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It was February 14th, also known as Saint Valentine’s Day or just Valentine’s day. (Y/N) practically didn’t celebrate the day since her husband killed her. The husband who so wonderfully always gave her lavish and expensive gifts that were hidden in a Valentine’s Day card. Now it just left a bitter taste to her mouth. Until her dear skeleton (and ghost) friends arrived at her life.

Her dear Sweets.

Her sharp Axe (no pun intended).

Her sneaky Killer.

Her sarcastic Dust.

Her darling Phantom.

Her mysterious Cross.

And her charming Xhara.

Her friends. Her dear friends. And they were hers alone!

Then there also was the Prince of Darkness, Nightmare. (Y/N) had heard about him from the other skeletons and ghosts, though they mostly disliked him (especially Cross for some reason). And what she had heard had impressed the ghost lady. Conquer of the multiverse, spreading darkness and negativity everywhere. (Y/N) had always liked the darkness and since her death, the (blonde, brunette, etc.) had tasted the oh so wonderful darkness that fueled her everlasting rage… But enough of that.

It was their first Valentine’s Day in the Estate and (Y/N) was on the mission. She had decided to make some homemade chocolates to the skeletons and ghosts. She wanted to use the extra secret recipe that her mother had once taught her. ‘Only make these to the ones you care deeply about’ is what her mother had said to her and (Y/N) was certain that she cared deeply about them. So the ghost lady started her work, but unknownst to her, people were trying to win her hand on this wonderful day.




Sweets were in his room, happily making a Valentine’s Day card for (Y/N). He didn’t know what Valentine’s Day was before, though he had heard about it from Alphys and… Undyne before everything fell in the Underground. He had asked about the day from the other ghosts who had happily provided some answers to him, though some of the traditions they had spoken about were little outdated, not that Sweets knew that. So Sweets was determined to get Miss (Y/N) as his valentine.

Sweets looked at the card he had made. It was a little messy but Sweets was sure that the undead beauty would appreciate the effort he had made.

“NYE HE HEE! I HOPE MISS (Y/N) WILL LIKE THIS” Sweets said happily as he finished gluing the last part to the card. But now that Sweets thought about it, he hadn’t seen Miss (Y/N) anywhere that day. And the kitchen was sealed shut by an unseen force. The Phoenix Ghost, Chamomile, had explained that some ghosts could shut doors and windows with their powers, making sure nothing got in or out.
Sweets happily got up and started to downstairs and noticed Axe snoozing in a random room. Sweets just sighed and walked towards his brother.

“SANS! YOU LAZY BONES! STOP SLEEPING!” Sweets said and Axe lazily opened his eyes.

“oh what’s up bro?” he asked as he lazily got up from the luxurious bed and looked at Sweets who was towering over him with an annoyed look.

“SANS! GET UP! YOU CAN’T JUST SLEEP ALL DAY!” Sweets said and Axe yawned and asked ‘why?’ and Sweets let out an ‘NYEEEH’.

“IT’S VALENTINE’S DAY SANS!” Sweets said and Axe’s world shattered. He had completely forgotten Valentine’s day, which he was quite excited about.

“shit, it was today!?” Axe said as he jumped out from the bed as Sweets sighed with defeat. Honestly, his brother was sometimes so forgetful.

“YES, IT IS TODAY. DON’T YOU HAVE A GIFT FOR MISS (Y/N)?” Sweets asked and after a couple of seconds Axe ran off to somewhere, making Sweets to conclude that he did not have valentine’s gift to (Y/N).
“OH DEAR,” Sweets said as he watched his brother running off to find a gift to the gentle ghost lady of the mansion.




Dust was walking outside, boredly staring into the distance as he walked around the garden. It was Valentine’s Day and Dust didn’t know what to do. He looked around, noticing some of the ghosts walking around, hand in hand, smiling happily to each other, not minding the cold. At that moment, Dust started imagining he walking around the garden with (Y/N), her smile shining brightly as Dust would crack a joke. Soon the imagines turned into them being in date, with (Y/N) wearing much more modern clothes and then it turned into a little more…heated.

