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Jeongguk winced as he curled up deeper in his bed, cradling the hot pack he was holding to his stomach. It sucked. It fucking sucked. He didn’t know why he was feeling so crappy, but he didn’t want to dwell on it.

Being an Omega wasn’t easy. But being an undercover one was worse. He hated his body. He never wanted to be like this; he missed the times during which he still thought he was a Beta. He loved taking care of his hyungs when they were in heat or during rut season. He loved paying attention to their needs, bringing them water and watching the relief slip over their face when they saw him. The relief and the gratefulness. He loved being useful.

But his body decided that it was too nice for him to have, so it took it away from him. Jeongguk presented. Way too late for anyone to still question whether or not he was truly a Beta. He took advantage of the situation, he kept pretending that he was a Beta and did an amazing job at it. Two months in and everyone still thought he was a Beta.

It hurt, that no one noticed anything. He didn’t really want to be a Beta. He loved being useful to his hyungs, but he really craved something else. Something /more/. He wanted to be taken care of. He wanted to be doted on and to be babied like they did with the other Omegas in their pack.

Emotions clogged up his throat and he burrowed deeper into the covers. Yugyeom’s words echoed in his head. ‘Gguk-ah, don’t do that. Just tell them, they’ll provide for you, I promise.’ Jeongguk wanted to cry. They wouldn’t, he knew it.

There wasn’t enough room left for him. There wasn’t any room left at all, actually. The dynamics were set already, a new Omega would just upset them. New heats to take care of, not enough time for Taehyung and Yoongi anymore.

And Jeongguk knew the process to settle for preferred heat partners. He would have to try and spend a heat with each Alpha. Meaning that he’d step on one of his hyungs’ territories and mess up possible relationships. Jeongguk wasn’t that selfish.

So, he hid. But his cover would probably be blown soon.

“Rest well, Ggukie. Don’t worry, we’ve got this. We can manage.”

The voice came muffled from the other side of the door, and Jeongguk’s lips tugged downwards. He hated how useless he was. He also hated how sick he was feeling but he was slightly thankful for it. It gave him an excuse to stay in his room while it… happened.

Taehyung was in heat. His cycle got triggered a few hours ago, and he went through his pre-heat so fast everyone was surprised. But Namjoon and Seokjin had handled it immediately, their instincts reacting right away.

Jeongguk sniffled, trying to ignore the sharp pain coursing through his lower back and stomach. Usually, he would be in the kitchen, preparing some light snacks for Taehyung and his Alphas, getting water ready and anything else they would need.

But he wasn’t dumb. He knew that if he stepped a foot in the room, he wouldn’t want to leave anymore. Before, being the only one left alone was manageable. It was a bit lonely, but he understood. And he didn’t need physical affection that much.

Now, he craved to be touched so bad he was shaking. They would immediately know that something was up. He couldn’t let this happen.

Suddenly, the atmosphere around him changed and Jeongguk felt his entire body tense, focusing on what was going on. Sheer panic coursed through his body as he understood what was happening.

Taehyung was fully in heat, and the two Alphas were entering their rut to correctly help their Omega. It was going to be Hell.



That night, Jeongguk couldn’t sleep at all. His body felt unbearably hot and the cramps kept on getting stronger, leaving him a sobbing mess in his bed. He needed someone so bad. Being alone hurt too much for him to handle. He just couldn’t.

Moreover, something else was lacing with the pain inside him, and he didn’t know how to handle it. Pain was something he knew. Such raw arousal, on the other hand… Shit.

Shakily, Jeongguk rose to his knees, trying to ignore the wobbliness of his limbs to reach for the bottle of water on his nightstand. He needed to distract himself from the pheromones that were twirling in the air.

Jeongguk whined and cried harder when his weak fingers accidentally let go of the bottle, letting its constant spill on his sheets and then on the floor.

He sobbed violently, retreating under his blanket and curling there. It sucked. Shit, it sucked so much. Why couldn’t he have it, too? Why couldn’t he have someone to help him? He wasn’t asking for much. He just wanted someone to help him sit up and drink and pet his hair. They didn’t even have to do more. He just needed someone here with him.

