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Midnight Crusade

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This place was surprising nice compared to Shiro and Keith's place. It was an honest log cabin, wood walls, furniture, and wildlife decoration to help set the aesthetic. Quilts hung on walls as well as paintings of wildlife, the chandelier above the living room seeming to be made of antlers. If Lance wasn’t so freaked out with the whole situation going on, he might have enjoyed the new area a little more, but the scene of what just happened played over and over in the blue eyed boys mind, hands tight as they held his arms across his chest.


It wasn’t a lure this time that had Lance following the vampires, the group of four sitting on a large L-shape couch, pillows and blankets scattered across. Lance found himself tucked into the corner of the couch, pillow pressed against his chest and legs hugged tightly to the pillow. The three vampires around him began talking, but Lance felt trapped in his mind, the feeling of cold fingers on his throat keeping him from the present.


He was still trying to take this all in, the events of the past few days repeating in his mind. Could this all be some crazy lucid dream? Lance desperately wanted it to be, but with a pinch to his arm, the pain flourishing from the spot told him otherwise. This was not some dream, or at least a very, very vivid one in which he can feel pain, see everyone's faces clearly, and has the right amount of fingers. Still, that seemed more likely than actual vampires in Altea.


“Lance?” Shiro’s voice pulled him from his thoughts, blue eyes looking over to his left where both the white haired vampire sat as well as Keith. They both looked to him expectantly, as if a question or sentence were tossed at him and he was expected to respond.  


“I’m… I’m sorry, what?” Lance replied, voice strained at first, but clearing out as he finished his words.


Shiro looks a little upset, and the blue eyed boy wasn’t sure if it was because he wasn’t listening or if he felt sorry for Lance. Either way, the man kept his voice gentle. “Are you okay?”


Lance had not been prepared for that, looking to Shiro with wide eyes and mouth slightly parted. It took a moment for the boy to gather his thoughts, as if he could sift through them and decide how he felt. There was nothing though, he felt empty. Numb. “All things considered, yeah.” He finally spoke, dropping his eye back to the pillow squished between his chest and legs.


The room fell silent again, a breath being released form Kolivan breaking the silence. “Why do you think it is he resisted your lures?” The man asked, the question directed at the vampires rather then the boy himself, said resistee.


Shiro and Keith share a look before both eyes returned to Kolivan. “We’re not sure. The first wipe worked, but faded after a week, the second wipe never stuck, and he’s able to break and resit lures.” Shiro explains, hand scratching at the back of his neck. “It might have to do with his scent.”


“My scent?” Lance chimes in, the suggestion only seeming to confuse the blue eyed boy more. “What, because I smell a certain way you think I’m able to deflect your vampire powers?”  He asks, not really sure if he believes it or not. Then again, he had no idea what to believe at this point.


“Yes.” Kolivan speaks, pulling three pairs of eyes towards him. “Everyone has a scent, humans and vampire scents are very distinct from each other, but unlike vampires, humans have an array of scents. It all depends on what they eat, how healthy they are, how stressed they are, even emotions have an effect on human scents as well as taste.” Lance shivered at the mention of taste, remembering the blood flowing through his could easily feel these vampires. “Your scent, however, is much more intense than others, and it even smells sweeter.”


Lance sat there feeling awkward, scared, and frankly a little embarrassed. It was strange hearing Kolivan talk about how he smelled, like it was a normal thing to smell people, but then again, vampires were on a whole different level. “So because I smell… better than other humans… that’s why I’m able to resist?”


“Not exactly.” Shiro speak, Lance moving his direction to the familiar vampire. “It’s more so there’s a reason your scent is much more intense, and that reason is why you’re resisting.” He explains to the blue eyed boy. “So we need to figure out the reason.”


The boy nods, unsure of how to respond to the current situation. This was odd to say the least, but now he seems to have a target on his back because he smells too good. What kind of bullshit is that? But if that was the case, why had he not been attack sooner rather than later? Lance wanted to ask, but he remained silent as the conversation moved on, a pin stuck in his situation for further evaluation.