Dust shivered and shook his head as his face started turning purple. He started willing the blush away as he started walking back to the mansion. As he walked to the winter garden, he saw healthy-looking rose bushes. Dust noticed that one was filled with roses that all were different variations of the color purple.

There, in the middle, there was a beautiful lavender rose* that was fully bloomed and it was different from the other roses. It stood proudly against the other roses and as Dust went to take it, he noticed that the thorns on the stem were much sharper. Dust chuckled, it reminded him of (Y/N) and how she stood out from the crowd and she was a deadly beauty, just like a rose.
Getting an idea, Dust cut the lavender rose from the bush and quickly teleported into his room, putting the single rose into a vase. Dust stared at the rose before going to a nearby room and bringing a single white ribbon and tying it around the stem, minding the sharp thorns.

“perfect” Dust said as he looked at the rose. Now to find a perfect moment to hand it.




Meanwhile Phantom was wandering the halls of the Grand Estate. He didn’t know what to do for Valentines’ day since he couldn’t exactly touch or move anything. So the skeleton ghost decided to wander the halls while waiting the ghost lady appears from the kitchen to ask her to be his valentine. Phantom wasn’t feeling sure, however. He had noticed the others getting (Y/N) gifts and Phantom felt that the (blonde, brunette, etc.) would be disappointed in him since he didn’t have a gift to her.

“Hello Mr. Phantom, why are you looking so down?” A voice asked and Phantom turned and saw a young woman standing there. He identified her as Charlotte, one of the maids that served (Y/N).
‘HELLO MISS CHARLOTTE…’ Phantom said and Charlotte beamed.

“You remember me, how wonderful! And please, call me Lotte” she said floated next to Phantom.

“Now, why do you seem so sad?” she asked and Phantom sighed and told her the predicament. Lotte was silent for a moment before snapping her fingers and gesturing the skeleton ghost to follow her. Together they walked to the smaller kitchen.

‘WHAT ARE… WE DOING HERE…?’ Phantom asked and Charlotte beamed once again.

“We, my dear, will be making some heart-shaped macarons!” she said and started explaining what they were. Phantom was ecstatic and thanked Charlotte profusely.

“Heh, no worry dear, I’ll make sure we’ll make the best macarons ever!” Charlotte said and they decided to make (flavor) macarons after Charlotte had said that it was (Y/N)’s favorite flavor. Together, the two ghosts started making the dessert. Sweets not noticing a blue hydrangea* on the table behind them that Charlotte was about to give him to present to Lady Blumwell.




Killer was checking out some of the books that he had brought along from the cabin, trying to find something that he could give (Y/N) as a valentines' gift. He had already thrown the idea of romantic books out from the window since none of the books were romance. And Killer highly doubted that the (blonde, brunette, etc.) would be interested in that. After checking the books and throwing them over his shoulder he came across a good candidate.

“the haunting of hill house huh?” Killer said and grinned as he turned the book and started reading the bio.

“heh, this is perfect. Cupid's gonna hit her with bone and marrow” he chuckled and got up. He wanted to with the undead beauty to himself and what better way to do that than giving her a new book and a flower? Speaking of flower… Killer stepped towards his desk which was vastly empty since he had removed most of the fancy things that had covered it. In a crystal vase, there was a single pink camellia* that some of the ghosts had given it to him. Killer didn’t know why they had started giggling as they gave him the flower but who was he to ask?

As much gentleness as Killer could muster, he took the camellia out of the water and started walking to the winter garden, hoping that (Y/N) would be there.




Cross was staring at the paper in front of him, trying to figure out what to write. He had been trying to write something for the (blonde, brunette, etc.) ghost but nothing seemed to come out. Cross was seriously out of his element right here, he had used to the constant fighting and trying to get his home pieced back together, not romance and cuteness... Though Cross knew deep inside of him that (Y/N) would probably not like anything over cute that much. She seemed, no, was very mature and not to mention kind… She was a kind, wonderful creature with a darker side that they have never seen but they knew it was there.
Cross snapped from his thoughts and once again looked at the paper in front of him and started writing.


