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Something Just Like This

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A shiver ran up her spine as she gracefully glided around the ice again. The chill of the ice rink normally calmed the chaos that was her life. But this time even the ice seemed to be fighting her. Taking a deep breath, she sped up preparing for her signature Salchow jump followed by expert footwork.

"One, two, three", she counted in her head as she took the three steps into the jump. Feeling her blade touch down on the ice she threw her leg out to complete the turn only to be thrown off balance and land on her hip.

“Ow God damn it,” she shouted pounding her fists on the ice. “I can’t do anything right.” The black spandex legging did little to break her call and her blue and black athletic jacket was just as useless at keeping the cold at bay. Frustrated and angry she covered her face in her hands letting the warm tears sting her cheeks.

“Luna,” her coach called from the edge of the rink. “Luna are you okay?”

Stifling a sob, she quickly brushed away her tears and stood, feeling the pain of an already forming bruise. “Yes, Demetrius I’m fine.”

“Why don’t we call it a night yeah? It’s already five in the morning and we’ve been here since nine. The sun is about to come up.”

Silently cursing her severe sun allergy, she made her way to her coach who thankfully had fresh coffee waiting for her. Demetrius was in his fifties with salt and pepper curly hair and one of the best figure skating coaches in the States. Having no children of his own he took Luna on as a student and surrogate daughter at the age of seven. Despite their significant differences in appearance, the two were often mistaken as father and daughter. As Luna grew older their relationship grew. She often sought him out for advice rather than her own parents. Luna could not help but smile as she approached the edge of the rink. Demetrius had always been there for her and he deserved the best skater she could give him.

“My dear don’t you think you should take some time off? It’s only been two days since the funeral,” he asked his voice dripping with concern.

Luna ignored the question, focusing on untying her skates. He was probably right. As much as it pained her to admit. And he was probably right that she shouldn’t be pushing herself the ways that he did tonight.
Maria had only been dead for a week and Luna still couldn’t focus.



“Do you want to talk about it?”

“About what? My shitty skating, the music I can’t decide on or Maria?” she snapped slipping on her shoes and packing up her beloved skates.


“No, I don’t,” she muttered touching the snowflake necklace tucked under her shirt.

“Okay well then let’s discuss Salt Lake City. The competition is only four months away and you still haven’t picked the music for the free skate or the short program. And you have yet to choreograph any of the routine. We need to get the ball rolling otherwise you'll end up at the bottom of your division. This is the year Luna. If you want to make it to Beijing in 2022 then you need to get your head in the game now,” Demetrius stated handing over the coffee.

“I know, I know,” she groaned running her hands over her white braid.

“You need to have the music at least by the time we get to Estes Park,” he ordered as he picked up his things to leave. “The plane leaves tonight at nine. I’ll swing by to pick you up about eight.”

“Eight? Isn’t that pushing it?” she asked. Getting through airport security and baggage was a nightmare. Let alone all the layovers from Houston to Denver.

“I contracted a pilot for the next four months that way we won’t have to worry about possibly aggravating your allergy. She agreed to fly at night so the usual airport bull won’t be a problem either.”

“Oh,” Luna muttered clearly startled at the lengths her coach went for her. “Great. I guess I’ll see you tonight.”

“Just be ready,” he called out waving his hand in farewell.

Still stunned, Luna made her way to the locker room showers. Memories of her home town filled her head as she washed off the night’s sweat. Luna Girl vs. the PJ Pests. She left Estes Park when she was ten to start training with Demetrius, leaving the city and the Luna Girl persona behind. “I wonder what happened to the Luna board,” she muttered to the empty room.


“Hey there kitty cat,” Amaya smiled through the steam of her caramel macchiato.

“You are never going to stop calling me that are you?” Conner snickered taking the seat opposite her.

“Would you prefer CatBoy like back in the day?”

“Sheeet,” he scoffed dragging out the e dramatically, “that was a long time ago.”

“Yeah, but it was fun. How are things at the dojo?”

“Oh, you know same shit different day. My testing for the black belt is coming up soon.”

“That’s right. Which degree is it again?” she asked rolling her eyes. She had only been listening to him brag about training for it for the last three months.

“Fifth degree,” he remarked thrusting his chin in the air.

