but you do not speak to me like that. Alphas ought to know their place.” 

Jimin, however, reached out and grabbed Yoongi’s wrist, rebuking the Alpha, “Oppa, priorities.” 

Yoongi glared at him, yellow flashing in his eyes, Alpha-voice underlining his words, “No one talks to my mates like that.”

The stranger promptly shut her mouth, bitchy smile vanishing into a blank expression. A flicker of fear flashed in the Omega’s eyes, and she took a wary step back; her back hitting the chest of the bodyguard behind her. 

Yoongi was small and slender; he really didn't look like much of an intimidating Alpha. But, he undoubtedly the most dangerous out of the Kim clan's Alpha line. Yoongi's Alpha-voice could bring dozens to their knees, has brought dozens to their knees. 

Usually, the Alpha never got this aggressive; he was laid back, capable of handling things with bullets rather than crude commands. Tae could only guess it was because of the situation and the Alpha’s already high-strung nerves. The knowledge that not only was his pup in danger, but his three mates. His instincts were probably in overdrive. 

Still, it was enough to set Jimin off.

Hush, and be good,” Jimin sneered with Omega-voice, You aren’t going to deal with it. You've embarrassed us enough for a day.” 

Yoongi immediately went docile. Aggression draining from his body and leaving him limp. For a moment, he glared at Jimin with yellow eyes, but that quickly devolved into a childish pout. The definition of ‘good’ was obviously very open to interpretation, but Yoongi’s instincts seemed to define it as ‘act like a kicked puppy’. 

Inside, Yoongi was humiliated. Tae had no doubt about it. For his Omegas to demand that their Alpha not be the one to protect him... Well, they might as well have told him he was worthless, really. 

It really was a matter of priority, well, that and a bit of sadism.

It would take far too long for Yoongi to claw the bitch apart. Not to mention, neither Tae nor Jimin wanted to drive around Seoul with a blood-soaked Yoongi. Taehyung was already dripping slick onto his trench coat like a waterfall, they didn’t need to handle more bodily fluids.

And, there was something rather nice about seeing Yoongi soft and curled up on himself; to know that it was Tae and Jimin that made him that way. Tae knew it was just the headspace he was in at the moment, but watching a submissive Yoongi duck his head made all sorts of butterflies flutter in his stomach. 

With one last sneer to the Omega, the three of them turned to walk to the car, pulling Yoongi along. 

Jimin looked over his shoulder at Yeontan hovering near them, waiting for orders “Take care of her, quickly. She’s not worth our time.” 

Yeontan, Jimin’s bodyguard, nodded, before dragging the Omega away, kicking and screaming, “Understood, Ma’am.” 

Yoongi let out a soft snarl at that, clearly hating how Jimin had passed off his task to a bodyguard. 

Tae had no doubt that the thought was quite debilitating for his Yoongi. A bitter mix of jealousy, emasculation, and shame. But, once all of this was over, it was unlikely the Alpha would hold it against them. 

He was overreacting after all.

Tae pressed a soft kiss to Yoongi’s cheek, “Don’t be dramatic, sweetheart. You’re the one who gifted him to us, remember?” 

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Chapter 6: Sunshine

World Building Fact: 

When Alphas fall into Alpha-space, their eyes turn a yellowy/amber color. This color has come to represent aggression and danger. 

There are rare cases where Alphas, whose hormones are imbalanced, can experience chronically yellow eyes. These Alphas usually experience a variety of other side-effects such as increased strength, extreme pain tolerance, and a greater tendency towards aggression. This condition is referred to as Amber-fever.

The Kim's usual black Rolls Royce SUV parked right in front of the gate. 

The house itself wasn’t all that impressive, large but not anything to brag about. The bragging rights came from owning an actual piece of land in central Seoul. 

Hoseok got out, alone, because he didn’t need any bodyguards. 

Hoseok walked towards the soldiers, because yes, Yeeun was in fact dramatic enough to hire actual soldiers right after their formal military service was up. 

“You don’t mind opening the gate, do you?” Hoseok asked with a smile. 

The men dressed in Kevlar and who had seen actual warzones, silently shook their head, fear clear in their eyes, wordlessly opening the gate and bowing as he walked past. 

It was funny. Honestly. 

Hoseok didn’t handle much of the dirty work nowadays. His days of being 'sunshine' were mostly behind him. Generally, he dealt with more legitimate business. Since, when he popped his contact lenses in, he was easily the most presentable and docile-looking of the Alphas. 

Soft, warm scent, adorable heart smile, and a voice that wasn’t automatically underlined in an Alpha-voice. 

Though, without his contacts, his ever-present amber eyes tended to have an entirely different effect. Anyone who had any dealings with the underground, knew about the infamous Alpha with chronically amber eyes.

Entirely alone and mostly unarmed, Hoseok confidently walked into Yeeun’s house, glancing at the well-manicured lawn and pretty flower beds. 

It was quaint. Pathetic compared to the Kims’ Seoul penthouse with marble floors and crystal chandeliers, but Yeeun made an attempt, and that ought to be acknowledged. 

Servants, maids, and guards all bowed as Hoseok walked through the house, knowing he was more the master of the house than Yeeun. 

Yeeun might own the house, but Hoseok owned Yeeun. Well, that might have been a bit dramatic. 

This was the third family he was storming in on. There were five small clans that ran lower division of Seoul. North, south, east, west, and central. The Kim's owned all of it, but they allowed others to manage the details, as long as they always received a cut. It was good to delegate. 

And to have other people to throw under the bus.

The first two families Hoseok had visited were clearly not involved in Kookie’s kidnapping; they had been shaking at the thought of betraying the Kim pack, let alone doing it by kidnapping their pup. Hoseok hoped Yeeun reacted the same way, after all, the Omega was a loyal one, all things considered. 

Yeeun’s living room was okay. Minimalistic. Lots of wooden surfaces and white furniture. Hoseok supposed he couldn’t judge Yeeun the way she decorated her home and nest. 

But, he could say that Seokjin, Tae, and Jiminie had far better taste. 

Hoseok sighed. 

“Where is she?” he asked. 

He moved to sit down on one of those plain white couches. With the absence of his Omega mates, Hoseok felt absolutely no need to be polite, spreading his legs confidently and throwing an arm over the back of the sofa.

“Don’t mean to rush her, but I’m in a bit of a hurry.” 

One of Yeeun’s Alphas was sitting across from him, visibly shivering. He had clearly just ran out his shower the moment he’d heard Hoseok was here. Clad in just a thin nightgown, his wet hair was soaking the silky fabric, no doubt adding to his discomfort. The poor thing seemed so frightened, eyes wet with unshed tears. 

“S-sunshine, I pprom-”

Hoseok smiled, “Please, call me Hoseok. We’re having a civilized conversation aren’t we?” 

The Alpha nodded jerkily, before he continued his sentence, “S-she’s out for a run. She’ll be back soon, Iswearshealwayscomesbackathree.” 

The faint scent- Hoseok was mated so it really didn’t affect him - of pleading, honesty, honesty, fear filled the air. The poor Alpha was clearly terrified, unsettled and lost without the presence of his mate. 

Hoseok smiled, “Don’t worry about it, little one. Hm? I know you’re telling the truth. How about you go and finish your shower, and I’ll wait for your Omega to come home.” 

The Alpha faltered, clearly conflicted between facing the Hoseok alone and letting his mate face the dangerous Alpha alone. 

It was sweet, if not a little pathetic. 

Hoseok knew that he would never leave his Omega mates to deal with a threat alone. It was an Alpha's job to serve and protect. It was pathetic Yeeun's mate was even considering it. 

It was clear the Alpha was a trophy, a cute little thing that knelt at Yeeun's feet the exact way she liked. 

Which, Hoseok, supposed was fair. Except, here, it was going to lead to her demise. Poor Yeeun.

So many guards and soldiers, and yet none of them did anything to protect you. 

Regardless, Hoseok didn’t feel the need to make the Alpha watch as he threatened his Omega, so Hoseok repeated his command with a much harder tone, “Unless you want to make me mad, I suggest you go and finish your shower, sweetheart.” 

The little Alpha squeaked, quickly running off. Cute, Hoseok thought, cute, but rather pathetic.

Jimin and Tae, despite having commanded Yoongi around like a puppet less than thirty minutes ago, demurely hooked their arms into the crooks of Yoongi’s elbow, allowing him to escort them inside the club. 

It was likely, more than anything else, a subtle apology for crossing a line back in the park, but really, Yoongi didn’t care too much why the Omegas did it. He just focused on the slight pride warming his stomach, from the fact that his mates wanted to keep him close. 

Yoongi had to focus on how their soft skin brushed against his fingers, because otherwise... The other option would be recognizing the reality of the situation. 

His Jungkook, his pup, was missing. 

And Yoongi was visiting a fucking human trafficking den, because there was a possibility his innocent, chubby cheekedpup could be tied up in the basement of a damn whore house, terrified out of his mind, over-stimulated by the assault of strange scents. 

At least one of the three of them had to remain level-headed and alert, and since Jimin and Tae were locked in Omega-space for an indefinite amount of time: it had to be Yoongi. So, Yoongi swallowed the lump in his throat and held his mates closer, desperately trying to suppress his fear and worry. 

A slim Omega, clad in only a slinky robe, despite it being only 3 in the afternoon, walked past them, and Jimin clicked his tongue to get her attention. 

She turned around, eyes widening as she realized just who she was looking at. It was rare for the Kims to actually walk around among the common folk; it was a matter of keeping appearances, really, but it did lend some level of fear at rare appearances. 

The Kims showed up when something was drastically wrong, arriving to deal with dissonance like old-testament gods. 

“Oh, I’m s-so so sorry, Mr. Kim- Kims, Mss. Kim,” she stumbled, unable to collect her words. 

The Omegas scoffed. “Take us to Sooyun,” Yoongi commanded, unwilling to offer her the choice of refusing. 

The Omega stiffened for a brief second, as her body lost control of itself, before nodding and mechanically walking towards the back of the club. 

The trio followed close behind her. 

“It smells like fucking shit in here, I swear to god, he’s in trouble even if he doesn’t have Kookie,” Taehyung mumbled, looking around. 

“We certainly gave him this place in better condition.” The Alpha frowned, unhappy with the wear and tear he saw around the club. 

The Kims’ prided themselves on perfection, on bright facades and even more vibrant rooms behind them. For Sooyun to so directly insult them like this- well, he was incredibly stupid or was incredibly good at giving bribes. 

Because someone should have told them about this.

“If the front is like this,” Jimin sneered, “What the fuck is the basement like? They might be property, but they aren’t allowed to be damaged.”

Tae glanced at him with a disgusted look, “Right, Jimin, because that’s what the people we have locked up downstairs are worried about, whether or not their skin is flawless.” 

Yoongi sent Taehyung a sympathetic look, releasing calming pheromones. Taehyung had the softest heart out of all of them; he definitely disliked parts of their business more than others. And the sex trafficking, was a rather sore spot. 

Jimin sent Taehyung a sharp smile, and Yoongi gently tugged Jimin closer to his side. “You know that’s how I don’t run my business, Taehyung, don’t attack me for someone else’s business practices.” 

“You’re are still supporting the industry, I don’t care how cute your little harem of Alpha pets are, it’s-”

Yoongi snarled, glaring at Taehyung, “That is enough. We are all on the same side, this is not the time for a morality debate.”

Tae immediately deflated, curling up into Yoongi’s side, “m’sorry.” 

Yoongi felt guilty. Immediately. But there were more pressing issues, so he just pulled his mate close, and pressed a soft kiss on Tae’s forehead. “It’s okay, baby, Alpha still loves you. 

The omega nodded, looking rather small. 

If it was a normal day, Yoongi would drop to his knees, begging for Tae’s forgiveness, laying prone at Tae’s feet, waiting for punishment.

But, today, all Yoongi could do was offer a soothing purr, as they walked into Sooyun’s office.

Hoseok’s hand was wrapped around Yeeun’s throat, watching as the Omega slowly choked to death. 

“Are you sure you don’t know where my pup is Yeeun? Because I sure do know where your pups are. Perhaps I should give them a visit,” Hoseok asked cheerfully, Alpha-voice underlining his words. 

Underneath his hand, Yeeun still managed to frantically shake her head. Her eyes were glassy from fear and the lack of oxygen.

“I.... d-don... don’t,,, know... p-pul lease,” she choked out.

Hoseok glanced her over, humming. He wished Yoongi was here. Yoongi had such a powerful compulsion, he could have forced Yeeun to choke herself. 

Despite lacking the ability to do that, however, Hoseok thought he was doing a pretty good job. 

Yeeun definitely didn’t have anything to do with this. Not with the way her pinecone scent was reeking of fear and desperation. 

Hoseok had figured that out ten minutes ago. 

This was just sending a message. 

Just because Yeeun didn’t betray the Kims today, didn’t mean that she couldn’t do it tomorrow, so Hoseok was doing his best to remind her just why she feared the Kims. 

“Are you absolutely sure? You have three children don’t you? Beautiful things, I bet. Really valuable faces, don’t you think?” he teased playfully. His tone was light, as if he wasn’t just threatening to sell her children into slavery. 

“p-pul... puh, pluh...” 

“Oh, okay I think I’ll believe you,” he smiled, letting go of her neck. 

Yeeun immediately fell to to floor, drawing in loud, broken breaths. She rolled onto her side, curling up into a little ball, shivering. There were dark splotches around her neck, from where Hoseok’s hand had been. 


“I’m very glad you’re maintaining your loyalty to the Kim clan, Yeeun. Please let us know if you hear anything about our pup, we would be very grateful,” Hoseok smiled. 

His eyes flicked towards movement in the corner of the room. It was Yeeun’s alpha, fresh out of his shower, properly dried off this time, with tears in his eyes and a hand over his mouth, waves of fear coming off of him. 

“Oh, welcome back,” Hoseok greeted, “Do you mind walking me out, sweetheart? Your lovely house is rather large, I don’t think I could find the door.” 


Seokjin and Namjoon walked into the police precinct, immediately met by the Commissioner, who gave them an extremely respectful 90 degree bow. 

The commissioner glanced over Seokjin, taking in the running pants and sport shoes, before sending Namjoon a barely concealed smirk. 

And Namjoon, the Alpha that ruled Seoul with an iron fist, snarled, baring teeth, making sure the smell of Peppermint was burning the commissioner’s nose, with danger, danger, danger. 

“Do well to keep that damn smile off your face, Lee, or I will fucking rip it off, understand?” Namjoon growled. 

The commissioner immediately deflated, curling in on himself, nodding jerkily, “Apologies. I meant no disrespect.” 


Seokjin glanced at him, warmth twinkling in his red eyes. “Good boy,” he whispered, making Namjoon blush, before turning away to look at the commissioner. 

“Mr. and Mr. Kim. We promise to do all we can-” 

“You said the CCTV showed him being pulled into a car?” the Omega interrupted with a clipped tone. 

The commissioner nodded, leading the Alpha and Omega pair deeper into the police department. Police officers bowed quickly as Seokjin and Namjoon walked past. Some of them did it with hidden sneers, some of them did it with smiles, depending on how happy they were with their bribes. 

The Kim clan essentially had most of Seoul’s police department under their thumb, and they took full advantage of it.

“Yourpup was just walking down the street, and he made a few wrong turns. He ended up near Junwoo’s territory.” 

“I’ll fucking kill him,” Namjoon whispered.

“You can take your turn after mine,” Seokjin muttered, “How dare Junwoo even think about my pup.” 

“Jungkook ran bumped into a man, and they seemed to have a bit of a conversation, before the man picked Jungkook up and threw him into the back of his car.” 

He threw my baby into a trunk?” Seokjin repeated lowly, eyes dark. 

The commissioner flinched. “...yes?” 

Namjoon rubbed his hands up and down Seokjin’s arms, wishing he could calm Seokjin down, but far too anxious himself to be of  much use. 

But,” the commissioner tentatively continued, “the Alpha isn’t someone our organized crime unit was familiar with. His license plate is also a fake, so there weren’t any leads there. We were hoping if you knew him, whether as a relation of Junwoo’s or as an enemy of yours.” 

The commissioner finally stopped in front of a desk, gesturing towards the screen of his laptop. “Do you recognize him?” 

Namjoon and Seokjin glanced at the image. 

The man was tall, bulky. He had the face of an idiot and the scars to match. Tattoos peaked out from the collar of the man’s cheap shirt. He didn’t look poor, but he definitely didn’t look rich. Probably a mid-level gangster, not yet high enough to get other’s to do his dirty work. 

But. Despite figuring out all of that from the picture. Namjoon just didn’t recognize him.

“He looks familiar,” Namjoon admitted, “But I have no clue where from.”

“I don’t know him, either,” Seokjin followed. 

The commissioner winced, looking at the pair somewhat helplessly. “We’ll keep digging for a lead, but... Since we don’t know who he is, or where he could be going- our biggest hope is that he’ll call for ransom.” 

The omega stepped forward, fire in his eyes, “Are you telling me this fucking department isn’t doing anything but waiting? 

Namjoon hovered close behind Seokjin, ready to pull the Omega back if he became aggressive. The commissioner was far too useful to kill in a fit of rage. 

“N-no!” he babbled, protectively raising his hands, “We have checkpoints set up all around Seoul. We have half of the force driving around, looking for signs. We’re diligently checking CCTV footage. We’re trying to retrace the man’s steps to see where he started. We’re doing all that we can Mr. Kim, please.” 

Carefully, Namjoon pulled Seokjin to his chest, slowly wrapping his arms around Seokjin’s waist. “They’re doing all they can, darling. The commissioner won’t be able to help if you decapitate him.” His words were a soft coo, a weak attempt at settling Seokjin down. 

Surprisingly, the Omega nodded, leaning back against Namjoon’s chest, “You’re right.” “Since we won’t be any help here...” Namjoon trailed. 

The commissioner shook his head, “No, no, you have to stay here, in case the man calls for ransom, we have to trace the call. You did say that yourpup was most likely to call you two out of the rest of your pack?” 

They nodded. 

Not only were Seokjin and Namjoon notorious at answering back calls and texts immediately. As both the Pack Head and Head Alpha, Seokjin and Namjoon were the two main points of power in the pack, and the ‘strongest’ parents in Kookie’s eyes. 

“Then, yes, I must ask you stay here, and we’ll set your phones up, just in case,” the commissioner rushed out, before flitting off to speak to another officer. 

Seokjin glanced back up at Namjoon. The omega was still looking less like iron and more like glass. 

“I’m so worried, Namjoonie,” he whispered, like he was admitting to a secret. 

“I know, Darling. I know.”

“Hello,” Hoseok answered the call, warmth in his voice, “Namjoonie?”

“Kookie was taken from Junwoo’s territory.”

“The fuck? That useless cunt is the one doing all of this?” Hoseok growled. 

“No, no. The police commissioner showed us the footage of the man who took Kookie. I don’t recognize him as part of Junwoo’s circle, and you know Junwoo only has a few people working under him anyway. But, I do think that whoever it is-” 

“Might have asked Junwoo for permission,” Hoseok finished. 

“Exactly, so do you mind visiting him for me? I’ll send you the picture of the bastard, too. Just... Seokjin’s starting to get really worried,” Namjoon’s voice sounded far too hopeless for Hoseok’s tastes 

“Okay, Namjoonie. Hyung will take care of it, okay? Just send hyung the picture. I promise, we’ll have Kookie back by nightfall.” 

“Promise, hyung?” Namjoon asked, voice small. 

“Promise, Bambi.” 


Tae looked at Yoongi, a childish smile on his face, “Can I kill him?” 

Yoongi frowned, “There’s really no reason to. Kookie’s not here, thankfully, but someone still has to run this place until we find a replacement.” 

Jimin rolled his eyes, “Why are you asking him for permission, Tae? Are you an Alpha? Just slit his neck already, or I’ll do it for you.” 

Tae blinked. The Omegas were both bouncing off each other, egging each other to be more and more and more sadistic. 

“Right. Whoops. I’m being silly.” Yoongi braced himself to for the oncoming- 

Alpha, wait a moment, while I slit Sooyun’s throat. If for nothing else, he deserves it for not keeping this place clean,” Tae ordered with Omega-voice. 

Yoongi sighed, as his limbs went stiff, resigning himself to watching Tae cut the man’s throat. Which really wasn’t much of a hardship anyway. 

Yoongi did had a raging blood-kink after all. 

Chapter Text

Chapter 7: What Happened

World Building Fact: 

The current Kim Pack was formed three years ago from an alliance between two crime families. 

The Lower Kim clan, more commonly known as Bangtan, was a pack of three Alphas led by Kim Namjoon, which controlled a large percentage of East Asia’s gun and drug trade. 

The Upper Kim clan was a pack of Omegas, led by Kim Seokjin, who made millions in prescription drug fraud and organ trade through their extensive chain of hospitals. 

While the name Bangtan has come to refer to the current Kim clan, it has also fallen into obscurity, as the more ominous replacement ‘the Kims’ grew into popularity. 

It was easy for Kookie to sneak out of the building. 

Daddy told him all about the security people and cameras watching. So Kookie could know what was safe and what wasn’t. 

But, Kookie also knew that his bracelet told Daddy where he was. If Daddy knew that Kookie was at the park, Daddy would bring Kookie home. Kookie didn’t want to come home and bother Mama and Mommy. 

Mama and Mommy were sick. 

Kookie can’t be mean and play with his Daddies, when his Daddies need to help his Mama and Mommy. 

So, Kookie took off his tracking bracelet, carefully setting it on the lobby couch, so he could get it when he came back. 

He’d go to the park, play on the swings, and come home for dinner. 

His parents would never know that Kookie left. It was a perfect plan. Kookie was helping his Mommies. 

He felt proud.

His Daddies always said that strong boys had to look out for their Mommies. 

Kookie squirmed, biting his lip. The bodyguards were going to switch out soon, and Jungkook would have to run out quickly so that no one would catch him. 

Three. Two... Go, go, go, gotta go fast. 


Kookie was so excited. 

He was being such a good boy. A good, strong, independent pup. Eomma was gonna be so proud of him. 

Kookie smiled, walking down the street.

He reached a crosswalk and pouted. His feet were starting to hurt. The park seemed so far away today. Maybe it moved? Can parks move?

Probably not. It seemed like something silly Appa would roll his eyes at. 

Kookie thought he knew the way, but... He didn’t know this road. Usually there’s a bunch of restaurants around here. 

But all he can see are boring bank-type places. 

His nose was starting to tickle. Too many weird scents. Usually his Mommies and Daddies hold Kookie super close, so that Kookie doesn’t burn his nose. 

But they wasn’t here. 

Kookie pawed at his nose with a soft whine. He didn’t like this. Didn’t like it. The smells. The strangers. No. No. 

He turned around to hug his parent’s leg. He wanted to smell Marshmellows, Christmas Cookies, Oranges, Flowers, Vanilla Ice Cream, and Candy. But there was no one there. Because Kookie had left alone. 

Smoke, strong cologne, coffee, dust, garbage, concrete, germs, food, and no mommy or daddy and Kookie was all alone. 

Nothing was his and he hated it. 

Kookie took a deep breath, and called out for his parents. He might not be brave, but Mommies and Daddies love him anyway. 

Mommies? Daddies? I need help. Please? 

But Kookie realized. 

He was too far away. 

He was too far away from his parents. They couldn’t hear him. 

Kookie had never been this far away from all of his parents. 

He didn't like it. 


Strangers watched as a small, doe-eyed child walked down the street, seemingly confident in where he was going. 

In the wealthy, residential area, it wasn’t uncommon to see pups wandering around with a bodyguard following loosely behind. There was a rather large park less than two blocks down the road. No one paid the pup any mind, confident the smiling, happy child was not alone. 

As Jungkook steered further away from the wealthy residential area, away from the Kim’s territory, strangers began to look at Jungkook in concern. However, one whiff of the strong, stinging, dangerous, don’t touch Peppermint scent coming off of the pup had people carefully walking around Jungkook. 

Even though they didn’t recognize the scent as Kim Namjoon’s, they knew it was best not to touch the pup. Any pup scent-marked that heavily was clearly treasured by a powerful pack, and no well- meaning parents would have let a pup just wander around Seoul. The pup was likely fine. It wasn’t worth potentially offending someone over. 

If only Jungkook hadn’t walked out of Kim territory. Eventually, someone would have recognized the scent as Kim Namjoon’s and immediately scooped the pup up and ran him to the police office, praying for a reward or gaining some sort of favor with the Alpha who owned Seoul. 

And, finally, after thirty minutes of walking, the poor lost pup, finally just bumped into the wrong person. 


Kookie kept walking, holding his nose. 

He wouldn’t cry. 

Papa said Kookie should only smile. But, it hurted a lot now. 

The worst part was Kookie didn’t know where he was. He couldn’t find the park. He was lost. 

Oh no. 

Why did he leave his tracking bracelet at home? 

If he had it, he could press a button, and Appa would be here in a minute. Appa could keep him safe. But, Kookie was all alone. 

Kookie was walking, looking down at the sidewalk. He already got lost. He didn’t need to step on a crack and break Mommy’s back, too.

Because he was looking at the ground, Kookie didn’t see the Alpha in front of him. And Kookie bumped into the stranger, and fell on his bum with an ‘oof’.

The Alpha was tall and mean-looking. He had lots of tattoos on his neck and hands, and he smelled really bad.

“Watch where you’re going brat,” the Alpha snarled at Kookie, before turning away to talk on his phone. 

“Sorry,” Kookie whispered, tears in his eyes. 

His bum hurt. 

His nose hurt. 

He was lost. 

The smell of peppermint around him got stronger, and the Alpha turned around. 

Kookie whimpered, slowly getting up and trying to walk away. He didn’t want the stranger to look at him. But, the Alpha reached out and grabbed Kookie’s arm. 

It hurt.

Kookie whined, trying to squirm away. He didn’t let go. He hurt Kookie more. 

