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Sero Hanta One-shots

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(Fair warning most parts of these are kind of like a rush job)

Sero Hanta is one of the many overlooked characters in Boku No Hero Academia.

Judging by the many times he captured Katsuki from thin air, and how he had used his tape against Shouto in the Sports Festival(even though he lost) he has mobility over his quirk.

It’s also a fact that he has parkour skills that made him get ahead of Izuku during that one training scene during the internship arc, you know, when Izuku just got control over his quirk? He fucking won with his parkour skills I’m pretty fucking sure.

He has a lot of potential but people are overlooking him. There are a lot more things I could talk about, like how he is a total mystery and how his face is probably stuck in a smile.

And I can also talk about how he was probably bullied because of his elbows and plain face judging by exactly how people made fun of Tsuyu for her frog like features. It’s not just the quirkless who get discriminated against in this show.

Anyways, I’m basically hella mad that the Sero Hanta tag isn’t filled enough so here is a compiled one-shots.

It gets better as you read on. Hopefully.

If it’s not a good read I hope it at least inspires you to write more about him??? I am obsessed right now.
He wants to do so many things. He knows he is capable of doing so many things.

But he also knows that whatever he does, people won’t see what he had done. They won’t even look in its direction. They will look at HIM instead, see his plain face, his bulky elbows, his quirk, and will spit right at his face.

Nothing he does is worth anything society basically says.

So he doesn’t try hard.

He is too tired, too lazy to do anything else but smile.

To feel hurt about the words the other kids throw at him.

To do anything about the stinging feeling that envelops his entire being when an old childhood friend joins in on the jeer.

To bother telling anything about his day to his parents.

He just wants the time he spends in this world to end already, and he can’t do that to himself because he knows that that would give bad ideas to his little siblings, Hana and Ai.


Except, one day, he sees another get bullied and stops right in his tracks.

It was one of his old childhood friends. A boy who shared many secrets with him, and Hanta, for whatever reasons hadn’t spilled those secrets to anyone.

Despite the fact that the other kid had basically betrayed him by joining the other bullies, something in Hanta made him move in a way he hadn’t done in a long while.

He did his best in gymnastics. He ran a lot of errands. He sometimes monkeyed around with his quirk too.

This time Hanta, before the kid could be on the receiving end of the bat one of the bullies had transformed his arm into, snagged the kid right the fuck out of there from his waist with his quirk and pulled him away.


“RUN!!!” He immediately ripped his tape away from his elbow, grabbed the others hand and dragged him out of there, running as far as possible.

The shock made their chasers falter before they chased after them.

Hanta knew the neighborhood like the back of his hand, he managed to make sure they both lost them.

“Why did you help me-?”

“Don’t know, but it doesn’t matter. They’re so going to kill me after this.”

They were leaning against an alley wall catching their breaths, before Hanta stood up and began to leave.

“Where are you going?”

“You know your way back home right?”

“…Is this the shit you’re gonna pull? Seriously? You don’t get to act-“

“Well fuck, you’ve got something to say to me? I’m still holding onto all of those secrets you know, even though you didn’t hold onto mine.”

“I-I was threatened-“

“Oh, so you continuing to playing along with them was because you were threatened too? Did they found out any of your secrets?”


“Whatever they threatened you with, I don’t care. Don’t think you’re special just because I saved you, I would have done that for whoever was stuck in that position at that moment.”

He continued walking away from the other.

He wasn’t stopped again.


“What are you doing here?”

“You work here?”

“Answering a question with a question?”

“Listen, Sero, I just need to tell you something.”

“Are you going to order anything?”

“Sero please.”


“We don’t have to be friends, I’m too much of a shit to be a friend to anybody. I know better than that.”


“I just, I just need to tell this one thing. I’m not trying to make anything right with you, but out of anyone in our school you deserve to be a hero.”

Hanta’s fake smile disappeared from his face, his lips pressed into a thin line.

“If you’re not going to order anything I’m going to have to ask for you to leave.”


As Sero Hanta sewed back a tear that one of his siblings had made on their shirt he realized what he was about to do.

It was stupid.

It was ridiculous.

But he was going to try for U.A.






(Hanta had managed to do as much as he could with his tapes and parkour skills, gaining several rescue points and tripping over robots.)

Holy shit he made it.

His father, a man that is usually too busy in the hospital to even give a direct call, and his mother, who would mostly spend her time as a seamstress stayed at home that day, waiting for the acceptance letter to come in anticipation along with his younger twin sisters Hana and Ai. Akihito, since he was just a baby, slept soundlessly in the hammock Hanta had made from his tape, having taken to it more than the crib recently.

The letter came, he opened it with dread and fear, his parents looking supportive as much as possible.

His father hollered.

He fucking made it.

Had he ever mentioned that U.A was crazy? Because it was.

The teacher was evil. But he liked the others there. He liked how Eijiro was supportive. He liked how Denki and Mina made a fun duo. And getting Katsuki mad made something ugly within him sing in glee.

He grows closer to them as events transpire.

And then he realizes something when Denki smiles in his direction one time with the goofiest smile there is to exist.

He was in deep shit.


Why was Mineta Minoru in the heroics department?


Sports Festival was all fine and dandy, since he was able to show off his quirk more than once, and win by giving it his

But then came his match against Shouto.

Hanta could feel his pride sting as Shouto thaws him out of the ice.

He can’t handle the cold as much as he used to.

He could tell that there was something going on. Something deeply personal.

But he didn’t want to be apologized.

He didn’t wanted to be yelled it was okay.

His pride hurt like hell.

Personal issues or not, he lost fair and square but so many things felt unfair.


Academic wise he is doing good.

But he still has so, so much further to go until he catches up with any one of them.


Sero Hanta hates being the responsible one. He is supposed to be that laid back uncle that says 'go wild kids i don't care'.

It means he has to be the one not drunk at a party.

“It pisses me off how gorgeous you are. Like, seriously, what the fuck Hanta.”

He stuttered, feeling his ears and face burn as Denki slurred those words…

No, he was drunk. Don’t take it seriously Hanta.

“I think you had too much-“

“NO! No! Don’t stop me from telling the truth to the public!” Denki said, suddenly determined, making himself stand up and yelling before Hanta can stop him.


Much to his horror and embarrassment, several other people at the party, Eijirou, Katsuki and Mina included, raised their cups and shouted an ‘AMEN!’


He didn’t like how ugly feelings kept rising up in his chest whenever he saw him flirting with the other girls. He can’t focus on his emotional bullshit when he should be focused on becoming a hero.

Sero Hanta didn’t have any right to feel these sort of things for his best friend.


He hadn’t meant to make any sound escape out of his mouth. He hadn’t meant for his sobbing to be heard through his pillow.

It was just one of those nights. Bad thoughts. He thought he had conditioned himself to silent crying a long time ago.

But no, he had letted out a sound, and now he can hear someone knocking on his door, fuck.

“Sero?” A soft voice spoke. Shouto.

It took a long while before he managed to get himself upright, because he knew that silence would only make the other boy wait outside his door all night waiting for him out of sheer unsureness. It wouldn’t be fair.

He made sure to cover himself with his blanket, creating a hood out of it to cover his head, so his eyes wouldn’t be seen when he opened the door.

He opened the door to see the elemental quirk user looking at him with concerned eyes.

“Sup?” He said, trying his best to make his voice sound sleepy. Judging by how the eyes had become hardened with determination and fierce care he was a terrible actor.

“Can I come in?”

He exhaled, then shakily moved away from the door to let him in, averting eyes the whole time as he sat back down on his own bed, making sure his makeshift hoodie kept his face hidden.

Hanta and Shouto had a friendly relationship between them ever since he had came up to him and had admitted he felt guilty about the sports festival event.

It was usually Hanta who would go and help him out until Izuku managed to come over. Izuku was much closer to him and knew more than Hanta did after all, even if he could take a guess as to what the problem is he knew better than to breach sensitive issues without reaching a certain level of friendship.

Now, it’s the reverse. He isn’t sure what to do with this situation actually.

It’s usually never the reverse with any of the friends he had up until now, if he excluded the Bakusquad. But even then, it was easier to go with the flow. The Bakusquad was made up of an empathic bunch, and the level of friendship he had with them allowed them to immediately know what to do and what not to do.

He’s inexperienced at receiving basically.

“You would probably be more comfortable with Kaminari, or Kirishima…but I would like to let you know I am willing to be a listening ear, like you did for me.”

There was silence for a moment before it was broken by Hanta.

“Can you… just sit down with me?” He hated how his voice came out quivery as he asked.

He felt the other sit down beside him, shoulder pressed up against his. He wasted no time burying his face into the others left shoulder.

They ended up sleeping until Izuku gently woke them up, not before sending pics to the group chat of course, much to the tape boy’s chagrin.


He wiped away the sweat from his brow as he focused on patching the bleeding wound that was slashed across Denki’s chest with his gauze tape, while the villain that caused said wound had been knocked out by himself.

It was scary to think that if he was any later Denki might have died. Might have get torn apart.

It was scary to think that Denki had to maximum electrocute the villain because he was getting better at using his quirk more efficiently and hadn’t had to instantly stupefy himself for a while now.

He was grateful that Kamui Woods letted him go after the other when he felt that something was wrong.

They were within the area with the other heroes. This wasn't a just one small time villain that could be scoffed at, it was multiple villains working together, so it required more than one pro hero on the job to do the tricks.

He felt grateful for the helmet that covered his face, hiding whatever his bleak feelings at that moment might have morphed his face into.


“Have you guys ever been to Sweden?”

They were lounging within the common room, Sero Hanta, Tokoyami Fumikage and Shinsou Hitoshi. Every night, there was at least one student that couldn’t sleep, and would go down to get tea. This night it happened to be the three of them.

Hitoshi was a new member in their class, ever since he-who-should-not-be-spoken-of got kicked out, a new position was opened, and Aizawl-Sensei immediately transferred Shinshou Hitoshi into class.

Hanta hadn’t interacted with him much. His first thought of him when they, as a class, first met him, was that ‘Looks like an Earlyroki.’

It was hilarious how when he said he wasn’t here to make friends, Aizawa-sensei looked long-suffering and amused. He could guess exactly what was going through his head in that moment.

Izuku wasted no time in making Hitoshi his friend, along with Iida and Uraraka. Koda and Fumikage wasn’t far behind on that list of friendly relationships.

Still, they don’t know each other that much, and the awkward tension could be felt around three of them.

He didn’t want to make anyone leave, and he didn’t want to make the effort of going back upstairs knowing that there wasn’t much to do in his own room. So there. ‘Have you guys ever been to Sweden?’

Fumikage answered a moment after the question was asked.

“I’ve heard somethings about it, seen a few photos, never really been there though.”

“I used to have this Swedish guy as my classmate, back in middle school. Don’t know much about it though.” Hitoshi said, taking a sip from his tea.

“Then I suppose you haven’t heard of their nightly tradition either?” Hanta said, a grin spreading across his face. Yep, so far so good.

Both of the other occupants of the area sent an inquiring look towards him, from the respective places they were sitting in. Fumikage had put the phone he was browsing through down, making the kitchen light the only source of light. Good.

“I was back in grade school, it was the first and last time I ever went somewhere with my family before things got busy again. My dad kept looking excited, telling us how much we’re going to love the place, while not telling us why we would, saying it was a surprise. I only managed to learn small bits of Swedish before the plane finally landed.” He took a sip of his tea, effectively pausing to see if his story was getting boring. “It was a pretty cool place, a lot of clear water, the day was comfortably warm, basically an ideal vacation spot. The hotel we booked was pretty cool too, but those weren’t the things dad was excited about, it wasn’t until midnight the rest of us figured out why.”

“He told us to come to the room with the biggest windows in the middle of the night, dramatically stood in front of all 5 of us-"

"Wait five- how many siblings do you have?" Hitoshi interrupted looking confused, his expression staying the same except that one of his eyebrows slightly raise.

"I'm the older brother of three. Now can I get back to the story? I was getting to the least uninteresting part of it."

"I thought hearing about how Sweden is was interesting." Fumikage said quietly, sipping his own beverage.

Hanta felt his cheeks tinge slightly, as he grinned wider. "Thanks Tokoyami."

"Okay, back to the story-you can ask questions later- so my dad dramatically stood in front of all five of us, said 'You are about to witness the one important thing mankind ever invented-yeah you guys would get along with him- then opened the window and screamed.'"

"For a moment we were terrified, my mom looked angry, and I felt mutual too because, 'you're going to wake up all the neighbors', then suddenly, voices started screaming back at him, hundreds of city lights opening."

"It was both amazing and terrifying, because hundreds of voices screaming together makes a really eerie sound, like ghosts screaming, by the end of it we can hear a laughter from hundreds of people echoing throughout the night, my dad was facing us a shit eating grin plastered on his face, and explained to us how screaming into the void was a tradition in Sweden.”

Silence soon followed, before it was broken by Hitoshi.

“We should really plan a school trip to Sweden sometimes.”

Hanta let out a ‘pfff’ sound.

“What? I’m pretty sure half of the school wants to scream their feelings into the void.”

“I am inclined to agree. That might actually beneficial to all of us. Maybe Bakugou will be less angry.”

“Ha, nah. He’s too angry for that.”

“Okay okay being serious for a moment here you’re really a good story teller.”

A flash of two young faces, looking up at him with identical smiles and excitedly asking him questions with their pair of dark brown eyes twinkling in excitement.

“…Thanks, I try my best.”


Fuck it. This can’t go on.

He had almost lost him. This is how hero work goes.

He will get rejected. And he will move on.

He has to do this.

Hanta took in deep breaths steeling himself for what he was about to do.

“Dunce face left earlier if you’re looking for him.”


“It me.”

“YOU- Did you just memed at me?”

“No one will fucking believe you.”

“You monster. You scared the crap out of me.”

“Not my fucking fault you aren’t fucking aware of your surroundings.”

Hanta tried to regain control over his breath, his hand still clutching the area where his heart is as Katsuki got closer to him.

“Are you fucking finally gonna fucking confess?”

“H-ha yeah…” the awful heavy feeling returned to his gut again.

“Why the fucking decision?”

“Um, well, it’s just, I keep remembering how he almost died and- I don’t think I want him to die without at least knowing, even if he rejects me… And if I die on the field, I don’t want him to find out later on from somebody else…”

“…Glad you decided to do something about it. If it goes to shit go into the fucking kitchen.” And there he goes.



As he had predicted, he was rejected.

But, while it still hurt, it felt relieving to get that out of the way.

Him and Denki were still friends at least, though Denki had kindly asked him if he would like some space and Hanta had agreed.

This was fine. He just needs to get over it now.

He didn’t really realize it was raining until he felt a coat drop over him.

“Sero-kun!!! Why are you just standing right outside the dorms in the middle of the rain?!? Are you okay-“

Ah, right, he remembered Denki concernedly asking him if he could help him back to the dorms from the neighborhood the shop they were going to was residing in. He wanted to be alone at that moment.

He attempted a smile as Izuku frantically hovered over him.

Instead of comforting the other, it seemed to have made Izuku's features soften into something....gentle. Kind. And sad.

"Sero-kun don't do that." The tone was only slight reprimanding as the other held his hand and pulled him inside.

He only vaguely registered he was being pulled inside at all.


"I-I don't know why I'm this way about it, I mean, it could have definitely gone worse."

"Well, how did he react?"

"He was, nice about it. He explained to me that he was straight, which is something he can't help. He told me that any guy w-would be an idiot not to- bigger fish in the sea and all that-"

"You don't have to say anything. You know that, right?"

"No, I'm just, I don't want anyone to start treating him badly just because- we're still friends, he even asked me if one of the others could take a ride with me-"

"Soy sauce, we know Dunce face well enough to not be shit heads to him."

"But I won't hesitate bitch if he did hurt you on purpose in anyway."

"What Mina said."


Maybe it was just him, but being with friends, having comfort food and watching bad movies was a great time to spend after a rejection.


As promised, Denki did his best to avoid him for a week with the rest of the Bakusquad's help, letting him sort out his own messed up feelings.

In the future, he wouldn't get time like this, he knew. Hero work would be harsh and take up all his time.

Honestly, feelings like these... he can't let them influence his the decisions he makes.

During those two days he thought very carefully about how he feels about Denki.

He thought about how he feels for him as a friend, and how he would have felt for him if they had been lovers.

He thought about how he feels for his friends.

And finally, during a villain attack, he comes to a conclusion.

"HEY, DENKI?" He calls out as the booming sound echoes.

"YEAH??" The other asks, holding an injured arm close to his side.


"IF YA SURE BRO!!!!" There was something refreshing about how the smile Denki sends his way doesn't make his chest hurt.

'Wow didn't you get over quickly?'

Later on Denki tearfully explains how he was scared he was going to lose his friendship with him just because he had rejected him.

Probably because they hadn't seen each other for a week, Hanta hadn't realized up until then how Denki had eyebags that could rival Hitoshi's, how he looked anxious almost over everything, how he probably had to take time for himself as well and had to question wether or not he might have agreed to dating with him despite not feeling the same way or not being into guys.

So Hanta was glad to have his friend back again.


"Bro, check this out."

"Wicked bro."

"Think we can do it with your tape bro?"

"We should get Roki in on it."

"Fuck yes."

Later on Rikido and Katsuki will yell at them both for attempting to make a tape knife out of Hanta's tape, using Roki's fire to melt it, thus destroying the kitchen.

But the relief was visible throughout the whole dorm and class.

The duo were back together as a duo again and class 1-A preferred their memers happy and safe.


When Eijiro had nervously walked towards him he immediately knew what he was going to be asked.

They were lounging in the common room, his hand ruffling Denki's hair as the blonde shows him pictures and blabbers on and on about how a banana and pineapple pizza would go.

"Um, hey guys? Can I.... talk to you two about something?"

Denki looked up at him curiously while Hanta looked at him pointedly.

"Ask away."

"It-uh-it might be a bit personal..."

"Knowing for sure is always better than any other alternative."

Denki let out a confused noise, while Eijiro squeezed his eyes shut in a resigned expression.

"...this is going to hurt isn't it."

"You never know until you actually do it."

Denki finally seemed to realize something.

"Oh dude, good luck."

Eijiro thanked them before going downstairs, where they know it will lead to the courtyard, where they know Katsuki will be training.

"We should ask Satou to make more cake."

"Think it won't work out?"

"Nah man, it's gonna be a celebration cake."

True to Hanta's predictions, they ended celebrating the beginning of a new couple that day.

Eijiro was grinning ear to ear, Katsuki was looking serious as ever, though his cheeks were tinted pink and he was holding the red haired boys hand.

Most importantly, Mina collected a lot of bet money that day.


It was when Hitoshi flopped himself on his bed with a groan that he realized he had gained a certain occupation in the dorm, that Tenya or Momo would probably be more suitable for.

“I can’t get him out of my head.”


“He fucking mushed his tail to my face, and then told me I looked sad.”

“Oh shit.”

“Yes. Fuck. Sero, I’m done for. I wanted to die, but not this way.”

Really, why were people relying on him on relationship advices.

At least it was cute watching them grow.

“And I think I developed a crush on invisible girl too F U C K!!!”


“Wow. Two people at the same time huh?”

“And I’m pretty damn sure they’re going to marry each other one day.”

“Have you tried talking with them normally instead of being a mess?”

“Sero, Sero, who are you talking to, huh? Me bitch.”

Hanta sighed.

Before an idea came to his mind.

“You know, when I was pining for Denki, and figured out how straight he was for Ibara, I went to this quiet place, it’ll probably work out for you too. You should try it out this weekend, they only open on Saturday.”

He handed over the address for a Cat Cafe.


Hanta discovered the technique of passive aggressively sipping tea.

Ojiro kept babbling.

“I was such an asshole to him about the Sports Festival it’s probably why he won’t meet my eyes.”

“Is that so?”

“And Hagakure has friend zoned me, they’re probably going to marry each other.”

Hanta, if not for the laws of being civil, would have pour the tea down the other boys face. He was very tempted.

“Hey, I know this place you can visit on Saturday, worked wonders for me-“


“Hullo Seroooo~”

“You already know they love you and each other and you love them both back.”


“Saturday. Cat Cafe. Open from 09:00 a.m to 10:00 p.m.”



Sero Hanta raised his mug in a bored manner as that Saturday evening all three of them walked in, hand in hand, happy, but also slightly annoyed.

“You planned this.” Ojiro said in accusatory tone.

“Did I?”

“I can’t believe you pulled an Aizawa-sensei on us.” Hitoshi said.

Hagakure suddenly clapped her hands together.

“Right! Sero is like Aizawl-Sensei! But friendlier!”

Sero Hanta, with a shit eating grin on his face, spoke the next few words just as Shouto walked into the room.

“It was just a logical ruse.”


“Izuku, do you know who is more likely to be Aizawa-sensei’s love child?”

Izuku pinched his expression, feeling very tired suddenly as he lowered his textbook.

“Not this again Shouto.”

“Izuku. Please.”

He always does this. First Izuku, then Hitoshi, now some other poor unfortunate soul.

“I thought you were focused on Hitoshi.”

“I have a theory as to how they and Hitoshi might be really distant cousins but thats for later.”

“For fucks sake Shouto-“

“Come one Izuku, ask me.”

He took in deep steady breaths, before bracing himself for what’s about to come next.

“Who is more likely to be our teachers love child?”

“Sero Hanta.”

Izuku giggled in surprise, his annoyance sliding away momentarily.

“Hanta?!” They’ve both taken to referring to him in that way in their heads.

They haven’t delved too much into what the significance of the way they refer to him might mean, less they jump to wrong conclusions.

“You know what I can see it, it’s his smile isn’t it?”

“I knew you would come around Izuku.”



Sero Hanta knew that at some point Shouto and Izuku had started dating. He considered himself the second love guru next to Mina of class 1-A at this point.

Sero Hanta can count all the yet to be couples that he knew is bound to happen sooner or later. He saw how Jirou Kyouka and Momo look at each other, he saw how Iida Tenya and Hatsume Mei interact, he saw how Ochako and Tsuyu were getting closer and closer everyday, he even knew Fumikage and Mezou have probably started dating by now. Sato and Koda were the purest and most platonic beings there were. Hanta adored their relationship.

Mina's pining after Kendou as far as he was concerned, and well, he's interacted with class 1-B a bit more than the others had, but he knew that Kendou would be right for her.

And, after the first poly group had emerged in the form of Hitoshi, Ojiro and Hagakure, there were quite a few things he had started to consider about them.

But he didn't voice his opinions on that matter, and hadn't actually felt anything about it.

Sure, there was the inkling feeling of something beginning at the back of his mind.

He sometimes noticed how whenever Izuku carried him bridal style he seemed to hold on for a moment more than necessary, and he noticed how he felt so invited to stay in those strong arms, but he didn't say anything and, perhaps because of some sort of imprint left from past crushes before and with Denki, his mind automatically ignored whatever feelings bubbled up within himself.

They didn't exactly spent that much time training together, though Hanta began using the gym more often, and sparring more often with Ojiro as well. The way they can use their quirks during fights was different, for one.

Hanta had to be flexible and quick. He was made more for defense, capture, or support, while Izuku and Shouto were practically power houses that can mercilessly crush others.

Within field work, they're more likely able to take care of situations all by themselves efficiently enough. If they were to need him, it would probably be more for scouting out an area.

They didn't need him, and he needs to stop fantasizing.

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WhatIsThisSmallFryDoingHere: Sero Hanta Is Spiderman

Concrete jungles were his area. Even before going to U.A, Hanta always used his tape to parkour, either for the fun of it or for the sake of getting somewhere faster.

Heck, he managed to hang off from the side of a house once, a tape sticking to the edge of the roof, his feet planted firmly on the wall, simply hanging himself on the side as he watches people go past, unable to notice the person hidden in the shadow casted by the giant house.

It’s one of the small abilities that made being an Underground Pro-Hero an open option for himself. But that’s not what he wants to do.

He doesn’t want to be a sidekick either.

What he wants is to be the best he can be.


He looked down from the high ceiling of the training area he was in to see Eijiro and Denki looking up at him in shock.

He had went there to think, and practice some moves. But he mostly felt like hanging upside down a bit.

Hanta shot a wide grin down at them from the place he is.

“S’up dudes?”



Chuckling at his friends panicked screeching he swung himself to the side of another building to slide himself down.

With friends like these, he thinks he can be the best he can be.


Sero Hanta always kept a smile on his face, well, not all the time, but he smiled a lot. His smile offered peace, a relaxed place to run to when everything seems too much and you want to hide somewhere.

Sero Hanta never stopped being relaxed, never stopped being that one calming presence for his classmates in their dire times when they need someplace that they know for certain won’t judge them for their actions.

Sero Hanta’s smile, could also be called a bad habit.

It was a mask to hide everything that lies behind. Observant ones would notice this mask pretty easily.

Sero Hanta always kept smiling, and was always a calming presence. So it was terrifying when one day, while sparring with Katsuki, he abruptly stopped smiling, his lips pressed in a thin line and his eyes turned tense, dark, and absolutely furious.

It was almost as shocking as when USJ attack happened, and All Might wasn’t smiling.

Katsuki, didn’t take notice of the sudden change in atmosphere, too focused on his target, too focused on fighting.

So he was also reasonably shocked when he was suddenly flipped over, a knee hitting his back, ensuring that a bruise would form there, and making him with ground with a groan.

He met eyes with Hanta, flinching and growing quiet, the question of ‘What the fuck?!’ Dying on his lips before it had the chance to even get out.

Then Hanta forced a smile on his face and offered a hand.

“How was that for a 'plain face'?"


"You know Hanta, I think you should treat yourself sometimes."

Hanta blinked owlishly at Yuuga's back. They were hanging out in his room, fishtailing each others hair and talking about fashion, boys, gossiping about who will date who or who is possibly already dating someone.

Hante knew Yuuga to be observant. Sometimes he thinks that Yuuga knows more about what's going on around them than he himself does.

"I do treat myself sometimes though?" Hanta said, confusion making its way into his voice as he continued fishtailing the blond hair.

"Do you really, Sero-kun? It seems to me that you mostly give rather than receive much." The other said holding a mirror to his face, allowing Hanta to see a rare expression he was sporting.

Lips pressed in a thin line, expression seemingly devoid of anything.

He surpassed a shiver that threatened to run through him. Yuuga can be a scary mastermind when he wanted to be, a chess player that knows how to play the game.

Hanta didn't question his past, didn't question whenever Yuuga would ask him to come over to his room, didn't question why he seemed to be the one of the few that Yuuga came to with his problems.

He at least thinks there is more than one person Yuuga relies on. He doesn't ask who that could be either.

“When you had a thing for Denki, you never talked about it to anyone, yet you listen to others problems all the time-and that doesn’t seem to be fair. Not for you or for those who care about you.”

Hana didn’t say anything, more focused on braiding the strands of hair in front of him.

“…and, forgive me for being nosey, most of your friends seem to...not know that much about you as much as you seem to know about them."

Hanta spoke.

"I...have a bad habit."

He doesn’t know what expression he makes on his face, but it seems enough for Yuuga to hug him.

And that’s how they spend the next hour, hugging each other in Yuuga’s sparkling room.


"Hey, can I tell you guys something?"

They were all piled up in Mina's room, Denki was letting Mina apply make up to his face as they both sat near her purple table. Katsuki was sitting at Mina’s desk looking through a paper, and Eijiro and Hanta were lying on Mina’s bed looking through their phones.

He could feel three gazes focus on him, and Katsuki’s pen stops scribbling.

“I…think I like both Midoriya and Todoroki.”

He waits for their reaction, his pessimism automatically expecting sighs and sympathetic confirmations of how Izuku and Shouto are unattainable, before he feels Eijiro hug him.

“We kind of knew, but it’s nice to hear you say it for a change.” Eijiro said. Hanta ended up dropping his phone so he could return the hug back.

It was by no means comfortable, as it was done in a sitting position on the bed, but Eijiro had the magical ability to make every hug he gives soothing.

“Fucking finally, we were getting worried.” Katsuki says from the place he is sitting.

Mina and Denki immediately scream “CUDDLE PILE!!!” and before Hanta could protest Eijiro rolls them both on to the floor, a loud thump echoing as the duo that needs sever impulse control jumps on them the moment they hit the floor.

Hanta groans in mock pain as his friends hug him tightly. "Geez I almost regret telling you guys now."

"No you don't." Katsuki says from his desk, causing the cuddle pile on the floor to chuckle.

Mina then speaks in a serious tone.

"But now you're gonna have to deal with our meddling."

Hanta, this time, groans in genuine regret.


Kms22: Snake bite

Sero Hanta and Asui Tsuyu bonded over being elder siblings. They talk about their respective younger siblings a lot, sharing laughs over swapped stories and all that jazz.

There is also another common sentiment they shared with each other, and that was being bullied for their appearances.

Tsuyu was glad that the world wasn't limited to her middle school.

So yeah, Hanta and Tsuyu were great friends, so Tsuyu was bound to introduce her best friend Mangoose Habuko at some point.

Direct Messaging Between Froppy and HissMiss

Froppy: Habuko-chan. Would it be okay if I introduce a friend to you in the usual spot this weekend?

HissMiss: Sure Tsuyu-chan!


“Yes Tsuyu-chan?”

“Kero kero. I want to introduce you to a friend of mine, is it okay if you come with me to XXXX cafe this weekend?”

Hanta smiles turned wider curiosity entering his eyes. “Sure!”

So now here they were, waiting.

“Say, isn’t your friend running a little late?” Hanta asked as they both sat at the cafe Tsuyu had agreed to meet up with.

Habuko never was this late to their meetings. Half an hour had passed already. “You’re right, kero.”

“Maybe you should call her?…”

“Kero.” She went and did just that, concern eating at her from the inside.

The dread didn’t disappear as the call was answered. When the name of the League of Villains ran big around crowds, it was impossible to not expect the coarse, rusty dry voice of Shigaraki Tomura answering the phone- Habuko’s voice filtered into her ears.

“T-Tssssuyu-chan-“ she sounded nervous.

“Habuko-chan, are you alright?”

“You didn’t tell me your friend was going to be S-Sssssellophane!!!”

At this Tsuyu blinked and looked behind her to see a familiar tuft of red hair, the rest of its owner hiding behind a seat.

She sighed.

“I forgot this trait of hers…” honestly, she wasn’t this awkward when she had introduced Ochako to her, but she still did show a certain level of shyness when introduced to new people. Honestly, she had faced them during that surprise activity, team survival course, where they had to survive with their team against Isamu Academy High School and each other(See: Training of the Dead).

After managing to drag Habuko and properly introducing her to Hanta, Habuko’s number of friends grew that day.

Within the same day, Habuko also realized to her dismay, that Hanta was a parental friend, just like Tsuyu.

The Weekend Club Group Chat

*Froppy entered*

Froppy: Habuko-chan how are you doing today kero?

*HissMiss entered*

HissMiss: I’m doing fine so far, my friends invited me to karaoke.

Froppy: It’s so nice to hear about your social-life.

HissMiss: You sound like a mom and that’s embarrasing me.

*TapeBoi entered*

TapeBoi: Well, considering how your first reaction to meeting new people is hiding somewhere…

HissMiss: Hanta-kun! Not you too!

Froppy: Hanta is taking my side.

HissMiss: My social life is doing just fine!

TapeBoi: We know and we are proud of you for making friends.

HissMiss: Stop dad.

TapeBoi: !


TapeBoi: Tsuyu look at me I’m the proud dad of a snake daughter.

Froppy: And I’m the proud mother of a snake daughter Kero.

HissMiss: I hate this freaking family.


Kms22: Broken arms

All for One breaks Izuku arms a lot. He was getting better at controlling it, which makes the whole of class 1-A proud, but he still has incidents when it happens. Which means, he has experience in taking care of heavy injuries.

Which means he knows a broken arm when he sees one.

He sees Hanta dodging a Noumu’s attack, having created a nine tails weaponry out of tape and pieces of broken glass.

He sees how he is more focused on bringing the child he is carrying in his back to safety than engaging into a fight with the noumu.

He manages cut away several of the tentacles that reach out to them, melting everything they touch with acid, before he managed dodge from under the noumu and yell for back up.

Deku was too focused on stopping a giant noumu leveling the entire area to completely focus on him, but when he finally manages to find it’s weakness, punches it out of existence, effectively getting rid of the threat, is when he manages to hear a scream break out from the area the other intern is in.

He immediately turns to see a sight that would terrify anyone standing there.

Cellophane had managed to cut off all the tentacles the noumu had, as it apparently didn’t have a regeneration quirk, so it had resorted to using its fists to punch.

But the tape hero had managed to stop it the only way he, who could only use his tape to reach higher places, set up traps, capture someone, scout out survivors, could.

He used his arm to block the attack from reaching the child.

Even from far away, the damage could be seen.

Izuku managed to knock away the monster before it could do anymore damage.

The paramedics came, Hanta kept asking if the child he was trying to protect was all right, Shouto had to stop him from losing his cool.

There were still more noumus they had to deal with.


He was sitting at the waiting room, Shouto sat besides him, a warm hand squeezing his shoulder.

The girl only had a few cuts.

Cellophane managed to save her.

A blond, haggard looking doctor that has the same facial features as Hanta comes out from the emergency room and stands in front of them with an old, tired look, tells them his arm is safe, then bows down in front of them.

“Thank you for saving my son.”

Izuku feels the tears run down his cheeks.

Sero Hanta wakes up a day later with his arm in a cast.

The first thing that comes out of his mouth is a question, “Is she okay?”

Cellophane gains a fan.


He walks around the dorms in the cast for a while, watches his other classmates fight, has to hold himself back from making tape come out of his arms as the last time he had even used his undamaged arm to stand on a wall, parallel to the ground, almost all of his classmates had reprimanded him.

When the cast finally comes off, he feels like he just started breathing.

‘Finally.’ He thinks. ‘Finally I can start catching up.’

There is still a lot he has to do for his arm before he could monkey around with his quirk again. A lot of things needed to be done… But this was fine. He was fine.

He could have lost his entire arm. He could have lost any chance of ever using one of his arms for his quirk again.

So he’s fine.

He’s supposed to be fine.


“Hanta I think you can add-“ Satou speaks as he touches the right elbow of the other boy helping him in the kitchen.

He almost seizes, flinching, the mixer in his hand almost dropping to the ground, prevented from doing so thanks to his fast reflexes, there were still small drips of the batter that had dripped to the ground.

Satou stands still, his hand retracted back from Hanta, who has moved back the tiniest, but not unnoticeable inch. His eyes looked wide, like he was going through another moment, like he was not all there, mostly in another moment.


The call of his name seems to snap him out of whatever moment he was trapped in, blinking, the fear vanishing and leaving confusion and tenseness behind instead, smile only showing the slightest tremors.

“Sorry about that, you were saying something Sato?”

He wasn’t okay.

From then on the others seem to almost purposefully avoid touching his scarred elbow. He hates it, but is also relieved.


It’s one of those rare times he sees his father exhibit a serious, cold demeanor.

The first time he had to face him like this was when he had announced his decision to apply to U.A’s hero course.

His father hadn’t agreed, trying his best to convince him to change his decision. The atmosphere within the household ever since the argument happened had became awkward, his father starting to stay the night more at the hospital he works in than their actual house. Hanta hadn’t minded this, but what he does mind is how his siblings could take this sort of atmosphere.

He felt bitter when he could spot his mother and siblings among the crowd of spectators during the sports festival, but not a trace of his father.

The second time he had to face him like this was over the phone, when they had started moving into the dorms. It ended unresolved, and left him feeling restless all over.

Now this would be the third time. This time his father was the doctor who had treated his arm.

“…You know Hanta. I always subconsciously knew that this would be the path you were going to take in the end.”

He looks at his father wearily, not knowing where this talk will lead. He didn’t sounded disappointed, he sounded resigned mostly.

“You had this drive to you, where you always needed to save people. It’s why I sometimes bought you in for as an assistant nurse during my free-lancing days…”

Sero Ooga used to be a free-lance doctor, who saved as many people as possible on the neighbor they lived in, until the work that some parties were putting into getting the neighborhoods conditions noticed finally payed off, and professional free help was finally given to those who needed it.

Of course, it still wasn’t the best, the doctors who worked there, while they did their jobs, didn’t seem to be the type to be enthusiastic about helping people. Not like his father is.

“I wanted you to be a nurse or something. I think. A doctor would have done as well. But I knew where your eyes were set. And I knew that whatever alternatives may be present, none of them will stop you from being a hero. What-What I’m trying to say is-“

Huh, he was fumbling. That’s unexpected.

His father finally sighed, slumped down and defeated.

“What I’m trying to say is that I’m sorry for trying to control your future.”

Hm, what?

“I wanted you to be safe, I wanted you to lead a life where you didn’t actively chase after danger, and being a hero is all about that. I’ve seen plenty of people die Hanta, some of them were heroes, some of them were children. I have to do operations, it’s my job to make sure I diagnose a patient right. I never, ever wanted you to be one of those I failed to save. Even if my occupation is different, I can imagine what the life of a hero must be like, and you’re the most caring kid I know. I know you would blame yourself for every life you failed to reach. I know you would keep comparing yourself to people-“

He halted. Taking in deep breaths, hunching over Hanta’s bedside as his fists clench at his side. Beneath his mess blond bangs, Hanta thinks he can see his eyes glistening.

“B-But I see now that you also have people backing you up. Friends who would die for you. You have so many things here that no other alternative path could have given, and I’m so damn sorry for trying to take that away.”

Hanta can feel the tears filling in his eyes when he finally opened his mouth.

“Dad, honestly speaking, you’re kind of what inspired me to be a hero…” oh it was his turn now eh?

“Whenever you work on a patient, I thought what you did for them was pretty heroic. And the way you smiled for them is kind of what made me think about the kind of hero I would be a fan of.”

“There might be a lot of Pro-Heroes out there that save people with a smile, but my Number one hero was you.”

“I did wanted to do what you do at first. But…it didn’t click. I guess, I liked the idea of preventing what lands people into hospitals in the first place was more appealing to me.”

“God this is awkward. I forgive you, okay?”

There were a lot of tears after that conversation, and they ended up hugging each other for a while, too embarrassed to share anymore words.

Usually, the Sero family members were much calmer than this.

“So… care to tell me about those two nice boys that saved you. Three little birds told me that there was something going on between you and them.” His father finally spoke, mischievousness lacing his voice.

Hanta went stiff. Then groaned.

“I’m going to murder my friends.”


Kms22: Frostbite or Hypothermia


Fear of becoming too cold.

“When you become a Pro-Hero, it won’t matter what issue you have, you’re going to have to face it head on and deal with it.” Aizawa-sensei tells him standing in front of the window with Hanta, watching the rest of his other students play in the snow that had accumulated outside.

Hanta doesn’t get startled by the sudden appearances of his teacher anymore, at least not as often as before. After going through the many things he had along with his classmates, his reflexes had gotten strong enough that he can almost sense when someone is approaching from behind.

“You can take your time with it, but I suggest doing something about that fear of yours before you graduate.”

A pro-Hero has to adept to many situations in order to save people. Hanta knew this.