Amaya hid her small smile behind her coffee as she took another sip. Maria loved to tease Connor when she came by for a visit. God how she missed her step sisters laugh. Amaya had been an only child until she was thirteen when her parents’ marriage had fallen apart. It didn’t take long for her father to find a new wife. And with her came Maria. The girl was two years her senior with raven black hair and mahogany eyes. She had a year-round sun kissed tan that Amaya was constantly jealous of and a personality that drew everyone to her. It came as no surprise when Maria announce one night that she was leaving to study fashion in New York. Their father was furious, but Amaya couldn’t be happier. Fashion had always been a passion of her step sisters. And when she landed the job of lead designer for the US Figure Skating, Amaya was so excited she jumped at the news. Maria finally had the ultimate opportunity to let her creativity flow.

It wasn’t long after Amaya opened the Estes Park Aviary that she received a call from Maria with even more exciting news. While touring in Paris she met a skater named Luna Saito. They fell in love and quickly married so it wouldn’t interfere with the season. Amaya was hurt at first that she was not able to attend the ceremony; but a ceremony is just a ceremony. What Amaya really looked forward to throwing her a party. And knowing Maria, she would have a huge party when she returned home. But she never did.

Maria and Luna’s life were an endless back and forth of skating and fashion shows that sent them all over the world. It had been years since Amaya saw her sister in person. Despite the frequent calls promising she would visit. After the accident, Amaya would never see her sister’s smile again.

“Hey. Earth to Amaya. Amaya?” Conner called out tapping her shoulder.

“Huh? Oh, I’m sorry. Lost in thought,” she said coming back to reality.

“How are you holding up?” Concern had spread across Connor's face like melted butter. It was only a couple days since Maria’s funeral, and after the scene with her father he had a feeling this was more than just coffee between old friends.

“I’m okay. I miss her Conner.” Tears began welling up in her eyes prompting him to slide into the booth beside her.

“I know. I miss her too. She made the best mixers and had the funniest stories. Did you ever meet her wife?” he asked putting his arm around her shoulders.

“No. After Dad started screaming and we got into that argument she left.”

“I’m sorry Amaya. And not to be rude but your father is a complete ass,” he said in all seriousness.

“You’re not being rude, you’re right. He is an ass and showed his true colors. Who the hell screams at a widow during a funeral? It wasn’t her fault Maria died. If anything, he should have been throwing his fit at the drunk who slammed into her,” she muttered trying to suppress even more tears from falling.

Feeling his friend’s chest heave in a silent cry her pulled her close to his chest and placed his chin on her head. Connor couldn’t imagine what she was going through. To have her sister ripped away and her father acting so shamefully. He was surprised to see her today. But then again, she had always been the strongest of the three. Once her crying subsided, he pulled away to look her in the eye.

“Hey Owlette, you feeling better?”

“Oh God don’t call me that,” she laughed, playfully punching him in the chest. “Ugh, I’m fine. Just needed a good cry, I guess. Let’s talk about something else.”

“Okay,” he smiled. “I heard you got a new contract.”

“Yeah. An ice skater for the next four months. But it’s odd.”

“How so?”

“The guy that called said that he was her coach and wants to travel only at night.”

“Uh why? Are you transporting a vampire or something?” Connor asked. He was no pilot by any means but even he knew that was an odd request.

“Apparently she has a severe rare skin allergy and he wants to keep her exposure as limited as possible, so it doesn’t affect her performance.”

Connor sat there thinking as Amaya gathered her things. As much as she wanted to stay, she had to be in Fort Worth in five hours. The flight did not take that long, but it was about two hours to the airport, and another hour or so to prepare for the flight. It took quite a while to check everything and make sure it was fueled up. And Amaya was always one for punctuality.

“You know a sun allergy might explain something,” he said absentmindedly.

“Explain what?”

“Luna Girl. Always coming out at night and it never seemed like she had friends outside of moths. Kind of hard to be friends with anyone your own age when you can’t go outside during the day,” he said softly.

Amaya paused just before leaving the coffee shop taking in his words. “I haven’t thought about her in years. You’re probably right you know. I wonder where she is.”

“No clue. Just a random thought that popped in my head.”

“Well as much as I want to continue down memory lane I’ve got a plane waiting for me. I’ll text you when I get back,” she smiled. With a wave of her hand she was out the door and heading off towards the red F-150 truck parked at the corner.

Connor watched her go his heart breaking for her. It had been an exhausting week for his best friend and with Greg still at the university, he was the only one there to comfort her. Maybe jumping back into work will be the best thing for her, he thought downing the last of his coffee.

