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Home Is Where The Connors Live

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Hank isn’t sure what set the events in motion first. Perhaps it was at work, the subtle flirting between them for the past year and a half. Maybe it was the tension in the air as he places the third cup of coffee on Hank’s desk that day. Hank considered it was the way his hips swung back and forth as he went to sit back at his own desk and Hank struggles to keep it in his pants, swearing his partner did this on purpose.

Maybe it’s the late nights, watching old movies as his head rests in Hank’s lap, too close to Hank’s family jewels to be comfortable. Perhaps it was the all the android porn he’d been looking up at 2 in the morning; his partner in statis in the other room as he squeezes another orgasm out while watching the human and androids getting it on on his laptop screen.

Or perhaps it was simply that he’d come in from work to find his partner cooking him lunch naked, with nothing but an apron to cover his modesty, cock already at half-mast between his legs.

Whatever it was, it led up to Hank being balls deep in Connor, who was perched on the edge of the kitchen counter; legs wrapped around Hank as he was mercilessly thrust into again and again. Hank was working at his neck port with one hand and Connor’s cock with the other. Connor was helpless to the touches as he had his arms wrapped around Hank’s neck and groaning like his life depended on it, face flushed blue. He panted as his core temperature rose and he knew he wouldn’t last long, not with the sensory input from three places threatening to overload his systems. Hank’s thrusting became erratic and it wasn’t long before he came, filling Connor up to the brim. Connor followed shortly after, blue tinted cum shooting out of his dick to land between them.

He smiled as he pulled Hank into a kiss.

Hank was convinced Connor’s doing this on purpose.

Connor had the day off as Hank headed into work that morning. A mid-morning text had Hank spitting out his coffee, choking, as he received an image from Connor. He was knelt on Hank’s bed, phone held high above him as he’s taken the picture of him with nothing but that damn apron on, riding the largest dildo the boy had the pleasure of owning. The apron hid an obvious erection and Hank cursed him as he hid in archives to relieve himself of the heavy, aroused cock between his legs. 


He came back to a quiet house.

Sumo was asleep in his bed and Connor was nowhere to be seen. Shedding his coat, Hank hung it up and headed down the hall to change out of his work clothes. He froze in the bedroom doorway at the sight in front of him. Connor was spread out on their shared bed, vibrating dildo up his ass as he shoved it in and out of himself with uneven thrusts; his cock heavy with need and bouncing up and down on his stomach. Recent upgrades had given Connor more human functions anda sheen of slightly blue sweat covered his body as he cried out in pleasure, his body jolting as he shot his load over his own chest.

Hank’s own arousal throbbed at the sight, his pants becoming very uncomfortable. Connor turned his head to look at him and smiled, motioning for Hank to join him with a wiggle of his finger. Damn androids and their lack of a refractory period, Hank thought to himself, as he shed his remaining clothing; crawling in between Connor’s legs, the boy’s cock already hard and swollen once more.

Hank ran a finger around Connor’s hole, slick with self-lubrication, before slowly inserting his finger. Connor groaned and wiggled, attempting to suck more of the finger inside him. Hank added another one, Connor already loose from riding the dildo; his body pliant under Hank’s hands. He thrust his fingers into him for a few moments, before removing them, earning a whine from the android. Hank shushed him with a kiss while lining himself up, pushing into Connor and earning a moan from the both of them. He didn’t take long for Hank to pick up the pace, his hand wrapped around Connor as he thrust into the tight heat. He flipped them over, Hank now under Connor as he laid on top of him; thrusting as hard as he could. Connor cried out, his body on top of Hank’s and his cock thrusting against his stomach. His face flushed a dark blue as he comes again, body twitching and convulsing around Hank’s cock as he comes into Connor.


A few days later, they’re sitting on the bed as Hank has his fingers knuckle deep in Connor’s wires.

Connor didn’t want his dick touched tonight; he just wanted his wires fondled.

Hank isn’t one to deny him.

He’s got two wires currently between his fingers, rubbing them together as Connor squirms under his touch. He’s clinging to Hank’s shirt and he moans under Hank’s touch. Connor’s cock throbs with need but neither of them touches it. Connor wants to come from the wire play alone. Hank’s fingers wraps around another wire and Connor keens, leaning forward so his head is on Hank’s chest. His whole body trembles under Hank’s touch and Connor reaches out to rub his hand between Hank’s legs. Hank rubs all of the wires together, hand slick with thirium, and Connor comes with a cry, his cock twitching as he spurts between them, cock untouched.


 RK800-60, Stefan, had approached Connor one day after they’d finished their shift.

Stefan worked as a private investigator after he was deviated at the tower and he and Connor kept in touch. What Hank hadn’t realised was the growing curiosity that Stefan had in having sex. Sure, he’d touched himself but, as like any other person, he wanted to find out what it was like with another. After speaking to Hank and getting the okay, Connor brought Stefan home.

Hank found himself on the bed buried inside Connor, while Connor himself was buried within Stefan. Stefan was lying on his back, with his legs in the air, as Connor thrust into him while also thrusting back onto Hank. Hank nibbled at Connor’s neck as both androids groaned in unison, Stefan’s hand around his own cock. It was a bit odd for Hank, to hear the same voice coming from them both, but he soon lost himself as the pleasure built up in him. Connor was struggling with the overwhelming pleasure so hank helped him along by thrusting into him, which caused him to thrust into Stefan. Both androids were flushed blue as they trembled and Hank rubbed one of Connor’s nipples in between his fingers.

Stefan came first, twitching and gasped with pleasure as his back rose off the bed. His orgasm caused him to tighten around Connor, setting off a chain reaction, causing Connor to come into Stefan and then Hank following soon after. The three of them collapsed onto the bed, where they cuddled up together.


Connor decided to spice things up with his other self, one day while Hank was at work.

They’d come to an agreement of some sorts between the three of them and honestly, if Hank thought having one RK800 in bed was great, he loved having two. 

Hank wasn’t the most adventurous in bed though, preferring to leave the various toys to the other two, which was why he was at work and they were both at home.

Currently Stefan was on all fours on the bed, his ass in the air and his face buried in a pillow as Connor inserted an egg shaped vibrator into Stefan’s hole. He groaned into the pillow, weakly thrusting forward as Connor held him in place. He groaned even louder as Connor picked up a long anal bead toy, inserting the first ball into Stefan. Each ball that entered him was bigger than the last and Stefan cried with pleasure into the pillow, tears streaming down his flushed face. Connor then pulled them back out slowly before thrusting them back in. Stefan groaned and twitched as Connor thrust them in and out of him at a steady pace, hitting the egg vibrator inside him, which was buzzing against his bio-prostate. Stefan was unable to hold back and came twice within the space of a few minutes, his come covering Connor’s hand, which was wrapped around his dick.

Connor, unable to hold back any more, pulled the beads out and lined himself up; thrusting into Stefan’s loose hole in one fell swoop, groaning as he leant over and buried his face in his shoulder.

He set his pace as hard and fast from the get-go, Stefan’s groans and sobs muffled by the pillow beneath him. He soon came for a third came, his body shaking from overstimulation from both Connor and the vibrator. Connor came soon afterward, slipping out of Stefan’s hole and coating his ass with come and the egg slid out with a plop, slippery from Connor’s load.

Hank came home later that night to find them covered, in a mess and deep in statis. He chuckled at his two boys and smiled, throwing a blanket over them. He wouldn’t have it any other way.


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If Hank had been told by someone a year earlier that his sex life would be better now in his mid-50s than it was when he was in his 20s he would have laughed in their face and called them a liar. Or Crazy. Possibly both.

It’s amazing what have two insatiable androids in your life will do.

That’s how he found himself deep inside Stefan, who was bent over the back of the couch while Connor knelt on the floor between Stefan’s legs, his cock in his mouth. The cock was hot and heavy as Stefan thrust into his mouth, moaning and his body shaking. Hank thrust into him from behind, taking his sweet time, wrapping an arm around Stefan’s waist so he wouldn’t collapse to the floor. Stefan groaned as Connor took his cock all the way into his mouth, his tongue swirling around and tasting all Stefan had to offer. Stefan bucked forward as Hank’s thrusts got more intense and Stefan couldn’t hold back anymore and came right down the back of Connor’s throat. Connor took it all like a champ, swallowing every last drop. Stefan pulled Connor to his feet and Connor perched on the top of the couch, his clothed erection right in Stefan’s line of view. Stefan nuzzled the cock through Connor’s pants, Hank groans getting louder behind him as Stefan’s cock filled out once more, hanging heavy and tinged purple between his legs.

He fumbled with Connor’s pants for a moment before managing to get his fly open, pulling them down so they pool around his ankles. Stefan dived in, licking and stroking as though he was a starved man. Connor moaned, throwing his head back as he was overwhelmed by the pleasure flooding his system. His legs twitched as they hung off the couch and Stefan took him into his mouth. He placed his feet on Stefan’s shoulders as Hank chased his own orgasm, wrapping a hand around Stefan as he did so. Stefan was lifted off the floor by Hank and was being spit-roasted by the two of them. He shuddered as he felt Connor release into his mouth, artificial saliva causing him to drool around Connor’s cock. Stefan came once more, staining the carpet with his own come as he body twitched around Hank; finally causing Hank to come as well. Hank sighed with pleasure, gently slipping out of Stefan and setting him on the floor, only to laugh as Stefan crawled onto Connor’s lap. He left them to it as he went to get a washcloth to clean them up with.


It was just past midday at the precinct and Hank was bored. Not much had happened recently so he and Connor had been relegated to desk work. Connor wasn’t actually at his desk at that moment but down in the evidence locker; sorting out old evidence for keeping or destroying. Hank was sorting out paperwork when his phone beeped. He flushed a deep red as the picture showed Connor in the locker with his pants down and a hand wrapped around himself; his cock tinged purple and leaking pre-cum.

He writhed in his seat, his half-hard cock rubbing on the inside of his pants. He laid his head on the desk and let out a groan, prompting Nines to ask him if he was alright. He waved the RK900 off, saying he was fine. Another picture came though, this time of Connor with his fingers up his own ass and Hank couldn’t take it anymore. Flushed a deep red and trying his best to stay dignified, his almost had to waddle out of the main area; causing Nines to give him a curious look.

He made his way down to where Connor was and groaning at the sight that befell him as he stepped through. Connor was sitting on the console, cock out and standing proud as if he didn’t care who could walk in and his shirt was open. A low hum could be heard as he’d inserted the egg vibrator into himself, causing him to twitch and groan around his own fingers that were in his mouth. Hank growled and stepped up to Connor, pulling the fingers out and kissing him deeply, his clothed erection now at full mast and rutting against Connor’s.

Connor moaned loudly and Hank kissed him once more to shut him up, unzipping himself and lining up, thrusting into Connor’s hole, causing the boy to cry out in pleasure. Connor wrapped his legs around Hank as a brutal pace was set, not once taking it slow in the slightest. Connor’s cock rubbed up between them as Hank lent down to lick at one of Connor’s nipples, leaving a trail of saliva as he went to work on the other. Hank was close as Connor came between them and the resulting tightness caused Hank to spill into him.

Hank rested his forehead on Connor’s as they came down from their high, only to hear a cough behind them. Hank slowly turned his head to see Nines standing there, bright blue in the face with evidence in his hand. They just stared at each other for a moment before Nines straightened up, turned around and stiffly marched out of the locker.

Connor laughed when Detective Reed came into the precinct the next day limping.


Stefan was bored.

Really, really bored. He had no work as an investigator at the moment so he was stuck at home… he'd fed and walked Sumo and now he was bored. He decided to have some fun while the other two were at work. He rummaged through the drawer, pulling out all the toys and attachments they had. His eyes fell on the box that contained the big boys. The dildos that were even bigger than Hank was. He licked his lips with anticipation and reached back to insert his own fingers into his ass. He slid one in, quickly followed by another. He slipped a vibrating cock ring over his hardening shaft, groaning when he turned it on. He worked himself open, his fingers coated in his own self-lubrication. He secured one of the dildos to the floor, an impressive thing sitting at 9 inches, and hovered himself above it. He lowered himself, pushing down and filling himself up and he came when he bottomed out; his come streaking his stomach.

He sat for a moment, the dildo sitting snuggly inside of him before he began to rock back and forth, stroking himself back to hardness. He moaned as his cock bobbed up and down, setting a pace while riding the dildo. He cried out loud when it struck his bio-prostate and he let go of his cock to place his hands on the floor, thrusting up and down on it as hard as he could. He buckled forward as he came once more, covering the floor in his juices.

He wasn’t done though. As an android, he had no refractory period and so he kept riding and coming until he fucked himself dry and his systems forced an emergency standby.

Hank and Connor came home to find him still passed out with the dildo still buried inside him.

Connor twitched in his seat in the car.

He and hank were on their way to a crime scene, a homicide involving a couple of humans and Hank had decided to tease Connor that day for what happened in the evidence locker. He’d woken up that morning wedged between Connor and Stefan, having worn each other out during the night. Hank smiled and reached over, smirking as he found Connor’s hole still loose. He reached over to the drawer and pulled out one of the remote controlled egg vibrators and slipped it into Connor quite easily, the android not even shifting. He then took one of the anal plugs and slipped it in, to keep the egg in place.

Of course, Connor knew something was up the moment he woke up and shifted. He went to pull the plug out but Hank stopped him, saying to leave it in and they could have some fun. Connor raised his eyebrow but let go.

Now they found themselves on their way and Connor was squirming in his seat. Hank hadn’t let up and kept turning the settings on the egg up and down. He’d already accidently made Connor come once but luckily he had spare clothes in his work locker and no-one had been around to see the accident. Hank hadn’t removed the egg though and Connor was starting to get a bit fidgety. They pulled up to the crime scene and got out of the car. Hank had his hand wrapped around the controller as they crossed the street. He licked it up once and Connor jolted as he walked, turning around to glare at him. Hank just grinned.

They took a look around the crime scene, Connor almost face-planting into the floor as Hank turned the egg up as Connor bent over to look at one of the victims. Connor fidgeted as they listened to the brief from Ben; then almost jumped on Hank as they passed the bathroom. After the bodies and evidence had been collected, they were free to go. They’d barely made it back to the car before Connor pinned Hank to the car, capturing his lips in a searing kiss. Hank smiled against Connor’s lips, pulling away for a moment to pull open the back door of the car. He dragged Connor in and sat in the middle, with Connor straddling his lap once he’d pulled his pants off.

Hank reached around to feel Connor’s tender hole, Connor himself moaning into Hank’s shoulder. He reached in and pulled the egg out with a squelch, Connor’s cock twitching on his stomach in the process. The car didn’t give them much room, but he was able to free his own cock and lift Connor up just far enough so he could slide into him. They both let out a groan when Hank bottomed out and began to thrust. Connor’s face was flushed a dark blue as he was rocked back and forth on Hank’s cock. He didn’t last long, having been teased all day, and came with a shout with Hank following shortly afterwards, Connor’s heat driving him to the edge. They straightened themselves out and got out of the back of the car and into the front, ignoring the way people were staring at them.

