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Miss Kobayashi's Bad Dragon Maid

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"I'm home!"

"Welcome home, Ms. Kobayashi."

The early evening seemed to play out as normal to Kobayashi, having finished another rough day of work. Walking into her apartment meant for three, the woman with dead fish eyes anticipated her Dragon maid, Tohru, to greet her with another meal that attempts to make her ear the scaly tail. Instead, she only finds Kanna, a much younger Dragon girl, sitting at the kotatsu while watching television, a pile of completed homework sitting off to the side of the tabletop.

"Kanna, have you seen Tohru?" Kobayashi asks. "I didn't think she needed to go shopping for ingredients today."

"Lady Tohru has been in the office since before I came home," Kanna replies, "she told me not to come in and mentioned it's a matter for adults only."

Kobayashi's eyes perk up with interest. "Ah, Tohru's discovered those sort of sites, has she. I'll go have a word with her." The woman of the household goes to the office, ready to knock on the door. Just before her knuckle taps against the wooden panel separating the room, Kobayashi hears...well she isn't sure how to describe it. The noise definitely sounds like Tohru, though it sounds like an unusual mixture of shame and anger. "T-Tohru?"

"Ms. Kobayashi, you're home..." says the maid's voice. "Please come in, I wish to speak with you about something disturbing."

As she turns the knob and lets herself in, Kobayashi raises an eyebrow, wondering what could possibly be disturbing to a dragon maid that eventually eats her own tail and grows it back in mere seconds. She then sees the expression on Tohru's face, her maid clothes still on her person while her fingers rest atop the desk. Tohru has that expression that Kobayashi has seen many a time in anime, where they have a tiny, open mouth smile while their eyes have that faded look of doom in their irises. That means nothing pleasant to the office worker, especially as it comes from a dragon like Tohru while she remains glued to whatever website is currently showing up on the computer screen.

"Ms. Kobayashi..." Tohru says quietly, turning to face her master. "Where do your people keep their dragons?"

"Our dragons...?" Kobayashi asks, blinking at the random nature of the question. The maid has lived her long enough that she should know better that there are no dragons, or mythical beings of any kind, in their world.

"Don't play dumb with me, Ms. Kobayashi!" Tohru shouts, baring her Dragon fangs at the breadwinner. "I know that your people imprison our dragons and cut off their genitals for your own personal usage! Look at this and tell me I'm wrong!" As Tohru bares her fury at Kobayashi, she turns the computer monitor to face her master, showing off an enlarged picture of a yellow and blue Dragon dong, long and thin with a slightly pointed tip.

And Kobayashi remains...unfazed. "Huh, I always wondered if that's actually what they look like, thanks for confirming that." Kobayashi says aloud, adjusting her glasses at the image. "Tohru, those aren't real Dragon genitals."

"They're...not?" Tohru asks, quickly coming down from her dragon rage.

"Yeah. It's fake. Honestly, I'm surprised it took you so long to find out about these."

With this knowledge, Tohru stares at the monitor with morbid curiosity, her cheeks puffing out as she realizes how terribly she's been fooled. "So these aren't real..." she says to herself. "Ms. Kobayashi, why do people make fake dragon genitals, exactly?"

"Fantasy pleasure." Kobayashi replies. "You know how the Japanese have their fascination about tentacles?"

"Oh, absolutely!" Tohru shouts, shooting out of the chair as if she's waited a lifetime to share knowledge with her master. "In fact, I discovered the reason for that has much to do with Japanese censorship laws!"

"Right, right, stuff like that. It's sort of the same thing with other people. They wish to get intimate with animals or beasts that don't normally exist in this world, so they create sex toys like that in an effort to emulate the experience."

As Kobayashi speaks, Tohru clicks through the rest of the website, giggling when she finds a particular item on the store page. "It seems it isn't the male genitals people are fascinated by." Tohru says cheerfully. With a curious expression from Kobayashi, the dragon maid shows her a dragon onahole, designed with similar colors to the sex toy she had seen prior.

"Of course." Kobayashi says plainly, mere seconds before Tohru gloms her.