“I love you.
What more can I say,
You are my whole life.
Each and every day,
You are my valentine.
Today and forever more.
You are the one,
I will always adore.”


The skeleton stared at the paper before groaning and crumpling the paper and throwing it into the trash.

“why am i so bad at this?” Cross groaned and gripped his skull in frustration. Then a sudden flux of inspiration hit him and with that Cross began writing. After a while, he had finished and as Cross took a look at the note, he nodded to himself. It was perfect. Gently Cross tied the note to a single red stock* flower and with that, began to look for the (blonde, brunette, etc.) ghost.




Xhara was smirking as he was finishing up his Valentine's gift for a beautiful lady (Y/N). He had gotten Lily to help him with the gift; chocolate dibbed strawberries in three different flavors (white, milk and dark) with sprinkles on them! Xhara was cocky; he was sure he’ll get (Y/N) to agree to be his valentine.

“What a splendid yet simple idea! I am certain that Lady Blumwell will appreciate this!” Lily sang as she finished dipping the last strawberries into the sprinkles. She put them to dry upwards with sticks and put them into a crystal vase.

‘So what now?’ Xhara asked as he was sitting on the plush couch. The two ghosts had barricaded themselves into the sitting room that was on the second floor since (Y/N) was using the main kitchen and Phantom and Charlotte were using the second, smaller kitchen on the second floor. They had asked Miss Chamomile to melt the chocolates after Lily had explained that some ghosts were able to use certain things from their death. Like Chamomile with fire since she was burned alive. This, however, was only applied to the angry, vengeful ghosts, Lily had explained as Xhara became interested in the ability.

“Now we wait for a while. Lady Blumwell should be coming out at some point and then you can spring into action!” Lily said before gasping and leaving the room, leaving Xhara looking confusedly at the wall that Lily had disappeared through. A moment later, she came back holding a single white jonquil* with an orange center. The ghost servant gave it to Xhara who had a confused look on his face.

“Here, take this. You can’t give a lady a gift without a flower!” Lily said and Xhara nodded. They were quiet for a while before Lily snapped her head up and smiled.

“Lady Blumwell has come out from the kitchen. I’ll go get her dear.” And with that, she slipped away, probably to guide her Mistress to Xhara.




Axe was walking around, trying to think a perfect gift to give (Y/N). He wouldn’t give her a flower, it was too simple! He wanted to the ghost his talents but Axe highly doubted that she would want an animal carcass into the manor. So Axe pondered, as he walked around the familiar woods that surrounded the estate. Axe was just about to tug his eye socket when he felt his foot come into contact with something. He looked down and saw that there was an almost perfect block of pine* wood in front of him. How did Axe know that it was pine? Simple, he smelled it.

An idea came into his skull. It was perhaps a little bit cliché but Axe did not think about it. So he took the block of pine and with that, walked back towards the manor.

As Axe finally entered his room, he sat to his bed and started working. His red eye light flashed as he summoned a strong, yet small bone made out of magic and began carving the wood, the chaff piling around his bed and feet but Axe did not care. He wanted his gift to perfect so with great precision from years of… target practicing and hunting, the form of his gift started to show.

After an hour Axe grinned. On his skeletal hands were a heart made from pine. In Axe’s mind, it was perfection, he had tried to make the heart as smooth as possible. Axe decided that it was not enough and with that, he summoned a smaller and sharper bone. With a sharp eye, Axe started carving a flower onto the wood. After a while he blew at the carving, getting rid of the dust and chaff. There on the right side of the heart was a detailed carving of lily-of-the-valley*. The skeleton grinned as he brushed the carving with his finger.
It was perfect…




As (Y/N) finally emerged from the kitchen, she noticed almost immediately that some of the other ghosts were giggling while looking at her. The ghost lady raised her eyebrow at this but brushed it off and thinking her next move. She was going to find her dear skeletons and give them their homemade chocolates. So (Y/N) began searching.

The first one she found was Killer who was in the winter garden, standing there and staring through the glass windows.

