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Memories of You

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Everything felt so cold. It felt wrong. Like I don't belong in the cold or where it snowed. I don't belong where it rained or where people did not thrive. That's how wrong the cold felt to me. I don't have my eyes open yet, I'm sure of that. But... I can faintly see trees and a boy with green hair. So much green. I can see the freckles that dotted his cheeks and the bright smile he gave me. It was such a warm smile. It felt so right. Like I belonged wherever he smiled. Wherever he walked and where the sun shined. I need to be warm. But that boy isn't here. I know that, because it's cold.

I finally opened my eyes and scanned my surroundings. It's dark. Have I mentioned that it's cold as well? I think I have. I slowly sat up and winced slightly at the pain I felt on my back. My fingers could tell me what was hurting my back. I graced my fingers behind me, feeling rough edges and coldness. Rocks. I was laying down on rocks. And since it's dark and cold, that would mean that I'm in a cave. I stood up and practically hugged the wall to make my way through the cave. Once I fell the ground start to go upwards, I looked up as well and finally saw light. Is it sunlight? I can't remember the feeling, but for some reason, I know it's warm. My feet started to move faster than my mind told them to and before I knew it, I was standing outside of the cave. I had to cover my eyes since it was actually a little too bright out here. But that's fine, it felt so much nicer than it did inside that damp and nasty cave.

I started to make my way through the trees around me. They felt so nostalgic and nice. Maybe because of the green. I can hear the wind gently blowing through the leaves. It was very calming. The sun wasn't so bright anymore, so I moved my hands away from my face. I could see an opening in the trees ahead. If anything, I should find out where I am, since I can't seem to quite grasp it. 

"Heya! Excuse me, bro!"

I can hear a voice. It felt friendly, so that's good. I stopped to turn towards where the voice came from. There, I spotted a guy with bright red hair. Too bright. He was wearing a body full of armor and had a scar on his right eye. That looked like it would be hard to forget. "Y-You know.. it's not very comforting to stare at someone that long." He spoke again. His voice is as friendly as his eyes, that's a sign of someone you can trust. I think. And I also noticed his unusually sharp teeth. Is that normal? "Uhhh.... hello? Do you speak English?" I think I can understand English, if that's what he is speaking to me. "日本語?" I can understand that too. "Français..?" What... I couldn't understand that one. What language was that? "Can you speak anything?? Do you even understand me?" Oh. I forgot that I had to reply to him. Should I...? Why do I feel worried? Just to be safe, all I gave him was a simple nod. "Oh. Man, you actually do understand me, that's a relief-"

"Champion! Please step away from him! You don't know what his quirk is or what his intentions even are!" Suddenly, a bunch of other guys showed up with long spears and shields. Spears aren't very effective, so it didn't scare me that bad. None of them even had a sword.


I need to find that sword. It's the answer to everything.


A voice. I heard a voice. The guy with alarming red hair was currently yelling at the other guys about something. It wasn't his voice. That voice sounded... so familiar. It felt warm. Was it something in my head? Why... can't I remember? "Guys, guys! It's totally fine! He isn't even armed and he looks hurt! Just keep heading back, I'll meet you there soon." I looked back over to them, not realizing that I had even started spacing out in the first place. The others looked very unhappy. But they obeyed him anyhow. Maybe it had something to do with him being this so called 'Champion'.

After the others were gone, the champion turned back around and gave me this huge smile. It didn't feel as nice as the one the green-haired boy gave me. "Sorry about them. They're so overprotective. Anyways, my name's Eijiro Kirishima! Do you think you could tell me yours?" He held out his hand towards me and tilted his head. It highly resembled a curious wolf. Kirishima wanted to know my name, so I should tell him. 


Can't remember. A cold feeling came over me and blocked out any warmth that I had came out here to grasp. It was sucked out so easily. I hadn't realized this until now. What is my name? Who am I? I can't control my rapid breathing. The feeling of emptiness and cold made me want to be warm again. No matter how bright the sun shined, I couldn't feel it. Not anymore. Why can't I remember anything? Why?

"You look kind of troubled. Is it safe to assume that.." Kirishima started to speak again. He brought me out of my cold thoughts and made me look at him. My vision was starting to get blurry. I was crying. That made me feel kind of mad. I aggressively wiped my tears and regained my composure. I shouldn't let this break me. " can't remember. Can't you?" Is it obvious? I sighed in relief that he actually did notice. I shook my head at him before looking back at the ground. Something made me feel like I couldn't look him in the eye. So, my shoes are the best thing to stare at now. Now that I actually do stare at them, they looked so worn and burnt. So did the rest of my clothes. "Hey, it's alright. If you can't remember, then it's best not to stress it right?" Kirishima sounded very optimistic. It made my insides feel like they were twisting in all the wrong ways. His optimism didn't feel as welcome as it should feel. That's annoying, considering the fact that I can't remember anything. But he is right. Stressing the fact that I can't remember anything but that guy's green hair and smile, would probably make me really upset. "I'll call you Pierce! Since you have one earring!" I felt my face being filled with confusion as I reached up to feel my ears. Yeah, no doubting it. I only have one piercing on my right ear. My left ear is missing it's earring, but there definitely should be one there. "So, Pierce, come with me. I'll help you out while you try to regain those memories, alright?" Kirishima approached me and held up his fist like he was so determined to do this. I don't think I'm worth helping, but he looks happy. So... fine, I'll follow him.

I mean, following this guy felt nice. He kept talking about his friends and the stuff he has to do as a Champion. Eventually, however, I started to care less and less about what he was talking about. My eyes began to wander around and scoping out anything in sight. We passed a lot of trees, of course. There were so many of them, like they were hiding something within. I could see the mountains that are towering over everything around it in the middle of the trees. The mountains stood too tall and stabbed the clouds. I couldn't see the peak of most of them. But it was definitely a sight to see. For some reason, I had this instinct telling me to climb it. I had to ignore it, sadly. It probably would have made me remember something. Anything. Like my name, per se, would be great to remember. "Hey, Pierce?" Being called Pierce feels really wrong. Uncomfortable. "Pierce?" If I hit my head hard enough, will I remember anything? "Bro! Pierce!!" Kirishima practically yelled at me, causing me to look away from the really pretty mountains. I shot him a bothered look and tilted my head. "Oh wow. Wow. That's the first time you've looked human! Nice to know you got some fire in ya! Anyways, we're almost there, so I wanted to point out one thing." He held up a finger to my face and gave me a stern look. I still had no clue where "there" even is. "Please stay close to me. I'm pretty popular there, so people might wanna chat with us. Okay?" Popular? I don't want to talk to so much people. I just want to talk to one person. I want to remember who he is. 

I think we've reached wherever Kirishima was talking about, because I'm looking at this gigantic castle. It was guarded by a really tall wall that spread out pretty far on both sides. It looks like there was quite a bit of space between the actual castle and the wall, so there's still a lot of distance to walk. That bothered me. I feel like old me didn't walk this much.

"The Champion is back! Open the gates!" Someone called from above the walls and started yelling at whatever was behind him. Kirishima turned to me and gave me another smile, but it wasn't as confident as the other smiles he's given me. It looked nervous. Nice, now I feel nervous. As the gates slowly opened, someone stormed through them before they even fully opened. 'Oh shit.' Is what I heard Kirishima say under his breath. "We have been waiting for way too fuckin' long, dude! Where the hell have you been?!" This guy had a pointy chin and black hair. He looked angry. He walked right up to Kirishima and smacked him on his head. "You were scheduled to return twenty-four minutes ago! All of your squad showed up without you, mentioning some guy you stopped to chat to-" Then his eyes quickly darted over to mine. Oh, he was talking about me. I'm the guy. I didn't really know what to do or say, so my hand did it for me. I gave him small wave. That felt awkward. "Is this the jackass that caused you to be late?! Hey, state your business with the future King of-" Before this guy could finish yelling at me, Kirishima held his arm out in front of me.

"Sero, man, chill. I found this guy wandering near Kingdom Todoroki. As far as I could tell, he doesn't have any memories. Like, of anything." Bless him for covering for me. I don't have the courage to speak right now yet. After Kirishima finished explaining the whole thing, 'Sero' seemed to have calmed down. "I wanna help this guy out, since... I know how it feels to be alone." Kirishima turned to me and gave me, again, another smile. But none of them felt this sad. What, did he lose his memories once too or...?

"Okay, man! Whatever you say." Sero grinned and bowed to Kirishima. "Welcome home, your majesty." Kirishima started to laugh and he returned a smack to Sero. Watching them talk made me feel at ease again. Kirishima and I were finally let inside, after way too long for my liking. As I expected, there was still a ways until we got to the actual castle. And I would be dumb if I hadn't realized that Kirishima is royalty. I thought he was just some kind of Champion. He should explain it to me later. Exactly, like Kirishima said earlier, practically the whole Kingdom swarmed him and asked him to kiss their babies. What... the..? All of these people were very muscular, actually. Some stood very tall and others just a bit shorter than I.

"Kiri! Sero!" This sudden loud and obnoxious woman's voice overpowered the other voices I was hearing and emerged through the crowd. Shockingly, her hair and skin were both pink. She approached Kirishima and Sero then pulled both of them out of the crowd. I was a little worried that I would be left behind but Kirishima actually reached back to pull me as well. Before I could comprehend what I was doing, I was running to the castle with the others. "Man, you are sooo late for the ceremony!" She laughed loudly and began to slide- wait, slide? What was she sliding on? I looked at her feet and saw that she was sliding on this weird liquid shooting out of her hands. That is... weird. "C'mon, let's race there!" She actually sped up really fast and stuck her tongue out like a child. Sero grinned again, but there was a lot of fire in it.

"Oh, you're on, Ashido!" Sero pointed his elbow towards the castle and... what the? There was this weird white stuff flying out of his elbow. What is happening? Why is no one questioning this?

"Ah! Pierce and I will catch up soon!" Kirishima laughed as he watched them race each other to the front. "They're lucky their quirks are meant for speed. Do you remember yours?" Kirishima looked at me then back at the castle. "Ah, probably not, right? Well, most amount of people have quirks. They're all unique too!" Quirks. I forgot what those are, so I'm glad he reminded me. Do I have one? I feel like I do. I bet it's cool.

"I beat you!"

"Oh, helllll no! I beat you, Sero!" As we approached the castle, I could hear the girl, Ashido, and Sero arguing. It was actually pretty funny. It made the cold feeling disperse a little.

"Okay, okay, pipe it down. Let's get this guy inside and cleaned up, yeah?" Kirishima and I finally got there and headed inside. He started ordering people around and telling them stuff like 'Get this guy a room and food'. Some of the people there scowled at me and looked reluctant to help. Which is fine. If anything, I'm just bothering them. "Hey, Pierce, I need to go get ready for the Crowning Ceremony. Will you be fine by yourself for while? I'll meet you back in your room after I'm done." Kirishima turned to me after he was finished with telling the other people what to do. I felt myself get mad at that question, for some unknown reason.


"Whoa! Did you just make an annoyed sound?!" I didn't even notice that sound I made. I gave him a shocked look and shrugged. "That's freakin' awesome, sucks that you had to do something cool right as I have to leave. Whatever, I'll chat with you soon, Pierce!" Kirishima waved a farewell and ran in a different direction. Well. I'm alone again. It doesn't bother me too much, though. I know he'll be back, he doesn't seem like the type of person to just leave.

"Shall I escort you to your room?" I turned towards wherever this soft voice came from and saw a normal looking girl. None of her features stuck out like Kirishima's or Ashido's. It made me feel like she wasn't important or some kind of extra. I just nodded and followed her. She led me to a room that was a bit far from the entrance of the castle, which seriously bothered me. Why is there so much walking? The room was good enough for me, it wasn't too small or too large. "Your towel is on your bed and the wash room is right across from this room. There is also a basket full of fruits and bread. It is yours. I hope your stay meets your standards." And with that, she left. Guess I should look around, considering the fact that I literally have nothing better to do. As I looked around the room, I spotted this weird thing on the wall. It looked like it portrayed my reflection, like water does. But it was a flat and solid surface.

So that's my face, huh? I leaned closer to get a better view of myself. I don't know if it was just my ego or something but I am actually pretty attractive. My hair was an ashy sort of blonde. My eyes had this intimidating look in them, without me actually meaning it. They were more of a scarlet than a red, though. Then there's my single ear piercing. It was red as well. I backed away from the wall and held up my arms. I had a worn long sleeve brown shirt on that I remember being burnt. There were holes in it so I could see my chest and stomach. Now that I actually do look closely at my stomach, I can see bandages. Those are used for medical uses, right? I lifted up my shirt to fully inspect myself and...

"What..." This gave me another reason to be speechless. There was tried blood all over the bandages and my chest. Like these bandages haven't been changed in a long time. Very long time. The blood was practically black. I had to see what caused this. I grabbed a piece of the bandage and tore it all off. I sighed in relief to see that there was no blood anywhere. All I saw was a giant scar on the right side of my stomach. I turned around a little to see if there was also a scar on the back. Yeah. There's an even bigger scar on my back. I shut my eyes and groaned quietly. What happened to me?

It'll be okay, Katsuki. You'll make it. We'll make it.

That voice again. There's that damn voice again. I slowly opened my eyes and let go of my shirt, letting it fall back down over my chest. It said that it would be okay. It was talking to Katsuki. I looked at my reflection on the wall and stared into my own eyes. I had this annoyingly afraid look on my face. "Katsuki... am I Katsuki?" Well, that name sounds too... cute. I would kill myself if that was my name. Wait, would I actually do that? Maybe. I think it would be best to tell Kirishima my real name, however. Pierce has really been getting on my nerves. I walked over to my bed and picked up the towel that the girl pointed at. It was a nice shade of red as well. Man, does Kirishima like red or something? Whatever. I need to clean myself off, who knows how long it's been since the last time I've bathed. I hope the water isn't cold.

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The water was lukewarm. Which isn't cold, but it's also not warm. It was fine, though. I was able to clean myself quickly since I hate being in the cold and didn't want the water to get any colder. Now, I've been staring at myself in... whatever this is called. It's the thing that shows my reflection. I couldn't help but notice that I'm starting to look more angry. I mean, I'm not mad or anything but my face just screams angry. Is this how I used to look before? Just a constant angry face? It looked like the expresson had belonged there too, like my face was actually resting when I furrowed my brows. Like that was how I constantly looked. I bounced my eyebrows up and down repeatedly and couldn't fight back the smirk that creeped onto my face. Without even realizing it, I was making stupid faces in this weird reflection thingy. I must have looked so damn weird.

"Oi! Pierce, you in there? I'm done with my ceremony!!" I blinked rapidly then turned towards the door. That was Kirishima's voice for sure. I quietly cleared my throat and slowly walked over to the door. "Did he leave? Oh man, that would be bad." I actually cracked a smile when he said that. This guy was quick to assume horrible things. I swung open the door and stared at him dead in the eyes. He was looking pretty happy, as usual. But now, he had glowed even more because of the crown sitting on the top of his head. If only his hair didn't make it look ugly. "Wow! Look at you! You seem to be more human than the last time I saw you." Kirishima crossed his arms and gave out a hearty laugh. What did he even mean by 'more human?' Did I not look like one before? He pointed directly at my stomach and bent over a little. "Hey, has your injury healed?" It was a little too late for me to stop him, since I didn't realize what he was doing. He grabbed the hem of my shirt and lifted it up to look at my wound, covering my face in the process. "Oh! Wow, I thought it would be super gross and stuff-" I swiftly grabbed my shirt and pulled it down, stopping him from finishing his sentence. "Aha, right. Sorry about that. Anyways, you look better in those clothes than your others." Maybe because the other clothes were torn and had signs of burn marks as well. "No offense, but it looked like you hadn't changed or eaten in ages." Yeah, none taken. I don't even remember what day it was before I lost my memories. I don't even remember what food tastes like. Or what kind of food I liked eating. Maybe... he knew. 


"Ah! Are you trying to speak? Yes, yes! Tell me! Say it! Say literally anything!!" Kirishima was way too happy about this. His smile was even brighter than usual that I'm pretty sure it burned my eyes. I turned away from him and sighed heavily. That just earned me a giggle from him. He must like seeing my reactions. I mean, this is communication... right? We are communicating... in a weird way. I inhaled for a very long time and thought very carefully about the last memory I had. He spoke to me. I couldn't see him, but... god, something made me want to see him so badly. Right. He called me a name. It was...


"" Kirishima tilted his head and leaned even closer. I'm pretty sure he heard me just fine, but whatever. 

"Katsuki." I repeated myself again to him, but with less confidence. Hearing myself speak makes me feel... uncomfortable. My voice definitely fitted my looks, but something sounded off. I'll practice later. Kirishima seemed confused at first. His face first read, 'Who the heck is Katsuki?' But then, this huge smile crawled onto his face. It was unnerving.

"Is that your name, bro?!" He grabbed my shoulders and shook me a little while saying that. I swallowed the lump in my throat and nodded slowly. Why do I feel like I'm going to regret giving him my name...? "That's awesome! Did you just remember it?!" I gave him another nod. "Awesome sauce, Katsuki!" Oh, please, never say that again. Kirishima finally let go of me and looked down the hallway. "Kaminari!! Bro!! He remembered his name!!" He yelled unnecessarily loudly at this guy called 'Kaminari' and pointed at me. 

"What!!? Who??" Another voice called from down the hall. It sounded annoying already. Kirishima slouched his shoulders and sighed.

"Pierce! He remembered his real name!"

"Oh... really?! What is it? What's his name?!" Kaminari then appeared right in front of my door and smiled at Kirishima. This guy didn't even have blonde hair. It was bright yellow. He didn't have the right to be called a blonde. His hair is too powerful. There was also a black streak in his hair that highly resembled a lightning bolt. His hair was... cool

"His name's Katsuki! Isn't that manly?" Kirishima nudged Kaminari with his elbow and jerked his head towards me. He thinks my name is manly? Wow, I kinda thought it was- 

"Really? It's actually kinda cute!" Yeah. That. Kaminari laughed and nearly fell over. He would have if Kirishima didn't grab his shoulder to support him. I've only known this guy for maybe ten seconds and I can already tell that he is going to make my current life really difficult. I hope I remember everything soon. After he finished his giggle fit, he stood up straight and held out his hand towards me. "My name is Denki Kaminari! Nice to meet you!" The obnoxious yellow-domed teen held his hand out to me and grinned widely. What is it with these people and their weird, annoying smiles? 

"N-Nice to meet you." I managed to choke out a greeting as well and looked down at his hand. What... why is he showing me his hand? Kirishima blinked a couple of times before clearing his throat. The air felt awkward.

"Uh... bro... he's offering you a handshake." Kirishima pointed at Kaminari's hand and looked at me with nervous eyes. 

"What's a handshake?"



"Ah. Nevermind, Katsuki."

Kirishima has way too many friends. Or maybe he's just that popular. I even found myself having trouble remembering people's names. I ain't trying to be mean or anything, really, but they just feel like... extras. I don't know if that's the right term to use. The pink haired girl's name was easily forgotten, unfortunately. So when she finally greeted me by my name, I called her 'Raccoon Eyes'. The guy with weird shaped elbows was dubbed 'Soy Sauce' at this small food stand that we all went too. Kirishima and Kaminari's names were so hard to forget since they were both constantly giggling and saying 'Ah, Kiri, you're so funny!!' or 'Kami, what would I do without you?' And besides. Both of their names are similar. 

Right now, the five of us were currently walking around the middle of the town. Kirishima had said something about being more... exposed to humans, so it could jog my memory. It's not working. I was seriously just watching the four of them run around and buy stuff from shops and small stands out in the streets. The four of them seemed to emit the same kind of vibe when they were all together. Oh, and I also learned their quirks as well. They don't seem to use them very often, though. Except for Soy Sauce- or uh. Sero. His quirk is really useful for repairing small items. I saw him use it earlier for travel as well, which was quite convenient. There was this small cat on top of a townsfolk's house and Sero decided to literally fling himself up there to get it. I would've just yanked it off the roof.

"Guys, check this out!" Kirishima spun around and gestured us to follow him somewhere. All of them looked really happy about something. Kaminari even started running. I ain't in the mood to run, so I let out a small groan. I jogged after all of them and looked at my surroundings. We were running through a tunnel that was covered in advertisement posters. Some displaying hair styles, tattoos, 'Best Bakery in all of Asia', and some wanted posters too.

"Uh... Hey, Kirishima?" I looked away from the walls and towards the King. He spun on his heels to face me and jogged backwards.

"Nice, you're getting the hang of speaking! What's up?" Again, he teased me about my quietness. It's bugging me a little.

"I'll catch up in a bit, alright? I wanna see some of the attractions this Kingdom has." I looked around the walls and pointed to some of the posters. When I looked back to Kirishima, he was wearing another stupid smile.

"Of course, bro! We'll be right outside the tunnel, anyways. Don't be too long!" Kirishima turned back around and sprinted out of the alley. I stopped jogging and sighed once he was out of the tunnel. There were small orbs of light that lit up this tunnel. The pink-haired girl said that a mage in town was in charge of stuff like this. Mages must be powerful if they have quirks and know magic.

"Okay. Let's not take too long, Katsuki." I muttered this to myself and began to inspect some of the posters. I snickered at some of them, since the drawings were very silly. The wanted posters displayed alarming sketches. Some people had small prices on their heads while others were a little more than average. Some old posters were covered too, so I lifted the ones on top to see them.

Then I saw it.

I couldn't describe the weird feeling that I got seeing this poster. It was just an ordinary wanted poster, of course, but there was a huge red 'X' painted over the face. And I couldn't even see the face, anyways. They were wearing a giant, scary mask. It was actually really cool looking, though. "Wanted... Dead or Alive. 1,000,000G."


"You interested in the Dragon King?"


"OH, FUCK!!!" I jumped away from the poster and turned towards the person that startled me. She had a round face and rosy cheeks. She also had a funky hat on too. And who carries a broom around?

"Haha! Did I spook you? Ahh, that's expected from witches. Sorry about that." She started rubbing the back of her neck and rambling about how she has no sense of social skills or ways how to approach a normal person. She lost me at 'witches'. I looked back at where the poster was and tore the one off that covered it. This girl was right. The name displayed on top of the poster was 'Barbarian/Dragon King'. Out of all the wanted posters I've seen, he was the most wanted. I could tell by the insanely large price this guy was worth.

"Uh. Yeah, I am. Why is this one covered if he's worth that much?" I turned back to the girl who stopped talking as soon as I opened my mouth again. She sighed in a sort of 'Oh, man, I gotta teach this guy about him' sort of way.

"The Barbarian King was super wanted for like five years. He was the scariest being alive. He was said to be able to shout spells like the dragons could and breathe fire!!!" She threw her broom up in the air and shook her hands in front of me in an exaggerated way. I backed up a little since her hands were too close to my face and smiled a little. She looks like she knows everything about this Dragon King. However.

"You keep talking about him like he isn't like that anymore. What happened?" I crossed my arms and leaned against the wall of the tunnel behind me. She looked away from me and towards the poster on the wall.

"Ah. Well. He was the most wanted being in the country. Everyone wanted him. But..." She looked down and twiddled with her fingers. It showed nervousness. It felt like a familiar gesture. "No one really knows what happened to him. But we all know one thing." She looked above her and grabbed her broom out of the air. I hadn't even noticed that the thing was floating. She pointed the end of her broom towards the middle of the tunnel and stared at it intensely. Suddenly, her broom started to glow. This was definitely magic. I thought mages were the only ones with magic. After her broom lit up, posters around the tunnel started to light up as well. If she didn't do this, I wouldn't have realized the hundreds of posters that covered the tunnels walls. Even the roof too. There were so many posters lit up. They were all of the Dragon King. And, they all had 'X's across the face. I looked back at the girl and watched her face closely. You definitely couldn't miss the sad expression on her face. Why was this so upsetting to her? She turned back towards me and cleared her throat. "Kingdom Todoroki had formed an alliance with this Kingdom. Just to kill the dragon race." Those words changed my entire mood. I felt cold again. I know that she could see my sudden mood change as well. She looked like she could analyze me very easily. "And to slay the Dragon King."


"T-They... killed... him?" What was happening? My chest felt so tight. I felt scared. I couldn't breathe right. "They killed him??"

"Woah, hey, are you alright? You got super pale!" Her voice sounded like she was underwater. I couldn't hear her clearly. I couldn't see her clearly. I felt my hands start shaking uncontrollably and something burned them as well. "Is that your quirk?? Cool, yeah cool! But you look like you're about to pass out!" I felt her touch my shoulder then hold me up, as if I was the lightest person ever. I don't know why I felt this way. What was happening? I slowly shut my eyes and let my body go limp. I'm... pretty sure I just passed out. 






"I... uh... broke my arm again yesterday. I'm fine though! Look, it's healed- wait, Kacchan don't- DON'T NOOGIE ME!!" I lunged at this stupid ass nerd who dared to even speak about breaking his bones.

"You fuckin' dumbass! What did I say about breakin' your shit? You won't even have arms by the time you learn how to use this stupid shitty sword." I grabbed his green curls and pulled him into my chest, giving him a harsh noogie to the head.

"S-Sorry, Kacchan!! Jesus, I won't even tell you anything if this is how you react every single time!" He managed to shove me off of him and began to fix his hair. It's not gonna fix anything if his hair is always fucking messy.

"Pah! You better tell me every single damn thing that happens you and at the castle! Didn't I tell you that I'm the one protecting your useless ass?" I turned away from him and sat down on the edge of the cliff.

"Well, you're no good at protecting me if I just said I broke my arm again yesterday."



"DEKU. YOU LITTLE SHIT." I turned back to him, ready to beat his ass but froze. He was smiling really hard. Then, he let out his laugh that he was so desperately trying to hold in and held his stomach tightly. His laugh was so loud and bubbly. So cute. I could feel his laugh alone drain the anger away from me. "Fuck off." I turned back around and did my best to fight the blush that totally wasn't on my face.

"S-Sorry! You have to admit though. It was funny. Right, Kacchan?" I felt a hand gently ruffle my hair and move its fingers through it. I shuddered at the touch and felt my face heat up. I quickly turned back around and grabbed his hand. "Wha-??" I pointed my palm towards his face and blasted this idiot straight in the face. Well. I thought I did. I forgot how fast this fucker got. He had barely dodged it. He knocked my arm away from his head and fucking socked me right in the face.

"Agh!! Fucking asshole!!" I let go of him and turned away, holding my nose tightly. Shit, that was actually a good hit. The nerd started laughing again and hugged me from behind. I could feel him dig his face into my neck and smile.

"Hey, Kacchan. I've gotten stronger, y'know. My old frail body would never be enough to handle that sword." His mouth was right next to my damn ear. And he was whispering too. Bastard.

"A-And...?" I let go of my nose and stared at the land in front of me. All the trees that spread out for miles in all directions. I tried to focus on anything. Anything but gentle breathe that tickled my ear.

"I'll be the one protecting you now, Katsuki." He scoffed and let go off me, ruffling my hair one last time. My heart did back flips and front flips. I covered my face with my arm to hide from the shitty asshole that made me feel this way. "You'll see, Kacchan. You won't be hurt when you're with me. Todoroki can try taking you away from me! I dare him!" I turned back towards him and noticed the fire in his gorgeous emerald eyes. He held his fist up to his chest and placed it where his heart was. He... isn't kidding. He means to do as he says. Deku really would kill for me. He would really protect me.


Damn him for making me feel this way.

Chapter Text

"That'll be 25 gold. No no, please, I insist! You always come here, I wouldn't want to burden you." I woke up just a few seconds ago and I already have a damn headache. I sat up slowly and gently massaged the sides of my head. "Of course! I'll be here every other week, for sure." That was the girl from before that was speaking. She sounded like she wasn't in the room with me. I looked at my surroundings and couldn't recognize a single thing. How did I even get here? The last thing I remember is walking through the tunnel and-

I'll be the one protecting you now, Katsuki.

I just sat there, staring at the wall in front of me. Deku. The Green-haired guy in my memories was Deku. And he was the cutest thing ever. I slid my hands over my stomach and hugged myself, remembering the hug that Deku had given me. Just remembering it made me feel warm inside. Who was Deku to me? A friend...? No way was that nerd my enemy. And, I'd rather die than to live as his brother. He looks nothing like me. And besides not knowing who he was to me, I don't even know who he is. But I said I was going to protect him. And he would protect me.

Todoroki can try taking you away from me!

Todoroki. That name is wayyy too damn familiar. Insanely familiar. Like I've been hearing it this whole damn time. This is frustrating.

"Agh, why did I have to remember such a useless memory?" I rubbed the back of my head harshly and stood up. I could still hear that girl talking to someone. Was I at her place? Damn, I gotta stop bunking with random people. It's weird. I made my way through the building that I was in and gradually started snooping around. The walls were covered in different animal skins and shelves. Some shelves had small bottles with flowers inside. Others had really weird stuff like... "Eyes..." Yeah.  There was literally a shelf dedicated to eyeballs. That's totally a comforting sight. I carefully grabbed one of the bottles and inspected it. The inside of the bottle had weird green liquid and eyes with slitted pupils. Yeah, it's so freaking weird. But it was cool at the same time.

"Oh, you're finally up!!"

"SHIT!" I jumped again and lost grip of the bottle. The girl in front of me was quick to catch it. Thank god that thing didn't break.

"Ahaha! I scared you again! You're almost like a cat! Actually, you would resemble one very nicely. If you fixed your hair on the sides to make ears-"

"Could you... NOT approach people like that?!" I pointed at her face and took a single step forward. I was trying to get her to apologize but she just smiled at me and nodded.

"I'll keep trying! But you know me, witches always spook people." She set down the bottle back onto the shelf and wiggled her fingers in front of me. I just rolled my eyes and put my hand back down to my side. She seemed to think she had an amazing sense of humor. I think otherwise. "Anyways, how are you feeling? If you can't remember, you passed out in the tunnel during our conversation." Oh, right. So, that's how I got here.

"Right, uh. I feel fine." I didn't want to tell her that I was currently in some deep shit and had no idea who I was or where I even live. Or whoever 'Deku" is. "We were discussing the Dragon King, right? And... the last thing you said was that he died?" I found it kind of difficult to say those last words for some reason. I tilted my head at her and waited for her to confirm.

"Uhhhhhh, no. You passed out when I said that Kingdom Todoroki formed an alliance to slay him. I didn't get to finish." The round faced girl sighed and put her hands on her hips. "I was going to say that-"

"Hold up!!" I stopped her from speaking more and thought very carefully about what she said.

"What the-?! You're stopping me again?!" What she said already helped a lot. Kingdom Todoroki. Deku said something about protecting me from a 'Todoroki'.

"Kingdom Todoroki, where is it?" Maybe if I go there, I'll remember even more. It sounds like a horrible idea, since Deku was trying to protect me from exactly that.

"It's northwest from here- wait, why do you wanna know? And how do you not know where it is?" The girl tilted her head and squinted at me suspiciously.

"No reason. Sorry, please continue." I shook my hands in front of me to try to pass it as nothing. Of course, it isn't. I need to find out who and where Deku is. She pouted a little before nodding her head.

"Very well. Well, it's kind of weird enough to know that you have no idea who the Dragon King is. Well. Long story short, all of the dragons were confirmed deceased." I bit my lip softly and looked away from her. Again, what is it with this random fear I feel? "As for the King of Dragons?" I looked back at her and stared directly into her eyes. I seriously can't place why the Dragon King is so important to me. Maybe it's because 'Todoroki' was both of our enemies. The girl's lips had barely curled into a smile. "He's missing."

"Wait, what? Missing...?! How the hell does a King go missing?"

"Exactly!!!" She pointed at me again and shouted at the top of her lungs. I stared at her with pure confusion and mouthed 'what?' "Exactly! How does a whole ass King go missing?! It makes no sense!!" She gestured around the room as she spoke and turned away from me. "The current rulers of the four kingdoms have told all of their people that they killed him. But!!!" She turned back to me and stomped towards me quickly. I couldn't help but quickly back away from her. "They always bury Tyrants and people who are deemed as Legends in the deepest parts of the Sacred Burials, AND guarded by the greatest mages in history! BUT!!" She slammed her foot into the ground aggressively in front of me, causing me to move away quickly and fall over whatever the hell was behind me. "But there was no body!! The King wasn't found after the war!! The Dragon King was insanely fire proof, so he definitely wasn't turned into ashes! He's also too heavy to be dragged away anywhere! If anyone would have attempted, they would have just spotted them right then and there!! And since there was no body, there was no Dragon King!" She looked down at me and spoke passionately about him. The way she spoke made her eyes light up. "So tell me, random stranger!!" She stood up straight and pointed around her, more or so gesturing to the world. "Where is the Dragon King?" I stared up at her in shock and blinked rapidly.

"Uh... it's Kaccha-.... Katsuki. My name's Katsuki. And to answer that question?" I slowly got up off the floor and dusted myself off. "I got no fuckin' clue." I gave her a sly smirk, only to receive a smile back.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Uravity the Witch." She held her hand out to me and changed her smile to a grin. Thanks to Kirishima and Kaminari, I learned what a handshake was. I reached out and shook her hand. As I was shaking it, I began to feel light. Super light. Way too light. Before I knew it, I was floating off of the floor. I looked down at the ground and widened my eyes. Witchy thing to do. I tried to move my arms around to stop myself from moving anymore, but it clearly wasn't working. "Pfft. You look like a bird."

"Is this magic or your quirk?" I looked back towards her and felt myself slowly spinning. I was now directly above her and upside down.

"My quirk." She responded with a mischievous smirk.

"And is Uravity your real name?" I tilted my head and crossed my arms.


"Fair enough, witch." Uravity was calling herself a Witch. Are they any different than mages? "Umm. You gonna let me down anytime soon?" Uravity mouthed an 'Oh!' and placed her fingers together. I could hear her mutter 'Release'. And right as she said that, I instantly dropped to the floor, straight up face planting on the ground.


"Whoops! Sorry!!" She grabbed my shoulders and lifted me up again, with ease. "I never learned how to release things gently." She dusted off my shoulders and smiled nervously.

"Yeah, that would probably be good to learn." I looked away from her and scoffed. That comment got me a soft punch to the arm.

"Ah, shut it. Anyways, Katsuki. I gotta close up shop soon and head back to my home." Uravity walked past me and approached the front door. "I have no clue where you're from, so I didn't take you home. Sorry about that, hehe." I nodded and walked over to the entrance of the shop.

"You're here every other week, right?" I shoved my hands into my pockets and turned to her before I stepped outside.

"Y-yeah, how did you know?"

"You talk too loud." I stuck my tongue out at her and laughed quietly. She rolled her eyes and shoved me outside.

"Ugh, whatever, Katsuki. Get on out of here. Though, I really do hope you come back next week." Uravity took off her hat and smiled at me. I shrugged and looked around the area. I literally have no clue where I am. Great. I looked back at her and smiled back.

"Will do, Round face." I spun on my heels and started walking off. I could hear her shout 'It's Uravity!' from being me and shut the door. I turned back around to check out the shop name. It was called 'Uravity's Cauldron'. Very witchy. I began to make my way through the streets and tried to remember my way back to the castle. It was dark out and I clearly remember it being morning when I was with him and his crew. I probably made them worry. Shit, that sucks.

As I made my way towards the castle-- I found the main street, so I'm not lost anymore-- I noticed that people were still walking around with no worries. If I were them, I would be worried about being mugged. Well, actually, that's wrong. People must be afraid of each other's quirks. I pulled my right hand out of my pocket and stared at my palm. In my recent memory, I had explosions coming out of my hands. Could I do it again-a


"Excuse me, sir! Are you alright?!" A guard ran up to me and held her hand out to me. I just stood there, staring at my palms with complete disbelief. I coughed quietly and rubbed ash off of my nose. I didn't feel injured at all. Maybe people's own quirks didn't harm them. "You should be careful where you aim your quirk, sir."

"Yeah yeah, thanks." I looked up at the castle in the distance and tilted my head. My quirk lets off explosions out of my hands. I can't feel the same burn throughout my body like I do in my hands. Actually, there is a small burning sensation in my throat, which doesn't seem normal. I pointed at the ground and shot an explosion. It lifted me up off the ground a little. Okay, this is awesome. "See you." I looked at the guard girl and winked. She blushed a little and backed away from me, nodding shyly. I pointed both of my palms at the floor and focused on releasing a huge explosion. And just as I had suspected, I blasted into the air with ease. But... "HOLY SHIT- OH SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT" I really didn't think I would end up this high. I could see the whole fucking kingdom from up here. I inhaled sharply and exhaled quickly. I have to calm down. I pointed my palms back under me and blasted again, adjusting where I'm heading. 

"Yo, do you think Katsuki got his memories back and just... left?" Kirishima sat up off of his bed and looked down at the floor sadly. Kaminari peered at him from behind his book and sighed. Kaminari did truly hate seeing his King so upset. And over some random guy, too!

"C'mon, Kiri. Katsuki doesn't seem like the type of guy to just leave without saying a word." Kaminari set his book down and raised an eyebrow at his red-headed friend. 

"I-I don't know, bro. We barely knew the guy and he was so quiet. It makes me feel so bad just thinking that I was no help at all with his memories. Agh! I wish I could apologize to him! It's so damn unmanly of me not to even have comforted him at one point!" Kirishima stood up and walked angrily over to his balcony. "Damn it, Katsuki, where did you go? I bet you're off being mugged by random thieves because you were too quiet and shy to ask for help." Then, he heard a sound that was very similar to one shouting. 

"Hey, do you hear that?" Kaminari stood up and walked over to Kirishima. They both started looking around, trying to spot the source of the shouting.

"Man, I don't see anything. But, man, it sure does sound like it's getting closer!" Kirishima smiled at Kaminari then looked at the sky. "Oh, wait, dude. Check out that weird bird." He pointed at a dark figure that was flying straight at them.

"What kind of a bird is that??"

"Big bird."

"Woah, that's a real bird?"

"MOVE!!!" Both Kirishima and Kaminari heard the weird looking bird yell at them.

"Did that bird just say 'move'??" Kaminari turned to Kirishima and tilted his head. The question was immediately thrown away once he saw the weird perplexed look on Kirishima's face.

"Bro. That ain't a bird." Kirishima squinted very harshly and leaned over the balcony wall. "What the hell is that?"


"Oh hey!! That looks like-" Kirishima never got to finish his sentence because Katsuki had flew in like a baseball through your neighbors window.

"Agh! You fucking idiots! I wouldn't have hit you if you would have just listened to me!" I stood up off of Kirishima and Kaminari, who were currently smashed into the ground. I dusted myself off and bent over to get a better look of their faces. "Ah, I hope I didn't hurt you guys."

"Hurt me?!" Kirishima sat up and grinned widely at me. He looks weird. Like his skin was made of rock. Oh, right. His quirk is Hardening. It makes his skin hard. I guess that's kind of useful if your amnesiac friend came flying through your balcony and slamming you into the ground. "Bro, you can't hurt me when I got this quirk!" Kirishima stood up and pointed at his whole body. His nice clothes were torn from the usage of it. "Also, where the heck have ya been?! You never came out of that tunnel, so I went to go check on you. But you weren't even there!" Kirishima's skin turned back to normal as he spoke and displayed the discontent he felt across his face. "Did you remember something and run off?" 

