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Sweets were nervously pacing in front of the huge double doors that led to the ballroom. It has been a couple of days after the ‘showdown’ as the group now dubbed the sudden invasion of the Lodge Skeletons. Things had been ‘normal’ if you could say that; Axe and the others had been in a rather high alert and because of that, Sweets and his brother had filled the forest with more traps. They had gone even as far to put couple well placed traps to the road until (Y/N) had come and stopped them.


Sweets had noticed how the others seemed to be guarding her like she was in constant danger. Now, Sweets would be lying if he wasn’t saying he was keeping a close eye on her himself. The ghost of Blumwell Estate didn’t seem to be bothered by this however, it seemed like she liked them doting on her. Not that Sweets minded that. The said ghost seemed to be much more open about her afterlife and what happened before it. She talked about it so casually that Sweets wanted to embrace her and tell (Y/N) it wasn’t alright. It wasn’t alright to talk about her death so casually. Oh, how Sweets wanted (Y/N)’s mysterious husband to be alive. What fun they would have as Sweets would rip the man slowly apart, delightfully listening to his screams and carving his still beating heart out from his chest, offering it to (Y/N)… He wondered how the man’s blood would taste like… Probably rotten, like he was…

Sweets blinked and look around, he was still in front of the doors. With a deep breath, Sweets opened the door and stepped inside. Almost immediately a cold rush of air greeted him as (Y/N) came to greet him. After the whole ‘Showdown’ (Y/N) had more relaxed and letting her ‘true’ appearance show sometimes. However, right now she was in her ‘alive’ form since she had expected him. Sweets found it… well, sweet.

“There you are, I was wondering if you’d show up!” she said with a smile and Sweets instinctively relaxed.

“Of Course I Would Show Up, The Great Sweets Never Breaks His Promises!” he said and (Y/N) giggled as she leads him to the empty ballroom. It was as beautiful as Sweets remembered, perhaps even more beautiful than before. The windows let in the natural light making the room look like from those old movies that had a ballroom scene. It made (Y/N) look even more mysterious…

“So, you wanted to learn to dance?” (Y/N) asked and Sweets nodded, his cheekbones turning to light orange.

“Yes, I do. When the ball was, I found myself being rather… uneducated to say the least” Sweets said and (Y/N) sighed as she floated up and patted his shoulder.

“Darling, you don’t need to know how to dance to fit in,” the (blonde, brunette, etc.) said and then fell silent. Soon her eyes narrowed and she looked at the lanky skeleton.

“Did the other ghosts say something about it? Because if they did…” (Y/N) said with a dark look while Sweets assured her that it wasn’t that.

“no, no. I just truly want to learn how to dance. And you dance so well… and in the letters, you told me that you’d teach me…” Sweets said and the ghost smiled gently. With that, she leads him to the middle of the room.

“I’d love to help you dance. Now, which of the dances you wish to learn? There are the classical waltz and tango but if you wish, I could teach you the Krakowiak, the Mazurka or even the Redowa or the Cake Walk if you wish. Those were rather popular during my time.” (Y/N) said and Sweets stared at her in uncertainty. Krako-what? Mazurka? (Y/N) saw the skeleton’s puzzled expression and giggled slightly.

“How about we start about the most basic? Waltz?” she suggested and Sweets nodded.

“We start with the box step. You start by stepping forward with your left foot…”

(Y/N) sighed as she was preparing her tea (blueberry merlot tea today; fruity and herbal blend with sweet berries and savory sage) while piling some sweets that the group had bought from the store along with some that the dead staff had made. The food servants sometimes prepared was a great hit with the other ghosts along with the other natural food such as apples and berries.

The demand was rather large that some of the skeletons had embedded some magic to the ground of the Estate. They said that if there was enough magic in the ground, the berries and other fruits and vegetables would start to take the magic in. Hence, the skeletons wouldn’t need to constantly add magic to the food. What was even more surprising was that the ground seemed to absorb the magic at a much faster pace than they thought. It was like the ground that the Estate was build on was sucking up all the magic… Now (Y/N) knew that the Estate had some sort of power within it since there were ghosts living in there. And the fact that the ghosts couldn’t leave without the object that they had attached themselves into. Even Lady and Lord Avington didn’t know why the Estate was like this.

(Y/N) stared at the ancient walls of her home before humming and walking out of the kitchen with her afternoon snack. It was better not to burden her mind with questions that will probably stay unanswered. It was such a beautiful day outside so instead of heading to the Winter Garden or the dining room, (Y/N) decided to go to the gazebo to enjoy the afternoon sun. As (Y/N) gracefully sat down, she noticed Dust sitting next to one of the apple trees. From what (Y/N) could see, his eye sockets seemed to be closed (how is that even possible?) and his overall demeanor seemed so peaceful. (Y/N) smiled softly. She didn’t know what happened to the group before she had met them but she suspected it was something bad. They weren’t fazed when she had shown them her true self, it was like it was normal to them. (Y/N) sipped her tea as she looked at the sleeping skeleton.