“Hello dear, what are you doing?” (Y/N) asked and Killer quickly turned around and grinned nervously as the black tar dropped from his eye sockets. (Y/N) noticed that his SOUL? the red target thing on his chest was fluttering.

“nothing much sweetheart,” he said and instantly cursed in his skull, why did he call her ‘sweetheart’?! (Y/N) just smiled and nodded noticing that Killer had kept his hands behind him, not showing what he had in his hands.

“Well then. I wanted to talk to you” the (blonde, brunette, etc.) said as Killer’s eye lights bore into hers. With a gentle smile, (Y/N) gave a dark blue tulle bag filled with different kinds of chocolates to Killer, who in turn blushed blue.

“is… is that for me?” Killer managed to stutter and (Y/N) nodded with a smile, that to Killer looked heavenly. Killer took the bag and gave the ghost in return a book and the pink camellia. (Y/N) gasped in delight as she saw the book and then… blushed as she saw the pink camellia. Killer didn’t know why the ghost blushed but he didn’t mind it at all.

“Ah, thank you so much dear!” (Y/N) said excitedly and hugged the murderous skeleton, who blushed even more deeply and hugged her back, not minding the chill.

“so… um… i wanted to ask you something” Killer said after separating from the ghost as he paused a little. The (blonde, brunette, etc.) ghost looked at him with a gentle stare.

“Oh? What is it dear?” the said ghost asked and just as Killer was about to ask, (Y/N) snapped her head towards something and then smiled and apologized, kissing Killer’s cheek. And then she quickly disappeared to a different room, leaving Killer alone with blush once again staining his cheeks. After a while, he chuckled.

“heh, i knew i wasn’t the only one,” he said as he stared at the chocolates.




Meanwhile (Y/N) was walking towards where she swore to hear Lily’s and Charlotte’s voices were coming from. However, as she got the great hall, Cross was there, apparently waiting for her. (Y/N) smiled at him as she swept the monochrome skeleton to a hug.

“Happy Valentine’s Day dear,” she said and also gave Cross a tulle bag, which was this time colored black-white.

“Here, I made them all by myself” (Y/N) said with a bright smile. Cross blushed slightly, pretty violet staining his cheekbones.

“Ah, no need to blush dear!” she continued as Cross struggled to get his composure. With two deep breaths, Cross handed the dead lady the white stock and with it, the card. (Y/N) looked happily at Cross as she swept him to another hug which Cross returned with happy feeling coming from his chest. (Y/N) once again blushed as she saw looked more closely at the flower.

“don’t read the card just yet…” Cross mumbled and the skeleton and the ghost separated. (Y/N) nodded and pecked his cheek.

“Of course dear,” she said and Cross had to take deep breaths not to faint from the kiss. (Y/N) once again turned and started listening. She noticed a familiar figure appearing near the stairs and she beamed. It was Lily who disappeared into the second floor, towards the sitting room. (Y/N) smiled gently at Cross and thanked him once again. Before floating to the second floor.

“it was easy to fall in love with you, i just didn’t know how to say it…” Cross muttered as he watched the ghost lady disappearing to the second floor. Only then Cross noticed the gifts that Killer had gave to her and he cursed before remembering the card that he had to give her.


“My dear Valentine,
If the sun refused to shine,
If romance ran out of rhyme,
You would still have my SOUL,
Till the end of time…”




(Y/N) was huffing, Lily knew that she did not exactly like the grand staircase but still the ghost wanted to know what Lily wanted. As she stepped to the second floor, she noticed Dust hanging out in the other wing that Lily had disappeared to. (Y/N) thought for a moment, before turning and heading towards Dust who was twirling his knife around. The (blonde, brunette, etc.) found it fascinating, how easily he controlled the movement of the knife.

“Hello Dust, how are you?” (Y/N) greeted as Dust stopped his show and put the knife away.

“eh, i’m rather fine. and you?” Dust asked and (Y/N) smiled and said she was well.