"Uh, something along those guidelines." I shrugged and shoved my hands back into my pockets. I mean, I did regain one memory. But I didn't just run off because of it.

"Also, how the heck did you fly into my room?! Do you know how high up from the ground we are?!" Kirishima stepped over Kaminari, who was knocked out from the impact, and walked over to the balcony. "You flew!! Like a bird!!! Is that your quirk? Did you remember your quirk and ran off to use it without telling me-" I placed a finger over Kirishima's lips and glared at him. He talks a lot. But I can understand that he's just worried. Kirishima blinked a couple of times before tilted his head.

"I'll explain everything if you shut up." I cocked an eyebrow at him and waited for him to agree. Once he nodded his head, I moved my finger away from his lips.

"Hey, Katsuki." Kirishima finally spoke a little quieter and gave a soft smile.


"You're pretty chatty today, aren't you?" Kirishima's smiled turned into a more teasing one and crossed his arms. I just gave him the most annoyed look I could offer and rolled my eyes.

"Or I could just not explain what I did for the whole day." I turned away from him and looked down at Kaminari. I started to feel bad once I noticed that he wasn't waking up, so I walked over to him and picked him up off the ground.

"No no no no no, please! I've been worried sick for hours!" Kirishima jogged over to me and frowned, giving me these weird looking eyes.

"W-What are you doing with your eyes?" I carried Kaminari bridle-style and glared at Kirishima.

"They're puppy dog eyes!"

"Puppy what? You know what, I don't care, just help me get this guy to a doctor or something then I'll tell you."

"You got it, bro!"

Since it was night time when I got back, Kirishima insisted that I tell him what happened tomorrow. I gladly took the offer and left him with his retarded friend on the spot. Once I got back to my room, I laid down on my bed and started to play the memory that I last received in my head over and over again. There were a lot of things that I noticed right as they happened. Like the sword that was laid on the floor behind Deku while he told me about his arm and how it was weirdly glowing at the time. Or the way his green eyes never showed any fear when I gave him threatening words. The way his curls moved in unrecognizable ways, always swaying differently or bouncing along with his head movements. The freckles that were totally his signature thing. Or the fact that you can barely notice how built he was under his white shirt and green vest. Why the hell was I focusing on things like that? I sat up and glared at the wall in front of me. Some would feel bad for that wall, since it never did anything wrong. I looked down at my hands and remembered the way Deku easily dodged my attack. The way he was easily able to sock me right in my face. 

Wait, I'm smiling, aren't I? I turned towards my mirror--Kirishima told me what it was called when I asked--and looked to see if I was smiling. Yeah, I was definitely smiling. "That shitty nerd." I looked away from the mirror and blushed furiously. Why does he make me feel this way? It's so aggravating. I laid back down and stared at the ceiling. This bed didn't feel right, that first night I stared here. And it doesn't know. I rolled off of the bed and dragged the blanket with me, letting my body hit the floor harshly. The ground feels way better. Like a rock. I wonder if Deku's chest felt like a rock- "STOP IT." I felt my face go red after I told myself that. Seriously, what the heck is wrong with me...?


No, but seriously, does his chest feel hard?

Chapter Text

"Hah?! What kind of rule is that?!" I looked up from my scimitar and at the 'Sorry-Excuse-For-A-Successor' that Deku is. 

"I-I mean, it is a fair rule! Shoto said that I must be home by-"

"Oh! So, you two are on first-name base already? What are ya, married??" I threw the scimitar off my lap and stood up off of the rock that I was sitting on. How dare this nerd say that Bastard's name in front of me. I'll freaking show him who's at first-name base.

"W-Well, I uh... I didn't give him a nickname. Like I did with you... Kacchan." Deku said my name in such a deep voice that it made me feel so vulnerable. He does it so damn often too. How does he do it...? 

"Tch. Whatever. But seriously, that stupid half and half bastard wants you to be back at the castle by five? What is he, your mom?" I could see that Deku immediately want to reply, since he dared to open his mouth to speak. "Wait, shut up. Don't answer that." Inko is such a freakin' sweetheart. There's literally no way in hell that I would compare that shitty prince to his mom. "You should tell him to go fuck himself, he has no right to tell you where and when you can't be." I turned away from Deku and walked over to pick up my weapon. To me, Scimitar's were awesome. Better than normal shit swords. But, in reality, it isn't nearly as cool as Deku's sword. I would never admit that to him, though. I'd rather die.

"Actually, I think he can tell me that. I do serve under him, after all." Ugh, if only he didn't have that stupid ass job, then he could spend way more time with me and the others. I know they like him as much as I do. Well, not as much as I do, actually. No one loves him as much as I do. 

"Then quit! You don't have to work that shitty job! You could work with that 'Uraraka' girl you're always talkin' about." I sheathed my blade and faced Deku again. Oh, he looked upset. Damn it, I hated upsetting him. For three reasons exactly. One, Deku cries for everything, so I always have to baby his weak ass. Two, he cries 'cute'. And what I mean by that is, if you see him crying any day, I'm pretty sure you'll wanna kiss his face. And three, his mom would kill me if she found out that I was hurting him. And you do not wanna piss Inko off. She's a feisty one with that quirk of hers. One time, I yelled at Deku in front of his mom and was greeted by a large kitchen knife flying directly past my head. It had barely missed me. Let's just say that I never yell or act like a bitch in front of his mom anymore.

"You know I need the money more than anything. Mom's house will be taken away if I don't do something!" Deku punched the tree next to him harshly, causing a few apples to fall off of it. Luckily, none hit him on the head. "I will work in that castle, even if I hate it and it's stupid rules!" 

"Wait. Hold on... you hate it there? And the rules?" I gave that nerd a mischievous smirk and crossed my arms. His face was once angry, but it was replaced with a look that said 'Oh, fuck' and turned a beautiful shade of red. 

"I-... That's n-not the point!!" Deku stomped up to me and started punching me on my chest. And those punches kind of hurt too. Damn, this nerd was getting strong. I lightly shoved him off and ran my fingers through his hair, taking a fistful of it on the back. I yanked his hair down and forced his eyes to meet mine. They were shining so many different greens, it was basically not human. It was heavenly. This man was obviously the work of God.

"I don't mind that shitty curfew he gave you anymore. You hate it as much as I do and that's all that fuckin' matters." I gave my normal aggressive grin and got really close to his face. I didn't think Deku had enough brain cells at the time to actually grab my cape and hide his face, but he did. He just muttered words that I couldn't understand and tugged on my cape even more. I started to wonder if the Prince has ever seen Deku's flustered face. If he has... I'll fucking kill him. I shook my head to get rid of the thought and continued to clutch Deku's hair. "Okay okay, yeah whatever. You hungry? I think I could probably catch you something to eat before you leave." I always made sure to feed the idiot as well. He used to be so frail and weak before I started doing that. Or maybe it was just Deku himself. He needed to build a proper vessel to be able to handle the sword's powers. I think he's almost there. Because, goddamn he looked good.

"Yeah, kind of hungry." Deku moved my cape away from his eyes so he could look up at me. I stared at them. His beautiful eyes. Fuck, he was so cute. His face wasn't that round but it was round enough to be considered adorable. He desperately needed a haircut, which I'll be giving him next time he visits. He also had tears in his eyes and I had to fight the urge to wipe them away. Did I make him that flustered? Damn, I'm awesome. After realizing that I had been staring too long, I cleared my throat loudly and pulled my cape out of his hands. 

"Let's go then. I gotta check on the kids and feed your sorry ass."

"Oh! Yeah, let's go!" Deku smiled and started running back home. "C'mon! Let's go home already!" I felt my eyes widen at his words. Suddenly, my life literally felt complete. There was no other reason for me to live at that moment. He actually said that. He actually called it 'Home.' I couldn't fight back the blush that swarmed my entire face. I hate what Deku does to me. Well... not really. 

"Y-Yeah.. coming! And don't run in front of me, shitty nerd!!" All that got me was a few cute laughs. Worth it.















I've had a huge headache since I woke up this morning. These memories that I have been getting have been coming more frequently. For instance, a few hours ago I suddenly remembered that I love spicy food. It had came when Kirishima was asking what I wanted to eat, and I suddenly replied with 'Anything spicy'. Both him and I were super shocked at that. And to make it even more weird, I totally did love the spicy food that he served me. I also remembered that I had a tattoo on my left Deltoid. This memory came to me when we strolled passed a Tattoo parlor and I saw a few tattoos on this guy's arms. I didn't see my tattoo when I bathed, since I was more worried about the insanely large and ugly scar on the right side of my stomach. The tattoo just displayed a 'K', which I think means Katsuki. I mean, what else could it mean? 

Also, I can't stop thinking about my memories that involved Deku. Specifically the one I recently got. I, for sure, know who Deku was talking about now. This 'Shoto' dude. Kirishima was off doing some errands, so I decided to go test my theory at the Library. Kirishima told me that's where I'd find most of their knowledge. And it was getting a bit annoying that I had to ask him and his buddies what everything was. 

Anyways, that's where I am now. This library was pretty big, which really sucked. I didn't plan on being here forever. Or walking that much. And I wasn't allowed to use my quirk indoors or even use it as transportation since Kirishima called it... "Explosive" and "Destructive." I groaned at the though and sluggishly walked through the isles. I hardly saw anyone in here. There were a few villagers here and there that would come in, but they left shortly after. After looking for way too damn long, I managed to find a few guidebooks that were for newcomers or travelers. One explained the landmarks of the land and the four Kingdoms that made up all of 'Japan.' I guess that's what this country is called. The four kingdoms are 'Kingdom All Might', 'Kingdom Todoroki', 'Kingdom of Champions', and 'Kingdom Yaoyorozu'. Kingdom All Might was the first Kingdom that settled in Asia, then it was Kingdom Todoroki. Shortly after, Kingdom Yaoyorozu and the Kingdom of Champions settled here. Something I thought was really cool was the way Kingdom Yaoyorozu was ran. 

There are no men allowed in the Kingdom.

You would think that it's crazy for them to do that shit. The richest Kingdom in the country only allowed women. Including women children. Any male that is born there is transferred straight to Kingdom All Might. I thought that was sad when I read that but it turns out that the women there just really do not like men. It's their culture or something. Weird. Besides that, the other three kingdoms seem normal. I think. I don't quite remember what normal is. But I have to remember. And fast. Deku is out there somewhere, and I'm sitting here reading. He could be dead for all I know. I sighed heavily and leaned back in my wooden seat. It's been a while since I began studying these Kingdoms. I was reading them while standing but I got really lazy and came to sit down. I looked over at the clock and tried my best to read it. Sero was teaching me how to read the time this morning. I didn't admit this to him, but I was still struggling. Though, I'm pretty sure I've been here for two hours. Maybe Kirishima and his friends were back at the castle already.

I stood up out of the chair and picked up all the books that I read off of the table. I really only skimmed them, but I got the gist of them. I turned towards the shelves to go return them, but accidentally bumped into someone. I nearly dropped all my books from this. I was going to tell the person off for bumping into me. That is until I saw that they had fallen. "Oh. I'm sorry. Are you okay?" I set my books back down on the table and crouched down to help them up, only to get my hand viciously swatted away.

"Yeah! Just perfect! Y'know, I thought I looked very good this afternoon, but you just had to get up as I was walking past you. What's wrong with you? Are you blind?" As this person was yelling at me, I could tell that he was already getting on my nerves. He stood up off of the floor and practically glared daggers at me. Weak daggers, however. His stare wasn't menacing for shit. "What?! Why aren't ya bowing to the Vice-General Captain?!" He straightened his shirt out and took a threatening step towards me. 

"Uh... I thought Sero was the Vice-General Captain..." I didn't really want to start a commotion in here since the sign on the front door clearly said to be as quiet as possible. 

"Ugh, yeah, he is! Of this Kingdom, you stupid rat!" 

"What did you just call me??" I tilted my head and stared at this retard in front of me with the most dumbfounded look I could offer. This piece of shit really just called me that to my face. I haven't ever felt the need to punch someone, but this person really just put himself in that position.

"I am the Vice-General Captain of the Knights in Kingdom Todoroki! I came to receive an order of books that the King requested, but you have YET to hand them to me! If you do not give me the order we have been expecting, I'll write you up myself and-" Suddenly, this guy was cut off by a vicious smack to the head. He instantly dropped to the floor after and just... stopped moving. I looked up from him to the person who hit him and couldn't believe what I saw.

"Ahh, sorry about Monoma! He always misbehaves in my library. He thinks that anyone that he sees in here works here." You would expect to see a super buff person after witnessing a semi-murder. But no. It was this sweet looking girl with orange hair tied up in a ponytail. "Please, pardon him! I'm so sorry for the misunderstanding. If you want, you could go into the back and take whatever book you'd like! Trust me, it's fine. I need to get this idiot's book order anyways." The girl, who I assumed was the Librarian, dragged Monoma away and disappeared behind a shelf of books. She must have been crazy strong if she could knock out a Vice-General in one smack. Or maybe that guy wasn't anything but talk. Who cares, I get a free book. I ran my right hand through my hair, leaving it there to keep my bangs out of my eyes. I looked to where the Librarian pointed and spotted another room. It didn't have a door, so I was able to see inside. When I peeked into the room, I saw stacks of books that nearly touched the ceiling. I really don't want to look for that long, Kirishima might get worried again. 

"Tch, what a baby." I scoffed and walked into the room, grabbing whatever book looked cool. Though, I don't think any books are 'cool.' I stepped outside of the room and froze. The Librarian was continuously smacking Monoma on the head and telling him things like 'Behave' or 'Be more civilized'. I deadpanned at the scene and just left the Library. I'm not trying to get into any trouble with anyone. Kirishima would be pissed.
















"Did you meet Kendo?! She's super manly, isn't she?!" Kirishima aggressively threw a spear across the yard, stabbing a dummy right in the head. He turned towards me and the others after, grinning like an idiot. 

"Yeah! She knows martial arts and is super tough! Who woulda though that someone like that would end up a Librarian?" Mina slouched over the bench next to me and played with Sero's hair. For some reason, what Mina had said pissed me off. "So?? What if she's a fuckin' Librarian?! That doesn't make her anything less than what you are. Captain." I glared at Mina and crossed my arms over my chest. Mina Ashido, Captain of the Royal Knights at the Kingdom of Champions. Though she's a woman, her strength and ability's far surpassed anyone else's. Including Hanta Sero, who has yet to beat her in a sparring session. "Kendo looked strong as fuck and I would definitely not speak so lowly of her." I turned away from the two and stared at the ground. The silence that I received from my replies was aggravating. But it didn't last very long.

"Dude. Katsuki. What the heck happened to you?" Sero's voice broke the silence and leaned towards me. I could feel him leaning due to the weight shifting in the seat under me. 

"Ah, don't mind him. His memories have been slowly returning and I'm pretty sure that's just a teaser of how colorful his language used to be before." Kirishima walked over to us and laid his hands on his hips. "I kind of like it, though! It's manly!" Everything in this fucking Kingdom is manly. I rolled my eyes so hard that I thought the were gonna get stuck in the back of my head. 

Kirishima went back to practicing his spear throws after his lame conversation with Sero and Mina. I didn't think that I was so Interested in people's businesses like those punks were. But I was. I found myself staring at Mina and Sero. They were occasionally holding hands or talking about what to cook at home for dinner that night. Sometimes Sero would looked up at her and grin, with such a strange look in his eyes. Mina would also stare at him with the same look in her eyes. 

It tugged at the strings in my heart.


I don't know why. It feels like someone was playing a song with the strings in my heart as if it were a lute. As if it were trying to play a song. One that only I could name. A song called Deku. 

"Hey, yo, Katsuki." Sero was now staring at me. along with Mina, wearing an uncomfortable look on his face. "You alright? You've been staring at us for like three minutes." I blinked rapidly and looked away from them, feeling the embarrassment crawl up from my chest to my face. "If there's something you wanna talk about, you can tell us. Mina may be a little stupid, but I can have a decent conversation if you need one." There was no fucking way that I was gonna tell them what I was thinking. Deku was my business, and only mine. But that would make me a Hypocrite, wouldn't it? I was getting into theirs. They want to get into mine. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to ask them for a few more things, would it?

"Umm..." I started to play with my hands and fingers, running my index finger down the palm of my hand slowly. I was nervous. Why? I never felt the need to be nervous. "Uh..." This embarrassment that was stuck in my chest wouldn't go away and it felt like it was visibly showing on my face. 

"Wow. Your face is... really red." Sero let a small smirk appear on his face and turned towards Mina. "It's kind of cute on him, huh?" I glared at Sero and Mina who were both giggling quietly. 

"Shut it! Fuck, never mind. Why did I even bother trying to tell you guys anything?" I groaned heavily and stood up off of the bench, walking away from the two. 

"K-Katsuki, wait come on!" I could hear Mina call back for me, but I didn't care. I was too busy trying to get this stupid feeling out of my chest. I sped-walked through the halls in the castle and shoved past anyone that tried to get into my way. This feeling is so familiar. I know this feeling. 


Deku made me feel this way.


I remember being bothered by it too. But not in a way that I hated it. It was the type of way that it made me feel vulnerable. It made me feel like I... like him or something. Was there anything wrong with liking him? I haven't found myself liking anyone right now. Kirishima is cool, I guess. But I don't think I could last being in a room alone with him for loner than five minutes. That Uravity girl was decent in some ways. I had this feeling that she would probably do some witchy crazy stuff on me if I was in the room with her. Sero, Mina, and Kaminari were entirely out of the picture. There was no way in hell I could last being near those guys alone for longer than ten seconds. But Deku? I feel like spending an eternity with him. I stopped walking after a while and clutched at my shirt, near where my heart should be. It feels like I just ran for a full day. My heart was beating so damn fast.

"Katsuki? Bro?" I spun around quickly and glared at whoever dared to speak to me right now. Kirishima's eyes widened once he saw my face. "Woah! Damn, Sero was right. You are... very red."  I scowled and quickly looked away from him. "But it's fine that you are like that! It just means that something is seriously bothering you. You can tell me, dude." Kirishima came closer to me and held his hand out. Does he think I'm weak or some shit? Why is he acting like that?

"Fuck off! Don't give me that fucking look!" I swatted his hand away and backed away quickly. i don't know why I felt like this. 

"Bro, hey. Calm down, it's just me. Just spill out your thoughts. It's okay." Kirishima kept his distance, I could tell. His voice wasn't getting any closer. I covered my face with my arm and leaned against the wall. Now that I really think about it, Kirishima might be the only person who I could speak to. I don't know anyone else.

"I fucking swear to god, if you dare say anything stupid, I'll blow your face off!" I pointed at Kirishima and gave him the most pissed off look I could offer. This was about Deku, so I will kill him if he says dumb shit. 

"Ah, the new Katsuki is so frightening. Well, technically. it's the old one-" 


"Sorry, sorry. Please, tell me what's wrong." Kirishima sounded serious now. That's good. I let out a dragged sigh and looked around. 

"I don't wanna talk here." I started walking off, hoping that Kirishima was smart enough to follow. I heard an 'OK' from him and heard him run after me. Good. He's not a retard. We walked for a couple of minutes until we got to my temporary room. I opened the door and nearly slammed it on Kirishima's face. Nearly. 

"Alright, are you ready to talk now?" Kirishima stepped into my room and shut the door quietly. You know what, I should have slammed it on him. 

"I-I... I guess. I just don't know what's wrong with me! I was looking at Sero and Mina when they were talking to each other and they were acting all touchy and weird!" Kirishima's eyes widened once again. But this time, it was for the sudden outburst of feelings. "I-I felt something so familiar while watching them! Why were they acting all touchy? Why did it make me think about Dek-.... I-I don't know what's wrong! I mean, seriously, you and your shitty friend Kaminari are kind of touchy like them too!" Kirishima instantly turned a shade of red that was very similar to his own hair color. "But you two weren't as touchy as Sero and Mina! You and Kaminari are way too subtle about it and it's still painfully obvious! Sero and Mina were out in the open just... touching!! What is so different with the way they act together than the way that you and me act?! I know they're friends, but you guys haven't done that kind of stuff to me! Why do I feel like I have to!? Why do I keep thinking about Deku!? I couldn't help but feel super fucking embarrassed when I thought of acting with that way with Deku!" 








Both of our faces are red now. Mine from yelling and talking to fast, or maybe because of Deku. And Kirishima's face was red due to what I believed was the mentioning of Kaminari. 

"You are... really bad at feelings, aren't you?" Kirishima scoffed and rubbed his face with his left hand. I tilted my head and glared at him.

"What the hell does that mean?!" I raised my voice a little and raised my hands to give a confused gesture. Kirishima rolled his eyes and sighed quietly. Out of the few days that I've known Kirishima, I had never seen him look this impatient.

"Oh, for fucks sake, Katsuki. You're in love with him! You're in deep, man! And, Sero and Mina are dating!! Dating!!"  Kirishima was yelling at me now. That really caught me off guard. What the hell does 'Dating' even mean? Is that a different level of friendship? And... I'm in love with Deku?

"Yeah, uh, Hello? Hi. I'm your Amnesiac friend that doesn't remember shit from literally three days ago or anything past that. Please, touch up on what it means to be 'Dating' and 'In Love.'" I heavily doused my tone with sarcasm and crossed my arms tightly.

"Oh, how can you not remember anything but still act like this? Fine, I got a lot of explaining to do, so get comfortable." Kirishima gently placed his sword on the floor and rubbed his eyes. 

Man, I must be a pain in the ass to deal with.

Chapter Text

"So. 'Dating' means to be in a strong and loving relationship with your partner or someone you really like."


"And being 'In Love' means to feel more strong and passionate feelings toward a certain person that has made a big impact on your life or you just simply admire them for their actions?"


"Sero and Mina are 'in love' with each other?"


"You and Kaminari are also 'in love' with each other?"

"Yeah... wait! No! Well. Gosh. I don't know." Kirishima was currently sprawled out on the floor, covering his face with his arm. I was sitting on my bed and practically staring holes into the ceiling. 

"Well, see, that's confusing. I thought that you guys were in love with each other. I could probably even ask Sero and Mina, and they would say yes. Even if I ask Kaminari, he would say yes." 

"Don't say a word to Kaminari!!" Kirishima sat up and wore a very fearful look in his eyes. I laughed quietly and continued to stare at the ceiling. I didn't really feel like moving yet. I still needed to process information.

"Fine. I don't see why it'll be a problem, though." Kirishima had just finished explaining to me maybe thirty minutes worth of a Love lecture. I don't think that past me even knew what Love was. But that wouldn't make any sense. Kirishima had told me that literally everyone knew what Love was. So. Why can't I remember it? I definitely remember feeling something that bothered me. Maybe that's what it is. "Hey, Kirishima?" It's probably worth asking about it now. 

"Yeah, bro?" I could see Kirishima lay back down in the corner of my eye. I inhaled very slowly, thinking very carefully about what to say. 

"What does Love feel like?"

"Now you're asking the confusing questions. Love can't really be described when it comes to feelings." Kirishima's voice dropped a few pitches when he spoke. I can tell he wasn't messing around with this. 

"Okay... well. How do you feel when you think about Kaminari?" I finally tore my eyes away from the ceiling and peered down at Kirishima. His face was pink. I think I asked the right question. 

"I-I don't really now. Every time I think about him, my chest starts feeling weird and I get super nervous around him. My heart beats way too fast as well. And when I see him, I can't stop myself from staring! I mean, he's got the best eyeliner out there-"

"What's eyeliner?"

"Make-up for your eyes. Anyways! I've tried to learn about his eyeliner skills from him, but he's just too good. He looks too good." I smiled a little and moved my legs off of the bed. I looked at my mirror--thank you again Kirishima for teaching me what a mirror was--and stared at myself. Everything Kirishima had said about Kaminari was pretty much exactly what I felt for Deku. Except for the eyeliner part. I don't think Deku wore eyeliner. I should try it sometime. I've seen Kirishima with and without it, and it definitely does make him look better. But, besides all that, I think I know how I feel towards Deku now. Because, just from thinking about those memories, I can feel myself getting flustered. My hands get super sweaty and it makes me feel cautious about accidentally setting my quirk off. My heart starts racing really fast and I feel the need to hide myself because of it. 

"Does it make you want to hide but also be with him for ever? If that makes any sense..." I looked away from my mirror and down to Kirishima's face. He was looking at me with wide eyes. 

"Woah. Yeah, it does."

"That's how I feel with him. With Deku." I looked back at my mirror and noticed that I started blushing. I hate blushing, it doesn't look good with my menacing face. 

"Awesome, bro! Do you remember if you guys were dating or not?" 





Were me and Deku dating? It felt way more intimate than dating. It felt like we shared the same soul or something. Like we were never able to pry ourselves away from each other. Or what if that was just how I felt. Did Deku even like me? I never noticed anything that he did that was really showing love. Well, he did say he would protect me. And I sounded mad for him being in 'first-name' base with the Prince. 

"Kirishima, what does it mean to be in 'first-name' base with someone?" I tilted my head a little then turned back to him. He just scoffed and sat back up.

"Only people who are married do that." I squinted a little and waited for him to finish. But after he just sat there without saying anything for too long, I rolled my eyes and sighed heavily.

"What the hell does 'married' mean?" 

"Oh, yeah. Right. It means that people who were dating decided to spend the rest of their lives together and form a family or special bond. You are officially tied together, and being married is the strongest form of Love." After he finished explaining it, I felt a weird boiling anger rile up in my throat. I was pissed.

"WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST SAY?!" I stood up angrily and took a few steps over to Kirishima. I guess I startled him pretty badly because his weak ass stood up as well and backed away from me. 

"Katsuki, c'mon bro. Chill out. You said you wanted to know about marriage right? That's being married!" I stopped myself from exploding the furniture in the room and glared at the floor. Deku and Todoroki were married? They are married? 

Oh, I'm gonna find this guy and fucking kill him. 

"Take me to Todoroki." I looked back up at Kirishima and kept my mean glare. He blinked a couple of times before tilting his head. 


"Kingdom Todoroki! Take me there! Or tell me how to get there!" I couldn't really describe how much anger I felt at the moment. I was seriously going to strangle someone if I didn't see Todoroki in the next ten seconds.

"Alright. I'll take you." Kirishima smiled at me and bent over to pick up his sword off the floor. Then, as quickly as the anger came, it left right after. 


"This is about Deku, isn't it? Is there someone there that he was in the first-name base with?" Wow. I was really convinced that Kirishima was a retard. He caught on way too quick.


"Oh, don't give me that look. Just from your reaction to marriage, I could tell that you were insanely pissed and jealous over something. And I'm pretty sure that if Id on't help you, you'd kill someone, haha..." Kirishima rubbed the back of his neck nervously and looked down. Was it creepy that he was spot on about my reaction? Or was my anger that easy to read...?

"So, you'll take me? Now??" 


"Yes, now! You fuckin' retard!" I turned away from him and grabbed the red coat that was lent to me by the maids. They said something about it matching my eyes. I'm pretty sure that red will always match my eyes. 

"Okay okay, jeez. You're lucky I didn't schedule anything for today or tomorrow! But I do have a date this Saturday, so please don't make me miss it."

"The fuck is a date? You mean like the days of the week and shit?"

" Katsuki. Ugh. I'll explain on the way there." 




















"P-Please! D-Don't kill me! I promise I won't ever come back here ever again!" This person... was insanely cute. I had spooked him so badly that he fell to the ground and just laid there. He hasn't gotten up. Oh my fucking God, I couldn't take my eyes off of him. He was currently dressed in the cutest damn green vest and a white long-sleeved under shirt. His hair was a very dark green that only shined green in the light. His eyes were nothing like his hair, however. They were the brightest green even when his eyes were shadowed by his hair. And his freckles... oh god, those freckles. This was the cutest damn human I've ever seen. "Please, don't kill me.."  He started to cry and covered his face with his arms. Oh my god. Oh my fucking god. He was even cuter while crying. But I know that crying is bad. I don't want him to think I'm bad like they say I am. 

"Do you know who I am?" I tilted my head and stared at him through the thick mask that covered my face. He barely moved his arms away from his eyes and stared up at me. 

"Y-Yes." His voice cracked just a little. Ughhhhh stop being so cute. I'm really hating what this guy is making me feel. 

"What do you know about me?" He finally moved his arms away from his face and looked away from me, twiddling his thumbs together. He still had a few tears threatening to spill out from his eyes, but he was doing his best not to cry more. Good. If he did, I would have died from a heart attack. 

"I-I know that you.... you're dangerous. You're wanted for 1,000,000G in every Kingdom. Y-You're... incredibly dangerous. H=Have I mentioned that already?? S-Sorry. They a-also say that you know the most ancient mage and witches spells of all time. And that you c-could speak many different languages."

"You're so cute." I crouched down to get an even better view of his face. He started blushing really badly and crawling away from me.


"What's your name?" I reached up to my face and took off my mask, throwing it behind me carelessly. Then giving him my warmest smile. I gave this smile to the kids, so they know I'm not that scary. I kept staring at him, waiting for him to answer. If he wasn't going to answer, then I'll name this cute ass guy myself.

"O-oh... uh..." His entire face had flushed red. Even his ears were red. That's it. This bitch is mine. 

"Your name is 'Oh Uh?' Yeah. I ain't calling you that, cutie."

"N-No! My name is Izuku Mi-"

"Your name is Deku. It means you're 'hopelessly useless' in your language. Or, I guess it could mean 'You can do it', as well. I really don't give a rat's ass about how you look at it, though. But, your name is Deku and you're mine now. Any questions?" 

"Yes!! Many!!" 

"No questions? Good." I smirked mischievously and swooped him up off the floor. I spun around and began to walk back home with him. 

"W-Wait!! I-I don't even know your name! I-I mean, unless you wanna be addressed as... y-your majesty." How fucking dare this guy say that with his own mouth. Was he trying to make me kiss him to death?

"Katsuki. Katsuki Bakugo. But, Bakugo is just fine. And so is 'your majesty.'"

"W-well. Since you gave me a nickname, I'll give you one too!" I looked down at Deku and tilted my head, still walking with him in my arms. 


"Ka... Katsuki-chan? No... Ka..." Hearing him say my name made me die then come back to life maybe fifty times. "I know! I'll call you Kacchan!"  I stopped walking right as he said that name and glared at him. I felt myself blushing really badly. Fucking God, I hate this feeling but I like is so much. I want him so damn much. 

"Fuck, I don't care." I turned away from him and kept walking. I could hear him laugh. What the heck, this guy was just crying a few seconds ago and now he has the balls to laugh at me. 

"Hey, Kacchan. You don't seem as bad as they say you are. You're actually very nice!" I felt my face heat up way too much from his compliment. I instantly dropped Deku on the floor. I walked past him and covered half of my face with my cape. 

"F-Fuck off, I'm not carrying you anymore. Just follow me." 

"Okay! Hey, Kacchan, can you fly?"

"What?" Deku jogged up to me and ran beside me. He had this bright smile on his face that was... fucking cute as hell. 

"Can you fly?"

"Sort of. My quirk can help me blast into the air, but it's hard to maneuver."

"What's your quirk?" Deku reached into his bag and shuffled around for something. I spotted my mask stuck in a bush and picked it up. 

"Explosion. I can make explosions from the palms on my hands." I dusted my mask off and turned back to Deku. He was currently holding a book and writing stuff down in it. Ah, he knows how to write. 

I don't know how to write. 

"That's amazing, Kacchan. You were born with an amazing quirk. What's your favorite food?" Deku finished writing then looked back up to me. I blushed a little at his praise and turned away, continuing to walk back.

"Anything that burns my tongue. And w-what the hell are you writing, anyways?" 

"Facts about Kacchan. I-I always write down things that I find interesting and study them closely."

"So you're a fuckin' nerd?" I shoved my hands into the pockets of my torn-up pants and looked at the floor. The nerd actually said he was interested in me. Ugh, damn, so cute.

"I-I guess so! Is that bad..?" I turned to him again and saw him smiling just a little. Fuck him. God made this cute ass bitch with his own hands, didn't he?


"Ah, okay! What's your favorite color?" 

"Orange-... Are you seriously gonna keep doing this?"

"Yeah! Oh, and what kind of animals do you like? Wait, that one's a little obvious. But I still wanna know! And why is your favorite color Orange if you're wearing so much red? I-I mean, it does look good on you, so it's not bad at all." I guess I was going to have to answer all his nerdy questions. He seemed like the chatty type. That's okay. That's perfect. 

He's perfect. 





















"Katsuki!! Bro, can you hear me?"

"I think he died."

"Hahaaa, that's lame."

"Dude. Earth to Katsuki? Hello?" I blinked slowly then shook my head quickly. I heard someone calling my name. I looked to where ever the voice was calling me from and spotted Sero sitting next to me with a worried look in his eyes. "Ah! Kirishima, he finally looked at me!" I stared at him with confusion and looked back forward. I noticed that I was sitting in a horse carriage with Sero right next to me, including his girlfriend Mina. Ah, that's right. We're going to Kingdom Todoroki. 

"Yo, Katsuki, we're almost there! And could one of you guys remind me to stop at that village back there on our way back? I gotta talk to Aizawa!" Kirishima's face was buried into a paper in his hands, which looked like a map of some sorts. I leaned over the wall of the carriage to get a closer look of the map. After a closer inspection, I realized that it was the map of Japan. I'd recognize that map from anywhere. I studied that thing for maybe an hour in that library. I leaned back into my seat and sighed heavily.

"Yeah, for sure, your majesty!!" Suddenly, an insanely loud voice boomed by the side of my head. I jerked away quickly and covered my ears, glaring at whoever was being a complete retard and destroying my eardrums. Kaminari was smiling like complete idiot and holding out a thumbs up. It would be this stupid dumbass that yelled that fuckin' loud.

"W-what did I say about that? You can address me normally when we aren't in front of people!" I turned back to Kirishima and almost missed the blush on his cheeks. The map wasn't hiding it very well. I looked around the carriage a little more to see if anyone else tagged along with us. It looks like it was just Kirishima's usual three friends but with a new person. I haven't heard them speak at all yet. They don't look like they're the type for conversation. "Hey, Amajiki. When we get there, you can leave the carriage at the horse stables. We might be gone for more than an hour, so I would hate for you to wait in front of the gates." Kirishima turned around and smiled at the person who was controlling the horses. Amajiki still didn't say anything. He just nodded and continued to stare out into like... nothing. Weirdo. 

Staring at the others was getting a little boring to me. Sure, looking at Sero and Mina really made me think about Deku. But the pain that I kept feeling in my chest was getting annoying. I also paid attention to how Kaminari would hop in and out of the carriage to go speak to Kirishima, making his face go red every time they engaged in conversations. That also made me feel sick. I even paid attention to how Amajiki would flinch or look super worried whenever the carriage would go over a bump in the ground. After paying attention to those few things, everything else just seemed way to boring to look at. How far was Kingdom Todoroki from Kirishima's Kingdom anyways? It felt like we were on the road for hours. And I don't mean your typical three-hour carriage ride. I'm talking about maybe eight hours already. On the bright side, none of us have to do any walking. 

I don't have any memories of me not liking walking, but I feel like I really never did it. I've only regained a few memories and most of them include Deku. Did I spend most of my time with that guy? Why would he spend time with me if he wasn't even married to me...? Someone as colorful as Deku--despite the fact that shades of Green were the only color I could use to describe him--should marry someone who was just as colorful. Or maybe they also radiated the same type of happiness that Deku did. This 'Prince Todoroki' guy must be the happiest damn guy in the world to have Deku. Really the only reason why I'm going to that bastard is because... well. Deku has to be there, right? 

"I'm going to find him. Someone's gotta tell me who the hell I am besides my name, Katsuki Bakug-" Oh. Shit... How could I forget? Well, I didn't forget, I just let the thought slip my mind a little. My full name is Katsuki Bakugo, isn't it? I told Deku that when we first met, didn't I? I can remember the feeling that I got when he first made eye-contact with me. That feeling was definitely one that you would get when you first meet someone who was insanely cute. You could describe it as... explosions. Like my quirk. Lots of explosions. But they weren't harmful explosions, they felt like the most soft explosions ever. It felt nice. I have no clue why past me kept saying that I hated it. I can admit, at this damn moment, that I fucking loved that feeling. 

"Hey, Katsuki. Did you say something earlier? Sorry that I wasn't paying attention. Kaminari keeps asking me about this stupid riddle he made up." Sero gently moved Mina's arms off of him and scooted closer to me. I didn't give a shit about Kaminari's riddle or whatever, but I can't let them continue to call me Katsuki. They ain't married to me. 



"I-I mean, unless you wanna be addressed as... y-your majesty." 



But that was one of the few things in my memories that rattled me up the most. What reason was there for me to be called 'your majesty' by Deku? And one huge detail that I vaguely remember. I'm wanted for 1,000,000G. If they so happen to even hear that my last name is Bakugo, they might remember that I'm wanted. For 1,000,000G. I wonder how long ago that was. I can't tell them my last name. 

Well, this sucks. I can't believe I haven't been able to remember who I am for days now. And now that I finally get to remember something, I remember that I'm a fricken criminal. What the hell did I even do that makes me wanted for 1,000,000G? Did I kill someone's fucking baby or something? I looked over to Sero--who was still staring at me--and shot him a bothered look. Sero sighed quietly and finally turned away from me. "Damn, that's one dangerous glare you got stuck in your eyes." 



"Y-You're... incredibly dangerous."  



Deku is the only person I can remember. I mentioned kids too, which.... is horrible. That could mean that I was a babysitter... or a dad. Why would a dad be dangerous? How dangerous was? I groaned heavily due to frustration and jumped out of the carriage. I ignored the worried calls that were coming from Mina and Sero. I approached Kaminari and Kirishima, who were just giggling about some dumb shit I could care less about. 

"Aye. Move. I need to talk to Kirishima." I shoved Kaminari away from Kirishima and glared at him. Wow, Sero was right. My glare made that little shit run back to the carriage.

"Oh, come on, dude. What's wrong?" Kirishima looked down at me from his horse and crossed his arms. I'm sure that idiot is upset with me because I scared his shitty boyfriend away. 

"I'm pissed off. I can't remember who the fuck I was and what I did." I bit at my nails and stared at the floor. My thoughts were not adding up at all. Nothing made sense anymore. 

"Well, you do have amnesia. So, it's understandable that you don't know who you are!" Kirishima is always optimistic about everything. It's irritating. I scoffed and turned away from him, looking over to the side of the road. I could see a tall wall that spread out really far. I couldn't see where the wall ended on either sides. Have I really been that distracted by my thoughts? This was also irritating to me.

"I've been remembering parts of days that I can't piece together. I can't tell what day they took place in, I can't tell where I am in those memories, I don't even know what I looked like either." I ran a very sweaty, nervous hand through my hair and grimaced. Maybe if I asked Kirishima the most subtle questions, then I would get a few answers? Can I even trust him? "Kirishima. If I were to tell you any secrets, would you be an asshole and start telling others?" I turned my head to look back at Kirishima and stared at his face, trying to analyze his entire expression. I can't see any kind of betrayal in his face. All I saw was a damn stupid looking offended look on his face. 

"H-How dare you? Dude, we're besties!"

