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Midnight Crusade

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Inside of the mansion was even worse than outside, the walls rotting and entire walls even missing as they snuck through the hall, one door following another, wood chipped and rotted like the rest of the place. Is this really where vampires like to hide? Obviously not since the vampires he knew lived in either a log cabin or an apartment, so, no? Still, Lance had to try to keep his breathing steady as Keith would stop them, poking a head around the corner before moving again. It felt like they were in a maze and only Keith knew the way out.

Lance wanted to make comments on the house and ask questions, but he made sure to keep to what Keith told him, which was to not talk unless absolutely necessary. This was a place from creepy movies and the boy honestly felt like he was walking right into one, the vampire leading along the path.

A noise to their left and both boys froze, a hand coming out to hold Lance back as if the boy was going to run right past him. They were frozen, Keith obviously listening in and trying to zone where the sound came from. It sounded like wood creaking, indicating that someone was walking near their area. Red eyes moved to blue and the vampire grabbed Lance before shuffling him into a room on their right, pushing Lance past the door. “Stay.” The door closed.

Lance stood there for a moment, blue eyes on the wood in front of him, this door not as bad as the others. Still, he stared at the peeling white paint as his mind processed, and when he realized why Keith threw him into the room, he heard a loud bang coming from out in the hall. Another loud band and Lance took a step back, scared of what was on the other side. But it was Keith, he was on the other side and more than likely fighting another vampire. This realization made Lance step back towards the door, a hand going to grab the handle.

Stay. His hand hesitated. Keith did seem panicked and rushed him into the room before leaving, and for good reason. Lance knew he couldn’t fight, he knew he was be nothing more than a distraction, but he still wanted to help. Keith can’t be out there fighting by himself. Plus, Lance has a bat that he almost forgot about, his knuckles white on the handing holding it.

If Lance can’t fight, then what can he do?

Another loud bang followed by a familiar grunt had Lance’s hand turning before the handle before he had anymore time to think. His vision was met by a body flying past the now open door, the boy standing there unsure how to take that.

“Lance, what the hell?” Keith’s voice called out from the hall, the blue eyed boy poking his head out and glancing to the right, the black haired vampire standing there, shirt ripped across the chest and hair pulled from the ponytail. Amber eyes seemed to glow in the darkness of the hall. On the other side of the hall Lance watched as a figure stood, auburn hair long and frazzled as they looked to Keith. Of course it was another vampire, red eyes and fangs accompanying a pale face, only this time it was a chick. Lance realizes then he hasn’t seen one female vampire this entire time, it’s honestly been a sausage fest with the vampires. Lance was starting to think only guys can be vampires, which would be totally sexist.

“Get back!” Keith snapped, pulling blue eyes towards him. Lance watched as the amber eyed vampire launched towards him, glancing back at the other vampire who also seemed to be standing now and about to run towards him. As if instinct, Lance pulled back into the room and shut the door, backing away just as a precaution.

Good thing he did, as the door broke in half, wood crumbling to the ground as the female vampire stood within the broken doorway. “So you’re him.” The vampire spoke, her voice like honey, yet his entire body trembled and goosebumps arose on his skin from the simple words. In a blink she was gone, Lance looking around the room to make sure she didn’t rush in, but the room was still empty. He didn’t have time to look at the door before his body slammed into the ground, fingers harsh against his shoulders.

“You’re an idiot Lance.” Keith huffed out above him, the blue eyed boy not having time to process what was happening before he was shoved across the floor, back slamming into a wall. Focus snapped to where he just was, watching as Keith was taken to the floor by the other vampire, the black haired boy hissing harshly and snapping his jaws at the women.

The women seemed to snap back, hissing just as loud as Keith. “How kind of you to bring him with you.” She spoke, auburn hair draping over the boys face. Lance watched as the the raven haired vampire fought against the women, but his hands were pinned and movements limited. “We won’t be saving any for you unfortunately. You’ll be dead.”

Keith scoffed, actually scoffed as he stopped moving. “Shut up.”

Lance felt his body moving, grabbing the bat and launching himself towards the two vampires. There was no plan in mind as he moved towards them, auburn hair whipping as the women snapped her attention towards him. It was too late now to hesitate, Lance’s body flooding with adrenaline as their eyes met.

In the moment of distraction that Lance caused, Keith was able to free a hand, grabbing a handful of red hair and pulling her head down, the sound of his fangs biting into her neck causing Lance to falter, the women shrieking. She flung herself off of Keith, one side of her neck torn as she covered it with her hand.

Keith on the other hand stood up spitting out blood and possibly flesh before wiping his mouth with his arm, red smearing both his mouth and arms now. The blue eyed boy felt his stomach churn, having to look away as he took a few steps back, unsure of what to do now.

