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Born To Kill

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Wolfgang drove he and Dave so far out, that Dave had no clue as to where they were. On top of that he felt sick, his body shivering and stomach churning.

"I don't feel so well, Wolfgang, is it possible that you waited too long to give me your blood to save me." Dave moaned, hugging himself.

"Your body is dying, and when it does, you will be completely transformed! You will be immortal like me, so long as you stay out of the sunlight, like I do." Wolfgang assured him.

"You did not tell me of this! What else are you not telling me?" Dave was defensive, but it was hard to remain this way, shedding his mortal coil.

"Forgive me, you are my first fledgling, the first I have seen to deserve this gift that I have bestowed upon you!" Prior to going to a few of Dave and his band's shows, he did not believe he would ever find a human worthy of this gift. Dave changed all of this!

As they drove, Dave began to feel better, and he swore after a few blinks that he could see in the dark! Everything was more vibrant, otherworldly even, and he looked outside the passenger window, mystified!

Finally, Wolfgang turned onto a narrow secluded path that led to a spacious mansion with manicured gardens. There was a pond, as well as Greek statuary. Dave was certainly impressed!

"We are home." Wolfgang stated simply. Dave got out of the car and met up with his maker, and the to walked up to the front door, where Wolfgang unlocked it. The inside was as magnificent as the outside, as posh as he'd ever laid eyes on, and yet everything was done in darker hues. The perfect vampiric place to live!

"I will show you to our bedroom, come!" Wolfgang gestured.

Up some stairs they went, and down a hall. Inside a large room was an ornate carved bed frame, luxurious satin comforter, and feather filled pillows.

"So vampires do not sleep in coffins?" Dave asked, looking around.

"Not anymore! I have special blackout curtains over the windows and the door deadbolts so the servants cannot come in." Wolfgang was quick to assure Dave, and wanted him to feel at home.

"Why the one bed?" Dave inquired. He figured he would get a room of his own, and a bed.

Wolfgang rested his hands on Dave's shoulders, and looked him in the eyes. "I made you so that you could be my companion. You may not love me now, but in time, perhaps you might." He was told.

"What? Wolfgang, I have my friends, my band! You are not going to hold me captive! At the very least, if we do have a relationship, I can sleep here with you, feed, and then perform..." Dave offered. "Or, I can just fuck right off!"

Wolfgang kissed Dave's forehead, and whispered. "Sshhh, just come to bed with me, I want you to know how much better it is to join ourselves as otherworldly beings. You won't believe it until you try it!"

Dave had to admit, he was intrigued, and found himself looking Wolfgang up and down, in a whisper, Dave replied, "Show me, then, I need to know what it's like!"

Wolfgang pulled Dave into a deep kiss, as he caressed his cheek and ran his hands through his hair. Dave, let out passionate cries as he was led to the ornate bed.

Wolfgang turned and pushed the pillows off of the bed, and then turned the duvet back. Dave sat down, and Wolfgang began undressing him, kissing him whenever a garment of his was removed. Undressed, Wolfgang ran his hands over Dave's marble flesh. He was the most beautiful creature in the world and Wolfgang was getting hard for him! Undressing himself quickly, he too was undressed, his prick rising to attention!

"Come closer, please!" Dave begged. "I want to suck that delicious cock that waves in my face, may I?" He sounded coy, though both knew he was not.

"Yes, yes. I think I would enjoy that very much!" Wolfgang got close, and Dave kissed the tip of his prick. Licking the underside of Wolfgang's length, he then began to stroke him a few times. Without a word, he nearly swallowed Wolfgang, and began bobbing his head up and down, lips tight. Wolfgang grabbed Dave's shoulders, his black hair falling in his face. Occasionally, he would thrust involuntarily, but Dave had no gag reflex, so his prick just hit the back of Dave's throat.

"Oh..Dave..stop! I don't want to come yet, I want to be inside of you!" Wolfgang cried. Dave popped off, his lips red. He licked them sensually as he looked at Wolfgang.

"Fuck me then! Fuck me long and hard!" Dave begged, as he lay back on the bed, legs wide open.

Wolfgang undressed hastily, and when he'd left his clothes as a puddle on the floor, he revealed a limber body that was all muscle. A man who could have easily been in ballet or some other sort of dancer. It was a sight to behold, and Dave audibly gasped!

Wolfgang smiled and got on the silk sheets. He straddled Dave, moving down to give him a long passionate kiss. When their lips parted, Dave begged for him once more.

"Just wait, let your passion smolder, the longer you do, the better this will be!" Wolfgang promised. Moving his head down, Wolfgang took Dave's prick into his mouth and began savoring it. Dave gripped the sheets, and let out a few moans. Eventually, he slid a finger inside Dave, and moved it in and out. Dave was in bliss, but he still wanted penetration!

After opening Dave up, he picked up his legs and rested them on his shoulders, and then stuck him in his pink little pucker, filling Dave with all that he had, causing him to call out! This pleased Wolfgang.

Wolfgang began working his hips, thrusting in short bursts, and then slow and deep, driving Dave mad. He'd had many lovers before, but none of them had made him feel like this! Every thrust caused pleasure to sizzle through every vein in Dave's body!

Grabbing his own cock, Dave began to stroke his prick, which only made his impending orgasm burn from deep within, until it was an all consuming fire between his legs!

"Oh, Wolfie, I'm going to come!" Dave breathed. Eyes closed, he gripped his cock harder and with Wolfgang's last thrusts, an earth shattering orgasm washed over Dave that shook him to the core!

"Uuhhh!" He let out, and the Wolfgang, came undone with a volcanic orgasm of his own that left him crying out as he rocked his hips. When he was finished, he lay his lover's legs on the bed, and pulled out. Dave was paralyzed in his own bliss, and just stared at Wolfgang. He lay down next to Dave, and caressed his newly formed vampire body. Dave reached a hand up and touched his soft black hair, smiling.

"We can lay here awhile, but soon you must feed for your very first time, and I will show you." He promised. So much was happening, but in the back of his mind he wondered about Rat and Sensible.