They were hiding something from her, she knew it. But (Y/N) didn’t mind, after all, she had kept secrets from them too. As (Y/N) was spacing out and staring at Dust, she didn’t notice someone creeping behind her.

“HELLO MISS (Y/N)…” (Y/N) jumped and dropped her teacup only to see a transparent skeletal hand to save it from shattering. (Y/N) put her hand to her chest and breathed a sigh of relief.

“My God, Phantom dear, don’t scare me like that!” (Y/N) said as the transparent skeleton ghost drifted and sat down to the seat next to the pale ghost. As Phantom was setting down the teacup, (Y/N) paused and blinked a bit.

“Oh my! Phantom, you did it! How wonderful!” (Y/N) said and Phantom’s cheeks glowed slightly from the compliment.

“R-REALLY…? YOU THINK THAT I HAVE… IMPROVED?” Phantom asked while fiddling with his scarf. (Y/N) nodded happily before taking her ring off and handing it to ghost skeleton. It would be rude to not offer her friend some of her food, right? Phantom handled the ring with the utmost respect as he put it on his finger. (Y/N) gently pushed the plate of treats towards him and the two ghosts shared the delicious food between them.

“Oh yes, Phantom absolutely! In fact, I think you’re improving much faster than I. Must be because of the fact that you were made of magic” (Y/N) said and Phantom nodded.

“How is your brother by the way?” the gray ghost lady asked and Phantom looked at his brother who was still sleeping peacefully under the tree. Phantom let a peaceful smile grace his skull. It wonderful to see his brother be like that. Not corrupted and dragged into insanity by the DETERMINATION. These kinds of moments were rather rare at home.

Home… Phantom hadn’t thought about Underground for a while. What was there to see? There were just empty rooms and piles of dust that scattered with the wind. But here? There was no Chara, no endless genocide loop, not being in the Underground. But now…

But now here they were. On the Surface, living with monsters like them. And living with a ghost lady out of this time who understood them.

“Phantom? Dear, is something wrong?” The ghost skeleton snapped out from his thoughts and saw (Y/N) raise her eyebrow to his sudden silence.

” No, Nothing’s Wrong… I Was Just… Thinking…” Phantom said and (Y/N) nodded, not wanting to pry.


“That’s wonderful to hear,” the (blonde, brunette, etc.) said and the two fell into a comfortable silence. The time went on as the tray of sweets slowly emptied. At some point Phantom excused himself, wanting to explore the woods. Before he left, Phantom handed the ring back to (Y/N) who slid it back to her finger. The gray ghost decided to stay a bit longer outside, watching the clouds drift by before rising and taking the tray full of dirty dishes to the kitchen. Now, usually (Y/N) would let the maids or butlers clean the plates but ever since the skeletons came to live in there (Y/N) didn’t want to be seen as a snobbish woman who wouldn’t do her own dishes.

As (Y/N) was washing the dishes, Lily entered the kitchen, her eyes widening as she saw her lady doing dishes.

“M-My Lady! What are you doing?” Lily asked and (Y/N) turned to look at her.

“Washing dishes, what else?” the ghost lady answered and Lily sputtered, extremely confused.

“B-But you! You shouldn’t do dishes! It’s a job we servants do” the blonde-haired woman said and (Y/N) had to stop herself from scoffing.

“Did the other ladies and lords tell you that?” she asked and Lily grew silent. Of course, it was them. Even after so long being dead they still treat the staff lower than them. The nerve of some people!

“You do realize Lily that you aren’t really servants anymore. You can be free, not bound by responsibilities” (Y/N) said and Lily looked slightly away.

“I know but… I’m just so used to it. Sometimes I just want to move on…” (Y/N) frowned as she stopped doing the dishes, drying her hands to a near-by towel. She walked to Lily and led her to the kitchen table and pouring her some juice, (Y/N) knowing Lily never liked tea.

“Is that so?” (Y/N) said as she sat next to her ex-maid. Lily looked at (Y/N) and then just broke down crying. Loud sobbing filled the once quiet kitchen and (Y/N) hugged the maid, quietly trying to soothe her friend. (Y/N) knew how she felt.

Sometimes, during the darkest hour of the night, the (blonde, brunette, etc.) ghost wanted to just move on. To see her mother again; her wonderful, gentle mother who was always there for her. Hell, she wanted to see his stoic father again, tell him that despite his cold demeanor towards her (Y/N) still loved him. And she wanted to tell her older siblings that they were such horrible people to her, tell them that she was glad that she didn’t turn out like them in the end.