“How dare you!” The women snaps, blood running down her side from the wound on her neck. Her stance falters, Keith's attack definitely doing some real damage to the vampire, the women swaying from side to side before falling to one knee, the other hand coming out to catch herself. “Such a cheap trick.”

Lance wasn’t sure what the women was referring to, eyes low to the ground as he watched Keith move towards the other vampire. “Maybe you shouldn’t have been so full of yourself.” The amber eyed vampire spoke, blue eyes unable to resist looking up and watching the interaction. It still made him sick though.

“Fuck you.” The vampire snaps as Keith stands in front of her, seeming to have trouble even looking up with her neck. “You’re just a child.”

Hands moved for the women's head, and Lance knew better then to look as he shielded his eyes and covered his ears. Still, along with screams, the sound of Keith ripping the vampire's head off made Lance shutter, the nausea in his stomach worsening.

When a hand breathed against his shoulder, Lance jumped, almost falling to his ass as he turned, blue meeting red. “You okay?” Keith spoke, blood still covering a good part of his lower face, hair roughed up from the fight.

“Yeah man, are you?” Lance responded, somehow able to compose himself after what literally just happened. Still, he managed to shove the image out, blue eyes flickering to the body to see only embers covering the floor where the women was. Did that just happen whenever vampires died? Seemed a little extra, but Lance wasn’t going to comment on it.

“I’m fine, we should keep moving.” Amber eyes followed blue ones, looking to the pile of embers and ashes. “It happens when a vampire is killed. I still don’t know why, neither does Shiro.” Keith spoke, as if reading the boys mind. The vampire didn’t give it much time as he simply began moving towards the door and slowly opened it, gesturing for Lance to follow. He did of course.

It was silent again as they moved through the hall, Lance looking ahead to see that the hall seemed to end and lead into a bigger room. Keith stopped them just before they reached the end, the vampire leaving Lance to move down the wall more and peak into the large open room, what he could only assume to be the foyer. When Keith waved him to follow, Lance was sure to keep his steps quiet as they moved through the foyer, ceiling tall above them, black sheets hanging to cover what he could assume to be windows and doors. Pieces of broken wood and glass laid scattered across rotten wooden floors, dust creating a thin layer atop everything, making it a little hard to breath. Lance definitely wanted to sneeze, but he held it back as best as he could while they made their way towards a winding staircase on the other side of the foyer.

Wood creaked as they made their way upstairs, Keith keeping a steady pace with Lance behind him. They moved through the mansion with ease for a moment, taking shelter from the large open space in another narrow hallway with doors lining the walls. They walked in silence for a moment, the mansion seeming still and empty.

“Move.” Keith snapped suddenly, shoving Lance to the wall before moving to the other. It was as if wind passed between them, both of their clothes wiping with the sudden draft that moved through the hall.

Only it wasn’t a breeze or draft, rather a person who now stood at the entrance to the hall, figure tall and looming as the three stood still. Lance kept his back pressed against the wall as he watched Keith move, stepping away from the wall and towards the other vampire. This new one seemed to have black hair similar to Keith’s, but after closer inspection Lance realized the vampire hair was blue, pulled into a braid that went down the vampires neck. He watched them with glowing red eyes, a true creature of the night.

“So there’s more of you.” The man spoke, voice rough and deep. Red eyes moved between Keith and Lance, before they decided to stick on Lance, the boy’s heart racing under his chest. “And you really brought that with you?”

More of you? That means that the others were here, but the mansion seemed to silent Lance couldn’t even begin to think of where. This place must be a lot bigger than the boy thought it was, the stillness giving off an impression that they were alone in the house, besides a few hiding vampires. But they were here for a reason, to take three certain vampires back with them, which the others were handing. Keith and Lance were back up.

“You all talk too much.” The amber eyed vampire bit out, not giving the other a chance to respond as he launched at the vampire, the two tumbling back into the open area of the foyer.

Lance was unsure if he should follow or stay, but when hairs began to rise on the back of his neck, he was quick to run out of the hall to see what was happening. The two stood in the open area, railings on either side with a drop to the first floor below. Wood creaked as the two circled each other, Lance making sure to keep himself a little tucked behind the hallway entrance. He’s watched Keith fight a few times now, but he could tell that the vampire was beginning to weaken, his stance seeming a little less firm then before. That was not good. The blue eyed boy was confident in the vampires ability to fight, but something was wrong.

That’s when Lance noticed the wetness that seemed to make Keith’s black shirt stick to him on his left side, just under his ribs. It had to be blood, there was no other reason that the vampire should be weak after just one fight. Keith was injured.