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Amaya watched as her two passengers made their way down the runway towards her small passenger plane. The tallest of the two was an older black gentleman with short curly hair flecked with white. His black overcoat hid his physic, but the way he carried himself screamed confident father figure. Decide him stood a woman with long white hair dragging a suitcase behind her and a large duffel bag slung across her shoulder. She walked as if she ownded the air strip. Amaya couldn't help but fiver her a quick once over. Slick black leggings, calf high military boots and an oversized grey sweatshirt with a wolf howling at the moon printed on it. The woman was stunning. 

Get it together Amaya. That girl probably has zero interest in relationships, she thought. “Good evening,” Amaya smiled trying her best to hide the inappropriate thoughts running through her head now that she was face to face with the snowy haired woman. 

“Good evening young lady,” the man smiled back offering her his hand. “I’m Demitrius, we spoke over the phone.”

“Oh it’s so nice to put a face to a voice.

“I’m Luna Saito,” the blonde smiled offering her hand.

Amaya stood their stunned. Luna Saito. As in Maria’s Luna Saito? It couldn’t be. There was no way that the wife of her beloved sister could be standing here offering her hand as a customer and having no clue who she was. 

“I’m sorry you have to fly in such strange conditions. It’s just difficult to travel at night on commercial airlines in the time frames that I need.”

The more Luna spoke the more astonished Amaya became. She really has no clue. I never saw her face or even spoke to her but Maria had to have said something, the pilot thought. She was frozen to the spot where she stood; unable to move or make a noise. Thoughts raced through her mind like race cars at the Daytona 500. How is this possible?

“Umm, Amaya? Are you alright?” Luna asked touching her arm.

Snapping out of trance Amaya shook her head and plastered on her best smile. “Oh yes I’m sorry I was just going over my flight checklist in my head before we boarded. It’s a habit of mine I’m terribly sorry. And it’s no problem. I’m only a part time pilot adn all of my commission is funneled into my conservation aviary. I love working with-” Amaya paused mid sentence taking in the amused look on Demetrius's face. “I was rambling wasn’t I?”

The older man snickered and patted her on the shoulder. “It’s okay dear. It’s sweet to see someone so excited about something. It means that they are passionate.”

“I’m so sorry, I tend to do that sometimes. I’m Amaya Richardson and I will be your pilot for the next several months. Please step on board and we will be leaving shortly.”

Luna’s eyes widened at the sound of Amaya’s name. No way, she thought. No fucking way. Owlette is my fucking pilot? 

“Is everything okay Miss-”

“Luna,” she snapped. “Please, just Luna. You and I are probably the same age and Miss makes me feel old. It would be horrifying to have you call me Miss.”

“Really? You’re only twenty-five?”


“Wow, that’s great,” Amaya chimed, “ Well come on in. I’ll take your bags and we can get moving.”

After stowing the bags and getting everyone situated, Amaya stared up the plane and eased their way into the sky. The night was perfectly clear with very few gusts making the flight smooth and calm. All in all it would end up being an uneventful flight. Luna’s mind however did not agree. Her thoughts raced as she tried to concentrate on the music blasting from her headphones. And for the first time in months, they weren’t of Maria.




Stepping out onto the runway of DIA a blast of cool air whipped across Luna. “Shit,” she muttered stuffing her phone and headphones in her bag.

“My SUV is right over here,” Amaya smiled snatching the bags from the storage area in the back of the plane. 

“Here let me take those,” Demetrius said reaching for the two larger suitcases.

“Oh that’s very sweet of you,” she smiled. “Luna right?”

“Yeah,” she muttered yanking the over stuffed duffle bag from the cockpit.

“I can take that if you like.”

“Naw I’m good,” she said flashing her a brief smile.

“Okay then, my SUV is right over there,” she said pointing to a large vehicle close to the dingy airport. “Let’s load up it’s getting pretty chilly out.”

Luna couldn’t agree more. Despite the warm airplane she shivered while inside. Stepping out to the tarmat did not help. The wind cutting through her like frozen blade. The SUV looked promising. That and it would give her time to get a much closer look at the possible former Owlette. 

“So are you from around here?” Amaya asked as she drove through town breaking the uncomfortable silence.

“Yes, a long time ago. I doubt that anyone remembers me,” she muttered. A solemn look fell over her face at the statement. 

Good job Amaya, she mentally chastised herself. She found herself wanting to reach over and touch Luna. Hold her hand, hug her. Anything to show her a bit of comfort. Finding her hand already raised, she covered her action by running it through her red hair. What if she doesn’t like being touched? She questioned. But God how I want to.

