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Hands Off

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"No." Lan WangJi's hands grip Wei WuXian's hips as he sits astride him, halting his upward thrusts. Wei WuXian shivers, relishing the feel of long fingers pressing down into his skin. He hopes he leaves bruises, marks that he can trace and press into himself to relive the aching bliss long after their lovemaking.


Wei WuXian's babble cuts through the sex-soaked tension in the air. "But Second Master Lan, I wish to make you come. Please let me touch you, Lan Zhan! I need it, I need to! You're so good, so pretty on my cock, I can't possibly go another second without touching-"


A hand slaps over his mouth, golden eyes gleaming down at him. "Enough."


Wei WuXian tries to jut his pelvis upwards, seeking the heat of friction, the tease of release just escaping his grasp, but one hand of Lan Wangji's is enough to hold him firmly in place with no room to move. He licks a stripe along Lan WangJi's palm in a bid for freedom from being silenced, but the hand remains resolute.


Slowly, Lan WangJi rises up on his knees before sinking back down onto Wei Wuxian, and the slide of his cock within the pulsing warmth of his lover is almost enough for him to come right then and there. Almost.


As soon as Lan WangJi shifts his hand, drawing it down over a damp chest, skillfully pinching his sensitive nipples until they are rosy and swollen under his ministrations, Wei WuXian resumes his begging. "Keep touching me, Er-Gege. But let me pleasure you. Please, Lan Zhan." Voice raspy with desire, Wei WuXian writhes as his body is used, Lan WangJi forcing the rhythm, setting the excruciatingly slow tempo. Wei WuXian's blood simmers, lust overwhelming him as he longs to pound into the tempting depth of his austere husband, sliding his hand along Lan WangJi's dripping cock, bringing him to the peak while he empties himself inside of the other's statuesque body. Somehow, even when every day is turned on its head, Wei WuXian is still at the mercy of this man. He paws at Lan WangJi's milky thighs, relishing in the sensation of straining, bunching muscles under his hands, except he is desperate to reach for his silky length, the weight of it always satisfying in his greedy palm.


"Hands off," commands Lan WangJi, the glistening muscles of his abs shifting alluringly as he languidly rides Wei WuXian into the bed. He bends down to tug an abused nipple into his mouth and Wei WuXian arches up off the sheets, head thrown back, recklessly lost in sensation that borders on too much. Warm lips suck at his exposed neck, and he feels the blood blooming near the surface of his skin. Lan WangJi alters his motion to allow himself to continue lapping and biting at Wei WuXian, rolling his hips against him, slowly undulating their bodies together like the swell of the tide. He releases Wei WuXian's hip, trailing his hands along slender sides, firmly gripping his waist and holding him in place, Wei WuXian bowed backwards and completely exposed to his husband's stubborn will.


Wei WuXian throws a hand into his own hair, fisting it tightly to bring an ache to his scalp that he longs to feel elsewhere, his other hand gliding over his chest, squeezing an abandoned nipple, giving himself as much stimulation as he can while his husband patiently sets the excruciating pace. Heat surges through him, every nerve alive as their bodies glide against one another, friction and sweat building between them.


He lets his body take over, unable to control his movements, raising his hips to meet his husband's, snapping them quickly to entice Lan WangJi to match him. Strong hands hold his waist tightly, pinning him down, and Wei WuXian whines as he weakly attempts to thrust up into his husband. "Lan Zhan, please. Harder, rougher, faster. This body may seem frail but you know I can take it. Er-Gege, break me."


"Mark your words." Lan WangJi's grip on his body makes him keen, before Lan WangJi sits back up, tall and proud as he straddles Wei WuXian. He braces his palms on the flat of his lover's stomach and knocks the breath out of him as he lifts himself with godlike thighs and slams down on Wei WuXian's length. Wei WuXian makes a grab for Lan WangJi's cock, only to have his hand batted away.


"Lan Zhan, ahhhhh, how do you have so much self-control? Ah, ah, ah, that's it Er-Gege, destroy me," cries Wei WuXian as his mouth hangs open. He licks his lips as he gasps for air, relishing the thrill of being thoroughly used as his husband chases his own pleasure. Wei WuXian pouts at the thought. "Lan Zhan, please. Let me touch you."


"Mm," agrees Lan WangJi, face creased in concentration, staring down at Wei WuXian, golden eyes piercing in their intensity.


Wei WuXian focuses on the tightening of his balls and the hot pulse of his groin, reveling in the tingle that sings along every inch of his skin. He fumbles around the bed for the vial of oil, dribbles some messily on his hand, and grasps Lan WangJi's cock, circling it with his hand and coaxing a release out of it. He tugs and pulls, as he staves off his own mounting pressure, craving them reaching the edge together. He feels the walls of Lan WangJi's channel throb around his aching member and he chokes out a moan. "Er-Gege, are you close? Are you almost there?"


With a soft exhale, and a clenching of his inner walls, Lan WangJi spurts his sticky white essence over Wei WuXian's torso and hand, who milks his cock for every last drop, as he uses Lan WangJi's distraction to push his hips up, driving into his lover in the final few moments of this coupling. His eyes screw shut as he lets himself go, coming deeply within Lan WangJi, the haze of pleasure momentarily sweeping him under.


Lan WangJi all but collapses on top of Wei WuXian, who tugs him down the rest of the way. "You won't hurt me, Second Master Lan. I can take all of you, support your entire being if I need to. Give yourself to me, Lan Zhan, all of you." He idly licks Lan WangJi's salty come off his fingers, winking at the man laying on top of him.


"Wei Ying." Lan WangJi brushes his lips against Wei WuXian's forehead, the moment so tender it almost makes him want to cry, this body far more prone to tearing up than the one he recalls. "You already have all of me."