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Hank found himself being pulled into one of the toilet stands at Jimmy’s Bar.

He’d taken Connor with him to the bar after work to celebrate solving a huge homicide case. Hank drank a few whiskeys and even Connor was able to partake, an alcoholic version of Thirium being developed earlier that year. They’d had enough to loosen them up, but certainly not enough to give Hank whiskey dick though as Connor was delighted to discover as he rubbed up against Hank. He nudged Hank back onto the closed toilet seat and he shut the stand door behind him. Hank grinned up at the android in front of him, palming at himself as Connor stripped himself of his pants, hanging them up on the hook. He reached down and undid Han’s fly, his own cock twitching with anticipation as Hank’s was set free and stood proud in front of him.

Connor climbed onto Hank’s lap, rocking back to that he could feel him sliding up and down between the crack of his ass. His self-lubrication kicked in and left wet spots all over Hank’s thighs, causing the man to chuckle. Hank reached out to lift Connor up and Connor placed his hands on the sides of the stall as he hovered over Hank. Hank’s cock nudged his hole and he let out a loud groan as he sank down onto him. He almost jumped back up as a thud from the stall wall hold them to ‘keep the noise down!’ and Connor sighed, chewing on his own lip. Hank pulled him forward by his tie as he captured his mouth in a searing kiss as he began to thrust in and out of Connor.

Connor groaned as his hands fell from the sides of the stall to wrap around Hank’s neck as his thrusts came harder and Connor couldn’t help but groan out loud. He could feel the thick vein that ran underneath Hank’s cock and he rocked his hips back and forward as his own cock slapped between them. Hank wrapped a hand around Connor and the pleasure overwhelmed him as he came immediately, squirting into Hank’s hand as he clamped around Hank’s cock, causing his hips to stutter as he released his own load into Connor. He slipped out, causing the cum to trickle down Connor’s thighs.

Connor clung to him and they shared a loving kiss before getting ready to leave.


Connor found himself alone one day.

He was lying on the couch at home, porn blaring on the TV as he jerked himself off through his underwear. The feel of his boxers wrapped around his cock was thrilling and he couldn’t get enough of it, already having come twice in the space of 10 minutes. His boxers were slick with cum as he thrusted into his own hand erratically, chasing down his third orgasm when he heard the door click open.

He froze mid thrust as Stefan walked in, stopping for a moment to stare at both Connor and the TV. He dropped the bags on the floor as he walked over to where Connor was, Connor’s face a bright blue as he stutters out an explanation. He was stopped midway through as Stefan bent down to kiss him hard, his tongue darting out and asking for entrance. Connor granted him access as Stefan shrugged his jacket off; landing on the floor with thump. He broke the kiss to pull his shirt and pants off and Connor admired the budge already pulsating in Stefan’s boxers. Connor went to take is own off but Stefan’s hand shot down to stop him. Connor looked up at him in confusion before he was flipped over.

Stefan tugged the boxers down just far enough to give him access to Connor’s slick hole and he slid in, hooking one of Connor’s legs over his shoulder to give him better access. Stefan reached around to grab Connor through his boxers and Connor all but screamed at the pleasure, come streaking out through the boxers and over the couch and Stefan’s hand. Stefan doesn’t stop though, his hips thrusting in and out in a frenzy as Connor gasped and moaned, his cock once again becoming hard and heavy, purple tinged and angry. Stefan’s cock rubbed up against Connor’s oversimulated bio-prostate and it was too much as Connor reached another orgasm in quick succession, sobs being torn out of his throat as his system was overwhelmed and he passed out as Stefan came inside him.


They’d booked a small vacation out of town.

Neither android had been outside of Detroit, so Hank thought it might be a good idea to take them out somewhere. He’d ended up booking a large log cabin out in the woods for a few days. He drove them up, about an hour’s drive away, and he smiled as they kept pointing out landscapes and things of interest as they went.

They arrived at the cabin just as the sun was setting and they unloaded their things out of the car. It was a two storey cabin, made out of a rich red wood, giving it a contrast to the green of the trees around it. They took their suitcases inside and dumped them in the main room. It was a big open plan area with a TV mounted on the far side with two couches and a kitchen to the left. A large plush rug lay on the floor between the TV and the couches and Connor bent down to touch it. He jumped when he felt a slap on his ass and he looked to see Stefan winking at him. He rolled his eyes and stood up, heading upstairs.

Heading into the master bedroom, Connor eyed the large king sized bed pushed up against one wall. The room also had generous built-in cupboards but what caught his attention was the full-length mirror that covered the entire far wall from top to bottom. He chewed on the bottom of his lip as ideas came to his mind...

Later that evening, they’d all settled in the bedroom after Hank had finished his evening meal and they were all snuggled up naked on the bed. Hank’s hand was wandering over Connor’s chest as Stefan’s nudged at his cock nestled between his legs, giving it slow, long licks. Hank eyed the mirror and nudged Connor up into a sitting position. Connor let out a whine of confusion as Hank shuffled to the side of the bed, motioning Connor to come over. Stefan looked a little put out when Connor did so, but followed him around as Hank grabbed Connor, turning him around so he was facing the mirror. Connor shivered as he saw himself in the mirror, sat in Hank’s lap while his cock hung heavy in between his legs. Hank ordered him not to look away from the mirror as he slid his hand down Connor’s rear before inserting two fingers. Connor bucked into the fingers, growing harder and flushing at the sight of himself.

Stefan knelt down so he was at Connor’s crotch level and he took the cock into his mouth, swirling his tongue around it and bobbing up and down. Connor groaned as he saw it happen in the mirror and he cried out when Hank removed his fingers, only to replace them with his hard, thick length. He bottomed out and Connor came with a cry, clenching down. Stefan swallowed it all, then lent back on the bed between their legs, stroking himself as he watched Hank thrust in and out of Connor as Connor’s dick bobbed up and down in time. Connor’s face was a deep blue as he watched it happen in the mirror, watching as his own face was flushed with pleasure and his tongue rolled out of his mouth and saliva dripped down onto his chest. He brought both of his arms back as Hank hooked an arm under his leg, pulling it up so he could drive harder into him.

Connor squeaked as he was suddenly lifted up and found himself being pressed against the mirror, looking into his own face as Hank drilled into him. Connor had to place his hands on the mirror as his cock was thrusted against the cold surface. He cried out as Hank’s thrusting caused him to come, his cum spurting on the mirror in streaks and dripped down. He saw Stefan in the mirror as he also came; covering his own hand and the floor.

Hank smiled as he carried Connor back to the bed and laid him down, cuddling into one side of him, Stefan clambered in the bed and cuddled into the other.

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Hank was surprised. He’d been for his yearly check-up before they came to the cabin and the doctor was impressed with him. All of his numbers had improved and he’d even managed to lose 12 pounds, putting him under 200 for the first time in years. The doctor simply told him to keep doing whatever he was doing.

It wasn’t a case of what, but whom.

Speaking of… He was standing in the kitchen of the cabin, mug of coffee in hand and eating his breakfast, as his boys took a shower together. Although he assumed not much cleaning was being done.

Hank was right as it turned out. Connor currently had Stefan pinned against the cool white tiles of the shower; water cascading down their soap covered bodies as Connor had two fingers in him and was working him open. He had his other hand wrapped around Stefan’s cock and was leisurely stroking it up and down. Stefan groaned against the tiles but Connor was teasing him; not stroking him fast enough to get him offbut groaning as Connor inserted a third finger in him and stroked it over his bio-prostate. He moaned aloud when Connor removed his fingers, only to flip Stefan around so his back was to the tiles. He wrapped his legs around Connor’s waist as Connor entered him in one fell swoop, causing him to cry out. Connor admired Stefan’s body for a moment, running a hand over his chest and tweaking a wet, bubble covered nipple before snaking his hand back down to wrap around Stefan’s neglected, stiff cock. He began to thrust into Stefan slowly, picking up his pace when Stefan began to moan every time Connor hit his sweet spot.

Stefan’s insides fluttered around Connor as he continued to thrust into him vigour; Connor crying out as he pumped Stefan full of his cum. Stefan came shortly afterward, clamping down on Connor’s cock and milking him for all he was worth.

Hank could only shake his head in the kitchen, chewing on his bacon.

 Hank came upstairs sometime later, after he heard the shower stop running. He pushed the bedroom door open and almost choked at the sight on the king sized bed.

Both androids were lying on the bed, fingers intertwined, dressed in matching frilly lingerie. Stocking to the thighs, see through gloves to the elbows and erections staining against the ruffled panties; the only difference between them was that Connor was dressed in baby blue while Stefan was in a pale pink. Stefan raised one of Connor’s hands to his mouth and licked at the fingertips, sucking on them gently as if they had all the time in the world. Connor let out a tiny moan at the sensations and Hank almost came in his pants right then, his cock already swelling and pressing on the inside of his pants.

Connor swung himself over Stefan so he was straddling his chest and Stefan nuzzled into the panties, licking at Connor’s cock through the tin material. Connor looked over his shoulder and summoned Hank to the bed with a finger, all while his hips rolled into Stefan’s warm, hot tongue. Hank shed his clothes and went to sit on the bed, running a hand up Connor’s thigh and over the edge of the stockings. Stefan continued to nuzzle and suck at Connor’s cock and he moaned, his hard and heavy cock almost breaking the panties in an effort to be free. Hank sat behind Connor and ran a finger down his ass, sliding his finger into the panties and rubbing it lightly over his hole. He was surprised when he felt hard metal down there and he reached down to give it a tug. It slipped out of Connor, who moaned, and it was one of the largest plugs they owned. A quick reach down between Stefan’s legs proved that he also had one in. 

Knowing what having the plug that big inside him meant, Hank ran his fingers down to Connor’s ass and coated himself liberally with the lubrication that was leaking from Connor. Connor shuffled back to sit on Stefan’s hips and Stefan lined himself up first, pushing the panties aside and sliding into Connor with little effort on his part. He then waited as Hank first inserted his fingers right up into Connor, next to Stefan’s cock, making sure Connor was loose enough before removing them and lining his cock up with the hole. Hank entered Connor alongside Stefan and moaned as he felt more Connor’s warmth and Stefan’s cock lined up with his own inside Connor.

They began to thrust into Connor in a rhythm, one pushing in while one pulled out. Connor cried out as he was overwhelmed and came through the panties; cum shooting out and streaking over Stefan’s chest. Hank groaned into Connor’s neck as their pace became faster and rough; Connor crying and sobbing as the overstimulation once again had him rock hard and pulsing in Stefan’s hand. Hank and Stefan both came at the same time, filling Connor up to the brim with their cum. They pulled out and it dribbled along his thigh.

Hank sat back and panted while Connor reached down to pull the plug out of Stefan, shifting back so that he could life him up and that Stefan’s hole was lined up with Connor’s cock. Connor thrust straight into Stefan, he was all worked up from their treatment of him and it didn’t take long for Connor to come once again. He came hard, filling Stefan up and pounding him through his orgasm, hips stuttering. Connor collapsed on top of Stefan as his systems forced him into a soft reboot. Stefan shuffled around so they were lying on their sides and he held Connor to his chest. Hank laid down next to Connor and wrapped his arms around his waist as they lay there.

The lingerie would probably have to be washed but Hank wouldn’t mind seeing them in it again.

 It was the last day of their vacation at the cabin and they’d decided to take a hike through the woods. All three dressed in casual clothes, they were happily soaking in the spring air. After 20 minutes of walking they came across a beautiful lake. It was a large lake surrounded by trees and the crystal clear water shimmered with the morning sun, birds swooping down to catch the fish. Connor and Stefan looked at each other, then made a dash for the water; stripping down to their boxers in their haste. Hank shouted after them but all he got back was Connor shouting they were waterproof before they both dived in, leaving Hank to stand at the edge shaking his head and his hands on his hips.

They swam around for a while, Connor giggling when his feet touched the bottom of the lake. The two prototypes had been designed to have the ability to breathe underwater, complete with gills sitting behind their ears. Stefan chuckled as Connor swam towards him, interlacing their fingers as they circled around each other in the water. They looked at each other for a moment before meeting in the middle to share a kiss, causing bubbles to float to the surface as they joined together. They pulled apart and smiled at each other before going back in, their kisses getting more heated at they intertwined their legs together.

 Connor groaned as Stefan ground against Connor, their cocks growing heavy between them. Connor yanked their boxers down, thrusting his hand between them as he rubbed their cocks together, causing Stefan to groan into his mouth. Bubbles rose between them as Stefan wrapped a leg around him, Connor holding on to his waist as so they wouldn’t separate.

Connor’s hand became frantic and they twitched, spurting into Connor’s hand as they came and they both watched with mild fascination as it floated off into the water. 

They swam back to the surface after pulling their boxers back up and found Hank asleep under a tree.

They headed back to the city that night, happy and content. Hank just laughed at the pair of them, leaning against each other in the back of the car, asleep with intertwined fingers.

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It had been a few weeks since they’d gotten back from the cabin when they received an invite from Nines to go and check out the new club in town that had recently been opened. Apparently it was both human and android friendly and had various options for either party.

They didn’t need much convincing to go. Hank was eager as between work and the copious amounts of sex he’d been drinking far less lately. His two boys were always eager to go and try new things, expanding their life experiences.

That’s how they found themselves in a queue outside the hottest new bar in town on a Friday night, along with Nines and Gavin. Gavin was complaining about the length of the queue, but he’d become a lot more pleasant since he’d starting dating Nines. They got into the club after 30 minutes of waiting and the place was heaving with people, humans and androids alike. The lighting was low; the club had a purple theme running through it with bright neon lights and padded cushions, and glass chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. They’d managed to grab a semi-private booth near the back of the club and Hank went to order their drinks for them.

Connor grabbed the others and dragged them onto one of the nearby dance floors, where they danced to the music the DJ was playing. They were close together as the dance floor was packed with wiggling bodies and Connor gasped as he felt Stefan grind up against his backside. Gavin looked amused as Connor got flustered, especially when Gavin lifted his knee slightly to grind it up against Connor’s hardening cock. This was another thing they agreed on for the night; that the five of them could have some fun between them with no hard feelings about who slept with whom. Stefan leant forward and pulled Connor towards him, reaching around to fish his cock out of the tight jeans he’d worn that night. Ignoring Connor’s protests, he began to stroke him as Gavin moved forward to make sure no-one could see as well as pull Connor into a heated kiss. Nines looked on with mild curiosity, circuits heating up with his own arousal.

Connor’s body shook as Stefan continued to work him and soon he came, streaks of cum shot up in the air and then landed on the floor with a splat. He panted as his body shook with aftershocks as Stefan gave him one last squeeze before tucking him back in. Gavin helped Connor walk with wobbly legs before he heavily sat back down in the booth. Hank was there and he simply raised an eyebrow as he sipped his whiskey. He’d gotten Gavin a beer and the three androidswhat looked like three thirium based frozen martinis. They chatted for a while, waving down one of the servers dotted around the place to get more alcohol.