Luma watched Amaya’s failed flirtation out of the corner of her eye and smirked. When they were younger, she had never known the red head to be unsure of anything. But then again, romance never came up. Returning her attention back to her phone she continued the search for her music. Nothing struck a chord with her. Demetrius was expecting her to have chosen her music by the time they got to the cabin they rented. And with only twenty minutes until they arrived, she was still at square one. Dropping her head back against the seat she groaned. “There is no way I’m going to get through this,” she muttered under her breath.

“What’s wrong Luna?”

“Nothing,” she snapped pulling her knees up to her chest. Perhaps if she made herself small and insignificant like when she was younger the problem would fix itself.

Amaya gave her a sidelong glance. “Doesn’t look like nothing from over here. Why don’t you let me help?”

“Hmph,” she groaned.

“Aw come on. Maybe all you need is a fresh pair of eyes.”

Luna sat in silence for a moment contemplating her words. Maria used to talk like that. No one could bring her out of a funk quite like her late wife. Perhaps an outsider’s opinion would help. Slowly she untucked her legs and turned towards Amaya. “I need to pick two pices of music to choreograph for my routines and I  can’t seem to pick anything.”

“Well, how do you normally choose?”

“Generally I search through music until a piece speaks to me. But lately it’s falling flat. Nothing is speaking to me,” she groaned.

Amaya tilted her head to the side thinking. “I don’t know much about ice skating but when something comes in two parts it reminds me of yin and yang. Chaos and calm or rock and classic.”

“You know I never thought of it like that,” she mussed.

“I hope that helps,” Amaya smiled pulling up to the skater’s cabin. “Here we are.”

“Great. Luna let’s take tonight to get settled and tomorrow we can start working on your programs,” Demetrius called out as he carried the bags into the cabin leaving the two young women alone.

“Umm, thanks for your help,” Luna said shyly.

“No problem and here,” Amaya smiled handing her a folded piece of paper.

“What’s this?” Luna asked taking the paper.

“These songs are a couple of my favorites. Maybe they will help inspire you to find something that you like. Get you talking to music again.”

“Oh wow. Thank you,” Luna blushed. “Why don’t you come by practice sometime? I’ll be there at night if you ever want to come by.”

“I’d love to see a professional skater. Sure I’ll come by to watch.”

“Great,” Luna beamed, “I guess I’ll see you later.”

“See ya,” Amaya called out from her window. “By the way, if you need anything my number is also on the paper.”

“Maybe being home won’t be such a bad thing,” Demetrius remarked from the doorway. It might have been a small gesture by anyone else’s standards. But for Luna to invite the girl to practice was a huge emotional step. The last time she did that was with Maria. With any luck this Amaya could be the one true friend that Luna needed. 




Well over a month has passed since the ride from Denver International Airport to Estes Park. And in that time Demetrius noticed a significant change in Luna. She was more focused and her programs were coming together more and more each night. He found that the nights she cried herself to sleep were becoming less frequent. Especially when Amaya came to watch her practice. The two women were becoming closer. Each day Luna opened up a little bit more, and he couldn’t have been happier for his little girl.

With the last note of her short program ending, Luna struck her final pose panting from the workout of the routine.

“That was very good Luna,” Demetrius beamed. “I think tomorrow we need to work on the free skate. You haven’t put much time into that one.”

“I know,” she grumbled as she skated over. Luna was intentionally avoiding the free skate. Even though she was the one who picked the song, it was still difficult to perform without tears blurring her vision. But she was determined to complete it. Demetrius was supportive enough. Encouraging her to do what she thought was best to aid in her grief. Yet deep down she knew he was worried. She was worried too. One wrong move, one slip or missed jup and her dreams of competing on an Olympic level would be nothing more than that. Dreams. This had to be perfect. Not just for herself, but for Maria as well. 



“I’m still a bit wired. Would you mind taking my stuff back to the cabin? I want to go for a run,” Luna said handing him her bags stuffed with her gear and skates.

Demetrius wasn’t surprised at her request. She often went hiking or running when she couldn’t sleep or was anxious. The week of the accident Luna was either at the hospital by Maria’s side or out running. More than once Demetrius threatened to drug her coffee with sleep aids if she didn’t rest. The threat was funny now, but at the time he had meant it. Luna was one hell of a skater but when her anxiety took over she was as good as gone. He was used to her running at night, but at three in the morning in a mountain town was not an ideal setting.