“that’s good. hey, by the way, happy valentine’s day” Dust said as he gave the ghost the lavender rose with a white ribbon on it. (Y/N) gasped as she saw it and with a blush on her cheeks.
She hugged tightly the skeletons, getting some dust that was still hanging on his hoodie.

“hey kiddo, what are you doing?” Dust said blushing before hugging her tightly back. The hug lasted longer than it should have but both of them were rather touch-starved. As they separated, both of them noticed that the other was blushing.

“Oh, before I forget, here” (Y/N) said and gave Dust a purple tulle bag and Dust blushed even brighter while (Y/N) giggled slightly. Dust held the bag close to his heart and smiled. She gave him chocolates
“so um, I wanted to ask if you something…” Dust slowly said and (Y/N) raised her eyebrow, feeling the sense of deja-vu.

“Oh, what is it dear?” she asked and before Dust could utter a word, Lily came out of nowhere and started slightly pulling (Y/N) away.

“Lady Blumwell, come quick! I have to show you something!” the maid said and pulled the helpless (not really) ghost behind her, getting to the sitting room and gently pushing her inside. Lily sent a sickly sweet smile to Dust who in turn cursed. Of course, the others were also trying to get (Y/N) to be their valentine! Before Dust could march to the sitting room, something pulled him to the room next to him and slamming the door shut.




As Lily shut the door, (Y/N) took a closer look at the room. It was the smaller sitting room they had upstairs. The sunlight was pouring out from windows since the curtains were open, letting the room bask in the light.

‘Heya (Y/N)!’ Xhara said and came to hug the ghost. (Y/N) smiled and reached down to hug him and Xhara cursed his childish body.

“Hello to you too Xhara,” the ghost lady said gently as Xhara excitedly dragged her to the couches. (Y/N) gracefully sat down, letting the dress pool around her.

‘Have anyone told you to look beautiful today?’ Xhara asked with a flirtatious tone as he looked the ghost up and down. (Y/N) blushed slightly and she looked away.

“Actually no,” she said and it was true but (Y/N) did not mind.

‘Aw, really? Well, I guess I have to fill the space then’ Xhara said and winked at (Y/N). (Y/N) smiled and tilted her head a little.

“Oh really? Then do answer this; What makes everybody sick except those who swallow it?” (Y/N) asked and Xhara had a perverted look on his face. (Y/N) gracefully rolled her eyes and answered it herself.

“Flattery,” she said and Xhara pouted. There was a moment of silence before (Y/N) noticed the strawberries and the jonquil and gasped. Xhara smirked as he saw the ghost’s face.

‘You like it?’ he asked and (Y/N) nodded and as Xhara gave her the vase and the flower. (Y/N) smiled gently and then kissed Xhara’s cheek, who in turn blushed.

“You are so sweet! Did you make these yourself?” (Y/N) asked and Xhara nodded proudly. He was about to ask her the question but (Y/N) got up with an apologetic look.

“I’m sorry but I hear Charlotte calling for me. It sounds rather urgent” the (blonde, brunette, etc.) said and Xhara pouted.

‘Do you REALLY have to go?’ Xhara asked and (Y/N) nodded. As she was walking away, Xhara smirked.

‘Sooo… What are you doing later?’ Xhara asked and wiggled his eyebrows as (Y/N) looked at him.

“Well. Definitely not you” she answered and Xhara could hear the universe yell ‘burn’ as (Y/N) smirked and disappeared from the room.

‘One day. One day I will get you’ Xhara said before noticing a white-black bag full of chocolates. He blushed as he took the bag and popped one of the chocolates into his mouth, moaning at the taste.




(Y/N) quickly floated to her room, her hands were starting to get full of gifts from her dears. As the (blonde, brunette, etc.) gently dropped the gifts to her bed before fetching a vase with water in it. She put the flowers to the vase, marveling them and slightly blushing as he remembered the skeletons, and the ghost, handing them to her. Did they care that much about her? (Y/N) felt like she was about to cry, she was feeling so emotional.

Her inner musings were interrupted by a knock at her door. (Y/N) curiously opened the door and was met by Sweets who was smiling sweetly at her.