“Is that,” the stranger sniffed, “I’d recognize that fucking peppermint stench anywhere. Kim Namjoon.” 

Kookie blinked 

He knew Daddy. 

“You k-know my Daddy?” he asked, breath hitching. His bum really hurt. 

“Daddy? The fucker finally found a bitch to fuck, huh?” 

“Are you friends with my Daddy?” Kookie repeated, not understanding what the stranger said. 

“Friends? I fucking hate him.” 

“That’s mean! My Daddy is the nicest Daddy ever,” Kookie shouted, offended. 

The stranger rolled his eyes, but gave Kookie a too bright smile, “Are you alone, puppy?” 

Puppy. Puppy was a super sweet nice word. Mama called him puppy when he'd been super, extra good. Mama said no one was allowed to call Kookie puppy. But Mama wasn’t here to stop him. 

“I’m lost,” Kookie growled, though it was more of a childish huff than much else, “So move. I have to get back.” 

“Lost? Well, aren’t I lucky? I bet Kim Namjoon’ll pray a pretty penny to get you back.” The Alpha was pulling Kookie closer, and Kookie didn’t like it. No. Let go, let go, let go. 

“I could get a couple billion won out of you at the very least. I shouldn’t be working on vacation, but personal matters and all that,” the Alpha smiled, showing sharp teeth, 

“Lemme go,” Kookie shouted, “You’re hurting me.” 

The Alpha looked at Kookie. For a second, Kookie thought he’d let Kookie go. But then he picked Kookie up and held on to him tight. 

Kookie kicked and shouted, but the Alpha just laughed. He walked towards a car, and Kookie got really really scared. 

No, no, no. 

He’s already too far away from Mama and Papa and Appa and... 

They’ll never find him. 

“Stop crying, or I’ll start chopping off fingers. I get headaches so motherfucking easily.” 

Chop off fingers? 

Kookie started crying, balling his hands into fists. Maybe his fingers couldn’t get cut off if they were in fists. 

The last thing he remembered was being thrown into a trunk. Pain on his side from being thrown. And then passing out from the pain in his nose. 


He really did need to stop working while on vacation. He really only was here to visit his sister and liquefy a few assets, but this opportunity was just too good to pass up. 

Seven years ago, he ran all of the heroin that traveled from Afghanistan to Korea and Japan and Malaysia. It wasn’t a huge share of the black market; he’d be the first to admit that. But, it was enough to make him wealthy. 

And then Bangtan, some fucking street punks, three Alphas who barely had a million won to their name, and couldn’t even afford land in Seoul tore down his entire living. 

Kim Namjoon was a cunt trying to make a living from party drugs, and then, once he realized he was in the little leagues, he primed his first target as Daehyun. 

Because Daehyun was an easy target. 

His prices were low, his profits were low. No one messed with him, and he didn’t mess with anyone. He was a small fish in a very large pond. 

But, that fucking cunt, could only manage to spear a small fish.
By the time Kim Namjoon was done, there was no way Daehyun could keep selling in Korea, so 

he moved to the US, brushing the insult off.
But this, this opportunity was just far too good to pass up. 

He’d probably end up returning the puppy back to Namjoon. Daehyun wasn’t a monster. But, whether that was with all ten fingers... that was to be decided. 



“Junwoo? This is Daehyun.” 

“Oh, right. I heard you were back in town. The fuck you want?” 

“Paranoid as ever aren’t you? I happened on an old enemy’s brat... I wanted to let you know.” 

“Oh. You’re kidnapping pups now, huh? What happened to vacation?” 

“Fuck off, Junwoo.” 

“Oh. So it’s like that, huh? That desperate for some won? You shoulda let me know, I woulda let you lick my shoes for a couple hundred...” 

“I’m being polite and showing you curtesy. The least you could do is show me the same respect.” 

“Respect? You got fucking kicked out of your own country, you weak bastard.”

Anyways, I’m taking him, alright?”

“Whose is it?” 



“What no. Fuck no. I wouldn’t fuck with them. Besides, I have no beef with that posh bitch. Don’t worry, they’re the street peddlers, Alphas, fucking party drugs and shit.” 

“Oh. Fuck, I didn’t even know there was another group in Kim’s in Seoul. If the bastards are fucking nobodies, why would I give a shit?” 

“I don’t know, Junwoo. I’ve been out of Korea for eight years.”

“Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Don’t fuckin call me again.” 

Chapter Text

Chapter 8: Receiving Support

World Building Fact: 

While extremely uncommon, among the growing non-traditionalist movement, it's becoming more and more common to find recently presented Omegan children with large amounts of artificially injected Alpherone, the primary Alpha hormone. 

Non-traditionalist parents who have the odd belief that Omegas are the inferior sex, ignorantly attempt to prevent their pups from becoming mature Omegas by attempting this procedure. This is entirely useless, and treatment is usually stopped as it causes pups extreme pain and cramps. 

However, in rare cases, the side effects from prolonged use of artificial Alpherone, typically causes a more masculine scent, a more Alpha-like musculature, more liable to cramps, and a weaker Omega-space. 

It took far too long for Hoseok to chase down Junwoo. 

The bastard was a paranoid one. That was for sure. Even though the man barely had a foot in any of Seoul’s businesses, so there was literally no reason for the man to continuously take such drastic measures. 

Except robbery, of course. The man had enough money hoarded away to maintain Seoul for a decade. 

Though, Hoseok supposed, it was fair. After all, the only reason why Namjoon had declared Junwoo’s innocence so quickly was because the man only had five people in his employ. 

Hoseok casually walked into the restaurant.

Hoseok wasn’t exactly threatening. He didn’t have a presence the way Namjoon did. He didn’t have dominance dripping from his voice the way Yoongi did.

He just had his bright smile and amber eyes that crinkled at the edges. 

The restaurant dulled down into silence. This was gang territory, and everyone in the room knew him. 

That’s Sunshine, right, fuck what’s he doing here? What did you do? – Hush be quiet. 

Hoseok smiled sheepishly, waving everyone off, “Please, continue eating. I’m not here to cause anyone any trouble.” 

The people in the restaurant turned back to their food, mechanically starting to eat, not wanting to disobey him, but also far too uncomfortable to start their conversations back up. 

Ignoring the nervous energy in the room, Hoseok walked up to Junwoo. The paranoid man had been hunched over at the very end of the bar. It was hard to see him from the entrance. Hoseok would have thought the man was hiding from him, but, in all honesty, Junwoo was just that odd. 

But now, though, Junwoo was staring at Hoseok, wariness in his eyes. 


He doesn’t look scared enough... Somethings not right. 

“Sunshine,” Junwoo greeted, slightly wide-eyed, “I wasn’t expecting you.” 

Entirely ignoring the question, Hoseok gestured towards the seat right next, “Do you mind if I sit?” 

Junwoo nodded quickly; he didn’t want any possibility of misinterpretation and potentially offending Hoseok. 

“Lovely,” Hoseok thanked, “It was hard to find you, you know.” 

“Sorry. You could h-have called, I would have met you immediately,” Junwoo reassured. 

The Amber-eyed Alpha looked Junwoo over silently, trying to intimidate the man. Really, there was no point in having such a long pause, but it did wonders in making Junwoo uncomfortable. 

Within seconds, the pathetic Alpha was fidgeting with his glass of beer. 

Actually, I’m not too sure about that,” Hoseok’s smile went sharp at the edges, “So, I decided to hunt you down myself.” 

Junwoo choked. Through his desperate coughing fit, Junwoo held his hands up, silently begging for mercy. 

Hoseok helpfully slapped the man’s back, laughing cheerfully at the man’s watery eyes and shaky breaths. 

“S-... Sunshine, puh, please... I hhave, haven’t meant to off- ouguh. Have I offended you? Please forgive me?” Junwoo pushed between coughs. 

“Well. We can find out right now, can’t we? You just have to answer a question for me? I want to trust you Junwoo. You’ve never given us trouble before have you?” he cooed. 

Junwoo nodded frantically, “Please. I’m loyal. I promise.” 

He doesn’t seem like he’s lying. Hoseok looked at the Alpha, curiously, wondering just what the hell was going on. 

“Who took mypup, Junwoo?” 

A pause. 

Junwoo was frowning, confused. “Wait, someone took Jung-” 

Immediately, Hoseok had a threatening hand around Junwoo’s neck, easily choking the Alpha, “Keep his name out of your fucking mouth. Understand?” 

The Alpha jerkily nodded. 

“I want you hear you say it,” Hoseok said lowly. 

“S-sorry. M-maknae. I... I-mmeant, mak, nae,” Junwoo whispered. 

Hoseok let him go, watching with an unaffected smile, as the man took a shuddering breath. 

“Thank you. Now. Who took mypup, Junwoo? I think you know,” Hoseok repeated. 

The Alpha’s eyes were wet with fear. He reeked of scared, submission, desperation. 

Something wasn’t adding up. Junwoo wasn’t lying, but... 

“How would I know?” Junwoo pleaded, “I didn’t even know the Maknae was missing. Please. Believe me.” 

“He was taken from your territory, Junwoo. Even if you are pathetic, most people are scared enough of you to ask for permission,” Hoseok reminded, with a mocking smile. 

The Alpha shivered; one of his legs was bouncing in anxiety. His hands were balled in tight fists, and he looked far too pale. 

Please. I haven’t even spoken to anyone today except- oh,” Junwoo froze, “No. Sunshine, please, I must beg for forgiveness. I didn’t realize.” 

“Didn’t realize what?” 

“Park Daehyun called me this morning, saying he was kidnapping a Kim pup. I a-asked him if it was Seokjin’s. And he said no, said it was another Kim pack... I didn’t even know there was another Kim pack, so I gave him permission. Please,” Junwoo begged, tears streaming down his face. 

“That’s because there isn’t another Kim Pack,” Hoseok growled. 

“I’m so so so so sorry, Sunshine, I didn’t mean any disrespect.” 

Park Daehyun, huh? 

Hoseok had entirely forgotten about the broke bastard that Namjoon had kicked out of Seoul nearly 7 years ago. Daehyun was nothing. A fucking nobody. Something that they had put out on the curb years ago. 

Park Daehyun was going to fucking die.

“He called you didn’t he?” Hoseok asked in monotone, “Write down the phone number.” 

Junwoo blubbered, shakily pulling out his phone and writing down the number in barely legible font. 

“H-here, puh, pleas-” 

“Shut up, Junwoo.” 


“Do you know anything else that I need to know?” 

Junwoo shook his head, “Nothing. He didn’t tell me where he was going. I only know that he arrived in Seoul two days ago and he’s planning on leaving in five days.” 

“So, nothing?” Hoseok asked darkly.

“Please show me mercy, Sunshine,” Junwoo begged. 

“See, here’s my dilemma,” Hoseok smiled serenely, “You didn’t betray us... but, you also didn’t keep us safe. So, I’m rather conflicted. Not to mention angry. 

“Puh-” Junwoo whimpered, and that was it. Hoseok had had enough of that fucking annoying whining. 

Hoseok reached out for Junwoo’s head and slammed it against the bar counter. There was a distinct cracking sound, though it could have his skull or his neck. Junwoo fell limply to the floor, eyes closed, nose smashed and bleeding. 

Hoseok rolled his eyes. 


“If he gets up, let him know that I forgive him. If he’s dead, take him to a Kim hospital. We’ll dispose of him for you,” Hoseok said loudly, directing the words towards the other patrons in the restaurant. 

And then he smiled, bowed at the other people eating, and walked out. 


“Hi, Namjoon-ah. Can you add everyone else to the call?” 

“I’m mated to an old man.

“Well, you willingly get fucked by said old man, so who’s really losing this argument?” 




“It’s me, Jimin, and Tae.” 

“And I have Noona with me.” 

“Well, I visited Jungwoo, and, turns out Namjoon was right. Park Daehyun called him for permission moments after kidnapping Kookie.” 

“Park Daehyun’s behind this?” 

“I know, right? I thought he was dead in a dumpster somewhere in the Americas, but...” 

“Who the hell is Park Daehyun?” 

“And why is he kidnapping my pup?” 

“Where is Jungkook?” 

“Park Daehyun was a Seoul drug pusher. I pushed him out of the city eight years ago.” 

“And you didn’t kill him?” 

“Are you an idiot?” 

“Regardless, Junwoo didn’t have any other information other than the number Daehyun used to call him, so I was thinking you could-”

“Look up the location of the call?”


“Namjoon and I will get that done, expect an address in 10 minutes.” “Okay, noona.”

“Thanks, unnie.”

“Oh, Hoseok?”


“You did kill Junwoo, didn’t you?”

“I slammed his head into a bartop, which is basically the same thing?” 

“Good boy.”

Namjoon turned towards Commissioner Lee, “I need you to look up the location of a previously call for me.” 

“On whose phone?” 

“Soon Junwoo,” Namjoon replied with a bit of a sneer. He didn’t consider himself nearly as narcissistic as Jimin and Seokjin, but Namjoon certainly did think that Junwoo’s name stained his mouth. 

The Commissioner blinked, “We’d need a warrant for that.” There was a moment of silence. 

Seokjin’s scent went bitter, the soft smell of flowers fading into a bitter smell of decay, anger, anger, anger. Namjoon squared his shoulders, preparing himself, though whether that was to go after Seokjin or Commissioner Lee, he wasn’t sure. 

Seokjin stood up, walking closer, so that he and Namjoon were side by side, staring the commissioner down, “So write one. 

“I’m sorry Mr. Kim, but it’ll take at least three hours for that process to go through, please understand,” the Commissioner reasoned. His face was nervous, but it wasn’t wracked with anxiety; he didn’t care. 

Namjoon felt frustration begin to swirl into this anxiety. 

God, another three hours? Hispup was going to be in the hands of a pill popper for another three hours? 

Namjoon could feel the scent of peppermint get stronger around him; the Commissioner coughed at the obtrusively sharp smell. Namjoon’s scent had given grown men nose bleeds, before, so it wasn’t a surprise to see the Commissioner’s eyes watering.

His mate gently brushed soothing fingers against Namjoon’s, a soft calming gesture. “Trust Noona, Namjoonie,” Seokjin whispered. 

Namjoon nodded. 

Seokjin hummed softly, stepping even closer to the Commissioner. Even though Seokjin was out of his formal, conservative attire and wearing sneakers instead of stilettos, he still had a presence. He still held himself like the matriarch of the Kim pack. 

He leaned over the Commissioner with crimson eyes, daring the man to question him. He was Kim Seokjin; he had the three strongest Alphas in Seoul wrapped around his fingers. Seokjin could ask for the entire Asian continent on a silver platter, if he wanted. 

Namjoon bit his lip. 

“How much do we pay you, Lee?” Seokjin asked lowly. 

“2 billion won.” 

“So I pay you 2 billion won for you to give me bullshit excuses? Is that what you’re telling me?” Seokjin asked softly. 

“I-I um, no?” 

“I could have you dead and in twenty different pieces by nightfall, you understand? Your corpse would make me at least 2 billion won,” Seokjin whispered, leaning down to speak in Lee’s ear, “So, with that in mind, how about you start proving to me that you’re more valuable alive than dead, hm?” 

The Commissioner whimpered, before nodding shakily, “I-I’ll get it done. It’ll take a few minutes.” 

Seokjin flashed his fangs in a sharp smile, “Do hurry. Corpse don’t make me wait.” 

The Commissioner scurried away, nearly tripping over a chair in his haste. Seokjin huffed a breath, clearly very irritated with the situation. 

That was my mate, Namjoon thought, with a bit of relief bubbling in his chest.

“See? Noona took care of it, no?” Seokjin asked, looking back at Namjoon with a raised eyebrow, “It’s so much easier when you don’t fight me, Namjoonie.”

Namjoon slowly wrapped Seokjin in a hug, “You still can’t kill the commissioner.” 

Seokjin turned his head, softly pressing a kiss to Namjoon’s cheek, “We’ll see.”
Tae looked over at Yoongi, “Have they called, yet? Do you think everything’s okay?” 

Yoongi smiled softly, wordlessly lifting an arm to create a little nook for Tae to snuggle into. His head settled on top of Yoongi’s chest, legs thrown over the Alpha’s lap. Taehyung held on tightly to Yoongi's left hand, thumbing at the two mating band’s on the Alpha's finger, before pressing a kiss to the diamond hoop-earring in Yoongi’s left ear.

Taehyung’s scent was hardly like the overwhelmingly sweet scents of Jimin and Seokjin. Taehyung smelled like Vanilla, but the sort of slightly tangy, musky taste of too much Vanilla. If one didn’t know any better, it could easily be classified as a sweet Alpha scent. 

When Tae was happy, content, his scent became creamy, like thick, heavily flavored ice cream, decadent, milky, and irresistible. 

When he was nervous, though, like now, his scent had a bit of a burn to it, lingering with fear, anxiety, insecurity. 

Yoongi purred softly, petting Taehyung’s head softly.

“Noona will call soon, I’m sure, little one,” Yoongi reassured, “No need to worry.” Taehyung didn’t answer, just nuzzling further into Yoongi’s chest, whining softly. 

Jimin hummed. His crimson eyes looked over Yoongi and Tae with curious eyes. Yoongi silently sent Jimin a warning look; he wasn’t going to tolerate any more bitchy behavior from Jimin when Tae was feeling so sensitive. 

Yoongi knew that it was hard on both of his mates. They were in legitimate heat right now. Yoongi could see them occasionally flinch from an especially hard cramp, and their thighs were coated with the slick that they were still producing. The car reeked of their arousal.

Jimin and Taehyung should have been wrapped up in soft, warm blankets, being fucked exactly the way they wanted without a care in the world besides their pleasure.

And yet they were here, stuck in this car in the middle of downtown, terrified about their missing pup, and all Yoongi could do about it was rub at their mating marks, hoping it gave them some sense of relief.

Jimin had a soft, reassuring smile on his face, as he looked at Taehyung.

“I trust unnie, he’ll get back to us soon,” Jimin said softly, “Don’t you?” 

Taehyung nodded silently. 

“We’ve almost got Jungkook back, TaeTae. I know it hurts. I’m hurting, too. But hurting isn’t going to bring Kookie back,” Jimin whispered, softly brushing the backs of his fingers against Tae’s cheek. 

“I know,” Tae mumbled, “I’m just scared.

“You don’t have to be. You have me, and I have you. We have Yoongi and Yoongi has us. We’ll deal with this together, right?” 


“So, can you be strong for me? Just a little bit?”

Taehyung nodded, a small smile on his lips, “Okay. But I get to kill Daehyun.” 

“Hell no,” Jimin exclaimed, pulling back a little, “That cunt is mine.”

“What the fuck happened to we’ll deal with this together?” Taehyung mocked, incredulous. 

Jimin rolled his eyes, slapping Taehyung’s shoulder, “I don’t have to have the strength of an Alpha to slit a throat, thanks.” 

Yoongi rolled his eyes, helplessly endeared by his two mates. Concerned at their homicidal tendencies, of course. But, somehow they made homicidal tendencies look cute. 

His phone buzzed, and Yoongi immediately pulled out his phone, smile dropping. 

We got it: 281-11, Hanirapateu, Wolgye 1(il)-dong, Nowon-gu, Seoul
It’s the old buildings by the highway
You’re closest. It’s about fifteen minutes away for you.
Twenty five for Hoseok-hyung. Fifty for Noona and me.

“Alright, Namjoon sent me the address,” Yoongi said, before reading it out to the driver. 

Chapter Text

Chapter 9: Eenie Meenie Minie Moe

World Building Fact 

The Bonds between parents and pups are only active when the pup is within 100 feet of the parent, any further and the bond is stretched too far. 

The bond is inactive when the pup is asleep. Though, in the reverse, pups can wake sleeping parents through the bond. 

Jimin and Tae immediately stepped out of the car, closely followed by Yoongi. 

An SUV of Beta bodyguards pulled in a moment later; six bulky men slipped out of the car and quietly walked towards the trio. 

Yoongi looked out at the lot. It was an old strip mall, a near a dozen small stores, organized into a couple different buildings. The entire area was falling into disrepair. They’d have to systematically check each building. 

It would have to be done quietly though, Yoongi thought. Daehyun didn’t know they were here, and it would have to stay that way, until they actually found Kookie. 

Yoongi watched out of the corner of his eye as another black Rolls Royce SUV approached the entrance. Hoseok, Yoongi recognized with some relief. 

“We’ll split off into two groups, Jimin and Hoseok can go to that right building with you three, and Tae and I will start with the left one with the rest of you. Be quiet, more than anything else,” Yoongi demanded, “We can’t let him know we’re here. God knows how the bastard will react.” 

“Yes, Mr. Kim,” the bodyguards chorused.

“Good,” Yoongi turned towards Jimin, “We’ll be off. Be safe, okay?” Jimin smirked, “Worry for Daehyun. I’ll be alright.”

Yoongi rolled his eyes, but pressed a soft kiss to Jimin’s lips.

Kookie was here. They just had to find him.

Taehyung was gently, but firmly led around by Yoongi. The Alpha had a heavy arm around Tae's waist, helping keep him up-right as yet another heat-cramp contracted through his torso. Taehyung squeaked, hunching over from the burst of pain coming out of his uterus.

“Shh,” Yoongi crooned, waiting for Taehyung to ride the pain out, before helping him walk, “You’re doing so well, Tae, come on, we’re almost there.”

Taehyung nodded, panting slightly, as he started walking forward.

Yoongi kept a firm grip on Taehyung’s waist in one hand and with the other he held a gun in his other hand. Though, all things considered, his voice was a far more dangerous weapon.  And, judging by the the loose almost lazy grip he had on his gun, Yoongi knew that, too.

As Yoongi led Tae towards the first building, Tae took a deep breath before tentatively calling out for his pup. 



Can you hear me, bunny?

Nothing. No answer. Taehyung felt like he was pulling words into a gaping, black, abyss. 

Yoongi immediately picked up on what Taehyung was doing, rubbing a small circle on the Omega's waist with his thumb. "It's alright, Tae. He could be asleep, right? We have to check every building, even if he doesn't reply." 

"I know," Tae said. 

Because he knew that. But that didn't mean that Tae was itching to run across the lot, using his bond as a tracking beacon. His fingers twitched, and Tae couldn't figure out just whose neck they wanted to wrap around. 

Yoongi's grip tightened on Tae's waist. He's holding me down, Tae realized, as he squirmed slightly but couldn't manage shimmy away from his mate. I need to move. I need to find Kookie. 

"Don't make things more difficult for me, baby," Yoongi said lowly, steel in his voice, "Focus. Can you do that for me?" 

Yoongi's voice was always heavy with Alpha-voice; it was an unconscious habit. And, while, Alpha-voice didn't really work on mates, it did wonders stopping Taehyung from slipping further into Omega-space. 

Focus. I have to focus. Pressing his sharp, manicured nails into his palms, Taehyung made himself focus on the sharp pain in his hands instead of the floaty feeling threatening to sink into his bones. 

"I'm focused," Tae reassured both himself and Yoongi. 

"That's my mate," Yoongi smiled, though the Alpha's eyes were distracted. 

Calm. I'm calm. 

The Alpha turned away, looking towards the building in front of them. It was an old, abandoned furniture store. The windows were dark and some were broken. The paint long since chipped away. 

"This one first, boys." 

The Beta guards nodded, counted off a quick, “One, two, three,” before shooting the doors lock and kicking the doors open. 

Yoongi stepped in first, and after a deep, calming breath Taehyung followed. 


Kookie whimpered. His arms hurt. His legs hurt. His nose hurt.

Everything hurt so much. 

He wanted to sleep so bad. His eyes were heavy, but he needed to be awake, so he could hear his parents through the bond. 

Please Eomma, please, I’m sorry, please. 

I’m so so so scared. 

“Yo, Daehyun, I’m gonna go out and get some fucking food, okay?” a scary Alpha asked. 

Kookie wants food. 

I’m so hungry. 

The big, mean Alpha nodded, waving, “Yeah, Yeah, remember we parked the car at the very front of the lot. 

“Should I get anything for the pup?”

Ha. Brats chubby enough as it is, he doesn’t need more food.” Kookie blinked, before he sobbed, tears coming to his eyes. He wanted food. 


That was so mean.

No, no, no, no, no-

“Shut up, you fucking cunt,” the mean Alpha growled, and danger, danger, hurt. 

Kookie bit his lip, hard, tasting salty tears. 

Eomma, please come save me. 

Daehyun looked at the brat. It was a small, vulnerable thing; Daehyun could hardly understand why Namjoon hadn’t just thrown it in the dumpster. It was weak. 

Its nose was already bleeding from just from a couple hours away from his parents. 

His annoying crying has died down, after Daehyun threatened to cut out his tongue if he kept sniveling. 

Peace and quiet, he sighed, relieved; he had been on cusp of a headache. It was nearing three in the afternoon, so he’d had the brat for about seven hours. 

All things considered, he feels like he’s been fairly nice about it. Yeah, he’s slapped the pup around a little, but other than a myriad of blueing bruises, the puppy’s been well taken care of. 

He’s not a monster, after all.

“Maybe, it’s time you call your Papa, huh?” Daehyun asked rhetorically. 

But, of course, the puppy was a son of a bitch and couldn’t help but talk back. “Do you mean Daddy? You’ve been talking about Daddy.” 

The pup had an innocent look on his face, like he didn’t actually mean to be a fucking pest, and that more than anything, just pissed Daehyun off. 

“You fucking bra-” BRINGG BRINGG 

Daehyun’s hand paused inches away from the puppy’s face. “You got fucking lucky this time,” Daehyun laughed, looking at the puppy’s reaction. 

The little puppy had his eyes screwed shut, still bracing for the pain like a little bitch. 

“Hello?” Daehyun asked, answering the phone call.

“You’re a fucking idiot, Daehyun.”

Jimin looked around the old restaurant, “Not here. Let’s move on.” Hoseok nodded, waving his hand, “Let’s check the next one over.” 

