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Midnight Crusade

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Lance wanted to be apart of everything, ever since he was a child. He calls it curiosity, but almost anyone else would call it being nosy. Whenever Lance couldn’t be apart of something, all he could do was sulk or find ways to be included. Unfortunately this time around, Lance’s only option was to sulk as vampires had way to good of hearing, destroying his idea of eavesdropping on whatever meeting they seemed to be having downstairs. He assumed of course it had to be about Zarkon, as the Blades purpose is to take him down or whatever, but he still wanted to know all the juicy details.

Instead Lance sat in the bedroom given to him, curled in the bed with the covers pulled over him. The walls and door were too thick to hear what’s going on downstairs, so the blue eyed boy resolved to sulking in the comfortable bed with pillows surrounding him.

Still, he desperately wanted to know what was going on and most definitely wanted to be involved. Sure, he was some weak human that couldn’t do anything the vampires could, and seemed to smell really enticing to them, but he didn’t want to sit in the house and do nothing.

Only that was all he could do, being the weak human he was. The memory of Keith saving his ass that one night made him shiver, the amber eyed boy bloodied and cut to hell as he stood over Lance protecting him. Lance could never do the same for any of them, he couldn’t move like them first off, remembering how he couldn’t even keep up with the two vampires fighting that night. There was nothing he had to offer besides comedic relief, which he assumed they would deny.

A quiet knock on the door pulled Lance from the sheets, poking his head out and looking towards the door. “What?” He called out, still salty from being shunned.

“It’s Keith.” A familiar voice spoke, Lance propping himself up slightly. He waited for more, but instead there was another round of light knocking.

“Come in Keith.” The blue eyed boy spoke loudly as he sat up more, pillows falling from his the places atop his body and plopping on the floor. Lance wanted to be annoyed, but felt something else completely as the amber eyed boy crept into the room shyly, closing the door directly behind him and not moving from the spot. Lance waited for a moment, as if letting Keith start. He didn’t “Whats up, man?”

The vampire cleared his throat out, hands tucked into the pockets of black jeans. “Shiro sent me up here to tell you we’re heading out.” Keith began, not looking directly at Lance. The boy had begun to speak, but it seemed the vampire knew where he was going. “Shiro and I, plus the other vampires. We’re going to a supposed hideout for some of Zarkons vampires.”

Lance had begun to get up but slumped back down on the bed as Keith finished, eyes locking onto his lap. “I guess I’m just supposed to stay here?” He asked, voice small.

“Yeah. It would be too dangerous for you Lance. You don’t know how to fight.” Keith spoke easily, as if he was stating that the sky was blue and grass was green. “I don’t- We don’t want you getting hurt.”

Blue eyes met amber and Lance knew Keith realized he heard the slip, but the blue eyed boy didn’t point it out. “I know, I’m human and can’t do anything compared to you and your crazy fighting.” Lance began, waving a hand around to exaggerate his point. “But I can’t just stay here and do nothing!”

“Lance,” the black haired vampire spoke, taking a few steps closer to the bed, “you have to stay here.” Amber eyes were intense, and Lance knew that there was no way he could say the vampire.

“Fine.” He breathed out, breaking eye contact and crossing his arms. “I don’t like it though.”

“I know.” Keith spoke softly, also averting his eyes. The vampire seemed to fidget with his gloves, pulling the black leather encasing his hands. “I honestly don’t want to go but Shiro is making me. Something about helping out fellow kin.” The vampire ran fingers through the length of his black hair, the mullet pulled out of the usual ponytail.

“We could totally Parent Trap Shiro and I go instead of you?” Lance questions, it more being a joke then anything, simply because the two look nothing alike and, well Lance wasn’t a vampire.

That seemed to pull a smile from Keith, but his fangs didn’t protrude like Shiro’s did when he smiled. “I don’t think that would work as planned.” The vampire speaks, his voice lighter then before, as if he was relaxed.

“I don’t know man, I think it could.” Lance joked, watching as the smile grew on Keith’s face, but still no sign on fangs. “With a change of clothes and maybe a wig, I think we could do it.”