He knew he was being selfish but… He had seen how they took care of Tae and Yoongi when they were in heat. They were always here, all the time. Always so soft, so caring, so gentle.

“Why…” Jeongguk whispered brokenly as he felt his guts twitch. It wasn’t fair…

Eventually, Taehyung’s heat calmed down though, and Jeongguk felt like he could finally breathe again. Or at least, a little better.

Which also meant he could focus a bit more. And that wasn’t such a good thing. Jeongguk winced as he felt his hole clench around nothing, slick slowly dripping down his inner thigh. He squirmed, trying to get away from the uncomfortable feeling, and a moan ripped through his sobs as his cock rubbed against his bed.

Disgust immediately churned in his stomach and he curled back in a ball, trying to get away from the heat spreading inside him.

Heat .

Shit, he was in heat. It wasn’t such a surprise, given all the pheromones floating in the air, but it still sucked.

And now that he was aware of his state, he couldn’t run away from it. His thoughts were going wild, and he couldn’t stop thinking about fingers touching him, fingers inside him. Full. A cock stuffing him. His hole. His holes.

His mouth fell open instinctively, ready to be filled, and a string of choked moans escaped, echoing  in the room. He was so embarrassing. He was so embarrassed. But he couldn’t stop. His hips started to move, rolling against the mattress to the point that he was basically dry humping it.

Jeongguk whined and whimpered, shaking. He needed to cum so bad. It was burning within him, he couldn’t stop.


Suddenly, everything froze. Jeongguk even stopped breathing. He didn’t know for sure, but even with the blankets surrounding him and his own heartbeat muffling any other sounds, he thought he could hear a knocking sound .

Shit. Did someone knock to his door? Was someone there? Shit. Shit, shit, shit. Shit!

"Jungkook-ah, you up? Since Tae is in heat and Joonie-hyung and Jin-hyung are handling it, we are going out so our own cycles aren't triggered, wanna come?"

Shame filled Jeongguk’s head as his body reacted to Jimin’s voice. To the /Alpha/’s voice. He needed, he wanted, so bad! He could barely muffle the needy whimpers rising in his throat.

“’m fine!” he choked out eventually. “Go ahead, Imma jus’ sleep…”

He hated himself. He knew he sounded weird. Jimin would obviously know something was up. Shit, he was so dumb!

Silence stretched for a while, Jeongguk holding his breath and praying for Jimin to buy it. But then the Alpha inhaled sharply, and when he spoke again, his voice wasn’t as light.

“Ggukie? Are you okay?”

There was an obvious edge to it, and Jeongguk couldn’t help his body from thrumming in anticipation. Jimin sounded strained, like he was holding back. Jeongguk’s mind didn’t need more to start and picture Jimin opening the door and taking him right there.

He moaned loudly.

Seconds later, the door banged open loudly, making Jeongguk cut every noise he was making, freezing. Was Jimin mad at him?

A growl.

“Ggukie, fuck… Fuck you smell so good, how– holy- oh, my god, I– Such– Omega, shit, what–“

Jimin sounded so confused, and Jeongguk hated himself for it. He wasn’t supposed to find out. It wasn’t supposed to become complicated! Jeongguk’s eyes fell shut, hoping this was all just a dream. A nightmare. A dream? He didn’t know.

But suddenly, the blankets were ripped from him, and Jeongguk gasped, curling up even more. He was so scared, his body was shaking. They were going to hate him. He probably looked ridiculous, sweaty and smelly, crying and moaning and just… pathetic.

“’m sorry,” he gasped, trying to hide in himself.

His body tensed and arched when out of nowhere, two warm hands settled on his shoulders, kneading the flesh here. It took him five entire seconds to melt into the touch and roll on his back.

The second he locked eyes with Jimin, Jeongguk knew he was lost. Immediately, his body caved in and his mind didn’t take long to follow, going pliant at the thought of submitting to the Alpha.

“Please, hurts,” he whimpered pathetically, earning a growl from Jimin.

Fingertips grazed his cheeks, wiping the tears away in a featherlight touch.

“Oh, Ggukie… Baby bun, why didn’t you tell us?” Jimin cooed lovingly, one hand dropping to Jeongguk’s neck to massage the tense muscles, eliciting a loud moan from the boy.