The three Betas left the restaurant first, moving to break open the door of the coffee shop next door. 

Jimin huffed. He and Hoseok were holding hands, but it was more of a way to have something to squeeze, when another cramp racked through him, rather than a display of affection. 

“I still can’t hear him,” Jimin admitted, as they speed-walked out of the restaurant. 

The Alpha’s mouth thinned. “Me neither. There’s only two stores left to this building, and then there’s only one building left. He’s here.” 

The Beta’s quickly shot the lock of the next door, and slammed the doors open. The Betas ran in. Jimin and Hoseok followed in directly behind, frantically glancing around the old, dingy store for any signs of life. 


Jimin sent out a tentative, Baby? Kookie? Through the bond, only to- as expected- not receive a response. 

“Next,” Hoseok demanded, already turning on his heel to check the next store. The Alpha tugged Jimin after him somewhat roughly, sending prickles of pleasure-pain down Jimin’s spin; his body was still heat-sensitive, and incredibly prone to arousal.

“I know. But I still want my hands wrapped around Daehyun’s neck, now,” Jimin gritted, ignoring his prickly skin, as the three Betas jogged out of the store and moved on to the next set of doors. 

Hoseok’s amber eyes were focused on the next set of doors; but he gave Jimin’s hand a single soft stroke of his thumb. 

“I know.” 

“What the hell are you doing, messing with Kim Seokjin? If you were suicidal, there are less painful ways to go than getting your throat ripped out by his teeth,” the voice shouted over the call. 

“Who is this?” Daehyun frowned.

“I’m Junwoo’s second. Or, well, I was. Can’t be a second hand to a dead mobster.” 

“Well, he was always paranoid. He was kind of asking for it, wasn’t he? Did he accidentally kill himself while covering himself with bubble wrap?” 

“No, actually, Kim Hoseok slammed his head into a fucking table top, because he helped you.” 

“The fuck are you talking about? Junwoo is a much bigger fish than Kim Hoseok. The Kims literally just sell party drugs.” “…”

Are you fucking mental? 

“Excuse me?” 

“What are you on, you fucking crazy jackass!” 

“I think you’re the one on something.” 

Urgh! You’ve been out of Korea for the past seven years, but you aren’t dead, I don’t understand how you don’t fucking know.” 

“Fucking know what?”

“That Namjoon’s pack and Seokjin’s pack are the same fucking thing you fucking cunt.” 

“Wait. What?” 

“They got mated a couple damn years ago. They own Seoul. And they coming after your sorry ass. You stole their fucking pup.” 

“So the pup I have…”

“Is Kim Jungkook, the Kim Seokjin’s pup. The Monster of Seoul’s pup. The pup from the most powerful, protective pack in Korea, you motherfucking idiot”

Daehyun lost his grip on his phone, and it fell, the screen cracking against the tile floor. 


Move,” Yoongi barked. 

The Alpha’s patience had finally broke, and he’d succumbed to speaking in Alpha-voice. It was through no fault of the Betas, one small stumble was all it took for Yoongi to start jerking everyone around like puppets. 

Even Taehyung, who was immune to Yoongi’s commands, felt the Alpha’s heavy voice layering over him 

The Betas quickly, mechanically, efficiently jogged towards the next store, moving to break into the very last store in the lot. 

And then, Taehyung saw a blur out of the corner of his eye: man, tall, dark clothes, gun.

Yoongi,” Taehyung hissed at the Alpha, but Yoongi was already in motion. In a blink, Yoongi had turned to face the stranger, cocked his pistol, and fired. The man dropped. 

With a relieved sigh, Taehyung relaxed, leaning against Yoongi, as the Alpha tugged them towards the man on the ground. 

The stranger was rapidly bleeding out from his chest. Yoongi’s shot had been good, but not perfect. The bullet had gone far too close to his heart, which was going to make the bastard die far sooner than Tae or Yoongi would have preferred. 

“Wow, nice shot,” Taehyung snarked underneath his breath.

“I shot him didn't I?” Yoongi muttered, “Not like you could have done much better, considering I’m the one who taught you how to shoot.”

“Questionable,” Taehyung retorted. 

Yoongi and Tae ran towards the Alpha lying prone on the ground, whose breathing was shallow and shaky. 

Tae didn’t recognize him. 

The Omega suppressed the overwhelming urge to just gut the man. He knew the Alpha had something to do with Kookie’s kidnapping. He knew it. He knew it, and the man deserved to die for it. 

But that was the issue. 

He was dying. 

Too fast. 

“Where’s Kim Jungkook?” Yoongi asked, before using an Alpha-voice to command, “Answer me.” 

The Alpha coughed, chest shuddering. He seemed moments away from passing out. However, he managed to somewhat mechanically push out a few words, “In the back building... Bookstore...” 

“Is he safe?” Yoongi asked, again demanding, “Answer me.

The Alpha choked; his eyes widened and though his lips moved, no sound left them. A moment later, his eyes fluttered closed, and the Alpha stopped moving.

Dammit,” Yoongi muttered, already pulling out his phone to call Hoseok. 

Taehyung, though, didn’t have the patience to wait for the call. The Omega started to drag Yoongi towards the back building. He didn’t give a shit whether or not he had backup. Taehyung knew where his pup was, and damn it to hell, he was going to get him back. 

Yoongi, getting the message, began jogging alongside Tae. The three Beta bodyguards were right behind them. 

Yoongi put the phone call on speaker phone. 

“Hoseok,” Yoongi puffed, “We ran into one of Daehyun’s guys. Jungkooks in the building at the back of the lot. There’s a bookstore.” 

Hoseok’s response was immediate, “We’ll be right there.” 

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Chapter 10: Saving Kookie 

World Building Fact 

Omegas instinctively trust their Alpha mates to protect them during emergencies. They will act with little to no self-preservation, immediately taking a defensive role, and wordlessly trusting their Alphas to be on the offensive. 

Jimin and Hoseok ran to the back building. 

With each step, Jimin sent out a soft bunny, Kookie, darling, can you hear Mommy? through the bond. 

And finally, when they were just a few yards away, Jimin could feel the bond between him and Kookie jerk back in place. 

Kookie? Jimin asked, feeling the message actually reach a destination, the words gently brushing his pup’s mind. 

Mommy. Mommy, everything hurts, Mommy, please. I’m sorry, Mommy, please... 

It was his pup’s voice. Jimin felt a tsunami of relief at the sound, before dread quickly pooled in his heart. Jungkook sounded like he was in shock, his words were just a continuous, rambling mess, and Jimin felt his heart tear in half. 

Mommy’s here baby. Mommy’s coming. Mommy’s here. I promise, Kookie. Mommy’s right outside. 

Hoseok hissed out a breath, able to hear Jimin and Jungkook’s conversation himself. 

Mommy’s here. 

Jimin and Hoseok reached the book store just a moment after Yoongi and Taehyung. 

It’s okay. 

Just like all the other stores, the book store was old and dusty, signs of wear and damage making obvious scars all over the building. 

Don’t worry baby.

The glass windows were dark and faded, but Jimin could see figures moving inside, and rage bubbled up within his chest. 

“Shoot the doors, dammit,” Jimin ordered harshly. 

The Betas jumped into motion, firing two shot into the door’s lock, before kicking the doors open. 


Yes, sweetheart that’s Mommy. 

As they did, Jimin could hear voices shouting from inside, frantic and confused, before organizing enough to fire a few a few shots at them.  

But the doors were open and Jimin could see inside. And there, in the back, tied to a chair was his pup. Kookie. 

Without a second thought, Jimin had ran. Taehyung’s light footsteps were right behind him, unthinkingly running towards their pup. 

Fuck, Jimin, Tae, Dammit,” Yoongi shouted, but Jimin’s entire world shrank to just his little baby tied in a chair. 

“Mommy! Mama!” Jungkook cried, squirming against the zip- ties keeping him bound only to wince in pain. 

Jimin ran past the strangers holding guns, uncaring of the sharp pain in his thigh. He trusted Yoongi and Hoseok to take care of it. 

The loud commotion, yelling, sounds of bullets firing, became muffled in Jimin’s ears, softening until the only thing breaking the silence was his pup’s soft, broken sobs. 

Jimin fell to his knees in front of Jungkook, quickly followed by Taehyung. There was a beat, where Jimin just froze, staring at his pup. 

Jungkook’s cheeks were red, faint outlines of bruises blooming on the skin. Tear tracks lined the pup’s face. His wrists and feet were bleeding, cut open from the far-too-tight zip ties, and his fingers were blueing from poor circulation. 

But, the worst thing must have been the bright, crimson stain on Jungkook’s lips and chin; his nose was bleeding, blood dripping onto his clothes. 

Jungkook looked at them, relief on his face; though his doe-eyes were far too hazy for comfort. 

“Hi, baby,” Taehyung whispered, fingers hovering an inch above the pup’s skin, scared of doing damage. 

Jungkook looked at them, tears leaking from his eyes, stuttering, “M-Ma-” 

Jimin rushed up, wiping the tears away, “Shhh, It’s okay, baby. Don’t speak, we don’t wanna hurt your nose. Use the bond, okay, sweetheart?” 

Can you do that for me, my beautiful baby? 

Jungkook’s eyes didn’t leave Jimin’s face, like he was scared Jimin would vanish in the blink of an eye. 

Okay, Mommy. 

“Thank you, baby,” Jimin cooed, desperately trying to suppress his panic, “Such a strong, brave boy for Mommy.” 

Instinctively, Jimin’s first concern was Kookie’s bleeding nose, no doubt overstimulated and aching from the strong, unfamiliar scents he’d been assaulted with. 

Jimin pumped out the strongest calming, maternal scent he could. Taehyung did the same. The dusty, musky smell of the bookstore was almost immediately swallowed by the thick smell of Vanilla and Caramel and calm, safe, Mom, safe, calm, safe, warm, safe. 

Jungkook’s stiff, scared posture didn’t relax; the haziness in his dark eyes didn’t fade, and the blood, if anything, just dripped faster from his nose. 

Mommy everything hurts. 

Jimin’s breath hitched. “I know, I know,” Jimin whispered softly, giving Taehyung a meaningful look, “Mama’s gonna let you out, okay? We have to cut the ties, so Mama’s gonna look for some scissors, okay?” 

Kookie let out a scared whine, squirming, as Taehyung nodded and got up. 

“Mommy’s here baby,” Jimin reassured, desperation leaking into his voice, “I know everything hurts, but Mommy’s here. Focus on Mommy.” 

The Omega cupped Jungkook’s cheeks, wiped away tears with his thumb, watching as his pup’s lower lip trembled. 

Jimin didn’t think it was possible for his heart to hurt so much. 

“I’m so sorry baby. Mommy’s sorry. I’ll keep you safe, Darling, just keep breathing,” Jimin said. He continued to pump out calming scents, even though they weren’t helping at all. 

Tears threatened to fall from Jimin’s eyes. 

Mommy don’t leave me. He’ll come back. Please. Kookie’s voice sounded so scared, small and scared and vulnerable. 

“I’m not leaving, baby. I promise.” Jimin forced himself to sound calm, looking directly into Jungkook’s eyes. 

Jungkook still looked terrified, shivering slightly, and Jimin choked back a sob, vision blurring from the tears slipping down his cheeks.

Taehyung ran back over, a pair of dingy scissors in his hand. “Mama’s back, baby, let’s get you out, okay?” Taehyung said, sounding a little panicked. 

Kay, Mama. 

“What a good boy,” Taehyung praised with a pained smile, “Let Mommy know if anything hurts, okay?” 

Jungkook nodded frantically, clearly just desperate to be let out. Jimin kept offering reassuring words and touches, internally hyper-focused on Jungkook’s wrist. God knew how badly his hands were affected by the tight ties, and there were already bright, red cuts from Kookie struggling against the plastic. 

Taehyung, gently, warily, cut one. And then the other. And then the feet. Moving quickly and efficiently, wanting to get it over as quickly as possible. 

As soon as Jungkook was free, Jimin scooped his pup up into his arms, holding him tight against his chest and making sure Jungkook’s over-stimulated nose was next to his scent glad. 

“Shh. Mommy’s got you, baby,” Jimin cooed, looking at Taehyung with concern written clearly on his face. 

Jungkook sobbed at the quick shift in position, before whining softly once he was in Jimin’s arms. The pup melted into Jimin’s arms, no doubt exhausted from all the pain and terror he was in. 

Jungkook’s shallow breathing hitched as little tremors racked through his body every few seconds. 

You’re safe, you’re safe, you’re safe, you’re safe, you’re safe 

As Jimin did his best to soothe his pup, Taehyung gently inspected Kookie for injury, making sure they hadn’t missed anything life-threatening. 

Jimin heard the sound of footsteps slowly getting louder, closer, and he tightened his grip on Jungkook, snarling threateningly. Jimin’s vision was still hyper-focused on his pup, but in the dark edges of his visions he could feel the approaching presence of  

Jungkook sobbed. 

It’s okay. You’re safe, you’re safe, you’re safe, you’re safe, you’re safe. 

Taehyung immediately stepped in front of Jimin and Jungkook; the stronger Omega moving to protect his weaker mate and vulnerable pup. 

It was an Alpha, and Tae growled in warning, wordlessly threatening to rip the Alpha apart. There was a whisper-

And then Taehyung attacked, leaving Jimin and Jungkook vulnerable behind him. The sounds of snarls and loud snap had Jimin’s ears pricking, and then Jimin heard footsteps. 

Soft pads of loafers against the concrete made Jimin twitch. Jimin was practically blind, vision dark, only focused on Jungkook and vaguely aware of the incoming threat. The Omega clutched onto his pup, preparing to set Jungkook down momentarily so he could rip the stranger’s throat out. 

Jimin growled, protect, protect, protect, prote-

“Jiminie. It’s Alpha, Oppa... it’s Yoongi and Hoseok. Mates. Safe,” a raspy voice soothed. 

The familiar, comforting of forest fires and bitter acid and protect, protect, Alpha mates, strong, safe, wafted towards Jimin’s nose. 

Almost immediately, Jimin relaxed. The Omega blinked, and his world expanded again. The tunnel vision disappeared, and Jimin was aware of his surroundings. 

Four Alphas were laying bloody and dead on the floor. Five of their Beta bodyguards were standing at attention by the entrance. One was limp on the ground. Hoseok was looking at him warily but warmly, two very clear bullet wounds in his torso. 

Yoongi was pinning a thrashing Taehyung to the floor, pleading tiredly for Taehyung to snap out of it; the Alpha had a bloody gash on his shoulder and a blooming bruise on his jaw. 

But, they had protected Jimin, Tae, and Kookie. They had kept them safe. 

It’s Appa and Papa, Kookie. They’ll keep us safe. 

The Alphas watched, panting slightly, as their mates’ snarled at them. Jimin and Taehyung always looked so unsettling with bright crimson eyes.

Jimin was desperately clutching Jungkook to his chest, as if he expected someone to try and snatch the pup away from him. The low, threatening growl was much deeper than an Omega ought to be capable of. Despite being a slight, tiny Omega, Jimin was baring his fangs, looking more like a vampire than a human being.

Jungkook looked... not good. Yoongi couldn’t get a clear view of the pup; the pup was entirely tucked into Jimin. The only think he could truly get from Jungkook was the reeking smell of pup, distress, baby, scared. 

Yoongi’s fingers twitched, aching to hold his pup in his arms, but he knew it wouldn’t be wise to try to take Jungkook away from Jimin, lest he loses a hand. 

Tae was standing protectively in front of both Jimin and Jungkook, fangs bared. The Omega’s fists were clenched, no doubt ready to kill the unknown Alphas approaching them. 

Yoongi took another step towards his mates. “Taehyung?” he questioned softly. 

The Omega only snarled, rough and animalistic; his bright crimson eyes tracked Yoongi’s movements like a predator.

Yoongi took another tentative step towards Taehyung, releasing a comforting safe, safe, safe scent. 

Taehyung, however, was functioning on a hair trigger, and that last step was all it took for Taehyung to slam a harsh fist right at Yoongi’s jaw, tackling the Alpha to the ground. Bright pain bloomed across the right side of Yoongi’s face. 

Instinctively, Yoongi demanded, “Stop”, only realizing a beat later that the Alpha-command was useless. Taehyung loomed over Yoongi dangerously, hands pinning down the Alpha’s wrists. His crimson eyes were staring at Yoongi’s neck and the Alpha was done. 

It was a challenge to slip out from underneath Taehyung. Yoongi bucked his hips, shoved a knee into Taehyung’s side, but the Omega just took the hit with a huff, unfazed. It only served to anger Taehyung, who was now actively trying to get a bite out of the Alpha’s neck. 

“Tae, this really isn’t the time,” Yoongi growled, ripping an arm out of the Omega’s grasp and threw a punch into Tae’s side. As the Omega gasped, Yoongi’s shoved his elbow into the Omega’s sternum. 

And it was only then that Yoongi barely managed to roll on top of the Omega, struggling to hold a thrashing Taehyung underneath him. Despite being an Alpha, Yoongi felt the strain in his arms from the amount of sheer strength it took to hold Taehyung down. 

Yoongi knew it wasn’t Taehyung acting like this. He was drowning in omega-space, the need to protect Kookie calling at his mind. Hyper-sensitive from heat and cramping like a bitch, Yoongi knew that Taehyung couldn’t help it.

That didn’t mean it didn’t piss Yoongi off, though. 

Yoongi didn’t like getting physical with his mates, but dammit, Yoongi was tired, in pain, stressed, and all together not down for this. 

Wake up, Taehyung,” Yoongi panted, “Come on, baby, Oppa’s too tired for this.”

Taehyung didn’t even seem like he heard Yoongi, his thrashing and growls didn’t even pause.

Yoongi was seriously considering strangling his adorable, little omega mate. 

Finding the patience from somewhere, Yoongi grabbed both of Taehyung’s slim wrists in one hand, and used his free hand to cup Taehyung’s mating mark, rubbing hard circles over the pressure point with his thumb. 

“Safe, Alpha’s got you, baby,” Yoongi said, irritated, tired, and far too distracted by the ache in the hand pinning Tae’s wrists down. “You protected your pup. Jungkook’s safe.” 

This seemed to register with the Omega; Taehyung slowly settled down, blinking blankly up at Yoongi. He was no longer aggressive, but he was still alert and twitchy. 

“Tae-Tae,” Jimin called softly, warmly, sweetly, “Its safe, you can wake up.”

The voice of his Omega-mate, another mother to his pup, the reassurance of the only person here 

Tae instinctively trusted with Jungkook’s safety was what it finally took for Tae’s eyes to clear. Taehyung smiled up at Yoongi sheepishly. 

“Sorry for punching you, oppa, forgive me?” Taehyung asked sweetly, looking at Yoongi with apologetic eyes. 

And Yoongi, tired, exhausted, and distracted by the aching pain in his jaw couldn’t find it within himself to be angry at his precious Omega mate.

“Don’t worry about it, baby. Doesn’t even hurt,” Yoongi lied with a soft smile. 

Chapter Text

Chapter 11: Safe but not okay

World Building Fact: 

Alpha's with Amber Fever, a chronic condition of having extremely high levels of Alpherone hormone in their bodies, typically associated with permanently yellow eyes, has several side effects. 

One of which being extremely high pain tolerance. While this can seem beneficial, it can also be detrimental. Alphas with this condition can often go days without realizing they've broken bones or are experiencing appendicitis. There have been instances where Alphas have not realized that they've had a heart attack or a stroke until it was too late. 


Taehyung glanced around, forcing himself to focus on the task at hand instead of his sniffling pup a few feet away. 

Pup, need pup safe, need pup safe. 

Taehyung shuddered, but kept his posture straight.

“Which one is...” Taehyung trailed off, not wanting Jungkook to hear the name.

Yoongi frowned, “He’s not here.”

Taehyung glared at his Alpha, indignant rage bubbling in his chest. “You fucking let him run away,” he hissed furiously. His teeth ached, and he could feel the urge to rip Yoongi’s throat out. 


My Alpha failed.

Didn’t keep me safe. 

Almost immediately, Yoongi’s hand was wrapped around Tae’s neck, soothing, calming, and forcing endorphins rush into his bloodstream. 

“I’m starting to think I should just glue my hand here,” Yoongi teased softly. 

Taehyung’s face flushed. It was embarrassing, just how pathetic he was. He couldn’t even control himself. How was he supposed to protect Kookie, if he couldn’t even protect his own thoughts? 

His eyes flicked over to Jimin and Hoseok, who were looking at him with sympathetic, reassuring smiles. They were listening to Yoongi and Tae’s conversation from a bit of a distance, focusing on keeping Jungkook feeling safe and warm. 

“Please don’t feel embarassed,” Yoongi whispered, “It’s a very stressful situation.” The Omega felt hot, ashamed.

It was pathetic.


Taehyung had always had a loose grip on his temper, both just naturally, and because of easily spiking hormones, but this was ridiculous. This was a serious situation that required his focus, and Taehyung couldn’t even stay even-tempered for it. 

“We should talk about changing my contraceptives after this,” Taehyung admitted, self-hatred brewing in his words, “It’s fucking with my head.”

Yoongi gave Taehyung a firm, unamused look. “Taehyung. You’re my beautiful, sadistic, short-tempered mate. I would be concerned if you didn’t leave me with a few bruises.”

“This isn’t normal.”

“None of this is normal, Taehyung. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. We can, of course, re-evaluate your birth-control, but not because you’re insecure.”


Yoongi stepped forward, looking Taehyung in the eyes, voice low, “You are the same person who nearly killed me because I wasn’t fucking you rough enough, Taehyung. Is that the best temperament to have during a crisis? Maybe not, but Noona wants to eat people when he’s stressed.”

Taehyung gave Yoongi a small smile, because Yoongi did have a point.

“If Noona isn’t insecure about being a cannibal, you definitely can’t be insecure about being a hothead, okay?”

“Okay, Oppa.”

“Good. That’s the end of this conversation,” Yoongi smiled comfortingly, warm again, “Now, you were asking about our person of interest?” 

Taehyung nodded. 

Yoongi gestured to a particularly bloody corpse. Its fingers were all missing; the legs were bent at unnatural angles; the decapitated head was facing Tae, frozen in a silent scream. 

“According to that thing, the cunt left just before we burst in. He was heading to their car, which is parked at the front of the lot. It’s nearly a mile walk, and there’s no way he’d make it in less than fifteen minutes. Noona and Joonie got here a little while back. They’ll run him before he gets out of here,” Yoongi explained. 

“So the only issue is with the... evidence we’ve left?” Taehyung asked, glancing around at the bloody corpses. 

Another heat-cramp racked through it and wordlessly Yoongi wrapped his arms around Taehyung’s waist, letting the Omega rest his weight on him as he dealt with the rush of pain. And once it was over, Yoongi continued the conversation as if nothing had happened.

They were all rather ruined. Bloody, faceless, broken bones, detached limbs, pools of blood. “You did a number on all of them,” Tae noted, watching as Yoongi’s chest puffed up proudly at the compliment.

“Probably not a good idea to deal with it officially. We could claim Daehyun did it, but...” 

“It’s better the bodies never get seen,” Yoongi finished, agreeing.

“Guess you’re getting your wish, after all,” Yoongi smiled, affectionate and doting. 

“Really?” Taehyung asked, excited. 

The Alpha nodded, reaching out to ruffle Taehyung’s hair, like he wasn’t feeding Taehyung’s destructive tendencies. 

From behind them, Hoseok huffed, “You really need to learn how to say no, Yoongi.” 

“That’s hyung to you, you fucking hypocrite,” Yoongi growled, smile dropping, a sharp frown in its place. 

Hoseok visibly winced, raising his hands in surrender, “Sorry, hyung. Please continue making poor decisions in order to cater to our mates every whim and desire. Why does it matter if we could go to jail? What’s jail in the face of love?” Hoseok asked rhetorically, voice soft and submissive, even if his words were anything but. 

Yoongi gave Hoseok a final, warning growl, before turning back to Taehyung, tugging the Omega closer. The Alpha tugged Taehyung into a soft kiss, lips pressing plushly against Taehyung’s, parting his lips at the Omega’s command. 

Yoongi always willingly submitted to the Omegas like this: subtly, classily, pridefully. It was his job to make his mates happy, and that’s what he’d do for the rest of his life.

When Taehyung finally pulled away, the Omega was smiling and the Alpha was looking at him with besotted eyes. 

The Omega turned towards the Beta bodyguards, “One of you boys go find me some fucking gasoline.” 

Hoseok groaned, exasperated. 


While Yoongi and Taehyung dosed the building in gasoline, Jimin and Hoseok had stepped out, standing a safe distance away, waiting for their mates to come out. 

“Look, Kookie!” Jimin cooed softly, “It’s Papa!” Hoseok looked at his pup. 

Jungkook’s face was still tucked into Jimin’s neck, albeit not as tightly. Though most of his face wasn’t visible, those adorable doe-eyes glanced warily over at Hoseok, pink and teary from fear. 

The Alpha could quite literally feel like heart pang from pain. His adorable, happy baby. Hoseok wished he could take all Jungkook’s pain away. Suffered ten times worse in his place. Done anything to prevent his pup’s pain. 

Hoseok didn’t do enough. 

Wasn’t strong enough. Wasn’t Alpha enough. 

And his pup got hurt because of it. 

Hi, Jungkookie, Hoseok greeted softly through the bond, Mommy smells nice, doesn’t he? 

Jungkook shifted slightly, not really acknowledging the question. 

Nose hurts. 

Hoseok nodded, pretending like those words didn’t slap him in the face. Hoseok wanted to cry. His poor pup, so overstimulated that his nose was bleeding. 

Jimin bit his lip, no doubt feeling the exact same way. 

Do you wanna smell Papa? Maybe that will help a little? 

Hoseok gently increased his scent, letting the smell subtly waft over to Kookie. 

Jungkook closed his eyes, burrowing deeper into Jimin’s neck. 