It was a few hours later, with a lot more alcohol and dancing, that Connor decided to crawl under the table. Hank blinked in confusion until he saw Gavin tense up across the table from him. He raised an eyebrow and looked under the table, blinking as he watched Connor pull out Gavin’s cock and give it a lick. Luckily the club was still packed and the lights were low so no-one could see what was happening but it still made Gavin’s cock twitch as the thrill of being caught surged through him and straight to his groin. He groaned and bit his lip hard enough to bleed as Connor licked from base to tipbefore taking him in his mouth, hollowing his cheeks. Gavin groaned and laid his head in his arm on the table as to not give himself away as he was being thoroughly sucked by Connor. Hank smirked and lifted a foot up, rubbing it up against the android’s cock and causing him to jump; which caused him to jerk on Gavin’s cock. Gavin almost cried out as he felt himself getting close and he looked over at Nines who was sitting there, rubbing at his own crotch with half-liddled eyes. Gavin came with a cry and his seed shot down the back of Connor’s throat.

It was at that point they decided to leave the club. 

They stumbled into Gavin and Nines’ apartment. It was a moderately sized place, with a kitchen to the left and a living room to the right with a large TV mounted to the wall and a bookcase overflowing with books. Further along, there was the bathroom, Gavin’s bedroom and a bedroom that was turned into an office. There was two cats, Pumpkin & Nickel, but they ignored the bodies entering the place.

Gavin led them to the bedroom, Connor and Stefan being carried by Nines, and opened the door. The bedroom was large but sparsely furnished, with a queen sized bed covered in blankets and built-in cupboards. A set of drawers sat by the side of the bed; with a clock on top. Nines deposited the two androids on the bed, who immediately began to remove each other’s’ clothes. Hank chuckled as he approached from the doorway, helping Connor to peel off the tight blue shirt he had on. Nines was helping Stefan with his pants, running his fingers over his thighs and dripping in to palm at Stefan’s cock causing him to whine at the friction. Gavin had already managed to peel his clothes off, leaving him in just his boxers and as lying on the bed. Connor crawled over to where Gavin was lying on the bed. He pulled Gavin’s half-hard cock out, letting It sit just above his boxers. He licked his lips at the sight. He wasn’t able to see it in the club but he could here and while it wasn’t quite as large as Hank’s it was still rather impressive.

Hank stripped out of his clothes and reached forward to run his fingers over Connor’s hole and he shivered under the touch. He looked over at Nines, who was the last one to stripas he just had his pants on. He looked highly embarrassed as Stefan tugged at his pants, pulling them down to reveal a pair of frilly blue panties underneath. Stefan grinned and pulled the panties down, only to be surprised at the lack of cock between Nines’ legs. Instead he had a set of pretty pink hairless lips settled in between this thighs and he was already leaking, juices dripping down his left thigh. Stefan pushed Nines onto the bed, kneeling down on the floor as he dove right in, running his tongue along the wet folds and dipping in to lap the juices up. Nines cried out as Stefan ate him out, nibbling on his clit and tonguing at his entrance.

Gavin, meanwhile, had his hand around Connor’s cock, stroking it and causing him to shiver and squirm. Hank was behind Connor, teasing his entrance with his cock before pushing slowly in. Feeling Hank bottom out and Gavin’s hand he came all over Gavin, his cock twitching as Gavin milked him. Gavin looked over to Nines and Stefan, ushering them over. Nines sat on Gavin’s lap, reverse cowgirl style, as he sunk down onto Gavin, being filled up in the ass. Gavin pulled Nines back so that he was lying back with his wetentrance exposed and glistening. Stefan positioned himself on top of Nines as he slid into him, the hot walls squeezing around Stefan’s cock.

They both pounded into Nines as he cried and sobbed from the pleasure, Gavin reaching up to stroke one of Nine’s nipples as Stefan bent down to lick at the other. Hank picked Connor up, still deep inside him as Connor was rock hard again, and took him over to the others. Stefan was eager and took Connor’s cock into his mouth as he pounded Nines hard. Gavin was going just as hard as Nines came, his juices squirted out of him and drenching both Stefan and Gavin. They kept pounding into him, harder and harder as Stefan sucked on Connor and Hank was still pounding into Connor, his hands wrapped around Connor’s waist as he gave everything he had to drive himself as deep into Connor as possible. His hips stuttered as he found release, his balls tightening as he emptied himself into Connor. The feeling of being filled up caused Connor to come again, his cum splattering all over Stefan’s face as he pulled back.

Stefan was pushed over the edge as Nines came, his walls tightening around both Stefan and Gavin, squirting his juices and causing them to unload in both of his holes. His back arched off Gavin as he came, his system almost forcing him into a soft reboot. Instead, he came back down, panting heavily as the juices dribbled out of him.  They slipped out of him as Connor and Hank lay down beside them. Gavin shuffled around so that Nines was lying on his side, spooning him from behind and Stefan tucking into Nines’ front. Connor spooned Gavin from behind and Hank did the same to him, turning it into a giant, sticky, sleepy pile.

They ended up having a couple of more rounds before they left late on the Saturday afternoon.

Chapter Text


Both of his boys became sick at the same time.

They’d gotten upgrades a while back. It heightened their senses, allowed them to sweat and even allowed them to eat small mounts. Sadly, the updates also left them vulnerable to glitches and errors. Right now, there was an ‘android flu’ floating around, causing gyroscopes to malfunction and thermal regulators to fail. The results were nausea and poor balance due to the gyroscope and the failing regulator cause them to have fever-like symptoms. The malfunctioning gyroscope also caused pressure in the head, causing migraines. Even Nines hadn’t escaped and had been sent home by Fowler, much to Gavin’s dismay.

Connor and Stefan were currently tucked up in the bed they shared with Hank. Connor was curled up on himself, nausea rippling through him like waves as his head ached from the pain, lightly sweating as he kept throwing the covers off then pulling them back on. Stefan was doing what he did best… he was trying, and failing, to fuck the illness out of himself. He was moaning as he thrusted a dildo into himself over and over; sweat shining on his skin as he panted loudly. Connor grumbled and climbed out of the bed, staggering down the hallway with a blanket and pillow in hand as he collapsed on the couch next to Hank.

Hank was surprised to find Connor out of the bed until he heard the noises coming from down the hallway, Connor having left the bedroom door open. Hank simply shook his head and made Connor comfortable, placing a bucket next to the couch and placing a cold, wet cloth on his forehead to ease his fever and headache.

After a while, the noises stopped and Hank went along to the bedroom, taking another cloth as he peeked in. Stefan had collapsed on the bed, passed out from fever and exhaustion, cock still hard and proud as he apparently failed in his mission. Hank just shook his head once more and threw a clean blanket over Stefan, causing his cock to give a valiant twitch, and placed the cloth on Stefan’s forehead before shutting the door as he left.

It took them three days to recover.


Stefan had been browsing the internet one evening, when his lovers were asleep, when he came across a site that sold custom functional attachments for androids.

He spent a while browsing until he came across one that stuck out to him. It had a pointed head and a decent length shaft but what interested him the most was the knot the piece came with. Due to technological advances, everything about the piece was fully functional and was compatible with all models. Stefan couldn’t wait to get his hands on it. He ended up getting soexcited over it that after he ordered it, he had to rub one out before he could fall asleep.

It arrived two weeks later.

Stefan practically leapt at the box in Hank’s hands as he held it. Connor and Hank looked at each other in confusion as Stefan locked himself in the bathroom. He sat on the toilet as he ripped open the package and gently lifted it out of the box. It was even more impressive in person than it was on the website. It was flaccid in his hands but he could see how much fun they were going to have with it. It was a dark blue, almost indigo, at the tip and it faded into a light blue as it got to the base. He placed it on the side as he worked on detaching his current parts. The panel with his cock came away easily after loosening the connections and he sat it in the box. He then took the panel with the new cock and attached it, hooking up the ports and making sure everything was in the right place. He shivered as his system notified him that the installation was successful, his artificial skin regenerating right up to the base, leaving him with his new, blue cock hanging in-between his legs. He gave a shudder as he ran a hand over it, the new cock twitching under his palm. He desperately wanted to try it out there and then but he held back as he pulled on his underwear and pants, giving the pair a coy smile as he left the bathroom. Connor raised an eyebrow as he spotted the box with Stefan’s old cock in it before following him and Hank to their bedroom.

Stefan sat down on their bedroom, pulling Connor along with him. Connor knelt down between Stefan’s legs, rubbing at the noticeable bulge and wondering what Stefan had hidden under there. He groaned as Stefan ran a hand through his hair before bringing him forward so that Connor was nuzzling into Stefan’s crotch. He reached for the zipper and pulled it down, meeting no resistance from Stefan. He pulled the pants clean off and licked at Stefan through his boxers, leaving a trail of saliva on the material. Connor could feel Stefan growing hard under his touches as he kissed and sucked at him. Stefan growled in frustration and pulled his boxers down flinging them off as Connor stared at his new attachment. He smiled at Connor when he saw the tent in his own pants, clearly excited at the prospect of trying it out. Even Hank was impressed, it looked almost as big as he was and then there was that knot…

Hank went and sat down on the bed, surprising Stefan as he was pulled into his lap. He could feel hank’s clothed erection rubbing up against his behind and he groaned, his half-hard cock springing to life and standing tall as Connor scooted over to continue licking at it. Hank unzipped himself and reached down to scissor Stefan open with two fingers, impatient to be inside him. Stefan groaned and pulled Connor up so that he was sitting on Stefan’s lap, both of their cocks rubbing together. Hank lifted Stefan up slightly once he’d finished loosening him up and positioned himself at Stefan’s entrance, moaning as Stefan sunk down onto his cock, bottoming out in one fell swoop. Stefan groaned and his cock twitched in Connor’s hand and he lifted Connor up to position himself and thrust straight into Connor. They all cried out in pleasure, Connor’s body twitching around the new cock and feeling sensations he’d never felt before.

Stefan thrust into Connor slowly, savouring the feel of him around his new cock and the feel of Hank doing the same to him. He could feel the knot of the cock pressing up against Connor as his thrusts got harder and harder; he panted as his arms wrapped around Connor’s back, nails digging into him and scratching his skin, causing tiny drops of Thirium to roll down. Hank bit Stefan’s neck and that tipped him over the edge, sending him and his knot into Connor who clamped down, coming as the knot swelled inside him. Their combined orgasms caused Hank to spill over the edge too and straight into Stefan, who milked Hank for all he was worth. Hank slid out of him with a squelch and Stefan tried to do the same, only he couldn’t as he felt he was stuck and Connor winced with pain. He realised he was stuck until the knot deflated.

Hank blinked as he looked at the two, who were stuck together for the time being. He shook his head and laid them down awkwardly together and placed a blanket over them, before cleaning himself up and getting something to eat.

It took almost an hour for the knot to deflate.

Chapter Text


Hank and Connor were out of town.

They’d been sent to Chicago undercover to bust a huge red ice/illegal android smuggling ring and had been gone a few weeks. Sadly, because they were undercover, Stefan couldn’t go with them. He’d been stuck in the house with only his work to do and he could only concentrate on that for so long. That’s why Nines found himself being dragged out of the DPD by a very frustrated Stefan, who was sporting a half chub already, with Gavin just looking on in amusement. Both Nines and Gavin had promised to look after Stefan while his lovers were away. He dragged Nines into a corner of the DPD parking lot, pinning him up against the wall and grinding himself up against him. Nines tried to tell him that they shouldn’t do this here but Stefan was having none of it, too aroused and annoyed to go anywhere else right now.

Stefan unzipped Nines’ pants and shoved his hand in, rubbing in-between Nines’ thighs and the prize that lay within. He rubbed Nines’ clit and the stoic android let out a moan. Stefan rubbed at it for a while before moving his hand further in to stroke his fingers at the entrance. Nines keened and bent over slightly, his head resting on Stefan’s shoulder as his fingers thrust in, causing Nines to cry out. He lifted Nines up, using the wall as support, to wiggle his pants down enough so that Stefan could get in there with his tongue. He licked at Nines’ clit, nibbling and sucking on it before he lapped up the juices that were leaking from him, shoving his tongue inside Nines as he ate him out.

He pulled Nines’ pants and underwear off completely, placing him back on the floor for a moment as he unfastened his own pants and his cock sprang free. He looked up at Nines, who nodded then gasped as Stefan pinned up back up against the wall. They locked eyes and panted as Nines wrapped his legs around Stefan, groaning as he felt him enter him. Sex with Nines was always a strange experience for Stefan, as both his lovers were male and had no vagina to speak of. Stefan wondered if he could convince Connor to equip one… He slid in and out of Nines’ warm body, his cock hard and hot from Nines’ walls. He reached down with his free hand to rub in-between Nines’ thighs, feeling the hard, swollen nub between his fingers and he rolled it back and forth; causing Nines to buck into his hand, crying out with pleasure.

He thrust harder into Nine’s slick core, leaning forward to nip at one of his nipple, hidden under the turtleneck. Nines groaned as his wall fluttered around Stefan, causing his rhythm to stutter for a moment. He then began to thrust as hard as he could, chasing his orgasm as he groaned into Nines’ chest. All Nines could do was hold on for dear life as he felt the fire inside burning, his hands planted on Stefan’s shoulders as he groaned and panted, a light sheen of sweat covering him. His back arched off the wall as he came, his walls clamping down on Stefan’s cock as he did, driving the other android over the edge and causing him to spill into him. His thrusts slowed as Nines milked him for all he was worth before he slid out of him. Both Stefan and Nines’ cum ran down Nines’ legs and Stefan bent down to clean it up, causing Nines to groan in embarrassment. He smiled as he leant up to kiss Nines on the lips, then helped him back into his clothes and straightened him up. He paused for a moment as his hand brushed over Nines’ abdomen, feeling the flutter of a heartbeat under his hands.

Stefan looked up at him in wide-eyed wonder as he realised what it meant. Nines smiled and nodded and he said he’s 8 weeks along. He knew that Nines had gotten the new upgrade parts to carry a child and that he and Gavin had been trying. Stefan squealed in glee as he hugged Nines, realising that they’d been successful. Stefan grinned; he couldn’t wait to meet the child. He and Connor had no desire to have children (and they didn’t want Hank to feel like he was replacing his son), but he knew that Nines and Gavin’s child was going to be spoilt. The baby was going to be human, eggs specially selected and engineered to look like Nines.

Stefan couldn’t wait to tell Hank and Connor.


It didn’t take much convincing to get Connor to buy one of the new vaginal upgrades for himself.

What surprised Stefan was that Connor had locked himself fin the bedroom, claiming he needed to adjust to his new part and to get to know it. Stefan just looked at Hank, who shrugged and sat down in front of the TV. Stefan stared at the locked door for a moment before joining Hank on the couch and laying his head on his lap.