Jeongguk couldn’t see much through his glassy eyes, but he did notice the smirk that appeared on Jimin’s face and the way his face darkened. Predatory. Jeongguk’s back arched and he felt his cock twitch at the attention.

“N-need, please Minnie, hyung, please, Alpha, need,” Jeongguk babbled mindlessly, spreading his legs without even noticing.

Jimin moved quickly to settle between them, still cradling Jeongguk’s face between his hands.

“Shh, I know, baby. I know, okay? Don’t worry, I’ve got you. Is this your first heat, bun?”

Worry was obvious on Jimin’s face, and so was his relief when Jeongguk nodded shamefully.

“It’s okay, baby. I’m glad. I don’t want you to be alone during your first heat, okay? Why didn’t you tell us, sweetheart?”

Jeongguk wanted to answer, he really did. He wanted to be good. But his head was fuzzy, he couldn’t focus on his words.

Thankfully, Jimin seemed to notice because immediately, the man was peppering kisses all over his face, murmuring sweet nothings to calm him down. It worked, to some extent, and Jeongguk managed to get weak words out.

"B-Because I– I– Ggukie is not..." He hiccupped, voice small and broken. "M not pretty, m too big, and– and hyungs– hyungs already have Taehyungie and Yoongi-hyung and– and they– they wouldn't like me. And there is no-not enough space for– for Ggukie– and, and– Didn’t– Didn’t, I di’n’t wanna be a b-bother, ‘m, promise ‘m not selfish, ‘m good!”

Jimin felt his face and his heart drop at these words. When did Jeongguk start to think like that? Did he really think him and the other wouldn’t like their bun because he was an Omega? It was heartbreaking.

Quickly, Jimin made Jeongguk sit, almost completely manhandling him since Jeongguk was too weak to do it on his own, and positioned him on his lap as he sat against the headboard. For a moment, both were silent, gazing into each other’s eyes and enjoying the moment, ignoring Jeongguk’s leaking cock and the fat tears still rolling on his cheeks.

Eventually though, they snapped out of it.

“Jeongguk, baby, we love you. We really love you, no matter your gender, it doesn’t matter. We don’t love just a boy or a Beta or an Omega. We love Jeon Jeongguk, okay? You are perfect. You are beautiful and amazing, don’t ever think that there isn’t enough room for you. There will always be enough room for you. We were… We were dumb, okay? I don’t know exactly what made you feel like you didn’t belong here, but we’re going to make all these bad thoughts go away, okay? But first, we should probably take care of this heat, right bun?”

Jeongguk nodded quickly, thoughts already wandering away and body coming back to life.

“Please, need–“

“I know, bun, I know.”

As he spoke, Jimin’s fingers caressed Jeongguk’s back and down the curve of his ass. He took a few moments to appreciate the feeling of holding his two cheeks in his hands before slipping a few fingers between them, teasing Jeongguk’s dripping hole.

The boy’s response was immediate and he sobbed, hips bucking up and then backwards, trying to take Jimin’s fingers in as he moaned lewdly.

“So pretty,” Jimin muttered in awe as he easily slipped two fingers inside, making Jeongguk fall forward. He let the boy rest against his chest, pliant, as he stretched him. “So good. You are so good, baby boy. Gonna take my knot so well, right?”

Jeongguk moaned, nodding frantically between his choked sobs.

“More, please, need more, ‘m good, please more, need– need–“

“Hm? And what does my pretty bunny need exactly?” Jimin teased, relishing in the way Jeongguk’s head tipped backward as he preened under the endearment.

“Cock, please, hyung, need your cock!”

Jimin did his best to hide his endeared smile and kept his cocky demeanor. Lazily, he laid back against the headboard.

“Then come and get it, baby boy.”

Jeongguk barely understood what happened after that. The permission seemed to make something in his mind snap and in a blur, he threw himself off Jimin’s lap. With weak gestures, he pushed Jimin’s legs apart and settled between them, whining loudly when Jimin’s fly didn’t come off immediately. Jimin smiled, endeared, and carded his fingers through Jeongguk’s hair, calming the boy down a bit and helping him take his cock out of his pants.