Hoseok took this as a silent rejection. It stung, but Hoseok understood. His scent as an Alpha, as a strong, dominant, freak Alpha, was bitter, sour, and altogether not soothing. 

Jimin looked at Hoseok sympathetically; the Omega’s eyes pleading that the Alpha not take the rejection to heart. 

Hoseok smiled, shoving his selfish hurt aside. 

That’s okay, baby. Mommies and Daddies will do whatever you want. If you wanna stay with Mommy, you’ll stay with Mommy. 

Hoseok turned to move away, and Kookie whined, loudly, pained and scared. 

Appa no, don’t leave, don’t leave, don’t leave, don’t leave, don’t leave, have to protect me and mommy, Papa can’t be distracted, need hands free, have to- 

Hoseok immediately froze. Jimin’s eyes widened.

Papa’s not leaving, Hoseok reassured, confused and panicked. 

Appa has to stay and protect Kookie, the pup cried, wet eyes pleaded at Hoseok, peaking up from Jimin’s neck. 

Jimin bounced the pup slightly, soothing hands running up and down Kookie’s back. The Omega seemed just as pained and frantic as Hoseok. Neither of them had ever seen Kookie this unconsolable. 

It was frightening. 

Shh. It’s okay. Papa’s here. Papa’s going to protect us. Do you want Appa here, too? Jimin asked softly. 

Jungkook shuddered, again, a movement likely meant to be a shake of his head, but was more of a shiver. No. Papa’s stronger. 

Hoseok gave Kookie a pained smile, warmth and disgust circling each other in his stomach. Papa’s right here, don’t worry. 

Yoongi, Tae, and their 5 Beta guards walked out. Yoongi just looked exhausted; the bruise on his face a dark red color at this point. Tae, while still looking rather down, had a small, little smile on his face. 

Hoseok smiled; their youngest mate was easy to distract and easier to console. It was undoubtedly adorable. 

His mates walked up to them, both of their eyes focused on Kookie.
“How is he doing?” Yoongi asked softly, while Tae immediately walked up to Jimin and Kookie. 

Hoseok shrugged, unable to conjure up a more positive response, “Better than a couple minutes ago? He doesn’t want me to leave, so I can protect him and Mommy. He still smells like fear. But he’s not shivering anymore, so that’s a plus I guess.” 

“So, still really fucking bad,” Yoongi summed up, just as upset as Hoseok was.

“Pretty much.”

“Noona better be ripping Daehyun apart, I swear to fucking god,” Yoongi muttered. 

The Alpha’s scent started to amp up again, slowly going from scented candles to ashy fires, and Hoseok quickly reached out to hold the Alpha’s hand, soothingly rubbing a thumb over the top of Yoongi’s hand. 

“Calm, hyung, we don’t want to stress Jungkook further,” Hoseok reminded. 

Yoongi nodded, head dipping to look at the ground, “Right, sorry. It’s just... It’s a lot.” 

“I know,” Hoseok looked at Yoongi, “That’s why there’s six of us. You helped Taehyung a while back, and now, Taehyung’s strong enough to take over for the both of us. We all have our weak moments, but, this is why we work.” 

“I know.” 

“You should go say hello, at least. You barely got a chance to earlier. And then we can start heading back to the front. Pretty sure the police will be running over as soon as they see the smoke,” Hoseok nodded at the building cloud of smoke rising from the bookshop. 

Yoongi nodded. 


Yoongi looked at his pup. 

So small. So undeserving of pain. 

All Yoongi wanted to do was hold Jungkook tight, curl up into a ball, and keep his pup warm and safe under thick blankets for eternity. 

But that wasn’t going to happen. It was an impossible dream, so all he could do was keep being strong, and give Kookie a warm smile. 

Hi, bunny, Yoongi greeted, are you feeling a little better? Mommy feel safe? 

Jungkook nodded jerkily. Hi, Appa. Mommy’s feels safe. nose hurts.

Yoongi smiled, We’re going to meet Eomma and Daddy, so you’ll have the whole pack with you, okay? 

Kookie’s eyes widened slightly, Want pack cuddles, please? 

Yoongi chuckled, a pained sound. That Kookie thought Yoongi could deny him anything right now, was ridiculous. Kookie could have asked for the sun to rise from the West, and Yoongi would have found a way to make it happen. 

Pack cuddles were literally nothing. They were guaranteed. 

Of course, baby. We can do anything you want. 

Yoongi took a step forward, and Kookie flinched, cuddles at home, only at home, home, home, home, home. 

The Alpha immediately took several steps back, raising panicked eyes at Jimin, only for the Omega to give him a similarly panicked look back. 

Jungkook whined, no, Appa come back, Appa don’t leave, please, I’ll be good, please, please, please, please 

Yoongi took a tentative step forward, and then froze, two steps away from the pup in Jimin’s arms, unsure where he should go. 

Jimin was bouncing Kookie in his arms, pumping out a soothing, candy, safe, safe scent, petting Kookie’s head firmly. 

Kookie shivered violently, hands twitching against Jimin’s chest, as the soothing scent became stronger and stronger.

Do you want Appa close or no baby? We’ll do whatever you want, but you need to let us know what you want. Please, baby. Tell Mommy what you want. 

Want Appa close, but don’t wanna smell. Want cuddles at home. 

Jimin frowned confused, but immediately took another two steps away from Yoongi, to make sure the pup couldn’t smell the Alpha. 

Thank you for telling Mommy, Jungkookie. Appa will stay close, but no scenting, right Appa? 

Yoongi nodded, whatever Jungkookie wants.

Jungkook just whined, burrowing further into Jimin’s shoulder.

They were walking back towards the front of the lot. Hoseok sighed, before wincing. 

Every breath made the bullet wounds in his chest twinge. He was rather lucky; his extraordinarily high Alpherone hormone levels gave him an extremely high pain tolerance and a rather quick healing rate. 

So the bullet wounds that should have had him gasping on the ground, bleeding to death, were just a bit more than an extremely painful muscle ache. Though, he was still in desperate need of medical attention, it wasn’t pressing enough to bring to everyone’s attention. 

Jimin’s eyes flickered over Hoseok’s body with a concerned frown. “Are you okay?” Jimin mouthed, making sure Kookie couldn’t hear him. 

Hoseok smiled, waving off Jimin’s concern; it was sweet of Jimin, but he wasn’t important right now. Hoseok could get checked out later. He wasn’t passing out, and that was really all that mattered right now. 

“Don’t worry about it, baby. I’m fine,” he reassured. 

Jimin nodded, turning his attention back to Jungkook. Taehyung, though, was too aware to let the interaction go. 

Tae frowned, “Yoongi-oppa. Hoseok-oppa’s having trouble walking, can you look at him, please?” The entire entourage stopped, turning to look at Hoseok curiously. The amber-eyed Alpha waved all of them off. “I’m fine, Tae.” 

Yoongi sniffed the air, before walking towards Hoseok with an irritated look, “How bad is it?” 

Hoseok blinked, “Not bad at-” 

The Alpha ripped open the jacket that Hoseok had zipped up to hide his injuries. “You were shot,” Yoongi growled, voice low. 

His scent stayed stably at sweet candles, but Yoongi’s hands were shaking. “They shot you? Twice? And you didn’t tell me? 

Waving a hand, Hoseok brushed off their concerns, “Please, I’ve had a lot worse. We need to focus on Jungkook.” 

Because he had. They all know he had. He was an ex-assassin, getting shot twice used to be his normal Tuesday agenda.

Yoongi huffed, shifting Hoseok so that he was leaning heavily on Yoongi. Without another comment, Yoongi nudged Hoseok, silently asking the Alpha to start moving. 

And that was that, the entourage started moving again, and Hoseok had to admit, he was in a lot less pain. The ache was minimal now that he wasn’t straining the muscles in his hips and back. 

Yoongi was cursing under his breath, “Fuck you. You fucking get shot and you don’t fucking tell me. You’re a fucking cunt, you know that? The fuck am I supposed to do if you drop dead right here? Fucking bullet wounds for Christ sake. And two. Two mother fucki-” 

Hoseok pressed a kiss to Yoongi’s temple, “I love you, too, hyung.” 

Seokjin and Namjoon got out of the car, police cars quickly pulling up all around them. 

They were at the strip mall. 

Yoongi had called, letting them know that Kookie was safe, but Daehyun was running to the front of the lot. Namjoon and Seokjin should see him run up any second now. 

Seokjin’s lips pressed together into a hard frown. “Keep an eye out- we don’t want to miss him.” 

Namjoon nodded tensely, “Yes, Noona.” 

The Commissioner gingerly walked up to them, still acting like a pussy after Seokjin showed him his place back at the Department. He offered both of them 90 degree bows. 

Namjoon nodded. Seokjin didn’t even give the man that. 

“Since we aren’t sure, where they are, our officers are going to methodically sweep the area. We’ll find yourpup, Mr. Kim,” the Commissioner reassured needlessly. 

Seokjin was well-aware that Jungkook was safe. He was also aware the Jungkook was at the very back of the lot. But, he kept silent, knowing his mates likely needed a couple minutes to sort themselves out. 

“That’s fine.” 

The Commissioner nodded, and then just stood there, next to Namjoon and Seokjin, like he deserved to breathe the same air. 

Namjoon raised an eyebrow, “Did you decide that you were more valuable as a corpse? Is that why you’re standing around instead of being useful? I mean... Whatever you want, Lee, but it’s an odd choice.” 

The Commissioner’s face went white; he squeaked, and ran off to join the ranks of officers heading down towards the lot, no doubt wanting to be as far away from Namjoon and Seokjin as possible. 

“It’s attractive when you get aggressive,” Seokjin mumbled under his breath, “You should do it more often.” 

Namjoon smiled, “I’m aggressive all the time. It just happens to be that I’m a sensitive bastard around you.” 

“I remember when you were still a blushy little thing,” Seokjin hummed, “So eager to please.”

Namjoon tightened his grip around Seokjin’s waist with a teasing smile, “Do you have a preference?”

“Blushy pup or bloodthirsty monster, you’ve always been mine, and that’s my only preference,” Seokjin smiled, looking back out at the lot.

Namjoon hummed, heart fluttering at Seokjin’s words, before catching the sight of a familiar car, and suddenly it was back to business.

“I see his car. Let’s head towards it. I don’t want to miss him accidentally.” 

 Seokjin nodded. 

The police officers watched them walk away, before turning away. Whatever the Kims were doing, it was none of their business. If they wanted the police to help, they’d ask. Until then, the officers would follow orders and focus on finding the Kim pup. 


 Seokjin hummed, Namjoon’s hands were soothingly sliding up and down Seokjin’s arms. The Omega leaned his head back, resting it on the Alpha’s chest. 

 Seokjin was still very much alert, eyes carefully flicking over the area, but there was a sense of peace that came from leaning against his Alpha. 

 Seokjin was furious. He felt blood-thirsty and empty, but the Alpha’s touch had warmth dripping back into cold cavity of his chest. 

“Is that...” Namjoon trailed, posture straightening. 

 Seokjin glanced over the lot, focusing on a figure jogging sloppily towards them. 


“Should we hide, and wait for him to come to us?” Namjoon asked calmly, “Or do you want me to shoot him?” 

Cold, cold, pain, blood, danger, danger, danger, danger 

Seokjin purred, “I want you to drag him to my feet.” 

The Omega wanted to see the Alpha, beg and grovel at his feet for mercy. Seokjin wanted to deny him, wanted to watch at the hope shriveled in the man’s eyes. 

Seokjin had plans. Long, elaborate plans. 

No, Daehyun wasn’t getting a bullet wound, nothing that quick and impersonal. Seokjin was going to personally inflict every wound. Seokjin would rub salt into cuts and shatter his femurs. Seokjin was going to cut off his dick and rip out the Alpha’s scent gland. Seokjin was going to shove Daehyun’s dick down the Alpha’s throat. Seokjin was going to crack his kneecaps and shove bamboo underneath his finger nails. 

Seokjin was going to make Daehyung wish he was dead. 

Seokjin was going to make an example out of the fucking bastard that thought he could take his pup. 

No one touches Seokjin’s Jungkook, and the Omega was going to make sure the world got the message. 

Namjoon gently slipped out from behind Seokjin, cracking his neck and rolling his shoulders. The Alpha smirked, “Noona’s wish. My command.” 

 Seokjin smiled, watching as his strong Alpha mate ran down to confront Daehyun. 

“Don’t hurt him too much,” Seokjin called out playfully, “I have plans.” 

Daehyun immediately recognized Namjoon, stumbling, attempting to run away, only to be quickly overtaken by the Kim Alpha. 

It was arousing. Namjoon didn’t even lift a finger, just shouting out an order Seokjin couldn’t hear, and Daehyun immediately dropped to his knees, limp and entirely in Namjoon’s control. 

My mate. My strong, desirable mate. Strong, worthy mate. 

Carelessly, Namjoon reached out to grab Daehyun’s ankle, and literally dragged the Alpha back to Seokjin. One side of Daehyun’s face and half of the Alpha’s body scraped against the pavement, leaving a bloody, red streak in his wake. 

Namjoon was clearly doing it on purpose. Seokjin huffed a laugh, loving how petty his mate was. A few moments later, the Alpha dumped Daehyun in a bloody heap at Seokjin’s feet. 

“Fucking stay on the ground,” Namjoon growled, ordering Daehyun, “Don’t even fucking move, you understand?” 

The Alpha was clearly holding himself back from ripping Daehyun apart, and Seokjin appreciated the effort. In a show of appreciation, Seokjin reached out to grab his mate’s hand. 

“Puh-puh, please, I b-beg for mercy, Mr. Kim, I didn’t know the pup was yours, ” Daehyun blubbered, head pressed against the ground. 

Daehyun was kneeling submissively at Seokjin’s feet, as if he was praying to a god. It didn’t really make Seokjin feel any more sympathetic towards the Alpha, but it did make him realize that Namjoon would look so pretty like that. 

“I couldn’t care less,” Seokjin said, softly, “You took my pup. You hurt him. You made him cry. You should be punished for that.” 

“Puh-please,” Daehyun begged. 

"Namjoonie known for being fair,” Seokjin smiled, the serene, unaffected smile of a goddess overlooking a battle ground, “So, I’ll give you a chance to earn mercy. I want you to beg. Beg for your life.” 

“Please,” Daehyun whispered, “It was an honest mistake. I would have never taken the pup if I had known he was yours.” 

“Offer me money,” Seokjin demanded, “Favors.” 

“I’ll give you everything I have. I have connections in Washington. They’re yours. Just, please, please, please, please let me go,” Daehyun blubbered. 

Seokjin crouched down. “Look at me,” he ordered. 

Daehyun got on his knees, red, watery eyes pleading pathetically at Seokjin’s. The Alpha was shivering, sobs racking through his body. 

The Omega loved it. He couldn’t help but imagine what his tears tasted like, or what his skin tasted like, seasoned by his tears and a good Spanish blend.

“Offer me your loyalty. Offer me your life,” Seokjin whispered, wanted to hear the cunt lay himself down like a dog at Seokjin’s mercy.

“I’ll be yours. I- I’ll stay in Seoul. I’ll do anything. I’ll serve the Kims for the rest of my life, just please, I beg of you, spare my life.” The Alpha looked into Seokjin’s eyes imploringly. 



Seokjin flashed his fangs in sharp, sadistic smile, “I won’t kill you. I’ll just make you beg me to, is that fair? I’m giving you what you want, no?” 

Namjoon, a foot away, huffed a laugh. Seokjin suppressed his own. 

Daehyun’s face had gone white, hope draining from his eyes; he looked like a corpse, eyes fluttering like he was going to faint. 

“He really is pathetic, isn’t he?” Seokjin asked, looking up at Namjoon.
Namjoon shrugged, “There’s a reason I went for him first when Bangtan was still starting out.” Seokjin hummed- that made sense.

“F-fuck, you.”

Seokjin turned back, amusement draining away. “What did you say to me?” 

Daehyun looked at him, anger brewing pathetically in his eyes as his spit his words at Seokjin, “Fuck you and your fucking pup. I hope his nose is fucking burned. He’s a weak cunt, bleeding all over the place.” 

Seokjin backhanded the Alpha.

Daehyun fell back to the ground, clutching his cheek in pain. 

Seokjin was wearing sharp diamond rings on each finger, and their imprints were in made in deep, bleeding gashes on the Alpha’s cheek. 

“You made Jungkook’s nose bleed?” the Omega asked, lowly, standing up.

Fury burned in Seokjin’s chest. Jungkook’s nose was bleeding. This fucking bastard made his pup bleed.

“Namjoon, baby, do you still have your knife?” Seokjin asked, still staring down Daehyun. “Yes, Noona.”

“Good,” Seokjin whispered, out for blood, “Make him cut his nose off.”

“Wh-what, no, please-” 

Namjoon pressed a soft kiss to Seokjin’s cheek before pulling out his small switchblade and offering it out to Daehyun. 

“Take this knife and cut it off,” Namjoon commanded in Alpha-voice, “Now.” Daehyun shakily reached out for the knife, sobbing at his raised the blade to his face. 

“And, once he’s done with that, I want him to eat it,” Seokjin added, glancing at his mate. 

Namjoon chuckled, pulling Seokjin into his arms, “My precious mate is so creative. 

Seokjin smirked, watching at the Alpha screamed out from his self-inflicted pain. “Just the tip of the iceberg. I have plans.” 

Chapter Text

Chapter 12: Seokjin is doing just fine Thank you

World Building Fact: 

The likehood of an Omega having a miscarriage is one in ten-thousand. It’s very rare, and almost always from outside trauma. Miscarriages are known to have extremely detrimental effects on an Omega’s mental health. It’s not uncommon for the Omegas who’ve suffered through a miscarriage to have trauma or a form of PTSD from the experience. 


“Darling,” Namjoon called softly, tapping Seokjin’s shoulder, making the Omega pull his bloody hands out of Daehyun’s chest, “They’re here. Let’s get a to-go box, and finish the rest at home, hm?” 

Seokjin rolled his eyes, wiping the blood off on his sweatpants, “Cannibalism jokes and kink-shaming in one. Funny. 

Namjoon smiled, dimples on full display, “I thought cannibalism was your hobby not a kink?” 

Seokjin huffed, ears pinkening from embarrassment, standing up next to Namjoon, before looking down at Daehyun. 

The Alpha was still breathing, but not much else could be said about him. He was lying limply on the ground, soft moans, the only sound he was capable of making, drifting weakly from his mouth. 

“Well, how about you call the waiters up here first, and then we’ll go down there,” Seokjin asked, raising an eyebrow. 

Namjoon nodded, pulling out his phone to call Yoongi and ask that he send the Betas over to take care send Daehyun over to some safe house until Seokjin had enough time to finish his work.

Truthfully, Seokjin needed a moment. 

Deep breath in. Deep breath out. 

He was going to see Kookie. He needed to be calm. Soft. Seokjin could feel his eyes shifting from an aggressive, angry crimson back to his natural, soft brown. He had slipped out of Omega-space. 

Seokjin exhaled shakily. The aggressive, sadistic daze that had been blurring Seokjin’s vision melted away, leaving Seokjin, a mother who was just very, very worried for hispup.

He just wanted his pup back in his arms. He wanted Jungkook warm, happy, and safe. 

“Noona? They’re on their way up. Do you want to start heading down? After all,” Namjoon glanced down at Daehyun with an amused smile, “It’s not like he’s going anywhere.” 

The Omega nodded, “That’s fine.” 

In the distance, Seokjin could see that his four other mates and Kookie had already reached the police border, while a group of bulky men were jogging towards Seokjin and Namjoon. 

Namjoon held his arm out, silently asking to escort Seokjin down, and the Omega immediately took it, feeling the warmth of being cared for. Seokjin had treated Namjoon rather horribly today, and Namjoon was still being a perfect gentleman. It made him feel insurmountably guilty. 

Seokjin was going to have to find a way to thank him.

“I’m sorry for wearing the sweatpants,” Seokjin said softly, “You didn’t deserve that.” 

Namjoon hummed nonchalantly, looking ahead, “It was rather petty of you- and unnecessary. The shoes I understand. I don’t even want you walking around in heels as much as you do- It’s not good for your ankles. But the sweatpants were just you being mean.” 

Seokjin sighed, softly. Namjoon wasn’t wrong. He did wear his sweatpants with distinctly malicious intent, there was no other reason to dress this unfashionably.

“I just... I’m sorry, Namjoonie. I always consider you capable of protecting our pack,” Seokjin explained slowly, uncomfortable with admitting weakness, “I was just... scared.” 

The Alpha looked at Seokjin, warm dark eyes crinkled at the corners and Namjoon showed Seokjin his dimples. Namjoon was an open book, an open book that adored his noona, no matter what, no matter what the Omega put him through. 

“It’s okay, Noona. I forgive you,” Namjoon kissed Seokjin’s cheek, “I’m not so prideful that I’d hold a grudge over this.” 

“Still, I was wrong.” 

“Oh please, I spent the entirety of the day being ordered around by a beautiful Omega. There’s a great many people who’d pay top dollar for an hour being whipped by an Omega dom as gorgeous as you,” Namjoon smirked, tongue in cheek. 

Namjoon,” Seokjin gasped, slapping the Alpha’s chest, “No. 

Namjoon laughed, tugging his mate closer, “My noona. A blood-thirsty sadist one minute, a blushy conservative the next.” 

Taehyung watched as Jimin bounced Jungkook in his arms; the Omega readjusted his grip again. Jimin was strong, but not strong enough that he could hold a squirming pup for an entire 30 minutes without any discomfort,  especially with weak limbs tremoring from cramps running through his body.

With a smile, Tae tapped Jimin on the shoulder, “You want me to take him? You can rest your arms for a second.” 

Jimin had a bit of relief on his face, the idea was undoubtedly appealing. “If Kookie doesn’t mind, then then yes, please.” 

Jungkookie, you wanna go with Mama? Hm? You haven’t scented Mama, yet. 

Almost immediately, Kookie whined, squirming violently, practically burrowing his face in Jimin’s shoulder. 

No, no, no scenting. No cuddles. Only Mommy. Only Mommy till we get home. No. 

Jimin looked at Tae wide-eyed. 

Both of the omegas had thought it odd that Kookie didn’t want to scent the Alphas, but in a way that was somewhat understandable. Alphas had heavier, muskier scents. Alphas were dangerous. Daehyun was an Alpha. 

Daehyun had likely identified Kookie by Namjoon’s scent. It was notable, but not entirely concerning. 

But, the fact that Jungkook had rejected Taehyung, his Mama? The Mama that smelled like reassuring, safe, vanilla cookies and cupcakes. 

That was concerning. 

Omegas were pups first and major source of comfort, for Jungkook to be fearful of Taehyung, meant something was seriously wrong. 

“Okay, baby,” Jimin hushed, giving Taehyung a worried look, “Don’t worry. Mommy’s got you. It’s okay.” 

Seokjin and Namjoon jogged the last couple steps, far too excited to see Jungkook to care about keeping up appearances. 

“Kookie?” Seokjin called, smile wide on his face. 

The rest of his mates smiled back at him, no doubt happy to see Seokjin in a much less brutal headspace. Hoseok was leaning against Yoongi; the Alpha’s torso was slick with blood, and Seokjin made a mental note to push Hoseok towards the ambulance after he met with Jungkook. 

Jimin, Tae, and Yoongi looked rather fine. A few cuts here or there, but otherwise, nothing too worrying. 

“Hi, unnie,” Jimin greeted, before looking down at the pup in his arms. 

Jungkook was tucked securely in Jimin’s arms. The little pup’s head was buried in Jimin’s shoulder, nose pressed against Jimin’s chest, face turned away from Jimin’s neck. 

Jungkook looked okay.

Jungkook was okay.

Seokjin’s eyes watered in relief.

“Hey, Kookie. Look, its Eomma!” Jimin cooed, trying to encourage Jungkook to raise his head. Eomma? 

“His nose has an ouchy, so we’re all talking through the bond,” Jimin explained to Seokjin, “Isn’t that right, baby?” 

Jungkook snuffled Jimin’s neck one last time, before raising his head to look at Seokjin. 

My nose hurts, Eomma. Hurts lots. Kookie said, knowing that his Eomma always fixed all his problems. Except, Seokjin couldn’t fix this, didn’t know how to fix this.

The words were like a rusty knife to the heart, and Seokjin’s breath hitched. Part of him wanted to jog right back to Daehyun’s prone body and finish the job right now, and the other wanted to grab his pup and run to god knows where. 

Jungkook’s eyes were pink and wet from tears. The lower half of his face was covered in dry and crusting blood. His bottom lip was trembling slightly. 

Jungkook looked like something out of Seokjin’s nightmares. 

Oh, my poor Kookie. Eomma’s so sorry, baby. We’re gonna go see, Dr. Seong, and she’ll make you feel all better, I promise.  

Jungkook blinked. 

Will Eomma kiss it better? That always helps.  

Seokjin’s heart melted. Of course, I will. 

The corners of Jungkook’s lips turned up slightly, and Seokjin couldn’t stop himself any longer. He walked towards Jimin, holding his arms out to take Kookie from the other Omega’s arms. 

But, then, Jimin, his Omega mate, a mother to his pup, stepped back. His mate took Jungkook away. 

Seokjin took another step.

Jimin took another one back.

“Unnie,” Jimin pleaded, “You really shouldn’t.” 

Seokjin’s eyebrows furrowed, irritation blending with confusion. “I’ll be careful with his hands and feet, Jimin-ah. I’m not a monster. Now, hand Jungkook over. I’m sure Kookie wants to scent his Eomma.” 

Isn’t that right, baby? 

Because, for Seokjin, that was obvious. His pup was in distress, and scenting from the pack calmed pups down. Yoongi, Taehyung, Hoseok, and Jimin had been with Kookie for a while, so Kookie had already scented them. He hadn’t scented Seokjin or Namjoon. Scenting Seokjin and Namjoon would calm Kookie down further. 