“Luna, it’s pretty late. Why don’t you just use the treadmill or wait until dawn?”

“Don’t worry so much Demetrius,” Luna giggled. “Did you forget I grew up in the night here? Besides in this high altitude, even the early morning sunlight I can’t be out. Not unless you want me laid up for a solid week.”

“Well,” Demetrius groaned.

“I brought my flashlight and reflectors,” she sang.

Demetrius raised his eyebrows suspiciously. “Sounds like you were planning on going out.”

“A little bit,” she responded shyly.

Demetrius eyed her closely, debating on to either lecture her or just give in. With a roll of his eyes he picked up her bag. “Keep your phone on you.”

“Yes sir,” she called out making her way towards the exit.

He watched as his top student and almost daughter walked out. She had so much to offer the world, but few took the time to see it. He watched her face the critics with pride and resilience that was beyond her age. Vampire. Creature of the night. Just a couple of the cruel nicknames used behind her back. She was a true beauty with cream white skin and snow colored hair. But the severe sun allergy caused that skin to blister and bleed in the daylight. Hence night practices and dark living quarters. It wasn’t her fault. All of their criticisms and bullying faded into dust when her blades touched the ice.

Luna moved as if she were made for the ice. A pale angel gliding across the frozen water. Demetrius did his best to protect her. Especially after her parents finally lost her. It still had not been enough to break her out of her shell. That is until Maria showed up with a new line of costumes and eyes for Luna. Only then did she become herself. His Luna was finally happy. But of course nothing lasts forever.




Music blared through her headphones as Luna jogged at her usual, steady pace. The music flowed through her like water washing away her pain. Her feet pounded against familiar pavement as she made her way through the city she once called home. It was nights like these that the memories of her childhood ran rampant through her mind; flying through the streets on her Luna Board. Secret nights filled with Romeo building new inventions and coming up with new schemes. These were the good memories. The ones she chose to keep near and dear to her heart. Especially that Christmas. It was the first time she had spent a Christmas with someone who wanted her there. It was also the first time her feet ever touched the ice. The goody two shoes trio had taught her to skate that day. The rest wasn’t worth remembering. Drug addicted parents with a strange child allergic to the daylight. These memories were fleeting and she liked them that way.

Luna had become so lost in her thoughts when she finally came to a stop. Looking around she had no idea where she was. The road into the forest was fairly new and she had never traveled it before. Pulling the headphones out of her ears she glanced around to gather her bearings. The forest surrounded her like demonic figures waiting to pounce. Each hoot and crack of a split twig put her senses on high alert. 

“Shit,” she muttered. Her phone was out of range and her GPS could not connect or make a call to Demetrius. “Well fuck,” she muttered, “might as well start walking.”

Clutching her phone and flashlight she started the trek back the way she came. Or at least the way she thought she came. What had not occurred to her was just how far she had ran until she started the walk back. It took nearly twenty minutes to come back to a fork in the road with a sign. To the left was The Aviary, to the right The Visitors Center for camping and the road straight ahead went thankfully back into town. Checking her phone, it was after 5:30. As much as she wanted to go crawl into bed after a hot shower, the prospect of The Aviary was too great. 

Amaya once told her she lived at and ran the local aviary. With any luck she was an early riser. 

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    Flecks of  the sunrise poked through the trees as Luna made her way up the road. Her fears of nocturnal animals was being replaced with a much more frightening enemy. The sun. With the momentous Aviary in sight, Lna Broke out into a run. As she rounded the final turn towards the building a much smaller one came into view. The cabin in front of her looked like something out of a Bob Ross painting. A deep brown log cabin complete with a chimney spilling out smoke. Attached to the front of the one story home was a simple porch complete with a grill and what looked like a modest chair and table. What slowed her sprint to a walking pace was the figure sitting in the chair closest to the rail. 

    The woman had a slender frame and long legs that were tightly hidden under charcoal grey leggings. The pink puff coat protected her from the icy breeze while her chestnut brown hair flowed freely. She sat with her feet propped up on the rail nursing what Luna could only hope was a cup of coffee. Gathering her courage she waved at the beautiful young woman.

    “Amaya. Hey Amaya,” Luna called out.

    Startled, Amaya whipped around nearly spilling her coffee. “Luna? Hey you, what’s up?” she smiled becoming her over.

    “I uh… kinda got lost,” she muttered.

    Amaya giggled and offered her a seat. “Well Estes Park has expanded quite a bit over the years. Would you like some coffee?”

