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God Tasted Worse On My Tongue

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The first time Kai had taken a life was when he was ten years old.

A man had crowded him in an alley-way as the sunset, demanding for him to give up whatever he had on him. Kai still remembered the way the man’s knife glinted when he pulled it out of his raggedy pocket, and how the sharpened tip felt pressed against his throat. The man’s eyes were bloodshot and sunken in, watching Kai in jittery, intoxicated movements.

The man had obviously been desperate, ready to maim a child, but Kai was far from childish.

It all happened so quickly.

Kai ducked, the knife scraping against the skin of his throat and chin. He lunged forward to tackle the man over by grabbing onto his knees and shoving. He reached for the knife that had slipped from the other’s grip, and focused all his weight onto his knees, pressing into the man’s chest. The man hit him once on the side of his head hard enough for Kai’s vision to swirl, but he refused to move and the man was far too inebriated to aim for another hit. Instead, Kai pressed his knees further into his chest and tightened his grip on the weapon. The man wheezed while trying to breathe and swung his arm out to hit him again, but Kai was faster and attacked his throat and face with the knife. He couldn’t remember how long he kneeled on the man’s limp body, slicing and plunging into his face.

What he did remember was the filthy metallic taste of blood on his lips, and the warmth of it staining his palms even after he stopped and dropped the knife.

In a way, kissing Dabi for the first time reminded him of that day.

The demon’s mismatched lips felt strange against his own, but not unpleasant. A jolt of pain as he felt his lower lip rip caused Kai to reach for Dabi’s shoulders, digging his blunt nails into his skin. He felt a smirk against his lips, and then a tongue slip out to taste the red droplets that had appeared. Dabi pulled away after, smugly watching him as he trailed a clawed fingertip down across the front of his clothed torso.

“We really can’t finish this deal if you keep your clothes on.”

Kai moved a hand to Dabi’s, gripping his wrist tightly. The scarred skin felt rough against his smooth palm, and Kai briefly wondered if it would tear under his touch if he twisted hard enough.

“You weren’t clear about our deal before I agreed.” 

Dabi’s grin split wide enough on his face that Kai winced as the skin the staples at the corner of his mouth held strained.

“I’ve seen how you’ve looked at me, at Sekijiro. You’ve wanted this, Kai.”

As his words came to an end, his free hand idly rested against the front of Kai’s pants, and pressed against his crotch.

“You don’t know me,” Kai said.

Dabi moved his hand against him, humming when he felt Kai’s hips roll towards the touch.

“I’ll know you better than anyone else after tonight.”

“Shut up.”

Kai surged forward then, slamming his lips back into Dabi’s.

This time, he took control.

He let go of Dabi’s wrist and moved his hand into his hair, knotting strands of it around his fingers. He tugged him closer to him, earning a grunt from the creature as his teeth scraped against his lip. He felt warm hands slip underneath his shirt to latch onto his sides and squeezed his eyes shut tighter. The sensation of scarred skin grazing his own unmarked flesh admiringly unnerved him. Dabi’s pointed nails digging into his sides and shifting them towards Kai’s mattress distracted him from his thoughts then, and Kai let him guide them. He sat on the bed when the back of his knees hit the edge, and watched as Dabi settled over him, straddling his hips.

They kissed again as Dabi began to unbutton his shirt, pausing only to pull it off of Kai’s head. His hands moved towards his pants, and Kai grumbled as he bit harshly into Dabi’s lower lip. Although the demon groaned, he glared at him as he pulled away, moving a hand to his mouth. He swiped his finger across his lip and huffed when he saw blood smeared on it. 

“What was that for?” Dabi asked.

“I’ll take them off when I want to. Understood?”

A glint of something mischievous flashed in Dabi’s eyes. He leaned forward to press a kiss on the corner of Kai’s mouth and began to trail his lips down to kiss his cheek, his neck, and eventually his shoulder. Kai tilted his head to the side, his hands settling on Dabi’s hips.

“Do you think you’re in control here?” Dabi said. Kai’s hands began to squeeze on Dabi’s skin cautiously when he felt teeth graze against his own. “If you do, you’re wrong. Just because I chose you, does not mean you gain power over me. You have to earn that, Overhaul.”