In the bedroom, Connor was sat on the bed, his back pressed up against the headboard as he used a mirror to examine himself. He was pleasantly surprised by the new upgrade. It had a fine dusting of hair on it and the pink lips seemed so inviting to him. He reached down, having set the mirror up on the bed so it was free-standing, and parted them; admiring the way it looked. He ran a finger up himself and gasped as it caught on a small, swollen nub positioned just above his new hole. He flicked the nub and cried out at the pleasure that shot through his systems and into his core. He took the nub in-between two of his fingers and his thumb and rolled it around while groaning.

His legs twitched as he reached down to the new hole, gingerly inserting a lube-covered finger into it. He bent over as the feeling overwhelmed him for a moment, the intrusion new and his walls felt like they tried to suck them in. He let himself adjust, then slowly added another finger and thrusted them in and out slowly, gasping as they brush up against his sweet spot. He used his other hand to rub at his clit and he almost bent over as his fingers curled to hit that spot deep inside and he swore he could see stars in his vision. He was sweating a lot as he thrust his fingers in and out of myself, juices leaked out of him and caused a small patch of dampness under him. He cried out in pleasure as the coil snapped and a wave of pleasure rolled over him, causing him to squirt in the process.

He lay there for a moment before opening one of the drawers at the side of the bed and pulled out one of the dildos that they had stored away. It was just a regular shaped one, sitting at 7 inches tall. He ran his hand over his wet hole and then used it to lube up with dildo. He sat back in his previous position, watching the mirror as he inched the dildo into his waiting hole inch by inch. He let out a long, high pitched moan as his walls seemed to draw it into him and it bottomed out; leaving him a panting mess.

It felt so different from having a cock inside in ass; it was warmer and felt so much more sensitive as he began to thrust it in and out of him, the head of the dildo rubbing up against his sweet spot. His body reacted, producing more lubricant so that it moved in and out of him easier as his thrusts sped up. His walls clenched around him suddenly as the new sensitive spots inside him pushed him over quicker than he thought and caused him to squirt all over the bed. His fans were working overtime to cool his systems down.

Yes, Connor was glad Stefan convinced him to get this upgrade. He could see it getting a lot of use in the future.

Chapter Text

They were on a train. 

All five of them were on a train, headed to a training facility on the other side of Detroit. It was that time of year again where they all had to go mandatory training, no matter how hard they might’ve grumbled and groaned at Fowler. Even Stefan had been roped into it, the city council demanding he did it, despite him doing private work.

They were sitting in the back of one of the train carriages, heading towards their destination. Hank, Connor and Stefan sat right at the back while Gavin and Nines sat in front of them. Gavin was fussing over Nines, making sure he was well cared for as he lovingly stroked his bump, now 5 months in. Stefan, however, was more occupied as he currently had his hand down Connor’s pants. Connor still had the female partequipped, much to Stefan’s delight as he hadn’t the opportunity to do Connor with the part attached yet. Connor was squirming at his touch, Stefan’s fingers doing lazy circles around his clit in a teasing fashion.  Connor let out a tiny moan, biting his hand as Stefan continued to touch him. 

Hank’s eyes widened as Stefan pulled Connor onto his lap, his clothed erection rubbing up against Connor’s behind. He glanced around the carriage, glad it was relatively empty for the time of night they travelling. They’d taken a late train, planning to book into a motel before training started at 8:00the next morning. He noticed the old woman sitting further up the carriage giving them strange looks though. Stefan lifted Connor up just enough so he could slide his pants down, Connor having decided not to bother with underwear that morning. He was already leaking over Stefan’s lap as he opened his zipper, cock springing out to slap Connor right between his cheeks.

Hank squirmed in his own seat, having to cross his legs to hide his own problem from the world. Stefan however had no such qualms, having pulled Connor back so that he was nestled between his thighs. He parted Connor’s folds with his fingers, muttering how he was such a good boy into Connor’s ear, before he positioned himself at Connor’s entrance. He thrust in, causing Connor to moan out loud. Gavin nearly jumped out of his seat, turning around to slap his hand over Connor’s mouth and giving Stefan the ‘are you fucking serious!?’ look.

Stefan didn’t see the look on Gavin’s face as he felt Connor’s walls engulf him with warmth and pleasure as he bottomed out, Connor feeling very full indeed. Stefan replaced Gavin’s hand with his own as Connor hung onto the seat in front of him, panting and moaning under Stefan’s hand. Gavin and Nines turned back; facing forward to make sure they blocked the sight of Connor from curious eyes as Stefan began to pick up the pace, his free hand reaching around to play with Connor’s clit. Connor thrusted back on Stefan’s cock but ended up just groaning and panting as Stefan lost control, thrusting into Connor as fast as he possibly could; causing Connor to cling to the seats for dear life, Stefan’s hand barely able to contain the noises he was making. Connor’s orgasm hit him like a freight train and he came loudly, causing Nines and Gavin both to thrust their hands over his mouth in an attempt to keep him quiet. Stefan didn’t stop though as he continued to thrust into Connor, his pace never ceasing. He nibbled at Connor’s neck, panting and moaning his name. The old lady was giving them dirty looks and Hank was convinced she knew what his boys were up to.

Stefan’s thrusting peaked as his orgasm flooded through his system, his load pumping into Connor in spurts, mixing with Connor’s own juices as Connor came again; squirting all over Stefan’s lap, the seat under them and even the back of the seat in front of them as his legs trembled uncontrollably, his face a dark blue as he body forced him into a soft reboot. Stefan’s thrusts finally slowed down and they stopped as he rode out his orgasm. He didn’t slip out of Connor though, keeping on his lap as he murmured words of encouragement to him.  It took Nines patting Connor on the face gently to bring him back from the reboot and Connor’s eyes flickered open, hazy and unfocused.  

Hank ended up having to carry Connor off the train, his legs having gone offline from the intensity of his orgasm. Stefan was rather proud of himself for that one.


Booking into the motel had been slightly awkward when Connor still couldn’t walk.

He handed the information to Gavin, who then had to book them in instead. Connor’s face was flushed a light blue as Stefan grinned at them and Gavin had to resist throwing the nearby pen holder at them. He instead thanked the lady behind the desk and took the two sets of keys. He handed one to Stefan and then lead them to their rooms. Hank and his boys were staying in one while Gavin and Niles were in the other. Stefan opened their door and grabbed their luggage as Hank carried Connor in.

Gavin then open their door and, taking his partner’s hand, gently lead him in. He set their luggage down, leaning it against a wall as Nines sat on the double bed. The training was spread over three days so they had time to settle in. Gavin looked around the room, which consisted of a double bed, a small bathroom and a decent sized TV on the wall. There was also a mini bar in the corner but they had sworn not to touch it. Nines sat on the bed after taking his jacket off and hanging it up, leaving him with his turtleneck that was somewhat stretched over his stomach. He tried to take his shoes off but was left frustrated at his inability to do so. Gavin chuckled and kneeled down to remove the shoes for him.

Nines sighed in relief as his feet were granted freedom, lying back on the bed. Gavin chuckled as he sat next to him, gently stroking the bump and feeling the flutter of life under his fingertips. He was amazed that they’d managed to pull it off and he leant over to leave a flurry of kisses over it. He yelled out in surprise though when Nines grabbed him and pushed him flat on the bed, straddling his hips. Gavin looked up at him and gasped as Nines rubbed against him. Ever since they’d entered the ‘honeymoon phase’ of pregnancy, Nines had been insatiable and they’d been going at it like rabbits. Gavin didn’t mind but still worried over the baby, despite Nines’ reassurance that nothing would happen.

Gavin groaned as Nines unfastened his jeans, pulling his cock out from the confines of his underwear. Nines scooted off his lap and dragged Gavin to the edge of the bed, nestling in between his legs and taking Gavin’s cock into his mouth. Nines sucked on it slowly, teasing Gavin as he wriggled underneath Nines’ touches. He was brought to full hardness and was flushed a bright red as Nines pushed him back, shedding his clothes as Gavin watched with a hand around himself. Gavin could never get enough of the sight of Nines, especially with that bump… he had the feeling there was going to be more than one child in their future. Nines crawled on the bed, hovering himself over Gavin before sinking down, groaning loudly. Gavin placed his hands on Nines’ hip as the android rocked back and forth on Gavin’s cock, crying out in pleasure of the feel of Gavin inside him. Nines lifted himself up and then sank slowly back down onto Gavin, setting an almost slow, torturous pace. Gavin gasped as he reached up with one hand to stroke Nines’ bump as he rode him.  

Nines’ slow rhythm had Gavin squirming under him as Nines pinned him down. All Gavin wanted to do was thrust into Nines but he wasn’t going to have it, taking complete control and keeping him pinned to the bed. Nines felt the slow bur inside him and began to work Gavin a little faster, sliding up and down his cock. Gavin’s hands wandered from his hips and all over Nines’ body, one settling between Nines’ leg and the other on his left hip. Nines finally picked up the pace and Gavin, who’d been so worked up by Nines’ teasing, came almost immediately, shooting his load deep inside Nines and causing the android to tip over the edge, his walls clamping down and milking him for all he was worth. Nines pulled off Gavin with a wet pop and flopped down next to him, snuggling into Gavin’s side as his body twitched. Gavin ran a hand through Nines’ hair as the android entered rest mode and he’d almost fallen asleep when a bang came from next door… followed by another and another. Gavin groaned and buried his head under a pillow.

Goddamn androids.

Chapter Text

No-one questioned why Stefan was as insatiable as he was.

No-one asked him why he wanted sex as often as he did, why he often demanded it from his partners. Why he sought out Nines and Gavin when the other two were simply too worn out.

No-one knew that Stefan used sex as a coping mechanism.

Stefan had Connor’s memories from the investigation. He remembered falling off the roof to stop Daniel to save the girl; he remembered the way the car slammed into him as he chased Kara over the highway, his body sent flying like a ragdoll to land broken in the middle of the road with Thirium pooling underneath. He also remembered the traumatic experience of fighting Connor at the tower and almost being shot by Hank before Connor stopped him, reaching out to Stefan with a touch more gentle than he thought possible.

He used sex to numb himself so he could forget about the past.

No matter how much he tried though, he just couldn’t forget. He couldn’t forget and he couldn’t erase them. One day it just got too much.

When Connor and Hank returned one day from work to find the safe open, Hank’s gun gone and a note pinned to the fridge that simply said ‘I’m sorry’, it sent the pair of them into sheer panic mode.

Connor called Nines up, babbling down the line to him like a fool possessed. Nines eventually calmed Connor down and got a list of places he thought Stefan might be at. They spilt the list between them; Gavin and Nines would go look on one side of the city while Hank and Connor took the other.


Stefan was sitting in the park near the Ambassador Bridge.

He remembered Connor being here with Hank and how Hank had pulled a gun on Connor but didn’t shoot. He sat on the same bench Hank had and he held a bottle of alcoholic Thirium between his hands, on his third bottle. He’d never drank before but he knew the way Hank had coped in the past. He hoped he’d be able to do the same. He stared down over the park, eyes lost and unfocused. He’d even jerked off sitting on the bench but he just left him colder than before, even as he wiped his mess on his clothes.

Hank’s gun sat in his lap as he drank as he tried to numb his systems. He lifted the gun up with some difficulty, his hands slow and un-coordinated with the alcohol. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he knew he was drunk but he kept going. He lifted the gun with one hand and pointed it in front of him, trying to imagine what it was like on the other end of a gun. The snow fluttered down around him, the same as that cold night and he sighed as he placed the gun back on the bench. He downed his current bottle and grabbed a fourth; he climbed down off the bench with some difficulty and made his way over to the railing blocking him from the water below. He tripped over his own feet and he fell, smashing his face into the cold concrete under him. He swore loudly and sat up, his nose shattered as Thirium streamed down his face. He sat up and downed the bottle in his hand in one fell swoop and he threw it to the side.

He grabbed onto the railing, trying to steady himself as the world swayed around him. He glanced over the railing at the dark waters below, thinking just how easy it would be to climb over and throw himself into the water below. How quickly his system would shut down in this weather, made even easier by the copious amounts of alcohol in his system. He raised a leg, stumbled backwards before managing to hook it over the railing. He laughed in victory to himself as he pulled himself over the railing so he was on the other side.

His stomach turned and he ended up throwing up on himself, staining the white collar shirt he currently wore with diluted Thirium as well as his grey pants. He’d put his old uniform back on before coming out here, but he didn’t care what he did to it. He’d left his shoes on the bench and his wiggled his toes in his white socks as he sat on the railing as he swung back and forth dangerously. He leant forward, his hands letting go of the railing… only to be pulled back over by someone.

That someone was Gavin, who yelled at the dazed android.

Stefan was confused before his stomach turned once more and he threw up more Thirium onto himself. Gavin didn’t particularly care, he’d been thrown up on plenty of times by a sick Nines. Gavin wrapped his arms around Stefan and ran his fingers through the android’s hair, telling him how much of an idiot he was; didn’t he know how much they all loved him? Tears welled in Stefan’s eyes as he clung to Gavin for dear life as he soaked Gavin’s shirt with both tears and Thirium as he sobbed.

Gavin eventually picked him up and carried him back to his car as Nines held the door open for him. Gavin had refused to let the heavily pregnant android out of the car in the middle of winter. They made sure that Stefan was settled in the back of the car before driving back to Hank’s house, Nines satwith Stefan in the back as he whispered soothing words to him.


Connor practically tackled Stefan into the floor as they walked through the door, Nines informing Hank and Connor while in the car that he’d been found and they were waiting at home for them. Connor clung to Stefan, a mess of tears and a nose running cleaning fluid. He sobbed as he clung to Stefan and Hank bent down on his creaking knees to kneel beside his boys as he hugged them close to him. They eventually moved to the couch, Hank wrapping Stefan up in so many blankets that only his head peeked out. He also kept a bucket nearby in case he needed to throw up again.

Connor snuggled up into Stefan’s side and Hank wrapped an arm around the bundle from the other side. Nines and Gavin had gone home, Nines needing to rest. They flicked through the options on TV, eventually settling for an old Disney classic. Stefan sighed into the bundle and the warmth as they watched the tiny dragon make mischief for his lady friend.

Eventually the movie ended and Hank and Connor looked at Stefan, who was dozing in his bundle. They smiled to each other and Hank picked Stefan up as he carried him to their bedroom. They laid him down on the bed and Connor crawled in-between his legs, trailing kisses down his thighs. He slowly nuzzled into Stefan’s crotch, making affectionate noises. Stefan shivered under his touch as his cock stirred under Connor’s touch and he moaned. He’d sobered up somewhat but was still pliant under Connor’s hands as he laid there. Hank had lifted his head up and placed it his lap. Running his fingers through Stefan’s hair.