He watches Shouto and Izuku sit on a bench, away from the snowball fight, holding hands together while watching their classmates shenanigans with soft expressions on their faces, before Shouto glances up and almost seems to meet Hanta’s eyes. He watches Izuku’s face shift in concern, looking at his partner.

Hanta leaves before the pang in his chest can overwhelm him, the sweater he is in feeling all too much like something traitorous, with all its thickness and size, showcasing what he could easily hide from everyone else who hadn’t watched the sports festival. He says a quick, short good bye to Aizawa-Sensei, he thinks, but he’s too focused on getting away from the window where the world can see him to care.

He walks down to the kitchen to make some hot chocolate, pausing only for a moment to see Shouto there, before resuming making his way towards where the hot chocolate packages were.

“Hanta. Could we…talk?” his voice sounded uncertain, but determined.



There was no way he could stop a determined Shouto from having this conversation with him.

“We...noticed that you like to avoid the cold.”

Hanta doesn’t flinch at that blunt statement, he knows this true.

“I just want you to know that if you have any plans for it I can be a part of them.”

‘Because I’m also responsible for them.’ Was what was left unsaid.

“I… ok. Thanks, Todoroki.”

“…You know, when you refer to me by surname I feel like you’re giving me the cold shoulder.”

“?! Pffft-!”

“I’m being serious here Hanta, laughing isn’t ‘ice’.”

“Oh God that’s horrible-“

“But you’re laughing.”

“You got me there.”

Shouto’s small smile, seemed to be wider than the last time he ever saw it. He ignored the pleasant warmth that enveloped his body at the sight.

That was another elephant that can be addressed another time.

“I can call you Shouto if you want.” He says, finally calming down.

“…Then can I call you Hanta?” The request made his heart stutter. Goddamn it feelings, not now.

“S-Sure.” Sadly, he couldn’t stop his stutter, nor the warmth that covered his cheeks as he rubbed his neck with one hand.

He didn’t notice the soft, fond expression that appeared on Shouto’s face for a brief moment.


Kms22: Stomach Virus

Everything feels like shit.

His stomach hurts.

He’s gonna hurl.


He fell.

He’s gonna make a mess of his floor.

His mom worked so hard to make that carpet.


Guess he’ll just fucking die here then.

“Sero, can you stand?” A masculine voice crackles through his hazed mind.

No. He can’t stop shivering, the pain in his stomach wasn’t stopping, and he can’t stop the urge to puke all of his guts out.

He doesn’t notice how he’s curled inwards on the floor, probably looking as pathetic as he feels until a hand comes up to the nape of his neck and another comes to rest on his forehead.

It feels nice. It feels like that one time his mother had stayed home for him, before she kept focusing more on her job.

But that can't be her, because they were in U.A and his mom would surely give a call before coming in, and his classmates would make a big fuss over her in order to embarrass him.

The wonders of having a whole class like a family. Joy.

The way he was gently helped up by several hands told him who exactly it was that was checking up on him.

“Shouji?…” he muttered opening his eyes open, not having noticed that he had closed them at all.

“I decided to take today off when I noticed that you hadn’t gone out of your room like the others had. They were all in a hurry so Shouto wasn't able to check up on you."


"There isn't anything to apologize for." Mezou tells him sternly. He sounds as calm as ever, with a tinge of concerns. It registers to Hanta how Mezou might be the most normal student in their class, personality wise, putting aside his minimalism.

"Ok...but I kind of don't want to puke on you so..."

He ends up dry heaving to the toilet, as expected of someone who hadn't eaten anything yet, and was later, something that he will be embarrassed later, carried back to bed bridle style.

"Thanks... you can leave if you want to..." he slurs when he's gently placed on the bed.

He feels bloated, even though Mezou is so much bigger than him, he feels like a handful.

'You should be better than this. You're more responsible than this. You spoiled child-'


"I'd prefer not to leave you alone." Mezou's voice comes out soft, a hand brushing back strands of raven hair that had fallen in front of his face, palm feeling pleasantly cool against his feverish forehead.

"Suit y'self..." he manages out again before his world goes dark.

When he wakes up again it's to a callous, slightly scarred, but gentle hand pressing against his cheek.

"Sero-kun how are you?" A voice gently asked him.

Instead of answering the angelic voice, Hanta opted to hold the hand pressed against his cheek with his own, slightly more delicate hands. The thought of the contrast made something twist in his stomach, and make his head feel heavy. Tired.

“Tired.” He forces himself to finally say after a long silence. His jaw aches, and he is more aware of every tissue that moves in his body with every heartbeat and minuscule movement.

“I know, but it will be better if you drink some water…”

And Hanta knows that he should, he is a health nut after all, and his dads a doctor and surgeon, so he knows the things he has to except when he gets sick or what he has to do for others when they get sick, but…

“D’n’t w’nn’a….”

There is an amused chuckle that makes the voice sound nice. Really nice familiar.

“Your voice sound nice…” he says absentmindedly, uncaring in all his agony of having the stomach flu that the person he is talking to is Izuku Midoriya, whose breath hitches, and hand tenses against his face.

“D-Does it now- You should really drink some water, just a small sip of it at least. Come on, for me?”

And the rest of his sickness goes by a blur, a literal blur.

Hanta doesn’t get sick often, and when he does get sick it gets awful to the point that he can’t remember whatever happened during the duration of being sick.

However he is aware that several people had taken care of him, and that sometimes Aizawa-Sensei or Yagi-sensei visited him.

If he were to be honest, he wasn’t expecting many people to care.

Maybe it’s his own mentality of being the eldest child, but he never trusted that he would be the one to be taken care of when it was always the exact opposite.

He was so glad he was wrong.


“Hey, Sero, my buddy, my man.”

Hanta already knew whatever was to come next out of Hitoshi’s mouth was something he may either regret hearing, or should be something he will regret but will greatly enjoy.

He was curled up into the corner of the common room couch, computer open on his lap and going writing out a report as part of his internship when the purple insomniac came in and flopped onto his lap. He’s lucky to have fast reflexes, or he would have to deal with rewriting a report and burying a dead body, all the while guiltily dealing with loved ones tears.

“Why haven’t you asked me for advice yet?”

Ah. Regret. It came with having a sibling like relationship with your friends.

“Honestly speaking you’re not one I would ask for advice, at all. You were a mess before I made you three go to that cat cafe.”

“Yeah, but, for one, you’re not doing any better than I did. Two, I know more about poly relationships now that I am in one so I’m a bit more jaded than you in this subject. Three, I am close friends with Midoriya Izuku AND by extension, Todoroki Shouto. I, can totally give you sound advice on the steps to woo two very attractive partners."

"Hmmm sound reasoning I will give you that.” the tape-intern-hero agrees. “But, there is this one problem…”

Hitoshi looks up at him from his lap where he lays his head on. The next words Hanta says makes his eyes widen.

“…Pretty people intimidate me.” quiet. Embarrassed. Shy.

Hitoshi grins his very Aizawa-like-grin and suddenly stands up. “Wait right here~” and leaves him behind a boy that’s both curious and terrified to see what will happen.

It wasn’t until they are having their annual Friday sleepover night, playing truth or dare that he figures out exactly what was going on.

The bottle lends on him. Momo grins mischievously along with Yuuga as she declares his faith. He shouldn’t have picked dare that night.

“I dare you to wear the dress you will be put on by me and Yuuga for the rest of the night.”

He says, as he is dragged from the Common Room to what is most likely Yuuga’s room, with a blank expression, “I have sealed my soul to the devil.”

Then he ends up having to be dragged back into the room where everyone else is because he isn’t confident like Mina, Denki or Eijiro, and no matter how much his fiendish dressers assure him he looks great, he’s too self conscious about how skinny he must look.

They had put him in a black long choker dress that reached his ankles, but left nothing to imagination when it came to how his legs looked, through the gap and how it hugged his tights. The muscles of his chess and abdomen was also obvious, and perhaps his elbows would have made the whole thing look a bit awkward, but the way the dress complimented his eyes and black hair made up for all of it.

Wolf whistles meant for encouragement and comments like “YOU’RE SO PRETTY~” fill the room, making the raven haired teen have a full body blush.

Meanwhile, Izuku and Shouto were

"Oh my God." Izuku whispered. “Freckles. He has freckles.”

“Legs.” Shouto whispers back.

“It’s such a perfect dress, doesn’t get in the way of his elbows, if he would wear high heels and go into battle like that…” Izuku starts to lowly mutter, unheard and unnoticed by anyone else but Shouto.

Shouto has to put a stop to his boyfriend because now he can’t get the image out of his head.

“I bet you can cover his entire waist with just two hands…”

“Izuku stop it. I don’t want to end up jumping him tonight.”

Izuku, contrary what most would believe, was the most sinful there is in bed. Shouto never forgets the shock he had over all the dirty talk he did in bed, and how Izuku had uncovered several kinks he never knew he had or existed.

He imagines, Hanta sitting on the bed, Izuku holding his feet and kissing it all the way up, and Shouto holding one of his hands, kissing it all the way down to his shoulders, another hand snaking around to touch his chest, the dress is so tight he would probably be able to feel all the muscles there, and effectively pinch his nipples. He knows how Hanta smells from all the times they had a cuddle session in the middle of the night when either one of them was having a bad day, he can only imagine how strong is scent would be when he buries his nose into his neck, kissing the freckled vast plane up and down, marking it. And if he had a problem with having marks on his neck then there always his back.

Izuku would go up his leg, reach the destination and treat Hanta like the queen he is-and, he thinks, as Hanta’s back is turned to them, revealing it to be naked, and showing the line that dipped and disappeared into his lower back- he would be strong enough to hold Hanta off the bed, cupping his very firm, but also very soft looking ass. Izuku always talked about it feverishly, his dirty talks sometimes involving how Hanta would be, right there with them.

When they had first thought of Hanta like that, it was mostly innocent things, like how their cuddle pile would be arranged, the kinds of dates they would be able to go to, the kinds of movies they can watch, how they would be able to support each other…. Of course, as second year, hero in training teenagers, their hormones finally kicked in and then not-so-innocent thoughts started to revolve around their heads. It didn’t help that when Hanta fought, he swings around, pulling of several acrobatic moves, and it didn’t help that they had once caught him silk dancing with his tape like a professional.

Oh shit, Shouto really wants him to see him do that again, this time in this dress. Though maybe it wouldn’t be possible. He didn’t know much about silk dancing, but the dress would probably get in the way with some of the open moves Hanta did. But Hanta was very flexible, so maybe he could still pull it off. Maybe he would take it as a challenge. He was amazing like that, if there was a hurdle in front of him he would still try his best to do it. It was something that showed during the sports festival in first year, when he said how he knew he would probably lose, but still wasn’t planning on doing so as he almost dragged him out of the ring. He would have won, if he jumped up like he did during the racing part of the sports festival.

“Shouto, he’s going to have to keep that dress.” Izuku says seriously in a hushed whisper as Hanta becomes more bold, less embarrassed, showing himself off even with a confident smile and he is so beautiful okay yeah they were definitely asking him out tonight.

After a few more rounds, where Denki was asked to tell the story of the stupidest thing he has done, and Shouji was dared to carry as many people as he could, Hanta and Fumikage included, the bottle finally landed on Shouto.

“Todoroki, I dare you to dance with Sero, to ‘Thinking out Loud’.” Mezou says, a shit eating grin no doubt hiding behind his blue mask.

Shouto immediately gets up, his blank expression still in place, but a glint noticeable in his face. Before Hanta could even have a chance to panic and become a stuttering mess, he immediately offers a hand to him from where he is sitting on the floor, dress bunched up so nobody would end up sitting on it. “Would you have this dance with me?”


With wide eyes, Hanta took the hand, and was immediately pulled on to his feet, right hand resting on his waist and left hand holding the others slightly up above their head.

The moment the music started Shouto immediately started taking the lead, slow dancing as Hanta relaxed the grip he had on his right shoulder, concentrating on not stepping on the others feet. They slowly spin around the room first, before Shouto does a sudden dip that makes Hanta wrap his wrists around the back of the others neck in order not to fall.

Then he is suddenly lifted, an arm snaking to the back of his knees as Shouto picked him up and twirled him around in the air, a soft look in his eyes as they never broke eye contact.

Hanta would have thought the dance would turn into something silly, with how he was tall and Shouto was well, shorter than him. But his strength more than made up for him to take the male role within their dance.

And wow wasn’t that hot?

The whooping sound of his classmates would have distracted him from the dance if Shouto hadn’t suddenly drop and twirled him around, spinning him out, and Hanta, feeling giddy all of a sudden, immediately spun right back into his arms, continuing their slow dance, this time with their foreheads touching and his arms wrapped around his neck, and Shouto’s hands having a hold on both sides of his waist. The dress floated all the way through.

They continued slow dancing in that position for a while before Hanta’s hands slowly slid down until they were gripping Shouto’s, his smile having turned into something that was unbelievably soft, close mouthed and open.

Izuku recorded all of this, he feels like his chest is swelling. He could cry from the peace that the both of their beauty bought to him but it was how they almost synchronized together while dancing that truly made a dopey smile appear on his face.

Hitoshi, who was sitting besides him tapped on his shoulder, and when faced mouthed a you’re welcome before going back to cuddling up besides Mashirao with his sunglasses on and orange juice in hand.

By the time the song had ended it had already gotten midnight.

Everyone grinned maniacally as Izuku led both Shouto and Hanta to his room.

The next morning Hanta was blushing red in the cheeks, holding both Izuku and Shouto’s hands as he stood in the middle and said at breakfast, “I have two boyfriends now.”

He sounded like he couldn’t believe it, awed and amazed.

Satou immediately whipped out the cakes he had especially made for this occasion as everyone on the table cheered, Shiozaki also doing so as she was visiting her boyfriend for breakfast that day.

“I can wed you three whenever you want.” She offered to them, in her whole viney holiness.

When Hanta had made a video call to his family that day Sero Ooga was crying. “I CAN’T BELIEVE I MISSED MY SONS WEDDING DANCE!!!” His little sisters were clamoring up shrieking about how they wanted to be ‘bridesmaids’ while Akihito simply grinned happily about seeing his older brother with a loud ‘Nii-san!’ And his mother congratulated him with a soft smile.

Hanta was forever embarrassed and had taped Mina, who was the one who had sent the recording to his family, to the ceiling.

Chapter Text

Hanta sometimes felt like he was being selfish for thinking these thoughts.

They are six years old.

And his best friend owes him so many things.

He kept his secrets, he accepted him as he was, he didn’t call him a ‘girl’ like his parents did.

And yet, yet-

But it was selfish, wasn’t it?

It would be selfish if he spilled the secrets that he was entrusted with to other people out of spite just because the other told everyone else how his family was poor, and how he has trouble eating, and how he works several part time jobs-

He doesn’t know why, but the idea of spilling the others many secrets just because the other didn’t keep the ones he told him rubbed him wrong.

‘It’s your fault for trusting him in the first place.’

He watches with a blank expression as his ex-best friend approaches him after school.


They probably weren’t friends to begin with.

He was told that when the other bullies had suddenly upgraded their bullying in a way that hurts and twists his guts.

“Hey, tape-freak-“

Before anything else could be said Hanta immediately left.

Just another person that he needs to ignore.

Just the first and last person he will ever share secrets with.

Just another hurdle to get over, and move on with life.

It’s just like that time when his quirk was deemed unsuitable for a hero by his peers.

Only, it made pressure behind his temples build up more, and made some nights harder for him to breath through.


Contrary to what most would believe, nothing other than an emotional talk had happened that Friday night.

As enticing Hanta was in that dress, both Shouto and Izuku can feel that there was a lot of things to go through before they can actually get onto that stage.

So they instead talked, established how much they’re comfortable with the three of them. Izuku and Shouto were already pretty intimate in the stage they were in their relationships, as Hanta had to listen to their lustful adventures.

He had explained that there were somethings that he keeps to himself, that he needs to share with them, but isn’t quite ready yet due to some….Issues.

They told him they would wait.

They ended up cuddling on the floor that night, piles of blankets and pillows cushioning them and keeping them warm.

Hanta’s given Izuku’s t-shirt, that somehow stands out large in his skinny form, and Shouto’s shorts that had in time made it into Izuku’s room because of the amount of time they spent there together more than Shouto’s room.

Izuku can’t wait for Hanta’s clothes to make their way into his room, or any of his or Shouto’s clothes to make it into Hanta’s room, though he guessed there would most likely be Shouto’s clothes since he lived much closer to him.

He watched over the raven haired and dual colored teenagers arranged themselves in a comfortable position, Hanta having a harder time due to his elbows, but they manage to do it with Shouto hugging his arm, and Hanta folding his hands over his stomach, breathing softly as sleep slowly claims him along with Shouto.

Izuku can’t wait for all the things they will learn about each other and themselves as this newly formed relationship progresses.

He can, and will wait, of course. Izuku might not be an expert in relationships, but he knows better than to rush things.


They were patrolling when Kamui Woods had popped the question.

“Cellophane. I have to ask you something…”

“Yes sir?” He asked from the building he was perched on.

Kamui Woods was a recent hero, but Sero Hanta could say that he was second favorite next to Eraserhead. Reasons being, for one, he took his job seriously. Taking his job seriously means that he had seriously considered him before picking him for the internship. (At least that’s what he hoped). Two, there was something admirable about how he is willing to let such a tragic backstory become popularized. A lot of Pro-Heroes keep their lives private for understandable reasons, but Kamui Woods hides nothing except for his face. There is something admirable about how he still survived such bad conditions, and managed to still become a hero despite all.

Kamui Woods was an inspiration, not just to those with quirks that were based more on agility and speed, but those who are told they can’t be heroes because of how their upbringing, and their mental states. He, in a way, showed the world that you can do anything as long as you worked hard for it.

“If it’s too personal you don’t have to answer, but why did you decided to be a hero, and not a doctor?”

Hanta hummed thoughtfully for a moment, before answering the question.

“To give the short version of the answer, I saw a lot of patients with critical conditions treated by my father, and most of those patients were injured not just because they had weak quirks, but because they were being deliberately targeted. Sometimes I had to get treated too, but I was fast enough too avoid getting repeatedly injured.”

“…I’m sorry to hear that.”

Someone that had a past like Shinji Nishiya’s would understand how life in rough parts of Japan can be.

“It’s not as bad as it was before since the government started to finally pay attention to it, but there are still a few kink to work out. Anyways, while as a doctor I could have treated injuries, I decided that I’d rather not see them happen in the first place. I know it’s a long shot, but I want to inspire kids with weak quirks defend themselves. I want to inspire the quirkless to defend themselves too. I want people to look at me, and say, ‘If someone as plain as him can do it, so can I.’”

He rubbed the back of his neck after he finished his speech. “I got a bit dramatic there-“

“I think that you will become an admirable hero, Sero-kun.”

Hanta doesn’t speak for a moment.

“Thank you, sir.” There was only a small shakiness in his voice as he replied.



He didn’t listen, only ran with the bleeding kitten in his hands.


He immediately jumped up the trash can towards the emergency exit ladder pushing himself up with one arm while taping the kitten safely to his chest in a way that won’t jostle its injuries.

The eight year old has memorized the whole streets by now, and had gotten used to his quirk with it all its limitations.

He jumps from one rooftop to another, unafraid and quick. Cautious but determinedly fast.

With a few scraps and bruises he manages to lose his tormentors, memories of a wooden bat almost crushing him an afterthought as he opens the door to his fathers separate apartment, a vacant place that the doctor used for medical purposes, away from their house.

“Dad?” He calls out cautiously, the kitten trembling in his arms as it breathes faster every passing minute. The hallway that leads to the entrance echoes back his call.

If his father was too busy with another patient he will just treat the kitten himself, as it wouldn’t be the first time. He had already thought him how to use the medical kit, and how to treat injured animals when he had first bought in a porcupine.

He moves in, listening in for signs of life other than his father. He found it fascinating, going into abandoned buildings, though he did it less these days. He liked listening in for the small signs of life in places meant to be lifeless otherwise.

He picks up his fathers voice from one of the rooms at the very end of the dusty, creaky, abandoned looking small building. He picks up the muffled voice of another man as well.

“I know you do this for free but I can’t just accept-“

“Listen, if you respect what I do then you won’t pay me. You’re already in a hard place yourself, aren’t you?” His father voice cuts off the other.

So there is a patient today. The boy opts to move to a separate room where he knows the medical kit for situations like these are.

“I…understand. Thank you.” He sounded young, despite the muffler in place. Perhaps…25 or something. A lot of patients that went to dad preferred hiding their body parts. Their face tended to be that area sometimes, wether it was because of their quirk or not.

Hanta think he recognizes some patients as part of some gangs, but never ponders on that line of thought.

He hears the faint rustling of feet stopping right in front of his door, but doesn’t pay much attention as he focuses on inspecting his own patient, petting it to keep it calm, and making sure to hold onto the nape of his neck to keep it from moving to see what the problem was.

A cut on the side, deep but not deep enough that it’s something out of Hanta’s hands. Disinfecting it and a few careful stitches should do.

He lets the kitten go, and after given it a few reassuring pets to calm it down, goes towards the medical cabinet to get what he needs.

“Hey…” he flinches at the unexpected voice, turning to see a man who was most likely the patient, stand in front of him. He couldn’t see his face due to a paperboy with a smiley face on it covering it, but he could guess he was probably confused to see a kid here.

“Hello.” He says calmly, shortly. There was no threatening movement as of yet, but Hanta had to escape from a deranged woman once, who seemed to think that he was in there to steal things.

Better to clear misunderstandings quickly. “I’m the doctor’s assistant.” He says. Giving himself away as Sero Ooga’s son isn’t a good choice, neither for him or his dad.

“What, you’re still here-Oh, it’s you!” A familiar blond man that shared the same face as his beamed at him, making Hanta relax just the tiniest bit.

"Bought in another critter have you? Come on lets help them together." His dad always made a point of never referring to any living being as 'it'. Hanta was thought the concept of gender when he had asked about-

No, he didn't know him anymore. He wasn't going to be grateful to him of all people just for knowing these things.

His father inspected the wound of the animal himself holding out his hand so his son could put the disinfectant bottle in his hands.

"Just a cut, definitely doing better then our last little patient you bought in, getting quite faster in our heroics aren't we?" He says cheerfully as he works gently on the mewling kitten, Hanta keeping a close watch on how the doctor worked on him, cleaning the wound from grime and bacteria.

"You...have a family."

The doctor looked up his voice suddenly sounding tired. Hanta never gets used to this sudden personality change he makes.

"Oh, you're still here." Hanta couldn't see his face from where he was standing besides him.

"If not for you, you should at least let me pay for your family." There was a hard edge to the voice, a concern that would sound unnatural to anyone that lives where they did.

"Where are you from?" Hanta asks before he can stop himself, his father shots a sharp look at him, still tending to the kitten, but expression stoic.

Hanta keeps his eyes on the stranger that has hands made of wood, waiting for an answer. He's honestly curious.

"I... I've been traveling for a long time, I can't really remember..."

Hanta offers him a smile at the uncertain tone, "That's cool." Because it is. "Are you a tree with a human quirk?" He remembers the U.A's principal being an animal with the quirk to be intelligent.

There is a huff of laughter coming from his father as the stranger stays silent. "Pfft ha ha- You know what? Hanta," he gestures to the patient with his head "You escort our guest outside while I take care of this little buddy right here. I bet he has a lot of stories to tell." There is genuine happiness in the tone of voice he has, though Hanta knows later on he will be half heartedly lectured on diving into conversations adults have between them.

Hanta asks a variety of questions as he takes the stranger outside, going as far as to take him to the edge of the rough neighborhood. He makes a disappointed face.

He liked hearing about the variety of people, nice and mean, the stranger had met. He liked how the stranger had made different variety of flowers burst from his hand with vines, showering the both of them in colorful petals. Those were the most fun he had had in a long time.

"Mister, I think you would make a great hero." He says quietly, just before the wooden hand leaves his smaller on.


"You're really nice, and I bet you wouldn't think about being paid when you save people." He clenches his fist against his shirt. "It's why this part of town is bad. Not many people do anything without getting paid. Well, except for dad." He bites his lip a little. "So don't feel responsible for not paying dad. You should be a hero that doesn't let people get hurt in the first place instead." He looks to the ground.

He had his moments where he resented his father for not accepting payment. Every time the twins were too much for him a dark twisted thought would tell him how much better it would be if he was a single child. Every time there seemed to be less food they could scrap by, or when the job he takes doesn't seem to be fast enough, he wishes he was never born in the first place. But he knew that in the end, it was society's fault they were stuck in such an awful place in the end.

Politics. Economy. Business. Society. Hanta could associate each of those words with everything negative in his eight year life span.

The stranger says nothing at first, before they kneel in front of him, taking both of the eight year olds hands in a firm grip.

"I will do my best."

Hanta smiles, all teeth, and waves as the stranger walks away, waving back.

When Hanta is within the last year of middle school he hears about the new hero Kamui Woods, rapidly making his way towards being among the top ten.

He becomes his favorite hero next to all might almost instantly, for reasons he can't explain even to himself.


The Sero family members are scarily observant.

Hanta, for example, almost notices everything about their classmates. He knows when they’re feeling down, knows when they need some space, knows when they need someone to be with them, and knows who likes who without anyone telling anyone. He doesn’t even look in her direction, but he almost immediately knows exactly where Tooru is within the room.

He even put her in a bind with his tape once without looking. It was during a training session where you had to catch the villain. Aizawa-sensei had been testing his observation limits ever since that day.

Anyways, Hanta was observant to the point that Izuku had once theorized if it may be a secondary quirk of his.

So he notices the disturbance within the shadows.

They were in the hallway, Tokoyami Fumikage, Shouji Mezou, Satou Rikidou and him, talking calmly among each other as they carried supplies.

While the others aren’t looking he calmly and discreetly scoots over there and quietly says “If you want to be friends with Tokoyami then just talk about MCR.” And he smiles as a pair of eyes blink from the black darkness in shock before moving on.

The next day, during a joint training session with class 1-B he was teamed up with Awase Yosetsu, someone who, in Hanta’s opinion, is a calmer, more human version of Katsuki, because lets face it, that boy has a monstrous amount of anger.

It’s a ‘capture the student pretending to be a villain’ mission, and the villain had ended up being Juzo from class 1-B. He hummed, flexing his hands a little
drumming his fingers as he crossed his arm as he addressed the other boy.

“So, is there a limit to how much ground he can cover with his quirk? I never exactly got the chance to see Juzo use it before.”

Awase blinked a little at him before speaking, “Well, he needs a certain level of concentration when softening more things at once.” He seems to think more deeply before speaking again, “Moving fast would do us good, but we got to be smart about it. Oh, and he can swim through the ground he softens, so I imagine he would hide that way.”

“Okay, I might be able to spot him if I go through upper levels… though he might be expecting that. Maybe if we have constant back up plans we would be able to catch him off guard.”

Awase let out a whistle. “You’re really raking this seriously huh? I have something in mind depending on how strong your tape is…”

The next last five minutes before the session starts was spent making plans.

Then the announcement of the session starting came in, Hanta closed down his visor and Awase zipped open his handbag to pull out some of the objects he put in there.

Hanta had been right, Juzo had expected him to go aerial and look for him in the ground.

What he hadn’t expected was that he and Awase would be capable of being sly.

There were a lot of traps set out, mechanisms involving tape fused with objects in a complicated way courtesy of Awase.

(I haven’t seen any of class B’s fighting style appropriately, so this scene will be cut very short. You could write suggestions within comments for next time tho. Not just for Juzo and Awase, but any of the class B members)

Hanta kept catching his movements wether he was swimming through the wall, ground, or ceiling even. He was impressed by how powerful a swimmer Juzo was.

Awase was fast with his movements, immediately breaking appropriate places with a sledge hammer, and moving fast away from softened ground thanks to some of the powerful tapes Hanta had set up for him to hold onto.

They made a fast team, and had cooperated incredibly.

They high fived each other when they managed to get Juzo snagged in the capture tape.

"That was a terrifying experience." Juzo said as they watched Katsuki and Kendo go after Shouto.

“Hm?” Hanta lets out a questioning noise as he looks towards the other teenager, his helmet off.

Juzo doesn’t look up at him as he speaks, looking at the screen of how his classmates are doing “No matter where I hid, you kept knowing exactly where I was. It was almost like you had this third eye or something.” He then turned towards him with an arched eyebrow. “And the way you and Awase setted up those traps made me feel like I was running around in a spider web or something.”

Awase spoke from next to him. “I mean, he is kind of like spider man…”

Hanta finally chuckled, scratching his cheek, his smile wide and stretched across his face. “Well…when you have to take care of mischievous twin siblings you tend to grow an instinct for these sort of things…”

‘Not to mention I had to watch out for ambushes from neighbors-Not the time.’

Juzo makes a soft noise, Awase hums. “An older brother huh? That explains some things about you…” Hanta tilts his head a little in confusion.

“Nevermind, anyways…we kind of wanted to say thank you in Shihai-kun’s place. He is really awkward when it comes to socializing and stuff, though you wouldn’t notice beneath all that scheming persona…”

“I’ve noticed, he’s welcome! I’m sure Tokoyami and Jirou are happy to have him in their Emo club.” He laughs at their bewildered expressions. “I’ve caught them huddling together a few times. Anyways, now that the topic bought up, I need to know something…”

Both boys look at the lanky teen questioningly as his smile turns mischievous, fingers tapped against his cheek. “Has Shihai confessed to Kinoko yet? I have a bet with Aoyama…”


“You know how I said I might be ready to try this?”

They were in Shouto’s room, the only soundproofed one among the three of theirs, and the most private on with its thick curtains. The most private one for what they were about to do.

“Yeah, and what did we said about that?” Izuku says from behind him, giving his shoulder a reassuring squeeze.

“That…it would be ok, and we could find a way to work around it.”


He sighed, fists clenching and unclenching against the ground.

He already felt nervous from not having his shirt on, thought Shouto and Izuku had taken theirs off as well, there was something unnerving about being without his shirt outside of showering and stuff.

But, this was also another block to climb over or work around it. It’s almost like how he had decided to go into U.A despite all the things said regarding his quirk.

“It never hurts to try… Yeah, ok.”

He tries not to flinch as Shouto activates his cold side sitting in front of him on the floor, making the temperature in the room slowly drop down. He manages to barely succeed.

The temperature stays the same for a while, Shouto waiting for him to adjust.

It took a few months to get to this point. They waited a lot for him. A lot of people waited a lot for him. Normally that thought would make him feel guilty as hell but all he could feel is appreciation towards them.

After he got used to the cold temperature, Shouto lowered it again, his right hand slowly creeping to Hanta’s hand, then stopping and waited until Hanta adjusted.

This went on for what seemed like eternity, Izuku having moved to Hanta’s right, letting his own presence be known to him and helping him calm down when Hanta felt like

“I’m going to touch your hand now, ok?” Shouto asks and Hanta, feeling a bit braver, more ready to face what was to come, relaxes his hand a little and watches icy fingertips make their way across towards his.

Cold cold cold so fucking cold


Can’t run,

can’t hide,

held up,

bind down


Can’t feel my legs


Can’t feel my arms


Can’t feel my face-

“-HANTA!” He gasped cold sweat pouring all around him, warmed up by the heated room temperature.

He could see a green blur and a white and red blur, and realizes that he is crying.

He feels gentle fingers brush his bangs. “Hanta, breathe.” there was a strange dominance in the voice that makes him comply, makes him breathe, something he didn’t realize he hadn’t been doing. He chokes a little, realizing he can move his fingers.

“You’re okay, it’s okay…” Izuku continues to whisper gently to him as Shouto takes a hold of his fingers with his warm left side.

It broke both of their hearts when Hanta let out a broken “I’m sorry…” from his lips, gripping Shouto’s hands as if he would leave any moment.

“None of it’s your fault…” Shouto says leaning in closer, helping Hanta sit up right, almost draping himself over him as Izuku goes to bring in a blanket from Hanta’s room.

Shouto knew what Izuku had done was necessary just know, using that tone of voice, but while he wasn’t mad they still needed to talk about that.

Until they BOTH decided it was an appropriate time to talk with Hana, they had agreed bedroom activities wouldn’t be involved in anything. Not yet.

Not now.

They could talk tomorrow.

As Hanta hides his face in Shouto’s left shoulder blade, he takes his time rubbing his naked back soothingly, humming a tune beneath his breath as he lets his other hand run through black raven hair. They had gotten a lot longer then the first time he had seen them, he realized. They were past his shoulder blades now.

It was nice. Shouto briefly wonders if he could practice braiding flowers into it, like his Fuyumi sometimes does to their mother in the hospital when they visit.

He snaps out of his concentration on the silky black hair as Izuku comes back in to the room quietly, with a soft click, the handmade blanket in his hand.

They lay on Shouto’s bed that evening, making sure they won’t be bothered by any of the class members by sending a message to the group chat.

Hanta’s whispered apologies shushed, his hair stroked, hands held.

They were okay.

It was a start.


Shinji Nishiya hummed thoughtfully as he looked through the strawberries in the local market.

Embarrassingly enough, despite being technically part tree himself, and having various knowledge on flowers, he wasn’t very knowledgeable when it came to fruits or vegetables… Usually he would bull doze it and bear with having a not so sweet taste linger on his tongue for weeks but…

Takeyama is going to be stopping by this evening…and she can be very picky about what she eats.

He was so focused on inspecting the fruit he didn’t notice the other customers that stopped by next to him.

“Uh, sir?” He almost dropped the basket in his hand when the familiar voice called out to him.

He turned to see his intern, Sero Hanta, in civilian clothes with his own group of friends.

“You look like you’re having trouble with the strawberries.” He tells him with an easy going smile, unbothered by his quick reaction.

Nishiya feels awkwardness setting into him.

‘He doesn’t know it’s you, he’s just being a good hearted civilian helping out another with something simple.’ He thinks internally, staving off his panic.

He still remembers the little boy from back then that told him to become a hero, scrapped, bruise and fragile.

While he is slightly disappointed that he didn’t remember him, he understood that he was very young at the time, and Nishiya himself had changed a lot.

Without playing favoritism, he decided to pick him as his intern, and was pleasantly surprised at discovering that the raven haired kid was his fan.

So sue him, he didn’t want him to think any less of him because he can’t do something simple as picking out non rotten edible plants.

“Yes, I have guests tonight but…” he says. He could use some help.

The other boy, with his own basket hanging off his elbow pointed towards some strawberries, “Well, I suggest you pick those, they are ripe. You can tell by their color.”

“Oh thank you young man.” He feels silly. So damn silly. Note to self, never use All Might praises. Makes him feel too old.

“No problem sir.” Hanta gives him another bright smile before turning back to his friends who guffawed at him, the electric blond one jokingly calling him a housewife as Hanta playfully tells him to shut up.

That evening the strawberries tasted very good. Takeyama enjoyed them very much, commenting on how good they were.

“Did you get help picking them?”

“Ah, yes, my intern happened to be there with his friends…”

“Oh, you mean Cellophane? He just helped you out for no reason?” She asks curiously. She knew by now who his favorite intern was.

“Well, he is a good kid in general…”

“Don’t you think it’s strange? I don’t think he helps random strangers. He didn’t seem the type.”

He felt dread start to boil in pits of his stomach.

“Are you suggesting something?”

“Nothing, nothing, don’t worry about it~”

The next day, before Kamui Woods and Cellophane started their patrol rounds Cellophane spoke, “Hope your guests liked the strawberries sir.”

There was a teasing tone in his voice. There was also a suggestion that he knew exactly who his guest was…


“Yes sir?”

“You better get ready for extra training after patrol.”

A grimace covered the tape quirk users features before he put the helmet on, getting ready to patrol.

The kid was too observant for his own good.

Chapter Text

Part 4

Eraserhead, civilian name Aizawa Shota, an underground hero, a teacher at U.A, homeroom teacher of Class 1-A Heroics department.

A strict teacher. Someone who takes heroism seriously.

Not much is known about him due to his avoidance from newspapers and occupation as an underground hero. Not much can be known about Underground heroes unless you’re a dedicated fan like Izuku Midoriya, and even then there wouldn’t be much information.

But the one thing that the media would have gotten right would be that he was observant.

And he has taken note of his children-STUDENTS habits for nearly two years now, so when Shoto comes up to his desk, and tells him that “I need to ask you a very important question.” He knows this is not a conversation he wants to have in front of the whole class. Not with that glint those dual colored eyes held.

“Lets talk outside.” He says, getting up from his desk “Sero Hanta, make sure nobody tries to start something while I’m away.” the raven haired teenager salutes him.

While he had no favorites among them, Sero Hanta was one of the few of the students he trusted, at least more then he did the others. He wasn’t an instigator to ridiculous situations at the very least, and knew how to stop his classmates.

Class A was considered Hell Class for a reason, you can never trust any of the students 100%.

“Now ask whatever question you have.”

“Are you and Sero Hanta possibly related?”

“…I should have expected this. No, we’re not. Just like how I’m not blood related to Shinsou Hitoshi, I'm not blood related to Sero Hanta in any possible way."

"Okay but putting aside some of the genetic alikeness his own ways of teaching are somewhat similar.”


“He has been teaching some of the students from class 2-B parkour, and he doesn’t hold himself back.”

...that would explain why some of Sekijiro Kan's students seem to be hanging out near class 2-A more these days. He will probably have to have a talk soon.

“Just…. go back to your seat.” He says, making sure the finality is heard in his tone as he goes back into the suspiciously quite classroom to find Sero flipping through his textbook and his students looking determinedly silent, their mouths closed and eyeing each other cautiously. Midoriya seemed to be acting like his usual self, scribbling down notes, while Bakugou was unusually silent. Sure, he has become quieter this year, partly thanks to Kirishima and his friends, but he wasn't this quiet, nor was his expression this stoic.

“…I’m not going to question how you did it so long as it does its job.” Was this professional teacher behavior? Who knows. Probably not.

The conversation with Todoroki didn’t come up in his mind again until a day later.

“Aizawa-sensei? Right, sorry for interrupting your class but, uh, is it okay if class 2-B borrows Sero Hanta for the next two lessons?…” Kojiro Bondo, the glue quirk user, stood at the door of his class, looking nervous as he fiddled his gigantic hands.

Out of habit, Shota analyzed the situation. It was a habit born out of paranoia, a habit that resurfaced whenever he had to talk with strangers. While the class B students weren’t complete strangers to him, but he could never forget the times villains had disguised themselves to lure his students into traps. He didn't know Kan's students as well as he knew his own.

Let it never be said that Shota wasn't protective of his children.

He gave an once-over to the large teen, who seemed to get even more nervous the passing second. He turned towards Sero Hanta, giving him permission to leave the only slightly tense classroom.

Shota thinks that at the very least the paranoia wasn't hindering them from functioning.

The fear of loss, of uncontrollable possibilities will never leave them. But they can at the very least accept them instead of denying their existence.