    “I’d love some, but could we go inside?”

    “Sure but wouldn’t you rather stay out here? It’s such a pleasant morning.”

    “Umm I would it’s just-”

    “Oh, oh my God I’m such an idiot,” she gasped. “Hurry let’s go inside. I’m so sorry I completely forgot.”

    “It’s okay Amaya,” Luna giggled following her into the cabin. As she stepped through the threshold she was hit with a rush of warm air and the delightful scent of a lit fireplace. Amaya scrambled around the area securing the blinds and drapes as Luna took a look around.

    The home she walked into was nothing like she expected it to be. While the exterior of the cabin looked like a Bob Ross painting the interior was a modern mix of grey and pale blue. Amaya’s living room was filled with bookshelves that were bursting from the seams with books and an overstuffed chair. It was neatly nestled in the corner of the room next to a tall lamp. The center of the room was decorated with  matching black couch, tv and fireplace that served as a barrier between the living room and dining room. Amaya’s home was warm and inviting despite the modern decor. A sudden wave of exhaustion washed over her leaving her wanting nothing more than to curl up on that couch and fall asleep. 

    “So what brings you all the way out here?” Amaya asked becoming her towards the kitchen.

    “I got lost and my phone is dead. I was hoping to borrow yours so I could call Demetrius,” she sighed, taking a seat on the bar stool in front of her. 

    “No problem. How long have you been gone?”

    “I left the rink around three or so-”

    “You’ve been out here for the last three hours?” Amaya exclaimed horrified. “What the hell were you thinking?”

    “Eh, I’m used to running at night. It was my own fault for not paying attention to my surroundings. When I was a kid I always roamed the city at night. Even had a few pests that followed me around,” Luna snickered. 

    Amaya flashed her a confused look but she did not offer anything more. Was Luna trying to tell me something? Amaya thought staring at the beautiful girl in front of her. Maria was one lucky woman to find Luna. The blonde skater was a bit abrasive at times but she was still charming. And the rare smile lit up her sky blue eyes. Amaya would gladly give up her left leg to be with a girl like her. But Luna was still mourning Maria and Amaya would never disrespect her sister or Luna by making a pass too soon. No matter how much she fancied the skater.

    “What are you staring at?” Luna asked snapping her out of her thoughts.

    “Oh, um nothing,” she stuttered fidgeting with her cup.

    Luna raised her eyebrows and gave her a knowing look. “You know you’re pretty cute when you’re embarrassed,” Luna remarked causing Amaya to turn an even darker shade of red.

    “So uh, I was thinking-” she trailed off.


    “I was thinking that maybe you could take the day off. It’s been a long night for me too. I was going to head to bed before you came over.”

    “Why were you up?” Luna asked. “Scary movie marathon?”

    Amaya giggled, “No one of my owls was sick and I needed to administer her medications every couple of hours until her fever broke.”

    “That sounds terrible. Is she going to be alright?”

    “Now that her fever broke she will be fine. But why not crash here today and we could hang out tonight? I mean we only ever hangout at the rink or at the coffee shop. It would be nice to spend more time with you,” Amaya smiled reaching over for her hand. 

    Luna covered Amaya’s hand with her own and gave it a gentle squeeze. “I would really like that.”

    Realizing she had been flirting, Amaya jerked her hand away. “Great!” she exclaimed. “Girls day. Here’s to future best friends.”

    The girls raised their mugs in unison and clinked them together. With the last drops of coffee drank, the girls made their way back to the living room in deep discussion over which horror movie to start with when they woke up.

    “I hate to bother you, but I am disgusting. Can I borrow your shower and some clothes?”

    “Of course. Come on the shower is this way,” Amaya motioned to follow her. “You can crash in my bed when you’re done. I’ll take the couch.”

    Luna opened her mouth to protest but was cut off before she could even start. “You’re not an inconvenience. I sleep on the couch all the time. Come on, shower is this way. I’m going to take one once you’re done.”

    “Amaya this is silly, why don’t you just share the bed with me? This looks like what, a queen? It would be ridiculous to make you sleep on the couch.”

    Amaya looked down at her bed longingly. “I am rather tired,” she mused.

    “I promise I don’t snore,” Luna prodded.

    “Alright, the bed it is. As long as you don’t snore.”

    “Scouts honor,” Luna promised as she headed to the bathroom. Sharing a bed with the former Owlete might be fun, Luna thought to herself letting her imagination run wild.