Jeongguk couldn’t really grasp what was happening, but he knew that suddenly, Jimin’s taste invaded his senses and he was happy to be able to only focus on that. Eventually, the fact that he was sucking Jimin’s cock pierced through the fog around his mind and he hummed happily.

“Such a good boy,” Jimin rasped, guiding Jeongguk’s head gently.

It was hard to hold back. Jeongguk was so pliant under his touch, Jimin just wanted to fuck the living daylights out of him. But he looked so peaceful and beautiful there, lying between Jimin’s legs, suckling gently on his cock. And the little tremors in his hips as he subconsciously rutted against the mattress just made the situation even more adorable.

"You are doing so well baby. Taking me so well in your pretty mouth. God, you are so perfect Ggukie."

Jeongguk moaned loudly around his shaft and from where he was sitting, Jimin could see slick gushing out from his fluttering hole. What a pretty boy. Jimin wanted to ravish him. So he did. With a swift motion of his wrist, he pulled at Jeongguk’s hair and the Omega immediately pulled off, looking at Jimin dazedly. He looked ruined. Gorgeously so. His face was flushed, his eyes glassed over, his hair a mess and his lips were swollen, red and slick with saliva and precum. Fucking beautiful.

“Come here, bunny.”

It was all Jimin needed to say for Jeongguk to scramble to his knees, whining when he got dizzy. Jimin just shook his head and gripped the boy’s hips, dragging him down on his lap quickly. Jeongguk followed eagerly, straddling the Alpha’s strong thighs and taking into his mouth the fingers that Jimin was presenting in front of him. He sloppily started to suck on them and he looked so out of it, Jimin couldn’t help but want to tease him.

He slightly lifted one of his legs up, rubbing it against Jeongguk cock and hole, and marveled at the way Jeongguk melted. Immediately, the boy moaned and started to roll his hips, falling into a rhythm quite easily.

“Fucking precious,” Jimin groaned.

“Please, ‘lpha please, need more– need– please, ‘ve been good, please!”

At this point, Jeongguk was sobbing rather than moaning, hips stuttering desperately; so adorable.

“I love you so much, baby. Don’t worry, I got you. You’re good. Let me take care of you.”

It probably was what Jeongguk needed to hear because instantly, his entire body slumped forward, boneless.

"Such a pretty Omega. I can't believe how lucky I am to be the first one to take care of your heat. I’m going to make you feel so good, knot you so good. You want it, don't you? Want to have me buried deep inside you? Look at you, so wet for me, wanting me so bad."

Jeongguk could only moan into Jimin’s neck, more slick dripping from his aching hole. Since, obviously, Jeongguk couldn’t move on his own, Jimin decided to do it himself. He grabbed his hips, with a firmer grip this time, and used all of his strength to haul him up. Jeongguk gasped in shock before going absolutely mute, freezing atop of Jimin. He stayed like this for a few minutes before a loud moan ripped from his throat, eyes rolling in the back of his head.

“Good, good, so good, deep, Alpha, ‘ls good, please, need, oh, my god, please, Alpha please,” Jeongguk moaned incoherently, body almost buzzing with pleasure. He’d never felt like this before. So good, so… So… So, “Full, so full! Please Alpha, ‘m so full,” he sobbed pathetically.

Jimin smirked and suddenly switched their position, laying Jeongguk down on his back, his head at the foot of the bed, and started to pound into him. Hard and fast. He wasn’t even chasing his own orgasm. He couldn’t care less about that. All that mattered was the look of pure ecstasy on Jeongguk’s face and how Jimin’s name was the only thing he could manage to say.

“Mine, so beautiful. All mine,” Jimin growled, nipping at Jeongguk’s neck, and watched, amazed, as Jeongguk came.

“More! Yours, ‘m yours, please more!” Jeongguk sobbed, body shaking.

“Fuck! Look at you, so messy, so dirty. So sensitive.”

Each word came with a strong thrust aimed at the boy’s prostate and it didn't take long for Jeongguk to be pushed to the verge of another orgasm.

“Are you close bun? Come on, say it. Good boys tell when they are feeling good. And you are a good boy, aren't you?"

Jeongguk nodded frantically.