"Um, sorry for suddenly taking you out of class, it's just that- we had this idea for a new exercise and Sekijiro-sensei agreed-so,,," the giant felt nervous. While Hanta was definitely one of the friendlier bunch, he wasn’t sure if being pulled away from his other classmates might be overstepping boundaries. He hadn’t participated in the parkour lessons he had given to Setsuna, Hiryu, Pony and Togaru.

Compared to the other classes, class B works more closely with class A, and they have more chances of catching those instances when they pause, flinch, or become uncharacteristically quiet in some way. They witness how they seem to have a way of telepathically communicating with eyes alone, constantly ready for an attack, constantly strained despite their smiles and cheery attitudes.

Sero Hanta, though he seems to be the most relaxed person, is no exception.

It just became more noticeable when second year started, when class 2-B had the chance to get closer to class 2-A.

Perhaps he wasn't the only one, but Sero Hanta was certainly one of the mental support pillars class 2-A had. And class 2-B, while being close, weren't as close as class 2-A were, none of them, except perhaps Kendou, could imagine the kind of stress one goes through constantly have a reason to worry for everyone.

Of course, they themselves worried and sticked for each other, but they didn't share intimate moments that family would share, nor did they share deep secrets that made them almost telepathic to one another.

"Relax, it's fine dude. Just wondering, what part do I have in whatever you have for class? It's going to be a training exercise right?" Hanta remembered Juzo saying something about that yesterday evening when he, Fumikage, Juzo and Shihai were hanging out in Fumikage's room.

A lot of things have been spoken in that room now that he thinks about it.

"Well, Setsuno mentioned that whenever you two go hiking you do free running around the forest area, and Juzo had mentioned how he had a hard time avoiding you during that one training session, so Sekijiro-sensei decided that, uh, we should catch you as part of our training session..."

Hanta hummed. "While that does sound logical, I still don't think I will bring much of a challenge." He said thoughtfully.

"Uh, sensei also said you were allowed to take us out while running away, so I don't think it will be that easy for us either. Besides, aren't you the parkour teacher?"

"Well, that does make somethings more fair, and realistic I guess, and I do have experience in parkour, but I think that Tsuyu-chan would provide a better challenge. She has the agility of a frog, which gives her an advantage, and she has observational skills." Hanta was silently listing off all the quirks he knew class B had. Even if he might not be enough, that didn't mean he won't go down trying.

Now, two of the main threats that should be eliminated among them would be Kinoko and Ibara, though that would be anticipated from the beginning, so he should also watch out for those who would protect them… perhaps from afar… Ibara would be hard to eliminate all on her own considering how they knew each other as interns of Kamui Woods…

“Huh, why Asui Tsuyu and not Midoriya Izuku?” The curiosity seemed to have almost entirely surpassed the stammering the giant had, though the stammering itself has been showing less and less all by itself.

“Izuku… he might be good at analytical thinking, and come up with good strategies, but knowing things and having experience is a bit different… I hope I’m not being cryptic!” he answered with a smile, as the boyfriend of Midoriya Izuku, he had been informed of One for All, and the baggage that came with it. Midoriya Izuku wouldn’t be part of the exercise not for the reasons he said but because of what other kind of powers would manifest out of his control under a certain level of stress.

This didn’t mean anyone was going to try and stop Izuku from doing his internship and joining the training sessions.

But Aizawa-sensei and Yagi-sensei were against the idea of him being out of their eyesight until all the quirks had manifested and were controllable. At the very least they trusted class A to look after their own, so the teachers weren’t hovering over him 24/7.

He can understand where they’re coming from, he really can… but still, he wishes Izuku wouldn't be so afraid of his own powers.

“Sero!” Hanta almost flinched at the unexpected sound, deep in thought as he was. Setsuna had bounded over to them cheerfully slinging her arm around the slightly taller teens shoulder. “My tape-dispenser!” She was wearing her hero costume, Hanta noted as he grinned himself and slung an arm around the others shoulder playfully letting almost his entire length onto her as she laughed. “Hello to you too crutch.” He gave her a boogie, earning a ’Noooo’ from her.

“DON’T MINGLE WITH OUR PREY-“ and there goes Kendo. Karate chopping Monoma right on the head. Kendo was easily one of his favorites from class B. It was satisfying to see Mina topple over herself when he told her he approved.

“Sorry for the kazoo kid.” Yep, his favorite.

“I speak for all of class 2-A when I say this, 'we're used to it.'" He solemnly answers.

"I hope you're fucking ready for this shit, we're not gonna go easy." Awase grins gripping his fist tight in mid air. Hanta smiles back bumping his own fist against the others. "This is gonna be payback for the hellish parkour training."

"Hope I don't bore you guys then.”





“Shihai-kun make sure to thoroughly search while I feel this place with spores, okay? Shroom shroom~”

“You got it Kinoko-chan.”

“Sero-kun is faster than last year isn’t he?”





A wack.

A thump.

“…Shihai, Kinoko and Kojiro are down.”







“Nobody go into he buildings without a plan- Togaru goddamn it.”

“I ain’t waiting around to listen to you.”

“Okay no I need you and Hiryu specifically buddy.”

“And what is your suggestion?”

“Okay, so the slippery bastard can’t use his tape forever, he has limits, and you guys are the only ones he wouldn’t be able to properly snag so-“

A roar.

A building goes down.

“Nirengeki and Jurota are down.”


“…I will be quick.”


“Okay so this is starting to turn into some horror movie shit and I’m not fucking here for it-“






“Togaru, you and I are the only ones left.”

“We doing plan B?”


“Alright let’s get this bread.”


The training session was anything but boring, and lasted for an hour.

“What the hell is Aizawa teaching you kids?” Kan says with a flat voice as he gave a flat look to the sheepish looking Sero Hanta that was handcuffed by a panting Hiryu Rin and Togaru Kamakiri, who looks like he won’t be letting go of the class A student. He looked like if Hanta so much as attempted to leave his grasp he would go ballistic.

Most of the buildings that were constructed for the simulation were severely damages, their interiors covered in duct tape that Kinoko and Shihai had gotten bundled up in during the chase, making it look like they had gotten snagged into a silver spiderweb. Sen was tangled in a trap made by Hanta, held in the air between buildings and struggling to get out of the bindings of tape, the adhesive material preventing him from twisting his way out. Kendou, Setsuna, Awase and Monoma were hanging of edge of windows, unconscious because of being suddenly snagged and pulled back in a way that they would instantly with their heads.

Yui and Reiko were stuck in a net made of duct tape, unable to get out, but looking like they didn’t care much about their situation anyways. Pony was trying her best not to fall from the tape Hanta used to skid across in order to be discreet, and Manga was staying very still as he held onto two tape lines in order to not fall. Kojiro was lying on the ground, the holes that leak out glue taped shut and hands bound together behind his back. Nirengeki, Jurota and Tetsutetsu were trapped under buildings. Ibara, Juzo and Tsuburaba were knocked unconscious.

"Uh, I could help with getting some of them out?..." Hanta says, wincing as a bit of his dried skin cracks and bleeds around his face.

The blood user grimaces at the sight of the other student, taking note of how he seemed to be slightly unsteady at his feet. "No, you're going to go to Recovery Girl while I handle the rest of these students. I will let Aizawa know of the situation." Then his eyes travelled towards his own conscious students. “Hiryu will be going with you, Togaru will help me out with my students.”

The walk towards Recovery Girl's office was filled with silence before Sero broke the silence. "If it's any consolation I made sure they're only going to be a little bruised?..." he said, not forcing himself to give a wide reassuring smile as he feels how his dry skin pulls tight around his entire body, ready to crack away. The overuse of aluminum was also making him feel weaker. Recovery Girl is going to chew him out so hard...

"I'm sure my classmates are safe. That isn't what I'm troubled about." The other tells him, having Hanta's arm slung over his shoulder and helping with carrying him. Hanta was only slightly worried about how he had almost looked reluctant to uncuff him when they had to change back to their school uniforms out of their hero ones.

'Calling this a 'costume' makes this career sound like a joke, like hero-work isn't about being out there for the people but about putting on airs, a type of thought process that seems to sadly infect some of our heroes in this day and age. This is the type of thought process that makes villains, frauds and vigilantes come to be. You are out there, fighting for a duty. You are out there so you can put what you have to use, to protect, for those who are defenseless and shouldn't be subject to misfortunes caused by those who are misled. You're not out there to be a brand, you are out there to protect as much as you can within legal boundaries. What you're wearing is not a costume, it's a uniform for someone who is serving the public.'
- A Quote Taken From the Article(Title Redacted), written by the Hero (Name Redacted), in **/**/****

"I'm more worried about how you're coping, really."

"Eh?" Hanta blinked at the Chinese boy.

"Out there, during training... it looked like you were in a battlefield, like you were somewhere else..." Hiryu said cautiously instead, voice low, questioning but un prying, if that made any sense.

Another few moments of silence.

"Well, I guess it makes more sense to treat training as more like something that is happening in real life. Especially after... everything." He suddenly feels even more tired than he did before, his weight feeling almost a metric-ton, and his mind going through memories of seeing his classmates hospitalized.

Of having to make sure they're stabilized enough, making sure they don't go into shock, making sure they stay awake till the ambulance arrives.

"Sero?" The tentative called made him come back down to earth, realizing where he is.

They're in front of Recovery Girl's office.

The door was opened by Chiyo-sensei before they could even think about how they should carefully maneuver in order to open it themselves. She tsked "You class 2-A kids... the newcomers aren't any better. I bet you've influenced them."

Hanta gave a weak grin in answer.

Later on it will turn out that the entire training session had been recorded and viewed for class 2-A, a fact that Hanta should have guessed.

The moment he had went back to his dorm room, Izuku and Shouto had immediately peppered him in kisses, showering him in praises on how amazing he had been out there, how some of his techniques had improved, and chiding him for his recklessness.

They both focus more on getting the ointments and creams he keeps around his room, and care for him.

They hold his hands, trace all the scars he has.

Hanta doesn't bother trying to protest against being taken care of, knowing that Shouto would give him a very long deadpan look and Izuku would kiss him into submission instead. He wasn't as stubborn as they were, and he was very weak to them, so there was no point in trying to push away what they offer.

That evening was spent quietly and peacefully.

The next evening Hanta made sure to give 'apology-gifts' in the form of scarves to class 2-B, knitted in a way that was thematic with them.

He befriended Kojiro, who also seemed to knit in his spare time, and thus gained another friend from the other class.

"Hanta, I love you, but I have some concerns." - Shouto.

"What is it honey?" - Hanta, knitting out the scarf for Juzo.

"I believe it to be too early for us to adopt children." - Shouto.

"H-Hu-?!" - Hanta.

"I don't mind. Juzo seems like a nice kid." - Izuku.

"I- No- I'm not- They're not-" - Hanta.

"I'm not saying I'm against it, but at this rate Monoma will end up as our son and I'm not here for that." - Shouto, deadpan.

"Hmmm, he's only slightly problematic. If Hanta ends up adopting him too then I will accept him as my responsibility." - Izuku.

"Fine, I guess we're having kazoo kid as our son." - Shouto.

"I hate you both so much." - Hanta.

"No you don't." - Izuku.

"No you don't." - Shouto.

"You're right." - Hanta, sighing.


Sources: , , ,

Within duct tape structure, the first layer to be made is polyethylene, laminated plastic, made from Carbon and Hydrogen and is used to make bulletproof vests. There is also grey pigment made from Aluminum powder, which contains Aluminum and Bauxite(a aluminum rich ore). Bauxite it also used for aluminum production, refractory materials, chemicals or cements (the non-metallurgical bauxites). So if Hanta were to produce duct tape, he would have to probably be a heavy tea drinker, since tea contains a lot of aluminum.

The third layer, contains Silica and Fluorine. Silica is used in many products that we use everyday, and is harmless as it doesn’t react with any chemicals, however, it does have negative health effects to those who work in industrial works places. Kidney deterioration, low blood sugar and vitamin deficiency is one of these. So Hanta might have an immune system against poisons of a certain level of toxicity, because Silica itself is highly poisonous, and in the making of the tapes he uses the probably has to do some bull extraction from his veins or something. Regular tape probably comes with Silica as well, which means that Hanta was in danger of silica poisoning a lot of times.

So new headcanons that I made up from this information:

-Hanta’s quirk is similar to Momo’s in the sense that it has to use certain minerals within his body to make the tape he uses.

-Hanta, in order to make some stronger stuff like duct-tape, is a heavy tea drinker. It would be stronger than the duct tape you buy in stores, because canonically speaking the plain tape he uses is is stronger than the regular tape. You can read that in his character bio.

-Hanta has a certain level of endurance against poisons that are in certain level of toxicity.

-If stuck in the wild, Hanta could possibly produce pure aluminum tape(as a last resort because he would be sacrificing a lot of aluminum) and could purify water with it.

-Is hella good in chemistry.

-Overusage of duct tape means overusage of Aluminum and that means he would get sick easily because this particular element is what creates immune responses in medicines. So he would probably have to take a lot of medicines in response to starting a life


Sources: , ,

Kinesiology Tape
I’ve came across this while trying to search up how tape and spiderweb might be related, then found something even better. A medical use from a type of tape. It’s mostly used to correct postural problems and to increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage. 2-A dorm sure must save up quickly on a certain sports equipment when Hanta is around! Lymphatic drainage is a type of massage that helps stimulate the circulation of lymph fluid around the body.

Headcanons taken from this, since I’ve seen someone else use

-Captain Office Supplies is now Captain Medical Supplies.

Chapter Text

Stability Machine Broke channel

BonelessPizza: I love my two whole boyfriends.

PawHands: We know

PawHands: You guys are frustratingly adorable

PawHands: We get it

PawHands: But what makes you say this fact right now?

BonelessPizza: Sbjsnjsjdnekednfjjsbshksndja

Wattchusay: ah yes the gay buttonmash

SeroHanta logged in

SeroHanta: Bro :)

Wattchusay: My mouth is zipped closed

SeroHanta: :)

SeroHanta logged off

TheQueen: Cryptid mom friend sighted

BonelessPizza: I love my whole two boyfriends

Pawhands: Lads is it gay

Mindcontrol: Yas

Mindcontrol: Also uraraka why is that your name handle

Pawhands: Look at my finger pads

Mindcontrol: I,,,,

Mindcontrol: Understandable. Have a nice day.

Phantom: Hitoshi just buried his face into Mashirao's with a very sad whine.

Phantom: Uraraka

Pawhands: But,,,

Phantom: :/

Pawhands: .

Pawhands changed Mindcontrol's name to Catnap

Pawhands: Better?

Catnap: very

Phantom: :)

Catnap: ❤️

Phantom: ❤️

Pawhands: Ughhhh

Pawhands: why can't i have a whole girlfriend yet???

SeroHanta is logged on

SeroHanta: Do you want me to answer that?

Wattchusay: Bro u keep calling other people out why don't you let yourself be called out?

SeroHanta: Calling out other people is gay culture bro u straight

Wattchusay: fair

BonelessPizza: actually no not fair

SeroHanta: Izuku u said u loved me

BonelessPizza: sorry honey but i need these grounds to stable out

SeroHanta: have you read the chat name there is nothing stable about this place

BonelessPizza: Hanta likes it when his friends call hisnfskrkdfj

BonelessPizza is logged off

SeroHanta: ::::)

Canada is logged on

Canada: Hanta why

SeroHanta: o shit

Canada: get back here we were cuddling

SeroHanta: babe i'm sorry I have to make sure my reputation isn't ruined

Canada: Is that so

Canada: So your reputation is more important than the loves of your life?


Wattchusay: wrow

SeroHanta: Shut

Canada: The children need to know

Canada is logged off

SeroHanta: nO

SeroHanta is logged off

TheQueen: im loving this song in chili's tonight

Catnap: whats even happening

Catnap: Oh

Catnap: Shouto got his hand on a megaphone that suspiciously looks like Kayama-sensei's.

Catnap: "ATTENTION U.A!!!"


Catnap: There comes Hanta like a spiderman remix.

Catnap: Shouto's running through the rooftops holy shit



I Have No Fear But Sero Hanta Brings Me One Fear channel

Swampchild: Is that Todoroki and Sero?

Swampchild: Are they alright???

IAmTheNight: Honenuki I thought we established this

BearWithMe: Nobody in that class is alright

BearWithMe: Though this is more surreal



Copycat: I feel sorry for Sero he has to deal with those idiots

IAmTheNight: le gasp what is this character development

Copycat: Shut


DragonScales is logged in

DragonScales: @Sekijiro-sensei can I move into class A so I can be with my mom?

Swampchild: dheiwjsgdisnfbe


Dad King is logged in

Dad King: No you can't

Dad King: And what do you need another parental unit for aren't your teachers enough??

DragonScales: .

DragonScales: pls i need my parkour mom

Dad King: then add him to the groupchat

Dad King is logged off

YaoiHands: Finally I won't be along dealing with your shenanigans.

IAmTheNight: Todoroki while struggling to get out of tape bindings: "CAUSE HE IS A MOM FRIEND!!!"

IAmTheNight: Oh shit.

GlueGun is logged in

GlueGun: I just saw my potential motherly figure kiss Todoroki and this might mean we're getting two new dads too.

Copycat: I D I SSAP R O V E

Swampchild: sdkwkriakfsmckrjwhsidn

Swampchild added SeroHanta to the channel

Swampchild: MOM!!!!

SeroHanta is logged in


Swampchild: DO WE HAVE TWO DADS???

SeroHanta: can i get an UUUUUUUHHHH

SeroHanta is logged off

Lizard is logged in

Lizard: iconic.

Vine-Jesus: I am dissapointed in my tape brother.

Vine-Jesus changed Sero Hanta's name to Tape Mom

Vine-Jesus: There

Vine-Jesus: Now to find mine electrick lover

Vine-Jesus is logged off

Chapter Text

Hanta had a lot of issues with Katsuki at the beginning of the Bakusquad.

At the beginning of the Bakusquad, Hanta was mostly there because of his friendship with Denki and Eijirou. He also had a solidarity going on with Mina, who can sometimes be like a little sister that provokes the older brother in him.

He saw Katsuki as a brat for a lot of reasons. He never seemed to listen to authority, which is fair, they are all teenagers and they had their own moments of rebelling, but he didn’t seemed to listen to the wise advice of others either unless you told him he wouldn’t be able to do the thing that needs to be done, which is behavior he sees in mostly children.

Maybe, he doesn’t like him for the wrong reasons. Maybe he finds him too dangerous-


-Or maybe he’s seeing his old classmates in his behavior.

And usually he would simply wrap up his tape around the others waste and pull him back from attacking the other, or just do nothing as he isn’t really attacking, just shouting, or remark how Izuku wasn’t even in his way, but that morning he let out a growl, clenching his own hair in a fist as he leaned over the coffee table in the common room, teeth gritted as something extremely irritating settled into his head.

“Oh my God shut up.”

Everything seemed to have stopped right at that moment.

“The fuck you say soy sauce?”

“You heard me.”

He got up from the couch turning to directly glare into a pair of red eyes.

Their staring match continued for a while, the whole room seemingly holding its breath.

Izuku looked terrified.

Eijirou’s eyes were flitting between them, ready to intervene.

Instinctively, with Denki and Mina to be first in line, the rest of their classmates that are in the common room started to pile out, away from the danger zone. Shouto stayed momentarily to grab his boyfriends hand, face slightly tensed up, before moving them both towards a part of the room that would ensure they didn’t stay within either teens line of sight.

Katsuki looked like he was searching for something, expression angry, but confusion evident.

Finally Eijirou spoke up, quietly.



“Please don’t start fighting here.”

Red eyes seemed to harden into determination head movement shifting in a way that hinted at the training area behind the dorms.

The raven haired teen nodded a second after.

“Let me rephrase that, don’t fight at all-“

The two angry hero-in-training moved towards the door, and disappeared.


Long story short, the fight ended up with both of them lying on the ground, covered in bruises and heaving for air.

“Fuuuuck why’d you have to elbow me in the God damn stomach?” Katsuki wheezed out, holding his stomach where he laid.

Hanta let out a laugh in response, wincing as it made his bruises ache. “I’m pretty sure you cracked one of my ribs so we’re even.”

They had gathered over quite the crowd. Even some of class 1-B had decided to sneak out wondering what the commotion was about.

“What the fuck was up with you anyway?”

“I… shit man. I don’t know, just, I was so off, and…you just reminded me of some people I wish I’d forget.”

“Huh, thought you were fighting for your idiot boyfriends honor.”

“Hmm, that too. And my boyfriends not hot headed like you.”

“You wanna fucking go?”

“Try me boom boy-“

And as they started bantering the crowd sighed, parting ways to let a very angry Aizawa Shota through.

Chiyo, as expected, wasn’t happy. She treated their wounds normally and told them they were going to have to heal the normal way. She at least made sure to heal broken bones, but otherwise

“I’m disappointed in the two of you. Especially you, Hanta. You know better than to let your anger take control of you.” Aizawa-sensei towered over them with a malicious glare, not entirely angry, no, but massively disappointed. And that is somehow so much worse than anger.

Hanta thought he would stop being a massive disappointment when he got into U.A. Guess that’s just not meant to be.

“Though the injuries you received should be punishment enough, I don’t think that will do the trick. No, as punishment I’m going to give you assignments to work on, a project that only the two of you will be doing.” The air started to get more ominous within the infirmary. Hanta kept his gaze downcast, Katsuki looked off to the side as he kept his arms folded.

“You’re both going to be working on a project together, with no help from anyone. I will send the details to you two from e-mail. Now get back to your dorms and never do this again, God knows you get enough opportunities to die on a daily basis.”

And just like that they were dismissed.

Hanta grimaced to himself as he thought about how the talk with Izuku and Shouto was going to go. He was a bit hot headed at the time to actually think about it, but he saw how they had looked.

He can already guess it was going to be a long night, with a lot of talking.

God, what if he had scared Shouto?

What if there won’t be any talking at all? What if both Izuku and Shouto asks to take a break from him? What if they close their doors to him? They would have every right to do that-

What if-

“Oi, Hanta.” Katsuki slightly concerned, but overall annoyed voice breaks through his thoughts. He lets out a non-verbal sound in response. If he talks his voice might crack.

“You’re thinking so fucking loud I swear to shit I can read it all in fucking text format. They’re not going to fucking break up with you over this bullshit.”

Silence comes from both sides in the empty corridor leading to the common room. Broken by a soft chuckle from Hanta as he covered his face, something in his core feeling shaky.

"I'm sorry."


"For comparing you to... You're nothing like them. I'm just- I just took it out on you-"

“We can have proper fucking talk about that later, alright?” Katsuki cuts him off, and Hanta nods without looking up, something inside of him feeling a little bit lighter.

There are a lot of apologies he’s going to have to do later on. For everyone involved. They didn’t needed to see that side of him. They didn’t deserve that stress either.

But first, he needs to talk things out with his boyfriends.

Anytime now he's going to knock on Izuku's door and get this over with. It will be just like ripping off a bandaid.

Oh come on Hanta!

Nerves were starting to eat him out from the inside.

They're not going to break up with you, and that's the worst thing that they could do to you, and you need to talk with them. Communication is the fucking keyKEY

Before he could do anything, like leave instead of standing there like a dumb bitch, Izuku suddenly opened the door, an incredibly determined and stern expression on his face as he grabs his hand, in a gentle but strong manner, and immediately drags him inside before slamming the door shut.

The next few minutes he wasn't entirely sure what was happening, but he ended up being sandwiched between both of his boyfriends on Izuku's bed, his legs instinctively wrapped around the waist of Shouto who was in front of him looking up at him with sad dual eyes as both of his hands land on his waist. Izuku hugged him from behind, effectively trapping him on both his and Shouto's lap with his strong muscular legs, and hid his face into his back.

"Uh.." he had to blink several times to get out of the daze he found himself in, and did his best to ignore warmth that spread within his chest because now was not the time to be mushy or, well, naughty, despite how attractive his boyfriends looked and felt.

"I'm sorry-" he began, failing to continue his sentence as an open mouth pressed against his own mouth and a pair of soft lips kissed the back of his neck.

Okay so apparently they weren’t going to do any talking.

“We’re mad at you.” Shouto says into his mouth after their intense kissing session is done, and Hanta finds it slightly unfair how he seems to be the only one who turned into such a hot mess from it, while the other looks so damn composed. “Not for you fighting, but because you didn’t come to us when you obviously had a problem.” Izuku bites down on his neck in a manner that is almost punishing and Hanta lets out a shuddery moan, the hands that are roaming his body suddenly feeling possessive. Before he knows it his pants are being pulled down and his shirt is riding up. He could feel Izuku’s hand give a firm squeeze at his behind, the warmth and detailed structure of it felt through his boxer briefs.

Then Shouto leaned against his ear as suddenly he found himself pressing up against a friend of Izuku that is definitely not little while his legs are spread and Shouto presses his lips against his ear, and whispers words that sends a shiver through Hanta’s spine and lets him know almost all that is to be expected of what comes next.

”You’ve been a bad boy.”


By the time it was over Hanta discovered so many things about himself that he had no idea he had, nor had any idea existed in the first place.

He also discovered how much of an absolute beast Izuku was in bed, as he has a hard time feeling his lower back, and how Shouto could use his temperature power to do creative things in bed. Creativity that applies to his tongue.

They probably did more rounds than it’s capable for a recently former virgin like Hanta, but hey, Izuku and Shouto were determined enough to do the impossible.

Well, his concerns towards his lower back and newly found kinks aside, they talked afterwards, and Hanta told them about his first ex friend whose name he still can’t remember, and the bad neighborhood he and his family had to live in, still lives in, and how his plain self attracted the attention of a lot of bullies.

He told them about the many times he had people rely on him, without getting anything back. He told them about the many people who took advantage of his consciousness that prevents him from spilling important secrets others have, which made him a tool for people to use for their own personal problems.

He told them about how he had been resigned to a future where he was never good enough to be anything more than a background character that occasionally people notice, but will always take for granted.

He told them about how hard it got sometimes back at home. How conflicting it felt to talk with his father who he mostly had experiences with either when he was working, which meant whenever he was doing surgery or looking after a patient, and his mother who wasn’t really all that much there due to her work as a seamstress.

Before he knew it he was talking about his part time jobs, how it was like growing up, basically his whole life story.

And there is a lot of crying done in the end. A lot of reassurances of how much his affections are returned. How much he was loved. How much it was okay to feel like absolute garbage sometimes. How much they were proud of him.

It was, basically, emotional, and a lot more intimate than his first time he had moments before this talk.


“You guys were really loud, in the middle of the day in fact.”

“Jirou. Shut up.”

“You could have done it in Shouto’s room-“

“Jirou. I said SHUT!!!”


People in general don’t see your name until they get to know you better.

What they see is what you wear.

What they see is your skin color.

What they see is your eye color.

What they see is your religion.

What they see is your race.

What they see is the country you come from.

What they see is your responsibility.

What they see is your quirk.

What they see, is never your name, nor you.

Ibara Shiozaki knew this better than anyone.

And yet it still made her nauseous to look at a newspaper and see the headline, “Christian Hero Saves The Day”.

Not her name.

The religion she follows.

She almost rips the paper apart with how tight she is holding it.

By the time she had cried her eyes out entirely within her room she hears a knock.

“Who is it?…” she hates how sore her own voice sounds.

“It’s Denki.”

“…I don’t-I’m not really in any position to talk to anyone right now-“

“I know, can I come in anyway babe? I could just sit besides you, and you can rant at me. I won’t talk, you could just rant.”


Then Shiozaki opens the door letting in her boyfriend.

After that is a very long rant, about how the world views every religion wrong, about how every religion has been wronged, about historical knowledges and facts that she had gathered that made sense but others ignored. About how she misses her friends from the orphanage she was raised in. About how one of her muslim friends became bullied to the point she ended up hospitalized, and despite it all how she was still the sweetest person she knew. About how people were pointlessly killing each other over all the wrong reasons and about how ignorant some people are against the plights everyone else goes through.

She badmouths all the people that harm others in the name of their religion, when in fact they are going against their religion, because she knows that being discriminatory towards others for incredibly stupid reasons she won’t bother naming is in fact a sin.

Denki doesn’t speak, lets her speak. He doesn’t try to talk her over like how everyone else did. Simply listens and understands, but makes no commentary.

Shiozaki could cry.

She does.

At the end of it all they are cuddling in her bed, Shiozaki exhausted and sleepy, while Denki content to stay there, arms wrapped around her exposed back as he had helped with tying her hair up with a rope she keeps around her room.


“Yeah?” He asks, as sleepily as her question.

“How come you’re such a good listener?”

He chuckled “Heh, honestly speaking, I guess you have Hanta to thank there. Whenever any of us felt bad he was there to give us a listening ear.”


She reminded herself to thank Hanta for raising such a good boyfriend.

Direct messaging between Vine-jesus and TapeMom

Vine-Jesus: You have raised a good kid

TapeMom: He is my pride and joy except for those times he suffers from Dumb Bitch Syndrome

TapeMom: I just blame my Icyhot Husband for those moments

Vine-Jesus: That sounds like a serious issue that Denki wouldn't be able to help

TapeMom: True. Still love my dumb bitch electric son all the same and I am glad he found a girl like you

Vine-Jesus: If we're all your children does this make this incest?

TapeMom: Not if you're adopted

Vine-Jesus: Then I shall continue with my day

TapeMom: Shiozaki

Vine-Jesus: Yes?

TapeMom: I'm glad you're okay.

Vine-Jesus: :)

TapeMom: :)

TapeMom: Stay safe kids

Vine-Jesus: and now i hate you for that line

TapeMom: Jee whatever you mean?

TapeMom: Bye cuddling with my wonderful two husbands

Direct Messaging Ended


It was at a social gathering for pro-heroes that he ended up meeting Hawks. It was strange to think about, because, well, under normal circumstances the chances of having the No.2 pro-hero approaching him is close to zero. Or maybe not zero, they would have to end up doing some team up eventually, probably, in the future during dire circumstances and all that stuff.

Which was the reason why Kamui Woods had decided to make both of his interns, Cellophane and Vine, come to the party with him.

Chances of Hawks coming to talk with him rises to 5%.

He wasn’t much of a party person though, despite how he is able to get along with his classmates he’s never been much for talking with strangers. Which meant that he was either going to follow Kamui Woods around awkwardly like Shiozaki decided to do, and hoo boy Shouto’s going to have a blast with his conspiracy theories after this, or stand awkwardly in a dark corner where he is sure to be forgotten due to his plain nature. It’s another awful habit left from his middle school days, being as unnoticeable as possible among a crowd. Of course, thanks to the Bakusquad, and the rest of his classmates, he was getting a bit better about socializing outside of school with other people.

So he chats with some of the heroes, such as Backdraft who had decided to make small talk with him himself, most likely assessing all the hero-in-trainings. He gave some advice on how he might be able to use his quirk during rescue missions, maybe learning about the constructs of buildings so he knows how to hold up a falling building long enough for other heroes to evacuate any civilians left inside. After that Backdraft starts talking with other interns, ones that have quirks suitable for rescue missions Hanta noted, leaving him to either go talk to other pro-heroes or try to mingle with some of the classmates that had came to the gathering with their mentors.

Third option is awkwardly standing to the side, away from others eyesights, and observing others interactions.

He spots Eijirou chatting with Mr. Brave, and Ryukyu, probably talking about dragons if Ryukyu’s smiling fondly as she shows of her transformed dragon arm. Fatgum seems to be laughing at something Rock Lock had said with a serious expression, while Amajiki-senpai was trying to disappear into a corner, being relatable to all underclassman just like always despite being in the last year of U.A. Gran Torino, as Izuku had dubbed, was standing off to the side, looking stern and judgmental as he sipped from a glass of water.

Strangely enough, Hanta can’t seem to spot the familiar green tuft of hair that usually accompanies the old man. Instantly he felt worry claw at him from the inside at the thought of something having happened to Izuku before he made it vanish. There is no way he wouldn’t get news already if something had happened to the other. Although he would feel better if he asked about him.


Or he just won’t.

Hanta managed to stop himself from letting out an embarrassing noise before immediately turning around to give his boyfriend a noogie.

“You scared me!” He says, a grin stretched across his face as his boyfriend lets out noises of protest at being manhandled in such a way all the while giggling a little.

“I thought you might need to lighten up a little!” The other says playfully, managing to swing his own arm around the others shoulders in a friendly manner. “I’ve never really seen you so uptight before.” He points out, face scrunching up in slight concern.

“Oh, um, yeah, I’m fine it’s just that…” he trails off a little scratching his cheek. Izuku’s gaze turns understanding, giving his shoulder a brief squeeze before he is immediately pulling him towards Air Jet, whose Agency he soon learns used to be in Izuku’s neighborhood, and now it’s easier to talk to pro-heroes with an hero-enthusiast like Izuku besides him, who has done his research on almost all of them thoroughly.

The pleasant atmosphere the formal party has is cut short when Endeavor makes his way in, followed by Shouto who look seconds away from making an inferno of fire and ice. Hanta and Izuku shared an almost telepathic look with each other before Izuku went towards where Shouto was, and Hanta stood behind. While they equally loved each other, Hanta understood very well that Izuku and Shouto had more experiences regarding certain subjects, and knew how to handle certain things better than he could. One day, he was going to understand.


Predictably, right after Endeavor’s arrival, Hawks and his intern Tsukuyomi arrived, with Fumikage looking like he wanted the ground to swallow him whole, and Hawks looking indifferent, lazily smiling and waving at the other Pro-Heroes occupying the space. With the arrival of Hawks, the room seemed to become less tense.

And it made sense as to why.

It wasn't because Endeavor was seen as a threat, nor was he someone who would use nasty words-at least not now, before it would be a different story- it was just that Endeavor wasn't particularly sociable, though he had his own way with words when the time comes. He was mostly just silently stoic. When Hawks was around he seemed to be more approachable, less like he was intimidating.

Of course, Shouto knows exactly what makes him dangerous. None of them ever had the misfortune to be raised by Todoroki Enji. But, Hanta would admit the man had seemed to have turned a new leaf, judging by the differences of how Shouto describes him then and now.

He has a theory that it might be thanks to Hawks somehow.

But he won't be forgiven.


Fumikage immediately makes his way towards Hanta, who had decided to stay on the side of a room in an angle that allows him to see Izuku talk politely with Endeavor, Hawks looking like he was plotting something, and Shoto looking less tense as Endeavor awkwardly provide to whatever conversation Izuku had started.


"I would have thought you would have changed this gathering into a mad banquet by the time we came Cellophane."

Hanta chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck. "I'm actually very awkward at parties."

"Surely you would have given quite the show for these Pro Heroes, you have many fans in school for your dancing skills."

Oh, that was something Hanta had no idea about.

"I have a fan base at school?" Asked in surprise.

"Quite a large one at that. Though, I would not recommend that you meet some of them. They seem to have.... some false expectations of you." His face twisted into a grimace, letting Hanta know exactly what those expectations might be, making him feel slightly disgusted as well.

"Ehh, every fanbase at least has one of them, probably..." he said.

"Hey there!"


If this night was 'Lets give jump scares to Sero Hanta' night, Hanta would like to let everyone know he wasn't here for that. Fumikage, too used to his mentors antics, simply sighed in exhaustion and gave the smirking Hawks a look.

"Aww, don't be like that, I just wanted to meet this friend of yours~ Cellophane, right? Kamui Woods speaks highly of you~"

A glance towards the direction of his mentor, who watched them through his wooden mask, standing next to Mount Lady who seemed to be grinning. She waved. "Really now?"

"Yep, I swear he would probably have adopted you along with Vine if you hadn't already have a family. Speaking of which!"

His red wings spread as he got in between the two teens and trapped them between them, and started to whisper as if speaking of a great secret. "Your father is Sero Ooga, am I right?"

"Yes?" Somehow, he had the feeling that he wouldn't like where this coversation was leading to.

"He's a pretty great doctor! Worked free lance before he decided to work at that hospital, and has kept saving lives..." he trailed off, looking Hanta directly in the eyes. "So, tell me, hero to be, why did you decide to be a hero and not a doctor? Or a nurse, or a surgeon?"

It was a simple question. But as Hanta studied the pro hero, he realized a simple answer wasn't exactly do.

"Well, it certainly would have been easier to go down that road..." he begins. "And in a way I would have been a hero in a way by making sure people stayed alive, but I'd rather they didn't have to be treated in the first place."

It was still a very simple answer, and perhaps it really wasn't satisfying.

He could talk more about it but... he wasn't much of a sharer with strangers.

Hawks looked at him with an unreadable expression. "Is that really all there is to it? Wouldn't you had a better chance at that career?”

Hanta looks him in the eye, feeling the familiar feeling of anger bubble up in his abdomen. So this is the game we’re playing.

Hanta could tell him how he knew he could make sure he would never be able to fly again, how he knew which parts of the body could cripple a person when hit, how easy it would be to kill someone if he decided to use his quirk for murderous reasons.

But he won’t give in.

“Well, you’re right about that, but being a Pro Hero is more fulfilling than that, and even if have a long way to go, and even if it might be impossible for me to catch up with the others…” his smile stays the same as he continues his words. “Nothing is stopping me from trying, is there?”

Hawks suddenly beamed, and letted go of both of them with a “Atta kid.” Before leaving to pester Kamui Woods. Fumikage looked uncomfortable, and Hanta felt like he just suddenly got slugged by the sudden change in personality.

“I’m…really sorry for-“

“He seems to be a fun guy.”

At this Fumikage took a look at the other, saw something in his expression, and his shoulders slumped in both relief an exasperation.

“What a mad banquet of darkness.”

Hanta grinned widely in response.

He hoped Hawks wouldn’t mind finding finding that his feathers ended up being taped together.


Turns out he didn’t mind.

The red winged hero stood at the front entrance with a face of regret. “I have no idea how you managed to do it without me noticing but I had it coming.” He said sheepishly. Then, he added “And you used rainbow tape. This feels like God’s gift or something.”

Hanta kept his grin on his face even when Nishiya(Kamui Woods) and Shiozaki scolded him for the prank he pulled.

He can’t wait to gloat about how he managed to pranked the No.2 Hero.

Chapter Text

This Fucking Class Is A Nightmare channel

Canada is logged in

Canada: I'm so gay

Wattchusay: What happened

Canada: Hanta's teaching our children parkour again

Canada: Our parkour son is having fun with Hanta and dammit i want to spend my whole life with him if it meant seeing that soft smile and thighs until the day I die

TheQueen: Gay

Canada: Two words, karate chop


BonelessPizza is logged in

BonelessPizza: First of all, Shouto i understand exactly how you feel

BonelessPizza: Second of all, our karate chop daughter has also joined the evening parkour lessons Hanta gives


TheQueen is logged off

RavenorCrow?: What a mad banquet of darkness.


Married with 20 children channel

TapeWife is logged in

TapeWife: i love my children but i am going to shove our swamp son and welding son into a closet if they don't stop their pining and do SOMETHING

IcyhotHusband: Oh, is that why Yosetsu seems to be so out of it? He isn't doing as well as he usually does.

TapeWife: Yes and it's endearing but also painful

TapeWife: wh

BroccoliHusband: Hanta?

