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As Crooks and Axe arrived at their rundown cabin, Axe didn’t know what to say to their roommates. He didn’t know how the others would react, their roommates didn’t exactly have the fondest memories from ghosts. Though he didn’t exactly count Chara as a ghost, that thing was more like a demon. He had never seen what happened when Chara was in control but what he had heard, was bad. As they stepped in, they noticed their roommates were in the small living room, apparently waiting for them. Dust glanced at the horror brothers with a lazy grin and turned towards them.

“wow, you were at that party for a long time? had fun?” he asked and Axe shrugged and grinned.

“of corpse, we had a lot of fun” he fired back as both Sweets and Phantom groaned in pain.
“heh, must have been a killer party since you stayed so late,” Dust said and Sweets just stomped to the kitchen to get away from the puns.

‘SAAANS… WHYYY?!...’ Dust could hear his brother moaning from the pain that the pun had caused him. He noticed that Phantom joined Sweets at the kitchen, though the lankier skeleton didn’t know that. Killer decided to butt in on the conversation.

“so what happened? thought that the place was full of dust and cobwebs” he asked as he sat in an old loveseat that was so patched that it looked like a patchwork work. Axe fell to the old couch and sighed.

“well it’s a long story, you sure you wanna hear it? it’s quite spooky” the skeleton with a hole in a skull said and chuckled. Just as he was starting to tell the supernatural story, he sensed someone teleporting to the premise. He looked towards the door and saw Cross standing there.

“oh look who’s finally here? you were gone for a long time, got lost in the cross-roads?” Killer asked and the other Sanses laughed.
“ha-ha, very funny. anyway, what’s up with the meet-up?” Cross said rolling his eyes.
“well you missed a lot when you ghosted along with nightmare,” Axe said and Killer grinned.

“you see, Crooks, sorry, Sweets has had this pen pal that he has been writing and earlier this day, he and Axe over here attended a tea party,” he said and chucked when the tea party was mentioned.

“you tea there, i was about to tell what happened there so will you let me talk?” Axe asked and started telling the brew-tea-ful story.



As Crooks and Axe disappeared from the horizon, (Y/N) disappeared and appeared back to the winter garden. Servants had already cleaned up but had left the (favorite dessert) on the table.
“Should I share this with the others… just a small piece… so everyone can taste…” she muttered as she looked at it. With that she sensed ghost appearing around her. The familiar older lady along with her husband came to her.

“Well, how were they dear? Did they hurt you?” Lady Avington asked worriedly as she looked at the (blonde, brunette, etc.). The said (blonde, brunette, etc.) chuckled and shook her hear.

“No, Sans and Papyrus were quite sweet. And look what they brought to us!” she said and presented the dessert. The ghost whispered among themselves. Lord Avington looked at it confused and Lady Avington looked (Y/N) with a thin smile.

“Oh… Oh! Is that the (favorite dessert) what you ate when you were alive? I’m sorry dear, but you know we can’t eat” she said and (Y/N) shook her head.

“Oh, that was what I thought when Papyrus first gave it to me. But you see monsters use magic in their food” she said as she asked a servant to bring a new (fork/spoon).

“I don’t see how it matters dear,” Lord Avington said and as the servant brought a new silverware, (Y/N) cut a piece and then ate it. The other ghosts gasped in wonder as the piece of (favorite dessert) didn’t go through the ghost but instead disappeared.

“Apparently because of magic in their food, we can eat!” (Y/N) finished with a smile. Excited whispers filled the air and (Y/N) smiled even wider.

“So we don’t need to be afraid of them, they are just like us, misunderstood. At least when humans see us” she said and one of the servants started cutting the dessert into smaller pieces.

“So please, have a taste! And I mean everyone” the (blonde, brunette, etc.) said and excitedly the other ghosts filled the table as they desperately wanted to taste something again. Of course, Lady and Lord Avington got the first taste and then gave others the chance to eat. As they stepped away (Y/N) walked towards them.

“See, my Lady and Lord? Monsters aren’t that bad” she said and the couple nodded.

“Perhaps we judged them wrong,” Lady Avington said with a smile but (Y/N) saw that the smile wavered a little. The (blonde, brunette, etc.) narrowed her eyes and then went back to normal. Perhaps they were still scared of her after the last outburst.

“Yes, I believe we can get used to them,” Lord Avington said and (Y/N) nodded.

“Now, I have something I would like to about something…” the three ghosts left the area as the other ghosts tasted their first dessert in a long time.



“…And then we left” Axe finished and the three other dangerous Sanses looked at each other. They hadn’t heard anything like this on the surface. Chara had been the only human that they had heard of being a ghost and they had thought that Chara’s determination was the reason they were able to raise from a grave.

There was a silence as the four Sanses thought about the story Axe had presented. Now Axe didn’t make long stories up, he was a simple person, like the rest of the gang, so the three other dangerous Sanses didn’t think it was fake.

“so this ghost, (Y/N) was it? is real and lives in a mansion along with other ghosts?” Cross asked and Killer butted in, saying;

“pretty spooky if i say so.” Axe grinned lazily along Dust but Cross was thinking deeply about the situation they were presented.

“and you couldn’t feel her SOUL?” he asked and Axe’s red-eye light sharpened.

“yeah, it was strange. i tried to pull it multiple times during the meeting but nothing. though i’m pretty that she isn’t SOULLESS. she was kind, honest and didn’t seem to be faking it. and she made good puns” Axe chuckled as Dust and Killer thought of it.

“welp, if brew’re sure. but i have to ask, did she have any powers? chara can possess people with similar SOUL traits and i’ve read watched this show called ‘Supernatural’ where the ghosts can have different abiliteas” Dust said and chucked to the tea puns that he had made. Pretty tame to be honest, but this conversation was rather interesting to him. Could the ghosts see his brother?

“well what i saw, (Y/N) could teleport and float off the ground. not very spectre-tacular” Axe answered and after a moment he added.

“and she can kinda do this weird shapeshifting to appear more human but it seems to drain her. also, the ghost can make themselves invisible”. Killer whistled, not bad for human ghosts. But he thanked whatever thing there was that maybe, MAYBE these ghosts couldn’t possess people.

Dust, however, was unsure… He had seen enough of from Chara to not immediately trust everything Axe had to say. He couldn’t risk that someone like that demon to be on loose. Then Sweets voice called out from the kitchen, Axe and the others had almost forgotten he was STILL in there. Doing what, Axe had no idea.


“yeah, if you meet the spooky lady, you could form your own opinion on it,” Axe said then turned towards the kitchen.

“what’ cha doing there bro?” he asked and Sweets grinned even larger.


“why is he giving away food, you don’t do that kind of stuff,” Dust asked and when Axe returned the ‘ghosts can’t eat’-part of the story, the other’s nodded.

“well, i guess we could go there in a couple of days?” Cross asked and others nodded. On Tuesday, they all would go to the mysterious estate.



Meanwhile, a couple of days later in the Estate, (Y/N) was smiling brightly towards the older couple.

“This is wonderful! I can’t wait to tell them the good news” she said and the older couple nodded smiling. After a couple of days of persuading them and the other ghosts, (Y/N) had finally gotten what she wanted.

“Remember dear that we want to meet them first before finalizing the decision,” Lady Avington said and (Y/N) nodded, pleased that almost all of the ghosts had agreed to the idea. The dessert did the trick and she was a naturally charismatic person. And the ghosts might be scared of her… less than an ideal side.

“Don’t worry, everything is going to be just fine!” she said and started walking away to her room.

‘Everything is going exactly as I planned’ the beautiful ghost thought while smiling happily.