It all happened so quick, the blue haired vampire lunging at Keith, and then blurs ensued, Lance only able to catch breaths of the fight, the two smashing into the ground with wood crushing beneath them, a body being thrown before the other would chase after. It almost hurt his head to watch, but Lance couldn’t turn his eyes away either, forcing himself to keep track of the fight. For a moment he was given relief when Keith was thrown, landing on his back near the blue eyed boy, who almost screamed when the vampire landed. The other vampire stood down at the other end of the open hall, near the stairs that lead to the first floor.

“Keith!” Lance couldn’t help but burst out as the amber eyed vampire stood, blood running down his left arm and dripping off of his long claw-like nails. He was hunched over, his other hand coming to the large tear in his shirt under his left ribs, the skin ripped and blood covering skin and cloth.

“Don’t move.” Keith hissed out harshly, and the boy knew it was towards him. Fingers gripped the corner of the wall he hid behind, dropping to his knees as the vampires walked towards each other.

The vampire with blue hair laughed suddenly, startling both Keith and Lance. “He must really taste this good if you’re protecting him this much.” The man spoke with venom in his voice, figure a little hunched as Lance noticed the other man had pretty noticeable wounds on himself, one of his pant legs torn and the skin beneath bloody and ripped, claw marks across his left breast.

“Shut up!” Keith barked out, surprising Lance with the powering voice. “I’m not here to have a damn conversation!” The vampire charged at the blue haired one, the both of them flying back from the force and breaking the railing, two bodies falling to the bottom floor.

“No!” Lance almost shrieked, forgetting the vampires sharp words and running towards where the vampires fell, the two already standing on the floor below, the blue haired vampire taking Keith to the ground as he lunged, glass crunching beneath the two as they rolled. But then the blue haired vampire went flying, the raven haired one having trouble keeping up. Lance could see Keith a little easier, no longer one blur running around, but rather two now. One was too fast for blue eyes to track, but the other had a distant outline, one that blurred but wasn’t completely gone.

That overwhelming feeling of needing to do something took control of Lance, moving away from the broken railing and running towards the stairs, but not before grabbing a broken piece of railing. Better to have something rather than nothing.

Feet carried him down the stairs and towards the dueling vampires on the first floor, wooden beam in hand as he stood in front of the two.

Keith was on the ground, kneeling before the other vampire with heavy breaths causing his chest to rise and fall dramatically. The vampires black shirt was torn more than before, but at least the other vampire looked just as cut up and bloody, only the other vampire stood above Keith, if not a little hunched. A glove-clad hand held the wound under Keith’s ribs, the other out as if trying to balance himself. Black hair was a mess, ruffled and coaxed in blood in some spots, either from his own or the other vampires, Lance couldn’t tell, and honestly didn’t want to know. He had to do something.

With a scream, Lance charged towards the blue haired vampire, beam pointed towards him with the sharp end aimed at the mans chest. Of course, he was tackled to the ground a second later, back hitting the ground so hard all the air leaves him, vision swimming with the recoil as he gasped for breath. Holy shit, he was not ready for that, beam flying from his hand in the process, body writhing beneath the vampire. It took a moment for eyes to focus on the man above him, deep red eyes watching him with an intensity that sent a harsh shiver down his spine. “You smell fucking delicious.” The man hissed out as he held Lance down.

“N-No! Don’t!” Keith’s voice weakly called out, making the blue eyed boys heart drop. “Lance!”

“You smell like shit!” Lance spit back, pressing hands against the vampires chest and pushed against him, but it seemed useless. “Get off of me, you’re crushing me!” The blue eyed boy was just flailing at this point, trying anything to escape the vampires hold.

But then the vampires face was in his neck, breath tickling the sensitive skin and making him shutter. “I’ll enjoy this.”

“No!” Lance truly shrieked this time as everything in his body did the same, fighting even harder against the vampire holding him down. “Keith!”

The weight was suddenly off of him, his entire body tingling as blue eyes stared up at the ceiling. It was a moment before he scrambled to his feet, eyes scanning the room wondering what the hell just happened. When eyes landed on a set of familiar vampires, the boys chest lightened. “Shiro!”

“Take Keith out of here!” The white haired vampire snapped, a flood of new vampires following them in. Lance was frozen in the spot, but he looked over to where Keith was, the vampire lying on the ground limp. “Lance, go!”

He didn’t waste a second as he ran towards the vampire, hooking an arm under the boys shoulder and hoisting him up. Adrenaline must still be working through his veins as he was surprised he could even lift the vampire up, let alone guide them out the house and back into the woods. There was one big problem though as they made their way out the door and towards the iron fence.

Lance had no idea where to go.