TapeWife: I suddenly have the gut feeling that Denki is doing something stupid.

TapeWife: Excuse me for a moment i'm calling Shiozaki.

TapeWife is logged out


This Fucking Class Is A Nightmare channel


Dadzawa is logged in

Dadzawa: @MedicalSupplies Kaminari and Ibara are safe and the villains have been apprehended, they will be in the common room shortly.

MedicalSupplies is logged in

MedicalSupplies: Thank you.

MedicalSupplies is logged out

RedRobin: What happened???

Dadzawa: That is personal information that Kaminari and Ibara will tell you when they’re ready.

Dadzawa is logged out

TheQueen: I just saw Hanta run out with one of the comfort sweaters.

RebRobin: Oh, it must be really bad then…

DadMic: By comfort sweater, do you mean that gigantic one that I spotted three of you kids huddle in once?

Speedster: Yes, Hanta had knitted them for almost everyone in the class 2-A, I believe he gave some to class 2-B as well.

DadMic: Oh, that’s so sweet

RebRobin: Hanta is like my grandma, he knits and he drinks almost as much tea as she does.

Wattchusay is logged in

TheQueen: Denki is everything okay?

Wattchusay: Hanta basically shoved the comfort sweater at us and is right now going mom mode on us

Wattchusay: I don’t think I can come to class tomorrow

Wattchusay: I don’t really want to talk either

Wattchusay: I’m sorry

Wattchusay is logged out

MedicalSupplies is logged in

MedicalSupplies: If anyone asks them questions before they are ready to talk about it give me names and tell them to meet me in the pit

MedicalSupplies: understood?

RavenorCrow?: Understood

SparklyButterfly: Señor they will wish they had to deal with you instead of me

Pawhands: Got it

Catnap: Rt if understood

Phantom: Rt

RedRobin: Rt

TheQueen: Rt

Canada: Rt

BonelessPizza: Rt

Tails: Rt

WhenIWas: Rt

Speedster: Everyone agrees Hanta.

MedicalSupplies: Good

MedicalSupplies is logged out

Canada is logged out

BonelessPizza: Shouto and I are going to make sure he’s okay as well.

Dadzawa: I will allow Sero to be absent tomorrow along Kaminari if he needs it.

BonelessPizza: I will tell him, thank you so much Aizawa-sensei

BonelessPizza is logged out

Dadzawa: The rest of you go the fuck to sleep you have school tomorrow

Dadzawa: I won’t hesitate

Dadzawa is logged out

Catnap: Welp, bye peeps

Catnap is logged out

Speedster: I highly recommend everyone follows Hitoshi’s example, there is a test

RedRobin: aw man

RedRobin is logged out

TheQueen: guess I’ll just die then

TheQueen is logged out

Everyone is logged out

(Next Day)

Monoma is Kazoo Kid channel

Swampchild is logged in

Swampchild: @TapeMom is Ibara and Kaminari alright?

TapeMom is logged in

TapeMom: They’re doing fine. Aren’t you in class right now?

Swampchild: I was worried.

TapeMom: Oh

TapeMom: Did Shiozaki text you guys anything last night or…

Swampchild: The teachers told us she wouldn’t be coming to class today, didn’t really told us why other than mentioning that an incident that happened last night during their date, and that they were hanging out in class A dorms

Swampchild: And that you had decided stay with them instead of attending school today.

TapeMom: Well, it’s not really my place to tell you.

TapeMom: But they’re safe, and they’re going to be okay.

TapeMom: You guys focus on class, Shiozaki would feel bad if you got bad grades because you were worried.

Swampchild: alright. Thank you.

Swampchild is logged out

TapeMom is logged out

TapeMom is logged in

TapeMom changed Copycat's name to Kazookid

TapeMom: :)

TapeMom is logged out


The Tape Mom Has Spoken channel

Vine-Jesus is logged in

Vine-Jesus: I have talked it out with Denki, and decided to explain here what happened last night as we both agreed that it's better to tell you

Vine-Jesus: Last night we almost got kidnapped by a villain with a discreet quirk.

Vine-Jesus: Well, Denki almost did.

Vine-Jesus: It was a terrifying experience and if Hanta hadn't decided to call to check up on us we wouldn't have Eraserhead as back up

Vine-Jesus: We weren't able to be in the right state of mind to call for help.

Vine-Jesus: The villain was apprehended, but Denki was effected... badly.

Vine-Jesus: And I was terrified. I almost lost someone important to me and couldn't do anything about it.

Vine-Jesus: I'm sorry. This is all I can say on the matter. I can't really talk in heavily details about it

Dad King is logged in

Dad King: Shiozaki, that was very brave of you to do, for both of you to trust your friends enough to tell them all this

Dad King: Because of the events that had transpired we have decided to FINALLY take security measures for class B in Heroics Department as well, something that should have been done a long time ago.

Dad King: From now on we all have a buddy system.

Dad King: Nobody from the Heroics department will walk outside of U.A's security without permission and at least two more students with them. You have to go out in groups. You also have curfew, and you're not allowed to be outside past eight. If you are outside past eight you will get a call, and if your phone doesn't answer a teacher will be looking for you.

Dad King: This is a system that class A has been using since the first villain attack, and I am sorry I wasn't able to apply it to class B sooner.

Dad King: The lessons will be getting more challenging from now on, so you can be better prepared for situations like this. I am sorry I haven't prepared you sooner, and I am sorry for failing you as a teacher.

Dadzawa has entered the channel

Dadzawa: First of all, King, your students have shown admirable performances. You're a great teacher.

Dadzawa: Second of all, I understand that you are motivating your students, but I am not a competing man. Wether you are from class B or class A you are all still future heroes with great potentials, and all of you will one day be working together, and competing against each other.

Dad King: You are a good teacher as well Aizawa.

Dadzawa: Oh.

Dadzawa: Well, thanks.

TapeMom is logged in

TapeMom: :)

Dadzawa: Don’t test me young man.

TapeMom: (:

TapeMom is logged out

Dadzawa has left the channel

KazooKid is logged in

KazooKid: I think I speak for all of us when I say this, but we’re proud to have a teacher like you Sekijiro-sensei, and we all somewhat see you as a good parental figure.

KazooKid: Also who changed my name?

Dad King: I appreciate each and every one of you and I hope you will never forget that.

Lizard is logged in

Lizard: I am crying, wether it’s because of Neito’s username or how much I appreciate our Dad is up for debate.

(That evening the same day)

Married with 20 children channel

BroccoliHusband: Honey are you okay?

IcyhotHusband: We’re heading back, do you need anything from the kitchen?

TapeWife: Nah, I don’t need anything other then you guys rn

BroccoliHusband: Have you slept at all last night?

TapeWife: not really

IcyhotHusband: We’re coming over with a bunch of blankets and pillows

IcyhotHusband: We’re gonna build a fort

IcyhotHusband: And we’re gonna sleep

TapeWife: kay

TapeWife: luv u both

BrocolliHusband: we love you too babe

IcyhotHusband: <3


Is Vlad King Gonna Be Our Second Father? channel

MedicalSupplies is logged in

MedicalSupplies: can I tell you guys how Shiozaki got my approval to go out with Denki?

TheQueen is logged in

TheQueen: Yaaaassss

Wattchusay is logged in

Wattchusay: mom no

RedRock is logged in

RedRock: mom yes

Wattchusay: eijibro whyyyyy

MedicalSupplies: One day she pulled me aside during lunch, this is the day before she asked Denki out herself, saying that she needs to have a talk with me.

MedicalSupplies: She bought me into an empty classroom, that had her computer plugged into one of those speaker set up in it, and she whips out a microphone into her hand.

MedicalSupplies: “As you are the mom friend of Kaminari Denki, I have decided this is the appropriate way to ask for your sons hand in mine.”

RedRock: D’awwwww

MedicalSupplies: Ikr?

MedicalSupplies: Then she starts singing Hit or Miss


MedicalSupplies: Shakespearean style.

Blasty is logged in

Blasty: Yeah that’s definitely off brand pikachu material


Blasty: oh fuck no

Blasty is logged off

BonelessPizza is logged on

BonelessPizza: Someone tell Kacchan to calm those tits

RedRock: We can’t they’re too powerful

MedicalSupplies is logged off

BonelessPizza: He fell asleep.

BonelessPizza: They’re really not that powerful just grab them



BonelessPizza: Izuku yes

Wattchusay: Shiozaki is looking over my should and she just started reciting a verse from the Bible

Wattchusay: Me thinks she’s trying to exorcise Izuku

BonelessPizza: Eijiro you’re his boyfriend

BonelessPizza: And the only person he wouldn’t be able to kill with his explosions

BonelessPizza: Hakuna those tatas


Catnap is logged in

Catnap: I log on to see the cinnamon roll being a sinnamon roll.

Catnap: is this katsuki’s influence.

BonelessPizza: yes.

BonelessPizza: gotta go, cuddling my adorable beautiful boyfriends

TheQueen: don’t forget the condoms kid

BonelessPizza: we don’t bye

BonelessPizza is logged off

TheQueen: What a fucking legend

Catnap: also @Dadzawa

Dadzawa is logged in

Dadzawa: What

Catnap: read the channel name

Dadzawa: .

Dadzawa: No comment

Catnap: Dad pls

YellHeah is logged in

YellHeah: It’s still up to debate Hitoshi

Dadzawa: HIZASHI

☆SparkleSparkleBitch☆: Excuse moi how long have you been married

YellHeah: First of all, why do you know that?

YellHeah: Second of all, for like, 15 years


☆SparkleSparkleBitch☆: darn I owe Hanta money now.

Dadzawa: You have a betting pool

☆SparkleSparkleBitch☆: and blackmail.

TheQueen: Yuuga and Hanta are masters at hearing all sorts of secrets, and they are good guessers when it comes to people

TheQueen: if a bet is going on and they are in it it’s only a matter of picking whose side, Hanta or Yuuga?

YellHeah: Shota we should check if that kid has a secondary quirk or not I’m getting suspicious.

YellHeah: and no betting pools are allowed

TheQueen: but you guys have betting pools

TheQueen: also, again, BLACKMAIL ✦

TheQueen: well, Yuuga and Hanta do.

TheQueen: and possibly Izuku and Shouto because boyfriend privileges.

Dadzawa: I’m

Dadzawa: Too alive for this shit

Phantom is logged in

Phantom: It would be really nice if you could stop being relatable for a moment Aizawa sensei

RedRock: anyways Mina are you texting while running?

TheQueen: I have special skills

Phantom: Nah she hiding

RedRock: oh is that why the explosions stopped?

Catnap: Hey Yuuga how likely is it that I will be getting a third dad?

☆SparkleSparkleBitch☆: I’d say there is chance for romance there

☆SparkleSparkleBitch☆: Though Hanta would know better since he interacts more with class 2-B than we do.

Catnap: thank you for your wise input.

Dadzawa: why is my class so problematic

Blasty is logged in

RedRock: BABE!!!

Blasty: found you you pink lil shit

TheQueen: oh fjodrjj

TheQueen is logged off

RedRock: BABE NO!!! D:

Blasty: Babe yes

Wattchusay: welp since Mina is dead guess we’re gonna have to look for a replacement gal


AuxCord is logged in

AuxCord: you guys stop spamming me so I can sleep

Blasty: There she is

Wattchusay: You were saying Eijiro?

AuxCord: Wat?

AuxCord: Oh.

AuxCord: Do I have a choice in this?

Blasty: Not negotiable

AuxCord: Understandable

Dadzawa and YellHeah are logged off

Phantom: Babe since the pink menace is gone would you pls come back to my room?

Phantom: Mashirao is throwing a bitchfit about not having his purple teddy bitch

Catnap: Bitch I’m coming over

Catnap is logged off

Phantom is logged off

Wattchusay: Good night my wonderful girlfriend is calling for me

Wattchusay is logged off

Blasty: Coming up to your room @RedRock

RedRock: :D!!!

Blasty is logged off

RedRock is logged off

AuxCord: ….

AuxCord: man being single sucks

☆SparkleSparkleBitch☆: Then women up for Momo biotch ✧


☆SparkleSparkleBitch☆: ;)

☆SparkleSparkleBitch☆ is logged off

AuxCord: FUCK

AuxCord is logged off

Chapter Text

Breathe in.

1 2 3 4

Breathe out.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Breathe in.

1 2 3 4

Breathe out.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

He kept repeating the exercise as he looked at the bundle of piercings, attached skin, and black hair that was starting to show only a small bit of red in the roots, sleeping soundly within the confines of his wings.

They were in his apartment. Dabi had simply went in through the window and had immediately thrown himself onto his couch, right where he himself was laying down on.

He had been playing double agent between the Hero Commissions and the League of Villains for one and a half years now. Dabi, the sly bastard, had figured out his game long ago, telling him he had awful acting skills to his face. And yet, he was still alive, because Dabi was apparently Todoroki Touya and his vendetta was only with Endeavor apparently. Endeavor, who Hawks never really liked in the first place, but somewhat felt a bond with how he was now. He was his fan when he was a child, yes, but growing up he learned that some actions Endeavor took in his hero work…weren’t very heroic.

Anyways, Dabi and him somehow ended up being partners in secretly taking down the league, because apparently there were somethings he disagreed on with them, and that was nice. Because he wasn’t alone in this.

But it was also awful, because it was nice to not be alone in something for once. Because it’s nice to not do things solo, for once. He didn’t understand where Miruko got off from when she saw teamwork as a sign of weakness, he respected that she probably had issues of her own, but he would never understand how she looked so positive and enthusiastic about working alone.

Maybe it’s because she hasn’t always been alone. Maybe a break from the rhythm you create in daily life just brings you a sort of relief?

Ugh, this wasn’t where his thought process was going in the first place.

He didn’t even know what they had between them, sure, they had intimate moments, they cuddled on the couch occasionally like they’re doing now, and there is SOMETHING there that isn’t something Hawks had ever experienced before, but neither of them knew what it was. He wasn’t sure if they were, lovers or whatever. He didn’t understand.

Maybe, maybe he should direct his mind to somewhere else?

And then he’s thinking about another thoughts that is no less complicated, that kid he met at that Hero Gathering Party, Cellophane? No, that’s his hero name, something starting with...S….Sero Ooga’s son. The son of that doctor famous for treating several heroes and civilians within one day, without taking a break. Famous for his previous job as a freelance doctor as well.

Sero Hanta. His intern’s classmate, and friend. The kid who uses tape.

But he keeps thinking about him as the son of a doctor. Someone who has the knowledge to treat injuries and bring people back from the brink of death just like his father is famous for doing.

A surgeon, a doctor, a nurse, those are fulfilling jobs weren’t they? And he was really suitable for that kind of work, wasn’t he? Sure, he’s saving lives by being a hero, and making sure there wouldn’t be any deaths needed to happen in his own way, but wouldn’t it be more logical to follow on an already set path? Wouldn’t that be easier?

”Nothing is stopping me from trying it, is there?”

…He’s not sure where he’s going down with that trail of thought.

Or maybe he knows.

Maybe, he’s pretending to not know?

Maybe, he doesn’t like his job??

“You’re thinking way too loud.” Dabi says, and wow Hawks must be really tired if he hadn’t sensed that he was awake.

“You psychic now?” He chirrups, one free wing slightly fluttering as he does, an eyebrow quirk in amusement at the man that still has his eyes closed.

“Nah. Then I would know what the hell is going on in that head of yours.”

Hawks hums, hearing the unvoiced question, ‘Wanna tell me?’.

“I’m thinking about Kamui’s intern.”

“You mean one of my kid brother’s boyfriends?”

“Yep. I wonder if that would make us anything.”

“Who cares? What about him?”

“Eeehh…He’s the son of this pretty famous doctor.”

“Dr. Sero Ooga right? That’s pretty DAMN famous.”

“Yeah, so like, the kid also sort of learned how to do surgery by his side apparently, worked for free as his assistant nurse or something back when he was a freelance doctor.”

“Saved a lot of lives, even some thugs, villains. Though he got a lot of blackmail on several people as well.”

“You a fan?”

“I was homeless at the time, but he helped me out.”

Hawks blinks down at him in astonishment. The Sero name seemed to get around everywhere somehow.

“… a lot of people owe him. He made some quit villainy too. He’s a good doctor, though a bit fucked up I think, cause I was there getting my skin stapled on and he kept explaining to his son who was watching how everything worked and stuff. I thought he was joking when he asked if it would be okay for his son to be there.” He adds the last sentence in a mutter.

Wow. Okay.

“…I’m just, wondering I guess.”

“About what?”

“Why not become a doctor? Why struggle so hard to become a hero?”

And maybe he’s asking this question to the wrong person. Person being someone who had gone through being pressured into becoming something he doesn’t want to be. A hero.

Dabi opened his eyes and looked at him for a long while, almost searchingly, and Hawks felt exposed, felt dread squeeze his chest as he remembers why he used to agree with Miruko when it came to going solo.

Having someone who knows you well enough to simply get an answer from you with one look is terrifying.

“Do you not like being a hero?”


“…It’s not that I don’t like being a hero, but… “

He remembers how he’s discovered by the Hero Commission when he is just a small orphan child, when he had saved people with his abilities from a crumbling building. He remembers the intense training they made him go through. He thinks about how he rarely ever takes a day off, how he works to the point that he doesn’t actually know how to make friends with others.

“…I don’t think I like how I went about it, I mean, I would still aspire to be a hero if it was any different but, I just…”

”Nothing is stopping me from trying it, is there?”

“There wasn’t much choice involved in it…”

Silence envelopes between them, people talking heard from outside the apartment, probably down the street, the ceiling light of the living room they’re sitting in turned on. Hawks stares off into the distance, mind going slowly blank, simply thinking about it. Thinking without meaning. Aware of how the fire user in his arm breathes, how the scars feel beneath his fingertips, how warm things are, how one of his wings is pressed up against the couch and the other is gently half hugging Dabi.

Then ten fingers press up against his face, and he ends up focusing into cyan eyes that are suddenly very close to his own. Slowly, Dabi presses his palms as well, thumb affectionately running across the underside of Hawks eyes.

“Maybe, you should take a week off, and we can find a hobby for you. Or maybe you can find a hobby by spending it with those U.A kids.” He says with soft eyes, resting his forehead against the others. Hawks closes his eyes, and allows himself the enjoy the warmth he doesn’t understand, but makes him feel pleasant for a few minutes, letting out a noise that resembles vague agreement.

All in all it’s not a bad idea.

Maybe he could get the Sero kid roped into his quest to find a hobby. He was indirectly responsible for this predicament after all.

Chapter Text


There is a world, a world full of fantastical beings, from dragons to unicorns, from banshees to werewolves, from elves to dwarves, from vampires to sirens, from wizards to witches and so on.

This world is a big one, with a long history of it’s own! There are many ancient temples left behind, left to explore, to rot, to dissolve, or to be guarded by magic, powerful guardians, raided by giant insects that feed on human flesh or camouflage themselves, infested by plants that would poison or camouflage themselves! Those who are mad enough to explore these places, adventurers, are rewarded with knowledge of ancient spells, how things TRULY went down in history, exquisite sites, treasuries that may cost a fortune if sold to the right person, and DEATH!

Shroom~ Shroom~


As you may have guessed already, this world relies heavily on magic, magical beasts, potions, and hand made tools, there is no industrialization, and therefore not a lot of security, not a lot of need seen in migrating, not a lot of wisdom outside of old traditions and folktales.

Basically, people stay confided in their small villages, kingdoms, swamps and isolates themselves away from each other.

If you’re looking for someone that you would be able to have a talk with outside of praising the Gods, what the bakery downtown is doing recently, or how royalties are doing, or how crops are doing-


-Yes Kuroiro?


Observers from an alternative universe Kuroiro, and oops, you’re right! The meeting was today wasn’t it?


Alright alright just a few more minutes…

Basically, if you want to have intelligent conversations, you would have to find an adventurer, or a witch, or any creature that doesn’t do something like secluding themselves to one place.

Well, you’re not really here to see the whole worlds story though, that would take too long, and I am a very busy witch to tell any stories anyway, how about I direct you to- hold on let me get one of my mushrooms, don’t questions how I do things it is different for every witch- oooh this village over here.

You're gonna love the story that starts there, and ends somewhere else I won't tell you.



Watch out for the black haired healer okay?! Bye~

Shroom shroom~


Chapter 1: An Introduction, And the Green Rabbit

"Ok Hana, you just keep stirring that ok?" A young man said to his little sister, in a wood house affectionately named 'The Healer's House' by the village it was built in the midst of.

The Healer's House accepted all sorts of patients, without asking for payment back. Many within the village were familiar with the raven haired young man that almost practically lived there instead of his own home with his own family. He never left any job of his half done, even taught the patients themselves how to take care of small injuries, and generally left a positive effect on those who visited him.

Overall, he was a kind, good young man. Level headed, cautious, slightly mothering when it comes to patients younger than him. A good healer.

“Ai! Don't go touching random stuff you find. You might get seriously hurt."

"Geez ok mother!" Grumbled the other twin, Ai, as she carefully put back the flask containing mushrooms submerged in a pink fluid back in its place. "You always trust Hana more with this stuff!" She continued on, slightly angry.

The twins, Hana and Ai, were starting to slowly become two proper women. Hanta, as the doctor of the village, and occasionally a listening ear for patients of all ages, had braces himself for what he was getting into. Didn't make it any less hard to deal with sometimes though.

"That's because you're more interested in becoming an adventurer rather than becoming a healer. You don't really listen in during my lectures do you?" Hanta replied easily, looking through his potted plants, checking for any signs of sickness or weed. The [flower name]’s blue glow was slightly fading, he might be able to salvage it by using some methods, but it would lose it’s capability in some of the medicines he needs to restock again. “Although, medical knowledge would be really useful when you get to go out there.”

”Then shouldn’t you be out there?” Ai whispered under her breath, tangled messy black hair shadowing her eyes.

So, a visitor from outside would naturally question, why would the most high ranked guard stood in front of the Healer's House at night, when the village was so peaceful and would riot if anyone purposefully hurt the healer due to his positive influence? Why would there be two guards accompanying the healer into the forest when he needed to gather supplies, when the forest itself wasn't known to harbor anything more than perhaps a few poisonous animals, but lacked predators? Why, one would even think that perhaps the healer, Hanta, himself is perhaps a prisoner in this place, if one would stay more than a few days in the village and observed.

And the last observation would be quite close to the mark.

“Did you say something?” Hanta looked up from where he knelt over one of his potted plants, raising a dark eyebrow.

“Then you should be a better teacher!” Ai immediately says, face shifting to a determined pout. Hana’s hand momentarily pauses in stirring the pot in front of her, before resuming, stoic face unchanging.

Hanta mock gasps, dramatically putting a hand over where his heart is, “How ungrateful!”

There is a knock on the door, before a small boy peeks in, short raven hair ruffled slightly from running and blue eyes looking determined, scared and worried.

“Big brother? Do you have time?” He asks, walking in with what looked like a ball of bleeding fur in his arms.

Hanta’s expression immediately morphed into that of a serious one as he went over and knelt down, hands gently cradling the raggedly breathing creature. “What happened Akihito?” He asked gently as he inspected the wound on the uncurling green creature, that revealed itself to be a small green rabbit. If it was that small it must have been the runt of the family.

Akihito, his baby brother, fiddled shakily with his hands as he spoke, "Me-me and the other boys we-re playing at the edge of the forest- I was dragg-ed into playing 'dragon' with them- and then I saw the baby." He looked like he was near tears. "There was a wolf standing over it." He added on. That explained the fear.

Though he had the urge to shout how insane and crazy it was to be on the edge of the forest in the first place, Hanta knew that wasn't what was needed. Their mother would do the honor of yelling and worrying. He would do the firm but gentle reprimanding. "Akihito, while it was very brave, and I'm sure this little guy is very grateful for what you did, the next time you come across a situation like that you have to value your own life. The forest might not have magical beasts in it but it's still really dangerous to go near there." Hanta made regular trips into the forest, and though Fumikage, his bodyguard, accompanied him while he picked out the supplies needed, he was only there to make sure he didn't run off. Otherwise Hanta had gone through the same training like all the other guards had so he could defend himself. He was the only healer of the village after all, so he needed to make sure he didn't end up dying.

"I am sorry." Akihito said, looking down. Aaaahhh, children. They pulled at his heartstrings.

"It's okay." He replied back to him, ruffling his already messy hair a little. "You came back alive, just in time for mothers scolding~" his voice almost seemed to sing as his sentence came to an end, and he watched the childs face turn into one of horror. As if on cue, said woman had immediately almost slammed open the door to the house, dark eyes blazing, dark skin that she had passed on to Hana and Ai reddening around her face in anger, red lips pressed thin. Hanta recalls how he heard some other villager man talk about his mothers beauty, and how much her wrath burned as well. 'The wolf is lucky to have not caught Akihito.' He thinks.

His mother made the village chief cower in fear with her one ball of yarn and knitting utensils.

"Akihito." She says, voice frigid. "Your friends told me what happened." Akihito let out a whimper, hung his head and turned to follow his mother outside, no doubt going back to their home.

"Akihito will be dearly missed." Hana said from where she was still stirring the potion, uncaring and stoic as ever.

"He was a good brother. A brat a times, yes, but a good brother." Ai said, voice solemn and hands held together in front of her as if praying.

Hanta sighed, rolling his eyes as he bought the small rabbit to the table in the middle of the shop, small [firebug name] buzzing around in a jar lighting up the table in a way that allowed him to see clearly what was wrong with the little guy. Experience taught him to discern male and female between species without having to look at whatever was between their legs.

"Let us also not forget his legacy, the little green rabbit." Ai continued.

There was a deep cut in its side, tainting the grass green fur of it red. It wasn't deep enough to touch any of the tiny bones the little thing had surprisingly, but the little one might as well be near deaths doorstep considering how much its tinier than it should be. Definitely a runt of a litter.

He would need stitches, ointments, would probably have to live off on a few herbal medicines until he's back to his required health. Would need to have his bandages changed and would need some space during all that so he wouldn't get accidentally domesticated. Hanta remembers his father warning him about how it gets harder for animals to live back in the wild the more they're used to being with humans. Overall, the rabbit would have to stay over for a a whole moon cycle(about 27 and a half days).

As he formulated a plan in his mind he looked out the window to see the sky darkening.

"Hana, Ai, it's getting late, you two should go home."

"Alright, I'm done with the medicine." Hana said, putting a flask filled with a clear red liquid on his desk, having appropriately labeled it by sticking a paper on it, backside dipped in a trees sap so it would stick, and marked it with a green leaf symbol that showed where it’s used for. Symbols are more used than words in their village. Sure, there were many who knew how to write, but it’s more traditional to give occupations, market stalls and claims with a mark. To better explain, for example, the Healer’s House, instead of having a sign that has ‘Healer’s House’ written on it, is marked with a black circle. Hanta had the same mark painted on the sides of his elbows when he had to take over as healer in his absent fathers place.

"Are you going to sleep here again?" Ai asked, voice strangely neutral as she came over to the other side of the table to look at him. Hanta gave her an apologetic look in response, making her sigh. “Kay, we’re gonna come back tomorrow.” She says giving an affectionate hug to him before leaving out the door before Hana does.

Before she follows her twin, she stills at the door, before looking back at her older brother’s back leaning against the table. She opens her mouth in hesitation for a moment, almost as if she’s ready to say something before she hears the voices of Fumikage and Ai drift over. “Looking primitive as ever I see.” “How about ya go and build yourself a nest bird brain?” Hana files out just as Fumikage makes it to the front door of the Healer’s house. They exchange a respectful nod of heads.

As the healer, Hanta had the most connections among the village. He is responsible for joining the meetings held by the village chief concerning how the village was doing, what can be improved, if there was anything new coming from the borders, and if there is any news from other villages. As the only healer he had to join in with Fumikage in guard training, so he shares companionship with the guards, more so with Fumikage who had volunteered to be Hanta’s personal bodyguard when village chief decided there shouldn’t be a repeat of Ooga.

“It’s another busy night for you isn’t it?” Fumikage says as he enters the house, and leans against the wall arms crossed. He will station himself in front of the door when night time comes, making sure the other didn’t try any escape attempt, though the bodyguard knew that it was unlikely the other would attempt such a thing. Even during the times he spots him looking longingly towards the outside of the forest, Hanta was devoted to his duties as much as the Guardsmen of the village were to theirs.

As the one that ranks closer to the Head of the Guardsmen more than the others, Fumikage understands Hanta’s devotion as a healer better than anyone else, except for the healers family perhaps.

“Says the one who works almost every night.” Hanta shoots back at the bird headed man. To be fair, Fumikage’s species allowed him to need smaller rest than a human does. Not to mention the type of bird-man he is is a nocturnal species, so it’s common to see the other almost always awake.

Hanta remembers the many times in his childhood he tried to stay awake as much as the other had, but ended up falling asleep at some point, either having fallen asleep on Fumikage or with Fumikage making sure he went to bad.

Its no secret that Fumikage and Hanta were close friends.

“Although you are human and I’m a bird-man, we will say that that is fair.” The other replies cheekily, expression unable to change though the amusement in his voice prominent, and the healer lets out a huff that sounds like a laugh.

Fumikage remembers how Hanta used to laugh more openly, with two more companions at their side, one an electric blond, the other a pink onni….

Thinking about the past didn’t do well for any of them.

“I will be outside. Try not to stay up too late.”

“Uh-huh… by the way Fumi, are you up for a supply run tomorrow?”

Supply run was code term for going into the forest. Hanta wasn’t allowed to without him.

“Sure. When should we go?"

"A bit after noon."

"Got it."

And so the village fell asleep, save for the Healer and his guard who stood in front of the house.

And for the travelers going through the forest, a novice witch, an apprentice knight, and a runaway prince.


Chapter 2: Green Rabbit

Izuku could feel something felt…not quite right.

He was sleepy, and barely awake. Last thing he remembered was… oh right, he was chased by a wolf after Ochako had accidentally turned him into a green rabbit.

Honestly, he understands that she is still a novice, and he understands that she wanted to practice that locater spell, he doesn't blame her at all for his own situation, but it's quite amazing that a locater spell could be messed up to the point its turned into a transformation spell.

Then again, the last memory he has is that he managed to run towards the edge of a village, a place where they can stop by to rest, so maybe the location spell worked but the way it went about...

As expected, magic is difficult to understand.

He should probably figure out where he is.

Still half asleep, he used his whiskers to get a feel of his surroundings, sensing that he was placed in a soft environment, inside what is perhaps a healers place judging by the scent of different plants, medicinal herbs, flowers. There was fresh air flowing in through an open window near him, mixing in with the houses smell, making a natural feeling come over his unseen surroundings. A feeling of cleanliness, not too clean, but also homeliness...

He opened his eyes when he noticed another scent mixed in, the scent of a human mixed with medicine, and a sweet boyish smell. Compared to the other scents that he could smell from the outside... it was rather ordinary, not in a bad way though. He looked around from the spacious basket he was placed in, unmoving because of the bandages around his body. He must have been smaller than he thought he was, the basket was so spacious with its straw walls so tall it might as well be as big as a cottage with his current size….

Ugh, this feel like a sharp jab at his smaller than average stature in his normal, human state.

‘Well’, he supposed, ‘At least my strength makes up for it.’

He would add the unbelievable amount of mana he had received too up among the list of good qualities he had, but since he wasn’t born with that any mana in the first place, the power is very destructive on his body. It was an offense type, red mana as well, which made it dangerous to everyone around him for him to use.

Determining the limits of how much he can move, he started to move around in the basket, making minimal movements as he moved around, testing his sore paws and rabbit legs. Next time, he takes note, when he ends up being transformed to another species he will make sure that he has enough time to get adjusted to it first.

"Oi Hanta." Izuku almost died from an heart attack from the sudden deep voice, the mixed smell of peppermint mixed with bird filling his nose,(he didn’t know what bird smelled like before, but instincts told him that it was definitely a bird), alongside the (most likely) bird man was a human smelling of lavender.

“Hmmm.” Came a sleepy reply. “Hold on…” then there is a yawn, and the sound of a few bones popping from stretching before the sleepy voice turned cheerful and calming. "Oh, Kyoka! I see you didn't listen to my advice and decided to re injure your hand again! Like I said before, while I understand you take your guard duties seriously, you need to take my advice seriously as well."

There is a grumble of "Yeah whatever." Before a loud thunk of someone sitting on a stool, bitterness seeming to seep out of her in oozes. "....Sorry." Is said by the same female voice later on, a small hint of guilt in it.

The healer, Hanta, sighed, shuffling and rustling of wool, and small clinks of glass heard. "It's fine, I'm just a little worried is all."

Then the bird man spoke again in his calm voice. "I shall be taking my leave then. I will come back over around noon." A rustle of feathers. "Got it Fumikage, see ya." And Fumikage left.

"Is that basket for the rabbit your little brother found?" Kyoka asked curiously. "Ouch."

"Stay still, and yeah, it is. He's a bit injured but he should be fine for about a moon cycle."

A-A moon cycle?

That's bad. That's very, very bad. There was a good reason why they only stayed in villages for only two nights.

The risks of them attacking get higher.

"Huh... can I see him? Heard he was green, never seen a green rabbit before."

"Alright, but try to not get too close, rabbits get easily scared."

"Yeah yeah grandma."

Izuku sees the indifferent face of a young woman peek at him from the edge of the basket, taking note of the markings under her eyes and stretched ear lobes that might as well be long enough to reach her shoulders. He instantly recognized it as the trademark of the [Tribe Name Redacted], a tribe that has mastered the art of mixing mana into sound. He wasn't able to learn the secret of how they did it, but he knows enough that elongated ears stood for "manipulation of sound".

The tribe was more famous for being the origins of the Voice Hero, Yamada.

Without realizing he had made excited, small honking noises.

"Looks like he's happy to see me." Kyoka says, a hint of amusement in her indifferent tone of voice as a black haired young man's face comes to view besides her an expression of curiosity on his face as he rubbed slender, elegant looking fingers under his chin. Elegant besides the smallest of cuts surrounding them.

"Huh, thats strange, maybe he has an owner but they got lost in the forest?…”

“Hmm. Let’s hope they’re not hostile, or there will be bloodshed. I will be directing a message to Chief Kamui.” She closed her eyes, her ear lobes starting to sway, the bell like earrings attached making ringing sounds that no doubt transferred a message through the air for specific ears. What amazing control over sound! Such skill!

Oh boy. He hopes Shoucchan won’t get startled and attack, though he was doing better there were still times he immediately became defensive the moment he became suspicious of someone. Izuku doesn’t blame him, he knows full well why he acts in such a way, and that he can’t help instincts, but that doesn’t stop Izuku from wishing he wouldn’t immediately jump to negative conclusions regarding other people.

“But that explains his color... I bet he has multi colored siblings spread around out there in the world."

A hint of longing had entered the cheerful, calming voice. So longing, resigned, and Izuku didn't like how familiar it was.

'A shitty magic user like you shouldn't even fucking think of taking a step out of the capital. Hell, you can't even be called a shitty magic user, you're just plain shitty.'

Izuku really didn't like it.

Though Hanta's face still kept a smile, Kyoka's frowned, eyes looking pained as she looked searchingly at Hanta.

She took in a deep breath.

"Give me the word and I will get you out of here."

Hanta closed his eyes momentarily, letting out a laugh, shoulders slightly shaking.

"I'm serious Hanta."

"I know Kyoka."

"Fumikage would be convinced."

"I have a duty here Kyoka."

"Hana's a really capable healer now. And I doubt that she wants to become an adventurer. She likes it here."

"She might have the skills but she wouldn't be able to handle the pressure of being the only healer here."

"Maybe you should trust her more."

"Maybe you should drop this topic, and go out there and explore the world yourself."

"I'm not Denki or Mina."

The air seemed to freeze, tension rising within the hut as Hanta's eyes snapped open, smile disappearing completely as he got into a staring match with Kyoka.

"I'm not someone who leaves others behind willingly."


"No. They left us. They made empty promises and then went on to become adventurers without even looking back or saying good-"


They were both standing now, away from the basket but still gigantic in their forms. Kyoka looked frustrated while Hanta looked resigned and sorrowful.

"Fine. Thanks for the hand." She spat, spinning around and leaving.

Hanta sighed. "Sheesh, these arguments been increasing lately..." he said plopping down on his seat and looking at Izuku with tired but kind eyes. "Sorry about that little guy, she really likes cute animals so you're safe from her ire." He said, "I hope your owners find their way to this village, I bet they have great adventures to tell."

A hint of longing again.

Izuku mentally sighed.

He was definitely going to stick his nose into others business again wasn't he? Well, all part of becoming a mage...

Izuku hopes the others make it safely here as well.


"I'm really sorry again guys..."

"While it was amazing how you managed to turn a location spell into a shape shifting one, I'm sure Izuku will forgive you!"

"I know Izuku will forgive me Tenya... I'm more worried about our prince here."

"As long as Izuku turns out fine in the end you are safe from my ire Ochako." Shouto said, face stoic but his hand clenching and unclenching.

He was panicking on the inside, worrying over his green lover. He has done so much for him, without expecting anything in return...

He saved him from his father, he saved his mother, and he saved two of his siblings, Natsuo and Fuyumi, and he is still desperately trying to save his brother Touya even if the blue fire user seemed beyond saving, and most importantly... he loved him more than anyone else had ever had. Izuku was his everything.

Shouto doesn't know what he will do if something happens to Izuku, so far according to the spell Ochako had casted, this time correctly, Izuku seemed to be alive and nearby.

"Do not worry Shouto! I'm sure our green friend will be safe!" His armored companion said, as enthusiastically as ever. "Why, perhaps he even came across a village and is now being taken care of!"

Another thing Shouto was grateful about Izuku, was that if not for meeting him, he wouldn't be able to have such kind positive friends as well.

"Thank you Tenya." He said, giving a small smile to show that he appreciated his knight friends efforts.

Tenya beamed. "Anytime my friend!"


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Catnap: Jesus Christ keep it PG guys we have children here

Wazzup: Did they do that thing where they silently stared at each other and just nodded heads?

Dadmic has logged in

Dadmic: Yes.

Dadmic: And I kept getting the chills whenever both of the twins stared at me with Akihito in their lap

Dadmic: I asked Ooga wether they were plotting my murder and he just gave me a Cheshire smile, that was really threatening

MedicalSupplies: Yep, that’s where I get my smile from

MedicalSupplies: I’m surprised that Hana didn’t attempt to establish a cult for Eri with the way she was so devoted to her

MedicalSupplies: and well, it was agreed that the whole Hero Course can be told

Catnap: Hanta and I are cat cousins.

Catnap has changed MedicalSupplies name to Cheshire


TheQueen: TIME FOR A C H A N G E

has changed channel name to “Todoroki Got One Thing (Partially)Right”

Phantom: Done and done

RedRobin: you being related to Aizawa-sensei explains so many things,,,,

Cheshire: Sho hasn't stopped grinning.

Cheshire: I blame my sisters influence

Canada: Hana is great.

Cheshire: yeah yeah

Cheshire: This reminds me...