“HELLO MISS (Y/N)! HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!” he said and (Y/N) stepped to the hallway, smiling at her first skeletal friend.

“Hello, dear Sweets and happy valentine’s day too. How are you?” she asked and Sweets beamed happily.

“I’M FANTASTIC! AND YOU?” he asked and (Y/N) giggled slightly before saying that she was fine and handing the lanky skeleton the same tulle bag as before, this time it was colored dark orange.

“OH WOWIE! THESE ARE FOR ME?!” Sweets asked with blush starting to cover his face. The ghost lady smiled and nodded as Sweets picked her up and twirled her in the air, hugging her tightly. (Y/N) let out a laugh as they stopped twirling.

“THANK YOU SO MUCH, MISS (Y/N)! BUT… WHAT ARE THESE?” Sweets asked and the ghost went to explain with a smile.

“Those are handmade chocolates, it was my mother’s secret recipe that she taught me when I was around… Sixteen, I think? She made me swore that I only use the recipe when it’s important!” the ghost finished with a small grin, and Sweets gasped, not believing that (Y/N) would do chocolates by hand!

“OH WOWIE! THAT’S AMAZING!” Sweets said and (Y/N) nodded. Then (Y/N) noticed a card on Sweets’ hands and as she pointed it out, Sweets gasped once again and then gave the card to (Y/N), who in turn examined it.

The card was ordinary valentine’s day card on white paper. On the cover there was a daisy* drawn to it and around it were different kinds of hearts and shapes made with golden ink. It made (Y/N) smile and blush since it was hand made and she could see that a lot of love went to it. She kissed Sweets’ cheekbone and as she turned the card, there was a red smiling heart. It seemed that the heart was separated from the card, so it could be turned to left. Just as (Y/N) was about to look at the card, Charlotte came and swooped the ghost lady away. Sweets were blushing much more, thinking about the text that was on the other side of the paper heart.


“Would you like to be my Valentine?”




As Charlotte was dragging her lady towards the downstairs, Axe quickly snatched (Y/N) from Charlotte, getting annoyed ‘hey!’ and then taking her to the nearby room.

“Oh my, I seem to be rather popular today” (Y/N) jokes and Axe grinned, his red eye light looking at the ghost.

“well what can i say, you are just spook-tacular,” he said and (Y/N) snorted, before quickly covering her mouth with her hand and slightly blushing.

“Axe! That pun is so overused here that it’s not even funny!” (Y/N) said and Axe grinned even bigger.

“but you’re smiling ghostie,” he said and (Y/N) let her hand fall as she smiled widely.

“So why did you drag me here?” she asked and Axe almost immediately started stumbling over his words and reached to his pockets? Before retreating the wooden heart and giving it to the ghost lady with a slightly trembling hand. (Y/N) gasped as she gently took the heart from Axe’s hand.

“Oh wow, Axe… It’s- It’s so beautiful!” (Y/N) said as she touched the smooth heart. As she saw the lily-of-the-valley, she once again blushed. She tightly hugged Axe who almost purred from getting a hug.

“You like it ghostie?” he asked and (Y/N) nodded frantically.

“Like it? I love it!” she said and Axe was very pleased with himself. He explained how he had done it and (Y/N)’s eyes widened in wonder and amazement as she listened intently what Axe said. (Y/N) bent Axe down and pecked his cheeks repeatedly while chanting ‘thank you so much darling!’ while Axe’s face erupted into a dark red mess. Axe felt like was going to faint.

“happy valentine’s day sweetie,” Axe said and (Y/N) beamed, and gave him the homemade chocolates in a dark red tulle bag. Axe took them, thanked them and stuffed them to his hoodie pocket, making sure that they wouldn’t be lost.

“Oh, I love it! And you hand made it. And the carving, oh this is wonderful! An art piece!” (Y/N) said as Axe blushed more and more until he’s SOUL was almost bursting from his chest cavity. He didn’t hear Charlotte bursting to the room and happily skipping away with (Y/N) to the final destination.




“Honestly, what is up with you people dragging me around” (Y/N) said as they walked down the side stairs leading to the main dining room where three double doors to outside resided.