"Don't fucking say that ever again."

"We're friends! I would never tell your secrets." Kirishima held his hand up to his heart and kept it there. Like he believed that if he didn't keep it there, then he would lose it. "Trust me, Katsuki." For once, Kirishima didn't sound like an idiot. For once, I wasn't irritated by his voice. That's a lie, Kirishima's the only person I've ever spoke to who didn't make me pissed off. 

"Fine. Don't fucking freak out, okay?" I pointed my finger at him in an aggressive manner and raised an eyebrow. He grinned widely and nodded his head up and down. 

"You got it!"

"Okay. My full name is Katsuki Bakugo and I'm worth one million gold in every Kingdom." 

"........." Too much...? Kirishima stared at me with a face that I couldn't read at all. It looked like he was smiling... but he had a very blank look in his eyes. 


"O-Okay... so. I believe the name part. But the gold part? Dude. No one in the country is worth that much. The last person that was worth that much was the Dragon King. And he was the only one too." 

"Ehh??" I let small explosions out of my hands and practically barked at Kirishima. "You sayin' I'm lying?! I'm telling you! I was worth that much!!" Kirishima shushed me and began to wave his arms around in a frantic manner. 

"I'm being serious though, Bakugo! C-can I call you that now? But seriously! You must have imagined that part or som-" I cut Kirishima off with a huge blast to his fucking face. It got really quiet after the explosion died down. Maybe that wasn't such a good idea. Sero and Kaminari were practically ready to kill something because of this. "I'm fine!" After the smoke cleared, I could see that Kirishima had hardened his face to avoid any damage. Had he predicted that I would have done this?? "Ahaha, Bakugo, you're crazy! But.... I told you the truth, bro. Only the Dragon King has been worth that much." I stared at Kirishima's face one last time. To see if he was lying in any sort of way. He had to be lying. There's no way that Deku would lie to me. Right? 

But there was no look on Kirishima's face that told me that he was lying. He was telling the truth. But I know that Deku was telling the truth as well. Why doesn't this make any sense? Only the Dragon King was worth that much? But why?



"Excuse me. Please let go of the new Champion." A new voice appeared behind all of us. It was a deeper voice than any of these guys had. Maybe even deeper than mine. I looked down at my hands and saw that I had been clutching Kirishima's wrists. I rolled my eyes and let them go. 

"Ah, thanks bro! Also, Sup Shoto!" SH-....SHOTO? That name rang in my head like someone was shouting at me. I quickly turned to where the deep voice came from and saw a man standing in front of a bunch of armored men. His hair. Was two different colors. His eyes. Were two different colors. 

"Hello again, Kirishima. Who's that barbarian that was grabbing you?" The guy, who Kirishima called 'Shoto', pointed at me and stared with dead eyes. 

"Ah! He isn't a barbarian. His temper just kind of runs thin. This is Bakugo! And Bakugo... this is Shoto Todoroki. The King of Kingdom Endeavor." Kirishima smiled at me and gestured his hand towards Shoto. That guy's eyes were still emotionless and cold. The huge scar on his face really made it noticeable. He let out a slow breathe. Is steam coming out of his mouth?? 

"Please refrain from acting like this inside the Kingdom walls, Bakugo. It's quite vulgar." He said this to me with an equally emotionless tone. He turned away from me and motioned for Kirishima and his soldiers to follow. I just stood there. Staring at him and his stupid hair.







I fucking hate him already.

Chapter Text

"I thought we've discussed this a hundred times already, Eijiro." Todoroki's back was turned to Kirishima, but he still spoke to him anyways. Isn't that shit rude? Todoroki had been walking around the Throne Room and ordering his servants to bring meals out for his guests. There was something wrong with his servants. They all bowed their heads and avoided eye-contact with their King. None of them looked at him once. Like if they looked, they would be killed.

"I know, bro! But can you please just give it another thought? That Kingdom is filled with people who need us!" Todoroki rolled his eyes and continued to bark orders. 'Make this' and 'Move this'. God, he is pissing me off. "We may have a written alliance with Kingdom All Might, but we have never included them in any of our meetings or... literally anything!" I rolled my eyes over to Todoroki, who stiffened at Kirishima's words. I remember reading about Kingdom All Might. The poorest Kingdom in the country. And I mean poor. They don't have the money to hire mages or doctors. But there was a time when it was the richest Kingdom. That was when All Might was alive. I want to read more about him, he sounded so badass. 

"Eijiro. You've only been here for... approximately six minutes... and you've already run my patience thin." It seemed that Todoroki was finished ordering his servants around, since he was now walking over to his throne. Rubbing his eyes in a very bothered manner. "I do not wish to speak to him. For anything. And he has made his point very clear. He does not want to associate his Kingdom with ours." He sat down on his throne and slouched a little, still keeping the cold look in his eyes. 

"Then let's go over there and make him man up! He thinks that he doesn't need our help to feed his Kingdom at all. That bastard." Kirishima clutched his fist and held it up to his face. I could tell that he was angry. Kirishima doesn't like guys who aren't 'manly'. I looked away from the two of them and gazed over to the three bozos sitting in front of me. Sero, Mina, Kaminari, and I were all ordered to sit at the small table that was brought into the throne room for us. I haven't opened my mouth since I told Kirishima about myself. I feel like if I did open my mouth, I would say something rude or some shit to Todoroki. Which, I'm really tempted to do so. 

"Man, Kirishima is really passionate when it comes to helping people out." Kaminari pouted and laid his head down on the table.

"Yeah. I bet he didn't even turn down Katsuki here when he needed help." Mina crossed her arms and grinned at me happily.

"Bakugo." I spoke my name very quietly to the three. I'm sure it's safe to give my name to them now. Kirishima made it very clear to me that my name wasn't given to the public. But that doesn't answer my damn questions. 

"Pardon?" Sero tilted his head and crossed his arms as well. Mina hummed in confusion and leaned forward in her seat.

"Bakugo? What's that?"

"Bakugo ain't a 'what', it's my damn name. Katsuki Bakugo. Just call me Bakugo, now." I glared at Mina for her retarded question then turned away from her, staring daggers into the table. I could hear their praise directed towards me, since I managed to remember my full name. Well, I didn't remember. Deku told me. Through... my memories. Sigh. Deku's one-upping me already. That bastard. 

"You have to get over Midoriya already! Treating everyone like this is gonna solve nothing!" I heard Kirishima raise his voice at Todoroki. I could hear the anger threaded into his voice. But I wasn't paying attention to that. Oh no, who cares about Todoroki's problems? It was the name that Kirishima said.

"Kirishima, do not say his name again in this-"

"Hold the fuck up!" I slammed my hands onto the table, accidentally letting out a few explosions, and stood up out of my seat.  Sero and Kaminari jumped to hug each other, while Mina just rolled her eyes. I forgot about my manners. But you know what? Fuck them.

"B-Bakubro... chill. What the heck is going on?" Kirishima held out his hand and walked over to me slowly, attempting to make me calm down. He should know better. 

"Midoriya. He was here? I've been meaning to ask you about that guy." I pointed a finger at Todoroki and glared at him. Todoroki's cold eyes were gone now. They were now filled with fire and anger. It was actually quite threatening. As if I'd let him now that.

"And who are you again? Did your King give you permission to speak to me?" Todoroki shot a sort of judgmental look towards Kirishima then turned back to me. 

"He ain't my fuckin' king. And I asked you a damn question. Was Midoriya here?" His name didn't roll off my tongue naturally at all. Miiiiiidddooooorrriiiyyaaaaaa. Bleh. Sounded like shit. I'm so sticking with Deku once I meet him again. Just gotta get that information out of this dumb looking fuckers. 

"May I ask why you want to know about him?"


"Then I won't say anything." Todoroki turned away from all of us and looked at once of his servants, asking why the meals were taking so long. That fucking prick.

"Midoriya was a really close friend of ours. Of everyone actually. The dude practically radiated sunshine and rainbows." Kirishima spoke from behind me, causing most of my attention to drift towards him. I still managed to catch the look that Todoroki gave him. 'What the fuck is wrong with you?' is how I would describe that look. 

"Not practically! He definitely radiated sunshine and rainbows! His laugh made flowers grow too!!" Mina spoke up as well. Sero rolled his eyes in a dramatic way and looked down at the floor.

"Yeah, we get it, babe. You, and like half the country, had a huge crush on him." Sero said this with a little sadness and shame in his voice.

"Didn't you think he was cool, as well, Sero?" Kaminari smirked at Sero and reached up to cover his mouth. Probably trying to stop himself from giggling.

"Shut up, Denki."

"Shut it, all of you! We don't even know what this man's intentions are with Izuku." Todoroki stood up out of his throne as well and stepped down from it. He crossed his arms and shot me a mean glare. Bitch.

"Izuku?" I didn't recognize that part of Deku's name. I do remember cutting him off before he finished telling me, though. 

"Izuku Midoriya. That was his servant's full name." Kirishima nudged me with his arm to get my attention. But, oh, he had it alright. Izuku was his first name. They're still on the first name base. Maybe it hasn't been that long after all. 

"Kirishima!" Todoroki sighed in frustration and looked at the roof. "Fine. I guess we're telling this barbarian who our friend is now." Todoroki turned back around and sluggishly flopped back into his throne. He looked more like a child than a damn King. Who made this bitch a King anyways? "Midoriya was my personal servant when he was still here and when I was still prince." Okayy... maybe it has been a while. "He was such a passionate man. Always getting himself in people's businesses and trying to help them. But that's what made him so special." The way Todoroki spoke about Deku, made me feel so uneasy. He spoke about him like he was dead. But, I can tell he isn't. None of them are frowning hard enough to look like they're mourning for a dead person. "It's been several months since I last saw him. And I'm... pretty sure that was the last time I was ever going to see him." Todoroki was trying to hide his face with his hands, but it was so obvious that he was pouting. 

"Wait, what do you mean by that? And how many months are we talking about?" I really wanted to know how long it's been since I was awake. Maybe the last time I saw Deku was also the last time Todoroki did. Just maybe.

"It's been seven-ish months since Midoriya last left. He isn't dead or anything. He just refuses to come back from wherever he is. I believe that I was the last person he spoke to before disappearing. He wasn't found anywhere that night."

"What'd he say?" Instead of Todoroki's normal anger and coldness, I felt... sadness. He looked up at me and gave me a tired smile. 

"'The next time we meet, I'm going to fucking kill you.'" The room went quiet right after those words came out of his mouth. Holy. Fucking. SHIT. Those were Deku's last words to him?! TO anyone?? That didn't sound anything like him! That sounded more like me! That doesn't make any sense!










"What the-...?" Todoroki wiped the sad look off his face and replaced it with alert. He was up and out of his throne way too quickly. Kirishima and his squad were on high alert as well. I looked over to the window and jogged over to it. It sounded like an explosion was coming from the city. No. Not from the city. There was fire coming from outside the walls of the Kingdom. 

"Shoto! Bro! There's a fire outside the Kingdom! Probably in one of the stables!" Kirishima ran up to Todoroki and grabbed his arm, pulling him towards the entrance to the throne room. "We gotta go evacuate the townsfolk, ASAP!" All Todoroki gave him was a firm nod. He turned towards the servants, who were bringing out different racks of foods, and ordered them to send soldiers to the front gates of the city. I feel kind of bad for them. But the servants didn't care about the food, right now. Their faces all displayed fear. Then they all ran in different directions. Probably in all the places where soldiers were that they could think of.









"Ahhh, damn it! That fire is spreading way too far out!" We were nearing the outside of the walls right now. Kirishima was sprinting ahead of us, yelling at all of the civilians to evacuate to the back exits of the city. Todoroki was yelling at his following soldiers to remain calm and to control the fire. The walls here were pretty high. But not high enough. The fire seemed to be caused by someone's quirk or a weapon made by a mage, as Kirishima told us while running. 'The fire is too strong to be accidental' he stated. "Sero, Ashido, Bakugo! Can you go on ahead? Do anything you can to help the others outside! Todoroki, Kaminari, and I will be there as soon as we can!" Sero and Ashido were already using their quirks to get ahead of them, replying with a 'yes sir' in unison. Ugh. Guess I have to. I pointed my palms behind me and blasted ahead. I'm pretty sure my explosions caused smoke to get in Todoroki's face. Nice. 

"Damn, Bakugo! Your quirk is actually kinda cool!" Sero swung swiftly from his tape and yelled this to me when he got close. I just scoffed and turned away from him and Ashido. Damn right my quirk is cool. 

We were finally outside of the walls and now running towards the fire's source. I could hear people screaming in fear. This can't be good at all. We've already passed a pack of horses, that were probably let out of their stables, and many people as well. 

"Come on! Why are we going so damn slow?!" I shouted really loudly and let out even more powerful explosions. I flew in front of Sero and Ashido, causing them to both go 'wooahh!'

"Damn, he's fast! Bakugo, slow down!" I didn't slow down at all. If those guys can't go any faster, then they aren't worthy of being shit for Kirishima. After a few more seconds of blasting my way to the source of the fire, I finally managed to reach it. But...







The sight of the source... truly... made no sense. For many reasons.








"FEED ME!!!! I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR HOURS AND YOU HAVEN'T COME HOME!!!" I just stared at the scene. People were either acting just like me, dumbfounded or shocked, just staring as well. Others were running in fear. I know what I'm looking at. I know damn fucking well what it is! But it can't be... "FOOD!!! I WANT ROASTED BUNNIES!!!"  So many people were shouting different things at the same time. I couldn't find any words to say. I felt so... betrayed? No. Scared? No! What is this feeling?

"Somebody, please help!!"

"Please! Someone stop it!"

"Stop that thing!!"

"I thought the King defeated them!"











"It's a dragon!!!"
















"Soooo.... When you said that you had to take care of the kids... this is what you meant?" Deku stared at me with such worried eyes. I just smirked at the question and ignored it. I warned him about my family. They weren't exactly the nicest. Or the most 'human' either. But he was too busy muttering and jotting things down in his notebook. Stuff about 'Kacchan's quirk' or 'Kacchan's looks'. Cute.

"Well, I didn't think this would be surprising at all. You said you knew who I was, didn't you? Or are you actually stupid?" Once I reached my 'sort-of' throne, I sat in it carelessly and kicked my legs over the arm rests. 

"You said kids!!"

"They ARE kids. Look at 'em. Can't you tell?!" Both me and Deku looked over to the children in my family. They were all play-fighting and spitting fire everywhere, nearly spraying Deku as well. To be honest... if one didn't know much about these creatures... then they would have no idea about what they looked like. 

"No. Kacchan. I can't tell. I've never seen a Dragon before."

"Well now ya have. And those two? There?" I looked back at Deku and pointed at Hessonite and Jade. "Those are babies. Two months old." I named all the kids after Gems. I was insanely tired the day Mizutsune had her babies. She was very stubborn with naming them as well. She only wanted me to name them all. If I had met Deku earlier, I would have made him name some. 


"Hahh?! The fuck did you just call them-"

"No. I don't really ma dragons..." Deku reached into his bag, once again, and pulled out his notebook. "I'm weird. Really weird. Anyways, Dragons have their own language, right?" He started to scribble things onto his paper really quickly. "It sounds like a very difficult language. It doesn't roll off the tongue well, it sounds more like they're using their throats to emphasize their words. They're speaking right now, right?" I stared at Deku with pure confusion, mouth gaping open like an idiot. Jade was indeed speaking. But she was only saying simple terms that she learned recently. It's supposed to sound like growls to normal people. But he could tell that she was actually speaking? Man, he's so damn perceptive. 

"You're a fucking nerd." 

"Ahh? That's mean, Kacchan..." Deku smiled at me then looked back down at his book. He should have been offended. He should be scared. Screaming for help, if anything. But no. He was smiling and writing until his hand hurt. He called himself weird. I can see why now. Deku isn't scared of us. Of me. What a weirdo. "Tch. That doesn't make any sense..."


"Nothing, Deku. Oi! Valstrax! I brought a human home! You're not allowed to fuckin' eat him, alright?!" I could hear Valstrax answer back to me with a simple 'okay'. Deku's eyes glimmered and he started to run towards me. 

"They understand English, Kacchan?! Do they know Japanese too??" Deku had his pen held up, ready to write down the first word I spoke. I just cracked a smile and started to laugh. This earned me a confused look from him. Ugh, cute.

"N-no. They don't understand English or Japanese. I've taught them a few words but they can't speak them."

"Whaaaat? Then why did you speak to the Dragon in English?" Deku tilted his head and pouted. He seemed upset that he couldn't speak to them. He could learn the language himself, if he really wanted to.

"They can understand me. That's just it. It's in my blood or some shit. I can breathe fire, as well, because of this thing called 'Dragon Tongue' that runs in my family." I turned away from him and looked down at my nails. They needed to be filed again. I may be barbaric as fuck, but I ain't a bum or a slob. I looked back up to Deku, only to meet excited green eyes.

"That is the coolest thing I have ever heard in my entire life."



















"Bakugo! Bro! Hey!!" I felt someone shaking me vigorously. Kaminari. I blinked a couple of times before glaring at him. 

"The fuck do you think you're doing?" I tilted my head at him and shoved him off. I know he did nothing wrong, but I just don't want anyone touching me right now. Not right now.

"Sorry, man! I just got over here with the others and you were just standing here, staring at that... thing!" Kaminari pointed behind me and flinched a little. "It's roars are so damn loud, that it's making me go deaf!" He covered his ears and used me as cover. Coward. I turned back to the dragon and squinted, to see if I could make my eyesight any better than it already is. I wish that I was just blind and actually seeing anything other than a dragon. But I know I'm not blind. That's a whole-ass dragon. 

Okay okay, let's piece a few things together. There's a dragon attacking the city. A fucking dragon. It's big, too. My memories described how big a two-month old dragon was, and they were barely the size of a human. This one was the same size as the roof of a house. It's way older. Another important thing to note, dragon's are supposed to be dead. All of them were killed. 

Unless I was lied to?


Uravity was way too passionate about the Dragon King. She could have easily had a fifty hour conversation with Deku. They seemed way too similar. She wasn't lying to me about the death of the dragons. She was convinced that they were. 

But I'm pretty sure that they were the ones that were being lied to.

"Damn it! I can't get near that thing! It's fire is way too hot, and it's got crazy sharp wings!" Kirishima tried getting close enough to the dragon to cut it, but he was being blown away by the wings. AND it's wings were tearing off any type of armor they had on. 

"Not only that... but it's tail..." Todoroki held up his sword, in a defensive stance. The top half of the sword was melted off. This dragon is actually insanely strong. How cool. 

"At this rate, we won't be able to stop it! Todoroki's ice melts away the second that it gets anywhere near the dragon!" Mina slid over to Kirishima and barely pulled him away from one of the dragon's attacks. She's right. This dragon is crazy strong. They can't stop it.






But I can. I can talk to it... right? What if I could calm it down? No. I shouldn't. That's a shitty idea. They'll find out that I can communicate with them. And... a part of me doesn't even want to hurt the damn thing. Shit, I've had suspicions about who I really am... and I really don't want to be who I think I am. 

"Please don't be who you think you are, Bakugo. You could be anyone. Just not that." I looked down at my hands and rubbed my face, whispering to myself quietly. I can't think of anything else that would be a logical reason. And talking to myself wasn't going to change my mind either. I hate how scared I feel right now. I'm only scared because... things are finally starting to make sense. 

"Shit!! Nothing is working!" Kirishima yelled out and kept slashing. It sucked that he was right. I can't think straight right now, shit shit shit shit shit shit shit. 

"STOP TRYING TO HIT ME! I JUST WANT FOOD AND I WANT TO SEE IZU-NI!!" The dragon cried out and starting hopping onto different rooftops. God fucking damn it, what the hell are we supposed to do?




Suddenly... everything went quiet when someone yelled that. The only thing that could be heard was the crackling of the fire that was burning the houses. However, everyone else was silent. Maybe it was because it was such a random and rude thing to say. Or maybe because... it was said in a different language that no one knew. But me. That was the same language that the dragon was speaking. Someone else knew it, too. Todoroki, Kirishima, and all the soldiers turned towards where the voice came from. I could see some of the soldiers drop their weapons. Why? I followed all of their eyes to see what they were looking at. 

A person wearing a long red cape... and a mask. 

But the mask was... damaged. And I recognized it too. From the posters. From my memory with Deku. What I'm about to say must sound really fucking stupid... but. This person looks a lot like the supposedly-dead-Dragon King. But it's not him. I know damn well it isn't. 

"IZU-NI!! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! YOU'VE BEEN GONE FOR MORE THAN SEVEN HOURS! YOU SAID YOU'D BE BACK IN FOUR HOURS!" The dragon looked over to the fake Dragon King and spread its wings out. The fuckin' thing was happy. 

"Well, sorrrryyy that your DAMN BUNNIES TOOK LONGER THAN THEY USUALLY DO! AND YOU AREN'T GETTING ANYTHING WHEN YOU GET HOME TODAY! AFTER SO DAMN LONG OF HIDING YOU AND PROTECTING YOU, THIS IS WHAT YOU FUCKING DO?" The fake Dragon King sped walk over to the dragon, making soldiers quickly move out of his way. None of them knew what the two were talking about right now. I'm actually glad that they didn't know. This scene is displayed entirely different for the others. The soldiers were cowering in fear, Kirishima was staring at him with a shocked face, and Todoroki... he looked like he was about to break. Cry? I don't know.

"Y-...You..." Todoroki fell to the floor and pointed his broken sword at the fake Dragon King. "How?! Y-You're supposed to be dead! The dragons were all wiped out!!" Ah. It was anger that Todoroki was trying to keep inside. Kaminari was also on the floor. But he was just staring, with fear plastered all over his face. The fake Dragon King simply walked past Todoroki and stepped through some of the fire. He crouched down, for a split second, before jumping up really high and landing on the same roof as the dragon. "Answer me!! You should be dead! What tricks did you play, you bastard!! What have you done with Midoriya!!" The fake king stopped dead in his tracks. His posture once showed masculinity and bravery. But now his shoulders were droopy. He wasn't facing any of us. He turned his head a little, so we could see the front of the mask. It looked like he was trying to come up with an answer. But....

He just started laughing. 

And that laugh....


That fucking laugh.

If I were scared, I wouldn't have recognized that laugh at all. It was also a laugh of mockery. One that he never did. This was a laugh that would have been unlike him. But, I'm not scared of him. Only one person I know laughed like that. Laughed that beautifully. Ahhh... Why the fuck is he dressed like that...?

"D-Don't you laugh! You think this is a game?! You've terrorized this city and the Todoroki name! You will pay for this! And for Midoriya!" Todoroki finally stood up again. He pointed his right index finger up at him and gave him that same angry, cold glare that he gave everyone. But this one was filled with hatred. And how did this 'Dragon King' reply?

With a fuckin' satirical wave.

He turned away from everyone and hopped up onto the dragon. He gave it a few pats on the back of it's neck and laid down with a very nonchalant manner. He was mocking us, wasn't he? Ohhh, that sly bitch. I threw my hand up to cover my mouth. I really didn't want anyone to see me smirking. Todoroki was now shouting nonsense. Kirishima looked so defeated. But in a... happy way? Totally not strange. The fake Dragon King whistled loudly, signalling the dragon to leave. The dragon cheered happily, knowing that it would be fed soon. But, to everyone else, it just sounded like it was roaring. The dragon flew up high into the air and soared over to the woods. They were gone. Todoroki was really pissed. He threw his sword at the floor and slammed his right foot into the dirt, causing a huge mountain of ice to disperse the fire... and destroy a few more houses. 

While everyone was busy running around and checking on others and civilians, I was just staring at where the dragon flew off too. They were deep in those woods. Maybe even near the mountains that were in the middle of the woods. There's no way that we could chase after them. I'm using a shit-ton of restraint just to keep myself from running in that direction. But I've put myself in a pretty shitty situation. 


He's changed. Like... a lot. The only memories I have of him would describe him as... plain, shy, smart, nosy, annoying, stupid, cute, adorable, small, and weak. Another word I would use would me 'mine.' Tch. How selfish of me. But he's so much more different now. He was loud, angry, bold, sarcastic, sly, and.... hot. I didn't even get to see his face, but I saw how built he was and his body language. He was so damn built. His body language screamed 'I'm tired of this shit, anyone who bothers me is gonna get punched.' I miss him already. Dammit Deku, why the hell did you end up so cool?

Chapter Text

"He did... what?!" Astalosa roared out loudly, shaking the entire cave. No matter how many times that I had explained it to her, she still questioned why her son did such a thing. "Glavenus wasn't playing outside with you two?! Or you three?" She quickly turned to her five other kids and waited for their responses. All of them just shook their heads. I rolled my eyes and took my mask off, gently setting it down on the floor. "And where's Fatalis?? Is she still messing around with those Dryads?" Astalosa's head was going to explode if she kept this up. You would think that being an Elder Dragon would make her very proper and strong-willed. But she's just an insanely worried mom. Just like mine. 

"Astalosa, please. Can we wait for Valstrax? He needs to hear about this too." I slumped against my makeshift couch and sighed heavily, gently tapping at the single earring that hangs from my left ear. Astalosa wasn't too happy about me always needing to confirm things with Valstrax, but I can tell that she knows that this is the best choice. Valstrax is the eldest out of them all and the dad. There are nine dragons so far. Two Elder Dragons and seven children. The most annoying damn kids in the world. Kacchan would have trained them better than I did. Than I can. I'm still training them! But they're so rebellious and defiant. I feel like an old man. I mean... it has been almost eight months. 

"Izu-ni..." Glavenus, the fire dragon baby, approached me with a sad expression on his face. It took me a while to learn how dragons expressed their emotions. Like most things do in this world, it's the eyebrows that give it away. 

"Let me guess... you're still hungry?" I crossed my arms tightly and leaned forward, smirking at Glavenus. Dragon's appetite's were way too damn big and I never have enough time to go hunting. They're the reason why I've stayed fit--or even got more training in than before. 

"Yes! You only brought... sixteen bunnies!" 

"Correction. I brought sixteen bunnies and a goat. Where's the goat I brought?" I looked away from Glavenus and around the cave. 

"Mama was very hungry..." 

"Wha-!? I only bring food for you guys! Not-. Ugh, for fuck's sake." I groaned quietly and hopped off of the couch, walking past the fire beast. Thank god I said that last phrase in English. Astalosa would kill me for cussing in front of one of her kids. Which makes no fucking sense, since Kacchan would do it all the damn time with her former children. But... I can understand why she wants to baby them. I would do the same if all of my past children were killed. 

Well, now I gotta go get some more shitty food. I've been doing this every single day, for the past seven months. Lame, right? I'm only doing this for Kacchan, though. No one else matters to me anymore. Everyone betrayed me. Well, except for mom. She's just like me. Every time a soldier shows up at her door, she fakes a sob story and claims that I haven't been home since I had gone missing. But I would just be sitting on her couch, munching on the sweets she baked. Pfft. Mom's the best liar I know. She would turn to me after the soldiers leave and say,

'I got 'em good this time, didn't I, Izuku?'

Yeah mom. Every time. You do amazingly. However, I haven't been able to visit her recently. These dragons are growing really fast and I need to be with them practically 24/7. Thankfully, she understands. That's why she's the only person, besides Kacchan, who I could trust right now. Of course, I miss Uraraka and Iida... but they would never keep this a secret. They're too nice to do such a thing. Oh, there is Momo. I met her way back when I was still... his servant. She called me 'the cutest and girliest boy' she had ever seen. Gee, thanks. But she trusts me a lot and lets me into her Kingdom. I haven't ever wanted to go, but now I'm considering it. Maybe they'll have people who will buy these crystals I've been collecting. 

But other than Momo, my mom, and Kacchan... there really is no one else I can go to. I don't want to think about what could happen to All Might's sword or to these dragons if anyone found out that I was alive. These dragons are... like family to me. I mean, they do keep doing these annoying things like calling me their 'King' or some crazy shit. But I always remind them that the Real King will be here soon. He's just taking his sweet fucking time. 

In the mean time, I'll be the King. And I'll lay low for him, too. I'm sure he'll appreciate it. No... He better appreciate it. I've been itching to kill that fucking bastard that sits on the throne in Kingdom Todoroki. Ahh, although. Seeing that face he made when I didn't tell him where his precious Midoriya's whereabouts were was fucking hilarious. Sorry Shoto. And... about the old Midoriya you knew...? Yeah, I got no clue where that punk is. 

I stepped out of the cave and scoffed, smiling at the floor. "Yeah. Midoriya... is dead." I reached down to grasp the hilt of the sword and pulled it out of its scabbard. I stared at myself through my reflection on the blade, still smiling. Midoriya died on the same night that he almost took Kacchan away from me. Almost. And... Kacchan renamed me, right? Yeah, that's right. Midoriya is dead and has been for a very long time. "I'm Deku now." 









Now... uh... I have to get them some food.

Chapter Text

"Thursday, November 27th! More than seven months ago! That's when the Dragon King was brutally murdered by the Prince of Kingdom Todoroki!!" Uravity pointed her magic broom up to the ceiling and posed dramatically. She grinned at me, expecting me to say back. I ain't replying to that statement, what would I even say? 'Cool?' She sighed heavily and dropped her broom onto the ground, slumping down into her seat. "Or... so we thought." The news about the Dragon King had spread so fast. People are starting to riot and demand answers from their new King Todoroki. He's locked himself inside his castle now. Kirishima had tried to talk to him about the situation, but he just told us all to go home. "Ugh! I can't believe he's alive! This is bad, you know that? Don't you, Katsuki?" 

"Bakugo. Don't call me Katsuki anymore." I rolled my eyes and looked away from her, staring at the shelf of eyeballs. Shit, that's still insanely gross.

"Oh, who cares about what your name is! The flippin' Dragon King is healthy and riding dragons without a damn care in the world!" Uravity threw her arms up and flailed them around, half-tired and half-pissed. She sighed again and set her arms down on the counter. "You know that Izuku Midoriya was captured by him right? And that the Dragon King forced him to stay in his domain?" Was that... really considered kidnapping?? Deku followed me on his own after I dropped him! He could have gone home if he wanted to. "Izuku was my friend! And if the Dragon King is alive... and didn't die that night... does that mean... that Izuku was the one-"

"No. Don't say it, Uraraka!" Kirishima came out from back restroom and pointed at her in an angry manner. Wait. Oh, shit. No way. This is Uraraka? Deku used to talk about her and the shop that she owned. I'll get her to spill more shit about Deku later.

"K-Kirishima! Bakugo-kun doesn't know my real name!!" Uraraka quickly floated over the counter and karate chopped Kirishima on the head.

"Now I do. Urarakaaaa~." I turned towards her and crossed my arms, grinning mischievously. She just pouted at me and kicked Kirishima in the shin. He only replied with laughter.

"But, really, Uraraka." Kirishima walked over to the shelves with eyeballs and starting browsing. Like he was gonna fucking buy a pair or some shit. "All Midoriya did was disappear that night. And... we never did recover the Dragon King's body. Both of them disappeared." 

Both of us, huh? 

"Izuku..." Uraraka frowned and rubbed her eyes vigorously. Tears were threatening to spill from her eyes. "Okay! That's it! I miss him again! I thought I was completely over it but... now that we know that the King is alive... maybe..." Uraraka stood up then sat down on her broom, floating over the counter. "Maybe his mom knows! Maybe Inko knows!"

"OH!! Uraraka, you're a fricken genius! Bakugo, you would love Midoriya's mom. She's the nicest person in the universe. We stopped going to her place a few months back since we sort of.. gave up on searching for her son. But! Now we have a reason to go!" Kirishima grinned widely and slammed a jar of eyeballs on the counter. "Also, I want these." 

"That's four mana crystals." Uraraka smirked evilly and posed, as if she was a villain of some sorts.

"Awww! Boo! I don't even know how to get those!" Kirishima pouted and crossed his arms, sticking his tongue out to Uraraka. The two just started laughing and proceeded to exchange money for the eyeballs.

Inko Midoriya. I feel like I know her well. Too well. Have I ever seen her before? Have we ever spoken before? If we have... then this will be bad. I hope I was wearing my mask whenever I spoke to her face to face. Unless I was dumb enough not to. Shit, this is going to suck. If she shows any kind of sign that she knows me, then I'll be screwed. 







I wish I would have remembered how far Deku's mom lives. She lives far away from any Kingdoms in the country, which sucks. I despise walking. Ever since I remembered my quirk, I stopped walking everywhere. Uraraka just floats on her broom, so she doesn't ever need to walk. Kirishima has his horses and I chose to use my quirk. I just wanted to practice maneuvering with it. But now... my arms are throbbing.

"Ahhh, Bakugo! You shouldn't push yourself so hard. Especially if it's just to get out of walking..." Kirishima looked down at me from his horse and giggled. Bastard, I ain't weak. This is nothing. I just rolled my eyes and rubbed my right arm. Shit, it really DOES hurt. 

"I bet he used to be like this all the time." Uraraka floated down on the other side of me and giggled as well. 

"Ah, maybe he wasn't liked very much." Kirishima looked up to Uraraka and smirked.

"Do you think he had a girlfriend?"

"Nope, doesn't seem like it. Besides, he likes gu-"

"AHHH!!! SHUT THE FUCK UP, WILL YA?? I'LL BLOW OFF BOTH OF YOUR FUCKIN' HEADS." I accidentally let out a few small explosions out of my hands and glared at both of them. I felt my face go hot, knowing exactly what Kirishima was trying to hint at. I mean, it's not something to be ashamed about. But it's none of Uraraka's fucking business. 

"Wha... really?! Bakugo-kun likes boys? It's okay if you do like boys, you know. There's nothing wrong with it!" Uraraka floated in front of me and gave me a reassuring smile. 

"Tch. Didn't I say to shut up?" I looked down and started to rub my arms again. Because, fuck, they hurt so bad. Thankfully, Uraraka took the damn hint and turned away from me. Am I being too mean? Shit, I can't tell. I just feel the need to be mad at everyone whenever they open their damn mouths. 

"Her house is up ahead. Bakugo, please be nice. She's alone and has like... nothing. So she may be sensitive on the topic. Please be nice." Fuck, I'm glad that we're almost there. I can't take any more of this pain in my arms and the damn walking. Kirishima hopped off of his horse and grabbed its lead, pulling it along with him. 

"Whatever. What's this lady's name again?" I know her name already. But I have to keep up this act. And hope to God that she doesn't know me. 

"Inko Midoriya! She's the sweetest, I'm sure even Bakugo would be nice to her." Uraraka hopped off of her broom and walked beside me. It took a couple more minutes of walking before I spotted a narrow path with rocks as stepping stones. It was cute. Deku would grow up in a place like this. As we walked through the path, I could smell something sweet. I recognize this smell. It came from a bakery that was in Kirishima's Kingdom. This smell came from something called Cookies. I wanted to try them, but Kirishima said 'later'. Bastard, it's been days since later. The smell got even stronger the closer we got to the cottage. Was Inko a baker, as well? I wish I remembered. Or maybe I didn't even know much about her. Didn't seem like that in my memories, though. However. Even if I can't remember Inko or this house... the feeling of being here... it's so familiar. I feel like I used to come here a lot. But I can't remember. That's bad. If I did come here often, then she'll definitely remember me.

"Alright... we're here. Bakugo... behave." Kirishima glared at me then stepped up on the porch. The wood creaked under his feet as he walked over to the front door. Such a familiar sound. I'll be fucked if I start freaking out and remember something right here. Kirishima raised up his hand and gave three gentle knocks on the wooden door. Three knocks seems off. 

"Oh! Coming! J-Just a moment!" I heard a woman call out from inside. This was definitely Inko. Kirishima and Uraraka did say she was alone. And besides, she stuttered like Deku used to. 

"Ms. Midoriya! It's Kirishima!" Kirishima's face softened once he heard Inko's voice. Uraraka's as well. Man, how much did they care about her? How much do they know about Deku, anyways...? I could hear shuffling coming from the other side of the door and locks being removed. Sounded like she only had two locks for her door. And.. the door opened faster than I anticipated it would. 

"Kirishima! Oh, and Uraraka! It's so good to see you two!" She pulled the both of them into a tight hug and squeezed. I just stared, feeling a little awkward. She was so adorable! Her hair highly resembled Deku's and... her eyes... damn it. I turned away from them and cleared my throat, trying to remove the thoughts of Deku out of my head. "Oh! And who might you be?" Inko let go of them and bowed her head a little, trying to get a better look at my face. I hope my face wasn't as red as it felt.

"O-Oh! Uh... H-Hi. I'm... B-.." I tried to speak to her, but all that came out were nervous stutters. Okay, maybe my face was red. I coughed quietly then turned my head away, throwing my hand over my mouth. 

"Woah! I didn't know Bakugo could get so nervous in front of people! That's a rare sight to see, Midoriya-san!" Kirishima walked over to me and through his arm over my shoulder. I shrugged him off and muttered a 'fuck off' to him. "This is Bakugo Katsuki. He's got amnesia, so please excuse him if he says anything rude." I glared at him and said 'shut up', but a little louder than before. I was expecting a sad reply from Inko, like 'oh it'll be okay'. But that wasn't what I got. I heard a bubbly laugh. Much like Deku's. I turned to her again and stared at her with confusion. "Amnesia? That's horrible! You must be so frustrated when you don't understand things!"


Is what I want to say. But that's rude. I just gave her a nervous smile and nodded. Uraraka started to bawl the moment that Inko turned away from me. Her eyes did not show any weird shift in emotion at all. Maybe she really didn't know me. I guess I can relax then. 

Inko let us into her home and demanded us to sit at the table. She said something about the desserts almost being finished. Kirishima was very excited about this. He was now telling us about how much he loved Inko's Cookies and Cinnamon Bread. Uraraka was just as happy as he was. I didn't care too much about their conversation, so I got up and walked over to the kitchen where Inko was. She was currently washing a few pans and large bowls. I should try to pry some information out of her. But. How do I even approach her? Do I just... introduce myself and ask why her son is the cutest and hottest fucking person in the whole goddamned universe? No, wait, that's coming off too strong. 

"I can feel the stress coming off of you without even looking at you, Katsuki." Inko turned to me and gave a soft smile. This caught me off guard, so my mind just instantly went blank. "Come here! Can you please take the cookies off of the tray, put them onto these plates, and take them to the table? I would do so myself... but I'm a little busy washing these pots that I used. Oh! Come wash your hands first!" Inko gestured to the sink and gave me a thumbs up. Okay, conversation later. I wanna see what all the fuss is about with these damn cookies. I gave her a nod and walked over beside her, washing my hands. Shit, the water was cold. I washed them really fast and stepped away from the sink, looking around for a towel. "Ah. Here, sweetie." I turned back to Inko and saw a small yellow hand towel being shoved into my face. The color suited the Midoriya's well. I bowed my head to thank her and took the towel. After completely drying my hands, I walked over to the cookies and stared at them for a moment. They looked like small versions of cakes. But they weren't covered in that frosting shit. I don't like frosting. Kirishima fed me some cake back at the castle and it was so damn gross. Too sweet. Is there such thing as spicy cakes? 