Cheshire has added Shiozaki Ibara to channel "Todoroki Got One Thing (Partially)Right"

Shiozaki Ibara has logged in


TheQueen: akdiwjfhjsnrnrj

Shiozaki Ibara has changed their name to VineAunt

VineAunt: Hello lightbulb of my life

VineAunt: I'm hanging out with my friend right now so I can't really talk too much

VineAunt: But i would like to say that I'm glad you decided to trust all of us with this information.

VineAunt: For someone who looks relaxed you're awfully secretive

Cheshire: It's not that i'm secretive

Cheshire: It's just that in my family we're more used to silently communicating

Cheshire: and usually whatever 'secrets' you have is discovered with one eye contact.

BonelessPizza: pretty sure thats a secondary passive quirk

VineAunt: we can talk more

VineAunt: my friend also likes to say hi to y'all

VineAunt: Especially you, Denki and Hanta

VineAunt: She has been corrupted by your memery

Wattzup: whoops ;p

Cheshire: Tell her I say hi too

Cheshire: Can we add her here btw?

BonelessPizza: Sure

Canada: I'm curious

TheQueen: Denki kept talking our ears off about her

RebRobin: She sounds nice!

RavenorCrow?: I will see if I like her

☆SparkleSparkleBitch☆: Heard she likes to listen to MCR

RavenorCrow?: ADD HER

AuxCord: ADD HER

Wattzup: just assume everyone agrees

VineAunt: Alrighty then…

VineAunt added Sema No Last Name to the chat

Sema has changed their name to VoidCat

VoidCat: Hi


VoidCat: A YOUNG BOY!!!!!!

VineAunt: oh god

RavenorC row?: MY FATHER


BonelessPizza: hanta oh my god


BonelessPizza: ....

Dadzawa: HE SAID “SON”

Dadmic: I feel your pain Midoriya


AuxCord: “WOULD YOU BE-“



Wattzup: are they gonna do the whole song

TheQueen: I remember the days where I thought hanta wasn’t edgy

Dadzawa: HE SAID sdnvsaog

Dadmic: I’ve confiscated his phone you kids better stop if you don’t want to get bad grades in English

VoidCat: wait the teachers are here???

VoidCat: is dadzawa Eraserhead????

RavenorCrow?: Yes.

VoidCat: I’m an orphan available for adoption

Catnap: lmao me when I first officially met Aizawa-sensei

VoidCat: hello future cat brother

Catnap: hello future cat sister

Dadzawa: First of all lets meet

VoidCat: at that cat cafe near U.A?

VineAunt: Jesus Christ this escalated quickly

VoidCat: Iba-chan let me have this

Dadmic: ,,,, I’m also going to be there


TheQueen: Oh my God I love her

RavenorCrow?: She’s already an honorary member of the Emo club

VoidCat: Nice

VoidCat: Even though I’m sadly at a medical school rather than U.A.


VoidCat: N I C E

VoidCat: Btw, can I get you guys pronouns just in case? I identify as the void, and my sexuality is No.

☆SparkleSparkleBitch☆: I sexually identify as a solar eclipse. Ever since I was a girl I dreamed of burning away the retinas of those ugly, disgusting lowlifes who dared to look at me. People always tell me that it's impossible to become an astronomical phenomena and I am a fucking idiot. I don't care, I'm still beautiful. I'm going to have NASA cut me in half and then send both halves to the sun and moon respectively. From then on, you must address me by my personal pronouns, which are "Eclipse" and "Eclipseself", and you must also respect my right to cause permanent eye damage to passersby. If you can't accept me, you're a heliophobe who needs to check your astronomical privilege. Thank you for being so understanding.

☆SparkleSparkleBitch☆: But I’m actually fine with being called whatever, he or her. It means nothing to moi. ;)

☆SparkleSparkleBitch☆: Also I’m asexual ✧

VoidCat: oh my Allah

VoidCat: R E S P E C T

VoidCat: N I C E E E

Catnap: I’m he/him, and am bisexual and poly

Phantom: I’m she/her, and am straight and poly

Tailz: I’m he him, and am bisexual and poly

Canada: I’m gay. And poly.

Cheshire: I’m gay. And poly.

BonelessPizza: I’m bi. And poly.

VoidCat: Aww I can already spot the poly relationships!!! That’s cute! :D

RavenorCrow?: I too identify as the void, and am Asexual

VoidCat: YAY Three people in the asexual club tonight!

ArmsOfAnAngel: I identify as he/him, and am Homosexual.

VoidCat: Are you the guy with many arms?

ArmsOfAnAngel: Yah

VoidCat: Nice. @birdboi you hit the jackpot.



Blasty has logged in

Blasty: I’m a raging gay that has taken that disaster gay.

Blasty has logged off

VoidCat: lmao kay

PawHands: Functional Lesbian.

Froppy: Functional Lesbian with her.

PawHands: <3

Froppy: <3

VoidCat: I have a lot of feelings regarding how sweet that is

VineAunt: She has legit tears in her eyes

VoidCat: SUS

Cheshire: Y’all understand why I would die for this future cat cousin?


Catnap: Back off Hanta I’m dying for her.

VoidCat: my cat kins plz. Also @PawHands just to be sure ur the gravity gal right?

PawHands: How did you know???

VoidCat: My couple senses tingled when I saw you and Froppy at the Sports Festival on TV,

Catnap: She’s already in the family.

Cheshire: @Dadzawa hurry quick before my mom adopts her.

SugaPie: I identify as he/him and I’m asexual as well

AnimalWhisperer: (^ v ^)7 *

VoidCat: (0w0)7 !!!

VoidCat: :D!!!

AnimalWhisperer: (^ ^)b~

VoidCat: Five people in the asexual club tonight!

AuxCord: I like her.

AuxCord: though I have to ask, are you a Furry?

VoidCat: .

VineAunt: .

Cheshire: .

Wattzup: .

VoidCat: I have cat ears and a tail.

AuxCord: sjdaoiehaje I’m a dysfunctional Lesbian.

Creati has logged in

Creati: I am a functional lesbian to that dysfunctional lesbian.

BonelessPizza: Oh is that your quirk???

VoidCat: Yah.

VoidCat: I can change into a Panther. Not a cat sadly.

Catnap: A Panther is just a bigger cat.

Dadzawa: You are my cat daughter no matter what.

VoidCat: Thank you. :’3

VoidCat: Having cat ears and a tail is sort of the passive part of my quirk.

BonelessPizza: is there a limit to how much you can stay as a Panther?

VoidCat: Yep. I haven’t had the chance to check the exact details though.

VoidCat: Oh btw, I should probably mention that there are times my quirk can have a mind of its own? Just in case.

BonelessPizza: Aizawa-sensei’s already printing out some adoption papers.


VoidCat: Wait.

VoidCat: were you serious about adopting me?

Dadmic: Yep.

Dadzawa: Yes.


VineAunt: She’s crying and almost dropped her phone.

Wattzup: Awwww

(Sorry I don’t think I got everyone but I’m not sure)
(Some days later)





VoidCat: I HAVE C O U S I N S


VineAunt: She was so happy she didn’t know what to do with herself and decided to write it down here




VineAunt: Now she’s crying along with Izuku.

Cheshire: Lmao they’re tear siblings.

Canada: Now we have two tear faucets.

Canada: Not that I’m complaining it’s just surreal.

RavenorCrow?: Amazing how things went so fast, it’s almost like we’re in a fan fiction or something.

ArmsOfAnAngel: babe….

RavenorCrow?: Yeah yeah I’m leaving the fourth wall alone.

Chapter Text


The Hero Night Club

A night club for heroes, overworked, looking for a place where they can simply shoulder off the responsibility they bare for a night without the knowledge of the public.

Heroes, the main customers of this Night Club that only the Pro Hero Community has the privilege to be aware of, are only human. And while they have their own hobbies on the side in their private life, such as botany, or collecting antiques, sometimes that doesn’t make the cut. Sometimes, they need the rush of alcohol, the happenstance of your wildest dreams happening under the bed covers, something Underground Heroes have the most privilege of as they avoid the media, therefore have minimal amount of fans to have bad influence on.

Sometimes Pro Heroes need to do the most inappropriate things in order to unwind and relax.

The Hero Night Club isn’t easy to find. It’s rather hidden, and is heavily protected. There is security of robots that scan you to confirm your identity before letting you in, and will immediately engage in battle with you or simply take you out silently and swiftly without letting the customers enjoying themselves be bothered. Hatsume Mei has truly become a terrifying inventor.

The owners of the Hero Night Club are Earphone Jack and Pinky , with Creati being their main sponsor. Other heroes also participated in the club as a side job. For example, the hero Chargebolt made hell of a party jam whenever he came in as a DJ at Saturday nights, the sparkling hero I Cannot Stop Twinkling helped with making the place look spectacular, and helped with designing the stages for various kinds of dances for various types of nights and days with the hero Phantom Thief.

And the theme of the club changed almost every weekend.

This night, for example, the theme was the anniversary of the Pro Hero couple, Shouto and Deku.

“Izuku, the look on your face is telling me you’d prefer dealing with a second version of the League of Villains over having fun at a night club.” Shouto says, heterochromatic eyes looking exasperated as he looks at his boyfriend, who was wearing a blouse that showed off his upper bodies muscles, and a pair of black jeans that were loose enough to easily get out of but tight enough that their absolutely dirty minded classmates would definitely approve.

Well, not like he was any better he supposed. He does quite enjoy the thought of making the others jealous over the wonderful person he has in his life.

“Honestly speaking, I’m feeling either underdressed or, well” Izuku glances at the passing by other people that have quite the scandalous clothing, “Overdressed.”

There were many people there, like Kouhei, a name Hawks was trying out for himself at the moment, along with his older brother Dabi, an pro underground hero. They were sitting at a boot together drinks in hand, a wing wrapped around the others shoulder, smiles on their faces as they snarked.

They were calm and peaceful.

And Shouto can’t help but think they have earned it.

There were also a lot of heroes, new ones he didn’t recognize along with the ones he has worked with and has graduated U.A with.

“Let’s just start with drinks, okay?” Shinsou Hitoshi was a master when it came to preparing drinks. It was a side hobby he picked up after he started his own agency.

As they made their way away from the entrance and towards the bar stools, Washing Machine Heart blared all around them. The place was decorated with colors of green, white and red. Someone, most likely Denki, had putter up the flag of Hungary as a joke.

It was embarrassing honestly.

“Hello love birds, today we have all the Watermelon Cocktails, I’d recommend starting with the Sangria option tonight.” Hitoshi drawled. “If you want to get absolutely shit faced, make bad decisions, maybe end up in a threesome with a lucky guy, I can add booze into it.” He had a Cheshire Cat grin on his face as he spoke the last sentence.

Izuku had a slight tinge of blush on his face, but smiled that brilliant smile of his all the same. God, Shouto was so in love and proud of him. In love with his everything, and proud of how far he has come out of his timid shell, though he still gets nervous to the point Shouto sometimes gets stressed himself.

“Can you make us the strongest possible drink?”

“Two Vodka Watermelon Cocktail coming right up then! MASHI!!!” And almost immediately he shouted to the back, catching a flying plate that has chunks of watermelon so, and with a blow of a kiss to who is most likely Mashirao cutting up the appropriate fruits at the back he got to work. There were shouts of other people clambering up, asking for the same drink, some quite timid young one asking for a coconut lavender lemonade.

Baby though I've closed my eyes

I know who you pretend I am-

“GAYS!!!” Suddenly a pink blur crashed into them from behind, holding a lavender surprisingly non alcoholic cocktail. "It's so wack to see you again! So many plans tonight! So many sites you will see tonight!" Mina Ashido was talking rapidly. Probably because of the sugar.

“Have you guys seen the cake??? Riki worked sooo hard on it!” She pulled at the blue coat Shouto had opted to wear that evening, a sleeveless grey shirt underneath and white tight pants. Perfect for a summer night spending in crowded places. “And we’ve did some banging show for tonight! Hanta helped me out~”

The way Ashido winked made both Shouto roll his eyes and Izuku let out a tired sigh, rubbing his hair. It was no secret that they both have been paying a bit more closer attention to Hanta during his fight as of late. They wouldn’t be able to tell anyone when it started, and Izuku wouldn’t be sure when Izuku’s obvious attraction for Hanta had become as obvious as it was.

But, they would be able to tell you how much they had suffered from the teasing of the entirety of class B and A, their teachers, some other older heroes, Eri and Kota when they were old enough to understand the concept of teasing, Sema, the adopted child of Aizawa and Yamada sensei's and one of the doctors in charge of taking care of heroes, and even the vigilantes Crawler and PopStep.

A lot of people know about their interest in the Taping Hero, Cellophane.

The songs change.


It might seem crazy what I'm about to say,

Sunshine she's here you can take a break-

Quite the whiplash with the songs today, huh?

"You guys need to stop getting on our case. I swear..." Izuku mutters, scratching his cheeks. Sema(or Sam as they were nicknamed) walks past them, their head covered with their purple shawl as usual with their ears making small mounds appear from beneath it. A non alcoholic lavender cocktail in hand, pauses, and makes a 'OwO' face before they keep walking, black tail swishing side to side. A young woman, one of the fresh batch of pro heroes Shouto recognizes, with a glass of coconut lavender lemonade cocktail, nervously walks after them like a duckling following their parent. “SAM!!!” A yell and a swear is heard as a pissed looking Awase Yosetsu seems to run after them, laughter and chuckles filling in the air. He can also see Kouhei and Dabi doing a dance that’s quickly turning into a disaster.

"But us TodoSeroDeku fans keep getting teased by you three! We can all see you guys eye fucking each other whenever you have to do a mission together.” Then her raccoon like eyes turned serious, voice lower.

“And our tape boi has been down in the dumps lately, though he’s good at hiding it, so you better do something quickly.” Then she leaves their sides immediately, a large grin plastered on her face as she makes her way towards

Down in the dumps? Why? Hanta seemed to have been normal last time he had saw him, and Shouto couldn’t think of any reason as to why Hanta would be down. On the other hand, the raven haired man wasn’t spending as much time as he usually does lately. A glance at Izuku tells him that his green haired lover seemed to be figuring things out, or was suspect of something.

“You know what she’s talking about?”

“…I have my suspicions… but I’m not 100% sure…”

Before Shouto could question him the music comes to a halt.

”Heya folks! This is Mina speaking! For the anniversary of our local TodoDeku, we planned out a Aerial Dance.

This show is presented to you by the flexible Cellophane!!! Who I know many of you folks are thirsty for and man I cannot blame you-“

Before Mina could say more, Sero Hanta had already come up to the stage where the white aerial fabric hanged from a hoop on the ceiling, and immediately took the microphone from her hands with a smile and a roll of his eyes. He wore a clothing that looked tight enough to show off his body frame, but loose enough that he could easily move around with it. Orange dots surrounded by a white circle traveled from his shoulder down to his waist from front and back, similar to that of a peacock feathers pattern. The rest of the outfit was plain black.

”Have mercy on them Pinky.” A wink sent to the crowd, and immediately there is whooping from girls, boys and non-binary folks. “To keep things short for those who still have work tomorrow, thank you for coming and hope you enjoy the show~” an immediate toss in the direction of Kyoka, who expertly catches it while Ashido pouts.

It took his breath away, the way he looked confident and in his element. It reminded him of so, so long ago, back to their first year of high school, back to their first ever sports festival, when Hanta had came at him with all of his might, knowing of the ultimate outcome but still doing his best to put on a show anyways.

It was a motto of Hanta’s, a very inspiring one that had made his fanbase grow large with both quirkless fans and those that have quirks society deemed plain or useless.

’Nothing is stopping me from trying.’

Sero Hanta was popular in the sense that he tried his best to save as many people as possible and lived up to the promises he made to the best of his abilities. It’s what made him a likable hero, and what made him quickly be among the top 20s within the first two years of his hero carrier. He was also likable among the Hero Community, in the sense that no matter who it was he was able to work with them, and made working with him somewhat enjoyable even to the most anti social Pro Heroes.

The show starts.

Chainsmokers begin to play.


He thinks of acrobats as he watches him elegantly, not too slowly but not too quickly either, climb up towards the hoop that the silk was hung from, his dark outfit contrasting against the lighter color, and showing off the muscles he has in a way that is very, very pleasant.

The crowd lets out whoops and yells whenever Hanta makes a drop, and there is an excited yell as a group of females reach out their hands when with the support of the two silks he bends the upper half of his body down, arms stretching elegantly, long black braided hair swaying through the air, his smile big, friendly and full of enjoyment.

Shoto’s heart came up to his throat when he did a drop that made his body bend in a way that showed just how flexible he was.

A detail he noticed about the dancer was, that whenever he seemed to be posing in the air with the support of the silk, his eyes dark, obsidian eyes seemed to travel to where he and Izuku stood.

When the song had finally ended both Izuku and Shoto were clapping, Izuku cheering with the crowd as well while Shoto could feel something lurch in him and warmth spread throughout his face as Hanta sent finger guns towards them.

Then he heard Izuku whisper towards him under his breath. “Shoto let’s ask him.”

Because he was a gay disaster he stupidly whispered back “Ask him what?”

“Oh my God Sho. Out. Lets ask him out.”

Feeling stupid, he answered back “To be fair, Izuku, I’m a gay mess.”

“Pretty hard not to notice, when you know, you’re my boyfriend and all.”

He elbowed the green haired man in the ribs with a huff.


“Uh, heya?…” Hanta asks, his face red from where he was pushed against the wall, accidentally, because when Shoto and Izuku were trying to get a chance to talk to him the crowd had went wild with the alcoholics. Denki was yelling from the top of his lungs where he was standing on top of the shoulders of Hitoshi, and while he couldn’t understand what he was shouting the crowd seemed to react even wilder to his words.

His older brother and the number fifteen hero(Kouhei A.KA Hawks) were making out in a booth, somewhere, last time he had caught sight of them, wrapped up in red feathers away from the worlds view.

Sema and her(probably) assistant had left the party shortly after the aerial show was done and over with, Shiozaki staying behind looking disgruntled, most likely going to have words with her boyfriend. He felt slightly bad for Denki.

He’s slightly jealous of how the alcohol seemed to easily take affect on the others, even Eijirou and Katsuki who had dissapeared towards somewhere upstairs. Shouto and Izuku’s alcohol tolerance was too high.

The crowd had caused him to find himself in a position where he was pushing Hanta against a wall. And he took notice of how taller he seemed to have gotten over the years, suppressing the other by a few inches. Huh.

“Sorry- the crowd just-“ the very attractive blush that seemed go up to Hanta’s ears lessened slightly as a smile formed. “H-Hah it’s okay dude! I was just caught by surprise!”

Oh God, it would have probably been better if Izuku was the one doing this. Shoto was no good at talking. He will probably mess this up somehow he should take a step back-

“Hold on-“ then a body slammed against his back, pushing him further against the other and causing their legs to quickly move in a way that pressed up against their crotches.

They paused, Shouto feeling his left side heat up while the others face had gotten close enough that there is no way he could not notice how the other had become completely red.

“Sorry-“ “No it’s okay-“”Um-“ “No chance of backing out?” “I don’t think I am able to move away.”

Silence, except for the partying crowd and disco music.

“Izuku and I were going to ask you something-“

He noticed how the other got tense, impossible to miss because of how pressed up together they were, and eyes broke off contact from shame.

“I-I take it you guys noticed me staring huh? Sorry about that-“

Wait, no, this was not the route he wanted this to go through.

“I-I will stop hanging around you guys a lot less if it helps-“

Shoto came to a decision.

He immediately used both hands to grab the others face, causing heterochromatic eyes to meet dark ones, and without breaking eye contact pressed his lips against the others, chaste but hopefully passionate enough to get a message across.

The other looked at him with widened eyes, looking shocked.

“Izuku and I wanted to ask if you would go out with us.” He managed to blurt out.


That night Hanta had spent it at their house, and in their bed.

They talked, then talking turned into small touches on the shoulders, the face, the arms and knees.

Then small innocent touches turned immediately sinful, courtesy of Izuku, Hanta’s and Shoto’s breathless moans echoing through the empty apartment save for the three of them. Quiet whispers of ‘Keep going.’ ‘Do you like this?’ ‘It’s okay.’ ‘I’ve loved you for so long.’ And ‘You’re really pretty.’ going through their ears. The walls were soundproofed, so there wasn’t a need for whispering, but the moment no one wanted to break the intimate moment.

Hanta’s moans grew louder when he ended up between them, riding Shoto’s member as Izuku pressed up fingers inside alongside Shoto.

Poor Hanta, tortured by Izuku’s intense teasing, and so much more sensitive than Shoto was when he and Izuku had done it for the first time.

Low whispers turned into loud growls, mewls and pleadings.

Then Hanta was absolutely screaming head thrown back, black hair spreading about, undone. “So tight-“ “Please-“”Izuku, Shouto-“

By morning they had returned back to soft touches, sleeping as they cuddled together, a strange sort of peace falling over the three pro heroes.



“Fucking finally-“


“If you hurt my step-cousin nothing in this world will save you two got it?”

“What he means to say is congratulations.”

“No it’s not Tooru.”

“Awww don’t worry I’ll always have time for you cuz.”

“Oh thank God this is the longest pining I have ever had to witness.”

“Congratulations. Ignore Shouta’s grumbling.”


“What Kan said, and congratulations you two!”

“Ugh, I’m so happy for you two I’m crying. *sniff*”

“Congratulations Cellophane.”

Later in the day they had sent a selfie of all three of them, dressed up and hanging out in the kitchen, Hanta wearing both of Izuku’s and Shoto’s clothes and giving a peace sign while Shoto had his head slumped against the back of his neck, Izuku was giving a bright smile that could rival the sun.

And that’s how the number 1, number 2, and number 25 hero got together.

Chapter Text

Sero Hanta is eight when they barge in.

The teen only slightly older than him covered with hands over all his body, Shimura Tenko, with a black mist guy that announces that Sero Ooga is dead.

He doesn’t waste time putting himself in between his terrified mother and twin sisters, standing tall in front of the out stretched hand that he knows can disintegrate him into dust.

Through the feelings of betrayal, grief, anger, resentment, sadness and fear he manages to utter out the words he will curse to this day,

“I can replace him. Just let my family live, please.”

The words he had uttered had sicken him even then.

It was worse when Tomura had grinned from behind the hand he had put over his face, and Sero Hanta could feel a shiver run up his back. This was all planned.

Tenko had always seemed to be more interested in the assistant nurse than the doctor himself.

“Better keep your word little nurse.”


“You cannot change it, you can just change your way of thinking about it.

You can be angry, sad, or you can choose to be happy about it.”

At ten years old he’s forgotten his own name.

Everyone around him, including the horrible mad scientist that dares to call himself a ‘doctor’, called him ’Little Nurse’, ‘Nurse’, or ‘Black Nurse’.

He doesn’t have a name.

He kept stitching up wounds of the parasites that will kill others.

He kept enduring the drugs the Doctor administered him, new ways for him to keep working endlessly without eating or sleeping, his lips stitched together because of the last time he had spoken against any of them. He was forced to wear a black face mask that had a cross sign on it after that. ‘Aesthetics.’ The fucker had said as he forced the muscles around his lips to relax so they wouldn’t do involuntary movement and cause him anymore pain.

Tomura run a hand through his hair that has grown out, four dry fingers going through the black tendrils. An end to a tiresome day, the start of a tiresome night where all the images of all his victims and patients passed through his mind. His victims were the innocent civilians used for experiments, and the ones who he had to steal from. His patients the deadly parasites that were villain recruits, who killed without being fazed by it, sometimes even enjoying it.

Thugs that will be thrown to the side without a second glance the moment they fulfill their purposes. Poor psychotic bastards.

“You’re such a great character Nurse~ Stealing those documents, and those organs… You did such good job last night~”

Traitorous body, relaxing at the praise. Relaxing at the affectionate way the traitor, the user, someone who once thought was a friend wraps his arm

The only thing that would possibly not betray his entire being could have been his voice, empty perhaps. He’d imagine it to sound empty. Or perhaps incredulous and unsure. Perhaps shocked. Surely, his voice would have stayed true to his feelings, would show the colors of himself.

But they took it away with a needle and a string.

Perhaps, what feels like a long time ago, he would scream questions at the other.

Now all he wants the other to do is either kill him already, or let him cut him open, maybe rip his tongue out, cut his hands off.

His fingers dig into his wrist as Tomura lets out a childish laugh, and talks about a video game he had played recently.


“It’s… raining.” whispered a dark haired teen, looking pale and sickly, his black t-shirt and shorts exposing his entirely bandaged arms, legs, and neck. His voice sounded small and hoarse from disuse, his lips scarred in a manner that looked like they used to be stitched together. He stared out the window, looking at the darkened sky and falling raindrops with his dark obsidian eyes. His bandaged fingers held onto a mug, green tea placed in it with steam rising from it.

Momentarily, the disfigured bat winged creature that was fiddling with a rubix cube between their pale hands, sitting cross legged let out a squeaking noise in surprise, looking up at the boy who continued to stare out the window. Bulged out eyes showed signs of surprise, curiosity and wonder. The humanoid being had a specially designed cap that covered the brain that bulged out of their head, and surrounded their eyes. The pair of goggles they usually wore were discarded on the floor of the old hotel room they were in.

Dabi looked up from where he was sitting by a bed that had two girls, Eri and Toga, in it, the smaller one might as well being the reason for the predicament they were in.

Stuck in a rundown hotel, cheap tea and some nutritions that the Nurse had bought with him, in need of a plan as to what they're going to do now, trying to safely give Eri to the right authorities for her own protection...

And after that, probably take down the League of Villain for good measure.

Because the four of them, excluding Eri, and including the winged Noumu that had gained sentience thanks to whatever shit the unnamed teen, he doesn't know his name, only his alias, had been pulling with them under the noses of the League.... not the point, he needs to stop getting off track. But to he fair, it has been a long week.

So, to rephrase that line of thought more appropriately, they will probably take down the League of Villains or die trying.

Because the four of them, excluding Eri and including the sentient winged Noumu, have nothing to lose. As far as he had understood.

Well, he's not sure if the healer among them was on the same page...

"Yeah, raining cats and dogs out there." Dabi answers the first sentence he had ever heard the other had said.

…but whatever reason was keeping him from biting and chewing away at his puppeteers hands was now either safe, or gone.


“Do those act like extra limbs?”

Hanta looked up from the comic book he was reading. It was something Koichi, the Crawler, had almost forcefully hooked him into, right after he had a horrified gaze upon hearing that all Hanta could remember reading was educational books.

One of the millions of strings that wrap around his arms and hands, and travel up to the slit of his circular elbows, was moving about the entire room, using the surface it stick to as leverage to move around.

It was a habit of his. The moment he learned how to properly maneuver his tape he had been using it in a similar way a spider would use, to detect danger around vicinity. It’s one of the reasons why it was hard for him to get sneak attacked. There was at least one thin string of tape moving around.

The one who had asked this question was Pop☆Step, the vigilante who had decided to keep constant watch on you and didn’t show her civilian form. He respectfully refrained from finding out her personal information. Up until now they hadn’t interacted together much, and he was sort of content with that since he had no idea what he would talk about with her anyway.

He writes down his answer to her question on a notebook in fast practiced movements. While your lips weren’t sealed together anymore, it was still taking time for you to get used to using them, and using your voice.

‘Kind of. Unlike removing one of my actual limbs, it only stings a little when I decide to leave on of the tape strings behind, and I can’t move it freely in thin air.’

To emphasize, he waggles the four fingers of his left hand. His stomach doing slight flips at the memory of how he lost it.

He can’t say he regrets it though.

Pop☆Step gets an expression on her face that can only be described as grimace before it’s quickly erased. “So how you caught me that one time is because you made it… shoot off of the surrounding building?” She asks, taking a step into the kitchen with her boots, the singular string of tape moving in a way that avoided her steps but still stayed all over the place, invisible to the unobservant eye.

She sits down in front of him, bringing her legs up on the the table, and clasping her hands together as she stared at him in a way that looked like she was attempting to drill holes into him, eyes squinted suspiciously. Hanta kept his gaze locked with hers.

Then she sighed deflating, breaking off the eye contact.

“Kazuho Haneyama.”



“…Let’s just say I owe your father for the life of someone precious to me.”

Hanta doesn’t bother asking who that precious person is, wracking through his still returning memory for the days before he had become the Black Nurse.
Then he remembered a large man, top half of his face covered by a mask. His father lecturing the heavily bandaged man as Hanta looked through the opening of the door curiously.


“…Welp, you’ve already figured it out haven’t you?”

And that’s all it’s left at.

Later on, Hanta becomes the person Kazuho rants to whenever her crush on Koichi acts up. It’s absolute torture.

Too bad for her, Koichi and Ingenium are too close together to be just friends. She seems to know this though.

The solution isn’t reluctant acceptance.


Miruko seems to be strangely obsessed with chasing after Pop☆Step lately hasn’t she?


Everything burning, heart beat accelerating, breathings hard, the world is spinning, he feels like his stomach is shrinking and expanding, he can feel his veins pumping blood, he feels like everything is stabbing him through his abdomen-

He retched into the empty space he had excused himself into, another part of the sewage tunnel where only the winged Noumu had followed him to. His excuse being ‘There are still some things I need to check about them.’ Towards Dabi, Himiko and little Eri as he took his medical kit.

The winged Noumu let out a squeak of worry as they waited for their parental figure to calm down from his withdrawal episode. This was the third time it was happening, and they hated seeing him in pain, which was why they usually tried to immediately inject the drugs before the withdrawal symptoms got worse.

But Nurse wanted to push past his limit. To lengthen the time spent through the withdrawal episode.

He had told them it was part of a healing process in theory.

That if they went to their companions for help, it would only bring needless panic.

And though they had gained sentience thanks to him, they were no different than an infant in many ways.

So they did as they were told, and waited for five minutes before administering the drug.

‘Nurse’-he can’t remember his own goddamn name- petted the special covering placed over the others bulging brain, as he let out short breaths of wheezes, wheezings that he was allowed to make now.

It was so strange, the feeling of air wafting over his tongue and going into his lungs. It’s almost too much air. Definitely more than he is used to taking up from his nose. His lungs almost hurt, trying to work themselves out more than they were used to.

Four and a half years of living with stitched lips did that to you he guessed.

Perhaps he should… start working on his stomach as well.

It hadn’t been used much at all, the food and hydration he got during his time working with the villains came from the specialized drugs the mad doctor had made.

His jaws clicked whenever they moved, unused to being moved at all.

Perhaps he should start off with… liquids. Maybe water? And perhaps juices that contain vital vitamins. Maybe also glucose as well. Most of the reason why his body craved for those drugs were so his body could meet its needs without oral usage.

Recovery was a long days away, but he has medical knowledge and experience on his side. And an assistant.

He will make it through.

No matter what.

He has to make it through.

At least, until Eri is in safe hands… and he meets the family- faces and voices he barely remembers- he had been taken away from again.

Their names… Eraserhead had spoken of them, on top of the roof top that night, when they were facing off. It was a tight situation. He told him they were safe.

He had barely caught their names, he can’t remember it.

But he believed him. Because he had checked.

He has to make it through. He was more reasons to live for now.


When Dabi had first met the kid, it wasn’t when he was joining the League of Villains, it’s in the middle of the street.

Maybe it was one of those days they were letting the kid get some fresh air, outside of the very dark, very closed off lab they harbor…

He was sitting on a bench at a deserted playground, drugs and cigarette butts littering the ground making his nose wrinkle in disgust.

He can imagine children playing happily and swinging themselves at the swings, playing around…

The children in his imagination turned into little Shouto, Natsuo and Fuyumi, and then he decided to stop thinking about children, pressing the thumbs of his fingers to his eyelids, the hoodie on him suddenly making him feel too hot, and the face mask over his face making him feel uncomfortable.

He wanted to rip off his disguise so bad…

And burn this entire place to the ground.

When he opened his eyes again, it’s to the sound of the someone sitting, and the rusted gears of the swing letting out squeaks.

And that’s the first time he saw the kid. Though he didn’t recognize him as the famous ‘Black Nurse’, the healer villain, at that time.

What he recognized was a teenager in an orange hoodie, with braided dark hair peeking out the reaching past shoulder length, no doubt long as Fuyumi’s hair, and bandaged hands waggling fingers at a kitten that was pawing at them, meowing loud and high when it became agitated, demanding for those fingers to lower down.

His eyes zeroed in on the bandages. Even the fingers seemed to be covered. The wonder of what this kid must have gotten itself into passes through him briefly, though he doesn’t care all that much about what the young teens deal is.

But he has a huge soft spot for cats. Kittens even more so.

The little thing looked fuzzy and black, a pink scar noticeable on its belly whenever it reached up towards slender bandaged fingers with flexing tiny paws. Its eyes were green, greener than the grass surrounding the play ground.

So cute.

The kid doesn’t seem to be able to resist its cuteness anymore either, cupping both palms towards the kitten-and Dabi notices that the kid has nine fingers instead of ten, a recently treated stump noticeable, dried blood surrounding it- and the kitten climbed up, hanging onto orange sleeves as it was bought unto a lap of blue jeans. The kittens purring could be heard from where Dabi was sitting.

Before he could even think about what he was doing, he found himself making his way over to the boy and sitting on the swing that was next to the others, only slightly uncomfortable by how low it was.

He didn’t miss how the others shoulders seem to stiffen.

“Is that your cat?” He speaks, voice muffled from behind his face mask, only slightly curious.

The kid looks slightly up at him with obsidian, empty eyes, before he shook his head. The closer Dabi looked, the more he noticed that the ‘bandages’ covering the boys hands and fingers were actually thousands of strings compiled together, moving. The closer Dabi got, the more faster they seem unravel, like sentient creatures.

‘Must be his quirk.’

“Mind if I pet it?” He turned his voice a bit softer. He couldn’t imagine what trauma the other went through, but the empty look in his eyes were uncomfortably familiar.

He didn’t want to frighten him even more, as ironic as that was.

Dabi can remember how many children had cried at the sight of him, how much fear he had caused on for little children when their parents burned in the fire.

He never went for children in particular, not unless they were kids that decided to become heroes.

The kid, stood silent, staring at him with eerily empty eyes a moment longer before he carefully cradles the kitten that lets out an irritated mew from being disturbed from its rightful rest. The little thing squirms in the cupped palms before Dabi’s hand reaches out, and he runs a finger through its black head. Blue eyes close again, and the purring gets more powerful.

Dabi notes how the strings stop moving.

They spend time with the kitten, two silent companions watching over the small fuzzy being that takes to playing around them, energetic and so very adorable that Dabi might die for it.

In that short time he discovers the other kid is mute-or just prefers not to talk- when he pulls out a phone and types what he wants to say in it instead of speaking.

‘If you want to adopt him I already gave him his shots.'

"'Gave him his shots'? You some kind of doctor kid?"

'Of sorts.'

There was something calm and relaxed about the kid now. He was secretive as all hell, and his eyes were empty, but he seemed to like Dabi's company.

Then there was a vibration of his phone, and the black haired boy looked at it, shoulders immediately tensing, before he sighed through his nose.

-Strange how much of a difference sighing through ones nose instead of mouth makes-

'I have to go, my guardians are calling me.'

He looked like he wanted to do anything but.

"...Mind giving me your phone number?"


So whoever his 'guardians' were, they were tightass people.

"Then, when can you come to this place again?"

The boy hesitates, strings visibly moving like how a lizards scales would across his hands, before he resumes typing.

'I'm not sure if I can.'

So Dabi lets him go kitten in his lap, watching the back of the orange hoodie fade into a black alleyway.

Regret churns his insides.

The second time he meets the boy, its when he joins the League of Villains, and this time he recognizes him as the Black Nurse. He finds out why he was so silent when he sees the others stitched lips, hears about his situation and why he works for LoV, and he feels something dark burning inside of him though he hides it well.

Dabi brings his black cat he had named 'Stinky' to the base the day after, and spends more time in the lab than anywhere else at the base. Occasionally Himiko, the psychopath, joins them.

Then one of the Noumus join, winged, sentient and smart enough to join into the conversations with squeaking noises that indicate yes or no. Making hand gestures that convey what they feel or think about what they say. The Black Nurse looks like a proud parents, giving them textbooks. Dabi and Himiko tease him endlessly about it.

Then little Eri joins into their little group within the League. Overhaul having given her to the Black Nurse with a gleam in his eye after he has a private talk with the boy in the lab, much to Shigaraki's irritation.

The bruises seem to decorate whatever exposed skin the kid had more. Dabi finds himself feeling the urge to burn everything after every night the Nurse spends with Sensei or Shigaraki, looking pale and emptier each passing day.

He feels guiltier every time he sees him from the far corner looking longingly at a group of teens he recognizes are from the hero course at U.A.

Then a mission is given to Dabi and the Black Nurse.

They come across Eraserhead. The Black Nurse takes the underground hero on, and manages to escape, but looks like his world has turned upside down.

He finds out why he looks like that later, when the Black Nurse tells him how his family was in safe hands now.

Then Dabi is burning their way towards escape. The winged noumu, Toga Himiko, little Eri, the Black Nurse, and him.

They end up having the rely on several people, for Eri's safety to be secured they rely on the vigilantes, who deliver her to Eraserhead. They gain allies from them tentatively, the Crawler being more than willing to help them though. The Black Nurse remembers his name, Sero Hanta. For the League of Villains to be taken down they start relying on some of the heroes, No. 2 Hero Hawks being among them, as well as some of the teens Hanta had apparently befriended during the rare times he was allowed to go outside.

Dabi notices how close Hanta seems to get to his little brother Shouto, and Izuku Midoriya.

At the end of it all Dabi and Himiko become vigilantes along with the Crawler, and Pop⭐️Step. Sero Hanta becomes a nurse at U.A, reunited with his own family, and staying with Aizawa Shota who turns out to be his uncle. Nedzu adopts the winged Noumu, now named Yue. Eri is adopted by Aizawa Shota, and Yamada Hizashi. Dabi and Hawks start forming a tentative relationship between each other.

Dabi feels pride when he sees Sero Hanta holding hands with both Izuku Midoriya ajd Todoroki Shouto, genuinely happy.

Chapter Text

Everyone forgets that Aphrodite wasn't just a goddess of beauty sometimes.

Aphrodite was the goddess of love as well.

The love that comes with friendship, the love that comes with romance, the love that comes with family...

Sero Hana believed that the Sero family descends from Aphrodite. Of course, she keeps her thoughts to herself, but she thinks the evidence is there.

Sometimes the things she seems to know, and her mother and brother seem to know is strange. It is strange in the sense that there is no recollection, or evidence of a suddenly gained knowledge being right, but somehow it always turns out to be right.

Sometimes it's scary. Scary in the sense that to her brother, it seems natural to know such things, like they are common sense or common knowledge. But they aren't.

One day she tells her brother, along with all the evidence.

She sees him consider this possibility seriously, then grin.

"Well, there isn't much I can do about my matchmaking powers, but I'm sure I can put them into good use."

He believes her. She thinks that's all that matters.

Too bad it doesn't end there.