“Y-yes, Goo-Googie’s a good boy,” he slurred. “Feels so good, wan’ mor’ ‘lease– ‘M close, ‘m close, wanna come, please!”

“Come for me, baby boy.”

Jimin growled hungrily and wrapped his arms around Jeongguk, raising him so his back was pressed against his chest. He fucked him harder, and the boy eagerly thrusted back, a moaning mess as he came all over his bed.

They lost track of time. Lost track of everything. They forgot about the reality around them until said reality came back to them.

“Guys, what are you doing? We’re going to– oh.”

Yoongi froze where he was standing. On the threshold of the door. Right in front of Jeongguk’s bed. Eyes locked on Jeongguk’s and Jimin’s interlaced bodies.

Jimin smirked, watching him from behind the Omega, eyes dark as he fucked into Jeongguk relentlessly.

It took Jeongguk more time to realize what was going on, lost in the pleasure. But when he finally did, his eyes widened in horror. Yoongi’s moans as he was getting fucked by Jimin during the man's last rut filled his mind and new tears rolled down his cheeks. He choked on a sob.

"S-top, J-Jimin-hyung, p-please. Ggukie- Ggukie’s sorry, please stop–"

Jeongguk could barely talk, overwhelm with shame as he sobbed pitifully. Jimin slowed down, but didn’t pull out, instead wrapping Jeongguk into a solid embrace. He couldn’t let Jeongguk get the wrong idea.

Jeongguk didn’t seem to try and understand what the Alpha wanted to show him though. Face buried in his head, he was slowly sinking deeper and deeper into his own head. Yoongi was going to hate him. He kept on apologizing, burying his face into his hands, and feeling awful because even through all these bad feelings, it still felt so good.

Soon, though, Jeongguk can feel fingers wrap around his wrists, prying his hands away from his face.

“’m so-so-sorry,” he hiccupped, more tears spilling down his face. “P-please, d’n’t mad, please ‘m so’ry, please I–“

Suddenly, his rant got interrupted by a shameless moan stumbling past his lips. Moans provoked by Jimin’s hard and precise thrust. As well as Yoongi’s big and warm palm curling around his leaking cock. It felt so good. Jeongguk would have collapsed if Jimin wasn’t holding him up so well.

“Baby… Our Jeonggukie is so pretty. You never have to feel sorry, bun. Never. We are going to take care of you so well,” Yoongi breathed and Jeongguk flushed before letting go and losing himself in the hard and strong kiss the other Omega gave him.

He let himself go limp, knowing that Jimin wouldn’t let him fall. Yoongi also wrapped his arms around his waist as he climbed on the bed and Jeongguk didn’t hesitate to cling to him, hips rutting up, seeking friction. He found it against Yoongi’s well place thigh and went almost wild. He couldn’t get enough. He fucked back hard against Jimin’s cock before rutting up against Yoongi’s thigh. He was seeing stars. It felt so good.

He felt warm and shit, he felt safe. There was something in Yoongi’s demeanor that made him feel hot all over, and it wasn’t because of the heat. Maybe it was because he was an Omega, maybe it was because it was Yoongi-hyung, but it felt good and calm to kiss him.

“P-please, wanna– wanna– I wanna– please ‘m good,” he pleaded, gasping as his head lolled back onto Jimin’s shoulder, leaving free access to his chest. Yoongi didn’t even hesitate before wrapping his lips around one of Jeongguk’s hard nipples, ripping a cry from the boy.

“Awe, look at that. Our baby is so sensitive. Are you gonna come, Ggukie? Make a mess of yourself? Again?”

“Please, wanna, please!” Jeongguk sobbed, hands finding purchase in Yoongi’s hair and tugging hard.

“Come for us, baby boy.”

So he did. He watched come land on Yoongi’s shirt and he couldn’t even start to feel sorry. All he could think about was what a shame it was that it wasn’t Yoongi’s skin he was painting.

“Such a good boy,” Jimin cooed in the crook of his neck as Jeongguk fell limp into their arms.

Yoongi smiled at Jimin and the boy started to pull back, happy to see his boy sated. He was ready to go and fetch a wet washcloth to take care of the mess when Jeongguk whined loudly, sobbing and shaking as his nails clawed at Yoongi’s forearms.

