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On WildeHopps and why It Just Makes Sense

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Mirrored Eyebrows

NOt just eyebrows, actually, but also the eyelids.

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This deserves a rant of its own, because damn these pictures, and these scenes, are just so telling. Not just about what’s going on inside their heads and what’s going on between them, but what the future of them as partners holds in store.

In the beginning of the movie, Judy look at the world with eyes full of wonder and determination. She used her knowledge of the rules and her training to get her way and to show that she was a force to be reckoned with. It didn’t always get her the results she wanted (”yeah, you’re a real hero, lady!”), but she didn’t lose hope. Instead, shortly both before, during and even after her adventure with Nick, she realized that in some cases, a sense of righteousness and extensive knowledge of the rules might only get you tangled up in the web of bureaucracy and politics. It toughened her up. If you’re gonna make it as a cop in Zootopia, you also have to have street smarts. Something Nick has in bucket loads.

In this scene, they have made up. They have brought out the best of one another, and have also unraveled a whole new spectrum of the other’s personality, sides that mirror their own, that not only make them like themselves more, but it makes their relationship and actions seem completely harmonized. They are once again a Team, good friends (very good, close friends, so close they might not even dare to think, let alone speak, about exactly how close they are at this moment when so much is at stake) and they are Not To Be Messed With.

The one detail I really like in those pictures above is the fact that despite the fact that their eyes and even eyebrows are exactly the same, Nick is still smiling. Judy has that done-with-your-crap kind of look on her face, as though she’s driven by more than just determination, but such a raw sense of justice that she doesn’t even mind using some unorthodox methods to get to the truth. But Nick is smiling.

Nick has charm. A lot of it. So does Judy, but it’s a different kind of charm. Her charm partly lies in her being very clever and that she has extensive knowledge of every rule and legislation. It’s almost sweet how full of willingness she is to make the world a better place. But since she met Nick, she’s also been able to learn when not to use her knowledge of the Rule Book, because sometimes, it’s not actually necessary to throw paragraphs around to get your way. At Manchas’ doorstep, they were able to get valuable information and were about to be let inside, just by using clever word tactics and keeping a curious yet kind demeanor. In that scene, Judy learned from Nick that he’s a clever fox indeed and that she could actually learn a thing or two from him.

So why am I pointing out that Nick is smiling? Nick has a whole other set of skills. He has learned that in order to make people give you what you want, they have to like you. So he smiles. He looks pleasant. Nice even, despite having that disdainful, slanting look in his eyes. Judy just looks unimpressed. Which is why I think that at the end of the film, when Judy and Nick truly are partners, and if they ended up having to interrogate someone, Judy would be the Bad Cop. Nick would be the Good Cop, the one who smiles and who makes the suspect feel at ease. Judy, on the other hand, who at first glance looks about as harmful as a flower, but knows the legal system like the back of her own paw, would be the one to not suffer fools lightly. Her being a bunny and Nick being a fox would throw people off, because they have essentially adapted to each other to the point where they would be masters of manipulation, especially when it would come to them getting to the truth. They can be as pleasant and kind as one can be, but at the same time so ruthless that I’m sure that the upstanding citizens of Zootopia are very thankful that Nick and Judy are on their side.

The better part is that the suspects will be trow off, because they'll think Judy will play the good cop and Nick the bad cop, not viceversa!

They’re just such a good match. It makes my head spin.

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The better part is that the suspects will be trow off, because they'll think Judy will play the good cop and Nick the bad cop, not vice versa!