Sero Hanta got a strange feeling.

“Why do I feel like Bakumom would recognize Hitoshi somehow?” He says out loud.

It was a strange question, but it was something that the Bakusquad with the addition of Hitoshi had mentally taken note of it. Sometimes Hanta had hunches regarding ones relationship to another. They had learned not to question it after the “Dabi is Todoroki Touya” incident.

When they had reached the Bakugou house, and when Shinsou Hitoshi and Bakugou Mitsuki met each other for what is thought to be the first time, the woman red eyes had widened in shock.


And that’s when chaos broke out.


It turns out that Hitoshi’s parents were friends with both the Bakugou’s and the Midoriya’s, before they had ended up disappearing around the same year as Hisashi Midoriya had.

The Bakugou’s and the Shinsou’s had started to keep less and less in touch by the time Hitoshi was born, so they had no idea they had had a son.

Oh, also, apparently it was thanks to Mitsuki Bakugou that Hitoshi’s parents had met.

“I remember how Hisashi and Hajime got along back then. My poor Masaru kept having to deal with their shenanigans whenever boys night happened. Your father was a general ed student in U.A, though instead of aspiring to become a hero, he graduated two years earlier and became a neurologist. After he and Mihoko-your mother- got married things hot hectic and we started to be able to converse less and less... Hisashi would be the one he contacts the most."

Mitsuki had looked up then, looking a little teary eyed as he looked at Hitoshi.

“God, they would be so fucking proud of you kid. The only reason why Hajime hadn’t went and became a hero is because his quirk was not sleeping.”

Hitoshi had stayed silent throughout the explanation. His eyes were wide, and the hands placed on his knees were trembling slightly, gripping. Then he letted out a laugh.

“S-Sorry, I just realized that you’re kind of my parent- in the sense that if it weren’t for you they wouldn’t have- met.”

It felt like an awkward sentence to say into the silence. Sero Hanta played with the sleeve of his shirt, feeling so much like he didn’t want to be there.

As Mitsuki hugged Hitoshi fiercely and tears were shared, all Hanta could think was he owed Hana a lot of DM dices for her collection.

He felt like something was wrong. Or rather, he had done something wrong. There was a strange feeling of guilt in his stomach, and he’s not sure why.


“You know, up until halfway through middle school I had to go through a foster system.”



“Dunno, just felt like, apologizing? For whatever reason?”



“You didn’t do anything wrong.”


“If this thing is a secondary quirk, it’s way to subtle for anyone to actually take notice of it. There is no way of you to know that you had this ability. No way for anyone to know really. Not only that it’s a passive quirk. The impossibility of recognizing it increases.”


“So, my dear cat cousin, no more feeling guilty about it okay? Or I will tell on Izuku.”

“I- Okay.”

“We good?”

“We good.”




Hurts Hurts-

Worry, so much worry-

Hajime, Mihoko-

I have to protect them I have to protect them-

Don’t die on them you can’t die here-

One morning Izuku tells Hanta he had woken up in the middle of the night, half asleep, and then had immediately wrote down those exact words onto a note before falling back asleep.

Hanta, of course, has no recollection whatsoever about doing this.

“…I think I had a dream last night though.”

“What was it about?”

“I-“ his eyebrows furrow. “I think I saw your dad? In Antartica? With Hitoshi’s parents.” He was still so damn sleepy. He hummed a bit, leaning into Shouto’s warm side to rest his head on the others shoulder.

“He was trying to survive something-something… dangerous…” he found himself lost in thoughts, the image of something horrific starting to get wider-

“I don’t think they’re dead but- a search party should definitely be sent.”


They are found in Alaska, besides them the charred remains of an abomination, recently burned.

Evidences of having taken shelter in an abandoned lab had shown, and from that, illegal experiments were unearthed. Something the Hero Commission was apparently trying to keep secret.

Hawks, who took part in the rescue mission, looked furious and grim at the same time. Hanta didn’t worry too much though, he knew he had someone to go back to. Another information he mysteriously knew.

It turned out Hisashi Midoriya and Hajime Shinsou had worked as agents for a part of the Hero Commission.

A month later Hisashi Midoriya wakes up in a hospital, blurry eyed, and immediately asks if Hajime and Mihoko are okay.

He’s weak, and during his time trying to survive he wasn’t able to use his quirk due to the environment.

Apparently he and Hajime were going to go on their last mission before becoming civilians permanently.

“It was going to be our last mission for the Hero commission, and then Hajime and I would be able to permanently go back to our families.” his hand weakly clutches Inko’s. “I wanted to go back home so badly. I wanted to go back and be a good father for Izuku.” Inko cries at his side of the hospital bed. Izuku looks glassy eyed, unsure of the information he was taking in.

Naomasa writes everything down.

It turns out that whatever they were looking into had already gotten into the hands of villains-villains who had taken Mihoko hostage. After everything was said and done, with Hisashi and Hajime taking out the villain and husband reuniting with his wife, it was already too late. Whatever the thing they were supposed to be looking into was, it was released. It was a horrific monster.

“It-God I don’t know how to describe it- It was some kind of man eating monster. We saw it eat the villains-“ he choked at this, calm expression cracking. “Nobody deserves to go through that. Nobody.”

After that he had apparently worked on surviving the monster, and also protecting Hajime and Mihoko from it. Well, all three of them had worked together in surviving, but Hisashi was the one who had more experience on the more action filled parts of the job, and Mihoko was a civilian, though her quirk had proven to be a life saver in the sense that it helped them all escape the monster more than a few times.

Apparently, thanks to Hajime, they had found its weaknesses, although it had taken too damn long, and the aftermath resulted in them getting affected by their own well executed attack as well.

Thus how they were so severely injured, and why Hajime and Mihoko were still asleep.


"...So, you're Sero Hanta."


"Heard you had a part in the rescue, thank you for that."

"I-Honestly speaking, I think we're all just glad you're alive right now."

"Haha yeah. So, you're dating my son."


"And Todoroki Shouto."


".....Are All Might and Inko-?"

"They are but she still loves you a lot. And I think that is a topic you should talk out with them."

"Yeah, right. You're right."

God this was so awkward and such a mess.


"Izuku you're about to legally have two dads."

"Oh my God Hanta what-"

"Just so you know-"

"What are you doing get back here-"

"Maybe in like, a few months time I bet-"



Hisashi tries to adjust to the changes that happened in his absent. He recognizes the relationship between Toshinori, Inko and Izuku, and is wary of approaching it, wary that he will ruin something.

Hisashi ends up being moved to the U.A dorms during his recovery. Hanta, with the rest of the class, deliberately work on getting the two of them to talk, and much to the dark haired boys glee he watches the two get into intense discussions about pre-quirk era comic book series during lunch times.

Hajime and Mihoko wake up a week later. The Shinsou family reunion is a tearful one.

And then it turns out that Sero Ooga used to often work with Hajime Shinsou in their medical career everything gets more chaotic.

He’s not sure what this makes Hajime Shinsou to him.


By the end of the second month that the trio were rescued, Hisashi Midoriya and Toshinori Yagi come to Inko Midoriya for a private discussion.

Sero Hanta is happy about a third poly relationship forming. He shots a pointed look at Shota, Hizashi and Kan, something that the three U.A teachers ignore on purpose.

Hajime and Mihoko live close by but in a separate apartment form the Aizawa-Yamada family. The Sero family gets closely acquainted with the Shinsou’s. Well aware that they had missed out on a lot of growing up their son had done, they are in the same boat as Hisashi, taking things slow and doing their best to take in all the little details about Hitoshi, and his foster family.

Sema and Eri regard them as part of the family instantly without further questioning, the former getting along well with them due to their cat features(Love for cats run in the family apparently) and the latter simply curious about them, her cuteness making them fond over her. They meet the rest of the Sero family as well, an unforgettable experience with how mysterious but very warm and welcoming they were at the same time.


Hajime and Mihoko grow well acquainted with their son and every family friend associated to him.

Hajime and Ooga work together on researching on the Noumu’s. Hanta ends up meeting the purple haired man more often due to this.

Hisashi becomes more well acquainted with his grown up son, and his partners, and is offered to be a teacher at U.A due to being a veteran in combat. He teaches the first years self defense, preparing them for worst case scenarios as well. He comes back home to a loving family every day. Though he has been diagnosed with several traumas such as PTSD, he is happy.

Mihoko starts working at a kindergarten and meets Fuyumi Todoroki through there. They become close friends.

Sekijirou Kan also gets acquainted with the Shinsou’s.

Hanta begs the purple couple for their secrets when within a week Kan starts dating Shota and Hizashi. Hajime simply winks and Mihoko drinks tea while waggling her eyebrows.

And, happy ending I guess?

This was written in a rush, I've been reading Hisashi/Inko/Toshinori fics and have been dying.

Also Hajime and Mihoko are life.

Thank you for reading!

Chapter Text

Yagi Toshinori, All Might, former Number One Hero, didn’t particularly like eating or drinking with others.

It’s not that he has a hatred for them. He remembers how in his younger days he always had fun, chatting with his colleagues, jokingly stealing food from one another, having fulfilling discussions… those were fun time she had.

And those small times of enjoyment were gone when All For One took half of his stomach.

Before, they were such a small part of his life that he didn’t stay in his mind all that much. Sure, the times when he did eat lunch alone there would be a tension he felt in his stomach, a strange awkwardness he found in opening his mouth and shoving food inside it. But those moments hadn’t affected him that much.

When his diet had to go through an emergency change, and the things he could eat became limited, he found eating with others to be… a less joyous occasion. Alcohol wasn’t something he could have either.

There was also the fact that whenever the people around him seemed to be reminded of the limits of what he can eat and drink, an expression settles on them that Toshinori dislikes.

The look of guilt wasn’t a look that he ever wanted to see on Enji’s face, ever again. Or anyone else.

It had been only a year since his fall. So far only Inko and Izuku seem to be the ones unbothered by his predicament.

‘Of course.’ He thinks as he goes to an isolated part of the giant U.A building with his disgustingly healthy lunch. ’That boy has his own personal life to tend to.’

So he had went to the back of U.A, where he knew he would be alone and find peace as he ate…

…Except there was someone already there.

Sero Hanta blinked up at him from where he was eating what looked like a salad, sitting on the bench, braided courtesy of Katsuki that morning.


“….Ah er sorry if I have intruded-“

“Oh-No! It’s okay! It was getting lonely eating by myself!” A quick reassuring smile was sent his way, a smile disarming and bright with white teeth.

“Oh-um-then if you won’t mind-“

And then he found himself chatting with the young hero in training.

Apparently Hanta had gotten tired of being judged for his choice of eating habits, an extremely healthy vegan apparently, and had therefore decided to try sitting away from his friends, who unlike him, thrived on all the junk food and meat. He usually sat with Shouto or Izuku, but he had moments he preferred having to himself as well.

They talked about other heroes, they talked about how some of the students from class 2-B seem to have taken a liken to Hanta’s afternoon parkour training, they talked about the new class 1-A and 1-B, they talked about Izuku, they talked about Hanta’s family, they talked about fishing, and then they talked about how some of the pro heroes were being obvious about their romantic interests in each other.

Well, Hanta mostly talked about it. His intuition when it came to peoples relationship was…strangely specific. Though the way the boy regarded the knowledge he has as something akin to common sense told him he wasn’t aware of the strangeness in the words that come out of his mouth.

When lunch ended, Toshinori felt refreshed.

"Say, Yagi-sensei, would you like to spend lunch together again? Same place?" Hanta asks him, smiling widely and at ease.

"I would appreciate that Hanta-kun." He says, feeling a smile just as wide stretching across his face.

Chapter Text

Hanta would flatly say that the reason why he had stuck to the Bakusquad wasn't because of Bakugou, but because of Denki, Ashido and Eijirou, who were his friends and he actually liked.

Bakugou? He... would say that he dislikes him, but in a way that is more close to uncaring as long as the other doesn't aggravate him.

'But', he thinks as he feels something considerably dark and malicious grow inside of him, making his heart soar with glee and making a small feeling of guilt sting his chest at the sight of the glowering Pomeranian across him, 'I might hate him just a little.'

"What did you call me tape fucker?" The other glowered threateningly. God, it made Hanta want to punch him at the forehead. Always so angry, it reminded him too much of some of the scumbags he used to know.

"Is all that screaming making you deaf Kit-kat?" If Eijirou was here he would have hit Hanta over the head by now. Thankfully they had somehow ended up on the more isolated part of the backyard of the U.A dorms when they had started arguing.

It's just the two of them.

As expected, Bakugou flies straight at him with an explosion, and Hanta immediately dodges, throwing out a tape that sticks to the others arm before he rolls over to get behind, quickly getting into a kneeling position before he jerks the other towards him ready to elbow him.

He changes tactics immediately when the other turns around midflight throwing a punch at him, which Hanta grabs and with a swift movement that Aizawa-sensei had thaught them, manages to kick the other in the abdomen, ripping away the tape as he kicks himself away as well. Deciding to not waste another damn second he lunges at the other with an unnatural frustration building up in him.

He knows he will probably lose, that doesn't mean he won't go down fighting.

His quick movement seems to manage to catch Bakugou by surprise as he lands in a satisfactory punch to the side of the others face, even though he immediately has to double over in pain from the hit to the stomach he got in return.

They continue on like that, explosions snapping, tape getting thrown around in planned tactics, the sound of flesh hitting flesh echoing across the trees, insults thrown, angry yells given.

It ends with them wrestling against each other, with Bakugou holding down both of Hanta's arms and being in between his legs. Hanta tries to flip them over but to no avail, as Bakugou is stronger than him in strength. Both of them were panting, blooming across their skin.

He finally ends up letting a frustrated sigh as his head falls back obsidian eyes staring at the cloudless blue sky instead of the red of Bakugou's eyes.

The anger also dims, though it stays towards the back of his spine, making an unsettling feeling churn in his guts.

"Fuck. I yield."

He waits for the other to get off of him.

A minute passes.

Feeling defeat turn into confusion, the raven haired locks eyes with the boy on top of him, only to suddenly feel shock when a pair of lips aggressively land on his.

The adrenaline that hadn't quite gone down slowly rises up, and the anger that had retreated rears its head again, making Hanta get into the tongue wrestle that commences without much thought.

There is nothing soft about it, they kiss like they're fighting, another battle right after another. Hanta does his best to push against the tongue that tastes like spice and mint mixed together, maneuvers around the other when he gets the chance to rub at spots, trying to keep the noises he makes himself at bay as the others tongue more expertly explores his mouth in turn, as aggressive as his own personality is.

Groans and grunts fill the air, along with the occasional gasps. They grind against each other, breathing through their noses, and Hanta notices the bulge Bakugou has formed.

During their aggressive make out session nitroglycerin sweating hands had moved from gripping his arms to holding the sides of his face in a manner that one would mistake for affection were it not for the nails biting into his skin, and sometimes purposefully pressing against a bruise on his face. Asshole.

Hanta immediately flips the both of them over, making Bakugou be the one laying on the grass instead of him before he dives in again, feeling more in control as he grinds down on the other, a strange sort of arousal rising up inside of him as the other growls in a way that sounds pleased but frustrated at the same time.

He's sure at the end of whatever the fuck this is both of them will have bruises of a different sort.


"Holy shit did you get mauled by a lion?!"

Hanta cursed Bakugou to hell and back as he ignores Denki's question, as well as the exclaim of 'Don't ignore me!'.

After their first time having a hate sex, they had both avoided each other for an entire week before Hanta had ended up inevitably taunting him and they had a second session happen in the shower.

After that it became a normal thing for them to do. Whenever they are both equally pent up with anger they take it out on each other in the form of violent sensuality. There are a few unspoken rules, such as not letting others know of their activities, not letting their arguments happen in front of the others, and to leave the other alone if it's not a 'I'm so angry I want to punch something.' Anger. Additional rules to the relationship are to not go soft with each other. No cuddling, or affectionate reassuring physical contact like most couples do. Whoever wins the tongue wrestling gets to top the other, Hanta often loses.

Out of the corner of his eye he sees Eijiro shoot him a meaningful look before walking off with a shout of Tetsu. Hanta feels something akin to dread fill up in him.

If it were a normal relationship, where two people actually loved each other, Hanta wouldn't feel ashamed of it.

But this was a relationship born out of hate. It's a relationship based on the concept of hurting each other. It's not even something sadistic or machoistic. It's plain desire to see the other bleed and bruised and think 'Ha, not so though now are you?'.

It's exactly one of those relationships that were unhealthy.

It's something people would do their best to break it up.

And a dark side of Hanta doesn't want that to happen.

"It's just bug bites Den."

Denki shoots him a look as Hanta goes to rewrap the bandages around his neck to cover up his hickeys.

"Dude, I've been long enough with Ibara to know a hickey when I see one."

Hanta hums. "But have you seen all the bug bites?"

"....Do you actually want me to go and ask Koda to tell me I'm right?"

Hanta goes rigid. "You wouldn't."

"I would. I'm your bestie and you haven't told me that you're dating someone."

Hanta forces himself to become less tense as he pulls on a shirt in the locker room. "We're not really... dating."

Denki blinked. "Wait. How many people are we talking about here?"

"Sorry but I'm not enough of a slut to hook up with half of the school."

"Oh. Dang. That would have been an interesting story to tell."

Hanta half heartedly slaps the Denki back in the head before making eye contact with a Bakugou that has an unreadable expression on his face.

A twitch of the eyebrow, a slight shift of the arm.

Hanta was hoping to get a break from training.

Oh well, whatever. It's lunch time now anyway.


Hanta expected the assault of a tongue, the crushing grip of a hand on his arm. He expected harsh bites on his skin, nails digging into his sides and leaving marks.

What he got instead was being pushed against Bakugou's bed and getting a peck on the lips instead.

Hands slowly caressing his side in a gentle manner, affectionately rubbing.

Slow grinding of the other against Hanta's hips.

It wasn't harsh or fast like it usually is.

It made Hanta frown, and confusion rise up in him.


"Shut up. I'm trying something out."

The words came out uncharacteristically soft from the other. It made Hanta even more confused than he already was, but he decided to let it happen.

A gasp fell out of his mouth as last times hickey's were gently licked over by a hot tongue, a hand gently rubbing circles to his hips before moving lower to take the others member into his hands. The action made Hanta gasp, hand flying to grip the others forearm, legs curling around the others waist when Bakugou aligned both of them together and started to stroke them both in a pace that was slow, slow enough for Hanta to feel all the ridges and textures the others hand and member had.

A whimper fell out of his lips as he was kissed again, instead of forcefully pushing into his tongue into his mouth Bakugou gently bit his his lower lip instead, before licking over it in a slow manner.

Hanta slightly parted his lips to meet the others tongue, and made wanton moans as a thumb rubbed over the tip of his length. Bakugou's other hand ran through his hair, tugging slightly at a few strands when he needs the other to tilt his head in a certain direction.


When the other pulled back, Hanta unconsciously tried to follow him before he stopped himself and made his head fall back on to the pillow. He panted, trying to regain his breath, watching with half lidded eyes and a heat spreading across his cheeks as Bakugou looked at him with a look that was both predatory and soft.

He whined as the other letted go of both their lengths. He trusted up trying to meet the others hips, but the asshat purposefully avoided that happening, even though the others dick looked strained as well.

Huh, Hanta hadn't seen it harden in full length before. Interesting how much you can fit into small spaces.

He glared at the other to show his frustration. Bakugou answered him by raising both of his eyebrows with direct eye contact, before he used both hands to hold behind the ravenette's knees and pushed them up to the others shoulders as his hands travel lower to grab hold of his ass and squeeze it for a moment, before moving to get the other out of them.

Hanta's breath hitched and he found himself speaking.

"Why?..." his voice sounded breathless, like he had ran a marathon, like he was already fully fucked out. He's not sure how he feels about that.

The other stops, and it makes Hanta regret ever opening his mouth at all because he doesn't want the other to stop. He can't stop the disappointed noise he makes when Bakugou's hands move away.

'Why are you acting so soft today?'

It's quite for a while. Quiet enough that it makes Hanta start fidgeting with his fingers and avert his eyes away, because Bakugou was unnaturally quiet and was staring at him in an intense way. It made him feel embarrassed.

Then the other leans over, and Hanta thinks 'Huh, he's gotten taller.' before he hears a voice in his ear.

"Because I want you to be mine."

The way the others voice turns so low makes him feel hotter suddenly.


All thought process ceases to exist when he feels the others hands go behind him and grab his bare ass, high pitched keening noises filling the room as he feels fingers knead him, rub at the rim of his hole that has gotten sensitive from all the activities they had done together, before moving back to squeezing his ass cheeks entirely. They're back to kissing again, this time Bakugou's tongue entirely wrapping around Hanta's and dominating him entirely in a way that can be called gentle.

After a lot of kissing, a lot of fingering, and avoidance to touching Hanta's neglected length that leaking from the tip, Hanta becomes a begging mess, crying out when Bakugou-Katsuki, as he demanded to call him the first time Hanta moaned out his name, assaults his nipples biting them. Shuddering, shivering and weeping when Katsuki whispers all the things he wants to do to Hanta, how much he will take things slow until all Hanta could think was having his cock inside him, how he'll make sure he won't be able to fucking walk properly for a week, then he whispers sweet things to him, like how hot he looks when he fights, how Katsuki has to control himself from taking him right then and there in front of everyone when they’re pitted against each other.

Hanta thinks that all the teasing had lasted longer than it should have. That they had probably missed half of lunch already by the time Katsuki had finally lined up his member against his twitching, gaping hole.

Katsuki had pulled Hanta up, holding the others hips as he slowly entered, grunting as Hanta clenched onto him, moaning "Katsuki!" as he buried his face between his shoulder and neck, smelling nitroglycerin and spice.

By this point Hanta's mind had muddled, and he had all but forgotten the concept of time, about lunch, about lesson plans and about the ire of Aizawa-sensei when they both will end up being late. Especially with how slow Katsuki is being.

All he could think about at that moment was begging Katsuki to go faster.

Minutes of loud noises made by grunts, moans, and screaming, accompanied by feverish whispering later Hanta came undone with the slam of flesh against flesh, choked noise and finally black out from the overwhelming pleasure.





“Please don’t do this shit.”

Hanta continued not replying from the bundle of blankets that he had buried himself in.

“Okay, so maybe I should have been gentler-“

Maybe, was it? When Katsuki had said he wouldn’t be able to walk for a week after he was done with him, Hanta had found that sentence hot at that time.

But now? That sentence means possibly not doing proper hero training for a week, and missing out on classes.

"Look, I will help you with academics and shit all right?"

And what about the training part?

“And I can spare with ya, which means you get to beat the shit out of me okay?”


Hanta opened the covers and shot Katsuki a tired look.

“Fine. Get in here, but keep your hands to yourself for the rest of the week.”

“The fuck, you want me to die??”

“You heard what I said you horny bastard.”

“Pretty fucking sure I’m not the only horny bastard here-“

“Shut up and get the fuck in here.”

Chapter Text

Hanta swallowed dryly as he walked through the woods he was dared to walk through. Honestly, he could have backed out, SHOULD have backed out when Eijiro had gave him the merciful opening with understanding eyes- Eijiro was now officially his best friend, the others could perish- but then Katsuki taunted him. And ironically enough, the same method he uses on Katsuki whenever they need him to do something was used on him. Was this because of friendship? Was friendship with Katsuki making him a hot head?

Ugh. He just has to walk in the forest as long as possible, try not to get lost, and then return back when he lost his nerve.

He should probably go back, like, NOW in fact. He can deal with the humiliation of being called a chicken or having to be a slave to the Bakusquad for not making it more than 8 minutes out there(as they had agreed when they had made that bet) he just doesn't want to possibly get murdered or catch a cold-

Hanta nearly screamed and dropped his flashlight when he jumped from the feeling of an icy cold hand suddenly touch his neck.

Instead he jumped and immediately turned around with his flashlight ready to punch someone and make a run for it-

Only to be met with someone that looks equally fearful, green emerald eyes wide and face looking weary and nervous. Hanta paused in his actions, an arm pulled back, hand having formed a fist.

"U-Um-" the, probably the definition of a walking brocolli, stuttered, obviously jump scared by Hanta's reaction, and was probably very timid and shy, which is why Hanta probably didn't hear any indication of him approaching, and probably why he didn't hear him talking.

Or.... he scared him on purpose? And was a very good actor? Maybe the rumors had been because of a prank-

"I'm r-really sorry for scaring you like that! I just, um, it's just that I got lost, I was dared to go in here and I don't know how much time has passed..." he seems to be getting more quieter and quieter as he spoke.

Hanta comes to a decision then and there. He relaxes completely and gives an easy smile. “It’s cool, I got into a bet with some of my friends to go in here, and stay as long as possible. Maybe we can get out of here together? I'm pretty sure that I came from that direction."

Dull anxious looking eyes gained a glimmer of hope as, the other jerkily nods his head, then opens his mouth again. "M-my name is Izuku Midoriya!" He says holding out a hand that Hanta noticed was scarred. He ignored it, not wanting to be rude as he held the others hand, shaking it and keeping his smile on though he internally frowned at how could Izuku was.

“Hanta Sero! By the way, do you want me to lend you my jacket? You’re awfully cold…”

The other immediately blushed at this, freckles becoming prominent with red layer underneath them. It made him look more…healthy in a way. Hanta hadn’t noticed how pale and sickly the other looked up until then. Then started flailing around, his hand having left his abruptly. “N-No I’m f-fine n-not that I’m not grateful b-but I w-wouldn’t w-want y-you to c-catch a cold-“ that’s a bad case of the stutters ain’t it? Somehow that’s…cute.

“Awww you worried about me Izuku? That’s really sweet of you~”

It was probably due to his own friendly natural, but he already felt like he could tease the other a little.

His smile disappeared when Izuku seemed to look down, his hands tugging at the end of his really tattered shirt that just says ’shirt’ on it as his green mop of hair covered his eyes.


“What for?” Hanta asked, worried. The air suddenly seemed to feel a lot colder than it did before. Unnaturally so.

“F-For underestimating y-you..”

“What? No! It was really nice of you to worry about me! Thank you for worrying about me!” Hanta exclaimed, one of his hands making a calm down motion while the other held the flashlight. Suddenly, it started to feel less colder.

“O-Oh um…” the other looked up the blush having returned to his cheeks. “S-Sorry-“

“No ‘sorry’ s here when you’ve done nothing wrong!”


Hanta than made a scolding movement with his finger, with a squinting expression, a mock serious expression ruined by his own smile.

Izuku giggled at this, a smile of his own stretching across his lips.


Hanta felt something warm up inside his chest. A feeling of familiarity grew before it abruptly vanished. He gave a soft smile.

“Wanna try finding our way out of here together? I remember the general direction I had came from.” He speaks again, pointing a finger towards where he is sure is the entrance. The night breeze was starting to creep him out, just a bit.

He had the feeling he didn’t want to spend any second longer here.

Izuku smiled, nodding his head, green curly hair bobbing with his movements, ensuring that Hanta missed the strange glow that appeared in the others eyes.

Later on, the raven haired teen would regret going into that forest more severely.

It was taking longer than it should to reach the entrance.

“I feel like we’re circling around…”

“….I think that there is something unusual going around in this forest…” Izuku mumbled behind him. At some point they had started holding hands, a suggestion made by Hanta NOT because he felt terrified but so they wouldn’t lose each other among the trees, and while he found mild discomfort in how cold -cold like a corpse- the surprisingly soft hand was, there was a strange sense of comfort and…familiarity in it…

“Come to think of it, the rumors did say that people disappeared here before…”

Izuku seemed to perk up at this “Yeah, the earliest abduction happened five years ago if I remember correctly. It was a young student.”

Huh. “So you into occult stuff?”

He seems to get flustered at this slightly, face going slightly red. “U-Um, I do find some stories interesting to look into…”

“I’m not judging you or anything, I do find some occult stuff interesting too, though my little sister is more into it. I think it’s pretty cool to know stuff like that.”

Izuku seems to get extremely red now, it reminds Hanta of apples.

“W-Well I think Hanta’s really cool too!”

“Eh? This plain face?”

“Y-You’re n-not plain! I…I think it’s really cool how brave you are!”

And now Hanta feels his face getting hot.

“Aww geez man…” he muttered, giving the others still cold hand a squeeze to do his best to show his gratitude.

"I hope you will be this brave when you meet him"

Cold, dark, wistful, yet concerned at the same time. A whisper.

“Did you say something?”

“Hm? No?”

Izuku sounded genuinely confused, but Hanta couldn’t get the voice out of his head. Who was ‘him’? Why did Hanta hear that voice? Why was Izuku’s hand so cold, and slightly wet? Was there a lake nearby that the other had fallen into? But if so, why does he look so dry? Why was he so familiar?

Hanta recalls the things his little sister had said about the forest.

”According to an article I had found, fifty years ago a tragedy had taken place in that forest-“

They kept walking, the trees looming over them like the bony fingers of a withered old hand, they weren’t thick, nor did they have any leaves hanging from them, but there were enough of them to create a roof that got thicker and thicker the more they moved on. Hanta had the feeling rather than going out, they were going further in.

”-It’s a love story about the son of a count and a commoner, the count…was very un father like-“

“I think we should turn around.” Hanta says, his hand gripping on Izuku’s tighter. “This doesn’t feel like the right way-“ as he makes to turn back with his flashlight, he feels an icy cold feeling suddenly wrack through his insides, making him freeze. Suddenly, it’s harder to breathe. Izuku looks at him with an unreadable expression on his face, bright green emerald eyes no longer looking as bright as it did before. Small details look more prominent now.

”-The count’s son and the commoner kept meeting by an old well secretly-“

The green of his hair suddenly looks darker, like it wilted, making it look wetter. An odd odor seems to rise, an odor that is not unlike mold, and it’s strong enough to make Hanta almost faint.

”-Then one day, the count found out they were meeting each other, and in his anger locked his son into his room, while he himself went to see the commoner in his stead-“

Iron started to mix in with the smell as he took notice of how…. Mangled the limb he was holding onto looked. Bleeding, bruised, and….wet.

”-The count had beaten him to death, before throwing his body into the well and closing it.”

His stomach churned, bile rose up to his throat. He tried harder to get out of the others grip, now accidentally dropping the flashlight, “Please let go of me-“ the grip tightened, and suddenly Izuku was pulling him closer, surprisingly strong. Hanta yelped as he fell forward into the others chest.

Suddenly everything felt colder, mind numbingly colder.

“-Zuku..” He managed to mumble out, frostbite already traveling up to his lips.

“I’m sorry Hanta I can’t let you go.”

His sight blurry, he feels himself get dragged closer and closer to the deeper parts of the forest, feet not listening to him, chest aching, mouth trying to get out words that got frozen in his throat-so cold. Everything feels so cold.

”He needs you, I’m sorry, but he needs you.”

”-Meanwhile, the fiancee that was going to be wedded to the count’s son, because she loved him so, wanted him to be happy with the commoner instead of being stuck in a loveless marriage, so she tried her best to help him escape-“

”You loved him so much.”

”-But the vile count had made it back before they even had a chance to make it out of the mansion, proudly and viciously declaring the commoner dead much to the horror of both fiancees-“

”Only you can reach out to him now, please…”

”-Father and son went into a battle to the death, and to cut this long story short, before the count could deal the final blow that would kill his son, the fiancee threw herself in front of him and died for the one she loved. Yeesh, I wish they had gotten names…”

”You died for him, Hina.”

Before his entire vision could black out, he heard the angered voice of his father echo through his entire being-how did he get here?

“My son has no business with your tragedy.”

There is a flash of light, a sorrowful moan from Izuku that made Hanta want to reach out a hand in order to comfort, and he finds himself falling down to his knees, teeth chattering from the cold.

Before he could fall forward towards the hard ground, he felt a pair of familiar warm hands hold onto his shoulders, and the voice of his father call out to him.

Then he blacked out.


He wakes up to the scent of his room, and to his three sleeping siblings curled up besides him on his bed.

He hears the voice of his father, uncharacteristically angry as it answered back an unfamiliar, gruff voice.

“What happened back then isn’t their-“

“No, brother, I will not lose my child a second time.”

“This isn’t something that can be stopped. It’s not them you should be blaming and you know it Ooga.”

“You don’t understand how hard I’ve worked to bring her back-“

“Can that be called her?”


“I don’t even know how you’ve done it. I’m more than disappointed I wasn’t informed of what you’ve done. Hizashi and I loved her just as much as you did. Hina was my nephew.”


That’s what Izuku had called him.

“And let the other covens know? Just so he can be taken away from me again? So he ends up tangled in problems that shouldn’t concern a human?”

“That’s another question I have. How… how come he’s human? Does he even know what his entire family is made of? Ooga, you’re making him walk blindly through danger.”

“I can protect him-“

“You can’t protect him from loose knots that should have been tied by her a long time ago.”

“I made it so that there wouldn’t be-“

“Hina might be Hanta now, but that doesn’t change anything. The fact that a ghost can sense her soul should be telling-“

”This is not up for discussion-“

Hanta gets up, careful not to disturb Hina, Ai and Akihito as he slowly makes his way out of the room and into the hallway. He glances only momentarily downstairs towards the living room, where he can see his father arguing with a haggard, homeless looking guy.

‘Brother, he had called him, does that make him my uncle? Why did dad never told anything about him?’

‘Am I the only one he didn’t say anything to?’

‘I always thought… my family was a bit strange.’

‘I always thought I looked a bit different from them.’

‘I always found it weird how my friends would be creeped out by them, but they probably had good reasons to be that way.’

He thinks about how Hina always seem to know more than she lets on, dragging him away from places. He thinks about how Ai would look a little pained sometimes whispering for him to not go. He think about how Akihito would accidentally call him ‘big sister’, grimace and wince as if he’s been struck, before disappearing and not appearing in his face for days. He thinks about his mother who’d get glassy eyed whenever he seemed to be around, doing something, it made him uncomfortable for some reason.

He thinks about how a year ago, he had found himself in a hospital, few memories missing, but remembering the details of his family, of his friends all the same…

But not remembering his childhood.

Carefully he walked through the hallway towards the room at the end of it, where he keeps a number of spiders.

It was a strange hobby of his, one that Mina and Denki think of as cool, but Katsuki and Eijiro get creeped out by. Not overly so. They just didn’t like spiders he supposed.

He opens the door, careful to click on the dim low lighting.

The room was spacious, it used to be a basement before, apparently, before he had picked all sorts of spiders and placed them into spacious tanks.

There were spiders of various sizes around the house, with varying colors as well. Lethal, paralyzing, stinging…

There were those who preferred makeshift caves, then there were those who preferred to bury themselves in sand dunes, then there were those who preferred to live under water.

The most interesting ones are the ones that Hanta hadn’t found in any article or textbooks he could get his hands on, but apparently the him with all his- her- memories intact had managed to find them anyways.

They were… unnaturally big. With varying patterns that were definitely pretty, but probably weird for a spider to have. The one thing Hanta noticed about them was how five of them reminded him of his family. The others… weren’t one he recognized though, and somethings about all of their habitats didn’t make sense to him. For example, the five spiders shared the same tank, and they didn’t attempt maiming each other. In fact, they seem to show varying levels of affection to each other, something that Hanta found both cute and weird, because that was not normal spider behavior.

Another tank that made even less sense to him was one that contained two spiders that might as well be the opposite of each other, but still showed a kind of affection that made Hanta avert his eyes from them. One of them was giant, black spider, that preferred hiding underground and was fairly quiet, where as the other spider seemed to be loud in both its shrill and colors, preferring to show off as much as possible, and sometimes letting out rhythmic noises that made Hanta think it was trying to sing whenever he came by. There was also a third spider, smaller than the two of them, and personality seemingly a mixture of the other two adult spiders. Hanta thinks he sometimes see two more, a black and a very, very small white spider, but they always hide themselves.

And then… there was this one nest that he found strange fascination in. Maybe it wast the color patterns of the spiders in it. Maybe it was how much of a depressing atmosphere it had.

He constantly visited it, looked after the five spiders in it, did his best to make their moods better, but they still seemed to be in a depressive state.

The completely white spider, the biggest one among the four, barely ate, and barely showed her snowy glory, keeping herself hidden deep in the cave. The other four spiders were doing a bit better than her, but, not so much. The red one that had burns looking part on it constantly hissed, and was in such a foul mood that Hanta had to put him in a separate tank so he would stop biting his siblings. The white one that had one single red mark on its back, wouldn’t attack his siblings, but didn’t get along well with the female spider(white with red dots circling on her back). The smallest of them, one that is half red and half white, seemed to throw a cold shoulder to almost all of them, and was quiet much like their mother.

Today, the half red half white spider was uncharacteristically energetic.

Hanta had to blink as it seemed to attempt crawling out of the tank, letting out chirping noises that sounded desperate. It movements seem to only get more erratic the closer Hanta got.

Just as Hanta had opened the lid of the tank to let the spider jump to his palm, a knock was heard from the entrance of the spider room.

“Excuse me?”

He turned around to see the man his father was just talking to.


“My name is Aizawa Shota. I think that as you have already guessed, I’m… your uncle.” He showed slight hesitant in saying the last sentence.

“Um, yeah, that’s…cool I guess.”

Aizawa looked around the room, his gaze not creeped out or disgusted. Rather, he seemed to be fascinated, and had a glassy look in his eyes that is similar to the look Hanta’s mother gets in hers.

“Do you want to look closer at them?” Hanta finds himself asking, as the half white, half red spider in his palm seems to calm down and move towards his upper arm.

The older man nods, moving into the room in slow steps.


After a while of having conversations about the several spiders Hanta harbors in his room, they fall quiet, the spider on Hanta’s shoulder snuggling up against where neck and shoulder connect.

Then a question breaks the silence.

“What… exactly is my family?”


“I mean, I’ve noticed how…weird things are around here. I don’t really remember that much from before I turned fifteen, though there are sometimes flashes, and dad seems to know what is going on in the forest-“

“What would you do if I said your entire family, me included, are vampires?”

“……. What about Izuku?”

“He’s a ghost. He has regrets.”

“Is he the…commoner in the story?”

“…Why, yes. He was only human, but he still managed to capture the heart of a vampire. A cold one at that.”

“What was the name of… the vampire?”

“Shouto. Shouto Todoroki.”

“…And the fiancee who tried to help them…”

“Hina Sero.”


“There is a lot that needs to be explained.”

“I think I get the gist of it. But… I would like to see if I can get my memories back somehow.”

He was Hina Sero. He used to be her.

It was an anti climatic way to find this out. But it has been probably centuries.

Centuries since Hina Sero was killed.

And somehow, Hanta finds that it would have been weird if the man had been anything but blunt.

His uncle- her uncle?- explains more.

Apparently the Todoroki coven and the Sero coven were going to join together through the marriage between Hina Sero and Todoroki Shouto. The Sero coven had great medical knowledge, both in the supernatural world and the human world, and they had various information that could not be obtained by any other means other than the secret strings they pull. The Todoroki coven was powerful in strength, and strategy, and were unique in having elemental powers. Their youngest son was more unique in the sense that he had both ice and fire elemental powers.