Kookie wanted to scent the pack after he got papercuts for Christ’s sake. 

But, instead of Jungkook eagerly turning towards Seokjin’s open arms, the pup shivered violently, whining loudly and releasing a bitter scent of fear, scared, no, no, anxiety. Kookie seemed to claw his hands into Jimin’s trench coat, clutching onto his Mommy for dear life. 

No, no scenting. No scenting till home. No. No scenting. No cuddles. Only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, 

Seokjin immediately froze, before taking a wary step back, worried smile on his face. 

Okay, baby, that’s fine. No scenting, Eomma promises. 

Only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy 

Seokjin looked at his mates, all of them looking at Jungkook with various levels of concern. 

Only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy 

“Kookie! Jungkook?” Jimin asked frantically, bouncing the pup in his arms, “No, scenting baby, I promise. Baby?” 

Only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy 

“Get him in the fucking ambulance,” Namjoon shouted, “He’s having a seizure.” 

Only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy 

Seokjin watched weak-kneed, unable to move, as Jimin and Yoongi ran towards the paramedics, a violently shuddering Jungkook in Jimin’s arms. 

Only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy, only Mommy 

As the ambulance sped away, siren’s blaring, Seokjin’s knees gave out, and he fell to the ground. 

Someone was pulling at his arms, trying to get him to stand up, but it wasn’t going to happen. 

Seokjin had been trying so hard. He had been trying so hard to be strong. He thought everything was finally okay, that Jungkook was safe, and that Seokjin’s vulnerable, bleeding heart was safe along with him. 


But, no, the very thing Seokjin had gone into Omega-space to prevent, happened regardless: 


Seokjin had broke. 


Taehyung dived after Seokjin, attempting to break the Omega’s fall. Gently, Tae sat on the ground, setting Seokjin on his lap. 

“Noona?” Hoseok asked, kneeling in front of Seokjin.

No response. Seokjin just blinked blankly, looking out in the distance, eyes a gentle maroon, the only sign of what had happened. The smell of bitter distress bloomed in the air between them. 

“Noona!” Hoseok repeated in alarm, thoughts racing a mile a minute- this could be bad. Really, really bad. They had only seen Seokjin slip into soft Omega-space once before, and that had been the most traumatic moment of Seokjin's life. 

Seokjin looked up at the Alpha weakly, tears welling up in his eyes. “My baby. Alpha, my baby’s gone.” 

An overwhelming urge to protect stabbed Hoseok in the heart. Seokjin never cried in public, yet here he was crumpled on the ground in sweats, crying. 

The Alpha immediately pulled Seokjin into a hug, holding his mate tight against his chest. “He’s not gone, Noona. I promise. He’s going to the hospital. He’s safe. We’re going to go see him right now. 

Hoseok looked at Taehyung, who was sitting still, watching him and Seokjin carefully. “Taehyung, go call the car over here.” 

“But- there’s a hill, it won’t-”

Hoseok gave Taehyung a firm look, “Oppa gave you an order, baby.” 

Taehyung stiffened, before getting up and running towards Namjoon and the SUV. With that taken care of, Hoseok looked back at his glassy-eyed, innocent mate. 

“My pup. My baby,” Seokjin whimpered, voice cracking “Not gon' to be okay.” 

The Alpha pulled Seokjin back up to his feet, and tucked Seokjin into his chest, hiding him from view of the police officers, no doubt looking at the scene curiously, like the fucking scavengers they were. 

Hoseok did his best to reassure his mate with the strong, safe, protective scent of acid and formaldehyde. Softly, he rubbed his hands up and down Seokjin’s back, nuzzling against the Omega’s cheek, trying to settle the Omega as quickly as possible. 

They quite honestly could not afford to have Seokjin drop into Omega-space thinking that he’s going to lose Jungkook. 

It was like the incident all over again, and Hoseok was having trouble breathing at the thought of repeating that month. 

“We’re going to a Kim hospital, baby. Our Jungkookie is on his way there. We have to go meet him, don’t we?” Hoseok cooed, pressing a soft kiss to Seokjin’s cheek, “Kookie doesn’t like hospitals, does he?” 

Seokjin shook his head slowly. “The bright lights...” Seokjin got choked up in the middle of his sentence, “He doesn’t like them.” 

The SUV pulled up in front of them. Omega had clearly been putting all of his effort in holding himself together in public, because as soon as they were hidden from view: Seokjin burst into tears, falling into Hoseok’s arms. 

The Alpha grunted in pain. He still had bullet wounds in his chest; he really shouldn’t be manhandling Seokjin at the moment, but his Omega mate needed him, and Hoseok wouldn’t ever place his needs before his mates’.

“I j-just wanna hold my baby,” Seokjin sobbed into Hoseok’s shoulder, “Just want him to be kay, just wan' my baby.” 

Hoseok nodded helplessly, “I know, Noona. You’ll get to hold him soon. He’s going to be okay. Seizures aren’t life-threatening, love. He’s going to be perfectly fine. You’ll get to cuddle him soon.” 

Seokjin hiccuped in Hoseok’s arms, and for a moment, Hoseok thought everything was going to be okay, and then Seokjin shrieked. 

“I’m bleeding”, Seokjin wailed, looking down at nothing,My pup! Hoseokie, my pup is dying.”

Hoseok clutched Seokjin tighter, just trying to make sure the Omega didn’t hurt himself.

“No, Noona, you’re okay. There’s no blood, baby, I promise, there’s no blood.”

Namjoon got out of the SUV, and opened the back door, helping Hoseok carry a cryingSeokjin inside. Taehyung was in the passenger seat. A beta-bodyguard was driving. And Namjoon and Hoseok were flanking Seokjin, who was reeking of mourning and dead flowers. 

The Omega’s face was hidden in Hoseok’s bloody shirt. Fingers were clutching the fabric like a life line. Seokjin’s legs were limply spread across Namjoon’s lap. The Omega looked beaten, worn down, like he had lost the will to live. 

“’m so, s-so sorry,” he cried, whimpering like a terrified child, "Can’t do this, Seokjinnie can’t do this. Don’t wanna do it 'gain.” 

Hoseok found it hard to breath past the lump in his throat. 

“No one is making you do anything, darling,” Namjoon cooed, “It’s okay. We’ll go see our Kookie. He’s going to be okay.” 

Seokjin shook his head violently, soft maroon eyes squeezed shut, “That’s what Joonie said last time, Joonie lied." 

Namjoon flinched. Hoseok bit his lip to stop himself from letting out a sob of his own. 

“Seokjinnie keeps losing pups,” the Omega whispered brokenly, tugging at his own hair, "Bad Eomma." 

“Kookie’s alive. Kookie is alive. Please, you’re getting them confused,” Hoseok explained, his voice shaking, “You aren’t pregnant, Seokjin. Kookie’s here. He’s fine. 

“I n-never got to hold my pup,” Seokjin sobbed, “They’re going to take him away from me.”

“Noona. Noona,” Hoseok said desperately, trying to catch his mate’s attention, “Kookie is alive. Your pup is alive.”

There was a beat of silence.

“He’s safe. We saved him, noona. Everything’s okay. He’ll see Dr. Seong, and he’ll feel a lot better,” Namjoon smiled, rubbing a hand up and down Seokjin’s leg.

“We love you, noona,” Tae added timidly, from the passenger seat, “We wouldn’t lie to you.” 

And then Seokjin seemed to calm down, though more from exhaustion than reassurance. He slowly laid himself down across the Alpha’s laps. The Omegas soft, broken breaths were deafening in the silent car. 

It stretched on for an entire minute, with Namjoon and Hoseok warily watching the Omega curl in tighter on himself. 

“Jus' can't...” Seokjin said, eyes fluttering closed in weak resignation, “can’t lose another.” 

Chapter Text

Chapter 13: The Hospital

World Building Facts: 

Pups recognize their parents largely by scent. The lack of it can be very confusing and unsettling.

Yoongi and Jimin watched, worried, as Kookie limply laid down on the stretcher. The seizure had ended, but the pup was still breathing shakily, skin pale and clammy. 

The EMT’s had given Jungkook’s nose bleed one look before asking, “Is he over-stimulated?” 

“Y-yes,” Jimin answered, unable to look away from his pup.

“Probably shock then, Lisa, give him epinephrine and diphenhydramine.”

“Yes, sir.” 

As one EMT readied the shots, the other one leaned over Jungkook, checking his breathing. 

Jungkook whined as he got the shots, and Yoongi stopped Jimin from instinctively ripping the EMT away from Jungkook. Jimin’s maternal instincts were tearing up his mind, and it was all he could do to just stay in Yoongi’s arms.

“Airway is a little closed up, but I’m more worried about the shallow breathing. Prepare the oxygen mask just in case,” the man ordered. 

Jimin and Yoongi watched silently as the EMT’s did their best to stabilize Jungkook; doing their very best not to interfere. 

“His heart-rate is a little too high for my liking. How’s his BP?” “70 over 50.” 

The older Medic hissed, “That’s lower than I’m comfortable with. If he doesn’t improve with the epinephrine in a minute, we’ll add an IV line to give fluids.” 

“Normal saline?” the younger EMT asked. 

The older Medic turned towards Jimin and Yoongi, “Has he eaten recently?” 

Jimin timidly shook his head, “No, not since eight this morning.” 

“Hartmann’s then.” 

While the younger medic set everything else up, the older one smiled at Jungkook, wrapping the pup up in a blanket. 

“Hey, buddy,” the EMT greeted, “Can you give me some deep breaths, hm?” 

Jungkook was drowsily blinking up at the Medic, shoulders shaking with his quick uneven breaths. 

“Come on, breathe in deeply with me, can you do that?” the Medic asked with a professional smile. 

When Jungkook proved fairly unresponsive, the Medic looked over at the younger EMT, “Let’s start him up on Oxygen, and give him that IV line.” 

She nodded, slipping an oxygen mask over Jungkook’s face, the soft hiss of air echoing in Jimin’s ears. The older medic carefully slipped the IV needle into the crook of Jungkook’s arm, hanging the bag of fluids next to the cot. 

The older medic turned towards the driver, “How much longer to Kim Hospital?” 

“Ten minutes.” 

“Good,” the Medic turned back towards Jungkook, “Just try to take even breaths for me, bud, you’re doing great.” 

Jungkook’s eyes slowly fluttered shut, the pup’s breathing slowly becoming even. 

“There we go,” the EMT smiled, shoulders loosening with relief, “Keep an eye on his BP, I want it up to at least 100 over 70 by the time we arrive.” 

“Yes, sir.” 

Jimin and Yoongi watched tensely as the situation seemed to calm down. The older Medic turned towards them, offering a reassuring smile. 

“Will he be alright?” Yoongi asked, warily glancing at Jungkook. 

“He’ll be fine,” the EMT reassured confidently, “Bit of an extreme case of pup sensitivity, but nothing too worrying. He should feel much better by the time we reach the hospital. Worst case scenario, they’ll offer him some stronger steroids when we arrive, but otherwise we’ll just give him more fluids and Benadryl until his heart rate and blood pressure even out.” 

Jimin looked at the EMT, “What about the seizure?” 

“Just a side effect of being over-stimulated. The doctors might take a scan to make sure everything’s okay, but I don’t see it as too big of an issue.” 

You’re going to be alright, Kookie. 

Yoongi hugged Jimin a little tighter, relief washing over both of them.

“Mr. Kim, Mss. Kim,” Dr. Seong greeted, offering an overly respectful 90 degree bow. Jimin and Yoongi smiled back, ducking their heads in response. 

Jimin had never been so grateful for Seokjin’s company until this very moment right now. This was a Kim hospital. 

The hospital’s most senior doctors rushed to meet the ambulance. Kookie was diagnosed by a team of the five best pediatric doctors in Seoul. He was given priority for tests and scans. The pup was never left alone. Everything was checked and double checked by multiple people. 

Jungkook received the best, most personalized care any pup could receive, no matter the fact that his condition was hardly life threatening. 

“Dr. Seong,” Jimin greeted back, leaning against Yoongi’s chest. 

Dr. Seong was their personal doctor. Seokjin had added her to the Kim Hospital in Seoul’s payroll as a precaution, running all of Jungkook’s treatments through her. It had been indescribably relieving for the ambulance doors to open, and for Jimin to see her standing in front of the hospital doors, a host of other doctors around her. 

She stood in front of them, hair looking a little haphazard, likely from all the running around she had been doing. But, she still looked sharp, intelligent. She was wearing a pencil skirt, a silk blouse printed in a signature Gucci print, underneath her tailored white coat, looking every bit the well- paid Doctor they ensured she was. 

It was a bit hard for Jimin to trust an Alpha doctor. He'd much prefer a whip-smart Omega or a stable Beta, but Dr. Seong had proved herself enough, despite being an Alpha.

And Jungkook was most comfortable with her. 

The Doctor held herself with confidence. The maternal sort of confidence that held concern for Jungkook at its forefront, but armed with the capability to cut any of her obstacles down. 

She had rushed to meet them at the ambulance, dropping whatever inconsequential tasks she had been doing before.

“Should we discuss Jungkook’s condition right now, or would you rather wait for your mates to arrive?” the Alpha doctor asked, a comforting smile on her face. 

Jimin glanced at Yoongi. Yoongi gave him a look. 

“Right now is fine. We’ll relay the information to our mates later,” Jimin admitted, unable to restrain his worry and curiosity. 

Dr. Seong nodded, understanding, “That’s perfectly fine.” 

She stepped into Jungkook’s hospital room, shutting the door behind her. It was a large, private suite; the kind given to celebrities when they got a forty thousand dollar nose job. 

Jimin, Yoongi, and the Doctor sat at circular table. As Dr. Seong opened up what was presumably Jungkook’s file, she started, “First of all. I want to reassure you that none of the injuries Jungkook received are permanent. He’ll recover from everything, albeit some sooner than others.” 

Jimin and Yoongi nodded.

“He had lacerations on his wrists and ankles-” 

“From zipties,” Jimin added. 

The Doctor winced sympathetically, “Yes, those were fairly straight forward. They weren’t deep. We cleaned them, anti-septic, anti-bacterials, etcetera. They didn’t overlap his parenting bites, so even if he has scarring, it won’t impact them. He also had bruising on his face and chest, likely from blunt force trauma.” 

“Meaning?” Jimin asked. He knew what blunt force trauma meant. But he knew it from a legal perspective, and he was praying that it was used differently as a medical term. 

“The kidnapper likely slapped him... multiple times.” 

Yoongi choked down a snarl. Jimin couldn’t help the pained whine that left his throat. 

His baby. Jungkook. The pup that wasn’t even three feet tall. Slapped. The Kims might have butchered dozens, but they never raised a hand against Jungkook. For someone to have slapped Jungkook, something that their pack found inherently disgusting. 

They had promised Jungkook that they’d never raise a hand against him. Jimin considered this a broken promise.

“I’m sorry, Mss. Kim,” Dr. Seong said, softly.

Jimin shook his head, trying to clear his head, “I’m fine, keep going.” 

“We gave him some anti-inflammatories, and hydrocortisone to reduce swelling and the discoloration, but that’s about all we could do there,” Dr. Seong explained, pointing at the list of medications Jungkook had been given. 

“Is that all? For his outside injuries that is? No broken bones or... other trauma,” Yoongi trailed off tentatively, fear strongly underlining his voice. 

Jimin’s breath hitched. The Omega froze, icy terror filling his chest.

The Doctor vigorously shook her head, “Jungkook was not taken advantage of, I assure you. The lacerations and the bruising are all the injuries he sustained, apart from his nose. Nothing else.” Jimin slumped back into his chair in relief, though his chest was still painfully tight. “Jesus.” 

This was a possibility. It had been, for a split second, a possibility. Jungkook. Jimin’s pup could have been... 

Yoongi took Jimin’s hand, rubbing soothing circles on Jimin’s palm, “I apologize. I just had to ensure that nothing had happened.” 

The Doctor nodded with a sympathetic expression, “I understand, Mr. Kim. There’s no need to apologize. For something so important, it’s good to make certain.” 

Jimin couldn’t breathe. The thought of- of, he couldn’t even bring himself to think about it. “So,” Jimin started, forcibly changing the subject, “Jungkook’s nose?” 

Dr. Seong jerked into motion, pulling out a scan, “Right. Jungkook had an extreme bout of Pink Button syndrome. It’s when a pup gets overstimulated and burned by an abrasive foreign smell. It’s extremely similar to an allergic reaction.” 

“Jungkook’s reaction was a bit extreme, but we can attribute that to the stressful situation and that Jungkook is just generally more sensitive to smells than a typical pup.” 

She pointed to a MRI of Jungkook’s nose, “See this small gland here? That’s what identifies scent. As you can see here, Jungkook’s is incredibly swollen, because all of the scent receptors are burnt, which is what caused the nose bleed.” 

Burnt?” Jimin repeated, scared. 

“Not to ash. Like a sun burn. They’re just damaged, but they’ll heal, I assure you,” Dr. Seong reassured, “The EMT’s gave him epinephrine and Benadryl for the swelling and pain. We just kept that up. He was improving enough that we didn’t have to go to steroids.” 

Jimin nodded. That made sense. 

“The swelling has since gone down, and I don’t expect it to come back. Though, his nose is still extremely sore and sensitive. I’d suggest not letting him leave your home for at least the next week or so. Any unfamiliar scents can exacerbate his injuries.” 

Jimin frowned. The sharp smell of cleaning supplies and the vague scent of the sick tickled his nose. “But the hospital is unfamiliar?” 

She smiled, “The goal is to get him out of here as soon as possible, I assure you. I’d like to have him discharged within the hour.” 

Yoongi nodded, “So, Jungkook had Pink Button Syndrome, which is just a nose bleed? Then, what caused the seizure? Or the rest of his symptoms?” 

Dr. Seong shook her head. “The burnt scent receptors caused the bleeding, which is part of Pink Button syndrome, but not it’s only symptom. Pink Button is when a pup goes into scent- overstimulation.” she re-explained patiently. 

“Low blood pressure, trouble breathing, fatigue, are all symptoms. The seizure was rather extreme, but warranted considering the situation. A pup getting overstimulated at Disney World and one getting overstimulated during a kidnapping attempt are two very different things, after all.” 

Oh how Jimin wished that Jungkook had gotten overstimulated at Disney World. If only the extent of Jimin’s problems were snuggling his baby at the Disney hotel and threatening to sue the resort for their poorly designed scent suppressor system. 

But, no. 

That’s not what happened. 

Jimin’s precious baby was beaten, tied up, and driven to oversensitivity during a kidnapping. 

“He didn’t want to scent anyone else, but Jimin,” Yoongi brought up, a frown on his face, “He freaked out when we got too close, but cried when we walked away. Was he just scared?” 

“Oh,” Dr. Seong said softly, looking at the pair sympathetically, “No, there’s medical cause for that.” 

“Yes?” Jimin prodded 

“Well, nearly all of Jungkook’s scent receptors are damaged. Every scent would seem like his kidnapper’s just because he was physically unable to smell anything else. He just couldn’t tell the difference between your scents and those of his kidnapper. He was likely just clinging to Mss. Kim for physical comfort.” 

Yoongi blinked, “So, when we were trying to soothe him with our scents, he just smelled more Daehyun?” 

The Doctor nodded. 

Well, that’s why he wasn’t calming down in response to my scent. Poor baby thought he was still smelling Daehyun. 

Wait. Fuck. 

“I was scaring him,” Jimin said blankly, “I was constantly pumping out my scent. My coat is still soaked through with oil. He must have been terrified.” 

A tentative hand reached out to cover Jimin’s shaking one, “It’s not your fault. For minor cases, that would have helped. It’s just... This was an extreme case.” 

Jimin looked off into the distance, realizing just how much unneeded fear he had put Kookie though. 

I was pumping out my scent. My entire back is slick with oil; I still reek. And the entire time, Jungkook thought he was smelling Daehyun. 

“So, when he was asking to scent at home?” Yoongi asked, unaffected by the information. He hadn’t even touched Jungkook: there was nothing for him to feel guilty about. 

Dr. Seong sighed, leaning back slightly in her chair, and running a hand through her hair. 

“Every time you approached him the smell of his kidnappers got stronger, and that’s what he was reacting to. He just wanted to get away from Daehyun. And home is just the best thing a pup can come up with.” 

“There’s also the fact that pups get sleepy during scenting, and Jungkook might have been running on instincts in that sense. He wanted to be alert until you got home. We can call a psychologist to talk to him, if you’d like, but I really don’t see much of a need at the moment.” 

Jimin shook his head immediately. There was nothing wrong with his Jungkook; they didn’t need a psychologist. “We’ll pass on the appointment, thank you.” 

Dr. Seong nodded, “Well, that was everything. Do you have any questions? We can discuss treatment and upkeep when your mates arrive.” 

“Can we scent him when he wakes up?” Yoongi asked, glancing at the dozing pup in the hospital bed. 

The Alpha doctor winced, “As we touched on before, the receptors in his nose are damaged. He won’t be able to smell anything for a few days. But I do emphatically recommend cuddles and physical contact.” 

Jimin muttered a clipped, “Thank you.”

The Doctor stood up, and the Kims followed suit, bowing slightly as she left. “I call first dibs on cuddles,” Yoongi mumbled, now that they were alone. 

Jimin slapped his chest, “Fuck you, Yoongi. This isn’t kindergarten.”

“Appa?” Kookie asked, blinking sleepily. 

Yoongi carefully kept his distance from the pup, sitting at the very end of the bed, to make sure Jungkook couldn’t smell him yet. 

Yoongi smiled, “Hi, bunny. You feeling better?”

His pup nodded slowly, handing coming up to rub at his eyes. Jungkook seemed calm; the pup’s scent was warm, sleepy, curious, but not much else. 

Kookie’s skin had its healthy, rosy-pink hue back, and his eyes, while sleepy, were alert. He looked so small in the big hospital bed, but he didn’t look fragile. The Kims’ pup was healthy, safe, and strong. 

Any traces of blood had been wiped away. The cuts on his wrists and ankles were all neaty bandaged. The only sign that Jungkook was sick was the blushy color of his nose, and the IV line. 

Appa,” Jungkook whined, squirming slightly.

“Yes? I’m right here, baby,” Yoongi reassured, small flickers on panic fluttering in his stomach. 

Jungkook looked at him, pouting, with an annoyed expression on his face; he made grabby hands at Yoongi, silently demanding his Appa pick him up. 


Relief was damn strong in Yoongi. 

Almost immediately, the Alpha moved to the head of the bed. Jungkook was still hooked up to the IV, so Yoongi tucked the pup gently into his lap, letting Kookie’s head rest against his scent gland. 

Jungkook was a relaxed, warm bundle in Yoongi’s arms, snuffling cutely against Yoongi’s neck. The pup’s hands kneaded at Yoongi’s clothes, an irritated tick, that happened when Jungkook was anxious. 

“Its okay, Kookie,” Yoongi hummed, soothingly rubbing up and down the pup’s back, “We’re just in the hospital. Appa’s here.” 

Mine. My pup. 

If anyone had walked into the hospital room at that moment, Yoongi would have immediately pulled out his gun and shot them, with absolutely no thought. 

Jungkook was back in his arms, and Yoongi was never going to let the the pup go.

Jungkook pressed his nose against Yoongi’s neck, nuzzling along Yoongi’s collarbones, searching for something, the faint scent of distress gradually getting stronger. 

“Appa? Appa?” Jungkook whined. 

“Appa’s here baby,” Yoongi purred soothingly, smoothing a hand down the pup’s back, “It’s hard to smell Appa isn’t it?” 

“Uh huh,” Kookie whimpered, “Can’t smell. Don’t know where Appa is.” 

“That’s because your nose had an ouchy, remember?” Yoongi explained gently, tugging Jungkook away from his neck. 

“I wanna cuddle my Appa.” Jungkook’s voice sounded scared, lost, unsettled by the lack of Yoongi’s scent. 

The pup’s light grasp around Yoongi’s shoulders was broken, as Yoongi lifted the pup up, his large hands underneath Jungkook’s arms. Jungkook wriggled slightly, trying to get back to the warmth of Yoongi’s chest. 

The image was a little reminiscent of the lion king, and Yoongi thought that the comparison between the prince cub of the African savannah and Jungkook was apt enough. 

“Pup,” Yoongi said, meeting Jungkook’s scared eyes, “Look at me. I’m Appa. I’m your Appa. Look at me, Kookie.” 

Jungkook’s eyes scanned Yoongi’s face, tracing up the Alpha’s nose and staring into Yoongi’s intelligent eyes, trying to find comfort in visual similarities. 

“Promise you’re Appa?” Jungkook asked, chewing on his lip, hope in his eyes. 

“I promise, Jungkookie. I’m Appa, the same person who taught you piano,” Yoongi cooed, “Remember? Our favorite song? The really hard one?” 

Jungkook blinked, “Chopsticks?”

Yoongi grinned, “Yep! Chopsticks. It goes like this doesn’t it?”

Yoongi hummed out the tune, watching as Jungkook slowly relaxed. The pup might have been unnerved by the lack of Yoongi’s scent, but the familiar melody undoubtedly made up for it. Yoongi had years of memories with Jungkook, and a little burnt nose wasn’t going to scare his pup away from him. 

“Appa, I want cuddles,” Jungkook asked softly, hands patting at Yoongi’s grip, finally believing Yoongi’s identity. 

With a sigh of relief, Yoongi cuddled his pup back to his chest. “I love you, Jungkook. Appa loves you.”

Light. Hot, bright light. It hit against Kookie’s eyelids. It hurt. Kookie didn’t like it. A sound. Footsteps? Someone was with Kookie. 

Danger, footsteps, no parents, open eyes, have to open eyes. 

Kookie forced his eyes open, but he couldn’t see. It was all blurry. He blinked, and again, and then he could see better. 

The bright light hurt.