Fangs tore into Kai’s shoulder then. Kai let out a loud, pained groan as the piercing sensation pulsed through his arm, but refused to let go of Dabi’s hips. His blunt nails dug into them mercilessly when Dabi bit him again, pushing him away finally. He felt something warm dribble down his back and torso and glanced down to see red droplets stain his chest as they tumbled down. His eyes met with Dabi’s again, who was leaning back on Kai’s hips, a few drops of blood of his own gathering where Kai’s nails had cut into him. His eyes were half-lidded as he licked at his lips, Kai’s fresh blood smearing across the scarred flesh.

There was a searing shame in the tightness of Kai’s trousers as he eyed Dabi’s body, worsening when he saw the way the demon was hungry for him, his cock resting hard against him. There was some curiosity in how it looked pale beside burnt thighs, almost pretty.

“You’re revolting,” Kai said. He moved a hand to Dabi, wrapping around him tightly. Dabi continued to stare at him, his lips slightly parted as he swayed towards the rough touch. Kai squeezed him once before starting to move his hand up and down his length slowly. It was pathetic how quickly the other unraveled to him, trying to roll his hips up to meet with the pace Kai had set, whines and huffs filling the space in between them. When Kai felt him grow warmer against his palm he stopped.


Quickly, Kai moved forward, using his arms to grip onto Dabi’s sides as he rearranged their positions. He pressed him against the bed and hovered over a surprised Dabi. The demon regained control of his expression swiftly, the same sultry look from earlier returning.

“My wings hurt like this,” he said.

“I don’t care,” Kai responded.

They stared at one another until Dabi fucking laughed, and Kai’s frustration spiked.

“What's so funny?”

Dabi shrugged and a placed a hand against Kai’s crotch, tracing the shape of his cock with a fingertip.

“You want this, but you’re hesitating as if you have anything or anyone else to go to. It’s amusing, but honestly, it’s kind of pathetic too.”

Kai’s body moved without thought, slapping Dabi hard enough that his head turned sharply to the side. His hand was trembling with anger as he stared down at Dabi, but stalled when he noticed the way his eyes glistened eagerly, the faintest of whimpers lodged in his throat.

“Seriously?” Kai sneered.

Dabi refused to answer, silently watching him still without adjusting his head. Kai leaned forward, cupped his face with the hand that had struck him, and squeezed. He felt the staples lined across Dabi’s cheeks along his fingertips and felt the heavy, hot sensation that had infiltrated his core when they had begun to kiss grow. This man, this creature, that had irritated him for so long and carried himself so boastfully was writhing underneath him from being hit. The strength Kai held in his hands was intoxicating.

“I asked you something.”

Dabi glared, but it looked more like a squint with his cheeks being squished.

“So?” he finally said.

Kai squeezed further and kept his face expressionless as he felt some of the staples shift in Dabi’s cheeks, trying to accommodate the excessive force uselessly. Dabi whined, and Kai felt the sound in his fingers.

So,” he said. “Answer me. Were you seriously into that?”

Blue eyes almost appeared shamed before Dabi nodded, a low yes tumbling out of his mouth.

Kai’s cock twitched, and he let go of the other’s face.

“Oh, really?” he said. His lips curled into the briefest of grins as he tilted his head to the side, gently caressing Dabi’s cheek where a staple had bled out a little.

“That’s kind of pathetic,” he parroted before he raised his hand and smacked him again. Dabi moaned and rested his head back against the mattress when Kai wrapped his other hand around his cock again. He pressed his mouth against the rough skin of his neck and bit down, indulging in the vibrations of Dabi’s shameless sounds. Half the fucking seminary could probably hear them, but Kai knew they wouldn’t say or do anything—especially if what Dabi was insinuating about sleeping with the others was true. They all shared the same sin, but instead of living in disgrace, Kai refused to feel shame for what he had done, and for what he was about to do.

God forgive me for my sins, Kai thought wryly.

Bruises and angry, vivid teeth marks dotted Dabi’s neck and trailed to his chest and stomach, where Kai found himself breathing against as he hunched over, still roughly pumping the other. Dabi kept shifting, his wings twitching as he mumbled Kai’s name and other curses over and over to himself. When Kai felt a hand reach for his hair desperately, he glanced up to see an utterly debauched expression on Dabi’s face.

