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Triple Chocolate Cookies

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Shouto Todoroki had no idea how to bake.

Shouto could cook a variety of different things, and often helped prepare meals for dorm-wide dinners. However, when it came to baking he was absolutely clueless.

Truthfully, his inability to bake had never really bothered Shouto. Enji Todoroki had never been a fan of sweets and had firmly believed that things like cookies and cakes would prevent Shouto from being in top physical condition, so baking had never been a common occurrence in the Todoroki household. Consequently Shouto grew up without having much of a sweet tooth.

However, things changed after Shouto moved into the Yuuei dorms. Sato frequently baked, and was usually more than happy to share his creations. As time passed Shouto found himself beginning to develop a sort of sweet tooth.

One day after class Shouto found himself wondering into the kitchen in search of something to eat. Hero training had been especially tiring today and Shouto’s stomach was growling.

Upon walking into the kitchen he found himself being hit in the face with what appeared to be flour. Needless to say, Shouto was a bit confused as to why flour was being thrown around. Once he was able to get most of the annoying powder off his face though, Shouto was met with quite the sight.

Currently, Midoriya, Uraraka, Asui, Ashido, Kaminari, and Aoyama were in the kitchen. All six of them were covered in varying amounts of flour. Kaminari, Ashido, and Uraraka seemed to be in hysterics while Aoyama was yelling about having flour in his hair and Asui and Midoriya seemed to be trying to help Aoyama get some of the flour off of him.

Uraraka was the first to spot him taking a break from laughing at Aoyama long enough to chirp out a greeting.

“Hello Todoroki!”

Upon hearing Uraraka’s greeting Midoriya looked up and seemed to notice Shouto for the first time.

“Oh Todoroki, hello! Um were you hungry? Sorry for the mess we were trying to try out a family recipe of Uraraka’s for triple chocolate cookies and things got a bit, um, messy? Sorry we can get out of your way if you needed to use the stove to make something.”

“Oh, no you're fine. I- did you say something about cookies?” Shouto had to admit, cookies sounded really good right now, even if they hadn't been what he originally planned to be eating.

“Yeah, we’re making cookies!” Ashido chirped, “At least we were going to, until someone started throwing flour.” A pointed glare at Kaminari told Shouto that he had probably been the one to start the flour war.

“In my defense……...Aoyama started it.”

“Excusez-moi?! I think not monsieur! Thanks to you my hair is ruined!!!”

Yep, Kaminari had definitely been the one to start the flour fight.

“Would you like to help us Todoroki?” Uraraka asked, her giggles finally having subsided.

“I- um”

“Come on man! It’ll be fun! Plus it’s great way to bond, or whatever it’s called. You know, that thing Iida is always saying we need to do more?”

Kaminari was clearly having fun, but Shouto wasn't sure if that was a good sign or not.

“Come on Todoroki, we’re just making cookies, it’s easy!”

Right, it was just cookies, how hard could it be?



Apparently, baking cookies was harder that Todoroki had originally thought.

Kaminari had somehow gone and supercharged the whole dorm before blowing the fuse seconds later.

Ashido was currently running for the fire extinguisher, Uraraka and Aoyama were in hysterics, Midoriya was panicking, and Asui had ran to get Aizawa-sensei.

Oh yeah, and the oven was on fire.

Is this what baking was like?

“Coming through!” Ashido had managed to grab the fire extinguisher and was no attempting to put out the blazing oven. Her attempts, though valiant, did nothing.

“Todoroki use your ice!”

Now in theory Midoriya’s idea wasn’t a bad one. Todoroki liked to think he had pretty decent control over his right side, however apparently luck was not on his side today.

Todoroki put out the fire yes, but he also encased half the kitchen in ice in the process.

Needless to say, once Asui arrived with Aizawa-sensei the kitchen wasn’t looking so good. Aizawa-sensei was noticeably pissed.

“What the hell did you brats do?”

Todoroki, was banned from using the kitchen for two weeks, Kaminari was banned for life, and the others were banned for a week.

Todoroki wasn’t really all that upset about being banned from using the kitchen, just because he could cook didn’t mean he was good at it. He was just fine with letting the experienced cooks Yaoyorozu, Sato, and Bakugou handle meals.

The one thing that did bother Todoroki however, as silly as it was, was that he hadn’t gotten to try Uraraka’s family’s cookie recipe. Midoriya and Uraraka had both made it sound like the best recipe on the face of the planet.

Oh well, it was stupid to be sad about something so small anyway.


Three days later a small box found its way onto Todoroki’s desk. Attached was a note that read,

We sent Uraraka’s recipe to my mom and she made cookies for the entire class! You seemed really sad that we didn’t get to finish making them the other day so I wanted to be sure you got some. Hope you like them! -Midoriya

When he finished reading the note Todoroki felt a himself smiling without even realizing it. Inside the box was a small pile of cookies and after a couple of seconds on his left hand they were warm to the touch.

As he bit into the first of the cookies Todoroki found himself in absolute bliss. They cookies were unlike any other he had ever tasted and he quickly finished all the cookies that were in the box.

Perhaps he had always been meant to have a sweet tooth after all.