“You also had your own set of powers… but I suppose as a human you wouldn’t be able to tap into them.”

Good to know.

Hina and Shouto had been friends since a young age, so the wedding wouldn’t be so terrible, even if it was only Hina who had ended up developing feelings for him. Shouto had only viewed her as a close friend he could rely on.

“When Shouto had introduced you to Izuku, you had been…. A bit depressed. But you had done your best to smile whenever he and Izuku were in the room, and you had been a friend for Izuku. I remember how you had bought that young man to me and Hizashi when he had gotten poisoned in order to not alert the entire coven to the presence of a human. You cared about both of them.”

And Hina had been supportive of the love between Shouto and Izuku. The main problem, was that once Shouto and Hina got married, the possibility for Shouto to ever come by to the well again were slim. Both Shouto and Izuku had asked for her to not get too involved, for her own safety, as there was no telling what the Count would do to her.

“Then, a week before the ceremony, you had decided to help both Shouto and Izuku to elope together, and to stop the Count ”

A moment of silence. He-she?- watched his-hers?- Uncle’s fist clench.

“You…..The Count had been furious when he had gotten back. And Shouto had lost it. Both of the covens were alerted of the battle…I….It was a horrible sight. And you had ended up trapped somewhere in the middle of it.”

“Your father tried to reach out to you, but the fight was too big, and gruesome. It was dangerous to be anywhere near it. Touya, the eldest son of the Todoroki’s, had intervened, but…. well, his body still cannot be found.”

“So he’s still alive?”

“We think he is around, but at the time we weren’t able to check.”

He glanced at the separate red spider, with burn marks on it, before going back to explaining.

“Eventually Shouto had burned out, and was about to take the final blow…”

“…But then I stepped in.”

Hanta finished his sentence when the older couldn’t continue.

“….I died in his arms, didn’t I?”



“Do your remember?”

“..No, not exactly.”

“Ah so you wouldn’t remember that either then…”


“No, nothing.”

“After your death, your father was devastated to the point that he had heavily injured the Count and severed all ties with the Todoroki coven, took your body back as well. I… believe he has hated me and Hizashi too, for our involvement in keeping your secret.”

“I’m sorry.”

“The outcome was inevitable. The Count would have found out eventually about Izuku, and even if Shouto hadn’t let you in on the secret you would have found out anyways and helped again, leading to the same fate. You loved him too much to feel jealousy.”

There was a foreign feeling in Hanta’s chest.

No, not foreign. But it was more prominent than it was before.

“Is the mansion still there?”


“I’m going to go back there.”




“Whatever unfinished business the Todoroki’s have is not your burden!”


“Hanta, please listen to your father. We can’t lose you again.”

“Look, I understand where you’re coming from, but-“

“Hina please!”

Silence. His -her?- mother had stood up, eyes wide, a hand put over her mouth.

“I-I’m sorry, Hanta, please don’t go back to that forest.”

Okay, so apparently he shouldn’t rely on adults in this situation.


“I can’t fucking believe I had to come over here and tell you this but don’t go into the fucking forest.”

“I didn’t ask for you to come. I didn’t tell you I was going to do this either.”

“Not the fucking point.”

“Katsuki, buddy, listen, I’m just going to check out something real quick and then come back.”

“Fuck, I shouldn’t have dared you to go in there…”

“No take backs. Now go back.”

Hanta made his-her?- way towards the edge of the forest, and from the corner of his-her?- eyes he-she?- can see the flicker of green hair.

Izuku was waiting for him-her?-.

“Shit, hold on soy sauce.”

Katsuki suddenly held his arm, Hanta turned around in frustration before a phone screen was shoved into his face.

It was their group chat.

“The others are coming over too, we’re not letting you do this alone.”

Hanta could feel the disapproval coming from the border of the forest.

”It’s really not a good idea to bring others into this.”

“I think that’s a bad idea.”

“Better than going in there alone.”

“Er, it’s really, not…”

Suddenly there was a hissing sound before a spider leaped onto Katsuki’s arm.


Hanta blinked only for a moment before he-she?- immediately turned around and ran with his-her?- backpack.

Sneaking out of the house was really hard, but surprisingly not that hard when the spiders decided to help.

He-She?- isn’t sure what they were doing with all those circular webs that have distinct patterns… but it seemed to have worked. The webs probably acted as some sort of barrier… probably. Hanta didn’t understand occult things. The consequences of not listening to one’s sister when her occult fascination acts up...

Hanta keeps running. Ignoring the shouts that come from his-hers?-HIS- friend.


It doesn’t take long for him-her?-HIM- to get completely lost.

And for Izuku to appear.

”Thank you, Hina… or would you prefer Hanta?”

“…Appreciate it if you call me Hanta.”


He sounded so uncertain, it made Hanta want to smile at him.

He-She?-NOT HER- didn’t.

It’s not her-HISHISHISHIS- place.

He-SHE-HE-SHE- is Hanta, not Hina.

“So, what do you need me for?”

”I need you to talk to Shocchan, he…can’t see me. I-I’m hoping for him to gain closure…he’s so alone there.”

“…What about his coven?” Hanta asked as they walked, Izuku glitching, as they walked.

”They had left…I’m unsure as to why, you and Shoucchan did your best to not get me involved in the supernatural, so I don’t know the specifics.”

“And we failed.”

”It’s not your fault. You were just as much of a victim. If anything, I should be sorry for falling for HIS tricks.”

There was no need to question who ‘him’ was. The rest of the walk continues in silence.

“I…I don’t remember the exact circumstances…” Hanta begins speaking, -her-His-hEr- dark eyes traveling up as the sunlight doesn't reach through the branches anymore, the glow from Izuku making the ghost look like a beacon in the dark.

"But I know that it couldn't be your fault either."

There was silence.

"You were always so kind Hi-Hanta."

Hanta doesn’t address the slip of the tongue.

The mansion looms over them, vines covering the old western structure, its entire surrounding frosted over.

White roses stood among them.


”Shoucchan should be at the highest part of the tower….Hanta, before you meet him..”

Before h-sH-He- walked into the mansion, Hanta turned to hear out Izuku.

”..You should unearth your memories by going through the mansion a bit.”

“But wouldn’t you want me to get this over with as soon as possible?”

”I-I’ve waited for centuries Hanta… I can wait some more easily, as long as you manage to talk with him in the end.”

Hanta turns the doorknob, before stopping.



“Even if I get my memories back I…I can’t guarantee that I will be…Hina.”

There is silence as Hanta turns around, Izuku has disappeared.

He-she-THEY- wait only for a second before entering.

Now was not the time for them to get an identity crisis.


Okay, so apparently it was the perfect time to get an identity crisis.

The first thing that came into their sight was the living room, dusty, moldy. Filled with objects that were no doubt once looked luxurious, and now are better sold off as antiques.

Now, what gave them an identity crisis wasn’t these objects, no. While they made him think of rich 1950s people politely drinking out of teacups, with women in their gowns and men in expensively tailored suits, they didn’t hold much meaning to them.

What made them pause in their footsteps, unflinching even when the door slammed shut behind them, was the portrait hanged over the old, molded, dust and ash covered fireplace that had spiderwebs clinging to its insides. Hanta feels a small concern pang inside them as they think about their half red and half white companion. They can only hope that the spider was okay.

The portrait itself was old, frayed, dark patches in some of its places, the oil used to paint it making it give off a yellowish color, showing how much time has passed since it was made. In the contents of the painting, though most of it has been blackened, stood one figure that they recognized.

A figure that had their face. Smiling with black painted lips, orange dusted eyelids half closing over dark eyes, and long dark hair fishtailed. A giant black spider stood on her right shoulder, showing of the orange circle that patterned her back. She was dressed in an elegant black and orange gown, wearing black gloves that covered her arms shoulder length. Her hands were clasped elegantly to her chest. One her left naked shoulder was placed a pale hand, belonging to someone wearing a blue coat.

Hina Sero.

Hanta got closer to to the painting, unable to break the contest staring they got into with the girl version of themselves, before forcibly breaking eye contact to look at the rusted small gold plate that was screwed into the bottom of the portraits canvas.

“The Heirs To Our Coven”

‘Alrighty then.’

So…the hand must belong to Shouto Todoroki then?

Before they could try and see other details about the blackened part of the picture to get a good idea what Shouto looked like suddenly their entire body felt heavy, and they felt an intense pain crackle through their brain, making him collapse to his knees and hold onto the dusty cobwebbed sofa before blacking out entirely.

And then, there was a flash of white.


”Creators above, I can’t wait to get out of this dress.” Hina huffed besides where she stood with Shouto.

“_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_?” he replied, face unchanging from its _|_|_|_|_|_, though she could clearly hear the amusement in his voice. She rolled her eyes.

“I appreciate my mothers efforts, Sho, not this torture.” She informs him. The party was on going, with guests talking with one another. Several covens had joined in for the two fiancé’s engagement party.

“_|-\_\__|_|_/_|_|_” Shouto's _\_\_\_\_ lips perk up around the corners. Although Hina felt a slight heat come up to her cheeks, and could feel her eternally sleeping heart wake at the sight, she willed herself to act casually, putting her gloved hands to her hips and puffing her chest out, doing her best impression of her werecat cousins prideful look. The finishing touch is to raise an eyebrow haughtily. "Is that how you talk to royalty, Shoto Todoroki?" She feels her usual smile stretch across her lips as she successfully makes the others smile grow.

"If Hitoshi was here I'm sure he would have a few choice words with you two, making fun of him." The voice of her uncle makes the both of them stop in what they're doing, although they were both used to his stealthiness it didn't make it any less surprising when the older vampire calls out.

Hina turns back towards him with a pout "Well, it's what he gets for mocking Shoto behind his back all the time."

"_//_|_\\-_/|-_..." mutters the Todoroki heir.

"That's not your fault Shoto. Hitoshi’s just… a bit protective…”


“Okay, so maybe he is as protective as my own parents but hey! At least my siblings and uncles like you!”

“I think of him as…alright.”

“Coming from him, that is the equivalent of spiritual adoption.”


Hina watches with a bit of fondest and a bit of sadness as her uncle places a hand on her fiancé’s shoulder, and gives a gentle squeeze, showing they had similar feelings regarding the Count.

Speaking of which, as always, the elemental vampire had his _\_\_\_\_\_ eyes on her again. Eyes that made the cold veins in her body run even colder at their intensity. Hina never liked it when she had to talk to the man, but knew of the consequences of complaining to anyone about him.

Her father would pull her away, claiming whatever baggage the Todoroki coven had had nothing to do with them. He was a ruthless business man that solely focused on his family. He showed them love and support. But when it came to helping those outside of the coven? A different story.

Shouto would be left alone.

With that horrible excuse of a sentient being.

Her spider, she does not name them for they have no need for names, twitches, huddling closer to her neck, giving away how she felt.

Though, it’s her secret that she can find spiders connected to certain people.

So she was safely hidden behind her smiling mask.



What a time to get a flashback.

Hina was apparently really close to Shouto… though Hanta couldn’t see his features, or hear his voice, he could tell by the friendly banter that had passed between the two fiancee Hina showed great support.

Actually, it’s pretty strange that they weren’t able to define any of the features Shouto, or the many other guests had, but they could still define people by name…Hitoshi for example.

Hitoshi… Hina’s cousin. That means he was the son of Aizawa Shota, wasn’t it?

They got up from the dusty flour of the giant living room, couching out their lungs.

They looked at the burnt painting one last time before standing up again, feeling strange.

Like… they want to run away.

They didn’t notice the secondary trail of footsteps left in the dust as they leave the room to enter a ballroom.


Hanta looked at the tiles that were once a pristine white, now covered in dirt, and then took a look at the gorgons, wondering if they come alive during the night with how realistic they were crafted.

There were two gorgons, their statues placed at the railings of marble stairs that led to a grand looking entrance that most likely led to a hallway.

They check the doors.


It seems to be.. locked. There is no keyhole, only a carving of a fire.

They go back down the stairs to search for anything that could force those doors open. A key would be helpful as well, but they think it would be unlikely for them to find such a thing. As they began searching they take notice that something is clenched tightly in the left gorgon’s hand.


Hanta glanced up to see that the Gorgon was missing one of its ruby eyes and groaned in annoyance.

Great. Time for treasure hunting then.

Right when they was about to start searching the entirety of the gigantic ballroom, they heard the sound of creaking, making them look up to see a shadow of something moving up in the ceiling.

A pointing of the flashlight revealed the shadow to be a young looking cat, with lilac colored fur and glowing purple eyes.

And a gleaming red ruby, reflecting the light of their flashlight from where it’s held in the cat’s jaws.

They got into a staring match with the cat.




Hanta had spent hours chasing the feline all around the ballroom and the living room.

They managed to catch it when it attempted to throw itself out a window but immediately bounced back.

Right into Hanta’s arms.

“Gotcha you purple gremlin!” They yelled triumphantly as they finally managed to get the now yowling feline. They winced only slightly when the claws dug in to his hands.


Hanta made a quick work of holding the strange colored cat down by the neck, using his other hand to try and pry the ruby away from the mouth.

“Come on just let me get that eye and I will let you go-“ the cat hissed “-sheesh you’re really angry aren’t you?”

There was more struggling, Hanta ended up bleeding more all the while they tried their best not to hurt the feline.

When they thought they had managed to pin it down again there was a blur of movement and suddenly their places were switched.

They found themselves being pinned down to the floor on their back with a knee on their stomach, their wrists held fast with clawed hands, their legs unable to get up under the weight of a leg.

Black eyes stared into glowing purple ones that had eyebags under them.

Hanta had to do a double take when he took notice of lilac ears among lilac hair.

…A werecat.

“Hitoshi?” they found themselves asking, making the other boy-though he had lived for centuries- widen his eyes, slacken his jaw and hands a little.

Hanta immediately grabbed hold of the fallen golden vase besides him and made his move.


Hina hummed happily as she pressed herself closer to her very warm, purring cousin, snickering as he made annoyed sounds at her cold hands grabbing hold of his arm.

“Why are vampires so damn cold?” Hitoshi asks in annoyance. Though Hina knows he’s just acting that way.

“Not my fault werecats are so soft and warm…” she mumbled sleepily at him with a lazy grin. Hitoshi, Sema and Eri had tagged along when her uncles had decided to visit them that cold day.

Sema had shapeshifted in front of the crackling fire place and was lying down with _/_|_\_ Eri, the small Oni cuddling up to her older step sisters _\_|_/_|_ form.

“By the way, do you still keep your spiders around?” Hitoshi pipes up again, eyes trailing around, seemingly searching for her little spindly friends.

“I don’t ‘keep’ them Hitoshi…” Hina says, a bit more awake, face expressionless, her onyx eyes wide open and blank as they stared at her cousin.

Hitoshi flinches at his mistake, chastising himself for disrespecting his cousins spirit animal “Right. Sorry. Are they.. still around? After you moved into the Todoroki house and everything?”

Hina relaxes her face again smiling a bit more. “Well, the Count was going to object to it at first, before I showed him the big red fire resistant one. Then he agreed to let seven of my spiders in." She holds out her palm, letting her spider drop onto it. Hitoshi's tail puffing slightly is the only indication of the unpleasantness he feels at the sudden appearance of the spider.

"That's nice..." he says, and after that they both stay silent a little while longer before Hina sighs. "Hitoshi... about Shouto..." at the mention of the Todoroki heir Hitoshi's ears flatten "I don't like him Hina."

"And I can never understand the reason why you don't. I'd like to know, at the very least."

Hitoshi's face twists “….You already know the answer to that.”

She did. And she found it unreasonable. She tells him so.

“Whatever Hina, you can’t make me control my feelings. But I can control most of my actions, so there.”

Just then Shoto entered the room, and Hitoshi’s face became completely blank, while Sema let out a lazy purr in greeting. Eri was asleep.

There was an _\_|_|_|\_|-_|_ expression on his face as he pushed open the mansions door, eyes unfocused, unrecognizing of his surroundings.

Hina felt herself flinch at the closing of the door, hands gripping her dress as she straightened herself at the arrival of the Count coming into the room, face set on fire with angry flames as he growled.

She felt endless amount of hate as his eyes turned towards them with a look of disgust, specifically directed at the two werecats and one Oni. She saw her uncle calmly step from behind him into the living room.

“Since our meeting took longer than expected you and your…” he pauses momentarily throwing a shifty eye and making Shota and Hizashi frown “…children may stay in our guest rooms.”


Hina keeps her face carefully stoic, and Endures the white hot rage that bubbles up in her chest.


After Hanta had managed to get the emblem from the gargoyle by giving its eye back, and had dragged Hitoshi through the the opening gates, as mindful of his ears and tail as much as possible in their disoriented state-flashbacks are so inconvenient- they decided to make sure the werecat was warm and didn't have a concussion.

They felt more than guilty about hitting Hitoshi on the head with a vase of all things. They could... understand how he must feel about all this. Perhaps he was just like Hina's father.

Not wanting a repeat of an incident.



But it wouldn't... exactly be a repeat now, would it?

Hanta wasn't Hina.

Meeting Hitoshi bought more memories to them that belonged to her, a life that wasn't Hanta's. A life that has been gone for a long time. Taken away by fire and an unstoppable stab to the chest.

Hanta... was Hanta even a human being?

How-How long had Hanta truly been in this world?

How many of Hanta's own memories were a lie?

What are they?

What is he?

What is she?

What is... it?


"Hina..." Hitoshi slurred, a claw stretching out and grabbing it's wrist, startling the black haired, sorry excuse of a human being out of its thoughts. "...don't go..."

The action almost made it cry.

Horrible horrible.

It's so horrible.

How sad how sad how sad...


Mismatched eyes blearily open. The first minuscule amount of movement he had ever done in decades.

He could smell, sense Hina's soul.

But... that's impossible. She died in his arms, he had sensed how her soul had faded no matter how desperately he had tried to hold onto her.

No matter how much he tried to kiss back the colder, paler dead lips that had kissed him first, pale lips covered in black blood, that uttered an 'I love you' before their owner became completely still.

Could he be... dead? Had he starved himself to death, despite the best efforts of Izuku and Yaomomo?

As he reached out his senses towards her soul he felt the sudden anguish-

Not her not her not her not her-

It it it it it it it it it it it it it it-

Why me why me why me why me-

Horrible horrible horrible-



So they were not Hina.

They had her soul, yes, but the soul... was too much of a separate being then her.

It was too human, a bit new as well...

He could feel how they panic, their empathy, their sadness, their guilt, their confusion, their distraught and struggle at trying to understand themselves.

Slowly but surely Shouto took notice of the many other souls, inside the house and outside of it.

Shinsou Hitoshi was with... whoever Hina was now... and Yaomomo's undead soul could be felt

Outside of the house were five humans, one of them with hight amount of soul power, most likely an exorcist. The four that probably hired her were worried.

Izuku himself lurked outside of the mansions walls, spreading himself thin, doing his best to keep the humans out, along with...

Shouto's eyes widened, and fingers twitched from where they were clasped together, holding tightly onto the remains of Hina's dead spider, her body cold and forever preserved in his hands.

The Sero family...

Ah. So this wasn't a typical reincarnation. This explained why he could feel mixture of another soul with Hina's.

He slowly got up from bed, and with a deep sigh sent a powerful wave, a message directed towards the exorcist trying to get in. He shouldn't let Izuku deal with so many problems at once. Not only because ghosts have their limits, but this was also his problem to begin with.

"I promise your friend will be returned safely, after we have a conversation. I make this vow with my blood."


When Reiko Yanagi had accepted the request, 'Help us get Sero Hanta back', of these four children, she wasn't quite expecting things to be so complicated.

For one, she felt no ill will from the ghost, but these lands have been poisoned with the after math of a tragedy for many years.

Two, vampires are involved. She has always known that the Sero family were vampires, yes, except strangely enough for their eldest son, but she hadn't been really assured in that knowledge... as most of what she knows regarding vampires or any supernaturals outside of Ghosts hadn't come from experience, but hand written textbooks left behind by her grandmother.

Three, this, whatever the matter here was, was a centuries old problem, and somehow Sero Hanta is in the center of all of this.

“I suggest we leave this place, the vampire of this place have made a vow that Sero Hanta will be returned alive and well… after a talk.”

“How the fuck will we trust that?” Bakugou spat, angry, stressed, and looking scared.

“When a vampire vows on their blood, they curse themselves to follow through with that promise, or else…” Yanagi sent a look towards the blond Pomeranian before looking at the other teenagers.

“Besides that, it is best that we do not interfere, I do not know the full details yet… but this is a matter of an old tragedy that took place here, and the Sero family was heavily involved in this tragedy.” the platinum blond adds on, turning back towards the exit of the mansion grounds. “By the way, how long were you aware that the Sero family were vampires?”

“My family are hunters, I was trained to now some shit.” Bakugou said as he reluctantly followed after her with the others. “Whoevers fucking in there better follow through with their promise or I will fucking stake them.”

“You will have to get in line. Vampires tend to be unforgiving when it comes to family members.”

“…is Hanta a vampire then?” Kaminari asks quietly from where he’s holding hands with Mina and Kirishima, looking small and vulnerable to the world with his blank expression and tear tracks. It made a pang form in Yanagi’s chest.

“No. In fact, I doubt he had any idea about the supernaturals… before all of this.”

Kirishima lets a shark grin that looks more like a grimace form on his face.

“This week is really fucked up huh?”


Hanta was pulled out of its panic induced crisis, going through all the memories of Hina and all of its own memories and thinking about Hana, Ai, Akihito, mother, father-

”It’s alright.”


A powerful presence filled the air, and enveloped its very core.

”It’s going to be alright. Please let us talk.”

Hanta could feel something comforting press against its-THEIR- very chest, making them raise their head from the knees they had buried it in, feeling lighter.

Not completely light, but..better,

Like someone was shouldering the burden with them.

”I will be waiting for you at the upper floors.”

They made sure that Hitoshi would be comfortable with their jacket and was warm with the blankets they had found from this floors rooms before they began making their way towards where Shouto is waiting for him..


When they meet Shouto..

Will it all end?


Shota gritted his teeth as his brother roared in rage, beating up against the barrier created by the ghost living in the house with all his might to get to his son.

His child.

His daughter.


Shota’s eyes went red, hair standing on edge as he looked directly at Ooga.


“Don’t you mean ‘him’?”


“You’re not going to lose Hanta.”

Ooga’s face had twisted, fangs poking out of his mouth, sharp enough to rip out a throat, eyes in a crazed blaze, searching, anguished, desperate, frightened.


He was cut off by his older brother harshly grabbing his shoulder and squeezing it tightly.

“Because I’ve been there! You know what I saw! You know just as well as I do Shouto hasn’t and would never hurt Hina! He won’t hurt Hanta either!”


Akihito was silent as he sat in the backyard of the Todoroki mansion, staring at his hands. His eldest sister, Hina, sat besides him, humming as she worked on embroidering her name to a ribbon. A month from now, a ceremonial hunt between the covens of Japan will take place, where the male heirs are supposed to hunt while the female heiresses await their return. As the heirs hunt, the heiresses await for their arrival, and the hunters ask for their ribbons upon return. Its not a tradition that is hold in that much regard anymore, but the one who has the most hunters ask for their ribbons will be the most popular Heiress. The heiresses are tasked with choosing the prey they want their heirs to hunt, and to take apart the hunted prey.

As the Sero Coven were known for hunting down their own materials, and Hina went along these hunts many times and learned how to take apart the skin, bones and meat of many different types of beasts with her mother, she mostly had to only worry herself over having enough ribbons, and picking the prey that will provide the most challenge for Shouto.

“Big sister… does father hate me?”

She stopped embroidering, and stopped humming as well, smile going soft as she set her materials aside to pick her little brother up, ignoring Akihito’s protests.

“And why would you say that?”

“…Whenever I use my powers, he twitches."


Her grip tightens comfortingly around his waist.

"Father doesn't hate you Akihito.."

"Then does he hate my power? Is my power bad?"

"Akihito, every power can be seen as a curse as much as it can also be seen as a gift. My spiders aren't well liked, for example, but I can make cures and such out of their poisons.” At this Akihito frowns in confusion. Hina’s spiders were friendly as well, besides being the source of most of the cures the Sero coven had. Akihito couldn’t understand why other people wouldn’t like them. Ooga wasn’t as invested in the spiders on a personal level as much as his children were either.

“But they’re friendly.”

“Yes. But not to all, are they?”

Akihito thinks about it with a frown that Hina finds absolutely adorable, then nods. “No they’re not.”

“Father simply has bad memories involving momentary erasure of his own power… that doesn’t mean he loves you any less, erasing powers or not.”

The two siblings share a quiet moment together before Akihito nods, head resting against Hina’s chest as he looks up to the sky.

“Ok big sis.”


There was a problem advancing towards the upper floors.

For one, the higher things got, the colder everything seems to get.

And more importantly, there is a gigantic spider standing at the front of the entrance that leads towards the staircases that would surely lead them to where Shouto is, glowing red, hissing, cobwebs seemingly dripping with a liquid that is decidedly unsafe for humans…

Hanta instinctually backed off.

‘If…If I was Hina, I would have been able to talk calmly with this one, wouldn’t I?’

But they were a simple human being, that despite their vast knowledge in spiders, couldn’t communicate with them like a vampire would be able to.

They were going to have to find another way then…

Turning away back towards the hallways that contained many rooms, they ignored the urge to run towards the staircase and make it up there, frostbite or death be damned.

Shouto was going to have to be kept waiting... the slight comforting warmth that momentarily spread through their body told them he wouldn’t mind.


And I’m fucking done with this for now holy shit I’m naming this as (Season 1)

Next up, Fantasy AU part 2, a sort of daredevil Izuku au where Sero Hanta is basically the nurse that has to deal with his bs, part 19 is something angsty, part 20 a SeroYama.


Chapter Text

Chapter 3: Three Adventurers + a ex Mercenary

Hanta was surprised at how quickly the green rabbit seemed to have taken to moving around. He was expecting the other to take a week before he could move again, as is normal to rabbits, even the [Species Name Redacted] could die easier than a human can. So while it was not bad for the rabbit to be up and about… but it made Hanta wonder.

Another thing about the rabbit that made him suspicious was that he seemed to be intelligent enough to know what he wants, and how to get it.

“Hanta, is it wise to have him with you?” Fumikage asks warily, eyeing the rabbit nestled onto Hanta’s shoulders.

“Well… the little guy wouldn’t leave me alone. And I’m worried with what he might get up to when I’m not at the house.”

The rabbit makes noises that sound offended.

Fumikage sighs. “Fine then. As long as he doesn’t run off I don’t see a problem with bringing him along."

Hanta feels a small bit of relief upon hearing that.

Apart from the fact that he accidentally letted the little guy grow on him, he wanted to meet whoevers familiar the green rabbit was.

Hanta couldn't wait to meet them and hear the stories of their adventures. And to lecture them on taking care of a rabbit, because that is not the size a healthy rabbit should be at.


Izuku looked in wonder from the top of Hanta's head as the villagers greeted them friendly. Even some of the cold and stony looking guards seem to warm up as the healer walked past them and greeted them with a smile and a wave.

It seemed everyone in the village liked their healer...

He noticed that some of the elderly would seem to emphasize on how Hanta was their only healer there, and noticed how despite their smiles they seem to look at Hanta cautiously, suspiciously, like they will attack if they see only the slightest reasons to do so.

He could sense how Hanta’s mood soured slightly, despite the upbeat way the healer kept acting.

It’s when they had entered the forest Hanta’s smile dropped from his face and in a flash he had produced white ropes from under his sleeves. Izuku blinked in surprise. Those certainly weren’t there before…

“I always find it fascinating how deadly those ropes can be.” The bird headed guard said, eyeing the ropes that wrap up around the healers hands, seemingly having a mind of their own. Izuku thinks he has seen that material somewhere else before…

When it clicks in his head he comes dangerously close to falling off the ravenette’s head.

“Is the rabbit okay?”

“Huh I think he’s fine so far, considering his injury he isn’t doing all that bad…”

Shota hadn’t mentioned he still had family members left. He wonders how he would react from hearing that one of [Tribe Name Redacted] still exist in this day and age.

Did the villagers even know the rarity they have in their hands?

Or did being mostly isolated from the world prevented them from knowing such things?

But that can’t be right. Izuku had seen books in different languages. And the village seems to be welcoming of outsiders as long as they didn’t pose a threat.

It’s strange… that this village seems to be so unknown to outsiders.

Do they… silence anyone who speaks of the village perhaps?

But, they didn’t seem to be a hostile….And they let one of their own leave for an adventure from what he was able to gather in this short spam of time…

Then perhaps, some kind of magic oath?

Until he became human again, or got back with his companions, he doesn’t think they were going to be able to find out.


Kyoka hid in the trees up high, watching the group of three walk through the forest, lost.

The vibrations of the sounds around her made her ear lobes move in rhythmic ways, vibrating, reaching to her chest.

The bells chimed twice, making the vibrations around the group change so that they wouldn’t notice her fellow guardsmen following them. Observing them.

A witch. A knight. And…what looks like a prince…

A smirk slowly stretched across her face.

‘So the prophecy of Pritestess Shiozaki is truly happening…’

She was skeptical about not interfering, and ensuring that Hanta will get out of this damned village himself… but it seems she can trust the Priestess’s words.

Do not tell this prophecy to anyone Kyoka,

But one day a knight, a witch, a prince and a rabbit shall come to this village, a group of four, and so shall a Mercenary.

And they shall steal Hanta away from us

She had told her, with a smile that was mischievous. The smile told her

Kyoka felt slightly bad for not telling Hanta… but she and Shiozaki knew he would be too stubborn to actually go along with the flow of events.

Better for him to not know, and for him to not interfere with his own escape from the village. She knew he deserved better than to be trapped here.

Her earrings rang, making her take notice of new visitors.

Immediately she tapped onto the tree bark in a particular pattern, manipulating the emitted vibrations in a way that would reach her men.

’New targets. East. Two go.’

She listened as two of her party members immediately moved to observe the new visitors, ready to attack shall they prove to be hostile.

Hopefully they wouldn’t get caught without her there to mask their sounds. There is limits to her capabilities.


Mezo whistled behind his mouth as he listened to the birds chipper, pleased that the poncho did a good job covering his limbs. It would make this job easy.

Even if this wasn't a job.

A hand underneath his clothes gripped his blade harshly.


He had quit being a mercenary a long time ago.

He had promised his friends, Kouji and Rikidou, that he would not take lives for the sake of money again.

And yet here he was.

Kouji and Rikidou held ransom, and they will end up dead if he didn't do this.

If he didn't bring the healer of this tribe back to the League...

Then his friends will end up dead.

He feels himself calm down slightly when a butterfly lands on the rim of his bamboo hat.

He can do this.

He just needs to find the village first.


Fumikage had a bad feeling in their gut when they saw the man in the poncho.

The feeling in their gut grew worse as Hanta conversed with the stranger, excited to see an outsider. The guardsman stayed close to the healer, who radiated a calming aura. The stranger himself was calm as well.

Fumikage found themselves gripping the arm of his friend tightly, taking slow steps backwards as the stranger told the story of how to of his friends were being held ransom....

And their suspicions got confirmed the moment multiple blades hit a shadow shield they summoned, the small rabbit on Hanta's head barely holding onto the healer.


Two more guardsmen jumped from behind the bushes, ready to fight as several more arms revealed themselves, with their own weapons.


"Did you hear that?" Shouto asks, turning towards the direction where he heard the voice.

"Hear what?"

"I too have heard something-"

Shouto took off running when he heard battle cries, Tenya and Ochako yelling after him to wait.

As he ran faster the closer he could hear the sound of clashing, then he caught sight of a white line shooting off, attaching to a high branch, and a raven haired man swinging himself away...

....With a small green rabbit holding onto his shoulder for dear life, letting out a shrill scream only a rabbit can make.

Shouto activated his ice immediately when he saw a blade coming in their direction, creatinf a gigantic ice wall within the forest and making everything fall silent for a moment as the startled mans rope vanish and he ends up falling into the quickly moving ex princes arms. Izuku honked in recognition, and Shouto thinks he might be crying in happiness.

The raven haired man blinked at him dumbly looking disoriented.

"Uh, hi?"

Then a shout from above makes Shouto look up to see a woman with long lobbed ears.


With that there is a quick scramble, Ochako and Tenya catching up, a quick introduction from Hanta, the healer of a village that apparently resided inside the forest while they run, reveal that the green rabbit he's holding is actually human "THAT EXPLAINS A LOT!"

When they finally arrive at the village, and they get treated at the healers house, Shoto finally gets to know the smiling healer.

Chapter Text

Yuuga considered himself a master when it comes to make ups, and was very interested in how artificial colors complimented the natural color and shape a person already has.

To Yuuga, painted lips, eyelids, dusted skin, attached eyelashes… they are a form of ⭐️ART⭐️!!!

So, they were particularly entranced by how Hanta’s lips seem to be painted with the vanilla color of the store bought ice cream the ravenette was eating.

It painted only the parts of the lips, and dripped a little, making Yuuga want to drag their plain friend back to their dorm room and whip out all the make over kits he had, drawing out the fantastic side of Hanta from where they know he locks up inside of himself.

“Dude eyes up here.” Said a playful voice, making Yuuga look up from the pair of lips they were staring at, though the voice felt disembodied, the moving pair of muscle entrancing in how poorly painted white they were.

“Quoi?” they ask, forcing their eyes to look at onyx eyes and Yuuga thinks of how black goes so well with almost every color on the pallet. Black and white are amazing colors.

He imagines orange wings from the corner of the eyes, not too long, not too short, and not covering the entire eyelid. A light dusting of a vanilla color on the eyelids, very light. Black eyebrow pencil to make his thin eyebrows a bit thicker, and maybe give it a slight edge…

“Aaaand there you go again I think the alcohol is getting to you.” Hanta’s voice says, and Yuuga blinks, muttering “Je veux peindre ton visage…” as they lean over to grab hold of the others hands, mind slightly turning, and consciousness slightly reaching out from around the corner of their eyes to make them feel less like they were underwater, as the sound of music starts filtering in, and a thumping noise…

Hanta’s hands holds their wrist, and they feel like they’re floating away…

The next thing they register is that they’re holding onto Hanta, hand desperate to get a feeling of something, to make its nerves come back alive again.

Hanta’s above them, humming a tune as he uses one hand to rub their wrist, and the other to press their head against his chest and listen to their heartbeat. Yuuga’s entire body aches all over, and they wonder what happened.

“There you are.” he whispers, fingers running through their blond locks.

Confusion clouds their mind, along with a bit of frustration at not being able to recall what had happened “Où sui- Where am I?…” they mutter, switching to Japanese hastily, breathing as if they’re trying to catch their breath.

“We’re at your dorm room, I bought you here, and well, didn’t think you would want to be alone... after you came back from wherever you went to at the party.”

Oh. Right. Party.

Yuuga groaned rubbing a hand at their face - feeling relief over being able to move them- before they felt their expression brighten.

“Eh bien!” they say sitting up from the boys chest and stretching his limbs, “I had plans for toi anyway~ Would you mind if I gave you a makeup Monsieur Sero?~”

Ignoring the questions of “Wait where’d you get that makeup kit from-“ they immediately got to work, holding his chin, ignoring how they felt butterflies in their stomach when Hanta seemed to relax in their grip, face red in embarrassment, but submissive to their ministrations all the same.

Both U.A students spend a long time in the dorm to say the least.


A whistle can be heard. “Dude you look like a catch!” Eijiro tells him, slinging an arm around his shoulders as they sit at the table of the kitchen.

“Guess you had fun at Aoyama’s room hmm?” The redhead proceeds to say, giving him a wink with his signature shark teeth smile.

Hanta rolled his eyes pushing the others shoulder playfully. “Back off, I don’t want to hear this from someone who can’t cover up all the hickeys on his neck.”

The ravenette proceeds to ignore the way Eijiro becomes flustered as he makes I contact with Yuuga, who looks at him with a satisfaction that makes strange flips in his stomach happen.

It was nice, being in their mercy, the way they had held his face, and how careful they were being when applying make up… it felt nice. Nicer even when they told him to leave all the deciding on color part to them.


He gives a smile to the other, and they smile back with a wink that makes heat go across his face.

Oh, he was in deep.

Chapter Text

"I'm not ordering you to fight, I'm ordering you to die.”

A man, a commander said this to his troops.

"Your first destination is Akdeniz, FORWARD!”

-Mustafa Kemal Atatürk(1915-1916)

"Pre-Quirk era people were pretty badass huh?" Hanta pipes up from the cuddle pile he was in with his three cousins. Sema was in Sphinx mode, their huge black body curled up around Hanta, Hitoshi and Eri. They were in the living room of the Aizawa-Yamada house.

Sema's human head smiled a pleased smile, while their entire body rumbled with a purr created by an exhale. The warmth and sleepiness it bought made the ravenette unconsciously purr back, Eri sleepily nuzzling against his rumbling chest in his arms.

While it was a bit warmer now, it was still a bit cold. It's why they had decided to huddle together on the carpet.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it. While I cannot say for certain that it is exactly how things were in that time, there were many respectable people in the Pre-Quirk era times from all sorts of countries. Atatürk is simply one of them." She then adds. "However, the achievements they made doesn't exactly make them wise. For example, it’s said that the cause of Ataturk’s death was because of smoking. He got cancer from that. There is also somethings he had to do in History that not many people liked, such as the dress code law where people were banned from covering their heads. The reason behind it is understandable, but I’m sure there were better ways to go about advancing a culture.”

Hanta hummed under his breath. “You sure know a lot.”

“I read a lot in my spare time.”

Hitoshi snorts. “Not just in your spare time, you read books whenever you have the chance. I’m not sure where you even find Turkish books.”

“Kan-san has a lot of them.”

Hanta opened one eye to shoot a look at Aizawa-sensei who glared at him in return, making the boy roll his eyes.

“You, know the foresight this Atatürk makes me think about it, do you think pre-quirk era people had quirks?” Hanta says abruptly. “Like, they weren’t noticeable, but-“

“-Perhaps quirks were only achieved through means of hardship at those times. Mostly.” Sema had a thoughtful expression on her face. “You know, in my opinion, I think we always had quirks. But, they were more mild and subtle, and were in the realm of possibilities. Maybe quirks were meant to come out slowly through an evolution…” then she stops speaking and stares into space for a moment.

Then she speaks again. “I wander what event caused humanity to evolve so quickly.”

Silence overtook the apartment, Eri still sleeping while Hitoshi looks towards the ceiling with widened eyes, sleep disturbed. Shouta and Hizashi were now looking towards the wall with a blank, contemplating stare. Hanta felt regret at causing this event to happen, because now the question was haunting him too.

Then Hajime comes in with a mug in hand. “Hey do you guys have sugar? We ran o- Oh.” He blinked at the occupants of the apartment. “Is… everything okay?” He asks unsurely, then seems to think better of it. “Actually, you know what? I don’t want to know. I will… come back after you guys are done with your existential crisis.”

And with a quick goodbye, the purple haired man leaves to go towards his own house, back to Mihoko, who he says “They’re having a moment.”