Connor crawled onto Stefan’s lap, running his fingers over his chest as he watched Stefan twitch under his gentle caresses. Connor lined himself up and sank down slowly onto Stefan, causing the android to let out a loud moan, and Connor reached forward to interlace his fingers with Stefan’s as he interfaced with him, allowing all of his feelings of love and affection to flow into Stefan’s system. Hank shushed him as he caressed his face with his fingers as Connor slowly rode him. He didn’t rush, enjoying the feeling of Stefan sliding in and out of him slowly instead of the rough, fast sex they usually had Connor was trying to tell Stefan just how much he was loved through his actions. Eventually Connor squeezed around him as he came, causing Stefan to have a slow, sweet orgasm of his own as his hands lay on Connor’s hips.

He was asleep before Connor even dismounted him.

Chapter Text


Nines went into labour early one late November morning.

Gavin had gone to the bathroom, only to come back and find Nines curled up on himself and letting out small groans. When Gavin asked him what was wrong, Nines groaned once more and said that it was time. Gavin paled for a moment, pacing their bedroom, before he walked around to Nines’ side of the bed to help the shaking android up. Nines clung to the shorter man as another contraction ripped through his body, causing him to cry out in pain. Gavin held him close as he rubbed soothing motions into Nines’ back and Nines sighed as the contraction wore off, giving him a chance to stand up properly. Gavin lifted his hand up to run it over Nines’ cheek and the android leant into the touch gratefully.

They slowly made their way through the apartment, Nines having moved in months ago, and out of the front door after Gavin grabbed Nines’ hospital bag. They had to keep stopping as the pain from the contractions kept causing Nines’ to stop walking and Gavin was used as support. They finally made it down to the car, thankful that the elevator actually worked for once as Nines really didn’t feel like walking down 28 flights of stairs, and Gavin opened the passenger side door before gently easing Nines down into it. He’d laid a towel on the seat as Nines’ water had yet to break and he didn’t want the car seats ruined before he sat down in the driver’s seat.

He pulled out of the parking lot, yelling at his car to ring the Anderson household. Gavin wanted the support of their other partners and although it was 3 am, he had a feeling that they weren’t asleep. He was partially right; Hank was asleep, but the two androids certainly were not. Connor was in fact on Stefan’s lap on the couch with his female parts equipped, riding three of Stefan’s fingers as he moaned aloud. He’d only just sunk onto Stefan’s cock as Gavin’s call came through. The phone call did not stop Stefan though, who thrusted into Connor as he took the call. Connor had to bite his lip to stop moaning down the phone as Gavin explained what was happening, although he couldn’t help the moan that escaped when Stefan hit his walls in the perfect spot. Connor hastily told Gavin that they’d meet him in the hospital as soon as they could before he hung up. 

He stared down as Stefan as he threw the phone back onto the coffee table as he wrapped his arms around Stefan’s neck. He pulled him in for a deep kiss as he rocked back and forward on Stefan’s cock. He whispered in his ear that they needed to hurry and as if a switch had been flipped Stefan began to thrust into Connor as fast as he could; setting a hard and relentless pace that caused Connor to cry out from the mixture of pain and pleasure and the tears rolled down his face as he came around Stefan causing his walls to tighten around Stefanas he thrusted into him and caused him to come also; filling Connor to the brim.

Stefan helped Connor into the shower and left Connor in there to get cleaned up as he went into the bedroom and gently shook hank awake as he informed him of Gavin’s phone call. He then turned to join Connor and Hank cursed out loud as he saw Stefan’s glimmering cock as he left. Hank waited for the pair of them to finish in the bathroom before he went in himself as he got ready. The boys both pulled on some fresh clothes and Stefan smirked as Connor’s thighs shook to keep him upright. He wrapped his arms around Connor from behind and kissed his neck and he smiled to himself as he felt Connor twitch under his hands. Stefan then let him go, only to slap Connor on the arse as he went to put his shoes on.

They finally made it to the hospital just over an hour after the phone call.

They waited outside of the delivery room. 

Nines only wanted Gavin in there as his birthing partner and the other three could respect that. Hank occasionally went in with food and coffee for Gavin but he eventually fell asleep in the hard, plastic chairs as he waited. Stefan and Connor took Hank’s phone and were currently watching puppy videos on the internet as a way to pass the time.

Inside the delivery room, Nines was curled up on the bed sucking on gas and air. The doctors were unsure if an epidural would work on Nines and he didn’t want to risk anything happening to their child so he’d just opted for the gas and air option. Gavin sat in the chair next to the bed, running his hand through Nines’ hair and offering him frozen thirium in an attempt to keep Nines’ systems from overheating. Nines looked up at Gavin, eyes half-drooping as his power levels had dropped. Gavin whispered to him to rest for now and opted to plug him in to help keep his energy up. Nines sighed as he slipped into rest mode.

Hours passed, Nines had now been in labour for just over 8 hours.

The midwife had come in a couple of hours ago and declared that Nines was halfway there at 5cm dilated. He just groaned in frustration. She’d decided to break his waters for him in attempt to speed things along. She grabbed a long, thin instrument with a small hook on the end and inserted into Nines and he gasped in discomfort. He squeezed Gavin’s hand as she broke his waters with a pop and very pale blue water gushed out of him. Gavin winced slightly as he could feel his fingers starting to be crushed under Nines’ strength. He had the feeling he’d need to go to the ER after this to get his hand fixed up. The midwife helped Nines up off the bed and he clung to Gavin as she changed the soaked sheets before letting him lie back down.

They decided to take a walk around the hospital corridors in a bid to get the baby moving. Gavin held the door open for Nines, who had been dressed in a hospital gown, and Connor and Stefan looked up as he walked through. Nines just gave them a pained smile as he shuffled down the corridor, arm linked with Gavin’s as they slowly made their way around. Both of the androids looked on with concern to see Nines in so much pain but there wasn’t much they could offer him. They decided to go and get Gavin some fresh coffee instead, leaving it in the delivery room for when Nines and Gavin returned. 

A few more hours passed after they returned to the room and Nines had been in labour for 14 hours.

Gavin was dozing lightly in the chair when the midwife came in to check Nines. She gave Gavin a pat on the knee and announced Nines was ready to push. Gavin woke up from his half-asleep stupor as Nines pulled his own legs up. Gavin kept the gas and air within Nines’ reach as he sucked on it and he whispered encouragement and soothing words as the midwife told Nines to push. Nines cried out in pain as he began the painful process of giving birth. Connor and Stefan both jumped outside the delivery room at the noises they heard. 

He’d pushed for just over an hour when the midwife told him to stop for a moment. She reached in and gently encouraged the baby’s head out. She smiled up at them, telling Nines just to pant for a moment. Nines’ eyes had started to droop despite the pain, as he had used more energy than he’d gained. She gave him a pat on the knee as she told him to push once more and, with one final scream, he pushed the baby out into the midwife’s waiting arms. Nines slumped back into Gavin’s arms as the midwife cleaned the baby up as the baby gave out a loud cry. She smiled as she wrapped the baby up and handed her to her parents.

Ayla Reed was born on November 23rd, 2040.





Chapter Text

In the dim light of the bedroom they shared, Connor could hardly make out the body that was standing in front of him. Lights dim and his advanced sensors turned off left him as vulnerable as any human and the thought of it sent shocks rushing through his circuits. The person drew closer and he could see it was Hank. Connor stood up to wrap his arms around him, drawing him close and burying his face in his neck to breathe in his scent. A chuckle escaped Hanks lips as his felt the android pressed up against him only to let out a sharp breath as he felt Connor’s hand snake between them to run them down his chest. Hank had never been a fan of his own body but with the copious amounts of sex with his two boys, coupled with changes to his diet, this had improved Hank’s health and Connor was determined to make him feel as good as possible.

A light sheen of sweat covered Hank as his body reacted in kind to Connor’s gentle touches over his skin and he panted slightly as his body reacted to the touches. It’s just the two of them as Stefan was hanging out with Nines and Ayla while Gavin was at work. There was no-one else there to bother them as tendencies rose to the surface; the need to be together, the need to be one and nothing else in the world mattered right now. The raw feeling of passion and pleasure coursed through their systems as Hank rutted against Connor’s hand, which was cupped around Hank, breathy moans and sighs passed between them as Hank leant forward to capture Connor’s lips with his own.

Hank’s hand slid down Connor’s side and around his front to grip him through the front of his boxers. He’s was wearing his cock and Hank let out a slight moan as he felt Connor swell under him from the touches and he heard Connor’s breath catch in his throat. His hand then travelled around to Connor’s backside and he slipped his hand into Connor’s waistband, fingers travelling down and admiring the perfect cheeks before his fingers brushed up against Connor entrance, causing the blue blush on Connor’s face to deepen. Hank’s chuckling can be heard as his fingers rubbed around the entrance, managing to dodge Connor’s efforts to spear himself on Hank’s fingers, causing the android to whine in frustration. There’s no need for lubrication as Connor was already wet and he let out a moan as Hank finally inserted a finger into him.

Connor groaned loudly as he felt Hank slowly working him open, first with one finger than two. He tried to rut back onto his fingers but Hank had his other arm around his waist and it kept Connor from moving. He let out a grunt of impatience as he leant forward to nibble on Hank’s neck, hoping to encourage the older man to get on with it. It was an agonisingly slow process as he felt the slow burn of being worked open as Hank added a third finger. Connor whined asthe fingers left him, leaving him feel empty before Hank spun them around so he was sitting on the bed with Connor in his lap. Connor felt Hank’s cock nestled between his cheeks and Connor wrapped his arms around Hank, moaning as he feltHank’s cock pressed against his hole. Hank used some of Connor’s lube to slick himself and then he moaned as he slowly, slowly pressed into his hole. Connor’s breathing was unsteady as Hank filled him inch by inch as he sank into the warm heat, Connor’s own cock twitched with each movement before he came, white streaking across Hank’s chest as Connor panted between them.

Hank smiled as Connor pulled him in for a desperate kiss, tongues tangled and overwhelming Connor’s analysis system as Hank began to thrust in and out of him in a slow rhythm, giving Connor time to adjust to the intrusion. Connor’s fevered hands ran over Hank, nails digging into Hank’s back and drawing blood beneath Connor’s nails as he moaned into Hank’s mouth. One of Connor’s hands moved up to find Hank’s hair and he gave it a slight tug, causing him to moan into Connor’s chest and his hips to stutter. He tugged on the hair again and is rewarded as Hank’s thrusts picked up speed. They both groaned and moaned in sync with each other as Connor’s cock filled out one more and they know neither will last much longer.

Connor has to resist the urge to tug Hank’s hair out as he feltshim nibbling at his skin, leaving blue marks all over his body. They will fade fast but it’s dizzying to know that Hank can mark him in this way as he claimed Connor as his own in the heat of the moment. His hand sneaked down to wrap around himself and he stroked himself in time to Hank’s thrusts as they both chased their release. Hank groaned into Connor’s neck as his pace increased, hard and uneven and he cried out in pleasure as he came, filling Connor completely with his cum and Connor jerked forward as the pressure inside of him snapped like a firework, orgasm hitting him hard like a train. It caused him to come once more and clamp around Hank’s cock like a vice as he milked him for everything he had as his cock spurted come all over himself and Hank like it was never going to stop.

Hank slid out of him after a while, slipping out easily with a squelch and he gulped as the come leaked out of Connor anddown his thighs. His cock gave a valiant twitch although Hank knew he won’t be able to get it back up that fast. He smiled as he looks at the blissed out face on Connor and he brushed the drool off Connor’s face, only for Connor to latch onto his thumb and suck on it. Hank groaned and pickedConnor up, taking him into the bathroom and starting the shower. Connor got in the shower and gave his hip a wiggle as he did so. Hank groaned as he stepped into the shower behind him. Hank reached down to clean his come out of Connor, only to cause Connor to moan as the fingers dug around inside of him. Hank spotted Connor’s cock as it filled out once more and he chuckled to himself.

He pulled the android close and he wrapped his hand around the hardening cock. Connor cried out at the feeling as Hank began to stroke him while he thrusted his fingers in and out. Connor moaned out loud, his hands on the wall as he braced himself. Connor’s face was a dark blue as Hank continued to stroke him, his rhythm picking up as Connor trembled under his touch.  Hank felt himself fill out and was surprised that he got it back up so fast, but he was more interested in getting Connor off at the moment. He felt Connor as he tensed beneath his hands and Connor coated the wall in front of him as he came. He was left panting as Hank held him close, Connor struggling to cool his overheated system down. Hank let Connor go, only for Connor to immediately turn around and drop to his knees. He felt Hank behind him and decided that he wanted to suck his cock.

Hank let out a long, hard groan as he felt Connor take him into his mouth all the way as Connor had no gag reflex to speak of. His head bobbed up and down on Hank’s cock and his tongue ran underneath the length, the warmth sending pleasure up Hank’s spine. He ran a hand through Connor’s hair in encouragement and Connor’s speed picked up. He pulled back to suck at the tip and he used his hand to stroke him as he twisted his hand, looking up at Hank through his eyelashes. It only took Connor’s ability to take him once more to push Hank over the edge as he came in Connor’s mouth, his load swallowed as he came down the back of his throat.

Hank panted as the blood rush almost made him fall over and Connor had to get him to sit on the side of the bath. Connor smiled at him as he left kisses all over Hank’s face before they finally got cleaned up and out of the shower. They dried themselves off and fell into bed naked, wrapped around each other. Hank pulled the covers up as they drifted off.

They both slept soundly that night.

Chapter Text

Hank and Connor received an invitation through the mail for the re-opening of Pirate’s Cove.

The Jerrys had been super grateful for Markus’ efforts to free the androids and that gratefulness had extended to Connor for his part in it all. After the revolution, the Jerrys had sought out help and, with the support of investors, had managed to rebuild Pirate’s Cove in two and a half years. Now they had a reopening date and the Jerrys had invited the entire Jericho crew, Connor and his lovers and even Kara and her family. Both Connor and Stefan were super excited to visit, as they’d never been to a park before, and who was Hank to deny them?

 That’s how they found themselves at the entrance to the park one early June morning. They’d even brought Gavin, Nines and six month old Ayla along. The baby was too young to understand what was going on but she seemed happy enough as she looked around the park from Nines’ arms. Connor spotted Markus and his crew, laughing at North as she tried to play the Ring Toss game and was failing magnificently at it. Off in the distance, he could just about see Kara and her family, Alice riding the carousel. Kara had mentioned to him, over the phone, that it was the same one that Alice had rode when they took shelter here, although there was more than just Alice on it now.

They entered the park and looked around for a while, Nines dragging Gavin onto a teacup ride; the ride gentle enough for Ayla to sit his lap as the teacup gently swayed back and forward. She cooed and reached out to Gavin, tiny fingers latching around his own as he smiled at her. Connor watched and felt his Thirium pump tighten as he saw their happy faces. Was that was it was like to have a family? A sudden yearning bloomed in his chest and he gripped his shirt. Maybe Hank wasn’t interested in starting a family, but Stefan… he’d seen the way Stefan had cared for Ayla, happily volunteering to babysit her whenever it was needed. It was something he’d have to ask Stefan about later, that was for sure. He was jolted out of his thoughts as Stefan dragged him away and he found them standing in a queue for a roller coaster. Hank stood off to the side, wisely deciding against going on the coaster for the sake of his heart.