Kookie sniffed, trying to figure out where he was.

No smell. No smell?

Jungkook sniffed again. His nose hurt. Ouchy.

He didn’t know where he was. What if he was still with Daehyun? Kookie didn’t like it. 

He looked around the room, and then realized. Person. There was a person there. Blonde hair. Appa has blonde hair. He couldn’t smell person, though. Person could also not be Appa. Appa smelled like candles. 

Kookie opened his mouth, it hurt, but he wanted Appa. Appa would keep him safe. 


Person smiled. “Hi, bunny. You feeling better?”

Bunny. Only Mommies and Daddies can call Kookie bunny. That was Appa. Safe. Safe.

The light still hurt, and Kookie rubbed at his eyes, trying to wipe the blurriness away. He was so sleepy. He wanted to nap. But, he also didn’t want to sleep. 

No, can’t sleep, wait for parents, wait for protection, 

Kookie moved his legs. His feet tickled. Maybe they were hurt. He didn’t like that. 

Kookie looked back up at Appa. Appa still hadn’t come up to cuddle him. He wanted to scent Appa, and feel safe, so he could sleep. 

Appa,” Jungkook whined, squirming slightly. Why wasn’t Appa coming? 

“Yes? I’m right here, baby,” Appa said. Appa had a rough voice. Low and harsh. Strong. Appa was strong. 

Appa was coming. He lifted Kookie up into his lap. Warm.



Strong, big arms wrapped around Kookie. Kookie couldn’t even see outside, because Appa was so big. Appa could keep him safe. Kookie could sleep. 

Kookie cuddled Appa, eyes closed. He waited for Appa’s scent to come. He waited.

And waited.

Kookie frowned. 

Appa? Appa smells like pretty candles? Can’t smell Appa? 

Kookie nosed around Person’s neck, trying to find Appa’s smell. He couldn’t. There was no smell. None. No safe, warm smell. 


Not Appa. Not Appa. Not Appa.

“Appa? Appa?” Jungkook whined.

Can’t find candles. Can’t find candles.

A soft soothing purr. Kookie found it familiar. Relaxing. Deep, low, safe.

“Appa’s here baby.” A big hand petted Kookie’s back. “It’s hard to smell Appa isn’t it?” “Uh huh,” Kookie whimpered, “Can’t smell. Don’t know where Appa is.”

Kookie was scared.

“That’s because your nose had an ouchy, remember?” The words were gentle. 

Ouchy? Kookie’s had lots of ouchies but he could still always smell Appa. Person was lying. 

But, then, hands pulled Kookie away from warm cuddles. Person was taking Kookie away. Person was making Kookie feel cold. 

“I wanna cuddle my Appa.” Jungkook told Person.

Kookie hated Person. He hated him. Person probably ate Appa. Person sucks that much. 

Jungkook tried to get away, but Person’s hands were strong. He held Kookie under his arms, and Kookie couldn’t get away. 

“Pup,” Person said, looking at Kookie. “Look at me. I’m Appa. I’m your Appa. Look at me, bunny.” 

Kookie looked at Person. 

Person had blonde hair. Appa had blonde hair. 

Person had a cute nose like Appa. 

Person had small, triangle eyes like Appa. 

Person could be Appa? Maybe? Even though Person doesn’t smell like Appa? 

Maybe Person is Appa. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe. 

Not safe. 

“Promise you’re Appa?” Jungkook asked. 

Person smiled. Person spoke warm words. Spoke like Kookie was important. 

“I promise, Jungkookie. I’m Appa, the same person who taught you piano.” 

Appa did teach him piano. How would Person know that? Kookie frowned. 

“Remember? Our favorite song? The really hard one?” 

Hard piano song? Oh! It’s, it’s called... what was it.... 

Jungkook blinked, “Chopsticks?” 

Person grinned, “Yep! Chopsticks. It goes like this doesn’t it?” 

Person hummed out the tune. 

Hmm. Huhhmm. Hm, Hm, Hm. 

Only Appa could know that song. Only Kookie and Appa know that song. Person was humming the song only Appa could know. 


Appa was humming. 

Kookie relaxed. Safe. Parents here. Safe. Sleep. Can sleep. Safe.

“Appa, I want cuddles,” Jungkook asked softly. He wanted to be warm. Appa was warm. 

He patted Appa’s hands. Appa was holding him up, so Kookie couldn’t cuddle. Appa smiled, and quickly brought Kookie close. 

Kookie was warm. He put his nose next to Appa’s neck. He couldn’t smell Appa, but that was okay. Appa was still humming chopsticks. 

Kookie loved Appa, and Appa would keep Kookie safe while he slept. “I love you, Jungkook. Appa loves you.” 

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Chapter 14: Occupied Hospital beds

World Building Fact: 

Kim Seokjin is the CEO and Chairman of Kim Hospitals, a billion dollar company, that practically has a monopoly on the industry in all of Eastern and South Eastern Asia. They also have a few large, flagship hospitals around the world. 

Kim Seokjin is known as a shrewd, brutal business man, building up his father's small hospital into a global corporation. His Omega status made him an extremely eligible bachelorette, and he was aggressively pursued by numerous influential Alphas, despite already being mated with two other Omegas. The extravagant public courting attempts finally died down when Mr. Kim mated three Alphas in 2016. 

Allegedly, Mr. Kim also has deep ties with the Korean mafia, prescription drug fraud, and organ trafficking, but these claims are largely unsubstantiated. 


“Noona? We’re here,” Namjoon whispered, brushing a hand against Seokjin’s shoulder.

The Omega nodded, sniffing against Hoseok’s shoulder. Seokjin was still sprawled brokenly across Hoseok and Namjoon’s laps, reeking of mourning, dead flowers, and absence.

“I’m sorry, Noona, but we’re going to have to ask you to be strong for us. Can you do that?” Namjoon asked softly. 

Seokjin whimpered, slowly sitting up, looking at his Alpha with wide, teary eyes. 

Namjoon gave his mate a proud smile. “There you go,” he praised, wiping away Seokjin’s tears. 

Seokjin’s mascara had bled down his face, and his red lipstick was noticeably smeared; the Omega’s eyes were red, but there wasn’t anything Namjoon could do about that. 

The Alpha suppressed the overwhelmingly strong urge to just hide Seokjin in the car forever. His Omega mate was vulnerable, small, scared, and Namjoon needed to protect him. 

“Tae, baby, isn’t there a makeup bag in the car?” Namjoon asked.

With an insulted look, Taehyung reached into a compartment, huffing, “Of course, there’s a makeup bag. There’s a makeup bag in all of our cars.”

“Mmhm,” Namjoon rolled his eyes, “Just hand it over, drama queen.” 

Taehyung threw a small pink bag at Namjoon’s face; the Alpha fumbled for a moment, before actually getting a good grip on it. 

Namjoon pulled out a comb and handed it to Hoseok, silently asking the Alpha to comb and straighten Seokjin’s hair. Taking it with a smile, the amber-eyed Alpha gently began smooth Seokjin’s tangled hair. 

Namjoon took out makeup wipes, and gently wiped away the mascara smears. 

Seokjin held still for both of his Alpha’s, calmly allowing his mates to groom him. The Omega sniffed occasionally, hiccuping from the last dregs of his tears. 

The main reason for doing this was obviously to make Seokjin presentable, but it also served to make Seokjin feel little. Namjoon and Hoseok were here to care for him. Seokjin just had to stop crying, and his Alpha mates would handle the rest. 

Seokjin was in strong, safe, capable hands, and this reminded him of that. 

“You’re being so great for us, noona,” Namjoon smiled, cleaning Seokjin’s smudged lipstick, “There you are. We have such a pretty mate, don’t we?” 

“The prettiest,” Tae added, watching the scene carefully. “All our mates are so gorgeous,” Hoseok smiled. 

Seokjin preened shakily, tilting his head as his eyes fluttered closed, letting his mates get a good look at him. 

“I serve the best omega,” Namjoon complimented.

Seokjin’s eyes opened as he ducked his head, accepting the compliment.

Namjoon reached out to stroke Seokjin’s cheek, “Are you ready to see Kookie?” 

Seokjin nodded, a small, timid raise and fall of his head. Namjoon held back a frown. Seokjin was all cleaned up, but he still didn’t look like himself. His eyes were still a telling, soft maroon, indicating his state of soft Omega-space. 

Seokjin was the kind of person you couldn’t take your eyes off of, but people still averted their eyes for fear of making eye contact. 

Right now, however, Seokjin looked smaller than he was. Eyes pink from tears, hunched in on himself, Seokjin looked vulnerable; he looked like a target. And that, in their world, was dangerous. 

But there wasn’t anything they could do about it, so Namjoon smiled, acting as if everything was alright. “Thank you, noona. I’m sure Kookie’s really excited to see all of us.” 

Seokjin offered Namjoon a weak smile.
From the passenger seat, Taehyung huffed, “Not that I don’t understand why, but all this concern for Seokjin’s makeup smears, and no concern for the fact that I’m still dressed like a flasher? 

Namjoon blinked, “What?”

“I’m dripping slick and reek of a whore-house, like, where’s my mini-makeover?”

“You still aren’t wearing anything under that coat?” Hoseok shouted, incredulous. 

Tae gave both of them an are-you-really-that-stupid look. “Oh, yes, oops. I should have picked something up when we stopped by the nearest Louis Vuitton, my bad,” Tae mocked, “Of course, I’m still not wearing anything underneath, when would I have changed? 

The Alpha sighed, a deep sigh of unimaginable pain and exasperation. 

“It’s just one problem after another,” Namjoon muttered. 

Taehyung had called ahead to the hospital, so when the Rolls Royce SUV pulled up to the front entrance, an entourage was waiting for them. 

Seokjin’s personal assistant. Several doctors, some for Hoseok, some for Jungkook. The manager of the hospital. A few other high ranking hospital executives. They were all standing outside, expectantly watching the SUV pull up the circle. To Namjoon’s great relief, however, there were no reporters, which meant the entire pack had a few hours to become presentable, before their pictures were taken. 

Tae slipped out of the car first, cringing at his own attire, and the way dried slick stuck to his inner thighs, before opening the back door and helping Hoseok stumble out. The Alpha subtly leaned on Tae for support, and the Omega quietly reminded Hoseok that he only had to wait until they got inside. 

Hoseok would be rushed to surgery as soon as possible, but it wouldn’t make for a good picture to have the pack’s strongest Alpha be rushed into a hospital on a stretcher. 

Weakness wasn’t an option, especially not now. 

The world had stabbed the Kims in the heart, stealing their pup, and now was the moment the pack had to appear impenetrable. 

It didn’t matter that every minute they delayed increased the amount of internal bleeding Hoseok was undoubtedly suffering from. The consequences of not putting on a brave face were far greater. 

Namjoon got out next, the Alpha was the only one in the pack who was nearly presentable- apart from his haggard face and the blood stains edging his sleeves-, and would take the lead on speaking because of it. Gentlemanly, Namjoon held out a hand to help Seokjin out of the car. 

The Omega was still in sweats and sneakers, an image that made Tae wince. Clothes. They had to go get some decent clothes. Preferably Gucci, but Tae was willing to downgrade to Burberry in case of an emergency. 

Namjoon and Seokjin stood arm in arm, standing tall. Maybe, Seokjin was cuddled a little closer to Namjoon than usual, and maybe his eyes were maroon and wet with tears, but no one would look at Seokjin and assume the Omega had just recovered from a break down over his past miscarriage. 

Except, maybe the fact that Seokjin’s hands were still coated in blood. Taehyung sighed. They all were a hot mess.

Seokjin’s personal assistant walked up to the four of them. 

She was a sharp-looking Alpha. Her dark hair was pulled up into a tight, pin-straight ponytail. Her pantsuit was crisp, pitch-black, and gleamed the way only Italian tailoring did. Her face was blank and unassuming. She reminded Tae of a grenade, quiet and full of shrapnel just waiting for the command to kill. 

Seokjin preferred surrounding himself with Alphas, finding them loyal to the point of brutishness. 

“Oppa,” Seokjin greeted with a weak smile. 

“Mr. Kim,” she answered blandly, bowing 90 degrees, “the young Mr. Kim is settled in a VIP room on the 8th floor with both Mr. and Mss. Kim. And, we have an OR prepped for Mr. Kim.” 

“Okay,” Seokjin nodded, glancing at Namjoon for some direction, no doubt still too shaky to come up with a solid thought. 

“I’ll go with Hoseok. You and Taehyung can go up to see Jungkook,” Namjoon said assertively. 

Seokjin immediately shook his head, maroon eyes glowing slightly, “I’ll go with Hoseok. You and Taehyung go up to see Jungkook.”

Namjoon gave Seokjin a look, but didn’t press. It wouldn’t do to have an argument in the sight of a dozen underlings. Mommy and Daddy couldn’t fight in front of the kids; it didn’t make for a solid seat of power. 

Tae huffed, “Let’s go. I want to see my pup.” 

Hoseok snorted under his breath, looking rather pale, “Don’t rub it in. I feel fine, but I have to spend the next three hours getting cut open.” 

Leaving Namjoon and Seokjin to sort themselves out with the rest of the staff, Taehyung carefully, but quickly led him into the hospital, walking the Alpha to the hospital bed waiting for them in the middle of the hallway. The hall was empty, no one there to see Hoseok fall apart. 

“You’re such a fucking liar, you know that?” Taehyung asked, irritated. 

Hoseok coughed pitifully, “I feel fine.” 

When they reached the bed, three doctors swarmed them, helping Hoseok up onto the bed, hooking him up to an IV. They were speaking to each other, discussing a plan of attack, and Taehyung forced himself to tune it out. He couldn’t do anything for Hoseok; there was no point in getting stressed over his condition. 

“You had better be okay, you asshole,” Taehyung demanded, “Unnie is going with you, and the last thing he needs is to watch you die, you understand?” 

Hoseok smiled sardonically, “I’ll do my best.”

Taehyung smiled, pressed a kiss to Hoseok’s forehead, and then stepped back, “Good.” 

As Taehyung stepped back, Seokjin had walked up to the pair, lightly brushing a hand against Taehyung’s shoulder. 

Seokjin looked, not normal, but close enough. His eyes were finally fading back to black. 

Seokjin stood tall, albeit not as tall as usual, but his eyes gleamed with emptiness instead of strength. He smiled blankly at Taehyung, before turning towards the doctors. 

“Are you planning on operating at some point?” Seokjin asked, sharply glaring at the surgeons. “Or are we just going to let my mate bleed out in the hallway?” 

“N-no, Mr. Kim,” a doctor reassured, as another moved to push the hospital bed down the hall, “We’ll do our very best.” 

“I expect you to fix him. If your best is less than that, please understand that I’ll be doing my best to operate on you,” Seokjin said, flatly. 

Tae smiled slightly as he watched the group speed-walk towards the OR. 

Seokjin was going to be alright... Hopefully. 

Jimin had went to the restroom to wash off, to scrub the dried slick covering his thighs and creeping down his calves. He was still disgusting and still leaking slick, still cramping, and still very much naked under his trench coat, but there wasn’t anything he could do about that right now.

Jimin took one step back into the hospital room, before he froze, surprised, at the sight of Yoongi cuddled up with Jungkook in his lap, surprised, “Yoongi...” 

Yoongi gave Jimin a big gummy smile, before turning to look down at Kookie. 

“Who do you think that is, baby?” Yoongi cooed. 

Jimin frowned for a moment, before he remembered. 

Jungkook still couldn’t smell anything. He couldn’t smell Jimin, and instantly be flooded with endorphins telling him that this was Mommy, safe, soft, infallible, Mommy. 

No, Jungkook had to actually walk through the steps of identifying Jimin, a skill rusty from years of disuse. 

Jungkook frowned. “They have silver hair, just like Mommy.” 

Yoongi nodded encouragingly, “That’s right. Should we get a closer look to make sure that it’s Mommy?” 

Jungkook nodded seriously, a slight pout on his face, “We have to make super sure. I can’t give Mommy’s cuddles to someone else.” 

Yoongi nodded seriously, “Of course.” 

The Alpha looked up at Jimin, happiness twinkling in his eyes, “Do you mind coming closer? We need to make sure you’re Mommy.” 

Jimin nodded, smiling back at the pair, “Oh, okay. As long as I end up getting my cuddles.” 

The pup jumped, looking back at Yoongi with wide-eyes, “Appa, they like cuddles. Mommy also likes cuddles.” 

The Alpha nodded, trying his very best to suppress his laughter, “Mmhm. That’s another clue.” 

The scene lightened Jimin’s heart. His pup was back to looking happy and healthy. His skin was a warm cream with a cute little flush, and he was moving smoothly, consciously, instead of jerking with pained winces. 

It was adorable, the way Kookie’s nose was a light pink color; Jimin knew it was because the inside of Jungkook’s nose was still inflamed, but it accented the pup’s button nose so well. 

Jimin walked closer to the bed, slowly, careful not to spook Jungkook. The pup watched Jimin approach with alert eyes, curious but not scared. 

“Hi, bunny,” Jimin greeted, warm smile on his face, “Mommy’s missed you.” 

Jungkook stared at Jimin, looking him up and down, trying to find any reason that the person in front of him couldn’t be Mommy. 

“Prove you’re Mommy,” Jungkook demanded, crossing his arms. Well, Jimin wasn’t about to leave his pup waiting. 

“Well, Mommy loves to tickle his pup. Like... this,” Jimin said, pouncing playfully on Jungkook. He threw up a genuinely ecstatic smile and assaulted Jungkook with tickles. 

His pup shrieked, squirming with giggles and flailing with laughter. Eyes twinkling with joy, Jungkook slapped at Jimin’s chest, “Mommy. No. Stop. 

Jimin slowed down his hands; it wouldn’t be a good idea to push Jungkook too far when he was still hurt. The Omega playfully gasped at Jungkook, “But I how will you know I’m Mommy, if I don’t tickle you?” 

Jimin ran his fingers over Jungkook’s tummy again, just to emphasize his message, making the pup flail his limbs with a squeal. 

Jungkook huffed, looking at Yoongi for help, clearly not wanting tickles, but still wanting to reassure Jimin. “I believe you, Mommy. I don’t need tickles.” 

Yoongi grinned, pressing a kiss to Jungkook’s temple, “How about you give Mommy cuddles instead, hm?” 

Jungkook’s face lit up, happy with the solution, turning back to face Jimin, “Mommy, I don’t want tickles, but! I‘ll give you cuddles instead. Come here.” 

Jimin pressed his lips together to suppress a laugh. It was adorable, watching Jungkook try to give orders. If there was ever any doubt whether Jungkook would end up being a Beta instead of an Omega, this would have cleared up the confusion. His pup was just too assertive to be anything else but an Omega. 

“Okay, baby,” Jimin nodded, mock-serious, “I’ll take cuddles instead, but I’ll need lots of cuddles to make up for it.” 

Jungkook nodded vigorously, “Lots and lots, promise.” 

Jimin’s heart skipped a beat at how adorable Jungkook was, before he scooted closer and snuggled the squirmy pup onto his lap, keeping track of the IV line. 

Jungkook immediately pressed his nose against Jimin’s scent gland, practically squishing his nose against it, as he instinctively searched for Jimin’s scent, even though there was nothing to find. And while it was absolutely endearing, Jimin gently tugged Jungkook’s head away, “Not so rough, bunny, you gotta be careful with your nose.” 

“Doesn’t hurt,” Kookie mumbled, allowing himself to be tugged away slightly. 

“It doesn’t hurt because Dr. Seong gave you medicine,” Jimin explained warmly, “But you still have to be careful with it, okay?” 

“Mmkay,” Kookie hummed, sighing softly. 

Jimin softly scratched at Jungkook’s scalp, running soothing circles with his manicured, French- tipped nails. Kookie slowly settled down, melting in Jimin’s arms, and as he did, Jimin turned to look at Yoongi. 

“He’s alright,” Jimin whispered, relief washing over his voice. 

“He got comfortable with you much faster than he did me,” Yoongi commented, nothing but happiness in his voice. 

Jimin smiled, bouncing Kookie a little. “He’s a Mommy’s boy.” 

Chapter Text

Chapter 15: Open Cavity Surgery

World Building Fact:
The Kim Hospital in the center of Seoul is the best medical facility in all of Korea.


Seokjin stoically watched as Hoseok was wheeled into the OR.

“He’ll should be alright,” his PA reassured in monotone, “We have the best surgeons in Korea.” Seokjin didn’t reply, eyes focused on Hoseok’s prone body.

The sound of loud, rapidly approaching footsteps immediately set Yoongi and Jimin on edge. While Jimin jerked Jungkook closer to his chest, Yoongi slid off the bed, standing protectively in front of his mate and pup, a low growl rumbling in his throat. 

That low growl woke Jungkook up, who looked up at Jimin with terror in his eyes. 

“Mommy?” he whimpered, eyes filling with tears. 

“Shh,” Jimin cooed, bouncing Jungkook in his lap, “It’s okay, it’s okay. Appa’s just overreacting a little. You know how Appa is.” 

But as Jimin downplayed Yoongi’s reaction, he gave the Alpha a hard look, silently demanding the Alpha go outside and deal with the potential threat. 

Yoongi gave him a clipped nod, pulling out his gun and slowly peered out the door. 

“Appa’s silly isn’t he?” Jimin asked, forcing a laugh, “You can’t be in danger at a hospital. 

Jungkook sniffed, nodding, soothed, “Yeah, Hos’pitals are safe.” 

“Appa’s silly,” Jimin repeated. 

“Super silly.” 

Jimin glanced up when he heard Yoongi’s growls taper off. 

The Alpha gave Jimin a warm smile and nod, slipping his gun back into hiding. 

The Alpha threw up a gummy smile for Jungkook, “Kookie! Look! Mama and Daddy!” 

Jungkook perked up, pulling away from Jimin to look at the door. 

Tae and Namjoon slowly, tentatively walked inside, likely still expecting Jungkook to be in a similar state as an hour ago. 

Yoongi and Jimin both visibly relaxed at the sight of their pack Alpha. Namjoon, looking a little worse for wear, still looked strong, reliable. The intense scent of peppermint wafted around the room, calming the pair who had been under stress for the past hour, being the sole protectors of a very vulnerable Kookie. 

It was an instinctual thing. 

But, also, Jimin just felt lighter knowing that Namjoon was here. Intelligent, resourceful, calm, level-headed Namjoon, who could probably understand anything Dr. Seong would throw at him. 

Taehyung followed in on Namjoon’s heels. And Jimin was in awe at how put-together Tae looked. Even though he and Tae were still in matching flasher outfits, Taehyung was looking around the room with alert eyes. He walked calmly, shoulders straight with a strong self-confidence. He was giving Kookie a small smile, like he hadn’t just seen Kookie shaking violently in the middle of a seizure. 

“Hi, Kookie,” Namjoon said, softly, stopping a couple steps inside the room. Taehyung copied. 

Jimin smiled at Jungkook encouragingly, “Do you think that’s Daddy and Mama?” 

Jungkook stared, pouting. 

Tae looked at Jimin with wide, confused eyes, and Jimin smiled reassuringly, mouthing that he’d explain later. 

“Can Mr. Omega smile? Mama has a square smile...” Kookie trailed off softly. 

Taehyung, with no other prompting, beamed, flashing a bright boxy smile at his pup, which made Kookie relax and turn towards Namjoon. 

Namjoon became nervous with the attention, hands fidgeting.

“Hand me my phone, Namjoonie?” Yoongi asked, interrupting, and Namjoon jerked. 

The Alpha attempted to reach out and grab the phone on the hospital bed, trying to stay as far away from Jungkook as possible, but in his nervousness, he tripped over his own feet. Grabbing the footboard to stabilize himself, Namjoon tried to regain his balance, and as he did, the distinct crack of the bed’s plastic base cracking sounded through the room. 

Jungkook leaned over to observe the massive crack in the footboard before looking up at Namjoon. “That’s Daddy.” 

Jimin giggled into Kookie’s hair. Taehyung pressed his laughter into Namjoon’s chest. Yoongi shook with silent laughter by the wall. 

Jungkook huffed, unamused, nose wrinkling cutely, “Daddy! Mama! I want cuddles! Come here. 

Tae glanced at Yoongi, still laughing, silently asking for permission. 

Yoongi nodded encouragingly, “He’s fine, promise. Be gentle, but otherwise, he’s fine.” 

In a scene that felt oddly familiar, Taehyung and Namjoon approached Jungkook who was squirming petulantly in Jimin’s lap, making grabby hands at his two approaching parents. 

Jimin held on tightly to the pup’s hips. Jungkook was still attached to the IV, and Jimin doubted Jungkook would be careful with it, when he was so excited. 

“Hey, baby,” Taehyung whispered softly. 

Jungkook was bouncing excitedly in Jimin’s lap. 

“You wanna cuddle us, bunny? It’s okay if you do-” 

“I wanna! I wanna! I wanna!” Jungkook interrupted, holding his hands out to be held by his parents, “Please! Cuddles!” 

Tae and Namjoon gave each other a look before carefully getting onto the bed. The hospital bed was a little bigger than a regular one, but not by much. It still needed to be functional in case of an emergency. 

So, Jimin handed Jungkook to Tae, who immediately clutched the pup tight to his chest. Namjoon sat down in the center of the bed, and Taehyung, with Jungkook in his arms, curled into the tall Alpha’s lap. 

Jimin was smiling so brightly, his cheeks were starting to hurt. 

A low soothing purr left Namjoon’s throat, and Jimin could see Jungkook’s eyes brighten. “Daddy! That tickles!” 

“I can stop?” Namjoon asked playfully, already knowing the answer. 

“No! I like it!” Jungkook giggled, pressing his palms against Namjoon’s neck to feel the vibrations himself. 

Taehyung nuzzled against Kookie’s cheek, breathing in the soft, fresh smell of their pup. 

They looked picture perfect, and the soft snap of a camera behind him told Jimin that Yoongi whole-heartedly agreed with him. 