Finally the vampire had to stifle a laugh, fangs presenting themselves in the process before a hand come to cover his mouth. Still, even for a moment the boys face seemed to light up, as if he wasn’t always this dark, dreary vampire. “That would be fun...but they would all be able to tell instantly.” The amber eyed boy drops the smile and hand, expression back to the same closed off one as when he entered.

Lance let out a huff of breath before he fell back onto the bed, arms extended above him and fingertips hanging off the other edge. Blue eyes were locked onto the ceiling as the boy hummed softly. “Then it seems you’re stuck going, bud.” And Lance had to stay here, much to his disappointment.

It seemed as if Keith wanted to say something, a single inhale before nothing. Lance waited for something else, and when silence still followed, the boy sat up onto his elbows. The amber eyed vampire simply stood at the door, eyes closed as he seemed to inhale deeply. “What’s up man?” He called out to the vampire.

Amber eyes snap open, locking onto puzzled blue ones. “I-I’m sorry. It just smells really… good in here.” The last part was a little hushed, but Lance could still hear, heart jumping at the simple words. Not only that, but he could feel heat flooding to his cheeks and neck, the tips of his ears turning red. “I should go. We’ll be back in a few hours.” Keith seemed to rush it out before hastily opening the door behind him and shoving himself through, silencing following the shut door.

The boy brought hands to his cheeks, his palms cool against the heat of his cheeks. Of course the room smelled good, he was in here, and apparently he smells really good to vampires, so he shouldn’t be so flushed. Still, he sat there for a couple minutes with hands on his cheeks before he threw the sheets off of his and left his room, hearing the front door close right as he grabs the handrails. Lance wasn’t sure what he was doing, but he wanted to do something.

Sneaking down the stairs and towards one of the windows, Lance peeked outside and watched as the five vampires slid into a black SUV, one of them stopping before throwing a glance at the window. He dropped to the floor, heart racing as he was sure he just got caught. Only, the engine seemed to start up, Lance picking himself off the floor and looking through the window again. Sure enough, the SUV drove away, no signs of anyone left behind, except for Lance. An almost empty feeling hit him when he realized that, pulling away from the window before looking around the cabin. He had to do something.

And thus Lance found himself covered in mud, flashlight in hand, bat in the other, and following tire tracks. He figured that with enough mud he could get away with not being smelt, plus he would blend in better with the forest around him, and spotting a bat tucked in the corner of the living room sprung an idea. It was rather impulsive, not even thought out completely as Lance was compelled to do something as opposed to sitting in the nice little log cabin slowly losing his mind. So with no one around to keep watch, silly vampires, Lance was able to come up with and execute a plan rather quickly to follow the vampires. But about an fifteen minutes of the blue eyed boy following tire tracks on a dirt road, Lance had started to regret his decision. Maybe he should turn around?

He was about to give up when he spotted red lights in the distance, looking identical to the ones that drove away from the cabin. Lance had slowed his pace, not wanting to get too close to quick. To be honest, he still wasn’t sure what he exactly planned on doing. Maybe using the fact that he was able to track them unnoticed would aid in the argument he wasn’t a completely useless human, and thus be able to join the vampires in whatever they were doing. Lance still wasn’t sure exactly what they were doing, probably something with Zarkons vampires.

A sound to Lance’s left tossed him from his thoughts and pulled it to the trees around him, panicked eyes searching the area around him as he swung around with the flashlight. He hoped it was just an animal, but crimson eyed flashed before him, hands grabbing at either arm. “Lance! What are you doing here?” Shiro sounded pissed, crimson eyes seeming to glow in the darkness. Fingers were tight on against his arms, the fabric of Lance’s jacket scrunched up. “You are supposed to be at the house!”

“I didn’t want to do nothing!” Lance fought back, pushing Shiro off of him. Blue eyes flickered behind the man to see Keith, standing at the open door of the SUV up ahead, but moved back to Shiro. “You left me alone, what did you think I was going to do?”