They got on the coaster after around 20 minutes of waiting. Connor sat on the left, while Stefan sat on the right, excited for what was to come. Connor chuckled and shook his head;Stefan had been like a child all day. The coaster began to move and they clung to the bars as the carts took them up a slope. Connor held his breath as the carts went over the top and then both he and Stefan screamed; Connor in fear for his life as he gripped the handle bar of the cart while Stefan flung his hands up in the air and hollered excitedly at the top of his lungs. Their screaming didn’t die down as the coaster took them through dips and loops, around corners and only coming to a stop after a few minutes. They both climbed out and exited the ride, Gavin giving them a funny look as Stefan raved on about how awesome it was and that he wanted to do that again and poor Connor looked like he wanted to do anything but, bent over with his hands on his knees.

They decided to check out the games next and Ayla was delighted when Stefan won her a stuffed rabbit toy which she clung to as she was carried around. They had varying levels of success at the other games and in the end Gavin had to buy a bag to accommodate all of the toys that were won. They eventually headed over to the Ferris wheel, lining up in the queue. It was a rather large wheel, with closed glass cabins as opposed to the old, open traditional ones that were banned back in 2023 after too many accidents.

Stefan and Connor got in the first cart, followed by Nines, Gavin and Ayla in the next. Hank decided to stay on the ground after admitting he had a fear of heights. The Ferriswheel took them around slowly and Connor pointed out all of the different landmarks around them. Stefan looked out of the window in amazement as they got higher and higher, before he gasped as he felt Connor wrap his arms around him. He blushed slightly as he felt Connor grind into his backside, already half hard with the friction and he realised that Connor had worn his cock that day. Stefan panted as Connor pushed him up against the glass of the cabin, his hands roaming down Stefan’s sides before giving his backside a squeeze. He looked down and was surprised to see just how high up they were. Connor wasn’t interested in that, however, and he reached forward to unfasten and pull Stefan’s jeans down in one fell swoop, causing him to hiss as the cold air hit his cock. Connor took him in his hand, stroking him long and slow and working him up until his body was warm and his cock was heavy with arousal and need.

He gasped as Connor pushed him forward so that he was flush against the glass, his cock trapped between the glass and his stomach. He moaned at the feeling of Connor’s fingers entering him and stretching him open as he cock leaked onto the glass. He moaned loudly as Connor lined himself up and pushed into Stefan’s hole, cause Stefan to move up the glass slightly and his cock slid up too. Connor started a pace and Stefan almost cried with the pleasure of Connor in him and the friction on his cock. Connor picked up his pace and Stefan couldn’t hold back as he came and he covered the window and himself. He didn’t stop Connor though, whose pace had picked up and was driving into him as hard as he could. The pressure of his cock on the glass and the overstimulation caused Stefan to quickly tip over the edge once more as Connor came inside him. They both panted loudly as the cart began to descend and they just about managed to clean up their mess before they had to get out. Stefan had to zip his jacket up in order to hide the evidence. 

Back at home they laid on the bed together after a shower and were discussing the possibility of children. Stefan agreed that he wanted kids after looking after Ayla but was unsure about Hank would take it. They called him in to discuss it and werepleasantly surprised that he was happy for them to do it. He didn’t want to father another child but he was happy if his boys wanted to have a child together.

They made an appointment to visit the clinic in the morning.

Chapter Text

Connor and Stefan headed into the clinic on the morning of their appointment.

They had taken a taxi as Hank had work that morning but Connor had taken the day off. The clinic was recommended to them by Nines as this is where he had come for his own upgrades. They walked over to the receptionist who confirmed their details. She booked them in and told them to take a seat, the consultant would be out shortly to see them. They thanked her and did so, Connor picking up a leaflet to browse through it. Stefan glanced around the room. It was a very clean area with pale peach walls, comfortable leather chairs and posters and leaflets scattered everywhere. They looked up after their names were called out and they headed into a private room.

They’d already gone over the options for the genetic material on the clinic’s website, mostly keeping the options in line with their own design but throwing a couple of extra options in too, so that the baby wouldn’t just be a pure clone of themselves. All that today’s appointment is to actually get the parts installed and paid for. They sit as the consultant walked in, their new parts in hand. For Connor it’s a bit more complicated as she needed to open him up to attach the uterine compartment. For Stefan, it’s simply a case of swapping his infertile container with the new, fertile one. Stefan decided to do just that as Connor laid down on a nearby table. He entered rest mode so that the consultant could do what she needed to do. Stefan watched in fascination as she opened up Connor’s front panel, the white plastic having slid back to reveal the inner workings of his lover.

She worked quickly and efficiently as she clicked the uterine attachment into place. She made sure everything was in place before the panel slid back and Connor’s skin regenerated over his stomach. He woke up shortly after and confirmed that the installation had been a success.

They thanked the consultant and paid via the tablet on her desk. They headed out of the clinic hand in hand, fingers intertwined as they got into the taxi to head home.

They didn’t even make it home before they were on each other. The clinic was 20 minutes from home and they were determined to use that time wisely and to get a head start on the baby making.Connor stripped out of his jeans and boxers and then crawled onto Stefan’s lap, who was already straining against his jeans, to grind against him; his folds wet and slick already as he got excited. Stefan smiled at him and reached down to insert two fingers into Connor’s entrance, slowly working him open as he writhed on his lap. Connor moaned as he wrapped his arms around him, laying his head on Stefan’s shoulder. He was rewarded for his noises as Stefan inserted a third finger into him and Connor came, coating Stefan’s fingers in his juices. Stefan brought his hand up to lick them from his fingers as Connor worked on unzipping his jeans. 

Connor sighed happily as Stefan’s cock was released from its confinements, standing tall, proud and slightly blue with arousal. Connor sunk onto it, groaning loudly. The new programs he’d downloaded to go with his new upgrade had made him even more sensitive and needy. He lifted himself up before sinking back down on Stefan; setting a fast pace that left Stefan reeling. He thrusted up to meet Connor’s pace, wrapping his arms around his waist to keep him steady as they drove each other wild on the back seat of the taxi. Stefan grunted as he flooded Connor’s insides with his new cum, continuing to thrust into him. Connor cried out as the sensation drove him over the edge once more, wriggling in Stefan’s lap.  

The taxi pinged at them, helpfully informing them that they’d arrived home. They didn’t even bother to dress as they exitedthe taxi after paying, simply picking their clothes up and making a dash for the front door. Luckily, their neighbours were all at work although they did give poor old Mrs Lake from across the road a fright. Connor got the door open and Stefan practically dragged him through it, pinning him to the wall as he shut the door. Stefan kissed him hard and deep, tongues battling for dominance as he pinned him up and brought him down on his cock once more, thrusting in and out in a frenzied manner. It was like all other thoughts had slipped out of their minds and that this was the only important thing they needed to do. They brought each other over the edge once more as Connor clamped down on Stefan, milking him for everything he had. Stefan moaned as he filled Connor back up, his cock sliding out of him easily with all of his come inside him, some of it even sliding down Connor’s thigh. They panted for a moment before they moved to the kitchen counter and Stefan bent him over it, sliding back into him with very little effort. He was going to make sure Connor was as full as he could get him. Connor, in the meantime, had told his system to release some eggs in the hope that one of them got fertilised. It was a bit of a risk releasing more than one but he wanted to make sure they had the best possible chance.

He reached down to play with himself as Stefan thrust into him as tears of pleasure ran down his face. Stefan slid out of him, flipping him over to pick him up and place him on the counter. He slid right back in and the new angle made Connor cry out in absolute pleasure as Stefan was able to go deeper. He drove into Connor as hard as he could as he filled him up once more. He could even feel the slight bulge under his hand from all of the come that was inside Connor’s system. Connor’s systems were working overtime as he tried to cool himself down. He went to sit on the bed, legs wobbly, after asking Stefan if he could equip his exotic cock. Stefan had nodded and headed into the bathroom to switch his parts.

It gave Connor enough time to cool down, although he’d had to plug himself up to stop himself leaking all over the place. Stefan came back in after a few minutes, his now exotic, blue cock proudly bouncing up and down as he walked over to Connor. He nudged Connor back so that he was lying back on the bed before Stefan took the plug out, quickly replacing it with his own cock. He groaned as Connor wrapped his legs around him, forcing him deeper into him as he thrust. His cock slid in and out, the knot stopping at Connor’s entrance a few time before Stefan managed to slide the knot into Connor’s loose hole. They both cried out, so close to the edge, as Stefan drove the knot into him again and again, the feeling of it against his walls causing Connor to cling to him, unable to do much else. Connor’s walls clamped down on Stefan as he came and Stefan groaned as he filled Connor up once again as the knot inflated inside him, causing them to be stuck together. Stefan collapsed on top of Connor before he rolled them both onto their sides; knotted cock settled within Connor and not budging anytime soon. Stefan gently ran his hand through Connor’s hair as they both decided to sleep as they waited for the knot to deflate.

Hank found them there after work, Stefan still nestled in Connor even though he’d deflated hours ago. Hank simply shook his head as he pulled the covers over them.

Chapter Text

It was a few weeks later and Hank was woken up by the sound of vomiting. 

He rolled out of bed, half asleep, and headed into the bathroom as he gently opened the door. He found Connorsitting on the floor and bent over the toilet, throwing up Thirium, his back heaving with the effort. Being an android, it was all he could throw up as he and Stefan had yet to get the upgrades that allowed them to eat or drink. Hank knelt next to Connor as he rubbed his back in a soothing manner as he continued to heave. He looked up at Hank and he had to feel sorry for him, Connor looked absolutely miserable and done with his life at that moment. Once he’d flushed the toilet Hank bent down to pick Connor up. He carried him through to the living room and laid him on the couch. He placed a bucket next to him in case he needed to throw up again. He asked him to run a self-diagnostic as he went to grab more Thirium out of the fridge.

He sat down in a nearby chair once he’s handed Connor the Thirium. He glanced at Connor, whose whole face at a glazed, far of look to it. He asked him what was wrong and Connor just smiled at him as he patted his stomach. The self-diagnostic had confirmed his suspicions, he was 6 weeks along.

 Connor decided that morning sickness sucked.

He’d also decided that calling it ‘morning sickness’ was bullshit, since it wasn’t just limited to the mornings. Nines sympathised with him as he’d gone through the same thing as Connor when he was carrying Ayla. Even the smell of coffee sent him running to the bathroom, which meant Hank had to forgo his morning coffee before work. Luckily, once they got to work the bullpen was open enough so the coffee smell didn’t bother Connor so much. They kept a well-stocked fridge of Thirium and Nutritional Blocks that Connor had to consume both at home and at work and everyone was looking after the pregnant android.

Stefan took Connor to his 12 week scan.

Connor was nervous; it would be the first time they would get to see their child. After booking in at reception, they took a seat in the waiting area. It was a clean looking place, with light wooden floors and peach walls. The chairs were comfortably padded and various reading materials could be found on the tables. Connor wasn’t interested in reading though, he just sat with Stefan as he ran his own fingers over the tiny bump that was already showing. He jumped slightly as he heard his name being called out and he stood up, nervously. Stefan stood up with him and took his hand into his own, giving it a gentle squeeze. The Sonographer gave them both a smile, gesturing for Connor to take a seat on the bed. She ran through the usual questions with them before she nodded and told Connor to lie back.

She apologised for the coldness of the gel as she rubbed it over his stomach. He flinched slightly, Stefan taking Connor’s hand into his own and giving it a squeeze when the Sonographer ran the Doppler over him. It was silent for a moment.

Then there was a heartbeat.

And then two.

Connor sat on Stefan’s lap later that night as they sat on the couch. He was facing Stefan as Stefan’s cock was nestled inside of him, pulsating gently. Stefan was rubbing Connor’s stomach gently while he lavished his neck and face with kisses. Their pace was slow and neither were in a rush to achieve their orgasm quickly. Stefan’s hand settled on Connor and he tuned into the heartbeats of their children. Neither of them could believe it, they were having twins. Two children to love and lavish with affection, two that Ayla could protect like a big sister figure. Two precious lives that they’d manages to create between them and they couldn’t be happier. The only problem they had was that their home wasn’t really big enough. It was a squeeze with the three of them to start with but luckily, with their savings and the rather large compensation they’d received when Kamski became CEO of CyberLife once more, they had enough to afford whatever they wanted. 

Stefan rocked into Connor slow and steadily, his hand reaching down to play with his clit as they both felt the slow burn beginning to build within. Hank stepped through the door after his shift and spotted them, making him chuckle. He walked over and lent over the back of the couch, work having worn him out, content to watch the two most important people in his life. He did lean over to kiss Connor, causing the android to moan as Hank’s tongue danced with his own. Stefan’s pace picked up once more and soon enough Connor’s walls clamped around him and he came, crying out as he rode his orgasm out on Stefan’s cock. He felt him stiffen up under him and he soon felt his walls being flooded, the feeling of being full was something Connor had always loved.

Hank had settled on the couch beside him and Connor crawled off Stefan with a wet pop, his cum trickling down Connor’s thighs as Connor undid Hank’s belt and popped his jeans open. Hank just laughed at Connor’s antics as he ran a hand through the android’s hair as he took Hank’s hardening length into his mouth. He was a good thing he had no gag reflex as took all of Hank’s cock, he moaned around it as it hit the back of his throat. Hank threw his head back, his hand tightening in Connor’s hair slightly. Stefan slid off the couch to stand behind Connor and he encouraged the other to lift himself up.

He slid back into Connor’s wet hole and he moaned as it almost seemed to suck Stefan back in. He wrapped one around Connor’s stomach as he began to thrust into him. Hank could feel his orgasm looming as Connor bobbed and sucked on his cock, the feeling of it hitting the back of Connor’s throat sending him tumbling towards the edge. They both came at the same time, filling up both of Connor’s holes. He greedily sucked the cum from Hank’s cock, causing the man to moan from the oversensitivity and then Connor came again as he felt Stefan shoot into him. Hank panted from the afterglow while Stefan sat on the floor, Connor sat in his lap.

They went to bed shortly after they’d taken a shower as they tended to Connor’s every need. They made sure he’d had his blocks before bed and they all snuggled down together; Connor wedged between them. Hank had told him how proud he was of them after they’d told him the news and Connor was practically glowing. 

He stayed that way until he woke up the next morning and rushed to the bathroom to throw up.

Chapter Text

It was the middle of a Thursday morning and Connor was sitting on the bed he shared with Hank and Stefan, his fingers lightly tracing circles on his bump. He remembered Nines’ bump being smaller than this but he wasn’t the one carrying twins.