“Are you close?” Kai asked. He was surprised at his own breathlessness creeping up on him.

Dabi whined and nodded, one of his hands idly fiddling with his own chest. Kai tightened his grip until the other complained, a hiss replacing his softer sounds from before. He let go then and moved to push down his own pants. Dabi eyed him as he shifted higher onto the mattress.

“The others are going to hear us, do you care?”

“As if it matters at this point,” Kai said.

When they kissed again, Kai let Dabi touch him, warm fingers that he swore heated up encircled him, matching pace with Kai’s rough movements. Their rhythm was anything but synchronized; Dabi nipping at Kai’s lips and neck messily as Kai jerked and restrained his sounds to solely grunts and huffs. He wouldn’t let Dabi hear him, he wouldn’t allow him that validation—not yet at least.

Shit,” Dabi blurted, eyes shut as one of his tucked away wings twitched, spasming out for a moment and knocking into something Kai couldn’t find himself caring about at the moment. The demon’s body was wired, some of the curses and words that were whined and moaned sounding foreign, as if they were a different language.

“Finish,” Kai demanded.

He slapped Dabi’s hand away from his cock, and instead guided it towards Dabi’s chest. He moaned as he pinched it, and Kai was mesmerized when he saw one of Dabi’s hands trail towards the staples holding together the top half of his chest, two fingers pushing into the divide between mismatched skin. The noise that left his throat was feral as Kai watched him curl the fingers inwards, breaking apart one of the staples and pushing the other. Kai felt him convulse and then tense, blood dribbling out quickly from in between his fingers as he came. Dabi closed his eyes moments later as he pulled his fingers out slowly and moved them down his torso until he reached Kai’s still moving hand, staining his knuckles.

It wasn’t intentional, but Kai’s movements had slowed down as he watched Dabi. His eyes tailed along his movements, up until the other touched his knuckles so gently that it was jarring.


He hadn’t even realized that the soft sound he heard was his own voice, the disinterested expression he had fought to maintain broken as Dabi’s split into a small, but smug grin.  

“Don’t look at me like that,” Kai said.

Dabi laughed, his voice thawing off into a whine as Kai finally let go of him.

“I don’t understand how you can still act like such an asshole after all that.”

Kai pushed Dabi away, enough to move his legs to kneel between his warm thighs.

“What are you doing?”

Kai ignored him, moved a hand towards his ass, and dug his nails into the fleshiest parts of Dabi’s skin.

“You got off. Now it’s my end of the deal.”

Dabi’s eyes widened but he was still pliant as Kai rested his hand near his mouth.


He did just that, a thin, translucent string of it connecting his lips and Kai’s hand before breaking as Kai pulled away to wrap around himself. He knew that with all this build up he wouldn’t last long, but there was something in him that needed to feel this, to make Dabi bow in such a way.

He dug his nails into the other’s hip as he slowly pushed himself in without warning, Dabi growling and sitting up in response. The sudden movement made him tight around Kai, an earnest groan escaping him at the heat threatening to engulf him. Kai found a relentless rhythm quickly, the unsanctioned sounds of their skin coming together and apart filling in the spaces left after Dabi’s cries and growls. Kai knew that he should have paced it out, that the man underneath him would no-doubt be in pain from the sudden intensity, but he didn’t care. After all, he had to remember that this wasn’t a man trembling beneath him, reaching out and clawing at his back violently, it was Touya turned Dabi, a miserable excuse for a seminarian turned demon. Or was it the other way around? Regardless, it didn’t matter to Kai as long as the pleasure that was swiftly consuming his veins didn’t stop until he came. 

He moved a hand to the base of Dabi’s cock and gripped him pushingly as he rolled his hips, thrusting into him fervently. His head felt light and his vision narrow as his stomach grew tighter and warmer, but the sound of Dabi untucking one of his arms from behind his head and banging the nightstand beside Kai’s bed drew his attention.  A necklace clanging on the wood as it moved caught his eye, and Kai’s movements stilled as he reached over towards the nightstand, realizing what it was.