"No, p-please, no empty! Ggukie’s a good boy. Good boys get rewards. Please, no empty..." he sobbed, sniffling, voice soft and weak, and Jimin’s heart broke a bit.

“Of course, angel.”

Jimin started to pull back gently when Jeongguk started to grind again, making the older man wince. Shit, first heats were really something else.

“Seok-ah?” Yoongi asked, already getting off the bed, and Jimin nodded. He couldn’t even find it in himself to feel petty. All he wanted was for Jeongguk to be taken care of, and one Alpha was obviously not enough for that.

Jimin had managed to distract Jeongguk enough from the pain with a deep kiss when the door opened again on Yoongi and Hoseok. Yoongi looked amused while Hoseok… Hoseok looked like a confused puppy. It was cute. Though it didn’t last long. As soon as his eyes landed on Jeongguk, the situation seemed to click in and his face darkened, a low growl escaping from his throat, making Jeongguk’s body arch and the boy whine.

“Did you knot him?” Hoseok groaned as he took Yoongi’s place, cupping Jeongguk’s face. His voice was so rough Yoongi had to suppress a moan. It was getting more and more difficult to ignore his own state of arousal. All the Alphas’ pheromones plus Ggukie’s adorable state was too much to handle.

Jimin quickly shook his head no, not even bothering explaining. Hoseok wouldn’t listen anyway, every one of his senses was focused on Jeongguk so he could take care of his needs. Swiftly, with the agility of the dancer he was, Hoseok took his clothes off and crowded closer to the boy. Jimin barely understood how he did it, but with soft and smooth motions, he managed to make the Omega straddle his lap even though he was still on his knees and still very actively trying to fuck Jimin.

“Ggukie?” Hoseok asked in a low voice.

Jeongguk almost came on the spot. The Alpha’s sight and scent were so strong and way too much for him to handle.

“Hyung? Please, Hobi-hyung, Alpha, please, ‘m good, ‘m a good boy–”

“Of course, you are. The best boy, right?” Hoseok smiled and chuckled when Jeongguk nodded eagerly before suddenly changing it to a no.

“Ngh– No, Yoon– ‘ngi-hyung’s very good, too. Made Ggukie feel so good!” Jeongguk babbled eagerly and suddenly, both Alphas’ attention was on Yoongi, making the Omega squirm and flush.

“Is that right, boy? Did you make our little bunny feel good? Made him come all over himself?” Hoseok asked slowly and Yoongi moaned, nodding quickly. “Come here, Angel.”

Yoongi didn’t even think twice before stumbling to the bed, climbing on it eagerly.

“Such a pretty little thing,” Jimin whispered, cupping Yoongi’s cheek with one hand.

“Gguk-ah, baby, do you want to thank Yoongi-hyung?” Hoseok asked, his attention back on the boy.

“Yes!” Jeongguk answered eagerly, eyes shining.

“So what do you say about letting Jimin reward him nice and good? Would you like that? To watch as Jimin fuck Yoongi good like the slut he is? They both deserve it, don’t you think?”

Jeongguk hesitated a bit, not wanting to feel empty, and it probably showed in some way.

“Oh, baby bun, don’t pout, little prince. You’ll get hyung’s cock, yeah? I’ll knot you good, I promise,” Hoseok rasped into Jeongguk’s ear, and it didn’t take more for the boy to moan and fall against his chest, nodding.

What happened during the next few minutes was a blur to Jeongguk. Jimin pulled out but almost instantly, Hoseok had grabbed his thigh and haul up so he could take Jimin’s place and sink deep into Jeongguk’s warm heat. There was also the way Yoongi unraveled under Jimin’s sudden insistant touch, letting himself be manhandled roughly. There was so much happening it was like Jeongguk’s head blanked.

And when he came back down, the sensations were still as overwhelming.

“Hyung, so good… So big, cock’s so big, feel so full,” he gasped as Hoseok rocked into him.

Hoseok nipped at his neck, smiling.

“Hm? What do you think about showing everyone how good you take it, bunny?”

Jeongguk perked up, smiling wide, his eyes shining.

“Please, wanna!”