Twins… Connor still couldn’t believe it. They were being blessed not by one but two beautiful children… two beautiful girls, in fact. He and Nines were going shopping later that week for baby clothes and he couldn’t wait. He hummed to himself until he gasped as he was suddenly struck by a wave of arousal. Ever since his morning sickness had worn off, he’d been hit by random bursts of arousal instead, much to his annoyance. Luckily, he’d taken the day off after a particularly hard case had been wrapped up so at least he wasn’t stuck at the DPD in his state.

He grunted as he shuffled a bit further back on the bed so he was sitting a bit more upright, before he lifted his hips to peel his boxers and sweatpants off, tossing them to the corner of the bedroom without much thought. He reached down to rub his fingers along his folds, his fingers brushing at the nub that lay within. He let out a small groan at the feeling as he strokedhis fingers up and down, dipping in and out and the feelings sent small shock waves through his system. He tried to insert his fingers into himself but no matter what he tried he was unable to get them deep enough to brush against his most sensitive spots. He growled as he tried to switch positions but try as he might, he just couldn’t reach.

He grabbed a pillow and screamed into it out of sheer frustration.

Stefan came back after he’d finished his private work for the day to find Connor sobbing into the pillow, surrounded by toys and vibrators. Apparently he’d tried to use the toys but those had failed too. Stefan looked on in sympathy as he walked around to kneel by Connor, gently taking the pillow and drying the tears from his eyes. He kissed him gently on the lips, encouraging him to open his mouth to him. Connor moaned into the kiss, parting his lips to let Stefan in as their tongues tangled in a dance. They didn’t taste of much, but the feeling of their union caused Connor to moan lightly.

Stefan pulled back from the kisses to work his way down Connor’s body, leaving a trail of small marks and licks along each of his thighs as he nudged Connor onto his back for better access. He settled between Connor’s thighs and his tongue darted out to slip in between Connor’s folds, causing him to moan lightly. Stefan smiled as he scooted closer to suck on the nub and Connor cried out, overstimulated from his own attempts. Stefan’s tongue dipped to lick along the folds and it caused Connor to buck into Stefan’s face which caused him to chuckle and pat Connor’s thigh. He pulled back to pull his own clothes off and it caused Connor whined at the lack of touch. Stefan chuckled once more as he tugged Connor forward so he was lying on the edge of the bed and Connor cried out as Stefan slid into him and his sensitive spots were finally being hit. 

He wrapped his legs around Stefan, forcing him deeper into him and he moaned loudly as his fingers curled into the sheets below him. Stefan had picked up the pace and was using one of his hands to rub at Connor. Connor didn’t last long and he tumbled over the edge, clamping down on Stefan and causing him to come too; filling Connor up with his cum. He bent over Connor as his body trembled and then he kissed him gently, the kiss full of love as Connor kissed him back. Connor moved back onto the bed and turned onto his side. Stefan crawled into bed to spoon him from behind as they fell asleep together, his hands placed gently on Connor’s bump, feeling the twins’ movements under them.

It was early on a Saturday morning and Connor sat in the passenger seat of the car while Nines drove them to the nearby mall. Gavin was over at Connor’s house with Stefan as they looked after Ayla while Hank was at work. 

They parked as close to the mall as they could and they headed inside. Connor got a few strange looks as they walked towards the baby shop but it was more because of the size of his bump rather than the fact that he was a pregnant android. Thanks to Connor, they’d already set up the nursery in Cole’s old room (which had caused Hank some grief but the androids had been there to support him) and all they needed were clothes and other things, like bottles etc. Nines grabbed a trolley basket as he had a funny feeling Connor was going to want a lot of things.

They walked around for a while, Connor putting various things in the trolley including adorable clothes, outfits for twin girls, bottles, pacifiers and even matching bibs. The trolley was practically overflowing and Nines couldn’t help but chuckle at Connor as he stood there fussing over tiny shoes. Nines picked up a couple of jackets, admiring the way they looked. It was just before Christmas and the mall was covered in decorations. The twins wouldn’t be born in time for the big day but that didn’t stop Connor buying a hideous maternity Christmas jumper. It had two turkeys on it and had flashing lights on. All Nines could do was shake his head as they headed to the checkout.

They took the bags back to the car, putting them in the trunk when Connor was struck with another bout of arousal. He whimpered as he rubbed his thighs together and Nines looked over at him. He knew what was happening as he’d gone through the same thing. He quickly unlocked the car and Connor quickly got in. Nines drove the car for a couple of minutes until they found a mostly empty underground car park. They got out of the car and Nines looked around. The coast was clear and he waved a finger at Connor. Connor went over to Nines and Nines gently pushed him back so that his back was resting on the hood of the car. Nines made short work of pulling down Connor’s pants and boxers before he slowly slid a finger into him. Connor wailed as the finger stroked his inner walls and he squirmed under Nines’ touches. Nines kept an eye out as he inserted another finger and he curled his fingers into Connor’s walls. He knew they’d need to be quick with this, so he started to rub at Connor’s nub as well and it caused Connor to yelp. Nines bent down to capture Connor’s lip, silencing him.

He pumped his fingers in and out of Connor and it wasn’t long before Connor’s walls tightened around Nines’ fingers and Connor was squirting over his hand as he rode out his orgasm. Nines held him through it and stroked Connor’s hair before he cleaned him off with tissues that were in the car and pulled his clothes back up. He heard a gasp and a little old lady was staring at them with shock on her face. Nines just rolled his eyes and bent down to kiss the top of Connor’s bump, stroking it lovingly. They may not be his children, but he was going to love them all the same. He helped a barely responsive Connor back into the car and they headed home, Connor falling asleep as soon as the car started up, the vibrations soothing him into a peaceful sleep.

Chapter Text

Nines returned home after taking Connor home after shopping, feeling rather aroused. He’d helped Connor out earlier but now he needed to take care of himself.

He slipped into the apartment he and Gavin shared with their daughter quietly, hanging his coat up by the door and taking his shoes off. The apartment was quiet, the only noises coming from the TV in the living room. He walked down the hallway and peeked into Ayla’s room, only to chuckle at the sight. Gavin was sitting in the rocking chair with Ayla, fast asleep. He’d given her an afternoon bottle and now the two of them were sleeping peacefully. He shut the door quietly to let them sleep.

It didn’t solve his problem though and he sighed as he sat on the couch. He wriggled out of his jeans and underwear, leaving him in just the black turtleneck he’d worn to go shopping. He reached down and ran a finger over his fold. He let out a moan at the feeling and he could feel just how wet he had become. He imagined it was Gavin who was doing this to him as he moaned slightly louder at the thought. He slipped his finger into the folds, gently stroking at his own clit, as he brought his other hand up to his mouth in an attempt to keep himself quiet so he wouldn’t wake them up. He then used his other fingers to rub at the nub, which caused him to tremble under his own touch. He activated the vibrating functions in his fingers, an upgrade which he thoroughly enjoyed either solo or when he used it on Gavin to drive him wild. He moaned into his hand when he felt his clit swell under his thumbs.

He decided that he needed more and he removed his other hand from his face as he reached down to insert a finger or two into himself, not even needing to wet them as he was already leaking. He adjusted himself on the couch so that one foot was up on it, giving him better access to himself in the process. He groaned as he pumped his fingers in and out of himself, the noise ringing out in the apartment. He inserted a third finger as his walls fluttered around them and he let out a long, loud groan. He imagined that Gavin was thrusting his fingers into him, whispering words of encouragement to him as he went. Nines’ face was a dark blue as he hit his sweet spot over and over, causing him to cry out in pleasure. He rubbed his clit harder, the fire pooling in his gut as he kept going. He was so focused on his pleasure that he didn’t hear the door open at the end of the hallway.

He thrusted the fingers in and out of himself as hard as he could, crying out as the tension in him snapped and he came all over himself, squirting liquid as he continued to thrust into himself and even managing to hit the coffee table. His body trembled as the shocks ran through his system, causing his legs to twitch and his walls to contract around his fingers. He sighed as he removed his fingers, placed his leg back on the floor and leaned back into the couch. His eyes snapped open as he heard a chuckle and he looked up to see Gavin grinning down at him.

Nines’ face went a very deep shade of blue as he realised he’d been caught and he stuttered as he tried to cover himself up in shame. This just caused Gavin to laugh as he pushed himself up and off the couch, walking around the couch to kneel in front of the android. He nudged Nines’ legs apart and lent in, licking up the juices that Nines had been leaking. It caused Nines to groan from the oversensitivity as he laid a hand on Gavin’s head. It only encouraged Gavin further as his tongue dipped further in as he licked and sucked at Nines. His tongue then found Nine’s entrance and he pushed his tongue in, as far as it would go. Nines cried out as he gripped Gavin’s hair, the fire beginning to pool once again. He tugged Gavin up and away from him, much to Gavin’s displeasure, only for him to moan as Nines pulled his sweatpants down to reveal his half hard cock.

Nines took it in his hand, stroking him up and down slowly. Gavin moaned as his cock swelled to full mast as Nines’ quick fingers made short work of the task. He growled as he pushed Nines back onto the couch, hooking a leg over his shoulder and positioning himself at his entrance. Nines gave him a nod and Gavin slowly slid into him, his slick hole greedily drawing him in until he filled him up completely. He they both groaned as Gavin began to thrust into him slowly, his hand roaming up Nines’ hip and under the turtleneck to rub at a nipple. Nines looked thoroughly fucked as Gavin ran his thumb over one nipple before moving onto the other. He then bent down to nibble at Nines’ neck, biting down hard enough so that Nines could feel it but not hard enough to break his teeth. He licked and nibbled his way along Nines’ neck before switching to the other side as his pace picked up. Nines groaned and reached between them to rub at himself furiously as Gavin groaned into his ear.

Nines felt his walls clench around Gavin as he came once more, his juices squirting everywhere as Gavin continued his pace, getting faster. Nines was being overwhelmed as his body shook and his core temperature was rising, but he didn’t care. He wanted Gavin to come inside him and fill him up to the brim, no matter what his systems might say. Gavin’s pace was relentless and all Nines could do was lie there and take it as Gavin grunted loudly, his thrust erratic as he drew close to the end. Nines gasped as he suddenly felt Gavin buck hard into him, spilling his seed into Nines with a few thrusts and it caused Nines to tumble over the edge once more, walls clamping around Gavin as he milked him for everything he had. Gavin collapsed on top of him, a mess of fluids and sweat as he panted to cool down his overheated body. Nines hugged him close and ran his hands through his hair. They both fell asleep on the couch, snuggled up together as they forgot to clean Nines out.

He was pregnant again by the end of the month.

Chapter Text

Dealing with two pregnant androids was starting to get on everyone else’s nerves.

Connor was forever complaining about his back and his sizable bump at almost 32 weeks pregnant with the twins. Nines was tired as, although his bump was considerably smaller bump at 10 weeks, he had an energetic child who was on her feet and running around to deal with. Even Stefan had decided to visit New Jericho to speak to Markus about his private work, just to get him out of the house for a few hours. Currently it was just Connor and Nines at Hank’s house, Hank and Gavin at work on a Thursday afternoon. Ayla had been put to bed in one of the twins’ new cots for an afternoon nap, so it left the two androids lying on the bed in Connor and Hank’s bedroom.

Nines had Connor propped up on some pillows so his back wouldn’t kill him as he gently ran his hands over Connor’s bump. Nines was fascinated with it, it was so much bigger than his at that stage with Ayla and Connor had to keep reminding him that there were two babies in there and not just the one. It didn’t stop Nines from touching it and listening to the children within, not that Connor minded. He often turned up his own audio processors to listen to their heartbeats that were so in sync it was hard to tell there were two of them at times.

Nines gave Connor’s stomach a rub before his hand trailed down to Connor’s folds. Connor hadn’t even bothered to put underwear on that morning and Nines could tell the other was already aroused by the blush on his face and the way his legs trembled slightly. At almost 32 weeks, Connor was a bit limited on what he could do in the bedroom, but Nines opened a nearby drawer and pulled some toys out. He gave Connor’s thigh a light squeeze as he settled in between his legs and ran a finger up his already wet folds. Nines chuckled at this and inserted one finger into Connor and the other trembled, his walls squeezing around Nines. He withdrew the finger to lick at it and Connor moaned at the sight as his face went a darker shade of blue. Nines reinserted the finger along with another as he began to pump his fingers in and out of him slowly. Connor threw his head back against the bed as he was oversensitive and the simple act of Nines fingering him almost sent him over the edge.

Nine chuckled as he withdrew the finger, causing a whine to come from Connor’s throat. Nines shushed him with kisses to his inner thighs before he took an egg shaped vibrator. He slowly inserted it into Connor and then turned it on with the remote. The shocks sent Connor tumbling over the edge as his juices squirted all over the bed. His body trembled as the vibrator caused his legs to spread a little more and it left Connor panting for more. Nines smiled as he took a nearby dildo, thankful once more that they didn’t have refractory periods, and slowly slid it into Connor causing the vibrator to press further into him and caused Connor cry out loudly. Nines looked up at him and asked if he was alright which caused Connor to nod and beg him to not stop. This caused Nines to simply laugh lightly and he thrust the dildo in and out of Connor slowly.  Connor whimpered with the pleasure and begged for him to go faster which Nines obeyed.

Connor writhed on the bed as Nines picked up the pace and he could feel the vibrations deep inside as well as the dildo rubbing against his walls. The fire built up in his abdomen once more and, with a loud cry, came once more as Nines continued his pace. He thrust the dildo into Connor as he rode his orgasm before Connor slumped back onto the bed, panting as his internal fans worked overtime to cool him down. Nines removed the dildo and turned off the vibrator, inserting his fingers inside Connor to gently slide the vibrator out of him, which caused Connor to shiver at the loss of feeling full.

Nines placed the used toys to the side before he lifted his own hips to slide his underwear and sweatpants off. Getting Connor off had gotten Nines worked up. Luckily, because of his smaller bump, he was more able to do something about it himself as he looked for more toys to play with. He found a dildo with a ‘rabbit’ vibrator attached and smiled as he placed it down next to himself. He took the hand that was still covered in Connor’s slick and inserted the fingers into himselfand moaned. Connor looked over to him and gave him a warm smile, too spent to even move at that moment.  Nines worked himself open, moaning as he felt the pleasure throughout his systems. Once he was ready he used his hand that had bene inside himself to slick up the dildo before his positioned it at his own entrance and slide it in. His body squeezed around the intrusion and Nines struggled to not come at that moment. He then pressed the button to make the vibrator part hum on the lowest setting. He began to thrust it in and out slowly, moaning as he felt the vibrator rub up against his clit as he thrust it in and out. He turned the vibrator up as he picked up the pace, spreading his legs wide open so that he could get it in as far as it would go.

He moaned as he hit that sweet spot inside and he cried out with the pleasure, his body lifting slightly off the bed as he thrust into himself as hard as he could. Connor smiled as he scooted closer to run his hand down Nines’ side and pulling him into a kiss. Nines moaned as he came around the dildo, his juices joining Connor’s own as he continued to fuck himself. He didn’t stop though as he brought him to orgasm for a second time and his back arched off the bed in pleasure. Connor reached down to pull the dildo out of Nines and turned it off, tossing into onto the other pile. 