A sudden halt happened in the conversation, Lance’s head perking up at the silence. It lasted for a moment before the front door came crashing open, Keith and Shiro in front of Lance before the boy could breath, two new persons standing directly opposite of them. Persons quickly turned to vampires though as the two men snarled at him, fangs out and eyes a glowing red.


“Ulaz! Thace! Enough!” Kolivan demands, his voice booming within the open living space. “You will restrain yourselves!”


Lance had no idea what to do as these two vampires hissed with venom, Keith and Shiro seeming to unwillingly snap back, as if they were unsure. “What the hell is that ?” The one with thick black hair spoke, two white lines running on either side of his head.


“What are you doing bringing that here?” The other snapped, a short white mohawk atop his head. They both had vicious looking red eyes, ones that made Lance’s stomach drop. The white mohacked vampire looked to Shiro. “You can’t be bringing your food-!”


Enough !” Kolivan snapped again, this time his voice much more firm, much scarier in Lance’s opinion. “Lance is a guest within this house. You will treat him with respect!”


“Respect a human ? I have a hard enough time with these two.” The one with white hair bit back, feeling like a stab at the two vampires defending Lance.


“It’s not our fault we’re like this!” Keith snaps, wide blue eyes looking to the black haired boy before him. “You boast about how being pure-bloods is so much better when you’re the ones closer to being a monster .” It was like quiet rage leaked from Keith, the other boy feeling his chest tighten. There was something more to those words.


“Keith, don’t.” Shiro spoke under his breath, but it was curt and Lance could see how easily it made the amber eyed vampire stop.


“Ulaz, Thace, with me.” Kolivan spoke, standing and exiting the living room, the two new vampires following. When all three left, silence fell among the room, only the sound of Lance’s panicked breathing moving through the area.


“What the hell was his problem?” Lance breathed out after a moment, the two vampires in front of him dropping down on the couch, both seeming to sink into the brown leather.


“Pure-bloods.” Shiro spoke on his left, the man leaning forward and resting arms against his knees. “Any vampire with less than pure vampire blood is nothing but the scum on the bottom of their foot.” Crimson eyed looked back to meet with Lance’s, the boy still clearly shaken. “Humans they feel even less of.”


“Lovely.” Lance choked on the one word, not moving from his pent up position on the couch. It felt much safe then letting his limbs and torso be all exposed with so many vampires around, especially ones who didn’t seem to care about Lance since he was simply a human. “Do we have to stay here?”


“Yes. We need their help and they need ours.” Shiro speaks, sitting up straight. “There’s a war going on against the vampire Lord Zarkon, the vampire you previously met at your apartment.”


Met is a nice word for it.” Lance bit under hit breath.


“Since it seems you’re pretty involved in this now, I’ll answer any questions you have.” Shiro spoke, receiving a protest from Keith, but the white haired vampire quickly quelled it with a motion of his hand. The black haired vampire resolved to sitting back in his seat with arms crossed over his chest.


“Why are there vampires in Altea?” This seemed like the best first question, and luckily it was sitting at the front of Lance’s mind. “Why are you and Keith and all the other vampires here?”


Shiro looked over to Keith for a moment before looking back at blue eyes. “We used to be apart of a larger sect of vampires, up near Daibazaal. Zarkon had decided that he should be the one in charge of everything, but many were against that, including the current head vampire. Zarkon unfortunately took the previous head into battle and won, becoming the new head of Daibazaal. It wasn’t long before humans were dying to quickly and vampires were being born to fast… they decided to leave town and find a new place to become their hunting grounds. Altea was the next closest town.”


“Daibazaal? I’ve never heard of that place, where-?” Lance begins, but it seemed Shiro already knew that this was going to be asked.


“It was a very small town, smaller than Altea, and very secluded. There was only one fire station and police station, a very old and rundown hospital, and government buildings that could have been filled with ghosts. The town was poor, and Zarkon took advantage of that. He essentially cut off all contact with the outside world, the town disappeared within a night. The humans of the town became nothing but blood bags to them… and when they were all out, it was time to move to the next town.”


Lance’s eyes went wide, the realization of what was going on, and what was about to happen hitting him like a semi truck, breath escaping him. “Altea is next.”