I reached down and picked up one of the cookies. It looked like it was melting in my hands. I lifted my hand up to my face and stared that fucking cookie down. Was that... chocolate? I looked around, making sure that no one was watching, then licked the cookie. Yeah. That's chocolate. And it's fucking delicious. I ate that cookie whole and started to place the others onto the plates. They were extremely soft and were threatening to fall apart, but I managed to keep them together. Once they were all on the plates, I took them over to the table and set them down in front of Kirishima. 

"Yes!! They're done!" Kirishima stopped his conversation with Uraraka and reached over for a cookie. But, as quickly as he picked it up, he dropped it. "Ahh! Shit, these things are super hot! Did you even wait for these things to cool down? Ahhh, damn that hurt." Kirishima reached up and kissed his fingers. Is he serious? The cookies weren't even hot. I turned around to see if Inko was worried in anyway. But no. She was smiling at me. Like she knew... something.

"Oh! Sorry about that Kirishima! I have a medicine kit in the back room. I'll go grab it. Katsuki, can you please help me? The medicine kit is pretty high up on the shelf." Inko turned off the water and walked past us, drying her hands on her apron. I just scoffed and smacked Kirishima on the back of his head lightly. 

"They aren't even hot." I walked past Kirishima and followed Inko. I could hear Uraraka try to pick up a cookie as well. I know she tried because she yelled 'OUCH, THEY'RE EXTREMELY HOT'. Inko walked down a small hallway and led me into the backroom. But.. the room familiar. I stopped dead in my tracks once I spotted a bed in the corner of the room. There was a journal sitting on the pillow and the blankets weren't fixed yet. Like someone just left this room. And the smell... it reminded me of Deku.

"This is Izuku's room." Inko turned around and smiled at me, sitting down in a chair that was near a desk. My heart fluttered when she mentioned his name. I slowly looked over to her and crossed my arms, tapping my foot impatiently. 

"Where's the medicine kit?" I kept my voice as calm as I could. I really didn't want to seem nervous.

"Oh, I don't have one."

"W-What?" I raised my voice a little and tilted my head at her. "You... don't? Then... why did you bring me-"

"Izuku was just here yesterday." Inko grinned and placed her arm on the chair's armrest. She looked so calm. And her eyes gave the same emotions that Deku would give me. These eyes were mischievous. And they reminded me so much of Deku. Stop that.

"H-He was..?" There was, like, no point in hiding my nervousness anymore. This was getting so fucking weird. I looked away from her and stepped over to the bed. The sun was gently shining through the yellow curtains that covered the window and lit up the area around the bed. I turned to her and pointed at the bed, hoping that she would get the hint. She gave me a nod and turned the seat towards me. I hesitated at first, since I would be sitting on Deku's... fucking... bed....

"Your face is turning red, dear." 

"Sh-Shut up." My eyes widened after I said that. I covered my mouth and looked at her with the most apologetic face I could. Which is very hard for me, since I never apologize. Instead of making her offended, she just giggled loudly.

"You haven't changed at all, have you?"

...Oh my fucking god. I couldn't not stare at her. She just... said that I haven't changed. What the hell am I supposed to say to her? 'Yeah, Hi! Apparently I DIED and now I'm here to find your son so I can be with him again because, oh god, I need him in my life.' Yeah, not saying that to her. Inko sighed quietly from giggling and gave me another smile. "Do you even know how long it's been since you were last awake?" 

"Months...? Seven, right?" I uncovered my mouth and sat down on Deku's bed. The bed made absolutely no sound when I sat in it. It was so soft and felt nice to sit in. Maybe a little too soft for my liking. 

"A little more than seven, but yes. Somewhere around that." Inko turned to the desk and picked up a journal off of it. Actually, now that I'm paying more attention. There's books and journals all over this room. Deku did come off as a nerd in my memories of him. Cute. "It's nice to see that you're up and running again. You used to lay down on that bed there. Izuku stopped crying after two months of seeing you like that." Stop it. He did that? Ugh, shit, that makes me feel so terrible. Just thinking about Deku sitting here beside me and doing nothing but crying, makes me so upset. "Eventually, he decided that you probably... wouldn't wake up. So, he took you and kept you hidden away from everyone. Even me! Ahh, that boy."

"How the hell did you guys even keep me alive...?" I laid down on the bed and stared at the ceiling, not actually realizing that I was doing so. It just felt right. 



"Yeah, okay, cool." I turned towards her and hugged the pillow, making the journal that sat on it fall onto my face. I winced in pain and quickly sat up, rubbing my nose softly. 

"I'll go back to the kitchen and speak to Kirishima and Uraraka. I'll give you some time to look around. It must be hard to not remember Izuku." Inko frowned a little and stood up out of the chair, making her way out of the room. She's wrong. I know him. Even if it's a little, I feel like I know him. I know that he's passionate about everything he likes and cares about. He's a freaking nerd. Such a cute nerd. 

"Y-You're wrong! I know Deku!" I reached my hand down to where my heart was and clutched at my shirt. Inko was almost out of the room. But she stopped. She turned to me and stared with wide eyes. Deku used to hold that same look in his eyes... all the time. A bewildered look.

"That name. Y-You... you remember?" Inko held her hand up to her mouth and began to tremble. Ah, shit, did I say something wrong? "Ahhh! I'm so happy!!" Suddenly, I felt my body being lifted off the bed.




I tried to grab onto anything, but I was immediately pulled away from the bed and into Inko's arms. "Katsuki! I've missed you so much, you know that, right?" I just looked down at her and tilted my head, knowing completely that I looked confused as hell.

"Y-Yeah... I guess I should say... uh... nice to meet you. Also. How did you do that? Do you and Uraraka have the same quirk?" I tried to get out of her strong hug, but she just squeezed tighter. I winced at the feeling of my body being crushed. Fuck, the wound on my side was hurting. 

"No. But she does train under me."


"Anyways, I must go distract them now. Please, make yourself at home! I mean, really. It kind of is your home." Inko smiled at me once more then planted a kiss on my cheek. I felt myself blush a little from this. She dropped me onto the floor and spun on her heel, leaving me alone in Deku's room. I coughed loudly and tried to regulate my breathing, since she was literally crushing me. Damn, she's tougher than she looks. After a few more moments of cursing under my breathe and coughing, I stood up off the ground and sighed heavily. Well, she said 'distract them'. Is she trying to get me to remember something? Remember Deku? Or... something specific. I turned around and darted my eyes around to every journal I saw. There's probably more than fifteen of them. Those journals should help me. 'It kind of is your home', huh? I could feel myself smiling. Gosh, I need to stop getting all giddy, man. 

Chapter Text

"'Kacchan likes to hike. That's very strange. Considering the fact that Kacchan doesn't l-like walking.' ...Ugh, the fuck?? ... 'Kacchan took me to Kingdom All Might today. He taught me how to pick-pocket people. He moved so amazingly and very swiftly. How does Kacchan do it? I think it's because he's trained himself to move very quickly and quietly, since he has been hiding his whole life. Or, maybe, it's simply just because Kacchan is... is... r-really... amazing' God, I can't read this." I've been reading these journals as fast as I possibly could. Which.. isn't very fast, because I keep stuttering and covering my face every time I read a damn compliment. I quickly skimmed past all the damn pages and threw the journal onto the pillow, knocking over other journals that were previously thrown there. "Okay... Journal #11 is done. Onto Journal #12." I sat up off the bed and dusted myself off. So far, I've read the first three journals, which only contained horribly drawn doodles of animals and his mom. Although, the next five journals were more detailed. They spoke about herbs he learned how to craft from plants near his cottage and maps for the different types of Kingdoms. He wrote his age down on the cover of each journal, so I could tell that he was still pretty young when he wrote these. He was merely seven when he discovered how to craft his own healing potions. 

Frightening, for a child.

Journal #9 was about this legend that he was into. The legend of All Might's Sword. The legend itself is hundreds of years old. Apparently, the sword has been passed down through many heroes. But the last known Hero was named All Might. His sword would grant the wielder 'infinite power'. Sounds kinda cool, honestly. All Might even got his own Kingdom. And the legend stated, that if you were to wield his sword, his wealth and Kingdom would go to you. Such a weird fairy tale.

Journals #10 was still about the same legend, but also included possible locations. It looked like Deku studied the hell out of the thing. It also contained where Deku worked and who he made friends with. Thankfully, he drew me all of his friends. I 'accidentally' burnt the page with Todoroki on it. I'm sure he wouldn't mind. Journal #11.... was about me. The whole damn thing. It spoke about the day he met me, which I definitely remember. He knew my height, weight, and the way I walked. He described my walking as... "strut and skulk". I don't even know what those words mean.

I rummaged through Deku's bookshelves and pushed aside books that didn't seem important. I can kind of tell when they aren't important, since I went to the library and taught myself which books were for fucking kids. I found the rest of the journals and took them off of the shelf. He only had three more. For some reason, he stopped writing in journals when he was sixteen. I guess I met Deku back when he was fourteen. That's when he started working at that snobby prince's Kingdom. That snobby prince is a damn King now. And Deku's... also a King? Of sorts. 

"Alright... let's jump into Journal number... twelve." I pushed aside the other journals and lifted up #12. It looked sort of beat up and torn. Either from being thrown everywhere or used way too much. The other journals looked like they were taken care of. Besides this one. I wanted to skim through the journal, just to get some information on what we used to do really fast, but I stopped flipping through the pages once I saw a certain drawing. It was a drawing of a dragon. "Mizutsune." My eyes widened at the name that left my mouth. Mizutsune. That specific dragon. She was the only dragon that knew my parents. I guess that means that I didn't even know my parents. I traced my finger over the drawing of Mizu and observed every detail. I can feel this drawing. 




"What are you up to?"

"Drawing Mizu! She's my favorite dragon, you know."





Oh. I can sort of remember this now. Deku was sitting under a large tree, somewhere in the woods, and was drawing Mizutsune. I can see him clearly, even though it's in my head. 





"You're really weird, you know that? You're either studying that crazy non-existent sword or sitting down here, drawing me or my family."

"It's not weird! I just reaaalllyy enjoy my hobbies." 

"You've drawn me doing literally everything. Eating, Walking, Flying on a Dragon, Leaning over you-" 

"Aah!! Kacchan, god, I get it!" 

"Is that sass that I hear?"

"And if it is...?"




"...Then that'd be super cute." I smiled at the drawing and looked around the room. Would Deku be mad if I took it? This drawing makes me feel really happy, so it'd be nice to carry it around with me. But, I can't do that to him and his journal. I groaned quietly and laid back down onto the bed, holding up the journal above me. 

As I skimmed through the pages, I spotted sketches of many different dragons. There was even a drawing of dragon eggs. I knew that they were eggs since there was seriously a caption that said 'Look! Kacchan brought me to see the Dragon's eggs! They're hidden in a cave so that no one but him and his dragons could find them. Cute.' I giggled at his writing and kept flipping through the pages. 

I spent a full hour reading all fourteen of his journals. I even remembered a few things too! I remember feeding my family and exploring the mountains with Deku. I even remember the time when he called me 'Katsuki' out of frustration, and I teased him about it for ages. Just a few memories like those made me really happy. But I don't remember when Deku ever got that sword. I read in Deku's most recent journal that he has the sword now. And that all he wants to do is save Kingdom All Might and convince all the Kingdoms to form an alliance with the dragons.

What happened to that plan? What happened to us? What happened to me?

I skimmed through the last four journals all over again, just to make sure that I didn't skip anything. Again, I stopped at the all the pages that made me smile. Or laugh. Or blush. Once I was sure that I had read them all, I put them all back onto the shelf and flopped down onto Deku's bed. I have yet to take the time to just lay here and... think about Deku. I grabbed his pillow and hugged it, sticking my nose into it and sniffing. It smelled like flowers. Maybe Deku's hair smelled like flowers. I bet they did. That sounds so cute. 

"BAKUGO! YOU IN THERE?! YOU'VE BEEN BACK THERE FOR QUITE A WHILE BRO!" Kirisihima's voice made me yelp in surprise and jump away from the bed. I failed to land on my feet and, instead, face-planted onto the floor. What a fuckin' idiotic thing of me to do. "WE NEED HELP OUT HERE! CAN YOU HURRY UP... W-WHATEVER IT IS THAT YOU'VE BEEN DOING?" I groaned heavily and looked around the room, one last time, before getting up. I adjusted my shirt, since it had slid up when I fell out of the bed. Also, why the hell did they put me in orange? Kirishima only owned red clothing, so why did he even have orange- oh. Kaminari. 




I left Deku's room after a couple more minutes and walked back into the kitchen. There were only two cookies left on the plate. Kirishima, Uraraka, and Inko weren't in here, like I thought they would be. It didn't look like the cookies were going to be eaten anytime soon... those bitches are mine. I stepped over to the table and yanked the cookies off of the plate. 

"Oh! There you are, Bakugo!" Uraraka called out to me from the outside of the cottage. Her head was the only thing I could see through the small window on the door. "Hurry up, will you? We need some help out here!" Can't they do whatever it is that they are doing by themselves? Or are they seriously that weak? I rolled my eyes and shoved the cookies into my mouth, jogging over to the front door. I swung open the door and looked around. Inko was sitting on a large chair on the porch while Kirishima laid down in front of her on a long sofa. They seemed to be giggling about something. "Gosh, who knew that she could get Kirishima to talk this much?" Uraraka sighed and gave a really pouty look on her face. I just gave her a meek smile and stepped off of the porch.

"Well, I'm here now. What was it that you guys needed help on?" I walked around the front garden, looking at all the flowers, and gave Kirishima an impatient glare. It's not that I have anything better to do, but I could lay in Deku's bed for years and I'd be way okay with that. 

"Oh! Yeah! It's super serious and urgent. Think you could handle it?" Kirishima turned to me and stared with an intense look on his face. Kirishima only had that look when he knew that he needed to save someone. Was the situation that dire? 

"W-What is it...?" I tried to keep the worry out of my voice, but I couldn't help it. Kirishima's stare was alarming. 

"We've been cleaning Ms. Midoriya's yard for the past hour and pulling all the weeds out. Uraraka and I are super tired... sooo..." Kirishima smiled at me and gave a thumbs up. I felt all the worry that I once felt drain away from me in an instance. Dumb ass Kirishima. And seriously? Again? How many times are these fucking weeds gonna grow.... back....









"You're making a mess, Kacchan! Stop it!" Deku held out his hand and shook it around, attempting to get me to stop whatever I'm doing. 

"Hah!? A mess?? This yard was already a fuckin' mess when we got here! And, for fuck's sake, how many times are these fucking weeds gonna grow back?" I spat my words at Deku and violently ripped the weeds out of the ground. I had known full and well why these little shits kept growing back. If only she was a little more careful with her magic shit. I looked up from the weeds to Deku's mom, who was smiling at us with almost dead eyes. "Eh? Ya hear me? These weeds keep growing back and it's damn annoying! Maybe if you were more careful with your crazy ass magic shit, then you wouldn't have to call our asses over and-" My voice was muffled by a thick vine that grew from the ground. Fuck her and her crazy witchy shit. I could hear Deku giggling beside me. I shot him a pissed off glare and tried to rip off the vine that covered my mouth.

"Now now, Katsuki. If I didn't take any risks... then everyone would have found out about my little Izuku finding the sword... and that Izuku found the Dragon King and became friends with him, right?" I looked back up at Deku's mom and felt something cold slide down my back. I stared at her, knowing damn well that I looked scared, and gave her a nod. I tried to reply to her, but the damn vines were still covering my mouth. Inko probably noticed this, since the vines finally came off of my mouth. I swallowed my pride down for once and cleared my throat.

"R-right." I looked back at Deku and saw the fuckin sun shining out of that asshole's eyes. Fuck you, you beautiful little shit. I felt myself blushing way too hard. I groaned heavily and started ripping out the weeds again.]

"Agh! Fuck you weeds! I'll fucking end you every damn time you grow back! You'll be so damn scared of me that you won't EVER grow back!!" I pulled out many of them within seconds and continued to hear Deku laugh, alongside with his mother.

"Kacchan is yelling at weeds... How weird."













"Dude, how weird, he's just standing there."

"Bakugoooo~. Yo? Yooooo."

"Damn, I got a feeling like he's gonna be spacing out like this a lot."

"Should we be worried? Bakugo-kun?"

I blinked once. Then twice. Then rapidly. Uraraka was waved the end of her broom in front of my face and Kirishima was looking at me with scrutinizing eyes. Oh crap, how long have I been standing here for??

"Wh-what?? What??" I glared at both of them and shoved them away. Uraraka was quick to float in order to stop herself from falling onto the ground. Kirishima, however, just fell like a complete retard and landed on his ass.

"Baku-bro! That was mean!" Kirishima rubbed his lower back and pouted. 

"Please don't call me that." I made sure to say 'please' with much malevolence. 

"Okay, now, children. Can we get a move on? Those weeds aren't pulling themselves!" Inko smiled at us from the porch and held up a basket over her head. "The sooner you get done, the sooner you'll get more cookies!" That was actually quite convincing, since I knew how damn good her cookies were. I gave her a determined smirk and held up a fist. 

"Oi. I bet these weeds grow back a lot, eh?! You better take more care of your garden, or else I'll come back here and pull these bitches out a thousand times. They'll be so scared of me that they won't ever think of growing back." After saying this, I snickered a little and kicked at her weeds. Her eyes widened for a couple of seconds before going back to their original state. Well, actually, there was a more sly look in her eyes. Guess she picked up on my words and remembered as well, huh? Inko gave me a firm nod and set the basket down beside her.

"They get to it, Katsuki!"

"You don't gotta tell me twice."











Oh, those fucking weeds better be afraid of me. Some were really stubborn and didn't wanna come out. I ended up asking Uraraka to use her weird floaty magic on the weeds. She then corrected me that it was actually her quirk that makes things float and not her magic. Which I replied with an 'I don't care'. After we finished yanking out the weeds, it was nearly sundown. We still had some daylight, though. It was enough to get us near Kingdom of Champions before it was dark. 

"Ahh, we're sorry that we have to leave you so soon, Ms. Midoriya." Kirishima rubbed the back of his neck and shook Inko's hand shyly. Uraraka was just bowing over and over, chanting things like 'I promise I'll come back soon for training'. Thanks to those chants, I came to a conclusion that Inko was most definitely a witch. A powerful one of sorts, too. Inko handed Kirishima the basket of treats and gave him a gentle hug. I think I could see tears threatening to fall from Kirishima's eyes. Hah. "Uh... I know... um. I know this is a sensitive topic to bring up for you... but..." Kirishima let go of Inko and twiddled his thumbs around. Inko's face went from bright to gloomy. 

"Ah. I know the real reason why you children came over. This is about Izuku, isn't it?" Inko looked down at the floor and clutched at her skirt. "I-I still wait on the porch every morning for my baby to come home. Can you believe his birthday is next week? July 15th. He disappeared last year on November 27th. It's been more than seven months since I've s-seen... Izuku..." Inko's eyes started to flood with tears as she spoke. As for me? I was shocked. Completely aghast. Inko had seen Deku yesterday. Why is she lying...? Seriously, why is Deku hiding? Was Deku feared? For some reason, I feel like fear is a reason why Deku is hiding. Inko's acting is also another thing to be fearful of as well. It's too good. And... another thing. Deku's birthday. Is next week?? How old is he turning?? Is he older than me or younger? He looked younger than me in my memories. But then again, I didn't ever get to see how young looked in my memories. Ahhhh fuck, why does he have to be so damn mysterious?

"I-I'm so sorry for bringing this up, Ms. Midoriya. But... there was an incident in Kingdom Todoroki." Kirishima reached up and grabbed Inko's hands, holding them tightly to comfort her. Inko looked into his eyes with wonder and curiosity. If Deku was here yesterday, then that means that she probably knows already.

"I-Incident...?" Inko wiped her tears away with her right hand and reached back for Kirishima's hand. I'm convinced. She's the Goddess of Acting. 

"It was the Dragon King. He... He's alive." Uraraka stepped up to Inko and stared down at the broom in her hands. She was clutching the life out of it, despite it not actually having one. Inko's tears stopped rolling. Kirishima and Uraraka were both staring at the ground, so they both missed the look that flashed in her eyes. She was furious. I don't... I don't think Deku told her what he did. Once Kirishima looked back up to Inko, the look in her eyes were back to curiosity.

"Th-The Dragon... King... is alive? What do you mean incident? Did he have my baby with him?!" Inko let go of Kirishima and reached over for Uraraka's hands. "Was Izuku with that man?!" I felt sort of happy from hearing the way she spoke. Not because I was mocking her for crying. But because she didn't address the Dragon King in any nasty form. She could have called me a monster. A vigilante. A barbarian. Words that Shoto Todoroki spoke about me when I was standing right in front of him. All Inko did... was call me a man. I shut my eyes and turned away from them. I... I need to bring Deku back to these people. The way Uraraka stares at Inko. With a look that is truly, undeniably depressed. Kirishima has always looked frustrated whenever the Dragon King was mentioned. I made these people this upset. And I bet the old Katsuki didn't care. 

I looked back at the group, missing most of the conversation they just shared. Inko was wiping her tears away and held this hopeful look in her eyes. Kirishima told Inko that we would return once we had more information about the Dragon King or the whereabouts of her son. All she did was nod and wave goodbye. Once Kirishima and Uraraka weren't looking, I turned back to see if Inko wanted to give me any sort of sign as to where Deku is. But she was gone. Yep, she's a witch.

"So. It's going to take us a while to get back home. You wanna chat about something?" Uraraka jumped onto her broom and floated up in front of Kirishima and I. Kirishima walked over to his horse and whispered a few things to her, before hopping onto it. 

"Yeah! I wanna say something! Bakugo didn't tone down his ugly attitude in front of Ms. Midoriya!" Kirishima pointed a finger at me and pouted. I just groaned heavily and walked faster, trying to get them to stop speaking to me. 

"Yeah! Bakugo, she hasn't seen Izuku in months and you spoke to her in such a rude manner. You gotta tone it down for the elderly." Uraraka floated over to me again and crossed her arms. Damn, these guys are going to get me so annoyed, aren't they? I rolled my eyes and gave Uraraka a look of restraint.

"My deepest apologizes." I clicked my tongue and looked away from her. I could tell she had this dumb offended look on her face. 

"Please tell me you aren't being sarcastic."

"Annnndd if I am?"

"Then, you're an asshole!"

"Wow! I don't care." I gave Uraraka a smirk and couldn't stop myself from giggling. She just yelled out of frustration and floated back over to Kirishima. Kirishima was also laughing. I know that I'm being rude to her, but I just can't find myself caring. At all. But, I'm sure that I've always been like this. Rude. Maybe even to Deku, as well. I did used to call him a nerd. Which is mean. Well, I guess it wouldn't kill me to try to be polite for once. 



"Awww! Hey, Twice! Check these guys out! Do you think the boss would let me keep them?" A new voice that I had never heard before came from somewhere in the trees. 

"Oohhh! He just might! Wait, no that's bad!" Another damn voice I can't recognize. 

"Aha! We'll just find out ourselves!!" I couldn't pinpoint where the voices came from. Not fast enough, anyways. I spun around and saw Uraraka pointing her broom at a complete stranger, in a defensive stance. Kirishima's hand was holding the hilt of his sword. 

"Bakugo." Kirishima spoke to me, but never turned. His eyes were so alert and he spoke in a whisper, that made me feel as if I needed to listen. "You need to run. Can you get back to the castle in twenty minutes?" Twenty??  It took us an hour to get here, even with my quirk.

"Y-yeah." God, why did I say yes.

"Then go. These guys... aren't messing around." I wanted to yell at him for making me go, but I could tell that he really needed me to leave. I'm in no shape to fight. I don't even remember how to fight. I nodded at him and took a quick glance at the stranger. It was just a girl. Like. A normal looking girl in a school uniform. I don't recognize the uniform, though.

"Aww, are you trying to run away? I just want to be friends!" The girl turned to me and smiled. Her smile was completely normal... but those eyes...

"Bakugo, run!" Uraraka yelled at me then slammed her broom onto the floor, muttering certain chants. Kirishima ran past Uraraka and jumped at the man that was standing behind the other girl. I don't know what it was about that yell that got me running, but I did it. I spun around and sprinted in the other direction, where the Kingdom should be. I can't worry about them. I can't. I can't afford to abandon what they told me to do. I have to get there in twenty minutes. 

"Not so fast!!" I turned my head to the right, hearing an entirely different voice this time. A man, with multiple burn scars covering his hands and face, jumped out of the trees and practically flew at me.


"Oh, SHIT-"













Chapter Text







"We got one of them. And his quirk seems really strong. He nearly blew off my beautiful scarred face." 

"Keep him under then. I really don't wanna deal with some pissed off brat again. And... what part of your disgusting face is beautiful?"

"Look who's talking. You're gonna need way more than chapstick to fix your fucking face."








"Did you hear something?"

"Shut it.... who's there? Come on out, I don't bite~." 

Okay. Holy... hell... My head hurts. 










"Don't say it, Deku."

"Kacchan, I'm serious."


"Kacchan, please! We have to go sooner or later!"

"Not yet! I can't go yet, idiot! If they find out that you... ugh. If they find out that you have the sword, they'll use you. They'll destroy everything. He'll destroy everything. And if they find out that you're all buddy-buddy with the Dragon King... God, who knows what they'll do to you."

"I won't let them. Todoroki... he would listen to me. I can make him listen! He'll form the alliance! I can save Kingdom All Might! Even All Might said it himself."

"I'm sure we got a great look at how that fucking prince feels about me. He hurt you because of me."

"He didn't mean it-"

"Deku, don't bullshit me!!" What... what's happening? I can hear Deku... and me? What are we... arguing about... shit, my head hurts so bad.

"I am NOT bullshitting you! Kacchan, Todoroki is being misguided by his dad! He was promised the throne if he could end the war between you and the Kingdoms! Well, we can end it! We don't even have to fight! Everyone believe in the legend of the sword, even I do. Yes, I may not be the best candidate for the next sword wielder, but I am! And I want to save everyone! Kacchan, I want to save you. Let me.... please." Deku sounds strong. I believe him.

"I can't... I can't let you. I don't want you to. Why can't we just stay here together? We can keep visiting your mom in secret, we can keep visiting your friends at their other Kingdoms, and you won't even have to go back to that shitty prince! You can... you can live with me." I don't understand what's happening. My head... hurts...

"I want all of those things with you, as well, Kacchan. But... All Might told me that I need to save them. This world has corruption that needs to be cleansed. I-...I can do it. We can do it. Together." Deku... what on Earth are you fucking talking about. Can we talk about this in the morning? My head hurts so damn bad. 

"Okay... fine. You can talk to him. We... can talk to him."

"Thank you, Kacchan." Deku sounds like he's crying. Did I make him cry... or was it that damn Todoroki bastard? Fucking... Half-and-Half piece of shit...

"Lord Katsuki!! P-Please! Come quickly!" Dragon language. A dragon is speaking to me.

"What...? What's wrong?!" Deku stopped crying. He seems quick to jump to action, does he not?

"Fuck, what happened?" 

"it's.... It's the forest! It's on fire!! We're surrounded by fire!"




"Todoroki-kun... you-... you didn't..."

"Fucking shit!! I'll kill that fucking bastard!!"











"Agh!! It's that kid! He's here!!" I heard people shouting, with fear tainting their voices.

"Fuck. I hate that little bitch. Pick up the new kid, we're taking him. We might have to leave Toga's group behind." I quickly opened my eyes and stared at whatever was in front of me. Well, I can't see shit. Was I knocked out? Damn, how long have I been out...? I darted my eyes around the area, to see how dark or bright it was. The sun's barely going down, so it must not be that long after I tried running back to the castle. After a few more seconds, I saw two guy's approaching me. I quickly shut my eyes and did my best not to flinch in any way. If these guys knocked me out this easily, then I probably shouldn't try fighting them. "Hurry up and take him. We gotta go before-" The man's voice was cut of sharply and he let out a sound of pain. I opened my eyes again and saw that one of the guy's were gone. 

"Shigaraki!! Damn that fucking kid." The guy with a bunch of scars, who I'm pretty sure is the one who knocked me out, looked to the right and held up a hand. I saw blue flames spurt out of his hand and shoot towards some of the trees.



"it's.... It's the forest! It's on fire!! We're surrounded by fire!"



Fire? The forest will go up in flames if he does that! I sat up and tried to shoot an explosion at him, but my head throbbed so damn bad. I threw my hands up to my head and rubbed the sides of it harshly. Shit, they must have got a good hit on me. Though, it's strange how familiar this feeling is. My vision was getting blurry. I looked back up to the guy shooting flames and growled loudly. 

"Hey, fire bitch! Cut that out! You're gonna burn the damn forest down with your shitty quirk!" I grimaced at my own voice. It was too loud, even for me. I saw his flames go out and his head turn towards me.

"Fucking kid, you're up now? Guess I gotta knock the light out of you again-" Before he could reach for his weapon, something really fucking fast flew out from the darkness in the trees and tackled him all the way into the trees across from me. I seriously couldn't see what tackled him. All I saw was green lightning and the color red follow after. I carefully stood up and limped a couple steps forward. I tilted my head and looked around the area. 

"Agh! Fuck.... my arm..." I looked down at my left arm and saw a... a fucking knife... going through my arm. Blood... all over my orange sleeves "Oh. My. Fucking. God. There's a my arm...oh god. Holyfuckingshit. That is LITERALLY... A KNIFE IN MY ARM." I felt myself hyperventilating and heard my own voice cracking in fear. Should I pull it out??? Oh, fuck me, that would hurt, wouldn't it? Oh, who am I kidding, this shit hurts already.

"You! Get on the floor before I rip your head off!!" I jumped at a voice that came from the trees opposite of where that scar-faced guy was tackled. I turned towards the trees and saw the same guy from before. He had a hand covering his face but I could still see his mouth a little. "I said get on the ground!" I quickly sat on the floor and held my arm close to my chest. I don't want to make this guy any angrier than he's appearing as. Plus, my head and arm look like fucking crazy. "Dabi!! Where the hell are you? Say something!! God, that fucking kid and his stupidly annoying quirk." I kept a close eye on where he was moving, seeing if I could get an opening to deck this guy on the back of the head. But, he looks as if I could never touch him. Dangerous. "You!" The hand-faced guy turned to me and pointed at my face. I jumped a little, again, and scooted away. 

"Wh-what??" I glared at him and kept scooting away, making sure to keep my distance.

"Where did Dabi go? The man with scars on his face. He looks really gross, where did he go?" The man took a few steps towards me in a menacing way. I felt cold sweat roll down the side of my head and drip off of my jaw. This guy gave me so many feelings that said 'Run Away'. "Tell me. Before I carve your eyes out and make you-" Once again, something fast tackled this guy. This time, they landed behind a bush that was close to me. I blinked a couple of times before scooting closer to the bush.

"H...Hello?" I whispered to the bush and tried to peak over. Instead of seeing the guy and whoever tackled him, the damn thing jumped at meI threw both of my arms up to my face to guard myself from being hurt. "AHH-"

"AHHHH!!!" They yelled out in joy and shoved me down onto the ground. All the wind was knocked out of me, which made me gag and cough. But I didn't care about that. All I cared about was the voice that this person has. I remember it. I remember hearing it back when Kingdom Todoroki was attacked. I slowly moved my arms away from my face and stared at the person pinning me onto the floor. "Hi, Kacchan!"



I stared at him in complete and utter shock. I... can't believe it. Am I going crazy? I mean, I did get my head banged up pretty hard. And there is a knife in my arm. So, i'm sure that this is fake. I can't be seeing Deku right now. 

"I-I... y-you..." I squinted a little and laid my arms above my head. Deku... looks older. Way older than he was in my memories of him. He has a scar on his lower left cheek that runs down to his neck. I don't remember that being on his face. I looked up at Deku's hair and saw that it was a bit longer than what he had it as before. It's cute. I looked back down to his face and saw him smiling so brightly. Oh my god, I missed that smile. Okay, so his features have changed quite a bit, but... I really do think this is Deku.

"Ah, it's soooo nice to see you again, but with your eyes open this time! I missed those ruby red eyes of yours." I felt myself blush at this. "And your hair is still so cute! But it looks so tamed! Have you been taking care of yourself? Wait! Let me check!!" Deku grabbed the bottom of my shirt and lifted it over my head.

"A-AH! DEKU, W-WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING??!!!" I tried to shove him off but my left arm was injured and Deku was just strong as FUCK. He pinned both of my wrists above my head and pulled my shirt back down.

 "Ah, you're still okay. Good. I would have been really upset with you if you had went and re-opened that wound of yours. Anyways! How have you been?! It looks like you got yourself in quite a hotbed. Especially since that last guy had literal fire for a damn quirk. But, you really have to take more care of yourself out here! These guys are the real deal and they're dangerous. But it's okay now. I'll protect you. Oh! Another thing!" Deku held up his right hand and kept my wrists pinned with his left. He pointed at the sky and grinned. "You... probably don't remember me! I know that you've lost your memories because, if you did have them, then we wouldn't even be in this mess in the first place!" Deku shut his eyes and giggled happily. This moron has no clue that I only remember him and I really fucking love him.

"Hey! You fucking brat!!" The hand-faced guy came back out from behind the push and held up a sword. Deku's face went from happy to.... fucking sinister. 

"Wait here, Kacchan." Deku let go of my wrists and ruffled my hair, making me blush even more. Fucking idiot, this is no situation to be blushing in. Deku stood up off of me and started doing some stretches. Now that I have a better view of Deku, I can get fully check him out. Deku stretched out his arms and glared at the trees in front of him, not looking at me at all. His arms were so built. I remember him being a little built before, but now this just isn't fair. He was no where near that nerd that I last saw. Most of Deku's body, however, was covered by a long red cape. I remember wearing that cape.

Pfft. That's mine.

 "Hey, I'm talking to you, bitch!" The hand-faced guy kept his sword pointed at the back of Deku's head. Deku's eyes looked like they were lighting up. I could see hundreds of different shades of green in those eyes. No, actually, I was wrong. His eyes are like... actually glowing. 

"Shigaraki, how many times have I beaten you to the ground? Oh, tackling counts by the way, I'm sure I just had you immobilized for two minutes back there." Deku didn't turn to the guy behind him, who I assumed was Shigaraki. The other guy Deku tackled must have been Dabi. Deku smirked once he heard Shigaraki growl in anger. That fucking smirk is doing things to me, you better wipe that shit off.

"You bastard." Shigaraki ran at Deku and swung his sword swiftly. I was about to tell Deku to watch out, but that little shit ducked down extremely fast. He left signs of green lightning wherever he moved. Okay, how the fuck is he doing that...?

"Down here!" Deku smiled at Shigaraki and moved to a hand-stand, kicking the other in the face. Shigaraki flew back and slammed into the tree behind him. Shigaraki quickly got up and sighed heavily. He reached down to his hands and took off his gloves. 

"Okay then. I won't mess around anymore." Shigaraki has this creepy smile that showed under the hand covering his face. He held out his hand towards Deku and motioned for him to come forward. "Try touching me now, Midoriya Izuku!!" I looked back at Deku and saw this look on his face that made me want to laugh so hard. He was not threatened at all.

"Uh, okay. Then I won't mess around either, Shigaraki Tomura." Deku reached behind his head and grabbed the fluff of the cape, pulling it off of him. He threw the cape into my lap and stood in an offensive stance. Deku was wearing an outfit similar to the green vest that I last saw him in. However, this time, Deku had a longer and darker green vest. His hands were hidden by large brown gloves. He still has the same big red shoes, though. Cute. I stood up quickly and hugged the red cape tightly against my chest. I stuck my nose into the cape and inhaled slowly. Oh, fuck yeah, that smells just like the nerd. He can keep the damn cape, it looks so good on him and smells so good.

"Don't mess with me! I've been waiting for the day when I can-" Shigaraki quickly shut his mouth when he saw Deku reach for the hilt of his sword. Isn't that the crazy sword that everyone's going insane about? "Wait! You're crazy! Releasing such a power in an area so close to a Kingdom... is madness!" Deku stood still and kept his hand on the hilt of All Might's Sword. Deku slowly tilted his head and continued to stare at Shigaraki. 

"...crazy...?" Deku spoke in nearly a whisper. His lips curled on one side into a smirk. "Hehe... Hahaha... Hahahahahaha!!" Deku broke out into a loud laugh and leaned forward, holding his stomach. Shigaraki looked afraid of something. But I couldn't see why that laugh was scary at all. Deku's laugh was so... bubbly and... cute. "Crazy?! Shigaraki-san, the system itself is fucking crazy! Why make war with each other? Why pick fights with people who have only loved and cherished their own? Why take things from people who only wanted to help...? Ah, I'm being a little discreet, aren't I...?" Deku began to slowly unsheathe his sword, causing Shigaraki to take a few steps back. "What I mean is..." Once his sword was fully unsheathed, Shigaraki's eyes were completely drowned in fear. "I think anyone besides me has lost their fuckin' marbles." 

"Kurogiri!!! Take me back!!" Shigaraki looked up at the sky and shouted to someone named 'Kurogiri'. Deku raised his sword up and grinned widely.

"Delaware Slash!!!" Deku sliced the air downwards and quickly spun around. "One for All: Full Cowling Shoot Style!!" Suddenly, a large gust of air shot in Shigaraki's direction, destroying many trees that came in contact with it. I saw this all happen from the top of another tree in the distance. What- wait... how the fuck did I get up here?! "Kacchan, are you okay?" I blinked rapidly and looked down. 




"Oh my fucking god, d-do NOT drop me, you f-fucking crazy ass jerk!!" I threw my arms around Deku and shoved my face into his chest. I had forgot that I was holding the cape, so I had thrown it in the air to wrap my arms around Deku. I could hear him laugh and wrap something around me. I barely peaked at what it was and saw that he had caught the cape and wrapped it around me. Ugh, smooth bastard.

"Oh? What is this? Kacchan was never afraid of heights!" Deku laughed loudly and hopped off of the tree. I yelled in fear and kept clinging onto Deku. I felt Deku land perfectly and pat my head gently. "Kacchan, we're on the floor now."

"Y-Yeah... I know that..." I kept holding onto him and staring at the floor, knowing damn fucking well that my face was burning red. So, let's note a few things. Deku swears now. Deku's buff now. Deku's fast now. Deku seems merciless when it came to the villains. And more importantly. He isn't that cute anymore....

He's fucking hot...

"Kacchan. I don't have a lot of time now. Shigaraki-san was right about the sword being too... well... it's very flashy." I finally let go of Deku and stepped away from him. He smiled at me with such a soft face and looked down at his hands. "I've been missing for seven months, y'know? Just like you. But no one knows that. No one has to know that." He balled his hands into fists and sighed quietly. "I'm.... so.... happy....." Deku looked back up at me, but this time, there were tears in his eyes.

W h a t.

Deku giggled a little and rubbed his tears away. "Kacchan, I-I'm so h-happy that y-you're alive! A-After you disappeared from the cave two weeks ago, I went insane! I searched LITERALLY everywhere for you!!" Deku started to pace around and mutter. "I was so shocked that you had left your cape on the floor in the cave, like why would you do that? That's your cape! And, it has been seven months since you last walked again, so I assumed that maybe you were incapable of walking! You shouldn't be dehydrated or hungry, since my Mom's spell on you wore off when you woke up. But you shouldn't have remembered how to walk! So, I searched in our old cave, thinking that maybe you thought we were still there. But you weren't there!" I just stared at Deku, dumbfounded and not knowing what to say. "Then I checked Kingdom Todoroki to see if you went for revenge, but you weren't even there either! And I even checked Mom's house! But you weren't there!! Oh, then one of the baby dragons went crazy and rampaged through Kingdom Todoroki like a complete IDIOT AND ALMOST BLEW MY COVER-.... oh. I'm muttering again, aren't I?" 