"Ms. Kobayashi, if they make these toys for humans to pleasure themselves with then surely we have a chance together!" the dragon maid says happily, rubbing her cheek against her master's.

"Not happening!" Kobayashi says as she tries to push Tohru off her.


The next day, Tohru invites Lucoa over for some tea, in an effort to discuss the matter of dragon dongs in this world.

"So humans love to pleasure themselves with dragon cocks in this world?" Lucoa says as Tohru sits beneath the warm blanket of the kotatsu. "It sounds like the humans here really do have an appreciation for us after all."

"It sounds like it, yeah," Tohru says, "but I have little doubt they would want it when they see how big they really are."

"Oh? They're not to scale?" Lucoa asks, cocking her head to the side.

"I wouldn't expect humans to take something as big as Fafnir, would you?"

"Oh, but Fafnir is a special case!" Lucoa replies, blushing at the thought of the male dragon's cock. "I had to persist him so much until he finally caved in and let me take him."

"Is that why you hang around Shouta the way you do?" Tohru asks innocently, seeing a perplexed look on the busty dragon's face in response.

"What are you implying, Tohru?!" asks a panicking Lucoa.

With a shrug, Tohru sips her tea before she continues, "Still, I wonder how they feel. I never honestly had the chance to have any male dragons mate with me, so it must be different from the real thing."

"Likely, even if they aren't to scale." Lucoa replies. "I have an idea! Why don't I order a few for ourselves and Elma to test out?"

"Can you do that?"

"Well it may require using Shouta's father's credit card," admits the busty Dragon woman, "but I don't think he'll even notice. And if he does I can offer him a little gold to split the difference."

"Hm..." Tapping her finger against her chin, Tohru gives the offer some deep thought. It would at least be interesting to try these adult toys and use them for themselves, plus it's been some time since she's given herself any time for pleasure... "Okay, Lucoa-san, I'm in!"


Many days passed until the sex toys arrived, with Lucoa taking them over to Kobayashi's apartment for a trial run. Fortunately for the three female dragons, Kobayashi is planning to work late, and Kanna is staying the night over at Saiaki's residence. Tohru couldn't have hoped for a better day than this.

Taking to Tohru's bedroom, Elma, Lucoa, and the dragon maid herself open the packages, the three ladies staring in awe of what the bustiest one had purchased; the first one is for her, a towering, bulging testament of beastly dominance that cooled in color near the black base. The tip was riddled with bumps, and the shaft itself had more muscles than a bodybuilder. It would definitely be making a bulge if she managed to hilt it. The color matched up well with Lucoa's hair. The second meant for Elma, crooked and thinner, but no less potent. The surface was covered in bumps and grooves that would put her tender pussy to the ultimate test before she even made it to the prickly base. Its color matches up well with the color in her hair. The final one is for Tohru, is short, but so thick that her hands couldn’t even close around it. That wasn’t even counting the knot that was bigger than her head, or the pair of balls she couldn’t even close her hand around. seems to go perfectly with Tohru's hair, although the shade of gold is different from her own.

"These look too accurate...color aside." Elma says, poking at the one colored like her hair. "Are we certain these weren't made by a sage from our world?"

"I suppose that's possible." Tohru replies. "You obviously wouldn't hear about it, although you have to wonder who would be crazy enough to get that close to a dragon just to check out their junk."

"They actually look really adorable at this size!" Lucoa says, adoring the one colored like her hair. "Like little baby dragons."

"Lucoa-san," Elma says, "You may not want to say such things when your Shouta is already accusing you of being a succubus." The statement causes Lucoa to sweat profusely, having little to no defense to that argument."

Staring down at the dongs, Tohru says to her fellow dragons, "So, are we ready to try these?"

"Oh! How about we make a wager?" Elma suggests. "Let's have a race! The first one to climax wins."

"I like that idea a lot." Tohru says. "And the loser has to make dinner for everyone, including Ms. Kobayashi."

"It's on." says a much more determined Elma.