Yet… Yet, (Y/N) couldn’t fathom leaving. She wanted to make sure that that man, her husband, wouldn’t go unpunished. She wanted to see him beg her forgiveness, wanted to see him weep pitifully on the floor as she had once been. She wanted Matthew to suffer the same faith as she had and then drag him to Hell where he belonged. Suffering for eternally.

But Lily didn’t have a motive like that. She was just an unfortunate woman who died in the Estate and stayed there. She had a family, a life that she left behind, becoming an unwilling victim locked in this prison. And since they couldn’t pass on for some reason, Lily stayed behind with the rest of them as the time went on. When they both were still alive, Lily and (Y/N) would sometimes talk about all kinds of things. Lily would tell her about the man she was engaged to. Who was it again? David? Yes, David Harrison, he was a lumberjack in Ebott Village. They had been together for a couple of years before David had proposed. They were supposed to get married in the Midsummer… Yet it wasn’t meant to be. It must have been hard for Lily to leave him behind when she died. And even worse was the fact that she couldn’t move on. She couldn’t see David in Heaven.

As the sobbing grew weaker, (Y/N) separated from the maid and looked at her. Her short blonde hair was a mess and her pretty green eyes were blood-shot when she looked (Y/N).

“Feeling better?” (Y/N) asked as she gently wiped the transparent tears off from Lily’s face.

“Y-Yeah” Lily answered with a hesitant smile. The two fell silent as Lily wiped her face with her apron. Once Lily was completely calm, she let out a sigh.

“You know, the Ladies and Lords don’t really like you acting out of the norm,” she said and (Y/N) looked at her.

“Oh? How’s so?” she asked and Lily put her hands on her lap and looked at her friend and former employer.

“They don’t like how you act like, and I’m quoting here, ‘like a wench that acts beneath her statue as a Lady‘” she said and (Y/N) scoffed. So that’s what they’ve been thinking about her. How wonderful. But (Y/N) knew she shouldn’t be surprised; ever since her friends arrived at the Estate, the other noble ghosts had been avoiding her and the skeletons. Nowadays they mostly were in their own little worlds, not bothering to get to know the skeletons. Yet, they had no problem eating and drinking their food.

“M-my Lady?” (Y/N) snapped out of her thoughts and smiled at Lily.

“It’s alright. I should have known they were talking about me behind my back. And just call me (Y/N), I’m not your employer anymore” she said and Lily nodded, smiling happily. The two talked a little more before (Y/N) went to do the dishes. Lily still protested it but (Y/N) just shooed her away with a bag full of treats.

“Just go enjoy your day Lily, I’ll be just fine,” the ghost lady said and turned back to the sink, cleaning the few dishes that were still there. As (Y/N) watched the water drain, she could feel familiar wetness rolling down her cheek. As she wiped it off, she noted that it was blood. She ghosted her fingertips over her other eye and noted that there was only a gaping hole. (Y/N) sighs and let her hand drop as she turned around. As she turned around, her appearance shifted back to normal, non-bloody form. With that, she decided to go to the sitting room only to meet a couple of the Ladies of the Estate. Lady Katharine Morozov and Lady Charlotte Bernard.

“Good afternoon Lady (Y/N)” Katharine said with a sickly sweet smile, flicking her black hair behind her back. (Y/N) looked at her and put on a smile as she greeted her back before turning to the auburn-haired woman next to her, also greeting her. These two were rather close friends and seemed to think they were above (Y/N), be it with their status or with their age. (Y/N) couldn’t care less about the two but still remained polite.

“Hello Lady Katharine, Lady Charlotte. May I help you with something?” (Y/N) asked with a sweet tone as she stepped inside of the room, the two ladies stepping slightly back. Katharine was wearing a light green dress while Charlotte was wearing a lilac one.

“Oh, we just wanted to come to see if you were still alive. You know, with those monsters walking around” Katharine said and Charlotte giggled.

“You haven’t been showing up to the tea parties, so we grew rather… concerned you see” Charlotte said smiling and (Y/N) resisted the urge to roll her eyes. Concerned, indeed.

“Oh I’ve been rather busy with our houseguests that’s all. I’m truly sorry for not attending” (Y/N) said with a sickly sweet tone; she was familiar with these types of games. Katharine and Charlotte looked at each other before walking to the couches. The three ladies gracefully sat down, their backs straight and hands on their laps.

“Ah yes, the… houseguests” Charlotte said, spitting the last word out of her mouth like it was rotten.

“you have a problem with them?” the (blonde, brunette, etc.) ghost asked with a sweet smile as her blank eyes stared at the two ghost ladies.