"You did this often? I mean... I can tell. You look like you're a pro at talking your head off." Deku smiled at me and laughed once again. Man, if I can get him to laugh like that every time, then I definitely would. 

"Sorry. Telling you all of this right now isn't going to get through to you. I can tell that you still haven't remembered much." Deku walked up to me and reached behind my head. I thought that he was going to hit me or something, but he just grabbed the cape off of me and put it back on him. 

"H-How can you tell that I don't remember much?"

"How old are you?"

"I don't know."

"What does your tattoo mean?"

"...My name?"

"What's your secret dragon's name?"


"Where's the backup hideout that you said we'd go to if something bad ever happened to the original one?"

"Backup... hideout?" My mind was all over the place. Is that where Deku is? In the backup hideout? I don't even remember where the first one was. 

"Alright. Until you remember where the backup hideout is, I won't try to come back and get you." Deku held his finger up to my face and gave me a strict look. I felt myself frown at this and step forward to him.

"B-But! I want to be with you!" I knew damn well that my face was red as shit. Deku just stared at me with wide eyes. "I-I just want to remember everything again. The only feeling that I remember was that warm and happy feeling that I felt with you. Deku... please... take me with you..." I probably sounded so weak. But, I can admit it. I felt so vulnerable without Deku. Being with him again today made me feel so full. If that makes any sense. 

"Kacchan, you are so fucking cute. It hurts." I felt myself gape at him and lose the words that I wanted to say to him before. "Hey." Deku walked up to me, getting way too close. I tried to back away, but Deku just grabbed my arm and forced me to stay in front of him. Deku was only an inch or two shorter than me, so he was able to look at me without making me think I was looking at a midget or something. "Happy Late Birthday." He leaned forward and pressed his lips onto my nose. I swear my brain just short-circuited. He backed away from me and gave a small wave. I just blinked a couple of times and reached up to touch my nose. "Hurry it up, Kacchan. If it takes smacking you on the head a couple of times just to remember me, then do it already!" 

"D-Deku, wait-..." Don't go. Deku turned away from me and looked around. 

"Actuallyyyy.... you'd get lost on your way back from here. Ah! I'll take you back!" Deku turned back to me and smiled brightly. I tried to speak to him, but I was at a loss for words. I didn't know what else to say. Deku approached me and raised up his fist. Hold on. Wait, what was he... doing... "Be careful out there, Kacchan. They still don't like the Dragon King, y'know?"




Chapter Text

"One.... Two.... Three...." I smirked and tapped my finger against the tree, peeking at the surrounding area through one eye. "Four...." Deku was muttering to himself and looking for a place to hide. That kid is seriously the worst at Hide-and-Seek. But it's adorable. "Five...." Deku's face lit up and he raised his hand, snapping his fingers. He's found a place to hide. "Six... Seven.... Eight..." Deku ran behind the tree that I was leaning against and disappeared from my peripheral vision. Is this nerd seriously hiding behind me? 

"Eighteen... Nineteen... Twenty. Okay, nerd, I'm coming..." I walked around, pretending to actually be searching for Deku. He's been the worst at this game. I always found him within seconds of seeking. What makes him think that I won't find him this time? "Oooohh, where could he be? I wonder?" I couldn't hide the evil grin that spread across my face. I spun around and looked at the tree that I was originally leaning against. I slowly glided over to the tree and kept my arms behind my back, feeling my cape flow with my movement. I looked down at my feet and kicked at the dirt before jumping behind the tree. "Boo!"


There's nothing here? What the... But I could have sworn that Deku was right here. I looked around the tree and groaned after realizing that he really wasn't there. "Wow. I'm shocked. Yo, nerd! You got me! I give up-" Deku dropped from above the tree and hung upside down right in front of me, scaring the absolute shit out of me. "OH FUCKING SHIT, WHAT THE-??" I took a step back and threw my arms up into a defensive motion. The green-haired asshole grinned and laughed loudly.

"Kacchan, don't tell me that you're the one getting bad at this..." I stared at his face as he giggled and let his arms dangle. Usually, Deku's hair would be covering some of his cheeks and his whole forehead. But now that he's upside down, I could see his entire face perfectly. He was... fucking stunning. 

"Please, never leave me and stay with me for the rest of my life." I spoke breathlessly and turned away from Deku, glaring at the floor. I could hear Deku's laughs die down to a soft hum. Then, I felt a rough hand move through my hair and tug softly, making me look back up at Deku. With his arm extended out to reach into my hair, I could see how built he was through his thin white under shirt. Huh. I knew that Deku has been working on building his strength in order to climb the mountain, but I didn't know that he's gotten THIS buff. This is the first time I've seen Deku in a few weeks, so he probably got a lot of time to himself just for body building. Awesome.

"Kacchan. Todoroki plans on hurting you." Deku's voice was deep and serious. But it also sounded like someone dipped his voice in honey or something, so it was still quite soothing.

"Tch. I told ya that I can protect myself from any shitty royalty." I reached up to move Deku's hand out of my hair, but he kept it there. Tight.

"Kacchan, seriously. Today, I heard the conversation that he had with his father when I was returning to my shift." Deku was seriously not planning on moving his hand out of my hair. "Do you know what King Endeavor told him?" Truthfully, I don't give a shit about what happens in that damn pretty boy's Kingdom. But Deku looked very serious...

"What. What could possibly be so damn crazy that I can't handle it?" I, once again, tried moving Deku's hand out of my hair. Still no good.

"Todoroki... was promised the throne. If..." Ugh. He loves to do this shit.

"If what???" Deku finally let go of my hair and looked away from me. He looked up at the mountain where the sword was said to be. He looks impatient. My eyes darted from the mountain to Deku a couple of times before I finally laid them on to the back of Deku's head. "Deku...?"

"Todoroki was promised the throne... only if he  succeeds in  slay ing  the Dragon King."  Oh. Okay, that might be an issue. Deku sighed heavily and balled his hands into fists tightly. "Todoroki tells me about how much he hates his Father and wants the throne. He's been fighting for that place since he was thirteen. He's seventeen now. I'm sure that... he'll doing anything to take the throne. Even..."

"Even hurt you?" Deku turned his head towards me and stared at me. His eyes widened and displayed slight fear. I never want to see that look in his eyes again. 

"Todoroki-kun didn't mean it, Kacchan. He would never do that. He's actually a decent person-" 

"Don't give me that bullshit. You were just stating that the bastard would do anything for the throne. The only person he's allowed to hurt is me. And, shit, he'd be lucky if he could ever touch me." I stepped closer to Deku and placed my hand on his shoulder. Usually, I would try not to touch Deku because I find myself not wanting to let him go. But this time is different. He's only started working at that castle two months ago. I can tell that... he's scared now.

"K-Kacchan..." Deku looked up at me with those glossy green eyes. Can... Can I kiss him? No, he wouldn't like that, would he? Ugh, this is so hard. "I-I decided that... I'm leaving."






"'I'M LEAVING', MY ASS!!" I grabbed Deku's shoulder really hard and tilted my head to the right. "Where the hell ya think you're leaving to?! You think you could just waltz on outta here and pretend like you never knew me!? Huh?? You think you can just leave to that shitty ass prince and leave me!?" I leaned in really close to Deku's face and snarled loudly. I must of looked like a damn wolf or something.

"Kacchan! Ah, you didn't let me finish..." Deku backed away from me and shut his eyes tightly, holding his hands up defensively. Despite how masculine Deku has gotten, he's still so defensive around me. Man, what can I do to get this guy to loosen up around me...? "I mean, yes, I'm leaving... but I'm not leaving forever!" I just shook my head lightly to show him that I had no clue what he was talking about. Deku blinked a few times then gave me a fond smile. FUCK. My heart. "You're kind of... c-cute when you're confused." 

"Huh..." I felt my face flush at his compliment. I was already soft from the smile he gave, so I'm feeling a little weak to him at the moment. Deku was also blushing. A lot.

"I-I uh... Anyways. W-What I meant about leaving was..." His thumbs began to toy with each other and pull at the gloved fingers. "I'm going to climb the mountain. It'll take me a very long time to reach the top, so I know that I will be gone for... a very long time. But. I won't come back until I've searched every inch of that damn mountain. And, maybe, until I've found that sword." Deku looked back up at me with this look that showed a completely different side of him. It was determined and fierce. If Deku really does come back with the sword... then he's actually going to be quite scary.

"So, you've finally decided to go get it, huh? Well. That's better than you just leaving me for that stupid half-and-half bastard. Would you like me to go with you?"  

"N-No! You have to stay here! Besides, Kacchan would never leave his kids alone." Deku crossed his arms and pouted. I just groaned heavily and turned away from him. I tapped my foot impatiently and tried to think of another way to get me to go. "Oh, stop. I know that face." I turned back to Deku and tilted my head. "You're trying to come up with a way for you to go!" Ah, he caught me. I sighed and shook my head lightly. 

"Okay. Fine. I just... you're going to climb the tallest mountain in Japan. Just for a sword that might not even be there. Are you sure about this?" I  reached forward and grabbed Deku's hands. They may be gloved, but I could still feel their warmth and care. His hands were flawless. No signs of damage or work at all, even if he his a servant. Too bad I couldn't see his cute hands at the moment.

"Yeah! I'll be fine. I've been training for this. I promise that I'll come back after I've gotten the sword. Or... until I know that I've searched every single inch of that place. Trust me. I promise you these things." Deku leaned down a little so he could look up into my eyes. I stared down at him and bit my lip. Seriously. If he doesn't move away from my face right this second, then I'm gonna kiss the shit out of his face. "You're growling, Kacchan."

"....wha....huh?" Deku's fingers slithered in between my own and grasped onto my hands tightly. He took two steps forward and completely invaded my personal space. There was probably only an inch of space that separated Deku's nose and my own. I could feel his breath and how warm it is. I can also feel how bad my hands are shaking. Can he feel that too? Oh, that would be so embarrassing. 

"Your hands are shaking." Fuck. I tried to turn my face away. But Deku instantly let go of my hand and placed it onto my cheek, making me continue to stare at him. "Your face... has never been so red." FUCK. My breath hitched in my throat as I began to sweat. Jesus fucking Christ, what is happening to me? Deku let go of my other hand and slid that hand up my abs...

s l o w l y.

Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck. His hand stopped at my chest and stayed there. Why do I feel like I climbed every mountain in Japan? Or ran around the whole forest sixteen times? Or the time when I found Jet and tried to fucking tame him that second? That was so stupid. Why do I feel similar to those things...?





"Your heart is beating so fast."

"F-Fuck off." Deku smiled up at me then leaned closer to my face. I felt myself get extremely nervous and subconsciously jumped out of Deku's grasp. I'm sure I yelped in the process, too. Once I landed on the floor, Deku broke out into a loud laugh and didn't stop. And I didn't yell at him. I just stared up at him with wide eyes. I can usually hide my emotions. Very well. Except for my anger, obviously. But I'm sitting here on the floor, with a racing heart, burning red face, and sweaty palms. My palms are always sweaty, since that's my fucking quirk. But this was different. So much more different. I feel so.... giddy? Jumpy? Hyper. Nervous. Skittish. 

"Ahhh, are you okay, Kacchan? Did I make you swoon~?" 

"Wha-?! N-No! Damn it, Deku! I'll fucking blow your face off-"

"Ah! No. You can't." I literally had my hands up, already beginning to set off an attack. But after he said that, my attack just died down to small sparks. "You can blow my face off after." Deku smirked and crossed his arms over each other. 

".....after what?"

"After I get the sword." Oh. Tch. I lowered my arms and sighed quietly. He's still leaving, huh? I stared at the grass under me and watched as some of the smallest bugs crawled their way up to the top of the grass leaf. Deku would be making his way to the top of that mountain... right? I looked back up at him and glared. It wasn't a mean glare, though. God, I never mean my scowls or glares to be mean to Deku at all. 

"Tch. Fine. Go. And hurry up already, yeah? Shit... I miss you already." I felt myself start to blush again. Damn, I gotta fix that. Deku just giggled quietly and looked away from me. 

"I haven't even left yet. But... yeah. I'll leave now. So I can be back in two days. Maybe tomorrow if I'm fast enough." 

"Pah! Tomorrow? Your scrawny ass won't even get halfway to the top of that mountain in a week!" I was expecting to scare him a little with that. But no. He just stared at me with the creepiest smile on his face.

"Ohh. Really now? So... if it takes me a week to get halfway to the top, that would mean that it would take two weeks to reach the top. And then if I don't find the sword, I would have to search the entire mountain for it. Maybe that'll take me a whole month-"

"Aaahhhhhh!! Stop!!! Shut the fuck up, don't say that shit!!!" I stood up off of the floor and grabbed Deku's cheeks, pulling on them roughly. He just giggled loudly and swatted my hands away.

"Kidding kidding. Really, the old me would take that long. The me now, that has worked so hard to build up his muscles and upper body strength? Yeah, you'll see how quickly I'll get back."

" better."

"Of course, Kacchan. Anything for my King..."











"Bakugo~.... Baaaakuugoooooooo~" Shut the fuck up, Kirishima. Why the hell would he be singing so damn loud right now? Without opening my eyes, I reached up and attempted to push him out of the way. But, my hand didn't even move. I felt this really sharp pain in my arm, causing me to shoot my eyes open. Kirishima and Uraraka were looking down at me, wearing insanely worried looks on their faces. However, Uraraka's worry was replaced with relief.

"Ah! Bakugo-kun is okay, thank god." She gently fanned her face with her hand and stood up straight. They seemed to have been leaning over me for a while. How long have I been asleep? Shit, where the hell am I anyways-

"Be careful out there, Kacchan. They still don't like the Dragon King, y'know?"

"D-..." I felt my throat stiffen at the name, making me choke.

"Huh? What was that-"

"DEEEEKUUUUUUU!!" I shouted at the top of my lungs. I stood up and quickly looked around the area. Kirishima fell back and yelped in surprise. Uraraka just stared at me like I was fucking crazy. Which... I might be. "YOU SLY ASS LITTLE BITCH!! WHERE THE FUCK DID YOUR NERDY ASS RUN OFF TO?!" I let out a few explosions by accident.... and instantly regretted it. My fucking arm hurt so bad. "Agh! Fuck." I looked down at my arm and clutched at the area that was in pain. But instead of seeing the knife that was in my arm, I saw that it had been neatly bandaged. "Wh... what?"

"Hey, B-Bakugo... one question..." I looked away from my arm and down to Kirishima, who was still sitting on the floor. He was also hiding something behind his back. "I know you're a little pissed and confused as to what the hell happened. But we are too, okay? So... please tell me..." Kirishima slowly pulled his arm from behind me and held up a piece of paper with Japanese writing on it.

"Sorry, Kacchan! You'll remember soon enough!"

Fucking idiot. I quickly turned away from Kirishima and Uraraka. Both of them were very curious. And, yeah, I'm fully aware at what the fucking question is.

"Who is this 'Deku' guy you always talk about and who is 'Kacchan'?"




"You... bitch. That was two questions."

Chapter Text

Yellow. So many... yellow flowers. I hadn't realized this before. But, now that I'm standing here and actually paying attention to Kirishima's Kingdom, I can finally see it. I thought that he liked red. You know. Because of the Red hair, Red clothes, Red horse saddles, and Red banners. But no. Kirishima likes Yellow. Yellow houses, Yellow flowers, Yellow rocks in the pavement, Yellow paintings....

Yellow hair.

It's been a few days since we had the run in with the League of Villains. Which means that it's been a few days since I've seen Deku. On that day, I refused to tell Kirishima and Uraraka who Deku was, since that would absolutely destroy them.

It's really strange, y'know. Why I would be thinking about colors that people like as I stare at Kirishima lecture Sero and Kaminari for some dumb shit they did. But, I'm only doing this because I know that Deku would. Deku wrote in his notebook that... my favorite color is Orange. Despite all the red I seemed to have been wearing. He wrote about my red earrings, my red wristbands, my red cape, and my red eyes. I was surrounded by red, but I told him that my favorite color... was fucking Orange. Deku also wrote that his favorite colors were Red and Green. I skimmed through that page, since favorite colors aren't that important. Yet... I can't get the thought out of my head.

Which is why I am sitting here. Thinking about colors. It's also relaxing, too. I feel really tense and pissed all the time, but thinking about Deku's favorite colors makes me think about the things I've learned about since I woke up. Green. Deku's Mom has green hair, but she wore a pink skirt the day I met her again. Why do I suddenly feel the need to tell her to wear a different color instead...? Green. It seems as if my entire life was spent in Green. My entire life was, and still is, devoted to Green. Then there's Red. It feels ominous. Todoroki's left side. Deku's worn and torn Red cape. And... blood.

I inhaled slowly.

I remember freaking out really badly when I saw the knife through my arm. Now that I'm thinking back to it... why was I freaking out so bad? Because there was a knife through my arm? Because I was in a lot of pain...? Because of the blood...? Or... because I was impaled with something... again.

Finally, I exhaled.

I haven't forgotten about the huge scar on my stomach. And there is another huge scar on my back as well. I've been thinking about it a lot lately... and... it's as if I was impaled by something long. Like... a sword.

And Deku wanted a sword. No, Deku has a sword. He told me to remember. Remember what?! Why didn't he just take me with him already? Why did he make me stay with these people I don't even care about...? Why did he leave me? ...Ugh. I sound so fucking needy.

I rolled my eyes and stood up off of the floor, dusting myself off. Why would I even think that Deku was the person that gave me this scar? Seriously.

"Thursday, November 27th. More than seven months ago. That's when the Dragon King was brutally murdered by the Prince of Kingdom Todoroki..." I mumbled what Uraraka told me the day before we visited Deku's mom. "Brutally murdered, huh?" I was murdered by the Prince? By Todoroki?

"Yep! The Dragon King was definitely killed that day." I instantly swung my fist towards wherever the voice came from and smacked something hard. I blinked a couple of times before realizing that I punched Uraraka's palm. But never made her budge.

"Oh. Uraraka..." I continued to stare at her with an unfazed face.

"Shhhh!! Don't say my real name around people, you dumby!" Uraraka put her arm down and sighed heavily. She flipped her broom around then let it float behind her to act as a chair. "Anywaysss... I couldn't help but hear you mumbling to yourself over here. So, I decided to eavesdrop!"

"How thoughtful."

"And to answer your question!!" Uraraka lifted up her finger and tapped my nose, making a small 'boop' sound. "Yes! The Dragon King was killed. He really should be dead." I really should be dead. Then why the fuck am I still standing here?

"Then why the fuck was he still standing and walkin' around like he owned the place?" I glared at Uraraka and rubbed my nose lightly. Uraraka just rolled her eyes and waggled her fingers in front of my face.

"That's because someone saved him. I was sure that he was killed! I remember the whole night clearly. I was there, y'know." Shock was the only thing that I could feel at the moment. I had been trying to find a way to piece together all of these hints and clues that life has been handing me. Never had I ever thought of just... asking someone about what happened that night.

"Y-...You saw the.. D-Dragon King die??" I got a little closer to Uraraka so I could keep my voice lower. Kirishima and his friends were still only a few yards away from us.

"I saw him in the process of getting killed, if that's what you were asking. Ugh, I was really hoping to finally get to see the Dragon King's face that night, too!" Thank god she didn't see my fucking face. "But he had a mask on the entire night. The only actual thing I noticed about him was his voice." Was my voice any different during that time? I remember my voice being extremely deep and angry all the time. I don't really have the same viper in my voice right now anymore. "He constantly spoke a different language, as well, when he was around people. So, that hid what he actually sounded like." Go me.

"Hey, uh... Uraraka... can you... tell me how he was killed? Or hurt?" I looked down at the floor and shoved my hands into the pockets of my pants. I felt nervous for some reason. I already know the answer, I think. Uraraka held up her finger and opened her mouth, signalling that she was about to speak. But she was cut off. Someone cut her off. And they were touching me. I felt something poke my back.


Exactly where my scar is.


Did... did my heart just stop? I feel cold. I stared down at the ground and gasped quietly. I feel like I can hear screaming, but there isn't anyone shouting. It's quiet and all I could hear was the sound of wind blowing through the tree that towered over my head. I wasn't stabbed. I was just being... touched. And I despised it.

"He was stabbed from behind." Kirishima's voice was quiet and serious. It was terrifying. I feel so weak, what the fuck is happening?

"O-oh... really?" I cleared my throat and tried to make my voice sound more clear. It didn't work. Kirishima let out a long sigh and removed whatever was poking me from my back. I didn't know that I was holding my breathe until I let out a loud groan. I turned around and glared at Kirishima. But he was just staring at the floor.

"It was bad. Not only was he stabbed, but he got smacked on the back of the head. Hard. That's how Todoroki pushed him off the hill. Apparently, the Dragon King wouldn't have lost if he didn't turn to Midoriya."

That's because he called to me.






"Can you believe that he killed all the Dragons before he killed the King?" Uraraka replied to Kirishima. 

He murdered them all. 


"Yeah. I-.... I kind of wanted the Dragon King to win. But... I know that he was a vigilante. He had to be killed. But I guess he wasn't!" Kirishima said excitingly. 

It only hurt for a second.  

"Oh. Baku-bro, where are you going??" Kirishima called out to me.

"I want.... I need to take a power nap." I replied mindlessly. My head is spinning. The image of fire burns my mind. It's not an image. The fire is moving as it burns through all the trees in my home. I can see it. It's burning. Everything is burning. 


God, I need a nap. Like. Now. 


















"He... He really did it, didn't he?" I stared out at the forest in front of me from my cave. Usually, I would be able to see Kingdom All Might from here. But. Everything is burning. Not only is my damn home burning, but my fucking anger is burning as well. "T-Todoroki-kun.... why..." Deku was the only one speaking at the moment. He fell to his knees and dropped his sword in front of him. Tears were spilling from his eyes. He hasn't cried in a long time. Not since he came back with the fucking sword after disappearing for three weeks. And I hate to admit that I missed seeing his cute, crying face.

But... nothing about that fucking face is cute. He's crying, but it's not out of happiness or the pouty tears that he gets after I tease him. No. These tears... they're from pure fear. Defeat. I hate that look. God, I hate it.

"Deku." I looked away from Deku and looked down the cliff. I could see him look up at me through the corner of my eye. His tears were still spilling. "Look." Deku looked away from me and down where I was looking as well.

There were hundreds of people waiting down on the ground. Staring up at my cave. And I can see the one person that I never wanted to see again. Prince Shoto Todoroki. I backed away from the edge and clicked my tongue. He wanted a fight. I could see it in his eyes. Even if half of his body was meant to stay cold, there was a damn fucking fire in his eyes. Both of them. I have to protect the dragons.

"I can't... I-...." Deku pressed his forehead against the floor and let out an ugly sob. It hurt. He's crying like this because of them. Fucking... disgusting.... humans. I'm going to rip Todoroki's fucking head off.

"I'm getting the Dragons. They still don't know about Jet. Deku, I need you to take the dragon eggs and go to the back-up hideout. My top priority is saving the dragon race... and protecting you." Deku looked back at me and rubbed his tears away. He just smiled and nodded his head.

"I'll be back, Kacchan. I promise. I'll get them there without any harm." I know you can, Deku. You're strong. Amazing. Powerful. Everything needed in the next Hero. I nodded back at Deku and pointed my scimitar towards the hidden cave.

"I'll see you soon, then. I believe in you, Izuku."

"And I believe in you, Katsuki..." Something warm was falling down my cheeks. Ugh. I'm fucking crying. I quickly spun on my heel and walked into the cave, leaving Deku. "W-Wait!!" Deku's shout caused me to stop and quickly turn to him. Anytime Deku yells, my body reacts with me knowing. It's this sort of need to protect. Protect him.

"What??" Deku got up off of his knees and ran up to me. He spread his arms out wide and jumped onto me. I dropped my scimitar, so I could catch him. I was going to yell at him, for acting so stupid. But his lips were already crashing onto mine. I could taste his tears. They were salty and made me feel so upset. I could taste him. Behind the sadness form the tears, I could taste him. It was amazing. This would be our second kiss. Our first was when Deku came back to me. Standing so tall and beautiful at the entrance of this exact cave. Actually, we're kissing in the same exact spot. I kissed him back and poured all of my love into it. Into him. I don't want to say it... I really don't. But... this feels like a Goodbye kiss. I won't let it be a Goodbye kiss. We only kissed for a few seconds, but it felt like years. Deku pulled away from my face and stared at my eyes. His green, emerald eyes.

"I'll come back and punch Todoroki in the fucking face." My eyes widened at Deku's comment. I bit the inside of my cheek to stop myself from laughing. Of course, I'm very bad at hiding my laughter from Deku. I let out a loud, boisterous laugh and hugged Deku tightly.

"Fuck yeah, Deku! Then hurry your ass up and get back over here, got it?" I let go of him and ruffled his hair quickly. Deku nodded proudly then unsheathed his sword. He muttered his power move and let the green lightning surround his body. He spun around and sprinted out. Faster then even I could sprint. He's amazing.

I sighed quietly and turned back around, looking into the cave. All fourteen of the Elder Dragons were staring at me, with shit-eating grins on their faces.

"Oh my fucking god, get those damn smiles off your fuckin' faces and get ready to rip some human fucking heads off!!!" I roared loudly and pointed my scimitar to the ceiling. The other Dragons just roared in reply and stormed past me, one of them tossing my mask at me. I smirked as I grabbed my mask mid-air and put it on easily. I reached my right arm out to grab onto a dragon and ordered it to fly high. Once I was in the sky, I could see arrows already being fired at us. Tch.  "Blow them away."  I spoke using complete control in my voice. Perks of being the Dragon King: every fucking dragon loves me and will do anything I tell them to. Or maybe it's just 'cause I'm awesome. "Blow them away!!! Fuck the system!!!" Dragons were spitting literal fire at every arrow that flew at them. Some dragons were already on the floor, battling it out. I stood up on top of the Dragon and patted her head. "Fight well, Mizu." I looked down at the floor and smiled. Thank God I ain't afraid of heights. I jumped off of Mizutsune and dodged any arrow, that came in my direction, using my quirk.

"The Dragon King is coming!! Call the Prince-" I dropped directly on the idiot's face and smashed him into the ground. I slowly stood up off of the human and looked around. There were probably a little over one hundred soldiers standing around me. Oh, how I wish they could see the smirk on my fucking face.

"Get him!!" Every single one of the soldiers sprinted towards me, holding their swords up like they were scary or some shit.

"Idiot..." I growled quietly and blasted up high into the air. All the soldiers crashed into each other, making themselves an insanely easy target to hit. I aimed my palm down at them and readied an attack, only to be pushed back harshly. By ice.

"Dragon King!!!" I was slammed into a large tree and dangled by my cape. I looked up at the ice that was stabbing my cape into the tree and growled. I aimed my palm at the ice and blew it away. I dropped onto the floor harshly and clicked my tongue once again. "For years, you have terrorized the four kingdoms and stolen lives from us." I glared at the floor then slowly looked up at the person approaching me.

Fucking Shoto Todoroki.

"Sup, bitch." I shot him a mean glare through my mask and stood up, keeping a defensive stance.

"You still believe that you can toy with me. You're nothing but a low-life vigilante. A criminal that ruins the lives of those around you. Like Midoriya." I felt my anger riling up my throat. If he doesn't shut the fuck up, then I'm gonna burn his fucking face off. "Midoriya is a kind soul. And you took him away from us. Where is he?" Todoroki pointed his sword at me and glared. His sword was all black with a blue handle. A Broadsword. I'll break that piece of shit.

"Dunno. But all I know is that I can't let you see him. He doesn't wish to speak to someone so..." I eyed him up and down, making sure to do it slowly so he could see that I was looking at him. "So... bitchy. And bratty too. Spoiled. Lanky. Pampered...." Todoroki gritted his teeth and growled.

"That's it. There's no way in negotiating with you. Any last words?!"

"Die. Like...."


"Literally, kill yourself."

"........I'm going to enjoy cutting you down." 

We've been clashing swords for a while now. I know it hasn't been long, because Deku doesn't take a long time. And the fire in the trees is still burning very brightly. We've probably been battling for only ten minutes. But I'm exhausted. And so is Todoroki. I haven't heard any of the dragons roars in a while. I... I hope they're okay. God, they better be okay. They have children, for fuck's sake.

"Prince Todoroki!!" Suddenly, a woman with bright orange hair tied back into a ponytail floated down next to him. Todoroki groaned heavily and swung his sword at me.

"What is it, Kendo?" I dodged his slash easily and darted my eyes back and forth between him and Kendo. The girl wore a witch's hat and floated on a broom. No doubt about it. She's a fucking witch.

"We got the last of them. All of the dragons. They're finished."  ....No. She-... what did she just say?

"Ah! So, you've brought me good news! I was worried that you were here to tell me something horrible." H-How dare you. This IS terrible. This is... horrible....

"Wha.... you.... what..." My voice was quiet. Some would confuse my voice for being afraid. But, it wasn't. It was pure anger. Todoroki looked back at me with a smirk on his face, but it quickly disappeared once he saw small flames spilling out of my mouth. "Have I mentioned how hard it is to suppress these flames....?" I grinned widely and inhaled slowly.

"K-Kendo!! Fly away!!!" Todoroki held up his right arm and shot out a mountain of ice. Still not enough, however. I opened my mouth and spit out all the fire that was riling up in my throat for the past fifteen minutes. The mountain of ice was being formed over and over again, but my flames kept melting them on the spot. The mountain of ice stopped coming and so did my flames. I coughed quietly and wiped my mouth. He better not piss me off again or I will seriously burn everyone here.

"So.... my family's gone? You call me a vigilante and say that I must be slain for the better of the world. But..."  After the smoke cleared, I could see Todoroki's clothes had burnt off. Only his pants had remained. Tch. Useless ass quirk if it burns everything off. "But you... oh... aren't you the perfect example of corruption!? You're ruining people's lives!! You ruined Izuku's life!! I-... you've now ruined MY life. Taken... everything away from me. And God forbid that you don't fucking believe I won't take everything from you."  I ran at Todoroki, ignoring the tears that were spilling down my face. I believe that the dragons are gone. I don't feel any of them or hear any of their calls. I still have Jet, but he can never die or won't ever respond to me. He just likes to watch. I hope he enjoyed watching fellow dragons being murdered. His own kin. His own... family. My family.

We fought for maybe another five minutes. I never let my guard down. Ever. I hate him. I fucking hate him. I hate them all. I hate this goddamn country. Why can't they understand? Why won't they understand?! Why are none of them like Izuku? Why.... Why?!

"Kacchan!!!" Both of our swords froze mid-swing. Todoroki's worried expression softened, as did my angry expression. We both turned to the voice that called and saw Deku standing behind me. His sword was unsheathed. Green lightning crackling all around him. He was using more power than usual. He told me his limit was ten percent. I've seen that limit. This is far passed that. And he still looked so beautiful. I could hear Todoroki's sobs coming from behind me. My back was turned to him, so I can't see how stupid he looks right now. I'm way too busy checking Deku out.

"I-Izuku! You're alive!! Oh my god, you're actually alive-"

"Shut the fuck up, Todoroki." Oh my god, I love you. Todoroki's sobs stopped. He sounded like he was constipated or something.

"Midoriya... you don't understand. This man was going to kill you! He's a danger to our kingdom's! He's a danger to you! Please, come back to me. I promise that I'll protect you from him. And what has he done to you? Why do you look like that?!" Deku glared at Todoroki and pointed his sword behind him. My eyes followed where he was pointing and landed on a sight that was most pleasing. Hundreds of soldiers were lying on the ground, but there was not a single drop of blood. Deku did that. Gosh, he's too pure. I would have killed them all.

"You killed Mitzu." Deku spoke in a terrified whisper. I felt a cold sweat drop down the side of my cheek. I know she's gone. But... he didn't. How does he... "Her body. It's being used for weapons. Isn't it? I saw the witch Kendo tearing her apart back there. I couldn't... I couldn't hold myself back." Deku held up his left fist. I hadn't even noticed that it was covered in blood. Deku... I really hope you just socked her 'till she was out and didn't... didn't... "Todoroki... why...." Deku lowered his fist and backed way a little. He was crying now.

"Izuku. Come home. I'll tell you about it there-"



"No!!" Deku looked down and hugged himself. My world was crumbling. Deku looks so scared and defeated. I don't want you to look like that anymore. Please smile. "You've burned my home and killed my family." He looked back up at Todoroki and I. For some reason, the anger in his eyes didn't make me worried at all. They made me feel... warm. "Fuck. You."

"Fine. If I can't have you..." I heard Todoroki's voice right behind my head. I was about to turn around.... I promise. I was going to. 

But the sword that pierced my body completely stopped me from doing so. 

I felt my eyes go as wide as they possibly could. It only hurt for a second. It was cold. Such a cold blade. And that look in Deku's eyes... Deku...

"N-....No!! KACCHAN!!!"

My eyes shot open and I let out a loud gasp. I quickly sat up off of my bed and accidentally fell off. The blanket was entangled in my legs and it made me feel trapped. I quickly kicked it away and scooted back until I hit the wall. The wall against my back made me feel scared instantly. I yelped and stood up off of the floor. I can't stop shaking. I can't stop trying to pull the non-existent sword out of my back. There's nothing in my back.

"De-..Deku..." I looked around my room and tried to calm down my shaking hands. They wouldn't stop. Oh god, it won't stop.


"N-....No!! KACCHAN!!!"







"Fuck!!" I pointed my palms toward my bedroom door and blew it off. I ran out of my room and slammed against the wall. Ugh... I meant to go right. I spun around and ran down the hall, keeping my ears covered. I know that no one's actually screaming. I know that. But the voices are so loud. Deku's shouting is so loud.

I found my way to Kirishima's bedroom and glared up at the tall door. I groaned heavily and knocked loudly. "Kirishima..." Okay, seriously, I need to calm down. Yes, I just remembered how I was almost killed. YES, I remember my family being slaughtered. But I can't... I can't let anyone know this. Oh my god, what am I doing here then?!

Then I heard a click. That was the sound of Kirishima's lock. Dammit. I really don't know why I came here. The door had barely opened, just enough for me to see Kirishima. Not much of the room, however. I haven't actually been in HIS bedroom before. I've flown into his office but not the bedroom.

"B-...Bakubro?? Dude, do you know what time it is-"

"Let me in, Kirishima." I placed my hand on the door and tried to shove it open. But, goddamn, Kirishima was abnormally strong. I know who I fuckin' am, so why is he overpowering me?

"Woahwoahwoahwoah, hold on!!" There was about three seconds of just me and Kirishima fighting each other with the damn door. But, I am seriously not in the mood for this right now.

"Kirishima, please... open the goddamn door..." I slammed my arms against the door one last time and slid down slowly. Tears were threatening to spill out of my eyes. "I-I can't keep it in. I-I need..."

"Bakugo? Are you okay? Man, this isn't like you at all..." I could hear Kirishima sigh and quickly pull me into the room. The door was slammed shut behind me instantly. I slowly looked up from the floor and saw that Kirishima had fled to his bed. He also covered his entire body with blankets. All I could see was his face. What the hell, is he naked or something? Weird. "Okay. Stop crying and vent."

"I-I wasn't crying..."

"Yeah, sure whatever. Now vent." Kirishima leaned forward on his bed and waited for me to speak.


Where do I even start...?

'The Dragon King is actually me.'

O-Okay, let's not say that.

'Deku is actually Izuku Midoriya and he is alive.'

Uh, not that either. Kirishima might tell Todoroki. 

'I can literally breathe fire.'

Oh my fucking god. 

I groaned silently, getting out of my crawling stance and properly sitting down. I'll just... ask him a few questions first. Then, if possible, I'll tell him. Hopefully... tell him everything. Kirishima seems like the type of friend that you would have that's a complete retard, but is actually nice and a sort of level-headed person. I can tell from the other talk that we had. Y'know... the one where he told me I l-.... loved Deku. I will never say that out loud..... Unless it's Deku asking me. Then I will say it.

"Okay..." I cleared my throat and looked up at Kirishima's eyes. It might just be my eyes playing tricks on me but it looks like Kirishima's pupils are... slit? Strange. "Uh... so...... umm..." Fuck. It's hard talking about your feelings when you literally never do anything but yell at people. Kirishima was smiling. He's enjoying watching me struggle with this. "The night of the war between the Dragon King and the Prince of Kingdom Todoroki..."

"Oh... yeah, what about it?"

"...Were you... there?" I sort of whispered this to him. One, because it is in the middle of the night. And two, I'm nervous as hell. Kirishima's eyes lost a sort of gleam that they usually have. His eyes are always happy and relaxed. Now they're appearing as if they lost everything. Like... how Deku's eyes looked. Almost like Deku's eyes.

"Yeah. But I was posted for the backup crew. I never actually got to see what was happening." That fucking bastard had more damn people to throw at me? That little... ugh. Guess it can't be helped now. "I did get to see the aftermath of the war, though. There were tons of dead bodies and different parts of Dragons behind hauled onto carts-"

"Stop." I looked back down at the floor and glared at my hands. They were shaking again. It's quite sad that I'm glad about not seeing their bodies when they were killed. If I had, I'm sure that I would have killed everyone there. Maybe even Deku too.

"Hey, Bakugo?" Kirishima leaned even closer to me and tilted his head. The moonlight wasn't hitting his face, but I swear that his eyes were glowing. "The last time we had an actual conversation was when you remembered your friend 'Deku'. Did... did you remember something that happened on the night that the war broke out?"

"Yeah, I was almost killed."

"Wha-?! Oh my god, Bakugo!! Are you okay?? Do you remember who that bastard was?!" Dude, can you be any more dense? I rolled my eyes and looked down at the floor again. Okay, so I'm not too sure if it's okay to tell him yet. I should ask him a few more questions.

"Uh. Yes, I do remember him. But I won't tell you that yet unless I know it's safe." I crossed my arms tightly and glared back up at Kirishima. He just gave me a firm nod and smiled. "What would you do.. if I was actually a bad person...?" I really don't want to get thrown in prison, y'know. That would seriously annoy me.

"You don't look like a bad person, though."


"I mean. You're nice. Yeah, you have a... slight temper." That made me click my tongue. "See?"

"Okay, well, what if I'm... wanted?" Kirishima was going to answer my question, but I could tell that it left him baffled. He just blinked for a couple of seconds then gave a confused grunt. "Like... I'm a 'criminal'. I'm wanted."

"W-Well... honestly? I believe that all of your crimes should have been forgotten by now. Because uh... I don't even know who you are and I'm pretty sure that I know all the criminals here. So, if you were a criminal... I'd want to help you clear your name." Kirishima could get into some trouble if he did that. Well, actually, I don't actually know what would happen if he helped me out. Ah. If he tries to throw me in jail, I'll just go find Deku. Though I know he'll be so disappointed in me.