The girls begin their test session of the toy dragon shafts by removing their "scales", which their clothing becomes after taking on their human forms. Their bodies now bare and naked as a human's, the three dragons prepare their minds mentally in order to take on the challenge. The false cocks are placed atop Tohru's bed, set in a neat row to easily compare for a proper competitive setting. Each girl squats over their respective cock, prepare to let it slide within their snatches.

"Ready?" Tohru asks after a heavy breath. "!"

Immediately, each girl drops down onto their respective cock, with Tohru and Elma making faces as the toy dongs push into their humanized genitals, forcing the vaginal cavern to stretch themselves out in an effort to accommodate for such small spaces.

"GNNNNN! Whose idea was it to go down raw?!" Elma whines.

Lucoa, however, seems to have eased herself atop her shaft, as her face is in its usual smiling nature. While Tohru and Elma take theirs in more slowly, Lucoa is already grinding herself atop the toy, panting away while her body becomes aroused by the state of cock. "Oh my, this is fun!" Lucoa laughs. "I haven't taken anything this big in so long!"

"Loose slut..." Tohru and Elma think to themselves simultaneously. They already know that Lucoa would take the top spot no problem, now it's only a matter of claiming second place between them. And to Elma especially with her meager payment and rationing, there's no way she's spending her money on a member of the chaos faction like Tohru.

The cocks are finally pushed all the way inside of their pussies, with Tohru wincing as her pokes against her stomach lining, revealing itself through her skin, while Elma's face contorts from how stiff it feels inside her body. The water based Dragon tries her best to rock against the toy, with Tohru hesitant to budge thanks to the bulge. Lucoa remains pleasant during her ride on the molded shaft, her breasts bouncing in the air with every thrust her hips male against the toy.

"Geez, Lucoa-san, how many cocks have you taken over time?!" huffs Tohru, slowly rocking her body against the dong to keep herself safe from any stomach stretching.

"Oh, it's been so long..." Lucoa moans, holding her hands against her bouncy chest as she continues to squeeze the cock down with her muscles. "I haven't had the time to tend to myself while I deal with Shouta, but I can still take it easily, girls!"

"That's because you're easy." Elma grumbles, her thigh squeezing against her toy after it hits against her cervix. The water based Dragon girl realizes how good this exercise makes her, wanting to go further in order to beat out her peers. When Tohru hears the hard slaps next to her, the dragon maid realizes that Elma has become much more aggressive with her Dragon cock, with vaginal juices dripping out onto the bed sheets.

"'s so rough..." Tohru groans, gripping against her thighs. "I'm barely getting anywhere with this thing..."

"Sucks to be you, Tohru." Elma says, panting heavily. "My toy is just right for me, and I know I can get ahead of you without any problem. Between us, I'm going to win this race!"

"F-Fat chance!" Tohru barks back, slamming her hips down against the toy dong, her juices splashing as she thrusts against the silicone dragon dick. "I'm not going to give up so easily on thay challenge, Elma, even if I have to outdo you at just the right time!"

The challenge rising in their minds, Tohru and Elma grind harder atop their toys, fangs bared as they leer at one another, showing signs of dominance in this race to ejaculate first. All the while Lucoa is left to herself, enjoying the pleasant nature of her cock without a care for competition. "Oooh my, this takes me back!" Lucoa says, her breath heavy as she juts hard against the false cock. "I think I finally remember taking one like this in that great big orgy on the south shore. So many memories coming back..."

Tohru and her rival pay Lucoa no attention, their naked bodies covered in sweat as they work hard to out grind the other. The dragon maid no longer cared about how the cock pushes against her stomach lining, her skin stretched out with every jut forward. Elma bucks hard against her toy dragon dong, her fluids still oozing onto the silicone to help her in proper lubrication.

With the other two in the heat of competition, Lucoa makes one hard thrust against her cock, with her massive tits flung into the air. Her lower lip is coated in saliva as she grabs hold of the bed, moaning with exquisite pleasure as she flushes her fluids from her folds. The moistness begins to pool up on the sheets, leaving a giant wet spot the longer Lucoa cums. The arousing cry from their friend catches the attention of Tohru and Elma, who are not at all surprised that Lucoa has won the general competition, yet still amazed she came as quickly as she did.