“Of course. But first, we have to make sure nothing slips away, right?”

Hoseok smirked. Jeongguk didn’t understand but it didn’t matter because in a wink, he was thrown on the bed, on his back, and Hoseok started to fuck him. It was rough and hard and he could barely breathe. It was perfect. He resisted maybe ten seconds before melting into a mess of moans and whimpers. He didn’t even notice Yoongi and Jimin settling closer next to him until new hands were on him. Yoongi grabbed his hand and strongly secured their fingers together.

“So good,” he breathed.

This was when Jeongguk felt it. Something big, bigger every thrust, pushing against his rim. He was craving it. He needed it inside.

“Please!” he sobbed. “Please, wan’ it! Please, inside, please!”

Yoongi watched in amazement as Jeongguk fell apart at the contact with Hoseok’s swelling knot. It was so beautiful to watch, he barely noticed his pants being pulled down and he gasped when, suddenly, a long tongue made his way inside his embarrassingly wet hole. His moans mixed with Jeongguk’s, echoing in the room, and it probably was the best sound Hoseok ever heard.

He groaned, body tense and straining as his knot swelled.

“Doing so fucking good, Ggukie. So perfect, holy shit–“

Jeongguk suddenly gasped, body arching off the bed as his lips parted around a quiet scream. Knot. Hoseok’s knot. He was taking Hoseok’s knot. He couldn’t see past the tears that were filling his eyes.

“Shh, baby, you’re doing so good. Taking me so well. Pretty bun, you’re so perfect for me. Came for me so prettily. Gorgeous.”

That was when Jeongguk noticed that indeed, he had come all over his stomach while taking Hoseok’s knot, and he still was. He could feel the Alpha pulsing deep inside him, and this mere thought made his cock twitch again.

“Alpha,” he gasped, voice rough from all the crying and the moaning he had done for what felt like hours.

“I know, bun. I’ve got you.”

Jeongguk nodded, falling limp again, nuzzling Yoongi’s hand next to him. It took a bit of work, but eventually, Hoseok and Jimin managed to separate the two Omegas and stood up. Yoongi was still good enough to walk, so he stood up, eagerly stepping into Jimin’s open arms while Hoseok followed while carrying a drowsy Jeongguk, moving carefully so he didn’t hurt his already abused hole with his knot.

Slowly, they crossed the room, then the hallway, and entered another room. Hoseok stopped for a few moments, taking in the sight. Seokjin was lying on the bed, moaning messily into Taehyung’s mouth as the boy rode his knot. But the Alpha seemed more affected by what was going on between his legs. Namjoon was kneeling there, a hand secured against Taehyung’s lower back as he fucked strongly into Seokjin’s sweet hole.

So gorgeous.

The trio stopped when Hoseok stepped in though, eyes widening immediately. Jeongguk didn’t really notice. He just moaned at the new scents and new stares, rocking gently on Hoseok’s knot.

“Jeongguk-ah?” Namjoon spoke first, obviously surprised.

"Our Kookie is having his first heat," Jimin filled in, a horny Yoongi clinging to him, kissing his neck, while Hoseok laid Jeongguk on the bed next to Jin. "The poor baby was too scared. Thought we wouldn't like him as an Omega. Silly baby..."

"Baby boy," Namjoon cooed, endeared and worried at the same time, stroking the boy's flushed cheek.

Jeongguk hummed softly, leaning into the touch, kissing Namjoon’s palm softly before, not as innocently, taking Namjoon’s thumb into his mouth, his wide eyes looking straight into the Alpha’s.

Namjoon growled and suddenly snapped his hips forward, making Seokjin moan and slam into Taehyung who fell on his chest, moaning loudly.

Jeongguk whined, linking his hand with Taehyung and tugging softly. With a lot of squirming, the older Omega managed to get closer to the boy and suddenly, they were kissing. Wet, messy, sloppy. Perfect. They weren’t sure what happened afterwards, but Jeongguk wasn’t sure he could have spent his first heat in a better way. And as he fell asleep in Hoseok’s arms, squished under the Alpha’s weight, Taehyung and Yoongi both crowding his sides, he told them.

“’nk you, ‘m love you…”

How did he even manage to ever doubt them?