“Oh, I am not the only one dragging you around Lady Blumwell?” Charlotte asked while smiling teasingly to the ghost lady. (Y/N) rolled her eyes in annoyance. But still, a smile graced her lips as she thought of the valentine’s day gifts she had received. She was so happy that the skeletons and the ghost gave her gifts, it meant that they cared about her. (Y/N) was slightly disappointed to herself as she had only done homemade chocolates, but how was she supposed to know that they would be so thoughtful?

(Y/N) snapped out from her thoughts as the two ghosts stopped in front of the gazebo they had in the garden. (Y/N) noticed phantom standing there with a slightly damage-gotten carbon box and a single hydrangea that didn’t seem to mind the cold.

’MISS (Y/N)… YOU CAME!’ Phantom said happily as the two hugged happily.

“Of course I would come dear. And happy valentine’s day dear” (Y/N) said happily and gave the ghost a special type of tulle bag. It was wispy orange and as Phantom took it into his hands and to his amazement it didn’t fall through. (Y/N) smiled.

“There. You should be able to touch and eat them. I fused some of my ‘magic’ to it and pretty much made them like ghost candies” she said and Phantom came and hugged her tightly.

‘THANK YOU SO MUCH… MISS (Y/N)’ Phantom said tears in his eye sockets. (Y/N) tutted and wiped the tears away with a white handkerchief.

“There, there, no need to cry dear” (Y/N) said and gently kissed Phantom’s cheekbones, trying to make him feel better.

The two ghosts shared a quiet moment before starting to float around the garden, (Y/N) making Charlotte take the gifts to her room.




(Y/N) happily looked at all of the gifts she had received. She gently touched the petals of each flower while whispering the names of the flowers and who had given them to her. She took one of the chocolate covered strawberries that Xhara had given her and bit into it. (Y/N) hummed pleasantly, how long it had been since she had tasted strawberries? Or chocolate? (Y/N) looked at the antique clock in her room, it was 11 PM.

“Perhaps it’s time to go to bed…” the (blonde, brunette, etc.) said while eating a macaron that Phantom had made for her.

As (Y/N) was getting ready to go to bed and spend her evening reading, she noticed an envelope on her nightstand. The ghost lady gently took it from the nightstand and opened it. Inside there was a traditional Valentine's card though it was mostly back with red broken hearts. (Y/N) raised an eyebrow for the odd décor before opening the card and noticing there was a text written in write. Curiously she started reading the text.


“I worship you from afar,
You are the one,
My darkest star.
You have no idea,
How much I want to turn away,
And take you to be my valentine,
In this horrible day.”


(Y/N) giggled at the poem that was there and then notices that there was another line added under it.


“This was awful, but would you consider being my Dark Queen?


(Y/N) smiled, it seems that the Prince of Nightmares has also interested in her. (Y/N) slightly considered the possibility that she had managed to take a trip through the rabbit hole and ended up in Wonderland, but she dismissed the idea.

‘It seems that I will have to prepare another room’ (Y/N) mused as she put the card to her nightstand and took out ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and began reading, not minding the shadows that seemed to dance around the room.

As she was turning the page, a single branch of orange mocks* dropped to the ghost’s lap and (Y/N)’s eyes widened.






Flower meanings;
* Dust: Single lavender rose; Single rose means ‘love at first sight’. The color lavender means ‘Love at first sight, Enchantment’.
* Phantom: A blue hydrangea; Thank You for Understanding; Frigidity; Heartlessness
* Killer: Pink Camellia; Longing for You
* Cross: Red Stock; Bonds of Affection; Promptness; You'll Always Be Beautiful to Me
* Xhara: A white jonquil; Love Me; Affection Returned; Desire; Sympathy; Desire for Affection Returned
* Sweets: Daisy; Innocence; Loyal Love; I'll Never Tell; Purity
* Axe: Pine; Hope; Pity and Lily-of-the-valley; Sweetness; Tears of the Virgin Mary; Return to Happiness; Humility; You've Made My Life Complete
* Orange Mocks; Deceit