Hisashi doesn’t like the cold.

The cold meant being away from his family, far far away from them.

The cold meant solitude, fear, constant wariness against surroundings.

The cold meant Hajime and Mihoko struggling with the cold, the possibility of them dying getting higher and higher.

Hisashi doesn’t like the snow either.

He doesn’t like what may hide under all that beautiful white.

He doesn’t like thinking about a creature bursting out, hiding, waiting, preying, then bursting out and ruining the purity of everything.

So, when winter comes along, he does his best to tuck himself inside the house, in the bed that he shares with his wife and boyfriend.(He dreams of the day he gets to call Toshi his husband, but he’s very willing to wait and not rush things.)

The others seem to understand his reluctance against going outside, Izuku, blessing for the entire world, seems to understand even more so, and stays with him to tell stories about his classmates. It’s a Saturday, so it’s not unusual to see him there.

His sons boyfriends also come over, though Hisashi isn’t sure how an interaction with them would go, he still attempts forcing himself to get out of bed before Inko firmly tells him not to leave the bed. Toshi had to go to UA, having to deal with paperworks and lesson plannings for the next week.

Burden, useless father, useless husband, useless human being-

“Midoriya-san?” A voice wafts into the room, making Hisashi stiffen undercover momentarily before relaxing. “I told you you can just call me Hisashi Hanta-kun.” He replied back, slowly working to get out of covers to look at the sheepish, slightly nervous grin the other sported. A smile, big and wide enough, soft enough with crinkling eyes, always enough to convince everyone the whole world is alright. It reminded him of Toshi’s smile.

Was Hisashi ever able to smile like that?

“Whoops, my bad.” The young man says sheepishly as he bought himself closer to the fire breather that managed to get himself upright without getting rid of the covers. “The others sent me over to invite you to dinner. Inko-san’s making Katsudon.”

Hisashi feels everything inside of himself tighten before he forced himself to relax, face still in its stoic state as he answers calmly as possible. “Sure… just let me get out of here first…”

Then he found himself grabbing a thrown, cotton wool sweater, large sized enough to fit Toshi’s All Might form comfortably.

It was yellow, green, black, not a trace of white. Not a trace of a pure color.

He whips his head to see a small understanding look in the kids onyx eyes.

“Um, It might not exactly be the same thing, but I uh, not really a fan of the cold as well…” he rubbed his neck as he said this, eyes darting around.

Ah. The Sports Festival.

The rest of the day is spent comfortably warm, and with his family.

He’s very glad for his sons choice in partners.


Connections™ groupchat

AdultCabbage: Has anyone of you seen Void?

PurpleCabbage: dad it’s the middle of the night

AdultCabbage: so why are you awake?

MorningBreath logged in

MorningBreath: I think you left her at the Sero family house

AdultCabbage: @Tape

PurpleCabbage: Don’t

PurpleCabbage: I was too late

Tape logged in

Tape: they are coming

AdultCabbage: Well ain’t that a terrifying sentence

Tape: the demented child made a deal with the mad man

Tape: an army

PurpleCabbage: fuck it’s a prophecy

Tape: an army of puppets

MorningBreath: Are you telling me this is a thing that happens?

Tape: charred black

Tape: forever screaming in agony

GreenBean logged in

GreenBean: Oh no Hajime-san what have you done

AdultCabbage: I don’t know but I’m terrified

Tape: there is no safe place

Tape: everyone is dead

Tape: there are thousands of them they’re coming they’recomingtheyrecoming

Tape logged off

DoctorBanner logged in

DoctorBanner: I’ve got him

DoctorBanner: My wife will be giving Void back next morning.

DoctorBanner: she’s making sure Hanta gets through the episode safely

AdultCabbage: I’m so sorry Mr. Sero

DoctorBanner: don’t be

DoctorBanner: My son has been suffering from these kinds of,,, visions for quite a while now

GreenBean: He doesn’t remember them afterwards though.

DoctorBanner: though I’m reluctant to call them visions, they’re more like warnings of a highly possible danger involving close individuals, hypothetically.

MorningBreath: so we possibly have a future that involves…. A army of puppets?

MorningBreath: wait this was how you guys found me right?

GreenBean: Yeah.

PurpleCabbage: How bad is it?

DoctorBanner: worse than I’ve ever seen before

DoctorBanner: Mr. Shinsou.

AdultCabbage: Yes?

DoctorBanner: Do you remember that Black Noumu we worked on last week?

AdultCabbage: I am understanding what you are saying and I don’t like it one bit

DoctorBanner: @Caterpillar @Screm @Groot @Titan @Might @Falcon

Caterpillar, Screm, Groot, Titan, Might and Falcon logged in

Caterpillar: We will all be on the look out.

43 messages deleted

— — — — —
(The Next Morning)

Married future BloodyEraserMic groupchat

TapeWife logged in

TapeWife: izuku?

BroccoliHusband: Yes Hanta?

TapeWife: Can I come over? I kind of want to be with you guys right now

BroccoliHusband: Would you like me and Shouto to come over instead sweetheart?

TapeWife: if that’s okay

BroccoliHusband: Always, it’s always okay honey

BroccoliHusband: I’m so proud you asked us for help sunshine.

TapeWife: You’re really into the nickname stuff Izu.

BroccoliHusband: I’m really into how happier you are when I use them


TapeWife: <3

BroccoliHusband: <3

BroccoliHusband: Shouto and I will be over there in half an hour.

BroccoliHusband: Do you wanna tell me what’s wrong sunshine in the meantime?

BroccoliHusband: You don’t have to if you don’t want to honey.

TapeWife: It’s kind of

TapeWife: I mean I

TapeWife: I had a nightmare

TapeWife: you were, everyone was dead

TapeWife: it was horrible

BroccoliHusband: sweetheart we’re never gonna leave you, understand?

BroccoliHusband: I won’t let any of us die okay kitten?

BroccoliHusband: Never

TapeWife: I know

BroccoliHusband: Do you really sweetheart

TapeWife: no

TapeWife: please hurry Izu

BroccoliHusband: Alright kitten, it’s all going to be alright…

— — — — —

Chapter Text

Sero Hanta is a student in U.A.

No, not a hero course student. Heroics are cool and all, and there was a time when he DID wanted to be a hero, but….he can’t deal with that kind of peer pressure.

Being a doctor meant saving lives without having to show it off to others, for one.

Which is why he is following in his fathers footsteps by being a general departments student.

There was also the added bonus that he wouldn’t have to fear for his life facing villains!

Just boring, plain ol Sero Hanta with a medical degree!

At least that’s what he thought.

What he didn’t thought was that within the first year of going to U.A he was going to come across Rabbit. A vigilante that has been all over the place lately.
Currently in an alleyway, bleeding on the concrete floor, green costume and all.

Because having good grades and medical knowledge doesn’t make you any less of an idiot he automatically found himself in the apartment he was renting at, a blanket thrown over the other and the bleeding having been stopped at the alleyway before he had decided to take the other towards his own apartment.

‘Well then, Hanta, let’s think of this as… some sort of project. Like a test to your skills.’

That sounded like something Hatsume Mei would say.

He managed to check for head injuries without revealing Rabbit’s true identity to himself, then proceeded onto this time thoroughly checking the wound he had carefully taped shut with a piece of the t-shirt the vigilante was wearing wrapped around it.

God, his mother would cry at the awful fashion sense the guy obviously had.

The white fabric he had draped on the old, cheap, and worn out coach gets stained red, taking most of the damage as Hanta does his work carefully, using the experiences he had from assisting his free-lancing father, and what he had learned so far from Chiyo-sensei.

His mind feels fuzzy as he carefully stitched together skin, using antiseptic every now and then to clean the wound from blood and bacteria.

‘You’re insane. You’re being insane.’ the rational voice in his mind whispered as his hands continued doing their work.

It’s when he's finally done treating the other, had placed antibiotics along with other medicines besides him, and had left a note telling the dosages he has to take and other medical advices. It's when he has taken a shower to wash off the blood, had thrown his clothes entirely into the trash after using a ton of hydrogen peroxide he keeps somewhere in the small closet on them, and then cleaned up his entire room.

It's when he's in fresh new clothes, a clean dinky apartment that still has poor heater and AC going on, and still probably has some places that could only be saved if Hanta used acid on them. It was sterile as it was going to get.

It's when he is sitting down on his futon cross legged that it all hits him.

He just treated the wounds of the vigilante Rabbit.


What if the guy had a tracker on him?

What if he lead villains over to his house?

What if someone had seen him bringing the guy over?

What if he goes to jail for helping a vigilante?



What if his family got involved?

’You wanted to be a hero didn’t you?’

Hanta grips the sheets of the futon underneath him tighter than he ever did before he relaxed his grip and tried to think about what he should do next as he stares at the sleeping green vigilante.

The other teen-Hanta’s pretty sure he’s a teen- mumbles in his sedated state, arm twitching, hands clenching and unclenching.



When Izuku wakes up, he’s in an unfamiliar place, which makes him immediately get off from the couch he is in and start observing his surroundings, his weapons thankfully still with him, arm muscles and the palm of his hand moving in a way that allowed the knife hidden under his sleeve to be reachable.

A dull pain at his abdomen reminds him of the fight he had gotten into.

‘Right, I was about to die.’

He had managed to attract the attention of the villain with a Blade Claw quirk. A quirk that transformed the villains to fingers to transform into blades. Though, this didn’t just apply to his hands, it also applied to his hands. The villains had committed several back alley murders, and had managed to go under radar thanks to the help of an underground organization, whose affairs Izuku meddled with a little, thus gaining the attention of the fucker.

It was a hard fight, and it did more than emphasize on how weak he was.


He’s pretty sure he was expecting to end up dead there. Who would have missed him? Only his mother, certainly. Izuku didn’t have any friends in the General Departments he goes to.

He doesn’t have anyone else other than his mother, he supposes.

So, it was a big surprise to find himself waking up in an unfamiliar couch, his life threatening wounds dressed, and treated.

‘This looks like the most broke college students room.’ He thinks a while after observing. ‘Or an old grandma’s apartment.’ He rethinks, as he look towards a shelf that contains a tea set, and yarns of various colors with a set of bamboo needles placed on a worn looking sofa.

Izuku takes notice of two bottles placed on chair that sat besides the creaking couch. They were placed on a paper with something written on it.

He crouches and takes a look at it.

Instructions on taking the two medicines, how far he can go with the wound, some movements he needs to do for his injury, and a description of how deep the wound was.

The adress of where he was right now. Fairly close to U.A. And his apartment was in the same building as this guy. Izuku’s apartment was

Promises that whoever had written this note hadn’t looked under his mask. Izuku takes notice of how his mask was still on his face. And hopes of not getting mentioned to the police if he ever gets caught as the Rabbit.

He flips the paper back and forth to see if there was any name written on it only to see none, before proceeding to turn sharp eyes towards the inside of the apartment.

He ran a hand down his mask and sighed.

First things first, he should discreetly go back to his apartment.

He makes a quick work of getting out of his costume, and looks through the closet to steal some clothes, and finds himself pausing when he comes across an U.A uniform.

A quick look at the name tag reveals exactly who had helped him…

’Sero Hanta.’


Well then.

Izuku feels a plan formulate in his head, and a grin slowly start splitting his face.

‘Guess I’m going to get myself a personal nurse then.’

It was a really lucky day for him wasn’t it?

Chapter Text

“It’s the same huh…” Hanta muttered under his breath as he inspected the corpse in the autopsy room.

It was another mysterious burn victim. Mysterious because of the way the victims were burned.

‘Like all the other corpses this one is deformed.’

Lately, there were rumors of strange humanoid creatures being seen in dark alleys of the city they were in.

Right now, the case the police was working on is top secret. Hanta has special privileges to be able to examine the corpses...

He almost had an heart attack when a smooth and even voice came out from behind him.

“Hello Doctor Sero.”

Hanta took a deep breath before turning around and addressing the man, Chisaki Kai, with a smile.

As always, he looked stand offish, smug, and disinterested in the whole world. Hanta didn’t know why the guy seemed to take a special interest in him.

‘I really don’t like this guy.’ A traitorous thought seeped in.

“Hi there Dr. Kai. No patients today?”

Chisaki Kai was a surgeon that was the best at what he did. He was very dedicated to his work, though there were rumors circulating about him.

Hanta doesn’t pay attention to rumors, so they weren’t what made him unsettled whenever the man came up to talk with him.

What unsettled him was the glint the man would get in his eyes whenever they ended up having one of their conversations, and those conversations usually ended up being philosophical.

Hanta certainly didn’t like how the man viewed the world.

“No, not as of yet. I was going to ask for your insight regarding a patient…” the man trailed off, voice slightly muffled behind the hospital mask, eyes trailing towards the corpse “But I see you were busy.”

“Yeah, sorry. But, uh, I can spare some time if it’s an emergency situation?”

Hanta actually wanted to not talk with him. At all. But if it was something concerning a patient he’d rather not neglect his duties as a doctor.

He should’ve been a little suspicious he supposed. Chisaki Kai? Asking for input? Kai didn’t show actual concern for his patients outside of his job. It’s another thing that unsettled Hanta, but he tried not to judge the man for it. To each their own.

As Hanta grabbed the folder and flipped open the page to come across the photo of a little girl with a description of her sickness written at the side, the alarms started blaring.


The voice is cut off with a scream, and the sound of a primal animals loud growling.

Then there is silence, with the alarm still blaring, and the sounds of thousands of people screaming coming from upstairs.

“What-“ Before Hanta could finish his thought process he was suddenly hit in the back of his head with a very sharp object, and found himself falling down.

“Apologies, Dr. Sero.”

Kai says, his voice sounding distant from where Hanta laid.

A sharp prick of a needle at the back of his neck. The feeling of something thrumming inside his veins.

“But you’re collateral damage for the Project, New Age…”

And Hanta blacks out.


Hanta groaned, awareness slowly coming back to him.

Everywhere in his body ached in pain.

Where was he? What had happened?

His first question is answered as he recognized the autopsy room. Except it was covered in blood, and weird mutated flesh that seemed to cling to the walls, spreading their veins. The putrid smell made him turn to his side, and vomit stomach acid in his dazed state.

His head ached, he could feel pounding.

It felt like something was crawling through his veins, putting pressure in the space between his flesh and skull.

He then remembered what had happened.

Chisaki Kai. When the alarm had went off he had hit his head from behind. Hanta could still feel it smart. He can vaguely remember his friend speaking to him before he had injected something into his neck.

Hanta slowly got up, confusion, fear and anger filling up his chest. He ignored that in favor of listening to the sudden crackling, and animalistic shrieking he hears, coming from outside.

Fear became more dominant when what could only be called an abomination made from sacks of flesh and veins broke through the doors, round mouth open wide to show spinning teeth, ready to grin anything that goes into him into a pulp.

There is a shriek as the creature leaps, fingers long, sharp, ready to snatch and pierce him.

He immediately flings his arms, close his eyes, accepts his fate-

A fate that never came.

The pathologist slowly opened his eyes, the shrieking still happening, and slowly put his arms down to the sight of the monster stuck to the ceiling, tied up by a red, thick, fleshy cord….

That seems to be flesh that unraveled from his forearm.

Eyes wide, he blankly examined the parted muscle tissues, and bone, briefly wondered about how he wasn’t feeling pain from apparently peeling of the flesh from his fucking arm before settling on a single question.

What the actual fuck did Chisaki put in him?


Hanta could only blink in wide eyes as he recognized exactly who the pyromaniac burning away those parasite carriers was.

Dabi, a fugitive reported for several Arsons and several murders. Hanta had been the one to perform autopsy on the mans victims.

And, if the news were correct at the time, had joined a criminal organization a month ago before all this shit show went down.

He felt the numbness slowly ebb away as panic started to take over.

He needed to get away from there immediately before-

Suddenly there was the sound of a whistle, and a hand grabbed his face, hot, warm, and covering his eyes.

“Well, well, look what we have here~”

The malicious intent that can be heard in that voice made the flesh of his forearms bristle, unraveling slowly.

Stings of a thousand needles against his face.

Smell of burning flesh.

Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain-

The skin of the stitch hand reaches his skull, he can feel the stitches scrap against it.

Every part of his insides screamed, and he thinks he was screaming too, even after the blue hungry flames had reached his vocal cords.

The flesh peels away from his forearms, wraps around Dabi’s arms, tries to get the man to let go, or to strangle him.

He hears the screaming of something else screeching.


The feeling of hitting the ground as the man lets go is barely there, and Hanta judges from how empty his eye sockets feels his eyeballs must have been melted.

He writhes, his flesh ripples, wraps around rocks, anything that can be reached.

The hot scorching flames keeps eating at his skin. His body trying his best to survive, even as he feels the flames slowly start to reach his erratically beating heart.

Then his almost completely churned, peeled flesh reaches something wet.



Next thing he knows his forearms immediately drags the rest of his body into a giant body of water that blessedly wraps all around him, and something in his head twists, reaches out of his eye sockets and starts growing around all over the burnt flesh and bones.

Then he loses all his senses.


When he wakes up again, its to a stitched face.

Before Hanta can scream, and a corner of his mind thinks about how he has vocal cords to scream, a hand was covering his mouth, and he finds himself being slammed to a jagged wall. His back hurts, along with the back of his head.

The flesh of his forearms wrap around the others arms and squeezes.

Then there’s a shriek of something else in the distance.

“Ya here that pretty boy?” Is whispered into his ear as Hanta’s dazed mind pays attention to the sounds of huge thuds, groaning of metal and concrete.

“Dunno how far that regeneration goes, but I’m pretty sure neither of us want to meet that thing.”

Hanta squeezes the others arms less, and slowly lets go, letting the flesh stick itself back to his bones, slowly covering the unprotected bones back. He feels his stomach churn as Dabi seems to watch with interest.

’Stop looking.’

It’s after the danger has passed that he finds himself immediately pushing the absolute the psychopath away from him, the flesh of his forearm unwrapping again and hitting the arsonist away from him as well.

“Jesus fuck-“ he slowly sits down, the bones of his fingers pressing against hi abdomen, the other holding his head because damn does his headache hurts. He says more strings of curses.

“Ouch.” Dabi says boredom.

“Why the fuck?” Hanta says finally, directing the question at the bane of existence.

“I like setting people on fire.”

“How the fuck?!” The question is this time directed to how he seems to be brand new, except for the brand new clothes that seem to be placed on him.

“It’s the parasite. You’re a special kind of host, congratulations! You’re welcome for the clothes by the way.”

Shit shit shit shit shit shit-

“…I’m just gonna go over there while you have your panic attack.”


“Have you calmed down now?”


“Okay, looks like it, so how about you tell me your story host?”

“It’s Sero you ass. And why do you want to know?” Hanta’s too tired to feel anything about how he was burned to the ground. He had stabbed himself with a broken glass from the store they were in. Dabi had apparently carried him from the hospital to the shopping centre.

Judging by how everything smelled burnt, he’s pretty sure the other had came across more of those carriers.

“You’re the only host that I met that is capable of sentience, besides myself. I’m curious. And bored.”


“Well I’m waiting~”

“I was performing an autopsy on one of your victims when we got a warning to barricade ourselves.”

Hanta shut his eyes, thinking of spinning red lights, looping alarm sound.

“Then… my colleague hit me from the back and…he was probably the one that injected me with the parasite.”

It all feels like a nightmare.

“Huh, what was his name?”

“..Chisaki Kai…”

Then suddenly it feels like something had shifted in the air, the atmosphere becoming thicker. Hanta could feel the pressure in his head growing, something burning in the pits of his stomach.

“I’m going to kill him.”

The words slip out of his mouth before he registers them.

And. It sticks with him.

He wants to kill him.

This was genuine, murderous intent.

There is a cackle, and suddenly a hand is trusted in front of him. He flinches blinking at it.

“Good! That makes the two of us!”


"Hey, hey doctor-"



"If you got yourself injured for the sole purpose of making that joke again I will rip out all your tendons and leave you here to bleed out and die."

Hanta stared into the blue eyes of Dabi with a glare, a glare that was getting tiring to keep up because the two of them had to be constantly alert last night against parasitic creatures.

Hanta doesn't dwell on how he seems to desensitized to near death situations by now. Sure, the adrenaline kicks in, and there is always the fear of dying, but… after the first four times he had to patch up both Dabi and himself, he wasn’t as plagued by nightmares of monsters as he was before.

Dabi chuckled reaching out a hand, humming as he thumbed the others cheek.

“You were so cute the first few times we did this, all panicked and stuff…” he murmured.

The intimate touches and affectionate words were something new that started between them.

It’s strange really.

They first started off with a deal, for Hanta to get his revenge on Chisaki, and for Dabi wanted to simply see the bastard burned to the ground. Neither of them cared about which one of them killed the guy, as long as he stays dead.

It must be because they started off relying on each other before they had came across other human beings that they developed this bond….

Hanta rolled his eyes in annoyance and a huff, leaning slightly into the warm touch as he focused back on his work.

“You get to deal with Izuku when he sees all the blood.”


There is maniacal laughter as thunder crackles across the sky.

There is scuffle.

There is a shout.

There is a boom of flames.

Eri lets out a sob in Izuku’s arms.

Hanta manages to save them.

It’s only him and Chisaki now.

Hanta ignores the calls of Dabi and lunges forwards, roaring.


“I hate getting knocked out.” Hanta mutters as he blearily opens his eyes yet again.

Almost immediately there are lips pressed against his.

”Then how about you stop doing that you idiot?!?” Dabi tells him holding the sides of his faces. There are tears streaming down the arsonists face, and the concern and intense relief could be noticeable.

Despite the fact that every part of him hurt, Hanta finds himself chuckling before wincing. “Ouch.” He mutters.

“Shit. Don’t talk sweetheart.”


“’Sweetheart’? Is that what I am to you?” he teases the other, and coughs a bit. He takes notice of the strange absence of his forearms, and the pressure in his head is gone.

“…So what if you are?”

“Heh. Nothing firecracker.”

The pet name rolls of his tongue smoothly, it feels right.

The other chokes, and laugh as well.


“Aw, what happened to the pet name?”

“It’s not coming back till you’re okay.”

“Haha…” He glances to the side to see the approaching figure of Izuku, Shouto and Eri.

Izuku crouches with Eri over him, his eyes soft, filled with guilt, and unmeasurable amount of gratefulness directed to Hanta.

“Hanta-nii.” Eri speaks tears in her eyes. “You saved the world Hanta-nii. The bad man is gone now.”

Hanta feels something lighten in his chest, and he lets out an exhale.

“Damn straight. And he ain’t coming back.”

He starts slipping away again when blubbers of ’Thank you’s start.


Being without arms is a strange experience.

For a while he tries to do things with his mouth, or others parts of his body instead of relying on the others, but then gives in. Dabi immediately becomes his Prince Charming.

At the very least Hatsume Mei had promised to make prosthetics.


That way he won’t have to headbutt Dabi’s, the tall assholes, chin.

“This is bullying!” Hanta puffs his cheeks as he glares at the other, who had grabbed hold of the medical book Hanta was reading. Dabi simply raised an eyebrow at him.

After Chisaki Kai, the main core of the parasites, had been killed, the remaining humans were gathered and had ended up building a small settlement in the form of a village.

Izuku, Eri and Shouto lived close by, along with Hatsume Mei.

Everyone was doing their own part in restarting society, and bringing Humanity back up to its feet. Kouda Kouji, Shinsou Hitoshi and Sero Hanta’s job was to act as doctors throughout this whole process. Dabi was his temporary assistant until Hatsume finished building a prosthetic arm.

“It’s not bullying, it’s me intervening with your attempts to run yourself to the ground.” Dabi replies back lazily, before wrapping his other arm around the others waist and kissing the ravenette on the lips.

“And you’ve been rather neglectful lately. That brain kid can cover for you for this.”

Hanta keeps up his glare, refusing the let the heat on his cheeks and the warmth in his chest make a smile come onto his face.

“It’s not like there are that many patient like last month either.”

At this, Hanta sighed, and finally rested his head against the others chest. Dabi had a point. This patient wasn’t as worse off as the bunch from last month, who they had thankfully managed to save completely. It was pretty much just a aching back, something that Kouji can take care of with his assistant Shouji Mezou.

Maybe he could take a little break.

He let out a yelp when Dabi’s hand went lower and gave a squeeze.

“Now how about I make you pay for ignoring me for so long?”

There were a lot of hardships.

And Hanta might have lost his arms, yes.

But he doesn’t regret knowing all the people that he had met, and he doesn’t regret being alive at this moment.

It’s going to still take a lot of hard work but…

It’s the start of a good life.

Chapter Text

If you're a lover, you should know
The lonely moments just get lonelier
The longer you're in love
Than if you were alone
Memories turn into daydreams become a taboo

I don’t want to be afraid
The deeper that I go,
It takes my breath away
Soft hearts
Electric souls

Heart to Heart
Eyes to Eyes

Is this taboo?


It was after she had been completely demolished by him hat Sero Hanta had caught her full attention.

Plain. And not in a mean way. He was plain. A background character. Smiled in a way that calmed others. A supportive friend that could sometimes be a bit blunt. He would easily go beneath a villains radar. Plain, silly, blunt, and charming.

Truly a Cellophane boy.

His calmness made her wonder if he somehow hadn’t taken the full brunt of the suffering class A seems to go through…

Then, class B started to hang out with class A more and more…which meant she got to speak with Sero Hanta more.

And she found out he wasn’t all that calm.

His eyes flickered worriedly to the other members of class A.

A hand is almost constantly rubbing at his neck, a nervous tick. Despite his relaxed smile, and the kind crinkling of his eyes, and the way he seems to have a comforting touch, he’s always anxious, cautious, nervous.

’Stressed.’ Setsuna thinks. ’Stressed, but very good at hiding it.’

“Tokage-chan, is there a reason why you’re staring at Sero-kun?” Asked her mushroom friend.

Her heart beated against her ribcages, making it ache.

“Oh, you know, scouting out competition!” She replies quickly. Perhaps too quickly judging by the looks shot at her by some of the boys.

Her eyes continue straying to the tape quirk user.

She feels an emptiness that never quite goes away whenever he isn’t around.

His smile keeps appearing inside her head, continuously.

Soon she finds herself asking for her classmate, Kaibara’s camera.

“Here, you can have this old fashioned camera. You just have to-“ he presses a button, a click, a flash, and a square paper slide out of the slot beneath its lens. “Then you’ve got to shake this a little.” Kaibara continues demonstrating as the pitch black darkness clears out to reveal Setsuna’s smiling expression.

“Ooh! Thanks Sen!” She chirps, picking up the camera like it was something fragile.

Sen wordlessly watches after her retreating back, an odd disturbed feeling inside his chest.

He doesn’t understand where the feeling comes from until he sees her taking a picture of that tape kid from class 1-A with an unusual expression on her face.


Baby we built this house on memories
Take my picture now,

Shake it till you see it

And when your fantasies

Become your legacy

Promise me a place

In your house of memories~


Hanta ends up having many coincidental meetings with Setsuna.

Hanta ends up hanging out together with Setsuna many times.

They talk together, challenge each other to do the most ridiculous dares, and end up sharing a lot of laughs.

Then he finally starts calling her over to the Bakusquad table, and finds the excitement she shows endearing.

Then she starts inviting him to her friend group outings.

She takes many pictures, ‘It’s sort of this new hobby I have.’ She explains sometimes. ‘I want to make memories.’ She says, other times.

Hanta doesn’t notice the many more pictures of himself Setsuna keeps, and Setsuna doesn’t tell him about the separate scrapbook she keeps, completely filled with photos that is made from photos Hanta gave her permission to take, and photos Hanta didn’t even notice was taken.

She plans to keep it a secret as much as possible from the other.

Chapter Text

”If you’re in love then you’re the lucky ones

‘Cause most of us are bitter over,



It was a usual day of business.

Hanta gasped as another stranger Alpha bit into his neck.

Hides his disgust as another load is dumped into him.

His worn out, abused channel clenched anyway.

An Omega cannot get pregnant, nor mated, if they’re not in their heat, and feelings aren’t involved.

“You will get charged extra for that.” He says in a cheery voice, a fake smile, and his customer groans as they wait for the knot to deflate.

“Goddammit you just feel so fuckin’ good Cellophane…”

Cellophane. His stripper name.

He sighed as yet another Alpha pleaded for him to become theirs.

“No can do sugar, I only do business here after all~”

He leaves the Omega whorehouse later than usual because of the amount of customers that came that day.

Every part of his body feels sore.

He feels sorry for whoever would have to get this kind of job. Which, would be most of the omega population really.

He ignores the painful feeling in his chest as he passes by a window that displayed working TVs, the actor Monoma Neito smiling professionally.

The scarring bond mark behind his neck ached.

He ignores that too.

The rain pours heavily when he makes it to his apartment, and barely pays attention to the truck, probably a new tenant moving in.

He’s too tired to pay attention to anything except the ground.

That is until he ends up getting the familiar scent of a fellow omega, one that wafted with concern, making him immediately look up with a forced smile.

“Hey neighbor! Did you just came back?” The red headed omega says, hair down instead of its usual spiked up self, he had a pot in his gloved hands, a pot big enough to feed one person.

“Yeah, there were more customers than usual~” He makes sure to wink at that. “And what might that in your hands be? A present for Lil ol me?”

Bakugou Eijiro laughs, genuinely happy, and his smile almost blinds Hanta. God. Bakugou Katsuki was one lucky alpha.

“You know it! Katsuki made some extra for you, saying how you’re too skinny.” At this Eijiro shot a meaningful look to his form, most likely aiming for the skinny body he hides under the trench coat.

Hanta momentarily paused to take a whiff of the delicious smell that came from the pot when Eijiro handed it over to him.

God. Bakugou Eijiro was one lucky omega.

“This smells so good, my regards to the chef~” he waves as he continued making his way towards his floor, the ache in his chest growing as the omega waves back, face bright, so young, so innocent, so kind. It continues growing when the blonde alpha opens the door for his dear omegas and it is at this point that Hanta forces himself to continue on his way, eyes looking away from the married couple.

He briefly thought about a time he used to feel happy, giddy even at seeing other couples. Happy at seeing so many others sharing the same happiness he felt with-

The thought is cut off completely when he takes notice of a strong scent.

A gentle scent.

A gentle scent that smelled like peaches, and lemonade cocktails, mixed with a rose scent. Romantic, gentle scent. A promise to stay.

It catches him off by surprise, and makes him look up to notice that there are boxes placed in front of the vacant apartment next to him.

Without giving it another thought he goes into his own apartment, and takes notice of how Neito’s lavender scent was getting duller duller.


The next day he wakes up early, goes out to his balcony to attend to the plants he keeps there, wears comfortable loose sweatpants with a white t shirt. It’s a day off, so he wasn’t in a hurry to get anywhere, and didn’t need to worry about getting enough rest for strenuous activities. That he really doesn’t want to think about.

Cool air hits his face, arms, goes through his air, and makes his ears slightly redden. It makes him feel, cleaner. It makes his chest feel lighter, makes the underwater feeling in his head go away just the slightest bit.

He takes a deep breath, the scent of his flowers come to his nose, and he feels the scent of the cigarettes that infest the whorehouse wash out of him with each exhale.

Second hand smoking is probably one of the many things that will get him killed. It’s a miracle that his skin hasn’t aged.

A deep tiredness settles into him a moment after, because repressing unwanted memories was one of the many things he was bad at.

He imagines the scent of lavender.

“Pardon me…”

A voice breaks through his thoughts, and peach lemonade replaces lavender, making his eyes open to see a muscular alpha leaning against the balcony railing of the apartment next to Hanta.

’So this is the new tenant.’

“I am your new neighbor. Have you been growing those Columbine, if you don’t mind me asking?”

Hanta blinks, and then chuckles at the ridiculousness of the question.

“Yeah,” he answers eyes darting to the yellow blossoms standing in their 2 feet tall glory, lobed, with its pink tinged petals parted to reveal its yellow crown, “Been raising them for a year and a half now, they will probably be gone by the end of this year.”

“That is admirable dedication.” The alpha says, face mask muffling his voice, but Hanta could hear the politeness in it, and genuine intent. “Would you give me the address? I had plants at my old residence, but I’m afraid I couldn’t bring them along…”

“Oh hold on..” Hanta immediately went inside to get paper and pen, writing down the street name, the shops name before going outside and giving it to the guy. “Say hi to the owner for me when you meet her, she’s a good friend of mine.”

The corners of the alphas eyes crinkle, making Hanta think he might be smiling, before they suddenly widen with a realization.

“Ah, I forgot to give you my name, how rude of me…” he sounded embarrassed, though he was calm. Another hand extended for a handshake while the other held the small paper in his hand.

’The distance between balconies is really short huh…’ Hanta thinks as the man speaks.

“Shouji Mezou.”

Simply a name. Not giving anymore information, not asking for more information from the other in return.

‘What a gentleman.’

His hand is so much smaller in his hands.

“Sero Hanta.”

The peach smell seem to clear his mind, ground him to the present. It was a friendly smell, a smell that said ‘I am here.’ Rather than saying ‘I am mighty.’. It wasn’t overpowering, the scent was fairly soft.

‘Ah, this could be bad.’ Hanta thinks as he feels knots that he though would forever be tied, start to loosen at his spine.


“Are you finally moving on from that sleaze?” Hitoshi asks the moment Hanta opens the doors to the cat cafe.

Hanta blinks at his step-cousin one, two, three times.

“Bye.” He says, re-opening the door to go back outside. Cats can wait another day.

“Wait I’m joking-“ the purple haired omega scrambles to get a hold of the other before he disappears completely “Please don’t go?”

Hanta lets a humms instead of answering as he lets Hitoshi drag him back inside the cafe, where Sema promptly greeted him with their usual quiet wave and small smile from behind the counter.

“Okay, so explain Shouji to me then, Ibara’s been giving me deetz on your new neighbor but I need new information.”

Hanta watched Sema shoot a tired look at their table, before looking apologetic at Hanta, he gives them a tired smile that he hopes conveys ‘It’s okay, you can’t control him.’

“He moved in two months ago.”

“Already know that.”

“Not sure what you’re fishing for here Toshi.”

Hitoshi groaned leaning against the table to grab Hanta’s hands.

“Is it a crime if I want my cousin to be happy?!”

The air was suddenly filled with a raspberry scent, with hints of chocolate in it, and a decorated steam milk coffee was placed on the table.

“Hitoshi.” there was a warning tone in Sema’s voice as they pointedly looked at their brother, who deflated under their gaze. The scent became less powerful, and relaxing faint chocolate scent spread back throughout the cafe, a sign that Sema felt less distressed than before.

Bless their protective soul, though Hanta felt a bit embarrassed. He was an adult omega that had chosen a carrier where he is subjected to slurs, and plentiful of hurtful comment after all, mentions of Neito still affecting him was embarrassing.

“Sorry…” Hitoshi mumbled finally, his hands slipping away from Hanta’s, he had a genuinely apologetic look in his eyes that made the raven haired omega sigh.

“It’s fine.”

With that, the last of the tense atmosphere dissipated, and his cousin got the mischievous look back on his face, making Hanta internally swear.

“So, let’s talk about your neighbor~”

“There really isn’t much to say about him, he likes flowers…” Hanta’s eyes focused on the coffee cup, the strong fragrant that came from it. “He’s really caring…”

“Sero-san?” Hanta froze at the voice shaky hands dropping the key from his hands, and causing him to let out a curse. He kept the hood of his trench coat up over his head, only peeking up slightly, just enough to shadow the bruises on his face.

“H-Hey Shouji…” he hated how his voice sounded. Broken. Used. Hoarse. Hoarse from screaming and crying. “Was I being loud?..”

“I was already awake, you…Are you alright?” Hanta barely controlled his flinch when he felt the hospital masked alphas fingers gently touch his fisted hands.

“I…” Hanta closed his eyes tightly, and lowered his hands further. “Just, a rough day at work… I just need to get inside…”

Scent of peach filled his nose, a hint of rose coming up to his nose. It made him want to cry. Want to go and find comfort in his neighbors arms. Want a..hug. Just a hug. A hug to make the bad dreams go away.

“Could you show your face to me please?” Shouji’s voice landed softly to his ears. There was no usage of the dominant voice an Alpha takes, when they feel the need to demand something.

Yet, and yet, maybe because Hanta was so tired, he looked up to meet the others warm brown eyes. He sees something glint in those eyes, eyebrows knit, and Hanta finds that a tear had slipped from one of his eyes, sliding down his purple marred cheek.

“Can I… treat your wounds?” And Hanta finds himself nodding, using a hand to wipe at his eyes. “Alright, would you prefer my apartment or yours?”

“He always asks for consent, like, if he is going to bring something, and if the other says no he doesn’t bring it…” Hanta can feel himself slowly zoning out as he talks. “He’s really respectful of privacy. Very sensitive to peoples comfort zones.”

“Oh?~” Hitoshi drawls out, nearly purring. He was watching his raven haired cousin, who had a fond look in his eyes that the purple haired omega hadn’t seen in a long time.

It had been a month since they had been neighbors, but it was the first time Hanta had been in the others apartment.

There was no traces of lavender, despite there seemingly being a various assortments of herbs in the kitchen. For the most part it was clean… there were no photos placed. A simple sofa that could accommodate two people, and one arm chair. There was a door to the bathroom, and another door to the bedroom.

Hanta had taken a seat on the sofa, trench coat put aside to reveal the rather skimpy outfit Hanta had underneath it, though Shouji looked unfazed by this. Hanta wasn’t sure if he felt disappointed that his bare legs and stomach didn’t entice an Alpha for the first time, or if he was relieved at not getting stared at for once.

He’s pretty sure it was the first time Shouji had seen him in work clothes. Somehow, he was expecting a look mortification of sorts.

“Can I check your ankle?” Hanta felt startled out of his trance at the question, taking notice that Shouji had placed the medical kit on the wooden table and had taken out some supplies. He must be really out of it to have not noticed. “I noticed you were limping, I thought there might be something wrong with it.”

As an answer Hanta simply nodded and moved his left foot forward a little, repressing the memory of how tightly it was grabbed, looking somewhere else, anywhere else besides the bruised fingerprints left there.

He shivered when a warm palm gently grasped his heel and the back of his ankle, lifting it up higher and gently pressing fingertips to check if there was anything more than bruises to be looked at.

‘His hand are gentle.’ He thinks. It’s not the first time he observes this.

“His hands are gentle…” hearing a poorly stifled chuckle snapped him out of the trance.

“It sounds like you’re in love~” Hanta caught a glimpse of Sema looking towards them with a critical eye from behind the counter, rubbing their hands together in a nervous habit.

Surprisingly enough, Hanta didn’t feel uncomfortable by the statement. In fact, he actually felt like something clicked in his brain.

His expression looked contemplative, before it slowly morphed into an astonished expression.

“I am.”

Then his expression turns into horror.

“Oh God I am in love again.

Sema looked remorseful and concerned at Hanta, while Hitoshi put a hand on his shoulder, letting out a lilac scent as a shit eating grin spread across his face.

“Good for you~”