"Okay. I'm going to tell you exactly who I am. Okay?"

"But I already know who you are! You're Katsuki Bakugo, my best bro!" Kirishima pulled his arm out from under his blanket and held up a fist. I hope my glare is enough to tell him that I think he's a complete moron.

"Yeah, that's my name. But that's all you know about me. I'm going to tell you... exactly who I am. Where I lived. And... shit, I guess I'll tell you who Deku is." Telling Kirishima who Deku really is might help me out, actually. He could know where Deku is. That's a slim possibility, but I'll take anything that I can get.

"Okay. Hit me with everything you've got!" Kirishima gave me a toothy grin and nodded his head. I inhaled slowly and held my breath for a few seconds. "Wait!" I jumped at the sudden shout that came from Kirishima. He held his hand out to me then pointed to himself. "If the secret is really that bad, then I'll feel obligated to tell you something that's equal to what you tell me. So, I'll tell you a secret of mine." I just stared at him and blinked a couple of times. I literally couldn't care less about Kirishima's secrets. Unless he's Deku's brother or some shit, then I don't care.


"Awesome! Okay. Now tell me." Now I feel like shit. I'm pretty sure that my secret is really really really reallyreallyreallyreally bad. How can I tell him now? 


Actually, I don't care. Whatever happens... happens. I nodded to myself and stared into Kirishima's eyes. I cleared my throat loudly and slowly reached my hand up to my chest. Well... here goes nothing.

























"I'm-... I'm the Dragon King."

Chapter Text

"N-.... No!!!" I reached my hand out in front of me, trying to reach Bakugo. I know it's too late. I know it is. But Kacchan looks so tired. Pained. "Kacchan!!!" Todoroki yanked to sword out of Bakugo and flashed a smile. How can he smile in a situation like this? He lifted his sword up and smacked Bakugo in the back of the head with it, making him fall over. "S-Stop!! Stop it!!"

"Midoriya, listen to me! This man would have killed you! 'Kacchan.' Is that this bastard's name? The man who caused me everything?!" Todoroki glared down at Bakugo's body. His smile turned into a devious grin. He looked to the side of him and stared down the steep hill.

No.... He wouldn't.

"I think it's time we left, Midoriya. Back home." He would. Todoroki swung his leg back and kicked Bakugo harshly on the stomach, causing him to fall off the cliff.

"Kacchan, no!!!" I sprinted over to the cliff and prepared to jump off the mountain. But Todoroki stopped me.

"Izuku! You're mad! What makes you think that you can just throw yourself off a mountain like this?!"

"What makes you think that you can decide everyone's future?!" I turned away from the cliff and glared at Todoroki. I wanted him to see how angry I was. How disappointed I was. And I'm sure that he can see it. Todoroki was staring at me with wide eyes. "What makes you, of ALL PEOPLE, think... that you can decide MY future?" I stepped back away from the cliff and shoved Todoroki off of me.

"Izuku. I'm only doing what's best for you." And then there's that stupid side of him that I hate. That obsessive side. Yes, Kacchan is also obsessive. But obsessive in a way that makes me feel loved and safe. This obsession that Todoroki has... isn't just for me. It's for power. And that's what I hate about him so much.

"What's best for me?" I felt tears trying to spill out of my eyes again. God, I'm always crying. But, I can't cry. Not in front of him. "What's... what...? Oh god... what is best for me, anyways?! Being locked up as a servant in YOUR goddamned castle?!" I jabbed my finger into Todoroki's chest and shoved him back even farther.

"N-No! That won't happen! You'll be made the Head Knight! You'll be able to give orders to all knights in the Kingdom and come with me wherever I go-"

"And why in the hell would I want that?!" I'm sick of this. "I'm sick of you." I hate you. "I hate you!!" I need to save Kacchan. "And you're in my way." I swiftly pulled my sword out and held it high up in the air.

'Young Midoriya! Please, calm down!'

"Izuku, wait! Let's talk!"

"FUCK YOU." I swung my sword down as hard as I could and summoned out sixty percent of One for All. Usually, I can only handle twenty. But I couldn't care care less at the moment. The slash caused a huge gust of wind to blow everything that was in front of me back a hundred feet. Even Todoroki. The flames that were in front of me were all blown away and the floor was shattered. I used this time to turn around and jump off the cliff.

'Young Midoriya, what are you doing?!'

"I'll live. Don't you remember our training?"

'Y-Yes, I do! But you don't seem to be in the right state if mind for this type of situation-'

"All Might, please...." The tears that I tried holding in were spilling out now. This fall is fatal. No one would live this fall unless they had the quirk to do so. Kacchan has the quirk to fall from this height... but he isn't able to do that right now. God, I don't even know if he's alive.

When I knew that I was close enough to the ground, I pulled out my sword and swung my sword around me to make me spin. The momentum slowed down my fall, letting me land easily. Well, it should have. I didn't stick the landing as well as I thought I would. I landed face first into the dirt.

'..... a-are you okay, Midoriya?'

I popped my head out of the floor and spat the dirt out of my mouth. I can fix that move later. For now I need to find Kacchan. I stood up off the floor and dusted myself off. I could see the light from the flames in the sky above me.

I truly cannot believe that all just happened. I can't process it. Mizu...

'Hey, kid, that explody-boy is to your left.'

' M-Master, please do not disturb Midoriya right now! He was just about to calm down!'  I turned my head to the left and felt all the nerves that I tried pushing down just come right back up.

'Oh, please, Toshi. The kid would have started freaking out again once he saw his friend.'  Kacchan was laying on top of a giant, smokey, black claw. Only one thing in this world could have done that.

"T-Thank you, Jet." I gave the black claw a small smile, hoping to make Jet feel at least a little welcomed. But I should have known better. Jet's claw disappeared into the floor, causing him to drop Bakugo onto the floor. "H-Hey!! Jet!! Please be more careful!!" I ran over to Bakugo and dropped to my knees once I was next to him. His eyes were shut and there was blood splattered in many different places on his body. Why did this guy have to be so messy??

'Okay, he don't look so good.'

'I think Young Midoriya knows this, Master.'

'Hey, kid! Your friend doesn't look so well!'  I glared at the space in front of me and raised an eyebrow. This is the face I give when I want All Might and the other Successors to know that they're being annoying.

'Sorry, Young Midoriya. Please, save your friend.'  I looked back down at Bakugo and brushed his hair out of his face. I could feel him breath hit my hand as I moved his hair away. Thank god. He's alive.

I could hear shouting from above. I looked up and saw even more lights. Most likely from torches. Todoroki's probably going to come down now. I clicked my tongue and gently picked up Bakugo off of the floor. I need to find a place to take Bakugo to. The new hideout won't work. There's no way I could take his body down there safely. Not without help.

I groaned heavily and sprinted through the trees. It was very dark, so I used a small percentage of One for All throughout my body to light up the area around me. Hopefully they won't see me from above. 

I ran for a long time. I don't know where I am actually. This forest is way too big for me to map out perfectly in my head. I managed to find a cave that seemed safe on all sides. So, this is where we'll be staying. For now.

I gently laid Bakugo onto the floor and made sure that the fluff from his cape was positioned correctly enough to be used as a pillow. Bakugo's becoming pale. At this rate, he'll bleed out.

'Kid, you're gonna have to cauterize the wound.'  Oh god, you gotta be kidding me.

"Fine." I stood up off of the floor and used One for All to hop out of the cave quickly. I sprinted around the forest and found thick enough sticks and logs to use for a fire. I ran back into the cave and deactivated my quirk, so I wouldn't cause any damage around me. I felt a sharp pain through my right arm and shook my head, leaving that situation for later.

I used the sword to start a fire very easily, since one of the cool things that this sword can do is charge up so much that it engulfs in fire. But it does burn my hands if I charge it up too much. In this case, however, I NEEDED a fire. So, yeah, I'm going to burn my hands a little. But scars don't scare me anymore.

Can't say the same for my mom though. 




"Oh!!! That's right!" I shoved my sword into the logs and waited for the fire to start. "My mom is a Witch, remember? She has magic that will heal him. But there's always a downside to that kind of stuff."

'What kind of stuff?'

"Agh!" I winced and quickly pulled the sword away from the fire. I dropped my sword and clutched my hands close to my chest. Oops. "S-Sorry guys. Didn't mean to drop you. I just..." I looked at my hands and saw the massive burns on my palms. Once again, I clicked my tongue and picked up the sword.

'You alright, kid? I bet that hurt like a bitc-'

'Nana!!'  I giggled quietly and nodded my head. Yes, it totally did hurt like a bitch. All Might would be upset if I said that out loud, though. I sighed quietly and placed the tip of the sword into the flames. Hey, Kacchan and I will both have scars from this.

"Isn't that nice?"

"Izukuuuuu!!!!!" My mom ran at me and threw her arms open. I laughed and gestured for her to come towards me. She was already in tears.

"Hey, mom." Mom finally reached me and hugged me tightly. She buried her face into my chest and bawled there for a minute. I want to make sure that she calms down a little before I tell her what's going on.

"P-Prince Shoto came and asked if you were here, but I didn't know where you were!! Oh god, I was so worried!!" I nodded and gently ran my fingers through her hair.

"Sorry, mom. I didn't mean to worry you." Mom finally let me go and rubbed her eyes to get rid of the remaining tears. She was grinning so widely. I'm glad she's happy to see me.

"Now. Tell me EVERYTHING that's happened. No details left out or I will throw you into the Dark Realm for three hours!" Oh god, anything but that. My mom did that to me once when I was little. It was only for two minutes, but that was enough to scar me for life. 

What's in the Dark Realm?

Let's just say that everything you hate is in the Dark Realm. 

"You got it, mom. But uh... we're gonna have to be quick about this." I pointed behind me and gave her a look that only she would know.

'We're in deep shit.'  Is what the look means. Mom looked behind me and spotted Bakugo, laying against one of the cherry trees.

"K-... Katsuki?!" 

"He'll live." I sighed heavily and dropped to the floor onto my knees, shoving my face into the bed. More tears were coming out of my eyes. I think I've been crying for like six hours straight. I felt my mom pat my back softly and giggle quietly. "Oh, Izuku, did you not have any faith in your mother?"

"N-No, it's not that. It's just... Todoroki hurt him so badly that I assumed he was..." I looked back up and stared at Bakugo. Mom had healed him and bathed him for me, because she assumed I was 'incapable of bathing a King.'

"Yes. You are right there. I had to dig deep into my magic to fully heal Katsuki. But... I did sacrifice something for it..." I blinked and looked back up at my mom.

"Wha... what did you sacrifice?"

"Time."  I rubbed my eyes and stood up off of the floor.

"Y-... You sacrificed Time? What does that mean?" A book floated over my head, causing me to duck a little too late. It wasn't going to hit me, since Mom is good at floating a ton of stuff around. But just seeing it fly over me, made me wanna duck my head.

"Sometimes, a wound is too fatal to heal. Way too fatal. Like Katsuki's wound. Did you know that the sword pierced one of his kidneys?"

"A-A kidney???" I rolled my eyes and covered my face.

"Yes, Izuku. That was the main issue of the healing process." Mom used her magic to float the book in front of her and flip through a ton of pages. "Also. His ear. He's missing a piercing."

"What?!" I uncovered my face and leaned over Bakugo. Mom was right. His left ear piercing was gone and it was torn as well. Ugh, that's going to leave a nasty scar. Sorry, Kacchan. "Mom, he loved those earrings. Do you think you can track it?"

"Do I think I can track it?? Look at who you're asking, Izuku." My mom gave me a sassy look and rolled her eyes.

"Right. Of course you can track it." I looked back down at Bakugo and stared at his face. He was looking healthier than he did a few days ago. So, I'm thankful.

"Anyways. I had to put him under for a few months." I blinked a couple of times and jerked my head back to my mom. I stared at her with wide eyes.

"What...?" My voice was rigged from the worry and fear that I felt crawling up my back. Damn you, Anxiety.

"To fully heal Katsuki, I had to sacrifice some of his lifespan. And, no, before you ask. He will still live the normal amount of time. I just... had to take away some of his months from him. This is also to keep his body healthy while he's out. We won't have to force feed him."

"So.... when is he going to wake up?" I looked back down at Kacchan and stared at his face. I've spent hours staring at this face. Staring at his long eyelashes and piercing red stare. The crooked smug grin that he gets when he's going to do something devious. Or the way his forehead crinkles in between his eyebrows when he's frowning. I... I really hope I get to see those again. "I want to see him smile again. So... please, mom." I looked back up at my mom and started to cry again. "Tell me when I'll see it again." 


"I don't know, Izuku." 

It's been more than four weeks since Kacchan was attacked. Four weeks since I've hid the Dragons. And four weeks since I've spoken to any of my friends. I don't even remember how their voices sound like. I've pretty much spent every day in this room. Crying. Sometimes I'll hear All Might speak to me. It's all so hazy. I've been eating less and working out less as well. And work? Yeah, I quit. Well... without telling Todoroki. Kacchan would be proud of me, right?

Here I am, sitting down on the floor in my bedroom. The sun barely peaking through my yellow curtains. The rays gently lighting up Kacchan's still body.



"I'm sorry."


Nothing can stop these tears from spilling anymore. No one deserves to be put in this situation. Being put in a state of isolation. Isolated in nothing but your mind. He doesn't even know what's happening on the outside. The entire country cheered for your death. Cheered for Todoroki. He's going to be crowned in a few days. I'm going to go watch him. I'll do it for you. He was only put in that throne because of you, so he should be thankful.


"Happy New Year, Kacchan." 


"I need health potions." Maybe this was a bad idea. Coming to Uraraka must of been a bad decision. But, I really can't trust anyone else with my whereabouts right now. So. I came to Uraraka's shop in the Kingdom of Champions. She comes here every two weeks.

"Y-You're.... you're alive!!" Uraraka smiled widely and hopped over the front counter. Before she could hug me, I held out my hand in front of me and stopped her. Her face went from being incredibly happy to insanely heartbroken.

"Don't." I want the next person to hug me to be Kacchan. I feel empty without him. Even my own mother's hugs feel hollow.

"B-But... it's been... weeks! Midoriya, it's been nearly two months since I've seen you!! Since anyone has seen you! Where have you been? Todoroki has been worried sick about you-"

"I don't care. Uraraka, I need health potions. If you won't give them to me, then I'll make them myself. I need to go to the library, so I need this to be quick." I know this is harsh. But she's part of this corrupted system as well. She'll do Todoroki's bidding. Because 'he's attractive'. Because 'he's so cool'. Uraraka just stared at me for a few seconds. Her eyes displayed sadness. And I could tell that she didn't understand me at all. Honestly? I wouldn't either. This world hates me and I have nothing to understand about it anymore.

"Okay. How much are we talking about?" Uraraka just sighed and gave me a smile. There's the friend I can trust.

"I'll be traveling for a long time. So, maybe energy potions. Oh! And potions that work on creatures, as well."

"What...? Why would you need Creature-Type potions?"

"No reason." 

"Where are you going to stay?" Mom called out to be from behind. I spun around and kept a tight grip on Kacchan. There's no way I'll ever drop him, though.

"Some place safe. Far away from you, as well." Mom and I have been talking about how dangerous it's been keeping Kacchan and I in her place. Even hiding us in the secret house in dangerous. She can't keep that thing invisible all day.

"You don't..." I just blinked at her and tilted my head. Mom was staring at the floor and wiping her tears away. Ah... please don't cry, mom. These past two months have been filled with nothing but sleepless and sorrowful nights. I don't want you to cry anymore. "You don't have to go, Izuku."

"Eh. I kind of have to. Kacchan's family is still alive and I'll need to get stronger in order to get Kacchan back to them." Mom looked back up at me and smiled. She knows she can trust me. She's done everything she could for us. And now it's time that I do the same.

"Be careful then, baby. If it becomes too rough out there, you'll know where I'll be."

"Yeah. I know, ma." 

Today marks three months since Kacchan's been asleep. February 27th. I brought him back to the cave that I cleaned up on the night. I've been making it look nicer too? I mean, it's a damn cave. You can't really make those things look nice. So, for the past month, I've been hunting for food, cleaning up the cave, staring at Kacchan, and debating on whether or not I should go back to the Dragon's. They don't even know that Kacchan's semi-dead. Even I feel semi-dead.

'Young Midoriya.'

"Wah!!!" I dropped the logs that I was carrying in my hand and smashed my foot. "Ahhhhhhhhh, shit, god, that hurts." I stumbled back and landed on my butt, rubbing my foot through my red shoes.

'We need to talk.'

"Am I in trouble, All Might?" I groaned quietly and stood back up, leaning over to pick up the logs.

'No, my boy. I just have... an idea. Well. More or so, I'm bringing back an old topic.'

"What is it?" I jogged through the trees and used One For All to hop from treetop to treetop.

'How does becoming... King... sound like to you?'

"K-King?" With one last jump, I landed back in front of the cave and sighed heavily. I tapped my foot while thinking of an answer.

Before Kacchan was nearly killed, he and I wanted to try to form an alliance with Kingdom Todoroki. Especially since I was able to pull the sword after a ton of training, we had believed that the fabled 'Hero wielding All Might's Sword' could save the entire country. It would have saved all the magical creatures that are still casted out today.

But that idea is long dead. I REALLY hate Todoroki. And I don't think that I can even look at him without wanting to tear his eyeballs out.

"I don't know, All Might. Everything was going great until... until that happened." I stepped into the cave and ducked under the vines that had acted as the door.

'Have you been to my Kingdom lately?'  I walked over to the corner of the cave and dropped all the logs that I had brought onto the pile. Kingdom All Might. That's a place that Kacchan and I would have walks through. I turned around and looked down at Kacchan, who was still sleeping like the old princess tale 'Sleeping Beauty'.

"The last time I went was when Kacchan taught me how to pick-pocket."

'Young Midoriya!'

"Heh. My apologies, All Might." I walked over to Kacchan and slid down the cave wall, sitting down right next to him.

'Anyways. I want you to go there and speak to Sir Nighteye. Please? Tell him you have the sword and he'll know exactly what to do.'

"And you're barely telling me this now because..?" I gently ran my fingers through Bakugo's hair and stared at the ceiling.

'You seem... stable. Like you can handle a lot more now.'

Yeah. I could probably handle another war, if that's what he's implying. 

I woke up to the sound of... crunching? My eye shot open and I quickly sat up off the floor. I squinted my eyes to try to see what it was. Without light, this cave is way too dark. I stood up off of the floor and picked up my sword, knowing exactly where it is every night. I swung my sword down quick enough to cause sparks to fly and light up the logs that were sitting in the fire place. I took this chance to quickly turn to the source of the crunching and point my sword at it.

I stared at the creature with a very perplexed face. The creature stared back at me and seized it's chewing.




"Jet?" The Shadow Dragon quickly threw an apple at me, causing me to duck my head. Once I looked back up, Jet was gone. I clicked my tongue and put my sword back into it's sheathe. "Jet... if you're hungry, you can come out and eat." I walked over to the back of fruits that I especially had for this situation. I picked it up and thrusted it towards Jet's location. I know where he is at all times. He's with Kacchan. "Come on." I shook the bag a little and stared at the floor. I assumed that maybe Jet doesn't like being watched when he does things.

I stood like this for maybe two minutes, then I felt a small tug on the bag. I couldn't hold back the smirk that broke out onto my face. "Go ahead- wAAHH!!!" Suddenly, I was being pulled onto the ground. Jet had pulled me onto the floor and pinned me down. I tried to yank his arms away from my body, but my hands just kept going through him. He even scratched my face down to my neck in this process. "JET!!" I kicked my legs around and tried to stand up.


No use. 

I sighed heavily and laid my head back against the floor. I'll just let him be for now. Besides. I'm exhausted. 

I inhaled slowly. I'm standing in front of the Dragon's hideout. It's been... four and a half months since Kacchan's been out. It also took me two months to learn the basics of the Dragon Language. They can understand English just fine, even Japanese, but I can't understand them. Thankfully, I took a lot of my time to read about their language. I looked down at the deep hole where the Dragons were being held in. Kacchan chose this place because it was insanely deep and held glow crystals at the bottom. Perfect place for Dragons to stay. I haven't been down there yet and I have no clue how deep it is. Groaning at the frustration in my head, I took a couple steps back and slowly unsheathed my sword.

"Okay, we can do this. We can do this. I can do this. I'll be fine. You'll be fine, Izuku. Just make sure you don't swing too hard or your fall won't be perfect. You could LITERALLY die from this fall if you don't land correctly. Okay. On three. One... Two- wOAH WAIT WAIT JET WAIT-" Jet's claws came out of the floor and grabbed onto the floor harshly. He threw himself forward, causing me to fly forward as well... and into the deep hole. "AAAHHHHHHHH HOOOOLLLY FUCKING SHIT!!!! JET, YOU BIG FAT IDIOT, YOU'RE GONNA GET ME KILLED!!!" Then, I stopped falling.



"What...." I looked around and saw that Jet had cushioned my fall. His claw was holding me up, stopping me from touching the floor. I continued to sit on his claw and stare at it with my most angry face. "You scared me." Ever since a few nights ago, Jet has been stuck onto my like a baby duckling and their mother. I'm getting used to it though.

"Deku?!" I heard a very familiar voice and looked up from Jet. What was cool about this was that I could actually understand what they said. Astalosa was poking her head through the entrance of what I assumed was to be their home.

"Asta!!!!" I threw my arms open and stood up on Jet's claw. Astalosa's tail wrapped around me and pulled me into the cave.

"Valstrax!! Valstrax, get over here!! Deku's back!! Oh, you look so well, Izuku! Wait, where did you get that scar on your face?! You didn't have that before!" Asta stomped through the cave and took me over to Valstrax. They were the only two Dragons that I was able to save. Well. Those two and the seven eggs. 

Valstrax was always such a stubborn Dragon. He was quite upset to see just me and not his King. But, both of them understood my situation when I spoke to them about everything that's happened. Astalosa was the first to start crying. Then it was Jet. He's just crying because Asta's crying. Valstrax kept his stern look and turned away from us.

"We need a new King." Valstrax replied.

"What?! But Katsuki has always been our Master! For years!" Astalosa argued.

"Yes, but he isn't here now. We need a new King."

"Okay, then why don't you do it, Valstrax?" I tilted my head and leaned back onto the rock that I had started to like. It was shaped so perfectly that it acted exactly as a couch.

"No. I'm nothing but the Elder. We need a King. And we have one perfect for the job." Valstrax looked away from the wall and back at me. I stared back at him for a few seconds, trying to figure out what he was implying.

"Wait....." I sat up off of the rock and leaned forward. Even Asta was looking at me with the same look that Valstrax had. I could feel Jet grumbling with joy under me. They couldn't possibly be referring to...

"Me?! The Dragon King?!" 

"Happy Birthday." I stared down at Kacchan and tilted my head. "I got a gift for you. Technically, it's a gift for me, but I wanted to do this in front of you. On this day specifically." I ruffled Kacchan's hair then stood up. I dusted myself off before holding up a small baggie. "Voilà."

April 20th. Nearly five months after the incident. I miss his voice. But I could never forget it. Today, I'm going to do a sort of ceremonial thing for him. I don't know why this feels like a funeral, though. "So, you seem to still look the same from the last time you were up. Which is good, that means you're still really hot." I blushed lightly at my own words then pulled the contents out of the small baggie. I held up the small item and smiled at it. The sun was positioned well enough to light up the entire cave, so I could see everything perfectly. Even the small earring in my hand. "I'm gonna wear your other earring. S-Sorry if that's weird. But... you aren't really capable of wearing it... soooo..." Why do I feel like Kacchan is glaring at me?

I sighed heavily then walked over to my backpack. I shuffled through my things and found a small needle in the side pocket of my bag. Is this going to be as painful as when I got the Mark of a King? I looked down at my right tricep and glared at the new mark on my skin. It was the same mark that Kacchan had on him as well. The 'K' on his arm. I now have that same 'K' on mine. This is the Mark of a King for the dragons. They chose me as their new king, even without my damn consent. I really hope that Kacchan won't be angry when he gets up. Well. Whenever he gets up.

I stood up and turned towards Kacchan again. I held up the needle to my ear and sighed shakily. "Let's see... anything I wanna dedicate this too? Uh. Kacchan, I'll take care of this earring from now on... Umm. I'll take care of the Dragons too. And the babies. They're hatching soon. Umm... that's pretty much it." I lowered the needle away for a quick moment. Then... "Happy Birthday." Thrusted it into my earlobe. 

"Who are you?!" It's been six months after the incident. I've done... a lot. I met with Sir Nighteye and told him about the sword, like All Might told me to. Now, I'm the Heir to the throne of Kingdom All Might. I pierced my ear. That hurt. I witnessed the eggs hatch and had to name all of them myself. That was annoying. I've saved the lives of many people in Kingdom All Might and happened to run into Queen Yaoyorozu on the road. The last time I saw her was when I was with Kacchan. She let him into her Kingdom all the time, so I was able to go in as well. Now that I saw her again and told her that I'm the King of the Dragons AND heir to the throne of Kingdom All Might, I have full access into her Kingdom at all times. She's also agreed to not sharing my whereabouts with any other Kingdoms or villages.

Now, I'm being held captive in a weird part of the forest. This cage that I'm being held in is clearly made of sticks, but they seem to be unbreakable. I'm not too far from my sword because I can still use One For All. And this lady standing in front of me has literally been standing there for more than five minutes. I've only been awake for five minutes, so only God knows how long she's really been standing there. "Answer me! I asked who you were!" I grabbed onto the cage and shook it aggressively. All it did was cause me to swing back and forth a little.

"Midoriya Izuku." The lady smiled softly and sat down in the grass below her. A few bunnies hopped out from the bushes and sat all around her.

"I asked who YOU were, not who I was."

"Yes, I am aware. But my identity isn't important at the moment. Your's is." The lady glared at me with her shining, light green eyes and pointed to the right of her. I followed her hand and saw my sword sitting against a tree. "That's All Might's Sword. Guarded by my sister. The Mountain Maiden."

"Oh yeah. That girl. It took me three weeks to beat her. I didn't kill her though."

"I see. That's good. Are you aware of what the Wielder is supposed to do?" The lady looked continued to glare at me and tilted her head. I just tapped my finger against the wood and looked away from her. Honestly, I forgot. Would she be mad about that?

"Uh... save the country?"

"Indeed." Oh, thank god. "Save the country and the mystical creatures that All Might was said to do." All Might didn't fulfill his promise? Weeeaaak. I glared at my sword, knowing that All Might would get the look and looked back the lady.

"You want me to save your people?"

"It's what you are supposed to do."



"Yeah. I'll do it." I gave her a smile and held out my pinkie. "I swear." I was meaning to give her a pinkie promise, but her eyes narrowed onto my arm.

"That mark on your arm. You're the new Dragon King?" Shit. The lady had looked at my arm and spotted the mark. My eyes widened and I quickly pulled my hand away, covering my mark.

"Y-Yeah. I am. What of it?"

"Oh, good. I already have an alliance pact formed with the old Dragon King Katsuki. Therefore, you are now my new contract holder." Suddenly, the cage disassembled and I was falling to the floor. I landed normally and stood up quickly. Kacchan formed an alliance with this girl? I wonder why he never told me about them.

"So... what now?"

"My name is Tokage. I'm the protector of this forest and the creatures within it. A while back, some humans burnt down the area around the Dragon King's home. I'm assuming that a war broke out there? And, no need to worry, I already cleaned up the place."

"Y-Yeah. They sort of... wiped out most of the Dragon Race." I rubbed the back of my neck and slowly walked over to my sword.

"I see. Then please, Midoriya. Protect my people. And the remaining Dragons. And.. I guess your people as well." Tokage turned around and began to walk away.

"H-Hey, what is that supposed to mean?"

"See you soon, my Lord." Tokage waved slowly then disappeared into the trees. I just stood there, staring at where she used to be.


"My lord??"

July 8th. More than seven months since the Incident. 

Kacchan's gone. 


"The Dragon King?!" Queen Yaoyorozu leaned over me and blocked the sunlight from hitting my face. I just continued to stare past her head and counted the specks on the ceiling. I got to thirteen thousand, six hundred, forty-four specks about five minutes ago before realizing that there were too many to count. "Midoriya! Are you even paying attention? Ah.... doesn't look like he is."

"He always does that. He'll stay quiet for thirty straight minutes then mumble the craziest shit ever before going silent again. It's honestly kind of impressive." Jirou paced back and forth behind Yaoyorozu and kept her hands on her hips. Oh. Had I mumbled something again?

"A-ah. Sorry, your majesty. What was it that I said?" I finally tore my eyes away from the ceiling and looked up at Yaoyorozu's face. I was expecting to see her usual disappointed eyes that would always look down upon men, but no. This was a face of...

"I am SO EXCITED!!" Yaoyorozu reached her hand down and aggressively yanked me up off of the floor. My eyes widened at the sudden movement. Yes. Her eyes were shouting in excitement. This is bad. I know how Momo gets when she's excited. She'll blow stuff up, she'll jump off of a cliff, she'll break an arm (despite it being her's or not). "Katsuki is alive and well! Walking around! The Dragon King is back! Oh, no offense, Midoriya. Ugh! But really! We can have late night parties again! We can go hunting on the back of Dragons again! Oohhh, how I missed that bitchy child! Jirou! Jirou, get my horse! We're going to Kingdom of Champions right now!!"

"What!?" Both Jirou and I shouted out in shock.

"W-Wait, Momo! You can't! Bakugo's identity will be exposed!" Jirou placed her hand onto Yaoyorozu's shoulder and gave her a stern look. Thankfully, she said it and I didn't have to.

"Ah. I-....I suppose you're right. Well! Let's prepare then! Tomorrow is someone's very special day~!" Yaoyorozu turned towards me again and gave me a huge grin. She placed me back down onto the floor and spun around, giving orders to her maids as she walked back to the throne. That's right. Tomorrow is a day that involves celebration. Though, it's not really that special. 

It's just my birthday.

Chapter Text

This silence is killing me. Please say something. Please.


Please ...?

I don't think Kirishima took that very well. Actually, who would be able to handle this kind of topic? If the entire country joined forces and decided to kill a Dragon King, and SUCCEEDED. That would be super cool, right? Alright. Now, imagine someone telling you, that they are literally the Dragon King. Which fucking means that the Dragon King... is still alive.

However, Kirishima was staring at me with eyes that I wasn't expecting for. I was expecting a look that showed pure shock. But this look was... like he was trying to analyze me? Like there was a missing piece to this situation.

"No, you're not. You're not the King." Kirishima tilted his head again and gave me a disappointed look. What... What kind of reply is this?! I glared at him and stood up on my feet, feeling anger well up inside of me.

"Uh. Yes. I am."

"No. You're not." Kirishima bit right back. I rolled my eyes dramatically and held my hand up to my face, rubbing it out of annoyance.

"And... what makes you believe that I'm not? Is there any evidence otherwise?" I held my arms out and glared at Kirishima. He was also glaring. Once again, I was not expecting this type of reaction from him. Kirishima held out his arm and spread out his hand, as if he were gesturing to all of me.

"You..." Kirishima squinted his eyes and examined me. Like he was trying to examine me down to the bone. "You don't smell like a Dragon." There's a smell that lingers with Dragons? Oh god, what do we smell like? Dead sheep...? Ashes? I just blinked at him and tilted my head.

"Dragons... smell?"

"You believe you're the Dragon King when you don't even know the smell of your own kind. Okay, how about the language. Can you speak it?" Kirishima stood up off of the bed and clutched the blanket, that was covering his body, close to him. He stepped forward once and lowered his head, looking at me from a lower angle. "Go on. Speak the language."

Well, that's a problem. I know English, Japanese, and SOME french, thanks to that weird sparkly guy from the Bakery downtown. But other than those languages, I don't know anything else. I do remember Deku screaming at the Dragon in a different language. And I understood it completely. It almost felt natural, too! Maybe that was the Dragon Language. Though, It just sounded like growls and a shit ton of throat work to me.

"I... I can't." My comment made Kirishima roll his eyes hard. His eyes probably would have fell out of his sockets if he did it any harder. Kirishima grabbed the blanket from the top of his head and threw it aside carelessly. I hadn't given it much thought as to why he was hiding under that thing in the first place, since I assumed he was just naked or something stupid like that. But once the blanket was completely off of him, I could see two large horns sticking out at the top of his head. And I just stared.

"You can't even speak the damn language?! Bakugo, the Dragon King is supposed to be able to do that. Shit, I've heard rumors of the guy being able to breathe fucking fire! Can you breathe fire?" Kirishima walked up to me and pointed his finger very closely to my face. I backed away from him and felt myself being mentally ripped apart. Can I breathe fire? God, I don't know, I haven't tried!


"No! You can't! I know what you can do and, clearly, you can't! You do not smell like the King, you can't speak like the King, and you don't even remember being him!"

"Yes I do!! I may remember bits and pieces but I know that I am the Dragon King!" I yelled back at Kirishima and felt my throat getting hot. My throat has been doing that a lot recently. Usually when I get worked up, or simply just getting pissed off.

"How can I trust that you're the King? Bakugo, there's no proof that you could give me that would prove that you even were the King." Kirishima gave a small pout and looked down at the floor. He may be right. I have no physical proof of me being the Dragon King.


"Actually, I do. I do have proof that'll make you trust me." Kirishima looked back up at me, obviously wanting to roll his eyes again. I really do wish that I was able to speak the language. But, according to one of Deku's Journals, I was born with the ability to never NEED it in the first place. I can just understand it. And they can understand me. That is not physical proof, however. But I do know what is.

"Oh yeah? Then show me." Kirishima took a couple steps back then crossed his arms. It's pretty hard not to stare at his horns. I sighed heavily and looked down at my shirt. Thinking about this scar is terrifying. It almost killed me. I almost died. And I fucking hate that bitch-ass Prince for it. I grabbed the bottom hem of my shirt and lifted it up. Thoughts of Deku inspecting my body were flooding back through my mind. Now isn't the time to be thinking about that.

I looked up from my scar and up to Kirishima's face. At first, he was confused. I'm sure I've mentioned my scar to him before. But it didn't mean anything before. Now... it should mean at least something to him. This scar means everything to me. But not in the good way...

"That scar..." Kirishima backed another step. I think it got through to him. "Todoroki stabbed the Dragon King right there." He pointed at my scar. Staring at me with wide eyes and small pupils. His finger slowly went up from my scar to my face. "Do you remember how you got that Scar?" Tch. It was my turn to roll my eyes. Fuck, I wish I could forget it, now that I have remembered it.

"Stabbed through the back with a sword by some stupid half-and-half bastard Prince." I gave Kirishima a smirk, showing him that I wasn't afraid of it happening again. Truly, I am not. But I am afraid of dying. I haven't even got to be with Deku yet. Seeing him wasn't enough. But the touch of him will be. And I'll be so fucking pissed if I die before I even get to be with him.

"Bakugo, holy shit." Kirishima dropped his hand back to his side and flopped back down onto his bed, slumping his shoulders. My eyes darted to his back, where I saw small wings popping out from Kirishima. And... why didn't I notice this earlier? What the hell is he..? He certainly isn't human. No fuckin' human I've met got wings and some damn horns. "No way..."

"I know this may be a bad time to ask this... but..." I lowered my shirt and tilted my head again, trying to see Kirishima's face. "What the hell are you?" Kirishima seemed to be worried. His eyes were darting all around the room and he was sweating like a madman. He's nervous.

"I-I can't believe that you're the Dragon King and you seriously can't tell what I am." Kirishima looked up at me and exhaled loudly. Slowly, he stood up off of the bed and walked over to me. Now that Kirishima had gotten closer, I could tell that his eyes were DEFINITELY glowing. It was quite alarming. Then, the room was covered in red smoke. It happened all too suddenly. I tried to swat away the smoke, but it had already gotten into my lungs. I coughed loudly and shut my eyes, feeling my throat burn a little. 

A gust of wind hit my face. It was hot. I backed off one step then opened one eye. At first... I couldn't understand what I was looking at. I couldn't even see Kirishima anymore. There was something... big... in the way. I slowly let my eyes follow up the large figure. My eyes met with other eyes. Larger... scarier... eyes.


I'm gonna scream.

"Don't scream!!" The voice boomed throughout the room loudly, making me scream anyways. A large claw lifted up into the air and slammed on top of me. My body was pinned against the ground by this claw. That did get me to stop screaming... but now I'm just scared out of my fucking mind. "God, Bakubro. Does he really still think that he's the dragon king even after seeing this?" Kirishima? This big ass thing was Kirishima?!

"K-Kirishima?? Wha... what the fuck?! Why are you a Dragon?!" Kirishima lowered his head and blew steam onto my face again, making me scrunch my nose. He was growling. The smell of a Dragon's breathe... it feels nostalgic. 

"'Why am I a Dragon'... even the Dragon King would know that by now. I might have to kill him after showing him those form-"

"NO NO NO NO NO DON'T KILL ME, YOU STUPID ASS IDIOT!!" I started smacking Kirishima's claw, in an attempt to get him off of me. Kirishima's growls stopped. The room grew quiet. The air is thick with awkwardness. 

"Wha-... what did you just say?" Kirishima tilted his head and made a shocked expression. 

"I said... DO NOT. KILL ME! ARE YOUR SMALL ASS DRAGON EARS NOT WORKING OR SOME SHIT?!" I spat angrily at Kirishima, feeling my palms burn from anger. 


"YEAH, I CAN! YOU FUCK-NUGGET!!" Deku wrote in his Journal that I called him a Fuck-Nugget one time during an argument. I thought that was appropriate for this situation. 

"Wait, why can I understand you? You're just speaking... English..." Kirishima had every right to be confused about that. I was just as confused, too! Deku described one of my abilities as 'Dragon's Tongue.' I think? I can't remember that stuff too well at the moment.

"You can understand me because I'm the fucking Dragon King. Now turn back to normal and get the fuck off of me." I shot my meanest glare at him and punched his claw one more time. Kirishima seemed to shrink away a bit from my voice. 

More smoke appeared in the room all too suddenly, causing me to cough again. Once the smoke cleared, I could see Kirishima again. He was just leaning over me with one of his arms on my chest. Basically the same position he was in before when he was in Dragon Form. I just stared up at him and cocked an eyebrow. How long is he going to stare at me for?

I was about to ask this idiot if he was going to get off of me anytime soon, but then I felt something hit my face. I blinked from the sudden impact and left one of my eyes open. Kirishima was... crying? "Oi, Oi... why the hell are you- AGH!!" Kirishima wrapped his arms around me and squeezed tightly. 

"Mr. Dragon King! I am SOOO HAPPY that you're alive! I can finally go live with the others! I've wanted to be a normal Dragon for SO LONG! But I could never get to your Kingdom! I was always kept under extreme supervision and was never allowed to do ANYTHING!" The longer he hugged me, the tighter he gripped. I choked out his names a few times, but he seriously couldn't hear me. I let Kirishima cry for a few more seconds, hoping that he would let go eventually. Thankfully, he did. He let me go and stood up off of the ground. "S-Sorry about that, Baku-... I mean..." Kirishima didn't finish saying my name. He hummed for a few seconds then snapped his fingers, showing a face of realization. "Master! I can I call you Master?!" No. No.


