 Seokjin watched, silently through the window, face blank as Hoseok’s heart monitor blared. 


The surgeons moved frantically, eyes wide as they searched Hoseok’s chest for the source of the bleeding. 

Hoseok could die. His Hoseok. The one who joined him for candlelit meals and midnight conversations.

He had lost far too much blood. 

His blood pressure was tanking. 

Kim Seokjin watched, expressionless. 

The five of them had all curled up onto the bed. Kookie in Namjoon and Yoongi’s arms at the head of the bed, while Tae and Jimin sat at the foot of the bed, facing the Alphas. 

Jimin hissed as an especially bad heat-cramp racked through him, and he doubled over from the pain.

“Mommy?” Jungkook asked, scared.

“Shh,” Taehyung reassured, as Jimin sat back up with a smile, “Mommy’s alright, he just has a belly ache. Right Mommy?”

Jimin nodded, “Don’t worry Kookie, Mommy just drank too much soda this morning.”

“Oh,” Jungkook blinked, “Soda not good.”

“Yeah, baby, Mommy forgot.”

They were relaxed, content with watching Jungkook play with Yoongi’s knobby fingers. “It took you a while to get here. Traffic?” Jimin asked casually, glancing at Tae. 

Taehyung nodded, picking at the blood wedged underneath his nails, “Like you wouldn’t believe. There were two accidents?” 

“Three,” Namjoon corrected, rolling his eyes, “The driving license requirements are too low, I swear.” 

Jimin raised an eyebrow, “Is that why you’ve never been able pass the test?”

Namjoon sputtered, and Jungkook took his attention away from Yoongi’s long, piano fingers to frown at Jimin. 

“Mommy don’t be mean. We can’t complain about things people can’t change, ‘member?” Kookie waved a finger at Jimin, trying his best to be intimidating, “Daddy can’t be better at driving, don’t be mean.” 

Jimin and Taehyung suppressed their giggles, hiding their smiles behind their hands, “You’re right, Kookie. We’re sorry.” 

Jungkook nodded seriously, before going back to Yoongi’s hands. 

Namjoon was blushing deeply, unable to make his case by directly contradicting Jungkook’s attempt at support. 

Yoongi rolled his eyes.

“Appa?” Kookie asked.

Yoongi smiled, looking down at the pup, “Yeah, bunny?”

“Why can’t I smell anything? Is it because of the mean Alpha?” Kookie asked, casually, still playing with Yoongi’s hands.

Yoongi froze.

Tae choked.

Jimin winced.

Namjoon smoothly turned Jungkook around to face him. 

“Yes, bunny. Daehyun was very, very mean. He made his scent really strong, and it was so strong that it gave your little nose an ouchy. You’ll be able to smell in the next couple days as your nose gets better. I promise,” Namjoon explained softly, “Does that make sense?” 

Jungkook nodded, fiddling with his hospital gown, “Did Eomma kill Daehyun?” 

“He’ll never hurt you ever again, baby. He’s gone.” Jimin said softly. 

Jungkook looked at Jimin, before nodding with a frown, “Good. I don’t like him. He should be dead.”

“Well, lucky for you, Kookie. Eomma always does what you want,” Taehyung smiled.

Jungkook nodded, trying to look serious, “Also, there was lots of police. I don’t want Eomma to get ‘rrested.” 

Tae smiled pinching Jungkook’s cheek, “That’s not going to happen, Jungkookie. Don’t worry. That’s why we have Appa, hm?” 

Jungkook nodded, looking at Yoongi, “Appa has to promise not to let anyone get 'rrested.” 

Yoongi rolled his eyes, but nodded none the less, “Of course. I’d never let it happen. Because, as we all know, the only thing I bring to the group is my extraordinary Alpha-voice.” Namjoon nodded sagely, “I couldn’t have said it better.” 

Quick as a snake, Yoongi reached out and whacked the back of Namjoon’s head, “Respect, hyung.” 

Unaffected by the fighting between his Daddies, Jungkook stretched his hands out in front of him, looking at the bandages wrapped around his wrists and forearms, covering up his parenting bites. The pup moved to touch them, and Tae reached out, grabbing Jungkook’s hand. 

“Don’t touch them. We want everything to heal properly, baby,” Tae chided. 

Jungkook nodded. 

“What’s it from?” he asked, wide eyes looking up at Taehyung, and Tae felt his heart tug. 

With a pained swallow, Taehyung softly brushed against the bandages, “You were tied up with wire, and it was too tight, so it cut your skin.” 

Jungkook nodded, “Kay.” 

Hoseok was okay. 

They’d stopped the bleeding, and patched all the ripped tissues in Hoseok’s chest cavity. They removed both bullets at Seokjin’s insistence, though it hadn’t been necessary. 

The Alpha was drugged up, kept in a private room on the ground floor, on the off chance of a complication and a need to rush him back into surgery. 

Alphas with Amber Fever were unpredictable like that, medically-speaking. 

At the moment, the Alpha was dozing peacefully in his hospital bed, bandages wrapped tightly around his torso. 

Seokjin stood protectively at the door, instinctively wanting to guard his vulnerable mate. Seokjin’s PA was right next to him, standing supportively just a step back and to the right. 

“Mr. Kim, I suggest you freshen up. Reporters have caught our scent,” she said in monotone, “You wouldn’t make a good picture at the moment.” 

Seokjin nodded. That was a good idea. He didn’t want to leave Hoseok, but Seokjin’s hands were still caked with blood. 


“The Surgeons expect Mr. Kim to wake up in an hour, so there’s enough time for you to shower and change. You can have a chat with Dr. Seong about the young Mr. Kim’s condition, afterwards. Would you like for me to escort you to the VIP room I’ve set aside?” 

Soekjin shook his head, “No, oppa that will be fine.”

She nodded, “Room 703. I’ve placed all your things in the washroom.” 

Seokjin nodded. As he moved to leave, his eyes were drawn back to his slumbering, prone mate. Seokjin walked up to Hoseok and pressed a soft kiss to the Alpha’s forehead. 

And then, as Seokjin walked out he ordered, “Do not leave this room. You are not to leave him unattended.” 

The PA nodded stoically, “Yes, Mr. Kim.” 

“Where’s Eomma and Appa?” Kookie innocently asked Jimin and Tae. 

“Well, Appa is in a bed downstairs, I think,” Jimin said with a frown, “And I don’t know where unnie is. Did his PA mention it?” 

Tae shook his head, “No, she didn’t. Do you want me to ask her? She kind of scares me.” Jimin nodded, “She’s fucking weird.”

Jungkook slapped Jimin’s chest, “Bad word.”

Jimin smiled at Jungkook, “Sorry baby. Do you want to go see Appa?” 

The pup nodded eagerly, making Jimin and Tae coo. 

Seokjin in stood nude in front of the mirror. He didn’t want to look, but his reflection caught his attention, and now he was looking himself in the eye. 

He was a pretty Omega. 

Big eyes, plush lips, strong shoulders, tiny waist, a slight hourglass figure. 

Pretty, pretty, pretty, he told himself. 

Pretty, despite the ugly pink scar branding his stomach, a circle of raised, wounded skin, a constant burning remind that he was so horribly broken on the inside. 

He’s was slim and curved and his tummy was... flat. 

Seokjin’s eyes dropped to his abdomen, There wasn’t a healthy little bump of life swelling inside him. It was flat. It would always be flat. 

He’d always be alone in his body. Alone, deathly alone, pathetically, brokenly alone. 

His uterus was nothing but a shattered coffin, incapable of holding anything but lifeless bodies. He was empty. He was useless. He was a killer. He killed his children. 

Seokjin wondered how he could have ever expected anything else from himself. 

His hands were stained and sticky with blood, a crimson red color that was oh so familiar. And, then all Seokjin could see was blood dripping down his legs. 

Drip. Drip. Drip.

All that was left just dripping down his legs.

Seokjin’s pups would only ever be blood drips down his legs. 

The Omega sobbed, watching as his face contorted into a not pretty expression. Sliding down the wall and collapsing on the floor, Seokjin’s body racked with shivers as tears streamed down his face. 

The lie he told himself dissolving, and leaving him with the hopeless grief he kept buried inside him.

Drip. Drip. Drip. 

Chapter Text

Chapter 16: All Patched Up

 World Building Fact: 

Kim Jungkook was born in 2013 to father Kim Namjoon and unknown mother. The official documents and birth certificate are sealed. 

It caused quite a scandal when the higher Kim pack, consisting of three extremely eligible bachelorettes, and the lower Kim pack, consisting of three Alphas allegedly a part of the mafia, mated each other in 2016. 

This is, in part, because of the fact that Kim Seokjin, Jimin, and Taehyung, accepted Kim Jungkook as their heir, despite being only their stepson. Going against the norm, the Omegas recognized Jungkook as their first born, instead of any new children they’d have with their mates. 

Only six months after the 6 had mated, Kim Jungkook was seen displaying 6 parenting bites on his wrists, a visible sign of the pack's acceptance. 

World Building Fact: 

Heat Termination shots have the ability to dispel an Omega's heat within the hour, and restart an Omega's hormone cycle. 

These shots are only available in hospital/emergency settings as they have extremely negative effects on an Omega's fertility, and are recommended to only be taken, at the absolute most, twice a year. 

Consistent use of heat termination shots can decrease fertility, increase likehood for miscarriages, and make an Omega incapable of going into heat. 


“Apologies. I only had a change of clothes readily available for Mr. Kim,” Seokjin’s PA said blankly, intonation just on this side of inhuman, “I had yours sent for an hour ago. They should be arriving shortly.” 

Tae shrugged, “Fair enough. As long as I can change out of this fucking coat. It’s too rough for my pussy.” 

The PA nodded, unfazed. 

“I’ve also arranged for you and Mss. Kim to receive heat termination shots, if you are agreeable.” 

Tae blinked. Seokjin would hate it, would likely shake Tae for even considering the idea. More than that, actually. Seokjin had forbidden, actually, legitimately forbidden Tae and Jimin from using heat termination shots. 

But really, it wasn’t it an option. Kookie was going to need constant attention, and neither Jimin or Taehyung could afford to go into deep Omega-space in the next week and potentially risk scaring him. Moreover, they were dripping slick and smelling like prostitutes at 2 in the afternoon, it just wasn’t feasible to keep this up.

“That’s fine.” 

The pack was laughing with Kookie, playing Uno and Rock, Paper, Scissors, waiting for Seokjin to arrive so they could speak with Dr. Seong a final time before getting Kookie discharged. 

Jimin and Taehyung’s bodyguards, Yeontan and Mickey, stood guard at the door, hands behind their backs at attention.

Hoseok had woken up a while ago, feeling a dull ache in his chest and extremely drowsy, but otherwise fine, and even if he wasn't, the sight waiting for him would have immediately made him feel perfect. 

Kookie had immediately recognized him, squealing “Papa” and clambering up the hospital bed to see him. 

They all had taken this moment of reprieve to change. Reporters were swarming the front of the hospital, somehow figuring out that Jungkook had been admitted to the hospital. 

God knew how.

Fucking pests the lot of them. Namjoon huffed. 

But even that couldn’t really spoil the image in front of him. Jimin and Tae had scrubbed all the blood off of their hands and face and dumped their spoiled, grimy coats in the trash. They’d reapplied their makeup and fixed their hair. 

Seokjin’s PA had sent someone to the penthouse to grab some of everyone’s clothes, so the Omegas were able to change into something proper. 

Tae was still changing. 

Jimin walked out, wearing a thin, pink silk tank top, tucked into navy, maxi skirt. A heavy diamond necklace glittered around Jimin’s neck, matching his delicate earrings and sparkling rings. A corresponding pink, Hermes purse was held casually in Jimin’s small hands. 

Jimin looked every bit the posh Omega he was, and Namjoon couldn’t help but pull the Omega into his arms and press kisses down Jimin’s neck. “So pretty.” 

Jimin giggled, curling into the embrace. “What’s so special about it? I’ve worn this outfit before.” 

Namjoon purred, hands coming to rest on Jimin’s tiny little waist. There was just something so cathartic about seeing Jimin back in all the diamonds he deserved, looking clean and pampered. “You look like you’re about to pout your way to the closest Christian Louboutin showroom to spend all my money, and I love it. 

Jimin blushed, hiding his face in Namjoon’s chest, “Stoppp.

“Spend my money, Jimin,” Namjoon said, dipping down to speak into Jimin’s ear, “Let Daddy spoil you, hm?” 


“I think my baby deserves it,” the Alpha said, voice alluding to something utterly delightful, “Don’t you think my baby deserves a reward?” 

Jimin whimpered, hands weakly clutching at Namjoon’s arms, and Yoongi coughed loudly. 

“Yah- Namjoon. Save your sugar daddy kink for later.” 

Namjoon turned Jimin around, so his chest was modestly pressed against the Omega’s back. Namjoon’s hands gently wrapped around Jimin’s waist, because he just couldn’t help himself. It was just so tiny. 

Namjoon looked eyes with Yoongi and smirked, “Don’t worry, baby boy, Daddy hasn’t forgotten about you.” 

Not expecting Namjoon to assault him with bedroom eyes, Yoongi jolted, and then blushed, deeply. “T-that’s not... I didn’t... N-Namjoon, stop. 

Namjoon raised an eyebrow playfully, and Yoongi bit his lip, trying his best to absolve his blush. It wasn’t working. 

Taehyung walked into the hospital room with a laugh. Namjoon bit his lip. 

Taehyung walked in wearing a thin, extremely sheer white blouse, tucked a pair of tight navy slacks. A thick Gucci belt was wrapped around his waist, and rings glittered on his fingers. Taehyung looked fresh out of a spread of a magazine. 

Jimin might have looked like a pampered omega. 

But, Tae looked like he was ready to step on someone.

Fuck, Namjoon was so lucky. 

“You’re evil, you know that?” Hoseok asked, sitting up straighter and gesturing for Tae to join him on the hospital bed. 

Taehyung smirked, walking over to Hoseok, “I know. Anyways, who turned Oppa on?” 

Yoongi coughed, hiding his face in his hands. 

Jungkook looked up from the phone he was playing on, the sounds of Jungkook’s Fortnite character dying making it clear why the pack had his attention. “Mama, Appa isn’t a lamp. He can’t turn on and off.” 

Yoongi glared at Taehyung, walking over to Kookie and picking up him, “That’s right, baby. Mama’s just dumb.” 

Taehyung gasped, “I am not. Don’t insult me in front of my pup.”

Yoongi gave Tae and evil smile and turned down to look at Kookie, “Hey, bunny. Is Mama dumb?” 

Jungkook, already having gone back to playing Fortnite, didn’t even look up, saying distractedly, “Nope, you’re dumb for thinking Mama’s dumb.” 

Taehyung squealed and Yoongi rolled his eyes. “That’s my baby!”

Seokjin took one last look in the mirror. 

Long, gauzy blush-pink dress, expensive, delicate flower embroidery painting the fabric. A white Chanel trench coat on top. Make up done. Stilettos on. A string of pearls around his neck and a matching pair of earrings. A small Yves Saint Laurent clutch in his hand. 

He looked pretty. Modest. Feminine. Omegean. 

Pretty. Pretty. Pretty. 

Despite that burning scar on his stomach.

He practiced his smiles in the mirror, flashing his teeth and manipulating the corners of his mouth, checking to make sure his expressions looked genuine.

Professional. A blank, serene smile 

Intimidating. A slightly twisted flash of his teeth, still more of a smile than a sneer. 

Love. Seokjin smiled softly, making his eyes crinkle. It was wrong, at first, but Seokjin curved up his lips and forced a twinkle into his eyes. 

He looked at himself. 



 Seokjin’s PA brought in a stack of three boxes, “Mr. Kim requested matching suits for Mr., Mr. and Mr. Kim.” 

“Why?” Taehyung blinked. 

The PA tilted her head, “Mr. Kim said something about not wanting to be escorted by a homeless hipster, a walking neon sign, and a black hole cosplay.” 

Taehyung snorted, “Fair enough. You could just say Namjoon-nim, instead of Mr. Kim? You’re very valued, we wouldn’t consider it an offense, and it’s much more clear.” 

The Alpha shook her head, sleek ponytail whipping back and forth, “Mr. Kim prefers the opacity and professionalism of the title Mr. Kim.” 

“But Unnie calls you Oppa?” Tae retorted, “How is that professional?”

The corners of the woman’s lips twitched ever so slightly, “Mr. Kim likes to be professional, but he also likes the power dynamic of speaking to me informally while I speak to him formally.

“Fair enough,” Tae granted, taking the boxes from her hands, “But, I’d rather you call me, Taehyung-nim.” 

The PA looked at him, entirely unaffected, smiling smoothly, “You’ll have to ask Mr. Kim about that. Let me know if you need anything else, Mr. Kim.” 

Taehyung groaned as he watched her walk away. 

Namjoon laughed, “Talking to her is like talking to a wall, don’t feel bad, baby. She doesn’t listen to me either.” 

Taehyung rolled his eyes and threw the boxes at Namjoon, “Shut up and go get dressed, you homeless hipster.” 

Surprisingly, Namjoon caught the boxes, and he sent Tae a look, silently celebrating the moment. Then, the Alpha set them down with an amused huff, looking for which box was his, “I’d rather look like a homeless hipster than have my fashion sense be described as attempting to cosplay as a black hole.” 

They both glanced a napping Yoongi, who was wearing a black button down tucked into black slacks, a black mask covering his face. 

“I mean. We both still find it attractive,” Tae grimaced, “So who’s really winning?” 


Seokjin felt guilt eating away at his bones. 

The Omega wasn’t prone to feeling it. He was well aware that he was an intelligent, capable person. He didn’t make mistakes, and he certainly didn’t feel bad for hurting people. 

But, today, Seokjin felt guilty. 

Seokjin didn’t want to see Jungkook without knowing exactly what he was going to see. Seokjin wasn’t about to touch Jungkook with his chronically bloodstained hands, not until he knew for sure that he wouldn’t hurt him. 

In some way, Jungkook’s seizure was his fault. Seokjin wasn’t going to let that happen again. Seokjin wanted to know exactly what he could do and what he couldn’t. 

Seokjin wasn’t ever going to be reckless like that again.

He had lost one pup to being reckless; he wasn’t going to lose another.

And, if that meant that Seokjin would have to wait another fifteen minutes in order to see Jungkook, then that’s what would happen. 

Dr. Seong smiled, bowing and greeting Seokjin with a professional, “Mr. Kim” before turning to the PA with a softer smile, “Hyung.” 

The PA stumbled slightly, blushing at the title, and Seokjin rolled his eyes. Hopeless, the both of them. 

“Dr. Seong,” Seokjin greeted, “I was hoping you could tell me about my pup's condition.” 

The Doctor nodded, walking to a table to grab a folder. She didn’t question why Seokjin didn’t just go down and ask his mates, or why Seokjin didn’t simply go see Jungkook himself, and it was that lack of questioning that made Seokjin keep Dr. Seong around. 

His PA leaned over to ask, “Should I go inform the hospital executives that you’re ready to speak to them?” 

Seokjin shrugged, “I don’t see a point. They’re all just going to fall over themselves at my feet. There’s no need for it, and I’m not exactly in the mood to be showered in repetitious compliments at the moment. Just make sure they’re running the same story we are, and... ask Mr. Yeon how his little side venture is going, hm?” 

The PA noted, nodding stiffly, “Consider it done, Mr. Kim. Have a lovely day Dr. Seong.” before turning on her heel and quickly exiting the room, likely wanting to get away from the very attractive Dr. Seong just as much as she wanted to carry out Seokjin’s tasks. 

Dr. Seong turned around, looking at Seokjin with warm eyes, “I just wanted to say... you’re a great mother.” 

Seokjin raised an eyebrow, “Pardon?” 

The Alpha Doctor shrugged, walking over to Seokjin with Jungkook’s file, “Not many step- mothers, would go through so much pain and effort for their step-pups. Your, Mss. Kim’s, and Mr. Kim’s love for Jungkook is extremely admirable.” 

Seokjin blinked, not expecting the compliment. 

Jungkook was his pup. His heir. Seokjin hadn’t thought of Jungkook as a step-pup for over two years. There was no question in Seokjin’s mind that he’d die for Jungkook. 

Even if Seokjin was to have another pup- though that was now biologically impossible- he’d never consider Jungkook as anything less than his golden firstborn child. 

Jungkook was his firstborn child, his precious Little Dot.

It had a difficult pregnancy but if it meant getting Jungkook out of it, then… he’d do it all over again.

He wondered if that was unusual. His head felt funny.

Seokjin frowned, “Know your place, Dr. Seong.” 

She nodded, bowing her head apologetically, though both she and Seokjin knew that this was more of a pretense they were keeping up more than anything else. 

“Apologies, Mr. Kim. Shall we start?” 


Jimin pouted, looking at Yoongi with a frown. The Alpha felt his heart melt. 

“Where’s Unnie?” he asked. Jimin had been ready to leave ten minutes ago, and the longer they stayed, the more pronounced Jimin’s pout became 

“Soon, baby. Noona had to talk to hospital executives. He should be on his way down now,” Yoongi reassured, hoping to hell that he was right. 

Even Namjoon was starting to get antsy. 

“Does Eomma not want to see me?” Jungkook asked, softly. Wide, sad eyes pitifully looked at Yoongi, as Jungkook curled closer onto Hoseok’s lap. 

Yoongi shook his head vehemently, “No, pup, what? Why would you think that?”

Jungkook said, tears welling up in his eyes, “Maybe- maybe Eomma hates me cuz I cried and not strong and because I had that sea-sure and, and-“

Bunny,” Seokjin cooed, appearing in the doorway like an angel dressed in pink and white, “I could never hate you.”

At the sight of Seokjin, Jungkook sobbed, squirming in Hoseok’s lap, reaching out towards the Omega, “Eomma.

In a rush, Seokjin walked over to the hospital bed, and scooped Jungkook up; Jungkook seemed to fit perfectly in Seokjin’s arms, slotting into place like a missing puzzle piece. 

Bouncing the pup in his arms, Seokjin softly brushed Jungkook’s hair, soothingly cooing at his pup. Jungkook seemed to loosen up immediately, all the invisible weight on the pup’s shoulders melted away. 

All of a sudden, Jungkook seemed content, more content than he had seemed when giggling with them a few minutes ago. 

“You’re my brave, little pup, aren’t you, baby?” Seokjin cooed, pressing soft kisses into Jungkook’s hair. 

Eomma,” Jungkook whined, but this was lighter, more pouty than sad. 

“Such a brave little baby. I love you so much, darling. My beautiful baby boy,” Seokjin praised, “Eomma made you wait a long time, huh?” 

“Mmhm,” Jungkook nodded into Seokjin’s shoulder. 

Seokjin seemed to effortlessly fawn over Jungkook, affection pouring from his body, every slight movement tailored to reassure the pup; Seokjin eluded everything soft, maternal, and comforting in the world. 

The scent of warm, beautiful, joyful fresh flowers wafted around the room; the scent was almost overwhelmingly sweet and it made Yoongi smile. 

“Eomma’s so sorry, baby. But, I love you so much. I’m so proud of my pup. My golden baby.” Seokjin’s voice was warm, so warm and soft, “You were so strong. I could have a better pup. I’m so happy you’re safe. I’m so grateful you’re safe. Eomma missed you so much. 

Jungkook snuffled into Seokjin’s shoulder, lulled into happy contentment, he was rubbing his cheek against Seokjin’s neck, rubbing his scent onto Seokjin’s neck, possessively marking Seokjin as his Eomma. 

Kookie hadn’t scent-marked anyone else yet, but he hadn’t hesitated to mark Seokjin the minute he was in his mother’s arms.

“I love you, Jungkookie. I love you so much. I love you more than anything in this world. I love you to the moon and back. I live to love you, baby, and I’m so happy to have you back in my arms,” Seokjin pressed his words into Jungkook’s hair, saying them like a confession. 

“Promise?” Kookie asked softly, like he was worried Seokjin would take his words back. 

“I promise, Kookie.”

“Good. I also love you lots, all the way to China, Eomma.”

Seokjin laughed, the sound strangled through his tears, adjusting Jungkook in his arms, so the pup could look at his face. “Thank you, baby.” 

The scent of happy pup slowly wafted around the room; Seokjin’s face was warm with adoration; the rest of the pack visibly

Seokjin looked at Hoseok, Jungkook was still clinging to his side, and Hoseok couldn’t help but find it absolutely adorable.

“Are you okay, Hoseok?” Seokjin asked, concern strong in his voice, “The surgeons told me you’ll be fine, but...” 

He smiled, raising an eyebrow teasingly, “But? You don’t feel like trusting the medical professionals?” 

Seokjin rolled his eyes, whacking the top of Hoseok’s head, “Don’t back-talk your noona. I’m trying to be concerned about you, and you’re being rude. 

Even as pain bloomed at the back of Hoseok’s head, the warmth of being cared for made his stomach flutter. Here Seokjin was, only an hour after a panic attack, finding the strength to look after Hoseok. The fact that Seokjin cared so much, made his chest feel tight. 

Hoseok chuckled, grasping Seokjin’s free hand and pressing a kiss to the back of it, “Please don’t worry. I’m in literally no pain right now, even without morphine. And, they said that all the wounded tissue would heal over in a month, tops. I’m fine, noona.” 

Seokjin didn’t look convinced. Really, looking at the Omega, Seokjin’s eyes looked rather flat, not as sharp as they’d usually be. It was a subtle thing, and Hoseok could accredit it to any of the dozens of things that happened today, but he made a note of it regardless. 

There could not be a universe in which all of Hoseok’s mates weren’t happy. That simply was not allowed. 

“Yah! Don’t think I’ve forgotten our little chat, Hoseokie. You’re really going to get a talking to about not disclosing important information when we get home.” Yoongi reminded, a simmering anger in his words. 

