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Some Fucking Water

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     It was 2 am, and Tooth could not sleep. It was the week between Christmas and New Years so the Guardians all stay at the Pole to celebrate a successful year, but she just couldn't sleep. Maybe some water She gets out of the soft bed and begins the trek into the living area, rubbing at her tired eyes and barely paying attention to her surroundings. Walking past the sitting room she heard a whine and some muffled speaking. Thinking it’s the Elves, Tooth’s approached the slightly opened door to see what they were up to, they can be pretty funny sometimes.

     "Shhhh, It'd just be a shame if someone woke up wouldn't it.” Bunny’s voice clears the fog in her head, “If someone walked in and saw you like this, falling apart like only I've seen you. You'd fucking love it though, wouldn't you? Is that why you just can't stay quiet? You want someone to walk on in?" Who is he talking to like that? No, it isn't my business. You turn right on around. She still doesn't. She keeps listening, warmth filling her at the high pitched moan that follows his words. Is this okay? To stay and listen? What is somethings wrong?

     "By god, look at yourself. You make such a pretty picture -fuck- just like that, Pet." Bunny's voice sends shivers up and down her spine. Heat begins to pool near her core - Fuck it- ,she peaks through the open door.

     Holy shit.

     Aster wasn't wrong. He really is pretty. Bunny lays on his back, facing the door, jack’s form blocking the view of his face. Jack is nude, arms behind him, seated on the Pooka's cock. He's flushed and sweaty, rising and falling with assistance from Bunny's paws on his hips. 

     This is wrong, I shouldn't watch this. I should turn and leave and holy shit...

     Jack moans loudly, head thrown back, "A-Aster" 

     "Ya want somethin? You greedy little thing, You'll wake up the whole pole at this point. Should I find something to shut you up with, huh?" Aster is relentless, lifting jack up and pulling him down. The heat in unbearable and Tooth doesn't even think when one of her hands reaches down to touch herself, the other covering her mouth.

     "Ah, Ah, Oh, Please, Please Bunny, Please." Jack looks down at Aster, begging. Then he looks up and freezes. "Shit, Tooth."

     Tooth is still frozen in place, one hand fingering herself and the other half over her mouth. She can't move, she’s been caught. She could lie and say she was just passing but how do you explain her hands. Bunny looks up at her, makes eye contact, glances down across her form and then smiles. “Well get in here Doll.” shock fills her and she walks in, closing the door behind her./p>

     "Look at that Jackie, you woke her up!" He doesn't release his hold on Jack's hips, instead slowly raising him to the end of his cock and then slamming him back down. "Didn't I tell ya to stay quiet? Now I think we're gonna switch things up a bit." He pulls Jack up off of him and flips him onto the ground, hovering over. "Say your word or flash your frost at any moment and the whole thing stops okay? Just like always." Bunny says gently to Jack, reaching under him to undo the ties holding his arms. Jack looks up to tooth nervous but nods in understanding.

     "Come on over here Tooth, maybe you can give him something to keep his mouth busy with so he doesn't wake anyone else up." Bunny Positions himself at Jack's entrance again and looks over at her. 

     She thinks for only a moment before walking over, standing by Jack's head, unsure. Bunny releases Jack's hips and gentle grabs her, positioning her above Jack's face. 

     "Ya ready, Queen?" He looks in her eyes as she braces a hand on Jack’s chest and nods. Bunny lets her go and lowers herself hesitantly. Fucking hell is this real?. Jack grabs her by the hips and pulls her flush against his face, tongue licking across her folds and over her clit. 

     "That's it, go ahead and ride him sweetheart, he fucking loves it." Bunny grabs Jack by the hips again and positions himself, slowly pushing back in. Jack’s moan vibrates through her core and she gasps. Tooth watches Bunny slowly ease in and out of the body under her. Mesmerized. She'd be moaning like that to if she had that thing in side of her. 

     It takes a moment to find a rhythm for them. Of Bunny's thrusting and Tooth's grinding, Jack eats her out like he lives off of it. 

     Between all of this, it doesn't take long for her to feel electricity rising inside her, so she reaches down for Jack's penis, leaning forward to reach, and starts to jerk him to Aster's thrusts.

     "Fuck the two of you are so hot.” Bunny growls out. his voice is a deeper octave than she’s heard him use before and it puts shivers down her spine “Do you like that Jack? Are you gonna cum to this? Tell me, Tooth, is he doing a good job there?you look so pretty sitting on his face” Aster's Words shoot through her and she digs her nails into Jack. Bunny puts his head on her shoulder and fucks into Jack harder than before, angling his hips It's to much, fuck, I'm, I'm gonna...

     "Do it Tooth, Come on his face, let him drink it." Aster says to her. She does, burying her face in his shoulder and grinding down on Jack, continuing to jerk him through her orgasm. Jack comes next, Moaning into her oversensitive core and spattering a mess over his chest, into Bunny’s fur. He laps up her juices still, moaning into it as she finishes riding her high

     "Fucking Hell" Aster spills into Jack, one hand bruising his hip, the other still holding her close.

     Tooth carefully rises off of Jack as Bunny pulls out, Jack groaning on the floor. He looks a right mess, Come oozing out of him, all over his chest, her juices all over his face. 

     Some fucking water huh Girl?