"Mmmh, that was wonderful...I hope I can sneak it into the house with me later..." Lucoa says, her voice hinting at her dazed state of mind. Spent from such an orgasm, Lucoa collapses onto the bed, practically passing out on top of the sheets.

Tohru and Elma care little for Lucoa's victory, as now they needed to duke it out for second place. The two female dragons, naked in their human forms, start to thrust hard against their toy cocks, with expressions of fury and determination on them as they try their best to inch the other out into orgasmic bliss.

"Mmm, fuck! I'm so close!" Elma cries out in a teasing voice. "It'll be so nice to see what Tohru has planned for a meal after I have my orgasm."

"Whatever it is will be coming off your dime, baka!" Tohru shouts, pounding her body down harder against her toy dragon cock. "I'm not about to let cumming last be a priority."

"How can you even feel anything arousing sitting on such a cock?" Elma barks, moving so hard and fast that her juices start to splash from her spot on the bed onto the floor. "That doesn't look pleasant at all, it'll break your stomach before you know it!"

"My naked body still represents my scales," Tohru retorts, "and at least I have a stomach of steel while yours crumbles over the thought of food at any given moment!"

As the two female dragons continue their bickering, they grind harder and faster on their toy cocks, determined to be the victor in their one on one contest, vying for that non-existent silver medal. The more effort they put into their masturbation tools, the louder the bed freaks, as if all this effort is quickly wearing it down immensely. Tohru and Elma don't concern themselves, instead focusing on that last stretch before feeling relief. Until...


Kobayashi had never felt so relieved in her life to be able to leave work early. It was a rough day, but all the effort she and Takiya put into the project earned them both a half day off, so there's no complaints from her. At least now she can come home to Tohru and a nice meal, with possible dishes floating around in her mind that the dragon maid may have likely planned for her. At least in the realm of possibilities in this world, anyway.

After entering her apartment and slipping her shoes off, Kobayashi shouts, "I'm home!" to an otherwise seemingly empty place. And then...


The sudden rumbling sound coming from Tohru's room causes the breadwinner to jump, her dead fish eyes widening at the concern that her Dragon maid may have ruined something yet again. "....................................I should just walk away, and never come back..."

Beside her better judgement, Kobayashi slowly turns the knob to the door, opening it up to find three naked dragon girls in the debris of a broken bed, with two of them groaning in pain with Dragon toys inside their muffs. The third one, obviously Lucoa, is still passed out, the smile assuring the office worker that she's simply in a sex coma from such a pleasant experience. "What a surprise..." sighs Kobayashi.

"O-Oh! Ms. Kobayashi!" Tohru shouts, quickly pulling herself from the broken bed. "We didn't think you'd be home so early."

"I can see that." Kobayashi replies, watching as the naked maid bows at her feet in an apologetic manner. "You made it competitive, didn't you."

"So worth it..." Elma says, smiling while rivers of tears form from her eyes.

"Tohru. I don't mind if you feel the need to relieve yourselves with these toys, but next time, maybe don't go so hard and mean on it."

"Yes, Ms. Kobayashi." Tohru replies. "Maybe next session you could join us?"

"Be serious, Tohru."


After Lucoa uses a spell to return the bed to normal, she and Elma leave, the latter dragon disappointed she doesn't get a meal from such a hard workout. Tohru pours Kobayashi some tea, meeting her underneath the kotatsu. Resting her head atop her master's shoulder apologetically, Tohru says, "I'm sorry about that, Ms. Kobayashi."

"Don't worry too much about it, Tohru." Kobayashi replies. "I just wouldn't want our neighbors thinking something is going on between us."

"You mean there isn't?" Tohru asks innocently.

"There you go again..." Kobayashi sighs. She silently sips her tea, ignorant of the mischievous look Tohru has after a thought comes to her mind.

"Say Ms. Kobayashi, how about next time I use the dragon toy on you? I think you'd enjoy it so much!"

"You really are pushing your luck right now, aren't you?"