“Oh now that you mention it, they are awfully rude,” Charlotte said and Katharine continued.

“Indeed, and they are rather dirty too. Honestly, have they any manners?” (Y/N) raised an eyebrow, still smiling.

“Oh? All of them have been rather polite and nice to me. Are you sure you don’t imagine things?” she asked and Katharine looked slightly miffed that (Y/N) would defend the skeletons. Still, the older woman regained her composure and smiled.

“Oh, I’m rather sure I’m not imagining anything. Right, Charlotte?” the raven-haired woman said and Charlotte nodded.

“Oh no, you aren’t. And do any of them have a fashion sense? Have you seen those two skeletons; they look barbaric with their torn clothing! They look horrendous! And don’t they know anything about cleanliness? I mean, both of them are rather dirty. They look like beggars!” Charlotte said before she was flung to the wall by (Y/N). The said ghost was staring at her with such malice and hatred.

“Do not forget your place Lady Charlotte” (Y/N) hissed as she walked towards her, her hair swishing in the air as her appearance started getting the darker turn. Charlotte’s eyes widened as she began to struggle but it was no use.

“Those monsters are the sweetest unlike you. Stuck in the belief that you are better than anyone else but in truth…” (Y/N) said as she came to Charlotte, who at this point was still pinned to the wall. She was suddenly dropped and Charlotte fell to her knees, her lilac dress pooling around her. (Y/N) slowly reached her hand to the woman’s cheek, leaving a trail on translucent blood. She bent down and whispered to auburn-haired woman’s ear.

“You are beneath me. You are nothing to me. ” Charlotte flinched as (Y/N) slowly rose up and turned around, looking at the terrified ravenette. Katharine couldn’t move so as the vengeful ghost inched her way towards the terrified ghost lady, she was letting her vengeance out.

“No matter of your titles, past wealth or family...” the (blonde, brunette, etc.) ghost growled as she stalked her way towards Katharine. As she got to her face, Katharine could see the gaping hole where (Y/N)’s other eye was, her bloodied teeth from the skin was torn off from her face.

“You. Are. always. Beneath. Me.” (Y/N) hissed as she glared Katharine. With that, she backed away a few steps and looking at the two ghost ladies that could have been once her ‘friends’.

“Do not forget that I am much more powerful than you. I am the true leader of this household, no matter what Lady and Lord Avington may think” the ghost lady said as the two ghosts nodded and soon disappeared from sight, probably to tell the other ghosts how ‘unladylike’ she was acting. (Y/N) took a couple of deep breaths as she began to calm down. With a sigh, she pinched the bridge of her nose in irritation.

“Why do I even bother?” she asked herself before hearing a deep chuckle coming from the corner of the room.

“well that was rather unexpected, i thought you were a rather calm lady” (Y/N) turned and saw the familiar black skeleton leaning to the wall, his bright cyan eye locking into hers.

“Oh, you saw that?” (Y/N) asked and Nightmare chuckled again, putting his skeletal hands to his hoodie pockets.

“saw that? well, i guess. didn’t see the whole thing go down but i could feel it. feel you. your negativity could be felt from miles away he said and (Y/N) raised an eyebrow.

“Ah yes, the others mentioned something about you being able to feel negative energy,” she said and Nightmare walked towards the white ghost.

“so they have told you some things about me huh?” he said and (Y/N) nodded slightly as she watched the skeleton.

“Some things yes. But not that much. Though what I have pieced together is that Cross seems to dislike, as does Xhara” (Y/N) said and Nightmare rolled his eye, his tentacles swishing slightly.

“eh, already knew about it. it’s not that hard to figure it out. and i can feel his anger towards me” he said and then his grin widened.

“but you don’t know much of me, right?” Nightmare asked and (Y/N) nodded slightly while absentmindedly brushing her dress.

“well how about i introduce myself fully. i am nightmare, the embodiment of negativity and king of nightmares” Nightmare mockingly bowed as (Y/N) smirked a little in amusement.

“Well if you’re introducing yourself, why don't I do that as well, your highness” (Y/N) said and curtseyed low, just like her mother had taught her.

“I am Lady (Y/N) (m/n) Blumwell, formally known as Lady (Y/N) (m/n) Wolff, the former owner of the Blumwell Estate and a vengeful ghost. It’s truly a pleasure to meet you” (Y/N) said with amusement in her voice. Nightmare grinned as (Y/N) straightened up. She didn’t seem scared or anything, though Nightmare sees she was slightly impressed. But it was only slightly. Not that Nightmare minded, he was annoyed with the other ghosts that skirted around him, wanting to avoid him. But not (Y/N). (Y/N) just stared at him with that sweet smile of hers, but Nightmare knew what she truly was.

A monster, just like the rest of them.