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Midnight Crusade

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Lance stood petrified, back against the wall and body still like a deer in headlights. The figure stood in front of him, all black clothing making it hard to see him within the darkness of the alley. Still, Lance could swore he saw a glint of red underneath that black hood. Fingertips grabbed at the brick behind him, as if they could steady him anymore.


“Who are you?” Lance asks in a panic, waiting for the figure to approach, or even move. Yet the figure stays completely still.


“That doesn’t matter. You should go home. The night isn’t friendly to those who can’t see within it.” The figure spoke, the voice deep but not rough, like the calm before a storm.


Frozen still, Lance was quiet as the figure began their approach.


“Did you not hear me? You should go home blue-eyes.” The figure spoke again, this time closer to Lance. They seemed to be about the same height as Lance, if not slightly taller, black hair peeking out from underneath the hoodie by their cheeks. “It’s dangerous.”


Another few steps and Lance could see just underneath the hoodie, tilting his head slightly to see better, and then-


“Iris?” Lance had stepped outside the coffee shop after hearing a sound coming from the alley. “Iris, you still back here? I thought you-.” The honey-skinned boy stepping onto the small platform with stairs leading down to the alley before stopping at the sight.


Just as he walked out, Iris fell to the ground with a loud thud, her limp form lying in front of a figure, face starkling pale and covered with red. Lance could only stand there shocked as he watched the person wipe at their mouth with a hand, red spearing more across their face. “A second snack?” The person coos at him. “How delightful.”


Lance has a second to turn, to try to go back inside, but the person had run up to him with inhuman speed and tackled him, both of them tumbling down to the ground, Lance feeling the skin of his arm being shredded against the harsh pavement. “Fuck!” He yells, scrambling to get up.


A hand grabs at his throat, pinning him against the ground, his shoulder blades diggin harshly into the ground. “You smell so~ good.” Now Lance could see the person better, red eyes beaming down at him with a kind of glint that made his blood run cold. “I can smell the adrenaline rushing through you.” The person brought their face closer, Lance now able to see that this person is indeed a man, brunette hair a mess atop his head, almost like a bun that had become very loose.


Just as quickly as the weight of the man was on top of him, it was gone, Lance taking the moment to breath deep, collect his thoughts, and then roll onto his stomach so he could stand up. When he began rolling though, Iris came back into view, the girl lying on the floor, lifeless eyes seeming to look right past Lance. It made his chest hurt, but sounds coming from the other direction pulled his eyes.


The original person who attacked Lance stood at the far end of the alley, taking on a sort of attack stance, body low to the ground and arms hanging at his side. That wasn’t what grabbed Lance’s attention, it was the new figure standing just between Lance and the bloodied man. This figure stood tall, hands in pockets and stance casual, as if they weren’t about to fight this drugged lunatic.


“You should leave before I kill you.” The new figure spoke, a deep yet smooth voice spoke, calm evident in the few words.


“And let you enjoy that snack all to yourself? No way.” The original figure spoke, and launched themselves at the calm one. It all happened in a blur that Lance could barely keep track the movements exchanged between the two, only the after shock. It was silent except when a harsh breath was released, skin was shredded, or a grunt would break it. It felt like Lance’s vision was a blur, and then it stopped.


Lance watched as the newer figure stood with the other man in front of him, one hand on his throat, holding him just inches off the ground. Blue eyes widened as he heard the sickening sound of flesh and bones crushing, the man seeming to gurgle on his own blood before his neck was completely torn, head and body falling to the ground in two seperate pieces.


Lance shrieked at the sight, scrambling to stand, but before he could even get his footing, he felt hands on him, pulling him off the ground. He screamed, pleading for his life just as he was placed on his feet hands grabbing at his shoulders. One hand came over his mouth, his screams muffled.


“Shut up, would you?” The voice snapped at him, causing blue eyes to lock onto amber red eyes. Instantly he felt himself calming, an unnatural calm. “There you go blue-eyes. Now… forget.”


A few blinks and Lance was back to the present, standing in the alley with the red eyed man. He wasn’t sure if he’s more terrified or about as equally terrified as before. Still, he stared at the boy as he stood in front of him. “Hello?” The boy spoke again, his head tilting as well.


“You were there.” Lance croaks out, his voice somewhat trapped in his throat. “Y-You were there, y-you killed-.” He had begun, but the other boy took another step closer, amber eyes widening.


The boy places a hand on Lances chest, his entire body screeching at the sudden pressure. “You remember? How?” Amber eyes expressed an emotion that Lance wasn’t able to pick up on, yet his chest still felt raw as it was directed at him.


Lance was still shocked from the sudden flush of memories that he completely ignored the words that were tossed at him, instead eyes darted across every feature of the boys face, as if trying to take this all in. “You were there.”


“You’ve said that.” The boy snaps, fingers digging into Lance’s shirt. He could swear the boys fingernails were way to sharp, the pressure a little intense against his skin. “What are you?”


“What are you ?” Lance responds, his voice barely a breath between the two. The words though seemed to stun the other boy, mouth slightly parted, allowing Lance to see sharp canines resting behind lips. His skin crawls as he was unable to move eyes away from the boys mouth. “ What are you ?”


The hand at Lance’s chest loosened and the boy backed away. It seemed like his words hit a nerve with the other boy. He was about to continue when another figure appeared down the alley.


“Keith.” A voice snapped, both of the boys looking to a new figure. “What are you doing?” The figure began walking closer, the dim light from the moon just barely lighting up the new figures face. It was a man with short white hair and a scar horizontally across the nose, the front of his hair pushed up. He wore black clothes as well, jeans and a t-shirt that was tight fitting.


“Oh my god, is he another one?” Lance whimpers out, back still pressed against the brick wall. “What the fuck is happening?”


“Keith, what did-?” The white haired man begins to ask, his voice calm and steady, but Keith cuts him off.


“Nothing! He had come back and I was telling him to go home, Shiro.” Keith had suddenly become small, arms crossing over his chest as he still stood in front of Lance, keeping him against the wall. “But there’s a new problem.”


“We can’t discuss this here.” Shiro spoke, now standing a few feet from the pair of boys. “We’ll head to the apartment.”


“Woah, woah, what the fuck is happening?” Lance shouts, snapping back to what was happening in the present. “Who are you?”


Lance went still as Shiro looked dead at him, deep crimson eyes seeming to bore into his soul. He almost felt naked, face becoming flush and red as he couldn’t look away, he couldn’t even move a muscle. All of his worries, all of his concerns seemed to vanish as he stared into crimson eyes.


“Not now.” Shiro spoke with a voice that leaked power. Lance was completely powerless, following the two into the night like a dog attached to a lease.