“What are you doing?” Dabi said. Kai was looking over the jewelry, looping it once around his hand as he let it dangle over Dabi’s chest. A crest with a saintly figure on it glimmered in the dim room, and both Dabi and Kai’s eyes focused on the cross at the end of a chain of beads.

Before he could say anything again, Kai placed the rosary around Dabi’s head, which willingly leaned forward so the necklace slipped around his neck. Kai was frozen for a moment, indulging in gazing at the way the dark beads looked on Dabi’s skin, at the way the cross dangled right below the line of his staples as if he were a truly holy man.

“Were you expecting my skin to sizzle?” Dabi mused.

Kai looped the necklace twice around his hand, “Aren’t you fucked up enough already?”

The instant Dabi’s expression faltered into that of annoyance, the sound of a complaint starting, Kai tugged on the rosary hard. He felt the cord holding it together strain, but the way that Dabi’s eyes nearly glossed over, the smallest of gasps leaving him, was worth potentially breaking the damn thing. He kept his hold on it as he started to fuck roughly into him again, Dabi’s groans and noises from before toned down to choked off gasps and raspy breaths. The beads pressed into his palm as Kai twisted harder, the pressure building up in him becoming nearly unbearable.

When the rosary finally snapped, beads scattered across onto the mattress and rolled onto the floor. The crest with the saintly figure was lost, and the cross tumbled towards Dabi’s hips, falling away when Kai rolled into him jerkily. His movements were messy as his chest began to heave, warmth flooding his cheeks.

God, he was so fucking close to being done with it.

He rested his hands on the sides of Dabi’s head then and leaned into him, resting his weight. Kai bit hard into his own cheek, refusing to indulge Dabi in anymore sounds from him, but every time the demon let his head loll back, mouth ajar as another filthy sound tumbled out with a roll of his hips, his teeth dug harder into his flesh, and soon the metallic tang of blood seeped onto his tongue.

“I want to come again,” Dabi confessed as if Kai hadn’t felt how tight he was, how warm his cock felt whenever it brushed against him.

Kai shut his eyes and gripped onto the sheets. He heard the other whine for an answer and hissed.


His voice was gone, the simple word breaking off into a grunt.

“Please,” Dabi said. He turned his head to the side and reached for one of Kai’s wrists with his mouth, kissing it. The gesture wasn’t lewd in the slightest, and the way Dabi looked back up at him was so docile that Kai was taken aback. This gentleness, this vulnerability, maddened him.

He knew Dabi must have had the same expression with the others here. He must have felt the same, sounded the same, yet he was acting as if Kai was his saving grace.

He moved the hand Dabi kissed to his neck and squeezed, cutting off a moan from him and listening to it become a gasp. He moved a hand to Kai’s tensed arm and held on tightly, his other wrapped around his own dick tightly.

“Did any of the others fuck you like this,” Kai said, giving the scarred skin underneath his palm a harsher squeeze. The sound of Dabi trying to breathe sent a chill down his spine, and Kai found himself thrusting his hips up once deep, watching the way Dabi’s eyes watered as he failed to be able to moan.

“Did they use you like this?”

Another thrust, another gasp, and tear at Dabi’s wide eyes.

“Does it give you purpose? Does it make you feel human?”

Kai felt Dabi try to say something and refused to loosen his grip. His eyes were half-lidded, and his claws were in Kai’s arms, the sharp pain of skin tearing pulling out a guttural moan from him as Kai finally felt himself come. His hold weakened, and Dabi wheezed as he breathed, mumbling to himself as Kai continued to move in and out, riding out the waves of built-up pressure finally melting away. He winced as he pulled out and moved away from Dabi, searching for the pants and shirt he had discarded so desperately.

He felt eyes glued to the back of his head as he finished slipping on the clothes and stepping towards his door.

“Where are you going?”

Kai paused, hand holding onto the chilled doorknob. Everything felt so much colder without the demon’s warmth.

“I’m going to shower. Are you going to leave?”

Dabi sat up and stretched out his arms in front of him, “Maybe. Maybe not.”

Still fucking annoying, Kai thought.

“Do whatever you want.”

Dabi smiled, the raw underside of his skin showing where Kai had squeezed.

“I always do.”