Hoseok winced at the reminder, looking up at Seokjin, only to see the Omega raising his eyebrow, “Oh?” 


In the end, the Kim clan walked out of the hospital at 5 PM, cutting through the crowd of reporters towards the staple, black Rolls Royce SUV. The six mates looked especially dapper, though particularly aloof. It should be noted all the Alphas wore matching Armani suits worth fifteen million won each. 

Kim Seokjin, Omegan CEO of Kim Hospital Corp, was in the front, walking confidently with his usual serene, unaffected expression. In his arms, cuddled tight against his step-mother’ chest, was Kim Jungkook, the Kim empire’s young heir, who seemed rather shaken from his recent kidnapping. The usually bright, upbeat pup refused to even look up from his Mother’s neck. 

Kim Taehyung, former CEO of Vante Pharma, was striking in black and white, making a statement in his usual masculine suits, wearing his favorite designer: Gucci. He was escorted by Alpha Kim Yoongi, current CEO of Vante Pharma, who took special care to shield Mr. Taehyung from the flashing lights of paparazzi cameras. 

Kim Jimin, owner of several night clubs in Seoul, was embracing his feminine side with his outfit, wearing bright colors from Chanel’s 2019 spring fashion collection. He was being escorted by his mate Kim Hoseok, philanthropist and head of the Kim foundation, whose ever-present smile was notably absent today, as he gently led his small mate towards the car. 

At the back of the group, Kim Namjoon, ever the perfectly obedient Alpha mate and owner of the largest casino in Korea, was at the back, carefully watching his mates enter the car, no doubt wanting to ensure the safety of all of his mates after the recent kidnapping stint. 

We wish Kim Jungkook a steady recovery and hope the perpetrators are tried to the fullest extent of the law. 

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World Building Fact: 

As packs can be more than just a pup's two biological parents, evolution has offered non- biological and biological parents a way to share the same bond with their child. The scent glands in the wrists are smaller and aren't erogenous zones, instead, they connect directly to the part of the brain where the mental bond between parents and their pups reside. 

Parents bite their children's wrists, both to offer the pup a physical claiming, but also to establish a mental bond and ensure the pup will smell like the entire pack until they present and begin producing their own scent. 

Recently, as modern medicine has advanced, parents have taken to injecting pup's wrists with their hormones, instead of the violent, bloody bites that are now seen are brutal and excessively possessive. 


Jimin blinked awake, glancing lazily around the room. 

The pack’s large bedroom was brightly lit, late morning sunshine streaming through the windows. Curled around him on the large, circular bed were his five mates; they were all in various stages of waking up, yawning and mumbling tiredly. 

And in the center of everyone, little Kookie, dressed in his soft yellow pajamas, was stretching tiredly with an adorable little pout. 

“Good morning, bunny,” Jimin mumbled, raising an arm, gently asking for Kookie to curl back up in his arms. 

The pup did so with little complaint, purring softly as he shifted within Jimin’s embrace; his little limbs perfectly resting in the nooks of Jimin’s body.

Jimin rubbed Kookie’s back softly, “Go back to sleep, Jungkookie. It’s still early.” “Kay, Mommy.”

Hoseok smiled, scooting closer to little Jungkook. 

The entire pack was packed into the living room, settled around the single couch Kookie was cuddled up on, sitting on the couch, on the arm rests, and on the floor in front. No one wanted to be farther away from him than absolutely necessary. 

Jungkook was watching the final scene of Moana with wide eyes, clutching a pillow to his chest as the princess finally made it back to her home village. 

 Seokjin and Yoongi stood up and stretched when the movie faded to black, moving out of the room to get everyone something to eat while Kookie picked out another movie. 

But the pup wasn’t looking at the screen, he was looking down at his wrists with a pout.

“I don’t like it,” he whined, abruptly breaking the comfortable silence.

Hoseok jerked, immediately shifting to meet Kookie’s downcast eyes, concern filling his chest. “What is it baby? What’s wrong?” Hoseok asked gently, “Papa will fix it.” 

The rest of the pack was watching by, silently, poised and ready to spring into action. They all had been doing their best not to smother Jungkook, but it was clear in their tense postures that it was a difficult task. 

“My marks,” Jungkook said, voice sad and pouty and sounding on the verge of a tantrum, “I can’t see them. I can’t smell Mama. I can’t smell you. And now, I don’t even have my marks. I’m not even Mommies’ real pup, and how they going to know that I’m their pup? What if they disappear? They won’t know-“ 

“Shhhh,” Hoseok hushed, gently lifting Jungkook into his lap and turning the pup to face Taehyung. 

“Hey. Baby. What do you mean you’re not my real pup,” Taehyung said firmly, looking Jungkook in the eyes, “You are my pup. You have my bite. Don’t ever say think otherwise.”

“B-but, my marks,” Jungkook whined, waving his bandaged wrists.

Taehyung sat up on the couch, taking Yoongi’s abandoned spot, “Just because I can’t see your wrists doesn’t mean that I’m going to forget that I love you?” 

Jungkook started to smell like the early stages of distress, and Taehyung reached out to gently hold Jungkook’s bandage-covered wrists. “Here, bunny, let’s look together, okay? We can both check and make sure they’re still there, okay?” 

Jungkook nodded, curling up defensively, as if he was expecting his parenting bites to have disappeared. 

Hoseok nuzzled Kookie’s head, reminding the pup that Papa was right behind him. 

Very carefully, Taehyung unwrapped Jungkook’s wrists, revealing the scarlet cuts that were still not scabbed over. But right above them, prominent and pink were three parenting bites on each wrist, long since cemented in permanent scars.

On Jungkook’s right wrist, the bites were noticeably larger and older.

On his left, two of the bites were petite and brighter, the way newer scars tend to be, and one was especially shallow, faint and barely visible.

Either way, all six bites were perfectly in-line; they wordlessly showed how savagely possessive Jungkook’s parents were. They were the only mars on Jungkook’s body- or at least they had been before the kidnapping. 

There was no question, when looking at them, that Jungkook was an accepted pup of the pack, not when his parents had gone through such measures to make absolutely sure that Jungkook was very visibly claimed. 

Though, that had meant absolutely nothing to Daehyun when everything came down to it. 

Namjoon leaned over, fingers gently tracing over Jungkook’s wrists, lovingly following the scars with his fingers. 

“See? They’re all here,” Taehyung reassured, “There’s mine, kinda looks like a box. Eomma’s super tiny one. Mommy’s with his crooked tooth. And the Daddies’ are just hot messes.” 

Jungkook giggled, reassured at the sight of the marks. 

Hoseok’s heart went out to the pup, who was probably feeling indescribably untethered at the moment. 

Pup’s experienced the world through scent. In all honesty, Kookie would have likely been better off deaf for the next couple days, than without his ability to scent. 

Jungkook was probably terrified he’d wake up with the rest of the pack gone, no wonder he wanted to see physical representation of the permanence of his parents: he was no longer getting that with scent. 

“We aren’t leaving you, darling,” Hoseok cooed, “We’re all right here.” 

Seokjin glanced at Tae and Jimin; fury burning fainting in his eyes. 

“I know you took the fucking shots. And, I want you to know that you’re lucky that I have bigger things on my plates than throwing the both of you over my lap and beating your asses red, myself,” Seokjin said, crossing his arms. 

Jimin glanced at Tae, eyes wide in fear, “U-unnie, we just-” 

“We had a good reason,” Tae interrupted, voice weak, “You can’t honestly think that Jungkook would be okay with having both of us locked in a room-” 

Seokjin shook his head, stepping closer and looming over the both of them, face dark and eyes simmering, “No. I will not accept any excuses. Those things fucking poison you. I leave both of you alone for less than four hours and you break my only rule.” 

“But, your PA, she offered-”

“And you should have said no,” Seokjin shouted, slamming his hand down on the table, 

Goddammit, Taehyung. 

“Unnie, we-” 

“I don’t demand much from you two, honestly. I’ve always given you everything you asked for. Have I ever denied either you, anything?” Seokjin asked, voice stern. 

Taehyung blinked. It was hard to think of anything he has asked Seokjin for that the Omega had denied. 

Taehyung had wanted to visit fashion week in New York, and instead of just booking a hotel, Seokjin became a sponsor of it, donating billions of won, so that Taehyung had the very best of everything. 

Taehyung didn’t want to be CEO anymore, Seokjin arranged it, packed it up, and absorbed the job himself, before later giving it to Yoongi. 

Taehyung had wanted to mate Hoseok, and Seokjin completely turned their personal lives around to accommodate three more Alphas in their lives. 

Seokjin might have been the head Omega, but that was hardly a hardship for Jimin and Tae. Anything they wanted was immediately presented to them on a silver platter. They were Kim Seokjin’s precious little treasures; pampered and pleasured the moment Seokjin had chosen them. 

Jimin was looking at the floor, no doubt realizing the same thing Tae had. 

“This is the one hard rule I have. And this is the third time you’ve broken it,” Seokjin said, voice shaking ever so slightly, “I don’t want either of you to suffer with what I have. Is that unreasonable?” 

“No, unnie.”

“I’m sorry, unnie, I wasn’t thinking.” 

Seokjin shook his head, wiping his eyes and smoothing his dress, “Just because you aren’t being spanked, doesn’t mean I’m not extremely disappointed in both of you. I’ll figure out some punishment once I have the mental capacity to not worry about Jungkook every waking second.” 

Jimin sniffed, eyes visibly watering. 

Tae was biting his lip, feeling small with shame. 

Seokjin sighed, shaking off his anger with the ease of someone throwing away a mask. 

“Now, come here, cuddle Unnie. I’m sorry for yelling. I know you did what you thought was best. I just worry,” Seokjin smiled weakly, holding his arms out for Jimin and Tae. 

The two younger Omegas immediately curled up into Seokjin’s embrace, snuggling close to the Omega’s body, silently reminding themselves to never use them again. 

Kookie was playing with Carrot, their white Pyrenees dog in the center of the living room. It had been rather lucky that Carrot had been at the groomers that day, otherwise, there’s no doubt he would have missed a few meals in all that chaos.

Jungkook giggled as he flopped on top of the huge fluffy dog that was at least three times his size, only for Carrot to roll over until he was on top of Jungkook, warmly licking Kookie’s face.

Hoseok and Seokjin were watching, nodding proudly every time the pup showed them a trick Carrot could do.

“I want to chip him,” Seokjin said, bluntly. 

It was a point Seokjin was willing to fight on. Obviously the tracking bracelet had failed in real use, and Seokjin wanted something a little more permanent as a replacement. Most of Jungkook’s pain could have been avoided if they had immediately known where Kookie was. 

A chip was the obvious solution. 

Not really the classiest. But the most reliable, and Seokjin was willing to sacrifice some of his pride for Jungkook’s safety. 

Hoseok nodded, offering immediate agreement, “I was thinking the same thing." 

It wasn’t surprising that the Alpha agreed with him. Hoseok and Seokjin were usually the most pragmatic; and, where Hoseok tended to be quiet, Seokjin, with the assertive force of a bulldozer, could push the Alpha in the right action. 

 Seokjin smiled, leaning his head on Hoseok’s shoulder, “Jiminie and Taehyungie won’t like it.” 

The Alpha shrugged, pulling Seokjin closer, “Then we don’t tell them. Best case scenario is that we’ll never have to use it anyway.” 

Seokjin nodded, yawning, “Thank you.” 


Hoseok started properly walking around two days later, smiles completely free from pained winces. 

Yoongi, Tae, and Jimin noticed, and- with very little self-control- dragged the Alpha off to the nearest bedroom, spending three hours giving the Alpha a whole new set of reasons to limp. 

Jungkook looked up at Yoongi, mid-way through eating his cookie.

“Appa?” he called.

Yoongi’s head snapped away from the news to smile down at his pup. “Yeah, bunny?” 

Jungkook took another bite of his cookie, looking pensive as he chewed with puffy cheeks. “W-will I get a time out for tryin to go to the park?” he asked, mouth full of cookie.

Yoongi smiled warmly, “Swallow your bite, first. It’s not cute to talk with your mouth full.” 

Jungkook chewed quickly and swallowed, nervous about the answer. 

“Secondly, you aren’t getting punished for leaving. You aren’t ever going to leave without permission, again, right?” Yoongi asked, watching as Jungkook frantically shook his head, “Good. Then you’ve learned your lesson. No need for punishment.” 

“No time out?”

Yoongi kissed Jungkook’s forehead, “No, Kookie. None.” 


“Kookie,” Tae hummed, slowly running his fingers over Jungkook’s side, trying to wake the pup up from his nap. 

It was adorable. 

Jungkook had laid down in the center of his parents’ massive circular bed, wrapping himself up in the thick blanket like a burrito. He had an arm thrown around Carrot, head resting on the dog’s neck. Jungkook was purring, soft, delicate purrs; they were high, light and melodic, and listening to them made Taehyung’s heart melt. 

Jungkook was still achy and tired, so the pup was prone to taking naps every couple hours, and each time he’d start yawning, Jungkook wordlessly padded towards his parents’ bedroom, snuggling into the sheets with whoever was watching him. Carrot obediently followed his much smaller master around the house, even to the bed, where the dog knew he wasn’t allowed.

“Kookie,” the Omega sing-songed, “It’s lunch time, baby.” 

The pup snuffled, turning away from Tae, and nuzzling against the blankets. 

Baby,” Tae said a little louder, “It’s time to wake up, darling.” 

Mama,” Jungkook whined, kicking at the mattress, “Stop. I don’t wanna eat.” 

“Jungkook. I know you’re tired. You can nap after you’ve eaten,” Taehyung reasoned. He mostly kept his voice soft, but there was an undercurrent of try me, bunny. 

Jungkook pouted, knowing that he wasn’t going to win the argument, and slowly moved to get up. “I’m cold. 

“I’ll get you a blanket from the living room,” Taehyung soothed, moving to pick Kookie up, “We can’t have our bunny getting cold, can we?” 

Oddly enough, Jungkook just got worse when Taehyung picked him off the bed; the pup started frowning, a soft growl budding in his throat. 

Jungkook huffed, squirming in Taehyung’s arms, refusing to settle, “I want that blanket. I want it. Stop. Mama. Stop.” 

At the pup’s distress, Carrot had sat up, lowly growling at Taehyung himself. It was the first time the gentle dog had ever shown any aggression towards Taehyung, and the sight of a 160 pound dog growling at him wasn’t helping his own anxiety.

“Carrot, quiet,” Taehyung ordered, firmly, watching the dog hesitate, before calming down, and silently watching the sight unfold.

With that problem settled, Taehyung turned his attention back to the angry pup in his arms.

But for all the pup’s squirming, Jungkook’s face stayed firmly against Tae’s neck, nose pressed against Tae’s scent gland. 

The Omega frowned, bouncing Jungkook in his arms, mind racing, “Jungkook, baby...” 

Jungkook’s baby growl grew louder, the soft clicks got harder, stronger, trying harder to be threatening, and Taehyung was about to drop Jungkook back on the bed and run to get Yoongi when he froze. 


Taehyung relaxed.

Getting a tighter grip on Jungkook, Taehyung released a calming scent, filling the air with the warm scent of vanilla cupcakes, safe, warm, calm. 

And, as it should, Jungkook’s squirming slowly died down. It wasn’t exactly as quick or abrupt as it should have been, and the pup was still clearly antsy, but the pup’s low growl was gone. 

Jungkook’s sense of smell was coming back. 

That’s why he wanted to keep the blanket- it reeked of the rest of the pack, the smell of candles, peppermint, vanilla, flowers, candy, and oranges was practically woven into the fabric. 

“You’re getting your sense of smell back, huh, bunny?” Tae cooed, smoothing a hand down Jungkook’s back, “How about you can eat lunch here? It that okay?” 

The pup eagerly slipped from Taehyung’s grasp, clawing at the sheets and curling them around himself and Carrot with a single-minded fervor. And, only once he was all wrapped up again, did Jungkook look up at Taehyung with a frown, “I’m just cold, Mama. I still can’t smell anything.” 

Taehyung giggled, leaning down to press a kiss to Kookie’s forehead, “Okay, bunny. Let me text Appa, okay? You can eat your Ramen in bed.” 


Jungkook was distressed. 

Seokjin knew that. 

Seokjin had called rainchecks for five different meetings, one of which was preventing the construction of a multi-million dollar hospital. 

Seokjin knew that, too. 

Yoongi, poor man, had very similar things that he knew as well. An entire new medication was gearing up to go on sale, and he was in charge of making sure everything was running smoothly. 

They had to go. 

There was little Seokjin wouldn’t do for his pup, but Seokjin had to make sure that he was still in the position to be able to do anything for his pup. And, that, unfortunately, meant leaving Jungkook with Jimin, Tae, Hoseok, and Namjoon. 

It wasn’t as if Seokjin was abandoning Jungkook. 

But, Seokjin also knew, he was attempting to rationalize his actions. 

Everything relied on the Kim and Vante companies running smoothly, and Seokjin wouldn’t be surprised to see all six of them in a cell if those companies crumbled. 

Seokjin’s heart though, that crumbled at the sight of Jungkook. 

Yoongi was standing just a step behind Seokjin; his stern expression probably made Jungkook realized that convincing Seokjin was likely his best bet. The poor pup’s arms were tightly wrapped around Seokjin’s legs, doing his absolute best to keep his mother in place. 

His eyes were tear-filled, full of pitiful hope, whimpering brokenly for “Eomma, please, please, stay, please?” 

Seokjin wanted to. Seokjin wanted to. But, he couldn’t. 

So, instead, Seokjin smiled, brushing back Jungkook’s hair, “I’ll be back right after lunch, okay? Eomma will come back.” 

Jungkook shivered, pressing his face into the fabric of Seokjin’s dress, scenting the fabric. 

Dr. Seong had said this was normal. That Jungkook, since he was getting his sense of smell back, was going to be clingy. It wasn’t an emotional thing, so much of an instinctive one. This wasn’t traumatic, and Jungkook was nearly as upset as he seemed. 

It was going to be fine. 

But, it was hard to believe that when Seokjin was looking straight into his crying pup’s eyes. 

“No, Eomma. Please?” 

Yoongi stepped forward, placing a hand on Seokjin’s shoulder, supportive. With an apathetic expression and a blank voice, Yoongi chided sharply, “Jungkook.” 

The pup looked up at his Appa, hope slowly fading in his eyes. 

“Stop, baby. You’re staining Eomma’s dress with your tears,” Yoongi said, firmly, “We don’t want Eomma to look unpresentable, do we?” 

Jungkook slowly shook his head. 

“That’s right. Now, let go and give Eomma and Appa a hug. You can play with everyone else until we get back.” 


“No, Noona. He’s had two weeks of unconditional attention. It has to stop at some point, and I’m stopping it now. He has four other parents at home. He will manage,” Yoongi said harshly. 

Seokjin shut his mouth. 

Though tears were still falling down his cheeks, Jungkook obeyed, tentatively letting go of his mother. The Omega crouched down to give Jungkook a tight hug, pressing a kiss on the pup’s wet cheek. 

“I love you, darling,” Seokjin whispered, choking up. 

The Omega took off the scarf he was wearing, the fabric was already heavy with his flowery scent and perfume; with gentle hands, Seokjin wrapped the scarf around Jungkook’s shoulders. 

“We’ll be back soon.” 

Yoongi crouched down, pressing a brisk kiss to Jungkook’s hair, and a soft stroke over the parenting bites on Jungkook’s wrist. 

“See you soon, Jungkookie.” The Alpha's tone was dismissive. 

And with that, Yoongi straightened, and held his arm out to Seokjin, quickly urging both of them out the door. The pair left, the sight of a crying Jungkook being consoled by an anxious Tae and Hoseok burning behind their eyelids. 

And the moment Yoongi and Seokjin entered the elevator, the doors sliding shut behind them; Yoongi shakily exhaled. The Alpha’s eyes were glassy with unshed tears, the scent of panicked, guilty campfires filling the space.

“I’m sorry- I just... We wouldn’t have left, if I hadn’t-” Yoongi choked up. Seokjin pressed his lips into a firm line, “I know.”

Seokjin looked down at Daehyun. 

The Alpha had been left to rot in a basement in Namjoon’s casino, shoved into a dark room, nothing but a leaking tap and a glass to keep him company. The entire room was stocked like a kitchen/sex-dungeon/operating-theatre hybrid. 

After two hours of hanging out in Seokjin’s company, the Alpha was finally starting to look a little like how Seokjin would prefer him to look. 

Daehyun was tied to a chair with too-tight zip-ties, just like the ones he had used on Jungkook. The Alpha was panting from the sheer amount of pain he was in. Cut littered his body and limbs were twisted in unnatural angles. His entire body was pink, from flush or from blood, mostly both. 

A senseless stream of babbles left the Alpha’s mouth, an endless plead for Seokjin’s nonexistent mercy. 

“Who do you think wants to hurt you more? Yoongi or Hoseok?” Seokjin asked, bored. 

Deahyun moaned, before choking on his own blood, coughing and dry heaving weakly, pathetically. 

 Seokjin just watched, sighing, and leaning back into his own plush arm chair, waiting. When Daehyun could breathe, Seokjin repeated his question. 

“Wha- what?” the Alpha coughed. 

The Omega shrugged, “You burned my pup’s nose, so I’d like to burn yours. And I can do that either by fire or chemicals. My mate, Yoongi, smells like fire and my other mate, Hoseok, smells like chemicals. I’m asking you for your preference. Does that make sense?” 

“Y-yes, but, puh-ple-“

“Yoongi or Hoseok,” Seokjin repeated. 

“puh, please, mercy. Mercy, puh-” 

Seokjin smiled, standing up and clapping his hands together cheerfully, “Both then. Lovely. I think we had some Nitric acid around here, somewhere. And, of course, my lovely flame thrower." 

Daehyun whimpered, but Seokjin didn’t pay attention. He reached out for the flame thrower, which had been resting harmlessly on a nearby table, testing the weight of it his hand, before laying back on the table. 

“You know, a lot of people say you can't feel pain after your nerve endings have been burned,” Seokjin said, standing up, "But, I'm pretty confident you'll be the exception." 

Daehyun started crying, and Seokjin smiled. 


It took a little bit of searching, through the cabinets, but Seokjin eventually found the small, thick plastic bottle of acid, a sticky note on the bottle reading please use gloves and a mask, this shit is fuckin strong~ suga.

“Hm,” Seokjin frowned, “Maybe I’ll use this after the flame thrower then. I don’t want to be around it for too long. Can’t be getting cancer, I have a pup waiting for me at home, after all.” 

Humming underneath his breath, Seokjin lifted the flamethrower, refining the flame until it was a sharp blue point. 

Looking over at one of the bodyguards, Seokjin snapped his fingers, “Come over here. Make sure he doesn't thrash." 

“Yes, Mr. Kim.” 

“And get me the epinephrine. I don’t want him passing out.” 

“Yes, Mr. Kim.” 

The entire pack cuddled close to Jungkook, passing the pup around. It was adorable the way Jungkook’s eyes twinkled brightly. 

The pup would snuggle with one parent for a couple minutes, deeply breathing in their scents, taking heavy puffs of the scent, melting into that parents arms. And then, he’d start squirming, reaching out for another parent, whining, and starting the entire cycle over again. 

Jungkook was snuggling into Jimin’s neck, mumbling lowly about how much he loved Mommy and caramel candies. 

“So cute,” Jimin cooed, ruffling the pup’s hair.

“He gets it from me. He's around me so much,” Hoseok said, chest puffing up. 

Seokjin rolled his eyes, “You can’t inherit traits through osmosis, but good try. If anything he got it from Namjoon.” 

Yoongi raised an eyebrow, “Osmosis only applies to the diffusion of water.” 

“And regardless, the nature, nurture debate in developmental psychology would argue that Jungkook could have potentially just picked up being cute by being exposed to such behavior,” Namjoon added. 

Seokjin slapped Namjoon’s arm, “I compliment you, and you throw me under the bus?” 

Namjoon smiled sheepishly, “Sorry, noona.”


Park Daehyun has been found guilty for the kidnapping of Kim Jungkook.

After a quick and media frenzied trial, during which, the public’s opinion of Park Daehyun has been nothing short of sadistic, Park Daehyun has been sentenced to life in prison without parole. 

Just before the police had rescued Kim Jungkook, Daehyun murdered all of his co-conspirators and attempted to set the building on fire, both to dispose of Jungkook as well as to ensure his co- conspirators’ bodies were unrecognizable. 

Luckily enough, police arrived just in time to rescue the young Kim Jungkook. 

However, in the rush to rescue Jungkook, Daehyun got away, and managed on the run for over a week, before finally being found by the police when he was attempting to withdraw enough cash to leave Korea. 

Daehyun had severe burns all over his body, likely from when he attempted to burn Kim Jungkook alive. Daehyun was wheel-chair bound, nearly paralyzed, and almost entirely unable to speak. The sight briefly inspired public sympathy before the prosecution reminded that Kim Jungkook had nearly been in the exactly same, if not worse situation, if it hadn’t been for the police’s quick rescue. 

Kim Seokjin gave a statement today, somberly stating that he hoped that “this [Deahyun] will serve as an example of the consequences of kidnapping children. If I were able to ensure that this will happen to anyone who dreamt of touching my pup, or any child, I would. Human trafficking is a scourge on humanity, and I hope one day we’ll finally eradicate it, thank you. ” 

Alas, we don’t believe that’s possible, but just as Mr. Kim, we are glad Karma finally ended up taking Daehyun out to dinner. 

“Daddy!” Jungkook squealed, running towards Namjoon. 

“Can we go to the park? Pretty please? Wanna play with Carrot,” Jungkook asked, looking up at his father with wide-eyes. 

Namjoon smiled, leaning down to pick the pup up, “Sure, bunny. Let’s ask if Mama wants to go, too, okay?” 

Jungkook nodded, smiling brightly, perfectly happy at the thought of spending the day with his parents. 

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