"You've been getting angrier, your majesty."

"Please, just say Bakugo. Or something else! God, that shitty nickname 'Bakubro' was better than this shit." 

"But you're blushing!"

"That's because it's disgusting AND embarrassing!" Last night, I confessed my real identity to Kirishima. The King of the third Kingdom in the country. Last night, Kirishima confessed his real identity to me. He's a fucking half-breed Dragon. But, nothing will compare to me finding out MY real identity. 

Basically, to sum it all up. Both Kirishima and I are INSANELY wanted and illegal. Kirishima told me that he would keep my secret, thankfully. But... that was all that I was able to tell him. I couldn't tell him more. I couldn't tell him about Deku. And I know that I have to tell him. Ugh. My head hurts from all this stress.

"Hey. Hey. Master Bakugo." ohmyfuckinggod.

"KiriSHIMA." I turned around and shot my angriest glare at him. But he was just smiling at me... like he was planning some crazy shit. "Why do you have that look on your face...?" I took one step back. Being too close to him while he has that face is fucking dangerous. He's a hugger after all. 

"I'm just... so glad that we shared secrets. It made me so happy. Thank you." Ugh. Affection. Disgusting. Well, it's only gross 'cuz it's coming from him. I spun back around and kept walking.

 We were walking through the town-square again. Children passed by, flaunting their quirks, or just playing tag. Shop Keepers hollering discounts and new items being sold. I've grown used to the way things work here. Though, it's not like I ever actually new how things worked in Kingdoms in the first place. Maybe I did at once. Sometime in the past. Like teaching Deku how to pick-pocket. I was good at that? That's cool. It would be cooler if I could remember what pick-pocketing was. 

I wonder when the next time I see Deku will be? Where it will be, how it will feel, and what we'll talk about. Would I be able to compliment how nice his hair looks now? I mean, yeah, he could use a haircut. But it's cute on him. Or... maybe it was only cute because it was dark. 

Oh shit, it really was dark when I last saw Deku. What if his hair looks gross in the daylight? What if... what if he thinks the same towards me? What if he thinks I looked ugly as shit now and doesn't want to be with me anymore? Is that why he socked me?? Is that why he left me???

"God, I don't even know Deku that well and I already can't stop thinking about him. And honestly? I'm actually GLAD he socked me in the face that night. I'd let that fucker sock me another five hundred times."

"What..?" Kirishima's voice rose out again from behind me.

"I said... that I'd let that green, bushy-haired fucker sock me. Another FIVE HUNDRED TIMES. I'd MARRY HIM TOO!" I spun around and threw my arms up in the air angrily. Kirishima took five big steps back and stared at me weirdly. "Actually, his voice was weirdly deeper than I remembered as well. His eyes glowed when there was no light around us! And he was TALLER. TALLER, KIRISHIMA." 

"Y-Yeah... I heard you the first time-" 

"NOT ONLY THAT!!" I stepped over to Kirishima, causing him to nearly tip over his own feet. "He was fucking STRONG. FAST. He was able to jump onto the top of different trees effortlessly. And hold on to me the whole time! Dude, it was so cool. Fuck, I wish you could have seen him."

"Hey, Bakubro." Kirishima glared at me and adjusted his wrist plates. "You have never told me who Deku was. All I know is that he has green hair and that you're head-over-heels for him. Are you ever gonna tell me who this guy was?" Kirishima walked past me again and continued on his way. 

"Well... you know him." I followed after Kirishima and bit back a smirk. Kirishima looked over his shoulder to stare at me. He was already in denial.


"Yeah. You've met him. You were friends. Not as close of friends as Uraraka was." And with this. Kirishima's eyes showed confusion. God, that makes me wanna laugh so bad. I just scoffed and looked down at the floor. 

"I can only think of one friend that I had with green hair. Well, there's Tsuyu, but she's a girl. All I know is Midoriy-" Then Kirishima gasped loudly. Hearing Deku's actual name feels wrong. He should never be called that, in my opinion. Ah. Izuku is still cute, though. "WAIT A MINUTE." Kirishima stopped dead in his tracks and spun around, looking at me once again. "You had always paid attention to conversations that involved Midoriya. Midoriya disappeared with the Dragon King... ah!! YOU FUCKING KIDNAPPED MIDORI-" I rushed forward and slammed my hand over Kirishima's mouth, letting out small explosions. 

"Hey, keep it down, will ya?" Kirishima nodded violently and held up his hand. Probably means that he swears to be quiet or something like that. Once I let go of his face, he start rambling on about how all the pieces fit together. How everything makes sense. To me, nothing makes sense! There's so many questions that I have that only Deku can answer. And I have no fucking clue where he is! 

"Hey. So... you're in love with Midoriya?" Kirishima stopped rambling once we got to a cake stand. He quickly bought a cake as I assembled my thoughts. 

"Uh, yeah. I am. I really... need him." Kirishima thanked the stand owner and turned back to me, guiding me into an alley.

"Okay then. Let's stop here." Kirishima leaned against the opposite wall from me and began to chow down on his cake. "You've known that Deku was Midoriya, right?" 

"Yeah. That Half-and-Half bitch kind of gave me hints that made me put those pieces together." I decided to lean against the wall next to me, so I could look directly at Kirishima. Nice. Two scary looking dudes hanging out in an alley. Accept one is eating cake...

"So, that would mean that, by the time we went to go visit Inko..." I nodded to him before he could finish. I knew what he was going to ask, anyways. "You knew who she was?!"

"And she knew who I was."

"Huh?!?!" Kirishima nearly choked on his cake. I could tell because he gagged a little after shouting.

"She showed me Deku's journals and said that even she doesn't know where he is. The damn bastard's been hiding since I've been out." Kirishima wiped the corner of his mouth and nodded slowly, taking another bite of his cake. "I...I want to be with him. There's this weird feeling that I keep having that MAKES me want to be with him. A-And the other dragons! M-My family... they were... I don't even know if they're alive." I felt my heart go cold. I remember throwing a huge tantrum after hearing that they had killed my entire family. Had I not realized this before...? What caused me to completely bypass the thought of losing my family...? And Deku... his cries for Mizu. Mizutsune. Multiple names began flooding into my head. But they were fuzzy. One name screams Asta... but I cannot remember. Deku's crying face came back into my mind. That face he made. I was also reminded why Todoroki deserved to fucking die. 

"Bakugo." Kirishima flicked my head softly and glared up at me. He was leaning forward and ducked down in order to see my face. I get I had lowered my head at one point. I looked back up at Kirishima and felt something cold again. This time, on my face. "Stop crying." Aww, shit. I wiped my tears quickly and groaned. Crying is so fucking weak. 

Kirishima stared at me for a few seconds. The space between his eyebrows scrunching. He was thinking. Harder than usual. "Hey. I have an idea. But it means coming out of hiding." I tilted my head and pushed myself off of the wall to stand up straight. 

"If the plan ain't that bad, then I'm willing to hear it." 

"Midoriya's birthday is in three days." Kirishima smirked and waved his frosted fork in front of my face. My eyes shot open. Wide. I could feel my eyes threatening to pop out of my face.

"What?! B-Birthday?? That thing you told me about?? W-When people are born and every year they celebrate that same day? Just for that person???" My insides were jumping in joy. Wow. Why am I so... excited...?

"Oh my gosh, that was a cute reaction, Bakugo!"


"Okay okay! Cool down, you're staring to sound like a rapper."

"A what-"

"But yes. What you said is EXACTLY what a birthday is. Midoriya is turning 18. He'll finally be able to go into Brothels. And he could drink too!"

"Stop mentioning things I don't know about or I'll keep asking fucking questions. Now, what does his birthday have to do with your plan?" I felt impatience growing inside of me. I guess you can say that Kirishima knows exactly how to get my attention. 

"His mom. She would definitely know where he is, right? From what you're telling me, it sounds like she's always known Midoriya was alive." Kirishima finished his cake and began to scrape the frosting off of the small platter. Kirishima still doesn't know that Inko TOTALLY knew about Deku's whereabouts. I guess it'd be okay to tell him.

"Not only that but... she's also seen him. A couple of times." 

"Eh?!?! Seriously?? So, those tears were fake?" Kirishima bit onto his fork in an anxious manner. I couldn't fight back a smirk.


"Aaahhh, that sneaky woman." Kirishima tapped his foot and giggled. "This means my plan is perfect." Again, my interest has peaked. I nodded and gestured to make him keep talking. "Inko would for sure know where he son is going to be on his birthday. So..." Before Kirishima could finish, I clapped my hands together and pointed at him. Holding a big smile on my face.

"Inko would tell us where he is and I could go see him!!"

"Spot on, Bakugo." Kirishima threw his things into a trash bin beside him and smiled. "Shall we go then?" 

"Are you serious? You could leave with me? Right now?" Kirishima nodded and pointed at his crown.

"Uh, hello...? King here. I can do whatever I want."

"And an idiot like you should never be given that kind of power." We both snickered with each other and made our way out of the cave. Thanks to my idiot friend, I may be able to find Deku... and be with him without distractions. 



















(Rest of Chapter in Third Person)










"Tell me. Why you failed to kill Kirishima and his friends. When they were completely wide open. No protection. We could have completely owned their Kingdom. We could have had even more! We could have... learned something about Izuku." The King was angry. The League of Villains stood quietly on the balcony of King Todoroki's room. Shigaraki glared at Shoto with bored eyes. He thought... 'this guy is literally still a child'. Dabi stared with aggravated eyes. He thought 'who put this bitch on the throne'. Toga sat on the edge of the balcony and let her feet dangle off of the edge. She was smiling and humming. She thought 'Izuku? is he talking about that really pretty, green haired kid?' Twice was dangling upside down, keeping his shit together. He was thinking about various different things.

"We failed. Because that fucking brat-" Shigaraki was about to say it. That Midoriya was the one who stopped them. Again. But a scarred hand was pressed against his chest. Dabi. His cold stare was the only thing on this disgusting planet that could actually make him calm down. There was also cats. Cats calm him down. But there's no cats here, so Dabi will have to do. 

"What...?" Todoroki, who was sitting on a chair in the middle of his room, coldly spoke to the villains in front of him. The moonlight shined through the open doors and barely lit up Todoroki. You could see that he was furious. Dabi thought that Shigaraki was incapable of speaking at the moment, since his childish ways were enough to fuck up their entire plan. So, Dabi spoke. 

"What boss here is trying to say, is that little red-haired King is actually quite difficult to kill. We need better plans. Why don't we just capture your little boyfriend's mom and lure him-"

"You will NOT touch Midoriya Inko!!! Do that and I will tear all of your heads off. With my own hands." Todoroki stood up off of his chair and slowly walked over to the villains. But... were they truly the villains? Shigaraki felt like a pawn for the King. Everyone were pawns to the King. None felt like they were more useful than pawns. One day, Shigaraki swears to kill both Todoroki AND that green haired bitch. "Now... get out. Obviously, you can't handle simple tasks. Tomorrow, please observe the outside of Kirishima's castle. If he leaves, follow him. If any of his royal guard leave, capture them. I want them all to suffer. None of them brought me Izuku back. So, why should they be able to go back to their loved ones? God, I hate playing nice with them."

Toga remembered it clearly. When Todoroki first began to be this way. It was merely after a week since he destroyed the Dragon Race. He had not heard from Midoriya. Toga also remembers the darkness of her cell being lit up by the light coming from the open door in front of her. She had been given orders. She had been released out of her cell. So has her friends Shiggy, Dabi, and Twice. The other pals that Shiggy has, like Kurogiri and Compress, had gotten away, so they were never captured. Toga remembered that Todoroki was a normal tainted human before. Also, the type of ruler that did such grossly nice things. But now, he was like them. Just like Shiggy. No. He was different. He was, in a sense, worse. 

"As you wish, your majesty." Shigaraki spat out the words 'your majesty' and spun on his heel. He shoved past Dabi and uttered a 'let's go', before jumping off the balcony. Twice jumped after, then Toga. Dabi glared at Todoroki for a few more seconds before speaking.

"Fix your shit, Shoto. Stop acting like a little bitch and get over him already. That kid's dead." Dabi spoke to Shoto, knowing that his brother needed to be told off eventually. Shoto held up his right hand and threatened to spill his ice out. Dabi could already feel the cold air filling the room. Or maybe that was just the tension he felt. 

"Get. Out. Touya." Shoto glared at Dabi for only a second, before looking back at the floor. Dabi rolled his eyes dramatically and clicked his tongue. He though, 'Ah, not use. This kid's a mess.' Dabi shoved his hands into his pockets and walked over to the balcony, jumping off backwards to flip Shoto off as he fell. 

Dabi fell into a black abyss and was spit back out into the forest. Kurogiri's only use was to transport them around. When that first happened, Dabi was quite confused when he all of a sudden couldn't see the earth. Who wouldn't be? Dabi walked over to Shigaraki, who was scratching at his neck anxiously. The whole squad knew when Shigaraki was anxious, upset, happy, or pissed by the way he scratches his neck. Well. Dabi HOPED that he wasn't the only one who could tell. Shigaraki turned to his team and narrowed his eyes. He had something to complain about, Dabi could feel it.

"Why can't we just tell him that his annoying little bastard his running around freely and actually BREATHING??" Shigaraki touched a tree beside him and made it disintegrate in merely a second. He's getting good at that. 

"If we tell him that Midoriya is alive, then we will literally have to capture him and turn him in. IF we ever capture him. AND when we DO, we'll be thrown back into the cells again. We only have one purpose as of now. To help that kid rule the country." Dabi explained this to Shigaraki, who groaned heavily. Shigaraki did not want to accept this, but it was true. Telling the King meant giving up their freedom. For now, they'll just have to cooperate. 



Shoto sat in his room by himself, staring at his calendar. A small dagger was stabbed into a certain day. Four days away from the current day. Shoto's eyes watered at the sight. He swore that he would celebrate that day. No one else would. No. It had to be him. Shoto took a long breathe in and spoke quietly.

"Your birthday... it's coming up... isn't it?" 

Chapter Text

"Hey Bakugo! Wear this!" Ashido ran out of Kirishima's closet, holding up a vibrant red shirt. Sero had been in her way, but that didn't stop her from showing it to me. He had nearly dropped all the garments he was holding because of her. 

"Aaahh! Mina! Chill out!" Sero crouched down and picked up a blue shirt off of the floor, muttering complaints under his breath.

"Bitch! Don't tell me to calm down when there's an emergency at hand! We must dress this man to impress!" Ashido threw the shirt behind her and gestured towards me dramatically. Sero just gave her a face that could only be described as sarcastic interest. Which means that he doesn't care at all. Sero just nodded slowly and dropped all the shirts in his arms. "Ah! Babe, you dropped Eijiro's shirts..." Ashido bent over and proceeded to pick up all of the shirts. 

"Why doesn't Bakugo just choose what to wear himself? I mean... I know Kiri told us to help, but he ain't a four year old. He's... how old are you again?" Sero looked away from his girlfriend and turned to me, holding his hand out in a questionable manner.

"I don't know." I gave him a small smirk and winked.

"Of course you don't, you amnesiac bastard." Sero groaned and slumped down in the sofa chair behind him, where even more shirts were being piled up. Ashido went back into the closet, leaving from my sight. 

About an hour ago, Kirishima decided that we should go speak with Deku's mom again. It would be different this time, since Kirishima was told pretty much everything. I should work on keeping my mouth shut. I was actually a little happy that this idiot wanted to help me so badly. But I'm pretty sure that it has something to do with me being his King or whatever. Must be some sort of weird attachment all dragons got. I mean, maybe that's why I'm so attached to Deku. 

Anyways, because of that, Kirishima wanted to come back to the castle to bag essentials for the trip. When we got here, he had found out that we both had no idea how long we would be gone for. Thus, he decided to grab, at most, a week's worth of things. Kirishima had to tell his squad what was going on, but... lie about the entire reason. 

As of now, his friends believe that we're dropping by every Kingdom for a small visit. I didn't think that excuse was gonna work at all. But it DID. Ashido was the first to freak out, obviously. She started yelling about 'Road Trips' and 'Kingdom Raiding'? At first, I was worried. It really sounded like she wanted to go. Thankfully, Kirishima caught on and told her that he was only bringing me. He wanted to try to expand my memories by hitting all Kingdoms in the process.

This excuse also worked. 

Now, I'm standing in Kirishima's bedroom, waiting for him to get back from wherever he went with Kaminari. Ashido demanded that Sero helped her pack Kirishima's clothes, including mine. I don't think I had cared a lot about what I used to wear. From my memories, I can vaguely remember not wearing a shirt at all. It must have been really comfortable if I actually didn't  want to wear a shirt. I did wear a cape, though. 

"Oh, THIS. THIS... IS... PERFECT...." Ashido's voice sounded evil and sly. It sounds like she found something for me to wear. Ashido runs out of the closet, one hand holding up a long sleeved, skin-tight, black shirt. The other hand holding up a sort of over coat that had no sleeves and a fluffy hood. Ashido must like fluffy things. "Look!! Bakugo has fluffy hair, so this sleeveless coat would look great on him! And his muscles would tone this under shirt so well..."

"Aahhh! Can you not talk about another man's muscles?!" Sero stood up and yanked the clothes out of Ashido's hands. "Here, take it." He then walked over to me and shoved them onto my chest. "Put them on and wait out in the hall, I got the rest of your clothes covered." Sero was clearly jealous. I rolled my eyes and exhaled lowly. His jealously still didn't give him the right to act all bitchy. Ashido threw a pair of jeans at me, which I caught without paying any attention to them. Once I got all my clothes on, I left the room and walked out into the hall.

"Oh... excuse me, Sir Bakugo." I heard a small voice from behind me call me 'Sir'. That made me fucking grin. I slowly turned around and saw my normal maid that helps me around here. She was also the first maid to show me to my room when I first got here.

"Hello, Yanagi." I gave her a small smile and crossed my arms. She's never really had to approach me before, since she just cleans my room and leaves my food on a cart for me. Man, she's nice. "Uh... thanks. By the way... for the... hospitality?" I'm still working on my thanks to people. Cut me some fucking slack. I used to just glare their way and not even thank them. 

"No worries, Sir. King Kirishima wishes to see you at the front castle gate now. May I escort you there?" Yanagi walked past me and slowly started ahead. I didn't even get to say Yes, she just started leading me. Ah, whatever. 







"Please please please please don't be too long, alright?!" Kaminari was practically crying a river's worth of water. He's been shaking Kirishima and sobbing for the past twenty minutes since we got here. Kirishima just gestured to me, telling me to wait a bit longer. Which I already knew, so I just shot him a glare and sat down on the bench. Yanagi had led me here and bowed a 'farewell' before leaving to retrieve my things from Sero and Ashido. 

I hope that we won't be gone for too long. If I could, I would leave for days... even weeks! But, since Kirishima is coming with me, I'll have a short amount of time to find Deku. It takes a day to walk to Inko's place. And we'll need to find a place where we can sleep during the night. And after that, who knows which direction Inko will send us towards. Inko could tell us that Deku is trapped in a large castle on the top of a mountain in the west, where a dragon would be protecting. Or, maybe Deku has been the hooded hero, going around and saving people. Never leaving his trace behind. 

Wow, I really am putting this little shit on a high pedestal. 

"Baku-bro!" Ugh. Kirishima seemed to be done with Kaminari. He had a slight hint of blush in his cheeks. Being here for two weeks has given me enough exposure to this asshole to know shit about him. Kirishima sauntered over to me and held up a large green bag. "This is your stuff. I had it prepared for you." I nodded and took the bag out of his hands. Actually, most of this shit isn't even 'my stuff'.  Half of it is Kirishima's old clothes and the rest is things him and his friends gave me. I don't... really need any of this. The Dragon King never needed clothes! Right..? 

"Are we heading out soon? The sooner the better, right? Or whatever the fuck that saying was..." I heard some shit like that from Kendo. I checked out one of the books from the Library and forgot to check it in a few days ago. I told her that I would be leaving soon, so I might not even get to turn it in. That's when she said that. 

"Yeah. I just had to get Denki off of me, so I could actually leave without being followed." Kirishima turned around and shoo'd away his friends, who seemed to be staring at us from the castle entrance.

"How are you so sure that you ain't gonna be followed?" I gave Kirishima a cunning smirk and shoved past him. This got me a groan from the other man and a punch to the back. 

"Don't kid around like that, bro. I really want to have a stress-free road trip with the actual Dragon King!" I blinked a few times at this and turned to him. Giving him a stare that I hoped was obvious to read. "W-What...?"

"What makes you think that a trip with the fucking Dragon King is going to be stress-free?" I tilted my head and glared at him. 

"Ah. Fair point. Let's just head out already. Another second here, and I just might bring Denki with me." 

"Fuck that. We're leaving." 

















"Why... are you half human?" I've been wondering this since last night. Why would he be human and a dragon. How is that possible? How is that even.... I mean. How is the intercourse even possible?! I carefully stepped over some flowers that had grown in the walkway through the woods. We've been walking for a long-ass time now. If I can remember, Inko's house should be a couple hours away from here. 

"Ah. It's a stupidly long story, really." Kirishima hopped over the same flowers I dodged and rubbed the back of his neck. I rolled my eyes and sighed quietly, spinning around to walk backwards so I could face him. 

"Then make it stupidly short, dumbass." I threw my bag over my shoulder and held it there, minimizing the weight of the bag a little.

"Mmm. Okay. Sooo..." Kirishima sped up a little to walk beside me and turned away, making it look as if he didn't want me to see his face. 

"Hurry it up." 

"I wasn't always half Dragon and half Human. God, I wish I were one or the other. Being both is a pain in the neck." I looked up at the sky and stared at the pink and blue clouds, waiting for him to go on. "Aahh... I was born a regular Dragon. I lived in the volcano that's east from the mountain range near Kingdom All Might. I don't remember having a family or anything like that. I probably did! But if that was the case, they were long gone before I could remember."


"Yeah. But it doesn't matter, I have a family now."

"Oh yeah? Who?" I looked away from the sky and back down to Kirishima. When I did catch a glimpse of Kirishima's face, I could see a large grin. 

"Kaminari... Sero... Ashido... Aizawa-sensei... and you!" Kirishima finally looked at me and smiled. I blinked a few times and felt my face getting warm.


"Haha! Okay, back to my story." I rolled my eyes, once again, and glared at the path in front of me. Subconsciously dodging the flowers on the floor. "I remember the day that I was growing curious of the things that were beyond the volcano. So, yeah, I crawled my way down the volcano and found out that there were more colors than just red and black." At this, Kirishima laughed. It was a small laugh, however. 

"What did you even eat while you were up there?" I darted my eyes back to Kirishima, without really turning my head, and scrunched my nose a little. 

"Magma rocks! Ah, I haven't eaten one of those in so long..." Kirishima looked forward at the path and drooled a little. 

"What the fuck, man..." I felt the disgust beaming off my face.

"Don't sound so disappointed! I'm a fire-type."

"Sounds more like a lava-type." 

"Whatever! Anyways. When I got to the bottom, I grew fond of apples. And apples were the only things I ate back then!" Kirishima jogged over to one of the oak trees beside us and hopped up, yanking an apple out of the tree. 

"What kind of Dragon eats fucking fruits...? Why apples? There's animals, y'know." I held out my hand and muttered 'toss me one'. Kirishima bit into his apple and picked one for me too, throwing it over to me after.

"Apples are red! Most of the time. And I was familiar with red things. Anything that wasn't red at the time was reaaally new to me. So I tried to avoid them." I looked at the apple that Kirishima had thrown to me and felt a small smile tug at the corner of my lips. That actually sounded kind of... cute? In a way? A menacing Dragon... that only ate apples. 

"Tch, pussy." 

"Bakugo..." Kirishima frowned at me, causing me to let out a cackle. "You're such a jerk now. Okay, so, I remember... meeting this frog who-"

"A frog?"

"A frog. The frog was super cool. Small. And never stopped visiting me. There were days where I had to walk a little far to find apples in different trees, since I had eaten all the others."


"Baku-... nevermind. Okay, so skipping a bunch of stuff, one day I was chilling with a bunny family. And the frog comes hopping over to me. Then... at that moment... the frog turned into a girl."

"Woaahh... wait a fuckin' minute, a girl??" I stopped walking and tapped my foot rapidly, chucking the apple core into the trees behind me.

"Yeah!" Kirishima stopped with me and turned his whole body towards me. "She turned into a short girl with long green hair. Then she told me..." Kirishima chewed on the last bit of his apple and leaned closer to me. Is it shameful to admit that I was actually super interested in this bitch's story? "You don't act like a Dragon at all!" 

"The fuck does she know 'bout Dragons..."

"Exactly my thought, but less Bakugo." I grunted quietly and continued forward, gesturing to Kirishima to follow. "The girl gave me a huge lecture on how I was the first Dragon she had seen that doesn't harm any life whatsoever."

"Of course. You were playing with fucking bunnies and living off of apples." 

"The Frog girl told me she was a Witch and wanted to give me a gift because of my good nature." I wanted to question more, but I just let him talk. "The gift should be obvious at this point. She gave me the power to be human whenever I pleased. Sadly, becoming human has made me gain cravings for a ton of shit that involved animal. Like Hot Dogs! Mmmmmmm...." I scoffed and shook my head a little. 

"Have you seen this Frog Bitch lately?"

"Frog Witch! And... no. I haven't seen her since the day she turned me into a human. Anyways, she told me to go to the Kingdom of Champions and I just sort of... cheated my way to royalty." Yep, Kirishima definitely did that. With him being half Dragon and all. "It sucked at first, since I could feel heat as a human. Dragon me doesn't feel any heat at all! And! I get cold easy. I sleep with a ton of blankets during the winter." As Kirishima complained about being human, I thought mostly of what he had first complained about. Heat. I remember being in Inko's house and grabbing cookies, that had been in the oven a couple seconds before, without feeling any pain at all. That makes me want to... test it out. Maybe... jumping into lava? No, I don't know how much heat I can take. That could kill me if I can't actually take that much heat. 

"Let's just hurry it up, Shitty Dragon. I'm sick of walking." I shook the thoughts of burning myself out of my head. I'll save those tests for another time. I sped up my pace and left Kirishima behind.

"Ah! Bakugo, wait! Do you really think I'm that bad of a Dragon?" 















And here we are. Back in front of Inko's small cottage. It was somewhat dark now. The sun was barely peeking out from the horizon. My eyes slowly gazed down at the weeds that had grown back and up to the smoke coming from the stone chimney. I inhaled slowly, taking in the scent of whatever was cooking on the inside of the house. I scrunched my nose a little and turned away from the cottage. 

"Lemon...?" I uttered quietly and tried to think of what she could be making that involves lemon. Kirishima turned to me and raised an eyebrow. 

"Huh? What did you say?" Kirishima leaned forward and looked up at me. I just shook my head and turned away. 

"Nothing. Go knock." 

"What?! No. You go knock. Midoriya-san would definitely feel more comfortable with you, wouldn't she?" Kirishima took one step back and pointed at the front door. I glared at him and took one step back as well.

"Haaahhh?! The fuck I am! You go do it." I crossed my arms and gave him a stare that was enough to yell 'I'm stubborn'. 

"Bakubro..." Kirishima pouted and clapped his hands together, slightly bowing his head. "Please? I don't even know how to speak to her now, knowing as much as I do..." Then, a small bubbly laugh came from behind the both of us. Before, I probably would have replied with a scared reaction. Now? I spun around and held up my hand, preparing to blast the shit out of whatever was behind us. But as soon as I saw Inko, the explosion seemed to just die out. I felt my eyes widen as I stumbled back a little.

"Ah.... sup, Auntie." I gave her a nervous smile and slowly lowered my hand. Kirishima had his hand on the handle of his blade. He looked like he would have threatened her with it, if he didn't recognize her any sooner. 

"Hello, Katsuki. My my, you have not called me that in such a long time. And hello, Kirishima." Inko gave us a gentle smile that warmed my heart. It seriously reminded me of Deku. I turned away from her and stared at the weeds on the floor mindlessly. 

"M-Midoriya-san! Hello! Sorry to disturb you, once again." Kirishima was bowing, I can just feel it. 

"No worries, deary. Why don't you two come inside? The pound cake should almost be finished!"

"Lemon?" I looked down at my feet and gently kicked at a pebble that had rested in front of me.

"Sharp nose as always, Katsuki." I could feel the cunning attitude crawl on my back. She's good at making you feel smaller than her. "Go go! Inside!" Inko had pushed us both gently, causing us to hurry inside the cottage. Once I was in, the scent of lemon hit me in the face harshly. I scrunched my nose a little and sighed. Inko walked past me with a smirk on her face, turning into the kitchen. Kirishima quietly took off his boots and set them outside. He gave me a nervous look and slowly followed after her. 

"Thank you for letting us in... umm. We have something to discuss with you-"

"Quit it, Kirishima. Auntie already knows." I rolled my eyes and looked around her living room, seeing if anything would spark up a memory. I could hear Kirishima whisper 'what?'  to me. 

"Indeed I do, Kirishima. The old protector of the Volcano." Oooh, fancy name. I smirked and sat on her couch, slouching dramatically. "Katsuki, can you take the cake out of the oven? It's finished." Aaannndd just when I decided to rest, too. I complied with Inko, knowing that she's scary if I don't, and stepped over to the kitchen. Kirishima was still standing there, insanely confused. 

"Get that look off your face Kirishima. And could you please explain what's going on to him? He was gifted with a small human brain. And Dragons do have small brains as well." I grinned mischievously and shoved my hand into the oven, grabbing the cake pan. 

"B-Bakugo!!" Kirishima's face flushed with fear and embarrassment. 

"Do not worry, Kirishima. I know that Katsuki was the Dragon King. You should know that too, right?" Inko grabbed a few apples from a basket she has on the counter and began to slice them. "You are a Dragon as well. But your body is in the form of a human. A spell that only witch's can cast. A spell that only Grand Witches can teach. Tell me. Which one of my underlings did this to you?" Oh, shit, man. Inko is so cool. I walked over to her and held out the cake to her. She just raised her eyebrow at me and smirked. The pan then floated out of my hand and rested on the counter beside her. Once I looked back to Kirishima, he looked even more confused than before. Poor little shit. 

"I-... how do you know so much?! And how are you okay with this?!" Kirishima used his left hand to point at Inko and his right to point at me. I just shrugged and lazily walked over to the small dining table in the corner of the room. Inko laughed quietly and began to place the chopped apples in a glass bowl. 

"I am the Grand Witch of the Four Kingdoms, Inko Midoriya. But... people normally see me as the sad lady who lost her son." Inko gave a fake frown, but quickly smiled after. "Witches are very sharp. But they cannot read minds.... unless they want to." Inko winked at Kirishima, who quickly shielded his head with his arms. "Now... what Witch did this to you?" Inko set the apples down on the table then walked back over to her cake. Kirishima flopped down onto a chair beside me and grabbed an apple slice out of the bowl. 

"I don't know her name. She just... well. She was a frog all the time and had green hair as a girl-" Suddenly, Inko slammed her knife into the counter and smiled widely at Kirishima.

"Asui!! My first student!! I knew it was her. I could feel her magic coming off of you like perfume!" Inko laughed to herself and began speaking about how she hasn't seen her in years. I like watching Inko. I felt a weird sort of attraction to her, but it's not the same as what I feel for Deku. This feels... sort of like what I feel when I watch Kirishima and his friends mess around during the night time. And if I can remember... this feeling is what I had toward my old Dragon family. Ah... so it's a feeling... of family. 

"Midoriya-san. Sorry to interrupt, but...." Kirishima was the one to break Inko out of her rambling. Something her and Deku also had in common. "Do you know where Izuku will be on his Birthday?" Inko sighed heavily and nodded. Kirishima smiled brightly then turned to me. His smile was really making me want to smile. Don't smile. Don't smile. Don't smile. 

"That little...." Inko sighed. "Izuku decided to celebrate his Birthday away from me this year. Something about 'people wanting to come over here' on that day. He may be right! So, he's off with some friends right now." 

"What fucking friends?! That bitch wants to celebrate his fucking birthday with some extras that don't even matter? Ahhh, that little shitty-"

"Bakugo!!" Kirishima pressed his hand onto my chest and looked up at me with worried eyes. For some reason, I had stood up sometime during my rant. "Don't say those kind of things in front of-"

"No no, Kirishima. It's really okay. You should have seen him before his incident." Inko laughed quietly once again, causing me to roll my eyes. 

"How long have you two known each other for...?" Kirishima looked quite shocked that Inko didn't care about my language. I'm actually quite relieved myself. 

"A little over a year now. The first time I met Katsuki was quite adorable. Do you remember, Katsuki?" Inko walked over to a small box and opened it. There seemed to be ice coating the inside of it. She pulled out a small container and walked back over to the counter.

"Nah. I don't remember much. Just the worst things that I could have remembered." I rolled my eyes and sat back down, slouching again. 

"When I met Katsuki, he was hiding behind a tree I had just grown in the front lawn!" Oh no, please don't be an embarrassing story. I groaned quietly and grabbed a handful of apple slices, munching on them angrily. "He had followed my little Izuku home and demanded to let him into our castle. Of course, at the time, I wasn't hiding my home, so he was able to see the big house behind my small cottage-"

"Wait wait, what house??" Kirishima stood up out of his chair and quickly walked outside. Inko turned to me and gave me another smile. I can't look at her for even a second without feeling the need to see Deku. "HOLY CRAP, THERE'S A HUGE HOUSE BEHIND THIS ONE!!" I scoffed at Kirishima's shock and stood up as well. 

"I don't remember how it looks. I'm gonna go check it out." I gave Inko a small bow and stepped outside, walking down the porch steps. Kirishima was standing far away from Inko's lawn. Maybe the house was really that big. Once I got to where Kirishima was, I spun around and took a look at the house myself.

"Look at it! How did we not see that thing before!?" Kirishima's shock was valid. This house behind the small cottage... was huge. Tall, twisted, and old looking. Perfect for a Grand Witch. And what can I say? I gazed at that thing with slight surprise at the size. 

"I cloak the house everyday with a small spell. I could even make the small cottage disappear if I wanted to. And you could walk through it as if it wasn't there in the first place." Inko stepped outside her cottage with a small basket in hand. The basket was closed, but the scent of the lemon cake was strong. "Now, I believe it's time for you to finally go speak with Izuku. He's... changed. A lot. If the Izuku now were to speak with the Izuku from eight months ago... I can bet that he would yell at himself to train and protect you." Inko stopped in front of me and gently pressed the hand basket into my chest. I reached up and carried the basket myself. She wants me to take it. "Sadly, keeping you here would cause attention. I may be a Grand Witch but I am getting quite old." Inko laughed calmly and reached up to my hair. Her fingers felt so friendly as they brushed through my spikes. 

"No worries, Midoriya-san. Can you please tell us where Izuku is?" Kirishima took one step closer to Inko and I. I haven't looked away from her yet. Her eyes were so pretty in the night. I bet Deku's eyes were almost the same. If not, prettier. 

"Izuku decided to spend his birthday with Queen Momo. A place where men were not allowed." Inko rolled her eyes and moved her hand away from my hair. I felt my heart do a flip, I'm serious. Deku... I actually know where Deku is! Just knowing where Deku is makes me feel so... so...!

"Holy fucking shit! You serious, Inko?" I shoved the basket into Kirishima's chest harshly, causing him to cough. I reached over to Inko's shoulder and held them gently. "D-Deku... he's in Kingdom Yaoyorozu? He's okay?" 

"Well, look at you! Your eyes have finally gained life! I haven't seen those same red eyes since you were with Izuku! Ah, it's so wonderful." Inko's eyes began to tear up. Why the hell is she crying? Did I hurt her? Fuck. 

"Tch. Sorry." I let go of Inko's shoulders and looked away from her. Now I feel bad. 

"No no, dear. It's alright. Sometimes I just wish that your mother could see how much of a man you have become." I looked back at Inko and leaned forward, lowering my head down to her height. 

"Eh?! Ma? You remember my mom?" 

"That's a story for another time. For now, I will have you guided through the forest safely. Someone wishes to speak to you." Inko backed away from me and turned around, walking back over to her home. I watched her leave, feeling really confused. 

"W-What? You're just gonna drop that information on me then leave? And who the hell are you talking about?!" 


"She's talking about me." A woman's voice came out from behind us, once again. I turned around calmly this time. Kirishima still jumped like a scared child. This lady was younger. She was probably my age. She looks my age. "Hello again, your majesty."

"Huh?? Again? Who the fuck are you?" I stared this bitch down and took one step forward. Why is she acting like she knows me? Wait. She called me 'your majesty'.

"Bakugo! Don't be so mean to every person you meet! First impressions are always important." Kirishima reached over to me and patted my back, only for me to shrug his hand away. 

"No. We've met before. My first impression must have been worse, right?" I crossed my arms and gave this girl a snarky smile. She just nodded and backed away a little.

"My name is Setsuna Tokage. Guardian of the Forest and the creatures within it. And a current ally to the current Dragon King." Tokage bowed to me and clasped her hands together. Kirishima just uttered a 'whoa' and shoved at my shoulder.

"Dude, you have allies?" I looked back at Kirishima and shrugged. Since I really have no clue if I do.

"Ah. Not necessarily. Katsuki is the former Dragon King. He is no longer seen at the current one, since he has been considered deceased for a long time now." Tokage straightened her back and lifted her right arm. Weeds began to sprout out of the ground and twist around each other. It looked like she was making a carriage. Kirishima ran over to the structure and watched it in awe. "We must hurry. I need to meet with the Fairy Queen soon."

"Fairy Queen?!" Kirishima spun around and gave Tokage a wide smile. God, he's way too excited. Or maybe I'm just not seeing the excitement in this.

"Shiozaki. She's quite impatient when it comes to meetings. She also needs to be at Kingdom Yaoyorozu. She and I were invited to the party, you see." Once the carriage was finished, I strided over to it and hopped in. The seats were comfy. Good.

"Midoriya invited people... to his birthday party? Isn't that kind of bad? What if people find out?" Kirishima was right. What kind of dumb-ass invites people to a supposedly dead person's party?

"Only those close to Momo were invited. King Midoriya, on the other hand, did not invite anyone." Tokage sat inside the carriage with us, right before it began to move. On its own. 

"King Midoriya?" I glared at Tokage and tilted my head. Since when was that little bastard a King?

"The new Dragon King. The now temporary replacement for Katsuki Bakugo. Izuku Midoriya. Now, this ride will take only a few hours. You may rest through the night in here." 

"Sweet!" Kirishima hopped into the back of the carriage and began to slip his armor off. 

"You need rest as well, Katsuki." Tokage gestured for me to go into the back with Kirishima. Well, I did feel somewhat tired. We did walk all day. I guess some sleep wouldn't hurt. 

"Fine. But I want more info on Deku. That bitch has been crawling too far up the food chain." I pointed at Tokage's face and hopped into the back as well.

"Fool. You can just ask him yourself later." True. Very true. I'm coming Deku. Just wait. 


