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Born To Kill

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The night air was cool, the sky clear. Dave had gone out the back door of the concert hall where they had just finished their encore. The rest of the band were out greeting fans, but Dave could not deal with being mauled another night, so he had slipped out. No living soul knew where he'd gone, and it would be easy to catch up later at the hotel.

Dave could feel the temperature drop, but it was not natural. Nature did not drop a whole ten degrees in a few minutes, or did it? The hairs on the back of his neck stood on end, and he could see his breath. He pulled his jacket close to his body, his gut telling him to go back inside. He chose not to listen to his gut feeling, and this would alter his life for all eternity!

Closing his eyes and inhaling, his flesh as pale as the waning moon high above, Dave always dressed the part of a vampire, was now about to meet the real thing.

Silently, Dave was embraced, and before he could react, he was being fed upon! Fangs so sharp were embedded into Dave's neck, that he scarce felt them. In fact, as he was being drained, he became light headed as he gasped. Dave was both aroused and terrified, but the vampire could not finish!

Captain Sensible and Rat Scabies could be heard coming round the back entrance, and so the vampire fled, Dave almost completely drained, crumpled on the ground below.

When Captain Sensible and Rat Scabies saw Dave, they ran, and knelt before him. He had two small wounds on his neck, and when Captain Sensible tried to find his pulse, he couldn't! The only sign that he was alive was the weak moan he let out.

"He's dying! Call an ambulance!" Rat cried. Captain Sensible went to the nearest red telephone box and dialed '999' and explained the situation, then said where they were located. When finished, Captain Sensible ran back and waited with Rat, each man holding one of Dave's hands, screaming internally.

When the ambulance came, the EMTs loaded Dave on a stretcher and Captain Sensible and Rat scabies followed. Dave was even more pale than the white face he wore, making him all the more beautiful, though, obviously unhealthy.

"Can we ride in the back to the hospital?" Captain Sensible asked.

"Only room for one of you, the other will have to find a different way to get there." Both men were told.

"I can take a cab, you go, Sensible. He would want to see you first, anyway." Captain Sensible, blew off what Rat Scabies had said, although, Dave and Captain Sensible had had a relationship in the past."

"Yeah, okay, thanks!" Captain Sensible wrapped an arm around Rat, then rushed to get into the ambulance. Rat looked down, his eyes tearing up. Dave had always been amazing to him, and he could not believe this was happening!"

Rat went to the telephone box and rang up a taxi service and asked if he could get one quick, as his friend was in the hospital. He would even pay extra.Those seemed to be the magic words, and after hanging up, Rat stood in front of the venue and waited.

Soon a cab showed up, and Rat got in. He gave directions to the hospital, then, sat back quietly, his mind running a mile a minute as anxiety gripped him. He was so far gone he had not realized they were in front of the hospital until the cab driver spoke. With a jolt, Rat got his wallet and paid the driver, then got out, and nearly ran towards the doors of the hospital.

Inside he looked for Captain Sensible, and felt better when he was able to find him. He didn't think he could be here alone. Hospitals freaked him out.

Going over to Captain Sensible, he asked if he had heard anything. Slowly he shook his head. "I'm not leaving until someone has some answers, however, I can tell you that!" Both sat and waited until a doctor came out, and a nurse paged the two. Both stood upright at the sound of their voices, the other people waiting looking around, most likely because of their names.

"What is it doctor?"Rat asked.

"Well, we dont actually know, as of now..." Her voice trailed off.

"Don't know, but isn't it your job to know?" Captain Sensible remarked.

"Yes, but this is a very special case. You see, Mr. Vanian seems to have nearly all of his blood removed from his body. We have been trying to replenish it, but his body is rejecting it. If things don't change, I'm afraid Mr. Vanian, won't make it." The doctor had dark circles under her eyes from trying to solve this problem and save Dave

"Can we at least go and see our friend, just in case he does...d-die?" Both men asked at once.

"I don't see what harm it could do, especially if is only briefly." Was the doctor's reply. "He is in room 107."

Captain Sensible and Rat Scabies walked to the elevator and got in. Once the door closed, Captain Sensible began to weep. Rat Scabies ran arm around him, and kissed his forehead.

"I know what he means to you, even if you've broken up. Maybe when he gets better..." He didn't finish his sentence as he knew the chances were slim and false hope would not help either of them.

When the elevator opened, Captain Sensible wiped his eyes before they got out and walked down the hall.

100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, and 107! Both men walked in, and got close to Dave. He looked even worse, purple veins now showing. Captain Sensible kissed Dave's cheek and smoothed back his hair, which had become a mess. Dave was hooked up to machines, his pulse hardly registering. Neither knew what the machines were that he was attached to, but they knew they were keeping Dave alive.

"Dave, if you can hear us, we are beside you, Captain Sensible, and Rat Scabies, your mates." Captain sensible whispered.

There was no response from Dave, nor any change on any of the screens. It was as if he was trapped between the world of the living and the dead, and it pained his band mates to think of him like this.

"Rat, when was the last time you saw Dave?" Captain Sensible asked.

"After the last encore, he ducked back stage, but I figured he was just going to his dressing room to fix his makeup because of all the sweating we do." Captain Sensible answered.

"That is the last time I saw him as well. He did not come around to greet the fans like usual. I wonder what he was doing?" He shrugged.

"Wish I knew." Rat added.

In came the doctor to tell the men that they were going to try some more tests, and that they would have to go back to the lobby. They grumbled, but they knew that this was the only way their friend would get better.

Walking to the elevator, Rat asked if Captain Sensible wanted to stay over as his house. That way if something happened they could learn about it at once.

"You've got but one bed." Captain Sensible pointed out.

"Yeah, and ?" He replied.


"What do you think is the best way not to think of our dire situations?" Rat asked.

"I see where you are going with this, but who is topping and who is the bottom?" Captain Sensible asked.

"Whom ever pins the other down first, that is who get's to top. Sound fair?" Rat gave a cheeky grin, while Captain Sensible nodded in agreement. Luckily, there were a few cabs waiting to take people home, and both men got in so they could go back to Rat's place so they could get over the agony of dwelling over Dave, at least temporarily.