“Stay at the house like we told you!” Shiro snapped back, hands going to run through white hair. An almost growl like sound left him, but he turned it into a shout at the end. It was like ice had run through Lance when he realized how mad Shiro was, but it was just as sudden that the anger seemed to fade, the vampires breathing steadying rather fast. “Lance, you need to listen.”

“Maybe you should too!” Lance wasn’t calm though, feeling as if he still needed to defend himself.

A voice from the car pulled everyone's attention. “Just let him come. If he thinks he can handle it. I can barely smell him through the mud, your boy is the one who sniffed him out.” Kolivan spoke from the driver side, looking solely at Shiro. “It’s his funeral.”

“Shiro!” Keith snapped after that, but his voice was too quiet, as if afraid to speak out too much.

Only the white haired vampire was silent, looking over his shoulder to where the SUV was, as if thinking. A breath came out then as Shiro moved back to Lance, crimson eyes unreadable. “If you really want to help…” The white haired vampire trailed off, but his eyes remained steady on Lance’s.

“I do.” Lance replied, his eyes as unwavering as Shiro’s.

The man just nods then, turning his body and gesturing towards the car. “Come on then.” The man speaks in a low tone, as if regret was something that affected him. Lance thought for a moment that maybe this wasn’t the right decision, but when he looked to the SUV and saw Keith still standing there, watching the two of them with an unreadable emotion across his face, his feet moved on their own.

Lance felt a little bad now about being covered in mud as he sat in the very back of the SUV, the black haired vampire sitting besides him. This car was a little too nice for all the dirt and mud that would now cover its seats and floors. Still, he sat with the baseball bat between his legs, back against the seat as he watched the dark scenes zip past the window.

“It’s another hour.” Keith spoke softly, pulling blue eyes away from the window. The black haired vampire looked forward, but let his eyes glance to Lance. “We’re only a few miles from the cabin.” The amber eyed vampire spoke again as Kolivan and Ulaz began to talk from the front.

He felt defeated for a moment, getting caught so close to the cabin like it was some kind of joke, but then Lance remembered what Kolivan said like two minutes ago. “Who sniffed me out?” The blue eyed boy asked quietly not wanting to disrupt the vampires talking up front, watching them from two rows behind. “He did say even he could barely smell me.”

“I did.” The vampires voice was almost a breath, and Lance could swore that he saw cheeks flush, but Keith moved to look out the window to quick, black hair covering his face from Lance’s sight. “I noticed your scent was following us as opposed to lessening.”

The blue eyed bow hummed, looking between all the vampires in the car. “And out of all of these guys, only you smelt me?” He asked, a little shocked that his mud plan seemed to work for the most part. When Keith nodded, a smile tugged at Lance’s lips. “Impressive.” He wasn’t sure if that was directed towards himself or the vampire, but he let it slip nonetheless.

Keith didn’t respond, keeping his face towards the window. It made Lance feel slightly awkward, unsure if he said something wrong. He tried to brush it off though, deciding to zone in on the conversation happening up front.

“...kill them. There are only three vampires we’re looking for that will have the information we want, the rest are useless.” Kolivan spoke, all the other vampires in the car paying attention to the conversation.

“Prorok, Haxus, and Morvok are the three vampires we need alive.” Ulaz continues, pulling out sketches of three seperate men. Was the myth about picture true? If so, it would make sense and that these were sketches, if not, then it would be ironic that they were using sketches. “Myself and Thace plan to find Prorok and Haxus, Shiro and Kolivan will be looking for Morvok. Keith and the boy will be back up.” The last part was thrown out like an afterthought, even Keith’s head turning with an unsatisfied look.

“Why do I have to watch him?” Keith almost whined, complained more so aimed at Shiro then the vampire currently talking. Lance couldn’t help but feel offended, simply because he thought the two were getting along a little better.

“Because you sniffed him out.” Kolivan speaks up, the amber eyed vampire not fighting the older vampire and instead just slumping against the seat, arms crossed over his chest.

Lance really didn’t think that seemed fair, but he also knew that Keith was able bodied and could definitely defend himself, but he still wound up pretty damaged after the last fight the black haired vampire was in. And now they were going into some kind of den full of vampires? Maybe Lance really didn’t make the right call here.