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"Your majesty, the last known location for King Kirishima was the front of the Sacred Woods. He had one of his friends with him. But they were not one of the people you asked for." Kurogiri was put on the 'Todoroki Tantrum' shift. Shigaraki didn't want to deal with it. Nor did Dabi or Toga. Twice was already off the list to go, anyways. Of course it had to be Kurogiri. It had to be him. "We lost sight of them, however. Although, we will keep every edge of the forest on watch to see where they will come out of-" At that moment, a vase flew through Kurogiri's head. It wouldn't have hit him either way, since his body is... fog. The vase smashed into the wall behind Kurogiri and pieces of it flew across the room. King Todoroki was very angry. Livid

"Useless. Absolutely useless. Absurdity. You can not even track a simple human...? His quirk does not even allow him to move at a fast speed. How could he have gotten away? USELESS." Todoroki stood up from his throne and walked past Kurogiri swiftly. Kurogiri was internally rolling his eyes. "For God's Sake!! Why can't you complete a simple task!? Get out! Leave! Come back when you have something decent to report!" And with this, Todoroki left. Muttering curse words and death threats. They have never been praised for a single thing they accomplished. It was always 'took you long enough' or 'about time'. The day that Todoroki applauds them will be the day that Kurogiri can sunbathe. 

Which is never going to happen. 
























"And Kaminari can do this really cool trick where he envelops his sword in lightning! He's literally the God of Lightning! You know? From those cool stories they tell kids??" Wow, yes. So interesting.

"I see. This Kaminari you speak of... is your lover?" Pfft. 

"Ahh! What are you even saying!? Ohmygosh, Ineversaidanythinglikethat." It smells like mud. And... mmm. And melons? Perhaps... mango. I slowly opened my eyes, ignoring the feeling of heaviness coming from my eyelids. I can only see vines. Obviously because I'm still in this stupid carriage. Kirishima sounds like he is wide awake and ready to complete some royal duties or whatever. Annoying.

"Nnnnggghhh shut up!" I sat up angrily and crawled over to the front of the carriage, shoving aside bags and clothes. I grabbed the back of Kirishima's head and shook him violently. This fucker is being way too damn loud. Kirishima yelped out painful cries and tried to smack my hand away. Hah. As if this bitch could get me off of him. 

"Katsuki. Good Morning." I hadn't noticed this earlier, but I can tell now. Tokage's voice is gentle and elegant. I looked over to her and spotted her smiling softly at me. My eyes quickly drifted down to whatever was in her hands, since the colors attracted my attention. Slices of watermelons and mangos were sitting in a bowl. That's what I smelled earlier. "For your breakfast, you will be eating fruit." I rolled my eyes and shoved Kirishima away, causing him to almost fall off the carriage. 

"Lame. Let me go catch a rabbit or something." I turned around and searched around for my shirt, since I had removed it last night to sleep. 

"You will not harm the animals while I am around. I will not allow it." 

"Eh?" After struggling to put on my shirt and overcoat, I popped my head back out from the back and shot a nasty glare at Tokage. "I can't eat a fucking rabbit??" 


"Tch. Fine. Give me the mangos." I turned away from her and held my hand out, waiting for her to hand the fruits over. I could hear a disappointed sigh come from her, but she still complied. I munched on the fruits quickly since I was practically starving. 

Kirishima and Tokage spoke for a couple of hours. Occasionally, Kirishima would point something out about me and I would yell at him for it. But, I guess it wouldn't matter, since Tokage knew a lot about me anyways. I found Inko's basket of lemon cake in the back where I was sleeping, so I ate a few slices of those. As I was eating them, I remembered Deku. Deku's at Momo's Kingdom. Deku's... in a place where I can see him! He's going to turn 18 tomorrow. He'll be an adult. 


"Hey Bakugo, your face is turning red-" Before Kirishima could even finish that fucking sentence, I blasted his face. Tokage gasped quietly and covered her mouth. I chewed on Inko's lemon cake nonchalantly and stared at the path in front of us. Kirishima coughed and laughed at the same time. "D-Damn!" He swatted away the smoke and gave a huge grin. "He always blasts me in the face when he's upset!" 

"It appears as if he does it when he's embarrassed." I shot Tokage another glare and felt small pops coming out from my hand. I lunged at her, only to be pulled back by Kirishima. Tokage laughed quietly and stood up. The carriage had come to a stop. Kirishima and I had also stopped our fight when this happened. "We... are close by. Come. We will walk the rest of the way." Tokage hopped off the carriage, just as it collapsed onto the floor. Kirishima and I went down with it. The castle could be seen through the space between the trees. That bitch. Was tall. As hell. Kirishima ran ahead, yelling something about not ever being inside the place. Which concerns me. 

"Hey, guys? If this bitch has her place locked up with a 'No Men' rule, how the hell are we getting inside?" I stopped walking and gestured to me and Kirishima. Tokage stopped in front of me and held a finger up to her lips as she hummed. I tapped my foot impatiently, since it's been a few seconds since she started humming. 

"Huh? How would the former Dragon King and the current King of Champions get inside...? Ah! Through the front gate!" Tokage smiled at me and spun back around, following Kirishima. I felt my jaw drop from her pettiness. I'm gonna blast this bitch away. 

Kirishima finally got out to the opening and smiled at the view of Momo's Kingdom. Her Kingdom was also surrounded by a large wall. They must really like their "No Men Allowed" rule. There were a few tents set up outside the Kingdom, but they weren't the type to sleep in. They seemed like small shops. And, yes, only women walked around the outside of the Kingdom. Because of this, questions started brewing inside my head.

What do they do to men if they get inside?

How are children born there?

What if a Boy were to be born inside the Kingdom?

What do they do to boy babies??

How do the women get pregnant in the first place???


"You look very confused, your majesty." I blinked rapidly then turned to Tokage. She was smiling up at me. Instead of the usual anger, I just nodded. What else can I say? I definitely am confused.

"I just don't understand their 'No Men' policy. Too many holes in it." I walked over to Kirishima and gently hit the back of his head to get him to calm down. 

"Yes, it would seem so. But, I assure you. Their policy is tight and secure. You will see once you are inside." Tokage stepped over beside us, drawing the attention of forest creatures to her. Little bunnies started to run out of the bushed and rest around her feet. Birds had come to perch on her shoulders and head. I don't know how she does it. That would annoy the fuck out of me. 

"So, why is Deku an exception?" I looked away from her and looked back at the castle in the distance. 

"Like I said earlier. You can ask him yourself." Tokage walked around us, causing us both to watch her. Then, she began to walk into the trees.

"W-Wait. Are you leaving??" Kirishima pointed at Tokage and spoke with worry. What, is he scared to be alone with me? I hope I'm not that frightening. I don't wanna scare Deku off. 

"I will be back tomorrow. On the day of the celebration. For now... I have a meeting with the Fairy Queen. I bet she is upset that I am an entire day late." Oh. Right. I forgot that she had that. I gave her a small bow and turned away from her. Kirishima looked at me as if he wanted me to ask her to stay. But I can tell that even he knows she can't stay. 

"Thanks for the ride, Setsuna." After I said this, something hard hit the back of my head. I leaned forward and let out a small yell in pain. I turned around and glared at whoever hit me. Tokage was holding up an apple, blushing furiously. 

"It's... TOKAGE." Tokage dropped the apple and walked into the trees. I smirked and rubbed the back of my head to ease the pain. 

"You have balls, bro. You keep messing with the highest people like they're not gonna hurt you." Kirishima poked my side and started walking towards the front gate to Momo's Kingdom. 

"Well, I truly do believe that they wouldn't hurt me." I picked up the apple that had hit my head and wiped it on my shirt to clean it off. 

"And if it was Deku that you were to tease..?" I looked up at the sky and subconsciously imagined Deku's face. His face was bright and cheery like the last time he saw him that night. Yet there was a fierce look behind the smile. As if he were to plan something devious later to harm you. I tilted my head and hummed quietly. If I were to tease Deku...

"He'd probably throw me across the room or slice me AND a mountain in half." The image of Deku that was in my head popped. I looked back down at the apple and took a bite out of it. Ooh, it's good. 

"What the?! Then you better not tease him, man! This new Midoriya or whatever sounds like he means business!" Kirishima looked at me with fear and worry in his eyes. I just gave him a nod with a plain look on my face. "Agh!! You're accepting how scary he is?!" I give another nod. "No!! You'd both be arguing all the time!! At least tone it down for him, dude..." 

"No promises." I giggled quietly and continued to eat the apple. 

When we reached the front of the Kingdom walls, the shop keepers were already giving us worried looks. One of them even closed the tent as we walked by. Man, I was really hoping that I didn't look that scary.... unless. I looked to the side to check on Kirishima. His entire mood had changed!! He was wearing a 'King' like expression! He's the reason why people are acting so weird! 

"Hey, Kirishima. Wipe that fucking look off your face, you'll get us kicked out." Kirishima looked at me and replaced his expression with a confused one. Oh god, I don't think he even knows what I'm talking about.

"What are you talking about?" See?! I gently rubbed my face and groaned quietly. I don't even know if it's a good idea to let this guy do the talking. Just as I was about to say something, Kirishima raised up his arm and called out to the women guarding the front gate. Shit.

"Hello! I am King Kirishima of the Champions and this is my party." Kirishima pointed at me with his thumb, which queued me to wave with my free hand. The other holding the half-eaten apple. "I would like to enter please-"

"No men allowed on Her grounds! The ground you are currently stepping on are still considered Her grounds! Please leave the area now! All Hail The Queen and Her Orders!!" This lady's voice was SUPER LOUD. Her voice made me take a step back. 

"Haha, uh, I don't think you heard me. I'm Kirishima Eijiro! The King of Champions! I would like entry to-"

"I don't think YOU heard ME! All Hail The Queen and Her Orders! That means LEAVE. NOW." The lady pushed her spear against Kirishima's chest and shoved him away. Kirishima stumbled back until he bumped into me. I also shoved Kirishima away and stepped up to speak to the woman. Yeah, this bitch is annoying me. I threw the apple behind me, never getting to finish it. 

"Yo. Loud Mouth. Let me speak to your queen. I know she's got Deku in there, and I won't leave until I fucking see him, you big fat fucKiNG-" Kirishima grabbed my arm and pulled me away from her, causing me to yelp. 

"Sorry!! So sorry! My friend didn't mean a single word he said. ISN'T THAT RIGHT, BRO???" Kirishima kept a hard grip around my stomach. 

"Nope!" I grinned up at the guard and kicked my feet, trying to get out of his grip. "I MEANT EVERY WORD.  YOU BIG... FAT... FUCKING... BIT-" Kirishima covered my mouth with his hand and covered my words with his laughter. The guards faces were priceless. 

"Ahhh!! He's so funny, huh?! That's why he's my friend!! Always joking around!!" Kirishima dragged me away and waved at the guards. I was about to bite this asshole's hand, but a loud shout caught me off guard. 

"Open the front gates!" There was a loud snap sound, followed by chains moving through a mechanism. I have yet to learn how that shit works. The guards that were protecting the front gate had moved out of the way and dropped on a knee. They are... bowing. Damn, it's probably their Captain or some shit. I've met the Vice Captain for Half-and-Half's Kingdom... and that bitch was annoying. I really hope this girl is decent. 

"Bakugo... I think you just got us arrested." Kirishima slowly let go of me and took a couple steps back, looking very scared of the slow moving gate. I rolled my eyes and straightened out my clothes. 

"If they say a word about being arrested, we're booking it to the woods. Okay?" I pointed towards the trees and glared at him. Kirishima looked confused at first, as usual, but nodded in agreement. Once the gate had finally opened, a few guards ran out and stood around us, pointing their spears at us with full intent to attack. Is it good that I don't feel the slightest bit of threat? Yeah, maybe it is... maybe. 

"I'm just trying to shop for Katsudon. Katsudon!! And there's allll this noise about some nasty men in the front of my gates? I thought the rules were simple enough!! Move." A woman's voice was ranting about... something that sounds like my name. She sounded very angry. I'm actually losing quite a bit of my confidence now. The guards that stood in front of me started to move to make an opening. Once they did, a very tall girl walked towards us. I actually can't tell how old she is, she's VERY tall. I was expecting something bad to happen, since that is what seemed logical right now. But.. the tall girl stopped and stared at me with wide eyes. 

"H-Hi Yaoyorozu! It's Kirishima! Can you help us?" Kirishima waved at her from behind me. Wait. Yaoyorozu is the name of the Kingdom we're at. Oh fuck. She's the Queen? That's 'Momo'? I tilted my head subconsciously, trying to remember anything about her. I know we've met. But.. I can't remember anything. "We're kind of in a rough spot here-"

"KATSUKI!!!" Queen Yaoyorozu yelled out my name very loudly. I felt my eyes widen at the sudden call to my name. Yaoyorozu hopped up and down, cheering things very quickly. Once she was done, she ran right at me. I don't know why I was so threatened, but I turned around and tried running away. Before I could even take two steps, two arms had wrapped around me and lifted my into the air.

"AGH!" I felt Yaoyorozu nuzzling her face into my back and letting out dramatic sobs. Oh god, oh shit, this is so embarrassing. I threw an arm up to my face to cover it, since it felt like it was getting really hot. "H-Hey hey hey, off off OFF! G-Get off!!" I tried to shove her arms off of me but, oh my GOD, she is super strong! I looked around and saw that even the guards were surprised at the sight. I looked down at Kirishima and saw him smiling. THAT FUCKING ASSHOLE. 

"KATSUKI, OH MY GOD, YOU'RE ALIVE!! I mean, I knew you were BUT STILL!! AHH I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!" Yaoyorozu spun around in circles, causing me to let out sounds of disapproval. Once she stopped, I felt my head spinning without me actually moving. Yaoyorozu turned me around and held me up even higher. I blinked a couple of times to try to focus on her face, but she reALLY overdid it on the spinning. She hugged me again and ruffled my hair aggressively. I give up. She's too strong. 

"N-nice to see you too, Queen Yaoyorozu." I managed to say those words, despite the fact that I felt like I was going to barf. I felt her hand in my hair stop. Then she slowly put me down. I blinked rapidly to make the dizziness go away and looked up at her. 

"Did you.. just call me... 'Queen Yaoyorozu'...?" Yaoyorozu's eyes didn't look bright anymore. She looked... very upset. I nodded slowly and backed away a little, trying to avoid any other touching. As I was talking a step back, her hand reached over and grabbed my arm. I froze in my place and looked down at her legs. Why do I feel so.. nervous? "Katsuki. Look at me." Yaoyorozu was whispering now. I looked back up at her and finally took note of how tall she is. At least.. six and a half feet tall. That sucks. "You made a promise. A long time ago. That we would drop the formalities. But I bet that you don't even remember that. So, please. Call me 'Momo'. Okay?" I stared at her for a few more seconds. Do we really have that kind of relationship?


I can be like your sister-half-mom! You'll need a Kingdom at your side, Won't you, Katsuki?



Yeah. We did have that kind of relationship. Quite an embarrassing one too. I exhaled loudly and nodded. Momo smiled widely and spun back around. Yelling orders to her guards and shooing them away at the same time. I slowly turned to Kirishima, knowing that his look would piss me off. He was smirking at me and giving quiet claps. I rolled my eyes and looked down at the floor. My boots are dirty. Shit, am I going to be able to clean myself before I see Deku...? Huh? Wait... 

"Yao- I mean... Momo!" I called out to Momo and got her to turn to me. I walked back up to her and couldn't help but let loose a little when I'm near her. "D-Deku... is... is he here?" I closed my hands into fists and tried to spot any sign of anything bad in her eyes.

"Pfft. I forgot how cute you get when it comes to Izuku!!" Momo grinned at me and turned back around, continuing to give orders. I stood there. Dumbfounded. She... She didn't answer my question. The guards gave her nods and all left, except for two of them. The two women who were guarding the gate. 

"Yes, your majesty! All Hail the Queen!" The loud one yelled out again. Brewing up my anger once again. 

"Yes, thank you. Now, I will be bringing these two in with me." Momo smiled at the guards and winked at them, walking right past them.

"Huh?! B-But wait! Your majesty! They're men! I assure you, even though the blonde one is pretty enough to be a girl, these two are men!" The fuck did that bitch just say about me-

"Yes, thank you!! Come along, Katsuki and Kirishima! You two must be tired! Let's go check you into an inn! Actually... I'll just give you a room in the castle!" Momo raised up her hand and beckoned us to follow. The guard stood there with her mouth hung open, seeming a little offended. Kirishima giggled and ran past me, following after Momo. I scoffed quietly and slowly strode past the guards, shrugging my shoulders. I do want to see Deku as soon as possible, so I might as well just go along with this. I turned my head to the loud guard and muttered.

"All Hail the Queen, right guys?" I left them with that and laughed loudly, smacking Kirishima on the back. 




Chapter Text

"Thank you so much, Yaoyorozu! No one's going to know that we're here, right? It's just that... I have to protect Bakugo's identity. I'm really grateful that no one knew what he looked like, but that still won't hide the fact that he's different! People like you would know he's alive." Kirishima was currently outside the room, speaking with Momo. He had told me to wait inside the room while he went out to talk, but I can still hear him... 

"Do not worry. There's only a selected few that had ever seen his face. And I hope that I know all of them. It's dangerous that Katsuki doesn't remember anyone other than Deku! Have you asked if he remembers anyone else?" No. I don't remember anyone besides Deku and his mom. I heard.. I heard Momo's voice at one point. And I remember... all of my family. 

Ah... my family. Where... where is my mother? What about my father? Why do I only have Dragons as my family?

I sighed quietly. The bed creaked loudly throughout the room as I took a seat on it. I hung my head low and stared at my hands. The palms of my hands were scarred with small stars. Must be from my quirk. Deku had a lot of scars too. Were those from his quirk as well? One on his cheek, sliding down to his neck. His hands... were covered in them. I remember seeing those when I hugged onto him during that night. I couldn't help but stare at him, then at the sword. His hands were holding that sword so tight... as if he would lose it any second. I remember... the sword laying down in grass. And Deku, staring out at the trees. Smiling. 

My heart hurts. My head hurts.

I lowered my head down onto the pillow that rested on the bed, turning my body to face the roof. The room that Momo gave us was heavily decorated with purple flowers. Their smell was quite calming. They're pretty. I wonder if Deku ever stopped to smell flowers. Maybe he sticks his entire face into them in order to get the complete scent. Or... maybe he has a great sense of smell. Like me. Or... he's allergic? Maybe past me would have known these things. But now. Every question that brews in my mind... screams for an answer. 

"Ah... shit..." I reached over and pulled the blanket only over my face. Thinking about Deku makes my face hot. Red. And it does it without me even allowing it to. Stupid shitty body. I could hear Kirishima and Momo share their last Good-nights, then the sound of the doorknob being turned. 

Is it embarrassing that the first night I stayed at Kirishima's castle, I didn't know how to use the fucking door? 

"Hey Bakugo." Kirishima spoke normally for once. No sound of his cheerfulness was in his voice at all. It was normal. Quite concerned in a way. 

"Mmm." I uttered something out. I'm not in the mood for chatting too much. I'm gonna fucking see Deku soon and I seriously don't wanna freak out on Kirishima. That would be so damn embarrassing. I could hear stuff being moved around. Kirishima's probably undressing. Fuck, wait, did I bring any nice clothes? I threw the blanket off my face, startling Kirishima, and jumped out of the bed. I sped walked over to a chair, where I had left my bag on, and searched through it quickly. I don't want to look like shit for him. Ah, this sucks. Aaaah, this fucking sucks. 

"Bakugo, what's wrong?" Kirishima peered around me to see what I was doing and hummed. "Are you looking for something to wear tomorrow?" I felt my stupid face get warm again. After letting out a groan, I turned to Kirishima and nodded. At this moment, I had finally noticed that he had let his horns, wings, and tail out. 

"They're out."

"Well, yeah, I can't hide them all day. It gets tiring."

"Mmm." I turned back to my bag and kept searching. Ashido packed me so many things that... that I have absolutely no clue what is 'good-looking'. Damn me and my lack of human knowledge. I threw my arms up and groaned louder than the last time. Kirishima scoffed quietly and slowly walked over to his bed.

"Dude, just look tomorrow. We walked for hours and sat in that carriage for way too long today. Besides... you need rest for Midoriya's birthday tomorrow, right?" There goes my heart, feeling like it's a balloon or like it's doing back flips. I nodded to myself, silently agreeing with Kirishima, and jumped back onto my bed. I guess he is right. I want to see everything. I want to... remember everything. I may have forgot every detail about you. But.. I want to learn more. What's your favorite drink? Who's your favorite person? What was the name of your first pet...? Do you like music? I've heard music in Kirishima's Kingdom. They play happily in the streets. I wonder if your eyes light up as bright as everyone else's eyes do when the music plays. I want to know. I want to be able to remember it all. 


God, this feeling is so fucking annoying.























I could hear... laughter. Kirishima's laughs. This shit again...? Didn't I yell at him yesterday for this? I could hear him speaking, but my mind won't process shit. I'm still tired. Five more minutes. No. Ten... maybe twenty. 

"... got taller........ happy to see him...." Without opening my eyes, I moved my hands around to find the rim of the blanket and pulled it over my face. Just as I was about to drift back to sleep, I felt the blanket slide off of my face and back down to my chest. Bitch. Who the hell thinks they can deprive me of my sleep. I scrunched my nose a little, due to my agitation, and blinked open my eyes. I can't... see the purple flowers? All I see is green. Huh? G-Green...?? I reached up and rubbed my eyes quickly. After I finally got the sleep out of them, my eyes focused on the person leaning over me.








"You know what's funny...?"





"I used to watch you sleep. Every night, actually." His voice... I could listen to his fucking voice... for hours. "At first, watching you sleep was... kind of sad. I had absolutely no clue when or if you would ever wake up." Deku's voice was so goddamn soothing. "Your face was always the same. But now..." He's leaning closer. Fuckfuckfuck, he's leaning closer. "You scrunch your nose when you're angry. You drool when you're in deep sleep. You crack a smile.. for whatever you were dreaming about. Oh!" Deku finally moved away from my face, giving me a chance to fucking breathe. Holy shit, I wasn't breathing. "And you talk in your sleep." 

"Ngh..." I'm speechless. I know, I know. My face is red. I could feel it. It's BURNING. The irony in this is that I'm practically heat-resistance. I looked away from him, but immediately regretted it. I want to look at him longer. I turned back to him and saw him smirking at me. A s s h o l e

"Good Morning, Kacchan." Finally, my brain starts working. Well... I think it does. I stuttered out a few 'what's and looked over to Kirishima. He was standing next to Momo and a girl who had... long... ear thingies. 

"Yo, Bakubro! Look! It's Midoriya!" YEAH, I CAN FUCKING SEE THAT. I glared at him then looked back up at Deku. He was still staring at me. I can't tell if I really like this or really hate this. 

"I apologize for waking you up so rudely, Katsuki. It's just that Izuku here didn't tell me he was going to break into our guests' room in the middle of the night." Momo glared at the back of Deku's head and crossed her arms. Wait, what did she say-

"Ah. Apparently five'o clock AM is in the middle of the night? I thought that was the time everyone got up." Deku FINALLY looked away from me and looked over to the wall, grinning mischievously. 

"Midoriya, that's literally three hours before people get up." Ear-lady held up three fingers at Deku and shot a nasty glare at him. Maybe this is just a hunch... but. Something tells me... that Deku's been staring at me... since 5 AM. 

"Yeah, no offense, bro. But, I don't think Bakugo gets up at that time either." I looked over at the desk near my bed and looked at the table clock. I felt an odd shiver go down my back. 


'8:42 AM'



"Actually, Kacchan used to get up at four-thirty in the morning everyday. He always had this routine of catching animals within three hours to take back home and feed to his family." Deku spun around and faced Kirishima. I would yell 'how the fuck do you know that' but... I have two reasons why I can't say that. One, I can't even remember if he's right. Two, it's Deku. 

"Wha... why three hours? Did he suck that bad at hunting??" Kirishima tried to whisper the last part, but everyone knows that he can't fucking whisper. I moved the blanket off of me to tell this guy off, but Deku quickly put the blanket back over me and held his hand against my chest. The feeling of his hand itself was hotter than anything I have ever felt. And his hand wasn't even hot. 

"Actually! He would catch at least fourteen bunnies, three boars, nine birds, one eagle, fifteen fish, and one mongoose. Then he would gather some berries and melons. And that's just for breakfast." Kirishima let out a sound of astonishment and looked over to Momo, who just nodded in agreement. He then looked over to me. I felt myself sweat a little. How the hell am I supposed to know that?? I can't remember! 

Deku continued to state all these different things about me. Like going out on hikes at seven AM, or meeting with Tokage at eight. Momo and Kirishima were watching Deku ramble on and on about me, then laugh about a few things. 

I couldn't help but feel... upset. No, actually, I'm feeling a lot of things right now. Extreme Joy, Anxiousness, Worry, Fear, and the feeling to bite at his neck. But I won't mention that. Ever. This is all because of him. I don't remember a single thing that he has listed. And it hurts my heart. 

"Okay. Enough chit chat." Deku's voice slices through the laughter that had filled the room before. Momo and Kirishima had gone quiet fast. I was quiet to begin with. "Where's Kacchan's things?" Deku slowly made his way around the room, expecting an answer from someone. It was at this moment when I realized that Deku had his hair tied back. Some of his curls still fell in the front of his face. Aaaahhhhhhhhh that's so cute. I opened my mouth to speak, but nothing came out. All I did was point at the chair that I rested my bag on yesterday. "Ah! Let's see...." Deku quickly moved past the Ear-lady and Momo, already diving through my bag. I would ask him what he's doing looking through my shit, but I had just become aware of how dry my throat felt. I looked towards Kirishima and mouthed 'water' to him. Thankfully, he didn't question it and be annoying. He just dashed out quickly. 

"Midoriya, it's rude to look though people's things without their permission." Ear-lady crossed her arms at what she thought was his rudeness. I don't find it rude. He can look through my things. Fuck, he can tear me open and look inside me. I'd let him do anything to me. 

"Hmm." Suddenly, Deku stopped rummaging through my bag and whipped his head around to smile at Ear-lady. "You are definitely right, Jirou! I'm so sorry, Kacchan." Deku looked away from (finally got her name) Jirou and stared right into my eyes. I swear on my life that his eyes are glowing. "Hey, Kacchan, may I look through your bag?" Deku gestured back to my bag, but kept his gaze on me. His stare made me feel so small. This is bullshit.

"Ah-... uh..." Since my throat was still dry, I couldn't say anything. 

"You're so unbelievably cute when you're flustered. I'm going to take that as a yes, okay?" Deku nodded his head, making me nod back subconsciously. Deku gave me a quick wink then turned back around, continuing to attack my things.

"Oh, you just forced that yes out of him." Jirou looked away from Deku and grunted in defeat. Momo simply giggled and patted her shoulder. 

"Okay! We have a big, fun, exciting day ahead of us! Don't we, Katsuki?" I blinked my eyes away from Deku and look up at Momo. For a few seconds, I was confused. But then it hit me. Today's his fucking Birthday. Oh my god, I didn't say 'Happy Birthday'. What the hell am I gonna do?? Shit, is he going to think I'm an asshole for not saying it first? Fuck, I'm such an idiot.

"Who cares about it, anyways. It's literally just a normal day. If anything! I don't want to go to the party." Deku yanked out a few garments from my bag and shot a suddenly nasty glare at Momo.

"Oh, not this again. We already discussed this! You never let me celebrate your Birthday! This year, you finally considered it!" Momo placed her hands on her hips, standing like any angry woman would. I know that stand. Ashido does it when Sero says something mean. 

"Yeah. I considered it because I knew I couldn't celebrate it alone." Deku looked away from Momo and started to walk over to me. As he took those steps toward me, each one raised up my anxiety level by a million. Again. This feeling is annoying.

"Yes! You aren't going to celebrate it alone. Isn't that obvious?" Momo turned over to the two of us and frowned. Her arms spread out wide, gesturing to the entire room. No, the whole palace. 

"It felt like it was going to be a lonely party. Even with all of you." Deku stood right beside my bed and eyed me as if I was some kind of full-course meal. He held up my clothes to me and sighed heavily. "I guess you're right, Momo. Now, I don't feel alone. Who knew that I would be getting the best-fucking-birthday gift ever?" Deku dropped the things on my head and smirked down at me. Oh... I think... I think he's talking about me. 

"Ugh. You are so dramatic. Okay! Let's empty out the room, so Katsuki can change." Momo gestured for Jirou to exit, which she did without arguing. Kirishima walked in at this time and placed a glass of water right on the desk beside me, rushing out of the room soon after. I tilted my head a little to let the clothes fall off my head, then reached over for the water. 

"Yeah. Empty the room." Deku repeated what Momo said, but didn't move a muscle. I drank my water slowly, looking back up at Deku. Does he have staring problems? I mean... I'm not complaining. But he is staring at me a lot. 

"That means you too, hero!" Momo rushed over and pulled on the back of Deku's brown vest. Deku grinned again and rolled his eyes playfully. 

"Ahhhh, fine. See you soon, Kacchan." Deku nearly sang my name as he was being dragged out of the room. I lowered the empty glass away from my face and rubbed my mouth with my wrist.

"See ya, Deku." I uttered this quietly, meaning for it to not be heard. But since the whole room was quiet, everyone heard it. 

"Hey!! He spoke! I didn't think he was going to be able to speak in that state! Ha! How fascinating!!" Deku pointed at me and giggled loudly, looking up at the back of Momo's head. Once Deku was dragged all the way out, Jirou shut the door quietly. This left me in the room all alone. I could still hear Deku laughing as he moved down the hallway. When I couldn't hear his voice anymore, I groaned loudly. 

"Fucking. Shit. Deku... is so fucking hot." Here's some things to fucking list. He's STILL good-looking during the day time. His smirk is so fucking hot, I feel like I'm being drowned. His laugh is so bubbly, it makes me want to laugh along. His hair. Do I even have to mention how adorable his hair was? It's not even that long to begin with! How dare he put it up to have a small ponytail?! 

I peaked at what Deku had given to me earlier. He handed me a black vest and a long-sleeved white under shirt. Along with black pants. I remember Ashido not wanting to pack this white under shirt because I don't look good in it. I wouldn't know, since I have no taste in fashion whatsoever. I think. 

After taking a quick shower and getting dressed, I walked out of the room and took a stroll around the palace. My main goal was to find Deku and the others, but I got side tracked by all the things Momo had here. I was too tired to notice this last night, but all the women in this Kingdom are an extra foot taller than a normal woman would be. Uraraka has nothing on these girls. My mind had gone back to the time I studied all the Kingdom's in the library. Now I remember. These women are genetically stronger in the legs and happen to grow up to seven and a half feet tall. That's so bad-ass. 

"Have the cake ready in three hours! I need it to be fully decorated and topped with Magic candles! Haruki, you better have those ready!" As I passed by what seems to be the kitchen, I slowed down my steps to take a peek inside. Right as I glanced in, a small flying object flew right at my face.

"AGH!!" Not wanting anything to do with that shit in my face, I fell backwards and laid flat on the floor. I got pretty lucky and dodged it in the end. A few chefs rushed out of the kitchen and looked down at me. I just looked back up at them, feeling insanely rude and embarrassed. "Ah... s-sorry about that-"

"Oh my goodness gracious!" Before I could finish my apology, the small flying thing flew back above my face and spoke to me. I can't really tell what it is, since it's glowing too brightly. But after squinting enough, I could see.... a tiny person!! My eyes widened at the creature. 

"Uh.. wha-... huh??" I quickly sat up, causing the tiny-flying-person to move back just a little. "Y-You... you're small!!" I pointed at the person and used my other hand to cover my mouth. 

"Well, duh!! Fairy's are always small! Except my queen. She's the prettiest and biggest Fairy!" The small fairy spoke happily to me. I could see small magic particles falling from her wings. Fairies are pretty.

"Shiozaki, right? The Fairy Queen?" I remember Tokage mentioning her while speaking to Kirishima. I hope her meeting went well.

"Yes!! I am happy that you know the name of our Queen! Anyways, I gotta dash! I left those magic candles back in my room!!" The Fairy shoots up into the air, causing a ton of magic dust to fall onto my face, then flies off quickly. 

"Haruki!! You better get me those candles!!" An alarmingly tall woman stomps out of the kitchen and yells out to the fairy, who's name is Haruki. "Hey, what are you doing on the floor? Your gonna get your fancy clothes all messy." The women looked down at me and reached out her hand. I was going to grab it, but her hand slipped past mine and gripped onto my black vest. She lifted me up back onto my feet with ease then patted my head. I blinked rapidly, feeling confused instead of embarrassed. 

"Th-.. Thanks." I bowed my head just a little, since I always see people doing that when they apologize or thank someone. The chef nodded and turned back into the kitchen. After getting one good glance at the kitchen, I could see many women and fairies moving around quickly. I could also hear a few murmurs about how pretty I looked or the fact that I was a dude. I shrugged it off and decided to continue on my search for Deku. "Where the hell could that annoyingly hot asshole be?" 

"Oh, he's not that far." Deku's voice came out of absolutely no where. I jumped a little and looked behind me. Normally, I wouldn't recognize the person's voice. But Deku's is so distinguished. No way in hell would I ever not recognize it. 

"I... uh..." Fucking shit, not again. I felt myself sweating,  due to my insane nervousness. My face was beginning to get hot again.

"That annoyingly hot asshole's been following you the whole time. Were you looking for me, Kacchan?" Deku stepped closer to me, causing me to take a step as well. But mine was twice as large as his was. "I am so glad that Mina packed this for you. I've always thought you would look nice in black. But you always wore the cape!" Deku started to walk past me and crossed his arms. I blinked a couple of times before letting my feet take me to him. "You did look really good in the cape though. So good." As Deku spoke, his voice was diving even deeper than it usually is. And when I say that shit was hot, I mean it. 

"Mmm." I hummed quietly to him, in a sort of questioning way. I seem to be having trouble speaking to him right now. I didn't have any trouble the night I was attacked! Maybe because my adrenaline was really high and I had a knife through my arm. Ugh. I just cringed. Deku stopped in his place and turned to me. This sudden movement got me to stop as well. Deku's attitude today has been quite... cocky, in a way. But right now.. he looked so worried. His eyes were darker than normal and his usual cute smile had turned into a pout.

"Did you remember something? Because, for some reason, you're reaaal quiet. And it's only with me. I saw how you spoke normally with the kitchen ladies. You even thanked the head chef without cowering in fear like you do with me." As Deku spoke, the anxiety that I had felt inside just... kind of evaporated. Now, I just feel guilty. Deku looked down and ran his fingers through his hair. He was currently wearing clothes that I remember him dressing in constantly. These clothes were different. I stepped over to him and placed my hands on his waists. "What the-.... K-Kacchan, what are you doing?" He has his sword on him too. I wonder if they're bugging him all the time.







I stared at Deku's chest, having another memory come to mind. I could hear Deku asking what I was doing, but I was too deep inside my mind to really pay any mind. Who would be bugging Deku? Who... who would be bugging Deku...? Not just who, it's them. People are bugging Deku. My eyes moved back down to Deku's sword. The sword... 'All Might's Sword'.... OH! 

"Ah!!" I shouted out in shock, causing Deku to jump just a bit. His eyes went wide with curiosity and confusion. "All Might." I poked Deku's sword and smiled, not being able to fight it back. "All Might and the others. Are they here too?" I looked back at Deku and kept smiling. The feeling I get when I remember things always brightens my mood. I can't help it. And my bright mood seemed to rub off onto Deku as well.

"Y-You!! You remembered All Might!! He says 'Hi'! And so does Nana!!" Deku hops up and down, giggling happily. I felt my smile widen. He looks so cute like this. I reached my arms over him and pulled him into a tight hug. I shoved my face into Deku's neck and inhaled slowly. He smells the same as he did that night before, when he carried me through the trees. This smell is so... addicting. Some would say 'intoxicating'. 

"I bet... I bet you've remembered more than just the sword. Haven't you?" I could feel Deku's neck vibrate gently as he spoke. I smirked a little and moved my head away to face him again.

"Yeah. Great things. Like the time I died. And your favorite food. Katsudon."

"What?! I-I mean, I can believe you remembered dying! But I don't believe that you remembered such a random fact like that!" Deku's eyes slightly crinkled at the ends as his face began to flush red. This Deku is cute. 

"Yeah, you're right. I didn't remember. I just learned yesterday." I poked my tongue out then laughed mockingly, laying my head back down on his shoulder. Deku gave a sarcastic  'haha' then hugged me back. I could feel his arms wrap around the back of my neck. This feels so nice. God, this feels better than any bed I've slept in so far. Just as I was enjoying the moment, I started to feel something weird. Two other arms were wrapping around my sides. Does... does Deku have four arms?? I slowly moved my head away from Deku's shoulder and looked down at the other arms. They were black. And massive. This was when I became fully aware that there were claws.. digging into the back of my vest. 

"whatTHEFUCK!?!" I shoved Deku off, by instinct, and backed away quickly. Deku stumbled back and looked at me with pure confusion. 

"What?! What's to fuck about?!" Deku quickly looked around the room, trying to spot danger, then stopped. He blinked twice before looking down at his sides. Oddly enough, he smiles widely at the two arms coming out from him. Now that I'm actually staring at these arms, they seem to be coming out of Deku's shadow on the floor. "Oh!! You came out!! Are you excited to see your King again? So am I!" Deku spoke to that thing so casually, it frightened me. 

"Deku, what the hell is that?" I pointed at the large black arms and didn't look away from them, fearing that they would disappear if I did look away.

"Hmm. I dunno. You tell me. He was yours to begin with." Deku let the claws move around his body so normally. The arms seemed endless. How far out could they stretch?

"Mine...?" I lowered my finger and squinted at the claws. If that thing was mine, then I should have seen it somewhere in my memories, right? No. I don't remember anything like that. What the hell is that thing? "Does it have a name? Maybe that would jog my memory a little."

"Well. You tell me. You named it." Deku gave me a teasing smirk then began to caress the large claws. Okay. So. I named it. What would I name that thing? There's no way in hell I would name it 'Claws'. Actually... I would. But I feel different towards this thing! I know for a fact that's not it's name. Maybe Black? Well.. I would name it after it's color. If I had to name it on the spot, I would definitely choose the name from it's color. It sort of shines in the light. So, it's not entirely black. Maybe a jet black. So, would it be silver- No no no! It would be...


Deku and the black claws stopped moving. Deku looked at me in shock and the claws seemed to lower, just a little bit. 

"I named it Jet, right? It just... sounds right." I stepped closer to Deku and reached out to the claw, trying to grab it. My hand went straight through it. Almost like a shadow... Ah....

"Do you remember?? Kacchan, did you just remember?" Deku reached over and grabbed my arm. I smiled softly and nodded. Yeah. I definitely remember. I even remember finding Jet too. 

"Everything about Jet, pretty much." I smirked and reached up to ruffle Deku's hair. Deku cheered loudly and clapped. He's acting as if I just accomplished something amazing. So cute. All I did was remember my old friend. 

"Okay okay! You're on memory lane right now, aren't you! I bet I can make you remember everything!! Come here!" Deku grinned at me and grabbed my hand harshly. He turned on his heel and bolted down the hall, pulling me with him. I looked down at his hand and spotted the scars again. And that put a weird hole in my heart. Without thinking too much about it, I pulled his hand up and placed a small kiss on the back of his hand. 

And Deku smiled.