He turned over to lie on his side so that Nines could spoon him from behind. They both smiled and left into rest mode together, exhausted.

Hank ended up changing the sheets later that night, mumbling that he was wasn’t going to sleep under damp, android soaked sheets.

Chapter Text


When Connor went into labour at 37 weeks pregnant, his partners actually breathed a sigh of relief.

They’d just finished moving into their new home and decorating the nursery for the twins. They’d gone for a light purple theme after much debating amongst themselves and they just were glad everything was ready in time. Hank and Stefan had put the cribs up, refusing to let Connor help with anything heavier than sorting out baby clothes and blankets. Connor griped and moaned at them but in the end had to settle for sitting in the rocking chair as his lovers worked, cradling his bump fondly as they worked.

Connor had taken to staying in their new bed for the last couple of weeks, his back pain finally too much too bear as the twins grew in size. He felt like the size of a house, despite the reassurances of his lovers so when he went into labour they knew the end was in sight. Stefan had walked into the bedroom one early May morning to find Connor clutching at his stomach and a light blue puddle staining the sheets. He quickly picked him up as he called for Hank to start the car. Hank took one glance at them and nodded as he put his shoes in, grabbing his keys for the car as he headed out the door. Stefan held Connor close to him, muttering soothing words to him as he laid him in the back of the car, sliding in and resting Connor’s head on his lap. He soothed him as a contraction rolled over him and realised with a little bit of horror just how close together the contractions were.

Stefan yelled at Hank to hurry up and he did so but then cursed as he got pulled over by a fellow cop. Chris Miller was on patrol and was a bit shocked to see Hank breaking the speed limit, when he thought the Lieutenant knew better. He pulled him over to ask him why he did so, only to be interrupted as a scream came from the back of the car. Hank jumped out of the car, pushing Chris out of the way; as he rushed around to pull the door open on Connor’s side. Chris stood behind Hank and paled as he realised just what was going on, having children himself. He also realised there was no way there were getting to the hospital on time and he went to open the trunk of the car, grabbing the spare blankets that were always kept in there in case they got stuck somewhere during the middle of winter as well as the first aid kit.

He passed one of the blankets to Hank, who managed to lift Connor enough to slide it under him and he draped another over his knees as he pulled Connor’s sweatpants and underwear off. Hank swore as he could already see the baby’s head, pulling on a pair of latex gloves as Connor let out another scream. Stefan positioned himself so that Connor could lean on him as he gripped his hand. Hank told Connor to push when the next contraction hit and he did so, chin coming down to meet his chest as he gave it all he had. He panted and pushed for the next ten minutes until the baby’s head was finally out. Hank patted his leg and told him to pant as he gently worked the shoulders out. With one final push, the first baby slid out of Connor and into Hank’s waiting arms. Hank took the tiny baby and cut the cord before he wrapped her in a smaller blanket, clearing her airways and he smiled as she began to scream. He handed the baby to Chris, who took her into his arms and he rocked her back and forth in an attempt to soothe her. Connor glanced up at the tiny bundle and smiled but it was short lived as the other baby moved into position, determined to follow her sister out quickly.

Connor groaned as he panted and pushed his way through another 30 minutes of labour before Hank could once again see the baby’s head beginning to crown. Connor screamed once more and Hank could swear he heard the crack of plastic as Connor squeezed Stefan’s hand for all he was worth, screaming and cursing. Hank spotted the pained look on Stefan’s face and guessed he was right about the poor android’s hand. His attention was brought back down as Connor began to push and he reached forward to help the baby’s head out. He told Connor to stop pushing once he saw that the cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck twice. He hooked his finger on the cord and glad he wasn’t too tight. He managed to pull the cord over the head and freed the baby just as another contraction hit Connor. Hank encouraged him to pant once more as the shoulders slipped out and with a final push; she joined her sister in the outside world. He cut the cord and wrapped her up, also clearing her airways as he rubbed her back to encourage her to breathe. It took a moment but she took a gasp and began to softly cry in Hank’s arms. He smiled fondly at her and then passed her over to Stefan who looked at her in awe. He softly stroked the side of her face as Connor delivered the placenta, which Hank placed in a plastic bag, tying a secure knot in it and placing in it the trunk. 

Chris smiled as Hank cleaned Connor up before he handed the first born over to him. He settled the baby on Connor’s chest, who settled once she could hear his thirium pump in his chest. Connor smiled as his tiny daughter as he swung his legs around so that he was leaning on Stefan, gazing at both of their baby girls. The one he was holding they named Hazel, while the baby girl Stefan had a hold of was to be named Isabelle. They couldn’t believe that they were parents and Connor wept a little into Stefan’s shoulder out of happiness. Chris smiled at them and escorted them to the hospital. 

Due to being three weeks early, they kept Connor and the babies in overnight on the delivery ward while Hank took Stefan to get his hand seen to. Luckily it was only minor cracks that would heal with his self-healing program. They went to join Connor back on the ward where the nurses showed the pair of proud new parents how to properly feed and change their babies. Hank also watched on, having not changed a diaper since Cole was a tiny baby himself. They dressed the babies in cute little outfits and settled in for the night, holding them close and cooing over them. They were discharged the next morning and they came home to Gavin and Nines waiting for them with gifts and balloons. They showed the babies to Ayla, who was a toddler, and she gurgled in confusion which caused Nines to laugh fondly at her.

They settled the babies in a Moses basket made for twins and they held each other’s hands while they slept. 

Chapter Text

Taking care of the twins was surprisingly easy when there were three adults living in the same household. It helped that the twins seemed to do everything at the same time. They slept, had their bottles and even had their diapers changed at the same time. Hank often found the two androids snuggled up on the couch with their daughters, gently cooing and fussing over them.

It had been a couple of months and the twins had gotten into a pattern, sleeping through the night and generally being very good babies. The same couldn’t be said for their fathers at that moment in time. Connor was on the bed, his hands tied to the headboard and his eyes covered by a blindfold. Stefan hovered around him, occasionally running his hands over Connor’s chest and down his middle to tease his cock, causing Connor to cry out. There was no pattern to Stefan’s touches and Connor didn’t know when it was going to happen next. His legs kicked about uselessly and Stefan tied his ankles to the bottom of the bed, making sure Connor was completely immobile. Connor wept out, begging for Stefan to touch him as he cock slapped against his stomach, hard and tinged purple. 

Stefan eventually took pity on him, taking Connor’s cock in his hand and giving it a few languid strokes. Connor cried out as he twitched in Stefan’s hand, already oversensitive as he came all over his stomach, coating himself in the pale blue substance. Stefan smiled softly as he gave Connor a few more strokes before letting his cock go. He then reached down to insert his come-covered finger into Connor, causing him to cry out. He inserted another finger into him, gently stretching him and causing tears to run down Connor’s face. Once Stefan was done, he leant over to kiss the tears off Connor’s cheeks. Connor himself hadn’t said the safe word, so Stefan was happy to continue. He picked an anal plug off the side of the bed and slicked it up with Connor’s own juices before sliding it into Connor’s waiting hole. Connor bucked as he did so and Stefan ran his hand over Connor’s chest to soothe him.

Stefan straddled Connor on the bed and he lifted himself up slightly to pull his own anal plug out. He slid out of him, already loose from his own preparation earlier. He sat on Connor’s legs as he reached down to stroke Connor back to full hardness, stroking himself at the same time. He got up off Connor’s legs and hovered himself over his cock before grabbing it to position it. Stefan then sunk down onto Connor, a little at a time as he was slowly filled up. He bottomed out and rocked back and forth on Connor and it caused him to cry out once more as he tried and failed to thrust into Stefan. He could only lie there and take what Stefan felt like doing to him at the time. Stefan lent forward to kiss Connor deeply and Connor opened his mouth to him, their tongues dancing with each other as they fought for dominance.

Stefan’s own cock twitched against his stomach, painfully hard and aching to be touched. Stefan ignored it for the moment as he slowly rode Connor, thrusting himself back and forth on his cock as he caused Connor to cry out in sheer pleasure. Stefan brought himself back to an upright position as he placed his hands on Connor’s chest as he then lifted himself up and down as fast as he could. He moaned loudly as Connor’s cock brushed up against his most sensitive spots and stars appeared in his vision for a moment. He grabbed his own cock and pumped himself erratically as he cried out loudly. It didn’t take long to send himself flying over the edge, spraying his own stomach as his load shot out and he squeezed around Connor, causing the other to come inside him and fill himStefan panted as he came down from his high and he rested on Connor for a moment, still buried inside him as he listened to his thirium pump under his head. Stefan smiled softly when he felt the pump going harder than normal before it began to slow down. He pulled the blindfold off Connor to see the face of someone who had been absolutely wrecked. Stefan then had a wicked idea.

He slid down the bed and untied Connor’s ankles so that his legs were free. He slid his own plug back into himself so that Connor’s juices wouldn’t leak out of him. He gently pulled the plug out of Connor, earning a gasp from him as Stefan slowly worked his own cock back to being hard. He lined himself up as he slid into Connor’s hole and the other moaned loudly. His legs lifted up to wrap around Stefan’s waist and draw him closer, forcing him to brush against Connor’s prostate. Stefan began to thrust him and out of him slowly, his hand roaming all over Connor as he did so. Connor’s legs had locked around Stefan as Stefan’s pace picked up. He leant forward to run his hand over Connor’s chest, pinching one of the pink, hard nipples in between his fingers before moving to the other. Connor was crying once more from the pleasure overwhelming his systems as his internal fans struggled to cool him down. He cried out loudly once more as he came over his stomach again and squeezedaround Stefan, causing him to unload inside Connor. Connor’s legs went lax as he body forced him into a soft reset. Stefan just chuckled as he untied his lover’s arms and he brought him into a loving hug as he held him close on the bed.

Hank could be found chuckling from the living room, baby Hazel in his arms as he fed her and baby Isabelle lying on her back on a play mat as she bats and the soft stars and moons dangling from above. It was the first time they’d had since the babies were born and Hank reckoned they deserved it for looking after the babies so well. Hank placed the bottle down when Hazel was finished and he smiled at her, cooing and waving his fingers which caused the baby to giggle. He placed her on the floor next to her sister and went to check on the other two as the noises died down. He looked in and smiled as they both had fallen asleep. He took a spare blanket and draped it over them as he kissed them both on the forehead.

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The twins were just over six months old by the time Nines went into labour with his and Gavin’s second child on the 18th of December. Connor and Stefan had been roped into babysitting Ayla, who had just turned two the month before. With it being so close to Christmas, they’d decided to take the twins and Ayla out last-minute Christmas shopping. Connor pushed the twins in their double stroller while occasionally sipping on a gingerbread coffee, the androids recently getting the ability to eat and drink. Stefan had Ayla sitting on his shoulders and the pair of them were busy sucking on candy canes while they shopped. They already bought a bunch of fancy and exotic teas for Connor in an ornate box that wasalready gift wrapped. They bought some new parts and accessories for Stefan to try in the bedroom and were just looking for something for Hank and the others.

Connor looked over just as Stefan had bought three scarf and hat sets from one of the Christmas stalls. One set for Ayla with was a pale pink with a glitter effect and two for the twins, one in lilac and one in mint, both decorated in tiny white Christmas trees. It was then that Ayla’s stomach rumbled, causing her to pout as Stefan laughed quietly. He took her off his shoulders and held her hand as they headed into a nearby McDonalds. Connor sat down with the twins still in the stroller as he helped Ayla into a toddler high chair as Stefan went and ordered some food for them.

Connor was just settling the babies with their bottles as Stefan returned with their food. The twins had just started to hold their bottles on their own and they drank as they watched people walk by, receiving the occasional coo from older ladies. Stefan had put Ayla’s food on the tray in front of her and the toddler happily chewed on her chicken nuggets, her baby teeth growing in steadily at her age. Both Stefan and Connor had burger and fries and Connor had to laugh while eating his as Stefan had to constantly stop Ayla from shoving fries up her nose. She also had cheesy bites and was having fun pulling them apart and getting the cheese everywhere. Once the twins were feed and asleep, they finished their food and got ice-cream to go for Ayla. Stefan once again picked her up and placed her on his shoulders as she ate it happily.

They eventually settled on getting Hank tickets online to the next Detroit Gears game and were happy to learn that the service had next day delivery. They walked around the market for a while longer, picking up bits and pieces and finding a selection of coffees for Gavin and a book set of Nines’ favourite author before they decided to head home.

Christmas came and they’d decided to celebrate it at the Anderson house to give Nines and Gavin a break. Connor and Stefan had been up all morning, prepping the veg and turkey. The boys were excited as they’d actually be able to join in and eat this year. The babies were lying on their backs in the living room as Hank watched over them, Hazel trying her best to roll over and onto her front. There was a large Christmas tree and under it was a pile of presents, mostly for the twins and Ayla who was coming over with her fathers and new baby brother. Hank got up off the couch as he heard a knock and he opened the door, ushering the family in from the snowstorm outside. Nines had the tiny newborn, named Oliver, in a sling and he was snuggled up to Nines’ chest fast asleep. Hank smiled fondly at the baby and gently brushed the brown curly hair from his face. Gavin put the presents he’d brought over under the tree and chuckled as he bent down to wave at the twins, who were gurgling and wiggling, trying to reach him.

Soon enough, the lunch was ready and everyone sat around the table in the dining room. Even Ayla was sat in a high chair with her own lunch, although she was making a grand old mess as she ate. The androids thoroughly enjoyed the food, the turkey being the best part for them both. Dessert was also eaten and, once Ayla had been cleaned, they all sat around the tree on the couches to pen their presents. Hank was delighted at the tickets and smiled broadly at his boys. Stefan blushed a dark blue when he opened his presents and even more so at the ones Nines and Gavin had got him. Connor was very pleased with the teas and the tea brewer he received while Ayla helped the twins open their presents up. The girls all got various toys and plushies and Ayla giggled in glee, going around hugging them all in thanks. Connor looked over to Hank, who seemed very nervous. Hank looked at Connor and Stefan and asked them to sit next to each other, which they did. Hank blushed red as he looked at them both and then got down on one knee.

He explained to them just how much better his life had become with them in it and that he couldn’t imagine life without them. They both gasped as Hank pulled out a ring box and opened it, revealing two rings inside, sliver with a blue band in the middle. He looked up at them and shyly asked them if they would take an old man like himself as their husband. He let out a cry as he was tackled to the floor, gleeful shouts of ‘yes!’ flooding his ears and causing him to beam happily as his two androids snuggled into him. Gavin sat there laughing at the scene while Nines just shook his head as he filmed the entire thing. Hank sat up and slipped a ring onto each of their fingers and was assaulted by a barrage of kisses for his efforts as music played in the background.

Hank really couldn’t imagine his life without all of them in it.